Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1855 Page 6
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4wmrsrawT> srar m J " ? ' ? -M?ilOa. C'"'MTty uut tu tt.n at riLiuit.nif ekMicf ??*!? , at, " ? -"ii* lalui Beaad, with ft aOBtaiLIBg 0 > HUt torn, ?lth Biuloi llOBM. U mvt ? cede**, bu'hx ? h u -? to Will be l?tud tc >n ?Ut'hM tM?rt, Air a ?*r t: o' ??? nr., roaaenablv. I've I'utlt aiata ?w.T W !??> - * l it ?, ?V. 76 Mm an Hwl. COOiMRV RlSlutMi I.ET? IN TEC QUIET ? ad p'eteant I . naviii*. 2l, milM tram the 4?pet at Porlcbeeter, H ? alira'er ooamy, N. T. oi ti? Uuitiao Biter Railroad, i?^ . ,ur? %eaa the titjf. The place hM ngn?d l>..wc, bar*. owit. ? hemfi. and eight nero< el land. W paid 1?| it ?????. rr JuaBUA L. MQM1?? FINE SIX RJC ID CUtiut 4 sTIEET T? L.BT? BSST tituati'.n 1b ibe ?trtrt it '.tor fur wk.ienale or ratall be - in*ee ?ill ??>?/? j tenant. Inquire u*t d?r, K? M 01 Willi? U F'~ *. FURNI5HBD H'lL'Bt I<> -Rf.-A THREE sport ?ad bailment bou*?, ?>?!> in 1- ru i .. pr??eeaente, aawly . fniuiabed on* year flu<<v unt ..hie tor ? private family, or w?uid be If l tar ? >?ar<iin? Lo?-e; altuatrd weat of Hrcvt wajr. below Brooaea rtraei <\i??ly te Mr. OiRBl.SK, Ne MV Broady ay. ' I1IRNI&UKD KOOM?-T -> I RT IN THE FIRST CLASS houee nt Bro?J??> . natiug nil the caniforta aad eon vuBienr.'a A>r &iuUm* or mi. ... . . ntiemen, one lleor, coaatft in* ef ?u handaomo a#art..> . i* fa partlee wiefcing te la cate ft/ "he muoi tbe-e oil ?r . r?at inducfnente. "i/iliRMfcURD FARiO* \ u BEDROOM TO l.K T ? J withiat board, at7H ? ^ ? ixtacath "net. FURSISIIED UODSE lo > *r iND FLRNITCRK FOR eale? new ?nd m?ae . . - <? ?*??. b iwmt.1 Ui | ic' rent $4d0; in Liet*i.?rd "treat. Addreea U. fc. RUIL, fotj'B.T . 1.2 L?l>en??d? ? ?< TOT1L !N BROOKt.* ? iw I.KAsR, A BULL DIN Q ti of wblU marble, 10u f-? ' ronV niVSoiJ? ?boai tei&A ur?c^<i. J. 4r. OAY^OR, 2j to?r>. ? fce+%, Rc#okijnt ytmxl cokhbh ur strrep asiu h no TT ao. ivnuc, ftiir i'ih * ?v f%td i'i4 Br:olsl/? oily c^.:r? grOCQCl ltoW? . Mllliiiiittiiniuu,1 a< ?r CHRSTRR fLOW?R 71 Bro*dw?y, up ?Utre PART or A notJSfc T, LA r? NO. 88 WBS T TVTRNTT ?iitb atrtet. near sub ?; location very pleatnat ; AM. bath. A*. Ronl *?r> uud.rate. Hefarence< exchanged. Il quire on tbe promitea. Part or a hovsr t?. lbt- in bsooclyn, con resient to the Jerri. <. ? B>ialiac ot three rooaa en ?eoond floor, one on third Uo >t a., exaalleut front bMeinant, with ttoreroom BttMi?d : run- n.ode-ate. Appt/ nt Lltt Llfc'S Rcnl tstate Ago.oy, >o. S llLUr/ (treat, uear i'ul ton, Brooklyn. STORR TO LKT-IN Th? u tdr BUSINESS PART OF the oity or Brooklv u ou ,?t by lb, suitable for toy Audaru requiring good ilgb au? rooaa. To a good tenant n leaae will be aires. Apply >a the premlM*, 109 Atlantio ?treat. ST CAM TOWER-TO uaT aVIRAL WBLL LIGHT ed rooma with >tend> pwer in the building, oor ?er of Heater and Rltenbet- ^iioti, alas In ball ding ooraac ?r Twenty third akftet Mad Ptr?-.XVanue. RenVa Terjr aaa decnte. Applj ZU fnnn a'reev THOMAS MORTON. TO LKT-A HOCSR aND aioRft TOGETHER OR BE parnte. for one er fvnr yoare, 6i Walker a treat, three doore from Broadway Inquire at fharer'a Saloon, 331 Broadway. mo LET? FOSSE&Aiun uiva* iM (EDIATELT? THE X rear part of the aeeotd . or>, tht front Bart of the third atery, and all ot tue i'?ureh etary of 2? Boskmaa ?treet; alia, the from r?<>u> of tha fifth atory a i SI and 33 Bteuuan atiaet aaoi> a|K>rtenaut la aoitabla for any kindet' mechanical bnaiu^e; alw. bwement at 2i Reohtnaa ?treet. laquiie of JAM KM N tilt 80N3.29 Boekmaa ?treet. rpo l.RT-tWO BR '*? olHflK FRONT ENGtil&H X bMtmeut bouse*, aitu all iue u-f-dorn improTemeata. it Twenty-fltttatiett, bDiwuei tutu and SUth arenuea. Ap te ALEXANDER n'tCKut. aiK 31 Ub?rty atreet. n o LET-RENT *S?i, <<H LK-a ?a DWELLING, ON A 1 atage and car rvu'e, u or twi large parlora, al*e;Ug rooma, baiu r -ou., klMineu^^o., gaa tktou<b tl... home, newly paint*: an., u line order. Also, a tmali tl ree ftory housa to lei; reui i?l? E B. RINaUlRJCR, 319 I 1 avanne. i no LIT- A lAhGt SI" nE, OPPOSITE PIER i, 1 ^<rth ri^or, fit ic- un d^ criotion of buaiocra, at it i? in theVi'rt location m a u cl-y. luquiroot Jutii^ MUR PRV , S-* West ?*,reet. TiO LFT-TO A SHALL QU.fcr FAMILY, RrfOM AND two l/'jdroomi', ou ilb **o ud floor ot tlio tftrve story brick liocae, >o. 35 chuiier Mrtti, fouitb. TO LET? A NtW F-l'R SioHF UoUaE. BKOWN seore fiont, il i'Uiit^ ciautu >tr?ot, aeound dcor weit 1rom l?ilt -ton at nue; -u. ?eaiy b, #Wty lira. ContainK all ibc rnoieia im.;rcv. uj*u*.?. ^ H> he routed lot? to a seed tnaant. Apply to T. ? *. Ki'si, 'Jj t'oarl and Hi snao ?trtata. niO LET? AT H< Bi'KRS, A iWO &TORT B13E J. mrtii aed attic d?cilu.. h' u*?, 1W Waajington b-.rt>et, iu ?r 1 1 in. . Apply on tb* i tomi.e... ur to JullN M. BOAltl) SC Bato'.av atreet, fivm 1 ?-? ^ 1*. tt TO LET? THE STyUH aNu DWELLING, NO. Mi Boittry, noar HUn tHMt, :or eereral yeara occupied a* a pita* and Uk.1 lulu, . ?t No. Bnwery. T^e^drol3?..1?''-^!. m* lUiore Broome, for t?tu.e aptly to the owner, at uiv Lion ton strict TO LET-TO A blUix FAttlLr, TWO ROOMS, kltohcn ttd bvdrooM, .-n *co.i<d floor. Small three story brick i-uute, 241 'lenth street, between t'lnt and aeoond kxiua. n o SJt\? A FaRujH oNO BKDBOOM, ELEGANTLY J. turnisiri, replete ?<Ui every oonvenieaoe, tor one nr two ala# It goutlem*n, at \o. 7 oraoiurcy park (iTwsa'ioth ?trtet/, neur i onrth av-uue TO LET? A HANDSOMBuV FCBMSHED ROOM OR rconu, in a factions ??? p?rt of the city, wlih every ac commodation. Gas a?d oath on the itme floor. tlJ West Ei?hteei>th street, c?ri.*r ot olxtn avenue. Cm be accom modated with breakfast and tea, if required. TO LET? THE SE oNl> Fl-OoB OF HOOSE 139 AMITV stieet, ooasiiting of live room*, with Croton water; raut 'i tbe whole or part ot tlie tur*itnr< tor tale cheap; pti KMion aar time (row now anvil 1st of July. Applj in the ?tor* 2f<0 Hudson street, or at tbe hou*e, rpo LET? AT TllBOG's f? BOB, WESTCHESTER, FO* A CU? sniuntr, a lar.e oottage, furnished, Uroome, wit0 a good refutable strileu ? good *.sor munt el frolt and or o?aseat tree*, owriaiie aad stable. Inquire on the premises ot B. ON DaBUILi.. r LET.? THE NJC W rBHEB STORY HOUSE 11 POP la: stress Broonljn. witlua one minus's walk of the ferry. Lor 1 art tier par Uo atari ia quire of THOMAS MOB T<#>, 212 1*( arl (treat, isuw Y??fc rpo LET- A VERT NICE, SMALL, THREE STOBf 1 h<iek house, on 2>i h street ; lent, only KM<J. House In hoe oider ; newly painted and tapered. Possession at onoe. Al??, a dwelling part )l h>u?e; rent, |0OO; 12 rooms, gas. bath, AO. E. 11. Kl>3 lllMEK, 3li? 1th ft venue. a'O LET-TO SINGLE CRN TLEMEN, APARTMENTS, . consisting ot parlor and bedroom, newly and elegantly foraiahed, with closets, and cath on toe eeoond door of he Bret (!aii home, ft o 3 Great Jones street, tjilrd door from Broad way. qtO LET-AT 18 CaNaL STBIKT, A MEW STOBE. A bU'.ment. and fomr l?ft? tifty (eot fioin Broadway; tour loft* in houee 144 Cham'-tts street; a two etory hoase la Jersey, treating on the Uiidxin, opposite Eighty eighth atreet; and two lota on Blt-ventb avenue, bet veen Forty neoond and Forty-third .itteots Apt ly at 144 Chambers ?t. q>0 LET-IN TWBNTY SBCOND StBEET, AN ELE A gtnt brown stono honie No 159, betw een Seventh and Kuhtb avenuea; rent ViM. Fu:nit-iie for sale very cheap. Caaba seen at amy time. rpo LET-AT GREATLY REDUCED BENTS, SEVERAL A houses. [.arts o houses, and aptr'mentt; some ot thorn in very ganttel looatioaa, and a 1 in respecable neighbor hoods. AIM, several tea a 1 stores and w rkshoa*. Apply te . JAMBS t'BIOB, 300 Hndttn street. TO LET? THE TERES STt)RT HOUSE NO. IDS FIRST avanue,, P*V per y*ar, eauable fir oue or ra>re faaifllea. Crotna water and git* In the house. Apply to R. JLlTBg. W Booa street er I00 ? itit arenu? fT?0 LET-A'^ABTMBNTS I> HO0SE^ NOS. S4 AN D 86 A West Fortieth street twtween Broadway nad Sixth are ?tie, oeeslattal of a parl't. too bcdr >ems and kitchen, all rommoniretinf; they are fleUlod in a inperlor manner, with tnarbU irantele. iu Ctetoa ? tt?r, and all modern improre m?tte Kent moderate I ago Ire on the preinUea TO LBT? GENTEEL AI'ARTKEMTS, AT NO. 102 EAST Twea'y aubtt stre?t evnsnting of five rooms on a llotr, with gaj and chand?'lare, water o'otete, and roomj band ?omely peperel. They are ?ory de lrsbls. Beat 911. A to, four alee reomi at SB* Thtrd avmee. at $9 AO. B^JI Bl? tBI ? ea, 319 Fooith avsnue. FpO LET ? FUBNPHCD COMPLETE. WITII CRO^K A ery, linew. Me., a small thr^e etory home, with all the modon lmproremraU, la Woot Twntfy third gtreot, netr SiKthaveaae It eaa So rented month or by tlio year to a email genteel family; It off ri every ladneement. Addraes D C . Herald ofloe. TO LBT-A PARLOR ON THE WIRST FLOOR; ALSO, ?irtt? bedrooms, fe? siagle gontlcmea, at 1/ Howard nW>BT? nOUhl NO 114 WBST BROAD VAV; PART A m afcejiee ?e ?a to*a; apsrimeate la Beekaan atroet ?* 110 Weet Broadway; a btnee in Wli Iiamabaag.aear theterrj. Alan a rear ho<ie?: reat ffi () per je* . Awly to S. C. bMlTH, 15 Mott atreet I WENT LOW, TO _ wMJ) a table attache f?0 ibw afitlia baju on Toth avoane' ? iltton, eta ten Islitad" TT*r t^t*M rsswT* ** WADE, rorrer Wall and h?wj T? A 0(K?D TENANT? COTTAdE 1 With itAh'e attached, shrubbery, fruit treat, *o. with rpo DAOCEltmEOTYPIBTS. ARTISTS. Be.? TO LIT OE J leese, ??!*? of rooms oa the eaaoni aad third fl iors of tho prtaiineat corner of Hndsna and Canal 'reets ? aoh room ha* eepltal lighW aortn and west. Rrm* rerr m /derate. Apply to JAMB9 1'KIC*. *M Aadson street. " ^ CLOTHUW, AC. A NT AMOUNT OF Nlir AND Cktf OFF CI.OTH tag. all atytee aad pat??rna. oarebaaod at the hi(hokt nloo. by THttMAS D i.OnROV, <9t Pearl (troet. netr t.ity alt ptaea. OeaMemen reildlng at b 'tela or private h^ase*. having snrplo* olotbing, waited opon by adira?*tn^ ai above C^AST OFF CLOTHING AND FUENITURB WANTED. J I.aaies nad nenMem-n h*t?ia< aay of theea ar'.lolee to -dlspoie ef car ehtaie a fair price for tbe ?ame by <>allln< oa, ?or addroeatnc throosh tbe post Mr* 9ANTER. i'Jtf Broad Way, ap stairs. Oeotl nuta attended by Mr. ?. M^lLOTHINB.? I^ADIES OR GENTLEMEN HAVING \J aay to di'i oae of oan rr.e-ire a faie p Ice by aomllnc to die atcree No 12 Laareat street neat ( ana' aed U west Xoslwar, at by letter per pest. Ladies attended by Mr*. C- tea- S OO MEN. Cast opf ci.otiiino or rverv description waated? The blgh??t pr"ee gtvea and eash peid la onr rn meaay. GeMlsmeo wiohtag n d'-??se t.f ol >thlar, of a c it qoality. for a liberal cash 'qul-aleit, are faqnontel t> a? ? en nr JAMB# MuBOpEF, U Batter aire*', 'la 4 Ota igt streak*. rv ? nrm. ?1 nn REWARD.? TH1 A SOTS HWilD fill BE flUU Mi* b7 **? whnnirt to eauik tetomiKn M inU lud to the dbwevety ?t ngbert W. ?arauin He ku Um miaainc iUn Mowday BanlK 4th iart.| H in fc? M? heaUb, abentfiO jMrtw to* *i*TUtoa*or ??*> la?hei la heUUt, gray and whiatera, oi fan* eel em ? treu oe; hit a ?il4 tui-untwl cm* ? i?h hi? same engraved epcu it. JIRICU BULL, .tmt, t J* plW. a>~i\ BJ.w*HD-?r?AV*u or stolen, oh tub >,)U 01 Jriday. Jure e*h, fiorn he paetuqa *( Mr. li.uo, K??tobe?ter n li?ht b? m*re, with long toll, and a dark bay horae, with abort fl?: toil Whoim will retura itid Mm), with thief or ttiiefe#, till rwnn tkiabtfi re ? ard, and unl; Ate aol'or- wail be paid loir the rttocverr of the hone* a]< nc: and auy lalortnaaoa in rosard te koraea cr tbitfT ee alll be ?uit?aly regarded. b. CO>KLlN, liverr stable, oirner of Fourth a?ou<.e and Tventy Afth etreet, N. V.. or S. B. Udell, Kastrho ter Hotel. Q.FL(\ REWARD-STOLEN FRO it TUB HOUSE OF ?I?l?U thb ?ub?eri>er, h?. 1 Vtrwidah place Brooklyn. oa buudaj, 10th initaat, the following tiesoribed artiel?*, rii. Cue fllver ladle, twenty nil e d> . table and tea two do. salt idvoiu one do fort, one do butter kiiife, o: b ladj's po d watch and chain, cut bruaatpin (dle Dcnd). four do. WOMO ti d pee*U), ono pair eartinga (dit moid*), two do. do Ureen atone?), twenty gilt Uiipooai, fcv.r do. silt do., one 4t. anear t >n(* one du. tea (lew. eight geld ill M (diamond* hair and bins etoaeei, one ?mall f|Uti?H f?r box, two palrg'id oaec* for kul tiff? neal'*'. two gold braueUto, one hair brae let with gold oiatp. The ab< vc reward will be paid fur the r*c every of the or a pri psrtioante part tor eny inrtion of the L. ?; KBL11LAVF1, >o 1 Vbiandak place, Brooklyn; or 25 Benver ttrtat, New Jerk, ________ . <to/t beward -lost, osr sunday sd instant, rithe'r nt or reternin^ fro-n the ? 1 I di\*blec*ted gold watch ?Ju4?. *** w by Adair* A t,"., Ao 09 107 Th? above ""?J''1 *Ml 5* P?W lor the deliver j o ? the wateh at itka '?< Hjiel, and no quoatione a?ieJ. If tbo fi .der ha< it no* in rutMttlnp, p.oHhe dlf'Ct a ti'te; or it pawned, pLase forward the ticktt to the Manha' tan llo'-ei (fin gtV?ARl>-LOSf, ON BONDAV EVEKIMQ, A ?flJLU atuali klaok eog, part apanie>, with a Utile tan (a the teet, an?wer? to the nam? of tVhitef. Any one retnrn UF him to4? vliuton pinoe will reeeire the nbore reward blJ nc qoeitioM aekixl. fin KI WARD? LOST, ? > TUESDAY EVENING, TBB 5PX" 12th iuDlant, in S>^ou4 a*?nn*. between Fourtft and tkh'U atieete, or lrom 'he tteoend av?nue to 111 Ei<Uth ?trefi ? black leather bag, marked "UU Knat Nineteenth Itteek." The abore reward will b? paid by leavinK the bag tt l.udlow k Co'i expreaaoQioe.on aouth ude of [ ier No. 1 Ncrtb xivtr. 1 ?>e m ward. ? lost, on Tuesday last, an un tJ>tJ trained black Mtter dof, auiwering to the name oi l'oke. The tiuder will reoeiTe the above reward by return ins bim to W Irvnt etrret. a>p: reward ?lost, ot, the Nioar of thk uth tpt) met. , an opera glaae, either m a Second avenue oar or en one ci the Fulton ferry boat*. The abovo reward will be pa.d open it< being left at <01 Broadway, up italra. liOBT AND roUSDi ~~ LOST-A NOTE FOR 1187 22, PAYABLE AT THREE month* fr?m June 12, lbS6, drawn by J. U. A F . A, Anaur, to the order of P. Ayn* A Co , but not eudsraod by them. The publio aro eautivbed againit negoeitting thu al ove. A tunable reward Mill bo given on returning It to 411 Brocae (treat, with the thaulu o? the ownor*. L08T-0N TUESDAY UORnINO, ABOUT 6 O'CLOOK, an aeoount book contaimsg the aoaounts of debte, Ac., which i* of no nta whataoover to any one hat the owner, tho debte having been atopred. The finder will be handaomely rewarded by returning the aame to Bra. 8ARAII TITUS, Bontagnc market, Brooklyn, corner of liloka atrees. STRAYED? FBOBTBE PREMISES. EIGHTY FOURTH and East river a tight rtd eow, with white face, and braaa knob* on hor hotna. a reward of five dollar* will bo paid for her recovery. fV'ATCH LOST OR STOLEIl.-FIFTY DOLLAR3 RE TT ward? o quenionr askod Lout or ateien on tta .ar ?lay night, June 9th, between tho koura oi lland I2o'clook. in one o< tie cara of the expreu train from Button, a gold wa'.cb, ozonometer make, mads by T. F. Cooper.of London, | Nr- 2.721, geld deme pUt?, engine turned with ahicld, ; tld dul. eompeaaation baltnce, with p'atina screws, jow eiltd in eiabt holea; attaohed to wbiob was a hair chain, ro >s# tiiaae, gild awivel ana make hook. Tne above re waii will be raid and no uueotioua asked, ifrttnrned to WlLLtAB BURGER, DO Cor land* (tree',. _ HlHCHLLAJinOll l7tr CANAL STREET. W. A H. VAN NOTE 3 UAVE 1U(J a large iixir mgut of the later. pitt-rtu of mantel Kratea, ranges and Htovoa for aale, 01 reasonable teraia. .let" oiler.< and braaa founCera' fura*;e? built and r'fiaired. Gtates end ranges set and repaired. B hushes or every des ription at tiik ukush faetorv, 3X Pearl street, Frankliu aqnarc. All ar'ioioa sold at the ion oat factory priooa 1'ainc bru.ihes c superior iiimUty cona'anily oil baud. Machine b.'.ushca made to or der. JTollN it HOPPIiL. BAY WATER- A FURE AllD GENUINE ARTICLE, fry ths demijohn gallon, oa?? or bitiio. t'oraa'eby Jtjlirt W. aYEhY, SUM Water atroot. Harrison s extract or sweet cloyer-an oripiial Am"iioau invention by lUrriaon, ana another ?inject of piracy of Aburiosu in->cnt?ni? oy those apaa of bo'.ii natite and ioriir.n birib, without genius to oii,t na'o, but villi s.ottc to lmiikf. A t with bi>i upper t ;a, li.a sweet clot cr baa been copied, buit!o, latel and tltlo, ana a spurious article f aimed upon tbe public at genuine swoec dour. Europe jioias. The Ixat perfumer of I'arin bccomoa an imitator, and cop es U arrie<>n'b sweet olovor. Toaoli no fci'cb stuff; Harri?ou'? U tbo inly awcot clover It ia who'n Ktii'd I y Henry liavtiand, J?hu ttree', and ret?IUd b / F. O'Reilly, lOSt avantic U ttariison'a ttnialuniuc, to make Ihi eye ot S enuty look luatroug, anil *1*0 it aa elcetrli fire flit ih und tbo j.icrciDi force of Cupid's dart. Ueauty iovea to con quer ana oonnuers iov?. MVAN WAYEREN a SONS? HILLIGOM, HE AH ? bitrleiti, Holland prio* current of bultinua roots, out uveted by tnc above firm Uau he obtained, on applica ion, ? - i.l'i Pttrl _ XTEW PATENT Qf?-?ACLES, FOR STRENGTHEN i.\ in#: vltii?, ,rr seeing both near and distant objeote With on'o pair only. accurately adjusted to tie aye.? Mann tactuicd by Prcle.sor FttAMS, P?ten'.ee, Leeturar on tha Human Eye, Optician to tbo New York Eye Hospital and New York Kye lntlrmarv. I'tfloe No. 'J Park nw, ojpoaite the Aator House. hours Irons 9 A. M. M 8 P. M. PAIHT! PAINT:! FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES, roefa Ac . at l%eentra poun<*: white I*ad, 7 oests do. ; >loi-, 8 rents 00 ; Freble'e beilnd ril, 75 oaois a gallon; taa aer'? oil, "JS cents do.; machinery oil, SO r .nta, do , at 113 Maiden lane. JOHN H. ISM ITU. A<;cnt. QLATE ROOFING ?DAVID BEOTYN, 185 CANAL O (treat, respeottully inf rras the publio that he is prepar ed te execute orders la the above line, on the aoat reasonable term*. Keofa and chimney head* repaired ia the most sub stantial manner, on the snort est notice. SHOW CASES.? SCHH I DT A BROTHERS, MAHUPAC tsry and warerooms, No. 5 North WUHaui street, near Frankfort New York, and at 77 West Third street, Cincin nati, O! io. A laipo assortment constantly on band Old show cases tahen in exchange. Orders promptly oxecuted. TO BOOK PUBLISHERS, MANUFACTURERS OF Jewelry, stationery, pens ard any odds aad ends.? The subscriber iff era his services to thd above as travelling apaut or auctioneer; inici.ds to leav? ia tbe course of a veek ft t the Wist and South, and any consignments entrusted to Lim, diip^ted of to beat advantano, and prompt ramittanoes made. Addres? for ono wees, box 17tf Herald oiSco THE COUNTRY IS SAFE. -SAWING DOWN TREKS successfully dene by Ingireoll's patent hand power saw mill, /n opportunity is now offered to those who have some capital, desiring business, affording a large profit and small rink. Apply at No. ItttUroadway, room 8. Trusses, shoulder braces, ao.-a complete assortment of trusses of a *ary kind, alionlder braces of tbe moet improved sty es, imp: rtod elaatic sioukings, ladles' belts made alter the most approved patterns, and Inttra monts for -he relief and sure ot deformities of every kind conotantly on hand and made to order, bv Dr GLOYER, at the Sursesss' Bandage lastitute. Me. 4 Ann street, under the American Museum. TfMTED STATES PAUSPORTS IMDISPENSABI.E TO L/ all persona abon: going to foreign countries, procured as below. Eurnp< aa Paroet Express;? Paroslt forwarded to all parts of Europe Custom House busiaess of every kind attended to. CBARLES HoLT, Custom Home broker, 10 Wall st , tf rtalw. VISITING CARDS, WEDDING CARDS, AND BU3I v ness cards beantttnlly engraved and printed at the oard establiehment, No t Bleooker street. Wodding en ve'ope* and a general aaao'tment of stationery constantly on band. 1 j pe eards neatly and cheaply printed. BLOOM FIELD SMITH, No. Mt; Blreeler street, near Broadway. WEST'S PATENT GALVANIC CEMENT, FOR MO0F iag housee a new and oheap article in place of tin or ?late, or over either, where the roof leaks, or where tin is so far gone that paint will not hold. This oement. never before used in this elty, is warranted water and fire proof? no pitoh ?r rosin used in it. Certificate* as to durability and cheap ness of thie article, famished from those who bare tried it fcr several years in Syracuse, where it was invent 3d, by call ing at tbe cfire, 16 Fvltom street, Brooklm, ?r address, N. H. GILLEtT. HOUW8, ROOMS, dkC +, WANTED, A NEAT HOUSE WA* TED.? A SMALL PRIVATE A fftmilj are desirous of hiring It good two itory and at tic brick henac, between Eighth and Twenty-fifth streets, and Fourth and Eighth avennes; the houM muat be ia good order, and contain all the modern Improvementa; rent to be moderate. For former particulars apply to ALBERT H. NICOLAV, auctioneer, ll broad street. CITY RESIDENCE W ANTED.? TU E ADVERTISER U desirous of purohaaiag a well built house oa the Fifth avenue, anywhere between Tenth street and Murray HilL One with a (table adjoiotag would he preferred. Address B. 0 , Herald office, statins lilt of lot, terms, Ac., Ao. COTTAGE. -WANTKD TO RENT, FROM ABOUT THE firit of Septembtr a small oottage in Brooklyn, eonve nicLt to toBe of the 'err.ea. Rent $44) or loss. Addroes, staticg terms and loeatit.a, Henry, Horald efiico. OuFr'wAn'te I^BaTWEEsTBlbuTH and thir tieth streets and Fourth bad Eighth avenues. Kent not over tfiU* per ar num. with gas, bath, An. For a (mall 5ent??l beu>e a good tenant ean be found by addressing box ,4jfl Fe>t Office. SZnTw ATA R.? WANTED A GOOD SODA WATER ap,ia;?tu?. Any pet on lt?vin? oa? t? disftose of may hear 6l a piwoharer by addresaing L. MOOZKltf, Herald offlee, cr u'l Walker etreut, setoad floor, room >0. 6. n tf t ed^-to bctT r or c a saT a h * "fi tire stock it of goods Said atnok may eoneiat of either one of tboae mentioned, i>ay stiole or faary dry (0 >di (ei)thiag, elo.hs and oaeslmeres). Myobjee. orbirlnjisto buy a Lareala >opersoii noed apply mil m be ?a nu to ennwly -*itb it. Thr rteek mat amonnt t* fruin $li,rxW to WO OCO. Addr^i D. H M., lie-s'a tffiee tir AN TK D - A " SM A LL FARM, WITH GOOD BUILD vf lafte, well iinnroted, of IA to #?' aerea, wit'iln ono or two hours' riie, cither on dndsi-n river, IfarleT1, fcrienr Niw Haven rallreaos, lot far from a dejx.t l.'.na'ion mnit bo ' ea'thy f.nd terme ea?y. AdJroes J A.MES f. uUNCA ?(. 14 I'irie street (bUlt.cs). PAtCWO aoabbbem. fiUil .BR(>ADWa1 -MR. PERACHI0 HAS THE .tfirw! 10 hl" *n I thi pnblio that his ? eveatEg, atd next Fri ft^itilfwMMCu1?' h* *1'*' *? ?"?< splendid hall. !n thec?ty eB(JigM.0 ?"?te'ww (r,ASARA(fco Uthf A.?73 r0T'RT,n 8TRF.F.T.-PROF. ijARiI v v. 'I, Tlj? Biy If C * BID isltAvl ti1: Ahftt hfOu IFR ia America, gives 'eesom ever, Th, 1^4,^, %?4 ?l8y0 menwhomav hworhim w,t? uJlr pa-ro^V ?e m t>red teltarw, bvhifu?..|ue method ia a few leeaoe " all the mort fMhionabtc dsaoeie ' ?" ll ELI. CAROLINE Vl/.ItN'S Davcivo ACAflkVY iv( is now open, for the inatrtiatbin of ladlo* and ?? ,-<nen in - he moet fa?hioiiatle danoea of the dae. Me' f> ? r,rv, ?iretr mflfo^ a'temori *; evenli>ga ,-t to '0 fleaai d?i (lag e?lr<.? j tvery 8a?'ima? from 6 ta II e'sienk. ?AUKS ai Airprwow ALBERT b N1COLAY. AUCTIONEER -ALRERT ? ? ICOLtT ?U Mil. MU 4*7. /?? ?*. ?? 1- o'eloofc. at (bo Merchant*' Exchange, to* soovunt ?l whom it ?*/ oca cert SOU iltfH rrancil' lUtilHc lift Bolt (feneration itMk, ?Mb. tM ktrolt ud 8lt>e( v>Uil WoH?7 ht* kor*. o4ch MO SCO share* Newon (offer Faoed IjM Company of JNew York, $10 Al>0 lit 17k o'cucl - K.W.U Chicago and Mlitiulppi Railroad 2d mortgage 7 per a. n i ? ohVHf Liblc bund , ????????? ' , ,f t t*"0 ?A,u/> Sacram*kto CVl ? por oene bonds, eaofc ?1 (KM (I ii for< vtjtt ?aa southern Raiiroae 7 per c?*t real >?< t ato boads eaet ? ? ? ? W ,01*0 ffl.OOO ruulun tiijfi wr ??i?t each .fMJUO *.\(R0Cto*e}A?4 *nd FitUburg Rulrt *d 7 per c*?t in??*# bond*, fcfcoh.. .. NO.bsres St Ll?lf K?llr< at! and Co?l Ompanv. ewjta ,*luO iU<> 3 bonds *f the ai. Clair Railroad ??(! Coal Co., ea?h ?A4> j; m o or* quarter certtfloa-o of the Broekontidge CumI 1/o'kirP"* atam \if a, W iMamsport and Erie R R. ouch $C0 <*j ( ),?tbani Hu k *5 JO Clti*OD?' Bark - ? ? ... ? ? ? ? ? ? 25 ftrutrt' end Citizens' Batik ot Lon< hitai., 25 800 Bank of Oof go, t* . Y fhypoth?cated; 100 Jb Lencx 1 ire Insurance Co u. pan) Ti 40 Irvnj. Insurance Compaq ?S 1i Pscitlo Fi. ? Insurance Ccmi>en> .... . 25 90 fall jo lire Insurance Company 39 BMOlancatWrZinc Company (h> potheoa<edi ?....2 60 M Hampshire Ccnl sad iron Company 100 'Jetn.soi Hale? Ten for cent this day. and the balance be fore 2 o'clock tonciro* The accrued interest on all the I onds will be charged to the purohaoer. Nent tegular sale on Mondsy, Jute id. Albert h. mcoiay, auctioneer -absolute gate ot fortj valuable building lots in Brooklyn, at auo tior.? Albert H Mco:ay will tell at auction, t s Weduei day, Judo 20, 1RP6 at 12 o'clock, at tho Mercaants' Ex " lnoje N V., forty doira.le lot* of ground on the I'oole liotue?t?ad, in the Eighth and Ninth ward*, iatheoitycf Jbrookiyc, timatid on UatbunU, Sixth. Seventh. Eighth and Mi-th avenues, and UuUn. Sarkett and Oegraw streets; the Firth, Ninth tnd Platbuah areuuei are gmd'd and p?trd; the iixth, Bevei to and Eighth avenue* are opened, and the fetreot ConmUeicner has report ? 1 in tarorot an ap[lication to grada and pave them The oouity hu pnr cbaeed ocrenteen 1 '? ' i in the lmn.?d;*te vloinlty of this ixo jk rty trr a Conrt Bouse. This is ons of the most attractive puts of Brooklyn tor piivate resiaeuce* or for business pur pose*. Ihe l'latbush awns* raUtoad, when ojmplettd, will alto meetly increase the value of this property, it beuu the luUntion of tbe con. pan > to complete the work, if possible, dirtig this summer. 1/ns all the numerous improve mrn'j combixd offer unn*tiaV Inducements for tho invost luent of capital, and parties dosirous of puroha ing should oxemise tble property and attend tbe salr, as tvety lot put up will pontfvely be eold to the highest bidder, in order to clots an interest. Terms li etal, as fifty per cent can re main ob bond anc mortgage for thiee years, and tbe title is UDqofStionnble. For lithograpble maps and fall psrtioa lars, aprly t? ALBERT H. NICOLA Y, Auctione<r, No. II Broad street. Albert h. mcolay, auctioneer.? positi ye kale.? York vllle lots.? Albert H Moolay will sell on >tedntsday June 20, at 12 o'clock, at ths Merchants' Ex change. seoid avonue, corLer ol Eighty flfte street, tho valnable lot situated on tho northeast corner of Second avenue tnd fcUhty tilth street, 24 feet 2 inohes front aad rear, by 100 ieot in depth. Also, tbe lot adjoinixg the above, on lecond avenue, 22 ftet trontand rear, by 100 foot deep. Ti e above lots a:e situated In the centre of Yorkrille. :or Beily belotutir.g to tho Leoonnt estate) and no lota have been m Id this season that oSer greater iadnoement* for the investment of capital or inprovement, as the teoond Ave nue Railroad rune by tbis property, and the sslo is to be made w itbout reserve to tho highest bidder. fiOpsrceut oan remain on bond and mortiage for three yeari, at 7 por cent, il desired She title Is unquestionable, and ths lots will be eold free from all incumbrance. Tor further part ouUrs ao ply to ALBERT H. NICOLaY, AuoUoneer, No. 11 Broad gtreot A I.BERT H. N1COLAY. AUCTIONEER -THE ELE J\. gant brown st-one Baalish basement houso and lot 2U0 Wert Twenty second street, at auction ? ALBERT II. N ICC La V trill sell c>n Wednesday . June an, at 12 o'clock, at tbe Merchants' Exchange, withoiA reserve, to tho liinhttt bidder, the new a*d juj^rb English baacmout brown btote house and lot 299 West Twenty second street, built in the very best manner and contains all tho modern im provements. Terms easy, and title pnrfect. For fall)par tleulars see the advertisement In tho Courier A Enquirer. A UC1ION NOTICE ?GREAT SALE OF It AQKIFI ii cent oil palntiiigsi- EUWARb ICilEHCl will soil at auotion on Monday, June 18, at half past 10 o'clock, at bis salesrooms, 10 Wail sUett, a private nailery of modern oil paintings, including some very boautflul specimens of tie Uelfian, English, trench and American schools well wor thy the a'tcntion ot connoiiscuts. (hie collection, made w th great care and at gr<>st exprnoe, lnolndes many pleatdajr landscapes, interiors, sat pieoos, flswer pieoes, pastorals itnd other suojeots of general interest. Toe whelo oi tho paintings are elegantly iramed. Among the collection are some beautiful tpeciinei * or Sthaeffer, Robbo of Brusioia, Feefair, Vcri ot, Jaapere, bo* ilhn^ of Munich, Pilliet Unfea back, Brandeuber^, Rrolees, Btrger, Soldel, Webster. La sclle. Carter, Leslie, thsjer, Wilson, l>?rby and othor oele b: at ed artists. Sale peremptory. Now on view. A UCTION NOTICE -MORTGAGE SALE.? J. W. S'JR A AB1M.YKE, auotionoer, baturday, Juoe 1<>, at 10 o'o.'ock, at the corner of T?stty niath s reet .nJ E eventh avoLue fiormtriy osoupied bv Wniis & Crane; o'>n?iutiu? oi encioe and bailee, shafting, belt lag. vices, lathes, plamag machiacs, drilling uaohiues, blaekanitas* tools, benobes, Ao , Ac , together with ose bnrte and harness. LEONARD A liuFs RAN. attornet s tor Mortgagee. A UCTlON NO. IC1. -JOHN HoUOH. JR.. Al'CMON X JL ecr.? i'erempiory ealu of rioh aud oustly household turUture, piscctortc, 1'ieneh plate pier tm<l oral mirror., velvet an <1 bros/eia carpcta, oil paiatiuica, cats* nod etlver warn, to morrow. (Frldet) at IKK o'clock Tuesaleem liruces the en ir<- co> tents of the expensively furnithed resi lience No "<? Hurray street, near C lie^e piaOg, and is posi tive t>. the liJfti e?? bwder The furaiture i4 in excellent oohuitiuii, ??? ?e? mostly firished to order, by belt city maker* A i.?*t liat it bore annexed: ? Twgju?f. ?rnme rosewood sui's. ooveto*. j? a|l? and Viae* and ear VI d; roiewood pianoforta l?i octave of beautiful tone; n*s?lvorosewcod ooo??* la?' t- ire richly inlai* ?hroughaut; royal Il'/Iiiif, retinir. tap??"jr- fc'uesela and iasrai* ?" ? .***?**".* . Enea?? aide and tier table*; he-V m ahog? y.eatanetoa ?..???? Vitb cured 1?;?; rosewood and mahogany beds end*, bureau!, vathatands and earn tablet, mahogany onahtobe* and csne ecat cbaira, lace and muellu window draper?, piir (Hi oval mir-cro, * ownvo coiievnon ot oil paintings >y eminent modern artist*, beautifullv decorated ohina vases, puicouiled hair nia'-tr? ????, French pillows chin* dinner and tea seta, toilet acta. ormolu and inlaid el<>o*?. silver tcs services, casters, cake basket*, epoona forhr Ac.; porcelain painting*, dec aratod window shades, cut glass ware, irory outltry, ac. Sale without reiorre. A UCTION NOTICE ? TH? SUBSCRIBER H ILL THIS J\. day improve his au tirn roon. re arraaze goods, Ac. 1'ierivna to makicg cut cata'ogue tor the printer, he dt sires rartiee wlstiag to convert personal property into oash to tend. Next ealeon Saturday next, at id o'cloik. TUNIS MOKBELL Auctioneer, 81 Huaailtwti. A UCTION NOTICE.? JOSEPH L SMITH, AUCTION* A eer. will aell thie day Thursday, at 10>4 o'elook A. M.. at 76 franklin street near Broadway, a large assortment of kitobea, parlor and bedroom turniturc; also, one ros>wo. d piano OOti yarda Bmesels aid Ingram carpets, mosa o and velvet ruca, Ac., all ia excellent crder. 'lhesala will be po eitit e ana without limit. Auction notici.-by edward scqence? on Fridf y. Jane 1.5. at 10)4 o'clock, at 1C Wall street, will be contmuid and cised, the balaace of those tine old wines and nrandies, from an importer about retiring from business. Otaid and ilennesjy L D brandies champagne; do. cognao, U06: Illaokbtirn Madeira, Gonzales and Duboso sherry; Amontillado do; Hunt's port, ran, Ao. All will ba warrant ed ai.d at represented. Auction roti ? e.? tiios. bei.l, auctioneer.? By BELL A BUSH. this day, at ll>K o'olock. in oar salerooms, 12 North William street, wa will sell a valuable assortment of good furniture and housekeeping articles of all descriptions; also, dry good*, table cutlfry and taaev goods, ilibw cases, counter*, olethlag: 17 beautiful olook?; 10 sofas; 9 bureaus, tables, bar roam chairs, Ac.; SO bocas prima **RMS. Auction notice ? thos. bell, auctioneer.? By BELL A Bt;8U, Iriday, at Ifck o'clock, m our saw rooms. by virtue of a mortgage, will bo aold, the entire fur - niture ot a family, comprising everything uaetul aad valu able in the line, deposits required, rar'ioulars on moca lng cf sa a . Auction notice.? w. a. carter, auctioneer, will sell, this (Thursday) looming, at 10 o'olock. at No. >0 Cretnwich street, an Invoice of fresh drugs, assorted; a so n nuantity pt Toceries, wlnea, fruits, eheeee, flour, Ac., fcr scoount ot cbnceTLed^ A VCTION NOTICE.? J. BOGART. AUCTIONEER ? J\ By 8 BOGART, this day, at luk o'clock, at the auction re oui, corner of Frankfort and William; streets, constable's ? ale of 1?S stone butter pots, crockery . Ae. a. NEdBIT, Constable. Auction notice? j. bogart, auctioneer.? By s. BCGART, tbls day, at luS o'clock, at the auction roon, comer of Frank 'ort and William streets, one maho gany cabinet maker's work teLoh. lot of now furniture, Ac. CIIAS, W. KRUGER, Constable. Ul'TlON NOTICE.? J. BOGART, AUCTIONEER.? B, 8. BOGART, t' is day. at lUUo'oloek, at theauctioa A. . . w rocms, corner ol Frankfort and William streets, genteel household lnrnitnre, from a family, stflts, tablet, caneseat snd mahogany ohalrt, roekor?, carpets, ki chen faruiture; Siito large offloe desks, mahogany bureaus; also street lamp, about TOO feet of fas pipe, Ao. Auction sale -on tridat, junk is, a large and peremptory sale of laabionable ready made cloth ing. counting of black, claret and brown frock ocats. Freneh cloth, rich silk trimmlsgs; a\>o, alpacea, Unen and business coats, casisiiiieis, linen anu drab d'ete pau' akons, a variety of vests, brosdcloU and casrimerea ahict col. are, white ana striped sMris, maj? np aaptesaly for the Ca ifornU trade, bsde at 10J^ o'clock. Terms oftah. in bankable money. GEO. LEVIS, Auctioneer. ASSIGNEE'S S&I.E? AUCTION NOTICE ? SDWaRD A ft ENCK. will ? ell at auotlon, this day, June 14, a ? 10>^ o'clock, at his tale rooms, *0 Wall stroet, by order of tbc a or 'erdid collection cf diamonds, watches and jewelry, corslstirg ol Ul carat bold hunMng chronometers, by I'rench, Koulat, Bently atvd Back; patent aad detaebed levers, by Jchaaot. Cross ell, lent and looms; ladies' flue enamel and cismond watcbos, vary flao single stcne and cluster dli?ot.d rinjt?, pins. stu4s aad braoeW ts; fine mo sale studa. sleeve buttooa, piue, earrings and bracelets: flue oryx earring*, pins sad sleeve luttois; fin* gold l?ekets, ^ins, eairiags, biaociatr, rings, vest aad goli chain*, ksya, ( 1 R. MILLER A CO., AUCTIONEERS, VU.L SELL, Vv ? at pmkllo aaotMfn, at the Meiebaatc' Exehaage, on D'UiSfa}. Jane 14, UCS, at 12 o'clock, oca house aaa lot, situated at tbn terminus ol I I* Won avenue and its jaection with the Brooklyn and Jamaica blank road, tMt fee* York, three story frame buiidisg with f?rg- stor-j oa Hot flo r. A1 so, fin h'niaee adjeialag, 20x^5 each, fronting on fttv alon aveene and plank road 7 hi location o) tbla property Is n^rirajied Trrna liberal, and sal* will be peiomptoty For fn'l rartienlar:' apply tc \) R. MIlI.EK A Ots . Auotioneeia, 116 tr<adway : or to I' H KtlO E?| , EiitXfn Vork. Grocery at auction? this day, at mi o'clock, the r? ore 21 Caat Twelfth street, iearavenn? !?. i mi i*o? in a s*ne<ai assortment ol greoeries 'orether with the etere Ox 'tire* Terme caah, and a deposit will b rt'iuir. it from each buyer, sad the gc^ds removed inmrdl a i >Iy after t>.* sale W.JK 9TEVHN8 A Oo . AaoVrs. /"IIOROE Cl'OE, AUCTIONEER.? ELEGANT FURNI \JT tins, pier and mantel g'atses, oil pslntinM*. rioh china ?i d silv?r ware - Te m?troa, It'dav, at l?>| ?'clo?ij, as the nalis roi ma, .'VI Broadwav ixmrr ct D' aoe street, ai tensive aa?(rtm"at of rteewood, mahogany wataut ar i oak luraiinro, eeaalatiag ol vtry sutwrroierrod parlor fural ture, tn suite, in ticb satla breoatcl ard other taa1itonkb!? of.vrrirgn; rich carved roaewotd etegorea *e?rel?rl?a book il ca, nirn r front w*rdtob?s. marble t?p tables o'evi-rr varl*ty of t ti lo and fml-b. elegant rniewood end mahogany tx-daUads of L>nis XIV and t. Ii<?vethaa stales baeetiH, wnsliFtsnds, wsrerebes. custom mad* axten?lja dlnlnt ts bVs dlnie* roi m tluir>, l^nnsea rrfae tete a fetos, arm elalr*. rooVtr . Ii*<r'resse* palliates Ac Alan, at I.' o'clock, a large le vol?e of superior oft faintmifc r1" irsu'el g'amea. r'eh dece-atod ehlnit ware st'T?rel?t?I aaie, tabla tut ety, Ac. Catalogues on the mrrclng e. sale. /"t HO( ER1R?. l'?AC0E\ TflCI t}, CHAM TJI f ?"?, eroft?rv ? Fi :d?? Juee Ift, )flj< I'eleot, at S/ Ifj hm? crtet ot firrorwicb., teas, c If ?, eli >e.? ? ?? a- a ? clicrae. ni'tn.e s ir > itard, p- one , trntvei tana. I to t?ls> scale ?. **r?r?, tebatsa. ilqtiort. Bie? rtat pau*ra>, ratialoon >tiff , clonk.", dc. W. A. (:ARTER. An# loner. Bt L&i Af ABOTIO*. KY A. Lfc*l?9, nrc-flosREfc-BY a U liE CDS A tO.?l hurray June 14, ?> II o'eloek. aitta* ?>?<?? i 6B. Ntuu a'reet, l?ri? eatc ?( wines, kid real ??mat ed imocrud li?u> acd Prtscpe kcui tbe impjrta tlsnuf ot.e ?f lb inl h?tu> ? in '.be city T%s win** are si? of a buth order. Ml warranted la t'trj t?.- ;*c pore ?o0 genulnr in quantities >o ?ni* purebeeors reneUiio^ of t!W? Mltit cheavatne. f?*) ftuzlr pert to bottle*. <r -m tit* ) t*ee ot IHes A Co . oti'portai Oieroeo sherry la bct'l**, li'V tbe tvuic ot Gotii&lsa A Dnfcosa, af Aero*; Peruaitm 1 1-trf I f , fmtwjm e* ajn?*tiUaoo, Gould A Co., a?A Hasten A < o ; c.i<? south aido Madeira in casks atd dstujohns rl*r?t, boek aid eau'ern* af fit at ta<* i?W>; ch?-?e oid r<>nac Irm.dt, or ma/d, Hsn???y. "d e'her Urnrita I r mo*, af * iutikf* f***"" i3u?? to i(UU. Obi** br 4* sd old Jametoa TKW . ^ j aSf? ia *ta l^ndoa d-oks andtui to fcolng in i?Ttid, ti'd set enrp***cd by any in <hl< sountry; caper .i?*a pollard, Son*. dim ?ia, onnvilied for purity and delicacy, ?itb other choice wlaea, Ao, sold to ci?*e up srirmtnt. Alto 111 iAOvarj aoperlor iapor<ed 8i?ui and Prfarlce aasar*. ftom ore ?l' the flrs*. importing houses ia this oity, oc-! autlng at 0.0W) oar ot* 4,500 sultaaos, 8,000 plantation, 12 MO tl d'lerie. 12.C0U sultae* in 110 4; fill TOO retailer** 14,500 plaatatun, 1,000 al dslcrio ta 110, with vtl.rr brands, all warrantedgeauiee, tad innb at are seldom offered a* auoticn Tbsy mo *?ld to olns* consignments. Ocly can be e*?alned on tta aorumi of tale lr'th gilt*. Al>o S? ?c<*ve?, 20 gallon* oaob, *ery fine old I,'>v d.n dook trendy, under Custom House look, d iti a p?td or orptiri. so'd to pay charge* of e?neignees; l.Vt Baa Ana tr'ar t??li> claret, C i.ateto, Mar^aox^ i.aflue, Si. J alien. Jc,?l<in baud. S*l* wthout re?crra. HENRY U. l.IEDB, AUCTIONEER -BY H. II LEEDS A CO.. ob Thursday. Jnne 14. a*. twelve o'oloik, in front oi the euro. ID >txtu atiaet, a etyllah pair of biy ooaoh here*. 1C hands high; cold tor want o> use for tbain: to ba wen at 14 Fast bixtaoatb atroet; alao, two aarriagea. If not told at private a?J*; a ab>f(iag top barouobe, two attain, raada by W ood A '!? tnHnton, of the latoac aattera, ia flrac rat* or dir. and Lut liule v^*4; alao, a donblo li.iht barnea*; a beai tilui pair or iron ?ray carnara bortoa. aix yeara old. itH( band* hlpb. a'yhah criTers, -oarrauUd aotind and kind ia ail l.aroeaa; oan he aoot and triad by laquirinx at IHt) Oh?i*to t'lir attest alao, tbe oomplot* saddlery, lioanlnn, Ao , l>* h ngiii# to tbe lat* Henry M W? >tern E?<|., General Judge AUiocata of Gvnnal Waid'a ctaff; poaitirely without r* *<rv*. Henry ii. i.ekds. auctioneer, at il u. lesds A Co., triday, Jnn* 16. at 10>j o'clook. at No. 1 l.ait iOd Mrtit, 2d door frm 5th aTouue. Llenant bon?*hoid furniture, |rop?r y of a fatoily remuving to ttu> country, coniiatiag of ?u|><rb furniture, nearly all now, *li : riolivei T?t carpet*, pier Kla>a?a, ohandelter, rosewood parlor ?uitra. rrench atyl*. covered in purple aad iold with fr o K*?, auii* in rich modal Hon tapoatry, auie in orimwa ani Vi hi' o aatiu damaak, rorewooa ?teAer?a, now atyle. with cai opjr, boia da roaa lady 'a aeoret ary. centra etemr* in b^i* do iota aad noaaie; a beautiful obaffonlere ia boia de ro ? and ormolu, elegant reception ehaira and faotrnlla corored In hrcaul all*, carved roaewood contra table*, *ewing cbaira, carved marble tup centra talilaa, large marble vaiea, rooowood carved ladlM' Mcrotary, earvoil rosewood pa iot tul, broiitu t^uraa, Ao, timing room? Baautifnl carved l uck walnnt buffet, do ax tauaion table, diniog room fur niture oovirrd In red*, worsted damask window cartaiua and lat.- nnder do, a complete aaaortaent of elegant oat glaK* cbinnavd plated ware, Ao , relret carpet* Bel tocnis? High top oarved toeewoed French bedttead*, pal liafata and mattrcaica, roeenood dretelng bureau i, lined aaticwood cabinet. Huffed ro*ewood ohairu, eov<red in ailk; Tuikey rt d curtain*, French carved high back mahogany bedttead, pitlowaxad aattreaie*. couch onaira, arm do, co- ! vorcd de, bedroom auita in crimaon. wonted, daoutik, laws, a largo arm oh air. fautenil, carpet*, booaeaaat, bedroom cottage furniture, in black and geld earvtd high back, dreaj I urciiua, centre tab'ea and cbair* te ma'eb, very e'e^ant maiiogany bureau lined with tatin wood, and other oiegaot fi>rtiture, Sale witlout rerctve, and can be examtie I on tbe iconing of aale. Every artiole ia of tbe riohest d esc rip - tir.n. Alao, an elegant roaewood piano forte, made by Wa. Ilall A Bona, ooat *150. Henry b. hfrts, jr, AuciroK*Ea-uousE hold furniture, tanoy good*, Ao.? On Thnriday, June 14, at lt'% o'olook. at tbe atore Mo 5K Pin* streut, an ol* gai?t aatottmeut ol furniture, bed*, beddiac, oil painting*, engraving*, ohlna and fanoy geeda, comprising ia part.ofa*. cliairs, rocker* Ao , in roaewood nnd mahogany, ooversi vith bair clntn and brocade; mahogany badsteada, centra, aide and dining tablra bureau*, waahatand*, do.; elegant c; * tape auita, tn oak and enamoUodi gilt irarna mirrors, splendid oil f-aiatina and tngravin^, window curtains nnd cornices, l>r?sden china vaaet tea aota and oroomenta; ail Tor plated cake baskets, casters, cup*, (Boon*, fork*, Ao.; brotite and otinoln ornatnentt, olooks with a great variaty of other good*. Salejiosltive. Term* oaih. Henry b. berts, jr., auctioneer-on friday, 16th, at 10 >4 o'clock, at store No. 5>? Pine street, diamond jewelry, watchea, Ac., consisting of nold and oilvor wsiciies, in great variety, diamond rings, pins, earringi. ?leete button*, studs, ri- gt, pint, brooches, 'fob and guard chtint, Ac. Sale positive. eOlSEBOLO FURNITURE AT AUCTION.? A. H. CHlt'lAl. &R, Anotianbcr, will sell oa ibis dav, June II at 110 Nortclk street, all the furniture oontalned in sail bouse, entrusting of parlor chain, aofas. rooking chairs, piano, looking (ifasse* carpets bureaus, belaieadt, dining, u. litre aco card table*, wa-hstands, ouitain* nnd blind*, pictures, eil paintings, Ao , Ao. JAWffi B. MILLER WILL HOLD HIS ANNUAl. SALE o* h! od cat?l<), on Thureda) , Juno 14, 1855, at VI o'cl >ck, on the tnrtn of Jnmes liathgate. ksq , otie mile from Ford ham. and fourteen miles <r?m the city of New fork by the liitilec. Railroad, otmprieiog *h< rt horn*, I>urnam Ayr shire*, and Am*tet4am liutob. JOSEPH 1IEGEMAN, AUCTIONEER.? FlilB A V, JUKE 15, at In o'clock A. B., at tbe Central ^ales ro^ms at thfl c> mer ct Wil.ou^hhy and Poarl street*, Brooklyn, lariotaleot new and e'oond hand fnrnitura, comprli n< ia pirt, onf set of rtchly caevcd rosewAod parlor fiirc:tur-j in crimson patin brocatel, snfas, teto a tetee, Ivncgc* r.?eaer?i chairs pst. nt'irti and other tabl<*? drcasinj bnrean?J.??IfJj> tta-.ds !*r;o i niubur koa-cs, 20 paUtoaee*, mattre?se?, tc?tcerrntie(J^ turce.piy fcn(i iu^rain In 1. lamps _ Ao. India matting. o'clock I*, cupetf, oiiClotM; furi-iture, settees, armchair*, tables, ? tyv~ i o'clock P. M.? fi racc lint of the l.adies' Indus trial Aiscciation, 21 dm. hickory *hirt?, 15 dot overalls 12 dtx Canton flauLel shim, S dot lid llauiiol shirti, a dox nutrw. Thsse goods are made in the best manner. Also, M 1 o'clock P M., ot-el nxsy *sgon, set of tingle harnsaa, '*u patert ool'>ars, bnifolo rose, wool car? lag* mats, Ao. Cat* tgnea on Ihuraday afturneoi. JOtiM FI&TtBLATT AUCTIONEER ?ASSIGNEE'S ! bale at Its") l eail stroei.? Will se'l on Vfednciday, June a<. a 10 o'clock, 5 lipea utard brandy, 1 oak do ; 1 c<i*k ibetiy iraiidy, 4 cask* An.onta and Madeira wines 100 laeVetj cLani|*gne, alao I burgio; 100 catka brewu stmt and lidisn ate; by order of assignee Term*, 1 montht over $K4.- Also 1 bay hort* Uy order oi JAMEa JOUrs SON, AsiUne*. 1 I UN FI5HBLA1T, AUCTIONEER, fi8 WILLIAM tl afreet., oomercf Cedar, will tell on Monday, Jun? 18, at 10 o'clock, ft lot ot flea >eg:.rt : M) 000 Lft Fanna 110, 000 foiuwift. ?5.0*0 londort ai/.e, Emulation; ?K0f(/ Rcgaline, a.100 El Koaalia Frolft. <0,000 do. do., rtry ohoico La Pa till, do. do. 100,000 choice itgui. T MOR1ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SBLt, TUI3 O . day. ftt 11 ?'clock, at 178 Chatham aquare, ? large and gen ral assortment o' every detotiptlon of rural tare, fnm taui'ica foitg to the country; alio, from a boarding home, ? good aeaertmant, among whieli ftre some good eu. p.'ta featherjbeda, mattreiEoe, Ao. TUo aale will commence on the at net. Large sale or diamonds and gold jewelry ? J. L. V AND* WaTLR will ae 11, on Thie dfty, June 14, at lUJj o'clock, ftt tho nnlfKroom 12 Maiden lane, ft lar<? end ricti fteeor>meiit of diamond auitea, onuaisting of brooch and earring*, In eaaae; a large variety of aiarle itone and cluatcr diamond finger risga and br<iaatPiu?, atuda, earrlog*, Ac.; a Art ftaaortm?i.t of 18 carat gold oaacd wa'.ohea; la diet' enamelled independent aeconda ohronometera. pa *nt lever*, all made tiy tho moat celebrated m?kera, and ftfforda ft fine opportunity for thoto la watt to oooure a good watoh at a low price. Alao Imported 18 earat gold auitea, act with inceaie, eaaeo, opal, lara, coral. Ac. ; flue (old foe. guard aid veat obalna; aeai and finger ring* of eaery variety, gold {ons and pencil cum, bracelet*, broochea, oraaaae, alo?\-e ut'ona, atuca, locketa. aoala, key*, Ac ; aitver knivea, fork* and apoona, at caaaa; aleer napkina ia jpii The whole to lerold peremptory tOcloae the atoek of a Philadelphia Jab ber and importer- Goods aour oa exhibition. SIMEON DRAPER WILL SELL ON THURSDAY, June 2lat, ftt 12% o'elok, at the Merchant*' kix chaige, at auotloa, S)MO,OU) seven per aent flrat m ;ru-ago convertible bonda cttha IMlawajra, Lackawaoaand w??t ?in Railroad Company, due 1876. lntoreat paiable April lat ?'d??'olw lat. in New York, #1,000 and $A0o. Theae bond* ?ra part of SI .000,000 lamed to coaapVeta the Kaatera d'vtatoa o'jtbe road, which will be opened e*rl> In tha?u>utagan-unia for the traoait of coal from tbe Wyoming and Ijaoktwit* districts to Mew York. An adequate clniln - fond li pro Tided for the liquidation of thi* loan ahuuld tlio prtrlU/o of oonvtrslon iato atoek, aot be availed of. Faithsr parfi culars can bo had at the otttre of tbe company, 40 M all atieet, or at 8. Draper' a, to Pine atreet. SHERIFFS SALE-1UIS DAV, MTH OF JUNE, AT 10 ; A.M., at 70 Karclav atreet in the baaemeut, the atook c l a paint I tore, cons' it it>? of paiuta, d'y and ground ia o|>, a large quantity of (.hineae litevre, biaanoa of all kinda and lint, oil and Iftrge and an: all eU caaa, Ao., Ac., Aa. TOGROCIRS, AC.-JCHN W BUMIEIMDTKE. AUn tionetr, store lit' Centre atre-'t, crrntr of franklin. Kill *?11 on Friday, June IS byriituaiif an execution, at 10)f o'clock, at tlic store, alot or butter lu too* and flrkiaa, t'ojea aoap; alaa a lot of maccaroni ard vermicelli. John W. BOX RR1N DIKE, OmMlt. 117 9. MELLOR, ADCJ IONEKR ? BV HOUGHTON A T? . Mkl.l Ok, thia day. Ttnrday, at o'clock, at No. Ill Nathan atreet, auperior madu cabinet farnitura, i tverai richly orcameated franui Ftonch pla-e pier mirrors Ao. ; fnrsitar* eonaiata of a large aa?ottm?a- nt ouaiom made ttitiltnrt. auoh aa can be relUd upon; aereral modfttfoa I ack rof rwood pailor auita, oo Tared in < oatly Urooad* bra oatel; rich pin in aad hair oioth centra < ablet: riohly oarrod ?tOHtTea. Ac.; aolid roaeweod ehaab?r furniture, iaaalta U oalcb; j ohl? deoorated and enamelled chamber eulte with marble top* aad plain; boefcoa? a, wardrobe*, aeeretarl i, aide aad pier tall**, torpral doior can* aoat chair* maho iiaay parlor and rocking ehaira, eaay aad VoUair- do , rioh ly carred oak, mahogaay ard walnut extsaaiou dining tablet, li feet lorg; f reach aad Oethle bedataadi, ia gr><at Tarkty; with a large variety or madlua claaa rtiraltam, rifaa, iousgea, lounge lad*, mattrcraea, Ac., wall worthy the fttteut on of the trade aad ocuttry merehaa'a. Caaa logm* oa th* morning of *ala. Good* can ?? packed fat li.iptipgon tho pn-mieeo. WP. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER -BY m.UOUTO* A ' ? ME1.L4?R ? l'iaoof?rtea nt auction, thia day, Thura day, at 12 o'clock, at 113 N?*aao aweet, eight an pert or toned I t;V ?od 7 octave ?iaootort*a, all ?t whteh are warranted, i and wurtfy tbe fttteaUoa ot th* trad* aad othara la waal Ot g"od ln*trug.enta. WILLIAM T. BOY D, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 77 NA?" aau a'rret.? Groneri atoek, flxtaro* aad leaaa at aoc 10a. oa rriday, Jane 15, in-t at 412 Tbirl atenue at 10>( o'clock the atoek ftad leaae of the abore atora, oon?i?tlag ot Leuaual Tartety of tea*, *??ara, aptow meata ?andlea, icai'f fancy ware* pierW*. Ac., ompridag a complete a* ortment, alao. avaluaMo lt ve of tbe ?Uliji imlra, to let which r?dno<a tbor'at of tha atore to V par m-nth. A fo. borae, cart and barntaa. WUtn OKI. It US UM'.ED STATE!) MAIL B?.XK?.-Fi>ST OFriCI, Ne? York, J iu* Plo, ItW ? Tha r*oet Maatar Goaerai baling autliciliod a laigo ltorear* ia tha number of boiea f tati. nao throughout ti.e city, lot too reeeptloa ot letter* to be lorwaided <n ?be mail* or dnll ored in tbe cltj ; tad har a# al*o iircr.tei aucb bo?*? be opened aad their ?oa t?nta Irtught to 'l>i#oAnr four tinieeaaay; and '.he? tne d^Mvrt b> carriara ot rjul and cite loiter*, aba',1 h" at i**?t ti re* Ma.** a ( av ineverv a>*rt of abe citr a^cth ? i ftf tj tcur'h ?t?eot: Aitioe n> l?*ro?j fti.'ca t? porioc d<>aiiing ?o l.avc b< **? ata tomd a' tne-r pin ?? of bneineai, for tue ?roi n tin (iatlcn ?>t ibelr cuat- mere a < r*Uhb ?t?, ft* *p > iicttlor.a t l.frtfi.r "h'.o d to addrraacd^ in wriMw, to NEI. >t,s' 1 t* A i f i' IH K r , Ah' i ttanv l'o-tmtvator, oo or boToft >o With i'?t <>' J"?a ita'an* ^o r< iri < n a<(i n I* t elo l? r 'h? of tnl for tho BKrn all-in 0' 'N pat.I'H a Hat or t?o piac? at which 'hey wo ?'allot ed atil b< i Tib.i'lied ia a>l tre "oily paper*, lu i.< cat* will a I, t* placed n ar * a^era a' which an r o'tiar - r I- k*i t 'er tho irerptioa ot lattera ?<> So a?nt bv tlia J* i r do.herrd tn tli- eit.' IfrAat: t. FoWl FR, PoeteAatar. RljliltKUA U IL.iftfcOJ.-* F naVI. A MPLBtg DID StOOA 0t 11 tl.' IB*, will / artl*. tia'* at %i?o<irn bed?, a!?o it iard l.a lx, et??, til >e bU<< pool, tillMard o'oati* ic fsot tfry ar cli In *b< tta'o ' a o-r a*al oh '#/ than ar ?. a lit <'-tti'i.aiiP *?"? In 'bo Dulxd t'ati^ l.gOsiAf't t LkNJAW'.h, h'ftfceat *t?mion ta .'far , '<34 iU">adway ttOAJHUDfHO aii< LOOMNtt. rv eft bm a i>w * V.-? bamdwmelV ro*A laHEO I Oct s?Ue u' rtodU to let, o* firs* ul t*o>ed flcort, with m witkoitkul . t* the Bbi>ve ItM ?Imi hoase. 338. 204 'in It FOURTH STRUT? ELEGANTLY rUKNlSltKD 0 I O M'utnMti co let, wish or wliloit board. u ??>u? men as d t; ut wi?ee,ortAe<nglo feentleme*, with e>ery?>. ce?ibodnlio? a* v? comfort, i? Modern iaiprev?uient?. 1 tench and Spanish epcken. Roioitnsea sxohen?ed. GREENWICH STREET.-A t'EW UInTLIVEW ,?,J can be I'cm modal ed with toar i kid pleasant room. A. 10. a lorre parlor to lot u tturoiehed, U A lady and ge? utn?, wits beard. it do? i rod. Terms moderate, to perma nent boarders, And re.eieecos required . ctr Q GVEENE PTRBET-PLEASANT Rt?PM TO LET. Zt>?' with Iwt d, In a bonio with All th? modern improve memo; the looation to delightful, being near I bo puk, throe dcors riom Eighth itr?l SiCOND AVEAUF, ONE DOOR BELOW TH1R teenth street. ? A small private family, wit hoot ebiloreu cr beard*'*, wil. r m a few handsomely fcraithed r. ?<?!!.? to gtntlenen only The boaoe bm oil to* modern eotiverietioes, And i? a K deeirably lecntej. Reference* *?cb*nged. 170 WEfeT TWENTY THIRD STREET. ? flFRWSHED II A rooms to lot to gentlemen, with breatfaaa and tea, in A small rrivnte tsmli; ; else mite 01 unfurnished riomi.on the oecoud floor, to let, on moderate terms, to a re*?votai><4 gentleman end wife, with privilege in tbe kite hen The boas* bAO all the modern imf rovemeata, end the loca'.ea noit dseirabie. mWEST THIRTY-EIGHTH ITREET. SECOND houte east 01 fcighth a?eaao. ? Two or three 00m lottably lttruiobod rooms to let ?o gentlemen, without boar i, consisting of two ob oocoLd floor, connecting, And one 01 thira floor, front, with lsr*e pantrir*; the house ha* the modtrn improvement*; family strietlj private; no ohlldroa; ?Tory a tentioA paid to comfort. Term* moderate. -1 C 7 BLEECEER STREET. 0PP03ITE DfcPAU ROW IO I ? The Above flrot class house, repie*e with improve menu, ia now ready Or the reeeptioa or boardete Families dashing delightful apartments separately or in suite will find aoperior accommodation* Ale# fine rooms, with hoard. At i& Grove s treat, ne?r Bleeeker. WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET? A SECOND floor. unfurnUhod, with got d board and attendance; tew house, with modem improvemonU, pleat; of pantrie* and oloseto. Ibe room* oonsist of two aulti; would be die cooed of separAtely or together; location de>iraole; private family. The comforts of a hone affordod, and term* mode rote to a permanent party. Dinner hour arranged to enit. Betennce* txohangeo. WAV 2 R LEY PLACE, THIRD DOOR WEST OF Washington park.? A lew desirable room* oba be had, with board, by making immediate appllsatloa. House first ela** Term* moderate. Loeatioa one of the moot de lightful in the city. TfkC WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, APARTMENTS lUW in tnite or tingle mmf be obtained by a few aeleot familie* or baehelor*, who are willing to pay liberal for the beat of acc. mmodatioa. Q1 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR BROAD t/X way.? A few alBiie genilemeA' Al*o, a ceatienan and wile, can obtAin detirabie aoooamodAtlen*, with tail or par tiA] board; IooaUoa very deeirAble; hatha And gai. Prioe moderate. Q1 EAST 261 U STREET-ROOMS, SINGLE OR EN VI. auit?. with or wit hout board. Location very deeira ble, being a tew doot* from Lexington aroauo. 189 105 OO AHllY STREET.? A I EW BEAUTIFUL ROOKS UU to let, with or without partial board, namely, one large elegant li fuitiehed book pallor on fir?t floor, broad piazta. good yard; al?o ico nd floor, trout parlor AAd bed room. Urge pantries ; Alto on (bird floor, three good room*. Price moderate. Reterenee required. Bath AAd ga* 1a the houte. fif\ AND 6S VARICK STEET-&T. JOHN'S PARK, A UU handsomely furnished suit of room*, with private latb, Ao. attached, to let, with board, to A gentleman and hi* wile, cr tingle gentlemen; alio, two single rooms; first class accommodations. Inquire a* aboie. rO LISPEIi ARD STREET-NEAR BROADWAY; tJU neatly furnichod rooms, on the first and seoond floor, to let, without board. CO BOND STREET.? COMFORTABLY FURNISHED *J suites of rooms to let, with All the modern improve ment*, on the Srst and seoond floors of the above first class dwelling house, with or without breAk!a*t. QQ GEEAT JONES STREET -A PARLOR AND BED OO room, handsomely furnished; also two rooms suita ble for single foctlenen, can be had in the above lint olAts house, on reasonable term*. MCBXXNE STREET, NEAR CANAL.? THREE WE LI' furLiehed rooms, tor single gents, or gentler-*11 and their wives, in a tamil; wheie the comforts of a*?'"* world be realised. Croton and gas ia etch room, w*? rul1 ot partial board; a!*o, a good bath. A LADY RI8IPING ON THE EAST BIDE OF THB city, betwetn L'nion sqtiaro and Twenty ?oerenth otree , voul* rent, with board, a furnirhed room on_ t.u?rcomtort? Any Ud> difpoijd to life rHte-d ^JWl.hftVUertld effloe, for of n heme, would de well to two d^>s. ?? .lii ' "FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, A wv'i small room attach! d, on second floor; will bo let *iib or without board. The hous* is replete witii modern ftp] roveceDts, and desirably located forms moderate. aj ply at 121 Ciosby street, opporite Niblo'o. A LADY OF IlIGn STANDING IN THE CITY, OC cnpylcg a first olass house, wishes to let to tontlemea several bandsornel) furnished rooms, with tLO luxary of a prit ate French table, it requ rod? a very quiet no me for a tor?-i|iBtr ?isliirg to live in good sule. H ui? situated at (jixtoi (lace, near Washington square and Fifth avesuo. Add rose a note to J. M., box 632 Pest office. A GEMLEMAN AND WIFE, OR T?0 YOUNG LA J\ dies cr |:eutlcmin, can be accommodated with foil or psrtiol hoaitl and well lurtisbed rooms Aoi^hborfiood gea ted. DUacr at six e'elook. Apply at 210 West Thirty first street. AFIW NICE FURNISHED ROOMS AND ONE OF ibe f arioxa, with wbolo or partial board for single or msrrled gent.Vmen, at IS Rivington strsot, near the Botrery. Cars and <tA!.*s pass the door every three minutes. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, AND ONS OR TWO il tingle gentlemen at 124 littuy itrict. tingle gentlemen, can obtain board with ploasaat io>mi A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE, OR SINGLE UEVTIE iV men can be aeconjm?datod with pleasant rioms, with board, at Wott Iwcntyitcond street. I'be houoecsatains the modern improvements and 11 convenient to oar* and ?tS,.<8. . . -i ;o> t> 1 - I.) ? A PRIVATE FAMILY, HATING A FEW BOOMS To XjL spare, would accommodate a gentleman and hi? wire, or a couple of lingl" gentlemen, with beard, either fall or par tial; dinner hour made apretatle. Theh u?o f as l>een newly fainted ai.d furnished througnout. hih-twei exchanged. t quire at 143 W eat Twenty second (tract. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILT W< ULD LIT TO TWO or three (ingle gentlemen only, furnished rooms with bi>akfast and tea, or famished rooms without board The house Is in a pleasant and quiet neigibomood of the Ninth ward, and baa gas, bathroom, Ac ; stace* pass every four minutes Gentlemen who wiah an agroeable homo, and one iar different from an ordinary hoarding house, will please at ilress Itio, Herald offl is. stating wtiei o a* interview may bo had, and will be immediately eallaJi upon. Turns made satisfactory. References glvea and required. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN required, would let a tew tnruiahed rooms, with full or partial board. The home ia pleasa tl> located, haa gaa, bath, Ac. A iply at 14ft West Twenty second street be t? sen Sixth and beventh avenues References exchanged. APARTMENTS- AT ? WASHINGTON PLACE, DS taeen Broadway and the Paik. A private tub's will be given, il dr sired. A LADY WISM1S A FURNISHED ROOM. TO DE OC oi-pied only a few hours in the day. References ex chapped. Address C., liiion square Poat Office. Answer tcr two daya. A FEW SELECT BOARCER8 MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, J\ furnished or untarnished with or without board with a private family, in a rew brown stone homo containing all tlu modern improvements. Apply at 144 East Thiiteenth it roei, between Second and Third aveaues. Kelereaaes ex changed. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE iV gentlemen, or two ladios can be accommodated with b< srd ib a private family, on moderate terms For particn lsrs apply at 21 Carmins atreot, or inquire of Carroll, 34 Liberty street. A LADY RESIDING IN TBE COUNTRY, A SHORT dlstatce i rum the rity, wiahes to take one or two an all chilorta te board; term* moderate. Inquiro at 114 White street. A SPLENDID FURNISHED ROOM, WITH ONE OR two bedrooms altaehee, te let to slnsle gentlemen, la a private house, with all the modern improvements. Apply at 96 i'riLce atreet a lew doors west of Broadway. Board.- sin glr gentlemen will find good ace< mmodation at S3 Forwth street, near Walker; sia g)? or double bads, according to prion Respectable meoha i. is s< d others wist lag oleau. airy and comtortao.e room*, will (no this eligible. Terms m*ae rea^oi ablo BOARD-TO LET, TO A GENTLEMAN AND UIS wtte. a handsomely furnished parlor aad extension room. The famil] oon .ia's of two irown persons. House pleasaxtly located on ear aad state route tip town. Best reference girea aid required. Address R. G. D., Herald c&ce. I T)OA RD? W ITH ROOMS, MAY BE HAD IN A FIRST At cia*e liouie up town, west of and nosr Broadway, r*7(ngej? viaitisg tin oiu will find this a desirable real "<f ti. Apply at 132 Math street. Reference* exobaagad. 1 j OARD ?A DANDfOMB SUirtOf ROOMS TO LET. U tiutiabed or aafutkubed, w ita fall or partial board, id a Pr>t tlass neuae. with all the modern improvemanta; alse, a > is t.le >toui aad a Haienett, suitable fir a phisleiaa'a af m1 darrte. AprJy at 7U West Twenty third s'rrot. Ne/rierpep exchanged. BOaHD-A Il.If> DbOVLLY FURMSoTd SECOND aurv f re lit room, witli gaa and nath reom, aad partial teard, to Jet io one a* l*e gentlemen, la a private taiailr, t> r tl'J per week. Beautiful and aecasaible location above *emth ure-jt. Addrtes Ctsri'y , Uicadwny t osttrfles. BOAkD.~A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A Lift rnt ai, with paitiai board, in a private fhmllr where u e < oir !er i oi a Lfu.c may be eiijotcd; houa* modern, cea veMrM to tht oais aid stages. Apply at No. 8 Warren place Ibsrlcft rtreot. CARD -FLRMSBED ROt>MS TO 1 ET. WITH FULL > or ja-tla. t>oard, to a gep'l-maa and his wife or a partjr 0 fliifle (Ci tlatucn lh' b<inae Is delightrnllj sitiiated ov erleme li.g t/e I'a/k on Union anuaie. !<trn*gere visi.iag ti e city eat. Hid an aiteeebie home and good ae-omm >da tiraa. A) pi) at 22 t;iiior. place TjrOAUD? A CRN TL* MAN AND WirE CAN BR AC i J iin a.eaaUd ??th full or partial ooord. and 'nrulshftd rii t am adjoin' ni/ b^deooin ?in tho saoad dcrv, with km, b? Hi. Ar.. and ?v?ry eomlort, in r- small fa nlly. wi iiont c> i drvn and no ether t'ercera. Apply at 90 I rankiin street, l<'w-en Broadway and t ht.reh etreet. ^ B(iA h |i. ? A I APT CAN BE ACCOMMODATE O WITH t.oird aiid a "u I 1 lVrriahod toom. Apply at !W tin Ktta'rctt. BTAPD-A WIDOW I APT, fcESlDINO ALONE. IN A ir?ir*d location, who lor yearn l>ar bceo aocuitemod to 11, r requir wer ? ul tl i cick, woo'il acooniniod?v? a lady ??'hN?r<l, rur ins ami laA il ful atta-ndacr*. >re?l uh to and ?il rlrg ccnf ncl. tnt. Add/ess A ft. and, l/ann (qnare l'ett ? flip*. i" OA f D ? A VX RV LAP1E " Olf I 111 ?D R'lilM TO 1 |. . ?l h w ard in a ptivs o borne, eauaMn f.f a r*atlo r pi i nd bin a I a. as Uire? 'tfsti > oomt koo'iema-*- a alagle rii rt. ; . -it , i ?< a- 4 bate ia alia hm-H. A pal / at f?e. H Wiar/i atic**, ?w? dtora frvm 1 1- J t-ha'a i'ara. tiK tlMi h i?Wn?f m?; be bid. rtieet, itar fludatn, cppvaite Un*a? iin*i pu*. B 0 ?r* S ft. rB ?* f 4 raK| ^ rt? ' Tmt Ill^,8f ?SO?IK SUITE Or '<X>n M tbt IbrilS yJ&.'v*?? *'*?> beard ; al ao a I Jl. ,rigj^i*t.ltoa?5. Apply at * w? BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? a r RANCH LAST, HAT io> * few j leasee i rooum Oarge ud email) naoccapie^ Mold acoomrootf e'e two or tuco gentlemen with it.-tid bcarit, ni and i-etha Included. Refereeoee txohanged. Af ply a> 60 Wills nghby itritt, fourth block from City QlA Board in bkcoelyn? families and single gentlemen cab obtain room*, or aatta of room, fnral* or asMirnlabcd, with transient or permanent board. i? a ??? ligh-fuily aitnated b.nao, with ail IKa modora impreva njrntf and bom* comforts, Apply at 2U6 Washington atreet, near f niton ferry. Term* mo 'erate. Board in Brooklyn.? a few single gkntlr men. alto a gentleman and bit wife, oaa be aoeiaao oated ?i*h cord board til pleaiaat rwat, at S81 FtlMa ?treet. Tanas teaeonable. Board in Brooklyn.? two singli okntuk man or ? n>iried couple, eaa find good board aad airy rooms in a remarka- ly pieasant situation, where cheio are bnt few boatder* taken, only three mlautei' walk froa Fal len tirry, Apply at 4i Blgh atreet, aetr Washington. Board in south brooklyn.-a lady and ork. tiemaa, or two or throe tingle gentlemen, oaa be plaa u>U; aeoemmedatcd with boat or taok aaeoad aWry rooma aad partial b< erJ, with di?aeron Sunday, at 92 West Bal tic street near Clinton. The roomi are large aad airy, with good panirlee, atd well auited for gentlemen friends who wool a loom together. Board in hobokxn.-oni or two gentlemen can be accommodated wlthpltaaant rooms aad partial beard, by appljlag at No. i Franklin Tarraea, Hndjea atreet, a Tew a ianaaa' walk from the ferry. The house baa gaa, batha, Ac. Board at hobokxn ?two furnished rooks, auitabl* for a party of four paraoaa, to lea, with or with out beard, la an American family, li?ing within (Ire min lies' walk of ferrlea. Itonac bow. looa'iaa pleasant, and tariaa moderate. Apply thi# week at No. 64 uarden atreet, Mac Second atreet. Board wanted-by a young gentleman and wile, la a striotlr pi irate family; locatloa above Bleeek er, a: d not higher than Twenty el,;hth atreet, and bot srtea tbe Third and bixth avenuea. Tao gent la man dines den town, tu latve tarnish ?d room, nlth pantrlea attached, will be required Termi not to exceed 910 per week. Partlea having more room thaa they require eaa bare aa uaexoep tioaable occupant, by addressing D. B. H , Herald oBee, with partienlar*. BOARD1NG.-A GENTLEMAN AND niS WIFE. AND tw o tingle geatlemea, can be aoeommodated with reed board and pleasant rooma, by applying at 122 bullira> itreet. . ? ( BOARwf(G.-TW0 OR 1HHBB SINGLE GENTbEHEN, "." frttiamw and wile, ran hare a Urge <reat room . "/ad ileor of a lir?t Imuao, with apaciona e'oetU, not. end ni-d ahowar bath on tams floor, with fall ec Sirtial toarfl. on ?t ry moderate terms Apply at 322 Sal - In an itreet. between Slrecher a> d Amity. BOARDI>G in WEST FOURTEENTH STftKBT.? A Ud<, havief a tew rocma to dltpoae of, would be h*pfy to arrbiituedate a fee gentlemen ana their vlrea, tnd a'ae a few Fiegle in tbe firat olaaa houae Ao 61 Weak 1 t-nrt eeith atreet, letween Fifta and Sixth arenuea. Seutfc erncra can be aocon/^icda ed BOARlUfG AND EEA BATHING, ON 8TATBN IrUnd? ( &t or two respectable familioi oan be aoaoat B.cdMfri with Ik aid for the .ninuttr, -its all tht> adraata fe? ae?ira>i'e I? a country roiiuonoe. Tlj? hoaii i* oemmo diouf, ptounda extensive, fine sea beac\ and be> ntlfal ousaa aid lar.i> news? five mitea tr?m v mler lli'a laadinr, sear tee atah<e wbich pafta tlx tiia?>eaoh way per day. Addreaa JaMKb LAftKtMl, r*re of Joseph Mair, No. 9 Joba atrtet, Aew lcrk. BEOOKITN BFICHT8.? PLFAS ANT ROOMS, FOR reitltirtF ?nd wife, or t^o g? n'.lcmen, oan boubtMnod at rA< t olun tia street, ibree mlnntea' walktmm the f tiltoa ft Kali street fciiies Kettrenrea e? changed. BOAtDlNG HOUbl BEQISXER -A COKttf.CT RE ferttca to all paraona ktcpinv boardora in tlie city aad <oui>'.ry. where boarders canoonanlt tba repnt ation ot tha tame (anatber enoacribora oV ?<,f, and oe pnlita'y dlreetea toani'tbla pleeaa, tree af obaraa. I'erton. wuhtag ei'btr boarii or K ardera will ooasnlt tbeir iuierea- b. calliag at my vfllce. )%6 Btoadwty, next Ito Grace choreh. R. D. Gt'OOWIN, rtal e.tato agent t ad anctionear. COUNTRY BOARD? A FEW* PERSONS CAN RE AC eommt dated with firat class board, 1* tba village of I f lartrack Columbia ooonty three milxa from the olty af Hudson A very plrasant and h-ult^y country. i?rai li per week. For turtber particnlara inquire at ??> Tenth at. iiwi/ UV?V ivuw, Him aaaia ?' ? ?? ? street, one block abate Union square, ?>atr^?a Broadway and Filth atannt. CeaTenieatly loealed u* oar? ag COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-AT A FARM HOUSE OR hotel, where there ate not mtny boarders, for a gentle ti an in J wile. Good reference giee-n. Termj mu?t ho mo derate. Ae dress E. L. W., Hm i i Acs, tor onu umL COUNTRY BOARDING ATSOUIB NORWALK, CT - 2 or 3 families oan be aocoininndated with good board ard plcasaat room near tho Ne* Ilevou Rai'road depot ut straiutoat landing, aid lo lull vitw of the Sound. iaqotro for LB VI CilX, at the depot. or steamboat landing,NerwaIA. Elegant suite of parlors, in a modern private residence, oo Twenty flrrt s'root, uoar Ft ta ave nue, to let, with or without partial board A gentleman and wife, or two tingle gentlemen, can secure a desirable htroe. at a moderate catenae. Address box 2,474 Pott Ufflse. For sugle centlemen-to let. in a pri ?ate family, with or without boara, two Urge reene a d bedioomt on teoond floor, eligible furnished; will lot them tingle or together: house and turriture new and firat elate. Apply atllS}; Ninth itreet, flvt doors weit of Broad way. Flrnished rooms, suitable for a family of three grown peisocs (private table if desired) er Ut livnt'emen, with fcreakfatt, la a bouse with modera improve ? menu, where there are no other boarder*: location healthy tnd plearaat, nearly opposite Calvary onurcli and cmve nfent to tbe Clarendon li itel. Apply at 20(1 Fourth arenae. FURNIfHED BOOMS TO LRT-AT ?70 BROAD WAT, having all tbe comforts aad conveniences tor fanaiHe* or tiuple gentlemen? one floor, eoniieting of fear haadsamo apartoem*. To parties wishing to looate for the eeaaea, t) e?e offer great indnceminta. IpCBNI8nSD ROOMS IN A PRIVATE FAMILT TO 1 let? fcr two or three (ingle gentlemen on very reasoa able terma; nonee genteel, gas throughout. Apply at Commerce street, near Bleeeherand Bedtord street*. U I'RMfHJD ROOMS TO LET? 10 A GENTLEMAN v :-.r d wife, or two tlrglo gentlemen, in a p*lvato family, without b' aid; a p*rlor and bedroom adjoining, on lint floor, newly famished with bath room in the hnnae aad hot aad cold water oonataatly. Apply at 35 ttulxrt street, oor ner oi Washington. VTO. 379 FOURTH STREET. -APARTMENTS, RLE Xv gantly furnished, on t*e eeeond floor, to let, with or ?ithrut board, to a respectable gentleman, or to a geatlemaa and Ms wife ; alao rooms on tbe third and (onrth Boon. NO. 66 AMITT STREET.? CITIZENS AND STRAN geta vlrittng the N'rth. will find elegantly furaiehod parlors t (.get hen with rood a'ry single rooms, aad they will le let with or without partial board ; permanency desired , 1' cation beautiful, and near tho best hotel*. Wat or, ba'.h, aad Rts In t!?e hcuio. Neatly furnisher rooms, for one or two tenth men, with or without breahfatt aad tea. ia a ?mall, quiet family. Terms moderate. Apply at *70 Kijhth avenae, near Twenty fourth street. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN, near Fulton or Atlaatie ferries, by three young gentle " tn of respectable character. ia a pleasant English n Ame rican private family, whsre there are no ether boarders, aad i be comfort* of a home can be enjoyed. Andres* A. B , he* 3 U20, PoattCAoe, stating tetma and location. PRIVATE BOARDING ?ONE OR TWO PLEAS AWT roc ms, either famished or unfurnished, ean fce had, with board, in a private family redding at tub Fourth are roe, opposite Calvary church. Thohnsels flaely located, aad ban all tbe modern imptovemenU. References ea, claaged. STATIC ISLAfD-BOABB CAN 8K OBTAINED AT a large eemmsdinis larm boute pleaiaatly attested at t hibea Air lirUta, tweaty-flve minutes drive from Port Rich B oi d. and ire minute* frwwi Chelsea Ian ling The hon-e it well shaded and baa alt conveniences that may be required. For j.artUnian. apply at 752 uroadwa*. or to A Batls?, I'ort Rich*<.?d Itading, who will dimt to the premise*. 1.WO OR TBREE OENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with Dae rooms and partial board, la a small r?lvat?ientl y, lWiag lu g<"-d .'n llroukbo. Tho hoius f. within five taianles' wa'li ot Wall Hreet anil South ferriea. Icrns BMd?rate to tlitee desiring to become permaacnt rati doits. I?c i u others used apply. Addxets, with roal aaac, 1.. M C., Herald offlca. J'SS ?* ACCOM*?. vit. fantu where tiers ^ m .. J r,0In? ia a smaU ert Tirti strtet, A^W fURIE S1?CI.E GRNTI.FMEN, AND GENTLEMAN avd wife, ran iind uo- ommidatlnas ta a private 'an ly, m tie ?'?< no and third door* fi>rnlsU*d or ucruraiDfed; par ? ial botrd for iient'.enient locatfoa detiraMe; ras smi baths. heii'Kncts rtqi'trtd. Hi Twelfth streot, near Sccend ava ktir. Cats aad ?ta|,ea eoavniiient. TO 1ST, WITH BOARD-A LARUE UfiFURMSHRS parlor aad l?"?dri>er>i, on the third floor frent. Kifhr tree rcqi ired. For ttratt, Ae , apply at 57 Uleccker ttrooa, a )"w trort ctrt of llrf iidfl ay. TO I n-A 1 URMSBED B&DROOM I'? BROADITAY. dtUfltlsR) sl'saitil 'ir lady or icaiiemao, AJiWwer Inquire cl h!' Belytf, 7tt liroadiiay, gr' iiad fleor. ?IT AN TED? A FURNUIIED ROOM, FOR A EADY, Vr Witl. at' an1, (whoxo hust.aad U out of town m#4 at tiw? t rn?J with a wiilvw lady ?-r private luiailr, ? '???? no etkar b<arai>r<- are lakot' lerma moat be mfldrreui Aldraaa Jen it, wi'h 'ccs i'fi anJ term/, llroadwa) 1'eit Oflieo 14 ? Mil) IN WJL1 I AMSDUKO - A PLC tSANT RtlifV, TT with l-eard Vr a ladp A >mall and quUt fanily prn. <rrrd Addrt'3. ttst r i t<>rm ', '?hich BJit be mttleraic, i oi-84cb(o Broad >af P- at <>Aoo. WTANTFD, K'lit-TNA PRIVATE FAMfl.V, TWO vf rciit ?ritt ? < n the #. cond ti ? ?i, t" 0n? oi t ire gentta n?*n frMi>ag to *? ptm?v.?'i* Tafm rrry m<td?ra?c. roe. tie! t-ctrd If l^qOitii*. Mvut'l >n !?> Thnni). r-,a', n ar Hi n?t< n. AiT?w ll \ , H riaid efflie, fcelstta -jj aj ?Langed.

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