Newspaper of Evening Star, September 28, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 28, 1860 Page 4
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- [I M >H< i THE EVEMUSG STAR. GOETHS. When (joetlie's death wa? to d. we raid? !*unk then, ia Europe's k?geet lead; Physioian of the Iron axe, fioethe ha? ik>?e hi* pilgrimage. He took the sutler ing human Dice. He r. ad eaoh wound, e? b weak ooaa deer. And struok hia linger on the piaoe, And amid?thou aiieat here and her*. He looked on Europe's dying hour Of fitrul dream and feverish power ; Ilia eye plunged down the weltenag itfift, The turmoil of expiring Jiie: He tatd,?the eud ia everywhere: Art atil! h?s truth, Uke refuge there,And he was happy, if to know Causes of thiuxs, and far below His f*t to nee th? lurid flow Of terror and ins*n<* distress. And headlong fat*. N> happinoa*. . New Voik Aldxhmbx?Bennett, of the Herald. apparently, do*-* not think highly of Aldermanic breeding in the great metropolis. Indeed, we should say bia opinion of it ia decidedly bad The Pr: nee of Walt*. es we all know, la expect* d to visit New York very shortly, it baa been decided to keep him entirely out of the Commou Council. He ia to atsv at a hotel, and ia to be known only u the Baron Renfrew. The Herald says thereupon: The Mayor will do the civic honor* In a quiet, gentlemanly way; but the Aldermen will l*s entirely Ignored, unless they go to work and mend their manners If presentable they may be Invited to me*l the Prince ut the City Hall They must, however, come well washed and clean shaved; chewing tobacco in the presence is st lctly firoblblled, under pain of immediate expulsion; t will 1m required likewise that esch of the 'fathers'will refrain from ardent spirits during the week previous to the affair, :.s at least that time will l>e required before they can be thoroughly or 're d' sober; thsv will be careful to kerp tbeir nosta clean, to nave their boots polished, and to wear gloves, (there muit he some of the Japanese Invoice left;) they will be required to give security that none of their iutimate personal friends in the ward will attempt to pick the po-keU of the noblemen In the Prince's suite. V pon no account must any Alderman or Councilutati fpen Lis month, as be would be sure to pnt klsfooi in it luthe matter of the ball the Aldermen are to be iu a state of strict quarantine. No persons wearing white hats, yellow tloves, and blue coata with bras* buttons are tc be permitted within guuahotof Irving PI tee on the eventful night of tnat affair. The list of managers, which we reprint el*ewbcra. does not contain the name of a iu^le member of the Corporation. They had their flint; at the Janenes* ball, and * n!c? m*aa they made of It. Now. the sttliena, disgusted with the vulgarity aud shameful extravagance of the Aldermen, have taken matter* In their own | hands, and wi 11 apend their own money 1 n thrlr o w n way. And that la the only means by which the Aldermen can be made to understand how contemptible they have m.ide themselves. and the gove nioent they pretend to admlulater." L)bath or tri XoTomora Kotnt TowxsksdThe Albany Knickerbocker of the 2lat says : Mrs. Moffat. of Castleton. once notorious as Towni?nd.'' the keeper of the house of Ill-fame ) Thomas street. New York, where Helen Jewett was murdered, nearly a quarter of a century since, died at Castleton. below thia city, on Saturday last She has resided In that village for nearly twenty years, and was a very exemplary member of the .Methodist Church. Sh? waa a woman of actlv# benevolence, and was foremost in every movement to ameliorate the condition of the poor. It was supposed by many tint when she died she might tbrow some additional light upon the aiurdtr of Helen Jewett. which caused auch intense ecltAfi^nt throughout the country at the time of tk? trial hut (ha 1 ? J ,rr"**' ... .orvi IC?TOCU II ?V Q1I lime property the had she bequeathed to her busbaud, wlta whom she lived contented and happy for maay yeara IITA Parisian genius has just invented a mil* leal petticoat! By tbe aid of scientific m?chanlaai toe crinoline la rid of all springs, hoop*, bolts, filvots, Ac , and la inflated, like a life preaerver, g? air furnishing any amount of distension required. to a given circumference of ?ay a quarter of a mile The sublime feature of tbe Invention la tula:? The elegant wearer need only touch a ap lag, arranged tocouimuulcatewith the pocket of her drifts, and tbe air in tbe skirt sets in motion a musical attar biuent, not unlike a bird organ, plsylng a variety of tunes, from tbe ijems of the opera to the nusery lullaby Tne Inventor confidently declares that bail-room orchestras may be entirely dispens-d with In future; the ladles wearing bis *>muslcal petticoat" can provide themselves with waltzes, quadrilles and polkas to their hearts' coat nt A Jaw-cbmiixo Nasi?The following elonEtod and not very intelligible address appeared the list of letters advertised In tbe New York Herald: "Ollaabeubengrasenstetnertbobenblck John ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HO I F.L?J Abercrombie, Tenn; tV J Heard. Miss, K braves, l<a; W Porter, NY; S Pratt. Ala; Mrs K Herodoti and son, SC; G Saud'?e I.a; M Jones, W Jones. Ala; VY J Garnett. Ya; w C Whittle. l P iVbb. NY; W 8ton*^ tack. Ga; St Wis-- and ly, 9 W Wo >d and ly,NC; J H Mora. Md; 9 W 'ferry. R B Tbanira, Ky: J Deuia, J Huiford. Vj; ii \l rtin and 2 ladlea, N Y; l)r J J Garvin arid ly, J t Kent, Oa; W Potts, La; iSlrs W d Jonas, T A Mellon. Miss; W Crew and farn. Vai J H Klker ond ly, M'.sa A Spring, NY: 1)t T A Catcuir^s, Mis?; J Henderson, R Dixon, ?;AO Wr.ght. Ala; C H Alden. Miaa; SSukev and ly, Ya; W C Baker, Pa, Hon M C Mordecai. 80; Rwllltama. Fli; C Eiaeuinenger. Md; H C Keels, Miss L Mtabker NC; Mra H McClatcher. Ft; AIra E Conrad, NC; T H Moore. Ky; B Fianneijan and f?w, Va; C II Kneiss and mother, Md; 8 A Ede?b? end ly, M'.ns Liu Bose, Dr K Ware and fam, T J Molton and fain, Mm L Jordan, Mias M Robinson. Miaa M Rnsa, Ala; (J W Miller, Mlw Miller. Miaa Pope, J A McGill and fam, Miaa; J* Paullln and fain. Ua; 8 9 Mllrt, Ma**; Dr .N 1) ipotuwood. Fla; C C Entriken, l'a; T Ravcrett. Ga; A Talley, Va; B Roust, Md NATIONAL HOTEL.?L A WkltaUy, Md; J A Mattutgly, DC; T J Bottoua. Ga; W H Finnail. M 9 Fiunall. Va; F H Smith. NJ; T N NicGowan. Md, A t Tift. Fla; Col Rugglea, USA: Act Mid E Rubles, U9N; J J Gelgwrdamer and ladv. Miaa En^eibrecht, C A Bruner, Md; J Martlndale. C Kger;*, G Wt?:rs. NY; Lt Kellogg, ?; J A Brownrfle, RI; Capt U R HoiT. U9.\; Mr Mitchell. Md: A R \l?-n XV- J u ri , , ?J - - - ? ? WW?H?0, ? ?J J Curell and fain, ha; W Butze, Mo; L Sanborn, Sioux City; J S Slzer and lady, ti Miller, Mis* Miller, Niaa Pop-*, J >IrGlll and fain, Mtaa; \V H Bulling and brother, Va; Ml? Blount, Ala; Mr* Asbu. N V. K1RKWOOD HOU8K.?J M Orr, Va; R Oldbam. 8C; A B?rerford. La; J Roger* and iy, NY; Aire BuMett. Pa, B Fu kiln, Mo; C Howard, Va: H W llaon, USN; J F Nickel*. \V V\ ai*b, NY; fc Maxwell, Va; Dr S Langdon, Pa; C Burt, 111. OCbANS TEA MEKS' SAILING DAYS JTjtoii th* Li it bb Statu. L"ic*. Pot. Days. A Initio N*w York... Havra Oot 6 Cdinbur< Mew York...Liverpool Oct renit .^..^-New York...Liverpool Oct 10 Arti.i N?w York*vre .__.Oot i3 G ufOf York.. Liverpool.... Oot 13 tvtiml*.. New York. ..i*t>ut^a?ipU n.Oot 13 Intnl.... Boston Liverpool,.... Oct 17 N ew Yurk. New York... Bremen .? .. .Oct iff Bora Mia ..New Y?rfc ..Southamptoa Nov 1 From Eukupa frlno^ All>?rL...Uaiwa>' New York-Sept. II r*co ra-... __South'pton....New York...S?pl. 1< iiorui oruon....L.1 verpooL .. .IjlutbM Sept 22 Arable Liverpool Boeton **?pt8? Coar.uunt ? Ufciwar New York.. .Sept _5 Vanaerbilt.._?..Scutft'ptou...New York...SeptM C.of B*.uruore.. Liverpool... ..New York.,.S?pt 'Ji N jvt ScotiM Liverpool ...yuekxo Sept 27 Nit Yu>L Soatn pt?a...New York...Get. t Bora mi*. Soath'?u>n...New York...Oot 4 Orut Kwiwrn ..MiU'UHavec.New York....Oot IT Fulton. .South'pton...New York. ...Oot IT H ammonia. South'pion . ..New York....Oot 1* /"he Havaua mait steamer* leave New York on tbe ?J. Uttt, iTta. &ad 27tn of oaoti moruti. t&d LUr!Ht<>a on th? 4th anl 19th. l\m C*Jii?>rnia mi; I iL*m?n leu to Now York on (btWi and m>tli ?>f eao* month. ?|* D. L. MORRISON A CO.. LOUI1 A% Wffi^,coAmission And wUoieeai# dealers in MILL Wfi ED, CO UN HEAL, ft- #c., Corker ui UUi aiul t etreoU, \V a?hiuglou city. iLT CmIi pud f-T all kind* of Qr?in. an M iu i.m.uiu1. ?. a. mott. i. k a.vts1. Lamar, mot* * awtry, _ ATTORNMTB-AT-AAW hoixt spmum, mim.. Wii p racuoa iu ue Han i #?-? ?* - kM.1 M J vc4?oa, th? mwl Court at PocioU*, It- CourU of U? J a.MPi^t Diat/lOt of Mlfrwilt lo to* Coil*?ti*aof Clainc ?* n?*w xi?>?)?t C'U1<;KKK1.NU PIANO KtHTKK, PL AIM OVKKSTRUXO. f k? ?dfr*f?r?r.c? even tU*?a Ibaharn?nu. *a.l W^ir OuMUal'f iwrMiMf papwfart.y, it ta? m ??taonv:-cmc ?r ><>f of their aapartor ci fur ?? o'I? by john p. kllis. s06 p*. * , ^ %i batiraon 9ti> and Ivth ?u D~ uf??\t h ounfowdkr, 1 Pm mt m?oBt*c?nr?r? prt?*, by johnjtlloouk, hwmitowj, 0. c? Soli At**'-V f* lkt Ltntnu of CWm^ta. Hw. hamilton _ _ pajntkft, ?od dealer in paints, No. *?3 tm snugr. **mr Odd Fellowi" Hall mmt tf plttvl* down. l$altlw(>rh suttee hoube. Daily v>?* ir*?? ?"<i ???<, in Oo^bOD Mckum. Al*?. Ohm B?tt*r, *l k>^ ?:?i 12H o*'U ** ELLICOTr * ftEVVBS, 1 || K 'ft tacu?h* *'? * . ??????? f miscellaneous. t - - - 11 - - I T> OFFICIAL. I t ROPOSAL i FUR LOAN OF TBN MILLION DOLLARS. I TRIADI EY DiriiTMnr, Bapt. s, 1M0. Sbaliu Proposals trill ba received at Una Department until 12 o'clock, noon, of Monday, the ad da* of October next, for tea aullioas of dollars ofstookofthe United States, to be leaned under the aot of Con<reee of the Sid day of Jaaelast, aithoriainf a loan aad providing fer the redemption ofTreasary notes, at whioh time the proposals w U te opened and deoided on. The stork will be reisDbnrsable in ten years from the first day of Jan aa^-y next, and will bear interest, at five per centum per annum, payable semi annually on the first days of January and Jaty of each year. No offer will be aooepted below par, and none for any fraction of one thousand do'lars; nor will any offer be oonstdered unlets one per oentum of the amount thereof is deposited with a depositary of the United Stat**, snbieot to th<3 order of the Secretary of the Treasary. The oertifioate of saeh deposit must aooompaay the proposa!a. la all oaees the offer must be anoonditional. without referenoe to other offers, and must state ths rata of preminin offered. The proposals shoald be endorsed on the outside, "Proposals for Loan of 1K0," and to be addressed *'Tn the Secretary of the Treasury. Washington. P. C." The beet bidders under tho foregoing oonditiona for the aggregate earn of tea millions of dollar* will be immediately informed by mail oftheaooeptance of their ofTera, and they most deposit the amount ao accepted, with the premium thereon, with the Treaaurer ol the United Statea, or the Asaiataut Treaaurfr at Boaton, New York, Phila celphia, Charleaton. New Or.eans, or Ht. Louis, on or before the 22d day of November next. Shou'd auooesaful biddera deaire to depoait at other points their wiahea wul be duly ooaaidered on being stated to thia Department. C'rtifioaUa ofinaoribed atook will be iaaued in auma not Iraa than one thouaaud dollar? eaoh to the tucceasful biddera, or their assign*. for the prinoip*l ao deposit^], oarrying mtereat at the rate of fi>-e per centum from tto date of suoh depoait. Much stock will be tranaferrable on the booka of the Treasury, agreeably to the regulatioaa of the Department. Should any of the anooessful bidders require certificates of atook, with ooupona of aeml-annual in tvtvvt fx; ni/iw mw.wvu ?iviu uivuiliuttj UI J KUUIH J next, aueh certificate* will be iaaued,with auch ooupooa attached, in an ma of on* thou sand dollars e%cn; and euch ooupon stock. matead of being transferable on the books of the Treasury, may he aeaiKced and tranaferred bj the delivery of the eertihcatea. The intereat of the laat-named iJock, from the date of the depout to the firat day of January next, will be paid to the auoceeafcl bidder or hia attorney, by the depoaitary with whom the principal waa deposited. The preliminary depoaitofone per oecturn, required upon all propoaaia under tkia notioe, will be included in the deposita of prinoipal and premium made by suooessful biddera, and will be immediately directed to be returned to the unauooeaaful bidiera. HOWELL COBB ae lft-iawtl Secretary of the TrensuT. Proposals for iron fence and gates for the treasury extenSION. Bra*atr of Co!f*t*rcnoH,( Trbaocbt Dspari ubnt. Sept, i4, ISflO, J Ssalrd m<>po?al-< wnl be received at tfciaomoe until tlie 10th <?ay of Ootober, A. D , i860, at IS o'clock, noon, for furniahing and putting up eom n!?fa m.\ 1 tha Iran *V- ? - n * - . ...? .. ? wt mo rm vei, ao.t for the approach*! to the s^uth vine of the Treasutj Ext? tion Building P'ioto*r*ph?d plana and specifications can he had upon appuoation at thin office on and after the 18th instant. The proposals should Us plainly endorsed on the envelope Pritposals Jot Iron F'tue and dates for the Treasury Extension," and the? will be opened ?t one o'clock ou the day laet named for reoeiving the same B'.ds wi! only he receiy.d per lineal foot for length of Fenoe, for *ach kind of Peuoe. The measurement for length to be exclusive of tue Granite Posts atd the Iron Gates bids will not be considered if made br the pound, or if made m gross for the whole. The bids mast also state a specific prioe lor each doable Gate of the different sues. S. M. CLARK, Aotiag Engineer in ohirga, Treasury Depart ment. se 17 Saw toe 10 |\J [No 66-.J i^OTlCE OF THri DISCONTINUANCE OF THE "NORTHWESTERN LAND DISTRICT," IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. N^tine is hereby given that, in parsaauoe of law, and in view of the fact that the unsold land in the * Northwestern Distnot," ( Grksada,) in the State of Missi.-s:rPi, is reduced belew one hundred thou n ! ares. tie S<?cretarr of the Interior has direot* e4 the discontinuance of said district, the < ffioe for whioh is located at Urmada, and that the vacant lands tfcerein be made suhjret to sale and entry at J acksox. in said State, from and ajttr the 1st day of Dt'ember next. remaining unsold and nnappiopriated bv Uw, and subject to sale a<.d entiy at utiNif>Ai will o >**e to be snbiect to entry at that oftoe after the receipt of notioe to that effect by the register and reoriver thereof, exoepting only to consummate exi?tiut pre-emptions, and the land officers at Jack so* win |ivp puonc nouoe 01 me aay on whioh they wtli be prepared to rroeive app loationc fur entries of anj such lauds at their offioe, whioh will, if pr&.olioable, be 01 the first day of Deoeinber next. All persons en'it><l to patents at the Greuada Lard Offiie will oall for the tame oefor* the 1st da; of November ae*f,a? after that date they will be returned to this olfioe for -lelivery Git. n under my hand, at the city of Washington, t is 12tn ilar of September, auno Domini one tnoutaud eicht hundred aud sixty. JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. 14-i6?r 1? KOVAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next Drawing of tfce Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under tii? supervision of the Captain General of Cab*, will tax* p.aoe at Havana on TUESDAY. Octobi* S, 1*5. SORTKO NOMMRO 643 ORUWARIO CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. Ipr.zeof 9100,000 fio pnsee o?? 01, OW l do eu do sot I do jr.,ooo LH do ?oo 1 do 3u,<?) 30 appro*. 8,300 1 do 10,000 IN ALL ??8 PRIZES. Whole Ticbots, f iO-Ua.vM, #10?tluart^rs, $&. Prizes cashed at sight at 6 per cent, disoount. Sills on all solvent Banks taX?n at par. a urttwiui win naiorvaraea u soon u the remit Sooomes known. All orders for Mu?mu or tiokeU to be addressed ID DON RODRIGUEZ, 0 14 tr Care of City Pott. Charleston, B. C. IONEERSTEAM MARBLE AND DROWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber best !mv? to inform the citizens of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he hu adiW to hie lone established business the auxiliary of steam power for sawing and mauufac turini Marble and Brown Stone Work in (heir va nousbranches, Marble Mantel*, Table and Washatand Top*, Tile, Monuments, Tomb ai.4 Head Stones, Sia-ia, Window Lintels, Sil.s, Steps and f atforina. Having purchased a large eb>ok of Italian Marble in block,from first hauds,at the lowest rates, he feels oonfident of being able to furnish Marble Work as low as it oan be purchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in bloek or slabs at the same rate as farnmhed in New York, and ou accommodating terms. Also, on hand, a large supply of Pumice Stone, Water or Ayr Hoce and Polishing utty at New York prices. Enconrare the enter rise; it will be an acquisition to the oity. ALt-^C. RUTHERFORD. fumsw Suam MarbU *nd Br ova Slows Work*, Pa. av., oor. Thirteenth si, _ao B;9b Washington, D. C. T? UN'WHO'WrKSL^N?""""H* Consequently 1 shall remain in Washington and Continue to pursue hit occupation of HOUSE, SIGN aadORNAMENTAI. PaIMTivo mu' - . _ y a* - ? ?? 4VWI \M IIU" im in ail lU branohea. Old Gianni promptly uUadeil to. Painting and Oroamenting Cottage Furniture lo the beat style- 1 alio, call attention to the Painting of Roofa and Brick Walls. All of the abort I will do aa cheap aa the eheapeet. I therefore eolioit the patronage of my frionda and fellow oitizene of the Dutriot. Punctuality et riotiy observed, and work done in the boat manner. Yod will please mind your atop* and ate* at M. I PA RK ER'fl Painting Kaiabliahment, No. 63 ' 3 !! S3 IT! Louisiana ar., aorU aide, between eth ard 7th sta. . , P. 8 Signa pat up free ef oliarge, aa nasal. an Si 3m _ RkGULAR STj/A^r^ACKKT LINK BETWEKN BALTIMORE AND -XT?*. WA8H1NOTO N.?LeaveCom- f - r neroe aC wharf, Baltimore, aa fol-^ <"^^"? ?TheSr Nichol. mwt WEDNESDAY, at6 p. 0*. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at6 p. m. Leave Riley'a Wharf, at the foot oi lull street, Washington, as fotlowa: Colombia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. fcr.nichohs,every For freight, Aou, apply to L TffOS. W. RILEY, Aient, . Riley'a Wharf, at yjefqot of mar 16-TATSm llth at TwaaniniUin P K A N C I H HARP ER, FAMILY GROCER Y? AN 5?FEED STORK, Ctmsr JViw York armut and Tenth iir$et. Respectfully aojieita the patrouaceof thoaew mar oe in wane o! aay artioU in the above Iina. Hia endeavcra ahall be to pleaee, and by a atriet atten- ( tien to th? wante of tha public, ha nopaa to merit a i took oona!iun'f every article naoally to he ) touad ia a fcrat-olaaa Family Grooary ana Fe?d Htora. ma 17-t/ < T BALZAC'S NEW NOVEL. ia J HF Greatnaaaaud Decline of Ceaaar Birolteard, from the French of Honore de Balzac, traaalatad a* M Ournor Eleventh ?t. an t ffc ?v. W u 0 " 8?3 Pa. A*., ^ a*p ltra Bra., 1 Mill an.l Wliarf Coot olTSevantaanth at. w* n tr KAIOW W%r P#Mlrtni#Tit I^INK I'lANO* FOR RENT OK^Ai.kT 1 SIu?ui received tri weekly, at ILlW'l * M i.Ml<??:taaiid othar lukii umeula for rata, at t a?5 , itlAi'tf. TH0NK3, BOOTS AND SBOE& AVK REMOVED TO No. 16 MARKET Pemn. ?r#Di?.bMw?* Ith&cd^Aa 9th atrMta. wher# 1 -will b? h*orr to^^B'1 on *11 who will favor roe with a oall withf 1 a bit* ?tock of BOOTS and SHOES for' VfeL Ladies', 6ents',lJoys',MiBa?s' and Children's wear, as 2 <*>tr J. ROSENTHAL. JJOOTS AND TO SUIT THE We %x9 now manuiaoturini all kind* of BOOTS and SHOES, aad oorstanuv rpoeinni a^tka apply of eastern made work of evsrr de-BHI MriptiOTi, made expressly to order, sod will rMl be sold at a inuoh lower pnoe than lias been1 Mte heretofore charged in una oity for msoh interior Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, wni always find a food assortmsa in store and at the lowest prio^^Ghv^u^oaU. ay f-T 314 Pennsylvania avenue. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived this day, emDraotnc all ^uali-anmB ties and sues of Sole Leather, Ladiea'fitaM Dress and Packing Trunks. Osr trnok*"" sales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling return tea at moderate pnoas, to be found this aide or New York. Also.evei? description of LADIES' HAT BOXE&, VALICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao. Ir^Old Tranks repaired or taken in exohanr* for new ones. W iff aww%nntiKiaTo a nateUi Diynciw l/U, Trunk Sale* Room, m>r >-tf Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 3 499 7th Stuiy. Orrosit* Odd Ptllmwi* Hall, Watkingtm, D. C. Travelers will study their int?re?u t>j examinin m f TRUNKS, VALICK8 Ac , before pur-anM chasing elsewere. Aa 1 use none but thrHMMI best material the market affords and employ^***** the b*?t workmen, 1 can confidently reoommend ray work to be superior in Strength and Durability to Trunk* that are made in other oitiea and sold hare. 1 koep constantly on hand, aad make to order (on one week's notioe) every description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON VRAME FRENCH DRESS WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd otkt YALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., te. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY 8RWINtf MACaiNKS. de 15-It JAMES 8. TOPHAM. ~TKAVKLKHS* DIRECTORY, j Daily link of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carry mi !A< U. S. Mail. The undersignra are now running Daily, (exoept Sunday.) Four horse Coaohea b<'tween Washington and Upper Marl boro', as follows: ttry-* Leave the Steamlxtat Hotel, oorner ol ^ereniu street and Pa. at7o'clook a. m. Returning leave Upper Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a m.,an<l arrive in Washington at So'clock, in time to conneot with the 3.20 d. in. t.ain for Baltimore. The Coaches are new and cotnniodions, the teams first-class in the hands of careful and aooommodat ing drivers. Faro to Upper Marlboro .50 oent?. To Long Old Fields. 25 " To Center viile 38 " Freight and packages in proportion. ?u 15-tf OSBORN A ClY. Proprietors. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. g?HM Chanss or Horns. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, i860, train* will ran a* follows: Leave Washington at 6 Jf) and 7.40 a. in. Leave Washington at 3.20 and 6J0 p. u. On Sunday at 3 'JO p. a. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 4ft a. ra. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. ni. On banday at 4 2S a. m. Passengers for the Ea?t will take trains at &J0 and 7.4? a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.40 a. ui. and 3.20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m and J.?) p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. uu notuiua; c > cuius UVMU p. m. (rUO COM to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN VmniCXI jD^.Y? WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURO: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee arui Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIs-TROUTE: Memphis by Ra.i.tbenoe b? First oiaaa Packet* to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILF. ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firat olaaa Paokets. Mobil* to Now Orizaba by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TR A1N8?Hvhdats laci.uuHD, Lean Wathinften at 6 a m. and 6 p mi. The Steamer OKORUK PAGK le*T?? her whart foot of Seventh street at SV a. m. and p m. and oonn6eta at Alexandria with the Orange and Aiaxaiidrta Trains for the Sonthwe?.t. Office? Pennsylvania avecae, corner of Sixth at. EiSSAOl CIIOUD THROtTflH TO Haw 0BL3AKB. Lynchburg 97SO Memphis #1! C-i Bristol.^ .150* .Mlanta JR 00 Kuoxvilie ioou M&ooii 2fi (x> Chattanooga. Muo Coluinbua 31 W I>alton .34U0 Montcomeu Ss on Huntaville .27 M1 J via.Meinf :iimz 50 Srand Juuotioa ?> Mi N.O.l viaij. Juno <2 50 Mbville 26 10 \ via Mobile.. .46 ou THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY HY UAIL and ta 900 M1LE8 SHORTER. and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Lise?the Lynr-hbura Extension baing now oorapletad, as alao the Mis:>i*fcippi Central, makiug it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ' It is provided with First-elau Sleeping C&ra! {To New Orleans. T9 Hour*. M6mphia? _..?4 do. jaouLgomarr ? ....#3 do. Naahviile 46 do. QT-The V.8. JdAILand ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken ovar thia New Line. Si ok eta can be obtained at the Koatlt Weatern oe, oorner of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania av- J enue, to the following point*: Lynchburg, Brixtol, KnoxviUe, Atlanta, ChaWanooea. Huiitaville, Grand Junotton, Maoon, Nashville, Dal to u. Coluinbua, Montgomery Motrin, Memphis, ana ITT THROUGH TICKETS TO TUM JXRIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. K^Ornnibnaee and Wacom leave the omoe at 6 a. in. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Aeent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. a*. TilK STEAMKH JAB. GUY Will reetstr.e her trips on TUESDAY, 21?t of February. 1M0. Willli?wWA#II IN6TON every TUESDAY and"*"^"* FRIDAY, at#o'olook a. in..and ALEXANDRIA at half-pant 6 o'olook. for CIIRUIOMAN and the intermedials Lati'linri. On her ratnrn trip*, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. in. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. N'ATH'L BOUSH. At't. Alexandria. fe 30 p^as'$M?F,KMius a"? *he New Yoik and Virginia Screw 8teamthia Company's new and { lejant steamship ffai MOUNT V ER N ON, Oapt. T. C. 8mitii,??fIR will leave the Company's Depot, wee trn W itar^e#, at ll'o'clook a. m. every W E DN KSAY. and the Company'* Depot, at Alaxar.dria, A* 4 A/alAAlr MI Paeaengera from Waa&in<ton and Georgetown aan take the ooaohea connecting with Alexandra ateamhoata or railroad which leave the oorner of Tth ?t?oot and Pa. avenue hourly, or they ean lean on |he ateamer from the Weetern Wharvee at 1] * State room* oaa be engag edon a*?lia?tion to Meeere. Monran k RMnehart. Weete?.Wh|?Tree Freight will be reoaived ap to the hoare of depar nfrr lnaaranae will be effected on all roo4i by thlaline at the oMoe of the Company at X per eent 'r,r??*aSooramo?latioue for paaeengera by thie line are in every reapect fcret-o aea, and every effort wD be made to render thi; communication with Net York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or fas sage apply to FOWLS * 00.. Agenu, Alexandria. R. B.CROMWELL k CO e t-ly 8? Weat at-corner Albany, New York. (VIKW YORK ANU W A SHI N ?T O N~ The Steamed VKRNON will leave o'clock p. m., and New York for Wrjh-^??? inxton every Saturday, at3 o'olook p. m. PaMengnn can join the ehip at Alexandria at any tune before the honr of the ateamer departure. NT B.?la the ev?nt of the ateamera inability te voaa the bar in oonee? uence of low water, all gooaa will be promptly I'.ihtered to and from the ateamer n the underaignMi. Por freight or paeeare h?!t to HORtJAN 4 KHINKHART, MU -rl.MATtr W?t?m LOW OK FIAN08 KIR K K NT AT LOW ntM. Piano* for mJ? on tha 11 toruui. p<*?; *ian<??; alto, id Obium, . luilht, - ? Jf | ?r?... J0HN r mm II ?Al? M?*pt for Ohiek*rtn> * Horn' Pl?i>o?. PKRBONM or havtef a Mrjla* of bo?wb<>ki affeoU o*r, find r??"J ?* bf ? .11 ?t mi ViirniiiiiB* store, 7tb -Utmi, Iw 4 # lfgPIULW KB. ^ BOIPITU, fill JilMiirW CM MM Cfrtaw, Sr**<it *md Rtwt*4f ?m Utt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMttKl) ATKLY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. tiihin if U* bU.hilitiiu lloUai af Ua EMatyt ltd Bladder, litlmtwj Dtackarfaa, Ismimc;, Imnl Dakllity, Djijhi?.Ui(*?.W Pan in af Idaaa, PdfiuuM af tba Baaxi. "^oudny, Tranktiaffa, Pimuaaa of tight ar 4lddtMM, Uuiui af lb* Haad, Tkraat, Haaa ar Ikin, Afaiuaca af Ua Ltnn, ItMitet ? Bawala? lhaaa Tamkla Diaardara anaiag fram Muat; Bakita tt Yaalh?tfcaaa Draadfal aad Dattntux Pracucaa vkick 4?t Miiiu(i tiapaaaikla, tod daau-ay kau Bady ud Bttad TO VMS MEN BapaaUllr wkakava kaeama ikt ?i;urna af Baltury Vtaa, ikt; draarfal and daatraativa habit wkick aaaaall* avaapa M an antimkly fT*T? Uaaaaada af Yaanf Haa af tha Mat ?! aitad tat a ma asd bnlU&t tatallaai, vba oaifht atkarviaa Ut| tnuuctil IMMiiflawtii ?uk thattaadan af alaqaaaaa at vakad ia aaataay tba Una* lyra, May ?aU vuh fail aaatI ***** MiUUAtE Hllllli BUBO*!, ar TaafM?^mMa|UUi| Mt? rUf?, kamf avaraaf phyaiaai vaakaaaa, Hfuk dtWfty, i dftfaroaitiaa, Aa., apaad.u* carad. I ? vka Dlaek* kimial audit tb? Mr* af Dr. J. may ralifl aaai* can Ida in Ma baoar aa a faalliaaa aad aaaldaatly wily I ma haa (kill u a phyaialaa. I OFFICB Ha. T BOBTB FKBDBBICKMTBKBT, > lafl kaad aid ar atuf fiaa BaiUaat* atrau, a (aw lain fta* ika tarnav. Fall nmA 1? ftkaavva baaaa ? ?! L*"*? M kil paid ut aaatala a iu>l ML JoaaaroH, km af tha I?^tl CtUtfi (riufiMi, Uadn, nitttM fram Ml af th? DMt amtoant Callagaa in tba Kit ad fttataa, ad tba (Titlii part af whaaa lifa haa baau apaat in tba kaaCilt of Lao Jan, Parn, Pbiiadalchia aad alaawbara, baa tad ma af Ik a maat aatatiiahinf caraa lb ax vara a?a? knawn; au; traatlad with ringing iu tba baad and aul wban aalaar.; graat narvavaoaaa, bauig alarmad at aaddaa aaanda, baabfalnaaa with fraoaaat blaabing, attaodad a??aa tuaaa vhk daraog amaot af miod, vara earad inaaadlatalTTAU PAETKVkEE NOTICE. TalJf Mat aad at tiara wba bava luparad ibamaalvaa by a bar.aui pracuca loda.gad in whan alaoa?a habit fraqaaatiy latrnad fran: a?il eaoipamaua, ar at achaal, tba afaeta at Which ara nightly fait a?au wban aalaap, and if nat tarak. raudara narriaga to poaaitla, ud daatraya bath aatad aa4 hair, ahoald *pply immadiatalv. TSaaa an aama aftha and and aaalanehaly (facta pradakkd by a?rl? habiu ol yaath ata i Waaknaaa aftha Eaak aad lnoba. r?ii.a in tba Maad, Uircnaaa of t?i (ht, Laaa af MucaikJ Pawar, Palpilatiau aftha laaart,Dyapapaj, Maraaua Irriubiity, Daraag amautaf ifca Uigaauaa Paaauaoa, Eauarci 1> ability, Irmp'joniK of Cacakiapuan, Ac. MtJfTAULT ?Tea faarfal afacla aa tba re lad ara aiaak la ba draadad?Lraa of Mawary,Caofaaiao afidaaa, Dapraaaiaa f Spirita, Kail Farbadlrra, Aaaraaan af Maciatr, Balf-Piairaal boa a af BalUada, Timidity, au.ara aaaaa a f tba aviia pr? iaad. KRTOti DEllfcIT T?Thaaaaada kaa aawjadga what la tha eaaaa af thair daclming haalth, taaing tbair amiDf waak, paia, nartaaa aod aanaciatad, hating a aiagaiai appaaranka akaat tha ay aa, caagb or ajmptama af canacaptiaa DISEASE! OP IMPEUDKMCE. Wkaa tha miagaidad aad lmpradaat ? alary af piaaaara la da ha baa im^ibad tba aaada af thia paiofal diaaaaa, It taa aAaa bapnana that an ill-umad aanaa af aharea ar draad af diacaaary daiata him frara applying to iheaa wba, fram adncauao aad raapacufetlity, >aa afana bafriand him. Ha hlla lata Ua bai.da af and daaiguwg crataodara, wha, incapablk kf caring, flch hia pacannry akMtasca, kaap hire tnllrg month aftar month, ar aa Uog aa tha amailaat faa can ba abtainad, and m daapair laaaa nim with ramad haalth taaijrk a?ar hia Jailing dtaappaintraant; ar by tba kaa af that daadly pauot, INarcary, hum tha canautatianal aymptama af tbfo tarribla diaaaaa, aach u Afttuofn o'Uit Haart. Thraal,Km kin,Sc., prorraaaii.g with frifhtfal rapidity, till daath paU pariad ta Ma draadfal iHilinnk; aandmg him la that SaoiMixrid eaantry from vbtai tum ca iraralar ritina. ml joimaoav kkmkdt for organic wiakiui AMD 1MPOTEMCT. y this mil ui Impart*ni ramady wtikniH tf Ua MftM am apaadlly eitld and Ml Tigar nitnii. Tkaaaaoda af Ut Ml aarTaaa and dakllitaud, vha had laat ail hapa, k<ri kaao Iniatdlitil; ralia?ad. All irapaJimanta la Marriaga. PhyaUal at Maalal Dlaaaa.llSaaUaaa km af PrMiiuIrt Panr, Xti'tu IrrtUaUlty TnakUfui Waakoaaaar Kxhaaatlaa a/tka saaai faarfs kisd apaaadrlj aarad. KNOOUKJiCJIT OF TIE rUM. TIB MAM Y TMOUIAMlia earad attbia laatiistUa wltAla Ua laat aaTaalaan ya\ra, aad ifca ininu impanaut hrilaa! aparauaea parfarnad hy Or. Jaiioaao, vilaaaaad ky Ua rapartara af Ua papara aad many aUar paraaca, aaJcaa at vbich ha?a appaerad af a In aad again kafara Ua aakltc, kaaidas btaaundiag aaa gaotlaaaaaf akaraataraad taapa?I kBlty, la a aaMstsbi furutaa ta Ua aihstad. (as M-ly K. J. BOVKE UOD'9 IMPERIAL WINE BITTEKS, Are now being need from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, anl ti e universal vertiiot of all who uae them either aa a wtidtciM or aa a btrrrngt. la that they are ouurpased in the world. Dr. Dods used them auoooaa fully in bis praotioe for 8S years b*fore we purchased of him the sole ncht to mannbotnrs and present them for sale to Uie public. For the cu<-o of Inoipisnt Consumption, inqigeatiou, Dyapepaia, Pile?. Nerrona liiaearea, Female Com plainta, and all oases requiring atonic, they are be5end doubt a most invaluable remedy. Aaide from ieir medioinal properties they are a pare, wholesome aud delightful Beverage, producing all the pleasant exrulerating efieots of Brandy or Wine without their injurious reanlts. Let all frienda of humanity and all advooatea.of temperance aaaiat ua in aubatituinc these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mineral pouo*j and aditittrand Liiuort with which the oountry Is flooded, and thereby aid in ban.sjung Disease and Drunkeness from the land. CHARLE8 WIDDIFIELD tc CO., Fropnetors, T9 William street. New York. J. &CH WARZE. Agent, Washington, D. 0. DR. J. BOVEK DO DP' llfPrv >i r niv rrwpDB < w iit Aiiionot For Diseases of the Kidneys, Bladder ana Urinary Organs, and especially for Femal* Obetruotious, never fail to oare, and are warranted to give satisfaction. CHARLES WIDD1F1ELD * CO.. Proprietor!, T8 William st, New York. J. SCHWARZK, JeT-Iy,r A cent, Washington.D. C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING^ LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY AMD REJOICE IN HEALTH. Friond, do you <inffer? Are you the victim of any of tiioae numerous ailments which arise irom lna Surity of tho blood? W'hatare *hcy, do you ask* Lather ask. what aro they not? The blood is the w.uroe of liie and health, and it is the first element of our being to respond to any oause whioh ?tf?oU tii* system, aa the pulse infallibly attests The ever prevailing Neuraigia, the irritating Krys pe a*.the ubtle Scrofula, the agonising Rheumatism, N'ervouu Debili'y, Dyspepsia, Livtir Complaint with its torpor and dejection, and the numberless ills that flesh U heir to, derive 'heir hideouaorigin from the blood. Deal kindiy then and gently with the blood. Us* the vitalizing rosouices of nature lor its aid. and solfer us to commend to your and ube that truiy valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia almost infallible specific popular sentiment has spoken in decided ie<ms, and the evitlesces of this great e&oaej are sustamtd by constant avowals of curative efTVots and th* happiest results from its use are after all other remedies and the l est medioal skill have failed. as say, in eouclusion, th*t certificates Olires ar3 not soncht from the illit?rat? *n/l ftoial, bat they are vol ante? red from the mosfre np?otable sources and justify the highest terms ic which it ia po?mble to oummeiid so valuable a apeoific to put) io approval. We may add alto tkat toe curative properties of the medicine^ualiod only by iu restorative etfeots. the syst?in recovering from disease witii renewed constitutional viror. For ?!? by all respectable Druggists in tbia oity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M COX, '^ote reuuine unless her name ia biown on the bottle and her aeal on the oork IfT" Price A1 per bottle, aix bottles for #5. TVKoltiale Aftmt. R. f*. T. CJSSEL, Druggist, Georgetown, U C? Wholesale Agent for the Dis triot, and will aupply the trade at my prioes. aa 18-tr 279 * ???&* 206 Pa. ATI., FOREIGN FRUIT8, Pa. Avn., Beta leave to cail the attention of lua frisnds and the uubTio generally to hia New Store, tinder Willard'a Hotel, jiut opened, in oonnaaion with hit old ostabliahment, where he wul \/t> happy to reMi Te an/ orders for aspsriorConfactions of hia ova importation. ! Also,all orders for Dinrwrs, Suppers, Ballp, and Private Parties, wnion will be aervad ap in his inimitable style, with the same promptness and dlsy-?~h which he has hitherto shown oa a AWM. T. DOVB A CO. RE Now prepared to exeonte any ordari with ^pLVtrSiWI, OAS OR 'sTEAM PITT1N0 o u81 N B8vt CT* Store on 9th street, a ?w doors north of Pa. PURE OLD RYE WHIBKY.-On hand eevera brand* of Pore Old Rye WkitKy, Copper Distilled, made by the moat reliable distillers in Pennav 1 vaaia. Maryland and Virginia, warranted pare. Also, Imported Hrandies, Henneesy, Otard, Dupay A Co., Jslcs Robins, Ao. Also, Peaoh ana Apsis Brandy, pare Holland Sin, old Jamnioa and St, Croix Ram, and Wines of every varisty, all of standard brands. A ohoioe lot of Cigars and To* * KEPHAk?, Agents. as U-U Pa av.. hetw. 9th and loth sta. W DAMAGED BOOKS. E Have a lot of Parker A Watson's Readers and Spellers that wers damaced a little hv an? ;? the tteamer from New York^whioh will fo'toldfiw ha'f the utual pnc*. blanchabd * mohun, 4 Corat nth ?t. and Pa. Flour, meal, mill feed. *c. J u>t received on ooutirum?it470 libit superior brand of fretk ground Family, Extra and Superfine Flour, 9) bblt. No. I Rye do., Freeh ground Corn Mea^ and Mill F ted of ail kiadt oom'antlj on hand, for tale low in tott to rait. au 25-fim . P L. MORRISON * CO. JI GOAL OIL. Z ~ (J8T Reoeived from the Virginia Oil Company 5? barrel* trim* PARAFINE COAL OIL, wnien t it warranted eqaal to tlia New York or Botton oil. 5 The trade oan oe tupplied on the tame termg at " a ac* """n.r'i'ty.ia,.... i A U ' XX ALK AND XXX ALE!! ^ JK'oWnrj^^^WE^4 ? KRY. Tbia Ale it ?dtfrom and hoat only J wdoanuotfylt aut&atfon jp mm * "rrr. w?.v raiser res g, ; 275 ALk?N -7275 JACKSON, "'r ' * L V * ? * * * I Pnii. Anm, 1 | . Srt?w?10tktt4UftrtrM<i. j*u , * * * ^ CARRIAGE FACT0RH8? HINGTON CAMU6K FACTORY. D 8trt*., B.IWM MA Mi WkSUHtt. W? h*T# jn?t fimakM ft number ?1 ?nt et? CARRIAGES, ?uah u Lur4t 1Tm(h?<, fsrfc Pk**to??. OK lByKi nMUi Bumts, whieii v* willmUft>? k Y?r? imI 1 profit. Beini praotic*. nxokuiM in dif?rMt bruowi of th? Fiuuumi, w? flftlUr ubtmItm Lkftt w* ku* ?V>a ihlAf an/i k *v_* ?** ? i?' / vi >vit kwvni *ir? uni SoUon, oombiuas lights***, oomfort ud daiabiu ^RsMirinc jrompLy ud atrafally ?tt?ad*d to * ^Hxbbi: kv> srsn* 55r Co*chi?Ak*r*, ttooMioia to W*. T. Huwt. m CAR1UA9K8. 1 HK 8ib**nb*f utu4 n??c* additto? to fci sex sr: nfriiulMtcnuc CAR? I AGE A UGdT*?*l WA0ON8oi all kin?l? o&nnot be i(riuMd,u< from hi* long ex>ert*bo* is U? biuiw, h* bo pet to Civ* i*n*r*! Atislaction. ?ilua4i*fCvhi(iiikiU|kt WhimWw "TtfjlEFAIM MUr 4eoa, aid all artfari pnmjl DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNSO.X Haa returned and reaaaed hia rofeaaton. Oflue and house ti 463 E H _ ^ > third door ?Mt of !*ixth In addition t-mNCV very o'her approved atyle, Dr. M Hm XXs**TrP teeth on vulcanite Baae for the lMt thtae yeaxa, and, from experience, knowa it exoela all others, arid ia one-third leaa in price than gold. Hia old patron* of WaahiBfton, Alexau?lria, and Meora*town are renpectfully aofioitod v> call, an 3S aoly D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM lb Haa oloeed hia ofliw for the aeaaon, and will be ab?*nt, aa uauaJ, during the sum mer mODtha ; will r*aume practice about the let of October, of wluoh furthor notice will be circa. jy D DENTISTRY. R. HILL8. after a praouoa. teat of twa r*V> leela that he oan witfi oonfidenoe r?ooa-^|gk mend the Cheoptaatic ProoeaaforineeruntH|fl|M artilicL&i t??tli It haa the advantage* o P" atrougth. beaitr.oleaaiiuMa, aai clieapueaa. Kal *>?er inaanad for RM. Partial in proportion. Oftoe 306 Pv arenas. aai MLSCKLLAJVhXJlji HOWE'S IMPROVED WEI6HINO?CALE? These Soaies are onere?i to the ssbi 10 *s tns most KliTiBlA.darRhU. *?" * !? Ki-* ?- 1~ - avwoo cr?r VUL u im. First class premiums have hMD swsr<Mlk? by Uk? United Mate* Fatrand Virginia Ag'ioa'turaJ I Fooietj; Virginia Stats Agricultural Fair: Franklia InnLlute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, Jko., Ao. la ev?rj oass vhsrs fxhibited they nave reoeived first class premium* For s? e atwt Louisiana arenas, Depot of BtUar't Cbil sd iron Safes. de u-Ir R* C. PATTIBON. Aiail Washington BKVVING RooMb, Tt 104 OlA two dccrt NsrtA / ra. 1st. Nov is the tints to get SPRING and $L'MMKI BHiKTS made up L> order. The subsori&or la prepared to make 8 n fa TS, DRA WER S, Ao., at the shortest notipe. Ajl description# of Scartn* dors SHIRT BOSOMS, COLLARS, aU WR18V BANDS EsatT rtiuked. wsr 11-g n envw IRE, F I R K. _ POTOMAC WATMR. I am still engared In the PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BUSlNKtSatmy old stand in PhilWmonio Hal). The advantage of harm* a plentiful supply of water wim rsadily ohaorved at ths treo! yesterday, as 1 aui well sati'fied I should have beea umuru um out mr inn Dcniuumi supply apor my prenii*es and th*t of my nrtchbors All order* for the mtrodnotionof Water and Gu wtl! lx> promptly attended to. Tenaa a? raMOW*" ""?b" " "" C. ?N VDEE. / A- J? WOMOMf. V \ DISPATCH t <? A 8a?e the Pieces! At mteidmti will fcappe*. ** * <? w?U I famtlui, It la T?ry desirable to have torn* cheap and oonTsnirat way for ravtiriac Furnitara. Toy a, | Orookery, Jto. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB meat* all aaoh emergencies.and no household eaa afford to be without it It is always ready and rp to the stiokinc point. There is no lower a necessity for nmpinf ohairs. spiinu?red -*neers, heao.ees dolls, and broken oradies. It is iust ths artiole for onne, ?hali, and other ornamental work, so pops lax I with ladies of refinement and taste. This admirable preparation Is nsed eold, beiax ur:u iU BO Ullon. anil *OSS?SSlaf all tb? I raiaable qualities of the best of in net waiters' alas. I It may Ue uted in tbe plaoe or ordinary maoilaco, I baini mtlr more adhesive. 1 " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." aooompaaioa each btttlo. Wk?Utmlt Dtp*, No. 48 Qadar atraot, Now Tort Addrooa HENRY cTgPALDINe * CO., Box No. S,IO?, Now York. Pot op for Doaloro in Cun oontainin* Poor, Kirht, and Twelve Do??n?* beaotifal Lithofraphle Show Cord aooompanyini each pcok&f*lET A sicale bottle of SPALB1WS PREPARED OLUE will nv* ten times ita ooot annoally to every lioasehoid.-/"1l Sold by all prominent Stationsrs, DmuiiU, Hardware and raruiturs Dealers, 6roe*rs, ana Fancy Stores. Country marohanta ahould make a note of SPALDISO'S PREPARED OLVE, when maklaa o# their list. It will atand any olimate. rslO-ly y\ I IP 'j ifl f' W i'J ', 1 ? " ??'????-.J t>' 4" cJ Ol ytmto/w*r l?(il< ?.<( />u?U<? \L V & r # v >' ?*? </ ?** * *#?*.<?,) /? Si 5 7 <1<j yLk?]~u**? X ^ 5Il!^ ?/1 m daMwiy inrrtrtiliif lloia tiry Ik* I'aUry RW?,?i v, ]i<tii^?-ii> n?'( ?,i. /(ii??T *.m0 T ?Mua^ tf ! Jiri* /Wmm uTf 5_' p(f W, lit tw? wk III Mtiittnml Jf ^ j . J |$jj ^ Af -fXLs^ ^5^ !l CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUfY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS N^AURWm WITH THE SIONMUREOF ^ /< y i> ON THE LABEL ALL OTHER! ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKE1L WM.HDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAM ST HEW YWIL IOB. BALM IN WASHINGTON MY j t-ly BAKBOUK 4 g*""? Safe?*!?*!#8 OLD FAMILY JIT* WMI8KMY, OAom-M Wftll MM.NIV Vwt; Mi Ml uttFroUrtr** rfcUadaiMNh Mt?U JNPECTINE; OK, ? A #1 M O W B mm V SI Jl B flK FETER ANB AOUB EXTERMINATED tee euman constitution saved from wreck. THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY rot all INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERE curbs insured in a day. nature's urand restorative. INFECTIVE, IXPBCTINB. I^VrAlTiifA, InrMiMilfm. lMtECTima, IN PICT IMS. Tka tarrtUanaiad y knowsm Um FEVEB AND AUUE bu Mitttc kvidrtiti of Uoaiuii of wm tbru??hoat tka world ovary r?tr, axd ku savor ttil mow boos *< by ihmmmUI adM MEDICINAL DUBASKA, srbiok ifwt tka laoja, tha aylooa, tk? ttoar, U* Mvt, or otfear parts of lbs *- orgaaiM. Tba IN PECTINS la tbo Mttnl aotacoalat of *11 fb WI.U4vhM It WM IB OOtttMt witk tba aku. ia abaorbod by Ua ialarior m|mu, vkiok rtut isaladiaa wbiab pnalnla Ik* au>4 aal bo4y vttb tba aS^aa^tbaSSS!!! Tbat ustrsr ad ia tha avatoai, laiiaaa 4apraaa>aa of yirtta, iaaaitvdot lasfaor, yaiaa, skills. tarar, u4 a toa* t/ais of dlwiraaahta aaaaatinai, dopnnsf tba yoUaat of all aaargy and rrtaiUi kia or bar to a ?oadmoa ot EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Wfcf VlllMf OM rafar U* korror* oft 4aUtItMUl litoraiUMt Kmr. vkM by tba aw of tfc* INVALUABLE INPECIINE, M PERSIAN FEVRE CliEM. U< MiMt miIi?1 ud ?rm' <uUbM of vkia r* iBBturtly tbaorbod, ALL TEACBS OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW MOUES. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIO. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERT DISEASE HAS% DIVINE RKMSBT. TUB WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. RETTMR PREVENT THAN ttTRI Vfc TO CURE. DELA VM ARE DAN 9 EE OU 8. ~~~~~ ? % THE IHPECTME, o? PERSIAN FBVER CHARM, lu ovrad thoaaaod* of both mim of the bio* dread fa! Fiwi. Rni ud raflaoi. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lamaal Boaaal, of Pittabarg. (or two yaara aaalaaa to ud aoeiatj?? mkrtft to Chuia aa4 prafW ia M|kt kMn. Mary K. Bolkwap. Itaiukr, Okio. a/tor almost looiaf W mill M wall M atroaftk by l*Ur nuttoai Povor, vilk CkUlo, wlwi k* kaaiU ia 1. ft. Tiltoa. of Bol(rad?. Mala*, broackt from deatk'a door, kartai nf*rW fur foar yaaro. amdo wall ia ftv? voofci, aad uafroYOd ia two km Adolpko MoaVo. of Fraaoo, roliorod ia oao koar. vkilo trarolliox ia tk? oart of Um Port Wayao aad C4ioa?o Railroad. livmnaml ly dyiac vitk Ckilla. Klloa ft. Booooa. ?f Loekport, Nov York, rooTkoaaaad of otkor oaooo pmoatod aad aarod oAoiooey of Mm KRPEOTIIB, OB PIEBIA N |V I Vlft OlAtM. TUT IT, FMOTM IT, KWOW IT. Aad mako kaovi ite voadorfkl ?ovoro aad m with aiffcrlBC, My kiMttwi l?aaxiouB prurtutu, farftiafcad kf U* Mi rf Nklm for MA ITS BLESSING ! xjy vjuotiw a IB BOLD BY ALL DBUBBIBTB A?B WBI CINB DBALBBB IN AMBBICA. n n v n n x \ u 17 r\ /\ V Y A t> rniufi unJb vuuAn? 4. ,< , REMEMBER, octwdif. JMwtei to OrnltiM, vIMIiiimpm KANVPACTVtU ST .JOHN WILCOX i CO., % 1M MAIN mUT, IICIMON 0, VlftOiNIA. Sm* <2* MKAIKH omct, U. M BANK OP COMMKBCB BUHDU*^ | M1W YOBE CITY. 1 m j

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