Newspaper of Evening Star, May 24, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 24, 1855 Page 4
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vx CDLUMBIA BT TIlfJTBT DWIOMT. CnlumMa, Columbia, to g' ?ry ari?e, The q:i*?*n oi the wort J and the chiM Ot tbe nki* i: TUv gmus ? >mi?aad* thets; wiih rapture behold, Wh if zt" on nfr* thy apirnrtors untoM. Tuy reign m trie t?-i and the iiobl^U of tune ; Most fruitful fiy .-oil. most inviting thy clime; Let th<> criiuta of ibe ?x*t ne'er eacnmaou thy name; Be freedom and acienee, and nrtK thy fanar.. To connu???t nnd nl^n:hter let Europe aspire ; VVii> In i ati*a? in blood and wrap cities m tire ; Thy li?-r?r3 the right* ol niankiri 1 ah.i I defend, And triumph pur-u ? th*m, an i fflory ?tt??nd. A woil.i is thy I. aim; for a wor.,t be thy laws, Enlar^d a* thine eotpire,and juat as thy cause; On free om'? broal ba-ii that empire shvll rn*, with tb? main, anu dissolve wi h the skies. Fair Scienrp her rate* to thy shall onhir, And the cast ire thy morn hide the beanw of her star; N?w h and new sates, unnvall'd, shall *onr To fa ne unextinTtrf-b'd when time is ? o more ; T? the last refuse t?f virtu - desicn'. , Shall fly lrr? ii all na?i-m- the be-t of mankind ; Here, L"*i ful, to Heav. n with tr.iu.sp >rt tlia'l brl. u Th ir in cn*e, more fragrant than odors of spring. Nor lew rbvli thv fair ones to glory a?ce-d, And s n a< and beauty in harmony blem); The g?aee.- rf form shall awake puie ri sire, And th>* charm-* of the soul ever ch -ri-h the fi-e: Their ?weeiiiess nnmmcled, their manners ?r.d virtue'" nrigh iuiac<- en.MampM on the mind, Wi h p?*ace and ?<>ft ia; 'ur * ?h?H tea hlife to^low. And light up a anile in the aspect of wo Thy fle-ts to rj|| region* thy p->w<*r shall display, The nations admire, and ibe ocrai nb*v; Eich J-hOfe to thy g ory itj trtbut unfold, Aad the east ai-d the south yieul their spice* ami r >4. As :he ..?) spring unhouiui'd, thy splendor shali fliw, And earth's litt'e kingdom* b-1 re lhee -ha'l b.?w. " i.i.e the en-ig s ot unn rs, in triumph UiidiriM, Iiusli the tumult of war, and give p:ace to Hit worl.J. Thus, a? dnwu a lone va'ley, with cedars o'ersprea-l, Fr< tu war's .tread confusion I prauvtly Mrav'd? Tr.e ?| oNtfrom th<' face of fair luaven retired, Tht? winds cra*ej to murmur, the thunJrrs ex p re.l; Prr'uni' i a. of Eiler, lim'.; s*i ?|l* ;ii? hj, .Ar a vf?ir?", a* of ancrl" rnchanti.-igly sun< - ' C?l"rrlMi, Uiiiiaitii, to glory an.--, "I he queen of ji? world, and tie cbudoftho ski a." American Literatcrk?The London Literary Journal, ?n speaking of Trub ntr s Bibliograp .ical Guide to American Literature, bting a list of ail the new books published in Amefica duritg the la^t tortv years, says: '-Glancing oyer these pares, r.e lind th?m exhibiting A men Can excel.'enco in theolf-?gy, science and law. iieniaikabie, too, is the eom paranvtly small number of boo!ts t)n the b'J'e>-U:iire3. The spirit of the useful an i practical pervades the literature of the United S'-ates?as indeed it ought to do. They have not arrived at the con tercplative stage of a nation's existence." Tub Law's Delay.?One ot the esses called up in the Circuit Court on Mon day *t Pittsburg, by JuJge Grier, wast that of Sylvester Stoksly vs. Elizabeth Wise. It was begun in the same court it; October, 1833? twenty-two years ago. Judge Gritr remarked "tii^t'he must put an end to the case; and unless the portirs are present this morning, a nolle prosequi will be entered, a:id the plaintiil" be ordered to pay the costs/' wliich, we imagine, have by this time mounted up to the altitude of a small fortune. Sy*MWhen Creek meets Greek, the*i ccrms the tug of war," is to be found in a play of Lee's, entitled "Alexander the Great."?JN. V. Suntiay 'limes There is no such line in that play. There is oue that rnn> thus, however : *? ?? ' ? ii Ortt'kjoiiii Gf i. tiifn i# tl?r. tu# of war.' S. O. Picayune. ] 7* ul xvonder what makes my eyes so w.^ak ? said a loafer to a gentleman. ??Why, they are in a weak place." re plied the latter. * ?IGVLjiLXTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Lmaie For l)av*. I"'ton Havre Nt w York.. Vay 9 Atrica .Uo-ton Livetpiol.. Mav 9 Amenta l,iv. riMiol....Boston . .May 12 .Mian ic Nfw York...'.ivi-.por.| ...May 16 N rtfi Star 'lavre Niw York..Mi> 19 &J~ l*8?e OuIUorr.iast?amerj leavt New Yuri on t??< 5?i? and siOth o.' ea'-!! m->ntn. Ai-.i-i v MS AT PKLNCIFAL HOTELS. Natiftual Uolal?? o. P O Mir in, lid 2* O Perrin, NY ? L l.or?*iile X?r Carrirft >t? and lady, J 1) Mar-ball, PC I's* A & Howard, do 6 Ciark, NY J > barker, KI Mi.s F M t lark, do J T Hc?a rt, Md M ss M MhH-j do W II Kruya.r, Ya 'I'M cha I. S l? Law. XY J AiforJ, >?u H K< ale, H M^n-I?jiy, Va E Fr^il- r.ea, Mas* H F Jon.s,jr. NY H 8 M it, ;?? b M rimrh, I'a K Amter-ofi, do A M Knr>ow? fc ladv, Va A B l)i.v;?, Md VV 'J' Harrows a 1 ;>oy, do Ju f 'I PTty, La >;.? U linrrow. do F A Hi t, \a li Hurr^on. Vld J VV ^nr..ti?.r, do H C Hufbtc. < at I II B'iiJ, jjC H L'oiMis J K:ng ??o J Evtreit, M?i C VS tilair, Mo C II Carter, do S S 1 it., t, NY A Mi'Giffio, O W il Wel.h, Pa Orcxaai' r h h. nora. II Bi rh^r, Vui 8 |i R?w.-r,n, NC 11 .'i': re t, Fa A It Buruett, do T A v ui<r, co J O liiracin and lanally, Mi> M>1 er. d > ilt J A lady, Ala I' Nitiirr e, Va J A Ito'rtl, M i ( \V* ?t8, do T SpPrrti'sr, O P (i Auirt, O C t? bf bier, do M p Ho ve ti ladv, Maaa C ?? Cu.JJ, NV IV F p.-our, NY Mr> 1-rthip, Va f V ll-witl. Va tt II ?iree, Ph A Pirsiiii, do A T Daalevy, Jtf-1 i Kimoias, NY li Th' ???, do J A lli I, Is ?1 J M ? <tcn, r*o A V Hoofh, Jo ? K Y XC J Cn .!*r, V'a IMi- 1 .?* Howard, d?. W 11 Maim.viluke, do M|S? A ii \anerv, do J E-'ertP, MJ M VV V ar^ti.m, Va W.llpr?#e' l -n. a a j. c. wiix^aa Gov A H tteed^r a lady, I* II B ilf mi ai lady, Nil Far>-a>? i B lladleieb a lady, do VV K K thrHou, Cal G V.' Sabiiie a ladv, Me F G ny, CiK 3 II Kirlly, d<j J f 1'ie'er, NY 'I K Gray, L'SN S Ft ?? ? I. Kv J Maury, Va '' II .aia, Md i*t-?*y a ?i#t?>r. Pa T i,i K C Nit iioiax ui d lady J C h. rkiia do Va ' F >t- el , USN Mr lleok. il, Pa II LiU> r?t n, NY J K . i-o jr, \ i; T J t.^r? a, do VV P Ki.'nlaaJ, I.a T r- iift wirk, do II A l:i.-liar liw-n, NY M ? S? r1 wieh, do Mr< S Smr.l), iK> Mi?j J (!gfW;ck, do O I* igirt t:o !{?? kwnml H sail - j. h. a a. Ktaawooa. E W Tr?efr>is a ?on. Man* f)r Torrlinaon, lady a 9 G It Turpin, Md dau;bterj, Ky 1. 1'i li.tftifcft, NJ T Mif iiell, do J N-wi.wi, l a Mo Co. btane, muter a D t* H> war.?, NY daughter, do B Kinnry, Trj t'oni li l>efrr, France EM. nam. NY F C Si-v^sm, l?C J * Vc ?!itfcirr and lady, 8 L Cole, do , GAMaver. Md J M Standt-h, Va ' nitatl K iat?a Ilotil-i, c. Hn'iait. W V WiUon, Nl VV G Watkins. Ga 8 Mdton, Me |tr 11 N VV adsvvortb, liC ?ei oiifveo NY W ?' C.^avelsnd. 8C *V M Marshall, Pa T VV Wiliiaui>. NC J H ly w? Ml I. E 1'ionU, Mn C F 1 uinet. Pa 8 how and k lady n?aa*on Bona*, Altiaadrlt, Va. ? mwros rioratiToa. M O liaTiwm and lady, N Iwine, Va 5<-Hai-kina, DC M 1, Va f~, h .<snn:ris Va 8 ( bilton HTNa'ee.^o G B gv-ra. wi:? at u vbill, W VV Hert,.-rt, do Va ft H po.rt(M.'. J M Jonnton, <lo JK Marvhai: J P V. dinar and fair,I!v, VV D v. albcb, DC ?V* N H ?'ell a lady, Md D featcllfTe, DC VV Gukseper fc aon Va Mr Wcatooia, da H FINE WATCHES. AVING made * considerable addition to my stock of BOLD HCTTW PaTSKT 1 RVIRB, and I.AOIK*' WIT' ITFH Of firri quality, hoary le caratf en*?. Al?i, SILVER WATCHES for Uoys. I offer tl.em ot grc .;ly ritduced prices. The niov menu arc selected witb great care, and every Watch is warranted. . Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my a^ortajert. ???? n SEMKEN. No. 130 r*. avenue, betw. 9th and lOtfi kti. mar 30 ? 'XTiJTICK ?I received this day a new ss-ort J^| ment of SLEEVE'BI TTONS and STUDS, of the late?t styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods : as Vest Chain*, Chitelains, Bracelets, Tins Earrings, Rinss, etc. Gr"at inducements offered to purchasers. U. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th rt\ S'eic Paint* put to Gold P*n-? at short notice. Diamond* remounted, and Jewelry made to order, mar 89-tl' wisniNsios smii ibindpacth, S. K, corner of Pa. ar. and h.lermth itrrel, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOCLD 81 CO.'S Warmine And Ventilating Apparatus, M POND Sl CO.f? (of Ro?ton) Fnion Donble-Uvcn rooking Range, J L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVsNC BLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, aid rreeivin:* LATROBE STOVE"1, for heating tw - stories; Parlor and Chain ber GRA I ES, Enamel ed and Japanned Cooking, II til, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room 8 ' OVES, Plain, Tinned and Einiiitlkd Iron HOLLOW W ARE; B oek Tin. Planished and Ja,anned WARE :n sreat varietv. ?II of which will b? sold at the lowest possible rates, that will compare favorably with any Estub liihinent south of New Vork. An eiu nination of inv stock i-=?*arn!!stly solicited ar, 13?3m _ J\S SKIRVlNG DENTISTRY. DK. MUNsON resp-ctmiy caIN puMic attention to his new patent, an! GREATLY, IMPROVE'.? 'M -ttioJ ot -fi'ir.j Artifirini| Te? th, wi h Continuous Gum 'he very PERFECTION OF THE ART. Tl,i--tyl ? "1 IVefn has the f.Rowing advantages over all others, v.z: GREAT STRENGTH. CLF.ANLINES3. < OM "ORT.and BEAUTY, vising with Na.ure in these respec:?. and in ?ome otic rs excelling. Public in --;<?rti#?n i-> respectfully sr!i.-it?d. Please call and see spectrins. CAlTTI??N.?No oth-T Dentist in the District of Columbia has a riirht to make this aty!? of Teeth. N. B-?Te-ih constitutionally healthy, |<lu2g>-,l an I warrmred f.?r life. Office and house at No. 398 B -ir^et, r"at !':?? corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th -treet. r.p ?4?tf TO TI1E LA DIES" MISS S J. 1 UO.MPSON is n->w prepared to show our larp< I r.nd n*r|| intcN alM k >f Millinery! which she has just oj^ued, of the la test .tyle* which we are sellin* at th-- lowtst prices, and w>' cirdiahy invite the ladies to call eatly and have the fir>t selections. We would also r?-s;?ect*ully call their attention to our larije and hand handsome stock of Fancy Goods Pcrtuuiery, Gloves, Hosiery, Sic,. which we can sell at t'.nufually low prices. HUTCHINSON i MUNRO, No. 310 PennsylvT.nia avenue, First door wi st of Walter Harper & Cj.:s. n?)?r 2S ? PAINT AND OIL STORE. 3*1. T ? Yl KEH. HOUSE, SIQa & Of;?! l*?-4rAL PA1NTEK, Ol.'ISlAN \ aveine. between sixth and Sev J enth s?re No. 60 Incidence Ho. U#0 C street, between Sixth and S-venth has addd t> lis |>;> ent ba?iii?*ss itifc Bale Of PAINTS, 1)1 til.A.-'d arPL'TTY, in small r>r larje quaniities 1 htt? rite>11 of houseseej?erj is particularly call, d to tli- convenience of t.'os arrang'-iicnt as they can :.t :ill !in?? s procure IlEAUTIl and "ther M.'Xl.D PAINTS, of ail rolors. riade ready tor u-; by a PRA?' 11CAL PAINTER. On:, rs promptly a:t 11 vj to anil respectfully so hcited. CHEAP F? ?R ?: \S?f!. may2?lei I)LV. JOHN LAN All \S, PAi ToR <?p THR It BXETU 81 REST, M E. rHUKCB.?A s'riwif desire to t?-: efit tin 9dieted indices Ijiih ttiijs ?(? cer' if.. We chat . !!?? anv other medicino to nre-ent such a tna-^s ot te- iuiony from RenUeme<) an,! ladies of Injih -1 .nding 01" <>iir own wtil-kno*vu citiaens. who tes'ify ol cures ,t COfJGll, RP.ij.N L HIT IS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, fltc. BAi-TiMt-aa, January 24th, la5.r-. Murti?tei 4* Moirbrnj: I take p'.-asi?r? 111 *aiin? to yr.u that I ban ?*d J-'Ur-HamptoaVTincture" with very great f Fiom a serious t imat affection, my f?-n?*ra! health l?d l?e^oine very inueh impaired, when I ccm .,?i-neej to ?? Hamptao^ Tincture." 1 found -ffecta upon my gener-1 health m<Ht ?-&Jntaiy.? My n?*rvr?u^ system and digestive organs soon ri-ht fx* up under its use. ! have several innes rec??mn:end--d it to juy Iriends, an.1 i?. every case, as lar a^ 1 have been in tbrmcd, thi-y Have use it wiih success. Yours truly, Jonw !<iui[in, Pasior Of f!xe;er st.. M. E. Church. Baltimore. BLEEDING OP THE LUNGS. Ralkx?b, N. C.. Feb ?, 1S55. Stmiri. Mortimer 4' Mow-Way: I do here y certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the jnd had four attacks c; it I wa? advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one boitlr, a id nfi? r ttkin.' which, I was S'ltirfied that i was miirlt better; ar.d that, after taking the fourth bottle, 1 was entirely wll, and now I enjoy as r* d bfa:th ever I did iii my life. I can, and do, with oat the l>:a?t hesitation, recommend tiic Tincture to aii pernoiu aSLctcd in my w ay. Tour". O-o. W. WcAauiT. CURE FITS-REAP! fif-jre tc the Sick than Gold.? Vroiu one ??! the tuort itt; cctatle Drugzistn in Houih Carolina. Cha?i *sto?, S. C. tfepr. 21, IbS-'l Mi ?tikk? & Mowbrat :?The sal cf >iji,r ilpinntoa'a Veyiible Tinct'ire u inrnx-irij ?very tir.y, and every botue ao.'d recomaicnds Ui? voiua J., iueiicine t*i th?' ???T!ictcd. Several ni *,ur jiiar.ter- have tried it in different cases with a^tor. i,g ?uccc?i. fend are getting it L-y huif dczcns. Ii hex been luu^d t?> b? the greate?t leuavdy fur rh>'u mauc aSeclions, and a wonderful cure has been performed on a negro boy, ^uaVrtni from Fits. 1 w.;: ftuf:i.n ;-ou with .1 number of certificates if you wi -h thrm 1 am, ^entltimen yours, VV. c. Troit. t.'all and get ramuratis, and see cures of L'jugh, Bronchi '.ii, Rb?umatum, N.-uralgia, Dy? ?jcp?ia, *? rrua: :.! >- aiu! '.tnerai IVeaknt*-'. As a : -ii'!.-: niHicine tr f?r de'scat:. chilurta we U-licve h ,ra? <]uali u. Scl.1 by MORTIML'ii i M??WR.;.\Y, MO Balti ??. "e street, Baitim.>re, un 11<04 Brcr.dwiv, V. York Stott ^ Co., J. b. Moou, D. li. Clakkb, . nimu X Howlino, IV. Eluot, and II. McPusa j U ashingtOB; nlso, by it. H. 1*. (,?? sn,, ,..CL. town; and Kap.HY, Aiexandria, ar.d by Drns gisU everywhere. fcb 21?tr iVN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSM to* sick ns.a tub truth. Hckja.u:n.? Wherever known hi.*, u^il niiiny will t?e conclusive. Hut lest thrwe who no not kno-A- the Captain cbonld I e sceptical, Dr. L. * ?u>n a. Itro., with others of thtj b. st known and mo.i Ihxhiy resiiecuolc citizens of Eattoo. endorse n-. wonderial cure hy HAMPTOM'S YX3BTABLB TlNOTJUi ? w . .. Eastom, Ck-t. 4, la^l Sfessn. IfortiMiir ^ hlowbrcy: Gentlemen? I (eel it my duty to you auu the lie to cerufy to the , ff,.-cis of Hampton's Vc< tulle Tincture. 1 was for m^re than five yeais laborin endcr a di> of l hronic r.heu.iiatisin. and t.i? great part o: Uiat tsioe i was so helpl^.u that I had to be helped from my bed and dressed ill ?ny cloiue I beeaiii*' r^dlie d to a mere skeh joii. Ail the roed icines 1 took done uu no ?'X.d, and I coiitin&eu to erow worse. I hrard of Hampton's Tincture .014 thought I would five i? a trial. ,\t this time I did not expect to live oee uay after an<rther. t pd t)<>. tvk?- it (tlie Tmctur. ) t r the Rheumati m, bit in a short time I was w. II ?.f that disease. From the effects of your'line lure and the help of G?>d I ar. n-?w yetting 111 (P-"d health. 1 wish all the afflicted to try Hampton's Veget..b.r Tincturc, as 1 have d >ne, with the same ?-ffect tiiet it ha.* ou Your >bedient servant, Isaac RujaXii. We arc ari|ii.iiuteil witb Isjmc B^iijamm, t-old bitn sonur ot Hampton's Vegetable Tiuciure,auiibe devt tlie ..hove statrment correct. Dawson h. Ban. Prom our knowledge ol Captain Benjamin we are confident that the above statene nt is true and ud ex age rated. J. A. Jou.nso.n. t'HARLtS R >?;ksoj?. C;.ll and re! pamphlet* smth.. and *;ec iresoi though, B metritis, Rheumatism, NcUi.u.ia. Dvs pep*ja, N*.ivousiies" and General VYeakiiCo^. Asa H-maie rn.-diciue or for delicate chiluit a we believt it uie-quall*' Sold by MORHMFR k MOWBRAY, 110 Ba.ti more street, Baltimore; ?nd JKM Rroadwnv. N. York t uts. Smrr k Co., J. B. Moore. D. B. Clarkc Clarkc k Bowuno. W.Elliot,and II. M< Ph?? sou, Wi-hmetori; a!^u. by It. S. F. Cissxl, Geoifie tow u, a?.j c. Mkbrv. Ah *am!ria, and by Dni^ ri?s ? h? ??. j?n h-~tr MZ ISti ME IF YOU DARE new Walt?., very \^,Uita:>'e tor beginners, composed and deriiaated I? G? orger.wn, by Prof. W. Ih-nier. j Published and tor sale at HILBUfi a HITZf Music Depot, " Pa, av, aad lia> n. [ No 689 ] Ifotim of Restoration and Withdrawal 0/ Land* in Railroad Grants in tk* Stats of Arkan*<is. NO.I'K ?? hereby gir*u, that, in crmp'latee with thereqn??t of th? z?rornor cf Arkaeta* the Pres dfent, by hi* ord-r bearing dtfe tbe.6tb of April ia*'?nt, bw direotcd thit ihe lands sftaa'ed in the to^Qibipa hereinafter fnum?ratei, which were here'ofore Tithdrivn from market and r~ terv <1 Jr -a sa.e orentry.exe ptf om p iv-amptions rs yi?'g within th* probable 1'idPs of the grant for t^o Cairo 1 d Falson lUil'oai *.n i its branrhea, in t e State of Atkanaas, ?ball b a restored to m?r ket.aad thet eertain other Ionia situat-d in town ships named below, within th* protahl* lim'ts o.' the grant, a* > rdlng to tb# routes ?s flxei by th* recent art? of th? fctate Lsjrislatnre. shall te aided to tho-e bere'ofrr* reserved from ?al* or entry (p-e emption cWinas ex ???pted) uof 1 fur'har wrlTs: Therefore are the vacant lands sabj*et to m\a rt the 6fTrral iaad.' fflce. h? rdnalter m?*ntir>n*d which w?re-u'j et to private entry at the date of their * ltbdra*a! frrrn market, and which hare net been pre-emp'el, in the fol'oeing tonnfhips. will a*a n *>e sutj :ct to pr*T?te en'rj on and after Monday, th-? 18th dav of J jae next, to Wit: Tn the d strict of lan la subject to sale at Hsu.f a : North of the. bate line and eitt of th* fifth principil meridian. Township 1, of rarg*? 3, 4, 6, acd 0. Township 8, of r?t)g-u 3 and 4. Township 9. ol raniteT. Snult of t%t bate line and east of Urn fifth principal meridian. Townfhlps 1, 2. 8 and 4 o* ran?'* 1. 2, 3, and 4 _ Towns' ip? 1, 2, and 3. c.f range 5. ."oM'ft of t'ie 'cac line and w;t nf the fifthprincipal meridian. Towwh'ps 1, 3, and 4, of nn^e 1. Town" hips 2, and 3, of range 2. In the dktrlct 0! lands subjxt to sale at Little Rock : Forth of the. bate line ar.d west of the fifth principa' meridian. To? nrhips 3, and 4, of range 17. South of the bite kne and icett oj the fifth principal meriixan. Town h'p* 2. and 3, of ranee* 8 and 4. Town-hip 3, o ranges 5 atd 6. Town Lip 5. cf r?ng? 13. Ia tlo district cf lands sabj->.t to Dale at Bata: xiixk : Xorth cf the bate lint tn-1 weti of the fifth f-rinripal meridian Towuthio". of rarg-s 1 tad 2. Township IB,of r*n.;e 4. Tjwrr.h'p 14 of range u. Ia tha district cf la?ds sulj-ct to sale at Wasbinu ton: South of the bite lire ani vrtt of the fifth principal meridian, T jtn hip 2, ot range IV. T->p 3 of ran,;# 20. Township ft, o: range 21. Tcwasfc ps 6, ai d 0, cf range 23. "a ownsLip 6, of rar gf i'3 Towash'p- 7,16, aid 17, of nag) 24, T>?vfu?hips 8. I". 18, IP. an i 5?0, of r?nge 11$. To^n hiJ1? 18.13. tn-1 20, of rangi ?6 Townfhipi '9 and'iO of r>* g8 27. Town? ai^ 20, of range 28 in t' a distri t of lands subject to rale at Ci*ihk& vive: Nvrt l at ths bate tin', and west of the fifth principal neridum. To>n hip? 1,9,?, *nd 10. ol range 18. Towa hipa 2. 3, ar.d 10, ot r.inge 19. TownaVp* 2 e'd 3, rf ran<8 20. Tosn-iiiii f t run:* 21. Town h p? 3 acd 4. of r&nzea 2*2 and &3. !p< 4 Aid 6, of r 1?<* i 24, 2?, 20, and 27. ToyrFhlp*4,5 a'?* 6, of range 28 Township- can 6, of ra^ 29 and 30. T wush p 6, c! r?rgfs 31 and 32 ALSO, Thnt all k? :ands Eifi;a.eJ in the sami Btati in the fo.'owinsr ram^d lown hips. in addi ion to the 1 is h-r- tuf re r*s?rved and not ab-jTe reat-red, will be rt-B rred from ?ale vr ent<T (fzo:ttiog for ? mptioaa) f.-r tha purpoa- atove .poeififd until nircher ottlm. In th<# didlxict cf land* aul ject to tale at Satss ville: Nerth <f the b-Jti line and rait cf (hi fifth principa meridian T wrsUp 10 of ranffe 1. Xurth 0/ the i te hn? ar*i wet of the fifth principal m>rv!i<in. Towctbip 8, cf range 12. Ia the dis'.ri-t of lands fulj-ict to fal^ at Little Kock: Nt.r It of the base lint ami ires! of the fifts. principal m-ridia*. T ,wn?hip 7, of nin'<? 11. ] "< ?> th of tie bate line and v *tt of thc flfih princtprj inerdton. Tc wn-hip 9. of range itt j Tnwrsh p 10. of rargj 17. jli. ;he district of la-id ru^jsct t) stl* at Wa?h l^ftTON: ; .5nlhof the bcr Ime and tveU of the fifth principal meridian Towcnhi'* 13, cf ranre2t. Tr.wmh'p 14. of rr ng? 22. Towasi.ipj 13 aul 14, of range SO. In the district of l^nis subject to sale a? Cbam paoxoli: /<ii'.h of the bate line and v**t of the fifth i^rincipjJ. m*ridi*n. Townchip 1' ,.-f ranges 18 and 19. Tow::grip 12, u ri.-jfe 20. Pieemptirn clvmants -ntiMed to any of the eb vt Unds to be !-ec:ort-d to mirtet on Mo??rt?,y, tfce 18'h 'l>.y of Juaf nrxt cn fett'em>*ntg air adv mid ?, rr -vlilrh assy her?-afrer be intde, it ia *azg? t? 1: h'-u d (?iv? not'cicl their c'.aim-", and fl> tie proofs *rh the l?nd ofl~er4 before *hs? day app jut-; To- the r-stora'i >a of the lands, bo ai to prottct tbfir claims fr~m p-iTat^entry on rh-I aft^r ibatd y and pre ent ra?c'a diffl-ultr an-j delay; i"'1 c'aimiiit? u:d r tb" sot of X7th March, :8i4, tauat CI - their rr-of* and make pay neat bef re the day of r->' oration, rr the ?nm^ m ill be fo fcitod Giten arut.; my h,?a ), at tfca General LwidOffloe, at the city of Wa^.<l?jrtoa, this ihirtisih day cf pr 1. Anno Domini one thousand eivht hna ired aad llftyfive. ? y wJer of tli3 Prei iieat: JO'IN WILSON", miy3? lawow Ccmmi^ioner. UN,TED STATES MAILS. PuflT fPic* Cii'AaTsi'iST,.\Iby 15, 1855. tjR'U' l'Al.H for carrying the maib, 0fthe Ucltel n W #te- Ir. m th-> lai day cf November, 185ti the .flth d-*y ol June. 18^^. irelDB Te, in the State " Ml "IlIOAN. w:ii b- rec iv-.l t.i- Contract Of ,5,' tt*'' i*0it u;rc- f'Psr'ra nt, in the city of WifhiEg on, until t e firn day of Angust cex?, ia <? u?>ve, to <l*c.ded the nextd?y, c-n th* route; !iid in ,he timoa tercin rpec fi-d. Ulfc4 Pr. m Ca?7. Ri*ir t) Ke wenaw Bay, 76 mil?8 ac,d ba;k. onoe a w-t-k during the eu pension f f naviiruion, ^?y from >?Tember 1 to May 15 in each y* ar < L ave Ca:p Hirer Mon >y at 6 a m Arrire at lleiwcnaw Hay uext Wedne day byl 1pm L-a*e Ke?wenaw Bay Thursday at 8 a m al t'arp UiTer next Saturday bytpm ?-?; en w Bay. br Pcrtng-i En'ry, ilooghtnn ' o:? ' ver, Ea/!- lierhor and Morth \\'*t M n-? ta Fort Ylilkin;, 77 miles ar.d back- crce a week Leave Kee -enaw Bay Thursday at e a m Aitiv ??-t F.-rt Vvils ins next Saturday by 6 p a L ave Fort Wilkin ? McuJsy at 0 a m Arri-e at tfe wenaw i'ay next Wedueaiay by 6 T> m 13188 K-wenaw Bay, by Alronqnln, Adventure. a-d i oc l*n?, to ODtoca^on, tO miloi and b?ck. o ce a we<>k Irf-iV^ Ke*wenaw Buy Thursday at 0 a in Arrive at On 'ona. on text Saturday by 6 p m L*aye OnV.nacon Monday at G a m Arrive a'. Ke^weiaw B?y*n-xt Wednesday by 0 p m Fi r instruct! n?, with conditions to be embraced m the cf ntr?ot , f e th?* aaT?*rtLji?meot fur Diftil uro P&M.S d .Wd February 10, IS55. J AMIS CAMPBELL. may 17?lawlw Pcatc a^ter Q? ueral t illed States Patent Oflice. ? Wasuisgtok, May 19, l-,5a. > ON the petition of Emnr C Fvllm as, a lmi istra t i < <'f the estate ? f I, wii i'allm ?n, deceased, Ute of A loion, New York, praying for the extension of a patent granted to ;h? fail L?-wia Pui'man cn :he2l-trf Au^a't. ISil, for an improvement in ' rr.f c*di'? 'or en? -.ving buildings," fcr (t-v?*n years from the *ipiration c.f said patent, which takes place on the *lst day of Angusf, ei-hteen hundred and tifty fi' e : It icordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent office on Monday, the t'th day of Ansa,?t next,at 12 o'clock,m.,and all person* are notifiedtc appearand ahowcauw, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. PerRcn? opposing the extension are required tofile in th?- I'atentOftce their bisections, specially set forth in writing, at l^iist twenty days Ufore the day ol hwtriu*; all testimony ttlci by either party to be uaed at the said hearing must be taken and tran-mitted in accordance with tberulesof thisOlHce. which will befurnUhed on applisation. The testimony in the case will be closed on the 2ith ? f July, deposition*, and other papers relied on a* testimony, muht be fil?-d in the office on or before the Djornicic of that day ; the arguments, U any *ithin ten days th-?iva?ter. Ordered, ??;*?>, tbat this notice be pnblifthrd in the Union, lntelUgrqrer, aud Ev?ning Star, Washin* t..u; D. vJ^ Paiiy Re.ub ioar.. Ba'timore, Md; Penn s.v.v.nian, Philadelphia, Pa.; Bc^tifi.; Amer ican, ftew Ycrk; a?,u Post. B.rton, Mass., one* a week tor thr*e fuocessire weeks, previeia to the 6ib day of Aiuuut next, the tlHv ot ^ earii.g. CII KLES MASON, Commissioner of P^tenU P. te.?Kditurscf the above papers will pl*?M copy ?nd wnd thi'ir bilistc th* Patent Office, with a para ^b'ainiczthis uotice may 2a Tu3>r UHESCH VISITING CARDaTeiuTtohTaiid r of tht finwt Just imported i>om Paris di ?cl, by F&A.V9K TAVLOB tu?y l? I ?Er> TO THE LADIES. ' THEundwigned i< d- -oared to five lesaons 10 la dies *nd etoldr-n .u Ul kinds of erabroidertag j hair and tine needle w.?rk. Also, in Mantillaa, C?l 1 irs, and ^'teves will be embroidered promptly to order. Stamping and Drawing done in nott style. _a_ ? . . MR,8 P- ZOLLICOFER, 5*7 Maryland av , bet. 6J? and 7th ?t., Island. [No. 637.J Notice of the Removal of tks Ltnd Offles from Clinton to Warsaw, in the Stats of Missouri. UNDd'? authorit* or tho art of Congr*** entitled .'A? a t authorfainr ehnng.?? in the loc?t!oo rf Land Cffice aptT red M rch 3,1853, it ?a haraty d.oUred and mad- known that the !an<l offlm f r the sale rf th- public l?n<l* t?t CusiToir, M'sssuri. Will be reaaTe^ t? Wug w, B?nt>n ciunty, In tt? 84.d State, on the first r'ay of July next. Ui*en u^dcr my hand, at the citT of Waahlcgtrn, till- fifteenth day rf May, Anno CoaJnS ore tboo and eight hmd edwnlfl ty-flre. By order of the President: JOIN WILPON, Commissioner of (3ea?ral Lend Offioe. may 17?lawfiw gCOTCII A It 12, LONDON BRCL STOUT, Th? subscriber offers for sale? 1000 casks Scotch Ale, Minns, Tennants, Falkirk's and Yunger's ? ?VK) do London Brown Stout, Barclay, Perkins Co's, HibLitt's and Byasa' 1000 boxes Champagne Cider ALSO Now landing Ex Schooner Joee and Maria, from Oporto, Queen's Port and London Por. barrels nure juice. K Dry and old fashioned P ort Wines imperted in casks ot 10 gallons under bond tv b? sold from the custom hou-e stores. For sale by ? WM. E. ALLEN, ~. i14 BurlinS S 'P? York, N. Y. re ay 3-?Iaw4>v (Organ) WILLARD 'S HOTEL, Point Comfort, Ya. T" o\vopen!>ID 8EA-8HORE H?USE IS Boar<t per day oq Board by the week, per day 1 50 Bonrd by the month, per day... l 05 Baths free for the ga&n* mny 10- I?, C. WlLLARi? & BRO [N'o. 638.J T Notice of an establishment of an additional iM'ie OJJice in the Territory of Oregon. IN pa f i?a_uA .f th* act of Oocgr<eg Approved Eei, tu.ry 1,. 1S5-. entitled "An art <0 ectahll-h to a-iJi local land d:6t-;ctia tfe Territory of Oregon,' to b c u ed ;h- Umpqaa dirtrct, embae'ii* a I the Ian 1 iTtar soMth of th* '?srth standard parallel. i? is hereby declared ard made kcovrn that the iarl oXce for sail district has fteu I catsd hy the I're-i detit of th I'n t-d Stat-p at ibe town o Wiaih^ t?* in aa:d Terr tory, until other 'i?e o-de-ct' ' lv'VVdw h"?d? ?* th? rity of Wa?hingt.>n thi-. 17ih day of alay, A. D. 1845 JOHN \VIL80y, Commissioner of deneral Land Offiss. way IS ?lawl w fOR POOR AND laboring MEN. QMALL BURDIr'O vr/s of 10 f*et or nor.'. 1. 0 ranous 01 the Oity, Georgetown, a tew prices, and tfrms tr- sajt. LLOYD A CO B U 1 L L? I H Q 8TO JIE, T*r saje, deliyerable at the Oanal, or Wharrv ?. Wa-'hiisarton, (Jenrsetown. or Alsxaudria. .. . 4 4 _ LLOYD A 00. . ,15opp Trwru.y D*?arUa?L |T iiW?| V Private Medical Treatiee CR T3* PDyPIOLOuX^iL YIKl? 07 MARUL4GJI. K. ^ LA CROiX, 3f. D? J. A o . AUUffY, li. y 130 ri'.o p>4in ini CoJorr^. Ljtho greets nrd Mat?3. Prlaa ctly 83 C?ata. -^| ?JM'ect fre- cl yc^taje to ell f artn of the Unlonf* CHEAPEST noOK EVC: Pt^l,iaasr,snd oortalrlrvf tttariy d ufc.) the Qnantity o r-ariinq nattsr iu th?t rf tht FlfT? C^NX8 Oil eOJ LAI PUBLIC ATIONF. Tt f:e^.tson ?he I'lIYSTOLO Q\ OF MARRIAGE, and thi s??ret iv flrn it!e?and Jlecni. of youth and maturi y. is Milrlngtrcm exeese*a, ?r.H ?Jentroy th? physical and xr. ? ta! powers, with cb-er?j?T n #nra?n.?gf, ;t? u.itJe- ?.n'i disqualific*iioi,e ac taesr reaediw; w:ih lithographs, lliustraiing th" aa?t?ay i.uu f.hyi'.^icr-, sad dtses .er of the re^r.> lacHre or^ru of botn fc-xos, their e-ructare, nee. lad funstioaa. A popular an-i compr?h.-nai ??^ ad cafu%l^>i. f ringle and wax ried Ufa? happy sr l ra^ds ?? ?-uring fnfei'iu-v <-.* ieftvtlie caes- thsi o^ and rea.jTuI? '.T^A/rUat hicU U t io? ?nteT-riatiagau>tx:E.rni, ih.t wll! ov-r?oa;? o> ;*cwojs to it; aoT.. oo-.-e; ?r. nhctsld teke Ihl sic pcrtant s>p Lout ixst cocrulticy it^ r^rre^ rtnesntanes o> tT-e .ilsfra?-sand medlwl tre*ut*c ot fraswlea trots i-.anry to old a*e, each oasr grspfc Icail? 1,'nstrktM by beaatifti Uthi^phic piataL nrrvoan iehil ty, ita cao^a and 0ure. liy a prcoe. ?t row so '.,f9 HU'i eff^tuaL tfcat isiiure !? ?Jspor -.bie ?rules fcr daily E,^,jagem*ut--aa va1 > p rm-itorrhoea with practical o: -rratious on ? *f*'i ffi-re sucM^ful taode of trsstmeDt-nrr 7iJti a??y LipU ?" lb? r?'iltiC3 froia ampiri faan*??a r.vsy cn a:! dfseasti ari*ir? froc fcjliftrretion, wifj plain ld<\ niipr.;, ruW by ?bfcl a.i persona can cms themselrec srlthoo; neroorr rerjediee for tho? sslf itiUcted ai.-eries i.t l ull pejnted hop?d so unfortnnRte'y r^Ttlent in th >oun?;. It ta a truthful adriser in the narrlej an LhMO?>?? marriage. 1^ p-ra^l j3 rl?1 a^ulariy r^ommeplfd to pej-ens ea^rtaiabija net douLitc cj their Dhyaicafcoaditinn, .nd whiTar t-oscioiU! of har'og hatiruyj. ihs h-^Ith, h,uir.. . Uild?to^ **** ^ Wtl0h rVCI7 hcXi*:i fce:a? ? Prfc, iosecto per oopy, cr fire ccplw for on. d> id'etaic to any part cf tlie Uoi N. U.?Thc^A -*ho pr,-:?r may ooaraitDr I-iOaot; ?p^a ai.7 of th-. i3eaw3 upon which hi* be-1 tv^t. or bjf Medicine sent to =n W ^ h1 L?j0?, 8c':or<liu* to dirertlona, ~d,\\ ' c?refs!!r ercured fron all eben* * ^jr^.Dr ^ B- LA OHOIX, No 81 Maiden Lai or ? cct Offl'.-e Box 6/9, Alliaj, N. Y Cir Office open daily in-m ha^73 Sunday from J until 6 pm. ' 1 to XI* STkwflinC.2Tsd Nu" " ^Tsr si. ie T *"!??? Albany, N. Y. TaK&si KT I'cpahtkiwt, March 5, l?jo3. N^vt'sshxg!vev 10 lh"hoiiip"'" ,a1. molk p? U?l Lmted State* (iescritted in rh. f- ? iowir.g notice of 3,1 Jannary lasLihat for Ihe ^1" igse:65is.??= ss^gbe??SS this department is prepared to nurchlS ^ ^ ??u7, amcunt ^ed^refele.^UTbc g v^iiTiKr^ of tune in wbit.-h naid stocks may be offered Th 1 lip'i r Uc ! 10 'a re^ ti*r ^c-e i' vj ^th e^am oun f uicreo/ ^wS^kVric win^rs015 up"? s of Uiefolloivmg'parKaS: ^ ?*>l?UBded Uficate.1" parva,ue'?r ?u ",uat reified in eachcer 1 1 ^ vem 2d fesass ber, l?ea, or 10 per cent.; <in the etock nf h. i?, authorised by the acts of 1847 and 1^ ? H '?ans able U? f?4? ? ,h, ? f^b?, ist'is'; the latter on the 20ih June 1?6M. nf in ' "isir.rr,??s"?? ^(MUO.!fT&J Z T?.t' smsss." f"ai" S,"a"d"~r' ne,v J,prsem'js ?f mar 6 dUunel Secretary of Uie Treasury. law partnership 'BERT J. WALKER and LOUIS JANIN'I have formed a eo itarinershln nn<<o .? * ' ot " Walker A Jan n," for the mana^ea ^ f ^ ?Hiuent of ca^ea in the Supreme Courtof fL*ir fey""1 ber"" u" c,hs' "ose2 wiKS AddrexM Washington, D. C i? lf)-eo.H,n For sale?a very fink u . nn Buggy BORa^ tli.V .84DDLfi AND g-i.tle and tound, and of fine make euh-ra very fine carriase^JL* JF0U"13f?? rery 5^asant now * hf>"d' or 8 tuar 0 43 t>unbar^in ft, Qoorgcfa, DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED ?erman BitUrs, runto it OE. C. X. JACJtSOH, Philad'*^ *?., will irncrvALiT era* LITER C01PLAHT, DY8PBM1A, JAUHDICI, Chronic or Xerrtm* IhhiUty, Dittum of tie Kidney, and all rftsmeee arming from a di+ wdend Li9tr or Stomach. Such a* C??n*lp?ioo, Inward Pile*. Fullne-s, or Wood to the Head. Aridity of t^- HloraacU. Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust f?r food, Fullnee* or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Pi uttering at lb'1 Pi' of l^e Stomach, s wim nun* of th- Head. Hurr ed ind difficult Breathing, Pluitenng at th- H^art, Choking or Suffocating Sensations w hen in a lyina Posture, Dimness ot Vision. D>ta of Wrbs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the llril, D? fieiencj ol Perspiration, Yt'llownes* of the 8km and Ere*, Pain in the Side, Back, Cheat, Limb*, fcc., Sudden Flu*h?.s of lira! (turning in the Flesh, OMNttot Iiuaguv togs of Evil, ana great depression of SpinU. 1MIE proprietor, in calling tuc .attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feei ng of the utmost confidence in it* virtue* and adap tation tofh;: diseases ft>r which it I* d. ft is no new and untried article, but one that has st?id the t??-t of a ten years' trial before the Amen crn people, and its reputation and sale is unnvailed by any similar preparation* eitant. The testimony in its favor given ^y she mojt ptoni'ncnt and well iiown Phyiciani and individuals, in all parts of the eour.try is immense. The following from North Carina is respe-tfully siibi.iu d, referring any who may still doubt, to uiy "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmer* and Families, to be tiad rratis, of a;l the Agent* tor the German Bitten. Principal Office and Manufactory, 1JI0 Arch sL, Philadelphia, t'a. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. tkrtifi. ute of Dr. W. S?utA. *f Pint Hill, RirM mond Covnty, S. C. Pint Him March 4th. 1854 Da. C. M. JacKson, Philadelphia? Dear Sir: 1 nave been a subjcct of Dyspepsia, in it* w?w.?t f rni, for the la-t five year.*. Such w<? my condition for .welve months that the physk iAns and all who saw lie said I must die. While in thl? condition, I w*p carried to the watering placs in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, hut wa>n?t benefited t y any water to which I whs taken. W hile on try way home, 1 stopped a week at RutlierfonUon, a ??niid I viliage. in North Carolina, to Uy the effect ??! *n?ie Chalybeate water in that place. About the si?t of the week, I went inio a drug rtor^ to p i some medicine for my child and mysrif. Tli' re were several of the viiiare physician* in the store, and me of laem seemed to Lake some interest in ui> ?asc and, after asking nie some questions, said lie '.nil been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use of " Dr. Honiara's Crrman Hii trrs," pre^>ared by yru, and te in..i?ted ihat I would try the Bitturs He also called the next day at n.y room, and insisted so much that I would try th^in that 1 a?ked him to get me one brittle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as oirect??d, and I do say I w* more benefitted by it than all the water ar.d ;iedicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (be a dyspep ric,) an-l i zav*1 hi:n nearly all the Bitters I had left, ?v.-iich effected urich good it: his case. He has often ? illed on me for more of the name k r.d of roeoi :ine, * aving he was more benefitted by it than my ?'her he had taken, but I have not b? en able to get luV more for htm or myself ei: :. 7.1". , J, there .orc, please ship me a dozen Jr more pm soon a* pos f.Me. Respectfully yours, VV. SMITH. 1). R. HOOKKR, Ro^rrN Store, Wake Co., N. C., >?tober 24.1853, says:??' Mavint experienced very 'reat benefit from the use of " Hoofland's Germm Bitt?-rs,r' in Chronic Dysentery and function:il de 'angensent of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, ( am desirous of obtaining a Quantity of it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefor^-, pleaae ?cnJ a lot, &c. 6tc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWuCP, Yadkik Co , N. C , Nov. 1st, 1853. Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ei iress to you my sincere thank* for your discovery if a medicine which, to say the least of it, has et ?ectcd a cttre that all other medicine*, that I have aken. have entirely tailed to do. "Hooflaod's Ger man Bitters" have eured me of thj most ?tubl>o?ii and aggravated case of the pins that, perhaps, ever f-!l t?> the lot of man. My ca*e is not a stranger in tiii-* comtnunity, as I am well known in this and the 1 unbuilding counti>?, and can truly sav that my re covery lias astounded ail my friends and relation*, as I had tried everything recommended, and iiothii>; did ine any go >d until I was prevailed upon to try the BiHen>. You are at liberty to p ake any ??e rl ihi? comm'tnication. for the benefit of the afflicted, , ou may thmk proper. Truly yours. WM. J. AT WOOD. These bluer* are entirely vegetable, they hivicorate and etrengthen the sybt* m, never prostrate it, and can be u-*ed for infants as well a* adult?. For s tle bv respectable dealer* everywhere, and t?y 7.. D. GILMAN, Wa-hington: J. L. KIDWELI., G< orcctown: and J. R. PIEBPONT, Alexandria, mar 1 ?lv CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. K*h? Great Pmrtfler of th? Blood ! Wot a Fsrticle of Mereary la It in IsriiLLioLB Rzvkct for 8erofQln, King's Evil, htr-eumatiea, 0'??tiaate Cutaneous Itruptiona, -^r Puetu'es on the face, Blotches, Roils, Csronic Sore fcyea, Wcrn or Tetter, Scald U'.lsnremrut 5.c<! Pain of the Bonis a^d, fetc.Lborn Ulcere, Sypbllitio Dlsc<rd<re, Lusha^o. Hpsnil CcmpU'cts, ant alt the disess** srliiDg from au irjjuai^iou* us*> of Mercury, Im prad a-v iu 1 )f?, or Imparity of the Blood. i'HIS valutVl* M-^tctne, which hiu b^ccrre c.-l?? l-ratsd for the nnmber of '.*tw rdiuary etres. ?ff?t*d through its ajreacy, has lndo<*ed th? proj ri tor#, at the u?g nt requ^t of their friend*, to c ?T*r t to th" public, which th;y do with the utmost \ i^ :q ita virtu-s a^d wcnderfiil eumtive prop ?rti b The following certificates, relrctad ?ca c args number, are, howevee, etrox^er testimony baa the mere w?*4 of the proprietor-: er?J ?re a'l ro:a gsntlemon woil known in th?ir localitieey end f tha uigh^et respsrtabHity, many of th<*m rw'Jlag n the city of K'.rhmcrd, Ya. F BOYDr?N, Keq? cf tns Exchange Hotel, Rich mond. known everywhere says he haa seen ,h? Merv ?dne called C varr.i's Mixtcu, administered n over a hundred canes, in near.y all the diueneae or which It Is recommen ie<i, wltli the most aslon rhiagly goci r^-rutts lie uys t? ie the aoet er Tasnl narr mediclue he has *v*r Men. AG OK AND FSV8H?QliKAT OUR*.?I h*i>by ertify that for thrca years I had 4 gue ?ad Fever A n?.of t violent dcsoripMon. I had several rhr dd*n3, tock l?rg^ qnantities of Quinine. Bt?rrni-y, ?_nd I feel ers all fie Topics advertised, but a.i wiJi ant permanent rtlUf. At lart I tried Orter'f -^parish Mlrture, two bottles of which effect "ally surad me, and I &m h&ppy to eay I have had caithsr ?hill* or fsv?rs since. 1 ccnfider it the beel Tonic !i this worid, asd lie ouly medl-lne that ever retched my ca;?. JOHN LONQDKN. Rbavcb T>ttch, 'near Richmond. Va. 0. B. LUCK, iic j., now in the city of Richmond ix?d for many years in the Poet Office, hac suoh *>i.6denee ia the astonishing effl^cy of CarterV ipauich Uixturs. that he has baozht upward* r.f id bottleu, which I.o lua glTen ir-ar to tbe afil'elw!.? Mr. Luck says lie i>? uj*er knc*a it to tail whea !*kci aeeerd'ng to uiieci'.mo. I>i. y.lbiUti, h prr.:t.s;a^ PhVidu, and feraitrly ?>f the City Hotel, In the city of Richmond, ears he has witnessed in a camber cf lBSt?ueMth<* effects ol Cai'cr*c dpaniAh iiiitcre, wuiah wer* most truSy mrprlainj;. He sayc ia a ca*e of Consumption, de pecdeat on the Liver, thw gocd eOmcu were won ierfo! tudccd. 8AKUML M. DRINKER, of the firm cf Drinker A Morris, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Ccm pU'nt of three tears sthiding, by th* use of tw: borJee cf CarteiJc 3c-ai h Mixture. GRKiTCURB Of KCROVULA ?The Editors of the ltichmon l Republican h*d a seivant employoJ ia Ihclr precs room, erred of violent Scrofula, enm blssd with Kheumatiun, which entirely dtBacl.<d biia from work. Two bottles cf Carter's frpanifh Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi tor* in a public notice, ray they "cheerfully recc? mend it to all who are afflicts# with anv disease ot the fclood " HULL ANOTHER CITRl Of 6CR0FDLA.?I ha J a verv valuable boj cored of fiorofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I oonsider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMSS M. TAYLOR, Cccdnctor ca the R. F. and P. R. R. Co.. Ri.-hmoadl V* SALT RliEl'M OF TWENTY YEARS STA2IMX3 CUnED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing la the city of Richmond, w*s cored by thr^ bottles of Carter's bpanish Mixture, cf Salt nheum, which he had fcr ueaj-lj- tWMty jeara, and which all the physicians p. tho^y *n!d not care. Mr. Thompson is a well koowti r?^?ahan*. in the city of Rfehmondf and his [f XlWtitblC. WM. A.MATTUEy?9, of lttchmocd had a ewant wed eff Bypbllle, In the worst form, by Carter ? ^ "ya ^ cheerfully rer< m rneadu it, and considers It ? Tery invaluable m*ai CIXM. EDWTN BURTON, commissioner ot the rereou^, b,M ??*n g??d effects of Garter's fratiKfa Mixture ia m number of Syphilitic eases, and says ?? ?*rejfcr that horrible diseam. WM. A. HAil^OOD, *f Richmond, cured of old Bores aad Utoera, wh'oh dirabled hia frem Walking Tock a fca bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was enabled to walk without a crutch, In a short time parauw>ently cnml. Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co_ JJa S8 Maiden Lane, New York. T. W. DVOTT A SON.-, No. Hi North Seoond at Phlladcdphia ????. n., REH^kR A BBEI'S, No. I2S Main street, R?rh msnd, Ta. And for eale by CUAELiS 8T01T, Waih'.arton D. 0: ttEN^Y PEEL, Alexandria, and by UraSSu ?venuhers. $1 fx- bo;tie,? rx fcortlr* ?; a? *r\ %} ? |y BMOIRrt UF I H t CoTOteSS ftp HI KB -M-. R. ^ *^rAair TRAVELERS' PIXECTOKY. BY BAILBOAD DIBICT TO JED W351?T ET rime between Weehiagton and Whao'inf bat 17* hour*! Kunming tim* b twrn Washingf* oj d Cincinnati 17 Konrt!! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !H THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO KA1LHOAD AVING greatly improved iu VVt-rteni coaaeo AJl_ t'OiiK a*>w off- r* th- fullest indacea?eitts to traveler* between \Vs-hinru>n, Baltimore, and all portwna of \Mc Weft, the Norttimrat ai.d the booth wci*C The connection between the irrns frrmm Wasb tagton snd the trains boned weat Inmi Baltuaoie i* *lwava promptly made at U.e Washington Junction t (lately call id the Relay Hon. e) 9 mile* froas Balti more. This i? the only bante of car* required be iweac Wa-liington *"<1 Uw ,,bio Ha*** rheck**d through to Wheeling at the Washington ?ta.ion. end r< checked and tran<f?'ired there, (with the pa**cns? r?) without charge, for tho*e holding through tickets tor poiau U yond. The cooim cue* train. Iwave Wadtiaim <)a?ly at ? a. m. and A% p. m. t>n Sundaya at the lattor hour only. At \V h> elinj dire I c?nnec ion ia made with the train-of the CENTRA. OHIO KAILtOAO, rm nine from Bellaire on the Ohio. near W.w etog, hroufh Cambridge, Zane?Tflle and Newark; to COLUMBUS. Three train* coated at Wevmrk with ihe caia of th?- Newark, Mansfl<I?1 and MMM kv Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, - St. Loiiis, etc. . . _ At Columbus the C. O. R\ilroad trains connect with the fast trains ol ibe Little Miami Railroad to Xt-nla, C INCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, ete. At Xmdm *on Little Miami Railroad) connection to ? formed with tlie trains thn.uith Dny'<m,to INDIAN APOLIS, Tt ire Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Kock 1 land, St. Louia, etc. Pas-. n.f r-< hoMinc ihnwifh ticket* for Mem phi* Vickthurz, S'atcktt, Sew OrUom etc.. which ir, also sold at W.-i hinrt'<n- are transferred at Cia> cinnati to the Mail fcteamers ou the Ohio. Ticket* ;cr Evansville, Cairo, and St Louia ars sold bjr thi* route. . ngt-FOTI CLEVELAND, and vja Cleeeiaad ?r Toled ?, Detroit, Chicago, etc., ticketa are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and We!i*v>:ie (f<?riy rail*-*) when; a connection with ?he Clcvt-'and snd Pittsburg Rnilroad is made. Traveller* are r? quea ed to notice that wkile th*.e ia thi: only route a Cording through t*ckets and check* in VV?Ellington, it ie al*?> the aiiorte?-i, most spre"y, and direct to nearly all the lesdiug po.nts in 'be great Wert. The Stance f.- u. Wi>hing*oo to Cin cinnati ia t ot 653 miles, being about 100 miles short er than bv anyoth?-r routf? I FAftC BV THROUGH TICKET FBOM WASH INGTON : To Wheelins, $'J ?0; Cotaabas $13 ftSt [layt'ia, .$15 50 ; Cincinnati, $16 ; Lou'^eiile by railroad .$1865, by -tcaiuer 'rom ; incinnwu,$1?; Ib ilianspolis, $17 50; Clevrlan^, $1*2 15; Toledo, $15 SO; l? tri.U. $15 20: Chi^aro. ?2u 65 and $19 50; Su Louis. 50 and $25; Memphis, $S6; New Or leans, $31, etc. *3- M)R FKHUEIfl. K and H ARPER'S FERRY MARTINSBURG, BERKELEY SI'RINCS, CUM BERLAND, BEDFORD SPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak laml, an.l Fair.oount, p.vs<'ngers miy leaee Wash ington at 6 a m or 4V$p. m. For th?-n.inor way station^ b> tween l>altin?ore and Wheeling, take # a m train from WaKliinpon. (V For trains to and fr?m Baltimore, Acnapolia, etc., e special advertisement*. For fbrther information, thrcufh tickets, hcn apply to THOS. II. PARS ?NS; \f- nt, at Washing ton Station. JOHN H. DONE, Ma<?rr of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore, may 3?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CIUNGE OF HOURS. ON and after Monday, the 23d inatant. the trains will Leave Waahmgtou at 6 aad a. m., and 3 and On Sunday at p m Leave Baltimore at 41^ and 9y a in, and 3 and 5j| p m On Sunday a* 4tf a m. ?p 23? tf T. H. PARFON3. Ageat. Mott Bedell's Line, NEH' VORK.ALEZJNDRM. WJISHINVTOB CITY, JlSD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA P.I ( S ETS. This line op packet* sails weekly from pier 14 E.i : River, Ne*r York, and ofiener if aecessary,and nr comprised of th*ft'Ucwaig 6ret Class vessel?: *ew schr. A. V. Bedell, maimer. NVw schr. Mott Bedell. A. V. TredwelL Schr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, master. SciK. f'oknit, I#. A. Sn itb. master. Sclir. Commamirr in-tJhief. Wogljm, ma-ter. Scbr. Greenwoy, Wilson, master. The^e feweb are all fast sailers, tuid the master* men of experience in th" trade, and the enly regu lar line of Waehinrton t^ity parkeia. MOTT BEjELL. Wall erree.t, N. Y. 8. S. MA8TERS h SONS, * Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, ft?b 1?6m Washington and D. C. OSAHGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAU BOAD* On end after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854. rpHK Cars l?av? Alexandria daily fcr 6ordou> 1 Til's anu Interraedicts stations st 7J( o'clook, a. n., en tt? arrival el the beat fr^m WasLingfeoa^ eivitga?nr> i.tns for breakfwt oti loard Con neeiing at Mauasnar Junoti<n with a train for Stiaa l/.t-g, at Warrmton Ju- eticn with a train for War ronton, ar-1 a- Gcr-knaville with th? tratca oa th* VIr?ir'a Central 11 road fcr Rl>-h?iOBdtCharlcttan ?Ui", and Biaue^a. Ihe oars 'leave Gord^nsrr.'e dally for Alexandria and intermedial* station*, at j>?b?ft-re 12, a. m., oa the arrival ot the mJns o? the Virginia Central rail* real from Kichaor J, Ck?r!oU<WTiUs. and Stanntom. T*< ROUGH TTOKsTS From Alexandria to WarrruU r . p 00 ? ** Gor*.cnf>vi s to M M Char'ir.ttesvUia 4 lb a *? S'santon 6 90 a M Btraehurg 3 bO ?* w Lysotbarg 6 Tb " " Wtacintar.^. S b? 44 44 Larey? 4 Sft 44 ** New Market.... 4 00 ? 44 MWdlsbarg 1 ? for Lyn^hberg, ccnoecUn^ with the atagos al ObarlottasTiile, on Mondays, vfaanecdaya, and frt days V.. Lars; and New Market, ocncseting with ths s ?>i.ef atCaIpe^er,cn?a?edr7?,Thural-> a,andBak. ordar. fr r Winchs^er daily, ccntacting vtth the stages at Piodmnnt tor Miidisbu/g dally, eonnaccng with the stages at the PImicM. Per crder: X7. B. BRCGUTT, Agsni. njv T?dtf FO^ldOUNT^miNONr r , On TUESDAYS and FKIDAYB. .^y?T', routd trip |l; from Alas andri- T4 c-ota ?Ihe THOMAi OOl.I-YKR learsa WaBfcltg'rTi at t and Alexandria at 9^$ o'clock. (/?oaches leave the Capital for tLebo^t at 8j( o'elk. Ceich firs '0 cents. Parsons aii.L.;u? ths ?iJ luvi their rs^* 4<n-> vith Kite. f. Thcf. Pnrkar. KafxrahisrntB oa ths boat. ocf??<itf S<i.:d'L CFDIifY, Capt. THlt bEW YORK * LIVERPOOL UiV IT ED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. TH* SHIPS Oo'iPRISING THIfl LI5I ARI TIIS? ATLANTIC, Cant. We?t PACIFIC. C?i.t Nye, EAd. 1IC, Car?t. Oematock, Al>t.lATIC, Capt. Grafton, There ablpe have been built by oor'ract, expreea ly for Governisent serric*; every oira has bssn taken in their construction, u !c the Enginea to tns?rs strength and speed, aad their tions for tsMcngsn ars unequalled for eieganes ana comfort. 4 Pr!-s o: paxsa^s from New York to Liverpool, In hi st oabln Al90 ?saaad OaWn~... 70 fcL_Ju6i7* U"* of fitra da- atate rocais 800 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and 190. An experienosd rargeoa attached to each ?hip. No terth can be secured nntil paid fo ?cr freight ornate apply toP Bi WAKD K. OCLLIN8 k 00 , street, Ns# York. BROWN, BHIPLIY k 00 , B. 6. R0SKET8 * C0^ L'T'n>0?L la King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN kiUNKO* k CO, 26 Bue Notre Dame d?<s Tii toiraa. Paris. ? GEO. II. DEAPKK, Havre. The own*- c.f the-* ships *-lli act be aooouatable fer gold, 8<tvcr, bullion, specie, js^ciry, predona stones or metals, uuiesa bills ef lading ars aigned tharafr r, aai tb.?> vaJu* thereof thvreiii expressed, roe 18?.Uv BAXELffC HOUSE OF PAIB0 ft HOPttftl, 0/-pm*t L'kM Mule* 7Vea*?/-? aJCN'liS, atocxs and other Mtantev JJ and rold. Intfire?: at the rate of six per ccat aw ?n&uu. u tow^^d^M)., Wp?? lert Cot M iapt * Joatvf

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