Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1855 Page 5
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??Mf ? 1? T* All Thoaa Vatartw Mjto Inliflguli wba hin bought eewiag MthlM which M t? perform the work I hoy were purehaaed for, we deeire to M i lhat Singer'! icwing will actually do tfirj. Mm the public want don*. Abundant oonvenieat and ?wtoton yeferencea grr?n u to uj braneh of work. Oor ? Mnea one jut been greatly improved. ao aa to ran W+teut nftice. and with lax power than any other. 1. M. SIXOJH A CO . 3J3 Broadway. tkurpellngt^.PeUrwn at ilomphrt) , So. 379 >? I ad way, eoruer White atraat, have Jut received from the toto lane auction >al?? a large aaacrtmoni of Carpeting, fee., which the* will nil at the following low prieta: Rich Velvet Carpel, 11*. to lie. per yard. Rich Tapeitry, 8a. to lOi. per yard. Rich Hruaaela, be. per yard. Thrve-ply, ha. to 9a. per yard. la* rain, (Lowell make j tie. lit all etW gooda equally low. !UO Bowery.? The new Carpet Emporium, appeaite Riviagton atreet. ? J. HYATT it offering lome afleadid barjaina la velvet and tape a try carpeting , .'I ply aad ingrain and atair carpeting, oilcloth, matting, window ?tiadea, Ac. Ac. 1'leaie call and examine, ladiaa. No. 210. W. J. 4f J? E. Plow*, 14 Park Place, Ban#* feature and guarantee to tell window ahadaa, and all kindt ?f curtain flxturea, ISperoent lower than auy other hnuae to the trade. Country dealer! are relocated to eall and ex. amine their aiaortiucnt before aelectiug itook tor apring MiatdrtUi llo one Keutaurant, oppoalte New ?aven Railroad Dgpot, on l.iapenard and Canal ?treeta. Heal* eerved at all houra: oyatera In evory atyle; tea and coffee et very auperior iu?lity: every delicacy of the ?eaeoa on hand. The aupply ol lender loin iteakaia inteuded to laat nntil five o'clock in the afternoon. Ueir/e Slater, late of the New York Hotel, auperintende the eooking de partment. No rlace in the city can atijply a sheaperor Better dinner? the many and the few will haveeiual cauae for aatiafacti >.i, Keinemhor l.iapenard atreet and Canal? ?atrence?B either atreet. N.ll. ? Dinner and topper partita eaa be accommodated with private roomalf deiired. To the Public.? Tlte Brand reth Ilouae la Bew open, on the European plan, and ready for the no ?eptioa ol the travelling public, to wboie comfort every at teBtlon will be paid, by the Meaara. O'UKADY, late <>f Jadaon'i Hotel, Urandreth Houae, 415 Broadway, oppoaite New Haven Railroad Depot; private entrance 41 Canal atreet. Remember? oppoiite New Uavea Railroad Deiot. The Smithsonian Home, on the European plan, Broadway, eorner of llouuton atreet, will open tor tho reception oftraveUeri and the public, on Wedneaday April 11. Room* may be engaged on and aler April 9. SIDNEY KOi'MAN. Great Bargains In French Ctolna? ' Two Hun dred white china dinner aeta, eontaiuing enough pieeea to dine twelve peraona, at $Xi, worth tl.l; 300 white onlnadin aer aeta, containing enough piecea to dine eighteen peraona, at <37, wortb $56; 200 white china tea aeta, at tt AO, worth B7 M); lilt band and richly deoorated aetta, in tue >ame pro portion. W. J. t\ BA1I.EY A CO., Marl'le Store, 631 and tiS3 Broad way. Paper Hangings, Wholesale and Retail ' THOH. FAYE A CO., 2!>ti an J 2ft 7 Broadway, direotly oppo site the City 11*11. have constantly on hand a fall stock of Trench ana American piqiur hangings, border*, lire board print*, curtain papers, bed teators, statues, landscapes, Ac, of every stj la known to tha trade. Merchants laying in their atock*, can buy from the flrst hands, as we manufao tare largely, and import direct from tbe French inaiiutao tarars, for whom we era sole agents in the United States. Our retail department ooin prices the richest styles of deco vatic Da. Special importations made, when desired, from our ?plendid collection or enmploa. Artistic paper hungers aant to any part of tbe United States. THOMAS KAVE A CO., 2M and 267 Broadway, directly opposite the City llall. The Liquor I,nw!? Special Notice to Liquor merchants and de*ler* in goneral.? We are now prepared to supply all persons who desire to pnrchasi-or sell pure and unadulterated liquors from United Status bonded wartt liouan. The Lejialature of this State, or of any otbor in tbe Union, haa no control, uor can thev prevent tb i sale of ?bet* wines and liquor*, 11 ' (old" aa delivered, " pure and unadulterated." We have paid tlie United States govorn ment 1U0 per ccnt revenue duty on all brandies Imported, and 40 per cent on all wines, which tax or duty givos tho rif b to any and every person ot ' good moral character," to dispoae of (rsell theie wines and liquora, if kept pure. We, therefore, five Loticc that we will sell and deliver from Uie United State* borded warehousea, with oertltlcatea of importation attached, wiuos, brandies, :tins, rums, Ac , in tbe "eilgiiul packag?B." Tliu contents of which can be ?old by tbe purchaser, wholesale or retail, from the original puckayes. trdtr* tuken for the dire it linportatlen of hrau dun, wines. Ac., for shipment direet to any port in the Baton, having our own huuaea established in all parti of IU<I1. L. II. SI M I'SON A SONS, I mporters, 19 Beaver street. Teas.?Tlie Beat Aaaortment of Pine Tea* toll be found at the Canton Tea Company'* aewly erected ?ad elegant store, 125 Chatham street, between IVarl and ftooaevelt ftreeta, the oldest tea eatabliabment in the city. We aasnre our readera they can do better here toan else Wins, either at wholesale or retail. ?ef lance Salamander Nafra-R ihi rt M. PATRICK la tbe sole manufacturer In the United Stataa of tb* above celebrated tafea, and K C. Gothn's impenetrable defiance looks and cross bara. Depot No. I Hi 1'earl street, one door below Maiden lane. Burning of the Custom Ilrmae In St Fhomu, West Indiea, and tbe warehouse of Messr*. Whitmore A Co., wbese books and papers were preserved in one of Rich A: e.'o.'s salamander sales. Particulars hereafter STEARNS A MARVIN, 144 and 146 Water street, the only maker* of eafes combining Rich's A Wilder'* patents. Soedwln di fort's Perfect Kitchen Range? Aa excellent cocking range, indispensable to a complete bense. G.AC, invite the attention if ['lumbers, buililers, betel keepers, and private familiaa, to thair improved water back range. This perfect rang* has no equal in convenient, sapodilioua ant economic oookiug. An inepeetlon will aalia fy the best Judges of ita anterior merits, and very reasooable piioea. GOODWIN A CORT, desitners, manulaoturen and sealers in ranges, itovea, Ac , 2f.M Water atreet, corner of I'eck alip. UHiiua Goonwiw, Nicholas L. Cost HU1, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and WhUr feara, at Mo. 45 Ka**an atreet. Particular attention paid to llaaillig, corling, and shampooing tbe hair. Infallible sunwet to grow the hair, and iaatantaneo** dye for a ftaaattful klaek or brown. fo Vervou Sufferers.? A retired Clergy Ma restored to health in a few day*, after aaay year* of poat nervosa suffering, is aniiona to maka known tbo eaaass of euro. Will send (free) the prescription need. Direct to Rot. JOHN M. DAGNALL, No. 67 I niton atreet. Swoklya, M. T. To Bcrvons Huflerers? \ retired Physician rcsaaeaea a prescription that proved effectual in rtstorlng im to health in a few days alter yeara of suffering from general nervona debility. Anxioua to make it known, will send tbe prescription nsed free. Direct to Dr. E1>WARL> WILLIAMS, CV Fulton street, Brooklyn, N. V. Clear Skins, It Is well known, arc produced by a frte o*c of 001 KAL'D'S Modica'cd Soap; freckles, pimplts, tan, ernptiona vau'ah like mist before the sun a rays. I'oudre subtile uproots l.air from any part of the body. Ronge, Lily white, hair rostorativo and dye at tho old doiot, 07 W alker street, lirst store from Broadway. Callsndar, 88 Sonth Third street, i'biltdalpbia. Balm o< Thousand Klawer*? For beautify lag the compleilon and erailicatlnr all tan, pimples and feaakles from tbe faoe. FKTilllHiE k CO., Boston; C. 11. SING, lift Broadway, agents. Hollo way's Pills? .1 marvellous medicine for the fair rex. ? Where it'a possible to bate an s<win> la/o of ladies, lain. liar to a baby sbow.i a premium of ten thou sand dollars would be siven could any be shown as healthy, fcandat roe, fresh or lively aa tboso who have taken tbe<e j.ills. Fold at the manufactories. H) Maiden lane, N V , aad 244 Strand, London, and by all druggWta, at 29c., C'i)fe. and (1 i ? : box. My Onguent trill "force" the whiskers, aatustathea ami hair to grow in six weeks, and will not ?tain cr injure the skin, SI a bottle, sent to any part of the country. R. G. GRAHAM. SUA Broadway; Zelber, 44 Sooth Third street, Philadelphia. Married, la tbi* city, at tbe Nativity Church, by the Rev. Mr. MeCluely, lias in., ton of Mr. Jas. O'Brien, County Wa terier*!, to CUTHWl.t*, daughter of Mr. Daniel Marpby, Cbrk city, th of Ireland. Cork Lxaminer an 1 Bt.;Ix>ui* papers plea>e eopy. Died. C? Saturday morrlng, 7tli inst.. Waits* R. Jo*hb, Frteident of tbe Atlantic Mutual Insurants Company, aad <if tbe Board of Underwriters. Ko Loral at Trin.ty Church, on Monday, April 0, at 11 o'clock A. M.. and at Coll Spr ng. L. 1, on Tuesday, April IV. at 12 o'clock, wbicb bia friends and those of bis fami ly are r?que*te<l to attend witbout further invita'ion. A ??social train of car* will Uavo Brooklyn at 0,^ A. M. on Tseaday morn. eg, to return the satne day. Oa Saturday moralD^, April 7, of pulmonary oonump tian, Giori.k Kiu, a(?ea ::3ye?r*. Tbo relatives and friend a of tbe fam ly, alwi tbe oflicors aad member* of the 12;h l>i|iin'nt. In citizen'* drest, alao the members of the German Franklin iiooev ilen'. Sceiety. are respectfully invited to atual bir funeral, from bi* la'.e reniilence, 180 lbird avonue, tbi* day, April 9, at 2 o'clock 1'. M. without further invitit on His remain* will be interred In (iroenwood Cometery. Philadcli'ta'a ami Provldsaeo p?p?r? please copy. Altsr a abort illness, on fataMt/ i-ftoiog, April 7, naosos W., Infant sju of John and Kacbsl Ann rimttb, aged 8 yesra and 8 month*. 7be relative ani friend* are rtspe tfnlly reiueited to attead tbe funer&l. on Monday, it 1 o'clo:k, frarn the residence of hi* parent*, 107 W? ?t Rroaiway. M a re ?in will be take* to Njack for iaterment. On Fat ur day morn In?. April 7, Minn, only chill of Oeerge W. ami Aba Amelia seeaien*, aged 2 year* fb* relatives an l friet ds aro resp?etfully lov.te I to aV*nd tli* funeral, at ti e residence of Mr*. Wtn Wil'ii, l'Jfitfc slieet, corcer of Serenrh avenue, Harlem, on Mon day afternoon, at iU oMock. ()n FrM*y morning, April 6, Jon* W. Acstlv, in the SOIL tear of bi* age. (lie freads aad aaqaaiatancaa and those of bis family, are reepeetfslly Invited to attead his fna*ral, frost bis late reeiden'e, lis West Twenty tb rd etrest, to mor row (fu??d*y i afernoon, at 2 o'clock w thout farther invitation. His remaiaa will be taken to Greenwood <> metary (or iateraneat. Of ;?n*on)|'.ina, oa th* 7th iaat. , Janix R Post, !a ti e (lit year o! b.e eg*. Hie friend* sndr*lat.v?- are .nvite.1 to atten 1 his fu aeraL this alter noos, at J o'clock, from hi* late rcai deace 214 We?t Thtety aivih street. On -uaday. Anrll ?, Maat Euumni, el.lest daughter ? f Saauel acd Hliabeth Brewer, after a abort but severe iBnes*. TL* frlesJs of Ii?r father aad of th* family are r* 3eetf illy nv'ed to attem. her 'un-ral, wbi li will ta*< aoefrrra 20 Marion street, on Monday, April ?, at 3 e'eKr.k T. M , without fnrtb?r notice Ha Sunday morning, April 8. of croup, FaanciM, son of 1 raaela ant Ellrabef* <) Penal, ag?<l 1H month* Th* Irtcad* of the fam ly are retpeetfui^y Invited to attead his funeral, a*. 3 o'ek^h tbi* dty, (Moaday ) 0th ? at., from 41 Atlantic *treet, Brooklyn. Alter a atort illness, A. IlriJ", ar I 2' J*?f" Ilia friea le and relatives *f re.; .es'wl to attend hi* fuaeral, tbi* aftcrnosn, at 1 o'cJo.-*, from hi* '*?* rtm deaee ]04Bh*T.fl street, wi.ho'it fi rthe;- not f>s Hunday morning. April i, f ii4*Li> A. Ts'i :r^ *, is tfc? 58th i ear of bia age. The rv.'ativee and fr.enil* of tke family are r*ipe *. u'iy invited te attend hA funeral. Without fartiier .nt '.at < a. faem tbe re> deuce of his father. Marlia I- r^oiaper>n, 74 Te*i(tb atreet, sear k i!b a venue on Ttxsday after ?eaa. 10th isst . at 4 r, ?V>. k ? At *iUr.a, !, I , oa "nnday, AptU OfRIUff Ca*. ?rw, w f* sf saauel J. Ifa'iet' aged 31 years Th: relative* aa.t fries?* e' tfc* family, aa : U>??4 cf her brothers, Hoary 8. ud Join C. Carpenter, tn re spectfully invited to attend her funeral, at her lite rosl Ac Bee, in Astoria, on Tuesday afternoon, 10th Inat., at 3 o'clock, without farther invitation. On Saturday evening, April 7, Joua>.na Mabqaiurbi, wife of George bbblngbouaen, and eldeat daughter of Ge?.rge Widmayer, aged 23 years, 2 month! and 15 lava. The friends of tee family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, from her late reaidenoo, 3a Attorney itjeet, on Monday, Oth in it, at 2 P. M Her remaina will be itUrrtd in Greenwood Cemetery. On Paturiay, April 7, at 6 o'clock, of congeatton of the lupga, Mary Euzaustu, daughter of John II. and Mary Otto, aged 2 yearn, 1 month uni 18 daya. Dear l.iUy'a gose and left ua here; She's now in heaven, her happy home Then, parents, dry your mourning tear*. And meekly nay. -God's will be done." On Sunday, April 8, of inflammation of the luags, Va i k.NTi.NK W. 1-afh, only eon of Wm. K. and Mary Jane Lash. The lrienda of the family are respectfully requested t> attend the funeral, on Monday, at 2 o'clock 1*. M , from (2 Downing at reef. At Waterford, N. Y., cn Saturday morning, Apiil 7, alter an illneaa of three montha, MaH'Iakkt, wife or thn Rev. Richard L. Sohoonmaker, of the R. I), church of that place, and daughter of Wm. Seamin, late of this city, In the 38th year of her age. Her remains will be interred in the family vault at Jamaica, and tha funeral will be held in the R. D church of Jamaica, at 11 o'clock on Tuesday morniog, 10th inst. The friends of loth families are respectfully Invitsd to attend On Saturday, April 7. Do.nai.d McLson, aged 51 years The friendH and relatives, and those of his, brother Sof man, are respectfully invited to attend his 'funeral, this day. at 2 o'clock, from No. 1 Kid ridge street. On Sunday morning, April 8, Hypouta A. DmtAisMm, a na ive of Franoe. in the 42d year of hla age. His relatives and friends, and alao those of his bro ther, are respectfully invited to attend hla funeral, on Tuesday afternoon. 10th inst , at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, ICO Franklin street, without further in vita tlun. On Sunday, April 8, in ftieftOth year of his age, Wm. Lx I.AriirrR, for over thirty years an ajtive anil prominent member of tie I. O. of O. K. The meuibcra of I.ibcrljr lodge No. 408, Sincerity Ixtdge No, 233, I. O. of O. F., aud his friends and acquaintances generally, are respectfully invite! to attenl the funeral, from the residence of hia nephew, N. Renter, No. 1 Extra street, In First street, near the Bowery, on Tuesday, 10th Inat., nl 2 o'clock P. M. Ills remain, will be taken to New York Ray Cem'tery. Albany papers plesse copy. On Saturday, April 7, of consumption, Daniki. E. John son, aged 30 years and 1 month. The relatives and friends of the family, and Templar Lodge, No. 203, of F. ami A M , and the Order In g?ne ml, and the New York Saddlers' Bentvolant Society, are invited to attend hla funeral, from his Ut? residence, 21 Garden street, Hobukan, on Tuesday, 10th Inst., at 12 o'clock M. His remaina will be taken to Greenwood for interment. On Saturday evening, April 7, after a eve re illness, which slie bore with fortitude, Sarah, the be loved wife of Thomas Fgan, aged 30 years The friends of the family, and those of h*r brothers, James and John McCormisk, also of her brothor* la-law. Johr, hdwaid, William and Patrick Ejfiin, are requested to attend ber funeral, wlilch will take place tuis ( Mon day) attcrmon. at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, 311 West Fortv eighth street. On Sunday, April 8, Mary, youngest daughter ef John and Hannah Motion-gal, ai^ed 4 years, 9 montha and b days, of dis< me of the heart. The friends and relatives of the family are respoctfully invited to attend ber funeral, at 2 o'clock on Monday, 9th Inat., from 190 Vsrick atreet. corner of King. On Sunday, April 8, John \t<.-4wKKNY,'nged AO years, a native of the 1'arish of Bartholomew, County Cork, Ire land, and for the last twanty six years, a resident of this ciiy. Hla friends and acquaintances and those of his family are respectfully invited to attend Ins funeral, from hia late residence, 98 % First street, to-morrow (Tuesday) morning, at 9 o'clock. In Columbia, S. C., April 4, Jamih Rkkh of the firm of Rted, Tlce & Hamilton, of this city, aged 41 years and 4 months. The relatives and friends of tbo family, and members of Fckfcrd Lodge. No. 234, I. O. of O. F , are ra^pactfnlly invited to attend the funeral, from hia late residence, 67 Mangin street, this (Monday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. At Havana, on the morning of tha 21at ultimo, Mr. Gkorgi W. fiKiNKKRiinnr, late of thia city. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. PERSONAL. Agar street, no. s.-if this should meet the eye of No. 3 Agar |atroet. lit ia repeated to com uinnlcata with hla friend LAKKNCK J. EtdANUEL, for merly of the firm of Cott, llig/e A Co. Direct to the Pott office, Philadelphia. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHN WHELAN, NA HM <>f Myach, N V , who aailed tor California ia 1M. Any information respecting him will be thankfully reneieed by bin mother, Mr>. Mary Ftynn, I'rattivUIe, Green county, N. V. California papcra pic ate copy. vriTcnEi.L, ciias. j., of scoti.and, if tuis it I ahould meet your eye, your old friend J . M. W, will be oclighted to rec?ite a litio iwlth your addreai) directed to Iloa No. .1, Ji'.i, I'oat office. WWT WFICK KOTICJaa. Post office n*tice? ftiE mails for if rote, via Southampton and H.iere, per United State* ateain tr Icon, will cloae at thia ottice on Monday, April ?, at II (I clock, A. M. ISAAC V. FOWLER, IWwaater. THE THAUF8, AC. A WATCHMAKER, WHO UNDERSTANDS REPAIR ing jewelry, elockt, watchea, Ac., can make a good Li v in* if he wiahea to go to a pleaeant Tillage i.ut weit, and hats a window in a large Jewelry atore. For partlculara ad drete boa 3,1k 3 I'oat Office. FRINGE ANI> CIM1? WEAVERS WANTED. ?NONE I' but the beat banda need apply C. Chapman, ill Sixth avenue A I no, a girl to net tnttona. JOURNEYMAN JEWELLER WANTED? TO GO TO A neighboring city One competent to do all kinda of Job bing and repairing may find a aituation by applying to L. A D J Carr * Co., XI Maiden lane. TO TAUORO.-WANTID A COAT CUTTER. ONE who ban been for eltabUalmeiite. A|>, .. way, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel haa been for yearn rei olarly employed ?.y Broadway eatabllal incntt. A r>| ly to Georie Edward Ko?, (Ml TO MERCHANT TAILOR- WANTED-A SITUATION by a ptraon who ban worked at the butinoae for the la?t ten yeara. Would aariat in cutting or preeaing abop work, and hiinaell ua -fnl In any department ol the trade. ? Hould loan hla employer {AO or flMU if required. Salary no oljtctfur the firat three iu nibi. Addreaa J. L , lletald office. TO TA1LOBS AND CLOTH 1 BRS? Til E ADVERTISER wiahea a aituation aa cutter, foreman or ealeetn\u; It perfectly familiar with boy'e clothing, and nn furaiahaupe rior ratternt; ia alao eiperieaced In ready made work, and would be fonnd a firat rate general entter, h*? ag been I J jean in the trade. Ucat ol reierenee gieun. A ldre^a Vurk, Herald effiee. r|M> S1IOEM A K F. KS ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A 1 cutter, in a ladiea ahoe atore Mint be fully eoinpe tint to the bnaineaa in all ita braachee. Apply at No. Ski Bowery, from 10 A. II. to S 1*. M. TO BLACKSMITH- AND W II EEL W.R Kill TS .- W A M ed to let, tba lower part of a large workahop, auitable for the above bnaineaa. Aleo a good o.<eh painter wanted. A| ply on prcmlaeg, No. ?J0 Cherry atreet. "IlfANTEP-A COMPOSITOR; ON E WHO THOROUGH ?T ly nr der?tan<la hla buatnoaa t?nd haa been aoeuatoiacd to a. t up ornamental work. Apply to White A Co , ## Ueek man atreet. WOOD ENGRAVING -WANTED, ONE OR TWO IT good wood engraeera immediately ,-at 1'lnckney'a aatal) liabn.ent, HJ Naaiau street. POIJTICAU HCBOKEN CITV DOMINATIONS PEOPLES' UNION 1'H KET For Mayor ....... Iteajatrua S. Taylor. Trearurcr John tt Hiring. City Clerk Jamea C Hrowu. Collector Ilenry Mather. Collector Amara Taice Jamea II Ward. Ow W er of Poor. laaae Streee. Superintendent Public Sehoola John II Sheffield. Strict I i mmi'tioaer Peter '.layton. Found Keeper I.oreaao D. Anatln. >maT warii For Coftncllmin ? J. V llrower. John D. ClS. Jailgr of Election ? I.. Tomrkina. Ini peetora of Flection- II N. Crane, Daniel Tola* Ataeaeor? P Sanf* rd Idell Truatee Common Seboola-ll Walkley Choten Fret holder* ? J L. Scott, C. W. Scott, C. W Idell i cnatablo? Jeaee F'aah Comiriaaioner of tppeala ? M. V, Danta. M aid Clerk? Otto w I'arleen, eironii wanr> For Cone, eil men? D M Demareat, Thnmaa Mirkena. Jodi e of Eleetioa? M S Cadnna. laapeitora of Blectiea? Wiliian Letta, L. J Dridgemaa. Art eater ? M R Demareat I ruate? t'ommon Seboola? A. W Roae Chea-a Fraeholdere? W, W Shippeii, B II Baldwin. Constable ? II Van Taaael f'(. mnieaioaet of Appaiala ? J R Waldron Ward ? |erk-T (i W?i?n*h? Juttiea ef I'eace ? O. J Umat?ad Titian ward For Conncllaien ? Jam-t II Wlleon, Ed Snedeker. Jndgi of Election? Lyman Tol??. b Intperteraol Election? I* Itntta, II D. Colley. Aaaetaor-- Ji m< a ll' naem n. Truit'e of Common Sehnole? Tl)' mat W. Thomat Choter. Fraeholdeit? Jam'? II Dewey, C. W Flaher Conitable- Jamea II. Ward t omn.l-aioner ol App?ala ? John Acker Ward Clerk? Joba W > arroll. The election takea place on Tntaday oeit, April 10, IK.V rertadrahi i, Anew place-kbi iibr< he, commkr< ial news reus and chop Inn 3* I anal atreet. Rofreihmenta of all kinda, tneala aeraed up at aay hoor, geatlemen for Bilked with el> an b'da by the night, week ol month. J. POW El.l Beat of wtaee, U<|u r? and a*gara. REMOVAL. JOSi rn LEE, MERC BANT TAILOR? HAS REMOVED frtm lie Br < ad way to QUeey'i kaildlaga, 1>.9 Broadway K EMOVAL ? STORBS i?R< .TflERS nAVE REMOVED truB .'d Cedar at reel to ] > V??ee itreet KPIRm'ALIHM. HRITl At i?M -MRH DOCT TRA PII AGE V, 8PIRIT ^ Jill Miw +l9it*n ***ry 4a/ ?*. h tr ro?m?, S?l Hrfftdvaj. Ho?rt f mm II to ! A II., m* 2to4I? II ; 8 'te? o'elcek D ??elle*era are reef eetfaily it* tot .fnd. A4miMi09 o?ljr U * Af.r.S at AlCTIOV. A T A1CTION-BT VIBTI B (?F A CIIATIBL MORT J\ rage, the tataenkere w:l aeil ea Wedaeedar a..,, .a IJ.'A at il 0 eloek A. M , at th. e#rm.r tf TmTUloT M T??nty leaeatb atreet. a ite.i'r ef Row York, the of i area la laid e,ty known ae the I ire*, aeeaae Lie aad tre leriy thenlr pertaia ag aad meo t.e ?rcd will of aald i'ae. Terwa Will be maoe kaowr. I a the day ef oale PAMUrtt, (,(UlW AtliniykrcirtfiMil H uaa. .<ra meev ?A.LJBS AT AUCTION. Q 1 NASSAU. ? TUNIS MOB HELL, AUCTION EER.? Ol Moaday, April 9. art 10)? e'cluck, oholce alack of hou** bold artiel.e, compriaiag what 1* rneatly roqoiraU In a faaklonable d willing. Opportuniilea to adVanc, bar* called for thla auction aalc. Rotewood parlor auitaa oorcred with ealin trucateUe, lualoaanjr and black walnut parlor and cbamtcr furniture, aiuiai taMcaofoak, black waluut and inahocanj ; roaewsod and tuabuaany pianoforte#, fuperijr oil palfctlBia, mirrora, (otblc x.creiary. deaka, aofaa, tet?a-> Utea, eaay cliaira, rocVara, parlor chaira, bedat.ada, mat treaaca, itanda of all kloda, bronte aardan and ball furni tare alto, warble top taMea; enamelled chamber furniture, marble, Ac.; aupcrior roa?-wood e-cpere, roaawood and mah<t rany warilrobef, eeeretariei, t.ookcaaee, centaa taMee, lonniea und lounge l.edauad, divaia, taMe caater*. china tea act t. Varioua hra<ida of rrgara will be aold in lot* to ault private parcbiu^rt and d-aleta, at oowineaiamebt o' ?ale. The [ ot lio will rcat aaiured that ttiair intereat and pleaaore will be ie?or< d in evtry particular. A I. BERT U. NI?:OI.AV, AUCTIONEER.? POSITIVE sale of 27 valuable lut? on Ninth avenue, lutith a?.d lu7th atreeta.? Albert 11. Nicola* will sell at auction oa luto day, April 10, 1 M. it 12 o clock, at the Merchant ?' Exchange, 'J7 valuat la lot#, a? follow*:? 5 situated oa tbo Meet side of Ninth avenue, between 106th and 107th streets; 11 on the north sido o' M<ith street. commencing 100 leet wait from Ninth aveuue; aleo 11 on the south aide of 107th street, commencing the faino distance wost el Ninth avenue, all in the weinity of the new Central l'ark, where extensive improvements IN in contemplation. Thta sale offcra unusual indu? euients for investment < f capital, and it werthv the attenti. n el parties that are desirous of obtain ing a handeome profit on their purchases. Title perfeot. A larpe amount or tie p -rebate money can rciwn on bond and mort/a^e for cue. year or longer, if dtlifiBBftl 7 DM cent interest. For fnrtLcr Particulars apply to Jlrierl U. Nicolsy, auctioneer, No. 4 ltrcad street. AMLBKRT 11. NICOLAY, A UCTIONEEK.? ABSOLUTE sale of valuable properly on Second av*itue, F< rty fifth, Fifty third and lOSth streets ? ALBERT H NICOLAY will aell on Tuetday, April 10. at 12 o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange: ? Second ivcnue? ' The new four story brick house and lot, No. .V28 Second avenue, near Thirty third atreet; lot 26x100; bouse and renta for IWO0; $4,tl00 can remain on bend und mortgage for a t* rm of yeara; title indiapntanlo. Forty fifth street? The three atory (1'hiladelphi.t) briok honae and lot. No. 10t> Forty -fifth atreet, between Broadway and 8ixth avenue; lot 17)%xl00; house 17H*^L tintahed in . neat *tyle, with marble mantel*, hot and cold hatha, Ac.; terma ea*y und title perfect. Fifty third etreet? F^ur lota | on the north tide ol Fifty third street, 400 feet east of Filth avenue, 2ftxl<H) leet eaoh. These lot* are admirably suited for immediate improvement. Terms ea ry and title un<tno* tiounble 108th nireet ? One lot on the north aide of lusth atreet, 1C6 feel eaat of Old King's BriJge road. 2T>xiU>.9. Terma euay and title indiaputable. For full particulars ap pi) to tbe auctioneer, No. i Broad atreet Albert ij. nicolay, auctioneer -positive vale of *J4 Mndiion atreet, *t amIIm. AI.HKitT II. Nll'OLAY will acll on Tuesday, April 10th, 1^9%, ut 12 o'clock, at the Merchanta' Exchau**, the thirty live yeara leaac of lot No. W Madiaon ?-tr?)*t, with the two atory attic and b*a< mint brick bouse thereon, on the aonth aide, be tvern Catlierino and Market atreeta. Lot i'?xl(>0, keUM 1' aud wan built in the very beat manner aome yeara < Ma, by l'reserve?l FUh, Eao , for hia own private residence. 1 It baa solid mahogany foldinjc doors in parlors, handsome | ehandaliera nith cut gla?s klol ea in two parlors, marble ( mant. Is, heaters, hot, cold mi<1 ahower batfis, ttaOroloik water front and back vaults, Ac., Ac. It la in perfect order, and is eonaidered one of the moat convenient houses in the , Sove7ith ward. The lease haa Alteon yeara to ruu from May let, 1M4, aubje< t to a renewal of twenty one v?'ara < r r?!Zit $lt?f? pr r annum, and tlie owner of ?.ho lot to pav at the expiration of the leaae, full value for all improve mentf. The house will rent for StfO, and posaeaai'm icireu 1st Mny or before if required. Terma eaay and title perfeot. F< r carda of admission and full particulars, apply to the Autioneer, No. 4 Droad alreet, Albert h. nicolay, auctioneer.? executor s sale ?Albert II. Nioolay will aell on Wednoaday, April Ih, ll. 'A, at 1/o'eloek, at the Merchant.*' Exehan^e, by order of IV'ni. V. LeCount, executor of John R. LeCount, deooa<edt to clone the estate, forty seven valuable lota and *or?q, *itu at-d on First and Hecond avenues and Eighty fifth strict, cowprixing the most desirable lota in thia part of the inland, and very valuable for private residences and Inisineas pur poses. J he Second Avenue Railroad runs through this pro perty; tbe Third Ait'nue is alao contiguous, both running to Eighty sixth atreet. The itafTovemeiite in the vicinity of tbia property are very /reat. beta* in tbe centre of Yorkville (Mntteenth ward), and, from ita very convenient location, are rapidly increasing and of a first rat? character. No property offer a greater inducements tor the investment of capital, in purchase or improvements. Amou* thin* lot* are five very valuable corners? the lour corners of Second ave nue and Eighty fifth atreet, and the aonthnaat corner oi First avritnu and Eighty fourth street. Eighty -fifth street is one bed lo tbe East river. The aala will be peremptory to the higher 1 bidder, as it la made to eloae the e?tat?. Terms ot tale? K) p^r cent and auctioneer's fees on the day of *ale ; 30 p?'r cent on the 10th May, IS66, when warrantee deeds will be delivered; the balance (U) pur cent) can remain on bon l ai d mortgage for three years, at 7 per cent. The title to this properly is perfect, aud will be conveyed froe from all incumbrances. Lithographic mans and full particulars can be obtained of T. I'almer, No. 9 Merchants' Exchange, or of A. 11. Nicolay, auctioneer, No. 4 Broad street, New Y<?rk. WM. V. LkCOUNT, Executor. ALBERT II. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER ? STOCK * and bonda at auction. Special sale. Albert II Nioolay will sell this c ay, April 9th, at 12', o'clock, at the Her ebanta' Exchange, for account of wnem it may concern:? H,(?0 Miaaouri State aix per cent bonds, ?1 ,?**) eaeb, ?>,'?*) Ncrt Carolina aix per cent bonda, $1,0U) eaoh; I..Vf? Lafa vette Mineral Co., ()rat mcrtgace, aeven per cent coaverti .e bonds, f.^OO each; 10,(1)0 1'eorla city aeven per cent t ind?, fl.OOt'; 10,000 (>hio and Miaaiaaippi railroad aecond mort-/a/? aeven per cetit convertible bonda, $1,000 eaeb, 1,600 Cincin nati and Chicago railroad fiist mortgage ten per oent eouver tille hotds; shares Secoul Avenue railroad, SKfJeach; 75 do. Uudkon River railroad , $lU0 each; 2.> do. Erie railroad, I i'O each; Ui do. Fox and H iaeoiivin Improvement Company, f HO each; 2tDdo. Cumberland Coal Company, f|iK? eacti; 100 do. Bank of Osnego, (hypothecated) flixi each; 5 do llano ver bank.$lM) each: Atido North River Fire Insnraaee Com psny, f l!.) eacb ; 10 do. Lorillard flr? Insurance C >nieanyf$.''? each; ?.*? do. Continental live Insurance Company.ffiJO each; 5 dr. Mercantile Fire Insurance Company, $!*) each, ft do. Lcng Island l ire Insurance Company. each , 12 do. Cwin UiOnwtalth Fire Insurance Comnany ,$liMi eaoh, 2 i*s) do. Ita btlla Copper Company, $10 each; 2,200 Union Hold Miuing 1 otnpany of N. C , each; 1 000 do (iardibfr (lold Mining Company, f fl each; Ward Minin/ Company, $1*) ea< h; l.MI do. Uold Quarti Machine Company, V* each. Terrnsfof sale ?Ten per tent thin day. aud the balaoee neiore 2 o c look to morrow. The accrued Intereat on the above bon is will be charirtd to the purchaser. Next regular aale on Thursday Apr! 12th. Auction notice. ? household furnituke sales.? EDWARD 8CHENCK, Auctioneer, will gtre hia personal attention to the sales of household furniture at the residences of families breaking np housekeeping, or at his *ale*rooma. No. 1C Wall street, for those who fnaf prefer it. Auction notice -larue sale ok kink im ported wi nen, brandiea, ohampazuea, and prime Havana '^?r?, Ac ? K 1 > %%' AKIl M 'IIENCK will sell ?*t Metlon, on Km ?lay. April i*th, at his HlHfOW, Ho. I i Wall i'r c. a large in v. ! - ? ||| ll|OOTfl ?nd MflTf, which have given audi return I tntiafactiun at our pr?v ? MM e n tiat ins in part of filackburu. llowari, March 4 Co. <?oe. Ui pktti p, and South Side Madeira: Romano, Vitoria, 11 ^r mony Amontillado, Trinrte, I>nff Gordon, and IVrmatina therriet; Otard, Duptiy A Co., Mart^H, I'ioet Caitill >u , m l champagne cognac hrau'liea: liurmniatcr'a, Myininiton'e and Region Forts Tokay and Malmsey wines, Rvnbcn ler'a Sohie dam gin, in quart and p;nt Jugs; Mehan n an 1 Kvntey s Pcotrn whiskey ; Jamaica ami St. Croix ram; Washington and 1 1 ? i ? I n i c k champagne, (warranted frcnuin** > and a I ir/ iavoki of prim Biviia Mgm, mwii vbl?h are the Fierda Cabano, l a Rora da Santiago, La rreciota, taper*. El Tnlipiti, La Minerva, I. a Moutera, and many oth-r fav . rite branda. The aale will he ou? or the lariat of the coa a< n, and well worthy the attention of dealers, and thota buy in p t r their own us?* SaJa pceitiv*. Auction notic e. -continuation sale?la hoe and peremptory sal* of ma^nifloeat liuino uua, ??t?M?a and lewelry.? fcl'W Ahl; 9Clf KNClt wiil tt'.l at a icti ?t? on , Tuesday, at the salearooma, 16 Wall at , at 1U% o'clock a i lar^? invoice of superb dutnnndf, watch#* ,te , eoa?iitii( in ' part of brilliant diamond el utter and sta*U rings, pint a d earrings, ladiee' enamelled watches, *<'. on both aides w,tu , i diamonde: alto others, eis., Indepor t aecond. do it-le tnu 1 keepers, hftetn day, patent and det.tched lev*jr, Am . t?y Cooper. Tobias, J urgenern, Lretint Freret, RUby, Hea*. | \ and other celebrated makers, and in ei/btaen e*rai told ! i ea*es; prold suitea of bracelet, pin and parringa, hmoeha*. I breastpins, cold atone and mosaic sleeve bnttons, at a da, aeal | rinca #old ???it . fiiard and fob ciiaina, fold pencil. pena, lockets, ?ar rift**, A . pomtivt Auction notice -chk^t sale or maoniki ? en t hontehold f .rnii. r- -IIKNRV *, LEKIJ* will I sell at auction, on the prcrnieea, No 11 Wooater str*e?, near f anal atreet an Tutaday. April 10th, at 1 iiy4 o'clock, e'u ! bracing the entire furnitur* of the above bona**, f??Anofortaa, ! oil paiiiting*, tap try and ingrain carpet a, gilt frame mlr rora, rosewood parlor furniture, marble topee it re, aid- and aefa tablet, ei tent lac* curt tina and eornir^i, Kroard i fthadea and tiaturea. ricft raae*. aoperinr ronew oj an 1 ma ho^any bed?t?i.da. do. burrntia and wa-h atanda with rr ar hie tep; aeprrier hair mattreavea, palltaa***, teda, heddinic. ?lit. in jr room furniture, extiniian tahlea, aofaa, aprm/ aont ehaire, arm do , rocker*, ailrer pUt?*d ?ara of a aup^ritr rioality, an , ta ble caitera. < ake basket!, rpoooa, forka, la* dlea, pearl iLlaid cutlery. Chioa. fiaia and * rock? ry ware.Ae. AirTION NOTICE ?Til Of* BKLL, AUCTIONEER? Ry BELL A BU?H? Thla day. at 10K o'clock, ?n our ] aaleercom 27 Centre itr??t, we will aell wttDoot re-err?'. by I o T'**r ot administrator, a fine a?> rtm**nt of ho isahal I fur ' niture from .V} lieach atreet ? H -ia, b? dat^aia, mattraiNa, 1 t?n earp?-ta IttkiBl ala?#ea. feitekan nteneila, taMea, clialr ?, I aeten t?ae Canary 1 irda cookla* ttorea, culna ila nwar . ! Ac . aUo. a furniture -art and harneae Alan, f'l ^day, at ! 10)^ o'clock all the furniture contained in ?L thre* ?tory ( h' UielU l awreni #1rett near t anal, eompriain^ the entire j arrant amenta of twelve well fvrtiiehed bedroima, pari ?r. ditlna room, kitchen flttin.ra, Ae. Muet h?- ? leared o ?t aama day Dapeilta r? 'jnlred, a ? we alwaya ?ett|o on lay of aale. I Ot'htr ealae Hill be duly noticed. BlM. A II L' II, A not re Auction ^notice.? j booart, auctiovekk, bv ' 8. Royart, Toc dar. at I o,'a o'oluca, at the aucti -n j roam*, eorner of Fraakfort and William atreeta. I \rt* ; aale ot household furniture, carp* t#, ciotkir p, rmliuory itc ck, Ac , f uper i'-r aofaa, bor^aua, tablea, c uch?a and loun|, wa#h ??aii !a. chair*, ta >lea. *' od liw aad tenon 1 I lead rarj^ta, Ac. At II o'clock tba entire aiock of a I etothirir tt ere, dreae and frock coat*, pantaloona, ve?ta, 1 Jacketa. ahirtt. drawcra, ban lk* rel i"fa, bnttona, triuirnie**, 1 alto, Mr BlMI of a maall tnilliucry ttore. Kaney ^ooda, j i. ion, Aa. t Auction sale <?r tiie entire ?*toi;k oeoreev I and fc'.thoute i lanta. trardeniaz implcm ntt, fancy and , trail treat, Ac., cf Mr Thomaa I'uulap ll'ith itr r t an I l if.b'h a*en ne M 1. EL 0?(iO'lf, Auutioi ?r, atore | Naeaan afreet will tell, en Tuee?iay, April 10, at pi', A M I tfce entire atock of choiea aad rare plant? 'aney and frail ' tr?et, kelonyinff to that eelfi rated fl >riat. fhe tto> k ?? about ] the fiacttin Nat York, and every article will be r??tittva!y ] anld without reaerve, to clote the bv?iaeta Cataic^aej are now ready, at 66 Faaaau atreat. A MIONF.R ? SALE?OK CllOlt E WI a Ei LK4C0RH f J\ ale, fw>rw, teaa. fraita, plckl? d aalm<*n rtm>rna aa< hoviea, llaeaaa aeirart, Ac., lltary ft. Ilerta, A tlon i e*r. will tall at auetioa, thia day, Monday, A;?ril 9. at l'i'( | a'claek, at tha tale* rtm. /H Na*?au ? treat The ator * > ',u ? late of I<oadoa rfe?ck, fltard. Hi*'(0?t aad Ro'halie bra a line Puff, Gordon tad Amontillado ti.erriea, Tern, Port, E*at India aad Howard Madeira, cherry brand/, tlob iioute ant riarc leaf gia, nld Jama ? a rum, ? nrac* ia eaaae of eae i >t ea? b maratchiae in eaaea, eren 1 daroee, Molr A Sone' Ed liter* tie, Bi*i' l. -td a porter, Oolong and younc hfioe ! teat, *-n>yrna fl*?, pi'klad salmon, fraa. h ehoiolaU, At' *e*are, la S>|t a, Aurora, Minerva, fl -r <e ('abant, leva d I oro, I^crd Byroe, E I'luribua r-zaliat, de 1 aUr/a, I. via M?L*ea,A c ?ale poeitlre. Alt TION NOTICE-JOHN REDDIN'; tl TIONSER will rail ttiaday, Mm day, (Kb iat? . at II o'clock, at I 1 Se lire ad ? ay , aa a*eortm<at of heatahoid furaitara, Ac Li' ewtae t ctrt and ?ct of barne> e t Mm Af I R A V . A I i TImNEEM THIS OA V AT H ? . J\ ocliek. tt the taetioa room. %> f ttberiae ?trett Mo< All HAY A HAl.iEHl w?ll m-11 a Uree and *ea?rai a#? ' t feotifc?hold Jurnltora, a*at bw taeniae reaiov laa t< of Lair raattr* *?4e, featberbad?, Kreacn and cottajre be?]ateada, n<arble top beret**, table* aa I waeb atar dt, eeleet, Hrufae't aa i iaafa<a ^a'pete and a *#a*rel variety of ehatav?r aad kit^bea lifiitara. A m, two epria, ? trta 40 d a tak> r ? a a<p??. IIT JO^tVU IIEOEMAN, AL? TION ERR ? T [ r.*U AY 1/ April 10. at V u ilttl, A M , prefteal/, it m Mftia I ttreet, aatr < Itatoa, mahetany aa J waiawt t arl r 4aaUr, ' horary tad dial et ra?at fartttere. lmmadittely after it* above, at atot.t 1 t I' M , at K5 Coart a*r ? t, eraer . af S*ate. r>aaar-ed f stao, a.are#any, parlor, ebaotbar a* 4 Ciaiaff ro?a. Yarn t are 1 ataioy eat at tfe tt **ro- m. Re# , itr aalet ef famlt?r* taery ft da> dartn# tbe ?*a? ?'. a* tt a j ( ? a?ral aaleareame MTiltaa#! tf ft re*' e?-rm t? U I ?.arJ, taer tfta CMy Btli, Koeliyt _ IALEI ATAUCTIOH. , BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER. -ONE HUNDRED ? tuildiac tote in Brookiyo at auctim-ro te so id ty Celt A Chilton, ob Tweiday, April 10, il 11 c'oloek, at (U Merchants Eichan*e.? Peremptory ??!? oi about 100 valua 11* buildiag lot-, to close an interest, by order and unJtr tbe direction of Jolia I'. Holfe, L?i , of Brooklyn, si'.aated in t be Ninth ward, on Lafayette, Lewis Yatos and Do Ktlb ivru?r?. and Pulaski uu<l Kunuiko str-tte. Thin jr r ty ia tout* of the boat in the Math ward, and lies on an 1 near tho grade. ftllo indisputable. The M>rtle a?onu^ railroad passea within r ou foot of tbli property. A railroad baa been granted forDe Kalb avenue. Lafay-tte and Do Ka!b avenuee are now paved The lota are tj be sold fr^e aod clear of all nsceartnenta to the day of sale. Note The Iurohacrr c l two or more lota to be entitled to bO per ctnt on : oiid and a:ortgage for two or throe yeara at 7 p*r ? at: i ur ehasers of tingl* lots, terms ca?h. For mtpe and full par | titulars apply at the office of tba auctioneera, 18 Nassau ? atreet, New York, er 43 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ! BA. ClULTON, AUCTIONEER. -WASHINGTON j ? bath at auetlon. Coir * Chilton will acll at auction I ob Tuesday, April 10th, 1H6A. at 12 o'clock, at tbo M?r cbaata' Eionanpe, N. Y., tbe V aehinxt< n bath now lyiag at ! Long pier, Cow anus bay The i-ath ia one hundred and sixty tight feet in length tad % fret in width, baa four aeowa | tixty feet laii, nu.e foot beam and a i ? tcet deep with an chore, chare, furniture, Ac. For term* and particulars. ap ply to tho auctioneors, No. 18 Naaaau atreet. CONST \ UI. ES SAMi OF A LI.ACKMI 1 Til S SllOl*, fcr doing ihip wore, on Monday, April 9, lhAA, at Hi A.,M,,*ftt 400 Water atroet. consisting of anvils, bellows, U'oll of e v ' ry description, iron. Ac , Ac. John R farringtom, Coaataklo C'ROi KLKY, Gl.AftS AND CHINA. J E. VAN ANT / WF HI' will eell, ob Tuesday. 10th April, at 10 o'clock, at tlfl Pearl atroet, from tho ah?'lvea, 01 a to* \?h?io gra bite, light blue, mulberry, o. o. dipt, yellow and Kockingftatn ware; 'I caaka rich china tcaaeta, I cask c< ft'e< h and toa* aud motto?, 100 casks glassware, assorted; I caee tea traye, 1 do. table out lery, (A fancy olocka, 100 dot. tin water ami chamber paila, 90 doa. aaeorted lantcrna. Catalogues now ready. "Ik S. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAGE SALE 1 *? ot spleudid rosewood furniture, caned aud tine ton* d rosewood pianoforte, valuable oil paiutings, coatly china and silver ware. heavy velvet and llrussela carpeting. 1 Ac., to morrow (Tuesday) morning, at 10^ o'clock precisely. | the entire tplcndid contents of the private dwelling house No hi Warren atreet, opposite tho lltidson River Kail road depot, partly consieting of royal Enyllsli velvet floor an I stair carpeting, inprain do., 1 nglislt oil cloths, silver plated atair rods, Ac.: roaewood parlor suites, elegantly uptiolster ea and covered in ntaroon, crimson and j^roen French sat u j damask: nlao, one antique medallion sot. heavily carved in rold ana crimson; ftaliun statuary, marble top tahl? h of all the uruul description fotiad in well lumi-hed rooms; heavily j carved full seven octave double action pianoforte, made by | Haruiore, of thia city, warranted? this instrument, for fine ness of exterior and quality of tone, is uu> uri*a?aed; also, a ! | very fine rosewood ctegere. tiniabe*! throughout in piato filasM and Italian uiarhle; also, ? very elegant inaNslve rose WOOd book? as?\ IbHoM ? ty , I IWftOh Wt rk tftklta, fan- f reception chairs e?critoirea, larye un l nplendid Frenoh plat" pier glasses, in f? ontly frames; Hob b BT| la?'e and bvooat all curtains oririnnl oil pamtinga by eminent modern artists, | SOtbla InJAlti and Holid atatuary, mart le ' locks, ostly I ro en <hiua ware, tine va#ea of ^evros poroelaia; Parian inar | tie statuoa and classic renrttfentation*: oak extensiou ta ble, with ntitiquc rarving; table linen, French chins, ailver t?a aervicea, cake I assets, forka, ipoous, ivory cutlery, heavy t ut ulaMsnare, win?a, champagnes, madeira, liquor caaes, decanters. ?%c.; rosewood and maho'any bodsteads, of | the antique and modern styla?; r?'Sewood tnarble top drawn | injc bureaus, wanhntand*, cemer andj towel stands, palian | acs, fine ? nrlf d hair luat'resseM, connterpaues, bolster^aud pillows, ctioa toilet sets, oval and square gilt rrayie mirr >rs, Ac. 8alo positive. DWm D. KABIi, AUCTION BBS, STOR1 ttO MR- >AOW A v. .? ? Sale of splet. did household furniture on Tuesday, April. 10, at 10 A. M., at 17-1 Weat Twenty second atreet, con suiting in pirt of rosewtod, walnut aud mahogaav chairs, sofas, tete a tetes, bureaus, marble top tables, mirrors, oil | palutlrgn and engravings, tapeatrv llruaaels and ingrain car jets Ma r carpets, ?tairrods, oilcloth, mahogany, walnut and cottage bedsteads, hair mattreasea, feather beds, shoe* ui '. towels, and chami>er furniture, wa?hitand?, lo .ain/ gla Baa, eroakory, glaaaware, eutlary, atovea, kitoneo farai ture, cooking utcUMls, Ac. Catalogues on morning of sale | at premises. f v I> NASH, AUCTIONEER? STORE .110 BROADWAY. 1 '? Mir -riff's sale of a look bindery, on Tuesday. Apr 1 10, I jlh.V), at 11 o'clock A. M . at No. 8 Spruce atreet, third floor, | the contents of a book bindery, consisting of pressen, koivei>, rollers, benches, stoves, Ac., Ac. LUOKNE H FRANKLIN, AUCTION EKR.-UY FRANK I. IN A NICHOLS.? Mortgagee's sale, on the premise . Ill ? I ff street, thieday, Monday, April Otli at II u'clock. | FHANKLIN A MCIIObS will roll at auction, aa abovef the whole stock of the brass ooek manufactory, 114 ClifT street, comprising one new i>atent turning lathe, one new slido r?st, shaftln?, bolting, Ac, with lull >?t of superior patterns, steam, Crotou, Ac.: also a full and supert' r set of tools, with sundry articlci too numiroiia ? o mention, to which we specially invite the a*tontion of brass founders, plumfers, and machinists. Catalogues on morning ot sale. T^XFt noRS' SALE OF TIIF. FARM AND COUNTRY Jj seat of tho late eminent soulntor, Tbom ?oow the pro l>erty ot* the Assnr Estate, situated in < larksto wn, Rock land county, with about 76 acre* of good land Thtre i? a s*f*l? ndid full length status ,t Wash in ton, cut in brown stobe, ttandinir in front of t!?e house. Will be sold on F.iday, April Ifi, at IL' o'clock, at the Mcrehanta' Evebange For terms, Ac., apply to C. It. MILLER A CO., Auetioneei ??, No. HA llroadway. I^LIAS II HENRY, AUCTIONEER ?II Y JOII N CA I' j If ELL ? Thursday A pi il I", at 12 o'clouk, tbe entire fvyiMvro contained in the rear "tf-ry bowaa h Hadaoa stfoot, cotifiating of a general asacrtment; also, the l>eda. ma' treaaes and arrat gvmeot s of eighteen onambers, dining room, andkit?hen requisites Terms ca?h, tiankable money. Deposits required. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER -MflRTOAGIC HALE OF ? all the furniture ot the Clarendon Hotel, at Green wood ( r G- wrnus ?F. Colton will soli t i morrow. April 10, at If',1! o'clock, the entire furi.iture of tbe. Clarenduu llotol. nt Greenwood. It will eompriae u very lar/e aasortnu*nt of very desirable furniture, in roaewood, mahoirari) , i 4 hair cloth and plash ui*. iaaa I aad laae oviiwa . frvnh plate mirrors, together with the neremarv furniture of nbout forty rooms, also, a UrKv quantity of lilanketa, ?beets, counterpanes kitchen furniture, barreom fujMt?nr4, Ac., Ac. N. Ii ? Tba stock is l .r. and will be aj^pdeiKumnt for tb < trade, aa wetl as n II otUom in want. TKavhole *tll t>e fold l>v virtue of a mortgage. Catalogue.1 can be had it the auction room, .V.' If ??* krnar* street, oa Monday. The car? from Fulton ferry leave you at the d ?or EORGF. COOK. AUCTIONEER ?BY A C?>OK f ?To morrow, TniNay. at |n*j >, rloek, at their aalee rooms, llroadway an I Do an ? street, ar? citen'lve assortmant of roaewood and naahofauy, l"?rlor, din^ig room a ?d cfiamber furnit ure, and bouaehold k?? ping articles of f very de?crip Mob, constating in part of elegant parlor furniture, of r ?s* wood and mahogany " en suit, in rich and fashionable 1 reriBfii of every ? ^r. tj a ty lee aad finish, ladi**' Freaeh accretaries, music cabinets, rosewood and mahogany secret n He- i a >k< kMf, library do , ? lo] lit || It - -'a table, French wuik tables, wbatnot.i and corner etanda, cm torn ma^e eatenaion dining tablet, sideboards, dining room a b4 parlor ebalrs, tafia, teto i tetot loangoa ? m ? !ialr?, r?>ck?ra, roaowood, walnut and mahogany bodsteada, bureaus and washf.taads, ef.amellot < ttagO auitf, ban RiattTOeOae, pallii.sses < ffi e and eonnting i? m 1-sks Al to m Ivor plated and china ware, ca rpeta, otlc'oifi, kitchen articles, Ac At IL' o clock, piano fortes. Catalogues n the lu r.nur of aale. (J 1 MCEME.H, MADEIRA WALNUTS, 8ECARS, TEAS M I ne day, loth Aptil, l< i, o'clock, at .*i7 l> y atreet, cor nrr Greene icb? herrings, codn>h, t Jalifori ia aalm ??. eti<ars, I cflces. shelled almonds, prur.ea, gin, rum, > r ndy, clar--'. w ifie.i bard * arc, tea canister ,i -hovels, knive? and fork", cbuels, saw-, wnir?. riding sad<tles, wa 00s Ac. Vv A. 1AKTEK, Auctioaeer, ">7 D^y st ! H*N*Y II I.EftbA 4 CO , AUCTIONEER* ? h?.Id turni'ura eal?-e. -Henry II. i.oela % to. *til g.r? tlMir pcmnil ettaati' a (at tbaj li*?n -1-vo* f?r iruuv / ? ?ri? l?i?M *>" the aale ? of ho af .hold fi*rn*t>re, at the roiidonc* of familiee nrcakiax ?P hoaadkeepinj? or rumoring. will alao have regular aaJaa at their auction room a, Vo 19 Nm#i u ilmt, between 1'ioe an4 Oder tor ?ha coneea euce of tboie who may d*?tre th * medium A cat*. HKNKV II LK1II, AU< M ? > 1 . 1 H 411 PUB S4LR , I oi bowe?b?>ld fnraltare . nrijr .?n &ta4a t> i'<rui<? j i oroer, the property of tt f irmly lvarln* for h rope ll-ory | II l.teda A I o. will Mil, by a ? * Ion, on Ta< *day , A pril ItKb, l at V % o'clock, aV-No ill Kattrih aveaue, b?lwwn T mtjr ' j fir*t ?nd I aeiitv trrond ?trier*, a I tuutiful namrtment of j furniture, conMatln* of ? fr?/?t I'arlcr Knilrato?t of elahoratoly carved oak loave*. j Tin*, Ac . covrrd in tup at ry und r*p*; bo lo-atc oval top do<>r? and plate rlai*. benatif illy curved; ia|wrb maatH mirror miailion pattern, jrilt rin*?; pier Kla?*e?, ' irnicei and marble baec in grtaa atid f'im"?; carved oak pe ? ? t ? I , with pcifl ano brown fitdtilnf ?boll forfloeer*; Koyal Axmini'ter carpet* , antique carvtd ? ek ml ta* .je* end ttanda, wall etecaree, with carve I oak ftrfurat and rich | vane#, hanpinjr book' a e or rotooca. ?'''lion brown an i j ormolu rhardeliert. will# pleat droj a. fitted lor tea ? ^4 e .n die*, oak *?win^ an I naif armchair*, aaaared In ridh flj ? r?HI I i ei,<b co lainei; hanging raekt, ambrafclai ed with ailvtr < flow era Middle and bark parlor?- Hoiewo' d French fancy diean*. a r/a ano parlor nhatr*. *over?l In two e ?l"reJ ntnk ?atin r?al broax eUi4< iera ?npported by fl a rot r>* m I niano foile; carted oak ?Jo at ?ol; n? ro'i * .?.*#?, statuary, ! Urge Per iaa figure*, iart*-<l <>ak anil composition nraoket*. I rome throree, I'hine >eat#, r ? ooo |? 1 ?tal and table*, 4c J ^KrUnatd p?rlor aiilta? ? oraiatin/ of lmn,;M, wi*h lir/?? j enanlon*; arm aad par'or chaira, ? .-otrtral la alaeaot while j Mik brocade and yilt fr?m- ? Iar,-o pier and m.?roie mirror* in pink and fto'4, medaiion ahaire, covered in white and cbiat ? brocade, withfrtlt 'ram *#, aide taM^a, ail t aad marble t W/pa, jilt fratne ??te/er?, with marble top for pede?i*ia an 1 ! rlai' ; laee; I'irian ?tatu?a. A''.; terra *otta ??ail brack eta, | ben* H ~ o. I' M. r<cepti >a '?hair* and tabl*?, Ii??i4 d? H ?*?? ! aad Hul l tctrelary, Card?alere ai?ti<|fi?? eirrad tide tafel?, n .ntcl rnaniei.fa, Jewel caaket, Calaa a .d I'arian, and other i op t j frra.t ore I'mii.a r??' m aad litrary? A at I i?e carted aak buffat, table (!i?t , loua.'B, Vr-r> h atriped rnrtain?, oak r ^aic* and pier flaae, rote woo ?1 piano f otl?, by i;hiakeria<; ro* n . 0 < tttc, Piipfrb enteeii' ii dioina table with Uaaaa. | ir a in fan*. eHvet larpeta wall car*' I br* k?M c*r*ed 10 k? a*e, ti, tw doe,ra, l*t book*, anperb dine r, break fast and tea ?e?* of rr^en. K??id and flower*, rleh dlaroonl cat flaae * |e? ant f r*-ach '.<?wl HI* fruit dlahea plat<-d war*, j itiere laee enrtaine aid hravv tu.?. |* antiaoe oak bat IB' k * It b antier* borne, ditto *e*t< as oil alothe, Ola k taerble elorlr. branca ball lamp* baabcaae, roeawood loan pier o f? ft ", Ac., Ac. |><:roome- Ta^ea#rjr carp? ta. marble top* erred oak t nl?* i???| rablaet, lar>? oeal d?a?a ug H-??, oak *o'a ? oyer , ?,<! in ?nmaon eilk broratele. chair* lo h; car* d oak i table, rot ad marble top eantre dMto, btae aad t -Id taa *a, I rev a frame mirror. Ife door eurtaia* a?d aar??t*e, feaef iaint*d ledataeda, t prim beaa an 1 m <ttr?M*a?v bron*? tow*l racke, brown ra? ftiturea. eaihroiderel bw I ? ifh.n? ma or ear aad ro?a?ood tedroom firnltare (lark walaot . arvea euite, eotarad ta ara^a ploab, marbU tap a- ?aol% inrkoy eortaiae, and other coeily arUelae t an ** et i ? mined ? n* day bef* re the *ale nRJlRV fl I.KRIM9, ACCTIONKKR. HKSTKlt. hauaabo'd faraitnre, ?f tha ?*at klo4. n^arl* ie?, aad ia perfeet erdrr II INKY II f.fcKlss A CU will a?it 1/ aectloa, oa Tuetday, April 10, at I't^, o'oloek, at 3>i A e?t leurtaaath Itf* t IM t . r . .*??t?ai,U ao i -n-iM' -i for ait?.r? eontaia'd ia eeid hoa??. e?in?!?tier of r >* ?0" I and ' r aber?n> par! ?r furalture, roared In 'tinoin et1k bf fca i telle aofae, *beir* tete a t?t?Ni f>tbi" ^halr? riec*ea4 | laarble taneeatre tablea l?eoeaal? e*rp?t?, iarre n 4i , e.l ' let b ? aad mat", mah< rany bedraoai fWiitara, bureau*, p.?f? I* t?p an4 r,l*?* rr aeb Mft*a4? ???he<aad* an i t * f mler eate, maborany centre aal ? la tthf*- r'ree**! (late peer an4 ?.eel r'a?*ae. p?ll.a >t?ra, be>* u* U r*e?ae . at be r bade a* d piUoa*. eabram ?ofai aad to*' a tat ? la air tlitb, Mthivf l|4e.? Ktlai reel utmlae tavN, a?a j be#aey Iretk feat aad tee ??t?, flea ewft* aad at h#r hiie, all of which ar* ta * ?rel'ent order A fan a lar e aaaortiweN* n1 kitabea fnraitare aad ateaatle, with at ? b 'b* eate w *1 ran.mer.aa. nOl'M HOI.D rrHMTl III AT Ai:< TIMS fOff N I VAMltWAir.H will eell th.*day a* **> ^o A Heed etriet, an ale/aot a*??rtiaent >f b ? ?* .old far altare, tbe property of a featlamaa bi ek a* ? f b^aaakea^ r t *a?*letiBf of wiltan aa!.|r?i?a *?rt'te ri-'i p??r aad n.iat< I c la#a#e. brve** ear*. ? a' d orae< f?t ?l ??, eaa*!* ? ?ke, vantel *raam*n?e, daaa>l e il?? ?artt<a? at^r lia?d wlih laee, aar??1 raeawaad faitea eaea *?! t % * t tet- a <*?. era aal *ew>af ebalf*. eaeeiad ta aatia bra^ta?* ead made te erder reeewead aad a>ik^ia; marble U? taM?* tfe *?af?rea rteb ail patatlar*. aaaaar wlN b may be f ?a* ?' a>a of great merit **l?at*4 al?la ear*, r^aewo^d p>aoaf *r*? > 1 1 i 1 1* bar baak parser aad dtalaf r>aaaa ?r m i earpet u ? t ? m? y rtite# la bair ulatk teta a *e?y aa # *e/t' r ? bair* p al ? raey aarWe tap tablet teal m rrera. ka?fcea?aa m eatal 'riaaeif aatee?i' a tebUa, f?*b eStae dlaaee a?4 t*a aett?? ail**r platad wtre, it, 'a4r>^m flrait?r?t au l vraar aad ratewead bediteedt 4e aartte Up ?.o?ei, 4a ? atl ifaadt ebaf?*. Haa#** atrlie ta) ta? * * aa 1 *ajeetr? *arp<te, aaatel ,ra* a.**'* t tei* ? w ,ta a ? ' ?r?ra aeeor* wea* of ke*ee ea*. tr 4 k t?l*a r*. *? ?# ? - ? it im wJJt4wa?a * BALM AT AUCTION. <1 tt IIORTON, AUCTION***, WIU HfcM. TMIH J* iMuudav ) afternooa at 1 o'clock, at 1.1 Msih aveana ibc taiaaov f a ?t*ek of jewalry to eloaa tk? ? i Mating ol ft id watcbca, nug*, pins, chains, trace I ate, ate. and tsgaia. I Hr.SK\ II I KM>S, \l < rioSKFK fi V I! il I tKl? A CO.? Monti ay, April V, at 11 o'clock. a"- tho aaifa room IU Naaauu atreet, jewelry ? a small lot of jew*i ry? be ing tb? I alanci of a *tock of mi importer declining contiatmg of earring*. broochea, hree?tpina, gold and S'lver }" >enci!? aud t>e is, lo-k?t?, ? Lama, rirga, apectaisa, trap* et#, rearf pine, sleeve buttons, etude, curt |uia, lr The above will lie a?ld positively, without reeervo, to cloee ?u*i LIN. JHrbcrii i fimTii, ai ? i instKH - At < rio.\* no tlia - JOhKI'll I.. MllTH will e?ll, tomorrow .11 n day), at 10^ o'clucl , at No Franklin e'reet a stdeudid aeacrttnen t of lurniture, conaiating of roMtnoa parlor and bedroom suite*. tw? magnificent eelu? in ?atm brocade, two aplendid roaewiod bedroom suitea, three piloted cot lane auit?8, mahogany and bla? k walnut bcd*t?ada, eotaa, bwreeoi, locking chaira, Ac , tome richly i at v ed reo-ptioti and pirlor chaire, ab? at frfSlyard* of Uru-aela and ingrain ear^H in ?IHillll urd? r, ?' > 1 ?? 1 ? ? t tia, ??il i>aiu'io-. ? > ? . ? ? ? acor in by eoinn of the firat arttnte, hro< atelle and la ?* cur | tains, ricb parlor ahadea, eicelUnt blocks, ohlou vaau*, tea i | dining and eatonaiou tahloa, rosewood ? ? utr*. aide ami card i table*, orockiry ;laae aar?, costly china tea aud dinner acta, ^ il war plr.ted can tor a, oake bit*k?ta, apoona, lorka. tea ecvice, aalvere, all heuvv plated, iv ry cutlery, Ao. ; hair uiattrceaca, idllowa, I. lank at*, stair carpet*, hat a inn la, large oval and pier with beavjr French platca, an excellent uaaortment of kitchen furniture, onoe -ookma stove, in gocd crdar Aleo, at 12 o'clock, a superior roecwo d pianoforte, city made, arid tuilv warranted. Mort,ar" enlc of ilea rosewood furniture, tapestry carpets, pier alasaen, piano fnr*os, silverware, Au 1*- morrow (Tuesday) morning. at 10)# o'clock pr?ciaclv, at 170 Welt 'twenty fouith atrevt.a tev. doora trom Ki^lith avauue, coin pHting the beat aolccti n offcrad at nuctiou tbla aeaaou. A Ftortlou of the coati'iit % in h?To luhjointd; roaewood piano ortc, full ae%ei? ?*< tate rii hi) carved caa?-, co?t $1 W ??lid rotcaood brocatel furuituro. til unite, very e*penaiae!y carved, and cove re t with the richest materiala without regard to coat, laive pier aud oval mirr^ra, with marbl*' ?lal<n at d gilt braekcta to ma'ch, marble top roaewuod * e;? tic, aid? and t , 1 . .:?t i ? t r?*. i..;.r top, w.tli h^av v plato gta^a <iuorh un<! back, ma>!e to order, eoti 9120, ftboot 1W y*r4a of ttpaitrr earpeta, iu iiMlltai crder, rorew< od eortiir ? taaeroA aii(iooru<r ataud*. beaut lul and heavily ? mhroi'h r? d whit- lac* Mr low curtaiu*, rich brocatel curtain* and eomictt for four wlndowa, larjfH fothlc reccntlon aud easy chaira, in niik un 1 amhro >lered r<"-adc, oil pnint'iH*a, amouK w hich may he found a < hoioa aolleatfton by Bodtrn artiata, Fraacb ooroalaio iiMftl ?? and va?cn, ftniahod and painted In a ' tilt at ate ol perfection, irrrry roaewnod and tn^JioKuny hcdstcada, both ol the modern and antique nt>kf. with ^cry elegant innr'lotop drcsfing bnrtttit tnd w*ahsi*tidi to nub povt eariid hatr j matt rearc, beda, bolatera and pillow a, mahogany and maple chaira, aolaa and louug***, heavy rnahog my ten feet ? xteu ? icn table, bl.ick walnut do tna Mid liinln/ taMe-, rhioa tea acta, very expeuaivcl> iio< orated, elegant mantel civ kt, contmnn %-rock?T> and /laaanare in htaement, a lar^c Maaort me ut of ailverware, apooi a, t<?rka heavy plated oaat? re, with cut bottlea. allvor t?-a aervic?. elanantly 0 baaed and on graved, large aulver s with aolld silver edgaa, beat of Iv^rjr cutlery, Ai JOHN w MOMBRIITDTKB AtTCTIOIfB] I HOOT gave alio of magnificent U"'.?n hold furniture, pia?io, ichandclieri. mtrrora, Ac, in h <uaa 1^1 Cast Thirty fifth atrtet, on Tuoaday, April 10th at KM ^ o'clock, by virttie ol aevcral obattled mortga<< a. The parTort arc furnished with | elegant i arved r aew ood aofaa, trtw a Ute, arm ohair?, parlor do . covered in the richont bro? a le t<atin marble top. cent.'e ana tide tabka, (ro?ow od i. piano of hi - la coat and finish. ! with ate ol and cover, aidant mantel mirror*, hi;h com*, ova! mtrrora between the piera, rich lace curtaika, witn cfrnicea and bolder*, front aud back, v?iv?t tape<trv carpet* but li* t le uaed, apl? ndid ^i* light ? bandeli r?, Kngliah oilcloth in hall, chatidalier*, roaewood hatatind aith mirror; In dtuiag room, oak furniture, one aupert<r axtcnwion dlnina table. | twelve oanc *ra< arm chairx, at ie tables to match, liruaaela earpeta, apletidid china dinner and tea aeta, glaaa ware, Ac . , I rich velvet earpote on ataira. with i lated rods; the aleenmg , rooms aro lnrnisbo4 with rosewo? i furnititrs of Ibi Hen sal deicrtpUoi), Iirn?i>ela earpeta, hair uiaUreeaaa. t . d* and bed ding, together a ith a goo l aovortm^ut of kitrheu furniture. J Tlia property ia all in gm>d ? *ndition. No. Thirty f,itb I atroet, between Fourth and Ma lit n avenue*. J AM KB rOI.K, A I'C'TlON KKF ? HTKAll FAfilNf a 1 1 a 1 1 1 ii tr , boiler. Ac? Mort?atf? Sale .1 A \l K ' I'Ol i; A | .iON will sell on W ? in? adav, April 11, at 11 o'do. k . ? l,? c< rncr < f North I irat and '1 auth atre? ta, llro'iglyn, K?a? m J District, nun atcam en/ine .bout ten horse power, in f r?t innninc order, together with the ahafting and two boUera ???mplete ttri OS>h? J K.DUNCAN, AUCTION REK? 11V DUNCAN A I t l> | e vsfib, tbU osy, Mondny, t bs Mkiiat., at |i ? o look, at i tore b& uwnne li a lar/>- and avl?ct atock of hard mm* conai ting of iv?ry deacriptlou of ahlp < arpentar*1 an t me | cnanlca' toola. table cutlery. Ac., Ac T' e owner telle ? n account of having two other bimineaatn attend to l?u?>' fcn A KUawurth. An? tion??? r?. II i': oe atrevt . Olfice No ? ? u uionwealth Ruildintf*. VI H. II LKKCK Eft WILL SI LL AT rt lll lC Al ? TION, ivl on Thuraday, the IJth in*t .at 12 o -lock, at the Her I I haste' Eicbange, theajdoidid four story fcnnli*h baaement. i j brick bouae and lot, 157 W nat Thirty eighth atreet, near the I F.ifibth svenne Map* can be ha i at auction rooma. No. 7 I | Hroad stroet. j MIIIIK.IITV, Al I II' MIX nil. I, CKM. TIIM ? day, at 2 o'clock, at the aalt room M Mat s t U avena*. a larpe and general naaf'tttucut of^aome hou?euol(| furni tufa, carp*-!*, bair lUMttrta^ca, oil palntinjia. tedSiuf, A< 1>I.ANTH AT Aft "IImN-W M M-ILI.VAIN Wit \ I aell thia dav at K'H t'ulock. at the a< ed atore, 7 J ? ? I t . a?ri et, a aplundid aaaortmeut <if perpetual, moathir, clim* j ing and tuoaa roa?* , (in and out of p<<ta> hoiie * enekles, )e?ea minra. grape vincj, carnation*, ptnke, vcrboaaa, uanlis*. gladiolua, tub?'ro*ea, A- Ae., direct lr<>rn the garden on ! morning of aale friui 1'eUr llsnderaun, Jersey 1'ity t a* ! n'oguea, JytA ahes nr.itN^rtiN t piiimjivs, Hi: A I. FSTATI. ANlM.r.NRKAl ALiTIONRKK No. 51 l ib?rt> atreet "tt? door from Nasaau, will g \e I their peraonal aU? nti u to aalea of real eatate, atoeka, v? ? MlS and in< r ' . % . ? i ? , . >u j< iva' ? ?? i- a r, i ? . ? rale A auction of < srg"*", h uaeliol l f urniture p*in< n ? atafuarv, w< rka ? f art. Jewelry, Ac , and to cut d' or aa r?r erally Money liberally Advanced on real eatate ato?ka, vettala, fmnltnre, Ac , left oa *ale with u - 1 oana negotiated ^rr.MAf u ? tim* Nf?tirr? iiv * % HAim tin |to? k tf ftinriltttfftl mr tl ?, m m io#? H II MY. A r>t#ton*-or. Attlffll *$ ??!*, '>n ?w#*4*v, K%r> | In, tt Ilk' *tor? N o rA ? I ? ft ?f #*t ? n ir % f .#it *- m ft, A? , liDtin *?hl ?uiMln* I ?> r?i?|ig(it ?watltei *??/* ?rt*?!t tii?d '7 U<* f i . i i?rl it-r, m4 mi; f# MMl ?1 or? tbi Ml*, tl *???* ?t on, So J? Hr i ? t TV# III* ecmmpnt?<* it M'H * Hut **th ?;?? ind mill toMiit'it until if tr rtul* ?? nt4 llf ii A'. 11*11 MAM IRVlM. 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E AC In It WOMAN WI.?UED A SITUATION in B rrlaatr lumilj , In an lualldil . ..ok wintjar nad Iri Bar, ?g l? allni r?lo panry took and l^kar and b aa a* ??Ijri In B ??> f" B ?her? diatania tn tlx man try. lla? Iba ba I nl tlly rafcrfuaa I'l.M, rail a) irataal plaoo. Ml Karl Twaatj alablb atrial AVt'UNIi WOMAN WANT* A MTUATIOW AH tint, tulii and irontr 1 !.? bail of >it> raforowc* froBi bar laat titaatlon I'laaaa ? all al li.'. ft. n? tl.ird unit. ailvria Mall and ftaaralti BVruuoa, taacad ImV, Ik ail. t'an ta ?a,rn for two days. \VOl'N<J HUMAN M I Ml US A SITUATION Alt I lam crvk. and aani.t In Iba wa?km? Bud lroai..i, la a irmala InBiiiy Mill k<> a abort dlatan ta la ib? c..? lalry 4||ly ai 117, TatBli lr>t itrial, batwoaa Saooad aaiil il.irif ax i.uaa, tttoad 11. r lit aa aaaa far two day* I. tad * 1 1 j rrfaraara fclvaa A I ADV. ItAVINO It'll ItlKuCB, IS DEM HOt'S >1 run inn., a ittuatl.'B fir b?r cook. wko la wall Mr i, u| j dlnpomt.ou, ai.d airaaotnly ubli I .i.| . >bil i an I a axil rro?miu?ndad An oarly applloaiioii H'MHtiJ >2 l.aal Tan.1) naaoiid itraat, batwoaa It ma. I way ai a fnarlk atanua A kl'INi. Hi. HAS lit Rl l-Kt TAIIII.ITV. WANT1" J\ a altnalli.1 an (. ran and .. n urn I n an, or < l.aii. i.i rwa.d till, llan a?ul nt? rnf. rnana troBa b. r iBat ila.a. May l.a am u al I. .3 bwiiBiio. betwoaa NlBa 'aaatl. and Twtinl.alh alritli A SITUATION W AMI II I.i A ItKM'KCTAHI.K I lallby wi.ib.ib an w.t turn, v. ? ? In a ir~.b i.ra .at of milk, cau tita ?ood ?lt) laf'imran l an l.? trail till aB |l aid tt f j F' with aMI-lio m It dour lit oa? I., IkatnnM it Ttntb airifl. AiikUMAN UIKI. Vitus A BITCATIOH To i>u < l.aiul.nrwork or oookinr. in a .m.' r?n|~ laanily Una tbr I ml of fit* r. 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