Newspaper of Evening Star, May 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 24, 1855 Page 3
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Local Intelligence. Tub Sbaco* ?Id this budding season of the year, when all nature has pot co its new dress, ard the beauties of the vegetable world vUible, even in oar midst, wherever a tree his bem planted, or a shrub. or Tite has beta lurnished with space to display iU leases and fl >wers, the minds of those who within the limits of a t\>y ha' e ?pent the long nights rvnd dreary days of win cr. respond to th* freih ness of things around, and long for more inti mate association with the grcsn fields and shady forests, without the limits of brick and mortar and dus'y streets. Tho yourg, p-\rti cnlarly, enjoy this relaxation, and thow hav iiig charge of oar schools have been in the habit of taking their pupil* at this season of tr.o year on some ex^U'sion to the country, with * Tiew of gratifying this feeling, and we are pleaded to lea;a that the highly talented and efficient teacher of the Academy, on New York avenue and Fourteenth street, intends to gladden the hearts of hij little charges on the morTow, by a pie nic to the grounds cf the Old Soldier's Asylum, formerly the county seat of George Kiggs, E?q. May th-sy each and all be suitably impressed with the beau ties, and cultivate ameng themselves that bar- j mony and peace which the natural objects art and them eaanot fail to suggest, and may the jaunt be ever recurred to by each as a green spot in their memories Wbitsistide ?We mentioned yesterday that tbe fow Hebrews in this city bad com menced their celebration of an important event mentioned in the Old Testament Scriptures, namely: the reception of the law by -loses, at Mount Sinai. The services were continued w cwi ? iw3 noiO cy?.iUIiUCU to day at their temporary synagiguo :n Tenth street, between t and F streets. This cele bration is preparatory to the feast of Pente cost, which will commence next Sunday. It is ftlarrn _ , - ??4VUW CUiiUHJ, 1115 a solemn festival of the Israelites L called because celebrated on the fifteenth day after ?seT*Bihof Nisas which waa the eecond day of the Pa-sover. The o^ect of i's institution was to oblige the reople to repair to tbe tem ple ot the Lord thereto acknowledge his ab solute dominion over the country, and efftr tiax the flirt traits of their harvest, and that t0. nQintl srd give thanks to Ood for the law which he had r.estowsd upon them at Sinai on the fifteenth day after tbe'r departure from Egypt. At the present day, tow-ver, all the ceremonies ire not so strictly observed, taough they are adhered to as c < sely as the circums'anccs by which the 1 ae.ito are surrounded will admit. SrwnAr School Examino* ?The exhibi tion of the McKendrec Sabbath school, last night, attracted an immense crowd. In fact, ai! who resorted thither could not be accom modated with seits, and, therefore, many had to take ffand3 in the aisles ^ .. ze children of the school recited a number Oi eeches and dialogues to tbe delight of the auuitory and acquitted themselves as credit a * rl? 3S.JaTeui,!?fl usually do on such occasions. ' , piece? for declamation were judiciously selected, and calculated to make good im pressions on tho listeners. The singing by t*? school waj rendered with much spirit and swettuem r The superintendent, Mr J. C. Harktess,, ccnJn?ted thf txtrris^. which include I ?%rfc? I corec'ion of money for the purchase of books ana other sch >ol apparatus \ uriou- pert.ns v. ere ra?de lift members of t~e ;nd?y 3ebee] Sodsty, subscriptions h :cg ' tendered fcr that purpose. Iet r -sriKT. by the Marine Band at the Capitol Grounds, yesterday evening, like its j pre :^ce3icrs, ?as attended by hundreds of aiul-s aid chi!den, who, as "heretofore, ap I peared to be delighted not only with the rich musical performances, but with the lovely ap pearance of the grounds Th%r3 is nc resort in this vicinity more de pcrveaiy paj alar?none where en hour caa be more pleae?ntly and healthfully emploj*d ?iovd n^tire is rrrvaient, and happiness beams f .n. every countenance. know of no place where the fashions of cither male or female can be di-played to bet '.er advantage; where beauty cm be m^r? ap preciate ; and wnere tho?e ?? little resi &mii oilities," ?il'ed children, whetbor in hand ca*ria3?s or in the arms, cin be more ad mired A tneoppor* unity, t-,o, i afforded for t&e display of ju.eniie* of h larger growth on , the lawn, or ? showing cfl"' their fine drsfsc*. j fcr. the inculcation of vanity scem3 to be among' the first household lessoas! . Viemr Bjys ?Of late numbers of Ijjs ? long known to tbe pjlico and who have bte& j very quiet for severs' months past, are just re- ' turning to their old occupations It ;s pain ' ful re% those little fallows taken beforo i. i magtstra'e to answer for ail kinds of iniquity ' and dissipation ; tut m^rs painful to see the ' charges proven ag*insc them Some urc! charge.! with petty larceny, some with incen diarism. and some are resting under suspicion i of wor-o acts This morn ng two small bo>s ! were arrested by officer Simonis, under eu.i j picion of robbing certain s^iops in the Fifth ' and seventh Ward* l"p?^n ?e?rching tbeiu, I money was found uron both, and a pack cf card.- upon one. Sufficient evidence could not bo brought to prove the charge*, and the bos were dismi.-sei by Justice Bates They h:. J i barely lefr the offi -e when it wns found cut that theybal given false names, and that they, though young, were what m-y be eallal cl ! offenders, aud memberrof the D^bobgan^, so notorious a lew ye?rs since Fcxds at Staik ?There have heen thou sands of dollars staked, in this city, upon the result of the election in Virginia. Ihis m .rn log. at an e:rly hour, many persons wero offering to bet. soma were '? he,,g?ng," acd others were tryic^to get uiore taken on their original effers. Xhe *cir^s s>r-j narrowing down Those who gave the large odds are looking for even lets. Sorn* are iha^ing, and many will be more industrious a:?er this elco uon than they have ^een for yearr. One ^en tieman. who has risked nearly ill his money ani proper:y v\ on the insult, remarked to u? tins morning that if hi# calculations were wrong he would have to rhrow asido his dreg sa:. ai.J golien ornaments, and resume the ja.nt pot ani puity hnife. jhe i^t-jroR Law ?Our corporation po ?co officers ?re a^.rd at w ri in enioivor? to arreft violators oi tbe cor}*oration iaw, who sell gj '!.?> wi hont tbe u^u?i license, and especially dealers in imox cating or spirituous liquors" Icese o_"ry ot the < fibers mert the approval t* grocers und other dealers who com ply with the law and piy f r their right to r??ll trom Iteir oouniers, while those who are Laargei aro bitter in their denunciations of *ho law and the officers CoyiaManow -The Right Jlev 'Bishop Wkittingbea. a week ago? administered the to * number of persons >c the church of tLe Ascemdon, and u> nijiL-. pe'fjnu a similar service in Trinity aVraw-ir ?f m:iDy r^r ons talking ^ wiy to get good Mats, as such g"sjr?r ?* -cru.dM 00= tr.B.1 an m-A . I antieipatad. A ci bn' ean?'. m ^ol"ma? is always nle?s ? > L . j .> nuto mjsic and pick' nicking euter into the arrangements These suggest the in do ent but exciting eotillon, and a feast rf g .&d things, rendered additionally in teresting Vy choice oompany and freedom from business cares. Sri'.awRep.Rir.s were se'ling, this morning, in tLe Centre Market at from twenty live to fifty teats a i^uart. according 10 quality, and ^reea pe?? buy cents a peck The market wus abundantlj Supplied with good things, tut the pricss we?e at*oct the same as previous re p?ft??exorbi'nnily hi^h. Fi?;kt at tn? DaroT ?Tnb moraing? a| ght came cfi betweea a h -tel < uaohaxn and W me <-lo< d was spilled and both I paiti^ badly handled. The parties *re to have a trial t .morrow before Jasttoe Bates If clhcer Sianads had not been on the spot, it 19 prjba'-le would have been a gmeral TlOl Pi.r.*s-.*T T, Uj oan?No tiro n^r fira| MslaMnigLt Ihere w.i: x f:e doling ei.*h o. lb* ive pre:edtn< ni^V* ia tusny ^ fleT*1!.! .1SI Ij Odd Fellow.' hI?S Hi!I ?P??? to-night at takSJLr. ,ffl s? ??t H.l,, wottkj UI. ratataPt? the) Ward?last night, in my election as ono of the commis aioneri of the ?lection. saying that I wu elect ed aa an anti Know Nothing, bat from my in t misj with Mr. Thomas Lloyd (w I h'd bee* seen arm in arm with that gentleman on the v ?k lbav il wafl Probable I waj a Know To majf'cJ"TO'i0? Sh'' 1 "bh i,U fc?4iniMtl7?o dewtoed that I am not a member of any secret po.itieal party, nover hay? been, ror ever expec* to be But, at the sua? time I cannot conceive aa an anti Knew Nothing tha?I ma? Nff comPan* Of all person* who ? a hn" Wl 'D P?litiM. ?? I am engaged mein o n\?? WLw,0h wiI1' necessarily, blng Nothing ^WI Fer"?n? who may be Know wa? 'i 8ame time> 1 ha? al ceS* f? ^ when there was a ne ffSS'tt?' what 1 to be the ^*0 J J' M,manJofthem will tsslify iiH? ?jwll a freeman, wi have a business witb such poraona a* my in "J? oth?f engagements may bring me I? .?ooUct w?th, whether they be Know Nothing* or not, without being looked upon with aaip|c|?n or made the subject ot remarks. e'ection T?7-e iuD a? comaiiMioner of the a?t ??;? Z** wllhoat knowledge or con \b*}. mJ ?ae was uaed, and I should if I h^nnr?, QP?n 1?*",iD* ?f ?7 Option, nL.iT- been waited upon by aati Know HfnrrtDSh r?<loe3,in? 1116 to serve; as, if I de e ected tr?fi?iTh haV? been * Know Nothing t Tacancy. Under these con tht - uf f rC'JDdeut?a t0 86"e' anl I b,,re v rr aDJ P*"00 who ha8 doubta "8 to ay pohuos ? S Alleh Washington, AJay 24, 1855. 1 .# CI TV RAMBLES. ??stl , balmy aephyra and the cool and invigor ating b.-rescs nre matter- of grrat d? light in the sul Uy man hfi. Pure, sparkling Ice Water is also .? a great desidcralua, and MidblbtojiV lea i*ju,t th?: very thing for crca;i.?g this palpaWe luxury. His l!l c^BlinUiily thronged with the lovers of the delicious fluid. Muliileton serve* hi* Bohton Ice to his numerous patrons ai very clicap rates, ilia depot!? oo F fctri-et, near Tweli _h. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE OaoaafcTows, May 24, 1855. We have been requested, by Several of oar cituen?. to give publicity to the following: In almo-t evexy court in the United States the rolca adopted for their government are pun ched by the courts, for the information of all paitie? who may be in any way interested, ex cept the Circuit Court of the District of Co lumbia The want of this information, wo learn, has sometimes given persona consider able trouble, and subjected them to loss in appeal and other cajea The reaaons for with tbl cog r !UPP?8a' ar? be8t known to court itself, and may possibly be valid 3?h: bat, f rea,!y doe^ ^ to us that iSi? much as all conr:s are ina'ituted for the pur fw hPrmCtlD?1th# pub,ic in tbeir rigiits, bv ihfr.h h^adeacquainted with the rules by wnieo they must oe governed when aeek-ne ?or jus.:ee at tneir ban jj Tbia information V" b*en informed by legal gentlemen dMirC:rf78 '|.fl ?aCh- needrd? and is anxioiisly desired by thousands of the people of theDi' hr . r, 1 J8" 8UPP?Be(! that 10'000 C"P'^ Of thp-e riJe?. m pampciet iorm,'oouid ea?ilv be dii'iosed cf la adv?utage aho flouriahing yabbatb-s^hool of We?t (?eor?etowu atatbn (Methodic) made ?n ex fiin~Ul rx:0r?IQ*'on 1 o*'d the fiQ?i;camer ?eorge Page, to Fort W afhington At 8 o'clook, the ' hilars and tea hers, headed by the Kev . pea.c their pawor. and I> a Gordon on tftXthln|' ?Vh? 80h001' marched in pro Lc;*t. accompanied by Prosperi'a wbi-h hli KariBS a vsr' ^aatiful br.nner. l??m\ i ?r PJVt* aD(1 Preaoate.l to r^binr Hie K paint8r A['^ r.ach ng tbe f ort the banner will be formaUv pr? rented to tbe school by the Rev U / Brooke. uPol the part of the donor, and re ? 1?cl oy M:as Snsan Frey upon tho part of ? e s:hool The banner Is certainly very nrer Thl . " ,lt ?P0a thc ?anufac tarer The ground oi the front U white rilk do.lco an open liible. with the motto. "Search the Po.iptures " R-verse blue ?iik with j Li"!,? ?C?001, date of orgar = aiticn, 4c A SEft" .bo<Juat wiI1 also be presented fo Mi s Frey by tho rchool, thr-ugh Mr II t} " a,i I Cf Krat'tu^" for his faithful .icet. in the s*:hool 'ioey .re to be accom Sf Vow cuy e RyUn J Chapel 3ibbatfa "ho<d ?i,iJ:Cl5aj"bath ',choo, of Trinity (Catholic) tb?r?- gfaTe.a r"? cic yesterday afternoon in the beautiful grove attached to I be College w.rlffi"Jnurabor of iavited guests Z lrl a^od^- ail ?f *hom feemed die JiiTlni f 7 ^ ^'ge aDd 0Dter Tith ? good mJ, lK-,?,a11 fac Iitt!? innocent amu*e iceLts of the children A full supply of whole r^me refreshments had been prepared for the^ion which was freely partaken of by all in attendance. The company was very Urge .11 not 83Parat? nn'ii a.ier 7 o'clock i^e flour and grain inarke: remains firm at 0Ui quotations of yesterday. _ Spectator riA, 8r'R,TUALisr IM A Bath -On Monday rfficer b-er/art, while in the vicinity of tne Schuylkill, at Arch etreet wharf, wal a.armri by the crle# of a man struggline in tl "X-Ta L'??in* ' "order," and several other kinds of deaths ile procured assist ance, and after some trouble, the individual w;ta eifn.y, but drippingly deported on dry j. ?o gave his name a? John McCullougb. and from his coniu3ed story, it appeared that he had bc?n a victim of a fi*ry species of spiritn ilvm, and following the guidance of U'se light', he had found himself suddenly plungBd in a chilly bath. He waa oonveyoi to tbe rtatnn houa-, and plaeed on the atool of repentance, until he was awakened to a due scn^e of rubluBary things ? Fkila. (Jaz. A Naw Bosisasa.?The echeoner Triumph t a at sailed from here on Sunday, aa wo under- i atand. is bound to tho aborts of Labrador for ^bt^ir.i-g wild birds eggs. The birds oongie pto ther-j, early in the aeas)n, iu great num. bers ; and a profitable business is often made **** aDd feath?"^Nev>l,Hryj>ort ,?P"T.,i0 Philadelphia Inquirer says a terrible dome tie tragedy has occurred at Wheelo^k a village in Che-hire; Mr. Jamca Sproston,'a cabinet maker in respectable eircumsUnce,, having slaughtered his wife with a sword and afterwarda blown out hij own brains with fkP1t k ?cd*l i'4,oa?J on tbe part of the husband led to the deed. ^i-icclak Stobt.?A rumor is quite current m hurope, and the statement has appeared in TTVf/1 /orei&n musical iourncla, that tho Lnlted States hava passed a law imposing a tax of four hundred dollars on each foreign musician visiting this country [Boston Trarueript. ?fT The moat valuable cargo ever shipped down the Lakes, from Milwaukie, was shipped last week from that place for Buflilo. and destined for New York. It oonsisted of 845 , boxes of bacon, valued at $39,247 16; 2812 bb's and tlercca of lard, valued at $?1,864; *?d 1277 bbla me-i and clear pork, valued at If*'1*543 K be t0Ul VE'QC of lhe car8? was rr*The Legislature does not acem to get lair.y t? work yet "Large bodies move slow." fell down and broke hia crown" InMaa Kit% ?*?' P*rhaP?. w has cenoluded it , ????. _v;:v^%i]vh'0,'sb H ' ? * "* Cit^ Marshal of Bangor, %V? ? m! Ijin* drinkiD* aomethlog out' ? ? til OD C 7 tr i a ? qi -i ? .->?1 u,t UMi'i??Jonl '?? ?? IwiU. wut.iu,i w?i? Q^^LCNee?LrN## ?W# refer ??r r?4d?rn to an adr*r Sf^*VJ.1 ?,or fu" P*rt1enl?r- con coming tli? HYGKANA of Dr. f'nrtl* It la **<.! tn k? an* orlhl Ennav^rrlT S"" 1411 ,lMrr,P"?" of diaaates to l!T, n ^ v IU T,rtu" ?.?V? b-*? t..?t<fl?d th"r knowl^by the o^SK,raTij'H hho^na '? 8^*B THB LADIBS?rtow TO PRKSKKYK mn-c*ul??~ Z^"a} "* Ch*lk' Ll|y *h1t?, ?r any Of the ^ ^rV0*1 *? cor,re*' ? faded or tallow complexion. H "7 lVT,,>"1'1 h*T* th* rosea bronpht back to cheek, a CTaar. be^thy and transparent skin, and lift and vigor Is 'w or Onrtva Spaniali iaail-^ta. U *Cror,,lu* ?? dlr?rtl.-ns. It Lot uste qnlte u veil ?s sweetmeats : but, if mtcr a few dose* fi 7? Df>i , Tnnr health and beauty rertvlnf, yciiroteit i?!fi-? *P. *5"roi?*' *n* "?* whole system refreniit-d and .,8or"it*d like a Spring morni-ig, tbeu your cane la hepe lesa, ana all the valuable ivrt!ticat?? we p<si?ei<8, go ft.r """JwL i I '* *'1? creaWst partner i?f tbs blood known. Is p?rl?ctly harmless, .tud tt the aame time pttrerftilly effica cious. *? ? See ad vert lament. [7^=*?OAn WALKER a CO.. Mar'ule Hall Clothlfc? E~po f''m. nnder Browna' Hotel, rwipeclfnlly announce tuat their display of Hprlng and Summer Clothing 1* now C"ady f?jr Itispertlon, comprising an assortment of Coat*, ? ests and Patitaloons of the newest and richest designs In material, trimming and workmanship. To geutlcrnen who stndy excellence with economy In fashionable article* of dresa an opportunity for aelectlng la offered from one of Nie largest acl moat attractive stock of goods ever offered Id this city nt a very reduced scale of price*. up n * ? m ??^ ? [T"/* PKEMICMS AT Till? FAIRS.?WHITFHCRATS Mill lu the ascendance.?Tbe Juries of each of the late Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded tlielr highest preuilaxs to J. R. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Dasnerreotypea exhibited. Mr. W. alao received two Medals at the World's Pair, Lon don, and a premium at CrysUI Palace, New York. Alao, the flrst awards of tbe Maryland Institute for three year* pact. Wtltehorst's Gallery In this city I* on Pa. avenue, betw. and ?tb s?reeta. feb IT Q*7?A PHKNOMKNA IN MKDIOINK.?Bronchitis, Cough Dyapeoela. Liver Complaints, Scrofula. *c.?For all diseases of the Female Syet?ra it stands pre-eminent. A Olergyman juat informs ns it has cured him of Bronchitis of a despe-ate character?oarticnlara hereafter. I HAMPTON S VKOKTABLK TINCTfRB? By It. mild ao llon on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will cure Dyspep ?la, Oong'i, Asthma, Bronchltl and Lnn; Affections Paint In tb? Back, Side *nd Breast, Consnmptlon. Scrofula, Rhea inatism, Oont, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Coroplatute, Pllee, x.Vorma, and Nervosa Debilities?with a'l diseases arising from Impure blood, and Is the greatest female madictne ev er knewn. This invaluable med'due Is working wonders upon the human frame. Seeadvertisemeutto-d?y. r.i*r 7 ft /"2 D- OILMAN, Dragglst, has removed to 5M Seventh street, opposite to the Patriotic Ksnk, and Is now pre pared toflli <tll orders for Me<llclnes. Faints Oils, aud Glass I on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physlcUn's preacriplions at ail boars of tlia day ?cd cislit. Tbe night bell Is on the right of the store door. ?p H?lm rr~Js?OR. HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BIT TKRS. There are few things which r.fford ns greater ptfasnre I than sitting down to write a notice of tha celebrated Hoof land German Bitters, becanm Wf are folly consrioas we are conferring a public benefit, and onr heart tells as that by onr notices many have been Induced to take these Bitters, and been rescued from li^.ah by dysncpsia, liver complaint,' Ac., for the enre of whl'-h it la certain It Is prepared and a.ild only by Dr. 0. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Stnre, No. 120 Arch streot, PUlladoIphia. Sao advertisement. > mar i !m WJo* 9hh,lih?tom rece! vas all the new nooks and News J c\pejs as fast ?a published. He is agent f'-r Harper'e an-lalj the other Magazines, and snr readers Will always an.I a Urge and good aaaortii.c.Pt of Blank Books and Stationary at ' his Bookatore. Od?m Bnllditig, cor Pa. avence and 4^ at. Boarding. SUMMER BOARDING.? A fatv pt'r>nns can be acroiumodatcii witli hoarl fiojn tf:r 1st June,in the country, in a pntat- family near niatlrnshurg. | The location i* a hsdtliy and pleasant nni', vrith >n a short distance of the sSpa Spring and t'ladPis hurg depot. References required. Apply to MldS ROSS, Riadcnsbtir^. miy 24? BOARD AKD HOC M X.?Two or Uire:. newly furitialic.l and very desirable rooma loi rent, with board, at 403 F tt., Union Row. may 92 lw* BOA I* DING.?Toree wp|l-furni*hed Rooms, with boardtnjr, can be obtained at No. -iai El? venth slrtet, weat side, between G and II. may 21?tf \OTIC K ?FOR HUNT?PARLORS ANI) ** Chant'trs, with botrj. At-o, table and >fieiit board, with a bathing room and shower baths | and everv iittention to r?*aticr it most a;re<-ablc to her boarders. W;s. T. G MURRAY, Corner Peunsylvanii avenue r.nii V/C st. np 23?3m I>OARDf &.c.?MRS. BATES, on the jouth > west corner of Pa. avenue and 9tii xireet is pre pared 'o accnmmo?Jafj z^ntlrmen wstii rotnus, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren-1 der those CQBifoiUlile wh'i may f;tv?r her with their | pain nage ap 6? tt" S500 KE?VARD. IpiVE HUNDRED DOLLARS will he giv<*n for tlie apprehension and ronv.'ctinn of the person or fertrms who murdered William Osfornc cf \Va>li ingtun cotiiity. District of Cuiu:iib:a, uti or about the 8th day of F: bruary last, on bis way f-ont (??>' Co lumbia Mills, to hU h?>me, n- ar the old Race Grou-id Course. JONAH D. HOOVER, MarrhfJ at the DiLtriet of Coluaibia. may 1 ? 1 w | UK CSyKR IGSi now working tile Stone Quarry formerly occupied bv ^*.^jor Wm It. Scort, ami ar-- prepared to fuinish STONE at th? usual market rites HUMPHREYS & WILLIAMS. Ceorgetown, Mav 15?lm* FIRST PREMIUM PJANOS. JUST received,severni I'.ani s iiom th:*celebrated factory of St' ir way i Sons, N. w York ; oi.e i.i Louts X!V stjl?i Th?he 1* anos are in every re Bpect the best now rwaile in the Ut ited States; thev I receivori at tbe late Metropolitan Mechanics' F..i'r the lirst premium (a ?-:!ver medal) t..r each of iheir I'iati >s eili bited. Every person arl t-.ired the volume of I me, I* Well a-th ? W'irkiii uiship of !h> ir iiMru m< nts. 'I'tn se, in a'lili'inii io mv other slock ofl Pianos, f?rins t!ie he-! and largest ct lUyHion eo-.jf'j of Mason's t-nd Diion'd lire. The p iblic are respecifuliy invited to call a*; '? ?j auniie before they purchaac elsewhere, they will I find moderate prices and rcvonable term^ PIANOS to rent always on hand, ai!<! sec^nd liar.d Pianos taken in part tiaymen; for new ones,at my Piano Wr.rcroom, .S'o. 4 98 Eleventh st, a'.'.ve Pa. avenue. FR. C. CEICHENBACH. may 14?eol m * SEWING BY MACHINE. MI8^ RIKGUOLD, at Miss Pilings', 15th street, between Pa. avenue a;.d T street, No. i?4T, i- prepared to execute with despatch, and in tile neatest m.tiiu*?r, ail kmili cf plnui sewing tor iHtT.ili^, hotel keepers, a;aJ the trade generally vir: LadteW Skirt*, Ro4i?s, icc , Gentlemen's Shiru. Boronw, Wiiattands, Collars, Drawers, Pocket ll?:i tkerehiefs. rurmture Eineif, viz: Table L'ioihs, Sheets, Pillow and Roister Ca?es, Towels, Naokins and Lurtoing. Alao, Tailor end Matuua makers' work of all kir?.l*. Swss R would inform the public Ihat she has *e cur d tlic si rvices of Miss ROONEY, from Ralti m >re, who has been workm; ?n the machine frr IS month*, art! understands her business thr rottkhly. All worn warranted to stand equal to any otter and doii?< on the most reasonable terms, may 17?eo2w* CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I HAVE now on hand, and constantly fini-lun*. a v?ry large ns-, irtmcnt of I leaaure anilcJC*LH Family CARRIAGE^, of tl..' intesi f tsti ions, which I will sell a; low .is tin: same quality of] work can be aM in any of the principal market:? of the United States. ' The subscriber is now dealing inclusively in Car riages oi his own manufacture, and all work sold by hiui will be warranted, and compare favorably with any work in this market. As I always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and others to ex amine my stock hefere purcha^in;; elsewhere. Carriages buiit to order Old Ca.riagt s taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest n. tice. THOMAS VOL'NG, Sign of the GoiJen Hon-c, No 400 Pa. avenue and -\X street, may 1? co3m A CARD?LOOK HERE ! 4 LL ye lovers of the ?.iod tilings of this life, and J\ we will-aol, j't.ii wiie c you may obtain at least some of them. Tbanklu? for past favors, I would respectlully .*4sk a confnuaace of the samcdurn^j this Spring and Summer. I am prepared to furni*h all who will give me a call with the sweet and cool ing Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Schariotle Reuse, Rlanemangs, &c. Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, gen erally kept in well regulated establishments ot the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties. Balls, Excursions, Pic Nics, Ac., Ac., and upon reason able terms. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9lh and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.? Be-t quality ICK CREAM a?ld at SI 50 per gallon- w i may 7? eo.lin JOHN W. RIGHTSTINE. ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CIIAPEI. ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, U,th now on exhibition at the MetropoliUn Mechanic*' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, *r., apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14th "7*t?5ort,??r* HENRY ERBEN. leb 9b?eorf New books relieved at SHI ISLINGTON'S. i ne two Ouaidians, by i!ie author oi Heartsease and the Heir of Redclylt Ladios' National Magazine, for June Ballou's Magazine, for Juue New York Juurnal, for June Yankee Notion*, lor June. All the Wevy Book; and tvciy ihlnc iu the tt t noner, line, for s&lc at SHILLING TON'S Bookstore, Odecn BtitMio?, car. *i , af,d Pa. av uiaVSi ? Wanta WANTED-A 8ITLATI(?N A8 COOK, BY A respectable white woman. The We.t ref?r ?enres fiven. Apply io 300 G street* may 34?2l* WANTED^?TWO ROOMS, IN A RESPEC table private family, there are no lode ere. ?y a gentleman and hi* wife Reference riven and r?*jii red Address "Lodgins" at thia office. 09&y 23?31 T(V;u,M AGENTS^ lie -An~TiT^7^ k Counsellor at Law, who ha? had t?ventv^one Vears professional expert. ice, much of that tiin- in fu I practice, Wishes to form n connexion with or bt eneaj'd by a Cftnm Agent or Lawyer. Rcfcren es satisraclory. Address >'L* x" at this offi-e mav 23?51 \XTANTED?ON THE WASHINGTON AQCE T J duct, near the Great Falls, half a dozen stone masons?steady and skilful men Apply to the man ager at the Falls, Kt John Lambie. Steadv work and the usual *age* will he given to gv?d men. M. C MEIGS, i 'hplain Engineers Fn charge Ex. U 8 C., Wash. Aqueduct. may 23-3t H WA N T E D ? A PARTNER TO WORK A Hone Quarry anJ contract for sale ol Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. Tli s Quarry it immediately onim site Geor^et wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. TJ u quarry fu. nishes the best and largest truck Stone, Kc. \ chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD fcCO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 34 feet front by 130 leH ileep, for the low price of jJT.'i? payable ?3 a moflL without interest. Apr.iy at the Union Land Office 7ih st., ahovw CK1J Fellows' Hall. ap 28?3m JOHN FOX, 8oc. For Sale and Kent. For SALE or RENT ?The owner of a hotel, now engaged in another hu-iu..-^, woul j lik< ui sell his entire stork and fixtures, sud if demand ed, the house situ trdon Prnnfy'vania avenue with a t;ood tun of custom, on liberal terms. I'articul rs at CIIARLE3 WALTER'S Agency and Intelligence OfTlce, 51 a Seventh ft opp. Centre Market, mpy ?Ji* A PK'VATE BOARDING HOUSE FOR RENT r\ on the most .icconnnodotn.g term-, to a re sponsible tenant. The occupant being desirous of leaving the city from th? 1st June to November l^t It can uc had longer if desired. It is irelland hand, somtly furnished, am: is now filled with profitable an.-l respectable boarders, and being near the Pntetit and Post Offices, will always command any number Address "L M," City Post Office, for lusher inrtic mav 23-3l# I^OR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO-STORY * .. Rt!'c Rr<'-k House with a two story bark builiung. containing a large Hall and ten good rontus. l i a carcfuWenant the rent will be very moderate partlcu,ari enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth and I streets. may 22? I w* JTOR SALE?A LOT OF GROUND IN THE most thnving pari of the city, improved i:i Pa t and is under rrnt at <wo hundred dollars a year rt lr^ilir,trd on NinU' m>ar N and has a front of <G feet on Ninth street, by 73 feet 6 inches deep. The above property will tie sold at a bargain for cash or on titnp, as the pur hiser may des.rr, bv paying one-fourth cadi. For particulars i-nnin.o of JAMES O. WHITNEY, on C, bctw. 12th and I3,h ?trccts. may 2;?2w If OR SALE A QUANTITY OP BRICK YARD Tools, u*ed but a short time. Al-o, one of Smith's machines, 'or brick making, (for steam or horse powi r,) hac only been used a few dzys on ac count of the clay Apply to Stephen Castar, corner of L street south ami New Jersey avenue, or to the subscriber at his office, Smi'hM>nian Grounds. may 17- lw* GILBERT A. CAMERON. XI' >R RENT?THE TWO NEW HOLIES (?\ JF Pierre street, between L and M stred-s, con taining six rooms ?rich, with basement and a lar,;e I ya'd attacned. To punctual tenants the low rent ? of ci^ht tfolhrs will be charg**.! monthfy. Enruire of lh?? own^r. opjK^ite the premises. may 15-2w CIIAS. THOMA. A MAGN!FICL\T residence for sale or Rent.?I will either sell ny Farm on the! Georgetown anil R;;ckvi:ie Turnpike, 2 miles e.bove ? Geojg. town, adjoining Tennallytown, or I will r?-nt ; to a ?ood tf nant, the house and garden. (inc!"?ii:t" lormture, ifdesirt d) cow-, Stc., for the su unter ? Call on the subscriber, at Mrs LYLES'S, ai-oin ,n^ THOS. MARSHALL, may 13- lOt Iy t.NTS it EDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. L> a will be received for tilr rent of I those nc-.v -ami convenient cottages at Kendall ' ureen, with tw i acre^ of ground, stable, wood <h< ii | anil other conveniences aiiached. Pumps o{ pure ) w^ter are near !he door, and conimueicat on is had I with Georgetown by way of 11 and Seventh ?feet^ i ami ?ei:n. Aver.ue, morning and aft* rnoou, at the i li.-ua! I are, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure t-ie advaniajre of this great reduction ot rent immsdiaie application must be ma.le to the undesigned, either by letter, or at his l.o.ipe it 1 Kemiail Green, alter office hours, where the fc' jsj may be had at;J the hoiues inspected ui any tin.-. Several of t's-. sc residences will b<* suid on liberal ' WV! 8TICKNEY, No 4. Kendall Grce.s. N. H.?Rents paid quarterly in udvaruc. apr 9LlM35-tr I^Oit PALE?FOUR NEWTWO-STORY frr.m* llou-*-s, wnh barrk buildings, containing six rooms t a: h, i itu tul on Ea.-t Capitol street, b>-tw. 1 h and 5:h jtrcej-, which will be sold low and on lib< ra! credit Apj.Iy ?.? O. A. DAILY, Dentist. ninyH<?eo.'h corner 11th st and Pa. ave. TTALUABLG TRACTS OF LAND NEAR fh? f ? ity, at Private Sale.?For sale four \erv* <i?' sirall- and eligibly situated tracts of ..and. contain ing about fitly acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, DC. opposite the .arm of Joseph II Bradley, Esq., r.hout 4,If niiU s from Washington, communicating v.ifti it: by a hew and commodious road now under con struction The soil is excellent, and well a<*4p;<-d to corn and wheat The situation is prominent and healthy, and the laad well watered. 'I here are tlir^e tenements uu the premises. This property is peculiarly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for bcautilui country rea idences. % A plat of the property can be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to aay who may wish to see it. ? , EDW. 8WANN, No. ISO Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 - eo2m FOR RENT.?A THREE-STORY Brick Ho^, on the corn'-r of N street north and Vermont av nue R. nt per annum. Apply at the Gr<i eery Store of A. JACKSON, curuer ot 13th and II rtieili. ni3y I8_c<~1t I;iOR RENT?A COMFOUTAD" ETWOilTO rv !lou"c on 9tli street, letween M and N sts. Po.-?cssion given iiii'i:-Jia?ely. Apply to th<- sub senbers, at their Lumber \ ..rd. comer of 2ri;h and D Ntreets. U. jy. j w. EA8UY. may 10? FOR RENT-SEVERAL L'ANDSOMe PAR b>rs and Chambers, wnh board. Also, Table and transient board. Iiioui.v at Mrs. SMITH'S, as3 F streK. ap 9 J 3 0MES FOR ALL.?Ceautifully and hcaithilv .1 lo ?ted Building Lots, 24 feet ftv.nt by !30 f. et d?'i on graded st recti;, can, until s-priu^;. he bought at the ex"e:'diug low price of $7o, pajabir S3 per month. Title indL?putahle. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan S?bm JOHN FOX, Secretary. GARDENING. ARDENING performed by a good practical Gar X denrr. who understands a l the branches api>er tainlng to the busines?. They will undertake to lay out gardens in the tuost approved style by the job, d ip, week, or it necessary bv the year, and keep the same in on:cr. W. HARDIN & CO., N*. 479 13-lt s'reet, may 21? lw* two do >rs south Pa. avenue. WASHINGTON ST0RE~ I A DIES, you must not for?et that we are still j offoiing great bargains in Dry Goods. We name in part? Mouselins and Cashmeres at 12# cents, cost 20 Firm fast colored Lawns at 8 cents, cost 11 % Yard wide bleached Cottons, only cents While and colored Crape Shawls at half price Cotton Sheeting*, all widths, le*s than they can bej bought els?-wher? Plain Challeys, only 18Jf per ynrd Fine French Gir?gliamr, on.'y 23 cents Ladies' black Hose at 8 cents Linen Table Damask very ch<-ap A few pieces left, beautiful styles, Brilliant, <nly 22 cents Rerege de Laincs for 12J-J c# n!s, worth 25 Plain, dotted and Embroidertd Swist Muslins, very cheap Our customers will please remember that nil ?*f tin- s'Kive Good.s must he sold by the 1st of July We have also a fsw pieces Silks, diflVrent styles, wi tch will bo sold With ut regard to cost. No. 16, opposite Centre Market may 21?lw DRAW iNu BijOKS Irom Pari? and London im P -icctl <!u?c4 hy th^ undrisigned, vwi u kii.J nnd >'?'?i*riptinn, Lan.i-capc Pravi>?> r'i w ers, Ammtl Life, the Human Figuir, l\i-p. ittvr Archit?< Drawing, &c. may<* FRANCE TAYLOR, Auction 8tla& s ?]T OR??? * SCOTT, IHUHHH. INTENSIVE SALE OP MAHOGANY BOARD A and Plenk at Auctmn.-On MONDAY, the 38th intrant, we shall Mil in front of our warehouse on 8:b street, t^twefn Pennsylvania and Mw-t>un? avenues, sfSbVlPck p. m ,4j000 fret of fine mahof any B<ards and Plsnlr, fix: 3 600 feet % and % inch boards 500 feet I %, *2^, aud 3!^ inch PMnk The above st >ck of Lumber i? of a fine quality. Terms: All sums of and under $23 each; over 43. dit of 30 anJ six y day?, lor satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. GREEN fli SCOTT, way 34?ThSM A ucticnfrs. ?r CUKKW * SCOTT, A c c 11 on e e ra. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH I, an<* we-'t, at Auction. On U EDNESDAY, the 30th instant, we shall sell, O" pffmuM, at 6 o'clock p. m . the beau total buildinc !ot eiriatf* on the south mdt of f-nrii; If D?twtrf*n Rth mid 9?h ?ir^u west, b* ins wr??t half ol Lot No 7, in square -101, having a fr -nt of 30 by 85 teet deep. Te?ms: On* fourth e*-[l; balance in G,12, and IS month!", for n net snisfacuml ?? endorsed bcii'ing in terest fion: day of salt;. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. ft< . GREEN & S'JOTT, "iIy ^ Auctioneer*. ?'AS. C. MeGDlKBi Anctlomcr. QMALL FRAME ROUSE AND LOT AT PUB ' 'jc Snip.?On FRIDAY afternoon, May 2o!b, at R o clock, on the premise*. I sbs'l s II paft of L< t No 2l; ,n squire No. 156, I milling 25 feet on M is sachusetts ayenue, hitween 17ili and 18th st*. west, running back 161, together wit.'i tiie improve ment*. constvm? of * small frame dWvlling boose, containing three rooms. Sri- p< rcmptorv Terms: On" half cash; the residue in 0 months, wiui iMere.-r, satisfactorily seenrrrf. , J AS. C. MsGUIRR, _wav 83?d Auctioneer. Bjr J. C MriiniU' , ^ntCrtncer. 'ALE OF >TNE NOETHERN C \ R 111 A i; E ^ Horses, Harness, C.?riia;e. i:;ig?v, and Mile a l>w.?.- On THURSDAY, the 2L!i instant, *i 4U o'clock, in f or t cf the rcsiJtnee ct Ca; tarn II. 1,. Sht. Id-, on Pr;iik?iii will be K.riil? One pair sup- ri r bay north< re heroes, s? v?:n years oin, |H*rf*dly kitid in nr.^Ie or dr?uhlR baroefs: on?* a very showy a. d superior parade i r saddle horse ; the other n last trotter and buggy hor?e. Thrj arc prrbafily the fastest pair oflior^e-j in Washington. Ouf lisndsnie calecbe, iiea-'y new, built l>> one ol th- b-st makers in the cnuntiy. Can he coavirt e?l into a close or open carriage One '?bitting top trotting buggy, nearly n?w, ofssi p.nor finish, and a<J(no\v!ed^ed to be ibeliaiidsoni e t vehicle in ihe Listri. r. One s t light uoiihie harness, made ly a snpeii-r m~.ker, and used bu' a fi-w years. ?'je set (."O'^d hingle haniefs. One fine ntii? h eoiv. Teims: ^!00 and under cash; over ihat soma credit o: to i>nd 90 days, for note# satisf.ictori!y cn doi .<ed, be aring ir.icr?-t. , J AS. C. McOUIRE, _n>ny 23 d Aoctinnper. By QREXa &. SCOTT. A nclfOHe?rs. T/" ALU ABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONTING > on noryi K. l^iween lfifh and 7.h i-ts. vve?-l, a,1 n',rV."n ~?n MONDAY, the CSr!. inrtarr, v.? sha I sell, at 6 o'clock p m . in front of the primi Lois Nog. 4 snd 5, in Square 184, Irorung on tlie north M'Je of norh K, Lv nvarn IG hai..; I7tli strcf r.?. 53 feet it ire inches, and ? fn t tea ineh-s. riini'ii.g h ick nil avix;:g?? depth of 146 lect to a thir t3' leet alley. Tlie above deccrihed no^rty is handsom-ly lo teing the w'C r.d square nonb of Lafayette Square p-rs^rs wishing lo make a good invi st iii"nt will d*) *v? I! to attend the tale. Title indisput b!e. IV -:ns: i ins-third ca?h ; the residue in 6, 12, and J* months, lor notes bcariug interest *rom iv t dav < f the sale. * A deed riven end a deed of inn (aken. M . GULliN fit SCOTT, 111P3 "?? ? d Auctioneers. Olli- K?l A. S>Ct^T'I', Anctloneer*. i u O 1 HOUSE.3 AND LOTS AT AUC l tio.i _< 1, THURSDAY, the 24;h instant, a: 6 0 c ock p. in , uv -l;a!l pi*J: in froiit <.f the prtmi?^ I H i.oi No. 2, in Squ.ire 437, with the iair.ruve iner.i . w::icl; ar?- two iraine Houses, one eoniaiu ing three an i the cth r niiie rooii s; e?ch hon^e fronting twelve fetj r.n .-ouUi G, between 7th aud' Bill mets w -1. wiib .? fi.e feet alley In tw^en the two, maltn: the winle front 20 feet, ru::r:ine back bo lev t V i-:rhes. "I ? r:n? : fourth c.h: ba'ance in six, twelve, eighteen, .?!.d twenty uur months, on rotes bcani!** internet. b A 1! ;? I given and i deed of trust tak^n. TitJe indisputable. GREEN & S?:OTT. ^navI8_d Aurtioi.lers^ tsy J. c. KcGi iRK, imimiB I KCSTEE'S S *LE OF C I T V L OTS?On * Monday aiternoon, May 21st, at 6 r'tlot k, at the Auction room* of J awes C. Macuir^, the Mil. st-nber, by virtue of a deed h1 tru t dated April M n corded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 7fi. folioa' I.?. &c. o:>e of tiie land r^e-rd* fur Washington county, in the lii.-trtct of Columbia, 1% ill $%|| ihr fol lew, - Lots viz; Lo'j Ncs. 17, 20, 27, at-d iig, in Sqnarr No o0. Terms: On.-ha!f ca?h ; the residue in 6 a. d 12 iiiont !-, wuh interest, teciired bv a deed oi trust on the nrej.,1 ejt If the tenu of sale arc noi c? mplied with wiiliin five dav; the t:u^tee reserve? the right to resell, at the a nd e?pet;ue r.f tli^; d^fanliing purchheer 11 C. SPALDING. Trustee. J AS. C MeGUIRE. may 7? Auctioneer. T! 1 e shnvn *&??!? poatpoKe*! un til Ti ESDAY afternoon, the ii'ih instant, at :h<. same hour and piace II. C. SPALDING, Trustee. JAa. C MeGUIRE, ni*v -3?eo^d< Auctioneer. "y 4. SCtJT'l't Auctioneers fT RUSTEL'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL 1 la'ii.'iti*.?By virtue or a decree of ftir OrphH'i^1 Com t of the Pi -tre! of CelambiH. ;.-r the county ..f U ashing n, aj.prove l !>}> :he Circuit Court of ?aiJ District, piaii.g n. Chancery, j.asscd in the matter of the ppfit 1011 o| Ann M. Cross, gi: .idiat: of ti, - in f;?n chi.dreu and l.- ir- at Isw of Washington ? ross deceased. I will, on THURSDAY. Uie 10th i!a> ol May, lt*C5, at 5^ o clock p. m , in front of the prem ises, proceed to sell Lots rumb- n-d 27,28, L-0, 30, 31 and 32, in gqusre numbered 1043, situate in tiie citv ot rt'a:hington a...1 District aforesaid. The alM.v.r described property is tuated at thw corn?r cf Fourteenth street eap* ar.d E sit south. Terms of sale: Ono-thtrd cash ; the reidue in two equal payments at 6 and 12 nionih-, witn interest on deferred payments. Th* deferred payments to he secured by the notes of the purchaser t;r pur chasers, satisfactorily . n or*.'. L |nn the full payment of tlie purchase monev and interejit, tnd Thtt ratifieation of the safe by the (.ourt, trustee wiil conVev to f-tirchaser or pur chasers, nt hi* or the.r cost an 1 exp. nsc, all tlie rinht, title, mtere t and estate in snd to said icts of ground, cf which the sai l Washington Cross died ftiezrd> ANN M. CROHS, Trns'ec. GREEN & .SCOTT, ap ?> ? 2/&.M!,8.9!j10 Auetifme'crs. Lot* *27, 28, 31. and 32 having been sold, the Till 11 sin a v ?UiVr? r'n<l 30 P?6tP?"?,<l ui't'l j 1 HU J-dJAN , the -4<li ia tant, on the premises, at 6 0 cicck, *vhen they will be sa!J to the highest I11 ? der, en the above terms ANN M CROSS, Trustee. GREEN fit SCOTT, Auelion^ers. Wood Kdgraving and LithographiEg. Orrtl g SpeFRIKTIND-NT Pt'BLIC Priktis?, In ,n Washington, May 19, 1855. >ROPOSAL8 will be received at this office until the 30ih day of May instant, at 12 o'clock, m for drawing and engraving U|hmi wood, til the high est style ot ih- art, twenty four or more quarto pages (S'i by nine inches) of scenery, to illustrate Rebuts of Surveys of Route for RiiJroad to Pacific Ocean. Also, for tirawing and engraving, in the vime style, sixty-five or more sma.l geological itlus're tun;- and views to accompany same work. Also, tor drawing ami engraving in the .same man ner, iwo or more views to accompany Kiikvi rf Limi. Giilis*. * All these engrmngs will be required to be drawn tipor. the blocks in the very best style and the draw ing submitted to this office for correction or ap proval ; ?ii>d when surh drawings are approved the engravings to be executed in the neatest manner. Proposals will also be received until the*amedst* Pt d.awing in crayon, in the highest style r.f the art, upon stone, and print in: in one, two, and three t.niS, tv/cnty-lhrec thousand or more cynics of twenty four or more quarto plates (six by nine inchcs) of illustiations to accompanv Reports of Survey - ot Route for U;.i!road to Pacific Ocean. Proposal,, will atso he received for drawing and printing a |H?rtion of the work last above named ami printing in colojs. The illustrations Hill be open at this office for the inspection ot Hmuc persons desirous ol bidding for the same until the closing of the bids, and any in fjrmatioa desired will also be furnished. * ? 7,HC ?a!M"' required !or printing the lithographs wi.! i>e furnished by this oflice. Co itraeiri will be ?irere ! into wiib, an.) bends with security will be required from, the successful bidders, for the faithful execution of iheir contracts. Tho hi Is will slat--, separately, the price, and but 1 ne price, tor each clk^s of work bid lor, hnd the linie required f<w the execution 01 the work, or p-?r lions cl ihe same, and must be addressed to "A. G Hnpetinteudcut of Public Priutin*, W'iL<h ingtou, D C and be plainly t ndor-ed "Prui-xwab for Wood PDgravin*/'or ^Lithographing.?' A. 0. SEAMAN, "!l! tupiniit.Mi'^rt. I/Oolsoap iv biting taflrs ot i?,? uttsi A * ^ * ikMtl Ol iiiri rneHpfi7 kin^U " -?|i1id.. ju-' icci ived .liicct fr.'io ifco man u.-etur !'oi .;ale a! uuiuu.tliy low prices. FRANC'K TAYLOR. TELEGRAPHIC. bxtobted roi TBI DAILY BVBirarO STAJL LkT&E FBOM CALIFORNIA Anival of the Gtoorg# Law. Nsw Yobc, May 24?The U S mtilitoUMr George Law arrived her# aboat 11 to day, bringing HIT pataengers, and $1,324 090 treas ure, principally eoBitgnad u follow* . Wall*, Fargo k Co , $227 000 ; Metropolitan Buk, $200,000; Drexel k Co , $200,000 ; W Hoy* k Co., $60 000 ; Bank of Ameriea, $34 000; F. Kelly k Co, $29,000 ; Ron FbIoomt k Oa , $2o ( 00 ; Tb?>. Walton k Sots, $15 000, J. K. D dge, $l*CM Th? Ucorge Law brirgj California dates of (bo lit icst. Tho pas;ecgera were brocgbt down by tb# Q.>Iien Gate. Her passengers report eating the steamer Conor* going into San Fraaeiaco Tb# California rows la genarally unim portant. Tho adjournment of ibo Legislators baa bam postponed for b week. Nothing bat boon doBB in regard to tho Senatorial question An act to levy b capitation tax of apoa every Chinaman arming in the 8 a'a bae teeo pa.-scd by the Legislature, and a bill to tok* the State prison ont cf the band* of the lee ? ej 'has been adopted. Bills to reincorporate tho city of San Francisco has pa?id both houses cf the Legislature 1st they do not ez co ly tally in their provisions. Walkei'.; expedition f.r Central America hfti rof sailed when tho Golden Gate left, bat prcpprAticns were making for an early de parture. The United States Lind Commissioner bad rejected five claims held by Joie T. Liaan tvur, under allegtd Mexican tities, for more than 1,000 square mile? of land in the State, Bud it was supposed that ur.der this decision in ih-ee ease?, the tlmilar olaim of Limeatc?r to 5 000 acres in the city limits of San Fran* circ > would be rejected. % A disoovery of gold had been made at Santa Isibal. Iu San Diego connty, the nsual number of ly:.;hir^8 and murder* bad been committed. S-cdwieL Island dates of April 16th bava been received L Swan, of the firm of Swan & Clifford, bai been detested in circulating $H 000 worth cf forged whalers' bills; aad it w*? f-jppoied that the total of his operations in tLii kind of financiering would reaok $1^0,000. Both partners abounded before tba daveloj menu were made The Hawaiian Conned was in session. The wreck of the (Joldon Age is reportad to bavo b:cn towed to Tab)ga, where she waa beaohad. An important bilWeduciog the first duties ha' piesed tie legislature. in ths S in Francisco Mark :1s 'rado has eon eidrrably improve 1 in amount. Largs shij men's cf H.ur have been made fr Australia, and tbto clipper ship Charmer i ; low taking in a cargo for tbV. market California wheat is purchased for Tic par bu.hel for the Now York market. a or6 Ibdi*u Troubles St. Lob'is, May 24 ?The SauU Fe mail ar rived u* Independence on Monday. The par J report that Coi St. Vrain. with three eempa n'.er, while in jursuit of the Utah Indians fell is uith a party of the Apaches, in the iislon fountains. liis command killed six men and t>.>k prisoners elx women of that tribe Troops have been dispatched t# the junction of the lt-d riv?r to intercept and prevent the meeting of the Indians at that pcint. Col Miner ie now in the White mountaina after a band cf the Metea'ero tribe. Major Du-enbary died at Santa Fe in Aptil The mail party met with but few Ibdianson th? route The grais was poor and water was s:arce upon the plains. A g'eat drought ex ited sou:h of independent. 'i he Connecticut Legislature. Uartfohd, M*y 23 ?Ibe following amend ment to *he State Cunstitatioh wero paaaad in Senate to da;: To strike out tho word "white" ib tho qualification of elector*, and requiring tko electors to be able to read To send one representative only from each town to tba Legislature -aud to have but one Capitol of tte State instead of two. These propoead amendments are required to be tubmitted tba acion cf the people of the State. Arrival cf the America Bostch, May 24 ?The British mail steamer America arrived here this forenoon. Ealtimore?Harketa. Baltimore, May 24 ?Flour is firm; sales of 500 bbl- Howard street branJs at $l#87i. Wheat is dull at yesterday's prices. Corn has slightly improved; sales of white at$l.OSa $1 09; yellow at$1.06?$l 07. New York Markets Nkw York, May 21 ?Cotton is unchanged Flour has advaLced 121c; good Ohio, $10 37a $10.62; Southern's firm with an upward ten dency. Wheat?Prices are stiffsr, but not quot'bly h'gher Oats are upirarl and firm. Corn had declined 12jc; Western mixed $1 12a $114 Beef is urm with an upward tendeaoy. Lard is downward and dull. " Whisky is np ward and firm New York Stock Xarket. New York. May 24 ?Stoats are better but inactive Mcncyiiea?y Sale* :his morning of Erie Bailtoad shares at 48?; Reading, 88 , Panama bond?, 100 ; New York Central, 911; Illinois Central. 93}. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIRSIGHT. I TOBIAS i-tsS. r PRACTICAL OPTICIAM IflHEfi to call ilip attention to all that ?uffcr with d*item Mght, caused by age, aieki and particularly fioei flaw* injudiciously selected, to hiK superior dPEd'ACLEd andGLA88B8 care fully grouud l>y himself to a true *phertca! accuracy, and brilliant trau.-pan ncy, sui ed rrcciaely and ben eficially to the wearer aceording to tbe concavity or convexity of the ?ye. Very numerous are ih? ill ef fects cr.usert to the prcctcus organ of sight from the cimmcuerimnt of u*irg glasnes in not being pre - circly suited, by the we of an Oytouuitr; iml the practice of many yearn, enabl s liiu) to meai-ure the focal distance of the eyes, and mi'-h gla*>e? tbat are absolutely required will be fuiniitied with precision and satisfaction J. T acknowledges the very liberal e n courage iiient already (>l.:aitted, - nd further mdiciu tbe pa trun.i*e of those that have not yet availed themselves of his aid. * %. Persons that cannot c<?nv?iiently eall, by sending fite glasses in u^-, and utatinc how many inches thev ean r?-ad this print with their specUclea, caa b- supplied with ?urh that will improve their aighL Innuuifrable te?4imonial? to be *e*n; and refer enee* piven t?? m?ny who have derived the greatest ea.?e and cunfurt from hii gla^sea. t'irctttarx u> be hail gratis, at hi- < ffire. No 519 Srventh ^tieei, three doors from (*dd Feltuwa' Ilall, up si airs. N'oaroLK. Se.tember 7,1854. r>:r~TLe &p, c-'acle* jou tnada lor uie suit v*o' cil and <ci*id ti h :ve inpf07ej oiy sight mote ! i-.ij; ai\ othr? l hsvc lat-lv tried " I.itt. W. Tasiwsi-i. ' way 14?ti

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