Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Nisan 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Nisan 1855 Page 3
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ADVEKHSHHm USKWU ITIET BIT. FOH. IALK. 500"*OR 8AL1' THi rlNI THttK STORY JpO.UUU brick house' No. 410 Fxilt street liitwm Bead and Nevine streets, Brooklyn," with ?u, bath, range, Ac Let 23 i -at ? inches, by 10U feet. House 22 feet 6 inches, by 43 feet. tb.MO tan remain on mortgage Apply t? J. L Bmith, Me. 40i P>eiflo street. Q>>) rtAA ? ?"* acre FARM. ON THE NORTH SIDE JpO.uUv. Lobk lelaud, ?lxty miles from New V-rk; two *tor J house, large barn, wasbbouae, Ao. near s?hool.i, churches, pbyelelane, an I storea. Alao 40 acres, half mile shflM front, oostly buildings, Ac., So miles from New York. J'rfce t*,0W. I. 2. BU.NCE, 112 Broadway, corner Fulton (tiNt, room No. 3. <69 ~ roR SALE, A RKSTAURA NT IN CON c|pAi.tJV/V/? nexlon with a email hotol on the European Man; it U situated in the greatest bueineaa p%rt of ma olty, Id tbceuldst ol the mcrcantila community and near llr lad Way. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., M Nassau street, ?econd floor. *ftl 90H JAI.E-A OOOD MANUFACTURING 'I'ltttUU. business, requiring 'be aLove amount; at ex cellent opportunity lor a wuu wishing to jtart. Addross W. 9., Herald offloc. 0>9Cf\ ONLY FOR A NKW TIIRFE STORY HOUSE V-iO" on Pacific street, near Washington avenue. Brooklyn: part ol firet floor is a store; lot ?'<>100. price 92.700; wll rent for RW), The balance ovit tHO 1,1 eaiy pay tuonta. Alro for sale, throe 1 t? en larleton avonue. near J ulton No payment, if improved Also, lots on llarkimer ?trust, same terms. Apply to D. R. GOULD, 3d John street, up stairs. ?(?AA ?FOR SALE, THE GOOD WILL, FIXTURES. VaUUi office furniture, Ac., of a wholunale, down town, cash business (brokerage). to $l,fiO> can lie made yearly. An introduction to all the regular buyers will be Ben to the party purchasing Satisfactory reasons given selling. Address, before tbe loth of April, "Desirable.' Herald office. OjIKAW^L PURCHASE TUE FIXTURES, STOCK, ipltJXj Ac., of a drug store, situated in one ot the l-a iinu avenues. Apply this day to IIUSTKD A BROWN, ".'li Jiroadway, room 10. (tin ONLY, FOR A FARM OF FROM TWO TO TWEN eJ5J-U t? acres, cr two building lots. Fifty farnu aud l.liW building lots will be divldod among 600 subscribers on thi 12th of April, 1H8B. Each subscriber, for only 410, will ro eelve a warrantee deed far two building lots 26x100 reot, or a farm of from two to twenty acres. Too lota ar* in a plea ?ant and healthy location in the Tillage of Rosevale, near Lake Ronkonkoma, where great improvement! hare b.on and are now being made. A few lota only left. Apply lin mediately to 0HAS. WOOD, 2UH Broadway, where mip< jk ii ti pamphteUcan bo bad, or (eat Ly mail free. STATEN ISLAND FOR the _ idow#yaon and Mr. Meroerenu. TbU property U' di^TOy aitmated for building aitea and farming, nelng In fee Immediate vioinity of ehurohoa, seboola, and the New Yerk jmtrketi. Apply to A. AKTOIS, No. SI Nauau street, up at illri. A COTTAGE FOR SALE OR TO LET? FUHNISIIED, IN A Stratford Conn.: the lot la 2QU feet front by 260 deep, with good garden and frnit trees ; tbe proemUca are in p r leet Older ; was painted last October. Fur particulars apply ?t 22 East Seventeenth street, or 3)9 Crand street. A FARM FOR SALE-SITUATED ABOUT 3^ MII.E3 JX. north of Stamford, or about thirty minutes' drive from the New York and New Haven railroad depot, con taining 100 acre* of laud nuder a high slate of cultivation, With a good apple orchard, and other flrulta. A new two itery attic honse, built last fall, and has never been oooa pied, with all tbe modern Improvements ; range, bath, hot and sold water, Ac. l'iajia all round the honse; barm And oat-buildings, with ground laid oot in handsome style. Thli propcrtywtll be sol* low and on easy terms; most of the AYALUABLE FARM ON 9 f ATEN ISLAND I ?ale, at exchanged for city property, containing lifei, onejjFIle of Port Richmond ferry, and in front of would be exchanged for city property This is one of the soil desirable places in the State of Conaectlent, situated OB the NewAeld road, high ground, with a commanding view ?f Long I eland soand and surrounding country, and in one of the beet neighborhoods. For farther particulars, in quire of CHARLES FOX, 17s Snath street. N. B.? A less qBMtity of Itn wonld be sold, if desired, with the honse. AYALUABLE FARM FOR SALE-OVER 100 ACRES, well watered, dwelling and outbuildings in good order, a splendid orchard and a great variety of other fruits, situs ties healthy, oae mile and a half from railroad depot Tiie farm is in a good stato of cultivation, about twonty aires in weed ; will be told on easy terms and early possession giveu. Apply to K. Y. Rogers, Esq., Kahwsy, N. J. A PROVISION ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE. OR will be leased for a term of year<, to a rcsponsinle per ?on. Tbe above establishment is furnished with every con fenlencc in the way of ice hoases and smoke bouses, and all neccesary fixtures, to osrry on a large business. Tbers u also attached to the above a retail atore, and a stand in a market. For further particulars, address, for three days, Provision Dealer, Herald oAoe. AC.OOD OPPORTUNITY.? FOR SALE, A NEW FIRST clase brick and brown stone bouse situated on i'Urniont avenue, Brooklyn, (tbirJ bouse south of I. afnyotte avenue,) baving a view ot tbe bay. Contains three l??r.*' parlors, with mantels, grates, tubes. Ac ; basement, coukin/ kitchen, (fitted with range to beat the house,) tea room, ?ture-r >om, Cemented cellar, wine vault. an1 el: lit bo'lrooun. Built by day'* work for tbe owner, 1'rico W, Apply u Mr. 11KITTAN, on the prcmiiox. A DESIRABLE HOUSE AND LOT, 25 BY 106 FEEC. in Walker ctreet, west of Broadaay, No. Jl, for nale, on eery easy terms. If not sold by tbe |iHb inst will be let, whole or part, from May next. Inquire of J. F. BROWNE, 2% Broadway. OUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE AT RYE NECK, half a mile frotn tbe railroad depot, eitaated on the ilos i turnpike road, and near Long Island Sound; the bouse teantirully shaded; there are about four acres of ground, ??dance of chadc and ornamental trees, all kinds of frait trees, flowers, fine kitchen garden, stable, Ao. Apply to T. 8. SHEPHERD, IB) and 31 Gold street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE? FOR SALE OR T(1 LET. IN Stamturd, Conn., house new, two stories ana attic, l.'> rooms, heated both bv furueeo and ((rates, and to be lighted with gaa. The grounds (Me shaded with fruit aud ornamentnl trees. Inquire of W. U. Weed, 7 Gold street, cr of John W. Leeds, SUmtord. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE AT A GEE AT bargain? In the beautiful and healthy village of Yon ki rn, situnUd on elct ated ground, overlooking the Hudson river for &'? miles, and within a few minutes' walk of the de pot. Tbe houce is built in Italian style, 54 by 43 feci, ex tension 17 by ?!, containing fourteeu room*, batb room, water tbreunbout. furnace, Ao., ilith oae or two asres of land; nruit tmsjust coming into h .aring, and chade trees In al>un dance: piasia on three sides of main butldinr. Tuts is a very desirable place for a gentleman's residence. For par ticulars apply to GEO. J. W. MABEE, 6K Beaver street. N. It.? Alao, ccveral farm a and small places la Westchester ?cunty for sale. c C COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR 9A1.E OR TO LET, AF J Weetport, Coll*., either aeparately or together, ttoo atory houM aad eotta<e, with fourteen ucroa ol land, two ! hour* from New York, on the New York and New Haven railroad, and within tea mlnutea walk of the railroad ata. tion, altuated in a remarkably healthy aad pleaaant place For further particular* Inquire of J. ALi.EN, No. tfj Bower j. eOTTON CORDAGE WORKS FOR SALE.-TUE LARUE ' four etory briek aad Iroa buildlag, fronting on Cherry aad Water etreett, Ml and 2 fl Cherry, and AJiaadAXt Water atreet, la thil oity, being SO feet front and lMfeet deep, well I lighted, built la tie moat aubatantial manner, and dtted with eteam, (a e aad water pipee throughout. The building ?ontaiaa a aoperlor tUtjr horae power engine, nod about tlx hundred fe.t of ehaftiag, aa<l oarde, aplanera, luyert eat all other machinery neeetaary for manaTaeturiu oottoa eord are, all la eomplete working erder, aad ready for immediate operation, together with extlutlve patent right for aain* the game forthia aad two aJjoiting Statea. The building. ahaft iag aad engine may be aold without the oordaje maetiiaery.?i Apply at the premleet. *>7 Cherry atreet, or to a. A. HOLT, It* Baat Broadway. N il ? There la room and power lora | ?neb I arger quantity of maehinery thaa that aow contained la the baildiagg. C DANCE FOR AOOOD BARBER.? FOR SALE CHEAP, a hair dretaing aad bathing eatabUahmsat, the beat ait anted in the oity, a?d all hotel bnalaeat. A( p r to J. Thel Ugi, (i.1-. Warren atreet. two doort from the liudaoa River lailroud. Drug store for sale. ? rare ciiance fur a young phyaieiaa.? Aa old eatabliahed ataad in a denaely ? elated neighborhood to be cold fa coaaequenoe of the pro tor ? removal to the country. Addraae B. C., Herald uBea. DRUG STORK FOR 8ALK, AT A SACRIFICE ?THE , etore ie aeatly ? t ted up, la a good neighborhood (or a Sh>aM iaa or druggiat; ii well worth fdUU, bet na<l he eel i I uriag the week, the blgbe?t offer takea it Terroa caoli B. W. lUt II A R D.I, Wr Broadway. Drug store for salb.-the drug store \ eotaer of North Moore and Greenwich ttreete, will be aold very low, for oaah only. It bai been eatabliahed over . tea yara, iebaadaomely dtted up with a drat rate atock ol' gnoua, i< doing a good Jobbing and preaeriptlon bu?lnie?, i aad ia offered lot aale oaly became the owner wlaheito leave 1 the oity. _ | 1\RUG STORE FOR SALE? MORE PROMINENTLY J tit sated thaa aav oth'-r drug at?re in the city of New | ork, with leaee ol etore. TartUe having the m-aaaead 1 ability of conducting aa elegant eatabllabiaent la a fa.hlma 1 kle neighborhood, tbie effort rare inducement*. Addreai bog ? 3,b7? Fiat "Of " Drug store tor sai.e-doinoia fine fating buiineea. It ie neatly titled, well atocked, and Jn a j mat thoroughfare. Will be told reaaoaable, aa the owner . it engaged ia aaotbar buamcaa. A<Mreaa boa 76 Herald efl<-?. ' VARN FOR BALE-CONTAINING Tni RT T TWO j JT acre*, well watered; dwelling aad oatbuildinga all la I t?ed order; aituatiou high aad healthy, aad aot more thaa I two milea and half Irom the Erie Railroad ata'lon or a eeeambeat landing. Far further partlculara laquire of M. M blt'Ul'SON, riermeut, RickUad oonnt y. "Fl> " "r'.To'f UOJ SAI.K ? FOUR THREE 8 TOR* AND BASEMENT ? brown atone front houae*. on the aorth ei Ie of Fifty a* aoad at root, between Eighth avenue aad Broadway, fitted ac In the beat acd moat oonveaient manner, wltbla two mioutea walk of the Righth aveaue eart. Will be aold oa ea*y terme. Inquire oa the premUee, of J. A. ONDERDoNE, through the day. FU OR J" ALE? TWO FIRST CLASS FOUR 8 TOBY BROWN atone froat bona**, Noa MO aad M Weal Twenty ee ,_e^itr*<t. bailt .a the boot maaaer with aU the modern Uaprovetaeata. For farther particulate, laquire of WM. L. A J. JUtlNSON. K Weal Twenty eimth ft raat, or of t. JOHN "ON, aa the promi***, t, rough the ddj . Termt ta'y. F" OH HAI R, SOME CHOICER ROORLTN LOTS OR Wlf.L be exchanged fer good trit or aaeaad moeliagea, ?Vo-k ?. toadf Ae . ar, if improve I without aaythlai beiua paid on them! laqvtrt el 1. McCRAEEN. Tt Wa^ ttraet, ia the haaveat. For sai.k-hocse and lot mou m west fif teaatli atreat, three atoriee high, high baeemant, airy uader oailar; let 10# leet .1 luchee deoa, hoaae a. all the vodtra imptovemeata, t. rma etay. Apply am the pr?mla?e. 17?OR SALE. -THE FIRST CLASS FOUR 5 TORT J trow a atone houae, IS Weal Thirty aeeoad ttreet, near fifth aveaue. aad built in the beat maaaer for the owner a aei oeeapnnr y Site of boute V> feat froat, M feet deap, to |>arlar etoty- laqaire ef the owner en the premieea. FOR .SALE ?A WEL RUILT AND YERY f'ON vement tbrea atory bri k heutr, ia goad erdrr, inntati lag aU tha aodera improvemente; will he aadd en moat favorable t?rm< Fer par' i ultra iaquire of tbe owner aad ccrupaut, 33 1 Weat Tweaty vevuth atreat. Early poea^eioa givea. rR SAI,?-0NK four STORY. W1T11 baskhent. brown etaae fr*at houee, with aa Imprevemeal aalike any ether ia the eity with all the other ano4*ra laar-r -ve meat*, aaiaated Ni (K Raet Thirtieth etroet Sire of b?i4<e. twOMtet) eiaiy Irtt; lot nlaeti mgbl fe? 4eat> In life >1 Jaha W t iaidfT, 00 Itat IbU ntk |tr?tt. P(W HALE. IjlOR SALE-THE NEW THRC1 STORY BRICK house, a JO En at Eighteenth itreet. Hoih eoaUim all the modern improvement!. for termi apply at 1M. negt d?or. Tj^ORJBALI? 9360 ?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND OOOD r will of an undertaker! eetablUhment, To a p?r?? wiehiag to (0 in the bueinoee, a good opportunity ii beta of for?<), the present owner being unable to attend to U. Noae but ft cub vuatomer need apply kt 192 Uraud street. POR SALE? THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURESOF | a bar and bowling saloon, in ft bualnei! part ol the city, opposite the |.r i atreet markets, with ft toree ? ,r. leaee from May. A j? ply at 33B Spring, corner of W?aaiajt?a, in ! tho basement. FOB SAL1-NO. .113 WASHINGTON STKEET-THlS ; valuable lot it twenty tiv? feet two inches Irani and rear, by oiglity dee?, and aevonty-flve feet north el Duaae I atreet. Term! eary, and immediate possession givou. Ap ' ply to R. J A COT, 42 liar riaon at reel. FOIt SAM-OR EXCHANGED TOR CITY PROPERTY, thirty acre* of land on tho Coxaftau) Flat!, thro- milei from Coxiakie Landing, one of tho belt market town* on tha veil banka cf the Hudson River. For pirtlculais. inquire 01 VAN ANTWERP A JAMES, 113 Chamber! atroot. IpOK 9AM? TIIE STOCK AND FIXTURES Or A WELL established manufacturing business In thii city, with full demand for tho articlo made, affording ft larje prout, rcftsona for dlipoaing will be idui knowu t-> ftny apoliea tion addreaaed to J., with real uamn. at tho Herald .'ill. ?. IiVjR SAI.R? TWO HOUSES, 1 WO LOTS KAC'II, AND ' atal.les, on Clinton avenue, Brooklyn. Oil, < rna ? range, Ao., in each, lino fruit tr.-os and grapo vines in gar; tetif, near t lie Fulton avenue railroad. By ROBERT SA KJ KANT, No. 7 Jaunoey Ooitrt.41 Wall at. For sai.e-a vai.uabi.e water privilege on the llnuiiatonir river, in the village ol Morriasvills, noar the Ilouaatobic and llarlom rallroada. It is now occupied aa ft tannery, but tho buiidiLga nro suitable for a papar or hat factory. Inquire of C. I latt, aw Fulton atreot, Urook lyn, or of the auLscriber, on tho premiiei. M. 0. PI. ATT. IjHtR SAIE-A MCE DWELLING HOUSE, WITII about half an acre of ground, with fruit tr-us, flowoia, Ac., ait uate about fire miautea' walk from the Melroae dep it, Wcotchcitcr couuty, N. Y. Price 9-,'*)0. Apply to K W. A in K< >, M Wall atr?et. BV)R sale? THE HOUSE AND I.OT NO. 33 OLIVER atreet, eorncr of Madlaon. It la built iu the moat tub atantiftl uiftftfter, and now in good order, with ft Hnu dry uu dercellnr, and vault in the rear. Crotaa wator, nath, rang* Bad gat throughout. Aa ft buaineaa place it oould balm proved, by ft auiftil oatlay, to bring ft Iftrge intcreat, aa it baa a front on Madiaoa atraot aoventy aeven foot. ln<{uir! at above. Tent* otisy FOR SALE-A TWO STORY rRAME HOUSE, 22 HY 3H; alao, back kltohan, 1# by 20: together with two lota 25 by ?6; situated in Newark, N. i. Tha buildinga are in good order; looatiea not to be itirpaaaed. Will be aold at a bargain, and terma made aaay. Apply to RIC'HARU L. PI KDY A CO., Hi) ftnd 121 Naaaan itreat. fOR SAI.E-N0. 161 FORTY THIRD STREET. THREE atory and baaemout frftme house, with lot 94, UW. to let ftt SHOO- No, IK Tw anty third street, four atory brick, with carriage houae rear of lot ftad on Twenty aecond atraat, 913,500; two atory cottage and grouada, 40 feet by luo, ia Fifty firatitroat, half blook waatof Eighth avenue railroad, fti.UuO. Apply at 1,2S5 Broadway. PGR SALE-THE NEW THREE STORY BRICK UOUSE and lot No. Ill Weat Fifteenth atraet. repleto with all tho modern improvement!, l'eaaeeaion given immedlataly. Pnca 911,300. Apply to OEO. R. JACKSON A CO., 201 Centre atrcat. FOR SALE- THE STOCK, GOOD WILL AND Fix ture! of a general dry gooda atore, in one of tho moat eligible location! in Broadway. Poaaaaaioa oan bo given immediately. Addreaa R. S T. A Co., Herald offloe. , FOR SALE-A LARUE SI/.E FIRE AND BURGLAR proof aafa, in excellent condition, made to order for the ' Mcchanioa' A Tradrra' Bank, Jeraey City, and ha* been la | uac but two yeara. Being about to remov.- to a new basking houae, where it iWll be of no uae, it will be diapoaed of upon ' reaaonable term*. Inquire at the Mochanica' A Tradera' i Bank, Jtrtey City. IiKlR SALE.? THE 8TOCK AND FIXTURES AND caae of a lamp, glaaa and crockery ttore, located in tL* thriving village et Yorkville, on Third avenue, will be dlapoted of cheap for oaib. For information, inquire at &>)? Bow t ry. I30R SALE? AN EMBROIDERY AND FANCY STORE, with ohoico stock of new gooda, the beHatandin Brooklyn. Termi eaay. Apply on the promiaea, 103 Fulton atrcet, Brooklyn. Fon SALE-A THICK HORSE, 8N0W WHITE.? OK A ! lady'a aaddle horae, KM hnuda high, 7 years old, kind , aound, gri.tle in a harneta and under the aaddle; can trot n i mile in miuutoa. For further informatioa, in<iuire of i H. R. LAMB, How urd Hotel. FOR SALE? W. 500. ? THE THREE STORY ENGLISH bu.emcut houae, 1W< Eftat Twenty third nrn t, near I Scrobd avetiie. Uae all the modem uu|>r ivementa. P<| aesaion 1st May. Terma eaay. HOMER MORUAN. No. 1 Pine atreel. , I3GR SALE, 92,000 CASII-A HOUSE AND LOT, 211 i 1 Seventh avenue. ? Four atory houae, with basement, i | marl le mar tola, >nd Croton water throughout. H >uae 2tx 4?>; lot 2'xl00, now renta for $900 per year. Pri<? i can renitin on bond and mortgage. Apply t i H. K, TATTKIiSAI.L, 91 Firit ftvomia, H to III A il , aud i io S 1'. f M., and I to 2 o'clock ftt No. 3 Nftaaau atraet, tint floor. For sale, on sixth avenue, iutwcen usth and Hi th atrteta, twenty aeven lota ou tl.e street nade, ftt low pricea ftnd on eaay terms, by K'JBKKT SARI KAN 1, [ No. 7 Jauncey court, 41 wail atreet. For sale in Atlantic strkkt, Brooklyn? no i caah wanted? a three story brick houto. and t wo lota k&>l?i. Maty par cent of the pnrohaae money may raiaain I on the property, and tho balance be secured on other p-al ; eatate iu ttila city or Hrookl) a. The houae to let. rent flvO I Ai rU to'lllOilAS MIIERS, III) Pearl atreet. Naw York. SALE, ON EASY TERMS-ONE OF THOSE MAR JT tile lion-, three atory ? d baaament touaei, on Lexlag toB avenue. Murray Hitf, between Thirty fifth and Thirty aixth atreet!. finished with the modern improvement!, one block from the Third avaau* car!. Apply on the promise!. IpOR SALE. AT A GREAT BARGAIN. AND MIST BE i' !d. that store property. No. i3 Naaaan stre t ThJ | lot ia 2G 3 12 taet front, 23 feet rear, 7 .'I 10 12 on oue side an I I , 71 feet on tha othir aide in depth. Rente for, W UOii per i annum; will be aold for 92.'i,OiX>, and $12,0Wcau xiuain un ! mortgage. Also, lor 1X0, that three atory I rick h.>us?. No. luo ; Rait Broadway, and Sft.fiOOcan temaia on mortgage. Aiioly , to 8. N B1IOAD, l.ntjall atreet. Fob .-ale or to let-a fine brick house and at.itile, corncr of Paclfle and Novina streeta, Brooklyn, baa every modern ccn renience, gaa, water, bath furaaee, Ac. Three atories, attic, anb cellar and baaemaot Aline location for a physician, by KoliERT SARJKANT, No. 7 Jauncey court, Wall itreet. FOR SAlE OR TO LET ? THE SlTi'KRIOR STONE front bnun. No. 14 Kaet Twenty-eight h atroct , near I ilth avenue. The let la foil alto, lh? bouae 25 l>y 04, end hea all the modern improremente, end ot?i y conTeuienoe that o?n be required Inquire of HOMKR MUKUAN, No. I Pine atr?< t. or ul I)R. BI.OIS, ;UI Fourth etreet. Fc?n SALE OK TO LET? AT F AIRMOL'NT, 1PPER Morrlaania, * two atory fiaine houae, hating eUlit rooma. with eight luta of ground. are nilnutaa' walk troro tha rail r.*d depot, and ally minuter fr>a the t itr Hall Kent ?S?. Aiplv to E. C. CHARLES, IV Toarl a'.reet, or J. K 1 rater, Imildir, at tha depot. FOR SAM , TO LET, OR EXCHANGE FOR VS I M prored lot*? A o~w boute and foai lota, boantirully eltuated ' O Wlatalreet, near Liglith areuue, *oi Id full flew of Ili<h bride*. Tha homo it w. II built, containa tea ronme. and the Iota nicely ancloaod and laid out in garden. HiM > I.KSU rau r'-malt on nn rim,* f>r aeron ycare. at eix pr mm Apply to ITGHLEY A l(A VNOR. corner .Broad ft) an l Tbitty tilth atrtat. I 'OR KALK OR TO I.ET? A HOtffE AND LOT, 8ITC ated at South t ordham, adjoining tha riling" of Cpper Norrieenia, alont 401) yatile a act of tha railroad d. pot The eitiimlon ia hl,;h and healthy, ant emmaoia a oeantifal proaprct ol the eurroonding rillagat 1 ho lot oontaiaa about kali an a< re ot good tillable ground, with eereral choice fruit Irene thereon. llie houae I( tao ttery and baeoni*nt, and finiabed in tha l.eet etylo. For farther parti ulara laiuireof I'Uf.K lUM.'kUOL'T, Morriaama, Weetcheater Co f'O* PALE, O* TO LKF-TWO HOIVE* AND A atable. with twa a urea of good land, at Kingehrtdge, in \ ie* of the Harlem riter aad alao of the eity Tampa at night; olo liouaa i? built In gothio atrle, and enlt able lor a larje family , the other ia email, and lit for a gardener or man to a org tba place, It It a delightful and heali hy place, ant th'-re aro great taciiitka for tl'bing, and only ftlteen n inut e ride Irom railrondg. Triuia reaeonnhla. Ia<itilre at D. v ALENTI.N I S atore. oppoaita the L?tv|. 1|K)B SALS, A BABOAIN, IN ONE OF THE BEST aitua'ion* In Urooklyn Tha three atory bri"k heaae aitli baaame&t. anl, cellar and aneloaod piarraa, containing flflrtn to. .ma, la II .?y t (treat, foar door? north ol Atlantic Inquire on tha preiaiece. A large proportion of tb? pur. ibaae money way remain o* bond and aortgage If rt quired. TTOR SALE, AT A BAHGAIN-TH AT YKBY NEAT I thr?.o at> ry brick h.aee 1NJ Laat Ilio*d'*ay. aaataiat erery roavciiieaae, and one of tha boat built bo aeaintb* tMvcath ward. Will aall lor ?-.(*?, an l S4..VU > an rimaia on mortgaga. Apply to !). fl. BKUAD, 13 H all (treat. EOB SALE AT A TXRY LOW PftlC'B? TWO THREE atoty brick bouaei aa fall lota, la the npper part of tbe city, n? a railroad route, hoaaea m-w, wall l>al!t tvvlra ioobi, Cr'tc-n water. Ac.: alao, otktr lowpdcel bontet. Ay1^ to E. B. KINSHII1XR, 319 Fourth aveana, from 3 ta HARDWARE.-FOR BALI, IN BROOKLYN, TUB ateek of a hardware atore. The batlaaaa baa boon ear ned an eaec*aa(allf taa yeara by tha prveaat own?ra A leaa* of Ire year a of tha praaiMa, at a eery moderate real, will ba framed ta tba pare bate r Apply as the XJ', Facile atroet. I MI'ORT ANT TO SKA CAPTAINS AND OTHKRS.? I Fer tale rkeap a ehild'a caul. Will ba (old far ??)? kali Ita ealae. Addraia A.,T. T., Herald eSaa. I IUI rOR SALE-RAM CHANCE FOR A BRO 1j kar a or railroad ticket < ?re, nntaat medlrlaa or tem prrani ? driaka atora, in faat, a aa porter at and for any hael area where ao large r?a ia reqnirad. la tha eery boat beat neea loeattoa dowa tawa, a l%w doort froa Broadway, la ?(Hire at 154.S FultC ttraot. MAf RINBRT-rOR SAI.F. A FIRST RATK LOT OF machinery, con elating er abafting, lalllee, baagen, boltt, (aw table, aandrell. aawe.aad bWiag aaebiaet, ail ia porlact order, only bean la aee a faw aoatbe. will ba a?ld together <r aeparata,) choap far aaak. Ia lalre of TKA.i DALK A STUCuFIXLD, bat bltel factory, W Faltaa (traet. \f ILLINF.RT.? THE STOCE AND FIXTDR1S OF ill a faabioaabla ailliaery (toga far aale abeaa Iaqairt at Crooae ttr?et, betwaaa Eaaag aad Norfolk. N OTICK -A FARM 1'OR SALE OR TO LET, IN THE vlllaga ol Oroeneille, county ot Hedeon aad State of New Jeraoy, cental aiag aboat alna aad a half aoree of land, uader a blgh atata ot ealtirattoa. with good heaae, barn, and < arriaga bcaae, a good well of prater, aad aaay ealna Ua fruit traae, baantifully dtnatad, and kanwa aa the Aa drew Van llora property Teraa ea?y For partivaiara in 'l?-rt of the aubar nber ."onth Caatraeillo, N. J JACOB A. TAN HORN NOTICE TO JOt'RNETMEN PRINTERS.? FOR SALE, tteap for caak, one ball of n B*ney aaking bnrtneee, newdoinr a ?o?d baieaeae Ea.rilre ftr RANDOLPH. <o etraoe, In tbe baa?aear aa'O a oyiiaiag at gel Itaak, forte feat deea aad thirtr ' '**' alfeedy att*d an and aecny|?4 by tba aae 1 r'i r?v.* *? T# '?.?v4 *i ???? x?wti u'b i I Atleadaaeaaad roalithat be MVf ? 1HRVI4 I |ia U? ?. Aft. IS (ftV. 7 *. ros IALB. CSUAB STORE FOR SALE? LOCATED IN BROAD O way, stock, Axturee, Ac.; will oomm4 *rat tltM cuetom, r*nl rtwf moderate. The irmr U oem polled U Mil, ?? he if about to Ih? the cit jr II will he (old oheap for 1Mb. Apply to RICHARD L. I'CRDY k CM., 118 and HI Naeoau (treat. (room No. S SiTEAM ENGINE FOR SALE? TWELVE BY THIRTY J eix loch lyliador; baa boon ia uh bat ? few moithi, and it in complete order. Sold only littun a larser out if required f >r the buimctt. Inquire ?t Mfl Water atreet. BJEWr.Ll.KRS -FOR SALE VERY CHKAt', THE large atocb uf fine imported Jewelry and watches. alio a very handsome counter. show oaeee, a table for wateh maker, an J a new eafo The owaere of repavrs are requested to call for them till let of May. F. RETTll'H A CO , ?l? Canal atroot. YOit?KH.-F?>R SALE, OAK HILL SEMINARY', With I)| aerei of ground tastefully laid out, suitable for a boarding house or athoal; alao, two or tbree smaller houaaa for sale or to rent Inquire of E. W. CAN I>EE, 8 Wall (tract TIIK TVltK. CENTRIVII.LE COlRSf" L i.-TROTTINO -fUltiSK ' of IW ? tlile beate, boat throe in Iito, to road waro ns, ! owi,or? to ilnic, to c?me off on H cdnesday, April 1, ath?lf ra?t two o'clock' Owner natnea a. g. Torn thumb: S. uagrnsmcag ui. Lady Gage; Wm. Minims, n names b ? i P' acock , N. W. Durvea name* or. g. Whip Jaok; Conkliu \ Car il names b. g. Ifrookbav ?n. JOEL CONK I.IN, Proprietor. RED HOC SK PLEASURE GROUNDS, IIAKLEM -WM. i A. l.KuW m- rvspoetiuily annouueaa te hie frier.da ' and the puMia generally that he baa ?ow completed bia I extenaitc improvements at Una celebrated place of rs* -trt. Largo additions have beou made to bis stables, which now fcGord accommodations to all thoaa wlio may avail ti.eni eelvesof their oonvenienoea, and vhere the Hi. est horans in the country are alwaya on sale, which caa be eeoo daily by persons disposed te visit the pretuiaea The training track and orioket grounde are now in flna order, and art oi equalled hy any otbere in the country. The kouae hai undergone extensive repaire, and large additions have been made, making ih? whole ooa of tha aoet perfeot es'ahUati moats in the world. The Second avenue railroad care paaa the tied Itouee every live niuetee. UNION COl'RSF.. LONO ISLAND-TROTH NO. ON Thursday, April Ath, at half peat two o'olock. A pur?e ol t'<U. Mile heat*; beat S'in in barneee. II Woodruff names a in. Fanny; D. Pilfer names b. g Prince; G. Cooper natnea a. m Adelaide. SHAW A WHITE, I'roprieton. j HOUDEB, ROOMS, JK)., WAWTKU. AI'AKTUFNTS WANTED. -WANTED, AY A DEV i Ionian aid wife, three uaruraiahel room*, to auit aa sittiug ro?m. bedroom aad kit. hen, wltj Crntoa water, Ac., Ac ; location near Broadway, and not beyond Fitteemb itroet. Address immediately atatiag terms, which m . <? be moderate, Robert, Uaioa aqnare i' .at Office. Apart of a nous* with modern improve ments. from lat May to lat October or November want ed by a email rcnteel family, without obildren. Address C. O., box 4,201, I'oat Olllce. etating locatiea aadroat. House wanted.-three or tour stoby house, coutainlai all the modem improvemvnta, located l>o iween Twelfth and Twenty third slrests, ;and Fourth to Sixth avenue, for wbioh a fair rent will be givea. Addreae 0. D. A., boi l,!>0d I'oat Offlee, stating location aad reat. HOUSE AND LOT WANTED-TO PURCIIASB, .IN A jli aeant looatioa, aot above Thirtieth atreat. Boat and oonveaieni, with gaa. bath, Ac.; to coat te $10,1**). Cholea buildiag lote oa Third avenue, and (If aaairedi a email honae in Brooklyn, would be offered in part paymeat. Ap ply to E. II. BROW N, 71 Wall atreet, from 1 to 3 P. M. j House wanted.-two story and attic house, i for a private ramily, is a good neighborhood, wcat aid", not below Canal atreet; rent from $fl00 to SUO. Addreat K. V.O., :W Broadway, care of H. R Coatar. House wanted-a modern built three sto ry home, with all new improvementa ln> ated in a flue iieigliborhood between Twelfth and Twenty Brat atr?ota and Fourth aid Sixth avenuea, for wbith a fair rent will be tivan. Addreai C. G , box 4,2(11, I'oet Offlcc, atatiag loca ion and rent. TO LANDLORDS.? HOUSE W ANTED, A FIRST CLASS lionae, anltal le for a Kinteel bnkrdlng hou??, hetwoon Uouaton and Twentieth atreeta, with from twenty tiro to tilty roouia Addreat Hamilton. Ilerxld office. CNFUnMSIIED.? WANTED, TWO GOOD SIZED OR three > mailer rooma, by a roapectable marrit-j counle, in a clean and uuint houae within ti*n iniuutitu' of I ultnn ferry, Brooklj n. or the a?n>* ^t??*n< e from City iltll. New York. Terms modtrate. ear from S<) to 111) per tnmth. Addreea, pre-paid, Mowbray. Herald ufAur. TTITANTED? A HIGH STOOP TIIKF.E STORY AND Yv baaemeat houae la the onper part of the city, and. If poiaiMc on tha eastern aide, bntw.en Fourteenth and Thirtieth atreeta. Rent not to exceed 91,000. AddrosaJohn W.'V.e ..t>,it atreet. TtTANTEO? UY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, PAR I' VT of a house, coni-istin^ ol foor rootna an I aorrant a chamber, ia a respectable neighborhood in tho Third or F ifth ward. It flit not to eiceeu H -0 Addreis, statin/ location andterma, box 3,71'"> I'oat Office. "llfANTED ? A ri'RMSIIF.D UOISB, CONVF.MENT TT for eca bathing, during theaumuer months, one tour a dlxtance from Nt W York, either by railroad or ?teamboat. AUdreea II, Lot I'oat Ctliie, stating locality, t rius and eke ol heme. "l%* AN TF.D? B Y A FAMILY OF FOUR PERSONS, TIIE VI sii und floor, with basement of a houae with the uio dern improvementa, betwten Fourth and Twentieth streets, and the Second and Ninth avennea; rest nit to oaceed SITS. Addreae, etating locality, Ac., Jainci, ho? J "7- i'oat OSca. WANTV 11? A MODERN HOUSE, V(/R TIIK PUBPOSB of taking aome good elate beavdaeei it m.iat t.ele ri'<"l at'i^bborb' od ; one ? !.ere the r> a> t w .uld be taken i Icard preferred; the best of relereucc will b> givun. Al drett House, II' raid ifl'i e. "11/ ANTED ? A TWO SToRY AND ATTIC Bol'SB. FOR TT u small lamily, c.nsiitiug of gentleman wile and aer ?ant (n i rliildrea ; location be desirable, not a'<ov Blec> ker atreet. and east >r w?bt of Broadway. Kent to b moderate? from MOO to !"<? Addreae A A I'. , b'i? I 'M I'oat Ijtb'D. ANTED? TWO OR lHKCE ROOMS, FL'UVMUED TT or unlurniabtd for i family of three; loratioa not sl.ovo t'anal atreet; houae with beth and gaa preferred; terms mutt I e modi rate. Addres* Max, liar. .Id oth' <OP\HT\?lt*llIP ilOTH'KM nnA~A ?*?TMK WANTED WITH THIS ?J>al,iMr\r, ainuUBt, to Join ia a in%nufnct urin < t ina"a tlat will yield imm-nea profit, and the article man ufa'tur d ia in f rent demand ia tliif city and thruafthonl the I'uit 4 Stuff Tha capital laveeted will h? ensured Apply to 0. 11 H(iWI !< i CU , h4 Ktmo ttrHl, iNoni ioor. ({? ?tniJ -PAETNTR WANTED. IN A BUSINESS <ruuU? lb?t j ?yi o??r ;>*? per caul.? A ?mar' rum, with If Bi f.T*' to f.'aat wannd. aa th" bualo<ea rieada two to carry It oa; every thine ri <|iiiel<o in the bualnoe. Alao, aii pad Ian ??nid. Call at It-. William etroel. in tbs ??&??. tbla day. No btunbana n> ed nlL (t'JMn -A PA 1T.N1.R (TIMED IN A t'A"ll DCSI Vt/v'Ut naai.?To aa antra laaincn una tba ogp'irta ?ity k od? rarely offered. Tha hvetncaa ia done a?cl??ie I y for caab. aad can ba rraatly iarraaaad. (3*1 ? ?>??!. will be rrqairt d. Apply t* C. B. IIOWES A CO., -H Km aau atraot, eccoad Boor. &OKA -WANTED, A <MAKT BLSINESS MAN, iP^t'O" Wltk the ab .?* amoum I bll it a r :Kuc? aal o'.in mat with. Ale" d*tk r'icni :? lot, in Trinity llnildiin, ?n tba nrit Boor. Adlrtu II. C., Uarald offi'-a, for three da) a. (I>0/kA -WANTED, AN INTEUVI1.W. IRMlbt ly. wi'.h ao ont rprmn* man *bo would ba willing I" tra^ el with tha adraftlaer. who will furaiah tba ranir amotiut In r-aly nib, ?nterj>ri-'?. aad aomaihinz aaw. Call at 678 lloaaion atr??t, sear Broad ?ay, aacoalfl jor, room No 1. oa Mr w 1?*Q <1IL*ETS BI'ILDINU, (LATE 111 JUt' Broadway, Ma/.li I, ISM ? Joaeph l.aereepectfultj tandara hla thanka to bia friaada and tb? pnklio for til* vary liberal patmaaia baatvwad apon him 4air<n< a period of ainh taan raara, and he*e to inform tbam that La hae aaa, mated ia tha bneii.eae, from tha abovs data, bla a?ai?tant, Mr. Aa draw Rea (for aiaay yaara la hi a euabliahmeot , and Mr. Ueorge Ili?liam and with lliair ceabiaad eiertiona traatata aaaura a e->atinnanoa af tbalr farora Joaapb I A* A Co.. la ramoalai to thair aaw proaiaea, apprtaa their fries la that tbay bare aal act ad with dltcriaiaation aa antlraly aaw and a i. -out aaairtn.aat af bmadi-lv'ha, plain a.d fanny caaal rncrap, a'lka, caahaar* aad MaraaiUea aeatiaca, Va whiab thaf larlta attaatlaa. A GOOD DAUl'ERREAN, WITH TH (> UI'NDKKD J\ d<llat? capital, car, ?lnd a ;?r>a .ntnt eitoetiea. with i.?nda' mr ralary. la an old an I well catahliehad room; will bate full o< Btro!, aa tha owner baa otber ba>in?aa Mnat ba tally competent Addraaa 'or ttrrta daya. Artlat, Br. ad way I'oat |Bk DlhSOI.fTION 01 CO PARTNERSHIP -TBB CO partnarnbip haretmom aiiating k?twe*a J O. Hata aad A Bain, ia thia day dl'aolrad by mntaal evaaant J. O. llain la alona natborl'ed ia a-ttU tba baaiaaea, aad aaa lha Latue of tha lata firm ia it?aa"ira. J. U. HEfN. A II KIN. Tba I n?ioeaa will ba taadnated aa baratafara, at tka aid atora M Dirlaloa atratt. aadar tka Bra of J. 0. HKIN. DISMOM TION -TBI COPARTVIR'niP HERITO lora eaiailn* kaiwaaa tha aukacriitara andar taa arm of ABdraaa A Sob. waa dlaaolaad April Itt hy lantaai coaaaat. Kit bar | arty will ai<a ia ll'iaMaliaa. A. ANDREAS. J. W. ANDREAS. Disbolltion or eg partnership?the part B'rablp b-ra'ofora aai lia^ kaiwaaa Cbnatiaa I. Uihvltia aad Charlaa S'ha'vnfar andir tba Bra of C. *. S. balua aad Schaaalar, irtc?ra. Zt> hi?htk BTtaaa. It thit day diaaolatd by m?tnal faaaat C S sehnlti taaloaa aatl ariaad t? rollaat tba datta laa tba lata Bra. aal by whoa all accotiBlawlli Va t?tU*4. C S. ft lit 1.1 /.E New Tarfc. Barfk 51. ldt.V CU. C. S'-HN ACrER Disrolction-thc coPARTRERsnip or nr rart A Schllibari harla^ ?a? tkia day diaaolaad. by niBtaal tonaaat. tta bnaia'ta will ka aoatiaaad ky Mr Kahllf beri who wUJ aUo i..i-i.da'.a all tba alauaof tha lata Bra. A. HIOART, r. fcCM I LLBRR't, Not Tork, AjrlM IA"J. 5SB -wary, ,-iraar of Haat?rtt DISfOLCTION.-THE ( OI'AKTM RSIIIP HERETO ft.ra i iiatlnK batwaan DaMd S axaa and f?t|h?rt L ll< \tion I, la thla day dftaolaad ky cat aa! ronawat All bain mi will b- arttlDd by Daald -Htraaa. DAf lit !?TEVEV?, Ntw V .rh A pHI t. Ik"'. 0 I IMTII AM* CPU J A 1. OR ACTIVK PART!. I K WANTED? IK AN O lu.portmr and niaa<i'a?tBHa? I.ua4aaaa r?aliala? ??od pn Ma, a larre aaonat af tka aala kaln? 'at caah Aaaaat ra^airad . fr'a tA.itJO t? fltttao. Ta aay par aaa ku affarda a ? ,od opportaaity for lataita'it la aa aatakllakad aad par aaneat baalaaaa Addraaa J. M M Herald aflra rrill COI'ARTNHRBHIP RIRETOPORE EXI.STINU I |ftwa?n tba uaderaUwad f"r > at traaaacttaa ?( aa Ba r. p< aa tttraaa haaiaaaa aalar tka I'm of Rdwarda. ?aa'ord Bio la tbla day diaaolrad by tba r?ttraaaat >,l Mr Oanrwa lawar Ja Tha affatra af tka lata nra a. II ba aattlad by taa r?aaialB? partaara. who will aaw '? aaa la aaadwet tka ktM ata> aw?>-i tba Bra ?( Saafwrd A ( a, OEOEOE FDW \BD*. P.. S. I A t POEIl ? M SHOEMAKER A1 Mis RIVEs aal i 'NRV 1TARR ' lit E 9. Ittiari 'kair atvoraay. Vork, March D IW N?w TnrijiwSi oT owi rii i{i#i! ?iio mat wish to m?>?< la a /rood ? Itiaaaa ?A partaav. with It wanted b> a (arena wb" haa iaaa aatabl ith-d a aia>ar ?f yeara, is a rocd l?at'?a; 'ke -?tab;,<hae?t |a ki> .wa ia aaery f art ( f tha I aioi. and ta Baia< a ??>w4 t>*ataaai Tka pr- priat ir wlatat ta ait??4 .t b/ a4 1 ?( Ia tba at' ak. Aa. ? ' 1 H W. KMMki.- ? h ad.. Na* t ark TTAMir-ttSo ToV<S A NO ? DrtrtlEBS HAN, VI MT aa iBtaaaat la a wall aa abUaliA *> Batiaa..' 1 eaabi riaw-iiaf t'liiar aad at raktuaau ft -. ri?b Ail?ia?t?ar Ueiai I> la (be aan that 1' wa?t?d aal a little ta- ai"?*t I aelaa a tha twi. itla" sa, raw wa<> Ina M.d*ii|t A |--tta??B A ld;i.t .?**?? P?a BOARDING AND LODOlM. nf| DROA DWAY ? HANDSOMELY FURNISBFD U ro?u to W? to (iBi ??t board apply *? abate. i to Wt to families or (inula gentlanwn, with DROOME STREET. ONE BLOCK WEST Of 71 III Broadway. Are jon lonaint f?r pleaaant furniahed roumi with lull or partial board, with tba contlorte ot > borne, plaaae cull at abort. U"U?<- ha* the modern lini-Tore mmta. Roferenrae aieb mged mWEST TWENTY riBBT STREET.? MR 3. HOUHF. i> n iw prepared to t r??t with t boat within* board for the enaulng year, ban nation larre parlor*, unaiirpatael in ?!? and ?i>nti, allot i;a? bath, complete. Ei^bt doori Innt Li/Mh avtauer* No mMrinr 1/17 HUDSON STRKET, OPPOSITE ST JOHN'S IT 4 Park? Ft.rniahed room* to lei, with board, to eingla gcntkmen or (rntlemen aud thotr wl?e? lionet newly fur Bishid, with all tkt inod> rn luiprovmueuti 14.1 *'NTU STREET, l fll KI> DOltR EAST Of III Broadway, foruiebed rooma, ia emti or eu pai a nl) Alio, beck parlor and eittnalm room on th? tlret door, it let to guntl>'aien, with broakfaiit, if rt>|<urod. Alto, far niehed room* at Mo, b College plaoo. ion MAIHSON' AVENUE -SUITES OK ROOMS POK J1-)" uiabed cr itnfurbialu-d, in a flret elaia houte, a da light'iil location lor tho rammer; alao a room lor a alalia I gentleman. M all atrevt etaget paaj tin- dour Q1 PRINCE feTREKV, WOVH DOORS WEST OF I'l llrxdwty b?v handaomely furniabrd parlori tor gru tiamin and their wivtt, with board. Uouae tird olaai lltmi and ma 7(1 FRANKLIN liTllI.ET, FIKvr HOUSE WRIT OP 11/ Broad * ay ?Two parlor* on the llrat floor to lot, teparit* or together;* good I, ration for a physician; al?o, IIto or ri* tinglr and double roonif, tor lodging, n'.atly fur niel.od; oicaiiliucii drictiy obatrTod. 6r HENRY STREET, 1IROOKI.YN.-A PLEASANT ?/ M|iiart front room, with partial boar.l. to let Uim -lt g< location di-?lrabli, and within lira nun titre' * elk of l ulton and Wall etrt't ferric*. No touring In Mty. 8"~ n GRAN 1> STREET oTUBMISHCO OR ? / od rooms to let to> 19 W EST THIRTEENTH STREET ? FCRNISIIKD Li r< i. ma to let, with or witbott board. Two lar?e rooina on third floor, and front room and bedroim on anion 1 (l iar. Ilouet baa tbi modtra improvement*. 3 ASHLAND PLAOK, I'KRR V STREET-ROOMS, IN' i oitee or tmAly, lor leouliit or alnjilt gentlemen, may ba I obtainad. with board, io a mit flrat elaai ntuaa, for ttiw ana I aon. No uiotiug on the lat el May. Appljr ai ahota Ha faranoat a>chaaKci. Atoati by Slatbnranat tara aid Amity ! atratt atagoa. APARTMLNTS, CONSISTING OK TWt> LARUE I'AR lor*. rommunicatiug; alio a piirata tabla if datirei, al I To Waahlngton I lac. ; A ROOM ANII IIKDROOM TO I.KT-WITH OR WITH iV out board, to a gantlauaa and hit wifa, m a ptivaia lamily Call, or atldraai, at 21 Slitb atraat, lor throa da/a A PARI, OR, WITH BEDROOM ATTACHED, ON SE rond door, Iront, fnrulahad or unfurulahaJ ; nl?o, i purlor tod badroom on tbirJ floor, with full or partial board, can ba had ia tba ttrtt claaa b<u? 3d Urtat Joaai at rat I; alto, on* tingle room. i A LADT WOULD LIRE TO MEKT A TARTV OK OMR ! it or two atBtlrmen, who would advanoe t'JUU tor a 'ur niahed or unluruiabcd front room and bedroom, with partial I or (till lofd. in a prlaato family, at rodm ad rata*, in a da tirable location, uorurity ifdralrod. Ad ireaa Madam X V , llroadway I'vtt OQioe, atatlng wbure an lattrrlaw can be | bad. A GERMAN UENTI.EMAN CAN OBTAIN HOARD IN a Mrictly private lamily, with the rnmforta ot a home, u*e of piano and ekoirt oolltetioa of rauaio; location Ur iok Ijb, atlrcl neigbkorhood, near tba South forry. Il-et ?r ra ftrcnoca requirtd. Adortaa A. B.C., Brooklyn Poet OlSua. A SLIT OP ROOMS, OR SEPARATELY, TO LET? jfV with board, by th* Ural of May, in a gantnel prir.ttt tamlly, a modxra built honao, ooataiulng all thn lat i.t im provemonta; location, Weat Sixteenth atreet. Uueaoa|itiou able inftreteea gltttm and rt<|nlrod. Addrtta A A , boa t,.vi3 Poat Office All AN DhOM 1.1. V rURNISDED tRONT RooM (UN the ehady aidti lo lat, with or without koasd, to two I gontlonieB, or gtttleman and ?ift. The houie baa u II the tni'drrn imprtiTemrnta ? bctacoa Broadway and liuwtrv. Call at SKI Broomo atreet 1 A FURMSIIED PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON THE J\ aecnud floor eithrr with or ? itbout brcakfant nalt-j. to let, at li'l Weit Twenty rtatli atreot g A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGI K GEN' tlaman, wietiing to engage board fur the ?n?aiai< year, can prccuru pleanant rooma and good aeeommodatlona, ?<) tpplyingat IKI Eldridge etroet. near Gtand. No ntoiring on the fat i W Mer. AKl KMSIILD OR UNKWKNIMIaD ROOM TO LET at fl.l Broadw ay, la a private laajti/, whire there aro no othi r aoardcri. ASItrOLB OBNTLBMAW It DEIfBOrs ?T?* OBTAIN lug a tiirniafint room, titlmr with or wiibon' board, for whl< h natiafartnry trrma would ba u:ade; pr.rate fviuily pre fentd, wonld fiaat bo objtetioDt to I'.aniiig party a ?iuall (ubi. Addrrtf* It yui'ldn. Herald olTW-e. AOimUil AND WIIE, OR TWO SlNUl.r. ?rB?leinon. cau obtain a anil ol rooma, parlor and h J ro< to, luraiahi'd or niiiurnialieU. on the a< ooua flour, In a pr. tat* family, witli fnll rr partial board. Tite h ha the OiodiTn in.|>rori.|i."nt?, and ii in < auod location K:' r-.i ere raebanccd. I'irtae rail at 104 V arry iitre .i A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL I.KT THO lurr- roon a, on taioua floor, aic?ly furBiihed, to un> or I t?. utlrmae, with fart i <1 board, if ro'n-ir-d Apply >' 31 j Tenth atraat, near FUth avoana. All'l f G LADY IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING l.osr?J ?n n fniiiUj vrl? re l??aou? in rnu?ir, vocal an 1 j iiaBtramci til. ? til b? t?k< a ?? an ? jni * ?l- it for hrr b 4 K?iervnr?a ?xcL*u^? d Apply at I.? Kant ? ifi-iu?h l/eforc 1U e'elook A M , or aft?r 6 o'clock IV M A FINK M IT or ROOM?* IN A HRUT < I IIOV'IK, fniuialicd or utituriii?h? d, wtib or uttbu*. board fhi* j I ?<??? t out a?it? i \ rry I'Pw ? ??iivrnHMiff. LaMi ku, Ac Apply I at 171 Ntuettenth atreet telneon Firac andftec??nd arenttof. A HAN I ? - ? ? m 1. 1 V 1! rtVf<9HKI> Houy, IT. Til P. 11 A VMte haiL Ac., attachtd. to let, a it 1* LotrJ, to a Reatleinaa and bi? wjf", or *i? ule irafil2e?a>' ^n, ?No, a ?mri roi'm firat rla?? . o ^mmodntiom; itbi, ^a'he, Ae. f a { ?ifr? at 00 and 61! \ ari"k ctraet, HI. J* )<n * park Anw turner rooms, handsomely ami NKtr I; fnrnilird to let, nithor ain/h or In with or without t o*r<l flniiM contalna Band em nn| rovoaiaut i. A p pi/ ?l 4*> W aat W nrhiDgton Plnre. AhllTE Of R(W'H* TO LET? BITBF.R TOClfcTUKR or atpnrato, with honrd. is ? prltnf fnmily R-I?r tnfoa oiebnn/od Apply nt 14 Wnrrnn |lar?, ? Uarli itrHt Board.-to let, to a ue.ntlrman and im wlf?, or to tlnijlo *rntl?mon, two or throo liui<lnm<l; > furniahod roosia, with partial honrd for tlio i?nt|jmou; tlw ' lionao la a!o#ant. ?>? <1 contain! til Ilia iu "tarn Inij'r oratuenta K<r?iiM?i (icbu^id. Apply itM tut Twolflh itrwt, third block from lif u ! * a) Board-down tow.n-uentlemen AND Til k I r I wlroa, or aiot U tontlomou onn obtain good ?rd ?nd ?? ry rotifr rtaMo nrmrt :nouta, by applying nt No H linal wny, tb? Urro whlto konta oppoaita tlio Bowling Craou. Tmnnoat bonrdora ttli<i. BOARD-ASTOR FLACK HOTEL. No". 7.TS, ? AND 717 Broadway r>aiill?> nbout chanting tbair 1 call in will Hod n (nod noloctlon of ro' tni ?' tbo nb.iro n?mt I howl BOARO-A SUITE OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITU I board, nifty i.t bod in ? ?moll trivnto faaaily noonpjrlfg a vmdorn built wbrro the ootnf >r* e of h.?me may I enjoyed Alan a famlabed room f?f n angle |?ltUa?. At No r Warren place' it.hnrloa it root i. Board-wanted, by two, a room i * it It partial honrJ. Term* not to aioeod M b ; I .cn | On rentrnl. betwonn Illeackcr ?ud T?ai.tletl. atroot. At ifrm C. I. , ll< r lid i ffii-e i Board.? wanted, immkmaiici.v. an lmir ; niihcd parlor, witfc board, ?? w ? gentleman tod wifo . Ad'lroee Room No .'?? (It. l.ouli llotnl, tinting full portion lira. Tornia mnat bo madorato Board? fotr oh five olntlemen, andonl iji two married couple, 'an ho acnoiumodnla 1 I* a prl ' vote family froto lat ol May, modern bona*. l-an if n| lo-a tiun. noar tbo Uliud Inntitutx, MgMk nranno and Ibirt/ ' tliT'litr-t Term- uodornta A plraaoot bom*- ln?orod I Appl/ to T. MANbON, dontiat, V.i Hiwndwty, imi Wblto itriai. Board.? a otbicti.t private family, con I aiatinK '<f tlr<o |*ra?na, havtn/ mora r" In than toojr | rrqulf, ttoold lit n una anit of rooma, f urmah-d or nnlnr | ntabod. to ? (ontlooikB and kia ? ' oriwoaln?lo (aatlonian, i with n, i nnd Bonl* tnrmabod In tb?lr roema If pr*f?rr*4; I' ra'ion la 'inlto pltnnnt ronTrnl'-nt to rnra nn I <tn|?a No dimTibk In Mn/. Tbo Iiobm it trnvn atosa, Itrat olnai, nnd Brwljr flnlab?d nnd fnrnlabad Rrfanux ??cbaofol Apply ftt 2*1 Writ Twenty trroad atraat. Board-one or two xinolk uf.nti.emkn cam , l? arc?BiB>"dat?d Willi n parlor ? I bndroum ad) *miiok, | witb or withunt partlnl bonrd. In a prtinto faanily, iba homo ia l'irnl?b"l wil b ?ia and )>ath. A pj 1/ at Unit E!<hto*otk rfi?*t, uiiitn llr adoaj and Fvnrtb nrannn. Ko'^r ?:ia , tltbaiitl Boa r d? a (. tN ti ym a \ and iii.i wur., a??d "Tve or two yonn( arntl*man, ? nn b* lnrBlah?d with pl?a onl noma nnd at U Market ttract. Una tL(on(lt tbo , Maia, Board? a ubnti.emaw from mif. ' hi MHIMl . on? or two fnrniahad ro'.ma, nltb pwtial t'nrd, dorian | aoBioiar. In n iuiat | art of tb* '?ity. ai'ki email family, h<~?pia? p-attlrrlr no l-oardari, wool J prafrr witn n wld-w | Ia4y Addroaa MoMI*. I nlon aqinro Font iWeA I Board -to let. with fvll ok partial board. n I l-nanr.t room, aaitabln far a ??all-inan ?ad ail?, or i two alnitlo K'otlraoto at Z'4 IJr**n a^root, ntn r lonrtb. I Torn i r*aaonnbln. Rol?r-nr?a r*<imrod. Board -a obnti bman andhm wife can find b plonaBBt aoito ot ro?aa on ?h? aaaaad (lo r. with fan trtoa, bj oalllnf nt '?% lludnoB a' root, naar Cbnnabora. and op |-ooi?oJny. boBiitinitl Hty. Board -a cjenti (Mah and hi it witf. can ?n Mia kttnrd, and A ^tanannt fr >ot NM, on M a? ?nl Hoar, fornobod or nnfnrmuba I ln>|nit* alUI oraytb itroot ??nt Grand. Board cp town. -a pleamanf hi it of r>x>ms wit a hoard wiil b- ?n-?ot a a f?w 1a>?ln a r.ap- ta bio boaao with all tbo B'>4*ra laopr-. lamoati nlao nncla roost for ?natl?Bi*n RoUran ?a otcbaafod Apply ot F*. Fo?rtba*>no> Board can if. had in a private family | corn?t of H/rtla aaanna nad Wnnbia?b?n atroot. Mr >i m - I R0ARD1N CIIXTON PLA' R-A HiriTR OF TWO f.R D tbroo fa ratohod rooana. oa tho ooooad * or. ?'? t ? naodora iBproo'Bi^o'a for n (ontlomna and bo w.ta, or for i atn?U aant1>mra at r < Int. a | In/ ? Board in rrooklvn - parties of cr.nti.lmk* Incatlna parB.nnat.tly, aad <oUia? n r ^na lo(otk*r ' will tnd a larra ??ry pNoaaot nana, baain/ n foil ?< I tbn rHrr. at C fcanda atiaat. Partial boar4 IUf*r*naaa? . ban tad Ato", on lot Mny >a? Inrjo r-oan, ? "I aWf 1J0AED IN RRWILYJL two OR THRF.r. II N Of F >MBtlaB00. aad n (Ont^hiaa not la? Wifo. oan ba a ' a , , aandntod attb foil or I?r* ial Konrd la n (rat 'laaa b ?ao. t-a i Blantao' walk froa tbo forrM* b, opilymr ?a l'?- Ur it* | ! atraat Ri-ahim ha atfiaa a> ?aj. I Hoard in brooei vb.-tm o or m?n uen tlaanoa no obtain n rtoaooo ' witi ranta t.oord In a ftltat* faaai > at Ml A laaa atrana. ba'aoa iaba-oa nnd Tlllary ao^?ota Looa'aoa ta o?a.?nP?at t<* oat baa Wall ?c lakaalMMW W"?*t'ov o ,o'ra *. *1 baavo V"aaa I ar J> r.ntU*. nr -two - ? i.^r* *n* mmZzt"?4'''4 ???*$?*?.? /no," BOARD IN IIXtoKMN- POK THE 8IA1IIN, WITH a private tainily A parlur aal bedroom caa be had, t*?elhrr or ?eparataly. wltb loll or partial board llofj t??cee eacbaaged Apply >1 11 < I in! n air N - ? Vork. BOARD IN llROOKI.YN-triTIf A f*BI VATK KAMI . O ' arloe, ? liainher ttrnnti, to a iientluBMa and wire, With rcfiroBM. 1.3 Sail, I. eireel. Board in iikohkl tn-a oknti.kvan **i> wife or two Mitltmaii r\n pruenre boarJ la ? pleaaaiit tvrftlinn in IHitoklyn, a abort iliiuu a from South and Wall .itreet lerrica Riierouo?? required lu|uiroat H Coa -reae elroet, (r?t boiiaai wiat ul ll-ury 1JI.AHDI.N SOUTH HHOOKI.VN - TIE Ah ANT ROOMS. J? with tedrooma and pautriea attached, on a-eua 1 flour, with board, for Krntltmoa an<t llin.r wlrea or alii<l i gentle' mi ll, ran be ha I at No. t> Tompkitia plan. Refer aoea ea< ctaaxed llOAltD WANTED - A YOUNG (IENTIE MAS FROM J I t r. o M.ivtli wtahee to obtain I. ?tar I mid ittri.iab*4 r ? n, a |i?l?atc family . where tl? ooraforta of a boina a> I <.,1 eoriety can be en nyed The houee mual bate th > m i l-rn improvement* I'noo no object If anitad The b at relni i urea ffircn an! rc<|tiirad AUreta "Suullieraar," be* 1, ij< I'oat fttlice 1>OAKI> WANTED IN UHOOKLYM, JEKSEV (IT*, J) or Nc? Tork ?A ft mil; of three wr tiar pereone, a lilt ., ileaire Btrmanirnt board In a private tamily; they will fur oub all but carpcta Appllcnite mual poeitOely etate t rnin, I ra'lon. 4o K?fcr?ucea oachan,;od. Addraaa A K., Hi raid oth.-e Rooms w anted -wanted, a room and i?sk. or two bedroom#, I elow Spring atreet, in a *i? > I I "a In ii. l>y the I at ol May, l.y a i|uiet Herman family of three pereone: rent not oicnedlntf >iau por annum Reference*!* in. i'lcaac add. ear, etatiog rent and location. S k.boal.TT New 1 ork I'oat I'tfico Board wanted? for a oenti.eman and lady, wloro there era no other and with . wl I >? pr' lvrred IW a ' 1 reqiilra'i for tbo lady onl>. A atatln^wbat ntcomiao Jationi, kruii aal loratioa. Ki liar lt Utralil ofllt*. .or tbraa dai a. Board wanted iiv a touno i adv a i*ri ?al? family pr<-f^rr"d, or w liara I bora aro law ?r no nib er boardori. lnfl"l?ill?? pdr> m n?a4 nM aniru Torint not to excoad f pt( week Ad lroi* May , llroadway I'oat f ilBro. IX'ARD WANTED? F(>R A I. ADV, IN A RESPECT J aMr fimllr ; a widow lady praf'-rrad w'it- Hi- . m lorta of a humo ma> be expected. Addraaa. tlalnn laria*. J U y , llorald office Board wanted-a gentleman wishes a iied room, wltb partial (oar.l, In a prlvata family, or wb?ri Ibaie ara but lew boardera la nut partlralar about anclaal or (uodarn improarniebta. but wialiaa a plara omotblng Ilka home. I'lcate addraaa, with ttrma. location. A*., T. L lla raid offlca Board u antf.d -a iienti eman wi.<>uki to ou t\in partial board in llrookltn, cunVi-niant to I ha far rioa, ia a amall pritate family, wnarr no otiiar boardira ara taken Addraaa A II ?' , llruadw*y Pon'. OM, Board wanted ior a i.adv- VOSM1MM <>k unfurniabad? with a lady, ? h,-r? tliora ara f?-w or no boardera, up town, weal aide preferred Hoard paid la ad dualrod, in liau ol refer' ace. Addraaa Edward, llrnadway IVrt Olllca. Board wamed in no otber boardera i ra takan, for a neailemon and wila ? tha latter would be in the touutry about hat' ol tlio lima? par tial Loard for neailemon Addraaa llaary Hall, Irlbuaa i 111 ca. go A K D IN(i ?A r R I V AIE KAMII.1T, (Ml Nsl nl'INij (IK thrra p r and haeia* a > beardara, raaidio< in the Second avenue, near St. Mark'a plaoa, would lot a par lot and bedroom to a gentleman and lady, or to tw i aioala r mil-men of undoubted reaped ability Aldrtta bit lift oat oiAua. BOAHDINU -TO LET, A I.ARUE PI.EASANT ROOM, 1 with paatrjr ?n I ?n flour, auitabl* fur a a?;utli nun And wH-, or two ai^irU ffoatl-m -n. at 21 N >rtl? Mooro atKoot. Tha ho it ?o ?a \ory plaoaa?lly atlo^i' 4. anl haa the cunv'<niaoo? of tfttha HOARDINti -A liltNTI.ryAN AND 1II4 WI|*K CAM Utn tKiara hi fli % < onvtioifiit ary r>?o ii jnrv ?irett 'Iho bouNe t? couiinotlioua, havin,; a bath ruofQ aul Konatut ^ont^al (M-npla n^aU apply Boarding ? a fioni suit oi booms io utt ion^ihcr ??r i?t j.*ir*t??, in a f* r?.t clia* i>rtvata Mrdmj houa? up towu, locality vary daair*l la lor tiiaaorii m?rv poaa?aa?*a ovary facility of ?< ra?i to all pirta of ttia city; ruf?ranr?ttf axohau^ad Apj?l/ Ht No. I Abiu^dlou a<iuar<*, woat *i<la, accui uo**r from llaak atroot BfiAKDINO -A ne.NTI.KMAN AND WITE. AM? 'INK or two rtlriirl IfliM-n, can ho %cc>mit)o latid with rootna ni;d Loard in a naw aud haudaorra bou?? , with all the M'-dtru impror u.rnt i, ^ai, hatlia, hot nud c>l>l water, Ao. T. rmit rcfaoaablc, family ;)rtrnt?*; no movin? h Mat. Ap ply *t S?0 .S*atti ava a*e, brlwean .Sa? aut- outU au l K ;ut iN*ritb atr^eta B(au!)1N<;-a i*ri va tb kauii.v w<?rM? trotn May l?t, to a tnaJI ttnily or two jjoul'a.o m* an t tl ctr wifoathe whole aeroud ft ?? -r f a lar^ ho?? ;?! with hoard, h and ?%? in tha h'*nia 1 r;na tuodaf -ttn. Af?;?ly at l'J" Soil Iran aortei. BOAIP1VO-A OtimJIMAN ISID III- fill OR <?na <>r t*?o 'lB?le gantltntan, ? .t? obtain hoard an I fit-* aant rccnjfi upon tcry farofabla tar"??, by applying a? 44 Hlith ulroet, nefiatb door ?*a?t of econt aftntir Tbi hoot*- contain* ?U tha niodt ro tmprov <*tnant# BOAICMNU AT 5# III'DHON STIl/.ET A I K\t "IS rlo Ki-ntlcmcn can t.a aoeomin I with f.?d hoard and plea/.aat r<?ome, and an>oy all the < on; >rta or a bona. No moving At May. ClOl/NTPl ROAR D.-TII r. I AF. lit. A Mm oMIfODfOf;* 9 bo? o l.r#itd atrc? t. ( artnaaaille, .N^rtU r?vac, will ba 0}M?n?d on theftrnt of Apri'. Painlliort and am^la aenimuMeit will find thiaa pleaannt ?ttimner rcaid* ???. TaaUomela ail uatfd on tha rivor au-bdirrctiy opi<o?ita tha dap<*t Imai atop twelva ttmea daily to and ir^m tha city (*<?nt '?iuti rna I a in tht city l.y r A M , It ?tc?ir?4 <io ?1 bathing, beating tnd at/thlinK I'ara laavo C'bamhera atr?ot al I, .'J, 4. an I t> o'clorl. ; return at A ran J 7 IV U la?ui ra ob the I?rt miiiea or at Wbita a treat. K 'or^aca gtven aol re paired. (101MRV IIOAKI) VAMIII-rtK^OMI M MUIVO J summer hoirdere wnald find II grntlr I , their dlrari tagr t<> erod la their a.ldriii. with priraa, a< i?mm xlatwns, At , without dHiy. it th'x wish to saoure 1 - ? . r ? ? ? ? board art lloa lrtds lit >?? i|pl)ini( llur i?i directed Ir* of t tarsi. (i?hi So 7 ClliluR Kail. K14MI1 strait, n -ar llroidwiy N U ? If rou ?r- not Ifart of tha utility tn I limb If J.'Ct?l/lllt> 01 tbll lelalil.tliinrnt roll a'nl jllre lur y.grtilf N D. QOODWIM (Mil NTRV BOAKI) WANTED? FOR A I.ADY A V It J ' bU'l two years old to o family whori tb*f ire it j hoar dni I kia l.suse M iwr'4 -I lit to tonal} uul?? troai l)>a nly, ' f aoa y lieies ly < ora of Luot. Allr 11 oltli | >ir titulars, lmm?'li?to, 11 u . : I .ifj|<* / tonvn ii"A?ii rf?R run nnK* -"VI iiu two I rliildrnn aill la thk?n l? board forth! nomni?r or ^af min-nt ly. in > ??ry l.eilt|,y | of ? f No* Jorooy, ?' issr acrret to t ,| city, lateirab at an<l ai-oil'oi i vBtmiIi ai I ;( | ortii ulora l lisss ll A , II rai l fnmasiNOUt or i rivwmiis boom t?> un A1 IW I ttltoa air-ct. b irM rail's Cbars h A 4 ' >-i eppartnalf r ftr tfeaol ala wish a *?i,l"vl an t coa' 04* u' fstid'acl il at town. Ap(.| y on tho | / 'EMT1.EMKK V? 1 1. 1, HSU Wl.l I. M'KNI-llril UBI> ' ' rooms l,y tho olrht, week or month md uaala torred U| to auit Hi*-?, ky ralliur at 3 Ud < ono< street 1JHIVATK HOARD -A ??MAI.I. FAMILY Will Itf oiiooitou iixatle furui'liai ftoai raonw, with pirt tl koofi*. to atl'-maa, In a rory plioean'lj sit iotol |baueo lo Ma<lia< n ilfM, ia> A< , in Iko koaao A |>|>l y at HI Mo dlaon straat of '?*>< twniaiy, of K B I' PIVATB WIIDIHO a r a mi ly Of tiirik <<k loar (OflOBI. M tte anitlan-' u tkd Hu ll aires raa to a< 'iu, i .O'lat'i with IM < a.f >rt> .1 k otne, i t a i>r; rloaoaat haaaa aad location, In "I Clement a |.la a. I. a worn Ills* her aad IIo>ial streets no ? thsr k erdera. us fa'b. Ai Addritt Contort, llerald .????. with nn< ai.d addr<?( R(mi??>* TO I.RT TO hisi.l.t. IS TI.IMKV, IN A l'i . v oto family, ailk or aitbaut Villi, o lir?? aa>l heiullfniir rooia, alao aiaijo roams la a aa*, (let llaaa Keiiuh baaomeiit liooar with all Ik* a?l?ra 11., p * - * ? mania A|>[>lr it III*1, Malk aVi?ai, (to dors alat of Hroodvay Will aot mora drit of May. 1>06M WANflll BV A "IMJIf. f.IMI.gtlAN. II olihir with <r cilbnot pirtial onaid, o^tloaal wltii tba rof) (iai.d laratlon, altb wtdara i oaaaaiaaaoa, psni'alir rri'iairod. Ralor-i ai tiiliak|*d. Address Kl? ?, Hotel! office 8W0UI OlIfUHIV ok fiR.tri.gMKs and iiikir ? it oa, ooo bo armasai lolod ?iu, r?s?? W Mllos if lo1 ai ?, furanliod or aaf oraiabad. with full of |<ar'nl board at No. S Math itroot katwaa 1'ifth aad II a ' >i aeaai a Thr house la baadai'ini aad bao all tkl na /dera liti |>r i*i<a'ata. rt O gmUnp ~<1NK OR TWO NRAH.r rf.'R I ?i? hod r-ena la a prlriH family to lot o,si. h -?rd I'.aih rooai la the Lease lyyl; at 711 Hewloa strssl TWO aiK4}I.Kur.NTI.BIir.<< !ii if nm BOARD oa Htaloa Isiimt , a looatloa .a thi bill r? ft nod A4 dr-as G b?l IM rait > Rss Thru, or roin i.Rb ti emtn can n? ai? om aodato-l. Altai tl.e litvf May. altb ? nuk>-i N aafsr ushsd rooms M|iera''l| ?r la raits lo a yr.rate bally, it till Kait hiaouoaib straol, botwooo firet ia? V ,a I aoai Tb< b'losa > aatatni ik? asodara layfifta1 l a Thru or ioi r orsTi.RMRH can hi a< ? "? iboiaiod wi'li (.arVial board la 'bo ? ? n> ' of 4>rs>r Cily - ro'iTii lime nd airy aitMo t<e eitaaia* wi s ,f io< f-rry, with a prttal* family wltbaat ab<Hrf? l? i><s n t la lot nnlaraiebed witb ?r w|i 'io?< |-art a tin Isrmi ?MaMl ? Addr-a-W R, IIhsII 'ill \Ti(,KTAHH N Hdi*Rrtl>r. HOff'f II ? Mfl* f ilraot I lie I .uias a.tb hoard lad hat bo. luasai dorau \'*ry ?mmm, vwmw >? iwmwiMi f ad, ?a loC'ad ????, will, all lbs mods** iayr> i>moali, may baled, witk fail V. aid, la s small >1 Ran Tbwlaaalh s'root U'AHTII)- R/MKD I or A faRHTI.RMAH AMD Wirt TT fram Mar 1st, a sans rf aofarasabal lesao oamsid fl?or ariiorro/. wnb I aw.all family wbora tb are are a? othor hartat I* ? > ' -aoa* i amikhorhood Juiu i ? -st of llr adway aod hoi- o Poarlk i-roo t. Addrsas w M , Bo I I. MM I'owt OA so. tl'AblRI' RV A RIVCIR OB.ITI.fcNAM A BOOM Yl will H'l ll board, la a |rr?ila 'imi'y ?a ItlaaS, est Uo'i'h aU* iiallsi Aa4 raoa t iss w f it "His, rtaOai urns aa< l- 'atiia^ U'ANTRD-hr A TOC .10 I ?Dr. RliABDI* \ *f >i?lali' r?H. fiis.t lathis "41 a Adtroes ll ?, hoi 1. 1 (.aaoaol fsH o*'< Kal a< ' was Ur AMF.b WITH OR W I 1 1|( ' l T H" A K l> , H t * i,AS Uoaaa Md lady la t^a ?IHo*tya' refoao^air> if a'.t ahasa Tataty -utb ?tro?' . h?iw ?? ti>a lain i aad Valk aiaaaaa 'b- ia? -? s??ry t* i hn4> iaaly 'ar*,<bi I baaaa wnb atl 'ha i?'?i liayra'iiwoita. ait ahore ? aaro ira ao o'h?r V^ardors, far al as % li> >ai fTi^e ? ill k? (??? Roardla* aoaia ka*|?ri aoa< aad aanw A Mraaa Jam ell. taief a^wara Kaot *%?? ll'ANTTD WARD l|i W|Mt. RKti'R' TABI.R r%MI Tf ly. by aa t'liiaaledy the bai W?i W aat aWssf years la lbs o r>?i 1 1 af la4laa a am iaa?ar ?hora eh- ill altaad v> bar f rail's. '.oil dalsas a baa rtM ayae. aa4 wbari baa ?r*K?a aa waaxisoi or aay n>?r i a<.i.? wort ?U1 Vi t it ? > aa ai a?al*il?ai Ay?f y at lljt. Twolftb etrsak al Mlssit atrows , Ir?.ll| a n'rn atciiiD -wantim rt two or tmrrr M y*aaa loauasssa ns la#?a roam aad ysstal board, la a rwyi ito Is ya'fs fim 'y, ahsro u>o?o are law w aa Uvdiri la a tr Od laaaMsa Adlnanoaad aiali >ida< it*. Inidl i4tt * B t<Viln. i'iti'?i fttIUtiwt|\l KHimva ?T*TP MAIL nu *. '"?f ATLAWTIC. /ml Ifiai, mummIw Ty* ?bit .ill doparl will. Ml Umud Mtu< MfliVhnZ f-itiMl* oa Vk.H^.r, AwU 4. a?Tl J* J*?- ?l lk* '?** of ror fori, ap r? WPPSi lux unaaaallod acoomraadall^fu for alnoaaaa aad M . iM|U BliW ABI> K COLLI MI. M Watt itnA ? Mo ra?i**adad UMh board al I1K o'olaaib A_ M Tbo alaaiaililp Ualktc >1.1 gufdaad lb* AtloaU*, ?3 ?all A pill I A Al.i^ra pl*aaa lab* aotloa Mull tko oMja W IM< lino i?iut tHtjr t goad* uairabax.4 if >ag TIIU MM V OK n AND 1.IT KKI'DOI. (TWtTID STASH kiral Humit ? Tba *hap* **iupoMia( Mil Km *&? friloollur? ? A 1 1 ANTIC, I apt Wool IlAl.lir, ('apt Comal*** fAi l?ir. CApl N?o ADRIATIC, 4*?4. Tiiaaa allpa liota l*oa bi ki-Ui.i, p i ^rtifllt lot #f an monl airtio*. 1. a.rpiaia li?a li ?u Itkaa in lllltl M> ? trurliav ii ilio 10 llili iiiiw. ti utuio iiroiilh Ml ? I ??<) iKoir ?oeoaiBii>diilJ'>i>a '? r inflfcaoraan minrf' let lor >lo una and c>inf ri Prior of pa aa<* Iraia Naw Vorfc to Liverpool. !? Aral olaaa oibin, |l? ia a*ooad Aa? &;#? Iii u?o ol rain alio alalorooiaa. A.\ Jl( from 14* ?n"'" 1 ?*? *?? Vurk *' ?"<1 ?*' *?'"??* *? oap*>??*uo<.4 ia> ? ni aUfl.oil invk ?latV No fcrrib rtmluu |?? inf rROfO<ID DAril O? lAIMNfl rioi nrw iunk #*<*? WfUWH W ln?.MU> . March 21 IUr*l. 5 \*M tt t ii A|>nl 4 1S6 .Solordajr MarabIT ...US Hi ilnr.dnr, April I" Ihffl Not ur lij, Miroh II I8?,. . ,a; . May 1 I "4? Saturday, April 14 ...lljf \? f.|irf,al?f, liar li? . . IrM 'alur.lay, April X W.<tu.'aila>>l?f SI....IMM Mlm III til A ? ?? ivrU'Y; K ';',r,T,^;To,jrM ?. *?? BKOYIN. MUiri.KV A tU , l.l??rpwl. .S'l Ki ll K.N K KNN Alii) A CO , f! Au<Wa fnktM. Iw*4?* H ii W A 1> VV KK; 111 ACO Will (?K< 'liOK II IHlAI'KH. II* ? r? Thw owiio* " of !*<??? i.ln| # will mil l>f? ?ilt- r, bulliun.ip^U, Jivilr;, prMlou* n?u?i ?f ii n I wh? til la of 1? tin* ara at^uaU Ui >r?l ir, ?n4 tl* ll.#>r?of thanHft ui|>rMn< ?l Hhlpp?ra |?l<"aa?i t?k? tni%ic? that \U% ?htp4 9ftlUi lift* MB* ft.?i oaiT at. 7 ?v>a? ?*uuir?bftii4 of ?u T'l* BRITISH AND iNoKlll AMKAICAN tOT ML 1 MAIL J* I I.A MMI I l\H ?HUM Ptiw foil to Mtiaroub (!hi?( eftliin MUD S*oou4 cfttlu puitt,* ... . . 4J r*o* aioarim TV i.i ? r u pool < M< f e*M? |*ftan*n? ... .. m oftbii pmiji ' TL Th? aliipa fr?i|ft lloflus Oftil At llftllfftl * "AIWA, (ipt Julki.i AMKHICA. C?|K I.IU I'KIUIA. cap. M?rto Btf KOI* A. Cap! ihauoU. A sl A, I apt K (J I oil, CA* AHA, I opt Sloaa. AJKIt'A, Oapl II arrli'ia, M Ai> A It A, < -apt l^tUa Ibroo oriMla Barry a "Uar ohilo ll(bk at Bail h.aA. (T*aa on ota board to?, rod m port ko>. MSIA, l.otl, laari llootia. kTodaaodar. Apr# M A X KKIC'A, I.aa(. Holloa. Woda*o4af, Apart A AIKICA, llarruon. lloalo*. W'<.|u?a.|af, Ma/ ( ASiA,I.ii<V 11 Bnatoa. Vfidaoidl/. Mof M llarllia not aoourod aalll paid for Au riporloMod aurcooo oo Laird Th* owmra ..f lima* ihipi >IU aot bo a?ooaatalil* for iMA ill orr, ballloa. i|'Mii, jo>rl t), ar?. loaa iloaaa or uU| aBl*c bill! of lading aro atjaid Ut?r*l?r, aa 4 tAa rtlA llitroof ili?r?4a iipniad I it fulfill or paiiana applf la K Ct/ N A II It, 4 II <ntad Ur*?a Tlioro >111 Ii* an atoiuihipo of Mil naa iroia N*> Vat autil furllur aoilei. fT> 1 1 K 1.1 V RMI*OOL AMI KUII. ADBLKUI A BTB AKi J. Coaipabf Inload oallini ttoir farortU atataitaa flTY (>r 14 ANt'H IS1 BB ?,ltft loai. Oot4 W,U, CITY or IIAI.TIMIIHB, iaa>,'?,fjp toaa. lap*. CI1T or WAHIIINOtON, do 1,71*) toal, I'lpt B Bal<M>a IV i. VIM, aad $AA aoooidlac t. atato t .. m A Inn i tod nunb*r of Miiid alaoo pana agora >111 ba lata* fr. m I'lillidoluhia aad Llrorp ill. a* 4 found la pro rial a? Tr'.m rklladalpliia | from l.lfarp*al (M l'artloo >iatiia? to brln? oat tholr Crloadi oaa oMaia iMlt ?oalia of paiiac* aad dralli oa M*orp?ol, la laiai if ? ?tarlla* aad upwirda Ai.plr lo nABlJBL. MMITU.AaMk 17 H alail itroot I'WJadol^ Hla, aa4 Ko T, Uraad*a/, ?r? Tagfc. v STKAM8llirn IIBTWBBN HAT BK AND MR V fOU dlt**l ?Till iloamililp A I.I'M will nil froia narr* IHIW ai'unood Tli* rata of iniaraaoa In rraa*o u Uai bf __ fr in llarra dir**l for Ni* Tcrk thaa In ihltM ralllag al tm Ki.|llah port Apvlv la llaoro aad fart*. 17 liwiliiaidi A? Italiam, to I ion aid lunii, orlu>a> Turk I* B CVKAMk N.. a Hn.llnr (Iraaa J.VIH WIUTIIAMrTON AND II A V lit -TIIB If A HAS. J itoimrr I.'MiiN H Adimi, roaiuiaadot, >ill l*ar*(a* llarro, tnuililag it taalbinil' B lo land lb* lualU aad paa ?or.ora, oa Rat arlar, April 7tk, al II o rlooh M ,tr;m pla( N ' .17 N !? rlli rlrar I'ri-a ol paaaa<o la Oral labia tlM| a* rmid labia B7ft. I "*?*?? aot >au<od darlag tko rorafl* ahuul'l ba Mut on b..y.l tl a dijr bolor* laillua, laarkad b> l< w " N.I Iralglil oa III lo Ilk. u AprtlAI^ fur frilibl or paaaa?a applf l? M I I YIMos TOW, A(aa^ 4 lliuadaaf. VANOKNIIII.T h n; HOI' RAN I.IMiif STB AM till m. T ? Tbo Ural rliia ii.inahlp MHITII SHU, l,W Mm H an i*Ii, maaiiir >111 loao. Now Tor h al a?oa, pro<di4r. A I ril 21, for llarro. dlr.ot Ileal aibla pxaaa*. IIMl (A 0 i dritln paiaa.1, t7V Tl.* North lltar >111 bo rollo>ol hv tl.. tio ? atoamalnp An?l la Mar Ibaowaorof lb?aa a^ga will not to aoo'iuui ibla f. r p "1 4. allrar, ballloa. apwia,|o? alrji iir> olnno itouoa or maiala, oalaaa Mil* of ladiaa a r* ltrr-1 Unfai r. a >( tbi ral .a tbar*<i' Ihrr-ia aiiroaaaA. Ii.r fr?l*lil "r i>aa*av? ipplf ??< !? TuBMANCB,! lb A^4ft W ill inn atrool \<> l??i, ilianar, M.i.taai A Unna, ? ri i N |i doa Tklolraa 1'irla Alb?rt & < l.rfatia V/ *aaa 1 llilaalgaa llirro N II ?(>? i a 1 il lor la; I, ?. Toriaaca'a olllca will b* at ho ill'i>lua< iraaa. T.>OK MlDTBAMl'TON ANI> IINBUBs - TIIB UNITS* I' Mil. a u.ail at. an.rr W A ?*!! I V lalOM, B i.'araadp. qav ii.imlrr, >111 lail for llrotnaa, t'.?chlad al Au>tlia^pl*A la laud II* aaiili and pain agora I r Aiglaad in4 Irlaaa, as )*aM.i.|ajr A pril 21 . it W ?? cloob U lr .*a pa ?? SJ NorlA T I'rloa ot pwaaaa ? In tl.i Aral ail I'', main ail'.an In I l.a Ural ral. in. lo>ar alio .i. |p aoaonil oabla 1 An >a|?ri?ii "la rg?<aa la il lo. ba I tn aa? '? _ _ I Una ii oil pa., i l.r i>b Ihi l'*al MB'* tpaoio 4a4lr*a*_ la llaar* aod 1 oi.d n Tor paaaa . a <.r frowilai, ipplr I* C. II PAMl. A i -ni II onto Will uai a trail. Tl.* #1 r a in n IJariuiki * ill auiuaal tb* H'iaL.a|laa, aad 4 all Bajr III IT 8. HAH. I.I.N r. roM I ALlrnRMIA, VIA A4CII J . rail aad I'laama ? I'alifai niaaj an lafonaad lift tl.v I'aaatoa liailr?ad la otn.plitod. aa4 ISi triauit of latl.iatii >111 ba mad a b / rillruad fr ,m u*aaa lo lain II ?ior? i? '.la traarl -a* rlaar loalio, Oi. Tburada;, A liril A, at J o'alnak I' M f ro a pl*r *4 fa?A ? f Mima atrarl. N*rtb nr*r, will b* diapat.bod tbo Aaa* ?troaiai.ip IIKoKl.B I.A W, < apt li T roa, I) H N T', aouaacl al I'aaaaaa willi tbo i.o> aad a a port ac ?blp MiMikA, ( apl. B I. k% biting A rain b it *> a I a kapt it I'aaaaaa, lo pror*at da Una. !a ra i* al aan/aai. > t, froigbl r*aolaa>d a f l?r I *'?|*?k oa lb* a* I tag Aar I o?*i. Ma I IT _ J w ba r Hon ? 1 ? Tl'>* or IAMB* TO SUIT TUB TIM JV N'? Y*?a *ai4 I'allforaaa avaaaakip <aaa, ? *t'M. If liuilt CuB>p*a/ (af Niiwtiit |??nlnm laaai. Imt4i>4 0*11*4 iiiurUf ihu Mkf dkw riaia tW ai"R!l4 4'.?Ma ??? aaa ataa?r).ip llAB Of Till VM tin* kartkaai i apttia Taraar will Ink ?>? Ba f S ? r * I at 1 .. aUak I' M praaUalf. far I'HIa Araa**, on Tl ur.J.j, A. ill If IV.', ihihUii w|il> lha iUum% I'biUFib iluniowi, m .1 lha SMrifu riu*i r?a*^ k?in| Lm laalr* inilaa of laa-1 InuMitiln bi im ilta 'iriiMM *a>aral oa* aa4 twin lr-a lumhiii lk*ft l.t'ly V?i J>?t ?a rtaar aa4 lak> ?kiak iktrtti ikt Iim ? lha from aaaaa ti a. aaa Tkaaa iuimii tfi imh t aaaal la il.air Taaiilailaa aa4 xunaWtiwu far i mtmm ia.aiit.ii or (>??<? al tla taia*, tnl; ?ll w I IIAHI I " Vnm.AS a?aai . Na J II ,?li*? Uim L I a a u.aj. a* al II a <1>. a UlMn Vt par k*lf ??? A IIITk Al.l A PIOKBBA MM I. I.' AIIHIIQ TO ^ > l'aii-4 h>*ia* (Mil* Tm aala?.ra*a4 *1191? 4kte Ul IAN ITF.tli. f?'.i Caaaalafkaaai, nuta, U M* at Mi Wi ik, H ar I M Jtrm. It(ii| lar M alka* total, |4?r * Dm t rlaaa laaAUa far M alk ***** tkli iku b f|"tn( ni ?? k*r Hml ?>!?<? la lit* Uaa ktllai aaltM Ml | ? <?< M ? . ' ? alaa t.. ? II. ? tiMlaat Ht>aa4k I. u f?t Uil wl aaa'-a4 ilw |Uhi??i hfi| ?ki?a? II-* f- r lral?M ar | aaaa.a >? a?aaarr u alii |Mlllnl| M l al'il ua>44l* of Audi Tt ? 'imw IMI liitaN* ax4?4 k) tka aui 4mI aMp|-at akip Blcfcllaaki* la ia^t a a kar aaaaa* tay**a, kaaUa aU< k? Uai Ta tka ela.l-4 liaa g! aaaaata all lata fat fr?r>.t a* nmma apply ?" knH m. V W tilllOII, n a i 1Mb una*, it.! II* II ?ll Mart. N|t? TOM a ? I. > i* obi.BA Ml i r t a ui r ? m l?ai l?( a. H ililai al ai* i .? a to I Mh4 "lata* fto .uaa.l ir BLACK ?ti 1 I " II . J (> llallvak a?an.w4at, aUI aaaawaa iaa?iM| fialal.l -a tliMlf, Ai?1l ft. ka4 Mil fa* Uu ania r"*? aa M til/ A | *11 It, at II *'al*ak |?a*aaal/, ll.a aaar ? Nat tr t<a>l aV?al. k'aHI, a<?( Intoki far aha iaMw a> 4 f?r MotlU, a aaiiaal la ?l> i?aaia la Ha* Irtatak Jaaaa* Maal; A U, *VI ka far***4*4 fraa if N(S aim I' aaaaa. r*ra Hanaa aart a. aaata paaawta k* laia latrta* ?>!< lull. ?fl*4aa, aaaal ka aaa I ua far aa**MB tka aa aa.ia a i?atW.aa Ua ?ka akl* aaillaa fx iMfll ai I ? ... . u i n ,*.. .t.? niB'.H T ?. a*aa.l*. SI )ir.a4aaf B II Tka l aiaala B V Bit f.U! a. rn ana I at a Jl a**??*4 lb* CakaaK ul ?* f af aa. 4a/. April ti L'<)B 'ATIKSAII 1111 BBf'UCBta -TUB UMTM r Riataa aail *Va*i*.*lf I B I ?T?i|i B ?Ta T? ' S. llar4U vt II la*. a J'Mla^al tl*ia f < la raaaaA aa ?i4wa 4a> Apr. I I, aa I" a A I fan Hi nwa<a |i TW k . ; aa- a. ??al? *|U laata aa akara aa talaaitM, M4 ImV Aiaalt la ka? Tafk ?( BAXToW * TALIMAm. W '> 4 dir. akara nala raaai aa/ ka aa*M*4 h|'>B .? A ? A ^ N A II A Bli riXiBIDA IfcllBU 4TATM M.ll Uaa ?Tka aaa a.4 aiaaaai aiaaaaaMf rt?BI?B. B ? W M4l>all. *UI laaaa N.v faal M laTMftaB ?? Wa? a.a4ar, Airtf I f?-.? N? 4 f?attk n?a?. a* 4 a'tUa* r B llllll _j al t a 4 1 1. # a>aa.*4 a laar I III, r far iaaaa?a la 14 Ml II. I. IIIIBHMHHnununucI laii r???l-f4a it' >r( .'i>u ri.a Hi. Iirl la Jaaa . .. I. Ml I t ail, |A' 1 ka AVUtBTA. Ca?i Tka* I ? ? aaa ? < '. ? 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A arii 4, a4 4 a tiaak I* u | vill amaa la Bartali Ma a> afwft -la **4 I aiarat i| aa4 Biakaaal llaa MlaalM a la'a t tl a, i ? a*aa*ara far aka Wall fraatal 'f r-i.?.?4 .U"l aaaa lWaa*k <aaaa<a lr*m W al Aaa Ua Hir a |W a Aa??aia I' I'.aaaaa ta 4 fa* a ia k arlalk, V. I. raiara'aa* aa4 Ilakaat4. I*. a*aara?a, kail )Aai Tl laa*k la- la'a a? Ijiakktrt III Atfil ?a ! I III. A B A T l lAlllin ?1<kl*n I- a rlTIVi.'?i. ?>D <*'iBIOt.K TBI aifBAM r a a ar k''A!k'>KB. a apaa.a 'k.aaar. a* ?a? Bl?n a* *?f I .'aralaii a*4_kadalk aal rail Br*f iponmio, *c. -rill OH BIBB* V-A riBB BJ l*M Waall VaUAa kaAa. a kraaaaa aaakra. k SKl* wfiila. A* , fa* jValMa uraal, aamt i( IBM. AIM, *>a.t ; a* kaaa ITAUAB OBBTBBVMM BOB BAUB ? BBB IALK, I faar al?a?al Ilal aM paflaaa4 pap* M BMka aU; ?5kf.<?^>yy? *>? **? *>r Apfi/ *?kM >*?<?. ATI. BAT* -AST PBBkOM BArtVQ A HIBW |*M*4 hurt M il*BM* ?' a*i kaar a' a -art i a** .. af (Aa aaai ai ll a->a?| *4 4aak IA ?k4 **V4fBa4% Ma4a.a4a> alia#., a al 4 a'HMB Li PLAB A I LBAIAIaTI, It Bra. 4 a It a*t*4 ****** La ?tl|IH a4. ***> k> Mf?M ka w*a fara* aa *4 tka *B I a iftn i* ? ? lAaak la >k

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