Newspaper of Evening Star, May 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 28, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SPIRIT OF TH1 M0&9THQ PRESS ' The Jnulligtneor, alter announcing the oer tainty of the election of Wise, oopiM a para graph from the Unto* disclaiming any pur P?*e of eastiag a reflection upon Messrs Heath end Edwards, former Commissioners of . Pensions, in what the latter journal said a few days ago with reference to (ho arrest and crimes of Graham, the pension paper forger The Inflltgtnctr adds a well-deterred ocm pliment to the long, faithful, and efficient ser vices of Mr. ex-Commissioner Edwards as the head of the pension branoh of the public ser vice. The Union defends Col. Forney (who is now ia Philadelphia) from a late onslaught of j the Riohmond Emammer upon that gentle maa. saying in the oonrao of its remarks : " la the absence of Col Forney, however, we may be excused for discharging an act of] friendship to him by remarking that hie rep utation lot personal integrity and warm , hearted devotion to elevated and honorable] sentiments, as well as his well earned ohar acrer for unwavering political orthodoxy,, plaees him entirely beyond the reach of the low wurrillity of the Kiohmond Examiner The editor of that journal could not harm such a man as Cel. Forney. He might dedi cate hi? life to the concocting of calumnious ! and abusive epithets, and the most that he could effect would be to furnish food for the depraved appetites of a few such journal ist. a* Bennett, and secure for himself the noto riety ot an adept in blackguardism By his brilliant and effective advocacy of sound na tional democratic principles through a series of animated political eonc*te, on all occasions denouncing abolitionism in every shape, and maintaining the constitutional rights of the South with unwavering consistency, Col For ?ney has established for him?elf a national reputation which the editor of the Examiner may envy, and seek to aalumniate, but whioh he is wholly ineapable of emulating or in juring." The Virginia Election Returns The following addition returns have been received since our last issue They goto con vince us that our original 11.950 calculation of the probable majority for Wise was much nenr^r the truth than any published in any uther paper whatever : Wi*,(Dein.) Floumoy, (K. N.) 66 counties given Sat urday 12,844 8.844 Hampshire 268 ? Gloucester 102 ? Northampton ? 52 Henry 200 ? Warwick ? 40 Goochland 125 ? King anl Queen 300 ? York ? 42 Accomac 71 ? Fluvana 60 ? Floyd 125 ? Barbour 480 ? Lewis 196 ? Up hur 200 ? Doddridge.....4....? 100 ? Ritchie 100 ? Cumberland ? 25 Monongalia 600 ? 'lay lor 36 ? G'eece 500 ? Nelson ? 300 Bath ? 125 Rockbridge ? 93 Hardy 80 ? Greenbrier ? 350 Kanawha ? 1800 Tazewell 1000 ? Wa sel 460 ? Wood.. ? 238 Pleasants 60 ? The following members of Congress have certainly been re elected, via : Messrs. Mill sen, Bayly, Goode Bocock, Powell, Caskie, Smith, Faulkner, Letcher, Lewis, McMullen, and Edmondson, all Democrats. The realc.- will flnd additional eleetion news in our telegraphic oolumns. WUmSGTOS MEWS AH) fiOiSlP. Henry A Wise ?The announcement in the Star of Saturday afternoon last that the Washington friends of this gentleman de signed complimenting him with a serenade at nine o clock of that night in frcnt of Brown's hotel, causcd an assemr !age of at least five thousand persons on Penn Avenue, between 6th and 7th street*. Shortly before the ap pointed hour, the marine band appeared on the magmfioent portioo of the hotel, and played a few airs, after which, Mr Wise made his appearanoe in front of the orowd of ladies and gentlemen by whom the large portico was tiled. Col. Berrett introduced him to the assemblage of citiien? of Washington, and the shouting with whieh he was received having subsiled, he essayed to address his friends who so enthusiastically caliel on for a speech. There were on the outskirts of the crowd, in knola of forty or fifty, some three or four hundred rowdies, blackguards and ruf fians, led oc. by, here and there, a man making pretension to character and position ia Wash ington, who attended for the purpose of pre venting Mr W ise from being heard. doubtless leas: his address might dimage the Know Nothing eaose in the election to take place ia this oity on Monday next. The appearanoe of iir. Wis# in the sight of the people was the signal for them to commence a series of out rages on dacenoy and the so solemnly guaran teed American right of tho free discussion of American public affairs, unprecedented, at least in ihe history of this oommunity. He was not only howled at in ooncert to drown his voice, but profane and brutally valgar language was hurled at him continually by . the cowardly rowdies, who, had the light of the sun been shining on ihem at the time, would have stood mute as mice: more or less of them doubtle.s ic dread lest the eyee of the police, long in search of them for offences against the criminal laws of their country, (perpetrated when the pall of midnight hang over us all and honest men were asleep ia bed,} might reveal their identity. Notwithstanding this so evidently prearranged ruffianly assault upon his rights and those of the thousands of sub stantial and respectable citiiens ol Washing ton assembled to hear him, Mr Wise eesayed to eddreas them describing the circumstances under which he accepted the then apparently bootless nomination for the position to whieh he ha^ just been chosen The contest was then coaoeived at moat a hopeless one; for his opponent (Know Nothingism.) bad swept over the non-slaveholding States like a whirlwind of fire. Alone he set out in January last from the low lands of Ac omac, to teat the streng*h of this apparently resistless giant, in the full confidence that it was at best but an impudent imposture whieh a fearless and patriotic man could easily conquer with the sword oi truth In the depth of winter he had hunted him on the hills of the Piedmont eosotry, in the dells of the Valley, and in the caverns and amid the snows of the trans Alle ghany region of the State. He had found htm everywhere, and had unoeremeneoualy esUiyei the wolf of his eheep's clothing; ex poring to the people his real character and alms, showing that the former wm based on falsehood and deceit, end was copied in its every prejudice aod feature fro* the ?haraeterittics of the wont and moot dan gerous claaaea of society in Europe, in Eu rope'a moot corrupt and ignorant timet; while the latter (the enda and aima of Know Notbingism) would ne?essarily lead to the do structioa of the rights of the South, and of the Amerioen eitiien throughout all the Statea. He explained the identity between the anti Catholicity of Nnow Notbingism and that of England in the timea of OuyFawkes; and he placed in glaring light the features of the acts of the Know Nothings whioh he believed to be identical with those of the organised bands of the oath-bound assas sin societies who prowled over middle Eu rope in the middle ages, each man of them with a dark lantern in one hand and a eon oealed dagger in the other. His brief paral lei between them, their doings and their ten dencies was so powerful as to induce those who hung on the outskirts of the meeting to put down the right of free discussion in this city, to howl as we hare more than once heard packs of wolves howl when, after skulk ing from the light of day, they assemble in the immunity of the shades of a moonless night, as though to warn dwellers on the prairie that they lived in the vicinity of such neighbors Mr Wise, proceeding, said that his joy was not on account of his own triumph, but be* cause be had broken the lance and and shiv ered the shield of the most dangerous ODSiLy of the liberties of his country known to its history ; describing the element! of that dan ger somewhat in detaU. He had got his foot on Sam's neok, and intended to keep it there until all Sam s power for harming the liber ties of his countrymen were defunct past pos 8ible resuscitation He owed his triumph, he said, to the indomitable true Democracy ot the Old Dominion and to her patriotio and con servative Whigs, who have nobly locked shields in defence of their country's oon&itu t on and laws and of the equal rights of Amer. ican citiienship, the sheet anchor of American liberties. Tho contest had not been one be tween Whigs and Democrats; but between them, on the one side, combined, and com batting the men of the State of bad passions and worse principles, and the deluded but honest persons who had temporarily gone off with them from both political organisations under sinister leadership and oounsels, and were struggling to subvert all the rights which our forefathers won for us with their blood from Qeorge III., under the hypocritical pre tence that they were the peculiar '? Ameri cans" who should, of right,44 rule America " In the course of these remarks Mr. Wise paid a moet eloquent and impressive tribute to the spirit of patriotism whioh had induced the thoughtful and really subEtantial citiiens of both political parties to lock shields after a bitter ci^ntee: with each other of thirty years' duration, to defeat the p&ricidal purposes of such men as that moment hucg ho *ling a' him on the outskirts of the vast ajsemblage But the increasing noise of these last men tioned parties compelled him either to desist or risk the entire destruction of his lungs, tried sorely, as he explained, in th? preceding one hundred and twenty days' canvass So, thanking hia friends present for the compli ment they had paid him, after attributing it to their devotion to the cease of the Consritu tion and religious and eivil liberty and equal ity, whose standard bearer he had been, he withdrew amid deafening shout# of the multi tude In the course of his remark*, while taking a glass of water, some one concealed in the middle of one of the howling packs before de scribed, sang out, ? Give us a little of your holy water!" Mr. W. instantly seised the opportunity to rebuke his insulters in a way that will never be forgotten by thoso who heard him. He said that their conduct there proved how much they stood in need of any thing which would cleanse their hearts and minds of the leprosy of infidelity, vice, crime and bad passions, which, together, made them such dangerous enemies to their country. He advised them, if holy water they would have, to go to their High Priest for it?to Theodore Parker, who stood higher as a mem ber of their order than any of the rest of the thousands of abolition clergymen of the North who ruled its policy, which they had sworn fearful, if unlawful, oaths to oarry out. He referred them also for Holy water to the seventy Know Nothing clergymen of the Mass. Legislature, who, in oarryingoutthe purpose* of Know Notbingism, had deliberately doprived native born whites of the south, and of their own btato when their parents happened to see tho light first on the other sideot the Atlantic, of the right of trial by jury, and had endowed the runaway negro with that right, to be exercised in his favor by abolitionists only, rather than by freemsn of the vicinage in which his of fence against the laws had been committed 4c. He recapitulated, with great effect, the offences of these clergymen against the con stitution and the laws of their State and th* Union, against civil and religious rights, 4o. The impression of what occurred before Brown's hotel on this occasion made strongly in favor of Mr. Wise, more through the usjusti* fiable, outrageous and dastardly conduct of the prowlers on the outskirts of the meeting, than through the effect of his remarks, which ow ing to the shouting and howling above referred to. oould not have been comprehended by a tithe of thoee present. The Frigate Congress.?Toe following are the offioers ordered to the frigate Congress, just ordered to the Mediterranean, as the flag ship of Commodore Creese, vii: Commodore, S I*. Breese; Commander, Thomas T. Cra ven ; Lieats. Luther Stoddard, William May; J Blakely Carter, W. C. B 8 Porter, Bayse N Westeott, Samuel Marcy; Fleet Sttrgeon, William F Patton ; Passed Assistant Surgeons, William T. Bishops, Daniel B. Conrad; Pur ser, James A. Sample; Master, J. P. Jones; Boatswain, George Wilmarth; Gunner, Geo. Sirian ; Carpenter, James Meads; Sailmaker, T. C Herbert The Manners' Medal?The Stale Depait ment this mornug received the first imprej sioa from their new steel dies, cut for making the silver medal to be presented to masters and crews of vessels rescuing Americans from shipwreck on the ocean. One face represents a sailor clinging to a broken mast with the waves dashitg around him and gulls hovering over him, the rescuing ship being seen sailing op, in the back ground. On the reverse side ** * wreath of laurei and ivy eneireling thirty one stars at the head and the American eagle at its base, with space enough between them in whieh to engrave the inscription the medal is to bear The artist to Mr W F X Kochler, of Baltimore, who has in tbia ease mad* one of the most beautiful naedala is the poaaesaion of cfata government. The XT. t. last India Squadron tad the Brig Porpoise?The Navy Department have advices fom the Macedonian, Commodore Abbott, at Hong Kong, on the 14th of Marob. It ia judged from the tenor of the letter that all were well in the squadron aa far aa was koown on the flag ship. Nothing waa aaid ia theae letters oooeerniog the misaing brigof. war Porpoise, which fact oonfirma the imprea si on that there can no longer be reaeonable hopea of bar safety, whioh prevails ia natal circles in this city. Persecuting Bounty Land Claims ? A Land officer haring written to the Department of the Interior to learn whether he may draw up ap plications for bounty lands, Ac., charging a small fee in each ease, was answered to day by the acting Seeretary, forbidding the practioe peremptorily on the part of a Government em ployee, aa a clear infraction of one of the ac* tions of the law for the peraecution of fraud* on the treaty of the United Btatea. An Army Cfficer Resigned.?Brevet Cap tain Schuyler Hamilton, Firat Lieut Bixth Infantry U. S. A., baa reaigned, to take effect May 31, 1855. Mr Wise left this city thia afternoon for Ac oomac county, Virginia?his place of resi dence ___ The Current Operations ol the Treasury | i>par'irent.?Or Saturday, the 26th of May, ! .her* were of Treasury Warrants entered rn "e bocks of the Department? For the Treaaury Department....$101,90S 91 iTor the Interior Department 27,569 83 For the redemption of atock.....? 296 09 'or the Customs 75,546 81 War warrants received and en tered 18,610 81 Repay warrants. 20 671 13 ror covering into the Treasury from miaoellaneoua sources.... lit 90 I For covering into the Treasury 1 from customs 590 32 ^P"The George Law left behind at Aspin ! wall ever one hundred persons who refused to go on board owing to the overcrowded state of the vessel, and these intended to take other means of transport to New York via New Or leans or Havana. The amount of gold brought by the passengers ia very muoh larger than usual, and the remittance in all amounts to full two millions dollars in dust, coin, bars, and orders en the sub-treasury. " 1864."?According to the New Church llerald, the theory of Dr. Cumming, the elo quent Scotch preaeher, is that Christ will ccme in 1864?that the advent will be what is termed pre-millennial, or, in other words, that Chris*, will come before the milleniom, and the millennial glories will consist of Christ's personal reign on earth for a thou, tand years An Expensive Accident?The cost of the Norwalk disaster to the New York and New Haven railroad has been $280,000, and there tire Ftill unsettled claims against the company outstanding. It will not probably escape the liabilities and losses on account of that terri ble offiir abort of $300,000. A Model County.?The Greeasborough ^N. iC) Patriot states the remarkable fact that, (hough one of the oldest counties in the State, there has never been a conviction for murder nor a porson hanged within the limite.of Ran dolph county. There was an extensive fire in Balti more on Saturday night, on the corner of Baltimore and Howard streets, by which, it ia estimated, upwards of $200,000 worth of prep erty was deatroyed. Trial of Firb Engines.?The Deptford an i Independent Fire Companies, of Balti more, are to have a trial of their apparatus I this afternoon at S o'clock, in that oity. A Salute of one hundred and forty three gjns was fired by the anti-Know Nothings of Baltimore on Saturday night, in honor of the election of Mr. Wise to the gubernatorial ofQoe of the Old Dominion XST On Monday last the thermometer atood at 98 in the shade at Atlanta, Ga , and one ca?e of "sun stroke '' occurred. J3T During the five weeks ending the 1st instant, $4,556,634 worth of gold dust waa shipped from San Francisso. Philadelphia Finances appear to be in a hard way. Tho Ledger says :? It is pretty generally known that the finan ces of the oity are in a deranged and very on aatiafactory condition. Debt has crept upon un very fast within the past yoar, and liabili ties are now pending that most be provided fur, or the city suffer dishonor. On or before the first of July money must be bad from some quarter. Debts then falling due are dearly beyond the means of the treasury. Disgraceful Outrage in Church?Our little town is in quite a state of excitement, owing to a difficulty that oocurred last San day evening in ohurch. A very worthy, un offending and quiet citizen, Mr. MoClelland, went to eburoh and took a seat usually oceu 6ied by Mr. Mills Our worthy parson, Mr. rown. had commenced services, and was ex horting sinners, when Mr Milla entered and noticed Mr. M in hia seat, without saying a word be turned and left, but in a abort time retirned, and walking in a bullying manner in front of the reverend speaker, requested silence and ordered Mr Clellandto vacate hia Eent immediately. The latter not immedi ately complying, Mr Mills rushed forward, ftolled a pistol irom his pocket and presented t at the breast of McClelland He did not shoot however?but bullied round in a most disgraceftil manner, showing himself a per fectly contemptible villain, unworthy the oonfidonce or respect of any gentleman. He is probably good for a few months' "free) hoard" at Jackson.?Cleveland Herald, May 22 Thk French Minister of Foreien Af fairs?The New York Oourier - remarks on the recent ohaoge in the French cabinet: 44 The reason assigned for Drouyn l'lluys's resignation, that it proceeds from an unwil lingness to protract the war, is not worthy of much credit, inasmuch as it is not at all con sistent with the fact that he, as plenipoten tiary in the conference at Vienna, united with L >rd John Russell in rejecting the final an swer of Russia, and consequently must con sider the continuance oi the war a necersity Mr. Walewaki. (bis successor,) waa formerly a distinguished Polish patriot and refugee, and aiterwar Is a member of the Chamber of Dep uties and the Constituent Assembly, was the g-oat champion of the Polish oauae, in the standing resolution annually passed in pro test against the partition of Poland. Latterly be hai served as the French Minister at Lon don ; and his present elevation to the foreign office may well be taken aa an indication of a change of policy of the allies towards Poland, a disposition to secure its policy and co-op eration n Large Kgg.?Mr. Chaney H. Winship, of town, showed us a hen's egg on Monday, laid byaoommon barn-yard fowl?a native? tb at weigha 6 J ounces, and measures nice inch es one way, and eight inohes the other. This is the largest yet. and probably eaanpt be eat en?Hartford Tinut. PFnNONAL. ....The late Abner MeGhee, of Alabama, previous to ki? death, made the foliowing4ib eral donations :?American Bible Society, New York, $40 000; MeGhee College. Alabama, $19,000; Samaritan Fund, Alabama Conferenoe Methodist Protectant Church, $10 000; Ala bama Bible Sooiety, Montgomery, $10,000 ....Llewellyn Boyle, Eaq , h?i arrived in this eity from Havana, Cuba, via Charles ton, S. C? with lettera from Capt J. Mayo to the Secretary of the Navy. ... .The K N grand conncil met at Augus ta, Maine, on Wednesday, and nominated Samnel C. Gage for governor, after seven* 1 balloting*, and saoh heated disonssions that the friends of Gov. Morrill withdre# This sets the "order" by the ears. -?*,.l>r. Changing saysi Lei {ami lie* coantenanoe public balls, bat dance at home. A small party at home is easily, conveniently, cheaply got up, and is far more healthful than any possible publio ball. ... .0" Friday night, about IS o'clock, two robberies of a desperate description were com mitted at Fort Brie. Canada, and the residents of the plaoe being aroused, pursued one of the robben hotly to the river, where he seised a small boat and made over to Swan Island; and when they landed, the robber named Towns end, the leader of a desperate band of mur derers, snapped a pistol twioe at the foremost of his pursuers, John Magood, but fortunate ly without effect. Magood, who was armed with a rifle, the shot Townsend through the head, killing him instantly. .... It appears from the latest foreign ad v cos, that M Santa Alvares has been named as Spanish Minister at Washington. .... The Grand Jury of New Orleans have returned a true bill against ex-Postmaster Kendall, for embezsling valuable letters. ...? M'lle Rachel, the great French tragio actress, will, it is said, arrive in this country in August next, and will perform during the months of September and October at the Me tropolitan theatre, New York, whioh has been engaged for the occasion. .... There was a grand review of the New York Polioe Department, on Saturday, by Mayor Wood, when, among other exercises, medals were conferred on certain polioe offi cers for their faithtuluess and trust worthiness. The Mayer made a speech ....Dr. C. S. King, of Charleston, who some time sinoe went to Russia, and became attached to the Russian medical staff, died at Kertoh in April, of typhus fever. This is the second American physician that has lately died while in the Russian service. .... Mary Hedriok has recovered $7,000 from Henry Protsman, at Cincinnati, for breach of promise of marriage. 0F* Some citizens of Iron county, Utah Territory, have succeeded in making bar iron in the puddle fnrnaoe, direct from the ore, and the quality is snoh that good horse nails are made from it. II v NOTICE.?The subscriber respectfully begs leave to inform liis kind and r^spcct able customers, that hl9 bar room will not be open during the day an t evening of next Monday, June J. BOULANGER. mjiy 28?3t (Int&Union) f^^FIFTH WARD?There will be a Ward meeting of the Friends of civil and relig ious liberty, at Cttsparis' Hotel, at 8 o'clock THI8 (Monday) EVENING. All voters in the Ward ex posed to secret political societies are respectfully requested to attend. may 28?It* , UNION ASSOCIATION OF WASH ington City, (Anti K. N.) will meet on TI'HSDAY EVENING, the 29th instant, at Haroto? ny Hail, at 8 o'clock. may 28?2t* NOTICE ?We the undersigned Dry 'Goods Merchants, of Seventh street, for th purpose of giving our clerks time ft* recieation during the summer months, will commence on June 1st, to close our respective places of business at o'clock p. m.. Saturday nights excepted. Our busi ness is very ne"*"y at this season during the day, and we hope c.n/r friends will see the necessity of our adopting th<i above rule, and rememner that *.ve will admit no one after that hour under anv circum stances. R. BRICE HALL, R. G. HYATT, J. W. BARNECLO, may 25?3t F. M MAGRUDER. NATIONAL GUARD, ATTENTION!? You are hereby notified to men at your Ar mory on MONDAY MORNING next, May 28th, at 0}$ o'clock precisely, in lull uniform, for regimental parade and inspection. By order of Capt. Tail: may 25?3t* C. R. BISHOP, O. S. MONTGOMERY GUARD, ATTENTION. You are hereby requested to meet at your Ar mory on MONDAY MORNING, the 38th .instant, for parade. You are also requested to attend a meeting at Lieut Feenej's, on Saturday night, to determine what uniform will be worn. Particular attend >n ia requested. By order of the Captain : may 25-3t WM. O'SULLTVAN, Bee. LOST?Or mislaid, a note of hand, drawn by J. Colbert, for $29.0-1, dated 2d March, 1855, in my favor, I forewarn all persons from rec? ivi. g the same. TnOMAH DENANY. may 28?It* CARL BOSCHE gives notice to tbe company at Frackfor;, State of Kentucky, that he now re sides near Wnshingtnn, D. C., and whether they have emptied the pocket book or not, Carl Bosch? must have satisfaction or die. our German Gipsy band has been staying for three years past in the neighborhood of Washing ton. and is prepared for pillage, murder, and work. All persons are cautioned against them. My ill treatmen', and having been made a cripple in four places, will soon be made public, with a descrip tion such as the world never heard of. may 2??It* LIME. OF the best quality of purely wood burnt, cart ba had in any quantity, at all times, r.nd at nrrHe rate price, at 8EELY'S Patent Kiln, cornt r of Vir ginia avenue and Canal street, lt-land. may 28?4t* STRAY MARK.?Was caught on Satur ay morning, about ten miles from Washington, on the 7th street road, a sorrel MARF, with blasyed ace. The owner, upon proving property and pay ing charges, can gn the mate upon ampli ation at the htore of J. T. KOVVLES, on 7th, near earner of S street. may 28 ? 3t* A CARD.?Public attention is called to the Trustees Sale of valuable and desirable Dwel line House and Lot on Sixth street west, between E and F streets north, to take place this afternoon, at5^ o'clock, on the premises, offering a rare op portunity to persons desiring u beautifyjFpsidence or making an investment. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 28 ?It Auctioneer. TO THE LADIES. N?W miLLlNEUY -MIsk THOMPSON is now opening another invoice of tliose^^^^ handsome Leghorns, Neapolitans, English^^M| Split Straws, Lace, Crape, Silk, and ottierMJP Hats, at our salesroom No. 310 Penu. avenue. Ladies will also find at our store a rich lot of Em broideries, Mantles, Lace Shawls, he., which we are selling at very moderate price*. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO, may 23?6t Perfumery and Fancy Dealers. [Int. 6t eod.J FOR THE ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS. Til E Subscriber's Coaches will call for Passengers wishing to connect with the above _ _ a|p? k Railroad*-. My Ci achm connect withrfflEfifllK the Steamer!-Tnos Comtek or Gxoroe amiino toj, winch leave Washington at 6 a m. .Menls iurui-liwl ou the boats. Persons waiting thr. Coaches to call for them can leave their name and residence with Mr. John T Tillman, near ths Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's drug store, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street; or at Geo. fc Tbos. Parker It Co.'s store. Coaches can be bad for Pleasure Trips, may 28-2ui WILLIAM WHALEY. Orphan's t'ourt, May 1855 IDISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, * * WASHI.1GTOW CotJKTT?To Wit ? In the ease of T?*esa A. Saffell, administratrix of Thomas W Saffell, dc^ea^ed The administratrix aforesaid has, with the approbation of the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the Diatrict Co lumbia, appointed Tuesday, the l?th day of June next, for the final settlement and distribution of the estate of said deceased, of tbe assets in hand, so far at the same have been collected and turned into money, when and where all the creditors of said deceased are notified to attend, (at the Orphan's Court ol Washington City,) with their claims prop erly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be ex ctudedjfrom all hpn?fii of saitf estate: Provided, a cop* of this order be published once a week for ?n "'Daily Evening Stat," previous to seid 12th day of June next Teste: ED. N. ROACH, Reg Wills. "BflT"? ?? w"" PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY Horn or Bmnnnmr Ukittb Cl.rk*? Offic*, *av 2S 1 If pur-nan#* of th* 17th sect'on rf 'be set o" Oo-graMof the 26h August, 18'2 entitled ' A* a -t lega i?*nc mw mxk ing ap; r Kriafon fur such n*ca sary ?h)?ctB *' have b-ea usu*l;v lniu-l'4 in the ?ea?*?i appr pri.tior hill* with ut aut^ rity 1 law. and to fix and proved* fir rert'in HrHn'ii expcn e* of the d?~*it irunt- st>i offl~?* of s?v ernxent and fnro h?r po-pw." "-#1 <1 pr-po.v l? wi'l b? r.o?;T?l at thi* office u ti> VV fl .es *y. 27th Jun? next, at 12oVWk noon. f?? JuralsHnp the following articles of ttatiorcry tor the w*e of the Hou*e rf Fepreeentatives dcring the Ifciry four h Congre s, vis : DIWCaiPTI >V OF ARTI CLES Clais 1 - Paper. Item 1?600 r^ins wb.l*e 1 id qnat*? post.-extra superfine. 'a'nt lined " 2?100 ream* [ artiji*,] unruled ??60 rearss *Mt# hid Wfffcwt, extra super flat, fa:nt lined " 4?26 reams J same article,) unrrled " 5?100 reemc extra superfine cream laid no'e paper. 'asce rise, fa'.nt lined and > gilt edged " 6?100 ream ? I name article) unruled " 7?100 ream* extra superfine cream laid note. mall size gilt edg? d M 8?100 ream* wb te c*t p*per, extra mper fine fair-t lined " 9?20 ream* fsamepapetl unru'fd u 10?'? reucs b'acs border mourning psper, 5 iearns letter and 6 reams note site " 11?100 rf am? oommerr'sl Kid not* paper, large rise, (hint liced Proposal ? for the above mart Pta?# the rrlc* P6* ream. Of items 1,2, 8, and 4. a portion?not to exceed one balf of each?to be furnish'd g'lt r dged, if re quired. Class II-?Envelopes. I#em 1?200.000 envelope*. tLiek 'aid white, Urge letter idie u 2 ? 200,000 envelop**, thick laid white, small letter or larg- not# size " 3-50 000 envelope*, th'ck laid white, sma'l note site ? 4 -50,000 envelopes, thick laid white, ofEe'al a'le 4! 5?TOO 000 envelopes, buff, Iargs letter sfss " 6- 50.000 envelope#, buff, official size ?'.4 7?100,000 envelop >p, buff, meciua. letter and < fficlal ;ite, ?mo th and strotg, f r newspapers and doenm-nta The envelotes are to be in all case# adbe-iv* Preference will be given to tho#e having full po<kets. Proposal* must state the price p-r thous and. Cuus III.? Kr.ivrs. <tfe. Item 1?75 drzen four blade pearl hsndlr prdkft knives " 2?75 dez?n f*ame srllcle,] stag band]* " 3?25 dozm two blade pearl or shell handle pocket knives, small s'ze 44 4-50-ases* imor* " 5?60 pairs firs t rate oJfoe shears " 6?8 dozen ivury hmdl# erasers Proposals for knives and erasers must state tie price per dc*?n. Items Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, are to be of tb# best quality snd first style of finish. Class IV. Pens, renho'dsrs, Pencils. and Quills. Itfm 1?60 groes Perry's double patent large blue barrel pens, fin# pointi " 2?60 gross Perry's large bar:?l drubl# action pen M 3?100 gross Perry's tbive pointed pans 44 4? 300 gross fin# quality metallic penv in boxes, equal "to Whauler's United Stages pen < ?' 5?100 gross fine quality metallic pens, on cards " 6?60 gross bullion pens, on cards " 7?3 grcRS porcupine quill pen holders " 8?8 grots roeewr od pen holders for large bar rel pens " 9?3 gro?e rosewood pen hdders fbr small barrel pens " 10 -10 grss- pen tollers, best 6tyles, for pens wi lirut barrels " 11?5 gr> as f#n#y pen holderr, handsome stjles " 12?30 gross black bad pencils, equal to Va b? r's, No* 1,2, and 3 " 13?5 gross red le d pencils " 14?7,000 quills.5,000 best quaiitv opa^uj,aid 3,000 best qaality clarified " 15?20 dozen gold pens, with silver e*se?? none but first rat# quality will be cons dered Class V ?Ink and Inkstands. Item 1?30 dezeu ink, *n pint bottle# " 2?10 dozen ink, in balf pint bottle# '* 3?15 do?en Ink. in quart battle" '* 4?1"* dosen rtd ink or carmine *'? 5? 5 dozen standi he-, China or cnt glrss inkftm-L*, with racks, Ac ? 6?5 dozen fire China ink^taed.% gi-t pump and diehes " 7?10 dozen 'ani*<>me cut glas# Ukstud*, la'g? size " 8?lOdczen ha dsome cut glax inkstands, me<lium size ? 9-g drzen h?nd*ome pressed glass, various patterns " 10?ft dosen "Drsper'a," or other airtight pat ent Inkstand# " 11?5 dozen "Fry's" improved, or other clartic inkstands " 12?4 dozen handsome poioelain, ladies' ink stand*. various patterns " 13?6 dosen portable spring inkstands, bast quality Cla&8 VL? Memorandum PmrlfdUo*, TalUU, and Duiri?t. Item 1?20 dosen memorandum books assorted sises ? ? ? 41 2?20 dozen portfolios, quarts, with lock^, tablet*, and of fine quail;y " ^?10 dozen porlfoli s,cap, with locki, and of fin# quality '? 4?10 dosen pe.rl tabl#t*, with pencils, and rf superior qnal.ty acd flnlrh " fr?15 dczen pocket diaries, of fine paper and finish < <j Clasi VII.? Wax and Wnfert. Item 1?5 pounds small rise transparent wafers, various colors, in fancy boxes " 2?2 grem motto wafers, in facov ^ x*s " 3?200 ptund- red w#x, of very fineet quality u 4?50 boxes fancy wax, in small bicd-cm? b;xes Class VIII.? I\iprr Weights and Faper Folders Item 1?25 czen alaVaste: paper weights, elegant patterns " 2-80dozen cut ?lass paper weights,; qua'ity and patterns " 8?SO dczen liine-incb fine ivory folders, one inch wide, and not less than 9 ounces t3 the dozen ** 4?20 desen nine inch fine ivory folders on# inch wide, and not lees than 0 ounce to the dotes, and with strong bandies " 25 dozen fiae pearl folders, assorted pater as strong handUs Class IX ?Miscellaneous. It*m 1?260 doz> n red tare, No. 19 " 2?260 dozen red 'ape, No. 25 " 3?50 '"osen white tape, No. 25 " 4?26 dozen ve*ta taper stands, wi.h wax te p-rs. fine quality " 6?90 dezen ?-and b^x*s, fire quality " 6?1,000 prunfs b'ack sand, in round papers " 7-10 dos<-n letter clips, gilt " 8?10 dozen letter olipe. bronze " 9?300 fine ivory handle letter stamps, clieoq uered u 10?150 fine ivory hand e letter staaps, p'ain " 11?12 aosen pleoes best quality office taste, various colors 44 12?12 dozen bottles adhesive mucilage. b*st quality 14 18?12 desen mohair penoi s, Urge s!se 44 1^?ft pounds India rubber, in usual rise piecrs (native gum preferred ) By the act spproved June 17,1844, the Clerk of the IIooFe cf Repre6#nU*. ve# u directed to confine his pur ohases exclusiv#lv to ar k:es of the growth and man ufacture of the United State#, provided the stm? cai> be procured of such gr wthand manntectureofiuitv ble quality and at reasonable prices, upon as geod terms i s to quality aod prio* se o?n he obtained or f. r etgn growth snd manufacture. A prefersnoe will therefore bs given to the productions c.* American industry; and all persons making proposals to sup ply any article will state wbether the same Is of the growth and manufacture of the Unite* States. ? irtlciei tre to b? delixared fru of &bj charge ?ffice of the Clerk en or be^bre the 15th of October next, acd to be paid tor as socn as the Commitue on Aociunts shall andit the bill Kach bidder, theugh he may desire to prcpo*e f>r tne whole cf the articles above enumerated, will be required to make* separate and distinct proposal for 'ach item; and no proposal or paper ? mbracmg more than a aing.e item wi'l beoneidewd. Each propo sal to be endorsed " Pr?p>#i, tor item No. ?fri ?v* *tlL?Li,^tiWarry *?r Hepreeenf*tives f f the United btatee, and addressed to the nndersigncd Tbey will be free of postage. Sufficient specimens of each item to accompany the proposal, marked w th the name of the bidder and the number of the clas: &nd item, seoording to the above adverts ment The person offering to furnish any deecriplion of articles at the lowest price (quality eonsi Jered) ahall receivs a ocntract for the same, on exeswtlng a bond, with two or more sureties, satisfactory to the Olerk, for the performance of the same, under a forfeiture of twioe the contract prtoe in the ease of fkilun; which bond must be filed In the ofloe of said Clerk within tan days after the propose Is have bean opened and the result declared. The right is reserved, In esse it should bs neoar sary, to order a further supply of all or any of the articles oentalned In the above list. J. W. FO&NEY Clerk House RepreaentatlvesUnitil ?(a'es. May 28?law4w (ttkj- KB WARD ? Strayed from U?e subscriber dhO on tbe ?st Instant, a young light rait COW? she Is with calf. The above reward will be give.i ?f taken out of the city, and $3 if found in the city. iOHHTWISENBORie, ^ 14? N. York ave , bet. 1st and 9d ?t? wawik?union ticket. 4 { Pnr Collector RO'ERT X RQCHB ">or Register?WILLI 'M J McCOtMlCK. 4 For S#ev*ywi^?8 T- A BRR f. . .For Alderman?f>r A V. P. OAftKETT For Com von C uncil-THOg. R ENTWl | p FRASTVS M CHAFIN, RICHARD II. LA^K: V! awy 93?i?* . HFVil VV UIII ACTICV.-A* ? rl,^ will be li? Id on Monday, tbe 4th day o? j 1R? next, at the hofl.tirg known n? the Old Cs|?t?oi, for Register, Oe><n?r. nnd Par>eror ff the Ci?y; mM for one, ?)< mlwr ef the Rnard of Aidermr-n ang three iuerr.b<i* of the Board of Common Council to represent ml Ward. W?. F. FERGUSON, F. RARRV, Commissioners 6f Hpf-ction for Fith Ward, may 93 ?<"te F1 a i M SRTKSTH WARD ? UNION *1 H KFl. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOli >'s<?y For Common Council?SAMUEL PI Ml HRhV. SAM TEL 8. TAYLOR, IIENRY A. CLARKE, mar 4?te TUE POTOMAC RIVER STlA ?ll OA^ COMPANY'!* STEAMER ALICE O. fRJCE, CAPT. HAMUH, BAKER. _ JL'? Will eomaaecca her regular SMSti2trip? on TUU1.AT HOKBIKO, t le 29th instant, touching at the different Landings oa the river. L*acc Washington at C and Alexandria at 7 o'efa on Tuesday and MCV mornings Returning, wt> leave Cone R;ver at 4 o'clock, on Wednesday an Saturday mornings, until further notice may 26- d NOTICE. The attention of gentlemen in called [ltd a ?' ry prime drab Rocky Mountain I W 41% Bearer H AT, a* w?ll no all kind* of frit Hat* for rammer, which I aril very low for cash. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh street, secood door north of Pa. avenue. may 26 - 2t A CARD. A. TYSOR * tlKTKRI Uke this ? method of informing their patmns and the public tiiat tlieir arhool will be continued no usual ia this city tor day scholars exclusively, and mil f-cpen on the 15th S< ptember next; tbe acholasuc year will terminate on ttie Ut of July foilowin* In connexion with the above, it is also their det<-rmi nation to open their establishment in the country the reccpiion of boarding pu; lis on the first of November, the particular- of which wfti be made known hereafter Applications may be ma4c at their institution on F street, between 12th and 13th. niny9ft-6i " TO BAKERS AND CONFECTION^ ER8 " nOPS, Molasses, and urrants, Ac. 2 bales 1st sort bop*. (growth of 1834) 20 bbls Ktnctly pnme New Orleans Mousse* 1.000 lbs extra nice Currants, (equal to the new crop) 400 lbs Shelled Almonds 2,000 lb? Havana Sugar, (fine gra n and color) 90 lbs clarified do. Also, Almonds Palm Nuts, Filberts, Walnuts, Pecans, Dates, Prunes. Chimes. Plums, ke. Ac. In store and for sale at ejrremely low pr ces. WM M TRipp^, 61 (.ouisiana av , bet. 6th and 7tb streets, may 96-fit GREEN TURTLE A FINE lot of GREEN TURTLE iust received, which will be served up ui St? aks and Soups' * GAUTIER*S Saloon. ?iy 25?3t X)RRRY'S AND CILLOTTS 8T EL PENS ia J variety, b ,ufht in person from the manufactur ers by the undersigned. in thia way r-ecur;ng genu it.en?-ss, as well as the bc?t quality and fim-h, of each brand. FRANCE TAYLOR may 26 MO U N T VER N 0 N HOT ElT, Caps Stay, flew Jtriry. THE above House has been completely finished and furnished, > nd will comfortably accommo date 1^00 guests. The house is situated within the city, standing by itself on probably atr be?t beach f?w battling in the wurid The house is upward of 800 feet in length, the dining room is 450 feet. Al together, the MOUNT VERNON HOTEL affords the c<>oWt and m?<st d-!ightful retreat in tbe world. Families of stx per^i.ns and upwards can be ac commodated with private tables, having :he. meals tumished at any hour agr?*??bie to th?"n* Ar ordi nary wl! also be set at regular hours for thca?- who are n?t in pities, and wi,o may prcler a Table d'Hote. A large number i f private Dining Rooms have thia season been added, for parties desiring to he strict Iv private. An Artesian Well lias been bored nearly 100 fee1 in dentil, and furmshf? pure soft water throughout Hie huuse. ? Large and commodious subling have be-n added, j le' ereT modern rmprov men;, in deed, every thing has been ordered to give comfort and pleasure to the guests. , A full Band ol Music will be in attendance during the whole season. * ( Letters addressdd to ibe proctors, directed to ( ape Inland, Cape May, N. J., will be promptly aniwered. SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN A CO., may 95?2w? Proprietors PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND! " 8u,ub?e an, and aU purposes, 1 and is* warrant# d to give satisfaction to all those who msy be pleased to engage them, either as a lltfiss, Keed, or Cotillon Rand. Any number of musicians to be hsd at the tbort est notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI. "?MW| at TalUvuit's Store, opposite the v n ~ ^ ^ Marine Barra< ks. .7^ " leA at n,,bu" k Music De pot, will be promptly attended to. ' may 25?4m I1AY !?HAY !! NOTICE TO PERSONS IN WANT OF HAY ' ^OVVlandmr at Park's Whart, Seventh street, .Washington, 200 bundles best bsled HAY winch will be sold at the Wharf, at ff 1 50 prr 100 lbs., If taken from the Wharf * ^ MATTINOLY A BROTHER. may 95?Iw (lnt?!) ICE CREAM! AT the old stand, corner of F an ! 9ih street, cao b? had tbe best quality of ICE CRE tltf W WATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY olW all kinds. V All orders promptly attended to. JL ( I have opened uiy Saloon for the ica.*ons, wl" nothine but the best quality (.hall be kept. All wish ing a good article would do well to call. may 24-13t THOS ECKAfDT. rs,?iANSI0N PARM IC? CBKAM. I r ???bes to noufy Uie citnens Uut t* IeilLn L'ooatant receipt of the atx>ve eel sbrated ICE CREAM from ttattibiore daily It^^ is made of pare Cream, and wUI be aold at #2 n Y gallon, delivered at any hour during tbe day, in JL JUmSf1 ,?e c'1'* ??nallest quantity sold Wkil be half a gallon. ware PR1 NT 'IfIrTTFr'wh'"^*y'"k'2 Snd ,a* .T ;. .. ",rrrERi *b cb can be procured at Ma{ket Uou?*. t?ar the Engine house, h?*18<>'"t which <*'"* can be . ' ?}r.!c'e, re*m Any one ordering must either pay at the umc or upun its delivery, as it is s cash LEWIS TAGE. /^p?(iSEAi;,nAND S0DA water7 1 .i.i ^?" ?web sa Vanilla. Choce Vy late. Lemon, Strawberry, Pine Apple and, Or ?Cy?*.-Pr?"? Water lees, Blance Mange, chatlotts.Jeihes, Ac The Sodi t* ofiho best iIn the city, on the old principle of manufacture tunw yrup* witn"u* the usual drug mlx-* CAKE8 and CONFECTIONERY of all kinds sent to any part of the city. Creama *2 per gallon-62* cenu per qt. J[' "??Ladies Saloon up stairs Parues sopplied J G. WEAVER, Pfvav., No. 347 opp Browns' Hotel. DR. THEOD. HANSMAN V^lSoS?'clockajn. wzy ???u?t k ''OPP F ?C8fAPeERK MERy' ToiLET ARTICLES, t'Tv < now in store a large van MlCce?brJ!fd<FMne' rnd Lu rnV/!j^S!y fert^^y. Brushes, ( :?w. i ootb nSl C#rt*' flne Portuioo k^k! VZ Caw'? Bat*iu, Canes, prices to' s^i fl,^11 We at ,ow SSSv *!?J* U,e P1,no Mus:c, Fts u nery, rerfumery, and Gornls 8tore of *n? ? F- ELLIS, may 93?T?6 h aTW,0f? ??? ?tb and i.'th ats. 'The?|?~1EKEPING HARDWARE. T t?r5rs2rL?tei '**Tr 10 inf",m th- p"w,c httweSi n ^4 " ru** at 490 Seventh st. assortment ^ijf-,"tr^*1*' wb*re be has a fenersl 8Uver Plated Rrir^J. ?"1* Hlr(lware. Cutlery, Ware Wrwi.? ' JaPauned and plain 7*ui Bird Csl^ r-'.^ T. "-d ?**u w"e, Clc^w, BMktu M?i. ^ Dtuters, Brushes, Bro>im?:| IVoS'irt.r TP*7 were selected I?, ' r lVV* V1? ?""? approved st>1es They be sold at the lovH sminT^!' ? P?fchase are Invited to el a^ebtssaoek and pnees, as he is cw.t,dr.,t >" nfr than tkey wUI ?*PW-?f 6BO. FRANCld.

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