Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAHHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY AFTESltCOS Jaso 20. ACiESTK FOB THE STAIt. The following persona arc authorized to contract for the publication of adrer t":sen>cntf; in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmsr, N. W. corner of jhird and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Petonqill <fc Co., Nassau Btrr-ct. Boston?V. B. Palmsr, Scollay's 13uild:ng. iC7" ADViRTiFdMuxTS should be headed in Vj 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear uxitil the next Jay. . L2i-n qi las uosi-iikg rr?Z33. 1'he Intelligencer reviews the New York Sun's list revelations concerning tiiemith&pa of tho Cub ic Junta; and, it btnkcs us, does not deal f&irly by iho AJauitiilntioo in fail ing to correct the Hun's xL. apprehensions concerning the oonduct of the powers in esse niik reference to toe Junta. Tho Sun accuscs the Administration of having at one time evinced fjmpathy nith fiilibusterism. This the InulUgenctr cannot fail to know to ba untruo, for it haa repeatedly intimated in *i:a terms it3 approbation of the conduct of th? Administration in this concec ion. On thi? subject, it says: "The Sac next procesJa to show h:>w the Junta suffered tnein selves to be deluded by pretended agents into a belief that the Ad mmiatration waa friond'y to their illegal scheme;. and even that a prominent memi'or of the Government 4 would himself lead au expedition to the island, Qm Quitman beirg ntmad as second in e>mmand. Nor wore tuese assurances (continued the Sun) given without sKiue show of authority,sufficient at least to win the confideooo cf the Cubans. The person who negotiated, cr rather utArd a^out ther-j matter*?for from their nature it ?was not deeui'id prudent to reduce ?bem to writing?was introduced to the unfortunate Pinto and oilier Cub^na by one who. a? a rep resentative cf the Administration at Wafii ington. was entitled to U:e a broad ?oaI ol the L ailed ftiif i. V, ;rh such an introduction the mrst unlimited cor? ience waj rep-i-ed in him; no : ecret remained untoll ' Thus. with a ufgrfe of credulity amounting to fatuity, they disclosed all t'aeir plane, purposes, an i hop.'.? r.r.d the tiovarnmen', as b -imd by pch lie duty and national honor. t-j^k ail legnl i^ea ;cre? t> fruatra e .ho plot concocted with in its jurisdiction against tiio p:ace and sov ereignty of a frie~d'y nation. "Ana now /33yi the Sun) poor Pinto has 1 een racnt. the <Juitm?n expedition de f;atad, and ?Lo Cubans' plans every where iru tr.itcJ Wali iL-ay the betrayed Cubans declare their hatred, and resoive to be inilo perdent, not alone cf their onn Government tie facto, oat of tlieir fa'ae hearted ?yaipathi necaat Washington, and wherever ela< :Lry h*73 foun l tLem out. * * * So f rot indeed, ii -ho produced aui'.-rg ho;c who witn-jrctd the ingratiating displays lof ? cocr'-o- es extended to Com McCr.u.ey at liaT?na J taai :hey will not now talk of an nexation i-e a i csjible thing." We are hr.ppy to h;ar it, and "nope that tho Junta, in'he iurtver prosecution oi their rev olutionary sc'ifoi-j, ab;ut which p*r sc w* have notair.g to say, *.vill never again make Annexation a pnrtj|f it. " I ha cjuu! ied plan of revolution and an? ntxaum naving failed, the Cuban n-.ilcon tents ro-v fimpiify their object by reuaeing it to m i ? I cr ?lon* on which we dare say they will 15-d in the 1 n'.tei State3 in-. iy ruoro diiiate'f^tcd yacj atti^en than th?y did fca fore i'hey had acc'ifdin^ly iunra. through the New Yc fi Sun r.f the lS:h int mt a pab lio proclaiaat ion ienourein;; the aniih gov ?rnment and invoking tb* aid of Americans aci all < 'hers fur their revolutionary enter prise I his sce:ns to bo a counter proelama tiuQ to tL-t <>f the 1'ieiident tor the mainte nance of our law3, and, we ihwuld thii.k. tig rally at variance with public d??oruna la a neutral eountry. if not an offence againet car Beu'ral ktatutei." . la? TJtiio.t c^insie^da the administration fcr its effort* to pat down filibaateriJia, and hea-tlly condemcs th<;ce jo urnals that blow hot r.nd eeli with reference lo the Presi dent 3 co?r*a upon that subject. The Union ai?) contains a airorg anti Lnow Nothing letter frcm the pen of the Hon. Senator T:cn.w, of (Jtcrgii. Lanr'a iioo?. ?Oar friend. Col Shillington bei-re ho left tor liirope, made arrangements, It fjp. art. by whicii we are to receive tho ea;licit eopUs if this popular magazine, wo now acanowladge the receipi,from his cs tablishment. of the July cumber, which con lains, a? he^tofore. fashion platec. and vo>d cut ill iitrati. ns. in a-iditi to its choice lit erary ecnten's tif Acc- roin j ra a cencss ja^t taiea the population ?>f Lm*n i3 about 150 000. f a <?i!tLE a> it i arn ioric.?At a recoEt n-iet irg <d the el'issna cf Oswego, it wai :MClved 4 that the i'ourt"" of July niujt go o-." M.vRa;AOi... ii4 I.mwlaiu).?lhtro w^re 35.. pewaas Taarned in Lngtand iu ihe list quarter (f the y-nr 1S54 Thii above the u:ual averase atiboa/h lesd Ihun ih? ccriec pending quarter of la3b or a wire ea lo ia to to laid kstuaen Og dj' ^ and l'.e, connecting ihta; fcy .-graph? e nr-ec'lcg the Statea and Prov iaco ??a neeefisty that ban been increased V-j ibe growing p<.e>. ire of btuinesi interconr e uaaerthe reciprocity bill The cabla will t: .oiJ.ce two insulated copper virui, auen {on i) ciaaller} aj w.'e used ia British channel Mad.? Durir r* no reason have there 1-oen nine shad takee, cared, and shipped Weit than Ihe one jo^t { ,:.d. iiundr?d.s of bar :?I'(f thia fi-h havj Le?a carei, packed, and shippel to c L-r part^ cf tiie roun'ry, wfcere ii will take a gre?*t many iB';uttui a Iol r to d sp>o.-o of them. ri?~ ii;e r?uxk. rt timo evor maae over the Kocfc?g'< r : Buffalo railrjad waj maue on the I2'.b iuat , ty ?\he expre s trai l?the loeo n:<.i ;e ?' Lu ai ? " Jerry K Guiie eppnetr? ta .%;g d it ;x c.:e l.ocr aud thirty eix B?inu ? j, icclndi:^ C.o ttoj-a. 'Ihia ia at the rate of a r.:!e ia ..?out a minute rnd a quar ter, itop3inc.uJed 'icz Atjiom-. khk: XcLEGaarn.?Books for tub. ?rpt:ra ..r.: oj en?d at U*aton for the ex tefsion of a lirt- <f atmospheric telegraph lr?.ui that city to Worches'er. It ia claimed tnat th?.i telegraph :e capable of transporting letters ana eiprwi matter, eix timea as fait, ana &ix times *.? cheap as by railroad. Im LaCkoix ? We have omitte i to roantiox? ^lere ofo-c the ntw and splendid editica erected at N >. A'ai Jeu Laee, Albany, by I?r La Croix, for the ue ^mmodation cf bip tuaercus patieots, aci f >r cotil'ictiiig his largo and coni'antly butine.^s Ita location ia in a retired pordaa of tho city, and iu iti erection the Dr. Itn spared neither pair.a or ejpen:s. ii ia |>it<d up with all the modern ixaprovemena rff tho day,?hea ed by fur naces lighted with ga?, ani hot and cold water is carried through every portion of tho build ing. i'lw r? ?aa and parlors aro fitted up for * the cocveuici.-? cd patients on a fct-lc of s{raa ?eur by any (.thee in the country. Of I>r La Croix It i? unnecessary to ep?ak ; his rncce's in (reaticg tnc e diseapea which hare so locg been the i heme of hii study ted practice is welt km wn tie i? no batnbug or chariaun, and iu hia hanUi the patient may tr;?t himaeli or herself wi?h the meat perfect eonfi lence. Those who etand in nesd of the Dr'v services may always find him at his of fice, No. 31 Maiden Lane.?Troy Daily J'itHtJ. wunmcTojniEwsjJiD cimir. Zarly Cloiirg.?Tho3? sincerely interested in the well being of our city, arc exotcdingly CTatiBed with the steps taken by its leading ?Merchants ia many different brauches of buai* V93, to nir^rd their employees an opportunity Tor relaxation every evoning, such as has not heretofore b?en accorded to yonrg persons bo :ng?ged in Washington, and, indeed, in few other American cities, lie who works from 3in to sun for another, labors :>t least ttiffl cientlylong to requite the meagre componpa tion which clerks, boys, nnl porters in retail ftorej necessarily receive; and to exact longer labor from them daily, is to instill stupidity in them, If not to prevent the proper development of their physical faculties There is, there, fore, benevolence a) well ns sound philosophy in the wise change in this respect that has re cently been initiated here, which c*n hardly fai' to result beneficially for the employer; aj with few exoaptions those who trnde after dark do not profit the dealer enough to pay the night's gas bill, while gain of brightness of in tellect and energy of charaotor, to tho em ployee, through the relaxation thus accorded, will, in the long run, add sen-ibly to the year'* aggregate of profits cf the employer. We tru?t that all in commercial business in Washington will fallow the good example in thii rcsj act. which haj Icon already set, as above ex. plained. The Model Southern Journal ?Our enthu fiastic and talented neighbor, whilcm almost a very fire cater, now coolly asks the South to jnn Wilron, Colby, Hale & Co. id electing ?ome Know Nothing to the Presidency in 1856. Oar neighbor evidently regards the *p;it in the Philadelphia Convention a mere ina ter of moonshine, there boing no radical difference in tbo politics of its members, which should prevent them from uniting on some niao, after their own heart, for the Presidency aa:h is a fair, practical translation of a por ticn cf ourgentle neighbor's leader of the day before yesterday. Much of the rest of it being an apology to Wilson A Co. for the conduct oJ the Southern delegates ia refusing to go in lor a repcr.l of the fugitive slave la-r and for a re oration cf the Missouri compromise lin*. 0?r neighbor positively cannot s.^o ary sub ?tantial difference between the couth anil those represented by the seceding delegates wnich Aou.d prevent them from rema ting one and inseparable, as heretofore. Lut for the fact that our neighbor looks at the ques tions in i;sue between the .North acd the South through a Vermonter's eyes, behind a pair of greon spectacles, we should offer him ours by way of aiding him to comprehend that hi? proposition in the Convention, denouncing the enactment of the Nebraska bill, will hardly go down with any considerable portion of the people of the South, lint the game -vould hardly be worth the candle, evi dcr'!-; ts ocr neighbor has got into itt head the idea that it only ha* to pronounce the cause of the South, aa involvad in the Ii.aES4~3 quejtion, cot worth contending for, to satisfy the unauimoua Souih of that fact. Oar ingenuous neighbors sudden change cf front on the pending ilavery question, now that Wilson X Co. have pronounced in their Phila delphia convention azainst Southern lights will doubtless be daiy appreciate! at the :*ouih, from whence it wiii very shortly heir thundering responses from Know Nothing journals tliat do not happen to be particularly interested ia th3 votes, on the printing ques tion, oi the Northern Know Nothing ireo.bsrs cf the next United States ilousc cf Represen tatives, who aic almost to a man Frc-o Soilers. Positively, our neighbor can see no good rea son why they and the Souih should not har monize in politics! The Know Nothing Keotmg To morrow Night.?We have again to a^k the public's attention to the manner in which the anti Ivnow Nothings of Washington will conduct themseives towards thsir opponents, as con trusted with the condact of the Know Noth ings at the two meetings at Carusi's Saloon last year, and at the meeting that took place in front of Brown's Hotel shortly al'er the Virginia election. The affair which ia to af ford the cpportunLy for instituting this com parison ia to come off' to morrew etening fit the City Hall, whin and where vhoiu who wero so shocked with tho alleged attempted interference cf Mr Wi o in the politics cf Washington, are to be addressed, per invita tion, by suudry Know Nothing' orators foreign to our city. It is aasaing how the opinions of ii?n as to the fitness ci things change to suit tho circumstanzcj of different cases. Our talented and ingestions neighbor, if vte re member corrootly, oonotived the fact that Mr. Wiie was not a citiseu of Washington, ample justification for the outrage upon common do cency, tho reputation of our city, and the right to tres discussion involved in tho eon duct of its cctoiie before Brown's liotel. Will it indignantly deaouuoe tha interference cf the ex[ eetcd stranger Know Noihing ora. tcrs in the | olitics of Washington T Give the Public the Liit?Ai the Phila delphia Know Nothing Convention, apparent ly touched with shame at the glaring falsehood at the bottom of the obligation of thoir "or der" on its members, to tell an untruth con cerning their connection with it, have formal ly decreed that tho veil ot seoresy k?r?tct>.re surrounding membership of their organisa tion rhall no longer rest en it, wo trust our talentei and gentle neighbor wiil at once gire th? anxiously expecting world the lists of tho members of the Know Nothing lodges in this city, thus saving us the trouble ci so doing. Wo havo r^anagsd to procure lists cf those identified with the or der intwoof the fevon Wards of Washington. Inat is, in addition to tho list of tho Fourth Ward; published longsiace in handbill form. The publication we ask should, however, coma properly from cur enthusiastic neighbor, who is so tickled with the action of the Philadel phia Convention in raising the veil of tecresy. Misreproiantationa.?TRe leading trait cf Know Nothingiam?falsehood?was never more forcibly illustrated than in the whining cf its presses over the removal ci theii active-, avow, ed, and efficient paxtiians, and others who la bor in their behalf in secret, while professing not to be identified with them. The Pbiladel pbia I\'urth American, of yesterday, contained a column of misrepresentation concerning the removal cf Mr. W ilson from a master me chanic's place in the Washington Nnvy YarJ, and of Mr. Carter from the do^r-kefparship cf the Treasury building Tho editor conoeals Irfem the knowledge of his readers that these pcrtons were, and are, strong advocates fox the policy or Know Nothingkm, under which it ia proposed to remove from the Government's employment every clerk, aeaeLger, laborer, and mechanic, who fails to be a member of "the Ordei" wllh which they are affiliated; which fact entirely changes their respective cases u represented by our talented and in genuous neighbor. 1'he cares of Messrs. Polk and AtLee illmtrate most forcibly the want of honesty of purpose on the part of those who ( are endeavoring to make political capital out of the action of the Government here, in physicking open and secret advocates of thel policy of removing everybody opposed to Know f Nothiagicm from Government employment, with their own medicino. Mr. AtLee, in whose behalf it was up to some days after his removal protested that he had no lot or part with Know Nothingism, now shows himself in bis true colors as one of the Washington leaders of that party, and thus disproves all that w^a said to the contrary cot long since with jo studied counterfeit of sincerity. Mr. Pelk, too, who appealed to the public on the ground that he was a moat unoffending man politically, and in all respects a reliable frisnd of the Administra tion, already shows himself to bo a most un relenting persecutor of tho3? who do net be liove in the Christianity and patriotism of] Know Nothingism, and are est supporters of its purpose of proscribing every body who fails to bccome identifiad with it. So long as the Know Nothings do as they have done here on obtaining power?proscribe every man, down r.en to the scavengers?who faiis to be of their party, and so long as their j journals advooate and justify such wholesale proscription, a sensible public will appreciate a', their true value their whiniugs whenever tlair theory of right and wrong ta such mat. ters happens to bo applied to one or more of j their own partizms \ Ihe next Hotse ?According to a calcula tion in the New York Journal of Commerce it will require a change of but eigh:oen mem bers elected to the nose Iiou-te ot Representa tives by Know Ncthiug assistance, to s cure in administration majority. It strikes us that there need be no fear that mere than that number will net be found sustaining every mrasm? of the administration of im portsnce, soceof them having been members of the Whig party previous to boing elected. Wo think we already know quite that num ber, and believe that while they may vote with tho mass of the Know Nothings to em barrass the administration on unimportant questions, they will not fail to bs found a*, it; back whenever their votes are necessary to secure the triumph of any policy which the administration has at heart. Know Nothing ism has iu many been but the counter feit presentment bohind which ambitious poli ticians have sought to gain seats in Congress, wherein thoy will conduct themselves so a*, if possible, to live ac public men long after ] Know Nothingism shall be dead, as well as rotten. Appointment.?We understand that the Secretary of the Navy hn3 appointed Nathaniel Tatem. E?q , inspector of timber in the navy yard at Norfolk, Ya., vico James Jarvis, re moved some time rioce Mr. Jarvi* had been lung in the Govemauut's employment, in this j position, for which ho was capitally qualified; but ho olected to become oath-bound to do his beit to procure the proscription of every aui Kn jw Nothing in the public service, and find.', i.ot tnerpectedly to eecsiblo people, that those ' who play at that game do not always win. The Naval Eefcizu Hoard, whose appoint ment wo announced to tho jubiic s:mo weeks s:nce, met to day, and probably organized They sit in Seventeenth street, nefcr the War ] Department, in the bou3e rtccntly occupied by tho French mission. Xhey were to have paid a visit to tho Secretary of tho Navy, this morning, in full oflijial costume. Tho Current Operations of the Trsasury Dcparsiest.?Oa yertenlay, the Tilth of Juas, tLero wsre of Treasury Warrant? f.ntared cn the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department. *$1,064,324 9S K ir the Interior Departmcrt 15 053 85 I F >r the Customs ? 31 33V 44 ! V< ar warrants received and en tered ... / 2,145 0?> War ropey warrants reooivod and entered 2,145 031 Interior repay warrau's received uud en'.ered 215 42 l**.?r oovoiirg into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources....- 300 55 Covered into the Treasury trem Customs ." 3 470 12 Drawn on account of the Navy.... 173.850 UU *il,040,987 52 of ths above sum of $1,064,-1 3-4 US beicg for the payment of interest ou the ' public debt. CEK?OAfAL. Among the arrivalr, yeiterdjy, at our prin cipa! hotels we notice the following naiueu : At the National, Hon. Geo. Kcad Kiddie, o? j iJel ; lion J. M S. Causin. of Md ; sad Col D Hamilton, of N. Y. At Willirds', lion J. T. Ca k.e of Va ; Cap* Qeor^^Linspy, Capt. Scribbling. C&pt. Bigelow, and Dr. Hverfield, U. 8. N.; Capt. Winder, U. H. A.; and (1. P it. Jamefi, the no?eli>t. At Kirkwood's, Hon. Joaliua Y'anaaat, of Md , who returned to Bal timore l?st evening or thu morning .... Th* New Vork Evening Post says that] Governor Price, of New Jer?ey, has offared' himself as a candidate for the Presidency and ejlrs, "who next ?" Dr. Mellrn. of Boston, and Mr. Pratt, the great American traveler, of the same oity, mu<t keep a sharp look out for their laurel*,; aad romember that ' the Price, of liberty is! eternal vigilance." They could not have an-1 ticipated so formidable a competitor. .... On Sunday night, a young fellow went ' soarking" in Springfield, and in attempting to enter the lady s residence through ihe back <ard. wr.s arrested by the police aa a burglar, iiia raodes'y prevented an explanation, and he remained in tho loek up uutil Monday morning .... A letter from Paris tc tha Cincinnati Gazette says, that a rccent dinner given by a wealthy American, rosiding in that city, lion. Martin Van Buren, Iloraea Greely, and Lewis CasB, Jr., were among tho guests. .... The Limerick Chroniclo otates that the | widow of Corperal John Brown, of the Boyal Sappers and Miners, baa married the Emperor of Morocco. She is an Irish woman. .... Mr. Edward Koyster, about 21 years of | ago, wbo a'tended the commencement of ltan djlph Macon College, in good health, returned to CUrksville next aay, and died that even iag. .... James K. Swords, of the firm of Stan tord <t Sword*, of New York, died on Sunday, in the 98th jear of his age, of bilious remit tent fever. .... Kev. Dr. Kyan preached in Harrisburg; Pa., on Sunday, when $300 were collec ted for the Metropolitan church in Washington. Death from tub Sting op a. Locust ?We aro informed by a gentlemen, whose veracity and rtliubility we can vouch for, that u youth in the adjoining county of Lawrence, while out li?hing one day last week, was stung by a locust, l'rcm the effects of whieh he died al mo.-t instantly. Ho had eaugbt several with the intention of using them as bait, and put them in his hat for safe keeping, when one of them b-tung him on the head, causing the ef fect above stated.?At kens (Ala.) Herald, 7 tk inst. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Qiorcktow5, Jane 20, 1855 The contract lor furbishing the Washington navy yard with oats and other dtecriptions of hone feed, haa, we learn, been awarded to Mr. William R. Edee of onr city And the contrnot, for famishing the same place with brick, has been awarded to Edes; Pickrell A Co.. alto of oar city. Oar market <3 beginning to be abundantly supplied with fine vegetables ef every descrip tion, und prices are gradually oomlng down to a living point The entire old Board of Directory President, and other officers of the Georgetown Gas Com pany have been re elected. A protracted meeting is now going on at the Metbodist church. Preaching is had every evening. Among the talented divines here is the Rev. John Lanahan, who officiates this evening. No ohaoge in the flonr or grain market. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Jane 20,1355. The damp weather of yesterday and this morning has compelled the Young Catholic Friend's Society to postpone their pleasant pic nio until Monday. On Wednesday morning a serious affair oc curred in the house of a family named Doyle, dwelling at the lowor end of Water sTeot. One of the youths of the family, in a quarrel with his elder brother seized a large knife, und attempted to stab him, but by accident the knife came in cont*>ot with the face of his infant sister, outting her cheek from ear to mouth. Dr. O'Donnohue was called in. dressed the wound, and the little sufferer is now doing well. Tho Isd has not yet been arrested. The Rechabites of Virginia Tent offer a fine trip for ihe citizens of *ho District next Mon day. A fiuo boat a fine b.ind. four hoi'rs at Piney Point?dancing, Gihirg, and bathing? all for ? very moderate p<ice. The United Brothers also promise a fine pic-nicat Arliiig'on in a few weeks There is little stiiring of interest. Our city i* very healthy, ani it need* but the due care on tho part of our people to keap it so. Ami, The Canada Duel. We learn frcm th? Albany Journal of ihe ISth, that officers Moore and K,cs3. two of Chief Matsell's aids, weio in th -t citr yesterday on their return home frc-in twbloaser, where they arrestoa Leavenworth. The officers state that Leavenworth is deiperttely wounded, ?? rauoh so that thoy considered his removal drcidedly impracticable, fearing that it would cause deith was taken before they left. Tbe weapon discharged by Breckinridge at Leaven worth must have had double the charge neces sary, as the ball passed nearly through his body, entering at one side jnst below tbe hip, and passing through, was only prevented frcm coming out tho opposite ride in consequence of Btriking against the hip bone, which it shat tered in a very painful manner. The ball car.not be extracted. Breekinri Jge and the fecor.ds could not be found. The termor is supposed to have gone to Kentucky. The Buffalo Commercial 3ay* : Leavenworth hss never been secreted a mo ment. The duel was fought near the lower end of Navy Island, and the nearest point or. tho Amerioan shore is Schlosser landing, the place where Sir Alien MoN'ab cut tut the " Caroline." Ihe only building at this place, is new, as it was then, a one *>nd a half story hou*o, occu pied by a Mr. Pierce, who acts as a kind of cuEtomfcou->c officer. Into this house, Leaven worth was immeiihtoly taken, as being tho nearest to the landing, there being no ot^er wi'hin balf a mile. Here he fcas remained since, bociuse it was U23ftfe to novo him as well as becauea Mr. Pierce and family were exceeding kind and attentive. aad thero wvs no urgent necessity for his removal, lie never has been secreted Everybody at the Palls has known his whereabouts perfectly. Mr and Mrs. Leavon worth and the brothers wore daily in tho vil lage, and Mrs L h".s for more than a we?h boen a gu<5St of Mrs Elisabeth Porter's. *?ho has contributed in many ways to the comfort of Mrs L. and her son Tho house occupied by Mr L. is within five rods of the railroai, ssd is no-#, and was et the time mentioned, as wed known about the the Falls a3 the Ca arnet House, and nothing could be D.ore absurd than to <-upposo that the officers had to ' pipe" for several days to find him. As soon as it is possible, Mr. L. will be re move! from the Falls to room" in a houso which havfl been engaged for him for more than a week Not one of the parties mentioned In the Times were at Schlosser at the time cf the ar rival cf the officers, except Mr. L. and he is, thereforo, the only one arrested, or liitely to be 11 i? brother and mother still remain with him. There is, at present, every probability that he will recover. Tub Change.* op Lifis.?In 1843, Guifnet, naw President of the Permanent Commission of Fine Arts at Paris, had become so very poor that he was obliged, every day to beg a dinner of a friend. He was returning one evening to his atrlitr in company with his host. The porter presents J a letter, and de manded three foui. Guignet refused it, ssy ing ho would koep ths fo? * u* he bad to buy tobacco for the mor-ow. His friend pressed hi'0 to take the letter, but he was obstinate Who could write anything p'easant to him? ??Well." said his friend, *T will buy your lot. ter, and know your secret." They went up together, Lc7er.1l ^iot'cs, cf course, ami the broken. Tho letter contained but few words, but how important! It was frcm tho Due do Luynes, announcing that he h id heard of tko unknown m m of genius, and so liciting an interview, which interview led to his subsequent for'nne. \ E"ST Gavaszi has renounced the title el' Fa ther, which he says belsngu to tiod alone He thuc fhows hia uspect. k:3-., to 'ha '? Fatlisr i f lies." Ho baa accnptcd an engagec,ent to <v?mo OT?r h?rr iini: fali to lecture in the prin cipal ei'ios and town? of ths Union in aid of the Know Itfothisga The State Register says that ?' in bis j >aru*y through tho Union, On vazzi will be aeoompinied by an old and die tinguiahed member of the American Party, whose uame has already occupied an honora ble place in the natioaal literary world." Tnis probably means Mr C Edwards Les ter, otherwise known as Helen Dhu, ono of the crop-eared Chevaliers of the N. Y. Her aid ?Albany Atlas. Not much liki Fauinjs.?The receipts of breaditullj at the upper lake ports are tre mendous, aid in the f&ee of the immense re ceipts of corn, and tho export demaxd lut nominal, with a limited distilling business, the present prioe of this description of gralu oan not be maintained. 103 436 bushels were re ceived at ports on tho upper lakes in one day. At Buffalo ai d Oswego the receipts reported oa Monday reached 7,82-1 bbls. of flour, 82.897 bushels of wheat, 180,027 bushels corn, and 193,275 bushels oats. ClT Murders arc said to have become very frequent in Mississippi, and the clergymen are strenuously urging the more rigid enforce ment of capital punishment. The frequency of murder there, however, is nothing now, for Governor Foote once remarked that for evtry two days of hia term as Governor of the State there was a murder perpetrated. Society seems to be in a disorderly state, or such a prevalence of crime could not occur. Beark About.?Wo learn, says the Charles town (Va ) Spirit of Jefferson, ^hat a bear madeita appearance in the neighborhood of Kabletown last week. He was pursued by a number of persons, but bruin escape 1 for the present, at least, by swimming the river to the opposite shore, where the mountain prevented a successful search. A Royal Mowimo Machine.?S. W. Jewett, of Vermont, is shipping one of Walter A. Wood's improved mowing machines to Erg land It is to to used &ynis Royal Highness Prince Albert on his beau'iful meadows at Home Park, Windsor. It is of superfine work manship. SEVENTH WARD UNION ASSOCIA tion will meet THIS EVENING at Poto mac Hall, at 8 o'clock. WM. COOPER, Sec. }e20 It _ ' fc-^5?THE WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS ,l?le opiior. unity 10 announce to the ciutras of W isbinfton, both military and civilian*, trat they will giv* a grand and magnificent Eicur ? on to the W Mte Rouse Pavilion on THURSDAY, tin 2d August, 1?M See future advciujctnerit. P. 8?AH members on u.- mu?ter roll* will l>? punctual in ineir attendance on MONDAY EVE'j NlNG,the &th ?u>tant, at the hill, an buniaeai of i.nnortaneo will he brought before them By order of the Commanding Officer. CEO. W. FLOOD, Je 20?3t* Pre, pro. t?m. No. 3, D C. No. 197, P. A. U- (H- P?) C A.?THE MEMBERS of JPsTS VVanhiDgti n Cirrle are hereby notifbd to attend a special *??*?ion of the Circle nt t*e Hall of Potomac Circle on FRIDAY EVENING, June 2Jd, nt 8 o'clock. to elect delegate* |o attend a Convoea- , tion of the Suprem* Circle, to he held ii? the city <-f Baltim ;re on MONDAY, the 25th instant. A. W. GRINER, E W. H. 8. K. F. VV. 8t. Cma, C. W. je 20?3t# ^POSTPONED ?Owinr to this day being __ inclement, on wliich the Pic Nic fi>r the benefit cf Union Bethel Churc'.i wi" to hare taken plare. the Maaafera take thin method of infonrmg those who intended to patronize it, that it i* post- , pined to tike place on next MONDAY, the 25th in stant, at the mme place. (White's Wood*, near the Oolumhin Milla) 2^ miles from the city. Should the ?;ay set apart also bo inclement, the feast wiU take plaoe in the Bethel Hall, in tie rear of tie Church. Tic kets 50 cents, to be had of the Manager*. On behalf of the Mmneers, CHAS. STEWARD A permit will be obtained Washington, June 19?3t* ATTENTION, GERMAN YAGERH -YOU are hereby notified to meet Ei your armory or iJTHURSDAY EVENING, M 7% o'clo- k. Bv order of the Captain. je !S?-?t M RUPPEL. O. 8. THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THF| Stockholders of the W. KN O. Telegraph L'tie wi'l be held ar Washington, D. C., on the fir?t WEDNESDAY of July nexl Je 15?e< 3t p. F CLARKE, Sec. ACCOUNT OF THE INCLEMENCY of tJie weather, the Target Excursion r/t th<? Washingtoa Yagers is postponed till MONDAY, June 2oili. M. RUPPPLL, ) J. AM**- RM AN, vCommittee. Je 13?3t I*. St LIGEL, ) -a TH K UNDCPSIG \ RD7( store*) n ordi r to give time to the Clerk* ir ibeir eipploy during the w.irmth of tf.e summer months, hereby a gree to elc^e th? .r uorea at quarter to 8 o'tluek, p, ?n , (Saturday evenings excepted,) from this date us til 8eptemb?r Beit SEE BY PARKER, T. GALL I a AN k CO.. nUT*"IIINSON at KUNRO. JeH-a* J F. 1 I.LIH. i UN DEKSll* -c.ln.iL' ic'Elilf MEIt ch?nTj?. hi ouler to give tiaic it;r recrean< n to the clerks in their eu:p <*v, <iu!:i.2 the warmtn of the Suniin'jr months, b? reby njr e to clo-e their re spective stores at ?:i*ht o'clock p. tn , (Saturday [ eveni?ie-? excepted,) irom thU date unul the first | day of Septemi rr ne\: GEO. 8t TUGS PARKER ?t CO, SAMUEL BACON k CO., MURRAY Jk SEMMES, HAMILTON 6t LEAC H, B. F. MORSELL. HARBOUR k. SEMMES, R. E. WHITE O. CO, ED. HALL, SHEKELL BROTHERS, BERRY K BOWiF., MIDL'LETON H BEALL, JESSE B WILSON. Washington, Jose 11,1855?2w ANTELS FuK SALE ?AH WBAREABOITT I to move cur f-bop, and wish to dispose or a po'tiou of the stock, tie have > number of Vain Italia" Mantels, which tc rtT-r for ia;e. They are | finish*d in the finest possible style, at.d will b<?"s:4J very cheap. They can b? teen on !? etreft, tba 3i house from l-'tli,and oppo.-ite tt^ Kirkwo?*d Hoqar. It JAMES MAXWELL 8tSON. EXCURSION TO PINEY POINT. _ w THE MEMBERS OF VIRGINIA J*1??sS?9CTE\T. No 3 8, Imlep^-nd^rit ? of Rechabite^, would inform tie citizen* of Geo?p? - f wn a*id V* nsiiinjtcn. ii:at thev p!ji}?o?c ?ivinj? a <;r\nd pic mc ?.\i? c<jtillon sxc-r SI' >N to PINEY POINT, eta MONDAY, the 25th iis'ant. The splendid 'ti rmer At.ic r. C. I'Et*;* has l??e?i chartered, and PifelM-r's Cotillon Band engaged ft r I the occa-!on. T.e!:? is aiimitti"- ? C *n-.leniar and two Lalic* ONE DOLLAR ANli FIFTY ?ENTS, can l>? ruir chased at the b >at on Ui>- morning of lUe excur^toii The B;>at will leave ill - S< wrth ?ireet wharf at ] 7 o'clock, and the V.vv Yird at Befresiiments of ail Kind* can be had on ihe boat ] at city prices. ? je 20?41 PROGRAMME OF MLLE W. DE BOYS'S CONCERT, Fo?itiTely to tais plac? on FRIDAY EVEIT ISO. June 22. at Ctruci's Saloon No postponement on iccoui't of weather. FlIkT I. 1. Grand Duo, Sonata n I). aiendelssohn] Piano, MMe D^ Boye?Violoncello, Prof Ahratid. 2 Vanetk-ns Brilliant- Solo clarionet? Prcf. E Wtfner 3 Fantasia F ivoilte on Thema dc Beethoven Solo violoncello, Prof. Ah rend. [Servais I 4. Cavatina Fa route de Agatha, fr< m Per Freisehiiis C Von Weber | M'lle R. Schmidt. Violoncello cbiigato?I'rof. Ahrend 5, Grand Fanta?Ii stir le SerenaJe et lo Minuet de Don Juan Tlialberg | Solo pi tno? M'lle de Boye. part it. 1. Gram! Trio in 0 Minor Beethoven Piano, M'lle de Boy-?Violoncello, Prof. Ahrend Viotin, Prof Wasmcr. 2. Aria Favori'.e e Omtr.po Elijalt Mcndelssohu M'l'e R. Sehmtdt. 3. Caprlccio on Tiu me Oricin^l Servals ] Violoncello rolo?Prof. Ahrend 4. Crarul Conccrto, G Minor j.our le , Piano a?ec Q lartrt ?npt MeadeU.c'jn Pia' o, Mile de Boye?Violoncello, Prof. Ahrend let Violin, Prof. Wagner?1'id Violin, Pror. We bet Tenor?Mr. Geo. Arth. Ticketa of admission 50 cents ; to be kad at all the principal hotels, music and book-tores, ar.l at the door of the hall oh the ? vei:in? et the Conce't." j Doors ojien at 7?Coijcfr' (<? c-uamenca at Pli" o'clock. SAM'L V. NOYE*, Agent, je .0-3t SEASONABLE MANTILLAS AT LOW PRICES. MANTILLAS at 84 50, Mmiiill is at $5 50, M I ui ilia-at .?> 50, Mar.tilia< at .<>7 50, Mantilla* a> .>3 50, Mintillas at $.0, fcc. kc. Reautilul atyles of Summt r Mantillas (n*w dusign>) in Lace .uid'Silk at all the ab 'V v. ry rtduced pricw. jitf>t received, and now < pen for n.jiection in our Mantilla roitu?accon^ *t entrance tlirougb tbe nare if \XWELI. k. HRO , j? -j0 - ni3t 3JS Penile) Ivania Avenue. (1 LAS! with 6ILVB? LETTERS, X (as seen in many show windows m the city,) maun to order. Ttu art taugbt. A Canvn^er x\"ant ed. Apply at RUFF'S Ees aur&nt, ?k4 Penna. avenue je 520 - li* LAND WARRANTS. ?~ E are nayin- the highest prices fi?r LAND WARRANTS. J. II CLARKE A CO., comcr Tenth Ktreet ai-d penn'a a>en?a, over \Vasiiington City Savnie't Bank, je 30?7t* W DUK KOTICE ?(?ur cuetmnera are re?p?ct fully notifi'd that their re^pwciiee aeeoants aie made out and ready for delivery. Those who do not wish to bave them piea ated wll please call and receive them previous to the 25th instant, at wbich timh they will be sent ont. We earnestly request our friends o be prompt in , responding to our call <>nd ?< ttle Uirir respective bills either by ca^h, or nates at short dates?the | cash greatly preferred BURNS fit COCHRAN. Je 20?31 408 Pa. avenup. NOTiCK IS IlERffBY G1VKN that I , shall apply to th? Department of the Interior | f< r Ihe issue of a duplicate Land Warrant, No 100 060 for 40 acres, supplemental to Warrant No 33.025 for 40 acres, issued to Plea-ant Lacy, with a blank assigauient on the back thereof, which was , purchased by me of the said Lacy, and forwarded to a gentleman in Washington City, on the 14. h of j May last, aid which has not been "received by him G. D NE IL. Pitts>Ivania C. II., Vu., June 10, 1855. je 20?lawCw* MAOAZIiVKt* for July jost received Godey*a Lady's Book for July Ladies' National Mayar.ine do Ballou's l.'ol'ar Monthly do Hohdav Pictorial Picayune ... ... All the'new Book#published received .unaediatt ly afie, wards. , . EvtrvUiinc in th^ ftatinnrry Isin^ a., ' g gHILLINOTON'S Bookstore Oileon Building, cor. Pa. avenue and sL je 20?3t (W?w) LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Agent lor ClaiuM, No. 527 TweltVi street, will give the higbeat market ; price io gold for Land Warrants. je 7?lm* | TUB POTOMAC RIVER SIEa JI.OAT COMPA1TY1 STEAMER ALICE C. PRIC* CAPT. *AMITI. IIAKKK. _ WILL LEAVE WA?HINCTO? 'A tnT''1' ? O'CMM'K A. M.. AND AL UAAMIHIA AT 7 O'CLOCK A. M ON UTE^DAY MOUSING.* for- Motto*, C% nomin, L. Macborfoc, Ptoff Point, Kmilf, Co*. ON FRIDAY MORNINGS for-Chaoel Poist, Wicomico, Leonardtown, Piney P-nm, *1 Maryi, ON WEDJfEBDAY (returninc) leave Cone at 4 o'clock a m , for?St Man'*. P??ry Point, Let* ar.ttown, Wicomico, Chapel Point. ON SATURDAY (returning) leaving Com u 4 o'clock a. m , for- Kin*ale, Phiey Point, L Macbo doc, Corrioman, Mattoi. Calling at the uaual landtag* on the tiver whea signal* an* made. Hy order of the Board : J AH P. SMITH, PfMiii Alexandria, Ya., Jane 1,1855. je IS?tf pleasure Excursions f?r tiie FOURTH OF JULY. The Steamer* GEORGE WA8H ________JlNGTON and TK( )M AS COLLYF.R win mdK? r ?ular Ulps to the White Houne Psvilio*. M<aint Vtriioa, uxi Tort Washington. Persons w.Jhng to spend the i!ay at Fort Washington will t>e landed there, a* each boat will stop at th? Fori. Price* will h~ made to Miit the time*. The tine of starting and other particulars will be given ia due t<me. Fort Wa*hin?ton ground* is a tl* liglittul piare for schools or nelect parti*-* t ? spend the day. Tbe White House Pavilion and ground* are not surpa?aed for pleasure by aay place. The Hoats have a cate rer that fr?ei up refreshments in gcicd style. J?)R ?M>RSON, . . Je 16?6t SAM'L OBDNEY. f1 IMMENSE ATTRACTION AT ODD FELLOWS HALL! Commencing on Wednesday Iveu'g, J at ? 20. PROF. KIRBY AND FAMILY wil give a aen?a of beautiful an i combined performance*, rep. resented in the highest order of perfection, conrist i^got GRECIAN AND CHINESE EXERCISBg, Gymnastics, and Feats of Strength, Vmtrtl. qut??.| Nccromancy, and the on!y original Second 8ight Vtvrt rv, or seeing without eyea. Card- of Admission 25 cents?children under lb year* half price p Door* open at and eiercisea to commence at 8 o'clock. }e 18?3t* ICE CREAM OF ?he best qti.i'ity de livered to fewiliea, parties. Fairs, &c., at 3TV4 ctnis per quart, in fancy mould* or pla-n Ireetera P.icuraior.s ami Pic Niea furnished at $ I 25 p<<r gallon. Give it a trial M. T. MARTINET, Tenth street, between D and R atreeta. ie 19?lw# ! MORE DUN; a ta>?claiming lo I* by Mr Waits Scott, 50c AbfrtMtV History of Napoleon, 2 vols, octavo, i '.instance Herbert, a novel, by Mt*a Jewsbury, 37c The Controversy becareea Senator Brooks and Areh bishop Hughes, 25 cents, je 1? FRANCE TAYLOR. V*:\V R:)DK? received :.nd for sale at i> SHILLINGTON'S Hookatote. The Life ot Napoleon, by Abbott, complete in 3 vol*. The Winkles, by the author of Wild Western Scene* Cone Cut Corners, the Eipericori* of a Conserva tive Family Talcs for the Marines, by the author of Los Qns Minsing Brii^e, by Mrs. Pouthworth Moredun, n tale of the Tw< Ive Hundred and Tea, hy Pir Waller ?eott, Hart Railou't M;t(ar.ine for July. All the New Boo its and every thing in the tionery line, for ?a!e at 8niLLI\GTOX'B Bookaiore, Odecn Buildiug, car. 4U et., and Pa. av. Je ltf?tr T" IIST-A FiNE INDIA CAXE, WITH lane j ivory head. When la*t teen it was in the hand:; of a person on board the (steamer Mar>larid. when ahe took I he pa*en*er8 from th? Powhatan then ajround. fc'out the 22'! May !a t. Phaaere fun it to ilie Sur office. A reward will be eiv**a if required. je 18?* IOST OR MISLAID ?TWO FROMI3SOEV j notes, one a' 4 monthe, ami the other at 19 moatlia, dated February 22d, 18oT?. dnwn by R. ('. ?obn.*>n St H. F. Guy in tnv< r ot Wm. J Sibly, and eri?lf??Ked hy Wm. J. Kibiy dad P. C Johns<>ii, each amounting to 3; 070 63. All pe:>on8 are hereby tor warned a^nnst tr?>tiiig for U>e ahave notes, as the puvnient of the .-rme is stopped. Any perron lindinc tbe above notes will p!ea<* leave tliem wi.h C. Woodw^id. a# tfcey < an he of no po^sib'e use to the finder, tlu paj ments of the name bavin" bceu stopped. C. WOODWARD, 11th street, between G and H. je Id?3t (Inv!) IOST?On Sunday evetiing. between the hoars _2 of 6 and 8, in ?r anout Laiave;te Square,or t?e tween said aqiiare and Franklin Row, n xmall r !d hunling WATCH, b arinK th* initials "E F. T ;" LeRoy &. P<la, maker'', Pans. Hy r* turning miJ Watch to No. 8 Lafayette Square, the finder wiB be suitably tewarded. je IP?^ IOST?ON SATURDAY MORNING, between j the Navy Yard and the Treasury buil<Vg. a pair of Gold S*>ectack-s, in a light brown or dark yellow ea?e. Thev were probably dropped in get ting out of omnibus nt ^ixth street. Tbe finder will b? he^rti'y thanked and suitably rewarded by leav ing information at the Star office or wtih the sub scriber. B. F. PLEASANTS. Je 18?3t* GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Offlco No 292 Penn ..corner 10th itreet, (OV i It TIIE SAVING'S BANK.) 1MIIS CEMETERY i^ laid out on tbe plu of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situ ated 011 the hirh ground distant one and a qnan-r mi!as nor lb of the Cap:toi?North Capitol rtreet leading uirectlv to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter fr<>m Cur. gre-s, appropriating their proiiml for ever to l.'insJ purjH,?es, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all eacroaclunei:t>i from l^fi-'*t: n <* ctherwia^, which is of /iei importance to n?o.-e wish tlieir dead to repose wt<er? they have plarcd thcrti, for it lia^ become a custom ie all ouurcitie*, wheu Uia bunal treund bcromee valuable f< r oiIhj purposes, to sell it. a:ul ti:row the dead proa.isc*u> ly into one Jarre pit, and legal measures cannot pr? vent it, as n<> titles are given to the ground. N H?Pamphlets wub a m.;,i, Uie charter, ud by-laws, and ail other intormatiou can N: obtains at rbe olbce. AI?o. all orders tor iat< rinenu lert at Mr. J. F. HARVEY'S, No. 410 Seventh street.* any other undettaker, will be niojaptlt attended U> 4dT" Office oprn from 10 to 12 o'clock a. in. je 18?ly rilO HOUisKKlLkCPICKK ?Persons wi#b X in? to purchase uip? hor Table ??r Pocket Cut lery, heavy Silver plated or Brittan.i Ware, fia* Japanned Tea Tiavs or T< ilet Seis, an eicelleni Clock, Feather Defter, Hat Stand, Enano-Med K i tie, Saucepan, Gravy Steamer, Tea Hell, or anvd the Iiiiiidred aed one little eiceteraa needed by ever* htusekeepr r, aro luv.tcd to call on G. FRANCIS, lb 410 Boventh *? N UTlCib.-Wc ?Itali L? u?ual issne all unpi^. , btlln fropt our b'K-ks up to iSatuniay, tt>? tO* ultimo. We respcrttu!ly requt*t th&l ail to wlsns tbry be! >a| vrill promptly a? tile Uieui on or btfa* the 1st of July. Ail who deeire to have their kills befers rent cut vv iU find thnrr ready ai our sesk. jM la?dtjyl CLAGKTT, DODSON k C0L JOHN n. BUTH&LANN, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN WINK, BitAKDY. *? , has received a small supply of Gie?ler k Ca.Wrr zinuy Chsmpagne, 01 his own uiiporuation. je 18~3i PASTURAGE FOR IIORSES. AFEkV hor?e* wil! be ut> ? to pasturage witbit tliree Bailee of the city, where they will H properly and carefully attended 10. Inquire ot LEVI PCMPHREY, C street, between and 6th street*. je 1 | ESADT MADE SUMMER CL0TEI90. HAVING within the la*i few d.iy* madegr?at ad ditions to oar (smcr stock 01 Reaey ?ad? Clothing, we are now prepared to offer gentle?ea evtry inducement in price and quality to wish our exteusive faleerooms btlore making ibelr eelectio?N Our asjertrneut ot White and colored Shins Gauze, Merino, Silk and Cotton Undershirts Linen and Cotton Drawers Summer Stock*. Cravst*, Scnrfs.Ties Collars, Gloves. Hjsiery, flic. in very Urg* *nd complete, makin* onr pr?t:1! Ktock one ot the la'geH and nio-t desirable to select from ?n prices and qna'ity to be found this ?u> ?f New York WALL fc SI EPHEN9, 3^9 Pa avenue, next door to Iros Hall. Je 18?3t NOTlCK.?Oar ciiru>mer? are rarpeclfblly ib formed tnat on nnd atu-rtiiis date, unul 8eF tc'tiber, we shall close our store every eveains o'clock. HlLUL'S k HIT7, j? 5 M usicIe^Kit copartnershtpT WE have this day formed a cr partnership and* the firm ot Nul k Havkkmir. for the sal? of Wines Liquors, Cigar*, flvc., at wholesale ani retail, ot No. 569 Seventh s ., op;i. Centre Hariri J. T. NEAL. mavgUwilm O W. HAVP.VNER ~drTt?eod. iiansman Keeps di? oifi ?e hours from eight to tea o'cl<**** No 505 Stvenlh ? ,ovv. OUftBow '/?& may 23? lw'

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