Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8793. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 18C0.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. iUii'iun U. 1?Uil 'Bde' a abitish and Nojtru ambbiuaN MAIL STF.AMHHIPH mow ssw toss to uraaroot. BOTAL Itooood nhlef a onbia passage raon aosroa to uraaroot. vein passage Tk ships from Mow York coil at "ork harbor, fkahi '< from Huston call at Halifax iud <Yrk "arbor. i'Mtilt Clapt. Judklns. i-* Kill A, Cent. J. St mo. '.PIA, rapt L 'J Lott aKIOt. Capt. Hhnnonxt JAN iPA, <5a?t 1jio< AMKKI 'A, Dept. MuoJie. KI AG a It K, Uapt Auderaua. ? KUHOPa. Oapt. J. Latleh. SOOTIA t?ow hi.tldlug) vmeei* carry a oleur white UxM at masthead, green Cc ctareonrd tow. red on port bow . Cava N. York Wednesday, Sept. M. ?VBOPA. Anderson, " Huston Wednesday Oct 5. ftWA J"aku*' " M V;?rk Wednesday, .Xrt Id ?~ 55 A-J^"n9? Ba?oo Wednesday, Oct. 17 " * York Wednesday, Oct. K Q ah ADA, Morn la, Huston Wednesday, Oct. U. Berths not a, cured an CI paid for. An *x?erteoced Surgeon ou board. The owoora of those ur>i will not he accountable for gold, T'"**!!,. ? Jewelry, ore-dona atone* or -ama.t, no SIMM lack lading are signed tnwafor, and the ralpa thereof lunrelc UT prose ad. For freight or ; aar-...:r apply to K OUMaKI), No A Howling Ureen. aBWtWK TN PHI ;M ? ATLANTIC STKAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. NSW TOSS AND OALWAT UNI. lYiDCTTINU ATPT~.fonN8. N. F . T: lead passengers, and receive ibe royal mat. and govern ment dispatches. 'The ateemrre comprising Una line hare been appro red by the Admiralty and are the NEW IBON HIDE-WHEEL STBAMKRS i^Nf[AUGHT ?, too una burthen. LlUHlTtt 4,*00 tone burthen. , .Ib77 ' 4 400 tone burthen '? i?*"P; to-je banhea. FAB AM A. 4.4(01 >na burtl-en. 3%e next departure will be the OONW AUOftT, from Button. f? Tuesday Oct. B to he followed by the YR1NCB ALBBBI, I row Sew York, Nor. SO. Ft<aa Pier No. SI, North rtrer. Bates of passage to a-r uaxknf Ireland, on a railway, and >2 tha prtar.pai cfti?i of EngiMb and So Aland PN* olaaa. 31UU 390 and 374T aeoordlug to state room ae Abainaidatlona. Third clam Ul, Including cooked prortalo^j. And to bt .'rthna. N T PL at olaaa. A'tf third elves MO 'W4rsn under 13 years half price nnder one year free. Third claa' ^aaaeugara are repaired to furnish beda and Hi a t IVreona taking paaaeare from New Tort for the steamers v^BaSon"0 Bcmoa' ^ r*ortT* fre? passage from Bew York The tan/ji of thla Oomoany hare boen eonatrneted with "earoaiem oare aa regards safety and comfort, ootnblnnd >ota model and propelling power and are bntlt with water afet eootf artmeota. They are onefldeotly expected to aurpaa . .. t aoy ^M|| erw, buIk< r nvenlencea. , , 1 to each ahlo. Peraooa W-Wtlnx to tend for their friends can obtain return Uckata at She ?'ollowlaf neatly reduced prtoes ? In third oabln from Oalway. SSU; In third cabin free any town In Ireland on a railway lb GO; la third oabln from the l rUApal Cicea of Bmdand aad Scotland, S3A nni mmeoii. in?y are iioonaonuy e "* 5P*M and rough vimqualiliea. any are rt*p\rt9 with eleganctfw and ? nveiil A?e?pertenoed aurgeon Itaitaohed lo aa rwfrelBhlor^Aaj^to ASriNW ALL. Afcata, Ham. At and OS South atreet ?9B SOITTH AWPTON AND BATBR-ON 8ATDRDAT. Oatcber 13. tha United filataa mall steamer ARAOO, Unee commander, will sail from Pier 37 North Rtrer, foot id Beech air cot on Pal aider Oct. 13 at nnen. Thla steamer? bnaarpaaaed for safety and msnfurt?haa double enxtnee under dank, eneloeed by water tight compartments, which, besides other recalls, tend In the ereut of eoUlatoe nr strand! u(, to keep the pnmpa free to wwtk and aeeure the eafetr of vessel cod paaworera Prtoe o^keage In aecned cabin. 37* and 310 For freight or paamge apply to HAMUBL U. FOX. (JKO. ? AOKEWZIb! 'Agents, .No. 7 Broadway. The Neamar FCL TON wttl sail Noramber 10. VSTBAB WBBXI.T BBTWBKN NBW YORK AND UTU fj pool. Hiding aad embarking passengers al (juaenatown, Yrefaad The Drerpooi. New Tort and Philadelphia Steam Oxoyuy Intend taaralrhlng their full powered Clyde lOU Saturday. October A ?OLABUOW Saturday. October 13. OXTT OF BALTINOBB Saturday. October 3U. Ami erery Saturday, at noon, from pier 44, North rtrer. aarae or riauu: 9tm rabia n to | Steerage 333 03 Dm toLoadoo.... 3D 001 Do. to Laadaa 3d 00 Wee rage Before Ttoaeta. good forNx montha 3) W ? i forwarded to Parts. Baere. Baaburg, Braemr, katwerp, he., at reduced through fares. Hi I wishing to bring out their friends one buy tickets hdre at the f->Uowtug rates to New Turk ? Fr?m Liverpool or Haaunetewe, drat cabin. 373. 3M aad 3U3. Steerage from Liverpool. 348, from Oueenelowa. 330 These Western i bays superior aesommodaltoqa for passes .can aad carry expertaaoed surgeons They are b xllt bi water Ogh' iron aacuona and hare Pateat Fire Anaihllatoreou boar-t. iRw fwmer mkrmaOne apply la liverpooi to WILLJAN IN MAN, Aaest, 14 Watar street; la Olaagow tpWILLTAjt IN NAN MLBtoorh aqeare Jr Qeaeretown toil A W. N 8BT W>VB A OO ; la Umdoo to BIT R8 A MAUST, ft Xing WU '?te ax ret in I arts to JULB8 DKOOUK. No 3 Place ta la r.varee teVuiadalphta to JOHN O. DAUB. UN W slant street, ""^^Sar^SiLB. Agent. 13 Broadway. N. T. UTUllII OF ootobbb 10. S _For I - i'oulbampue aad Haw*. Colled Stales Mail bteamahlp YaNDRdBILT, M. le'avre, eifnnaaadrr. will sail from pier Nu 3 North I'-ver. New T?k. at o?vo? Saturday, Oetoiv -r 30. wuh mailt, usees gero and specie, for Foglanil and Franca rt ret eab'n. 3130; aecnnJ cabin, *<U. Ta'rd eai/ui, Pi Havre 33d, to Southampton. 3U 9 T</lsBAN?'K, Agent. No I Howluig (Iroen, New fork. Hwhl dmfta no Lotidoe aad Parts for sale. S- TNAMKH OF OCTOSKK ? FOR MOI TII aMPTON AND HAVRX. The United states mall steamship ADRIATIC. /teepk J rwoaaloeh eomman.ter. will sail from tha foot of <ka **1 arret na ?atnrday. et 3. at 10 A. M , with mailt, paaaro nMeanf the North Allan tdf titams^p uompan), t^^ The ATLANTTC. A. <1. Gray commander, will succeed the Alrtaits aad mil Salneday. No* 17. 1HB 7 OBTTI OFBMAN LUlTDO BTKAMS1W NEW %ed (:?.? ova... wt'l sail ?m SATUBDlT.Oa. r. at 13 o'eloek M . UREMICS Y1A el>UTHAVFTOM, Taktna psaseseers 'or Lo Ml N. HAVRE ml III aNIToK AND B'.IKVIN At the rotlowtag rates ? t K rabt.\ lux sax a cabta. 300 steerage 333. Fur Ireight or rvMtcs apply to OElPcXK, KRCTORN a BBTi-HFLT. No 33 Broadway. rs HAMB'RQ AVKKfAN PACRKT COMPARTfl ??Mil at.amihp BaX"MIA. U Kb . m c iam*od?.-. will ' tn fv BlBbui RrviteoBlrtoa, Umiim oa I Htrrp .<n fh(* robin Slid -n,<>nd aattln. frjO 0. B. RICHoRl' A BOAS. IS1 Uroadwa/. M.T. TO* otaawuklp BORiRRl A will auocaod lb* MI'HUA umrooL-rm tmnno itlttprr rnirr J? iMoori. Cap tela HaUaU. will poaitlralr aaii oa PVira tef. OtwyW i. for poaiii applr liti-r?o<luu?lo oa lAor UJbM rlrar, or 10 JoSKPH RURfUT. *1 Boute ? lUTORPOOU-THE BPI.FRPID CI.TPKR RniP \ A Nill' a RI) I 01 teia * %II*-IX, *1' pootUio'.f aa*i DO S* ?dar . crto.-ar 6 Fur par *Potf im nodu-.:/ oa hoard. P m; li Faas rlaar. ur u>JO?~PU Sl'aPHV <1 ?*mtk Wr-al, a*v will. EB*? uriRPooir-oi.n Bi**m rtar lini.-tme fa nail* p* katilUp C*MTI'mION bou t lut*> ta* .'room th'a -noaa ard fooa u, oaa'.i Burrow ..vainf. Tk* aI'STRa !.: a #>' ? lite OiWbor. Fur Amp apptf on boari. or lo tro.1 T K ? A OCfr M, 40 FultT Mroat frivrt MHIPB FOR I.ITRRPOOI. ARD LOR OOM.?TFTB L1 iwlnrMaMp RIB HoRRKT PXKu Cap: Urrabaa oaHo ftnao -tea a km* rlr?r, OoA A for Urrrp.trii Cabin f?r?. KB ? H i a*inr - nio u>d rr . id. f i Parkot ah>r RHINR, , tar l 0*1*0 Oct. i For prorata arpjr to '-ark fir !l?m> i-r P -adajv OsL II. at Til ?Srrrmga Bl f?s ? Rwl. Roara, tar Ln"*<Vjc. t*l. CtfOB. ROCHR. 81 Rank I CJ a r AICFORMIA Tlx P AH AM A. A IM r'.wi otowiaor will tear* Row Tnrk Ik* lal lllk aad *4 awk Booth or-??? wkao teowo 4%laa foil na Bnadar, arte UM Bar of daparlara will ba Ik* Muadaj oOowlac for rnoiaM or p*??r ojplj al tea oali o?e* R, 177 Waal 4VBL wwaar of Wmrro PTr. AUAf, yal li?fl RATARTAR f tii MR or Vmda~. Or'nfcar tl Al * Trior* P U. To* PaR d MMoa rid MriaoVp AiAtABl'AR. I >ra*?aac ee om?i*4of. la r**.*y t? rr-' a i -???* a.i- *r SU Martk rlrar. fool *f i"h*Bb*r# a.-rot For Ih >?o- pa-.*# a*pl. lu liuRA BhcR . RATARtOkpo . f | ||r||l|fll p|nf>n R*'.<? fVi.ii ka Pom <.??? a! 1 oolock P. a. oa .v day of mi m? ________________ ORRAT RKOCCriOR IM PRI-* JO i n ORI.RaRAARD hatara. BTEARRBir "TaR OF TMK W*?T. <v? R F OtlR'i, Win !*a*? pier fi?A of *i raa *C oat CSi Mondar, l rl 4 al lo ri rak t M Frao?hl lo Mow Orlaaot. ? rrr.ta par l ibit f ?A A*a%?o u? Row I >r ? an* IM ?? "a paowwir nHarai.a it man -i In Row O'oaia n? Baron* *<w nar a( Warm MfBBL iiw Pkllatali Ma aad Raplra <*r wU laara Oawbar BMMAT ok A aRD M* OR1.RARR RTFRf TTR BATR ? PteBUro W<1 To tall nr wk teo o-mn>?k:|< <r A It own*. I. W Rrnnk namioiw. WU wwawroa on moo'r* fro rfcl oa M rteor, i wiobor A ao4 -Bat AOteoi to -a pl*r fnra t> Biirrar olrooo, RnrAk rlrar. l.l VIR'WtR CBIX HBRoH i CRI . ? W HT*j Mraot. IIB R'lTn aolte (trnokar ?. aa<ril>wflUjrRa*<Blkor I. Il'i* Havana r OnlAad Warn Roll RtewaaAip Una. Ifi in, arorr io-ot.j 4?r? f oaak port. rtraj-hip otaxeh Pitt, . R. W Rkalo'xU. isitimon.lor Tkw jw.rPMWoa.or. harlari oon 'hn- irblr noorkanlad WW 1 n* 14, Will -ranwin Mr r?*-?lor tnpa fo? ik* ah- ro pnro ? -Ado; IRV bo. ? .1 II n'firi, foot pior IS Rortk rlroa. RibRM laoMi^ 'RW?r I. mite ..f I ..lint I nawaad aad ?taad -M b-wrd oa #r-a* lm ? of amatone* I ..r fr<a?ki *r payor* ap?i? R? H*B??"tR S CO.. $1 mn ffar aaoi wpt wTI W OtiRw ? >*e WoreBbwr if rH! krw ow barr -ptrrt pacrbt OR PABRAUB f-m - Tk* r Irprr *Ma B" toiRi ha* oaaarlor a ornBawWalinM frr all ateoooo of ?ibiiibii* at radaond rata*. ?> wty pu Ortubw ? ^ur-f bo%ri, L^er 11 BraI rivvr ?r 2> A TRR XVCK. r Route Mraol <" INOr. RAVAItMAIt A"T? TBR ROBTT. TV > oo-arhtp RORTilORRRt ''*>' Win, r Rarrr. w'll War* r'of ll Ronk rlrar nn Tknrakaf. Ort II at ? P H. pr. yjoara 1.1 Rar*aa*k wltk urtii-p wand AO* -n-n da I** ?L' '.kruaah lirkaa la Mow '.rloan# W aiwrar-r. *M. Rop.pkl# fAi 7S. N^Vlll* ?f ,?faor * !io, If Ao.iTnui* >,(%, **; aP-*?t ?TA.?viiBtn? tm-. At fail* I horro, IM. tntwu 1111' taeladiB* iBalkiaafara w ^Wterrwa Ami,* R r9nm,4 ^ W Wool -looot <ad IS Bmvt wajr TV- B A CtTt RR anrr**W Ra' l?? <V U _____ ti-.wr-r a vtein, tn lpvp roil* r >r n *? r anapk Ar fio II 1 rRi-BWvi i. SCO ? W a wnwiHw STEAWhUIP aDRIaTIC. TOR HU?| WILL S?tJ, At ten o'clock precisely i n eati;-<1a , the t.h lust. F? ttuxer* Are requested to be on board At nine L P BTKPHBNB. rm ' IVCRPOOL-TBK BLACK HALL UW1 CUP per ship FlOKT.l A, now At sudor lr Uie gi'mn, stlla tT net now. The NhPTUWIt sail* Oct. It. 'or pa?a|" Apply to JACOB ATI HO A 08 Hon I fa sl-ret f|H>R 1.1 V ?h POO fa.?Til V CBLKRRAT tilt cLIPi'KK SHIP DFE ilrNOUOBT, ('tnUIn HAmt.el* ? aOnx m^lFtv <liilckrsl I me on record will rail no thn MHh of (l.-HVr for passage hi lowest rAtes, apply on U >erd, hi pi. r Wo 0 V >rth river, or to r. M UAH a R he I, to South airt H. For savannah and othkr points, ah rrlovf.? The first claaa side wheel steamship A I. AHA Ma. dept. Ilea. R. Srhrnok. will leere on Saturday. Oct 6, At i P. M , from pter No. A North rirer. Through tickets sad be bed for the folio wtnr; places? *ew Orleans, *39 75; Mobile. 336; Montgomery, <36 ?nfMb 1a, Ala., <34, Oolumbue, til; Albany FO; At'antA, fpl; Chat lanogsa, tie; Nash-die, 337 76; Knorrllle, 326 SO; Memphis, V 73 Aiuroata. 317 60; Macon, 330; Harannafa 316. Per fretcbt or pimp apply at 13 Kroadway. The steamer fa aR OPTUR Sol'TH. (Vol Tbos. Lyon. 4*111 seneeed and sail on Tuesday, Ort 3, at 6 P. V. HAMPKI, L. MITCH ILL A MOW. For savannah-the r rst clash SIDE wtikbi. atran.ithip STATE OF OKOKOIA. Caela*u J J lr trvio, will vail In m Philadelphia for Savannah on Friday Oct 5 at lOo'cliek A. V. Cabin passage, $16. steerage. 38 Ibro iph lickeia to New O-leani and intermediate p lnt? at same rate ae b) strnmera from New York Superior slate rooms mar be a<-< utrd by appoint to A. BRRDN. Jr . 133 North Wharves, Philadelphia The Meaner Kit ? BtONK HTaTK wtU sail as above for Charleston, Oct 16, at 10 o'clock A. M. POR SAVANNAH ANDTHK SOOTH The new aieunah'p K B. CUTLFR, Capt F. Oronkrr, will leave pier 12, Ninth rirer, on Saturday, Oct 13. at 1 P. M. Passer e lo ?avan ah 316 7 br, ukb tickets ao'd to New Orleans, hoblle. Montpotnerr, Mcus|.i.j? Naaliv'lle, AraiTUle. Challanoofa A'bnny, Coluat bin At'sr'a. Mai ?i and Augiitu The ?ccommoiatloiiS for passengers are superior to those Of any other steamer. Apply to H H CRi iMWRU, 4 <"0 86 Weal street and 336 Bros 1 way. FOB CHARLESTON, R. C.. BAY ANN All, OA., ANO Ifae K..u'h and Hmniweat ?Three steaurera a weak. Turn days 'i anralays end > sturday* ?1 rl weehiv L'n'ted Males until alee wheel Meaoisblp Ine ?T ae ateamahlp COLUMBI A, Ca it Nvrrs, HI I leete pter No 6 North rirer on Mrw lay, Oct 8, at do'clochP. M, Instead of Saturday. Cot 6 as prerloualy ad rerilMd. ate tot i>a.Dy able to lears Chariaaoe ob her ltd regular dar tn consequence of toe aererity of the sale pre railing at that time. Paaaeoners alreauy booked will please note the . bullae R*t"a of passage wUh through tickets, as folrowa - fo barannah. Oa . 316. Cbartrwlue, 316; New Or leaua *?? 75 Mobile. 336, Miotgnmery. Ala 375; Naabrttle, Ter.D . >27 .5 Memphis, 331 76; i hat tarn. ?a, 626 Knmrd'e, 375 (0; Augusta, (la., 3*7 50. Atlai U 321; I h trlotui. N. 0? IB; Colombia. i. P.. 330 for freight or paacige ap ily yo HloPPOKU. TILBSTON A CO., 28 Broadway I he Marion, Capt. Foster, will aucieed on Tueadai. Cot >, and the Jas Adper, J. I>. Phillips eommapder. on Tbursda-, Oct 11. The Adams Rzprese Company's treat Monthern eipreas Is carried OB ihla line. The escreaa agents South will gt.e Information aa to the galling days, (are, Ac. THBOrOH FBBIUUT ARB AN. IK WENT.?FOR NOR folk, Portsmou.b, Cl?y p. Int and Richmond, c mneettog with N. rf?lk and I'.-irr- 'ur eed Houibeide Railroads for l.yirbhurg. Rrletol Mrmpble and lotsrm* ditie atulona. Freight received every day, and through receipts furnished at pier L3 North rirer Steamship J aMKeTOWN. Capt Skinner, learea every Tues day, aiSP M Hteaaraliip ROANOKK. Cant Conch every Thursday, at 3 P. M , calling at Old Point Com!ort to land pas. seexers Hbaashtp YORKTOWN, Capt Pariah, erevy H/itur day, at SR. M Frelxbt bi I'ortamouih and Nor folk. 7 cents per foot to City l'olr t 8 eetla and to Richmond 0 c?m? Pas ?aye to Norfolk, state ooss and meals Incudad. 3d, to l'eters burx or Rlcfammd 310 LUDLAM A BRINKKRN. US Broadway. " ... ITRABCIAL. ~~ ATTENTION?MONBY TO (BUFOPK ?SH'HT DRAFTS from 36 upwards payable every wherw In 'treat Britain Ireland, France, Germany and all oc.rroiiupiriea lhr-iu*h,".t Burope. Issued by (i B' HMiriT A CO , European Hankers, No. 1 Chambers sin et. New York. TJONDB OP THB PLANTERS' BANK OF MfflSIHAIPPI, Jj will be boexat by B M. A K A. WUlTboCK A CO.. Broadwwy. comer of White i Land warrants BODUUT AND SOLD BT TAYLOR BBOTHBRR. 73 WaU streeANww Tiwh NTTW ORl.KANH AND HOBTLB Fl'NDt HofdUT BY A0ULHT BXLMoNT> CO.. Ml Wah atrewi 0' IWCIAL. ruoPosAui rom loan or rat million oot LAKA. Taiaubt Per eareair*, Hepi ?, IMP Healed propoaale will be iKoetved ti Una IV par--erui '.all. U rML nt?m of Monday, th* twartyoeooud da' 'if Ooedret neil, for lea mllUona of d.illera of etoek of ?br United Hmm to be tnened on.far I ha ad of Paeyreaa </ the Ot of .! uo? leu i and pmetdlua for th euiborlrlny a loan and pmrtdlui for tha rcdeartlno >if Iran pury ootaa, at wbiub On a tha propoaaLa will be opened I/i ll ecvlet oo Tha atorh till ha rehab'.-wtble la lan jr\ o fair tha Iraf da/ of Jwiut nait. an I will bear later** at At* pai aant per annua. pat ah la aaml annually, oa (he first dart 4 Jaaoarr and Jul/ *f aaoh /ear No offer will he eorepted below par, and arm* for aae fraa ttne of one Ibonaart dollar* Nor wlU aa? Afar la wtotirr ad uelm ca* per oeotom of the amount thai la dep-adled wNh a dapodUrr of the United lUe aa. aohjaol to the oadar 4 tha heerrtarjr uf tha Treaeurj. The nertiHrata of e<i?h deo > ?ft anal eoonapaay the propoaale la all oaaas tha off en ?ft anal aeeeapaa/ tha propoaale la all oaaee tha offer* Boat be eBeradiUaaal. without referewee to other odara, aad total eta In the rate of pralia offered. Tha pmpoaala eh-raid he eadareed oe the torn to,' ropaeah for Ua of UK" aad be adf -wed. "To tha oeereUry uf Um Treaeary. Wtahtottna. 0 0." The beet bid<1 era under the for*? fat eoadfttoaa. fOr tea a* fir?ate ana of too alllhaa of dot tare, will ba laaedluely la foraad bj mail of the aoeeptoaee of their offara, and the/ acN d* peat the aacraataa accepted wHh 'be preratua thereoa. with the Treaeorer of the Cahcu xuiaa, or (he lalaato Tieaann ?l Ronton, New lorfc. rnLtdetpbto, itar><t? Nrw i 'Tleam. or 8t Inula oa or before th- I ot> awond del Of Noraeher eeat Should enoraw.' il bbldere deMra to da pner at >?W pdnto. their wlahae will be doty ?? Bat at dber pdnto. their wlahae wtU r j elated to Una ftewartaail HrftUfrtw i t tnaeiibed Moeh wtll he _ ?w? ? tmtil to mM not Im i > thoetoid do tore aeeh to the euceoaef j, toldem,"? Ihrtr andean far the prtotopel eo dapneMed, aw nrtor Interna " ? the dale af ence dap wtt t the rale of (re per aat'ia fi Nnrh atork will be traiMfarable oa the broke rf the Traaoery eeraaet'lj to the repelalhae of tha Heparin KbouM eayr ? I ? / of the augjeeNul bidden reou'.r* eertlkeaae a aba. with coupon* of arml-anaual lateraat parahie thrreae m a toe la of Jaaoarr oeev aoeb earn toetm will ha toatoed e-tth eneh awopooa allaohed toiutaa-f ei tbwuand doilnfi rvt aad pooh armpoa awek. liMtaad uf hot or imnefarrehl* 'to tha bonka of the Tiaaaurj. aa/ be aadoeel aad tmWerred or the Whir? of th* n iilPlada The latarea aa the fatol anaed tooeh fraa tha data of the depotol to the la day of January aert wtil be paid to the ?o neafiil '...Iter or too atnrewy by the depoaMar/ with whoa the prtoottal war de pentad. ? 1 he pr*llmtaarr depnat of nee per e _ r ' , wCl a* I _J prop-wale eader thta aotlee. wfcl be laaloded In >b* d*p< af urteelpel aad preealua aade by mui.i?fnl bidder*. win be laaaedlalrlT dlreetrd to he retnreed to the en Buwiu.' ~ fal btddara. H'tWBLL OOBB, liirMiry of the Tnaoiiry. -pnrmANOHi to ino^no. 1\ IRNI.aNn.~~ SCOTLAND AND WALKS Ikrbt Mite m the I Nl<'ft HANK OF LONDON. pa ional sank cr ?oM.and. RRI>AMT RANKINO CON TAN T, I RN'.ANP, la I'ibi froa ?1 arward*. by m TATLOR ItRnTHKKS. Saab ere ew To No 7f Wall etreet. Naw fork. rfltn ATBNCN BATIWtlS RANK. OORNBR THIRO areoea ?ad Tweal/ fifth atrwet - 'h>rtorad I AM ?Alt per oetit later eat etlo*ed on all auuie fr at II b> IllXbi All dep.. alto aade oa or to for* 10th October draw taureat fma Oaf per 1 Lank 'yr dally froa It toll aleo oa lb* *nwla?e of Noaday. *>.!o?eday aad Saturday front I tolo'ntoea. srKNrsi K. okkkn. rr B S Cnmsb. Beeratary. h WHBANtriv roR a wmtkkn railroad a bo asp a Idr*e" ee. wbn wll! not atalpulate Ui? to ?eel the Mkilidll of torrk jobb-re. futln Interim t Wll ffo weD m rateke aad reeerre proitoe. Ag^ly to eaffarac S5 00() W,*"rTrn-rf,m T,nt OF MANl* lact.irtoff a new and uael i ?pt?e fo- eh'p bttild I t all i -iri wee wtotc a *we, aa.lor i i ? ? ie?l'ile*'l A .df'?e Kaurosd, Herald ot&c*. loan urrii'Ki. 4 TINAb fAL AND LlTKKAKT NUKRaC. NO. 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IBW PlSLIIATIUill ?J?TI IRI) *f ITTt A Af W RR APT HANV'jMm NSW MkPP AL BOON iSi-.VOUA DNMff.fTT. OK1K, PAVT'.A A JOANS Are-ta, A* II Aae moa. Ntw Tort. TIIKTBH*. UNION OOl'hhR U I.-TROTTINO OR HkTPRJthf, Crt 6 Il!>; o'otocfc A mnb-b f'<r WOT, mile beam, beat three Id Ova, to wagons. I] Wpo*rul? pwtue? w g 'nasry; W. Whealm* uunn a r. Bo> from Home Admlaah a SI ~ent* HHaW ? WTT'TN Prvpneti.ea* Gkbtlemrn who iiwirk Tt) HATr r.-rori RNoforr Swub applied to I bo It WMeb'A ?? ? uwi.ierwt* root, that will no' ? tertere with the orlluary Um e, wtll call sr-d ex* amine my Unproremen' MBKRH'K PRJfb. ? >*u street A HOUH&8, CAHiU\?K?, dkd AMBNTUCMAN BAVINvi MOHB BtlRitBR T1"aN UK nnli. will se U !? Ixty Bashaw Ooll. feu f brother to i,*j lera. six ve us old. US hand* high. mviud and bit' 1.1 every HI', and Ri ' list ur of t-ii- be-. 1 id lur ! , 1 ?. - B: ? of B7Hl Caa be ?*fn at etab'e 2oi Holt aj-cei, from JR10 3 o'oloek. AVBRY NTC'B IJOHT WAOON AND H V Uh'BHb for aale. Inquire ?t Maokey a stable. U'y suit Ul Waal Iwealff third street. uear Sixth avenue RARK. CHARCK.-POK SA1.K, A f'iMMIblMfJ jroune Vare. an? year*oil, a 11111 andktec !*.2haod? hu b: ?< rrel Bair tall; oau trot In three mln^i-a Ali < a new blip k' Wagon, maur by Stivers A bti tih w > IH.' IV. Atao a til l aei o' harness to match. will be atvd together or ?eparale. Apply at 1X0 v'krysite street N. V. AO RNTI.KM A K'8 ROAD IIORSK FOR SAr.V. A tray Meaeenger, 8 >? ni old. If, ho vis high; car, Hot In 2 45 wai cat led ?* uid aotl bind lu ?i I * or d ''bio bar nea*. fan be seen at lit* Metropolitan'at,' ca corner c Times and Uroeby am eta, C1AKRIAOKS KOll HA1.K VCRY CHEAP-TWO BOOK ) away Carriage* to to* aold Am weel, ouo la lie'V and b two fata. the other bat bern repaired In tho b at maimer and ba? three 1 r.Ha, they are both lu g^od order. Appi* at lit7 Uroonu' auatl. E*<EAM1K.-AK IlORKlCfl CANNOT BK HOl.D dtl-T new tor ?tven a??y,'he advrrl.eer w itud be vrllliag t# em hirer a hanrtiitur mrr? 1 Horse Ion* tail and ma >e, ion yt are old, .r . hand* High porltoi'y ? und and gentle, 'ata* a beg, ? hat tumhl be worked b-rd in a gr x sry. etpt* ?< 1 farm wagon all winter a < improve, for a 1 u| an-ml, r an or gist road forte bat ing done h e s.ianm r ? i ail'1 pat ibe (ll'lemrica In carb. Adt.iH Mtl.a, baft New X rk,li I. r)? BA' ?? A PAST nOORliHTlAlf. VOUNd. SOORD kind. *1 title no blan lah irtrb or ?u*i. c for >1 an -bealntil aorrel; U banda I tnabm ht*h, bm* 1*1'i *re>l loom fair style, easy itinera, very b ael, oaa irta lu X mm '.lea 1, seoondi, never hartnc bean In li>e hands of a Ira uer, ihai give promise of great speed, address B. J. W? Bo. If Norb olath street, KhlLaileil'hm. CH'R bAl.1?A 8TTU18H PAIR or LABOR liAd F Utamea, ? arrtaae and Itano-Ai complete. Hill be a>11 sous rately or to* etlier, aa the ownor baa no further ttia fm then, at 1m Pinal itrect or at Mri " ' te.rr>. where they may be area For rai.b? a idpfriorrparop ri.ack hawkh llalf hnah-ra. 6 i? sr* St 1 M spring; hove never ten n ti. dealns'banda Oentlemen waoltas mpm ?; 1. on vrlll lad this tcnm w orthy ot their altentiou. PrUm R74u. Altai''sa y. s. H . liox J.ntlP, Post oflire. FOR 8ALB-A BKsUriFPL OOLDFIKDFtt MtkK ?v; years old, sound and kind In all karnavr and saddle 15 , bands blah, a fine stepper, and rmid be nadefast, also a Fatefcln ('oil nf great promise dam a Bar.nsr mare. rUUu> tbrte years eld. ln ire of HKI'tlKI, at. aIuA, lKietiiBA street, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. r?R KAI.F.?A BROWN HOR8X, FtFLKKR IIaNDB Ugh. aeven years old, long tail, Ida s p<unte, p i- *U> ?our.d and kind, an easy pleasant driver, nan tr >? a mile h I Sti. and has never been trained. Iiuiuira 0' 1AM. t. Aliuh.N, iu Greenwtcb street onrner of Veaey. rOR 8A1 B.-A BAY MOK'lAN HOR8K, W, UAROs blab, fix years ni l. pe.-fec'di sound at d ku. l, sni s fsat trwreller FrfcefSfO Oal at the orl? ;te si dve. Bo 10 Wert ktgbteentb street, or upou L F. MOmTON. W t'ark p.ace rR 8A1.R-A PAIR OF FINN OARRTA'IK H'.RSF '?>a baud 1 high, very gentle and perf*??? v sound short Uilaand good travellers. Apply to W. il. IXkll, Zii Fourth avrntte. FOR 8ALK-A BUFRRIOR BAY B DDL* tkoruiighly broken US bsnds btgb wd.lonl. t r wsnt af use. Apr 1) at the liable, wo AT West Twenty h* 4t *treet rOR 8AIJB?A FINK 8APOI.B MARK St IT IB'.Y TOR s reaUemni, ckMBMcol w, US han G high Prlee WW. irnuire at prtvsif stable, 4V bast Fitieea n slieei JiM'R 8A1.R-A HANPNOMR BOB TAIL II'>888. Id JT bands blah, very stylish, 7 years > Id war; rah ! '3 trot la three tnlmtiee or ao tale, sod warranted le every res ad. To be ere 11 at IIS Perry ureal. P>R 11 ANDetOMB WHIT* IIOK N 11R.VYY white n.uie aaR tall, sound, autet ?ud k. id. la f.. ?.? a-.d double bsrie*. mA fad traveller, been r*d i *a 1) v Udy( eight yeaiw old and new lop *?f?, t .i s . w ?*i> vr?'.?'?. Apply at It/7 John aire-*, or SM Booth Thud gu.-et 01 ??klyu, fjViR HA! E?A MORfltR HORd*. ??>?. lltR'N ? 1 '>H, ' rli)wvtUitet,hiudki!a|!(ia4- a. i ? 1 ur tier the atddlr. and Bu.ttl In e?rry rrau ? ? !ir I' tl-er Rrtlri.tofa lacn'ra of A. T. PURNOTCH Ci ij M Veal inearth rtreet. new Fifth aven-ia FM)? RAI.B.-ClBrUMRTAIO'RH GOMPILUR ? THI ownri to Rim up h rv*. will Mil im ?er? 'u ll inc link! rfwl Ma*..n. Huri.-aa Ac. Alan bay saddle Ma--, all yeara old. klac la ail harnraa I-auk at them tad oaf lit t??- i lara, at tha cortrr of Hcrealh arauuo aad f iraot> around alnat FOR HAM -A TRRT FIRKUBaV RK-HkR IKR RiiiW. sii'ean handa hi?b. very etyliaa. anao vraaa oM aouad and kind, wruldmake a pond eiprrea, da.ior'a or <v?hi'i hoiar. Alan a roan Horec rtftaaa and a half ha-Ma h, '?>, r?-j 9te, aerier tad Pi trot la J Id> at* a B-th ?III be ? M eary cheap Tobeerenetfl II TallmaaR eUlr'e.H and 7U daul arret, neareoraarof Birr, bar L'CR 8ALB-A FAMILY lit RSI. DEBjCMLID II F style. baaatr and ei.eUenee of ???ep.?n' - a M r?a ant plaaaal.t erlarr, and wtthew.t fan It or bl-mah, hay. ??? jetiw ..Id, l?v, bain's V.jh Alt i a liunoarat < V ?'? M a.d tlsmess At dm* Vf W. 0 , ben I.VW I" cdna. h'?,R RALE-A BlRUAIM -TIOIRF. I'tltHA ?! ARD lltmaaa Tb? brine it iar color, aevati yetra old. I* handa kl?h. barncse nearly new; rwni?t a..a* pvwl mrkt awaj. al.iUng fr?t. thattand tbo pa po-w ot ? *tn'. t n.ta relun ad fr.t? the count y a bo baa no further uaa for tbra. Apply at lit Rarer Iar p.ace for tbrcr date H-R PALI-TWO FINE UOIWBH. , AM) 1 US.i, 1 tod ?m I ealenlaMM for t.wd cr family dur?a?. Am. afire year ItaLnry F< R PALI-TWO riXK LOIWEH S , AMD 11 h'th, ?1? and ee?e? yeara otd; eifnawl emd i la in barwaa aad saddle atyiwb fart utile- am i r? f-.r i.aC cr faaily Uor?e?. A an. a fire year. It...,. ., fsat trnrr'ber wt'h mad Wspaa, lit- rat and s' !(h. Apply at 1* JOI atrrrt. atabla la lb* rrai F R HALE < III AP-AR THE OWRM DOER HOT WI-H Pin'n'.er tLea. and la a doe Ha.ib. a pur nf aorrei ll< net !? ban '? birb, ?'"n at I rich. yeara n|d, a led in barnraa. r "> lor the aadc.e, tod w?rr?a ed ar. tad; alas ? at* " aad llanira*. Uao ba acMi lUi aotd at 14- Va t almd H <iRPM PAR HAIJL-R1YIB I1RATI II'I IKT 1IORHICH for rale at .Itp-A of 'to lea <'>i?t'.ay, ooraea R h VybU tr i iktrd ?'/??t?. R .'llamab trr . the. a I ) nlf ball fael aaibe a tan Van any Umo *fi*r t ? "v. IH-I.I.K a_A HI iMn.I UHiORRRR, CARMIAORR, WAOOR* ARB HARRKd FOR aa'r cbrtp? Ucbt Ita !y trrbtpa I'Mbtway ile, ;i?t Kay r'a ard ?tprraa Cart* aa I arcnad bard aa. .tua at ai u'a. and nriy b?tra Hiterlailmt, Krai JBRT ARRlim rROb UtrWOaTOR <-OCfWTf. Til* ? Pla'r t? |rr arry Una llorrra, eri.paUae re a .t't >1 BiaP '.rd pair*, aa frda arc ?<'?,? ,-,|r of bmr tad hay Horata 16 bac'a 11 neb h)?h. and f .r atylr aad baati'r; aannn". -a anr paaarr m lha Hta'e 6 ?r? a aid Qi a pair M Mil II1.. vary Si - I yrara old. Uaa i a'd of aaiall baows U? ry '"?/ Rai^e 4 aid 7. *ery ?trr;ctatr.t i SI1 topeihry paKamiy grrra, bid fair In ao a tb a IWl" d tlna l? 1 Jn. t laiS". pr c* fat Ona airtlaba* kmc tall H-ira*. a yaanold a 1 gwntlr aad far that ba enal 1 ba MablT ram? nsantad U) any pnrna Jrb'i la T?r> i raU. baaun'iu /rlrar *o?ir rrdon' a. alaoanda; -be aarla ran in la S Id; fil-Wid. ')?" bar Florm?> Mam. lit. for baauty and aalrj earn.* V tort var'd. aa. til piaatea, I rrartoM prloo b*9R f>aa r*r fanhty atd t B ? aa. I.aubaaita I ' rara ?M; t. I la all bar -aa aarr mrr ?Par.; trlra trS Tha rnd.-a bd wr.-'."d arary ?a? r!?bl' To ba aam at the Mc;r uilUa Mai a, ?j tar J Fimae aad Crcaby d-eraa J HI 41 IRfM 1HI ST ATI OF M AlMl-TPW t A *> I yoaM ?r.nai MtRllnc Umaaa. all mar vrl perfaollt tooadaad kiid. Aap'rittba RMblala fjtty rcamau?o* rpa door rut Thud a w?, fp-ttut diy. PMRITaTP ITARI.I to R1RT-TWO >* rr<"% via'la la a daa ruble, and r -aa for l*n earrl%r^i.'|. r* wllb (aa. water ratr .*mr.c*fil i Ua-aad a*r.y. Apply at M Hrat Taaaiy ?1?MR Kraal. OTARftRO WaRTRII 'l?T?0 SABP'F ll d?R6, O a the aamatllae *iarn;ty of Twariy four " arm , j i^ilnau? a ??ur, I > . tad a d a , ?ri...aat* ai. air A.I 4rata I (IbarUer, la 11 *tai Aa-?atj f.rirtb atrar", ARTRB. filRHR PAIR OF MvRRR ROIIII. KIRB at ! wall Ma'.cbr ! Apply a! 15 Wall aUaav t tlr l anr. \i'art*i-a H'.rif mrriBLi fo? pamii,t> *? TT imara ar d In v.rb hi a hoary a lye, aad :n aadtMl f na >btt ?? wlifhaerma ?y l!<?t w wb it. ibaciAtiry. A t Irraa Ma'k > A ?ia? R. a .ai firwri Q TALtf ARi.R ROAP HOR'IH POR RaLF-LOW. VIA O A raty b noar taarbawtaal Mara, It t ha* la nac la)' * vaara old. aa rXaat aad at yuan 4rlr*r; la awry laM and nil trot mb?b!I m lb- tarai rnvd taara in the ftaio. -wt uia a * awrlBCnn Alan a han '-ano browa Pm 1*', bar'a ? Irar* o>.l, aa alrtant aad ffw* dnrar. tnd opn trof la fr hip. IM .ar. laat apr?( fT.hJ. Alpo a r*rr bandaapa b.r Coll. t.o- art year* ; bar.-la 1,1(1; nac tri ? raaa aad bta k d tot HM>e bar I ln? ar.d -eM M? *n 1711. Tha anoap I! .-?* a>a warran'ad w nd and Una. tha ur n arty of a a anraaa ahw t cut b.a ratir* Mark bi r" In F-.mjc tad uka H. raw are'dTaaad rrrp?tP *ly M ll.HRI MRU. ard *.<?; ant th-y rr ? k ?ni.i an ?!.(am rale of etrr'ar* H lata mm a elrpant arrlarot. li(ht *ipni ? ;?('? aal rtr !?>, taa H u prta atr|?ar, l doob'a aria: Rlankata An ?i,| v* odar?.1 - Pr ih* aFoia bnra*a are l.apeaa l of Ai.drraa P , bn 19 H i^ld aircr, or call ooraar !obo aad Jay Mrrr'a. Jrylli g. mmcLi. / 1ITT HOTRL, R1 AR*. NIW JFRRRY PIVRRIf. \J Una Ro. rr.aran ><e bad at half Raw Tna or era, ty ar ?lT'T ^aMl<vAkr i lAc brdai. within bad an b-mi ? rMd of /lot IMA*'* IRTFRRATTORAL HOTRU RruitRI xJ Fal'a R T ? To a- onaaaaod.alr lata trtral.ara itr r h t"l win V- krpt opaai diirinc tbr atontb of Ocn>) 't Mhhi'rrat hiti. norsR, corrih mrn imn and F.elleah atrraa - Tba ah- a h-n?a la ao li ian?,et? ? rralr for fall and wintar ' '?tnraa FaatlHap aad Marin t .r ? ix rwtornlaa froai th* <~muirj trill do wall by rnakl. * ih.a brir IBM call befora fm?|tni hoard Tin ma vary and ..rata JOUR B BORTWir R, Fnplnao-. O,'ORDER IIOCRR.' ORRIR OF BOWKRT ARD BAT TV ard atrmt - Tha I rat oiaaa Hotel, krpt oa tba Rnmpaaa plan, ta now ep*a for lha rmoptloa and aammm.idati m of tiaiiera aad trarrlleni Tba aaooMRpidaU wa are of d? w drarnpip r 7be alrey'r ? r "?na larrr. wall rantl'twd and tirwty f'ireiabed Thai. >*i ia rretaal anj r?arr rraaf'ial that etn be f v-iad la any well mndeeled bolrl la a! the em w. ml of ibp i > ?*. Prlrra aiodr .>r Aurodaa a ua noiiMA. U r. Wud.ifR, fnop.lata* A PIl) 8 EBtBIVTS. WINBBR OAHDfeN. T1U8 KVKMNOJ, FBI DAT, OCTOBER I NIBS CUUHNaS, ?? *"8 CUBHUAN, Who vti, Appear *a NiAXOA IN rkzio, lor hfr BBNarrr. hkk bbnbfit, -UPOO-.V1 bT AleatW I'yntt. MndJart Marlowa, Mac Ad* ?too, Md * i ower**il eoropanv. j>AHMT a AMERdCA-N VOBKUV. l uder the >-ranoal ?uprrT'jtiho or P. T. 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Weird Molab}?Bb? brl'.?? the liiin'!.(*a?a at litn il'l twiya to need by tba Osllaf of the,/ maatar'aik-trdnr, tba f tnannlry ran, .a to nmeie y-tara ? collect on an yraroaio ra'Tvoiae, At- ran a noon, wnn y .- 1 MM it ? .mina FtPHn't tnaptr'na of Vatlnnlt Ths prepamtl m fa the nlRlRt ensaa htiana a I ear t -T* ta nod poypsta, ae ania Ml Aw- ihncrathnr. ncnan un tut cmrit ne Tin eaten* t .i* aiam .it nam t.i* m * and. A'.'< ra and Moiaby?Who Mail awanr* au wm? a** 1 at?nan tba vanaatioa atnsu AIDee pre rrvd by Wau-d Moiaby. . yea oar a o* yea noaaon, ahd aii.a*R r?oci.i: a ae ine-v-ner MoOoa Unlit) ?Woum a Halnalrn Hop*. >niMfa rioien itiaes. Bhann Fanra lla Freparea In take lha OnIL aaenapae't amiturt. A Taadt Oonfmlna- Fllr f'ir Ma liiiilir?The Falhnr'aOan nftaaoa at lbs CriminnJ'a bars- e? Phi.,r aad laikMta. aarrr eaaaiaaiioa The Orrbeetre. nndar tba breation ofTTTOMAB BAK1CB, ell per'c-ai tba vletontled IrUb "The 1 oleen Pawn aee. the BlVrnian d a-'rillen e 11b ?ntoa for thnmrli etta. Iitirtairnta tntrr'Jiei waa aL tba In-Ad total M-iatr. ? iry nee U| rean.) tor lloa piare b) Mr lattf axiora ipsa M I. eujtmanon Ml V** B0W1RT THBATBK. AT IB1DAT ivx*Tlf?. r?~r I. A /rmr'l ron f >r 4 OLlt AKUktR't" Kt,R TM tr'a-vld C: NOBWAN i.ttmf. Ixl an LAST DAY* or rOMFlJI On 'W Barar fte-ito(. TO lynTTT. TO NIOBT An Kxranuroin i.aht or RKsrwrAUMrr wwYaa at. axaattntEi ?? madia* anpraao ta tWoiyrklj ? tar l In rk .rrtaad opornt* noaln, roada al MckSjJMMt M t!w hl?H?at wd? AMrrw tarma. Ac , to A B . Wuitama ? u.LM cAr? ?'?STIi? H'* A BtW ( Mfl'E AT lUI.L. A OOOO V? iui??m! 1*0iltKitf 't<M A?rir m?n*h . id 1 ii#V*Y ?' Ml BBd Mi Hrnndaajr. Wo rdra Bni'.Jinf. RAII.notlM. Hirwon RfTtR RAtlR "AO TOR ALKAJff AMD , Ti ff, <* riOBTtint nitk tin oa KoTth B?"1 A rwl On ?nd ant , A ivniw II, l**u. warns wUl Int? ?!??<?? w fnU-mn ? ISr-mak K?(p't*i fo.L I and II A. M and IT* Albany Mr.'. lr>?.a. 7 ft ? * Bloaplad >r t-air ? A; t M Sun'ajra In rd.d, W?,TT tin for ?c ?r? M III A. M Bird ? u. 7 an* M ?* Tai 't I* M., lor raaBati., t at I.! f'? rt',nwiAi? i um<iiw r ? rn,Mn(p!? i?a?o ?i ? < ,m:, I brta' okr-r and TAitj B>al attrt ta. Alaay So ..... Train, Irons IWrtt lira ?Lr^wi ?> P || trataarm *?? * * rk !???? Tr t * ? M "tantajra I aula lad . nr.. 1 ? - <1 It JO A M awl I U an I ? i) r M Ut ? A mi a) i 'JWrtf ?Kan Turk, Ir. AlUxij lur Raw Tnk, IT. M. JSujw *?? .aa!i 1?<1 A r SMITH, i J?nL Km Teas. S?Rtr?bnr II IMS. A. < Bill r. I' w%?? I'laira a'onplfjr a! a!. *"*7 aaati ia, Imp- f* M , ? II ar.d 7 r M T' .?nr r .ii?, aM IIJJK ?* all a?a-<,n?r,. rta'of FontkMi.lA. M xttMwnJslantMHMrtai ?-#r? Bord"- nnnlrr at IP tTot-t! Tal'a, I r M at?p itrital??%?* ?o tk<>i r -Hrm *lkaa/.?A M.aVip r 11/ U all p;?t?oia n' 'A "f Wldt* rl* a? jnilil B K. ITU. Asmta*. ? ip"tnlanlaat until i?w. NBW lONB AKI> HARI.IW RAILROAD. TaRR TO Al BAKT K It- ard afW Mrnd**. Jen* 24 1*? tralaa will Mart ika .ta a ttk ?tfi?? atatlon Ran York .. t ? ? Wnuajaabn!*?? and all war ala<tnoa 7 v . II A. ? aad ?S"l* M T- r Win* rw-inaa^d ai: mat ataitona. itu. ia?i P v for Whlla riiiTia aad all war alallnaa, ? IB froa Wui'a "trant datol f<< I'nmti falla Irm T??n';?'. a airtwl dnool. S IS A. f n i v n? al V? HU^nahrkiaa and alau-ma au<f?. rot iRrta- rlalr.< Ir. at Twrnlr a.itk Kta4mf*. ? .tl r M m- r|t?? al Wh.ur r*it? an * . al> ?a a' ?.??- lata j-air, rnaa Y> Ml. ?> .? a*r. j ?a|p ' M* ?* * ''T," Tareatr Mala l*re?t ^0|nt, lltlS A. M ?ipr*M mmii irsli, ?a Wkil?TjOm B?d or1 CrutmfMjMlkitiwi l/Wtl. . MTtrmiciKa. W? t#*T? o %U wmy fftftt -im ? w. ? aion.* MAT! II?AT Wain AO* BATCJIl AV.OCTO a,. $ ? ?...(?! I'"'.' a '*) a> Iwfr lla gmamt rahrrt 'Th? ur*m?-*d ar-d'aea ara Oaf ft-a a?af 7<v ' a ?l tat. >r WAara^-TB f./ I f RT L'X.t WI70T mT'." I fan A 'd ?<m wit' t rtldrr a t ?-a? d rt' ? i at ? r 'io? l l* a.d | am v nrmun ALA1IIMr or MJHI^-LINDA PATTL thia ifhioaV'. *vnb Iwd. oar. k LANT NIOIIT IICT TWO OK THK gRANON. FL"?t nlybt nf i IWDa I>I PBaMOOMX In morron iraturday eirnlag. l.ART Nf.tHT HUT ONR UF TH* A RAW ??, wk?i. Mlna PaITI trill appear one# more U> La TRa TI ATA ??o> |i>mn>a Invlni hefo unable In attend OO '? . tnr ihllgh cotmn.tiri re nf the t'ribllgh pr I II s? i.r HIK OFKRa ON MONDAY. OCT. ? The r'luii'Aiir will leave nu Tuesday 'of PhilAdelph.^M give no W r- nevtlay the Oret d (Jala opera he honor of A? ar rival..! the Krim-A i.l W air*. At Uw Amrt'du MMmW * Mueli In I MlkCelphia HKaI-I-KaKANCK or ADIMNA FATW aNII M'.NoR IIHIoNOIJ, who have returned from Phdadplphla for iHMhK MOUTH ONLT. THIS (KKIDal) KVKN1NO, OtT. A aeoot.<i night of AHKI IN A PaTTI and IIRTOMDU. Revival of PodaMH'l ponular i tma of 1.1 MIA HI C,H aMOUNIX. Pirat eppeararce In hew York of aDKLIna KATTI u 1,'NDA. i- up ported by Vtur of k A KonCb, BKIiNOLI. NKUM. "UMM DftBHK?Hs Ac < Amu. lor And Murloal IMr. < Pir ... V ' X K/tnTW To iuo<r..w Saturday evening, kuttlfit bu 'inn of the aeeam, ?b<n Mlaa PATTI w111 npprar nice mure, At VIOLHTTA la I,A TK A VI Alt. IP which Opert rh? Iiaa kebtevrd inch a marked ?? "r?n 1 be >ale nf urn's tor Ihi. eve lng a I.INI>\ Hi t II aMOU MX and In mi rrow n TRA VIaTA win ocmmvonMbla uw? ing nl right o clock at the hi* office of the Aeaflflray of Mnebi. u MtieP'k via irner/ alurr. 12 Well street. end ? t C. Breagbgrs. 701 B.oadwey. TO THE FtTBLia The IVreobTii re?pert'ully *i>pomioe ihA? la C<" nary, ansa Of 'he eit naive preparations for the Ball At the Academy hi gaer ad Lm*nru* end ih? rapidly .ppmtchmg alee >p?. the full ?e?jf"ti wtd sort positively clnae oo Monday asm > ctober 8 1111 RRflUI.AR WINTKR SKABOJI will or.smeuee on or ebon: Hovembcr It!, when the (rw UkAAO CARI. rOHMEI. The celebrated Contralto, MUX I) v.MORI. The new mid. Ir Ko ope highly eucreaaful P.-1mA 3Mh Ml.l K IhVitELLA I Al.'l.I. .nd olhrr pew k.' irq* will Appear. In fonueelion vbh ae n-erm a well laiebiiabed favorite,., la a rapid ? oeeaalvn of Mm Opera a la norne'iuro-n of | revlr ialy me la arraaiemrals, hli.l.K KaTTI iei> Mill. 1 HI IAOLI wid lepnri fur Ihe Knath and Wrm, ant diA rwtura A> Iter Wre ilinlpK Uie winter lh" ata. .? ammuoirl TRmjR " It. Ill R will, therefor \ alfurd the on.y opportunity of hear tug t.lrm Wf lUAl K h I MblATl&K Mr WallA'k. lAMA.-e Mr I^etrr Wal.AOk rtage Re i .gee MS l.KSI KR Vf A I.: Al'X, MR W K KL4U MR A H DaYhS PtyBT, MR NORTON, KU lit Kl. M'rt ll.tNIHiK, ikM \ a it A Oh MltM Tl'.KK A , Jr.. k" Ai . Ad L rt.Ai ino with riMP, MR. .'Off! rtRODdTIAM A Mt.Y COM All >, PrOAO-hAbed by Ihe pn-ee hod publln ToK YKRY URJT AM. IllH PRO nemo NR. IT : aCTKII RVK.RY MUHT. PL 'esm?y be aacured :ht f Aya la Adn am I>o .iwmi'n at 7'7; to onmireaie at HiVonh BOWftBT THRATRK Idanageni (> ??. Wort aa-1 R L. TMiWe BRfKTtf or MR r p HHANrnAi;. 7. l-*T Evec'pg. Oe'.ibPrS, VaKiriT. h RW YORK A> Vt :? M'jap. Mr. C 1IOJ NKlfLIr. Huh Ms.: ee M.-e. W. H TUB <h;kan oar.P. TIM*. AKTIK MlhsrUKLB IJ M. chaalw. Hall. 477 Broad waft Ji eciT oororm I. lieu, veo Kvasr K-anau. v CftK V AND HAN HUT \> t, the rraowiie'i h'(blooi*B ootardlaaa with the! AMI AUUOK 1 KOI PR or THK WORLD DAN HBYANT w*l! Jaaea for the frat Hrne In olalM mnotha kU wartf miawd ' 'rigtnal PlaiWaima. icvvin m or <.ld viroinky, tit Laughable It ir eager- Hrna at Phauw a KO . A A A LA uOCaVK, wuA Ho uaerm PlautAiPai Aeeaae, boa ga, Daaraa At Cm. Doors open at Vk. T. > *1.1 Tickets ? (ham. IJCOLkY AND OAMPBKT '.8 M.1KKTUEU8. O. NIHLU'ii 1ALOOM. M. ndby KinituK. Oct. oar I, ?r 1 ntn ?1181 NEW ATI I. ACTION 8 -VvKK N()VFl,TnSC TWO 'JKbAT f K A 11 KkH tills \7K<4R uejr>in>? HUiujMgui opera. AiJ II . ? IlirrS"* .sw tarsoHi ?l UN VIHOIK il MUMMY. H'lly P'r.'E lr itlsKres; ciitr iWnif Tbs ?awi C.' 'I. In fc * ;.?u*bablA I risk 'E&rnctar I *rr y it'.Mn Master t gsna as Fsmi/ .Tatty . ales I >ibv rtiiMlva by lbs < Vsnpaay. Nrr ! jor?. A'U. I..00. Plunuuoi. nrwoaa, to. Poon uptb st i, la ?>oub>co st 8 Tu-kata Me. *A MRKIC AN CONCERT HALL, il 888 R.~*lw*y. Ill Rrocdwsy. U RtMKORR, t b!? irttt linaqna iail Banjo n una. MTEW TORKER NT'.PT THEATRE V -.9 HOWBRT. i3l Tklfd n'fkt Of HI* HI l>EN VON WORMS Crtobratad k.AHi-toal .ira?a, by lb. GKIMAN TOL'. O IHHEN. 43 HOWTEKT. < It tNP tjtl.A NIOIIT RTIRAt Ki l?AKV f N ?EK^AtWMR^?T IO'Nvr,T ye THE CAwHIb* MbtE Ei. :?. >i.i M hi Haltaca "? - r- f ?I Mr T .'' bus m.J s bos' Of c.Lar l?Jr.. ? ktu 'uu.'. iylu tsar-d. A ..t.Iss' -o 10 ea.'r, rest rr?4 aaal* It ran a. J ONE- W( OD Mf>WOaY, OCtOUKft c. Ml uK ebAb a to par <b? "Kill BLONDIM. Os Uls nrrsirtrsi M n I" > lis sill |,ari >.? tba m ?t < fislwrfrl l.?l "4 WSlttiit r.fteru !._/>?'rsd fr.-t iipns 4 >i kl rm '? Wttk bl? 'sat .nsld- A s b un*< uraast. kolas brwrl y ih-iti -d from not to (<*A st lbs oca. iu will. ?hslna, at 3 o clock I". M. N tw BO WERT TH1T?TRE. THIPAV E VB>;Ma OCT 8 BEN If IT or MR. E. ehpv. lB?I.IK. Mr E. RUty, f ?t tba I.'-. be u N rtssn Laalis. iradjesd In the Ns atyta so I s f\B< ts <? ?? t>? 'Ua ii'rr rrarir* Mr. Eddy w.U sppasr u Lyloa. tM <4ladtat<jr. la Halwi-r'a I.AST pain or POHRIt. Q. L ?"? In but Islllsblf par of ll i bo. * M?RI''AN CONVERT BALL. a\ tit Brrsdsdy. 4t. Broad ??#. Bn.l.T qriNR. brirwMi! Rnriasqa* orstor of UtO'lsy. rlRWKEE ERIE AOMIRKION.?OOLDRWITH'* rmoyk Vam? N'S til sad KCt Broadway, s <f Taacly first atiaa', will I* gM daily US wrsk fir I rds'ska, fnia IK A I Igt f I ?wants sad flaws for sal* | ITINT RIAMKM TWINS COMINW 1J IMfOBTART NOTtl* Tba snkarr1l?r baa yrsat tlawnr* lo la fis islaa Mi saBasws tararyio",) tb.t ( 11 aNO ?B'1 RN't lbs arnidwrftl sad wraid r>rnswad . ti lar ? i?m?sa Tw OS. ksra tsiaamtihnd a >s fmas tkaf 'a n as is N' ta Osi /ass tbst 'Aay wlb srrtrr la Nsw * <k IMs waak wsh purttoaa -d tkatr fsmiass on tbatr way W ? slt'enw *rd tb*' ibar will all ba on ?iklMib ast iMa Mawas or V'ltidsy rr rains ? r'onar 1 wbrr* Ibar will ba imIM ? laa ds?s rs'* wlimil aitrs -bars#. t. T UABbUM Asaaifts Mcasoa, Ostobsr 8. I8t8i t until'/ n t'ORt FIRT OALU a V ?it llrsBdwsy. 841 Rrowdwar. N Br RATI fARTIN'l TON, In bar fraal f 'okNfrw Jlf. \TAW BOWER T TURaTBR a > beta I r ip.morr *aa>r? O. L Rot 8 J W T laSSrd 11 iJay. tb u?b*r S IWO BENKUT or MR ? ROOT, Oa wblrb rr. ,aloa art.I ba faaastad. for tba tM tinaa la aiany yrara. tba baanlN"! dnawanvir lusiria ot r ROHM AN I.RBMB Vi B Rddy a* Rorwaa Last Is. All tba . aapary Hi tba '-sat Awd. lor jsablralj tb* .as' Uui* lha '?rws. 'Jr Dswa tf mi lahr Data of roMi'Rn Mr R Bddr .... . a? I.ydsa. THR ULaiiI aToB Vr ti urr . as Burbo. Mr o Han 'ans as Abaaaa. ?iai fac iy hrrrlrs as Nydls. Mas A. Ua noway aa IouSi QEoROB CUBIRTT't NinRTBRUI WILL rKRFoKN AT Bwa. waptanhar IT s.?d tA. Pontaat. Mtk. * d rvanbar I sad I Poaar bl.Ooaa rj. 8tb Mi. Sa?.?-, S' ;? Oiwnl IUj fiabb irt. Hut WarauMt. 8 b Hprwr'ald. .UNb Bartfwt. 1Mb Naw Isnidoa 1Mb Maw llaras. IMS Ml J fl 8 IBORB N ANNl Al. NRRCRirTMV OOR< Rtr. no['WOR*H? ?0O?R tt r^n*? NtRM'No, in tormRr. iw? A aatS'r * by lb# Mbrbi udaai M if a Maria RMaTm kNU. mm ?B OROBOR ?llfi'if. ** ' MB Hfl Hf N VAMbtl, V? i n ( l.tKl* BMAM- M*N^^ MARPRl d'NI'l'TOB _ ?E8MII. la-bata M eanta. at tba b mm Moras ?ad door. National tubatbb ?tub abotb rortri.AR slaia or am-aarran wtll ra "tirand aa a Ibsmarl Ab IM oa ratwday srsalnr nan, lift"-' R Tfaatad a ?w . rn'wAlnna. tai-'aa *r.t ran'l*?aa; Stan, b 'aw yo iaa lads wslir/a. Ir-I"'-' At pa tbsatm, bslwraa Id sad IJ AC MAI.rfc r#, tf a ' A. BRA R IC. 4 RRR(CAW CORCBBT HALL, j\ aaa I'rw'tssr 484 Bmadarsy. PB"f WTC!I?>I4N AJIO NOW. Is I'aAr baatiLI il and c aaalaal O voinawS I tir r pints. sv. **l'RNr AN RRIISBNAIJt. - MB. RITIMIBBAIJl T A Aim ao wb<wa r*r .tatt"na bad lo ba r^slprmad la "as awi isan "f tha p ..i.nai ?il-m n Wad aalay atSM^ In wT. faHlrrly raalia Hbabaia*''a t"i*?<ly "f ' ???'"J'* t?, t.w-day aiaairp tba '"b Ina at tba kali "f tba Naraaams Ut rv F AMnr.vloti. t Hs8or> plats. Tirkaia fifty oaaw sa?t n l anrxa at ? '? rbirk. _______ TfHIi.HA RllOMc WM'TRTT OR NkW TOBR | Nmataantk aaaana?MRf-<1. Tka VM Oa mrnNRNtiAt ib?. bm * Al ?M n'rtsW T ?? ? VnnTB> CTIOM fr>R TNI BTAOR ?MBITATE rVrilA I ... alrar lp"i I AST ?. *ar and lanlnra* rmi'iatant Rw lb* i if .?? r ? "i tba nrs AdJ.-'Si Ms. afar, MwlMM i itsbs tan hi.oa, H. T.

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