Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Nisan 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Nisan 1855 Page 2
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UfTEEESTIHG FBOM UTAH. ?miUIniI LtgtaUlirt Party and Dinner? ?alt ? ?>? City BUI of i^>c-io??elkM and ?uttatnU^-RtccpUw ef the mm of Col. Bteptoe** Appointment aa Governor? DUB calty Between the Mormon* and Col. Step we'a Regiment? Threatened Destruction of the t'niud State* Troop* by the Mormon Juralon? K *ti aordlnaxy LegtUatlon. [From tbe halt Lake City News, J*u. 11 j 1 KfliBi.ifivpi PARTY ?'ven at the Social Hall, by the Governor and Legiala live Assembly, on Monday, January 1, 1856. In compliment to Judge Kinney? hif asso:iatee? < othsr Watted Btates Oflijers of the Territory? anJ Leut. OoL Mepte* of tbe United States Army ? the officers in hi* rcumaiH] OeiMtifllK if Arinno'-mmts. Beber C. Kimball, Lorenzo Snow, J. M. <.ra?t, H. 3. Eldndge, 8*mucl W. Ricbarda. Eeose caEed to order at 3PM., by l're*i.lent H. C. Rim lun wbo remarked that the t me hail arrived when w* nbcuJd begin our party. He wiahed to give a little eeaasal fire?, and wculd be plain and distinct. It was ?ndee*toed that thi? party was got ap by the ttoveraor aad legislative Assembly, and we wan", to set aa exam ple wertby of im.tatioa for generation* to oo me, to keep f oed enter and when there ia dancing and music play ?f do conversation nor disorder, bnt every man behave ?ke a gentleman, and every lady like a lady. Oo net wish any ef the gentlemen or >adiee to go dewn to the fewer room, uatil they are invited. We do cot wiih whiskey or brandy to be brought to this party, and de ?i?e that none who are invited here ?houldgo out and fet it; if thia ia done, we will coasider it ao insult Thin i* a total abstinence party ; that in. the total abstinence ef all splritous liquor*. We will introduce the cold water system nntil the table, then tea and colfee, if you pieaae. rhe room where yon came in it the ante-room: gentlemen and Indies will there wait oo you, lav we wiah perfect order and perfect aooay, that the angels wbo are rent to a 'min ister to aa. and in connection with whom we h >ld ths key b, may be well pleased with ui, and touch uh all with the pewer of God, that we aMty act well onr part*, and that onr musicians may be touched with an holy touch, that their iastraments may inspire and er.alt our feel tags. We will dedicate this party our ??'Ives, and the aaaslc to the Lord. If these are your feeling, held up year right bands to heaven, and sav Aye, (which was aaaalmously dene.) Xo person ha* i?en invited hero whese name was not on the list. This is the orderef the Governor. Bin health is poor, and he does not know that he can come here, but 1 wish h in remembered in our*] prayers, that God may touch him with an holy toujh, let 1 desire that he ihull be here to see us during this evening. The gentlemen, with their ladies, who are strangers to you. will be duly introduced. President J M. Grant then offered up prayer to the Lard, dedicating to him the assembly and the" evening's proceedings. After which. President organized the room with eetillon sets; and at the word "all ready," the Xvely strains of music Ailed each heart with the spirit ?1 the dan;e. Theerchestra was oceup'.ed by icuslcinns, (playing tlx tort aad second fiddles, a violincella, double bass and flat*), with a boy at ea:h side in Galk pastoral costume holding his erook in hand. At 4 P. M. Col. Steptoe and Miss Kinney wsre intro duced by the Hon. H. C. Kimball, and soon thereafter hie Hca. Chief Justus J. F. Kincey and lady; also Mr. Bel.ure aad lady: J. H. Holinnn, Ksq , United .State* f)ii tilet Attorney lieut Tyler. Mr. W. G. Rankin, and the Hca. A. W. B.ihoitt, Sec., and lady, wore introduced oy the Hon. J. M Grant. Cetilion followed cotilion in quick succession, all heinc order and quietness InsiJe during the il.mcc, al though outside the tempest was howling, and the wind was blowing a perfect hurricane from the south, itnl had been during all the day. At ball pact 6 P. M.. Major Reynolds, U.S. Army, Bajer Rcre and lady, snd Marshall J. 1. Heywoud were iatrctinced by Hon." J. M. Grant. Hon. H. C. Kimball staged to the assembly "hut lie had jast received a communication from the Governor, which he weuld take p:ea>ure in having read. Governos L . Ytung rerpecttully tenders hia highest re (cards and the eompfi uientv of tbe season to the ladies and gentlemen who aseeinble in the Social Hall, this eveuiny, aad regrets exceedingly that kis health, which will not per alt him to venture from his room, should io inopportunely debar huu the pleasure he anticipated in meeting his friends and participating iu the joyous danve on this happy fe? tivve occasion. T.'iisiing that the company will enjoy them stlvee to the fullest extent, and asking tfcat toe blessing of Heaven may rest on the evening's recreations, he l.ids one and all, a very, very trcod night. New Year's. 6 I'. M. At 6 P.M., Capt Ingalls, Lieut. Mowry, and Hun. Judge frtiles, were duly introduced by tbe Hon. J II. Grant. At 7 P. M., Joseph Greene, of the firnr. of Kinoey, Greene k Co., and I.ent. Alston, were in'rcduced by Boa. J. M. Grant. Alter the Boor had been foron-d for a conn try dance, at a quaater past eight, P.M.,dnner war announce*! , whereupon, begintug at No. 1, until Bo 4d were severally e?liedon the Boer wi.h their re epaetive partners, aid in o-der were introduced to the lower room. Upon all being comfortably seated, Presi saeat Kimball asked a blersing upon thj bouaues and lax apread tffor* them, and gave thinks to the Ced of ear lathers. At I was unable to remeubv' the dishes, da.ntie* and varieties ofTered on the oc:asicit, ? here copy thi bill of are which was laid below each plat* Ot> }he tavle NEW VKAR'S FESTIVAL, o 0 ? o '? JaNCaBY 1, 16j5, O ? BILL O * FARE o ? nr.rr ccrwiK. 0 ? KO'l'i. o ? Oyster, J.obs'.e*, o p Ox tail, Trip*. o ? CPVMI. o ? M > rJj. , o ? Roa^i beef, loiit bear, o o " seul, " mutton, o ? " chi-ken, *' turkey, o ? Boned turkey, Hares, n O fhruf u la code, Kc'Jr ena ?)?, o ? HoiM i?ai, Kri :u*seed cai:ken, O ? " mutton. Fried -teats, o ? Fried cutlets. o ? Variable*. o ? Potatoes, turnips. o ? Paiempti, Kiaw, o ? Frittess. i'abbnge. o ? TniRD corns*. o ? l'witry. O ? Pound cake, WaalungK n caa*, Ladies' cike, o ? IVd axi lis, Charlotte la Rush*. Trans parents, o ? I'ameen pi**, Raspberry pies, o ? Mince pirn, Cherry pies, o ? I f ?ili l .alii. Itctri't pudding, o ? Royal favorite, Cnstard pudding. o ? tilaos mange, (>mil?t?. o ? Fanry mange. Ice cream, o ? Water melons. o ? ? o ? Pinner at S o'clock f. M. o ? Supper at 1* P. M. o ? Chiir^iT LiKK OTY, Jun 1, 1855. o o o eeecocccocecccoeeocccccs o c - The several course* were i>n>7unced by riu<*ing of the belL Ibe waiters, who w?re gents, wer# all uniformed alike baring white jackets ?d i i pr jns, w.tfc black pints, said although the courses, d:t-hes and dainties pn-aented en the occasion called forth the wonder and admiration <4 oil present, especially the stranger*, yet It in no ways sspene-led the taste, rkil), magaitisenre an 1 ingenuity Ateplajed in fitting up the apart me jt for the occasion Ike walla were beautifully studied with fir boughs, flag s. banners, emblems, mo'toes ami paintings? on the eoutn wall tb? words ' Peace to the Stranger. ' on green ?Ilk. was neatly executed in large capitals; and on the worth wall, "l mon h Strength, ' was executea in the Hue manner. Our national lisg, the stars and str pes, adwraert the *ut wall: on it* right a beaut ful paint ng ?f vhe 1'ioneers crossing the upi<r PUtte? the an mais ewtsomiog, wagons rafting, a s?v nd raft building, sol water* (lowing. On the left of our national Bag win that of the Nauvoo brass band, and the elegant btnne ?f this city, whereon Is Inscribed, " Municipality, Order, Justice, G. L City " On the ea%t wall was extenled tbe Sag of tb* Life (ioards, with the stars and Rtripes, w hereon is represented the beehive, with beet swarm'ng fvnid. Above in the eagle, with the motto ?? Un im, ' aad tele w is a black bear, with the motto. "Always ready on the corner are the words, " Life Guards " Ob rame.wall a large burner isaex tended, whereon it rep resents a lion, the king ol tin- forest. Pour small tanners piejected near the ceiling in each corner, on wbleh were respectively ratecribed, ' Purity," "Virtue," "Truth aad Justice,'* and ''Wisdom," executed in ele gant stylo. On the posts around the building, near the top, were taste Bed tir tree Branches, snd on esch side of the pouts hung out from the branches the Sags of all nations. Below the poits were wreathed with rose*, with base of tewed green silk ribbon , tbence downwards were ?er pentmely wreathed with Or bough*. Tb* column* or posts in tbe centre of the building were artistically de orate 1 in the same manner, snd from column to column was extended green sila ribt>on on both sides, whereon flowers an<l eveigreens alterna'ed Us* whole etigth. At lasui. Livingston was introduced by Hon. J. M. S'Mt, Ouring tb* first table the musician* were engaged and the balanc* of tb* party were snj > tbeni<*lre? in ibe daace. After tbe first table bad arose they proceeded and .toiaed m tie dan:* until the second table waa called ay No a* the tirst . in thi* table the muiic joined. Prest Kimball tben called the remaining anJien -e to attention, snd introduoed Mr Henry Mabin, who sang "The Man wbo could not get Wrrm,'' ' The i.ool >*int Anthony, and a M< riocn song, in his usual chaste, bold axl comi; style, whi<Ji gas* much sst'sfnc ijii." An address from LMer Oxmi!* Bni being announced, ho aroee aad said ? 1 hate been made bapjiy on th s r>c rfisien, snd sdi joyful this eren Dg Ami<lit th* cireum stances that surround this people . a tbe-e sall^ys of tbemouota ns My teart s grateiui to tb t Ihsptii*er of sll gcc-l gi/ts ami ng his reatares, the childre* o: men, for what my eye* behold and my -eu-e? en.iny this even tag, sad during my happiness I hat* been led to think en ibe scenes of the past. My mind hss ruin naiel user the changes of this peo/.e. But a lew year . od we ?ere fleeicg fiom tbe band of persecutiou, which had iieti, outrtretched to crush u? and eo< soow.rg whither ?' *' at, tracked the prairie> in search of a hjor b it t>j the over ruling han 1 of Provident* were we led ? ?af?t y to our inouotsintoi hoooe in the mid?i of a par 'i."'"1 ' f Indians, wbo loike.l upon us with a .leaieus sie Our all ta? In our wa|cn* tie country was untried Mountaineer* who bad lirs l here t ud ue we could ael raise an ear of graa. inlo'l, fa. t> , 5^ "7* lb*y hey o If. red ?1,V?J V.S, ^ ai*\* "! COrn lb*t ,"on1'1 r* "ere. Vet rn. ,k tw? di?eooriLffing scenes they wool to *ro?no wae prepared tbe ee^le put "*?* do*? fr* m the moanuine wbii. ThV omi'us.?m tnu* Sra^i-^ ,uUf UIM M''' ,#c## a'^ho'vjte? and ronhmg tb.m thi. ws re^Kc J of rravMme* '.felt had mewifully encircled uiUUm I vim*. But amid *11 thia jou mi diecoyer we tin arisen to 007 preMBt .njojsMnta, whlie we have been hviag, net knowing the moment >mi tkt fir whoop would be ecundtd is our eare-end we wiled to irni to defead oar wives end chJdren._But what in now our condition? Let tli in evening sp?ak.~ I h eve keen in almost e??n State In our Union, and in the itetee and kingdoms of Europe, bom the mouth of the Rhine to the month of the Danube, in Alia and in Africa, and 1 have not eeen anything tt at equals thi? occasion. It may have been equalled, but my heart hat not (participated in It ? my eyee have not Mtn it. Let the world wno look for a miracle, look here.' And while to night I have been associating with you, my mind hae been contemplating the elemenU around ue In their fury, while all is calm and pleauubt within theee wall*. May God grant, if the world ftke the element* without should rage la turbulence and. war, that our people may continue in peace and har miay, ue is typiteo within mi* room to-night, and that It may be to my efforts during the remainder of my days will be uncenring. I wUh you -all a happy new year, and God giant that it may be en w my prayer? even to. Atnenr" An address from Bon. J. K_ Kianey, Chief Justice United States Supreme Court, Utah Territory, being an flounced, be arose and said ? "This is to me an occasion for rejoicing ? this a time when the mind will reflect on the past history of thia country. I can scarcely realize that we are here, ten or fifteen hundred miles from ep ilation. and yet we are tfee very midst of it ? not only ' civilization; but the most perfect refinement. I am re scinded of the word* of Iianiel Webster, on an occa sion of celebrating the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers. 1 he same heaven, he remarked, is over our heads, the tame earthiunder our feat But all else bow changed! the seme remarks may appropriately be applied to this Territory. When we consider enly coven years have gone since tliis people landed here without fod to sup port them, living on herbs and rootH, and b? hold now the splendor, the inagniiicence. and tha taste that his been displayed here, we may wonder and be aatonisbel; und yet my soul iia:ribes it to the providence-! of that Good Ileing who controls all things for his glory, and the well being of bis creatures. I rejoice in my heart that there hts been su;h good feelings maintiined hsre fiuce my arrival among you. We arc all brethren. We meet hero on the same platform. We are all on the same level? all travellers together to the same unknown coun try, and It is my desiie that the same kind, good teel ings may always be here and exist ? shall I nay between toth saint and sinter^? and continue, that lias existed and been maintained tinee my arrival in this city. I wish you all a happy new year. May we all be found promoting the union that prevails here throughout the val.ey. On the music returning from dinner, the United States < OVers present resumed the dan:e by waltzing and danc ing the polka, and all seemed to enjoy themselves; in deed, to far at we could judge, there was no rostra nt on tbe feelings of any, bntthe spirit of order and ot the meeting perfectly controlled all present. Opportunely, the company were waited upon to ics cream. Half-past twelve A. M the compaiy partook of supper in the same order as dinner, Freside'nt J. M.Grant ac knowledging tbe Lord. The hall was fitted up with much elegance for the oc casion, and the general arrange men's ol the evening reflected great credit on Mr. Candland's judgment and taste. The invitation car.!s were of a unique and superb description; the piper tas email note, ornamentally emtoseed and fringed, he vied N.^w Year's Festival, under which was tie eagle be&utifvlljr bronr.ed, sen) - cireled by bronzed stars, rep-e-en'iog the SUtes in the Union, and at both sides of tlie eagle were bronzid stsrs, representing the Territories Where, by wbi m given, and to whom with name* ot the committee :md date, followed in different typo, orna mental, but chaste, wiib occasional bronzing. At it quarter pa?t one A. M. President Kimball c tiled the bouse to order, and said: We should, before duuiis sion, as we always do, acknowledge the name of tbe I.ord, that his blessings, which hud been over us whle we bad been together, might go home wits us. llrotber Mabin sang "The Merry Mormons," with mu sical accompaniment, nearly tbe wbuie company joining in the chorus. Benediction by Grson Hyde. [From the San Francises Herald, March 16.] A gentleman no r in thia city left that place on the 6th of February, in comptny with the party in charge of tbe mail. Two days alier the^ started they were overtaken by an express from Adams A Co , who in fer me d them of tbe arrival of the Eastern mall at Salt Lake Ci'-j, on the eveniig of February 6. This arrival brorght intcllig* nee of the appointment of Col. Steptoe os (Jcverntr of the Territory, vi-e Drigbum Youug. Hurts, Secretary, vice A W. Babbitt, and sime o'.h-r changes, The news took the Mormon* by; but ouo informant thinks no open opposiiox. would be ex hibit d. (in New Year's Pay quile a serious collision took place between tlie United States soldiers and if. r citizens, at a drinking shop. Firearms were freely oted, and teven or eight persona were ekot, but fortunately nooe of thim were killed. Two of the noldiers we*e sevtrely wounded, and for a t mo it was thought they coull not recover. The Morn. ons cider ed out the Legion, threa tening to destroy the whole battalion ol' United troops in tlie city, under Colonel Steptoe Tli* three companies of Unlttd Ststea troops wrri quisUy paraded under ajms? tfcey strengthened their position, an-) wait ed for the atsaultol the Legion, which w.i every moment expected. lbisitateef quasi warfare lasted for threw iajs, when calmer counsels prevailed and hostiilt es ceased. At the allair grew out of a drraten St. an or der was isiued by the civl authorities forbidding tie further tale of ardent spirits in tbe city Territorial Legi*ature of Utah, attnelrlate sea sits. pifteJ >D est organiz ng Corson Valley into a coaa ty of that aaaAt. Jbi'y had appointed one Styles as Die* riot Judge and OrWB H/de as I'robkte Judge of the tountv. Frcjn temper of th? jnbi^tws of <.ar*op yiiy ft* oi w'uviia ate if'/r'ai ots t>ul moil of whom bave appliel to be*incorporat?d into the State of i alif< rt.a, it is probable these appointments would be received with little favor. Styles .? notoriously incom petent, betides be ng very di?sipated. Orson Hyde is I'retiient of the Iwelve Apostles, aud it one oi the leaden of Mormoniam. Among other legislation was tbe passage of an act called the Gift law, by which the faitb'ul are to v?tt all tbeir real and personal estate of (very kind in Brigham Young. It remains to' be seen whether Congies* will tolerate such outrage jus legisla t on in one of tlie national Territories. ? THEATRI1CAL RH'KF.ffNTaTlONfl. The Iieaeret I'ramatie Aatociation vclun -ered their services lor tbe opeaing ptrionnance of the season, which came on on tteeveniog of Satoroar. tbe id l)w cember. with. "All ia not ilold that Glitters," and senti mental and ccinuc songs. Governor Young extended invi tations to his counsellors, to tbe Quorum cf tne Twelve, to tbe cleiks in the different oflices, to tbe beads or the departments, and to many otuers. all o* whom attended with goodly portions cf tbelr families fiil ni; tbe hall wl'h an audience whose countentnct < beamed with joy, net cnlj frcm the delight arising diiictly fro n the o rasien. but Ire m the aeiociat'ons aud pkahiog recollec tiois of toe pass. As the play progressed the a idlence Eve vent to tbeir gratification In smiles and heartfelt lighter. The following is thecaat cl characters in the play of A1.L 18 MOT OOLD THAT GLJTTKR9. Toby Twinkle Mr. U. B. Claw on. Hum M.. H. K. Wb.tney Stejhen Fluni Mr. F. Margetts. Martba Gibbs ...Mrs. CUwron. Ijdj Leatherbrldge ...Mrs. C>oc. the XtWK sayt : ? There was no stamping of feet, thumping cl canes, clapp-ng of haeda, nor any other unsouth, uncalled for, anu inappropriate noisea, aud tnua may it ever be at our tbtatre, let who will compose tbe audience pleaae remember this, and conduct orle/ly lest there amuiemtn*a be closed upon you. Oaihe'Jfeth l'ecember tbe I'ramauc Astoc'at!on per formed for the second time, the melo drama entitled the '? Writing on the Wall." The casi of characters was excellent, and it would only be tedious to particularize where each one acted so admirably. Suffice it to <ay tbat Mr. B Snow most" cbaractensti -ally represented the spint anu action of Rich ml Oliver, r.nd Mis. Wbee lo:k tliat of Margaret Klton; and the same remark will apply with equal ju?tice toettry one in tbeir respective lolea. Tbe etening a enterta cment ccncl.idej with a sentimental song by Mr. J. R Llawson, a hornp'pe by Mr. I'oiiHor, " The Old House at Home " by Mrs. Marg\ letCook, a remlc song by Mr. II. K Wkitney, aoil '? fhe Banks o' the Blue Moselle" by Mrs Margaret Cook. As usual, tbe orchestra under tbe leadership of Mr. John M. Jcnea relieved the tedium of (be interludes by most tcient Bcally executed muiic of varie.l character, Including a tastelully arranged original tune by Orson Tratt, Jr. Mil. IT ART BALI.. Kfcmy, firecn K Co. gar# a complimcnUry part; to ! Co . SUptce, hie ofluer*, and sitiieu* of 0. IS. L. City, at the Union Hotel, Tu?-day evening, 7 o'cloct, Dm. litl. We art lnform?d that, In addition to a full aiteadun :* of the coapHmt nte<J guaata, bin Emcellesay, Uoranir Young, Pre?idente Kimball and Grant, th?e of tb* y io turn o< the IwiItc now in tbia city. tb* United State* civil officer*, and ? Urge aurater of our prominent clti reae *er* In atteadance with tbe.i ladtaa. Mntic an J the dance enll**n?d the rarj aorial Interchange of free remark? tli* *upjer waa aumptuoui, abumant, and elegantly **r*ea? and all participant* high); enjoyed the eplendid entertainment. TYTOCKAFRICAL AMOCIATIO N. On SatiirJuy evening, January, accor io# to pro vlona appiintmeat tb* printer* of fell of Lake City, con vened in the office of tb* VnrrH Xnrt an) org timed the " Typographic! A>*o:iation o: I>*?*ret " A coin itutfoa waa adopted, modelled with a Tiro inoet elle-tieely to accompl tb the object* ot the a?*oci?Von. Ike name* of tb* actlr* office ra elect art *? follow* ? Preeident I'binea* H. Young. Ktrat Connaellor lam** Me k nigh.. Second Counsellor Brigliam H lounf. Cl?rk ?jeo. y Cannon AifiMan: Clerk.. t, Julin U. Cu tinkers Librarian Jsl.n B Kelly. Hon. Albert Carrington, *<!.tor of tiie DrterH .V- ui. an l ? leirn other*, were cboren honorary counaellora. rfce orgimzaliia of thi* a**o nation, we traet, w.ll pro** an important auxiliary in ?*cor.n{ to the typ ijra ph ?l frat< rmty of thla Territory ?l e**atioe of cha racter worthy ol the.r rrofe-?ion. MARR1A0EH, SIAflig, AVD CIT OffB. MARRnm, In C? i!ar city, r*e. 30, ISM. by Rider l*a?c C. Height, Mr. Jotn M-Kariaut, from S:ot'. ?i?d, a*d Mia* Ann Cnat t?rly, from tnglaad. Aleo, Mr. Oiri*U?pher Arthur, jr., irom Sctith Valee, *t>d M(*< Carotin* Height. 1b >alt Ijtke. City , by l-re*t. Vmi on Chriet r>*? 'lay, Mr. CJeorc* O Cba*e and Ma* Krefy M Hyde In Salt Lak* City, Not. 29, by Elder C. I .a? ben, Mr. Alfred Ketkercott and MIm I'barlott* !>t*rc*. In 9alt 1-aie ? Ity, ?b Paac*/, Wr 10, ISM, at th* residence of Hi-hip Boigland. by I'reeioent llrigham Young, BOer George (J. Cannon and Mis* Kli?*b*t>? Hoaf laad. With iny n ay yeur enp *f Hf* be fined, With hleMiDg* rich abound? A at! now may the lora)i*rt TlrluN th e*. That er?t wereta K4*a feun. ? It ;* no Ml* t**k to pro** f Mi*iiiy aad tenth by lo** Fnt heart* aicit la lime (hall be Cntetlid t.rm *ttnu)y. MO. Ob tb? If tb tf tester, -a 1 Iia ?e? t roy*, Otafc oova <^0> T., Philind* Ch*rk, ^ M, -yw, ? ?? ?b? m< SSyt I? a|y. P*?, ?? '?^lba. RtbMN Lewla, wife of NerinhLewie, aged M Md |J mrmthi She k??t? a huab*nd Mid ? * A iMriB, and namcroui trinu u4 relatloai to Una', kit law At Hull, Net. il, MM, Cyreaui H. Taylor, Oeuaty Clerk of San PeU cvuty, after ao lUneee of eix weeka At C*ioo, 0. 8. L. Oeonty, Dm. Ik, 1854. of canker, Sarah Louie'*, aged 1 year, 7 asonthi ul 16 daya; and Dee. 18, ot croap, Alpbnaeo Edward, and 2 yeara V wionthe and 22 daya, Ca?jrht?r and too of Oharlea A. aid Sarah L. Tarry, Oa the 12th Deo , i? Davis ?ou?ty, Eldar Ljbu Stod dard, uad M year*. Eldar Stoddard haa teen a Meaber of the eaurdi 21 yeera. Phebe M AnteH, daughter af Abraham aad Phebe Hcrton, departed tfaii Ufa, in Great Salt Lake City, Not. 16, A. D. 1864. Ska wu borm in Guildford, Maeaacbu fatta, Mar oh 28, A. D. 1766. curr onr. >V>*a the Cbwrch of Jeaua Ohrlit, of Latter Day Salata, in North Kosyon Ward, Denria county, Utah territory, Sunday, Dee. 3, 1864, Jobn C. Perkins, for anchriatian like conduct. JOHN STOKEK, Ri-bop of North Kanyoa Ward. Henry W. Jackron baa been diai'ellowahipped by the Seventies of San Pete oeuaty for defraading hie creditors fcy running away from the territory. UEORUE PEACOCK, Clerk. Enlistment* for the Crimea* RECBCMIW} FOE TDK ENGLISH ABUT IN PHILADEL PHIA ? INVESTIGATION BEFORE THE V. 8. OOMM18 SlOMMb [From the Philadelphia Inquirer, April 7. 1 The hearing in the case of the five period* charged wiih enlisting recru'te and lending them to Nova dootia, with a view to jo'n the English army in the Crimea, came before the Commissioner at 12 o'clock y ester Jay, accord ing to adjournment. Their names are E. E Perkins, Henry Hertz. John Jacob Boaehart, Wm. B^Ud, and il. Loeb. Wm. Mngil), sworn? I am acquainted with the plain tiffs and dnendanta in thie case; this is my signature; I conduct the business in the Pcwi$ylvariian office; this is a receipt for an advertisement printei in that paper; a gentleman whom I io not knew paid for it; never had any conversatien with Mr. Perkins about the amortize ment. J. Jenkins, sworn ? I wtnt to th* office of Mr. Hertz, in Third street, and found the papers I now hold in my band there; Hertz and myself went to the office toget&er, and found Mr. Power in the entry, and be tallowed us into the room; Mr. Hert/. pointed out what he called his pri vate desk; he took the keys from his pocket and opened the drawers; among the papers I fouud toe receipt lor the advertisement of the JPennxytvanian, and one for Iho f edgi r: also, this receipt for eight passengera to Nora Scotia, also, a paper certifying ihat a Mr. Harts wis sound and lit for my service; these thirty-three tickets, with the letters N. 8. R. U., and two containing the N. S. K and lignod J. H. ; these papers, containing three cr four hundred namea, were also found; tae paper- looked like a muster roll; also this large copy book, containing the names of various individuals and their recidencen; I brought nothing else away; there were other papers there, in the English and German lan guage; I selected thine I have given myself. Cross examined? Mr. Hertz gave methekejsof the cilice: I had posfession of the keys of the front and euter dcorn you (Mr. Kemab) asked me to give them to you; I referred you to the District Attorney, and he toll you that the rooms were in the po?semion of the Marshal; I told you thst it was my intention to go down and ex amine his papers; either Mr. Hertz or you asked pcrm's fion for Mr. Hertz to accompany me; I asked Mr. Remak for the keys of the desk; Mr. Kemak answered that Mr. Hertz would open the desk for me; he did ac:ompmy me to the office, and cn our arrival there he handed me the keys; no cli.ject.on was raa?e to my searching the office; there wsi one paper which 1 thought be was anxious to eoncstl; it wa* a receipt for a number of 'ic'iets for pauengers to Halifax; Mr Power picked up that paper and call* J my attention to it; I laid the paper on the top of the desk: k r. Hertz laid his arm on the desk and picked it up, and held it on the side of the desk; I told him to let it lay. as it would be cafe; 1 don t tnink he picked the paper up to read It: he pate me the paper when I ashed for it: Mr. Tower was in tbo entry, out I don't know *1 ei he tv <ii doing there. Mr. Hentz asked him whit he was doirg there. he-examined ?This recipt ef the Pub'ie I/cdgfr fer pubiishitg an advertisement was louni there; it was cfcfcrgcd to No. fiS South Third street. I'. 5. Marshal Wynkoop, sworn? 1 arc the Marahiil, warrants were plated in my bunds cn the motnin; of the 2Mb of Msrch, about 2 <j'c'o;k : I executed both warrants aga nst Cilroy ana others, whom I found on board the stej m beat Sa nford, opposite the Navy Yard; 1 took a ? 1mm tup to intsrc'pt the ? teatr.or on ber way out of tbe rieer; i-he was on her way out; I put an officer. Mr. Joskins, aerretly cn board th? Sanfcrd, as she lay at Tine rtieet wharf; ] luiied him in the tug; lie l ove to as be recognized me; I arrflatei twelve m-n on board. %hc had previously been identified by Mr. Jen kins; tlteae tickets were given me by Captain Sanfcrd, of the steamer Sanford; Mr. Buod bad tee men in chtrge; and r.t cice acknowledged that be bad '.hem in cba-ge, and ofletcd to a^ctmpaLy me; w did Captain Sanford; budd cailtd bis men together, and offered to exnlbit any (spers he badatouthim: the warrant agains; i'erk.m seO others 1 had; I went to tbe office, at 08 ^outb Taird ?treet, in company with Jenkins, and found in cis room Heitz, Bosachart and 1 oto; I ascertained wrere Mr. Per kins could be found, a no wenttohis boarding nouae ?nd fcuitd him in his room , t having , alter he had got through he accompanied me to bis office; the arrest on board of tbe rteimervea about looVlock, and at shoot 1.2 tbe others were arrested nt the office. The cio-s-exa miiiaticn brought out nothing new. I did not arrest the Baron Van Oateu, but w<iuld cave done so it 1 bad found him iheie: 1 did no', author ze Mr. Pow er to take possession of any pipers but wb.Ie at the of Be* ">P> *o watch the door. Win. ffujd, ?werc? t??*" ?f the defendants )? I reaide in I l.i'auelj hit at preftnt, bAVi Hvfu here nuci th* fr* ginnirg of laat Lecember, and am the William Ru!d mentioned by the Martha) as having tbe twelve men in custody on board the steamer Sanloid; I have known Her's slice the 1Mb of March lilt; 1 lmvc knjwa Menrs. Ueli and Boiscliart about the ?ama time; never stoke to Mr. Puuknell; I was Introduced to Hertz a*iout the 15th of March, by Mr. Strobe); was introduced to Hertz aa the perron wto would give him all tbe intormt tu n about organizing the foreign legion in Nova Scotia: we went to Mr. Hertz's i ffice, Scoth Third itreet, to (ether, where 1 wai introdu ed to Il>rtz; tbey hid sotne private converraticn together: Mr. Hertz deored me to walk into the lack office, and clo<n The windows; he laid then that there was to be a foreign legion organ ized; that ccmmlsf.oni were to be bestowed on compe tent persons, and if 1 wished lo go, he would pay all my expeiiies ibere; 1 laid I would think about the matter, and gave my address; be aaid a party of officers and men were going on the following ?eez, and be would inform me of tLeeraot time of etart'ng, ao aa to give me time to get ready; he requested me to call in e?e-y day to Me him. and ?moke a tegar ami talk over mat ters: he Invited mi up to hi* house: I did call every day, ard sometimes twice a day; always found several g?ntU nrtn heie, seme of whom have since gone ts Halifax; Mr. Strobe) was one, who went incommiolof a party ficm that office: Mr. hhuman and Baron V< n Oaten went with the same psrty; t-liobel was commander; there w<re about one hundred camen in the coco piny, and eighty.three wtnt, at Mr. Iloschurt told me, about tne VI st or it2d of March 1 wss in the front room of tbe of lice 68 Third street, when Mr. Buckaell csme in and in quired lor Mr. Hertz; he had a small bag, like a carpet I ag. made of oil alls . Hertz came out of the back room and shook handa with Buckuell. an.l both went into his back cflic* together . and partially clued the door; tbe vallre Mr. Uncknell had in bia hand was set on the table nod opened, and a bundle of papers like printed bml bi il- were titien out; ?bobel was in tbe front room with me, tut was called in prerently by a person who was in bertzV employ, who went on with the l?unday p^rty In tbe steamer IMtware; the folding doors were ?till ojen and after abont fifteen n. incites conversation dboeel an t Dutknell came out together, followed by Hertz: I waited In tbe back room immediately, and examined tbe hand bills which were taken < ut ol the valii-e; foey were s>gne 1 by louls M. Williams, Colonial Secretary at NovaS;otU, or Secretary of Colonial OflUe: the heading was a Urge coat of arms, w th the words io tbs ar;li, ?' Men wtn!e<l for her Majesty's service;" can't recollect ail the words n the biilr, but It stated that any number (f men wire to he raised io Nova Scotia, and tbat all able-bodied men were eligi ble frem 19 to *10, but prefeience given to th se who had seen service: *oO bounty, with pension*, gT.ituitles, ke , for awards or eminent services in the field, the tlmeot service from three to live yean; at tbe expiration of the wur the troops were to be .-ent home to their native countries or the I'nited States, whichever they pre ferred; officers who bad previously seen serv es were eligible for commlst ions, and request xg them on the'r arrival in the 1'roviace to leave their name), rank, and date of service at the office of which lewis <1. Wilklni wai secretary , tnrgeons ipeak'ng the C?ntinent*l Un gusgas were aUo requited, and besides the $30 bounty and 98 per montn. th-y were to bave all the privileges enjoyed by Itritisn rok'iert; shipmaster* were also in formed that if they brought poor men to the Proving, they would receive the of their pa**age; after I read the handbills 1 came into tbe front office, and Mr. Bucknei) had left, and a eked wbat wss the news; Shobet snd myself were there, and Hertz wss in the ba:k room. Hertz informed me that Ituctnell was the person from whom be received orders and money to carry the enliit iogen: Lieut Pueknell was going to Wash ngton, and be szpected him bacA in a couple of days: he aske.1 me if 1 woold gs the party which he intended to s-ol away on Saturday tbe '^4th ?>f March, said I could not, but would go with the reet he sa d verv well; oa Saturday, the 2ith, I went into the office, Hertz and bit cleth weie there and tome men In tbe es:k room put t ng down their names In a book to go on the expedi tin. Hertz i rltrk was burning sem' of tbo handbills winch Eneknell had left . Hertz said the party wouM b.^xe to wait uotil the follow ng day before they could go; Beits said that rtuckhell tad taken away a portion cf the hatdMlls, and ordered ths b% so ?? to he barnt; wezt down to ! 'me lUiet wharf on Sunday morning, and saw tbe first party off; Hertz was on board of the boat ansrgtig iratten on the following day, Mcnday, I went tc the oflice atd found Hosi chart thr re. said Hsr'z had gcte to New icrk, and had reqite?ud him (Boa chart) to knp tbe docra of the ro ,m open while be was nway, as be hao gone t<i eee the tarty that had left the follow irp day; on Tntsday law lltrt/ At the of fice: aiktn m> if I would le nsiy to go tbe t'ollowing dsy. if le w< nld give me charge of tke party, Hertz atkto Ke to renaic in tbe (See a few m notes whils be went est I did ?o der'ng his absence several men csme In I foot tceir tames down. ami. I believe, gars tbam tickets. ) left tlie cflVce nt 4 o'clock on Wednesday evening went to the office, and be gave Mr. Buck nell's direction, at Peltnosico's Hotel, New York; Herfi asled me if 1 could recollect Buckaell trctn tavn.g Men tlm before; I aaid yee; Hern sail Bucknell wouio glee me further directions Hertz gave me acme cireetion, and requested me to tell Bnrknell ti hurry up the tecney, a s be was abort of rash wbec ar reited. as we were ? owrnp op to office, flir's to<?i n.e to kt?p ay ibet, and we would all b? paid *ell 1 was M*eit to prison . Hertz called to see m? at th* prison, and said be wouid bave me out the next day; be railed aga r about our o'clock the neat day. at the pr. m o . wbeii ! f*eaBe n httle imlignant about remaining there Bertr fut a M note in my pocket, and again asktd me to keep try ?outh shut; Hertz yrsmieed that 1 skeuld seoeive a lieutetAnl's eitzm rsion in the British aervtee h> |? i*i?en wit b ibe foreign Ifien, it was optional with tl? recruits to j?i? wh?n they go* to Nova Boo tie; it was expected that ell would enlist in the British service who were fit for It; bare eeea Herts pre pare telegraphs toBucknellat New York; the telsgrepbic despatches from Buchnell asked if mum more or thoa 4 per eels could not he sent; he rewired en answer trM BuckntQ; don't recfcUee; any ether telegraph; r^,rtl told me lie wee writing to Backet 11 on Frid?,yt &Qd wanted to know bow to epell my name; the letter *eid he hoped the gentleman would keep bis promise, and give bim $4 for each superior or prime han<*, and $2 for the inferior*: never saw Perkiaa at tbe oCdoe. Testimony here cloved for tbe preeeat, and postponed until Monday, the 16th Inst. LAKDINO OP THE FIR8T OtSTALMKVT OP BEGBVITS FOB THE KOKEION LEO ION? KOBE COMING. The Halifax Journal of the 2d, Hays: The brig America arrived from Boetpn, en Friday morning, with tbe flrat instalment of troops for tbe Fo reign Legion, amounting to seventy, moat of wboaa are Hungarleae and Germans. They were landed at the Queen'e wharf, and marched up to tbe Military Hospi tal, followed by en immense throng of citizens, woo were anxious to bate a peep at them They underwent an examination there, and two only were rejected If their fate depended upon tbe judgment of the crowd, we are iodic ed to think a majority ef tliem would bare been cashiered. They are considered a fair sample of recruits, and will toon It arc the 'right about feee." They are comfortably quartered at Mtlvln Ikland, care oaring been taken to make them oon'.ented- The other instal ments are expected daily. Brother Jonathan i* making great fuas about this Fo re gn Legion, and Is using all kinds of proclamation* to prevent the shipping of recruits, fee., threatening to ar rest puties engaged He is a very smart fellow, but hloenoee is sometimes too much for him. They would like to lay hands on Mr. Howe, bat be Is so slippery the/ een't catcli him. Cpwarda of 6,000 have been en gaged ? the number required will be 10,000 men? of wbcm 6. COO w'll be tent to Canada, 2,000 to New Bruns wick, and 3,000 to Nova Scotia. There will be no diffi culty in ruining thJs number. "In Philadelphia, aa even ing meetings held for the purpose, a full con>|>any was volunteerieg rash niglt." Even the Americans would like to take a hand in, to show their superiorly. Tlit Election 11 lots In Cincinnati. THEWAB OVER? FUNKRAi OF JOSIPH B. MOKROE IN MWPORT- GRAND DEMON 8TRAT10N RESERVED KOR Sl'KDAT ? DEATH OF RATBIC* DHORY. [From tbe Cincinnati Commercial, Afril 0. ] The rain of yesterday wn a beneficent visitft'.iem in variona particular* ? it started tbe young gra*?, and wan mote efficient than a thousand special policemen, in preventing the gathering of out door crowda, anJ in soothing the fever throb of the public pulp'. Great are rain and mud a* pacificator*. A meeting wa* held In tie Newport Court Home on Wednesday, to consider tbe death of Joseph B. Monroe, a *t?amboat mate re siding >n that town, who was *hot dead in the fight over tbe Rtiine on Tuesdsy night. James B. Hallam. Esq, was called to tbe chair, and committees were appointed to remote tbe corpse from tbe Commercial Hoepital, and to make arrangements for the funeral Col. Hodge offered tbe following resolution, which was unan'mously adopted ? Resulted. That tbe Americans of Cincinnati, Covington, and vicinities, be invited to Joiu with us in the tnnera. core - monies of our insrtjred fellow- ciUsen, Joteph B. Monroe. Yesterday, at three o'clock P- M., the body of Monro* waa reuoted from his late residence to the Methodist Church on Taylor street, Newport, where a funeral ser mon wae preached by the Kev. Mr. Sproull. The scene at the cloein/ of the coffin was very atfecting. The w. dew waa almost crazed by the sudden sorrowful ca'amity that had befallen her. The pro-esaion to the church and thence to the vault where the body waa deposited conaiated of the Newport I'nited states braas band; one hundred and thiity men, wearing etape on the.r left aims, walking in oonples, directed by committee men, each wearing a badge of red ribbon and crape op the left breast of his coat; the hearie and nine carriages. A much larger procet.ion wan expected. . , .. Tbe coffin wfc* deposited in the aisle, io front of the pulpit, and the minister, after offering a prayer and siT'nif out a hymn, prea:hei from the 4th, fcth, tith, 7th and Mh vertea ol the XII . chapter of kthc fccclesiastes - And tbe doors shall bi that in the streets, when tbe sound ot ti e L'r.r. ilii'K is low, and he shall rise on at the voice of tbe lirS ; and all the daughters of music shall he brought AltP wl.en they shall be afraid of that which is blah, and fears ffcall Ve in the way. r.nd the almond troe shall flourish, *nd the trraiabopper bball be a burden, and desire ?hall lail, because Kan goetb to Lie long borne, and tbe mourners go lalont tbe mreeU. . . . , A. .. . .. Or ever thenlvor eord be loosed, or tbe foidrn bowl be broken, or the |?itcher be broken at Ibe fountain, or the wheel be lroken at U?e cistern : Then ibsll tbe du*t return to tbe earth as it was ; aud the spirit snail return unto God *ho laveit. Vumt j ol vanities, saith the prcacber, all is rauity. Mr. Sjrcull dwelt upon tbe uncertainty of life, and the impreiiive soV,nniry at the occasion, lo illustrat ing the woids of his text-" taen tbe Oust shall return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return un'.o bod wte gave it"? he said : ?' The corpse before u?, wan a few hour* ago a s rong n.; i? hie eye wu? bright, b.s form erect, hie chets glowed; but he wai suddenly cut off by tne hand of op iretaitn? cruelly murdered; now hie eye in dimmed, the slow cp his cheek withered and his maaly form laid io#. Lust bat returned '.o dust.'' A ibe Kev. gentleman ?p>ke for some time about the pe cuiisrly "sicl.ening and solemnizing" elects ot death by violence ewnirsstng them with tne feelings at death by cotsnmrtion. tbe character of the deceased and tbe cir<*i>vetence Of his being mined from bomi and founl and trough I to hie wile eiead, were set forth after thij mtiner ? ''Mr. Montce had lived among us unt.l I had learned te ret pect him. He was ft kind and oevoteH lueband tnd father 1 am heartily glad that so rainy have turned out to day to show him respe-:tanl perio/m tie tad appropriate ceremoniee. Surely he was a taui of iifiuecce among ua, or so large an 1 respectable a con ffrr?to'k'P FCt?M so* bar* ??e?iu>>l?d bere on such ad?y ttleu he was Parting for Cjn;inn\ti on Taes day to hear the election newt/ his wife askel him .r be would return in time lor dinner. Now mirk the aiol net* of his heart in hie reply: his Ustwords to her_ Ves. my dear. 1 tbnk that 1 will.' She prepare! the dinner, but he did tot tome. The hours pa-sed-ahe mide tupper ready? still he came not; the hours wore ? lewlyaway and it waa midn glit. The deTO.ed wife tolled with anxiety, looked out lrom her little cot.age hem* ; but hie familiar step wai not heard. Morning at lait dawned, acd yet be waa missing. Inends went i? tea'ch cf him. snd at eleven ?'.lock one of them re turned ; and she was told that her botband was dead ?? Miserable ccmtortere are we all." May the tTtrlaat ing arm of Uod be around her, and support her, an l wive her strength to live for her father eas children. In the prayer that concluded the services, the reve rend ge 'lineman ofiered op petit.ons in babali of hw beaiers si ?' Cnriftiftns and Amer.cans and spoke with leivor of transmitting uniroj-alred to posterity th, liber ties inherited from oui patriotic lorefathers, and or de fencing thote liberties "whenever and wherever aaiailed by cruelty and tppression, even at the hacri flee of our ' %The who had reached the church In carriages raised cut first; next those who were in precision marched out two by two lben ttiaee not specially en gs^ed in tbe services retired. A lsrge num'.?r of school ^lhe'ccrpVa was depot 1M in a vault in the old New port huiiftl grrund and ?ill be removed on Sundy and plsced abtsrd the IxiulsviUe mail boat for trana^rtft t on to e ne cf the Interior towns of Indiana, where his relative* itaide, for final interment. We were in ormed bv >"\eral gentlemen of Newport, that on oscaelon of & lemovafo? the t?dy lrom' the' vault it i? to be e. corted by sn imposing array of citizens, with mn.ic and bsdge* af mourning, to the ferry landing on thin tide or the river, where It I* arranged that It will he received by a multitude, and avail procesMon foimel, whi;H will be marched tbiough our priclpftl *tre?t belore reftci ing the mail boat lancing Thu* this vlct m of lolly i* i to be ai?tbeoaa?i/ed'n* a glormue marty r, and our good citizens will have excellent an opportunity of i*e*ing Sam on fundayi^a the people of New York enjoyed tome time ''Vfttriek Drniy, the Irish Catholic who wa* sbot on Tuetday right, In the affray over the Rhine, die! ymter dav "owning, it the (ommerci.l Ho.p.UL He wft? vi sited by ft Catholic flrieet a ?hort time previous to his daath, snd tbe usual ceremonic* in *uch ca*e? P*rfo^ ed A post nor'em examination was made, under the direction ol the Coroner. Tbe fatal ball struck the teo.h rib, near the back, break ng It, and ruiged upward, ratting out io front, between the fiith and tixtti ribi, niercing the liter in It* cour*e, and *1 ghMy wounding the lungs. About half ft gallon of blood was found in the cavity of the chest. Tbe immeell*^ cftu.e of the death bating been ascertslned, tbe body wft* delivered to the frienos of tbe r*sb and unfortunate young m*?. Tbe Coroner summoned ft jury, ftnd the testimony of Dr*. Kae and Thornton, of the bo-pitftl, and Professor Evan*, of Covington, w a* taken. The testimony w?* en .lrely profeetional, with tbe exception of the important fact that Professor Kvan* taw Drury in Covington a* be w*? a boat to ctoe* tbe river, and know* several of tie young men who were with him. The Coroner w'U Uke further testimony t? dftj, com memlnr bis inve*tigation at nine o'clock. He expreeses a determlnotioa te probe the matter to the bottom, and calls upon ftll prnone who can furnish ft *lue to any pertinent Jact, to gite him the information .bat they posters. ANOTHER RIOT? BI.OOD6HKD AND ARRKSI*. On Wei'needsy night a party ol scoundrel*, mi?n*m!eg themtelve e ",'' ttopped at the U ayette House comer of Mill and Front s'.reeU. ktpt by a ?.er man o'tmtd Jacob Knight, and utlng very offensive ex are >tlcn?, demanded lienor. Knight told them he bad ?ot any, but could let tbem have beer. They drank bis beer and r? fneed to p?y for it. An xious U avoid ft fight, Knight told them thftt It wae all right, but they were detensitei to have ? disturbance, ana began to tn ash hie tumblers and furniture. He etartee! to seek the aid of the polite, but wae overtaken, knocked down and cruelly te*ten. *nd the de?i*raitoe- then prveeded to the i rivate apwrtmenu of hi* dwelling, intuiting hi* wi'e srid wb'^ b,* little ch^ren. The Keening 'M fttr of yesterday, ha* the following of tbeeonflutlon Of thi* mott infamou* ou'wge After doing all tbe m ?chief they crwld they left the rremieev and on tbe .He walk kn-cked dewn ftnd1 heftt tevtreiy three (.ernan*. and ttabbed another Bameel liearv Overt rnk. a t-oaicr in Knight'. hou?>. and who wa* retutnitg lrom hit work The stab was made I. tbe 'eft tide, and it of to ser oue a character that great ftar are entertained cf hit reeovery^ o_lc?k the :re.w.l w( h. . left tbe hoc- had becoae grsatly auaiLi ntfd an?l an attack was mate upon tb# hou^e with I onlcert, .tones and brickfftts. The doors were all broten. and Knight s ww? firm tie premise*. Tlie ne ghbors left their r^i f? the night and shelter .i.e-^re Aboit U eviock the noters ditpe^d. Imt sga.ft a..s*mijed tl^ beluMl* t? Mr. ... ?"?> ?MV?VV.. ?3SSi w! W a sr&f&w 2rts.irws? I Tbe name* of two of tie party are >"Tj?u",?e' u.orwe Pk>t>ier The lortcn whoitat el Overerak hie i 2?7,t^31f Utew No further tuaHe i* appre- | headed "'.SUM ?I ?llliTlO? FWWW INDIAN WAX.. |r?B the St Louu latell%**e*T, April 4 ] The stoamtr Arabia arrive* y?*terday from the Mia ?earl river. AnuM bar pa*aonmr* war* Mr. J. L. batcher, ef Mara; Mr. Folfar, af SunU Ke, and othar fiatkMl frcao different parte af New Mexico. They aniMd on the frontier on the 27th of March l**t, having left Mora on the 2ftth of February. There were ai*tj Mreona accompanying Hatcher'*, Folger'a, Armljo'a and Moore k Reeee'i train*, the laat named bring from Tre co lata. At ihe date of their leaving Mora there waa no enow, nnd they encountered none until they reached the Pawnee Fork*, when it laowel for about forty hour*. The mow covered the plains to A foot in depth. Tliey suffered a great deal from cold during the etorm; but aaide from thin, the journey waa very pleasant. No ?trek waa loet on their way. The new* brought by Mr. Hateher relating to the In dian trber ie unfavorable. The Utahs and Apaehee, after continued depreda'-iona on the white*, had at laat united for more extended operation!, l'be Apache* hau netriy all left the eouth and gone north to the Utah* Five companies of volunteers and two of regular) had been pre pring to go in pursuit of the two tribe*. They, hearing of this, hud sent word to the troop* to come on, and the treop* were to have left on the 20th of February, tho day succeeding the depasture of Mr. Hateher'a train. The troop* were uncer the command of Col. Fonteiroy The Indians, at the lait account* were awaiting the iroepa at a point callel Balos Salndo (Salt Valley) on the head waters of the Arkansa*. Tbey number, Mr. Hatcher thinks, from 600 to 800 wariiors. On their journey. Hatcher's hunter, when at a distance ?f two or ihree miles from the train was pursued by a party of Apache*: but he being on a mule aid they on foet, he escaped without difficulty, and reached the train. At Bent's Fort the tram saw number* of the Chey tnnea, Arrapahoee, Apaches, Kiowa* anl other tribe*. All of. the Indians have suffered terribly during the pa-t win'er. There are no buRalo any where in the vicinity of their landa^ and they have not only killed their own ttock but lave al?o itolen and killed one hundred and HXty bead of cattle belonging at Bent'* fort, and from from fortv to sixty bead alio, belonging a: the mouth of the " Orphan," a tributary of the Arkaneas. The train raw a par:v of Camancbea at Canadian Fork. They stated that they had not leen a buffalo during the sea-on, and though the CamAocbee were the rirhoat tribe, in the i mount ef their sto:k, vet nearly all of their (took had been killed to give teem a subsistence. Mr. Hitcbtr was informed by the Indiana at Pent'* Fort that the On manches bad already declared war against the whit?? 1 hie statement, however. Mr. H did not credit. All of the Indian) leen are restless and distatisBed with their condition They make to concealment of the fact that if govertment does not either seal them ammunition. or pemit tliem to procure it of the traderi, they intend to commence an offensive war, and to plunder every train. They ata'e that they are now waiting, and will wait for a t'me to tee what action government tak?* upon the matter permitting them to get ammunition from the traders. If they do not get an answer Within a reasona ble time, they will then open hostilities. At the time of Mr. Hatcher'* departure anl journey, rroet of the Indian tribes were suffering from small pox. It had hut recently broke out amongst them. Ttcy were then scattered over the prairie*, in order, if possible, to rid tbrmc elves of the contagion, but consUerible num bers had already died from ft. Mr. Hatcher aaw no bu-' falo until the trains reached Little Coon Cr?ea. From that point to Cow Creek they were very plenty. From all that tbey could learn, Mr. Hatcher and the other gentlemen Are of the opinion that aootier winter ?f suffering like tho past among the tribes, will result m thtir uniting against the whites. Item* from I>xa?. We have Sio Antonio 24th ult., anl Gavetton papers to the 29th March. Ike (ialvetton Civilian says that (Jot. Fh>? ta not dis posed to call an extra section of the Le<islat on, on ac count of tbe passage of the Texas Debt la w by Congress. The steamship Cbarlee Morgan arrived at (lalve?ton on Tue tday last, In thirty-two an i a half hours from, this port. Ihe San Antonio Ltdgtr learns by part iea from the upper Medina, Bandera and Krederiiksbrfb,,'. that the country it fall of Indiaos >n bands of five and aix, com mitting deprecations of all sorts. The Corpus ChrUti I'ai/ry, of the 24th. has the follow ing paragraphs ; Capt. Lye de and Lieut. Smith l*n 'ed ^'.atei \rrny, arrived in our city on Tuesday last. .-til the otiioors of tte United States Army who nTe in ojr city are in l.oe htaltb. Major Chapman will leave .o a few days for Brownsville. Cap t. CofEn. from ltd.ucola on Tuesday lait, in rorms us that Saturday, the 17th inst , tae "schooner J. 1'. Roes, riding at anchor in Matigorda Hay, parted her cablee and wf ut ar bcre on the '?middle grounds " The ' aptain Lad her raas's cut away, but the probability was she would be a total I.m. She was in oalhst, bo ml for Mobile. Ihe Anderson Central lexan siys that several mer chants of that flace, who have h?en dealing in tplritu tus li(|uor*, bate concluded to abandon tbe tiatti c. Ihe Leon J'iontrr ssye that by the movements in so-ne section! of the 8tate, it seem* ihit the queation of a klaine prohibitory law, is to be made a question in tbe electicn of members to tte legislature. The rmaLpox at La Grange ban disappeared. There wtie only six cases, and all recovered. The cott< n crop of (ionzales county last year amounted to 3,7f4 bales, which, It is aaid, is lei;n by fully one th:id than it wonld have been had the seiaoa been fa vorat le. There had been no new caeee of searle' fi ver at Qon /a lee. The disease. it is believed, has run its course. Ihe Galv.sua CicQian of the 27th tays ? There was frost la?t wees in all part.' ot Text*. from ?bicb we have heard, ?i:t? the excepion of the ?mnoe iiate Gulf coast. In Harrs and Liberty count es the weather wte quite eold. The gardens hsve sullered a gcod deal, and it is feared that much of the iruit in dee tiojed. The Tort i.?xi*oton's okeat race T8. time [1 rem the New Orleans Picayune, April 1 ] The most remarkable racing event of monern times, ar.d iLrieed of all time, will cone off t>-m?rro? over tbe Meta:r e course, stoul) tbe weather prove faver.ible up to the time of starting, which is announced lor htlf past 3 o'clock P. M. 1 ? xingttn, a son of the world- renowned Boston, is matched to perform a feat which he bat n^ver yet per Urmed, which Lecompte accomplished under perhaps tie not favorable circumstances of good order of the course, fne weather, balmy atmosphere, an 1 hit excel lent condition. We annex the challenge mid* by the owner of Lexington, giving at once an intiglit into tbe matter, which we copy from the Spirit t'f tli> Times of 3d of June 1**1:? At Lexington will probably follow tbe fashion in ma king a foreign taur. 1 propose the following at his vale dictory : I will tun him a single four miles over the Me tairie course, at New Orleans, (un-ler the rules of the club)? against the fastest time at four miles tbat hat teen run in America, for the sum of ten thousand dol lars^one- fourth forfeit. Two trials to be allowed ? and tte i ace to be run let ween the 1st an] 15th of April E f it. Arrow to be lubxtitutedlf Lexington la amiss. On the 17th ef June following the Spirit aayo : ? The challenge has been accepted, and the forfeit de posited with our frietdi. Meisrs. Coleman k Stetson, of tte Astor lioui-e, in this city. Tbe gentlemen, acceptor* of the challenge, art Col. Colvln Green tnd Cjpt. John Belcher, of Virginia, two gentlemen well known in spoit ng circles. We learn that a geLtleman, r-preeenting the Virginia party, arrived in city a few days ago. Invented with plenarv powers. Tbe judges and timert have b*en ap pointed, and a better selection could not have been made than in hie excelleacy, Governor 1'. 0. Hebert, Generals. W. Westmora, an>l John G. Cocks, Ks<|, the pretident of the club, as judges, and Hon. I). r\ Ren ter, Capt William J. Minor, and Stephen D. Elliott, as timers. It it tf reed between the part'et that Lexington mar te accompon ed in Lis trial by a horse or horses, and that any changes of bone- may be m.ule that <rrcum itances render necessary. Thni will, of courte, increase the Interest of the scene, and give it the appearance ?f a regular contest. Althorgb the tinr.e at four milet made by Lecoroie iu hit contest with Lexington it tbe point which the Utter has to reach upon tlie piesent occasion ? via: 7 .'26? it may not be out of placs to net* the bett time made by other borses of renown in the day of tbeir supremacy u pea the turf. 01 these may be named Henry, 7:37; Grey Medoc and Altorf, ?ean heat, 7:36. cloeton. tbe fa?teet heat he ever ran and won, 7 40; Kanhloj, 7 32W; Mir-s Foote, second beat, 7:36: Geo Martin, with Reel, ' the dam ot Lecomte. (in which heat she broke down,) 7 :33; Frel Trade, 7:33. Renb, the winner o' many ra :ee and sn aged bone, cid tbat which has not yet been ?ur pasted; be ran aaa wen a heat with all h's proper weight ai h i eaie, in 7 40 We could nam? nun; others in this connection, but these will suffice. We incline to tie opinion that time alone it but at hast a fallacion test el the superiority of a race hor??, ualeae, as in this instance. It teats the best ever made. It would have been no easy matter, during the lifetime tf Col Wm. R. Johnson, the well named ?'Napoleon of tie turf," to convince bim that his favorite mare. Reality, the grand dam of tbe renotned Fashion, could rot have I eaten til tbe horses that appeared upon the American turf in bis day, and yet in her palmy davt, no remarkable time was recorded. Her only record is tu p?r.irity over those of her day. There are te m?ny contingent circum?t*n es which may be cocnecU-l with tbe suci-ett of tbit unexampled ? x| !ott, toy toe of wb'ch might turn the tide age nt', the horse, that it w.ll require more than an ordinary de iree of judgment, and we m'ght almost say fore igbt, to take advantage of them end grasp them a' the m? rent. " Time wa:ts fot no man. '' nor horse. The ail important aid of tr.H.ant sky, talm? touthern bree/e, elast c, smooth course, s?o ike unexceptionable c*nditlon of the hcrae. muat all b<? bn ugbt V bear in hi- behalf, to natresucceat Uat all these attributes may operate favorably. Is our fervent wish Tie te'merti; of Lexington t owner in sesilng tbit cfcalltrg* t? tbe wo.ld, .n the face of a re in' de eat. when tbe unparalle'e<i time of 7 M wss made, forms an event in the annals of tbe American turf which time cannot ot Iterate. Should success atten! the effort, he will Lave the pond sutisfactUn of possess ng tbe champ on of America. Law li>l< llin< i?? r. Ce,r*T rv Arixatx, Aimi & .?Present all the Judges No. 30, Field agt. (Htrancsr. Aigued. Mr. 9. Sherwood for appellant, Mr. M. Scboonm.4ker counsel for respon dent. No. 73, reserve! for April 12. No. i2. reserved for April 10. No. Mi, judgment reversed bv default. No. 42, pasted. No. 43. the Mutual I'enefit Llle Insurance Company agt. William Sutton. Argued Mr. A. P. Ni chols counsel for appellants, Mr. John Hubbell counsel for ree|>ond*nt. No. 2S, Burrows agt. H?dley. Argued. Mr. Henry R btlden for appellant, Mr John I, Talcott for respoadf nt. Art It. 8 ? No. 4V Wright agt. f'ayuga Company Bank. Argutd. Mr. K. Kernan Icr appellant, Mr. J. Porter for respondent. No. 'it. '(.raves ogt Bank Massihon. <>? argument. Mr W F. Cogtwe!! for appellant, Mr. H. K. ?eldan for respendent. No. 50, de'nult opened and cauee struck off. No 44, judfTcent aBrmed ty default. N. Hill. Jr. , counsel. No lft, Spicer aft. Norto*. Argued. Mr. H. P. Hunt for appellant. Mr N. Hill, Jr., for respon dent. No 'lilt I'eopie ex rel. Crane agt. Ryder. Area el Mr. B. Bn ley >cun?tl for piaJitifl ia error, Mr. H B Cowtos aotastl for dalen- i??t ?* error. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* MONEY MARKET. fcmr, April M p. m. Ths rtock market during the put week hu ban very active and mj buoyant. All the leading railroad (tacks dosed at higher pr:c?K jeskerday than at the do? o t the wetk previous, and the diapoaition to ? peculate ap pear* to be extending to out*i4era. Tbla ia the Meat faTorable feature of the market. Money ha* been saiy ia the ? tract fcr tome tima paat, bat it ia anly within the paat few week* th?t t he mercantile claaaee have been at all comfortable in their ftnanoa*. Lately, aocamala. tiaati have commenced among the merchant a, a ad there appear* to be no outlet for ita employment. Baalneae ia over for the Mtioo, and it haa baen exceedingly limited. The country ba* paid up lull aa well a* expected, and the amount of outstanding indabtedneia in probably aa small at thi* moment a* it haa been at any time within the past ten year*. Thi* place* every cna ia a atroag petition, ready for any opening that may present Itaelf. Ail we require now to remove all rentiges of paet diaas ten, ia a full and abunlant crop. Tbe *eaaon thua far haa been all that could be deaired. It ha* bean in aea son, which Ik not uiually the caaa, and upon the theory that two bad cropa are seldom successively realised, tbe chancel are decidedly in favor of a prelific harveet. The progress of the spring and aummer will be watched with the most intense anxiety. The extent af tbe fal trade depend* entirely opon the character of tbe bar ? vest*. The country generally ia bare of a?ricultura I rcduct*. Tbe drought of U?t ysar wai mucb greater tban repotted, and the'surplus baa been nearly all need up in tbe interim. The farmer*, unfortunately, have not bad mush to sell; and all are looking forward to the reason when tielr granarie* and bare* will again be stor ed with tbe product* of tbe noil. Money will, without doubt, continue abaadaat and cheap in tbe great market", until bntiaeaa revive* and call* for capital. Tbe war in Europe muet continue te exercise a conservative influence uj on commercial mat ten, but will advance rutber tban retard specalatioa In stock securities. Money is accumulating and becoming reduced in value in Loudon, cuuted pots.bly by tbe r<~ ducticn in commercial transactions. The Mme thing exist* here from the tame cause*, and thequestion natu rally arises, wbat use can be found for thi* plethora of capital 1 Business cannot be created at will. Specula tion in cotton or any other staple will not insure Its con*umption, and we must therefore wait for the opera tioa of natural cauae*. We do not see any method of employing the capital whitb ha* already accumulated in such abunducce a* to reduce tbe rate of interest to four per cent, but by taking bold of ato:k securitiea and by inflating price* absorb large amount* ?f maaey. Thi* i* going on now. trie at 62 a (3, Reaving at 86 a 87, require more means to carry tban wnen at lower point*, and a* other *tscka start, the abscrp'.ioa will go on more rapidly. We look for a very astive speculative period between thi* and the 1st of August. The exportation of specie from thi* port last weak way comparatively active, a* will be *een by the annexed statement: ? SiiirMK*rs ok Srntr iitox tuk I'ort or Nrw York. Rrigl' of tbe Souta, Rio Grande, Brut), A*aen:an gold $12,712 00 Steamibip Atlantic, Liverpool, Am. gold . . . 1,135.330 00 Iio. do. do. Knglisn gold. 33,960 00 If?. do. do. U.f.Mtnl bar* 100,720 51 Do. do. do. Silver coin. . . 6,000 00 I)o. do. do Doubloon*. .. 1,248 00 Brig Caura, Cindad Bolivar, Am. gold 5,000 00 Total fcr the week $1,298,969 51 Previously 4,679,236 68 Total for 1865 $6 873,805 19 The stlnmsbip Union, from thin port fcrllavrt, leave* to morrow (Monday). i-be will not take oat much specie; but the shipment by the Canard ste anter from 6oft?n, on Wednesday next, will b? to seme extent. Tbe steamer* from Cslitornia will hereafter bring about their usual weekly remittances. Tbe Reading Railroad Company brought down for the week ending Thursday, April 6, 40,0,16 toon of coal, making the total tor ibe fcaxon 608,760 tons, tgainit 483,232 ton* to the same tine last year. Albert H. Ni, clay's regular semi- week 'y auction late | ?f sto.'ks and bonds will take pla.-e on Monday, (to morrow.) the 6th inst , at 1 2)? o'clo.k, at the Merchant.' Exchange. Tbe importations lft - we>k were unu'uatly lin el and tbo detailed statement presents no new feature. The principal items of import were as follows; ? Coffee 121,7*8 Molasses $43,074 Cutleiy 37, MM Pa ;ier hanging*. . . 34,054 Tin 22,. ?7 Sugar 174,493 Teas 11 8, .'196 liranly 84,523 Value of merchandise put cn the market dories the wetk $S17,963 Value or dsy goods do. do 634,491 Total importation SI, 462, 424 Total exportation 2,710,496 Fxceaa of exports over imports 11,258,071 Thia ia a very extraordinary and unusual re?ult. The excess i f exports in the week over imports was just about equal to the value of specie shipped, showing that in the movement of merchandise alone the ex portation was greater than the importation. It is this! state of Ihlngs which is producing the great abundance! of n.oney. Whtn the foreign trade of this port prns?nta| ? ucb a result, we mast look for similar movements ia o'hsr ports. We do not see how, in the face of these| facts, the exportation of specie can ccniiene. Considerable Interest having been manifest*! at th double results now being obtained by the New Jer?eyl Fraklinite Company, of bjth iron and oxide of /.ine, by I one operation In the blast furnace, the company baal been anxioua to have the <|uality of the latter tested, byl grtnaing in oil, which has been done with the most satis-f factory results. The color Is of a rich yellow, or canaryl color, especially adapted for fronta of bosses, for ehips,! and other purposes much exposed to the weather, as it| both covers well, dries with great rapidity, and poaa all tbe well known durability of sine paints. It is d*s-j tined to add largely to the resources of tb's company ?a no doubt being ent^U ned by the director* that the dimand for it will be more tli%n tbeir abi! ty to supply! It is confidently expected that the returns frcm the paint aline will fully cover the tntire cost of making tte irunj leaving the latter as u clear profit to the company, ectsrjrise aa the pioneer in this new branch of industry^ will thereby be amp'y rewardsd. Th) Baltimore Sun sti.tes that Brady's Ironworks In Pennsylvania, have been sold to a Boston cempaoj | for $490,000, there being included in the rale >evera thousand acres of land, containing extensive ore an< cool beds, with ore and ccal privilege* on adjoinin) laaris, four blast furnaces, a large bar-iron and ra!)roa< iron rolling mill, about two hunlred dwelling boneex wareboues, ?torehouses, hotel, Ac.; n sio:k of ore coal, pig metal, merchandise and implescen'e of trndfl vslued at $80,(00; 6,000 tone of finished railroad iron^ together with Western Railroad Company bonds to th amount of $100,000. Tbe ann? xed table exhibits the number of shares id each cf twelve different mining companies of I?ue Sope| rioe, tbe amount paid in per sbaro, wi.h theaetu market value cf stock, and also tbe paid id and value of tbe stock aa it would be on a basis of twent J thousand shares for each company:? CorrtR Cokpaxikh or I.aK? St pmuor. AM in Paid in Market Mark<U Xo . of I er on 20 OOo no u/ ml. Cimr>atii'$. Shmrm. fkarr. dharr* Mh.ii. 20, 000* ? Copper > alls ..10,100 24 00 12 CO 42 21 > crest 10,000 20 W) 10 00 8 '4 4 Isle Royals.... 12, COO 13 00 7 80 9 (41>ota 3,000 22 00 3 30 2<? 30 National 10,0(0 ?<0 3 00 20 10 Nth American. 10, 000 33 60 11 75 f\ lfl N. WsHtern.... 8, COO 14 87 f. Ml 90 9 Norwich 20,000 6 ( 0 6 00 4 4 I'bo nix .HO, 000 8 00 4 00. 3 1 IlttabnrgiCliR. n,(J00 18 50 5 56 1 46 43 Ktckland. .0,000 1 26 1 26 10 10 1 Toltec 20,000 11 00 11 00 ?.'? Py the above it will be seen that those companiee (t Minnesota and Itttsburg) which have tie:oa>o divtdesH paying concerns, are selling at a price mn?h cheaper proportion than some of the other stacks which sNll at present paying their way, but promise a good .i*gree 4 success in due time The Washington Star furnishes the following dscisi i < f the Treasury depnrtsoeot in relation to pay saent 1 Interest on Lnited states stocks in certain <-a<?* ? Application was ma.!, by as> stttrney to rer* v. intej trt on Vni'.e.l State. ?to:k. belonging M. mi LMHM in tbe name of tbe wife ot the g flag (M p?w*| tbe busbaad and wife foreigner., died in Mexico. The hus^d s it ter th. death of h ?.fa ||*a | powfi to bit Client in Now Ycrk tOMlln e'ocW "tsndisg to bis nsme on tbe books of anv cosef in tbe l nited States. aid the div.den<ls on the eaa t><k _ l' r.<ler this pover, letter, of a-lmintstra'ion were al nlied for and o'sUtned by the attorney from the is J iate In New York, and p.jmmt of the div.JsB'! ylaii by tbe agent Horn the A*sl?Wnt rreaeurer under 1 letters of administration. An adverse decision was given at tbo Treasury puJtm.tit en the following $???$?, among other. - I 1. I'y the revised sututss of New York. admtnistiM tien is diteeled to be granted tn tbe hu>tuiod or tB wife's personal eetate \ X There mu?t be a wriaen renunciation by tb#p?n having the prior rifbt. or citntioa tn show tine*

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