Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1855 Page 6
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urnnsEixim rexe? etbit bit. CO NT mm D rKOM FIFTH PAUI. WAITS. 81TUATI0N WANTED? BV A RfcM'hl TABLE \ 01 NO *i>am, n? co?k, WA'ker and ironer; host of rofereLoe ftem her last place. -Apply at No. 8 fclizabeth .treel, third fliur, front rvou Ciu l*> i?r tare* ^ SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE VilUNU ?? ?Wnih?rsani I or nur?>. and plain sewer. She -und 'rstac d* the management oschildrcu. mid is tully com Stent to nil thi above situations iu * ro<i'ect*"l? pri>.tto mlly 'I be highest testimonials can l>c Riven Iroin her l*?t ?mnletsr lor capability and trustworthin?sa. C?u In ?#*u lor two days. Please call at I'.'J Kant Niu -teenth street. SITUATION H A.STI.I) AS COOK, IN A RESPECT abla family, by a competent yotltirc woman The hi*h cat testimonial* can l>e given from her place, where aho lived three years Can lie i'on lor two day* ut ZS'j Greeu ?rich at. let, seoond lloor, trout room. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE _ young Protestant girl), sinters? one to do general h >uao Work the other ehamberwork and wnitin/. or to take care uf children and do plain ?? iug ; haa lull eouitdeuee of being alle to give entire Kaiist'nction . will be foun t kind and re irectKif Wa*e* from Jl to il. To be seen till engaged at . W Seventh avcuue, in the atore. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG RESPECTABLE womkn, ab A first rato cook; no objection to the ceuntry ; ood city reference given. Apply at 71 Seventh street, be veen First aud Second avenues. Can be seen lor two days, I not engaged. ? SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GER 5 man girl t with good eity reierencos, aa chambermaid, in an American family; rhe uudcrst wdi line washing aud iron tnp ? 1 1. fleas* call at HI First avenue, room II. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS ohaiubermaid aud waiter; haa no objection to unlet in he waahmg, and ia willlug to .lo all kinda of work; noobjec icn to the uountry. Good reference given. Apply at 100 Weat Broadway. Can 'be Mien for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teatant girl, asgood plain cook aud tirst rate washer and ?er. Good city reference glvon. Call at 1M Seventh trtnit, between Twoutieth aud Twenty ttr.-t atreeta. SITUATION WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RF.SPECTA ble woman, as chambermaid and to assist in the fine "washing aud ironing, or ehamberwork and to take caro of children. Good oity reference. Apply at 2S1 Sixth aveuue, Jbctween Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets SITUATION WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTA ble yonng woman. as chambermaid, and would assist in toe washing anu ironiup. Good eily rot'erouco from her last ylace. Can be aecn tor t-wu days, if not engaged, at 223 ^Eighteenth street, between First and Second avenues. SITUATION WANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS eook, washer and ironer in a private family; haa no ob jection to do general housework. Good city reference given. Apply at 117 Twenty first stioet, basement, between Second jind Third avenue*. Can l>e seen for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS seamstress and waiter, or as chambermaid and waiter. The best of city reference given. Call at 107 Ninth street, .between Second and Third avenues. SITUATION WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECT Able woman, As cook. Good city reference ^ivon. Apply at 64 Greene street. Cau bo soon for two days, if set en Situations wanted by two young women? one as first rate cook, nndor. lands her business iu all its ^branches, has the best of city reference; and lived five years Sa her last place; the other as seamstress, understands cut ting and fitting children':! clothes, and has no objection to go a short distance in tin country The beat of city reference given. Can be seen lor two days if not united, at 137 TUir teenth strict. SITUATION, WANTED ? IN A MILLINERY AND dressmaker* store, hv a ynung lady, aa assistant sales woman; would nmist in tho workroom, having n knowledge ?f either trader. Inquire for Miss Smyth, a) Cornelia at. gITlATlON WANTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook or chambermaid, in a hotel or boarding house, or a private family; is willing to att-iat In wiyhin* and iron lag; has the Lest of city reference. I'leass applv at 23 3'rince street, first floor, l.aek room. Can Lo neeu for three flays. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as cook; no obi?oti<>n to hotel or saloon, or to go a ?bort distance in the country. Fleat>e call at lit Bloecker ptreet, basement, for two daya. SITUATION WANTED-TJY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG lady, speaking English, I'revuh, German and Italian, aa ?aleswoman, or compauiou to u lady. Beat reference can be Kiven. Please call at Mrs. Civatte'.i, No. U4 White street. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH girl, 17 years old, to take care of children aud do plain ?ewing. willing to make heraell generally useful. Please call at No. 173 Twenty-fifth street, near Eighth avenue, for on* week. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG womun, at ehamberwork and waiting; ha ' no objection to housework. Good city reference. Can be . . .'en for two days, at No. 12S West Twenty fourth street. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, lo do ehamberwork and waiting Good city re ference. No objection to co iu the country. Can he socu for twe days, at No. 4^ East Eighteenth strict, between Foarth avenue and Broadway. SITUATION WANTED? liY A FIRST RATE COOK and baktr; no objectiou to a good hotel or boarding /lous*, in oity or country. The most respectable reference fivea. Apply at 84 Seventh street, second lloor. Cau be teen for two da>*. SITUATION WANTED? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE girl, with the l est of refcrenou, to do ehtmlcrwork and ?ewing, or as uurse and s*am.<trea?; is an excellent washer and ironer, good sewer, ai.d very fond of childrer ; would have no objection to go iu the country, l'leasc call at No. Rivintton street. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HB8PECTAni.KTOU.VO woman, as conk, washer aud ironer; good plain oook and baktr; will make ImimU gtawaliy useful; under stands ehamberwork. Cify rtfereae*. Cau bj seen for two days, at No. Ill Delancy street. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG RESPECTABLE O girl, to do general housework for n small private family, er to do the ehamberwork. Cau giva the bcit of oity refer cncea. I uquire at ti4 spring street, In the store, Canbeseen until engaged. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Kirl, to ilo chamb- rwirk aud take care of children, and is aa excellent embroiderer, lias )>ood referene a. Can l>e ?MB at her present employer's, tor two dnjs, in Congress street, between Clinton anu Henry, second door from Clta ton, Sonth Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testant American woman, a-" seamstress; can cut droraes. Uood city referencu given. Please call 113 Harrison street, f-outh brook Ion. SITUATION WASTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, M chambermaid au.l waiter. Has cooj city reference lrom her lait place. I'lene call at 1U3 Sixl- enth s-treet. SITUATION WANTED- BY A YOUNO WOMAlf, TO eouk, wash nnl iron, or to do general housework; in a Kood plain ruok and laker. and a Iir-t rata washer and iron or. lias bo objection to go in the country. < ' ity reference Kiven. Apply at NO (jn-iuwich street, southeast corner of iianstVoort. SITUATION WANTED? BY A GERMAN WOMAN. AS cook, who understands her business thoroughly, in all lie branches. No waahiu,; undertaken. Best eitj reference. JMrase call at 10 8tu>vcsan'. afreet, now th liible House. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE O * hmoj( girl*? one to ceok. wash and iron; underatands tier tkutiei; t> a Brat rate shirt ir .ner, ai.d can uiaku breal ? nd biacuir. haa lived iu beat of familio*. The otlinr as chambermaid and waiter, and to assist in Bhe wn I'in/, it re nnired; tinderitatida her duties in all ita I rati' liea. Both have the beat of city reference". Please call at 117 Twenty ? pecond street, between Seventh and El/hth av. tiues, second finer. Both wonld like to livu in one family if convenient. Can be aeen for two days, if not sniteri in a nice heme SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, AS coachman, aged twenty lire years, and is able to take charge of a rentable gardeu. (JooJ olty reference produce!, A note addressed to box KO Herald office, will lie attended T Salesman wanted -in a curtain and up holitery atorc. A tirat cli-( retail eatosma > may ad ilress I)., box 131, Herald ofliee, statin,, re. reaee, alary, Ac. Salesman wanted.-apply to he.viin" uro tliere, 425 Broadway. SERVANTS.? WANTED, AT WALLACE'S 01 FICE. Nrt 4 Sun da street, near I niton, Brooklyn. (rotMWs and Ylainco-k* chambermaid. nurses, aeenutresi-ee, laundrc" ??. general housew orkers, 4c.; al?u vrooma, coachmen, nor ter-. farmers. laborers, Ac. N. It ? Employer! supplied xrOmrtly with ertuient and well recommended sorvantaat Ihia ettee. ,M. WALLACE. O SCULPTORS, ARCHITECTS, STATUARIES, Ma.? _ Wanted, employment, by a you i* man w ho haa served lii? time with one of the tirst a< til |,t of Enrotie. fan carve, model, understands the figure well and could under take any description of>' sculpture, modelling, Ac. Apdress AJnx, ICO Dunne street, up stairs. IPO AI'OTflECA RIES AND DRUOOISTS ? A QVALI 1 bed apotheeary. who can be well rec >tnm,-ndci by bis Xiroeent employer. w lahea a situation i:i a respectable wlmle vale and retail store; haa a perfect kuonludge of the bu?i seas Address Alpha Ilerald oMce. rpo FARMERS AND GARDENERS ?WAN fED, A MAN J. that perfectly understands raislnr Held crips of vegeta A>lea for market and feeding to atoek; he mu?t be able and billing to handle the plough and make h'luaclleenerally n?e Jnl on the farm. rOne that an come well recommended may tddrtae B I'. C , la Chamber- itr'et fpo TAILORS AND CLOTHIBRS.?ONE OF TnE BEST X euttern in the city la open for an engagement; a tho roagh man of bnstaeee. and well aaliued la "Very parties lar Reference to that effect. Addic*. u. Uill, M> lludsoa ?treat near Canal frill ADVERTISER DESIRES A SITUATION IN A J. bank iasuraace, or some other incorporated eouipany d aa civs tb? beat referencee asfto business io allocations, Integrity, *?. Security to the amount of fcv?ai can he Fives. A liberal bonus to partiee who can eeonre ma a altn wtien aa above, or m any other respectable hn<me<e. t rents till net bOBOticed. I'leaee addreie B. M. R , ll- ral.l oSce. UN JEL NE HOMME I'ROTEtTANT, SUISSE, DI.-1KE treuver one plaoe dans nao lamllle hoitrgwolee, saehaat parler allemaad. franrai *, au^laia et hollandaia, eoit poor woyager on pour reater daas nne maisoa 1 nurteoiae, eonnaia ?ant Men le service; II sait aussi roigner les chovaai. S'a sjreaa?r No. 12 Sixth t?reet TTNICriSINIERE FRANC A I SE DESIRE SE PLACER Kj dana one faaille I'raantise ou Am^ricalne en I'on parle fraavaia: ell* a'a pa> d oljcetion d'aller a la raapagne. I'alreiiw w*. IIIlMW itMt. "lirANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO vv man. a Mmatloa aa nurse and seamstress, la capable e>f takiag entire charge of a baby ,-om Ita birth, haa llvoi) lea years ia oa* tftnetlon, and haa the beet of ret'ercaoe, both a<ty and country, rieaee call at No. 14 Bowery. "BT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Tf girl. ? aitnatVoa at cook and to assist la wnahing an<l (roalag.eraj chambermaid and fine washer. Best or city refer* ace Call at 17d Weat Sixteenth street, firit Boor. Can Is eaan for two days ?Yl^ANTED? A SITU ATI r?M as WAITt'.R OR CHAM Tf he m* id, by aa experienced reepeetebl* girl. Can be meen troa 9 till 1 e'llat* to day, at the hone* nt bar present anelaier, Ne 1 Rewliag Ureea. No objection to a boarding SeneT rfoet elty rofreneee glvea ^ET ANTED? A T?RT EXPERIENCED SF.AMSTRRSd; WW IM vwa en mt iad At chllJwn * floibtt, ftnd rorac %eil reeemaended. Arply ?t >?> ? Wuhingte* place bi Swen the henT? of F aae II. WANTS. TTAMIIKi SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT tirl, tn do cbainhermaid in4 waiting, or assist in wash lag and iraning. ?ht: will b,- found willing. 11m good city referenda. I'lease appl? at (Hi West Eighteenth street, bo two. n Sixthaud S- t e n t h jyimjh Cm bo seen for two day*. -|irANTEI>? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?T vuuok wobu, u cook, wukcr and ironer; alio tho roughly understands har business. Uood city r -terences. ( an l.r?nn lur two days, at 2tW Elm street, third flour, room No. 7. IV" ANTED? A SITUATION, Art COOK, BY AN EXl'E TT riei ecd person, a good washer and ironer and bakor. Good city refer -noes. Can bo seen for two day*, at 103 Jay street, Ilrooklyn. "HT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, as rate washer and Ironer; can do waiting. 11 -t of city reference can be Riven from her last platfe. Call at IS Prince street fl'ANTEU- A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT American Protestant girl, to take care nf children in J do plain sewing. Uood city reference cau be givsn. Call, or address a note to 119 ffeit Tweuty sooond streot. T?rANTEl>--UY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITl'A TT lion in a siaall private family; is a good plain cook end goed washer and ironer, and understands b ikini; lias no ol j<.gtiun to so a short distaneo in the c ?untry. lias good city reference. Call at lis Lewis street, fir two days, be tween Rivlnnton and Delaneey. XtT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, a? laundress in a private family or ho tel. Good city reference. Oau bu aeon for two days at 119 First a> enue, between Seventh and Eighth streets. Inquire at the baker s. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTAfll.K TT young uuinaii, aa cook, washer and iruncr; good city referenco given. Can be teen for two days at 70 Middagh street, Brooklyn. TlrANTEn? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT wmnan. as cook, who thoroughly understands Iter busi nesss, all kinds of meat and paltry, and jellies; good city re ference given. Can be seen for two days at 4!>>? Prince street. W AN T ED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, as chambermaid and waiter, in a small private family, t an be seen for two dnys at 21 Prince street, second floor, tront room. TXTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Pri'tedtant woman, to do tho housework of a small private family; she is a good plain cook, and a first rato watditr and ironor. Apply at l.'ti Twenty sixth streot. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, as chambermaid and waiter in a small family; would liku to take care of children and has no objection to tho country. Apply for two days at 113 Seventh avenue, noar Eighteenth street. TVTANTEn? A SITUATION, 11Y A RESPECTABLE TT American girl, fifteen years old, to attend children and wait on table. Uood city rnfereneo can be given. Please call at ISA East Twelfth street. WANTED-A COOK WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER stands her business; good city roferonce will be re quired. Apply at at Seventh street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as first rate eoek, in a private family or a tint class priTate boarding house ; understands all kinds of cooking? nxats and pa?try, game and poultry; the host of city reference from her last place. Apply at 19 l-'ity llall place, second Boor, frout room. Cau be seen for two days, If not suited. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good pastry cook; haa no nbjoetion to assist in the washing and ironing; the best #f city refer ence. Can be seta for three days at 44 Amos street, front basement. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BT TWO RESPECTABLE girls, one as chambermaid and seamstress, and the other as chambermaid and waitor; no objection to go a short distanco in the eountry; the best of city referouce can bo given from their last places. Please call at 447 Fourth street, between First and Second avenues Can be seen for two days, if not e< gaged. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING for the summer in the country, about three hours by railroad from the city, a good cook, who p?rfeotly under stands bis business, and can make good bread, soups and pastry; also, a good laundress; also, a good waiter, to as sist in chauibcrwork. None hut Protestants, with good re commendations, need apply. Apply at parlor 211) New York Hotel, before 11 n'eleck A. SI., or after 7 o'elook 1*. M. "TITANTEl* ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT girl, a situation as first rate washer and ironer, or to do general housework or chambertrork; can take care ol milk and butter. Cats be seen for two days at S3 Greenwich ?treet, third floor, back room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A situation as chambermaid, or as nurse; is a good wash er and ironer, and a good plain sewer. Please call at West Sixteenth stroct, in the rear. TV'* ANTED ? BY A YOUNG HUMAN, A SITUATION TT as chambermaid and w aiter; has lived three years in her last place. No objeution to tho country. Bost of refer ence it required. Please call for tiro days, at 313 Sixth avenue. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework, at 39 Watts street. Apply immediately. None need apply without the best of city reference. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS AND chamber uutid; has lived three jears and six months lit her last place; can cut and uiake shirts and work on ladies' dresses. Can five the bost of city ruforeno*. Can be seen fur two days, at 33 Eighteenth street, between Fourth ave nue and Broadway, TIT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN', TT a situation to do chamlurwork, waiting, plain BftoUlt tr as laundress. Has four year-"' referenco from her la-it employer. Can be 'ten for two days, if not engaged, at 239 Seventh avenue, botwoou Twenty fifth ?ud Twenty-sixth streets, second flour, buck room. WANTED-BY A FIRST RATE COOK, A SITUATION iu n respectable private family flood city reference given i'l< .iae call at I'M ( lintou place, Eighth street, near Sixth avenue, in the grocery store. tVTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, to do general housework in a private f.imily. Good citv referenco from last place. Can be seen for two days, at tl Mott street, in the rear. "IVrANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT woman, a situation as cook, washer and ironer in a small private family. No objections to a private boar lin< bouse. Uood city references given. Please call at 'li Sixth avenue, in tho rear. ?HTANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS COOK, TT vasher, and Ironer l r a small private family in Brook lyn. Good reforene : required. I nquire at 174 Clinton street. New York, between the h$urs of J and 2. TIT AN TED- A ?SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T v ycnn^ woman, to do general honaework, or waihin.; and induing. Can produce the but of city roferencee. Apply at HXi Ninth atreet, between Third and Fourth aveauca. Can bo teen lor two dayr. "IVf A N TE D ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protectant girl, to do chatnherwork or waiting on tlio table. Can be Men for two daya at iV Greenwich dtr 'ot, first floor, back room. fXTANTBD-A situation, BT a protf.stant WO TT man; ah? i? an excellent lanndr'aa und cook, an 1 1111 der*tnnda pa*trv. Cau be eecn at 12 Clartaon atrojt, in tlio rear. Rc?|cctat>l? ret'cionces cau be kitou. Tiie country preferred. TIT ANTED? BY A HIGHI.Y RESPECTABLE GIRT., A TT tdtuation as ftrat rato cook; i< an excellent washer nnd ironer liad lived in tbu moat reapectable Uwilk-i in tliii city: the bc?t of city reference aivnu from her laat place. Leu be ?een at |M Sixth atreet. between Second and Third avenuea, front baa-m-nt, fnr two day . "IITANTED? SOME PERSON To ADOPT A MA I.I TT child, two weka eld; he ie healthy and playful. A i> ply to Mrs. Burke, sd Mulucrry atreet, fourth floor, front room, for one week. WJUiTlD-BT a RBSraCTABU YOUNQ woman, TT a situation aa chamt>?rninld end waiter. or to do li;lit houacwork; ean giro good reference if re iulred; haa no ol> jeetion tn go in the country. I'leaae.cail at ;j MiJlaah ; ftreet, Brooklyn. \VANTF.n-A SITUATION A8 COOK, BY A RE TT apeetable colored orniii Addrci* A. B., Union | ?qaare Feci Ofl h, fiar two daya. VI r ANTED ? A SITUATION, nv A RESPECTABLE \ TT young woman, in a private fnuiily ; is ? ^ood cook and ! exi client wuahcr and ironor; good city rotorem e can be gi ven from her latt place. 1'lcaau call at 1'J7 I'irat avenue, between Twelfth aud Thirteenth atrceta, tirat floor, front room, 1*7 ANTED? A SITI ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tl yonn^ woninn, to travel with a lady or family to Cali fornia orj-nrope; i? willing to make bor?' If Ken rally uaclul; unricrttand* dre.?makin ?; In *11 it- hranch?(, or wmild go cut with a family to tew. Plcaae call at 1"7 Thompaon ftreet, in the r-ar. \\'A.NTED-A SITUATION, BY* A I' RBNCII PRO TT testant slrl, tor chatrUnvork or to nnrae a child; good rifercneea giver. Inquire at No. 29 Frankfort ?' reel, front | imildinir, fourih floor, back room. Call for two daya. M' rANTBD-BY v RKSPICTABL1 tOUNO WOMAN, a actuation to do general ho taework in a private fami 1 ly. He?t of city refer?n an be givea. Can b? ??en tor two daya at 112 Sullivan street. \\rANTKD-BV~A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS TT chambermaid, waaher and ironer, or ??> chambermaid and waiter. Can produce goo I city reference frotn hcrlatt t'lace, where ahe haa lived two } eara. Can 1 o i-een at 312 ! Tirat arenne, aei on l floor, baik room, Tor two daya. TV- ANTED- A SITI A TIOX. II Y A RESPECTABLE Tt young womaa. to do chamber. rork and waiting or I general booaewcrk, in a email private family Good city I r< fer> ncc given. I an be accn for two daya at l*j Weat Thirty eighth atr"ei, fourth door. WAN TED? BY A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN. WITH TT a fr- eh l.reaet of milk, a actuation aa wet nurae in a reapectalle family Beat bf city reference. I'loaae call for two daya at ?2 ? irat avenne between Thirteenth aud Pour teeuth at recta, third floor, back room. U'Tn T F. D-A SITUATI O N, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Unjliab yonnir woman, aa chambermaid and ?alter, or children'a nurae. Good city refer- ace <. Can be eeen lor two daya at oHj Franklin atreet, near Elm. third floor. "tVA^TEV-A SITUATION," BY A REIPE' TAIILK j TT youni woman, in a private family, a> chambermall and to aaaiat in the waabiui an l ironia . and if willing to go 1 for low nag-a; (food referenced can be given. Ploa?e call at .'IT Firat avenge, bet* eea Twenty third and Twoty fourth I etr??t?. for two daya. T\r"ANTKn-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT (tirl, aa chambermaid, or to do honacwork for a email family; ia a ?ood rook, waaher aad iron?r; beet of city re ference given. Apply at 111 Mulberry atreet, aecond atory, back room, WAMKU-RV two yovno wo***; situations ff ? on* ?? e?H>k Of Uii'ireti, th? oth?r cbarnt^rinftitl. nndAMict with thf fi?hn7 anl tranin/; h th# b#?t of clly rifWMW; hi? ? lived eight in their l%*fc c%\\ it ICS Sitt*?nih ftreet, Utwee? Sixth ??<! 8ev#?ih ikTf nnei. I ad be cren for two dayi WmSm ANTK1> BY A J K >TEaT ANT WOUAN, \V||n I v deritAnde tbooleanime ot cftcM. % aitvatioa; if will in fr to tike ehtrire of the whole buildiif; hot bo eocnn hrmu^f. Can rIto tho best of citf reference, or ?ernritr if ; reimred^ Cm ht heard of for three daya. by addreieiai a n te to M. B , box 1J3 Herald oBea, \l 'ANTED ? BY A RESPECT ABU YOUNG GIRL, A T T eituation aa plala eook and Krai rao waaber aad Iroaer, or wot Id d > ehamberwork Haa three year) refer ewalVoa l.t? laat place t ?? M ww HE Warrea etreet ll'ANT'h lit' 1?" VoUNO LADIES AVER It vT alluatioaa in a reapvctahl" family, te travel or live ia the eonntry wi'h ?h'u?;arc capable of de.a* all kiuda of eewlai a<*d eae r onld be willia* to aeelM C?ll j t? t twe day*, tl ?a> (irfeawieh rtrcet. WAirn. UTANTED-BT A PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN, A TV sanation h seamstreee; has t Mrhet k?o*M|? of Immtkiir, ill kind* of cbllarens' dotU>|, >gi li i >nt rate skirt maker; food reference from bar last place. Can be teti at SCO CrtenwHb itrht, between Charltoa aad Il>( streets. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation in a private family to da general bona work; is honest and faitijful, aad wilting to make herself gem rally useful. Na oMeetion to K* a abort distance into tin' country. Call at 07 Eaat thirtieth street. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testant girl, to do general housework in a small private family, or would do chamber* ork, and assist in washiug and ironing; ii a Rood washer and ironer; ia a good bakar. Good city reference Please call at 230 Seventeenth street, second floor, back room, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Can be <-een for two dayg, \\J~ ANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO TT innn, a situation aa cook, who thoroughly understands bnkgng and paltry ia all its I rani ha*, in a private family Co?d reference. Please call at IS Mangin street, corner of Broome atreet. "\KT ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT youu;- voiiiau aa good euok; understands all kinds of biking Can ilb up ger tleinen's linen in thj boat of stylo. Cun give gol d reference from bar Mat place. Can be mxn for t w o days a' I'.CSeventh street .between avonuei, HA C. ~\\r ANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE SMALL OIKL. H TT years of aae. a aituatioa to do ueedlvwork and light cbamborwork. Good references If required, l'lfuao call at t U avenue A, corner of Sixth street, second Boor, front room, lot two day*. Tlr ANTED ? BY A YOUNG LADY OF HIGH ES.TI MA TT tlon, n situation to attend in a fancy store. ia wi'll ac coinplislii d and understands the business. Can koop bojks mid writes a good hand. Most excellent refoieuce given. I'll asc address a note to A. H , I'nion ii|uarc Post oflleo, for two days. "11 r A N TED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tf girl, to do housework or chamherwork. Good city ru erence can be given. Can lie aeon for two days, at 1!M Sixth avenue, third door, room 12. ?ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A aituation as chambermaid, or to do general housework in a small family. The beat of city reference given. Please call at ST7 East Twelfth street, between First aveuuo and avenue A. 1*r ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO PROTESTANT TT young women ? one aa nurae and leaiustruss; the otter as seamttrvss it lady a maid. Can oat and tit ladles' t resses, and ia competent to dress ladies' hair; would have no objection to go out to cut and tit by tbn day. Excellent reference given, l'lease call at tho store 40o Sixth avenue, for two days. "TIT ANTED ? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A FIRST RATE TT woman, tor cook, to go a short distance in tho uoun try. None but those who thoroughly understand their l.nsi nei's seed apply. A Protestant preferred. Apply at 102 Eldridge street. TV-ANTED? SITUATIONS IN A PRIVATE SCnOOL TT for two young ladies, to tMch the elementary branches; aim would take pupils for French, mnaio and daucing. l'lease address a lfue to E. M. G., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A VERY RESPECT able young Protestant woman, as chambermaid and aearastresi. Has uo objection to New York. Can produce rcli rence of tbo highest respectability. Please call at ltti Henry atreet, Brooklyn, where the ban boon living for the past two years. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE joung woman, as nurse aud seamstress. Good city reference given, l'lease call for one day at 21 Neviui street, corner Bridge street, Brooklyn. ?11? ANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT in a respectable family, as aeamstroas or chambormaid; is a gcrtid laundress; can do up lady 's ttuery and Fronoh llnting in the beat manner. Good city references givon. Ap ply at ?0 Sixth avenue, near Eighteouth atreet. TVTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl as children's nurae; ia capable of taking rare of an itifsnt from its birth, or to do cliamberwork; ia a good wash er aud Ironer; wages not so much an object m a nortnanent home. The beat of city reference; no objection* to go to the couutry. Call at 8>SJ? Mott street, in the store. Can be seen ftr two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN; is a good cook and a first rate washer and iron?r; lias the beat of city reference Can be seen for two days if not en gayed, at 33 Prince street, third floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as laundress or ironer; the best of city reference otm be given. Apply at No. C Pearl street, third story, frout room. Can be teen for two days if not engaged TITAN TED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, to do plain cooking, washing and ironing, or gen eral housework, in a small private family, or do cham berwork, or to take care of chlldron; would go a short dis tance in the country. Can give good city reference, l'loaio call at 30 Rivington street, between Chrystio and Forsyth, in the roar, for two daya. XI ''ANTED? A SITUATION AS NURSE AND SEAM TT stress in a respectable family. Ilaa city reference. Please call for two days at Mr. Reid's, S7 West Thirteenth street, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as cook and laundress in :i atuall re spectable latnily; is a good plain cook, washer and ironer; well understands laUitg. Please call at 3'i Hamilton atreet, near Catherine, third tloor, front room. Can be aeen for two days if not engaged. "117 ANTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, A TV aituation to do chnmberwork noil aiming, or to cook. ?a<h and iron In a small family. Can bo aeen tor two daj s at her last employer's, 16 Congress atreet, between Clinton and Henry, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT girl, a situation as chambermaid and to anaiat in \va<!i i r. x ami ironing. 1 he best of city reference glvcu. Can be tei n for two days at G3 Dean street, Brooklyn, up stair*. TITAN TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation as seamstress, or chambermaid aud Mamstress, n a respectable laiuily. Best reference given. Can be seen for three day at the cast corner lltyt and Borther otroets, South Brooklyn. TirANTED-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE TT joung girl, as cook, waiher and ironer; hus no o >Jec tion to do general housework in a small family. The l.o-t of city reference given. Cau be seen at 13J Greenwich avenue, fourth floor, bs< k room. TirANTEP? BY A PROTESTANT G1RU A SITUATION TT as laundrrsx, or to do cliamberwork aid One w*<blug, in a private family; no objections to the country. Good city reference given Please iniiulrc for two days at 113 Ninv teenth street, betweeu Sixth and Seventh avenues TIT' ANTED? BY A SMART EXPERIENCED WOMAN, TT a sitnstion as nnrso; is capable of takin: ehar.-e of an isfant and do plain sewing or wait on an invalid lady; Is a Protestant. Can le seen for two days at 17* West Sixteenth street, near Eighth avenue, front basement. TIT ANTED? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE '.OU.VG TT girl, a situation as chambermaid and scafn -tress or waiter; is a first rate washer and irou'-r. Can r"?duce the I est city reference from her present situation, where she has lived thirteen months Please call at No. H Variek place, Sullivau atreot, between Houston aud Bleecker, for due week if not enrared. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT to do chaml er* ork and waiting. Country preforrel. Good rofercnie. Cnll at Jll Woat i hirty lir t street, third floor, lor two day a. WANTJ.D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, us cook, waiter an, I ironer, would prcter a aituation to travel to California, l'lie be t city refe r?Bce. Can I e ma for tno days at 801 Houston strc t, lirat flc?r, front room. TITAN TEI>? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO filRL, A TT eituation to do grurral lioncewnrk or iham'o nvork, and to n?ai?t with the wa*hiug an I iro"ln<, or aa childcon'a nnrte, and to do |>1 n i o acwinir. Heat ol city reference can be iiiYcn, by applyin. at -'41 Tenth avenue, between Twenty fifth and 1 weuty aixth etieeta, first to?r, front rooin. Can bo ?ocn for two daya. WMTIMY A LADY, A Protestant WOMAN, TT to take the entire care of a child nearly three yean old; ahc lauat be well arouatomod to the cure of ckildren, a L'ood pinin ?ewer, with the beat of city reference!, t ail at 15 Lamartiae piacc. Twenty ninth ?iroet, between Eighth and f> nn-nnea. VI r ANTED ? A PROTESTANT SCOTCH, ENdl.ISII OR T? American, to c ok, waaii ant iron, mm who will not lo afraid to work: alio, a yonnit ?irl about fifteen yeara, for light v ork. Apply at 121 Henry itreet, Brooklyn, for two daya, WANTED? IN A I'RI V ATE FAMILY. A WAITER liirl, who undcratand* her htiainoaa thoroughly , ami ran do plain arwlng. Good city relerenee require 1. Apply at M! St. Mark'a place, from 12 to 4 I*. M X\T ANTED ? A SITUATION, IIY A PROTESTANT Ii ftirl, aa chamlx rinaid, or cliamberinaiil and waiter. II an no objection! to the country. I an prodnro referenda from bor laet alriiatlou of aeven yeara. Can be aeenatlii Twelfth etrert, between Fifth and Sixth arenuen. T\f ANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TT aa waitrt ea in a prieaoe family; one who thoroughly nndcrataoda the bminese, and tan produoe tho hoat of city reference from aome ?r the moat rMfOOtable temiliea. ntjfi tr.quir* at .VI Second avenue, between Twenty 4?cond and Twent> third atroeta, for two daya. TY^ANTF-D ? BY A RF.SPI.t TABLE YOUNti WOMAN? TT a situation a* Brat rate cook, or ouk, waiher an.i ironer, in a email private family. l<agood baker, and cm come well recomtnoBded (all between Si a t i* and Seventh ave bum; Weat Twentieth atreet. No. 90, in the bajcm?nt. TITAN TED? BY A H BSPECTA IH.E tilRt, A 9 ITU A TT lion la good cook, and excellent waaher and ironer. ( an lo eeoa for two day*, if not cagaged 'I he In at ol city nlerenre ( all at IM Twenty arcond atre.'t, third floor, front room, between I irat and So< ?nd avennoa TVANTED-A !ITI ATION BY A RCSPF-CTAliLF. TT youn. woman, to do u neral houMWork. I* a good wnaherand Good city reference *iv> n. Pleaie <? , II, for two daya. at 2<I0 Weat Twenty fir?t atreet, between Ninth and Tenth a*enura WAN1ED? I SITUATIONS 'BY TWO RESPECTABLE Tf young women; owe aa ?o?d cook. umlir<tanda paatrv. and wonld he willing to aeeiat in the wa?hing and troni'ig; or I aonlddothe houaework ol a email family; the other as i rhamhermaid and waiter; w. nld h<- willing V> aaaiat In the I ? a thin a and ironina if required They perfectly underatan I I their bnaineaa. aad art willing to ro a ahort distnaee in the i country Plena* call, for tno data, at SSI'. Broome >t re> t. rear hoaae, firit floor. I atweea Norfolk tad Eaaex atreet* Tl'" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A I'ROTE STENT, I TT Scotch eirl, to do rrneral hoim-wr.rk. in a email pri ! ate family, ia a good plain cook, aad firat rate ?aehcr and 'roaer, cood reforencee from her last plac. l'leaie i all at IN> B< ater etrwt rear houae, firat floor. Tl^ANTlD ? B r A R*SPE( TABI F WOV1N. A FAMI TT ly'a ^afhin?. and tbr.e or four irenll. mrn a; at Na. 3 Secoad atreet, aear the Bowery, in her own honee la quire in the fancy ater*; ahe will do them cartful; the ia atrictly hotieat Tlr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABIE MIDDLE AOEO TT lady, from New Eaaland a iitnation at hontekoopcr la a ceatleman ? family. The I eat ef refereneea alrea aad i i?ii Addroea L A. H I'aiea Square Pott 04) ce \v AS I u. in A BIOHLT RKAriCTABI.E MIDDI.E IT aged widow lady, from New Eai'anl. a ?it i atioa o? houtokeeporia afeatlemaa a family, orla a l.i.ul. The bo?t ? of referiateaalTea aad required Addreaa X. T Z.. Union Jqnare Poet Oltee Tl'ANTID? BT A MESPICTABI.E TOUNO WOMAN TT a ait nation to do cbaaaberwerk and waltiaa or woald If will. a; to take care of childrea. or aetiet ia waebini Boat of city r*fer?ac* ?i?ob C*b bo eooa at lt>? ki^htoeatV >tr??e wiwhi 3w?i1 ?ut Tti rd 1'teae* ??IHa the >1(1101 WAJfTS. ^r.'^ " A-rth-trU^i.^Xrt VA'ANTEl*? BY A YOUNO WO MA* tSJwoA Sff^^jrJKiss -Lr?& or 'h*r the country. <i*o4 eit* *i- V.^ "'"J'0"011 l? TirANTED? A PROTESTANT OIRL. TO T>0 WAITIVfl HL sitf jayaa^ gg>a^ *?">? ?iar;drfloofor8:v,^,?,^tm"d Flr" ,vtan'' th? WA^',\EI>~A M'DI,, E AGUD OIRL, TO DO GF.N'F f ? nnl housowork. ><iut need apply except those with'tho n.oi-t anaxccptioarle references for kV?.i,...j Wasnli.* and .ron.uV will b, r. d 'a "*"'??? K"*"'h' P"feri.J. Appljr ,t J& MoutpSm? ' ?WrAMTED-BY A RESI'KC'T A BLE OIRL A S1TC7A XtmXf?* l"fd 2eo?YockCOnd "tr"tl ?"??< floor' WANTED? ?Y AN ENGLISH WOMAN, A SITUATION" ?V, . ?? of taking oh.rn ot innfantfrom r L i ,, r,"' ? ?ick P?r.on, or an Invalid ?nd doaowinr ^do.^eyfr?iT:.?e,tAdjrei' w ???&: >v :ir^?nproo?Uyuh" lMt *"? 1U""? c^VSiAtU.'ta "HTAN j EU A SITUATION, BV A KE8PECTABI E sltL ?i??? fr "r ' cftl,a!,Ie 01 d?inS 1111 kind of hou?e*?.rk JUS. A"*" *?'& sVu/Mu'omrt'"' 1B Bir?in?^?1"- *?Kl?nd. Address H. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT V? woman, cook, washer and irouerVi. fall* enable of {?kin* charuB ol tlie lower part of tho house. G *od oitv re b"" "?> '? ?' ? WANTED? BY A M0ST COMPETENT G I Kl, A 8ITIIA X\r ANTED? JIV A RKSPECTAIJLE YOUNfl m?i a f? nitnatiun to do truiuTJil houaAwn?lr- >? 4 j l nml ir;ner, and andoKtwdi pfiT'o^. cSn0^.''^ U#t of city refer?nce? from her la it nln?? V-?? k * V 1 W?Ld?'r,t ? I"1 l'n^.Ki'd. ^'leaA 'al^ m Thirty flrst'straoi' firK Zr^h?cknroomeOUd *7*nue'' four Juor" ????? TyANTED? A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSF Apply Tor two day h"i?f r^VnoXn Bond a?d No "ins'^rooklyn. jr'lorn rt?.tt Mm*. ton%oco?,d flier 7 MacdouXal street, corner of Uous TlJANTEp A SITUATION, J*Y A YOU'VO H'OMAV til tSgoYnthc "u ndtn" Cit/Jii^! tftmil>V b*' no ohjJc two dny. at liy Twelfth itrcctf rekre,Ke" Cun b# for WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG wnmv i,r Can l.o Jeeu u!^luJiS!? #S to''ouetlty ??d capability.' TlTANim? BY AN EXPERIENCED ENGLISH U'n ei'v r'fCT*? ?he?nn and rofunitr,^. Good r... Ai B*\cn. Alao, a fitnatiou wanted by a ? M? rfr..- " i cVf! a Both can be *< eu at 2U6 Thirty tirt'i fetrtc>, . et\* ot)n i iriit auj Second a ycnn??.i. * "VV "VrT!i' aT.r h!.T.L,AT1.0*N A? SEAMSTRESS AND . . . ^ ? ino?t respectable younir lvouiau in n ITiiatelnuiily; can cut and flt all kindaof cliil^rtn's ulith ?? iy tv "?: ? ' AiZ^ZKr nu? :r,> kui ?? ?K' ?.? t aitjl.tti-. ( tin be teen for two davs. rioaao call nt *>i t) ir' ll r' r 'uT r'orn' 1'tirtecnth ^urttenth TyANil l'- BY A YIH'NG WOMAN. A SITUATION" t?k,oa,^ orch'il^?0f.kttnd wV,inf: bns ?? objection to \\ ANTI.I. a SITUATION" A# COOK, WASUER AVD ul^\,;V^:*KTl! ;ou,;"?'k " ? ifcv" . u?uyD *??. >t, TtitetY;V?to,ua>n'be,tt^t.EUUtb ..VRS ? S'SSUWJSST ?"??' M "WMTABLE MIDDLE AGED i o oi.j. . , ' i ihf ;n,i fH'" ???'?>????'; i<>< *r<-.- | - if.. ^1I rrork ; tie beat of city rofur 1'if. **, wb?>> ?be Iit.iI ,?v?u yeirj and Set ti! ili iv- "r*?U-w*?tfc street, Utwt.n Sixth W'ANTf., SITUATION, BV A RESi'KC r t l!l *? Lave no^lUrH ? aid and w aiter, and w >Vl.J SsiwSS^ M?fk ^'place? t hird floor^ ANTH)_A SITUATION, BY A RESPEcTARI p sSir:' ? r?,0^?-! etv^n tuiT^Id" ? S^tMltl Usi -W. Ca? u W ANTED-SITUATIO.N s, BY TWO HFSI'fi'T ? III r Sa'nds "* *V?" W w w TirANTF.ll? SITlTATIOXi, BY TWO RESPECTABLE T T Protectant yono^ worn' d, eiatera ? oue aa cook, wasbor aud Ironcr; ia n uood | ruin m i, and uuderatanda bnkitu; or wmiIJ do np etiiir. work kulai. The other to do f ucral houiutwoik in a .-uio.l private family; or would do up ?tnii> woJk and mind children Can l.? aeen for two daya it No. 187 Sullivan atreet, in the u>ar buildm,'. front baaum< nt. Oecd city refrraao* (dr?n aa to character and capability. TVAMF.I>-A SITUATION, BV A UK-TEC TABLE TT young *ma?, to do tho n neral homework of a email family, or to do chanthorwork and aaaiat in waaliing and ir> ninir. Good city reference. fan lie aeen for two daya at Ni>, 2M Eaat Fourteenth a'reet, ecoml floor, front room. TIT ANTED? A SITU \TION, UY A YOUNG WOMAN. TT to do chamber* orn or *oui.r*l bouaowork in a mail private family. llai no objection tu *o a abort diatanoe in the country. Beat city reference from her lait jilaci i'm be aeen for two daya in the amail store, Jl*j Houston atreet, I etwecn HroaUway and tbe flower* \\T ANTE1?? A SITUATION, UY A RMPr TABLE IT younn woman, a' n am reaa. Uadir i n la enttiit and flttinn ladiea' and clnldrc -drt?ae?. M 'are no objection to jo a ahdrt dlatanc. 11 tbe eouutry. f i-.-aac call at 117 Avucuc C, in the atcre. WANTED? A SITUATION, , A RESPECTABLE T ? 1'iotcataiit ?irl, na cook, . 1 er and ironcr. or a i hambcrmaid and waiter, in a pn f mily. Can jiretlil beat of relcrenee from her laat j>la i 'c a een untii eu payed at 10 1'earl t rcet, corror of 1'raak.. ? place \%J ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE iMtOTESTANT TT Rirl. a aitnation to tal: ? car* of cl iWrv. vid do |<laiu m?ln(i ; haa no objection to do chainlx rwork. t. u loAcu at 10ft Weat Twenty aeventh atreet WANTED? UY A PROTRSTA Vi GIKL, A SiTUA TT tion aa plain cook, waabar uad ii .ior, or aa chamber maid and to do plain aowin^ fan prodaca nood city ro ferencca. l'lcaie call at 77 Weat Sixteenth atre t, i frner of Ninth avenue. W"ANTED-1IY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT aituation aa etuuihcrinai 1 and waiter, or aa aeametrei; haa no objection to a<aiat ia waaliing. l'bo but of city re fererce from her la?t place Apply at ;j>i (ircn.wi h atreet, third floor, front r nm, for two daya. XVANTKD-A SITUATION, IT A RKPE< f ABLE TT y< uii7wman, aa cook and t> aaaiat ia waal-in, Una the beet ? 1 it y rrtiren". Can be .'an f?r two day a' 2hl '! it atrvt' letwoc Prtucc and ll-aat n. i?rjt floor, front room. WANTED- V 1 ' TUA riON, BV A KESPE' T M5I.E TT yonnjrw to do general hou?owork; roo i city re ference. Can I 'or two daya, at TV Vandam atr V WANTED-BY A KF.TE'TABI E YOUNO WOMAN", a ait tin tic n a? cook, an J to aaaiat in waaliing nnd iron iC)j; or to do ? hamlcrwoik and fin" wn-!iin*, in a private lainily. Plea e ap|il> at ICJ Twelfth atreet, <>etwoen Firat and freeond aresue*, Iront room, fan he aeen lor t?o day. rt'ANTFD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABI.F. TT >irl. aa nnrae, gr to do cl.nmberwork; t lie heal of city I retercne" can he siv?n trom her laet place Pleaae call for wo daya at Ho Elcaeom atreet. between First and Second venue-, ia the rear H'ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT t? 4o liftht ehaua' rwerk a .1 plaia a?win(t; food City efercnce i?n t e (r'tcn. Appl) at Atlantic itreet, Druok yn. I an a. en for two daya. WANTK, ~A sn' ^"ION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT y .nnn woman aa c liambermai I, ia a ??ud wa?h?r and ? ron'r The heat of city teforeao *Wen flroa her laat place. Pleaae call at 5" Snlllvaa atrect. one door from Ureome Tl-iNTEO-BY A ItfsPECTABI.E ami.. A SITUA ! TT tion aa c aok in a private family: the v> r? beat ot city reforenre mveu Can he aeeu at 3."- Deaa itreet. South Brook lyn. lor twi daye WANTl:l,-A, SITUATION BV A HR=l'ECTABI.E TT yonnir girl aa waiter, aud to aaaiat In ehamherwork. (,ftB r*( J h?r l*?l *mr>lojer. Imiuiroftt let Weat Nineteenth atr et, in tbe r?ar. letweea Siltb and "eventh aveaues; can Ho aeen lor two daya. Tf'ANTF.D? A SITUATION, BY A VOUNO WOMAN, TT who ia a good cook, and a ft rat rate waaher and ironar. 1 he l*ai of city reference fan V? fivea Pleaae call at 134 Weat Thirteenth atreet. ia the rear (an be aeen tor two daya WANTrD-A CHAMBERMAID, IN A PRIVATE TT fanulv, one who underatanta her dutiaa, and can pre* dart food referenda Aprly at No 75 Eaat Tweatv third atr-<-t betweea 9 A MandlPM. WANTr"-A situation. ?t a Yonro wo*an. i TT ae co .k waaher Hi t' ner ot I it the honaework o| a email prvaie tamfy and ha> ba ohieotiea ?o ee in the fonntrf I an *?*,? pood oitr r!in*e a*<1My (t 0?0 I Utaawa iiw, n m V. WAWT*. ? ANTED? A SITCATION, BY A RESPECTABI* woman, who understand* cos king in all its branch's. Cu turnlsh the but of city reieroap*. Also, a sit nation wanted for a chambermaid or laundreai. Beat ot clt/ re ference. I'leaae apply at 371 MiU> mm near Twenty third street. Can be seen for two J WANTED? A SITUATION, UT A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do geueral liousevork in a small private family; ia a good root, washer and ironer. Please call at Mi l.kight struct, first floor, back room. Can b? loan for two days. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS cook, or a? c hambcriuaid and waitor; can give good city ? . be teen tor two days, at &09 1 ourth straot, w WANTED -BY A RESPECT ABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, a aituation. in a privato family, aa chambermaid, and to assist lu washing and ironing, or to at tend to children and do plain sewing; has tlia beat of city reference. Pleas* apply at 106 Twenty ninth street, ijetween Sixth und Seventh avenuos, for two days. TX7" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT } ouuj: *i man aa cook, waaher und irooer, or to do general houbewcrk. No objection to go a short diitanoe in the countr). Good city reference giveu. Phia.c call for too cays, at 232 Mulberry atrect, in the rear, top floor. TV ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A WOMAN. AS I'RO TI tc?.ieii cook and baker; understands all kinds of pastry, confectioncry and desserts; is also a first rate house keeper; hai> hud fourteen yearn' experience; no objection to gu aa pastry cook, or to any part, Good city reference) given. Apply at 2Hfi ltleecker atreet, until suited. TXTAXTED? BT A RESECTABLE PROTESTANT IT girl, a situation to do general housework, or chain herwork Good city reference from her lai? plnoo. Can ???? een for two days, at 3 &> Ninth street, third door, front room. W ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PR )TESTANT Tl girl, n litiiatiou as chambermaid and waiter, or cham bermaid and ?? iimetress. The best of city ref rjnee given. I'lease call at XI Thirteenth street, betweoti Filth and Sixth avenues. TENANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL, If a situation as nurse and seaiustrei*; oan cut and tit ladies and children's Ureases, and understands all branches of family sewing. Good reference given. Address E. S., Broadway Post office, for three diiyB. ?tETANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A II situation to do chamberwork and plain ictving. Good reference given Can bo seen for two days, if not engaged, at 141 Sixteenth strc.t, betweon First avenue and avenuo A, second floor. WANTED? BY A PROTEST ANV TOUNG WOMAN, A II situation as Leamntrcss in a private family; would have no objection to go to the o inntry, and would make her self generally useful. Call at 126 Waverlcy place. Can be seen until tutted, WANTEI>? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a xit uation, to assist in general housework; will be satisfied with moderate wage*; would go in the country; best of city inference given. Can ho seen to day, at 17t> Christopher street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to de housework in a private family; is a first rate washer and ironor. The best or city reference can be given from h-_t last place, where sho lived three years, ('au be seen tor days, at 203 avenue A, first floor. WANTEl>-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE America*! girl, as lady's maid and seamstress; under stands doing up muxiins and French fluting; or aa child ! maid or waiter, in a small family; would have no objection t? travtl. (Jan pet the ln-at of rity rcforence from her last plnce l'leasc call lit 331 Sixth avenue, botwoen Twentieth and Twenty-first struota. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do the housework of a small family. The best or w* city reference can te givea. Can he seen for two days, at 133 Seventh avenue, betweon Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, third floor, front room. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, (Scotch preferred ) who can wash and iron well, assist In keeping a baby, and make herself generally useful. None need apply without good city reference, at 33 Stanton street, second floor, front room, No. 9. ?fir AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Tl as nursn and teainstrosa; can out and fit chillron's dresses, nnd can take a baby from its birth. Good eity re ference given. Apply at 110 East Fourteenth stroot, f?r two days, from 10 to 1 o'clock. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN WUO IIAS LATELY come from England, a situation a* norro or chamber maid, and woujd be willing to make herself generally useful. Can he teen for two days at 92 East Twenty-filth street, up stairs. WANTEP-A SITUATION, BY A HR3PECIABLE young woman, as cook, wanner and ironer; no objection to do general housework in a small tamily. Good city refer ence. Can be seen for two davs tt M Barrow street. WAN TED-BY A YOUNG EKGLLSII GIRL, A SITUA tion as nurse, and to asBitfrin chamberwork or plain c wing. Good reference given. Can be seen for two days at 212 Twenty-fifth street, first floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE l'rotestuiit girl, to do plain cooking; ij a goad washer nn<l; or would do the g< norai housework ia ( mull I rivato family; she has lived two jrcars and four months iu her last place. Good oity refercneo. Call at 3-Vj Third ava liuo, bttuecn Twenty- sixth and Twenty seventh stcoets. Can i e s< en for two Jays. 'ANTED IMMEDIATELY? SO GIRLS TO MARE vork. i street. "117 AVI F.D ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tl woman, with n fresh breast of milk; has a liealthy b*by; has no objection to go a distance iu tlio countrf; is willing to make her If uenerally useful. lias the boot of city reference. Please apply at 1JU Eleventh street, be tween 1 irst avenue and aVbAiia A, s?eond floor, baoknvni. TTANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II youug woman. as cook, washer and ironer, or to do general housework in u small family. Mas good city refer ences. Can be seen for two days at 90 tt'est Sixteenth strict, near Sixth avenuo in the rear. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? SO GIRLS TO MA II wire bonnet frames. Must bring samples of work. J. SPENCE A SON, 27 Division strec TV ANTED? A SITUATION Foil A YOUNG WOMAN, by her present employer. >is seamstress and lady's maid. Sho is an oxcoll-nt dressmaker. Apply for two dayi at 72 East Twenty third street betw.en 9 and I o'clock \\T ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tl young girl, to do eharti borwork and to assist in the washing and ironiag, anil ?an do plain sowing, and is aeous t< toed to children, t *1' lor two days at her last place, 3'i Weat Twenty ittnil street, betweon Fifth and Sixth avi nues. "14T ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II young woman, as chambermaid and seam aires*, or laundress, ran do Frekch fluting competently; ha; the boat ot city rerertnefj no gbjeetion to tlio country. I'leso oali at No. 4ii West Thirteenth street, between Firth and Sixth avenues, for two day a. 1*7 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tl you n,! woman, who thronghly understands har him ness in all its branches, as aa cook; the is willing to assist wkh the wsshinr und ironing; cangiva good city reference. Pieare call at ,'!?* Eait Nineteenth street, for two days. TITANTF-D? A S.TUATION AS CHAMBERMAID ANI) U taking core of children; 110 ohjeetlona to general h'uaework ; mn br well recouimoudud from last place. Ap ply at ac> Eliialdh street. TITAN TED? BY A llESPF.CTUILE YOUNQ WOMAN, vv a aituntion to do chnraberwork, anil lino waaliing and in June, ?he i> an incellent laundreaa; can do up all kinds of llgrn; IIm Itrt uf city reftmct c? bo given. Pleass call atisi Seventeenth street, n' ?i the Mgtli aveunv TTAMKD-A SITUATION, RY A RESPECTABLE TT 51 mi 'E woman. aa nurae or chambermaid: l? rtrv fnnu of children; the boat of reference given. Call at No. 1.1 Citf llnll plan1, for two dava. "EXTANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TV women? en* aa cook and it rat rati lnundreaa. the other aa i hambermaiU or chambermaid and waiter, liood city ro tHM, Can be aeon tor two *ay? at No. W Rom street, front room, brat floor. I* the rear ll'AM I'D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tv married woman, as vet nur*e fell uly llHiimi can lie xnen, if required. 1'le tan call lit No. S3 Willow atreet. tttween Pacille and Amity utrceia, South Brooklyn, t an be aeen f<>r two daya. TETAMTED? *Y a respectable YOVHO woman, a TT aituatiiin ,ia cook; would aaiiat i;i waaliinjr aud iron it..- !<l t nudirntanda I or I urlni 'a. aud 'fti give good city MWIIMM PM call for tw> Isya at Nu. 12 Amity plait. TITAKTED-A SITUATION, 11Y A RESPECTABLE TV ?i nan, aa rook Undafftaade her buaineaa perfectly, ?1mi baking 11 d pnatry in all lt? I ranchea. No objection to the country . liood reference given la M illing to aaeiat ia waaliing and Ironing. Pteaie apply for two daya at No. 237 '11 >rd arenue, l etwi cn Twentieth iind Tweaty firat street*, in thi* fancy atore TIT ANTED? IIY A RESPECTA BI.E PROTESTANT TT girl, a fitnitli n aa cook, Mather and iroiicr. t ua give good r> fercact from her la.t place; ha< no objection to p to llroi'Xlyn < an bf >? en for two day a. II aot eaga<cd, at 314 Seventh avenut , Ittwcca Thirty lint und Thirty *?? cond aticeta. II AMKD-BY A UlMOTUU YoUNO WOMAN, TT a rituatlon aa cook; Ik a g?od wather and ironer; or would bo aa chainki rmaid aud ao #ne waabing, or aa lann riroSj; no objee tioi. tt .;o a abort diatance in tue oonntry. i.ood refin nee. I'lcaae call at GAI iiudsun atreet, corner ol Oaaaavtort. Air ANTED ? BY A IROTEnTANT. A SITUATION TO TT do cbamb' rxork and waiting, or cooking, waahini and ironing, or g'Utral houai-work, in a atnall family. B?>t of reference, ( all for two day* ?t 36 H .longhby atreet, corner ol Jay, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE V' UNO WOMAN, TT a aituation in a -mall pn*ate lamily. to cook. *a?n and Iron; 1 aa r.ofcbJeetUa to do chain rwork or Malting The beat cit 1 reference from bcr laat pla,,- Can he aren for f ?? day ? at it- Ekvtaih street. between I'im and Second avenues. TEf ANTED? -BY A YOl'NJ WOMAN. A SITU tTlo.V T? to do ctnmberwork In a privnte family, or a**ist with w a- bing and Ironing. Ilaa the t eat city ret-renoe a- *0 ea {?ability Plea** call at SM Sixth arcane. between Tweuty brat aud Twenty second atreeta. \PANTED- A SITUATION Ah LAUNDRESS. OR AS TT chambermaid aad to do the #ae waging Flaaem-I lea*, tcfarcoca liu ker la>t plate, wliera ake lived thr?? yi ara Can be aeen fof l?u oaya in tlie I ae mout of Tl M oat Twentj flr?t atreet, below Jiatb avenue \ir A N T ED? BY A Y01NG WOMAN Or SOBER AND TT indiiatrioua haMta. a ritnation aa chambormald and reamatreaa Can give good oil) reference Can be aeea at IW Eaat TMrteernfh street la the rear, for two daya. T\"ANTF.P-BV A RESPECTABLE VOUNO MAUItlED TT woman a baby t ?et aur??, at her own realdeo' ?; haa Icat ler own babj . three data old: or ha? ao ot.Jeetion to ll?e cnt Willi a r' -r"''able family. Can l? n an for three d*v? l'li jae rail at 2W)Cherry atreet, rear buildia.T. room No. !?>. third floor, conreai-nt to Rector atreet. WANTED -BY A STEADY, RESPECTABLE PRO TT teaiant woman, a aitnatlon aaeook, waeher ead iroaer, in a tiafll ptivate tnrnily. The beat of citT refer?ace cjn be given by applyiiu at id Bergen atrey. corner of Smith, South Brooklyn. Can be a?en r?r two daya. "IVAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABIE TT I'roteatant vouag woman, to do the homework of a airnll private family Caa be aeea for two daya Pteaa< call at S7 Mott atreet. ia tbe rear UI'AMS A SITUATION.? A RESPECTABLE PRO TT teatant girl wiabea a altualloa aa anrae and rhami tr maid. Pli aae rail at 62 Atlantic (treat, Brookha Tl'ANTr.D-DI A YOl'VO (i!RL, A SITUATION TO TT do aewm| and chambe^wor*. or to take rare ad ckild ran Ilaa tbe beat of city reterem > ai to iaierrity aad ? ?pa b l'-y Apply a' lOf. Wets Niart*?a<k atttf ?. oet*eea Si?*k aad Keren tS a venae* WAHTS. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as cook, ?nliu and irener. in a private family. Oood city rcfercnet given. Apply at M gIMI ajra+t, back room. tlr ANTED? BY A GOOD STKADV GIRL. A SITUA TT tlon *9 cook; understands tli* biuiaoss parfaotly in all ill branches; has no objection to aesist in waahingt and ironing, jr Has the ln-?t of city reference truin her last plaee Please r ill at Kant Thirty tirst street, fonr doors from tbo corner of Second avenue, on tbc flrat floor, in tha baak room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A KESfKCTABLE middle aged woman, u* flrnt rata cook, waakar and ironer, ia capable of taking charge otthe kitchen of a farge I, carding house; understands nil kinds of bakiu|; no objec t ion to go a abort distance in the oonntry; can take ebarge of a dairy. Please address 2 1 Bedford street, for three days. TITAN TED ? A SITUATION, BV A HESI'ECTABLE TV woman, ill cook; hat no objection to assist in tMi wishing and iroiiin,;. licit o I city reference from her lait place. I'l' a*e call at 162 Sullivan street, between Uauoten and 1'riiK e. iccond floor, back rtoa. Car. be acen for two UJI. _______ TITANTED BVA RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Gl RL. TT a situation an chambermaid aud laundress or to do neutral housework in a small private taiailv. Noobjeotion to the country. Good reference given. Can be seen for thtee dayB at 124 l'earl street, lirookh a. Tlr ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TT to do general housework; is a good washer and ironer. and can take care of children in a small private family. Good city reference can be given. Afplyat ? Whitehall street, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIHI., A SITUA TT lion us seamstress, ans) to cut and flt children's clothes; would make b'.Tirlf generally useful, and can do all kinds of family sowing. Please call at S7 Sixth avenue WAN 'I ED? B V A RESPECTABLE GIRL. ASITUA tiun to du housework, or to do ohainberwork, Vnhmj and ironing. Has the best city reference. 1'lease oall at W Sixth avenue, first floor, back room. TIT A N Ti D ? B V A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA tt tion to cook, wasb aud Iron, or to do the general housework of a small private family Apply for two days at 214 Wei-t Twenty tirst street, trout room, first floor, in the rear. The beat of city reference, if required. TITAN TED? A SITUATION", BY A MOST EXPERT TT enced younjc girl, of ne:it a tidy habits, as chambermaid aud to artist in the ? ashing and ironing; isa capable parlor maid. will assist in taking carifof children if required. Has the most satisfactory city references front private families; will take ft a mouth. Please call at 323 First avenue, first floor, buck room. TITANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT >i.iui woman, a situation as chambermaid and laun dress, or as nurse, and to do plain sewing. Good reference can be given. Can be seen for three days at M Sands street, Brooklyn. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER; ONE w ho is a capable seamstress. Apply at W MacdoagU street, near Houston street. TIT" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, as conk, waeber and ironer. or to da ^el housework, and will make herself generally useful, oily references. Can be seen fer two days, at 1U3 Mott street, first floor, ia the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A WOMAN, AS A PBO fessed cook and baker, aud to assist la tbo washing and ironing; rapnbln of taking oharge of making butter; has no objection to go in the country. City roferenors given. Apply at 222 Sixteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Can bo seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED English eook, in a private family. Good elty refor enees given. I'leasc call at 106 ElUabatb street, eorner Spring street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, an a firm rato eook; understands cook ing ia all its branches? all kinds of soups, pastries, and Jel lies; has no objection te artist in the washing and ironing, if required; has the best of city reference, l'lease apply at It-2 Seventh avenue, third floor. WANTED-BY A MAN AND HIS WIl'E, A SITUA tiun to work or take caro of a farm; have no incttra lerancea; the man understands farming in all its branches; she is a 1rst rate cook, washer and Ironer. Best reference given. Apply at 223 West Fortieth street. WANTED-A SITUATION FOR A MAN AND WIFE; one at coachman. who understand* his business perfect ly, and wife as cook; have both lived in the best laimlles in t he State, and reter to present employer who declines keen ing horses. The highest wages expected and will bo earned. Ari'ly by letter to John M., Herald offi< e. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY AN Englishman , who thoroughly understands i he care of horses and driving, and can give tho best of city reference aa to honesty and sobriety. Address J. D., care of Cbarlee L. Coxhead, saddle and harness maker, 112 Bloecker street. WANTED-BY A YOl'NG MAN, A SITUATION AS clerk or entry clerk in a commission or mercantile house, or as salesman in a boot and shoe store, book, eegar, or grocery store, wholesale or retail; he pcrfuctly understand* bis business and speaks the Spanish language. He isa tem perate and active man, and can produce good city referencea as to honesty sml capability, l'lease call or address a nota to J. C. R., CHI Houston street, room IS, fourth floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young Englishman, in a wholesale or retail dry good* store; hns"ind six years' experience, and is a good salesman. Address M. S. It., l'ordham Post Office, Westchester county, N. Y. TITAN TED? BY A SCOTCHMAN, 21 YEARS OF AGE, TV and recently arrived, a situation as groom. Has refe r< nces from some of the highest families in England. Weuld prcler a situation where a thorough knowledge of stable work" is required A permanent situation profcrr.-d. at moderate compensation Addreas, ;or apply to Mr Ueeton, at Messrs. Brown ii Ellis, 22S|>ruee street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOONQ MAN; UB understand* tli care aud nianagi inont ot a farm, and ha* been avciistumed to the care of itoek; can givo se. urity 1< r any trust reposed in hiuj. l'least address F. F. , Herald office. TITANTED? A FIRST RATE OYSTER MAN, AND ONE TV waiter; one who understands iee crsmn businuaa would be preferred. Also, a smart active boy to attend a billiard room, one who can play a good /line. Apply to E. L. Sushe, l.'tl and 136 Fourth street, Williamsburg. TITAN TED ? BY AN ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED YOU NO TT man, a ?ituation as clerk, collector, or porter; would take any resectable employment, aud work for moderatn remuneration. Csn produce good city references. Pleaso addiest A. B. C , Chatham square Post Offlci. "117 ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GERMAN, TV as coachman; also his wile, as cook and laundress. No objection to ro into the country. Both in the same place prvferred. Best of refer?nce esn be given. Can be seen for two days, at ??."> Canal street, third floor. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT youm- man, a Protestant, to work on a farm; under stands the tare and driving of horses, and is willing to make bimtelf generally useful in and out ol doors. To be seen or addressed at S3 Amos street. Inquire for D. B. TV-ANTED? A SITUATION, AS CLERK OIt SALES TT man in a wholesale fruit or aroeery store. Those de siriiin to enrage a resj-onsible young man, may address G. 15 , Herald office, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH MAR red man, who hat a knowledge of the city; a carpen tor by ttade, can take charg" <rf a horse and wagon, is witling to Biakc himself useful at anything; in soher and steady. R ? fncict ifriuired Address J. W., box HH Herald offioc. ?WANTED? BY A STEADY, ACTIVE AND INER TT getic American, a sltnntinn in any business, whero hia abilities can be entirely given bis to employer's interest; i> a good ai d milt k accountant, and thorough business man. A lair compensntinn in ail that it required Address Business, Herald office, thi- ?t?k TVT AN TED? AS SALESMAN IN A RETAIL STORE TT downtown, a young inau who understands the blank 1 1 ok and itatloiiery business, and has a >ms knowledge of plain bookkt ojung Salary I'rom #.> to f7 per wo k. aouord mg to capacities. Mast come well recommended. Address, in the applicant1* handwriting, A. I> , IL raid office. "llrAMF.D-A SITUATION AS COACIIMAN, BY A tt tin le man. who perfectly understan Is his business, is a firet rute . room and driver; has no objection ft the city or < 0111! try; and I* uillm. to make himself useful to bu em plover; tbt r> d v< r t i?> r is a Protesting and can produce satis factory testimonials as to chara> t< r and capability Ad dnc* w. W,, lleruld office, for three days. \\'ANTI D? I OCR HEAT RATE SALESMEN IN THE U dry goods butlnass. Apply bofore 10 A M or after Si I* M , to L. II. Lcauheater A Co., M7 Broadway. \1' ANTED? A UERMAN TEACHER, ONE THOROUGH t T ly conversant with the language, to instruct a family ot children, residing within tea miles of New York; nun al-o be competent i> instruct in mnsio and the primary branches of English; a German Iroiu Hanover preferred 1o such a respond) nt a liWal salary will be paid. For par' ticular . apply immediately, to J. O. Nay, &i!f Chambers at. \\rANTED-AN AGENT TO SELL TO DRY GOODS TT dealers and clothiers, choice artiales in their line, an l on desirable lirms. A man acquainted with the city trade, may address S. A , Herald tffie*. TS7ANTID? AOKNTS TO I RAVEL THROUGHOUT tt the United Stater and the t.'ana<li?. to sell the belt map out to make mi ney on? the Mirror of Sevastopol, and mnp of the Black Sea at.' Crimea; \iew < ot the bnrneaae on the Black Sea, llattle of Inkerniana, portraits. Ac. Apply t" Pulton street, up stair*. "\lrANTED? A GOOD PRACTICAL AMERICAS OR TT Lnelish farmer ? l.o tlx r' >i .-hly understan I* his busl ac-s iti nil Its branches, to w . rk on a tarin about aiaty mll?* up the North rl?er. Undoubted references in regard to honesty. capability, Ac., will be required. Apply at IST> Eldrid,~u street. TirANTKD-A SITUATION', HY A YOI! NO MAN Of TT color, to travel to Europe with a gtntlosnnn. Hams nooMnt. t.ood II required Address T. ? M , Herald tffiie. TV'ANTRP? A SMART Tol'NQ MAN, TO OPEN TT testers; who las been accustomed t? the business. Apply i etw. en in aid 12 this day, at the WashlDTtoa r-itau ant. Mo. l Broadway. Tl^AN TED? S AI.E8M E.N . IN THE PRINTED MUSLIN TT de laine, t-arege and print d partmeats, ai o, an ?utr> , 1. rk, at a n..,.!i rate salary, and three r?-pei tahle boys, hi teem to icTinttcn years, to legm th* 1 us nets T/>nn A TA VLOR, I rand street. ll'-AMED-IV A COMMISSION flOCsk. A TT s tive bay, ?' ??11 II jsnrsol a,-' AJdr ? la owa hsiidw riting, II' y, bo* J.HWJUost Oflir? ?tirANTKD-A ?MART. ACTM E LAD ONE W II 0 IS A TT good writer snd not afraid ol work; good < it v ret?r races r< <i<ilr> d. None others need app'y at .No. Xi Bowery. TirANTID? BY A YoUNG BoY Ol' SIXTEEN V> \RS TT of aire, to learn a trade or moulder or* ferr?d He is w tiling to bind himself for fpi r or flee year! < all at (AOoerch str<et. TlfANIKD-A COLORED BOV, ABOUT It YEARS or TT age. to drive horse and < atria^c, wait oa ta'de. aad to rcake himself generally useful. Inquire at ]?? lieavcr street up stairs. T?rANTF.I>-A MK \T< OOKIOR AHOIM WAGE- *t p VT t? O English or fcot' h f,rr?Ti I'laces priwurc: for clerks. Binoa stcumers tad railroads, l.oys for trades and salmons, rhtniVsrmaids. Ac tuo cotton wearers to , i, to < < nareticut. Charges moderate A trie at .';il Bread war l.asrment Tl|/?.< 81*1 N IC, Ageat. CA CANVASSER* W ANTED? FIITY ACTIVE (1EN teet men. i f gocd address, well recommended tot f Iriety and hone tr. are waaled to lamas the city for a ne? ? id iin<ine>t tonally sucressfnl invention indispeasalde t? <<ery householder None but thos^ well rwaimsnJed hy city refereaee aad who can d*no*n ?.-0 n ?d apnl , . A Ilha r%l and certain commssloa will I# reahred. Apply la per sow, vsiih r-oemmeadal.oas feom ,1 to f> |* ? a' Uoodwt" a P!w A"?'* oai?*' 7 Clmto i U?ll, I tMl attre i,d? d S?(?r.

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