Newspaper of Evening Star, October 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 10, 1860 Page 1
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0 t ? #' > i ? 1 i C L^y j Gfkntng Star. V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 10. 1860. N?. 2.385. ifj- In BiHimm ??? of ?1,7*25 hu been toward a food of 97 (M> for ttoe er?cttjgirTan "Az?d Mh'i Bone ? The lady u>a? 0ftk? ".V|(od Widows' Home'1 kav? taken AittW to Tbev have an adsiirabU atte ^Ftbe cooetrurdon of the UuUdlaj. and will MRnence m soon as 97,000 la contributed Jofcn W. Jones, wbo bat b?M sant to a|k lor narrylotf two wires, ticmd LimselX KSfrW Itei wkfl U Mm absloufbtk a teMlkVfi flrr fMlkl M?k (uCm ' ^PP **^pwV ' AP?r? Uklw (roui b*f * luppty of omI. The JMbaasadors i??? had Invitation* frota thedifbrkt captalaa ef many of these rem Mm to vlalt iMr ships. bat tbey declined them all4 and receive bo visitor* (except some of our naval ofllun ) T&ey d*-a*re to remain ***<?*, aod assign as * rmni that they have no treaty with these people They have purrhaaed several Mlkm ?r-d parrot* whl-.h they keep In their apartments for amusement. A purcbaae of one thousand orange* vu made for then a few day* ago, and hry prevented the fruit to the crew It la a MO of conafant worry with ttirm that they art t.*t allowed to pay far their own supplies, aa 11 to*' v was appropriated by their Government f-iftWa purpose. Several special Interviews hare been beid with the captain on thla subject, but he will not couaent to their doing It, assigning aa a reason that it would be contrary to the instntotioas of hia Oewernmeut: they then wanted to sptK tbe dlffsrvmee and pay tor one-half, tot WtUiout effect. They have, However, purchased privately nearly as much every day as the steward afHtlr mess haa done. It might be Inferred from Matolh't %bey were ao? provided for: bet they W*? ? abundance of everything at all times. Tha anJy question la how to get rid of their mfmty. lot I ?uppo-e they expect to be censured H^^to tii st aaei Qm kAfllA foe as^l -* I ?- ? ? * Itr the opermttcn Tbeae needle# we u fine M a hair, and are made of gold and allver, aod aome??>* of etoel. by peraoua who profeaa a particular JUl la temp**lag them. The boa? parti, nervea m blood v^eeeia are careftilly avoided, and while are paaacd through the aktn a ad muacle. they hH* * ? r.'d uUvit na p~ ul ar manner There are many practitiouera who congaa themaalvea caftely to thla practice. Tv American coal ahip Sebaatian, Cabot, 1M day* froia Philadelphia, (aoppoeed to have been Joet arrived We ka?f h#r ?ionMiii? ?metttn?"S, or 'when applied to certain tender parts. Our physicians witnessed aooie of the opetatloaa with much interest It la ?sid to be very e9<-acioos In pleurisy, toothace, gat and rbearnatinn Thay have very elaborate treatlaes aa to tbe effort produced by the moxa. according to the pert to which it is applied; and Its application form* a ertence and prof?aaU?n by itself. Tbefleefeyparts, ^specially of the beck, arr erdlnarilf selected, and evtry person, young an<l old, male and female, eo^mlta to the operation, I am informed, at least ace in aix months. Another Japanese indention, practtsed chief y ta a Tinleulailack of colic, ia ttcmyumtmri?Uf?t ? , sticking with a needle. According ta their theory. tte celte Is caused by artad, sad ta let it eat several aiuall holes (niue being a favorite aumber) are made with needles prepared for tbe p.irpoee, generally la tbe muscles of the stomach or abdomen, thoui/ta other DmIi* feMlfie prevention and cnre of disease, by burning moxa the finer wooly part of the leaves or fjjKrmwood, the coarser kind belag used for ordinary tinder It Is procured by rubbing and beatleg the Wves till the green part separa tea. and nothing is left bat the woo I. which is sorted Into two kinds When applied It Is made op In little oenes, and these being placed on the parts selected for the operation are art fire to from the top; they burn rty slowly, leaving a scar or blister on the sktn.wbieh some time aftrr break* and discharges The operation, I should Judge, Is net very painful eirept when T^pestrd in the same Dlace. as tt ? Rtrom oa board the Ualt?d States frigate N .?v, at Loando, Africa, under date of Aug. 4, fcives some particulars of the homeward progress f the Japanese Kmbimy Not long after we wer* out the captain learned (bar" was a great quantity of lnclfer matches tmc>:'? th?ir b*:?g7?;je, and these articles are firstly prohl ited wo luard. He had an Inter Mt0 and told tuem how dao/erous it was to and tnadesucb representations as Induced thasB %a pttrh thein all overboard; but we are not that they all disappeared, as mysterious ligWawr sometimes seen in some of their rooms, jugg^aonstaxitly keep the aentiaels on the alert gjPKtveral days I have noticed many of the inMMTu> n? tbeir favorite and nnlvrrui nt-.rai uiu u?-en a^awoyea, wuilber coultl thf-v tuoutands have tied? Who would have rartd for thethoiu.Dd vridowt of De;r el Komr, the l*e thousand w!do\c? of Damascua. and tbc tena of thousand* of all agea and sexes ai d cUa?<* wt?? ha*e gathered here.' Truly it 1* of the mercy of the Lord thai thU city aad Sidon have not b?*en wastej, Htmrwtrd Procreas < Ik* Japaaeae A corr?8Dondent of th* Nmt York Tl?n? ?? !? when the paulr was at its hlgbt in Beirut, the I'vtu vry in league with the Drua?i, who bad fixed a day for the destruction of Beirut aud Sidon, juat as they fixed a diy for the place* which wtM actually destroyed. Day after day, and night after night, we were in the greatest anxiety, and In the very agony of suspense, expecting at night never to see the morning light agata, and spendlug the dava with our f.mllle* in listening to stor;-s of atrocious butcheries wblch chilled our blood We did actually plan converting our mission preas Into a fortress, boning, In case of a nia<nacre here, to be able to hold oat with a few guns until su.cor could reach us from the ships in tbe tv-.rbor; and many were tbe suggestions ss to how tbe more delicate ones among our number could stand a siege with a scanty supply of food and witer. Som- of us actually went on board tti- vessels la fee Larbor. and others were n-?dv to ao, sod-his sU?e ofal-wm and suspense continoed 9* nearly a full man to, until we felt our strength giving out in this hot climate, but tb* Lord moat tacioasiy and we are living to praise Him. Does it not setrm as though this city had been pr?-?rrved In the providence of God to be a city of refuge to the thousands of poor sufferers? If i iiiiiK u? rv*u, uut iwjirt in grtii lear, ana rvt ry day they are making their escape la *01111 V ^rttea to Beirut The aext great political movement wlil no doubt be an attack on the Drua?a by tbe Turkiah force* alone, or in conarctiou with the Preach tro*r>- The reauU of auch an attack will (w either the surrender or disarming of the Druaea. or their fleeing to the Hauran, which ia lot prehabte, ?r elae a severe conflict, la wbtch lutter case the Drin^a will *m driven out or destroyed, and tbe rein^inln^ half of 9outbrrn Lebanon be converted into a ruin, leaving absolutely nothing unacathcd. We eil fe?i that Beirut and ita people hare had a very narrow eacape from the f^te of llaabetya, Deir el Komr. and Damascus. On the ?3d of June to do la looking after the aufferin^ refugee* who are now being brought In thousands from tht vWattr of Raabotya and ilasbeyia. MerJ Anjtm, that large and beautiful district west of HasbeyU, wher* there wm so many rrotectanta, It now i deeotattoo. Two Tillage only remain unharmed. ind the Protestants have all fled either to Sidon or to Belnit We alao hear from Mr. Gaitrii,. nr native brother In Tripoli, that there ?r? r.o ie?? %an 3 000 refugee* from the vicinity of B-iloec n->w gathered in the vicinity of Baherry, near the co .rs?- of the I.?banon and all In great uttering Indeed it may he aifely aald that there Is not a spot between Palmyra on the northeast and Tyre on tbe aouthweat through all that vaat region, recently containing ao many Christiana, wnere a Christian can now live in aa/ety. unless 1' be in Datnaacoe. under tbe very eyea of Foad Paiba A few hundred Chrlatiana still remain In Mcunt Lebanon amon^ the Druaea, south of the ?, ??- ?? vi ?yo pwpic wu their homw mutt bs quite remote from the present tin*. They have nothing to rat except whit they receive from charity, no clothing, and no ?aek?r. bfcoukl they return home to-inorsow Iber wonld go in utter deatltutioa. Think of ! ? UUU pro pie settling down at once in a country ' d'-solated by tavage warfare. There are no houses To shelter them from the storms of the coming wimter Thay have no beds, no clothing, not ah *>un-# of food. n? cooking utensils, no iaspletneats of husbandry, no cattle, sheep, nor goats, j no mote*, camels, horaea. seed, wheat, barley nor IrtiWr nothing stored for winter, aa usual, and nothing to look to but foreign charity; and then, in addition to this, who Is to care for these thousands of widows and orphans and families of which there Is no male survivor * We are now distributing dally to nearly 10,000 of the moat net-dy refnueta about ua 1 give my whole time t? tlw work, and Di Thompson and Dr. V?n Wick are busy In the hospital department. We l.svt seroe hired "K*ats to amist to the work, and two cf the rrrttve Protestants, Butrus Histany and M. Antman.rivea good share of their time to the iraedy. ' Mr Ford returned U Sid on an Thursday, the 93d inlt , and will ns doubt hare a lanre bust THE EVENING STAR * PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, i (SCNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner if Pennsylvania mvenut andlltk Jt., ,T W. Di WiLLACn. Papers Mrrt4 In piokl|? by earrter* at 9* T"?r, or IT oenta por month. To mail sabeoi there trie piioa M ?X*> tjMr.ta |i for six. moctha; ?t for Urn noatha; ft ad for loao Uu thr?em^vthsat theratoofltoenuaveek. Bugle opies, o? citt; i? wrappers, two ckntk. 117 A tJTBKTI* IKSWT< MOBid bo sent to tfeO ofi06 betore 12 o'oiook m ; otfcervioo they may not >|yi>r aajUi tfcOmextday. iatriria MwImwIm ! Syria ' >9*. Heary H Jeesiip, writing from Beirut Aug ' &, l-"iO. to the Rew Dr. Anderson, of tbo'.ran Board. say* that he in almost overwhelmol w!lh the l.ibor of dispensing charity. Tft*? iayot nu aaMv (he aaya) for a Christian la fontbera Lebanoa, ahd tho Druses are vet to h* nil > 1 (altoii (Kml t ha ?# *W? U I bu! ldlng southward, or to eitend the wires on a tralgbtllae westward (row Fort Kearnoy, on the Pocy Express route. Tn Kram or Cms* w iiiWoilb -There are fifty-seven eltlrs tn the world which omUIi from 11*3,000 to ju0,000 lahabltnnte, twenty-tbre* from 2UU.OOO to 500,000, and twelve which oontaln above 900 000, two of which are London and Paris, and ten ars la Eastern Asia. ?7* City railroads In Clseiaastl ars subject to zuItrealty. The old ^itsstton of the rlgbt of the ;>mpaates to the use ?f the streets has been revived Four members of tbo City Cooncll ester a protest against the traat of way to tho Fifth treet lias. 07* Richard White, an EaglUhnaa, has boon ooademaad to serve throe moatha in tha Pste? tovf (Vn ) Chain (tag, fat IwaWnf iady. W i or one la every 15,000 In France there are 130.WU0 noble* among 39,000,000 people, or one among every 340 It la estimated that several thousand persona, moving in good society In Par s, assume titles of nobility without the slightest right to do so. Among the Immense number of Dukes, Marquises, Viscounts, Counts aad Barons, who Jostle yon ob all sides In Paris, It la Impossible to pronounce, m? pes*a?<, on the validity of their claims to the rank they assume In England, whore the nobility are few and well known,suck assumption would be detected and euposed In twenty-four hours. ITT The Pacific Telegraph contract Is reported to be in pneueal hands, with fair prospect of speedy snd satisfactory results The St. Louis Democrat states that H Sibley's project for a line from the Missouri river, to the Pacific ocean, is to go into effect immediately, with n prospect of coonecttntf California sad Missouri in magnetic bonds by the close of snmmer The question of roots Is unsettled?the contractors having the option to continue their line from Fort Smith across Texas snd through Arixsna to Los Angeles, and there coanaet with a California commit* nmv ivuinu, mu AUkuna. i U Uft ll will l>t Ktn that the Britiah peerage la much more excld *c, and far lew numeroua, than the French?six hundred and nine agaiaat one hundred and fifty thouaand A baronet la not a nobleman, aa aometlmea designated in thla country He has an hereditary title, bat la only* commoner, coming next, but with a great gulf between, U> the baron, who la a peer of The realm and aa hereditary legislator. Titlee are much regarded in Ens land, where they ate aearce. and lightly eateemea on the Continent of Europe, where they are plenty In England, including evea honorary title*, there are only 2,0tt) noble* among 3j,000,uju of inhabitaata. uac |/iiiuun ui iriiiuormin^ into nobles; and third, comprnine tbe Imperial nobility It is calculated that In ( rauce there are early 150,000 nobles of tbe three categories " There are four hundred and fifty-nine peers of tbeTealm on the roll of the House of Lords for 1800 The princes of the blood royal coins first, the Prince of Wales leading the Van; next the King of Hanover, who is Duke of Cumberland, and tbsn the Duke of Cambridge, also cousin to IJueen Victoria. The Archbishop of Canterbury ranks Immediately next to tbe Royal Family; then the Lord Chancellor, Archbishops of York and Dublin, and sundry high officers of State; after them the Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viacouats and Barons, each forming a body by itself, and the peers in each rank Wklug place according to the date <-f their peerage la addition to the nobility, to the number of four handled and fifty-nine, who have sea s In the House cf Lords, there are probably one hundred and fifty Scotch and Irish peers who have not a right to sit In that legislative chamber This eivea a total of six hundred snd nine peers for i. ,,ni.fui ? > ^?-? ? * apparel. If the guest* observe the tame Injunction in their costume, the occasion will doubtless prove as satltfactory ia tbe recollection as it ?s absorbing in the anticipation. The Nability ( Enrspe. Few persona haveany idea of the immense number of titled person* in continentti Kurnne. In Germany they are at plentiful aa blackberries. In Italy a coontshipean be bought for a thousand dollar*, and this makea every ion a count and every daughter a countess. In the Peninsula they equally abound. In Hungary the titled Magyars are literally more nomeroua than tbe peasantry Wbat tbev are In France may be judged from tbe following paragraph, whlcu first appeared in the Jourritl du Havre: "There ia tome question of publishing an official list of the French nobility, in imitation of the Peerage Hook of England. It la mid that tbe catalogue which is to be drawn up will comprise tbrea categories; the first, of tho^e white origin dat?s from the earliest period of French bittory, as. for example, tbe hou*e of Mountmorency, but tbisclasa will not be numerous, the second, of the nobles created by the kings from Philippe III. ton and mcceaaor of St. Louis, who arrogated kimuir ' A (upper room 1> now being constructed In the rear of the Academy of Muste. It will be 1W feet loot; by 10 feet wide, and draped with blue, white and pink muslins in tent style Paton fc Co . the well known irpholaterera, (who alao furnished the room In the Fihh Avenue Hotel to be used by Lord Renfrew and hie suite,) are occupied in getting up the decoratlona of thla apartment. The bight or the calling will be 25 feet. The rapper table will be in the shape of the letter T, and a private uble will be prepared for the guest of the evening Mirrora to tbe number of 30 will be disposed around tbe walla, and In a gallery near the ceilings a band la to play conatantlv strains of soft mualc. The paseige' way from the Academy to tbe supper-room will be 110 feet long, and draped and decorated similarly to tbe latter apartment. All tbe arrangements promise to be in excellent taste. The splendor is to be rich, but not i!*udy, as Poloniaa recommended Laertes to m>k? hia r ? ?^ ..Ufra uuu gou MOIUCII tVI WUUIU the y are Intended that these are simply cards of invitation, and do not admit to the ball. A few daya before the ball the tickets of admission will be aent to you, aad the possession of one of these tickets will be imperatively necessary In order to obtaiu admission to the house on tbe night of the b?ll It Is not. probsbly, necessary for me to remind you that both the invitations and the tickets are strictly personal, and that they c^uuot be transferred 1 avail myse'.f of tbe opportunity to state thst under no consideration can ladies be admitted with bonnets Genii emeu en tilled to woar uniforms are requtsUd to do ss. All others are expected to appear In evening dress, viz: black trowsers, black areas coat, black waistcoat, snd white cravat, or white waistcoat and black cravat, (the former preferable,) and light-colored kid gloves. Umbrellas, canes, hats, and overcoats will not be admitted to the ball room, proper places being provided for tbeir reception (By authority,) M. B. Field, Secretary. Notwithstanding all the assertions to the contrary. It is probable that the partners of the gue?t will be previously selected It Is even reported that they will be invited to meet him at a dinner Ctyon the dav previous to the ball As Miss ne will not be present, and Mrs. Edwin Morgan does not dance, the honor or opening the ball may fall to the daughter of the Mayor, whose offlcial position would thus entitle the you ox lady tm a compliment, which thus awarded could occasion no cnrlous heartburnings among the disappointed belles. The cards of invitation are In many instances already Issued; these are distinct from tbe tickets of admission, which have not yet been distributed Tbe cards are very large, but otherwise reeemble those sent for ordinary private balls The following note of etiquette is inclosed In the envelope: Thx Ball is Homi or th* Pai\ct or Walks. Orrici or tkk Seckk-taky, No. 9 Purs St., > N?w Vokk, Oct. 3, 1360. $ Sir: 1 have the honor to lnelose the Invitations for tbe bill, which, as a member of tbfe General Committee, you have requested. You will please Ptnlxin til th* l?rl m.^A ? Tk* CnlearliM Renfrew Boll it (lew York. The New York Express says:?Ttie preparation* for this event proceed apace. Milliners and dre**-maker* have long been at work; uphoUter?rer* and florist* hare now Joined tbe army, which I* headed by the member* of Ihe various committee*, whose labor* are per hap* more arduous still. The plan of arrangement* at tbe Academy of Music 1* nearly defined and determined. The great auditorium will of course constitute tbe ball room, the parquette being floored over a a level with the stage, and tbe entire edifice decorated In tbe most profuse manner with flowers Flower* and 1 ighu are to constitute tbe only ?mb^ll!lhrn?ntfl 4n?t a? thou u/nn IA bail, and the entire Idea of t&oaa lu charge of this fete, i? to make It nearly as poaslfele resemble a uperb private entertainment. The company will be roch aa a gentleman of tbe highest distinction might expect to meet at a ball given bv a private citizen, and thia is to ba a ball given oy a number of private citizens to tha most distinguished gentleman (by position) who haa ever vlaited America. A dais, however, will ba erected, probably undrr the proacenlum, and here it has Ven snggested that the Baron Renfrew should atind after entering the hall, while those of the guests who may desire, tnav have an opportunity to pay him their respects. BA^TlMORBBUTTEH HOU9E, D*tiy reeetvia* freah andcwaet, in Goohan p*ek?. A"?-0kfi %?,*? >tt> gt?*h?ng? P1*A*. CTEIN WAY A tKJNA* OVERSTRUNG Grand ?3 Bqa?ra P1ANU8 ara now ouride'wt^^g^ w.^r'SfKSyRH^ K.'.'sww Store Two 7 ttftiM Hecond hand nMl for ?alo MllDctob. Fi%no? fur rtni oc 4 spioM we SJtnoat inmiAbly abort. Wf w?nuH M % ?i n/I<> trial will abundantly prove. tfaaSWur* oulr ? ^ fli 181 Pearl el.NtwYork. CHA?LE8 A. BBAFBRVatch R 346 Pun. A9tnue% n*m? Seventh Strut Entire attention jivea to the Repairing of Cbro nometere, Duplex and Lever Watoiuw, fine Jfcjk Clooke, *o. Aleo, to. the Encra?im of vitation, Wedding, Vi?lUn* and Profouiosa dps 1BKS, MKH, GAME, &.o , k.o., will a-i.ply reward a oonu?uao? of their patronage ami eastom. Bold at thH ???(t market prior*, and deuvered "?1*7? 0?U* ?,U ?f TT HARVKY. IMPORTANT TO HOUSKfcKKPKKB. R. R. DURKEE * OO.'B Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE., bnt gronnd from freah 8pioa?, aeiooted and oleaned b/ Ml expreeaiy for the purpose without re/erenfe k> oo?t. Thay are beautirelly packed is tiaibu, rined with paper J to prevent injur/ by keeping, yid are (mil weift^t, while the ordinary groand t>oat anal tf of Pat nt 1 .either GAITKRt* at 9356. , Fine French Calfskin (jaiterg from f 2 to ?2 5>. Terme caah ; n?> **tra charge in order to ofTaet bad debt* ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufaotorera, Seventh atroet, aecond hat atore troin the oorrer, opposite Avenue Home, No. A AO. . ?e 14 3m no Nor FAIL TO CALL LI AT HARVEY P. 941 C Sr., bttwe** ltl* and luA. He will to<iaj open hi* long established and mm?smm /Q He h?? made arrangement* to reoeive^?\^SJr regular aupoliee of the beat NOR FOtioYSTERH on every Tuesday, Thuraday.aad Paturday. He will alao keep oo? tautly oa hand a large and varied aaaortment of PlBfl.inclading every aort known to Waakington table*. He r*tnrna hia ainoere thank* to thoee who pat roniied hia Katabliahment during the pa?t eaaou, and la oon&dent that hie tnoreaaed fvoilitiee for j^<fjag oonsiai.t y on hand freali *upplie* of OYB < ivu i' mi vcnrij in uiusi iiwui uui ucrm mco tioned, which will be sold very low. WALL k HARNARO, Auctions*. soutn side of A*?ua?, ? 3B eol m corner Pa. av. and 9th street. Sli N ? ?c E! wv I wish ak gentlemen / ^ ByHH Ui bear in mind that the plan which I ^^ ^^^^adoptt*!. six years a?o, of soiling ^^^^vHAT8 an') BOOTS at greatly re duced prioes for cash in in (nooeMful operation. J uat ree? iv?d a full supply ol the latest New York etyles of DR KS3 HaYs The very finest Hat ?3V>; a fir*t rate Hat S3; and very good, fashionable Hat 92S0. All ofthe latest ot Ties of g?fi HATS and CAPS,at the very losrest prices. 1 am constantly snppiied with a very large stock of 1 those fine DRKHtf BOOTS at *3.76--whioh > have I he?a selling for inany yrars?as well as the verv i?*i v pui yuooi ii ?? aiiiwi.g winun n'?f i??" iuiiijm ; Parlor Salts, in Hrocatelle, Kopaand Hair Cloth. Mahogany and Wa'rut Sofaa, Tote-a tetea, and Parlor Eaay Chair* Mahogany and Walnut Ma-bl?-to? and other Tablea, in great ftriety Marb e-top Oak painted Cottage Sots Walnut and Mahogany Marble top plain and other Hnreaaa Cane and Wood Mat Rocker, Dining, Offios and other Chaira ffandaome ?Ji!t and Mahogany Looking Q aanea Mahoga y and Walnut Cuttage and other Uedateada Cabinets, Ktagerea, Whatnota and Deaka Brnaaela, 3 ply, Ingrain and other Carpeta; Oil oloths Marble-top, Walnut, Mahogany and^thsr Wa*hata da and Sinks Snuok. and Shook and Cotton Mattraaaea I A ?V I",UW | IN ALL 1W8 PRIZES. Whole Tiofeets, ^-iO? Ha.vf>?, $ 10?Quarters, ?6. Pm?? cashed at light at 6 per oent discount Bill* on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded aa soon u the renll beooiuen known. Ail orders for schemes or tioketa to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. <>o 3-tr f!ar?of City Post. Charleston. H. O. Furniture Warcroomi. i' Tf* WALLftBARNARD vL _7 . are now reoeinng,onconsignment, M -^ fcsat their Warerooins. corner of C I ^ 1 and Ninth streets, (in the rear of their auction rooms,)a v?ry large and general assortment of FUKNITURF., CARFKTS.and HOU9K KEEPING GOODH generally, whioh they invite the attention of persons furnishing to examine be >uai-v leitow 10a ei Ul adicina, tr tiiraly naad. Fall dirtciiot.a or aainf will a wmfui aaeh txxLi*. Nona finiim anlaaa tha f>e-aimila CCATii * PERKINS, N?w rork, i* an <ha aalaida wrappa oid ky Drufiiu thraarhoat tha warld. Principal Oflea Na. IB Cadu ftraal, N. T. Pri?a aalrU Caata par Battia. M T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next g of tha Royal Havana Lottery, oondnoteq by the ? nam eh Government, under the eiiperviaion of the Captain General of Cnba, will take '.so* at Havana on SATURDAY. Octobkk J". 1*0. soar so nuuxro 644 ordinakio. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. I prlMof? #100,000 to pnsea of ?ljm I (10 ?,W0 eo do 609 1 do SO ,000 153 do 400 1 do ?,?*) 3) appro*. U( I A A tA ?-? A*D iORBST rbm- PUK *t>T in th? WOllD IB III CUII if kTI- CHILDKE* l?TIHudDI?l irbi tlf chil- TEET1IIMG pbbi*. whtthtr it inui (rra t??th<nf 1 or fr?m i?? ?h?? am. W void i?y ti I'trj mitftir ??? bit ? child ??f(iruif Inn tny of <ht forifilnf eornplmn:?DO WOT LIT touI rmjUDicu, *?? thi pmbjubicbs or otnui Ud4 b?iw?#n roir nfirinj thild uid lha riliiflhit will kt th( eantrary.allaral SYRUP, dalifhtad With its OraaaTICNI, and _imu la tarma of hirhati esranuiltun *f ita irn-ical iiieu tod madieil mrtaaa. W i[itk in .hia ma tit r " WHAT VI DO KMOV," lllltun ya?ra* liptfilnu, A*D FLIDC1 of* I1FC1Itioi* roi thi or *nii vi iui oacum. In a'ma?t ???rf whtra tna infant li (afar* lof fram pain and aahaaiuor, raliaf will L<? foand la Ifuaa M twaaty raiuataa after tha tyrap n aumiaiatarad. Thi? Talaabl* praparaiian n tha prtacripuan af an* af lh? meat axfBaiBHCBD and iKILFOL NUBaBl in Nlr Erflaad. aadbai haan and with HITBa raiLins iticBn ia THOUSANDS Ot CASES. Il aal ml; ralKTii ;? child fraio pain, tat tn*ifat?wi rta ia roach and bavaia, corracta aciditj, m, J |im tana and atrfr ia tut whaia tttani. It will sloe rat i'lataotly ralitva 6*iHKo in th* Bowm and Wind Colic, aad avarcama canaalaiaaa, *tie\ il iot it aadi4* ramadiad ad in datU. Wi' _ , Sahara it tha aaiT w v v & u > \> u 1 u v 1 F?r Vhil4r?a Taething, vmt pMtlr faalmatt a U>? traaaaa ?r ttathiag, b? Mftti tag th? rmm?, r?<ia/". irf ali loluaaaMcu?vtll allay ALL ram nt tpuntdli m SURE TO REGULATE TUB BOWELSD?p?nd iptt lit mathara, H will fiia mi ta pindni, tad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W* bin pat vpaail lalfl tbtaarticla fata?art?o y?tr?, tod CAt I AT, IN ruffriDBKCB ISO TRUTH of it, *bat wt h??? na?ar btaa akla ta "J of any OTHII Madieln*?ditii MRS, hil it??ilid,ih A I I I* * L I ll?- W|%-t |,W,? ?TAWC1 TO B rracT A CURB, WlilSLUW 3 ?ii?a Umaly a?trt Ha*ardid va knav anilTMIAR "> ioatanca at dialiuilicuu bl >? n, U .m .h. ll r?. m-Thg London Star recently published a loading article, declaiming fiercely againsttb? cuitom ol obliging men servants to we*r livery. It dei elared that the servants were frequently better men than their masters, that the necessity Imposed n them was a degrading one, the demand a ridiculous one; and otherwise discussed the matW In a vein tbat would delight the rankest republican. Yellow-plush's occupation, or at least his costume, is undoubtedly doomed; the indication Is sure. It may be aton? while before thecustom becomes obsolete, but wnen once the subject gets into the public prints, and is handled In the style we mention, the result is certain. Doubtless when the Court dresses prescribed for J earnes t masters go out oi tasmon, Jeame* himself will be able to open his master's door in an ordinary coat and trowaera. Ybe I<oudon journals have begun to declare knee breechea and aworda ridlculoua In the pr?sent age of the world; and the Prince of Wales did not dream of requiring them in those of hia future subject* who paid htm their respects in Canada; so in good time, thia rrllc of the past will doubtless be abolished, and the noblea and gentry of England will treat them, neither requiring a livery. {IT* As a general rule, a fashionable beau, like a bow in the sky, can't make both euds meet. Anns, winslow, ff Exf?ri*n ed Nnrw and Female PhT?iotar, proaentii to the attention of mothers, her s n n T H I N 12 fi V B I! P and 1 Ali"'11,*? DEALER IN TAINTS. No. <83 7th Sticky, mtmr Odd Mm' H*U. *a?-tt pitttv"7s nowiv. P>R SALE.?A pur of COACH HORSES, yo?n(j and lor no watt: theo. rlvanm??nw. h?tw?an wd 4?? K? aw O-tt wec.aasw?r Oflloe No. 4l5~8?venth tre?t,(ne?r Odd Pel H"cH A hFM?W8 (?HAM vll Alt LCo W vLPitillMitlAjUi jjr 18- tf Inspeotor and AeaJer of tias Meters. 0URHTOCK IP A LWAYB COMPLETE OF the op ehrated Chtokennf & Son*' ui-_o?. equaled PIANO FORTH*, embraemrlt^Kt ever) ?ne. ?tjrle, ?e%le and finivh, At pri?e**I ? ? * to suit Uw time*. Old Pianos taken input ?&) in*nt for new. Tho Ch'okering*' have been Awarded ?ft fold and silver medals at the different exhibition* in the United Ptat?s for the ?up?riority of then Pianos over al other milkers. Their Piano* ate better, their price* a* low. their tanna ?>f pajtng as easy, tneir d;souonts for oash greater than any others. Call and see for jourselfT JOHN F. El.LIB, seg 306 Pa. av.. b t 9th and lots ?ia. T'HE QDK8 0F HORACE. TRANftLATF.D a into English verse by Theodore Martin; 1 vo! j 76 oents. The Glaciers of the Alps, to-, Ao., by John Lyndsll, F- R 8 ; 1 vol; pnoe Part IX Tom Brown at Oxford; ?nee IS eegis. SLANCHARDk MOMUN. oruer Eleventh et. and Pa it. U W. HAMILTON ? ? wm i?'?i v/vai a/rm>n ? M 17 (States) Cor. C and Ulh sU.. near C*nal OiTICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER \J OF GA? METERS, VV ASH1MQTOH. J Uijr 18,1860. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That,nr?* ablf to the provisions of the 'udinanoe of the Corporation approved May H*0, the undersigned it no* prepared,"whenever require*! in writing. and on pre payment of the feo of tuty oente, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and asoortain the aoouracy of registration or*nr gas meter in use in tni* oity." Ertrj meter, if found incorrect, will beoondemnod, and another, sealed and marked as true, wilt be set in its piaoe. If proved to be aoourate in i's meAsnr??ment of gas, it wiii be sealed aooordinglr, And ILfUn nnt in HA?(tina htr M?? oi ail kind, manmacturcii lo or?ier, any iengUi or sue, roiv.y for use. COAL-COAL. We hare now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, beth Red and White A?h, different size I1T We are now, and will be receiving C">al for the next ten days, which we tail, delivered from the vessel, at a reduction of 2b eents per tea. Send your order* early. MoKNEW I MARLQW, Proprietors, m 37-tf Comer Seventh it. and Canal. W ? ? ? A N D COAL Delivered to all pa it* of the city, at the lowest posti bio rates. T J k W. M. ?ALT, Office 399 Pa. sv>, between 11th and 12lh ?t*. ma 17-tf north ?Ka. r'OAL! COAL!! V> WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily receiving large suppl oe of COAL from the very beet Pennsylvania mines, which 1 will sell at reaso:>ab e p-ices Also, the beat quality of Oak. Pine and Hickery WOOD, out and plit.all lencthe. Call and loave your orders. R. W. BATEt*. WmmI r^l IUAIM GEORGE PAGE, Agent. ir?" Hickory andoak plank or tim HKk (ofany d- in or dimensions) SAWKD. POSTS or JOISTS KlPPLD.or LOGS SAWED, at the shortcut notice (LP" Small job? of BLACK??* 1THING promptly 8xeouU*d. a? ahov B<$n t q q q q q (JNIOM FIRE-WOOD MILL, Ctiarr ( ItTfaih it and t'aoal. _\V 0~0 D C*i<ix or the Blub Flao Staff.) Math t( the Canal, nrar 7th itre?t Bridge, Will furninh, at tho ahorteet notice, FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITY, O* AST Ki?n>, Cut and Split to any Dimension*. CHEAPER THAH THE CHEAPEST: With full measurement tuarautied. 11^ R-m^rrUr.Tni! Bi.wk Tt/o Staff, ir?*t ?in? of Mventh noutli of the Cat al, and opposite the Ceu'er Market. *uiuiBlau.|iuiwDiuoui>u apimuikuuu. AU 10 VI \f RS a! E.RKLlT'8 HE W1N A R Y, 1*1 Corner of l and "tenth ?M? W a tin ft on rity. The next session of this aohool will nornmenoo September 3d. The youi * ladiea of the institution are particularly requeated to be punctual to attendance at the opening of aohool, and all oth*ra who wiah to Ixwmfl meml>er? of the same to make arly application, aa the number of pupila will he limited. Terms, A o.. given on application, au ?5-d3i&eotUct 16* rp WESTERN ACADEMY. 1 HK F.zproiaes of thia school, under the oharge of Dr S. I, Loom:*, and the Primary Department under Mi?a Annik L Peck, will be resumed Sep tember 3d. Circulars can t>e obtained at the bookatorea. (lnt.> an 17-eo2ra WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW STILL A\D FIREWOOD rtCTAMV. TKKMS. Board, with Tuition in all the English Bran?he?, 9*K>for the annual aeaaion?parable eemi-annuaiU, in advance. M uaio and Languages at Profeasora' prices, fj* Mo extra ohargf a. au 28-tf 'PHE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. J. 370 EIGHTH ST., Biiwfim K AND L 8T?. Studies vill be reaumed in thia iff*titntion on MO '" DAY, September id. Circulars at bookstores. au !6 tl A- C. KICHARPs. Principal. (\1ETROPOL1TAN COLLEGIATE IN8TI1*1 TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 461 E St., Between 6th aj?d7th Sia. The fourth annual *eg?ion of the Institute will commence on the fcrat MONDAY in Septemb-r. Application* should be made earl?, an the nnmber of pupila ta limited. For partioulare aee seculars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Airs. T. H. HAVEN.*NER. at the lnntitute. an 9 tf MRS. M.E.KING8FORD 8 SEMINAR V, 414 E ST.. WiiimemK, D. 0. The next session will oormueuoeOctober lst,1M?. 1. ~ r 1-1 1 ?: - - - round tiictn with th? cuinforts audi kiuidir influences of Home. _ ... Keferrne'i.?Fev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Lliu Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William H Fowl?, Esq., Edgar ?noirden, Esq., Edmund F Witmer. Esq., Henrv Marburjr, Esq , I.?wi? MoKenz e, Esq , Robert H. Hanton, Esq, W. D Wallach, Editor Evening Star. Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jaa. K?twi?le, Jr., Esq-,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, M sears. Blackloclt 4c Marshall, Messrs. Corse Hrnthira teenth at. and New York av MR. *. MRS. RICHARD*. an 3[>-tf _ Principals. 17EMALK BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, r ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. 8. J. McCORMICK. Primc!Pa.l. The thirteenth annual ttuion of this lnititution will oomm^noo on Tueiulay, September lftth, in the bonne r?o?iitly occupied by Sylvester Scott, Em., No. 180 King street. The coarse of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorouch Kmlish Kdu oauou, and Alutio, F.enoh, Latin aud Drawing, li dosired. in addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as lx>ard*rs, who. constituting a part of her own family, will b? u'<der tier immediate care and suf?rvimiin ?4li? wall endi-imr ai)?r i< "> " Aoaaemy, wher? Prof. De Monthurrjr will he in attendance duly from 9 to 11 a. m and from 5 to 8 p m. ? 18-lm T female education. HOSE Parent* who wi?h their daughter! to receive a thorongh and syntematio education, where their phvaica! training wrl reoeire daily and special attention, under the moat approved system of Calietheme* aud G>innfvstics. are respectfully iuvited to visit the Union Female Aoadetnv. corner Four. EDUCATIONAL. ^CADEM^OF MODERN LANGAUAGE9, ? ? v* asiii t*u ruw dcildi^O,' P# Aremr, Comer if Smntk Sffiil. P*ITAT* I M?TRCl'TIOX? TW F???CH *SD SPA.fliB. DAY AND KVKN1NG CLASSES. TRANSLATIONS. A M. Db MONtHURKY. ProlMior of Modern Ltniuuef and Li erature. hu the honor to announce that he will rcaum? nil Classes au J Private l,nion? on Wednesday next, the 19th of i*epTem ber, in the above Academv. He i? prepared also to J ire, in schools and private families, a Course of lecture upon the French Literature, from the Karlost Formation *f the Language to the Present Time. For terms and further particulars Inquire at the GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS JUST MEi KlVKD10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUG A RS, ISO hh!?.?.Id RrfWHlJ-KV, 25.1 hi?I? HERftlNG and ALL WIVES. fin bb!?. "'rushed aud ReGn*d -UGARJ% ?> t*?* Rio &nd Java COP FEE, lohhd*.(lnw priced) MOLASSES. Fo- tale hr JOHN J BOC.rE. to 10 RAN DELL. OPTlClAJf, V/ Aa. 131 Bruit $ $t., gwniiim, Hu oonst&otjf on hand a large assortment o( French Noar-aignted, Penscopto. - r*i a i*> orad, and a). oUier SPECTACLES, ofC^^C* the beat qu?.ity. in cold. siirsr. steel, and Verniao silrer frames. N. B. Old F'araes Rep\ired unl Dew (.MM i?t ie them to ordw. bo li b \fAS*f*EY, COLLINS * CO.*8 PHILABELr LH PHIA DHAl'OHT ALE.?We are constant.y receiving fresh supplies ofthsaoovedeUghtfai beverage, ud invite all persons who waat a ?uie unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY A 9HINN. Arecti. f? IT flrMn at.. Rwtr|#bi?iu JOS. F. BIRCH, USDERTAKKR, Cvr. Krultt nnd Jf.ftrum *r*., G'tnrrtown. Having aiven my persona attention tothia hianch of ray business, 1 am prepared to. u atteud to all en's witn piviiirtceas Pert-one from adistanot* caaoeaup plic?<1 at a fp* mnorea' r.of.oe. a* 1 have a large assortment of CoPFINSa wave on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d<ad from the o.d to tie new bariai grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. a* 1<M>m FOR SALE AND BENT. FOR rt* LE?A FARM coataimng loo acres, aituftt?d 6 mi lea f om Georgetown. in Mo'tjome rf noonty. Md. Fifty aorea are in a huh state of PUlUvatioa; twenty-five aorea in wo >d. To* re is ft smalll?* honse. atab'.ing. aheda, ooin houae on it. Apple orchard a*d eomepeaehea aprta- an awed of water at the dour. t^ing f?rfe<*ti* healttw- Please inquire ofMAKN'ARD A KUCKf* Y, Aoc-iancers, N<-. 1 I I Bridge street, Georgetown, or \V\!.L ft BARNARD. ?Ya?hington. seM eolm F^OR RE.>iT?A three atory BRICK HOUVK on H atreet. between 4th aud 3th. Alao, a two atory BRICK COTTAGE, garden.comer of Tenne*aee arenun and north F atreet. aurmnn.led IMVIC diatillinr, producing * aeueiooe, ethuaratlnr tptrit. and the moat Infallible remedy for reno??tlnp the oyerem, <1 reitennr the eick, eBfertaf, aid debilitated invalid lo health and airenftb. Mc LEAN'S STRENOTUEMKO CORDIAL Will ittciullf cura Llur Complaint, P;n>?|iaitf Jinndi e, Chronic or N?r?oae Debil.ty, l>iaeaaea of lie R.Ji.tri, find all d-ee-eee ?rieir.f from a disordered Liver or 8?.Jirach, Pyiprpeia, Heartburn, lnw?rJ Pllea, A-iditT or flickneee <f the Stomach, Fallneee of Blood to tba Hurt, Dull Pais or Swimming iu the lie-id, Palpitation of the Heart, ralluna or Weijbl in the Sloinach, floor Eracialioita, Choking or 8ulToc\tin( Feelinf wbea I '?jnC down, Drjneai or Te lioWreaa of the Skin and Ejee, Nifnt flveata, Inward Fevera, fain in the Small of tba Back, Cheat, ur Hide, Be <14 en Fiaabae of Heat, Depreaaion of flptnu, Frtf htfai Urease, l.KOcuur, Deeponde,icy or u; i.ertoue diecaee, Bcree or Biotebea ou the fikin, and Ft er auJ Ajue (or Cluiia and Kirtr.) OVER A MILLIOX BOTTLES have baan aold dannr tba laat aim won the. and in bo In hv a large common pasture, and would lie a desirablo locntien for a dairyman. Inquire of C. B1RQE, 4 46 12 h ?t. Jy l?-eoSni* tfOR RKXT*-Three BRICK HOl*9K9-one <w TweiItu street, betw???n C and l>; one on the corner of Twelfth and H sin. ; and on? on H. bet*K-n 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMK8 W BARKKK.on H street, between :ith and l*h, No. 433. ma Sft-tf FOR REN i -'l he FIRST FLOOR ol tee buildin* immediate.j opposite the west vine of the City yal.,r?^:ent!y occupiod by Chaa. H. waiiacii as an njfiot?. AI*o tLe front rooiu in tli? second story and tiio third Soor of the Mine baildiuz. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. ? Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf Dr. J n McLEAX S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL KI> BLOUU CtHIPIKH. TWP <i RV iTKKT KFMVnv .1. Wnor r\ ? m t? ?nc 99 \ t'fVSK TAKE It II luictlf a Kt- w[ i 8H JB tuliia anil Vtj#tabit OouipoHHl, prouou of r*9U, barb*, jQ and barki. Tallow W j| Duck, Blood Rx?, Win Black &o?t, Sara*paB*rk, aad Daadalioa cnttra imo ita con- HPi Tua antira aeiir* / rr rut dial pnaetpl* of aach lagradiaat m ihorABrklf IfiAB 4 ? lr ? ? ? lane* hae il failed in gt*i?g entire aauef&euca. * ho, then, will tntfer from Weaknen or Debllil; when Mi LEAD'S STRENGTHENING CURDUL will ewe you 1 Nolo.iguige can convey an adeqaite idea of tbe immediate and almost Hiiraeoloua chanye produced by taking thia Cardial lu tbe dieeassd, debilitated, and shattered xtr'nai ayatem, whether broken dawn by eicesa, weak by aatare, or impaired by aickneaa, the relaied and uwiiui( orgauisation ta reatared lu ita priatme health and ?igor. MARRIED PERSONS, or othera, conecioae of liability from whatever cauae, will Sud MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thorough regenerator of the ayatem; and all who mav ha?e in- , lured then.aelvss by improper indulgences will lad la iku Cardial a certain aad speedy remedy. TO THE LADIES. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORD14L is a ao?er- 1 eiga and speedy ?nra for lacipiaat Coaaoa?puoa, Whitaa, Obstructed or Diff-csk Maaatraatioo, Incontinence of L'riae or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Falling of the Wonb, Giddtneaa, Fainting, ana all diseisss incident to Females. ' THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ! fleffer no langer. Take It according to 4ir?cti?os. It will stimulate, strengthen, and Invigorate yon aad eaaee the bloom of health in mount yoar cheek agtia. Every bottle la warranted to give aautfactioo. FOR CHILDREN. If yoar children are eickty. penr or afflicted. Mi LEAN'S . CORDIAL will make them healthy. fat, and robaet. Delay not a moment, try U, aad you will be caovniced It is dsiicioms totaks. CA UTION. , Be wars of draggutf or dsalers wba nay try to pain upon 1 yon some bitter or sirsapirilla tnah, which they can bay cheap, Pj aannc it H )o?t a? food A'?i ?ct an. Atk for MCLEAN'S rTRENOTHlMNtj CORDIAL, ud takt nothmr tltt It it tht only rtmedy ihat will rarify tht Blood thcroBf hiIv tad at th? Mm* tint aUaufthau the aylt em Oat Uatpro'itul t?k*a e*trT iimrniiif faeuup it * certain ' prertn'iee far Cholera, Chilli ar.i Pt?er, Ytllow Ft??r, or any prt*altiit dittaae It it |>ot or In large boclit hnct I cnlr f I per bottle, or ? hotilet for $ a J H MrLJ^AN Bolt proprietor of thit Cordial; tlto, McLaan't Voieann Oil f.iaioitot Principal Depot on ih? corner of Thud and fine ttrttta, St. Lomt, Mo. McLe*n'? Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) < Tta? onl; tafe and certain cart far Ctaeirt, Pilat. To im>rt, ftwellinft and Bronchi'* or Court, Paraletaa, Nen. " raffia, Wtakn'N "f ifea Muaclea, Chronic o? Inl^raiaatory Rkdni'Mni, RtifoHt of (At Jotnu, Contracted Mnaclet or Lifmntnt', Karachi or Tcothatht, Brunei, Spraiai. Preitt Cuta, Woauda, '"letra, Fiati Soret, Caktd Braaat, Sort . Nipple a. Bora, Sctldi, Sort Throat, or toy iaiammaiioo ?r : BtUii, oe difference bow aeaert or lonf the di*e*?e may na?t oaiaud. McLEANY CELEBRATED LINIMENT ? 1 a certain r e in id v. , Thoutaiida of human beiuri ha?i bun aaaed a lift of lu ' crepitudt aud mutry by the ott of ttio lovalaablt rimed? MeLEANS VOLCANIC OIL LIU IMS NT Will rtlitet piin almna: iuttanU neooiW, and it will clean, purify and htal the fauleit oortt in an incrtdiblt abort tint. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT it the only oaft od rcluhlf rtmtdjr for U>? carl of R nrboMt, I 1 Wmtplli, Rp'ltu, Uualiinl Ukm, MiiMSviliuifi It u?ftr faU<d U ear* Biff H??d, rfliml, FUnU, Old Raui.iuf 8or??, or Bwimj, jf prrr?riy *ppli?d. for j Sprtiu*, Broitti, 8erat-l)?*, Cncktil fttili, CWm, B*ddl* er Collar Oall*. Cat*, Sor**, or Wanda, h to aa lafalllbl* ram**;. Apply it aa dvaatad aad a ear* to ctrtw to *?*ry iMMM Tb*n tril* ao laafftr with th* nur wortbl*?? Liaiia*at* ?(>r*d to you. Obtain a *opplr of Oft. MCLEAN'S L'tLI . BRATUD LINIMKXT. It will car* ? ?. 1 J H McLEA V, fcl? Frrpri?tff, * Cariicr Third aad Pia? Ma., k. Loan, Mi CHARLr* rraTT, J; 5 Pa. ? , ao4* kr?at m J t oa; R, 8. T. CISBtL, Uawfatovu. a* 84 DAW I j WATCH RKPAIRINli AN USILVER WARK M A NIT ACTOR Y. I hav* one of the best Md far- < aiahed with A complete eel of t ?li for repair Jtv i in* every deee.-ipluHi of fine Watch**, *ud 1 articular attention Rive to the Minn, b) AAmMlBrtVorltm&n BriH B MArk riiaMn. k ."IVIll, .! VVIU|TW?o,.. .. - . ? ww. ? tied Al o,?v*ry descnp ion of ai*nd*ra STI,VKR WARE. pl?<n and <>rn*m?*naf?etued?*ulw J my own M^miicn. which my caitiDMri will fi?d ? for WHfior is ?j>d finish to rCkern w?r? I old by d?*J?TB in c?u?nU ?u<i rwrr*fi.t?d m ttoeir ' own n?jiu?fcotur?. H. 0 HOOD. ? m<I *39 P*. ftveoue. n~a-#th ?t. ' fV MERCH 4 ST TAIL Oh ISO. Wbw yW/Yfayv'isAV8ga8- CAS? WALL. STEPHEN* * CO., 3AU renn?lra ni* Ar/fft Tfi**4 ,a,v of **<"**>*> wll,<,h th?? ????* U??tte?ti..n I ?>f thair fnwtxU Mwl wmfainwn. 1( jB-tf < BAl.ZAC*8 NKW NOVkTZ J HKGrfatneMUid OoolimofOMftrBiro'tMrd from th* Crook of Honora d? SiU^tr.JSLL b,i>r.WW?hUMFB I DLAnUMARU ? MOilLN. 1 14 ""'D" Klowtli rt. kM P%. **. wr1i^coAL Wi PA- AT., BETW.Hth ABB UTB ?* ., ; r 7 Merchant*. mmmmm MILL ttKtK nu*N MFAL #r? tr. C#rm ot lSUt Mti H street*. \V *! <.-?> ur\*. CT Cuk Hid for $u ki?da ?f Gwn u Mm f ? ? X>r?M (F?or. Parent* and tnriitri ariahiac to ftirauk th?r *i.4r?i and ward* vit*Sa*oal?r4CwM~tat?Br*U or Uie ooiaioc i?uua, ?r? iitiu4 to nuuii B!?*v?B.a3asrsr. raw? sKW. >f all uxa* im a faw nv^rnr* w?Oi rv-rt linniion of madf 6w??i:*?. of mhataawai at.4 acSMi a-? ?' * ? ?* WHFHAVK^/rBrTfCBIvED \ NEW A* ortm^nt a ?ow? 0**r itmni. Mmi UAR ' n^lfOrt? rfkl^Yl SifJrlat^'aTwIu^ araMwaado.Wjd fTT\r? It tl?o b?t ia*tii?tat< W ?r? ?on cart tHt t*cjfc*lT?Hlj4?rt tl<ia hot a/Vrr % oart>fk' #x?mi"a'foa. Onr?'ioa<1? ai?4 ?& e. Mm In HMal at* wn<f?iT t 4 Ion) H ludc? >or tk?w?*l*? ai ta? a < w, t?. MkTZKKOTT. ao 17* D. L. MORKJSON * Ct>~ P i nra a\ i i>i \ KU4i ri ttuiM^nsi '%?! ? XSS&ego. \ A (Mr AM letter" tor information In cot .feJ?>no? to .Vho endeavor to cr imt own" u4 otan" iiiinu on m iiriTimn tmni - SS5S?m?, M ? improvedRoe* Wuk 3fa^4fflgag fjwwfUk. Cut ort the KJr?Tt!P"??eTTt and ##nd fat it %ND AVOID lMt'OtflTlON AND KXIH'SUIM ??4?IT sch(kVl and collmk OUTFIT*. Youth*' and Bofft' Clathwng for Sch?i mi bll'US ?UU UI?n?WT'" * ?l li?r URINARY ORGAN*. VVhelfaer exiatirc In MAl.K Oft FEMALE. From ,.nf ^nr bo MtU. of HU *V LUniU 3 I Anilil^ib mr And is oerttin U> have the de?'r?d c(r?et m ail_DUeaaeaFOK. WHICH IT IP *ECOtfMnVDED. FruUnrt of tkt me.?? famA (km* Itr will lh? m?-Uci?,*? ^ _ CERTIFICATES OF CURES. from I Jo JU IMT iimAri. 1*,. "'" "ttftdmiUbrAMF. Price II OO per *r six tor f? # . Delivered to any Addr^ta. aeeareiy packed fro :>baervaU<w. Dientisi t*Ti>rro%(? rn all Co*j***tc*Tie?e rtrea Uuruie*4 Advice Gratia !l AFPIDAVIT. PeraonfttW appears '-t-re me. an Alderman ;heo?t? of rtii'?d?lphia.H.T ^mi.nroLD.who i<?af Inly rworn, dotk m. hia preeara'iona aootui so lareoUc, no nierovrT. or <>ta?T innmoa# drrca, Ht are parftly ve??UWy. H. T. HFXMBOI D. 8?orn and nbscrit'Od befoie me, titia 23c daj of and for ?<1 eomplmnu loeidwt to the mi. *MkM anoin*^ from lndioeretlon, Habit* of DiMHbot. l* DECLINE OR CHANGE OF Lin. Ill tTMPTOM^ A.BOTK, NO FAMILY SHOl' BK VVfTBOlT IT Tmk- no mort B&i-om, M*rcwry, or wriinH MtAutn* for mutuant und DnmtorMU /Himmi, HELM BO LIPS RXTMACT BUCHU 8EGRErT>I&EASKS la All their Btaiee. Atuttte g?m< Little or no ohance In Diet; No lioowwuww And no Exrormt. It nanoee a frequent deeire Ana (Itm atreoftfc to Innate, thereof Reironnf utntmouoM, Prove, ting Mid curing Stricture* of the Urotfcra* Allaym* Pain and IdDuiiimUoi,bo freqaect in tne OiUi of diseaeee.and exp*lUuf mil fwieeiet ZHllnW, nnA iwt* out Maiint. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO RATI BUN THB VICTIMS or oriril, And who bav? paid konry ftt? to be rorM in aetaort time, have foind they were deceived. And that the POISON" ha*, by the lie ofrovnm uTniHei.iT*," been dned up in the ey oieo,, to towk out in an axcravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uee Hrlwmls'c Extaact Hvcbv fbr At alto in t?jr* or \\ men thk Fatikwt mat bxrias. _ Wboaan m? th&tth?Taronotfr'<u-at ' fo. uw?l by EF UL iUPKA^KI* " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. M%? j ftre **ir? of th? r??M o4 th?vr*uf*riag. THK Rt&C&DSof S^AlSh. *SYLU MS Ami tk' Milnnckolt lUatkt by CMivnft N Jw to the truth of the ?M?rttgA. Requur* the aid of n?dioin? to atranrUiM mia HKLKIOLII'* E\1 WWtciSS'KSfc. A trtal WILL COWVSClt tub mo?t IlimtU. F E M A L KS-FE MA LKS-FBMALBS. OLD OR YOUSO. SISOLK, ktAhMSD, OH COiiTEMPLA TiNO MAR til AGS. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES. lii? eii.-kt iJuchu it umu?.,i(I by Kj ottiar rowed?, m in Chlorom or Retectioa I u.vitj, PuumlnaM, or Bu^nuioa ol Cutomiry Evacuation*, I" loomed of fcirrlw ibU of th<? L'terus. I,*ueorrhtt& or Wh:tr?. !*teriI:itT. rn r,.> i ?? n-" r>-uac?. *s ? fc.' M r&in MM li> ?Li D* HKLMBOLD'B Anting from i^xocMM, H&b.u ?m l>n?t tw tvl? IndiBoretioD or Adim. Attrnd+d *mk ilu JoUfnruLt Symtxtut>laAiM'>ini to KxtrtioB, _ Lom of P#t?. Lom of Memory, Ih&cilty of BrMlwi, ESi.r"'u'f" ""Wifsri-,. Dryuroa ? ( the Skin, Kruf ti<*j? on tb? Plot, PALLID COUNTKNANCB. TJimo ay mptoina, if aliowMl to ?< or, vhMk Una m?iio:Di? lovariAMv r*mova?, aoon fotjO+a _ IMPUTESrXx FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PITS. v. vmw^*j w Iiivn I Uf"ii IV ALU wt inn we h*v? Cr?.,i 4 lor it llt|^irt?M Vblfk *re irr#?ifttikl? Uy th# ordinary ru of U? dmain ii u intended to flare Prepa e. bt U . J. C. AVER * CO.. Lowell Mm*. Pnoe SI por botUe, aix totU?. ir one r**k mo 4 5. M tt *ol? Helmbold't Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY CONCENTKATEir _ 'OMPOdM) FLUID l- XTRACT BUCHU A Positive hlJ Specific Remedy For Di<"n?v* of th? buAUDER, E'DNBYBt OR A VK|? tii<l l>R??Pl?tfAL SPELLING*. Tina Mediaia* iiw'cmh tbe p?>w?r ol Di|MSi?a( aiulexctt** the Abs?>" lulu MUoo, b> wtrcb tbe WATHtJl OR CALCLRQVfe g*fyj>i?iopn. and ail I N N A IT R A i_ KN L ?rf* bou ti pr t?ning to irira ? *aart vf Ritnet >( !-? ?!pari * for oor d?.I -. Moat ol ihaaah**0 ' oaa lraud* ' p*'u toe ?10k lor tii*y not uni wataia !itt!e.ifauT Kareapftrila, tnt. (ten cocarattv* ?r?.pg.t:n ?rt<a'PV^r. Il?r f. bltt#r ar.d puil'l' dulfpotitinwit bti fullovrd the u?e of the rniot *t'ktt c f Karcapanlla wiich I'h4U? HrM. ??Ul tha na<u* uaeif is ja*t.y aaapuad, u4 baa b?ui? t}noarn>oua of in~p >ait:on Mid amt. 8U1. W* Mil tnti compound Pamapanlla. ad ir.t-n to npftir ?uoh ? r?nwiy as ?hk.l >? ?? tktuiMf on(M tail nf . ?Ki ..< ?? wW>^V ? ? ? ? *? * ? * ~ * ** *" ?*cri taiaaad ScTofu'??B? Confl?<?t<. Kroptmaa aud t ta?*a?*, Lloera. r imalaa, lluUtw. Tumor*, fait Kint?, d Hud, t?< pkji? ai.d *;pki.itiaAf ' turn. Merearial Diaaean. I>ropar. N?ara ?taor Tic Doutouraax, Dabiiitj. Drape*a aaail ndigeatuio, ho*i?eiia, Rr??e or He as thony'i Kiro. a ad. t-.-J d. th- wh >l#el??a of toaplairta arlf ibr/'oiu Imparity of tK? Blood. 1 iua c<-mpoin>d will K* f? aa i a (real pran ot'j of h?a!tk, when ttUei in th- aprrnf, to e*a?i tk* foal liatiori wn>ea to>t*r in Ua L ood at that aaaana of tna tear. H? tb^tiniH} fxycl^toi of thru nan; ra' klin* diaord*i? are ntpp*-! in f'e b?d Mo'.tT tudeacan lytfceati rf v is ramrdy,?para tHeaa a- lve< fiom the enUoi aneaof fr'k eraptiona aad al aocaa, through whiek ?? ??? -t-ir. will *tnre t > rid ita-?.f of ?i>rraptioaa. if ? >t aaaia'ed lodutkta the atural obarr.r|?of UkMi hiatal trrati?e mfdlcfir. CI?UJI<Nt tae vitiated ti. --d *haii?ver j?u faui lit iiapuriliaa iu'*uut throagk thr agin in pimp e? eruption*. or ?ora?; a ear.#* it lien jt*n bid it ia ? > *' . pt<*d aod alutctak ir the r?me: clean-e it wb'-nt-ver it ia fou' at <i yoar feeliug* wnl toil i?u ??u*ii Lraa where no perticn ar disorder ia fc't psotle enjej better hea th. ao< uv* onjer, for ei?*en*ine tk* k'.ood. Keep th# aio<?d ii-al'ht.aiid a I la ?!; bat witk th:e pabulum of tfo dikOida?**i that a ran be m ImUii mm, Hooti^r or later aomaUiiitftmaat go wrong, and tea (int macVii j < f lif- .a d'aordered er ova throwr . I.un t lit* ??Ar t a ? li?k?v? kaaii t: talad W? h itoeriN} Utro?4boa I Utoouaalrj. U7* PmtniMttti who tot u agents will k* fti loved acoimniaaion or So pent*. MEDICINES. AYER S SAR&APAR1LLA 1? a eonoontrated e*tract of Paa War .a part ! a. wo o*mbined with Other MtwIMMt <<* eul! |>?lir a toia iv? p >wer Mtotl < rU to ?ff otiva antidote tor tbe iK?un J**'?apari ;a la repatei torn*. Such * rente j la aarotj wanted hr thoee who eml f.?r ffwri t>tra?ooaa comr JUuU. aud ttw one vhicfc wilt ooompTUfa their cor mart prove imaneaeo or Tire to thia tarae 4?m ?f oar Ml MM Mow cimi'iii. How romp etelj thia c meoaud wiii do it haa oeen prv ven 17 e??erim?nt oimm of the wor?t oaaea U? he iou-d 1* tho ft/Uow>ag ova-u ? - THE WEEKLY STAR UiUE* ? (r*%u* rwrmj of ibtarwtaac mil? , Ut?e du N) hi MT o?1wr-u yvbttaM ? tfetvromr room's*. TuiM%4. Htmmrimktf, t* i^wn. ftmti* oojy, ft uain #1 ? * >- iv? ? * m TV:. copif ... . an oopt** ? .. IS ? 07 ?iVihiB| hi )?* rtiMd mm* micIiNm witfcovt tM iitrrrfiiilH of * Ml MNI.M vfil iBrfes^feFSSE

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