Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1861 Page 2
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? i the evening star. Washington city: TrESDAY !... . Jinarr 1M1. Spirit ! thr Mtrntsi rrtss. . Tb? IntiUtgtnttT denounces tte secret sessions of the South Carolina Convention as despotic and i forfeiting one of the most precious securities of personal and political Independence. The Constitution of this morning fairly hotels with rage that the Gov. Wise plan for the subjugation of Washington by his Minute Men and ' National Volunteers" Is likely to fail through the prompt action cf lien Scott. The R>pub!iran believes that the Southern appointments in the Cabinet of >!r. Lincoln will be deferred till bis arrival in this city. A SkisHt Set Back.?The-Legislature of Vlr!glnla, in calling their State Convention, which it to meet on the 13th of February proximo, having provided that the people in electing delegates to it shall also vote for or against the reference of the Convention's action back to tb* people, the Richmond Enquirer, the organ of the disunionists per se in that State, berates the body (the Legislature) unmercifully for having virtually abandoned the cause of the South, and " all that sort of thing " The same wise precaution of the Virginia Legislature hea given like deep offense to the conspirators against the peace of the country and the continued existence of the Union, here. The latter have froari the first en^in> ered the scheme so as to allow the people nowhere tbe privilege of sitting In judgment npon the acts of their (theae conspirators') agents in the several slaveholding State?, and a successful termination of their plotadepends In great measure upon their being allowed by the people <o usurp tfce government of the South unquestioned by formal popular inquests anywhere They commenced wi;h the dec laration thnt they aimed but to svcure - peaceful and conatitutional accession," and have already illustrated th^t they r-Silv design revolution bv force i.t arrr.s. hv taking potttssion not only of United Stitft forti! fixations, Ac., in a State claiming tohavesec<ded, but in several States making no inch pretentions, and a It j by the ute of triors Tom one Stite that had a t preteuded to have seceded, in another State alto not pretending to have seceded. That such proceeding! on their part are awakening the 6j*a jiJe people of the South to a realization of the fact tba'- under pretense of seeking to conserve southern rights, an irresponsible secret council are rapidly placing upon their necks the yoke of an atrocious military despotism, It evident in recent proceeding! of the people In the town of North Alabama, where Senator Clay retide1, by which the Alabama Convention now in teM'.on were duly notified that if they dare to aatume to make a government for Alabama without submittrtig their action In the premises to the consent or rejection of the people, North Alabama ^.-111 promptly reaist its authority by force of arius. How the sime purpose on the part of the disunion lata of Virginia ia being received by thoae of that State who have all to loae and nothing to gain by exc hanging peace, plenty, prosperity and the accumulated blessings of civil liberty secured by the existing Union, for the state of things so far as the rights and interests if the citizen disposed to be quiet and lnduatr ous, la concerned, In Mexico and the ?outh American petty r?pub1 a -? * ? - ? - - iic?, may uc unuer vooa ai a glance irom tbe following extract from the unanimously adopted resolution* of a recent mee'ing of the working men of Portsmouth, (Va ,) as follows. Viz.: Whereas, the politicians of the United States, taking advantage of the necessitous condition of tbe workingmen of the country?who are compelled to devote all tbeir energies and etl'orts to the maintenance of themselves aud tbeir families, have for a number of years fast governed the nation without regard for our Interests or care for our condition; and Whereas, by the rule of said politicians, the sood old. ahio of under u'hotA Bjut ik? working men of the couutry have enjoyed to many blessing*, La* been guided near on to the breaker* of destruction, and amid the whirlpool of anarchy and confuaiou; and Whereas, by the rule of aaid politician*, the credit of our country has been injured, and our financial resources to crippled, at to place the Government in a very humiliating position before the whole civilized world; and Whereaa, the workingmen of the city of Porta^ mouth, being vitally interested in the prosperity of our couutry, and the perpetuity of the Lnlou, feel called upon to utter our most solemn protest against the course heretofore pursued ny the politicians In Congress, aa Itinerant preachers of sedition and disunion; therefore, he it Ktsolvtd, That we hoid this Government to be the wiseat, most enlightened and most equal in ita operations on all the people thereof that it is possible for human fallibility to conceive. tUsolvtd, That we look upon any attempt to break up this Government or dissolve this Union as an attack upon the rights of the people of the whole country, and tending to destroy the position of equality assumed by us all. Resolvtd, That we hold thattbe Constitution of the United States is not a league or compact between the States. In their sovereign capacity, but a government proper, founded on the adoption of the people, ana creating direct relations between the citizens and it?eli. Resolved, That no power* abort of a Convention of tfce people of the whole Union, assembled according to the provision* of the Constitution, has [ power vo absolve the citizen from his allegiance to the United States. Ktsolvtd, That we look upon secession at the South, and abolition nullification at the North, as having one meaning, viz , treason. Ktsoived, That as good citizens we will obey all t~wa under tflfe constitution, and claim the benefits of toe same; but we will submit to no authority outside tae law. Rtsolrtd, That the working men of the country be requested to stand by tUe Constitution and tlnlan aa th# >K?at *?>/ Ko? #?# ?*???. ^ _ __? ? -?v-?? uoii aupcSi Louisiana.?i'be telegrams announcing the triumph of the disunion.sts p*r se in the recent election of delegates to the Louisiana State Convention, turn out to have been but of a piece with the telegrams sent to hot and furiously from this city to aid toe cauae of the propoeed Southern military despotism in the matter of inducing the people of the several Gulf State* to put their future wholly in the hand* of t tie cabal of chief conspirators against the public peace and the continuance of the Union Thus, the Louisiana newsMMM BAur rnmlnj ?** K.?^ - J'" * g t b ? o.uu, isif uiuereni tale, Indeed from that told by the telegram* firat above referred to, with which it will be remembered the chief conapiratora here were ao indiiatrloualy piled (to be puoliabed for effect on the border alaveholdlng State*) for two daya after the election In qaeation. Aa follow*, viz: , Loc?sia5a?Eltct\o* Ktturns.?The following la the rt-auit f the election for delegatea to the convention lu E?*t baton Rouge laat Monday: For the Senate? Bc-rron, (united southern action) 64, Fuqua, do., 866; Robertson, (aectaaion) 28o, Carter, du., 464 For tbe Houae?VVillUu?a, (united aoutbern action) 837} Pike, do , 848; Haral ou, iaeceaaion)364, Bynum, do , *292. T K- . ? ? ? ? - rt uuipoH.a irom mnion, pariah of East Feliciana, at l)j o'clock Monday, during the election, aaya "two hundred votes taken, three to one for the cooperation ticket " Weat Baton Rouge haa given a very large vote? aim oat uuanirooua for cooperation. Tkt tot* Jtjfersen City ?Senatorial cooperation?tiara ere, 479; Bienvenue, 47*2. Senatorial eceaelon? Moiae, ?J; Vlilere, to. Representative cooperation?Lagroue, 471; Ruaeilua, 473. Repreaentative secession? Land, 74; Ogden, 74. SioairiCAXT.?The following Dara<rraob from the Charleston (9. C.) Courier concedes the alleged fact that many of the beat families of the State are fleeing from It aa from the plague, la coaaequence of the lawless tyrauny now exercised "by mob rule there. The Courier of Saturday, January 19, says: "The removal of maay excellent famil e* from the capital is regretted, but oobody proposes to stap them from managing their own domestic affair* In their own way." fitim th a Pira ?Mr. Rhett, in the South Carolina Senate, oa Friday admitted that the ex penaea of tnat State for the coming year were estimated at two millions, and tife total resource* of the State aiuountrd to only oue million flee hundred and Ifty-lvc thousand dollars! They moat look out, ha said, tint they were not bank rapt before the end cf tut year Turn C&niii -Wt we satisfied that the Prealdeot has determined to retain Mr. Boa in the War Department, and to appoint the Hoa. A B Greenwood, of Arkansas, now Commissioner of Indian Affaire, to the Secretaryship of the Interior To aieiT the Irst of the evening reception* will be held at the Whit# ??? lit o'clock. They ire to be continued svery J alternate Toeaday Hfkt, at the ?me ?? for tt* 1 met. , , ' '* r > COKORKMIONAL. Skjiat*.?When oar report closed yesterday tbe Senate tad under consideration Mr. Mason'* resolution of inquiry in relation to the course of tbe War Department. A f er tome discussion, the special order (Mr Critt* nden's resolutions) wa? called for Mr Hugh moved to pott pone all prior orders with tbe view to take up the resolution of Mr Hunter relative to the retrocession of certain forts to tbe State In which they are situated. Mr Collamer called tbe yeas and nsvs oti the motion of Mr. Pngh, resdltlnjj?yeas 24, nays 27. Mr Green moved to postpone action upon tbe Kansis bill to Wednesday, at 1 o'clock?yeas 25, nay* 19 On n.otion of Mr. Wilson, the Pacific Railroad b'll was made the special order of Tuesday, at 1 o'clock Mr Hunter's resolutions were then taken up. After soma debate, further action upon them was postponed to 1 o'clock on Thursday Mr. Crittenden's resolutions were then taken up, and made tbe special order for Tuesday at half-past 12 o'clock? When the Senate adjourned. Hoc?k ?After our reporter left the Hall yesterday? Air. McKean Introduced a bill providing for the repeal of ao much of an actTeguiatlng the collection of duties as makes certain porta in South Carolina ports of entry; referred to the Committee of Five. >lr. Clemens offered the following : R'solved, That the Secretary of tha Interior be rpnnpfltfd tn rnmmiinlr#t? (hie Hnna# r>nn1 m nf all deed* made by tbe several Southern St?tes of land to be used for forts, arsenals, dock-yards, navy-yards. custom-bouses, post-offices, hospitals, and other public buildings, from tbe commencement of tbe Government to tbe 1st January, 1801. Not received Mr. Sherman presented a letter from the Hon. Robt. McClelland, late Secretary of the Interior, and asked that it be referred to the Special Committee on the Trust Bonds Abst-acted. Agreed to. [In this letter Mr McClelland demand* an Investigation Into his conduct while he was Secretary of the Interior, and denies ttat he, while In office, knew anything of the abstracted bonds ] Mr Stanton, from the ComnHftee on Military Aft'.ilrs, reported a bill for organliing and disciplining tbe militia of the District of Columbia, wbic-b he moved to make a special order for tomorrow and until disposed of: not agreed to On motion of Mr Sherman, the House went into Committee of the Whole on the army appropriation bill. After a protracted dlacuuion, the Committee roaeand reported the bill with amendment* Mr Corwin presented a report from the Committee of Thirty-three, which report wag made the liwia) nriifr ft.p MnnHarr r.Ptt- wh?n thu House adjourned. Tcksday, January 15. Suatk.?Mr. Bayard, of Del., presented a memorial from cltiiens of that State in favor of the Crittenden plan % Mr. B. accompanied the presentation with some remark* in favor of tbe plan of Mr. Crittenden, but he feared that it came too late. He declare*! til Intention of expressing hla views at length tert wek. A?r. Seward presented a memorial from S F. B. Morse, praying thr extension of bis telegraphic patent; .referred to the Committee on Patents The hour of half-past twelve o'clock having arrived? The Chair called up tbe special order, being Mr. Crittenden's resolution, wi'h Mr Clark's amendment, that the provisions of the present Constitution are ample for the preservation of all fee interests of tbe country, and that as no reconstructipn would be practicable, it was the duty of Ih. C.?<i?nm<,.,l -11 it I .UW VV*VI HI1IVU* ?U u m Ull IM puwci ?U Midi II iai u the present Uni?n. Mr Green, of Mo", addressed the Senate In opposition to the amendment of Mr Clark, defending the right of secesmon. The wuole difficulty hid grown out of a misconception of our form of Government lie argued the question of Suite rights at length. Hor*K.?Mr Stout introduced 3 resolution praying that the action of the House upon the payment of the < )re??on and Washington war debt be made the special order for Thursday next; not received. Mr. Harris, of Md , offered a memorial from I'.' OW) citizens of Baltimore, praying Congress to adopt the propositions otiered by Mr. Crittenden; liid on the table. Mf Knrph rittfrcH % FOfAlntinn n?Al?Mlnr? f.y.m V* ? ? vwv w? ^/ u*iUIII{, 1U1 ?UC extension of tLc eastern limits of (California, ?o as to include the wt stern portion ?>f Utah, known as Washoe; referred to the Committee on Territories. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the House went into Committee of the VVbole on tn?j Army appropriation bill, (Mr. Washburne, of 111., In the cbair ) Mr Reagan obtained the floor, and was speakIng when our report left the hall. Arkansas Send* to thk Bop.der Slavkholdixo Statis '?Arkansas has put her foot upon the movement to place the Government of the South under an Irresponsible military dictatorship. The Seriate of that State hat rejected the Convention bill of the House, designed to precipitate her into cooperation with the mad schemes of the revolutionists A* O* Dit of the day is that the Hon. Jno A. McClernand. of the House, is likely to be called by Mr. Buchanan to the Interior Department. Personal. Mayor George Wm Brown, of Baltimore, Md , Is at Kirk woods'. Col. J. W. Hayne, Commissioner from South Carolina. R. \ (inardln s n I i??? v J. Hall, U. S. A., bearer of despatches from Port Sumter, arrived yesterday and took lodgings at WUlarda'. Tn WiiTnu.?The following report of ths weather for the morning is mnde from the American Consolidated Telegraph Lin? to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock Ja.ncaky 15,1801. Burlington, Vt.. cloudy, 19*. ^ orJt. ^1 V ......... .cloudy Philadelphia, Pa cloudy. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind NW Petersburg, Va raining. Wilmington, N.C Augueta. Ga duli,fogev Macon, Ga cloudy. Columbus, Ga.............cloudy 6riffen. Ga. raining. Slot turnery, Ala clear, cojd. Jackson, Ala cloudy ifaivuicKi at iuc DITllBBoniajl &l t a* m , (COT~ rented for temperature,) U9,956, at noon, 29 934 Thermometer at 7 am, 31"; at noon, 3P. Maximum during 44 hours, ending 9 a. m. today, 33*; minim una 22". Fobt Scmtee ?We understand that certain communication! have taken place between the authorities of the State and the Commander of Fort Sumter, which, it is hoped, may save the effusion of blood, and sec a re to the State the p<>ss-s?:on of that fortress; or which, if uusucccsafiil in that, are yet the proper preliminaries to a condition of avowed and open warfare. Tbe precise character of these communications, or tbe measures which will be adopted in consequence thereof, cf course, it will be improper to make niihllc *t ?m. , ? - -moment.?Charle>ton Mercury. 1X7* A destructive Are occurred In Halifax. Nova Scotia. on Saturday night, which destroyed lift valine houses on H*l!is, George and Prince streets, including the American Consulate, Exchange Room*, Fuller'* Express. the offices of the Journal, Chronicle, Octette, Casket, and Express new-papers, the Halifax Library, Stewart's Saloon. I tsh Volunteer Orderly Room, four insurance offices, Sheriff's office, Odd Fellows' Hall, Stores and lawyers' offices Gne man was killed and many Injured by tbe falling of the walls. 1[7* The Legislature of Ohio, on Saturday, passed a resolution, as follows: R'solvtd, That we hall with joy the firm, dignified and patriotic message of tbe President of the United States and _thlt u;a rvl ?? ?? 41 , f/tcu?c ?u? cutirr power and resource <T this State for the strict maintenance of the Constitution and the law* of tve Oeneral Government, by whomsoever administered Stcxstio* a sd Commiici ?On the ?th and feth lust , immediately preceding the adoption of the ordinance of secession, all the Teasels In the port of Mobile took ont their clenrance papers, preferring Uncle Sam's warrant to thnt of the sovereign St.te of Alabama Twenty-two vessels took out clearances for Liverpool, seven for Havre and one for Rotterdam. Publishing House Chaxgk ?The extensive and well known publishing houses f Childs & Peterson and J B. Ltppincott St Co., ofPhiladelv * * * * * " ? ' pun, aiTcjun uren nmwa Mr. Keteraon retiree nfter lonir and useful buiinem career, and Mr. George w. Cbilda, bit vl^oroua and enterprising purifier, brconiM merged 1 a the "and Co'? with Mr Mppincott. The tmrcjH* C. B. Hamilton. which arrived vraterday front Havana, came In bnlleat The e.uptatu glvea a deplorable account of the condition of atTtlra there. The unsettled atatc of affaira In t*r ( nlted State* baa affected buiineaa in Cuba to aucb an extent tbat it will be some month* at leaat before any revival of buaiueaa Ukea place ? Portland (Mc ) A'ivfriiter * Tbb Miaaio* orm Bbookltx.?A gentleman of ?barlo?U>n yesu-rduy received a dispatch from Mob Jttt Davis, aaying that he (ifrnitor Davit) was reliably informed lost the Brooklyn was sent to Mcnre the return of the Star of the West, and not to enter Charleston harbor?Ckarlettom Cowi?r. UyMra. Lincoln, the wife of the Presidentelect, arrived In New York ou Saturday, la company with Mr. Barsheimer, Treasurer of the State She has taken lodgings at the Aator Houao. f _ ^ __ ^ Rbpoktov th? CoMMiTm or Thutt-Tum The majority of tbe Committee of Thirty-three, Id their report made yesterday. propose n amendment to the CoDBtitntioo providing that an amend- [ meat thereto interfering with slavery shall not oriffiMte in lor other than a alavrhnldin^ State: I and to be made valid shall be ratitted by every State In the Union. Tbey also submit an enabling bill for the sdm 1*1 on of New Mexico as a State on an equal footing with the original Stat***; and a fugitive slave bill vrbich gives the right of trial by Jury to a slave claiming his liberty in the State whence be e*caprs; and releases any citizen from assisting the marshal in the capture of or detection of a fugitive, except when force for his rescue is employ* d or apprehended. *fcThe committee also submit a joint resolution drpseealing personal liberty bills, (but not by that name,) aud requesting the Northern States to cause their statute books to be revised, in order that all hindrances to a just execution of the laws may ue removed, loa rrquciunK me rtrracnt IO communicate this resolution to tbe several ?tatra Tb?y alao report a aeries of resolutions, recognising no authority of tbe people of one State to Interfere with slavery in another; discountenancing all mobs and hindrances to the rendition of fugitive slaves; that they recognise do such conflicting elements in Its composition, or sufficient cause from any source for a dissolution of tbe government; that they were not sent here .to des'rov but to sustain and harmonize tbe Inatltutlons of tbe country and see that equal justice Is _ i _ i* ? * * uune io an pans 01 me ume, ana nanny, to perpetuate lta existence ou terms of justice and equality to all tbe State*. As no proposition for interference with slavery In tbe District of Columbia, dock-v?rds, arsenals, Ac , have reached tbe committee, they say they have not deemed it necessary to take action on tbe subject Another set of resolutions Is with reference to the duties of the States and tbe Federal Government enforcing the duty of all constitutional obligations, asserting that the Federal Government should enforce the laws and preserve tbe Union of thp Stntpt rnnoln/linir a-Hh ? ! vvuviwuiiic, ? i?U a icuviuiuciiuailUll 1UI tbe rendition of fugitives charged with treason, felony, or other crimes. The proposition introduced by Senati r BIgler proposes to submit to tbe people, in addltlou to the Crittenden compromise, amendment* to the Conbtitutlon to interdict forever the African slave trade, and to extend the I'resldentfal term to six years, mnking the President ineligible for reelection. Mr. Crtttk.nden ox thk Position of .Maryland ?The editors of this paper (says the Balti more American) have warrant for snylng that in a recent conversation between the H?>n John J Crittenden and a distinguished citizen of Maryland, held on the loth, and repeated on tbe 13th inst . Mr tho fAllnuHnir Innnnano J ... . . _ . . ..w ? <aw?a < uv 1 11^ * " "A, V . " That be did not like to present the appearance of advising or Interfering with the action of other communities than that represented immediately by himself.?that he bad. however, no Le?it?tion In fully and freely giving bU views to me or any other gentleman in conversation, without restriction in regard to the use 1 might think proper to make of them.?that he was decidedly of the opinion that at this time Maryland should quietly, firmly, and bravely stand by the Constitution and the t'nion. and should await future developments before taking action of any kind.?that he could conceive of no action which Maryland could take at this moment which could be proflnrti VA nf NuAr?Kl? " ?-? Vi uw?? * v vs IBTV> uwic rou 110 VU I UC prate HliU (j Ujn | of the nation,?and that these would be beat promoted by inaction at the present." Thk Iron Dukk on Civil War?The New York Herald Introduce* witli ettect the declaration of the Duke of Wellington to the British Parliament at the time he introduced the Catholic Emancipation bill. As concession was to be made, the Duke resolved It should l>e made fully arid freely, so as to satisfy all. and leave no rankling vestiges behind. In proposing tbe bill in v ?r% ? * " me nouse 01 reers, ne used triese memorable word* My lords, 1 am one of those who h.i ve probably passed more of niy life in war than most men, and principally, I may say, in civil war. too; and 1 must say this, that if 1 couid avoid, by any sacritlce whatever, even one month of civil war in the country to which I am attached, I would sacrifice my life in order to do It " There is wisdom and counsel In these words, and their applicability to tbe present condition of this country is strikingly evident. Commercial Preparations for War ?Several of tbe Marine Insurance Companies of New York citv. savi tii#> (Inmmwlnl J _ J MU >U ail VUU J adopted the war clause in their policies, viz: '< Warranted free from seizure or detention arising from the acts of any seceding or revolting State ' The subject will come before the Board of Underwriters. when they will probably agree upon this clause; If so, all tbe companies will unite in tho same restriction We learn, also, tbat the companies hire gen?rmUy advanced their rates one hundred per c#nt on risks from New York to Charleston. To ports in tbe Gulf of Mexico the same advance will probably be demanded. Ges. Scott ?At a public dinner, In this city, on Friday night, a member of the LeglslaUire requested tbat tbecompauy should rise, an? drink Manning ana in silence" a sentiment which be proposed to offer,and that, afterwards, the band should play the "Rogue's March." After this preliminary, be announced bis sentiments? ' Here's to the reputation of Gen. Scott." The only respoww* to hU request was a general exclamation of "Oh no," and the spontaneous rising of several influential persons wbo remonstrated against any such demonstration 8S that proposed, and thus the eplsod- end**d ?Richmond. Whig. f[7? From the Charleston Courier we clip the following want: ll'inds Wantrd to Work on the J)efcntt* of the State.?Planters and others who are willing to off r the services of their negroes will pleas': report them at the Quartermaster-General's Department, at the court-lioupe, Charleston: with their blanketa, and provisions If possible, for two days. Flag of Truck ?The Secretary of State, Hon. A. <?. Magrath, and the Secretary of War, Hon D. F. Jamison, under a flag of truce, risited Fort SuonW Friday afternoou. It has been deemed advisable to withhold fur the present the object and result of their interview with Major Anderson.?Char U* ton Courier. Widi Awakes Rkpclskd ? At a meeting of the joint committee of the Pennsylvania Legislature, appointed to make arrangement* for the Inauguration of Gov Curtln, a resolution wu adopted that no Wide Awake ?;luhs, or other political organizations, as lucb, will be assigned positions in the parade on that occasion. Boots asd Shoe* Wanted at Chaklestox? The Boston Shoe and Leather Reporter, In a recent article on the trade, says it is a curious circumstance that almost the tlrst orders of the season were received by several Pearl street honsei on Tuesday, from a large dealer in Charleston, tv C , for boots and shoes IH^The safe key of the Revere Bank, Boston, with a million comMnatious. became disarranged on Monday, and the mechanical skill of the maker could not open It. Business was at a stand still; a gang of workmen were at last set to work to batter down tbe masonry. Ml? *? 1 O* n 1 1 _ * A -A ? I> ue ai vunrin, mc largest ana inoet rasafonable hotel in New Orleana, and which every winter average* from five to eii; Kt hundred Nortbern?boarders, has at this time hut thirteen guests hailing from north of .Vlaaon and Dlxnn'a line inr The iteamablp Montgomery, from Savannah, arrived at New Vork, brought at paaaengera the officers and crew recently in charge of the alave brig Bo-ita, captured by the United States frigate San Jacinto and taken to Savannah. The mail bags have been rifled at Albany aeveral times since the 3d, aud a valuable haul haa been had. The postmaater haa sent for Mr. Holbrook to atft the matter. y r A negro slave ?truck a white man on Christmas day, at Thoma*vllle, Ga , with anaxe, cut bla tbroat from ear to ear, and dlaemboweied his victim. A highwayman rushed out on a farmer driving out of Troy on Saturday night, the borsea wheeled round, shook off the thief and ran back >to the city. Hy" A man In the New York Clipper challenges all the world to a sleeping match. He sleeps five days on a stretch, and thinks be ran exceed that time. (?7* According to the Salt Lake correspondent of the .New York Times, .here Is no doubt that c< al exists in large quantities In tbe great basin of 1 ?**H 017" A man the other day forwarded au *rder to Boston for a five ounce Britannia syringe. Judge of hla astonishment whea tne expressman returned with five pounds of Bologna sausages ! A little boy died after drinking a pint of whisky, Induced by some otber boy companions, at Toronto, C. W., on Saturday. A convict in Windsor (Vt.) State prison locked the keeper in his cell, on tbe 26th, scaled the wall with a lauder, and escaped. \rr Ladders have been placed alougside the wharves in Philadelphia, to assist persons who fallun nvDrkiiarrl |[7" An enormoui gray eagle, supposed to be on* hundred year* old, waa shot at Winchester, Ohio, laat week. [J~f Twenty petrlota of the Revolution died during the past year; clghty-two are all that are now left. IHT" Thlrty-Ive deaths from dl phtherla have occurred durlug the laat two weeks at Dunkirk, New York. JH^A Committee bar* been formed at Torin tn ratu fnnHa ? ?11 ? * ? ? r?v?? ui m kvw crown lor Victor Emmanuel \xT~ On the Sd of January there were (11,000 received at the New York Tribune ottoe for country aubeeribera alone. fJJ- The Bank of Kentucky baa made a donation of 9500 for the relief of the poor of Loulivilla. C7 In the city of Canton. China, there are on an average about 5,000 auleldea every year. "\ ? # i ? # I Mr. Sfwari1* Speech? Optnicu ?f the Pre**, i The New ^ ork Tribune is not pleued with tbe peecb.atid although not (peaking 1U ccsturea { Vtf?rv bn!/llv It Krtth ! ? tAn* fst ; Ion and "lack of boldness " The New York Herald mjti that though It la not satisfactory, It 1s eminently hopeful, conciliatory, and conserrative." The New York Times aaya:?"It la preeminently a speech which ought to commind universal attention and exert a general and a aalatary Influence " The Philadelphia Ledger aaya:?" Mr. Seward fa!la to present anything practical for the prrsent, i snd be so surrounds the territorial question with its and buts. that nothing tangible can be got o>it of ii " The Baltimore Sun savi ?" The speech has only served to disappoint all who p'lt th? slightest trust in Mr. Seward. We were not among the number." The Baltimore American sugars good from the speech, and looks for an amicable adjustment of present difficulties. The Uaitimore Clipper says" It was an extending of the olive branch on the part of the North It will be and should be so regarded It was carefully worded, and eminently, astonlshly, conservative snd conciliatory in its terms " The Alexandria Gazette Is not satisfied at all with the speech, and thinks it will only precipitate revolution. The Alexandria Sentinel says that though coercion lurks in the soft sentences?the s^e?-<-h leaves room to hope that Mr Seward's treatment of the ? _ f A- ?111 B _ m ? national revolution win DC peaceiui. Movement* 0? til* mit'Titt ?Two additional com pan lea of volunteer*.who have fcntefed the aerviee of the State for tlx montha, arrived In the city yeaterdav, and, without arma or equlpmenta.were marched on board the ateamer Excel, for aecret aervlce ?Charleston Courier, Jan. 7. r?*I. o. O r.-COLUMBIAN ENCAMP_k_3 MkNT, No 1.?Pat in c'na, an ftrijoarned me^tm* will he held on TO-MORROW ( We^nend*?) EVENING, 16th inatant.&t 7X o'clock A full attendance in denned, a? the new Constitution will t artel on. The m^etinc will be h?ld in the outMTiodge Room. By order" It* W. H. Mol.KAN^Sorihe. Ys*THIRTY fourth annual meetL* OF THE AMEH 1CA.X COLONIZATION SOO1 F.T V.?Tin* meeting will b> held THIS EVENING,lit th*? Hall of the Smithsonian Institution, at 7 o'o!o.;k, wh^n the Pr?m?1ont of the Society in expactfil t? take the chair. Tiie nnnral rep.-rt will In* prcaente'l. and several distinguished gentleman address the Society. The public are roHpeitfulljr invited to attend. The Board of Director-; ari invited to meet at the office of the S??c><?tv, on Pa. avenue, between 31 and 4W ?t?.. at 12 o'clock this day. ffg?9.MlTHHONlAN L.EOTURFH-?Prof. f. JLJ? ,.A. P Rarmabd, Prosid'nt oftheUniver miy an niiwsispippi, wilt ceuver a courieoi Leotureg on Light. First Lecture Wednesday. January 1fi.-(lntlins of Optical Discovery, Characteristics of Polarized Light. second Lecture Friday, January 18.?Undulatory theory of Light, Physical Doctrine of Polariaation. Third Lecture Monday, January 21.?Chromatics of Polarized l?i?ht Fourth Lecture \Vednesdar, January fS ? Phtsioal Theory of DouWe Refraction, and of i'olarization Jit Double Refraction. Fifth Lecture Friday, January 25.?Circular, Elliptical, and Rotary Poiarzation. These Lectures will be il list rated by numerous experiments and illustration*. The Lectures will commence at a quarter before o -I,-- ?i. i i:-L? ? *?? * 1 * - o u Ulf'jii, w HIM mn I pi i IIKI'IUH IUV lUVOr Will L'O extintcm- hed and the door? closed. ja 1S-T.W.F. M.W.I'. Yr*l.<?.(l F.-RIDGELY ENCAMPMENT. l_3 No. Patriarch*, you are he'ehy notified that a upeoial meetirg will be field on TUESDAY, the 15th January, at 7 o'clock p m. ja 14 2t* B. A. KIDDER. Peril)*. rf?NOT|OB.-The Offic-m from each Ward of Iks the Union Rennenl, a>-e r'au^sted to meet atTem penance Hall,on Tl'E^DA'V . t&e 15th ilist., at 7 o'clock p. in. Punctual attendance is requested. ja 12 3t rr?T1!E TN'ION PRAYER MEETINGS lof will be holde;i every day this vroek. in the English I.nth?ran Church, corner of 11th ar.d H ?treet?. to commence at 4 o'clock, and to oontirue one hour. j*7 |Yy*DEMP3EY A O'TOOLE. U? - WEDDING A\D VISITING CAHD ENGRAVERS. Importer* or fin? WEDDING STATIONERY. WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful utiles. 326 Pa. Av., between 9th an<l loth ?t? , ftu 27-6ni WnBiNeTOH. VfiTtru jfe? Wanted irnn"edia'?ly, S.fKO men tobui^} MILITARY CAPJ*,25ofnU a piece. Wt^ just re eiverl frn?n Baltimore, from our factory, 15n dozen Military G!az?d Caps, so'd at wliojeisaJe and retail. Mi'itary Hats and Fatigue Capi made to order at the shortest notion F DITTR1CH ft BRO., No. 423 7th .t. ja 15 5?* near Patent Office. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE REV.ALKXander Carljle, Minister of Inveresk. containin* Memorials of the M'n and Event! ofhi? Time, 1 vol.; price *1 SO. Perional History of I ord Bacon, from unpublished papers, *y \Vm. Hep worth Dixon, ol the Inner Temple, 1 vol.; price 25. BLANCHARDt MOHUN, ja15 corner Eleventh st. and Pa. av. MUKMl'M ^ RICIWTl'IV 1 u7* Pki*. Avbhuk. Are agents for the Baltimore Am* ican and Fxohange, Charleston Mercury- Ac. Suhsarib?rs k tviI at low rates Pape s from every oit? in the Union??eo!cly, monthly and quarterly. Ca l and ihscribe Now is the tirre. N*w \ ork, Ph'iadlphia, Bvtimore ai.d other papers delivered in the city and fieorjetown immediately after the arrival ?>l train*. 1a IS Female education -mts.f a fhyf s ROAM Mi AND OA i' SCHOOL -Th" p mci pal a teacher of many years ?xpe'ience, p'upntes to open a School in Georgetown, where pupils may find a pl?a?ant home whilst receiving a first class education. The contemplated location is one of the most healthy and desirable parts of th* city 'l'h? first session wil! c?m wt on MONDAY. February 4th, and ending Jul* 3!st 1 he several divisions of *tu<iy will einl<race a pood English oduca ion. Drawn ? and Paintioc, Music on Piano and (iuitar, and French wu be atunded to by oompetent tcaoher*. But* under ten years or age will be admitted into the first and second divisions of English exeieises For circulars and further nfnrira'ion apply at No. HI corner ol Bridge and JefTeraon streets, ol the principal. It* F.. A. FRVE. JgKFECTB OF THE CRISIS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SPECULATE : * RIDDLF'S ONE DOLLAR STORE Will be opmed To niorrow|nt 302 PA. Avi.NCI, n .4 _ . ... AtL ? _ A 1A4L _ A _ umv eeu 9bii aiiu iiriu kis. BBAi TIFUI. JEWELRY, in aeta. BRACELETS, RING!*, SILVER WARE, to. Your ohoioe of any Artio'.e for ONE UOLLaR Call Early. D. W PIDDLK, j% 15 tf 30'i Pennaylvsnta avenue. JJEAVy REDUCTIONS IN PRICES! THE IVPfOLE OF TH~k A R TICL K? SPECIFIED VASTLY UNDUR VALUE! SILK RO^ES and DRESS P1LKS in great pro~t Ill itiu, t>j mom ac oui Choice WOOLEN and othor DRESS GOODS, *HAWLS ofali thn standard and novel stylet Rich VELVET aodULOTH CLOAKS, ffonrtmediam up to extra *oper, With all kinds of DRV GOODS for families in moderate circumstances. CARPETS, CURTAINS, iMATTlNGS, OILCLOTH S, &o , upper floors. 'the whole oflVei at prioes to meet the wants of person* wi h sinali putaes. An inspection of stock implies no oblication to purchase. PERRY* BROTHER, Penn. avenue and Ninth street, ja 15 5t "Perry Banding." TN PEACE PREPARE FOR WAR. Just received by express, and will be sold at a very small a tvauoe. a lace assortment of COLT'S REVOLVERS, r harp's. Smith fc Wesson's, and other PISTOLS. Doub'e and Single SHOT GUNS, RIFLES, Colt's SHOT GUNS. Also inn,<*io Musket Cape fin ,000 Elly'd A Brothers Double Water Proof do. as.nnn Colt's Caps. *V?0 O D do. And all kinds of Field Ammunition, JOS. L. SAVAGE, Penn. ave., bet. 10th and Utn sts. jaWlw (States) Si*n Gilt Saw. impnutivt tn i inicai I have j jit received a lot of Sable Mink M UFF8. niaue from skin* cau;ht thi? sea on. whioh I will oel) at nearly mMA ha f their usual prioe. MWmV A lio, on hand, Krenoh Stable and MBn^a W at?r Mink VlUFFS, prioeafrom ?m ? .Jn 92 6) to ?3 JO. HALF CAPES and VICTOR- 11 INKS of various kinds of Fur extremely <ow. A few more Children* FURS left >1 uffs 75 cents, 31 ana fl.25. Misses' JOCKEY HAT8 in Bntw and Felt, IVv*> AO ~A AQ CA la.. ?k?. avi a? wu iva? ? ?? 6u?h Term* cut B. II 8TINEMETZ, Hat Store 8*8 Pena. avenue, ja U between 12th >nd 13th ?U. I^EGIMENTAL DRILL. RECRUITS WANTED. THR LADD WEBSTER ft CO. iMraora* Tiobt 'titch Bsw.m Machine Raawkitr. Periona desiring to jo?a thla asefnl Company are reqaeeUd to call m soon * pocaibie at their Head quarter* and provide twinMlTn with tw ur?ti of the Rmintent which ien*ut* amonj other thing* of on* i T Lad J. Web t-r * Oo.'? Fapity Soaring Machine*. The Reximsnt are designed to bo roouatad and follow in th# rear in order to *ew bp flesh wound* and rent* la Soldier*'garment*. A company of female* between the ifM of 17 and 9) Will accompany the Regineatto five inntruetion* la Uie art of naing th* Maobine. Par order, BTev'U Brig. Qmrtl. B<ad?iMtari No. 34b Pa. av. 19-B> tliITU* n 1U7IM !..?( _ i -- . gig-??? ' ' AMUSEMENTS. A GRAND CONCERT Will be giree at the f IftW iffMM Preibitrrimn Ckwrrk, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. January l?h, J Under the direction of MRS. CECELIA YOUNG* < Aaaiated by eminent Voc*' and In?trnm*nUtl Performer*. Pl?MiMMt-PAlT 1. 1. Yo'untary ??n the <>r(?n. 2 Bass 9ol-> and Chorua. from " The L?j <?r the Bell " Romtiarf. . S. Soprano Soio,*' Mark I *ti? nme Bi thdaji !** 4 Sv pr?-io Solo, ' Jerusalem thou Uiat kil'eat the Proebeu " Mendelaaohn. j. B??a wo,''IINajt'O Honto." - MniarL fi Sortaiio fol .with F!a eol> uato.frafi Precioea. Von Weber. Pa** ft. 7. "Infl&mrcatua," goprato Solo and Choma V Hoeeir.i. 8. Tenor Solo. ? 9. Soprano Solo, "Gratia* tibi." with flute ?>b ??to ?? Gaa'ielmi. ?a ii r? n-/l *? f im IU. TPWv, rwmi ^um-v .u, lyuwwuvftuu wnvii* from "The L*y of the tell" Romberg. 11. "Gaadetmm." Quartette Diebelu. Ticket? 50 cents; to be bed at the stores of If east*. Hutchinson A Munro, f. W. Nairn, W.O. M?trerott John F. Ellis, Taj lor k Maury, W. Ba'laatyne, and at the d ?or. ConoerMoeommenoe^^>j^elook^^^(M^t^ PERSONAL. AYOyNG MAN OP RESPECTABLE Family connections, with s >m# property ?n his own ricnt. and steady employment, wshea 10 form an acquaintance with a view to marriace, with a r?speotaMe yoang lad*; she must be between the egos of 14 an* 30, good looking, accomplished, kind and sfleoti^nate. Ad<tr*s* with retl name, J, T. W.. through Ml" City Poet Office, stanng where an interview nay be hadlt? j\.f A DAME CLINTON PRICE. ?. ? Tbia distinguished Medical Cairvoyant can t?e oonaalted on Puaaaes, < haracter A* .at Room* No. 634 Twelfth street,S ooo.a below Pa ?r?unf. l'articu'ar attention paid to. and caret made of, Cnronic Diaeaaea Rheumatism, Ac. ja*-lw* OFFICIAL. TXIASCKY nn?T*WT,( January 9, 1861. f Nottcr is hussy oiykk that cealed propoeala will be reoeived at thia Department nntil the 19th day of January inat. for the iataeof aooh balance of five milliona of dollara In Treaaary notea aa n.a* then be lawfully iasued in exchatge for gold ooin of the United State*, depoaited with the Treaaur?r of the United Statea, the Treasurer ol the Mint at Philadelphia or the Aaciatant Treaaarera at Hf.aton, New York, or St. Loula within five daya from the aooeptanoe of aooh propoaala under atithnrir* nf ?Ka AJti nf PnnrrAit Antitlnd Mlu act to authorise the irsue of Tr??a?nry totes, and for othtr purpose*.' approved December 17,1*60. Suoh Trtatury notes will t>e issued upon the reocipt here of certificates of deposit with those officers to theoredit ot the Tieasurer of the United States. The; will be made pavable to the ?rd*r ot such bidder or bidders as shall offer to make snob exchange at the lowest rate of interest on saoh notes, and they will carry that rate of interest from the date of suoh deposit. The proposals must state the rate of interest without condition ard without reference to other bids, and contain no other fractional rates than on* fourth one half,or three fourth* of one per oentum. One per oect upon the amount proposed to be ex-' chai ted must be deposited with one ot the officers above enumerated, whose certificate of suoh deposit must acoomp?.ny each propo*\l as seonrity for its luiblment. 1! trie proposal is not aooeptea immediate direotions will be given to return suoh deposit. Should the propositi* vary from the prori ions oftheaot of Congress or of this notio? they will not be oonsiderrd. All proposals under this notioe must be sealed, and inscribed on the outside " Proposals for Treasury Notes." They will be opened and awarded at this Department at 12 o'olook, noon,on said 19th day of January. PHILIP F. THOMAS. ja 1ft Secretary of the Treasury. ?po THE PUBLIC. Having a !*rrr> amount of money to pay prior to kilo ib? VI iUoiuii, auu vwiu? i" mo ?ouoii?i bn?|db* tion of business, we have determined to offer an extra inducement for purchaser* to buy of a* for ouh, and we now propose to m&ke a dmoouLt of 10 percent on all cash *a es during the next SIXTY DA YS. in order to reduce our verr large stock of goods, and realne the money for them, prenou? to opening our spring supplies Cash customers wil readily see the advantage* they wil! have in trading with us, on the te ki* proposed, as an. examination of our stook and pr oea will show for themselves whether or not we arc sinoers ir. our proposition, and as the grrtter portion of our Fanoy Stock has already been marked down since the crtti* began, we teel confident that the extm inducements we r nw offer will be highly appreciated by every on* having gootis to toy who are at all familiar with the prices generally charged elsewher*. We need hardly a id that our stock, owing to the statt of the turns is now rtrp large, in many kinds of Staple as well a* Fancy <*i>ods, and purchasers Will lis *li!e tmlipcli th' mael vea with Hi moil ? 1 srtioi? in our line ofbu*ine*?, &t v-ry b?w price*, and in many instances, at itss tlian the actial rout. The lowest j>rio? will invariably I* naniad at once. W. M. SHliSTKR Jt CO.. No. 39 oppomtfl Onter .Market, de l7-1rtUlao6t between ?th and *<h at*. More Fire Arms! . > 'c l:' " n 11 "caps!" Plato! Bal .Cartridges, Powder Fl<sks, A o., for sale low by . J. e. shielus. Importer an 1 Dealer in Foreign a d American Hardware. No. 339 Pa. a*-, ja!2 3t Opp uto Brown'* Hotel. G'reat sacrifice ? or PARISIAN GOODS! Having a very larjc stock of the fin?rt Parisian Good* on ' a-.O, wliion 1 must sfll under any oi', 1 will mike ih* greatest racrifioe that AVAr wfts uttiUfy! t/i tKm nuKtm in (ilrtuv ?>lT W n ??r c ut ot the regular prue. Mjr good* being tracked in piatn figo ea no one wi'l h- de eived. Laiiet in peramt of good* aa Cloak*, Bonnets, Etnl> o:d*ri*#. Party Drt *?< ?. Head messes. F:owera, Wreatb*. Kibl>ona, K*n?, I ace* and a g rent variety of article* generally kept in a F*noy and Trimming Store, will do well to give roe a call before they parohaae auy where e a*. Ladiea will pleaae bear in mind that all mv gocda are bouicht b? in> re f in Paria, copacquenti j are of the laieat at) lej in th? market. M. WILLI AN. Importer, j\ ll-lw,if 38 Market Spaae. DHNU KORTE INSTRUCTIONS ?The on JE dere'cnod. lone well known to the^^^^^ Wa hingt >n pub'ic as a teteher of thfkaMB Piauo. beet leave to state that ha it pre 1'' pared to take sohnlare on terms to suit the exigencies of the t ines- Harm* vacico!e? in bit time fu?t now which hen anxious to fill up, he wUI tewoh a lew scholars, if detirab c to iheir parents, a.d i*k-? hi* p\y in suoh merchandise as tuav be agreed on when thejr are entered with him. He is willing t<> make suoh arrangeumta, kuowim the inoo&ietueii'e m*nj who desire to have thairohil dreo taught t*e Piano experience now in setting money Mis method of teaohing has been hith y app'oved for years, and his raferenoea are heads of the best musieal families in Washington. His terms are exceedinglym- derate. JOHN E. 9CHELL. Residenoe? 294 6 street, JaS-lm or apply at MetaerotTa. INVENTORS AND PATENTEES MUNN * "COMPANY. Proprietors of the ScimTiric Axuican, tM Agents for procuring Amtnou and Foreign PATENTS, Witk Sixteen Yi^r*' Experience is the Busing**, Refer to Hon. Judge Mason, Hon J osepu Holt, Hon. W D. Bishop, Ex Cotnmissioneis ofPiitente, and to more than Aft ten thousand tsnsitri who have had business done through Munn A Oo.'s Patent Agenoj. Pamphlet of Advice sent free by nail. Patent Laws and Regulations, l?o pages, tleeaU ml! O?oe-^lo. 37 Puk Row, New ^orfc. Washington offio??oorwr F and Seventh at*., eppnaite Patent Obw. daB-eoyx WCOLTD AND BHARP 8 PISTOLS. F. Have reoeive<l a lurth?r lupply? Colt'a Improved Nirj and Poeket Piatoia, Bnarp'a do do .do Alao, Balla, Caps, Cartrul*ee,Ao. CAMPBELL * SON, ja 10-71* 381 Pa. ar?mi?, C^IBBS' WIS, BKAID AND CURL MANU' FACTORY, 242 Peaa. arena*, near the oorner of Thirteenth street.?A vary oomplete aaaortmrnt of Braida. Carta, Frisettee, Banaeana, Acnow on hand: aJao. made to order at theahorte?t notia*. Hair work repaired or taken ia exchange. no -A REWARIXOF ftSOO WILL BK given fo? the an-eetand eonnetion of tne peraon or peraoaa who aet Are to my atore on the mo-nioK or January 3d. 1361, thereby eeetraying my entire atook and outer rateable proaerty. ja9 lw H. U.TURDV. yALENTINEfl! VALENTINES!! Tb? trad* iopp! i*d ai th? ovMt N?w York prioM. A beautiful *?aortment of ScoUnoitUMd Comic " *" """ tSSSSlFl JRJCHSTEIPPS, j%9 3TB i-?pn.*?ow. FRENCH FLO WERS OF THE VERY BEST f '?"'? -H ?|fe tint! tl tAlS* |L\KESH_FRU!Tl}. 1N CANS, dcS . - + - AUCTION SALES. 4 By WALL * BARNARD. A??Ooe#"*a 1 T?RU8TEK-ff 8ALROP KINK GROCKRIkS.. a Win**, l.'vroM. axi> o*i> ?mt? IT ArCTU'B.? n THURt-DA Y JHCTK" . Lt 10 u'eloot. W9' *1 i ?*1I it tMAitUor Rooms, he rmtl^tr of J. T. Drmri'm ttock of fine Ur<?) r:ee, w Ibm. Cicare, ??., comprising? him* Tea mxI 0oT?*. 5ud:?(. Starch. and Soap. Oil. Irdigo, ud SpiitM of all aorta, 91J Rye Whiskey as1) braidy, Kme v\ inee and Chair.mtdm. T-rifii: IfiMili; or or 'bat tMoirt? r*dlt nf Inf aavorMl MdjrMi u< >< ?, b-ar n"lnWr??t." " R. PRURV. Tn?vw. J*15 _ WAIJ, 1 H * RN A Ri>, Aaot* FUTURE DAYS Br C. W. BoTKLKR k. 8?'N8. AmUomwi HOU8K AND LOT AT PUBLIC AUCTION. B|virti*oftdwd oftrnt, bnri?| d*U F*b BAry WVta. IMS, ?nd r*eor4?d in Ulitri. A. 6-, folio# SSP *t tiKar, om of the L**d RmoHi ?f the oouoty of Wftahinfton, is tit* Di at riot of CoIambi*, I tha.l tail at aabitc auction. oa the pram im,on WEoNESDA\ , tba 1C h d*r of JumtTi *t 4 o'olock t m., *1' that lot, iim? *ad paroaJ of lM'ur.c in tha City of WMhitiflol, in Ui? Di*tnot of Colairbia, b#lnf part ol ??uar? No. 602, which la boaadad *a foiiuva, to wit:?"aginum* *t * VVIBIOI fu nr>*i wn uvy 1A u? mi Ma from tie coi ner of 4tk ?tr*??t ??t and N "tr? e? north, rvnnirc thenoo north with ?th etroet wool twr.ty lt*l Dine ard a auarter incbea. tf eree ?Ml tfty n*t on* i*o? to New Jtbet><-e oath with Now Jersey a ronae twenty foot, thoae* wMt fifty in foot iti to tk? plaoo of bo gi' oiof, with the frame hoaeo the'oon Toona: Oae-third of (He parc>a*? money to be paid in oaah, and the balanoe is two o*aal I natal monta by note* payable with loteroot at mi a?d two)to month a from day of tale, and eooarod b? a deed of traat on Che property aold. All oonToyan ciBf at the ooetof the aarchaoor. If tha t*raa of tale aro rot oomp'tod wita within fire day a from day of ea)a, the eaid property will be raeokf at tho rial and oxponeo o! the defaa! tint parobaaer. jiw C. W BOTELfcK A HON*. ja 5 eoAda (Intel, i Aictioneora. ^ By J. C. MoGUIRF. ft CO., AittioMm. D AILIFF'8 SALE OF 8TO VK9.?On T8UR 8 D Day WOHNlNtt. January mh,at lftn'claak. ib front of th? Auction Rooms of J. C. Mo<?airs A V Co., ooner iota and D ?t?., 1 shall sell? t)ds Radiator, on* Cylinder, aad 1* Conk St^ras. To(t*th?r wits a lot of Stovss and Gas Pi pas, aad 1 small Iron Pump*. WM.CAMHACI, BaihC. ja H St J. C. MoGlIRE 4 CO.. A sots. By GREEN * WILLIAMS AicUomwi TRUSTEE'S SALE OF GROCERiES, kc.. 1 *?ip Hovsbrold FraMtmB.-By virtus of a dotd of trust from Lovett K J *vns to the subscriber. and duly reoordaa on tha 9Ch day of J*nuarj, 1861, 1 ahall Mil at pobuc auction on lUSUAT, the Slat day of Jann%ry mat. at in oIock a m., at th" reaidenoa of aaid ienat, on 4H atraat, l>?tv*M h and F i la and) all of t?? (ooda, atock. und tarea. household and kitchen fu>n"ar? mentioned i> aaid c??nnatint of a larr* atook of Grooeriea, Liquora T?a?.*c 4c., And an entire set of Parlor, H-.d-ro >m and Kitchen Farm tar*. Term*: All an?n? of and anrier ?*> ca?k; ???r that amour t, a e editol an an.I ?n da*a in note*, aatiafac'.oriiy endora?d. I?a' ji mt"r??t. EUGENE CftllLSt. Truatee. jalOaod fcKKKN * WILLIAM?*. A acta ?^A?T WEEK IN WASHINGTON. THE ONLY SAFE AND PERMANENT % CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, and ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET, */ is the UNERRING SYSTEM Praotioed by J>b. M. A. 9CHL088ER. WHAT 19 A CORN Corns are a taborealar exoreaoenoo, nm'tr to a VArt whluk tkomao)*Ao am Iko t/v?a Vwt tween the t)N,(9nft Co/M,)oa the mlM of U? feet, and the joint of tha big toes.t Bunions.) THEY ARE PRODUCED BY MANY CAUSES. Int. The compression caused by a narrow, a ad particularly hy a ?hort shoe. 2d. Sometimes the cause la tha opposite; a shoe too large in whioh the foot slips. Sd. Ptookirf ill fitting, and forming piaita or inAm na ihAa ?lan ar? ? n mm /*? ? ? walking upon atiarp, useren, or broken Hrem*nt?; the continued robbing of the hoe or boot at tkt joint*, determine* a point of irritation; therefrom reau! t arre and painful e 'rot, bunions, soft oorna. J Many vho are thua afflicted, have reoonrse to a raaor or aeiaaora, and eat off the inKrioiM of th? oorr, and obtain relief for a few days. ? BUT WHAT 18 TBE RESULT t By reason of catting, the excrescence has tlaa opportunity of ezpaadmg, bordering aad rooting itself, and on the a-me place, by outticg. yoa make grow a number of oorna, after wbioh it is ta vain that it is ent or ilaatered. Sometime# oorn atat m. Ion* time without riving vain, bat that must not be laid to the idea that they are beooouog inert, and that they will retrain so, lor, eooner or later, to the great dist'ee? of the person who haa to bear it, they will exhibit their real character. Pain, ern e ling, fever, misery of no ordinary deaciptioa wnl arise, aci will be diAealtto sabdne, without $r*ater attention than can under ordinary circuinttanoee be raid. WHAT ML'ST BE DONE I THE CORNS MUST BE EXTRACTED* DR SCHLOSSER, by a system at onoe no?el, based upon lone expe riecee and anp*oved by the highest medical author ities. and wktck cam only b* earrud out by ktmtt f4 ha* succeeded in extracting the ro >t of theoora. no mafor what thetr natures, ifiikeut nrwt t4? lean pain or tneonrennnct, either danrg 'thetr re mora or afterward*. )>r. SOH LOSSES has the satisfaction of laving before the pubic at hia consulting rooms, as ft proof of the extraordinary satisfaction given by his unsurpasred stile of treatit,->nt, ft numerous list ?.f te ti onials frita oiuaws of tbe hi (beet a'andlag in Washington. Alsn, Iron members of the Kojai Families of Europe, as w*U as number loss ones from ^latesmen.DiplomftMste.CJercr men, J Physicians. Ambassadors. Mere has ts and Editors / of ilua oc uatry and Europe. COSSULTIXQ ROOMS, 93T PENNSYLVANIA AVEM E,(8oitk ?<! ,> UtvMi 12U fcnd 19th ?tre?U. ^ Offio* hours from mt. in. till p. m. )? It LAST WESK IS WASHINQTON. WORTH OF BO&TO*?HOES in TRUNKS, Of all Styles and Quoit tur, , AT A *1UT RA.CKIVICK OR COST. Store fm Rtmt and Firtmrts fm Sal'. II tk? Mock is ft. "FTHOOVER'S STORK, El.INU TRUNKS ?r? cow being ?old,/?r ML ta>kM |r?t ?ioi>tcNon uiuvi rem. Mi [.dp-)aM. tnuvoa (iiuoh uciuw VTi|iia?i ov?W A BV ftibOOHOl W the public ie solicited, m g*eat ludooemente will be rne^J* to perchasers. 1Vtl>OT?fr:npniM a large etook of tke iMd Iualry French and Amer can Gaiters,?hoee,Boote. o., *? , for ladies and gentlemen Tfc- Store is for rent ana the Fix teres for eeie. AmI; on t'e premieee, I roe Bell. N. B.?The above etook, either in vkutoor la art, wiH he eoid at private eale. T? any or* d*airoas of entoring the Boot, Shoe and Traak Bui* nea? thie affords a better op porta nit? thaa Mr again be preaeotec T-r?one iiKleNu?i will oonfer a fbvor by promptly ealirog and nettling tbe?r aeeoanU jaty ?b * n a uc unvi v*u mii nm ? ? o v# * * o PBMALK AI TKKATTTK PILLS, For the exqiaelTe um of Kmim taboriag uM M; of ttia riMowiii* ccir.plaate: ObetraeUoM, fcupere*??>n-, Green MetMk, Headache. 1'i.n la tKe *i4e, Palpitation, Loathiue of Kk4, DuUrM Keep and a I lot rripUoni orlrragala it?ee mi t*a *...tnial Period. N. U -Th*?e Pille ihnold nerer be taken by ftmKid.'.r ^i prriuirVUthM VfM be eire *a Muem^urutf*. Prepared for Mlrtw Boris < at lfr Rc? vmiziraid. Parte. fraaee Pot eaie.M No. 170 s-utc H o^onte Smitheoaiac la* itution. leiaad. The only eceat ia Wmiiiu'wi. taU?* HON IS PRlv. II ONLY ! A VINU oa hand a wt berfVr hmk rfditm

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