Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1855 Page 2
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KUVZOXPAL ArrAXlf. Board of Coanellmen. MaMOI 1.? Th* Board met at 5 o'clock, pur-nan ?d lournmeui D. a Con-over, fcq , "?*? ?hair. The minut*. of the ta-t mating we read and ap proved nmnofH rk>trr*i>. To bat. let. in Tw*-ty ""h street, b*tween 8Uth and Seventh avenur*, fwwdi <?? grade Ninth avenue from Thirty fli*t ?trw' to Kigbty sixth rtmt; aleo .Eighty, fcrurth stnet rrom Flghth avenue to Bloomingdalo road; U bare gas lamp* piaced in front of the I'roebyterian eborch >? Twenty-fifth street, between Seventh and Hghth avenues; to have Third avenue, between Thirtieth aud Thirty first street*, flagged; also, Thirty-ninth ?tr*et, between Fifth and Sixth avenuas; to regulate y?rty fourth street, from Ninth to Tenth avenues; of Uoae Company No. 66, for a hearing before Committee en Fire LVpartment relative to certain charges male gaint- 1 the oompary; against sewer in Division, between i ntger and Orchard streets; also against sewer in Third venue, between Seventy ninth and Eighty sixth streets. wioiianuiici or tuk man iiatt a.n oab company. The remonstrance of the Directors of the Manhattan a* Light Company against the passage of a certain pre mble and resolution adopted by the Board March 5, was laid on the table. The following is a copy of the remoa s trance. Q ct OT THE Manhattan Gaslioht Co., ) Nkw Yokk, March C. 18M. S to the Hon. the Uoabd or Council" e.n or the City or The' on der'knsd, directors of the Manhattan Gaslight Company bava noticed with great surprise the P*???*? of a certain preamble and resolution, refluctiigupon the stead to. and repntatlon of the two ga.- compau.e^f tnid c ty. With tome 18,000 customers now snpnliod with gas by tuls com nan v It is not .trange that complaint* should be made, andihe undersigned are not prepared to ? ay that sueh oom^ iX^nts h" vi not, 1 in some mJanoes. been well founded; but It ha* been at all tim?? the aim ani object of this company to lite them prompt attention aud leilress, and to manage *w/. I h.. company so a." to promote the oouvenieuce ud mod.Von Ttbe public. Vith this view, sad to enable the company to extend their works, and to lay their mains in streets an 1 avonnes whern they are not now laid, the "free tors hate applied to the l-egislature for an Increase of capital. It would doubtless be for the interest of the eomrany to discontinue turther expenditure, and lie oontent with the area now occupied. Such a course would rodder a further increase of oapital unnecessary, and the company would be relieved from extending their mains ts thu more reirote aud *parfceiy populated psvrt* of the inland. The undersigned would respectlully sugge&t to your hon orable body, that if it is iiguitied to them that snub increase ot capital, for the purposes suggested, would he wrong in Itself or dangerous to the public, or if for any ' 'uch ?crca>e is not necessary and desirable for tho aocunraoda tion of the public, then tho undersigned will at onoo with ^*AiT t^the'^arzes ^of'eatortion and imposition contained in the resolation or your honorable body, the uudersigied ut terly and positively deny their truth or Justice, and they invite the closest scrutiny on tho part ol tho Common touu oil as to tbe truth or falsity ot sueh charges. U y % report prepared tc be submitted to the Legislature this day It will be seen that the company was organised in 1*30, and that since that period the price charred for gas has been reduced from time to time fr un seven dollar' ito three dollars per one thousand culio feet, which last is tne price "iT wdVfurthcr be seen 'y ?aid report that nodlvldenJii were made until 183?; since which the average dindeuds have been 7 810th per cent per annum. _,._t When we consider the liability of the company to calami ties which cannot by covered by insurance, aud the perisha ble nature of their property, consisting of more than one hundred and seventy miles of pipe lyins under ground, scat tered over an area of many sunare miles, and when we con sider tho frequency with which the public are promised im^ provement in lighting the city, which will do away with the W'Jtks of tbis company altogether, and when especially we consider their liability to t'.o complaints ef lfi,tW() consumers ? often frivolous and unreasonable? this rate of dividend can hardly bo coniidercd extortionate and unreasonable. The undersigned consider that the resolution rarcrrod to does this company great injustioe: aud their oblect has been to make such expTsratlon as will measurably relieve the eompuny from the imputations oontalned therein. Signed by R. M. Lawrence, Henry Youns, Moss" Taylor, Wm. U. Smith, John Alstyne. Floyd Smith, John J. Phelps, Uriah J. Smith, John J. Cisco, John R. Ludlow, John Ro btosou, R. L. Stuart. BR0.VDWAT PAVEMKNTS. * By the I'KKITIKNT ? IS bwreaN, tho taking up the Jluss u/rmtst in n.oA'twav, for the purpose of putting down Croton and gas pipes, is a seriona injury to ths pave aent it beiog impossible to relay the same as perfectly as previously laid, and the result being very It should be uu^'er tbe supervision of one specified in dividual: tbereforo, be it Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee on Streets to take into consideration the propriety or ap pointii.g a .suitable person to superintend the taking up of the Russ and IJelgian pavements in Broadway and other streets, for the purpose sf laying Croton and gas pitee, &e. Adopted. r * LKAfINO W11ARVM. By the PiusiDEfT? Whereat, the Comptroller has ad vertised to lette the public wharves and piera for a pe riod of five years; and whereas, the effect of the same would probably result in an application to the Ugisla ture for an Inuieaee lu tlio r?UI ot wharfage deUimen til to the commercial Interests of the city ; and Inasmuch as tbe lesrees would not, in all probability, keep the piers in repair, and would resign the same at the expiration of tbe term in a dilupidated condition , thtrefore. be lt Resolved. That the Comptroller be, an.l he is hereby, directed in leasing the wharves and piers of the city ^ta lease tbe same for a period of only one year. Referred to Committee of the whi le. BmoLCTiora. Appropriating *250 to de'roy the expenses of the Spe eial Comm t >e of the Common Coun:li, appointed to al vocate tbe passage of nn act by th- L?gislitu? of this State, ceding the vacan; land west of Washington Mar ket to the city of New York. Referred. iuihorlriDg the Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies to contract for raising and setting the gutter IbMdway. from Rowling Green to Fourteenth street, In ? substantial and thorough manner. Adopted. To remove IncumbranseH to the pier at the foot Rooeevelt street. Referred. . . ?n Vestrv To have the house ereoted at the dock, between v estry and Ilevbros'es streets, occupied as a blacksmith s shop, removed forthwith. Referred. That his Honor the Major be requested to communi cate 'be num*?r and nsm'sof all polieemon appolntel tbe let of January, 185*. and how have been re-appointed . also, the number and names of all poll :emen who have been removed, wth ef their removal, and the names of those appointed to flU their places respectively. ACCIDFNT' IN PKMOLIBIIINQ BCILriXOfl. By Connciliivin Pucmrr-WbtrfM, By reaton of the earelees and inconsiderate manner in which contractors have proceeded in tteir work of the demolition of old buildings, various and great loss of Lfe has ensued, ^ReVolved, That the Committee on Ordinances be dr reeted to report as soon as practicable to thl? 1 OArd an ordinance, providing tDat previous to ths commence ment of any such work by any contractor, the said con tractor sball efcuse the entire side valk surrounding said fruilcinps to be oncloacd with a tight board f?ce ?f suf tic tent height to prevent; any aeews to Mid building* while ^n tbe progren of demolition, under a sufficient penalty for every neglect. Adopted. KKIMRTM. The foUow'ng reports of committees, among others, were received, and re/crre l to the Ojmm.ttee of the ViKAHnt? Rep<3fting an ori'ln ince to appropr ate Jl^. 7bt to oefray tho salaries of Street Inspectors. In fivor ?f a denation cf ?aoo to the gradaates of the laititution for "be Blind. In favor of appropriating $1 OK) to tlie U W Dlsp?nsary. In favr of <J?n\tlng $50'J to the 3o ciety 'for tbe Relief o! Poor Widows, ko. Tin Dii'AKTMKyr- In favor of paying Edm-inl Sm , th S104I for injuries recelvt d in tue disch irge of bis dul'ei | fireman. In favor of providing a new location for He?e Co "0 In favor of a new and more central lo tatvn ?tfssaf ??]??? ??'" ^ Smua .en Om^w? lo f.rorof mcr.Miogtlw ,?l*ry of tb* comm ?.lon?r of -tre.-t* and Lamp.. Wn*Rvm l'tKKS A.*r> -uw-In favor of eitend'ng *od repiir rg pier at the foot of Fifth -treet, Kast river Puhlic llEAi-Tii? Submitting o,dm?nce to prohibit tho ?'?a lighter of seice and neat cattle In the city of New York b-low Fiftieth stree' Tbe following report wa< adopted ? ni?K nvrARTMKNT. ... , la favcr of granting the llrU and second stor es or .he Ma: ion street bell tower for tbe use of the insurance th/o'-h ?om *rmA3ro?? oo**rxit'ATro* from th* comp TROI.1KII.J In a'COidance with a resolution of the two Roar ls, passed Dec l?o?, Mr FWgg appoint.^ leines llirner tc act as appraiser in ascert?.ning the fair cash value of the property of Mr Itejooids used in the etejul.oa "f h s eontVact. Mr. Reynolds, on the 17th of January, select* d Ibss. G. Wiurhury, on his part, to att as ap r raiser jud these t*o apuoi-'sl George Brlggs a< t oe ?h id appraiser The Comptroller, before maaing th* Irpolotinent/called on Mr ReynO.d* for a li.t of tne | R-ticles which he deigned to present to the appriUaera. US neminalioe, M-. Hagg found the ar#?ies, to which he objecvd:? l!?'i dead horses, *,000 hvrels of , hones ?.?<> jaws, 3.000 b-^l bone*, four ton* of h->rs* , shoes.' too buktela of bone manure, tiv* tons of P'*''** | ?f tonfl horn* hoofs, twslvs btrrsU of f#?t, 1 ?nd 41 Oboes The appraisers excluded from '.heir esti mate ?of. of these articles, and in re/arl to all the , mncrtv eic^pt th*? lfasH un ler which turrro (iUia i* cccupled'hy Mr. Reynolds, th?y agr-el a? to the prle*. he to reo appraisers, boeever, di(I< r*d in regard to the ,aTae ot Iblrren 1-Uod Sir Waterbury vilu*1 the 'eass at $'20,000 Mr. Hrigg* at ?10,000 an I Mr llorn -r ? ai ooo Vbo amount at wblch tha appraisers value! I i iiiirlT no Iniludl.g tbe l-a?e of the l.l in 1, w- , ?36^46 61 U sum i??!ud?d by Mr. U-ynold? as the ,? ^deration for .he transfer of the U?a ... a d-d to ( . ___ hofnr^ fcivsn it, nii^i a total of IW,76,i .?l. his sum by th* 1**0^1100 of th? Ootnmon Council, i* xt e "barTed over to an> aew contractor who my, desir* I r ?nter nto competition for the 0>O tract. Ilie<.Mmi> roller considers tUt as the matter stands, tie on.y ecurity for the city I* ^VlrirtMr'&S* arnlsh the m-ans for nettltug with Mr Iternoi is^ ^e comm 'in cation was referred to tho t om-n'ttee or Ue Whole, and 1 ?>0 ex'ra coplas ordered. CUKMITTi:* or THK. WHOta. Tbe Board then went Into Comm ".?* ol ^ Wh,^' *?n took op tn t\e first plac? a report of th ^ f>nnn^, rsrcmm^ndiDf tho a loptioo of an o appropr\au..K tl7,7M4 to dofrty the saUn-fi o t irti. ?n sectors Tne a<\op\ioii of tliii repoit w/\s rec^acina ry th* eowim\i.t?e _ The cr mm He. 'hen t->ok a* 'hs report of the wii mitteo 00 V^ar^???, P>rf ftllpa, suhni ttin^ tie following resolution That the Comptroller be instrnote I t0 strike out in ths adverVsemeol for th< ?sleo^ti* ](t(?e of the various whsrves aad p ers all th*'. re'at > 1 f keepn* sad wbarv?s au\ piers nreiair. lathiscin o< -tion th* preamble and re olu' on on the stme s ib i?"t olferetl by the l'r*?i !cnt,(?nd insert*l abov) limit ] in* th. lease of tit wharves and p ers to v-a- wa? taken up a.d th* adoptioo of both w? * n-oded t. tVe rommtttee of tb* Whol - Olh?r ?n mporunt papers were 1 -ip?, 1 .hi. . whh tho?e above MfBtkiNC, wfw or \ rt . a .Uirl rfidiilf, Adjeur?ed to Ftiiay FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. IOR1T MARKET. Wednesday, March 7?6 P. H. At the opening this morning the stock market wm heavy, so far as prices were concerned. The operations were larger than usual, and a larger por tion for cash. At the first board Illinois Central Bonds declined i per out; Xcaragua Transit, 1; Cumberland Coal, 4; New York Central Railroad, i; Erie Railroad, J; Harlem, 4; Reading Railroad, j; Illinois Central Rallroid, J. U. S. Sixes, 1867, ad vanced 4 per cent; Iadiana Fives, j; Louisiana Sixes, 1; Erie Bunds, 1875, State stocks and railroad bonds were in very active demand. The e<Ues of Indiana Fives amounted to $19,500; of Virginia Hixef, $60,000; of Erie Bonds. 1875, $60,000; Illinois , Central Bonds, $40,000. Of the railroad stocks, Rem.irg was in the greatest demand. It opened at a decline ot j per cent trom the closing priaes of yesteid&y, but improved afterwards, and left off at a desline of only i per c -nt. This stosk may not improve bo rabidly as its position and productiveness would justify, but it cannit recede much from corruit rates. Niciragaa Transit was not so firm this msraing. It (ell ol! after the opening a fraction. Erie, Hir lem anl Hudson River Railroad were weak and not at all art he. The Urge shipment of specie to day by the steemship Baltic was probably the prin cipal cause of tho depreciation; but the market is so variable, and moves up and down with so muoh j facility, that we should not be much surprised to see a full recovery to- mono w of all that bu be*n lost to day. Bo far as the exportation of specie is con. corned, we see in it no caahe for alarm among holders of fancy stocks. The banks are so strongly fcitifk-d in that department, that it will be very difficult to reduce the aggregate below an average amount. Tbe receipts from California average about a million ol dollars per week, and the exports l^ve not, when at the highest p lints, averaged more than that sum per week; so that, in the event of ai a;tive shipment again commencing, we have a supply sufficiently large to guaid against all con* tingenciee. We have no feats that the banks will be i educed much below the present standard. After the adjournment of the hoard the following sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction:? $4,000 MrmpbiH City G's Int. added 68 3,000 1 a < tO'Hc ,iud .Vilwaukle Kit. 8'g " 65 4.000 Great Western 111. hR , lot intg. " 82 3,000 Cleveland and Toledo RR., ioc... " 77)? ,r>00 Cincinnati and Ind. RR. Int. bdu. " 7 6 10 gliartp Third Avenue RR 30 40 do. Cltizena' Dank, Mew York 104;^ 79 do. Brooklyn RR 63 26 do. Mechanics' Bank of Will iamnburg. . . 60 10 do. Southern Bank of Kentucky lot 60 do. 1'roTidence and Stoningtoa RR. . . ... . 67 20 do. Alitor Fire Insurance Company 74>? (0 do. Delaware, Lacawana & Western RR. 82 Mr. Albert H. Niaolay's regular semi-weskly auc tion sale of stocks and boads will tike place to morrow, (Tanrsday), at 12? o'clock, at the Mm chants' Exchange. At the second board there was no change of con sequence in quotations. The market appeared to bestead er, and no disposition was exhibited to force salts. Cumberland Coal advanced I per cent; Delaware and Hudson, 1; Indiana 5's, j. The Jefferson Insurance Camp my hive declared a semi annual div Wend of three and a half dollars per share. The Atlantic B^k a semi-annual divi dend of five per cent. The Civil and Diplomatic bill provides that here after the New York Assay Offi* skill be allowed to refine gold deposited in it, Bending only the bullion requiring coinage to the Mint in Philadelphia. "We lee by the Boston papers that In conssquance of some of the railroads out of that city ha flog raised the price of season tickets to commuters, consider! ble excitement existed among that much abused class of citizws, and that measures were about being adopted to pla.e lines or omnibuses on toe different routes. These rail; oad commuters are a source of great trouble 1o railroad companies. They are continually grumbling about the high ratos required for transportation, and if the roads should carry t5em for nothing they would find fault with the time table, or something else. These commv ters are a class who from the city to escape taxation and high rents, and, not sailsfied with the facilities furnlsled for getting to and from their residences, are continually remonstrating against the expense inflicted upon them by the railroad companies, atd threaten if the rates are raised, or even sustained, to put on lines of omni buses. There people probably pay on an average about one quarter of a cent a mile lor transport i tlon, while all the railroads of Massachusetts do not average & net Income of three per cent ou their erst. It is lull time for railroad oompanies to look out for themselves. If they cannot g<jt travel that pays better than cn:-quarter of a cent per mile they better not have any. Railr oads have been run long enough for the public, aad it is time to look to the Interests of stockholders. They have the power In their own hards, and If they do not uss It it is tbeir own fault. Property In the vicinity of Boston has been incie'jed In value one hundred fcldbytlis sumerous railroads panetratlog every section, notwithstanding which we And those v<io have In this way been most benefited loHde^tin their complaints against any Increase in fares. It'd'gua t.ion meet'ngs have been held in this city and vicinity by oornmuters, and the manager* of our railroads denounced In t*e strongest terms for pre suming to put up fare*. Rallroids are poor property enough at tl>e best, and those who are directly bet-ehicd so much by them c?n c-srtalnly afford to pay ttinui eratlng ra'.es for transpo tatiou. Ibe transic loot at the Assisting Treasurer s <fflce to day were as follows: ? ??$? a Payments ~ The fcteamthlp Baltic, fromthii port for Liverpool, to day, carried oat $1,137,368 07 in specie, princi pally in bars. The closing qUJta* >ns for bills on I.ond n were 9i a 94 per ocnt premium. Oa Paris, 5f. 13i a5f. 114 rbe legislature cf Indiana have parsed the Sato Baik ani the Free Bank bills the Governor's veto, and thr j an- now the laws of the B'ate. The wanants enteieiattheTr^a.ury'm n<, Wash'njiton, on the 5th lust., were For the redemption of stock on For p?j :dk Tr?anury d?b'.? ST JliU H3 For tteCuitoms i' 0 00 For funding by the act of January U8, 1M7. . 1? <*' For the W?r IfeparUasnt.. , . For repaying In the War IVpirttn^nt ?,W7 JO For th?? Navy Denarttoent 345,147 ii For tb* lalericr Department ............... 30 7 *J For repa) ier In the Interior Department .... ??? 17 I lie vi'ue of foreign Importations Into Boi'jn, ?* tbe week ending March 3, was |22<?,482. fho fol lowing is tt e va ue of some of the principal artlcloi: ? Dry goods, 149,795; molasses, $52,247; sugir, $9,114; std Iron, 133, 3S0. Thf Ontario M onnoacd Fire Insu tnee Company .s about to wind up its affairs. Tje concern hM Hi fTeied btSJs which Involved an expenditure of 65 per i eat of its capi'Ah The MincesoU Copper Co , of Lvke Supori >r, has declared a dividend fr' m the bus in 0 is of tbe put year 1 1 f 30 per share, out half payab ? on toe ld'1 April, a/ d not balf on the lfi.h July next. Toe ccmjauy bavf , we uudert-tand, s Id 160, <100 p mnds ir p t copper for shipment to Fran ?, where It Is de sirable ly teaion of the silver ewit?lc?d in it, aid hfkte a neROtiatl n on foot for 200,000 lbs. rnoro. J he lAxkt Superior Mtnmg ,Vw? gives the follow ing a count of t .Is munster rnioe : - Vh* Rrea'*?t dep'.h attained at tl? ? mine is 380 feet. Tli" m* n nheft or (ditin that ?or?* to* p into* i? h?r? | ?l>ont tlirse lino<1r -rt Wt ions. Tlis capth ?V t?in? I at s? .tu T.-iu >? oo. huu irr i aad s I'* ' f t Silver is in??t*|>?rsivt \n at! ?b?c 'pe?r of Ill's ail-w, i .-d in ,?t.- of ?r. on U>? r?o<?. Wu?u ?uy ila? ipo I of ?ilr?r lo "??>' ?ppc?r4?*i ii vu<j> or In ?or other coiin>>cti'>n th?y ?r. *?u?r?liy ,s".jrv l h? thi< miners, ths .nio'ot of e^pi?-r eatpp -.1 fr th^ ! llAl th. ?' a*? <T?t.oa IHUI T ' " ' . ..i-lit b?io< over 774 tm?, en-tli over thr>" "?.?? r*d tb .nssn.1 dollar*. Th, j,r f?, t'i? ( inrv* ?? invent* ?evei tnn? Tiire* 1 rn h A mim woo r-d t.-. 'irry on IM. i ":A;?rlu? ^ r^re, a ^PP'y ?T?r tv?nty thoi'" ' ?' ,9T tU,i m a* ' month!. Then arc about forty building* el a tt* red around this mine, and making a respectable Tillage ; for the; have their Catholic ani Protectant churaU-a, their scboolhovie, store, warehouse, and doctor's of Be*. It in one of the mine* that lire* character to thl* country, for upon iti nuccean dependa the onnfldene nf sll stockholders in ccpper mines; and tt <rlll mainUin that place until so trie others shall show in equal success, and sham that responsibility with the Minnesota and Cliff mines. The Toltec Mining Company, of Lake Superior, bu araeeeed ita stockholders two dcllam per alia re, now in cairn of payment, since which thi stock bas advanced. Sa'.es have been nude at 49j. Tdo miniilg property in dispute between the kiuui?w*a MInirg Company aid 'lie Xaliooal htm been d?i0fwl to the latter company, not by a court of law hat by the paseirg of a tew !aw r?y ihe Lechiature m v ? State of Michigan. While the li.?pute was pending the atock fell from $30 to $8. Since thin totfialay ve action it has rlwn to $13 j per share, at which silea have been made. We are informed that the Cliff Mice in turning oat one hundred t>ns copper monthly, the Mimrnota <7 a 80, the Isle Royal 24, the Albkn 12, and the Copper Falls 18 per 24 head etam;a, brides the irtas and barrel work. Tbe Norwich bad 80 tons ont on ihn 1-it of January, and expeoted to g?t 30 more in all January. The public debt of Pennsylvania on the 1st of January, 18S5, compared with that on the 1st of Jaiuery, 1851, a cc.dirg to official reports just made to the Legislature, presents the annexed ex hibit Pl'BUC IlKirr OK PKNKffTLVA.VIA, JiS. 1, 1851 A!?D 1856. 1856? Jan. 1.. Funded debt $10,084,014 90 Unfunded do 417,191 37 Temporary loans 044,486 17 $41,440,692 44 Aicount in treasury snd tinkirg fund ap plicable to redemption of above 400,447 44 Total $40,986,146 00 1851? Jan. 1,. Total debt at thia date..., 40,2*24.239 3tf Increase of debt in 4 years $701,908 61 Tbifl k crease baa been left after appropriating <he sinking fund ard rands in the treasury to tbe pay ment -of a portion of tbe debt. Tbe earnings of tbe Black River and Utica Hill road for January and Febiua'y were: ? Month. Pattengers. I\>r h\ eight. Total. January 91,612 87 >475 71 92,048 HI February 866 28 861 27 1,727 65 Total 92,4(9 00 91336 98 93,776 04 No. 1'atsengert. Ton* Freight. January 4,236 4.S6 February 2,279 904 Total 6,616 1,339 Ihe average earniugs p< r day for 27 dayi in Jan. .976 87 Do. do. do. 24 do. Feb.. 71 98 Do. do. do. tbe two months .. . 74 04 The receipts of the Milwaukie and Watertown Railroad for February weie:? For passengers. 91,323 10 For freight 4,168 12 Total 96,491 22 Being an average of nearly $230 per day. The receipt* for January were $4,578 14. The Reading Railroad Company brought down to Philadelphia on Ihs fith instant one hundred bar rels of fltur, direct from Rochester, via the Corning, Catawisia, Saubury and Erie, Wiilianuport and Ei mira and Reading Railroads. It was the first arrival of flour direct by that route, and is but the oom mencemeat of a trade of much importance to Phila delphia. There has been more demand for land stocks in Boston within tbe past day or two, and Waverley ad vanced to 3i firmly bid; Edgewortb bales at 3; At lantic Wbtuf, 34 bid, 3& asked; East Boston, 14; Augusta Watsr Power pn-fened, 4\ bid; and Liv- , iaton Falls, 62 bid. There is a prospect of a divi dend by he I^ewteton Company, payable in the aV ck of come of tfce corporations on their propart7. The annexed e'atement txbib.te the average daily ct edition of the lradlig de jart lien's of tho banks of Boston, for the we.k preotding Monday, the 5 A of Maich, 16i5:? Banks of Boston. Loam. Specie.. Depot ilt. Circu'n Atlantic |8(8.M4 *99.0*9 3296,375 91?0,405 Atlas f38,120 70,4o7 229,853 165,024 Blackstone 1,200,706 23, W1 346,710 23, W1 Boston 1,012,828 134,071 616 763 Hoyli-ton IV'i. 778 22,647 272,011 Broadway 163,309 4,981 2*?,709 City 1,437,067 64,581 282 833 Columbian 1,266,128 62.322 436,706 Commerce 3,231,487 196,014 616,616 Eagle 1,174,220 100,670 424,296 Eliot 776,098 42,758 174,331 Exchange 1,877,993 103,300 472,294 Faneuil Hall ... 1140,605 38,806 328,225 Freemana' 785.861 ? 36 683 20'i,j91 Globe 1 ,7f)8,C'i 1 157,436 303,401 Granit 66,514 359,191 Grocers' 1,086, "98 122,313 277,477 Hamilton 1,012,683 111,066 636,617 Howard Bk g Co. 815, 81)4 64,190 166,419 Market 1,107,327 40764 190,021 Massachusetts.. 1,051.040 83.682 283,309 Maverick 638,634 22,274 136.066 Mechanics' 385,992 14,441 94,660 Merchants' 6,906,865 385, H48 1,357.347 Natonal 928,767 41.903 228,081 New England. . .1,448 197 82.174 278,156 North 1,243 269 68, *95 297,198 North America.. 1,124, 168 67.294 292,376 Shawmut 1,175,909 48,496 264,832 Shoe and Leather Dealers' 1,56.1,276 99,076 342,000 Sta e 2,744,074 108,230 690,374 Suffolk 2,0(11,664 358,259 1,266,029 Traders' 1,107,465 62,914 216,299 Tremont 2,062,925 141,436 6ifi,293 Union 1.478 U09 70,916 305,311 Washington 1,142/284 67,420 ;>03, U6 Webater 2,356,900 144,086 776 445 233,008 213 097 190 490 45,8-13 143,738 182,826 241,327 190,252 125,470 22-043 207,236 170,051 142,136 118,726 221,398 170.085 179,907 158,640 123,666 134,829 109,744 541,229 183,821 147, 0h8 169,279 169,879 174,171 168,090 189,178 405,563 167.590 297,953 140,317 151 514 877,990 Total 962,343,488 3,370,44414,31)8,918 7,124,578 A comparison of tbe afco73 aggregates with *ho;e of tbe statement for the previous wesic exhibit* tr.e following ieeul>:? Feb 20. Mat ch 6. Inc. Capital stock 932.V86.C75.. 32, 341, 276.. 57,?O0 I.osns and discounts. . . 62,114 800. .62. 343, -184. . 228,i;h8 Specie in bank 3,261,474 . 3,370,444.. MB, 1TO I>u* from othsr bankn.. 7 3 8,680.. 8, 342, 0-15., 1)83 39.1 Pue to other banks 6/10, H45.. 6,670,112.. 59,387 IH]>o*its 13,567, 4*8.. 14 809,918.. 741 410 Circulation 6,921,020.. 7,124,678. .203,5 >8 T09 inornate of capital is at the Broad ?iy 0 ink i",W)0,and h . the Wa?;on Bank $.">0,00i). rhere bus been an incre&re in every department. f'.'?0 V F C'a, '67.. . li.OO Ind Mate 6's c 8.00 do Ul 10009 do MO 2(0(10 Virr's 6's . MO 254 (0 do M ( 000 do C 1000 N Carolina 6'a HOC'. Missouri G'a.K! f>000 Lou'ann O's.a.'l 1000 do {00 do Iff 00 do c 4( 80 Erie C bs '71 b3 1000 Erie bds '76. a3 I, '.COO do bio If COO do b90 80900 do b3 3COO I'ynVa bi 2d is 108 11 OOO 10( 00 soco 60C0 108'; 70 76 2C< 0 do 12000 111 C?n It !.<!? 60(0 do 1)3 do..,,. S3 do b30 do S3 do s.'tO 2000 IDC HRFrelbds MM * tOn 7'?... 26 sbs Manlint Bank 120 8 |i*l ft Hud CI to 118 20 Mrrrli M B*nk. 102 li( oatiaental Hunk 101 f 30 U H Tru?t Co.... 102 300 Canto n Co '21', 1(0 do (30 24 4 50<l do bM> '2!> Nic Transit Co.. 200 do b60 Ktcxk Exrhangr, VVrKNU'DAY, March 7, 1S58 116\ 4' 0 aha Nil Tram Co 1 100 do 200 do 100 Cum Coil Co. bis 210 do W do .... 0'10 50 Ne* C* coal Co. 4:> N Y On KK.. . 80 Here h P'hr* BR f.0CI"V k ol Ult.s3 500 Erie Kit no 376 d i e 1"0 do ill 60 c'o bt>0 60 do C 46 260 Ha.lein RH 31 200 do ... alO 81 100 do .... b30 3f0 do .... bt<) 10 Rart?m I'ref'd.. . 100 Beading KR . s3 8o;j 81 81 U PS >2 05 1,' Bo 91 93 *3* 86 S?K 87 80 84 % 85 85 !g 80 15'< I.'X 8 :t>i 3.H* o? 2*4 40 73 4? 43',' 4-)<i 46 'f 75 74 70 P9'< 24 T< 10 16 100 100 500 300 150 1(0 200 100 100 100 do do. do., do . do. , uO . . do. do. . do., do ....alO . . . . a3 . b3 ... h3!K) . . . sf,0 blO ?2',' 1W IS'A 79 79 79 79',' 79 79 70 ^ 79' 4:1 M*e n KR 100 6' Ituuson R RR... 89 do 100 do ,, , 60 Ul On KR 60 do b30 36 Sixth Avenue RR 95000 Ind Stat* 5 a.s3 81 4700 do S3 82 2000 Virginia 6'a.. r 03 ?2U00 ?.'o slO 9.1 >* '.TOO I ouioiaiis ?'a. 8CV ICOdO Krie l>rnds '75. 84 45' 0 1U CVn BI: bds 74', 2f00 do 76 10 sbaPelA H Caaal 118^ 20 do 119 If Continent* I Bank lol 20 Ocean Bank .. . 71 '4 lOOi'anion Co....s60 24 ', JIOKi: Tian Co.. ,f3 l.'.*? fO do... slO 15jJ i>0 l>?n Co*J Co .. 102 X 1(0 Cnmt CoalCo.slO 34 IOO do- ??"..slO 34 RBCOND BOARD. 31 shs (,'jm Coal Co 2i 0 do 176 N V r?n KR .slO 400 8j-ie I'K e 50 do,,,,,.t>60 100 do . , ,.?3 25 Sia?h Are<iue R. 200 ltvad n/ KR..... 220 no 6 Ml -hi/an So KR 7 Mijhitiaa A> ' on. 5 N ladlaoa RR... 6t Ills C?n IJI b 10 60 do,,,,,.,,, 21 do 30 ('talent A (.hi R 9 CW?e h Tol*l<i R 2^ Chic \ Roca la R 38 ?>814 38 if ??3 9"V 60 34 34*4 04 45 '4 4fl'i 46 '? 60 73^ 79", 90 8.1 90 SB 96 >4 96 9? 7 97 W CITY TltADK Hi:i>OHT. Wwnshi at, M4r> hi? 6 P. M. Asaes - Small ?*les p<it? were ma.'., at t<. . . a $ l ;<7 i?aiu?Trr**. ? Ibe marktt fon'.lnne4 Brm for all kinds, wlih pretty fair trannactio-n in ( .na ian aa<l p. lhe fales f?otml up about 6,f>03 a * 000 M?ls Including common to ehoia* St*'e br?a<!? at 9S 76 a 99 Only interior lots eouWi be par'hase l at lower Agiiro*. Wester* br*a4s *en steady at 97 U a 93 '>2,'s tot torn men to ehoice brands. Extra Genenee *u at $11 a 912, and superior old faTorita brands were held at 912 12. Southern brands warn in better demand, with mor? doing. The sale* included about 2,000 bbls , at $8 87 a 99 to for inferior to good, and 19 02 to 810 76 for fancy and extra brands. Cana>'> tan was more active and firmer, with sales of abont 2,800 bbl*., duty paid, at 80 37 a 9U 50 for common, and 910 50 for fancy or extra brands. Wheat? A small lot of prime white Genesee wae re ported sold on private terms, supposed to be at about 82 70. Corn ? The market wax some easier The sales footed up about AO, 000 bushels, including Southern mixed at 94c. a 1 4 ' -4 c , and 96e a for white do., a >id 9*e. a 07c for yellow; Jersey and Southern and Western mixed, in store, was held at 97c Rye Wis scarce, and North river of good quality held at 91 36 a 91 fH. Oats were steady at 63c. a 6/>c. for State, and 68<*.. a 69c. for good Western. CniTKK. ? The market was active and Ann. The tales embraced 2 00? bags Kio, at 10c. a 11c. ; 600 do. it 'J y c. , and fil'O Java, at 18',,'c. The atouk of itio remaining in maiket was quite light. 100 bags i'orto Bico sold at lie. Cotton. ? Healers appeared to be waiting for later foreign news due by the 1'aoirtc. Hence the market was ( onflned to sales ol only 600 a 600 bales, wit i quotable change in priees. FhnoiiTH ? hates were steady to Liverpool; 16,000 buthels o' corn were engage I, in bulk and b.'vK*, at 4>*d. a f d. ; 600 be its bacoa, fct 16s. 6d. lleef was at 3s.; pork at 2s, and flour at In. 6d. About 100 a 2>H) bales of compressed cot:on were engaged at 3-32d. There wu no change to notice in rates to l?nUoii or to the >>uti nent. 1m chief engagements miking for California were at 8f,e. a 40c per foo' measurement. A liark was jhar tered to Ion ? at ir'svsiioah with lumber at 920. Fki it. ? Raisins in moderate demand at 92 40 a 92 46 tor dry, ami 82 12 a 92 ?6 for wet dry. Hay. ? 'I lie maruot favored purchaser*, and aalea were mtde of 400 a 60' bales at bic a 88c. Iho.v. ? The market ?aa more active, aii-1 sales pretty fie< ly made of Scotch pig at 930 a 931 h0, alx months luirn was firmer, and ruled at 9%c.a H%c , with moderate sales. IfOLiSOl ? Iho salet embrace 3 about 300 a 400 bbls. N?w Orleans, "at S6c., 26c., 27c., and 40 bbla Texas on private terms. Naval Stohks ? Pales of l,f00 bbli. Wilmington roiin were made at 81 65 per 310 lbs delivered. Tliere was a report of a sile of raw turpentine at 93 75, but we oou'.d not trace it,. Spirits were quiet mid unjhan^ed. Oil, ? Lim-eed was iiimer, with more doing in English. Sales of 7,000 a 8.000 gallons Knglish, In bond, were made at 76 v, snd 10 tuns, duty paid, were sold at 80rc. cash. About 100 cases sweet oil pints were sold at 94 50. Whale and *perm were steady at old pr oes. PkuvjMOMH. ? Old mors pork was again better, with more doing; the Rales unbiased about t>00 a t>00 bbls., at 813 87 a 913 04, including 200 do , at 914. New was held at $16 2b a 915 37, which was above the views of bujerr. Cut meats were firm, acd about 6i0 bbls aud tierces of l<ams were hold, chiefly at 9'*c. Shoulders were held at t ^c, a 7c. Bacon was firmly held at a 1 >,c. Sales of 660 bbls. prime mess'pork were mide at 916 60. Beef was steady but not active; aalM of 200 a 3C0 packages were made at old prices, and 100 tiercea Western standard prime mess were sold at 926. Rick was firm, with moderate salea St'GAK ? A cargo of 178 bhda Porto Rico were made, on terms not stated; 100 a 200 do. New Orleans do., at a 4 V : ?nd 00 hbda. Texas, on private terms. Spicks ? Sales of 10 ca?es nutmegs were made at 92,'^c. Tallow wa* quiet at lie. Wmirkky. ? The market was dull and price* nominal, no salea of moment being reported. UOTSftTISMglVTS RENEW KI) 8VKRY DAI LECTURES. A COURSE OF PUBLIC LECTURES WILL BE DE llvered before Cobota Lodge, in the Doric room, Oflil Fel'owii Hall, corner ot Grand and Centre, b y P. 6. J. K. I flc'or, an follow!:? Friday evening, Mar -.h 0, Introductory; March 16, John Pym, the leader of the Long 1'arliament; March 2a, John Hampden; March 30, Sir Harry Vace; April 6, Oliver Cromwell. A commit tee willl be in watting to receive Grangers, with ladiei, and conduct tbem to the reception roam. Ah these lec tures are consecutive, those who may intend to hear any portion of them, should hear the initial one. Lec ture to commence at 8 o'clock. JAS U CLAYTON, Cbmn. of Com o' Arrangements. DR. REUBKN F. DITCHER W1I.L I.ECIUKE ON THE diseases of the client and digestive apparatus, on Thursday and Friday evenings, the nth and 9th March, in the Dutch Re:ormed church, in Grand street, Jersoy City . The two splendid painting*, tho Goddess ot Fash ion and Powtr'sGreek Slave, will be exhibited both even ings; also several full m zed ana'.oarcal paintings in oil colors, liow to prevent all chest diseases without cost or n'edicme will be fully explained. Admission one evening, Scents; both evenings, 37 cents. Ooo gen tleman and two ladies, both evening* one dollar; abil dren under twelve years of age, half price. Lecturer will commence at 7>i P. M. I^LECTRICAL PSYCHOLOGY. ? DR. BENTON GAVE li a free lecture yesterday afternoon to t he ladies, at Bltecktr Buildings. There were some three or fcur hundred present. He lectures and experiments again this evening. It ia expected the house will no iull. Oflice 43b Broome street. GERMAN I.ECTL RES ? SECOND SErtlKrf. ? IUK fourth of tbe second series ol German Lectures wilt be delivered nt the Mercantile lJ?rary, (late Astor Opea House), on Thursday evsn'QK March 8, at H o'clock. by Dr. A. \\ iesner. Subject ' Reminiscences at tne l.ake ot Geneva." Entrance 26 cents. T fcCTURES IN THE FRENCH LANGUAGE, SI'ING 1 J ltr Institute, south o! Cuiou square, by Elie Ctiar lier of I'aris, professor in H Peugn, t's institution. The fourth lecture of the course will bo delivered to- nigat, Thi "day, March 8, at 8 o'clock P. II. Subject ? France in the seventeenth century? IUcbelieu and Louis XIV. Tickets, 60 cnta We take much pleasure in commend ing this course to stuiUnta aud lovers of the French language. Prof. Cbtr tier's character and attainments entitle Dim to the conHdencn and regard of our commu nity. GOKBAM D ABBOIT, Principal. IfcT L'S LIVE TO BE UP1FUL TO MANKIND -ME j chanios' Institute lectures for 1856 ? The Hon Its (Jock Pratt will deliver the twelfth lecture of the couise before the members, at thi Institute rooms, this (Thursday) evening. Subject ? " That noble animal, the Horae." 'Jbe Democratic Review in giving an extended notice of Col. Pratt, says :? 11 In seleoting the founder of Prattavil'e as tbe subject of this mealoir, we have been actuated by a desire to do merited honor to thatnobli and enterprising spirit wh'ch murks tbe characteristic of tbe man, and tosprsad before the rising generation of our great and happy country the benelits of his example. He stands out In bold relief, first making his fortune in active business, snd then aiding in the councils of his country." The lecture will coinmrnce at 8 o'clock, and free admission to all. Hon. Judg? Kamonds wlil lecture on Ihursoay eiei ing next By order, CHARLES H. PEL AY AN, Chairman of Lectnre Committee. II Alt I) riJIKCH. SHALL TliKY PERI lit? THE TRUST EES 01* THE Aniciicsn Widows' Association, with an exhaust*,! treasury, anu a btt ol upwsids of four hundred aunties of .Am.ncan widow h sod'n upon tbe r tnud-, are rotbpcl'td to ask ibis pUln que- tine ? (hall tie.v perish? A\e uai an American unss-er ? yes, oi no? We pledge >ur individual reputation, tliat wv have personal Knowledge, that it ..ay ol these fam1 iea are among ie most rortby in the cny, but riepsrtd.nt upou tbeir needier, and nit winter without eiuploym.nt; they bave pawned and eaten up tie procteos of the. r clothes, and are now out of wora. out of money, o it of all resources, oit of de ee^t apparel ami mai > of them i'torally >-o oaie'ooted tL?| csbt.' i)*oin tie .itrost Wo have tedom-.d iron the puwnbrokers an iiumt use quantity of clothing at an eipmte of over $1,200. Ibis h.-i .ri-oroeJ our f?nds, but they ha ire beeu ivell app .ed. K'lll then" women are in wsnt. They owe h nt, uud house agents are |>re?-ieg tliem for Bioi.i'y tiat they cannot pa*, without depriving tLeiPselve* uni cliiur. n of foot). In '.lie r Jiitro-s itiey c in* ta o* with 'cur.ul eyes, and say, " Yoa bave ?avrd us ftom stnrvaliou and tr?cyini?? (or pity'n sake da not let my innocent cb.ldun ptrl?hor tveome streV beggars, going abfvnt rn, e>i and barefoot fr. m cosr to ("cor, ask log for l.roleo Inad Lo not tell me that they were to n for thnt. 1 cannot live to see snub degradation; yet, without help, 1 Cannot exist." .''hull they per, sh > If aH tbe slio> dea ers in this c.ty kne > ho# mtny wo rn* n an, > children's feet toueb tUe coid, wet paring stoces, they ? ould ^ive each a pair of sboes. Most of i. it beneliciHiit ? are of a dans that nover havs and never will sj i>l) to m) other otyinlr.atioo (or relief, fliejr ars /.mei ic?n? so are we; aid tiey do not feel huin'j'el wt en they' nine to us, for we treat ihi.m as oat ???juals in rei [ ecli. bint- abd worth. iVu nate recsive.l 1 i ' t r .? I y of a l enerou* puldlc. Wii have expended beyo'.d our receipts We mn?t not itr.p ? ciniot go on uulsi-i tbe he: evolent will g*in ci tue i? our aid. We repeit, tUall tbtse w.dowsan.1 orpl.u.s peiisb ' J. P Trend well Ire 't, of iberft. S'ichilas Hotel. Tbomss MoUratb, Tn*mr?r, I rts't frusiau Hint. f-oloo R'i>iurou Set1;, til Greenes .eet Geo. W. Bmans. No >? tsst I iftc iuh strce*. Jamtii B. Col/nte, On Wail strOet. Willitui 11 burroughs! Irvine liou<e, Cbarles 1 . Iroet D a < ltnt?n plait. C Iiiusmc re, 2)0 Ninth avenue R. II. I trsiton. 1( 7 ha?t E i?-ht?enth itre t. Y ta D. .Murphy 'J l'.' Henry etrtut. I.^nilii rt fuydsrn, I&K Wanr:ey plai"e W B. Allm 42 lia-t T ?? nly fourth "treet. Jutin b Huberts 2ft Henrv striet htep'rtn Cutter, i'-'O twelfth s>-eet Je epb Curtis, 47 I extrgt^n avenue. New York, Mareb ?>, 18te. WRWITl'RE. Ki)nA ?A LARt.t. HT?k;K OF NEW ASP , ji* '* seeotio rard furnlluro and hou-eboli glum* in Brooklyn tor -'lie Hie owne.' having d.eil re cently, Ibn stiK k will he sold low. It will ie proeed ih*t overtweoty thonssnc do lira has be n made in this t>u sine s in this store, nn>l ? itlun t?n years, upon i?pplt t < b to M M. IaRKIA, Ib.'l Faltm street, New V or*, in the bookstrre. Bed all other pertl<uWr< given. A SMALL !.?* OF GENTEEL KHCHKN AND HW ro>.m lurnlture. ni ?rty new a couplet* set of ciockery, If., for S?le a' a Uri.ia; also apartm>o<-. 'fl let,'il* for a small um ly. Address Abingdon, Herald uftlce. _ TT'UPN URE AT I KtVAlK SA'.K - A FAMlt.Y UtT X If-' tie c:ty desire to sell at a bargain nquautity i.f tii?t ciass furniture ? Wiiton and Hrtt?sels carpets, extra iane square niautal m rror, aed other desirabie furnitmr. tall at No ? li ? I utreel. J.H I.MIt R'KtR 9AIJ5 OR PCBI1WI i ' A GUV P t'. a, en desiring to rtmove U thde^natry woiil tile to disposs of hie entire furniture, exct ptiug be iuing snd li?? n, or would ? ?eii-nge for MMcnnMr*! prupef ty In this city or Bm?-kl)n. A >????? of the hou<e, which i# lery |l'e-antly sin atel, ?an a'-o be obtained. If <? sired, lie am iunt of lorm'ure ie ab-^'lt lt,5y). A !? diees bvx 4,241, CSce. INSTRUCTION. gF. FOSTER & HIRAM DIXON GIVE LEHBONS HI ? bookkeeping, writing, Ac., oOm 844 Broadway, pleton'a BnOdiog.) where gentleman are qualified Um counting- house, in a superior and upedittoua nu av. INSTRUCTION ?SPANISH LAKGUAUE.? PROFESSOR VtNGUT. of tbeN?w Yfrt I'niveralty, teaches Span'ah on the following term* : ? $40 per quarter, taking le**ons tbr*H tine* a week, or 130. f taken twice a week. When pupils come to tte l'rofessor'a residence, STtf Fourth Direct, the charge then wll be <20 for twenty-four le<j mh. A general r.lss* will commence on Mood*? even lug, from 8 to 9 o'clock, where two or three pupil* m*j ji in at U>e rate of flo for t -enty f?.ur l*Kaona. MAR li'S COUNTING KOOMS. It)K THE PRACTICE o< b?o'' keeping, wr ting, An, No. 840 Broidway, Appletco'i b ?jilt* i ujr Circulars, with terma, reference Ac , *c., on afp'tc?>i. Mtrnb's vork on Bookkeepit g, in l-paninh aoo Kagliab, print" i in eolora, for sale a* above. Wj ANTKD--1 HEN OH LESSONS, FRt Vf A NATIVE OF VV France, who understand* hia language well, to n change for in&trnction in Spanish. Addrena V. A., He rald office. M I8CELLANEOV8. "IfiCC CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK ? W. A B. lOO VAN N OTP'S gTat? and fender, k.tchen rang*, fumuicr rspce and s'ove warerooma. We have a large axortmeut of the latent patteru* of m in lei gr*te*, ranges and atorea, for sale on reanonabl* terms. Grat a aco rsngts so' anl repaired, ranges lined, brass found era' and jfweller*' lurnacea built, atoves lined, bakers' oven* built and repaired. COI-l'H PH10LS OF ALL SIZE8, SINGLE AND double gun?, pistols and revolvers, b'lwie knives, shot bags an<l powder flank*, gun lock* and parts of locks, and sll kinds of articles forgun smith*, for sale at the lowest price and on reasoo^ili terms. A Ubsral di?iount made to the trade. For sale by A. W SPIES fe CO . ttl Maiden Un?. lLOVFR S-EKD? GOO BlWHKLfJ PIUMB FKEE l HIO > and Pennsylvania, in lots to suit, by DmAKfc^T A JOROi.F.*ION, 100 Bird** str. t. DECORATIVE FHkSCO PALNlfci* o* iruu Mi J MA <4 and Italian ashool. ? la ready to decorate n t e most approved manner, and in all atylea. Addr a, at 808 Spring street, Hew York. GKOWOK f CH. | \R. JOHN WILLI .MS, VETERINARY SLRuE -N J ' respectfully inform* his numerous friends au<l to piibllc that be continues practising naccnsKfully on tho c iff* rent alxeases incidental to that noble aoim?l the l<tra?, at his new Hre proof eatabl<sbmen*, with twenty two box stalls tor sick horses, at the ?ii<n of the goldon horse 131 Chrystin street, between Iirootne and Dwlanjy rtrerts. Ur Williams' experience for examining horses (or soundness favors neither party. I^LKCTRcyilNG, NO. 60 FULTON STREET, NEAR j Cliff street.? A H. Jocelyn'a original New York electrotype eatablisbment; new arrangements; great in ducen enta for publiahera and others to duplicate, In copper, their wood engravings and type page*. Ail electrocasta done here are guaranteed to print clear, and to be unrivaled In tharpneas and durability. 2,000 new cuts for printers' nie on hand, from which electrotype* are furnished. Orders from i he e:ty and country soli cited. Prompt attention and the utmcit perfection war ranted in tbe execution of all electrctypea by A. H. JOGfcLYN, Noa. 68 and 60 Falton itreet. IjlVERGREEN TREK8.? PERSONS WISHING TO OR A nament their grounds with Noriray spruce, silver fir, or arbor vita1, should address soon D. A. RiY. Patereon, N. J. N. B. ? No charge for packing ana shipping. J7WENCH WINDOW GLASS. -7,600 BOXES WILL BE ; sold low for cash, in lots to au!t purchasers. K. P. lilCKIH 144 Chambers atreet, two doors west of Hudson River Railroad < epot HECKER'S FAftlNA, PREPARED EXPRESSLY FOR families, a delicate and appropriate fool for all teasona, and one of thu most economical, nutritious and wholesome preparations ever brought to the Uble, eminently combining the gratification of the palate, wiih ample and healthful sustenance if the bo ly. Ro t*il?d by grocers generally, ani wholesale by HECKEit A BROTHER. Croton Vliila, 201 Cherry strest. HOE'S CARD PRINTING PRESSES? THREE FOB sale very cheap. Apply at 12 and 14 Pitt street. HOLLOWAY'8 OINTMENT AND LORD RAGLAN.? Professor Holla way lias, by order, doapttslied t" the hospital of the army of tbe East, the celebrated Dr. Knowles with a large shipment of tbe ointment, to be used under his instruction. It will cure any >round, rore or ulcer. S .do by all druggiata, and at tie Manu factories, No. 80 Maiden lane, New York, and No. .Ml Strand, London, at 25 cents, 62 K centri, and $1 per pot. INVENTOH'S OFFICE, 88 WAJ.L STREET, NE V York; 40 (office 27) SUM streut, Boston ? the ob ject of thin office la t" place Inveutor.-i of patenta in con nection <apitalUta, whareby tliey cad obtain as sistance to perfeet, or noil the whole or partaof their in Tentionr, ?r form connections with p Artie a for the ma nufacture of tlieir patented article-". Such an office haa long been Deeded by young aud ingenious mechani c to ennhie tu mi to obtain meanx to perfect their nventlona with rapidity, and place them before the public, thut they may realise huhstaatial return* for the worka of their genius. Ofli'.e bours from 10 A. M. to 3 P. U. MDIA TWINE? 600 BUNDLES VERY FINE 2 AND 3 thtta !, for m neiul wat?r for *ale by I EM A REST k J'jROi EMON, lufl barcliy street. N AIIA- OF ASSORTED 8I7.E3, FRO* PENNSVLVA tia Iron worka, for sale low, to c'o*e, by T. W MARSHALL, JR , 128 Front street. PAINT, 1* CI NTS PKR POUNJi; BOILED OIL, 70 en!" per gallon, at 113 Maiden lane. JOHN H. hMIITI, Agent. POTATOES? FOR SALE, A IXJI FINE ENGLISH potatoes, juit arrived from !x>nd?n, either by the barrel, bushel or the whole. Apply on board ship uon den, loot of Bulling Blip. ^TvdaT^saks A Pa 1U(, LA, ALE, PORTER, CIDER, OR O ?ny description of carbonated orfermen'etl waters.? 1h?se who drive their own wagons, or have shipping contracts, or country conrumtra, can make contract* tor a better article, and of a superior <iuality, and *t about half tlie uiual price. Contracts fur any amount, and always pr- wpt. l'reiniam goo-is, and ai?uya goo-1. Uoo<!s packed for iblppers in any desired stylo. W. A L. OS'RaNIiKR, 48 Fist Broadway. X'O WIRE WOR.iK-il AND THE AFFI.lCrEIJ ~A OorjiA gentleman, ?bo Lvj bfi*n for tint pa*t tn tbii city, deairee to obUln from >ae hunired to two hnmired trying cajeifor -an .r>ns 'or Southern ui-e. He, wUle under the charge ol tae I Won De 3po lasco, and new conT*le?cent after twenty years of rnflt-riiig. baa been cbaxned with the UocWr's success in cannr ra, and desires to devote hia leisure to the-amv study A specimen *ag? to 4ie tent to tn* Aaron's, 1'8 ^ring i treat, St. Nicholas Hitel In attendant frcm 8 A It till 2 P. M. The Baroa'a eTiary nuuhern thiee hundred. l.a<i ?-a aed connoUaeuri in orritliolo- .v ate invite.! to call an<l via* the Baron's ato' k, aelectlou- from whi< hmay be offered for sale next MM kjk/n o ^cvld NOTln?!?Si a aErtUTiFUL heaI y\ of hair f TTe receipt or * ccwlloal preparation which has never failed to rMtore the hair although us*d in thousands o' sees The receipt will be sent to %uj direction on the re-tlpt o" a lettT containing 25 cen'i In postage stamp*, poat paid, to Dr. Ellis, i^Ofc-lway Post Offine. Letters ?n* wed Immediately. COAL, At . C10AL! COAl.'? STOVE ANli RGG SlZE COAL AT 87 J delivcievi; Cuu,l>.rlan<i cual lor blacksmiths' use, $i fO, a superior article; also, CnmOerlnuJ coal for p tr ior u?e, IS. Iealers luppiuu. Apply t<v LEEDS Ai POT iLR. 436 t-Uth avenue, Between Twnty sixth and r*<:n t^ n veitb atieets. tOAI. A^niVtl'LlP* AT JVMAlCt, W. I.? 8 TEA VI c _ e?? for S>ulh Amerca or einewi>ere, are aupp'lad wi'h coal, aater ant provisions, at Kingp'-on, Jtnu:ev ? lib as ereat d-spatcli as In *ny pari of the world. The b?*t rteum, l^ctavra'ia anil \V?Ud coal<, are always on lisi.d ar t at- |iut in <? th - nuDkers nigbt or day. at tl'ty to ?lity uni pet lio .r. wliil* *i'?r fn m the mouata us it run by fcose into ae stMmer* tanks, and pr-jvlatog* aid ii-e Taken "U hoard. -Vials, waVr, be?f, mutton, T'ol. reirrtal-lee and fruit cupidiet' at tnolera'e rutes. Tv?c of the large-t iteamers c.-nle-l at .ha aarna time. 1 'f otl-i'un-a aud I *b'? a 'mit r.f tli. i-nt ry *n-i uepart ire ol kteaiuere at any h>ur, < a, or n-< t itef?r?n :? to th* Aniericsn toa?ul at J iroaica, o. *.o Mesrr" E*?re-.t It Iiroen. >(? York ra???-njeTs and frvigU', are always o:'?r ii?r betreea the United itktes, .I?-n*.ca \a t goutn A o ?nca. HITOrtlNd & 00 Kiscsro.*, .Uuialca, F?b 9. 185 LEGAL NOTICKM. BV>W 'iOKK B^PkhlOlt COUhT.? (iUSIAVUa A I Coaover apt. "ol- min Hlni and othera.? In purau aBC^? of the Ju- |ini? nt of tbl? C-iart the underaigne-1 re fer" will 'el at public auction, at the xtaldea of '.he Chelsea line of atagi-n, on 'he d- r"n < de of rweiity-aixtb utrett, letween the Ninth an i 'ent' avrnuea. in lue city of > ?? York, on Thuii-dai Stii <iaj ?( March neat, at 11 o'eleek A M , the foil twins property, elt .?One lar^e ?t?K*. walked "(Jeqeral Wrlahl." Ally other atitgra, l>inrk-wi e ipp fc Proen; t?<-tty five -tage eleiglis, in tra ?? lipr * ' rown t ?o feed ??<nni, cue urocery wagon, ene hundred and etfh'y nr-n stsj<? Inrfes, S'lty sets of st'it" harre-s e(i^ty?,r?p? nf a ?i^h hails, and s?r -o aaTila, with tl" r r' HtoMve tiellowa, the aame helni< re ? i.c tieely ii<ed w d eti ' lot ed in tie s'.ait I'im known the ' helaen I ice ! t- t'ne pro|>?rty of Klpp A Browo. Ml \r<AV HOFFMAN, Jr., Refers. N?w York, Feb 28, 18t6 ASTHOLOOl. a HTPOLCGY ? MBi FLEVKT, 1ROM PARH, 13 C^. f\ let-r tie ic evg Ulnlng the plan- *a, glvxa iof;?rni i iloa on .11 rtlaii u? '?( life C?n h? con vilte ) a' J J I'rnoc-e strett. Mie a'-o r?ll? Prlacees wash, eoame' ts an<" p*r'en)er MAliAVh Al viN, FROM 'AKlv TENDMU HkR r< rv . es *0 tie l* ?iid g*n ..?tten in p iren* m gy , bv ho*vk a an 1 ncleMe. Hbe tas ii cotjsuitaJ aboot love, mair b i sin' si, Ac , snd wM| ?>?1 1 the n t nt of the l?dy or (tatlmii tt y ?lll, ?l?e. the ?f her visit- rs Ma ' .tne Al.WlN ^cn'ora-j in I ngli?h French and GeT*n. !!eii(ll'a80I u. wary, nef.r F ir?t atr? i ?. Mia baym r tub n? ly CLtAH-sieario twi ion ? ? l-ave in t5'i ^'lutr/, w o e.-.n g!?e a e?ir re tmawtlf lli'UN ab-i-n: frien l?. fee. 'orT ?vam'na'inn' K"*eo ' *1, < ?r n? eLarg'. m d*. O' flee lo fpri'if etreft l"r the flovart. iycrOHJUA^f ' ETer'r'r An. immio. ??* liver pool_u]n7?~d states hail steam ?hip PAUFIU E. Mje, commander. This steamship will depart with tho United States mlla tor Europe, positively on Wednesday. March 21, a* Ue'eloekM, from Ltr i.crth, at the foot of Canal street. For freight or paaaace, havil t unequalled aoc' lnmodett.ns for elecanee aud eom furt, apply t > EDWAKD K. COLLINS, 36 Wall atreet. l'usi enters arereqoisteil to lie on board at liu o'clock A. M. Tha rteaui?liip Atlantic will aacoeed tha Faoiflo anit i rail April 4. 8bi| per- please take notioo that tha ahipa o f I this lino cannot eairy any roods contraband of war. 1\HK NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATU! Mail littamni. ? Tha ahipa eompoaing tha Km mm the folic win* ; ? ATI ANTIC, Capt. Watt BaIJIC, Capt Ooaaatoak. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt .. These abips ..av? baen bnllt by contract, expreaaly for government service Every caw baa bean taken la thai* construction, h alao ia their engines, to enaore atrangtie and spee.i, and ttietr aecommodationa f o^ peuuengera are unequalled lor elegtaee and comfort. "nee of paaaags irctn New York to 1-veipool, ia Brat ?lai? cabin, VIM; Is Kecond do $76 exi luuire use of extra siae state roosM ? '?'it; from Liverpool tc New York, 30 aad 20 guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to each ?hip. Ne >aili ?ecurtel until paid lor. ntorurtKb datjb of aAiupa. rmoa rrw vors. mm utaarot. Wednwulay, Dee. '27.. 1*64. Saturday, Dee. IT.... )U? Wednesday, Jan. 10. .1866. Saturday, life. 30. ...IMA. Wt-dnexday, Jan. '24. . 1866. Saturday, Jan. 13..., 186*. Wednesday, Feb. 7. .1856. Satur lay, J an '27 . . . . 1866 Wednesday, Feb. 21..1S66. Saturday, Feb. 10.... 1864, Wednesday. Mar. 7.. 1866. Saturday, Feb. 24....16M. If or freight or p aaxagc apply to DiW'Ii R. COlllNb, No. 60 WaU street, New York. BROWN. tHlPii'.Y & CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN EKNNARD 4 CO., 27 Austin Fr an. Loadoc. B. O. WAIN WRIGHT * OO., Pari*. GEORGE H DRAPER, Havre. The ownera of thene ships will not be aceoantablo for , golu, mlver, bullion, specie. jewelry, pree.ioua atonea or metala, unless bills of lading aru signed therefor, awl the value thereof therein expressed. Shipper* please take notice, that the ahipa of thlatbM a moot carry any goola contraband of war. IlHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA tfTEAIlSBZP Company intend sailing their favorite ataamshiaa ? ? CITY OF kLAN' HESTER 2,126 tona..Capt. Wylie JJTY OF BALTIMORE, (new). 2, 688 tone..CapU . CHY OF W^dBlNUTON do. 2,7(0 tons.. Capt. B. Loltofc. Saloon $00, ttb and 166, seoording to state room. A limited number of third elaea passengers win bo taken irom Philadelphia and lirupoel, ana foud la prorlaiona. From Philadelphia $30 | From Liverpool. $44 Partlea wishing to bring out thair frienda can obtain eertificatea of panutge, and drafta on IJ erpooL In anmd of & 1 sterling and upwarda. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, Agent, 17 Walnut atieet, i'hiladelphia, and No. 7 Broad way, New York. B10R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE? THE V. 8. MAlXi steamer ST. LOUIS. J. A. Wotton, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to lana the maila and passer pers, on Saturday, Mareh 10, at 13 o'clock, from pier 37 North river, foot cf Beaah street. Trice of paa.age? Flxat cabin, $180; second do., $7$. Lvggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on bearu the day be'ore Hailing, marked "bolow." No freight taken after Thursday, March 8th. For freight or pa-sage apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 63 Broadway. STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN HAVRE AND NEW YORK direct. ? The steamship AIPS will sail from Harm direct for New York, (without catling at any port in England,) on Saturday, '26th of November. The rdtaa of freight and passage in flrat and aocond cabins win b? very moderate The sailing of the succeeding steamers will be shortly announced. Tha rate ct insurance ia France la leaa tir rhipa from Havre direct far New York than in ships calling at an Engllah port. Apply in Ha mi and Paria, 17 Bbukvards des Italiena. to Donald Carrie, or in New York to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. B EDUCTION OK FARES TO SUIT THE IIMM.? For California ? New York and California Steam - ship Line, via Nicaragua. ? Accessory Transit Company of Nicaragua, propnetora. ? Through In advanoe of the mail ? Seven han<lred miles ahorter than aay other route? avoiding the deadly Panama fever anl two miles of boating In Panama bay. The aplendld double engine steamsbijp STaR OF THE WEST (2,000 tona bur then), Captain Turner, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M. precisely, (or Punta Are jas, on Mon day, March 12, connecting with the favorite steamship S'eira Nevada (2,000 tons), over the Nicaragua Transit route, having out twelve milt a of land transportation by first claea eartiagea. Several new and swift iron steamboats have lately been pat on river and lake, which shorten the time on the transit from oouan to oiean. TWe tteamere are unaurpaiised in their recti - laticn and accommodationa. For Information or paa sage apply only to CHARLES MORGAN, Agant, No. S Bowling Gr en Letter bag made up at the office. N. B.? Cemm? ncing on the 20th of April the daya oC leaving Now York will be changed to the t:h aad 20U> of each mouth. 1 VlSI'ATCB MNE FOR SAN FRANCTXX) ?THE MAO Jf / niflcent A 1 first class clipper ahlp WirCllORAPf, Freeman, maater, is now receiving her c.vgo at pier No. 8 East rivtr, and will sail for San Francisco on or beforo Tueaday. l; th March, and is expected to flnuh loading on Tueaday next, titli. lhla famoua clipper has mads three voyagea to tan Pranclaco, in 101, 107 aad 97 daya, successively. <-bippera will pleaae hanid in their bills oc lading for signature as soon as their engagements aro e< rr. i Jo ted. Special Notice. ? The veasela of tLia lias will Lareafter be ad*trti-ed for a certain date, and posi tively sail on or before the day named. SUTTON * 00., $4 WaU atroot. ClIU'PFR SHIP SWORD FI8H, CAPT. H. K. OSGOOD, J (or San Francisco, is receiving cargo at pier a North river, and will positively sail on or before Tues osy, 2<>th i?st , and is exported to finish loading Tueeday next, 13th. Shippers will pleaae hand in tbeir billa of ladirg (or sigratuie as soon as tlieir engagements ars completed. For haJan -e of her amail cap<?.'ty, apply to fcUTlON & CO., 84 WaUatreet. a UPTRA1 LA PIONEER LINE? CARRYING THE C. jfx S. ma.l ?The new and elegant elipper ahip GtORGbS, 1,'.( ') tons, for Sydney, ia now nearly ioadol, and will be despatched in a few daya. Intend. ng ah p l?rs or pssse n^ers will apply at oace. A few first cabin berths, and some second elaaa. Tho celebra ted clipper ab'p OCEAN STEED ia now i<t her berth, pier No. 8 East river, receiving cargo tor Melboarne. 1 his ship is now going out on her sacond voyage, having mace the second best passage on record ? only eighty nine days. Has excellent accommodatioaa for pasaen gera. Early application far freight or passage requisite, as the will sail early In April. 8ba win be aur needed by the magnificent clipper ship NIGHTINGALE, if May Apply on board, or to R. W CAMERON. 116 Wall street Fir savannah, and flukida? united statm Mail line ? Tbe daw and elegant ?teao.ahip AUG (73 TA, Captain Tho?. Ltod, will leave New Yerk for Sa vannah, on Pa'urday," March 10. from pier No. 4 North titer, at 3 o'clock P. M. Bltla of lading signed on board. For friegbt apply on board or for par sage, to SAMUEL L. MIKblii L. ft Broadway. For Florida, through ticket* from New 1 ork to Jacksonville, $.11 ; to 1'ilaOui, $.13. Tho K dux title. Capt. 0. D. Ludlow, will lucceed, ud leave oi Paiuiday, id arch 17 I 'OK SAVANNAH-FARE REr>UCEI\ ? 'HE I'NirKU State* ni .il ateamahtp KRYS1UNE STATIC, Ca, t K. Hartile, w-.ll leave Philadelphia for i-avaunao on t'ri <*nj , March (.'th. at 10 o'clock a M Fare $20, atoe'ag* $?. "1 lie Key?tooi> b'atp will lea?* a* abut* March !W arid SO. Agenta ln New York Bt'R ANTON k i ALlMaN, 19 Old Slip where itate room* may be ??cnre I. 1?0.< CHARLESTON, 8 C.? THE NEW aN.? FAVOR tte aide wheel ateamahip QQAKRK JTY, J H. hodgdon, ci mman<!er, will Itave PLi alelphia for Cl>?rl*?ton, .1. C.. cn Tnurfcday, 15th Mircb, a*. 10 A. M< Cm I4 .1 parage, 820; aUerago. $a. For frex-* or pax ?axe apply to HERON A; MARGIN, 37,'a North wharves, Philadelphia F or cHAMEaio.N and Florida ? semi-wkbkly United IStatee mail line. ? Tb* ?t-am?hlp 901'IH IHNIK. T. Ewan, commander, will leave No 4 North ii?er 'u i'?'.uu!?y , M?rch 10, at 8 o'clock P. M., meriiely For Height app'y on board, where all *>i lln of failing will he xlyueti, aail for paaaage at the oBce of MOIHUtli, TlLV>fON k CO., 30 Broad a ay Througn tieVeta to Florida aa follow* ? To Jacktonvi.le, $31: to PiUtka, $33. iTXiR NORrCIX, PBTliKt?OChO ANT) rUCrtMOD ? The I'n tn. 1 H'aiea mail atearaahip JAM K3TOWN. L I'arrith, Cvmnian >ar, *111 leave pter 1 1 North river, < a Saluroty, March 1 , at 3 u'ciook, P M. ; w. 11 arrive ia NoifoU trie n It a Uriioon, and Petera'iujg and Ricn tbe following morning ft >m Norfo'V paaaangera tor tbe Seatb proct d ty railroad direct, w th through tirWU from We.'eon to Wilmington, Ajfiata, k~. Pea tage and 'are to Norfolk. $V to I'eteribarg tnd Ric.i ni'jnd, $10; ?te?raj? half price. App!v t-> Lt'Di AM k Pl.BASANTH. 12 Broadway. i~~ (JrT KlfilW ON I) AN DN OR KOI. ,K ^Tl IE~ffrEAMJ8JP JAMEMuWn, Oiptain Parish, i? now loading at fler 1} North river, l.?r Richmond and Norfolk, and will leaie on Saturday af'-ru *>n, at 3 o':lo:k. H I'LAH * PLEASANTS, 32 Rroadway. STEAMSHIP CANADA FEBRUARY $, 1HW. ? ME-^SIt-1. li A J. M< ivn.. I.iTfrpool Gentx-m 'i?? Ww, tho ' undtrtigned perteng. ra "n bu^rd tbii ihip. ??oaeider It a | duty w* owe tD tbe travell'n; publ c at well an otiritalvee, ) to tijref* our dle?atnfaction In hav.rg had oarcomforta and r'g> t* curtai.e I, by the occupatico of a large por I tlon ol tbe iialoon with rarto. We aUo d?? >? to *lpre*a I our opinion of tbe impropriety of loading th- deck of tho eiup with coila un i'aving port, an I flliiug up other placea with cargo, wVrh are uiuallr appropriated to th? I ftowage of itoren. Ac , tbere.17 ntll fiirt' er doprirlng : the pa>e<ngeta of tbetr uma! acc .mmo.liivon, and, ia tut ol had weather, en 'ingering their live* and tho rafety of the nhip. We a :e. gentlemen, yjur? reipect fuily, lb m*? I>rew, New Tork; C. J. Hoagh'nn, Moutrea'; Jinn-* John'on, l.ivo pool, Waldo Maynard, Ronton- V. j llurten, Montreal; F. 0. Schomhurg, New York; C. rt, Hull, Alton, 111 , it. P. Thayer, Calir?rnia: Av. Meyer, >i?nce. J*. oh I'm: I, 8?n Fiancie-o, Cal ; A40' |>h Oecho, Kew Y:rk, E. '* i" ???n, Toron'o , C'erl Keereberg. New Yi ra . It 1. I a<"oi!, hTffield; *m. M Kean New York; C.J r.n^bi-ll Cape ll>eton A. Mclilln.'^y. Cineiaatt : 8 Ifllin, HewYofk; Dr F. J MUaala. Mexico: CD, Poortin. Par'e; F. Itanne. Ne-vYork. limiU fl -aner, Parla; W. Scully, lilio HalJlcton M itere, Ecglan ; r. Plotnoadoi, Montr>al. ftPORTINO, AC. hjTBVe. BIRIW ? ? NEW ^TO' K Of .g DHTTO CA nafiea, .1 l 'fw 'l', ballfluchea, g . tUncU-a, eha". flochea.Mae'iMi * r'u ?"g? thra?, ?i>?>na, I ceate, ifvkiDg b rd?, 1 > !> *da, .-ar Ir.a'a, p pairota, for aa> at II K ? """R BKOIHtiiv, "S F itton at'ee*., ?otMr of ticld. AJ ?>, < ?ge? aa.) i#i/i > nitaatlyna itasd - '? MIX KIV(? III R f * FOR S.U.E-A OOOD SI Aiidren !f. K. S., bos l,.i?9, P?.? Offce.

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