Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1855 Page 5
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_H, expfwssten te their reefing u( mttnali Im Telatiea ?b?rwto? therefore Mol?t4? . . lt_ Tiiftl tb? Grand Uivlnon of iwlfto NewYoc^ ?rdrhTl>iv,.,Uu. under their bt? t?-ren of tb. order eeery where. do h.reby reoiru their fjratltud. to A i mult* God for tb. favor ^mrdg our ciqii, ibd the blowing Youchstfed to ui In ?ratsrsiark our em* in the ?ou?. of Aaeombly and lb. Mtet. *,T?a b.ete, IM to our worthy Uovernor Hl? ?ra. ?tC'i??Mtud?d whleh .V^r'fMgetthoVi Vl' ^ sad thoir pledgts, d? of all opp-plUoD kndrMiro^ tnli throughout Ttat toour brethren of this JurUuit utt the tb, htn.e. wo o Her ourmo.t ??????? baa?|or our ?wccoi. whiah bet attead.d ?r^ ^ u. to rajolco aa^sssa^tjstfsjrsssi- ? *??>?' MM* ?n on.T|hition in their legislation, wo eitand th. right ulM of Moktnaan Ji i M4ur,noe that ftow York, hev ^"ll'm.rkJd be? oJur.o, will nw.r falter o? toll. M'^ocrt ) Esoelsier being her motto, tru. to it* tsoatnags, over be lound in ed?eno. for tratb and right. The* to t to honored .xeeuiivo of th. eitl.s of Mew If orb ?sid Brooklyn who bivo proven themiwl*fli worthv by tbeir hitherto oo* duel. and to .11 in authority, we pfedee ?nmlTH to give aid Md effort in *ho mlorwment of the f?r? hibitocy faw; baviof Ubored for it# P ???**' ? InA^trw* ?i to labor for it* enloroeuient, and ae K?od_men ?**"**? n? shall do wnat may be done to rid our State from ???e ot toU?PfWCi. W of ourrejololnge for hi^'f;^- -on, *? ?r!taoV& * SraS *? rtM wZ.hoiid w.lVom. iii- among. t us, .nd with HI onr ^oVwWve onr trinoipl' ? end desire their eitensiw to all Willi hop# tor happier time? under tb. now ?o.pic?? of lr?edt m fioni tlio of th. ruin power -to all who U -.?h n. ^onld be oo *IbOM?i in thi? great eflort, w. pledge rj?.lT.. iS.t, unt?r.lK?r"ud faith&Uy. w. will laler to A?foree the law in this State, and preserve it until New "orkinaU her border., .ball be lr?. from tb. and ^^oAV^Vn^'th. programme ?<M.a der of the Alieghanians," wu next Introduced, and sang K C^ooSr-c'uT^ then pre.?Udhl?^; sssgrir ? z trader Vhearty wtloome toBroUier r'^. fiX mw'wChaVtheCg o^ rte tme metT about h a To him it wade no difference that the brother ?*? l^'an American, for in each glorloue enterprise. M tais he knew do national distinction. He took lum cor 2lL? b* tho hand not only bfcau.e bo had aiway. bM St^o% SjVu. iirt ri-M Srie^iow" f i-wmpernnce. (Hen. wed cheering.) fliv bZZX b?^th"r Tllley a. the bend of th? national Chl"eMonhtoHprwiti? To\"rtheCg,'ithe0rUig0Sf tb. Violet, Xii-TraC' ""'<?? "SXS "XftSSS Ein th and to the ^allac t Palnietto State, ihere wae a '"kh bid tonored him, and BtlU nure, iMelf bj placing bin at its head. ThlrUen year* afro the order *m o :? e.nized in thin city, and there were th??e preeent who f ii at its cradl?, who would not lire to follow it. W?? Tbe ?y?Ver ' then referred to the triumph uf the prvhibltlon priniiple in the New Eng tand fftatea lt httd, he Vw, ?chi?red rl,ton? jar -ian'er than th4 Cor?tc4n'?. (Cheert. ) Tuiro la no ? unt one State In New Eo|lend-New Hampbhtre ttat hae not adopted the principle, and ine nw juet teen electing a Legislature pledgeu to a throe foM prtn oiple of freecotn:- First, freedom f'|^.the of tbe ballot box, fecond, the freedom of Nebraska frc ui gUyery; (Vehement and prol nged cheering mm Kled with slight hi.eing;) end thud, the ''?^o? Wben llnmuvblre from grog .bop*. (Kenewed cbeere ) hen >?w faempihire wheels intojliw, the six New hag an State t< will stand in ferried phalanx together New Yark intended to sustain htr liquor law and then expe rt n.ent wculd become experience, and ifthegwat Km ^tate could pa?? such a law and en'oroe it. other State? nee<l hare no fear for the re ult. Ii" lad no lears for tho eil'ect of tae long opinions upon the unconstitutionality of the 'aw* Won it, l been luru'shed, lor good iaige fees, by some pro ?,u ut lawjers in the State, who bad ?n<* heW i?pjr^ taut locial and political poBitions, but who, he was tony 10 ?ay, ha l now almost initiated the 'dea that tne law would lead to violence and tumult. On th. other bebd, lawjera of equal standing had furnished tor no rewaro but that wnich conscience wouldgivo them, m favor ot the entireoonstitutiooalicy of the law ix, ?ll ii? enactments. (Cheers ) If the law nee amendment, tt ere would be time enough to amend It, but he wi'bed the fact to be noted, that there had ne'er yet appeared a decision of auy Court In the Union, from ti e Suprtme Court of tbe Un ted States down, inyalldat Ids the constitutionality, either ot prohibiting the liquor t?!fflc or ol search a?d secure. (Loud cheers.) Anl aitiole Htate tBat haci paseed such a l*^ &? ? or altered it, aare to reader it nore stririent. He supposed that his presenee bere to Xbt ml' subject bim to attack an l to abuse, but he wL ore ol tSiO*e who behwved that when the ptwaoaer aceeudeo the pulpit stairs he need no; leave bis patriot . him A man bad as muuh right to be a , preaiher, and h? would Uke this occasion to aovertise tbose gentlemen who had addressed bim *convmously on this subject, both through th? past cilice and the public papers, that he had taken his p?al twin and h? would say to them, not only for htm?elf, hu for the Beechers, the Tj ngt, tbe Wakelej.. tha chaptns, and others ?h i oocupied the same po-iltion. "The ?. wall. ? these pillart, shall flf From firm ba.e as ..on as 1.^^ Chews ) Other clergymen of this e'.ty, who had no time to attena -.-h xmetiusa as this, could find plenty ol lftii??ir to attend the annlTerearies of the Uiatorioal Society and or the Uttrary societies of the colleges and anive?ltie^ and even to he present at tne convivial meetings held at the Aktor llouse and tbe St. Nicholas, (thesrs and laughter.) He found no fault witn teem, however for to his own matter each man must stand or fa L Tho reverted gentleman concluded with a lorcioUappeal to men of all classes and proles.ions to join il? th# ^r#^ Movement tbe meeting bad assembled to ^ said, America and America's God expect every true man to do hie outy. (?4?eet ooeenng ) Mr Osklst favor?<i tbe audience with *?Df . this time of a. very pathetic and affecting character? and ^ Hen 8 J. Tiixkv came forward and ? long and rather oreary address, mamly d',T?"d*L history of the nee and progress of the temper anoo move n,?nt In ehe Brituh provinces. Atter he got through the Poxology was sun*, and the audience were dismissed with a benediction by the Grand Chaplain of tbe Order. Police Intelligence* CITAbOK OP FAt.SK PRKHNOBS. Mr. Walter Pattereoo; charged with having obtained, bj falie pretences and fraudulent representation*, a quantity of bopa, valued at $14, Of 0, from Garrett W. Bjckman, ana committed to priioa by J untie* ConooUr in consequence thereof, ha* since been released, having piocuied bail In tbe bum of $16, (KM). The examination of tbis case will come olT on next Friday, before Justice OeUrn, at tlie Mayor'* office. ALLKQBl) tlBHOMJSTY OF A DOMESTIC. Margaret Qnlnn, a domestic, lately in tbe employment of Mir. Catharine Hat Be Id, of 100 Prince street, was taken Into custody yeaterdajr on charge of stealing 958 from ber mistress. On arresting the prisoner and aeartb>ng her at the station home, $J? was discovered se?ed up in the akirta ot her dress and otber article* of her wearing "apparel The accu?ed was taken before Justice Wood, at the Jtfisex Market hollos Court, where, upon examination, the was committed for tiiaL TO THK BXMTOti OF THK Ul.BaLD. Under the head of Police Intelligence in your paper ?f to day, it ia state<t that I was arrested on a charge of false pretences, fee., having obtained a quant. ry of hops valued at >14,000, Hi: The fact oi arrest is correct, but the causes imperlectly set fortu. 1 purchased that, as 1 have many other, Urge lota oi hops, as per sample, to oe of tlrst quality, and by accident discovered that the sellers were delivering a trashy and worthle-n article at tbe abip instead of tue gooes purchased. The lacts in the case, and also the ao&oner oi my arrest, will appear in th<; full examina tion before the proper authorities, and with them 1 ana willing to leave the matter. WiULiTaR PAT1UH0N, 47 Pearl stnaet. Postaoi to lutUiB Islands.- We are requested to state tuat the Post Offiee at lurks Islands being under the control of the colonial authorities, there It no otlcer there to collect, .on behslf of tne British 1'ost Office de partannt, the postage chargeable on letters from the , cited Mates conveyed to that laiand by British packets, ilets, theretore. the British postage of 24 cenu per ounce, in addition to the United States postage of ?20 cents, scoordiog to distance, is prepaio in tne States, the same as upon letters for foreign k it British) in tlie ? : Indies, they eannot t>e ^to their destination ? Washington Union, lutein Sllvti y Beaver Hata? i prepsrerf to tnn\-*\ trentlemen ab?ut to kthe Industrial Ix . ition in l'?rn with . ii miner hat. Those ih>kIc? atruc to pur eut price ef $1, ?rl fltd that tuo e : the inme bats o* hi* inanafactnre. K be evory sveann r, no leas titan .ii [>.aClIKI 0, Hat Mnuutaeturcr, 118 Aasaeru utreot. Iljrleof Urab Hen v. r and lin the fashionable world; aivo liim P'l Itroadway, seeona duor fr<mi tti of every variety. eiit Doei Not Abate, bnt lAtFEKTT A LKABK sell ih,-,r jo cheap Call at th-ir stores, 67 Cbatuam and i'oaul streets. jipanfi 140 and Ml Nswin hMenalt pr> e; sen Noi-ky Mountain , $3. ooi't bats, ea|is sad straw ; tne Woiid ?o heat hliu In fraeetul and elegant hat for the ler is ereepin? on a^-. <? nu*, and l te la v! <ne on that ceo re KNi>X nni h tlie public Boys' nati an I styUa, alio on tand. Storji, 633 i street. AtlM Whacs, Braadlcs, Regan, Ac., at ho Uoa.-ALBkRT B. N I CO LAY will icll, Ikli day, tt U o'clock, at hie tpaeieue salesroom, No. 11 Broad (tract, a #?? of brandies, wives, cUretn, ikupMiti, kiui trnli, Ac., Ac , being a portion of aa importer'* (took d?aiialo( Luaiaes*, aad ever/ article warranted at repre sented Metlto'i Drab lieavin have juat been liwed. ?It yen wish a luperior bat oall and examine his steak: it eauDot be equalled by any ether ee< ablishmeat in the oity. Corner af Broadway aad Canal street. For the Botstli? The U. B. Mall Steanuhlp JauKSTOWN, Capt. Parish, leaves Pier IS N. K tht* alterno.n, atlo'clcck for Norfolk Petenbarg and Rioh mixid, arriving in Worlol k early next afternoon, and at Pe tersburg and Richmoad next morning from wliobpoinu there are lines of railroad to the South and West For etattrotms, Ac., apply to LUDLAM & PLEASANTS, 32 Broadway. ??,ore* 8lae ft* so '?* oents, and equal in nVTli} ^? others take ?Uowhew for fa. UsOW ^S? B? *j?' *? "om njij poll tan llotel. ' aw "roadway, opposite Metro Pbetographi, 50 tend, |l ud 83? Fine m at any in existence Competitors, show your hand, bang out your oolcrs 1 What's jonr prices t The people are not Mtisicd with seeing the eletthant? they must pull him by the tail, and that they do at 2K9 Broadway. thia country for the fasbionable world * Published in The HeW Torn Weekly Critic.? Toe Flirt number ol thi*?paper is for sale this (Saturday; morniag. June 2, in every news room in the oity; alio, at the book store* of Stringer A Townseod, De Witt A Davenport, and J. T Crowen. Editorial contents. ? Journalism; Fernando Wood; Aoierivan Diplomacy; "Wanted, a Playwright;" StanwU Ball; Pish aad PI Mb; Return of the Prodigals; Cler ical Despotism; Organ*; Bab> Dropping; Lady Thieves; Re view* of Book*, Ac.. Ac. The arttele on Fernaade Wood, though severe, is thongtit to bo merited. Tbe outside ot the Critic oontains a variety of carefully selected tale* and luht reading matter. Single cepie* , six eeat*. For *ale at all the new* room* aad by the proprietors, CLEVELAND A MoELRATH, 17 Spruce street. Hew Basle, by Thomas Baiter.? "America,' Cava tin a, M)o.: the " Orphan," (ballad, ) 25e. ; the "Swing ing Polka," illustrated iwith beautiful ootored vignette title, Xflc ; " Sparkling Polka," (15 edition*,) 36c. Published by BOBACS WA'lEKS, 333 Broadway. Boston Pianos.? Horace Waters, 333 Broad way, ha* the tole agency of T. Gilbert A Co.'* liano*, with and without tho asolian. Jacob Cbickering'i, ilsjlett ACum stoa's, and Woodward A Brown'* pianos, all ot which have the iron frame and will staud any climate. They are the beet Boston makes, and will bo sold at factory prioas, whole salt and retail, with a liberal disoount for cash. Bareges at Reduced Prices.? The Smbecrl ber* are now selling printed bareges, at I*. 6dL, worths*.; rich satin plaid and chintx colors, 2t . 3s and 4s.; rich satin plaid, pine apple eloths, at fie , that romt to import over 10*. yeryard. A. H. LEaDU EaTER A CIO. , 347 Broad way, oornerof Leonard street. Embroideries at a Great Sacrifice.? We will o| en this morning, another large stock of rich embroidered collars, under banokerchiefs, bands, tionncings, lao? cur tains, dmi?ry, miialins, <fce., which will be soli at half their value. E. 11 lEaDBEATER A CO., 317 Broadway, corner of Leotard street. Mourning Ooods. ? Juat Received from Auc tion, flee black barege*, grenadine*, awn*, Canton crapes, de beiges, silks, crape shawls, grenadine* do. Cashmere do, alapacas, bombazines, Ae. E. U. LEADBEATER A CO., 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard atren. June, 1855? Zephyr Ca aimcre Suits 910) fashionable French cloth ooats, W; Marseille* ve?ts, $1; fclay linen coats, $1; altiacca coats, $2. C??T>Ut? JdflS suits, $?, at EVAN 8' clotumg warehouse, 80 and 68 Fulton Melt's and Boy's clothing and Furalshlng goods ?A full aad well seleoted assortment always to bo found at No. 441 Broadway. One prioe, and no deviation. ALFRED MUNBO A CO. James Little & Co., DIerthaut Tailors, 413 Broadway, near Canal street, where you will find tho most elegant, neat fitting, well made and durable garments in the city. Qood* also made to order at tlie shortest notice. a* Little Stroke ? Fell Great Oalta."? Economy is your best friend ? and EVANS' olothiug warehouse. Oti and 68 Fulton street, is the place where z?ph>r oassimere suits are sold at $10; linen June suits, $S; fashionable French cloth coat*, $8; Marseilles vesta. Si; blay linen ooat*, 91; extra superfine blue oloth dren ooats, $16. do to Oak Hall and Bee Their "Enormous," ate. rtinent of new summer coats, pauts, vests, Ac, of every know nklnd and quality, which they are selling ohoaper than any house in Newiork. Oak Ball, DeURuoTA SON. maud 86 Pulton sreet, running through to 47 and 49 Uold street. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, at Greene's shift store. No 1 Astor Bon?e.? Attention is invited to the euptrl?r ariloles in the gentlemen furnishing department. '> he St. cK includes every variety of tephyr, silk, gaute, tnen'a and Lisle thread, under shirts and drawen, ties, haedker <hie-s, cravats, gloves, hall hose, suspenders, umHsllas. canes, dressing oase*, opera glaxaes, gold |*leeve button* and alirt amdi, mounted and otherwl-e, Ac., imported for the sprint and rummer trade. Tho piiooa are moderate, and the asaortmeut unequalled. m. W Uattn, XV laoleaaUe Btanulktctarer ot shirts, collars and (took*, the newest ityles, well made and of the belt quality. City merchant* in particular, wlU find it to their advantage by pure hating at thia establishment, corner of Broadway aad cortlandt street, Qilaey building. Handsome Shoes and Gaiters.? Tliere Is no place ia tbe oitv whore snob an extensive and elegaai assort ment ot drees boots and gaiters oan bo found as at Wat kins', 114 Fulton street, otti. r sboee may ljok well; hut we knew from experience that W ATKINS' shoes not only lo k well, but wear well. Fashionable Parasol*. ? James K. Spratt would inform bio friends and tbe public that he has opened a ecn< anient place at 346 Broadway, for the aale of ail the ntw style* of paranoia, where he will be pleased to ?til a doien or tingle one at a low figure. 343 Broadway. Carj/e tings ?Peterson At Humphrey, 3T9 Broadway, corner of White etreet, have Juat received from tbe late iar?e auction tale* a large assortment of carpeting, Ac., which they will sell at the following low prioes:? Rica velvet carpet Us. to 14t. per yard; rich tapestry, 8*. te Ufa. per yard, rich Bru**eli 8*. per yard; three ply, 8*. to 9s. p?r yarn; ingrain (fjowoll make). ?i*. per yard. Aad all other good* equaily l?w. Illi am A Huer sola's Great Carpet Establish. meat, M* bowery, ie famou* for the newest and moitfaih ioaable pattemiot English ro?al velvet tapeatry, throe ply and incram carpeta and oiiolotha; and particularly tarneu* for selling them 3A per cent lea# than the utual price* at other plaoes. Lace <JurtaJU> s, Window Siiadu, dtc.? Bay ers have a great advantage iu dealing with large ettablish ments, for the more extensive the businoas the smaller the percentage Uence in buimg laoe curtains, cornices and window shades of first o<ats importing and manufacturing eonoerus like that ot KELl'Y A tCRUUSON, .No. 2U1 llroadway, the purchaser practises a wise eooa. my a* well as enjoy* the opportunity ot (electing from an extensive atock. Wedding Cards? An Assortment of Erir dell's elegantly ei graved at home i "tea, wedding cards en temper. Ac , can be bad on application. or lent by poet to any part of tlie countrr. fcstablishod in 1840. JAMES EVERDSLL, 902 broad* ay, corner uuano itreet. Drculng Cams. -The Undersigned Hare opened tbe s'ore 067 Broadway, where will be found a peoeral auiitawt of droaain* cases, tasore, pen, pocket and aportieg knivre, bair. tooth anil shaviag brushes, soaps, per fumeries, and othtr article! lortte toilet: razors boned and cutleiy i e paired HL'Nll.EY A I'AtUlS1 dressing otn mnnurso ory, 657 Broadway, between tbe St. Nicholas and Metropolitan hotels. Teas.? Tbe beat aHortmeui of fine leu will be found at tbe Caat.n Tea t owpany'i newly ereoted and elegant store, 12S * bathem ttreet, between Pearl and Roose velt, tl*e oldest tea estebUtbmeat in the city. tVe aeiure our readeri tb?> can do better here than elsewhere, either l at wholesale or retail. Mng?r*a Sawing JHochiuts Improved so as te run without uetse, are the melt perfect contrivance ye* pretested to pttbiie Lotiee They sew the very lineet tbraaa without ever breaking it, and peiform the heaviest work In eloth or leather wUhuut getting out of erder. One macbiae will do every des cruAion of work. Clear profit of uaiug one of tbeee o. tl,W?i a t ear. N.B? All other aewing aa shines are liable to euits for infttnsemea. of patsuts. 1. M BINDER k CO. i ud Broadway Ho tirealtr Ala to Home Comfort has re cently beea introduced io public approval than Uoodwin k Cort'e improved kiioboo range; ihe moit expeditious, con veuient and eo< nouiical oookln* ran*e in the marint, de ?ervinc of adoption by every lover of a well ordered kitohea and properly eotked m??i?. GoOKtriN A COBT. 263 Water street. (10 only (tor a Farm or 4 UulidiHg LnU ? llna 1s sn opp rt unity which ought to bs improved by every person destitute ol a home for nimsel/ and family, and it sill olose Monday evening, 4th of June, 1?S6 Each person or ?!>) *10. payable In instalments, will receive a deea for 2 building lots, 'Ui by 100, or a farm from 2 to 20 aorei. Tbe 1 ots ere in tbe rillats ot Kotevale, near Lake Roukonhoma. a abort ride from the city. Apply immediately, to CillS. WOOD, am broad way. Hal* Dye, Higa and foapees?Batehtlon'i celebrated tactcry for th*e articles u HA Broaiwajr. Nine private roeine for the apwleetloa of his unri> ailed hair dye, w)v>le?ale and retail, tieware of imuations. The largeet assortnicnt of wigs and toupeea lathe world. ( rtttsdero'i Eueitier Hair IJye? Wo Clap, trap las foisted '.hi> dye *ito public favor. Br ite own superior eaeelleuce it rose tnte celeLmv, m i on that basis it alandk -aucball'rged and uuapi roae.ied In ten minutee it oouverts a kleuiiai. into ae attracting. Maiufactuiod, sold and applied, at No. dAstorBou o. Kebaatopol will t all, the Hit .Jans be Beaten, but ?. LIRaUUUB'fi wiga and to'ipree, unequalled for their I ish net* and perfection of fit, never can. Strangers and ciilteaa should oall and see them at VI Urcadway, eatranoe 102 r i.lton. WhlsUtn or Mooataches Froauecd In Six weekebymy onguent, wbiob will not etaln or iuj ure tbe skin tl a bottle; large quaitt #6; safely packed and sent to any vart of the country K G URAUaS, 6 S5 Broad way; Zeib-t, 44 South Third etreet, Philadelphia. Pimples, Freckles and Tan can be entirely M moved from the akin, by ustnaKl.l W. VoNUBKSMirB'A extract cf roeee st>d elder (loners, (very lad? who baa u "fd this artiole speaks of it In the bigbeet termi, as the oMy article tbat will remove pimples and fr- cklea Sold culy at the Bowery drug atore, No. 168, above Broome street; and by Mra. llayee. 176 Fnlton atreet Brooklyn. Tan, Freckle*, Krnptlons, Batlowness, Salt Rheum, Ac., cured by GOUHAUD'8 medicated eoap, pou* dr* tubtile, Ultoots hair from any part of the body. LUy white, rouge, hair dye and reetoratlvo, at 67 Walker street, 1st store from Bioadaay. Calleaaer, ?et3. 3d, Philadelphia. Read This-? an Old Man Made Voani; for $10 by getting one of the beat manufactured "v'le or toupeea iTom the eelebrated manufactorr of A t ?i . -7 Wadea lata Back and fjoo*. r 4s, 4ud?, top* tbe addms. French Fnraltan, )a?t Rteelved trom Parte, consisting of ^bkmidi, ttHtru, buikolM, bnroau*, Ac. , nobly tuiii. Will h sold at 1?h ihsa co*t. Call at Ml Yosrth *tr*ot ttou 1 to 5 o'eloik, I*. M. Dyspepsia, OraTtl and Aheuutlai. WOLti'S Seblodam aromatic *chnapp* hai beoa prescribed ? ith great sncoess la th* a bore complaint*. Pat ap ia pint snd qnart hottl** For Ml* by all the respectable ururgiiti ia the United State*. ?>? S. I. Fitch, Author of the mMx Lectnni en Contnnctien," As., office 714 Broadway, opes dally (Sss 1?7' excepted) from 9 sntU 5 e'ofook, treat* oosaumptiea. asthma, disease* of the heart, aad all ehroaio 4isoa*ss of Bale* and females. Consultation free. To Serreni Sufferer* ?4. Retired Clstgyx nan, reatored to health in a tew day*, aftor many year* of Itreat nervosa suffering, i* ansious to make kiown the meanaofeure. Will *end free the preteripUen mod. Direct the Eer. Jobs M. Dscssll, ? Fulton etreet, Brooklyn, N. T. Look tbe rsaeal In the eye Wbo would counterfeit* aupply. The PnbJlc are Cautioned against Counter feit* of LYON'S magnetic powder asd sill*, for the sate de struction of lnieot* asd rerisis. Pedler* are oiroulating tbeie deceptive article*; examine the wrapper lee tbat it diiplayi four sstionsl medal* and tb* proprietor'* engrared ?In nature. X. LYON'S depot, st 124 Broadway. Truss**, Shoulder Brace*, Ladles* Belt* and ?npporter*, initrsmest* for bow leg*, olob feet, and all de tsnnitie* of the body os hand, and made to order by Or. GLGVXK, st the Sargeoa's Bandage Xnstitnte, No. 4 Ass ?treat. Hernia.? Only Prise Medal Awarded to Marsh A CO , by the Industrial Exhibition of all Nation*, for their new palest Radical care truia. Reference* a* te it* *aperierity? Prof*. Valentine Mott, Willard Parker, and John M. Carnoohan. An extensive lilt of name* of meroas tile and other gentlemen cared by thi* true*, may be aeon at Marih A Co'*., No. 2k Maiden lane, New York; and Mar*h, Corlie* A Co., No. 5 W**t 4th afreet, Cincinnati, Ohio, topes lrom 7 A. M. nstil 9 P. M. Holloway '* Pills. ? Here 1s Health for AIL? Ye?, for sll. Thi* soble remedy, acting s* it doe* apes the msinaprlng* of life, reitore* health when failing, energr and vigor to the *y*tem when (lagging, in a manner tunerlor to any medicine ever made known to the world. 8old at the mannfsctorie*. No. 80 Maiden lsne, New York, aad 244 Strand, London, and by sll druggUti, st 36 east*, 6 2>i cent* and 91 per box. The Moffat Lift Pills and Phoenix Bitters. ? Theae medicine* have acquired a J net celebrity among fa mine* and traveller*, wbieb ahow* their ?u#erta*ty over ail mrdieament*. They are invaluable to travdler*, and every family ebonld be provided with tbem ; they are limple in their nature and efficacious in tbelr reunite, and almost oer tain preventive* of the msny epidemics which are oonieqoent upon tbe anmmer hast. Offloe Sib Broadway. For 8hk H?adache, Lo*s of Appetite and bilioo* attaeka, take s doae or two of Dr. John Boll'* *ar*a paiiila, and yoa will be oured in s few fionr*, a* hundred* who have tried it are willing to teitifv. It ha* every good quality to reenEtnend it, being exceedingly nioe to the tstte. Children like it, snd ask for it. It i* free from all drug* and mineral*, and perfectly *ate to u*e at all *ea*os*. In fast, it baa been tmlyoalled, "Nature's bed triend and a**litant.'' Sold at Dr JOHN BULL'S office, corner of Broadway and Cortlandt atreet, (No. 2 Gilaey Building}. Price, $1 per bottle, or dx for ?5. Chill* and Fever.? To Prevent the Injuri ous effecta of thie diiease upon the (yetem, It i* nieeaiary to break it up immediately, and siterwarda proteot the ay? tem ayairat it* return. Rnehton'a new remedy will accom Eli*h this with more certainty than anything hitherto Down. RUSHTON'9, No. 10 Attor House, and No. 417 Broadway. ?stnea, On Monday evening, May 28, by the Kev. James Mil lelt, at bis residence, 171 East Seventeenth street, ba tween tbe Firet and Second avenuss, Mr. Gsoroe T. Rockwell, of Darien, Ct. , to Miss Chaslotii a. Lindsay, of thin city. At Northampton, Fulton Co., N. Y., on Monday, May 14, by the Rev. David Lyon, at tbe residence of tbe bride's lather, Francis Sayaub Sinclairk, Esq., to Loot ,J)ta knia, daughter of Langdon Ithael Marvin, M. D Tn BrOo?fle)d> Conn., on Wednesday, Majr 30, by th# Rev. Mr. CuriU. 7psod??ri Uvrd Pbici, of the arm of Piles & tons, of this city, to Miss Emily L. 'Hudhsll, daughter of Peter Habbell, Etq., of Brook Held. iTIlH On Friday, Jane 1, Sarah EuzaMsth Davodk, wife of William H. Gifflng, aged 38 yean. The friends of tbs family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, 149 ffeit Thirtieth street, to morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock. On Tburecav, May 31, Jahks Nmiiitt, son of Charles snd Mary Nesbllt, aged lb years and 8 months. 'A lie friends and relatives of the family are seepectful ly invited to sttena his funeral, on to-morrow afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from bis Is te residence. No 13 Lewis street. Bis remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. On Thursday, May 81, Pstsr B. Docqhkktt, aged 82 years. Tbe friends and relatives of the family are requested to sttend bis funersl, lrom No. 107 Third avenue, this forenoon, at 10 o'clock. At Staten Island, on Wednesday, May 30, J shim a, wifs of Pstsr V. P. Van Name, deceased, ia tbe 44th year of her sge. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at her residents*, at 2>? o'clock, this afternoon, without further notice. Boats leavs White hall at 1 1% o'clock for Port Richmond. On Thursday, May 31, Johs L. Wiggins, in the 37th year ef his age. The relatives aad friends of the fsmily 'are rss pec t ful ly invited to atttnd bis funeral, this afternoon, at '1 o'clock, from bis late residence, No 23 Watts street. On Thursday, Morel, of consumption, H. H. Bjhns, tn the hUd yesr of Si's sge. His friends snd acquaintance*, and also the members of J. D. Willard Ledge No. 260, of F. snd A. Masons, are invited to sttend his funeral, at 1 o'clock, to moirew afternoon, frees *89 Broadway, corner of Keade street. His remains will,be interred in Green wool Cemetery On Fndsy, Jube 1, Anna Catharihs, wifs of Charles Roots e sec daughter of Hezekiah Wheeler. Tbe relatives and friends of the fsmily are requested to sttend her funeral, from ths Church of tbe Annun ciation, Fourteenth street, near Sixth avenue, on Mon - day afternoon, at 2$< o'eloik, without further In vita tion. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood fer In terment. On Friday, June 1, William North Lappi*, son of Ed ward and Sarah Elisabeth Lappin, aged 3 years, 3 months snd 11 dsys. Ihe friends snd relatives of the fsmily are respectful )y invited to aatend his funeral , to monow afternoon, at 1 H o'clock, from his late residence, No 282 Stan to a street. On Frilay morning, June 1, at her late residease, Moirissnla, suddenly, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Patkrson, in the 86th ysar of her age. The triends of the family are respectfully invited to atteno the funeral, at lb o'clock, this morning, with out further invitation. The remans t j be Interred at Greenwood Cemetery. Carriages will be in attestant on ths arrival of the cars in the city, at tbe corner of Broome street and tbe Bowery, at o'clock P. M. On Friday, June 1, after a lingering illness, Mart A , wile of L. 1). Hart, in tbe 31st year el her age. Her remains will be taken to PlainvlUe, Ct., for In teiment. Funeral at 1 o'clock. On Friday, June 1, at tbe Clarendon Hotel, New Yoik, Gidkoh T niuw, Esq., formerly of l'ernambuoo, Brazil, and recently arrived from England. Bis remsics bavs been removed to Boston, for inter ment in tb* fsmily vault at Mount Auburn. On Friday morning, June 1, of consumption, Jam buiKLOt*. aged 23 yesrs, 6 months snd 13 dsys. bis friends and lelatives are icipectfully requested to attend his funeral, this alternaon, at 4 o'clock, from 83 Maine street, Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, on Friday, June l,Gso. H., son of An drew Gentle, sgsd 24 ysars, 6 months snd 26 dsys. Tbe relatives and friends of tbe fsmily are respectful ly lnviteu to attend his funaral, at U o'clock, to morrow afternoon, from tbe residence of his brother- in law, Mr. Andrew Ayres, 207 Washington street, Brooklyn. On Thursday evening, Mav 31, Joseph Hknry McKir hik. aged 2b yesrs, 6 month* sad 0 days, son of John Mrkibbin, formerly of this city. His friends, snd those of bis father and brother, John McKibbin, Jr , are iavitcd to attend bis funeral, to-mer row aiternoon. st 2 o'clock, from tbe residence of his father, at Cornwall, Orange county, N. Y. ban Francisco papers please espy On Tuesday, May 20, Klizabktii Cohroy, aged 3 years. The remains were taken to tbe Cemetery of tbe Ever greens, from Myrtle svenue, Brooklyn. At Hudson, on Monday, May 28, very suddenly, Mrs. MAHttARfcTFAi its, wifs of the late John P. Faure, in the 64th year ot her age Her remains were taken to Red Hook, Dutchssi coun ty, for mtsrment. On Thursday, May 81, Albert Lohmkykr, only son of Hermann and Joesphine L*hm*yer, aged 4 months and 18 day*. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend bis funersl, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, rrom the residence of his parents. No. 11V Washington, cor ner Third itrset, Hoboken, N. J. Mis remain* will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. On Monday, Msy 28, suddenly, of apaplszy, Pktbr Qcim hr sged 63 years. Tb# remains were interred in the Cemetery of the Evergreens. Cincinnati papers p ease copy. MHfMKTlSKIENTS EBMBWKD gYK&Y DAY. PEB8UNAL. C1 A I'T. RI8I.EY, Or THX SCHR. JAMES K. STOWE J back, picked up one bale of cotton off Caion Inlo , oo tii* ( th Ntj, U?6. No mark. Can be laan at Montagu* wharf tbia dai IfLIEN LA KAGAN ? INFORMATION WANTED OF J Ellin Darapan. who wrote to Iier elater In Tenait laat January, from whom a letter baa been recelred In return, ai.d can be obtained by her calling personally on 0 M. Batpar In FIMath atreat, between T?r?? and boc?nd ave i.ue?. liar friend* woald do her a favor by calling ber at toi.tion to thia advertisement. FRELERlCK.-RETURN, WE BESEECH YGU j CON rider onr eorrowa, your aiet<.r'* health, and the dan/er of a relapae. The patt iball ho forgiven: and what I can d >. I will. INHUMATION WAN'iEb ? OF MICH A El. CORI.ET, A native of the county Moraphan, Ireland. When laat btard from wai In New York. Any Information rebooting l im will be thankfully received hy directing to FeU* Coiley, fott Dallae, Miami, Florida. IF EDWARD BOLTON WILL CALL AT THE MAN 1 cheater U>ut?, 34 Whitehall itr-'ft, lie will hear of *iia*> tl.lttg to hia advantage. SAML. W I Milt All A M, White ball ttreot. POLITICAL. Democratic statu committee -a meeting of the Ltmoetatio Stat# lominikiee will be held at tl>* A*l<.r Home, in the C it v of New York, on Wedueeda), the tilth day ot Jur e, A. 1). I has, at 12 o'clock. no?n AUGUSTUS BCllEI.L, Chairman. O.siliw, j TWO OR 1UKIE GE.NTLl.MKN CANORTAl* IJ'IARI on moderate term* in a ddlghtfnl locatieti, with a pr vate funiili on New York I ?Im d, 4') minntm' ri-lo fro n ? City Hall, and lu the imntd ate trlriait) ul f9-ji ratlin * ?nd t ail 1 d g Addreae X. V. 16, , linalo tfflce. raw pvmoAnon, H1 TtfTNTH DAT or SAL1 or TH1 LAST OU1T NOT IU JLv ? Every reader of th* lI?r*U should purchase ?BO* th* int*n**ly interesting story of clty lUb: RRNRST GREY; OB, TBI 8IN3 OI SOCIETY. By Maria Maxwell. With ?i* UBS illustrations Cloth, $L Fnbliahed by T. W. 8TRONQ, Wo 96 Nmiii rtfMt, Mow Tott Fanny fbrn-s mew story. The publisher of the NEW YORK LEDGER inform* n* that the OIKiT OlICIIiL TALK by thil popular authoress wi 11 K commeaoad i> TUR LEDGER of JUNE 9, and that it will bo roMjr for delivery to the trade *i 1W day next, 6th ot J una. There will bo a groat rath for it. Send your order* to RUS9, JON IS A TOCSR Y. 108 Nassau itroot. 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Dr. COLLETT WILL G1YE|1HE|M0ST INTERESTING lectnr* of bis course, at H o'ciook this evening at Continental Hall, corner Thirty- fourth street and Eighth avenue. Admission 12){ cent*. On Monday, June 4th, he will leoture nt 3 P. M., exclusively to ladle.*, and at S P. M., exclusively to gentlemen. Admi.sion 26 ceuts. Lecture in brooklyn.-thr war in europe. ?Mr. JOHN MASON will deliver a leoture at th* Athe nicum, Atlantic street, Brooklyn, on Monday evening, June 4, at b o'clock tubj'ct: ? '"The War in Europe? its causes and conscquences. politic*! and oouuicroial." Theieoturer will illustrate the geographical positiou of the nations at war with an outline map of Europe, containing a superficial of ninety squste leet. It will also delineate tbe boundaries ot tbe Rossiain empire at the aooossion of Peter th* Grant, in 1W 9, and its vast acquisitions, aince that period, from Sweden, Turkey, Polana, Tartary and Persia. Admisaioa 26 cents. TUB TRADES. A GOOD, STEADY, ACTIVE YOUNG GERMAN gardener 1* denroui to obtain a situation; h? under stands hla builueu in *11 its different branohoi perfectly, *na can proouce the bolt of rtfeiencei from hit iMt employ er Aptly atoiaddiei* Louis C. Eoppel A Co., 90 North Willi km cueet. CIARTMEN'8 PROCESSION. ? Til E PUBLIC CART ) men'* U. 1*. Society, will celobrate their aecond auni veraaiy by a public proocMiou, un Monday neat, taoith ixat. The aoclei v will um'. u ui*i.i o'clock la tb> morning of Ibat day, in Twenty tlilid *treet, near Madleia square, win re the line will be termed, and a'. nine o'clock will pro ceed to tako the tollowiug route? Fiom Twenty third street to Seventh avenue, op Seventh avenue to i birty fourth street, from Thirty-fourth meet to Muth avenue, dowu > iutb. avenue to Hudion, from Hudson to Chrialopber, over t'hriitupher to Greenwich, liom Greenwich to Murray, orer Murray itrtet to the Park, where , thev will bo reviewed a* they pane by bin Honor fie Mayor and i>min >n Council; from the Park to Chatham airoet, up Chatham to Kant Vroadaay, fiom Eait Broadway to Pine itreet, down Pike tu Henry, o* er Uemy to Columbia, up Columbia to avenue L>, up avenue U to Ninth f.reci, o\?i N in.h a'reet t<> avenue b. tip aveuue b to Seventeenth a.roet, over Seventnuth ?treet to avenue A, up avenne A to Twenty third atreet, o\er Twenty third itree to Third aveuue, uplhird ueiue to Forty fourth itreet, over Forty tourth itreet to Fifth avenue, down Fifth avenue to Fortieth itreet. from For tieth e'rci-t to Sixth aveuue down Sixth avenue to Twen ty lixih ktreet, over Ttaeaty ilxtb itreet to the locie'y ? meeting room*, at MiDenm'e 11*1., where they wijl be diiniiaitd. HUBERT IlHoCK, Graad MariuaL H ili.iam Fabrili., i J( II N R. Cai.lanan, J A1? ? To tLe Bol. the Common Council: ? It it mist reipec'.fal'y rcqnnttd that the hoLor*>le tne numbers of the Uunrd of Aloermen and the Co'iuoilmeu, will uo- operato with hi* bonor the Major on tbii occasion, in reviewing our soaiety while paielng tlirooeh the Fark. l'hey would have boon specially invited t? do ao by the eommutee bad an oppor tonity been afforded them by a meeting of your honorabi ohodhs this week. ROBERT BROCK, G. 11. (lARt'INTER-PAINTER? JOURNEYMAN CARPEN J ter and painter wanted. Apply at tbe Eagle Uotel, c. rner ol Frai kfoit and William street!, room W, friim M to 0 o'clock A. M. SHIP JOINERS OF NF.W YORK, MAY ?), 18M ? Mr. Editor:?! no tic id in your papor of the l!>th May. a card in ai awer to a card ( w ; ite on the l.'th, wbioh 1 etote in answer to -one published in your paper of the Oth. 1 he card ot the 5th and 11th cajio trom lomo apurious or w< aid-be Joiners, and were auotiyinous communications. Perhapi tuns Jack a-lsnterni wonl I like to so made po^u iar < n m) iliouiders but tbat la i,o good; the card 1 wrote on the 1 :th ta. as 1 have always soiea not for inyielt alone, but for the boa* iLtsrorts ot my brother craftsmen; at tho > an: e time to stop all evile that may creep into my trade, that would allow one employer to have ove* another by employing theau woruiing toola that I spoke o: on the 12tb, w bieh tbe anlbor of them oar.! * muat b?. But the aelf styl ea um ed bhip Joinera' Society wouldjllke to call me a ae eoad but 1 will exenae them, ft r they had not the pleasure to know niy name: but day and date and my public acta will apeak louder for rnc and with better effect that, my pen. Now, Mr. Editor, tbe old adage cimes good ? apood memory ia good wb?n moa.ama speak the truth. 1 hey Bay by the card of tho 10th, that noi.e hut tbe flrit olaia ship joiner prinotpiee enter within the holy cave ot the united joiners. gooi; but oo the 5th you find him or tkem ptihUily advocating tbe cauie of Jeaie H lolka. tbe biggest hooaier that wo ever had in tbe trade, by oil own admission; that ia wuat 1 call d-oMel )y rich. So yon see by thla that the card ot the 5'-h and 19th c nfficta with each other ; tLey ipeak of a temporary retire', iont for Mr. Folks an a pleasure; bol 1 tbiuk a Kicked out due urge, wai not very agreeable to bts small dimity Thoy apeak of th.i gjld watch presentation, 1 think they done perfectly right by ao doing, and it wai their duty to do no, whi n he ^a?e them 1 1 fiti ptr <>ay, ot ?oteii>inent money, when they conld n'jt get but 12a. and 14a outaide of the >avy Far-l ; tbey refer me laek to tbe31at of Jautiary, to a mere call of a meeting, tor the pnot of ita oxlatenee, without nny name to endorae Iti call, tbat i* catch number tw>. Now, Mr Editor, I lay again, t bat there ia no anch eoeie'y aa the United Ship Join tra' Society, to rtprnaen'- tbe at.lp joinera of NewJVork, with out liannak n'tana bla ?mtll clique of atari the laat meet tag th>' thip joinera of tbe city and county had, 1 waa one of M.c pratidiag ctl veri; bat if there ii inch a body ot fanatioa ?a tl.e Ex-United Joiner*, tLe,. mmt be ai imall in nuinbtra aa they are ta princ!pl??, when Miey publicly advocate n boiler, the medium to (ive himaelf ao me notoriety, i?ya at their ball, andacoordirjg to the imall principl'.i their anony mnua tarda advocate, their ball mnat ba aomc amall out bonie In the rear of tbe Hon. Vt'm. If. Ilanack'a dwelling. Tbe card Irom the Medium on tbe 19th nit., aayiai moch ai if 1 advt ca-a tbe cam* of Hiram Funk, ana they ny tbat b> ia not capable to All the ittuatioa. I know that much b< tier than they do, and 1 aeeuro the ihlp joiner*, that li be folloae ia the footstep* of Mr. Folke, in honor ot mv trade ?n i triendf, be will knd me ai groat an opjHinent and defender of my peraonal rigbta aa Mr. roik< did. Mr. Editor, I have no taate for tbia usineii nor do | wiah to have my name in pnblio print; I have notoriety Enough; lut !? theae united joinera wiah to have any more to eay on thla question, let tb' m moot iac where 1 have al W aj ? met toe ihigjolnera of New York, face to face; where 1 have advocated tho food cauae of m> brother tradeamea; >iig v hue 1 havo aeea tho atandaid or mj trade ^hnoit loat ty the two iacea trickery and unprincipled thin^i who work for any wapee the* can got, and da r?od and honorable nion on* of work. 1 wiih tbeaejaek o' lanterna would five n.c twenty -four houra' notloo, and I dare one of tbem to give me a beaiin^ of tbo wronaa they have lm|?>od on tho FonaraMe body ot New York ahlpioiner*. men who itoop to not bina river, but will aiwiy* rive honor to whom henvr It due l.v pablirblng miirepicaentMloni. In regard to Mr Jciic M. Folki, 1 ray Main, tbat tho ihipjoioera of Now York and the adjacent citiea will not endcrie any b'lt prac tical mechanici at their bailneia, and do not roeo;nlie aey itiati ai foreman of a large body of men without he recoivea a recompenae above tbe atandard wacei. I w ill ae*w<r no mere cardi, but meet me in public. Voari reat.eot.tullv, RdbKRT B. MONTGOMERY', 148 lorayth itreet. N, B,? Thii Ii endorit I by the principal joinew. TtO BUTCHERS -A BtTCBER'H SON. TROM I P rope, wiahei to find employment is one of the large ea tabliabmenta ia tbia city, but where only oxea are ?!au#it ered; be iinaka German and Eaalifh; ivacoi no objtot Ad dim 0. F. U.. Herald ifflce. WANTIU-'YTO FIRST RATE JOURNEYMEN BAR bori, at Sanda aud !*mltt'? hair dreading .laloon, > W I. roadway. American or Eagliibnien preferred. ANTED? A GOOD VARMSnER AND POLISHER, \V and two goo 1 c abinet mahcti, t" 4" into the country; iteadv ?mi lot moot and good wagei will be '."llj'L ot bri'tow A Mone. 41!' broadway, between 1 and I o clock. KKHTAURAKTft. "/ill. "TAR Hotf b." t-4 USTENARD STREET, ' ' III otdwai? '? Mt v .ofdl, 1-4 j. now oi ?" ? i' ia*? i>t t ii.*. .un&ti, ani f ,i i'at tU?it' . I (laid pi 'jii.tUl. ARESFECTABLI MARRIED WOMAN, HA VINO lately loat her bab j wiakee te take oat i? wet aarae. M ply it bar loaidenoe, 218 avenue A. A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION in a plain family, to do general honaework. Cm be *? * *> her pre eat employtr'a, 465 lludaon street. American girls wanted.? three or four f1. American glrla, from ten te twenty year* of age, may ftnd constant employment at tbe Mauhattan llbaiory Manu factory, 32 Beekman it., up (taira. None bnt Americana need apply qto. H hippie, Baperintcndeat WIDOW WOMAN WANTS TO TAKE charge of a gentleman's bouee for tbe ummer. Satiafled wiahrent ftae. tauwaah and do up gentlemea'a and ladiea' ??e ?lothea in the aloeat masDc r. Good referenoe. AdbIt ? 18 Downing atrvut, near Uleecker, front ?oor. A PROTESTANT GJRL WANTRD-TO GO TO M1M phia, lonaeeaeo, to take oare of a child and waeb for It and the lady whUe boarding. None knt a .te^VpenSm. with good reference, need app'y. Wagea 96 per month. Ap ply to day or on Monday at 7 Carmine atrwt, uear BUecker. i SITUATION WANT ED -BT A RESPECTABLE A yojijg woman, aa aeamatrea* and to take charge of grown children. Can give good olty re'erouce. Can be aeen for two day? at 106 We.t 17th at. AN EXPERIENCED ENGLISH CLASSICAL AND MA thematiral teacher wiabea employment Addreaa Priu ?pal of Academy, Tribune offlee, New York. A YOUNG FRENCHMAN. OF GOOD FAMILY, WHHES to tind a sanation aa totor, or in aa importing houae. lie apeaka with line aec?Bt, nndera'.anda Gorman ana Latin, and anowa drawing and book keeping. A reapeotakle home with aome improving occupation la moro important than a aalary. lie woald go to tbe country or atay in the city. In quire of Dr. Woiooe. 28 Weat 18th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN.fTO attend bar in tome reapeotable hotel; tbe beat of oity reierence frcm oue of th? urat hotela in Broadway; no oljection to the country. Audi tan N., Herald offloe. A YOUNG SCOTCHMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS aaaiatant bookkeeper or entry olark in aomu mercantile houae. la willing to make himaelf generally uaefnl. Beat of eity reference given. A note addreaaed to J. U., Herald ?t floe, will receive immediate attention. A N AMERICAN BOY. ABOUT SEVENTEEN YEARS -ijL old ia wanted to take charge ol a carriage aad hureeo, for a lady and gentleman travelling. Salary good. Apply at tbe Waverley Houae, ooracr or Broadway aad 4tb at., leom SI, between 5 and 7 P. M. thia day One frem theooua try preferred BOY WANTED- FROM 12 TO 16 YEARS OLD, IN A wholesale houae; one living in Brooklyn preferred Sa lary $100 flrat year. Address L A, Herald offloe. (CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS. ? OF J flee of thia InatUution Thirty eighth atreet, between )ourth and 1 exington avenuea, from whiohia auppliol gov erueiaea, bouaekeepurs; alao, aervauta ia every capacity. Madlavn avenue atages and Third avenue eara pa aa witMa a few atepa ol the door. Drug clerk wantid-one who thoroughly tlio bualneaa, and competent to take charge of a atore in the opper part of tbe city. City refer ei cta required. Apply at the atore t>St> Hndaon at., corner of 14th at. Drug ci.erks wanted.? a middle aged man, who underctanda kia business thoroughly, and ia eom pitect to tako charge o a atore Alao, oue who uuderatauda tlie manufacture of tiucmrea, Ao. Appiy immediately, by letter, addroaacd to lox 3.8K2 1'oat Office. CI OVERNESS- WANTED, BY A YOUNG LADY, A T situation as governeaa to young children II required wi.l alao undertake the ohargc of the housok-eping depart ment, or aatiat tbe lady of the bouse tu ao d-iiug instructs in n.tiaio, Engliah and French, and. having had much expe rience, ia certain of giving entire eatiafaetion. The tigheit (eferer.cea given. Addreaa Governeaa. box Poet offloe. Miller wanted-one who understands the wauagement of a country grlatmill, m a plea >ant vil lage leventv live milua from New fork. Apply to Mr. Mil ler, ZV) Waabington at., Brooklyn, personally, or bj letter to box 19, Brooklyn Teat Office. ON DEMANDE-UNE FRAN?AISE POUR PRENDRE aoin d'un enfant; on payera le plua haut priz. S'a urcser No. 10 Delanoy Houae, au coin de Broadway et Wa v lley place. Going to eg rope -a respectable woman, a native of Sootlaod. la desirous to accompany a family or lady who may require ber servioo?, going to Eaglana; beat or reierence given. Addreaa M. S., Herald offloe, for three day*. Situation wanted? by a respectable mid dli aged woman, te take aharge of children; ia capable of taking the entiro oare of as infant; baa no objeotion to the country t'jeycar round; the beat olty reterenoe can be given. Can be aeen until engaged at 49 Eaat 16th at. Situation wanted-by a respectable young w?man, aa flrct rate chambermaid and laundreaa, or would do waiting; ia an exoellent plain oook. Beat of oity recommendations. Call at 126 24tu at., corncr 7th avenue. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waiter; ia a very good |<lain aewer. and unceratanda the oare of children. Apply at her preaent employer'*, No. 80 West 28th at. SITUATION WANTED.? A RETIRED ?0 1 I'M ASTER 28 yeara old, a native of Holland, faouliar with the Oer mas, trench and Engliah language, it desiroua of obtain ltg a aituatiou iu a aliip jrokor's, ship chandlery or whole tale grooery stero, wi.ere hia aervicea and aequaintanoe among lorelgn captains might be made available. Apply at 112 Wall atieet. rpiIE ADVERTISER- A YOUNG AMERICAN LADY, X dtairea a aituation in a private family to do light work, atwing, Ac. M oulo tave no objection to accompany a family to the oountry for the aumm<r. Apply at 1 22 Hiving tou atreet. No exoeaa of wagea required. TO BOSS TAILORS. -A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD AD dreaa and reapeotable appearance woald aeeepc of a titnation aa pantalocn and veat e utter Can ke-tp ace on at a ll required. No objeetiona to any part of the Vaiou. Ad drcea D. K. D., Herald olhce ao DRUGG1BTS.-A YOUNG MAN OF NINE YEARS prnntlce in the wboleaale and retail drag bumueaa, Wishes a aituation; understand* filling Southern and Wuet eru orders, compoundiag, Ao. ; no objeotion to go Smth. AC dreaa J Weat Herald office. THREE FIRST RATE SALL.sVRN WAN'JED FOR TUB dry good* trade. Aui? luc those who otu <ive the bait reference" required Apply In- fore 111 A. M to E. II. Lead in ater A Co , 847 Broadway. TO BOSS LOCKSMITHS AND BKI.l.II ANGEKS ?AN industrious l*d, nyed seventeen, *r i ? h o ? a situation to learn tlie a^ove trade; hat tome knowledge of looksmithin^; can make cranks, fit ke)s, Ac.; wri ei a good hand; would study the Interest of his tuiployer. Address Thomas, 207 Ntnark avenue, Jeriey City. UNE JEUNK FILLE FRANyAHE, WOO VEILIMEVT arri\6e, d4sire tronver une place de bonne d'eifants, 6t< r.t uno famine ou I on parte le Iranian. S'ndrtsser par Ittlru A y ? ? Louise, Herald jQloe. T1 r Al- 1 ED? BE V ER AI. OPERATORS ON 8INGKRS Vf sewlnjr machines; also, a number of ihirt hauls. Ap plj to John Davis A Son, 28 Warren street. up stairs. 1\/AN'IET>-A RE'PECTAULE YOUNG LADY, TO Vf attend a cimiectlonirv stur*. Must havs *ojd city re ference. Such ft one may apply at 87 Bleeeker it \I/-ANTED-A YOUNG LADY, OF GOOD PERSONAL tt afp?aranoe to attend a lace store, (n Riehueud, Vir ginia. Good ? a^en given. Addreis Merchant, boittvi Poet Office, hiebmond, V*. WANTED? A RESPECTABIE WOMAN SPEAKINO the Eugltsh and Spaninh languages, to de general housewurk and scwii c. Good referenoe re<iuire4. Apply at 137 Ea*t 13th at Wanted-a Woman capabi.e to tare charge arm do the washing, cocking and the biuxewnrk lor a iiuall faintly, consisting of throe persons. who are a?ay Iri iu home all day. It will he indispeasable that tke person sh-uld understand plain letin^ One who appreca e? a comfortable home and capable to do the work, will flod a esuitarit and oomrortablo h>me. Apply, personally, at the fringe stuie, 1 U4>? Fulton sv. "\AT AN TED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WITH A FRESH ' vv breast of milk, a situation as wet nurse, in a private iamlly. No objection to go in tbe country Good rtiirtbce can be piven Apply at 3ifJ 14th st , ooraer of ave nue B, third floor, for t?o d?y?. TIT ANTED? A YOUNG LADY, TO TEACn THE PRI M Buary department of a seleot sobool inthlseity;a K?ud opportunity for improvement, and 'ostruotion in the higher branches will be tbe only compensation. Apply at VV'AMtD- AT A. ROGERS DINING SALOON, NO. 4 TT 1 ulton street, cubt young ladies, to wait on tables. Cull from 9 to 11 o'oloek. WET NURSE-WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A RE epectable young woman, with a fresh breast of milk. Has the best city reference. Please call f>r three days at 31 Ludlow street. \\T ET NURSE WANTED? AT 134 FORSYTH STREET. TT Either American or Protestant. Noue others need sppiy. Ai' AN1 KD? AN ENGLISH, SCOTCH OR GERMAN vf girl to do general housework; must be a Protestant. Apply at an Hoyt street, Brooklyn. TVf ANTED? A FRENCH GIRL, OF FROM 13 To 1* TT yean, to nurse a baby and go errsnds. I'M mile* in tbe c< ui:try. Apply at Savory's Hotel, 14 Be?kinan St., to day, (Saturday,) at. II o'elook. TV ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RISPECTABiE TT young Inglieb woman, as chambermaid or waiter iu a hotil; i.o objeotion to the country. Address L. M , box All Utraid (fHce. WAN 7 El>? A Ct'l.ORKD GIRL, To DO GENERAL bouneaork, cook, wa<ii, Ac , for a small family, short diitfiitre In the country. Call betwevo 1 and 3 o'eioek at 71 West lltti st. WAMED-A 811UATIO*, BY A GERMAN' PRO tcsiant gin, to do geneial housework in a ?-nail lami lj . or eLameerwork and waiting. Please call at 117 Eart.Vtd st , the place where she is n-.w living Can be seen two days WANTED.? A KKsPKCTAIllE G1RI. WISHES A BIT ualitn in a private family; she understand' flttinx ?">'I cnttlbg ladies' and children's ore. son, and would assis-. nth crauilerwvrk. Acpir M Mr*. Bsrrett'?.dresein*klnir esUh Mabment, No. 277 t.rsnd ft. TITAN! ED? A G"OD PLAIN COOK, WASHES AND TT ironer, in a private laniily. to go a sburt dtstaao* in the country ; J*rotesta?t preferred; must have goi.i reiom n eiidatl'.ne. Apply at Hi Chambers st , (tip stsirs > from 10 to 12* M. . . ... . W'ANTF.l'? A SITUATION, BY A REtPECTABLK 1} I'rote-Unt j i.un;- *nn m, as seam*tre?s, rhildr"n's nrn.i, ( r to du ? >i*<r?<rk auJ *a". on table Good reie rencu cab be tivtu. i'ltase apply at 441 Hoastom stieet, nesr 3d avenne. Tir ANTED -A LADY, LIVING IN THE COUNTRY TT nnd hating no cUidrcn of r.?r own, woold like to meet with an is teresttng American orphan little )'trl, about 12 jtsrs of age.or ene between 2 and 3 year* of a**, ?o adopt. Address C. 8., Hroadway poat UfBoo, immediately. it AMED.-A FMAL1. PRIVATE FAMTI.Y WANTS A ?' Geriiisa girl, one that epeaka ktjli.h, wh? cm do plain co- king, Is a good wn-htr and irocer and nnd"?((lnda general hon??work; such a one can obtain a good sltuaMon ly applying at Nd. l'JO West Twenty siglitL street, betsoeo tightli r.wd Ninth Avenues. \Y'ANTED-BY A woman. WABQINQ and IRON TT mg to do, In a satirfactnrv manner, in ber own h mw or wbere the ar* teles belong I'leaee call at l?i We?t imh >t , lu rear, top tm, between Oth and 7th avtnuei. "IV'ANTRb-A VBOTJSI ANT GKMMAN GtRI. THAT >V niiii -'i'Ii. nunil'i' ??.?' Ony w i ? ? . H, agoc'Awss t > - !.i.?sw? , . e.t, re^f.ufdf ' iftpi'.ttf, .-v ??. .v tpp'y aiUo M?br/ s?. ? WANTED- A SITUATION BT 4 RESPECTABLE " young voidm, u 6r?t rate FienoU book, aae who aar feetly understands her baaleeea. Good oity rtftluMi. Cw for (*? day* at Mo. 224 2>th it , between Sth ttd Ml Avenue*. TJLT ANTED ? BY A PROTESTANT GERMAN WOMAN, A TT situatin u nurse aad Kta<ln<>; can eat and (It children!' aa 1 ladies' drt??ea, and do plain Miiaf; hUM objection to go in the country ; good city reference giro*. Call at 1(M Eatt 2t/tL it., near 3d avenue; can be 1MB for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE, honest, faithful girl; ta a ttrit rate waeher and ireuer, and a good plain cook; bae the b*it of city reference from Itr laat plaoe. Pleaau call at 'M2 Ctu attaut, b*t*?ea lHh ind 10th itreeta, la the re?r flrat doer. TI7 ANTED? BY A MIDI I.A AGED FEMALE, A SITU TT atioa, (either la ? r out of the city, the latter prefer* red,) aa iavalld nunc, or aa Douaekeper m a gentlcmaa'a fa mily; baa had eeveral jeer*' csprr>en?e aad oan give the beet of refertaae. App y at 108 Aiaoe atraet. WANTED? AN 1 XPEK1 EM ED HEAD WAITER IN a (rat elaaa hotel Addraea bex 231 New Londea Foil, Coaa. WANTED-A GENTLEMAN, TO TAKE CHAROdC OF a bcWl Jut erected on Ctta'tnat liill, wlthia lit ailai of PbRidelpbta. It la a tirat cl?i hou?e, aad Intended aa aa elegant mmaer resort 'or faiailiat The applicaat Boat bate meant to lurnieh it good ta area aa and experience la the blncaa. Addreaa bci SU7 Phtlade'phia Poet OMoc. AM ED ? FOR THE I'NITEI) STATES SURYEYINQ " tieamir Corwiu, two ?v?d ouuka. tor a aummer'e "?e ataat at Maine. U?ed par, Una climate, com fortable veteel, aad duties l<ght Apply oa board, off tbe Wavy yard. with recommendation a. Koae bat Irat rata cooka need apply , WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE DAB, 11 iMDiir ?nU ?o luitt it KirdeaiBx; good rt ferenao Aadreaa P , box UD Ue.ald oUlce. S WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A alta atioa ia a prlvatt faails; uudtreianda t be care af horaaa wall, and ia a oarefui driver; ia willlaj to make him aeli ntefal about the houte; h a uo ubje:tl?a to go to tba country Please call at Herron'i axpreta offioc, for ana day oaly. W ANTED? A MILLER, OVE WHO IS A OOOD *> atone dreaaer, to due* atones for grinding whaat. In quire it 2 (6 W?at street WANTED? IN A CLOTHING STORE, A YOUNG maa about eighteaa years or age. Call at Ma. 1 Jamee ?lip WANTED-A LAD IN A HARDWARE STORE; ONE who ia acquainted with the bnainata preferred. Ia quire of T. Nrgua A Sun, 177 Graeawiob at. JMOVAOIM. A MEETING 111 THE STt.CAUOLDERS OF THB M'Calloch Copper and Gold Mining Co. will ba bald at tbe office of the company, No. IS Exchange place, aa Mon day, J line 4. at hall paat one P M , on bustneae af import ance, when tha attend* u ce af tbe etoekholdere iaearneatly reqneated. By order of the Praaldeat. Family arms and genealogies. -herildby Office. 340 aad 3tts Broadway.? M E v RY II AYS, he raldic!. iate of the College af Arma, London, will shortly leave the eity oa a prvfcailoatl tour te Europe, la eoaaea tion witb hie y resent pnraoita. Having those exelacive ad vantage eaenred by cool leg late membership aud ita prlvi legea, be wilf bave full aoceaa to tbe moat aaeieat at well aa modern recorde ef faml y arma gcnealogiee, natnee, per ecaagee, Ac , Ae . eo carefully proaerved in the Collage ar ebivea. Be will be happy during hit abaeaoe to traaaaot aU matters ana fnrniab tbe moat reTlaMe and satisfactory ia formatloc connected witb the heraldic armaand eecutibeoa* of thoae Engliih, Iriab, Scotch and I'ronob familiea wbeaa deaemdaets at prraeat reaide in the Unite Statea, the Biitiah Provincea aad South America. Arms painted aad engraved eu atoae ia tba higbeat atvle el the art, at tbe Beraldry Office. Appleton'e Building, corner af Leonard ?treat aad Broadway Relerencaa if roqaired. CI UTTEN B1KG FERRY COMPANY.? THE 8HAEB II bolticrii of the above company are hereby reqneated ta tovattend our annual meeting, on Monday, the 4th of Jane, at the 8bakeapeare llotel, corner of WUllam aad Daaaeete . at 7H I* M., for the pnrpoae 0' electing a aew Beard af Bt reetora tor tbe eaaulag year, and receive the eommnaiaa Moaa of the eld Board. By order of the Preeident, D. St ml, secretary. H. PETERS. Green turtle -just received, by schooner Electric, only lonr data from Abaco, a Sae lot of graea tnrtle, of all aiiea. For aale b? WM. M. ROGERS A CO., 37 Fulton rich Market. H OLMES A BUTLER'S Alum Patent Iron Sata Depot, 9u aad M Maiden laae, (below Liberty, , N. 7. LADIES' HOME MISSION OLD BRE VERY, FIYB I'oimi. ? Information having been rece.ved 01 the at ten pte by an impoator to obtain money by oolleotioaa aad the aalc of booka, profeaacdl) lertlie beoeflt of above miaaioa. tbe riublic ia hereby infnrmed that tho only agent* eaaloyea by the Million to collect tundn in ita behalf are tbe atleatpa ary aud the aaaiatant Bteataaary, the Kev W C Van Ma ter. Gooda or oomounioatioua deaunud for the Mlaataa 1 h? nl<l be directed to the Ladle 1' Home MUeion, oaaa at N. Miad, Old Brcwety, five Peinta, N. V N MEAD, MUalaaary. MASONIC NOTICE. -NEW YwllK, MAY 81, 1888.? T# tbe Sir Eni^hta of raieatine Eucaiuiimeut No. IS:? Yon are hereby requeated to at .end ? apeoial moetiag af the membcra ol raleatiue Encampment No. 1.1. Kal/hte Tem plar", to be held at tba readiag room ot Sir Height Ja>. M. Ltraard, at 3hS Broadway, at 2 o'cloofc P M , oa Suaday next, June .1, aa buaiaeea of Importance ie to bebroagat bclort tbe Electing JOHN W. TIM SON, tlrand Commander. MASONIC NOTICE -NEW YORK., MAY 319T. 1885 ? The mouibere of Kep une Lodg-< N? 317 of F. k A. M., are reapecttnlly reqauated to meet at their lod^e room. Ne C'berry atrect, at 8 P. M on Saturday, June 2d, 1H88 at \ uaiueaa of importance villi be brought forward By order of J W. A.IRE.N, Acting W. M. Jamki Hi'tciiinb Secretary. Masonic.? the bibbers of jtmN d willard Ledge No. 2&0 of a rve aud Accepted Ifaavna are re outated to meet ?? their lod e room, t'l hroadway, ua Sua day memiag. J use 3, at 10 o'olook A M , lor taa purpose a iiaying the iaat tribute of reapact to our worthy brothe llerman H. Bobae, wboae tuneral will take place tram bit late residence, SK) liroadwar. at 1 o'clock P. M. The (rater nity are reapec;fully invited to attend. WILLIAM L. BENSON, W. M Not ice. -die memdehs of tug laiiNDSHip Auooiation ate particularly r-quoatedtv anambleat their heed quartan. US Ceu're *'.r?et, on Sunday, at om c 't luck Y M , to pay tha last iribut) of iM^Mt to the wife 01 our brother mem i*r, R T Eutwletle by order ol CHARLES ROONEY, Pr? . riAMMANY SOCIETY OR CtLUMUlA.V ORDER ? X brothtre ? A regular meevloir of the ion ututioa will be held iu tbe tvuucil chamber of the Great Wu?am, *a Mob day evening, tie 4tb mat., at half an hour after the *etting o? the ciin. Af tbe Ora'id Sachem e.eot (Loreaia B. She, an); lot the en aniug ) *>' will be infta'led oa that *v*a iMr, it l? deaired that thtro will he a general and puaetual aftneaoce. by order, ELIJAH F. PURDT, Grand Saehom. Stkfiic.ii C. Dt'liv.A Secretary. Manhattan, *<aron o trnitt, tixth moon, year of diaeorery Si^d, of iudepoudenee 79th, and of the iuatituti >n the 67th. ri nE UNITED FREEMEN'S LAND ASSOCIATION. J No. 3 ? E tinietee will be received bv the above allo cation, at the olHoe uf the Soorotar?, 'J3 Fulton aveaae, Brookly*, for *iukiug and bn tiding w*ii* at South Green field, L. 1., until Ttteeday, 5th June. WILLIAM HACK AT. Secretary. TUt BBNEYOLENT AND TOE MEDICAL PROFE8 eJou are invited to be precat at the opening lerviea* at the Wtm<n'a H?*|iial. /??. S3 Uaduon a>eune on Saturday, June 2, at li o'clock A. M. Addreaao* Dili be mat* by *ofo r?! dU'.tnguiah*d elergj meu and other ^eir.h men. By order of the Board. S. M. WEBSTER, Sooretary. votrr o* *ice suncES. POST OFFICE NOTICE? THE MAII.S FOR EUROPE via tMnitbamptMi and Havre, per United State* M<-am< r a HA (Jo will ciote at tl:t* office on Saturday, tha 2d o ay uf June, at 10>^ o'clock A. M Isaac V. ioWLER, l'oitmMttr. EVRTKUCTIOH. An episcopalian laly desires ah engaoi Bitot a* ftuveriieie ia a vr vato lamiiv. Her oourae ef internet ion include* mueio, 1 reooli, and the u?,ml brMehe* of a well grounded EaglUh education. Addrec* UjveroeM, box 131 Herald office iiO?T \wp rvvwu. T^OUNP? IN A BROADWAY OMNtBUS. ON TOE J? evening of May 31-t, a ttnall opera giaa*. The twner cmb have fhe aamc by calling at .he Uuward Uuttl offioe, aad ptjibg expenaet. Lost- a bank. book, on th< 2wtii of mat, on the Cbaubera atrwt Saving,. iUnk. A reward ef Ave dullari tor tbe recovery of tbe book will be given. Apply to John D. Schmidt, No. R Doarnlcg atlMi. ]OST? TUESDAY EV ENMU. Ool.Nti ' K >U V4 i'S&RL J atreet, via Pi; inoutti, Urouklyn iu it>?ovelt ferry, a mail peek a* e of ptpera, of ao uae lj an ? ?a? hat the owner. The finder will much oblige an old ehipmaater, and net ahipewaer a* before pnvhahtd by leaviai then at tbe He raid office, or at Van Dyke'i Hotel, OMMIat slip. Lost? im comino krom twenty eighth street, through Fitth avenue and highth etre t, to No. 9 St. Cleicent'a pikce, (Macduugai atr< etj a g' Id Imk cl-w-.n braee lei, Kith a heart attached, aet with ,? arhuncle. Tbe huder will recti >e |.*> award aad the tbauka of the owier, 1 y returning it to No 3 St. Clement* |lm> LOST? ON TUURSDAY LAST, A CROSS PIN, SRT with &va lar(e garnet*, auppuMu io have been left ia the y o'okek tialn tu Albany. Tta nuder, by tMvlac tha atne at No. II bond atreat, will he li lerallj reaarded. IOST? IN TIIK HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD CARS. J b*twee? tbe hour* ot V SU and \1 A. M . ou the SI**, at jaa) , beteeen New >u-k ai.d bing Mag, a iar<* garnet urea* v. pie, co*npo??-d of live larice atone* In he ?h?pe of a cree*. I ? e (inter will b<: liberally reaarded by re'urning it t? tha owner at 11 Bund atteet. 1" 77sT-A_I.TaCK AND TA.N 1 k <R 1 1 K DOt>, LARUE J alte, with long hair, ??r- and tail cut; had on a plain cullari eapp' a?4 to have b,en lojt in iha Eighth avenue, rear Twent) leventh at rest A auttahle reward will M paid o? hi* return to W?*t Poartevnth a< reel. IOST? 1> TbEGMMBUn OF VliE SIXTH A> ? sF _i veLth avenue*, at ? o'elnok. an opera glaaa. Thaludar wii 1 b* recomptriaed b? re nr? In* it to thi proprietor at .V<4 btoadway. No. 6 kletropoUtan Hotel La Seala, ptrfainary >' t r? 1 Xj OTt LOST? CaU I ION- ALL PRR-<i*H ARC CAT i.v tinned ataiutt puroba?lug or aego'lauag a a te for tl :M\ oated May 17, D4A, at UU daya. down lit lloraee li. *ym uiy favor, and u ?t endoraal. l uaa al ?H Mn ? tupped. D. II. JOII ?S >! , iu (> Wa'l atre*t. BARCIH0 AaOE"t??. T\l LI. I CAROLINE VBEIE.V'S P*?i lKO ACADEMY itl i* now open, for the inatrneti' n ?t ltdi*< and rentlemen in ibe Hunt laai.ionaMo dauce< of the School f .r pra<: tloa tr?n 3 to ft, *tterni'on?; ernii aa f> t > 10 Oraad dan oln| acirte* every Satn daj. II o cx:ek. caRD?T ? ? ? 1 >1.A VINCCAK U? -LIN EN Pi A Y I SO CA R>3, TRBY J. old *'id well aeaaoned, with all the oth^ vari ia? qual It e* oi lin*n tad cotioa card*, mad ? by SAM liARF ft I.r aaJeto ??.* tradeand eluk bo?*eiat their itore, No. i barclay *tr*el, oppoaile tbe AH or iloui* cuoniina, Atv. ? ? ~ /iast o?r ci,?)THi?t> or r.visRY db?criptio\ wan'cd? lb* M he*' prI-egiv'D and caah paid ia our r-a? mon-y (hmlemen wNMng tn di?p>,?a ?f eirthlir a' a *ood ^na.'1} , ,f?r ? i < -?' (?*?!) e jnl* n "nt ae* r ne?ne,l t\ I nt or addrnea JAklHli ?? .Ml ?1 b?i* t

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