Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. I MOIlf K 4kK ? ?? Moitoat, Aprdft? P. M. Ik* vtoek market *H pretty well natalaed at the ihii m>rntng. The transactions were very Wy-muullT largo turn Monday. Erie Bond., 1875, <e*Harl X p?r Beat ; Cimbnlud CmI, \ ; Reading Belli sod X ; Michigan Southern Railroad offered at 08, and fell off to 91 per seat ; Northern Indian* Coaatru# ?oa Baifroad opened at 91, aad eloiod at 80 per ?eat; Torre Haute and Alton drat bond, ad MMtd % per cent. ; Cleveland aad Toledo dividend bond*, 1 ; Cleve'and and Toledo Railroad, % ; Erie bond* ?f 1876, eold to the amount of 170,000, principally on buyer'! option. Illinoii Central boade wore in Umi M demand to day, at price* current at the olose on SMuday. Bonde of Western Railroad companion, of m issue, are coming upon the market gradually but Moadtly, aad financier* of that Motion have adopted that method of railing new bans, Instead oT , loaitlsg the market down at onoo by large aale* at auction or by receiving bid* to certain dates when a diatribution take* place. Wo approve of the plan, hat it la in danger or being over-done. Cumberland Coal was depressed to day in price*, "but rather active In opera tions. Erie Railroad waa pretty Arm at the opening, and ?eo tuiaed eo to the close. Reading Rtilroad was the most active stock oa the list. It receded a fraction in prices, Vwt when we ooniider the extent of the transactions, it win not teem straage. A slight reaction after sucb a vapid rise, ia rare to be reallcsd. The business opera tions of the oompany promise unprecedented profits, aad Me produetlveusa will astonlah thoM who have re tained prejudices against the road on account of Its old AMruKies. The time baa gone by when Reading R?ll *?4 stock can be depre ssed by the bears at pleasure. It ? will act fall bask in Taiue, or uuciun ?? aad largely aa in times past. Panama Railroad stock has fcflea back nearly to par again, and it will require con adorable speculative excitement to get it up muoh be job d the point. After the ad journment of the board, the following aalea of itoeka u4 bonds were made at auction by A. H. Mieolay . ? $?,<00 Miatouri State Size*, interest added 93 H #,000 North Carolina State Sixes, do 98^ 10,040 Peoria Cltv Sevens, do 83 ?,000 Ohio and Miss R K. 2d mort , do 63,>? 600 Cincinnati and Chicago R R. 10a, do 4"> 26 shares Second avenue Railroad 41>? 70 do Hudson River Railroad 40% 260 do Erie Railroad...,. C2)? 60 do Fox and Wicouilk Improvement Co.. 40 200 do Cumberland Com Co 31 ^ 100 -do Bank of Onweg? (hypothecated).... 88 & do IlanoTer Bank.,, 90 ?0 do North Hirer Fir# Insurance Co 130 10 . do Lorlllard Fire Instance Co 1<>? Vi 26 do Continental Fir* ltiorance Co 09 6 do Mercantile Fire Mauranoe Co 03 ? do Long Island Fire Insurance Co 139 12 do Commonwealth lire Insurance Co Q4<{ 9,000 do Isabella Copper 04 60c. 2,600 <?o Union Gold Mining Co , of N. C.... 30c. 1.000 do Gardner Gold Mining Co 15c. 260 do Ward Mining Co 92 25 160 do Gold Qnartz Machine Co $1 00 At the second board the market waa considerably da jreaaed, ranted, without doubt, by the unfavorable bank report. Cumberland fell off 1 per cent; Erie Railroal, 3i; Reading Railroad, % ; Nicaragua Transit, X- ofeMfl Mr. 3. Thompson's regular weekly auction rale will be heM at the Merchanta' Exchange on Wednesday, the 31th last , at 12.X o'clock. A large amount of solid State stocks will be offered. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to 4ay were aa follows : ? Paid on Treaaury account $239,280 30 Recti red en do 77,804 19 Balance do 3,284,0)14 93 Paid fer A asay office 3,427 36 Pa d OB diabarsing checks 31,327 10 The warrants entered at the Treusur; Department, Washington, en the nth Inst , were For the redemption of stock 9092 13 Per paying Treaaury debts 10,769 64 Par the Customs 9,244 29 Par covering Into the treasury from cuttoms. 4,429 29 Fe? the War Department 69,211 60 For repay iag (or the War Dapartment 1,323 91 Far the Nary Department 0,200 40 Per the Interior Department 12,8t'l 71 For repaying in the 'nterior Department 11,797 The receipts and expenditures of the Oswego Railroad Vempanj from tho 6th of Jane to the 31st of Becembtr, 1164, were aa follows ? Oswego Railroad. Malaaee la treaaury 6th June, 1864 93,300 29 laraiaga prior to 6th Jane, received etoee 4.787 71 Passenger earninga to Doc. 31 . 43,848 62 a" j* do uareousV. 00 07 ?eoeipta oa account of increased stock 26,200 00 Total 997,178 63 Bodemption of bonds 916,000 00 Merest do 7,034 00 UaMJtlee prior to June 6 0,379 44 Bvteniien account 0,828 67 Maiataimiag and opening road 34,800 70 ?tbar items 12,049 09-980,102 M ?alanre 911,076 00 Tha annual receipts of the company amce it* com pletion were;? Pnutngert Frri 'hit. Math. .Vine ft. Tot tl. 1M8, 3ajoe...$7,3U> 47 78 ?1H 00 ? tx,n;| as IMS 48,867 71 6 474 99 ft20 (W 2,161 51 5H,ltt4 24 1M0 58,263 07 8,7X131 ft, 107 9H 8,139 ?3 HO 244 09 MAI 57,00172 14,1(14 2H 4,953 87 19,400 84 90.24171 MB2 56,239 99 28,900 0)1 4 290 00 10,419 64 90,910 *9 IMS 87 444 19 30.461 ? 3,97ft 44 421 01 92,35.1 09 MM. 87,573 31 30,230 00 1,521 SO 4,271 03 109,001 81 The untxtd statement (xbibita tlie average daily ?lavement la the leading department* of the bank* of tfcie city daring the week preceding Saturday morning) April 7, MM:? Nrw Yont Crrr Bj.vkb. Ixtann. Sprcir. Circuln'n Deposit*. .S3, 240,403 $670,201 ,..*,330,174 777,963 ,..3,400,995 1,326,009 ..4,006,328 808,227 ..2,962,724 321,400 ..4,287,610 1,773,073 ..2,375,436 299,630 191,185 104,115 102,430 209,816 389,702 204,411 227,840 134,106 00,048 28,600 186,398 139,913 701,177 Jmnlc*. He* York. ... Manhattan Co, Merchant*'.. ., Mechanics'.. . . Mm Phoenix *Hj Worth River Tradeaaaen'* Fulton. . 1,715,631 ,1,031.704 .1,321,600 .1,698,036 .1,397,801 Hrnh'ta' Exch.3,789,517 National 1,042,141 Batch, k Drov'a 1,300,702 Mech ft Tradera*. 729,418 ?Monvleh 666,307 Leather 1.764,029 Seventh Ward. .1,135,902 State 8, 632, *39 Am. Exchange. . 7, 2?8,260 1, 048.441 Mech. Bkg. A?.l 102,734 74,111 Oaaomeree. ??very . . . I Broadway Mercantile FmMc Republic Chatham People'a Narth America .1,303,016 1,243,220 2,163,271 805 388 2,997,107 , 654, 759 7 8. (.391 1,021.759 1,204,683 b-ring 634,060 Metropolitan 4,831,440 Cltiten.' 713,814 Greoore' 622,948 ?Mean 807,036 ?aet River 619,084 Market 1,102,348 81 Nlcbolaa... M9.824 Shoe k Leather . 782,744 Cern Eichange. 1,477,616 Continental 2,009,000 Common wealth. 1,220,897 626,891 1,000,368 1,161,687 904.240 123,705 Oriental. Marine Atlantic Maori City Pry Deck N. Y. Exchange. ?uU'a HeadT , . 722,068 499,374 354.555 405,740 206, 0:i9 208, 927 211,738 120,067 328,913 07,202 390,894 87,234 64,609 102,404 89,383 71,163 844,584 46,846 81.824 180,851 69,333 121,824 40,240 73,231 160,690 25(1,708 147,262 37,047 102,262 54,029 31,722 25,002 11,130 24,464 ?277,74?J2,7l2,6H2 413,208 3,198,948 244,039 4,319,688 418,169 3,308,274 170,317 2,580,071 100,894 4,958,939 110,821 2,131,481 68.114 1,257,433 170,111 941 917 214 622 705,940 130,210 1,391,047 274,873 1,256,820 135,680 2,2M,210 100,221 1,087,376 50,996 810,244 114,408 526,488 190,023 872,847 234,866 1,257,689 186,173 007,682 610,847 2,054,813 282,456 0,696,018 198,801 810,592 2,165 6,223,461 178,700 816,276 213,020 1,219,406 90,777 006,847 97,162 1,623,934 117,007 601, '200 86,693 2,870.362 100,023 320,132 124,172 617,113 86,260 1,305,686 90,008 682,080 104,674 461,709 108,166 6,236,745 140,913 604,776 91,014 121,034 94,426 116,412 83,305 107,768 621,893 828,607 243,399 934,371 400,945 434,495 102,867 1,394,810 91,823 1,814,824 94,628 1,008,298 06,382 328.876 96.911 97,508 96,464 02,762 95,527 90,487 694 182 246,179 161,223 141 344 145,471 118, M total $94,499,394 14.IMR.0U4 7,771 ,534 77,318,908 Kaekaagaa fot the week foiling April 2 . .... $9.1,909,622 ?? ? " " 8 198,184 870 Balance* for tho w??k fading April 2 15. .147.685 ?? ?< ? . ?' 8 e.108,708 Th? above aggregate cemparel with tb iM (or pruri ? ?Nk>. preaent the annex*) *tatemont ? * tu*u or N?w Tom. Ixm mi. .Specie Cirful'n. Ofpmi/i. Da#.*, '64.. $81,663,867 13,018,147 7,076,830 82. 8 28 040 JU. 8. '66.. 83,344,708 13,698,983 7,049,983 84 883.163 Jan 13, '66.. 83,979,081 16, 488, (>36 6.6*8.401 07,003,398 Jan .30, '68.. 86,447,998 18.373,137 8,881,366 S9,8?7.818 Jan. 27 '66.. 88, 864.847 18,897,380 6,839,833 70,138 018 Feb 3, '66 . . 88,146,897 17,489,198 7.C00.788 73 933.317 | Feb. 10 '66.. 6?, 882, 177 17,1$4,894 8,9*9,111 73,794,344. Fab IT, '66.. 90,868,031 17,.V9,085 8 941 808 76,193.838 Feb M '66 . 91 ,f 90 604 18,670,876 8.98:1.603 74,644,731 Mar. 3,'65. . 92.888,136 18,681,371 7.108,710 76,968 344 Mar 10, '66 . #9,331,789 18,870.089 7,131 998 78,369,489 Mar. 17 '66.. 98,447,846 18 93.1,9*2 7,081,016 78,614,237 Mm. 34, 66. , 66,060,773 18,803,739 7,462,331 78,389,933 Mar 11. '66., 93.034.041 18.018.106 7,837.833 76,60>t.l88 April 7, '66.. 94,499,304 14,968,004 7,771,634 77,313.908 3JTb* la?t return* of tba bank* compare! with tho?e for the pr?Tk>o?, ahowa the following Tarlatloni ? Increaae In iMni and dinroanta > 363 InernM in simulation 463,901 lnaraaa* In depoeit 713,722 Decrease in apocie 1,060,101 Theee change* are greater than we haft noorM It m*y ??? for B1?DT mnntha and the bank* are #ri jfUy Nicmog wwtrr ip tbair conation. The , counta m mv (MM than during u>? whrt? of i*?t year, with but ono exception. '** **?*?? K'll >M*ll in 1864, in tho line of lanna, wm $?4,M$ ,4ft on the 4th of March. A* amount of apaoio In *jn tuki Mid 8ob Treaaury ob the 8th of April, T864, ?M $18, 484, TOO. Tbia yenr the* on ban4 wm $17,190,004, ahowing ? reduced (apply of ifitfk, with a Um of diaooanU ?boat two mlUiooa krger. The bank expanaion hu been carried too far and too fMt, and wo bofin to hare serious miagtotagt of a audden collapae. The amoan* cf bunineaa gotag ob doea not warrant inch aa Inflation' and it baa reached that point now whan the baata ia by no mean* aound. Laat year at thla time oar importa tiona were more than double what they are at proaont. Credits were much expanded and the banka were boaet by hungry applicanta Now the banka an In tho market begging the broker* to tako their money at tho loweat ratoa of intereat, and thoy find it difficult to obtain euatomare for all they hare to lend. It haa for sometime paat been the general iapmaion that money would continue <aay, and that the ratea of intereat would rule low throughout the aummer;but we are not entiroly aataifled with thla steady and rapid expansion of bank credit, upon a fancy atoek baaia. One of theaa daya we ahal1 find a audden and aharp turn in the acrewa, and an lm mediate scarcity of money. If no real cauae exists in commercial cbrclea, one will be found by tha froquentern of the numeioua stock a peculating ahopa located in the back part of the Wall a tract banka. The ? peculating di rector* who there*daUy oongregate, will bo In a poaitlon to let the market for tha fancies down a peg or two, and the machinery muat ba worked accordingly. We hare no doubt these bank ma nag era have been realizing lately, and they will aoon want to come in again at lower prloee' When the proper time coaea, they will apply tha proper screws to the money market, and then wo ahall see a collapse tbat will topple the fanclaa from their preaent high position. jf?r ending Pec. 81', 1864, ?u II annexed:? Exportation or Biuui>8Ti-m rRo* Dmoir, 1864. Ban el* of Hour shipped. . 337,143 41 " re set red from Chicago 16,127 Snrplus exported, bbls 322,016 ItUHbele of wheat 'hipped 897,169 " " reoeived from Chicago 101,461 Surplus exported, bushel* 796,708 Bushel* of corn shipped 687,489 ?' " received from Chicago 162,817 Surplus exported, baahela 424,672 Baabel* of oat a shipped 228,460 " " received from Chicago 207,243 Sorplua exported, bushels 21,207 Bu?hel* of rye shipped 6,896 The Pre Prrxs *?y*:? 1 This* are the principal Soar and grain export*:? Of barley there was received from Chicago 33 S64 buabeli. and from the Interior of this State, by the Central Railroad, 2,184 baahela, ahowlng the consumption of thla city to have been 33,209 bath. ?If, without taking into account the recelpta by the rontiac Railroad and by wagons, which would double the probable amount eouaumed. Of oat* th?re was re ceived from Chicago 207,243 bushels. and from the inte rior of tbia State, by the Central Railroad, 181 068 bu?h tie, making in the aggregate 338,311 bushel*, while there waa ahipped only 228,460 buahela, leaving the consump tion of thia city 109,801 buahela, without taking Into account the receipt* from the other aonroea above men tioned. Of corn there waa received from Chicago 162,817 buahela, and from the interior of thl* State by the Central Railroad 684,148 buahela, making an aggre Iate of 747.206 busliola; while there waa exported only 87,489 buanel*, leaving tha ooaaumption of thla city 169,776 buahela, without taking into account the re ceipt* from the other lources above mentioned. There waa, besides, 313,011 pound* corn meul received by the Central Railroad, and only 1,880 pound* and 956 barrel* exported. Of the value of the export* of flour and grain we can arrive at very defirlt* result*. The average price of flour duriig the year waa, aay, 97 60; of wheat, 91 60; corn. 60e- ; ontH, 35c. Thus ? 337,141 bblf. flour, at 97 60 92,628,672 801,159 buxh. whoat, at 1 60 1,315,738 5*7, 4R9 >' corn, at 60 3t2,693 228,450 '? eat*, at 3S 79,957 Total 94,306,860 The shareholders of the New Jersey Zinc Company are requested to give notioe of their intention of taking the eight per cent pr?ferred ttocka to be iiaued la acord ance with the supplement of the charter, prior to the 20th lnit., after which the privilege of aubacription will expire. ileairs. Page & Bacon, of St. I.oui*, have given notice that all collection paper held for acoount of other par tie*, and all enclosure* of correipondenta coning to hand subsequent to the 4th ln*t., will ke transferred to Luca* & Slmondi, of that city, unlem otherwise directed, for the benefit of the proper parties. Stock Exchange. Monday, .April 9, 1866. 96Jf 50 ahs KY^eaBIkA" M 98600 Virginia 6a... _ ... _ ? 4040 ?ri'e5d Vi e B*. 101 SOGalena * Chi RR. 00 1000 Erie Con Bs '71 84* 10 do 90 * 1000 Erie Ba of >79 89* 61 Qev t Toledo RR 74 8000 do 89* 60 d? b30 74* 10000 do b30 89* 350 do bOO 76 I0C0 do 89* 25 Harlem Pref'd.. 78* lroco do b60 89 >4 CO Erie RR b60 63 lOWO do 89 200 do 52* 26000 do B60 89* 150 do *10 62* 2COOT 111 C RR bs b30 77* 100 do b30 62; i 6000 do b80 77* 100 do b30 SIX 10000111 C R K be btt) 73 260 do 62* 1000 do 72* 100 do .b60 63 1000 N YCen RR Ba 92 100 do b46 63 MOO NYCenVa.. 10b* 200 do b3 63* lCCOCbgo&RIRBa 9? 300 do b30 52* 4000 T HfcA latinHpcb 90 100 do al6 62* 20< 0 do 24 m 8 p ctb* 78* 1 700 Reading Railroad 87 160 Clefc Tol div ba 73 1000 do 86* 2000 N lalatm O line 86 1600 do 86* 6 >b*Del All CafllCo 126 100 do b60 87* 10 Bk North Am.. 103 2C0 do bW 87 26 Continental Bk . . 105* 200 do b30 87* 60 Canton Co... lU 27* 100 do btw 87 160 do 27* 100 do b3 86* 200 do b60 27* 200 do 1>30 87 1(0 New Jer?ey Zinc 4* 200 do b60 87* 750 Nla Transit Co.. 16 100 do *38 86* 100 do b60 16* 50 Mich South'n RR 98 400 do bOO 16* 60 do 97 1200 Cumb Coal Co.. 31* 10 Mich So Construe 91* f 50 do 60 31* 10 do 91* 2(0 do bl6 31* 26 Panama RR 101 260 do b60 32 100 do b30 101 50 do b30 31* 100 do b60 101* 100 do blO 31* 26 do 100* 100 do 31* 75 do 100* S00 do 31* 60 Nth Ind Conetruc 91 200 do *60 81* 60 do 90 120 NY Central RR. 94 28 do 89 SECOND BOARD. 4000 Virginia ?'*. . . 93 \ 200 aha Ert? RR klO 52 10000 N Y Cen 7'*... 100* 100 do b3 62-4 1M) Cum'land Coal Co 31* r>0 do 52* 150 do 31 )i 340 do ...... a3 52tf 200 do 31 46 Mich South R R 98 100 do b3 81 200 N Y On R R b#0 84 % 100 do b60 31^ 200 do blO 94 100 do.. b3 V-% 200 Reading R R blO 81 * 50 do 30H 400 do.... 86 X 100 do b3 30 X 300 do b?0 87 100 do 'MX 200 do b30 8tiX 100 d? b.10 31 60 do 8?H 1000 Hud R 3d M be 77X 60 Hudaon Kir RR 40X 100 Nlo'a Trt Co a3 10 82 Clark Tolado RR 74 100 do a3 16* 23 do 74* 50 Eria Railroad... 62* CITY TRADE REPORT. IIohdat, April 0?0 P. If. Axiras.? About 100 bbli pota w*r* aoM at $8 fl?un?Trrrt. ? Flour? rhe mark at wu Itrnar: com iron and medium gride brand* ad ran cad about 6^c. a 12c. per bbl. The aalea footed up about 8,000 to 9 090 bbl*, included in wbiab were common to good brand* of BU'a at 99 37 a $9 62 X, eommon to good We* tern at $9 81 a $10 25. Canadian (300 bbla.) at $10 12 a 111 25. Honthirn wa* higher, and included in tha above were 3,0(0 a 4,000 bt>l?., part *old on Saturday afternoon, at $8 76 a $10 44 for eommoa to choice brand*, and tmtU lota choice were made at 25c per bbl. higher pricea. Fancy and extra brand) vera aold at $10 50 a $11 61. Uje flour ira* at $6 50 a $7 62. tfsal? Terser was hall at $4 62 a $4 76, and Bran ly wine at $5. Wtuat? Sale* of 4.600 bushels Southern white were sold at $2 65. The xtoca continued light and receipt* limited. Corn? Tka ?ale* embraced 35,0(0 a 37,000 buahele, at $1 0ilt{ a $1 07, the latter figure for pdme Jersey yellow, and whleh waa afterward* held at $1 08. Included in the above xalea were *ald to bs 13,000 buiheii Sou the rn white, to arrive, on private term*. Rye waa hald at $1 3$ a $1 40. Oita were les* active at 62e. for Jarasy, and 70c a 7ft?. for Plate and Weitern. Barley? 2.500 buahel* were aold, two- rowed, at $1 33. Corrai ?The sales embraced about 200 mtta of Java, at 13J(c.; AO do. Rio, at ll)?c., and lOOdo. St. Doming), at 9Xc. (.'otto!*.? The nala* amounted to about 200 bale*. The maiket clo*ed Arm. Faiiotm*.? Fngageaaat* to F.uropetn port* were mo derate, and without change of moment in rate*. To Liverpool. 100 bote* ot to'iaceo were engaged, at 16*. per ton; 15 tenr oil. at- I61. ; 100 toa* lojwood. at 17*. (id , and about 500 bales of eotton, part engaged on St turday afternoon, at 3-lCd. for uoeompreieed, and 5 :)2d. for com pre ~>ed. To tondnn, 360 tierce* beef war* taken on private term*. To Glasgow, 1,000 bbla. ro?.n were engaged, at 2a 6d. To Rremen, 50 tierce* honty were token, at i'^c., and 300 bbla. rosin on private term*. There vai no change of r*t?s for Iltvre. To Oallforola, quotation* varied from 30c. to 85c. par foot meaaure meat. rmo\ Port?' The market tt? etcite<l with a upecuUtire moTement Thaaalei embraced about 7,000 M>R, included la which wrT* 2.000 old m<?M, at 91ft 2A a $1 & .17, whl?h afterwarda rallied to I cloaecl at IIS 50: a.W0<!o. do., btiym ' option, AO day t, at lift 75; 1,000 do. ?* prime, <<*liT?rabl* la June, at 91S. 1 000 do. saw for June ilil'rarjr. at 117 75, and M)1 jo , detifer abla In all June, lell.T* option, at $18. Haaf >u Arm at old prtoaa. with aala? .if 300 bbla. Kitra Chicago baaf hiw, w?ra held at ?'21. Pale* of 1M> packa^ai ehoal der* and bam? war* aada ?t Te for th? former, and *lfa. a ?. ?4C. for tha latter. Lar '?The market wa? without change In priee*. The lalae amountad to ab>ut S00 bbla., at 9Ve. a #*4e. for food trf prima for ? Halaa of 2>? hunbala wer#H>*<i* *t lO^e. a lie, tha lattar Bipire for atrlctly pr we. laaaad *?othy vat at M Bough flat n< wortn II SSlHW. ABTfBmm uwiwii ituT w. f ^ JM??? AT APOHW. A LBKKT H? NICOLAY, AUCTION RBR-POSITn J\. Ml* *f deeirable ktiw ai Uti in Um kltitlhl T 1 1 few ?' lldnMu4 Mott Htm, WaiitktMr MHt;, Nw Yerk ALBBRT H. NICOLAY will Mil o> TaMday? April 10th, IMS ,ii u o'olook, at th. Moroluute' Bxehaaga,N. T.. Two mt two atory tul attic teutotwuil lot*. lituated OB th* porth Mt of Melroie itmt, M?tw Kallroad ui Cortlaad avenuei, SAO foot Aran th* Utter tram. Bona** 2S?30, lot* 48x100 f**t. Th* has*** each contain thirt**a room, and ?r* wall flniahed throughout ; baleonlea in freat, rr?a?h wimdowa, km. They are admira bly adapted forprivate Maiden ate Mua^j three aUautea walk from tha Malroaa depot of tha Ilariam railroad. Two third* of th* parahaae m*a*y ?aa ramaia oa hoad aad mort gage for Ave year*, a* 7 par o*at. Till* anqaaitioaabla. A l*o, oa* lot of groand adjoining tha above. oa Malroaa ttraat, well adapted for halldiag purpotoi-HilOO. Tama oa*h. Mott Ilaren ? The neat two- *tory aad attia Aram* houte aad lot. tit dated oa th* Old Boatoa Pott Road at Mott Havaa, within At* minute* walk of th* Mott Harti railroad d*pot.| Lot lOOxauO feet; hoat* 25x34, eontaininx elevoa rooms aad a good o*llar, front aad haak piana, ?o. Tha garden 1* tailefully laid *at|with flowac* aad ahroba ; alao fruita, aaah a peart, peach**, ploma, fuiaoat, oherriea, go*** berriea, fcrapoa, Ac. The hoa** la in food order, having b**a painted inade aad ont withia the lan year, and la wall ahadad with tra*a. There la a n*T*r failing apriag of watar on th< premiaea. 81,500 can remain on bond aad mortgage at long at doairad, at 7 par cent intaraat, aad the title la indiapatahla. For further partioulara apply to th* Aa? tioneer, Mo. ? Broad ttreat. Albert h. nicolay, AucTioNiBR.-posmr? aal* of 27 valaabl* lota on Ninth avenue, llxith aad 107th atraata.? Albert H. Nieolay will a*ll at aaotloa ta Tnaaday, April 10, 1856. at 12 o'clock, at the Merchant' Exchange, 27 valaabla lota, at followa:? 6 tituatod onjhe weat aide of Ninth avenue, between 100th and lOTth atraeti; 11 oa the narth aid* of 106th street, oommendng 100 loot w*at from Ninth av*nue: al*o U oa th* aoath tide of 107th atreet, commencing the tame diatanea WMtot Nuth avena*, all in th* vicinity of th* new Central Park, wlero extenaive Improvement* are in *ont*mplatloa. Thi* mle off era onutual induoamenta for lavattakcat of capital, tod i* worthy the attention *f tartlet that are d**iront of otteia ing a nandtome profit oa their parohaac*. Title perfatt. A larie amount of tha pnrohaa* money oan remain on toad aad mortgage for one year or longer, If deaired, at 7 par oent internet. For farther particular* apply to Albert H. Nieolay, auctioneer, No. 4 Broad atreet. ALBRRT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER.? ABSOIUTB ?ale of valuable property on Second avenae, PortySfth, Fifty third and 108th atreet*.? ALBERT H. VICOLAT will Eiibange^^'oonf avenue? Th* new"four" etory brick loot* ?nd lot No. 528 Second avenne, near Thirty third atreet; let ^Ax 100; houte 25x46 and rent* for $800; #4.000 can remain on bond and mortgage for a term of yeart: title iadUnataole. Forty-flfth atreet? The threo atory (Philadelphia) brick *ad lot. No. 106 Forty-flfth atreet, between Broadway and Sixth avenue; lot 17tfxl00; houae 17KH4, tiaiahed It neat atyle, with marble mantel a, hot and cold bath*. Ac. term* eaty and title nerfeot. Fifty third atreet? Poor lota on the north tide of Fifty third itreet, 400 feet tut ot Fifth avenae, 75x100 feet eaeh. The** lota are admirably auitcd for immediate improvement. Terme eaty and title unnuet tionable. 108th atreet ? One lot oa the north lid* of 108th atreet, ICS feet eaat of Old King'i-BriJge road. 25x100.9. ferine en*y and titl* indisputable. For fall particulars ap ply to the auctioneer, No. 4 Broad atreet Albert h. nicolay, auctioneer? positive ?ale of M Madison street, at Miction. ALBERT H. NICOLAY will aell on Tuesday, April 10th, 1*9*, at U o'clock, at the Merohants' Exchange, the thirty live year* lease of lot No. 94 Madison street, with the two story attic and basement brick house thereon, on the Math aid*, be tween Catherine and Market streets. Lot 39x100, house 29x46, and wa* bnilt in the very beat manner eome years ago, by Preserved Fish, Esq., for hit own private residence. It hat solid mahogany folding door* in parlors, handsome chandelier* with out gins* globe* In two parlors, marble mantels, heaters, hot, cold and shower bath*, gas, C'roton water front and back vault*, Ae., Ao. It la in perfect order, and ia conaldered on* of the moat convenient houses in the Seventh ward. The lease ha* fifteen years to ran from May 1st, lew, subject to a renewal of twenty. one years. Ground rent (169 per annum, and the own*r of th* lot to pay at the expiration of the lease, full valnefor all improve ment*. The house will rent fur $810. and possesion given 1st May or before if required. Terms easy and title perfect. For card* of admiialcu and fall particulars, apply to the Autioneer, No. 4 Broad street, _ AUCTION NOTICE. ? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE sales - EDWARD SCHENCK, Auctioneer, will give his personal attention to the sale* of household furniture at the residences of families breaking np housekeeping, or at hi* salesrooms. No. 16 Wall (treat, for tho** who may prefer it, Auction notice. -conminuation sale-large and peremptory sale of magnificent diamond*, watohus and lewelry.? ED WAR U BCUEMCK wUl Mil atauctim on Tuesday, at th* salesrooms, IS Wall St., at 10)f o'clock, a large Invoice of loperb diamond*, watohr*, Ac . oonaistiig in part of brilliant diamond cluster and aingl* rings, nine and earrings, ladle*' enamelled watch**, let on both sides with diamond*: al*o others, vis., indepeut second, double time keepers, fifteen day, patent ana Jetnohed lever, Ao , by Cofcpir. Tobias, Jnrgenson, Breting Frer**, Rigby, Dent, and othor celebrated makers, and in eighteen carat gold ess**: gold auite* of braoelet, pin and earrings, brooches, breastpins, gold stoa* and mosaic sleeve buttons, studs, seal ring*, gold vest, guard and fob chain*, gold pencil*, pen*, looket*, earrings, Ao. Sale positlv* A UCTION NOTICE? GREAT SALE OF HAGNIFl A cent hotiaehold furniture.? UE.NKY T. LEKP3 will s?U at auction, en tbe premises, No 11 Wooster street, near Canal street, this day, April 10th, at 10>? o'ulock, em bracing the entire furniture of the above house, pianofortes, oil paintings, tapctry and ingrain oarpets, gilt fr line mir rors, rosewood parlor furniture, marbl* top oeatre, *ido and safa tables, elegant lac* enrtain* and oornioea, Frcsob shade* and fixture*, rich vaaes, superior rosewood and ma hogany bedati (ids, do. bureaus and wash stands, with mar ble top; sop< rl?r hair mattresses, paillasse*, beds, bedding, dining room furi.ltare, extension tables, sofas, spring scat e'lniri, arm do., rockers, silver plated ware of a superior quality, vis., table casters, oak e baskets, spoons, forks, la dies, pearl Inlaid cutlery, China, glass and crockery ware, Ac Auction notice.? ji sep h l. smith, auction ear.? Mortgage sale of rich rosewood furniture, tapestry carpet*, pier glsasos, piano fortes, silverware, Ac Thf* tluesdaj) morning, at lOJj o'clock preulsoly, at 170 Wost 'menty fourth street, a few doors trom Rlghtn avenue, com K prising th* beat selection cftered at auction this acason. A rfion of th* content* -oeite aewood brocatel furniture, in auite, very expensively carved, and covered with the richest materials without regard to eost. large pier and oval mirrors, with marble slabs at d jrilt brackets to match, marble top rosewood cen tre, aid* and (oh tabloe, elegant rosewood etegere, marble top, with heavy plate glass doors and back, made to order, cost tl2fl, about 1310 yards of tapestry earpets, in excellent order, rosewood corner etageres and corner stands, beauti ful and heavily embroidered wliito lace wisdow curtains, rich brocatel curtains and uoruiees for four windows, large got hie reception and easy chairs. in *ilk and embroidered Brocade, oil painting*, among whioh may be found a clinic* collection by Biodtrn artii ts, French porcelain decoration* and vase*, finished and painted in a high state of perfection, heavy rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, both of the modern and antique stylos, witn very elegant marble top dressing bureaus and wa*h*tand*.to match, pure curled hair mattresses, beds, bolsters and pillows, mahogany and maple ohairs, sofas and lounges, heavy mahogany ten-feet exten sion table, blaok walnut do , tea and dining tables, china tea sets, very expensively decorated, elegant mantel clocks, common crockery and glassware, in basement, a large assort ment of silverware, apoona, fork*, heavy plated casters, with cut bottle*, silver tea servioe. elegantly abased and en graved, large ?elvers, with solid silver *dg*?, best of ivory cutlery, Ac. Auction notice.-e. e. aaron will sei.l, at half-past 10 o'clook, tbl* day, at the salesroom 67 Nassau street, an Invoice of Sne gold watches, of Breting Frere?' manufacture, varying in cost from $100 to $900; also, an assortment of gold jewelry. Sale without reserve, for cash. A ^SUCTION NOTICE? THIS MORNING, TUESDAY, April 10. at V% o'clock, SAMUEL OSOOOD, Auction eer, (tore 66 Na*rau street, will **11 at 116th street, Eighth avenue, near llarltm, the entire stook of ohoice hot and green house plants, fruit and fancy tree*, gardening iaaple meat*, Ac. Particular* in catalogue*. AUCTION NOTICE.? J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER-BY 8. Bogart. ? This di.v, at two o'clock, at No. Mi Ninth avenue, eorner of Twenty-fourth etreet : liquor atore, bar, counters and fixture*, chairs, *oreen*. lookiag gla**ea, pic turns, gee fixtures, awning, eroton pipe*, eloek, desks, casks, tumblers, decanters, Ao., Ac. Auction notice.-j. bogart, auctioneer-by ?. Bogart.? This day at 10U o'clock, at the auction room*, corner of Frankfort and William streets, genteel bonaehold furniture, aofaa, dreaslng and plain bureaus, couchc*, bediteada, hair mattr*a*e*. mirmr*, superior new and recond-hand carpet*, rotket*, fire proof iron safe, desk, lookesse, chair*, tables; also, the stoek of a clothing store, coats, pantaloons, vests, shirts, drawers, trimmings, buttons, trunks; also a small lot of dry good* and millinery; also, s*gar*, *ix pol parots and cagee, refrigerator, countsra, Ac., Ac. Auction notice.-thomas bell, auctioneer ?By Bell A Bush.? We will sell this day, at 10W o'clock, the furniture contained in the tfcree story house 10 Lauren* street, near Canal, twelve well furni*h*d bedrooms dining rooms, purler and kitchen utensils. Must be removed **m* day. Depoait* required. A large lot of b-dding, crockery, picture*, Ae. Wednesday, furuiture sale in our *al*a rooms, Ac. Auction notice.-thomas bell, auctionf,kr By Bell A Both.? We requeat attention to our *aies of ?uperiur bonaehold furniture, to take plaoeon Thursday, at low King atreet, near Hudaon? rich Bru***l?, tapeitry, and ingrain earpets, oilcloth, nearly new: ohalr*, sofa*, Ao., made to order; aplen^ id mirror*, with marbl* pedeetali; gome obolc* paintings, In classic fram**, by tbe best artists. The bedrooms eralcomplete; basement and hall arrangement* desirable; ornament*, Ac., too numerous to notlee; Kitchen utenaiis; pianoforte, Ac. Particular* in tine. Friday Sale of genteel furniture, at 63 Walker street. BELL A BL' SH.'A uctloneers Auction. ? tunis morrell. auctiomecr ? I Desk*, counter*, sign, account booka, An., thla morning, WJi o'elook, at *1 Nassau atreet; after which a large stock or good furniture pianofortes, paintings, mirrors, ehlna, I ronie goods, mattresses, Havana segars, jewelry, fancy good*, mor* fully de*crib*d on catalogue At auction-by tirtu* of a cn attkl mort the atib(criber( will Mil on Wcdnecday, April II. 1M8, nil o'clock A. M , at the earner of Firat arenua ana Taenty (arenth (treat, In the e|t? of I?aw York, the Une of (tana In Mill pit j known a* the Firft arcana lino, and pro rprij thereto pertaining, and alto the icod will of Mid line, erm* will ho mad* kaown on the day of nil. SAMUEL C. GEROW. Attonar f-r mort?a?eea an chamber! etraet BA. CHILTON. AUCTIONEER-ONE nUNDRRD . bntldlng >ot? in Brooklyn at aactlnn? To ho Mid by Colo A Chilton, on TuMday. April 10, at II o'clock, at the Merchant*' Eichaaca.? I'eramptory mU ol about 100 valoa bio bnlldiag lot?, to cIom an lateroat, by order and nndor the direction of John P. Rolfe, Eaq . of Brooklyn, (Hunted in the Ninth ward, on Lafavette, Lewie Yat*? and D* Kalb arcane*. and Talaeki and KoMlneko atr'ete. pioper ty ie e> me of the b*?t In the Ninth ward, and liMonand near tha ?rade Till* indl>pniaMo The Myrtle a?enne railroad paaee* withla 000 fact *f thia property. A railroad hae been pranted for Do Kalb avenue. l.arayette aad Oa Kalb ateanea are aow pared. The lut( are to be aold frea aad clear ?f all aaMosente to tha day af emla. Not*? Tha inrchaeer of two oMiore lott to be entit led to ATI per cent on bond and mortraaaTor two or thro* yeara ?t 7 p?r sent; I or ebaaara of (Ingle leta, tarma oa?b. t or atpe and fnll par t<*alara appl? at the office of the auationeora, 18 Nam! atreet, New York, or 43 Fnlton (treet, Brooklyn. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.? WASHINGTON . bath at anctloa. Col* A Chilton will eelt at auction on Tneadar, April 10th, IMA. at 12 o'clock, at th* M*r chaat*' Eaehania, N. Y., the Waahintton bath now lying at l.oa* pier, Gowanua bay. Th* bath ii one hnadrod aad ataty eight feet in leanth and 98 faat in width, ha* foar aeowa elaty feel long, nine f**t loam and all teat deep, with aa chora.chair*, furniture, Ac. For terra < and particnUra, ap ply to th* aactloa*er*. No. Ill Naaaen (treat. rj?OC|??T. 01. ASH AND CHINA.? I. I. VAN ANT V ?7r!.KI ,wl'1 ?? TiMiu, link April, at 10 o'clock, ?? ??#?#?, froi? Ik* ahalraa. MtnUi whita ?r? ?Ha, licbt Mn?. snlkarr/. c e. dipt, yello* ?t..l Krkinatiara * Hrti rwk ihiM ??!?, 1 luk nftta and Um and lfn M'ki (Itarvww, 1 c>n ta? irtri I 4*. . ?* '???/ 1<*> 4?f tin w?Wr ?n.l ehtmhar P*"*i ? <?? ??? ri?4 l?n??rm?. 1'?uIoqm bow r??4y. H UllS*' APcnoN?tt-sTo*i no iuoaditat. w.7'^.-r.vrrj.,*?" - kujm at Awrmm. DS. HOOCH, AUCTIONEER ?MORTGAGE SALS j ? ot iiliilM reeewood furaltun, richlv sassd and IM toa?d mmil piaaoforte, nlukU *11 p(liUi|i, omMj china 111 silver tin, iMn Hint tad Bruasela iupttia| Ac., this (TiH^ti) morning, at 10U o'clock praolaaly. the satire spleadid contents of ths pri vaU d wslllug house No 81 Vim* Him*, opposite th? Hudson River UlrMtl liMt, partly ooasistiag of royal English velvet floor and ?Ulr MrpMiif, Ingrain do? laglish oD sloths. (liver plated stair rods, Ac.: mowaad parlor Suites, elegantly upholster od and covered Is maroon, crimson and graou French ?atia damask; alio, one aat.qaa modalllon Mt, heavily carved ia ?old and erimsoa; Italian statuary, mar bio top table* of all the nasal description found ia woll furnished rooms; bsavlly oarved rail aeven octave doable notion uianoforte, made by barmore, ot this city, warranted? thla instrument, for flno neaa of sxtsrior and quality of ton*, la umurpskssed: alM, a vary floe rosewood etegere, Sniahed throughout in ptato glass and Italian marble; alio, a vary elegant massive rose wood bookcase, antique style; French work tables, fancy reception chairs, escritoires, larjie and splendid French plate piar glasses, in (eestly frames; Hob hsavy lace and brooatell curtains original oil paintings by eminent modern artiata; gotbic inlaid and sells statuary, marble c looks costly Dree don ckina ware, flno vaeaa of Sevres porcelaia; Parian mar ble atatnea and olaaeic representations; oak extension ta ble, with antique oarving; table linen, Trench china, ailver tea services, eake baakati, forki, spoons, ivory cutlery, heavy ont glassware, wines, champagnes, madeira, liquor cases, decanters, Ac. ; rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, of the antique and modern atylea; rosewood marble top dress ing bureaus, waabatands, earner andi towel stands, pallas ses, tine curled hair mattreesea, counterpanes, bolsternland pillows, ebina toilet aets, oval and iquare gUt rramo mirrors, Ac. Sale positive. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORE 310 BROADWAY. ? ? Sale of splendid household furniture on Tuesday, April 10. at 10 A. M., at 174 West Twenty saoond street, con Slating in part of roaawood, wataut and mahogany chairs, sofas, tete k to tea, bureaa*, marble top tables, mirrors, oil paintings and engravings, tapestry Brussels and ingrain oar pets stair carpets, stair rods, oiloloth, mahogany, walnut and ecttage bsdeteads, hair mattresses, feather beds, sheet ing, towels, and chamber furniture, waabatands, tooling f lasses, crooksry, glassware, outlery, stoves, kltohen furai ure, oooking utensils, Ao. Catalogues on morning of sale at premises. ELIAB B. HENRY, AUCTIONEER.? BYIJOHN CAMP bELI/? Thursday, Aptil 12, at 10 o'olook, the catire furniture oontained ia the four story house 27 Hudson street, consisting of a general assortment; also, the beds, mat tresses, sofas, ohairs, French plate pier and oral mirrors; j also a valuablo collection of oil paintings and arrangements of eighteen chambers, dining room, ana kitohen requisites. Terms oa>h, bankable money. Deposits required. Eugene b. franklin, auction*er-by frank. LIN A NICHOLS. ? Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10 o'clock, at 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and John. ? Eugene B. Franklin will ssll at auction, as above, a largo variety of superior cabinet furniture, mirrors, carpeta, oil oloth, Ao., to which tbo attention of pur 'hasers Is specially invited. Also, a quantity of seeona hind furniture, de serving the attention of buyers. Catalogues on the morn ing of sale. PCOLTON, AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAUE SAI.E OF , all the furniture of the Clarendon Hotel, at Uroen wood or Gowaaus. ? F. Colton will aell this day, April 10, at I0X o'clock, the entire furniture or the Clarendon Motel, at Greenwood. It will oompiise a very large assortment of very desirable furniture, in rosewood, mahogany, in hair cloth and plush: also, damask and lace curtains, French plate mirrors, together with the necessary furniture of about forty rooms; also, a large quantity of blankets, sheets, counterpanes kitchen furuitore, barroom furniture, Ac.. Ac. N. B.? The stock is lar?e, and will be an tndeuemeni for the trade, as well as all others in want. The wliolo will be sold by virtue of a mortgage. The oars from Fulton fer ry leave you at the door. George cook, auctioneer ? by stoyer a cook ?This day. (Tuesday.! at 10}? o'eloek, at their salee rooms, Broadway and Dunne street, an extensive assortment of rosewood and mahogany, parlor, dining room and chamber furniture, and household keeping articles of every descrip tion, consisting in purt of elegant parlor furniture, of rose wood and mahogany " en suit." in rich and tashiouable coverings of every variety of styles and Snish. ladies' Frenoh secretaries, music eabinets, rosewood and mahogany secreta ries, bookoases, library do., marble top oentre, side and sofa table,. French work tables, whatnots and corner stands, eus tom made extension dining tables, sideboards, dining rcom s nd parlor ohairs, sofas, tete etetes, lounges, armchairs, ruck* re, rosewood, walnut and mahogany bedsteads, t>ure?n and wssbstands, enamelled eottage suit*, hair mattresses, palliasses, ofBse and counting room desks. Also silver plated and china ware, earpets, oiloloth, kltohen articles, Ac At 12 o'clock, piano fortes. Catalogues on the morula* of salo. George cook, auctioneer.-by stover a COOK ? Genteel household furniture.? On Thursday, nt o'olcck, at home No. 7 College plaee, near Barclay etn et the entire furniture of a large boarding home, cod ?iitlng of English tapeatry, three ply aniTiairraiu carpets, stair and hall do., sofas, tcte-a-ietes, urm and easy chairs, springiest parlor do., curia m and cornices, shades, marble top centre and aide tablea, bedsteads, bureaus, washstands, mattrOESci, l?di, bedding, toilet acta, looking glasses, dining tablea, sideboards, dining room chairs, oat glasa varo, ivory table outlsry, crockery and china ware, ailver do., planian tin ware, hall aland, kitchen articloi of every description, with which the sale will commence. Oepoifti will oe re quired of evtry purchaser. Catalogue! In the morning vf aale. /lENERAL SALE.? TOMS M OR II ELL, AUCTIONEER 1 7 ? l'iauof rle made by receiver of gold nedal at fair, will be aol<i tliii morning at I o'cliuk, at 81 Nas?aa; also, aicond hand pianos, roiewood, mahogany, black waiuut, oak and enamelled lursiture; arge variety, advanced npou and will he add at great sacrifice. Oolil jewelry, Ao. Groceries? madeira walnuts, seoars, teas. r This day, at 10), o'clock, at No. 57 Dcy street, corner oi Greenwich, herring*, oodtish, California aaltnon, sugars, ci Oees, abelled almond*, ' prunes, gin, ram, brandy, clarot wine, hard warn, tea caniatera, ahoveli, knifee and fork*, cbirele, aawa, whipa, riding saddle*, wajrona, Ac. W. A. CARTER, auctioneer, 87 Day street, Henry h. leeds a co., auctioneers. -uouse hold furaiture ealee. ? Uenry II. Leedl A Co. will g'.Te their perecnal attention (ae they have done for many yeare paat) to the aalee of household furniture, at the residences of families breaking nr housekeeping or removing. They will also have regular sales at their auction rooms, No. II Nassau street, between Tine and Cedar, for the conveaiecee of thote who may desire this medium of sal*. n-ri-Wlon'ofiT WVniWrt.T WHW'I.r-fi.W/ Wr&tf * order, the property of a family leaving for Europe, Henry II. Leeds A Co. will sell, by auction, on Tuesday, April lUth, at 10)4 o'clock, at No. 277 fourth avenue, between Tweaty tnt and Twenty-second streets, a beaatiful assortment of furniture, oonilsflug of: ? front I'arlor? Entire suit of elaborately carved oak leavea, viae, Ac., covered in tapeatry and r?pe; bookcase, oval top doors and plate glass, beantifully carved; superb mantel mirror, modalion pattern, gilt vines; pier glasses, ooraices and marble base in green and gold frames: carved oak pe dotal, with pearl and brown nantilas shell for flosors; Royal Administer carpets, antique carved oak side tables and stands, wall eteceres, witb oarved oak Azures and rich vases; hanging boukca e of roeeoco, sliding brown and ormolu chandeliers, with glass drops, fitted tor gas and oaa dlee; oak sewing and oak armchair*, covered in rich figured > tench de laines; hanging racks, embroidered with silver flewers. Middle and back parlors? Roiewood Trench fancy divans, arm ana parlor chairs, eoverei in two colored pink satins, real bronie chandeliers, anpported by figure*; rosewood piano forte; cerved oak do steel; marble vaeee, statuary, large I'arian figures, cerved oak and composition brackets; bronie figures, China seats, roeeoco pedestal aud tables, Ae. Splendid parlor suit*? Consisting of lonngee, with Urge enahiona; arm and parlor ehaira, covered in elegant white ailk brocade and silt framea; large pier and marble mirror* in pink and gold, medalien chairs, covered la white and chints brocade, with gilt frames; sids tables, gilt and mathls tops; gilt frame etegers, with marble top for pedestals and rlate glass; I'arian statues, Ae.; terra cotta wall brackets, banging do., P. M. reoeptlon chairs and table, Bois de Roee and l)ubl secretary, Gardiaiere aatique oarved side table; maatel ornaments, jewel oaakot, China and I'arian, and other costly furniture. Dining room and library? Anti iuo carved oak buffet, table ditto, cbatie, lounges, French striped certains, eak oornloe and pier glass, rosewood piano foite, by Chtokering; rose wood mnalc ease, superb aateasion dining table with leaves, made in I'ans; velvet carpets, wall carved brackets, carved bookcase, mirror doors; lot books, superb dinner, breakfast and tea est* of green, gold and flowers, rich diamond cut glaaa, elegant French bowl; gilt fruit dishes, plated ware; poiticre Isee curtains and heavy tassele. antique oak hat racks with antlers borne, ditta settees, oil clothe, black msrble clock, bronie hall lamps, bookcase, rosewood lounge, piano forte, Ac., Ae. Bedroom*? Tapeatry carpets, Marble tep carved oak toilet, with jewel cabinet; large oval dressing boi, eak eofa. cover ed in crimson silk brocatele, chair* io match; qarvod oak table, round marble top centre ditto, blee and gold vases, brown frame niliror. Isee door eurtslns and eorniees, fancy painted bedsteads, sprins beds and muttresaee, bronie towel racks, brown gas tlxtnree, tmbroldrred bed curtains, ma hogany and roaewood bedroom furniture, Maek walnut carved suits, covered la sroea plush; marble top consols, Turkey curtains, aud other costly articles. Can be m stained one day before the sale. Henry h. i.keds, auctioneer. -genteel household fnrnitnre, of tb? beet kind, nearly hi, and in perfect order. UINRY 11. LKIItS t CO. will sell by auction, on Tuesday. April 10, at 10)f o'clock, at JW Wait Fourteenth street, the very desirable lad haao tifnl lor niturc contained la eaia home, consisting of rosewood and mahogany parlor fvraltnre, ootmd la crimeon (Ilk broea telle; eofas, ahalrc. tote a tctca, lothla chairs, rosewood marble top centre tables, Bruaaels oarpeta, Ingrain do., oil clothe ana mats, mahogany bedroom furultare, bureaus, marble top and glaae; Fr. ach bedsteade, waahetaads and chamber Mti, mahogany acntra aad aide tables. French plate pier aad oral glaases, palliaetare, hair matt reseee, leather bada and pillows, mahogany sofas and tete-a totes ia hair elotb, rockers in do., dlniag room eiteaeloa table, ma hogany breakfast aad tea ?ata, glassware aad other ohlna, all ol which are In excellent ordar. Aieoalarr* assortment of kltohea furniture aad ateaails, with which the aale will commence. HEN It Y B. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.? BY U. H. I E EOS A CO., Wednesday, April 11th, (enteel honsehold far nitare, at IU){ o'clock, at Ma. 13S Bleeeker street, coasisting in suites of carved rosewood fnrnltnre coveted in plaah, rosewood aad black walnut marble top centre tablec, Urge mirrors, erimron and black broeatelle and lace wiudow cur tains, eteseres. acta of mahoran V dining tables, chairs, tapestry and Brussels carpets, lall ehalra of black walnut, oil olotbe, bat ataada, Iparlor door mAts, Ac. Bedrooms mahogany and black walant bedsteads, wardrobei, maho gany ana black walnut tablaa, chairs, waihstands, wiadow curtains, cornieee, mattraaaca, beds bedding, blankets, quilts, comfortables, Ae.: eoRoheo ia do laiae, china, ilaas aad sliver plated ware; kltchea furniture, Ac. The whole of the above furniture has been kept ia excellent order and li In tine condition, and apparently but little need. YTENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER - ASJIONER S II sale of a manufacturer's stock of fine jewelry, by order of the receiver. BEN BY B. LI E*>8 A CO. will sell by auction. Wedaesdsy, April Ilth, at 10)j o'clock, at onr stors, 111 Naesan alreet, a stock ol gold Jewelry, to be sold without reserve. The said stock consists of a great variety of all kinds of Jewelry, and ol the latest aiyles, la which will be found the following articles: -Viae (old rob, guard and vast chains, leckete, pencils, pea caeee, rob, guard aad vest watch keys; gentlemen's seals, signet aad liager rings ef great variety; diamond, emerald, etoaa aad scale flagnr rmgaof every style; s'ads, sleeve bnttoaeU*??rt piae, shawl do., ladles' brooches, carriage and braeelete, all or the latest st> lea. ilea, acme fine imported sets of diamonds, emerald, ruby, opal, coral aad plain bracelets, brooonee and earrinrs to match. This is a atock well worthy the attention of manufacturers, Jobbers and cthara, to supphr themselree with Jewelry at less thaa the coat of mananeture. We pledge ourselves that every article will be sold without any reserve to the kifhaet bidder. At I J o'clock, in front of the store. No. 19 Nassau street . Two work horaes, a truck and a set of double baraess. by ardor of aaelgnee. JAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER. ? STEAM RNOINE, sha'tiag. boiler, Ac ?Mortgage Sale ? JAMES COI.E A SON will sell ca Wednesday. April II, at II o'clock, at the corner of Nrrtb First and Tenth streets, Brooklyn, Eastern District, oae steam engine about ten horse power, In flret rate lunalnc order, together with the shafting aad two boilers ei m| lete Trrmstash. Jt DUNCAN, AUCTIONEER -BY DUNCAN * ? ELLSWORTH, eoatianatloa of the egtensire sale of hardware, at store >S Avenue D. Sale to commence thia morulas at 10 o'clock. We call the stteatlon of hnllders, dealers aad meekaalea to this great sale, lotted elf in 1,'VIO lota, to auit the trade; edge tools to salt mechanics, in sate, Ac., Ac.. Ac. Sale mi aeeonat of the owaer hating two otboff L'lsir eaeea to attead to. J a B. BARTI ETT, AUCTIONEER? CROCKER'., . Olaas aad China ?The attention or country merchantg sad retailers Is directed to a large aad peremptory sale of the ab??e merchandise, ia packages aad late to soli par i has. re Alee, eatlery and silver allied ware, aa Wtdaeg ?i js/nd rmu x-i_ imi at Avcvmm. 1 H" WRY H. UIDt, AUCTIONEER.? 5 UPBRB SALE of eootly >wiifciH farnitan, tUak oboay laita, mounted 1> ormalu, u4 tevored 1b Mtla brocade: bahl far nitare, ilwut elocka, knw ikiutn, ptltUagi. to. BENRY H. LIID8 A CO. wUl Mil by aiottoa. al tka imMim of X. W. Huteblni, No. U Weet Thirty tecond ttreet, between 11 roadway and Fifth avaaae, oa Wednesday, April 11th, at 10X o'clock, A. M., coaiiiting of royal velvet and Brunei! carpet! and ran, black ebony parlor iultoi, mounted with oraulu, covered wllk brocade ?ilk; beautiful Boia da Rot* plar cabinet, oval mlrrori la rich framei, kroaaa chandolun, rich mantel cloak and broaioi, aevoral plocoa btaatlful real marbla itatuary and ratal, with pedeatali; a boat 30' flae ail paiatiagi, laaoy work takla ia buhl, bcaatifnl carved roicwood etogan, lined with aatln wood and plate glad: act of buhl drawer* of Bole de Boae and ormulo. Alio, parlor luitc to roacwood, oover ed la brocade tilk; am chain la white latin brocade, tuperb blicatt aad pariaa figured vaaei, aad other ooitly worka of art. Dining rooma? Oak buffet, oarved chain. aofa, Ao., covered In green morocco; (aperb oak exteaaioa tablea, with leavea aad can: maaUl clook, krowa ohaadellera, brown flgurce; china aad glan ware. Bodroome? All of keantifUly carved roacwood beditcadi, dreaiing glattei, banana, lined ?a tin wood oablncta, ehairi. mattroiMi, ehairi with ouikloiu, Ac. Sale poiltive. Caa be examined one day beiore the aali. JOBN W. SOMERINDYEE, AUCTIONEER? MORT gage iala of magnifloent koniekold furniture, piano, ohandelieri, mlrrori, Ac., in hooie 48 Eait Thirty fifth ?treet, thii day, April 10th. at lok o'clook. by vlrtuo of icTeril ebattled mortgage!. The parlori are furnlabed with elegant carved roiewooa lofaa, tcte-a tete, arm ohairi, parlor do., covered in tke richeat brocade iaUa, marble top, centre and aide tablee, (roacwood), piano of high ooat and flnlah. with ?Uol and cover, elegant mantel mirrora, hUk eoit oral mlrrori between tbe pieri, rich lace curtaim, with oornicaa aad holderi, front and back, velvet tapeatry carpeti but lit tle uaed, tplendid alx light ebandeliera, English oilcloth in hill, ohandelieri, rcuwood batitaad with mirror; la diuiag room, oak fnrniture, one iu peri or mention dining table, twelve eane ieat arm chain, ilde tablet to match, Braiaeli carpeta, aplcndld china dinner and tea ieti, glan ware, Ac. ; rich velvet carpeta on ? tain, with plated roda; the aliening roomi are fnrniabed with roiewo d farnitnrc of the richeat daacription, Bi nettle carpeti, hair niattreiiaa. bod* and bed ding, together with a good attortmont of kitchen furniture. TLia property li all To good condition. No. 4ti Thirty fifth atroet, between Fourth and Madiaon avenuea. J GUN W. SOll ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER - MORT uatte eale of houiehuld furniture, en Tncaday, April 12th init., at 136 Dunne itrect, at 10>i o'clock, of parlor furnitorc is anit, aofai, tete tctci, arm chain, pallor, do., rote wood tramet, upliolitered with ciimion ploah. and made to order; largo mantel and pier mirron, ohandelieri, marblu-top, centre and aide tablet, roiewood Iramei, I ace and damaak enrtaini with cornleoi. Wilton carpeta, front and back ha 1 cbandeliera, oil elith, atalr carpet ana roda. 'l'he ilecping r? oma are furniahed with marble top droaaing bnreaoi, enoloied waahttandt, oe. tre tablet, French bod ateada. lace curtail a, ingrain carpeta, toilet acta; alto, a quantity of kitclen furniture. JOHN 8. HARLEY, 30 Chamber itreet, attorney for mortgagee. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER? FURNI tnro and executioi lalet on Wedaeiday, llth mat., at iho auction roomi, 110 Centra itnct, corner of Franklin; r large lale of furnltnre, ooniiiiing of bnraant, chain, tablea, treaaei, wardrobes, aideboarda bookcatea, detki, hair mat beda and bedding; alio, by virtue of two txeentloni, one large oval mirror. In ornamental frame, two pier mirror*, large aire; alio, four icti of houae and veaael mover*' ?crewi. made by floe A Co. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, conatable. JL. VAN DE WATER, AUCTIONEER. WILL SE'.L . on ft edntaday, April 11, at 10j{ o'olook, at the inlet room, 14 Maiden lane, continuation lale of Jewelry, by order of the attlgnee? A tplendid atook of diamond!, watches and Jewelry, to be told without reierve, being the atook of a Mroaaway importer and manufacturer; clutter and aiufrle atone diamond nngi do. broaches and ear rinri, tome very bat-daome; 11)0 line 18 earat gold watchei, ladlei' enameled do., Independent aecondi, double timekeeper!, English pa tent Invert, all by tbe beat makeri; fine imported acta of diintonda, moiatr, emerald, cameo, opal, eoral brouchet, hracalcts and ear ring! to match; fine gold fob and guard chains, teal and fli ger ringi of every variety, gold peni and pencil i-atei, watch keyt, croiiet aet with dfamonda, ipecta clea, leal", ilovo buttona, looketi, Ac. The whole forming a rich tsiortment of goodi. Every lot to bo told perempt ory to tbe bigheat bidder, to oloie an aiiitnmeat. Tvrmi cath. JOflN K. OAKLEY, AUCTIONEER ? BY OAKI.EY A Wright, < dice, 343 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, Wednesday, April nth, at 12 o'alook, at the Mcrohanta' Exchange, New York. Peremptory aale of 110 lota in the Ninth ward. Brooklyn, on Fulton, Maroy, Tompkim, Tbroop, Yfttea, and Lewis avmues; MoDonoogb, Kealaoy, and Handcook streets. Tbla i* aome of the moat desirable property in the elty of Brooklyn, within one block ot Fnlton avunno railroad cira. Tbia w ill be an opportunity worthy the attention of llijae seeking a choice building site, or a good opportunity to invest their funda. A portion of the purchase money aan r<main on bond and mcrtgage at the rate of ?> per oent. Also, tho?c very desirable buildingMots on Fulton ntreot, I'ireotly otponlto the City Hall, Brooklyn, between Myrtle avcLue ana WUlonghhy atreet each 2" feet fronton Fnlton atrctt, each having 1C*? feet fvnt on Adama atreet. That* Utt are direetlj opposite the City aale Term* at eaab. Also, the *hreo story ba ement anil aub cellar brown stone front honee, 2 J Naaxan atreet. Atao. tbe three atory nud basement brick bou ae, 2< 4 Livingstone atreet. JAMES W MILLER, AUCTIONEER. ?Til F. noUSE and lot No. 107 Twenty-fourth etre*t.? JAMES M. MIM ICR A CO., will aell on Wednesday, April 11, lMj, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exohangc, the tvo atory and baaemant fraae dwelling house known aa No. 197 Twenty fourth atreet, between Fire', avenue and avenne A, b ? i u ~ 17 ly .14 feet deep; alao. the three story and baaauent brlok dwelling adjoining, in the rear of the above, tela* 17 by 34 feet, lee lot ia 75 feet front and rear, by 9tt feet 0 inchea deep. The baillinga are new, an1 Suialied in excellent atjle. A large pcrtfon oftbe purcbaae money can remain on band and mortgage. MK. BLEECKER WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION, on lhursday, the 12th inat., at 12 o'clock, at the Mer chanta' Exchange, tbe splendid four atory Engtiab basement brick honse and :< t 107 West Thirty eighth atreet, near the Eivblh avenue. Map* can be had at auction rooma, No. 7 Bioad atreet. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL TUTS ? day, at 2 (.'clock, at the tulea room C4 Sixth avenue, a large and general assortment of han(*aome housenold furni ture, carpets, bair uiattreeaer, oil painting*, bedding, Ac. J,,! ORTGAGE SALE ? A. M. CRI8TALAR, AUCTION ? 1 014 o'clock", a large'loYol .IftYlC 1 1.P SGtfV/na# wide awakoa and sleepy*, and various other 'nrnialung ar licles, by order of mortgagee, Mr. Magter Alao. to pay ad vaneei, an ii. voice ol ladiea' and gentl"m<n'i gutter*, ahoea ano boota, and a large lot oi'calicoaand printa. VOTICE.-TUNI5 MORRELL, AUCTIONEER? AUC X* tionand lomniiaaion Merchant-Spacious Salesroom, 81 Nasiau etreet ? Fully prepared to giv.i satiifactiun to conaigrn.i nta cent to atore, cr aale* at dwelliaga. atorea, fae torica, Ac., when and where daairad. Hale* paid on day of >?'?? ??,'? ?f fnrnitnre, Ae., at 81 M aaaan tbla morn ing, at 10,^ o'clock. PLANTS AT AUCTION? W. S. Mo ILL VAIN WILL aell tkia day at 10.X o'clock, at the eced atore, 7 John s?re*t, a apleadid assortment of perpetual, monthly, climb lap and moss roaea, (in and ?nt of pot*) bon*r ancklea. I*asa miuea. grace vinea, carnation*, pinks, verbenaa, a at lias, gladiolus, toberosca, Ao., Ao., direoi from th* garden oa morning of aale, fr*m Pater Qenderion, Jaraey City. Cat alognaa, PAWNBROKER'S SALE ? W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL thie day, at 105 Bowery, np italre, I ? order of W. A R. IIMM, a quantity of naredeamed pledgee, consisting of men' a and women 'a wearing apparel of every description, ?uil able for tbe aeaaon. Sale to commeno* at 10>f o'clock. Men'* clothing at 1 o'clock. Rw. latuam, auctioneer.-/. Thompson s . auction *al**.? Oa Wednesday, April 11, at the Mar chanta Exebaage, at 12'^ o'alook r? 37,000 North Carolina 0 ear cant Bond*, conpona, aaml annually at Bank *f Republic ia tbla city. 22,000 Tennesiee 0 pea cent Bond*, coupons, a*mi annually in New York. 14,004 Michigan <1 per cant Bond*, eoupens, a*mi annually ia New York. 3 000 Ohio 6 per cent Stock, due IStiO 40,000 Virginia b per cent Boada, ecupcni. **mi annually ia tbia city. 7,000 Virginia 0 par c?at B< nda, ooupoaa, semi annually in this city, 7, UK) MWaonri 0 per eaat Bonds, coupons, a*mi annually in tbla elty. 11,900 Indiana Stat* 6 per e?nt Traaaferable Stock, Interait la tblaeitv. 4,000 I.enlslaaa b per cent Bonda, eoupona, semi aannally ia Naw Orleans. 10.000 II ew Orleana City t par oent Bond*, eonpoa*, semi annually lu New York. 2,000 Or*at Wistera Railroad Co. (Ilbnoia) 10 par c*nt Bonds, intareat A|ril and Oeuber in Now York. 9,000 Northern lndolaan Railroad Co. (Uoabea branch) lat aiorlgage 7 per cent boada, int. Fab, and Angnat. At pivnto tale? South Carolina Stat* C per tent Bonda, due, 1*71, intareat payabltat Charleaton, Janaary aad July, $1,000 eaeb. Tbe abov* ia aa A No. 1 iav**tm?nt ; will b? acid ia lot* to anlt. All psrebaaa* maat b* paid for, on *r befor* oaa o'clock of tbe day after tb* sal*. wb*a purchases ar* mad* lor ae countof parti** .oat of tbe eity, 10 per e?nt will be raquirad oa the day of sal*, aad aix uay'a grac* gleaa (adding intareat; cn tfe* balance Tba aecns*d Interest will go to tho pur cba*?r, (the I am* aa at tbe Board of Broke re,) ax**pt whan other* ia* (tatcd. 0?ct No. 3 Wall atraet. J. THOMPSON. RC. KEMP. AUCTIONEER.? FIRST CLASS CAB1 . net furni'nre ? To bo aold, by order of the aaairue*. at th* wareroom. 321 Broadway ? H. C. KEMI* will a*ll atauo tion, on Friday n*it, by order of the aaaigao* at tb* war* room, 321 Draadway, nut abov* tb* City llospital, tbe entire ?tock ot o a* of our first claa* eity cablaat maker*, removed to tbla waieroom for oonvaniano* of aala, aad oonsiat* of a vary b*antlfal aaaortment of au parlor roaawoo I, mahogany, ?ak aad walnnt parlor, dining room aad chamber farnitur*, to which tbe particular attention of oar frieadi aad pnr ctaaer* general! v ia iavitad, via., elegant anlta of carved ro(? wcod txrlor ftraltur*', cov*r*<l in rich two and three color ed, satin, damaek andlbrccatel; alto, In hair clotb, aad aome unfinished in mnslla, ?eady to b? eoverad, so'as, tata a-tet?s, arm and sewing chair*, madallioa back parlor chair*, r.chly carved, rosewood canter aad pier tablaa, fancy table*, armonra. with mirror door* rlcbly carved, rosewood aad oak etaaarea ard aide boards, library aad secretary bookeaae, farlcr *ecr*tari*i, cabinet*, wardrobes, eataaaioa dining i able*, oak diting room farnitur* en euite, richly painted and enameled chamb*r Inrnltar*, beautifully carved rose wood and mahogany bedsteade, buret** and washatanda, hair mtttr*?f*e. ball atanda and chairs mahogany sofa and chain In variety, and other article*, all of wb'ch ar* w*ll worthy of the notice of honeekecDer*. Goods parohaa*d to g? out *f th* eity can b* packed ror abipping at a roaaonabl* eharga, or can remain on storage oatll the drat of May. Catalogue* aa tbe moraiag of aal*. Th* abov* atore t*l*t. RW WESTCOTT, AUCTIONEER, (WILL SELL ? tbla day, Tneaday, at 10)f o'cloch. at nonae 224 Won* ter, Bear Amity atreet, the furnitnr* ol a family r*lim|uish Ing bea*?k**plag, *onaiating in part of mahogaay aola, ol aire, rookcrs. carpets. Boor oildath. Ladsteada, bureaus, warhstands. mattreaa*a. beda, be>ldin?. 1< okiag glisaea, ereiekcry aad glasawar*, tabla cntltry, cooklag atov*, kitch en ataasil*, Ac., Ac. STANDARD RoSES AT AUCTIOV.-J. t. YASDK ?it<t will Mil on Tacadfty, April 12th, at 10)^ o'clock, ?I tho ?alctrcom U Mairica lane. ft eholoo collection of itli dird roe 00 of tke iaeet ftnd H??l rarletien. adapted to oar ellmate. All warraated trn* to nanc, ud 'elected with ?rre? nn, withoot r??erd ?o eoot. by D. Boll, p*r>on?1lj-. while In Europe. The whole f< rniinc ec aaaortment well worthy of attention. SPECIAL AUCTION NOTICE.-BT C. A. WATER BL'HY, Aeetleneer. Aeeifnee'i ??lf, thl< day, April lu, at the etore No. 2ft Cliff ttrect. being ? poaitlee tain'of tho oattro otook of ftrricultncel implement*, machines, ieed?, lo.) within >?id (nil. lift* Tho otlftlofcuo eoatalna CTtry ftrtielo n?ed h? tbo farmer, plaater and *?rd-ner, end may ho had be 'ore tho tale, ftt oar (ton, No. .V Broad rtroot. Tho tale ooir.meaeee at lOfc o'clock (for ub on delivery), and will oontmao until over* article raid. lit ordor of J AMU lAOIH, Acat?aoo. Smoriartt, auctioneer, wili. 8Ei. l tiiis ? day, At 1U o'clock, at ITS Chatham ?ioaro, a general aaeortnont of fnrnitore from faailiee removing; nlao, ear pot*, feather hod a. mirr?r?, mattreeeef, daaka, one eofa hod ?taad, clock, ercckery, (lace warn, Ac WW. flRIRMY. AUCTIONEER J1 LI. ?BU? WITH ? oat raaarwe, tbo kalaaoa of tHPHtook of eroekery, teieept Freneh rhinaj coaalatlnff of hlia, white aranito, pain to I, dipt and whlto ware, aad plain rat ?laa?. Ae , fraaa tha ?t.el<ee, ia lota to awit city daalcra and canatry mrr <h?nta at tlta atoro of Tkimno F. I l?Id. I"7 Fnltow etract, yt?r ? illiA*, l*lt ??/, Twtday, Apiil Mi, ?>* o'alaek. BAXJE8 at AlICTKM. C1UW . ucaai mi ?? ?? ??/ ?? n. W8. MIL LOR. ABCTION***.? BY HOUGHTON ??'"?> tV,.,.*.. inrll 11 itlOUal.luk fat ?nit* to matc^h, bt date ad a, droaatng bureau*, ?MkHH' ??Tii?l richly decorated anil enamWed ??!?*, MMlior m* oak. walnut, roaewood and mahogany library and MireU bookcaaaa, armor*, mirror doora, wardrobaa in roaawood a mahogany, gothio and Fr*ooh badatrada of tUa lateat aty' and oeilfina, auperb carved roaewood centra labia*, (id* a pier table*, carved and fancy tablea, aeveral solid a*ahoga oakandwalaut extension dining tabl** 14 faction*. wa room prie* each, with pollahed lea***; aor*r?T an pi thick French plate piar and oral mirror*, richly carved i caption (hair* In fancy covering corner and aid* *ta*ar ioa?wood muaic aland and tablea, with oth?rrt*h articlea. WILLIAM IRVING. AITCTIONIBR - BLEO A" household furniture. William Irving A Co., will a at taction on Tueaday. April 1U, at 1(J>2 o'clock, at : Fourth atrcat, opposite Wellington I'arai* Unud, elega hou**hold furniture, the property of a gentlomaa about : moving to the country, oooilatlng of parlor furniture, e I ant royal Wilton earpeta, rnperb auitc of carved roeewo ) arlor furniture, covered In gold and green broeatella, c listing ofaofa*, arm chair*, parlor and aewiatf chair*, *u i arvel roaewood parlor fnrniture covered in mareon broi icllo; fauperb Iroaewoi d Llltabithlan etegere; elegant p r nd mantel mirror* in rich gold frame*; grous, and gold, a I rocatell*. and laoc window onrtaina; tTegaat oarved ro wood marble topccntfc and pier table*, bronsa and Pari hp urea and groupe; auperb brome and ormuln *1 ich and ea delabraa; eUr?ni oruiu u *bandelier*; French china vai and ornament*; *upeib carved roaawood aevoa octavo piai Bedrooms? elegant royiil Wilton carpet*, auperb rait** carved roaewcod bedroom furniture, couidatiaK ofeleg* carted rosewood amour a (lace marble top drciaing bareai wa*h*tatd?, carved roaewood bedsteads, dressing tabl commodes, Ac , to match, all lined with aatin wood; *ul> black walnut and mahogany bedroom furniture, all mitea match; krocatell* and lie* window curtain*, hair mattn* ea, feather bed*, Ac ; W llton atair carpet, ailver plated *ti roda; in* Inf llah cloth, roaewood hatstakds, ae. ; carv mahogany extension dining table, mahoganypicfa* and eha in hair cloth; china dinner and tea aeta, eat glai* ware, < i I?ry, Ac.; carvcd roaewood bookoaaea; mahogany boo a car Ac , together with an assortment of kitchen furmiture. 15 factory, 337 I'earl ttreot, Frauklln square. AU articl ?old at t lie lowest factory prices. faint brushes cf super! | quality constantly on hand. Machine bruihes made to ord< WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, *11 ! SELL C Wednesday, at. Su'nlook in the afternoon, at 187 Can ?treet, all the genteel household iiimiture of a board! host*? sofas. rocking aod other obairt; centre, dining a other tablet; hiokcates, pier and oval mirror*, oil palatini tapeitry and otber carpets, oilcloths, stair rode, inahoga and other bedstesds, hair nnd .other mattreasos, t ed?, dre I ing and plain bureaus, washatands, toilet sets, dining rot and kitohen uteniUs, china, glass and plated ware. Alio buggy wagon. jinScigLLAMEOtlg. It'n CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICB.-W. A 1DO VAN MOTE'S (rati and fender, kitehea real in aimer ranee and atOTe warerooms. We have a large ? sortment of the lataet patterni of mantel grate*, IM(U at stoves, for tale on reasonable terma. Crates and sange* i and repaired, range* liked, braaa founders' and Jewellei fornaeea bnilt, stoves lined, baktri' vrtaa iailt and paired. Anew invention.- the patent.blekvb axl| for wheel* of every description, ia now on exhibition Loveloy's Hotel, and the right ii offered lor sal*. The ri for tne whole Union, State, district or eonnty, will be dl poaad of at may be agroed upon between the partita. T) RUSHES OF EVEKV DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUS * * ~ ' lln squat c. All artiol alnt brashes cf as peri te braahea made to ordi JOHN K. HOrPEL. (lANCEuS AND SORES CURED BY DR. DEAN J Indian Blood Purifier Josiah Paris, ot Uooatonfall New Jersey, liaa Just been cur d of oaneer on the arm, aft being giren np by three eminent Burgeons us incurable, wit out amputation. Hit arm ia saved; he ia now at work, above dated. All particular* given at 308 Orand atreet. CUTLERY, RAZORS mCIUSORS, TENS, *0., WHO Li Ml* and retail.? HEATH A SIMPSON. 324 bread tra 'next Broadway theatre), respectfully Mil the alteatien i k out hern and Western merchants and otber* t? their '.ars ttoek of pocket and tabl* *atl*r>, knives, scissors, run Ac., which they are now selling at aboat tost. for cask. DEHEURE t CO., MANUFACTURERS OF PATENl aprlng bed bottoms. French i'oo bedateads, aai ma I treisca of tvory destriptlun, will remove on tb* first of Mtl tri ui i J and ofi Centre street to 3?2 flruadwuy, where th. hope to i*e their patrena. GAS FITTING AND FIXTURES ?STORE*, DWF.I Huge, factoriea, an' pnblio bui ding* promptiv fitted u with gaa pipes and fixture* a!i*aper than any other hoot. A splendid assortment of chandelier*, pendant*, bracket Ac., of tb* late-t deiigna. at the wholesale tad retail fixture manufactory of JAMES U. Muf PET, lit and lil Prince atr*et, 3d block weetof Broadway. Miners look at tiiis.-s. w. bulloch, of 2 Broadway, New York, will contract to pnt up mills fi ? rushing and a'ii-ding quarts rock to any degrM cf finenes and any required amount a <tar, and will ai.*ce to ko*p u mill ia repair for one n ear at bis own east and expeaae, uiu the condition that he is ?atiafied he will gat bis pay wne done. Tbia will enable the miner*. ?ho are bow barel paying expenses, to realise large profit* fcefcre paying anj thing for the mills North american land aoency, bstablisbI ed in 1817. -Taxes paid, d*?d< and otb*r document | retarded. Land* redeemea from tax sales, examination t tit lea, and other ag*ne> buslsesa. in any ef the W eater States. Laad warrants obtained and loeaUd, through tb. I eld agency. P. S. HOES, formerly M. Myers, ? Broadway eoraer ol Barclay street. 1 N*W VORR AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE ANll heed stoke. occupying three larg* stores ; the aabseribar (has the Urs eat, obeaptst, and most complete aaeor'oeeiit ef agricultural aad hortlcnltural implement*, field aad garden seeds, in th* United Stat**. I eruvlan guano? with government brand on eacn bag? an< not dampened to mak* it weigh heavier ; *uperpb**phate ? lim*, ben* dnst, pcadrette, Ac. R L ALLEN, No*. 188 and 191 WatarstrMt. PAWN TICKETS ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, AC boaxbt, at th* highest lates for cash, by EDWARDS 4 CO., 88 Daane ttreet. two door* weet of Chatham, ap stairs REPLATINO.? HOTELI, SHIP!, STB AM BO ATI AMI private famille* can have every de**riptooa ef aid wan replated aad warranted Stair rods, plambem' fix tana, tea sets, spoon* and forks, and every kind of aietal. plaW vHh gold 'or silver, at short notice, by tA* VaUsUaa Plata Company, 3(7 Bowery. Roses, roses, and fruit trees ? ?l marc, oi Astoria, Loag bland, weald reepeetfally la form Ml M*ad* aad the public i? reaeral, thai be ha* for sale a spltadld eolleetion of s tea Sard aad dwarf ftaadard rssee. eomprlslag all the aeweat varieties ef hardy, ever bieomtna and moes rosea, alto, tva theuaaad dwwf pear treea la tearing state; two thousasd staadard Imported pear aad apricot tree*, all having beea aaleeted la Europe with the very best ear*, aad without regard to coat Ladle* and gentlemen, amateurs ef flae tower* aad good fralt, are in vited to call aad make their aeleeticna, a* earl* nlaatlag la the only way of saeeees. AH plaate warraated geaniae. Orders wlU be thankfully reeetved, aad promptly attended to. by B. MAEC. RSVOLUUION I REVOLUTION I To the iasect world eoafaaioa I Bed bags, rose bee, aats aad fleas, Moths and laseete upon trees AU are killed ? aad brief the task ? With E. LYON'S powder flask; While his pills, dropped oaee or twice. Slay whole (warms of tali aad mica. Principal depot for Lyon's magnatie powJ*r aad pills for the aniek aad iaevltable destruction of inseet* aad vermis, Cii Broadway. Four oood second hand show casbs, a pak of glass doors with wladowMSBia store treat. Also, sb a plight glass case for sals chMp. Apply at 97 Faltoa atreet, Brooklyn, or to HOFFMAN k FER8CU, showcase manufsctureis, 47 Bowery. TBB NEW YORK GREASE WORKS-PAT1NTID are making a valuable grease, for the uses of Map makers, rope walks, leuaohlt* ships, railroad*. *maiba***, earriagts, wagons, and cart whMla. For sale by E. F. JEN K rNS, ajsat, M Braid way. room A Agonta, wasted. The griatest discovery or thb age-a war ranted remedy.? Dr. TOBIAS' Veaetiaa liaimeat ia a certain cure for eroap, eolio, coughs, rheamatwm, sorW' throat, headache, toothache, mumps, cut*, old sere*, Ac. (From Mr. Joha Werria, Importer of Needles, Fishing Tackle, Ac., tSMaldea lane. | Haviai used for several years Dr. Tobias' Venetian lini ment in my family, and recommended it te my friMds, with out it* *v*r tailing to euro the many eomplalato for whieb ia haa been tried, it aflorda me pleaaur* to testify to the same, as I feel assured It will aeeomplieh all the* Dr. Tsklas state* in his pamphlet. Johw Wan am New York, Jaaiary 4, 1866. Naw Yoaa, Feb. 10, )?M. I have used Dr. Tobia*' Veoe t iaa lialmea'. for three years, and bave found it a certain remedy for chroaie rheamat>*<n, dysentery, coughs, vomiting, aad paint of all kiad*, aad re commeaa it as an invaluable article. I am never without it, aor da 1 latend to be, If It is to be pore baaed. Joerrx NiooLt, Id lata street. [From Mr*. W B. Cornish. | Da. ToaiA*-8lr:- On* of my ohildren was aevsrely at tacked with croup; I ased your Veaetiaa liaimeat, which gave immediate relief, aad I really thiak It waa the aiean* ot aavlag my child's life. Under bo coa*td*ratiea woild I be without a bottle ia my house. I also ooasldcr it a most csrtala remedy for scald* aad bruises, haviBg thoroughly tested It for the tame. Sabah Coaaisa. Newlor*. N. Y. Uar*h, UM. Price IS aad iOceat*. Depot 60 Cortlaadt street. Bold by all druggists. KITH A PAT. Bounty land.-ali, soldima. tbaustibs anw ?allora, ?( th? widow* of tboad (bo HrrM ?? aee ?* ahora IB ear war time* I77i, in Mtl*< to 100 Mm ?< bounty land, and can obtain tbe tamo of ita uul, P. T. BETTS. M Walt atraat, baaeiaeat. Mo abarae aatU <M * arrant 1* aolleeted. Boowtt lands. -all riuons B*rnTLSD to lead warraata nidw tha lata itt tf Caaraeea. aaa bare tha tame properly t< llretrd, oa application to VI. E. HAWS, 17S Caaal atraat. Letter* fr*aa Ue eoaatry yraap* Ij >n*tra4. BOOR TT LAUD. I? ACKM? CLAIM OHOM Tllh ree?at and all etber acta of CoMTtaa eoeeeeefall* rrrMcutod at tha oil utabllebed amaar. H Chatkaa, oppe aite C'baaibar atr??ta. agiiar rail* aa Ufa CALVIN W. SMITH, Saeeooeer t a late N. ?atibt Land warrants -all rBBsoiM bhtitud to bnaatjp lead, aadar the late aet of Ceafawaa, aaa ba?? \%hi ?iKt tirff?fW M ?PPttt?Wo? UTATLCH IUPTHKrS, Lmkm, H Wail *? * NAVT BOCNTT LAND orri^R.rALL pwwmi JUt?a aailora and atbara, wbo My a r a? f "? *> dnriag the late Na?taa? wa>L tweed U any UaiiodHUtea fi - ?? r~ A (tat aad (lata, Paraaa U >? N . <7 Wail atraat. N~att iailom' mu tat orrics-Atfc V S. aa tiara, Aa. wfce, Mtraai Ml aad IMS, aerred la ear 0 8. aaaaal ia faaaia, aa aaaita af Call ferala aad tfeitee, an aaMlad la aitra pa*. wbuh ia .wearily few tkeaa by tba aadavatfaed , i?tm pay ' at Mlaaaea af ?a?e* eea*ta? te wtdowa er balra or daaaaaad tf. $. teller*. eaUaetod aad paid, aad all biada af elaira aaai? t Pelted State* raaeaend ivy DVAID ll'SILU mii m 9m r?n v. i arj. w r ia*.

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