Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8798. MORNING EDITION?W DNESDAY. OCTOBER 10, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. SHIPPING. ffttlK BRITISH AMD MiRTH AMERICAN ROTAL MAIL J. STE VMbHIPS. run* mw voek to i.iruuroot. Oilef oabln passage 91*1 Oeoood oabln i'iuuip 71 faOU IfiSlOX TO LlTESrOOL. (Tilef eabln passage V1!1) Saeimd cabin pass ige #1 The pbtps from New Tork o*U at Cork harbor. Tke fn<m Horton call at Halifax and Cork harbor. FKHF1 A, Cant .1 ixr>k1UH. ICANallA, OapL Lni.g, ARABIA, fUpt J. Mine, AMKEIOA. Capl Mu-rdle. ASIA, Capt a <i lot" . I NIAHAKA. Capt. Anderson, AFRICA, Capl. Shannon * | KUK< >PA. Capl. J. Lotlch. SCOTIA, 'now building.) These vreeels eary a claar ? bite light at masthead; green on atari, *rd how, red on port how. rBRMA, Judkira. iearea N York Wednesday, October li CaNAHA. AnJrraoo, ?' Boston. Wednesday, October I' AFRICA, Snannoo, " N. Tork, Wednesday, Ot 'ober I ARABIA, (done, " Bunion. Wednesday, October 3 ASIA I nit " N Tork, Wednesday, Mor. 7 t'CHoPA, Mor-dte, " Boston. Wedneadav, Nor. 1 .*?RM A, Judklm, " N. York, Wednesday, Nor. II Bertha not aacu - ed tintl! paid for An e-xpsrleured aurgrou on board. The owners of these sh pa will not bo accountable for gold, Oliver. hulltni, apttie, jewelry. precloua atooea or metal*, ?tile*! Mlla of tadlcg are tlgne 1 therefor and the value thereof d. For freight or passage apply to B CUNARD, No i Bowling Qreen, STEAM WRKKLV BETWKKN NEW TORK AND LITER poot, landing and .-mbarktng passenger* at Queenatown Oreiaod) The Liverpool, New fork and Phlled. .phla steam Cfc'gtVanpany Intend their full powered CJlyde Utifl Iron etc unships 0LABOOW Saturday, October 13. CITY OF BALTIMORE. Baturrar, October JO. CUT or MANCHBFTKR, Saturday, October IT. And every Bel or day, at noon, from pier M North rtrer. or rassaon: hirst cabin *75 | Steerage MO Da to Loudon ISO | Do to Isnsdou B33 Steerage return tick eta good for all mouths, 960. Paaertigers forwarded to Part*. Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, H uerdem, Antwerp. An. al reduced through fares. Persona wishing to bring out their friends can buy tloketa Mere at the following rates to New Tork:?From Liverpool or i IceeiaRown?First cabin, 173. IBS and 9101. Steerage from -jvespool. 940; from Queepalown, 930. Three steamers have superior accommodation for passen gers and carry experienced surgeons. They are bnllt In water tight Iron MetioM, and have patent Fire Annlhllatoru on board. For further Informatlou apply ta IJverpoolto WILLIAM IN MAN, Agent, U Water street, la Ulasgow to WILLIAM I.NNAN. Ko i St. Enoch square, In Queenstowu to C. A W. 1) BKVk -UR A OO..IB London to KITES A MAOET, 61 iltnr William etreel; In Paris to JCI.E8 HEOOPB, No. 6 Place Je la Bourse; In Phlledelphle to JOHN Q, DALE, 109 Walnut street, or at the Company ! offices. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, 19 Broadway, M. T. T3EOPCTION IW PRICKS. mA. ATLANTIC STKaM NAVNJATIOW COMPAKY. NEW TORK AMD QALWAT LINK. u . topchimq at w johmb. m. p.. To hod paaecugen. ul roerlte the royal mail and rorern . neent daapatchaa. Admiralty, nod are the ''MiMMWd by "it ? IRON 8IDEWHEEL STEAMERS tiviflffB 400 ,OM Bmthik: Mnmi IVr Mo. 87 Monti rtrer. t/,%i"^f?.MrlP,lo*?V?a,t <* Troland, w a railway, and toje principal cRIeo o' Karland and Scotland. cIm?, 9100, 990 and 979, locordlof to bUUi wmwi i/wmm clam ?8U,T^lndl.Tc^.?^Stai?8W" .,i4,"- 10 Jobna. M. P. ? First elaaa. 816. third elaaa "* ' Jeare, half price; under one year, tree. Milrd elaaa paaaengera art required to furnlab aeda ami J!?r}?L.Ufc2LP!21ilt* from Mfw Tort for the eteamere boston, will moolm free passagefrom Maw Tork ThePeamera of thi. romnaay hare bran ronatnioted with Irla ^ " reaarda safety and oomfort, ciabiatd Jtf! power and are built with water I -Ahloocn perLnenU They are ooafldently expected to ettrnam apaadlad rough weather onaltltaa any veaaela arm built ma are replete with elcRanetea and coarasiencee An experienced surgeon le attached to eaeh ahlo. Peraotw r flJT,'*o|la, nan obtain returned tickets at the followina rreally rednord prices ? la thud cabin fium Ualway $30; tn third cabin from anr towaUi Ireland on a railway, $31 SO, In third cabin from the prtwlosl attiaa of Knchuie And Scotland, 836. tor I mat t OV pasmge apply to HOWLaMD A ARP1NWALL, apenta. Mob. 64 and 66 eouth street. SPTAf- MarL WTMAMtHIP TRRBIA f-f frjJutA?ThaPJUWlA, Judkloa aommaadar. wtU from the gMMtm Wednesday next, th* Khh InaUot. A imlT?!!?. JTHi Piz BWwoea the Company * wharf at Jerany yy** *"f ,*? Para*. from U to U o'clock, to oouray paaaaa ?T! md bacmce oa board. " *? *r"a ???Bar of parenaa who room Uih? small wee mere, a?u the treat rtak anetu* there'n.m, gwei?'ri are rmweotfnl'y requemej to take lee re of their ?wwaaap the waarf. aa they oennot be takaa oa hoard. JB*ha AFRICA will tall the 24th . octant. B. CUMaKD Wo. i Bowlln# Oman. QOOTHAlfPTOM AMD H ATR1 O The Merth Atlantic Ht-e^uhlp Company will daapatnh for *? 8<wU thetr anlendld ?teaotahip ATLANTIC UapUlu L oJZ'fr^rZS m*"*' 00 re k? aLW/^s? Aad Km'hemp km the day alter leering Harre. The Atlanue la eaeapeUad for vbrettk and comfort, baa water tight com peremeedn and la ta all reapeele la numolala order, -/if ^B, or oamaaeapply attheoRmof the oompaay, 88 "**?? L P. HTBFHEWH. Baeretary. Steam to lowdowdrrrt, ulamoow amd liver. put ?* hortaet em Damage In Pumpa. by the Montreal ?nana mal' eieaaaer NORTH aMRRMaN, Alton,eomaaadm ym Qwa-ee. Hat order. Oatobar 18 Rates of paaamta to loa temarry.^. teapow or Urarpool -Firm elaaa. 870 aad MS niaraaa 8W Inolettaa ooaea pnmawe and iraa tlcketj. either h> amy of Rnauia. PorUaad Whlielitmuinm to Quebec, or hf Radaoo rtrer. Lake <*heinplalo. Montreal (Victoria Hrldrai toQaahrc. alththa prtrllexa af ramalnie. orerTVoy Mil PorhmriMa' tieket and pemiar *pply at tea Onnpaay'a offl p? ourpaau- , ? wuu? 1k4. ear bead by water d(ht rom penmen*, Eher raanlia. land In the srent of colboion c OS POITHAMPTOM AMD BAVSK-ON HaTI'RDAT Oxaoher 1A thn United Ntatoe mail reamer ARAUO D. ? commander, wl 1 call from plsr V Monk Rlrer, fod of Jhetreri on Matordey. <>et U. at norm. The ataamor mi f^rnafatyandoomfwt-haa double aa?1uea under . which, haaltes I ???? mm mew v .V>. v*l<P<UM Of HTSOdi ?* to Ray the pumps free to work aad aaeure the eafetr of ~%ae| f*rtpc of poaaaxe In mod cable, $71 aad 8au ?T< rtoaero awpir to 8 AMU El. M Pox. Uto. * ^ h VSZ1E. arante. Ma 7 Broadway. The teenier Vulloa end till Morember 10. morto obrmam llotimi ?rntA*smp mew A TORE, H. I Von Kaoaaa. eoauaandar, earrylaa the Cftliad Katee melt, will aall on ^ RaTURDaT, Oct 77. at U o'clock M.. FOR brekem, via mouthAMrroM, IBM. VIA MOUTH Ann BStmass, At the foOowtaa rates ? : ?'?ea1 oabta. PRi en a/JMDOM. HATER HOuVBAMPruM AMD BEEHEM All r*H oat'In EMk; a Wcht or paaaapa ?pp !r to UELPCEE, KEUTOBM * RRffTIMLT. Mo. 81 llnmd ety. -TBI HAMRURO AMIRIIAM PACKET fX>EPAVT'8 well taamektp RAXl'PIA, H. Ehlera nommeadar. will -"?r* f"r ?*? uid. too hemptna. lkmdrn aad Baera <? M m fay. Ot 16 at 11 M. Pint aaMa. $t<W. eeeond eata. At) c. a sit m aki> ? roar The eteemeh'p BORUtRI A will anere^d the Haxnaia. ' TRAMBR or OOTviIIRR to Tar koi.'hempton aad Harre. rakad States aaail etsemehlp sfl _ ? , MUtee oeail staemehtp VaMDERRILT, P M. left?T?^om?*ad?r. will aal fma ptar Mo 1 Worth -Irwr Mew Tork. at anon oa Saturday. Oetotwr 8D. wlU mala. . MMM sod eaeoie. for Raaian! sad Prsaca Pl'et rah* 81*1 aeonud '?'!? 8*1 I Thin wa.ln. to Bavir-. 836; tn Pnatbimptoa. 8?? ? VQRAAMt E. Ajent. Mo S MtwUnp 'iroaa. Mew York. H?ht d afu oa 1/mdoo and Par* for e tie ?wkAPMuitrr-s ume or uvrrpool amd u>mdom A penana -Pa?ea?e from or to Lirerpool aad tiondoa caa ?fweye s? eera??d hy 11* wed tanwn 1m* miUaa weakly, at am mry Iowa* ran*, aad drafts f.w any amoaat ohltbed. gayaMa * say part at Orsat Rrltela hy *t plyma * Ma 68 South aUeaR New i'wR FHiK LffRRPOOlr?OLD Bl.ACE PTAR LIMB ?THE jmeheiekp a.STUI.U, iyli* at I'ler V Eaet rleer, aal* Neotwr 10 the J' 'HI HP.MHT at I* <|earner 8B V w |r-f free or to Ireiao I aad draflA apply M EIUJAM8 &j tUToW. A Vu.k* trrec JM08 UVBJAPOOI. ?THH CBl 11R ATBIt tXIPPER BH P JP Df R? DMOl'liHT, ''ape.! Mamie*, the latest ship oToal win sail oa I he Mth of i-elober 7* r>a<r. >?* naeaa a# IT immnlieti ly ta ae-urr owthe on hoard, at pier (ioTt Murfc n*er or to P. M DEM tRBsT MNmtUiaraai. AlJJtNT HH.PK FOR LIVERPOOL AMD LOMIKIM.?THE T ml<b-ei.-i Clipper >h < <IH ROBI'RT 1'BRi. mile for deer,a, ; fren. Pier 81 Rat rtrer, Heather M ??eoad aah'a Warn murne and fauad 81A n*ip KUtWE. for L?6 n, sal e OnvB-?W tor p jur apply to TTIOR. C. RO?'HtE. S3 ?with street ATHTRaLTA PIOMEEE I.IMK-IMWABLtEnP EMl rarrymd the OnRed htetea mm*, eaiiiud rotil'ely oa the JV Stl"^ 1 I he mAdkt r-ert A I slipper ehtp OREV ? R R Mayo "mHneoder will Its re Immedlaie leeoatrk 'W Mtdiweirno, and bae rood WMaa ideuort for thirty eeeoi 1 *blu peeeeuae a, a h'? moo ferk Tor fre'xhl or i tm.-e ap. ply m R ? OAMbBOM. fn Peerer etreea -da* Mile for ato? JjXlR CAUPORMTA VIA PANAMA. JT A firm tlam r'rtarr will leers Mew Tork the I at. lit* .?** fMW when Uieae dotes fell on kow?n( *r "* <**peo?ra wtU be the M mdey ful r*. "'I*? "S ra"~** H"'7 * IBs oaly odl-e, Mo 177 We* ? ??rrea i. ?? *|J ?V a a- t. HHBAT am A AMI) NEW ORLSAMB RVBRT TV? BATR | rmaace Mb Toea., oa Iburnday. " * V ?WateVfafcT I'AIIAWBA. J W IHnlth ernimlU^ r-rier' re 1/ rwmlre fra*b t on Monday Oat a, end mil le abort from pi*r I at of Mu-rey street/Worth rlrer i.tvimmst(IM OB&6ii?AoM A on DE W?TO tell. Oat 81 end Til EWTII.LE W KBBiR HAVAMA.-THE t'MITED wyAy,?, ?4n ?t-.-?.r'dUAKkM CITY It W dhufeldt f -rnVee "rr ? II Vtre for the afrrre jwdu oa Tbwr*1er. Oab>hee R ai .8 o <1 oa. frurn p er AS Forth rttar. Viw uei?ht er pemaaa apply tn HA WOOL8 A ivi .33 eoutk street C^^HR IIAVAMA VIA MA MA I. M P -TUB BRITISH ? a"d F ?lh Awerlren R.rr*l mall (teemehlp EAKMaE Ktm-lm win aall far the ahore pur* (rim the rem varty'e wharf at ,ier?ay'Hy. on lfnmlay 1Mb Out. MP? 14th Boy. T*aadev lit* Daa. a a me or riaaana V-9" m Par frmehi m ceaaeae apnii hi E CtKA RD Mo t Bo-ehap lf*m. SHIPPING. jpoajur vpr amdhayama tiajjhaaubtua elagaat, oominodioua and awtfl United Stales ail ^^HlHABkU Captain William BoUtaa, will (lea re ptar w?m lad Ha P)B SAVANNAH ANI) TBI BOOTH. The rtaamehlp MONTGOMERY. Can*. Wm. 0. Barry, wfll lea re pier 11 North rlrer on Thursday, Oct 11, at 4 P. ML pre My. Parnate to Hsnnnak, with unaurpeaaed aeoommodaAooa, |U-through Mokes to Now Orleans. IT7I; MonOe, *38; Montgomery. ?; Memphla. *31 7?; Naabrtlle, *37 7?: Rnox rUle.8M 10,Chatter ooga, Mt, Alhauy fSJAOoliaibua. til, At lanta, U, Maorri. AW; autuata $11N) Including omnibut far* U antineollng potnta Apply to H B. OROWWBU. A OO.. 88 Weat rlreet aad 38* Broadway. Th* B. B. UUTLBB aoeoeedl Saturday, Ool 13. F? B SAVANNAH AMD THB HOOTIL She new steamship B. R. CUILNR, Oapt F. Croaker, will laare pier 13, North rlrer, on Bator day, Oat. 11, at i P. M. i to" " ? Passage to Baraa ?afc, St*. Through tickets wild to New Orleans. Mobile, Montgomery, Memphla, Naahrllla, Booirtlle. < 'hall in. iota A'bauy, Culum boa Atlanta, Maooo aod Aatoata The aooomoaodaUooa for passengers are aapertor to lhaaa of aay other atoamor. Apply to H B. OROMWMLL A OO., 8* Weat alreet aod 336 Broadway. rK 8A VANNAIl AND OTHBR POINTS, AS BKLOW.? The flrBt elaaa ildewheal ateamahlp aUuiUtlfA. Cautalo M. S. WorxlhoJl, will laare oo Saturday. October 13. at 4 P M , from pier No. 4 North rlrer. Through UckaU ceo be bad for iba following p lares ? New Orleaoa. F) 73; Mobile. $35; Montgomery. *35; Mufeu la. A1a,*24, Columbus, *31 Albaor, *43; Atlanta *71. Hut tacor.rn, *23 Naabrllle. (37 73, Knoartlla *13 80; Memphla, *31 75; Autuata, (17 80; Maeoa, S'AI; Sarannah *15. For freight or paaeaie apply at 13 Broad war.' Thr at. mier FLORIDA. Cautain Ii Iaa tc IIimwoU, will euseeed and Ball oo Tared ay, October 16 at 4 V M. BAB U KL la MITCH ILL A BOM. THROUGH FHKIOHT ARB ANHKMRMT -FOB NOB folk. Portsmouth, City 1* lot and Klchmoed, eoadeuUng with Norfolk and Petersburg aod KootkaiJe RaUrueis for Lynchburg, BrtatoL Memphla aod 1 .trrmedlate atatiooA Freight recelred erery day, aad through reoalpta furnished at pier 18 North rlrer. Hi earn ship JAMESTOWN, Cat l Skinner, 'sates erery Turn dar at S P M., taking freight for Portsmouth, City Potot and Richmond. Htrininhlp ROANQKB, O*ot Oonoh, erery Thuraday at3 P. M., takluc freight for Norfolk, I'lty Point aod Rlehmood, aoi calling at Old fntnt Comfort to land passengers. St earn, hip ToRKTQWH, Oapt barrtah erery Saturday at I P. M . L.klng freight for Norfolk, City Point aad Rtrhmood. Freight to Portsmouth or Norfolk, 7 oenla par foot; to City Point 8 oentr, and to Richmond 9 oenta Passage to Norfolk. stateroom aad meals laeluded, $8; to Petersburg or Richmond, *10; children between the ages of 1 aad IS half prion. LCD LAM A HKINKEKN, 1'4 Broadway. Steamship city of nrw tore FOR SALE. The ateamahlp City o' New York. 574 lone meat, built in New Tork In 1881 under apertal nomraol for the present owner*. Her hull was built by n rears. Capes A Alll Iran braced. She has two eag'una. of 30 ace and la diagonally In luck cylinder by 30 moh stmae.bullt by Hogg A Itelemiter, under the anperrtatue of ChaA W. Copelaad, Ban Her balers are afteewSBoeUw old. She has been employed t ? been employed between Phi ladelphla and Boston aersn yean, and has proved her tho rough sea going qualities aod great rtreagth. For further par Meniere apply to PHI NBASSPRAQCB A OO, UO Central street, Stale street block, B.wk>e, Mam., Or to UHaKI.BS wTTiftpgl.AND. IS Broadway, Now Tork. CLOTHING. A HKTTRK CU AN OR TOR LADIKH AMD UBNTLRMBN i to cuoTert their cut off Clothing Into auk.?I reerdyed ? j-gi order frru tha Hoatk an 1 Weat I ru irulM that I wU] IT Ik* following prtenn?From RB to KW for 8Uk A PaMa: from W to *11 far OanM.alan. Oarpeta, Fnrnitura, Jaw elry, Ac. A note addmaeed to K. 134 Herenlh arewua. batweu Nineteenth ud Twentieth gtietda, will ba puaetoftUy ?-irltfl to. Ladlu alluded to by Mrn. K. ORKftT DEM AND FOR LEFT OFF OLOTH ICU. Pi Furniture and Oarpeta ?Am I returned from tfca Wool I win pay tha kirk at prtoaa la auk for tko above named aru alaa, without puff or humbug. Addreaa ?. fab 311 Mrhtk araoaa, botwaan Twaaty aUth and Twenty earawik rti uata. Ladlea alluded to by Mra. Mtak ft BRTTRR AND Nl'KEdT WA1 PUR LhDIMB A and gentlemen to cat a fair gripe for oaat off lithtnr, Furniture, Oarpeta and Jrwaiaa W.1 ant be humbugged by ?mat pullt, la to rand i note u> 16? fteranth avenue, which wir be punctually uuimHIi by J. A Nil ALT Ladlea Attended to ky Mra. A. 1M Merenlh it an on. ft BRTTRR CBAIfCR THAN RTRR -LADTMH AND A gentlemen. I hara a ffroat demand for oaat off 'touting for Ike WaaUrn market; alao for Puruitiire. Oarpete, Jewelry Ac. I ffoaraalaa to par tbe full c-ab pnoa for tb? abora named arUcloa. and uot to bumb'ta. u la door bj other groat boaetrr* and falae pretend* ra Cn'l and be irmrtoaerf to you r aatlafn-tloc or ad drear Harrla, 1M Herecth IT rati*, anooud kooae below Twenty Om otraac ladlea attaodad to by Mra Mania. ft 8TTLL BRTTRR AND BCRIR WAT POR LA A dlea and eentlamu to gel a fair nub price for raat off nothing. Furniture, Oarpeta aad Jewelry, and not to he horn hnrred br great puffa, U to tend a note by poat to the new ea lab'.-bmrnt of M. LBV1, 116 Hrrentb areo'ie, oornar of Eighteenth atraet I ad tea will be pnoctoaUy attended to by Mra. Ierl. ltd Herantt ereene ft ORRAT ORMAND POR OIHlTfllNO -UftUIRM AND A gentlemen barter any raat 'iff Oiblng. Furniture or Oarprla are guaranteed to receive la fi?ln?w Panla, from (I to H: Onela,from ftl to $10. ?lh i>naaaea. rove (l uiw p.* ber-gr and wont lea Drwaaaa toe hlgbec vrtcw will be paid by eallr.g on or adreaalioc A lltna W Third area-te latdtaa attended to by Mra t'arrta LAI IK < ANU itRNT .It men ?A great deuand for the Weeteru market - Wanted. I large quaau y at eaat .B em.hi..g, I urn it u re our pete, jewelry. Ac I fumracVee hi pay the beet prteee la the etty A erne addreaeed to M. Abraham. US derunlh avenue, between I wanly dith aad Twenty ei'-b errata, aid bo euaa toudr allaedad to Utile* attended by It ra A. A CARP -OBNTLHMENY NKW AND LRFT OTP nothing rare baaed for tha tOaatorn market, to large or stall loka 'mil at the *>ee nr mv.rvwa Tp?m 1) iVryew. M i antra atreok N. R-? knaul tailor* he*tnr ur ? n ? will pleaaa add rem u abora. IRK AT QUANTITY OF 0A8T OTP CLOTHIMO, PCR _ nltnre. i arpet*. Jewelrv, An wanted. I> moply the r.arv mark at Lafttaa or raaUamee bariag IT v u'? we A M' Mi ADA MR HHAPPRR Htl RBMOTKD FROM BRVRWTH to 2*1 BeermJ fmet. belwaam aveaae <'and I'aPw market third flinr. bbr etdl wni noe* to tell ahenl lore, tear rlag* i been I friend* bureau ud jntiraoya. Ihdlea * vale Om.Uewien not admitted 'aDaMrIm'BT Haft ANNOTED PhOH 00 ATTORNEY _ L Treat to 110 Honatm etraa*, oppoaNa Ludlow, orrr the lad'ee" h?i atore hh? aftj.l trottlauea te tell'af tors, marrtara aba en' fneuda. huataaaa. Do ant forget the Bern her a let 11 ??m net adaukad. M"APiKK~nlR^rr C*N inp-irm hmr mant rrtOlvla hod the nubile nf the areata of ll*e, the paw. rreaent and fui'ire t., the r eet>ra twt'rfaetoa the feeia wwtft del ate baa aneeaal If yne wiah tie truth glee bar a anil at .INft Ten'k BUift kalwoo" Thirty fowrtk aad Thirty ftflh atreeta lad Pa IS aOMa Oeavlemeo not ar mimed. M aiiVmm nr NfiTn. riThiKTot art pht?ioiak, pok oxwiy of Narweul Muae-aa. meal lilmiiHaot u ra aned to eaamtaaMam trf dbram. Md 'odf * ? again a* her No 47 Ram Twentyeeaanth T-eet. at Mra PaMft'a. of will rarely* tha bigbea, ugh pno?a for tbetuae by ca'Hog or addrreator a ootr to A DDRRh t'd neTen?h * euoe. wtu<-b will be puactnaliy attaadod to. LodHe atlendail to by Mra D AO OOP OPPOKTPNITT M fWPKKRD TO OMR f I.R mru hartng any new nr left off i -Abler ?>> dwp ma of. dan nytwn the big beat price by calllag no rr addneenftf Job* Btupby Ml Pearl MreeC All order* poirtoally attended Pi. aq nnn worth op oknti.rmrn'h nkw and 90.1H/U Ml off rtothtao wanted for the ffaouiur ket Tbe btgkeal uub price erer paid aea be obtained la bankable mcaey. for large nr a we I! Iota, by nulling at tha atore, ar add'earner Waa Walea. 41 Oeelrw ateaol AKTROLOG1'. A BONA PIllR AMI KOI AH I NT. THAT RVRRV ONRi'AN d?p-iid'W la Madame OI'A-'k. wbo ?e|l? lae .Ajtect of your v.alt aa arcm aa ymi inter her ,onm Madame Wtlaoa la the mtrrtloaM that era r uaabhown Kbe will la'ake the poet r* nf her u-iudar ill actanre. and tell all tba averU .if yowe wb'-e 1'fa Her prediwhaat are a<? trne that they gerprl^ every onr that eemauna her. H it 0 kadtee mar c ' a 1 lit* timid, -b"<rb ike. need arr f"ar for ike r vrtV-c noth'nr hot what m rwror-l abi' In pbltneopbera At' ahould waa i'i th.a ra <at wi orerful a'd m-.ate.-Pma lady. Her adrk-e baa aerer been know, la fell. ae? abe-ff-rr twenty Ihmraand d-Alara reward Pi a- y roe wao ean equal her la the above artueo. N H ? Madame WMem. la In pomeaWrm of the celebrated maote ha - ? wf a ?ru erer rarta -i ? th-ie MfMt Truly may aba b* eat ? d a mnm wrmderfij wnmu ReaUen-e IW ABU atra*. hetween V'..iaw<n and Htur' -u at eeta our the bahary. Paela Int. lar Imbra aad geatiawieu i team ^ APTONTRflTlffT.-MrDAMR MORROW. NKTRNTn dnawhaer, h en with a mu1 aad gill of rcwelrkA tella nw anna aod r? tea ywn w1l> murry. and ut areata -eraa poor larrthonaHa ' Fee U eenta. uatll o'heea atop oopylnr my al .eittae n evte Iftt Ludlow atraat beta# Ho'ialoe. tJeutiemea an* admii-ed At*e HR RA V lh THK ,:MKT~CLAfRVOTANT AND Alt' I'fftat IB the Colted'tatew ?Hrea ItHfty aaeiheru eaareaepeedr nutrrlaoee tatle of luol anioertr MDr '.eeth are cue near Twnaty ceumth akreaa fed lea M oeoia. gewtta RffAPAWK LBANnm LINT. NKVRNTK DAUtkffTMR? M fku bo ?maiitlaa MkOMl Lou ktrrttga theawt PitanU ?eiw ail the eruta at llfa at IM M et atrnol Imdtaa M eaata H annU Oftoau uoodp Barrlagt aad gl*u laOfey turn he-a. MHADA MR NTRON TwiwONnRiToPtrROPN J not | milted from Parla.?True iMr >Pw1ai rbrue>v->?u and UhHoaltat aha girea true lalorntatPm hi afi affaire of if a, eiwdniM e. rem gi?ea Incby numbere. htv. Hhe baa aMO IhO only gown toe Dreoft and Arabf taHraau to be found la thtg enontre. Keetdeare >41 Hnwoer. near H-^nd atreaft Rntraaea In tbe roefeclh uery URm 10 Mki guUemu. ?l ML|haIiamr har Trrf rpttrnkd prom parte - Pbe leila oaat. MM and ftiluro eyeuta ?# ? >. The mibe only on# 'n New Tort that ram be depended upon. N W Oreene a*re?t reogi II ir"p - WHO II AN NOT HRARH OP Till (TKI.KHRATB1) J a ? Mao aire PRRWPTRR' Mm baa ban anuu'tod by monumda In thla and other rttiaa with entire authfaothm the feel* nonfieni ahe kaa on eotml fbe tel a the name of fnlore wtfe nr bnatwod; a Mo thai of bar rimter If yno wet. tbe tr i* gtre her a ?wl'. at *1 Third auene, abouTwemtr f.rm rtreet Iedtea. 00 enota; gutlemen. 01 S M -onANI.RN OOI/THPNTMR HATIffrg remrwed In No I Nrm-t rtreet -an be ooneuRed aa uaoal. Howre from OifMatA A. M. Ml O P M. ?VJ1 i. R A * D PTE PPT NR A R HO WORT MAD A MR HmOI WIDtlffR ,lafrr. rant and gtrvd Nnariak lady, on re-fta Ike myaterteo of feturlty lou maet-aee a haunt frtenda. f-kneaa prur-tbau tree hi nee fur all daamWA MM lack; a im OOra, proporty had or UilU. Aft * NI8CBIXAN1DOII8. EMXTBAOBDINAKY din <o\'KHV mka hioknbrb Bur* ud safe prevention This Mirer* Indupeirou, at taching every person going lo sen, had hitherto baffled ell ine dlonl attempts 10 subdue It It was reserved to Dr. F. T. de Is Forrest slier yesrs of unremitting research, dually lo 6ud so Infallible sad sure remedy for It. wbteli we now offer with the greatest eoofideace lo the public. This most astonishing pre paratloo Is not an ephemeral or untried eiperUucnl but U uow offered with full results of its eotlie suoreaa in all caies hitler to tried. Certlfloatee attesting Us most ressarkable and aortcu lous rases will be prod used?the I ait of which Is oue signed by the napiaio. rfieers. crew and three hundred and I hree pasaen ?arm of the ship Robert Center, Cant Arnold, ou a v .<yage from Havre to New York, In June to August. I860 16 days). The preparation, being a tints tire, Is nut up In bottles, st $! far large I,plica and 10 rents per bolt e for smaller. The Me for Sea sicknees Is oee lesapoonful morning and evenl rg, he'we eating for three days running. None are geeume nu ess they bsve the signature of I)r F Y ds hi Forrest on the Ul>el iff each I" tile Iheyran lis obtained at P. Preterre's, Jr.. 61* Ptarl street; J Herman's, druggist. 625 (Jraod etreet; Charles B Rli g's. 278 Broadway, and at the general depot of W. F. YOUNG, 41 PIrsstreet. G^HUNH. RIFLKR, RRVOLVKRR, AC ? POWDER FL4SKR, Hhn Pourhas aud Balls, Gams lings, Pnwdrr and Bhct.? The largest best and rheapsst assortuirut In tlieoity. at P. KKYROLDR' old esUallahed store, ?8 Chatham street. All goods warranted as rsp resented. Gar burners. The subarrlber la 1st porting direct, and bsa on hand from front oee of the brat makers In England, Gas J eta or Hootoh Tips all hIms; also German leva Tips of every variety. Of our own make, Plah Tall and Hats' Wing Burners, Bar nar Pillars Rockets for portables. Mercury Cups, Improved a "lade* Burners. Burner Cleaners, Ac.; also s superior art! of Burner flyers, all stsaa T. O. ARNOLD, manufacturer and Importer, *47 Broome street, *. Y. Great inducements now ofpkring to par Ucs with small capital?Merbani?. farmers. sbeeo, sbwk. fruit and vti s growers. Inquire at Ktff TllAYKh'H other for nrcanixlng emigration, No. 7 Wall street. N. T. JOHNNY HARRING. AT NO. IDS CKORBT STREET, "sella more stuff than toy house on Broadway, for 'a eats HIGH ROOK. M^natXR', BOYS' AND INFANTS' FANCY HATB; GKNTR AND BOTH' HATH AND CAPS The largest and best assortment to be t.uipd In the cMy, TKADR NDPPIjTEO. ERI/OOO 681 CANAL HIRERT. M^HAKBLB MA.NTKIJ8.-THE HUHMCK1HBK BROS leave to Inform his frtenls and the publlo that he Is selling Mantels, Ac . cheaper than ever Call and ??e for yonmelf A. ELAKER, 116 East Eighteenth street, near Third avenue. New York. Mantels put np In any pan of lbs ooantry. VTOTICK.-A NOVELTY OP UNIVERSAL NKCKrWITT Ik to all boot wearers whe her male or female Wheeler's Patent, for drawing tight h,?>t? on and off , wtth great ease and rapidity, requiring no eirrtlon, the only article la the world answering the doable purpose It Is cheap, portal's and highly ornamental, occupies but little space and will last a lifetime. Hardware dealers bouse fornftblng, boot and dn 1 lugs Mores and the trade In general lapplled, at wholesale and reta'l. a: 503 and 606 umadway, room ( /kUAKTK Mil.IA?THE LATIRT IMPROVRMAN r Mnrtigbton's Patent May 22, 186U. sperially adapted to Fencing quarts rock and other hard substance to an lapvlpa ble powder, have adjustable sntl heating grinding surfaces end Improved bearings effectually preveo'lng the adalaion of rl| to the interior of the mill: rapid. ?lhclert and pe>fe<iiin their orerntlon. Aovly lo TH> N HKNVKrr. Depot Ballalng, oorner of Elm and Prankltn itreegg. New York. SMHOW CARER If every description manufactured by U. WINTER. 16 orth William street. N. B.?A good assortment constantly on hand. SELLING OFF-CHINA, GLARE. EARTHENWARE and Fancy G? ds ? The opening of Chambers a rent re quiring Ibe subscriber <o vacsle hi otr stand, 119 I'eari street Ins few Cats be bega to offer for sale at greatly reduced price* any part of his stork, consisting of plain and decorate( Frenr b China cut ard plain Glass Earthenware, pla-ed i a? term Ac Families, proprietors m hotels or saloons, ard per ones residing onl of teen, will find this a deal-able opportunity to replenish thetr stocks at prices teas than oet of lmo< nation. K. CaPLDWKLL. CAVED Rvjsnon? OAR CONSUMERS IN THIH AND O ether cities can see a new tneeot no that will save over one hall their present gas bill*. sod rive s far superior lltbi Gall on CALLERDEB E 1'RECB, 1/ff Broadway, near Con landi street. N Y. SEWING MACHINES AT flORT.?FIRET CLARR DOUBLE thread for $21), equal lo any $6A machine, to close the b us ??ss of a dealer. Also, second hand Flat!as and Meloieous, Piano signa Ac, cheap at 3*6 Brooes* street, near Bowery, ? A M.tohP. M. STORAgE-IE the building and yard foot or North Rinh stieet, W tlllnmsburg. ffne doek aud wharfage fnetbuee Bulky and nee perishable artlrlee mnnhloery, he., at -*.n el low rates Apply to W W. VaN B'ISKKRcK. 81 Water street, or on Corn Ki<-honga daily at U o' lock, noon "" fJMJ AUTHORS AND PL'HLIRHKR8. E WALKER A BOHR are prepared >o bind up editions and large quantities of work* In plain and elegant styles of muslin calf aud mnroco i, with esnetlltine and at lowest prices r very descrtpunn of Job and Library Binding carefully at ten-icd to at the New York Book Bindery, lit Fullue street, established ONE QUARTER OF A CENTURY *,* Bookbinders in the com try and distant dues and towns In the United Mtaiea. will Had It to their advantage lo send their ?lira work Ui ihle establishment, on whichIhry wtli be allowed a liberal onmnuaeton. Till Tim ro uat ik rovu n,on, and thk i.ia-e u> hey It?Maw Floor B? SI to B7. Imt double ai Ira B7M nnuiMI to n'eeee H'ltwr br the pwa?ye at Ufa, at'c . a-' boat < TI?ae? ooonty. is- . ar ib , Ch-ae? Hi : l*r,l Us. at MIKHWooD e Flour and Prartta Mora. 47Z Third ??l IM. T) PAPITALInTb ? M?R*HAI.I. All POWKB.-THIH yrrtl Inrentloo whk-b b'da fair tn do away with the iw >f ?tram l? now In prueeea at d<relupfinwil wl ai' rihthttrd In Urn ptibuc tbn lorahl r .laat-ra a Partner who wl'l ro In Willi bim in tirts.tfoy the lareoUon Ispi y-oar,. n-v Apply a> 87 Pipe atreel. to'th-l MARSHALL or liUaw <1. Warm, SM B# ? Ktrbanye. TBUMKRDOUh BX"ITKMKMT Oreat sale of flAh. WlhBg. ORnrKRIKI, Pl-OUB and PKOTIhlONh Family Hoar AS lAard !? M he barrel, law /-Lie (tarraala Aranla per pluoo Cbuna Green aad Hack Teae 30 o :?) oeula per pouo-L Fi.yars who taenia and retail, at refi ara' pri.iea (iou a deUtored tree IHOIaTW AMRKW, Ml) Draaawioh and M Murray atresia. fhP and aee for reiuw ina w Tub urkat kmush rkmb >t for oout and rbeiiri.atum ? All auflerent frum the ab re complain* either of recent ?? lony aUodlns. ara ad\taa-l Pi use HI. A 111. J lli ut an.! Hh-'imatlc Pllln. liter ran be relied'Inot aa the m.wt aafa aod ullerlual remedy eaer -Warnd the pu'iila. and beta bran unln real y neat fa Fur. pa 7of mttir yearn for the aboae enwmla tiU I'-i-e y, and 7". eeMIP MP hot. Prepared by Prowt A UarMnt. ZM Award, taw don, Knylaa I, act a -id by Ibr tr ayrnt. Ml' TOR HARM A FT, Ft ta third alrrat and B-a.1 way. and by F. C. WF1.IM k CW . 115 Fraoblle ttreel, R. F. Iter kajaety'n ( ommuetrwinra ha< a author! r-d tbe una and addreea of 'Thomas Front. T19 At rand. London," t? he tm praeaad nixwi th- yo rem wen l Maaape afllied to each hoi of Use I en nine mi-'loloo. rkl'H IIOHTR BOM AM f" ARDI.FP, ROCKBPS ARB A yrnrra. .... rtmei.l ot Firawu-I- ef o. < n> ?r. lfaoltra far roltltm' proueaatone ?-d pnbUe dfaplaya. for aala by W J htF w k HBO , *0 Itmedwar IftB AWAKB HRl.b ARB BVBRBTT AND OTHBB Uai'naaia trade el the aboataet ooti-a 't h'aeb, and. blue, Oranpa trah, sold ami eilier eiamelbltd a otha Ala I Inn leant and TarpRreaf ereey denerlpUoe Apply at IU Chatham s'luare, is tbe alo Hny tutre. ?in BfW'Ilr ntlM. IRriBI.fRT.R IRK. PRAMS* AND SI U Mri.abea Vaohltirry, Alnba'-el br wh dreal ? and r? tall, at HICBf' VH ate ml I a-uMtatunept. Ml Petri St.. K. V. Mrnn TO MOMX-A (THARfR TO MAES MORE! SOI *U tbet oeeam but ooee la a life Urne. The Male Hlehta far lb* aale of <ae of the beet aad moat ueefui (faieet ai-PcJrweaer b.ranie-. aaary housekeeper wflt bay It upon ere lay end try my n ten minutes It will eey 110 per eent or .K, and at tbe au a time ean te aoM an ebaep that aey famtlr wan abard lo bey It Ureal inea- m baa already a teaded Ua lotro ducUrn Ro eareue need apply entam tbay cat. a >nm*nd fro* BMO to ?d.<?U other la m<r ay or arallabla property The arUrle raa be aeea. aad fnU car leu lam three, by OtlUof oe or addratay 1. R. Pat'aa if Beeuaaa ntrert. Raw T irt. up suirr e-annrncnrer of lbs arttete (VI bet w> en the V- i-t of I ar J 5 P M R B - Caters at a dtatamw who daet? ??ae ynilaie 'or their men Rteto ear. i.y remlutny M. haratba a.' ?Ma aant free if eipeoea pare 11 -rwa, ertth at pp ell partiaelam of prtre of each Plate, fa. Si 4(111 A TBAB M A 1>B BT ART OMB AT t.VT S1.ZUU tiny Menetl * rt Iwrye and email Meal DMa whole leMara, two Atphabeta, Hynrea ami flordet toofa, wHt IB t Mae la aad tpa.yaa for far ye work, wftk a laaalsty of Csrv-a yet*Heel to retail, for 11507 h-t-iaee, Onmpaat. FtnUb'nt Plate. PoPtbtpy Itruab. Fnueer. Bhaera. Amntatae Bhsea, Ufa onaa. fn-rMPattem, I ample Oral yea. Ham -ear aad Klnrh with Bastpe for ladaUlMalnlt aad MaeaaalUa MaaaU I ah, si teeeaaary laatrartkma for rutdny Nteacll fraieea, makttsy Ran at; h-nabee and In abort the whole r eien of mrrrtny tm Use RlsmHI Buntiiam at whrdemle, wtlh anfhatent HVwth a sd tnnb of a ery Oaeurtplhm. warranted pirfaet or rirtasi I at aa tlma free fnr new. TMa wbote miBi. entire aad oomplala. b furalehed fne BIO lore ail peim iad Tbe AaMrteu Mmfl Tool Worta, at BprtaytaM, Tanam bare a eaab fond of BAOM Ineafaed esrUamreTy ta the meaa fa-tare of Ptetvt: Tnnfa, her In I the Utryeal ami moat eelnabfc water poorer In Ike Mate. With a wheal of an i aaty tt? barm power, atfnrdlny auetuiame loflmta adriatayaa Basnplea and partleefare f?pe Addrmn A. J Pnllam ipnaen lea aad pr?1 rtator), Ro U MarabaoW Biehaeye. BoMne. ID Bnadway. Row Tort, ar Bprlayfleld. 11 $i.500.-^a^T^,v: ary pnrt of the Oniied Ftaiet man, Uar tUl ofhaa, Baw Yorl iwi/1 I'APKB-rBoat m l/l/l; rnltaHP for older. An i airrart OO hand a eery e eupply of arened band (rmr Barrefa. inltahle foe assy paoblny, afan a m.nottat anaply at aaw Rarrefa and Hal potatoea. be., made any ?aa. Fa b. T. BRKMIH, M BnlyamaPp ?ALL IMTBLLIOBRT MF.R, RAVfRa p*t ready eaah. may reallaa ll bfa In att monlbe. In a"ry pnrt of tbe United Ftatae ny a-tdrreeinr Mr W II Thnmae. Herald ofban. Raw York, Mrlndmr It*genu p wtaya. *4 (1(1/1 <'ARKR-rBO? U TO BIB OALLORR BACH. O.l'lAT roliatie for Mdar, fart (IT,. Barrnfa for ftottr, appMfa ?POHTt1T0. BRBbfNRB Birri BB, Rf) I PMf* BMP, h ab'thb firORairsi^nr a w naetn pnr bmtle Done hoarded, taalnad be J net pnbHabad, the eeaned enlarred edition of ''BtrOer*! Breadlay, Tminlny, Mararantenl, Din men. be , Of Doyn with It HlantreMoat a# Re different rnrletlna of Re Boe." hire BL ?7?m PMt aally lleeorlbed nad IbrnweteA/1 MemMn. FR BA I B? A HtfJRLT HRBD "BCTBB ffUCT. FBI 'artlT tralrad by one Of lb# flail tralr- ?? la the Main, the la a beaulKol epardman rf tbe breed, moat affeellonata, hot a fan rate wntob. Ad tram Jo no, hot 17n Herald oilae. or can be wtae al Ho ? WlHow etraet, Hohnbao. M. J BflKtlARtZBB HRPTBMHRR 1 1M0.?'IRARB Aim I -teraelinr mal-b between two firm rale nlnya-e at the i rhato Rtrket npurt Oleb. TO Howeey. oppoelte Prtan nl-aet. oa FrMay afternoon, Oct R I MM at t o'atopB. alien i rei hbnrt riiitu, r A. Ratusr, hcccHary, K Altll'SEMKSTS, WINTER OARDKK. Th a evening. Wednesday, Oct. 10, will be performed far the third 0 me the romantic Drama of UUV MAhNERINU, 1b which MltS COSH*AN Win anal tin her world renowned role of MHil RKKkll.IBi CtHD ?The management ventures in ezpreu a hope that, o troid th* rontuaton neeenaarly MMEVNM on the vaat arowda welch. during the laat itru ereo nge, 'hrnaged to tiew title g'eet lisperaonaiinu, ladiea and aenuemea deeimtia of witueaa in* it will, tor their own comfort, aecure taelr wall iu ad xaooe. J^AKNl'M'8 AMERICAN MUhKUM. Lrder the persona! euperrtsloa of P T. KAKNUM The lirlnc klameae "I etna, the moal woererfsl and extra'* dinary of N%mre'? Knrrelloua pr d ictiooa, are on exhibi tion, with twntl their children day ar.t evening; aa are aleo the great living KL~k Sea Linn, the mnnareh ol Ihe ocean, the only animal of the kind ever caotured all re; the Alntno Family, with perfectly a hue hair and aaln, though born of hiack parental the atrange and mrrertona Annual*, What nan they he? The living What la It? or Man Monkey The Ijuij with loog heir, Lightning Calculator, the lineal Aquaria in the world beautiful Angel Fwh Pljln* Clah, Ihing All ga lore. Ilvnr Oroeodtlaa llvlag Hharka living mooater fcnakna, livtn t Happy FAmlly . great variety of new wax Figures. The wonderful fortune Teller Theelegaet hlatorlnal drama, JoeKPlI aKI> 1118 HKBT1IKKN, which hka been performed with th- m at perfect sueoeaa over flfly coneecntire tlmae. will be repeated thta afternoon, at 3 o'clock, end Ibia evening at 7X Ni twiihelaflliig thoae Imtnerne attraoUona, and the HbD OdO Curiaaftlr* from arery part of the globe, tbe pnci of almia i-ai lenuusa at only U oenta. Children under teo yeara. lb oenta. i ME' If AN CONCERT I1ALL. V III Hioadway. All Broadway. BILI.T O'NKII, Will appear ever r ereolng. I'll I M M OK WALKS. . Kltli'AI, (IF 1IIK PRINCE OF WAt.Es. A Partlen deairoui of vlaiting unbox upon the arriral of the I'KINHK OF WALKS can take tbe cars of the STATEN ISLAND RAII ROAD C ) -I Tknderhlll landing, upon the arrival of the 9 A M, boat ftom New Tori Return at I P M LTOUR LABOR WINDOWS TO LKf?-ON BROADWAY, r near Canal atrret. to "are th* prooeaaioa of the Prtuee of A ilea on tburert iy. A-tdrc ?? K. W. " , ltr >*,1 w?> Boat t.91c# PRINCB OK WALES H41L.-ANY PKBHON HAY1NU A ?pure flr-ket for the abore oall. win fiud a purchaaer bf uddretaiD* X L. V., Herald Oder. pRINCK or WALKS' BALL-JUST RECK1VKD. A aplrndld aeanrtmeut of r?Ur, n-bnel wvlea, can kui colon ?iltable to ecery drew lllfcllol' A Hhlft, Fifth Avenur Hold, next to the lac lea entrance. PRINCE OK WALKS BALL-BOUQUET nOI.DEWl latm at)lea, far aal? by BISHOP A REIN, Fifth Avenue I <4d Hm?h*e Karriiu:*. Plna, huide Ac , fur aale by HI8UO? A RAIN, Fifth Avenue Hotel VStiJoK HSIIOF, at n Maiden laoo. FHlLirPB REIN PRINCE OK WALKS ElfUESION-ON THURHDAT. < kicker 11, INBD, the ewtrt aud rleyant ateamn- T H' 1M AS I* Way Mil' make aa nirn?akn to r.mlior N J lenrlny pier No HI) Nortfc rlvnr 'not "f D*v auc>t at 10 o' 'loch AM, and return In mmuaoy with the I altad Hum ate-amer Har riet I ane. and the Prince of W*iaa Tk At ta Ml ovule. Kor aala >1 STEPHENS. OONDIT A OU.'S oUt .e, Day alreet pier, an l ? ? beard the boat l>B1NCR OF WALKS PROCESSION ?A FINK FSONT v t iflrr on Rrued way near Maidea lane on necmd tin.* it lei; two Itrae win Iowa; a Una plane for a famliy. Andrew s A B., Herald ottce, elating blsbem price which will be given. PRINCE OF WALES PROCESSION ?TO LKT. ON Ihnreday, a larpe d> ubla Window oa Thirl floor oo roadway r?ar Taylor'*; will aroneamodate four or tire. Ap ply al M4 Broadway. ruuoa 34, uua (Wedneedayi morning be < w eeu 8 and li o'clock. P' RINC1 or WALKS - TO LET, FOR TPS PROCESSION, artreral if the bwt Windows on Headway opposite the City llalu Apply at 1*7 Ilrnedway, loom No. 1. PROCESSION IN HONOR OF THE PBINOK or Wales?Windows and r-wua In the beat pan of the r >vt of the po i-?wkn. In Flf b avenue. tivlug fu.l eletv >f the Fifth ? Hotel. In , lire at alore VJI Broadway, or 183 >trih avenue. HIl'EFTION OF THE PRINCE or W4LKS windows lo ih at >12 Br ?1waf. tip atdra, opu elta the H.. Nleh > -* HiSrl. ?VHE FKINl S OK WALKS ?WINDOW* TO !.*? ON 1 Hroad ?e* ?o ?* Ihr Pr. o-mrui 1 hu-edav, Uet 11) alio ? iier.i very deslrsMs (iwcaa o on lo Bey or lor a terra ,.f rare. Oali at isu. i trued w y, rnoae No d. rjffTM 'WE I N THE FIRST AND SE lOr D FLOORS OK Cfl Broadway, tear R-ootn? street, to let. 'or a vie* of Prrnee of WalM'reception Vhafaday, and Pre il'irhl pro ?n Sal- rdar Apply f Mr WOOD, r*l the pri-mls-a w DAMI\0 AtAUKMIKH. a DOI'WORTH'S OAHCIHO AC AO EM LBS. No. Si? Rruadway. New Tirt Mo UlScUc ii etr.ajt, hi.ut'.m. WEDNESDATS aed sTtlRHATS In New Tor*. TlTBSOAYh and FKILATh In i'-nasly*. In addH'on to the Court 0"adri! e, Prime Impnrla'a, leer pirn, Fmptre and other e.dal danra. h r.uet Ouadrtllh lad a and o'her ejoeatmaal dance* already luirodueed If Mr. 'Aidwortli a *arlrly of newer darrea will be bmu*ni forwa-d 1 arln* 'the aeenop. aemns whleh may be wenMoned "In rarine," ji?t rer-e|yed rorn Parta, and the tyaa.rtle 'Stlrn ?roe." ewveet.lly ndap'ad lo the drlak prai.ot of graoefsl ??oeew.eel In children i.Vrulara ct Ac may be had al e'ther Aeodeoiy. a CADFMT OF OAN'SNU AND CAI.UTW Ties ?MR V a ml Mai KKNOIl'l prKale noun. A'. Wan. Tairty fount rrt and'.SI SOI Ih Ciahth atreet. R-noltlyn R ?. a'a mo .?en Mi T will he pleaned to aranamodale oart^ wba it ay form rhera at their raaldemiea or In prlrate aub rta all far Wrculare .1 II RIVERS SANt'IP.l A* AllEMY. NO SM KL'l.TOl \J? atree., Bmnhl/n-AO ttr walaro daucaa la uds la u% ?won <tf tewanea. c) laaea are now formlar. ladiea on Tuanlw tod Pr1da? af'eTK?*ia al So'rloea. fmnrorr, Toaaoay a.if " day erenuura al 8 (del e a a.iwaaa' and raart-r* m Wwl wday aad aalerdar afleraoiaia al S o'oiuek Mead fur a ear ?ERRESfS DANCIKO AOADKMT. MO. U WEST " Forrtrenth airr?t will opee i uUot rr f, foe mla^a am ? .urn. and on Oaa Uer U for Kaaliemeo Mb ?? and pr.rair see?a alter led In the my or out oi town Circular! eea be ??d at ihe Aeedeoy. PSlYAlE HANOI "H OLaibEH. Mr. I HAhkU Atu mnma lhanha for the PbenU ? arrmenl ha her -?r ? far >reu ?ith dnrina the "*oa? of for.y > rhiyrar-ta lYpnfesm and reepearfnlly aendswaea to blayalrosa ard 'r>nda lhat harmx bean naarnlied kjAftra ny f.a nnai ho M Seal llrurnlt llreet. la et nejfen.e of In t vj rrrt r ire and fal r'.r aUendtna ret an eMabiwfe meat, ke Intaed* to dearie M tuwe t, si tier t alrr.nunu la fa rnlllaa, to* of el(ht Iwelta ami alt ? aplla Appll < -1tope -re hmm end c<r*nlar? oaa be autdr a> lid Kiel ? roth afreet. Mnnwaat Cart 29 WF*T T11IRTT SIXTH STRKKT -WaDAWK fPKS IthK' 0 .f Al'KMCN S Prlrate !>*? ?? a* Aev'emr ?l???a itlas, Wedaewdaya and Sainrdeys a.i I Moadaya awl CSkPAHTWICHNIIIP YDTICES. , EASE i Rlki'E-A PMf'FKsaiON * I. ItRNTLEK A N ?\ bar Ire made a d'er-oery in lb* medieai r -e.i .n ne tnewleilxed to He the r,#'> ??M of He aa* b< rmtaert au'b irt |i wtehee ft main or feniela na-tner nlth SEX) Call Al D". i oi'a IM ?eresSB are?u?, limn " to 4. a COMNIRMCN HEBCHAIT, HaTLND AN BXIKS f\ aire .r'|tiaintanee la Mhnt of .n-eMas with % | arty at ?in* ? tn* eaullal t > aaalei )?>? la ettend ? y the ?ualnea. aeduimrta acyuieea on e i ?ie- menu. A . 1rnaa for Ihree da)8 t otialeree, box lb! .leiael oSIr*. APAETNER. WITH ?M1Tf??tl?) CAPITAL WANT 1 br a party w ho b>S two dllletenl k tide of b'unae** be ?aw* loeabon, both hWk'f or-."table aed will lata a partner ta e'ther Tbo*r b.ikJn* far aoaielhwe raallr snod wSI fled R Hr aeply'nr al 1? Tbirrl arenoa up elelra, oppoaite the III le Mssan aMThmper InaHsn** /VAPITALiSTA -PARTKTR wanted. WITH A ROUT I ID UOJ, In a parte. '!r aafa. pleweant and SkrWllr ,t* 'i uaeaa, a f ripa? e.r ee.lamie l-emadela two .v ibree yean BUMS A Scl'Tll WICK, hi Nanatu eweel IJARTRRR WANTED-WITI! |N CASfl, IN A man* 'entnrlre 1 'te new the dSit one of the kin| ?, tb* I ? "*<! Rui.ea. Artkin* ?nrurel by letters patent aed a?'l.a r, u!y '?? aah irtnreea. wT.b real name, box U Po- <h aee|?we Piart ofSce. b. Y. Partner wanted- in onh of the best stands In the I'arket now d'dne a larre and shsnsasfwl ira.le a enrd ? ppor n'ty for a man of ro.all m**ne to ?*t Into ?Ii.-rw I "0'HIT eeeenaary Inqalre al the ataml Wt anl Em Writ MaslHpion Market PARTE** WANTED-IN A WELL ENTARLISHKD Crneor Rnatneea, wlih S5 '?M to f III ill) tiieaetihe ra nP ;j in ire. Mrs lead# w-ttb a party th-aameklj uaderalaudlns .nd eipenrnead In the buslneea A rare rhanae RIOUS A JKjUTnWIih, n Nasaan atrset. 'ANTED A NAN AS FARTNER. WHO in Wil.UN'l ? . . or etsbi h?irw per jay Pi a ilrht rrtptlalye -a?h buNnoaa. no brw-ia to p?f; only aelnal raloao' property Apply lo FCRTER A CO., X1A Brondwnr, moaa 17. w r?n :tred AoA/1 -A CREaT CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY TO A JrUW, "mart. enterprMns i mi? m ut wb-> wtmld IHt* lo trarri with n-e o' the iwat moral ssslbWasK eeer uramntai) to ih- p ib.le. For parltt'iian apply al Aid Broadway, lo the atrre. _ mi C/m -PARTNER WANTED. ?AE'ACTIVE Rrel Ji | ill'll neaa mae an parteer wanted la ae old anun.lab 2 rrlrate Market on- e' the heel kaaUane hi the any None need apply on lew they ran fnrnlah the a bora amount. Ad dreee Bokher Tribnae nfSae, for three dara. Rfin *? ??nno * ANTED? IN A SPECIAL ,?)\M I hraneh of the win leaali- !l.|snr irale, wamh ran ade to-leaf Son bis 'h* amount Inyaatad erary ?ii m eitha, rt'.brrni any rlek "haterer for partfeulhrs eddrnaa. wSS ?me only, Oofnae. Herald olhoa. IJ5.000 I'wjk prof" a per nenllhe^lcJJS ft1'!!** i S'jeaea s sura m i I.IMTR AND At'Rtm. DR. JfiNEW PTE aed Bar INSTITUTION, Fond nrnnnw-The oe y niaoe In the Unit*; - ? here all DMhaaasof the Kye and tar are treated aeno tl i the wpp iemei.1 of ih* arl*n?* sf the a*- N"W pat >01' frss I till It A M., ami (row I Eli 7'\ r, M. AMVSKHKNTS. LAURA KKKMK'M TliBATK*. KKOOND WEKK or the hen and Beauuiul Drviu, of Irish and Character, Mutitled A1LKKN aKOON, A1I.KKN AROJN, AI I.KKN AKOON, A TALK Oh COUNTS OOBK. PEADt RKkDt RBADI OP1MONH OK THM PKKdd oo the company. mob Tin uicKuir r:ui. The Play 1? the Rnl Tbe Play la the liar. Produced this Reason; Pruduoed Una Heasou, Till COMPANY ON A PAR THK (XINPANY ON A PAR TDK COMPANY ON A P*R TUB COMPANY ON A PaK Willi any W* UATI HAD WITH ANY WK HaVK HAl> WI'IH ANY WB HaVK HaII WISH ANY WK HAVK H*D IN NKW SORB PGR YKARN. IN NKAT You K KOd SKA Ru. IN NKW YORK FOB SHARP. IN N?W TURK FOR YKARh. lira. Allru la charming, graoef ol and simple, aa Kathleen.? Ylre Alias Pody Maraball, an Mra Blenklnaop, waa Immense ?Vila Dispatch Mra. Loity n.nigb wag rat'iral and delightful In the ex treme ? Vida bxpr.-aa Mra. Vlnlng waa a May Merrll'ea.? Dispatch. And of Miss Laura kckni int iiaHai.B sari:? Mlaa lAnra Km ?> n auoi.-mra have been delighted to see their favorite aclreaa in a part .tulled to her pure, leader luul touching atyle Mr Petem oonld not have been snrpaanad by tha lata Mr. Burton hltnrielf.? YlCt- Sunday Onurter. Mr T H. Johnston con- -laoed ua he possesses that rarest of all attributes, an ins -i leputcn Mr le.-eon a Father MePhaadeen Is eioelleut.?Atlas. Mr Burt eu la ?Hiurg. Mr. Daly must hate Irinb b'ona In hla veins ?Courier. Mr. le-Tlck w?* rood In Phillip Waruer.?Bxpreee. OPINIONS of TIIK PKK-Hi ON THK NKK PLAT. |h.nm 'he Halurd?? Preea.) By the way. I met iiuite a large number of people hurt Thurs day evening, ill Laura Reene'a We went to M- d ? WaMen'a "Allean Anton, or the Iasdy of Olamnlrr " and at the risk of ahneklna all the crttiee (profer annus! aud amateur). 1 wish to say that 1 hate rarely aeon a play mure unexoei tiueal lo llavlf. or performed, thrxugooul. with m >re raturalr, ? e end grace I neter give plots ? nor (Je hare 1 tune u> give ah* * hale vet; but, General, If you will go and aee tor yourself, I an aure yon will agree with me Wat Mlia Ijturn Kerne. Mm. a "en. Mra Lottie Hongs?a sue r aj favoil'e with tbe euherrlber?Mlaa Pol'y Marshall, Mr. Peiers. Mr Um MlsaOmildix-a (*hii h ul a mere noin nit .i ? a part, ocmippvli ? three mmut-H. hul did It charmingly), Mr. J i llusion and Mr Peteia rsn.terv.l their several roles with a skill and an ellect which places lue e tmpauy on a par with aav e KBpaoy we hate had in New York for years; while aa for the plat Ueelf I IB Ink yor will alan agree with me that It la, at any rale, the beet thai kaa Keen produced Unaaeaaou. |Fr?m the Sunday Courier j This piece la a very rood and eileotlre on*, the acenery and Mtuatmna luring yery indeed. Mt*s Koene pi syeJ ?tin great delloary and errnestuem; Mr Daly with capital judg ment-in* nrerdoing anything We cannot sprat lei hlghiy of Mr. I<?? and Mr rotars. the latter geiitlr.nau making aa rill In a drunken scene w hich could not have boeu surpass" 1 by tbe late Mr. Burton blriuetf Mia. Allen wa* newt charm luglr graceful and simple he Kaln.ern harradan *a?umi.ig drllt-Joiis brogue, ai.d In- k'ng aa I' ire cream wouldn't eieli In Mr b?r mnull Mra. Hough must also he menUoned aa tpnakiug with a capital acc?.it. au thai alleaat we hare one good pair of brogues In tie piece 1 Atlaa.] Irrann's Kalhar McPhan.leen la exc-l'.eot. Peters' lUrr.ahy Bletiklaseu, so Kugllah third rale lawyer a:i I a henpecked husband, la una of tbe very best things he haa ev.-r done. Ills "give brr her head" ictlaeapltaily and hia crm ken b'udneas la the bent we have seen Ydiree .poor Murtoo'a Tieallea. John ateu'a ehane >1 ?gurnui is amuig the i>e?t of hla villains. Mra. Allen's Kathleen is very pretty. Polly MendiaU'n Mrs Blau klnaiip, nest tn Peiera'. la th- beat readere.1 chsrscter in the play Tbe mounting of th'? piece la super J. an I an. llier tri umph of thcTiry excellent s'age oarpentera an 1 mnsbiulsta in Ihla point no hmu Una point so hmiae tn the c.ty can at present oompote with Laura a [Herald.] Mr. da Waaler's clever Irish drama. "AI een Aroon." hna bait a good reception at lire of MPs I.sura Keene'a audi eu.ea. who have her-; mnch ilellcbted to aee their favurtie actress in a rule aulierl p> brr pure, lender and looi b uir style. "Alieeu Ar.srn' la up for evert till furthar houoe. [Dally News , At (A?ra Keene'a tbe new drama of ''Aileen Aroon" bsa Improved upon ac.ptaiiUAnoe The thrill ng scuna sud looi w'th which ti la so thickly Interwoven ren 1er this favorite place one nf mirb tnte'rst to the visiter. I'eiera'dru .heu areee la rN ilaeif worth th" prloe ot admwalon hi wllm-aa aloe" ' Aberu Arivm ' la ao g.? 1 a "iri-a that lame ahmiid fall I > aee It who haw taato foe the escitlng and marrelloua. The aoetue aud me. hai cal efle"ts are om< " lent [ IhsllT TNhnn? ] Mr T B, Job its'." o esrrles off the palm he enai's the eha rac*er cf rihai e Mrssiori's lbs woul 1 be p swiuer, with an ear nest power via w anf isiipnalit' that but c nance hia we'd tarru-tf iruutath.n Moaars Peiera lln-nri sud Icwri srs 1.1 good and carped the esrarst approval ol lha amllrrne. The oouclad'ur scene r#prea-nt'iix tin heeaklngof the wave* on thr r >? t)ore. Is a novel effect, and la erceedlngly beautiful. Tbe ploy may M est down aa a hoe -unaem. tKnreea The Iasi a eceeauf l*ur? aeono Mr. Da Waldoo'a "Ailaen Arism.'' la draw .ng auf of oourew eo"l.uu?M irpoo Ihe ni.l* of her th> aire lu ll) lurther notice We may congratulate the mar.ap.-u et t upon Ira prVuor n [ ulspaich I The gold"n bat-ed Allern a iuw Mlaa Kname adrolrah'r. and If has a rl.-bt to rank wtrh the lair ha re" Oil een tn the "Oob leer I ,?wn." aa one ol the rx. ?t lrsd.-. lae, ret eeouirIM Irish characters we bate ever ?ct. while hi f-rree and powssr It ta very f?r bsynl lb Mr Jnkrauwi ?r1tvnui insalng rbane Maglnnta st aP IHerltimaie or eseb dramatl t rendere.1 It in a Bi rnrer thai er,nvinee<l na he I'lW*. -s a tb-raraai of ad artla tic attrlbulea?grains Mr ? alv waa a.sal ro was Mr Isevick n I'hlllp Wa'ner. Mr. I,"con wa*. la brogue, ? Ig. oo?i and brae bra Irish Pre \ luiug waa a Msg Asullbs. aa I If-a J. If A Imr. was hhnrmlrg, aa >he ale a< a Is We must how errr dnjuatr e o the co ki ey Iwwyn and his wife. rr?d?red rak ? ... ... by Mr Pverw and Mua I'olly Marshall. Indeed, the Brat of "woe sraa rhpital and piieiu-?d o.n ol Uughter to Nimir sap BVK8T NIGHT TILL KrRTHRU NOTIf'B. Will bo ureacLtcd tn- ret In>.b drama, Ur three acts, called glnKH AROON; LADY f>r Ui.aNMIRB la srhlrb Mlea LAI KA k KKNK and the entire numpaay will apnear Tbe OraheatrA nnder Uie direction of THOM AU IIAKKR, will perform Ihe ralebrwl Iriih Overture, The Cohort. Bawa, the PRINCE OF WAIEH POLKA, SUB TUB PRINCE OF WALK" Ml HOTTIHi'III, Inlrodnelng tue National Alra, "ilnd Have the (Juren." "'Bole hrijtmla' and " tv.slla " togetbe- with all lha loot dental rn'iaic. compound eipreasly foe the drama oy Mr. BAKER. Dmrs open at 7. noaraeaee ot A Bowery theatre. Macagira ?1*o Wood aad E U TtlUia. 1111 NEW DRAMA bartng loan proaon-ona % hh EAT niOOM by Urge bod eutbaaiaatH" andtanma u will b# rapaatad t> ulabl Ui roayuiicu >o wtlb T11K SA Il.ok or PRAUM K Tihswir Evehihi,, Oct 10, TUK KIRK AND THB fliAOUl OK 1/iNPON. TliE BAILOR OF PRARCR. GERMAN TO! KM HARDEN, IS HOWBRY. rAI.A' R II* II. niNi'lnr Ha LOON tvmoBTt TONfllHT! bvha oranooai.a Ni?nr. Tba IMH |wiwl tiMnrtainiaant id Iba rliy rnmMnnd, for Una eight inly. wltb A N'HTf A NLR RON. OK AND TOTAL f! >IO'Bl>T. NtNtlNNNTAL ARDOCMIIC, ? llili PIaN KOMIH ANIi Da norm. Tba w .?i inrfwt b?K?H dm ring In lha ally. Aaata'rS br * oxtnpitic c ?ri>? da I Ulrt, *. rubric iiarfor manor, ai d tba wundnr'al I.E"DKU.A PKRMLIJNFHRi Tba prrtormiaana Hi e*H>< iWa wiib n gr.?i.d Pantonine (AlWd THE LoVIho rmitKRN AN. Pnnrlnr win maanm ai II and laat l*ii il o'clock. Adat.?aica U kii'a No Irar .i?i In night PTTII.HARRONII' roriKTT or NEW YORK A nataanlh own) IMP II Tba am pntUa KabaAPwl win uik plaoa m tba AUA'IIWV or R I'M 10 Od fKPNRRI'AY, Oalnbar 10. al Sk o'aloeg P. ? But <rlt>ll?a raaalrad al tba ui-aJ tUroa Ry r rdap, L. hhtRB. iiw.i alary ANKRl' AN roNCRRY UALI. uiHnadvif. Ml Broadway. MINN KATE PARTINGTON lakfrpiMl oc'ur.iu J I* rpiri pier art*. (H rlaw ai ftawltfR two wiaibla Mttarttaa. ratt'aaat.i r g ?LAH'iR AND OONNERi-R." aiao i arar or RIM (H.KU)TlR CURHMAR, Raarnaad id Ho?a br a in* mat ptra*i>? Tba Ir cndg of Ibr arDal aaxt U- Hi ?mod art y?*>arally ?ra ni'tad In |a?raa- lhaat wnrka, wbirb rrmaia bara bill a abort Liof Adaabwlnn fraa 771 Broadway, aoraar of Rlaib atraav, DRAMATIO fl.ABR.-A r?W V ADA NCI EH roR par I.rcnan In iba al?ae now forming by i. H BROWN, wiib a ?law m glib g jarf. rmaaaaa Apply at Ma r mot II < mini. I [ml. fr-mtul* or at |W Naonod araona. 'nm 1 till h r H. Pri i alt 1-aaoaa la ?r n aaa dramatic lar.roniin ?W PVIUGiTlOBB. ?HBB TAtl'l or REAL RNTATB in the CITY or I Raw Tort-Paa* Praaant and Prwpaatlra," aa I'lna trrtad In a aartap of aiiirlaa from Iba R-.i-ning Poat, la l-tld. Led and MM hp a railrrd marahaol. Prl-a 10 casta. for aala at iba eawa dapot la fraai eg Un I'aal on W. IIDTKI.x. (HiLRMaR* INTERNATIONAL HOTEL* NIaiVaRa y Faila. R. Y.- To arrtaamodai* lata ImaaOani tbla hntal wtl ha bapl opan dortag tba muatb of Oetobar. IMPERIAL ROTEL, OORC. IRELAND J Tbla long aaubllabad and wan known Ratal la <nadnatad ra Iba mnat approval ayataa. A large aad atagant <VHT*a Ronia la aat apart for iba >iaa of faaallM wM> nrafar bring a la Praorata A Tablr d II 'a arary day al baR paal Mi o ri,wt Tba Inprrlal omni' oaaa owait iba antral aad <l*ym:ora or aarb train, not. rold aad ab"w?r laiba alwara raady NigM p> r?ara la aDaadenaa. ?. OOTTOR ,A ROR. PoipfVlo'a. TrifN HOTRIk rOM.ROR ORRRW. Pt'Rt.fR ay Tbla BK?I M rary rwniral. rlaan aad roaniandlma- arary aHanHn paid to iba rmafnrt of goaaM. Pnrata NRtlog Kmnaa, Tatla d Hi*a, br? aad cold baiha Ao . Aa. WILUA* JURT, Proprtator. M7RRAT RDA RODWR. nORRBR RIKTH A VRNT'R ?od PnaRpab atiwat - |bai abort hnnea la aow M -oaap'rWa rapatr for fall aad ?Mar Mmr Pa?iH-a and al?g<a par ??a ratomlag tnm Iba roantPT *1" do wall br making una ?"7S? KWRSTfissr N' WJ AMIHKMKKTg. riBLO'H OABDRN. , ? Mae Imw and iliMiar J. M. Fourth Week of . EDWIN PORKNVT THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVRNINO, OoL XO UNO, (iimM hhabapore's tragedy at KINO UAB, Supported by Hrtin. Oneway. Ftohar, Carroll, I bmw, Mrs (lor way Mlaa Albino, Ac Friday?Mr. roRKKST'S Twelfth Night. AlXAPTt'B THEATRE. Mr. Wallack, Lnm. Mr. Lwder WbllACk, eager. MR. LESTKR WAI! AOI. MR. W R. BLAKE MR. A. 11 DAVENPORT. MR NORTON MRS IK.MY. MlsdHA"NUW. MRU. VERNON, MilH TREE. An , Ac , Ac., AO., AU. PLAYING with FIRE, MR JOHN l.RO'lTOHAM'R NPW COMUDY Pr ooounord by the pi*M ?? d ptibllo IHK VERY BEST or ALL BIB PRODUCTION*, ir IB ACTED KVKRY NloHT. Planes m?y bo secured >Li day* in advanoa Doom ?t>en at 7'*, to commoner ?l 8 o'olnafc. NOTlCE. ?1 he lire Hat entirely ? impended, wl b the? Hon o! Ibe I'reaa. N IW BOWERY THKATRK. _ , role propria or*?Meters (I. I. For and J. W. 1 tV*?1ne?day. Oct 10. ledO I'rOMde ! house* to witness ihe gre*.t loml drama af r ART WOMAN OF TDK MODERN TIME, And Mr. U. L. Pol's rrui oomlc pantomime at ASPHODEL: On Tut Mauic Pbr your seats during the day or come early la IMMM nl?g. MONDAY. October B, and ercrv crenin*. TUK ail El-SlOtt TROUPE OK Til II WOUUX JfcRKY AN1> DAN ltRTANT. ihe Illimitable Klldoplan eomediens, In new ir .,,ni?. Ac., IncinUu* the foUowtna unparalleled vtfc ? Essence of Old Virginia. Mux Iselypt Fling, b jctu-a at Phaloa'e, Polka a La latatfc >-w *ipij?, duels, hidlail* and choruaea; Koiilhcrn plaabaMM , a. with honga, ilAuoes, laughable seytnga, Ao Duneac . ? ,t .r-'rl. seven, commence a? a quarter lo eight c" TuikeU 2(1 ueuta. __ HOOLKY A CAMPBELL'S MINHTKBL8, N1 ttl,(>'8 HaLOON McMDAY EVKNIhO OOf 8. AN1) RYKRY run stab troop or thb profession. New Features and New Attractions. sTATUR LOV Kit NI1HTB Or TU* RAZOHt^^ BILLY BIRCH'S MISflllYYOUB JAK* CNH WORTH'S NRW BANJO BONB BEN COTTON'S PLAN CaTIoN XLhVBIjH. CAMPBELL. OKIPFIN, RKEYEK. AB MELLVIU4, U-e beat Vocal t, ...rieti- in the Mlnatrel BwfeeMea, m aAW -..ugN Ballad*. Duel*, ilhori aea. Ae., Ao . Ac. _ or Tire ?Door* open at a quarter before T. fw f? rmanoearommecoe a quarter beiore 8. TloAata 18eaaafc KKRD'AN CONCERT HALL. L AM Broadway. BILLY O NY.IL Will appear every evening. l> T llARNUM TO TUK PUBLIC ?WHEW I TO*. 1 ? nbweH ibe American Muacumtn 1841 *t* dally espoaaed *..? lr ntbae THIRTY DcoLARR Now the ntpmw^eR rum 'la nrail. FIVE HUNDRED lluLLARB each day,or, I o imbers firo.COO PER ANNUM. Ybeprirenf admt**i em always tbe aame? only TWan n. KIV K CBN 1H Mi agen'.v abroad are now noti ng me Urmg. ri?ic and etprnaive rurloaiitee by nearly every cteamer. ~ f?,'t It v.ilvra a rapid cbanra of novrltlea. renilerle* aa a. d r- |U*nt allendawe of Ibe pnb n- oeeemary In order cure a tight ol ibe ir<?t ejiraordltary nondeci which oaa M prrwurrd from ? verv portion of the globe. A glance al ??? eeek a ailt vn>e?rvni "> the Mixenm will ?bow a rombhmMjB II- rar' and rurnun attrarti.ioa ?nrb ?? waa never before COR b.lec P gttbrr In any pari of the world. P. T. BAKNUm. Ameiwan Nuaeum. goI 9. M4u. N KW YORKBK HTADT TT1KATRB. S7 AND ? BO? rtr. hltth NigM of IHK Yl l'BN VON WORMS i>i^l rated biatorwa'. Drama l.y Th. OtWM. Oltd-lARllR MR UBRORK. PROFK^K'IK OF B l.UAROH 'rom Par la will give a ah >rt a-ilea ig anteutlllc add nQMam m hibldona a. H.euu '? private ririm, n,.mer of Tuetli IPIB RWd broadway eiery afv? at iK Cohwh aad evary CIMBI at 8 o'tlech, Pnce of admlccine 81 Butt bK I TITXATBR ?FRTD VT, O.TTOBBK ?? Plot Mr h M (Hern 1 hree apleo Ud pieeec-TNe Wl tard of the Wave Periotia Bamlly, and White lloree at m0 Pepper* Hoi "heel D'-w open , / dAVl.vK.iLKY MUBIC HAI.L. | / tdl RPoaPWAT, ___ for an>e?ement eirela a?c cdfcee place In A mane*, enaaea r?i. a > I ihe be.l U.eul In the .-ounlry and le??c? the ordlad rv r.vTH e-un-Jv b, the ibade. wiib but Utile hope ? iXelr ae-ieg the light ai;a?n aa ll? (.wqinet mi are bent apaa . ?.iu.nia? 1? ihe me irarb a* beret.' aa a sample m alenl, a few of the ajtisU uamea otigagrd at thin eatabbaaMab may b? c utlnelng. J H Oadeo. Rrenl. The i arto family. Mile. Maiietu. IVail llurges. Mile Adrluie, J Jim,ea Kale Peenoyer, j. r Wambo'd, Mbwi'beKer. big M.wlanerl. , Mia* llarrtnw; 1 ba.-lev While, Mia* pineree*. Ha?ry Leslie, Ml** I J. log* via. j N?U D??e Willlaam, In wl* and chrl*tr, ? ml an drvh?*tr* c- mim.e i pi 12 pie-ea, with Ihe cele Yr David PraUam al their bead. AMKKD'AN OUNC'KRT HALL, 414 Broadway. _ . ' BII.'.Y O'NKIIm The onlyortg n-u lrt*h Oamadian In Am-rioa. THIS YTEKK-FRKM ADM1BBION TO OOLIMKlTflf bo re xeople Mo mm, VJ1 and TO Hraadway, mamaa at Twenty Brat street, from 10 A. M. to 4 P. W. lnmr^awWi sod v?w. ream. Anum/*n SSilnhotH. B' AMKRO'AP f**H<KllT IIAIX. 411 liratlitliF. MTIXV O'HBIU nil.LV O R BID. Mr e biviwrb. kcrrio arttht, pro* thbai of Porta, and of thn mrfc lhaatr* of It row la Am boor lo xlrlar tor who will waat him that hla 14 la till Ruth armor . RPRD'AH (?OMrKRT HAIX. L 444 Hnajw*) 444 gniMaif. I. RIMVOHR. fit rrrrl nnaonallad Maa.Jo Rohm HK DIC Air. ARWRIuMI PHtHiCIAR CAM HK ooHaui-TK) AT MR, 741 rnahy atrrat oa all dlaaaaaa raqnlrlar itui.rrm^h tuda. an artmna ami aoranay It. B.?Ba la uosoaailad aa a froinia phyalrtAfl a WORD TO TPR WIKR -DA HPARK. ?? HROOAM it atraai, op auira. toraar of Ooahy. Curat wttham marrury. AriVI'l (RT IIIR ORATMPVL PATIIRTR) TO THlMMi ?nralxla mho horn aul.arad lr at lha nnannc?mfnl IrraUwawl Of olhar pbiwn.oa Mur l r. I.ARMOHT'H Porta Imdoa ml haw hot HadM-al Adoaar and Marrlan Otuda, 400 y lata c> ar'r l<t> anti< mlral IMnatratk* A for ST MaJtad fraa h*~? <4. LaWRBNiR Ro. I Vaaar Atraat. Tha ?othor Iraau PMMbM from t A K vo 4 I' M , aiui 7 lu I Thuraday arealaga. at* Broadway fop alal/a) DA RA4.PH, Al'THOR OP TUB ? PRalTlOAX. PBI rata Troatlaa." Ba . IW Orrwby atraat, oa mm M UoaMoa. limn. 10* till t and ? till ? (-ondaya ataapMA) Thoaa arhn apply In tha aarly alarm of thaaa eooiplalati wB ha aatoataha'' at tha rapidity and llttla tamarantawm iMmBm tha vara It m 'htafiy, howarar. thoaa antortaa from waofe aaaa Inat ataadlaa aaaaa. Ao. who oar. haal appraalata Mi w I)' I)" R OOBRMTT HAH RmtOTBD PROM 1| IHIAJra ? raat t? K Cratra atraat. triwaan Chamhara aad P hrrttt hating a ------- Thirty . m Manna B ally hird.a?l Cullagaban lis <ti| -aaa la Ma uAoa. .R Or RHITT. OVKU TWUMTT KI'IHT TtAEri IR OP ' Be? pranlaa lar- o?alt*d hi 34 'aalra atraat. i MM aunt, rnm 8 A M. k>? P. A ha t'W A i" ?V ? flaaW IIW t wfRrt 1 A ' II Aid WVwii %fl I ] VvQMSQ hating a prltaia anlraats at Ho. I illy llall yMh c?a yaariln hla praaaal apartaltty aotlllaa Mm to aaa > K H ?Or. I' la a main bar of tha Maw Tarh l dim T)' >8 II A UtRROW. 194 H!.PT''KICR RTEBCT (POUR f. *? -low Mv Vo#Al a> ran Maw Yort anlhor of hoafc na ' Hnmaa rrallta," prtaa y.A t aata Hosri for nrnflaltMMa aa aaua., fir m II to I aad 4 to A tally. Raadays till t ir |R. WaTROR tRTITW THOR1 WHO ARB APPHOTMP ' with * rrrtali form ,<f rl-aaaa* to nail at hla rrdrlanaa, 4BI Hmw MraM, aamnd hkn-h waat of Broadway, whara ha yimrantaaa a parfaot cor a wthnat hhtraana to b-uiaam m I haaga n an; rrapnrl. I r Walam'a a t*. " Tha Causa aad f*?ira7" ob dallbt?. il|iw*l?, wih an mar mi hl*hlr IMMM ad 'ihttna, atay ba had 'f 8.1 Drat. AM Haalatt, prtoa A Ta- oaat *'rt far lha ana prrfraMnaal nadar -Madurnl *? DA donRRO*. 14 DDARB RTRBBT, VAT BB OOR aoHad na all dlaaaaaa rda nanaM elaaa Thirty rair aa . rrtaana M oaa iparlaMy aoahiaa Mm ta jmaraataa apaadr "inln all who aoma -indar hla ?har?a. OAaa opaa oMB I hla'*** )R TFB PRBRMlTdriOR OP HUtAR UP? I'rtraia IomanNalirm - DOCTOR HI.'RTBB haa tm ?I "lr yaara rrtidaad aw aunmlloa to illwai i of a nartaha ntaam in aiM ha haa waatad aa lam Uma nny iMmaaal mttj WtSml an MTdam of fallnra Tha i thara la no InlarrnpRon to himlaam or rhaara rw l?r Ml RtBR la to ammaat allrwilammifrom 7 In iha mm ? ? nn II 10 at nl(M. at Ma old ofltoa Ro. I Plrlatoa draah ?'h? raaa airdarnta a rnra anaraataad Rararva W that lha patiaai aaaa na oaa hat lha Doatnr Mmmlf- B? ?? PV fratla. (?*4 RBATTWT (TRB8 IR TUB WOBLR BT PA PAfH. T 4RS ltroadway. MM " l)n/ortnnata ? Trlaad. aad 04MB ramnlK ooa I..liar, A booh. ?nadi Feoi ?rib rmtmt.u m ha r>.oaa had aa nasal, nr by lamar lo pat 1.3M RawTrwR PmR rdhaa .?? lyPAD THB PRACTIOAI- TRIaT'RR or 1 IR WARD. J ? tha is amaaW'dof '.ah,,PloHna M onalrmmU dlaaaaaa Oflka *83 Umaiway.

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