Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1855 Page 5
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it la ei?o sDeged were subsequently enld by Morrison to ? mm in '?h?rry *(re?t, for the miid of 92 50. Tie ac ?u aed ta?en belor- Jun'l i Wo<mI. at the Th'rd Di< trie* Inline Court, h.a*ex Market, who committed tlivm tor ?xamn*ti?o. CHARGE OV BfROLAKY. Jttln Miller ?M arretted yetterilav by hrpmt Hjw?11 of the Tentn ward police, charged with having burglariously entered the dwelling lionse ot l'auny Mor ris. SU-I Br^oroe street, and stealing tnere'rom tBiee sil >er spoon fin'! forks, one case of instruments, and a el k 'Jbwh u rt shawl, three mantillas. aod other property, valjed af $<jO Ibe accuse!, it n alte^eo. eniereJ tha premises by ineaos of fame keys. A jimmy, rkeleton ley, lnif.? and por'. roonnale, wer? founi in the poe Hiuu ot n e ai.nsed wheu arrentod. Miller was tasen In fort Juit ce Bogart, at tb? Essex Mark.t i'ulie* Oourt, who rumraitttd niui Icr examination on the charge pro levied against him. VAPTUIIM OF AN At-LKOF.D HGITIVE FKOM JCSTIOK. Officer Mcore, of the Twentieth ward po ieo, SttMMMd in srrestiog t lie notorious J*.:k Simpajn, who Mrtped trcm offieer Bwllson, of the t'ouii or Seesioa*, 10 me weev ? ago, an he was on his way from the coiirt room to the Tntta, whithe r he l ad been sent praparatiry to cousntiing him to the S'-ato I'ris >u tor a hurgiary tnat be ban comm'ttacu .~im|>-<on ? ?s at his old tr'<;*? wtieu the ofli>)er took him into custody. ARKkST or AN KSCAI'ED CONVICT. Mary Johnson, an escaped oouviat from Sing Sinn, wa< urtKUil yesterday ut Carmanville, by the Twelfth ward police, whither iha escaped rrom the Stata 1'rlsoa. The offender was conveyed back to tha Mirtilu Palace, whore the keeper*, and the little community that dw-dlelh their anxioudy await her arrival. DIHOROKKL.Y UODfEfl. On Tuesdty nlgnl Just ce Connolly and a pome of po I ice sn en made a descent upon a disorderly house in 'Va rick (treat, where he arretted six women and one mm. The Fourth ward police were alao active on the same ni| ht The owner of a dare* houna in Cherry street was obliged to suspend tr.eir amusement tor that evening on account of the untimely aud unwelcome appetruu~<i cf tome of Capt. Dttchett's men the prisoners, in both rare*, were committed tor examination. ALLIOSD BUBO LAKY. Officer Gantz, of tha Tenth ward police, arrested a mtn m.roed Jabn O. (Milord, charged with having by means ef a skeleton key, burglariously entered tha segar store ef J. W. Farren, 48 Division street, and stealing there from three boxes of Havana segars, and a lot of cappers, valued in all at 115. The accused, It ia alleged, was seen emerging Irom the premises with tha property in hi* possession. The accused was conveyed before Justine Wtlth, who commited him for trial in default of 91,000 bail. City Intelligence, Si. Dayid'h Bkn k volknt Socutt . ? At the annual meet ing af the St David's ilenevolent Society, held at Florence's Hotel, Monday evening, tha following gentlemen were elected officers of the SocWty for the ensuing year: ? President, Wm. Milan; first Vice- 1're si. lent, Ueorge W. Griffith; Second Vice-President, Robert trana;Tr*asuier, David Roberta; Recording Secretary, Henry Morgan; Car responding Secretary, Wm. B. Junes; Physician, Wm. 3. Bawen, M. D. ; Chaplain, Rev. Benjamin Evans; Counsel, Henry E. Davis; Stewards, Tuomas II. Jonca, Owen Joncn, Thomas LowIa, John Evans, Daniel T. Owens; Comaiiltee on deuerolen:e, Wm. J. Williams, James Jones, Wm Roberts, John Philips, Thomas Williams; Committee on Finance, William Lewis, J. Roberts, U. B. Williams. Committee on Literature, Dr. Alex. Jonea, Thus. R. Jones. R. Richurds. The President, and neirly all the other officers, were re-elected Itr Alexander .lenea, ex First Viue-Precident, declined to be nominated for re-election, as ha desired that a native of Walea ehoutd Hll tha office. The reports submitted by the dtf fervnt officers represented the .Society to be in quite a flonrlshing condition. The Hoc.iety pontesses, tn cash, bonds and mortgages, $-,5U0 22, of which amount 92.602 67 la drawing interent. The Society alio owns other property in burial ground, Ac., to.the amount of 93<X). Various reports ot committees were read and adopted Condition ov thx Citt. ? An effort is now being made to clean the lower part of the city, and erowds of la borers are at work with pickaxe and shovel, removing tha superfluous filth and brluging the pavement, whioh has been buried all winter, to light. Let it not be sup poced, however, that tha contractors are doing anything to earn the money paid them every fortnight. They are as neglactfnl of their duties as ever, it is a pri vate company? the proprietors of tba street sweep ing machines? who, having procured a permit mm the Mayor, are determined to show that by a proper system tlie dty can be properly cleaned and Mpt ?o. Whatever tiiewi sweep* may be, it Is certain that some effort should bo ma ta to have proper *anit?rv meaautes enforced, an the filth now In the atrcets is enormous, especially on the cross street* leading to and from the rirers. There is another subject that requires attention. The cobble-stone pavement tn the streets be low Oaual stieet, U so much worn that they have sank In many plaeas. and left derp ruts and indentation*. *omt of them over a foot deep, making omnibus, cart and car riage travel rough and even dangerous. Will theComm>a ?loner of Repairs and Supplies see this matter atteadel ?o? k PrursfitD Ca to* tin it. OhoaS*.? The magnificent organ, hailt by Mr. Henry Erben, for the Church of the Atone ment, Philadelphia, is now on exhibition for a lew days, at that gentleman's manufactory, in Centre street. Ther will he afternoon and evening performances on tlii splendid Instrument, in order that the public may hav an opportunity of judging of iU qualities during the short time that it i? to remain here. Ron Omh. ? A boy named Philip Playford was dan gerously injured by being run over by a bursa and rart in Seventeenth street He waa taken to bis home, at 413 Sixth avenne, where he now lies, not expected to reeorer. Kirs 1* Hknkt Strict? Oil Factory Pbtroyko ? Monday morntrg, about half-past five o'clock, the oil store ef Carrion A Murphy, r>9 Henry street, was disco vered to be on fire. The stock bring very combustibls, the flames spread with gTeat rapidity, and the building waa soon in a blaze, fhe firemen were soon on the ground, bnt their efforts proved to be unavailing, and the bnilding was levelled to the ground. 1 he buudings on ellher site of the factory were considerably Jaaaired by water. The buildings and stock were all fully in sured in various office* in tba city. It la sitppoeel the tire originated from the furnace In the oellar, which la nred for trylag out the fat Fisi ut Cathftiivk i-TKKsr. ? A fire broke oat at 22 Ca therine street, at 4 A. M., Monday, but waa soan ex tinguished by the firemen, with very litt e damage. Cm Raiijioaii A< cin?m.? On Monday evening, the Harlem down train run against a hor e and cart driven by Robert Balaam, at Fitty-fourth street. The driver was severely injured, the horse killed, and the cart flashed tn pieces . The injured man was aonveyed to the Qty H?wpitiil. A recently arrirod emigrant, name.l Jeremlsh Kealer, waa run over by car No. 28, of the Sixth ar<-nus line. Ha waa dreadfully injored, and waa taken to the hos pital A British RnrRrrnieo Omcr rx Stw Yoek ?A Britkb recruiting office has lately been opened at 91 Chat Iran ?treat, where all who want to joia the army in the Cri mea can tlnd an opportunity for gratifying tbeir military mrt or. " The n cruit receives his victuals, clothing and equipments, betddes eight dollar* a month. He bind* himself to Mivr tbrt? or five year* aa a British soldier. If he bME an officer or sub-officer is any other ser vice, b? i* promised a plaee of the same grade ia the army.'1 Business is not very brlak in the o?ce, and re cr^ttp eome In very slowly. VtmuRica1 lasnrtT* Lkt siy ?Col. 3. C. cevier, of l/>uiaisna, will lecture thl* evening before the Merha nla* Institute, on the subject of the ?' American t'nion ? Cut It be preserved V Admittance free to *11. TO THE EDITOR OF THI NEW YOEK II KRAI. P. A Nkw DdDOn.? A new dodge ia now going the rounde, by some grace)* hs scamj ? woo Ut* by their wits, being too laiy to work. Being well supplied with betru* Span ish haft dollars, they dart into stoies ia a great horrr, and request strangei* wlmm they take to he ureenliorns, to give them chnor* for It. I came near being bit twiee by them, this mariiing. :n Nassau street, and would cau tioa the public to be ou their guard, look out ! TO Tn* EDITOR OP THE ItBrtALD I wish to contradict a r'port pnbliabed in your paper on Friday ?*st, that some of the members of Hoee No. lfl broke Into the bou-e 301 Houston street and com mitted an assault upon a girt by the name of Winnie. f?o mem ix r ef Ho?e Company No. 16 was engaged or had anything to do with the matter, and the report ia vour paper, so far as the members of Hose Oomp-my No. 16 are cor.cerned. is there 'ore Incorrect Respe<'Uully, TIMOThV DMOVAN, Koreman Hoee No. 1$. New Fork, March 19, lf>i'>. Cnart Calrndai^ThU D*y. Cum? !*r,?rw? Dnract Corn ?No*. 10, 12, M, 81, U, 14, IS. 10. 80, 87, IT. huraaai Va it irr -Circuit. - C*>? on HvvataaOotaT ? Ppoeiai Term.? Not. 3A, #0,1,7,43, 40. M, 59, 77. 97. ldgi, ?Ml. 110 Mottw? No. 1ft, 11#, 73. 73';, 119, 17. 1*. ft<i 120 hrpuuon Omar? Nea. 10*17. 1170, :iM, 1900, 1303, I J04 ''-'11, 121*, 23.1, 10ft9, USA, ISM, 124-,, 1247, lit*, 154t?, \2tO, 12S1, Itfti, 12M, 1244, 12M. 1284, 12S7, 1250, 1273, 1*74, 127b, 127?, 1X77, 1271, 1279, ISM, 1X81, 1802, 12SS, l'."*4, 1 li??, l'J*7. 1288 12*9, 1?0, WW. 1292, 1X9;), 1294 1295, 1290, 1247, 1290, 1299, 1300, 1190, Wi. Knot hu trhltTfd an enviable reputation a* U> b*tt<-r of th' ritt. k any may >at<?f/ bitn mI( of kjr rallia? a* rltfor of hu ?'iroo, An lirooda aj or IJ* raltva >tnot. Ilia ?tjl- f r tl.? j>n.?ot numi it really a irodal if ?r*o* ?a4 b?a?tr. lit* like a f-alhr np .n tl.? head. ??4 ntafai it? ihapoaaUc lor la all wtathrr* It it tba bat far r?ntUm>n *1 !???? ?f there be any Pmooa ao Indifferent to Um valuo of half a 4?llar ai to pa y H t?r a bat, ?l otio ipm rior ia ???rjr rrnpoct can 1* |mr?ta?o*d fat S3 tf. it I' prnfea )>ljr rauw tli?< hav? navcr tried oat ofBSI'KX HMD'S bat* of 118 Mna? (4f00t Whttc'a 8ptln? Mtjle of flat now Heady. WIIITb. 212 Bfadway, .oroo/ol I all >n. HakerNi Portrait ? ' Ttie flipper la .funt Oat, ?,ata,oia? a lifa lib* portrait ot l.owU IK> wHwr of Paolo. Alio a tbrilllar torlotjr of ipitto from tbo ol4 aa4 a??r wrrl4. Only ibrao ?at?. DaHBrirr?t>pn?l.arg? lltr Iter Klftjr rtnla, j at tba IICTCmxi!1' f at -TJ . S3, lata of M> Br .*?! wa) . asaal to iboto lokaa ilH?li*r? for two<l>llar? Han' ? t| ?MUtouJ UjUflt. Utj ?ut H lOn ??Uaoi lotaauoa. I Sebastopol *Ot Taken? Hut JMhuit A i Vrear ba*s taken 'ho three fir-t |irun iu iuooniwb~'-*o >ilver and one bronis medal* ? for the H??t vial, haek ? a i l tout, curls, a?d toupee* ever exhibited. Manufactory Ti Maidc* lane. John MorrUnry.? .% fnltDlul portrait of thl* uju'i will bo found iu tbe I'olice Ijaxette, now readv. A 1 1,, a full report of the celebrated Ki-aano trial; libel unit in I'hi'adelpbia, criminal newt, editorial*, 4< . fries tour ctnti. Holme*' Miriuxupli' Ituultle Acting Catua? m, for atereoacope picture*, daguerreoty p?a and |> t??. t <? ? jir?phr. I'rice of tic d< uUe Itoxee, hclf iui, $-"0; fourth aire, Sl.v General depot at 2S!I ltruadway. >p?fl?l ^otlco !(' K'UilliiK Ibntil Sold at 4urtit.ii ? By partionlar reque**, I *ha'! beeeaiter aell all bond* at auetiou, anthoot charging the accrued int?reat, wl.ioli i? the (am* at they arc vild at the Hoard of Broker*, aed me? tbe purchaser the ben)- tit of knowing wb.n be i* bidding for any Honda exac'iy 'hopriee that, ho U buying :h' m lor. wli bout K" n > 'nt ' a calcula'to" about the iutareat, which change will no doubt lie appreciated by the buyer, as well aa the seller. Shoulr auy partiea kownr, deairo at any time to tell tl.eir bond*, with the accrued int.? reat added to the pnreliaaer, I <1 all announce the aarne at the lale and through my advert 'amenta ALBERT II. N ICO I. AY, No. 4 lirjad atreet Eiteualve Ant-Moil Sulr ot Valuahlc liailroad llonda.? We deeire to remind capitiUieta and othera that Al.HEKT 11. NILOLAY will ?ell a l. p iblin auction, thia day, Tbt.rsoay, March ?, at the ksrebant*' Exchange. at hia regular wui weokly rale, ly rrder of the Port Wayne and Southern Kail nu t ? '?mpany, $24U,IXM of their II rat mortgage aovou per ceut Heal tatata Buud?. Tbeae bonda aro o-rtaimly worthy of atten tion, aa they are perfectly aooure wr.hout thn contemplate I railroad la.iliHea, aa Hie real natal* ia now ab?olutoiy, and b> warranto* deed, Ibe property of the company, and O un incumbered; ao that iht.y are unlike ordinary i allroad Wil l'. Ai other a Hantaan they poaaea* ia, that thoy a." exolnHKO al>l<' for tbe real e?tau> mortgaged at auy time, at tho option ot the holder; and an important tuatuic of thia road ia, that it tow bee every county eeat on the entire route, (exoept one,) which po othcrroad doca, it ia believed, in the United .State*. The ?ale will be mace without reaerve, by or ler of the com pany. and we adviae all partiea that wiah lo buy an ed aecurily for inveetnient, to atl.? nd tbe arile. Kor further partlcu :nri wc refer to tbe advertisement ?r tbe auctioneer in anutli r column. Albert H. Nluilly, Mill hold hla Regular trini weekly miction tale of rtocka and bonda thia day, at o'clock, nt the Merchant*' Exchange. Fur farther par ticular* aealilaadveriiaeinent in another eulumu. Catalogue* can be obtained at tbe oflce, No. 4 liroad atreet. Bounty I.u-Kt? Army OOlrera, Soldier*, Mamatera, naval omcera, aeamen, marinea, navy clerk* and Rot, lla men, (or their aurviving widow* or minor children), who aerved in any war nf the trailed Ktatea. are entitled to * land variant for IdO acrea. All pcraoua untl>l >d will, hv ad Ireeriui; na, receive tbe proper form o( application, and we ?rtll ottain their warren ta f r a modwraie eliarK". ?1t ar ranfementa with the Departmenta at Waahlngton aff >r?l aa canrnai laeillty tor the prompt return of warranta. Claim* fhoald bo left with na aa early aa poaaible. I.and warranta beaght and eold. DRAKE A BRADFORD, ?) Wall at. Belerencea? Union bank, Cora Exohaufte Bank, Bowery Baak. Kronomyla Wraltli.-ThoH who liar .' their ahirta mado at Mcl.AIICHI.IN'D, 1" Greenwich atreet. eor nrr of i haubera, realite the forco of tho abnvo fart Shirta of ail airra nnd of the beat quality on band. Collan, era vats, atocks, under garment*, glover, Ac. Important to Ilotueheeper*^? Ottr Spring assortment of earpetinga, ollelotlia, enrtaina and curtain matenala ia now ready for inapeetion, and will he offered at greatly reduced prioea. MJR1I A TAY I. "It, Urand atreet, aornsr ot Chryitie. Ufa. !110 Bowery- Hyatt'* New Carpet Em porium ? Great Induceuieota tu bnyera of carpeting, oil clothe, hearth ruga, deor uiata, table anil piano vovera, mat tinea, window ahadea, Ac.; alao, 10, UK) yard* carpeting :iad oUelotba, at lorty per cent leaa than value. Decidedly great bargain*. Let tht* be yoar CitUde. Kniillah velvet cariiete, 10a., il*. Knglidi tapeatrv, 7a., He. .9*. Engliab tbreo : ly. 7?., M. Ingtain onrpct*, 3a., ta. , &*., and 0*. per yard at N'o. (*? Bowiry. City Ladles, and I .<ul Ira VlatUng the City, con tind. at J. II Mil. I. ERA CO.'H, ladies' boita *? 1ft , I'D. and -Of.: tint quality slipper ties and kuakins, at 8s. to 10s.; 2d quality line style, at be. aad 7s. the pair, with buys' miises' and ?hildrm ? bootx and shoes of all kindn aad prices. J. B. Idll.LER A CO.. 1^4 Csual street. The Wood law it Manelen, on thr lllooinliiK dale read, to let.? These premises barn been lor tua laat rtve frsrti occupied I y Capt. Vt'lldy, ui> a roadside hotel, and ha* een proved the noil popular plaec nf reaort for out of town purlieu of pleasurti recreation and military c*cnr.?ione on the Island el Manhattan. The plot of pri.und > mtriaea JUU n< res, well wooded, and wltlian eiteniive ?-at' r Irontage. It < "III 1 be available f-ra private resident'", but is most ad tantagaunsly aitusted for a rnral hotel. Apply on the pro mises, or to W*. It. MOI'I'ATT, S.W Broadway, N. V. Mnger'a Sewing Naclilntf, Improved, ao a* to run without nciso, with v.-r y little power, and isaiag the finest thread without ever briaking. The profit of udn? these machines in 11.000 a year. Betereaaes in abundance eaa be given to satisfy all who are interested that these Mchiun are suited to du every kiad of aork perfectly. I H. SINGER A CO., X3 Broadway. Ill Ilia rd Teblea.? The- only correct Millard lal.le million ran bv had oj URllTITII A DECKER, i?i Ann elreet, altera th?v ofer for ssle billiard tables superior to any in the United States. Call aad examine tbelr fine stack. To Jetvellcra* Banliern and Hroltrra.? For ?ale, one of Day A Newell'* patent parsiitoptic bank lo-ka, nenrly nea ; will bfl Mild k? a diiM.enat, vr exchanged lor mer chauuijs. Addreia boi 3,482 Poll Office. Jeweling, Mlhngraphen, and Othci a.? To !il, two rood front offirea, on llroadway, abovs Chambers street, with ? back room 25 l<y 73. will be let for any kiad of basinets. )i. U . Kli'UAKDi, W Broadway. Wedding Card* ?An aMortmcnt of Erer? dell's elegantly engraved nt homo notes, wedding cards, envelopes, At , ean le bad on application, or sent by post t i any part of the country. Established IH4U. JAMES KVKK l)EI. I., 302 Broadway, corner of Dnane street. Illll, Inimitable Cattrr o( Ualr and Wlila ksrs, at No. 45 Nassau ilreet. Particular attention paid to dressing, curling, aad shampooing tha hair. Infallible engoem to grow the hair, aad instaataaeous dye for a beautiful black or brown. Hegrman, Clark&ro., /LaU Rash ton, Clark ft Co.>? Genuine medicated eod liver oil. ? The firm of Rash lea, Clark A Co.. being dlsaolvad by the death of Mr. Bash tea. their genuine cod livir eil Is aow prepared aniy by their sarviviag partaers and sole suaesasors BEGEM AN. CLARK A CO. Chsmiats and Dre ggista, 186, 273 and All Broadway To Nerroua Snlfrrcrs.? A retired Clergy man restored to haalth in a few days, after many years of great asrrous suffering, la aaxioua to make known tha means of esre. Will send (free) the preic ription used, on receiving a letter 'postpaid/. Direct to Rev. JOHN M. DAGNAi.L, No. 57 fulton street, Brooklyn, N. T. Carter** H pan la It Hlitw, the greateat blood purifyer and alterative known, a oerti In core for all meren rial and ireoadary diseaies. Poriale by G H. RING, eor ner of Broadway and John street. Hernia.? Only Prise Medal Awarded to MAR8U A CO., No. Maldea lane, by tha ladoatria! Es Ubltion of all Nations, (or their new patent radical cure trass. Reference* as to Its inferiority? Profs. Velen'laa Mott, W 11 lard I'arkcr and John M. Carnaehaa. An *g taasive list of names of msrcantlle and otbar gentlemen tared by this truss, may be sees at vor office. Open from r a. m. tui ? r. M. Lackbeard, nay Ongnent Korrei the YVhla ker or miioatacbi to jrroa rtrong and thiok in sn weeks, and will not atain or injure the akin, fl a hottle, sent to aay psrt of tba country. R. O. GRAHAM. IW Br?adw>y, baee mcut; Zeiber, HTloutb third atrcet. Philadelphia. Hollo way 'a PI II a? The Mood? None cm be healthy tialeaa this vital fluid he kept pure Thla wonder tul medicine eradicate* all nosiong particles of matter. Ml trig dirirtly on the liver, kidnsys aad bewsls None nted I* rick it they nas this remedy. Sold at the manufactories, XII Maiden lane, New Y"rk, aad ?M Htrand, l,?.ndoa. and by all dnsgists, ai lit , 6S)i?; snd 91 p?r ba* Married, Co Tutaday. Marrh 30, by tha Kav Da rid Buck, of tha Matboaist Episcopal Church, Thirtieth street, Mr. Jonv PaUIKS to A."?*a Mifii Iir*x?, both of thi? city. At Mt Barthoiomtw'i Chareh, on Tuoaday, March 30, by the Her. Samusl Cooke, John F.i>mc*i? Body, of I<on o?n. to CHAftbom Ac orar a C'trrw, daughter of the late W ra. Card, of thia city. On Bunday ereninjf, March 18, at tha Ninth street M. E. Church, by the Rev. Wm. WcAlieter, Capt J. ila?ar >TiRKKT. of r>aei, Conn. , to8ia*H F. . youn??st daufh ter of Captain Channcey Hraioard, of tlita city. In Brooklyn, on Saturday, Mrch 17, by tha Kev. E M. Johnson Mr. iliaRT L. IIavko*. son of John l.awia Haa eon, of ( 'a nCon, to Mist [.avixia P. RsrKt.Tr, daughter of Chatles Rapaljo, drc*a*ed, boih of Newtown, L. I. Loadca papers pleat* copy. lMe^ On Tnatdiy ?r?n njf, March V), Eu?? daughter of Abraham and Ana Vooraia, In the 1'itk rear of liar agw. Tie lelatiraa aad frteada of the lamily are lavitel to attead tha (?*? ral, tkia altarn?on, at four o'clock, from tke raaldeorv of her father, No. 1M Second avenua. hervee* will be perforate*! at Pt. Itark's Cliureli, Stuyre tant stitat. On 1 ue?ds y Bbraing, March 20, of lonanraption. Mart l*k?i Amt M, afed a7 years, a native of HaHimore. liar tema na were taken to Brrgeu Cemetery lor inter meat. Baltimore aad 111! rota papers pleaee copy. On louith cay. Thirl monto, Slet, KuzAarrH W ., dangbttr of Nathan and Sarah P. llarj-ei , aged 7 years, I w< atbs and U' days. Tha fri?D<ls of the family are t-apec tfullr Invited 'o at'.aad the faaeral, from the resi<lenc* of her pan-nts, No HS last Twenty ainth street, on futh day morning, 2: <] ln?t , at ten o'clock. Philadelphia papers pl< ?ee copy. Oa We< neailay , March 21, Taxaart BtTUca, of consump tion. agsd 23 jaer llie iriestis, aad those of hia nucles, Itanlsl, Michael and Thomas Maroney, are reepectfally mt ite-l to attend the funeral, to mono ? aftsrnooo, at two o'clock, from the residence of hia mother, He. VI fUnmbia street on laeiday, March CO, Car-to h'liairvra, aged 31 year'. Hie frieols. aad those of his brother la-law. William Schumann, are reepectloily lavited to attend the fune ral, to-uoriow afternoon, at half pant on* o'clock, from hia late residence, corner of llouakon sad liOwla streete fits remain* will be taken to toe l.utheran CaoseWy for Interment. On Wednesday morniog, March 21, Mr. liw. G. pKaux, aged 34 years. Hia relatives and friend*, the membra of Beacon l onge No rii 1. O of 0. K , aat of Keystone lodge of Pf* em a eon ?, alao of the New York lire iJepartment, are Invited to attend the fane ral. from oie late raaideare. No. 12 Lid ridge street, tomorrow alVernooa, at iwo t clock. On Wedneeday . March 21, after a protracted iUneea, at the ago of 3t, Madame Bmj?i [m I j Pu?>.t wife of Charles Alnkonae Laeathoa Da La 1 erect, Coaenl of France at Beaten. The 'rteede of her InstasH, and if her father, Pierre I rUMtt, in rt^aeeted to attend the funeral teniae, *4 tie ehurh of St. Francta Xavier, si i >?D*h itn>t, to- | Borrow morning, at b^if put t?-n ? Vu:k. On VtadBesoay, Mai b Jl, ot raoa laf t.oa, Pm: <r I Cukii, a**<t 22 year*. Tbe irienda and rela'.ivei of the family, alto the m no hers of Our Own lu i-pec.l>-nt tiutnli, ar?- re?pecttuii/ invite.'. to attend bis funeral, tbi* ? trroom, at tiro o'clock, frti>n tam lata teakeace, No. 15 lh?ah-.>e?*s atreet. , Hi* remains will be taken to lirceuwooi Cemetery for in MMU. On Wednesday, Marsh 41. Saraii Ja*u, daughter of 1 Churl** and li;i?l!i K. Kturge*, sg'-d 1 J ear, 1 mouth I and 18 da;*. rb ? relatives and frien.le of the f*m'iy ar? raapMtfuIly I invited to attend the lan-ral. from the re?menoe of h?r | parents, No. 40 Noi ill Moore street, this iu trnug, a', tea o'clock. On Wwlneeday, Mareh 21. aft?' a lon< and sever* ill- ' neaa. which htiH bore with ?.'hri*,l?n fortitude and rerg- | ballon, Mr*. itKiiiu ? *, *;!? i f rfimeuo Kaymond, Sr., , age.i 64 year*. The relaiivea and frien.i* of the Tamil;, and tho<e of her ton*, Mmt'on an 'ieorire il. ?<aym 'U>i, '1*1 *un< in ?aw. kdinuud Crocker and .Ion. ? l.inblor 1, h-r n^pliaw. j F.phralm, ?n<i lha member* of tri* Kira*. Hip'tat , and Marin* r?' lfapti*t ehurcb?a, a-* re?pe :itn!ly i a v 1 1 ??? 1 to att-nd tha funeral, from Lor la'e residence, So H.'? I Ctin'on aireet, to morrow af.aitioon, at on* o'lloiii, with out further Invitation. in lljooklyn, on Wednesday, Mir h -I, tV.ii.TKR, infiot ?on of J. A and K. A M Urua i. The relatives and friend* of tbe Umlly ara requited to attcn I tbu funeral, fioin the residence o n a father, piviaton avenuo (kiowrouvilel, to urirros morning, at Un o'clock. Carriage* aill be in ruadinena at tbe ferry, at a quarter befote tea o'clock. In itrooklyn, on fue* lav evening, M ir h 'JO, Citiikhiiik 4ml infant daughter of luniol and s?&iah A. l'helan, sged 1.') montha uui 16 days. Hie I rieodx and relative* of tbe family are invited to attend the (uncial, from the reiidenre of ber pnreuts. Division avenue ( Howronville), to mono* afte.uoou, at two o'clock. Carriage* will be in waitin? at the ilouaton , and I ? rand atreet ferries, Wllllaintburg, until t^o o'clock. The great Jet.ovah. full of love, An angel bright did sent, Who look th? little barm)"** dove To joy* that n^ver end. In Rrosklyn, on Wednesday, Marh 21, Mr. Patrick MaIuiin, aged i7 yrar*. Ilia ft land* and acquaintance* ara requente?l to attend tba funeral, from hi* lata residence, No 'Jh.'i Plymouth I atreet, Brooklyn. Ilia remain* will M taken to Flatbush for Interment. In Williamsburg. on Tuetday, March JO, Ku/a Out kith, wife of Kobert <irifflth, aged year*. The re atives and friand* of lha fauuly are reapoclfiilly Invited to attend the funeral, from No. 2.; Honroo place, houth tilth atreet, W illiamaburg, tbi* afternosn, atone o'clock. At Hobokcn, on Wa.Jn?*day, March 21, S*k*ii Avmk, inlant daughter of William an I Mariaane Ilorniok. At Harlem, on Wet'naaday, March '41, Mart Jake, in- : fant daughter of WUI am and Margaret liraham, aged 5 inontlie and 9 day*. The rrienda of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, tbi* altrruoon, at time o'clock, from 121th *tre?t, Harlem In Sharon. Schoharie county, on Friday, March 1ft, Pt.Ttlt D. WaLKXR, at tha lata residence ?! hi* m >thar, aged 01 year*, 11 month* and 11 days. Western paper, please copy. Near fort Richmond, -tatan Inland, oo Tueaday, M*r-h 20, Coruslia Huvkiihta, wl'a of J. K. ryaen, and daugh ter of the late Alex. C. Jack*on, o! thu city. Tba relative* and friend* of tha lamily are Invited to attend tbe funrial, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Car riages will he in waiting at I'ort Kichmond to meet the twelve o'clock boat Iroin the rKy. At Bergen, New Jer?ey, on Wednesday morning, Maroli 21, Mary Matilda I'aTTO.v, daughter of Kimund H. I'ay tor, aged 'il years and 4 montha Notice of the funetal will be given. ABVE&TISEMEXTS BEN EWE D EVERY DAY. BALES AT AlCTIOM. HKNRY U. IJCEIW A CO, Al'CnONKKH ? HOOSB hold furniture sale*? Henry H. laisda k Co., will give their paraonal attention (as taey nave done for many years past) to tbe sales of boueeboia furniture, at the residences of families breaking up houaeaasplng or re moving. They will also have r*gular sales at their auc tion rooms, 1U Nassau atreet. between 1'ine and Cedar, for the convenience of those who may desire thia medium of sale. Auction notice.? gritat hale ok jbwelrv, waUDcs ana diamond* on a uoiint o( tho importer re turning to Europe.- kllWARll M'llKNCK will Mil at nuc tins, ou Thursday, Friday mid Saturday, March 22, 2S ?nd i4, it 1UJ^ o'clock. nt the salesroom 10 Wall street? A large ?nd beautiful no rttneut ol diamond jew.tiv, *atuhe>, At., consisting nt el. irnni ?oi .? or dinmotid brscvlsls, pins ?nd ssrrings, breaatpim, crosses, c|?g;?nt ultuter and single ttone ringa nu I pins earriuRS, Ac , Isdlci' watches onamnilod and set nu hotn tides with ilienioude, sleo, others, Til independent aeronda.dnublo tlmeaeepara, l-'i day , English pntentnud detached Icvrr, A mil in heavy In carat .11 certs; roM Jewelry, c?n?i>linit uf suite of bracelets, pis and earrings, brooches, Ireaslpin#. sosl rings, g"ld stons sleeve button*, do. ituds, rold p' noil esses, lockets, Ac. Ac , form iufthe iMmMW ?els of the season. wM ?' I.' o'c lork thta day. one heavy . a? I noiikei. < troaimstcr, made by A. Laiiiion A Nona, on* of tbe finest imported. ALBERT II. MI CO LAV, AUCTIONEER- PKItGMI'TO ry tale of l2to,iM) firtt ni' rtga/o seven per cant r?.il dilate bonds a i tbo Fort Wayuo nod Sou mem Railroad Comtaay. Albert II. Nlcolay will rail, at public auction, on Tnnra day, March 22, l'.'<& at I.'), o 'clock, at tba Reronaate' Ki change. without res Tt tu tbe lii? t. e t btddar, he order of Fort Wayne audSi ii ern Railroad C m[any, 2W of their 1. r> t mcri^e^e sever par cant real eatata bonda Tbia railroad is t - o hundred and two and a half inilsa in lenatb, commando, at tort Wayne (Indiana) and eatensina aoutli to Louisville, ?>., crossing the Ohio river by manna of a tnnnel, and iu co n tt?.n with the llhiu aad Mississippi I Kaflroad forme a l< ?? between I.onievilis and Cincinnati, JO miles shorter than t >lno river. 1 he company nave laauad bonds to the amou- t of only, secured hy a ui'.rt (age apon their real relate deecrlbed la tcnadula No. 1, in ends of trueieea. Tbay are (l,UU? each, hearing Interest halt yearly, aad ara made payable June I, 1H0U. at the otfiae ft the Ohio I. lie insurance and Truat C .mpaay, la New Yore, ihe landa of the Brat mortgage, as caa'aiaad la schedule No I, wera appraised hy awora appraiser* at tho amonut of $SUO,tJOO, and upon tbta mortgage out two huudred aud forty bunds are or aaa ho laaoed. Tbi laada ot thia irrrtaafo are sltnated In tbo coontlee of Clark, Scott, Jennings, Decatur, Delaware, it lack ford aad Weils, being along the road aad within tae boanda of tbe State, and tba pricss filed upon thrm was in retemace to their caab value at timo ct appraisal, aad aot what they would be worth whoa possessed of all railroad facilities. These bonda are at any tims, at tbo option of (ho holder, el changeable fur tbe real latete mortgage, et such prices at may from tims to time be fiaed by Ins eompaay, but ia no rati leaa thaa four fttth of tbo appraiaed value This rail road baa. from Its earltsst commencement tu tbe preeent date, been proseeuted steadilr tr im the home means aad credit nt the company, and wltbont the sals of a singls; and it is tbe fired determination of the company to move ra pidly forward nntil the work is completed, and 'inlike in ist other railroad toads, the security of theae boads are of the moat undoubted character. Independent of the successful prosecution or tbs profiteble woraiag of ths rosd after Its completion, as the real eotale being eutirely uarn-'aabeee-i ie now tbe property of the company absolutely, and without the aU' eeesfnl completion of the road, or any other nondi tion whatever. For pamphlete and atatements of lull par ticulars of tbe condition of the company, apply to ALBERT II. MCOl.AY.Na 4 llroad street P. P ? The i'reeisetit of tbs Company , knowing the intrin sic valae ot Uicae bonda. and not wietiing the p itlis to rely npon hia atateineat wholly, solicited the arppemtmeut by me of some |<rao n in whom I bad the utmoat confi l-ne?, to go and esamme the mortcatc* record, lands, statiatiue, fac?, aad the condition of the road, whiab I did, and hia report u more favorable In every partiealar than I could have et pected from the statemsnt and eghibil of tbe Compsay. I Would, therefore, rerommend theae bvodstomy frienda, be lieving them to be entirely safe, and a moat deiirahle ae curity ss a profitabls and permanent laveatment. an I w <r tby of attention, sa the eale ia made by order of the Compa r J , and will be peremptory tu tbe hirheat bidd^ra AI.tlf.Hr U. NU OLA Y A I.DBRT H. NICOLA T, AUCTIONEER -sTOt KS AND XI. bonds at auction ? Recular sals ?Albert II .Nlcolay ?UI sell, this day, March 2 i, at 1 IJ? o'clock, at the Rer rhajiia' Eachaag*', by order ef the fori R'ayne snd Southern Kail road C'oaitany. |2W,0"1 of their 7 par cant real estat- lit mortgage bonds, )|M Is', IdCO; interest payabls lit June nnd 1st Derem b*r. H.WiO escli. F'-r i con a l of whom it may concern. <Sm La croaae and Milwauki- Kail r ad * per cent bonda, intercut payablo Ist January an>l lit July, from \.\4 to H.OtO; J.'.,'Mi<ieorgta State 7 per cent bonds, inte"at payable annually, on the let I eornary, sach , IJMaW t hirago and Aurora Railroad aacond mortgage 7 p?r -nt h< nd>, intereat let April and lat October, f I 'P?i eacn. t- "I Shelby County (Tenneaaec) t> per cent <>',ndi, inter- at t>a> a I le lat April and lat October, 91, Wiea'-b; $rt,K?Mire?t west 'Tu (Illinois) Hsilroad 10 p* r cent bonda, nt?r?it let Apr I and lit Octtlsr. tl <"J each; (I' - i*J0 lludaon Hit, r Kal'ros 1 third inortga?e 7 per ceat cosvertibU bonda, inter- ?t paya hie 1st Msy sn<l lat Ne?., ll.UWsneht 410 IMP Rook Klver Valley I'niua WiacoBalb Rallrond first mort?a<e 7 pec rsnt cnavertillo tonda, ialeraat payable Jan I and Jnlr I, fl, ??? l?m tbnres >?<ono Avenua RaUfvnd, 9I0>) each; 1?7 Ca a wiass, Williamet'ort Slid Erl- Hallroad, W Ihirl Ave nne Railroa t, fliS), Ifrl White a liaak oi llilfalo, 'bypath lateo.i ?|('J M Oriental Ha.cli. 1's) Farmers' and Cltl I'm Mask J Lona Inland 2& CoBtiasntnl Insurtn' (' intaiy, fl'"i. II flreenwicb lire Inanraaee Company tl'., 10 North Krvtr Hre It aoranco Company, It),# i'ars j Fire Insurance t ompany. $HI0. 12 KnWer?" Fire lu.orana | C' rnpnny. Ji Arctic Fire I-iauran. a f mpaay F<>. ? Mercaatila Fire lasurane* I oupeey, ff(l, ? i'? :Sc Rail Miamabif I ompany, f i.'<". ? Orvc :ra Stoam Sugar Rebn lit I ? ui|say, ili*i. tsa? Potouia- Copp<r ( ompnny, *l?; tialc'la ( 1 1 1 'r ( t.| an) , |l tbs nhove "Opptf ?tv^fcs s sold t> get: ? r, ? "?i iihio aad Miaol?a|p|.i Railr-isd, .*1 mt?e. 7 |ir vtltt boiids, II 'VJ, 10 hhse anu Leather ltai.k. I<> Rant <T tbs C imrdlllV'alth; tl ft\- Rsgnlwt r Meek, ?KM Tor fa of ?a.o- Tan per ? ?nt tK . ? lay . an I the balance lef?r? 2 oVl'.ck '? n-irrta Naa' regular >ale oa llead,y the Mtb. Al. FIERI II Nit ol. AY k Ida regular salsa of rtccki aad noada eveiy Roneay aad Thuredej, at tbe Nor ei.aate E?- baafe, and alto st<eciai aain whan required, T a ?lay Wedi dpo*> . art lay aai *at<,rday So aeeonttee taat ac| ?? Sd 1-SLl ' a'al'.?'.>.w,i , be iapli at'd ea may ' I ? ratios At ^teate ale, e great variety ef Arat Mae ra I I t' ad. ? ity aad Plata boM*. tank maaraece ant other | >!"? ke. oi undoubted share- ter f r Inteatioaat F r p >r I tknlara se* his pri< ate talet cataloyae )>A e No. IRread street, arat to ecraer ef Well Notits ?Ike ua Isri , Bed. in addition to hie m ti n and private sales of i > i.ntls-, toyi end ?' It en , n\ mission nil k n, rtt of atoeka aad h- adt at tbe Koerd of Kt'ikft, an ! t - ia leave to i tf>r hla tare), ee to i i- h ia?li-a at ptWTer to "I -rale u.ri agli that med. cm Advea ee in < Is <ip>,a ee , ri' sa leit for tele ol aa ssSsskisd ? here tor \ "t TION NOTICE- IAKOE HALt -CZCCIsUilt i ouisboM furattnre, rtch velvet earpe' s, large ? ? rr r ? < ? ii fall tings, niter ears, -llk>Kr T. LlRD.t, aee | tK n-er, wi't kail t<i marrew I Irldayi Mtt o'el-eek. ' the tnmilo-e In the ler/e three at<ry ho?#e 7? Fraeblie ! ttrcet. near fborth, 'o?>iating ef ? as costly rranl nstlwn i pisn'fortta. In r.ttve. 1. very sostly aad uearlr a-w eje^si carted rosewood parlor nit. la sane hro'sds, wiah gaey -ofas ausbisnt# cb?,rt. r?- kert, rtscwesd seetre, aide end j sard tables, book rs> k maskc and '-o*e?r standa. el-ian- ta ! (Sitry carpets, nearly nee ; large mirrort. XlaM; rich !.r* I rate, I' and lace surtaias, costly "tl p? anan ?ate,. si . i tea , end lialBii tables, 'elr .o n foreltere ot the bett kin I. vii ft acwei i end taahogaay bedsteede. bareSus aed weti.tiasdt; made n the bett manner, alee, iaa|le aed ether bedat-ed' | raae teat ebaire, two clegtat painted ? edro- ??, euits. '^dsiaa ? khetts, Sliloet, tlaabet'. feather bedt. l air u.a" ret.. . cue moa washatsiidt and crockery, tedrona serpets, leu gea, CI |aa vasts elegant et.lna Uateis, baa s-.lsiatewer- ee'le ry. rich slivefesre, anlvsrs, -ss'ert With b. avy aet bett e?, eske iasksts. ? j '-? r.s * rks, ri> h plated t. ? eer visa. Ad. The tale will coa.maade eith'he kltebea feredture <hiih -et 1 raeeea Isrrs snd des.rable esortm-nt ? t .>erit>.iera at tary f.'T houses eepang F'rsens abe ? gwiag ta b.e<e|>t| iac will do well to sttead ss ??ervtbiar ?lll be SuM cos letted in tbe kensa, aad wtlb?at tae .? a tt r- ier tetkvn we. ? I'T. A C aaa dspeelt referred fr .SS ail per ' eae-ra ACCTIOW NOTICE ?J BOOA ItT, AIiTIOnREB . By* BOO ART ? Frtdev at I9S ''slash, M Wte see tie* rveas, terser ef Irin'tt aad W-'nam ?' r?eti, toeee held feratdure. na aete rt ae. a I it natr a- I seceed bea4 ?an* leasssa aaa aikeaea I em awe esteaary, | ... ? aia, k balEa \r AUcrto*. 4 iUCTJok Norn k -m ? hmuic iiouHftugfi* t \ k ait ore ? >Am l'EL o,SC? h?1?, auetioftoer, ?vi1| ??11. t hianalearoom, fin N?? Han itn-t, t-> morrow, iTbur??taj\> ( Mtruit 21. at lUia u 'lock A. k i l*i.e :??<i *upen ?r ???? 1 1 ?*%>? < lion of hiuteboid ftruiiurv, ? ompr*?io? nt?bo *ny, r ?** * >?d | and Mack walnut b?iokt:aa? * : mar Me tup and plai. dren m,; bureai'.a, ru-?'w .??! ujarti'> top r r<\ ina'iogmv * tetea aod other aofaa and loiiiifrea, suits of *uperl?r wiii* enamelled chain om furniiute, n arbio top -eatrts tatlea, mahogany purl, r chaira, wantntu; itttbi ' i dialu* t* , bice, from tr.uf'Bt manufacture ? * ton th*: ?i'v; mtrtle t ?p waahatanda, bedateuda, ail painting*. ?d,{ iviug . unatneda lion back roaewoou parlor aoite, in riuh minion bvo?tti(||?{ | alao, a quantity of unefvl h?*i?bold furniture, beloar.itg ? <> I a /entleman leaving the city. Sal ' p*rompt< rv and toroa?U. | A: u I- amui - oon \ eer. will ?cll. at bin aaUnrowma, ?0 NiMilultr^t, ihii morning, 'Ihnrauayj at )0>g o'clock, by <%?tIo.ue, a >ope rlor collection of houa?hold rurnituro, o"inpi miug iuau?/? ny and oak tet? a tet<* and o'her aula?; roaewood. mahata ny and black walnut bookciaoa; rosewood, walnut and mahogany bureau-: roiewuud uiarl lu top etege*e, mar Mo top ana plain enamelled chamber unit#, loniij** and mi hojrany bedatasdi , mar' le top wanhatanda, b? l ' aU, mat tr* aeee, feather be da. blac k walnut and 0.1k oxteojion din- j iug triblen, of aun*Hor manufacture; malm ?ny and mm wood parlor and diuinir room obi r* and arutahaira, piaoo mar I. la top roaewood and mah 'pany ? ? i.f re and ?o!a taMee, ato?*a, klUbca utau-ila, dc. Kv-ry article will lo sold, and for caah only. \V( TIO.V PALE OF FANCY GOODS ?J. I VAN. I) F. WATER ail) aell, ou Friday, Mar. i?ft, at I t o clock at the i?alea room M Maiden lane, a larje and np'endi i ato.-k of fancy kooUp, cuniiiatlng of fine French china tetea "to acta, do. diun* r and tea ?ota, bruiua, ormul 1 md tuarhlo i lookawith ahad* m aud Ktan U, china vane*, . ol m n, card rocrivnr*; a!f? 11 ttna lino uf br? nir?, comlfn c 1 croup*, ti;;uro* alunetn, eandleaticka, eandoUbraa, ink standi, .t '? , Ac ; al*o, r?n invoico ut filter tdated war*?? 0 ikn ?>anketa, cantor*, oard la?k?t 1, ?poon?, forks, 11 ?lo-i.uan u'a-^aro, ) tat darantera in a??t??, tumbirra, win*- alar??a, va^o*, eo ; lo.n? *. &o., Ac.;aUo, a Un?t tin** ot Japau*o>? F.ooda, inlaid : wild p* r s . mob aa ?*rd lallsi, cabin"'", work boti , a rk tablea; aleO, a u a^vrtm* ul of l'liin?^o eorionitiea. Tfte { whole to be ioid without r?nr^. ACCTfOX NOTICK-A? SO. Z* MM 11 STREET, near 1'ompkm'i iiiuar* JOHKl'll 1 8)ilTII, aootion I eer, will #e!l this day, ?t 10K o'clock, at thi* laio raaideoco of K. I). Arm>tron>r, Ka?p, the furniture, ?xiuaiatiitK vf ruaawood, mahogany and Hack walnut parlor and bedroom furniture; one painted unit, rich ?<val mtrrora, cari?etm, oilolotha.'.l? top centru tablet*, bur> au?, waahatand- . Ac.: pln?h and hair cloth roi kcrn and other chaira, acta*, rich filling vaaoi, ailver waro, crockery, ^laaavi arc, kitchon ut?n*iN. Ac ; oil paint intra. Thin houne wan tnrniah* d now thta fall pant, and 14 in good ordt r, and worthy the attention ot houRak"?p?r<. Auction sale of an bi.f.oant country seat and 11 builduu lota, aituatcd in H eat Ilaron, West cheater county, couHetiu? ot apacionf dwelling houao known aa the (Urker place and ^ aere.i of laud. Houao apatNotia, coutainiuK Id roomn, ? uh nerenaary outOQildingH and orna mental card**u, fruit, Ac. Sale wtfl b?* per- m pto ry 011 'I uoa day, April .1, at tJoVl^ok, at the M*rrn*ntr fjjichaufte, un leaa | roTioQnly diapced ot at private naif. I- or term* and full partieui^xj apply to CUAKLES R. Mil 1 UK A CO., anctloneera. lPo llroauway AUCTION NOTICE.? UOOK8 OF ACCOUNT AT AUC tion -JnilN W SOMER1N DYKE, AucUoaeer, will ?*ll at aucuoa, oa the ZHth of March, at No. no Centre atreet, at lOTTcltck, under the direction of the aant^neo, all the booka and anoka ol a^couuta, four in number, eontaiainK the acronnta. clalma and demauda rvmaini.ik uncollected, which H. Mthooninaker aaai^and aad 1 rao-f?rr?d to hu aa atamo on the Jd day ol November. 1*>A Thta aale la made to cloae a tiuit. Auction notu e.-tiiohah bf.i.u auctioneer. Hy Hail A lluaii. Thiaday, at 10^, o'cloea, la '?ur nalo* ro?>ma, 'Z1 Centre atreet, will be aold, without reaervc, by ? r der ol aamgnea, aecond tale of dry ^ooda, nch ailka, aatina, vetve'a, t bimae wide ailka, ? ravata, I andkerchiefv, itocka. .No diaappoint ment, aa the aoo?|? ar ? now ia atore. Alao, ahow raaoa, and valuable jewelry, wateh??n, ?o (n l0< ? to ?nil. Our aaloa will atwaya bo aa noticed. Friday, lar o aale of furniture. Auction notice.-*. itoi.Aitr, auctioneer ? By H. HOtiAKT.- Mort#a?e *aU ? TMa day, at No. Id'J Duane ntr-iet, hotel furniture, nofaa, inaho^.my ohaira, ma hogany bodateaoa, bnreaua, hair mattreaaea, buak do., waah atanda, oflico chairt, hat atand, oftco dcak, eateamon dainf tabloa, refriatralor, Ac. A. NMBKf, Attoraey for Mortgagee. BY JOSEFH HEOF.MAN.? FRIDAY, MARCH '23, AT Hi A. II., at thocontral aalea rooma, corner ot Willon/hby aod l*earl attenta, Brooklyn, a general aaeortm?nt of houa? bold furniture? parlor auita tn aatm brooatello aad hair cloth, aofaa, lounaea, bedateada, chaira, bureaua, marhle top talden, hat atanda, eloeka. aecretary bookcaae. cottage and olher pianoa, velvet and Rrua#ela lapeatry and inirraln earpeta, aili l r ha, one K iriK'a patent aoll acting rfouoibent chair, aphndid pier xlaa?*a, Kngli*U doubla hare led gun, 1J new cooa f to ? en wltli u at urea, nomf letc; hntchera cart and hamcaa, a good norae, hvc canary hirda and eagca, Ac., Ac. By c a WATERBURY, AUCTIONEER -WE MAkK, Ihia dav, Thurauay March 22, oar regular weekly aa' * of Havana and (jerman aegara, ?la**a and brandiea. Thii aaio includea \cry choice aaitara, of hich cuat, adapied for hotel and private uxe; alno a larrc aaaortmant of wine* an J br^n diea? no better imported. City t.oyara, ala?? W ??% ?rn aod South' rn pnrchaaera, are requeeted to a' .and The aale comment e? ut 1U>, o'clock, at our atore, IV* Droau atreet, and ia withont reserve. DS IIOfGIl, AUCTIONEER -MORTGAGE SAI.E ? <bi? da> , I hurnday , ? 1 npl* o h 1 r - wi-mI f irm ire, ruhly eaaed, and fin* toned aevr u o? tav^ 1 ianolorte, valna Me nil paintlnya, costly < h na and aU??r ware, h?avy velvet and Jirutaeia carpetiuK. Ac., Ac., without re/ard to weather. ? Ihia (Thuradajr) m< rmng, at 10^ A.M., at M Warr>n atreet, comt'rUing the whole coatentn ol the houae, ci jniat , ut/ -.1 royal veWel floor aad ttair iftrpctlai, tapoetvy, Briu aela and iniraia do., but little worn; roe* wood parlor, diain/ and t o?!r*.om furniture, ?agllflag of alagaatlv unhoUieroa aoitea iu French brocade *atiu, marble ton centre tablea; alio, aoTa, nid' and lac.y do; alao, on" nplondid ro .a w<?od aeven octavo double action uian ?fcrte, warranted; I roaewood Louie XIV. eteaere, glaa* plated throughout; work tablea, lane) , ladl-a raceptlon ? haira, cacmt >irta, larao and aidendid pier giaaaea incoatly framen with tlab and brark eta, broeatelle and lace eurtaiaa, gold ahadei, valuable oH paiatiBga by aaihaoat artiata, latbia lalald ?1 kt( ? illy I china vaaoa; and biique and t*arian decorationa, harul <.?mo heavily carved oak aatenaiou table, table Knen, napkina, crockery, French china, ailver tea aervlcca, rake bank?ta, forkn, apoona, Ivory cutlery, cut glaaaware. liquor caaea, do fanUrt, viaai, oVaaapaKaai, a , waiters, mm ? f Nina ?? a ?? tn, alio, roeswood and oaahacauy I eaatea 1", r oee wrod and mahogany bureaua with marble tope, do. waah itanda, 01 rii'-r ami t<'W? 1 ttandi, ptlllMgM flaa CU IM half mattre?a**n, Manketa, coonterpanea, beda, Ivlntrrn arid pi 1 jlowa of fire live ?*oee f^athera, atone chin * toilat ?<nU. o*al and ??|uare Kilt frame mirrora, Ac. Sale poiitiv , rain or ahloo. DUNCAN A EII.SHmRTH. Alt flONIKKS A V D ml aatata brokara, uniar Hank of tha <umn nwaaltb. corner of I'iu" and Nuihii atraata, oOra No. 5. D A E will five tbair attantiun to Mlt ? uf (I ?1 ( Htll at tho IWkMM' Kltbar.ra; alao, to at tho r?aid-n.'?a ul tboao breaking ap liouaakoaplnn. Hoooaar'd iww of all du aoriptioaa, and maka tn?b uluatii .1 required. KI.US COHll.M, A UC1 ION EEK, WILL 1ELL, ON Thnradar . Narob at 220 ta?t I < I'toon' b airot', at II o'clock, toa laaao uf tha coal yard. 23 1 ?ud iti Kaat four trrntb atraat, aH yoara to ran; alio lb* laaaa of 2 brick dwalliuya, 237 and -91 Eoat Thir'oantb atr??'? M ycara to run. KLIAS COM lit. A action tar. 244 Uraad atroat Ijucene n auctioneer -uv i hank J lin A Nichola.? CoriuK furutturo auction aalea. Tho niharrihara will ()*? triair prraoaal attantiun to f rat tla,? ft.rnltura aalaa at aacfion ?l tha rtatAonoaa of famlllaa r r-a ? iny tip h< natktepit* or raaioala/; thay will alio 1 ??<i regular taiaa at th?ir aoetiun rooma, 79 Naaaa-i at r act, latwaan I ul ton and J . hn for tb? roaTaaiasra of tliiaa who m?y daairt t bia medium of aalt. Jjt U. A A ICON *11.1, ?EU, A T AfflK'S AI TIIK j. aalo?rooat <7 <i>m i atr*?t. at half pa ?. HI ?> claas, n Wtdacaday and llnra.tay, Slat aud 1 . a ni?r!{a(? aalo ot opwarda of 2.70 Sin (old and all?ar watrliaa, aotnt of which aro aary Ana. chrinora?t?ra, aad indtptn 1-nt ate .nda buntlna and o|?n fata patent l???ra of tha moat c?lat,ratad uaktra; alao an inaoloa of fob, rret and jnard mania, Iroackaa, aarrlaaa, jpild 1-a ? and pancila, A " l'.r?on> wiah it .- food watahaa lor tbalr own uaa will do w -1 1 to at t and tbia aalo, ai avary article it filly warranted, am will hi at. Id without re at rat for "nab ' ataloyu.a ar? aow ready. /ieox.e cook, ai i tionki.v? KiriNircnf, it a 1 anofortta and houackttpiay artirlaa. of aaarjr d?? rip auction, to m..rn, >, (|rtd?.?,i at l'l>? a'aloek, 1/ Sto*fr A Cook, at tbcir ?alt.aroam, .?*>? Ilr ,a lwkjr. oafn<-r of Duai a attaat. a laria aa> rtin'nt of a>w and ??cond baud forntturw. tonintinf In part of tUram pi-r ataaaat, with mar It alaba and l<ia<'lt>ta, Una oil Daintima, iu (lllfratn -; tplandid onamtllad cotta#a*. with ati<l witbout inarbl* 'opa; rcaawood and mahorany pari r f .ro, an auit< In broratalla and plnab; tnarbla top tantra, aid' and a^fa ta< lr?: iiaiMM ul atlM nMjr Mtai riwtiai ? iim ? ? lair- look ataa, muaig caMaata, 'tiatoto malt t?t nti-m dining tahlaa, maha .any aofaa, taUiMat, aprmx a'at tbaira, artntbaira, rockara roaawo d and mabo^aay bad ttaada, aottaia and ron,tnon da , marblo top and plain ba nana and aaahataada, la.r mattraa?aa. r.alliaaaaa, bait aud badainy, nAlto and oonntinfhoaat daaaa wartrobaa. At . alao an lavout of ?ilvar p'.at?d ?*ra. aaiiktin <1 -a-'or# ' ak' I aakata. labia ap^ona. forka, ladlaa. and ta ! alao. a liaa af rich datnratrd thlna war*, taa and vitl ? tata ?!.? : ?aa-a, t'ilat a-ta, mill clo< ka and MMaaiU ? kitrh-n furnituro, atoara, At. IMmioltr'aa, at 1.' o clock ('? talo?oaa ' a tb? ?? rua* ?l aal* /'Ed W. JENKINS, AUCTION ??-C EG IT. JEN \ J K INS will aall at anctioa, on Tbura -la, Marah Z! I tV,, ? n lb- prrmuaa N?. 30 4 amy a?ra?t, tbaa.ntan'a of tba llvary ><ablo baloafing to J>a>a (Quarry Tka at?tk < >n ? il'a of boraai, waa?na, alaifh rolaa, blankata, wSipa. bar r?aa. Aa , A a lbaathola will ba aal without raaaraatian ltr?.a taab, la .Ntw Vvrli n ear ? ala t? eoaiaaa^a at IU A M. 7 /? u BOBTOK. ACCTIONEER, WILL GIT* IIH flB I I a a- aal attantion to lb* aai? of boo ?? id tam ' itw, a'. luruiMMM of (aiaiiiaa hrwakiag ?p boiiWkaaptan or ra i io?iny. ka will alao baaa rw?nlar aalaa at ala aaat n fna U >iitk artaaa, A?o?at of (ala* pa I aaaa day a ?ala. /? 0 lloRTON, ALOTIONIE* 1TILI OIVl: Hl< " It ;?taoaal attantion f '.ho of b ?? a* far a uro at ? >.a raaidaar- at tamiliaa ' rtak'na a p if r a.oaiar. ba *111 ala* ha?? fafoiar aalt ? at ? I. ? , .a ? . ?. 1.1 *i?th ataaat A cat wa I tf aa ? pa. 4 ? aao.t ia> of ? ?l? Ala. , larallora ai r-d. r-n. -4 ;a k I, af a .tppad ly aaparwa'ad man, at ona boar a ?at :? / ' BCK'RKIBS, ?ALMON. ? I OARS. I'*C1? I t t I Ir iday. lank ZS, at 57 Day atraai, wtaaftf tiraaa wi'h, traadiaa, aiaaa, (la. wblak- ? toka -a. ? |art lafca, alat lary, ?a> taroal. aboil" i tnaoada, ai.-a. -a'? #? pi- klaa, bar iwara. ia?a, tbiMla. ko *aa aal f'.rti, faakoa a. uaaa, Wki^a, kari aa, rl .lr r aadtl a H A i AlTI M Atirtl ao^r HEMir T. l.rEI?" Afl TMXEtl - lE'.rML boaaab' Id faraitora, ptaoofor'*, "II i ? atiacl, Aa . I- iaj (to morrow, at l?', . I <k, at 1 ?10' it Waoiar atraai. Nrsn T I and* will aall aa ah.aa a'l tka fwranara ,ta t.?? la iba I, uao, toaaiatiM< f taf-Cry a-.d i%frata aarwAa, ?Ut fraaaa aifara. oil tan' ai , t a-w??4 [ aa* f r'a, a >oi?ri',r ii.atruir.Bl aad .0 ?rd-r. baaiM b**a o -*d Ivt a fow aa. at I ? r?a*nr? i 'a- r faro ? art *,n aaiita la I roa'b br<^-a'?lla do, d^ ma aaoy la tair talk; Ii tap ??atr'. ale and tofa ta !aa .'?/ a?t >*?? taiaa and torai-?a, t r?a?k abad' Attwra* raaai a ? aamtatl. ?aaartor raawwoad >ad mah-raoj <? 4at-*.(a do a, bi.raaaa aad waakatanda win wiar' a' ia ha 1 aaattr aaaa, pailataaa kodt ka III ay .hi ?/ rw at ora 'or*, tttaaai^a taint tall**. aofa?, aifiaf aaM tka r> ara da . rvakara, ii?>r platod wara of a iai??. r inal!1 > t ? a- ta.Vata ipaaat farva. ladlaa. At la ?Ml (laat aad aroakary wara, a larr fars.'ara. HE>HT B I.IID*, At (TI'lWSlR fSl'.srrA' aalt af a iawallar ? fa*t..ry r -r ? I W ? lad ? laa .tr?''a lltar; M lowdaA' a w II aail tt iloo ?a Irlaa, Marak ZS4, at II a'alaat A * , tka ma ,li" tj (??.?) f -?ttipiaa ha Tk'-aaaa A Ma?>bo?ttr It* i>m fa W/ arift aaat 'arty laada r iaim ' , >t-am |-.aar ?.th a., tka aa ?a* a ry a a?bia>ry aad 1 o'a. a larya ? t ' -a load at.:y fry tk? aaaofa* tara of far4aol4?r |a*.K aaaa a foo d ma a*'- Tb? aai i fa. t?ry la * ,-.- i r a. < ardor will a* aoid aa it la, ia wkola^-r la l*ta. tai-> ? t ' t<a?'M t*tat at lin* aad |la?a af aal*. hy ordor ?! ? ha aoalgpMb HeV* r M~ LEI Df. At rfi "> rrn ? t u ?' u35i A 1 o - f r day, Marak St at 1 a 'ok a a ,f. sa It f aaaan atr?at. aaalraa' a? - A ' fi "Aaat *1 iraa larwiwfW aaaafa -.ora ' y It f ?at*.-* )?r A ' a . 'oaalat oa *1 tat raaka. '.at! n ka wi ataaAd 'oda'tada, araditt w ik aaaa aaaa aa I tt?aa?4, 1 a I ' " w--?.?Maw ? p.'.toaat aaalra.a ataada t I*, aial Itvlata a>>t*inaa*a wata aoatk a 1 TW ak*t?a?' '< ark .u :.,.ko> ? aaawaaiat aad HMtl A i*Ta-. a *!/'?, aad tra 'tj l.r'Jkg ?: ilMWib B ILKS AT AC OTIOl UKNBYII LEKM. Al*CTS<?NEE? -V\ ?* If a REDS A Co., Wedn* day. Uareh 21 at n.i 1 *nt ujr. Std, at i>4 o civ* k, at the *aie? r 'om, i'i \n au i !*t. ijor II. ? ?. Vandoltiui'a large *alu ol a on Vtk*.i,up./b .^Vu goods, Jn?t received ff,m J'aly, e ?tin i 'aige aad laaa* j tiful rtruaoan. Il*h. ? u * yi .,f u ? , in h?'?? Hk*o: ?!?? ? of ? n di> ! ? i?n, and a lar#*? a*aoftni? n% ?. f.u.y n?? ?i? cmo mut,; j ai*? ao invoice of ???a"i r ?. * *'*to.ur gr ?, .?*.%, 1 % nova, danrti g firlr ? I"* p?ir?, J1 * *f?*he <*? x ? 1 Heretileg, Venn* 1 ? ?NH. fu?t? ,% %I* * Urge i< 1 .f freah goeda, Jo* t r- ???v. d f.oia l'?M, ? m u* v r o mMncts, ?Ofc?? u- ??4>* f?Wn?ti, H? iat,<;d m tit \ ? lock*, rr??t. |? , Ig* ?r? , n?"? ? * I '?k * fc*en* ? ?* ?J <4- \, and ota rtioM ?U ^ i *%*o witlio it -j ' t? I I . \ v^nrw.t t rt, AC? l*'ONKKK MTII.V? II. el ? tM? < iy ?. 4L e > I ?*., at- i?tor? ol Me< r ? ' #l? r Turn) ill v S'c )? a *i I, V . 1 *t t* 1 ,oaa* at . by or dtr ul th? Ui rti>? i ? ?ti, ni (*(r Mm? Jlreatiou *'J IS V?,t Cstl, NMf ? mi III-' -in -I l? A; JSUp.' ? <, l*tt#l i < ci .?rd, t w tie ? ,ii Uni", I.1 ?ni ' (e?'t |r ivilK, lUrvcy, Ne?*dhr.n?. tto.d .i 1 <i,t u 111 r*, No1 1 1 a en, Conn. Term* caab , city ft* iUU I 1 ? II N KXDM N(i Al CTfoNEFU, WILf* *EM, Til f H ; ?l day, Thursday, JIM lot ai 10 >? <l- k A. M at l,i *| ; llroadwav, one hor*e, t< r account of ?- \om U mar ? oucern. pl'IMr SALE.? W I I.I. HE MiLI>, OS Iffi usnw, 1 Macro at I o'clock, on the promt"*, ? farm ? f ilf'y krm, i 1 t h .5 townlaii I c? Haiti p*t<, I. 1., tUa ?<t K ihr d<ii?rov Tbirlv a#r?? *r?? Mllal.l at I r* ut aervg w?? !'??"..! ?iih dwelling b?M#> bun. ndwtl r invbail4* in#p, 'ofietbff vltb 1 , nan U?y or fruit 'r'-wx Sai4 f?rn? H? ? Ri'btu Weuty uillie ut New V?rk. b) the boti : l?lan>! Kali T??ai| to II* tniHklraO, Rttd two and a half i*i ll**? fr<> u II inp ut* ad. aid a fear uiitiitl^o' walk to tlo j*!ank r ad It-aJin^ I > H< ok aw ay, thrcu^li ? J ^?-f ?ati!?cok to J mak?. f?U? ludln ntiiable. 1 ? rum on the U y of #ale Aj'fdyt? Mr ^IIAKI.KH fllMO.NMUN, lit !-. 1 ..1 ? ? v?r?< 1 ii am iion \orif t in r \ h atkk m B1 tRoltoPiif O ftnl >pi u \ ? .. ire ?>? ot g.laM ano ? hina war- tuk< jda ?? 11 f*aturlay, Vir?h Jl, no a credit of its n.nnthii, ron prritt' ?>v?*r ji ka" * uf ihi< manuta< tnra 01 the J<-r?vv t'lly #lint til a?*> r m|uay: el?o very rlob oat French al.^ewR-e, I r?-n? h p r, tnlan ware, anu <arth*-n war?* ? ataluc.e* r aly < u Friday. The pe<?al att? n ?tame ol ? i*y f ur ha?rr* and tne trade r? in* rally la re?n<c?ted. VJHKIlirr .M 9AI.K IKlHiT, l?TII H\lt? II. AT 10 [ U A M No. to I'lne ulrert, twenty ite to thirty H**wln< j Madilnca, diflfr -iit ?ij?a, t?a?le hy l??k?r. <#r??v?r M i o. j .H ? II N U II. SI IN. Ue|xity ih?n t Th ahove rale I ' adjourned until Mouda). lvth Mareh, j 1KV>, at Iho KRin*- ldace m l hour JOHN H ILTON. Deimly Hh< rilT The above ? ale la further adj ?urncd until I hut ?day . ^Jn J ftfari'h, l^5%*?, caute loaev and hour JOHN H'II.*'?N, t^puty Hherlfl IIOK1ARTY. AtVTItlVEER Wil.l 1 oay, at ten o'elock, at 173 <*hathai.? atr *1, a lar?c aud eiiftrnl aeaertmevit of furnlturi' fr ?m l-?n.iUe* lnav'n< tli? ? Ity the ale will comm ute on the atre^t, alio t?u < h jta of ?- . rpUMS MIIBRKI L, A I'CTION KKIt? Horslk EKPKRH' I J eban? ? ? Thle m? rttni^, (Th ridarj ltM.a o' j|o? k . at hj Naaaau ?tre? t, rh h Rod plain * rntturr auit* for parlor, eov* red in FreneU ia>tn I, tahlea v?? match, ma'.o, any and oal> eatte?lon taM#a and ehcura. S j? n-l I -l enamal leu ftirniturr. Ilt.ary l^ookraaea, aofaa, ? hair*, tet? a tete, ca*y and rocking t halra, t -ntre, rard and aofa lablna; hair mattreaa a, Ac , rlrh hed^t^adn, dresalnc tiurenni and ea?h ktanda. Alao, two ??itralrcen oed pianoforte#, of ?umlclte to# <s tmly prtara in the way of valuable inat roinenta; alao, nd band mahogany , alao, l ieneli *hiua, cutlery, oil palutinxa. mirror*, Havana te^ar*. aold and plated Jaaalry, ? hina and l ?u? y arti< |??, ceuatieghcueo d??k?, aad ir n bai-k aofaa. Not half ran ha nannl. Kxtmlnr tb? rata logne, now r?a<iv, at auction room. Alao, additional arti ? laa, art double l.arneM gold wat< hen and Jewalry, 10 *? t ? hua tea ?< ta, Jkc. Mint fro thta taornluK. \IT ?. MKLH'K. AI <;T|i?N1.1;K-BV IIoI'MIToN 1 " ? M' ll? r ? tbla day, at 101^ v'i'look. at tho two apaeioai aile" room*, >0. 11. 'I N'attau at'^et? Uraf spring trade aaie of ra' met furniture? being a larpe smount <?n wbh b ?? have made ad vancrg diiriua winter, nnd noe to be eo| 1 by agre* in ant of partiea. Said at ?k amount* to ov?*r W e inviti the trade and partle? about r* fornlahing to flew the a n l? !ea prevlona to aale, with egtalo^aa, and M,ay cau re?t aatond that ??ary If)' will I.# abaolnt* ly ?old . altogether tnrintnr the larre't aaaortmant and n? hoot roll. < t'on that ha* b**D offrrrd at auitien thta aprmr CirVld roaowood ftarlor, drawing room, dining room, library and chamber i.rnitnre ol 1 iod**i n md antiqne atylea; hfte- n roeeaood t*grfor anlteR, eovar?*d in antin broeatelln, piu-h and hair flcth, If) roaewood rvntre tatd?a, 7 ? ?ete a tatot and aofaa, 20 ?**t*-u?i. u dining tahlea, rirhly tlntahrd, 14 ivet long; IAD marhle top bur nun do; rtegrrea, mirrora '*oorp and bnoka. ri' hly ranred b?iafat? in roe**wood, mah? ^any. oat and walnut, oak library thalra, rreat variety, libra -r and aeere tary htokr-aaea, At'.; I?r? roeewood be<i?i?>ada, hurea 1a and waahrtanda to matefei, I'll io hly d??erated aad enataall' I rhan ??? r *uita cottage furniture, aomu of w hirb '-o?t 1 1 man ufactuitj nfty >-a?y and teltaire c Kair , A) doren a; r In/ a?at parlor oha.ra, "I different rtyl?a, l'?a. fa bodateada, rich ward rob '.a, in roeewood, i.*ahoaauy and \ralnut; - ? plain bookeaaea; a-e?ral aeta quartette table-, roverod efag?r?, twraty marble top lan?y, pier, a?a?- and ard table*- lif mahoganjf and walnut t-Miad offiie ta1 l?a It would b? 11.1 por iihlr to rnuRn r?t? ah the anicl? a cmtalucd in tUia aale, and i ar or ly b" appreciated by eiaunnation l.'atalo/uig taan*'d oo? day t'reaioua to aale. Alao, ?.'? hue Konth Ameri can hora* hair matrraRH*, tmlliaaaea. Ac. 1 1 e aal? will c 'in metre with the medium claRH furniture In thi upper aalea roou , tirat flcor will bo devnted ? *< lual?ely to *da/aat fur nit^re and rich arti? l< ? iiooda < an be pt*Vf-d for ?hip|>ing Ml ?hapr*mtaea at a reaaonaole ? harge. At 1 2 o ? |o?? ?ev? ral RtitM-rior toned roaewotd t''4 and 1 oftaeo nl^uof irtea. New \'rkand Uoatoa 1 takera, one ot a hkb c*eal |>'aa>, made l y Win. I.iudeman k Son, fully warranted. A lac. an invoice cf thick French plate i i? r and oval m?rr<>re m ri hly orna ment* d Irama#, ??neral cholre oil paint Ii.**, ??arr*^iff?. A* Alao, an invoice cf rl? h alivrr fdat?d t?a aeta, plat?d, eaa t^rn. katvta and ftrka, fpoona, Ac. Alao, an Invoice of thick Irench plate, pier and oval mirror*, new pattern*, I renv h china dinnei ?i,a t* a Rati. WS. MIl.UiR, AUCTION F.F.SK.-HY HOt;<;HTOH A ? I1F.I.LOH To ifiurr?w, ( I ridavj mortgage ?al< of houaebeld lurnlture. at 10)- o'aloek, at houae No. 7*1 Croat y atraet, n- ar Spring, cunaiating of vilaat tap?i*try and tbr*e ply eari^ie. oilcloth, rkbly carved roeew?? 1 parlor aolt, covered in pluab; r aewood centre tabl^a, t ?> Fr?-oih plate mlrrera, niarble alab and hvacketa, brocatelle and la*? * l window curtaina, rkhly dt-roraled china vaeea, broax* . mantel f lock, acv ral elegant bodateada, ? 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A? John B l'*r -a, t on?t?l l? AJuM. *t 12 o < la?||. 17?? dot* a ? II k and 1 ockiam uni*h?d aad unf<niabed Iponaot frame*, faabioaa! la atyla*. 7 Jft do* >erda willcw, for l'>n*at Iran "a; elotb, ca*hmer* an i tweoo oterc'^ata, boy * ja keie4 velvrt ve*t *, *nmm*r veata, w? at *iimner ? oat*. Ac Ac \IMI.!.I\1I Ut'lloNT, AlCllOVfclt > ? I - - 1 ? ? tot thi? N?fji Yard, llr >"klyn, l?y ?H?r ?l %*ut V??y Aaaat, ?!*. flaaf, i? rk, l!??ur rira, lr*aJ, aa?ar, Ut, hutl?r U a n ? . uiolaaa*.*, wbiakry, drWd a put* a, ui< al*?, imi om ai. iUo, I ilia dolb f-a%, l*"t.k*y in4 roaad JfctWM, tr -w??r?, bh? II an at I ov?r ftiMt urtdT ?' ? *r??i drawer ?illi bandlar ? Mafi, matt r<?*a*. ?)< ?a, > ?'-?( , Ac . ???(! tlaMr aad wood, tha rlba af I k<? fri|r*?>" ?-atmt? Tr?? % c ^l? <a ' ? ;?a?d fur and r? 4 una ?d lata ly altar ' h. ?*}?, TlTIM.IAIf II ? RAN Kl ! If. Al CTlONMlH TUHDAV ?? 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A It r*- 1 ETTA HI I. I'ROT EST A N'T (illtl WIKUIS ? Xl 11 ii iM'a antra ami thaotixrmald Good 1 ih ra'-rtii'i i iain I laaa. rail far two day a, aid Allaalla I i<ii liri'i klya Arkm e< taih e v??i n<i woman MUM to ob . lata a illualloii ailii a iirtaata "ataily afcna afea caa l.llra alrady ('lata, la 1 t? (tri<<t for I ha l?il B?a >aara ka mi plica; caa calk II bit ??il la a nrat ra I - wiaiar aa4 iMirr, aiail ran il? bouarwurV luri a? aril I'laaaa aall far t?.. lallll ISIiMfik aliart.ap iiain, atciail i?or, lark A CEKNAX WOMAN, rillHI'V YKAKi OLD, WHO J\ I hi llaril llic laal ri?M jia/a in Rua>ia, and aM'ratiadi 'i ?? nn 1 laary fofliah an. I tirnrh aad nrarjr kia.l af aaadla I. rk. aid if a rood f?uk. aalli I tltinlai a- koaaakaapar or I1.1I1. ? mii.i No to (a la iba eaaatrjr ar tra vrlaiywhtra ApfilJ In \ I ?n<? alldrr aad frama aiakar. ;i*. W 1. 1. am alraaf, rnrnar "f 1 rink fart A (iKKMAN VOr\tl I.AIir, wr p.l.l. KUITATRII. ,\ M libra 10 allaln a allualiaa in a raapaclakla Anaarlrai, laallj II. laka rar.' of una or tail . blldraa, aba ,? villlif i? i.n t. ibrci ll a i.rrmaa laniuir-, ai.d 11 raqalrad. Praarb, I'mbK'ld r), an.1 all kli'da of fatirjr airdlawork llaalafaitjr rcfrraorai rai ba pitta. Pluaa iddraaa rradrraki Praa 1. In, iVI Walkrr alrrrl. A ? fcl.l, RllLTATPIl I ttr.M II I.AIIY W I *11 R.I Ti? il i n^??r baraalf ua lad) a aaBpiaiaa. In anaia raapaata 111 family, or to laacli thr Prrorb laaraara to bll Iraa, ao ol'jtr' 1*1 la Irital; laat of rufarraar ?l>?n, an agrinkla bi'Mia la prrfrrrrd la 1 bl|h lalarr. liana addraaa A. V w>? i,i?aro?t oi??. a mnKTAMi ii rk v a n aiMU Rft ar ? mo sup i\ Urlaillp Iba Ra<IUb lairuw*. aanl* a iliaallaa In do plaia laaiux, aad r#< uaiatni* lirraalf an a r adaaaa; would l a aall liipan 1 to laka ? ara af tba ? Uldraa af a faabi l> ?"i"* to Cllilorala. (.'all at W HawaH itiaat, Biptb'l Ai.IKI. It IMIK' A -ITI ATI'IN Til DO laRNRRAI. buiia. anrk. la a pood waahar aa I lfo|rr; ra* pat |u?4 aU| nlaiain; baa ao ublatttaa t.- po to tba <aan rj. 1 an I a ai-rn for two daya. 11' a<- i ill at P 7 Wait Thirty lataad itraat, ? toad floor, blck room A WIDOW. AN AMRRICAN, Wirnntr PNCCM 1 V ! HM ul inldilla art. (I uid lika M obtain a altaaik-.a aa bi.oarkaapar halltfail. 1 1 rafaraaata ?|aau Addrtaa H'hHa, Iln adoar 1'oal lilfl ?, atatlni wbaa lad wt ra la la tartlt* map i>a bad A YOI'NO CIRI. WIKIIl.s A MTt/ATION kS Nl'RSR J\ aii.l <? amalraaa or < l am' rriailil aad wait- r Hal II tad llirai. traralnliir laat |ilar? and raa pira lb. baat of ra I'lraat rail at !ll rirai itria? and fklrtaaitb ?Ira. t nrat H r.r ? III ba a>< n tbla day nal) Ai.akv, gi' to teach lmiiiiu. I ram li, 'Iraa lot. |iaiatlop. and otbar araainaatal I raai bar, d* ilr* ? aiiioall' n la a arliiol orfaatil). or aba aauld oprn a a, 1, . I lor )<"in? lldtaa In aap fltjr -t atlla^ II' I r?t. r- a< ta ?im a Addrtaa Mlaa ('lira I. imltk, Wbl' lip, Vt. A HON N El WANTED, AT K T LUKRK, ry in I roract alora, l'l Pnltoa atrtat, ilraaklri tut I rrni b ) ounK lldp. of r""d laatt to trim and aaatat il arlllap alaollt. or aia a| |.r?ull' aa to laarn tba aitlllaarp. AVOf.N0 Vt o M AN ? ANTH A 8ITCATION A<t(||AM Ita-r inald aad aa.lar, i.r to tak ? rara of rblld.aa llat ao ol 1<< linn to pi. a (borl dlti aa. a u> tba roaatrp. ? aa ba aaaa lortbrra dll" al i'l ttaal Taaaly Bflh airaal, bat aaaa b 1Kb t li andSii'll. atiouaa. I a a 1'rubtatiil ao I Baa poad r ' f. ran. ?. A KRM'I.CTAB1.E VOI NO WOMAN WI-IIKS A a V tiiuailoB lo iravtl alib a lad* or family l? raltfarail. alllmaat alf p. n rally iiaaful; la wall aiaanaaaad la IraitViar, b|a no ? l.jatlloaa to lira wltb I ha raaailp a. aaa lima, u a tnl rata a a brr aad traaar, aad llkawiaa a n. ok I aa rira tba baal r Irraaea fr.oib<r | r a at aitaa 0 n Alio, baat ally rtfrrmca. Afply al M I liatoa pliaa, lap tb raa dipt AN P.N0I.INI1 (illtl, tt If IIP. s A SITUATION TO DO rntral baua*w?rk Art'1) >1 II* ?pri?? ?'rati A NURSE ANI) M.AMSTHESK W ANTBO? RNOLISB or >rntib; moal bata poad ral?r?a"a?. A | |>>y aa?at aiatrly to Mrt I, raa. at Toyaitt'a llovl, aapaar at Mtit*<aa and I ourt itratt-. brn'.klyn \siti'aiion WASiru by a vp.kv hi -rn ta l'rut? aiant.nlrl. aa a iraa and aaaa,atr*at ilwd 1 lip n lartira. Alao, l> > rraporlakl (III, lo do afeaaibar a rV aad la at a mat! ? <? I alty wawxi ? , ??? '1 aM at il* I irtaraib #lr? baiwaaa at-i.aat A aad li ( aa i a aran for tw<. dija A M AT AMI TIJlV < i 1 Hi., Wltll PIIMT **TK RK i maadatlofta, lUlitiHMtMU 4* bII.h ??t ii (. ??l ia? ami tr-inlit* rktaWrwrt, ?t RHa la ttrj k 1*4 l? aalall4ift-* ? ?*?f, ?-k afrai4 u *?rh ? *11 fi>r <??? <!*)?, It tha flW tflM, Ea?ktk a.aa*a, a?*r tint) aittk Mli?< \iiii m; wdm a n m mir..- a nut atios nr tile iui.hi Ii. ft |.ii?rftl* f?u.ilj. ?? NiwIriN, aa4*r*tfta u i ulnar a a. a Him.* au.i ftU k,a.4a -t (tall / h>ul it< ?n |li? |>Mnl>r>>>? frv? ilw Ia4r iwi ? rkJ fair. i aa. t* mr l*? 4'X* Plaaa* till. "f *44ra** M I , 1 1 113 I ??ink atrial, lllartl hill *l>lk ????>??, !? f B?.r I ft- k ruvftk Aflll A T I < > S HASTED lir 4 KEM'Ri lAMI K . ja ft a* ft' rnfti, ?? laua.4raaa, I.ft4?itiu4< l?mh l(Uft| *? ii j lalalj ; u a?U4 4ti aliaaaiWftura ft" 4 >1111(1 N* ak Jt.lf- ?> 1 11 ia< II -? lk? Uil al til; nlirnM Ay r t f ft 1 1^7 W'H S ii.. t*?ftl l? tlr M, lir?M? v>>aik u4 ? uhlk ?>????? f'ftft I* tf?n fur t*u tkfty a . A \ I IN1EM.ll.KM I.I HI. W4.SM t ft| rt'A J\ I -aa *? M| .iU>M4 M??ilr?ii ??? 4 i ti.HaaUfti ft* 4 < Iil4y?ft f 'l< ?t.i ?< milt), a 6*14 ?!'. Hah' ala?aa' .rk, ?t ft .IIMni, ?ftl. It'll atai4aaa If rf|*tra4, <l|Hinft i? i|i>iliit| 11 1 I'ruiu'wi I'ftll, ara44r*** >HhI< I II . ."I 1?tl) ftlftlk llfMI, ft. 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