Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1855 Page 7
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'ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETBRT BIT. jOtHDWe A HP LOOeiK. 7RO moadwat^ ok ruR I OA niihe.1 apartmenta to let, with or witbout board, to a family or aingie gentlemen. Private table Mly. The bouae oootaina aU the modern improvement!. AJao, a room a ui table for one or two gentlemen. Q97 BROADWAY? FURNISHED ROOMS DOWN | town. ? Gentle mea re<|uirin( handaomely fur biihed moms nt reasonable prices in tbe bnxiaeia por t on of tbe city, will pleaae apply to B. F. FARSi WORTH, oppoilte Broadway theatre. t)Q A TENTH STREET? Pi. KA8 ANT FURNISHED juO'-T room*, with all the modern Improvements, oan he procured, with or without board, immediately. Neighborhood unaurpaaaed. Reference! exchanged. Q 1 BOND STREET.? A FEW GOOD SINGLE ROOMS TO OX let, with or without board; alao, a due parlor and bcdioom, with water and gas, to let, with or without furniture. Reference required. 5 UNIVERSITY 1LACE.? TWO PARLORS, BEDROOMS and a front baaement, handsomely furniabed. to let separately tu gentlemen, without board, or together to a family, with use of kitchen. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAV* TWO SECOND STORY parlora, i ... ... attached, which ihey wieh to let unfurnished, with , connected by folding doom, with pantries board; would be furuiaheii if desired. Apply at &J8 Greenwich street, opposite Vandam. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM modated with a well furnished, aecond n'ory front ' loom and bedroom adjoining, if required, with a araall mad respectable family, whj will endeavor to rauke ttieir i j guests comfortable and at borne. Apply at 21 Weat Twenty lecond atreet, near Fifth avenue. Are you looking for board, rooms, or hoarder*? ? Be asiured that you can find either by applying at tbe Ageucy Office, Clinton Hall, corner of Eighth street and Lafayette place. N. II ? Thin olBie ban not been ur is not connected with any petty aatib Inhnacnt^ but stand! alone. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A furnished rouui, with or without boar 1, in au Ameri can fann'y where he would have the opportunity to mix I with the family, io ai to be able to improve in speaking tjie English language. Addreaa R. V., Herald office. A A FURNlhHED ROOM TO LET, TO A GENTLEMAN. I f\ ?Location desirable, being a low doora weat of Broadway. Apply at 120 Ninth atreet. A PARLOR AND SINGLE ROOM TO LET, TOGETHER or separate, with board, in a first claas neighbor hood uptown. Reference expectel. Apply at 237 Weat Twenty UiiiU afreet. gentlem?il, room and liedroom for eight dollar! i per week, positively where there are no other boarder!; ; pla n and lair accomodation! can liud a permanent oceu ' Add rem C. K. L., Herald office. , 13 CARD. ?A COMFORTABIJC ATTIJ ROOM, SUITA J> ble for one or two persona, can be had, with or without partial board, at lv>8 Grand street, Brat block <e?t of broad way. i|jOARD.? A NICE PARIAJR AND ROOMS ATTACHED, X> with tbe beat accommodation!; alao, a room for I S' ample gentlemen, in the new browu atone home, lu2 last Fourteenth atreet, near Union aquare OARD AND PLEASANT ROOM, IN THE SECOND (toiy, can be obtained for a aingle gentleman, with or partial board, at 05 Morton atraet. Board in beach street. -.a large front room on ae?ond floor (haa gat and pantry) will be let, with board, to a gentleman and wile, either I'ur niened or unfurniahed; alao, a tingle room. Apply at 13 Beach atre t. Board, with de-iraoi.e rooms, for gentle men and their wive!, or single gentlemen, c*n be oiita.n*-d in a highly respectable lumily, by applying at No U I'erry atreet, Aabland place, accessible by car* and ,atag*s to all part! of the city. Rooms furniahtd or uo ' iui niched; Urni* moderate. Board wanted.? board wanted, by a single gentleman, who will reqnira to have references ex changed, in a reape table private family. Would prefer to etinimunii-ate with a widow lady, and wlieie th>-re are no other boarOra Addreaa Mr. Wilson, Herald office. OARD WANTED- FOR~A"GENTLYMAN~AND LADY, hoard for the lady only ; in a <[Uiet, plain family with ko other boarder! preferred. Pleaae ilute local. on and terma, which mult be very moderate, with full par ticular!, to D. T , Herald office. IjOsRD IN BROOKLYN ?A > KW GENTLEMEN CAN X) be accommodated with newly furuiahed rooms, in 1 he aecond and third atoriei, and ?itb?r f nil or partial hoard, in a German family, 1 he house ba* a I modirn [ improvement Ko. MO nitkl llMt, iMoU/t, between all street and South teniea. Board in Brooklyn? a gentium an and wife can be furniated with a soconl itory front room and bedroom, with lioard, in a private family where tbe romlorta of a borne can be had, within three minus* of Wall atreet ferry. Ad.reea A , Herald office, stating where an interview can be had. TkOARDING ?TO LET, A WEIX FURNISHED ROOM, I) witb pantiy, suitable for a gentUiuau and wife, or otagle gentlemen, aiao, an upper loom, witl fireplace and E,ii try , which would accommodate tee gentlemen, alao, aingle room, on aecond floor. Apply at No. 27 North sere afreet. Bathe in the bouse. | I tOARDING? WANTED, IWo HUNDRED DOLLARS. ,|) Any peraon wilUog to advance the above sum cid procure board and room* at mo l?rate prices. The b?it of references given. Addreaa A. W. B., Po*t Offlse, giviug their addreM, will meet with attention. rijOAKDING ?A PARLOR aND BKDR?K)M^ ON THE !X) aecond floor, alao lingle room!, to let, with board, s a a Brit el!ta bouae, with ill tbe modern improvement!. Vnfceh and Spanish ipoken m the hojse Breakfast roa7 till 0 o'clock, dinner at A o'clock. Term* mole ate Apply at 170 West Tweuty-flret afreet. Also, day rdera. OARDINO ?VERY PLEA? ANT ROOMS CAN NOW be obtained, with full ur partial bonri, in a flrat is houi-e, and where the comforta of home can be lalited: the location very pleaaaut, and convenient to ira and atagee Apply at 20 Weat Eighteenth atreet, r Fifth avenee. Terma moderate. ?c 1 1 ^lIRNiSHID APARTMENTS TO LET DOWN Tf)WN. ? The lower part of a small house, finely flalahed, in udiag back and front parlor, front bas-ment and kit i at No. & Varlck atreet, near Franklin. A ptano H ibru, with all it! atenaila, together or separately. Rent ? ow.fApplva' " " "* ~ ""*? n the parlor ITjU'RN ISHED ROOMS WANTED? BY TWO GEVrLE JT m*n, is a houie with the modern improvement!, tfuit be above Prince atreet and below Union luuare. tddreii B. k J., Herald office. VRNIfcHEP APARTMENTri ? IN A KK.-T CLAHN beaae, with or withe ut meal*, at No. 379 Fourth et. Furn?hed rooms to let? with or wiraour braakfaat, to on nr two Dingle gentlemen, a lar g* ? 1 pleaaant room, together with ? bedroom neatly fur ' *d, in a amall private family. Inquire at lib Bond Mreet. j VRNIflHKD AND UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO I>.T to aiagte gentlemen. in Full >n etreet, near 8t Haul'* hureh . a good opportunity for thoee who wi?h a (vnteel eaiden.-e down town. Reference* exchanged. Addre** (?jnui Herald office. (R1VAT* BOARD.? A RBPKCrABI^ " FAMILY, OR two lingle gentlemen, may obtain an eleKant and sfortable borne on moderate term*, one minute'* talk from I'eck niip ferry. Hatiafactnry reference given lad required. Apply at 48 South Ktfhth ? treat, between ond and Third atreeta, Williamsburg ?RIVaTE BOARD.? a GKNHJEMAN AND LADY CAN be accommodated with a liandtomely furnlahed em, with board for the lady only, or with an elegantly armahed parlor and bedroom, in a private family, term* tit- Location near tbe corner of lirotdwav and Mby atreet. Addreaa Ninon, Broadway Poet Offlee, ' three dare. ?RIVATT BOARD IN BROOKLYN? TWO GENTLEMEN can be accommodated with pleaaant room* and Loard. from the lit of Kejruary , houee *ituat<-d la tbe mitral part of the city , none but genteel and reapeeta lie partirineed apply, Ad<re?* IV K. Herald odlce. MKHAL board ? a~ yocngman DOING BUsI aeae iown t iwn, want* partial board with a plain leapectable private lamily, between Fourth and roar 1 reuth >tnct?. AdUreaa for three day*, X. X . Herald Are, itatiag location and term*, wbicb muat b? mode late. lOOMaTO LET? TO 8MB SmUHE WITH _ j or without board, in a private fam.iy. The h . iae i new and Bret <-la??, beautifully furnlahed, and replete hth all tbe modern improvement*. AUo, a *uit ol old ?a. furnlahed In oak, luitable for a Brat claa* pbytieiaa. Squire at 1IVH Ninth atrwet, we?t of Broadway. ?>WO OK I H F(RK~I NO I.E "(IKMUJIEN CAN ?K AC romawdated with gov I board and pleasant room . applting at No I I ?roy plaee, Rieecker *treet The r>uae m pgnvided with the modern improvement*. Din ? at *ii d'elock. French and Kogllaq apnWea. IT ANTED? BY AUiJiTLEM ,N AS DliW, A FUR \f ni'beil room mi a retire, 1 family where there are i otter boarder*. Full board for the lady only. Ad Ma X. N , Unfcn equate I'oet office. AKT0) ? HOARD BY A YOUNG IjIDY, IN A PRI vale family or reaper table boarding houee, in thta |ty or Drullya cootie uou* to the ferry. Term* not to Weed $$ per week Reference* given. AddreeaC. F.t '-aid office ' 7 Pi>JI,C1*u iCAPKMlKI. [R. C. WRIGHTM DANCING ACADEMY, MILITARY pi. Hall. flowery, oppoaiteHprln* afreet ? Mr. Wright * lr?od quarter will commence on Friday, February if. kya of tuitliB. ladle*, miaee* and maav-ra Tueeday and kturday afteraeoaa. from 3 till flo clock; mtlemea. 1 >*day and FrWay evealafa, from 7 till 10 oreteet. For tic alar*, apply at Mr. W.'i reeideace, MA Ninth ./ATT V*#nM. A00 BROADWAY -TH*LA*T chance la Mara the lata mode ia a fbw 'mini, at _aead rriee. bah pupil Inatraetad aeparateiy A r elaa* I* now forming fcr begiaaeta. ClrraUaa to he , aad all appMcattoM to he made, of R. Baratoa, 274 rauouL. Al FA AAATOIOANON DIAMONDS. WATOH ?lOU.UUUw,j?w?lry kc, or benghtfor cash, reoi ah/ (took*, nstes, bonds uo mortgages, bills of nj thange, *o., negotiated. Business confidential, and promptly executed. at 103 Nan aa (treat, room No. 1. THOMPSON k CO., broken and oommlsston merchants. ?/?A AAA TO IX) AN? OS DIAMOND*, WATOH ?l)UUvv. es, jewelry, ci#an, or boa flit for caah. Business notes, city atooa, bond* and mortgage!, negotiated ; real estate bought and raid an I exchanged. CHEE8EMAN, BRISTRD k 00., Broker*, 36 John street, owner Naeeau. flh (T/| AAA-TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WAT. iptly ?UUv ehee, jewelry, aagara, and mer cEaadise generally, or bought out. Bond* and mort Ki M bought and aold. Money conetaatly on hand a*. 14<j WUliam street, near Fulton, up (tain. FORBUBH k CO., loan and communion broken. (2j-| /v /ii WV SPECIAL CAPITAL WANTED IN A J? J.V/. vr vJ V largo cash auctisn house ? The bu siness i( well entabllshod aad very profitable If pre ferred, real e*tate security can be given, also an equal interest la the business, which ia a* aafe aad free irom lotmt an aty city bunk. No communication noticed if frrm broken or third partia*. Addrai* A. K. Ulbnon, Post Office. Any amount to umn, or will buy at sight for caah, merchandise, jewelry, diamonds, plate, property, or Hecurity of any description, id iumi from ?10 to $10,000, at the old established, permanent and re sponsible I'acifi. Agency and l/oan otlice, over Pacillo Bank, corner of Broadway and Grand atreet. Business confidential and aafe. CASH. IN ANY AMOUNT, KOK DIAMONDS, WATCHES, rich jewelry, plate, and valuable personal property purchased, at QU Kulton street, eecond Hoor, front room. Office hour*, 9 A. M to 4 P. M. K. WOOD. ClAhlf ADVANcW^D LO^iCl) IX) ANYaMOUWT? i On diamond*, watches, jewelry, plate, valuable and penonal property, or bought for tbe hiefheat caah prices. K. Wool), ft# Fulton atreet, second Hoor, front room, from ? A. M. to 4 F. M. IRVING SAVINGS INSTlTUriON, (M WARRKN HTRKBr, one door from Greenwich.? -Open daily from 10 A ?. to I P. H. , and 4 to 7 P. M. Interest at the rate of 4 per cent allowed on all dim* from SI to t!>00. The funda of tliia institution an aecurely invested in bond* aid mortgage* in the city of New York, worUi double tlie amount loaned, and in bond* in thi* city. CA1JCB 8. WOODHIIX, Preeid-nt. I. D. ??&,, }Vi<? Vamdkrbilt L. BcrroN. Secretary. M L FATHER MANUFACTirUEBS' BANK? NEW YORK, January 23, 186A. ? A dividend of five (5) per cent on the capital (tock will be paid to the stockholder* on and alter Thursday, the first day of February. The trans fer book* .will be cloned until that 'day. By order of thelioard of Director*, T. R AULY. Cashier. ONEY. ? CASH f.niK.KAl.l. Y A DVANCKD ~ ON watches, plate, jewelry, dry good*, pianoforte", tumiture, or any other pro|ierty, at tbe Agency an?l l.oan Office, 304 Broadway, corner Duane street, second flour, room B. The strictest confidence and honor may le relied upen. Branch office, 84 Went Sixteenth street. Mclaughlin a o'neuxe, ONEY TO LOAN-ON REAL ESTATE, DIAMONDS, plate, watche*, (urniture, pianofortua, dry good*, and every description ot property, or purchased (or ca*U. Business prompt aud confidential, by CASEY Ac OONLEY, Empire Loan Office, 321 Broadway, adjoining the City Horpital. Vf OR ru CAROLINA SIX l'ER CEMHJTATK m?CK..? Jl| Tmudvbt Dkpaktmknt, Ralkiuh, N C., Doc. 26, 1854. ?Healed proposals will be received at thi* office until 10 o'clock A. M . of the 31*t January next, for the purehaee of three hundred and aeventy tnounand dollar* la bonda, running thirty year*. These bond* are Issued by the Stale of North Carolina ; and in addition to tbe faith of the ."-tale, all the stock had by the State in said road, and the dividends arising from said stock, are pledged for their redemption. iToposkls will also be neeived at the sam* time for the purchase of eighty thousand dollars in bonds run ning ten years. Issued by tbe *ame authority, for tbe construction of tbe Weldon and Uaston Railroad, and the improvement of the navigation of the Neuse and Tar rivers. Both classes of bonda an, by expnss enactment, ex empted from taxation for any purpose. 'lliey will bear date the 1st of January, 1866, and will have coupons attached for the inWront at six per ;ent per snnum, payable the ttrst days of Jannary aud July, in each year Hoth Interest and principal will be paya ble at tbe Bank of tbe Kepublic la the city ol New York, DDtess where the purchaser prefers to have them pay ?b'? at the treasury of North Carolina. TVey will be issued in sums of one thousand dollars ea>.h. I'arties bidding will please addresn their letters, en dorsed "1'roposaln for North Carolina .Stookt" ? to the undersigned at Ralrigh. N. C. ; and will tislioiulsh ia their bids tbe particular class of bonds for which tbey bid. Tbey will al?o state at what point ani what kind of funds they propose to pay. Tbe bids will be opened at 10 o'cloc.k A. M., of tbe 31*t January next, In the presence of the Governor, tbe se cretsry sod Comptroller of State, and of U. W. Moideeai, Preu'eot of the Hank of tbe State of North Carolina. The undersigned reserves the right of accepting sueb kids In whole or in part aa may be deemed most advan tageous to the State. Successful bidden *111 be required, as soon as inform sd of the acceptance of their bids, to depoeii ia btnk the amount of their bids, with tbe accrued lotereit from the Brst of January, 18o6, to the credit of th~ Treasurer of tbe State of North Carolina. This deposit may be ma le In the Bank of the Republic, New Yor*. the Bank oi the *tate of North Carolina, or the Bank ot Cape Fear, Raleigh. Documents showing the great resourcee of the ?tate and tbe small amount of ber indebtedness may be hid at this office, or on application to Messrs. BROWN and DF. ItOBSElT, ?Ky of New York. Dec. tt, 1864. D. W. COURTS, Pub. Trees, of N. C. gllXl'KNKY HAVINO-i HANK.? I>I VIOKND AND IN 7 tereat.? The Board of Truatee* bare declared a divi dend of (6) nix per ccnt per unuD on all *um* of three dollar* and upwarda to tire hundred dollar*, and (&) five per vent on aama exceeding that amount which bav* re roaiiMd In bank undrawn for the apace of aix month*, from the l?t to th? Uth of Autuit last, payable on or after the lt>th of February. AU inU-rent not drawn by the Xat ot March will be placed to tbe eredit ol tb? depo altor, and draw intercut the aanie aa a depoalt mad* in the uaual way, from th* lit of February. Intercut ? Six month*' intercut at the rat? of (#) aix per cent per annum *111 be allowed on depoeit* of (I) three dollar* and apwarda to (f0?) Are hundred dollara, made between let and 16th of February, and ramming In bank undrawn for aix month*. Br order of Ui* Hoard. J. 8. SLOAN, Secretary. Jan. 26, 1866. if/mum * rrnowoN, bankers, btock and Vr exchange broker*, 41 and 4) South Third itraet, Philadelphia. ? btoek and Corporation lean* bought and ?old ran commliuiioa, promitaory note* an. I draft*, nego tiated collection* made upon all acceealble point* ia the country , drafts on other eitlea, la iibi to aoit par chaeeri WATCHBI, JKWELRV, AC. Holiday pkb-ilnth. ? kkjhjckd prior*.? Watehee, Diamond* and Jewelry.? The aabeenbe* I* *elHng all dweeripttoa* of the following article*, at re tail, Much lower than aay otner houae In the city j rum' wiitwa, Warraatod perfect time keeper*, from $160 to 9364 oooraa watoub, Dapiaz and lever*, from $126 te $271 ii(barn?n*HT aaoowD And quarter He toad Watehee, fen liming horaae $12$ to $260 nrao*oiurr*w.. $p ton did Oold Pocket Chroaomator*, perfect time keeper* $126 to $26? nun DAT WITCH**, Which ma *i(ht day* with one wiading . .,.$140 to $186 ?uan. WATnaM for ladle* , aome la haatiag eaae* $36 to $100 DIAIOJV WATOIM far ladle*, aome la atafie caaee $66 to $40$ ?auk WATcaaa, Whieh change into three diftareat watch**. .$100 to $1T$ wiTThn mm wnn> up Aad tars the aande without a key $86 to $140 au urim or WArraaa a* vow raicai. Mae ttold lupine Watehee, four boiee $26 fine Gold Detached l.eeere SO Oold fcaamelled Watehe* for th* ladle* .16 ?iokl Eagbeh Patent b*r?r* 36 dold l.oglith Patent Lceer*, hnnting eaae. V) 4Urer Patent Leter* ailowae...., 18 SUrer Detached f<*#er? aa low aa 14 Ladiee' (told Beta, Karrlng*. Pia* aad Hraeeleta.$16 to 76 tarrlaga, $> to $'46: pin*. $2 to $26: Hranetota 6 TO to 60 00 "told l4>eketa, one, two and fear glaoaee 6 00 to 26 JO toiilOuaitl Hialn* 10 ml to W 00 told Chatelaine lhaiae 10 00 to 110 00 told Veat Chaii.e 60 00 U 86 00 told Fob Otain* 6 00 to 26 (JO Aaeifuld Wedding Ring*..., 3 60 to 7 90 toldUaard Key* 1 00 to 6 00 told lob hey* 2 no t* 1 ,,0 ioid lob ail 8 00 to l'i M tok! Thimble* a W to 6 00 Said Pencil* 126 to 7 00 ItoM pea* and Peacrla I !>0 to 18 CO IhaBHDd KIbk* 7 00 to 260 00 Di*a>< ad fcamaga,. .100 00 to 300 00 Diamond I'ia* 16 00 to 500 00 Sobl Crowe* 2 00 to 12 ou Uotd Finger Ring*, with "tone* 2 00 to 16 00 fcold - 1. ? ?* Button*, per *et I 60 to 12 90 (told Mad*, per ret 1 60 to 10 UO Sold faeetacle*. per pair 6 <*? to 0 00 GoU be 01a**ee 1 76 to $00 ?De?r Taanpooo*. per net 6 00 to *00 ?VleerTeMeepooue per eet.. 12 00 to 71 00 MU?er ahieiort* per **t,...a 16 00 to 23 00 Silver 1 'ap* tor cn(Mr?n 6 00 to 16 00 SU?er Japkta Rtoga, each 1 60 to 3 60 OoM Ain.le?* far children, per pair.... 2 60 to ? 4C Plato f.aW Rtaft 76 to $ 00 Ch?a*J Of. ! King* 1 00 to $ f> ?Urar Tb??bl-e, Mirer top* 17 Hold Swarf P a* 1 00 to T M OEOROK C AIJ.EN. Importer, Wholeaal* and retail, 11 Wall atreat, ??or. Broadway. inum'M* cciDK. rffn-iDKUTUj aad the Sea tli aad W**, rto Jenny CHy Hall aad ?torptag at all way ftattea*. Tbrwtagh tfiM I OtoeiaaaH tmf toe Weai, aad tor ?a)4eiii i, Waah Norfolk, *e , aad throegh >ig?*ja AmW to Vi In la I aad Hit aad $ VHi >WUJ? S- AAA -yoR A ,'*INK mansion at ?'.UUU. NtklUl, *1,000 tail than Mat; I panorama of mis hundred feet of cuvui la oil, never exhibited in this cr.y, at half eoit; several corporation lea sea of ton la thin island for ono liun<lr?d years and over for one-fourth value of lb lot*. A. H. GOL'GH, bioker and land agent, 40 Wall at. <t1 ?TOR SALE, A BUSINESS WHERE ?Itl/vU# * fortune can bo mail*; over two thousand dollar* baa boon expended and the foundation la well laid, and now wanta iobm little capital and energy to carry It on successfully. Apply'imrneJiatMly at 212 Broadway, room No. 10. HIMLItg * PCRDY. dhQAA ? F0K HAI.E, AN OYSTISt SALOON, ?O VVi would make a line lager bi?r saloon; thla ib a very desirable location, the fixture* are new and elegsn' ; any obe wishing a bargain ahould apply Imme diately at 212 Broadway, room No. 10, SIMERS k PCRDY. f*/\ ACRE FARM FOR 8AI.E, 1 X MIUX FROM THE Uv city of Rocheater, Monroe county, N.Y., on plant road, in a good atate of cultivation, with houao, barn and other building*, with a good orchard. Paymeut* made easv. Address G. Radbourne, Jnr., box 1,311 Mi* Chester, Monroe county, Poat Office. ? A VERY RARE CHANCE FOR PARTUS HAVING J\_ H00 to $600. ? For sale, the right (which is a mo nopoly) to make an entire new article or mtnufacturn, which will command ready sales at .large profit*, for eanh. and require but little If any capital t> prose cute the business- Applr to B. W. RICHARD 1, 307 Broalway. ERI'G STORE FOR SAMS?ON THE CORNER OJ^A fine block of marble buildinga. itia thoroughly and fly stocked*) doe* a good ousineas, const t fly in creating, and will be aoid $1,000 leas than it* worth. Price ?2,600, part cash. J. M. STARK, 41) Wall itreet. FOR SALE? THE HOUSE AND IX)T, 42 FIRST AVENUE between Second and Third atreeta, the houae it twenty feet front, by forty dee a, aod the lot about a"?t ii ty teven feet deep. For torma apply at 180 Tenth atreet. FOR SALE? THE LEASE OF IX?T NO. 29 CATHERINE atr?i't, with the building* thereon The leaae w 11 expire on the first day of May 1 H?7 ; building* to he paid for or new leaae given. The lot ia twenty-five feet one and a half incben in front, ?nd twenty five feet In the rear, and on tbe north aide 114 feet nine iucbe*, and nn tbeaouthaide 112 leet one Inch deep Apply at ISO Tenth atreet, one door cast of Third avenue. FOR -<ALE? THE I.EA8E OF LOT 131 ANTHONY atreet ; leaae will expire on tie fir*t day of August, 1 800; no renewal. Tbe lot i* about twenty-two feet front and rear, and about sixty fat iteep. Alao the lease of lot 77 Centre atreet, corter of mthouy ; leaae will ex pire on the first day of November, InrtO; buildings to be paid for, or new leaae given. The lot 1* t verity nine f??t front and rear., and about sixty feet deep. Apply at 180 Tenth atreet, one door eaat of Third avenue. I^OR SALE? THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK house and lot 22ft Weat Nineteenth atreot. with under cellar, also, the three atory brick house 326 Spring atreet, betwten Greenwich and tVathmgton streets. For particular*, apply to W. F. PLATT k URO., i!V0 Green wich atreet. For sale.? window shade stork and factory for sale, with a good list of whole^al* cash cus tomers. 'I be business is well established, and thia is a great opportunity for a man of enterpriae. The reason or fell. rig ia, the owner is going into other business. Apply at 10 Catharine street fl^OR SALE.? THE STOCK, LEASE, GOOD WILL AND bxtures of tbe retail toy and fancy goods store, 146 Eighth avenue, will be sold at private aale, on liberal terms, on account of the ill health of tbe proprietor. Tbe stock is entirely new. and the bu?lnesa In a Hour lab ing condition Apply on tbe premises, oi at 86 William street, up stairs. For sale? a stand in west Washington mar ket. Apply immadiately to K. plater, lib llleecker street. I 'OR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A SE gar store. n a very good location, cheap rent, and good business loing, Hxtuies can alao he soli without atock. Apply at J 24 Broadway. Tbe store to let on lease. For sale? a new house, will furnished, in Williamsburg, near the ferries, for .iOO. Alao, to let in New York, a bouae in him atreet, aptrtineole, atores and basements, in Mott. Ko?e, James aud Green wich atreeta Posseenion this day . Apply to S. C. SMITH, iU Rosa atreet. |T0R 8AIX OR TO i-Ef-A THREE STORV AND BASE .F ment brick linuse, price $J,H00, only 4800 cash required. Rant, M60 per annum Inquin of C. Si'liUL TilEJS, on the prerni?es, 120Degraw street. South Brook lyn, liom 8 till 12 A.M * 1-iOR 8A1.E? 47 FARMS, OF FROM 2 TO *00 ACRES, various price*. Also, 1M> home* and lota, price* li< m $1,300 to (40,000 Al-o 1,662 lots, prices from tth to ??,uo0. Apply to R D GOODWIN, Cl.ntoj Hall, corner of Eighth atreet and Lafay-tte pUc. IM>R8AI.E.? A BROWN RW UK 110! SE, Tih i HENR/ street, Brooklyn, wilh furniture. All the n i?Asw money c?n remain on ir.ortt'*??, eweeps ?l .00, drat claaa dry eooda will be taken Inquire on the premise*, or of S. M. PARSONS. |~o"ir SAl K? A NEW HOUSE, Whu7 vTnISHED, Tn \\ llltamaburg, n?ar the lerries, for $2,500. Alao, to let in New York, a house in Elm street, a par menu, atores and baeemeuU. in Mott, Rose, James and Green wich streets, i'osaessiou thi* day. Applv to S C. SMITH, '?>?< Rose street OlIL FOR SAIJt? A~ PAKTNYk WANTED rO IN teat f 6,00?t and take an inter at in a tirat claaa hotel in one of the bent locations in the city. Addrea* H. J. A., Post Office, New York. J OR SALE CHEAP?A CHKKT OF CARPKS' TMH' tools, containing every requisite. Apply at the Ray State Hotel, 146 and 147 tultoa street. TO "CARPENTEW, PIANO, C'AB1NETMAKKR8 asTd other*.? For aaie, lot ou north aide of Tblrty-third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, 26 feet front and rear, aad 100 feet deep, with three story shop on rear, with cellar; alao, dwell ng on front, with g*? and froton water, all In complete order. Inquire of PRATT k HILL, on the prpmisea. Also, a horse power lor sale. UOtltER, ROOMS, St WANTK D. ClT AAA TO W.OO" ? ^ WANTED TO PORCH ASE IJ) | ,Uv'U a me-liuin clae* n basement aou*e ia the city, worth from I7,<hj0 te #'.< liOO. Addrei* D. F. Cfcilaon, 116 South Fourth atreet, WiUiamsburgh. RKPI E* T A H 11 FAMILY WISHBH TO HIRE PART of a bouse? rent from (300 to 1400 ? or would board private family. Addreee W. W. Herald office. pOTTAGK WANTED TO HIRE, BY A CAREFUL AND permanent tenant, in Jersey city or Hobo ken. suita ble for a ? mall family of three persons Rent must be moderate Address, stating terms folly, accommoda tions, he., Reucber, Herald office. ?*' ANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY, O.N THE FIRST vv of February, (for fifteen month* or more from that date,) tbe upper part of a bouae. Rent must be moderate, and the location below Fourth street. Ad drees E. E. , Herald office. ytr A NTKD TO HIRE S LEASE? A GENTEEL HOI><& W to be loeate^l near Broadway, between Canal street and In ion Park R?nt not to eteeed 9700. Poaaesaion waatwl imme-ilately or by the let of February. Aidrees 8. R , Herald ofllee, stating full parllaulars. ANTED - FI'RNISHED APARTMUfFs" IX>K A gentleman, lady and servant, ia a qui*t, retired Esrt of the city. Tnree chambers, aittiig rion and Itcben. 1'oeaession required within one month. AJ dress Comfort, Herald office, stating terms, location, Ac , for one week. W ANTED TV) RENT? BY A SMALL t \MI1.yT WTTH oat rbildren, a mo-terate slaed 1 otisa , o.mi 'ottah y furnished, in New York city, or in lloho?en. The rent must be moderate. Address A B., Herald oIK.,*. WAMil'B KENT? A HOCmTT/K-ATED HETWEICN If Spring and Reado streets, Br'mdway aod West Briadway. Apply to J. A. LOWE, 237 Broadway. \r A( fir? WANTED ft) PUBCHiST A SMALL YaCHT J or large sail boat, of ?ood mooel ?nd a fa*t *biier. Adiirs as box 2,JM, Poat Office, with full particulars, sue, price, age, whereto be seen, Ac. w mK ART*. VALEN TlNttU-41'RCI AL NWK,T: TO THK THAI/F. ? Valantiaa telrri in ill ptrU of tbt wutq itonald ?o4 ?t oaaa for ?na of in)ui?o'? rn* dollar nturtM urn of ralaattaaa, mUi?m Um larga ?*?ort**ek ?<? ? 144 comic ThWo'ln**, aanwtad. M NO. 1, Mat!M*Dl*l 4a MNrM. 34 ii 2, " 11 k || II } 14 H II |0 II 1 II II II ? ?? ia, ?? ?? " II ?' '24 M ?? ?< It ?? #7, ?' " " 18 " to, " ?? ?' S ? 1W, '? " " 13 " I, Iwj KflltpM, " la ?? i?. " " '? la ?? it, " ? " I ftlraUM arttora. This will aa arat at oooa ia a uaat paafea?a. >7 ** Ci, or otharwUa. to aa/ aitr, tova or rklut?a la >a* *4 htotaa or CaaAoa. oa Uia raoaipt of ton doiiara n?t? ta tha moot Ubaral affar arar a*<> to raiaatiaa .tokri by U) pabkal.?r, u4 ahaufat uadaaa all who vtab toaacara it* xl'tntofaa to Mail to ttor mbri *ttb?at <lalar. Val^attoa oa<ap?*i?a aa<t ahoiaaala toairra ii^IM oa IK- awl Ubaral tow, for aaati. fra? tha aMMt a*t aoit aplaadut ??larliint. <>rd?n Mat to T. V. If TROHO Maaafaatarar, to Naaaaa at., ?. T.. atll ba paactualijr attoada-l to URAOKAm ?JJAU* - 1 nmj*0 THK BALI. MKAJ*OV, TAYI/m' X) aptaa* aalaoa, batwaaa Wi'i aal Marina ilrwtt ?ill to kaat opaa till imm o'clock, far tba etaiaiMn of pwuai w tailing to tUa aapya*. 2mrr*n tatw mptaCRatt ? in ?kmby'WIP' pactfaliy airttfr aar fr.?a4a, a^aaiatawM and tba * la i-aaral tfcat aa will opaa, aa fabraarr tat aast, a raataataa*. r~n*~u4 w tb a* avatar aal bm aalaaa, at fa. 101 Naaaaa airaat, aoraOT af Am ttraat. aa4 np?t to mHatj mmy mi aba llaaa to ataM aar ? tobfcabaaat. Wadaaaday, Jaaaary ?1, a fraa laarA at *i? a ciact r U. UnfimL * IM/HSX for a*Uh COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO IJET-EIGRT AND A HALF mile* from the City Hall, with * table Ml every other accommodation- an excellent garden with fruit traee. Apply to J. M. HRADHCRST, near the prtaliw, Tenth avenue id! lMth ilnit, EfRNlSHED HOI'S E TO LET, CONTAINING TEN mome. neatly and elegantly furnished throughout ; antlv located, near lludaon atreet, and within two <Wr? of Caaal street I'art of the rent taken in board, it agreeable. Enquire at th? Railroad Reetauraat, corner of Hudeon and Canal etreeta. Notice? a holhe to let, with all tje mo dern improvement*, at No. 191 WeatTwenty-fourth atre*t. It can be teen from 1 to 4 o'clock P. M. OFFICES TO LET? SINGLE OR IN SUITS, IN THE new banking building northweat SO roar of Naaaau and l'ine atreeU. Apply at the Uank of the Oommon wealth, or of JOHN LLOYD, 18 Naaaau itrwet. TJART OK A HOUSE TO L<r? THE FRONT AND BACK X parlor*. kitchen ami two bedroom*, of a conveuient ly located bouae, with immediate poaaeaaion. Term* moderate. Apply at 43 Second avenue. SBOl' TO LET? Tilt .SECOND FIjOOR OK NO. 41 Woo*t*r afreet, 'Jft feet by about tfft. I'oiixenioti immediately. Inquire on tbe third lioor. TO LET' ? A STORK, WITH HOUE FIRST HA IK 1/&'TS. with excellent light, in a Hne ilocatioe, corner of Greenwich and Mount ntreeta, immeiliate'pneMHtioa cau be bad. Inquire of JOHN LL)YD, 18 Na?>u etreet. 1H> LET? THK IUNDSOUKLY FCRNISUKD FIRST . clam new lour atory Uroen atone Ironl Euglutb buacment liouae aituatc No. i'li Went Thirty (mirth etreet; lia* all tbe modem improvement*, in in perfect on er, and airord-i a rare opportunity for pereona dealr ng a pleaaant and elegant re?idenct. Tim bouae ani furniture are "jotli new, and will be rented together on a leaie. Addreaa boa 2,4&'i I'aat utUce. TO l ET? I'ART OK A PLEASANT THREE STORY houne, cona'atiag of second Hour, bui-m-nl and attic ro?mit, with gaa and water privilege*, below Caual etreet, and within a few door* of Broad ?ay. Pottneaxlon immediately. Adlreaa X. '/. , IJerald ofllee. To I ET ? A DWELLING HOt'SK ON TUB HKIGII W of Brooklyn, wittiiu two minutea' walk of Miotague lerry; location very deairaoln Rent till May (Hit, or $660 per annum. I'art of furniture for gale. For parti cular* addreaa R. D., Herald oMce. TO LEASE? THE HOL'SE AND UJT NO. ;)*4 URo.lD way, corner of Krankiin *treet. will be leased lor a term ol yeara. Apply to ADAMS k LUCKEY, 76 Naa aau etreet. TO LET OR LEASE? THE BTOllK. AND DWELLING, on the nortlieaat corner of Kourtu avenue an 1 Nineteenth etreet, a aplxndtd location for a grocery Htore, aleo the atire adjoining on Fourth avenue. I'oa seaalon given iinmeduieiy if required. Impure on the premiaee, or of A. L. OjBORN, at aft Canal atr<M t, from to 7 I'. M. ' TO MERCHANTS, LAWYERS A.NO AKTISr.-l.-A SPA cioua ami moat eligible atore, and elegant auita of chamber*, to let on Broadway, the north *?at corner ol Anthony etreet. 'The building ia oue of the moat auli atantial in the city, aecure from lire and thieve*, and comprise* about one hundied eepar te oflicee or apart ments. 1 he etore ia adapted for either a wliole?ali or retail trade, requiring a central aituat>un The room* above are laid out (or ;bt occupancy ol lawyer*, artiat*. banker*, underwriter*, *tudenta, or other professional gentlemen, and poaaee* every requisite convenience and ail modern itnprovemeut*, in ga*. water and veu Illation. Apply t J WM. B. MOFFAT, Wti Broadway. TO l.KT? TO I- MALL AMERICAN FAtflUB*, FLO )R3 tiMiigb, con*i*ting of Ave room*, with oath, Crott>u .vater, Ate , in the new hoime* in W?*t Nineteenth street, between the Seventh and Eighth avenu?*. Rente ?K /ill to ?LI 60 per month. Inquire on the premiers, No. 140 West Nineteenth etreet, from 3 to S P. M. rm-rOHMKIN immkdiatkly~ihk mf brownatone front hou*e, 110 hj?*t I'lurteeuih ilre-t. with all mo'lerri improvement*; r?nt 11,000. Al-o, the now Kngllrh baarni"nt hou*e 14A Kaat Nineteenth ?treet; pr ce Itioo. Kor particular* apply to ril'^H'O, I HAM HI A CO, agent*, 101 Wall *tr?ei. rpo LET, AND POflUHOlf AT QHOt-TBB BEAU I tilul lull n'led three ntory and *Uine baieinent brick lioune 'Jlh Adam* ttieet, llrtiokiyn, three room* deep an 1 coutain-ng all the modern luiprovt-meut*, large garden full of flowering iilaal* and grape Tine*, euitable for a wholesale m*rchant or imp rter, and a large family. To a good tenant It will be let low, lor a term of yeara In quire in ibe ba*em?ut. 10 LET? TWO RICHLY Fl'RNlSIIKD ROOHS, AND pantrie*, with or without board, separate or toge tb?r;every att-nt.on | aid to the >:nm'art of tbe occu pant*; no other boarder* Call lor tbrse day* at lbl .-pting ?tre?t, from lu A. M. to & P. If. TUK rlRBB|i? IrtCT AHf MIlN T.'? Nl/Tit'E IB HEHKBV UIVI..N, JP purauaut to the etatutea i>( the Stall of New York. ?d aucn caae made and provided, that a* appliaation will be made to the l/egialatur*, at it* iweoent eeawioa, for the paatage of a law to inrrea'e the (00*1 of tbe Kire De part moat m and of the city of New York, to one hun dred and dllv tbouaaud doUara. J' KN 8. GIIJH, Treaaurer. New York, Jan. IB, 18' k HUltHk.*, tAltlllAliK*, dli. For hale-on* bay horse, muteex hands high, aouad and kind, une market cart and eart barneaa and aleigh, nearly new. The owoer ia going Weat. To be *een at oyater ecow No. 10, street, North nver. 1jMj? HA IX ? A SORREL HOt'.SK, FIFTkEN HANDH ' blgb, *ii yeara old, very afyliab, eouod aod kind, aid can trot very faat either in aingle or doutle liariuu, alao, a light wagon and harneaa Can <*? **ea by apply ing to IIAVID A. MOIJIAoK, 21 Centre maraet, before 1 o'clock , er after, at atablo 84 Third etreet. Livery stabijc for halk-thk stock, m tarea and good will, together wtta a laaae of live ?eare wlili the priv lrge of pnritha<ie of the atame .No. 60 p"e?t I ifteeath etreet, now doing one of the beat huaineae |ii the city AUo aeveral private arriagee for aale cheap. Apply on tbe premiaee. IHHCEIXA.I KOl'K. tx rr BROADWAY.? <;KM l.> >I'.n ' KA-imOMABI.K furn ?lilng bazaar ? UC4TIM * Si.tCOKL) In *Jto -prclal attention to tb?ir ayatem of ablrt ruakiiif? conplatc m?a?ur*iii?o;, careful cutt.uf, b*at ?f o.-ila a?irk witB arti'tic liniah, and au ula if not to pi' aa*. (irntlrm' it who li??t b*?n diaappomtad ?r* particularly lnrlt*d to call. QfT fk CAHM HPUUTH TVAPEVnifE, WiNTA! VINO ^t)\J four can* of Ar* gallon* cacti, put up la ?u |.?-rn r ord*r, auitaM* for '.li* California and Auatralian matktU, for wile by 14)('N UD'lty K IlKTHI, t'J Burliag dip. 1/?r canai. -mnr, sr.AH VAOICK w * il _LOO fori; -tg.ataaad f?Oi!i r, kite baa r?o<a, amnaiT ?? |' >?< rtWi wtr*fO"?*. Wt bar* a larf* ?i?oniii'i. . <>f ibf lat-at p?t rnu if n.aatol (r?v>?, ni.pi and ttoraa, for aala oa raaaouiMa no * Ural** and nux " t jji J r..r>**? "nr.l, bra** foaad ?t?' an 1 ]"? ll?r? ' lufii*'. a? built, i or** bn*d, bakara' ourr* built *ou r*pa.r?vl. Dkorati?? hwi Momm or mc ckkma* aad Ifiiaa *ohuoL ? h r*?<l y it W <mt< la tba rut ?r>pruT*d m a oar ai. 1 la all ?t*l?* A "lr*** at t>K ? *?rti OKOMit r ft Hi. Gnts'n tEWitiurico plkni-hino .-rriitt? at va'ioa I" laotad to tba tiparior arlirkM la tua frati?i.i?o * luraiaiiiag d*per want at UKKKt'ri ahlrt **;abli f.mtnl, No. 1 Aator Hoaaa. Th? a lock lariitd** ?t?r y ??r trtj of >.i.d*rahirU, draw*r* I* Jo nrtlia t>*a, ?earl*, bandkarehiafa, irlo<*a. half bo**, ?u*p?adarv r?na?. umbr*Ua*. dr**ai<ig eaaaa, trarall n< abaaia gild abirt (tad* and alcat* battoua, no iat*d *ud <,tb-r?<a>, nprra giaaaaa, Jr.., imported foe lit* (all an] wla'ar trad*. Tb? prica* art nxdvrato, and tha aawrtaxut un ?qaalM. G? UN'S KAU* IKWlH, rtA-HI AND hl.Jxll IlHlor. - f tool * itobiuaon rueaufacturare. bar* aAaMuial a d*pat at No. i t'taal atraat, wbera Ua*y *UI tall at factor; pr, e*. AU work warranted john f KA-werr. A**r>t. IN anMHWi to TMM MAKKJCT MkA ft". JMBf M?-k k ' <-a't n cord '**> jra t > tpun\ coitoa, ?? t~d r?ap?' Uullj to rail lb* altaatiou of wbul?*al* aa I rttalf b?Tf? ant conaumara to tba art el? at bi a< a?rt*i .? tb*ir farorabi* aotte*. Mr. Uek lb., ??< for a??rl/ thirty ytara nanagar fnr lb' maaufacl jr*r aW oaUat bvtoa tba f.rat rank ia ihla ? It; aoi ta* la' ? of U t ba> Inf nn t trilli graat inrraa* n tba MriUab, ' *aa?li*a a>l led. a maraata. *la<-* I, a k<(> uutajfar*. ?r>n?ria bi* o?a f''unt. Bain a* fa?i -?i,aB? 1 that ika aa'trm bat onl| lo ba >r. ?n to hmenm* a popuUr ?al fmiil* *rlt cl*. Mi m tb* ratoat of M?>?i> U.ek'a ai.ita, aad ' a<tr mi'l mrry 'ia> n* all tba la'??t iBipru . a r.*ola, w i >ra aaab<*d to '*11 it fti-ap*r tba a an f otbf" Aral '.'.aaa tbraad la tb* H ataa. Mr l>i k, At,, auj?r .> ti.a aiaoafacturiBf i?|<artr.?n' aad aa aat >(* <, ta> t ?!*? ajoola dar af tb?.r maa<ifa?* aad b?'?ra abip .i nt, *? caa fuaraal** that tba eutton a ill %] a %j a >aa at iin it* character and b* a^aal, If a"t aaparlnr. 's> ?n y tr,t r *>* tbr?ad au* ana^a A ?iatt U aoii'rtad r< io ba; art ? bon auaioii ibair aarehaaaa far >|riaf Sjr A<iRMi.r Mji.AV A '0, II I*/ auart N. H ? tbi tbr-?l i* paauMart/ adaptad far *?<*!?( aiaa>Maaa. TO CAB IflKM IilW.- If YOU WAWT |NI jMBH (,rM*ctad frtMri tiia fraat, aad lliid ailb bUk prar f ffktSXM. rail na Jul a 0 Wllaaa. (a* aad rtaaia fltvar, "J (>Ltr* atraat, (lata af tba utd I a* f? ipaay.) i.wiwmi.ic." pa/ | c\m> m ncriKKm HAiorr wu*wr, l)v'/ ? a?*, nat. h*(*b aat IrUb v>i***t*. I?ad?a aad lUM a part* r, flaateb lb*, laaaath da Et?r, far faatl* a*a a ana a*, awl tardakta, fb* aai* < WM ? mixkmu^ IM bfWM* *tra*t, mr?r >f I ?by ?VToW UNWyi;, Aim rot* fULft-ftHANItfCft. i.1 aiaa*. al<*a ail. pruaa* framcb lav-Urd (**?>?? ?*ftn., fna dtfbraat t>aa*b fraaa llirlam aad Haraa U?*. Ataa. Ula i*>*braA* I aayal way abaan payaa aad daabk iaaa |ta Par aaia frmm t ia *W a* frana t? * TaHad #at** baa?* 1 a Vara* by L A Btinurf t ROWS, It (Mm Unit *n ROADWAY THKATU.? S. A. JO lMM.-SONiOfNtl6M;l Munday iii^n, Jan 19, *11) be performed CINDERELLA. Prior* hill Mr. Hire* n All'loro Mr Beru>ealie OuiUnl ....Mr. ilun?dl Pompoliiio Mr. Whiting Pedro Mr. ??.??? '?? durlnili Mia* Pjd? Thinbe Carlottl I'ltm nl tindcialla Mia* Louiaa Pjn? THE OMNIBUS Pat Roonay..Mr. Seymour | Mr*. Dobb* Mr*. Henry VALLAUE>8 THEaA*, BROADWAY, NltAR Inom *tra*t? Monday Jan. 2V, Benefit of Mr. L**ter. TOWN AND coi'Nrey. Reuben (Jlenroy J Mr I*)t?r Coney Mr. Illaka I Hawbuck Mr. Vincent Trot. ....... Mr Broufhaai Roaall* ... . Mia* It Bennett Plaatic .Mr. Stewart Mr-. Ulanroy.. ..Mr*. Ho ey TME ciuric Puff Mr. I?ater I Wbukeranda*.. .Brougham Sneer Mr. BIan<l I Tilhurina .. . . Mr?. Stepheu* Dangle.... Mr. Chippendale | Confidant Mia* Carman Circus, miiropoutan thkathk.? m ana jkrs, R Hand* and J. J. Nathan*. Door* open ?t ?> ; tommrnc* at T)f o'clock. Monday, Janiahy v'? NEW AMI SPLENDID ORGANIZATION. TEATS UK EQUESTRIAN tWILL, BRII.I.IANT ( AVAL CADIS, l HIV* I.ttIC UPURrS, HISTORICAL AND ROMANTIC I'Ali KAN TH, CLASSIC KXKRCWKB, occasionally varied with COMIC B.RLET1AS, PANTOMIMES, GROTfHQlEB, HAI.I.K'IM, KTC. The entertainment* will be nrcomp.inied by A M 1JTARY HAND. B' ARNUM'S AMFJUCAN MUSEUM ? CHASTE AND beautiful performance* tfiry afttrawa and inn inf.? Mr. John ft. Scott will appear on Moad.kjr nwin(, January ill), a* MACBETH, a?i?<?l by C W. I'lur Hadaway, Mi?* M??tayer and Mia* Hrun, Ac. Alter niton, at U. two diverting piece*. The now St* tuary, tbe liviug (iiralle, Happy Family, fcc., to be aeeu a* UHual. Admittance, 26 ceata; children under ten, ItS cent*. G1 EO CHRIHTY A WOOD'S MLNSTRKI*, IN CONMK r qucnca of th* dedructlnn of their hall, 444 Broad way, by lire, waM perform every evening at MtcTiANfcs' ha:i., 472 muiADW a y , under the control of H. WOOD, GEO. UMIHTY, j l*ropri*tor?. All bucineaa tranaacted by H. Woo4 Ethiopian minsthw-sy, BIRIKFQCI OPERA IJGHT KAKi'W, DANCES, KIT, Afrkanmd by the niMt accompllahed company in th* world. A chunge of programme every evening. Ikkji* open at o'clock, to commence At 7 pre ?Wely. WTyrALLACK'S THEATRE.- EXTRA. ?MR. LBTB W lit* the honor to inform the public that III-* BENEFIT will take place ?n MONDAY NEXT, JAN. 2l?, when Morton'* celebrated comedy nf TOWN A.nD COUNTRY will be played, for tlie liret time, by th!* company. Al?o, Phcriaan'n celebrated two act comedy of TI1E CRITIC. Mr. tauter will nppear, for th* fir?t tlmt, a* R?nben Olenro) , and a* I'uli, in the ?'Critic.." Mr M'ake, Mr. Brougham Mr. Hlewart, Mr Vincent, Mr. Phillip*, Mr. Bland, Minn Koiia Bennett, Mr*. Ho-y, M ?? Blake, Mr*. Stephen*, Mr>. Cramer, kr , Ac., will alio appear. Broadway Sunday concerto -metropolitan Opera Home. Broadway. oppoalte Huod utreet The tenth gram! Concert of the - r i ? ?* will ttke place on 8UNDAY EVENING, JANUARY Z8. IIRII.I.IANT raollKAMMK. HKRR L. SCHKKIBKK, wlo upon hi* flr*t appear, m.-e in America, fully *u* l*ineti the poiition aligned bfiu by all th" European crttl'-a, Ihu greate*'. Cornet- a I'uton performer in the wuild. M'UJC ( AMILLE I'ltSO, Mil U WaRRK, hi* Br*t appearance at the-,e Concert*: ??*;?<?< I hy the 1'\R1VAIJJCD OiU H?rRA. Conductor Ilerr Kreutaer Manager Mr Kranx Hughe* PRO iRAMMK t*A KT I. ? ?A< KKI). Overture ? f?cre<! .Handel Hong? '?Comfort Ye My People " from the "Ma* ?tall" llanlel Hung by Mr O Wnrie "?oturoo ? C"mp?>?e?i by V Bu*rh, Cbap*l Mai ler to li. M the King of ItttAMirk Solo, ( iirnet a-PUtoo ? "Ay* Mana," by re i|Ue*t Schubert Performed by ll>-rr S?hr*lb*r. Song?' Down in a Valley," from th* "Me*?lah".Handf| hung bj M- <? Warre. Tha Twenty third I'ealni, ly thu'iert an<nK I for lull Orchestra V liuacli Interaiioeioii ot live nnnu'e*. Pa ht it. -- 4M.t i.Aa. ii?rearol? Aul>er Orckaatra. Solo, Violin? Ou Tbeme* fiou ^omnainhula, ar rAtga<l by Slvori M'lle Camilla Ur*o .K?og? " The I a** R?>e of nummer," arranged for the fuil On bentra Hum Ii Bala, Oaim a-t i-tau ? ? .-ouven r de IHlin " . . Artot I'trlf-noed bjr Ilerr ."ebreiher -inf< nia Tb? herio from the Sinfonia In A M?n l*N*ohn latermiuioo of ftv* minute*. r A KT III. Overture? "ta Cb?v*l de llroaan"... Aobe ro. o, V.oiia I'agauial Kiecutei hy M lie I am II* I r?o The ,-lelgTi Rhle, arranged for tbe lull Orchev tra Jullien Th* W eii'lmg Marnb ? From th* " Midsummer Night'* l'r*am" M*n<*e|*?<ihn Adm ??inn to all pari* of the h?u*f 'Ut ??nt* Re>er?ed t'eaU in Parquetta (.'irrle lit cnt* Door* open at . to cammaiic* at 1 X pr'-ci*ely. HILUAR1M. BILI.1AKIJH -FOR HAI.E, A FIII T CI.A-H lill.UAHD ?al?on, eontaiomg e ght luperior taMea, with l?*r and rtitare* Central location Katl?fa-t?ry r*a*'?i* given for *?lhng. I'leaa* a<ldr*** a aat* loH, H R., Po*t Ma*, D 1XMTT AMD POVHD. ( >1 FOCHD ?CAME TO THE EDVCIIIHERrt' premi***, on Friday laat, a Mack an<l tan Mrrter, wiilcb tbe owner an have by proviLg properly ial pay ing *V|?a*a*. THOMSON * OS'. Broad VI?rin?-Datt)IO I-AKT KMMKK, A WJXCQN r 'am ng wear.Lg apparel tad other g?od*, m ir??t K. M> i.raw Detroit Micb. fh* oen-r caa nave it by prov ing property, and applying to Ni hola* ILaiey, HI Cbrietopber (treat. Lost? onmati rday evening, aboi r lO'CL";*. A (leigh rnba. In th* VI -in ty nf ( larewioot, D?Kalh and Cl.aton avenuae The tader w II b* auitaoly nvanM bv leaving It at CARi.E k DURYEE'S tUble* Fallon ?trret, Brooklyn. L(?T- ON THE 27TH IfrT , WHILE tiOINtJ FROM Math avenu* to Klgath atreat and rroiaing tint Wathingtoa parade ground ta Wav*rle) plaoe a plain gold Una hr*. elet. Any peraon Sliding the aama will be Dberally rewardo-l on Uaving it at HlitU avenia*, up ?talr*. ' ]O^T? ON IHL'KfDAV KVASINO, KKTWI'EV FIVE j and *ia o eljok, goiag Iroa Ituraoaaa * to feauad avenue, a aabla cap* lined wrb dark chang*abi* atlk. The Under win ba liberally rewarded by retaralng It to r. a. HtUf, Bowery. oflt?i miin iwr , in paium tmAoomi I |i Klancjr a're?t, IViwery, ?<(.riiig alr*et flr<^.|??y anal itreet to lAigbt, a g'-ld watch, with ?i la- i IfiA chala attached, Tohiaa, maker Any per*on Holing th* abiv* will receive a liberal i*ward oa Im via* tba ?am* at M lalgbt atraat. RRWAHIM. Anr?nr<iiii?iiii9:Mii m?k mi otisw f.f tk? ihl?f or ?h *lio ?t?U th? x-r ftl h^r-? ?tt* ?l?i?b, *ith rtbN aa wbip, tfm 1*J? o r of 1ft filth ?lr??l on Hala ? ?j ???i. r?* b?ta??ri ta? boar* of * ?n<l W o'clock J II 'JHArtAM RKWAJU) rnuTKf> ? iK *Xvijry n t/ .vf f ilrnt M?rr?r War rt i> ?hHt, t fx; ?>?>? ?t.-t ft, iin un Inu ? laat ? ??I >a4 I.U'k Ml>, ?n> * .ill* h at Iwit ft* I ft f?Utn i'i ?n U>? ott*r tk* ? !#>( b '? ft (malt ??' Ml?t? I ? tb ft daab Laard pataWKl Wwa a*4 wata a*4 sbaat ?? 1 fttrU ol |fw?ri*i TVa iMm r? w trt ail. l? pa< I Kit an; ia'of ?.atkm wt .rfc ??/ l??4 li tsa uf kjr I. R MU W?R 441 rturtkomw (Tj I i V I'.IWAkn I'm 'Hi KlOU* IIS Tilt" ?J'/ 4?7 ????"? i'th laat tao Han f>M Tha aitl r*? *? tba <Vm ra?a I ?a Ua? Bf Iktau <! ink* *tfa? 1 ft* I it mM. f K?WAHI> -I'KT, Ol THK RVKMIkf* 1MR ?) tttfe ftl tba M'mto < Mat* ???*!, a t M tF * 'or Ml '*1 ? Mr|ttllt IW fckll* Vttl M ??14 oa ikaltaa I* A IkUav IWi W L?* ?!**??. *|\ k ROU AIJ* KfWARJi Itm, A RK CkJflUf J r? , ?Mli 'Iwiw, ? tif>vl|?g * MX I r?turn H at *? 111 Mutk htaaaa, cmar X.?U? iu?t, ai.l nwtn ib? abort raaari. MIUIIAL. Br ur.m*r* karm ahj. :/hvi?im mux-- a. W?i??i ta4 M*ma?? n?4?.lllk *?jiu.,a,?4t i, <nta|rtfii(i Ml at JEB Rntattr u.l mm w fr?? for II, k; UM aafbat, p*.jratri?? a?4 ?afftaa, *?o ti R? 1 Aa ftiMl MM O# ItnaitH, >k?f? to U ...aa..i?"fr?*all A M to 1 1 M . aad ? to ? V M . ?ia!?fi ?i'?yl?t I I ? M Um 4r?f ?*#*? rtllnb t-aata* ^atlMtifM. A'Mimi aJ attotlM M4 1r? Y?-ft loaf '*aa Waaaaaar altb ?tl otba* r*f" a i i? w lag Br Uwial to tka aintoi- Oaa#rta? 4?. RU>? ' ale. fca DjC~ iiKhwre" >**? " am ? u mot ifini ? ? ? -? Marr atft'.akla, IIVba<H?a?, Ml fMk. H ?apa?tof? MM a! m Rial?ay, a*4 owW fiaa ' tka a?ki?. fby"*? ??< wifaa R-> 41 Ra*>** mriw H kr-4il?ar ?%??? ba l? immIM 'f-? II a M to?rn.M??to?r K, '* ?0+M M 1 - >m lb* 4raf fWa IWb?u inaial ?t mII ?t twpfm tllian all Mun Raa Ml Tort Faat ran fi xmriif *iu all ????? ? awa* a(Dt l^naiat to tba a*??to4 ? Onnftt Ax tu? I ate Aa AMI; MB MIC im. BURTON'S TIIJLATKK CUaMUUU DTKICKr.? MO.H iMj. our sir, Or, fw tli* nrw roouKly. by the lutlwr of "TlnlMoufkitlly," b.fbljr ?uccooaful and r' ceirad with loud apptau* aud laughter, and eililbltlu( a rur mutu rouno at WAmnjKiWM. Witb. lr>( here, HuekiliiiM i exciting itrMU of WOMAN 8 til'K IN THRKK JTtA??, ThK (llNI TM* Wira, AMI TIM MOTORS. with a lull rout of the b< at Ul>nt. Mr. Hurton a* Doe to 1-acnurr an.l H.jAMti tha Mod. I Mr. Jorilan, Mr. H?hO' Mr Mirrhint Mr. John?tnn. Mr. Andrawa, MIm IUj Blond, Mra. Hughe*, lira. Hurton, k?. kc ??iit? may be a*< ur*d iu advance. _____ ?powBti niuiiu. -fMH'iunuH and MililN r> I. P. Waldrna, -"*#? Wilier. Robert Jonaa. ? Pile* ?f Admtaaton ? Hniae, l? Mete I*U aud Ukllery. If) eeata; Prteata n?iee U Mohiiat ?.tamae. JaaCiKT 'iB THE W KIT Of II I r. WIKHTON-WlflH IHKJ.ANIi AM IT IS IRIfH ASM HAN< K AUD YANKEE MODtMIY. Bocsunr* bnuuiajmin, ??*? hhoai>w*y? tr*. nitudoua ?uccn?? of IU* t(rand new barl?a<iua on MCY OI UhULKMOuH, in four aata, n' rodurinK- all the " original gewu" of thia (MOilt* opera WHICH WII.LBK HKI KAll I? AM. THIHWEKK. Preceding tb* opera. Mt.llO MINSTRELSY. Concert <:oinn.*n< ?- at 7 o < lock. Ticket*, 'lb eente ; R?*?r??l l"?Bta frb rente. D ONALlfeO.SH OI HtA HOI Mi, * 1 S ami 7'.<i Hn.adwar, 0?(ioa t* itor N< ? York Hotel. 01 KN kVKItY Nli. II r The nin-t tab nU'l and amurine iTl COMPANY Of NH.Ho DM INK ATOM IN fllE WORLD. A<!nil??ion, '.ft r<-Dt* Door* npan at 8)%; to oonowiM at 7>j o'clock Saturday afiernoon Concur t for tha arromrnodatlOB at Ijtdleaind i-blldien aotnM'iioaiag at 3 o'clock. I1RAMKIIN mt-KI M, Mi M HOW Kit Y. NEARLY o|i|M?it? Oi? llo?aij> Tb.?lr* IVrfermam-xa every afternoon at .1, ?ml ??erj r ereniM, at T. N. B ? tHnncn *iB ob>?na uul um I nn lm Miwum la tha on)) |.la< ? u iha I i.r.- i -i?t* wLere th* Mo.lal Artiataa tra rikibilai. mtb <>tu?r "rviiial ?nlaitalnmaala. Ra nt*- r No H. wt-rj Mil. Bl'< HANAN, THE AMKRIl'AN MlAK.HW.RKAN actor wl'l appear at |lb*uy, Monia*, Jan iO, aa Haail't; Tu?*. ?y, a. Otbnlo, Wrdieeday, aa Rlcltall* u ; Ibaraday, a> Macbeth >lio?, b o?lit, aa t ?icinaa, la tb* naw bUt> rl< al txffiljr, intitb-l * act una, tba Itooun (oNtll," (lltl'l II|Hri>!.. (or Mr Hit l.anan, an I a^t*d a It. 'i g ri at iu< c~ ? a ttiroo^- Moiit < . r. a' MHIaIii Mr Ho rliantn wiU ?pp?*?r at thw Si?t|* n%! lU?*Ur, fluwton, frbruftry IV, I* MKIKOI OI ITAN 1IIKATKK. ~lfANA<iKK^ j H. J. J. Nathmri'*. K* w ?ud Npl?u?t <1 urKkiiiut ?n, ooimni f<. lot MOM'il 1 ? >1 ? . Ji.K. TWO II I I. I rKUN 0UXPAN1XH, eomtirialiiK the ? ntir ? ' H. HaNI?4 At a .< J J MATH ANN, romb'mnir. In ? IO- III. II li^an* an "?rla nrii-nt, tv\o k.mi-k rn-r k~ <k kj k-ihuan amm.ym Nahdc auii i> Tba action of *-baaa oomblord tro i ;>?? ar II ha ronrtuad to tba M I.K.MXHI.- OK rUIC JUUCSA, coutiaMni t of nmltilai oul Vcataof liiuaattlan ! kill. Itr iltl ? nt t ??al ? laa, C'uvalil "porta, Hlitmi .1 and Romantic I'agaanta, rt?.-lc RiareUi'*, oceaalonallr rarlad by Coin I : Huriattaa. l'anU>a.iin< - lulUti, Ac. i?o HiUi? or iiocjU-h * so w>viii4, unr<|UalUd b; an; in tba a il I, . ittar for beauty, alcr aait.-n o arllon, oi ?up. rior tialtoiig t (osn.Y a no KxniNMvR wardrobe, with dupllcata ?tta of lio i?.n*?, tia|i|dnir> and lacora t'ona ol nil* tamfilml III llnr.) ' <????? li- l vith (arfral paraj bi-T na lin na ????art for ???tfrt to tliair \ AHIKH AMi i:. WiANI I XII I III HONK. Tha ant? rtali.nnu ? ?lll l?' a ' ompani?<l by a H IX Mil II \KY HASH. roll part rulara of lb' p? 1 1 .rnaaiiow* ?UI be found tn tb<* pro(iaiuui<-n uf lb' a??-n.r>ir ri |..u> or Alini- '!?>? ? f r??? 'In 1? . , , 60 eanta KnniiU l ii cla M ranta I'l ?at- 1 1 i ri ... $6 Ttiird llrtla ,IVS**nta I'lacia ra?ai >? d fof t'*.lora4 IVipb la tba ThiNUi'la. An vitra ant'italaaiant ?>tl ? it 'll a*ary WM>M>I AY AND HA1 1 lll'AY AKrtH.SrJON, ft tan>rnritig at '1 O'rli.. k I M ia n|nu tt t>S i |"rlem. iiuaa to aoiunMioca ?t T 0 I lock. mum? 9H18 v-iAin i-itMi.sT wiu. hk iJtr, uHaM) OR I'fOMRNADt ' 'V KKT- BAl.l? OR ANY i m ta?ii k i NTt.Hi ainmkx r Kor pirUcblai*, lto?pi>ra ol Mr A. MtMlRK, al tba front of! rr, i n I r..a'' >i) ]NT)KNAT"INAI. 4' -'I'M No ftt IHVtnoM ? tir?t.? Prof Flwr I fopr^tor --Tai Irani Virauta l>Tin( Kta'onr. - |r<faa?<. I l<nir, adth Ilia troupe al frrtrb an*' I allaa Mo 'al Art:?i% ??d W All. ' ?at,> a troupe ol M<riat/.i? eiblbte at 7b o'elaek. Anni'ialon tf> r?i.ta ri tie cAi.iroiUHA m ir "> ooui, wiimdmu 1 IM)>, Iha , ? no* on i il ion f< r a abort Ua>" at WBraai'a|| n it lo U-. i' ? ? ?af ll.ealra A'tnalt tanr.-, 12), .?ut? Hour* of ??ti.iMUoa fioaa 9 <?'rlo. k A. M loft o'i-Wn* P. M. a nuKiib kam'Hama m>ki tAij.. i'aintkd bv A ooe ol tlw hea< artiata In tbr n. nirj. Halijwlea t>mj ii*w and taiira a lieat lao tbouraad jr arda of rta. ia>a W 10 bo aold tow for oaatt I.r ei Uh|?4 for e'bea propertt. lartirulaia aa ill U (Irea by aldraaalng a note la ran' rama, Il>ral4 ?*?. I> H* I'lllHOXMI.. I * tsmaui op nvMMM awkaraiic*, A (wxl tlitmniiii'i bind it nil atri -tljr ttu.p-iata, aiabaa l* totui an ?? <j am'aoa *.tb a Iflrl jr. la *l*w ?( in?u lie n; ll> .nan a^Rwt, batlba jrtairt pr<porLiwn, if :aaira<l, > to l?? a itlaal ui-on lh? ial/ pre tlaui to ntirlt|i Ad ,r??? Jaiiwa, I la raid o# '* ? W KAI.TIIY III HINK- MA", CMTIKKt.t HMIW; Ukh ai.d aurlhy ? ah?a !'? corr-apond ?ll% a ma tr moa'al * aw, wl'h ?n Intallif "lit and a |? la Ma laAjr, BioaiBf ami|it waaltl.r arid rHaal rrlo., aoMnlkin utlatiMlkad'itMtM i V . Hrwoklja, L I , paatfaM. TTTathjiicmai^a uj r isihch riiiHry vkakh i>| if i|< alltout fr M.da < r f'irlua*, ?iiUl l| ?t !??*< nd a|ib a aui, Willi a *taa t?*, If mvl jally i>l?a*r I i~*aut/ or roalh !to i?bj*<*t. but IwM II (????* a i<d a cilinaUl mi' a 1 ad a|,??a.t?W. A tdrtra* fltl*, liiiailti; Kiwi for tbr*a- da/a HKKIf Ala 1 T? Dr warren. Mi-MRU* or nir aajjum up Hufff - a? of lnl'l.i. au>t Ibtiabargh atlmla to yn ? rat* praetlra at bit aid Mia' l'?bxl oAaa, 11 Mw4I*M ?traat, bmi i atbanaa. al>*ra i.a la par'or natai tba Maarl aaU n aiii,f r.aito oa raaard, aitbuut raaUaint to <U*t at hua.naa* p urauita DR JOMNtorR, 14 Uf A>b HTREKT, RAT it* fWW. n Had ? 1 aratj l?< faar* la oaa ?P-valMr aaaatoM It J Wctrtmik ram aa bar a tbnaa laaa aa farwttM tbaa fclaaaalf Ixa-winlmaal luaU/ cirM, w tboul tba aaa of aa? Da warii'h * m < mirxu nrr. morr rurA ration rf ai? lido- arar *?b Wtad in aaaaa af f*aaala w*ala*a* f'ru-afl ir I'oaar'* ladiaa p*r.odw?l ptBa far abatrurttaa* Nnlt;^al arrapraaato Itaaw *?jr R ? <1 < IIBHHflHW l? pHMbaSBE a It I. a b-?4 ? <a JMI Ikwa aant (k? ka?? n alraat'd di-aa-aa , aaafli a can at oaaa, ao-t an '?la 7 aa l aur> >i^hm Call an; ba?r at M Caaal ?traat jmi alU Aa I r Ward altaol.aj ftopareta faaaaa far fa' >? at* Adr ra (rati*. faaaala alll?, aad altar m?d - iaa* (- r faanala WM|>a*au by If WARP No Vg'aaal ataaat, oaadaor frwaa Ifcaad . "***-? - IRK i.RIaTRRT CI K?> MAI? ATM CAN Ai. UTRKJfT, ?M 4i?f Mil ?' lr?a Iaa;, ^ Dr Ward* umlot tanataa li j*A- tai'l arlala Raaaaaa >a a 'a? kaarl. Katbuni aia? aaa 4a it TV a j DaaA frata aU ^arta far tfcla naa ly I bat ' a r? abaa all alaa ra la D Rttvom WTViUh>.-? Rrr kwi nmr _ MB laalara 1 to baa Mb ia a f?a . . . a'wr aa*; raar* fraa' aaiiaa* aalrai, la aa I aa r->* laowa lb* aa?aa* af rara. M tu aaad (fraa , aa;*toa Ut* |waacr>tia<a ?a?i aa ra rait a* a >??ar ffaatfaU) Itrart to l*i M> m l>affaafl. m l altua rtmt, Brae* |? _ 1" >n MaKRIRI* * Mill nVtATR Ul CUM. tun ) >HM| kf I r A M M a v rwa aa |*afaMW ml Ala. MW'lfWla ">* baaAnlto aAU ?? , I /aaa ??, aa Aaa l?r"' ??'ra van ?| c '* II Inrjr a n^i a . ba*a Itarartaf, l,? --?a|*rfi^| b*r HI ' Ka ?.tl tb' a. Aaarr b?*1 tba aat ara - >.ar a?taf aad rlat* << r ?r r< a "it, aad ?<* ajara-l laa'b a*lWl) ml 'illtflaf TV* ? f* ab?it caraol af a *alto?r baa aftaa t^a4 ? a>'r?"t"a *i?d a-'? aa af tb* ? iaa? M ha |*rta?r*l*ltr fa1 aaa haalo., la raaf ? r t ? *WA bar MMtlmMa t r* tAa Maaaltlra a r*iial faatdaiaa, ? ill Sad tarn I? <raX<? aa.' adrlaa a*4 atoa atMaaa tt. ?? ? a.a?a ? jvma ab?- h air>*> alaa a??*a^aa> ai?fb taix' | ?? aiara liaw ** mt ar* fraaa ala'r./'l <?* o* irt*^>. la/lti*a >??i a/ w tt>A I lyalii, b w lTiala* rb* ??*ltb <4 <R ? . aM'k tlar ara l|K<rail aad ai b tWlr IMlW rlR btda ar.bIM aad ?l *4a|*? Maif *?Ra* f#^i M*. Ia|a?a itarl ?faU.?f af tk* ?*?ab i af fra? ta?t M?*a < aaa aaaaa daMKlf A- ) "* -?aa* ara to aalRai afa?f far aaaai aa<t'lb* f *?-? .?* aanla^nl I B*| aaa; baaaA.?rall, if a? *aa?**aaa daUaartoa aaMatow aad ar*atr?i? .a#<r>*rta? ' N raa atuaa laraa era b*wH a^ .raft r. <laa ?tl I* Ito MfMttoT af fra.-H -a aa- > f.U?aaa4 raJ*' Rara M .'?-?at. ? a *?f o'ab B^r*' M?a towa | w ?f.a . !I. >..a>aa?, ia'Wralat;?ai hj % 1 |. r ..?a".a a > UtH'aa aataaaa It t la raa aay fall; u. *ar^' aa *a>)a#to toaaWaA ?4. aaNifaf af a aatar* r*f -tly lit? <ta4 f'<r >ba aarrM ai tlar -a aaalraaalN aaarrtaca fat Nla bf 'tnaju 4 fawa trai, ft?R?Af*?f, W???A*|i , Aator HMaa *? I ?r*r; ali*?t I Mill A fjara-*>?rt, Tftt ?*a balMlafa. at Ra I ulw WtoiAA. Rl1 l4tai a*4 at tba aaWtot&a ? ?aa, ?*? tftart; ilnat, Jmmt* Ta^ar, MaRIa alaa T R >*Vtaa ]?? Oiaaaa' diaai fROa ia?f?.a Oa I fei ra*?4 fi 4 II a *-yt *W *? *'? ? ?* '*? tod by Ml tM a* f-aatotf* ta aaf a**i af Ma ?'?Hal 'tat a* All ktbn aa*t b* a44ra ?al prt Mad to fir A ?. ?Al Rir?*t a<R?r t*s ubrH| rira-t *, f , m -aa I, ISA. Haw Tart M a*<* mo

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