Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1855 Page 5
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1to?fcc CMhm rfriMHliMla !????! i rt ?*?>!? l?U, eireulatad threaah the P**", mm toy 'e start, truth, booted ud Iffmi hi mw owrtrti h?r, I shall at Uut ub u effort to kM< off ? report which , either through IgnonBM o * a wcrea ?*?!?*, has Seen uie>liti< to my disadvantage. ItlWkNi asserted by mntl Jonmalt that mj objeetln establishing a dopot for the uU of the WhtoAwwUe febaappe is Philadelphia, was to CMape **? P?**Waeofth* Prohibitory Liquor bill, then pending 1* the Legislature of this State. This it a I row misrepresentation. I require no ref*ge from the oporationa of that m.uar.. It Ptctasts me m my baaiaees, aid I uui continue to bottle and sell it it dor lie provisions. A elauae la the Int Motion of the act eaablei mo to take the article from under custom houao look, More it is my ewn warehooeo, and pat it up in bottlea for the parpoee of sending it beyond (ho limit e of the State. Undo* another olnnee, exempting patent medicines, of whiob one of the component! is alcohol, from tho restriction* of tha lav. 1 olaim tbo riabt to eell the Schnapps within the State, for medicinal purposes. It baa boon proaonnoed an (?dispensable remedy in a variety of diseaaes, by four thou Ma* ef the first physician a in tho United State*; it la pre earl bed and administered a* a restorativs, diuretic and ato maehic, wherever the Maine law it in foroe; and it Is, in enn aonao of thp word, aa mueb a medicine aa any of the tinctures which hate alcohol for their baaia, and, like the Schiedam Schnapps, are kept by druggiata aa part and par eel of their legitimate atook in trade. Bo meeh lor the falao report that my a?w depot in Phila delphia waa Intended a* a dernier resort, in case the New Yon Liquor bill ahould paaa. In any event I ahall oonti nno to make thia etty the oentre of my baalnoa*. My leadiag object In locating a branch establishment ia Philadelphia, waa the convenience of Southern and W" cetera merchanta, who, by receiving their supplies from that point will sffsot a considerable saving In freight and other oharges, keaidea having tba advantage of obtaining tne article by a more direct and apeedy route than If deapatohod from thia oity. Tbo Maine law la no bugbear to mo. The Schiedam Aroma tic Schnappe ia net offered to the publio aa an ordinary tavern beverage, but aa a medicinal diet driok, manufac tured from the beat and aoundeat barley proourable in Eu rope, and medioatel with the purest preparation* of Juniper that aeieaee haa yet produced. The State ageata for (be talo of liquor throughout New Eat land 'keep tho article, aad temperance practitioners pre* jribe it a* a rj?iciflc in dropav. gravel, affectiona of the kidney*, dy*pep*fa, hypo chondria, general debility, and many other oomplalnt*. It ia, therefore.lal together distinct, both aa regards it* proper tie*, purity, and Che purposes for which it Is recommended, from every other alcoholfe atimnlaat. The time ia, I am convinced, approaching when no other I reparation of alcohol will be tolerated by tho medical fa culty. Iti claim* to the confidence of the proleeeiou and the aiek are unequalled. Throughout the whole process of man ufacture, shipment, bottling and packing, it ia under the *u per via ion of the proprietor or lie confidential agent*. From the grain and the berry to the bottled and boxed up artiele, it paaieainto no aecond handa, and adulteration la therefore imposslbls? and tbl* cannot be *aid of any other liquor in the worU. So far from having any reaaon for withdrawing the Schie dam Aromatic Sohnappa from the restrictive operation of the Maine law, it ia Irom the Maine law State* tliat I have received the highest enoomlnms on Its enratlve tendenoiea, and ahould the olrcle of prohibition comprise the entire Union, the coniumption of tne article, inatead of being di miniaked, would be enormously inereaied. Every day the public are becoming more sensible of the banerul effeota of adulterated liquors, and I venture to predict that within a very lew yeara* they will be aa completely expelled from meaieal practice by the concurrent deeiston ot toe faculty, a* from common uae by prohibitory atatute*. In opening a warehouse lor the aale of the Sehaappe in tbo State of Pennsylvania I conaider it due to myself that my motives should do appreciated and understood. I have been repreaented by certain unscrupulous preaaea as a sort ot fugitive from the Maine law in this State. These prints have endeavored to convey the impreesion that my position here would be no longer tenable under the new act, and that I was therefore glad to aeek shelter in Pennsylvania, in an ticipation of the ooining atorm. On thia point 1 desire to plaee my aelf right with the oltUena of l'enmylvania, and I truat this explanation ot the facta will effectually silence the calumnies or which I complain. UDOLPBO WOLFE, SB South Front street, Philadelphia, and 23 Beaver street, New York. Notice.? No other psu-tlea are aatUo sized to use tke name of Rushton either solely or in connection with any others. FREDERICK V. RUSHTON, at the old ealabliabment, 10 Aator Bouse, corner of Barclay street, and 417 Broadway, corner of Canal street, (Bran dretb House,) sole proprietor of Rush ton's Genuine Cod Livsr Oil, aad all pteparationa known as Rushton'a. To DtgMrrtan ArtlatM and Othera.? For sale, the lease, apparatus, stock and furniture ot a first rate gallery in the beat altnaticn in Brooklyn, now doing a profitable business. Terms made known by applying at 3t5 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Sebaetopol Not TaUsen? Bat Med hurst di BEARD have taken the three firat prises in suocesaion? two silver and one bronsc medal for the best wigs aad toupees ever exhibited, back and front braids, bands, curls, Ac. Copy the address. Manufactory, 27 Maiden lane. 910 Only for a Farm or two Building lets.? Fifty farms and 1,100 building lots will be divided among (00 subscribers on the 12th of April, IDAS. Each sub scriber will receive a warrantee deed for a farm of from two t? twenty sores, or two building lots, each 26x100 feet. The tote are in the village of Roaevale, near the celebrated lake Bonkonkoma, where great improvements have been and are new being made. Apply to CHAS. WOOD, 300 Broadway, where maps can be had or sent by mail free. Spring.? In a few days more or ere Data will be at a discount, aad delioate colors, light fabric*, white Jackets aad fish poles, shilling ahad aad freah laid eggs will become the order of the day. If there la anything that com munieates delectable aenaationa to a man, it 1* that period when the blue birda begin to make love among the apple Uoaaoms, and the mud swallows plaster the barn eaiiea with their cosy aests. To the ladies thia season is also fraught with interest, for theu they doff the attire that winter ren dered necessary, aad emerge la all the graceful tiaauoa of the drapery of aummer. Then, too, thick aolcd boota are discarded, and the feet are encased in dalntv ooverings of kid aad satin and mcrooco. Aad speaking of the toet ? and lad ict feet, too ? reminds us that Mr. CANTREI.L, the beau Ideal of a ladles' shoemaker, has provided at his old stand, 386 Bowery, the same ever rioh and tasteful stook ol ladles' and children's shaes with which hs always greets the ad - vent of spring, and which he aollcita the ladiea to come and examine. We hope they will. The ladiea are geaerally awake to tkeir interest, aad Mr. Cantrell's twelve shilling gaiters arc certainly unequalled by any other In the city. We coisldsr blm the acknowledged head of bia profession, and such we believe every one will who gives blm an oppor tunity to manifest hi* *kill. There linoBicme for ? Man to Wear an ?14 ihabby >1111, when EVANS, of 68 and 88 Pulton ?tmt, it telling fins cloth coat* at |n. Cataimere panta loon t at St 20. Beautiful tpriiiK ve*U at 92, Ac , Ac. lower Bier, Bottled, by the Doxen, in any ? .nantily, can alwayt b? had, by ordcrt being left at KIESELE'S l.ager Bier Saloon, corner ol Greenwich and Cortlaadt itreet*, New York. Alio put op axpretaly for fbjpplng; fireat Bale of fancy Good* at it I. S. Rogers' Vagt; Oaaaar. owing ta the extenaive repaira to b* made ia aeaaeqtieneo of the receut Are on the premlaea. The re mainder of thie inmienee itoek, emkraolng work boiea, rati ealee, papier mache work, fana, opera glaaee*, toilet hotee. geatlemcn'a and ladiaa' d retain* caaaa, dreeaing and shell aamba, elegant atatuary, Pariaa, porcelain ami warble vaaea; Newman'n celebrated water colore, together with the moat choice tclection of i?rfumery and aoapa, with an endle<* variety of love for the amueemcnt and inatruotion of chii dfean. All will be aold witboat regard to coat, affording an wriunlty to our civiaent to atipply themeelvea with every ng unique and heauttlul at leea than lull of the uaual U S. ROGERS' Fancy Bataar, No 449 Broauway. Kid Glove*? Kid Glove* ? We will open, tbie morninp. another large lot of auprrior Pari* made kid glovet, which we will tall at treat tar, tin*. Oar etere will be open, and readv for bu?ine??, at M o'clock A. M ? E. II. LBADllEATEK A CO., 317 Broadway, cornet Leonard (tract. ? ruing Good a.? We have now a large etoak of bombailnai, alpacaa, detainee. bareget, ailka, Can ton erapea, urenadmet, tiituet, lawaa, print*, ginghama, aad every other article in the mourning line, which we are aalling at great barxainn.? E. H. LEAD11EATEK A CO , Ml Broadway, corner Leonard street. Piano* ? Great Uarigalita.. The largtM a? aeitsut ef celebrated pianoa ia the United Statet? T. Gilbert aad Co. 'a premium atolean pianci; Horace Watcrt' me derm Improved pianoa, and those of a large number el atb?T maker*, "ompriting the largeat aad meat deairabla iwartment in the Union; will be aold at price* whieh defy ? m petition, fer caah or eatiatnetory paper. Peraona la eke aity having ordera for pianoa will Bad it to their ad - " to aafl ea HORACE WATERS. S3] Broadway. _ laekU?a-To All Thoae Unfortu divllual* who have bought tewing machine* which perform the work they were parchaaed for, we deair* y that Singer'* aewing machine will actually do every, the public want done. Abundant convenient and ?tarv reference given a* to any branch of work. Onr whtaee bare J apt been greatly improved, ao aa to run Witoat Lone, and with lea* power than any other. 1. M. SINGER A CO , SIS Broadway. ftapetlnp Petcreon ? flamphrcy, No. 370 ?endway, White atreet, have joat roeelved from th* e large aoeti' n aalee a large aaaortmcnt of t.'arpetiag, wbieh they will aell at the following low prieea Rich Velvet Carpet, lit. to 14*. per yard Rich Tapeetry, Kt. to 10*. per yard. Rk h Brutaeia, ?*. per yard. Thrte-ply. b*. ?o9*. pervard. lagraia, (Lowell make,/ (a. i all ether good* equally low. Ut this be Yoear G tilde for English Carpets Engl iah velvet carpet ?, 10*., 11a. per yard! Kn tilth tapeatrv car pete. 7a, H?., 9*. per yard. Eaglith three ply earpcte, 7a., *e per yard. Eagiieh iagrain carpet*, 3*. , it., 4a (id. , A*, per yard. Engliah oilelothe. 6a., 7*. per yard. Aaariean oilcloth*, 2a. M., 3a., 4*. per yard. Veld window abadea, S3, S4, M per pair. Table covert, 12a. to 24a. At HI RAH ANDERSON'S, 99 Bowery. Carpet*, Carpet?._Don|hty 4t Hro.'a Larg* earpet war. hi.n**, 2!l Broadway. A tplfndid ate .rtment of earp* tinge and oil clotht, entirely new petura*, at wholc aale aad retail, very low. Pocket and Penknlv>?, Hie.. ? The ondcr eighed eall* the attention of thoec ia want of the above to their variety, among woieh will be found rume of the moat beautiful aad rare epeeimeae ever imported. JAL'NIiER.v No 7 A at or llouce and 3K7 Broadway, Rnreka? I have Found It ? Found a Plare wfcaie I can alwa;* be mitad with (hirte.uader abirt* and ttvawera, cellare, cravat*, etoobe, glova*. Ta* place i* Mc LAtCHLIN S 292 Greeawieh etreet, corner of Chaabere. Have Vonr Money and Bojr Tear Umn at 0<>RMAN S new atcre, 120 Caual etreet, where von can ret tb* beat nualltv of ladlea gaiter*. at 10a., lie. , 14* , Ida., aad IK*, a pair. Slipper*, tie*, and b*iekln>. at ?*.,%,, an I W*. Theae good* are all made oa the premt***, aad war ranted brat quality Fine Silver Door Plate*, Klegantly K as raved * writing, Roman, old Enjtllth. German teat Natl letter, velvet letter antiqno. Ae? Ac , nt ItlKDIU'i, 3CB Broad way. A fine aitortment wf table, tea, and deaaert tp>nae aad ferfct, extra quality ef ailver plate, at low price*. Keta b baked 1840 Philadelphia, atreet Third 44, Zeiher; Broad way lev Graham O. R , coaatry the *f Mrt any to* at. Rattle 11. Skia the injure or ttain not will and weeka all m grew to hair and m?u*ta<b*. wtukcra the force' will ?afe?at my. Ha! Defiance Salamander taft*? R?kert Jt. PATRICK It the eoU maaufoctorer la th* Uaited State* of ?h* above celebrated tafe*. aad 1'. C. (Joffln a impenetrabl* Cateaee Ineke aad rroa* bare. Oepet No. 1W Pearl etr**t, ?** ?eer b*low Mai l*a laae. Clear Shloa, It la well known, are prodoeed kf a free u*e of COl'RAUD'S Medio* ted Soap, fre^kiet, ?implea. taa. enptica* vaaiih like miet before the ena'e a*. Pondre euktil* *pro< <? hair from aay part of tb* f. R'ute lily wbl??. hair r**4nrattv* aad dve al ?b# ? id f7 c*. ( atoeo ?9a? ft *jeava l, t ? B?kU Third ftvttt, Smt Centra mt Mbfia for all who vlait Tfew York, la TUTTLR'S fancy I ?MM I* till to on ud curioua. Top* for children, work Him, portmonnatoa, and rcticuleaferladlee, and game*, mn aio bviN and perfamery for ail claasua, an but a tltbe that ia euntaineJ In hia aatomabing collcoMon. It in the head quart ara of St. Nicholas. Ml, at No. 46 Na**an atreet. Paationlar attaattoa jaU to ?eaaag, onrliag, and ehampeoiag tba bair. Infallible Wpanl to (row tba bair, and laitaataaMU dye for a WlHfil blaak or brown. ?aetuwMlnplK^nM m per lor qoalttjr off tba Neapolitan lover all otbar deaeriptiona ia wall known? an invoice Jn?t received. Alao tba Nap lea and Bologna aauaaco. For aala by JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, 405 Broadway. 9m Sarraw BuBtnta. A ratired Clargjr mm raatorad to kealth in n faw daja, aflar aaay yaan It oaat aervona angering, to aaxione to aak* known tba ? of ear*. Will toad (free) tba preaeripllon aaed. Mreot to b>. JOHN M. B AON ALL, No. 87 Fulton itmt, ?rooklyn, N. T. To lernw lafftrern ? A retired Phydclan aooaeseee a prescription that proved effectual in reatoriw bin to health in n few dara after yeara of anfferiag from general nervosa debility. Aaxiou* to make it known, will ?and the preaeription aaed free. Direet to Dr. ID WARD WILLIAMS, <V relton atreet, Brooklyn, N. T. Holloway'a Olntaaenl? Don't have eore breaata or fore lege ! Don't have aalt rbenm, or any other akin diaeaae ' Here to a remedy, by,msant of which all may core tbemaelvea of aucb evila, even aa by magic. Sold at the mannfaotoriee 80 Maiden lane, New York, and 344 Strand, London; and by all druggiat*, at 25 oenta, (i2>; cent* and $1 per pot. Hernia.? Only , Prize Medal Awarded to MARSH A CO., No. 2k Maiden lane, N. Y., by the Induatria' Inhibition of all Nation a, for their new patent radical euro truaa. Reterence aa to ita auperiorlty:? Pre fa. Valentine Mott, Wlllard Parker, and John M. Carnaohan. An exten alve liat of namea of mercantile and oth?r gentlemen cured by thia truaa may be aeen at their offlce. Open from 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. Look, Cut It Out, and Remember that Coa tar'a effectual rat. eookroacb, Ac., exterminator, wholesale and retail depot, la at 3tW Broadway. None genuine nnleee eigned by HENRY R. C08TAR. Croton Bn|i and Coeluoachca P.ffectnally cleared, by one or two application* of Coatar'a eitermi nator. Wboleaale and retail depot, 3W Broadway. Nom genuine unleaa aigned by UKNRY R COSTAR. Rata Don't Die In their Holes, tout come oat and die, by uaing COSTAR'S effectual rat. cockroach, Ac., exterminator. Wboleaale and retail depot, 388 Broadway. Not dangeroua to the human family. Hair Dye, Wig* and Toapeea*? Batehelor'a celebrated factory for theae articlee. ia 233 Broadway, where there are nine private rooma for the application of hla fa moue bair dye. Sold wholeaalo and retail. The largeat aaaortment of wiga, toupeea, and acalpi in the United Statea. Tan, Freeklea, PI m plea. Irritability or the akin, are poaitively cured by QOCRAUD'S Italian Medi cated aoap. It ia, moleover, the moat delicioua ahariug compound ever invented. I'ouilre anbtile uproots the hair from any part of the body. Rouae, lily white, hair dye and reiterative, at the old depot, t>7 walker atreet, flretatore from Broadwny, and 129 Waabington atreet, lloaton. Htrrled, On Wednexday evening, April 4, by Rev. Mr. Wiley, Mr. MmxuTr Rclaud, of New York, to Mrs. Sarah Joim bo.v, of Broeklyn. Troy and Ohio paper* please copy. On Monday, April 0, at St. Andrew'* Church, by the Rev. Mr. Corran, Mr. John Heaixt to Mia* I.orisi Haw kihr, both of thi* city. On Wcdoeaday, April 4, at St. Jamea' Church, by the Rev. P. S. Chauncey, Kropki T. B. Bpadir, of New Brunswick, N. J. to Hie* Mary E , formerly of Curacoa, and only (laugher of Maurice K. Kranken.,Eeq.. deceased. At Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, on Thursday, March 22, at tba I'reitbyterian Church, by the Rev. Jamex Towera, JakkSpkmok to MABOAiurr 8m cum, only daugh ter of tne late Thoma* Paton, Edlnburg, and niece of Sir John Sinclair, Bart., Dunbeath. On Sunday evening, April 8, at the Baptiit Church, Macdougal street. by the Rev. Duncan Dunbar, Mr. Ro bkkt Brtdon to Miaa Kljxahkth M. Yodd, all of this city. Savannah paper* please copy. On Wednesday, March It, by the Rev. Joseph B. Wakeley, Mr. Jour M Davis, formerly of 1'hlladelphia, to Mias Krkdkrica C. Limukkr, of Philadelphia. Philadelphia papers please coyy. Died. On Sunday morning, April 8, Chaklis A. Thompson, in the V8th year of bU age. The relativea and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend hi* funeral, without further invitation, from the residence of hia father. Martin K. Thompson, 74 Twelfth atreet, near Sixth avenue, thia aftcraoon, at four o'cVtek. At Aatoria, I. I., on Sundaf, April 8, Car rxxtkK, wife of Samuel J. UaUett, aged 31 yearn. Tbr relative* and friende of the family, and those of her brothers, Henry 8. and John C. Carpenter, are re spectfully invited to attend her funeral, at her late resi dence, in Astaria, thia afternoon, at three o'clock, with out further Invitation. At Waterford, N. Y., on Saturday morning, April 7, after an lUneaa of three months, Margarct. wife of the Rev. Richard L. Bclioonmaker, or the R. I), church of that place, and daughter of win. Beaman, late of thia city, in the 38th year of her age. Her rcmalna will be interred in the family vault at Jamaica, and the funeral will be held in the R. D church of Jamaica, at eleven o'clock this morning. The friends of loth familiea are respectfully invited to attend. On Sunday .morning, April 8, Hipoi.itk A. Okrajhmoi, a na.lve of France, m the 4 2d year of hia age. Bis relativea and frienda, and alao those of his bro, ther, John F. J. Deralames, are respectfully invited to attend his fnneral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No. 160 Franklin street, without fur ther invitation. On Friday evening, April 6, John W. Avmix, in the 3ttb year of hia age. His friends and acqalntanoea, and thoae of hia family, are reapectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hi* late reaidente, No. 118 West Twentv third street, this afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invitation. Hia remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for inUrment. On Sunday, April 8, Mrs EuxABrni Ca.vmiho, aged OA yearn and 1 month. The relatives snd friends are reapectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the reaidence of her nephew, William Kvana, No. 244 Eigbt<*en'h atreet, cern?-r of Ninth avenue Her re mains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for inter ment. On Saturday , April 7, John MrmucNiirRO, natire of Germany, after a ahort tllncM, in the 35th year of bis sge. The relatives and friends, also tbe members of th? United Brothers Lodrt No 1. are reapectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, from bis late residence, No 4S Green wich atf-'i't, this afternoon, at two o'cloct. Ilia re mains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for Inter ment. On Sunday, April 8. Lt nnriA Dcrrw, aged 14 years. ? Tbe frltnda or the family, and membarsof Suth street BaptUt Church, and Corinthian Lodge No. 261 I. 0. of O. F. , are irtpectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock, fiom tbe church in 8iitb street, r.'ar avenjeC. Afflictions sore Ion* time abe bore? Physicians triad In vain? '1 ill God was pleated to give her ease, And 'reed her from her pain. Kingston and Catski'l papers please copy On Sunday, April 8, Alijw, in tbe 63d year of bis age. Hia friends, and those of the family, are Invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clo-.k. from the residence of nla brother, leander Allen, No. 216 Third avenue, without further Invitation. Hia remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. On Monday morning, April ?, Wimjam Oiikkkhov, eldest son of William and Mary Ann Dickerson, in the 21st year of bia age. Tbe relativea and frienda of tbe Uinlly are reapect fully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his father. No. 337 West Forty ninth street, near Ninth avenue. His it mains will be taken to trinity .Cemetery for Interment. On Monday, April 9, of congestive fever. Mra. Jclia, wife of Edward Willcox, aged 21 years, 6 months and 14 days. Tbe relatives and frienda of the family, and thoae or her brothera, John and 1'eter N. Cornwall, also the menu bera of Howard I-odge ho. AO I. O. of O r. , are Invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe reaidence of her brot*ier, John Cornwall, No. fctt Hester street, to-morrow after noon, at two o'closk. Her roma'ns will be taken to Greenwood for interment On Monday morning, March 0, very suddenly, J. F. Knuvo. Hia friendf and relativea are reapectfully invited to attend the funeral, thia afternoon, at oae o'clock, frosa his late residence, No. 240 Weat street, above Hubert. His remain* will be taken to Staten Island. On Monday, April 9, Mrs. A.** Moos, relict of tbe late William Mrok, In the 56th jeer of her age. The relatives and frieadaof tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from be r late residen t, No. 184 Cbryatie street, to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, without further Invitation. On Monday, April 9, Mia. Jclia Caitwrsa, in tbe 93d year of h?r age. Her friends and eequaintacce are respectfully Invited to attead the funeral, thia aft. moon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 2- o Bleecker atreet. Her remain* will be taken to Greenwood for intermeet Montreal papera please copy. In Brooklyn, on Monday morning, April 9, Cma*lotT> T. Kfcoirn. Tbe relatives and fmnd* are reapectfully reoueate?1 to attend tbe fuoeral. from the residence of Cbarle* Miller No 1C H cis utreet, Brooklyn, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. In Brooklyn, on Monday, April 9. suddenly, of apo pie ly, IUorav Dowaiso, eldest eon of B. H. Downing, im tbe 3lat year of bis age. His mends, and these of hia father, aro ln?:'ed to attend the funeral, from bia late residence, No. 282 J ay street, Brooklyn, to morrow afternoon, at twe o'clo.b. In Brooklyn, on Sunday, April 8, Duma* H. I.iwi?, of consumption Fur a number of years past he baa been connected witb the pre** Tbe relatives and friead are respestfully Invited to attead the funeral, without further notice, from the residence of hia rtatsr. Mrs ,'ollins. North First. n?ar Klitb street, William- bnrg, this corning, at ten o clock f?n Monday, April 8. at tbe Acaa.'WJ. *t Hi. Vinrest, after a painful and protracted illnes* of three months, KuSAnmi ajed 6 yaers, yotna^it daughter of James a ad Ana Rellfy, late of thin attyT California papers please copy. At Newark. N. J., on fluaday, Aorll 8. la bis <3<l 7**r. 1 no mas Pva, a native of Staffordshire, England, kM for many year* a resident of thia, city. The relatives and frienda of the family aro roopectfullr ?nvlted to attend the fanevnl. from hie late residence, *n 8 Ut? ?'we? ,v,e srwo at rev?* '/ckK*. it taiut at M. mfsat U meter 7 I At the reeidence of he* km, 1b Aatori*, L. L. Jawwt Tuataa, relict of the lata Bau Fleming, of OmU, Vlfo iklit, Scotland. The friend* of hot ftona, Jii mo, Aadtew and Boos, tr? reepeetfully Invited to attend the faneral, from the refi nance 0 1 her ion, Andrew, at Aetoria, thia afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remain* will bo taken to Greenwood. At Newport, R L, on Saturday, March 31, Mr*. A. A. Biowmx, wife of Capt Tboe. Brewneil, united State* Nary, a ted 00 ytara. She wae a moat estimable and worthy lady, and her loa* will bo deeply lamented by all who knew her. At l'arle, on Tneaday, March 30, ef typhus fever, Mart E. C. Btkku In the 19th yearof her age. AgWMMBBHjW EKHKWB1 1TEET PAY. PK 11 SON At STREET, NO. 3.-IF THIS SHOULD MEET A?th* *y* of No. 8 Agar Street h* la requested to com with hU Mend 1.ARENCE J. E Mi E munieate with hU friend LA HENCE J. EMANUEL, fur marly of tbo firm of Cott, Hig?a A Co. Direct to the Post office, Philadelphia. DWARD M. MAGARRY, YOU ARE REQUESTED TO coma to your friend in Thirty (lath (treat immediately, or any person giving infoimatlon of bi* whereabout* will 6* rewarded. Annie J. Bowen, 228 Wait Thirty *iith atreet, Naw York. INFORMATION WANTED? OF CORN EMMS KEEN AN. When laat heard from hajwas rending in Siaaiaslppl; any Information in regard to him will be tnankfoliy received by hi* mother, Roaa Keenan, 232 Mulberry itreet. Miisiielppl papera pleaie oopy. POLITICAL. HOBOKEN CITY ELECTION TAKES PLACE THIS day. The following are Regular Dtmoeratio R For Mayor, CoRwn.n a V. Cucaiitii, Demoeratio Republican Nominations. For Treaanrer, Georoe W. Morton. For City Clark, Sahi'bl. w Caret. For Colleetor, Joarrn Wood, For Colleetor of Arreaqt of Taiea, Charit* Clinton For Oraraear of tbo Poor, Jame* Dana, Sen'r. For Snperinteadent ef Pablie Sehoola, Edmund CitAm.ce, For Streat Ioipeetor, Samuel Whith v. For Pound Keeper, Samuel Miller. Fir*t Ward For ConRcilmen, Franklin B. Carpenter, James K. Ubish Seoond VVfird. For Councilmon, George W. Bampton, William White. Third Ward. For Counellmoe, Richard Cole, John Beard. YOUNU MENS' DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN GENE ral Committee.? A meeting of thia Cnmmittae will be held at thoir room*, 003 Broadway, on Tuesday evening, April 10, at o'clock. JAMES PARKER, Chairman. Arthur D.' Caeiomtor, } SPECIAL NOTICES. A N ADJOURNED MEETING OF THE GENERAL J\ Railroad Contention will take place at the Alter Ilouae, ud Tuesday evening, April 1U, at 7 o'elock. (1LAY FESTIVAL ASSOC1 ATION.-TIIE TENTH AN J nual festival will be celobrated at the Metropolitan Hotel on Thnraday evening next, April 12th, at 7 o'clock. Member* who bare not procured ticket* of tbo agent, can obtain them ol JAMES L. BERRIEN, Esq , .W Broome atreet, under Bowery Bank, or of the undersigned, 138 Water itreet. IIENRY C. MILES, Sac'y. C10MPTR0LLER S OFFICE, CITY OF ST. LOUIS, ) March, 25, IMS.? Great eluding aale of the Third sub diviaion of the eity commons, St. Vole, Mliaonii? 1.700 beautiful building lotsfat auction? By ordar of the Major and Council of the city or St. I.ouia, Missouri, on Wednesday, May S, 18M, we will *oll at publio auction th* entire number of lota in the city commons, belonging to the city, remaining uniold. Tbi* property comi riaei the subdivision* of city eommon* blocka Noi. 23, 2d, 27, 28, 43 and 40. Theao block* bare been subdivided Into imaller lota of twnnty five feet trout each, by a depth of ono hundred and twont-flve fuet, each lot fronting on a broad and beautiful avenun. The ground ii moat beautifully aituated lmuddiately back of the present eity limit*, on a nigh and commanding point, afford ing a magnificent view of the entire city of St. I.ouia, the Mississippi River on the eust, and the beautilul undulating rrnlrie on the weat. Broad and iplxndid avenues have been aid off and opened within the past y. ar through the grouda, and in any of tham arc already macadamised; larg* tranta have been rearrved and retained by the city for park*, which are beautifully located, iome of whieh ar* already in a high *<ate of Improvement. Term* of aale? One sixth caab; the balance in equal pay menta, at one, twe, three, four ?nd five years, with iatereit at tbe rate of six per cent per annnm, secured by dneds of trust on the property. H. OVERSTOliZ, Comptroller. For further partleulars apply to KENT A OBEAR, Aoctbner*, Office No. 71 Cbesnnt street, St. Loul*. 10. O. V.? THE MEMBERS OF LIBERTY LODGE, ? No. 4 OH, | o. 0. F. , are hereby notified to meet at their room*, 274 Grand itreet, on Tueiday, April 10, at 12 e'cloek, to attend the funaral of our lata Hro. F. <1. Wm Le Lacbeur. A. ROSEN BF.RU, N.G. Geo. BalliR, Secretary P.T. Notice u hereby given that georue d. Kellogg, f tbe oity and county of New York, (No. 2ft Nauau xtreaMlia* keen appointed a Commissioner ef Deed*. Ac , for th* OTminonwralth of Pennsylvania, ia th* State of Naw York. POOLE ASSOCIATION.? THE MEMBERS OF THE Association are requested to meet at their headquar tern, (City Hotel,) on W*dne*<tay evening, April 11th at 7>? o'elock, on butines* of importance. JAS. M. TURNER, C. W. Hha>? ?r, Secretary. Preaideoi. ROBT. THOMPSON, JR , COMMISSIONER FOR I'ENN ?ylvania, office, Irving Bank Building, Ureeuwiehaad Warren itrven, New York. TOL'RO LITERARY INSTITUTE ?TIIE FINAL MEET ing of tbe ball oommitte*, prior to the ball, will lake place, thia, Tu*aday evening, April 10, at the room* of tbe lnetltute, 44* Broome itraet, at 7>a o'clock. Important bualneaa will be transacted. MYER IJITTENIKEFEK, Secretary. THE MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK? CORNER Of Third >mn ud Niath atreet, pay* aix Mr oent Inter e*t on ium* of WW) and under, and #*? per cant on ?uwiuvar 1000. Open daily from 9 A M to 2 P. M , and WEDNB3DAT and SATURDAY E V E.N INGS, from J to 8. ornccaa: Bra. JACOB A. WESTER VELT, (late Mayor of the city,) President. I' it i i.i r W. Enu* and Iaaac T. Smith, Vice Prceidenta. W. M. Ilmwoitii, Secretary. * . B.? Thie Savmr* Bank la In no way connec'od with any other banking laatitutlon In thii ally, la regularly chartered aoi jrdlng >o Tew tv the I,**i?l?ture of thi* Stat*, and tiaa it* fund* teoiiroly inveeied, mainly on bond and mortgage, on proparty worth double thaamonat loan ad T BE MEMBERSOI TEMPLAR LODGE, 303, P. AND A Macon*, ar>' hereby requeued to attend at their lodge room, Knickerbocker llall, corner of Twenty third atreot ar.d Eighth avenue, on Tu-aday, th? IMh iaat , al IHM o'clock, in full regalia, to pay the Iaat tribute of neaped la nnr lat? worth) Uro. Daniel E. Johaetoa The ramaina will ha conveyed from 21 Garden etreet, Uoboken, to Green wood f'ctbttery. All luemhara uf tbo Order In good etand l n are reapectfully invited to atu nd. By order. jAMEaS. Stitt, Seo'y. JOHN t). McEWI.NQ, W. M. WE WOULD ( A 1.1. ATTENTION To TIIE SALE OK the three atory browa atone houat and lot, I. VI Weil Twenty Urat atreet between Seventh and Eighth avenue*, to be >.ade by E. H LUDLOW, thia day, at li o'clock, at the Merchanta' Exchange. The aale will be poaitlve to tb? | bightat bidder. ItRWARM. ?in HEW A RD ? STR A YEI> ON TIIE #TII INST., e|5i vf from theetable, No. Ii?i Norfolk arreet, a bay mr re, with hi?h hind foot, white roand the fettoeka, abort mane and loo* tall, ahoet 14 bend* high, bad on, when left, the atable a leather head etall. Whoever will retorn the aame to the atabla, 81 Suffolk etreet, will receive the above reward. ? A.~ REWARD -LOST, ON SUN OAT, APRIL S, A ?|)e J white, amall, ?lnt, long haired, Havana dog, goiag in ki*htb avenue from Twenty third to Eighteenth <tre t The above reward will be given to ao* one who bring* her to 'Ml Ninth amine. No queetlone eeked. tfiO REWARB. ? I.OST ON SATURDAY NIGHT, IN the vicinity of I'nlen e>|uare, a contract, written in Speaiab, eneleae* in a larg- yellow envelope, with a dire* tlon OB tke baek Hie tnder will receive the above reward on ramming i: to T. A. liegeman a drag etore, corner of Seventeenth gtreet eud Fourth avenue. FINK ARTS. OLD BOOKS AND ENGRAVINGS BOUGJI T -PERSONS wiihing to diepoae of their old hooka, print*, novela. or | maculae*, can do ao to ad vantage by eendlM tb*m tithe | Old Curio. ity Shop, H/7 Nt-aan atrcet, where the higheet I ca*h price will be given for them. JOHN PVNE, 107 Naaaao etreet M 1MIE FINEST COLLECT I ON O T FRENCH. ENGLISH and German engraving*, ***r imported are now offered ! at private aale, and at rideced pricee, at SM Broadway. I I?< ulere and the public, _re reepjctfully Invited to call. j fl'E BUY OLD BOOBS, PAMPHLETS, NOVELS, EN i V? graving*, antifropli*, coin*, oil paintmge, or any thing ronn*<-.ed with literature or art, and w ill give the i bighrat prke* fer th*m at W<e i.urtoaity aboo. Mi Itr ad <ar ! Tbcaaaade of print* *crap and lar e portrait*, and eld bodk* for aale lew. REMOVAL. JOSEPH LIE, M Kft< HANT TAILOR? HAS REMOVED from |U lieaiway to Gilaeya kaUdiM*. IM Bread way Removal -stores brothers have removed frwa at Cedar ???,?? t M W Vieev (treat \l B. STINEMETH hah REMOVED To MO 2 BAR YY . clay rtraet, (Aator H' w where ke will ?,* moat kappy to attend punrt'iaJly to the ord> r* ef hie cnatomare; : Mao atav be ottalaed aa above, hi* aelehratad work oa cut I tine raabionahde garm-iatg, from V to H [er eepy ASTROLOGY. ABOUT TO LEAVE THE CITY- MA DA ME MORROW. Thla highly gifted lady will poeitively leave for Europe la a few day*. So all that triah to eoaealt b?r muet '-mi teea, or they will aot get the ebaae* She will tall all ta? treat* of lira aad >vee the vet* thoeght*, ta the great a*t? nlaks.*al ef all her vigtter*. 78 Broome Mraat. near <. aaaoa Gentlemen aat admitted N. B ?No charge. If net aaU*ft?d VflHS BRl'l'E, TH K SEVENTH DAI GBTER, CAM &E iVI ^oiifalled on evet.t* of life tree aan r^r'.a a, at her ????,. *) fee el atre< t, oat ef Broadway, ap atair*, third floor; and al*o Veno* pule. I.adi*e VI eent* Madame ai.wim. erom paris. tenders ber *? rv.eee, to the ladlet aad gaatlemea, m phreaolofy, iy bt< ke aad rcienee. Si?e eaa be coaaalted at oat Ut*. marriage, baaineee Ar , and will tall the name of the lady or ientl*man tk*r will marry, alee tbe aamea af h*r viellara. V"l?ir.e Alein eoa ? ere- ? in Encll*h fr?neh and '. ?e* fto Bcwery, between P. ret aad Saaoad *tr??a*. DAICIRO ACIDKM1N.' DAN< INO.-BRlX>tE s a*?emb;ies wi BROOME ?treat.? Th* ?i<*ia| ietraee for I hie *?ae<.a will take plate April II, II aad it [ MATRIMOIIAL. I -WATRItfrNl Al. -II I NESS C/'MPRLB Mr. TO ASK I ^?ef f : "* ' JUE1L1 full rf*. I FAWNY FERN. . u ... sssrwKsa v-, ssratt.; ? ?' ' ?J Fain ? ipiuNti itaUUOIIIi BULPIN 8 SIX DOLLAR MANTILLAS-MOST CHARM ? ing noveltie* ? manufactured of khe vary richest taffeta illk, and universally pronounced alike aaperior In richneoe, newneeenud moderation in prme, la anything ever offered. Ladle* call and *ee. .Vil Broadway. Bui.fin s spring mantillas are now ready for eltv rat alt trade, and oompriao a matobloa* tfilleee tionef Parisian neveitlte, from a beautiful black silk man tilla, at (?? dollar), to the moat costly irarment* inanufn^ tnrad. 301 Rraiilaajr FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER -MRS. BoUl.l.lER AifUr, from Paris, continues to giva bar apauial atten tion to the moat elegnnt and faabionabla ityle of dreaeinak lng, either for mourning, viilting, ball, or opera dreaae*. latest Parle fashions, at 433 Broonio a'.reat, taro doora east of ^roadway. NEW FRENCH MANTILLAS l'ER STEAMER ASIA. The laat modes for the aeaaoa. The lateit and laat noveltle* In allk inaatillaa. Manteleta Poulk de Sola et Guipure. Manteleta Ponlk de Sole et Velour. Manteleti I'oalk da Sole, with fn Bfea, rufflaa, and other new deelgna. Manteleta Moire Antiaae Manteleta Moire Antiqne et Goipure. Manteleti Moire Antique et Valour. Manteleta Moire Antique. with fringes, ruffles and other new trimming, from tbe moat celebrated houaea In Pari*, will ba abowu by J. DECK A CO., commencing Monday, tbe 9th initaut ; toaetherwitti an immense variety of thair.owa veil-known and highly appreciated manufacture, adapted to the moat cnltivatod and ? refined taete, at extremely moderate price*. Ib additlonfto the above. J. Ileek k Co. ban received eeveral tana of WHITE EMBROIDERED MUSLIN AND CIIANTILLY LaCE MANTILLAS, in entirely new designs. Alao, real Gnipnra lace mantillaa, and mantelet " La rantaale." in great aaaortmeat, suit able for tbe Biora advanced aeaaon. J. BECK A CO. 3 M, 7M6 and 7H8 Broadway. Straw uonnets Oi the lataat styles. , Alio bonnet rrau.ea, Cheap for caah. At niRl.lT'8, No. 34 John street. CTRAW GOODS, FRENCH FLOWERB, Ac. O 250 case* ileb atraw konneta. 2*1 caaea anpi-r English Dunstable boom It. 10 caaea super English alit atraw linnet*. SO caaea rlob lae* Tonaeta. 10 caaea Leghorn flat). 10 cartona atraw Rnche; and CUO boxes French flower*, or the latei*. importation, are bffered at reduced pricea for cash, by HOMER A KETCH AM, No*. 64 iand iMj Johu itreet, corner ol William, New York. JDRY GOODS, 4Mb ASSIGNEES' SALE. ? SELLING OFF AT GREATL1 reduced pric**, the large and magnificent atoek of Una embroideries, facea, hoaiery and glove*. at No. 779 llroad w*y Ladiea will do well to aall, a* we art eelliag very low toi oaab. By order ol aha assignee*. Black barathea bilks, thf.ntv pieces, just received, the moat di'tirable mourain, ulk imported. C. F. BARTHOLOMEW, .Ml Broadway. Bombazines.? c. r Bartholomew has opened fllty pieces Lnpin'a superior bombasine, at twenty A?e percent. less than tbo uaual pi lues. New Mouralng Store, Ml ilrjadway. C1 F. BARTHOLOMEW HAS JUST RECEIVED A J ? large assor.nient of every deacriptiun of mourning Iotde, which be ia offering at extremely low price*. Ntw lournmg Store, Ml Broadway. CURTAINS? LACE AND MUSLIN CURTAINS.-A ) aplendid lot of tbe above gooda at very great bargaine; mualin anrtama from $2 to fii tbe window, lace from H M to $13 Iho wlodow. KEMsEN A POWERS, Jill aad 3". Six U. avenue, one door below Fourteeath a treat. C'ARPETS? INGRAIN, THREE PL Y. BRUSSELS, ETC., > ate. ? Jaat received, another lot or ingrains a'. .1*. (id and 4a., and a beautiful lot of Engllah Brussels at Ha. and 9a. per yard. An eitenxlve aaaortment of all other de? rip tiona at enually low price*. Alao, rnga, mats, matting and oilcloth* in great variety. REM l.N A POWERS, -"I and 2U*i Sixth arenne, on* doer below Foartaautb itreet. ENGLISH CRAI'EH.-TWO HUNDRED PIECES ?VC Pj llah erape lust received, ol all qualltiea Aiao. flna.i qui.lltie* Canton erape* C. F. BARTHOLOMEW, Ml Broadway. EMBROIDERIES! EMBROIDERIES' EM I1ROI DERI ESI - The *ab*crikers are eonatantly raeelviag from nne tion an endleaa variety ?! the choleeat gooda, wbioh thaj offer to the public at pricae altogether nnprecedented. BROWN A DOYLE, 3M Boarery. between Founli and Great Jonaa etraeta. FASHIONABLE DRE8B GOODS - THE SUBSCRIBERS have on exhibition a beautital atock or rieh draaa tilka, barege robea, f rcuuh orgaad|ea. lawaa, do laioo, brilnantea, ealieoea, Ac, Ac. UBsDDLL, I'EIHSON A LAKE. 471 Broadway. Foulard silks, at v. the dress-anotiier lot will be offered tbia morning UBSDELI.. PEIRSoN A LAKE, 471 Broad way. IMMENSE REDUCTION - Htaadard price* in carpeting*. Velvet*. 10*., 12*., IS*., 14*. and apwarda. rapMtriea, 7a. , Ha., 9* . 10*. ingrain*, Ge. aad A*. M., formerly^ Three Ply*, He., formerly 10a, and II* Then are our true price*; w* only aak an inapretion of tk< above to aatiafy ecei'tica that they are the clieapeel la tk? iiy LORD ATA VI OR, Grand atreet, corner of ChrtiUe. Yf ATEHIALS r<>K MEN AND BOYS' H EAR 1*1 JtHXI yarda o? uaw atyla aui*rftao FANCY CAMfOMEKA*. Al.l, WOOL, At Htuly Iti ?Bl< per yard, ( at in lonrtha to anil purchaeore. Monday, April Vtb. A T 5TE WA RT A Co . Rroadway, Ufiktnbara *n<i Road* tllil KNINO OOOD8.-WOW OI'EN, TUE MOST BEAU iYl tiful aaaortmaat oti r eihlbite l In lha city, at HAH TUOLOMBW'S, 861 Uruadway. MOl'KMNH VA.NTII.IA)> IN <SRE\T V A K I ET Y AND l?w Jlleoo, at BAHTllOLOMKW a .Saw M ,urnin,i SMtr.Vil Broiliti; VEW 8TEI.I. A HBAVUMiPtNID FORTIUS WKEK, II lie hundred nor* l>autitol ?rriui c<.|or*d St II* all aw In, at X X), $7 Ml, *lli kii I ?J J ? *- ?., th- | at and chaapoat ahawla in tho < ity. <iBO. III.'LI'I.N, In Broadway. Till OKI AT BALE Of CALICOES, YARD WIDE wurrantod fiat color. ?t 12>t "enta per ?..rl, will la con tm'iM Hue weak. CBM'KII. I'LIKSoX 4 LAKE, ID Uroadway. rpillKrV PIECES BLACK AND W ill IE PLAID BILKS, L at fifty i-iita |?r yard, woitb an abilliiipa, at BAKI il > LOIKW 8, CM Broadaay. ITB3DEI.L, PRIRSON A IAKE HATE LATELY HI J taivad kn al*taat aitor meat of ti b caaliinore ?'??II* ahawle, vary cheap. 471 Broadway VVrKT GOODS'. WET GOODS. HT.T 0?>UDS -(IRB.t T IT baryaina in wet silk ? alio * lar/o lot of colored i ?H fttftl and imUmRHI MltlM, Ml tatlc cl'.tt.n and towala, am tlfcu lOO'la, "*l lin'o alilrtias* *ud alioctlnea. cheapaOoda. wet cotton *hirtln<a and aboetin/a, wet print* and |Ti./liaiua, aleo vat, ahawla *n<l (ullta. All anode aent free to all part* of the city and el'itiltjf. ANDREW (1 COLBY. 57 Third a?-nu. WILL CLOSE IN A FEW DA YR.? POSITIVELY THE laat weeb of tba areat aala, by nrdar of tha aeal( aaoa, of the ai.ltndid atoab of emhroi4erire, lacaa, hoaiery, Ac at No. 77# Broad Ladia* will do wall to call, aa the go?da inaat bo ? Id wllbou t roaerra. THE TH \ 1 1 KM, At. AW A1 > II M A K EH. WHO INkEHHTAN OS HEI'A I K in* jawelry, clocka, wa'chea, At .can make a food lie Ian if h? ?IAn to |0 to a ple*eaal itllac ?<t wet, and baea a aiadow in a larsa Jewelry itor*. Kor part ultra ad dreea bo? 3,9M Poet (Iftt*. AYO( N? MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS (IAR denar, anderetanda bin bue.iicia pretty fa<4; will make bimeelf iieafnl aboat tba bouaa, or look oat on a firm, and car* a team of horaaa; i.aa do okjeotioo to tny part of tb cooatry I'leaae (all at tbc Weatchaeter lloiiaa, corner of Broome atreet and Bowery, from aia* till fmr. A EOT WANTS TO I EARN THE CARPENTER'S J\ trad*; b? la alita** yaara of???. Apply at .VI Ri.l in ? oa fir??t. AliAfiVERREOTYI'E OCERATOR, WIIO IM WOHTd (!.'> ? w<*k. >? *aa>?d at WILLIAM aOE 'S yallary. .a hrooklya, IS* t'nlton (traat. No oaa acc4 apply who baa n?i ovary 'luaiii^atioa. AVOl'NO MAN WANTS a ?itcation as oar I Itaefi aadcr-tanda ?*r-tat,on y?a?ra!ly; baa no ah , Jafti ii to tbo care of a borae ?.r to drite. baa ja? I r??otn aiendatlcaa. Addraae W (i . Il?ral4 oHioe Die sinker and demote* wanted? one who raa c?a>o well fconn.* led *' a brat claea wura man, *ad *ko baa bad oiportMM* la d??(aiiir aad aiak.n* boM. n? ea Addraaaboi l,e>9 I'oat OA. e / ' t RI>ENERf5? SITL'ATM'N WANTED. BY \ COR PI I f teat isarri'd man. of long et|^ne*t< a tbla aaantry; ?i.dirataadi (ar laa n r in all Ita ir .n !.??. and baa plaaataf ralaraaa*. A| ply or addaaaa (iar I nW, 1 7*1 atreet fooa X (<0DA W AT KK AND CRA< KIR* ?WANTED, I1Y AN 0 ?'.tl?* ?an. well *MMU< Mtta both * >itu*ti?a a aiihar Addraaa CmMMM, llarald TV IK) L'I'Hoi.steeers - wanted, a riEsi Ra rs vv b?lal*r>r and paper t>aaa f, *? ?e itlb r a** I a; (l> (I. < ?a?b, ?oraor of Caart aad Ke^raw ttraat* "out rtr a fTO E.NCIN EES", ("NTRA<TOR<<. AC.-A PSACTI 1 ' ?l <"*'a*?r. k*?in? joat aa'lad aa ea<a>ea,aat w.Ui aaa M ik* I art art Rrwi* ?l <.r*at Rritaia, la daa !*<.*? of a ra iniacaetl. bo i* tl?f. ?aMy m?|o?ib??1 w ? b rail* ay ? arX. mil work, < *?atro tint d"t(aia?, ??r<?; a Lr.4 /? laildiap, aad awawrtn-aadiaf >rt u**oar wotfca *? aerali/ A l"lr??e Enyiaewr Port TO RAKIIV -A MAN L'N DERS I A N fi| N<J THE RA b ry I aa.aaaa .a all iU traa'bei an ! lb? f orakaonr ? f tonr, say addr**a far -.aa w*?k. * boa !,#<> Poat OR. , meatioa rodnenre of I, -?,?<, apa> llty at.1 HMM#; If vtrr^ed. ataU faitly . ala? roa*-.r>^rati7r. n ttr-4 11/ Alt TED- A < (TmI'IIHITOR ONE WHO Til >R<H C. If << If Di4ar??*rde bia I onr.e ? *o4 ka? baaa ac tMomed t? Mt op -raxaeata! wwrk a( rl; t< k*. o '.?? !??? ? n.?a at feat. ItCRTACRARTl. A N EM I'LACf? Rl< 'HER' HE, CfiMMEE' IAL NEW t it ra'*ai aad p boaM, JMk < aaai MM Re*e... iwn'a if all bikda. Baait eefted na at *ay boor f atlaiBM* f,,. am ??< with (l>aa k?d? by Ua a?b(, ?*>a >? aaatb J, POt* tl I Boat of wiaoo k|??rt aad M?ar< | BPtRfTVAMBM. VJPIEITLaL R Af I I NO AND WR|T1N(? TRROt'UH , O rOMI kat fa*r daya V**(?r at 7jr> i?r-a-t*ay flora < ?ap.i R?,i < v pra?i?>if l?r??ia't " 't H e ,? 1 ftMM ?Ra?aa UM E?*f?|j alUfM* ?*i Wixra. A LAST WISHES TO MEET WITII EMPLOYMENT m eopyiat ?r amanuanM* to a gratUauui. A'ldraae J. J . n*rald (?m. A TOUNO '.]Ri. WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION. A to do general hoaeework. the baat of city nfurice given. Cu be ?ern for three daya at l<2 Wul Wnablagton . A LOUNO LADY, ACCUSTOMED TO ATTEND A F 1 R8T iV claee ?tor#, dartre* a Ilk* Htuation; good ftltniifl* hItc), Addreea or apply to E. 11 II., KI9 Grmiwiebilrtit A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general koSHWnrk; the boat of city reference |l>?. I'm be aeen 3V K'tit Broadway, fear do r* ibift D?im *tr**t. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN wishes a bitc ation In a reapretaLle family to do general houeework; 1* a good waahcr aud ironer. Good olty rafereaoe ou >e given. Can b* aeen f?r two daya at SS/Twciltb atreel. >>*? Uhu Flr*t ami Second aiuuu. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atloa in a reapeetable prlvata family at chambermaid and *ram*tr***, or obaniHarmaid and waiter Goodeiiyre fereace eau I ? given from bar laat place. Caa bo aeon for two di.y* at 3X! Twelfth atract, between Kirat, an J Second avenue*. JN EXI KKIEM EI) LADIES' NURSE WIHI1E>- AN rnta^emant aa aeainalraaa, companion or houaek*r|.< r, wb*re in Will ba frao to All profoaaional eniacemeate alar where. No ri uiunerntlun required, hrr oijeot l?iuK in hove a hi me when otharwlaa unemployed A pbyaician'a fnwily preferred. Rofrreacea unrgreptlonabla. Apply at ItM Court atreat, Brooklyn, or ILIJf Twelfth atroet, N*w York J LADY DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING. WISHM TO Uod ?itiialioiin for two good aervanta, * ho ha<0 hot a with bar lor aaiaral year*, oar aa oook, the otlitr a* < ham brrmaid. Apply lor two daya at 40 Clinton plfe:r, Eigbtb atreet A I II I. M il COOK WANTED? IN A FRENCH PHI J\. vote family. Thr oook umit l>? French, or elae the nmat apeak French wall. Call comer of Fourth place and Clinton ?mat, Hrooklyn. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU JY ation aa cook, and to naniat In the ?Mbin( and ironing. She livad two yaaraln ber laat place. and can brio* tha brat ol city reference. Inanire at No 133 Third a?ig>, he twem Fourt*?nlh and Flflcanth atroota. aacond floor, tr^m room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS nhaiiihermnld or to <lo general Uou?? * ork family. N o objection to go to the country I'l-aee i| | ly at XSO Twelfth atrect, Moond floor, for thrao daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A Jv iitoatlou aa araiuatre>*;und*ratand* cutting and fitting children'* rlethea and dreaamaking; ha* no oblactlon in take ?r< ? ? ebildrtn. Can b? Men at 333 T? clfth atreat, near Saoond avenue. 18 WET NURSE.? A YOUNG WOMAN WHO LOST her fcnhy a few daya ago, wiahea to obtain a rlluation in u ratpectable family Garni city raleranoe ran l>* given. All > at 1?3 Wait Thirty -algbth atrect, near Eighth avenue. AGinL WISHES A SITUATION IN A SMALL PRI tatr family, to do general houaework or cbainharwork I. a? lived four yen ra and aii montha In ber laat plftrr; boat of city reference given. Can he nn at 1 20 Weal N matt .ntl> ?treat, in the tear for two day*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU* Hon in a private family aa aaaniatrMi; ean nut and i:t ladiea dreaaaa, and can do all kluda of lamuy aewing; I * at of city rafcrence. PUaao call, for two daya, at Ni> Sorntb avenaa. ARESPEi'T A U I E GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook, waahcr and ironer, in a ?Mall private ramily. hu no otjectlon to the country. Pliaae call at >1 Sevi.'.b avenue, between Thirty -third and Thirty fourth atrtete, for two dayi. A LADY IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING A NITtJA il tion (earlier in a family nl one or mere children uc der twalvu yaara ol aga; ibe will devote four houra in the fi renoon to tb< ir Initruetlon, at their wn reaidenic. Ternia ((<pcr week. Addreaa K. N. A., Herald office. A CLEAN, S)l ART VnI NG WOMAN. WANTS 4 SI tuation to do the general bouaework ol a |ri>airi? luily; haa no objection to tl e country; la a naat waaber and ironi r; ha> good rrfcrrnoe. Can l e aeon at 110 Eart Tw< uty filth atrect A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WllMAN WANTS A SITU ation ai c.ok with a urivata latnily. Ilaanoobji ti n to go to the ronntry Good ?lty r< lerenor. Can be ?eeo f< r two daya at ^'10 Sullivan atreet, room No tf A RESPECTABLE WOMAN W ANTS TIIE WASHING of a private family or a few alnnle i). raoua, by ;b? month or by thedoien, at moderate tarm*. Will l>e | unctually at traded to. hy railing at 173 Wooater atreet, Aral door In tha rear honae A SITUATION WANTED BY A IIIGIll.Y RE4I'E< T il able girl, aa chambermaid and a -a mat reaa, or aura* and ecamatrrea, and would l a willing to maka beraalf /enerally uarful. Haa the vrry beat of i Ity roference from her laat amriloyrr; left at ber own reineat I'leaae call for two daya at IU3 South atreet between Bergen and Dean atreeta, M< ond floor, Iront room, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 0 1 RL, WITH HOOD il eit) referen-e, wanta a altuatlon aa ehaml ? riolid, and to aaaiat with the waahing and ironing or plain aewing. No ol.Je. lion to do the general houaework of a email |rival> lamiljr. Pleaae call at 9K1 Tenth atreet, between avauuae A and B, la tba rear ARESPEI TAIlI.E YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SI II A tion aa chaiubermaid and Ana waahcr aad ironer, or a* laundreea. Goud city relerenoe ran be given. Pleaae . all at lit TwelHb atreet, third floor, b.ick room, between the I ittii and "lath avenue*, lor two day*. ARr.sPEtTAIllE YOUNG GIRL WANT- A ITUA tlaa aa ehambennald or waller. In a re>|?. t board tug honae or hotel. Can rouie well meiiiiii' nde.l Plenea rail for two daya, at No. Greanwi. h etrwH. ARFSPECTARLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A StTI A tion aa cook; i* willing to aaaiat la the waahu. ? and ironing. The *>e?t of rltv retereore can h? given I an be aeen fcr two daya at ( nlvaraity plaea, up atalra. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNfi WOMAN AH laundreae Can *tve the beat ? f reference. lie- no o? Jr< ti? n to a r? avertable boarding honee ( in be * .? n ft r two day* at l.V West fteteuteeutb atre*t, fr?nt baa* orient A SITUATION WA NTED?H V A RE*I'E<TA ULE ir.rl, who ia an *ie?llent rook, and flfl rata wuaher an?J ?r<.mr. Ifaa tbe Icit ol fit; reft rea<*e from her laaf pit*-**, where aba livad elf lit year*. Nona fiat private famille* need ? I'ftly Can ba ? for two day* at III Wooater ?tr*?t be twwn M|ina^ and I'rinee, In the thread and i<*edla attre. A f ITU ATI ON WANTED-HV A VKKV Rr..M'r? IA J\ ble girl aa chambermaid ai d team*!**** Th? boat of citj r?f*r?*'<i aaa be riten. I'leaae fall at 26n Ea*t I # or UtBth itrut Can b? t9*n for two days TAIII E YOINO HUMAN WAM- A II nation to do fentral boumwork. 1* a <i?'ad wataar aa4 iroaer Han na objection toco a liort diat..r re in the. ne'ry or l'> do chamber work and wait Inf. Ilan no d reft* -oea from h? r ln*t i<lat*e I'leaae call At N?. 1?4 Kidje at rat t, In the rrar Can ba ia< n for two da>a. AN KNOI.IMI WOMAN. WITH H F. " i ' E ? I' A l v M' < 1 1 V leffrenr e an t? rbara< t#r and rapacity, la a I'roteetawit, fijifctl faf ft Mtlftllai la I jwlvill family, to do rbamtMir w- rk and wait.njr . Una bo objertiua to afo oookiac, ar would take < are of ont> t hild fan I ?* fteau for two day* at No Z Hhitea | lace, Eifbt#?ath atraet, Liltavii Seventh and Eiabth ftvennea. 4 miPBCTABU VotfNO WOMAN WANTS A 1\ all miion, at |>Imd aook. in a priaate fatr.i Jj. la t* I able of tal Inp ait ! nn^eratanda paalry. Ilaa n< o'-Jacta u to bm|i( in fh?< waahlnjf and Irwnlae llaa lived fa her I .* I li i e ? bt? t i. i? * n th* Can be a * ' I r? ? <?m men !? I l'l??#? fall lor two da>a at No |.*? I'eek illf fir aft floor, hn-k t< o?i, for two day#. 4 KirUAllON WANTEO II V A Kl. K'KCTABIf. J\ y ti vt fr ?rl a* aeamatrcaa aad nora?*. Ih? t ? ?<!,*' t ion to tbe r, untry Can fife yot.d rify reference * all at N - H M?ek?tt it rati, |iro< klyn, u.iM floor, near th# bin, i!tcn ferry. A RESPECTABLE GIRL W ASIA A SITUATION aook, to a*ai?t In wa*btaf ai.d irontar The Nil ntjr refereaae Can )*a aean at M Waat biaUenlb a*r*el, la U* t ?ftf A LAI/NDRKflH WANT.H A IUTUATION IN A RB ?*'!. aie? table family, aould t# tbe eonatry f r Us ??m m^r The beat of ti oamialatl >n fr tn b?r laat etnp'or'r Can ba ?#ta at |o7 Eaat I wanty aeeond ttre-t. I>#'?raan I it aad ftetoad avnuaa, lor two day* AYulNO WOMAN WlflllEfl A SITUATION 41 teaantrori, ran eat and fit dr'?'**, a? d otaka ebiidr'O a aloth?*; *b*i would like to da ? bam^erw^ra ba? if # b*?i * f ?ll| raiar^nee. Can M a*-aa till aai*#"! at 36 We?t Ewbi eentb *tre*t, ia tbe reaf, a?f or.d floor \RBrtPECTA ih.k IIDDLI AOBD WOMAN Wf*ltfE? a *naation to eook, wa?b an# Ifaft, ia the ?pf?r (art of tie e?ty ; baa no objection ta fo a ?b -rt dlatai.- ^ la lU coMry Inntilra at US Riitb aeena latw*??ti ftaa'y itialb and Tblrtktb itr*ata, In tbe tay alert. A NEAT II l>r YC'CN fi MOHAN H ||o IM Till I ?at of ret- ammaadati' a?, wiab?* to hav*i a ?nm.ll r ?l ???rfable waabia . at bar own b' ???* wkleb ?b* * ?;???? it' with aatlafartloa oa inaiaWo I'laa** tail a' IT I lirat at?io?, aaeoad floor, laeli r?*a. 4 YOL'NO rroTE-TANT 0 1 ft I. Wfttf* A ^ITI'A ;\ tloa l? a frtvate family a* ef.amt.? rmaid aad w? t? aa be ?e# a wkere *h- baa lived oa# jraa#, at Mr* 1m t a, tatw*?n f lintoa aad llaary etreeta, in Caioa ?ira?t -*r? Brook If a. A I I ; 4 T I ?? N UANTEh A I' A I K . ' "n I II P. teat of f?f*rea<e raa be glvaa. Call, r addree* a i? va to 732 1 anal ?lr*?l, aorwar of lludeea, tfti.'d flv/f, 'r* nt raNta < aa be ?e?a Itf Hfa day* A EK-TE' TABLE WOMAN WANT- A HIT! \Tt*M J\ at ftad I'- aa* so u.- wuhm ? 4 riaiii, IkM nvadl mi t ba aioat rae^aetabla f aaittlea. aad caa yeadaea im rafafaaaa. I l#a*e aail at 71 ftevealf * aa ? ? ? t eitv r?f*faae?, aa?o fef two day* H E* l'E'1 4 III I. mCNO OEKMtV Of El I iff. a f*?a I' aMita i ntutisii aa * ?r?a vr ae*?*tra#?. u, aaoaafaay a family 'a Eif*fe H??i l referewaaa aaa ba fl 'a tl Mf pr*aeo% aaifd yer ?, v #'r*e? SITTATION WANIEI# BY A Itlfft TAMtE a i ad tbtldiaa aad da flan ?**!*, ar II a* # ? d eHy r '*r?ae* fr? ai *? la t . aaaa at !-?? fwantMtb *ireat aaar E#ktk \ VITI ATION WAN TEI* El A fOCMi WoMAN , M fiftia aaa I, waikrr aad lr?-a*r Tka teal af rllt ft f?r*a * f .*? * ? a*, w ?- a ?t C# W?et Hw faoftae %4a I'rei', froal t a?a?*at for ??? day* Ann atiov i* 4Ntrr? by a Mo^f BfirtcTABi r. t rl. tod. aata* aaft akaaiMwwaffe Tbe fte?l of r t y (??fereete I'laaaa '?all frftaa Ofi at Sil Ulitk a??, i?, ??f aef ?f Te?a* etk ilfw* 4 I'EOTt TANT YOI SU WOMAN WHftK." 4 Mil * uii ae ?a*a?ef-niH ar a art* aad aaamfree* fba ? '?t af ? ty r ^reaaa ?aa 4a rtvaa I* .a*a? *a:j at in E*?t |*cria?au. *?raet fowrtlu fleat 4 HfM'E TAB* E torso Woman W AMTt A I j| ntaat kaa ae a r*M flaaa t? a rata wt-ur *a4 t * s, r. ? r k?a aa atjaitlai ta 4a feaeral iMrwMaarft ia a ?9il) fvivata Hwtly 1 ba l*#i at wif '?f?faf* 'aa ?.a * ilva* ? aa W aeea faf two daya I'laaae aali at !%# #?*i 1 4, fta? etk air at* la tfta far, bat aaaa *<eaaatb tad , f *? fctb ate aaaa 4 N I* Ol |* ?| rot: BO WOMAN tti ME* A a I ft t jl t a fte ?eaa<atr*ae aad ??r*e aa ' ** aa1 M eb draa a ??atba* and da all kiad* af faaaoa aa* a^ ? aa la fttfklf f?- aa't^al by "a lady aba li*t| vAb 1 an ? ? ? ? ? fcf * a ^ 4*y? at It; Waat Taaaty aa ad Hf -? ?.atfc fttd baveatlk aveaaat WET NCB?r.,-A *b?ll T A rill fo? NO mae I , fit# waanaa waald take a h; o, aaraa lOaftfi reawtawt-a bae.ay laat bar m taj ifta tofi **aa Neta tat ftaraaat < t ra*aa? a?Mt^ a* > ?? f. ??# aa? aa^a, ft*, aw ia?rt| tttdfta ttreae, leaf aa?fv *f* ? 1 Ua vt'wt aiaa*4. Ah UorfCTAMl ICM< wisbbs a situation ib a privato lamiljr. Hin">l boaao wtuL bo ?on at btr ptU'lt plaoo, IB nfth ?lr?ot A ^?SITUATION wantkd? as wet ncrsk. htaii ? Mctabl* nnug la ? frivato (aaillj Coll a'. No. JOt 1 ittMl, upp#r floor AH SITUATION wantkd? bv a touno WOMAN, to do gtaoral bouiooork In a ?in*ll private rmilj Cm >+ tor two day. ?t ''IS liroonwich olroot, (a Um rw ARKHPECTABI.E YOl'NO OIRI. WANTS A tITUA Hub to do )'unil konxwork 1 1 bo thro* iitri' oit> wwm. PIoboo qbU >t ?c?.Bit m?t.t?oBtb itiyi. AVODNU FRENCH OIRI. l-tHIKES A SITUATION M rkambormaid or tur.? cm, fuini.b rood from ?uondatiuor. I'laaio call at I7W Vorii k Urtxt. ib tbo ' -|t meat. ABKSrBCTABI.k SCOTCH OIRL WANTS A SITUA^ tioBi ean do gouora!, or cbamborwork, ? Bthloc knd iroBiBI Cob bo aoon for two ?!?>?. oi No. Id i oni or ? UuildiBf, I.ooaard atroot tron MAN to t I'. N ARISI'BCTABLB WOMAN W I HUES A SITUATION bo rook la a roopootablo Would b? wlllta* to ???i?t ib tbo wBahinit BBd tronia ba? good city ro4or?Boo?. I'Iobm to call Bt flU SUtooatb atroot. cbUdrcl atfaot. ?Iioatlon to n? to California. to ink* obarao of rblldrtt Ob tb* pauaio laqulio for ?no wook Bt 14H vaxic k AKKSI'Bl 1ABI.K UIRI. WA .Th A SITUATION TO do do (raoral bouta ?? rk or cbainborornrk la * rooyool all* prltala family <i?.,d rllj rtfaroaoe if r?i|?ir?d C?U atV2(iold Hrrot, <o,?nd lloi.r, back room, fortwo daja. ATOINO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS NURltll And a? ametreee. or onambermeid aad waiter, to %m excellent tine aewer; uudemt ami* her buaineec INMrfMlf. ? infcr ihb for two daya at ?V. Itud? n atreet, rear. AHKSPECTABI.E YOUNG HON4N VI' A NTS A MITU? ntion aa rook, tuh?r and iroeer in a private family. Cu rivu the beat of reference I'Uik- ?ill at WJ lui, between Seventeenth m l Eighteenth itrwetr Cm ko eeen for two daya. AREflPECTAllI.E OIRI. UlMIEh A *11 U ATI ON lb a | irivatc family; nndi*retande cooking, waehkng ?w<t ircnrng: can do rhamberwork or tale car* of children. Can give good city rrfrr^nrr fr^tn bar la?t placa. Call fur two day a, at 78 Ifaory itrait, room No ( AI-IOTESTAM WOM A % WANT* A MTU ATI ON AM R0<?<1 cook; baa no obj?cti<?n to aaai*t in lb* waahlim and irnnior. if ro?|uir*d; baa tbr bra* of r*f?ranoa from bar iaa% t>lA*c ^I^aaa call at I.V U >>.1 ihirt- antb ftfOOt, batwaaw Hytt ntb and Eijrblli aveimoa, lu tho Iroat baaamaut a iirvAYuni man'iki' m a rafwo ?xii*fp ^'\ tak? < ara of obildran aod maka liaraalf uaafal tn a ?r? vato family. U?at of citr rafeiwnca i'laaaa rail at 77 Ntna> traotb ?traat. Iirtwean S*i*th and fteveath av<-auc? Cat bo tm-n for two da>?. Astiaxit iron am waktb a itmnimi im a aood plain rook, a #oi d naabrr aud ironar, and uad?r ataada aaoaral bouaawork id a aaail fain'ly. i un N a??n lortwodayaat I/' Eleventh at rta between ftrfl aroauo and avenut* A. A SITUATION WANTED? DV A NEAT AND Till? yeniK wuman, aa nood |?la?a oook. w^abcr aad ir*n?r: alao iij aaotbrr, aa fbambarmaid and nuraa; both ena bo wall ra?rmm*ndcd. I'leate call at *01 Dovery, at tba oai oiaa, for two da> a A^MAHT, ACTIVE GIRI. WANTED ft)R (?ENKRAf? bouaawork; one wbo under atanda iilaln fooklng, waab in? and Iriinmir, Hilling tn life in -k country \Ula*a n?ar tb?* city, and mak* h? r?*ll teat rally ua Siatb atreel, after 1 o'clock tbla day city, and makr hrraelt ren?ralty ua?*ful, may apt4y ol S36 _o - ??* * 'c locf " ' *~ A COMPETENT PERSON V% ANTH A SITUATION AH cook; ahe nnderetan<'i I ranch arid EBgllab eoi.aiag 10 ail ita Lrancb?>a T" aa? e t rr>ubl?>. >bo d??aa not waah. I'lanei rail. I't addr^wa (V M , l.'il Toelftb at r- at. betneon Kiret and ?*f?nd avenue*, ti rat floor Can l?a ar?*a for two daya, if nol pnKa<e<l. AnEHPl.cTAIil.E \otNt; WOMAN DE-IKKH A ?It na ion, m city or country, t do general hotieewerk, ? an do f ? od I lam looking and tating la an aaaellenl wnab er an<l ironar, la featff I* t it recommended, nag?a \*r tnon' b. A |*|*l jf at W 1 liowary. in tna vual ?tice, lor twa <>!?? A RE> Pl.t.'TA III.E VOt Mi UOllAN H'lHlfKS TO Oil tain a ai*-ady altontlon aa go*-d cook and baker; la n iret rata waaber aad Ironer, haa good r ouiiuaiidati<?ne trvm h bare ako lived for tbaaa Uat itvfn vaare, only lived ta two private lamili?'a atnet. A|?ply for two la?a at 3l<# Dolaney atraet, aerond flutr, front r un A YOUNG WOMAN A' A NTH A SITUATION A*! J \ rlaml>?*rmaU and waiter, or to aaaiat in waebtng and troninff, or aa narae; boat of reloren< ?< ^ie? u from fr?r laet I'larc; no objection to?oin t1.e oeuotri Pleae* < all at 17i avenue A, between Twelfth aud '1 birteentb atreeie, ia ibo grocery at?-re. A VOL NO WOMAN HANTS A SITUATION A?l J 1 ebaiol^rir.ald ana waiter or a "tmni (?? rm*>id aad bao % aaber and i r ? n*r. or aa aiirae. ? ea? >ratanda bar kiaeineno ??erfactly, one *?ei?'l nable re<-onn*ei. Jail >na ean be ?bown. I'l?a?e a 1 1 1 y at AH Waet 1 b*rt? eeitt* atieet, neat to tba eenJ yartl, far two daya nlTl'ATlON WANTED. II Y A Itf.M K' TAIILK young girl, na ebaioterniaid and w altar, and wenld 4a fine waablng and ironing if r"i??l ed tan be blgkly reaen ir ended fr?<m bar laat |*!ate, where el. lived two )?ar? Caw be a?er at Catherine atra?t En* ranee In Oak ?tra?t. A HEnPECTAfil.E WOMAN WANT!* A HITUATIOH, J\ in a amal! prleate fan ily . ta a |?teto cook aod aa c?llent waaber aad Ireaer, would bave to abjoetion to tn a abort dittanor in tharountr), baa i'. very beat nf city and ??tinir) reler*??rea I an b? a?ea f> r threw ?Uye, if a? t ea raged, at k; Mulberry atreet. bctweea llayard -ad Wailmr at mate A VOt: NO OIRI., WITI! Tilt HE*T til CtTV REE I.R eneee, wiabaa a altuation a? waiter in a g?nt?tl frrteaiw t ardtng bona*, where ahe ran take the full ruarge of tb? dime# reoin ?be nonld go la tba ? ui. try If deatred Rhe A n/ r<nm She wonld g?. in the ?* If dea*re?d Ifbe Id hav* no objeetlou to do j iaiu rooking, aad ir'-aiLf 5-be i an be aeea for tw<- date, It not r- agei, ii ,."4 Eliiat atii etraet, Brat floor, lat a rovn*. ? I P?:< TAIII I Vol NO OIRI W I Mil E-1 A ?if TU A tioa *> take care < f cblldren or d? plala eewmg . ?r ecaii't* r ? ork, er to do tba b'n??? rkof a email family , >r< w f>< le kind to cbll^r?n and "tli^itg Haa g?d etty r*-taran<o. I'leaae rail at or aadrea* a ant a to ffl! d*4ta'n atreet, iron: room. ? an a ?i?n f ?r two daya Ho o?)e? ooca to tbc ?. ountry A l.kHMA S I OOK AM) ISOI lllll ( II A It l?KH If A I II t tul wub?? ? liluftli"! t in ? vmtll f r? ?*t? f*tni!v Tb?| un<t'ni?i I tt< ir j.?rf?rily. fti?-l f.l#? ? ?nJ 'rob.m; < ??? b?; ?**i. t?r t?u 'Up* ?% *2 Tw?t>ty f';*ivlh ?lr? i MtWen hiitb ltd idfiftilt tvieati third floor, front r?'<?i \nl \t. If ^ N WANT* A MHATMN I'ONTftt r. ft dry r?. II ?? lit *4 thr*? f%r$ \h? Iftftl A A A VI. I M, K*:. W A ' ? T ? A M P tllilN AS rONTIM J\ ? i ?? Utkal ta i ii' C r *fcr '!??*?, at wtil4 ki* I ?ibh1II? i?) (N^i'UMi l>?4? M?| V* >??l ar r Diintn >?tr-l with l?? tktt< 4*)r. ?? V H^.' trrf tirrat, Aril t*?r, ? ft ok MX.I1 . AV IMill'IIKAS A MAURI CD MA*. WITIIUUr j \, *|al,*r * n aa ?Mlf'rif I l?tm, ti i m Dl'l r." ?lllll I ?? .-I bau4, **4 it aua limil *ilh lir?aiU| in^niliiK ll? MHvuiottf >11 kiun ?l a'*c I . bta Ura 12 <.'?!>> i? liint .l.) U'l ku ?<? ?IJr 1 1< a ' . ? to ftat ftr I .1 A 1 If- m i,r af I f W; t ii m H) iuii pi.*., i A Mi il'li TAI1I B l;l)MAk ? *1 Hill ?A'< I A HE J\ ? rural aLtftlftlkf ft ? l?tl>k >? > |1l?aU la*. If ft. . ?? I ??*, i n- ?? ttaMiw. tx a. ftft)Mlui k. f. t* tka '?I. If/ ill I aall ik < aa U aaaa lar iv? ?!???, vi fcf *.I4ra*?iar ? aak* * - J H 71 (!*a*k >1 w ?. \-WM- MAN UPtAKI.^U I HIM II, TIIIMtykl* )??" *f, nUll I'. ?" I * >!!? ?(.??? ka WaM i rl will. I a a , ' ? a*a IU?? ?tol-if?a ftifti Lfti. )?ftr? II' -41 ?'/!? in Minaliift wall, (?4 tin uiiii(ftK.ftl ..Itmi A -I li >? Mr II llftiil *a * I >i>! itr?'i liftl It. litilnj ft COA'UWAk *AS;il) A MTLATItl* All j\ ti'liiriftft I ) ? ilM. >. S( r.k(ll*4?aa. ok* I f *|hlf ??4>iii?i>4> ? ? ... kl*-> U* or* t*4 lf?a latkl at k ,r.?a Ilk' 4 ril( nhr'xa A II I. . aai III ll>rk'4 (T <? \l OAt IIH AN AMI UAkDIMI W**riD, A MlallMI, if ft tUa4f, ft .l?r aa aalut li?(l< tH It* <.>4<rHu4t m.'ki>( <1 ' .ra*a i>4 tk-ra.rklf, 1??>4 ii!'f.i.< fi ? M< i|.l Hk' AMmm U M , Ml IM llrra;4 ??*?-, i*r ? ?r-a 4k) a ? fT'.l I "TEA Of A III f lio ,|?.|i *01, M. ?*??, . ft ?all t .Oftint. 4 all, tb- I ftr- a< kaala***, Hath >.n l. -ai Illkk4 ka? la itlaitH* ? ?at . *i?lf? ? tl, ft i?.|*'tiM' ftm.f I >#4 ll.i'- ?aar? la h. ? laratar |l?- ? ft., 4 ta ?* tl.a Ift'l.r !?<( < 'tit ?*? ft> ? r4 kaa i>a < t)a-Uaa t? ?ar f?r< '?> >k- r<.*a>ri ? ?.ui.-ftt? t t*w?ip |r?f?rr?4 ..#? -I ?n?a C aa ka ???* 'ar Uifaa .-?I'M. Kil >iai i*.'. k* alk Mraat. J 4*."l' a"?'**!*" ' r* IM* AUMtUa* Rfftftl If i \M I'll TABI r i.lll'. rARMI N WITH Win AMD raft I >i Uk. a/? vi.liai la til< >t?4 '*#* af ? 'a r? a i . | i ft tirt) *>.laa af N?? > ar fkl7a4aly4tl?, afaa a^ , ? a t ia laratr A>l ifa.i Okl Ikriaar kaa 141 llawlj >la?. A f '.AHIil .m A rrCAIM AM) IMOt'lTKIOUK .'\ yaatr > ka *k-. karat r . , ?..4 |irarlia*J lata l?4|i af il n.? raallaa ' >*r4 a i i* all tta vartaaa Mil lit ? 4 >lr?a> af ?' U.ftiaf ? an >l?a wllk v aaa ra tf 'rkla RMI.It laa r ?*.>a4a4 Pa* fartlkar k llfaftltftl > :4r-.. f I , II ? r a 1 4 ,tt?? A KIMI TAMI K >IM)I.| IAN WA.HT* A IITL'A Jl ? ?? ?a*t, a?<<nUaM tta >n *f aa.4a? ?, I fta l?. .a-??4 l? !? .-r a.ii ?. Waaakaa Ift4ftaa parka, t ... r ? ,r' .. ? ?>??? ba a* aa I 1 1 a art , alar. aa4ar ||?*M lk? mm Mw MMMMM I' ktaaa, w a ?ara?al ri.i t>4Mlal r r* kaa;4<< af fkrml.#. If a Ar.t aiilx r n af n'l ftlafiM* itfia Ciatai a44rua I: I Ifaral rMar, Mrtta Ikf* A I IT I *TI"* WA.kTlfl A4 MAirSB, IM A fBI 'i 'tia.lf If a f'a.r ? .v ? ilni.|ky aa4r fVk" ?44r? ?? I <J , far it i.j ' at* af ? A Karr >. It! t.akj A.. > i-ft til,. ..I . 0, <]. Ta*a4at r Wa4tt*4af artti la fr ? s ? ? ' '**4a4 la. it kKIR A M Ilk Ikl ? Mf lltOAOW IV. ? "N i.'f ?f K. 4a ? r?.? . ?>?) ka k?4 I -a crvataa- tk'?<a ? k*'| f. > "? !<! Itl. Ml 'rt ?? . <*ka Ia*a4r>?a*a. rl ? ai'titi aa aa la**, >aa? atrata . ? %?r**?, aa4 < rla ?*r ?Mtfll kftMtai ? i IMik. i ?!?>..? kaaaat a*4 aMM fata " A." |.|l?rr ttilart . aft 'kaa a a. aar I'laaa., ??-!*>.?? |>4 lakatara tl tkiaat taf Mwi ??'*, Qraaa ? kh ttfa* TUB IiR'MiB I.TM llffMMIIf AfiBKCr, * __ A' .aau< rifa*< >?H*vn MM) aal aaaatrf *?? M ik.'M 'Itk a i?t?? kft4 kk'tllaat aa aalftaa *< rraliMMk III I itV aar - ? ti* 1 . If r..?i**?aa4a4 liritKMVf A' ajak l.'f If lafft. ar ..a^ ? lift. 'I 11.4 fftt.rk, tana. ta.l<ti A? Ti-*t**?k ?ft raall rlrt* _____ Hmi ttnii vian * r. m a r'ltN'i mam, ' aa*', alt* ?' ?r? ? ? " aaalaUal kaak kt*|*r aa l.*?"?al. aaaaaw a baaaa, la t?Wkk at.4 t ?? ti.r ? ? >> ' ?BM ?M*I Mk|*raa i . i ? r v a -a ? ? i rafara a* . a II 1*1 *ar*4 A I laaa i, < i. . im it. r* 1? Q<h.| II El Mi ? AMBI. i. ig WHO OMMBM I) ? .. I . ? a* 4 ?il| kit* ft'lt*4 ta tllf t* l?* ? ?. ? I' Il.rai4a*w?. ^ /<* Iff. Ik I A A IfkTBII. UIMI. I* llBWII'M'4 T'f I y I t< i i i>M* M laff t kaa 4 th 14 ? aafaa ana' af I a 'II'1 4 **4*t faft*w*a*>ta aatlatiaa I ftll at ? I'll I "iMttt rlftal a Ufa aha kaa iW*4 a***a f?rt. a ?? . ? |-?aa*%' lk| J'l * ' til (Ml a ulaftl .? ftr ?a i ci Kklftrct if Wu'j n* ftixlk P*-i?#

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