Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 8
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rtNANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tut'two**, Oct. 4- 6 P. M. There is no change in money. The demand ?racng '.he stockbrokers ia sla.-kening, as aauaP when speculation ia cheeked; among -he ui- o n bouse* & fair business ia doing, on the bads of 7 per cent for first class paper. Some pccf eco>? Imue to predict an active money market toward the close of the month; but at aions point rather the other way. The StbJ received t2M.?M to day, of whmh customs; the paymtnu were |3J7,l?t>. ahis evening, It,976,068. ? .in,l ster- I ForeicQ ex batige continues in* > ? , . Vr some of the leading houses con ling is l0*tr- but the beit bin? can he had at JJiTai '?f "oui^, ?t rate*, specie anno* , ? . ,,r?rtt Still, if the California steam* *r? ar'lves in*time, wo presume that the Satnr V L hets sill take out l air a million or more J*Ld i or France. The amount of produce Hills I] J ,k?l kei ps the brokers supplied with as much us they waut. The *toelc market continued panicky this morn IPC. and there has been a farther heavy decline in all the speculative securities. The Hock Island imbioglio seems to have operated like a wet blan ket ?u speculators, and to have frighted not a flrw holders of stocks. This wm natural; but the parte of last evening and this morning is not jusU fled by the facts. Aside from the questions of honor and honesty involved in the personal conduct ci the Rock Island directors, the passage of the dividend leaves the company in a stronger position Han it would have occupied had tlm dividend been paid. And certainly the fact makes no such differ ence to Fade and Central as to justily a fail of I a ? per cent in those stocks. It is probable that, m the teniae of a few days, the present excitement will subside, and that the causes wlfft-h have been ope aating for a year ?n the price of railroad property increased bailie, improved management, and re Mining general prosperity will again reassert their sway- In the meanwhile, of course, the course ?1 the market will depend up-m the relative strength of the bulls and bears so long ?s the latter are willing to supply the demand at redu cd rates pike* must fall: when the bears be Din to cover and the public begin to.thiak stocks "n ap. prices will rise. To-day Sock Island fell from , the Closing price yesterday ai'ernoon, to at the close of Un first hoard, then rallied, and ehi-'d 7H bid at the close of busmen ho n-. fheio is nothing further with regard t? th<r dlvl^ Ur It i? iiiulei -tood that the directors blam. Mi. Farnum, the President, for the deception that was ?ra. ti-' d ?n the public; there is some talk of a SJStag rfetoekhoMera to mtew ?t act,on, ? -? board. In Mine quarters it is assorted thai l>n Thomas C. l'uraui, the only member ol the board who voted for the dividend. Is about to resign. W e should have supposed that if anybody was cxp^b ed to re-ign it would be the du. etors ?li;; gat e out a,uildoe paid. 0, derr.l the Ch.k book and proclaimed the fact, and, afref selhng Juttheir stock, voted it inexpedient to pay a dividend. The sooner rucli individuals find new ?mhercsot naefuluc sa the better for the company. In the Western shave, were, sold down this Bu rning. Illiuois Central was done sa low as s2; C.aictia,Uurlington, M; Toledo, 4 !.j: guaran t,, ,i. 4? . and the d- line in the New York sharei was quite a* great, between tl o boards Central wasoficred at ss> and Fxie at 30. In the eour-c *1 the afternoon these low prices brought in pur chaser*, and a smart reaction took place through out the list of the B|>eculativc shares. Miasourm fell off 11 per cent to-day, without any very obvious >au-e. it is pre-umed they had been |Mn< in large amounts for loans which have been called in. At the close of business stocks were steady at the following quotations?Un*e?l Flutes Vs. U'2i a : Indiana. 0.'; Virginia 6 a. id a i; Teiiues-i e ?'*. 90 ? li, 'J,. ? can ion, iW a j; Cumberland Coal prefer ,,'d 1 i h Pacific Mail, M a *; New York Central, 87, ? i; Eri*. "** a "adson River, ?.*?!: Harlem, 21* a 22; do. preferred, 49 a *, Reading, 46 a 1; Michigan Central, h* a*; MicUi r n S uU.ern and Northern Indiana, 21 i a 22 do. guaranteed. 4?1 a I; Panama, 125 a 120; Illi nois Central, 82| a s3; tialena and a..eago, 73| a 74 Cleveland ?t,d Toledo, 4*1 a V Chkago and Rock bland. 71| a *: t'Wcago, BnriingVrt and OBiney, a S3: Illinois Central bonds. WJ a '.'7. The business of the Artisan*' Uauk has taken another forward rtep. Judge Leonard thia mom. lug .. fused to appoint Mr. Camp rncelver, on the ground that he wa- a stockholder and that it might be- omc Becnnnarj for the receiver to assess the stockholders. A meeting ot stockholders was then held, and. after aotue di* uasion. Mr. Angustin fimith was nominated by tl.eru fcr receiver. He took time to consider whether he would accept. lMpr the rece.ver.hip the transaction* ot the bank will probably become known to hlic pullic. The exchanges st the Clearing House to-day are #Jk,7C6.UC. and the halai? e* ?'.'l2.t70. The I iremen's Insurance tympany ha? dei latM s d.rideaJ of ?oven per ? ent, payable en demand The Europe. from Ho?u?a lor Liverpool yestet day took out ItOOJOO in specie. Annexed K the statement of the N*.<w Or.cant bank* L?r the veek ending September 29:? fin*" tWadfA* ARB ?*res*14 3vsaoti s.setts CH.reea j'cit ?i.\ 1 103,114 *4^ s4*? 12144,344 hnn'iiaaa 8 OtT Trt l.iao MS ?90 1/W tl??M ETSSi'liglS'is? ? 3 %is SIS &.,???? BB s?? sa 1,(1' ' fill V J " * ,, ... | *., 1 , ()<? 1*7 J am. lira . 1 0?> *13 ?:c *37 8U?? 1OJ0 43W icU1 134 24* MO 9 691 942 9,752 . 4 It sip TLo following table exhibit* the renpecUre anK.inte of exchange held by the ItrlWH bank*, *cil a]*o the ?v.m< due to distant hank*. the latter ' bring comprised iu the table of deposit*, a* shown ?bore:? RirM Clt 7<r?' *77*063 sns.t&T ?heal ? 171164 lo 'J aa 011.735 121 619 lojj?.aca fiale 2U.M4 M f t ?eobaaiea' * Tr?ae?? 1M IM 11.147 fWkafNewor. *re 120 .'40 44->W Mnatbara U7.C07 ? ' ?? 30t.Pt. 131 M* ?artbaau 67 013 44*13 ' et?.i ntf tit <?*: ii >?i Antra-a .? "T15J ,cUl ...7..- mvoao ?m?m compared with the *t.itcmrni of tlie prerlotw week the r?'?ult* ate as lollo* ? Iffr la ihirt loan* *? Im-reaar la apr? 114.11* Iwcirare la aiiri l?U-->a t40.Jj>t luerti" to ,:apoa-.1?. j]l,W item** la exehaage *01 "It I* rea*e la litMaai tte.Wl Hp Chicago 7* ?" of Monday ?'iu* up the bu?i arm in produce at tha? point in -pptcnVr a* fol lows. - Prdacra the 3oar le bWheWjth* fw?>pt| of wii4il rtorirt the ?'nth taMello g JO* ?.e bdlhais, agalaat ? Sit 412 boehrlr la Aoguet fne i-Hai ree-'rta of at! *,.(?? cl * rata (laeijding fl<m) anoint ?? ton 440 ttatr* tne following table abow? tM rew pt? of tour rdr aia.tariBg the month of drptewbrr, for a eerlee of >*?.. Iran U> ? table it will be ?*eii tb?t the rr mpW of ?h*?l -taring (be pa?t m-wtl are larger b/ ->ao rr ?tt I lUelt th*a rrtr bofore in the btatory of oar ? tf *?' ?? IU CO refunding perket ? Ba.aim <? fiora *?o f.iui* *t rmooJ ?* .-krtraum i*w 1*7 la.-* jew. iwi r'?<r, ((??? cio ?? iai er.i u?u ?nw W heal V *? 11 V.TlI J . ) V ' ?) I t*. tat I.*' I>; *>ro t.TrTO* ?? it* 1 an "M 27' i>< I .OH 771 0?t? ... JB7 III I-I Ut ID" til st" I?a? ta il gre - _ _ >*,?* M!m ?*reT - - ?-10 91.141 Ww The New Otic, ?* ; of Hitardajr, <-?pt#m ber i'K says: - The eschar,** mark-t h?? br.-n in : r. ?<"t, ? u day , ami oprral) ma .r-ri-t'o! o :n> i t> - iraraga daiff moTrmeat Sor tbe kit.-. , ?iigbftf weaker r-ea ??ih* r ? . . , .(r and beye?aa; fret to h? ? i t *taain/?l - t la ; j ?? -? Ckye ava- / r,-i ,H 16,000 _ 37 486 641 2 035 500 ? 40O 750 100 350 456 493 300 360 - 745 t i-"*l -wt'-h w.H compel ac tnftw ?* epf*. a?<' -pera ? b to !ctf?r aflcsd to sued ifl, instead of Of jopr ric ^alort IB Itif morvmeEt Tee mcney n.arket bus ?. I lb ted eo tar'atlon of an? kind since oar last Tras iqi ( tt. rt mnit?-d, oath at buik ax<l on ttj? street, and ) ?w relay "? ipotaioas wire llrm'y ma nta ned for all lades of paper. The earnings >y the CLi-ago, Burlington and < in -y Railroad line in the month 01 September were, in? ?26 forking days. 1S59 fV , If60 I bt 1117,749 46 171 635 00 Int. 663,785 15 Po. u?era 40,090 16 61 077 80 lo,- 4.9s7 64 <Uti Am.iceiS 6,024 88 4.283 29 1*0 1,741 69 f o ' r L S Fair 13,196 06 ? Uec. 13,196 96 ) 61813161 44 236.-96 09 Inc 644,834 66 Id > , so ciclijtive of* in 1660 tor Cm ed Stab? Fair. 667 031 60 The deliveries of grain at Chicago on the '20th iu>t. were:? flour, WVaf, Cbro, Kv, fltr'y, tils bulk. imk l uik l/u'h. busk Una) ? 6 419 14 341 G. kC I'.na. 800 42 462 03 C A R. J. KK-. 641 8 400 6C0 til Cent KK . 82 13 960 4,000 I. B A if KK. 161 12 052 5.733 C A N W RK 1,005 8 695 ? C.A ASl L HR. ? 3,150 1,715 ? ? ? Total 2 689 95 128 37,982 18 10 1127 4,187 The earnings for the third week of September on the Toledo and Wabash ro?d v. ere s 1869 I860 r.iSSrrgrra. $4 904 44 4 i01 45 Freight 11,787 59 10 014 88 Total $16 602 03 23 019 33 Increase 6 827 30 The earnings of the St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Railroad lor the week ending September 21 were: - TUal (A m rn inik rre't nJfk. lo 24 A in' Pnssi rgers 611,484 00 38 65'< 94 FUlfbt 14 606 00 44 74634 Mu l and express -60 83 2,525 00 Total 626 931 91 75.81130 Corresponding period is 1869 21,341 00 e3.7Sl 00 Increase in 1500 $6,399 91 12,024 JO The following is a statement of the earnings of the theat Western Railway of Canada for the week ending September 21, ImJO:? Passengers. 656 332 33 fn ight and live stock 28 618 71 Ma 1 scd sundries 1,346 40 Total 686 257 44 CorrcepmdiLj week nut ye?r 43,425 13 Increase $42,832 31 The earnings of the Croat Western Railroad Camrany, Illinois, for July, I860, were $40 620 39 Eurniuys for August. 1860 44.193 23 The -andurky. Man-field and Newark Railroad earnings lor Jily, I860, were $17 693 13 Earnings for August. I860 16,717 36 The following is a comparative statement of the earning- of the Sandusky, Dayton and Cincin nati Railroad lor August, lboU 60:? 1559 1800. I'ttseeug'r? $14,954 15 032 Freight 33,618 11.175 Total $50,572 56 397 Increase , $5,825 The following table shows the tonnage of an thracite hires cast to tide water: I860. 1839. 1860. 1880. | Wttk. ??'?*. Jf -r e. fee. j Jhf Sir R"U''I Tins, Tims. Am fbtu. ' Keadlig Railroad.... 41.795 38 862 2 943 _ ; Fcbuylktll Omul 38 906 25.870 13 C25 a i Lebttb Valley RK.... 15.799 7,9'i7 7,802 _ 1 Lrhigh fousl 33,811 1 j J 23 12 mm I8;l. \ Hud Canal".. 42 643 .4 2,4 0,244 ? i II., L. sW. K.(.Smth) 16.U79 16,103 787 ? Total 169.834 136 670 64.244 ?>nn (V-al Co $ RR 26 190 18 -201 7,988 ?iiol A lltid IV1 to. 16 363 18 073 ? 1 7.0 1860 1859. I860 1840 )'*nr. IVitr. Dm. rht S r Ri visa. Tien 2W Ibns Ibns. R' ? lirg Kitiroad 1,498.761 1.271 129 224 642 ? NbuyiklU Cana' .1,011,791 962 602 59.088 mm leMgh Wiry Kfl,.. 680,270 434.336 lie o?4 mm IsUigh -ui?' 79': 636 72- 275 66.301 mm I<el A Hud. Canal*.. 853.447 9-9 610 ? 100 IS3 U L. A IV. B(SouIIj) tOS 330 486,143 172.188 Total for year 6,326,2.17 4,674 9'.<9 501 211 mm ? Psnn Coal to i KR. COS 217 (.1 "1 _ 16 Ml *1x1. A HudCa'l Co. 3.7,230 418 048 90.018 flcuch Uschtnfft. TliVh?v?AY, Oct 4.1H0O KMNl'?k,i,':?..M)i flOflMRRWlf * J? **S 1000 leoo C?, 'M.. SO, 00 <J? *?? *. ' 30000 do ?3 00 100 do b3 *7 2000 Virginia fl'? .. #1', 240 do C ?.i 0000 N Uvolio* 0 ?. W>X 400 <lo * i 0000 MiMOorl e'l... S'/1* 40 do.. ....blO 41 , NOojSrtT?! Jm*. SO 100 1UC KRocrlp. 000 fli'? 26000 Mich t* 21 m !>? ?1 oo do WO 81 MX)0 HarUoi 21 m b 00 100 do bflO M 400 III ?*o KRbdr 00>? 60 do 1U00 LoCrAMII I f b 22 2S0 do blO 83, I 3000 0*1 *: tbl lot m P?'?' 400 do 83, I 1(04 do 66', 4*0 do ?3 80(0 do SO 100 do 040 84 00 all* Ilk of Com .. 101 60 do b3Q 11 124 Moch BVfl A?0'0 108)4 226 do 32 , 10 Commoo'lh Bosk So>? 600 do .. MV 100 UuiIod Co ?1 V 200 do *30 S 100 do .030 21', 100 do 8^ 10 ri?l * Hud ci'l Co we ' 200 BM lmr M ?? \ Ms5,( JS S*";:;': ?w gha;.WC: 5* ? 2 Ss u MittO tin ?, id ^7 60 do g;u m drt :? 900 ? as !':? ??s 200 do.... MO 87 s r & r::: ?5 11$ IS0 ? * g' 15 $ i8 ? $ 5* i? t: ::S fc 100 do ... no M ?>a ._ "21 * ? do ... ito 88 200 ,ia. ?iA -? 4 ?? .<?? ?8 iS T~:: 1 u> SS""^ ^ H* ? i --V.K3o 1\ ?J ?: ?'? Z?"0"*70'*" ?'* ??. a-zai 8 5 tr.a ? !? ft:::::::: J!..- ? s ?? rr? "4 91V *?? *w it,* . ,]u A50 40 41 * IW do...... ??? d.' '81 dl'? | UN ?< M 300 1? b?8? 44* l&af^S r*S"?| 240 ii v jog Oiv IJ ? ? ?.:.'.v.Vio <--2 ioo d? ... ?3? < S *????"" as s ft:::::::: S. Too HOflObl '* *. * 50 do b?d 72 1100 do.... ?? ?* I00 do ?1U T1 300 dO - ** 2| i, 800 do '1 ioo infil A" ?2? ' *}> *?<*',? '**ifoR? 84 l-Ai _ oo <10 -1 100 d (,15 ? 9r->BdAv?RK.. A.' 240 do.... ISO do... ..*10 160 do... .. '30 .. MO .70 do... r.'dt do... M do. . TOO do 80 Oo do ? ,?? *00 84 St.4- ISS ? WJV ?7 4 Mhi ^???o., ... *T i ?7;< 100 do :.. ,h30 8712 I ' J7 Tf0? ivioRJtUif te ' Mtl * *" Rl**? 12 . J 1?M**N',R"'2* ??> KO d, ,U30 " ' I 100 do. .. tao 4? . 400 cr i >iii PA.. 1, i .,, __ ItlOXt BO (Rfl. ^ *S*l?teb ?, |3 ?OO?fc0?HCfBlWH? 81 ywWMBMnb 03 ]0| .T<) 101 *? do VTVV 800 r.7 K 0WOO M ( 8 pr Im.frb 27 "oa M..h ft, k v I ust "i ij S o ?'jO i.Lnn r.. , M ^ r:* ? 5b * N I KR 21H S''.?Mcau8i(?i? u uS21?*;i2|" :iH' iflodtv * to UR .?30 4 ? r oTt*?c*v.'.V ISO J? ^ - 441 166 N,? York Cin KR 85 , ;oo MO 87 . 600 !.:c?u ;..i d.. *to 87?? ioo ,',v r ?? Ito do .. Mio 88 , too ... >30 82 .80 ?? d? ? *1 < 4-0 100 do *30 82 5" iv "....<? ?7', 100 Clor * I SO U ?' ! .. J? ?1', SOU *'?? a \ Cb KR. 100k?- MP '? ? ?^? ii ' U",?D< ? ????. .? * * KR 1.30 87 300 d? 7,, / W' 0o.. 30 M>< 100 d? bl0 ? do ... blO 77?2 1(0 (1< 0?? R KR.l'.IO 43 UO do S? (10 21 , 100 uo b2i 74 *? do ?!>, 1(0 do :*?, 200 do ,10 21 . 460 Chi J, vV 1 ?'i on, u Mfl 1,1 **?CW *Roefcl RR to ISO liarlom KR pr-f 60 T6 ,jj I '0? do 620 tO ( loo d i ..i i^ti -i 1"^,. ?;.? "m. cw.? r? gr* Bo. NkrUCMW; IN f7 40 do.... b.!0 87 'r? do RT>4 too do.... *J0 801 100 ,??... ,00 07* 100 do,... <?o 88 ( It 1 CUnMr.ltCIAI. IIKIH1HT. T*r8iw*T, ixn 4?0 r 11 l.ii* .-'n. km wrrem8k;a( *16*.- f>r|>3t*?..l 4 ,c fi r p??r?? R<?jr<Ti ?? ? Pour?oi^nM without *al ir*?l w. with 8 m"il?T%t? d-iwand, MiwrKlIp t>tr e*p..rt, ? * 8i <' '?*??? ' r ? w? MtM 'n* T> i tr, ' ,, l , 1, r<>. i . p 14 000 bb'( c 1*101*0 wlibt* lb? f.'llo* t f ,8008 O' |W'0*? ? Itprttr <l*lr $6 26*130 8,1;-* 018'*. tn i* old **d **w ?fe**l I 4* ? 8 H Mtporfla* Wwu ri I It I 1 ?) O?*iiroo to r Iiumso W-ator* $ 44 ? 0 74 0t I, 'id ?,?-8 ? 70 ? 6 74 Mi(*d k) *hl ? ;ih.*n 6 00 * 0 10 ?t*?-06' b> f - 1 -8t<8 <tf> ? 14 8 7 60 I fbohw <lSt iBBilf **0 b*bo*?' br*8da t 10 8 0 76 !!;? 12. or > M * 4 SO C ra I'll? JrtMj 8Bd RrM>d)?.8?. . . I W I 1 II (0'i?! ** flour *8* qalat, ml tb# Mgbor bras'. WrrO qaiM fl.m, Wilfe (*l<0 *h"lt .(0 l'8!? ?| Ml 86 ? I1M #^?80r* r >or *?3 " wry *oJ r. ?'.? I %, " r. wbll* ?? #8:30 08lbr*3^l i^IWt I MO t-bM , 3<o?irf w'tRui U 6 r*0(? i4 ? .r t3ri?t) s? Fye?-"!r wcs rmchnneed, while th# ?VteioiI *?( ft'r, with 1 rales of 2(0 bbli. Ocrn met! tu steady. at the above fg r??, while sales were ..m.ted. Wheat iu aclivw, I h on stxculntl u -n'l fc.r expert. It? low g'?'iee *ere heavy, while tbe belter q is lilies * era- fir n tbe sil<se bec end to arrive, reached ab wt 190 000 busbdv at <1 18 a $116 fur prime white Michigan aul India is; *1 36 a 81 S7', ft* ih!r to r<>f?dt for export; $121 for analov colon d; 81 29 a $1 11 I ir r<-d acd amber; $1 21 a f I 23 i for Milwaukee club, and 1115 11 20 for Onusce sp-lug. torn wan firmer, whb a fair demand, tiart oo specula j i>*. wiib talcs o.'about 48,000 b in.elnal 70: for Western ' D..11U in itoro. Barley waa quiet, with ama.l (alee of ! Car.adian at iOe aS6i. "?u were .* fair demand, wiib ralia of t.'aradiau and Western at $10 a $1 17,SJ and t?lat? at $1 37 a f 1 10 l orn ?Tlie market waejirm A public sate took plane | to lav, comprising 2'280 bug* of r-viUws at 12 , ? alo'^c., ; average It 28c , and 1 UOO R o w?s reported at ld'4 a 16 ci- lb? public sain indicated an improvement of eb. ut <?c. for the bolter quiiities. 200 b*g* &t P cningn sold at 13'-,c al3'a* 2u0 mair Jar? ? 16)80 aol 175 bag* Maracttibo at 14 'ac. Cumin ?Tha mark, i was quite steady, erltb ealas of between 2 600 a 3 C00 ba cb, cloeiog at ?doui 10'?o. fur middling uplands. Fkbkiuw ?To Liverpool, about 80 000 a 90.000 burfcelB of wheat were engaged a 121. a 12'?4. n bulb, and at 12,'id. In chip's bags: 50 libds. tailow at p t , SO tons oil at 37s 61 , 1 000 Out -a rbti-e at Sue, 226 baies eotum at <141., SCO bb!n roe in at 3a 61 , and 0 OOo obli. ll ur at 3a 31. To London 1 COO boxes ebeee were engage 1 at SOr with s< me w beat at P t- A small vese I ?v t*k"n up to load fordia'gow with 7,0C0 bushels wheat, in ship's oagn. at 121. Rates to flarrc were atealy, with t .-ne cotton btlrp snioped at ^ Ha? ?sales emuraled about t>00 bales (or shipping at "tic a"5e. I.ivs was firm, v-i'h eaten of 100 a 1,000 bbl* , :'oa!ng at 90d. lor common and at $1 15 fur lump i!u ala-d. klouexs^ ?sales of 175 tbds Cuba mue -'irado male at 27c. a 32c., and 30 barn .a New Orleans at IS \ Navai Storks ?Sale* embraee<l about 500 barrels r 'im mon rosin at $1 50 per 810 lbs dell raced, and about 200 barrels spirits turpentine straight, and in pand sb 'plug aider at 4lc a 4l)*c a 42: New York burrclr were held at 42>{e Crude was quiet and nominal. Paowooirn?Porb.?The marbct was less buoyant though prieet cxbibtied no material change Tbe sales emtrracaU about 810 barrels, including tew mess at $1912)4 a 819 36, and new pr mo at $14 <0 a $14 62)4. Heel was Arm ana in fair demand. The aali s embraced about (00 a (00 I t'rrl*, at $6 a $0 for country moss, nnd $9 a $9 10 far repacked Western, and at 811 a 811 60 for extra Bacon and cut moats wore scarce and Orm lard was In fair demand aud firm, with sales of 4o0 bbl*. and tp-rcee at 12 ?.. . a 12>4C. for new Butter and .beetc were In fair demon t and prices unoharged. Hick ? Sales of 60 a 76 tiercea we-e made at 4'ac. a 4 \c. moam.?The sales eaibmoed about 700 a 800 hhda. Cuba, including refining grades at 6'4C. a C ac , aul <5)40. a 7)40 for grocery grades: aud about 700 hoxei, part good quality (64 boxes) at 8 jc , a bile the remainder wore sold at p. t. Tat now waa steady and prices without material change, sales of 20,000 lbs. were repirtedat 10c. a 10'?c. Tkak ?Tbe public sale held yesterday drew a good company, but prices were barely sustained. Prices were within about the following range ? Hyson, 38i. a 6214c young hyson, 86c ; hyton skin, 3'2)ac. a 38 StC ; twarbay, 38c a 54c. ; iroiK'rIal. 38c. a39>gc oolong, 36c a 3f?<*'c., and souchong, 36c at2 ';c. Wujskcv ?Tbe market was firmer, wltb sxles ol 400 s 660 bbls. reported at 23 ',c. a 23, ac. The Grain Trade of Ctol< ago and tbe Crop of tbe Northwest. TROM OI R sntcut COIlllKSPONDKNT. CHicaco, 111., Oct 1,1580. In view of tbe supposed short supply of grata in Ka rope the preiei.? year, and as Chicago has long been ao krowledged to be the larg>>et grain market In the world, It will he interesting to learn ahat portion of tho defi ciency In the Old World can be supplied from hero. To this end I am enabled to lay before the renlers of the Hckaip the following r liable stattuuml, prepared exclu sively for me by 8eth Oatlln, Esq., Secretary oi tho Chi cago Board of IVade. H< says ? . Tbe crop of most of the cereals In those sections of Country tnbuUry to In.cago has ben unusually large the present seeson. The small grains hare been secured in good condition Corn is ripening early,an I mont of the crop is already out of danger from Injury by frost, ud nothing out bow prevent the gather,og <<r an unpre cedented crop. B*sii g our calcuiat:unt npon tne tncreas ed ares of iaod tided, and a comparison of the arer.ige yield per acre this w.lh former >tars, we estimate the aggregate bushels of grain to be married in Chicago Iroro the crop oflb60 at about lorty millions of bushels; snd shot: 1.1 auythiag unusual occur to oauso trery high pricts, the rtctipta can be increased from 25 ta 3J,a par cent. To give some Idea of the Increase In this branih of trade and the magnitude it naa now assumed, wegiee tbe fol oslog tables oi reccpla and shipments of ail kinds of grain tor the last six years,and tor the present year to tbe 1?t Inst , with the quantity ol wheat and oorn re c.ived (roiu cacx crop ? K1.CCIITS. /7.,..r, ir5,,rf, c rm, J,'/, ?y!^, Vila, humhtl*. I,-?.A 1*M 2Xt 57$ 8|i?-9?5 7.?9? 718 4 MM S*5 8?, 191 361 781 tnaa .. :au xti 7 sv. 197 8 s>t.' 177 2 ji: i ?-1*", Jul - IStti 410.988 8 767 740 ll.ak* 898 J 319 9*7 45 717 17s V'T 1-;; .... 1- 111 .M 7(1 7 4tW i?? , 7?7 "I7lll/7 6<i ISM... UC2MO 9 '>Su (11 S 2?2.4lt 2 -??>:.*.97 7IU12 H4-I2 IMS 72ll 121 S 1XW,7?6 6 461 870 1.567 *? ?l 914 US2 ft at Inn 9moN*7M 1S94X.T78 1.001,441 1/4 4Ki ?*\5? shims ass. IV,4 11 627 2 X6 945 6 628 CXk 3 22" 9*7 - 147 ?11 iva nam a$aau? T.M7fta 1 nv< ? \>t ui 1 11389 UUMUllU1 014 C17 ? loOS' IV,7 ?P MS P M' M2 C .414 ?!., 5 4.7.'8 ? 17 993 IV. . 1,0 4,4 M VW.JS7 7 72>i 2?? 1 519 ?*: 7 MKI IXJ OIK )?<'( 1 11 IkM 7 i'o I'.H 4 M!? M'J I Is', 703 134 404 4vj gls ImCI. $mo.H'.U 4M 7 4.17 015 If 166 V4I ft- 7'ii 73 440 60 796 Nora ? 11<? figur,? lor 1B00 in the above taolea are not strl-tly correct, but nearly ao. The iec? l| Is of the lait six crops of wbest an) corn at QM|S, rasik, mug lr?,m August 1 earl, year for wheal, and lion, November 1 each year (or corn, were as fol lows.? Il'4/a', Chew, VwhtU. btahrlM 1S54 3 639.476 9 060.817 1665 8 383 674 11.721 911 1858 9 916,418 7d>93 U? 186 7 14 085.173 < 898 821 186 8 6 4o4.696 4 764.984 1869 9,139.304 15 682.744 hep mated receipts mm crop of 1800 16 OvU OOo 20 000 000 Note ?Month of October, 1840. estimated. The est maud receipts from tha crop* oi 1360 are as Mlowv ? 16 beat bushels 16 000 OCO Crarn 30 000.000 Other grains 4 009,000 T?U> 40 000 000 Tbe admi'able arraag, taenia existing for transacting tbe enormo'is hus oes* produced by the grain Irate are no where excelled p asessing a we do, facilltteo for stnmg upwards of foair millloos of busbels. f* rewiring 645.000 ,*><fh< ? dally, and for sb.pplag l,b?- odl busbels daily. The Inspra lion rule# of to* R?r l of Trade require that ?II grain arriving shall be Inspected acenraliug t? > rvmple# kept is their rooms, sad each variety and gra Id ol gram arpi in separate bins by war*bo ne men lor uia a warehouse receipt ts a?u?d to the raoe ver, who only has to go on 'change to ergot la la a sale the r,<oela! and f..m| ?? , u , iiange aa, >* nag tbe purcbae <r what he le ? if A ; arty v.f.tvg 0,.r *g'> t> porobase grata aaa n,akt his 1 rebnr a. goliate b.s eiohaage. ebarter a tttssl and 1 sacra bis cargo sailor the same ruuf, sad ia a vary shert Space of time I' ? estimated that our exports of Coor. grx'n live st<> k and provtamas, during the motatbs of August, Pep ^aRaberand October, will exceed In value Hi lee,. 0i.l>u4 el Coiterv The ebiive l>gnee? pvoduc* a favorabte change m all tiraaehre of buaiocws in the West snd w ill reel >re (or tL< m to a great extent tbe coaOdamrn of the captla'tats of the Atlantic ci lee, ei audakuly doelroyod by the panic of !S47. frrom tne Cblrwgo Pemocrnt, (tot 3 Ara-ur .ia,g to t^e eatluaateg made yeeh rday raiag by <hs4h thtlm. ra.4 , &q . NocreUry of tne Boer I of Trade, the amount of gram in atore here ? equlvaJ, at to 1 bit ><^4 bushels aa follows ? Btuh'lt, Amount of (bra la store, Jan 1,18<HJ 80,000 rtclpuesOC. I 13 986,774 Tote' 14 006,778 51 ,| meets to '4:1, 1 665 * 8 C?.d by difi.iitrs... too boo 13.36,1 853 Amount in store, Oct 1 ? ? *8*a*? Amount arf wheat ia store * 9JIJti4 of fioee 6 <08 T da' grain in etore . S7T7: , The rereipls fisr ihe we-i, endisw fsMards* JZrnteB h.vsii-e. a koooo barrels flour 714.391 . 1 171.,vJ bnsbeia rorn. 106 0W ? eosheW r e and 38 bosltei ->oa<'X ?tlS 8, w7 j _-<?eiey, la ail equivalent to 1.144. 1 -,"6 VW CVtfB, m T* L, s for th- week were I ? ? **!T?A 670 -TTS bushels wtrot.727 40.5 bushels eorw, 1* WO hvish rwu eqetvwlnit $0 934 700 bnsbeli of gl*lB MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Pltrrltdi C\' W?4MHIM ?In in TbarrJay. HMom tx: Si by tb? K?r. i C Wort?. Jidtw H o( tt'a c.ij. u Mih Mi ?? .* Ittom, ot lk<>obl>o Thit?ii",r?pbta BBt L'lator nmaly j^pora |K<m> < ipy. float win?('*<? ? ?"a WodMnJny. October 1, by Mm T t P-. Cot'?f. J T*f irtr Co??> Rll*? rri M, ?Mr*t tia :*hter ?f t%r|i1 .'onp?, r*j , all of Brooklyn f}i**a_R<.via!T* ??n M>a<!ay. September 17, by lb? Ml H Mailiaon,MruwooeC to t nana .* ijhtrr (ft Hrrry T i'. >ma no. Mij , nil of tint city Ma?mih. -C ? v*. ?U lata Tb?r*<laT erorilqf. T?, by Ibr Rot Mr Han, .1 R Ma*mTH. of Sow BrutcwKk, N. J , to MM t. Clark, ot Hew Tor It. Cat'fvrita par?rt p'raao rwpy I'Baaaa?An bji ?la Hwirm, or Toeeday,'^tvber 2 at tbo rt? .Iraeo of Tboa tl Cajunr, Tad , br -tarr la la* of C,o bnfo, by R?t Mr A laiaa TmwoU J I1*** ?, of l*?4oa, U. Sat *a,ato?a4 da..?ut>rof Dr. comIm Allon, <?' Ktuaoo. lrrlat.4 Mm?BlakI ?Oi Thuriday, tMMber 4, ?t Oalrary rtuiicb, 1 > Bay. Dr Ha win, Mr Ilawat Mm, of Waab lift r,. Iv C . to I4r?. Raso M Run, of tbtt e.ty. fniiM-l;,.,rwi _A? T vMI. ivwhcoa on Wroseatiay, "wCAnr ft, by too Hot Hoary I. If.memo ry, Ai-.!t vi ana v. Matiim U.imw.>t, .laufhtor of too atr Roarr R gore, Jr Wanna ? mWni.* ?on *>riBo?fay. HMtf >,by tho ?Hct H. i M. ii* mory, ii i?ao cwrmo Wai?? i wi Lt< ? h , u*. ?i.i. r <> ?i. i rj M ttviu ook, ?#.j , all i>. tb.? cli> nirrt. TV v .T -In Br V.r, on wviroatay MWte*. ttatober 5, ib too Jth )Mro' h* afo, Jim M , eMotl Cbv-i of ,'?n >? H aril < <>rr II* i rioy Iro ? ntral * I bar j ?-e tl t (fi. !?y) aAort n, ?? three o'clock !V>? the -ee'.deace cf h*e graadfather, John W Mar.'.cy, Fk<i., No 338 Pearl itrcet, Brooklyn. The relative* and triend* are respectfully tnvitsd to attest ? nboul further invitation. Busniui i r ? uu Wtdh?*tlay, October 3. Jt nrs A., * >n nt F. J. and the late P. A Brn haupt, in the 20th year of hi" age. U.e frieriin and the friends of the family are reepect fatly invited to attend the funeral, without further nuiwe, frurn the residence of bla mother, Ha 139 Amity street, Prixihijp, ibia (Friday) afternoon, at three o'clock, tit. Lotus paper* |>leaae copy Btun* ?on Thursday, October 4, Anna, wife of B >ih Prady, aged 63 vtsrs. The fr end* of the family are Invited to attend the fune ral, hum No. .14 Greece street, thia (Friday) morning, at half post eight o'clock, flic remains will be taken to Nee cat Ue, U-eicbt tt< r county, N Y., for interment. lot Wurr.?On Tbnraday. Uetober 4, after a ab rt lllneen, Ilk Atoi r, wire ol lleary De U jVI, aged 49 yeatk, 9 months ar.d 11 day* The fr.enda or the family are invited to attend the fune ral service*, at her lale residence. No .'84 Fourth aytnuo, this (Friday) allertuon, at lour o'clock. Ixixovi.t ?JoB.v laixo- as, agod 19 yean and 6 months. The tr end* and acqnainfacte of the family ar< respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, from bis lale residence, Nn.' '231 Mutt street, thia (Friday) afiernooo, at ooe ?'clock Foujfv-nkv ?On Wednesday, October 4, Joiuvxa E. AI< Urrrss, widow of the lata George W. f'oiianabee. Her friend* and acquaintance*, also those of her bro ther and brother* In law, are respectfully invited to at Und her funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at half past tseive o'clock, fiom her late rot.dence, Eighty fourth strctt, between Fourth and Fifth avenue*. Gmcti.v.?In Brooklyn, on Tnur?d*y morning, October 4, W;ijxi v grkk.v, *ged 91 year*. Tr.e funeral will ia*e place from 290 Oarleton avenue, Breoklyn, on i%turday afu-ruoun, at two o'cl wk. The neuda of the family are invited to attend, without fur ther notice HkKKi' K?On Tnur?day morning, October 4, after a tburt .lines*, WiLUik Hkkiuuk, ol congestion 01 Uie su mach, agt d T1 y**j s. The friends and relative* of tho family are invited to at And the funeral, lbi? (Friday) afternoon, from hi* late resilience, 348 South Fourth stroct, Jersey City, with, oet f jrther invitation. Hernias.?On Thursday, October 4, Awy Hom jias, in the 24th year of her age. The friend! ?Dd acquaintance* of the fam'ly are re. spe lfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday af Ibrnoon, at two o'clock, from her late rcailencc, No. 413 kladieon Btrert lxkuiA* ?In Brooklyn, on Wedaesday, October 3, As w mo, von of Anteuio and Lui*a Umtua*, aged 2 years, 10 months and 24 days. The friends of the family are invited lo attend tho fu reraJ, from 167 Tork street, on Saturday morning, at ten o'clock. N*vj.v.?On Thnraday morning, October 4, Joh.v Ni\ix. aged 46 years. His iliteral will take place thil (Friday) afternoon at ball post two o'clock, lrom bis late residence, No 29 Dean street, Brooklyn. O'Corxcn?On Thurrdny, October 4, after a lisgering illnes*. Mr Thomas O'Oos.vor, in the 64th year of big ago, formerly of the county Longford, Pariah of Moydue, ire land. The relatives and friends of the family, also the mem ber* of the Hibernian Universal Benevolent .Hocioly, aro respectfully in >itcd to attend his funeral on Sunday after noon, at one o'clock, from hi* lat* residence. 64 Mulberry street Hi* remains will be taken for interment to Cal vary Cemetery. Qrinx ?On Tbnraday. October 4, Vasct Qrtxx The relative* * I (rlends of the family are lfully Invited to attti . the funeral, in Saturday, at No 46 Clarkaon street. Tnos.wo.v ?On Wednesday, October 3 ti.\KAU Tn iav vov, sged 6 years, 1 month and 4 days, daughter of W:1 liam anc Mary Th' rnton. The friend* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the fun< ral, fiom the re*! lenco of b-r purentt, at two vMc'ock, this (Friday) afternoon, in Fifty second aecond street, between Fourth and Fifth avenue* Ukk ?At West Farms, on tVi-<lu?*.lsy, October 3, Ki.iza I.STH B. Ink, relict of the late Andrew Ure, Fa ) , in the 731 year of her age. The ri 1st ves and friend* are re?i>ectfully Invited to attend the fut.iral, at two u'cl ck, this (Friday) noon, at the I"r?.-byterian church in the above village. POSTAL DIRECTORY. Foreign ?lid Domestic Flails. ttw* or O108INO at mi trrw tok* orricii 1 he 1 'oat C flier now clust a at lxaff-past six o'ulo- k P. M m tti ad of seven a* heretofore i>o?bsvic... .Nurvh?Albany, Buffalo and Canada.. .Stk F V. North and Weal way ir 01 S A M. Western mall, via Krle KK. S A.M. and Stg P. M Hootta and So. W. mall* ... 4 1 k and Ala l* M. knatern moll, by railroad. 6 A M. and 2 P. M " " b ? ateambont 4 P. M. ??irnav Milt*. Oa Sunday all mall* (Com at thia cave at IK P. a. Cxuroanu. .by atn-uuhlp ?,os Thursday, Oc tober 11 10 A. M. The Overland Mall f ir California leave* Hi Lout* every Mor.fay and TVwaday at 8 * M Letters destgnad for U should be marked "Over land, via HA Bonis " ? ; ill ITtt .T n? l ?variant Mail fnsn Wt. Joeepk (Mod to Salt LakeCtiy, leaves St. J ---rh every M mdnv and Th irsday, at 8 A. M. Letter* abouid be marled "Ovrrland. via HA Joaeiih." kC raetrw..By steamship ?. on Thursday. Oc inherit 19 AM. E4BXMA I*Laxn* On the day after the arrival or rar-h alter Date funaTtl paikei al thia port, betn*onr<*? month, the ab .out Harnah will be despan hed with nicil* for the Hahaiaa Islands to he leaded at Naossu. N. P. Report My ate in-sbl|> Adriati-q for S 'hump Psand Havre fa I 4 8', A. M UaVars Hv atenn-er Vuakrr City, oe Friday. October A. ?11 A.M. mik or oumum at th* lovooh omoa. BOKhav The Over land Mad to Bombay cWwsa to I/vulea as follow*. ? Tla Msrseflle* on the 3d end 14th at es< h mouth. Via Koulhamptoa us the 11th and ink. OxhCma... VI bah, lfrh fSth. via Marseldak. 4th. Uth. JtXh, 27Ui. vis Nuutkampu-n. Okirs, Ac.. Ti* Marseilles on the ltkh and Mlk. Tla Booth amp ton 4 th and STHh Avmaua... Via Marsallles ami Sue* on the 16th. Tla Boats amr'-on and Hue* IMh Mi rain pa . Vis Aden on the 4th aod 17th of the month. Mas su. Via Southampton oa U>e feh of Uu- menta ?#- The Marseilles malls are despair hed on the sv* ef a hoe* 4stea Rheiild aay of these dates fad oa Buaday, the mall I* despatched the fouewls* evening. Taa tUnihaaaatoa mails see despatched oa th* mwwhu 4f ?bsvs dates WtsuM aay #f thews oats* fall *a Hunday lbs mslhs ?inlnhsd the manuag srevteoa SHIPPING NEWS. Ntti menu or Ortu lUtotni no* mmorrn. fimmm lm*m. Oaf Far YeeAerbUt frmtluunptnn Beet *...New York Otj or BAltWtore Mrervont Hen 36 ..New Ynek fltoi _ ... ._ _ NoemSoullan U.erpool Hep! tt Quebec Afnc* IJrerpnrtl. Hep: *? . .NewY'trk Hew York doMfcuBptoo Uat I...Mew York Sonnet a. Boa theme lew Oot 6... Mew Turk .IdrerpooL. Ueaede Ldmrpaol Oct 6. BMeo OilantA Nnatkemrbm Oct IB...New Turk AW* Mmrponl ...........Oct It ..New York FaHnr SnnLhawirww. , Oct 17 ..Mew York tjPMt kAatera ttilfned lie. en '?ct IT ..New York ItaMk. Oel 16 ..New York FOB IV HO 1'a. Kiiobrrr New V uk. Oct ? Urentoitt Alneltt. Mew York Oct ? tie ere Pwkt Hew York. Oct M ...Idrerpool lIUMWaiw Mew York Oct IS ...Urerituul Armeu New Ytrt Oct IS H?rrc 8am*1?... .New York "ct tl ... Hamburg rtwwi.. il ...Htarvi Cutis Meek i) Oct 17 tjrerpon Irw Y'.rk Oct A) ...Urtrrpa* V*uderblu Mew York. Oct ??. H*rtw tYmn*n(kt MeWoe <>rt t (iAJwmr Afrtaa New Tort Oct 31 Urereoei bow lock .MrwYnrk Oct T!.. FOB CAMFOBMA. M trtbern : ?bt,.... Mew Yact Or? U...A?ataW?Q M.etkMUr ...New T.*k?, .Oct H... AepiawAlt Art*! Mew Tart Nor I. ..Aepteweii fob irvorrox, jt. Mm Mew Tort Oel fO Klntetoa.Sk tuna rot ?ir rout ?.en bay. ice ret" C If I eone Hitr. era * 39 ?c? ???' 9 3? I Bice werea. worn U 33 Port of New York, October 4, i?eu, OJUHD Bte?ir?h r nuirtmile. Pnet. Her. nek-71 11 CMbM A C*> h'oewaklp Aaekrl.le *err?r. Ok*r eetom -tootfert. Tllee: aa A pop ^Ki?*mik:i Ktmuoke. Court. Norfolk Ae? L'-dAet A fielae (to Ort.'.rloe. Tknfcftae. TJrerpoot. -hip MoreCwltle. Kooelee Biblr.1?J YY Be*!! A C Uertl O Bunker. Poorer Mk*i,rt*e J i J??eu A U " or. llori"~ Ueik la i b rem', Murom tun I. union- ller.BU*. A ?to (N*r\ Btwrtei,Cert to.! t market?T F .'arkeriw Merk The-,** Neewii line to. Brewec-H ICwtw. w^,!*Aci;f r*'?"* O'brthAr end e market?Oomv * &!n| ? < ? ? . <v P .ci#r**a? b A ^ !>,? . M llKke iineeinAB. NoMa?Mm >*?.;, Mm A On Roe Vtiler* f?* i#T>- CteeSeBb uiutm hi a ?' a (ft* ?B-* r-"1' Melt V.U. ? .n* llr-, mice St J ????*, wr?m l "rp e 'f ? ?.,hh A Hitijey JMBBBB, iti*r ?et<ii-Mr rewlJ MoU * etc br T Merartn, Arerr P.i-kwtor 1 Van Nrvr.t A H'\kk*. Pchr M Nonre Hentrtt. PbliArtelvb'A^-M T Kuej ou Mr Br Pre klm-ire. Mtetth I'.tuwioutk?V*n Knr. A Bi?tbt Mkr let' r.:?, T?>a?!'ti. 11 w?tm- lH|trm A On. M.wip W II Rotten. BrnlbertoB, Brulcl MeeU r hp ewer Hoeum. rrtxker l*bi t.inphiA. AMRITTO eirnwrliin meet " fRr1. Yl?Tai?tn. ^ren*** Heel !!?. rim fhtrrnetown !*? til rt ei ' VI i new"A>re to 1 lH> ? PaI be?.r ecutrrl. wp-vher tkr~ \?bft (be ( .?**?? . Kit Hauc". H.?A pAeATt! Ah..: KIrhmr ; Abrc. Wei ?Waiiiee _ llneuie. f"wi '?r New York l?r?mAMp York'????. p"*rri?b. Birketml. Ac wltk m1w ul ere. to l.c? ' ait A Hrlt.rkcm. Irm ' ' ike Mile nr. or I nedm , Aim* B*f. eA-^nerp rb'r 11'' Pfl llFn) ?? IBV rt EFT, IB I 111 r I ? "T/, m>( wee.., A tig *, tttt l^JN* I I M t W i\?jr -Jll PfcJp li UtrrfWf HowUm. i? honrm. in rllp M ?cSMr".CY r BWiWrt. inweci, MweiBi 1 ?** kel,feBWR?r f tout for I impe Waa towr.1 uttMi rnri I y ' eirebiltir N M Tehee | I bi( H Atut rr - ' Ike- >n?, Ba|c?, Nee Bedfnr t M kmre id Uiieet. m Fnet A Tm< i. >> neot i'?r Mcrent Arr?e Kerk MurUee Mnrje.A. Vtrei Olaeeipw Au* IX ilreettork . . * ?? - - ? 1. We ? ?* Ikk. wlUt fo'tpr. to Pun! tm A lkM< tle.1 a euc ?eeion r* W r?!c? Ibo riitlie pMwirr '.i*atl. H 3l>, . 117 peAu-t tkr eu of e .???! of ?' "it ISA tore tntwwiUr eeeerVtefrl. r rrjibiritr tune MiJM ocrk; brpl 16 Ul 44 JO, cie Ml rpole eckr Her Bti ?er. of Orii nd, wl k a* i?m ak. 17lk. )?! U. * 61 ptterd e lone IUi wiik ene-'prne end rl??lr* elUceed pppp:' Buy Ma abut iaoi. le the weirr Mpppt If lei ?? Ion Ml.*' rnofiiir lerrtl e eet?re h'-rrtevne from NW. nhn h Itplecl I b ere. con.J ebuer b j en., 4 ii.u* toeUm MBit Yi.olk. Bi.-ue. rw FN Hnpt 18 ?lib nju *e4 m. taeace, In TlrPrre A Tn M le.t, 1a- M M, I B 76 6u. ?*??'.rc-t Uik H W llull rt. *, ?t> rrUtf MB beik < rep o (t I Mew lleirn' 'here Nerieho fk, IMtyt, . lib ?'i*tr end *.<? teec? te Veftleetf. Fkej-r A I'o. Hnrk N.i rlrB (Nr. of Termo.i'b, Nb , firn-'a C'enfneioe, Li dpi a trtok BocHf. in Ttomaa .laaBte. f.pi ii, in etrAl't fe I ? (tl* rti If r ?rr'p'.y t b hrlr * B VVth of I'?err-J-IC.1A Orion teaUit. i I ,4 net fi-re ai 1 m*.n 1 , rrea'e end If 1 null cht.t -he . I liMt p*rl f At k j ?,' 11 a d ldlU. i|. N H M f ?ii eit.c iPT ci Ierr k'Bry nniker imie veh to Ifli ' ".1 n'->'6 rI. *.? 1'htr'-?* r; ?Ce?r1 e t-enrt. hm N ? tr .'p(.'wl Fffi H, If, wae Hi e mr tny r> -tb * Fr or Jtr l eiktAO'l the net! icnrebtf wi > fepr bard enA f ?? m i'*p' *t , A?K?ln ) Pilot Ihr I tAtar .Y'l em MdMeeM, of BwAlned; Tten ei ? k, ?, H?"i'.'e? ml tndrrw briine. of Dp*"mArt kl:rpt? v . -r > ? . ' at.... I ;?k H kperaNbb nf ho, k ?b4). Bpre-rt. Newel**. >e data, with ipar and m l*ea?a to R W Tnndy Was brarded Hen 21) utl Key Frances by a boat from U s ship t'rwulir. on a w? all well en Hrig fUyfOOd iRt, of <bartouvMwn, PR!), Fitzgerald, Llv 1 ?t 40 Jaya, with coal. Ui auater. Ha.I Wry weaner aal oki OiK.n '.opgallaiumatl. Ig T H wa'l*rn Want Pabe'lo. lSdaya, wtth and we B* i(_ _ . _ Ac. u> Hallelt A HUM. Had heavy MR tales and heavy ass* from M by W Hug Add* Hwtlt, Avery. Maraeajvo, Kept 12, with hides, ouf fee Ae to Mail land Phelr* A Co. Pup Bale sr. FUetti, faa pied ?!? h Orleans Sept 19, wtlh hide? rttra and naval atorea, W King A Co. Brig Orard Frederic tFr), L*rny, Uraod Brehata, MP, 18 d?j a. In ballast, to order Drip Triumph iBr), Heagaa, Sydney, CB, 11 days, Willi eoal, to A Smlther* A Co. _ ...... . _ Brig Sarah Kernloe, Clark, Maehiaa. B dsys, with laths, to F Kohr Wound (B*l of Bsrsani's, Peaman Salt Cay, TI, Bepl 23, ?Hh to Mtddletnu A < o. Halle 1 in company with blip Nana, White, for New York. Scnr Thoaaas Hap ley (Br), MoOostnsU, Hahiak, 6 daja, with Cab. to J A Morton. Hchr A .! DsRoasett, Tucker Wilmington, Wf\ 7 days. Hchr J W Hugh"*. 1'avia, Wilmington, MO. 13 days Huhi-J M Taylor. Hi*, Wilmington, NC. 23 diva Hchr 1 W 11 in ton. Simmons, Plymouth, NC', 8 days. Bchr Conrad, For, Virginia Rcbr Kn rew Lam n Virginia. Hchr Morning lJgbt, Hamosls, Virginia. Srhr Br*eis, Oliver, Virginia Schr Franklin, Mstsnn, Virginia. Srhr T P Copra. Phillips, \ irginla. Hchr M A Jones, Water* Virginia. Srkr Alice, Liej*. Baltimore. Hchr Baltimore. Mayo Rll/abelhport lor Boston. Hchr Feasi nden. Uuoper. RUzabStbport for Boston. Bchr Chief, Marble, KJtnabethpnrl for s mv raet. Hchr Htaten Islander. Palmer, Kluabetbport for Bradford. Hehr Madagascar. Moore, Kiln north 6 days Hchr Olenroy, Wahefield, Bath, Silayg. hchr Hmall, Ht Oeorge for Htaten Island. Hcbr I bom as HU, Hall. Rockland, & .lays. Hchr Sarah, llolden, Rockland, S days, Bchr Leoradia. Small, Balem. 3 day a. Hchr Mary E Mangam. Whulen, (linn, ester, 3 days. Kebr Core, Keiley, Gloucester. Sdaya Schi Emblem. Manning, Dennis, 1 daya. Schr Amelia Kc.Usy. Harwich, Sdaya. K<br II H Parnea, Raymond, Harwich, 3 days. Hchr Vulape Gem. Baker. Boston, 3 days Schr bacon. Jtearae. Boston, Sdaya Sahr < a ran it* St t*. Hallett. Koaton, 3 daya Hchr Darid tox. Cornish, Boston for Albany. Schr Km) 1cm, Hulae Providence, 3 days. Schr C A Soon-, Hutchlnga. Providence, 2 daya Hchr Mexico, Brlgga. Newport, 12 houra Hchr J T Beekeu vhatheld. sumtnaniu for Rondoul. Hchr lmma T'litle. Hmlrr, New llaveu, 2 days. Hi hr Rmeilne Hull, Smith, Clinton. 1 daya Snhr K C Dennlaon. Stoat, l'eep River fur Philadelphia Bchr Bolivar, lngraham, Rondom for Boston. Bchr Montrose, Hamaela, Rondout for Boston. Car a I boat Hrcurlty Wilson, Montreal, with barley, to (lor don, Bruce A WeAullff. i anal boat James McOee, Hheracy, Bt Johns. Canada with bar'ey, to Maitland Phelps A On So amer Mai s. Nichols. Phliadrlulila. Steamer Concord. Norman. 1'hlisdelubla. Steamer Vulcan Morrison Philadelphia. Steamer Dawn. Perry. New Bedford. Steamer Ubatrom Jones. ProrMeooa. Hteaner Penpuln. Williams, Provide now. Renmtug R B Forbes, Nurrla, Boston, 3d hours, with ship Abbott l aw ienee In low. The name of the master of brig Mbrfoik, arrired last eve ning, should have lead Andrews, not Ktnery as reported. BELOW Ship Richard Alanp, Watliogum, from Greenock. Also, one bark, unknown. BAILED. Bt' amahipa Huntavltls, Savannah; Nashville, Charleston; Ro ?soke, b or I oik. Ad; ship Amazon, London. Wind during the day HR, with rain at sunset. Herald Marine Correspondence. >UIC? AND FLA OS At SSA. f IK -Purine ii rtcrot trip from New Orleta* to New Tort ?; 'neon I. r?d unusually hcavr sad seism; gaLss, so mad so ifciit c'.oee !??> Turlngae our captain a moid detpalrel or i virc llie ship. In the midst of bsd weather, and at ? time bid quite enough o do for the protection of ourselrtjs, we sirhteda Urge resssl with what appeared a signal of Ota ires* t* a tsiir At her maethead. PspWii Ooawa y, with his annus l rooiptitude and h'im:tBlty, rare orders to hear towards i her end n'trr a couple ot hours severe sir tggling we maanped I.. t n i' clen'lt near to perceive she was flying a burgee. Wow there Is no possible doubt her commander, front the rcla tiro niaHkiis otthe ships was aware our Intentions were to render seeSrar.r e, ai d tt washlsboujden f Hl? lower bl? tie - as a sirulflcatten that be wanted uo heio from ui. It a' ear of which edker ' I. rough carelessness or design, we we>e regular y humbugged by his sllowiu* It to remain. Now Tht s.!Tt ofp-scuce When a sea is calculated to do nuchlw jury ai d prevent tr.asters of vessels from endear.,rlos ui asms earaotser In distrore Hoping >ou aill naJ ^JoctWsla your valuable paper, snd that H will rvieathe everi use .of a In tie rant ion among your sailor r**der*J},^{.jJrpr^7Scs? Pasaenger per ship 81 Ch Miscellaneous. A telegraph despatch received In this c ty dated Charleston, Oct J, statx that it Is blowing a heavy gale no the bar. and that ! the stcaBuhip Columbia, for New Fork Is detaned, but eg pectsto leave tomorrow, TliursJsv. 4th. Another despatch ' dated 6 PM of Sd, eavs ?" It Is stl 1 blowing a heavy 8K gale, j andItcreaeing. ' 1 Htur Baitic, bffort repwt^d *?b6re on Diamond Rd6f, wm | floated < ft at b gh water Wedneaday Sv torn*. without suaUlu I log any damage. Km* Fry.PFUirg l.*w**?cr (of Plymouth. Mass), Arey.fro-ii i*,,n Ja lor N'fw Vorh. a Ith a cargo of rage, copper, pi i m en to Ac. rin sihore at Hlmlrl ?sr si ., PM 1Mb uj'^b he w ?1 denied .11 wiih the aasisU-nCt oi wrschen, aul arrtvad at Kaa Hii, *P, CO the l*h. net ? hniwr (It iiir.f, Say'es owned by J I. Rahmlng, ol Nassau wmlUtinbirluger- C.y, AbacU of "lb utt, di i n r a heavy gsle of .nd which cou.menoed t so dava pre i th iiSfy. SbcwM loaded with efa feet of plue lu?j*jrand 1 *t<mt tO 000 ?htn#l*? fro-** Ja?kauur11lt tb? d?*k load of which vs a* tarod and aold 1 Qrrtu 1 urile t ay. R(, - un i gt*n tr>?t> a .h a ehTfO'f wine, kr, *b*nd?ni*d. and burin* 4 fen of wuttr iu tor hoH.w** picked m> i hv I* H bm hr CortOCM. and Uiw^d Ib(o the lurlwf of iwW|aa tW ?f?wicw?? 5 and uaded at Uaraoa bj ship George ! Huribui, aa before reported. . _ I Crtm W C atwatwm. Allen, from <Vdar K'yi for N'w Tor*, l u ss s!>< Aeu BdTilt by the VJ 8 * br Tivrtugaa. hlspt A reported aw.. JE .h^. |2'U (lit ? daya out. the tchr wai knocbM -loan on bei l^i^r "e In aral. *1- aw.y mssts and she righted with , 17rw w.w in her hold, h.t masu. sail, an I anchors, would enleavis to rearh Key Weal I Se,,. V ... '!>? (Wis. from Chtries'. ,n for Providence, wts , towtd lum St gartowa ?Ji all, with log. of locemtW and main ; topmast .... Pma C r K faff, from New Orlesns for L race snd India n?Ja. was caught in ti? late sale some 90 miles og flus s 1 11 ,tre snd was compelled to put luui last Psscagouts fur itie^uT aft*r ha> tng thrown ? r^rbuard a psTO of her cjsrgo The rru. i also eusieUie.1 oonsidetable d -mage t.) her hu sMsMdher rnMer and when she enter, ?port was Irak og baJ&y she is discb rgmg her oaggo at Lj* Pasoagmtla far the pump a#* of untie rgoiog repnlrg* ?r Tn. iirr.e-A paper eontalnlng the following In f .?Im? wM PlvSed ..p ln a bottle by an Atricas at the mn I lmlATu* Wbidrer pW lis this up. plsase publlah where foun^ lain ide, Vmgtt'da and date, and oblige rsepmfully, A U P alt on. La. p,.pt IS-Phlp Klchm.wid. tltiAln. from C!s.tlr for Rumwe Arreia whwh put 'n here leasy Aug * nae Tanahippjd JET? hsrTIrgo to .be t>"? ? e. Cmwpoa, tur conveyance V> ltd a,,., thnnmtvi fonr kuMrad *od rigbty fro r+m*!? ***** th#- t'rtiiB Kip i.iflM?k?n. PaaiaokNfllmi durtng *' ro.-ia ship., r? baras Ml b.iga ?? echrs sloops, and M iteams a. Nottrs to Mnrtncrs. wKisa orr osronoMsss Taisirr I Iocs. Iondo*. NdptH. 19?-. Vniwe is hereby glTtn that a wrssn Hay tuAflst with tea w. rd %rerh l^'-een laid near a vessel sunkta ths fairway I * J.-iorS, m and having A ls*s o* the mast above water. , 1TW l?2<i lies tu it's SlhomA at low water sprmg Udss with ! lbs folia wing e sstpasa 'wwrlrige? On.rd Lighthouse W ^'scdsr- **"' ' p H BWTHO*. heersury. ,.iyper??or ?u"?i <-???* tt wiyy. tuiaast urrwa, ucbi is, Kept u^isao tw. p ,h rj n 'din Oorporalloo licrebt give scsiee that they ' J.7 'H,^w . omeal Mnoy havtng the worUa JL -w^ ,^a?ro77I^^ced'in ? fstV<-maat low watw sprtor Ud*. I w,lh7bl. 'M^h. - *"abT t ,,u n.?nder b<>tcrt . U N ? - k.r . Wlckv.w lower ! Igh'V' ise N ^ Pout. WflW Rock e d Uouse m rr hiWSSt pa.* >" Aidnore ream, v. K7old7d KWVW WTUXOf LK? secretary -* -? ?rc ucn ** ? aiPinaaAstA* onr or s.ruee-ruT? rrrxrou. miast tt, I Hinwooaarais Oerun. A. \|j| | l/oseos, Aug If, . The Near hten g -crnrrcnt h?? r'ran t oties that a ^ rary UgM has bren recently sshlhnsd at the Port <A Purs The V.ightTeV'tdred Aed lAght at sli.-"ii M 'eel m.acinrlof '.he era sK In ordwari ahnu.<i be rem a distance. f S>. niits It n aa-wn .ram uia outer pier of the eo called Bridg. cf Oallgula.. Br cmnaat of taclc UwdekAps. _ . JOHN WA.-HIN >T0?, Wydrographer. Whalrmra. Cd at New B?"nrd 1st Inst hart Mcrnsid (of Wsatyorv. Jrr V*. Pm c Of'*? _ . MO _ .?tfc At J*l ll'ifu* A?| t(>. b*ft (JWH, Tripp hB %tr I7U? from I.IU.I rhh Hay. wuh S7U ap 2f" Oh oa boaoh r.?vl. A Ifttfr frnm r*r* V*-up? ik*r PcAI^bA, NB.rtp>*id her at Aug * iat AO N, I. a ? W as Is? reported. Had iskea Ilk) st> -n fgt bark JV.rrva, fg Nit wwca resaet JtfTtid *pfUm? * *lt ? iiO* rnmacttewrn, M. *f>ot?rm, ^?r ? . n*Y'tri 8'itI *h'r Ki /gfm*%rr. **r?a.?w, ^ T * * U J? I *4 ,f| 2; , *hlv rr (NrfiHt y^m frr iki m ?, ^{(ttyt*r yrt v W t for C*?cutt?? It 4wr* Xn* \l l*1 N, N? "V2 ? . rwwtaii^ I 1 it Aa#? t m. K*r>*rf. fr.*? Uwwl t for Otlrull?, , m AnI 1 {<* tipfiX, ! **'A*n AWTO* '."'d'iisf NoA Mi tA .1 stg pemlsat Aag 11. 1st i> n it t. :s w. Pot. 1?" Purl*. ftotWAf 14- 4rr Artip 8pdn*f ***"? ?7.T5 irfd-"7rVn-ertdBw> Ldrore New Verb .ami ' ( '.u.'lV.' Asg 11?Arr 8wm si App'ieton. Freeman. Pa 11 Arr at I rofgstee prwrtoae to Aag la. fa i MorrU. Jatkaoo. l,'7iVu^*pt If-Arr Pro*rma Won.lwsfdL Ua?ni '<* ?" NM,aII? in*: bauss' g Md U?h barh Aeroaaut shernas. I tift* l^*f ''*? <*'?d tot N \ .. l Aihif i'i "pjt \$ -k *mmiwI AImh 0*y, UUfftmi VI7'a,? S* ACi'lS?Aro la ths Clyde twreror. Ni hole, and *AnVu IH?htaU^faM-dfor 13!* .iPiJLVLVii. srr.l r?s ? Krs^'wstfJBfrs UtlrJLrMAao'^aal?eptM?la port bmh f,L?v,\}?!VrW'rpt Ik-g j Kfhemsn Mlchbcra NTort. Pa l?eprng. BlNHaaa; bmthtr. ' Vj'sOwTr'tt S-V^trtk Auder. nurt "J?* N. ?,. wp peptt- trr s bi flora a : Frwworgr poa ire (red Cid ll.bXr .-sshr urtl ' >W. lA Alsja Tgw* r - HeMlfltb orNTm? I,'h. achrs (two R V news.' lv?i Ire ' t?< r?nee. ?rey. ViogMm Ja for y . l .l ' il i ''" see ssw Jk-h. I rieutvl Uoyt. Key V r t IMlk " hrlNd. h now is he, t-set r^fTO* Afiwo f yi H .*tf fj-i k 1 (mi DlTtli, Hff', r% v Pri'lf-In po-l I r'g?? Rnftlae Ifsmo?, ftn'NaM mere '* '.-r-s Mary *!Ka WeMh. aed Kiphenla. Baylay. tf?Arr now n Age Patro-a. Be'i-w. Hp *r? mfl i ?H, ft:"" f? toaeitday ?v.rb", 1.1* forBTcm Prei'EKtAjtp, Rept 17?Bid H T Yetvr.ard, Wymart, NY " svHitrtia, Aug ??Arr ship* Wllbhgi Wttherle, A! Aky.ib (anil aid nam* day for Cork); 10th, Wisconsin Bombay (aud aid Aug ? for London). Site Par. TP Bent 23? In p"rt bar* lamer, for New daja; a-bmJ. lui Northn? ibr , R?"S. fr m and 'or il l da) J I, Hardy, do do. Sid 5M, br g MarU, Whlto, UToJ [Pa* BTaaaamf InM ht. atSt ion**. NF?Tnaang^J u NYork, "Nuiolet, ' alLrvertoui Ceo Bran. OlManck. Art fioin anklarhkOla 24th. Finland, at Liverpool, hid lor NYorh 24ib. Vldalla, from LivarpooL RM lor Ponton 24 b l.t.n troin Liverpool. Kid tcr NOrleana 24th, Kan Frio e, Anna F Sckroill Ai rioa frrtu Uicrpaol I r !d fur Savunuah 24th, (Juried, and Untily A Hull, frvM MM. Sid for Mobile 24ib, lien Eerta, from IJrerpooI. IF an Srnanauir Citr ct Hair: ?o:.r, orr Cam Tklmii^h 10- J At r fr. tn NTurk Kept 22, AOjualer, at Hehnat . Or Biemerhavrn, Perthshire, at Uu tUn; 24th, Crimean anE ria aid.. PurtRlne Ncarntlh. at Deal. Kih Curra Lli.n, I Clyde: 1'amel ? Flood, at yu-enalov. u, Thornton, at UK nodule, l.ttrky War at Tattle H*v; ? Arseic," at <4 .' etial Arr from Boaton Kept 22, Karel Augusta, at Helrovt; ui Ifeatean lacle. at 1 Iverpool Arr rrom Philadelphia Kept 23, Armv at Dnndalk; n< Adrltoe at Deal. Kid for MYork ff'h. "Wl'.he'mesbttrg, and Plymouth Deal; lif>m. Jane Daggett. Horn the upb; Cknua M rerae trom Liverpool KM !? >r Mobile 2Sih Paraee, fmm Liverpool. The Footer Johnny. from Leghorn for Bnetoo, la ash! fare Palman, near Carthagena. Amrrhan Porta. ALEX AN DRIA, Oct 2- arr aehrn I aland Cttr, ( nnkll^ Brt guaid, Whllama, and Hamilton, 1 "gdea NYork. 3d?8ld alHwinshlp Montlee lo, G?ger NYork; bark Sturgea. City 1'utt.t nbn Wm Allen, Grant. and Only I let, Faikenburg Boaton; Hidden Bate. Atehlnon, Orotnl Brognard. VA I.llama. Providence, Wm Mason, Staples, Dfl Dane llaln, Ucnkllo, NYork. I H< iRTi N, ( ct 2? Art ahtp Union. Small, Calcutta hrll ke? Hlade. Darling, Wilmington, ltd; schra Henry IT (?ondrtdge, Alexandria, Amy It*. Moo y, Baltimore; Wrlgbtlngtnn Thatcher; K 11 Atwood. Rm'th, and Johnson, Philadelphia, Independent, drover; (llobe, fi P Collin*. Kelley: 1 hot 11 Seymour, Keller, and Chart* Kel)?y. Kliaabethport; Mindoro Sari mi, Newark, N.< be b. t-ottle. uerlrvte llatroi, PendM-at, and Angelix Rondout; kllen Hallett, MYoifc; Tboma* Kill*, Kelley. Hingham. st Gerwge. Hart, Hoboken. signal for3 brig bnge Hancock W??t?r, Uemarara. Pilot Flrh. Hear.! gonne; Laurtitte, Hlggtna, Cape Haytieo; David Duffel bin. Nf.irk; a hr* Juris Fox beaming, and Chief, Morr veeton. Sugar.. Hirer*. Richmond. Sarah A Hammond. Baltimore John, lamaon, Philadelphia: John <? Huts I.ovell, Readout, .1 W, Faulk lin. NYork. Rid, wln l * K. ateamenlp Kuiopa (at 11.10 AM), bark 0 C Bell ?L Hart* ( heater Moden*. and Edward Kveretl, and ("I ?tailed, and anchored In Nantaaket Ruada I 4th? Arr (hv tell steamer PHprague, Matthew*, Philr.<fl bark l ar lei Webster Kj de.r, Malaga BALTlMi >RE, < "it 3-Air barksDe lelaware Thuravt.l rara; Traveller ilir). Randall. RioJanetm. Joaidna. Alt St J?go via Uuautenatrn, achra W R Darling, Bar.'"! A M Edward* kdwarda, Albany Helow oil Swan Pulf i.ruce Uordou, Rabaon, from Alallao. CM it rem bark land. He.llaier*. Biomen: brig* Ell*. Shapka, Aeptnw ?Id); Comet (Br\ HP!. Beriouda, acbre " "eean Bird. ProvldMu'e: Uiten* \ lata, Robey. s York. Sit bark T? Haldwln, Montevideo or Bttenoe Ajrea; briga Oen fl (Bri, Hardlcg. Halifax; N htetaon. Jr, Pntnney Hoaton. BANi.cR. Rapt 30?Cld bark J W Andrew*, French n*; Oct 1 achr l.agnna. Hart, NYork. rtAl H, ? ct 2?Nd brig Philip Igrrabee. Daley, Bailii BCCK8POKT. Sept 27?Arr schr Petrel, Robinaon, J BRISTOL, Oct 8?Arr achr Daniel Webatsr. Perry, alorp Rhode lalaud. Remington, do for Providence. K Inn. Kmeraou. Alexandria; Ada Fraocea, HugKee, Ba Uazellr. Willlatnn, SYork; aliwp narveat, Onrwtn. do. CUaHLEbTuN, Oct 1?Arr achr Ann A Kuaac, f NYork. _ CAI.aJR. Sept 23?Arr achr Maryland, Knight, Bail Cld 24'h, actr Walaoa. ?Tork | CAKTlSK, Sept 22?bid ahtp Highland Chief, Baram-J leans. klHiARTOWJt. Sect IF?Arr achra Angellne. Mar.i and Caarlotle, NYork tor Boatun; Soth, S F. Parker, do i gor; Northern 1 ltht do for RiK-kland; Oct 1, T h Joner delphln for Boaton (and all aid 21) KaSr MACH1AS. Sept 22?Kid achr Ulpaey, legal Yoik. OaLVIRTiiN. S?.pt IS? Arr bark A!,,tn<>, P*tterar"n. 17th a:hra Maria Motion, Sernple, Penaarola, 11th, Jo dolyh Sim pk Ira do h< "LMkK 111 "I.E.Oct I, PM-Arr brig Elmlra, Mr Porllind for Pfcllrdelphla achra Cert rude Horton, P*i Kimdoul for B*etue; "?eoge W Baldwin, Crowed. N1 Daavtre. Nclaou W>lli. Rydsr, do for (yu'ncy. Bid ? i d ro I.o'lir.k Drag. n. Atlantic aid Tench. td?No arrival. B'd achra Prealo New Zea'and, _ I ladam, Uettrnde Hortoo, George W Baldala, andl Wells 3d?Arr brigs Ta-gert, Mathews, D .nea Ht, for A'I CI S Adair s ( oia-iis, ? i'r.lntt. n SC, for do; ach| Furbnah, hubtnr ud for do; chaa A Heckacber Ftnbh f e'l hla for do: I 1 Irlerann 11 .rttng. Port Ewen f >r (1<>I f roaby, Nye, kltxal* "hport for Bat.gor; Foreat, Emory J for Newboryport Sid ichr henry CroaSv Jr. port? wind NOW, briga Klmtra. Tangent, A Adams, achra 1.1 llcckrcbvr, J (Irterscn, Fon-at. NEW ORLEANR Rei t 2.1?Arr trte'imtblp DeSoto, J NTcrk via Havana: Orooodatoa. Pike. Uvorpoo) kohl (Wrem), Von Hagar. Deal. Hvrnan I'irtea'Sp) . b ueCh'Wte Rich Boaton; Klla Oroav. N Vork ' Id ?hip Magnob* Crowell, Havana t s Key West, ~iu|>o Far peon. Llv. ?? . Varentla. Anatm Havre Mail".; i Dei m* Nli rk; Swe bark Carl Bvlger, Hoithla, Geui TqOcoa ClK raon. Havana NEW BIDKIRD, Oct U?Sid scbra B M Tyler, Bel Ben b lower, N1 or*. .NkWPul.T Oct J-.Sid echro flrar..:* s'.ilo, Haiti film, Ke iv iirom Eoataw), Afork; tiarnet. Poet. aadL Illx Hell Rocklarid for do; la**c Rich, Crowell, Boatonl ladclpht*; CabiA, Hamilton, N York tor Kuaton; Henryf Nye, Ellxabotbi or| for Harp ir; Lac< n. He me. and Sp.J Bnow boat on for Ntnrk; lArvadlv Snail, Salem fori lagedem. Baker, Button for I*b1tadelpbta; I ortn;blid do for Now York; HHRarow, Raymond, Ulouceate^ Jircih Rii d. Co.ili'. do for do, and the.a NlsW Li NIHIN OotS?Arr rcbra 11 i!*on, Wi.tern MaA Sir? nd F'irabetbpo t N f.W HA YEW. Oet 3?Arr achra Carroll, Vela*, s A ci'.ra Itcnltmlii, K.ixabeihporL a Id brig S?r*h |J phi adelphla. PIUI.ADILPIIT V, 0> l 4-Arr steamers Ann KUra ?on. and Sarah. Jon,*, NYork; bark* Arcadia, (livslil denias; char lea rmtifc. Smith W i.mlngtoa, DC; Jaand bsrd. Pi 't It, ' nca Len Boyd ' *v'i.?,trt- k. can" r Pn.d'fton F.astnort. ? hrs J F Cnrvar. K tmlll. do. 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