Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Ptilic Schools?The Junior department of Primary School, No 1, third district, under the charge of Miss Acton, formerly a pupil in the third district aohool, was examined y?t?r day. There were preaent, of the trustees, M?nr? Addison. Polk, and Knight; tbe Soo retary of the Board; of the teachers. Muse? Elvans and II. U. Henshaw, and a few of tha friend* of tha pupils. among whom we no ticed the Consul General of Swifserland, who kai always manifested a deep interest in the public schools of this city. The pupils were examined in reading, spelling, exercises in dictation, and the element* of arithmetic and geegrapby. They appeared to be well drilled into habits of good order and discipline. The school is a doable one, and numbers one hat.* died asd forty pupils. About twenty appli cants are waiting for admission. We hope that these who feel an interest in the public schools will chow it by occasionally attending the examination* now in progress The examination of Primary School, No 1, second district, also took place yesterday af ternoon in tbe school hones in Judiciary Square. This school is under the care of Mi*? E Parsons, ard is accounted cce of tbe beit in the city. We are told thu thaexami'ia tioi gave great satisfaction lo all present, among whom we noticed Col. Randolph, ex t'os'ee ; and Trustees Magruder, Pearson and Dickinson We regret that the examination cf Primary School, No. 1, first dutric:, was very much disturbed by a number cf disorderly hoy J out side who were continually whooping and yell iag in the door, and had to be drivon away ijveral times Misa M G. Wells, the teacher of this school, deserves to be applauded for the manner in whieh it has been conducted. And we rill say that Major P. F Bacon, the trustee who attended this examination, and remained till the conclusion, deserves the thanks of the parents for tbe manner in wb> ch he had de voted his time to tha interest-* of the public schools. This examination was very satisfac tory indeed. Among these present. we no ticed the venerable John Sessford. Sr., and Miss Middleton and Miw Lowe, tca.-hers. Thb Old Soldikks ?At the recent ad journed meeting of soldiers of the war of 1312. neld at the City Hail, the committee hereto fore appointed for the purpose reported the form of a oonstitutioa for the government of tha u Associated Soldiers of tbe War of 1812 for the Districtof Columbia," whioh was unan imously adopted. The following named gentlemen are the of ficers for the ensuing year : Col W W. tea tot., president: Col. John S. Williams, first vice president; Col. William Dougherty, second rice president; John Cn derwoci, Esd., secretary; Jaa MoClery, Esq , treasurer; Dr. Peregrine W.trfiald. surgeon ? Executive Committee: General Roger C. Weightman, Richard Burgess. Esq., and Wm. G Ridgely, E?q. Those entitled to memberjhip, and who are invited to jjin the Association, are all persons who bore arms in defence of tbe country in the war of 1812, whether resident of the Dis trict of Columbia at that period or who may bow reside therein, if of good standing C blfr.aation or the Focbth or Jclt ?At B meeiir.g of citisens. held last Light, at Har mcay Hail?D. Ratcliffa, Esq , in the chair, and George E Kirk acting as secretary?it wrs resolved to celebrate the approaching anni versary of the declaration of American iude pendence in a manner ay propri&te to the event; and for the purpose of maturing the arrange ments. and making every necessary provision in the premises, the following named senile men were appointed a gen ere. I committer: First Ward?l)r Magraier. Charles Abert. Wm T. Dove, S S Parker, Eiw Fuller. Second Ward? W F Bayly, Jame: Dun win, JL. F Clark, Thoa. J Fisher, Dr. Miller Third Ward?1>. Taylor, A. L New ten, George Savage, Saml Le* is, J. II Goddird. Fourth Ward?Dr. W Jones. Geo. MaNeir, Thomas Bureh, G. S. Gideon John F Callan. Fifth Ward?Thomas iiutchingson, John Devlin, jr , J. C. F.tzpatrick, J as. McGran, J as A. 'l'ait. Sixth Ward?Dr Miller, Thca. Bayne, Geo. M Faimer. Lemuel Gaddis. John L. Queen. Seventh Ward?Ja?. Espey, Wm. Cooper, Geo. E Kirk, Sam! Pumphrey, ^aml. Taylor. The committee will meet to morrow evening, at Uarmcny Hall. MrsiCAL Tastb ?That a decided improve? ment in the appreciation of cia.-si?n! coccp> sitions has taken piaee in our city, within tha past year, ia unieniablo. We jud;:e from the entirely different class of r*e l .v in genera find lying on piauu fortes Thb change has risen solely from the dilferant olass of teachers who have ojmmencel tbia labor of reformation, aa it has been oalied. among the musical aspirants in the midst of us It has been repeatedly acknowledged by artiitj that Washington ia not devoid cf mustaal talent, and that proper training only is necessary to makes its professors second t j none ia thii country, in point of cxcelienco On Friiejr evenin? the public will bava an opportunity of hearing choice classical music; the phcea *e!octed fjr the occasion of M'lle Beye's concert being named in tbe programme, which is to day published in our adverusing columns, and to whieh we invite atton'ion. Will Watch ?We are reminded thut tha article in yesterday a Star, ri b reference to an aceident occurring to the sail-boai Will W?tch, was not correct in all its particulars Tha owner of the boat, wc hav? heaa requested to say, was eat on board at th* time; and that it w?e in consequenco cf tho gentleman who sai>?d her not being acquainted with the channel, thai she wont over?in two-and-a half or three teet water?by renting on a log that was hidden on "the fl.ts;-' mi righted herself almost as soon a ; she went over. This i4 represented to us as the true statement. A Cobplim^xt ?Judge Crawford, in his charge to the graLd jury, at the commence ment of the present term of tbe Criminal Court, paid tbe following compliment: "I have alway* found the grand juries oi Washington county equal to their dut.ea, how ever arduous; and 1 .sea before ma a body cf citisens, in tbe capacity cf grand jaiors, quite on a footing with their preaeeusors, in whose hands 1 feel authorised to say the innocent will be safe, and thai the guilty, to f?r as tLo means of ascertaining them are supplied, will Dot escape/' Makia a-potu.?Last night, a colored man, named Joe Jenkins, was taken to the guard house while suffering fro.ii this horrible com plaint, the 3on?equetice cf intempcranao. Joe had not been long in tho guard hocsa before he imagined that se.eral persons were palling tbs win low cat to get at him. He raised a chair to n^ike battle with them, but was prevented from thriving it through the wi&dow. lie was sent to jail, this morn ing, where he was put ia irons to prrvent him from doing irj iry to hiiueif. Tbb Rev. J. A. Dcncbn, of Waehington, has been selected by the Patuxent Lodge, i. O 0 P., at Laurel. Md . tc delivar a i oration before, on the occasion of their eelobralion oi' the Fourth of July Tbsexerei'e^ are to take place in the beaut.fjl grove adjoining the Pa taient Factory Assault a*d BArriar ? Yesterday Justice Bates held J. E Brown and Jatnet fcjvnrn to bail for court ia two cas: s cf assault and bat The firat upon A Powell and Darby MeCarty tke latter for fightiug with William iiane, who ^aa also held for court. Criminal Cocrt ?Thomas Butler, Robert Butler, and Frank Barnes, colcrtd boys, tried for riot, an! Ca&sa Williems, on the charge of keep in ^ a bawdy hcosc were ?*verally acquit ted The traverse j iry have been diich.rged unul Friday next. T?a Sbcbbtaet or tar. Ibtbbiob his, we learn, rented, for a private residence, that large and beautiful dwellic^-bouse on fc street, between Ninth and Tentu atre?sts, recen-ly erected by our enterprliirg fellow citiien, Mr Berry Public Estcrtaixuknt ?We would re spectfully remind our readers that Professor Ktrbye and family will give their novel and lntereatiag entertainment to-night at Odd Fel Jows' hall. * Public Scrools 15x*imiA*ioi?? ?Tb? fol lowing exaanaatioo* of publto whooU are ad vertised to take place to morrow afternoon : , Miss A. K Love; senior department of Pri mary >o. 2, first district; Wilson's Hall corner of PeoosylTaniaaTcnoe and 19th street; Me*?rs. Dickinson, Magrader, DavIj, and AtLee. Miss L. H. Randolph; senior department of Primary N). 2, second district; Methodist Chureh South, b h street; Messrs. Polk, Bates, Bennett, and Knight. , iiia? B Afihdo<*n; junior department ef | Primary No. 2. third district; Protestant Methodist Church; Messrs. Hanson, Pearson, and Bacon. Ridr a*d Arrrsts ?Yesterday quite a riot came cff in the Seventh Ward, in which a number of youths, white and colored, were engaged Officer Wise, of the fifth district, got word of it, and arrested Jefferson Lawn son, Benjamin Mortimer, William Dunlop, Charles 5>'ea!, Andrew Jackson, and John W Bar,till, who were held to bail for court by Justice Bates. We learn that some of the ewnbatants were dangerously wounded in the iffray. Wasted, a Writijio.Mastrr ?We saw a doctor's prescription yesterday, so miserably written, so abomii ably penned, that it seemnd impossible to apell out a single word of it. It might Lave beta a receipt in full for a stump ing big bill, aa otder to give the bearer a merciless thrashing, or the equivalent for a doce of salt;, for anything tnat a common reader could have made of it. The druggist, howfver, to whom it was carried said it wbp til right. We asked what it spelled. Hesa:.d he didn't know, bet that always when he saw that scrawl at the bottom he knew it oaiue from Dr , who never prescribed anything bat calomel and jalnp?ten and ten. It was all right, he was sure ?JV. Y. Tines. SKC2KT FOR THK L APIKS? HOW TO PRMRKVK l>-' Beamy.?Pon'tsM Chalk, Lily White, or any of t:ie So-called c.'sraetlra, t> roncoaj ? faded or ulln* complexion. If you w >uM fcave the rose* brought bark to your cheek, * clear, healthy and tr ii.sparent akin, ami life and vigor lu r?sed taroii<li the system, jet a bottle at Dorter'* Spanish Mixture, ainl tuke It KioMIiij to illrKtlnii. ltd?osi>ot U.-.te quit* an well aa sweetmeats ; but, If aster a few doaes y >r. do not tlnd y<>nr health au<l beauty reviving, your at?j? e'astie and vlcrous, an.I the whole system refreahsd and ln?l*..rawd like i Hprtnc Uorring, then yuar caua I* hn|x l*?e. all tlje valc.ble re: Mfl<ates we poeaess, go lor ?KOgbt. It la tlio ?r?-iteet (.under of the blood kuuwn, b perfectly hartnle.ts, ?tid at U.a *aui* tin:* powerfully e2at ?to**. ??*See adve.tUetn-nt. [V i=?Z D. OILMAN, Di aggist, has removed to CiS Seventh street, opposite t tbe ratr'otlc Bank, and la now pie pared l?3)1 all order* >?r Medici--e*, Paints, OH?, and Gliv? on j?.-ron)u?o<!atlctr terms. Stiict attention will 1>? p?f.l to physician's prescriptions at all hoars of the day and night. Tha night boll la on iu* right of tha store door. ap la?lui rr~PURVOMSNA IK mtniOIN*.?RroncMUt, Cough, ' Dysf upsla Liver Complaints, Scrofula, ac.?For a'l !!???? of th? f u.?i? Sysie!ii It stands pro-euiineiit. A Olerg.uan Just Inferos us It La* cur.-J him of Srouchltla of a d-'p*'aie cbs: *-t r?uart'cnlaea HAXFIOX'S VKitifr.l HI.K TlNfTLKB? Hy Ita luild ac tion tbe stomach, liver and kidney*, will cura Dysna]> tla, (V)B{li, iHimt, BroacLul uil l.ung affections, Pain* in IUj rt?c1. Side a..l B'*s-t, Consumption, Scrofula, Rhsu, Gout. > f'\ V -tQia, Bowel Complalnla, Pile*, Worm*, an 1 Nervous i>eol!it'ra?Tltta ail diseases arising from impure bl >c>1, ml !? She greaioat female uiedlclne ev erku/twu. Tula l'jvaluable medicine la working wonder* e^on tlieUnnianframe, seeadvertlsemer.tto-da/. icar7 ?r Jut SstLMrsTj* r:c?;ve? ?.!1 thenew P.ook? an* News paper* aa Taa; (.stwalwl. Ho la ag^nt for Harper'a and all lae oth^r Majiulu*. nnd ;ui readera will ai-^iy* Cnd a lirgs ait J go-1 a?r-j i ttuent of illack liooka aud Stailonery at Bis Bx>ksU>re. Ort+.n Hnildlnr ror Pa. aveuae and at. rv-j??r>R. hcxohno's crlkbr^tro qkhmas bit mSk?WmI . iniaa^ <iepr?saed tn aplrlu, and a prey to 1nnum?rsl !c raonUl. aa well as phyalcal evlle. the v'-iim to dysj ejM'a, is Indeed an object of cotrni'isseratlon. Yet It la abiurd f->r him u? despair. We rare not hew wn?k low. nervous, arid Irr'.Ubl* lie may l>e, the cordial proper ties of HO?'KI.AND'S G1IUMAN BITTEItS, prepsrei b} Dr. C. M. Jackn'U, PliiUdelplila. are atrcngjr ihau tbe ir.anv beaded ujon?ter which is preying upon bis body and mind; and .! be cbooeee t<> try tUeoi, we will iuaure a apeedy cure. ! 8?e *if*rtUe?tte:it. je 7?>a rr'"V? MOJJK HVIDKNOR. ?We have Juat been Informed by m geutlein-vn fr-'-u. tue country with a lar^e fannlv tjst he baa had a greot MMuy atta>'ka of Suiomer C-.tU) Ulnt, b'U not 111 one tn?t-kU<-? lias bo UPed In tuakiiig a perfect curt lu less thai! 24 If nrs. wlt?. BAKKR 8 PKKU1VM BITTKK?<.? U? kell?vea al*>, that vrould not hsve paid hia doctor's i |V il wtthout the Birtrrs. He says lie never iniende t<> <!? wiili<'Ut i! In bla family. Hia uauie will Le used if require I, but not wiab'.i.g it pul>ilslie<i. Price f O cents ner iKJtfle Ti t-eliad of f H AKLk- STOTT k TO., Washlngtm, D. C., TANCT * I! \TCH. and SK I H rj. UANCR, Baltimore, atjd by Druggit everyw here. eo3t |V-* PRSUICMS AT THK PAIBS.?WHITKHI R^VS ' still In the a*<-?a?1?nco.?Tlie Juriea of each of the late fair* at Bal'.l&>ie. Richmond, at, i Nn? Tork iwirte! their h:,-hef. prenjlurrfl to J. H. W. for tb^lr superiority of Pho tr-grapl'*, Surx'tot Mi and Daguerreotypes ezhibiied. Mr. W. aliuj re'VH'ed two Me iais at the World's Pair, t?D don, and a preuiiuia at Crystal Palace. New Tork. Al*o, the Brat awards of the Maryland Institute for three y?~ ? p??t. Wi 'e "wat'a Oa'iary In tula city la ou Pa. aveuae, betw. 4fi aad 6tb ?trusts flab 17 nr~j^NOAH WALKSi: a CO.. Marble Uall Clothing Empo riuui, under Browna' Hotel, resp'ftfti'.ly announce tiiat tbelr <11.;,-ley of spring and Snmmar Clothing is now rdaly '"T lyatl i, compri?::ig an asaortauent of Ooa'.s, Vest# and Pantaloon* of the neweet aud richest designs In material, tri.nm'.ug and workmanship. To gentlemen Jlio atr.dy ex.c4ileuce wtm ecubomy In faslilonable arti ?'<?? of dre?s oj.;?ortun!ty for selecting I* offered fr.-m one oftte larjeet and moat astraci've stock of gooda ever oflhr?>d Tu this city at ? very reduced acale of prloaa. ap 17 fKT?LCH>S?7.rX(ls.?We r?tor oar readan to an alver* tlsement In another column, for fnll particulars con ctralng t'ie HTUKANA of Dr. Curt s. It la said to be one of the iiiost ri-markaLle rare* for ali deaci iptlou of disoaies ol ti.e lucgs ever dls overed. Its virtue* have been teetlfled to by hundreds, who hive obtained their knowledge by tba b?*t of a!' Issolera wperieaca. CACTiuK.?Dr Cl'iti iS'd HHURANA la tha original and oaly gauu.iie article. may J)?Im DIED. Ufl Tu?;silay mornin7, the 1-Jth iQs*nnt, at the rea i'eio?* of her in Itw, CIe?? W. Jr., Eirj , \!ri. M. C. fHEDDRN. relict of t?ie late TUr.iuis dliedlen, E.sq , in the 75th yt ar of her a^e. The frieni'gof the family arc inviied t > attend the fenern! teivic?s in Hi. Matthew'* Church, thu (Wedne ('ay) afternoon, at o'clock, without furJier invitation. Wenta YJLT ANTEO?A CAKEKUL NURSE FOR AN i f? infant. Apply at 435 E street. Je au?2t* \Y AXTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE youne ] vf women, situations. A'e fiMirou> to travel with a family, or have no objection to do chaiul> r w- rfc Fieaae <1 rem C D. ?>r E F, on .S uretl. No. I )A84, betw en I8 h and 19.h sti. je ?0?2t* WANTED?AftUUONtl UANU ROC K AW A Y, to seat f tiir pt;rscns. A fair price v\ ill be paid Ad^r?iti "Bockaway," St?.r oilice. j?* 80?It* VSITUATION WANTED A RESPECTABLE middle a^ed Woniaii as Child'? nurue or to att-ual art invaJiJ lady. Hie ha? no < bjertion to hou-*?k; epiu;, ot to gu in the country. Addrc?^ 4<A M," at liiia ollicc. Je 20? It* ANTED-A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Q.iarry aud contract for Kale ot gt'>ne w to Govi'iumcnt U:il others, there Im*ioc now aTeatde u<a:id for clone. This Uunrry it imin?(iiateTy o|i|io i;::e Gcor^ef 'nn. Large ahanty, Wackamith ah.ip, and ev -ry implntnent on tlie fpot. Tl.w quarry fur nitihen th<* b?*ii and largeat truck Stone, he. A chance id now oil<.red. Call or write to LLOYI) k CO, F:ixcenih atioet, oppo. the Treasury. nay 3?tf \\TANTED?EVERYBODY TO 4NOW THAT T V they cau get a jot S4 feet front by 130 fe?>t di:cp, ft-r tue low pi ice of 7."<?payable .$3 a montii without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th *f., Lbov* Odd Ftdijwa' Uall. upix?mi, JOHN TOX, See. oa.rdiiii?. BOAKDiae.?lu^rdirg maybe had at 473 Sixth it., hetwof ii n and E One very larje ury ? payment, with ga?; also, ki reral other room.*. je 5?0- 3t* BoaUDIN3?MRS. CUDLIPP, south side rt l a av.-iice, opposite the United Statea Hotel, liao acver^l vacctit r.Toioi", suitable tor famiii' 8 or ?iiigie fcnticmeo. Grni!citien fun<uhed with uieala. je 13 -'J* BOA UDlftO.?I"ea-*:tiit roomn for sumnier, with bo.srtiir. ? loriamiiiaa or .'inj;le per*>n* can be hst! by early a;>i<ltcation nt KING'S, 3 93 north C street, belweeu 3d :'nd 4',$. The Iioum; is de list .fully sitanted, and han fust been thoroughly ren ovated and refumi.shed. Meals furnished to fami lies ai:d day boarder* acc^mmodaud on rrnsnnaV>e In?. Je4-lm* VOTIC lai.?KOU KENT?PARLOUS AND It C'tamoers, witli board. Also, table and tran ?ieni board, with balliiiiK room and sliowtr 'mithf and every alien*..on to render it most ajjrmable to her boarder*- Mrs. P. G. MUR15AY, Corner I'eaasylvwoiia avenue aud si. ip*23?3ai Board, *c.-mks. bates, on me south west corner of Pa. avenue and IMh street is ]>re part.i to a4.-coUiinod.ili: gentlemen with r<M>iM% with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der ihoae cotuioru ble who may tavor her with their I ia iron age. ap 6?if SP.IIUOVEU, iron Hall Boot, Shie, and _ . Trunk Estab^Jiiaent. ' have received tuisday a latgea-sdWiient ot'Genta French RSI 1'aleni Lcaih i and Calf Boots and ^hoes,f Rt which 1 s?iil sell che?p. ^lao, Bo??' Youiiis, and Childr?n'a SHOES of ali description^. All in want please call at * P. UOOVCR. (rou Hall Bool, Shoe and Truuk Eatabli-fuuenr, between 9th and 90ih sts. J? 18? For Bala and Pent. A VALUABLE LOT FOR SALE, OS C ST., between 13th and 13^ streets. Title indispnt nb>. Sixe, 80 by 80 feet. Por terms apply at tbe comer *f 13th and C sts., to Mr. PLANT. Je 20 - eo3t FOP. RENT-A HANDSOME NEW BRICK House, situated In the most healty part of tbe Citv, on the corner of Massachusetts avenue and lOlh itreet, containing; ten rootns, with cellar and a gocd pump of water In tbe yard. The rent will be moderate. Apply on L stre-ft. between 9th and 10th sts , No. 50* GEO. T. LANGLEY. Je 16?6t* F .lOR KENT OR SALE?A hou?e on Virginia _ avenue, between 9th and 10th etrects, contain ing ten rooms, all privat*. Price moderate. Apply on the premises, or at Mr. Davis', next door. Je 18?3t* P. AIKEN. For rent?a handsome new frame HOUSE, containing eight rootns, very pleas antly situated, on New York avsnue, (No. 160,) hi Vine every necessary concenience. To a prompt tenant (noue other need apply) the rent will be put at tbe low rat* of ?150 per annum. Enquire ad joining the premise*. je 18?3t For sale or rent?a new two sto ry and attic brick house, with a two-story back building, containing a large ha 1 and ten good rooms. Tii a careful tenant the rent will bs veiy moderate For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth and I street'. Je 15?1m A URGE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED comer Lot, coiiiaiti'Dg 14,000 square feet and fronting the Capi'ol Park, for sale on accommodating terms if immediate application ha made to HILBUS a IIITZ, Comer Pa. avenue and 11th st. Being ?o near the Canitoi and but a few minutes' walk from the Car Depot, makes it mo :t advantage ous v situated for a large public House. jeS?if I~M3R RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT ; laige three story Brick House, well known as the best stand in the city for a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market House, and now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. Possession giv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD Si CO., Claim Agent, 15lh st, opp. the Treasury, Washing ton, D. C. niHV tf RENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottage* at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Ftimps of pare water are near the door, and communicat on is hail with Georgetown byway of II and Seventh streets and Pei.n. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation ot" clerks in the department*. T? secure the advantage of thi3 great reduction of mit immediate application must be made to the undersigned, eithur by letter, or at his nouse at Kendaif Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and tbe houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will b* sold on liberal firms. WM. STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B^?Rents paid quarterly in aihancc. apr U, 1855-tf "TriLLA FOR SALE THE SUBSCRIBER of V fers at private sale the viila in which she at present resides, with eight acrea of land, situated at nilaville, on the Washington ami Baltinifre Tum pike Road. The hcuee is ue.w, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has many advant ages for persons engaged in business in Washington it is within five minutes' walk of the Bladenslmrg Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omnibus running twice a Hay between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MAliY S. VASS. mar 27?2awtf I7IOR RENT.?FOUR NEW AN It CONVCNI ; ent Brick House*, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pa. avunue and the Departments. Runt very moderate. Apply at 11. I H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street and Eoui.-,iana avenue, or at I). B. CLARKE'S Drug Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar^G?wtf T>u!lDING LOTS AND DWELLINGS.?For | } sale, Lots on Third street, rear the City Hall? I on P, between Third a:id Fourth; on E, Ntween ! Fir-t and Second; on Seventh, between L and i?; | on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Si ven'h, bft.vecn Land M; on K, between Fo'irrhand Fifth; also, opposite to Franklin Square; Massachusetts avenue, between Fir*t and N. Capitol; Fir-^t Ward, G near Twenty first; Virginia avenue, near Twen'y tirst: N. Hampshire avenne, between 11 and I; a'so, t so frame dwellings on Fourth between F and G, will be sold low tor cash. Island property?Two ? mall frame tenements on I, between Four-and-a linif and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia avenue, and a variety in other nans of the l?land and <'ity. all of which will be sold on terms a<enrnmodating to suit purchasers Enquire at No 337, Pennsylvania av , onrtosite to Browns' Hotel. may tW--lnieo DAVID MYERLL. For rent or sale on reasonable Terms.?A three story Piame. with basement on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth street* west Also, a three story Frame, with hack building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. west Apply to James VV. Barker, residence on II street north, between 12th and 13th streets west. DICKSON * KINO, ap5?Thtf Georgetown. "TTALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the V City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly situated tracts of Land, contain ing about fitty acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, DC. opjui-iie the !;trm of Joseph II. Bradley, E?q., about 4>i uiili s from Washington, communicating with it bv a new and commodious road row under con struction The soil is excellent, tad well adapted to corn and wheat The situation is prominent and health;', nad tiie land well watered. There are three t^uenieTJts on the premises. Tins property is p?-< una ly suited to gentlemen bavin. bu-.ness in the city for beautiful country res idenees A piat of the property can be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wi*h to s<-e it. EDW. SWANN, No. ISC Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap iiO ao2;a FOR SALE?\ LM1GE NUMBER OF BUILD ina Lots, located in aM pans of the city. WILLIAM II PHILIP, Attorney at Law, Office, 434 Pa. av., betw 4# and 6th Mreets. may XJ?eo3\v Real estate at private sale?one Frame Dwelling House and Lot on O st, be tween 6th ifnd 7th streets west, containing six good rooms, nearly new. One wo and one three---tory frama Dwelling IIou-e on MassachusctJt avenue, between 4ih and 5th streets. Two two story Frame Houses ?n Washington st. Also, a very comfortable Iiwelling House on Beall street, Georgetown. Ai! the nbovfl property is nearlv new, and will be Bold on accommodating terms. Enquire ot FRAN CIS WHEATLKY, Lumber Dealer, No. 31 Water street, Georgetown. may 23?eodlm rpO LET?THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RENT I bis Houston Pa avenue, between 17ih and iSth streets, No 154, containing twelve roou.s, upon tbe most reasonable terms, either wi'h or witliout furniture. Enquire on the premise-, or of R. VV. BATES, Agent, je 15?eo3t* (Organ) t >a~RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAtt ' lore and Chambers, with board. Al'o, Tnble and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 5133 F street ap9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Bunding Lots, 34 fei t lrout by Kft) feet deep, on graded streets, can, until ?|?ring, he bought at tlie exceeding low price ol $75, payable *3 per month, 'i'ltie iudispuUible. Union Land Oilice, 7th s!., above Odd Fellows' Ilalf. Jan 9?fiin JOHN FOX. Sccreiary. ? ? ? u -i STEAMBOATS CONNECTING . "With each train of Cara arriv Virgin Waihicgton or Alaxati ilnn.?'1 ne dreamers THOMAS C O L L Y E K er GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at (? a. m for tl? Orange and Alexandria oars, and connect with' a same traiu on their ai rival. Meals furnished on till'boats. The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. insy 17?d FISCHERS BAND FDLLY OKGAN 1ZED. HAVING now completed all my prranaeuients for a first rate BitASS and COTILLON B\.\D, lain again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions, Parades, Pic Nie.?, B-lis, and sJerenades. All those in favor of a citizen's l?Mnd are respectfully invited to encourage r>ur en erprise, here in Washington City. P FISCHER, Leader. P S.?This Band, under mj direction, is regularly uniformed, and trom a practice over tweuty yeais 1 can give satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. 9th and 10 ,i streets, first door of Iron Hall. Orders left with Messrs Hilbus & lilts punctually attended r?. may 14?'2m* SCHUTTRR k KAHLERT, A rt T I S T ? , FretcO, Djccratwe, atid tvtry de criviion of UKMAMJ'.NTAL P A 1 m T1 m p. Orders left with Baldwin and Ntnntng, Arcni lects; will be promptly attended to. je dim* Auction Baio* jfr'For Jtw?ion Sale* tee fint i>cgt By J. C. FltGUl&K. Anetlo??cr. ACARD?TRUSTEE'S SALE OP STOCK OP Fancy Good*, Trunks, Harness, lie ? The at tent ion of the trade is respectfully called to the ex tensive sale of Faacy Gooda, Watches, Jewelry, Perfumety. S1H1 Work, Trunks, Harness, Double barrelled Fowling Piece*, lie., to commerce on THURSDAY morning, June 21st, at 10 o'clock, and resuming at 7^ o'clock p m , to be continued at those hours fmni day to day until the whole ia closed out. The goods will b? disposed of in lots to suit P. S ?The glass Show Cases and Iron Safe will be sold on Thursday, at 19 o'clock m-, precisely. JAMES C. McGUIRE, je 90?d Auctioneer. By J>C. neOl'IRU, Auctioneer. "TTERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Y Public Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 19th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall ctll, subdivisions 55, 56, 57, 58 an l *9, of Square No. 448; cnch fronting 24 feet on 6th street vt?t, be'w. north M and N streets, runnirg back 105 feet. These lot* arc situa ed in a rapidly improving part of the city and aie very desirable, be:u~ gtat'ei and p .fed in frout. Terms: One-'hird cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, wlili lntcieat, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McaUIRE, Je 13?d Auctioneer. O" Tt.m abov* tale la postponed In consequence of the rain, until THURSDAY a'ter noon, Juue 21st, same hour. JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 20?d Auctioncnr. By K. S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, GEORGETOWN. Frame house and lot at auction ? On TBI DAY r.tternoon next, the 22d instiin', at 3 o'clock. 1 fhall sell, in front ol the premises, Lot 31, in Tlircldki'l I's addition, fronting 30 feet on Second street, by 150 deep, with the improve ments, being a comfortable two-story frame- House, with back building. Terms: Of.e half cash ; lha balance in six and twelve months, with interest E. S. WRIGHT, je20?rtts Auctioneer. By J. C. McOUIRE, Auctioneer. (CHOICE COLLECTION OP RARE AND VAL j uable Oil Paintings at Public Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at 4l? o'clock, at the Saloon over Farnham's Roekstore, corner of 11 tli street and Pa. avenue, I shall sell h collection of rare and valuable Oil Paintings, h lected with creat care by II. N. Harlow, n*q-, from various gal leries on the Continent. Amongst them will be found specimens ol Domenichioo, Velasquez. Sir Godfrey Kneller, A. Van WilLes, John Wilson, Gain?boro', Mutilla, Vernet, Poussin, Stayer, jr., and others. The Saloon will be openanJ tlie Pictures on fret; exhibition until the sale. Cntalnpues may be obtained at the saloon or at t'".e auction rooms Terms: $100 and un'er cash ; over tha* sum a credit of sixty and ninety davs, for notes satisfactori ly endorsed, bearing interest. JAS. C. MeGUIRE, JeG?d ? Auctioneer. Qi> The sbsvc a*le la poitpon .d until TUESDAY aft. .noon, June 19, same hour. JAS. C. McGUIRE, June 15?d Auctioneer. &?- The abov e aale la farthar poat poned In consequence of the rain, until FRIDAY afternoon, June 2QJ, r.ame hour, to take j la-eat that time without regard to w< ather. JAS. C. McGUIRE, Je2D ?d Auctioneer. By QRBEN *. SCOTT, Auctlonesra. Building lot at auction ?On Tues day, the 26th instant, we shall sell, at half past six o'clock p m , on the premise*, Lot No. 33 in subdivision ot SquMe No. 569. having a front on an alley of 30 feet, luuning back 54 feet, containing 1,620 tquare feet. Terms cash. GREEN k SCOTT, je20-d Auctioneers. By GRKKN &. SCOTT. Auctioneers. HANDSOME TWO STORY AND ATTIC Brie!; House ami Lot on the no"h side of K street north, next to the corner of ^6th ft eet we?t, at Auction?On TUESDAY, the 26:h instant. wc' sell, at 6 o'clock p ???., in front of the premi ses, the ali m: described property, bein<! Lot No. 2 in Square No. 4, havit:* a trr.nt on north K street of 50 feet, running buck au equal width 110 feet 11 in.t the house contains nin? good and conveniently ar langed rooin? and kitchen. The above described properif is hm^someiy 1<> cated a liitle west, and hi the i timediate vicinity cf, the Circle. Title in.iispimble. Terms : One sixth cash ; balance in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years, the purchaser to give rot"* f'-r the deferred payment* bearing interest fro.ri the day ol sale. A deed given at.d a de? <1 r>f tru?t taken. GREEN N SCOTT, Je 90?d Auctioneers. By J. C. 'neGUlliC:, Anctlonser. SUPERIOR FAMILY CARRIAGE, FRENCH Plate Mirrors. Sundry pieces of Handsome Fur r.iture Exee'lent Milch Cow, ic., at Auction.- On WEDNESDAY, June 27th, at 12 o'clock M I shall nell, at the official residence of Commodore Pauld ing, Wellington Navy Vard,thc following arucles, viz; Three large and handsome French plate Mirrors, in rich gilt frames One Egyptian marble top rosewood Table, hand primely carved Ten Genoese Reception Chairs Rosewood, crimson, plush covered Arm Chairs Crimson and purple damask covered Rockers fill Chandeliers, with carctl Lamps Mahogany Hall Stands, Armdlnir.g Chairs ALSO? A fine family ?'arriage, bui t to order by Wood, Toiulinson a Co., New York, cost $1,000 Enamelled leatk-.'i Carriaru Cover, ac. One very superior Mitch Cow Terms: $50 and under cash; over that nmonat a credit of nxty and ninety days, for notes satiafacto rily endorsed, bearing interest JAS. C McGUIRE, Je 20?d Auctioneer. OALE OF CARTS, HARNESS, kc.?WILL bs sold by auction on THURSDAY morning, June 21?t, at 11 o'clock precisely, on the Centre Market 1 Space, opiKMite the Hank of Washington? Four Carts and Harness hi good condition, the property of a contractor declining business. Sale positive. Terms cash. ie 19 By WALL, EYItNAftD dfc CO., Aucta. PEREMPTORY SALE OF MILCH COWS AT Auctiou.?On SATURDAY morning, Jane 23, at 9 o'clock, we ahull sell, in front of our Auctiou Rooms? 11 prime Milch Cows 1 fimt rate Durham Bull, 5 years old. Ttrms: $25 at.d under cash; over that amount a credit of 30 and 60 days, for notes satisfactory en dorsed, bearing interest. WALL, BARNARD & CO., Auc:ioncera. Immediately after the above sale we shall ol?o m II. a large lot of Household Furniture, Feath er Metis and Be>!ding Kitchen Requisites, Crockery Glassware, &c. WALL, BARNARD a CO., je ltf-2l Auction****. By GRKEN * SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH L street, between 4th and &th streets west, at Auction ?On MONDAY, the 25th instant, we shall sell, in front of thA premises, at 6 p. in., Lot No. 23, ia Square So. 615, having a trout on north L, beiw. 4th uud 5th ktreeta west, of 60 leet, ruuniii? baok to a 30 feet alley. The above described property Is huidsoiuely lo cated in a rapidly improving part of the city. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash; residue ia six, twelve, uud eighteen months, lor uoles bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN a SCOTT, je 19-d Auctioneers. By GR?EN dfe SCOTT, Auctloaeera. FOUR VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS in the Northern Liberties at Auction.?On MONDAY the 2jtti instant, we. shall se-il,iu front of the premi ses, commencing at 6 o'clock p m , Lots Nos. 13 and 22, in Square No. 512. L ?t 13 Ironts on 5th at, and contains ?,141 square feet. Lot 22 fronts on i.ortli O a'.reet, and con ains 7, 3?0 feet. Also, Lot No. 20, in Squire 513, fronting on north N street, and ctntains 6,576 A nd ea?t half of Lot No 4. in Square No 515, cn which the salo will he commenced. This lot fronts on north K street 29 'eet 6 inches, bttweeu 4th and 5th streets west, running back to a wide alley. Title indispuiab e. Terms : One ihirl cash; balance in C, 12, and 18 months, the purchasers to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest irom dav of sale. GREEN k SCOTT, Je 19?d Auctioneer. By GRKKR A SCOTT, Anctlonccri. ri>WO HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS at Auc 1 ti'?n.?On THURSDAY, the 21st instant, we shall sell- on the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., Lot No. 19, in Squcre No. 724, having a fault on north D of 50 feet, between 1st and 2i streets east, run ning back to a 30 feet alley. Also, immediately alter he 6ale of the above, at 7 o'clock, we shall Mil on the premises part of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 752, fronting 60 feet on id at., ea?t. by 100 reet on G at. north. Both the above described lots arc handsomely sit uated and elevated. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in 6,12 and 18 months, for note^t b aiing interest from the day of sale. Title indisput able. A deed given and a deed of tutst taken. GREEN a SCOTT, 15?4 Auctioneers, TELEGRAPHIC. RBTOBTBD FOB TO DAILY EVBgriNQ STAB. FOTTB DATS LMEB FBOM EUROPE. Arrival of Steamship St Louis. New York. Jan* 20 ?The steamer 8L Louis, from Southampton, with English dates of the 6th last., arrived her* at eleven o'clock lost night. Her newt ia highly important. The Alia arrived oat at Liverpool on the 2d inst., and the Hermann reached Cowei en routt for Bremen on the following day. the war. Scarcely had the Atlautio, with the cewa of the great successes of the Allies, left Liver pool, than farther intelligence, in referenee to tieir poiition in the eea of Asof, reaooed Eng land. Frc-m a dispatch, which had been re eeived at the Admiralty from Sir E. Lyon, d*ted Kurtaeh. May 31, it appear* that the squadron in the sea of Asof had appeared be* fjTo Gevitolii, landed a body of seamen and marines, and after driving the Russians from the plaoe, destroyed the depots and vessels laden with corn and supplies for the Russian army. Only one man was wonn led. feinco entering the Sea of Aaof four war steamers and 240 vessels, employed in oonvey ing supplies to the Russian army in the Crimea, havo been destroyed. The Paris Uoniteur, of the 4th, furnishes the following dispatch from Gen. Pelissier to the Minister of War: " CamsA, June 1st.?We have sprung two mines in t'ron' of the Flagstaff Bastion. The second explosion did considerable damage tc the enemy. " In a ravine of Careening bay, in advance of oor work?, our engineoTS "discovered a traverse line of 21 cubic ca^es filled with gun powder, each containing 40 centimetres thick, placed at eqaal distances apart, and buried juet beaeatb the sod Each oase contained one fiftieth of a killogramnn of powder, and was covered with a fulminating apparatus, which would explode by the simple pressure cf the foot. These cases have been taken up by our engineers CONFERENCE FORMALLY CLOSED. The Viennn Conference was formally closed at the sitting held on the 4th inet. The London Morning Herald, in a telegraph ic diepatch; dated June 2d, states that the allies had taken the town of Stranyohi, at the mouth of the Putrid Sea, and burnt a month s rations of the whole Russian army, an.l destroyed the shipping; but there is but iittle doubt that this account is a French ver sion of the affair at Geritchie. A dispatch from Prince Gortscfcakoff, dated 29th of May, states that the allies had occu picd Kertoh, but had not pushed into the in terior, in consequence of the measures he bad taken to prevent them. The allies had not been able tocut off the communications of the Russian army. The Gaiette of Frankfort publishes a dis patch from to the effect that the Rus sians were raising batteries to oommand the chacnel necr Geritobi, which ccnnertsthePu. trid Lake with the Sea r.f A*:ff Aroher d-'ppatch says, Gen. Onchakcff had arrived at Pcrekoss with his division of four regiments of infantry, each noinberiug 3 600 strong. Gen Grosenheilia had also arrived at Pere kop with his division of four infantry regi. meuta each numbering SJ60 strong. Ihese figures give Gortthakoff a reinforcement of IS,000 men?a number which more exact it formation would probably reduce. Lelteis from Berlin to the 1st inst. state that the rucce^sof the allies in the s?aof Aaof made a deep impression there. It is observed that the large proportion of cavalry In the Russian army will cause a stoppage of supplies from the countries of the Don to be felt with peculiar pressure by the enemy. THE MARKETS. Saturdat, June 2.?The cotton market clorel with a general steadiness, and tho buy ing pricaa for all kinds were at the extreme range of ytsterday?salts of 20:000 bales; to exporters, 2 0o0; to speculators, 5,000. June 4th The market closed with an cpward ten. dency a* oompared wiih Friday's rates, and prices for all kinds wero ,Ad. higher. Sales of 36,000 bales; bo speculators, 10.000. June 6th. The market closed with some tameness, but steady at yesterday's raies. Sales 16,000 bales; no speculations, 9;000. Breadstuffs?There is no quotable change in any article, but the market was rather less firm. The weather was wet. Richardson, Spenca A Co. quote a fair business since Fri day in Spanish and Baltic wheats at 2d. a 3d. advance. American wheat?only 6.000 here? h:ldatl3s, without buyers. Flour is inac tive. Spanish flour has advanced la. per sack. Corn is in light demand; a limited stock. Yel low and mixed have advanced 6J.; white Is. 13J. Baltimore and Philadelphia corn nom. inaily 42s. a 4is ; yallow 61s 6J. a62s ; white 62i. a 6& ?some at 64s. Provisions are firm. Beef and pork are steady with an Inoreaiing consumptive de mand. Baoon ia firm, and holders ask 60s. a 51s. Lard is fi mar. The Aaia a advices increased the excitement of the cottjn market, and prices advai.eed. The Manchester trade was checked by the ad vance. [secokd DisrATcn ] On the 23d ult, 190 cases of cholera had occurred at St. Petersburg. The news from Kertch to the 3d states that evorj thing was goiug on satisfactorily. Sou Juk Kali(?) was evacuated by the Russians on the 28;h; they burnt all the principal building*, and abandoned sixty guns acd six mortars. The London Times received the following dispatch from ics Vienna correspondent, dated Galatz, June, 1?Thare wa3 a great fire last night in the artillery and cavalry stables, close to the ammunition depot; but the Aus trian garrison was successful in extinguishing the fire, but not before three hundred were burnt." The eholera is said to have appoared in the Austrian army in Gallicia. A letter has arrived from the French eamp before Sebastopol dated may 22d, which states that the allie3were on the eve of great events; that every thing was prepared, Ac. The last arrangements have been made in eouneil, at which Generals Canrobert, Pclwsier, Bosquet, Lord Raglan, Omar Paeba, Brown, Delia, Marmora, and Admirals Bruat and Lyons were present. All the reinforcements hsd come up, making the French army amount to 1 0,000. Telegraph dispatches from Cajari have been received announcing the death of the Bey of Turin on the night of June 1st. His successor and oousin, Sidi Mohammed Bey, asoended the throna without obstacle. ENGLAND. Both houtfl of Parliament met oft the 4th inat. Jo the Houte of L^rda tha newspaper ataap act dutiea bill paeaad through the committee. In the Hcuee of CommoDi the adjovraed do bate on the cocduot nod policy of tho war vu returned, and after n lengthened debate afain adjourned. Mr Qibeou, oontidering the Tor kith terri tory now iatnet ard safe, condemned pereiat aneo in a war whiob ba deeerihed as of iadel nita oztant, and only porta ad la a vain deaira for military glory. Sir W. Moleeworth denounced tba tempta* tioni which bad baas precanted for the con elation of a recreant peace. and oontendad tbat tba tafaty as wall aa tba (lory of tba Britifh atnpiro wonld be periled by any aigna if cowardice, or a anrrander of tbe high prin ciple! wbiob eonatitmte tbe real bond of naion among tbe aeattered elementa of Engltah na tional grandeur. In tbe Loadoo money market fundi abewad an unchecked buoyancy, and experienced on the 4th a farther advance of i?Cocsola for July account flljafilJ On the 5th funJa were leas firm, owing to a general deairo to realise. Conaola declined to 91*. The cropa throughout Great Britain ware promising Arrival of tbe Alia. Halifax. Jane 20?The Canard ateamer Alia arrived here thla mcraing, with threa days later datea than thoee brought by tba Si. Lonia. Fort Laramis in tba banda of tba Indiana. Naw Tone. June 20?The Miaaouri He pah liean of the 16th publiahes a letter dated Whitehead. Kanaae, Jane 9th, itating that an expreai rider reached tbe Qreat Nemaha If it aicn on the 6th, with the newa tStl Fort La a mie was in the banda of tbe Indiana. I^o particulars ?f tbe capture are given. Tba Indiana asaembled at tbe fort in great Banc bers Me*are. Nave A McCord, ef Aab He!, low, were robbed by the Indiana of 420 head of cattle, and 1ft horaea, wagona, mule?. Ae , loavlng them entirely destitute. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Jane 20 ?Flour ia doll. Palea 1 cf Howard street at $10 24; City Milla offered at $10. Wheat and Corn are unchanged, aith ligMt receipts and a dull buaiceaa. Few York Markets. Naw Yoke, Jane 20?The cotton market is jconalderably excited. Flonr ? the market opened buoyant but cloaed heavy, and prioee were etiffer bat not quotably higher Ohio 37*$v4 75 ; Southern ia a trifle lover. $10 75 n$ll Wheat Is a trifle higher; Southern red $2 50 * Corn it a trifle higher; mixed $1 00 nil 03 Beef ia unchanged Lird ia a iffer Whiaky h ahade higher New York Stock Market Naw Yore, June 20?Stocks ere higher Money ia easy Hales at the firat board of Erie's at 57{; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 92; Virginia ft1?. 1011; Cleveland, C Iambus >ed Cincinnati Railroad, 112*; Cleveland en i Pittaburg Uail-oad, ftO; Camberland Coa' i'osipany, Reading Railroad. 92; Canton Company at 27^; Pa. Coal Company, 11$; New York Central, 1001 My GIUKI.% 4k. CO I Baltimore. OMNIBUS COACHES AT AUCTION?Will b* cflrred at Pulilic Sale, at the Citizen's Line HiiblM,cirnerofG>bmi (noer Euaw ?tre*t) and Ho.Tman rtreets. ltai'>more, on HATUKDAV. the 30th Jun?*. in?rar.t. commencing at 10 o'clock, if fair, or if not fair, un the Monday following, at the | ^anie hour? IS food second hand Omnitaaa Coach*s Several aets IUhh-m, lot of Tool*, fc r. TewofMct OaaMf ea*h; the t.aienee for | noi?>s, with ap|*ovAd erdorsen?, payable in C wombs with interest. WM. T. STEIGER, Trustee. je I?-d GIBSON fc CO., A acta. ;ly Gltcvv a HCOTT. A uettoneere. Handsome square of ground at Aac lion.?On FRIDAY, the aid instant, we shall sell, on tbe premises, at half pact 6 o'clock p. m . n beautiful squire of ground, contaiuing over 10,000 squire teet, bounded by New J( rsey avenue, 3d and 4tn and m rta O streets, it bating square fr?>. The above drsc I bed property in beautifully loca ted on an elevated position, and in a rapidly improv ing p,irt of the city. I Terms: One third cash; buiauce in6,12, ar.l 16 worths, for notes beaiiag interest from the day oi' I the -a ?? A deed given and a J<-ed of trust taken. GREEN a SCOTT, je 16?d AaeUoeeer. j IMPORTANT TO PERSON S BRKAK INQ UP HOUSEKEEPING PERSONS removing from tfee city, and wishing to dtrpoae of their Furr.lture and Ilousokeep ' lag Uteutils. a-e., without the truuble of sending them to public aucuou, cun do no by calling on us at our Store, 311 Pa. avenue, corner of Ninth at, s* w.* arc prepared m buy all aucb goods as may be | jfered. Housekeepers and ethers will do well by calling w us, as we will pay the highest cash pric?* for all such g"c?u. WALL, BARN A UD a CO. je i?Qiu 317 Pa. avenue. PHILADELPHIA LAQEE BEER DEPOtT 3 61 Pa. attiiue, ieiwftr. -I >? and 6tk U>. WE hnve nt al< timeMheb< st PHILADELPHIA LAGER bEKU ou hand and otTer it now for iole for j?cr kt g, aud in quurt boules lor $1 Ui psr doz'-n We send the bc?r U#e of e*st to all parts oT the city. 4^r Many pUyacians h-vc recotnmead?d tlus beer us one of th? Lest u untdies for weak stonadui je 13?lm* A CARD. MRS. 1C. P111I.1.IPJ, Nr. 401 Sixth at., between G and II, de?ires to interm vb? Citi zens of WachM.gton anu vicinity, that ah* know (?repar?d to give instructions on the Piano Forte. She ha.-) tau^iit innsic in soma i f the principal 'iu?? of the Unnwi, and ha* c -iimonnis showing that she is fully enmpoti nt to discharge the duties oi her pro fes*ion to the stttinfiiciicn of tho?e who may fetor her with their patnma^. Terms : $ 10 for 24 leasona at bar reaidcnce, or $12 at the residence of her pupil.. je 12?ee3m* ? PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. fpHIS Baud is suitable l<?r an.' and all purpoaev, 1 ana usvaminted to give Mtisfacuon to all thn?? who may be pleased to rng??e then, either aa a llrass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the ahorv est notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPCR1, Leader, at Taliavuh'a Store, oppi^te th? Marine ftarraci.^. N. B.?Orders left at llilbus U iiiu's liustc Uv pot, will be promptly att- nJe4 to. tnay 25?4m FOR TELSORANGE Jt ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP KAILUOAD3 THE Suh^-riber't Coaohes will call for Paasengera Wi*Ung to connect with the above _ ,11 ^ Railrua.ia. My Coaches connect wui the Steamer*Thos Colltkr orGzokok Misicrv tok, which leave Washington at 6 a ai. fa *- Me.iU furtiiUi%d on the boau. Perdons wishing th?? Coaches lo call for them can leave their nnme and residenee with Mr. John T. Tillman, near lh* Cipunl pa'.e; Mr. Butt*a drug ttor?, corner Peuruyivanu aveaue and 12th atre?li or at Geo. a Tho*. Parker a Co. V store. Coachea can be had lor Pleasure Trips, n.ay 36?2aa_ WILLIAM WHALEY. PaTiinT ica CHkaa PKakl* EltS Ice Cream Moulds, Jellv Moulds, Melon Moulds, Rice Mould*, Pudding Moulds, Pudding Pans, Cake Pans, Patty Pans, Cake Cutters, at the flousekeeptra Furnishing Store, 490 7th aueet. je 6 Q. FRANCIS. MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! U. MCKIKKH, Jeweller, No 330 Pa. avtaat, HAS received this day, direct, the largest assert nieni of magnificent Roaian and Florentine M 'SAIC JEWELRV, which has ever been offered in this city. The patterns are of the very latest at> lea. The lot, beia* rather lar?e for the advanced a eon, will be sold at extremely l<*w prices. Magnificent ?eu of Pins and Ear Rmga, from f0 up to 930. Admirers of this style of Jewelry ere ie v;ted to ezanuae this atsortm^nt. je II IADISi' WOIt K DASSKTI.- Card j Baskets, Travelina Baskets, K-y Reskeu, Knife Baskets, Cigar Baskets, Market Baskets, i-lotaes Baskets, a large variety, very low at ibe Housekeeper's Furnishlag Store, 400 SevenUU nreet. 6. FRANCIS, jefr

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