Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1855 Page 3
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eHearfous syatem, were, en tk? eiotrory. u mola I ia font m thay were lerK-ma'e in toeir sabataooo aakod nothing from U^lader-ee o y fee har dignity, ?till )???* to bw honor. W? iarfed &tr. urged sjleff tbe (?cmJ laltrmi oi Kurnpe, to fl* on * b??ia itably calculated Uit acc-ptet i> y the Pott* the num of tci - U which ah* m???* t? k?-e for tbe future in , is wlicfc a he butt cttm 1 no a'Usfc, aad in whieh I n?i|, traced t? reaaoiiab>? proportion*, amply aut Put for the regular Mrri? for which aba srould have >rondf, wouii La hit saw h%?e ba?o at least xjul t? Ottoman c?Tjr Tea C?b net of Si. Peteraaarg re Ml this a-raaganent, vh iiti w>ul 1 have roatorel ct to the n-orU. It Daa d* -'in-d tha authority of exaaapta that were oited (or it, it haa fergottea that ta iaat trtaty of pacs wits Car?a, it imposed, itself, that poirtr tha obligation ? atmtaoivg from nangat (ho Caapian S*a, aoU of ex durvely raaervin; that , to h? flotillas of Rnaaia; it tia> not aoaeeated to ad what I''ranoa, England, tun Uoitel State*, ant Netherlands, under d Iter ot forma, and nt d.ffarent ha?* accepted either to term a ate war, or to tide* P?aca, or to aupprae* grau of rivalry or faiot h'titru neighboring -tatoa. ball I a point wblco Coast do Neeeelroda slg ?wraa fergetfnlnosa of ahat ta daa to tha eoarereigoty Bvraia in her own verrtorj f Ha reproa-.hea oa with T*r deaixed, contrary 'o international law, to deny to rCab'catot 8t Petersburg ite po ?er of refusing or Ifcdrawing the rx*quaiur to t e con?ul* wha may ba "?din tha porta of tha Kusioa. Wa oarer eater - ?och a pretenaioo. Wa only demand-id that no fence shruld bo Interdicted. bu'. t was unlerat jod It, according to tbo rul?a ?hich regulate an ah matter*, raul non)Trato<l might al*?ya rom pleusiol* no 1 applicable to blm personally and not to h<a poat, receive tha approbation o' thn R ,*si?n government. I hare now terminated toi* lnv?stiicatlon, anl I bopa ?ill convince all impartial n?lo< a that tha Western acta cannot be reapnnaiol for tne continuation of n r, the effects of which 'V? have deaired to arrest ?a much sincerity and seal aa thny emp'oyed 1 1 krent the breeding ont of It Franco and Enflaa-l d > t entertain tbo sentiments aacrib-d to tbem; thair atility ia not, aa haa been laid implacable They 1 never d' aired to lmpoao on Ru?a(a a peace deroga te her honor and to bar dixn ty; Ont ecMsftr haa jreattd them with n doty whirh wth the aid of Divine ?id?noe, tbay will know how to lulfU, and Europe, fohdated on bar baaoa. will i>a thaokfal to tbem for ing restrained witb'n ]aat houcde an mflaen o whtoU trywhere tndeavorrd to outa'ep tbe limita of it* legiti* Lto ncticn I aotborixe yon to read thta dee pa tea to and to your colleague*. Receive, ftc , WALEtrSKI. Great Britain. he *Ju; oioar rot una ol tbo Board of Trade for tha knth to April SO. hava beeo iaau'd, and coatinua to ezhi , aoonaldeiable decraaae in t?a employment of tonsag*. 1* doerenee ha* been relatively fait ta a greater extent I foreign than In British ahipping with the exception veaaoic of tho L'nitad Sta'aa aa r? (tarda the UriUah j the diminution in the number of voyagea of tha oos mail ateamer* contribute* materially to the ra otion obanvtbie. i'arliament had not been In aeoaiin during the week. Udmtta had boon voted by vanotu deputation* of rkiogiban to Mr Lavard. K measure for limiting liability in partaerahlp la now Tore the public. The measure ia aet firth in two hills, 1 drat limiting tbe liabilities ar members of sertain at stock companies; tha aaconl rngulatea tha condl las under which part of the pro Its may be received thott incurring the liabilities of oartnarihip. The stb'lleTClndes insurance com ptuiea from It a operation, d refers only t? partn?rah( pa possessing a capital of 1 ,0C0, with transferable share*. Tbe aocoad bill ehief (sets forth the liabiiitiea and lmmunltio* of person* coding capital to partnership* " Alterations will, no nbt, be introduced during th? progrsas of the bills, t nt prssf at tho anaaare is vary far front being cam ?h?naiv? ia its prine pie. An agitation ha* arisan for >he introduction of the aino law Into Britain, bat without the remotest chance anece*a. . return jnat pubJlahfd show* tbo rawnue of India ?ing the v ar 1864 to have bc*n ?<0.200,000, and tho Ipeaditnre ?21 865 319 eterllve. lord Strangford, formerly M'niater to Brazil and h<r courta, died oa the 20th ult , at an advaased ago. Chailaa Manner* ia also dead, aged 74. FflUIM. Ihe Exposition waa beginninc 'o a'triet more atten >o, but bud mill 'alien *lior'. <>' expectations ns an o!> etof attr-.'-tlon. On *be B?tt free day of admiaalon '.000 pneeed throng -i the buil'ifn*. There ia no ne ?s of Impnrtsno* The intelligent of * aticcespes in the Crimea exrlW lively aatisfaotion ia ?ria, end tbe subject of ep'oulvion no r is what effect ioae successes will bare on Ana >i% Marshal Hariapo diea May 26to, at 8ayonne, at a very jvfcnctd age. noilnnd. Tbe I)ntr,h govern went bat just conduced with Pthi a a eonvrnOu or reeipr Hji'j n tbe cotaUo? trade, the !piJ*tiom of wilt io^n oo made public. Ruttla. A<T riots from Et. Petersburg a'ate that som* proluee rotinues to *-e purchased and for*awei to the frontier, it that hole era ar* not r?adv sellers With regard to io grata in tbe Azrff por's, an optolon ta eatartafned r ptr.on* io t?? Brltl h tra<te tint much of what re p.ina ma j pesaib'y eh are <he fate of tnat whcli baa ist been burner at Kei?cb a* the Rinnan offi'sors ould he certain ti ?re?eot it* falling into the h*nds of >e enrmy. 1V>? bul* oelonis t > Uu?H>&a or Qreok o#a M, but ? srojll quantity ia held for British account. Italy TIU Kltr 8??IKN(A-< MINISTRY. T)ie new toloiatrv of FUrCini* bus at length been ra mpoaecl rhe fbl'o?'ng are the m'.m^ers: ? Cavoor reslient; C!brar!a, Miniate* of K>r? 1< o Affaire; Lanza iblic Ini'ructica: RaUzai. Interior; OtforadU, Justioe uraadn, War; 1'alercaeaa. Publ'C VV>rka. rur. SAKDiKiaN cokvbnts bill. 'aria (May 14,) Oorre-pondonco of the London Time* 1 Bia did not latum t ? Rome for the Feaat of io Arnuerr lion as neoal, which had occa'ioaed mush irprife. end given rise to a ramor that he waa anxious i accompany bia frien* tbe King of Naples an Ins ro irn to (ikcta, after vlsltm? him at Cattle Oandoifo. hero are many chorda of sympathy between these >vereig?e, po doabt; bat even their friendship ia not se me as to h? without alloy, bo that it ta not very pro kble bia N?#polttan Majesty would attempt an abdao on (fucli as waa hinted at in thia report ) whleh might i d>piestuig to hla well beloved oonsin the Emperor of >e French. At Tnrin pnMie expectat on ia on the tip- toe to knew ow tbe Court of Rome will act after the deeiaion -f the nate an tbe Convent bill. If an excommunicatloa lould be e'etermta-d on, tbe country ia proparnd to ear it Both revr lutiontats and reactionists have been efeated for tbe timo, and ta-day, the bill, as amended j tbe Senate, waa presented to the Chambsr of Depu e i, by wbicli it waa refemd to a coranvsiion and on aturday next it will, perhaps, be broazbt forward for iecnaalon. Then ia little doabt of its being oar ied in te .lower liooae, er?n tbongh do?p'.<e<l by many ai aa bortlon, but a good deal of oppoeition from both ex ?me parties may still bo expected. India and China. The detail of the Oriental newti bare come to hand from ulruttn to April 33, Bombay Hay 1, Cut ton April 14, ?<i Hong Kong April 16 Intttligeaee from Burmah 1* unfavorable to the proa fct? of pesco. Reports mention the occurrence of an ther palace revolution, which terminated in unseating le King, end elevating the heir-app?reot to the thrme . he pence of the north west frontier of India had ben gala distorted by imUmi predatory tribes . A British /toe of 3, 000 borne and foot had loft for the Mt-orauzte nlley. bo vessel had arrived from tbo Persian Otilf to ring farther intelligence of the state of affair^ at eheraa. Fifty mile* of the Bombay railway had b"?a completed o material Improvement waa reported in the state of ride, and t5.e money market had undergone no varia ? on Account* frcm Shanghae are to April 0. All waa quiet jere. and the troop* having been withdrawn towards ankin. the country around ?ae resuming it* former r?B<|uiili'y and the city waa being fivst rebuilt, la the itertor, bewevtr matter* bad aa<amsd aa unfavorable hang* 'He Nankin lntargeot* had commenced the raHon'R op ration* ov on tnro*d into the green tea di* rictw, and the capful (Klveichow Too) hid fallen Into belr fcnnm Fear* w?re entertained that they might ontinue the?r courte to Hai g onowfoo, which would nable ibtas to au p tbe export trade of Sbaaghao. At 'anton, political afUira remain much aa before. bia?e be defeat > ustaioed by the laanrgvnta at Wfcampoa, a*bt.? portion of them hive oougrrgated at Hoar ong, a placr of tmoortanse near the m?ul? of tbe river; ad against these the Mandarins are preparing an e*pe litioa Othdti of tbe iosargente had spread themselves ?long '.be coast, eomni 'ting depredation*, and evea at ?eking fori >?a tUga la onneeqaenM of thi?, an armed xpedition from the Biltiah thipe had destroyed twen;y unks with eieet of tb?lr cr?w?, wbl* tb* rssldenta on hue killed the remutnueraa the/ at'ecaptisd to escap*. [he tlvtr ttaflio waa cbar to Canton, but Chinese raft care not venture cuteide, aad the weet ooaat trade a stopped, m the jonks cannot cope with the piratical >naU. Exorbitant price* ?ere p?kl for towing and f w ore<gn convoy. Transit frem Canton to the Interior .-ontinurd llitnrbed by predatory band* Famine .hrtafcceJ lie people of Cantoa, a?d foxl riots were ap Mebets'td. iu=e w?* aoaree in the tural district*, and ? ? removal %a* prohibited Oommon cargo rice wa* re Ailed in the eit.y at W per p*c<il. and the citiron* had !<> ilejmO tac4u?l snppi e* from Mtnlleand elsewhere. 'Ike Brtl.h fle?t comprtatng the frigates Wiocbestcr, ?ybdle end f par tan, steumer* Encounter, Batraeouta, 4tjx, luttlwind lionet, were to Mxizvoua at Japan, ?ad niterwiird* to proeeed toward* the Hnaaiaa aeUl* Ttenta in tbe fcot'h. Tbe Unifc-d States grnarfl ship J. P. Kenaedy aad IVitUh (tip Coma* *?re anchored off C<u> urn. The Uadslla was at Whampoa and tbe Powhatan ai ?ihantbae. Tbe American clipper Challenge had re seoed port of the crcw of tse Counties of HeadeM, tea l*din, red wrecked r.n tbe Praia* iboal. Ceptal* Adams, U f . V , proceeds home by this mall, with tae ratiil nation of the Japan treaty. Several foreira Sna? weie opening braachea at Hong K<mj, wte.egcod pioilt* wre expected to be m> **? K*vlf*ii?? of the Btiwy-OteWo" A?n\n?t the II. 8. Mall IMUMf Pari do i*r Crtllalon. | From e Hnnd?v dbiMtog Oaae***, May *8 1 This w*j. p.n *?t on bmi?tit by the Wg Corinthian, of the bnrtbfa of 178 ton*, *g?ii?t the American mad ateanHr PmKIc, of tbe bnrtte??J 2, .00 ton*, wita it?> engirea o( 4^0 hor.e po-er ^?ch omotci for atotU Voea oecationnd by ? cedi.toa between then la JH S)oyr.e, ?v?t five miV? "-trance to Jlhe Mer aey, akoat H P.M., ?> ^ Wh of Ja<?n%ry i Ml The brig, haV'Bt Mt ?t, George's Peek. Uv.rpfol, bound for A! goa Bey, w?* lying at aecbor between two other ve-sel*, ?n the Ch? rhire *?de of nild r ver. Ac.aorltng to n-r Tefr?tei>t*i<ons, ?b? bad a i?m? dreu *r oil lamn haig op in the foie ilijlnr, about thre* feet below tb? f*re jtird, mite clear of the ri?gin? as a? to be well *?ea by *eewi? coining i|i astern The alfH waa Bne, clear, at* Ktarl>ht, ?1 the ateaver w?? s eo nraloi{iipat ^ . '? ipoi * hen the arr v?1 w *h'n h. Illog sie w?i Joni-lv h*'l J. *??' when nto e to ?b? b'ir rhe sic -re I a (little to port, b??. t<w? i%t?, an' *?r-i.ik ^h* bri< ?>* th* .port -Ve, in oarte<iti?n:e ol . hi oh ?bi sunk it ? leg mimuU*. the H?w h*?ng cavei on bow 4 input** 111* accident to um> iUiw a*. ' * "?l loo oat. Tbe Pacfl-: ?M com<a? from V T* ? iu bar Www* ?l'?4*d th?t oo *> riving at tW , _j~J Me r. -try her speed waa reduu-d? * n??nr? a4n> JJ, afterward* pror to the cellwiaa, a* that wlea a. place aba waa not go ?n ?untnu t ?? aaet* an W bhe iept well to tbe Cheshire aiie, and wh.l* prooeeditv cp tbe river fired t ?o (uk aai thre ? up two rocket* t > Utno-e her approach. rb* ni/ot we* dark, ?ih a hw* on the water. When a boat to put bet wen th* two ve? aels to her mocricge, alio aaw ftse br>g ver j ebssarely and iaaperfectl; ; the engine* were etoppad xai rerarewd, and tbe helm put to tt?r votr J but t *e collie on oenut not than be avoided. Oath- veteel* eotawf into eon tact, a dim light was te?n on board tbe brig, in fro -it of th* fen maat, about ml < way b-tweeu teedeik and the foieyeri. tbe denied that tbe li?ht ould bi eoec in an? direction, or that it wae bur&in* brightly; on tha contrary, it was mo bunt; that it wae obecure i from any veer el* approach! tg aetern IVi u,a< win Mtim iv*<l at ?fl,000 Ise court was estfjtel by Oaptain Farran *nl Cautaia Drew. Dr. Bay ford and lb-. Twite appeared for the brig; Or. Addam* and Dr. Robinton for the e'eamer Th* Court, without hearing cjuneel lor tbe Carinthiaa, ?aid:? Tbe gentlemen by wbuai I am a'?'.atid entertain no doubt a a to the coocloeion to which th*y nut oooae. In tbat conclut on 1 ent rely namely, that the Pacific ia wholly to blame for thin collision an 1 the pilot matter and crew of tbe PatiBc are involved in tha: b'ame. I think it my f^utt to mate an obeeivttion or two in thi? est*, for which i am alone reop^nalble. Tbe flrtt question that ansee ia, whether any or not attached to the steauier. felie waa of 2 TOO toaf bur lea with two engines of 460 horse power, and waa coatn{ up the rivtr Mtriwy, which ui usually crowded with vettpl* of ever y description, botb at anchor an 1 sailing up and down it. She *aya the weather wnsdark an] hazy on the water; atlii there wai e&ongh ll<Ht, according to tbe opinion of 'he pilot, to naviga'-e with safety. That is ore o( tbe maiu averment*; another being, that if the Corinthian had no lijht at all the> cooU not see ber I* that a elate of safety in which to navigate a vessel up the river 1 I apprehend not: and when there is ri?k to life and pro ,-?rty to ail thoee eegtged o& tho?e waters, it ought not to be done Not only is tbe pilot to bUme for having brought up the ves sel under those clrcumstaucc a, but th* muter aloe must take hi* ahar* ia the liability; for I hold by Sir John Nicholl, in tbe caee of a vessel lying in the lhauie* during a fog attended with danger, when he said that it was not tbe pl?t'* business alone, but also that ot the master, to judge of tha atate of the wea ther. In this respect he ia aa competent to form a jidg meat aa the pilot. It U proved, to nay eat ire a ttief ac tion, that the Corinthian bad a light heiated, and that in a right and proper plaee A pilot produced by the ?'earner aaid that he saw a U?ht in the aort fore-rig ging, about two tbtrd* up the foremast, and that it was aa ordinary light. True it ia, that place a light where you will, wben you approach m a oertaia ouaotion it will aot show with the une brilliancy aa in others, if tbe matt intervme; batitdeeeaot follow that it may not be sufficient to enable a vestal to tee it. A proper loek out waa stationed on the steamer, but that log out did aot do iU duty. I take the fact to bs, that wnea the steamer pu>aed between the two ve**?la they did not look out ahead and see the br<g till it waa toe lute to prevent th* colliaioD. No blame attachea to the Coriathiaa; aha could not exoect that a large staamec would come dowa upon her and ran h<r down. If a limllar case should ever occur, I ahail take upon myself to hold the law to be what 1 have stated? that it li a)t competent from any urgency for a veiwrt, wbethtr car rying mailt or not, to come np a crowded river at night, which U attaaded with danger to thoee who aivLrate that river. [From tbe London Shipping Oasette, M?y SO.] Tbe decision la tbe case of the "Corinthian v. the United Statee mail steamer Pacific, "and the law laid down by tbe Admiralty Judge. as reported in our co lumns on Monday, will, we think, be admitted to be eoand. Some very extraordinary and contrary decisions have, however, been arrived at la tbe oommoo law and county courts upon the ruling of the judges. whs have in mere than one instanoe laid it cown, that intemuoh as the Admiralty regulations requite shlps^at anshor to ahow a clear, good light all round the horizon, ?uea light must be hoisted at th? mastbetd. Lawyers, it is well known, construe acts of parliament in their gram matical MBse On retening to the Admiralty regula tions it wi!l be at once seen that steam?rs hare a code o( lights? the martoead light, sbowl?g over an arc of tbe fcojlzon of twenty p iint* of the compm, viz , from rig lit ahead to two ponts aWt the be?tn: the rei and (iittn lights, H- tides t-eic^g errenifd, are to show ore* an arc of t?*n dfgites? tdat if, from r'ght ahead to two po uts tbe beam, on their re^pertlre sides: but wten at anchor, a eUkia-r ii on'y required to exhibit a common bright Hebt toe/ regulations then lay down rules (or sailing reest-U, fit.: ? A!1 ssilinr vote's at author in rosltteads are boun i to eihiMt a constant bright llnh* at ttix masthead, exe*et wittia harbcn or other oUem whnro regulations are left *11/ t-stabli?h*d, an<t the lan'en i< to be to cm itrnoted an to ihow a clear e 006 l?rbt all renal the hereon At Liverpool, it is well known every ship at encHor ia the Mersey in (barge of a pilot exhibits a M<bt, in ac cordance with tb? Huh by-luw, en , " "hat tbe pil<>*sd> ordfr a l'fibt to be kept where It etn be be.t s?co, ?o long as at anchor in pilot water, say ia river or oliaa reL" In tbe case of tbe Corinthian it wns proved that she was at anchor in charge of a pilot, and h* 1 a lantern so constructed as not to srraen the l-gut, whist wa? hu?g in the usual place-- ib*t Is "the fotarigsiog." aul not at 'he msethesd. Dr Lushingt^n's construct on of the law as to thelights when at anchor is. tserefotti, we mtin tuin, the correct oee and the law rs Ian d > *u hituerto in one or ts-o recent cases by 'he County Judge at Lit etprolbss been incorrect. StlA', as doubts will arise as to what the law real? is. and wiat it Is lot-nled te be, ltii de*ir*T>le that the Admiralty shouH ieete a notice dfilnirg tt>? meaning of ?' msstheed"? whether the maiomastbead or ro?.i ? ..ihcad v?e >uo fore jarferm would ne tVc most conspicuous place for a slip's Hglit to be p'acrd when at anehor If iteamers will run np rivers and narrow eh annefo after dark or in thick weather, they n >w know that they icvst take the consequents. The 'act ef having a pilot on board will no longer be a?m'tt?d as absolving the commander in cVarge from respiai.bil ty. TBE VERT LATEST SEWS. by tkleyihafh fbom londo* to uvmtrooi. IiOXDON, Saturday morning, Jane 2, 1815. THE BALTIC. Mkmfx, May 20. ? When the war steamer Driver was lent into the Baltic ports to serre the vessels lying there with tbe official notice of the blockade, she found amongst others, the American ship Samaet Apple ton, ef Boston, which she also served with a warning to clear ont within six days A day or two afterwards, being oat cruising, she fell in wilhthe Ap pis ton, and an officer waa sent on board to examine her papers. They were found perfectly in order, whereupon the officer demand ed to see tbe hills of lading. The American oaptaln ob jected te this, and began to make difficulties, which ex cited the suspicion of the British officer, so he insisted on their production, which was at length complied with, when It turned out that the Appleton had just landed at Baltiih port to, COO rifles and 10,000 revolvers, besides about 800 bales of eottcn, as the ostensible part of the cargo. The ship was carefully overhauled, bat nothing contraband ef war was found on board. The Appleton entered the Sound on the 15th of March, and arrived at Baitlih pott on the 12th of April. TBI c HI MIA. At an assembly of general officers summoned for the purpose, Canrobert communicated to them with a noble simplicity tbe change in the command which was about to take place, and transferred his powers to General Peliseier. Cenrobert immediately afterwards assumed the command of hi* division. The Vienna pepers publish a consular despatch from Varna, according to which the number of the allied troops landed at Kertch under General Brown was 20,000 The advance cn the Tchernaya effected on the same day was male by 36,000 men. A French private despatch, also from Varna, states that the allies ate in possession of Tcherguna, on the right bank of the river; and that two Russian batteries and several battalions, detached bom the north of 3e bestopol, wtre advancing to support the retiring fores srxa. A de*p*teli Item Madrid Mates that the Cortee have granted tb? extraordinary power* demanded by the gOT?rr meet by 124 against 40. Twj ntyflre Insurgents hare been captured at Diere mt??, and teentyflve have surrendered at Caspe. INDIA, &0. letters from Fomb.\y, dated the 3<Hh of April, atate that an important and powerful espeditioa consisting of 16,COO men, were ready to proceed to the Peraian Gulf ard ocramt-noe tbe offensive against the rihah of that Territory. Iheie are right Aeavily armed steamships, pix h trailer ones, ten iiv?r boats wall aimed, and twelv?? gnu boat*. Thin fleet will be ooma?nd?d by Roar Admiral Eir Hea>y Ueke, Commander- in-Chief of the Iad'an d?tf. llOMTART AND OOJCXIKTIAIm Tint Foftlleh fund* opened yesterday at a farther alight naotfoa; and owi -g to a pressure of sale* ooassquent ujou It* being 1he last transfer day in oonnota, sabse qvently experienced aa nddftlonal fall. A gradual reco very then took place, and the market cloeed Liat svenlog with erery appearance of reoewed ftrmneee. The decl ded Improvement In the afternoon waa attributable to tbe satisfactory aoeoonts of tbe progie** of tbe all.ed squadron in tbe Pea of Jlzoff, coupled with a report that the Grand Dnhe Oonatantine ha? r?*lgned hi* position as Grand Admiral of the Russian navy, and that the peaca party are in the aaoeidant at St. Petersburg. The piloted ocpien of the two hills on limit*) liability a&d the law of pattnarshlp, are stated to have beea withdrawn for the preeent, aeeae important alterations belrg Intended. Ihe "took of huilk>n In the Rank of Kagland shwwi am Inaieaie of ?417, CM. Mnrhtta. J.oytxn V a v k f.T, Jaee 1.? ' Two o'clock. P. If ? ' The luither favorable n t? Flv?a?e o' the s'roof K reach retconoief?t?ee on 'be rtfcfr??i?, tbe eeu??i-armt>at of a'fmp at T^orRoua across the met, the new* of 24 ee?aaj*r?cf the sillee betig (a tie Km o' As of, aa' tbi r<p' i te of ee*?l<\ srala, tees, ko , wit>- tlie ?rnr?i of V,CW) of 'bo T?t?klih coaUeai-n' bar* g'v?? (rrei , **tit f ratio* ia el yord'S Tr-ere is ?o? a steady prosper i ?( an iaraeUusat ?i K Uktiua,^ by worfcia* refc*4 towirde tfce Ml) . Tta rtnrri of i btMte la tin fl?U tie Uttrtfore ver y prat?fcu Ik? V*a1? tn aiarted by a atroager ?*p*et, and CoaaoU. after ? tern pornr# eprauttaa, lave i?91\ v2K for atMf, a?d &*.'*? lor *c"au?t. R*eu*-> H per >at* h?ve re?-*U<t to 01 ? ?1 % and tha We* S par rata , ?l % M. Hal' paet three oVlaak?The '.m?t?*e a-oi. la tu i T uudn D?.Dt>!inl up to <fce dor* of ben a??a C?a 1 Kim clt>;a< ?lth a Gtm t|))f?tUW, at f>2?< ?0 J-'S far /h**y. ..ui 0 '^ to US lor the Utl o< Jul/ it*4tic?l 3 !>??? r)<M*d at 01 ard the Mow 3 per 'VaM., #2. ^?n>v*. June 1 ? Opening ptirea.? (heaea. far ??c > ?* month, 7*' W>e. ho new*, hie if V 8rUiC? ANO CO.'B 0I*Ctfl.AU. Lnrnrooi. J no 1 i?r?5 Tbe earn train I- qu*t- At Tua<.ue> t market g?ur wae lather loa?r. V h-at real-re 1, In ?**."?<? inateaear, a alight and Indian corn monitd ?d. par quarter of tin preri ooadecHaa. To day the market was InaoMve, and only a rai'?r?? ten neaa ww rtoet ts wreat and feiian oer a whl'tt a<r? tie turn .'*<>ttr Fleur waa quite ?a^ectel (lm quo tatiaae are :? Flour, 40*. to 4C?. p*r barrel, wane wheat. 12c. to 12a 34. per 70 Iba. Mixed latiao corn. SCs to 10s Cd ; yellow, Ola. to 61*. Si , aad wtiitt. 51* Cd to 52 * per 480 Iba The weather haaturaed nold a#' in, aaj aom* accounts af lh? growing crop* are dl?fteur?K'*g Brw -AMI 1*00 tiercel bare been aald this watc, at 102a td Takirg Quality lata acrojut. thU ta aa ad vance of 2a 6d. to 6?. per tierce. Tb* oner dea t^'iooh are bow irqmred after, bat bnj?r? aa>l aeiler* are ?? far apart la thrr riewa that Bothing bai been deae. I'okk la In better demand, at Qrner prioea. Kmom.? At auction, on Ineaday, sao boxer (p\:t al'ghtlj dimagtd on the royegt of Importation) <ri r* ae tivttr compe'<cd (ot , and naaae nr/ bigh ratea, a?r. 40a to 47h. 6d for Cum^erUad cut: 4r>a to 4 Ha. M fjr 'oa<. ?at 4Va for ahort nUdlaa 20 boxe? of the laa' a?1? tOa. p>r cvt. 'tlua gave aa impetus to the trada, and la clndfn^ the al>or?. about 4,00* boxaa hare t?eo aal t tbia week, at 47a ta 1R?. for Camberlaad, 49a. far lea;, aad r>0? . for ilicrt middl'a. 1 abi).? About 1M) too* told at 49? ta 60a. p?r cnt. 1'aLLOw ia rather ftrm?r, at a rf gbt :ulraao?. Ci mtnea retln haa dtehaed to 4a Jd t a 4a. 4d. per cvt. Cotton ? The demaad during the w?t>k haa ar*' a be?n ?fry active, and prieea have furttwr advaaoed aearlf ?id. per lb The ral?-? are 162,400 halea, o' which 1 10, 970 wrre Ameiicta. The recent escltement ha* reacted favr:ably in tlaachaater, wheie there haa been more buamef* doing, at higher prico*. HOLLXMBUAS, T1TLKT A CO '? OIBCVLkR. Livkktool, Juae 1, 1866. There Is not the tlighteat abatement in tie damaad for cotton, not?lthati?ai*iag the napracedeatad amouat of buatneu la the preoedlag weci ; aad ttiit soacladsa the alxth week with aalea of apwarda of aae huadrad thonMJxl bait a in eack, aad the thtrteeath a aoe the rtaction commenced, 1a which period tha aalea have aieouatol to 1,263,020 balea? 72'i,000 heln( for coa anmptioa, 56,780 for export, aad 486,010 taken by ape. culator?? ho'I Irom the loweet point, prloee of American have advanced oae penny half penny (l)*d) per lb The drmand in the early part of the ween waa p'i/ic. pally from apeculatorp, (th? trade, however, parchaelng to ? fair exiect,) and toe great attaaalua to the market waa given on Vcndey, by the Aminoan accounts ahawing dimiaiahed r*c*lpfa again, aad enhanced prieea. Spta aera have been >ree buyer* the laat two dayn, but more part'cnlaiiy jeeterlay, atlmulated la some measure by an improvement ia tha Mtacbenter marirt, and tha coBMquence of ail (his buaiaeaa la ? canaldarable H?* tn prieea? greater thaa ia any piarleua week? our quotv t.oaa for Americea deaoripuont, It will he aeea, oeiag acvanre<1 fully >4d. per lb There haa been a good demand for Braxtfs, and prieea are about <{d. per lb. dearer. In Kgyptiaaa, also, the ealta have been extensive; but aa toey are freely offered, tha adraace ia prioe ia not very important, al thoogh It amounta to nearly J,'d. per lb The demand for So rati baa been very exteni'.ve, aad the atock being maierate aad the quaatity an the way ?miiUiortbe time at tha year, pr cea aave improved coaatdeeRb^r, and we advance tha quotations more than ,^d. per lb 70,4l?O baVi American, 1,200 Pernam, 200 Babla, 401 Varanham, 9tf> Igytijia, and 13,600 fura*:, hare been taken on opecola'ion and far export, vnd &6,fx>0 twl?e by the traie. The actual expirt canaiata of 6,860 .ktna rican, 410 Braiil, 6w , ana 1,200 Laat ladia-ia ail, 8 4CC be>R i?V!Si "K" amount to 20,0(10 btlea, #f which 1 are taLrn ?n tpsculatjon tad for export. Ba Klf 0 BKi/THLB-i A C?>.'8 U1RCIJL4S. The colonic and j^S2r?S2"i ?& ??&!?% A: a 01! Ml AlDOTlOttB (JiUb)OOBri 76? a "fa ' fti AB*Tlc.*n*,7lf*.7eg. i!>t.l ' '?"? a ,RfL W sk as w5 ?' It. 0, a State ft inaor p o(f, fad kt 84 fnr t'rnla iim nt Nsw n,iu.a E2w M 'ftf PM Cfn k 81 r- *?*???? f.Url.D? 6^" rents, im a t?.t. Mt>3i*cbnj. tu *terlia<r ft nor a?atif *r? at j,?r Virginia *t?.riim> 6 per c*nu 86 a H f iJi Bfcr"* 7 *al?road e per emm', 01 a v2 ' p* Central ^percent fttTW "T* ? " 5?JSi dol krPS.fc? ; .1 2L M,chJ?:n Antral R p.rMl| iw??> w-t #, ' , T and Kn^ 'hoover ti bin of Ml fcl UnuJaOper rtota, 118 a lt?U ' ? puUI# "U,M t? wp*t Stock ?lurat. 174 ???" a OA* JI?' vfJflriTj ^naumeST and ?*port?<J itbia 3 ?imn ?.?? ?"<"? >??t I M^n'rt h il? U i 6*'??*d < bat aereral p. rod. o! tbe lat? ?fff.?!?* b*** brought forworn, a decline of a'xta: Bfeaw.arw^swa I Connas without change ? Tough cake and til* ?12fl Comv0^ ?w; ? ?_V . . . mor* fw*'r offered thia (ML taa Hm v i P-antaUon Ceylon comprising 1 179 0%ak* nr^.^V"* T' WhiCh Ch?.fl7l2d at .tildr Id '"C mi k ? ' ^ a r?K i' V*1? wer* "k? ^ at 48* i a __f> cajka, 760 bags Jamaten were realized from 47* wLl0. iW7 toe?*' ,tr mlddllof Or 166 package* n4/^hw.?P fci * . portion aold at 74a. for middling ?45baf?B*hlawe?tfrom40i.?4l?. 6d. for orj.aarr to 0f ?2'935 ht*' **niot< "<J l,M0 ba? ???' 23? ^ "? portion vii dlaposod of at 49a for fine ordinary of the former, asd from 37*. a 4Ca for or Uloaij to good ordinal/ of the latter. Cork ?Ike ocrn market waa without animation on It: V"1 ? t* ,Uppl7 of wheat only partly fo^cl.h^iL*ifV?!5 !???? <,edln" ">? arrivals of foreUn wiiuat and K*gl>fh flour w*r? larra. I^nt west's JKW* quc'fticn '?* Knalish woeat waa 76a lOd on 110j,7? .,nartw* wtnr??3. To dar thtre waa a flrmer ' tone ia Use market, with .?ome iofi-ilrr for nxnort to France We quote white American w??at 80*. n 86a - r?d 74*^80*. per liu,rur. American flonr, 4<,* a 44.'.^ COTTCX ? Demand continue* active, the ralea for ?K? K,-?00 ? afuitoer adv^fle of ?d. per lb At I Ivtrpno! the baa'seaa ha* been a?l> OrieaM^'Vi^ ^*'?<1 J'Nterday'eqaoUMon for mldaling SS--?W P?r lb. eal?I tor the week 162,000 DKrofi, &r ? The public saloi hare bMa#iUnniM vma J 4^m?*P *0Q nf th6i g0C<^ ca'r9* were toig&i In. 6^ 1 r SI"*' ?'V h\U M,Id- M '?????, 4>{<J a ' ^ b**" ??'om?-o rort from 14*. to 23*. 65 ** ssaarj im 1 V"5""' K?' c;i at JVereburr e!e.n jM6, oomi aotbinf doing fair current qual lr it | worth abiut ?38. Jute flat. 2,R7o b*I?* were offcr/l *t auction, hut enly a aroall portion *ol>t from X10 10* a ?18 frr, ordinary to fair quality. * lNCloo. ? Ttere ronHonr* a molerate huflneea *1 ?b^nt the prieea of the lfa, 8U?k thto ?? %0 ! ' 8frtm* 2*>48^ eh??t* I?et year. Doliv'*rIe? chei>?* againat If, 267 * ' JROw ? Tbe (?tmtnti baa improrefl, and the a cot* tin., to-c ny fOT rail* la ?6 lie. a ?f ? har? , ?7 f re. on botr^n Wale*. Stkllor J.bire I* a|i>o 4m?! feitS Sl? Sil2 tCuZ\?.^ 7f|LW,J0r outu^n on th? Clyte ,D ,?3n?*^ for thla wee* for ho-ue y^n;'i,:,*u.wsr.s' ^ J?"? Si? 7rh*7T bf#n 1,1 lnor* dM*a?4. New York jn bbla f ^11 10i; UcntoD, ia bi|R, ?11 La ? Waw fir l<?Da?nca^B, ?10a Xio'o ^ ' *um.,Now Or 0%? "L u'h CmBmo" P'/f ln M" ; ?24. -?e *' 4 'V* '? qootatioua R*pe tract. ^ ?Jr llSJj ?* n contlnuee very Hnnted, and con . , Hown ba'e bef-n fettled at 64*.; p floed on i 'u i t a;1 %t 68#- 1 ha* leoorer *"k' ?Bd M#- u *ow the price on to* ?pot, at which rrma uunatat? h h*mn tAk*n #? "ki ^?uJeVn P f. n?? B? 'torn S Ha. to 40*. ljsr?4% ;: Meto?*i& ' 42, i 0l,V'' *iUM; C"1 I iRD quiet; Wee tern, 'in kega, ft?*. In Mou>sbi we have notblnr to toport. 1 Mi ^ *t>?^ *t worn* a"rnoc? la prieee? 100 punrbeon* I emarara *ola at 2*. tV. p?r prool ra Ion ? j.1" -0>"'^r>bl, buanna ua, bik^ho^ I ome < ooaumpt'on and export. Abo a 6f.O too* 'fen/al ttlSdliU' ,0l<! *tl4? ? "? W. for good O t it is ,*<' *bont <,*<*> bag* on the flK-t at IS*, id for m?!ri ing to 16*. for cood white tJ 1 '* flrnsi "o*1 hu?'nn? ba* been dona at 27a, W fcr 7X to 8 pr> cent w racttoo, belr.g an adrnneeof q-Stii: rT^Vok'v:r:xi^^ad iV^3f4iK?~'^^ -"? &? % (?lo??r? l ao b'nB aooH tin-craped Oallcut partly M- a ? , Oaeaia L fnei-410 boxe* wl? ? air flfjt frr.m 126p a 128^ Boon wrnni ioj . ? 125*.. aod third f|oatitj Woiie o?pp?r dull< beg* tligipere partly nld froa 6J^d. a 7 Wd. iilack ?? 0 bep? Borneo aind bro'i *ht 4 Vd. fro/ a ?Tbe naarket i* Arm. a?d the Iw quantity ottering at auctien ha* nearU all tM-?w taVm off atateadr & fEi'w. il j ?f *"* ,t"'U tr* l'm hh '? ; and o' bJ,Ui) bag* Maoritiua and Kaat la 1 a in p?ibt|i eela. tin pr?a i ?r pert haa fcunil btiyera 4,660 bar- 1'eraamSu jj. rf oM mjort, biooKbt from ,W* a S4* ar middling to flno brown; MOO hag* oneUr.d Waetla w^re h^ld f r ^ '-J 4r,? caelr*. 14S oarrel* < aba maetovado, and 2 0 Im.s*? eltyed, aold readt y , tbe for<nar from 82* for l IT broan to o8a. ff? ftterroery, a*. I the latter from 2,? ?2f- In bord, for Flomfee. A c?i*o ?' 6 000 kt/i bt"?n F>Tpeaibu--o h*? nmo aold for the United Klnr t< m, Ue price ol *htcb baa not tranej lr?d la fl<mtiaur Ckraoee of H*v*ra, we have oo *a ee u> reajrt; h?id?r* gn ?r*! y lot h r# for bicker prtoa 1 aim w it lit r. at M-. rid. for V. C. oa the spot, and ! ft* fd. f<* lh? ?nd of tbe year Tm ? Tbrre la re rh*ff?? to notice, aad little dnlnr Cc n toi e Cor-goo 0)4'c p?-r lb iiT'" < ?"??<'?> Mti<l? 111* baia Hi* , refln?4 ? 4?, H-raif ICa, Penra UVe , 1ftMI<?arMnn??i bae M?a mid front SS*eS: ? Am* ? ,i>ln,, ?fl8^4 * FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. lOfIT KlBKITi Wk?nm?4T, June 13-6 P. ?. Then? fm b my ? t re and a vw- bucyar.t m?r kn ttri* rno-i T,* at the first bwar4. Vbt sales of I al the leading atocko were uiiusn ally tarre, all \X an advance oa I e olo?U>g prices of yaaterday. State stccte, lailroid bo^da, bink *t?;k?, mlroad , btocls, wwe is active demand, bat I he oorotaaea we'e prltripally en time. Illinois Ceura- Cm ; ?trac4icn boeda told to ike extent ef 980 000, and ! the free fat d bonds to the extent of $60,000. Taeae loige tml*-*, at aucta aa advance oa previous prices, tbm tbfct confluence la the isrettmet.t Is raoid'y i< cie?sti g. The purcbtaes of tntae secar tt?a writ pihie'pa'ly f't cssn. About toe a tail ranety n t State blocks were oa the Market. All were aoare at bettopritos. Kn!road atooka oommand the most attention. line, H>>rlcm aai Reading were the favorites today. The repotted decrease in th* receipt!) of Efie appears to hire ao depress ing ttfluence upon prioea, ar effect npon fie ccnfldft.ce of tur chasers. Reading is oa th? upward t ack a^ata. A ?nut Blx thousand ukases were sad at the first board today. One lot cf three 'hi uaajid shares was aold a*, 92 oer coat, bojerteree day*. The report aboat aatockdirl 0?lo by this o ?mpany la July is without foundation. 8 ock diridt nd* o<va oa y be docla ed by the Read teg Railroad Company by coast nt of the stockhold ers, and the rets upon the qaeatioa oaa only be taken at the annual meeting in January of each j ear. It will therefore be teen that no stock divi dend can be declared in Ju'y. Whatever dividend may be declared at that time ant be pa'd in ouh. Cumber' and was in demand to-day at high pri es. Cantos Company and Nicaragua Transit do not seem to partake of the general upward movents t There baa been no speculative action in either fur maty mcmtts. Wester a railroad stocks are tm picrkg, net only apt n large receipts thus far re alized, but upon their prospective earnings. It is tbe i re railing opinion that the earalnga of all the leaditg railroad lines of the West will exoeed ssytbtag ever anticipated by thsir originators. Tie stocks of the most prominent companies hare tcucbed, or are rapidly approaching par, and many thick s?me of them will sell at par, dividend aft The prospect is, indeed, flittering ; but all defends npon tbe growing crop*. If our harvests are abun dint, we shall realize all that can be reasonably de tired. Compared with prices curreit at the close yester day there bas been an advance in Inditna o's of i per cent; Yi'gtoia 6's, 4; Louisiana 6'?, 1; Ilia fori 6's, i; Erie Brads, 1875, ]; Cleveland and Tried# divider dboidi.i; Ll nois Ceatral Bocd-s U; Illinois Free Land, 24; Cumberland Coal, J; N. Y. Central Railroad, 1; Chi ago and R'ck Io'and Rtil rosd, i; Erie, 1; Harlem, $; Reading Rtilroad, li nijcei# Central Railroad, I; Galena and Chicago, C'ereJand and Toledo, 1. After tbe adjournment of tha b ?rd, the following sales of bonfs aad stocks vc:e mads at auolion by A. H. Muller 100 skires Butchers' sad Droveri' Bsnk 121 ICO do. Tbfo iBink 115*,' a lib fO do Ctir?ns' Hsok 107}^ CO do. Foweiy Bsnk 100 ??? Albert H. Nic !a>'s regular semi ireekly aao'lu esle of eiocks and bot da will t&Ve place to m in w (Hut'day), at 12| o'c look, at the Merchants' Et ohufit. At the k cocd boaid,pde? we*e wall maistn'oed Ib b< W ju?tiiicM, a slight advance vie reaUzel' Itoiuo 5'a imptvert 4 per c-nt; ari 6's. ?; ?iit Bob?'p, 1875, j; Ca Cigo aal Rjck lulaad R?U. read, 4; Htalem, 4. Tie st arc*hip Pacific, from this port for Liver {ool to-day, cartitd out $1,G75 C59 09 a i-pecle. Tfct tiHLDbOli tin at the Aa iatant Trta.a.ei'j tf, wore ea follows : ? Paid cb Trfwury ecronnt 14 l>c?iT?e on 1 re^suyj account 61,142 48 OB Trranxrj acsount 2,44\7Ul 61 lilt it'JtuSkevT l? lhe war ants entered at fie rretsury Depart ment, Washington, on tbe lluinat., were as fol lows:? For the Treasury Depart Bent $4,550 70 r variant* received aao entered 17,677 ?8 War repay warrants reoe<r*d and entered.... 17 677 38 Fcr the Intrricr I'apartrasnt 24,fif>7 15 tVrerfd into the treasury frooi customs ... 19,1)2 120 Coveting Into tfca treasury from mil. tourcea. 8,074 3d Tie Penmjlvarla Railroad Cjmpiay earned 1325,711 94 in the month of Kay, against $207,137 35 for the s*me month last year, showing an in crease of 128,574 ?9. The official statement of the thirty-seven banks is Boston, for tbo week ending Jane 11, exhibits the following results, compared with the statement of the previous week:? Bj.nks or Bo.sto.v. June 4. June 11. Capital Btr?k....t?2,710,000 $32, 710,000 tJnchsog*}. I-otnsaDd disc.. 61 !?92,0&3 62,113.211 Inc. .fWl, 168 Specie in bank., a, 376,363 3,409,181 << 83,92jL I'uo from other V bs&ke 8,006,670 8,821,431 " 614 881 Duet0 bks. 6, (>56,304 6,165,381 " 99 08 ) I?f positi 14,783 032 11,164 136 " 360 193 Otrcutatian 7,113,978 7,695 797 " 487 917 Bj the arrival of tbe steamship at this jcrt from Liverpool we have seven d lys later in telligence from all parts of Europe, Aata and Af- | ilea. The political advices are interesting and im portant. Cc maw daily and financially the ac counts aw favorable and satiafactor>. Qiotations for cotton show an advance, and tae ape :a'aUve 1 movement continned aotive and vigorous, rue ad vance linoe tbe previous steamer amounted to one hafefa penny per ponsd. At the oiaatthe teo dercy was upward. Bieadsiuffs remaiu about the same as previousiy quoted. The markets generally were in a healthy state. In money malt ra there bad been no material change. Bullion in tbe Bit k of Engiacd had increased. Consols had ad vanced about 1 per cert Rates of iatoreet ruled coEdduiablv te.o v the bank standard. In regard to American stacks tbe dr.ular of 0 P. Sa terthwatte saxs The Muii oauses which have, daring the past wsek ?tJK>ulated purehasssoi consols sn<i Eojllsb railway stocks at as adrsnca of 2 to ;? per c-ent have st langt h pro<*uciv. an (Sect up< n Acacricuo, toe maritt for which is decidrdlj batter, t <<r the moot carrant des-.iiptlona of railroad bord.- tbeie Is an active demsno, st sn adTsacs of 1 to " per s" u , sn 1 mj lew Artt das botd? sre i.fT< rirf lhe favorable program making; in the lata ot lanes beknfr bk to the Illinois Central Om pscy tins irduced mas y purcbaaas of tner? bonda to be D.a' f, both ronntrnrtlf b and iff land; tus former h?ve tonchrd 7*> lViiDsjlrania 6 p?r cents sre much wanfed, sad 01 w.ald to fiselj paid Krle 1883 are bajt r?H at 8S. trie siaklBg funds bate hafad<ne at 81. l or States stocks the demand ia inanttra. Virstnta A par coots are oOrred at #7 * . Orrat W.-trrn of Canada share* are firm at 21 )i. lhe umsul for this company's bonds still lit wr?. 0. BW1, Sen A Co. repcrt that a muk?d improwm^nt ban token place in tbe ma-ket for Americas auricles, and (Cat there hits been an active biiAlPtss d< is* in them at advaroed prioee. lhe chief tm factions In railway bonds have be*n irit .e Patania seven per coat sterling b>nde, of which tbez* have b>en large purchases; ?lso in Pencaylvania Central, Lhnois Central, and New Tck and Ene bovda, tor wnish there is still ? goed tatand. Birisg's ci cuUr saya?? Purl?* ure in some Instenees rjmer, with ra^-re bnsi n??s doing, iha isqniry cbl-lly confited to railroad Nsfs. I sited Ptatex 0 ptr caot? eontione no?iaal at f<rir ?r quotation*. There asa hofsia of Peaon/lranla Sta*e t f?t r*vt+ at ** for Intcripttuos, and at 84 for frosts; a'sr. of New Orleans Oersolidated fl p?r cents at i'i llsr>la?d sterling 6 pan cents 92 a 03 Msssscis s?1ts st?rlir>g ft pT cents, bnyers at mr Vlrciai* a ?r llBf r> pet rents M a 87, nominal Peon?jt*ana rail rc>ad ft ;er ? ntfl a VI. lioami 7 per s?* 1 ^ (1st mtit gfge) 1>2 eiiU? Illuofs Qartral 7 per ceat 68 a TO M cl'lgsv Central 8 par do I las 98 a 00 N>tYv,i and ?neC<BTsrtibla, of 1M2, 81. Uanaia 6 per cmU lit a 1M*. T1>? lest retnmsct the Bask of Eog'and.oom pand with tfcoee of tbe previous week, ahiw an btevrsse ol ?l,83<,?8? in tlie pubi c doposlls; of X1.FC7 in tte nat; ct ?1 187^99 in the govsremeot s< ourltles; of ?439,760 ic the not a unemployed, snd of ?417 COS in the s*o< k of hallloa In ooti de (tr'VKnts. In the priva'e deposits there (s 1 de ettise of ?2i>ft,4f>'>; in ibe private vcoofitUs 0* ?139 349, and In tbe notes in circnUtion of ?2.5(1,251. The I/wftw Time, of 14e 1st last., aaya; - 1U S**r? of Trada rttcr.. for th* ?* >Cth c* %j*?, wee* tamed tbi* a? 1?| #kp.rt? ?*t *'?CU?J i Moll*, tfc* d*rl?rM vain* ? % uafd t on* ? ?? ' ucr**f of ?.">.'0,679, w rhl, (a ?bo?e et a boot the ran?p>riAi *f lutftir oaarao brv"?r-7 bM t*B eh'?*Hy ta goodaof th*. ttr? ter at >aa o.aWrial, Mich ?? ail tai iwU a?i th* o oiling Hc<n wtn4, ecd atlk, en* eofiHaiMtif t ^ etu? Mi ik proud feeling iuu?< the (int'iMtol 4 oiti?r 'uit no u Miukcttrw*. iitifr then m; pwjhfc. la- oo t(H< ?id?. Cotton nnau't:*aiM (ihIM ? ?<ad total hut bh^rd*>h'ry, hardware*, eadal-ry, ? *<fale, tus , still i ho? th* aW*r? al rerirtl la th* ti ? o? the to od>? mmJ the Tatted Stttee Ifce acxtiuot* o the trad# af the manufacturing 44a- 1 trice* fcHeg tb. p*?t w?l k ahow aa <aipr?*om*at eoa ?Kjo4-nt oj,cn tbr bur>>?rry of th? fund*, tbe mil* fa Wi-M* t>r *9i**c of tr-f barreet. ant the boHof -bat tb? ?KrtJr? upc. ruittlfn 0! the VWua ca'ereniee will h?a<*r?rtb be Oi*cnid?d. At Maurbeiter there hu beoa ?a :ama>ed ho;?a;p?B, although in tbe pncM obtained n ?(JU'sctortlt flad it tn|.i?i .i* to keep pan* with the rjecuUtiie acvaooa at Uvrrpoot, where th* oottoa tratf action* of th* wetb barn he -a of aa unpr?ce teated ex'*nt A* they neorly hold good ?*>ekso( th* .aw ! m?l<-il*2. borohaeed at rate* beiuw tbooe no* current, th?j c?u however, nOori to wait for a gradual realii*. tloi of Ue lull rlM Cb* Blrmlognaa* rwport ?<*lt M?rnl? a teadesey ta gtea'er ?toadioeaa ia tHe iroa \ ?r??*e, altrihu eb'e to dlmtaieheo prodCction anl to the | m*rhr t bavirg by eooae Of tb* re ent fall u tea been par I ? tally ??ii*?ed <r m the operatiaa* of Orma aba. harta< . do yt< t?i tj or tbeir own, vert* reck ?*** ia nacrilMeK that of iherr debitor*. Not?ltb?taadiof tba redaetlaa la th? Di ai'er o* 'uraac*? at vrtk, tba prio* of oaala aaaia ta'ofu ?ltb ?r'raordloN'y S<aMM. but inpociaat rue* fureti are ia propre>? to opea new flelda and ta ectaad th. fjc'htiea of cautl *r?ua t. With r*r?rd ta th* rwt *tt> p? 3<u o*. it <? atataii that tb* liabilitiaa of Keaar*. l;*?i??, of ?>*tbtotn?icb, an little abort of ?2' 0 OOO, and that their ???et* do aot promla* a furor* ^le llquda t on The e*t?t4l*bnieat of kteavr* Tor k Soa, *f S?ba, la ag-alo open, 1h* altiira of tb* firm being carriel oa v.tder fn-pettion. No frvoh atop?ag?a of any import ation have b*ea nnoouaoftd, but the diatrutt already caui-ed ccatlnuee to be aggravatod by falao rumora. At Motiinebani bu*ii*<* ha* bcea limit*!, but on tb* whole a more ootttdeat feeling prevail*, which U aaaiat ed V \ * (pectationa of aa appioachioK recover? ia th* ?n-rleta of AnittraUa and Americ". la the woollen d a trloH alao, tba ton* ia healthy, and in tb* Iiiah lloea marketa th*i* ia a favorable toadency. Witk reapert ta the appearaac* of tbe grain cropti, th* ?tatement? fr?ra the Tariona oooatlra ol Kaalaad are oo th* whole aatia fac'ory, tbeir aood geooral appearance making up (or ?craa'rnal eigaa of deficiency on light land*, aad from Inland the report* are especially encouraging 83 5? 83?; 68 89 Of 4 96 Si ?XOOfO tad SUU ?'>'?. WO do 151X0 i ?... 1000CU 7'a '70.... *C0 do It 000 Twin OVOOa;: uow> do 2000 V* O'a 1U0M 11U0 do S3 100 UOO N&rtjioa fl'a Q0% 11600 I.otiiMtvna 6'a 03 80C0 Hflaoui. 6'$.. 06 ino Erie C Bda'71 834 1000 co 83, to 00 El if B?a '83.. 9GS 8000 Erlx BdR '76 . 80 4 62b CtofcTel D IWj HOW 1 00O Hud Rirft M B 103 M1C0 Ilua K 2r m B 72 ?01 OMal VOofhU8 JOOo IU Co hit lid Stock Hxrhuig*. Weioir*!*}-, Jua? 13, 185.V 834 100 aba CaaaCICo.olO -.0 200 do 8*0 30 100 do b8? 304 100 do b60 SOtt 10 NTOeoRR 94 to 80 60 160 100 100 do b3 do a3 fa a 60 do s3 do a39 do 120 Cbi&RoiVMdRIt 6 Mirhigaa Caa RR 600 &.? RR 204 0 r.oco 22- < 0 J i.OO two 1?CC0 M-fvO 1IO0C 16 00 <?0. to. Oo do. bfO 7 do do. ? , . bfift do ... . bCO ta.. 1>G0 14o<>0 NYOnKRMa 1001 0 111 Fr>-?B(!a a3 SflCOO do... 2/f(rfl '?... toe NVCfD 7 'a 10 fb? Bank N Y.. 42 ?? rr Pan" ?( Ochd JlUijc ? i?b/?) & L rtk H CcfurciiH 'h Bk . CO G lit.ld M. 3' 0 Cat. ?ou < ? "Ob M; Trtb C ?. .b:.0 tO ro ?3 .''CO Cum fion Co. 904 80 V 80 ? ?<\\ 81 81V 61 yt Bl 4 81 4 SI 4 8i\ o-> 77 77,4 8 101 12ft 136 bl) 1?9 09 ?? tC4 ip\ S?K 2?? SUX 29X CO 30 31 ao? !>'0 90J 860 600 100 100 CM 200 ICO do.. do. cio do , do blO ..WO .bfid a 30 ..*3 . . b7 do. do. do do. 400 lUrlem RR. 2"0 do. 100 do... ICO do...., 100 do... H? do ... .?1 ?a3 ,?3? . b30 . b30 . ,?3 .b"9 .bSO 300 RfaJiniRR....?3 &0<) do a30 9i * 10# do a >0 lfO do b:JU SbO ,'o bio 300 do >3 *000 do bi lo? do 100 do a30 1<0 do ?00 4f'0 do 400 do brW 100 to *15 30 MicV.Pit^IiRR... 10 .UiabSJiNi* . 60 PaukmkRR..ailt> 102 M <io W}? 10< lila Oa RU 97 bOGaUC'h' UK. . I01VC 10" CUrt-r.r.d <?o RR 8P> 21 Clev?,C&CaRR.. 108 2t>0 no bi> 2; 0 in 100 oo ?t0 3<0 do WO 1*0 Oo bl5 M 0 do ?3 300 do blft BKCObO BOARJV $'.(f 0 lad State t 'a . M 170 *b* Erin UR. l&OOO do bOO 84 4 lWi do...., :?0<OVitg.t)t 100 40O do.... Wit Mihtourib'r... do.... 4c 0 Krta Bo? '7^.. IPO do.... 04.?i 91 91 % 9 4 4 04 ?; 9*X 93 96 49Jtf 49* 49 49 40 49 4 49 4tn, 49,V 4?i? 28 28 *? 28 28^ 88 X 014 914 ?1?4 93 9.' 02 92 92 91,4 914 8lg 02 nx 101 10> ,b!0 . . !>3 BtO 11) Ceo ?R Us a 2T.H0 Oo . . . . bOO Ifc500 do KMU'O ID VrM, I'd* ? S imiu no . . . omi 3(.(0BudR3ri 11 Bda to (.hn N T t?<.b60 2< 0 < u Bit) c?ai C bCO )?AMYOn HR...a S 200 d? a( 0 6 0 do b3 260 RR *60 b3U 494 4i?4 494 4^4 404 9'J4 50 Chie fc K la RR.. R14 \0?< HArl m Krt 28^ bis 000 do b30 28? " V| \vo w.v ; : : 72 100 III Om RR 97 10X 70 Gal k Cuie RR.a? 102 :o 26 do . . 030 1024 91. V l2f, Clar It Tol KR. ... 8'i 044 26 da b'<8 80,4 04,^ I'M da bJO 8dW 49 OOUleb Oaa RR.... 97 CITY TRAOB RKPORT Wkvmmdat, June 13 -6 P. If. A?m< ? V bout GO bbl* ware koU, Iq:1u Jin* ;?otn, at 1! 87 a $t> and p??rl? at 10 a $6 25, Buxat.mi fiu ? Hour ? Ibe market for common grades *m about 12?*e oer barrel lower. Tbs ealeit foo<ed up abcut7,it0 af.Cx O bbl*., including common to good cbr.lre M>t? at $9 a $9 60; ani extra do. oooimja to Taacj we*tern do , at $9 37 a $10 25. Canalian (1.300 bbl*") soid at lib a $10 Southern was doll i>ales ot COO bblt , at $11 a $11 60 for inferior to cboico: and $11 06 a $12 60 for fancy and oxir* Wheat lull. 1,000 butfeela wbite Canadian sold at $2 47 a $2 60. Tbera wn.? to Gtne?ee In markat. Corn ? The *tl?* inelu<lod 70,1 (0 a 80, 01 0 bunbeli, chiefly weetorn mixed, at 99s. a SI C?, tmbrKcing pare*)* for shipment. a* $1 01 a $1 03. (iocd whtu ano j< Ucw went ?o?roe and hold at hWher tiguiei-. 10,i IK b jtbfrl* found mixed, for shlppiog. eotd, Ui *irive to morrow, at $1 02 Oats were in fool aap pW, with falta at do. a 70c , which was 2 eenta lower. b\* *** fcelo at $1 SO Co>tb*.~ fbe market was mora active, with uln of about 3,Ko tog*, at 10c. a 1 Oftc. ; aad 600 do. lAguja ra. at 1( *40 a lie. Cotton ? Thejorefg? mm imparted greater activity n ri brniMia to tba market, and th? aaU* reached from f ,(.<K a 7. 0(0 bale* at tba full advanoe of %o. per lb. FRM<;irM.? kor Liverpool, 10,000 a of earn were crgageo in bulk, at 3d., and 5 OCO do went engaged ia *ti<p'* bag* atS.'id ; afterwaroa, Sd. in baga was de catfed all mono, and 250 hale* of compr**** i cotton *?r* at 4* ger bale, ano 150 toes fustio at 7a. 6d. bate* to the Continent were dull and eogaxecn*nt? light lo Oili'crnta rate* ratiged from o0c. a 36c. per trot, measurement. Ha v. ? 4C0 a 600 ba.le? war* sold for shipment at $1 a *1 if. Iron continued firm for Scotch pig, wit'a llmitei 1 ale*. I kaIi ? Tba market wa* active and lira. Sale* of 1 <h (> pigs Ualetta ware made at $0 3i>* per lf-Q lb*. Ioowood ? 10*. ton* St. DomiDgo were aold at private trim*. NataiPtobip.? 260 bWa. No. 1 fine roi'n sold at $2 75. f jurii* w? re firm *t j<*4*rday'a pTtroa. Pho visions ? Fcrk wu* finuer with eoles of about 800 l>bl?., ine'DCiifj riii irrss at $ 7 0f.?? a $17 12, and ne ? do at *17 76 and $14 87 a $16 .'or ixw prlmo, chiefly at the latter figure Beef ronticued Qrm, with *a!e? of aroat ;00 bM* , at $9 a $9 76 for country prime, am $10 60 a $12 60 'or country me*a. Vermont wa* at $14 and reported Weetem at $16 26 a $16. cut moats weraflrm. with cale* of 260 a 300 peeka*>*, including ahouidor* at "fie a 1*ie., *no hams a P',c. a 10\o. Bason? 2t0 l?i*e* Ctiir rer'and cot mMdlee *old at 9??a. lard wa< quite active fl-m, with lalea of a) out J, 200 bbla . at 1< >,c. a l( \c Butter and cheeM woie without changa to notiea in qnotat.t.Ba. Ricx ?50 caek * were eold at Ac. a 0J?'c. CrOAits ? Tfcc *nlf**mbrae*d avout .">00 hhd*. CuSa ifofcovado. at ( ^e a O^e., and 20O do N?w Orloana at Cc. Tali?w wai nominal at 19c. IVbuskbt. ? 1 he *ale* embraced about .VO bbU. Rtato and <>bio, at 36^'c. a Sic., with *maU *ak* of Otiio, at 34*^0. iJomeMtc Blafk?t. Niw Bn?oiir> Oil Marxit, Juoe II? Pp'rm rem tin* Gim. with a fair < errand. HaJac for tba veek amoant to 760 bbi*. at $1 80 Whale? Us lotioe a foxiber .vl vanee in wbale, which la al?o In good demand Toe *ti nr*cticn>< inoinda aale* of t4t b >??. at "2^c., anl 1,640 co at a pnt a not traofplfo? a part of which, bo?rvei, ia un^fratcod at about the an re qaota'.ion Wbalebore? P?>lea for the week. U,C'00 lha Ochotak at 46c., 6,100 co. North Woet at a pn* ait tr?n*pirod. SHIPPINO. For savannah and n.oRibA -uniteo stit*s trail liae ? The Deirand elo.aat tteanaUp ACUO^ TA, I t apt. Itim ?- 1 joe, will l*a*e N?? ? oik lor Sxanaab. on | hamrday, Jaoe 16. truin pier No. ? Nr-rtn river at 4 o'clock j I' M |.*V* of ladi>4 tUatd ?'a b aril for frxigut ap^y ' oa hoard o* for na#?a*e to BAMI< L MlTwill M* IS Rraad way. Far H rHa, threoib ticket* feoia Now Y'.ra to Ja?k I aenvill* Sill; Pttatka. $33 T?e Alabat>a Geo. R. Sebonck, will tucceed, aa4 leave oa Wvxino?day, Juaa 39. IPbR ClIARI EHTON A*I? Fl.ORF DA-SMI WRECLT i JT firlttd ttate* Hail l.lae.? Tba tit, *?laadid aad taat >?!b* Meeirer ?4#liVILll. M Berry, cn.nm*n<i -r. wit ' le??o pier ^e. 4, N h , ea Paturtar, Jaae Id at ( o'clock I |? M. treeinaly Fo? fr^ipft, at pi) oa beard, whar* a I 1 M"? e' ladirg *UI V* *lti>rd. ?n.l far (atnaa*. at tba "floe I of M ok'ri hD, TILtBTi'N * Co., ?V It?o?idwB- Tbr -luh ' ticket* lo ilorida a* fellewe:? ' te JenkennviM* $$1; (n 11. . laika t.a Tt * Moatharxer will laseeal ao4 leave on A' ad- ^ aeeday, Jnne -JO. US. NAIT< STEAKfllir COUP ANY.? FOR HAVAITA ? i?ad Mw Otleaoe ? oa Mcbday, JareJH. atg |>. H from pier feot of Warren *?ra t. ^erth rear tba well kroai. *?d faverite M?amthip CVRSCRM CITY, Captain Jolt tfcCrwen. Havirg laen thoreu.bly ovW-?.,i?d .,,4 l*il Ir At*? el*>* *iadi<i"a. will re??ree her plaee la 'be li*? ?1 d Kit *e ahov* I'kf ate eaa be eiirt-t a? lha *on|>*?>'* tifioe freight tC New Orftan* ,%l e**t* fer o'l^ile fo*1! I ll.lrpera vlit * e"pi>ltrd ?|?b -lark Mlu ?r lMin( <?' ?he ? (i rirn ?oej ??d be 'ha cotntxiny, en ?pp ie*?l?n ?? tbeie at Bee. t e o'hrf >-l*eed. and ae aiim o1' l"l r* ?i" ha a ?ee tba boat ef *ailln(. fnr tealabl or r ???.!*?, I 8 ?To'ssmm." 1 FOt I.I TEBPOOL^-U. S M aIL STf ANHH f 1 4TtAJT UC.Jaa. Weot. CmmhIw -TUi iImuUi *14 M F?rl ?||\ the United State* ??111 br IntM M4Unlf Wodneeoty, JiM V, at H ?'?lock M.. rmVn berth M ?S foot of Ciul iwt far 'nlikl or p ????<*, kttlai mm oqeelled ?c nrDD,<vd?U?S4 f?r ? le.ance ItJ NBftrt, tMlf to EDWaKD K CiikDNll M WaU airoot. ruHiiori i# requoeiod U ?e aa board jt U% A M. The BaI/MO ?M ejeoord the Atlautic tod ??<) Jti'j II Silpptrt wUI itMM toko ao<iee thai the ohipe of tale line ooooot Itrrr Hf FK>d* einlrtUiiJ ot war A'l letter* uuot dmi thniA tin out Offlce; ai.y other* will bo rtmmod. o TO.* ,"lTIS? AKD noith akmican MM ?v Mali St??u.?hip* A ruuu at* tori to urnrsoL. ' cabin pae*a?e ' eebm pw>an * jq !??* r?oii lulToaTOLiTiirnou rM.r-o. ??"??? Chief A xm p atta^e * M fro? oall At Halifax a?5b^Z*V. a<**ioa Cor*, lmc, iftaV/'Aa * !W?U ?U?OP4. Capt.SbaaM?. J .. Q. l.o?V CAAADA, Copt. SUh, 'Urrt?on Ml AG ABA. Coot iMit*. An,\r*~x? u ?"*w- ~ oa otarboard bo#?t ? Boetoa WedartdA#, Jaw t Boewo...'. Wodaeedajr, Jim ? AiftJtt ^ ?? Wodneodaj, J a If 4 harde ai.t ercnred o?h J i,omj ^v^nS?Ttdhi2rs,?.^ s ,uj ?<"' ke ? oh. ->??? huui" JKWSk '? VTdlhTS billf of ladinc art ^ latrt.or, ail tba rilM iLortol th+i*li? npniied. ^ Fur ftol*Li or ra .a^ ap^^ \*\* There * ill bo no et*B<uehipi W v ' To* until Inrthor notice. r! vanbibbilt iu?oi>ba? link or nriAH ehipe.- Tfco lirat ilaw now >?<? ARIEL. Z.3M ton?, 1/Oleire uiaettr, will loaeo (?w ,??"* Irvm pter W North rlrrr foot of tJliniii -er< etree'., neon pcecuel^, a* Hatnrda], Jodo JO, tor Ubtio direct. ) iret ola*e p*M(0 Ml* StT h ? Ar'oi* fu*b0 1' ilo w*d by 'he North 3tit W 1 be ow nrr of theee vooooli will aot bo ao^^atabto Ug Cld, (liver. ballion opooie. Jewelry prooioov rt* '". * a, or lf? a Lilia of .odtag ue atoned therefor, amm. v*1m therof therein tipreetcd. Specie Bod-Kuoa* >UH a< a*ual rotoo. No frtUht reooivod a'ter buoo of tbo dof btfuro Botb '*(? No b?rih aooorod until paid for. _ Lottori propAid lor.^e per y, oa roeeleod a Ik tho efbee op to II a. U. ol the do; of ?*tiiu?h?< wiU bo Ow ri?d to atrvac India rulibo* bag* uodor look, a ad om Mini at Qiivr' .1!1 le iBtmodiatol/ do ton tod la tho Poet irikw there Paroola takea. oaek prepaid, ooe aollar aad apoai da. riXSP DATA* Or lAILMIC. rnOM mw tore. rioM hatii Ariel Jaae 30 North Star Jmm? J? North Star JoijrTl Ariel /aljH Arlvl Auk 11 North Star 4KB North atar Scjt. 1 Arloi Sopi 1 Ariel Sept. It North Star Hopk. * North Star net 13 Arlol Uot 14 Ariel Nor, 3 >orth Star Ner. S < R LIVERPOOL. -ST. UK iKQCs LI.SK.-TQ* Itbratcd c.'iptfr (hip KKtiUMUMiUlr, C* . Ariel Hot. II Theao oteam*hlp( ore elwaeJ a 1 at the ioanraaee iBm and epeeie ?l< tood? will on laanred ia them at ai loir of [rem lam u In uy other at ..amah. pa that oroM tko ONMk For frti, ht or paeaane, apeiy to V. TORRANCE, No 9 Grooa, How Torfc. SUM.NEK, VuhT&M A 1> RAfklv, ?6 Rao N. D. dft( Tla toue. > irii. CI1RYST1E, SCH LOESS SCAN N & CO., 27 Qaal Cataa rtr L*Uvl?ni, llavrn. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL -THE NEW AND PDflt fol double e ngino eteamoklp STAR Of TdE 8u0ft Jotnea Harke, oommendor, will Mil for tho akaro pert ill o'clock t* II., on Wodocxlu, June 20. Toll lUisn Mo nntqaallcd aocommoea loa for oabio, ooooad oobin and UM olam j anamgore, oeioi thoroughly reotllated throughout. To partiea at out to Tiilt tie old World, Iho Httr of ?k? South oOera uiarnal fBcHitiea, oombioiog ereagth ffll* (pom!. Bad lew rttee of paaiiage. The prioca born* fixed a* *l'*i lor Unit cabin, Ho fur aeoond cabin, aad $J? for IMf* Clan p-.H??i,Tfr? To luoure bertha, early applicitioa ahonlA be mate on board, at pier lfl Eaet rirer. foot of Walt etrooA or t? RUC UK, UKO & corr*r, CD South etrect, Now Torfc. Black bail live or packets. ?p<m urit pool ? Tho aplendid olipper ahip VOKK.^BtRR, tone burthou, Capt Martha., wltl po?it ?ely aait oa Satar d*j, Juno 10. fceeon* cabin aad ateerage pt?en|?n on f?DBd with giMid tooted w> " vijiona bjr tbo shl#. Per pi arply on board, pie* 13 Ken riroi, or to JACOB MlLS.iN, IDS South I Siniuel", Z .VI tun j ?> ill till 3M1 Jon-. '1' bia aplendid afcte bat &ccomu?'<*ati?ue 'or all oJa<ee( of |i?9 >oieri. aotaaaat ltd by tu y ?uip cat ot tho port. ap.>ly oa board, pWt North Rivui; or 10 l?*.MAIil?sT A J OMRs, 40 South atrovt, oaraor of Old allp. fOR LIVERPOOL ?SAILS ON TtlUKSDtY, JUNE U the aplcndld fir> t o tsa packet ehtp ol.URRl' QaLLA ' n Room for a tow DiO'O aoo ad cabia aad etoera<o pa* ?en?.-T?. rot parpago a| pl> on bj?ru. pier 19 Kant rirar, rook cl Mvuon'aoc, er to Xul'jH C. Ku UK, H3 South alreal. JjMiK LIVEfiPot.L. -bWaLLoW TalL LINE? TU ? rtfiilir packet of 2let June, l b* oele'roed firatotaaa pc-ki-t ebip u?#>a'l iTUflO.i, -.000 tvoa. J. Brittoa. ooan rokt>d?r, ?ili poet'ively aail auoro. Iho anoomraoauleM lor cabin, aecuno cabin and nwa/e pB>aoagrr< are aaaar Ea.?5'.d 1 aro ? {!?coBd oubiu, >k>, ?u-ia;o 118 aad foaa4 i a libera* ant pi* ?t oooard prov-aioue by the chip, for [???*" ?ppi> uu boarfl, Bbat liver, or ta tho aioal, Thus. C. KOCllfc. ta ?'Utb Jtrect B^OR I IVIRPtiOl..? HAi'KET OF 15TH JUNE -TO* eleiant clipper vhip JaCUU A. WKa l'r.RV KLT, Cap*, llocdleaa, will positive y aa>< va > riday, 16th luai. Jar aa c'nnoodatioi.> lor o^bio Bud tr?'<Bd oabin pa^aeafor* are aa eqi.a>lfd t>y an- Teesd low In p?rt Ai>piy on board, Mk pl-r SI Eaet ri?er or to fflLlUM; A Ql'IOA, 40 laltonat VTOTICE-FIbSI' PACKKT flUIP FoK LIVERroOfc. X> ?lacUetol the K>'h ot Jnuo ? ' the WILI.l&M TaP StOTl .Captain Bill, wtil poaulvaly >al< rridar, Jan > 1&, pieclael) at 12 ? 'oluck Early aopltcatWa t< saoar > btrth. ahould bo made on board at pitrS8, E. R-, tool ?f " ^ * TAl'8C?>TT k CO.. m Soatk rtwl rrfl* lilT KKf-t>OL ?-11l rilll.ADEL.PUlA ?TRaUUMT A t/omoanv intend oailinK tlialr ta?irlM eteamab'aa? C1TJ U> M l.MJUE <Tfclt z, 125 tout, Capi Wytta. cm Of BALTIMORE, new.) 2 S8H toaa, Capt. ? 1? Clfl Of IVa&UlNOION. do. .1.7110 ton*. Caak R I Saloon $#o, tiiC aad ff6. aoc?rdiag to (tat* ruoa . A limited uau. ber of third olasa |>tuu|pn will ko lalaa from PbLad-lrii:* and LiTerposl, aad fouad ia preTiaieaa 1?m ''^"?AMpkia tfUl from Liverpool JE .u%rjS5aij FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVBB? THE UNtTtB State* mail ?t earner I'MON Cepta a K *d*m. ni n at d?r. will leave for Havre tou jhiog at So ut hemp tea t? laid the ma.l*aod pMMUKtr*, on Saturday, Jut 3U, at tt o'clock, from j.ler fto. 37 North river foot of Beach ? treat. Iriee of | areata, flrtt oaMn, $1*); eecond oabia, 97 S. Lu ??** not waaud during the vojare ihouid bo **at oa board he dayAcfore tailta*, markod "below." N o freight will be t?kea alter Thuredev, Judo 28 For freight or patiaae M plyto ttoKTIMLK LI VINOS to n .M Broad waF. A. B.? All le'ter* mart [ill through the Poet uS?. BREMEN. VIA BOLTHAMP'/ON.- THB ONI ?taw* Mil itaanithlp *aSH1<* uro.N, B CenatTi commander, will tail fcr Bremen, t ?uolilug at SonthampMa to land the mailt aad pa???njm.e for Kajlaad aid fn>% on Saturday, Juaa IS, at L) o'olook M., from pier tt Moetf rlTar Priae of paetage ft cm Maw lork to Hwetfcaepte** Bran air la fir it oabia, main *a:ooc DM InflritcaUu, lower aalooa IN la eecond eaola M An oi perfetu>ed eorgeoa i* attached to aaoh etaamer. 9fa e'? delivered in Havre or London. All letter* maat paag through Ue foat uiBce. for paeaag* or freuh< apply to C. U. SAc I), Amu, 11 Sooth William jtraet. The (tanner Bermaaa wlfl roeoeed the Waehiagtea, am* tall July 11 Redaction or rants to suit the Tram.? Now Kara ana Caliteri^a (tcameuip una, via Mieai^? Acceuiry lranait company, of Mcara^na. proprietor*? tbroagh in advance o( the a. ail ? 700 mtiea abetaar thaa mm other rou'.e. avoiuia* the d>adl* Panama tever, and M miiee af oan??rou? boating in Panama Say. The epIeadM double eagir* etewneus AUltriiKAN 1,1011 r, J MM tea* btude*. 'v.aot. Tiaklepaagli, *111 leave pier No. 8 North rteat; at 3 colock P. M. proeieaiy, tar Paata Areaaa, on Watee* day. Jnn? 20, loflu, *onntouag with the eteamihlp Carter ?,0W tone burden, aver the Mearegaa lranait rente, kifUg lu- twelve mllea oi Uud traaeportatloa by Arab elaaa car riage* Fur lofrrmatlnn or parage at the reduced rate* %m plj onjj to CHaKLEU MORGAN, Agent, Ma. t l??Ha| Greet Latter bare mad* ep at the offlov. Stamped bet* tx re taken torCS* cet>ti eaeh. T) H>lJ(.El> 1*ICK9:-H# L*S. BaOOAGE FBBRIt XV l'eni toure tr iu ocean to ooi aa, b) r&aima Bail reed. ? Me expoeme to ceadlv ml<? uai and den^erone aifi^v tton in open liver and Uka boa**. ? rkreugh tor California via i'asana Railroad ? the Patted State* Mail SteemeU* ( ooij aay will de*p?toh for A*p4awall, oa Wedaeeday. Jaaa 20. at 2 o'olotk P. U , prueieuly. from pier feet of Ifwiaa (treat, N*ith river, the c?w and tplendld ILLINOIS, (2 SOU toua eartbei,,) J P Moklaefv, V. t. N., eon>maadir Pa*eei.)*T* aad mall* w ll be ferwarded bf Peaama rallraad, aad eenaeet at Panama with the faelda Mail Bteaa. <hlp Company'e mftaiitdoeal iteamehla Jeha L Stepheae, (2.:t?tone burthen,) B. U Pearaea, B?|.. eam mander. ? Lioh wilile in readiaeae, aad leave immedlatala ft t San Franc I ioe The pnblle are informed that the I'.lC 8 S. Co. aiwav* have one or toore eitra uteamare lyiaf aa ranama, ready for ee*. to avoid any zonule deteatiaa af par(FDR<rs or mailt. For pa*aa?? apply to I V. MAT MoND, at the only offiee of the oompaniea, 177 Weat atraatk eorair et Warren, M?w Tork, fr< ntiair the Nw-h river. OR SAM FRANCISCO.? THI A 1 NIW 8TIAMRR ASIoRIA, of SOOtana bnrthen wl 1 be diapatehedam F the 21et June Fc.r freight and paju^e apply ?e" the ricitto, or tbe captain on board pier No. tf North ri? Thl? iteamer < fff re tine accommodation* for a limited aam bf t of (axcDgere Pervoca availlai; ? f tbta anpertuaity wM arotd th? danaere of alekavte oa the letbma*. WILLIAM LCBAC'H A SCUKFKLRR, 20 Bearer M. T\MPATCB LIKE FOR SAN rBA^CISTO. ? THK MACT XJ i Brmt A I ollpper rblp OxLDCN WKST la now I in* at pier No V, Beet rltir. aad will peelti<aly *aU fer Ira?ol>co cn or tefore fra'uroav, J ibc ? Shipper* pieaee hav* all tbeir frtUhi ea b ard Satarday, 2 .Id it at d hand In i bilr bill* et lading for iwaatura. The Uotdea Writ ie one ?? th* ehkrpeet cllpr'raever bailt in the u*lte4 fctatee, aad praeeai* th* gieaia t iadaoemecte te abkpaeaa. ol m?M A CO., M South ntreet, eer ef Watt. A CBTRALIA IMDBPRMjRnT LINK -4IMLT VIM. iV in (?rt low op Irr Auitialia ? Tte aplaadid A I elto? per *blp tri'tal Paiae. , 1 iwn toai knrtbaa. Uaptala B. r. Blw meae, will be deepat&bed for MelhaVM ea the MMM June, ea b*r eeeead ve) are. L*vta? a ad ^ her flrtt ta tMdaya. Ihe aect'Bimi da* Ion et tblt 6ae er>li> for peiHuwi are off the ?er> beat, both lr Unit aad lecocd r-bia* of ?hi*h ealp a 'irnit' d anmber ? HI be tiln Having m?et of Iih"? er;acrd, (at*****ri< can depend ea there beta* ae deteaMe* Per freight or f*?ja?e, apply <-n btard at pier IJ "'A erto ARRELL A ELLIOT 14?? Pearl etreet. *** LI R A LORD IW Wall etreet tj*OR MORI ORE. PBTRKSBCRU AJ*P BICHBWJB ? JP Tb% BUloR mtil fAVSjITuWTIe Ik r*r*Wk, ?omir?u<l?v. will P*f ? ff r*? %*tvr imy. June W. ?% lo'iiori r. ?? fwi <iM tut ft'iiritMt, the toUcwing morning Frtw . I. yf Ecaib proceed by railroad H?"* "g? WeldeA to viarfle.toD,^Jg- PaMa^e aad ^ to Mtrfeik ?s. S 3,d. ?i?Sy. lh? 'aV2ffK ba'f rnce. T liron* J| "'VJ* iT? w a m^ LDIm.LM A PI CA'ANH. N?. n Broadway. m.M- MM takee for Peeerebwrt thaVbixkhV (iinoH. fftHlA l > A?B TO A I HANV-PASSAOR, i- mil* 1/ Ur tb? 2-"' eentii ?f?te roome, ?> oeata ? TVe faeA (ie*Bi>t nrBt' w?'l leave Bebieeon *?-eet pier every fan ihnreday aad Landay ? ' f. * arrtvia? bjtA.lL WM iTeITFORT AVI> fORT HA Bf I.TOM.? THR BMP JT sat f'"t atrai ekett KkVPoRT travea New T'-rh, Mfl l? rT*t *freet dally. ?? > de? ? -?cep?->d, a> 4 *'el .ek P. rtt rniri lecee Bcvfx-rt at >H c'aleck A. M. Far* M MBbL futtv ^nei-'in efvU tiig one eftka meet ?ea? aaA b??? Vat king tlaoee la the ?lemlty ef New Itrt?wW ^ ItKcypoiti trjlaelte** mea mMt| fllfW MI M-mAtBtf. a,

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