Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: MOJBAY APmuroOH. June 18 SPIBIT or THIS MOKKilfO **588. The iiuellig*nt*>r 1*73 of the Attorney General's recently promulged opinion upon the new diplomatic and eonialar system of this government: "As there is nothing in o ;r admirable form of govern meat that mterdiots to any free white male citiien of thr United Statsa the appoint i^"ot to a place in ei'herof the systems above name*, and ns awbition is indigenous to ere ry soil, me opinions of oar learned At torney General, recently given on several K>ints of the law on that subject aboat to go to operation, acquire an importance and ?en eral interest whica gives th*m a claim to no tice in a public journal. This eannot bo said of the ordinary matters referred to that ofii cial ?'The'act to remodel the diplomatic and consular ;yreii of the United States,' thourh f.-eely and ablj ^i: rueted in the la-t Congress at length pa.??d through both ii"U?os and ob tained the President c*nction iu a mach less fBrfecr and mttlli^iMe form (as too tfien aj pens to our levari m) ban might have been given toir by a little closer and n?jre criti cal attention t? its phraseology. Tho Secre ?^w!*~Eg il' a3 everJ b?>dy who reads th? law must ti^d it, difficult of such ir er?.rc a ion ax wculd enable him to give it practical if?ect without a seeming violation of wme o'fcer law or constitutional ordinance? st-^mit'ed to the Attorney General, for his construction and decision, three questions on so much of the law as regards Ministers and 7?!ar:e3 ot These questions are as follows: "11 Can the President, without the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint Eavoys fcxtraurd nary and Ministers PJeniporentiarv i i the piace of the Ministers resident, aad a Secretary of Lega.ion to each of thetn? V ' 2 .If s,PPdn;menta cannot b* or are no. made be,ore the meetirg of the Senate, ana w;tb iu advice, oan the Ministers resident remain in office after the 30th of Juuo text and until they are superseded by Envoja? ' r ,If ,h'J ran remain in offieo tor the 3mh of June next, can they be paid out of the appropriations, and at what rate?' "It will be seen at onco that th;se are im porta* Rations, involving in their decision the col tit, u ince or total disruption of all our dtplomatic in erceurse with foreign nations until the meetiiig of the next CoDgi ess- for ws d?ubt whether the Senate alone, even if pre viouslj called together, could go beyond their province to advise and consent \o appoint menta They could not interpret the law so as to determine whether new appointments under it were or were not required The At torney General is the only functionary who could solve the doubts cf the Executive as to bit powers and duties under tho law; and he lias donD it in a manner which we are sure ?*? will meet wi h the approval of all who exam me the question* by the simple ruiea of com mon He has not confined himself how ever, to a mere naked opinion, affirmative or negative of the questions, but has devoted much labor to the elimination of authorities, and nas supported hb opinions bv a train of reasoning wnich ihows hioi to be'not only a profound logician, bu; a thorough uiarerof t . language In the perusal of these opinions. wo could not help wondering how amfdibc one?* du.i<8 thrown upon him, he eould find time fur so elaborate an investiga tion as thi* call up-n him must have occasion ed, there t.?o <p.ntona a'one occupying one hundred printed pages As we canuot spread these opinions at J irge beore our roadere it must soffit to sav thai they are such as have determined the Pre.idsnt. ia the expressive words of a Wa hington cor ret pendent, 'to make conusor. <ense of tho luw t?y cons* u t'on ' and that thve will therelore be no interruo tion to rur present diplcmatic inteioovrss with the commuiii y of nations. ? W i.b regard to the Consular aad Ccmtner cial Agen-a the Uw is even more defective than n .tCn?a r[ ^'5*3 ?"3or Diplcmati: Agsnta Bu the PrcEid^nr, sustained by the opinion of bis able Uw adviior. has determined ' toirake common sens^ of this portion of it also, and. as the law will not beconatrued as necessarily superse-iiDg any of the Consuls now in < flh/ much inconvenience and commerci?il d;fiScu!tv will be avoided There la one point in tbj ? law. that which res ri-ta the President froo appoin irg m y other than an American citi *e-M 1? JLi4 C'uei ,;f cfii:M' wkich we tUi-k it will be found. af,er a li.tle experience, e.-^e d:ent to ame:.d Ifctro are toats and places in Lo" pe and A-ia where it would, p-rhara. be imj s-ibie to find an Ameriotn ci:i?pn will ing. if competent, or competent, if willing, to undertake the duties, n?d yfct wbere</ur com n ?rcia interest* r,T rhe protection of our citi t^ns call loudly for sacb an agent \Tt> c%n ?too to Kr-at ol jeciion to the practice which *as hitherto prevailed cf appointing a re.ider.t or the piar or place designated without regard ?J. * ?f his birth or the sovereign 17 to wtich he o*63 his allegiance, and we are not aware tha- .,ur 'iovernment htstverhad cau*o to regret sueh appointments As the law in tot considered as vp-rstuip^ any < ffieers cf this kind now m service, we mav hope thaf our comraen ial intercourso with "foreign ca tior.s will rxpe'icnce aa I.ttlo interruption fr< m the law as ihit carried on by Envojs and I iempctentianes; for all which tho country will be indebted to the e aound and learned opinions of tne Attorney General." ihe Union, the doings of tho recer, PhUadalphia Know Nothing and tho Cleve land ELu'.w Something Conventions for a text, aigoes w ith great force to show that Know Kothiagiam never wag anything bat a plot to Strengthen Free Soilum at the South as well as the North. We also find ia the Umion a letter from Henry A Wise, declining an invi tation of friends of bis here to accept a public dinner in tfcij city, wherein he says : "More atu more wi;l V aahington city be *?-t -brtu^h ut tfc# whole land in sec tiff* al. as weP as in evory national straggle 'lie emi.saries 01 tie secret societies, their ?irney, their tjpe?, were felt in the late Vir- 1 cii.ia election How important, than, that washirg'oa ?b->u:d be enligbtened, liberal mor^l patriotic, aai conservative in her pub lic sentiment? Is sneso? Your municipal elec ions fhow that bigotry and intolerance, and priestcraft and agrarian influences, are using the " d.*rL litems" of midnight in ronr midst, and tLat your city, too, is spawn lag ' i.-m.-!" | "I wculd gladly go there and meet frlenda to con-ult upon tha means cf mildly calling all gvod men together for patriotic purposes, whilst b?d men ara Landirg in secret cou cla>es to five the State up to prescription, and :hr Church, ike b!*s:ed Protejtant Church, wp to pollution Eat, gentlemen. I oannot. The late vanvars nearly oo.n me my life. My own health requins repose, aad the heulth of JArs Wico requ.res n.y con^taLt nursing." -*Ha Cit' i s A gentleman who ha? during the pait six we'ki traveled through portions of the States of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illi nois. Mksvuri, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania and \1rj5inia, gives in a oommunioation to the C;no:nnati Gasette, the result of his ohsor va'ions on the growing crops in those nectioos ?n". Gecrge C Davis, and siys that in a .rarciing eip^netes nf m, re thlQ fifteen years he has seen so broad a por tion of the country under cultivate as at present, nor dumtg that period, a time when the crops of e.ery description promised a more abundant ju d gentleman w ho has traveled thrungh a portion of the above nau e.i States confirms, in the Zanesville Courier Mr Liavis' report, and ^du.v the opinion of a Penofylt inia farmer that the en>ps in that State and the ea*t generally, will be equally as good as thuja ia the Western Sutee ?Butt AtMflCUM. Heavy 1>am.\6fs r^u ?L4.inr^?In the eircLit court lor Lenis county Ky , t suit of alaider?Miss E!i?a Barkley vi. Wm. Gii d'i gs?whs t ied, and a vcrd{?ri rendered .'-r damaces. It appeared on the trial ui*t ?i?d iii,g. hal pyid his addresses to Mis3 ? ' fu f*'1 "j???ed, previous to mak lng tue aiaaderoua charges which the jury to fignally punished In damage* W1SHIHGT0M NEWS AND GOSSIP. Profewiong are Cheap?A better illustra tion of tbo value of professions nerer occurred than is to bo drawn from comparing the "plat form" adopted by the late Know Nothing Con ventien in Philadelphia, with the practices of >that partj, as all the world know them to be. We have no room in which to review that paper at length and in detail at present, and must, therefore, eontent ourself with seeing how a plank taken here and there from it, squares with the acts of the party as the world know them to have been. Its first plank is as follows: I. The acknow'edgment of that Almighty Being, who rules over the Universe?who pre sides over the Councils of Nations?wao con ducts the affairs of mea. and who, in every step by whioh we have advanced to the char acter of an independent nation, has distin guished us by Bome token of Providential agency." No^, our readers know that there is hardly a man within the range of their acquaintance, notorious for living without fear of or rever ence for the Supreme Being, who is not an no tive and notorious member of this political or ganisation. They know that with a consider able class of the most efficient Know Nothing pcliticims, the "run of the carls" atf*ro, and with another considerable class of similar politicians the supply of bad liquor, at cheap rates per glass, are matters whioh occupy far inure cf th^r thoughts, than the fact tbat there is a Supreme Being who rules over the Uni verse, and to whom they are accountable for all they do. ^ V-^Obedience to the Constitution of these United States, as the supreme law of the land, sacredly obligatory upon all its parts and members, and steadfast resistance to the spirit of innovation upon its principle?, however specious its pretexts Avowing tbat in all doubted or disputed points it may only be legally ascertained and expounded by the judicial power of the United States " The Constitution of the United States guar anteee religious equality under this Govern ment. It is the very fundamental principle on which the Constitution cf our country is based, and the hollowness of the pledge to re sist the spirit of innovation upon its principle? is fairly illustrated in the a.?sault upon the civil coequality of Catholics, which is, in turn, the groundwork of the Know Nothing political organization "A habit of reverential cbedienoo to tbo laws, whether National, b:ato, or Municipal, until they are either repealed or declared un coLSt'.utioaal by the proper authority " Our fellow oitisens of Washington know well, that in their recent election, what the Know Nothing commissLners knew to be the law with reference to the right to vote in it. was deliberately disregarded, by preconcert in tho lodges. Those who had heretofore permitted to rote without question of their right so te do, were illegally denied their legal rightB, as the commissioners and thoie with whom they advised knew that the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia had decided them to be. " Implacable enmi'y agaiust the present demoralising system of renards for political sub'ervionoy, and of punishments for political independence." Tbo disirgenouBness of this plank in the platform, is forcibly illustrated by the fact that Know Nothingieia has not carried an elec tion from Maine to California, without pro scri biEg every man ineffioe, who was not of Know Nothing proclivi ies, rewarding to one not subaervieat to their party. In this city they did not evon spare a single scavenger. " Disgust for the wild hunt after office which characterises the age." So far as this plank of their platform is con corded, we havotocall the reader's attention to tho fast that every nominal Democrat in this city, who strives to be conspicuous in their party, is a disappointed office-seeker? eveiy one of them If this fact is denied, wo stand ready to point cut the identical offi-e which any ono cf them applied for in vain, for him self op for some one connected with him. who may be named to break the force of this do claation of ours. "The protection of all cltisers in tho legal and proper exercis? of their civil and religi ous r.gbts and privileges; tha maintenance of the rightof every man to the full, unrestrained and peaceful enjoyment cf his own religious cpini~>ns and worship, and a jealous resistance cf all aitempte, by any sect, denominatijn or church, to obtain an ascendancy ovtr any other in the State, by means of any special privileges or exemption, by any p< litical com bination of its members, or a division of their civil allegiance . ith any foreign power, po tentiate or ecclesiastic. This plank of thor platform is a compound ono?on? of strips and patches Cf it we have te gay, that Know Nothingism's p otec tion of the citiien in the legal exercise of his oivil rights was beautifully illustrated by its wholesale frauds in the municipal election is Washington, the ncin'nal result of that election being brought about by depriving hundreds of citizens of their eivil rights by careiullv matured pre-arrangement. Its "jealous resistance of all attempts, by any teof, denomination or ohure'u to obtain an ascendancy ovor any other in the State," 4s , is amply and satisfactory illustrated in the fact that it sent to the last legislature of Mas aachusetts eeventy clergymen, all fuiioucly bent on hounding down their fello w citizens who worship the same God with themaelvas, but according to the ritual of the Catholic Church, because they do so worship the same God. Its (Koow Nothingism's) horror of a division of the citisens eivil allegiance with any foreign power, potentate or ecclesiastic, is forther illustrated by the fact that it is warring on the eonstituticn and laws of the country, and on tho rights ef civil coequality, in strict obedience to the standard of duty set up by Exetor Hall, London, wherein all the treason able peculiarities of its creed havo been preached for a quarter of a century, until at leng;h, its behests have come to be lata with these peculiar intensely Americans. The Title to & Pension and Evidence of that litis.?Under the opinion of Attorney General Cashing (May IT, 1855) the following exhibit is given of the title to a pension, and the evideuce by which that title must be es tablished: Disability or death, by reason of wound j or injuries received, causally incurred, or disease contracted in consequence of the ordinary performance of military duty, or in tbe per formance of any special act of duty, or be ing tho rtdult or incident of tho performauou cf such duty. It follows, therefore, that such disability or death must not be the result of any mi-conduct or violation of duty, aa by drunkenness or other vicious course of life, or in the act of mutiny or desertion, or other breach ef military ebligations. It must not bs in a ohance quarrel or by any act or aots not having relation to the performance of du ty; or a mere misadventure of private life, to -4 which the military man in the exercise of hii rights when attending to his personal affairs may be exposed; or a case of disease occuring in the course of nature. There must be some proved or probable re lation to duty, whether as causation, mediate or immediate?or as a consooiated oircum itance. The quality of the act or condition, determines the question. No matter, under or I In what circumstances the party may have been, whether on duty or off duty, or on furlough, of habits virtuous or vicious?the title holds if | the connection between the causality and the performance of duty shall appear. On the other hand, the mere fact of the party having been in the service, and free from military re proach?separate from and independent of such relation to the performance of Juty?gives no claim to pension. Causality is a question of faot, to be proved aooording to the ordinary rules of evidenco, and to the reasonable satisfaction of the in quiring mind. That mind is entitled to have ihe very facts before it, and is not bound t? accept as final the opinion even of an expert, ^uch opinions are evidence, but neither con elusive nor exclusive proofs No witness whether expert or not, can rightfully claim to I havo his opinion take the piace of facts, and co to substitute his judgment for that of the Commissioner. The quality or degree of proof J is clearly for the conscience of the Commis sioner The absence of reasonable evidence | necessarily precludes the admission of aclaim, but when the evidence is so nearly balanced, as to leave it doubtful whether ot not the j causality was in the line of duty; cr when the line of duty appears to h?ve entered poten tially into the cause of disability or death, it wou'd seem, in view of the liberal intentions r.nd benetbial policy of the Government, but reasonable to presume in favor of the pension The Magnolia.?This vessel, recently car ried into Mobile by the cutter MoCltHand for being concerned in filibustering, is a forfeit under the revenue laws of the United States with all her cargo?3,000 rifles, lr800 Colt's revolvers, 1,000 pounds fixed ammunition, a brars field battery, and a large quantity of other military stores. Ihe 3d section of the act of April 20, 1818, provides that a vessel leaving a port of the United States, as she left New York, with a fraudulent clearance as to I her cargo, and on such an errand as hers, shall, with ber cargo, bo forfjited, one half to go to the informer; and those concerned with her are liablo also to a fine of $10 000. In this case, wo presume that the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury is the party causing | her to bo takon into tLe custody of the revonue officers in the district of Mobile. It is not be lieved in this oity that she was in the service of the Cuban Junta, as alleged, Nicaragua is thought on, very reasonable grounds, indeed, to have been hsr destination, notwithstanding the protestations to the contrary. The Barometer.?A correspondentef the Smithsonian Institution, John Chapplosmith, of Now Uarmony, Indiana, a careful observer of the weather, who has devoted mush ntten tion to the enbject, thinks that the directions given to mariners and others respecting the t>ar ..meter, are fallacious. Erpy, Kedfield, Raid, Dove, and others, affirm that the pass age of a hurricane or tornado, causes a depres sion of the barometer, which, ia B.-ma ca?os. amounts to two inchcs, but M . Chapplesmith says his ob5?rvntion? show that the passage) produces a rise, and not a fall. The announce uient and investigation of ihiB faot are impor- j tint. Crops in Ohio ?A correspondent of the smiihsonian Institution writes from Mount Vernon, Ohio, that the wea'her for the first week in June has been very wtt and the| streams are now high with tho heavy raiug Dams and bridges havo been itjured. The ?tjrm has been a oold one, but it is thought will bo advantageous to the wheat crop ia kill ing the fly, which has commenced its ravages | already to each an extent that it was foared the crop would be ruined. It has besn ds etroyed in that sestion for tho two succcseivol 1 years preceding this in this manner. United States Frigate Congress ?The fol lowing officers have been ordered to tho Uni ted States frigate Congress, Commodore Breese. now fitting out as the flag-ship of the Mediter ranean squadron: I'arsfd l\Iidih>pmsn.?Benjamin P Loyall, I W 11 Cheever, W 11. Ward, fi. P. McCrea Midshipman ? George K. Law, E P. Lull, I Alfred Hopkins, A. F. Crcssman. A Clerical Resignation and Appointment.? Mr A. Y. Bentley, cf Ohio, ha.; boen appointed to a first class ($1,200 per annum) clerkship in the office of the Second Comptroller cf the I Treasury, vice Mr. F. K Dunlop, resigned. The New Custom-House at Barnatabls, Masi.?The proposals for the construction of I this work, four in number, were duly opened on Saturday, at the Treasury Deyartmeat, as per advertisement. They rangad, it is said, from $17,200 to $29,000. Tho Assistant Secretary of tho Tieasury, Col. P. G. Washington, has, to far recovered from his recent indisposition es to be at his post in the Department to-day?an item of news likely to prove of as inueh interest in Know Nothing,as in anti-Know Nothing circles just now. ii ? - The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 16th of June, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stook $14,014 57 For the Treasury Department.... yirt 58 For the Interior Departmert ?. 6 920 48 For the Customs 10,933 74 War warrants reoeived and en J*?* 83,436 281 v> ar repay warrants received and entered 4,335 07 | Covered into the Treasury frem Customs. 4 064 71 For oovertng Into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources...- 1,149 771 tV "That will take immensely," said a| friend to us the other day No doubt the read er would like to know what it was our friend | referred to. We will tell you. It is a taste less "Liquid Cathartic," or family physic Now, we take but little medicine, and, there fore, cannot vouch for the quantity told in the community; but from the wry fuccs that we used to make at a doso of piils, oil. or salts, wo do think if we can get anything that an swers a better purpose, and can be takbn with out a shudder, or eten tasting it at all, we shall b? induced to imbibe it more frequently, and recommend it to our friends in the light of a friendly act. We are assured that this is the character of a ' Liquid Cathartio," pre pared by L B. Wright, of New York oity^ whose advertisement may be found in another oolumn. NEW YORK CORRESPONDENCE. New YoRK^uae 15,1855. Old Sol has donned his summer livery, the trees aro dressed ia their richest foliage, firing to oar parks and avenaee an appearance of luxurious langoar that seems to Invite the passer to rest beneath the shade. The swelling tide of emigration rashes ever us to-day?to morrow it ebbs through a thous and ohannels to its ultimate destination north, west, and south. The flax and reflux of our own never-stand still cifcizen3, gives to our thoroughfares the appearance of the paths leading to and from ant hills, where apparent ly blind instinct impels to labor, and the in exorable decrees of destiny drives on the worker to what he oonsiders a voluntary task. The dust, the noise, the bustle, the confusion the boat of this grent city have driven into thee juntry those, who, for nine months, wor ehipedat the altar of the god of money, where the birds, the bees, tho fl >wcrs, and even the fishes will teaoh th?m by example the worth lessne^a of that for nhich they have wasted the souroes of their life; and the joy of s udving naure. and the health and happiness awarded f?r 88 nature dictates While New York i3 emptying itself of her tradeworn population and her emaciated fol lowers of fashion, the ruddy faces of ? coun try cousins ' are glowirg in our streets, and an infusion of fresh blooi takes the place of the impure article departing Ono comes to ? expend, in a vitiated a mosjhere, his excea? of health, another flies to scf k, in a purer air that which is thus so lavishly squandered. The rpric? trado having oome to an end. the smell of tar, oil cake and molasses is be ing forsaken by the traders in Water and rront streets for fre?h breezes, mineral waters, aad m at julips. The torrid sone of Wall street, Park Place and Broadway, is about being abandoned for awhil3 for the cooling foliage of the forerts and songs of the bobo liuk Fifth avenuouoin has nlrcady a deserted appeai aDoe ; and i < fdct, the -entire array of' snobism is about taking i's annual peregrin^ tions through the land, to asfoni-h the verdant i?e duped by their dependants, exhibit their useless accomplishment*, and m.;ke fools of themselves generally. Like snails, when out of their shells they mako a great display, but in returning, they shrink back to their origi nal littleness. I..^e'L^or^ presents very curious phases of life. To day we ?eo a rour.d jocund face de. fljend from the marble steps of a palatial resi donee, enter a carriage ia company with a re fpectable looking matron, and whirl from our gize behind a pair of noble looking animals north the jewels of a crown We picture to curt-elves <hat unbounded wealth, lux iry,eaeo refinement, an d all that is d?vlrable in life are in the pr.Esassionof thalavored individual We look ag iiu at the mar aion, aud tho classic pillars, the frescos, the stucco work, the air weight, magnificence, all fill as with the idea that tue owner has not a tingle care to trace a iine upon his brow As w;> turn to leave, torough tlio interstices of the heavy curUins ?e catch a glimpse of ?id ding} paintings tne old meters suggest themselves to cur m;nd3 Our eve ri<es to the teiselatod ceiling of a room darkened into partial obseurity, f r perhaps, the benevolent purpose ef checking cur envy ny hiding if3 luxurious furnit-re and we turn away with the reflection that here is one man at least who is happy. To morrow we stroll listlessly through the business streets, we find ourselves in an obscure laneorallev way. (a sort of bye path from one street to another ) and we wonder that in our l?ng re? idenee in the city we should never have been here before We do not even kn w tho name of the street Carious to learn, we ente\ thr ugh a dirty doorway, into a very ftirty room Th? hi^h surrounding building *ff-c tnally exclude the sun^ght and r heavy od pressive air enters our nostrils The floor 1* wet, and slippery wi;h oil, grease, and the t rippings cf many villainous compounds We marvel how human lifo can be sustained in fiich an atmosphere, and j itT these wh.i are obliged to mortgage one half their days that ?K7 the pittance by which the other half is made endurable. At the further end we discover a man enga?ol in what seems a menial capacity; as we approach our e'ens arrest his attention; a coar-e apron, which saves his undergarments, half conceals his person; we are about to expend t? him cur sympathy when wc di?c??ver that he is tho in dividual we saw yesterday e^ter the carriage Hastily inquiring *b?th~r ??< butter is locking up,^ we take our depar ore. Notwithstanding the tniilonium that dawned upon us when Mayor Wood w s inargur-i'ed into effico. our fkirts are not entirely free<j f-om the evil works of the world John Unit in his distress contii ue<t Lis endeavors to spirit away from our port a fe?? poor mor ula to set tiiem up a- targets for the Russians 1 esttrday. her Alajssty * brig Teaser was pre vented from sailing wi h recrui'S for the Crimea. The officer* Mere arrested Crime arc about as trequent as ever ; the city is in lo appreciable manner more moral than huh rio Cricket ii becoming the fashionable game?tho national game, it mirht be said Liquor is drank as freely now iiT the city or. buuday as it ever was Some tiruo since a f?-w of the best hotels were fined; for he shame ot tho thing they ecaced to cell on that day other? not so sen-iitiva stood a suir. The pen alty for selling is two dollars and a half, an < as the Judge laid it d. Wj as a rule that hiB floe did not ?pply to each g!a?s. but the whole days sale, they fini ft pr< Ctable to sell, and pay the une when compelled Marshals are tuiily ergaged In taking the hfJTiSi f,? ?lty ^ experience con.idtra ble diJuculty in finding people "at home" when they call, and learning the ages of oer tain antiquated feminines. A considerable w;s-ui-3 haj l,#0n brcueht v ?9l-?u ?J /.e' a?rtiafit the provision dealers Notwithstanding tne meny railway and other facilities about New Yoik, farmers never roach us with vegotableB, or lr#sh mt-atB They are met on their way by hu.k-.t; r?, who buy their load in gross, and retail it in the city af ej:or mous prices. Of course the worst eff-ots of this syatem are felt by the p.;or When this intolarable monopoly is abated, the most in digent olaso may bo able to buy enough to eat A forcible illustration of the veracity cf that omnivtrous anima!?the "creditor"?oc curred yesterday, ilia luip?rial Hiyhnese Louis Napoleon, sensible cf the kindness of one of our eitnens, in Je.; bapcy days, at temptjd to repay a debt oi tra'itude by the presentation of a diamond an: IT box; bat the intentions of his august liighneaa were frus trated by a creditor; the ariuff box was aeiaed and paklicly sold at tho Cilv flail to tho higb^! est bidder. On it were engraved the liupeiial crown and initials. It was knocked d< wn at 9S00. Tmcumsku. I'EU^ONAL. ....The Hon. David P Brewster, a former M C , from the Oswego district, N. Y., is in this eity, at the National. ....Messrs. SidBoy Webster, Jonah D. Hoover, and Jno. W. Forney, are expected to reach Washington to morrow evening, on their return from thai? recent Nortbwos ern tour. ....Hon. Charles Sumner, U. S Senator of Massachusetts was at Louisville, Ky , cn Fri day, on his way to the Mammoth Cave. ....Judge Hiram Warner has been nomina ted for Congress by the Democrats of tho fourth, and lion John 11. LumV*Tn"' by-<-U&oae. of the fifth disiriot, in the State of Georgia. ....Robert J. Hunt, a boy of Chicago, found $300 in bank bills, and took pains to find the owner, A J. Daniels, wboeeteccd a handsome gold wat. h, chaiu, key and seal, or dered them engraved with the lad's name, and inscribed -Reward of Merit," and pre sented them to him. ....Henry A. Wise, of Virginia, having been elected an honorary member of the Cra nite Club No. 1 of Boston, in a letter from Onancock. Va , June 10, tenders his grateful acknowledgements and expressions cf heart felt joy, that there are still in Massachusetts friends of freedom and oonsorvative democra cy enough to aympathiao with those every> where, and more particularly thoso who are struggling to maintain tho faith of the repub lic in all essential mat.era of pelitics and re ligion. ....Hon. Win. Preston, cf Kentucky, hie accepted the independent nomination for Con gresi in the Louisville (Ky ) district, and Is runninj against Know Nothingtsm, >ON ACCOUNT OP THE INCLEMENCY , ? ?f the weather, the Target Exrur-ion n l.hP wn*8toin?t?o Yagers is postponed till MONDAY 1 Juno ?4th. M. RUPPELL, 1 ? to _ ?? AMJhRMAK, ^omtnitte?. Je 1??3t P. SCLIGEL, ) I fcTO THE EDITOR OP THE STAR s'r: I wi?li to iaf>rm vou that the pine m the Organ the other day about two tisten having a spree wai incorrect. Tluv w re n<* si.iers .Van i> of no relation to Ceeley; and is a per?<-n of much hrher staining. G W. II Jc 18- lt? THE UNDRBSICNED, (fancy stor^*] n nnfer to give time to the Clerka ir the* employ during the wirmth of the tumnnei months, hereby agree to close th? ir store* at quartet to 8 o'clock, p, m , (Saturday evenings excepted,] from this date until Septemb r next BELBY PARKER, T GALLI3AN k CO., HUTCHIXSON k MLNRO, JelE-X? J. P. ELLIS. SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT. M'LLE W DE B<>YE'S Concert of Ghwir Mu ?ic will positively take place on PKIDAY EVEN INC, Jun? 2-id, at?'arusi's Sa'oon, having to bo ait avoidably postponed by the impos*ib.lity of Profes sor A lire nil's attendance cn MtUiday evening, 18tli instant. Tickets 50 centa, to be had at all the prtneina! hotels, music and book?t< res je 16? 3l _ THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE Stockholders of th>' W. k N O. Telegraph Lin* wi'l b- held at Washington, D. C.,cn the first VV EDNESDAY of July next Je 15?t*o3t D P CLARKE, Sec. IOST?A PAIR OF COLD-BOUND SPECTA J cles, having a blemish in one of the glasses, from 8 piece of the glas* having been shivered off The Spectacles were in a red morocco case, on which was -tamped the nam-* of St?phen Eddv, k :. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving th? alove arti' le-at this otfice, or at ihe < ffice of I v. McKim, No. 563 8th street east, opposite Maiim Barracks. je IS?It* IOST?A FiNE INDIA CANE IV1TII lar.. J ivory head Wh n last s#*e.j it w.u in th hands of a person on board the Steamer Man lard when she took tho pa-veneers from the Po*hatai 'ben aground, about ihe i&.l May last Piea?e i< turn it to the Star office. A rewnri will be ?iv< r if required * je 18?3t OST OR MISLAID?TWO PROMISiORN J notes, one attt months, and the other at 19 months dated KeVruar) 221, 1855 drawn by R. C. "ohn3or k B T Cuy in favor of Win. J 8ifclv, en endorsed by Win. J Sibly and P. C Johnson", ench amounting to $1073 6.1. All person* are hereby fir warned against trading for the above notes, as the pa\ ment of ihe same is ;-top;?ed. Any person finding the above notes will please leave them with C. Woodwud, they ran bo of no pos-ihle useto the finder, the payments ot the same having been stopped. C. WOODWARD. 11th stn:< t, between G and II. je 18?3t (In'ol) I""T?On Sunday evening, between the hours _j of f> and 8, in or about Lnfayette Square, or be tween t-aid ?qnare and Row, a small gold hunting WATCH, bearing the initials "E K.T;' LeRoy k Fils, makers, Paris. By r^tunrrg sniJ W .itch to No. 3 Lafayette Square, the finder will b;; suitably rewarded. j,. I8_3t T OST?ON SATURDAY MORNING, hetweea J j the Navy Yard and the Treasury builJi-g, ?. pair of Gold Spectacles, in a light brown or oar* yellow ca-e Th^v wt** probably cJmp?>ed in get t.n^ cut ofomnibat; at Sixth mum:!. The Ar.derwill be heartily thanked and suitnhl\ rewarded by leav ing information at the Star office or with the anb 9(,rih??r. B. F. PLEASANTS. Je 18?3t* \f A VTELS FoU S ALE ? A3 WR AREABOPT i'JL to move our ?fcop, and ri^htn dispose of a pi lion of the slock, we hi v.; ? rumbcr of plain Italia Mantel?, which w ?fPr fir ^al?. They are finitflod in the finest po?iblc style. Ri.d will b- sold very theap. They can be seen on D ?treft, ihe 3t hou f from 1 th, and nppcsiie it^ Kirkwood House, je 18 -eo3t JAMES MAX WELL fc. fcON. IMMFNSR ATTRACTION AT ODD FELLOWS HALL! Con:niiLciF.g on Wjdct'gday Even'f, June 20 pKOF KIRBY AND FAMILY wiil give a series f "f Iva'itdal an 1 combined {H.'rt!>rin^iiceB. rep resent si !n the lii^iii'st ordvr of perfection, c<*nsisi irgof GKELIAN AND CHINESE EXERCISES. Gyn-nastics, aad Feat a of Sir nsih, Veatnl?-quipn?i Nocroni ncy. and the < nly original Second SigSit Mystery, ? r 03 vnhont ey?v. Card-* of Ajinisti -n L5 cents?chil.iren under 10 ] ye irp half piiee Doors open at 7J^, and cserciset to'nce at j 8 o'clock. je l&_3i* GRAND EXCURSION GO'iSrClf fRAP rsUHD^T SCHOOL, TO FORT 1 rjSIIISQTOy, WEDRKSOAY, JUNE *0, 1833. ^HE t'. miilitee of Arrangements nave much 1 pleasure; in announciu,: t?? th? ir friends and the public generally that thtir first Excursion will br giv^n as abov^. The Committee pledge thrmflvee that no fcff .r' 00 Iheir pnrt Will be ?i.;-red !?> a fiord all wh< l,on? r | ihetn with their presence, a p easant and agreeable tima. A superior band of Music has be? n engaged f.t I >!"? occa-i.?ii Retre^hmenU w?ll be on the ground and sold at citv prices. The profits arising from the Excursion will 50 to the benerit of th* School Tickets for adults 25 c?nts- Children hilf price Tile bo t will leave Page's A liarf ai 8)f o'clock ; ] Alexandria at 9 o'clock, and re;uni at 7 o'clock. ContmiiI, c of ?%--ran*ementi. G. J. Hall, G. W. G.irrcu, G B VermiPlon j" 18 2t GLEN -a OOD CEMETERY, Cffice Ho 292 Penn ave .comer 10.h Btreet, (OV"' R THE SAYING'S B ANK.) I'HIS ('EMETERY is I .id out on the plat! of the i cel?!>ra fit Greenwood, of New Yors, and situ ated o.t the high gr> un<l d start on nud a q!:srt?r loilet. no;ill vit ihe Cafiitol?N rih Capitol street h a uu directly to the gateway This Company bav-' secured a charter rrom Cr.n gress, appropiiating their t>iound for e\er to burial purposes, making a fee title u> th^ p rchaser, and p ohibiting all encmachuier.ts fr- m lecisUti n or 1 thfrwise, which is of v ??.! imp >rmn e tn those who wi ll their dead to repose where they hive pia'eci them, for it has becono- a cu.-tom in nil otlnr cities, when the buna' ground vr.h able for other purposes, :o sili it. and throw the .it aH i>c?us ly into one larse nit, and legal mea n ?g cannot pre vi nt it, as no titles aie givmi 10 the ground. N B Pan.phle s wi?h a m :p, ihe charter, and hv-laws, and ai other inlerinaiioi, Can ?e ol tiuued at he office. Also, all c.deis or int'trnenf It fi ai Mr. J f' HARVEY'S No -il O F-eve th stre?t, or auv other undertaker, wiii hepionpllv attended to *1^* ?>fllce open fiom 10 to >9 o'clock a. in. Je 18?ly TO HO US if K tWPP.IU ?p.rsniii wi.h ing to purchane superir.r Table or Pocket Cut lery, heavy Silver p!at< d or Bi.i:ania Wire, fine japanned Tea Trays or T"ilet Sn-ts. an cxc- llent ('lock Feather D ster. Hal isiaud, Enamelled Ect tie, Sauci pan, G avy ytraiaer, Tea Cell, or aiiv of the bundled ued one liule etcetvras needed by t-vcry housekeeper, uio uivited to cali on G. FEANCIi, 18 410 S .venth at. NOTIOK.?We shall as usual issue all unpaid bills from our books up to lisiurday, the 53o ultimo. We respectfully request that all to whom thry bel r g will promptly seitle ih-?m oa or before the 1st of July. Ail who desire to liavo their hills fcafore being sent out will find tb? in ready at our cask. je 18?dtjyl CLACETT, DODbON 6l CO. JOHN II. BUIHMANN^ IMPORTER AND DEALER IN W1SK BRAXnV, &?., has roceived a small supply of Gie^lcr k Ca.'s Ver xenny ('htmpagne, of his own inii>oriaticn. je 18-3t PASTURAGE FOR HORSES^ AFE*v tior^es will be taken to pasturage within three tai:es of ths city, where they will bo properly and carefully attended to. Inouire of LEVI PUMPMKEY' "* C street, between 4U; and 6tn streets. je 18?31 READY MAD* SUUHbK CL0THIK0 HAVING within the last (ew days made great ad ditions to our fo-mer stock ot Ready made Clothing, we are now p-epared to offer gent'emen every indU' ement in price p.rd quality to visit ucr enensive salesrooms before mskingihtir aeleciions. Our u*eitment 01 White and colored Shirts Cause-?, M rino, Silk and Cotton Undershirts Linen and Cotton Drawers Summer Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs, Ti?s Collars, Gloves. Hosiery, kc. is very l-irge an?l complete, making our prerent stock one of tlie largest and most desirable to select from in ptlces and quality to be found this side ot New York. WAU. k SiEPHLNS, S/13 Pa avenue, next door to Iron Hall. Je 18?3t I^INE FAMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE for 4 Sale.?Tne horse is iron gray, 8 years old, and warranted a good family horse ? 1 he Carriage has a slidli g top, and can be used as a buggy by sliding the top forward, and as a fa mi y Carriage with two teats by s iding It back. Enquire at HAZEL'S Stables, UunbarlOn at., Georgetown. 1 je 13-eo3l* GRAND MOOFLIOHT XXCTJiBIOH AID PIC 110 or THC MARION RIFLES, AT Till IVBITE HOUSE PAVILION, Ob Tl'lfOAf, .fnne 1 VlU, l?t?. jn*j^The C mptny take gnat plow. ??r&ttUUQr?in 4i icu^CiDg to their nu. men us in? no? and the | uhlic g. i.fallv that they bivt chirtMfl the Steamer GKi iRGE WASHING TON, and wiM give a rrand Excuratoo and Pic Nte on the 19ili June, 1H56. The Ompai.y also pM|* thraaaalw that bo pains, cxp?nce, or labor shall be spared ?a their part to five satisfaction to thoae Who nay honor ihem with th^ir company The very b at Oo'.illoo Music ha* been engaged for the occasion. Refreshment* >od sapper will be formated by an experienced caterer. 43- Omnibus?* wi.l be at the Wharf oil tb? ar rival of the boat, to corvev passengers to the Navy Yard and Georgetown (or c< nts; to ?bcr parts of Lie city 12 cent*. Ticket* ONK LoLLAR? admitting a gentleman ami ladies; to be had >it an- member jf the Compa ny and at the wharf on the day oi the ncuraoa. The boat will leave Georgetown at 1; Wasbing ton at i; Nary Yard at 2%, and Alexandria at 3 o'clock p m. CommiUc* of j9t> anctmrr U. Sft J L Fox well, Lt 8 Evnna. Pnv Beni Howard, Prtv H Keefer, Tboo I taker, Q- Mr H Morgan, 8 ;t Spencer, Priv Geo RHI, W 1' Turner, Thoa 1 hompson. 11 A |e 13-d THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAxillOAr COMPANY'S HTE ^F.R ALICE G. PRICK, CAPT **AMUFL BAKER, _ WILL LE\VE WASHINGTON Z-r- ? ?y\T 6 O'CLOCK A. M., AND AL UA?MMA at 7 O'CLOCK A M t?N TUESDAY MORNINGS for?Mattox, Cur riouian, L Ma-'hnrfoc. Piney Point, Ktnsaie, Cone. (IN FRIDAY MORNING? for?Cliapel Potai, Wicomico, Leoaardtown, Piuey Point, St. Mary'a, Cone. ' ON WEDNESDAY (rcturnine1* leave C'nne at 4 o?rl'?ck a m , for- St Mary'*, Pincy Point, Leoa .iMiowt', Wicomico, Chap* I Point ON SATURDAY (retu ninn leaving Cone at i 0 clock a. m , for- kmsale, Piney Point, L Maclto doc, Cnrrioman, Mattox. Calling at th?* usual landing? ou the river when signal* aie n. ide. By order of tlic Board : JAS P. SMITH, Preeideat. Alexandria, Va., June 1,1855. je '5?If ERFNEZER SABBATH SCHOOL BXOUR? IOX. ? wA PIC NIC EXCURSION of the Ibetder Sabbath School will t ike place on H?I'K?DAV. ibe 21si inauni, ihefine Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON hav ing chiilere I for the occasion. The .#031 will leave BiUy a ? harf at o'cl'k, a m ,and th- Navy Yr.rd at 8 o'clock, touching at Mexandria, Fort Wa?hingt?.n and the White tlou-r; then proceed down the river as far as Indian ilead; return to the White U?use. ai>d nmve at the Fort about 9 o'clock p m , where auinerwill be provided at 50 cents each. All perron* and families desiring a day trip ahou'd avail themselves of this opportunity. Tickets can be had of atiy of th<? teachers of the School?50 cent* each; children 25. A relect band of mu<<ic wiil accompany the Ex cuMon- je lft?3t* PLEASURE EXCURSIONS FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY. t Tiw St( p.mers GEOCGF. WASII JifcJaKEJlNGTON and T?OMCOLLYFR will mak- r-aulartilpe?otlif White House Pavilion, M^unt Vernon, anJ Fart Washington. P-reons wish r.g to spend tile day at Fort VYasiitecton will bt landed there, a* each boat will stop :it the Fort. Prices wtll be niade to scit th? time?. The tiine of ~t3rung and other particnlar* will be civec in du? 1 ine. Fort Wa-hli et<?i. grounds it ad?l gt>:fTil place for ?eI?fK?l? or stle t parties t ? sp> nd th?" (tiy. 1 be Whi'e House Pavilion and ground, are net ?urpa??e4 for pl^Hsur*! by any place. Tbr Boats hive a cate rer that rervew up refreshments in go^ni Myle. JOB CORSON, >Cantahi? je in?6t SAM L GEDNEV. ' r~Oirr Fl.OM THE UPPER WINDOW of my j <iwi:!!injf. a Silver Mag, marked James C. Me Guire. The finder of which wi<l receire a reward of five dollars by leaving it ei;her at rov >4cre or dwelling. JA3 C. McGUIRE. je Id?3: SP. IIOStVKR, Iron Hall Bool *b' e. and _ # Tiunk E- laMMi'ii* nt. I havr received gAs tins day a large a^hosvn* nt of Gents Fren- liBSl Pntent Leather a^d Calf Bo't> and Sbt?es,f which I wi'l ne!l che-p AIpo, Boye' Youths, and ChiiJrei's SHOES of all dcscripuons. All in want please call at 8 P. HOOVER. Iron Hall Boot, s-'ho?- acd Trunk', between 3th anJ 20th sta. je 16? HTIC'OK ? I A W A i or the Controversy between Senator Bro -ks and Archbifh' p Hughea, ?ith jn Introduction by the Mo>t Rev. op History of the Lif-- and Insti'Uie ol Saint Unarms; ?i traiulatioti front the Italian of Father Bartcli. by Madame Calderon dc lit Bnre.i. A laree ;w>-ortni?nt < f Pray? r F>ooka, Bibles, and ttandsrd Catnelic publications, wt.h Beads, Meda<s, ic.. are tor sale at the Catholic Bookstore ol W. A. KENNEDY, Je 16?3t* 488 7th street._ I 0*T-On Fri'a. evening, in Geortetown, te j tween West s reet. (on Washingto? or Hridgi treet) and Mr. Jno. H Fmoot's sU-re. a bunole of Rlack Silk, 5* ynrd*. The finder will be suitably rewarded ' yl? avinjr it nt the store of Mr. JNO. H. >MO? iT. on Bridge street, Georgetown. je 16 -3t* HAY! HAY! I^OR SALE, eiaht or ten tons of w?ll harveatad ; H AY, at the tiuiith?onian gronn^a Enquire of P. GARVEY, j?. '6?Q;* on the grounds. ?IACBHKBL AN*- lll-UIHSOS 15 bbls N i. 2 May MACKEREL d > do 1 N^rth C?piliiia HERRINGS 6 - b< x- b ?ca cd Hertii g?. Just received, and for sale low by WM M. CRIPPS, 6 I Louisiana avtnue, bet. tkh ai>d su. Je 16 -3t TIMOTHY HAY .?Five hundred balvl Northern TIMOTHY HAY, in M* to i-uit put casera. For Mle by UOBT D. TWEEDY, Corner Pa. avebue and 13th ft., south side. > 15?It a?r iiomk i PETP.R SHANGHAI HAS BETURJJD, And i?i!Virg taken up lus ab ?de at RYDER & PLANT'S, Wil' l.f r,3| pv r- ?? i" I is ' Id friends at thmr ea Ublishateut. No. 4 0 U Seventh street, ophite Odd Fellows'Hall. |e DI?R0LUII0N OF COPA.ETKKBSHTP '1>I1E part' errlro lur?u.t?.re exirf.rg R?0er raa I fim cf H C Mils fc Co. ha> been tins i?r dissolve All peraoas indebted to the latefitm^ raqnested to make paym into Jji^s MiLtS.byei the buMBesw wi:l be eontmuat; ?"d all P*'*" having claims the l- te titui will piaaen same to i;iui for scttlenietl. . a S. C. MILLS, Je 13?St JOHN M1 LL? CIGARS?CIGARS. SUPERIOR IIAVAN ACIGARS.- I haverf^~ twenty thousand more of those choice p* ut.d Concha branda. Aise. other brands of une gaxa. POBT I). TWEED1, Pa. avenue and 13ih sta , south aid? je 16-1 w WATCQKI, JEWELEY. * SILFERn-iRE. *? H. VT. GALT k PRO. are eon-ULtly rece' "? \bjv% ir.voirfs ol the abon*, *iul offer O In tb^-rr Ittie, at llie lotrest rate* AnmrriP GOLD A^.D SILVER WORK aon, made to ord.r, such m TfcST'MON. richlv embellrhed, wtih appropnaie d'suns VEH TE\ SKTS, DINNER SLRVI* L- . ?? precious Sliyies set m every ?tjit however CW?M, o ' 994 Pa. av.. between 1Kb and 10th s? Je 14?tr * ?~ lime. Op the best quality, of purely v. ooJ burnt, eatt^ h id In *"> quantity, at nil M:tee, at a res^ _ r> fyoia 8EELY 'S i at,. t K.:n, .-oiner of Vu | ? iinfc avenue and * ^nal street la.aud. * p 14-41* MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! II. cktKKJI, Jeweller, No 330 P*. Has C. ived this day, dinct, the largest uient of inurniftceiit Poiuan and Fkrop MOSAIC JEWELRY, which bua ever been on? in thie citv. . . . I'he Patterns are of the vrrv latest rtylea. The lot, beina rather large for tbe advanced son, will be sold at extremely low P"?** Magmflceut art- of Pira and Ear King". 'ru? up to $50. Admirers ol |ta style of Jewelry vited to examine the* nst-<>rtn eiit. ?r?^ ~ STEWART'S vj O KYLIGfTT D\GUERRR\N GALLERV ^ are making aplendid punirea ior?w ] tlian any other Ga ler> in the city. *rhe> ? fecilv lite-hke and auU?f- etion l? always g _ ^ j titilie.ry directly over M. W. Gait j^jji Pa. avenue *

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