Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1855 Page 3
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lDTEITBRIEJfTS EElfBWED BTERT DAT. FOR RIUl. ffi CT A AAA -FOR 8ALE OR ckcil\NQE-300 IBcJvF a v/UUt houses and lots in this city, ia lie most desirable location*; price* 91,000 to 920,000. . Alao 300 farm* for "ale, in every section of the country. If you wish to purchase a houae and lot or farm, appli* to A. SERGEANT, 16 WaJ street. 1 |ft 1 A A f|A ?HOUSE AND LOT IN WALKER U)-L "e VvU? street for aala ? The very desira ble two stoiy and attic liouae, 13 Walker street, will be Hold lev for cash. M. L. SHBlDoN, 86 Nassau atreet. asn PC A A K0B A MODEL rARM, SIXTY ACRES, HP U i (J V V buildine* l*r?e and numerous, in b*at condition, fence* likewiae, aoil thu beat, highly culti vated, 30 acrea mowing ground, seven in grain, one bait' mile from depot, 18 mile* from city, Dear Hempitead village, plenty of fruit and beat, plank road from farm to city. Alao, one of SO tillable and 14 heavily timbered hickory, oak and cheatnut, brook running through pre tuiae*. fine productive orchard, all other kiadno^ fruit, 10 mile* from city; Urge double houae, other outbuild ?ings in first rate condition. Apply to d. L. JOHN'dON, i!li Bread ? ay, room 3, 2dA AAA ? COTTAGE FOR SALE AT STATES Cf)?7,\JlJl_/e laland. ? A beautiful cottage, with eleven room*, a fine coach houae, aud about one an" a half acrea of ground, well improved with fruit true*, Ac., moat eltgantly aitua;ed at Clifton, on ritateu laUnd, and known as Cheatnut Grove Cottage, will be sold a; a bargain for caah. Apply to M. L. SHELDON, 85 Nas sau atreet. tf!C7\A ?' ^ ?FOR BALE, AN IMPORTING BU.-U |B)U? v'UUi neaa, long established; an excel'ent ofToortunity to nveat money in ? mercantile trade tnat t>- _ " large profit* i'or part.cular* addreia box 191 SBSiToko., A C\rr\ TOR A FARM 0F F'rrY JftA ? .1 ' &<""??> barn and acre* gcod lau?, . ^ t other outbuUditge, p<-ach and apple oroiw.. '?-''from miles ?e*t of Klizabethtown, N. J., and hall a ran. railroad depot. Apply to 1^. MATTlSON, No. 3 Nassau street, thir l floor, front room. djlQ QAA FOR A PR0PERY AT WE8TFIFLD, N. ?OeOV/v' J-; fifty- three aud a half arrea; hjusa one and a half story; barn aud all other neciswiry out building*; plenty ol fruit, wood, aud water; lao.l i > go *1 stateol cultivation ; one and a quarter mile* froaa ile pot S. L. JOHNSTON, 212 Broadway, room 3. <Bl1 A A A FOR ^ PROPERTY IN PLAINK1ELD W village, house two atories, llniahel and psinted, good well, all kind* of fruit Lot In SO by 200, from atreet to street, atoie 14 by 2u, stable* 14 by H ff<jt, cellar under houae and store, b. L. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room 3. Ai\(\ ? F<> R SALE, THE LKA3K, .Sl'O JK iTlUU* and fixture* of a first clasa groenry etor*. situated in one of the belt location* in the city. Thi* Is a chance seldom met with. Reason far selling, going West. Apply at 212 Bioadw?y, room 10, to HOSTED & BROWN. <to-| fr A ? IJQUOR STORE FOR SALE, AN OLD and eatablirhed *'.*nJ, now doinj a good buainess, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth atreet*, on avenue B. The present owner Is retiring indepen dent, and is not eight years ia busluesi. Apply to DUNCAN J. MoMlLLEN, 103 West street, corner Li berty. A VALUABLE LEASE OF WATER FRONT FOR SALE? A at the foot of Thlrtv-nlotli stieet, North river, containing 100 feet of bulkhead, and nine lotsof ground, with the buildings, having eight y?*r* to run, from the 1st ol May next. Apply on the premiaej. A GOOD CHANCE FOR A PERSON OF SMALL ,./% capital.? The stock and fixture* of a neat fancy store for sale. Ihe stock is small and the reut only il2 a month for store, large back room and bedroom, at No. 707 Greenwich atreet. * ? BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE, NEAR THE CITY, IN A healthy location, about a hall an bourn' ride from the ferry, in Flatbush. Price, $3,650; f >ou down, %- >o in May. The remaining can staud for two yetra if de sired. The house is two atory, and ha* two win?*; grape arbors, frmt trees, tic. Inquire of WM. H. SIOUD1LL 107 Broadway. T PRIVATE SALE.? IN THK VILLAGE OF RIVER bead, L. I , on the principal street, convenient to lie Long ltLand Kailroad and p:ea??ntly located; a c mi fortable dwelling hvuae, three rooms die p, a good aizei barn and stable; alao, a separate building built for an apothecary's store, with about two acrea of ground. Will be soid for ?1,3<J0. Apply to Dr. S. OKU WOLD, 1.17 Hudson atreet, New York. Aram: optortunity.? drug store for sale ? Here U id opportunity seldom o lie red to a prac tising plijMcianor a druggist. The a'ore is rlluitad In u rapidly growiug lection ?i the tit/, and now doiug a lair busint-as, it baa bun htte 1 up with great cars an 1 nittDHK, and ia to be aold la coniS'i ueoce of tiio il-atu of the pioprli tor. Can be ?*eu at all ho art of the day at .184 Pevrntn avenue, near Thirty fourth street LEASE FOR KALI? OF A THREE STORY B-tiCK ahop, -No 6 Clark street ; has fourteen yearii to tun from May next, and can he got very cheap, nt the owner ia leaving the c ty. Apply on the premise*, furd llwr BUILDING SITES IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE IN parcels of four lot* and upward*, tiro blocks frain Fulton aven. e railroad, in a healthy and laipr ?ving In ratios at.d an high ground, at low price*, aud on eaiy tennx. by RollKIlT SARUEANF, No. 7 Jauncey Court, 41 AVall atreBi. N?v York. Boot and shoe store for sale-one of rnw beat lix ationi. in the Bowery; u gool run of en torn work ic iitock (mail; will be aold at a bargain tiie preaent orcupaot being engaged iu another business. Apply to JOHN K OROOT, 14 i liroadway. C< ALII ORN IA TOR PALE, A FIRST CI.AS3 HOUSE, / two cottage*, and a aplemlid corn? r gro>?ry atorj, situated on Washington avenue anl fur- lft a atr-nt, M>r risania, five minutes from centra! an 1 upper depot Will he sold cheap, oa <a*y terira, a; the piea?'it owrer ii going to California. Apply to J. FILL, on the premise* ClOUMrtt ttKAT FOR SAlJi? ON THE BANK. OH ffiK / Hudson on thie *al ami of e*ry accers by raUr >au. The hones :a conveniently arranged th? grounds eeantifuUy tail out. For tei ma Mr.., aj ply to WM. h LEWIS, 80 Cedar e'.reet, ooraei <u >irw1waf (lOVNTRY t>KAT FOR HALE.? A BEAUTIFUL COON J try plaee, with three acre* ol excellent land, a liue Urge brick mansion, with out&nl ling?, a'l in perfeit order, for aaU very cheap, and on a-com no la' nig term 4, or exchanged for c'ty pro|>erly It la situated In a very rich and pleaaant valley id Wea'^ru New Yor* threa mi ea from a city of shoot ."i.Oim inhabitant*. Apply t<i or addre- . R. GRKE.N, 14 Wall aireeU ClOUNIRY hKAT AT ASTORIA FOR 8AI.1? CON > tailing two arrea, one telle and a half fntn the ferry, wlln view of the bay. T tie houae la nearly new, contalea el-' en rooms and cellar, also. ham, stable car riage houee, and other outb sliding*. Toe grouadi are tastefully laid cut, with a Urge variety of fruit, e*er gieen, and ornamental tr?ea and ar ruh*. Sixty p?r c-nt can remain oa bond anl nmitja^e. I'osse.otton given itemed atelv For further j articul'tr.t apply to ' i P. RAPEI.YE, near the premiaea or to inARIAd W WAK1), 64 Front atreet. CLIfTON, WATIOCISlJtND.-BC'IUHWO LOM OS high ground, with fine vlaws, pure water and per fect sewerage rendering them the m>at attractive for residences on the laland, for rale without reetrletion?, ?xoept agalnat ouiaancea. Apply to M. OT4)NMUK I I Keade street, New York, or at end of omalbui route, CllfaOO. I "'OR PALE? A BAKERY. ON K. OF THE OLli-WT FA tabli-hei in New tork, mw baking ahout l'> h?r re. a a weev. I*rice Alao a romml-aioi lia'tery, p e ice creatn an l coolec?ion?ry. I'riw $m?. alt'ia'ad ia a great hualneaa ihoroiighiaie. Apply to C B. ?7 >asssn street, room e. injWR SALE? A fiREAT -LABOR SAVING MACHINE, r for making wire spiral apringa of all dearriptiona, particularly adapted for making apringa fur aofaa, h-da, chairs, Ac , any aiseor ahspe deaired; it will make fro 71 fifteen to twenty per minute, or make up abou*. a ton of Iron wire per day It being tin only machine la eii?t ence for mak ng tteee kinds of apringa, all having now to be male by hand, acd aa there is acarrely any lim t to the den/Snd, a peraou holding the monopoly of New York could not fail to make a fortune. 1 have purchase 1 the entile pateat right ftr the United States, and aa I ? intend to locate my iperationa In Itoaton it is my desire to sell ths patent right for New Yorx, with an operating machine, st a great bargain J^rge fu.niture manufac turers aod rmg makera will do w?U to call an l aee it at J. T KLMJ'.- office, No. Ml Broad ear, apper eorair ?f Murray a?teet EDWIN BaNUERBON. "T^OR SAIJ5? TWO GENTEEL BRlHt nOfMK-? IS JC Moni-Je street, paying ten ^er cnt, will a?.U cb<>?p; Wi for ?%le sal eichange In New Yor? ; l,f (jO for tale snd exchange in Bro-tklyc. Farma to exchange; mon-y to !oan on uter- hand:se Partner watie<l E. McMABON, lTrt ( ii^-' am a'ri- t I^OR SAi K-Ijrv-T. STOCK AM" FIXTURES OF A toy an va; I t r store, at - llroiiway a fir*t ra'^i a, and, l<ef*g onct.p.ed es s <ch for tli* Uit aix year* X'H'R BAIE? THOSE TWO LOT 4 AND T<VO STO.tY T trick cartiaga house and atabh', sitna'el on Twelfth atr et, near avaaue II, wlL h> *>ld f.irtlfto, ? nd $3,000 can remain I n tn rtgage. For full particu la -a app'y to *. H Blt'iAI*. la Wall alreet. ?Ht? "f/ ! V ? A~l-K< .IN 1 1 II , - I ~H' ^ iCl/.oTfAT KS g-ne, of inch dlam-Ur of cylinder, an I taro t atrokr, with governor, numpa, his., c-iniUte wil he sol I cheap for cash. Apply at IUT Ctoarllnn street, Bear Weat I* OR PALE? T> i~BR REMOVED FRfiM~TH(!_rREMISm, a frame hoite, sn 1 a new thr(* story ten*in?nl houae nearly firnahad. oa Forty e ^n t at e#t, Hi fw east of the Ligh'.b aveana la j i'r^ a' the lumber yard, coreer of f Uteenih atreet and Seventh avence. X-HR Hi ' V ALU A III f I Vi'-1' AT M'(?rr-iWi?il I. ,IJ N*w .lereey, eontaining ? a "fe? of excellent l?n I, in a high atate of caltlvation and wll ealculat>d for raiting corn, wheat, peta*'v-? and ?ra?e Oi the farm ia an spple orchard and a grape vinejarl ef 70o vine* It ia with n eeay ac esi U> New Yofk maraet, be ng witnia 800 yards of a depot. Cliurche" an l a:ho?ls witair a mile of the farm, 'the location, between Pputs wood aa<i Old Bridge, two very healthful anl thriving villages, U very superior. Tt>e farm lies very handaome ly snd csa ea?i.) be divided into two or thre* imsiler farms of co??eniont sire end form, sod will be sol 1 sepa rstely or entire, to amt purcha?-is A map of the farm can be seen and fall particulars obtained by applica tion te OKfiKOR LAVE, at the I'nion sv??r? real estate office >o S Everett Honse. corner Foarth avenae anl JatrtJi'.it.Ul-'.iJaa, faJSi 3 1. il. ;?3T X rOK IALK. T\RY DOCK.? PATENT FLOATING SECTIONAL DRY U dock for rahring vessels, with ths right IoiimMu ??me on U< Iut Rivet. The (look U la complete order, end of eufflolent siae to toko up vessel* of 300 tone ; will bo Mid it e aaertfiee, If bough*, at once. UK MO IT, ft Spruce street Farm at flatbush for balk. ? twenty four acres or flrst rate land, with a three story frame bouae, plana in front, and wlnga; situated in the town of Flatbush, Long Island, about four m ien from tin City Hall, Brooklyn. Apply to CBOWELL & BALDWIN, Ml Fulton street, Brooklyn. Farm for sale. a bargain? seventy skvln acres, three fourths of a mile Irom the new depot at Chatswortn, a shoit way above YUraiirn?ck on the New York and NewH*v*n Railroad adjoining the new villtge; good build. ngs, orchards, fruit, thruiibery, stream of water. Exchange in part. Apply to A. BEF.3E, 106 Broadway. I.lARM FOR SA1.E-ONE H0CR, BY RAILROAD, from the city, situattd in a plea-ant part of the i-ouBtry, in a high state of cultivation, good house, and out buildings in perfect repair; fruit of all kinds in great abundance; wood and water at all sermon*. Oars ? un aliuont hourly to and from '.he city. Tonus easy. For particulars apply to K 1'KAT, ni Fulton .troet. ] FAMILY GROfERY FOR SALE? ONE OF T'lE OLDEST . and best coiu<r stores in thia city, les-?, stock lx tuie and all complete; to a p?r?on witti some i-apiwl, wishing a sale nnd remunerative inve itiuent, thii i? a raie rheo:e; location &c., by applying to JOHN' DODINA, 77 Dey street. J>OR SALE ? A HOUSE AND F.iGIfV LOTS, BETWEEN ' Third end iourth avenues, on .-?? venty s-vsnth and Seventy eighth strietn, beautifully situated, with largfc shaded lawn in front cf the b'>u-in, kIso, u v<.rl?ty of fruit tree* on the premlsus thien railioiS in sight of the house. Inquire on the preratsgs, or a* 173 bowery. SIOR SALE -ONE NEW FIRST CLASS FOUR StORY bouse, in the block of fire all al'ke, 'JO by ftft feet, No. 4tl Twenty fourtli strest. betwu^n Fourth aud Lax ^?ston avenues. Has every convent' net. Possession luriDOn!.'"'*' ** E?" Twenty-fourth street, or at to Win sv.-'V CBIS. HJ3MfH. 1M)R SALE ? A SUPERIOR BROWN SfON'E HOUSE, 20xf,o feet, lot full depth, Od Thlitf-wtnth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. All ra>lero Improve mrnts, anu in all resptets a tirst cl?sa house. Street same width as Mad son avenue. Apply to D. F. VANLIEW, 1,110 Broadway. FOR sale? a farm, at mount pleasant, west Chester county, about two miles and a half east trum the railroad station at Hog Slug, seventy live to eighty acres, farm house, carriage h?u?e and S?vs ral other outbuildings, orchard, r^ntee fruit, shrub bery, tic. witli beautiful scenery; alioiitsix acres wjol land. Apply to K. U. BROWN, 71 Wall street, from 1 to 3 p. M. rOR SALE ? HOUSE AND 1X/T NO. 61 EAST TWEN tysixth street. I<ot 21 feet by Ualf the blo:k' House V 1 X f. 6, three stories and basement, with mo<iern improvements. Terms liberal. Apply at 382 First ave nue, corner of Twenty third street. G^OR SAIE ? ONE FIRST (Jl.A-iS FOUR STORY AND I? basement brown stone front house, 20 by 60 feet; lot, 08 feat 9 inches deep, with all tb<' modsrn improve menta, situated at 04 East Thirtieth straa*., between Fourth and I^xington avenue", inquire of JOHN W. FIK1.LER, 60 hsst Thirtieth street. ? TTOR bALE-TH06K FOUR FIRST CLASS TENEMENT 1 houses known as tkos. 1 1 ? 121, 123 and 124 East Twenty-ninth street, just finished with all necessary conveniences; pays about t9u<> a year each huuse, will be sold separate or together; terms very easy Inquire at 116 aud 117 adjoining, or 110 ItostTwenty Bfthatreet. I 'OR SAIE? A SUPERIOR BROWN STONE HOUSE IN Pacific street, near Clinton, Brooklyn: has all mo dern conveniences, water, gai, furnace, Arc , built for the present owner, three xtorie.4 an I attic, basement a'i 1 under c-llar; on easy terms, by ROUEitT 8ARUKANT, No. V Jauncuy court, 41 Wall strlut, | "OR SALE? THE YACHT MARY, ABOUT 11 TONS, JL1 sloop riggtd, with a new suit o( Nails, everything in perfect crder and a very faat saiTer tih? now lies at the Atlantic hotel. Hoboken. Enquire of A. BARKES, at tlie hotel. IWR SAl E ? THfc FOUR tflURY BROWN SIONKfBON'T bouse 16 West Thirty socoud st.-eet, near Fifth av ecue, me of house 2(,x <4 'eet Al. o the n >w three story bllck house on lsixington avenue, first house abir* Tkirty third ktrt-et size 22x44 (eet. Price (8,0 JO. Iu quire of the owner. IS Wefct Thirty -si-con J street. F I7-0R SALE? THE SLOOP I IHKRTT, ET'lHTY ONE tons tegiater, carries 110 ion* coal, built at .Nyu?.k, about ore year aince, of tbe very be<t material* and in the beat matner, well found in rigging, Mil*, anohor* and chain*. Will be ?olil very loe ioleed. For further parti.-ulara inrju'.a of A. H. IIAYI.ES, 100 South itreet 1.'OK SALK ? THE l-KA-vt OK TEN YKARd OF A HOUSh . and (.tore in one of the beat intuition* in lirotdway. tor a atarid of buaine** it cmnot l.e ? urpatlod. Inquire at A. SKKHEANi'S olticB, No. 15 Wall *'re?t. TT-OK M1X-A STORE, NOW DOING A (iOOU BUSI 1; oe?a, a ahctt ji?tano? iu the country, iu a Uouruh tug village <>d Hi-- Huiixon River Railroad. 11 n been to nitration fur t?g ;l voarr. Tbc iem n for Milling ? Vie pre: t-nt occupant ?;o n,{ We?t. tor particular* Inquire at 33H Atlantic linct, Brooklyn. OR SALE? THE HOL'KKn AM) I/>TS N'OS 20 AND 22 l.udlow Mreet, each lot he n* 26 feet front by haif the block l or term* apply till J Uoaren, 121 *'Jr?t ntrtet; or E II. S?abury, 1 12 Soma atreet Executor. yOB SALE? IN BOBCUEEN, A FIRST '"(.AS' ',11 V atory an.', baaini'-nt brick home, with all Ilia mo dern improve tmntr, in an eircllout location In |ii re at 190 Waabingtoii alrtet, llob >k?n. I. on 8A IX? THE STOCK AND MTtm OK AV <>M Ffitabl. -hed clothing ktoro, wita a goo I rau cf cuktoin w< rk , t ccod opportu bi ty for a peri?>u mi. hing to commence the clothing bu?lue??; locate i in the Invar [art of the city. Addre*n Clothing Herald oil! roll SALE? Tilt STOCK, FiXTIRKS AND i i!.\- K OF a Grat c'aaa book nnd atatlonerr atore, doi-ig a good f??h bu*ine?a. Addr??* W. C I'., Uorall oil! e. |7?OR 8AIJC-fi'WAKf- <>: TWO HINDUED Hi) 4 In <!e-iral la locationa in limiklyu aod vicinity, ta tying in price from 1 1 ,.'<<.0 to f I'eraotii d tiroua or puri-bamng or a?iling real e?vata, are invite) to c>U and examine onr regUter COWLEY At UA4RM.L, No * Haiti Iton avnciu , llrco.lyn I ''OR PALI;? A VERY DESIRABLE I.AKtiE TUBE* Rtory home on Twentj aixth *tre*t, aear L.-xiugton avenue, nearly 24 feet fr?nt, in Em* order, tuodera im provement*, Ac. I'rlra AIko, tanon Twenty eighth street, sear kia< lnou averm**, tT'? E. II K IN*-"III VIKIt I F ItOR rtALK-IMPROVBD roUHJH .AVEVI'E P,tOPKH ty ? Taro three at -ry basement houae* on I'.>ur .h avtuie. Alao, Ihrea nr>*ll brick hou?ea on Fifty eighth atrvet, nui ihird avrnua aUo, t? i on Kirat a'rvit, uear tt? lioaery, alao, two on forty fifth itreat n?ar Third a vet ue. rrire* from 93, COO to <ioo1 Inveit n'nta Apply to B. R KINSiiliKR, 810 Fourth aveo'ia, 3 to 7 I'. M. 1MB lUUITC ril'ST CLASS POCB STORT HASt> ' ment bouai a in Twantyaecon t atreet, mar N nth met u?, No?. 2k,', and 2?S. brown atona front*, will all the modern impi<jv*u?nta. Aho, two Iota iu Twentr fiiat atreet. lo'julreof J. JOHJfivON, 2H0 Weat Twenty aixth atieet or W I. J< iiIsrtoN In I Tweity aixth at. I' OR ALE? THE 8TOCK AND FIXTURB-I OF A fanry atore, coirg a good buaitaaa. Apply at 211 tavrn'.b ivtum (.1 rTa!J?-A WKl.L mTABLIPlim ItOARI'INO I twn??, in a go-.d location down town, alwaya ac ccmBHx'.ating thirty to forty teapac'abla biirkri. A flret rat* opportunity to any on* i? now offarad. Will ?ell all or part of fu'nlt'ire to aoit purebntar. Apply at IWChfl atraat, naar Ilaipei'a building*. "I"<OK "ALB? THE 81 BSTANTIAI. THREE STORY r brl'k houae and lot, 312 llrldga atreet. Brooklyn, near tba City Hill a!*e of hotiae 2.'.i 10, lit 2* * 1 07 ' , Haa alt the ecnvenw-neea of furnana, gaa. hath*. %? 1 h<* houae la in eveellent or lar, termt vary anay. In quire on the premnea I /OR SAI b ? A VERY DKkIRaHLE VIM. A RKJI <*?!?(? in beautiful rillaga < f Fluihing. I/mg laian l, now by railroad within half an hour'4 travel of the city of New York. $l.0t0 In caah will only l? r*. quired ? tl.? ba'ance on mortf aga Apply ti WM JOHN' SON, at Artr an II Uuller'n, Wall *tr<wt. I 1.UB 8AIJC ? THE NEAT THBBB STORY HOCgE AND I lot No. 117 Went Twentj ?econd ?tieet, a litt'e ? eat of Sixth avi nue. Ilonae with modern iwpnte in* at* atd in gcod order. Icqu re of the owner on the premfae*. LM)R HALE? ElOHT FARMS AND Eivi ~ VHLA'JK houaea and gardens In and near the vil ige of Madi- j >on, Morri* county, New Jeraey Tli<-ae ar ? all (jO<xi prcpertiea, warthy the attenti n of thoae who ar? de ? iron* of |ureha*m( country pii.perty. TI.**" farm* eon taia irotn II acre*, 40 acrea. aai ao itj up to 230 a cr?a. farm of 40 air?* I* a ? ry denirabl* projM-rty. in fnxl t.p*r, ROC<l honae an 1 outbuihhog* n?arly n?w, aleiui'i'* In all v?ric-i?? of truita an< beautifully ??tu ?te4 mne. iat?iy 'n<h> Tillage tor paiilcutar* inquire of S. I) III M'lINO, near the depot of t jr U >rr a aod la?>i'road, Madiata. 1'fjB SAI.F-m.VEN I /IT- ON SI\' Y EIR-T TRE-.T and and tirat avenue , bou?c and l>l tn WioiamaUnrg. rh?ap. houae and lot in ReUeTill", N. J I^mn wact'o on iou t ho ne* in Si*tjr 8r*t ?tr et. of lr >m ?If HO t* >lfr,(--o Apply at 12.'> W??t n<xte<avh atrr?t, or rorni No. 8, 212 Broadway. 1MB SALE-lllk THIUE 8T0HY R : N Il-tl -t SO _ Ur laat liro '?f, all mcdrrn impr ,oii.. nt? "lao thin * o . pur iiaa* m"' ey can i?m< a on m'>rtgiM(e. Houae can l>e c?ea by appljin# on tu? pr-r-d <*? y?r ftrther particular* *pply to A C. MOkHlLU, No. 9 Uaalur* atiret. 'OF PAIF-A rtl.AITIF'l. lOI Nrr.Y H I! -K ,s ^ . the viiUge of llaciaon, N, J alt >a> l n>-?r eebool# ct'irchea, i?4 railroad depot, contain- nia* rooaa and rel'ar, with barn, ctr.iage houae, -taMe, lceaou?e large and a|len 'id larien. fruit tree*, t*n and a quarter acre* ef ?'i|er'or gronid. ?pring of water, and twa targa pond* Fr'.ce 14, 000. half a>ay lay oa iu >rtfaya. Ap^Ty to V DE I A i.KA' ESI* on tka premiari. I/ OB HAI.E? TDE 1HBFE t-T' >R V BRICB FRONT . IMM No t6(T*nth atreet. b?t?een Th'rd and V on rib aveauee , bouae cna*aina all t>? aatdera iraprava m?at? For tenna apply At ISO T?a'h atreat, ??* lur ia>> v( .^fi a>>*?. pon liuti For sale ? in a very pleasant city, within eaay mow of New York by ateamboat and rail road, and much fre.jaented by military companiaa, target aud excural.u jartlea, during the aeaaoa, a Brit rata rearaarant and party houaa, containing an ample aaloon, private par'ora . for anppera, dinner* aal the Ilka, a noble ball or dlilng room, aillowed to be the flneat In tb? State In which it i* ait dated, of llu by AO feet, with every accommodation, of geatleinan'e and ladiea1 dreaeing rooms, fcc. ; good billiard room*, pro Tided with Orat rate tablea, and on the drat door, a la diea' lee cream aaloon and confectionery, fitted up with uncommon elegance, which oan be .et, either aoptrate or with the remainder of the eaLabllahment. Tbia huuae haa done a aplendid bualnaaa the paat aea-on. 1'ho gool will of the eatabliahmeut, laaae, furniture, a'ock an 1 fixturea will be aold on favorable tnrnu. Apply lor information to HENRY C. BR&NDT, IS Naaaau atj*et FOR SAlJi? THE LKAfiE OF TEN YEARS OK A TUREE atory brick houce, with store on Broadway, in on* of the l*'?t bualiii an location* alao the throe atory aud bun riont uoi'ern bouae and (taooty yeara lease) of !#? t4 ft'eat Fuurtci u'.li atraet, near Fifth avnne. Ap ply to A. SERJEANT, 16 Wall atreet. fTHIRSAlE ? A COAL, BRICK, LIMB, IjITiI AM) CE I Bent yard will be *old on reaa3imbla termt; it ia ellgib \ altuatad in a loca.lon lor doing a large aud pro fitable bui urn. Ifc'i owm'r ia in the wb?le-*le coa' b <i ? aitiOM, ( uniio* 't< i.J to it , cau furnloh tho par la* witli r. al if required. Inquire of CAAl'LM MliLKU 07 Naa. au xtreet, room B; or an active partner takvk, p<.u~ <ale--a mn imt Tnuiu umtLuiw 1 houae, 12 by 3# fett ? ltb u tm tio u A t ' C" '} ttrtl 1U front, iron f?oee, ?hs ia U > jae f ' *n(1 * row ?' tree* ia front <>'. ii'l '?y ICO feet; dtout?d ou the eaat aide of F.'tn*! u avenue, lOOfet-t north from iK-kalb avenue. I'riee # < MM, Jl.Kili cuu rrmt-ia. Apply to CKOWKLL A BALOWItf, Ful ten atnet, Brooklyn. 10P. MU-W UUffl OF EUILDIN06 No 77? ?ud 781 Broadway, hating eigl.t y-ara to run from t)'e tlri>t of May nut Apply to W. 14 I'AltiON'B, or JOl.'N CLvllK, a-aijueea, 1?; Broadway, or .i J Cedar a treat. I OK BALE? A FIRST RATE CHAN'OE? A BOWLING and drinking aaloon on llroadwav, with lease, atock aiid fixtures; also, a flrat rlaaa Mini- g and nyn'.er raloon, oo tbe corner ol' Broome atreet and Broadway. Apply Immediately, to THOMPSON A STRKrirs, SI Naa aau atreet, room No 7. EViR HALF AT A BARGAIN? A MtAT, Fl.SlI, POUL try and vegetable market on U ^otli aveoue llltul up in tbe nwatnat atyle, and now doioir a goixj cash baal i-eea. l??nn of the pi.'imaea at only $15'' a year reut. Will be >old very '?heap If applied for nnm?d>ately. Ia quire of CRASTO A TAYLOR No*. M and '21 W kabi'igt jn Marl et, corner ol Weat and Fulton atrteta. BH)R SALE IN BROOKLYN? A THREE STORY BRICK boupe, reeently built, with all the mo tern im provemeota, nitualel corner of llaneoo pi -trn aud II amp - den atif et' wiU be auld reasonable if applied for thia werk, ai tfie ownt.i ia about leaving tho city. Moat of the purrhaae money raa remain ou boud and mortgago. Apply on the prtmiaea. CUTOr.A aeven full lota of grnuQit, 11 d - garden, fruit, and Htalda in tlie rear, on l'ow crH street. Ino bouae lain oxcellout orler, with gar, beater, and every convenient* for a gontleinan'a re eidence. Apply on the premiaea. I:v)R bale cheap ? one frame hoi sk and urr on l>e Kalb avenue, between Belford aid N.m tiavd avenue, hou e "JO t il, thr<? at"ry, baaeinent, and auti c<dlar, marble man'.ba, gratea, gaa-pip a, A 9, oae half tlie putcliace money tnty rmoaiu on b<>n'l aid mortgage. Alao one neat frame houae on Lii'ayotte avenue with one or more lota, bear Tompkini avrouq, bouae 20 x 30, two atory and baaem> nt. Onn-lialt t i? luiri haae-inoney may remain on bund und m irtjap". I'ijui:e of BAlJ) A IN A Bl'KTId, 101 Mjr'.ie avtaia, ltrook ljn 1/OR 8ALE CHEAP?' T1IHEK .-TOR? CRICK HOI; JK and lot No. HI Kaet Nineteenth atroet, near .Sec >n 1 a< . nue, with all the inodurn Impiovem iata ha'h. wa ter cloaeta. ap-akin^ rib??, futuaca, ga* llitorsa, Ac. The carpet* will lie ajld with tLe houae ' luqulre oa tbe piemiiea. IM)R BALK CHEAP? THE UJT, WJiH rfTABLE AVD rarr-age bouae, on the cotner of Islington aveuue aod Filly tecond atreet. Abo tie alau^hter hou >< ao 1 lid adjoinitg, on t ftyaecond itre-t. lu.|.;reof Mr. K CRASIO, .6 ami U7 Haablnglen market. I.iOR BALE CBEAP ? VOUR CY UNDER BOILER SO . (eKtUnglij iiti iaahaa diameter ; may b? ??'ii i i operation at Price'a marble aa? null, corner of Ruing ton and Attorney atreota Al o, for aale, to ilie tr? ie, all klnda of luthan marble, aaaeo or in the ble:*, on liberal terma. I /OR HaIJC, AT WILLI 1MSBURO -THE cottage hour.e, 4 !>D (Iran 1 atreet, wilh 10K a ALU CliE.vr? BANK cot N 1 KR, CIRCUIAR IN ' form, bbndroia>ly Uiln>l tliu Iron rafting, nwloahar e rangemtnU couplet- , n?w an ; )ii?t n'rnr b'?? u?*d loi|Uira at the otlica of J. A. ilANMNii, b*i WiUiain, c>r u* i of Ca<iar atieot. 1JHS SALE rilK.Al' ? A BKOWN 8T0NK BOUHC IN ' IL.rty-flfili alrtit, Sour utorlea, ZfttlO*); |ir ot only tl'. OU.; tlo,i4W can ramaiu. ALo, 13 an I lh Ki t ihlr ty i rat ilmt, Dew, |l.'i,UtiO; aim* 1A3, lit, IV i J 1 hrtylouith ?tr?et Wanted, a houaa for I',' lul Ui wo. Cjl A.-'K it Ft'LLK B, No. 7 >e# itm-it. F 70RCUIJI ATBAROAlNP? ST' RE PBOI'KRTV NO. 7 _ Naranu atr?tt, nlao, that tnrea irtorr brr* m h 1^*0 Faat Hroart??jr : a 'no. that tb/w# iitory nrick HSHIn' -u place a U" Ilia' tbiaa alory brick i onae tnd lot I ?? "? T-*utti atreet, nlao, that tli r*?- ?tnr y brfck bona* an I I 't 44 Ur clinl a tract. Apply to .J. UROaD, IJ Wall <tr?t B^OR SALIC AT A BARGAIN? TH iT VOCB SlWtY b" ? ii a'one h? i?e aii ! l it 3H WVat Thirty *e>vn ! n'rae' alao, that four alory brown ?'? no houae a'el lot 40 Weft Sarentomith ?Uwt; alao. that four atory broan atODC bona* and lot 66 Ka*'. Thirt i'th ati , alao, t*o four attry Iruwo itcaa ho iaaa noil Iota I !4 aa I 1 11 Kiit f-ivi ut?< n'h afreet, front. n Htii/veaaut ?>juar? A;i|>'y lo H. S, BKOAD, l i Wa'l ? treat. Ij^OR BALR AT A B.VItUAIN ? A ?PLKVMI> FARM Of ' '4 acraa, threat in'ci from I'aWaon Na* Jar ? with larpe a l <1 lommo .loua 1 uli lio/- foil rich, a >1 h. fhly cultivated. I-oeation beautiful, >n? lu'le from tlift I'aaaalc rlrar I'rica f'l M" CRA ItlJtS B. MILLER, 191 Broaliray. IWRHAIF., OR WILL KX' 'Fl VNUK Volt A iKK'ffi in Brooklyn ? A r.ew ho'iaa, an i ?i?h? Iota on h'a'fo lalanl, t)nM m nutea vr*lk from V mtrbill I umlirg Apply to ROlthRT HA HUE A NT, No. 7 Jauncar Court, 41 Mall I'.twt. 7/OR HAI.E OK TO J.KT? TifREI 1IR4IWN HTO-K ? ' Kujliah baaaimut houaaa ? Noa ?4 .VjT no I 4 Weat Twecty aecond afreet, b'twon Ninth ml r*ot!i areou *a floiabeJ In th? baaA mauDer, wl'h all tir n drm miprox-bK uU. Ini^u is on t'?? prtal'M of M UNDaB. ?p*OR fiAl* f)R TO IIT? IN HIE VIU.AOK '?? VV. J ark. l'oc?|jaU<l rounty, lb* beta) an wn an to ? Yor> Cob t 1 li'iuav contalna forir rooiui, ao 1 la eon m la i ail "h? bait ?u?nl 'n the aounty. At ,j, o i fo.i r 'j briok ?t"ra it ia wall a'l.tplail co marnanUla maiH.fact'innn purn?i>i*a. For p?r't rara *|<i<ly lil>j<IOKR v* I'rarl atrrat, Na? York, or to A/.A1 1 A II Hoai, cn thi- prauibtra. I.^Ort HA IF ?'R Tf? IKT-A TIIKTt ^n?RY HIIO'VN att na fr<mt liona?, with mioWn improrc n *nlt aituat'd In Nine ''ntt' atrr#t, balwe^n E'^btll a.ii N n?h ar?nn''a. Ajp'y to KOMI *0 A HlllTIi, .i fpru atriet. r.'OR SAT.I. OR TO I.K T A I AROI DOI'BI.K H'lf-'K J[" at laat Vaa1, aultabl* for t?o nr four famill?a, with abont ?l?a acra o' rich iiroun L llmiae u??. A eaia by omnlliua or railroad tn thirty m But'* at cii"ap la" a Apply to < IIAItll 14 R. Mil I.' R, IBS fir >a<1 ?ajr. | .Mill .-Al ? <iR TO I.?:r? HOI -K ANIi I Qf li BAR 1 ri<on Driat, Mfk <>?u?t an'l Oiuton, op^oilt Tcmpkln* pla.-e, .-omh Brooklyn, wltU ??a Ualur~a. i.atb, hot and col>l ira'.'r ri>nir?. ban ? marhU m?nt?:?, tt.r- uitboi.t K< luquii-a aa abata, or to IIOKAI'IO f L.I ICIIILO, 11 Wa>t.iB||tun market, Waat -tr?it aid*. l?'?i?n \a?fj aat Fulton atre?la, .Niw York. ff:i> I* <C rant f7<0? 93 000 cart r*ir>aia. I? RPAI KOR Tli I FT? THE FINE TWK rlTOKY ANf? al'ic brick liou>a. No I Li iiammorei >tr-et, lot <2 ftrtfrmt ly 'M> fiet (leap, bou*e J2 by 4'". <l*ep II aa ?\ny mi>deiii imprntt meut On tb? rear of lot n a la > ?l?lj btiek b ill' . ii/, fa t by 14 il??p, aultaiila for a ? table, rntranae from ftreet ny an aiiay way. Home fifteen rot ma marbl> manteja malto^anr door*, V. Ir.qi Ira at No V I'erry atraet. I/OR HAI.F. OR I.X llA'.OK K?B IION'IH, HTie Krt J or raal fatate <in? or mom brat (La?a brown irtona ? ?eH r ?*. thiea a'oriea wab all the mo 1. rn i-n prot ntnta, n a ba?utif<il part of l'r>oklya, ail Ml lb' It waat Urrra Apply to I II ItACKICN. 74 W?.l Hne', from lit to 'I o'cl ?<-k or at JUHnmW, .^Ct'ltrKR k CO H, of Kant avanna and itoa^t atraat, Brcwi ly*. ].y:R MIS tIB TO BUM wy.l.l, BLII.T Afl) WIIHi?1m?u? bona#, altb al/ira attai'lMal. lo ate-l in the flourtabioj Ttllaf* ot Muuit Vemoi In Waat.- a ?r r< untj, ow tbe Srw Hatan R?Hr?>ad, lat y o- up bi flow'ai it A Cf" 9* t a* a Br-' r ?aa fanily *r?>. ? , y wit' ?'<?- of nielli' ?-0, '.?/') ||?I aaa'iit! ao t tW? fej ; tal |>al * t %u I In tl t j lata. ll>? I .to ? a and (to k w.ll %i" i * dlaj wf of a i* b lb* pren I at a bar/aia T?a party w'ablrjr to ambark to a ra'- ?o 1 pr > l?Wa lt< ??? tbia j r-t>kl? a fa?i,.Kfc'? open nc ?? ? farther par'i -ilari intjiilre ?mt?adlati-ly of Til ' ir K- 1 tH' ?' . 'I ?. 'flu r '?a a'rret, or IIKNaY PCCIiilER 'iV< ? b Irfca ut rt ^ I.^on NAI K OR I.KA-F.- .TVKHAI, PIC' A VIi * fraaa bu .. in<?, ??aa 'Im on alt ! >ta of (rn'.al, artnatai a > r'h war! of Je> ?ey t '..nearthf. #1 Ui'l |ioV oi! Pan?? Man te. an I fir in it C walk from tha taw f?rry to lan I fro jt tmii tt ''jmr. r> a'reet. New V' i . atd eaa bt Siad In ot Jar M a a o?ll ? Ipet-e, tor I'?bt I1..MI > tur n? ' ..inaia, f,r 'off? I I*..*", to aeeoa.aa/ la ?? aill teen I ?~o': :<u l.aa II ?* aiietl. Tha pr--pr -tor >>" t>f wt of be alt'i, it w II > ' a?d of at a barfnln I Ha t? ? ?. i a. A, j Ij at ?*1 ludana atrart, be'. ?'~ r 10 an i 'J o e!'?'*k 1jH)R -a! k on tvk nru imi, Tw**i.rf~THir ' aaat tbraa ato*y brlak bot.t? an4 l"t ktt una'.t > treat ai?o, U at th M a'.ory lirii MM an I M IM Colombia aiiwat al o, t) at ?ery neat tbr** a'ary browa ?ton* honaa and tot 40:! I'arll- (tiawt fr -a aad t< MW can remain on mor*<aga a.'o iMt eery a?at tbraa ?torj hrtrk t ooaa and' tt 4"7 Pacif ? ?trw?t frtca $? f<?i, and $4, of,' cna r*m%a, alaa. n i?al thran at'.rf hrtck bmiaa and lot on Dnaa tr*a' near Naatna atraw* puce W f On and '10 can raaaa a. For l iUfWlK') i tora a tfj to * * lUtUAtt, U WWl Hmv p rot iau. OB BALK IN BROOKLYN? A CASH BRAIL GR9 mrj of over MOO per wwek, ud whloh mm be la emi*d to nlinoet tor inMDt. Thor* U ?o Uquor con nected with the bull QMS, ud tkt etoek, flttnree, ft- , trf 1? fir ?t rate order. making it ? moat deeirable oppor tunlty for a peraon wiahlag to inter that kind of btui neaa- If. A. C , Herald ofllo*. IriOR 8AI.E IN- Willi AMSBl'KU ? TWO or THOSE now Eoodirn built three ator y and attic brick heuaaa, beautifully iltuated on Koutli Fourth atreet, oppoaita the Firet I'renby terian ahiircb, between Sixth an<l Seventh ftreeta, ab< ut live wlootee' walk from either of the lour ferriea. Kor lurther particular* inquire of A. h H. KKYII', No. 82 South Fourth atreet. G1 BOCFltY STORE FOR 9AI.E? SITUATED ON THE ( Six h avenue, now doing a go>l hualn.'aa. Will be toll low. Addreaa U, Uoyd'e F.xpr?e? Poa'.. HOtsE lOI SALE? IN ONE OF THB MOiT BKAtJ tifi.l lucat.unn in lirooklyn. The three a'orjr baae ment and ??i> cllar brick houae, with en To ad plar.ta, on Clem oat ?v. nue, weat aide, aacoad krick liouae south of Myill* '? venue. If railed for aoon, will be noil Terr cheap and the term* made ea*y Apply to ItA'iK & tOTllr'.K, "7 I i.l ton atrci't, l'r.*>klyn. House for saie-w? vf.-it forty-ninth J 1 tear H'Oalway, very ne?t aod ino'lfro J'"* . . , with atone basement and hi^H atoop, VlxtO , Willi exUc> ion built in the moat nu'v tantia) mm ner Fr1 e fi 000. Apply to A. BKEISE, 1V5 liroadway. N. B. ? Next houae to let HOWS AMI lor IN WALKER STREET FOB hai.E ?The \ ry diieirah.e two atorv and a'tlc liouaa. No. 13 Wert Walter atreet, will be "old low for caali. M L lUBLDOtf, H Naa?au atreet. IMPORTANT to liRUQUIHTX ? THE PlJfWMKlUKK having two firat <-I%h ? retail drug atorea. it oblige*!, on aero nit of lila health, to dispose of one of th?Tj Both atore* ?r>- well eaUhliahml, doing a retail cash trvle of ova r $10, Out per year e*ch. To any one wlahlng to enga*** In the biiaioean, thle la an opportunity aeljon to 1 ? mot with Apply at the corner of K'i<h'h uvmhui an I Thlity fifth ?tri??, from U to 3 1' M , or at 3r!2 llulaoii ?tr<et, from V to 10 A. M. P. ? KN APP. I base ami pimmn fob saik with stka\? i i power? The hulMinga now occuple I by the Union | Color ami Ch<'inical Wort a, 'Ituated corner of Flr?t are nue and Thiril atroet , auitable for any m >nufa< Luring purpose r-ijulrlng luge preiotaee, with aulliiiient .steam power I'ocaeaalon lit of May, Kor parliculara, addraiM K. I!eml?. box . .?(? Poet Ofll f EA8K FOR HALE? THK UNEXPIRED I. EASE OK i IJ twelve lota of land, with brick barn %ud lumber abeda, and racka H ereon aituateon Twentv e ghth nud Twenty-ninth itreeta we t of Eleventh avenue, within a lew ro'n of the North liver. The leae? will not txpire until Nov. 1, lw.fl. The lota are oppoalte the W'Kidwortti 1'laulrg Mill, an l are particularly valuable for the lum l*r bu*lne??. Apply on the premi iea to I!. Hoithatland. oral M Wall atrial, to JOHN T. IIOKKM IN. ! MANHION BODdK AT I'fCEK SKILL. ONE MII.K back from 'he village, for aale at a bargain, aa the owttr Faa to li?e hi the city; it wai built wichiu two , yeira, well and faahlonably , alto aeveral corporation leaaea for l>0 to l>0U yeara, of lota in New York au 1 Wil l aiiisliiirg. A. H. QOOOH, 4'J Wall atreet. S EW BOC8X FOR BALK, CHKAP PUB OAK.? A houae on the aeuth aide of Thirty fifth a'leet; la | the third houi-e eaat frmn the Fourth avenue^ ta a new three atory houae, brown atone front, with all the modern Improvement* Inquire of Mr llARVEY, at the houae next door w,at of the one for aale, for tuiim au 1 to view the bourn. ONK OP TBI HOST HKSIRAHI.E BXSIOENCB8 IN llrooklyn for aale ?That new an l u-antlful brown (tore fn-ut i ouae Mi INK Henry atreet, b'-tweon State aod .l(>ralrnioti atreeta, wlth'n five miuilte*' w.?lk from toutb and Montague ftrriea; haa all tha m'vlnrn improve ment!, arid la on ? ol tbr heat built houeea 'n the elty. Apply to V. ALT 'N U N OK KIM oo the preinUeft, or No. l??a .-cbermerborn "treat SI.ATT, QUARRY ? A FBOMTOTO SLATE QOABRY, wall 0|ieund aod well loca> l. ? Thla propir'y will Le aold or put ln<o a joint atoek comptny To purehiae the ptof?r:y an 1 rowineure work ?' OM to Ji "K) will be riquiied. inquire of 1 R ilARilOt'R Ac CO , mining Agency, 110 Rroadway, Immrdlately. 8TF AMROA1' BWlPBl'RE FOR HALE~U4K1> FOB lowing Bur|.oa?a . Ua1 i auporlor croee-heal low pri'Mnr* en^iii", 43 inch cylin l?r. Ifl feet Itrokl, For aale low lu^ulre of i(. KI K 11 ri, South llro ?klyu mo BUTCI1EB8 AND OTHERS ? FOB BA!.K. TFIl: J| atosk aod llxturea of a good large me it aitd T?ge j table marlet |i, t|,e o.'y of llrookiyn Price biw for iiartlcu'ara, inqulie of r. <j. VaN VoORHJB, eoroer of Myrtle avenue and Ad>dph: atraet Itro '>lyn, or of M A. 8AK(,KNT, ?!. Vtall atreet, New Yori. fT~0 BITCH ERS ? TIIK PVfW ?l 'Kit IIA" SCm>KNi,Y 1 ?.<?!. ?ii !<? i.i to a?H ? >t hi 4 bunnaa* at a vary low l>rlM 1*11 >1 tt< pr ? hov*ot ti >i"iiu> iii'i ii t**tith Ktr'ot, HMlbfilt cornet. b*'or? 12 J rr-o imr?ui*N and apcithroakiiw ? a kkati.y 1 tltMl ip dorr 'ur Nit Btarly b<?, ?ltuat?<t in on" of 111* l*?t H??nii> t ; it i? wi ll ? to-l?r 1, n II 1 .loin .? n (food bti>fe**i. Apply air n-e to J. K IIAI..K, nut lical Lib- nar, ht J>|.?i>uil I if 0 t. rt- ci thk MrmcAL nortmioN - an know h J. pUtairaft, |?li| to r< turn to t.ugUod, will m? j. M of h'a fn- r ' i? of thr> t room), mai'iMl boiki, in >'rgn riil>. ullit* iiH nfi. r* '?{?*, tfrti^n an I m*'li?lo*a, i.iit?tber or ??p ?>(?? Apply ?t JIT P^ranth amooi Vn (? to But ?> i,. ?'irK< "U , l*K< 'f ij'l 4l!(l* I. rti*? rux -i/x Bfimivo wr*, at a h ik'i ai v, " tltMl* <>t I ' i loth dtrix-f, b?'w**n Hvllaoa ami fifth a?i*nti??, fr*? fr itn roA, aii.t nxarl y InrH wltti | gratia On* hall to* purckaaa money tu rrmalo ate. p-r east. IiiW p*r'*ev M HUir, 17 Hpruca itrw',. rUAWlAU Ci'/in fu 1/1 ? NOHEY TO I>HN? ON l?i t Ifll)' '? woo4a, ?*'.?? h??, J?w*lry, " ii r*. pi*io'<rta- mcrrhao'llaa ?ul paraooal pri .-itr an *r?lly , or fconrhi f..r e*?h Bu?l?>-a? > nnil 1 ?ri'ial, and aiccutad | r. mptly, at 71 Naa ?u aire t Aral II ?ir, lurk (ifflra. A htlliW.i ok aaloriD, In a good lo-atiou, tor ?al?. Kl.Okfc>CE x < <) , Boi*r?, it Naaaau at ?, !? Kl\ TO LOAN ON MAMO^IIH. 1 t-OOUaVv' ' *ttdiu,J*t?lrr, A: , ot fetrafht for caxO 0.?r*i It etsell, Bote* toni'Uil mrldifoa, lit' la of an li?m? A i n*, n;l*ti*' Huaioraa <on(M*n tul, and promptly **i"-.i'?.l, at 1 1 Nuaiu atra?t, r<M in Nw 2. llli.MIT'i.N tUO,, brokari ar.i oiorulaaioa nw rhanta iitl r ^ | |? ./ -TO UlA.N ON' WAM iNllH. . ; A *-)*) ; 'J ' '' jarrt-lrr, ?mar?. and r. rrhaj. i >?? rrn. rafly. or bought Out Honda ari l inorV t tnuxbt ai.'J aol.i klonay comtMlly on hand at lii. Willi in alt'*'. ?i?ar I "niton op atairi. Kol'.IH.iH h <i> , loaa ari'l i*ommiiiaii>n l.rok ?r? Ifc \ ~ J id \f \ ? NO>KY TO LOAM OMUMMfl^ t " '' '? wat'' Il*a j' *thy, in. r ,ai ! / ?. , io?, pi>im>, kr.: . r bo tight for ratU Bu<in"?? coort ? auil ult Apply at tha r 1.1 artibll?h~l l/>?a i fl em, .'37 (iraiij ilirVl, roraar of liowxry, a coal No>r. frr ?a!a, a larf ij iintlly of abtnparo* ?" pay *l TBaraa l>r?on? .;???, Iln^ to puri baa.' will flad it groatly t tbtir a-ltan't..* t > > ?1: a< abora. N D W-Xil.t-ir jJ: l fc ? /Tjfwi WAMIBJ.'N BOM) AND M'iKT j Mll Hjly 4*4?. ou tbri i- br^t eli*( b'iu*a> > . a tad on l?ilhit*U>u amiH No lirokarax* will ba paid Addr*a* lnv*ilm#nt, U*rald ofllra. C:'' hfih AN" "s bond i '?),( II M I au I mortfaji- oa loi,roYai! property i ij t), ? r.ty ol Nn? Vor* lli* tltl* iniiat b * In f?* an I prop*i'y ?ar .1. ubt* tb? amount lo?oal. A| ply to J. MAHK8. 11 J. tr**t WASTII' |M0 ?r I'M, fw Ibraa y*ar? n*)l il tm on jrnp*rty in Sf??i<, N?w J?r "y, ? ?? bf.'t"1. 1b*r* la ou other nortfa^* Ailraai K. C , N- wmk l'o?t <?fflca. A Ik>du> g r*a ~x s y Allot Nf~ or- honct W I/MJf, 01 WIIX /\ buy at alrbt. for cuk at bi(h*at pr > ??, irr ban ? l*a. d am' wit, J???lrr, prip*r*y or aaeurity |{?ii*rally, at t'.* old r??|.'io?lb.* Pai-ldr offlc*. orar I'atiBe Hank, 114 Uraii i >tia*t Pi.kiB*a* a'.rictly ooi Bilao'. al an I ??!* 1br<a | rivata offlraa ITroein hXs"k~ BG3 noroil' -'.ovwLVMivr > htnek, 41 *nt? M*r.hani*?' It* ik, M- opb ?, i rUrk ilarik Varmoot, AO, Wbaat Off*ll - ' Mar r< ?Bt?' liank, Br1.!('ioa, 10. B 1?ATIJ*V, IH#t?oaJ ?tit at. CI AHlfA DT ANCKJ' IN aNYAMOIMI OH f\jtU 1 at alRlit, A amni'ia, aaUlira. rich j-w?' ry, in *a'uaMa p?r*"aat property faav rally K iv t n< rtrwt, oaoMMi t'Kjr , r-oal room, from II a N. ta 4 r. m. (TXioT i j mi"Ii:i.Y aiT\ Avo:iiov h< h*kh<* J) rt?* J ?< -ura. 0>aii/b?4a j??*.ry, f?.l I aalrlia*. Braa?raa Dt jll *1 liiau uti* nta. mafkaalM too'* aat p?r?a?l ptvp? rty of aay tia>criptlon l*ft to ba I at au-tw>a ot bot.fl.t out i?r taah, and b ( *?' | ti?a ?? I for at Jl i kUbar.M a tract, by a!>i<aY k waI.. - \n i.'. !? ' haVi vi f*(/nr n< -< ? * \Kiir . - : ,na '1o?.r frntn Or.?aal*b - (tytn da.'yfr??l A N. Ill I t U , ?!.<: 4 It 1 f. Ii i->f**t at W.a iota af ai* y r' a .?>?<? i oo ail i i.w fr<m ?! to !'? r > i*f??'j a' tli'r Ii at)itft4 a?a a^ u rr I; la .?< i la I*.-. aU ??. ???'? '.4 U* *lly of '<?? Y r?, ? rji ? 1*4 it Mil loaaal, In nl? ta tbta i<tj CiU* /le?ll?U. V V "V ? * oaaarta ?- not. ? 'tuij * j iTnky ^ lo^ioAN^V'fiuto**- fcujuiiii ?!< r.?iir*? 2 i?m a.|r>u'i, on r*al *?ta'*. <ia?'?nU, ?atrb? ? j?? .ry, fuaatara, pur.nforiaa, aairlta. V to ?"? I i r<? '?! ?.?? ? imi jr ?. t( i in i>t< . o? iit?*'il Utrma. pr. ap'kiu aa i '*?>' ? '? ii n*? at tha Laplr* l>aan aa-l A|?i i <>#'? -I lirWwaf. / i??:o ti mi. m 7v?/ /ta < ' </ \ ) K?w Tork Va.-f-a Ua lUM It' 1- 1 ?? IMK o< Mtn U*l <4 lb* ? ita Kn'-V '? ?(???F I >ra a Ilivw'laM, fr .? iw t?o*i..??* ?' l?* f**' ).ar, tf tkli'y <'lla<*par tWrt I tkiai luirtf l*t aaat ?. Una rtpi'a. >*a>k) t*yaMa .una# a: tlku * ? 1?7 Oi**i.* ? b ?ira?t aafr |fe?> ri iflaa? iV Bart ?? I nr, ty, U.a 1 t It day af Aprii aai ft??a >ai'*'? ?"> Moi?a; '.ba |i -f, day vf ,'utj aprl -T?a !??? ? ?!? tl? trts?4*r oaoka, ta aa U aa*a, ? ti f* bat' ?'ta# 11^ Ar.ana Nxtti af li? '"atpariT ?(B b* batt ?t ??? "a *- ?^.a. taa |?tk daf kU"b laataat a' a***? arlack A M wkati a t?a*ra flniafu' tl? ?MirkbaMan ? ft bar ia pmao at ly |r 'if. i* ?" "4 aa b- aiaa.. ft 'wm1m4* r ll ? mm a**"" a.aa? a? 1 Br war of U- frf.Vara, tAlli. i * IIaIWT *?? I l?fc ?oasdiivg andloikidio. QAQ ?OAX>WAT, UNION 8y? AJUu-IIANI?OMK OUO ??lt? of room a. or atngla, with or without btard. lYivate table if p rehired. ltalb room na ha Doa't Move at May. >7 (XT BROADWAY, 80irniWltfT (XjHSKR or NINTH | O ( atrrwt.- Kamillea and alngle gentlemen can '?? aoremmodated with fine rooua, aiu/leor la aula, ao<l full board, In a houae with all the modern Improve uienta, alan a ?t of parlora, uafurmabed. Dinner at 4 o'clock. Kelennoea exrhangi-d. 1 j " III lJt-ON ^TllKICT, KK"NriN?i ST Jn||S-l J ) park. ? A room for two aingle gentleman, and room aultable for a pbyeielau'a oi l a. Kugarfemaut* Bade (or family phi an fr>m lat "of May, or previuua. tiaa, bath, Ac. Keferencea exchanged. 1 Q A UADlHiN AVKNl'E ? TWO K1JMANT SUITES J p)l ' of looina can l>e bail, d'.lwr furniabed or un furulabed, by the 1'ith of March, la it drat claaa boar Hug bun ra Tlie hi'uae la replete with all th? mo-lorn couve nleneea, and lb* furniture n?w. Application to b? made aa above. Wall atreet ?Uge< paaa Ilia door. 70 drat floor, a ftf>o<t location for a piiyateian , par lura, with large bedrooma attached, on the ee. uod aud tM'ril lluora Hri ukfaat acrve l if rnquirat Konna ?U m-ntly furnlahad, alio on'- or two tltiglo loouia, for lodglsga. at\ ooo it emucrr, Brooklyn? a dmhjubi.b Via* front parlor, with bad room attached, alao roomi for amgl* geutlemen, to let, with full or pail al boar I. Fart iea wiahlng to locate tli- inn- Ira i pleaon'iy for the coming year, wonld do well to mal>" early appli a Inn r t{ UWSKARD SIltKKT-A LaRQS Kilo \ T r.vR f I") lor, baudaomely (urinated, to let, toou?ort >o gentlemen, without board. Terma raoltrate. 4r BABT NINETEENTH WREET? MH& KKMiit.t ?/ baaing arvt-ral auiti of roomi dneng .ge 1 for the ci mirig ara> on la prepared to recelva applications fioni fumlliea unl ain^-ii- gentleiii<-ii for permanent boail, at leraxteoalve and delightfully MtuaU-l ea.abUahuinnt, bateeen Ilroadwiy ami Kouith av. line 2r OIUCKNK bTBKKT ? A (iKSTI-KMAV AND WO t_J nrtwoalngle gent i"inen, can ba acr omm >date-l with a hau<1jrjin?-lr furuiahod 100111, on the aeaoiit or third lloor, aud full or partial l oir I. No un>iviug at May. Keferenrta exchanged. 1 A UNION 8QOARB? A IHKIiSoMK IWlU/tll AND J \ J barroom en the aerond lloor, an 'able lor a gen t err an aud bia wife, alao, two rooma for aiugle g-ulle n.en. Q ASHLAND PLACB. I'KHIt V SnUtBr.? ROOMS, IN f) aullea or Hin^rly . for familial or alngle gentle-nan, may beobtalne 1, wltu board, In a new tir.<t claaa home for the aeaaon. No moving on tie lat of May apply aa above. Heierenrea eic anged. Ace. a b/ Mixln av enue ' a l a anil Amity atrret atagea. ABVITK ok ROOMS, ON PEOOND KI/MIK, TO I .T witb beard, up town Itoouia furnUha l or unfur nltlied. lU-'errnce rwjui/ed. Apply at Wtu>\ Twenty, thild tliret. ANY KAMII.Y ABROAD OB FROM Till-: /\ city dur ng llm auinmer, mty dud a widow lady, with a aon and ilawgliter, wno woul i take the b*?t care of their property while abaci it, and pay a am ail i eat. Any portion of the fain ly wiablng to remain In town, ma> have boa id with the occupant. Or a ainall lur nlalifd cottage dealred, up toan, ple??antlf locatwl. llmt not to exreed $10 per mouth. Ib-at raferen ?a given. Adilieaa J. K., Ilerkld omM. A ccmplote, fur a lady and geutlemao to l>r?p lioua ainl live retired, or woul-! auit a will w la-ly. The lo a tion ia uear Hln cki-r atrcet, between Broadway aud the I owery. Kuitbrr Information may be had t>v a ^eraooal interview only. Aiblieaa II qi >, liioaaltray roat Offiia. * VERY PI EAH t NT, HANDBOMKI.Y FI'RNl 4HKD J\_ mom to lai lor f<2 a week - declib illy tbe Oeit op portuiilty lo aerure Uelgingw with n pleaaant family that ha i been ollertd thla pearon liii|uire at -1 Kaat llr^ad way. A H UM-iil-li ROOM, WITH URK.tKFAfT AS'D tea, and dinner on Hnn laya, wantw-l by a amgl> g riitli-maa, in a aiu.ill prlvat" family where t jere are no other boardera; will be permanent If ault*d Heat of refeiencea given. AUdreaa O. II. I, . II > r al l oM BOAKIi-A I' Alt LOR AM) BKDIUJOM CAN HK HAD, toge? ha r or reparatdy, with full or ptraal l>oa i, at 112 Ninth atn-et, wa'. oi an I uear Uroa-tway. |jOA?D? ' ROOMS AND MJTK4 OK ROOMS, IOI8I1 Uemeti and tbi Ir wivea and aingie i^en' I- ni-n ran be i b'.all." d in a liiat ciaaa lion .e, w III a'd the modem ilnprotMiienta by appl) ing at No '? Aablaud place, hi l'? try atraet. Stngea an.i cara of eaay aaneai Rate ri acta eiLbanged. |1CMIU)--A IIAMvOVIK I'AKt.OK, ANl> K??OVH KT 5 > Iftohtd, with 'h?* b??t tocom uo<1 niton*, n.ij bi u%<1 in ibw ww brown utone found* KW ami lot K.t*1 In tr U-t-ikiti ?trwt, n?*r lluiotk *411* rw. Alio ? i k??h f< r * 1 * a H f??ierco. ? *<ban^?? l. BOA HI) A UlUlJlJt AGKD WIDOW l.AliV, WITIIOl T fairilj, *11 ?ic*U? )t hotift#k##p#r, in *? *iou? to finl a ?iDMr p K? ntUio?i? w?IJ rv to i.-ivmr-w \ *r nn ! l?"t al W'i?J, wall a eoti.iortA'iie romn io l fuwl, for oiiw \**r (?oo?l rwftrtnc** M?r?u I'l^aaw aldrtfti I. / . II* iftiti uffir# Ijoard.? HiKoije GKNTi.riirt and onrrtjncKn I rtfifi wlr#af fan b* ? f??iumo'iiii' * ih lur lilrlMK} r# uBJK, Willi Of without hoir 1 lit .*'4 WlllWf *irt?t. flf# ?Jnr? w?*rt of IJ?ovl**j, b??l tn?i oull wiWt bath* In the lnuw HOAIIH ?A KKW rtlX.I.K fihM'IJ-.MKN UK OKVTI.K with iVIf ?ir?a rto b? tn uBDD'litMl la > Ar t r!a?a bono, in tli? ?lrln tjr ?r loo or Uir*<. ta. tread Iib<?. 1'i )><? ?n'j at No. Ill fcighUNMitli atra?t. oi Br Sirttd tl'ftM Boaiui? wrni vkuv coNvmarr at-aktmk.ntb for faBiilu-a or alianta CBtl' iu?r>. Is.ralun twtj '!? ? i abla lor 4>oU-ih?i> doiatf buatnaai ?."?a W?b, 'ah ti'l iti/n | ? ? lug It in tk? *- ? i y Ajiplr at No. 4 Ab liK'iia ac^uara, ??o.uJ tool fro n IUU alrxt BOAKI).? MN'TLfctfKN ANI? Tilf.lK WIVM OH HJN irla fcantlrifian ran l* ae^ oanmixlaU'l aitb v*im? brut or ti aoai*nt boatii, at 61 lli?a:.?r aU'cl, war Bio*4*i|, I?OAW>~TO l.F.I A IIAN'D-OJIEI.Y Ur'.l) > 1 a i lor be?<! ?' iltmloo t nro, to a joot . B?a? an I !?<>/ 0 two tin* i* llouaa r>*tiltl? *111 all tw B.or'arn u ? I' afita T'rma | ?ar ?aa* f!4. fl""t <tt nfiinnu ilri'u A f>). . ; at I'i Iroj ilrwl, u u Uttta ? fell BltliUB. noAht) tr town. ? t okn m.uman and wine, en t*o >lo?la K'r>tlrin?B, ran L* ?' m r . Iat? i ?ll 1 ??li t-xnu, la a prlrat' fami.y ,'..i.?n??, ?llli in >10 Irnjirnr 'u?"riU ? ?> n- >rbat0 1 ft utoBl, ?n, ke , cofufuiant. A|>|>l/ at UIO ??<! Inl ly Irit ilnrl. hCMKD IN CMAMHIM fTW.Kf t LA .''UK liiOlf |>arl' r ? n tbr ??" n 1 fl ??r allb |<*Mr| tMrM kcro> ui If raijii '< it iniatU f- r a f*n< *bi?ii aaO ? 1 ? 'I ?toll* (tn'' ii ?r ?n l? ha-i 00 ?; ? ? ti*?r? at lil 1 uil?n ?li? 1 r* mini |.o firvt of M* K?f?. -u ?? tiebiagiil. | >OAiIf> AMi KK-*lt?CNr:K IN A PKIVATK rAMII.Y, I ) a a f./?t ra'<* iltttU a U'>[' lr? ? 111 'I iiIIh for a t> aa4 tua till (if If 1 cntl* B ? o, ?hu wouli" tier 11 fy ?b* r-i m r^?f? .?< r? |u ??l Ad1r?m<' I .1 I'M I t/F.m, l>< t ' M] ltroa1?a/ BOAItl ISO IN Wt iOKI.YN ? OKSTMCKBN AND IUU ?!??? or ?li.?l? K*ot.< m?B, ua ba a< >ianio l alllifull oi faittdlwail, lati a'. ; alrji rv a< ?> a a*'* bo?"* W l. all t mi/ rn llB)(?T>a<iiU al 4A t on <>t4 t, 11/ j<-. jn BOAKD IN KROOKI.TN? WITH A CBIVArt tA On i f. A ?*''< ' UK 1 l<~Jr??iiii ' an '?? bai t> t?')n r ft >ff ai?t' l? , wl- 1 full or par'lal b aH lUfar roera ?i?tiaiir?d Apy-J at I Utli>altmt BOA 3D IN JUtrtOI l.VN A ?l NTI.tMAN hHIt Will ?B'i t*0 ?IB?kl jrO'lrto-B l-ati ba a' iatH ? lib lull o- |.aMi Uia ? : tn 1 j >a??- ' >?????, ai tk |a?, m a |/r ?a!? ttmily "bar- tb? r? ara but fa??.*H?r? laiuilanlm ?au lita U.a > olioo f? rtj aaia^i . 1 III' in ?f lb; A|>lj at It III la itraa; Mr"- -'/a 1.0AKU IN BRt'OKI.VN Mr?W WAU. AM) > f ? ii I ta f'rr ?a laro |Mf|?.n?ii ?? li a t ? ^Inun r< ? n a Bill, partial bnW4 , in a aoiall family raa>..ia( a' . A Wi!><* I ac* ilruia | BlwU I t'lial it ii*ii rit*. K>f??tMi (I'liiBjM 110API' IN IRO0KI.TN- A MJITIAtlAN A Nf? HI' ) w.fa or 1 ?>? ? %>nll*n?ii t rat IM a ?rr ? m IB i~* afclt 1/ r ? iw f i ra. -I ?i or uafu/o ? > I, '?/ ap (.ials( at ?.* It lumg. '.y ?'ra?t BOAKI) IN MViK I V A (,KNTI.>MAV A Vf? Wtff rati Obt . o a y IBaarit ft nl lonia. ??*? Bf fra'.a aul (??' U) . biMi I tfl tau mafia |>ataB*R raa a la . ba M kit.b. aUHl, ?i a pr '?ta famly R?a wi? u ? ?. ? ?' r.Ma larr) <ai a |,?aa tka 4u r A J *4/ at lis .-laa 1 ?'oat. I rook jB IbOAfn m Mwi.if->nNiii nvK mini m? P ?a.? <>( tb? I -i ' ? '*?** ' ? * ?' ?MB f' ? t? ,?Btl?n.' a, ? . ? ' ? . i. ? jft a ia r * ! IllUaaB 1 !* # t ' i ? ? Bf HMMMotB >'? ??' h ? ?.l 11 a t* ' iiMfi 1* O llur; <u?n l*t<.4 /a TJ?A80 0 WIMMU. wji. fo K K" 'H ' '< fj ? - ?<#.?.? 1 r, ? I ? !#l ?tlh boarl, m | a . aW 01 ic?atb<r to ? ???!. ht?. / "r ?B a(B. a |Mllta?1 aa ir.ia'- '?*! '< p.??iaa". ; . 'aM at M f ? al ai i.a I aglBiM aafcBftbat ra* fact** T? - 1 . a IB -?ar a'a ?|OAir> Ik IBS OK MltT, NOT IK At THAN OfR I h?'?l a J a . ? 1 ??a? > a ia ft U 4 ' ?r a f * " f i I !o ,f f?fn ? ?i ia?t < , .)r n tr*-** t ti.M? of Mai I '.r |w4 ar?'BB>iM.a a ui?ral jprV a ait) ha pa-4 T>? Baa t 'I r?lafaa??a flraa aM |a,.ra! A .!)?? < ? ? r j UaraM b#< - J if Afcl) * RV A <iKN TINMAN A?l' HI1* I | ? 'a alM a far. w aa, <a ?a ta la (liara faiaaBaat V^aM >*a>b* ?! .? 1* ati?a< au?M ao< '?',?? t Va a V. aa Mar I" i a a oara A''ra?a rial'ar faiai ? \ al '? r>%?> >a Ua. I I. K, HarMd r ?<? BOAHti WAHTII' -TWfi <,Mf71>H*J( 'J? Til k i ? aa\ ??!?? *ak l| i4 la -a/aff l ?? a ? I r o*a aa'?rMat>-4, "?? >'Mf a* Ml M^* *B<B lot na jra?? (???, )?? of May Tla <W. 'i-Bi ?<? aaa?< M a Ito a?.aaa ra*> ? ?? . . laf Vo aaa a a tbaaa a " aafona ? a aaJ raaMMbalMta aa i'*i K aU-f b"<", ... A-la.-aJUU. ? BOAJtPfWO AID UODOraa. Boakd wantO-hy a luaj'WTTAin.K roan* Udy, i* ? orlroto lamily, or whara that* tn *?* ftw boordora Brooklyn proforrod, mu Km too r?tt. Addroaa K M , box 1?7 Herald oOe*. IMmiN ?? cbaagod. BOARIH.NO. ?ROOM* IK HI 1 IkX, Oil H1NUI.T IN A Brat cIim huua?, wiib rttM roovan.aoca OantJ* m. n wiablnf obIj braakfaat would har* tbo proforanoo 2.'t 1 TtnOi >liMt 1>OAI:IMNi, TWl) (III I1I1UK CKNIlJHfKN a.NB t ?iih or (inula (antlamva can bo auppliod with In ??,1 kn,t cotnno iloua ruorna, at 34 llutgor* atroat. Tho '? *?T plaa*antly locate. I and furnialiahl ?Uh |U bath room, ic., Kil l will b? kv jit lo th* boat niMiarr flT'T - mill fl o'clock l* M to Mr?. Tafktr, lit roiaylh >tn ?t. BO.MI.lM. SIM, | K UAII.hSIKN 1AM Ilk! AC ciiumodatad with pica. an I front rooaa in * * < W*-t T?-i.t, a-.ond .lr?t, bo twvrn I' if lit a nl Si \ tli Rv?n'i"<i llafvran *a rv<|ililM BOARM.Nti- M.KA^A'.T R'?u\n, WITH ItDAKn, TO bo li't, at 4'J7 llrootn* atraat, nna bluca oaat of Iti i llouaa flr?t rLui. with ?.??!??, he. r, i i 1 m 1 1 ki ? r<> i KT IS TU RTR ani? r rltgant bona* 47 Want Thlrtaonth a tract, Fifth itwut, with l<i*rd, if r*i|Uiro<l Aaa, warm aa4 colli loth*, Ac. Halt rafaroocr* ||l*an ami rm|iilr?d I I AMisoMKI.V KI UNI: HI I < UiHIIlS 111 I .KT. WITH _| 1 board, In it mi il-rn built hoiiaa, ailuatad > a cor and "tail'- Inula one ilonb'a mi l two aingla room*. Ap |dj at C3 Waal 1 w?ut) Ar?l atraot, cornor Hlitb araim* T 1 VN'IhOMHY MltNI UK \K FOR slWill.K J I K<nUamau, w,lh full or pail ai ia?nl, are una ro cant at UAH ll<nry at i cat aecuad block frum AllaiaUo, honlli 'any, llrooklyn Tetuia ni'x'rral* "J r YOU I'KSIIIK. TOHKJt RKKM.nrr HOARDKK8 KlM I tlia flrat of War loaa no tuna lo applying at mf ofllca Hoarder a ara now applying iu groal iiumbaia, f<* (?'Hi city aod country hoar I OMca No 7 Cllatoo llall, comer of K gl th >lr>rt ami Ijifayallo plac,* iV I.I V ATK lw I A llli -1 1 1 K WIIOIJ-: i IK THB HBCilH# Boor, III! lulling ' III ?? lina riMima with two paalrna% bathroom, iiaa, Ac , alan tlia front parlor on tba (l ot H' or wltli Imanl In a family of lour p*>aon*. Appl / ai No ftr>t. Mart a plara 1??HiKS roft QKNTLEMKN QKNTLUOOI CtN KIND | a ni<al; fiirn room, with or witlioul >?.lt in? ? itai'bnl In a pr rata laiml/ at 1M laolh alroat, batwa? a Kiflh an. I HUlli atinuaa lha bouta naa tSa luo InrB iuiprovt-u.Puta. aail braak'aal wiU ba aor rail Iu tha ra.ia, If rai|iur<it No mntlDg IB May. rpo IKr-WITII ItOARO, IN A I'RIVaTK KAMII.r, A 1 lanrc front room 1 1 a ifahUnnan and <rifo, or two alii|(la Ki'OtU lu'*ti Hafai cuca r~|Uiia.l la.|Uira at !? ( brlatia atra- t rpo I. KT ? AT M? 111 ?.? KWl .-IKM.I, A SKITK Ur J hanilaoma rooma, on tha llrat 0<>or, W> a (auUaoaoa and I la wlla, or to a parlr of alngla (ontlauau, with or aitbout partUI Loar.l Tt a r xim* will h? la I aaparaia rf ilaalrril. Oo> and balb la Ui* huim, and will not ia i rm on tlia Brat of May. rpi I.KT A WW. I. KI RNHIIKO VBO.HT KIIOM. I'lJlA J aandjr alluaUfl, for a <ai. Hainan, with or wltlinut board. Piraao cull at I ?>'J fautb atraot, bataaan Uroad way and Lnlraralty plant mO I jn l?i AUKNT1KMAN AMI WIKK. Oil If) i aini(lr gant', a lurniah??l rrxint ulttiout k- ?f.l , II draliad. a badronui, an<l prifll'i* of tba kltchoo. Ap ply at Mi Haul Twanty llrnl atr?-?t. fl>VMl I A U OK ANH IjNK HMtl.l IKi'OI IO 1 KT, I with boar.l, at 11.) 1 1 u la. n alraat natii an I (aa la tba bnuaa Koto ?aad apply tlio*o wbo Willi a la-rnianaot hi. mo. fpHHMi eKNTumm can b> ai joMMuHA-nin 1 aitli ?? ry liaoilaom# rooma. in a itrtstlr priaato family, wlmrc II. a comfr rta "? a hum* will l>? '', near Fifth traniia an I Waah n?b n ?<|nar* ,td r--a, ? lib f?alaania, K. M H., kna U, J4* I'oat OHl *a. ANTKJI? AN I N?URNWHWl MfxiM AS n HKIl n room, wlUi board. In a priral* family . In tt.o iii Ik) Ixirlitnd of ?*rond atra* I an I Howrr Addraoo li I' , Jd7 Ikiwary. Tarma ninal ba ra d?r>l? rANT?l> IIV A HINCI.r: UKNTLKM AN, T*') UN >w? Ad 11/AMII' IIV A HINfil.r. OKNTLTJIAJN, 1 * > l V? fumlal od roon a In a pnrala lam ly up li praltrird. Tarma modoratr Halaraai* *?> lianfa I raaa Had llauaa, II?-i al I olll la HOt kKk, IKHMIH, AC., WANTRI). I.) /Ui /-k PAWN IT.KKTM WANTED "N WATCH Aaa''*''/ J'w'rj. 'lamonda, anka and draaa | t,l.|n-, lor wbl<b fa r | rl > a wilt ha pal 1 Apply at .1 I'ykaa A Ig'a, 7V'1 llianl alr?at, a>rond Boar, iaa# una hat wan iln. haara r.( ? u'niiat A M and 4 la n'rlixk I' M HOI si; WAKTO) ?% ANTIU* I MMKIMA ! ELT, A ariail Ituw alary li>uar allli in>yU rn lapma miU,Iw*U4 l?Uw? lk:r4 id i K?ur?h aa><l J iiurth ?i.'l T?n Ual li atr?<-t< V??rl7 r-i.t gnl l? a ? r cl fOC AiVraaa gta' d< I >' attain rest k* J If. U, I n.?ilw?T l ual (ifUea. H(ll HF. WANTfTO n A KM ALL r*M1l V ? A IXiH vrnlarit |tlnwlU> il'txUi] ligu ? ti#w laartk tuNl; irnt m l 1" ?i?t l I' "it. a <lia.a U?I -WJ I mI I It. re, atatmjr location Air ]|OI >? UANTUl ? I'AKT OK A Jlol.VM Willi A li | lli? ?<>1?rn luipiotrnxnt*, ???. Cf otaa Aa , vaulait l',> in ? ?*ga*yl u? >1 (?nig! ??>?, >if< aa 1 m> aaiit, MO rblMra n I -callon n. .?l li* |.l?-? *rit la ? nag la al Ik Mori" ?. ' nil ?'.?>? frirtl* l> ?<{??', '?ooaaaTaaai to Hll>ng< or ata(* roat* |i? I of H? n<?? fttag gal iai|U;r? t| AiIoihi |it|g| lull it?W' |>Mi| ggnit Ix-anta, , fri nt ?r I * a baaamaat in' i ,?gnU> raat t. It?l>??l li 'I or ? J * I' MmrflANr. ll-aai* iltig Or tould UM > >u<ll r?'|g|gli HiuMlfa Boor. wavi 1 1' nr an amkrcan i.apt amo tltdtiniUw, (our rawiaa on aa^a* I flvir, vMk l*t tilt* ab'l Watap, to ? pa tal* Awtli ?? 'air If. l*aa IfHIMi l!i> t?l Itilll ai'MI* ?l April I u Imi : i>r ra ||iH I'rai palrt , If i* ; >i r* 1 Mra M , V7 l*it Ibl'ty Irtl atrart. aaat I b < rd a rrnti. II |i*riri'?r??*rt rr? ins **?ai*t*lr <$t U<*m U? M of May. ? HI. ill Ilia i i..|. rti in.; I'd n. oti. la aa>aa ??aa 1*1 1 lo> *' i ii iialnw liint; Intilk al ra*' ra a? out la a ?ra*<2 I 'i far a |iw: t'tiaai Apply to II W Kl< II At>iM * llioaiaay ? | <>> -K WANTVIi ? MAMfll IMMKi IATK1.V, A I I an ?ti Hi ?* at< ry !??>? ?lilt Hwi'M IhfliM ni' at', li.'alad wlang lb ml ag nalk u-a .????I |na> ll il4T(>lt ilk llmtl >?ailf rant nat Inai ? ??illTUO. Al4iiai a'atiiaf local on nat tr , J U.ii, l,a.|aaay f?oit OflU*. NIH'I AIU: orrti I ? tsrKJt To li m MAI* </? _ lai? 10 M.a r? r. It i a I ? I I * a? ?a,.! W ?k Mkiill at <MM?gt ' TP* llaa aa4 t*iuaa aiiaA I # u ? -!*ra ' a aait an y U in alia pi> ? a ad ?aa, *>itac, Lai I VII I'oat <HB<-a V V ft EAJ. KMTATB WAATTii-IN kXCHAKOK fit* 1-injO I\ >iiaa'irt?il>| a\i ? A >a .i- liia la Ist<tkl;n |<r*rarr?4 A4 raaa taot I 424 , l .il lift ? u' AVTfi nr a (if'i i waH u r* am) ?ii*a? ff tli* almla or f?it of a agaail Iwuii la a r M i ? ?lit oib< ? I not alNVg latlMi gtr? t ta at '??tgl? ? i !? n batk*. A ? gaA Un?a a* fo?? !??> ?ag Mg a Baa*, Mil git Vi >i'~ l ? >i par iMnii In part im?w l.gtlaf aa'h pranilaaa in l?t tt.uj Uai of ? girt 'vk laam1 by ada i*ia|g| It |i. Im>i I / rill> o? o# ? "11/ AWTIf' UY A It! KTAIIIIf I'WVATt I AMII.T, \ V g i am r?alaialr| all tha awlart lia^r-. raagaata. mi iii ?? I igliteaatfc ?< ?? ' a? I < a??n ? ?i t" '?r a*4 l??a pair, Kaat aK?t t'. >? ?* !!?? raf?r?a?aa rli'U A44ra?g I. X , Ui/aMuMca, a la' af /ail parti aa If'ANTH 1 HIIM-lllli II'" -> IKK* It? Mtl V> |< |.\ Mi.ariakar H al aaaal tin p?i awU 4<M raaa Kfhait Moalajr, M Jaba itraat ii, AJtTti us nir. r it-r '?r MAT, m a viji* fl ig.a I ?r?U/ hm l.aif if g agtara bail b?a?? la I a pp-r |?|> af li.a aMy, atafiHIf w?ata4 Hagiaa roaflaa l" *t/ ? h?aga A !f?aa Wal. aaag a? ? ?i< 1'itiiit 'aai/ lat?r .-?, W>t I'M Han; I ?H - lU'ar ra>aa (tvaa gal raa|alr?l ll'AKlHi-Hr A MWTT fHAN AMI HI Wir*. V| grKUiat I'.iUrta, ?mm i *aa? ar.4 t?a -lm ?? i ?.a a ?"<?, |g a 1 ?'? ?"??/ b?i ? ? R~j^-tab? a?? ( k W* hatarf attlMr la b(li') or *> otb aaHi Ka?t aaH ka r ' pai4 'i a'tn > An . - ? n ? .? li ar a <|.i at 1# i gat ?IU pl??i' ? ''taa iai aat llara 4 afl-a, far thiaaAa/i , ti amii- i'va>'!? i lAiii r i linrirmi W ag' a if* ta* jpariart ?' a <-~aa*aiaat tgaaa*. '# rialiir faar raaaaa ? i> a f*la? <?m if, aa Km am . :a a' Rr**4aar aka,a? "jr. r a i*at, gal an abr>*a |rr,rt?*ai ? a'raat M?i. r?<-1 >aat aat la *a?a?4 |1 n |<f a a g . a. baat of r?f??? ?a ffia A Iraaa aiat l*iP'. * It Mack, ' a* I'nai aAaa ' alia h'ataa I'' utal ?arali' aaa li'A1 II 1.1 M.ti ffil t>; !? A run It a >?,a4 ?>? paiti; fara iM ka ?? ?k*r* tla* pra J.r 1 1, r a a* >4 'a a<:. ? f k aft 'a pay aaat a< Ul? I >a * 'r??a II H laa I. A il?'? 1 ll'AMH ir< *1 IM I < A I 1.1 run AN A^r* W I . a ll ll ? a .a ? p^ai part af a laa t'trj liana !/-?? i tar ?*a '!??? v?? aa '. Taaat/ ft|* a* atraata aat a ?? ? ? ?' '< a i*af aa aaaar |*afan?1 hilMlunn a!,< A i*. i (i A baa ITT Itaratt . - .. II ?' 7 i Till K?i I M? y, RtrilKH :* W S aa t'?* ? r Biooalja. k/ a aaaait ??h aaa fg ? . # .t ?fc . -an j- ?' ? aa, aaaaaat a? a' ' . ba<k ?? aa I '??aa? a fi ?| gal . . t a " M*a - f li raa i? naa If ta ftraaklya, y. , a; ??a.' g a?? Bikataa' ?a<k af faHaa faart A4 II V kl I N laa* I Ht,a? * T . '?? iaa w turn? to i^t ?"'>i mr 1 1 c ?t if mat ,.,l a a a^.*j; y part ?f a ka?aa t* g > *< ? ?ra-Wa!* -*gt A ',4 raaa >wa ?W I ak< a| lataa latW aUa HfAJtTili ;?< HI Kit. it, k ki i iiHi> r:/p.h <?? a fc?-af?'aaa a a I'apa-'akl* aa ait?>iaaaa4 bp a ..p.. a i* fata i j aangat. igf af a a,,, alf. Waal Bltaa.aaat g.,1 t ka k.liUa, 4.?ir, al ga4 al. aait.4 -a tba ,aaM r-^aa, gg4 pa*a*aaaaa fa' a# Apatl lab'.gag. aaHaaaaK A44ra?a N boa IM !*? ral - a*'# a tb aaaa.^ a t W iaa. ? ?ll'AJITTIi to rrflM Til at* T? TV WW aa?? af a%4. a Mm a> f?.ww 4 af l*a Taa%. aa ta> a 'at araa a, a^*i,a?a A A '4 raaa a* affl| Vaf A, g| Jf. B ^ *# ?i". .7*

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