Newspaper of Evening Star, September 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 28, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL- NE WS.*tl \jj~ Tbongta Tbi i*TAjt la printed oa the faatest rteain preaa 1? uae acuth at Baltimore, tta edition 1* ao 1 trgr n? to require It to be put to presa at an early boar, Advert:vn?ei?ta, tue^fore abvuld be ent In tiefore 12 o'clock m ; otherwlae they may not appear until the next day. None*.?District of Columbia Adyertlaemanta to be Inserted In the BaLtuiosi Scuars received at and forwarded from Th* Stab Offlce. Pythias vs. Jkffkr?ox ?The long-talked-of match betweea the second nine of the Pythlaa and the fl-Bt nine of the Jefferson Base Ball Cluhs. rame off yesterday on the grounds of the latter, in Franklin Square, and resulted In favor of the Pythians by a small score. Owing to the inclemency of the' weather, there were very few persona present, although there was a disposition on the part of som? of the outsiders to interfere in the game, ud which, in the end. resulted in the refusal of one of the members of the Jefferson Clnb to glveupthe ball to the victorious rartv,yet, nevertheless. It was an exciting and well plaved game on both sides; and great praise is due to Memrs Fisher. James, and C*llau,of the Pythian, and Pelden. Reed. Kennedy, and Towers, of the Jefferson, for the excellent manner In which they acauitted themselves at the bats, and the catching of Mr Kennedy would have been an honor to our older clubs Mr Mitchell, of the Potomac, acted as umpire, and liicd that trying station in a fair and impartial manner. Below we give the analysis of tbe game: Pytkian. Jtfftrson. Outs Runs Outs Runs. PIlh*r r I a Iwlinn n 9 '2 Wbitiag. e... 0 4 Kennedy, c... 1 3 James I b ... 1 4 r*elden. 1 b... 3 2 Turn bull. 2 b. 2 1 Reed, 2 b I 3 Hughe*,3 b... 2 3 Davidson,3 b. I 2 J one*, :| 2 i Towers, 3 2 Oallan, I f ... I 4 Dowe, 1. f.... 2 2 More, r. t 2 3 Coburn, r. f.. 1 2 Noyes, c. f ... 3 I Gurley, c. /... 2 2 15 25 | 15 20 Rtins in each Innings. 1st. 2d. 3d 4th. 3th Total. Pythian 7 S 3 2 5 25 Jefferson 16 1 0 1 2 20 Seoren ?Pythian. Mr. Ogdert ; Jefferson. Mr Gurley. jr. Tocixamkst At Fatsvax Cocbt House ? The tournament ol the Fairfax Hide Haulers rime off at Fairfax Court House on Tuesday, and was numerously attended. The Fairfax News says ?The Rangers, under command of Lieuts. Barnes and Fox,proceeded to the grounds selected for the tournament exercises, escorting thereto the "knights,''under the chief marshalahip of Capt. Dtiiany and his aids, Messrs. Blineoe and Barnes Arriving on the ground the knights were railed to th? judges' stand to bear the "barge. which was del.vorrd by M. D Ball, esq. The charge w^aa brief but moat appropriate and eloquent one The following knights contended for the honora of the occaaion, and we name them in the order In which they rode: Knight of the Vallev, Albert VVrenn; Hurke'a Station, David Marka. F.vening Star. Samuel Barnea, Georgetown, John H Monroe; lugomar, Albert Fox; Pine Orchard, MM Ball; The Turf, M D Bali; The Ran. he, 5* A. Coon, The Planet, George A. Aru.s, The South, Phillip P Gooding, The Union, Dr. John F. Jon>-s; Ti e Rangers, Robert Tav!or; Pope's Head, Ferd Beech; The Bleeding Heart, Benj. F. Bell; Cooney. Henry Thompson. After a spirited contest the following knights were declared the aiircemful one*:?44Knight of Burke* Station," chose as Queen of l,ove and He?oty. Mlaa Mary K Ferguson "Knieht ot the F.vening Star." choae a* First Maid of Honor, Miss Mary Hoag. 4,Knigu? of the South," rhese as Second Maid of Honor, M:es E V Richard aon '-Knight of the Turf,'- chose as Third Maid of Honor, Miss Nannie Thomas The above anno incemenU having been made from the stand, the Rangers and--Kuighta'' returned in proceaaka to the village At night the coronation ceremonies were performed at the Union Hotel, Capt Dulany delivering the coronation addreaa in his usual felicitous style A ball and sapper followed, and at a late hour the loyous participants wended their way homeward, grea ly pleased with the exercises of the day and nl^ht. Tn f t**? Ilix* u. .? VLi. 1: ?i U. 1.I11LS lii'L-ax.i" ? I u' prvuijfioui irooji of iuv??llea continue to draw fine houses at Old Fellows' Hall, and well worthy are they of the moat liberal patronge Last nignt, the programme embraced among other wrcellent things a new comic operetta entitled Three too Many, or a Bachelor s Whims," the several charactera in wblch were personated exceedingly well by Mast. Alfrtd. MissSaliie, little Julia and Mast Benjamin The singing of MlaSalllewas rerel?rd with universal favor, while the quaint precocity of little Julia ia her character of Jerusha (a la Mr* Florence) was unanimously voted the best thing ?f therren;ntr Indeed, the ea'we tronp? ( <>m?<s woriderful Intelligence added to extraordinarv genius, and their costume delineations of character are Infinitely entertaining Master Alfred performed " The Retired Old Bachelor'' with immeM* applanse and exhibited ** touch and go farce" in d:severy movement The character of " Fat" was well sustained by Master Benjamin. wbose Krottsque blundering excited sidesplitting laughter. A Comisg Sensation '?On Saturday next R. C. Stevens designs making a formal opening of his famous stors on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets, as refitted, refurnished, and restocked An Inspection of the establishment will satisfy all that it Is now one of the most e oga it and recherche ladles' faacv goods stores in the country, while iU stock of ladles' bead dre??es, fiKj irtlclci, millinery, toilet appendages. See , Ac.. is probably unsurpassed outside of Paris Asa whole. Mr Stevens's establishment is now well worth a visit from every lady in the city, and we take it fur granted that tbe rush to it to-morrow will be unprecedented. Th* Chxsafiaxk Ohio Ca*aL is now do. lnfr a prosperous business Tbe current month will foot up Me of tbe heaviest In the history of tbe canal. At tbe Georgetown collection office the receipts for the month up to this time exceed 9*il,0U>, which will probably be increased before to-morrow night to #23 000 This, with the receipts at the tip-e?untrv, will smonnt to about W,W? Navigation 1s good throughout, and boats arrive at Georgetown. ar? discharged. and return up stream the same day. Thts is a great saving of time aud expeuso as compared with what Eas hitherto prevailed. Out Paic* Ojilt!?None but the very best goods bought and sold. Warranted In all cases is represented, or no saio Prompt and polite attention can be depended upon. I most respectfully solicit an early call to examine my stock On Saturday next, Sept OT, my llrst fall opening of new and elegant styles of Millinery, French Flowers, Feathers, Straw Goods. Itrcm Truontiug, Kiu broideries, and real I Call eAily Mtd L'?t first cltwlce, At SiKVKjts'a, f 338 Pena aV , bet yth and 10th sts. A.i Arras*ft at lit a*last ?On Wednesday nigbt *u aticiiipt was made to enter tbe shoe store of Mr Windsor, on Seventh at., between J at. aud Miii avenue . T bey were succeeding very rapidly In catling tbe slats from tbe bliads, wb-it. being disturot-A.byttaa proprietor, the* i*ade their escape. On tbe same nfjgbt, the reaiat-nee of Dr. Taylor, on Siith at, between H and I, wasentered, and a bundle of carp?t taken from tbe closet; but tbe thief, bearing a stljjht noiae about tbe bouse, left tbe carpet la the wood-boose, and escaped. Small B^aixasa.?Yesterday, Wm. Thomas, colored, was arrested by olBrera Piggott and D llarrover for forcing the name of Mrs Sergeant, and upon tbe forged order obtaining a whitewash brush The prisoner aeema to bare been engaged la tbe whitewash brush business, as be tad other orders of tbe saute kind upon bis person, wbu.h were also for wh) Lewash brushes He was evtdeatljr just starting la tbe business, and had uot tot nlrly u..der way. He was committed for tourt as, do yeo know that Mr*. R G. Etchiaon baa just returned from the North with her uaual splendid UMftairDt of ffcnay goods, v fetch in polut of beauty, atyle, and rlchnaaa of quality, and graai nimU, is Ut auftcrior to aavtbiug that Lia rH? been atfeved to U* Udln af this city A <-*11 at h*r ?tore. No. 1*2 Pennsylvania avenue, |*|?ND Kigbtb wd Nlatb atreeta, will coavinoe you of tue fart. We adviae you to go at once and B-e the new atylaa., A K J i. 4 > ? t I! areata Muims La?x Kv*.mju. ?The rrjra>v of tbe llepubhean Aaaoetatfon Uat evening, at their " Wigwam," corner of l>r^e|y attended, and much enthualaam man!frtttJ The meeting was addrr-ssrd by J. J. t'u<nNs, Ksq . foruir-rlv of the Waablngton ReCoblie. The ifUe Olwb euLtvenad U>? occasion y the reudltioa of several tfne chorines. At a miit Nsfiks Jar k.son Dinn mltr AM- l e attaa Mat ai*ai the aniawilttae appointed to make arrangements to attend a grand dlsr uaa*ee at Belts vi lie to-morrow, (Saturday,) reported that 11 u-, eisifv arranged>en<a bah intu wade, and that the Association would start from tlielr rooms at II o'clock ?f*^aely oa thai day. PutXY Committed ?Julia tiantt, who waa arraafd by odl' ?-r MalUn >? ?*? pair ear oae p?ir slitrt at ida. one aktrt, and one M?> trot* J?tl? * aad<?m?l<iMl ! jail fMibnrlni. vai brought out yeaWday to- exM*!nation brfora ? *?? !> ?, waa fully Mimittrd to jail for trlil ?t court Kortcf WoTirt "'Kfotc*!**-*)f*hshi? of II fee DOVeUira M U??? aea*?n, ?o Saturday, ft-pt iwjj | At KM 9? I bet Mb a .d iUtb at*. I | 0?* Pru* 0*1 ft ** t"f ? ^ ( . - , Tbb Bill abb Etbbbtt DnosmiTioii at ALixiumi Last Nio*t.?The Oiirtrt of thta morning give* the following acrount of tbU affair : The Union men of Alexandria made the inoat : mpoaiog demonstration laai sight which baa ever taken place in this city. If there bat ever been a doubt of the intenae enthuaiaam wh'ch the Union came and lta candidates have created In thia good old town, that doubt must have been diaalpated bv die outpouring of popular sentiment witnessed upon our streets last night. The day bad been incieosent. and until a late hotir in the evening it waa doubtful whether the weather would permit an out door demonstration, but at nightfall the rain ceased, and from all auctions of the city the Union men proceeded towards tbe ward headquarters, and thence moved in line io iue <j?nvai i nipn uiuo tiau, wnence, aner marching to the wharf and receiving a large delegation from the gallant Union men of the District, the procaaaion moved through the principal streets. The Washington delegation numbered between two hundred and fifty and three hundred, headed v m _ % m f I 1 1 i a r>y gnr oaoa 01 music nuu uearing transparencies, they also brought with them a Urge bell which headed the procession. The line was in charge of Samuel Beach, Chief Marital, and Assistant Marshals. John Arnold, Robt Prettyman. C. W. Alexaudna, and Jas. Javens. At tho bead of the line came a large Hell mounted on wheels, whose sonorous clangor swelling loud above the martial music of the band, announced the approach of the procession. The bell was surrounded by partl-colored transparencies Then followed a band of music discoursing the Old Whig tunes, among which "Kallv Whigs"' was ever prominent and always excited great enthusiasm. Theii came a body of men of some squares in length hearing transparencies with appriato mottoes, many or which were exceeding neat and tasteful Among these was one which attracted mnch attention. The design was "the race for the Presidency" the Union candidate abeid and "Old Abe" astride of bis rail, distanced in the contest. va a. __ _ -. as *?- A * - j uen time anainrr oaua ox ninsic, U) WD1CD followed another long line of men, bearing transparencies with patriotic mottoes Following these, with the jingle of its bells sounding far in advance, rolled a hose carriage wbicb was liberally covered with bells, and which wki surrounded by young men, each of whom carried a bell and rang it as the line moved, tilling the air vibrated for squares. ' With the rhyming and the chiming Of the Bells, Bells, Bells, Bells, Bells. Bells, Bells." This portion of the line won great attention and was loudly cheered by the spectators 011 the sidewalks. Then came "Tunnel Town;" and uever did the First Ward, not even in '40 or '44, come out stronger or with more attractive display. At The head of the delegation roiled on wheels a mammoth transparent tower, each face of which displayed the likenesses of the Union candidates. On the two sides of the base were the inscriptions: "Bell and Everett;" reverse: "The Constitution, the Union, and the maintenance of the laws." The transparency also displayed an eagle with the Union motto, "j? Plurtbut L'numand a representation of the Southwestern Railroad train pasHing under the Wilkes street tunnel, with John Bell on board en route to tne White House. Then followed the "Tunneltown boys," with big bells snd little bells, with transparencies, and with loud huzzas for the Constitution and the Union, and for the fair ladies that everywhers cheered the proces?lou as it passed. At the Intersection of every street rockets were sent whizzing to the upper.air. and at the head of the First Ward delegation rolled a car with a "fountain of tire." from which Roman nnHln and other fireworks were constantly discharged. On the linv of ttie procession a lirve number of house* were illuminated, and the Union ladies stood at the lighted window* to cheer the Union int o, as squad after squad marched by arid answered tneir testimonials of approval, with the sboutsof freemen. Boquets?"every leaf of which s<9it up a prayer for the preservation of the Union" ?were thrown to the line by Mr hands, and will long 1>? treasured ah mementoes of the occasion 80 for several hours the line passed through the streets of the town. Everybody wondered at the extent of the demonstration All admitted the evident enthusiasm of the occasion It took by su prise the most sauvotneof the Union men, and ^ave assurance that Alexandria will speak for ihe Union in November next in thunder tones. Having passed over the Hue of march as designated lu the published programme, the procession stopped in front of Liberty Hall, where a monster meeting was held. THS MKITJM6 AT LIBERTY HALL. At an early hour a la'ge assemblage had gathered at the hall; and while the procession was moving in the streets, Lewis McKeuzle, Esq , introduced Hon. A. H H Stuart, of Vs., to tLe meeting Mr. Stuart proceeded to dell ver one of the most powerful, well-considered, patriotic and effective saeeches ever delivered to au audience of Alexandrian* It was duriag the progress of Mr Stuart's address that the procession arrived at the hall, when that gentleman paused awhile to permit the entrance of tiM profession Never )?efore was Liberty Hall so packed with an attentive auditory as listened to the remainder of Mr. Stuart's speech, and gave vent to their feelia^s In frequeut apul inst' Hiindrpdiwrt-rp pomiw-Il^ tn , - - ?? I V disappointed at being unable to obtaiu even standing room. At the conclusion of Mr. Stuart s address, Leo. P. Wise, esq , introduced to the meeting Col. J. H Baldwin, of Staunton His speech was eloquent and powerful, and his telling arguments abounded in humorous illustration which excited universal applause and merriment. The Lour at vrhjfch we write precludes us from glvlug a more extended notice of tbe speeches in this morning's issue. Upon the stand we noticed John JstOW, esq., of Loudoun. H. W. Thomas, esq , of Fairfax. and other distinguished speakers Altogether, the demonstration was a glorious one. and revived the patriotic memories of IStO Jiid '44, exhibiting an awakeniug of the spirit of those memorable days. A Splkxdii> Engraving ?Some months ago we mentioned that a costly engraving was In process of completion in New York for vVm T. Smithson. Esq , of this city, representing the General Conference of tbe Methodist Episcopal Church South. Then we bad but seeu the proof; but this morning we Lad an opportunity of seeing the work complete, with a key. A copy Is on exhibition at Philp's bookstore, and attracts much attention. It represents tbe General Conference of May, Ittoti. couveued in tbe State Capitol at Nashville, Tenn. Tbe plate Is 30 by 40 inches in size, and there are 202 heads represented upon it; and tbe likenesses are Slid to be excellent, hepresentrd la frames around tbe gallery are portraits of John and Charles Wealev. Bishons Cok? inhmu McKeariree, Roberta, Emory. Capera, and Baacoiii, deceased biabopa of tbe Mettiodiat Kpiacopal Church At th* taule of tbe biahopa In eeaaion \te Biahop Sou it*, presiding; Btsbopa Earlv, Andrewa, Pierce. Paine, and Kavanaujrh. Among the diattngulaned mlnlatera represented are Rev. Dra Doggett, \V A. Smith, of Va.; Marahall, <4 Miaa ; Wtghtunn, of Ala ; and Pierre, of Ga., father of Biahop Pierre. A* <t work of art it re> Uf-U gre-at (-.rea'.t upon the eugraver. J. C. Buttre, at New York Tbe proceeds are to be applied for the bent-lit of t'ue church In tbia city. Th? Revival.?Tbe weatber wm rather uafavorabe for laige congregationa at the various courcht-s last rug at, nevertheless the services were v*-ry interesting ?t all of them At the Methodist Church South tbe meeting was kept up till tbe usual boar of separation At the Ninth Street Methodist Protestant Church tbe services were confined to the altar, after a brief and appropriate exhortation by the Rev P Light Wilaon. pastor Several penitents were reported. Kev. J. T Ward preaches to-night, and weunderstaad Rev 0 A Sherman, of Ballimurt, will arrive la thie city and participate In the meetings during the eomtqg week. At Wesley Chapel also the aervicea continue to bevery interesting. The lllnrn of the esteemed paatar, Re*. Mr McOauUy, haa U?n mmA >?r<?>K?W ?? 1?? ? -? . ?? uonMWft upvu ?U? IliCUlUCr* VI kU IS station; but they have be*n Misted by the pastors of oth?r chnrckes during this series of meetings, a fart that is worthy of note, exhibiting as It do** tk?* kindest feelings among the Tar loos denominations Rev. Dr Noble la expected to preach for t.)?m to-night. A Tockm^mbkt was held last Tuesdsy In the neighboring county of Prince William, at the store of \\ in. H. Keys. A large number were present. The successful knights were J as S Cole, who named Miss Julie Taasil,Queen of Love and Beauty; 9. F. Davie, who named Miss Jennie Carney,First Maid of Honor; Jaa V.Nteh.who named (per Montgomery Tansil) Miss Settle Oockereli, Second Maid; and Maj. Jas. R. Furcall, who named Miss Mclile Pridmore, Third Maid The charge to the knights was delivered James K. Willlama. Lowet's Foca-w*v *?top-coci amd Fiaa Plc# ?Weirr requested to announce that this SKtU invention win be pebticly fried on to-morW (Saturday) afternoon, at 5 o'clock, at the i crner of Ninth and D streets, where the public, aad partleu'arlv the members of the city couocl<e> ore iawlUii to attend Fiasx Qrta-xa, os tbai>a\, Sep* ? Flret fkll aad winter openly ef Uoaneta, Hats, Cape, and French FtfteyGoo*, At Btbvssss, $M, bet. l>ih aad lutb sta f V * Omt Prlt* Oely Do too desire to regale yourself with the largest, rarest, aad aweeftart Norfolk oysters oa jacord? I f ? 11 nrvrvn H?rvav 'Ml ??? feulil and lllrreiiUt, au'd afWr inapccU^g hit torem, buy ! 4 ? Tjib tnetu atiutiom or thk Lamm U Mlic ted for Saturday next, S?pt. 29, At Kaa?y Store, 336 t Pmu Oftntug ?J ik* S*asm?0?* Prit* 0*4*. 'CisniL Ud??d liocax Cun ?But onr cw Wat r?(-orvi^-<l fur trial ttila morning, and th? wlt'* " 11 oi app**r;nj{, tbat waa dlamlaaad Two Itdggn wer? accwuwodiKd- * ' r?- '| No WfiHT, no Comflimbiit.?Last night a v?nag fellow belonging to the Marine Corps went Into a restaurant on Seventh street, opposite Center market, to get something to drink for himself and an old "mu o'-wir'i man" who was with him. A man who was present appeared to be disposed to wrng in for a ."sniffer," but the marine was too sharp, and the effort failed This failure changed the stranger's entire opinion of the Marine Corps, and he took back all he had said favorable to the rorps, and used an insulting epiicex iownra? me marine, who. is return. gave ! blm a il.ip in the face. Tbe result wu a warrant. The marine wu arretted and taken before Justice Jobnaoa, who hearing all the evidence, dismissed the defendant The plaintiff' admitted be was too drank to state tbe case then, but would renew the case to-day Fall awd wiitt*a Oi?*hi*q at 8t*vihs's ?, Ont Prie* Only.?My styles have all been selected with the greatest care, from the stocks of onr northern importers, and will be offered at fair ? rices and one price only All orders executed at te shortest notice and In full keeping with the latest styles. Call on Saturday, Sept. 29, and inspect the same. At Stkvkks's Fancy Store, t 336 Penn & ., bet 9th ana 10th sts. Insvmn.?'The little chapel whtch s few nights ago was destroyed by Are, was tbe joint property of G. W. Phlllina and J n llnnnr ?nfl tJie building ?u partially Insured, the full value was five or six hundred dollar*. The property adjoining, occupied by Mesars. Dwyrr and Reagan, w?? not destroyed, and but slightly injured. Oni Price Oxlt ?Finding It actually necee ary? to enable us to give onr customers proper attention and entire satisfaction, we have adopted one price only, and will adhere strictly to that principle. Strvehb, Dealer In French Millinery and FancyUoods, f 336 Penn. av., bet. 9th and 10th sta. Ocr Georgetown readers will see, bjr advertisement in another column, that an interesting meeting of the Republican Association will be held this evening Able speakers are invited, and the Glee Club of this city is expected to attend. Tnn fochth grand asskmblt of the "Hickory Club" Is advertised to come off ou Monday evening, October 1st. See advertisement in another column. Skz tub at>ver?i4xxkxt of Messrs Hutchinson Si Munro, In another column, about their fall opening if millinery. To tiik AfFLiCTRD!?He sure to rend the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Wiftar'a Bat sam ot Wild Cherry. Curts Bronchial Affection* and all Diseases of the Lvnt From the Boston Evening Traveler, January 9. It is perhap* hut a simpl* act of insticeto the proprietors otWistar's Balaam of Wild Cherry for us 10 say, that our personal tzptrtence in the use of this article, hai impre??ed us favorably. One < f ?he proprietors of the Traveler was o: tirely oured of a severe oouxh ol lour months' continuance, by the use of thu Balsam .and several of our friends an J acquaintances, who liavj tried the artiele, have found it of great servioe in >eli*ving them of sovere oongns and ahortnessof breathiu*, with which they had been nfflicted." None genuine unless signed I. Butts on the wrapper. . . _ _ . I'repart'd uy a. w . rowie ? Co., Boston, and Tor sal# by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B. \Vaite, G. Stott, John Sohwarse, Nairn ft I'aliner. W ash iitKton; and by dealer* everywhere. ?t> i w.r ~~makrixd In Rockville, t*ept*inber 13th. bv Rev, Dr. Rus* 11. PRANK W. Rd'/.KR, to VIRGINIA, second daughter of Ool. James W. Andersen, of former plao*. At Green Spring Ran, Hampshire count*, Va , on the 27th inrt*nt. hr the Rev. Mr.Spea-,Mr. JAMES BONIFANT, of Mo.tgomerT county. Mil., to Miss L. C. CRAIGEN. of Hanip?hi e county, Va. * DIED, On the 23th ins tart. FANNIE A., in the 2Sd y ar of her age, wife of Dr Benj Berry,and d*u*hte: of the late Dr. B T. Johns and Jaue E. Johns. * (Baltimore papers copy.) /2KT YOUR CLOTHING, FURNI8HJN0 VJT GOOD!?, HATS and CAPS at SMITH S. NJ. 4CQ Seventh st. se28 lm 6 NEW MELODEUNS Now in store JOH\ F ELLIS, e 27 _ 306, between 9th and loth its. r now Tfi vnrii i vti-b i'?T' li look to your interest! LOOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND E STREETS! ae27-Ht OA NEW PIANOS, from Chickering k, Sons, OU nor in itora. JOHN P. ELLIS, a- 27 306, 4th a d HHh Hi. Look for the corner of seventh AND E t*rREETs! i LOOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND E STREETS! LOOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND E STREETS! bo 27 6t 240 F BJ)UkUMEttTONKS M1LUFAM1LY bb's. Extra Sope:fine FLOUR 40 boxes Vt<imoiit CHEESE 50 " Sinokel HERRINU I 3ihb>s and half bhTs. No. 3 MACKEREL ? ' bushels White BKANS 5t> boxen Pearl Sl'ARCH I 5,oeo lbs. SOAP 1 ,?*X> bushela Mt'O^r potatoes, daily expected. For sate by < ae 2?-3t* J H B A H R A CO.. 4MS 9th **. > T SPECIAL NOTICE. 1 IIE Undersigned would respectfully call the attention af th*tf former customers of hm irho haw not, up to this date. settled their respective accounts, that their hills and balance* of bills are ready, and have been ready fjr gome time, at I is former place of business, corner of Tenth atreet and Pa avenue. He desires a settlement either by eash or note* at abort date before the 8th of next month. Aft r that date all open ace >unts, withont resard to persons, will be piaced in the hands of an energetic officer for collection. go ?7-3t HERMANN H. VOSS. TFALL AND WINTER GOODS. HE Subscribers beg Wave to inform citizens and strangers that 'hey are in receipt of a aeleot a??ortm nt of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES Ifc GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. -"* einbrart' % some of the choicest novelties and latest importation to which we invite ?our attention. HINTON A TEEL, Tailors. 4 0tt Per.n. avenue. _se27 2w (States.) bet. 4># and 6th str ets. "s 3~ II W U V u UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL, C?mer (f Seventh it and Cml. W O O D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or sise, ready for uae. COAL?COAL. We have no-? on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Ked and White Ash, different size IC^Weare now, and will be receiving Coa' for the next ten days, which wo toil, delivered from the vessel, at a reduction of25 oeiits per ton. Send your orders earlr. MoKNEW A MAR LOW. Propietora, a 8B 27-tf Corner Seventh at. and Cana1. I'UAND OPENING! *-I NO DECEPTION ! The Best Plaoe now in thia eity To Purohaae In the Store ju?t opened by BAR tc B R O., 391 Sevkxth Sthskt, Bktwiin II ahd I, Next Door to Tkyton't. And why ? Because there you will find an im raen?ely larre stock of all kinda of Good* apper- i taiuim to this line of buainsa*, tro numerou* to < mention?all the latost and moat 11 agmficent it) lea 1 that th? w rid producea. I Our (jooda ar<? bought on tho moat favorable terma. and will be told a' the amaliestadva-ic* above coat, ^hioh wi j be a difference of at least ten percent. ib toinpariaon to priosa charged in other houaeafor the name goods. All gooda warranted aa to their qnality, and no advantage will taken in eel ing to anv pereon u* acquainted in the different qualities of goods. Fair Dealing and Low Pries is our motto. ?* ?ivtwv ? uui siiu oar wmj ui uu;ng uunness. will be satisfactory to all vho will favor ui withaoall. ? C7" Take notice of the number?2? 91?the on'y store ol the kibd in that square. se 27 4t 1VOW OPENING AT LANE'S New and elegant fall ?t} le? of SCARFS, TIES, STOCKS. HANDKKRCHIEFS.GL.OVES. SUSPENDERS, HOSIERY, fco., Ac. ... . LANE'S ? i Gents' Fashionable Furnishing J?tore, sa 26 3t 414 Pa. av., bet and 6th ?ts < F~ OR SALE?An IRON GREY COLT.4 jaars old, perf?c 1* sound, only been going in r\ harreee about tarea moains.and can trotjLSfk now inside of four minutes and is very at tractive in appeaane*. Al?o, a very fine NO-TOP HL'GUY. turned oat about two months ago, and a fancy HAR NKSS made for said colt. The owner of the establishment having no further use for it laquireat HOWARD'S Livery Stable, Seventh , ttreet, between H and F. se 26-4t* 1 CALL AND EXAMINE OLADMON'8 New Stoek of HATS AND CAPS! 9S6 Pbuxstlvania. AVKNUV, BmimmIKA mndMtkH* . ja?4-lw Waehingtoa. DIRECT IMPORTATION. C RENCrt LETTER AND NOTE PAPERJast imported from France a large and complete i assortment of fine Letter and Not* Papers, irora the celebiated Mil e of l^iroche, Joubert, Du met^oe, Lacroix A Co .at Angouieme. BLANCHARl) * MOMUN, Coraer nth st. and Pa. ay. SU)okLof^iegant FANCY GOODS ;T"? ?" ~'-u ui'iuuioie. tvi ana ?ee in? now RMpeotfullj, R. C. STEVENS. LA DIE* ARB MOST RESPECTFULLY IN Vitod to o?ll aad *g^.^roin 4 # *? - -f ^MM WANT8. WA.22^~PA1NTERS',ltNo 471 Elrr"r,th ***3i|tt J. W. KARP \yAVTED~A middle-aceri WOMAN. u? t*k? ?.,. r*rc "*? ?m*ll chi d. An American and Protectant t aferroH tn>l.? v.. ion t .1 co'B- r F and loth ?U. "Recommendations required. >e J? ?' ______ A NTEI>?A FlTRNI?*HKD HOUSE. eluiMy located i? the First Want. c?ntaininc ? parlor?, a good-aited dining room. 5 or 6 chambers, ami norvants' lod(ings. Aline addressed to A., f ar Office, will receive attention. w?-M* W ANTED TO BUY-Cimi for oash in hand,a all BUIl.DINO SlTKhetwien Washington and Oeorcetown, about equally convenient to both cities. Addr*??, with description of property and lowest m:k pnco, P. E. P., Washington Post Office. n8 ?* VVANTKD?To have ever* hod ? know that they vv oar. find a fine and well selected stock cf FAI.T, ard '"INTRR CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HAT? and CAPS at the Pookas' Clothing Score, No. 460 Seventh st.,oppo?ite Post Qffioe? se 88-lw ' VyANTED-Br a young girl, a SITUATION as ? ? nurse ami ohambermatd, or to do housework. Address Box No 4. Star Otfioe. se27 3t W7ANTEI>?B* a lady in Alexandria.a WHITE ?? WOMAN nr ?IRL, to conk, ?uh, and iron. Apply at 463 &ith street, Washington, for any information. se 27-3t* ANTED?A SITUATION, by a youi?~n*n, as porter in a grocery ?tore, or any other business where he can makn himself generally linefu!. Apply Box 4. at this office. se27 St* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A rood OYSTER SHUCKER. Applr at RODIER'S "White House,"on High street, near the t'an%I, Georgetown. sear 3t WANfED-A WKT M' good health, of good hsbits, and well recommended. Address to Dr. GARNET I\ Nicth street, betwee E andj^. i-e 27 Ct WANTED? By a respectable youti< womai.a SITUATION as nurse and chambermaid She can have an exoeilent recuaimo relation. Pl?ai>?} apply at No. 237, corner First and B streets south, at the foot of the Capitol. &? .7 3t WANTED?Ov a sober and steady young man. a SITUATION as coachman, or porter ia a I grocery store. Best of recomnieodatio s fiven. Plea?e address G. H., Star Oflico. se25 1w* VITANTED?A CLEKK, who is acquainted with ? the city trade, for a Jewelry Store. Best of references required. Address T. II., No. 5, Star Office. se 14 WANTED? By a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION as collector. Best of recommendations given. Address M. C? Star Offioe. jy 12-tt BOARDING. BOARD.?A fine Front R<>oin, with Board, may bo obt'ined br a gentleman and ady or tw-> gentlemen, at No. 44ft I street, between9 h and 10th Streets ?e 2; at A CO NINTH STREKT.?Persona returning to TtiO the city f orr their inrnmar resort* will find vacant several de*irahls rooms^having the conve niences of gas. water. and bathing closets, at 4.VI Ninth at., one door south of F; suitable either for families or aingle gentlemen. Table boarders accommodated on moderate terms. se 5 4w Dr. J. H. McLEAN'8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PL'RIFiKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY in the WOULD, t i> r o | taking. distilling. producinr * delicious, exhilarating spirit, and the nut! infallible remedy for riiiuiumg the 4ieeased system, and restoring the tick, suffering, and debilitated invalid 19 health and strength. MrLEAfPS STRENGTHENING CORDTAL Will effestoally ear* Liver Complaint, Dppipm, Jann- i iice.t nronic orNenoui Debility, Diseases of the Kidneys, u J all diseasee arieing from a disordered Liver or Stomach, Dyspspsia, Heartbarn, luward Pitee, Aridity or Sickness of the Stomach, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Dnil Pain or 1 Swimming in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Fullness ir Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Choking or Saffocsting Peeling when laying down, Dryness or Yellow uees of ths Skin and Eyei, Night Sweate, Inward Fevers, Pain in the Small of the Beck, Cheat, or S:de, Sudden Flushes of Heet, Depression of Spirits, Frightful Ore tine. Languor, .Despondency or any nervous disease, Sores or i Blotches on -*he Skin, and Fever end Agce (or Chills and I Fever.) OVF.R A MILLION BOTTLES hive been eold daring the last eil months, and in no itstance has it failed in riving entire sntisfactu n V\ ho. th?u, will soger from Wealutu c.r Debility when Ml LEAN 8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will care you ? No lanruags can Cuusey an adequate ulea of the iminedt , ?te and almost in?raea!ous Changs produced by taking this Cordial in the dissased, debilitated, and shattered nervous lystem. whether broken down by excess, weak by nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and mis'rung organisation is restored to ite pristine health and vigor MARRIED PERSONS, or others, cons'-ioas of inability froin whatever csnee, will find MCLEAN'S bTRENGTrtENINU CORDIAL a thorough regenerator of the system; and all who may have in- > jured themselves by improper indulgences will find la this Cordial a certain and speedy remedy. TO THE LAUIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ie a saver ei'a and epeedjr cure for Incipient C??icapung, Wluiii, Ot.struried or Difficult Meos'rentioa, Incontinence of Uriae or Involuntary Discharge thereof, F 'Ting of thi Womb, Giddiness, fainting, inn ill disease* iucident to females THERE IS AO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. Suffer no lcnger Tike it according to directions. It will stimulate, strengthen, ?nd luvigorute you cud ciiu the bloom of health to tnoor.t your cheek again. Every bottle i? warranted to gr- e ?sti?f tctiou. i FOR CHILDREX. If your children ire sickly, puny or afflicted, McLEAN'S CiiRDIaL will mike them healthy, fit, and robost. Delay net & moment; try it, and you will be convinced It is delicioastot ke I CA VTIOS. Bewsrt of druggists or dealers who may try to palm upon you some bitter or taranp irilla tr<ish, which they cm bnv ehe-ip, by slying it is lost as rood Avoid such men. Ask for McLEaNVJ STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, tad uke ' nothing else. It is the only remedy that will purify the Blood thorough! v and at tb? sums time strengthen the system. ' Out teaipoonnil taken every looming frstinp is a Certain preventive for Cholera, Chilis and fever, Yellow fever, or ' any prevalent disease It is pot ij) In large bottles, hrice only ?1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $5. i. H Mi I,EAN. Bole proprietor of this Cordial; aleo, McLean's Voleau.c Oil Liniment Principal Depot oa the corner of Tbird and Piae streets, Si. Louis, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) The only safe and certain eure for Cancers, Pile*, Tumors, Swellings and Broachilt or Coitre, Paralysis, Neuralgn, Weik i'ii of ibe Muscles, Cluouic or Inflammatory Rheumatism. Stiffness of the Jnials,Contracted Muscles or Ligaments, Earache or Toothacba, Bruises, Spr..ius, Fresh ' Cuts, Wounds, Ulcere, fever Sores, Caked Brent, Sire 1 Nipples, Burns, Scalds, Sore Throat, or any iuflimma**on or Clu, 110 difference bow severe or long the disease may ve existed, McLEAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT is a certain remedy.*' ?T>t J _ L W.... .. k... _ ' . /. r I' i auuMiiua vi riia<iia.u "?*e usjii ???u ?. ui? ui uif crepitude tod ninety by U>( ox of this invaluable remedy. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rail*** p?in alinoet nxtaulaneocil y, and it will clean, purify aad heal the foaleil eoree in an incrauiMe ahsrt tuie. FOR HOUSES AND OTHEH ANIMALS. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT it the only safe and reliable remedy for the cure of Hpwin, R;ngboi.e, Windgnlle, SpliuU, llnwliinl Lnmpi, Nodee or Sareihara It never failed to care Big Head, Kittila, Old Ftunniug Soree, or Swreny, if properly applied. for Bpralne, Brmeea, Scrafhee, Cracked HeeU, Ch.ifea, Saddle or Collar Ualle, Celt, Soree, or Wouuji, it te an infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed and a cure it certain ia every iaetance Then trila bo longer with the many worrhleaa l.inimenu offered to you Obtain a supply of Dn. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It will care voa. J. H. McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third and Pine ete., St. Louie, Mo. { CHARLES STOTT, *75 Pa. av., aole afeut in W achingL*n; R, 8 T CIS8EL,Georgetown. aeM-DAWly f^HARLES A. SHAFKR, V> WATCH MAKER, 346 Pen*. At*nut, near Seventh Street Entire &tteution given to the Repairing of Cbro Dometen, Duplex and Watohei, fine Clock*, *o. Also, to tb? Engraving of In- fX] vitstion, Wedding, Viaiiing aad Professiosamum Cards ?? ui-lm MERCHANT TAILORING. l"KW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CA9SIMERS.ANU VESTINGS. WALL, STEPHENS 1c CO., 3U:i Penntylvs- ' i.i? MTVUUV, uaT*7 juai i wwwi yru a IKIKV T?T IVVT IFJ n;w Fall Goods, to which they invite the attention at thwr friend* and ouitnimri. mi 80-tf For your bo&?et%, hats, flats. PEAiHKRt". FRKNCH FLOWERS, and DRKS.3 I RIMMINGS, to to stevens'. 336. 1 Between 9th and 10th street*. i All orders for bonnets, headdresses, kisletts and sleeves, and setts, promptly ezeouted at STEVENS' Fancy Store, se 24-1 w 336, between 9th and 10th ?U. ; 4q4 eleventh street. 494 thewashinotonTntelltgwscf 4XD GENERAL EMPLOYMENT OFFICE , The Proprietor rehirns thaaks for the patror.ace tie ha* received,and suites that he oan supply the l>eit help, with rood reference. Several kixhI Servants wanted tikis day, both male aod female. Ho- , tel? eupplied in town and country. waiw c. LEONARD. Proprietor. proposals will be received at A to* 0<&0ft of the Oonimandujg Officer of ?? Ar?*aftl urTil 10 o'clock a. m., Ootober 1, ltMO.for f?rni?hin< tin* Arsenal with auO tons Cumberland quality "run of the mine," suitable for i btaoksiui'h's u?e and burning in the farnaoe of ft . steam engine, and fully e^uafto that j urchased last raar.a sample of which will be shown on appliaa tioa. To be delivered in the coal house at the Arsenal immediately adjacent to the wharf. GEO. d. KAM^aV, Major. Commanding. A*#E*AL% D?pi. i?". J MrfouaWft ? ir* GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMTS Ar 6i?rril?iM?A>?rliMiMUi mjirit fflfl if? A MFKTING OF THK RF.PI HI.irAN Awwstioo will be held THIS EV K.N TNG, ?t7S o' their ha.I, on the corner of Huh ?? > r?ct?.. l>istincBtthe<tepMkera hfevebten l invited and th<" Glee Cliih of ik? ?'..i ? - - ? - - ? ninpun Al o citation will be present. All latirnM arainnted ' to attend- By order. u | rT5=-GEORGETOWN TAXeS?October Ut < 'Uf beinc the n?u\l time for the *tti?m?nt ??f | taxea due this t orpofft'ion, UiH&tiDitiofi of ali oot- ] oomeU i? e& iiestlj cail"l to the came. CllARLK3D.WKI.CII. _? 19-tOotl Collar*?". 1 FOR NEW YORK.?'Th* packet whooner ( !<t?lMniM, Ciipt. Mott, haj arrired and -rM. ( ? ill me-1 with dispatch lor th? above poit.j/^^ For freight ap?>.) to MoCOUB A BOIGB,"? t>3 Wau r ?t *eJ8 CA APPLES-APPLES! OU BBL<?. Prime BAI.DHIN APPLES, 25 do do. FALL do. 25 do. do. WRKFNINO do < Daily expected per ftehonuer Marietta Burr, and I for ?ale on or before arm ai. Apply to < HARTLEY k BRO.. ge a lw 99 and 101 \V?t-r ?tr< et._ ( P? I 8 H ! ~F I S B :! I l*bWs. No.l B<>.ton HKRRING, I 129 haii-bbls do do. f 75 bhl?. St Jobn ALE WIVKS. 25 bb a. No.Slarw MACK EH EI., 25 hbls. No. 3 medium do. 25 bbla. No. S small do. t Now landing from brigs New World and lnuc d Carver, aud lor sale in Iota to suit. a H\RTLEYA BRO. bp 28-3t 99 and 101 \Vater street. A GIFT 8 I^GTfTS! t RARE CHaNCK To MAKE A PUR- d ^HASK AND RECEIVE A PRESENT. The subscriber being d?n'o?s ol e otmi oat her buaio*??, now oifers one uf the most ehoioa an.c a of BOOK;*, STATIONERY AND FAN< Y UOol)*. ia tue district, for a sho t >ime on!*. Aa I) an indeoement, any on* purchasing goods rU th > aiiHUiit o( ?>ne dof ar i jll will rcoeive a prriM-L. n worth from 12 cents to lour dollars ta 4.) at M19P THOMA*'?, 11 se24 erS* High street, near F'>at. v RC C \TZ^ ESPECTFULLY I" forms' hie friends and the public generally that he has reioovtwl to No.Hi*h street, adjoining Masonic Hall He is prepared to . furri^h at the sriurtest noticr. Dinne'and Ev..*iiiiu ' Parties, and feels assured that he will give evtire *> satisfaction to those who may tavor him with a e call. ?i All kinds < f CONFECTIONERY an-J CAKE at a the lowest prioea. Btst ICE CREAM a! $1 5ft per , gallon. C. C. AtZs*. J* se 4-lm 65 High street, Georgetown. L FOR SALE AND RENT. ... ti [For otktr "Fbr Salt nnd Ktnt" *drtrturmm(r. n * ? Jirst i igf ] n tfURNl^HED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM*. a " vri'h HOARD, can l>e had by applying ar 4?*9 E street, bttween 3d and 4th ats. ae JH 2t* >mr 1v.kt a HDtrr iiai-cp ? ? u - > ~m. ? * c? j i\ v n iivm rr< . VI F Thirteenth Mreet, between B and C,l*'aiirt. h con'airint 4 lar?e ro"in?, p*sR*?e, k tih- . en and cellar, all in the l>e*t order; t? autitui <a d, a<lor. ahade ire >& a:<d flower*, and a puuipof cx callent water T<? a go d tenant rent n oderato For further information inquire next door. je 28-3t* FOB RENT.-A neat COTTAGE containing 5 J! room*, with 5 acrw* of 'and, near tl railroad v to Baltimore, and within ? >ard? of a rtation where the fare to regular pas^nicer* ?ra cely exeeeda tiiat ol a i onmit>u*. For particu ir- appl\ to C. S C<>.\THE. Ekm . near Coiitee'* M&'iom, or . to J. D. McPIIEHSOa, E??i , at the O nrt ?| 7, Claims. ?o -*-3t* 11 HOUSE. ANI> FI RMTl'KF, finely situate*, in Ueorget"wn, ia for rert. Apply to R. BAR NAR D, cortex 9th street ami Pa aveune. T1 k l^OR SAI.E-T i; PROPF.RTY t>ituated at the j" ?. curlier "i ? nn i iitin ?ire<MH e'?uin. Known *?> ; tiie Peftraon popart*. Inquireof JOHN f .VH'R >u PHKY, ft ftcent for til* property corner I2fh and (' ?] atroete; or WILLIAM GASTON PKAR^ON .the owner. ?e/7St* FOR RENT?The thr*?-.- tory-and-1 aement Brick DWELLING-HOUSE. No i*t-i **v fJ <>rUi at<-cet., between D and K at?.. lalarxi It co 1* tft:na ili'i ru- oom. kncf en, 2 parlors, 6 ciiiw.ul.era. b? ard wide puui!0; haa ft tardea a lac he-1. with Ci erap'a and fruit tree*. Possesion c.veu on the lat (j lay of October. To a Rood an J panatual tenant ttie pr ee w 11 be m<derate. Appiy to ti>-0 J. SKUF ? FFRLE, at Jackson, Brother X Co 'a, 333 P->:i> a. ? avenue. ac 27-'f ; A COMFORTABLE HOUSE FOR RENT, ? * Furniahed or Unfurniahed ; neighborhood d?- ' lichtful. and surrounded by every c<>nv?rue? ce S! IvnM very moderate. Apply at 3i# Nineteenth '? ?f. west ae 36 3t* I WILL RENT, to a practical Gardener, who caii furnish in-4 satisfactory recommendations aa in to aobriety and disposition. aid ability to par the to rent promptly aa agreed upon, my GARDEN, on m Georgetown Heights. d< ao 26-3t* RICHARD 8. COX. T F^OR RK NT?Three new BRICK HOUSES, ? cortainin* S rooms each, in th* handtnrtie row , _r I : _ i_ 4-i J' - ' ? * ut i?nc* innruirii* recenuj erected on ."Mimn street, r. between M and N sts. Also, one for sale on very reasonable terms ApplvtoE. W FARI.F.Y, 48S Tenth street, or Mr IRVIN S. KAKKFR. the J builder, or at the "<hoe eto e opposite se3fi lm* Rooms may hk had on very rea sonahl* te?rts. furnish**! or a. famished. with r>r without Hoard, on 16th street vest, w?t side lietween K and I.. >e 2t 5t* _ FH>R IKNT.-A < Mus kaiit Bftli'K HOUSE ? on Mvts. av.. N*. 457. between i-th anil lltii -ts.. with side lot, fl .wer garden and Iru < treets. "F The house contain* nine rooms, beside bath-room. j* olew ts and cellar A pump of excel entwater m ti e kitchen, and wa.tor aad gas throughout. App v c<. on the premises. se24 7t*' , e Jj f OR 8AI.K?One O'thr--* of the three new tW"- tl. r st>r> BRICK HOFfFS, ?rh two-i>t<?ry back '* (wildings, with press brick foots, on 11th street bf bptweeu O and P *ts north Terms?three hun- P (red cash: tne t>alan>-s in 6 12 an<l i8 months: or;re lor City lots Inquire of JOHN W, bj RKKI). on tin pr niises^ se24-ot* 'u bn>K SA1 F O R R FNT-The two-?t?*7BRICK HOl'Sli No 7I?,on Market .-treet, 1> ween 3d ? and 4th i-ts , Georgetown, D C. The house is com \ modious and in complete repair, as to all on! every * ooinjort, with ?a-< and water: sufficient grounds to cultivate \e*e abies ar.d fluwnrii. The lot runs l?ck to a jo nt alley with a stable. Apply to JAS A. SIMl'SON. No. 59 Congress gtnvt. near th? Post < idlce. PonsesHioo can b?? Riven on or about the 1st of October next. se 26 eo3t* I/OR RENT-ROOMS Nos. 2. 3, 4, S, 6, 11, I 14,15. IK, 1? lul and 23. in the oew fiveito.y brown ?toue UuildiDK corner 7th street west irid Pa. avenue, known as "Washington Bnild inn." They are ?e!l adapted for Oih>es. having ia*, water, Ac. For terms apply at our Store, No. ?7 Pa avcuue, or to Johu li. S -mines A Co , No. ' S23 9th > treet west, corner T/Ouisiana av. st- la 2awlm fdl'KRAY & SEM.MKS. j ti^OR SAI.E?A new twp-story-anrMasem.'nt I C BRICK HOF8E, containing A ro m? and eel | u ;?r, rtusted on nth ?t north,betw?W LandMate., No. :l?H?withm 5 minuter' walk of ?h-? Northern L.i!?ertie8 Market. Terms unusuill; literal. App'j ju the preint'c*. or to McKENNEY & LaNSDA f.T", oorner of |*a. avenue and 7th at. ne 24 2W ti^OR RENT?Poi-eaaion on the lat of October, 'y The OWE).LING HOUSE No 43* 1) street. I" kt preaent occupied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, and P? uextdoor to the residence of the a'lvertu r. * ' J. M CAK LISLE. N. K.?11 will not be let for a l>uarduig house. ' ? n F-OK RENT -A Urflo ?Wrj?nd-*ltic littl K 1. DWELLING,on H *tr- ^t, between ir*h an1 KtbbU AUu, % three hUr; au.l-t>*?etuent brewn " rront DWELLING HOL'.-E, ou ISth stroet, be- < " L at>d Ma s?chu!<ett? av, ; possesmoa giv<-n to the latter hotiue some time in October: the *1' House to be repainted in?t Ie and -ut Apply at 1 W" M. P. SHKDD'S Fancy Store, No. 30a 1 ft},. t 0 an * ^ . fj A RAKE OPPORTUNITY-A rnann.toent I FA KM i.r aaie or ficnu^e for city propert*, "f joctaiuini M ?jr?*, hair uaif> from Fairfax fttatuvn, Orange au>l Alexandria Kailroad. itiaundrr ?" % high state of cultivation, well watered, good *hl nui dinta and Umber; it oan be boacht :ov. Call ?a ?n 0. W. UK AY ft CO., at their Jewelry Sto-e, P? J16 Seventh atreet. mmi* mi OFd kTch, mellow and puke 11 \ R U MNSIDK'B MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, J. Conaoientioualy dian!:?d by Mr Jsmoa Burnside, >f Aliesany Count), Pi nna., la the oid ushioied lionst- war, fro-ti the ohm^est and most carefally *teeu?d Uye, and in no oaae ev*r odered for aale inti! adapttd to wholeeome uae by a*e It ia at ?inoe the most pa!a'ab!o,a? iti* emp"atica'Iy one i Jt the purest b'-verajea ia the roach of the public, ro the inva.i<i,sa well aa to those in health, it vimmecda itself for iu unrivalled quait:es aa a itiraulant of (he aafeat anr-at, and moat benefioart leacription, and many of tfe* most distinguished phyaioiana are asiugitin their praotioe with the &&i>9ie*t roulti CLEKY A STOCK DALE, Proprietors, 328 Waluut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONtlVKK, . Acent for the Pn>p ietora. 224 Pa. av., ae 24 6 ii opposite Wizards' Hotel. ^ 1 fift NOVELTY A1ILLS* FLOUR. 1 UU BBL9. Of this superior brand of Family and _! Extra Flour recolvt-d this day. For aa e ia lots to a lit by D. L. MORRISON A CO. A ae 3 oorner of Twelfth and B sta. ?j'l JUSr RKCEIVKD, a fine stock of FALL _J uLOTHjNG, Prinee of Wales Hats. Japanese Hsts, ani all kinds of Hats, at the PEOPLE*? r r% t / s ?t . < iwku u U. i? a a L ai * . r ? ULVI nnu siv*ID| iio. 1DU 9OT0DIQ lUMl ()| tppoalre Pn?t o?*? lm yfl ^JEW BTVLB CW>?MANDmJ ^ " Jolt opened in oar new Cloak and Si.a*! 1). part |J merit a larce and beautiful aaaorUneut of aew M.d rtyliih Fell Cloak? and ?h*wU,eTbraring *11 i?? iau-at novelties of th ? smaon. We invite *11 ladioa Lhat wish a cheap an I vtihah ? loak or Shaw! to f *1! a; d exiuiiDd oiu ?? wa o(T?r them at the 1 lowontprices, J. W. COLLKY 4 Co., M Si-fct 333 Seventh at. alwive fa a*. or NOTICE! NOTICE!! WuTlCElti 01 * The owning of FRENCH OOOD3, fo- the Fall Traie, will be n*xt Moiidsr S -pfMnH-r J4th. Too f! ladies are retp?-ct/uU) invited to inane-t the noveW I ties itjet arrived fron Pans. N WltA-iAN. tfc ?c22?w IntM k Stutea) ag Market Space, j Ai NO. 3 AND ? FAT MACKKRRl., ^ H.John'a ALEWIVti*, * Halifax HKU-INGS U I. aJi i? aodhir Mle hv -.4-W Mt&DLBTON * [ t THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. PfMtrlTUla Nlltlci. HtiiliKlo, Pa , S^pt 27?The Bell ?rd Kver^tt Eifcutlw Cmmnlttre met We to-dar. wrben moit t:?f*-tory accoun* were received froiri all parte of tli? StaU Au *1+torml ticket mrm formed and Moluiiom Wl adopted aetUnf forth tbat it It deemed in. *f>edi< n: at tbts t>n.? to nominate a candidate fr?r lioeeraof and tppolil *?n riHiiamin *o wo rnin^f nr moa uv w U>nl ticket at *o wrure hirroatiious artlori from 11 national men; alto recommend, ng tfce b. 'd.a^ of a maaa ronvont!. n of all peraona oppward U?tL? repni.l rana. at aa rarlr a dav afWr Ibe 0< tuber rlertlon aa practicable naturkaiMU lti|rei>nri Boaxo*. Sept *7 ?The Bell aod Kverrtt p?rtf resterday nominated tlw following ??ntlen>e? for Joogreaa ? lit dlatrlct. DanM Flab^r of Kdjrar town; 2d do . K P Tllesiun <vf tw, ? io . Hon William AptWtoo, ?L~d. , Ot''? V Lord. of Si>m, 7th do , I.^ti.?-r \ B?1I. of ubirtdlcWD; 8th do . \\ Initiiop K?ulknrt, of AcMil Jnd2<* Maraton. of Uarnatahl*. baa bra ludinatrd Id pltrc of hdwarU Ulrklmoii, deli Bed Bim Realrew at St La?ta. 9t Lorn, 9fpt TfThe Baron Renfrew ap*i.t hree honra ?t tne State Agricultural Fair yr?terlay. witnraard the dtapluy of rattle, the trtal of p^d. of the roadbut* and ftalltcn*, and tla ward of pwniuma About 100 out people were on the ground, and Royal party were everywhere received with r-monatratloni of reapect. The Overlaad Eipre.a. St Joaten*. Sept 27 ?The orerlxnd etprta* irlnjf* Stn Francisco date* of the IStb i be urecs innate convention have twommidotl the p*op> to vote in favor of revUln ; Lie State Constitution. The receipts of silver ore at San Francsco weta erjr Urge Mr. Yaacey at Wtlats|tn, \VtLXiseT<ix, Del ,Sept 27 ?The Ron Wm. . Vancojr Is addrtt<ln|( an rntboitaUi' iiwiulag#* at the rlty half this evening, with de lded tt'e?-t. Notwithstanding tbe liiU?menry of tie re;;ther tL? Lall Is crowded to Its utmost capa~'tv, nd the surrounding neighborhood Is ad anxiety t hear h'.s tloqoent appeals In defease of tbe nlon and tbe conuiiutiou Hsrse Race. K iw Yob it Pept 27 ?Flora Temple made two l.-ls against Dut< hnmn's time to-day. The first die was run In 2 at'; two miles ia 4 57three ilies in 7 33\ The second trial resulted?first ille 2 32. two miles 5 5; three miles 7 .43)t . Marsr Henry Declares far Hell Phil*titi.phia. S-pt 27.?JMsvor Henry hss rrittfn a letter declaring that be will support Bell nd Kverett, but not with a f usion ticket Ha ivors ti.e Peoples* State snd Municipal ticket. Walkec's t xeeattaa Ceafirased V? ... n? ? - - ?a n rirau lUwr, ttb the remnant of General Walker party, baa Tived here Geo Wilker wn ?Lot on tie U'tb olouel Rudler waa atlll a prl?r>ner Earopaaa Arrival Niw Y?.?a, Sept ta ?Tbe alaamablp Edlnur^ from Liv-rpo-1 on the 14th baa arrived er datea have beta anticipated. >ew Vara ?iark*t? Yokk Sept 2a Ftonr ia Ann; ftate *5 i? S 30; Ohio ?5 T5a3 SO; Southern as *<ia6. Wbeat it defined 1*2 on -princ; ?\ eetern red SI 27a Sit; do white fU 15 Corn hea an tipward t?-nrncy; mixed r-fl.^eGKc. Provialoni qiitet Whl?) Arm ttlUaiQjic. Fiaanctai. Nawr Yoke. Sept 9* ? stork? ere dull and laier: Chicago and Rock laland>^; CumberMi Coal Co 14; llllnoii Crntnl ihtm W\; do. >nda iOO; Michigan Southern 4fc\; New York mtral9U\; Perm Coal Co Reading 4W\; i.daon River R K 64\; Va ?' 92; Mo lJOTICF. OF CO-PAR1 NfcRSHIP ?Wo. tli ^ undersigned, have thi* da> catered in??? on irtiifriiliip t.> transact "h* Ij I N R A 1. Al l IOX.COMMISSION ?ND U RNJTI RF. B1 I N K"4* untier tbe name and at? le of CI.KARV ft REEN. F. D. CI.EARY, J.C.GREEN. CI.KARY ft GRKEN would moat 'e?p?etfully iform their friends and the citizens oi Waarnnc'n that the* have "pened a General Auction. Coiaikfion and Furniture Houi? on Xinth atreet. one >or north of Pa. ar., <adjoinin; Perry & Bro? ? hey will pay * riot a tention to any aini all h-e? ?? entiu?tod to their care Pameuiar attention ii<11 the rale of R-al K?tate It-th at pMiateand ihlic ?at.j. We earnestly oolicit a ?har* of pnhlie troua^e. CLEARY ft <4REk\, Auotion ai d Cuniiinoiun B*24e<3t 9th si. one door north Pa. av tN O T I C K! lwisbal, gentleman V. ti t>. a m mi no Uf plan which I ulopted, 51X \eirs a<o, ol keinnx BATS aod BOOTS at sr.atiy re dueed pnet;* for c.isi- is in Miccexsfui >erati?>ii. Jn?t rec tved a (u;l r?pplj o( the late t cw York styles of 1)K K*S Ha IS The ve p ie?-t Hat f35>: a ferrt-rate ? at %3; and v tvl, fachio niue list fiSii. All of th? iat ?t et> lea sulk liAT^kml OAPS,*t lb'* vsrf lo. est pncoa. i>a constantly ?upp i~d * !?* a von large t,ro.-k at ose tin- L?R F.SS BOi iT+ a. fSTV-wMch I na\* i?n ?*lli"K for man* yra-*?a? well at the rery *t q.ial t? of Pat nt l,e?t!>#rGAITKRS ar f3S?. me French Ca Uk.u Ga trra fiom $ J to fv 6'. I'ernia cash; n? extra charge in order to offset ildel.ts ANTHONY, a x* ut for the 4 an b lac r?rs iftTi'Dtli atrvvt, imoi <1 bat dor tiuui tiit ?r. er. opposite Avenue House. N'o ?40 *r> l?3m VILL BE OPENKD ON SATURDAY, giPTXMin 92s. MEW ESTABLISHMENT ! CASH PRnCIPLETtllXPHiNT! AN IMMEXSM STOCK BOOTS? SBOFS, HATS, CAPS, AND UMBRELLAS. No. 34T SEVENTH STRKKT. Tiro door* to*:k of A orthrm Libert it t Mar hi. kkivaled is VARIBTT, WBAUTT, ARC P*TC* ! LADIES' SHOES, TTalmoet Erery Orado; MISSUS' and CHILDREN'S SHOES Ot Every Ku>d ; EN'S BOYS', and YOUTHS' BOOTS AND SHOES. With the Finftrtard Chranest Assortmeat of HATS. CAPS aa.1 I MBRKLLAS To be Found in Ut City. As we propose to establish ouiselv es permanent in ImsuiPi.* and ?#i>nr ?r.i ' ? wu??cinnj Ul lUO VUU* !, w ar* d^Urrnimxl o ae 1 at th? v*rj ins] Mt iuMf profi' and t!eal in cannot and fairnea* with I who ina> be di?po??d to patrouiB" us. O F. Cl'M V.IN* k CO., e 2" 3Uk2?w?w No. 34 7 S?-vfntii ?t. JKW STYLES KAI L * AMD WINTKR CLOAK*. W'k ?h*U rfoeire an-! o#an f>r i?i>p?ct <>n ??ar i' t ipii ol l aj and Winter iioaka o< to morrow nurmla'. > ainuuf ! wh eh will h- found I thf nuv-uitie* ia that Cull ax-1 > ?? th? new rl-? at MAXWELL'S, i? a6-eo8'. ______ 33** Penn. avouua. j ? KAOLKSTOVK HOU8E. | ! would rnaprctful ( nail lh? ar?e> ti?n of tha uh i to m> mw I'aRLmR VIOLET GASCON MINrt K ^ 1)1 ATORs, *tipr nor lo ar> that ha? Vred fi.i aal* herer.-fo.-. Tf?o? t?ar^ ?up*rwd?Mt ? olu (.tir-o. >!uinn Ra '.atn- - a* tt?*j arf> mncli ndii'mtr for partorn, ix?inc fim?h?d (T with *?? r?eaia lio^d ur?? lur evaporation. ecm>um*a ich l?ac coal, afid t'i<ow? out m .r- h-at ?H*n mmf m?r Radiator in tha murk't Ptcaa* rail ar.<( aaw*you wives, ul ?* WOODWARDS, No. SI* l'*nn*Tva?m avaroa, >e 17 aott Hetwaen WHh and Utk *ta. FOR 8TAMPIN i A PACKET OF PAPRR, AND ENVKLOPER NO TO MATCH, CHARGE METROPOLITAN N*-?BOOKSTORE. PH1LP 4 SOLOMON'S, tmli J or Lmwrtmte't fi+rmtid Lmm FtMr1. "Mutt<Uu** MiUt,n 4e., trt. '? ? ly 33i>Kt?.. >?<o iht purse what tmoc t*halt buy! riNEMfTZ-S CHU??CASH HAT STORE. ?5?' 216 P*. ?w., iww oornwr lath at. 'OK SALK.-A pair of COACH HORSES, yunji ud l?*t. ?<>ld for no foult; th? e\ rner huuii no u*e for Uiein. Apply ?* 1?P . H. I'I'PRR.M A\'f> Grooorr,? ivani a avwnu'. i.? *w<l 4V ?? ?? B tf >K1M K~ OF WALKS RENFREW HATH "4 c*" ?? pv i? an N?*f eorff Thirt*?tU ?j. mCTISK. Og^ERSIAN iOUK A ?upply of tWu wooderftil Mmhtun* ju?t ro;s&. ??it MOOBVS v H 2w Wfit Ktx1_P; it 8*yf, n > I't ?t. HNOh-Od? Tory um t\ oeUn P.?ny K?r o tSorTVW? lfc^f*ERoV?!'8oii I^c^of Stotav^* 4 So*'* ud Raron. Boooo 4 A

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