Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1855 Page 6
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uninuuRTi iMiwn itikt bat. OONTXXUED FROM FIFTH PAOE. WAKTS. A gentleman, of MAT(JR? years, who has travailed abroad, and converaant with the Preach laa guage, design* viaiting Pari* to atwnd tha Grand Expo*iti*n d'laduttri* et de* Art* de*to?t?* Nation*. A partla earree would b. deairable, or evea a lei* number, with thia and eor responding object* la view. The advertiser would undertake the eurvrfllanoe of a youaf person who might be inclined to ?ueh an excuraion. Reference given and required. inquire at 88 Braver (treet, af Mr. F. W Whittelaey A WIDOWER WANTS AN ECONOMICAL AND HON cat Protectant woman, to do the general housework of a amall family of three or (oar, who will be willing an' obliging. Ue is not partiouiar as to age, but isjv*ry parties laitaa to cleanliness of hereelf and about the house; he it used to having a neat and clean houaa, ahirta and victuaii. On* that can oomply with the above, and ha* reference*, can find a good place by calling at 274 South flrat (trout, Brook lyn, late WUliam*burg. A YOUNG MAN, 17 YEARS OF AGE, DESIRES A aituation aa shipping clerk in aome wholesale atore; can bring good referenoe a* to hoaeity, Ao. Addrea* Kamel, Jlsrald office. A YOUNG MAN MHO SPEAKS ENGLISH, FRENCH Jfv and Gorman, and write a good hand, wishes a aituation a* porter. Can give good city reference from hi* present om ploy or. Addreia box 3,1'J3 1 oat Office. A YOUNG FREMHMA.N WISHES TO JOIN 11IM ?elf with an Amurieau, or any other person, who would give Engliah lessoni in exchange for thoac in the F ranch lau tuage, every eveuin^ from 7 to 8 o'clock. Addrea* E. C., lerald office. A TUTOR WANTED? BY A LADY WHO WISHES TO prepare her soil* for celleg* at home; ho rauat be a Pro teatant and apeak the Vr-'ueh language fluently, and com petent to leach muaic an well as tha ciawics. Addrcaa. WHh reference* nnd proper name*, T. B. R., box ICS. Herald office. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, AS J\. chambermaid and waiter, or nurse and scams! reas; ia a neat aewer. can cut and fit children'* dresses lias good reference. Can be aeen :or two day*, at 23.: Seventh avenue, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth ttreota. A8ITLATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young man, aa barkeeper, and can carve and take charge of a reataurant, and can give the beat ot reference aa to hon eaty and sobriety: ban lived with hia last employer nine years, ia a temperate man. Apply at lli Chamber* atreet I?IST SERVANTS FOR HOTELS, BOARDING ) houao*, and private families? aa good Iriah, German, nglixh and Scotoh cook*, pantry nnd waiting girla, oham bermaida, nur*ea, girl* tor general heuaework, oan alway* be obtained, in the greateat ehoice, at MORRIS A COII NERT'S, 287 Broadway, oorncr^Keade atreet. Also Proteitant ?aie and female help, In tbi* or in tho braneh office, 102 Graenwich atreet. BOOKKEEPINO.-WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN (American) a aituation aa bookkeeper in a wholeial* atore, commission or insurance office, or as assistant book keeper in a shipping and commimion houao; has had expe rience. and can tumish aatiafaetory reterencea aa regard* character, Ac. Please addre** K. Warren, Herald offloe. BOT WANTED-ABOUT 18 YEARS OF AGE AMERl can, active, intelligent, good at figures and penman ship. One who*e parent* reside in the city preferred. Ad dreaa, in own hand writing, with references, D. Q., Herald oflea. COMPANION AND HOUSEKEEPER-A LADY IS deairous to obtain a situation for a friend, well connect ed, educated, and ladylike, and oan be reeomuondad aacon aeieatiou* in the aupenutendnnce of the domaatic duties, and in the care of children (under twelve year* of age), and their education if required. No objection to go to tho country or to the South, Address J. U. J., box 48 Broadway Pest Offiea. COOES. NURSES, CHAMBERMAIDS. WAITERS, Ao., provided for respectable families, in city or country. Plea** apply at CO East Fourteenth atreet Union square. V. B.-Servanta aeeking aituation* at tbi* office must have goad city referenoos. J. O. OALLAQHER, Agent. CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS, C14 Sixth avenue, eorner of Thirty-sixth street. Housv keepers, governesses; also, servants In every capaeity sup plied from this institution. Fifty good aervants wanted. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG man 28 yeara of age, who ia willing to take charge of a vegetable garden; good city retercnoe prodnced: has no ob jection to gi in the country. Can be seen for three days, if not engaged, in tho rear ot 111 Eldridge atreet, second floor. COACHMAN WANTED.? A SITUATION AS COACH man wanted, by a young man, who thoroughly under stands bis business; has lived for a number ol years, with aome of the most respectable familiea in tbis city, from whom be oan produce the best of referenoe. Address J. II., or oall for two days, at D. Campbel's, saddler, 80 Fourth avenue, opposits tho New York Bible House. Drug clerk wanted ? wanted, a competent drug olerk. Apply at 431W Grand atreet. DR. J. X. CHABERT. Dry goods? wanted, cood retail city hands. J. M. Lyons, 190 Bowery. Employers-situations are wantei* for I over one niindred experienced well reeommended Pro teitant and Catholic servants, ot different nation a, anil for avery domestic station, the very beat and moat reapeetable class the oity affords, suitable for private families, hotels and boarding honsea; many of these servants prefer the country; understand milking, management of butter, and will take moderate wages. To be seen at MANNINU'S Agency, 10 Tillary street, near Fulton street. Brooklyn. Reieren:ea given, by pcrmiasion, to families or the highest distinction, under whose patronage this agency is perma nently established for the last seven years. French teacher-a gentleman of educa tlon from France, would like to toaob the French lan guage to some family who would give him a home ia compen aation for his aerviee*. or he would be willing to tnke charge of a class, either in aoine inatttution or family. Refers to C & Livtrmore. Enq , 44 Exchange place; and N. Sullivan, fy IRL WANTED-TO 00 A SHORT DISTANCE IN NEW \J Jersey; the mu*t be American or Protestant, and able and willing to make herself generally useful, in a very amall and quiet family, w!<eru ah* would sc treated a* a member, if intelligent and tidy. Addre** D. F. Van Liew. 1,110 Broadway. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION,? AW AMERICAN lady wish** to engaae a* hon**keeper in some reapeeta ble family; i* fully competent to take charge of the aame. Reference given and required. Addrea* Mr*. E. , 2/7 Sullivan ?treat. TK A PRIVATE FAMII.Y? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 1 (irl wants a lituktioD to take car? of children and do plain aewlag or ohamlorwork, or tha wurk of * small flatty; ia very foad ot children, anl willing to make her aeU generally ueeful. Has *ood elty reference. l'lease call at &J Fourth tveiue. C'u be seen lor two dayi. No ojoe t? ft ia the eoantry. M N?S SA?THb tIR?INIA; ~ l!4 Wln Brown, 4,3 Broadway b*?"e?a 9 aad res "of ? Tak,j care or an ivfavt eoraar of *t. Mark . pUo*** AppI' M Snoond'Jeti,* NEW YORK MOURNING STORE, 477 BROADWAY. Wanted. a lady to auperiutcnd t!.e mantilla depart ment. Noni< need applv but those well -maUtlet Alto, ?ewiog girls wanted. M.MYERS. SITUATION WANTED? 1Y A RF> PECTAbl,B YOUNG lady, epeaking Englith, French, Utriuaa and Italian, ai aaleawoman, or companion to a la Jy . Beat reference cau be -given. Pleaie call at Mre. Civatte'r, No. tit White street. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN', AS cook, waeher and ironcr; pood city reference can he produced Apply at lit) Seventh atouue, oorner of Eigh teenth etreet Can be eeon for two day?. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RE-U'ECTABI.E younc women, eiatera; ouo as a good and ironer, and to do general housework ; the other to do up atairi work, and would do general housework in a small private family. Good city ref-r> ace iriven Apply at ISO Cart U atreet, Brooklyn, near Myrtle avenue. Tney bare lived four years in their lait placet. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS chambermaid and laundreaa; haf no objection to dn the rooking, waebing and IrouinK, in a email private family. Good city reference xivnn. Apply at 134 Twelfth street, be tween the I mu and Sixth avenuoi. Can be eeenfortwo <l?Ji SITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS laundress in a private family. (Jood city reference liven. Apply at 1?? Twellth street, between Fifth and Sixth ave nuee. Can l>e eocn for two day*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN. WHO UAS lived in the beat of families; understands all kin ia of cooking, pastry, and ji-Uioa of all deerrlptloaa. Cau give the beat of nty reference, t an he seen for two day* at 310 Mott ?traet, etcoad dour from Uleeckcr. No o jjeotiou to a private hoarding home . SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND w alter, or la fully competent to take charge of children, by a neat, tidy, rwpectatla girl Cau give the beat of raft renoe from her last place. 1'leaae call at IM East Twenty it rat etieet. flret floor, back ro.'tn, for two Jays. No objection to go iu tl.e country. SITUATION WANTf.D? liY A TOUNQ WOMAN, AS laundreee, and undcratanda Fr nch flutinz; has no ob jection to aaaisl in the ehamberwork. Uond city refrrenoe piveu Apply at 110 Twenty -second street, in the rear build tag for two daye. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS O chambermaid and waiter (>ood oity rt ference given. Applv at 110 Twenty second street, In the rear bnilding, for two days SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS eook. Good city reference given. Apply at 110 Twen ty eecono etreet, in the tier buil Hug, for two aaya SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN WHO IS A good cook. Apply at II brevoart ple-e. Tenth etreet. SITUATION WANTF.Ii-A -1TUATION Ai BOUSE keeper. The bs?t of retenaee ai?en as to o'tam-'ter and . capability. Or to any voiin, -narnf. ? >uple, . arw deai rona to have a home, they oaa have the u-e of ferniture a | compensation for the beard ot a w.l >w lady, ly applying a No 2 South tilth atrcet. Wllliauisbur. SITUATION WANTED? HY A RESl'El TAII1.E MAN aa waiter In a private family; <ne wh - un I rstaads hi kutlaose perfectly well t an Pjodo e tl.e t. at of city referoncee None bnt reat'e-) fable famlllee need apply Addraaa O. T., If? Sixth aventie _______ SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR TWO MOST REJECT able Protectant girle our t t horou^h rood conk, ala> a flret rate lanndreet ; the otli r aa rb.imh< rmai I; alae, a neat tidy EngUak girl, aa nnrse and seamstreet, or ahamh< rmald. Iiae no oMietinn to dn ho i-ework; nn?x. 'P"i"aahle reference, at IIF.NHKRMtN'S Ofler No o l o irt street, Brooklyn. ?n-^TION WA NT K : m \ F !> I I ? TABLR YOUNO woman, aa conk, and who ie very cot peten: to assist ia ' waahiag aad Ironing; the If of the heil "harae'er, havlag lived for several years in her la, place, ,.n l ?an give the beetofelty roforvne. In-imr at HM Firlh atrc t, betareon avtanee C aad D, third floor, hack ro?a SrrUATlON WANTED? BY A Vof N'G WtlMAN.^AS And tronrr, an?!to<l" b ti#<work; ?o ? phort .l.Mtanr*? in ttm p-?nntry. G<vm! _I7. *' ,APP'y ?' Mnlberry street, ia the fiMr, top ( in l? o?q fof tw o d*yi, SITt/'ATION WANTED? BY \ PRO TK.* TA.NT YOUNG a ?,V ? v7 * weald de ekaaoerwnrk #?<??* WrtHi and irnaiaa < aa *aaa for two day* at 3M f>*T?ath a* ? am, avar 1 hirti nrst street OITTATIONS SPEEDILY PROCrF r. AT MANNING'S P o?ee. Ne. ri B<.wery, '-r iverv deee. ptt^i ,f m pacta hie Bale and female help, aad of all aatieae, vti -laxliah Iriah, leeteh. fieast. Oermaa. and ool->rr I. N r ? |a' WAITB. OH CATION AS WAITER WANTED? Bf A YOUNG kJ girl who ha* the but of reeominendatioa to give. In quire ?? 7*0 Broadway, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M., for two day*. r LADIES.? A DRESSMAKER AND MILLINER wishos the work of a few families; ah* would take children's or plain work; the will be found competent and attentive to all who may iavor her with order*. Addr?M E. 3., ?6 Second avenue, lecond floor, front room. UN JELNF. HOMME (PROTESTANT) FRANQAIS, DE aire trouver une place pour aller en Europe avec ub* tauiillc on avec un monsieur, oupour reater dana la Till* ou a la campagne; saohant parler 1 ran^ais, Allemaad et peat ee fairi- coniprendre en Anglais; eonuait fort bien le service, av 3 nt aerri dan* del hotels d? la Franca, do l'AUsmagno et d* la Suisse. S'adresser au No, 266 Tenth avenue, entre la Twenty ?eventh et Twenty eighth atreet*. WHAKTID-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, twenty year* of age, a situation a* chambermaid and waiter. Good city references givun from h*r late em ployer*. Can bo eeeu at 2K7 Soheruierhorn atreet, Urooklya. WANTED? IN A PRIVATS FAMILY, RESIDINO for the anmmer in the country, about three honra by railroad from the eity, a good cook, who perteotly under stands her buaineaa, and can make good bread, aoupi and pastry; alao, a' good laundress; alio, a goodtwaitre**, to as ?iat in cbamberwork. None but Protoitants, with good re commendations, need apply. Apply at parlor 220 New York lintel, before 11 o'clock A. M ., or atUr 7 o'clock P. M. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN YOUNG woman, a situation as aeainatresa; understands cot ting and fitting children's clothea, nnd is a very neat aewer. Can be aeen for two days at 171 Seventeenth street, near Eighth avenue. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN w ishes a aituation as wet nurse, in a >e*psotable fa mily ; has no objection to go a short diatanue in the oountry. Inquire at IJH; Canal atreet, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do the houaework of a small family ; the b?st of city reference given. Can be seen at 133 Seventh avenue, between Ninetei Btb and Twentieth streets, third floor, front room, for two days. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN LATELY FROM Sootland, a place to do plain sowing and to take oare of chiidron, cr as chambermaid and to do flno washing rnd ironing; has got no friend* in the city. Wonld go to travel with a family. Address, for two days, C. G. Broadway Post Oflloe. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant woman, a* waaher and ironer iu a boarding houa* or hotel. The beat of reference* can be given. Can be Men at 164 Ninth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. WANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS CHAMBER maid and laundres*. The beat of References required. Apply at 11 Madison square, north aide. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A aituation aa obambermaid or nurse und seamstreaa; U a good waaher and ironer; no objections to the oountry. Please call at 236 West Sixteenth atreet, in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, aa chambermaid and waaher; would have no objection to do general housework in a private family. Beat of recommen lations can be given tor oharacter and capability. Apply at 143 West Sixteenth street, near Seventh avenue, back basement. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A COOK; IS A GOOD baker; also a good waaher and ironer. Good city reference. Please oall at 73 Weit Nineteenth street, lecond floor, front room. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO HAS LOST her baby, a situation as wet nurse. Her husband Is abroad. Apply at 10.1 East Twenty filth street, between Second nnd Third avenues. WANTED-BY A LADY, A SITUATION AS FORE woman in a dressmaking establishment: she i* fully competent to take the entire chain of the buaine**. The most unexceptionable references will be given a* to capabili ty and respectability. Please address Dressmaker, No. 1U3 Green street. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE German married man, as porter, or to take care of a dining saloon or restaurant ; understands his bniine**, reads and writes English. Good reference* given. Call at 146 Front etreet, up stair*, from 10 to 12. WANTED? A WET NURSE, TO TAKE AN INFANT ton days old. Apply immediately, at 118 Weit Forty third itreet. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED FRENCH WOMAN AS ?camstress: must understand the ctre of children. Those having good city reference* may apply at 186 Twelfth atreet. between Broadway and University place, from 9 to 12 o'olock, or after 4 P. 1 1. TIT ANTED ? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE v ? yonng women; one as plain cook, good washer a iron er; the other as chambermaid and waiter, or to assist ia washing and ironing. Best of city reference given. Please call at 76 West Seventeenth street, near Sixth avenue.' WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS seamstress and nurae, or chambermaid and waiter. Good city references given. Apply at 211 Seventh street, back room, tor two day*, *X\T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT AMI TT rlcan girl, to take care of children in a respectable fa mily . Please call at 101 East Sixteenth itr*?t, between the F irst and Second avenues, third floor, back room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as chambermaid, or washer and ironar. Can tu> aeon for two days at 59 Forty-fourth direct, botween Filth and Sixth avenue*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good uook, washer aud ironar; In also a vooa baker; can give tho bait of olty reference. Please rail at 7U Mlddaph t,treet, Brooklyn, in the rear. "117 ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, TV aa seamstress; understands all kinda ol family sewing: ha* no objection to the eountry; a good home more desired than high ware a. Please oall at 282 Mulberry atreet, foi two dnyr, third fli or, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, aa nurse, or to taka charge of one or two children, and ia willing to aaaiat in oliambcrwork, or to do plain cooking, waahing and ironing, in a amall private} , and eau make up baby 'a clothes Tery neat; has bo objections to go a ahort distance in the oountry; oaa give good references if required. Please call at III Smith street, South Brooklyn, between Baltic and Butler; caa be seen nntil engaged. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RF.SPICCTA RLE woman, a Protestant, as ooi>k; good refereaoa given from her last place. Call at 113JJ West Twelfth atreet, be tween Filth and SUth avenues. WANTED? A COOK, WIIO MUST BE A FIRST RATE baker of bread and pastry, and to aaaist in washing and ironing, in a private family: a I'roteatant preferred, and none ncod apply without good city reterenoe. Apply to day, from 10 to 12 o'clock, at 223 West Fourteenth atreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. WANTID? BY AN AMERICAN LADY. A SITUATION aa houaekeeper; wonld take a general interest in any family ahe too d engage in. Understands thorourhly all kinds of cookirg and house matters. Apply at the Christian Home, fiH Sixth avenue, corner ofThlrty sixth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESI'ECTA ble young woman, as chambermaid and to do fine waih ing and ironing; or would take care of children and sew; the best of city reference from her last place, where she has lived a long time, l'lease call at 292 West street, for tao days. WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED YOUNO GIRL with the most satisfactory oity reference, a altuation aa waiter and chambermaid; is a most excellent parlor maid; will take charge of the silver, and wait on a respectable pri vate family; is fnllr competent; would take |6 a month. Call at or address 323 First avonue, first floor, back room. W ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young man, as coaohman in a private family; haino ot lection to go a short distance in the country. Beat of city reference ran be given. Please address U V ., II oral d ofllco. WANTED ? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A TT colored woman who perfectly understands cooking, washing and ironing. Apply at 203 West Twenty second atreet. WANTID? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young man, nineteen years of age, as indoor servant; has a perfect knowledge of the oareing of horses; is wlllinz u make himself generally useful. Address M W., MO Broadway, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young wotnan. as nurse and seamstress; has no objection to do light cbamherwork; is neat and tiny; can come well recommended. Please call at 301 First avenue, corner of Eighteenth atreet, second floor, front room. TIT AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RISPICTABLI TT young woman, as heal conk, in a hotol or dining sa loon; has so objection to go a short diatance in the country. Can be aeen at 1M Elisabeth street, first floor, hack room. WANT*?? BY A RESPECTABLE YOU Nil WOMAN, TT a situation aa lanndresi. The best of eity reference given. Can be seen at M Marion street, for two days XtTASTXU?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, as seamstress: has no objection to assist in chamberwork or to take rare or one nr two growing chil dren 'I be advertiser is a practical dressmaker; understands cutting and fltllas ehlldr- n's clothes, and all kinds of family sea log Apply at N4 East Twentj eighth .treet, second floor, front room. Can be seen until engaged. Undoubted refe rence can be given. TI.rANTF.D- A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT Piotestaiit young girl, aa chambermaid ia a Protestant family. Can be seen for two days, at 2T? First avenue, be tween Fifteenth and sixteenth atreets, third floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, BY A STEADY TT woman, who perfectly nnderstands iier hnaineea la all its branches. Caa a* highly recommended for long expe rienee by seme of the highest families ia the eity. Apply at 23t< Sixth avenue, in the book store, for three days. TIT ANTED? IY A PRoTISTANT COOK, A SITuX TT tion in a hotel or private family. The beet of city re ference Can be seen for two days at W.I West Thirty se venth street, between Ninth and Tenth aveanes, second floor, back roam. W "ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RISPICTABLI young Woman, to do chamberwork and sewlag, or would take tba eara of a baby from Its birth. Mas good City references ft, m her last place, where she ha* lived flva vrara. Can ba seen for two days, at 2?* Seventh avenua, second float, back room. WANTItI>-BY A RISPICTABLI YOUNOOIRL, A TT situation in a respectable family, as chambermaid ami waiter; would have ao objection to go ia the country f' r i ha summer, or to travel with a lady, flood city refer ence* ..v*B. Please call at comer lloyt and Baltic (treats, Brcokly n. In the grocery stor-. TIT AKTKD? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION "" ?* ibsaksnHU and waiter; haa no objection ta do line washing aad ironing, she thoroughly nndcrstaada her bnataea* Can produce good eity rafareaee from her last place, whsrs she ha* lived two years Caa be seen tor twe any* at 3U lint aveaae, between lighteanth aad Nine teen tb streets ^ TI TANTID-AT at BROADWAY, A GIRL THAT CN " derstands washing aad plain aewlag. She mast speak Oermaa aad Eagllsh Apply immediately. WANTID? A TOCNO LADY OF PLEAHrWO ADDRESS aad goateel appearance, ta learn It) millinery Weald ba takea far six meatha. and boarded In the tamily. The first three moaths her eervicaa nrenld be reqalred la theahew toom or atore She mast be able te write, as aba weald ae M m 8uU ?"***' WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A B1SPBCTABLE young firl, in ? private family, te eook, nak u< iroa; I* a food cook tad an *xoell*nt washer aad Iroaer ; U a good baker ?f broad aad Hitrj aad ii willing to make herself generally ueeful : to aol afraid U work. The baft of olty re foreaoe given. Plata* call at tf Haamoad street, la Um roar. WANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BT A young and b?aUhy married womsn; ti poaaee**d of aa amiable dUpositioa. Can bo toon by apply tag at N*. 8 Deibr?ii? street, lower door. WANTED-A SITUATION, Br A RESPECTABLE young woman, u laaadrou, la ? private family. Oood city reference from her la?t plaoo Can bo *a*n for twa day* ? t 416 Sixth avenue, third floor. WJ ANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NUKSE, BY A TT r*? l'roteatant woman, with a ftt?h broaat oi milk. Can furnUh tb* beat olty rotoronooa. Ttaoae wllliig to pay hlxh wagei for a competent person, may apply at 131 Nineteenth atreot, betweon Sixth and Seventh avenuoa, ia the rear, from ljto 4 P. H. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A healthy young woman, who hai lo.t her baby; respect abl* rof?reno*a Riven Apply for particular at tb* drug etore No. 377 Tlird avenue, between Twenty eighth and Twenty -ninth streets. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE l'roteatant young girl, a* chambermaid in a l'roteatant family. Can be aeon for two daya that 217 Fir?t avenue, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth street*. "117 ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE Y0UNG WOMAN, A TT aituation aa cbauiberinaid In a private family; ah* la an excellent w aahcr and lrvner, and understands doing up all kir.da of tinerloa. The beat of city references can be given. 1'leaae call at 140 Thirty -third street, between Se venth and Eighth avenuoa WANTED? A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK. BY A RE TT apectable girl; 1a a good washer and ironer; would have no objection to do the general work of a reap citable family. Call at 101 Variek atreet, front basement, for two daya. Oood city refcreuco. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT GIRL, A SITUA tion to do obamberwork and assist in waahiag and ironing; would have no objection to take care of growing children; la a neat sewer Call at 170 Jay atreet, brookjya. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH OIRL, a aituation to do the housework of a small famoly; is a goud w asher and ironer, and baker; would go aa oliarn bermaid. Can be *cen for two daya at til West Tw enty alxth ?treet, between Sixth and Soventh arenues. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do geaeral housework, or would do plain aewlng or take eare of a baby. Pleaae eall at No. 12 Amity plac*, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa cook, waiber and ironer; no objection to do general bouaework In a amall family. Can be Been at her laat plaoo, U0 kladlaon atreet, for two day*. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, aa nuise and *eam*tress; can eut aad fit chll dren'a clothes; The beat ef city reference oan be given from her laat plaeo. Ploaie oall at 120 St. Mark's place, for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl; 1a a firat rate cook, waiber and Ironer. Can pro duce good city reference from her laat place. I'laase ad drone 62 Rooae\*lt street, rear building, first floor, for two days. WANTED-A MTUATION AS SEAMSTRESS AND chambermaid: is a good shirt maker, aad oau work on ladles' dreaeea; would asafat in the ironing; has lived thro* years and a half in her last place; la a Protestant. Can be seen at 2P7 Ninth (treet, between Flrat avenue and avenue A, for two days, flrit floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. by a strong, healthy young girl. Apply to Bridget K) an, No. 6 Sheriff street, rear building, or adarcia B. R., Herald off re. The situatioa to be ia thin city. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A situatioa as plain eook aad first rate waaher aad Ironer, or would do chambtrwork. Has throe years' refer ence from her last f lace. Can be **en at 23 Warren street. tl/- ANTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, A TT aituation to do ohamborwork and sewing, or to oook, w ash and iron In a rmall family. Can be seen for two days, at her last employer'*, 116 Congress atreet, between Clinton and Henry, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, * iltuation a* chambermaid; will assiat lit wash lag and Irosiag. The beat of city references will be given. Please call for two d*yi, at 443 Fourth street, soooud flour. WANTED-BY A STEADY WOMAN OF TWENTY SIX, a situation as nnrs* aad soamstresa. Apply at 191 East Twenty -fifth street, *econd floor. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN, altuationa? on* as ebambermaid and to do plain sew ing. or as nurse axd to do plala Mwing; the other as good plain eook. washer and iroaer; can give good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 226 Mulberry street, betw**a Spriag and Prince. ?Y17-ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL T T a situation, to do chamberwork and waiting, or to as sist in the washing and ironing, or a* laundress; tho roughly underatanda ber buainess; has no ebjeotlon to a res pectable boardiag bouse; haa good city reference. Can b* seen for two day* at 866 Third avenue, between Twenty sixth and Twenty seventh street. TIT" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T T young woman, as plain took, and flrat rat* mbit and iron rr, in a amall private family; good city reference givou. Can be seen for two daya at 152 Forty th (treat. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a situation to do general houecwork la a amall private family; she ii a first rato 000k, waaher and Ironer, and oan give the brat of city reference. Can be seen for two day* at 25 7 Elisabeth street. corner of Houatoa, aooond floor, room No. 21. WANTED? AT GALT, CANADA WERT, AN EXPE rieaced dressmaker. None need apply nnlaaa full/ competent to take the entire management af the work room. References required. Address, post Laid, stating salary, to R W. D? box 78 Gait Post Oflloe. ^r.?o,"/;aVlt,ZYork "".t, Brook, )B*kTL WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young aoman, aa lnundreaa. Good olty mferonco from her laat place. Can be aeea for two day* at 251 Firat ave nue. second floor, trout room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED American woman, to do plain cooking, washing and ironing. Please eall at 180 W*at Seventeenth street, be tween SeTenth and Eighth avenues, froat basement. 1ITANTF.D-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS AND TO M take care of children; can cut and lit their olotbea and make the heat of shirt*; underatsnds all hinds of family sewinjr and chamberwork. Wages not so mueb ef an object aa a comfortable home. Good roferencos oaa bo given. Can be seen for two days at 105 Warren street. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or to take care of children and do sowing; has lived in her last plaee for two years. Good city rafareaoa liven. Can be seen for two cays at 26 Proaident street, South Brooklyn. XJLT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV Protestant German girl, as oharabermaid or waiter, and to aaaiat in the washing and ironing. Bast of eity reference can be given. Apply at SK Allan itraat, room No. 11. ftaas. ZHSZ: WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, washer and ironer; good city reference given. Apply at 70 Hoyt street, Brooklyn, between Butler and Douglas street*. Caa be seen for two days. Has been two years In her last place. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation; is an excellent cook and first rate waaher and ironer; is willing to to do general homework; is !? baker. Good reforenoe, if required. Please cnll at KiV Thirteenth street, in the roar, between Third and F ouith avenue* Can be teen for two days, if not engaged. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl aa chambermaid, or to do the work of a small family; good city reference given. Apply at 400 Pearl atrect, in the store, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE gill, aa chambermaid and scamstreea.or aa nurae and aesmetress; no objoction to the country. Has good city re ference. Can be ?een for t?n days at i*W Sixth avenue, be tween Twenty ninth and Thirtieth streets, third floor, room No. 9. WANTED-BY A YOUNG CIRL, A SITUATION TO do chain lenwork and Mwing, or chamberwork and waiting in a private family. Pleaee call at 347 Twelfth street, between Flrat and Second avenues, whore she can be n en for two days. TirANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT aa child '* nur<*e; is capable of taking charge of an In fant from ita birth: and to do plain sewing or ohambrrwork The beat of city references a* to hoaeaty and capability may be had by arplying at IS5 Seventh avenue, between Nine tcenth aud Twentieth streets, for two days, in the store. TETANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION vr as chambermaid and waiter; has no objection to do gtneral homework for a amall private family. Can be ??en at Thirty first street fonr doors from Second' avenuo. TETANTED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATIONS; TT one as cook the other aa chambermaid. They have good citv reference; no objection to go to the country. Both wieh to live to, ether rieaae call at No. 10 Tbomaa street, Hr?t floor, front room for two daya. TErANTEf>-A SITI" ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young man, to attend a clothing etore where he oan make himself generally useful; has four years reeommeada tion from hia laat place. Please cnll for thre* day,, in the store, IH!^ Weet street. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION as laundress, or to do chamberwork and plaia sewias Good city reference given Can be seen for two daya at H0>, Kiag atreet, sen nd floor, front room. or w?fUr''VAn'-B ?... w??mav WANTED-A SITL'ATION, AS COOK, WASHER AND ironer, or aa lauadrets, by a respectable woman Has good city reference Pleas* call *1 No. 2 Amity street "tETANTED-BY A YOl NO LADY. A SITUATION TO YT Mtend a faacy store, or weuld attend aud aeeist la the workroom of a draesmaklng or straw asllliMer establish meat Is perfectly competent ia either. Addraea 8 L.. Metropolitan I'oat oflire, Bible Rous* eotja.ry Ooad rUg'" "i? ? *5? ??? WAxm WANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NURE. BY A very respectable laUk whose child 1? an- weeks old; she in willing to ?? or do housework. Apply to Mr*. Hart, No. 8* Mulberry street, li the roar, for two days. "IXTANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation aa chambermaid or waiter, or to cook, wash, and iron in a gouteul private faintly. The bout of oity refe rence can be given. Can be seen for three tlnya at No. 2 Dover street, aecond floor, front room. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A YOUXO WOMAN, aa cook, washer and Ironer, in a small private family; haa so objection* to do general housework; good city refur ence given. Inquire for two dayi at Mra. Murphy 'a, No. 204 Chryatie etreet. Flr,t ?*euoe, ro< m K0. J c,n be ">?" for two dayi "IITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young wcman, aa chambermaid and waiter, or to take care or children; good city referenoo given. i'luaae call at No, 10 Amity place, third floor, baok room. No. i, for two days. WANTED? AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL, TO do the homework of a email family; iiho mutt be a pood cook, waaher and ironer. Apply at 1M Prince etreet, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT German woman, a situation aa an .excellent cook, and assist In the wauling, in a private laimly ; *he knows her luritiea* perleotly. Good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 2X7 Mott street, near Ilonatou. WAN TEI)- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid or waiter. Good city relerei.oe niven l'lean* call at No. 8 Amity plaoe, top floor, room No. 1. until suited. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid, Uno washar and ironer; liaa lately arrived from England. The boat of city roferenoe given. Can be soea for two days at 1HS Sixth avouue. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A WOMAN; sho understands her business in all its branches; has no objection to assist in washing and ironing. Best of city reference. Can be seen at Thirty flrst street, tour door* from Seound avenue. TV ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, to do general homework, in a small private family, or to do chaiuberwork and assist in the wattling and ironing; would go a short distance in the coun try. W ages low. Can bo seen for two days at 212 East Twenty first street, between First and Secoaa avenues. T1.T ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU TT ation aa chambermaid and assist in washing and iron ing. Good city referenoe. Apply at Mr. Raid's florist estab llsliment, 805 Broadway. WANTED-A SltUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED good cook; understands bar business in all its, jelii r, Ac.; is alio a good baker. Good oity referen :e if re quired. Apply at 88 Eighteenth street, between Sixth and seventh avenue*, lor two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, a aituation to do housework in a private tamlly; is a first rata w asber and ironer. The best or city rvferenee can be given from her last place, where she lived three years. Can be seen for two days at 203 avenue A. flrst floor. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN, A aituation as seamstress; understands cutting and fit ting ohildren's dresses; would take care of ohildrea or assist in chamberwork. Please oall at 2H 8 Eighth avenue. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH good reference, a situation as wet nurse; (her flrst baby.) Can be teen for three days, at 321/ Water street, room No. 13. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a situation to do genoral housework; is a good waaber and ironer and baker: the country preferred. Can be seen ror two days at No. 1 Van dam street, second floor, front room. WANTED? A BOOKBINDER, FOR A THRIVING inland town, willing to turnlih uu own toola, and to devoto a part ol lii* time to book foiling. Skill and good re ference will bo roquired. Inquire to day (Thuraday), at 2 P. H., at the Doy itreet liou?e. WANTED-AGKNTS TO TRAVEL THROUGHOUT the United States and the Canadta, to soil the beat map out to make money on ? the Mirror of Sobaitopol, and map of the Dlaek Sea aad Crimea; view* of the hurticanu on the Blaok Sea, Battle of Iakermann, portrait*, Ac. Apply ?0 Fulton itreet, op *tair*. WANTED? BY A GERMAN, NINETEEN YEARS OF age, a eitnation a* clerk or light porter, in a mercan tile houee. He i* a good penman, corruot at figure*, and not afraid to work, i'loaee addres* A. Kempe, Jersey City Peat Othoe. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, IN A private family, by a man of iteady habits; no objection to go in the oountry; oome* well reoommendeii by hi* late employer, with whom he ha* lived for the laat two year*. Address J. F., care of K. Bemeat, Saq , 45 William Itreet, for two dayi. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young man. ai porter in a (tore; ii a good penman, and would make himaelf generally u??tn h good city refer ence. Addreaa Porter, box 187 Herald offloe. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACH U AN AND gardener, In a private family, or aa market gardener; he thoroughly underatanda hia buaineae; would be willing to take the entire churn* of a farm. Ha* the beat of reference, l'leafe call at 2X2 Twenty-ninth atreot, between Ninth and Tenth avenue*, tor three day*. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS vegetable gardener and to take care of a cow. and aa ocacbman In general. He oan come well recommended from hi* la*t place. l'loaao addreaa * note to M. G., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SINOLE MAN, AS gardener; one who undoratanda all kinda of gardening, could take care of a greenhouse, Ac. Apply to, or addreaa, V 7 Water atreet, Brooklyn. WANTED? A DRUG CLERK. ? APPLY TO R. J. TOP lia, Getty Houm, Vonker?, New York. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A STEADY YOUNG man, who underatanda farming, and doing ^tablework; or porter, or working in a garden; would have no objection to go to the oonatry; would like to go to a private family. Can get pood city referenoe. Can bo seen for two day*. In quire at No. 7 Heater itreet in the rear, third floor. TX/ANTED-A MARKIED MAW WHO HAS SOME TV Knowledge ? farming, and u willing to work cheap. A good home, heme aad gard< a furniihed. One that ha* Jest arrived woald anawer. Apply at 34 Bookman itroet. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN IN A TEMPERANCE TV grocery; en* who ander/ tends the buaineie aad haa good reference. Apply at J. Halght'a, 21 Stanton atreet corner of Chryetie, before o'cluvk A. M. or after 3 P. M> WANTED.? A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED SIN' gle man, of good bualno** habit*, want* a *ltuatloa la ?em* reipectable buaine**, (wholoaal* ?r retail grocery pre ferred,) where a fair talary oan b* given. Can give good rclerence*. Addre** box aJ3 Herald offics WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACnMAN, BY A yonng maa, in every way onpable, and who** tcitl mvBiali are unexceptionable. Caa be *eea or heard of until engaged, at George Murray'! Livery Stable, 33 Eait Thir teenth atreet. WANTED? AN INDUSTRIOUS YOITNO MAN. OF 14 to 1? yeara of ego, to make himaelf generally nelul In a retail dry good* atore. Apply at Ii? Sixth avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG MAN, TO w ark OB a farm or dairy; can work in a garden. He it not afraid of ny work. Kt bat good recommendation* fmm where he hae lived threeiyeara. PleaM call at No. 12 Aoiity place, for two day*. WANTED? IN A DRY GOODS OR GROCERY STORE, a *itnation, by an aotiv* youax Englishman, eighteen year! of axe. Addreei W. J. s , tierald office. fXTANTED? A BOY, ABOUT FIFTEEN YEARS OF TV age, to atteud office, and make himaelf useful about tho establishment Muat be able to write, aad be recom mended. Apply at lliabrow'* Riding Academy, Fifth ave nue, cirner of Thirty ninth (tract. WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE CLOTHING HOUSE, A amart lad, Israelite, from lixteea to eighteen year* of ape, who i* quick and oorrect at flgnira, aad writes a fair bund. Only one satisfied with a moderate compenaatioa need apply at 197 William atreet. MARKS A PIATT. WANTED-A IAD AS ASSISTANT BAR TENDER atWiagiaa' Hotel, on the Coney Island plank road, Lung Island, four miles from Fulton ferry. Apply between the hour* of H and ^ P. M. One from the country priierred. 2m r A(tA WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN EX ? J.UUU. rienced salesman, in a wholesale dry good* houae; he ia extensively acqnaintcd with merchant* in Cana da East aad Weat, and will be able to influence a lar/e Canada trade; the best of city reference given. Pleaae ad drew IV, Mnir, Herald office, frfk CANVASSERS WANTED? FltTV ACTIVE GEN tJU tcoi men, ?f good addre**, well recommended for si brlety and bono>tv, are wanted to canraa the otly for a new and unquestionably anrceaaful invention indlapmsahle to every householder. None but thoeo well reeommended by city reference and who can deposit $20 need apflr. A lib* ral and eertaia commission will be r-alired. Apply in per ron, with neommendationa, from A to 0 1*. M .at Uoodwin'* Real Estate Office, No. 7 Clinton Hall, Eighth street, to F.dw'd Soley. ? LBOTPMI. AM LECTURE ON Till LIFE AND CnARtCTBR OP St. I'atrick will be diliYered on Thureiay eveninc, .March :S, hy the Kev JAMES CALL1N , at the Stuyroanat luttilutr, t-V.i Broadway. I'mwdi for the benefit of the Iim ik hnoU attached to th* cbureh. Ticket! 2S cent" DR. MrEI.IIERAN WILL LECTURE ON THE ANA tomlofl and Intellectual Characteristic* of th* t'altie and Paioa mien of into, In the Btuyreaant Institute, fM Brondwar, on Tbnr*day evening, March 22, ?t ? o'clock. Ticket* 2ti cint?. FHENCH LECTURES? SPINULF.R INSTITUTE, NO S Union ?.|U?r? ? To day, (Thursday,) at ft o'clock I*. M., tie laet one of th* ce?r*e will he delivered hy El. IE CHAR MEM, of l'arte, proteceor In H. Pengnet'e institution Sub let t ? Frnr.ce in the P.l/hteeutk Century, Voltaire and aon Teape. Ticket* Ml cent*. We take ranch plea*ur? la ran mending thin lecture to lover* of the French language I'rof. Chnrlier'e character aid attainment* entitle Itim to the confidence and regard of onr community. CuRHAM D. ABBOTT. Principal. /GERMAN Ml TV RES? SECOND SERIES. ? TH F. LAST U of the eecoad earir* of Oermaa leetuta* will be delivered at the Mercantile I ibrary. (late Aetor Opera Hoaee i on Thursda* evening, .March 3, at 8 o'clock, by Thcodor Kauf maun. Subject ? Art and Religion. Entrance U einti fm ET US LIVE TO BE U8EPCL TO MANKIND ? ME J t hanles' Institute Leetura* for WB -C?I. J. G. He *t?r. of l.?ui*taaa, will laelare thi* evening. Subject: "The American I'aioa. Caa it b* I'raearvedV' Adraittaaoe free to all. By order. CIIARLEf H DF.LAVAN. Chairman af Loetnre Committee. TRATV1XIW OUIDB. EwTeRSEY RAILROAD -FOR PHILADELPHIA and the Soatt and Went, via Jar?ey City nail aad eaprae* llBe?.-Laa?aNewTorh al ft aad 10 A. M ead ? aad t r. N. Fam. BT3 In J. aad S3 la S aad 10 A. k aad 6 P. M. . eoaoad elaaa, M 25 in 10, aad 11 M. at ?tepplu* at all we* atatica*. Through ticket* eold for Cineiaaatl and Um Wert, aad far BalUaof*. Waahington. Norfolk. Ac . a*d thraagb tlBUl ebeckrd to WaAingtoe ib ? aad 10 a. COAL. *C. COAL CM1APER THAN EVER -THE SCBSCRIMER will ba offer! at far tbne daye enly tka Wert of red atk. eun aad a*? eaaj, at ealy M par lea fraa boat* Pali f?c?? w. coijc v?u, tn khb* fimv BOASDUTO AIDUNMONk CJ.Q broadway? two fine sum o? well DiV front rooms may be had, will fall board, suitable for tniUtnii and lady. Al*o IU single room, ?'tb itrfcte. House tiki all modern improvsmants. Dinner at 6 otiock. HUDSON STRUT, FRONTINO ST. JOHN'S l'erx ? a large front room on aeeoad floor, and room* for single tmUenro; house baa all the modern improve mcnta. Reference* exohanged. lift Hudson atreet. lztl EINTH STRIKT, THIRD DOOR BAST OF J/XA Broadway, furnished rooms, in suits or *e parately. Alio, baok parlor and extenaion room on the first floor, *? let to gentleman, with breakfast, if required. Alio, fur alshsd rooms at No. 8 College placi. ' -lAC WAVERLY PLACE, THIRD DOOR WEST OF XW Washington park, very desirable suit* of rooms, with board, may be bad by aeleot families or (tingle gentle mou; house flrat clMa: terms moderate; referenoet ex ?banged. ra LI3PENARD STREET? HANDSOMELY FURNISH uU e<J front ar.d back parlor to let, to a gentleman ami bia wife, or single gentlomen. Breakfast and tea If required. WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, BETWEEN* Fifth nml Sixth avenues? A parlor and l>edronin on second flour, suitable for a family; alao, front room* for (iU gentlemen. References required. A FINE ROOM, ON FIRST FLOOK, WITH BOARD, and with or without use of adjoining front p.irlor; alro a room on sc-eond floor, in a small genteel bonne, one block west ol Broadway, where a soinfortihlo home ia ofTr ed l'ltase call at 91 Grand street. Reference* exchanged. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A NEATLY FUR JX nislied bedroom, with partial board if desired, in a strictly private family and where there are no othnr boarders. N o moving in May. The house has all the mo dern improvements. 1'luase call at 104 Perry street, two doors fr?m Hudson street and Eighth avenue ears. A JSl'lTE OF AND A SINGLE ROOM. IN A SMALL JX laiuily. in a modern and very eleiaut, bouse, tint one block from Broadway, between Eighth etrcet aud Waverley place. Inquire at No. 10 Nelson place. A SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH CLOSETS ATTACHED, TO let, on second floor, furnished or unfurnished, together or separately, to tingle gentlemen, without board, Possess ion immediately, and no removing at May. Al*n, two attlo rooms, furnished with tire plncea, At 44 LeRoy street, throe doors from Bedford. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDREN, would let to one or two single gentlemen or a goutle man and his wife, two elegaut parlori, or a parlor and bed reom furnished, with or without partial board. The house has all the modern improvements, and is desirably looatud. ?J. i Fourth street, opposite Washington iqnare. A PARLOR WITH BED ROOM ATTACHED (IJN fnrnlshed) with fall or partial board, can be obtained in the first class house, No. 38 Groat Jones streot. Also one (ingle room (famished), suitable for a gentleman. A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE HOUSE NO. 202 Sixth avenne, two doors below Fourteenth street, is now ready to receive a few boarders. The house is replete With all modern improvements. A music teacher, who will give lessons ai part payment for board, can be aoooin modated. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN GOOD Ac commodation, with board, at moderate prioo, at lJl I'rineo street, four doors west of Broadway. BOAKD.-A FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON THE second floor, will be vacated ia a few days; also, rooms for single gentlemen, can be had with full or partial board, on application at 22 Union plaoe. BOARD-WITH CONVENIENT APARTMENTS FOR families or single goutlemen, In a flrat alass private boarding lioase ap town. Loeallty desirable for the sum mer; possesses every facility of aeecst to all parts of the elty. References exchanged. Apply at No. t Abingdon square, west side, second door from Bank street. Board.? a widow lady, residing in the vici nity of lloastoa street, a ahort distanee from Broadway, on the west side, if desirons of renting two well furnished rooms, on the seeond floor, to two ladies, witb board. Terms moderate. Please address M. E., Broadway Post OOoe. BOARD-A SUIT OF ROOMS, FOR A GENTLEMAN snd bis wire, also rooms for singlo gentlemen, pleasant ly located, may be bad by applying at lz Meilson plaoe, one door below Clinton plaee, opposite Dr. Prentiss' church. Board? a oentleuan and his wife can find a pleasant suits of rooms, on the second floor, with pantries, 'ty oallingatfi2 Hudson street, near Chambers, oppo site Jay. So moving at May. Board.? a front parlor and bedroom ad Joining. oa eocond floor, suitable for a gentl.-aian and fail wife. Alio, two or threa einglo gentlemm can be accom modated with board, at lt6 Duaae street. No moving ou the lit of May. Board? in an american family, for a gen tleman and hi* wife; alio for two alnglo gentlemen. Plenae apply at No. 4# Orchard atreet, near Grand. Board.? a large square attic room, suita blo for a gentleman and hia wife, or two gentleman, to let, permanently, in a private home, with foil or partial board. Apply at 114 Franklin atreet. Board in chambers street.? a front par ior on the second floor, with pantry attached, furalahed, with bedreom if required, auitablefor a gentleman and wit* or single man, can bo had with board, on application at 121 Chamber* (tract. References exchanged. Board, in west eleventh street, near Broadway? A portion or the whole eecoud atory to lat, with board, from the flrat of April, for the aeaaon; alio a front baiemcnt to let. Apply at 18 Went Eleventh atreet. Board in clinton place? a suit of rooms, on the aecond floor, with all the modern improvements, amiable ior a gentleman and hia wife or for alngla gent lames. Will be vacated lat of April. Apply at Iff Clinton place. Board wanted-in the country, from first of May, of easy access to the city daily, for a gentle man and hia family, coneiatlng of three adulta. Address box No. A Poat oflice. Board wantei>-a front room and bed room for a gentleman end wife, in a tint claaa house up towa. Reference exchanged. Addreea Henderson, Her ald otfloe. Board wanted-in a private family, bv a gentleman and wife, in (a houae with gaa. bath, Ac. it anited wonld be permanent. 11 net be ia the Seventh ward, or immediate vicinity. Price not to asoeed $12 per weak. Boarding honae keeper* need not aniwar. Addreea Johnaon, Herald oflice. Board wanted? Br a gentleman and wife, ia Brooklyn, near Fnlton ferry in a {private family, la a heme with modera improvements. Term* not to axoeod $12 per week. Addreea Will lama, Herald oflice. Board wanted.-a oentleman, wife and two children, aged elevea and four yearn, with a girl; location de aired from Eighteenth to Twenty-fourth atreet, near Seventh, Eighth, Ninth or Tenth avenoee, in a private family; the beet of reference given; will pay liberal. Ad dreea box 162 Herald oflice. Board wanted-by a foreigner, in a french private family, where he conld have an opportunity of learning the Hngnage. Terma not to exceed *4 per week. Please addreea Foreigner, Herald oflice. Board wanted-for an invalid lady and cert ant, in aome quiet family where the chargea will be light; or two or throe lumlahed roome with oooking arrange niente might be hired. Addreae Wm. Williameon, box TO Broadway Poet Oflice. Board wanted-in the country, from may to September, ia a pleaaant and healthy looation, of easv accaaa to the city daily, for a gentleman, wife, aad child lour yeara old. Address box 1^61 Poat OUlce. Board wanted in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wife wiah to obtain a permanent boarding place at a moderate price? full board for tho lady and partial board for the geatleman. They will furnish their room. Looation to be east ot Fulton atreet, within one mile of Falton or Wall atreet ferry. Addreea, atating terma, Ac., R. E., He rald offl. a. ?DOARDING.-A SMALL FAMILY, OR TWO OENTLE JJ men and their wlvee can have board, with pleaaant ruome, ot A2 Henry street: or the npner part of the bonee will be let lo a genteel family. No other* need apply. The bouse la coiumodioua, having a bath room and gaa. Boarmng-a oentleman and his wife can obtain a neatly lurniabed room, on aecond fl ior, with pantry attached, ia the honae ot a private family, who ac eommodate but a few boarders, tor eight dollara 'per week; aleo, one large room, with email one attacbod, suitable for Ibree gentlemen who would room together, at *4 per week each. Inquire at 110 Nineteenth street, between Second and Third aveanea. No moving at May. BOARDING.? TO LET, A NEATLY FURNISHED room with pantrtea, anltable for a gentlemaa and wile or two cingle gentlemen, at the pleaiantly eituatod house 17 N orth Moore atreet. Batha in the house. Boardino.-five single gentlemen can be accommodated with good board, in a very desirable lo cation. uptown, at $? per week, by addressing Hamilton. Herald cftiee. Dinner at ti 1'. M. Board up town? a lady and oentleman can be accommodated with a well furniahed room oa the ae cond floor, with good board. Alao, a email room oa the aame floor to a young lady or gentleman. The honee haa gaa, hot and cold water, hatha, Ac. Reference* required. Apply at jml Weet Thirty Bret atreet. BOARll. WITHOUT A ROOM, WANTED, IN A FA mily or private boarding hous. , by a young man who wishes to live plain, but with agreeable person*. Location must be near bleecker and llndaoa street., west ot t'armlae. AddrtM A. Z., iJrrald offloe. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? TWO LARGE ROOM <, NEAT b furniahed, with small rooms and pan triea attached, anltable tor gentlemen and their wive*, or single gentlemen, *0 I^t. vlerv the eomforte ?t i home can b? enlortd, t?roui very reaioaabla. Apply at lflft Adam* street, near Fulton lerry. Boarding in broorlvn.? rooms suitable for gentlemen and their wlvee or aingle gentlemea, with lull or partial board, in new and modern improved honae. on the l ighest ground ia Brooklyn. Alse. a ynung man tlatnould l>e willing to room with another. Call or ad dreaa 4*> Coacord itreet, Brooklyn. Board in brooklyn.-gektlemrn can ob tain pi' asant room* and partial board with a priiat* lamily, at 21# Adams atreet. near Johns n Term, mode rate. Referentes exchanged. Loeatioa i* convenient for either W all or Fulton farrier Board in brooklyn.-persons desiroits of obtaining partail board, can b* accommodated with {leesant roooms, ia an aareable 'locality, aa very moderate arms, by epplytac at ?1 State street ' Board in mmooelyn^iwo or thru single gentleman ean And good board, in a pleaaant location, only five minate* walk from Fulton ferry, where thtreare but few hoarder* taken. Apply at dfl 11# atreet, tot"?? Adams aad Waehlagton atreet a. BP**? I N 8?CTB ?ROOKKLYN.-A FEW PERMA neat Jiocrdere caa be aecommodated with b-.ard aad Tr?n% rooana with jraa. in a rrtvat? fa mi It wh*r.? ilOZI "* 'V*4? ,fc* t"mtnrt ?' residing with *b>m T?rJl#Va rJ V "t* minutes' walk of Hamilton % ^ tea ot South fetrv Inquiroat tu I'rneident atreet. Board in hobok en -wanted, ?y a^jbntle maa, board ia a privet* family, or wher? there are only tmiJUtouir* A ,ni Hrn>* om" Furnished rooms to lrt-im tmr new and Wedt Tkirta^ .treat. Mar Fifth CTfcJSliSt -MS rJ.YJT*" 114 ** ??? rwi im|Vp9V 9mm in*UH. ?OAKDH0 aid unooNk French board im Brooklyn?' two oe ti gentlemen eta be Moonandtud with aieely far rooms and partial board, in a quiet Frsnek femiljr. only a few boarders are taken. Apply at M Wiuo street, a few blooks from the City Hall, Breoklya. UBNISHED ROOMS TO LET? FOR GENTLli ' ia a flue house, with all the modern improves where French ia spoken also. 10# and 111 Canal strea ' LH K.V I8HEI> ROOMS TO LET? FROM THE 1ST I r at H6C Broadway. Lodging rooms near broadway. at ?i k 92 per week, at the Crapos Hotel, I'M Grand stre block eaet of Broadway; also one large parlor for t? ? gone, at V> per week. U. VKKAf ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE At inodated with pleasant furnished room*, and 1 b?arc if required, in a (mall private family, where thi 110 other boardere, two blocks *?it of Broadway, Broome street. Inquire in the bookstore, 341 Broadw PRIVATE BOARDING. -SEVERAL VERY PLEA room*, in suitt or separately, cither furnishtd furnished, can be had, with board, in a private lemil dine at ?*) Fourth avenue, opposite Calvary ohurc bouso in finely loca cd and hai all the modern improve Melt-renoes exchanged. SECOND FLOOR OF A MODERN HOUSE TC with board, together or separately, furnished or niched, for s nglr gentlemen or gentleman and wife; Erivate; limited number taken; partial board for gen* ocation pleasant, 3?JU Twelfth street, second dour fr cend avenue, near care ani stages. SIMMER BOARD. ? THE LARGE AND COMMO. house, at lUd street, North river, CarmaosvUle opened fo* the reception of tamilies and single geu1 on the first of April. Cars atop opposite the house toi a day, to and from the city; only three quarters of an ride from Chambers street. Can arrive in tho oity a >" ~'i A Jl. Persona wishing to see the rooms can . Chambers street at I, Sand ( o'clook P. M., and rets . and 7 o'clock. Eeferenoes exchanged. | STATEN ISLAND.? BOARD WANTED ON SI ; Inland, near one of the ferries, by a single gout ' Private American family preferred. Address Mr. I > 137 New York Post Office, stating particulars. TtO LET.? A WIDOW LADY. WITHOUT FA j ro?iding in the immediate vicinity of Uuion 1 1 would rent to a gentleman aud lady a beautiful tu) room, without board. Address Silenoe, Motropolita ! Office. TO LET WITH BOARD? BY THE FIRST OF HA one or twe gentlemen, or gentleman and lady, a rooms, or separately, in a modern built house, oon all the improvements; locntion. Weet Sixteenth References exchanged. Address A. D., box 4,003 Post TIT ANTED? IN 80UTII BROOKLYN, BY A SI j 1" gentleman, a furnished room and partial bos , which a liberal price will be paid, in a respectable family. Location to be between Conrt and Hioks 1 Address D. Ill, Herald offloe, stating particulars. WANTED-BY A YOUNO OENTLMAN, A I room, with partial board, or dinner at six o'cloc 1 soar the busineia part of tbe city. Address A. M . b- ( Post Office, for two days. WANTED IN BROOKLYN-BETWEEN FULTOJ Bridge streets, and below Tillary street, fall for a geatleman and hi* wife, with an unfurnished ro pantry attached, in a plain, qaiet family, where th but few or ao other boarders. Roods mutt be aitu the first or aecond floor. Address N. A., Heralc statiug location and terms, which mutt be mederat forenoon exchanged. ?PKClAIs HOTICES. A LL PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED AG A harboring or trusting aay of the orew of the brig HAITI, Win- Robertson master, from Jacmel. debts of their contracting will be paid by the oaptain aignees. CINCINNATI AND LITTLE BOCK SLATE C, ny, inoorporated is 1852. Capital $300, 000. omenta. boabd o>- direct Pret't, Prof. Jno. A. Wardee, Jno. A. M'ardee, Cin. Sec.. Col. W. H. H. Taylor, W. H. H. Taylor. N. H Trustees, Moses Brooks, W. W. Cones, Glncini Jno. A. Wnrdco, Mosos Brooks, " Rob't Buchanan, J. B. Van Bergen, " Agt. at Cin., Henry Rookey, Henry Cross, " Snpt. of Quarry, A. F. Dyer, II. Rookoy, ?' C'ai>hier, Harvey Seymour, H. Seymour, L. Rock Gen. Agt. A Trea., G.G. Jones A. F. Dyer, " Drafts of this Company, drawn by II. Seymour, ( will be paid at their office, No. 1 l'ine street, No where the Company's Arkansas Issues will also bo re at two per cent discount. GEO. G. JONES, Trea Empire city lodge, no. aoe, r and a. u members of tbja lodge are requested to attend its commui.ication at the rooms oorner of Rrooinc and streets, this (Thursday) evening, at 7% o'clock, as im smeadueuts to the by laws will then be t ikea up slileratton. CHARLES S. WE3TCOTT, t Jvmu A. Pwith, Secretary pro tem. IO.. OF 0. F.-BEACON LODGE, No. t?.? THI ? bers of Beacon Lodge are requested to meet Lodge room on Friday sfternooa. at 1 o'clock, for ? rose of paying the last tributo of respect to our late brother, (ioo. G Demilt. By order, S. DxAOiii., Sec. WX. 0. MUIR, Masonic notice ? tiie member; or key Lodte, No. 2, of >. and A. M., undnr the jnrudi St. John's Grand l.odp of the Stat* of New 1 ork, a by notified to meet at the lodge room, 1V7 and 19t ?treat, on Friday, the 23d in*!., at 1 o'clock P.M., the l*nt tribute of reapect to unr lato brother, Ue Demilt. The members of the order iu general are fully invited to attend. By ? rder or GILBERT M. PLATT, ' R. II. Bawtmobrc, Seeretaiy. NEW YORK. JAN. 30, 1KS.1 -RKCEIVF.D 0 William l.alor, Treasurer of the Youn; Men'* lion, $l,77fl 60, being the proceed* of their first ano given tor the Roman Catholic orphans of New York < , S. A BuRROMKO, Lady3u|( OFFICE PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY York, Mareb 19, lHfiS.? The annual election for directors of tLe above company will b* held at the of 7H Broadway, on Monday, the aacond day ef Apr The pells will open at 12 and olese at 2 o'clock P. transfer books will ha elosed en the 2Mb of March t of April, Inclusive. HEN KY SMITH. Secretary pr< OFFICE OF CHICAGO, ALION AND ST. LOCI; read Company, (late Chicago and Mississippi I Company,) No. 17 William street. New York. Mai < Interest oa the bands of this Compaay, due Apri will be paid oa and after the 2d proximo, aa preeenl tha coupons at this offloe. 8. M. BLATCHFORD, Trti FF1CE OF THI CHICAOO AND ROCK iJ Railroad Company, Cora Eichaage Bank Bail William street.? New York, March II, 1 KM. -This C having declared a dividend of foar per cent on thi stock, payable aa Monday, the sec tad of April no transfer book* will be closed on Satnday. the seventi stent, at 3 P. M.. until the second of April. The < 1 will bs paid at tha oAce of the Compaai . A. C. ri.AOO, Trcs rALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.? HAVIt deratnod that certain person* are under the im that Col. H. L. Kinney Is still agent of tha Central A Compaay, thisis to give aotice to all whom it may > that all power and authority heretofore ooaferre< ?aid Col. H. L. Kinacy has beaa revoked, and that aactina with the company ceased ea the 22d of Fi It Is right, also, that I should contradict a statemei has foiiad it* way lato the new, to the e>ect was through a failure on the part of the company tc with certaia conditions entered into with Col. Kinn Induced bin to resiga his post as agent ef the c< There ?as no failure on the part or thecompauv conditions were fully and faithfully oomplUd with Col. Klnnev was concerned. fly order of the Bo?i rectors. WILLIAM HOPKINS, Secretary Central caa Company. raMOHALi 0 INFORMATION WANTED.? IF WILLIAM ? , lived rear or five years sinoe with Mr. Rogers, a corner of Seventeenth street an<l Eighth avenu will | leave bis addrese when- he may be found, at the pa coraer of Twenty Urat street and Eighth avenae. It a his advantage. INFORMATION WANTED 01 EDWARD Mcl i taylor, who left Brooklyn, L. I , on the fit h of Jt Address Mrs. MeHenry, 227 Mott street, New York. | papers please copy. INFORMATION WA N TED.? IF WILLIAM . would call at 121 Columbia street. S^uth llroo | otairs. he would meet his cousin there; wh-nlla.t worked at the ahip carpenter business in New I ork. IF D. R. JAMES, LATE CLERK AT STEARN chinscn A Co., will address Q W. H.. Ilera giving bis residence, he will h.'ar something to his ai | CORPORATION nOTiCEI. t OF CORPORATION PROPERTY ,-WI O ?"ld at pablic auction. on Monday, lVth Ac o cli. ok A. M , to the ln/h< <t bidder, a!! the mat' property or the ruins of the late New City llsil. It tlie l ark consisting of tricks, flatting. and hnildu .*ai.| pri [ ? rty will to sold In different lots The rale will be cash, to be paid to the aucti. aeer as eo> rale ir concluded. Tie purchas -r will lie ohligat move the proceed* ol his purchase from ths pr?mis< five days from the day of sale. All r-ponmbility delivery of tbe prop?rty will be borne by the pnrchi in < are the purchaser ?hould neglect to reu. ,ve as) rials or property within the Are dats. as specified, it I . otisldered forfeited to tbe corporation, and will be . I again for the benefit or the city IIAR1 IIOI.OMEW B PCI Commissioner or Repairs and .K" | PAKCIHO ACAOEMIKS." BCRNTON S LAST AND FAREWELL HOI vions to retiring from tbe dancing urofesnoa place at the Chiaese liulldin**. Ur adea'y. on TaesJ inn. April 10 Th< pr. s-nt an i all farmer tnemi icliool art- r-st^ctlully solicited to call at tl,e schc the Store. '.'74 II" eery, snd [rorire csrdu ot >e?it?t this I* the last sail final assembly, it Is hoped that i friends will be in atteadaace on tbl* occauoa MILIilSKRV OOOIM. F RFNt 11 AND AMERICAN ARTIFICIAL FL' wholesale aad retail.? The sulscriber has ao? a larn* assortment of French floaers, and Am*Tie own mannfketare. Merchants and mllliaer* will their a<ivautage to examine h.s itTk ? * H I'll KIS7Q I'll IK. .77 East Dror | JAMES TCCKF.R. IMPORTER A N D W HO ' dealer la artificial Bower*, may aauoance to t ? mat tt e above countless varieties are supremely hi ana that cash caa at all time* command tho be | Br ad* ay near White (tract, AMTROIsOUY. ASTROLOOY -NR.* FI.EI'RV, FROM PAR!' I baated In espiainiag th. plaaetc. by the art ' astrologer*, t y books aad *ei"ace Give* iaforoaU relations of lite at 2t.1 Broome street Madame morrow will give ladie:? p lecture* oa all eoaeeraa ef Ufa; her predit truly astonishing, though *he r ractice nethlng ba reeoncilaMs to paileeephy. | f net satisfied there v admfned rtraat, bear Cannon. Oentla murnM. For sale-a handsome grin of R?nJ furmtura, aavered with three e- lored hrecat. ,ats.t patten. Addraas M DZ.IIerU# ofHe, VOB SALE -V>MS MAHor.AM v A- O SOfl J larallure, richly treated p4M, re. p | . 1 vases I Bees aad ether cart a. a* -J-'? - ' * seme very ba dagacrraan epeeu As , cheap fot each. Apply at ... A. k., t?# F, 1L iPtMMlMlpi 3O0AMY A-VO ROI> I pictara*. p | aia ae as, plated , ' v!,V ectmeas. oa. B^ut

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