Newspaper of Evening Star, September 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 28, 1860 Page 1
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f , ' ' ^ : 1 * ' '' ' " - > .,. ;i, -r ^ .... . . ? (Kfrttung $im V!*. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 28. I860. N?. 2.875. ^ _ *. k=S| J " /published byer y afternoon, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITAR ICILO1N0I, cfriur /Pmntylvanim avtntm and 11 tk it., W. D. W4LLACH. r?Kf? **rad in pMkt|? by avrlira It ( I r?r. or XI ooaU pm momtk. To Mil abaoribara u* K10* ' ft*-** * j ?r, m 92 for six ontlt*; 91 for tferao nosthi; ud for law Uu U?r*? BtootJ?? at Lhoraionf NmdU a vwt 8ta?lo eopiM. oma cm; in vnppws, two com. aoonld bo Mot tothaoBoa 1b?ior* 13 u'e.ook im , othor vtao tWy mm$ not innt ?atii taoxxt day. Op?rati?u *f the Pitrit Office. The following Is a Lift of p?teal?timihi<hi U S PiUntOflec (br tktwcek ndtaf fltptabv H lo40?each bearing that daU: F.than Allen, of Worceater. Maaa ?For improvement la metallic cartridge*. l?e*l L Alrtcb, of Carthage, Mo.?For lmprovoaaent in faix-eta. ?eo<x? B. Arnold, of New York. N V ? For Improvement la the manufacture of ruflaa. George B Arnold and Alfred Arnold, of New York, N. Y ?For Improvement 1a aewing ma * JwnC Baldwin, of Watervllle, N. Y., M. D Baldwin, of Br**tford, Canada, and Robert Brayton , of Buffalo, N. Y?For improvement la pre ?^rvmg wp?. U T Ball and Won H. Nauman, of Daytoa, Ohio?improvement la Hfd drill* Benjamin Barnard, of Farraington, Ohio ?For improvement In aeedlng machine*. Otorgt E latl, or Jeraey Cltjr, N. J.?For Improved railroad (Witch. iiamuel A. Black and Frederick C. Ford, of F.rle, Fa ?For aubaUtute fur railroad fro* J. H. Boyd, of Baltimore, Md?Far uuprovemeat ia aaddle*. T *i. C. Brlnly, of I<oai*vllle, Ky ?For improvement in cultivator* J. Card, of Cleveland, O ? For Improved car' rlagejark. ! Alfred Caraon, of New York, N. Y ?For Im [ proved attach trap for ainka Wm Cleveland, of Orange, N. J.?For improvement In fane eta John W Cochran, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement ia projectilea. Patrick Cody, of Hamilton, N. Y.?For im| proved clothea frame. O. W. Cunningham, of Par la, Mo.?For Improvement In plough* F. Davey. of Portamoath, Ohio ?For Improvement In iron Ilea for cotton bale* AU. Cavia and H. 8 Froat, of Watertown.Ct? f _? I i a i. ?u r ur iuipiumucut iii paruuu P. 9 Devlan. of Elizabethport, N. J.?For ltnprovemeut in journal boxes David F.ldrrd. of Monmouth, 111.?For Improvement In seeding machine* Wm Dougherty, of Philadelphia, Pa?For Improved saw grinding machine* Silas Dodson, of San Francisco. Cel.?For lml provement In machines for cleaning rice. Cyrus J. Far, of Hammonton, NT J?For Improvement In hay rakea. Kobert W. Fen wick, of Washington, DC ? For metallic bands for cotton bales Elmer C. Ford, of New York, N. Y.?For Improved apparatua for opening and closing hatchways. Henry II Foye, ot Ottawa, 111.?For improvement in harvesters. Kdwin S Frazer, of Kansas City, Mo.?For Improvement In plows. Henry Franz, of Philadelphia, Pa?For Improvement In floors for malt Kilns. George Frost, of Brooklyn, N.Y.?For Improvement in cut-off valvea for atam engine* J. L Garlington, of Snapping Bhoals, Geo ? For Improvement in sewing machines. Joseph L. Hall, of Cincinnati, O.?For linIVAUairniint In Ira jnvT??arvm >u *V Jacob Haller. of Ann Arbor, Mich.?For improved ek* iro-magnetic burwLar alarm. Zebulon Hunt, or Hudaon, N Y?For Improvement In cocking atovea John Jncobe. of Coiumbna, O.?For Improvement in beehivea. Geo W Kersey and John J. Keraey, of Beartown, Pa ?tor improvement In potato planter* Charlea Klnsler. of New York, N. Y.?For improved augar-cutting machine W H Livingaton, of New York, N V.?For Improvement In faatening axea to haudlea Ferdinand Luedke, or New York, N. Y ?For improvement in factitious b?er Franklin Maynard, of Cambridge, Maaa ?For Improvement in ahoe iaata char lea .\leaae!i/er. of Warren, O ?For Improved chair for invnlida. J a me* Mlibolinnd. of Reading. Pa.?For improvement in aiide vaivea John B Murray, of New York, N Y ?For prepaid envelope William T Nicbolaon. of Providence, and T Karie, of Smithfieid, R. I.?For imDroved *aa. ibeeter lute Pel ham of Ithaca, X V ? For Improved cnetl.od of attachlug Dandle* to cross-cat uwi Ira Perego, jr , of New York, N. Y ?For iro Movement ia sunt bosoms James St Rabb, of Charleston, S C.?Fo* imprevrd railrad frog. tV m Ralph of Holland Patent, N Y ? For Improvement in ^beeee rats P. ii. Root-, of Connersville, lad ?For improvement ia blowers. W O. Savage, of Clinton, 111 ?For Improvement in corn planters. Christian 8 Schmidt, of New Vork,N Y -For Improved mop wringer \V m J . Scott, of Albsnv, N. Y ?For improved lock for burglar-proof pockets, etc Ivss 8co*Tllf, of Chicago, III.?Foe Improvement In hemp breaks. Wm H Scoville and Ives Scoville, of Chicago. 1U ?For improvement la quarts pulverizer and mhauMlar J. "D. Sellers, of Woodville, Alius.?For improvement in cotton cultivators Klrby Spencer, of Minneapolis, Minn ?For improved refrigerator. T nomas ppencrr. 01 :?yrscuae, m. V-?For Improvement In manufacture of common nit. ibo* T Htrude, of Morton vilie, fa.?For improved calendar clock. W. 8. HtPtaon, of Baltimore, Md ?For Improvement In improvements for reaping machines gauinel K Tompkins, of Newark, N. J.?For improvement tn saddle trees. John Underwood, of Cameron, 111?For improvement In corn planters. Walter Warren, of Penu Van, N. V.? For Improvement in ploughs. Jaiiie* While, of Cleveland, Ohio?For improvement in smut and sconring machines. J. G Whitwell, of New York, N. Y ?For improved curtain Bxture. John F. Wood, of Hooma, La.?For Improveprovtsicit in cultivators. Joseph Worcester, of Newport, Kjf.?For improved ai^iealing apparatus Alien 8. Ballard of Mount Pleasant. Iowa, T ?a Lintawlf D I ? ? ? nvwtwu, IM MUlf placo ?For Improvement la earth borer for poet ??Mg? Btirshani, of Plttaburg, Pa , aaalgnor to hi a i*" If, W. 1) Rtnehart, and C. A. Nauman, of came place.?For improvement In oscillating ~va ivas for strain engines. Hugh W. Sollender, of New York, N. V*., WUgiM to himself and Michael PUelaa, of place ?For improvement In cuahloaa for billiard tablee Samuel F. Gelaton and John T. Johnaon, of VoAlo. and Char lea R Tompkina, of Rochester N. Y , aaalgnor to Samuel F Gelaton aad John f. Johtaou aforesaid ?For improvement la stave machine* John Lyker. of Argosvllle, N. Y , assignor to hiaueif and J I. Brown, of aame place ?For Improvement la combined roller aad manure iiiwUr. Antonio Mencei, of Cllftoa, N. Y . assignor to the New York Paraffins Candle Company, of Richmond county, N. Y ?For Improvement In pparatue fur tuoiJlng candles. Dubois D. Poonaile, of Salem. Maas , aaaignor to the Beverly Rubber Company, and ssld company assignors to John U. Cbeever, of New York city ?For improvement in restoring waste vulcanized rubber. I VI/ a# TOA. %1 V * a^ j iii ? r w hci?, w? ??vy, w. , un|nor CO j;gM Morrlaoa. Jr . of mine pUce ?For improved Hariri W. Putney, of Lyoaa. N. Y., Malgnor kina. If and lyrua C Crane, of Fna Vu, N y ?For ;mprovement ia eleven for aepnntiag mil, kt John Kaadli. of Klmlfi, N. Y , aeaignor to hlmarlf ?nd tt. ft. S??lley. of Troy, N. Y ?For Improvement in elide ^alree J. C. Kirbarde, of Lafeyeile, lad,, aeaignor to blBMif, J Huboler, aad ti M McUrath. of umr place ?For improvement la corn abellen and daaat joba J Walab. of Now York, N- V, Mai?nor to tolmaelf Thoiua L. Brayuurd, aad ITT C. A dune. of HUM place ? For lmpreveiaeat ia (U e*Friuk H. Wat, of Su Franclaeo, Cal .urignor to Thomea S Beabary. ol Atony bro^k, N. Y*Fer 1 approved compare protractor. Win T XoillekottW, of Shelby ville, Tea* Rignor to biiaeeif and Win Browu, of aame ee ?For improvement In plough* iituMJ -Jonathan L Booth, ot Koch rater, jfc V , (formerly of Cuyahoga Falie, Ohio >?For improvement in grain eeperatore rffrl i utir Hergneoe aad Oe?r*? II Fergonon of ^ Iden Bridge, N Y.?For machine fur feeding paper to printing prtooee Wm Fdiion, of Cranberry, N Y ?For ia mmrem ret to lampa Jioert B. Boutaworth, of Beetoa, Mam ?For d-4* bolder for rameraa |. Sexton, of tut Windaor, Coan ?For improTcXMrm ! nuchia* for dying doth L Wm Joalln of Cleveland, Ohio, (formerly of Watarford, N Y >? For Improvement la machlaerjr for manufacturing rordaga Nathan C Travta, Nathan Johaaon. and Richard Emeraon, of Alton 111., aaalgneea of N. C Trarla. aforaaald ? For imp.oved regulator valve for ateam enalrea Vt<igns ?-Tbomaa lowing, of Blackwood town, N.J ?For design for Bad Irona Jaines Horton and John Martino, of Fhiladeladrlphia, Pa , aaalgnora to l?avtd Stuart and Rk hard P-t?*r?oii. ofa a roe place ?For design for the piatea of a stove; and for dealga for the platea of a cylinder stove Walter W. Stanard, of Bulffelo, N. Y ,aaalgnor to S S Jt-weet and F. U Root, of aame place ? For d?algus for cook's stoves. / Harrtbla Harder In Hew Yark. A Mn Butchibitv?Asbest or the Supposkd ihubdebeb?a mllkbablb sck*b?statement or TIB Mukdbbed Mas'* NVifi. [From the N. Y. Po?t of Sept. *3 ] This morning, at alx o'clock, officers Coakley and Cooklia, of the fourth ward, was standing at the corner *t Roowrtlt and Water streets, when a woman suddenly threw open a window in the attic of tenement house No 319 Water street, and screamed " Murder ! murder! they are murdering a man with an axe !" The officers Immediately entered the house and hastily mounted to the attic, where a ghastly areue was presented. A man named Daniel O'Rourke lay upon the floor atone dead, and weltering In pools of blood, which flowed from three or four terrible gashes In his throat, neck and breast; while around him were gathered a dozen women and children frantically boutlng and screaming Not far from the dead man stood another named J as McCue, or McGee, with a bloody sheath-knife ia his hand, with which the stabs bad been Inflicted, and around hint auother group of women and children en gaged in the same frenzied demonstrations An Immense crowd at once collected in the street, and the wildest excitement prevailed In the neighborhood The officers arrested McCue and uls wife, and several others of his female relatives who lived with him. and took them to the fourth ward station-house, though considerable difficulty was experienced In forclnar (war through the crowd. ' An officer was placed In charge of the eemlsea, and another waa sent to request the atndance cl a coroner. An boor Later our reporter visited the scene. The house Is a very old one, five stories high, the first story occupied by cheap drinking places, and all the upper floors crowded with Irlsu families, most of whom live In the most wretched squslor and filth. There are eleven families in the house, which nightly gives shelter to about seventy or eighty person*, moat of whom are children. The attic was occupied at one end by the family of tbe murdered man,eonslstlng of himself,bis wife, and three small children, and a sister, and at the other end by the family of bis supposed murderer, about an equal number of persons. Their premises were divided by the stairway landing and a sort of dark hall or passage way, which was tbe scene of the murder. Upon mounting tbe stairway a policeman at the top cried out "Take csre where you step, for there is s puddle of blood on tbe stairs.*' and then opened a kind of gate which admitted us Into the passage way By the dim skylight in the low roof overhead, several large Kls of thick blood were visible on the dirty r. Beyond these was tbe attic room where tbe dead man lay, and around It was (fathered tbe bereaved family The slater cat on the floor with dishevelled hair, and held the dead man's heed in ber lap. rocking herself to and fro, screaming and lamenting, talking wildly to him partly In English and partly in Gaelic, and passionately kissing his bloodiest Hps and uuclnatd eyes. The children?the eldaet only 5 years old?stood around frightened and crying, while the mother sat leaning against the wall, quietly nursing her bade, a complete picture of abjert despair The furniture of tbe garret was poor and scanty, and all around were dabs and spatters of blood The officer said he had just com* and did not know the particulars of the bomicide, \re had better ask tbe widow hereetf, it would be good for her to rouse ber mind The poor woman told her tale In an intelligent manner The difficulty had been of sev'ral aavs standing. Last Saturday night Dan was paid off, and w<ts naturally a little bit high, when be went over to this woman, Mrs. McCue. For tbe love of peace she went to him and said, "Dan. if you will cjoie home now and go to bed, I'll go down and get you a bottle of beer." He said be would; she went down to get It, and when she was com ing up stairs she beard a quarrel, and taw Mm. Mr-Cue strik! ny bim on the bead wltb an ax; ber husband and two women wbo lived with them were helping to put him out; and abe told them it was a shame to strike a man wltb an ax when ue was in liquor. Finally an officer came in and made peace, and she went wltb ber husband and bad his wounds dressed; tbev were eevere cuta on the temple, and the strips of plaster still cover them. Dan then came home and wnt to sleep, and she managed to keep him In all day Sunday and Monday. Last night be went out si;sin, to get a little money that was due hi in for work, and of course again got a little high, but abe got him to bed without trouble Thla morning be got up early, and asked, " Is Jemmy In the house*" ''So, he has gone out." abe replied, fearing evil might come or it if they met. He then went down stairs, and when be came up he met Mrs McCue on the landing. He said to her, '-You cut me when I was drunk and did not know what I waj doing, and It won't go good with you for it " Then McCue came out and said, "If you put your foot across here I'll have your life. ' Then Dan aa'.d, "I'll put my foot across for a bigger man than you; you ean't take my life;" and ne stepped across McCue then drew his sailor's sbeatn-knlfe, rushed on him and killed bira His wife helped to bold bit bands, and when abe (Mrs. O'Kourke) tried to get her husband away she was covered with his blood. McCue struck furiously at ber. and cut ber dri*s open with the knife Finally they got him in, but he was dead, and that was all ahe anew about It. ii 111- I- a? %. t * - --an name i? jcujiuy, uioiuer;' HID lUe UVCyenr-old boy. "Whiat! darling," the answered, "We know him too well thla bloated mornln'." The a lor lea of tbe neighbors, tboagb greatly confuted, corroborate In the main tbe statement of Mra. O'Rourke. Tbe men were both stevedores or 'longshoremen, and addtcted to drink. O'Rourke was generally quarrelsome wluii In liquur. He waa thirty-two \ears of age. and McCue la forty-one. Botb nave been suveral yea/a In tbla country. The abeatb-kuife with which tbe murder waa committed ia at tbe police station Tbe point ia bent over, aa If it bad struck a bone, and It la coated wltb blood nearly to tbe baft. Tbe tlratatab waa in tbe neck It left a gaping, gbaatly wound, and appears to havs severed tbe jugular velu. Oi'Ttwu- it Hanovik,N II ?A correspondent glvea tbe following account of series of outrages by students of Dartmouth College, wblcb we should bope for tbe reputation of that institution, are greatly exaggerated: ' There are at Dartmouth College, Hanover, two sons of Judge Fowler, of Concord, both of whom entered tbe present term On Tueedsv of last week some half dozen or more of the students forcibly entered the room of one of them and put "him through a course of prouta," aa the college xpremloo is, t Initiated him Into the tecrola of college life. J udge Fowler hearing of thta, on Friday of last week proceeded to Hanover to In. estlgate the case, and If poaslble bring the per' Erators to justice. He succeeded In ascertaining ? name* ox six or eight of the students who were directly Interested In the affair or privy to It. Thaw M sued for tl ,000, ind they were let out on bell. The case comes on In February. Tbe moat dlagraceful pert of the affair,'however, remains to be told. Ia the evening quite a an saber of the students went to the house where tfu J edge waa stopping and loudly celled for him. is be old not make his appearance, the windows wete ealub-d with stones, and many lights of were broken. In the morning (Saturday,) 1 while Judg>- F was quietly weeding kls way to the depot to take the ears for Coacard, a large number of studenta followed him, and ha waa saluted with a shower of rotten egg*, and opprobrloua epithets were applied to him The whole affair, from beginning to end, waa disgraceful to the students and dishonorable to the eeUege ? Be j to* jiisnaj. s I I . i , Tub Eoetai* at a WatebijIo Place, i U it ttoted that during the peat so miner the ??ipreaa oi ffflMC* waa et the Eaux Bonnes, e water'na-place at the foot of the Pyrenees, and might -j m 1 rewintnn tin **4 ' ue mm -r ?? muiin'aitil. trudg'ng ?t tim?* mftrw the iqqw that Ilea all -turner along their aldea, ptcklag her war on foot bv tha aprtaga, not at all afraufaf loelag har dlgaltj, bat pretty aura of India? health and plrita; careUaa l?ow the muddled bar feet, teat y?? with her dreaa planed op in nonchalant ?tyle, a* that it need not be unn?ce?Mrily nailed. It moat have baea an Infinite relief for ber to eacape from etfqaettea for a while, and scamper oyer tha hill* like a (ena'ble girl once more Mar taur *u ir.flnftely more agreeable than the tedious pycata aad du?1m to which the poor Prince of Walaa baa, darlag tbe tomaaer, baea made a TlCtt?. IP* One thousand pounda sterling has recently beta offered In London for a complete set of tbe Timet newspaper. for a public library at Melbocme, In Australia, bat without Uul? Tbe fact la an lnatance of tbe rlalng Importance of tbe thinga, that, at tbe moment, aeetn only of trivial value, scarcely worth preeerving, but whlcb to succeeding genera tlona afford tbe moat authentic aourcea of knowledge concerning tbe "form and pressure7' of tbelr time Tbe British Muaeuin now collects and preserves everything; and tbe Bodleian Library, which (after much deliberation, and in tbe exerclae of a Judgment no doubt considered sound at tbe time) waa expressly debarred bv Its founder from tt>? ??in and trivial light literature of tne date oTits formation, it now glad to purchase the six-penny and shilling plays and pamphlet* of that day at prices from ?50 to ? 130 each. ID" According to the Cincinnati Oazette, there has been a rumor current in Brooklyn, Ohio, that resident of that place had been lately burled all re. The deceased was quite advanced in years, and was buried the third day after he was taken sick. A minister, a friend of the family,who saw the body after It was laid out for the grave, said that if It was a friend of bis he should not be bnried. He said this because the body was still warm, and by pressing a finger upon the skin the color would come and go, as it will upon the skin of a person alive. Several persons witnessed this, and others declared they saw a twitching of the muscle* of the face. One of his sons was married within a week after the funeral, and the deceased, it is said, was not on the best terms with his chlldren. The first negro slaves ever owned in Massachusetts are supposed to have been two which were held in bondage by Mr. Maverick, ou Noddle's Island (now East Boston). This was before Winthrop's arrival. Negro slaves In Massachusetts were not dispensed to military service. Thev could take and bold property. They testified in courts of justice. A negro slave might ven be a member of the churcn, when churchmembership carried with it the political franchise, though it does not appear that any slave wa? ever admitted to the franchise.?Button Journal. Hac 05 thk Judok?In the law regulating thli mIa nf t rA ?n( tnlvifa In V I -ft 1- >U noviuaa l> IUO iUlI lowing punishment for violation: "The Juihe* shall render judgment for tbe I whole amount of tine and eoata, and b? commtthd to tko common jail until all is paid ^? I 4 MRS. W1MLOW, Bxperien ed Narae&nd Fmn?Je Phraioiu, preeenta to the attention of moth era. her SOOTHING SVRUP, Ftr Children Teething, Whttb frtttiy luliltilii lb* prKiu ?t ttttblnf, kv ufui laf tba *?mt, rtdacitf all iaia?CMUea?vtll &luy ALL t r*m uiiyun?il:tt:u*D,uid ii SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dtpaod ap?o it, iMtbtra, It will fitt rttt tt 7*arttl*tt, tad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wt httt pat ap tod i#:u ihu truclt f*r mr tin yon, ted oii *at, in conriDBMca aud th'th ?f it,*bn?? h*?t ntTtr btto >kli hi mj ml u; othll Mtditiot?Rival MRS. ua* it raiLiD.iii I a iikili w?w?inwtB ,TA"C* T? racr a cull, WINBLUW'I whtn tiratly attd. Mt'trdid v* kM* BAIITIU *(j ua inaODC* of dta* aatltfaetion tj ?uy *o? *> M?d it. Oa tfet cavitary,allara SYRiJi*, dtujhttd with ltt eriBATiom, and I.p.A ln ttraa tf airhtit eon.nitndtntii ?! im >a? -lctl tateta tad madleai virtatt. W t tpttk in .bM raaittr WHAT VI DO flow," a/ttrito jttra'taptrttuet, A9D rticsl oi'l airi TATIO* roa THB rULFILMIITT Of WHAT VI Hill b?I f Li 11 In ilmMt Avar* tkalanAa vK.r. ? >. i-*--' - ? -? lug from pain and athaaatioo, raliaf will ba foaud in Iftaaa or. wanly minataa afiar tba aatap la auaninistarad. Tbia ?alu?tla preparation u tria praaeripuoo ?f ? ? iha BN( IIPUIMCID Ull ttlLfPL Krilll lb N*V Koflull udlu baan aaad with Kltu riililis IBCCUI la THOUSAXDS Oh CASKS. It ? ooly raliavaa (ha ehild fr?n> fain, tat Inaifarttaa Aa atataaeh and kawata, carracta ac-iduy.and giraa tana at,d aarfy ta lb* wfcala ayatam. It will tlmtit loatamly raiiava GS!P!N? lit TH? BoWllS AND WlND COLIC, ad aaarcorga tM'lhWnigVkitk, if apaadUy ramadiad od id daatfc Wa 11 ___ b?ll?*a ft tha HIT AttotuaaiT a?i?- FOIL Mitintbi v&tio id all eaaaa of oil- CHILDREN ^Tlir and Diaa m?a in cml- TKKTHING r>a?i?, wLaihar It anaaa fram taatbiaf 1 or from ai.y othar uiaa. W woal'rt uy ia arary niotbar woo haa a cbild aaffariar from any of tha forajoinr complaint* ? DO hot lit roc* paiJODicu, no* thi riui Dicii or othhi atand batwaan raar aafarlnf child and tha ranaf (hat will ka ICR a?yaa, aaaOLUTBLf ?uaa?to fellow tna aaa of tk adieiaa, if tiiraly aaad. f all diraeti?r.a ar nting will a tompi.'if ancli t'i>ttia. Nona ganaina anlaaa (ha fne-aimtla COKTli 4 P?RX!N8,Naw fork, la an iba cataida wrappa aid t; r>rarg;aia throsrhoat tha world. Principal Oreca. No. 1) Co Jar >traat, H T. PrtC onl? is 'Janta rar Ba-.i.a aa 11-dAwlr 1VI VOCAL INSTITUTE. ItIRS. CECILIA YOUNG Ha* the honor to announce the removal of her Vocal Institute to No. Eleventh street, between H aud I atj. tm 12-eolm Eaole iron works, Com^ek Ohio Av. a*d Th'*t**?ith St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. Tha undersigned have haen appointed solo aeenta in tins oity for the manufacture and gale ofthoaoovn Engines. and are prepared to supply all orders with promp ness and dispatch. These enginea have been satisfactorily introduced, and are now practi?...-,i?-> i.i, i? i.?i-i-J---- ? woiij vm^iv?viu in unbruva, UJ UWK I HliUOri) IUT boxwood cutting; b> cabinet malcera; for drawing .fin blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumping; for domestic puiposes; elevating gtain; glass outtiug; ginning cotto grinding uuartz; gripdmg paint;*; grinding sugar cane 011 plantation* in CuMi; for hoisting; for knitting machines; bt manufacturers of pla ed Wire; of printers material, of silver ware. 01 agricultural implement*; of matches; of hoop<?i skirts; for pumping at railroad ftationa and <>n board ships; for sewing maehinee: for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; for sawing and planing lumber; for piokiig hair: for polishing combs; for shoemaker*' uses; fir sana silting; turuing; tohiooo cutting and pulverizing; in tanneries and w:re making establishments; for soda water manufacture; for hone crushing; mait mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, <ko They are inexplosive; eoononnoal; easily managed; they require no engineers; use no water; and ronsumn very little AiofT Any person desirous of using theso Kiiginei, can by application to -the undersigned be ahown a large number of testimonials from persona who have them in daily use, expressing their entire satisfaction in their operation nud use Prioee of the Kngiuea as established by the Fat(ntMi .... 1 1? in. oyl'r $360 118 inches cylinder,-iV Doubled '? i,4W Si ' " 1.3r? ? 32 " 2,600 40 " " 40 " 4,500 48 " ** S^ftl 48 " 6JW SO " ? 6.'WO M 60 * 9,500 34 " " 75? We are are also prepared to furnish, at short notice, Arohiteotural Caatings, iioin any deaigna that may Ite furnished, aa eheap a? can l>e obtained el??*where. Alao, Hteam Ungineti. portable and atation ary; huh or low preaaure, aaw and gnat mil's; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilers for heating buildings, wrought iron water tanks; shafting, gear- i iug, tcc., for flouring or other inilla, and forging of alfklnds. ae IS-tawSm WM M F.LL18 ft BRO. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8, 261 C 8t., betwrem 10ta and 111*. I He will to-dar open his long established and well known NORFOLK OYSTER ^ SHUCKI NO DKPOT forth# aeason fmJ He ha* made arrangement* to rgoeivev^C\LMJf regular auppliee or the beat NORFOLK OYSTER* op every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. He will also keep oon stantiy on band a large and varied assortment of F|8H, inoluding every sort known to Washington He r*tnrns his eiaoare thanks to thoaa who patronised his Establishment durinr the east imiuii. and it oonlident that hi* inoreased facilities for keeping constantly on hand freeU supplier ofOYS TJSKS, FISH, GAME. to , to , will arcply reward a oom in nance of tMir patronage and eustom. Sold at th* lowest market prieee, and delivered at all parts of the oity free of charge. i>KMm T. ft. HARVKV. g^OAL! COAL!! ^ WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily receiving large suppl ea of COAL from the very boat Pennsylvania iniues, which i will sell at raa?onap<? pires Also, thebe*t q nahty of Oak, Pine and Hickory WOOD, cut aM split, ail lengths. Call and leave yonr orders. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer. ee 17 (States) Cor. C and 14th sts.. near Canal. PHI LOTH' NOTICE.-To all Captains and owners of Vessels, hound to the District of Columbia, notice is hereby given, thar jOtTO' Pilots may be found at all times at George's Island, at the mouth of St. Mary's river, and near pinay Point, and that it is not necessary to take Virginia Pilots from their boats, when tbe < veesel is bound to Georgetown or Washington city, i ae Maryland Pilots oan be fosnd of at least equal skill aad reliability. au ll-oodlm* AM BTE1NWAY A SONS'. NEW Assortment of those unrivalled Instruments ts now on the way,and wit! imw-gaya m a few days, from ?he plainest to UiefifyJrTT elegant L^u i Xt\r style. whinM* ? 1' win v? oiajw jmciory ?ne?i at the aol? MBTIKKJTrS MmioMOT*. ? ** W MAGNOLIA HAMS! E Are l|iin ia raceift ol ft f*rtk?f ?? * [ the** U?m?. Tfcey h??? b??n b^JMC ?*? W k> a Corner ISth ?t ?nd V?rmmit iw*?. Good liohti OUAP UOHTiF|s uecTJ fARAFFINBOIL^C^ L .. .? * ... * } ? EDUCATIONAL. PLAINFIELD ACADEMY, . , (Mm Cuiiiu.Pa-) Twenty ninth aession(20 weeka) oomn encea No intier 5th. A family school for Tweot>-five good boya, for whoae comfort and improvement the time and energr of the Principal ta d?voted. Entire expense ?7S. C roolar* at Star Offio*w To fiU a few vacanctea call at Kirkwooda' from 3 to 6 p. m.. October li and 19; or addr?aa R. K. BUR ?S, Principal and Proprietor, Piain&old, Cumberlandcounty. Pa. ?e 2G eolm HM1SS JENETTE L. DOUGLASS AS The pleasure of announcing t<i her friends and the public thai aho will open her Seminary, at tie corner of H and tlth sts Philadelphia Place," on Monday, September 10th For terms oafl on the Principal. She will be aasistml by the following e&periunoad anl effioieut leathers: Miaa DOUGLASS?Higher English Branches, Composition and Panmanahip. u;.< i?,.U n - ~ ...... iu. uimiii?laiiUi AiguDra, Kniliah Bru?k?i. Miaj Jcliana O. Mat?'Teaoher of Vocal Musio. Prof. G*o. C. ScBtirm-lecturer on Philosophy, Chemistry, and Physiology. Prof. Hkmrt E Ma&ix?Toacher of French an 1 German. Prof. C. W. Bkigmanx?'Teacher of Piano and Scienoe of m usic. Miss Mart T. David?05?Piano. J. Madison Watson, of New York?Looturer oo Elocution. Josbth G.BmrPF?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Spanish. , Moral Soienoe and Classics. se 7-3w T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to receiye a thorough and systematic education, where their physioal training wi.l reoeiredailr and special attention, under the most Approved system of Calisthenics aud Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourteenth stand New York av MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS. an a>-tf Principals. 1 Female boarding and day school, 1 alexamjrja, va. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK, Princtpal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will eommenoe on Tnesday, September 18th, m the house reo?ntly occupied by Sylva?t?r Scott, Esq., Ne. ISO King street. The oourse of stqdy pursued will eomprire all the branches requisite to a thorough Euglmh Edu cation, and Musis, Fienoh, Latin and Drawing, il desired. . 5n addition to day scholars, Mrs. MeCormiok is prepared toreoeivea limited number of pupils as hoarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate-care and supervision. She will endeavor, as iar as possible, to sur ruunu mem who me oomiorts and kindlr influences of Homo. Kejercnces.? Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Eltas Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H Fowle, K s<i., EigacJJnowden, fcsq . Edmund F Witmer, Eikj., HenryMarbury, fc.sq., Lewi# MoKenne, ?8<j , Robert H. Hunton, Esq . \V. D Wallach, ditor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, E?<|.,Jas. pntwule, Jr.. Esq ,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoan. Mciiri. Black lock A Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tims. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branches, f ?*)for the annual session?payable semi-annually, in ad vanoe. ?usio and Languaces at Professors' prices. ^ No axtra charges. an ?-tf The prescott high school, 370 E:aHTH ST., Bitwkih K MD L Sts. Studies will be resumed in this institution on MO >DaY, September 3d. Ciroularsat bookstores. au lft-tl A. C. RICHARDS. Pnncipal jy|ETROPOLITAN .COLLEGIATE 1IS8TIFOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Bitwim 8th and 7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will ooinuienceon the hrst MONDAY in September. Application* should t>? made i?rly, as the number of pupils is limit'd. For particulars see eirouiars or apply to the principals, Mr.and Mrs. T. H. HAVENNER, at Lue Institute. au 9-tf Mrs. m. e. kingsford s seminary, 4?4 E ST.. Washington, D. C. The next session will oommenoe October 1st. lMn. Terms, to., !<>rwarded oa application. an 16 tf MRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY, Comer of /. and Tenth tt*., rity. The next session nf this school will commence September 3d, lHfti. The rom g ladies of the Institution are particularly requested to l?e punctual in attendance at the opening of school, ana all others who with to become members of ihe Kama to make early application, as the number of pupils will te limitcrf. Terms, Ao., Riven on application, au ^>-<l3.AootOct 15* . fT* WESTERN AfiriKMv 1 RE Exeroisesof this school, umler the charge of Dr s. L Loomis. and the Primary Department under Mi*s Ax!?ik K P*ci,will bo r*?um?d S??pternbor 3d. Circular* can be obtained at the bookstores (Int i au 17-eo2m MR8. BURR will resume the duties of her Scho ?l on Monday, September 24, oa H street, l between 19th and 14th st>e?ts se 4 eolm FUR SALE AND RENT. E^ORSALE?A small FARM of?acres,situated I at the Little Falis, having a oomfortauledweliiiif-Uoufce, oorn house, stables, Ao ; woil fenced and watered; within four miles of Washington ; 16 acres in cultivation, the balance in handsome woodland. It is peculiarly desirable as a oouutry res' dsaoe, beu.g perfectly healthy and most romantically situatod . esoelieut hshiLg and hunting. Inauire of Mr. Ma kKIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bndfe, | Little Kails. de7-2awtf | L^UR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME F HQUSK wiii I* tor rent in a few days. It is ( beautuully situated on Thirteenth street. l>etween C Georgia avenue aud K st.. Navy Yard ; has a large ( garden lot attached, a pump of g..od wat^r n ar. t and oontains 4 rooms, kitohen and woodshed. Will I be rented low, with or without the lot, to a ti>od ( tenant. For sale cheap, a good,strong WORK C HORSE; works well in anything Inquire ot T. I E. CI,ARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, li Bl? H st.. between 4th and 5th jy 16 C fj^OR RENT?Three BRICK HOUSES?one on ? T*?.iu street, between C and D; oue on the c uurucr ui 1 wemn ?nu n us. ; una one On 11, 1)4- ?. twaen 12th and 13th (U. Inquire of JAMES \V i BARKER, on H street, between Uth and 12th, No. i 42*. ma 30-tf { P>R RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build- \ me iininodiateiy oppoaita the vest vine of the f City Hah, recently occupied by Cum. 8. Wallaoh : m an office. Alto the front room in the seoond f tory and the third door of the ami baildmc. For term, apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. fl \ Loaiaiana avenue. ja 13 tf WOOD AND COAL. ! W ? ? ? A N Dc o i Delivered to all parte the mty|at the iowwt \ podmble rates. { T J. A W. M. GALT, > Oilee 889 Pa. av., between 11th and 1:2th ata, J. ma 17-tf north aide. j "PHE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND J A an extensive (took of FUEL, u prepared to I aall at a very low figure for oaah. J WOOD Sawed and Split any aisft. J Call and aee for youraelL V Wood &dTCoatSwfer. I ma li 8. K. corner of Fourteenth udC ate. r I. X. 8IHGXR & C0. 8 \ IMPROVED ' SEWING MACHINES, 1 888 PENNSYLVANIA ATENCK, i (UHun National Hotel.) [J A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF luklin, Thread, Rccdlet, k Twist, [ KEPT ON HAND. ! ? 1-lm WM. H. GLOVER, Agent ?CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. 1< Youths'1 and Boy** Clothing for School and Drtst Wtar. j Parents And gu&rdiAoa wishing to forniah their " ohiidren And WArds with gofcool Ard College Outfits for tbo oominK imioq, Are invited to exAmine our resent lAr/e and extensive Assortment BUYS' vvliw mint#, vb?r? thay o?n fit oat their children *' ofwl ?ib<m m ? f?w nontenU with erer? derorip- I Uon of Rptdy-iMtdft G&rmrats, of Mbctaatiftl ?ad \ dor?bJ? ?|uaJitr. M ygry inod-mte *n?M V WALL, STEPHENS * CO? 1 ?? ?-tt 3?a Pawn, fcvn? THE PLACE 1 .c.mrfo,. At tk* Loteiit Priett BALI.A NT Y N K'S, ' "" ltoW Hall. S PHICKCKINO A SONS' SUPERB PIANOS. J ?* 10 30ft p? ?v . bot. ?t>> wd itfo mU. ONK HUNDRED RITN #PEKCH J jn*t r?oMTed-. wiP bi m?I1 for ?mfc. . BLANCHARO A JUMi N. s qa forwr ^trfiUA fr&4?v? V GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS JUST KECKIVED? 10 hha?. prime Porto Rioo 9CQAR3, 1%I hhli l.1H II?UUI?IV teu bUs" HERAJnU^VlEWIVES, SO bbls. Outhed and Refined ^UGARS, S> ha*? Rio and JmCOKKKC, 10 hhds.dow srioed) MOLASSES. For ?ale hj JOHN J. BOGUE. ?* 10 f^RANDHLL, OPTICIAN, V/ No, 1)19 BruIt* it., Hu oonita'-.tiT ob kud a ltr|t uiortnaiit of FronouNrar-aituted, Periscopis, ryyi of?l, anO al other SPECTACLE?, the be?t quaaty. in cold, silver, steel, and German silver frame*. N. u. Old K>ames Repaired an J newgasaesset in them to order. co lf-ly IVIASSEV, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELItI PfllA DRAUGHT A LE.-We are ooDKtactTy receiving fresh supplies of the abevedeii* htfsi beverage, and invite all pereyus whq want a parent adulterated Ale, to five it a trial. itNV * SHINN, Agents, fat 47 tir?*n ?t.. S?orif?towlL JOS. F, BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruit* mart Jtfrrum ill., OirfKfM. Having given ini poreooa. attention to Lhn bianoh of my bu?ineia, lam prepared to. u .._ attend to all eaila with promptness Persons from a distance oan Ue u p - ^ plied at a 'p* minutes' notioe. a* ) have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand. ParUomar attsntion paid to tlie removal of the dtad from the old to the new bnria! gronnds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap 10 its LIST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGES at the (iffioe of the Adams Express Company. Wa*4 ington, D C., to be sold for freight atd o?arges, if not immediately oal ed for. 0EORUE H. BURNS, Agent September 1st, I860, Anbin, N Ktrchner. M A dam ion, A Kriesiran, M A:den, J R J Koties, Mr. E Anderson, J H Kenuan, W J Adair, O Lindley, Prof Abbey, Wm Laurence, A B Ashe, W 8 Livingston, H B A sobrook. U R Lynch,A Barber. Kev 8 Latrobe. II B Ua lard. H i.eo?ird k?. r> urowtf.'i i? I ?;S:K,D te!? Bemi... Prof 8 M l2?/*V ' *#? * L ssaftu H ko.ft'oVj'H BurtVWary SZSr,':Co1 / Sluluorg, B 0 "1'a ists-h" o i b:.?vr SsF^T*Brown, A V fcf?&r**r?vF A | , g:rssr*j Sc issn*'0* ! Brown. A H mTit ' ? 8 fsSfWw &Wt ' cis,',Au,LJ tfaFfyv Sai'iw SFr>v M boorsftj A M^b' j h I I Carter, C H t, Cannon. J M %P?*roe, 5 CutU, li l, MnW^' ? || Connolly, p o jj?? B *r,C H I Chouteau, C p M?tahi/if,ia*U,*rill?? ! mruB fei i SL*" m-??.u^8 I] Cooker, J J ' M , J*2rie^5/ ? H I L'ampt>eii. J H Mitoh^ilw F I "oop?er, John fvi?i A1 . It Canipbeli T A fc?* broa,ht J B 1 Clarke, Mtaa J ? I I Crutohett, J I Col burn, J O d.. i I 1 CampbaA, Arohr jfe i" o{ i'onraod c JH PallL, R*> ^onmd, C M Etr2?'w? ? I 1 ^uaniaaliaiit, C W Parker ^ jPt ' Look, A p ??? '.? * T I I jjopahrtrtr. J R 1 VJ? C?m of Dobyu*. Col T J K? 5? I 1 rinrtn Wiiw ic do .. .... ?i . V..A AW UU IHokeya.Mr Do do Duboia, (5h?r IJo do iVi. Mini Do do ( Dai'y. feO Potlwslt, |?; a Deriue, K J A Pension*. Com of D-.aney, R Patent, C^m of i Oouglaa, MoO Patent Offioe a L>uiiiiain, \V S T W Dennis, J 1* Rando'ph, Col J J t Davis. R W Rodtera, J o Dunham, E W Fnaling.J a l)owd, h (or Dosna) Robeson. Capt J a Edward*, S Rich, 0 W a Do J 9 ftidijeway, W N'.alon, W Robinson. Mra A Eaton, J RMd. Uaa-j P Wahnf, Dr Richardaon, F 'raser, J L Shepp?rd Win J 'armer, MO Stuart. Rev D C 'r?noh, E B gu!!ivan,J ord. M Stone, fM B "leld.M Seward, J L I "urae, J Sampi, Dr i ?oater, J Soioin n, it >ryuson, S W Sobmidt. F ?ar"?) , MraJ sobael. Wm t "reip.Fred Siiiith, Lauia "u ler.G C Seleomati. i 11 'arrill, j SehgfOM.M tl ost?r, J W Stuu, H 1 Irilhu. F C Seibort.S !ia:nb*atian, O Skinner, AP Sivaueer, S Spenoer. Bush a > reason, W rtnart. A ts Hllla, U W Hac?, F ioaaott. Mra Hcrantoo,J II T ?aa?Ue Otto* SW?vtu?, ?> R ireen, Pro?(i W Sulh.-an. N S> irimea. J W B^itta, W iarduer. A W button, C rates, Mra N Hhoeinaker, B t) rokyl, F he'RIuur. J ribsrii. W N Tocey. E V iaapair, 6 Do, iaiuiia, H Hon Tjler.CN p iyam, lilt ' "honaptjon & Bush, luuuuell, John ''yler, R C C I all, ATkOo ' 'nomas, H Ivnlent^ J^J Thomas, B Jf aiuu, ?i L? 1 Duirpiun, W A A jMf". J L. Thra**er k ? jook?. 8B Tuoker, Wm h { nry,N8 Thomp.on, ElHfth Z la.ukDeoht.UL Taylor, Jas jammer, M Turge, Mr leald, JT Trn -ball. DrC iarrington, W H Todd, Lt J W {awkes. Co! J A T J jyarn, BD Van Vint, UK iiKKius, A J Vouch, H a lervey.H Wnrht. W ? Inghee, N H Wafaoe, MrsM f arman, 8 Whitoher, J B ' ones. 8 VViihkiKiJ S Wminigi. J w P,) R tl hum, p Ij Do. d aokson, T B Ware, W H m ouea, A Wykoff, W C b ereon. Hon 8 Ware, E T one?, P Woodruff, J B N ohnston, Mrs 8 F Whiteley.A k. Anderson We'.li, Hon D adder, B A Whipple, C ark op. Potts ft Co Waters J C rirb?-J White, MM J ienn*rter. N ft WiUtt. Mi? w torffll. fi I) Woodley.'D ~ " v kNhl?r,6 W?t?on, A L*u??nstr?ooh,0 Zeifler, Geo Ml-la "hFFiCfc OF INSPECTOR AND BKALfiR 6 J OF GAS MKTKRS, waiiitotox, jul* 18,1mb. NOTICS IS flEMEBY OlfKS. That-airee ibl j to th? provision* of the ordinance of the Cororation approved May 12. iMn. tte uaderaigned if _ low prepared, "whenever repaired la wriaa?, and C n pre parmeat of the fee ?C fifty eenu, to inspect, ? xamine, teat. prove, and ascertain the aaearaoy of egistration of any gae meter ia use ia taia city." A I very meter, if foaad incorreot, will be condemned, ad another, eeaied aad marked aa true, viii be 4 et ia ita plaee, If (totm to he aooarau ia ite ueaanrement of gaa, it will ha eeaied aeeonhaciy, ~ nd Main pat in position for nee. . Office No. 410 Seventh street,(near Odd FeJ I jy U tf Inspector aad Sealer of tfaaMaters. ^ ? I hare one of the beat eatabliahmecta, aad far' P iahed with a complete eat of toola for repair- f ag every deecrijptiaa of Sne Watches, and /X) r articular attenbon give to the aame, by MMC lJ borough competent workman and a. work (unran- t ted Alio, every deeerip ion of atandard SILVER ? VARE. p.amaod ornamental, mann/hctu'ed uader 1 ny Own superviaion, which my ouatomara will find ar auparior ia ?aality aad finiah to northern ware 1 old by dealer* m general and re^eaented aa their N II IIIAUUUWMIIV* n. u nuuu, I ?e6 P*. tvMiif. n?r 9Ui at. 12,000 ASfi i u&gjL&k, i rtCh " ?.???. tST. MraJlM. Jf WUTki : ^fi^?iu8n.v.ra, s c j ' N?? * Ormtm *L OmnraTri. i ^AMWeaABSftp < . e> - ^*i.A ? ,4 i *? . ? i*.? ? . the weekly star Thla eiceUwt Fuuir ud Nm tnnnl Uaair.f ? grimtm vr\*r t4 talari abac r?Mli| thaa ou t? foiad ia Mr ttfcar?m p?Mtafcai oa flfrtarday mornitif. TKKH ??C??A. tmvrisU*, ?K J*i n?l? oofy, ?*?? < ?1 * ... !? fcgrti.-sr JS -ssfsttwaa ataraaftisa k* peroe.ved a y?r ONL of TV# WttUf & * WlU be a#- jyrars&wiirja: ^ ar.'sss ao ien?r*)'j throughout lb* oouetry. IET8mc.? ooiim (in tnti^i) nr. to proeer at lb? oQ?ot?r. lA*r the MHof f*r rri???TFRkK CENTS UJ~ PoitmW.?r? who Mt M IIHti Will b* loved a oomniuiao of Jp oeata. MEDICINES. ATHR'3 SAHSAPARILLA i? a concentrated extract af p?r? 8ar?ap\rti:a. ao <n>inbi??4 with oth*r m!*iuwa s ill , n a*er a u- a ire pjwer m U> a)T "/J ao .ff ctiro antitot* lor tbe ill-a?*a fa-?npvi>ta la rapeted tw ear*. Such a rein* j la aur.slj wauled t>? ttoa# who mJfer Iron) Strumout complaint*. and on* which will aocoirp'iah their ear* meet pror* of imnnM ^rvioe to this lar?# elaee ol oar aflheted Miow oitisena. How roaip'etal? thia et*apoaad will 4o it haa been proven Ly ex?*r.??nt on man j ol ta? worst case* to We loaad in U?e follow 114 ooaiP ft Qtti Scrofula aad Sorcfti'oae Complaint*, Kraptioaa and Kniptive i<i*aa**?, tM?ere. r?m?laa. Fiotohee. T?mur?. Pa t Kneuiit. So* d hf?d. S? pb tia and Srphilitio AIT euon. Meranna! Dieeaee, JLHoper. Neeralgia or Tie Doal.-arenx. Deinuty. Ihapepa.a aad Indigestioc, Kr)?ipal?a, Roe* or Bt Atthoiy's Fir*, aud. iad?*<;, th? wjr.ieela** of iwm p.aiutaariaiiit from impurity of the Blood. Thia oompoend will b*t< ? * a great prowotrrof health, take*. in th*, to *xp? the f>n^ knntnr. ?ki?V /"? 1 U H IIIVI ? II'VJH (VSiCI 1 U mr o uofl ftl mil BP10N Of the tear. Bi the time? expuieioa of tbeai waay ravktina dito il*ii are ntppe 1 in lk? bad Mnlitt udea oac . I y ttie ai t of tt is retn<-d), apare the<aaalvaa from the endaranoe of f.>ai eruptioua a:<l ?l!cerona aoree, throa*h whioh the wt'l ?tnra t? rid 1U? f of Oorruptlona. if ???t ataia'?d lo 4* this tiiroag h t.e atutai siiai.uela of theb>4r fev an alterative raeOicl' t, tlwiNoat the vi1laUnl Mood whenever jou huj iti i-purtue# baraun* through the aam in snap.ea. erup'ioa*, or tort-. o>' it wlien you fit.d it la obatrbotad and a'mciah ir 11>? vf |na: cleanse it wh?nfrn it i? foa' ard your feailiifia will t?l! ywhen kver, f?w? n<> paMioaiar diaorder ia f-?it pi> t>ie epjey Uettar h?-a th ?utd iiw oncer, for cu cannot the l>!ood K*?p the blood htalib'.and a'l it wel<; bat with thia of iif.* dieoiderart, there < nu be no laaling iiralth. sooner or lat^r MineUiu muat go wrong, and toe great macSitiffy ? f life .ad a ordered of ore-throw*. I.'nrieg late year* t'.e pn* lie bav* ?>eon nnaied by large MI<m pr.teiKiirg to (iva a quart of Kdraet of pa'a\pari a for ou?> d I a'. M<atof thaae hava t>een f-auda v pon 'he aick for they not ?iu? t?<niaia little,tfany 9ar?apan la, but often cocuratlr*aropert'ea wLa e\er. Home, bitter and pa.ufn' ctaappoirtiiievt haa fo"owed the u?e of the vartni - extraota of ParMparilta which fl> d the market, ?n' the name itae'f ia jaatjjr aeapiaed. and haa beooae irnoDI UQAI1I rif iirnufcituiri ?rH ?liAaf ? . 1 tbta oomponod a, a d mfnT to roprlr nob ? remedy a* aha.. r*>?ut the urn frow til* ioad ofotm^ay wuioh raat- upon it. And *i thujt we have emu d for Writ#- it.g it hi* irtoea wh;?li are irreeisnb'e by Um ordinary run of tfca <iin?n it is intended to ourA Prepay by br.Y C. A VF.R * CO., Lowe'l Mm*. Pnoe (1 per bottle; tlx bottle* In on* pao*. ur? #5 m ll eoiir. Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. '* HIGHLV CONCENTRATED" (:OMPOlND FLU!L> EXTRACT BUCHU K Positive and Specific Reiredy Kor f?i??*a??e r<i io? Hi. ADDER, KIDNEYS, URAVK;,.* 4 1>K< ?PSIC A L 8?wfei.T,i >s?. Tn.? M-jGiciu* inoioaj?* the p<.wer of Di*e?rioa, uid exeit?? ti:e ARMJK BKNl r4 into he* thy which tbe WATER V OR CALCEROIB iep.,silion?, a-d all UNN ATVR A) EN LA R GV ?ENTS are wet at PAIN ana !NPLAM >1 AT ION. ard*e good for msy, woksy, or children. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BCCBU. For WmuMM tnainf from ?xo?ma#, HabtU of DiaaipaUor, Itarly Iuataoretim or Abo* atifud*d teuk ik* following thrmr'omj ? ndupoaiLon to Eaertion. Lom of Pqtr*r. joh of Memory, Diflcalty of Fimthinc, A'ea* Nerve*. Trejnbil??( Horror of WtkcfilcxM, Dimnsti of Vision. Pan In the Back, Jmveraal LaMituaecf the Moecu'ar ?Titem, lot Hands, Fiuahii* of tbe Body, "" The** eymptorn*. tf allowed to *? on. which tlua ediotna invariant remove*. aotio f<s. w* hlpotkxci , fatuity, kplleptir ftts, IN oite or W mCH THK PaTTWIT MAT F.X Pf**. Who can ?AJ that <oey ere ix41r*?ueatiy folioV?d rj fhna- "DIREFUL DiSEAt*KR " "INSANITY, And rONm'MPTlON. ?ny are '* tm? r*u?* o th*>r fferiiif, BUTyUSE WILI COSFK8S. rHF RECOR L)SOF TH f INS?ANKAW\ LI STS And tkf Meumekoit l>*uk* by Crmtwnytu* r?K ns^\rv^ AFmm WITH ?>HGANIC VN FAKNESS lef uirts the aid of madicioe to *trenxUien And Ir.n?<?r**? XMf> ?jiin?f rkick F*traCT BUCHu mvmrtnhiy (ict I 4 TillL WILL CO!fViHti TBI MOtT WVPTICAL. FEMALES?FE HALES?FEMALES, )LD OK IUL\\1>, i/.MrA-y., MAiitlikl,, ON COyTEMFLATIVU MAR KTAOS. Bi MAN V AH^'Tli'N# ECl LIAR TO Males, tb- extract Bu<fcj i* ant-aua led bj my oth?' remedy. k* in Ch Ret^i'ion rrefaianty, Paibi ulne??. o' Supj?re*m>n o/Cuomary Evaluation-, U'or.uted or ?c:rrJ;oo? iat? if the Ut*nu, Leueorri.?\ or WLite#. MerilUty, ,nd for a I ooonpla nta iuc>d? :t to the x. whether nticc^froxr l&di*oretion, Habit* of ? MlpaCoiu T l? DECLINE OR CHAX9E OF LIFE. Kl tTlfPTOMi ABOVE. iO FAMILY SHOULD Kb WITHOUT IT Taktno mort Bait mm, Mrrrtn-y, er mmmimI '""H-YM jgEBSTfeski&f ssttrr^SRCRKTTmKASEP d ail their Stare*. At httle expeoee; .ittle or no ohaafelc Diet; Mo (.ooavecienoe; And no SUTotUTi. t oau8d? n frMn' r.tdr?.ik au> *ive? Ftrenfth to ituaK, viiciwu" tun UUUi. Preventing wi-: uuring StnaiutM of the 1 rethra. Abating Pt?i< uJ luuintitiauoi., eu fre^ueiit ia ue ola?? of Jikmoi ana expelling ait t? Hitau.l, and tecrn otet Matter. thocsanvs upon thousands WHO HAVE BKJEN THE VICTIM* of yCAiKS, n?l Who ltftv- paid koav*/us to be our.v. in a > tort me. have found they vera deoeived. and that Ua POISON" !:as, by the u*c of "rownrti aaEiNwK2iTi,n b*en dried up in th? ay stem, to I raak at in aii aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER KARRI ASM. Uae hklxaolo'i Exiuct Bccacfor a. afeooua and diataaoa of the I K1NARY ORGANS. Whether exiatin* in MALE OR FEMALE. run whatever uaute originating and no matte r of HOW LONG SI AND1NG naaoeea of tn?ae organ* reap 1 ratneal-i ot a Diwrait HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUcHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, nd la oortain to have the deairad effeot in ail J>?au?a FOK WHICH IT IS KECOMMl-NDED. >tAmu* of tk* most rtliablt tmd rttponiiiU c4*?tr will aooorapanv tha meriieiree CERTIFICATES OF CURES. fYom 8 to au f?arc t intuit*t. With Nuu khowk to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price <1.00 per bottle, or Hi for #3.on. Delivered to auy Addraaa, aoonrely paeked fro hiArvfttinn Dnrim stmptchi in all Cow*r*ir a tiowh. res ! Advice UrtttiSI AFFIDAVIT. Personally apposed bot?re m?, an Alderman mmtt of rhi Kle'phm.H. T f klmbold. vb<> bene oly sworn, doth *?. hit preeara'ions eo tain bo krootic, no m<rorrv. or o ner njnnous drr-ts. ut are purely vejetoW. II. T. HF.^MBOl Ij. 8?om and nhscnbed before ma, Utie fee day at [ovstnber, 1854. WM p. HIBRKRD. J'derm**, Nicth street, above R *??, I'hva. Address letter* for ii>?o"'on in nonAaenee to H. T HE1.MBOLD, Cheeeiet, fho endeavor to ilupo?e * or ritu own" aad oTin" AKTiruM oa tms azrri&Tioii itiiuiu lei mhold's Cea^uie^r^arauon^, Sold by S. B. W aits. ?*S Seventh street, tad 8. I Fou.Je., corner Pena. avenee aad tUevenfe gMBfflgBliSaWfc. lND AVOID IMPO&ITlONANDKXrosURM t|iWlT *rvt)aa MFORTANT TO HOUSUJUVUl WL I. WEIKE A OO.t ?oaractoad not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PUKS. at (roaad frota freak Apioaa, mImm* mm eia*n?4 r aa a**?aaeiy for tfce paraoaa vitfeovt trfwyw ? ooat. Thoy are t^aatifriij packed la tialbiU irLfmaw: ?5SV5A*se* lptM? are alffijWl yr OA* riXTUlEB. 1~ ?Y E Mara in mar*, aaJar* <ta> > mawM, <il zalffiS^^sySgSgac in iMa markM. sV nvit f lUteaa ?. n? a' r to oall ana e*a?"r' ' < ? < 0?i *ii ' w aa, {# ?! ? ooa^tiLt thai *a taava tfca fcaet el?.V>*eU>ck tfi Wa**.uuU?. ?,Mf "T#*B * W.VJE-. pat W.^,IUTX?JLcfV

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