Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1855 Page 2
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AlUri In Mntet. I ?OTVBNMBIT ACCOUNTS OK TBJi PMMMH #F TBW ' MVOLITION- K?Il UN or SANTA ANNA TO ri' 4 MrriiL- OAfTlLV II EN BY 'S I ROfPKR WBT^., ?in TBI INDIANS IN OUIBL'ABUA UT^..^ UTHAD1T10N THEATY WITH THB TNITKD AHMSTfl ? HIOHWAY B0BBSKIK8 ? 9TKA M COMMUNI CATION B1TWKRN VJ?A CBt'Z AND H aV?*A __ We have reeetved Mir* from the Uf "f M . ' . C.\ IMA, and from Vera Crui to the ?Vof M?Jeh ? Jh! antral of the Orizaba at So* ()rt nSSumJtHH ssrsK2gf - swwsasr tZk.ITZli -itTta ? oautlon. No journal ' y, . fodersl authorities d?re< experience the slijht 2lt it"2 ^r?(^ gA ,Mubor<,u?tion, ??"-?> I*" Jto kinl^t U^A^ A r?B,or P"T<"ls H>*t Vlvir-x, W,tbia 'il,e*n 1'VJU.sof the UU,t d?tes. w? Ciunot g air AC tie if 0Tf%nj mti that tbe rebels in Jali-co, ""UN. and noma other point* were sus ?Bd c*nti?u?d root*. . _. . .1? A ana, writing on the lit from Zam ira, thathe klul scoured tht 'istrict of ZapotUn, aWOula, Ostlja and Las Reges. and that among the priso aexs^he had made was I). Rafael Degollado, brother of A report from Gea Blanco, written at Izuila, oa the ?tk lurch, reports that Alvares ami his forces had fled Mike approach of Santa Anna and hla forces to Hill. that the greatest terror pervaded the people ?*d that many who had joined hint under miiappJThenl . f ^ been made to them had abandoned him wltt hearty curies. Troops were to pursue Alvar*,'. neighborhoou of Acapulco. l?te stated that the insurgents in the department of lfteboaean are concentration in rereral villages with i ?T.?f * ^Tn Mo^or Pat. Revolution i. dally losing .tfclt or Gu<rro. ?"d that with one "?h^ ?J?t?r7 ?!? "v9<1 fron> *?>e horrors of fres^en^R^t?' / C0*rM- '? OQ* ?'led testimony. ku *?)??" t Santa Anna returned to the Oapltolfrom ?d f the 8outh- on tbeloth \uT ?? - T*oelT*d wlth honor and great dfmonstra PW ??3,he b?J ?io.t happily ac. ?ompiiaina the objeet of his campaign ^/,?U,ui?W7*r' t*>'' correspondent of ?Tlf.'7h writing from Vera Out on the 2Sd HWh'ir^0^!, Tnm go, that his Serene ftTlirni!!j !5LJ! L-.'thln of Alraret's Kn<l<\V5^ k *?, 10011 for **f? 'in??ter? again. M^t hU M ' ,?n l,he ?",>?1 o( the news ?wealth th^ ^ "*Mj rotur*J tl?e authorises here, Sli^j ?SF lb*t,th; new* produced hag faces, or trt Mun JZln K 11 10 their fceart'? content, aiM inaaataatlon, ball nn?in(r, csnnon firing, bull tight! lag and aerenadlng were the order of the day? just ? if ku" ? %'?? hi,torr wal lo be celebrat#<l. Abe eUa^hl"^ i . iH h" not bteD **?a ?u'?'de ?J"?eted up with hia ministers? Or Banlla presoriblng the medioioe for the sick man-t-by SSJiT"' 0r )ater' mu;n wm ba the con^ P?"dln8 that the government will not last till May other, go eren so far that the next few days will fHenda e* H M CR*H**h C4lcQUtiD? th" <ho particular ^UboutVfetn??,^Ve MBCmbled &t ?? w?t?*U> the ?."rD0 n0,- unarmed, and we ?nsx ieo> to the aewa from Acapulco, by way of vour I' U 1*ywio* of authenticity. * 3 been rather a bold stroke had H S H CbVw1y^haVroMw^er; '* mil#i di'U? n of Acapulco tn a short time. ??rted that tli.eAnu k81*" thlng"' an'1 11 11 ?ven re ttSTfoth' SuA?** V ? en*a?e<1 him to repair forth Wfore ^l" *PP*W?Boe In th? camp ??rore . ebastopol, make the Rnssiaos gurrenderl ?STk^S^ta^ M a" hftvo D^ 'ery much 2m2?^IlJv7. ?Urted of his haying le't the !'? Pt?""'r" r ' -MSSn" X 5 tbi !:?!?? ?!? "UtHl're" deserve to be clustered eetbenona tains at Guerrero, to fall prey to tie 1'intoi *? Jo far the country is still s?fe. fir Ffcnilla has ZliyZu* '}\\ tk,rn 11 ? ?y w^su? i" j!J "? 8- H- 10 tb? "unny Sonth-uotliing could ?T*. " ",'irT 8?"l. Ml hi.s. H. h..| lo' m?1 Jxtt-assttrusssu"1 j'j "i The real object of his Serene H gbness's trio wss as ^roertaWUh^UWH^kT"*^* fr"m th,J I WAlval., air ? wUt no'hinK ?*? "*'d of tl?ht tSfd th.t m . 5. I! 1K Mor?D?- Afterwards w.? aro \i;" h**lth; kmea ' kiii 1 !u diaUnce, smoking lrau<iuillr ??d th.g?v?.rnmHnt forren are -na-chln^ Sam t wi" Jbs ukftD h-v wI .V. * ' ? .trri/' T*rtr *nd lots of others, have been thrown to the four winds; iu ftne, we are toll h? KrV^*w"?na ft?" 4a'1 nr'1er esttblishe.l. l-?iU?.T"J P^" '?<=?P the follow hLmf^ V?iT*i??r of Clulju*^?a his r#fn'Cd the proffer tJ? ? I^11 Mr. Work of their companies of ^f g '.'i.* ,n"iu" in tint den^tm?'. aatAwtty U aniw C." T K?"tlomen that L hv. no fw^lTIr. .^T?r '""^"'roops to enter the Mexhan ^tw^ R^n Mll .t i they cro?s the of jae two Hepubllcs, the act would be viewed ?? n vlni. ni^e tf*?ty between Mexico and the United States ne Mexieaa paper* view with .n.picion aUsncholhr, Stra tM*sA*aT-i' ?? t th? \Fj"i C""'e"'" of Vert Cru/. **'???' to the peculiarities of the Van areat tw ^JC demonstrates that we are a Jaw U?aH m t?. w",?P,Jr K*t ? feot hold we ar* y V . 9m- Th*y ?dT!?? u?, hoircTer. to keen tn ^f.Uv hob,M""-?n'1 '?t Mexico alooe f*vcr* the idea of an extradition treaty be ? !!" l nit*a States, but warm its go JKiVv i?1 j'""3 th?ti j making the trcfty ^e"thsv\4 ?^,d0 no "?t the advantage of them trtwrts notorious for their devotioa to he^ own IWe ^ . r'Jc4""1 fTOm ?lU*- Miaael /? ~ otdertd to depart from Mexioo. Bnaihnn t?,M L. a w th? **P^ition of Raousset de S? as a i^ntr^aiUif PuTe's' "rc^re^ ^?"?vo;??,n,t,,1 k#pt ,ubjeot 10 th# ?rd,r' of th? 21 prV,lB,"t eHiiens have b??n arrested "" " u" -""r. ""p jRca - ?'? The diMgenoe along the mail routes continues resu by highway bandfi. ^b, CTvkU.- conta'n several account* of such af .,^ HU^.t^n,iVny " Mexico, and be2^n?t?".^' k?* MoreUahvs eamVhu "'"o1 ,0 r*tBni u Tamaullpas, to re ^ h&r?&Zn0rtaer Md (v,mw4n'uot KiS"ef?P?SMU r?,Kj?" b,^n inferred on the i."* . . . , vueen Isabella of Hnun has iwatn>.j 5* ?Z4gT.*f the nbbon of Maria I>?uC on thSTife of rrf?rt<le?t. ponm Dolores Toeta <1eS%ntA Anna iMn lt f^nM 0^ of T*Plc bandits and h ghw-vvmeu bT.ur.^ .VU,V,,M^", *?m' anf raacheros wen" STJd "'?P contest wsre mm. They were threatened with annihilation if upon giving up their arms r- - Msa*n nated in cold blood. . r *#P -e ?? consideaed safe from the assaults of ?jrobbere as it is strongly guarded. of z?S,r ?tt,?zn: ?ov?a?it. a."j^t? .V bT or,,,'r of tha Sup-eme nstafJuTna^t^ .f ,* of the ilecrne of ths -list ef January, that foreign merchandise should aoi be ?^eyed in coasting vessels to sertam ports ?era'tvCirtvVt kTh ?.?ontract with the city of vera i*a?, fcr the lighting of the streets with gas. vsniei. i*sj were lamHDi thsy did not surrender, hat up< ?be satire party was foully as lb) town of Tsp'c la contideted i Thttlrea and ExHIblttona. Acunnrr or Mific. ? Br general dealre, ronlzettl'a grand turt of "Lirrnb Borgia" will ba (Iran thu ere niag. rho loading character* will be metainel by fig Mr* fteffcnon*, sTgaorlna VeetTali and Sigonri Brignoli and Bndlall. 0* Saturday cranio* there will be a grand eaareri rna'ert, and on | Monday evening Roaaini'a ckrf aleurr? "William Tell" will be produced In great eplen in. Broadway Twi?trk ? Mr. Forreet appear* to night in hi* great character of "Jack Oada. " Ho will ba aup parted la tfeo athar ebarartera of tba piece by tba flna ?Het NmiaiT of tba 'heatre The farce of tba "Two Mnaaarde'' will conclude the amnxamoot*. Tomorrow arening Mr. Forreat appear* in hia admiral r*pror*nt? ttea of Daaaon. iowm Tmum ? ' The receipt* of thia eraning aoa ?at apart for tba benefit of Mr. Ilyne, wlian tba graat 4rama af tha "Coaat of Monta Crtato" will b? played. Mr. R. Kddy u Kdmoml Dantai, Mr. M-i.r??t ai lti? Abb*. Tha fare* of tha "Two Uregoriea" will follow, an 1 drama af tha "Ciu?*o of tba Abruati," will conclude tha amaaamaatx. Bvbtoh'* Tjuunm.? A new lira act play will ba pro duo*d thia evening. It la called "Janet,' an- 1 It la now bofag played la london with graat aurce**. Mra. biaxial Fiaber Bakrr aa J .net Pride, Burton aa Richard Frtda. Tha other character* of landing in tercet by Meeara. Ftabar, Merchant and Mra. Ilurtnn. Tha farce ?f "More Blundere Toes One, ' concludaa the amune jnanta. Waoio'I Tb*at*?.? The petite remedy af tha "Diary ?f a Ye nag *ife, " commencee tba entertainmonta. lAa ?er and Miaa Roaa Baanat t ia tha principal parte. The eoaaedy af th? "Road to Ruta* will follow, with n c**t amkrac sr tha nnmeaof l,eater. Blake, Brougham, Phil ?pa, Miaa V Bennett, Mr*. iJlake aad Mr. Ptevem. Mr. Phiillpe beneflt oomea off to. m or raw arening. *"???>? Mrnr*. ? The afternoon nnd arening aaen>rm*at neBalat of the romaatla drama of the '"Fly teg nntchaan. ' C. W. Clark* aa TobyTarnlab, Hadaway aa Pater Van Aummoll and Mr Taylor aa Vand*nlocfc*4. Mammoth Girl, tha Glaataai aad lu Dwarf Lady ?aa alee aa aeen Woop'*_Mlw>inma ? Tha "Obnet of Xljfei.lem'vn," a ***c*rt *"r,JuU^ *?'' * rariety of negro mtaatrelfy, la anawunced lor thia aremog. ..*r0* '?**'* Mi*?r**i#.? Reaidaa aeToral nlaaaiog melo eln taatwmanrnl piece., Don>?ettl'a opera at the , 'Kkxir af l*m," ia two aata. will bo given. Fbbha n*B OrxBA Ilocan, ? a great vnriefr of u>in ??dlaatraineatilpiaeea tar thia evening, be-J<?a Jfce new f aata re celled "IHn and Pom par " Btoony* Ai*wrr?.-A grxci ;??rert wUI U frea 'sAlfcur*]ay by the Pyn# anil Barrleon ohm | tmM. Tfce too*) selections are inch u fli? ot f*a to fill the Athenau*. msuo's CoNCBt Sauoo* ? II Ik- Nam appsar- to mor row evening In ? 'grand concert, a??4??e*l by Metiers St. Albyn and Irvfcg. The programme contain* HWtl etoice musical gems. Bxooklys Udhbi'm ? A complimentary beietit wilt be given to Minn A. Stanford, ou Friday evening, April 13. "Jakit IHwt"? Tbis interesting drama, prodacel at Burton s tbis evening, baa created a greater dramatic furor in londontlian any otaer performance of the sea son. The following extract fiom Punch., the severest critic aud general castigator, speaks well of the ol the piece: ? Ccntle reader, if you belong to the play goers, go? leaving all other mettere ? go straightway, anil hear aud see "Janel t rid?. " It is not often that the ill need public haa offered to it a drama of s?> much bone and muscle, and such a big testing heart in it. Richard Pride, in the ptrson of the ac tor, will ?uroly l?e recompensed by a testimonial from the Itetotallers, for "Janet Pride" is, in fact, a temperanoe play, without the eaut of temperance. Pure lymph, and uo leaden ?pontine of a pnmp. Richard is the victim of braudy ?he bas fallen from a condition of trust and repute; has forged in England and lied to Paris; and here we first see bim. in ell the dogged despt ration of drink? thu yielding, ?netting remorse mingling with the recurring vice -braudy colling rouud his nature Qke a snake. The desolate house of Kicbard Pride ? the rnnaway, brandysoddeued forger, tells a terrible story. Most t-rrlble, but, with a sweet, deep, pa thetie beanty in the picture, is poor, patient Jane, the palo monument ? uncomplaining, too, as monumenUl stone -of her husband's fruilt. This is all revealed with affecting truthfulness ? with the deep quietude or patient honiehold inffering. Her self rucrffice, when oouip?Ued to give ber etild to the Foundling Hospital? she recoils with horror from the opened shutter, suddenly opening and to lier as mortally threatening a* the Jaws of wild oeantj ?the intenre agony of the momont cutting the heart string*, and levelling hci dead upon the snow, was given with a leality thst touched the heart of the auilicnco into tears. Jane 1'rlde is strickcn dead, and her drunken hnsband, glnring at the corpse of his wife, is in the grasp of iustioe. And row, we see Richard in the bush of Australia. His log W freed from the conviet's log, and ho opeua a firm with Balek Jsck for robbery, and any other casualty ariting therefrom. The bush sceue is an admlrablo portion of the play; coming, in its acelne brauty in capital napital contrast and relief between the working-day prom life of Paris and stony hearted I.endon. For in I.ondon we next behold Riebard I'ride accredited? we will not say how? as Sergeant Gray, with an apocryphal daughter, whom he oalls his own, nnd a real, blood daughtct, whom he knows not, and whom, by bin rascality and intemperance? for the serpent brandy, with its fascinating beams, and subtle tongue completes the half resolved purpose ? he brings an innocent victim, n poor penned lamb to tlie sacrifive, to the Uld Bailey bar. What a? aita him in I'ewgate, we sball not reveal. For further particulars epply at the' theatre, botwen the hours of seven auil'ten. We liave already spoken of Jane 1'rlde toe mother ?Janet I'ride the daughtor, is worthy of the moraltbeauty of the parent. Gentle reader, we are snre that wo shall be re paid by your thanka, if we induce yon te take your early way to the theatre to aee " Janet Pride." Mr. W. Chamhfrh, the American equ??tri?D, ha* formed a co-partnership with one of the tie* e^ueetriin companies now in this city. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. money market. Tuesday, April 3?6 P. M. At the opening of the Btook marked this morning lower prices iule?l. With increased activity among operator h the tendency was downward. The leal tag railroad stocks were told quite fre?ly at the de preciation, and there appeared to be a great dispo sition to realize. Erie Railroad stock was fall as active to-day at the decline as it was yesterday at the improvement. Cumberland seems to increase in activity as it depredates in prices. Railroad bonds were in fair demand to-day, and sellers put off lota freely at a decline. We do nit exactly under stand the cause of the changes sin 3? yesterday. At the flist board yesterday the market woa quite buoj ant, and there were atrong indications of a muol greater improvement. To-day the entire complexion of the movement is changed, and there aTe plenty ol sellers at our quotations. At the first board Erie Donos, i?vo, fell eff I per cent; Illinois central Bonds, 1; Nicaragua Transit, 4; Cumberland Coal, i; Northern Indiana Railroad, 4; Erie Railroad, Reading Railroad, 4; Hudson Railroad, J. Cleve land and Toledo Railroad advanced 4 per cent; Nor wich and Worcester, li; Michigan Southern Rill road, I. State stocks were comparatively quiet to day, without change in prices. There Is no dcubt but that many holders of stoek secarities( of all classes, have taken sdvautage of tho recent rise in prices to realize and throw into other hands the buiden of carrying unproductive investments. I When fancy stocks become much inflated it costs eometbiilg handsome in the shape of interest to car ry them, aud holders who can realize a fair profit, generally do so. It is not only more dangeroia, but more expensive to hold stocks which pay bo din deid at high pricesl and speculators aw now shrewd enough to make quick turns, and keep their capital moving. We do not believe in a much greater aggregate inflation. Certain stocks may, by the force or speculation and internal Improvement, reach higher point*; but there the expansion must be confined. The most premising Btock on the list, beyond all doubt, is Reading Railroad, and those who are disposed to look into the company's affairs can easily satisfy themselves of its enormous pro ductivenets. The market has, during the past sixty days, been flooded with stock, in the face of which prices have steadily advanoed, and they appear to be most firmly fixed. Ita coal business, this year, is likely to be nearly two and a half mil lions of tona, and ita net earnings beyond all pre vious calculation. Its gross income on a total cost or $18,000,000 will be nearly as much as the Erie, the total cost of which is nearly thirty-six millions of dollars. Trie financea ol the two roads show what the relative market value of the stocks should b9, and capitalists are beginning to see the difference between the railroad stocks offered for investment After the adjournment of the board the following ?ales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by Simeon Draper:? 92.PC0 N. Indiana R R. 7'?, 1M$. add?d. .. 79? $2,000 Chlg. and Mi?* R. R, 7' *, MM, do. ????? $6,000 Uckawanns k Weal R R. 7*?, 1801 do. 89 a 90 20 ?bi Hartford k NHavsn Railroad 120 y, 18 do Third Avenue Railroad 60 do. t'nited States Old Bank 197, ,c. 6 Jo. N. Y. k Liverpool C. 8. Mail Steamibip Co. (Collin* line)........... 200 0 do Union Gold Mining Co. itock ?"-? It is with sorrow that we announos the suspen sion of the firm of Page ABaooi of St Louie. Thtir drafts were again dishonored at their a jen -.y today, and the tcoond suspension has overtaken the firm at a time when its friends hoped it had regain ed sufficient strength to sustain ita resumption. The position or aflhlrs in Catiforrtia, and the protract suspension of the house of Page, Baoon A Co., of San Francisco, is the principal cause of the relapse of the house in St.L.uis. Drafts to a large amount on the San Francis.? house have been sent on here for payment, and eo far as the means of the houss here would admit, have been liquidated. Thia weakened the firm of Page A Baoon, which, with Ue abwnoe of remittances of gold, compelled tho St. Louis Arm to falter again in their payment*. Ii will be very difficult for this concern to resume again, and we fear the only course left is ?o go into liquidation and close np. It now appsars that the resumption in February last was premature; that it should have been potfponed auJj return advices had been received from California, so that the worst would have been known. What ever losses have been incurred by the failure of Page A Baoon, of Bt, I-ouis, tnus: be attributed solsly to the breach of faith practiced by a banking house li tbla city. We have no fault to find with any man's method of doing business. Any man has a right to redit whom b? pleasea as much as he pleases; btt*. he baa no right, when he enters into a writtao c intract, to do a certain thing at a cortaln time, to sulde&ly change his mind and leave the contract unfulfilled. This was th? peait'on of Dunsan, Sherman A Co., a. d Page A Bacon. Mr. Sherman had a rigot to refuse Mr. Bacon any further credit; but when he made a written agreement with Mr. Aapinwall to extend Page A Bacon* account to a stipulated amount, be was guilty of a breach of faith, when he, without notice, refnwid to perform his written agree merit. It is not a questional cant too or ahrawdnese on tbe part of Duncan, tthezctan A Co., bnt a quae, tlon of honor; and distort it aa they may, ii Is t* palpable to be di?gt<*ed. Any house in Ne v Tork would have been compelled to suspend under clr cumstancea similar to Ui which at that time snr* rounded Page A Bscon. All the evils which have followed can be traced directly to that art of Duncan, Sherman A Co.; and we do not envy tbe feelinga of any man who can calmly look upon the wreck and rain caused by such conduct. Tfce j trenaactiaui at ths AnisUat Treasurer's office to-day were as follows:? Paid oa Trsasary seeoual ??2 2? 1 Jteeeived ?' Balance do < ^s'ijJi i? Paid far Assay OHee " Paid o? pistorsiaf checks 77 j The warrants ante red it tta Treasury Deport ment, Washington, en the 3 let of Mar eh, were:? For the redemption of *toek $2,680 43 For paying Tiaanury d*bta 31,42A 78 For the Cute 9,?M " For the War Department 30,299 Oft Fcr rc-pa? is g 1m the War Department 22,229 09 For the Mary Department 2,400 00 Fcr the Intttlar Department 23, 208 09 For repaying for the Interior Department 907 32 The receipts of the Hudson River Riilroai Com pany were, for? March, 1866 .* $179,700 22 March, 1864.... 174,240 47 Inereate $4,469 76 The steamship Atlantic, from this port for Liver pool to-morrow, will take out a Urge amount of tpecie. It la estimated that about one million aid a quarter of dollari, principally in gold, wiU go for ward. Quotations for sterling exchange continue firm. Bills on London rule at 9j a 10 per cent pre mium. The regular weekly auction sale of Mr. J. Thomp son takes plsce at the Merchant*' Exchange to morrow, (Wednesday,) a", 12i o'clock. The list ocnsiits in part of Michigan, Virginia and North Carolina State bonds. At the second board the market was steady. There was not much done in any stock, and no one ap pealed to be piesaing sales. Tiie excitement of tha morning board had subsided. The Ilarlem Railroad Company an in the market fcr a loan of $750,000, for whioh second mortgage bonds will be iseued, bearing seven per cent interest, with coupons attached, payable in February and August, the principal reimbursable on the 1st ?/ August, 1864. The proceeds of these bonis will be used, first, to extinguish the floating debt of the coxphny, aid second, to complete the double traek to White Plains, and erect some few station houses required along the line of the road. The issue of bonds to pay off a floating dobt la a wise and jull dons measure. It is the intention of the company to clote its construction account at the close of the present year. The agitation of the usury question, relative to bonds iceuad by railroad companies in the different States, has created considerable excitement and ap prehec&ion on the other side of tie Atlantio, and nearly every letter in relation to that class of secu rities alludes to tha subject. We give below an ex tract from a letter dated London, March 9. The writer is evidently alarmed 1 most now advert to a very Important subject; toeing ignorant of the lawn of joar country, 1 until bo obliged for information thereon. There la an opinion that the perilH attending the payment ef the prin cipal of American railroad bonda in far greater than had been imagined, inch opinion having bten announced by the Judgr* of the Superior Court of New York In consequence, I fear no fresh lumi will be obtained in London on railroad mort gage bonda. If the principal of the bonds from any cauie be doubtful or insecure, it would be better to ex change them for other aecuritiea, where such danger dooa not txitt. On tblx point I ahould value your opinion, and which would iniluence me aa to my future course of action. In consequenoe of this feeling among E irope vi capi talists, railroad bonds have lately been maoh negle:t. ed, and attention baa been turned more to railroad stock;. It is well known that if the plea of usury is pat in successfully to avoid the payment of bonds, that the stock In the repudiating company would be much imprtvrd in actual, as well aa in market value, and purchases of stocks have therefore been more freely made since the question of neury has been agitated. The legislatures cf the different States have made every effort to remove this otjoc. tion to the negotiation of railroad bonds, and we have no doubt but that before the lapae of many j ears such laws will be adopted as will prevent su h a plea being put in under any clrcumsttnoes There is a power now that protects holders of rail road bonds full as strong as any legislative enact ment. We allude to public oplnicn. That is tha best regulator, and must continue in fall force so long as honor and honesty guide the actions of men. A total repeal of the nsury laws is eat of the question for the present. Representatives from the inral districts cannot, or will not, tike a view of the subject oompreheneive enough to de stroy all those prejudices ag&iutt capitalists which ignorance of the laws of trade is apt to create. We cannot expect a total repeal, and must therefore labor for such modifications as are imperatively re quired. The Legislature should pats a lav prohibit ing the pica of usury being pat in to avoid the pay ment of railroad bonds, by any one or in any shape. Railroad bonds should he made legal, ne matter at what rate of discount they may have been negotiat ed, and individual stockholders, or any other party interested in any way, should not be permitted to taint the legality of the issue. It appears to us easy enough to do this, and remove at once all doubt and distiust regarding the security of the millions of dollars invested in these works of iaternal improve ment. The rural members of oar Legislatures can have no objections to snch an act. Leave their bonds and mortgages and all ether evidences of in. debtedness, under the government of existing laws, if they pleaee, but give us something clear and con clusive relative to railroad bonds. We have no fear of repudiation. There is not a railroad company in the country the stockholders of which dare raise the plea of nBurj to avoid the payment ef any class of indebtedness, and holders of these secnrl .iee neel not give themselves any uneasiness on that score. Ii cannot be denied that in too many of them asary exists, and as the laws now stand, it oonld be suc cessfully pleaded by stockholders; but nothing of that kind is to be apprehended. The annexed statement exhibits the vulue or oeitaln articles, except foreign dry goods, imported into this district during the week ending Fiiday, March 30, lb55 Cknonaro or th* Port or Nrw- York? Wkiki.t Imposts. Value of merchandise put on the market dur ing the week $1,4112,360 Do. dry goods do. >Jo 178 123 Total $2,330,483 The leadkg articles of import burins fie week were aa follows:? Segsra, $49,204; ccffee, $113,140; madJer, $33,180; hemp, $129, CCS; brandy. $93,047; lrsd, $58,f>44; mcisases, $33,982; rags, $31,411; tea, $95,624; watches, $45 94fi; wines, $35,350. The import trsde continues lirei'eJ, and as the season is a'mcst over, we cannot look for any increase at prs ient. It is fortunate for the country at large that this branch of our fotel&n tiade has been so limited It hss enabled tu to consume our eld supplied an J get cat of debt. the annexed statement exhibits the va'ue of cer tain srticles exported from thla port during the week ending and includkog Friday, Mareh 30, 1365, distinguishing the destination, and extent of ship ments to each place Comusct or tbi Tokt or Nsw York? Wixklt Eiporih. KsrAmri.ATiOjr. liver pool $432, TO llrtmen $17,184 I*on4on 333.329 Gottenbvirg 9.7.18 Hamburg 31710 Oporto. 11,071 Bavre 143,605 Cork 11 300 An.wtrp 142,H00 Madeira 9 411 Ste'tin 8,31# fhdiz 6,?S2 ttaUore 27,848 Pr. N . A. f'olontee 40.72ft Br Wratlndiei.. 20 <-B4 I'orto Rio* M7T Paniih ao. .. 18 793 Bayti 17,8?0 Cuba 40,397 KrenjhW. Indies 2,888 Anatialia 104,349 Itra/K 23.381 Total value of mdpe (sported daring the week $1,447,878 do. tpecle exported do. 24,400 Total n port a in the week $1,48] 270 Total imports do 2,310.483 H*e tea of imports ovor e? ports $848,207 limited expottation of specie last week kept the aggregate within a moderate amount. The shipment of specie for Bee ton, most of which went from this city, was just aboit equal to the ?Love excess of Importations. Of the exports from rbie p >'t last week, upward* ef $200,000 was lo gusto, shipped to London and luverptol. PrevlitufTs and provisions continue lo go forward Itteri'.iy Stock Ezrhange TvwtuT, April t, 185$. $1000 Ohio 9' S, '7# . 112',' 2*0 aks N Y CM Rlt 0:1 % tot 0 lad PfPa...l>3 8ft', ftO do I ft# 9I'? 2CC0 Virginia Vt 100 do sM 93 Vi 1000 do #7f 60 dl bftO 9.1 X 7000 M'eaevrl 8'S.. M'. 60 Northern Ind RR OA ?; 86M Calf's. '70... 91.V 160 111 Central RR. ...97 loco trie C Be, 71. ?6,? 10 do 97 u 30(0 do ... ? .too M ftO CleveA Toledo RR 09V JKW SrieCBs. 82 W.'< K>0 de 7$ 2000 KrU Baef '76. Mk 38000 ?o 88* 6000 d? b80 89 3000 HFWlftMBa 103 ,'4 6?0 HRZdM.blO 77* t00? ?Jo .... b?0 78K C5? 0 111 C RR Ba. . ?3 7">i lOCOO do 77 * 6000 io, alO 77* 804)00 do M0 78 6200 NYOn7'?... 100* 10(0 NY Cm RR Ba 92 JfOO IU Int lap '47 94 * 2000 do 04 CO fthx Bank of Com 100* 10 Back of N Am.. 102 10 Metropolitan Bk. 100 60 D.1 fcH Cl..b30 125 60 Canton Co . ..a30 27 100 do *3 27 200 do 27 lot do ?30 26* J 00 Port* Dij Dock.. 1 * 600 Mc Trim Co. ..*3 10 200 do b30 16* 60 do blO 15* 100 Peon Coal Co.... 106* 1100 Cu? Co?lCo... 31 * SCO do ?;) 31* 200 do b3 31 * 300 do b30 31)5 100 do b30 31 * 100 do b30 31 * 100 do bwt 31* 1(0 <0 blO 31* -.-WO do 31 * BKCOND $6000 TesneneM ft'". 04 6000 VaG'ti ...,b30 07' 17000 do 97 6000 Frie Ba of 83. 94* 5G00 Lrto C Ba. '71. 85)4 <"C00 Krl? Ba of '76. 88 * f.000 1U Ces RR Bs. 77* 6t(0 do *00 77 600 Civ k TI)iv B? 71 140 hha Maiiliat Bk. 125 200 Canton Co...a30 20* 1(0 do 27 100 Nle Tranelt. ..a3 IS 100 do *30 16 60 Cum b Coal. . . (30 31 * eo Mich Ccn RR ... 82* 5 Macon R R 100 OOblaRR *3 60* 100 do MO 50* 60 do a60 53 665 do 60* 300 do alO 5J* 350 do blO 60* 60 do b?0 50 >t 100 do btw 60>< 100 do bftO 60 100 do .... bl5 60* 450 0 do 5')%' (0 do b30 60* 60 do b60 50* 350 do ..... b?0 50* 200 do C 60* 100 do b3 60',' 250 do i3 60 * 250 do BlO 60* 100 do e 60 100 do ....blO 50* 60 Norw&Wor RR.e 38 060 Reading RR 84 200 do alO 84 300 do ?10 84 200 do s60 84 200 do 84 * 200 do bCO 84* 370 Hudson UK... *3 41* 50 do b20 41* 20 do 41* 200 do 41* 50 Mich On RR ?30 82* 100 Mich Bo n RK... 98* 20 do 90* BOARD. 200 aha Frij RR. . . h3 60* 100 do (10 50', 50 do 50 50 do bCO 60* COO Reading RR.. >60 84 200 d) 84^ 200 do blO 84* 60 Hud Riv RR.... 41* 50 do .... blO 41* 150 do 41 >4' 100 do b:)0 41 10 C1?t AtTol RR... 70* 60 ds 7o* 100 do.... at 30 71* 60 N Indiana RR. . . 00 . 40 MlchtfoutURR.. 98^ CITY TRADE REPORT. Wkdnwday, April 1?6 P. M. ?The sales war# limited, aud at old rates, viz.: <6 1H * 96 '.6 for both aorta. Bkkswax. ? About 1,600 lba. were lold at 27c. EnfAirTi rra ?Flour. ? The market, continue'! without further advance. The siles embraced abont 0,000 a 7,OCO bbls., included in which ware common to good fatale, at SO 26 a $0 b2; Weatern common to k?o<1 brands, at $U ( ? a 910, while axt ra wan at til 60 a $13. Icciuded In the above were about 1,000 bbls. Canadian, at 90 t>2 a 911 for good common to auper extra brands. Southern ?ac mure plenty, and the mirket somewhat lef.a active. The transactions etubra:ed about 1,600 bbls., at 99 37 a 910 for common to good choice, and 910 26 a 911 26 for extra branda. Rye Hour wan at 96 37 a 97 60. Meal. ? 100 bbla Brandywine aold at 94 76. Jerrey waa quiet, at 94 37}{. Wheat. ? 400 bushels h'(>uth?rn white were mid at 92 40, and 1,000 do. Penn sylvania. on private terma. Barley and barley matt were unchanged. Bye wait Arm, at 91 36. Corn wa? firmer The aales embraced about 26,000 buahela? in cluded in which were 7 ,000 old wevilly .Southern white, for diatilHnv, at 91; and a lot of good white do , at 91 02; and 10,000 do. Jersey good sound yellow, at.91 02 0*10 were scarce and firm, at previous rate*. Comnt. ? The transaction* were moderate, and conSned to about 400 a 600 bags Rio, at Il.'?c. a ? . 50 do. Cape (St. Dimingo), at O^c., and 60 Maracaibs, at 11 Vo Cotton. ? The aalea embraced abiut 3,000 bales, in cluding 1,000 bale* in transitu, the market cloning firm. Middling uplands were at 9>|C. a 9't'e. FkEuiirra ? To Ijverpool, about 2,000 a 2,600 bales of cotten were engaged at 5-32d. a 8-104. for compieKaed and uncompretaed, Bacon and lard were at 16a. Flour and g'ain were nominal. Boxea tobacco were engaged at 18c. There waa nothing new to London. To Havre, rates were at J^c. for cotton" and bone, provision* at fOc , and llquidB at 2,'a'e. To Bremen. 600 bbla. |ronn wers taken at 2s. 6d., 60 tons measurement g oIh at 2t)n , and 160 bales cotten, at l>?c. To 'Ham burg, 1,000 bbls rot. in were engaged at 3s. To Ant verp. 3,000 bags >.f ccffi'c were *Dg?ged at >?'d. a 6-ltid.. and 2,000 boxea at 26s. To California, rates variod from 30c. a 36c. par foot measurement. Ki riT. ? The market was quiet, and prices unchanged. Hay. ? Iracsaction* were moderate at 85c. a 90c. Hiai' ?Sales of 120 b*les American undressed were mai'c at 9 1 30, and 100 do Manila on private terms. I'ipmi ? About 1,710 Kio Grande were aold, 201/ lbs., at 23?c. Iron ? The market for Scotch pig was quiet, and prices iir>gular. Molamis ? Sales of 100 hhda, clijed Cuba were node at 22c., and 60 (o. on private ternn, and 250 bbls. New Orleans at 27c. Nav^j, Storks ? About 160 bbls- spirits were reported at 42c., and retail lota at 43c. Other descriptions were nominal. l'BOVlf ions. ? The rales foot*'! up about l.dOO bbla., in cludicgrld mesa at 915, and new i'.o at 917 a 917 60. The chief sates were confined to the former. New prim? I *a? at $14 37 >?. Clear trees aold in small lots at 917 a $1" ?0 Beef? Sales 300 bbls. at $9 60 h $12 for country vera; $14 76 a $16 26 for repacked Western, and 91H a $10 26 for Chicago do. Chicago beef hams wero at 920 60. lireai ed bogs were at 7>^c. a )>c. About U&O p?ck ?? ea Khouldcr?tand hama were ?f?d atfc.'^c a 7c. and 8^?. a 9c. rtsf ettivelj. Bacon ? 560 boxea were sold at *c. for abort. rib in, and H }ie. for clear long do., and 350 in ferior, lib and back bone in, at 7e. a 7,',c. Siles 300 bbla. were made at S.^c. for grease, and 9!,j'c. a 9><e. for grod quality. Butter was at 12c. a 20c. for Ohio, and 21c. a 28c. for State. Pick.? Sale.s of about 100 caaka were aa&do at 4>,' a t>?c briers.? 15 eases nutmegs were sold at $1, and a lot of cassia on private terms. Skkdh ? Sales of abont COO bushels old Ohio clean were made at 10 a 10>4o. : new waa at 10 % a 11c? both for Ohio and Pennsylvania. Linseed waa unchanged. Svoae.? Sales or 800 hhda. Porto Rico were made In bond, for export, on private terms; 660 do Cuba Musco vado at 4% * 4',o; 6C0 do New Orleans at be, and 40 do at b^i c. The stock should have been stated yesterday at 19,699 hhda., of which 11,780 were NewOrleana, and not 1.186, aa inadvertently put down. The market cloiel aieadily, andf for some descriptions at a trifle oe'.ter prices. Tallow wes quiet, and nominal. Tohacco was in fair demand, though sales were limit ed; atoeka were light and prices blgh. The sales were aafoUowr: ? 60 hhda. Kentucky and Maysville, ~%c. a 12c.; 85 bales Havana, 28c. a 42Jic.; 112 balea Cienfne gos. p. t. ; 110 bales Tarn, p. t. ; 41 ? biles Cuba. 16c. a Ife.; 140 cases aeed leaf, 6^c. a 12>a'c.; 41 cases Flo rida, 12 We. a 18c. The following tible shows tlie stock of Spaniel! tobacco on the 1st of February:? Havana. Ouba. Segue. Tara. CiVn. March 1, bales. ...1,187 2,376 ? ? 616 112 Received since..., 1,681 464 131 100 ? 2,768 2, ?39 131 015 112 March 80 1,181 621 ? 195 ? Stock March 31.... 1,687 2,218 131 420 112 WniaKrr.? Tlie sales Included aVmt 6C0 bbls E. and D., and K. E. fc Co., at 83c. lUmTlSEKNVS RENEWED EYERY DA!. REWARDS. <crn REWARD.? TAKEN, FROM NO. 16? FULTON Vt'v itreet, Sktnrdrvj. the lut of Maroh, a box of (oodii, awaiting the fxprcx, marled F. T. 1). Samtnjn*. Amster dam, N.Y. The anove reward will be given for the gooda, and an additional til for the detection or the thi?f. R. E. l'OTTS, ltii) Fulton atreet. qtrn on Saturday, a small roll of ?JptJVI* paper, containing 11 fly dollar*, with a pi?co oftwine around the aam*. A unliable reward will be given to tho finder by applying to No. CO Union Kiuare. f\ REWARD-LOST, ON THE IIUD.SON RIVER ?DJLU Railroad, in the quarter to A o'olook train from New York, a let or teeth on a gold plate. The* were dropped ont nf the window en the right hand tide oi tho way, iu|> foaed between the Tarrytowri and Siag Ming atationa, or a ihort thia lid* of TarTytowu. The Under will ho rewarded t.n leaving them with the tteket mwt.r at Sing Sing, or I y directing a letter to 2H8 Mnth atreat, ."new Vork. $C REWARD'?1 WALLET LOST.? ON WEDNKSDAY, ? I 3d inat., in an nmnibue nf the Broadway and Bleeekcr etrtet line, between Canal and Chamber* atreeta, a ealfakin wallet, containing about t-i and a pooket eomb. The Under will receive the above reward by leavinc it at Cromwell A Ulrdaall'i, corner of Front and Bcckmaa itreet*. I.OST AND FOUND. IOST? A LARGE IVORY OI'ERA QLAS*, CIIEVA J Iter, nu.ker, on Friday evening, in a llarUm Railroad car, in going from Bond atreet to Fourteenth atreet. AUo, a blaok tnrtnd lac* veUL in riding from Bond afreet to Twenty eighth atrcet, near Fifth aveiioa. on Saturday, aboat t* o o'clock F. II. A reward of to will !<? puid for eitbor of the above article* at 39 l)<>ud atreet. IOST-IN I I BE RTF STREET, ON THURSDAY AF J ternot n, March 29, a driver'* delivery bosk. Whoever will deliver taid book to thc+flioe of Adam*' Etpreii Com pany, 69 Broadway, *hall be suitably rewarded. IOST? IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF THE NEW J York Hotel, a .mall blaek and tan terrier elut; arawera to the numo of /anny. The Under will be liberally rtffarlcl by rctnrmng it to Jacob Derltng, 714 Broadway. IOST-IN COINO FROM THE TROY STF.tMIlOAT TO J the foot af Liberty atreet, ?n Monday, April 2, a ahlp. Blng receipt book. The finder will be tmitably rewarded by It.iving it at the flaper-banging warehouse of 1 HOS. FA Vt A CO. ,^A7 Broadway. LOST? ON TUESDAY, 3D INST.. A FAIR OF HOLD aleeve atuda, marked J. M. S. The finder will be tuita blf rewarded on returning thtm to Shanahan A I. *?>?* opti cian*. '* H Fulton etreet. LOST^-YESTERDAY, IN BROADWAY, A CHILD'S black velvet care, lined with black, trimm.d with griy flnah trimming. Ilia finder will be euitably rowarde 1 by aving it at 18 Wcet Twenty (Monti atreet. LOST-?S HEWARD.-LOST, ON 31 ST MARCH, A liver colored pou ter alut, with a wbito apot in the breaal, and had. when lot, a leather collar. The above re nerd Will be paid lor bar retnrn to No. 7 We*t Thirty ai.xth atreet, in the *table. It.sT? on batlrdayTmarch Ik A ttUtlUA j and tanned dog, naiwer* to the name < f Cob, with a pa tent Rather collar. A anitatle reward will b-> given on re turning htm to 33 Firth atraet, after >1 o'clock, F. M. ; or to 2a t.r?at Joaea itreet. through the day. LROAL NOTICES. VEW YORK SUPERIOR C0CRT.-OEOHOE SLATER JJl a*ai>>at Curti. Jud*< n and othara ?Notice i* hereby aivea, that purautnt to aa order of thi* e?urt made in the aj ore entitled action, all and lingular the bcntehold an 1 Mitel furniture formerly owned by Cortla Jadeen, nmreon talaeo In the hotel known a* the Brevoott llouee, aitoated at the northaait corner of Elihth itreet and the Fifth aveaue, ;? tbe ei') of New York, will V. eol4*t pnblicfenetien, en the I0v,h day of April. ltH?, at aakl Brevaert Hanee. at iwelve ?. TOW*. KB, I SPECIAL NOTICES. AH ADJOURNED MEETINd Or THE FRIENDS OF the late Justice MoUrath will b? bald at the Ivy Groan, Elm street, between Franklin ul Leonard, en Wednca day rtnlli, 4th instant, at 8 o'oloek. Person* who have had kooki sent to the?tor the purpose of aolioitiug subscrip tions for the benefit al bis widov are particularly requested to attead, In order to make a final return of moneys collect ed By order of JOHN KELLY, Chairman. William Davisos, Secretary. i'crsoas hating subscribed will pleaac send in oa the above evening their swbeeriptione. A P. A ? NOTICE.? THE MEMBERS OF EMPIRE ? Lcdf?, No. I, A. P. A., ?re requested to bo punctual in attendance at their lodge rooms, oorner or Brdoine street anc Buwtry, nn Friday evening, April 6, instant, aa business cf importance wBl ba "ansaoted. RICHARD SMYTH, Rao. Sic'y. Emigrant industrial savings bank, no. si Chamber* street.? Notice.? Depositors are Informed that deposits made on or bofore Saturday, the 7th of April, will bear interest from April I. Bank opon daily, from 10 A M. to S P. M., and from ft to 7 P. M. JOSBPU STUART, President. Jonis Marniks, Comptroller. NOTICE? T11E CREDITORS OF ROBERT GILMOR, baker, prior to August, 1847, will present tkeir claims, properly authenticated, to his assignoe, M.-C. MORGAN, 1(0 Woot street. 9FFICE PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANT, NR?f York, Marob 19, 1864.? The annual election for thirteen actors of the above company will be hold at the office, No. 78 Broadway, on Monday, the second day of April next. The polls will open at 13 and oloae at 2 o'olook P. M. Tbe transfer book* will be closed on the 28th of March to the 3d ?t April, tnolusire. HENRY SMITH, Seoretary pro torn. OFFICE OF LEE MARBLE QUARRYING COMPANY, 24 William street.? The election for live trustee* < f tbi* company will be held at their oAce, on Monday, April 9th, at 1 o'clock, P. M. GEO. W. MoLEAN, Sec'y. New York, March 31), 1888. ROPE HILL 8AVINGS BANK, NO. 261 THIRD AVE nuc, one door above Twenty first street.? Nsw York' March 28, ifM. Open daily, from 10 A. M. to 7 P. M. Six per cent interest allowed on sum* of $800 and under, and five per cent on mm* over 1600. Depoait* made from dato to April 15 will draw interest from April 1. Thi* 1* strictly a saving* bank, and a* such chartered by the Legislature of this State. It U not connected with any other banking In itiation. WM. a. I'LATT, President. Jams* R. Keklca, Vioe President. H. Kooraoanow, Secretary. THE MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK? CORNER OF Wiird avenue and Ninth street, pay* sin perceut inter est on sums of $fiOO and under, and five per coal on snmiover WO. Open daily from 9 A. M. to 2 P. M , and WEDNESDAY ana SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 5 to 8. omoERi: Hon. JACOB A. WESTER VELT, (late Mayor of the city,) President. 1'hii.ip W. F.WOR and Iiaao T. Smith, Vioe President*. W. II. lujvoiTH, Seoretary. N . B ?This Saving* Bank is in no way connectcd with any other banking institution in this city, i* regularly chartered *eo,rdlng te law by the Legislature of thi* State, and ha* its lund* securely Invested, mainly on bond and mortgage, on property worth donble the amunat loaned. William poole.? the members of the poole AsiU'ciatton have tiio honor to unnounoo that a eulogy cn the late William Poole will bo delivered at tbe ApolT> Rooms, on Sunday afternoon, April 8, at eight o'clock, by Capt. James M. Turner. The prooaed* nsultiug from the sal* ot ticket* to be appropriated to the benefit ot the widow and orphans of the lamented deceased. Tne association be lieve thi* announcement suff.olent to inrnre the ready assist ance of all who knew the maa when liviug, and who now rympathlie with his anlortunat* widow ana crphan In their dutres*. Tickets 60 cent*. MISCELLANEOUS. MtFL CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK.-W. * B. lUl) VAN NOTE'S grats and f?ad?r, kitohen range, summer range and stove warerooms. We have a large ??? ?ortmcnt of tho latent pattern! of mantel grate*, ren/es and ?toves, for rale on reasonable tenr.x. Gratei and ranges net and repaired, range* lined, bran founder*' aad jeweller* furnaces built, *tove* lined, taken' oTem built and re paired. A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A FORTUNE.? A JX receipt of ti.o beat I'ante Blarking in the world will be aold low. Apply at 82 Libeity itreet, between the boon of ten and one o'clock, 1*. M. A. K E VN OLDS. A GRI CULTURAL ORNAMENTS, IN PLASTER, FOR J\. tho interior fluiibof building*. A. J. GAKVEV, 32 Tuird avenue, tbree doors aljove Tenth itreet. Country or ders onrefully forwarded. B HUSHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUSB factory. 337 l'oarl itreet, Franklin iqaare. All artielM aold at tbe lowest factory prices. Paint brushes of superior quality constantly on hand. Machine brushes made to order. JOHN K.. HOPPItL. CTCTLIRY, RAZORS, SCISSORS. PENS, AC., WHOLE J sale and retail.? HEATH A SIMPSON. 3.24 Broadway , (next Broadway theatre), respeotfuUy tall the attention e, Southern and Western merchant* and othera to their large stock ot pocket and table cutlery, ktuvoa, ssiasors, raiora. Ae., which they are now sailing at ab??it eost, tor oarb. CiniNA, CLASS AND GAS FIXTURES.? ELEGANT J ntbvrtir.ent now opening, and pru ne much reduced; in many cases twenty bvo per cent rcdnotlon. E. V. HAl'GH WOUT, 361 Broadway. C1UBA MUST BE OURS, J In apite of the "Fire Power*;" That's tbe tnlk t But wo hnv? foes at borne lo lull, lie lore we roam; That'* the talk I LYON'S pills destroy tbe rate, And thus supercede the eats, While bis powder, made trom plant*, Murder* rouubee, bugs and ant*; That'* the tulk '. Foiaooles* to man, but instant death to all inaeots. I.yon'a luteunutU1 powder, sold at 424 IJrouiwuy, and by ro*i>eot*ble drn*|iieta everywhere, i* tbe only aafe inseot bano in the world. Depot of Cornelius* bakers gas fixtures, E. V. HAUGHWOUT, 381 and 503 Broadway. Great variety of new stylos, ?nd mice* mueli rcdueed. Also, a* asaortment of French and English flatnre* jnat received. I,1 U REK A GOLD SEPARATOR.? THIS MACHINE HAS !i teen thoroughly tinted by actual aorvioe ia the mine* lor a year past, and it i* now proved beyond a doubt that for amalgamating purpoie* it supersedes any other iuvon tion. Information respeeting the aboro maohines maybe obtained, and letters from tbe mines wbere they are work ing, cin bo seen, on application to J. D. LYNPE, 31 Cliff st. CtAS FITTING AND FIXTURES ? STORES, DWEL I lings, factories and publio building* promptly fitted with fas pipe and fixture*, at reduced prices. Gai fixture* of the latest styles and de>lins. or made to order. JOSEPH H. MARTIN, No. 9 Canal atraet, near the eorner of Centre (treet. /I AS FIXTURES WANTED.? ANY PERSON HAYING \T a pair ot chandeliers, of four burners aacb, auitable for eeilils^ eleven feet high, of handsome pattern and in good condition, for sale cheap, may hear of a purchaser by ad dressing Economy, Hodion street Poit Office. HUNT'S NEW SPRING STYLE OF HATS TEIUMPHS ovrra l competitors. Ills M and M hat* are auperior in every respect to any offered for the aoaaon. Commencing l.csinois on his own account, he would respectfully aay that bis cxperUnce aa a manufacturer for the oast ten years, ? nd tor five years late foreman for the oeiebrated house of Leary A Co., will bo all tbe inducement nocoasary to inaure the patronage of an appreciating public. Soft bate of all styles, and children's fancy hats, wholesale aad retail. 9ti Fulton street, near William. IMPORTANT TO MERCHANTS ABOUT VISITING X Parte? JULES PAY, commission merchant, 31 Rue d'llanteville, brgeto inform hi* friends and other merohaata of the United State* about visiting Paris, that be ha* made vtry e? t.msive arrangement* to give all poadble facilities and the best desirable information concerning the cnaning gr?at Exhibition; and dealer* in rloh furniture will find it very advantageous to vi*it hi* **tablishia*at. IMPORTANT TO 1 HE SMOKING COMMUNITY.? T. J. Wayne would mo?t respectfully inform hia friend* an l tbe pukli* In general, that he ha* receatly returned from 11 a^ am. where he ha* been during the past winter, and i* now (rsgartd to offer for sala, at whole**!* or retail, segars of the most superior brands, at greatly reduced price*. Hi* exUnniv* experience in the aegar Lanlness for upwards of twenty veai a, ha* enabled him to apWVtiate the want* of hi* many friends aad patron*, and he ft el* a**ured that tbe endeavors he has used during the pact feasun, in (electing segara of superior quality, cannot rail to giro eatlafaetioa to those who may raver bim with aeall. He would also, to bis frienda aad patrons, solicit tfaolr particular attention to the fact that he al ways keeps a large assortment of Moor schaum and other fane) |ipe*, snuff bj*es, walking canes, 1/ortemonnaies, and fancy articles in genetal, of every style and- pi lee. THOMAS J. WAYNE, 69 Chatham (treet, op posite Chambers street, N. Y. ORT1I AMERICAN LAND AGENCY, ISTABLfflH ed in IT,. - Taxes paid, deeds and other documents recorded. l.and* redeemed from tax sale*, ?>aaainaUon of title*, atd other agency huslress, in any of the Woet"rn States. Land warrants obtained and located, through this old *gert y. P. S. 1IOES, formerly M. Myers, 229 Broadway, corner of Barclay street, PINE COUGH SYRCP WILL CURE A COUGH AND tbe ?!is?nee of the lung*.? All sh^al l know it, when it ean be had for 2B cont* per half pint bottle. Sold at 192 Broad* ny, and 173 Fulton, aad 134 Atlantic atreet*, Brook ljn. Trade supplied by C. II. RING. iri.ATING.? HOTELS, SHIPS, STEAMBOATS AMI rrivate fxm.lte* eaa kave rrttj deseriptioe of aid wan ed and warranted. Stair red*, plumber*' fixture* iea eel* spoon a and forka, and ovary kind ef metal, plated with ge'd'or silver, at short notice, by Mm Manhattan Flat* Company , 2t7 Bowery. BOSSS, SOSES, AND FRUIT TRSES.-O. MARC, OS Astoria, Long Island, would reepeotfully inform his friends and the peblle in generaJ, thai he ha* fir *ale I ?pletdld collection of standard aad dwarf staadard rosea, nompriaing all tbe newest varletlee of hardy, ever blooming and moss roses; also, five thousand dwarf pear tree* U bearing state, two thoueeid ataadard imported pear aad apricot tree*, ail having been selected ia Knropo with tht my best care, and without regard to eost. Ladios aad gentli iten. amateurs ef fine flower* aad good fruit, are la viied to call aad inake tl.eir selections, a* early slanting it the only way of sueeeea AH plant* warranted genuine. ? ?riler* will be thankfniiy received, aad promptly attenlod ??, by ' O. MARO. SnoW CASES -Sin M IDT * BROTHERS MANUFAC tory and warer oms, IS North William street, sear Chat ham. New York, and at 77 Wed Third *tr*et, <'taetoaati. Ohio. A large asmrt meat eoastant'y en hand. Old (bow ease* taktn ia aichange. Order* promptly sxeested. Tir J. A J. F. PLOWS, 12 PARK PLACE, MANCFAC ff ? tore and tnarantee to sell window (bade* and all kinds of enr ainlitnr<* 13 portent lower than aay et aac beese <n the trtde. Country dealers are reait-sted to call *nd exitminu their *??. rtnient befor* **l?cliag dock lor spring (ale* CL.OTHCTO, lit. /^A?T OFF CLOTHING AND FPRNITTJRK WANTED.? I Ladies or gentlemen having aay of the same to dispoa# of, caa obtain a fair and eaab price by sending for tbe ssV seriber, at his residence, or throngh tho port. ft. B.? l-ndm* attended by Mr*. C. M. S. COHEN, Cfl Elm (treot. 1 AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WAVTED J ? Ladies or goiitlemen bating any ef tho same to di*p.iM of, ean obtain a fair and cash price by sanding for the ?nb N R C Ladleaor gentlemen having aay of tbo same to dispose a < btain a fair and cash price fcy sanding for the rub scr brr at bis resMenee, or throngh the post, 13 Elm atreei, for L. M. nt'SSELDORF. N. B ? Ladiea atten lad by Mrs. Dasieldorf. Fine cloth frock coats, all coLots, black fancy nassimere paats, f2 31); double breasted iprlng 'oeis. ?. To bo had at EVANS' Clothing Ware house, ft) * fdlton itreet. Vuilll"1 rniLOIIRN'S CLOTHING.? JOSEPH I m. I 1".?K. BAII rv A OO , No. It Park plaes, oppo*H* ?? ? Pit* llail save ?(,? en ^and the best assorted spring >id simmer stock and ttylo* to be found in the United . fates, and aaital le fo< ail ages, ftom three to twsaiy year* yld, at wl.? fy? |r?ttlfV4t?td jiise*. MUSICAL. &l\ -ACCORDION AND BANJO TAUGHT BY A ?U. now, eary, and improved method, in tlx leaaon*. Term* $6, ta advance. No person oan fail to ltarn. Banjo* Mid aceordeon* foi sal*. Opon till 10 o'elook i?rj evening. 1'ROr. J. E JACOBS, MJ Broadway, ap stairs. Arabb chancb to but a supbriob piano, at lid than wholesale ooii prio*.? Tk* *ak*oribor* ha?o Ju?t psrehatcd aa entire itoek of piano*, from oa* of tho test Bootou maker*. wbieh th*y will Mil at retail for tuh, kt a treat iuiiIn. Alto, a fall aiiertment Hal lot t, Havi* A Co.'* aurivalled grand ud Hun piano*. Ma*on A Ilau.lin* modal m*Iodeon?, De Bain'* Freush harmoneum* and parlor orgaaa, at low pri***. _ BERRY A GORDON, 297 Broadwsy. A great chancb.? grand diagonal piano furto, ia elegant caau, flnialiad all ruand, htud octavo*, by the belt maker and warranted; oolt MS; will k? Mid for t2M>, on account of 111 health; been seed a abort time. Caa be (tea at 141 Math itreet, near Broadway, from ten to tbrco o'cltck. N IMMENSE B EDUCTION? PIANO FOBTB8.? Largeit auortment la the eity. at prices that defy eom titloa. CU octave tor 9200. Seoond band piano* from 940 BASSFORD A BROWER, Muaio Pakliaher*, (01 Broadway. A pctitloi to $1U0. A LADY TEACHER OF THE PIAMO FORTE AND singing. po?**eslag the advantage* of Drat elaaa ar tist!, will take a number of pupil* at tut moderate term*, in view of becoming e*tabli*hed. Beat of roferenoee given. AddreuO. 8. P., Broadway Poit office. B ANJO, BANJO, BANJO, BANJO, BANJO, TAUGHT in six lessons; term* 9<>, in advanoe. By my method and Improved system, pupil* learn with the greatest flaoility leaaoua given every evening. No person oan fail to play well in a ahcrttiin*. II. I'. JACOBS, 92)$ Chatham etrect. T7<oB SALE ? THREE BEAUTIFUL SBVBN OCTAVE X1 pianoforte* (two with carved leg*) made of the boat material, and in tho moat workmanlike manner; will bo ?old low, and warranted. Apply at 16 Sixth avenae. DAVID SMITH. Guitar and singino ? mme. marion begs leave to announce her removal to tho Robinion Hotel, 648 Broadway, where abe continue* to give leasoaa on tbtt guitar and ginning, lime. M. enables her pupil* ii accom pany the voice eaay in *ix leison*. HALL'S NUSIC AT THE REDUCED FRICE? THE cheapeat catalogue of muaio In tho world. New Song*? "Toll me aome fond name," ballad by Mr*. Mary E. Hewitt, melody from Wallace'* beautiful romance: " The Village Maiden's Song," *ytnphor>ie* and Moorapanimeuts by Chaa. Jarvi*; prico 23 cent*. " The Orphan'* Prayer," aong eom fotcd by l barlei Jarvl*; price 23 cent*. New SohottUh be M atonic Scliottieb by J. A. Fowler; prioe 23 cente. New Polka Redowa? 1 The Soldier's Polka Rodowt, by Fran cis B. Brown; priee 23 cents. WM. HALL A SONj_ 239 Broadway, o. poilte the Park. PIANOS !? OHKAT BARGAINS I? A LARGE ASSORT mrntof square aid upright piano*, whieh, having beea bought *t a very low price, will he told at rotail for lei* thaa they can bo had for eUewboro at wholeaale. Among tbem, two upright grand piano*, made at Covington, Ky., ilelt on consignment,) will be sold without roc* rd to eo*t. Alto a large aaBortment of T. Gilbert A Co.'i celebrated piano*, with or without the JR, with iron on frame* and circular Male*, and Horace Water*' modern improved piano*, willbe aold at price* which defy competition, for IACE WATERS, 333 Brtadway flANO FOR SALE? 1 GREAT BARGAIN? AN OLD fashioned ?>>f ootave; aold cheap, a* the owner i* going to Europe. Apply from 4 to 6 1*. M., at 132 Chamber* street for one week: SECOND HAND PIANOS AND MBLOD IONS. ?TWO T. Gilbert A Co.'* aeeond hand seolian piano*, and one ditto without the aiolian, in good order, having been usel one year, for *ale at a great reduction. Alio one aeoond band piano for MO, on* for 9P 0, and one, 6V octave, nearly new, lor 9173. Oae lecond hand tnelodiau US, one 930, on* band piano for 940, one for 9?0, and one, 6V octave new, for 9173. Oae aeeond hand taelodian 9.13, one ! 163, and one 9^0. ? HURACK WATERS, 383 Broadway. fO MUSIC COMMITTEES.? A MUSICAL FAMILY, consisting of an experienced tenor, loprano. alto and organist, to which a baa*o can be added, would like an en gagement tor the coming year, on moderate term*. Addreaa Harmony, Herald office. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. A RARE CHANCE. ? TO BE SOLD A BARGAIN, ONE J\. doulilc-aeated light ponv pbuston, in tborongh repair: alio a eaddle and briule, used but onoe: Sold for want of uie; low for c**b, together or separately. Apply at 2SS Ninifa street, between First and Scoond avenue*, for thi* week only. IT THE BAZAAR, NO. 31 CROSBY STREET, WILL xv be eold, on Wednesday, at 12 o'elock, twenty-live hurte*, suitable for all purpose*; alio new and second nand wagon*, harness, laddie*, Ac. JOHN H. GATFIELD, Proprietor. ttween Fifth and S-ixUi avenues, a very *iyli*h driving grey horse, i-ixtccn band* hi, h ; warranted *onnd and kin 1. AHORSE FOR SALE? AT NO. 47 NINTH STREET, Ittweeu Fifth and 8 " grey horse, sixteen band) In double and single ban /1A*>RIAGE FOR SALE? SECONDHAND CARRIAGE V fir one or two horses, will be sold on Wedneday morn ing, bt 12 o'clock, at Catfleld's sale staMes, 31 Crosby itreet; now fail hacks with front seats, and lamp* (aot new) go with it; cost recently la repair over 9130. CARRIAGES, AC.? ONE FAMILY ROCKAWAY CAR J riur-e' in good order, one light ba*gy wagon, with top; new one do. do., aquare body, with top; two *?t? (inglo harL'le; one saddle and bridle, for *?lo at moderate prioe*, on application, alter 3 o'clock P. M., at 17 Wo*t Thirtieth . street. ? CARRIAGES.? A DOCTORS GIG, HUNG ON DOUBLK J springs, in firat rate running order, and hai been rery lftt le med; ooickecotid hand slide seat wagon; one do. open quarter coaehoe, very li|(bt; also, wne Brongham rookaway, with tartition front, with pole and shafts; for sale cheap. ? MAJOR THOMPSON A CO.. 27 Weoster street. For hai.e-horse, wagon and harn*ss-thr hur.r i. nrt??n inad) h'gh. sound, kind, and can trot la il-.N), eure; aquare box wagon, with ahifting top, In good or der; liarnoaa id /cod condition. Price. (000. C*n be aeea at the Metropolitan Stahlea, c-rncr of Croaby Mil! Prlgoe it?. * For sale- a very handsome bay mark, per. fectly aound. teim ycara old, liftoeu hand* and thro* Inchea high, ewitch tail; ka? never been trained, bnt war ranted to go In three minutoa now. For farther particular! inquire of A. POWELL, 113 Canal atreet. FOR SALE-TWO SECOND HAND COACnES. IN irood irder, cLeap for caah. Apply at 110 Cliaton place, Eighth etreet. For sale-two new wagons, weight 140 and 141 lba. eaeb, auituble for t no peraona, priee $110 eaoh; alio, over three Iota, on Third av.nuc and Seventy aereath ?treet, each IDA feet deep by 25. ; alao, honae and lot 133 Willet itreet, pile? $2,760; home and lot 130 Lewie itreet, ? ?1,130; two houEea and lota in Thirty -drat itreet, between I irit and Second arennea, each $4,810. Apply to* J. CO VERT, 73 Wall itreet, at 12 o'elock, or at 200CUaton itreet, A. M. and P. II. FOR SA1.E-ONE NEW THREE 8EAT ROCKAWAY, one two )? nt rtaudinir top wagon, one top buggy, and two haggiea, without topa; alao, a aecond hand doctor'c gia; hae two pair of wheela. Will be aold cheap. Apply at tba livery ?table, &K Weat Twenty third etreet. IpOR SALE-A PAIR OF BAY PACING HORSES FIF t. en handa high, aonnd and kind la doable or aingle har naaa, with rookaway wagon, nearly new; barneaa aad blan keta complete; warranted to paco together in three minute*. They are very line raddle horse*. Prioe $1,000. Addr*l( R. A C., toi W Herald o?ce. For sale-four horses, youno, sound and kind; aaitable fer the road or family aae. Alio, on* large mole, Ave year old, three buggy wagoaa ia good ordea, twowithtopa. Inquire at the feed (tor*, it WeoaUr (treet. or of Mr. D. CAMP, 146 Spring atreet. Horses ? for sai.e, on account or the own er leaving the city, a pair of carriage horaee, largo, abnwy, and perfeetlv gentle and kind. Can be aeea aay day before 1 P. M , at the atable, Fifteenth atreet, northwee* ^otnor of Fifth avenue. HORSK FOR SALI-A BAY HORSE, rtrTKEM AND a half handa high, (even year* old, ?*nnd and kind, good in all harneaa, and a good aaddle bora*; would aaiwer well lor family nee. Will be aold cheap. Arply at tbe pri vate rtalle No. 11 Eaat Twenty (even th (treet. Horse, cart and work for sale-a fins bene, cart, harneaa and plenty of work, for aale cheap for caah. Inqnire of D. S. HOUGH, 76 Ueekmaa, or 7? War ren atreet. Mules.? for sale, a good pair or well broke mul^a, with wagon and harneee. A good oart liorre would b- taken In part payment. Will be (*ld (heap. A| ply to I.. J. BELLON1, coal yard, 73 Wooitcr atreet. V^F.W YORK TATTERS ALL'S. ? PRIVATE SALE Or i.1 two a tag* eiachea, auitable for hotel bnaineee, and four hack enaehea. All tbe abote to be eold cbeap for eaah. Ai rly at the New York Tatter-alt' a, Siitb avenne, eornet ofTliirty ninth Itreet. PART OP A PRIVATE STABLE TO I.ET-IN TENTH itreet. near Second avenue; room for two hireee, car riage. Ac., with aeparate feed biaa, hay left, Ac.; to a auita lie tenant; rent moderate. The etall( are abive ground. Addr. ia. atating aldreii, \V. II K., Herald office STABLE ROOM TAN BE HAT) AT A REASONABLE rate, for a private carriage and boreea, Mar Waahiagtom equate. Apply at 98 Weat etreet. TOP WAGON FOR SA1 E? LIGHT SHIFTING TOT, built Vy Iinienbury A Van Duaer, little *a*d, i*T>*rtb?? order. Fi r tale cheap at Club Stable, 304 Fourth atreet, near Siitb ar-nue. TTF.RMONT HORSES.? FIFTEEN nORSES, OF TH? T beet Morgan (tock, among them ceveral faet eaee, aad two match teaina, iuet trom Eaatera Vernumt. Ala*, eigbi light wai-one. 'y the teat city makera. Will be aold low, la rinatqneuce of the Ore which dee'r^ed *ur aatabliriuaeat. Ajply at 21 and 23 Bee rum etreet, Brooklyn. TIT A N TED? A ONE HORSE, OOOD SECONDHAND TT bmlneia wagon, atronr enough to carry two thonaaad fonttdi. Apply at Jfld Third avenue. Tl/ASTF.n TO PUR? HA?E? A 0<>OI> SECOND HAND M onu aert ealaah top wagon. Ad.lreee Top Wagon, Herald < m.e, stating price, and where It may be eeen. ASTROLaOOTe A ""BOH TO LEAYl THE CITY? MADAME MORROW. Tbi( highly gtlted lady will poaitively leave fer Earop* in a few 4ay(. So all that wi?h to aenialt her mnet call (O'n, or they will not r*t the chance. She will tell all tb* cvmte ' f Hie. and even the very ?boughta, to the great aato niibr ent ol all b't viiitera. 7o llronme atreet, aear Canaoa . Gentlamen not admitted. .V. R ?No charge, if aot aatia$*d. ?1 LA 1 R VOYANT EXAMINATION'S BY MRS. HAYES, J I hat iminent cnnaultiaa medical clairvcyaat.? Mra. Ilayea' eiammationa involve tbe htgheat rrlaicplec eeaaert ed with hniran eiiateao*. Ihouaanda of peraoaa ia (very recti' n of the country are affiintC'l with dlaeM*; tbe eaae* they krow not. To ear b Mra. Ilayea' examiaatioaaare truly Invainabl* Mra Ilayea p<>ieei<ea ciear ieeiag power bere ttferc unequalled. Tboa* who df.ubt, have but to try her t* be'ed Trueaeconnt jixen of aheent friaeda. Per foot ?ati"tacti5n given, ?r no pay. office 10 Sprtng atreat, netir the Bewety. Dr. H?yaa, eieotriilaa and paycbologicat op?rat?r. Miss HsT;ri7TiiR seventh- da uohtmr, can be cnaialted on eveuta of llfi Jrae aad certain, at be* office, Ml Canal etreet, eaat of Broadway, ap ataira. third Boor; (nd aieo Yenn( piila. Laliee SOj-entaj Madame alwin, fR7ivTlrA ris, tenders her <ervuei to tlia ladiea and gentlemen, la phr*aol*gy, by hook, aad (elaaeef She caa U ~?ault*d ab**t,|ave marrii e Iriineia, *<?., aad ?'? or rei ti-maa th?y will marry, alao the aamee of h*r yldtere Ma Jan.. Alwia eoaverioa in tnailah, Franab aad (J*rmaa. Reaideace 30V Bowery, betwe.n I ir.t and ?eeond atreeta. C ARDS. P~LATINa^CAR?>? FARO PLAYING CARDS, TERT old aad weH aeeuaed. with all tbe varloua other qaal i tie. ef I aea aad .ott?a aarda made by S AM H A RT * CO. far lala to the trade aad cluk hoa.ea at their ator*, No. 1 Barclay ttl***, tk* Aft*f Uo?(*.

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