Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1855 Page 7
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HfBMUBH latum imv mi. cnn^nnuiisHiD country uit for ?t) .UUIK sale.- A boaattfal wialry Ntt, iImwUj ?WUM throughout, with Use earriaga haiN, ahrubhery , MM the city, will hoaold ?kMp. m. L smbldon, ? <m?mwi fo OKA -BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE ON TBI HUD CO.Z0U. soa river (? i?h.-U?*?n Nlw, u vWw anaurpassed. UemM eontaine u? room*. *a. Oroiad M.aAA ...? ^uk. L.U. .kmhlyn >?>4 ?Hais?a f*nit with vegetables, shrubbrrr, lid eholoo frdit ? 150 yard* of <opot 2* miles from the city, aud tbtriua. Apply ftt VANLIKW8' real estate 00x200 loot, trees; withia is offir* d ?t a ? ? ? . >?? , M. 3 ?ww rtrwt ? O CAA ?BIGHT TERT DBSIRABLB LOTS ON ?Z.0UU ? Forty-ioventh (trect, bets mi Fifth and fill* avenue*, oppoMte the oolle*e ground i, (or Ml* kf. ' M. U SHELDON, 85 Nu?u itreot. *1 f'lkfi -A CHOICE QBOCBBT STORK, STOCK, vl.uuv. fixtures. harso, tragon. Ac.. located n a uoxDcr la a jn?t thoroughfare, new dull ^ a splendid c?.U bcuii' ta Thl* it ? rare ehanoo. Aprly o C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau itreet. ?ni in -TOH SALE.? CROCKERY STOBE. STOCK. ?UUV/. txturee ni left**, will ?e ??ld tor thti very low run, as the owner ia oblied to leave for Kurspe. Aay no wishing ft (tor* oi tkit kind, should app'yimm 'diatcly to 2S9 llroftdwfty, room lit. GEOatUE W. SIMER3. $500." -FOR SALE, t.NUi' COTTAGE, WITH A wv uu> a'atile and irtm two to toalu<e of Land, ft* Lou ?o?LU1, Maape.h, two and ?ft ball mile* tram Williamsburg teniae A fine situation, with plenty of shade trees. #V*3 cash, btltio on bond an J mortgage. Apply to S E, Ha 3 klfcp, nour tb* Marpctb Hotel. AOeii O.M.T.? FOR SALE, ONE OF THE BEST TEA tOuv and coffco et? CO* in Brooklyn, worth doabi* tho ?M arked. l'be store ia well established, on n loading tho *0U|bfM0, and i* d-cidedly ft great cbauoo to any enterpri* teg wan. Apply at 289 Broadway, room 10. __ GEOBCE W. SIMERS. A SPLENDID BUSINESS FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE ? A*nre nndoitensiva botincs*. without competition, aad affording Iddku pcoflts: will be raid at a bargain, with th* stock, tools, A* , ample'*, ft* th* proprietor oan i attend to it. Apply to THOMAS k STREET, M'A Pine Mt lUl ?toot. A GRAN DC II AN CI.? ONE OF TIIE FINEST STANDS ftlioady established, forth* aal* ef books aewspapers ?ad **atM>n*ty, will ha aold reasonable and cheap, in Brsok ba, an account of aioknesa. For particular* lnqnir* of DBXTBB A BROTHER. 14 and la Ann UrMt. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE WAN TED. ? WANTED, IN eaehaniie for a firat oUaa kont* and lot in th* moat do ?utabl* portion or South B'ooklya, now bemg tolahod. ft nioa country place, of from 1 to X) acres, ia a healthy and pl*a aant neighborhood, near achools aud ha Episcopal otiurcU; not tocwceed In valce $ti,0U0. Addresa, with fall particu lar* of location, pric*. Uuprovetnente, Ac., B. G. B., Foat ?Bio*. AF1BST CLASS MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, ON Urr.advay, with a small stock of Roods, for sale ? A fow years' less* of tho pr mitea given, if required. Address, with name, bo* 7#5 Fo?t office. A FINE CHAN CE.? FOB SALE, A SALOON, FITTRD J1 is *ih Iruit, regars. and a aplendid soda Wfttvr four. - tain, all complete, eltner for lady cr gentleaao. Apply at 49 Bowery, to Mr. PHlLLlPd, between 12 ftnd 1 o'clock, or 7 to 10 ia th? evening. /"tO AIi TARD FOR SALE.? THE LEASE AND FIX V/ tare* of an eatabliabed ooftl fftrii, in a g>od iitufttion. ftnd law lent. Addicsa Johnson, Herald effioe. nvBVG STORE VERT CHEAP, AND ON EAST MJ terms, doing ft ?ocd buaicoaa, which may be inoreaaod, ?ttaftted on one or tb* beat ftrennea in the city; ? good locft ttan for a pbyaiaian; reason for mIIIbr ? other ftusineff. Ad drsti B. B. C , personally, or by letter, 80 Fourth. Drug store cheap for cash-price saoo* two yaftra' loaao; rent (110; store, five rooms and cellar, with good yard, Ao. N. 6.? Fluid and eampheno will p?y tho Bent. Addrtaa Crimea, Brooklyn Post tifflee. T2UBGANT COLN1BY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, WITH XI u>* fornitnre, oarriage. Ao , and twenty acres of land, an* and a bait mile* irem the Mew Brnnawlek depot, N. J., on the banks ?f the Han tan. aud oommanding a macniflcent viM. The homft* u in the Getblo style, lately built with tho h*M BftUriftls, and ?|]*d in with trie*. A photograph of jbo place can be seen at tho otftoo of F. D'HEBTILLT, Xo. Ift Eaohaaga plaeo. . Farms for sale or exchange-scitablb for count rj acat* or practioal tar aers, situated in Now Jor aoy, Long Islnnd, or in the ricin'ty of tho eity, from 1 ! to 300 ail**, ol ftll in** and description*. To tboao ia want *f a good form wo cftn oiler them lftducnmenta rarely met with. Apply to ABBE A ROBlMSON, 235 Broadway, room Nc. C. TitOR SALE ? THE STOCK, FIXTURES, Ao., OF A J? confectionery and ioe cream saloon, situated at Nc. V JbUhth avenue, do jih a good business; will he aold vary low, th*pr*e*Bt ptopiletor aiahiog to leave tb* eity. No busi note offers cetttr iudncemonta than this. For particulars oaH on tho premlio*. F* UH)K SALS? A LARGE, HEAVY DOUBLE-GEARED J* lath* ; awing* 9 f?i i luetea diameter, nod 26 feet in length. fnt particulars ui term:) inquire or AN URts W A. COVNINGHaM. it tie yhocuii Foundry, 'MS West street. & SALE- AN OLD ESTABLISHED FILS CUT tiog and (rinding ehop, to^uthwr with tie noo<i* iLl i? 1? ud fixture*. Apply at tiV aad 60 t orsy th street. 1JM?n BALK? A HOUSE AND 1% ACRES OF LAND. J7 eiohird* all tillable, in iteealand county. tjwn of Jtamapo. For farther paitioalar* apply to A. MATUA ft, SaRtrns depot, New York aad Erie RuUoaiL LWR SALE-a good, substantial sloop, of A* forty el?ht ton* bnrthea; ha. ne w sails, tad well found. Will be told lew At ply to WM. H. UitOWN, *i K*dt street, near Delaney. VCS SALE? AT A OREAT 9 AC'EUFICR? A SSI.ECT MT stock et fanny goods, ronaiitiag of ambroidetia*, laeas tataaitiiag!, Ac. , together with two aplondid e'.ool lnountoJ ?Imi r?)?, out-door sh?w eases, two oouatera aad awmu*, lb* property of a ladv rutlred from baslnexa; cost in all about S7U>; * 1U be told to* i-Vi. Inquire at 29 Twenty aoventh street., lets eon Fourth and Madiaon ntnaaa. "Milt PALE- A NEAT TWO STORY AND ATTtt? COf tap o bona*, rituaWd >n ftathlngton avenue, Central he rtrip>t. Th* house ia well Hnlahed, whh H Kcrri<tan<a, sear the _ ... owrh e mantWo ri ft, i- :> waiter, speaking tube, hath and green reams, and the gronud wall laid oat with ?hrnbber; *u<] fruit troea, -with wire tnnee ia from* fifty foot, with ?ltb"? he^ge. Site of I at 00x140. Alao, a lot ia rear, aam* viae, fronting oh Railroad aveuue. trill bt aold to*a tber or separata for abeut twoi thirda of the original ooat. Avply to *?. WEED, 88 Bowery, or ISAAC AMEER AN, Jr., H W all (treet. For sale a ftne farm, containing as acres, a* joining the beautiful village of Haokentaek, N. J., web aeapted for early gardening pcrpoaea, or eauld bo di< TK-< m-o lot*. Apply to 0. WILSON, 222 Troapoct plaeo, Jersey city. Far salf-fivs four stort brick houses, l?a*. Zl?, 2!\ 226, 227 and 229 Twentieth atroot, near klrat avenue; will ha told aoparalo or together; alao tbruu lata ta Nineteenth atreet, near Arena* A. buing 00 foot front and m tfeptb to the oontie of tfe* block. Apply between 10 aad 12 o'clock, to S. B. HUTCJUNUS, No. 90 John itreet. Ii^OR SALE? A BEAUTIFUL MODEL OF THE SHIP < of the lino I'amiylvaoia, three feet long, tlx inoues -wide, full nggec ana equipped, for aalo by M. MoaGaN JkMCKfcRBOCKBR, ooraer of Uovernoar aad Grand atreet a, FIR KALE? A WELL ESTABLISHED MANUFACTUR iag buiin*n, nnder a valuable patent, already favorably Introduced, end t>roml?iag a lucrative and permanent iu veatmeat 1W partiealara apply to HERMANN E. LUOC WIG. 35 WaU atnet. rlR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AS eld eetabllabed grocery atore. Will ba sold at a *aeri fie-. In consequenoe of the o?aer tearing fo< the West. There la ?* '.ther grocery oa the block. Call at|7ti Eighth avomao, for two day*. FOR SALt-ONE SKYLARK AND ORE THRUSH, trom the old ronntrj, at 192 E Thlrteeath atroet, top floor. Will explain receoaa for aelling. Caa be seen at anytime. FricefAO. 1* willing to Itt them sing agttaat a?y two bird* of th* asm* kind for (T* dollar* or ap to tweaty dollar*. Fir salb-a dining saloon, situated on toe corn'r of Centre and Uuane street*. Th<* ia a good t bares ter a person wishing to get iato that bnsinew it ta now pajing a food percentage and eould ba greatly inerea* ed by any person paying proper attention to it. I'riee $l,K<0. ksnt S7U0 a ysar; ut? yeara' lease oan be girea. Noae bat ? eaab customer need apply on the pr*miac*. TTtOR SALE CUEhF? A SMALL FAST STEAMBOAT OF J? 'rvm to to 100 hone power. She has an *xe<ulent con ?e?*lsg engine, is vcr> economical M regarda ooasamptloa of fvtL aad ia >??:? hie for towiccr. freight or paaneagnn with alight allerationa. Apply to J Pli WER5, t.U Toath *tre jt. rt SALE CVBAP, OR TO LET-A COTTAGE, WITH 1)* aernoi land, within ten miantv*' walk of the Mnat't <9rlife depot Harlnai hailroad; 1C mile* fr >ni New York, Hqoue at t>? Fonrteen'.e street, or lathe ttore at Haat'* Btliie. For sale or exchange-a beautiful villa tesid' oco, at ('leaning, L. I., ea one oi tt?e ]>riaaip>l av?aur?, hatiagafroat el IMI f*ot. bp JO* fe*'. deep. The taaielsaew, Oothie rtylu, and rerv naadtomo (Ironais highly oioamonti d. E. B. Kl> cHIRER, 319 4th avenue. For sale or exc9a*cb-a valuable pro pcrly bt lthaea. N. Y. ;al-c, a eonntry seat at Goaev*; ai*e a farm ia lintcbe** eeoutv, ud other properly. E. 11. K INS11IMKR, .119 Fourth arenae. FOR SALE, AT HOB0KEN. -THREE STORY BRICK lu'ldluK, ' i*.h ten room, neespied a* a gr>cery and 4walilng. a desirable opvorton ty for la?satment; will te aa'd eheap. 1( appb-^d lor ijuma.llatelr, at 37 HircUv atrost. tram 1 toik 1'. M., or ooraer ol Wa:biogUn and 5?rond *t rests, Hsbukaa. JtmN M. BJaRD. |MR SALE OK TO I.ET-AW ELEGANT MANSION, JP with 2ft lot* ?f ground, Ihxded with tine did f-reai. trees, alewated ai> aveauo A near Eighty r.iith (treat, having a (?timing tie* oi the tut River, v.l?A rae.iitis* iar.b .wiiu:, R??Ug aad bathing. A *eopp>>sit* the abtve two Mantitoi as?***n three ?tor> b->nse, Jaa. fluis>ed; t.'roton wa^er latro 4weed with ba'-ha, water eloaet*. wash trars. Ao. tub fcwus* ha*fo'ir lull lota of ground attaened, cmbraalog part ?t a arc en hcuae, with Irult aad shrubbery. Apply to S. BKHaROSOM, rn Fluh aeooae. or 7 PP^ CHAUNCE1T BaRWAED, 38 Broadway. a,>OR < ALjC UR TO LET-THE LEASE AMD IMPROVE J5 meaia *f sight lot* of oronad. at the foot sf tv?*t far M?th*ti**t. Apply to VAli BRUNT J. ITATMOUS, SUO Ihlsiim atr set. C GROCERY STORE, WITH STUv'K, FIXTURES AND t lease, for sal*, in a good leeatlia, aoiog a good buslneu; Se a rare ehaaee Ut a mi.n or eatetfri**. Sold la *on*o<|a?aee ?f owner leaving for kur**o, hv? aative home. Inqtur* at 380 S?>enth avenue, cr Weak Tturty-amth street, b* twoen IS at d 2 o'clock U., or attvr 5 in the afternoon, whore alltBterai&tion can bo had rvapeetiag the mm. Large bread ana cake bakery for bale wl'h tlxiurie and two )*an' laa**', teaaoa fcr selling, laqnire at 2<>i Seveath aveaae. . SEGAR STORE FUR SALK.-A SEC AR STORE. WITH ?stuii* all complete, ana ilolitg a lair haslaess? sliua ??d In the central part of the otty-wlll be sold at a bar fwia. a* th* propr.eter* osntemMsto a chant* of basiaeM ror periiet.iar* ap, ly to Wll. H. SUEPUEKU A CO., 118 Rest *tr?* t. /fo PHYSICIANS ARC DJinoaiSTS ? DKUU STORE J. lor sail*, situated in oao of Ilia principal are ,ues In R??* Brooklyn, aoltable for.ayoaag ph>sM>ra wr apottieaa rj Kea.on far sellit g, death of the proprietor Torms easy. ? i:*t b? di. poaert uf tills wrek. Apply oa the premise*, *vr ?** of ttenhen itreet aad Myrtle arsnae ^ #pO DRUOGISTI ARD APOTH 60 A RIE3.? VALUABLE X aad beaatlfal emg atore tor IrJC# the tl'aatioa is ??x rata aad th* store ha* ?oea eatabliihe* an 1 *aooa**fally ssrrW on for m*nv year*. Satis lae'-'<ry rea*on* given tot BatRng. Bona fide pnrehasare c?n rooolve all reqni* to la Cwration by calllcg on F. HA I.E, wilier on glaa*. #0 Wa* M *tro?t. vtm ***? P ARTIST*- FOR SAL1, A FIRST BATE MANNT W?i ?* ??* *gur?. at half prioe. I aqairu at 17 ma nmt, 9 aad is a. m. TO GBOCERS.? A FIRST CLASS Q BOOK IT AND JL fruit iter* for sal* cheap, having Job* ? business from SI, 200 to SI, f*00 i>*r month Ur a respectable yoaag bh. good rcferenoes, baviag S70U, u [utaer. 7 J lui mo CAPITALISTS AND BU8INK JS MBN.-A I'ABT A *l the *bele of m manufacturing establishment for sale. 1* Ut OBO wishing to engage is B IB to a^d profitable bud ?M) already estaolxbed, either bj sale proprietor. active ur ?best par bst, (prefer to retaia o?" bal the bonte<u.) this presents UdooomeB'i eaUom offered Pretest capital ?G,(XKI. Ce*d water power: all the works, msehinery, ie. ,1a rood ruaaiBg order, and the who'e in iue?e??ful operation. Pltue addreM T. T I., box 202 Uerald ottoe. BOTBU AJTD nTMMRBM ttttinKA ? Bblmont hai.l,"*b? Btiaatovr "sTATitii Islaad.? ' This iitti most conveniently situaved house OB I be island, being direeMy opposite the lending; and it san ace<mmeda'e a much larger number of gnerte than hereto fere, bb addition ta the preraiees having been made. Some very deairahle room* are offerad to families and single gen tlt-nieo, *ho would do well ta call Bad boo the noiso. i b?re is alio a new aad oossJartable *tab>e, where boreea will be veil taken eare of. The boat* let to the foot or * hliehtll rtnet. m. C. corns. CARKEN GROVE MANSION, KEYPOBT-BirUATEU I on the Lockp?rt road, about tea aiantea' *>lt (rou tbe Mraaboa'/ landli j. ? FftBbKRIl! N. ARMSTRONG ha* opt aed this do* aad eommodioa* boildieg fur tlie roeeption or summer boarders. ? hi re all the oimlort* of a horns will oe insured Terms moderate. k?,rj faoillty i< ottered for bath in#, boatin., flab is g, gunning aad all ether species .foouatry OBjovment. The it earn boat, Key port leaves Mew York from tbo foot of Murray *<reet, every afccrnooa ( Sunday* ox eepted) at 4 ?'elocb; and leaves Key port eterv morning at 7\ o'elook. For particulars apoly to Mr*. WlNNE, 141> 1 rankliu atreet, or ea the premises. Lake ceohok.? the tort williau amsitt Ilotol if now r posed for tbo reoeptioa of visiters. This new and ? */ an*- establishment ii supplied with gai and water, acd all tbe derirahilitie* of a flr?t olaa* ho e', in a situation unrivalled for beauty and bealtUi illness, aad ?'ur nubea Just lb > place for a monitor retreat Passenger* leaving New Y?rb In the moraine cuu rvaeb this house in time to dine. There are two daily communications with the oity. DANUSii GALE, Proprietor. Monmouth house, at union city, near key part, INew Jeroey, la now open tor oity boarder*, where t he beat aeeomm<>d?tieBs oan be |iwn; tisliiag, riding, bath iig, Ac , ot the beat on the (here; large ur; rooms, ninety furnished. Steamer* JMgle aad Keyport leaee foot or Mur ray afreet daily. BYD.nEYT SMITH, Proprietor. VTBW YORK BAY HOTEL, 2% MILES FROM JERSEY City ferry, on Bergen point, plank road The moat beautiful summer residence fn tho State. Ciahiag, bathing, boatln*. Dinner* and supper* at an hour'a|eotioa Private enrtiBKoe to aad from the hotue to oity. Now open for per manent and '.ran slant aneita. Apply at the he use. or to Capt. UBSB, Post Offloe, Jer*ey City. OCEAN HOUSE, SHREWSBURY.? THIS DELICTI' fal and we.l known aea shore retreat wUl be opened for the reeeptioa of visiter* en Saturday, June 10. The pro prielor weald reapeetfolly return than an for the pae*. pa trouage of hi* friend* and the public, and bog* to Maura tli'om that the home and it* appendage* ha* been put in par foe. order and renovated in tbe moat thorough manner; that no tl.lngwIU be le*t undone by himself and aesiataot* to make it a ''summer retreat" af the firatalaas. He ha* alao been happy to secure the a*ai*taa?e of Capt. A. U liberty, eo long and favorably known in the commnnity. as likewise tie aervieea ef H illiaa Andem, Beq., late proptietor or tbo Uramercy Honoe. with whose united exertion* he tool* as sured that tc hi* old patrons, to fkraUie* who whh to make a permantiit arrangement, or to those who may temporarily vi*!t the boas*, every atteation will bo bieiowed to promote their comfor'. aad happines'. The boise will be kept on the American and Kurr ie.n plan combined, and tbe restaurant and tati'e d'hote ? ill bo of the most superior oharaoter. The faoilitiea for bathiiu, fishing, sailing, Ac., are uasnrt>j?*ed. H E. BIKLL. Steamers Ja*. Christopher and Oceaa Wave leave the f >ol. of Jay street on Saturday, the it<th, at 8}^ A. M. aad 4 P M ; returning ?a Bunday at 4>a and & P. M. fn m the Ocean Uouee. Tbe Ocean Wave auo leave* New York en Sunday mott.iag, at 8 o'clock T>EQUOT H??U?E, NEW LONDON, CONN ?THE PE JL quot Hsuae will be ta-opeaed for the aeason on the lAtU nay ol June, 18M. Thehense ha* only been bail t three year* and yet ha* obtained a very high reputation a* a flnt oUs* watering place. It wae built at great expense comprising in iis airangement* every improvement that experieueo eould inggest, and in rurnuhed in a style unaurpasied by any similar institution in New Bagland. The utmost care and at tention to the wast* of th* guests of tbe hotel will be ex tended by tbe proprietor* aad luparintendent, aad every fa cility afforded Ur Ashing bathing, riding, sailing, Ao. Coin mumcftion by railroad and steamboat three time* a day to aad from Boston, New York, and adjaeent plate*, and by omt ibns trom tbe citv, 1^ mile*, running to the hotel overy hour i? the day, F. W. I.YON, Snperintendent. ROBKAWAY 8EA BATHING -1HB PAVILION HO tel will be ra opened on the !HHh or Jnne. T hi* estab libbment i* greatly enlarged, and oemptlse* room* in *uitea for tamilie*, (iegle room*, aad a nuin'Mr of eottage* on ground* furainhcd, with or without beard at the hotel, sta bling, coaoh house*, and laloon* for ex'reise and amusement. Rooms oen be seleoted at tbe hotel, or plan* *een. at No. 47 riiff afreet, New York. Car*, in o nnection with itage* to the hotel, leave South ferry dally at 9 and 10 A. M ,3:43 4:1.'. (> and 7 o'clock; returning at 7 :10, 7 :.V>, 8-45 A. M . and 2:10 and 5:65 P. M. JOHN Gab. BAIN3B1UGB. u*NI)3 STRRBT HOUSE AND FAMILY HOTEL - O Person* ni thing a quiet aad splendid home will do well to call at 131 band* street, Brooklyn; thouih ae expense tiax been scared in httieg a# tbi* house, tbe pnoea will not exooed any we'l oondncted bouse in the oity. Boom*, with or With out board, to let, er partial heart. THE COL1.INS HOTEL, FOOT OF CANAL HTBEET, will let, with board, parlor*, and suites of rooms, frontiig the North river, on reaeeaabl* terms. IT or fami lies, the loeation it a desirable one. Also (ingle room*. TALLMAN A MaPMS. Proprietor*. Trenton falls, near utica. n. y.-tue h&tel at this place ot favorite reiort 11 open for tbe uasan. V liters oan now icach it direct by the Ulaok River and Utica Railroad, ?rains leaving Utleann the arrival of the steam boat ex pre** train, alio ot the Hud*on river express train. M. MOORE, Proprietor. HSTKCOTIOT. a>i) Cft FOR M* LISBON 8 IN PENMANSHIP AMD UU and full saoces* guaranteed to all. Ujokkeep 10/ reduced from $25 to 912 fio far a tliprourb oourse. Pri vate lastrnc'ion given. card* may fc? dim! at the rooms, ."tail and 3W Broadway. OLIVER it. GOLDSMITH. A LADY EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING, WISHES an engagement u k?t?hh in a private family; can teach the English branches, French aid musio, in whioh ehe i.? pioficlent: ?? an lkpifeopM>*n, and oan furnish unexcep tionable rtfwaaoes. Country preferred. Addrosi Teacher 867 ?t> ?t. AN ACCOMPLISHED LATIN scholar, who rp eak* Latin fluently, ana Las gnat expirienoo m a ttajhtr, will five his ?*rvioo? to schools or private fataliks on very moderate terms. AddreM Cicero Herald ofltoa. ? GENTLEMAN OF HIGHEST EDUCATION, J\. br erjl\ed In thii country, with** to give private lea ion* in Liufle, modern languages aad *oio:>css, or to find an etijsaeaitnt. as tntor in tome tir.t data family her* or la the cun.' tcy. The high petition ho formerly ooiopied, enable* htm to fill mob a pint* la tt>* satisfaction of any party d? (irisg to b*Te their eh'ldrea instructed on the newest plan aad method, bow to mnv* in aeoompUih*d society. Bo*' ?ity roUrence given. Addreii E. M.. box 40 Herald *aoe. BOOEKEEPI.-O, PENMANSHIP, *0., ARE TAUG in a auperhr and expeditions man'.er, by fOSIISi. ? bl.TON. 340 Broaiway, where gnatlemen and yauthe ar* qualitei to ditrehaiit* the dotn>? ef the conn' lug nou** wilb promptness, facility And deruatcb. BOOKKEEPINO, ARITHMETIC, W RI I'INC, Ac.? JIT.. W. J. KU.'N V ILI.k, *?y oroxlway, i* rooeiviu.; d:? pu till, tj poo ?er y auvna'.n, eoua -erais f ,r prae icsl intriicti ia >n bookkeeping, Ac., thrr jurhly qualifying tbem for tho da tic* ef th* counting r:onl. Ojcn dar and oveuiag. BOOKKEEPING? C. 0. MaRSH'S COUNTING ROJM3, for the practice *1 bookkeeping, writln*, Ac.. 34M Broad way, Aprlo'< >? Builoiug upca daily, from 9 A H., to 8 F V. Call for Hroulnrs. Mar.h'a complete work* on book keeping, In *p*nuh aad Eagllab, printed ia color*, for rale ai above. IiU<EM U I. AN G U AG E.? A FRENCH PROTESTANT ? U.dy, residing mar titw York, only one mil* troia J*r *ey City lorry, would like t* d*rot* i?ri of her tiu* ia giv ing instruotin ia tb* Jf'r*uch language. Any y jang lady wlrbing to aeq< ire a practleal knowUdge of, aad receive zittntnatkal ?nd li'ernry attraction in thatlangnage would be admitted ai a boarder in tno family. Addrv**, tor par tlcalars, S. T , uercid othc*. rrBE FHF.NCH LANGUAGE PRACTICALLY TAUGHT X by an c? pert- need Parisian teaober Refereaco? < :Urk A Penning, Mount VV ashii'gUn C\ negate Institute, W?*li Inrtm innate. For lurther particulars, address J. L. E. lUrald clliu*. KXUUltllO <18. 1,1 X . CRSI0N8 ?THE SAFE AND UOMUODIOUS it?m ?a rr EaS;aCQIISE1'TS, E. R. Haakl. Proprietor, being lii compute crd r, ean now In ohai (i>red for uourtioas having a lart* dancing mom, with everything neoee.ary to rvntfurt or pl<a,ar?. A rnr* lodi.vomont i? offered to the (abllc. Aptuy to L. U. GEuYEK, 103 Bioadway, up?tilr?. (TOR ri?lllNG BANKS-Tbl SEA STEAM BR HER I CUItY, Captain hichard Yatoe, will leave for the tloh !n? banki over* day, tooobing at For-. Hamlltoa each way. fioin the tollowtng plaoet, vli:? Jaekaou ittMt, 0 '?clock A. H ; Iielanoe; (treat, 9}$ A. U ; Ca^karln* Market, 7 A. M.; I'eok illp, 7A* A. M.; Spring street. North river 8 A. k.; Her No. 4, North river, 8>( A. M. Fishiag taekle and lalt furnithed on hoard. I[10BCONET ISLAND ANT) FORT HAMILTON.? THE 1 ftcam-r JSoKWALE ?W ooramiao* hor regular trlp^, a* ahev, on Jni* I, I860, leaving New York at follow*: ? Fier fo</t&f An.os street, a; 9)i A. M . 12*4 aud 3<i P. M.t pier fcotof Spring ?? re-t, A. M., aad litK and ;t'j P. M ; pier Uo- i >trth river, at lu A. M , I and 4 I*. M.; I*avin?( t'oi-ey Uland, last trip, at 6>? P M Fare to Coney Islaad aad ba?Lto M*w York, 36 cents. Mo half prioe for oall ton. rt'R (HREWSBUHT. LONG BR&NCH, OCF.AN C Moure, lH/blai.i?, Ai ?The ??* stoamor JAMES t;li K SI Ol' UK k. Captain Uorden, will leave f->ot ot J ay street. CTerj aiternoon, tMe wink, at fonr o'dlesk for the BMive plaj s Iteturntn*. leave* Shrewsbury at h o'clock A. M. Stapes to Sqiiaa Village aail all parts of th* coantry FOR KETPORT, tort MONMOITIH, RED BANK. Shrew sbflty, and Middlotowa Point.? The ateamer EA ULE leave* foot of M orray street daily, (*xo*pt Saturday aad Sunday) at 0 o'clock. Returning, leaves Port Moa month at 3 P.M. aud Union at 4 P.M. TOORTHE VIRGINIA 8 PRIB OS? THROUGH TICKETS ? t*rf2u.? One day and a half only from Rtoha?ad ts white Snlphar aad Sweat 8priags.? Persoas wisbiag to ?islt the Yirglaia Springs caa, by taking th* (UudmiIh Jsmotovrn or Roaaoke, from New York, on Wedntsday ot Satnrdav afternoon, connect at RichMond with the ear* of th* Ylrglnia C*atral Railroad to Stauntoa, theao*hy stage t? th* springs. Fer further inform atloa applv to LUDLAM * PLEASANTS, 83 Broadway. ?XraBM AGRNCIS8. WIMES A CO.'g CALIFORNIA AND iOOU. Oregon Kipnia. ? btee No. 2 Be ?> 11 iff Qraen. **?* Befsraacoe:? ChsSei M,>r na, BM^ll*wf wki WUltal Cul Sen, d*.: c. t Oar ^iSi* and UMtnrt? m iU ?allM?mnmr? bM* e x^ cfcaag*, aad attend W ail ?naU.s* .7tr?ud^ ? ?th dwpatch, aad ?i th* moet raaeonaklo termT^ ?JpS.Iold and compel eat m****ngars wtU aeompaay *a?h *Vt>T? ? leaving Nsw York en the Mh aad 20th, Va/ Gf!^ *ath*Utaa d letk of *a*h ?ath. "*Mt" DOWNIR A CO.'S EXPEES8.? THOSE HAYING leoda t* ?*ad to Brooklya, B. D, lata Wuiiamt bars, will ind It to their later** to gi^i this ex^rUTa trtai. CH5o*e MM Pari ?Ml, corner Ortlaadt Where goods a%d orders attend ??Tto Iwioa a day. WUlls?asburg ?Jtoe. M Soetb Seveatb str*?t, WnHCTBB, CAJIIUACMBS, M. A BEAUTIFUL MUCH TEA* OF IKON GRAY CAR JX n?ae horaoe for tale, tlx y??ra eld, atyliah drivers, warranted Moad aa* kind; will be Mia at auction. if not ?old before, on Thursday, Juua 14, by H5NRT H. LEEDS * no , 19 Nimiu rttwt, at 11 o'clock. To be mm M 1M CbrUtopber ? trout. CARRIAGES FOR SUMMER 081 IK THE COUNTRY. ? taMtnal ltir? 1 mti a ay a, tate-bar with an aaaortmont of ooaehee, wagoua, buitMi or light market v>lo?, ?ii? ttcond bMidcowbuo, oae i>I4u1h top brat, ?covad bast two teat rookawai, i?., Ac., M. THOMPSON * CO. J6 aad Z7 Woootor street. L'OR SAL*? A STYLISH PAI* OF BAT OOACB r hortoa IGhaadabigb; sold f?r want of ON torthom; to bfl MOB it 14 lul Sixteenth Street. AlM, two NtnMH if cot oold at private oalo beiore Thursday next, tkof wUl tboa bo told by Hoary H. L*JCLH at 11 o'oloek, u front of bU ttoro, 1* Num itioot. FOR SAIB-A SPLENDID BAY BABE, KIND IN sin<le or doable herneM; Just frow tbo oouoiry, and warranted sound. Also, two light w?gon . Inquire of P. H. Mca VoY, U2 Phim street. corner of Marion. FOB SALE ? A SPLENDID PAIR OF BAT MAICHED earria*t< boron, can go together in four minutas; a re ?00 no in every reapee aa<i porfeotly gentle; aro tivo years old. at and 1<> hands high, e%n bo drove any way. Mpjumte or together. Can bo aeon at 10 Great Joaoa atroot. FOR SiAlE ? A BAY HURSE. RAI3KU Iff VERMONT, all ytars old; lfi). band? bi?b; pony built, fine stylo and goods eed; p?rfoetlj soaad aad kind every way; au tab's for a liioily or a> picas; told for want of un. Inquire at club stable, Pacific itrect, near Court, roar ->t coal yard, Brooklyn. F'OR SALE-A SORREL MORGAN HORSE, FIFTEEN banda bigb, >U yoara old, vory handaom--, kind anl geo tie in all barneic, and a good traveller. Will bj 11H loir, as the ownrr baa po use for him Inquire of T. THVKEK, No. IK llrooklyn Market, Jamoa (treat. Fob sale-a splendid grocery Or i.iQuo-t wiiton: baa been made ?b order, and naed but a short ? iff; would auit any boainoaa where a strong. heavy wagon is required. WUl be aold cbtao. Inqu<r? at BEN JO.V3, Twenty third atroot, between Tftird and Fourth ?v-nn??. Fob sale? two large truce horses, truck. and harness; one superior otrt horse and eart, toge'.aer or separate, at tho di (tiller j occupied by Towor A Km ; la berir, in Kent avenue, near Johnson's lumber yard, East Brooklyn. For salb-a pair of matched bay horses abort mils, klud and gentle, with a family oa-riiwco bat little need ; wade for the prooent owtor by one of the hejt elty maker*. Bold as the oaraer la not going to Europe, (.'an >>e ?eon by uallii** at Mr. BBNNKT'S stables, OS and 70 South Sixth atroot, Williamsburg, oetween 10 and 3 o'olook. IFOR SALE? A VERY PAST PACING HORSE, SIX F years old, sonnd and klsd, Id baoda liigb, aud would make a line fiddle horao; also, a Boston giv, in Rood ord'r and wall boll*, with harecij nearly new. Inciulro of J RUHSEl.L, 62 Liouveramr atreot, before 8 A. M. and after ?i P. M. FOR SALE-t FINE SORREL IIORSB, ABOUT 1S>? banda bUh a aplcadid aaddlo horJe, will trot or oantec ? perfectly round in every particular, will bo a?ld very cheap, a? tho owner bH no uso for hiin. Inqtrre at SOSa oood utroot, Brooklyn, E D. N. U. DAVIS. For sale? a pair op uandsomk bay mares very fact, atand titeea hand}. Alio, a atylUli b >x wa >f p, with oiaale ai d double hiraeci complete. So.d in eoi a'qnenee of tho owner a going abroad. Addreaa box llW Poot lr lllce. For sale-a fine bay horse, is hands high, perfectly aound, kind and gentle, and a apiondid saddle hone. A pply at Sto Third avenue. For sale? a first class road wagon, weigh lag about 200 ihf ; w?o built to order, every pieoe of wood and iron bcin* examined while building, and hM been ?ory little used; ia in every respect ax good aa low. To be seen at (late <3 forge W Qufnby'o,) Hide House, 193 Elizabeth street, between Prince and Spring. For sale? an excellent gig, on horizontal serines, made to order in tho best manner; oat 1; at will bo sold very low; to bo soon at Jarvir' stable, corner of Broadway and fwonty seventh street Apply to HENRY A. NELSON, 13V Front street, second floor. FOR SALE- ONE SPLENDID WHITE HOR3E, 15* bands high, warranted aound, kind and good for saddle or harress. Also one bay horao, IS hands high, aod one do. i9 1 andi; both perfectly sound. They caa bo seen far three days at lh? cortex of Hick* aad Harrison itroots, South Brooklyn. E0R BaI.E-A THOROUGH BRED VIRGINIA MARE, trained for lady's uss. She is porfeotly gentle, froa from tricks, and stylish Is oflcred for sale entirely trom want oi use. Inquire at Philip Lynch'a stable. 2S East Nineteenth street. For sale-a two seated rock a way wagon, suitable for one or two horses; hao boon in in one month, and bnilt expressly for the owner's owa use In quire at the corner of Thirtieth etroet aad Third avenue, of naoan mvim IFOR SAI.E-A VERY SUPERIOR BAY HORSE. Jp km?, full tail, 1AX hands huh, of groat atyle and au tioa, tlx year*, aonnd and kind in harness, aad a splendid nag tnder the >addl?; would make a fine parade hor-e; war ranted kind, and withoat a fault; Just arrived flrom Ver mont. Llk*wiM an open Jenny i.lad wa?en for sail. In quire at Jkarle'a Hotel. For tALB-A pair of handsome bav mares. Ten fast, stand flitMB bands Also, a stylish box wa gon, with sinale and doable harneas compl*te. Sold In oan sequouee of the ownar'a going abroad, Address box 1.091 Pott Offioe. LH>R KALE CHEAP? ONE LIGHT WAOON, PER r fectly new, and one socond hand top wagon. Apply to AY THRASHER, 49 Catherine street. s FOR SAM fHIAP? A SPLENDID SMALL ROOKA way, ? Hh front made to shift; has only boon nMd twice. Alio a large rockawaj, i citable for the country, ui will teat six or tight person*. torether with a coach anil p\lr of horfW; alto two oeeond handwngena, with tope. Apply at K) and flg Int Eleventh atroet, near Becond avenue. Horse, harness and wagon fob sale.-a Ten handaome thorough bred mare, four yeare old, to gather with a light trotting wagon, harneu, robe*, Ac , all rerfootly new, will be told cheap. Apply to WIL40N BR O i UnHS, Bleeoker itreet, oeinar of Croaay. IX HOKSB8 AND TWO BEAUTIFUL PONIES TOR pale.? 1 be wbole are warranted per>ootly ?onad and kind in all harnee* and under the ? addle, and are inch a aim Ma ai are likely to aoit any pereon requiring a Qrtt rate horte. Apply a* No. 2 University place, asove Fourth itreet. SICOND BAND ROCKAWAY TOR SALE-A CAPITAL artlrle. good a* new; alao, a tint rate brown liorsc and a small bay pony. Ihey are both tlx jear* eld, and warranted p#rrfniy icuad ard kind in every way. Alio, a email ?x prcaa vtfol Tbo whole will be ?old cheap, at fio. 2 Uni versity place. SICOND HAND CARRIAOBS FOR SALE ? THREE bugtloi, one with ahiftiug top; one reekaway, with mat for four periou*; one rockaway, teate for alzMMona; all oity bnilt a i. d in good order. Inquire at LENTS carriage fac tory, Third avenue, near Forty eeventh etreet. WANTED? A VERMONT MORGAN llORSE, SUIT ? avl? lira family carriage; about sixteen or aixtaon and a half band* high, pony bnilt, youag. kind and .aound; of fine ityle and good speed; a bay or black preferred, with out any wtite feet. Addre** A. B., hot 1 148 B " Md , with a description of the horae and the prioa. WAN1KD TO BCT CH'AP? THREE OR FOUR borate tl at have been good travellers, but will no', stand the pavemta.s, to take in the country. Apply at Lovtjov's Hotel, room l?iu atatlng the prioe and description cf the horse* and where to be soon. MUSICAL Attention piano purchasers i-hall's pa tent oeleatinl or double octave pianofortes, Ely ft Man ger mnnutaoturer*. These improved piano* are rabidly tak ing the p'.aee of the ordinary plaaofo.-tt* : 1st, beuau*o thay are much superior in power and sweetness of toue: 2d, they etanil in tuna well, being made with iron frames; and 3d, they are sold at low prices, and reoommeadod by all onr F f rc* pianists, wtoae ecrMUcatea we hava of their scpcr*orlty ELY A MONGER, Mo. 319 Broadway, St. Mieholaa Hotel A LARGE STOCK OP NEW AND SECOND HANS pianos, of all olaasec aad by various mak- ri, for eale and hire, at J. A D. WALKER'S, Ma. 8 Astor place and Eta hth itreet. A SEVEN OCTAVE CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANO forte and (tool for aale.? Has been naed bat a fj? uunth*. Will be sold at a bargain, as the owner leaves town this week. Can he seen at 49 Cliff street, between > sites, and Bookman street*. OCR SECOND HAND PIANOFORTES FOR 8ALE _ low? < ne G^|ootave, fjr $170; one 7 octave, $190; one di , *2t0; one do., icrpentine front. $210. R. GLENN, 83 Spring street. Boston pianos ? hobace waters, mo. xb Broadway, has tba sole agency oft. Gilbert ft Co.'e Pi anos. wl'h and wihout the iEolian, Jacob CMckeriog, Hal lett A Cnmeton's, and Woodward A Brewn'e Plaaoe, all of which lave the iron frame, and will (*and aav climate.? 1 hey are the beat Boeton makes, aad will be sold at faotory price*, wholesale aad retail, with a liberal dlwooatfor cash. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS? BENNETT A CO., 800 Brqadway, are aow auppiied with a large Hock of thooe beautiful instruments, no peraon ihould by any mean* pur chase, whatever Interacted partial may aay to the oontrary , till they have first seen these Improved piano*. M1 ELCDEONS.-S. D. ft H. W. SMITH'S MELODEONS, tuned thaaqnal te parement, , to which were recently awarded the lit it premium at the national fair, Waihiaxtea 1> I'., ran be found only at Ne. 333 Broidway. A liberal dtrrmnt made lor each. The trade supplied on the most 11. bcial trnn*. HuRACE WATERS. NO nrMBCG.-A VERY SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD pianoforte, 7 octave, ton frame, perfect In all raeveota, and warraLttd; bee* need only three month*; maker'* I rice 1310; tor tale for 92?.% with atool. Can be *eea at No. I Vcaey street, near the Astir Honte, from 9 o'clock till 3. Fiano for sale? in perfect ordi:r. and or ti ulterior tone, prioe $10V. May be soon at Ml, Li ring - ato? atreet, Brooklyn. PlAfOS ? FOUR BEAUTIFUL SEVEN OCTAVE ro*?wood pianoforte*, (one with carved leg*,) flno tone at d finieh, made in the moat isbrtai tial manner, will be fold low ai. d warraatcd. Apply at 16 Sixth avonua. D SMITH. SECOND HAND PIANOS? CHEAPEST IN NEW YORK, a d all warranted at mice* $25 $3), $4*. *60. $70, J9w, $11.'/, f II.", $130, $140, and $150; also, one melodeon for $!U 1'lnaoe tuned, repaired, takau la axonange, or to let, with privilege of purchasing, at 402 Sixth avcaae, n?ar Twea ? y fourth street. R. GONZALEZ. IiWO !"PI E> DID PIANOFORTES, WORTH A THOU land dnllari each, f-r aale at a great tacrine*; beet rnty make. To bo aeen at H. SoUMaLE ft CO.'S, 19 and 17 Meioor itreet, or at N. P. B. CURTIS' warerooma, iff Broadway. TO MUSIC IBAcllERS.? COOE ft BRO., ,113 BROAD nay, I ave adtanthfel pos??*aeJ ky few other Arms for n.sktrg rCiectlona of teaching mnsic. The largeet di**>unt ?o tii ft potf talon, and the great eat aeeommo'latiaa*, will be found at their e.tal lial.mcat. Mualc aoleeted by u* may be rttnry?d If not naed IVOisU'S FA IR FRIZ! PIANOI? A SPLENDIO ?V ^iaiio. weith Jl.flW. will be aold at a great aaorlflee, If ?al i& i"r iBiiuediatcly. It can be aeei at the warcrooai* if b. r tut'iaa, 447 Broadway, where *Ja" may bo *o?n a piei.did araorlmeal. of (aecrte ll?w,'* Piano*. 447 Broad ?U COftlh /tOAl ! L()I;R, $10 -THE PEOPLE'S OLD i J otabllaheil 00*1 atd Hnnr *genCF, 3M Hro.\lway, contract <Uriri tMi weak to lupply for the fin* qraUty coal a! V> par ton, delivered 1 1 New Ytrk, Wll liamibnrr. Brooklyn Ilebobea'.r ieruy City. Down with tha moB<'poiy U coal aaiJ Sear. to *inn nnn ?*?*** *?> loan on dia vZ.OUU>UUU. ?o?da, watebea, jtflkj, HUN, pnao fettaa m<rebaBdia?, M . and personal prj party (one rally, ir boagbt tat eaab. Bidim niMtUM h! eie ???< prompUa, at 78 N im" itwt, lri> Imi, kuk a Mm. FLORENCE A CO., Broker* lO nn?l A|U^ vo LOAN ON DIA W.UUU.UvU, BOidi, watdbaa, Jewalry, dry go?d*, IH?f. *? . ar k?((ht to r aaab; ?aa? stocks. utu, asert Maa and kills of ox eh auga MMtuUi BnsiBsas aanftdon UaTaad orompt by THOMPSON * OO , brakara u< aom ?IsaloB amhuti, WU Imm rtNM, MM a? lu, room Na. 2. taovud floor. ?C7C HAA TO LOAN-OB BOUGHT FOB CASH, VU I V.UVA; duusoBds, watebea, Jewelrr, i>4 avery dascrtptioB of valaable property, by JOS. B. ISAAC, baae aaal ottoe, 11 Coambara alroot, between l/litlkta aid CM Ira. Traasaetioae atretly eoafl leutial. V. B.? Tha highest priee paid lor old (eld and silver. f? to 8 A. M. ta C f/E iOA() linn -MONBT TO LOAN ON BIAHONDS, VaUu.vUu. watches Jewelry nolo end illrtr plate, Siaaos, aad all kiada of bo aa* bald luralture. Baaiaaaa ooa deatial aad safe, Apply at 36 ttotkmaa street, Mnrd Boar. Boa] caUto bought aad told oa eommltatoa. L. BALCU, Bra bar. d>i sc Dnn ?persons wishing tonegotiate iHuUivvVi loaas, or aoll any ?alunlo poraooal pro perty, eosuatiag of diamonds, wa'uliaa jewelry, sogers, Ao., oaa ?o accommodated on reskeoaable term a by apply tar to FoRBUBa A JOHNSON 107 Nassau street, entrauoo 38 Abb atraot, room a i aad J. 4>inn nnn -uonb? to lend on bono and VluU UUvr. mertcage, In same to auit applicants, oa ae?d iroouotivo real oaiataia thia aity or UrooKlya. Ap^ty So 8. S BROAD, No. 13 Wall itraat, teoond avury, trust rooms. nnn-'io to as ON bond and mortgage, V I OiUUV) in auma to nit applicants ? a real aotato la tiiiiaily aad ciruoklya and 91M.OOO to leaa la oaaaum, oa firat clara property; also $50 (WO to invest In the parchave af bonda and mortgages of $1,000 aad npwards. Apply to A. 3 It till KAN f, IS ffall atroot. ?.n nnn advanced ?>n diamonds, watch WlU.UUU at. jewelry, paintings. pianoforte*. dry food*, u d every description of merchandise, (or bought nr cath.) Buaiimas ainotly confidential, Apply to Jf. LYON Ac CO., MM Houston atroot, between Mereer aad Urease. <tzin nnn -money advanced on ftU.UvU. diamosda, waiehoa, Jewe'ry, a? ore, atooka, and ?11 kiiids of aierebaadiae, by JOSEPH LVON b 00., 15 William street, ron 10. 1'ar iea waited on at their raaa daacaa. N. B..? AU transactions confidential. (CO nnn-^AND ?aO.-TO LOAN FOR A TERM 'Pu.vUV of j?a-? u(K>n iinprorad olty property, oou tia.iy lorated, tb<; above three auma Pall anab o the v?lao $3,000 of j?a-a u(K>n iinprorad otfy priperty, ooo , th'' above three auma Poll anab o the valao or the amount leaned reunited. Apply to JAMES I'RlL'b, 2UI Hndaoa atrjat. WANTtD? ON B0ND3 AND MORTGAGE ?n pioduotivo real eata-?, worth #12,010, in a tLrmii,? village abcut tlilr y miloa Ir in the ohy ot New York. A rtap' naiole bet daman ro: iding in tha city will be given. If rcquirtd. For particniara apply to or adiro*. W. C 11G Rink aUBK, No. 1 Nasaaa itroot. *nn WANTgD-fN GOOD IMl'BOVSD PRO ptrty, situaled on Third aveuuo, in Vorkville. worth di-ubl" the amoant to bo loaned. None but. priuoapaU naad addreaa .1. rv>^e, Herald oi&oe, for two day I. o?i nnn *2(K?> *|<??? ?R ?.ojo.-thk ad iPJ.uUUi vurtiaar de#ire<a oaptttUat to inraat an equal amouut with himaelf, ia operating ono, two, three, foar or live newly invented macbjBes Kaoh maohini will require t2 WO outlay, aad will net $1.0(0 par month above all ?* paniea. J. S. ll&uvVN, l'> Lai^ht. atreet. OB $300 -WANTED, A CLERK. TO GO TO Chicago, illinaia. A noad man, with $P)0or$!IU0 in caeh, eaa hear of a *ood plaoo by apnlyiag at the bar ol the Brandreth llouaa, corner of Br. a i?ay and Oaaal atroot, on the 14th Inat , Irom 11 A. M. to2o olook P. M , tor Mr. B. $200 (1A3H ADVANCED IN AMY AMOUNT. OB PCRCHAk J od at aight, dlamoada, watebea, rioh jewelry, uieachaa dine, and valnable peraonal proporty ganerally. R. WOOD, 60 t uitoa atraot, aaaond fleer, freut rouia, fr?m d a. M. to ?P.M. | CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED, IN ANY iMOUNT, on real eatate, jewelry, dry goode, piauofortea, or a ay deeorii tion of property, at theoideat aud moat ooaileatiai offioo, 41 Ho?ard atraot, aoutheaat corner ol Br?ad??y, re ntorad trom au4 Broadway, ooraor ot Daane atroot. The atrioteat honor obaerved. Exchange and collection office, north eaao ooraer or Broadway and Canal atreet. GEORGE l'AYTON L'ceurrent money, of every deaoriptiin, dia counted at the loweat market (Wall atreatj ratei. Colloo tiona niada oa all tba principal ciUoa in tha Halted tttataa aad Canada. IIBIKAL CASH ADVANCES ON HOVSEHOLB FUR J niture, planoa, wavohea. Jewelry, naat-ot1 instru meatr, firearma, meabanioa' toola, dry good a, Ac., aad per aonal pre party ot every daaoilption. ar the hlgheat aaah prioo paid tor the tame, by BoCAtFRAY A WALiTBR, 25 Catlicriaa atraet. MFOKEY TO LOAN.? PERSONS REQUIRING TEM iXL porary adranoea oa real eatata, diamonds, pla'?, watebea, Jawolry, piaaofortaa, dry gooda, horaoa, earria^ea, and every deeerii>tion of personal property, promptly ao spnunodatad by the Empire t.oan and Ageaoy Company, 3S3 Broadway, opposite tba Broadway theatre. C. WILLI, Ageat. Rare chance.-w anted, a young man, as partntr. with a small amooat of oasital, by a da^uerreo typist, wlioaa object la to travel and iatroduoe the new pbotugiapbio proueaa on glaaa and paper. An acquaintance with the art U not nccesaarv. Apply at tha Jersey Hotol, 71 Coitlandt atraet, from 1 to a P. M. TO CAPITALISTS.?1 THE FOX AND WISCONSIN IM provemant Company offer to capltaliata for invaatmeat the remaiiiiog hair ol their H par ceut bonds ($2Ct,00?), pay able February 1, 1NJ3, intaraat semi annually, at the Baak or North Atuerioa, olty ol New York. Iheaa bonda areaa. our?.d iy a flrst mortgage upon lands worth, at a low valua* tlon, more than donblo the amount; also, n ;sn the Improve meat itself, together with ita prooeeda, water power, Ae Inquire a* tba ettoe of tba eompaay, id Wall atraot. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE] 8. $600. -A PARTNER IS WANTED IN AN OLD . established manufacturing IuIbhi that ku been established three years, and doing a good trade. A Rood itlMDtn will find thi? a capital iavestment. Address fortune, Herald ctnoe. d>C/U\ WANTED? A PARTNER WITH TUE ABOVE fl)UU. amoant, to invest in a safe and eaah bailnoM, a l.ich will pay a treat of three thousand dollars the tint three month*. For further particulars apply at No. i Aaa itreet. up stair*. room No. 1. W. JENNINUJ. (CUftO T0 WW-? FARTNHR WANTXO, IN A OOO D ipUVU {ajlai dining laloon; alio, on* In the general agricy. Hen of character and ability will find thie a good linen me t far their money. Call on E. MoMAHON, No. 176 Chatham street. $200 4>qnA -PARTNER WANTED, TO TAEE ONE qpOUUt bait inttrest In an old established real estate bufltcsi, ] aylr.g trim $4,000 to $.">,000 jxirly. and ean be in treated. Alio, a few men wan'.td for several other good bn aineaeea, wall oatablishsd; from $.UU to (BOO required. For particular*, apply to CAMPBELL A DAT, 113 Chamber* ?t. O'J/lA? WANTBD? A PARTNER IN AN EATINO, JOUU 0) atrr, ai.d drinking *a1oon in the Bowery. The place i? wortii (1,11)0, bnt 1 have got another one in Chatham atrejt, (o I will &ive him a fall ahare la atoea. lease, and fixture*, for (SOU raah or trade. I do not want the money ?? tad ?* the n aa. I keep upen day and night In the two 1> ute*. lie will have foil ebarge, pay the help and do the i. kcting. Apply for all information at 91 Division atreet, a. ' may not be found at the time. TO *S00. -WANTED, A SALESMAN, IN THE manufacture of a most important aad saleable article. To a suitable young man, wUh the aburu amiunt ev?ry enoftarapemoct will be given, and will have half of the profits, which, by industry cannot amoant to lee* than ti.ttO a year. E. UoMaUUN, 176'Chatham street. ?1 PiU ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE MAN, TO TAKE AN ijp.l ?J V7 . equal lntere*t in a real estate and broker's offlio, well established, and dung a good bueintM. A man of good character aad basinets habits will flad thl* an opening that seldom offer*. Oifiee well famished, and rent low. Apply to oar ft lend, E. McMAHON, 17B Chatham itreet. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. ?THE SUBSCRIBERS hare formed a copartnership, under the firm of Hamil ton A Jaudon, tor tbe transaction of a general oommisaton busine** in stock*, bond*, loan*, promissory notes, and biiL-t ?f exchange. No. 18 Exchange place. ALKXR. J. HAMILTON, Jane 1, 18S6. PAYTuN JAUDON. A PARTNER WANTBD ? WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, A to loin the advertiser in a money making business partly established, requiring two person*. Call a? 291 Washington itreet, In the basement, beioro 9 o'clock A. M. PARTNER WANTED? WITH 9900, IN A SArE AVD profitable bnslne**; a splendid ebanee for aa enterprising nan to enter iato a paying business. Apply to O. Yf, SIEEBS, 288 Broadway, room Wo. 18. PARTNER WANTED? IN A BUSINESS WELL 09 tabiiihod, capable el great extension. with large profit*. am gcrtlofcan wilding to employ a small capital In a *alu and inre bnslneei may learn particular* by addxooaiag ? i ote to A. B , Broadway Poet Ugoe. PARTNER WAN TED- IN THE AUCTION, OOMMIS ?ion, and teal eetate business, now sueeeesfally esta blished, the ill health of one partner ooiapelliag him to re tire. bra* 11 capital required. Opportunity seldom met with. Address Edward*, Uyald ottoe. IT' HE ADVERTISER, HAVING A REASONABLE X amount ct capital, would like to Join seme one who la already established aad thoroughly understands the rag aad old paper, or aid aad *eia? iroa business. The most satifiaotory reference will be required aad given. Address J. A., Broadway l'ost Oflloe. stating whoa and when an interview can be had. Agents need not answer. ANTRD-AN EXPERIENCED PARTNER, WITH . . >1,SU>, In a ?ea, CO Sec aad spioe store la tbe heart vf the city, now doiag a good and increasing business. Address 1. M. W Herald olBoe. ANTED? A PAltTNBR, IN THE DOMESTIC HARD . . warn trade, with a cash capital tram ?e 0 0 to *I0,0UU, by a person who*e partnership has expired. The best refer ?ace given aad requited. The advertiser ha* an esMaetee Southern aad Western trade. Addrea* A. Brewa, Hera.s oflce, oonfldentially, with real namo, THIC TRADES. W w CIARHENER WAMTED-ONl THAT THOROUGHLY I understands tho ou'.turc of flower* and fruit*. Apply at the office of tbe mahogany yard, W and 90 Cherry ??., far three day*, from 12 to 1 o'clock. n>0 LAOOKRREOTYt'Hfs ?AN OPERATOR, WHO X ean brirg the highest recommendation a* tobidate^ tity at>d atiu'y. as a polisher of plates, can meet with a si. tv alien by >ui aisfcin? his addrass and refvsasM to box RjMff Post office. BOUNTY LAND OFFICE, M wall ttTREEP, BA9B meat ?Soldier*, sailors aad t?am*tar* in any war rtaoo J, or thoir widow*, oaa obtain their land warrants of the agent, P. T. ;BETT8, M Wall street. Mo ebarge aatU eel Ian i' Warrants, sold, and located, j ?also cleimt for bounty land* prMaptl* pr -?eout*d by WllLlAJI ?? HAWS, Exchange and S peeie UtAee, Jlo 178 ( anal street, (under tbe Peepie'e Bank;. Lettir* and or tfero ti""? tl.a eenniry aaowerad. ETArt >??K*T~1'AND ANB "EXTRA PAY" OFrici ?Bounty lands and "extra pay" for C 8. Navy sbflor* tt.fia all wars sinoe 17*0? thoir widows aad ketio? prompt, y obtained and paid M . balances doe widoa sand betr? or deeeasod 0. 8 sallart ar J othois ooHar??d,and all kind* of olaime ar.alast the Cni ?ed Stateereeovered r* nndcnliaed; and the widows of hairs of these who perished with Bolted Ata'esshtp ? Alba ny." will betreStWd by eatliag on * EDWARD BTS^ILIs. Arertaed r?r??r C. 8. Hal) V iblvb um? -?U ur uoa?anc?Uiir. I> D?? MM M 7, Of?tw? to MBMH* M 7Jf, NI |*l? liftM it fl fsiook ntMl tflf rm anb ha?r>son inouii opera company OHilKI 0 ror?MA Itllf .HONr. THUMSDaY RVKMINU -TONE It, Will b? piMMUi Bait*'* favorite guttaf the BOHEMIA* Oil U?. Arllae Mill Looiaa Pyne Th adieu a Mr. nr. lirtMi Coo lit Arnhtlm. . Mr. Borrant I Devilabnof... . Mr. Romwllt Flereetlno Mr IlelmAB I ?iip*y Queen Mim PyB* Friday? Aabor'aCRuWn OlAM-lNUS. IthinlW-irilliM'i MARI t &N A Id ritiiiMl, i m? Grand opera, by Balfe. _ . ITCCI1L eOTlOB Tilllli,,.,, NmIU fH??U Boae* $s ?reheetra Sun w {] -it" '.""t'1?" **"l? 8 A. M. to 4 P. M., for *00 via g Brobootra Soata Bad KtU. Boaee only. B?,TPf!'8, c?A>?BE*a tTRtEr.? DREiS CIRCLE tod *?nnljr 4;ircK 2.^ o?aU; Orch?* tra Chairs $1; Private H< *ee, $.?, ?*oh. boora open at 71* I begin At i \ o clock ? Tburtdav evtmiBg, Jobs W TBE LOST SUN I good Pub NOTHIVQ. PbUip Mr. Eddv| Utbblet Mr Hollaed PaKKp <T3 t CD.i hu . am! I N*n Mi** Alberuae TonroiUon Mr. Chnnfraa | I'auuV MilEs' BOV. Metropolitan theatre, bruadway, oppo *itr Bond atreet. Mr BaCKETT, is obedience to pab'-io re will re poet, (end for the oaly time prior to ki* withdrawal,; hi* revived. favorite and original Amtnou oharactefa of &*?, Van Winkle and Col WildBre. THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, JUNE 14, rip Van ivinele. A Lukd o? thl Cmuiu Mouhtaiws. Rip Vbb Winkle Mr. Haekott Cu de Dona.M'lle Doev Berre and Mr. U. V. Smith La Manal* Scnonta Soto aud Mob*. Caneae which, THE EENTUCEIAJf. Col. Nimiod Wildfl'e Mr. Haokett lo eonoludu with th< Apaniah b'Met. LA MaJa DA SEVILLE. La -Msja Seaori'a Soto Door* 0D?n at 7 o'clcoR. ; eemmruae *t7}? Geo. chris i y a wood's minstrels, tri broad way, above Groad rtreet. OI'EN EVERY EVENING. For this week, Ethiopian Minitre *y Dancing, Ae., een eluding ?ith the WAN OKRING MIN3TREC. Dcor* open, 6>,, eommcnoc, 8 o'clock, Ticket! 10 etnW All butine** trnumcted by U. ?ood JOHN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OP BCROPE AND MEGE uf 8EUa4iOPOL, At CHiaaik Asskmbly Room*, b&l Bboadhtat, ?hotting on a i<< nuk?d views, forty le?t wide, of the principal C II J US AND OBJEcTS OF INTEREST IN EUROPE. I \ r> ovoninf , at 8 o'elook; Bad every Saturday after noon, at 3 The mutid by Mr. Alwyn CielJ, of Loalon. AdmiHUOD aa cent* Burton 's. ? the old olympic favorite, mr. G. Holland, and the popular young Amcrie^u aetro**, Mri. UbUKh. appear every evening, ?t thlt tempi* of Fan. To ni?bt- Jr. Uullend will appear ai Waddilove, and Mr?. UoBjli a* Mary Swiib, in the comedy of PaR&NTS aND UUAMDIANS. Metropolitan theatre? special notice. Orntlemen intencin^ be brinx laJiei with them thl* evening an earaeitly requeeted to eeeoro plaaee acoordln^ly dating the day, and not to rely upon the ohanoe of procur lag accommodation after tae opening of the doori, at oa Sa turday, *rb?u?o many were diaappolntei and withdrew. The boa cmce villlbe oi?b from 9 till 6 o'oleok this day. A. T. WHIl'lNG, Treaiarar. TD. JOHNSTON'S FAREWELL TESTIMONIAL, BY ? the New York brtmatio (society, at the Metropolitan Theatre, on Thurtday evening, Jane 21. The bos book will be opoa on and altor Saturday. th? 16th inst., from 10 A. M. to & P. U. The pr?,r*nune will be annoon ed in a few day*. G B. DK Ft i ft EST, Chairman Coin. T. J. Nm?, r re* 'dent, N. Y. D. S F. J. A. boot.*, Trca*ui*r J. North, Secretary. MR. CBANFRAU PERFORMS IN " PARENTS AND GUaRDIAN t," the old Frenchman and Paddy Mile* in the >*rc?, thi* evening, at Barton'* theatre. Hi* perform ance* are received with t'feat ontbn?i?<m nightly. Mm Al btrtine plaj* Bob Nettle', and Nan, the Good for Nothing. She ia an excvlltnt actreti. 0 LYMPIC CIRCUS, it BOWERY.? H. FRANCONI A Snraell KutinelU, Proprietor*. XjLW a'i 'l'h ACTIONS iuR THE WEEK, Enjt^cliunt ?1 the Ci .ion Clown, W. P. WaLLICTT, firvt appearance in two ; ears. Alao, firot appearanoo ol the eolobraied Germun Gymnaat, Franklin Martino. Iran ooni with bi* rplcndid horata, Ba>?rd and Johaaten; Lava ter Leo and bit Juvenile Artiaia; Hop o' my thnuib Stove, or the Clown in Miniature; and many other navoltiet, which will bo enaaieta^d in the bill* Boaeo, 2So. ; Re oorved boat*, SOo. ; Children, ha<f- prion; Pit, l^c. ALL THE RAGE-BARNUM OCTDOMK. LEA'S JX NlGGLR BABK SHOW, at the Franklin Muaenm, No. 03 lloaery, 1* attracting crowd* to witnos* the FAT MCGEK bABlES. WHO ARE FED A WEIGHED evrry night in prcreace ot the aadienoe. They will be ex hibited during the entire week; ? Twin*, Triplet*. Qanr Utte* and mki, altogt-tner Fourth wkea of pakham's popular and LALGUAB1.E burlesque bad? show. Every one admit* that, in acoina it, they get fall 26 cents worth of amusement. Performance* every evening, and Wedaeoday and Satnr day alWruoon*, at 3 rreecdoa by NtGRO MlNSritKLSY. DANCING, ETC. Tiskcta, J5 centa. Girt tick' t* admit four peraon* each. hEMAMBx.R, 6C3 BROADWAY. REMKHB1R, THAT TUIS IS TUK LAST WEEK OF PERHaM'S BABY SHOW, It yen wiab to ?a]oy thia evening, and a heatty langh, go to tf3 BROADWAY. tj AVE YOL SEEN BARNUM'S BABY SnOWf HI 'IB F.N OO SEE PEnHAM'S BURLESQUE, lt'otbemokt iaa^habie "take off1' over broago'. oil, and ATTRACTS immense audiknces. fpoR SALE CR TO LET? THE NATIONAL THEATRE, ' m the city of W nahingten It ia one ul the in Uii oountr>, ia the cnly oae in the eity, and ha* alway * pail reed rexta. it troat* on Pennsylvania, evenn*, b*tw*oa Thirteenth aad fourteenth ttreeu. The lot froati on the ?treet eighty oight feat, raining tick that width one hun dred teec, ? hen it wldena to oae hundred and few feet, aad ooatinno* that widto the further dUtanoe of fifty aia? feat, making a total depth of one haadred aad Iftr nia* foot, ruder the theatre ie a largo ealoon. which haa rented for fMper week. To an eaterpiirtng maa, who understand* the Wine*?, tbe property oaa readily bo Bade to pay for itoelf in a few years. The trrm? of payment will bo made coaveniunt to api-xebfeer. Or the property will bo leaaad for oae or more year* to a auitaMe party Application* nut* be addressed to W. H WINDER, Philadelphia. * FINES ARTS. FINE ARTS-AFEWOLD PAINTINGS, REAL OEMS of art, just rceeived from Italy, aad for eale at P. ANBLLl'Satudio, No. 7 Uramirey Park. Twentieth etreet, near Fourth avian*. VATOHK6, JEAVGLHT, AC. (CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS ?CENTS' CLUSTER PINS J with chan, H>, einqu- atone, S3; riu?* oarrint*, Hud* arotae*, Ae. Ihsie atone* are equal in brilliancy to tbereit diamond. Aay of the above lent by mail 1or expreet by 0?, elcring amount. L. A J. JACUDi), 407 Broadway. 1 " MEDICAL. CIAI'TION.? MADAME DE RANGE'S UENUINE LA J die*' i reach (ill* oan cnly be had oi Whitehead A Bro t her, ISi, Uretnwich atroet Bailey coraer of fourth avenue and Aator, New Ytrk; Dr. Kooler, LU Court atroet, Brt oklyn, or *rnt neat and aM-tro, by mail, by aldreaiing Madamu tit Run, care of Aaron Swart'* Chatham ?qnare Po?t office, New York caetoeingihe amount, Prise A per box. All obtained othtrwiee are apnrione. C1BALI.EN0E -THE JUSTLY CELEBRATED INDIAM J oi ctor, E. 1/S1IiaM?EK, of 4l? l'earl street, next door to the drop etore chall<nr" the entire medical world ii the cure of eoorinmiition, iheuniatieu, diaoaae of the heart, ob RtrvctWaa from whauvtr cauio, and all diaoaeo* of oo'.h ?axe*. DR. POWERS' LADIES' OOLZEN TONIC AND PE riodic pill*, a eaio aad never failing remedy for female irrey nlaritaa; $1 per ocx. Prepared aooordiag to tbe origl sal iiteaeription, ?l J aold by Dr. WARD, Canal atroet, mtmx Broadway. B. WARD'S DNfOHTUNATE'S FRIEND, 11, WITH aboOk.-Jutt what tho** want who hare contracted D diieaaea, namely, a euro at onoe, and no delay and more ex pente. Gnatcat etir* in the world by Dr. ward'*"Unfor tnnat-e'*(i"rieud." Afilkted take notiee? no other remndlee ean euro you radically, blight oatoe owed in a few hoar*; nothing elia doe* it. No SO Caaal itteet. on* door eaet of Broadway, I* the place to *.*' thl* rapid aad the roach remedy? nowhere elee In New Tork. A oar* warranted by Dr. W ard, Patioato anxiooa for relief may rely an a rapid enre by his treatment, without taiiag the eyataan. Altera Men ot diet or oo**otion tram bnoUoo* not required. ? SURE CUBE ?OB. WARD'S UNPQBTUNATB I Friend now tatuod before every other remedy. Thoonlj oertaia enre krown. Do not bo deeelved. It ia the only remedy that will not diaacpoint. Qwite original withoai mere ti rr or mineral pciarae. Mo oaa over tried the Unfort*. aato'i Friend hat oifWNd hi* admiration af it* eBkot? eanallv pleaaaat a* nbierr. Many are oared by eat d**a, MUoCnaAleU. one dolr ea*t *1 Broadway. ^ mBB GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERT OP THE 1 age ? Mk. EENNEDY, et Roxbtirv, ha* diiooyerad ia one ot osr ootrnon paatnr* wood* a remedy that euro* ovary kind oi humt r, from tbe wont tearful* down to a oomaoa pimple. He titi tried It Is over 1.100 oeoea. and never filled, axoopt ia two oatea? both taundar hnmor. H* ha* n' w la hi* p?*. ?eaaloa over two li*n<lr*d o*rtiBeate* of it* nttae, all wtthit tweaty mil- a of Bonton. 1 wo bottle* at? warranted te ear* a mining lore month. On* to thjoe bottle* will ??r* tho wont kind of pimple* ?* the face. Two to tbroa bttUe* trill onre tho lyatom of boll*. Two bot* lee are warranted t* aura tie wor?t eanker la the month or rtomach. i hree to C to hottlea are warranvod to eare tho wont a*M of eryaipelaa. Oat to two bottle* are * trrente* te cure all humor In th? '*T* o bottle* sre ?em*>ted to ear* running ot the eye* an* blot'. be] atn< a? tbe fce<*. Poar to ni bot tire m* wan anted to rare eorrapt and r?a Bint u.ecrt One bottle will enre *e aly truptioa ot the tkia. Two to three hottlea are a arraa'.*d to tore the wont ewe # Two^utlroc bottlea ore warranted to rare the moet dee pwmte cue of rhen? ?tiim. Ibroe to tear bottle* are warranted to enre the aalt rbCDlUe 1 ire t<v eig ht bottle* wBl care tbeworit ea*e ?(?erafnla. A heofcflt u alwa>a *ip*iieneed from the rtrat bottle, ana a period cure 1* warranted whoa the Above quaat.ty U taken. Reader, I roddlod ever a thoaoand bottle* of thi* ia the vicinity of Bxjton I kaow the affoota of it in ever* ea*a. So*?reaaWat*ririn utinnnh flr->, *o anre will thia oure ho mar. I never told a Wtle of it Vat tbat eeld aaother; at trr a trial H al?ar? apoKfe* far itoalf. There aroawothiac* al oat tria herb that appear tome aor.-naio*? flrK that it grow* ia oar r>*?taioa, in ?oaao plaoo* qui* plontifal, aad yet it a value on* aovrr boon k?own aatU 1 dfoovoradf U la I4 lt>, aei' Tid. tf at it rtrnnld oure ?U kind* of humor La or der to *iv? *nmr Idea of the Mdden riao and mat pomritrit* of the diecoverv, I will abate, tbatta April WW, 1 noddtad it, aad *old *1 oat *ls bptui** p*r 4?. In AftB, lSS4, I *oi* over a thvnaand bottle* pir day o' It. He ehaage of diet ever necfMOty; oai Un beat yon Ma f*t, aad enough ef It. Direi tlon* for -n>* ?Adult*, one table MooBfal per day chil dren over year*, dooeert wemfel ; tMdrea from Ire to eight year*, baa *p*ontwL A* ao ItnUni dm bo appn eaVlf to nil coaititatlea*, Ubo auChoaeat to aperato oa the bowaU twio* a day. Mr. Kaaaodr ctvai pereoaal at'Mind aaee in tad eajea ef acrafuln. MganCactnrod by Donald Kennedy No. 158 Warron rtr**t, Roxbnry. Mo* I 'VteeWj Wbaloeale UHt* for New Tork-Chaa. MT BtNr. Btoadway; C. T. ORohooae, Ho. 81 Barelny **r***i A. t.i D. Kami*. No 111 Yalta* *t root; More. A Norflirop. IM (Jieenwtek ?tra*t ; SbaMta A Braa, A C*.. 170 jTilll?m meet. AMtaKium. A CABBMT vr music. A ITALIAN "PEBA. IMMBNol A I Tk ACTION. BBNBFIT or slO * ? ?R ? VBlTTAU. TAR (WILL APPBABaNi* or SI3N0BA PA.soME niDir, i i ; v b is. which cccAtisa will bo prod cso the fourth Mt if BiuoLcrru. Tg k fvl'bwed by ibe Wai IC ><i BOM feu AS l? (.ItlLICTTA. Aud t* ooBclmd* vl'h >w nJ end fuarth HU ?f IL TKoVa IuKE, Maitukw the fallowing di?t<a* i kd artl?ta> ttgBOM MBl^Ahojjf, II ik I..CA MAUTZBL Blf aeriaa VE8TV aLI, Signer BKIQN.JU BULCIONI, BA DIALI, AM< DIO <? ?i < .tcBrtl. Baikal Director and ondaeor Max MihImI Priofa ?? Admieei.ia ? P?rqu<-i, Puqutt Cirele tM nrM TWr fi; Seemed Seat., ?i So See<ad Clrola, M eewt*; Mm pbitkeatie. 28 eente. Door* ipti at 7>t; opera eouiueooeo At So'deek. " * -ni|t(np,ut e? I BIAS k ?ZA UESdLBB, in DenUctM'* Admired < p?r? o< LINDA LI CUaMOUNI. ACADBMY ??> ' MUSIC. MISS 1LI/.A M ?. > ?? IK'S DEBUT. Tho public at* re*peotfnii> ior?'a>od that, is CHNqMIN ef t he aeoeeeary robe?r*aU. It l? nnJ impouiblo to pre dnee Doaliotti e opera ol llAbi 1)1 CUAMUUR1 Mil* Stmrdey, J a AO II. * DUVBBt fuufu -A r ?* ?w?OM. PBOPB1HTOH 1) And UtUftl; Bo tori Jo-. lutAft. Mm* of adrteteo ? Boxoe. i? <wa ??, Pn ' J? eeata, Oallere U)? oobU, riifM Boxoo. M l..ur>dM ??*Mta?, Jam Id. JIttUB I a ??? A*. bloody Nat baa Mr. JaUiMi 1A:< Ml Ll.o. Ontaeppe Ani.Uo Mr. Qrtttbt BDCKLEY'SIEKANauak.- Mk ft BO aDW AT.? If Off day eveetnc, Jo.. II .,?r, 0VMia? lutai tko WHf , a JT%u& m? bufUii^ue oit <t,? uNrft if LL'CIa Ki la?MKBMiM>B. LM w in a ro..m. ^ Idgardo 0. Swata* Baok)*? w?J .......... Mlw Aamt Preceding tho op?ra. Vbobo ?ii?trii(uiT, CIO W OUT 18?481A1, origin Al Joke*, WittioUm*, io I.0BAIHU al a ealoaA i-?Q?o?o It <?at?. New tobk stadt tuaair*. Not 17 loir try. Me*A< appearance of tho 81EUK18T f AM I L V ?'t.LM 1 11<K ASK k M. SCHMIDT. Great hit of tho tiallet and ? 'w ra->toiuiiie Ctatur. 1 111 S (TULM UAlt JUNE M, til* performance to ovm aenoe do olook, with tho graad Ballot DIvvrtlMBioat of DIxNa AaD feN UVillOff. Wonderful and i leading i??v uf air agth and Agility, by tho Brothor* 8i*gi<?t. U?<r V. u apiiMrler ia hi* extraordi nary lljtiry Biirciaea D?ndi>. , Uj H 'Ho Thoroaa aad M. fehmldt. Cnmio and Un'iui i'.ut..mimc of, TIIB POUB H> Vl.US? C hAractorfi bjr tbo M?gri?t raailv, M'llo Tutrooo and 11. 8> bmidt. I'rie** o> a-iro'-lun:? Crirata Boio*, 91; 1'irrt Oallorjr, ,'X?1 . ; pit, 2Jo ; Soc>ad Uallorjr, 12>?o. TO NICUT ? MK.9E1K1 VVIt.'A'S t'ONCBBTIHA 801RBB. Ch)B*ao Rxonia, t&lt ?iro - a/ ? I'oatpjaoJ from la*t Thoiada; VoeAli.ia M?dAu ?? I oraraoy, Dnokwortk, Brows, Me**r? *rai?r, u?ur ? "?rri?"B e tmool. Drown. Coaocrtiaa duot, Moair* hed/w rk aid Field. Botalaod ?oat*, 50 ocata; tleheU, 23 oni e; to bo had ut A. ^od?i?ioE, teacher al piaaa aad oouoar iat bid 'kroooao atioet. BOWRBT tBEATfaE ? i?:ll WoLL BIN KPLLES bou* hahon tub mi<a tri- ad* Pairav Kv uvino, Juke 15 DON'T KOKUET ?V PORT'S llESET'lT, oOU'or for tw*W* y?*r? o- tba Tboat o. Look at iho blila iaaoed. fRANELIN MUSBUM, Ml. 03 BOWERY, NEABLT ofpoeito tho Bow?r; Thoatra Perforiaaaee* every at toraooa, at 3, ABd omij aeeniBjt U 8. N. B ? Straaier* irtll ob*?rve that tho Praaklio ?<hi*Ii the oalyplaoetB the Daltod 9kato* wb'<re 'bo Model Artist* Arc oahibltod, with other origiBAl oatertaioBMot*. Kemeaiber, M*. 03 Bow* ry. (1RYSTAL PALACE ONCE MORE.? THE QRAND DIS J ill ay of the work* of ftenina aad oi art T?t on axhibitlen at the Crjetal Palaoe, mutt bw poalil>oly returned to Europe in a lew day*. Another *iH.'k, an. ear oltlaon* eAa BOT*r a*ariB leaat their eye a on tho >ame <all?ria? of itateary aad eint inn. beeidaa Tariona art elo* of meohaalaal aktll, aad aa loi?*(iag aeleetion fro?o the uiuaral world. Wo invite *Terj poraon to take a floal fAre??il o?k At the New Tork CrjitAl PAlAee. SabCml BRBVOOBT, Anting Snperiatoadoat. BROORLTN MUSBUM ?THE PERFORMANCE FOB tho beaelit of tho Manager I* pottpoaed until neat weak. Due netieo will bo givun uf it. A CURB FOB HARD TIM As. PlKIIAM * Un.AT UirT lIUTBIBVTieit Pontively takv* pl%ce on Mb of Jnly. REMEMBER TICKETS AHK uNLT 91 BACH, Alf> admit four neraao* to PkRham'* Ethiopian Opcha, HQ BiouwaT. Amengit tbo gltt* to be duttibuied 1* a Brleadid f am, worth IHiP 1 leas of ea<k &.000 1 loan ot oa*h. SMI 1 loan of oath l^W 3 Iobb* ot *B?b, |?00 eaob 1,001 Ml loan* of caah, 9IU0 ea<<b 1.0M Tbo trotting mare Lilly bale 1.A00 10 B- *ew*od piABo* AM 40 Cold watchea, Ac,, le Bead all order* for tlekef* to JOS1AH PBRHaM, Adam* Hoar*, BottoB. ABTROIiOOY. ASTEOLOOY AMD PH akSObOOY.? THB CBLB brated Mrs PI.EURV. fr>m Farn, whoaa relation haa b>tn etnt'antly oonaulted by Ma?alaon I , pTU illwatUot on all iftiU ot lira, >v llroomu ettoet. CARD ? MADAM PREWSTER RETCBNS THANKS T9 her t'rund* Bod p?iron?, a?d be?t to ?> that, after the thouiandt, both Ik thu eltj and < biiadelplla, who have mi> tultcd bar with an tiro aatlafnciion. tbo taala oanfideat that In quotient <f attmlopy, lore and law matters, aad books or araalaa, ai tailed on eoattantly by Napoleon. aba bliia equal, bba will tall the name of the ffe'ure hutbaad, and alia the name ef bar vi.lter. R?eldenoe 70 Madieon rtreet, ana deer from Catherine Madamb hobbow? this aioat/r oirmun U a aateatb daughter, and ha* a uitnl ckft to Ml au the areata af Ufa, area the v erj tnaughta. She la tha meat wonderful Aitrel*ga?t In tba world Ne charge If Mi aatia jjjljl Imai meat aa ar Canaan. IwHww m| if Madamb alwtx, prob parts, tenders hib ?errfere to tbe ladlaa and geatltmoa af this elto a thraaelegr. She eaa be eonesltcd a bant lore, aanuie, ueioei*, Ac , and will tali tha name af tha lady or gen tleman tb?y will marry, alto 'he name of hervMter*. It ildaace 909 Bowery between Pint aad Becead rtrecta. MI8R BBUCB CAN III CONSULTED ON ef life lor a ihorttime, at bar ofBec, 43 Matt eight eenth itxeet; alao letter* written for ?bo*? - ho bar* not tba ability to write themaclrei i.etten writt.n lor tis peuoe a letter; cvuniog hours, from 6 till 10. MEDICAL. Anew bcok.-tue marri*oe guide, ob pam lly Modieal aad Ph> iinlo.laal laatractor. apaemUy for the married ei thorn in van J lag to marry. It Or. P. Holliek. the author and lec'.tiier. Hundredth edi'Jon. lire hundred pore*: e- lorrd p'*te< Price one dollar. Publlah ed by T. W Stron*, KM i>> i?d "'reel. Mew York, who will forward by mall, free, on rtvelvioit one foliar aad addreea. Prom tbe Medical and ?uraoal Review.?' Tno moat extra oidlnagy book we over ra<-<?. ? ? One feature wbiah aar timlarfy d!ttlngul*he? tbii hook from all ether* af tha kind. It the peculiar tone ot deMeaey and morality whlafc per tadet it. DB. t WAN AITRISRS B I* FRIJBM DS, AND THOSE who with fo cenault him, that he le daily at hia oftoe, Mc. 1 Chatham e.jna'o, In partaerahip with Dr. Lake.wbore Mi oclebiated rrae<!iae ar* prepared for both aeiei. Boeent osaee cured in a taw day a. Dr. L'e elisor and electuary, price Si per bottle or box. T \R- HCNTER'8 RAD D.Hof OlIRBh WllBN THB JLJ treatment of other ph;riciant and all cth?r remodiet fail. It i? your only re'ianre fo atlierouth ante in eectatai diiteatee. Be S DtrftloB etrcet, the aaly rlaea now to veil kr.owr tor fL* mary eatraotdinaiy curat It hat perf earned without dint or hlndraace ft.n. toriaoa. whoa all sther re mediea on% drive the duoa?e in the blaod ? VI on!?. Tblt aeenret the patient from ?en nu*ry ettt^kj, and la tha tali remedy on eartl that, doet It Von will 4nd 'hit ?wt by Mv tor eaprionie. If yor. truet u any Mher mediaina. It hat ouieJ of ea>nj that vaaer would hue boo* oatad wlthou*. it Dr. Jluntor reatoroa people to health daily, Who hare bean almott ruiaed by merenry aad 3??l 'iee by the humbQRt. DB. CO'tBEIT, \9 BDANE BTBBET, MAY BB CON tnlicd with confl ir-ioo on certkiu di?eat??; 24 year* in en* tpeciality ol the profeutou c ablte him to gaarar.Ue pcrmaaact ourca. Hit treatment >? the aame at '.hat prae tliod by the treat Rtrotd, of f aria N. B ?in C.'t diplotua, a? member ottho >. Y. OalTcrtity, may be teen at htaeffioa. Dr. coorER. 14 doavm street, so boya bnown to the* of New York, at tea stoat anteeei'ul praafitiooer thi* count rj can hoaa? at aoatiauet to be eea ? lilted at hi* old offioe, reliertaa tba aafortuaa'a, aad ?lr ia< ooneolatioB to meBy aa achiof heart. N. B.? Or. C (tiartatett a aure in all ea?e? under akea. DB. JOHNSON. 1C BLAAB fiTtvtEt HAS FBBFORM ed more eurea than aty other medio el mtm la Natr York. Or. J. 'a tre'.-iaett la aafe aad aitadiUtai; hie medi cine* can be f*k-n without fe r of detaothm derate, and tba money refunded if aatiaiaetjoa it not g|Ton J T\OCTOR J PPB1FKEB. li VDltuPATUIC AND B^ J ) taaiea' doctor. o?ee 217 Pact Seventeenth MiaM euret rlenmatitm, diarrbo a, acd diteaa* af la*g tor, and all anting ftom aa impure atato ef tha Alao. hit ointaieet lor torn* and eea'da. UfUoe haurt 7 to ? o'clock, A M. and from 1 toi o'eloek, P.H . from 8 to 9 TU LARMONT, PAB1S M . iurceoa, author ef tha rta?* Guide, S*t pa?ta, 70 *?*rari?ia, elonly, to any aMreta tor SI,) U ttrtet, eorntr of Broadway ^from 11 V. M., tnadayt asaevtod. Thote at a mail aad eiitOH. We eoutur with other mending Or. L. aad hit treatiea.? DltpaUh, Pal*, Day Meek. Staatt Zaitang. Natmaai OoatowaV^^B IniF. MARRIED WOMhM'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COM ? paaios. By Or. A. M. Maarieaaa. Pteieaaor af Dit eaaea oi Wem-n. t>ne hundredth ad1 tba (SOU 000), l8mo . pp. 2N. Ob Saa paper, extra binding, li Every woman ean here tUoorer, by eompariag her ewa tymptomt with thoaa dotonbad. tha aatara, eharaotec aad nautae of her complaint, aad ha apaiaa much anxiety aad tnffering. The wife about b eomiag amatber hae "ftea need ot In*' motion atd a<ltioe la re?|^ot to hee titaaMoa, whieh ?to will htra dad . thoae tuffe ring frost ebitrnttiona or liar to tht female tyetem, or liom arolaj?it atari 'faUiaa of the womb), or from dnor albut will each find in iw page* the ateaaiat praveatlon, amtlioration and raltot AWJ Extiaet el a letter tram a genUtmaa la Daylan. Ohio Dr. A. M. Moarloeaa? wrtWlMAIMI, My pear Sta-My wife he* beaa tome three tear* or mar*, in confqwoaaowt treat awgaiaa and tufftelng *oma month* uSUuTTSl ttoTk St w'KTh wla oo tVa' of I aarpoee* that tUt ttate of dunce >x iaantahla. and reeiflned myealt to meet the wortt. f beard y <?ir book highly *P?kan ef .at eeatain ?Tl *< D>e matter* reaahleg my oaae. Ow it* reeeio* Mtd pa nSal I cknwot a^pre** to yea tha relief it aRatded mr lit treeaod mind, aad tha jot ita aagae imparted ta my wife ea toa^Mtlat 'he.ytat titejwar, ?tM H. Doeaa^, pro. Tlo.d a remedy. It apeaed la protcaat ta me ml.iah I lfttla teaeehrad wat paaaihle But far thia, tea aamthar year w*ald hare Damd orar my head, in aB homaa prehahllU* m> wife would hara beaa la her grata aa* ay eh ldraa left matharieoe. at Par tale by 8TK1VORR A TOWN I EN O. Naa flBiiad B?i*^^"a4a*&p3&liAg

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