Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1855 Page 4
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KVKNINtt STAR. " THZ LEAFY MOUTH OF JUKE." Saith Birry Cornwall by way of weleom# to the month wbich visits as ?ha!f prankt with spring. with summer half imbrowned "Now have green Apnl and the blue eved May Vanished awhile; andlo! the gfonous June fWhile Nature ripens in his burning n>ton) Conirs like a ynung inheritor." It is tin sixth upon oar calendar, and wa* lh? fourth with tho Romans. They named it doubtless In honor of Juno, whose chief festi val wae held at the beginning of the month. To June, says an old aathor, "The Saxons gave tho najie of Wtyd mona'k ; because their beasts did ioeyd in the mealows, that is. I fo f<?M there; aoi hereof a meadow is called an leau caic, a trsyf; and of vyd we retain our Word wads, which we understand cf going through watery placed, such as nioadowd aro wont to bo." .another author says thet weyd is probably derived from %o*ydcn ^termanl to graie or pasture. Jfe further adds, they call it Wo d rnormtk, weed month, atd also Mede monath, Mid->c?w morath, and Braeck mvnatk, thought to be from the breaking up of the soil, from bratean (Saxon) they also called it L*ia> rra The word Lidu, signify ing in Ioelandij, to move, or pass over, may imply the Son's pacing ovor the greatest height; and Lidae.rr* consequently meana the first month of the Sun's de*cont. Lida, been k farmed to mean smooth air. One of tho most touching of Bryant's poems is entitled "June;" but the following from Hosi&er is more decoriptivo. Wo can give bat three stansas: "Armida's garden, ever bright Ar.d ojurua* with enchantcd liowers, V\a.-i no: more rich in bloom and li*?ht Than uow id thu lair wurfctof Writle Jnne floats on the melting air With rose buds in his lustrou . hair Above the grave of On h!i?h the fleecy clouds ?'t- piled. And round hun, wiUi a twitter wi'd, Dart swallows on the wing. Where spreads the meadow, Iruad and long Iu velvet to the river brink, There is a'ry in sons? Between the lark and b lydink: W hile sunny skies dron golden rain, The :ormer pours a fife'like strain Wntm her txpnndir? throat? The iatter, oa some gra^.-y spire*, Itockf :o and frr??a feathered lyre I't liril, voluptuous njte. Cay, volecful thing-i, in every hue i nat paints the braided ra*nbow o!ai Acd iivet-toil w th honey dew, L'ar: by delit iou-ly glad; An elfin rrowd are hither cirawh," And moun i.ig grasps King Ob. roil A durmed and broken wand. Tor vouthiul June hath made the frll Of Ear h a sweeter dwelling place Th^n even Fauy Land." EI/'Elopements in New Jersey are ac cumulating. Another aihiir of this na ture happened in Green Tree, Burlington county, on the 8th inst. An English man named Akens, eloped with his niece, a young girl. They left, as he said, for the purpose of finding a place in a store in New York for the girl, but the wife, suspecting that all was not ri^ht, on ex amination found that they had taken all their clothing aud valuables. Signal roa Silbkck.?Byron tills us that when Maturin wished his family to be aware that the glow of composition was on him, he used to stick a icnfcr on his forehead, which was a signal lor uni versal silence. If he found it effectual, we think he took a very good way-for to seal their mouths. JIT'If you see a married couple in company, ccrstantly using very endear ing terms in addressing each other, be assured that one is a tiger and the other a tigress, when at home. iiOV?L>i?>'Tb CT OCEAN SIEAME3S. Ware. Leave For Devi. Pt Lnuii?Havre New Y< ik..June fl Anel..._ ..H-iVie .New York..June 9 Asia _ Liverpool..Boston June 9 Hermann.............rv-fU'aruptoii.N-w V "k..Jun<! *2?t Africa oosfin Li vcrpo< I... J un e vO liiaoi* Vork...A?pm wail.. June 20 tttar ot tise Eouth..New York.... Liverpool ..June -J Qnaker City New York..Havre Jui.e 5M Union New York..Havre June JO tSJ- The California steamers iefevt Nuw Ifoia on li e m, arid 2?ih nf each month. AHIiIVAL3 AT Piil^CiPAL JLiOTSLS. r?rovrai? Hotel?t. r. a. u. aaow*. J Caoiiiy, NC J Hurhee,'nd L I> .Sni'Jcy, Tern A J Laoimoad and laiy." 0 J Hals*' r, XY M^ss A H <>.ffr(.ih, l' ? n Decree a iady, NY T M l:owdea, N Y V Mitchell, do Mimi M J titw.ien, do ED f'enney, Yi Miss r Bowdf.ii, do J P llei.elt, NY W Johnson & lady, Pa J Fa: ell. M:1 J H Liiaejt, Tei:i 11II Milei, d? It F Lamest, do H Hitchcock, l'a ii \V Faaerson, Va Mis- Wav, do W A lieiapbiW, do W Jone:j .*fd A Holly a. !a?!y, N5f J Teinpittoa, do W K South a;.J I Jiuily, J Collins Wis C CriSJn, NC E Newiand & lady, lud W Evans, Md Mus Newiand, do Wlllards' Hotel?a. a. a j. c. viiuu E A iijther. Va J U Byerly, Pa lion 1* J.a J II Andrews, Va l>r Mercier, ao E J Puis, no A J Bower-:, Va J Y PaUica, NY li<?n J T Cai-kie, do S K Stewart, Va J f) Cioesb ick, NY Miss E !l Hi.'ler, do *: Biowb, Va J A Jacksf>n, SY W M Clary, CVV J T Cr?>well it laiir, do A Welch, Fa D de Goieou ia co t'aitG Li?ioer; USN K S Field, Tenn Capt HflUu d j W UawapoMl, pa B l>u dlejr, hiL li ?*iitsworth j U C'liai-uuo, Va J V??v ns, Pa lion CPB Janses, do B fcitchte, do L 1? Ba;d*iu, NJ J C Thompron, NY 1 cipi Winder, L'JA Capt Bigec>vr, UiM 3i U H .w? a lady, Mass Di Evenfirld, do .Mi^s L ti Bigeiow, III N Holland, N Y ?J?pt G<. jstr, DC MatiOail liotel?i d. wiluxd J M West, Va Col D Hamilten, NY N Clinch, DC J B l>aud-on, do J Wills, Pa K J Mac Kay, Cai Dr C A R.-a-, 3Id H Vnughan, RI D M HUdretU tnd lady, W Willson, La La O Wliitcey, !!?.?? E M Greenway, NY W A Roberts, Md Dr Ferga-"?n, K? JMS Causiu, do C H Gallagher, Fa 1) J Jordan, 0 J Sondeison jr, Md A Refd N P Hay ward, do HA MitcheH, NY W Clara, iio D C Liues, Md 8 Collin., NY H Clare, do C Pepin, in It D Sellcian, do ? J W lochias, N if O R Riddle, liel J?l*kw*ctl tl?ai*-J. a. a a., kikswood J C Green, Md Col E Pickens, CboctiW C C I^eid*, do Nat inn J 'fhosnn, <? i MaJ ? Folsom, do C H Galiajhrr. Pa Hon J Vannant, Md D KcDaeiel, Del W F Clarv, NC W T Jayae.x, Va F E firown, Pa F Hamer, Pa A Wricht *i H Md H II Otis, Md >V Robathotr, NY J K Sears, do G V Fraizer, O LT Lovett, Va H J l!o>weM, jr, C F l*ow 11, do P $ Ktuweif, oo A P Browic, NY L T Rob ::, 'ja, NY U?Ue?l Hotel?a. c. caCJasT. S A Thompson, Va R p Pjr}e?, Md &] M Ji ne~, Mi M d Haw. s k. lady, dlai^ C Howeli, La J Watkius, do P VV Adam*. Ma*s Mrt Watkins, do 11 C Carpenter, NY Mr* Nelson, do <1 8 Simmons, c'o T Burweli, Va T P Ci.mplace a lad/, O A J Roberts, Md 8 L Lewi*, Pa Col C B Rkaud, Cal 4? E Woodttn Saaslon noa??f Alexandria, Va a. ntWTon, FBorsirroa. M Bayley, La M J Felien, Va Dr J R Wal'un, Va M Aries, do Maa Aries, do I! Spear, NY C CiHuiMb, Me C C Randolph, Va J adse Tyler, Va W P F&r'?ti, do W B Browner, do J II Fayne, do E C Marshall, lo J U Souiua'e a ladv, do Mis? !< Bhumait, do J C Suiith a lady, Jo MissPtg",d? R A Page, do Mr R?>f? rs, do Mrs ltanapr>rt, child a 3 Mr McKuir, Md M^ivanU, Md J 8 Dough, do E C Brown, Va J T Fowi r* a lady, DC R T Brown, do FRENCH HAIR DRESSING ANT) KI1AVINU HA WHIN. 1HIE unler-igned rdpntAiHy amonneM to tlx citizens nf Washington, tliat he hu opened a Gentleman's Hair Dressing and Sharing Saloon, on Pa. avenue, between 11th and 12th street*, where ha ia at ?)l times prepared to accommodate them in all branches of the tousorial operation. Hair Cutting perform**! in the very latent styles. He would call particular attention to hf* Wigs, Toupee*. Braid*. Fnafttejt, Whicker#, Mnstachois, kc., iukI ? prepared to uil all orders ia the above line at the shortcut notice. A good assrtment con stantly on hand. 11c respectfully soliciu* a call, fueling assured that he cannot fail to please all who may so f?vor him. je 8?enlni JOHN HERHORN. POTOMAC PAVILION, Finey Point, St. Mary's County, Maryland. rv.ll IS desirable place for health and sea-bathing 1 will l*? opened for the reception of visitors on the 15ih of June, with nothing left undone that will promote ihe comforts of its guest. Many improve ments have been made since my last season. A Liitirh Room has beeu btnlt lor the accommodation of visitors at all reasonable bouis. .'ay and night. Stables and Carriage Houses have bem built to accommodate tliose at at a distance Billiard Table. Pistol Callery, Shuffle Board, Ten Pin Alleys and KaUis have all been improved, and arc tree to visitors only. I am thankful to the public for their patronage (he last two seatons, and hope to see my old friends and many new facts the coming season. The Pavilion shall be clean and well kept. Children with whooping cough or measles will not be admitted as boarders. TERMS OF BOARD: For single day j#S 00 For three days or less than a week, per day.. " 1 50 By the week 10 00 By the month, per day 1 35 VV. W. DIX, Proprietor. Letter Boxes have bees placed on all the Steam ers lor the accommodation of visitors. ]e 5?oolm A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! ALL y lovers of the good thing' of th's lire, and we will teli you where you may obtain atlmst wme of them. Thanklitl for past favors, I would respectfully ??k a continuance of the same dur na this Spiint; and Summer. 1 am prepared to furnish all who will give me a call with tiie sweet and cool iog Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scharlotte Reuse, Blancmange, 8?c Cak?s of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits and Coui'ectioriery, gen erally kept in v. ell regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. AI;-o, Parties, l!?illp, Excursions, Pic Nics, &c., Stc., and upon reason able terns. Call at the old stand, Mawaehusetts avenue, be tween Uth and 1 Otii streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Best quality ICE CUE AM gold at $1 30 per gallon. _may7?co3ra JOHN W. RIGHTSTINK. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker and louis janin have formed a co partnership under the firm of "Walker A Janin," for the management and ar sument of eases in the Supreme Court of the Un'tec States, and before the Court of Ciaiivs at Washing ton City. Address Washington, D. C. resty 10?eo3m M. WILLIAN, LADIES' DEEiS AHD THIMrflFQ ST0EE, Pa. are.Mie, between "7th end Sth streets. M WILLIAN w< u 1.1 respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Washington, tbst he ha? just received from the Nimkera ciues a complete stock of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Drews Trimmings Fine French Flowers snd Ribands A l^rg^ let of Bonnet -, ia siik, crape, and straw, of the latent patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Einbroi deries uf ail kindi Dresses made in the late-t Paris fashions at rea son abie rates. Pinking and F!n?iitg and Kid Gloves cleaned. Ladies Mantillas, ready made, and made to order. Hi ay 31?eolm ~CAKRL\<*FS?CARRIAGES. I HAVE on hand, and constantly fliii-liing-. a very lire'? Uz-. >rt:i.-.i t of Pleasure amlrvflOKMs ? ' Family CARRIAGES, of the |?t.?t fash i ions, which I will sell tu low aa the same quality of ? wurl; eau S?e sold in any of :hc principal markets of i. the United Plates. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Car-: riage* o! his own manufacture, and al! wor't -o!a I y j4 h!?? will be warranted, and compare frivornblv with ! any work in tins market. As I always keep a lar^c f. assortment, I invite putclin - r? ar.d other* to cs- J amine my stock be'rr.- purcii'^tr-r el.?ewiicm. ) UHffiafM b.nit to o.-dei Old Carriages takvn in H exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. I' THOMAS YOITNGt Sicn of the Golden Horse, >1 No. 409 Pa. avenue and 4.'4 street. ?s may 1?co3m '? TEZ MUTUAL TIB'-i IHSURASfCZ C0MPA HY OP THIS LISTltlCT OF COLUMBIA, CHAP.TEREDby Confess, offers to the property owners ol the District saler and cheaper means of insurance tftan anv other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. (.'HAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATiiEW G. EMERY, Ticaaurtr. Xiliatu. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Kathew G. Emery. J. C. MeKellen. Office, Columbia Fi&ce, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. ra. feb 26?eotf A' B ORGANS FOR SALE. FUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Ttir. They are troru the mcnutuctory of DEI* UV ERBL.X of New York. For terms, & *., apply to Prof. OCIinSL, on Mtb street, nortli of F. HENRY ERlSc^N. teb 25? eotf NOTICE TO TIIE CREDITORS OF HALL ft BROTHER. ARUCH HALL, surviving partner of Ida&c Hall, having, on the 28'h day of February, 1835, assigned to the undersigned all the Ktock in trade and debts oi the nrui of Hiiil u. Brother, to Ik: applied to the fu!! snti-faction of certiin debts, lia- I j bilitics, and cmcaeemeou of the said firm of Hall b. 11 Brother, and Lie surplus to pty and distribute rate ably among ?uch oi the remaining ciecitors of said firm as shall within six months from ?a.<i 28tb day of February, 1455, execute and deliver to cuid lla tuch Hall, full and ub^il ite relens-? of all indebted ness to thein respectively by said Baruch Hall, sur vivi'ib partner &? aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such creditors of said urm of Hall it Brother, or said Barneii Ha!I, surviving parrn- r, as may desire to parttcipaK in the benefit of taid assignment to execute and deliv er to said Barucii Hall, full and absolute releases a" aforesaid, within the period ol tux moMlis fio;u said 2oi.ii day of F br;iary. 1855 RICHARD WALLACii, Tru tee. Ja 11?eotAug28th FOR POOS AND LABORING 1MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOT A cT 10 fe?t ?r mere. It various parts ol tb?City,?b3 C?o< g?toTri,, at IdW pi 1cm, and terras to suit. LLOYD A 00. QUIuDltlO STdRtl, For sale, dslivaratle at th? Canal, or Wharfs*, b Waaftiigt-cc, Osorgetoira, or Alexandria. liovd k oa liUi street, opr. Treamr? Dc^aitmsnt. IT tt-l T PUEHIDBNT'rt MOUNTED GUARD QUICK STEP.?Tiiis excellent piecs: bf Mutsic of Un popular composer, Mr. Robett Heller, has just benn published by the subscribers. Tue title page n m?st elegantly embellished. H1LRUS 8l niTZ, Vlasic Publishers, Depot 111 Star Buildings. READY MADE SUMMER CLOTHING rjAVING within the last fe.v days made g:i at i X audakons to our former stock of lleady-made Clothinp, we arc now prepared to offer gentlemen every inducement in price and quality to visit our exten.-ive smlesioxns beloie m ikiiiR their selections Our assortment ot White and colorcd Shirts Gauze, merino, siik and cotton Undershirts Linen and Cotton Draiv? rs Hummer stock?, <'ravau, f!carf?,Ties Collars, Glovea, Hosiery, kc., Is very large and complete, making our present stock one ol the rao?t de-irablc to select from In pri c?s and <iua:it> to be found this side nf New York. W/LL at STEPHENS, 39*4 Pa. uv., next door to Iron Hail. | Je 4 -tf y.Vew.-) Lli HE MISSING BRIDE, I y E. D. E. W. feouth P | worth, 2 vols, price $1 Harper's Magazine for June 2^ Harper's Btorv B*ok No 7, Virginia 25 Pctnam's Mag-zne for June Godcy's Lady's Ibnik do Graham> >larazice do 25 All the New Books, Magazines, (.'heap Pobiica lionsand Weekly Paj/irs leceived as si?Oii as pub lished and lor sale by K. K. LUNDY, No. 14b Bridge street, Georgetown, may 31?tr Land wabka.*jts wanted, tor which the highest prices will be paid bv CHLBB BROTHERS, may 31?tf (Iutei) o4ip. the 'iTen.ury. WHEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA tional Law, new eoiuou Adams' Equity, nsw edition, with American note j?: 5 FRANCK TAYLOR. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. PtruiTMiNT or Htat*. \ Washington, May 26.1866. J IN pnrsMtwcf the 4,ae; le^allting and making ?ppropi Utlfor such n?o?>*pary ob]?tiuh?n b??n usually ine'uded Id the general appropriation Mil without authority of l%w, aad to fix and pro vide lor oerUin incl i*nt?l exp' n ih of tha depart ments and offloos of the government, and for other purpes<?s," approved the 20tb Au*a?t, 1842. seeled prrponals will be received at th? uep??tment until 3 o'clock p. m., on the 23d of June Dext, for fill* nlphing such articles of stationary as may re qn'red by it for one year from the lat day of July next, a* enumerated in the subjoined f ohedale and estimate of quantitv; bnf. it Is to be uniersto'd by (?T*ot>* proposing that the depirtmcntis to be at ifcerty to take either a l**s? or greater quantity of ft**r article than i? spee:fbd, ?cc >rding to its want* durlrg the year. Eaeh ar icl =? to b1* cf the best qmlity, and to h* delirere > without d?lay when ordered. ' SCIUDULB. Paper, hand made, of linen, laid or rcove. 50 rtatos foolscap, s%tin rr p'uia flnlnh, to be wben trimmed 1S'/{ by 16icch?s, and walgh cot les* than 16 lb*, p?-r renin, per ream 60 reami foolscap, s milar finish, ruled garden patters, per pam 90 reams quarto job . similar finish, to weigh not le<--8 than 9 lb? p?r, trimmed, one-half ruled on thre? sides. per r-?.m 40 reams ncti paper, cream lail damask, per ream Envelope pa par, mooth. 20 reams sup-r rojai, y llow, per ream 10 reams medium, yellow, per ri-am 80 r?an>fl medium, white, thick, p?-r roam S?0 roams d.-uble cap, white, per roam 100 gross metallic pice, Perry's, or such asmay be required, per gr<>?3 6 grore black lead pen da, Brrckmnn h tacg den's, r r such as may bo required, per grcas 1 do2t>n red lead pencil*, per dozen 5i dozen irory 'elders, 9 itch per ?o?en 10 dozen rrd t?p*, No. 2!, pep dozen 10 tlo8?n rel tape, No 1?, o?r d^san 10 d.z-a r?l tspe, No 17, fer doz.?n 10 dozen red tap.!, ivo. 15, per dona 12 dozen eil': taste, neircw, per ?!czen 12 dozen silk taste. wi e, per desen 2 dozen silk cord, p*r doz'n 1 dim cut gia<)) inkstands, Draper^ or Whlt neyV, per doz-u 2doiec waf-r stand*, eor.o\, per Oozen 2 doz?n arastra. Rcdgers A Son's irory handler, per doz>?n 1 d< z?n irory handle wafer sea's, per doxrn 6 dozen ia)r, in quarts, blac*;, ll*ynari t Kqjes, per dozen 1 dozen c?rmiae 1'lc, per dosen 3 por?ndo wafers, j .d, per poaisd 1 ponnd wafers. Thite, per p^und fOOJtwafers, for Unitel ?t?te? ^e*l, per 1,009 5000 wafer**, for department s-al, pr-r 1.000 100 poacidr, s -aling ?' ax, h? ?t ?xtrn nuperS ue soar iet, Doeell A Knry, per pound 10 pound.) t?ioe, gill n t, pjr pound 20 founds twine, twiae, j-or pound ?0 pounds twin*. eo?a-.-e, for j acking, por ptaad U aosan BCisfl.T9, per dosen En-*lop,u linul with l<mn, 1000 No I, per l.(>0<i 1000 No 2, p*r 1,000 1000 No 3, per 1,0< 0 1000 No 4, per 1.000 1000 No 6, per 1 00<? l?K-0 Vo 6, p-r 1,000 1000 No 7, per J,C0'J Each proro??l mu"t be r!gn?d by tl^a lr^Mual ?>r firm making it, e.rd mjft epecifr a prift* ? Aii (w price, fcr each and every article conUlsti n tb? schedule. fhrxi d ony */tf e be requ ied lot enumentel, they are to t*? xbr :i^hed ?t the ow*st markut price.:, axcrl-tj; to (juility. L'liak l?rias f r propo^.ls w?ll b- fum-slja-i at the depart nent to pardons tpplyin? fee then; an ! as, wiib >3t unif. rmi y therein, th- department w;uld find it difficult to muke ? decjfiir^j, ^cne vitl b? i?kra dto c. n.Mderation unlesa Bubetantially agreeing herewith The proposals to be adlrersoi to "therepurtm'nt >f Sta'e," andecdoreeJ "Fropr?al? for fitat'oncry." \'oti<v will te giTon t<? tl.e j-r. on o ^honi ti.e con ract is awarded, who will required, within firo lays tlirreafter, to give bend, with Iwo suuiciect UTtfbrn for itk r^erlormsnce. The head of th-3 d^ptrtin^ct is in til*. c*sci to do !d* whether the term; of the cont'*ct bare been ompl ed with, rvnd to r-j?ct s*.y j>rti<5"es which maj ?e, in hi? opi*i n, of iiifVrior qan.ity. a? well a? to ,nnul ths c :utra;t n-( n ?.'-y failure to coajply ^it'j h" termo witMn areaaonacle time. may 29?laviw [No. <537.] Yotic* of the Rr-moial cf th*. Land OJfirc from Clinton to Wars:irp, hi the State of Misfouri. UNDKK author't* of th<? actcf Ccn^ress entitle i ' An a*t Kuthorizin/ uii-np;? ; H t>:e location of vind Officeappr- Fed M<rch 3, '.Si3, it is hereby I ?clar^d and mad< known tL:?t ti-e '.and otfi'-? f r be shle cf the pub'ic lu.iil-i .-vt Cuxroa, Ma.-r.ari, ?'i!I be remcTtf-l to w, county, in the j:d State, <>t tha first ut^y <>f July r.txL Given und? r my hand, at .he city el Waildr-jton, hi* fif'eenth day of 31ay, Anno Domini oae thoua ;nd ?is'ht hund^wl and ii ty five. bf order ol the President: JGT1N WIIJ?ON, Coran'^rloaer cf G? n?r?i Land CQce. mar 17?-lawfl^ IF YOU READ ADVERTISEMENTS PLEA.SE notice that I have, fresh from 'he ea tablislum-Pt in New Yors, ilecker'a Self nc Flour. Heeker's Grits, Hecker-'s Maccar.mi ar.d k^t-rmaceili, Ileckcr's Farina, one paper of which, it 14 cents, will make a superior dkdi sulhcient lor Hteen or twenty permits. At*), Usweiio Corn Starcii and Corr.ena, a great rariety of M illiard'* preparations oi <Jln ;o'atc for ating and drinking. Baxer's superior Cocoa pnsie 'rom wtiicb, in a few minute-;, l>v jmi irinc Imjlii,!; water en it a rery tup<jrior cup of Ch^coiu'.c can be nade. Wben dollars and cents ar: uifiu" a study and at lie fcame time superior article f ?r health and e.^in any is required, you wnjld do well io '.all at K1NG H 3rt.cery and Variety Store, corner Vermont ave lue and I strecu, a few steps nortlieaat of Jackson Statue. ?nayll--wif UNITED STAT&TmAIL. iTATE OP LOUISIANA. Post 0it:c2 Pei abt>;, June 1, lS.'o. PEOPOS AL^ for carrying th.f mail" o.' the United f tates from the 1st day cf Oclob*r, 1805. to be !0ih day of Jan *, ?85B, inMu'ive, en the fallowing oute in th*^ State of Louifiana, ?>i'l be rere'red at :be Cc n'ract of tli? P >st Otboe I? partcB?n+, -a !he city of Wa"hing'on, unfit 3 p. n., of 16th July, L855, to be d*eidcl by the VOth of ths time month. LOUISIANA Prom 1 it Octobc., 1 sVr>, to lit July, 1868 S'o. 7b07 From Sait t Martinsrilh;. bv Kretux, BriJge, Arica'idvi^r, L"oparill->, (?ooai.) *n l Barry's L> og ( ?c il,) t) Op^iouaas, Lv, CO miles and bark, one ? a we.k Lr^ave baint >ia-tia.iv1lle M ndiy at 0 a m Arrire at <?relc>u* b.y by 10 p m l^are Opelousas W;du?!sd^y at <5 a io Arrive at Fain*-ilartinsviiW n't"day by 10 p m Uids to rnn thr?e times a wn'k.wit.h a projio^ed a h?la!e. making el>?w (??n otif>TH at Opo lousas with the Ntw Gileuns Mail, will be considered. Por f nB8 of propo als, guarantee, and c?rt!fe .U?; Jso, instructions anl requirements, (?uibriimrg sondiGon? to mrorcorht*d In the eo: t a-tti. to moh an extent a?the d-p?rtm"nt may de>im pr p*>r,) we iulTi rt nement iu?iti':^ proposal.* tor mail ser?i*? n th? w.-?t~rn and 8oath*-Ht rn .wtat?), datid tit-b Lauary, 1H64. J^IIKS GAMi'BrLL, June 4?law4w Postmaster Gtjueral. [No. M8.J ~ Notic* of an estaihaknwiit of a/i additional Lane Ofire in tke Territory of Oregon. IN pursuance of tile act of Congress epproved Feb ruary 17, 185ft, entuiod "An set to establish aa additional lan l district ia the Territory of Oregon," to becal'.cd the Umpqua district, embrauisg a:l the land ljiaz south of the fourth standard parallel, it is hereby deelaroi and made k'jown that the land o*ce for aaid dwtrict has 1-eou h?rated by the Presi dent of the United States at tlie town of Winchetter in said Territory, until otherwise order.*!. Givm atider my bund, at the city of Wasaington this 17 th day of May, A. L>. 1856 JOHN WIL8DN, Commissioner of General Lanl OCco. mey 18?lawliw : MAGNOLIA IIAMS. WE have just leceived, we Relieve, the only lot ever sent to this city, and are certainly the "neplus ultra" of all bains ever introduced here, be ing all selected and curcd by C. Huffman, of Mary land, from the old Homestead receipt, we are turc that on any table they will afford a delightful source of conversation. Also, a small lot cf tender firnok'd Beef, saccha rified aad rpiced by new receipts, delightful for pic nics and Excursionist*, with a genenil assortment of all kiud? of Crackers and Sweetmeats at KING'S Family Grocery, corner Vermont avenue and I st., A few steps northeust Jack:wn Statue. Je 11?wtr NEW AND OLD PIANOS. TTfE have now in store the largest a&jurtmcHt of Vf PIAN' >S ever oliere . in this city, from Hal let, I)avis s> Co., tlacon &. Raven, and Knabe, Gaehle k Co.'* celebrated uiaout'aoories. These Pianos we guarantee, ai:U sell upon veiy e asy terrus Also, a new Pi mo used only alow months, which we offer at the low price of jJliOO cash ; a second hand FianOj by Andre Stien, for ?75. A very line second hand Chk-kcring Piano for jale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exch&ng* for new. Always on hand, Stools, Coven, Violics, Cuhari, Flutes, Accordeons, Music. Stc. *.c. JOHN t*. ELLIB, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. 9th and 10th streets. WE WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR For all the tincture iiampton ev ER MADE.?Tliu* spoke a nine and hmkI man, but mark the change ! ihe afflicted hear him, and then decide whether to suffer on or be made whole. Ye prolV'$M?>oaJ Bi?n, with ruined health, hear! * Re*. Jaxks W. HcKKicrrr, the talented and inde pendent editor of that highly popular and extensive iJ[jad pa,wr',h;! Ci,ril',,nn Banner, published at Fredericksburg, Va., in hi? editorial of the 18th oC ?&.1i?2r.Jb?? "P*?!" of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE; "Some time urn w* merely al'uded to Hampton'i Vegetable 1 inctnre. with it promise of noticing more particularly the treat relief we have ouret'f derived fiom it* use. During our collegiate enure ?, owing to sedentary habit", we became quitedysprp tic, and were very much tronbled with vertigo For more than twelve years afier leaving college, we were laboring under these two afflictions. In the spring ot 1830, our general health became so delicate that it was with great difficulty we could attend to the ordinary duties of our profession Everything , we nte immediately turned acid, cur digestive or gnns became wholly deranged; losing as It seemed to us. nil their activity and vitality; we were con stancy depres.M;d iu spirit, our "enerjry almost for eook us, and nothing but necessity urged us on to action. ? We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose. We had despaired of ever tecovering our health, when a fernali Iriwtid of ours importuned us to get a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us that we would find great relief from its use. We briefly replied, "tut not five a ifoUar for all the Tine tureHampton eeer made, so far as our own individ ual health was concerned." We had no faith in it nor any other medicine in effecting a cure on us. In the kindnesj of her heart, however, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one bottle and urged us to accept of it, and for her sake, as it could not possibly injure us, u? use it according to direc Hon For the high regard wc had for her and her act of kindness, wo promised to do so. And With out erageration we can truly say that before we bad used the contents of one bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bo? ties. We were airaid to jive it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Since then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head clear, find io far as our tabor*, toils, liabilities, respond bUitics, and worldly tares will allow, our spirits have been buoyant, Jiiitl we oat what we and as much ;;s we please, and when we please? and all is well, tor Use sake of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that others may find the same relief from its use that *ve have. |i should be hi-pt in every family. No tamijy should ever b>- I W}'l'0Ut 1! AMPTOii'j) VEGETABLE TINC 1 Ulv?. Lawyers, Dolors, Eur' ere, Ministers, in &11 thv Departments or Stat*, Ladies ai;ri Ccntlcm-n in the 1 highest waiks ci life, as vrt.ll as those moving in the most humble spheres, >pe.<k of the cures on them selves and friends by this wonderful article. Call and get pampoiets ja.tijs, and see cires o: Cougn, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neurui.^ia, Dw ncpaa, Ncrvousnes.- and General Weakness. As -. female medicine or for delicate childitn we belicvr it unequalled. So'd by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, 14fi Faiu more street, Baltimore; tnd 304 Broadwav, N. York Chas. Htott in Co., J. B. Moon, D. B. Curat Llarkk fc CowLiifQ. W ELi.ioT.and H. McI'rer son, Washington ; al*o. by R. fl. p. Cishrl, G.ioree town, ar:d C. 0. Biunv, Aleiandria, and by Drus girt* everywhere. Rev. jopn lanahan, pastor of the EXETER STREET, M L\ CHURCH.-A strong desire to benefit the afflicted indnces lum thus to ccrufy. We cnai< enge any other niedicino inS^i- Ti? P" r testimony from gentlemen Mid ladien of high standing of our own well-known citizens, who testify of cures of COfjGlf liRnv tarns, rheumatism, dyspepsia: a!c M. Ar ... January 24tii, 1865. itfctJTs. Mmfu.ier <V hlowbicy: ' P'easurc in saying to you that I haro used y ir Hampton ? i uictnre" with very c^rcat profit, fromi a serious taroat affection, my general health u?td aecome very much impaired, when I com menced to use ?- Hampton's Tincture." I found its effects upo., uy genen.l health most sal clary? My nervous sy.-"toti arul di^t stive organs aoon rurh; ed up under im use. 6 .. ' ?'e several times recommended it to my S22! 5? R,nJ '? ,;vtr? ct?">lli !ar M 1 have been i'u formed, they have use it with suceet*. Yours truly, ^PT, J"*K LA*AnAn, Of Exeter st., SI. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDIN;; OF THE LUMC3. Un~ ?? * ?^="- C" l-* ?-,Sa I do here .y certify that ahout iwtlvc months a?i l^;;n W1,!'51 s'-v' r? l?emorruage of the dji'i had four atmcfi -o! it I wss advi^d to try [r Hampton's VegeUihle l actare I procured one Joitle, and after taking tvaun, I v/a? satisfied that was much beif- r; and thn, taking the fimrtn l^ttie, I was entirely well, and new i enjov :.s ?.h?1 heaitli as ever i did in ray i;fc. I can, and do. with oat ti.i? loan bosiLat;cn, rocommend tiir Taaclum to all persons ai&ictca my tvny. Oao. W. We a CURE FITr?READ! ATcrt fs the Sick than OoU. -Troni one of the most r?spci;.a.liU; Drug,-is?a in Candina. CiunL*3T-??, H. C. Kept. 31, lg.r)3. MeasT^. MoitT:*a:i 5t Mown* at The sale M yon? Hampton's Vegefahli Tincture i- mcr. a^i every day, anl ev ry bottle s !d r'-:cnii.--ni!? ralcaMe nir liciee ?<> the s?V? r d of ut planters have trie! it in different ca.-< r wiili u iidua^ success, and are getting it by half dozens Ii has b.;en found to be the gi eat est i <=medy f .r rheu matic affections, and a wondeiful cure fio^i hten peiformedoii a n.-iro sullerii^ from V.t. I wtd furnish you v/;th a number of certificate* if von wt:'h them ' I ajn, gentlemen, yours, w. O. Trott. Call and get pamphlet gratia, and em cures ol L ?uch, Bronchius, Rhennriti.-an, Nearalina Dv tvjpM-, Nervousaesa and General Weaknc&i.' As a female mcdicine or for ueiicate children wt believe it uneijualjed. Sold by MORTIMER 3t MOW3!MY, 140 Baiti mrre street, Ba'timore, and :iOi Br.vidwt.v, ?*. v.'.rk Cua.. Stott 3. Co., 3. i! Moore, D. B.'ciAw otARXR Bowujf?, W. L';.tror and H. McPqcr sin, W ashinrton: al^o, by R. S. F. f .'i- sfl, Geoi^e town, and L. i.Hiiitv, Alexandria, and by Driie gists everywhere. feb Private Medical Treaties wn Tt:s PHI'SaOLCQIOAL 7iK 7 Cr HARU1A0B pt * D. L.A CitO?r. m. D? J 1.3A NY, If y. ?* ir.i life irifcia Colored Litho> gii.} ud (urd Ir. !^? oit; ^ Si C*uta x* o! i.u:st,9 ?.:? yt'ts rf the Uc.o,i*T* -- i 3BI.IBi(il), i3d waidslsa x ,r ?' ti?* ?iuact;4/m re#i,u { meter i.j oi iL? i'il'l'y C.uVT8 05. DOLLAR i osMCATio:;.?. HSiSBCrh A; " ^ o0-' ^9 PHYfc; *.!..)-I ^ ^ ^ Ai?ii.IA3 It, tfc< "flfcikcK.t !"" *' And cu^trusr I :of. *nd uuiurity, r??. | sfcjtttjj fi-oti eiL-uacu, wtieb j ot^r?cy tLe j^hysif*! iaeu '-?i fi. *4ri, nith on aurriige, its ?ud di.^tulillMtvions, and their rrajwiijM; with li.iogr-i^as, the I un-.tcmr tnd physiology, tcil dii^is of iLc *ep? iuctiv? orgiu:s of fcoih t'iolr ttructure. u?ea ts J functions. A popular *nd wuap^eiieiiaivs tra& ni:i on tie dati?i fcr.d cisu^i?!?>??.. f ciagle a^d mnr ri<Hl life?Lappy s^d lie:.* . J?:v,vw, ciods of se nur?ng ihein?'nfsHcit.iiu auu iUisrU- on?e-tLei olviscka and rcm<r?ri?irt? rtWit hlnta to th~ oontampi^tlng taktriu 'ay- th*t will overeoa s ob-1 jMtiens to It; ton.?. LtviuVcr, steals take ihlj an. I portvit sUp Wtfbc.ur Uiut eouiultlng its page*-. ocnitasnUriec on tor aL?iUMan'2 r.:edie?l trwitHut ot famaios froa iiuauay to oij CfcSB leally llluntPitf i by Wu:.fol liLhogMphie ^.L,tes cervoas dcbiilrr, iw caow* and eare^ by a places* at onoe so simple, ??jfs and tQ?otuU. Umt ft.ilors it iwpowiola?rul?3 tor daily ui *es4i &n gponratorrhcta with practical o^erraiac,ns on s ?ai?r, and mora su<roasltll uirda of tr?atsi?z:t?or# sautiorury L1.V.U ot the evils roreiting froa ex.\jir call ;raflti3e~A.i es;?y oa alldL^Ma hri#lr,iffrc^ (BdlitertUoie, vita pUia and n;ap!? nih by nL'ah all pjtuonc ean i uro tbsmcei>M vlthont ujwcj.r?_ BWMAiM for those f*l/inllet^d miscrias fcui di-'n pointsd Lop U0 uaJurt^nately p^velj.nt in ch, younf. It u; a trulhftJ .-tdTj.-^r to thfi ?o-< thow. aontra- UtiDg rairrlr.To. Itj i8 ticultrly reormaeadrd tr> person? eatanwnL-irtl iret douots of tbejr ptijHioii ocntiltfrfc, v- f sotjclc-jji o. having kaoiroad tl.-.j iiaaUi Itappin^ tfiiJto? 10 i,Li0h "K7 hnea* ^?S w fJriM.^!a W**?* 2r. eopi6? for aae JoV Sd'iiSii P??t?5e u. Any part cf tlid Cul wS??5EJ& Vnt'T 0,7 ^ Oaca w^on *n7 ci\Jicdif?*see apen which iilj tn?-Lr ?SF<!l*?vLZ*>a3 SSed and ?080rfl,;r^te diiMrtlous, sn4 or Feet Office Offloe o 8u&day from w J. 1K1UDLET05, n<r IN ICE, lCF1'iJ?Ft.?Utk next to corn^ 12tK * THE OFFICE wVffrAN 1 ^Y AT quantities. UC can 1,0 toa<*in ,ar6e ?t auall 0^-OjJce open from 5 a. m to 9 p.?. 5n? d JOHN p. ELLIS. j? 100 Pa' a^en?e, b?. 0Ui and loth st*. , DOCTOR HOOFLAND'8 CKLKBKATKD German Bitters, nirun *t r?2. C. K. JACKSON, Philad's^ P|^ WILL BKr*CTPALLT ClfMw V UTE2 COMPLAINT, DISPKPS1A, JAO?iCH. raro.w ?r Xfruxu DeKUu, DWm ?/ a, ,Udi^4 oZ^, ^ mrdceod Liver or Stoma*A. Sach a? Constipation, Inward Piles, Puling. or Blood to the llead, Acidity of the Siornarh, Nau sea, Hcartborn, Disgust lor food, l-'tjlnec? or weuhl in Uie Stomach, Sour Emrtationx, SinK inj or Fluueru.2 at the Pit of thr Stomach, 8w m miug of the Head, Hurried ai. i difficult Jlreruhing, Fluttering at the H? art, Choking ot Snflbeatine Sensations when in a lvint? Po?ture, Dimti<*f<0 of Vision, Dot* of Web# before the sir^t, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness ot the Skin and Eyes. Pain tiuine Side, Back, C test, Limbs ?lo., Sudden* Fiudu* of Heat l:uiii;n?in the Flesh, Oons'.:nt luiu^m inpn of BtU,aiMlreardpprcstion of Spirits. THE proprietor, in coiling tue .utenuoi. of J e ntiblie to this preparation, doe* so witli a feei ng ortf>?? utmost confidence in its-virtues and adap tation to the diseases n?r which it is rccotnmendcd. It if no new and untried article, Hut one thai "ias ^towtfthc tti=t of a ten years' trial before the-Aweii ccn people, n:id Its rtputation and sale it* unrivti'oi' by any *im.iar preparation* extant. "Hie testimony in itfti'avor ?iven by the moe* prominent ana we'1 Known Physician* ar.d individual* in nil pa.w o! tiie country i? immense. Tlie following from N'orib Carolina is respectfully maHuKui', referring any who may Plill4ioubl, to -ny "Metnoi ~hil*a,''or Prac tical Receipt. Book, for Fs-irers an<i Fiuiiiiie*, ic be had -rati?, of all the Agents for the <ierinar 8i:icr?. i Principal Office anu Manufactory, 130 Arch si., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH ^AROLFNA. Certificate of Dr. TV. Srn'th. of F*me Hul. R?Ji tnotuf Countu. AT. C. Pint ?i?i,r., March 4ih 1HM. Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?De;./ Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its wrrvt S rm, foMhc la*; five ye.ars, Such was my conation for twelve month? that the physiciansjand all who u;. me ?rtid I tniift die. Wmieui this condition I was carri-f! t-? the watering places in Virginia, Tennis? seea.d North Cirolina, but was not benefited o> any water lo which 1 wa-? taken. While on i:ij w:iy home, 1 stopped a week at Rntherfordton. r. t-mSHI v?'lajf?* in North (Carolina, to try the efl'isct ot acme Chalybeate wsi"r in that place. About I; e 'a*\ of the we.-k, 1 w< nt into a drug store to ,?et *<>ine medicine for mv child an?l lujraetf. Tli' r? were sevial ' f tin: vih ige phvsician* in the store !u;J cne of them ;m?:d toaake some interest in rny ease, and, after asking me some questions, said ti had been a dyspeptic. an.I hart bc**n preat'y ben*1 fitted by the n-eof"Dr. Hooflmd's Osrmap llu ters." prepared by yn, and he in<ist?d th:?t I would try Hie He aiso eclled the hf-xt Jay it my room, aridinsi.'ted so tnueh that I would try then* that I inked h:m to pot me one b ?t?le. H>- dt<! ft. and 1 commenced taking it a- directed, and I do I was more benefitted by it than all the waw aa?J medicine I hud ever takt-n. Aftrr rea< hinsr h'>m< one of my neighbors came to me fur a prescription Slid medicine, (be a dy?p^p tic,) and i irave liim nearly all the Bitters t hart leu, which effected much srmi i in his case. He has often called on n.i? for mor- ?'l?l!ie tame k nd ot mvdi cit:e, sa>?nf? be w i-- mor-' beneEtted by it than any uriiei h? i-td tftken, but I have not been aide to j??5t luy man- for bins or myself r;_C^ , V.'." , , tiiei?^ uire pie.'?" ship me a d ?zen or mere as scon as pos -blc. Ke-vceukillv vours, W. SMITH. ii. R. HOOKF.K, Roger's St'.re, Wake Co., V. O , 0-;tob?:r Ihi3, ?avs:?u H?vinif expericnct d very rrrat benefit fruai the use of " IIiMtflindV German Biiterr/' in (Chronic Dysentery and functional de rjni{-einciit0i the Liver, and its concomitant evK, I am desirous of obu ninga itiantity ?>f it for thi: benefit of my community. Vou will, therefore, please send a lot. hr. &c. CSKTIFICATC OF \VM. J. AT WOOD. Hcxtsttile, V*tiin? Oo.,N C ,Xov. I?t, 1KW. Dr M. Jackbou?Doar Sir: Allow me to ?*x preta to you my hincen: tiiacks lor yntir discovery nfa medicine wine's, to say the least of it, na? ef fe<-led a cure that all other med-cines, the' I h?.v?: cal.en. have entir^y faded to no. <4Hoofiand'5 Ger nnui Bitters" have suied 'me of th? no.t itrMj'ivn and ag'navar.'d e>se of the rn.xs that, peiiiap?, c v?.r f*-ll M dip V'? ??f nsan. \Iy eu?e i>c :i MrvpT in this coniRPt'iity, h* i run well kn<>wi in tins aiif4 thv -urrou.idirir counties, an-i tun truly tav thU my re covery has ;i?t* ur.d< i aii my friends aa.i rtiai;<m?, ??' I hail tried everything recommended, and nntfamg did me any i:o? d until ? was pievai'ed ujMin io try the l<itiers. Vou un; :tt liberty to n ake. any use nt this communication, lor the b?n lit of the aitiicud, yc/U may tlunk proper, i ruty your". WM. J. AT WOOD. Tnes* b'ltrr- iir? entire j refrta'ie, they inV!eoral? and Htr?:iirthen the : t? in. uev?-r nr'rs'.ra;c it, and can b" u-ed for invints w- H as adalti. I'or s^l? bv ? ???p" c?hI?h; d< ui? r>i e^crjwhfr^. and by Z. D. GH.MAN, Ws^nmgton: J. |4. klDWh^L. Gcorgc'.nvTn; am J. K. PI^liPoNT, Alexudria. mar l?lv OARTSIfS SPANISH MIXTURE. XU*> Or??t Porllltr cI tha Dlood I yet r. Particle of ^lercary In It i 4n r5i?L:??;j K^inr iai bcrc-.'a ?, *tP, -Kheumfetk.-*, o^tinate Oulan;>Ti- Sinaxitkttif, P:avl?n cr Pnrttlts cn :li? l ice, iiiotebn, Co*!', Ctrnuic Fcr< y.jr-:, ivinj; Worm or 1*tt-i:,' boa.! i n -t .. i i: : : Mid Pain cf tL? Swucm ao4 Jr.'.nts, fc'.fcbl:rn LT<o<-'-h.; L:fcorit>rF, i Lny.?:a{;j, epii-.-.' C--T'a'=.t?, aal si* tbf di*?<<i*i ti-rrio.- fr? an Jr; A -Ions U'J of Msreury, Lm pr.:d ?:!-?? it: Ufa, or Im^ui .7 of li.e 5xUld valuh.l: T-L.i-h 'at: ~e'.f } braced >;r number c-f ?xtrat rd^r iry cures. ?rectei through it* ag^Lsy, har icluetd i.he pxopr< v.o-i, at ti.-i uig. ut requ'at of th?Ir friend*, to ctfe: tt to th? pu?>l>c~ wLii:h tl-sy do with the uisiort con adencs ^ it? Tirt?i*s aal wcad?rtul cava tire piop j ?rB 3 lh? niliorlse; r*nlSui!.rfl. se^6cted ft-.-a i lars? nomb :, ara, itmret, s:rcnger tecil&aw ihaa Uit iicre wo.: cf ti? proprirtcxr; ar l lz* a;? Ten srtnttamea w<i! kwvn tv^ir localities, ati ?A the hi|:he ? rospectaoQIty, mu>y of ti uii re^ivUr^ '.a the :ity ol L Ti, F. of tha Kr.^hf.r-^r Hotfl, Klob acci, V rtr^-n er ry^!:rre l??? hf :e-#ii the M-. icia* calif i OiLt*s '3 rriitr-a viminirtr-?^ in over n huudreJ catw. in r-.{Uriy all th? fat rfb chi; 5r xncciiaeiaisi, w!'h tLs laort s^-trn ithi~sly g<>4 rcfcults. iis rs-? It la u.c^c 11 trasraiuaxy icf-<;. :ne L? net ?vi AiiUJC AND PETMiv?GRBAt Cu.iLE ?T Lsrsbj Mrtify lbs'. M tj? o? }?ars I had Ag-.? unl * c*r r of thi* no-. ri -ilcr.t draerlptioo. I had at rcral Pti? tock lvge qnantices of QainSne, ^Jr,r? a aid I fc<L*v? all ths Tobir.) t.itritlsr.1, uut:ll*.rt-*;; out j.*rrnf.r.#a* At \t. l I tri?d Ownt*b c?:l>h :?/ -5v : ?, L -U'ti of w&leh ?"re: ;j tnr, e.n \ L Li ,?i>j to =ay I h*ve hi! neither -hl!?J or ftre.g nir.ce. 1 conquer It the m thi? TToild, a^d tha enly ce-llrlne tha- ter reicteJ i/c-ij. JOIvJi LCN(JD4y. Pi* uz 1 *ir Ei -hm. nd. Ta. 0. P. Lcw?i, k ? ' * is tiie city of P.' hi: ;m-1 and for uicy yeaia la th? Oiiia, Lsji cu;h oaaildenoo i- L^alihlng iL'^i hs bought ?;ii;rtws tf tt L;t.:ea, vhkh ho liu a?*ay to the aS vtad ? >ir. Luj4 tiTn hi ii<tf Lf-vcr it ta fail fal ia iix-zr^ifg io dlvr?iiocs. P?r. hilllSsl, a v-3_u?m,; Pbj^Jan, and iztnnlj cf the Oily Bois), ic ths cl'.j 0i lUciiato-i, fcaj a be uU witct.'scd I i a number er'lr.t^accMthaoZVcw* ol Carter's ripar^a M^tiurs, vhlch wrre iz'h- truly iUrpri.e.nj. H? .;.;s'a a owe of Ooii^iunipilon, d> f.andnat on the Liver, th^ gor^ 4 a*ra won darfoi itiawi. r!AMPl-L la DUiNKttiii, ct tha 2na ?* Cri;.lfer ? Morris, llk'r.jtoad, waa car?d <?ured of Live; Ccx3 plairt 0/ thr<*? > ?ard statjLtj;, 07 tha nae at twv botti?* oi Cari*r'r. HpRtihh 'lxture Ctlll:ATOOH? 0-; 'fCKOrULA.?'idlt'-is o! tbe Ulf.fcrioaU itepuidtear. baa a fcerva. t ca^..i ii In their nn :j toou, cuieJi cf vioUnt BcoTula. <-cui wisi. P.hanaikiism, *?h<ch entirely ditccicd hlia &om vert. Two bottla* of Csitar'a t ? h Mixtar? made a p-i.-eot errs of Ljw, a^-d tie i ii | ^ors in it pab'.k notice, say tb#y '?chaorfu .y rceom cnend It to l11 who a:? alhicted with isv cf rh? Mcod * STILL ANOTHSL OJr.S Cf 9CL*1TU^ Itnd j t V6jy valuable L07 ci-jtd of Barrel* 1; l< r?> 9j?i.nLh Milt or*j. I ?ojisVder It truly ;i ?tluaLlr mriiclue. JkMi*3 Id. TAYLOR, Oond^tU' Ob the R. V. ar. * P. k. it. Co. tiir.LiflonJ. Va. tLLLI RiikiUM 01 SWHNTf \kUft3 0 Vl.&D Mr. JOUiv THOMPSON, r?*i4inir L. ,;.r dh*: ? aiehxuosd, wp.e t urei by ihreu bo;;i - ai. C?rtiei"t opsniafc Hiitnr., ct &>:: afc,ara, wL!rh Ls h.ii. r nwiy swmt;' yaure, end whieh all tha aayaKLzt of the H.!t -jcaid not rure Mr. I'boa^pi^c u a vea knoT?i -.-t*i.v.knt la ths city of v; In mwc Ut. a-^aLI?. WiA. ? 11ATT jIIWP. cf Hirhmoud had c ??ervejat ccr^l oi ^cehllis, in the votst ioria. t-f Oart.-iJs Hpar.Uh Mir tarn. He ?*ayi be eh^rrctly re<>"u> Tiends it, and occiders it u very ibvaluabis ia Ci dn?. BuR'iON,eoian^v'onsr (W vhs rvvtcue. say? be bad i?u ih? (rood -tfeefs of C?ri "^b ? ci Mixture ia a namhrr cf:: ?pbiiitic p?*m, kb-J says it ?B r nrfe-'t *uv? tVr that h'.r. ble disease. WM. H. '! AKWOOD, #f' Eichtaond, cum: ef old Sore^ sad l.'l*r^, wh ch dissblfd hlia fr?o walkiu* Tooi a fhw bottlap of Csrter's ipauish Mixture ard wm ecnbltd ti" wait rithoat a crutch, In aabcr* liiae p'*iaiantr *ly fured. Pr?nc:pu! bj?pot' hC M. WAltD, CI'OSls ? 1 "9h H8 Mai dsn l?n?. Nevr Tork. T. W DYOrr t fr 'N!1, No. IN North ieoend ft., Philed-lphia MMKtTT a 6HKiU?, No. lltf k?*ia rara-1, Wch mend, Va. And for cals lty oUARLKfl FTOTT, Waahingtoii, D. C; II Kit 3.Y PaJSb, Alexandria, and by D??gci?tB ?verywhete. Prie? $1 per bott le, or aix bottlaa for $S; aap P?le EM01f<i? <?F THE CODMTErtd OP>. sinfton, by U. K. Madd^a. M. R.J. A., two ?EAll(/K TATVOE. 5~ TKAVKLKRF P?R1W?TUKV. BV ICAJI.KOAD DIRECT TO tin* b?tW2?n WMhiiigton and Wheellw but 17* hour*! " Running tinu brt*nt*n Washington mnd CirrciHJiati 27 hours !! Through Tickets and Bsirguge Checka to be had in Washington!!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING creatly improved ita Werttti connrc tions ik.w ofT. rii the fulie-t indncementa to travelerv between Wa?iiinrtnn, Baltimore, and all of tlie W>?, the Nortftweat and the Soatk Weat. The connection between the train* from Waafc. trpun and tl>e tnin? bound weit trom Baltuno;e ia *.wa,a promptly made at tiie Washington Junction (lal.Jy culled the Relay Hou?e) 9 autre from Rata more. Tins i? the only <hu.;r of can required be . wttf W ash melon and the < Hiio nvr. HimR ? cherWed through to Wheeling at the Waahmgton ?ta?ior., and recheek'-d and transferred there, (with Uae psiK-K-mjerii) without charge, lor tho* holding iliioutii lickru for points bt-vond. The connecting tram- '*ave \Vasl;,ii?i,,n daily at 6 a. in. and 4U ui On Sunday* at the latter hour only. At VVhcduu dire t conn?rrtow is made with the trains ol the CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, ran nine from Reilaire on the Ohio, rear \Vh< eluu ? hrouth Cambridge, ZmmvUc and N? wwfc, im COLUMBUS. Then* train* roniMtt at Newark witll ihe car* of the Newark, Man?ti< Id and Sandua l.y ilallroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Lotii?. etc. AiColuinbua the C. O. Rai'i^vid tram* connect with tilt- fa?t trail!* of the Little Miami Katiromi to Aenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At Xenia (r>n Little Miami Railroad) connection ia 'milled with theVrMB* Uiroiteti INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lathyettc, Chicago, Rock Island, ft. Louia, etc. 9W f'as-senKcr* hoJdinj thnmch tlcbet-- for ITi~n phis Hck.ifurg, Xalche*, Xttc Orleans, etc., which are alao sold at Washington? are transferred at Cm cuinaiito the Mail Steam* ra nn the Ohio. Tlckwta io<" CvaBBviile, Cairo, and St. Lout* arc told by thia route. 4?rroR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to To'e-Jo, Detroit, Chicv.i, etc., tick ft a are enld, when the Ohioi* navigable between Wtteei;ng ai d Wellsville (forty uiilea? where a connection with the Cievelar.d and l*!n?turp Railroad ia made. Traveller? are requts-ed to notice tliat wkile thia !? the ?n!v route n3< ruing through ticket* and cb**cka In W -ehington, it is aiao the rearrest, mart speedy, find direct to t-early a!l the leading point" in ihe West. Th? < fr^rn WaaMefon toCia eianati m h?ir 6.V? miles being about 100 miles ahort er than bv anv other route ! PARE BV THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INOTON: To Wheeling, $9 50; Columbus ?13 65; Pnvton, ?15 50 ; Cincinnati, ?16 ; Louisville, by railroad .?l*65. by "teauier from Cincinnati.$1B; ln dit-napolk, f 17 50; Cleveland. $12 13; Toledo. $15 *0; D troit, ?15 ?i; Chicago. .f-3u 65 and ?iV 50; St. Louis, &O- 50 and ?25; M<uiph;?, ?96. New Or !(.<in?, ?31, etc. fOR FREDERICK ard HARPER'S fERRY MARTINSBCRG, KERKKLEY SPRINGS, CUM RERLAND, BED^ORDSPR|.\Gr?, Piedmont.Oak land, and Fairinount, pa^enr-rt nihy leave Waah incton at 6 n m or 4?4 p. m. For the nanor wav stbuons between Baltimore .and Wheelieg, take 6 a m train from Wafhtngtiw. For trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolia, etc., i-ce "tpetial advertisement#. ' Og^Por further information, through ticket*, he. ipplv ?o THOS. H. PARS- INS; \g r.t. at Waahin/ ton Bullion. JOHN H. DONE, Ma*tr.r of Transportation Baltitore and Omo Railroad, BaJumore. miv 11?ti W ASHnSQTON RRANCH RAILROAD. CH \NGE OF HOURS. ON apd after Monday, the 23? m>tant, the tra wil! Le.-.?e XVa>kiD2ton at 6 and ?}? a. m., and 3 and \)i p in < in Surday at 4V{ p m Leave Baitiucre at 4 ^ and V* a in, and 3 and 5jk' t? m Oil Sunday at 4* a m. a?2J-tf T. H. rARSONS, Ago! isfe Mott Bedell's Line. KEfT YORK. JlLEXJ VDRIA, T\WinXGTON CJTV, jIXD V!57VICT OF COLUMBIA PACKKTS. rilHffl LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WlvEKLY i from pier 14 Ea<t River. New Vork.and oftener if necc-s^an, and are composu! of the t olio wing firat c'.l-"* Vef>?e"U: * ew ac-hr. -f. r. BcieJ, Bi dell, mas'cr. New sehr. Matt RoleU, A. V. TredwelL Hehr. Jhm D., Wm. Oliver, master. Sctir. Viilant, L. A. Smith, master. Setir. Cimrr.ctiirr in-Ckuf , W^Klom. m.sjrter. Schr. Green"-ay, Wilswin, master. These are ill fast sailer*, and the marten ir.en of erp^rietic* In the traJ<*, t-nti the only regu lur line oi Ws.- hui'ttMi f^ttv packit*. M'JTT !>Ei:E'.L. Wall Ptreel, W. Y. 8. S. MASTERS J*. SONS, Alexandria, Va. TUOMAS Ril.EY, feb I?fra WaclHogtrm and D. C. OS^JStfK 4JJ1) ALSXA9P&IA EAILK0AD. On trad after Tuuiiay, Nov. 7, 1854, TIIR Oar? l??r9 daily frr Gordoc* _ |H| ana !cir n?,edi*tt (taMoaa at 7 k' o'clock, t as., t?o tb? arrtTal of tts bo&t trera Washington, ?'ii tiits for hr^akfwrt cn board. Cow ?: il;,cuu jr. Janctl*a wuh a traiv tcr Ptra* bcr^. arWarr?attM? Ju ctkn wi'h a trulu for Wa> renion, and at Gordouarill* with tfc? trving en tht Vieginj^ tVtjtrji Rallrifil for ii. lnr.rnd, Charlotte* ?iile, and ? jnrt?a. The ears GorJonrvRlv dali;/ for Alexandria 4! d lo-iieiw.ta ?tatirn.s at V, before li, a.oa 15e afi1va< of the tnlut 0T the ? irgii;la Cectial rail read h v4i mJ ^liuoaJ, (.Larlotu^rllia. and Stanston. THRCUGH TICSKId I: tzi AlsZiuGrlm to V? unentc= %S 09 *? ** Gordo^itville 8 M ** ** C> ailot tc*TiI!* I 2* u ?* Staunton....^ I 80 K * BtonMmrg 8 83 ? 44 lynthburg 8 Tl u u VLaa^nrttr.............. S 80 44 *? I aray? 4 ?8 u b liew aUraet. 8 00 44 * fcli^auurn 3 28 I'*>* Lj-Job-ifirc,'ittoAlfi with tie ctagw a? .UaSviLe, pa Ucnla^i, w?duead?y?, and frW lit*!. S-r Lsr?.j &ii Ke,v k^rl ?t, erruadlng with lb? r. aju. mt ^,<n!i uaadajc, 11inraly% aad Aa8 crday. 1 .1 "VT.: faster daily, c^aaectfoj; wlii tLa ctagaa hi for b.l-iJilmz dally, aiijcodng nlth the cU^ai ui ih* Fihisa. Fmt or>t?r: vf. B. EROOilTT, Agm* not 7?(IU FOE MOuHT VKENON. JT* l*.()n TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. KV:PFi'> round trip $1; from Al?x :aurii 76 centa?Thw lilOMAS OOLl.Y I'.il le%T?l Va?ingt9B at 9 and Alaxaiilria at is'yi o'clock. Coachss irate the C?( iu>l tor U s boat at 8X o'dk Uo?eL fin '0 cants. P?rat.n4 vising tha C-- ?^hf? will isava thair rai* acuM witii Gee. A ILxj. Parker. iCe&??lujenU on boat. ?u aa?c-f sam'l ao:;*Y, capt tTHCC IwlV IGliUL t* LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMEKS. rainc ?m?s comiris^o tsib llm am ? AtLANTTO. Oart. K nit irACIfiaCa.LNye, RALTIC, Ca^t Ctraatry*, AD&IAXIC, Capy Oraftra. i:i?.i aiJi/h l?w?-e i;-e?u built by ocn'ract, fsyraa* :/ tur Got'crninent sartice; aien care haa baen Uii.ta in Uiwlr ooaalruotion, aa in the Engine* u> iiieare ftrcngib atil a]?<ed, and their amntimoda Llo'ifc f-r yrasengera are unequalled lot aleganM Ufl.i .?ai!ort. iVjie ti puaa?i? frc? New York to Liverpool, fc tret rr.bin ?aa eeaeeaee aeeaeae eaaeea aaiaaaaeaaeeee "*'*? ^ 3??*ai Cabin iZxrlGi'r* n?e of extn* ?" ata e JWi ??wm LiraTpcrtl w *>rk i^ *nd JLia An erpcrte&oed aurgton Ltta Led ic each thlp, No l<erta can c* aecurea uiitil p^id tor. y0r freight ?i pa're^e aj.j,iy to kO?AKit K. OOLUNB A 00^ Wall ftreet. New York* fcUCWN, blIXPU(Y A 00., UvarpooL B. 6. RODITRTS A 00., Id Kind's Arua Yard, Lcndoa. JOHN HCrmoJI A 00, Ui Er* Notr? Dac? dta VI- tttiea, Parti. GL0 Ii. DRA1 aR, UaTM. The owners o! tte-a alilps will aot be aoeountabla for diver, bullion, ?p?ciev jownlry, pr*"ton? RV-ues or inetala, unleaa bill* af Uding are aignad ther.tor. and the valus thereof therein axprnaaed. nov 18?dly - - . - JL- ^ ? BAKKLNO H0USK OF PAULO ft *0UM*? Oppout* United SUtUs TVtamtrjf. BO\PS, stoeka and uUidc manna Intereat nt the rate of ?ix r*x cait paT aanooi ?, low 1 on deJKlsitk *? r.otl ItA h* 9i ftljw of Wlfi )ab H?(Jw

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