Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1855 Page 2
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Virginia PollUea. Or* KJCHMOND CORUSrONDBNOC. Richmond, March 24, 1856. J*? Proffrut ef the Camnu?Tkt Secessions from the Whift and /row th* DtmocraU?The Filing in Che WUU. <te. 1 gave you In ray U?t a sketch of our candidates for (?rernor, Uauteaant governor, attorney gwnsral, Md aaauniraioner of the bona of public works. I have now t? my that, as the news comes in from *11 quartern of thi* *'^*^7 extended State, tho nominations are every where responded to in the most satisfactory manner, Ike whig* of the State are generally satisfied. Her# and there are some stiff-backed old fellows, who lore a demo wat as the old boy loves holy wat?r, and who vow tber ?annat go a ticket with one whig and three democrats on H. Some of them, perhaps most of the few who thui talk, are perfectly sincere In this, but there are also aame who. if their particular friend had betn the "one whi^," could have swallowed with gr?at esse three or tfcraa doien democrats. As a general thing, the whigs ?I the Stat* are delighted with the ticket, and the inde pendent democrats stand up to it in a solid phalanx. Iha Enquirer, of yesterday, made a great shout of tri uapb over the fact that Thomas J. Michie, of Staunton, wham it pronounces the first lawyer of the first bar of Virginia, and who wan formerly an unflinching whig, has announced his determination to support the Wise ticket 1 eheerfnlly admit all that the Enquirer can say in favor ?f Mr. Mich ton' talents and virtues. lie is an ornament to a bar which waa once graced by the mighty intellect ?f the Ulustrions Daniel ShefTey, and at which Johnson, Paytan and Baldwin exerted their lofty powers. Bat if w* Lave lost Michie, who is the bead of the Western har, have we not gained Patton, who is the head of the Eastern bar' Moreover, Michie Is not a recent acqui. ?Won io the democracy. He refund to vote for Scoit, and, as I doubt not, from conscientious motives. Now, a* a get off against an accesion here and there to the de ?socra'y, the rank and file of the democracy are desert ing the Wise standard by multitudes. The Wise papers kave got up a cock-and-bull story about there being but one democrat in the Winchester nominating convention, ?a rest being all whigs. Now, Sir, although I have no personal knowledge of the fact, I am informed by high and undoubted authority io the Order, that of this con vention, which consisted of one hundred members, ilfty ?wo were whigs, and forty-nine democrat*. 7 hat ia a tact, and those who feel interested in the subject may with confidence adopt it as the basis of any calau. Jatkm* they irfty see fit to make. This fact, as well a? the nominations thtt were made, show that party tie* were forgotten, and that the Know Nothings were looking to the most competsnt men for the service of 'he State, and not to the political asoendancy of either ?f the old parties. Fram all quarters we hear of prominent rrewbers of ?e demacratio party bolting in the most opsn and de laat manner, lieale, Patton, Morris, the Know N'o nominees, are all old line democrats. Bdraoud 1 tbe patriarch of the sg-icultural interest! mi Virginia, and a Calhoun democrat of the straightest ?art, will not, I am informed, g>e Wise hi. supwrt. ?a the Franklin Congressional district, Mat. Claiborne ?aw ot the legular out- and outer* of the young democra ?y?a stripe more progressiva and radical than Oeorro Crocks tTT^i t 'Jf , 5? rou8l> and- tumble Da vy .* fellow, has come out fiat-footed on thu S Know Nothing platform, and will probably run for ("on 'f'0" . toco*. In the WillianSburg dlstrie" laSXtn'? 7n f^nr.mlrlV d-mo<'I?tlc Member of thJ 14*1- lature, and field io high repute by his narfcv will Mr V i?, Ia Caroline c&at* TAl.Ur r? ; ?"??? of the deuo STi 4? o,-^ Ji* W'slalure, boldly owned his oppos! iLd Th\^y}}^ aiotber soiaU caTu., ?Liori?? 41 .nB0ther oandMato, but the 22ft, n.r desaocrjcy of Caroline stau i ftrmky by DaJarnitte. . Then thcro is Ji nen of wTVnlnth. ?8?'v?f Keily, of Appo'mut t?r and other leading democrat*. in opon ?ruun 1 a id hopeless rebellion. Jone* bad been appointed democratic ?JeoUir for James City, but refused to accopt on ac-uunt ofbis opjo-'Uon to%. At the democrat!:' Hi Wat Buckingham Court, David J. Wcodfln lien a democrat, briuK loudly called for, came fo^ th? D^?UD ^ be bad he.etofore asted with the ^democratic party, but that ho now s'ood upon the ' platform. This announcement fell like a bombshell among ,ho faithful. Mr Wood tin nm Mck the, c;iar" <>f iUSSi-wia Z!.l!TJ5 fought againit the Know Nathings, and ?wb ludart by expres?ing his regrat to see ili? 'r-Tmi Uh"* hand ,n 'land witti the Mew York THbune, Albany Evening Jourual, kc. I a\v? vou ihr ia a* .jocim.n. o! the developments that aj* occ min^ at S 00 m* ot iuira all over Vxrgfnia. ^ ' ? T4l? f0Jih? onjan* here to pour bo*, hint into S those tncependent democrats, who have opinod their iti nnoua minds to the truth, aud are not' res trained "y a enquirer .? thunder from declaring t';nir oonuien ?ous convutions Better treat th jm kindly, usr .oi> words acJ try and coax thsm.' That 'a the way old Mr Kit'Oie wonld have .lone, and hs would by thin timo ?M W<r*C >X>P 'J^K WJrkin'< 'k fVy "I li r. and hi" fp,nt h?s ^*t"i M " *? ? F** objection here to Know Xothiogi?m, that m li ., . rl*htB of.jonicience, arid single i ont anar wcitr rilltiouji denoraiaation to make war upon it. iSSftfL . ^>r00^ ^ 1 '?'> not see it in any of trie Ml !be part7' The Ko"t Nothings, aa I andorntind, object to the Pope's temporal nut)-, r If th? Popo "hould to morrow r^?n Hint tbd Know Nothing, would htvo aomora p^xt to make *ar upan him than uoou tho Awhbiahop of Canterbury, or tho Moderator o' tiie rte ?aaaJ Aa?*mbly of 8ootUni. I freely ciafcs that I tttok It would be better if the Know NothDg p--,, wanld keep thi* distinction before the people, a uiiu S?.e^r?^#vtU! l?P^-'on, which I am -ore U u 't li, o Vi" Know Nothing association is ?wvSL^Uh^iSii ^ ?*,ho"'' """h, instead of pro r box from foreign influence. I, f( r "Sr?. m,iny other" f*' as 1 do :u nyraoa I *m ln'crm^ are the objwfj of ''othingism, have no sort of i lea of enlist MV aKaln,,t 'he Koman Catholics, or mmiv th? m?.C? J?" . i would liav,! lts memiir.1 "Bi?y tho most perfect an 1 entire relig:otie fropdom It U,XJ Z12 UUth "n'1 ja\U:e fo people if tbe Sonth ara ,n no cnng.r fro.n Koman Ca!holiragKres and that .he iRioin Catholics h?re, clergy and gfc"S?J5a H mo1t ??"P'"J-yof our roT'^ious yawa. Mowovw, thsy are few in number? a mere am satisfied from what I kno-v of thnm SZhT Jl* I "o?V ?y*' '*? U not u,K>a CUU ?Lm,? is0 V1 5* K?ow Noth.ngfl ViT, I, ?aght w th equal ustice be said t'jat th<-j rnxko wa ?pou Oarmaa Infidelity, which I regard ivi4 far mT,r? hanor .ban Kom..n citholicam. W towthaUu^ wwy city thtre are <i?rmina who meet to -"M.? r on r ,aocliery of th" urd* * ^ Tha recant elacUon In I'rederick.bu-r. duly notel in ST. tl "i?'> " a?othor of th8 ?tra.T, wbi. " ?r the iid0- To show the msnn-r in which fOT'lgnlDfluenoe was brought to b<mr In Miis . h<c ??a, I wiU mvntivn the foliawing fact: Tbc 1 rederln ^ fcsu* Uer aid sUtea that tho chartar of thar lo^n bears Aite nine year^ before tbe adoption of the federal , on ?me?tnr?LA2i f <5b<1 thlt' un,l?'r provision ; ?Matnraliied foreigners, being hous?*""p s in tb? swrpo ration three months, wera entitled to vot- (? happened that eighty or a hundred of '.hej,- nnnataral tted foreigners bad Wu llrin^ . few monlh, in the ?rihlt"we? 'Wll^l 40?.# .to !.',bir on t,'? works, ir- T S ^.*U bro'lftht to polls fo vote against AeJOw>r Nothing candidate* I Ought n-t s ieh h pro 2 . I1"'? by n" trup American^ t Njtwffh ih: ?id "r thes" ""naturalized auilli 1^15*1 - WU* UcUt w.v- knocked tnto a M>lh?' ^ ;ity7nT";,.tH!li'T|1,,f cfl0'1i !4te for Governor, tad PlTrir 1.J ? !jok,bu'* seventy two: in I8?" SSTm^-^ tb0M cr for?/ t o. (n ,,V. *tS hn:i? waf iwi l.hes W^U'1L?:1 ^ ItMOfl in th? ?' co?^t that the r^antr/ will repair thei** la quite aa wlde tpx^d ^ tha^tiK^^W? countr> Ha U still wL.^t "V? V,r ahlaualu about the man. he comw frankly and so deflaaUy with hl< priori yi,, " 'b# w.VhVl?,on.or tapntaiv* *o rash, so ready to bar# th* arm a? Vt?Li. ' hi* sp andid talanta would exarci** neat aeiiht if lL Si'mLY1 thr'. geoar.ius soul attract to bim a bo#<t of frienda. Rat h?? ^aaaot be ilect^i ?> A hdm nistration in Virginia fa d. a- ad. f 'o the K. N ruaks. Th* diaappMate l ?aCT^uTi f"U ,Dto th# r*ok" w,'h ??"? m, ?nd rejcloe to fight as common ?owiara la a cause no dear to their pitr.Mir haart*. K.VOW HOMEffflNO. ACCmiNCI OP THOKAH B. n.OtftNOT, iMmiCAK CANDITAT* TOR rtorWNOHOr VMWIHU. Haufa*, C. II., M?r:h 21, 1 8.1ft. 1 h?r? jart rao'tred roar l?tt?r of th* 14th inform'og ?no af my nomination by tha ConTOntion at Wincbe*'.?r ?or tha oAoo of Oorernor of this 'Unto, anl r*i<i??t ?* my Meaptaora. It w wall known to ?U wh* eommnnie?t?'l with m* ?ym th* aubjnet. (.hat for r*a?oa? antlraly p?r?oa?l to Myaalf 1 had oo d?*lra ti oprttp/ -nob a position. At krM tt 1* abo?? u; m?m which I po? *??, and aa wor Aj aa It la of tha ambition o? any man. I wai unwilling to hara Br attention withdrawn from tha quiat pnMnita nt prlrata lift, Mri aarnaatly hopad that *ho Oonrantlon wa?M hart a*l?ct?i aoma on# mora ?niUbl? in ? Tory MfMt than ?yaalf to rapraar*t the Amvinan party, ?it ay Mrttfw ronfldanra in, and aarnaat <*aaira for. tha Mmm of tho prl?elpla? of that party, upon which. I* my hnmhia jnflcmant, dwpand tha probation of tha rltnt* ?f tha WtiM and tha pi i?a' nation af tha tninn, Ind'ioa m? to aroapt tha aomfnation t? doing so, it h proper ti?t I ?b*U Hjrm i t j opi- j a tons upon the subjects which moit interest t he f opW of tbt duU, I am In favor of a general -yetem of popular edn ottioo. I am In favor of oowpktiDg tho ItaJinf Uno* of Inter nal improvement, now nader jiroeecution, wltfi as mucfl despatch u the financial condition ef the State will jus tlij, keeping always in view the preservation of her faitn and credit. ... . ?v i I endorse fully the fcaais of the principles of the Aim rican party. believing them to be the moat conservative presented to the consideration of the country ainoe the e*tab:iahm?pi of our independence. The rapid increase of foreign im migration is well cal culated to excite alarm, and the power of the govern ment both State and federal, should be exerted to check it It xrma almost impossible to doubt that the laflox of between four and five hundred thotsand foreign?rs into our country annually will ultimately be subversive of eur republican institution!. Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Jackson gave early warning to the coan try of the danger to be apprehended from foreign influ ence. The naturalization laws should either be repealed or so modified, and inch restrictions Imposed, as to avert the evil. _ Tbe South i( especially and deeply interested in this question. This immente and annual addition to our population settle in the non-alavthslding Mates, and the extensive territories of the Wt?t and Northwest, out of which free States will, in consequence, be more speedily formed, increasing with fearful rapidity the balanse of power against us. ? Intimately connected with this question ofToreign im migration is the growth cf the Romm Catholic Church in our country. Despotic, prescriptive, and intolerant, its ascendancy, as all history teaali* a, has ever been de structive of medom of opinion; and while I would un compromisingly oppose any interference with the rights if its membxra as citizens, by any legislative enactment, yet by a full and independent exercse of the right of ulTrogi', and the appointing power, they should bo ex laded from the offices of the government in all its de partments. It may be said that thsre are comparatively few fo reigners and Roman Catholics ia Virginia. (She is not acting for herself alone. She is a leading member of thla great sisterhood of States, and her action will be felt for weal or woe, by them ail. Her destiny is identified with theirs, and she cannot look with indifference to the fact that tie great valley of the Mississippi, watered by twenty thousand miles of navigable rivers, and the im mense and fertile territories, M retching beyond to the Pacific, capable of sustaining a population of one hun dred millions, are rapidly filling up with this class of people. 1 will advert particularly to one other principle of the American party ? the " non intervention of the federal and State governments with themunicipal r.fTaira of each otter." The strict observance^ this principle will make the ULicn of the States perpetual. I shall not have it in my power to meet the people of the State ?nd discuss these questions with the/n faae to face. It !s cow about sixty days to tbe election, and if 1 were to devote every day to the canv.-. s?, I should not bo ?.ble to visit much more than one third of tbe counties. An additional, and with me an important reason, is, that I shall bo fully occupied in the preparation for, ani attendance upon the courts in which I practice, until the t taction shall have pas-ed. If, with three opinions and tliis position, the people of Virginia hull elect me to the distinguish 1 office of Go vernor of the Commonwealth, I will db -.barge its duties with fidelity and what ability I possess I will endeavor to advance the prosperity, guard the honor and protect the Interests and Institutions of Virginia, by all the power vested in me, and I shall do all that I can, consistent with her inter* ft and horor, for the preservation of the Union. THOMAS S. FLOURNOY. POLITICAL M4TTEHS IN VIBGIKIA. Hon. Thos. H. Bayly, of Accomac, has come out in a letter announcing himself a democratic sandidate for re election to Cougreit in the First district. Be says he will, upon the hustings, express his opinion* in the faoe of Us late constituents, upon a'l the questions propounded to him, snd in the meantime declares that there has un dergone no change in his political opinions. Mr K. T. Hupp, of Accomae, i? also spoken of as a can didate for Congress by the American party. The canvass In the Fifth Congressional district, be tween Messrs. tlui'iorne, American, and Bocock, dem., promises to be quite snimated. Tho Washington I'nitm admit;- that tbs nomination of Henry A. Wife was "distasteful to som? democrats," on ac< ount of his antecedents. We fancy he will be dis tasteful to mere democrats on accaunl of his subse quent*. Political Intelligence. DECLENSION OP MAJJR BRBCKINKIDQB. Itw'llbusecn by the foEow jig letter that Hon. Join C. Breckinridge declines making a canvass for Congress the present yt ar:? % Lextnotox, March 17. 18C5. 7 have observed that the county meetings ana the de mocratic press of this district havn expressed a prefer ence for me is the nominee for Congress, and perhaps I am justified in supposing it to be the desire of my party that I .'hail strain tie a candidate For nearly a year 1 have fore area that it would not be in my power, at pre sent, to inaio arother canvass; and I should have ma le this . unuunccmeni earlier, but that it seemed to me more decorous first to complete the term for which I was elected. At the ?arliest moment after my return home, 1 aomninDlcated this conclusion to the oelvgat?a irorn tho district, assembled at the Pemocratis State Con vention, and now make It moro public in this form, that the democracy may lake the proder steps to select a can didate. Feeling strongly the bonds of pcl.tical and personal friendships, forged in the heat of anient contests, nothing li-ss than the most controlling reasons ooull in. ,duce ae to decline the canva.iM. These reasons are purely private and domestic, b'lt thoy are such as the obligations of honor and duty do not permit m? to dis eeard. And in asking, for the present, an honirable discharge, 1 hope It is not improper for me to say here, t hot I do it wilh a heart, full of gratitude to the peoplo of this district for their unwavering confidence, and the teinembranje of thair kindness will be che rished by uie with enthusiastic memory until the pulses ol life forever cease to beat. To my political opponents 1 desire to express my a? knoaledrments for tlie general fairness and courtesy of their coura? in conflicts characterized bv great exiite meat. If. lile myeelf, they feel no sting in recurring to tlio past, I am sure we shall jog on together in social life with reciprocal sentiments of good will, lu.'.eel. the old whig par'y of the Ashland di?trlct was a bold and manly party, and for my part, 1 have seen itsumn'er its name and lower Its Hag with regret. We retire from the field ! together; but should it ever be my fortune to re appear on the political theatre. I shall be happy to walcome our ddfricnd.s in their old uniform? of whom, at least, it could be said that under the name of wh gt they offered a lair field and an open encounter. JOHN C BRECXENRTDOE. STRENGTH OF TTTH AMBRIC&N PiTTV IN MISSISSIPPI. We leaic tbat there era aires ty four hundred subordi nate councils in Mississippi, and forty thousand members, of the new American "rganization. This is a ra'her for midable party ia a State which contains but sixty-five thousand voters. MlflCELLANBOrS. Hen. David J. Bailey, v,-ho represented the Third dis ' trict of (J?oraii in the liast Uacgre-s, has declined to b 5 i a candidate rcrr . election. The Thlbodeaux (?!?.) Jfinerm has plated at the head 'i ti ciAumns tbe names of Garret Davis, uf Keituo*>y, or tho Ptesiemy, and Jacob Brooms, of Pennsylvania, for the Vice-Pre?id?noy. Psrson Brownlow, of the Knox rille (Tenn.) WHy in timates it as his Belief that two tUi? Is of the Met'i.sltst clrrgy belong to the Know Nothing organization. Tne Parson is, of covrso, a m?mber. A paper in Hanover Pa , ha-- at the he*'! of its co lumns: ? For l'resi.leut, Millard Fillmj-e, of N'es: York; fjr\ ice-PrCfident, John P. Kennedy, of Maryland. Hon. John Cadw%Uad?r, of Pennsylvania, dsmocrat, representative elect to the next Congress, has writtsa a long letter denoun-ing the new American organ'.iation, and prophesying Its speedy dissolution. Mr. Cadwallader evidently has an eye to tne Presidential nomination in 1856, and th s letter is a bid for Southern influence. Nichols- Itrown has declined the democratic notn'na tion for J i-Milenan' Oovennr of Rhode Is! ? 1, nil th? name of ^ llliam I.ittleflel I has been substituted. Cannl Lrltliiit*. The Canal I/CttiD?* Board, which win In eeialon in Nochetiter <n the 22u instant, ma.'.e the fo'.liwin,; ?wardi:? ?'??. 246 ? t'unn k ?miti!. fee. 25S? Albert M ir^el ac 24tt? Dunn k hm'tti. 259 ? Patrick Quinn. 847? Oideon llnrd. 2*0? Patrick gu nn 24C ? Vnoe. W. k' 311 ? B McMullen. 24ft? Hlnla* .V Wd- 282? B. M sMulIei Ham*. 2S4 ? H. C. Ml lie acl 2*2 ? 8. Britten. John Vernam. X.3- Hlfgine & Wit 2*9-0?w>. W. reek. liann 20#? Dunn k Smith. Vf>4 ? 9 Prl'ton. 295 ? II. McMuUen. 266 ? H. Britten. I/0?.k 86 -Jeeee l'et#r?on. 260 ? C. C. Barker. 60? ChM. H. Britton. 247? Ui'leon Hani. Waete wtire on see. 246 to 242, laelitelve? Wallace W. Byrne. Wa?t* welrn on fee 289? (Jen. W. *n . John NapVr. Ftriilge abn*mont? on Mc. 246 to 252, InclmiTe? W*T lace W. B>rne. Itiilge abutGienta on nee. 263 U> 362, .n?'u?l?e? same party. Bridge abutment* on eeo. 289? John W. it Qeorge Napier. CnlrerU on eoc. 269 to 262, InclialTO? Rlgertoo fc McFarli n . Culrort* on iwc. 2M to 289, Inilaelre? Wllklne k Foi. Hrlrigee ? 1 iron ? uper?trnctnre for Glaegow etroet, Clyde; 1 do. (or Soda* street, Clyde, 1 do. fer Church atreet, I yone? M A. Harrington. BrMg?* ? 1 iron ?iiper<triictar? for Monroe street, Ro 'Ueeter 1 do. for Amtieret utreot, BuflVo, 1 do. for Tror itreet, Buffalo? Squlr* W nipple. The abure work eaet of Rochester, amounting to about ? '<u. 000, wo put under contract aome tl'.t.luo, or a>'out 14 par r?ut laie than the engineer*' eetinato. The work ?Mt of the city wa? let at 30 per cent beta* the r>r? ^-4 cnglneere' r?timato.* Umitbmity or Amajct? Law Scnoot? The flrit public ?otn,..'n ?io?ot of thi? inetltntlon wa? h- ! < at Aeeociation lUU iMt p>cninf. In tue abeen*.e of cnancellor Walworth, the present Of the faculty, the 4*ffT*ee were announced by Judge Herri*. The degree of Bachelor of 1*?? wae conferred upon the following young gentlemen, each hating at'enled the fall court* it three ter**, rit - Cornellue Eaeeletyn of TJrtegiton. V. T. Daniel W Fo*ter, of Newark, N. J. Dan. Kefchum, of Albany, N. T' Kroeet J. Miller, of Albany, N. T. Jairoe W. Paramere. of Creet >ne. Ohio. Han i? M. Plaiftod, of JeffOreon. N. H. QaleV I). Randall, of Broaeon, Mich. Jame? M Ripley, of Wort Wrootham, Mate. Jehn Randereon. of Athene. N. Y. The aridreae to 1M graduating claee waa delleetod by | Darld Dad toy Field, bq,of Now Xork.? JM*ny JtvrHt ip Journal, Mwth 24. Interesting ft 11 Urate*; or* vjiiu cbcz coRHEsroitinNCK. T?i Cbuz, March 8, 1M3. Santa Anna's Absence from the Capital? The Govern ment Statements of kit Victory at Iguala entirely #W* ?Humeri that he Intends Leaving Mexico ? Reasons for Crediting said Ru mors ? Revolution Expected in Yuca tan ? Official Changes and Movements ? Fears qf the Kinney Expedition? The Governor of Mexico? Line of Steamers Between Vera Cruz and Havana ? das for the Capital ? Passengers by the Orisaba? Business? Finan cial Distress of the Government, de. dc. Although I pro mi ted on my departure to writ* to 70a often, moving from one place to ahothcr hu prevented me keeping my promise. I have now, however, some news to tend yon, and hasten to do so. General Santa Anna, accompanied by Oeneral Blineo, bli Minister of War and Marine, loft the city of Mexico on the 26th ultimo for Cuornavacca. ' It waa stated by the government press that the cangf of his absence was mainly to re-establish his health ? that he was going for a few days to a warmer climate, aud at the tame time desired to be ncaror the focus of the revolution, and be able to dictate prompt and energetic meat ares to check it. Seme of the newspapers even feared for his Serene Highntps's life, as he might, In the heat of passion, ex pose himself to all kinds of privations and fatigues. It is to be observed, however, that before his Serene High nets left, his troops, and even the majority of his body guard (Qvias de S. A. S ) bad left, with the intended purposed- according to the papers ? of attacking the re volutionist*. Geo. Woll, a Frenchman, It is said has also accompanied the one-legged hero. On the 6th Inat. the only paper in the city, (El Eco del Comercio) published an extra, giving an account of a battle won by H. 8. H . over the rebels, and the capture of a city ? Alvarez and his ton having had a very narrow escape. The same paper also stated that Col. Moreno, who had passed over to Alvarez with the column under his command, had been captured by some of Santa Anna's tioops and shot; itnd that his Highness was about re turning to Mexico city. But the trnth of the whole affair is, that there is no such battle won or fought, and that Santa Anna himself caused said report to be made out and spread, in order to entertain the public attention while he retreats to Tampico, where, it is said and be lieved, he will embark in the English mall steamer for Havana or Jaa1 aca. His wife left Mexico city some day s ago, taking v.ith her several articles of furniture, and it is believed she went away by the last trip of the English packet, which left hore on the iifth instant. And this report is further to be credited on account of a rumor current here that on the evening of the 3d instant Madame Santa Anna had arrived in Vera ?ruz. and being cheered by the Guards, she stated her wian of passing unno ticed. A carriage belonging to Gen. Santa Audi, and three mill ons of dol.&rs, were embark e 4 on board the British mall steamer which left on the Itb. A revolution is daily expected in Yucatan, of which State Gen. Ampudia, of fried oil memory, Is at present Governor. His two nephews, Col. Enrique and Francisco de Ampudia, together with several officers, are here awaiting the arrival of one of the Mexican steamers, at present on the Rio Grande, to convey them to Cam peachy. Gen. Ampudia lias asked of the government to send tee steamer Iturbide to cruise on the coast, so as to help him, in case of any movement, to keep the poor Yucateeos down; but it is most likely they wilt not send any steamer tteie before the revolution breaks out. Gen. ilarln, the' new Governor of the Island del Car men, residing at 1-aguna de Termmos, has sent over a delegation to tbe government, with n view of making them acquainted with the necessities of the country, and authorize liini to establish a dosk yard and a navi gation school at J.aguns. Mr Lara, the Captain of the poit of Lag una, is a member of the delegation which arrived here last night in tbe French packet Frungia y Mr.jico. Tii* re have been some changes lately in this quiet and old city of thy turkey buzzards and aoukeys. Josu M. Fspino, Ciptaiu of thU port, has been removed, and ap pointed Commander General of the Poutbera depart ment, residing at fan Bias; while lieutenant Miguel Bousquet (formeily of the Venezuelan navy under the Pacz administration) has been appointed in the place of Fepico. Commodore Valle left on tbe l.r>th of February for the city of Mexico, to return m fifteen days, but at latest accounts be had followed Santa fcnna to Cucruavaci. His place of Comnmnder General of the Navy is pro visionally occupitd by Captain Mateos. lhe sU liners Iturbide and Santa Ansa, which left for the Hio Grande on the 15th and 17thoT February, are daily expected with troop:' from Vfatamoras and Tampico. They took with them $100,000 to pay the troops in Mata mnras. Tbe government here has entertained so no fears that the Kinney exptditicn was destined to iuvade dome of th? norttun frontier of this republic, in connection with Caravajal's plans ? at least 1 have keen told so by a person who holds a high oUlce under the government. Gen. Corona, the Governor of this State, U frightened to death on account of the rumors nil at He cannot eat, drink or sleep, at ease. He nik'trustx all the irjope except thi artillery, in which corps hu served for many Srs, and which he keeps wll paid. No other corps n this is allowed to be station d ath's pilsce n* hi* body guard. He looks sick and car* worn, and seldom ventures ou'? It is said that the remaining companies of the Actyuca . regiment. at present stationed at the cat. tie, will be sent to J urntan. An lion steamer, called or to be called the Morelot, is daily expectad here from England, where it has heen built for the Mexican government, under the superin tendency of Lieut. Ijiine. Ihoro wan a gentleman here from Havana as agent of a new Spanish company to establish a line of mall steam ers between Vera Cruz' Camneachy and Havana. He left by the English steamer, wltn tbe consent of this govern ment, under certain stipulations unknown to mo. Br. Gabor Napheggl, a Hungarian by birth, and the contractor for the establishment of gas works in this city, returned on the 4th by the Orizaba fri.m New York, wheie it appears ha has made arrangements to carry out his contract, but under what basis, or whom with, I know not. Among the passengers leaving to-day by th? Or'zaba are Messrs. Jose M Oarav, (of Tehtitmepet celebritf,) Manuel F^randon and Francisco Iturbide. the former having a capital var'ously estimated at fr-im six tj ten million* of dollars, and tbe latter not much poorer thin the former. They are going to New York by the Mis sissippi river, ana will stop a day or tw>i at Niagara. It is said that they will remain in New York some two or three months, to arrsnge the matter of tbe Tehuantepee route, and thence proceed to Europe to visit the Paris Exhibition. Mr. 1'ic'odo and two daughters, from GuadaUjtm. also go by the Orizaba. Mr. Pintado has a claim ags'nst the United States government for injuries sustained by himself snd sev?ral other Spaniards during the Mexican war, and is going to agitate the matter during bis short stay there; thecoe he la going to r r s for his health. Mrs Hargoua, the tocompHshed wife of Mr. I. Har Souh, of Msiioo city, is a'u gjing by the Orizaba*, o sy, accompanied by her brother. They 'ntnnd to put up at the GrJt House la Louisville, Ky., and thsn:e pro ceed to New York. Business is dull. The American bark Nenuphar, Ctpt. Marsboack, will leave fir New York oa th > 14th ln?t. The government is without money, owing the troops and naval officers snd men four months' pay. As this letter I* too late V) go by tbe steamer, I senl It by a friend, wbo will deliver It on als arr'val there, which I I'm sorry to say wfd be some days '.fter the mail is due, You rlisU hear from me soon. AYUTLA. Decision* In Admiralty. CNiriD t-TATBS DI8TIU0T COCRT. Before Hop. J u 7<i Hall. M \ nm 20.? Gideon Smith el at. vs. The SUamaoai Tl'aifci'nflfoti. ? Thin libel waa filed to recover th? dam-iRei "ccaeio&ed to lb* achocaer Sylph, owaad by 1V.? Lbel lanta, by a collMtn with the ferry boat'ogton, which happened bet w ten 8 &n l 9 o'clock In the erenln; of July 7, 18-19, In the Eaat river. The tide ?u eb\ an 1 the wii.d waa blowing freeh from the *outhweit- The Svlih wn* h^adinif about veet by north, clnie hauled, with her larV-oar.l taclta a? oir>l The Waah.rgton wai ouo of tin) Catharine f.rry boata, c >nvng fro*t? th< New York side, and the collision occurred about on" ?hlrd arroa* tbe river from lhat side. There 'ree a conflict of teitlmonr a* to tbe "*erkn?M of the night. Tfc s afeom brvt wax hailed when the danger of cMli'ton wa? <){-?? covered, ami tb* ngine w*a atopped and backed, rhe Sylpb oM net change b?r ccir^e H?ld by the Court ? That It i? *h? general rule tbat It ie the right nnd duty of ? aail ng ?"?wl beat'ng >:j the channel ol th" river, to run out her tank aa mn nit a steamer? (the Oneot* 11 l*g. Obe 3(51? and tnat the pilot of tbf ferry boat was beu-ii to know that thm wan the right a?d d.ity of jhe ayluh, aol to avjid her. That the f-rr? boat being at re t In her aHp, It wae her doty to h*ve watted, if that waa necaaarv, in or'er to paa* in aafety under th? iWd of the Sylph. (The Jamaica 11 l*g. Ola. 242.) That aa'.liag ie*>nela In the harbor ot New York arc not Includ ed In the provtalnna of eectiom 8, 12 and 13 of tltlo 10, chap. 20, part 1, of the iWtleed Statute*. m to ?lg m>l lights, nor the act of (Jongrea* of Marcn 3, lRt J, althuugk It would a< to be a proper':*#* for leRi*lative action, and one requiring rnme refutation in reapeot to light*, even more than in the ??? ?r1i?re inch provielon haa been made A eourt. of admiralty may nerirtbeiet* properlj hold that an omnmon to eihibit a light when croaaiag the line of a well kaowa ferry In an eiceedtnfl/ dark night la inch a fault aa to chirge upon the veaael guilty of ft all the <v>i>eequeneea of a eollialoa naee?ea rily or properly attributable to aueh an ctniiefoa. But If in the preeent eaae tb* night waa aa dark aa atatod by the reapondent'a wltn* t,ea, it waa the dnty of thoae onboard the Wa abiagtoa to uae mure than ordinary precaution!, and eapeelally to place a lookeot to ira wry beet poeltion. and not to ran w th umal apeedfT The epeed wa? not checked, however, aad the on'y liok ont waa the pilot at the wheel, which la well aettied to be inaufficleot, even under ordinary cirenmatancee, and in a clear night. That tht/ exoeaalve darkne<a of the a gbt waa not aet op aa the ground of defence ia 'be reeponrient'a aaawer; and la view of thia fact, aad that ao greater precaution t were taken, aad that th? wltneae ea f<r the laepondenta mijht hare Keen dazaled by a bright light on the tad ot the pl?r, which had no erreea on Uieinaer aide, aad which it waa proved would aaturally aad necreear'ly prevent the pilot from aeelag ohjeeta be yond it ia a dark eight, the Court ought to rely rather upon the toatiatony of the ltbellaata' witaeaaea aa ti the darkaeaa of the Bight. That If the darkaeee waa area more exceeaive tbaa claimed by the reepondent, the r tea in beat waa a till clearly la fault, beeauee thia clrmmetaaoe wculd require eitraordiaary precaution* ?ad the u'tnoat vtgflaace oa board the iteamer adl ant ere a the ordinary look eat waa kept- Decree, therefore, fot hbellaate, with a referee:* to cctn^gte the am tnt ?f il??ap loionrr or Mono.? Doniietti's grand opera, In three acta, will be played to-morrow evening ? Mgnora Htefl* son* u Hirlt dl Rohan^lgnorlna Vert rah m Armando Goodi. The other ekutoMN will be sustained by tan. Bolcioni, Badiali, Biondi and Qutnto. The sing tag of Steffenone, Vat trail and Badiali will ba a rich tM*t to the musical dilettanti. Broadway Thiutrm. ? Mr. Korrart appears to-night in bis great character of King Lear, in Sbakspere's tragedy of tbat name? Conway, a very good actor and great fa vorite, aa Edgar, Mad. Ponisi as Cordelia, Mra. Abbott as (lonerll, and lira. Warren aa Began. The farce of the "Good for Nothing" will conclude the amaaementa. Bowkht Thkatu ? Mr. E. Eddy, a vary popular actor, make* bia weoond appearance thin evening in the French drama of the " Corsican Brotbera." The ammements will close with the new roman'ic drama, entitled the ?'AvsBacho, or Triala of the Heart"? Mr. R. Johnston In the leading character. The Bowery theatre, under Wal dron, la doing well. Bvaion'B Tbsatrx.? Thia place of amusement con tinues to be largely patronised. To-night, the new comedy of "Legerdemain, or the Conjuror and his Wife" ?Burton, Jordan and Hall appearing. Also, the farce of the "Bpitflro"? Burton and Miss Lee in the leading paita. All will close with the faroe, "All the World's a Stage." Wallace's Thtutrk.? ' The second representation of Colley Cibber's comedy, entitled " She Would and 8he Would Not," will be given to-night ? Blake, Leater, Dyott, Brougham, Mrs. Hoey, Mrs. Stevens and Mra. Brougbsm appearing. The "New Footman" will con clude the entertainments. No doubt there will b? a good house. Nhilo'b Garden. ? The German Opera Company are anaounoed to appear to night in Weber's grand romantic opera of " Ber Freiaehuts. " The following artists ap pear M'lle C. Lehman, M'lle Sledenburg, Messrn. Quint, Vlncke, Behringer, Schmetter Blochluger, R?s ehertand, I>u ringer. The opera will be produced with great scenic splendor. American Mdski m. ? The drama of " Truth, or a Glass too Much," and the farce of tbe "Sesret," form tho ftatures of the afternoon performance ; and Ixtvell's play of "Love's Sacrifice," with Clarke and Miss Mes tayer in tlte pridcipal parts, will be given in the evening. This house ia doing well under the management of Mr. Greenwood. Wood's Minstrels.? A concert a 1* Jullien, the bur lesque of "Black Blunders," and a great variety of negto bh Relief, will be given to night. Bookixt's Skrenauirs ? Donisettl's opera, "L'Klisir d'Amore," will De given this evenisg, Tbe singing is good, and the scenery beautiful. Pchimh'b Opera Hocbb ?The company now singing at this plaoe of amusement is a good one. The singing is capital, and tbe instrumental music exquisite. Mr. S. W. Glxn.v, a very excellent comedian and graat favorite, ck>eed a successful engagement at the Bowery thoatre on Saturday night. New York Superior Court.? Part Second. Before Hon. Judge Blosson and a Jury. Mabcb 26.? John Pendleton, vt. The Empire Stone Drening Company. ? Thin was an action brought by the plaintiff for an excess of interest alleged to have been overpaid by plaintiff on account rendered on the 18th of Maren, 1863, amounting to $74 44; also for oommission End guarantee on work done for Br. 8. P. Townsenfl, as per agreement of tbe defendants, amounting to 9200; also to recover some 97 81 interest on $22 52, alleged to have been due plaintiff in pursuance of an sgieement made between tha parties to this suit: and fourthly, to recover 96,000 which tbe defendants, it is alleged, owed Mr. Horace Andrews, on the 17th of Octo ber. 1862, for the rervice of said Andrews as treasurer and bookkeeper for said company for two years, at the salary of 92,600 per year? which claim Mr. Andrews assigned to the plaintiff in November, 1854. A generil denial of all the allegations set up in the compUint was made by the counsel for defendants, Mensrs Sanford and Brace, and a motion was made to dismiss the com plaint as to the three iirst causes of action mentioned in tte complaint, on the ground that they did not set forth sufficient cause of action; tbe motion, which w?s at first denied, was subsequently granted, after the evidence was in; and the counsel for plaintiff, L. 8. ChatQeld, Ee q., went to the jury on the claim as signed to the plaintiff by Mr. Andrews for servicss as bookkeeper and treasurer of tho defendants. The Court, in charging the jury, said that the first three Items in tho complaint not having been fully proved, he should dismiss the complaint as to those three items; and as to tbe claim which had been assign ed to tbe ' plaintiff by Mr. Horace Andrews for nervine ua treasurer and bookkeeper, (at a salary of 92,600, for two years,) of the Empire atone Breaking Company, the Court cburscd the jury that if they believed Mr. A. wan employed by tha pr??id(>nt of tbe company, with autho rity to do so from the latter--cr that his services, in case tbe president had no authority to employ? were known tosnd isscnted to by the defendants, (which would be tantanfltunt to an adoption of them by the company,) then defendants would be liable for what thoso services were worth ? of which the jnry under the evidence must judge. The jnry were dirceted to bring in a scaled ver oict in tbe morning at 1C o'clock. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOSEY MARKET. Monday, March 20? G P. M. Tho non-arrtvel cf the Atlantic exerts an tmf.t volatile iiflnecce up on the 3tock market. The only active stock on the list to-dny was Reading. K-ie wis in moderate demmd, at beVer prices. At t^e fiiet boaid, Indiana 5's advanced J per cent; Cam be: land Coal, i; Erie railroad, 4; Bending railroad, i; Hudson railroad, 4; Michigan Southern railroad, 1{; Panama railroad, 1. CUvelmd, Columbus anil Cincinnati railroad declined 4 ler cent. The ab sence of the steamer does not put down prices, but it prevents a more rapid expansion. But for the doubt which weighs opon the pnblic mind relative to the Emperor of Russia being detd or alive, we should have a very buoyant market, and consider able speculations among the fancies, as it is, there is a firmiefs among hotdira, which looks as thjugh tte market would take a start immediately upon the arrival of the steamer, no matter whit new* she biings. Indiana 5'a and Virginia 6's continue ac tive. Riilrtad bonds, with the &x caption of Illi nois Central, were mush nsfffe^ted to-day, bat prises remain without alteration. Cleveland and Toledo sold to-day, dividend off. The decline in price waa 7fc per cent, and the dividend 10 per ceit. There wore unuuihy large sales at these rates. Tae stockholders will realize absut 7i per cant in cash oa their dividend. The fallowing sales of bands and stocks we e made at auction by A. H. NIcslay , aftsr the adjourn ment of the board:? 910, 010 Missouri State 0s, 1873 Fla% 13, 0CU North Carolina Statu Us do tfl? 16,000 Virginia State Be, 1887 do 97 10,000 1>t r.essee State flri, 1892 do 01 C 6,000 llllwaukie and Mississippi R. R 7s... do 8 3,000 Chijage and Aurora R. K. 2d mort,... do 80 4,000 Ohio snd Mis jisslppi R. R. do do 58 a 66$i 30 shares Third Avunun Railroad 30>4 75 do Second Avenue Railroad 67 200 do Brooklyn City R R. (36 per cent paid In.) 84 100 do Kr.e liaiload 48''; 400 do Cumberland Coal Co 34',' ISO Oo Hulsjn River Railroad 20 do Island Oty Bank 138>$ 0 do Bank of Commonwealth 74 50 do Marine Bank 95 1,COO do A'erdeen Gold Mining Co 8c, Simeon Draper's regnia* aemi- weekly auction na'e of stockB and bondi *ili take place tomorratr, a. half rant 12 o'clock, at the U< rohintn' Exchange. At the teccnd board the market thnngboit was bettff New York Central 7'a adv&L *)d 4 per cent; Erie Railroad, 4; Re*lmg Riilroad, 4; Galena pod Chicago Beilrond, 4. Vberc appear* to be a very larf ? (apply of Rt?te ?ockn on the market. In dWu t 5 'a, Vlrgi, > k ? 'a, Mlaaonrri fl'a, and Louisiana C'?, hare bfen atapli securities In Wall etreet, and htrd'.y a day pa?r-? 'hat largo acvmn?* &re,not Mid. The clc.'iiig op of many bunk a in the Wtstern S?vff has thrown a got/d many of tlie*e atocki on the market, bnt there n-jms to b: do en* to the gu.jjiy. Purchase on timo compel' a good portion of ths trax, "action*, and they are nude evidently on opeou latton. Hie traasactlona at the Aaait -ant Treimrar'* office to day, were aa follows: - raid on T-*aaury *'? lUee r?d on do. do JJjLMO 4* Balance on do. d? ' ?5 Paid for iinf Office S'lii 15 Paid on dla^nralng chock* 79,9B7 34 Of the payment* to-day oz Treaaury account, If. CO, 000 w. nt to Waahington and Norfolk. The fi'ioe and leather Bank haa declared a ae^iV aueual dividend of four per ccnt., payable oo tb* 9th of April. The warrant* entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Waeblngtoo, on the 23d inat., were:? For the redempt'on of Mock $9,384 18 for paying Trtir ry debt* "(50 00 1 < r tha Cu a tarn a 13,677 07 For eo ver'n irito the Treaaury from Curtotn* . . 48.91H 79 Forth* War Department e HO# *4 For repaytrg Ir. the War Department 4. *95 14 For the Nary Dtpartncnt 77, HH 42 For lha Interior Department 6.882 10 The Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company earned in February, thia year, 104,183 4!), ag?<n?t *69,106 89 for the came month teat year. IncreaM tfcii year, 18, 076 60. An election far fonr director! of the Qlinota Cen tral Railroad vh held at Chicago on the 21et inat Meaara. Jaaea F. Joy, Wm. II Oiborn, John N. Griawold and T. Oehfeard ware ehoasn, in place of Itabt B:fcnylef, OonTernew M^rrla, T. W, Udlow Mid W. P. BurralL The gentlemen remaining la the hoard at the time at the election were Messrs. Joel A. Matteson, tx-ojlcio, Joseph W. Alsop, Jona than Bturges, George Grlawold, John F. A. Sand ford, Leroy IT. Wiley, Morris Ketehum, all of New York; David A. Neal and Franklin H.ven, ef Bos ton. The ease of the injunction granted by Judga Doer against the officers of the Nicaragua Company came op to-day for conii deration, when the de fendants applied for farther time to prepare their answer, wbion application was granted by tne Judge, who fixed Saturday next for the hearing of the case. The Michigan Central Railroad is transacting a large business, and the eurningi sboir a very hand some increase since the commencement of the ne* financial year, as compared with those of the cor responding period in the previous year. The state ment up to the second week in March, inclusive, is as follows:? December, 1863.... $80,094 December, 1854.. .$135,326 January, 1854 60,604 January, 1865 122.470 February, 1864 90.398 February, 1855 . . . . 93.266 1st week in Mch., '54 22,690 1st week in Mb.. '56 27,444 2d ?' " 22.183 2d ?' '? 32,285 1853 and 1F64. . .$275 809 1854 and 1865. .$410,791 ?Gain in three and a half months, 1134,922. The business of February of this je?r wu muob inter rupted by heavy snow storms, which blocked up the ioad and its connections for some time, and the gals In that month is consequently leas. The Railway Committee of the Legialature of Massachusetts have reported a bill to the House iu iavor of loaning the credit of the State to the Ver mont aid Massachusetts Railroad Company for one million of dollars. The report was unanimous, and has been ordered to be printed. Advices from the Albton mine of FortageLike to the 1st of March, have been received. Up to that date the product of the mine bad averaged about sixteen tons of copper per month. The company have sixteen heads of stamps at work, with an increased force in the mine, while thi Iile Royale, Portage, Quincy, and others have been compelled, while their mines were looking well, to reduce their foroe, or entirely suspend, on account of the embarrassed oondltiin of their treasuries. The Albien company intend to increase its operations and send np during the ap proaching season of navigation, forty-eight head of stampB. From present appearances Captain Ed wards thinks he will ship at the opening of com munication, from fifty to sewtnty-flve tons of cop per, and during the summer over one hundred aud fifty tons. A private letter from L*ke Superior, dated early in February, pays:? The North American Viae ia looking batter tban in tb: fall. In the south part of the mine the vein in again ?bowing maaa copper, alter being tiro months "pinched up." The Cliff Mine will turn out in the vicinity of 1,200 ton*. Thny have commenced sinking a shaft 900 feet noith of tbe Hull, to strike No. 7 level, which is being driven throogh greenstone, to intersect shaft. Also, have opened on the vein one mile north of present work ings, finding the vein good. The Eagle River and Humboldt mines, near, the mouth of Eagle river, have cut down forces, bat are at work upon good veins. The Norwich and Windsor mines have improved great ly. In U(e former they have a large moss exposed, which will weigh twenty or twenty. five tons? some esti male it higher? but the above ftgurea can be relied upon. ThiB mine ban now 100 tons at their landing, and the Wind'Or has 26 tons. The Forest Vein is improving west. The product for January was 22 tons, stamp and barrel work, They bave 24 brad of stamps working, and will dress 30 tons this month, including barrel work. They commence* working 24 head of stamps the 1st inst., and the ma chinery works splendidly. The Toltec is looking first rate at every point; they bave just taken out a mass weighing sis tone. Tneir stamps have been hurried forward, and will, without doubt, be running by the last of March. They Intend starting with tbe full number of 32 heads, and will cer tainly turn ont copper very fast. At tbe West Minnesota they are driving into tbe blnfT, on the junotion of tho conglomerate and trap. The vein Is two ftet wke, and showing copper; tho wall* are regu lar and Fmoctb, and it has been proven bayond a doubt -to tie a continuation of the natural vein. The loc.'tion is now being explored for the Minnesota vein, which, without doubt, passes through it. Tbe Pittsburg Oazdte says that the main line of the Pennsylvania State Improvements, proposed to be so!d, is 391 miles long, compose! of 276 miles of canal, wd 118 miles of rallroid, as follows:? Pittsburg to Johnstown, (canal) 1<M forage railroad 36 Ifollitfaysbnrg to Columbia (canal) 172 Columbia railroad 82 Length of the main line 394 It would now cost to construct this tine, from Pittjbnrg to Columbia, say: ? Western Divi-lon canal $2,600,030 Portage railroad 2,000,000 Ea.-tern division canal 4,500,000 ?'.t, 000,000 The rolnmMi ra'lroad, wUh it* equipmea h, ia worth sa/ 5,000,000 Total $14,000,000 The annexed statement exhibits the average da! y condition ef the leading department* of the bank* of this city daring the week precedlig Bit unlay morning, March 24, 1855: ? New York City Biski. Loam. Sptcit. fHrc'n. DtpwlU*. New York.... $3, 206,842 $842,653 $278,105 $2,844, 4.12 Manhattan 4,200,173 060,338 365,812 3,254,867 Merchant* ' ....3,748,344 1,317,122 Mechanics' 3,893,600 1,11ft, 25.5 Union 3.012,866 427,21.1 397,798 3.828,960 353.247 3,788,245 166 122 2,?49 154 119 325 5,056,908 103,173 2,213,056 70,114 1,21 1,610 173,296 922,275 191. 3.13 695,077 12ft, 764 1,2'J?,0?? 264.910 1,322,470 128,740 2,014,082 141,180 9S5.509 35,380 797,959 103,167 521,803 184,491 382. 5 17 W.,331 1,283,038 143,344 702, C27 607,695 2,709,308 23:>762 8,192,030 178,963 899.678 2,200 4,967,497 177, 1>S 758,608 Z17.708 1,169,* 46 84 276 706,915 92.915 1,5 M, Sol 110,425 4X4,634 71,4X9 3,072,6.16 88,6*1 2S9,9K1 111,524 564.437 83,304 1,801,557 88,8i?3 620.196 9 1, 64 7 418,212 102.821 6 216,344 146,270 623,738 86,589 123,2; I '?>2,120 12,3<i4 86,398 108.480 561,73ft 793/-? 2'. l.<M? 873,436 417,913 386,100 0.5,008 1,801 449 91,891 1,858,137 90,262 918,412 America t. 057,773 2,078,678 I henix 2.401,937 401,754 City 1, 699,481 194,042 North RiTor.... 1,040, 360 146,075 Tr?dei>men'a....l 288,410 101,131 Fulton 1,6)4,661 238, 2f8 Clemical 1,281,218 446,364 M?r?banta' Ex. 2, 632, 687 349,174 National 1,688,837 184,031 Butcbera' 1,267,103 140,897 Veehe k Trade*. 690,633 85,606 (ircenwich 601,719 61,065 Leather 1,745,036 203.705 Seventh Ward. .1,068,319 194,519 Mate 8,807,064 741,509 Am. Exchange . . 6,667,268 1.242,903 Mec. Big. A'*.. 1,1 85,007 80.K2 Commerce 8,178,852 888,989 Powery fH)?,888 138, *27 Broadway 1,304,98 8 205,564 Octan l,2flLMB 139,455 Mercantile . ... 2,'.:>fTt>U 210,388 P*ct6c 7H2jf> 64,872 Republic 3,03ffc70 603,28.3 Chatbnm 545,628 69.S65 Peopled 838,698 68, '266 N. America. .1,684,625 210,763 Banover ) 207,298 77,3t5 lr?io(t ?20, V 8 56,0'>1 Metropolitan . . . 4, 897, Of 0 911,078 Otyrna' 674,1'.'<? 88 369 Crier*' 015,995 110,720 Ka"?Ka 890,647 128,161 La*t Flrer 621.368 ti8,4a3 Mark't 1,114,480 163,321 ??. vlf liola*. . . . f 68,210 41,390 thoe \ leather. IW.IOO 46,312 t'trn Fi 'hango. 1.425 5.19 200 833 Continental . ..2,771 412 240,. 519 Commonwealth .1 107,069 172 010 Oriental 496,963 46,748 Marine 086,214 73,723 Atlantic 486,924 64,809 Inline! City .149, ?89 33,941 Pry 1'o k 403,358 2* 760 N. Y INclia.ige. 198,911 10,. ?80 M'a Ii?ad .... 207,948 18,807 Tot?' $911,060,773 16,602,729 7,4i2,331 76,386,923 CuuRtxe Horn Tju.vfac.joxb, FichaDgf* for week fading March 11 $101,016 7)2 " " " " 26 100,018)807 r alaiicea for ?? ?< ?? i? f,409,/.20 " " 5W 6,067,614 The ab-r?e apiregatee, compared with those far prcvVoui N?ckfl, present the annexed ? '.ate men'.? Baku of Njrw Yorx. _ _ Lmi. Fptrit. Viretii'n. DtpciiU ?fl, 663, 687 12 076,147 7,075,880 82W8020 .?" tS'.JS" ^,344,706 13,606.963 7,040,082 64,082,163 f J?'*7*'091 15,488,625 6,688 481 67,803,309 ja" Si'f47'?"" 18,872,127 8.881,856 80,847,613 i*?'8!' .J*" m/H?47 1$, 807, 280 6,680,823 70,188,618 ?*v',2' f " M 17,480,108 7,(00.768 72 023,317 Feb. 10, '65.. 80,882,177 17,134,304 6.900,111 73 704,842 Iek.17, 65.. 00,860,081 17,880,0*5 6 04i,f08 76,103,6.16 Feb $4, '66.. 01,100,504 18,870,875 6,063,682 74,544 721 Mar. a.^.. 02,886,126 16,581,271 7,108,710 76,0?8 344 Mar. 10, '66.. 02,331,780 16,870,680 7,181.008 76.360 480 Mar. 17. '$5.. 92,447 346 18,083,082 7,081,01$ 78, 534 227 Mar. 24, 6?. .93,060,773 16,602,7*9 7,453,231 7$,289,92J The last return*, compared with thot># for ths week previous, ahows an Inerea<e in loan* aad diacouBta ^ lnerea?e In elrcnlatlon ' ggj 2]1 Dec/eaiein apecie " aai'ttit Deereaee in depoeit ) 234^304 These variations an somewhat larger than uenal. The line of discount* is expanding rapidly, and i? now neaHy np to the highest point of last year. Bince the 30th of December last-a period of only abont three months- the regular discount line of the banks of this city has increased nearly twelve mil lions of dollar*, la tfcf aaac ilajejbe amount ef 88,626 90,218 86, '.>51 12,449 .'?0 148 93,462 93,887 311,297 492,72* 250,467 158,257 100, t'.?5 113,210 102,271 specie on hud bM increased about tbw ud I bitf ' miliums of dollars. The expansion in bank credit has not been on account of the eommevdai comma* nity. The mercantile claaaea have not bean appli cants for money at the banks, for business haa beefl so contracted that iole oapltal haa ben accumulating In the hands of the merchants. There ia not mora than one half aa much boatneaa doing no* as at this time last year, and tbe aeaaon ia about over. Thfl banks hare for aome time past bsen ia want of first class bniineu paper, and ooold not get it. The) have therefore been compelled to loan largely od Btocka to give employment to their meaaa, and it Ig this that eeros to sustain the market value of cer tain classes of fancy stocks. Sa long aa tbe banks keep so much specie on haul, so long must they keep up an extended line of discounts to squeeze out even fair dividends. The Baltimore American gives the following synopsis of an important case affecting a prominent mining company, about earning np in the United States Circuit Court, at Philadelphia:? A moit important trial is about to be brought before tbe United Mated Circuit Court, at Philadelphia, ia which Dr. Tallmadge F. Cherry, of Baltimore, is tbe claimant, and which Involves In its issue a line mine valued at aa amount of money reashlng to miUMma of dollar*. It appears that Dr. C. claim* title to certain zinc mines in 1/ehigh county, Pennsylvania, as assignee ot the Bret and origin*! lease given by a German named Uberouth. After the value of the mines was ascertains), certain parties of Wall street, New York, by paying a large bonus, obtained a second lease, and formed a cor poration known as the Pennsylvania and Lehigh Zinc Company, which isBuod stock to the amount of oil mil lion of dollars. The whole of the stock was taken by parties residing iu. New York and Philadelphia. The ap plication it now made for an Injunction to restrain tbe oompany from working the mines; for a receiver, to ac count, 4c. The defendants attempt to invalidate th? first case, and set up the second, that forming the basis of the company's claim; and unless sustained, the Pennsyl vania and Lehigh Company will be another example of Wall street financiering. The case came up on Friday last, before Judge Kane, but the trial was not proceeded with, because of the defendants not being ready to answer the allegations of the plaintiff, which cover up wards of one hundred pages. The case was postponed for oae week, when it will b* taken np for trial. Milton Whitney, Esq., of thU city, F. C. Brewster and W. B Reed were present an counsel for plaintiff: and 0t. O. T. Campbell, Esq., an 1 Judge Mallorv, for the defendants. The cace will Involve a good deal of Interest, and the legal talent employed will thoroughly silt every point of law bearing on the question; and, If we mistake not, the legal representative from our city will prove himself fully equal to the solution of th? most intricate polaia of law involved in the trial. Stock Exchange. New Yokk, Msrsh 20, 1866. $i0001nd State 6's.. 86 110 ahs N Y Us Ks8 03 10C0 do 84% 60 do b30 93 36000 do b3 86 50 do s30 92% 4000 Califor 7's 'TO. 91* 600 Erie RR s60 48 80(0 Virginia 6's... 9S% 130 do m3 48% 2o00 do b30 90% 100 do btiO 48% do b30 9(1 % 100 do blO 48% 1000 do 96 X 168 Jo *3 48V ?000 Missouri 6's... 94'," 100 do b3 48* m00Loui*ra0'?..B3 92 100 do btw 48* 500 111 Cen HP. bds. 8 2% 220 Harlem Pref'd... 78 200C0 do 82% 200 Heading KK..b24 84 f00? do blO 82% 200 do s3 84 10000 do b30 82% 300 do s3 88% 6500 do s3 82% 799 do 83% 10500 N Y Cen 7 s .s3 101 100 do b30 84% 40COC&RIRRMS. 94 600 do bO 84 lOOshsD&HCCobSO 124 200 do b30 84% 1C0 do b3 124 2i-0 do bl6 84% 20 do s3 124 200 do tt30 84 10 Grocers' Btnk. . . 107 1(0 do blO 84 0 Continental I">k.. 106 100 do s3 83% 50 Canton Co. ...stO 2T% 10 Hudion Piv RR. 42% 100 do c 27% 26 Mich SoathRR.s3 03% 200 do S3 27% 2Q P?n\ma RR...S3 104 160 Penn Coal Co b30 106 135 do 104% lOOCumbCoal CO..C S3% 1P0 do 104 100 do (10 33% 66 Cleve.C&CIn RR 106% 60 do b3 33% 60 Gal'a k Chic R. s3 94 250 do s3 :?3% 60 do n3 94% 60 do p60 83% 200 Cleve&Tol RKbOO 71 1C0 do stw 33* 406 oo.opgexdlv 70 100 do blO 83% 100 do b30 70% 400 do 33% 100 do aJO 69% 200 do biiO 33% SECOND ItOAKD. ?.r0M) Tod Plate 5'e.. 85 100 shs NY C RR .b30 93 10000 do biO 86% 160 do s3 93 16^00 do M S5 100 do b30 93% 16000 Virginian's. ^>30 9C% 1U0 do b30 93% 6000 do 96* 10 Nor Indian* FIR,. 93% If OOo MIssou 6's. .1.30 94 % 60 Erie KR 48 % Iflccn do 60 94 100 do S?0 48% S'OCO Erie Con Bds'71 83% 100 do b30 48% 1000 do '02 'JO 100 do blO 48% ICOl'O 111 C RR bds. b30 82% 100 Ilarlem lUt. ,b30 32% 1000 do R2K 100 da b30 32% 6000 N YCen7's.bo0 101% 100 Readln; RR. . . s3 84 1000 do s3 101 % 400 do 84% 1000 Hud R3d Mtbs 77% 40C ?TRIl opg ex d 70 100 ?hs Canton Co... 27% 60 do b30 70% lOOCumb Coal Co.s3 33% CO Galena k Chlg RR W% 100 do b30 34 44 do t>30 96% Fox arid Wisconsin Improvement Oonapsuijri I bavo had occasion recently to examine Into the af fair* of tbe Fox and Wisconsin improvement Oompany, ehnrtered by the State of Wlscossta, fer the purpose of itupro' >ng th<' Fox and WlsoonNin rivers, and connecting tbetn by a -annl. bo bu to euible steauboa** to pass from tbe Mississippi into Lake Michigan, at Green Bay, there by opening a writer comrounirjtlon of over 2,600 m'Jea in ixtrnt tlirougb cneof tbe richest end most fertile countrie- n the world. There is not, we venture to affirm, a chartered company In tbe United States e*tabll*hed on a firmer basts. To Indemnify tue company against an expendi ture of $633,000, the wholo costef the work at its com pletion, in May nest, they hive granved to them nearly a million of acres of la or, selected, snd to be (elected, out of any of tbe on' old publto lands of Wisconsin, to be (xempt from taxation for a period of ten years, with tbe exclusive right to the proo*ols of the nav'gatlen derived from tbe Improvemtnt, and the immense water power created thereby. PROGRESS. CITY TRADE REPORT. Turstut. V irch 27?4 P. M At>hei.? Tb? market wu without chang ?, and, at f 6 25. BKEiUMrm.? Flour.? The muktt, notwithstanding mim arrivals down the llmi continued e'esdy, with sales. of 6,000 a fi.roo bis, included in which were com mon to good choice etate at 10 a 19 37, aad favorite do. at 19 37 a $9 60; common aad good bran!* of Wes tern 10 el a 19 81, and extra Gencs?e at til 60 a $12 75. Canadian wan io good demand at $0 37 a $10 76, with rale* of about 2,f 80 bi>a>. Southern waa lo good demand, with sales of about 1 200bbia medium to goed grades at 19 12 a 99 94 Rye flcur? The sale* embraced 100 bbU. superfine at $7 2 5 a $7 37. Meal waa unchanged. V hi at ? Sales of 3,2(Mbushela good whit* Sesthsra wera made at $2 28 a (2 U0; Gf nesee was held abore the flews rf t u>ers. A lot of very handsome H iuu* Savage, Mary land j.rim? whit* was on the market aad bekl at $2 26. Kye ? aalaa rf S,00o bushels OanaJui were made at U3 at Ouays. Orn waa active and sold freely at a <?ectln? of about one cent per bushel. The ralee em bri.-ed about 60,000 huahcls as 90 a 97c. for white, aad fi?r. i 9# c . for yellow. Habt.iv Mi it.? Bale* of 500 bushels were made at 16c., sad 1,000 <1o , to arrive soon, at $1 10,' at which ho d?rs wci tinn Corn?.? The sales were moderate, being confined to ICO b??a hlo. at 10>^r., end 60 mats Java, at 14){c. The stock in thia markt t, of Rla, res estimated at about 17,M>0bea*. Cotton.? The market was I'rtdy, with aalea of about 1,100 bales, chiefly for domest e consumption. Dealer) were stiil anxously wai'ing news froui Kurope. Frucihts. ? Owing to the nor. receipt of sterasr'f news, engagement* were at a stanJ, aad very little of ni >ment was doing, while vessole for Iiverpool were asking hifber rate* tor coto, via,, 64. in bulk. OoUon w?s at 6 ?!2d. a 3 Kit. ; wb> e prov elont and Sour wem Sonilaa!; and 400 l>bu. rosta were eturaged at la. 9d. 0 ilim-Kirg, 60 teni measurement g x>d? were engaged j at M)e. To Califo'nla, iat*e varied from J0e. a 38e., with I a filr amo' tit offering. Co.\r.? 7 > tone Uull sUam coal were sekl at $7 60, I cash. 1 KPrr ?The market wu st-niy, with light false, j Sain nf (0 boxes of lajeri were rtade at $2 <4. Bunch | ri.i>iD? at $-. 40 a 4'- 46. Iko m contiuned without change, with roo>W&te *al?*. I I nn --Sales of CO ton* German were made at $0 lt\, ' th-.e and fntereet. i IUv ?The B*l?? embraced aboit 1 ,000 hales at 80c. Hint* ?The market rn steady throughout tha week; | sales einb.acil about 8,000 Oronoeo'e, SOUIba., at tl<4r . afe'-ut 5,000 dry Bio Cranio ? lbs. , at 36c.; 1,(00 do., 20)i .lo , at li>tc.; 3 000 Porto Cab ? Ho 221fcs., here and to arrive, at lgalH^c. ; 3, <00 dry Mtracalbo 22aJ31be., at lPai9c. ; 700 dry Rio Graade cow, 601be, at 11 '?c ? sll six months |jw?rw.? Ihs market for tha last weak waa tolerably ict ve, h/iv'ng a diminished stock, aad the market foe oak aad hemio^k c reed Arm. ilot.AKMia.? ! *lr- of Ijo barrels Jfew*t.)rl# ?os were made at 2; -e , aad SCO do good to prima at 2?c a 27c., and 860 hoy sbeads Cnba for (..stilling, en private term- aad 300 !'or!o iUco at 31c. Cum.? I.tneeed eoM in n small way at tie. ; erode ty rm io'.. it $1 SO; wlrter bleached ww nneHaamd. ?amftoKB.? 8al>e jf about 160 bsrrwla spirits were m , ' ** ftej barrels (large) common roe (a at $167. and '.'CO do do. emsll at 41 CO. 1 aovmro.vs.? l ori? The sales embraced abont 1,400 barrels old meee, deliverable tn May, at $14 60: aad 1, < <>0 do. new do Co at 416 60, aad about ?14 barrels god new prime were sold at 414 a 414 12; abont 200 bciee bacon sldr* abort middles, were sold at 4c. Cat cea's.? Sales of 264 packages were made, Including at 8e a 9c , and shoulders st d),e a # V*. Lard! ?k'slcs of 3C0 barrels weie made M 9 Wit. a 9J*'?. Beef was unchanged with sales nf 2tX> barrels fo iotrvm* s. Ktcr ?The salee reach' d 160 casks, at 4ke. a 6Hc The market ci?e< >' firm ? Salts of 200 bushels clean Ohio clover were tnt'le at 10c. * nova. ? Abort 20 bags pimento wire soil at 13 <??, and a^ont 3,0001ba Vo 1 at tmegs at 97al00c. Pi m*.-' The sal-e enbracod abaut 26<? hhds. Cnba muscovado, at fd.Slc , and i.00 do. do. at Ex, and 190 bhcr. hew Orleans, at ?i'ia.'ic. ? r?i.tnw.? Sales of 6,0w) lbs. were reported at UValle. ionacoo.? 70 cases C onesticnt seed leaf, eew crop, eold at 6>?e. for tt'.Urs, sifl 30 bhda. Kentucky leaf, at 8)|c. The market contic ued quite firm. Winstar.? The ut. leu embr?" t abownt 400 bVi prison at HHa31e , with eeme ?tDall lots reported as low ae ?>???

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