Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 11
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MLKS hm ACCTIOW. a j Hi'Nuuiroan ,t co. auctionierb. A. MaCNlFIHRNT HOI?bPHOL1> FUhNITURB At Pubia: incut)*. Ob thia day "ndaj , Ai IM P?lV?l? r*BtdtUM Ko U Wett Suieen.b atreet, B?*m Pint ud Bulb 4 . cd ,ee Sale commencing 4110H o cloak. ?I* aaprrl wvn octave PA no: ,'tn, Elegant roeewood Ktegeree, Brewing Room StiiW (Mj.t Loot* XIV \ Oil Paintings by eminent ami la, Ai?ti. broL.a ktatuary, uud mantel Mirror*, ?oItm medn.llcn Carpet*. Oak Bud el and Mrtenalon Tabl*. I ? irultur* all made U) irder for the preaent owner and im r uraniire ail mane to inter ror the preaeol owner ana at IhebeatdeacripUoD L rawing Rooma MagniiV'ut? iiatave Ftaaofnrle. ifce richest n air unaei.t offered at ouaiam una aea an*. four rened comer a, richly earved 'egi and caae. ore raining Mum haad with aai.Dwo.el, fully guaranteed. roan wood Can Brffary, French eloth Cover elegant roaewood drawing rvrvn ? entered lo rrlaaior and gold bro'ada. rtcbly *2 roan eentre taLtea. nut nary ruarr'a too, r.wewuod Ktegerea, hntd with aaitnwond, lad tea work Tabl", Inlaid wdtk mother of SI, tola Tablet ard and obeaa Table*, mvew ,vt comer rr*?. aiperh fieareury and dotknaae, olate_ glaa* dmra; large u ante, Mlrrora two do. pier Mir-ora lieb gilt irsmea. Ma* and oraaolu ekatueliera, an ligoia each, arthue hrofl.a a'aliie of Hamlet, da rhwroller *? Mar ev da Kembraodl; Oil Pain: nge -The ?oty Pi inly. the Aae'imptloo of the Virgin by Lcwrand tv o match paiafnga. Scene* n Sw IjerUmt. Birth a if ia T ..11 a' , ..bill Ll#,.. ,,ae A ??. ^ e/1 ? m la, r ,1, I place of VI Tell, Market Krenca, Aina erdiun. Hutch In fa lea by ketch-l; art.lue lav* Vaseg, frjm Prmmeil and Baivnltii no i| - y ?|?"-r-"' ???* Parian marblr Kta I and Vaeea, tonr elegant Painting* on ?? k repr hag the sei.aoi.". ty liealy. Fi?och !u Kngrurusga, velvet " Jinn I i.rpei*, atoaalo Hugo, ?mUroidered lac < lrlwna **k Hotfet, made by Bnans.lo'i; oak egteoaioo Table, i IVinner and Tea S"ta, aind H irer Wr.ra, M.e.'li-id table Oakery, rryaiel and ruby tiles* Ware, o*k Ha at. i !, ?ele?t atair I'arpe'a, r.'te wool and m*bog*cy d renal ? g 111; re tie Bedatemla.-Vin j? a Ulaoe, ?' >n, lea, no i 'h an I a/m ? hairs d la v t; if t; oure hair Malt re boo, tyring MrtHr***?. i.'g aa.l Ingraid Carpal*, ?v*l Mlrr r*. br >n ? ?-lot'k. > n huge n?* >r-mei>t of otaeii ent anil kit men Fur;..lure i peeiuve, i alii or shine. A W. rORTKR A CO.. A0CTT01IEFRS A. MAOM.?:n>T HOCSKHJ1<1> FC&NlTii&l at pcbi.ic aLiTio* At the elegant reaidene* Na 219 Wea: Fodrteeith t j-eet. On Friday, Cctober 6. I aaloJcgne cioapriaing the largest and cheat aooorunent o' Ho -.ohf d F .rnlfire an.1 W _.-k? af An* rf ered a: anct'oc 'Ala aeuoc. it oetam Pmccforte, BVgant l?-?w rg R'eim Foil*, Artistic Broom, H'Aiuary, VUPohtnLga. ty eminentart'au, 6rcnie and urmoln Chande'Jera, Pier and Xaatg! Mlrrom, Brocade and I.aP* rf.uia. kc., Ac taiBto ci at toy, o rlGCk prec'aeiy, tie entire elegant Furniture beautiful woikaoi Art contained In A* above Brge dwelling, a'l of wh h w.'.l be aoid arlAout re ?B*?, and muat be renored imraedblelr from the ore ?hn, eotcpra.Bg a very larpe a d elegant aa*ortment of everytku.g et^enbal to a laahtoi able and coaSlj f iruwhed we, In roaewood, oak and mahogany Sale aril! com in the dining room, rl it iliver ware of Rogera ~t maattfaetnre, f'rua, rarer*. 8poor.a, Porka f'ake _ Firing Seta, a iperb French and Boh-mur ''hita. i ent Ojub. ruby t ngrered Oiaaa-vare, ivory and pearl ?njhPo * - ? " WBary, French Porcelain, elegant exfenalon Table, with oak AWng room F'imltare Pariora?Two richly cirvcl rwe wbbA Pat tor Suita, ooverei o A rwe colored br och le In perfecv i peefwcv r; velvet and Wi ton vlurpeia, rnoewnrd marble top Kuv roaewi od retire, aofa aadj ler Tablet, twyvlogact pier ,'ih cneea, damaak and rick lace CurUtu?, Frvuck I A Turk lob I'holra. with loungeatn match; laiv a Sere Bay, reception Chair* In bracmle. elegant earved roa*wood nuwfforte. Will; ooixl pearl k?ya: Mualc Cabinet, Pit una. in*g ?gtoaiit m.-.ttel Wsea, Brourea, marble group* >f Part >r Oma Bratjk with a numt or of choice and vaUabi*; ve'vet and WlJkii) Carxew. elegant - bai.iie.iera. Ac ' ba:o' re-All B teaewiiud and mahogany: anperb Bedv'.ea,la. large bur ?U: rmaaeo, AreaaJig B .rea a mart le VTaatiatania rommide* Mbnaa Preoch Toilet beta, inaewwid Amour, mirror BroM, fall i.ut of Chamber Furntnre, in velvr'.. "Oitage and tgher CWt, Arm Chair*. Hot at, roia Be J* rnah igany (Vila tAHha, Mlrrcr, rngratn < uipeia, Ac.. w;;ha larae u.:anuty of ?and mahogany Furnn .re of every dcaertptton; trtb Usaa. stair BhapflA and Kfit, at ,rb> top Mai. ^taarl w :'h s'. ite Cat pj the br ute, Baie at 1'% o'ebrth pre rlaely IV A BCT A La BJ9G VCTIOB KOUC* Large mcrighgA tale of """AFT FTRrT cbtll ROSIWuOO FrRMTCRR, Ciaaprla.rg over f ll.lMt) worth ol Tarlor. FixUr.g Boom ab* 'fcanibsr f iralt :?e, Fair'.nga. magnCc*nt Pianoforte, Broore*, atoiuurv. rich Parlor bolt*, Ac. B? HukSKLL W. WKrC rTT Anetioneer. TMaday . Friday), ? ctober h, at th* e eg ant readence, lot Watt Twenty firvt a'.reet, between Seventh and K'ghA are aaoa, ocmrnenclrg a ]0yk o'clock Tbe whole will be ab*.> ?ao d without rraerve rain or abtne. affording an oopor to par hsaera ta oh tain really eleraa: P r ilture at a.,c Mmprtcea among which ore two magn.f.ceat full Su. la of aibd taeewtKKi fatior r-rniture. c vered In rich br.-atel. e'.?ga,it raaowond aeren ortave plaon orte. bewuufnily rwrre L wl h rwwaa* ecmera, parrhsaed two montba ago. wnh St ml asd acver, three tp'eadid Pier and Mantel Mlrrora. with -La1 a and Coraicce, two rooeaood Blvgerea, with mirror docra and and marble lai rtrh iuce F.iriai.a; Taikieh u a.Ik velvet with Arm Choir* to match; _ I oentra, pier and aofa Tablet, Pariatan ReonpUoi rich lap retry and Wi bra Carpelo, rote word Se reury. _ ib.oa jr.d mtu-ble Vaeea. brmie Figure* and Croup*of Ihl Aaan . K-aa: ef Ht'.-kue The Seaa me, Peace and mar: arMh twi ewgaat Fcueauar. Hr of Rtrhard I aod Kdward IT . brocre ? 'baodaltare, car.ed rbtewirod Bedttewit, meaty ama large Hair Mattreiae*, hedt and Bedding, broil* Cloak*. ?n?wunil W -bataEda. ' maaode*, china T r et neu, rotew ?d ffhrmb*r ault Premh Wardrobe, Mlrrcr froat. mwr letrp di?r*a g H ?r it cct'jtge and apr nta**: ' hai *, a.mchairv B valval. Tele u tales in h*.r cloth, with a q leaiily of oak and ny v b-Bber Furnn .re aui menti aed wm ov r t.i* I yanta if big rain '"arpen o* the Inn; osk eitaeti n haawrme yar.l# f tnaraln Tom*, with ' k alngroOB Furniture if oli k'r a; rich <*h!n? ewt Ol*a*. bi'sw war* I TIJUB T (IIMIIIUC " MC h i. ?. II :? > Jill*, _ Ac. Al*o. a to* trow Heft, p .ruble Per klavea. O^aiotht Ac A cepralt will In reaairedof al parebwarrr. Bo aelo real, pcwaeaslun Inmalw*y. , COTIOK HOT13 EXTRAOEDtKABT.-DAVID S. L HOI tii: i. ..-Jo. *er, will sell. u> di mw, ftUay, f>su> r t, M HIS A. V. . 11 very -i-rge ml deatreble tuaoiuneol of ?A* Id rood! of every c m oalTtble description fro? bouae JCMdkl pace, > few doora weft Of Br..adway Tb* tin both arooi.,1 head ud Mf, a portion belonging to mat oad other* having keen brought there from othar ?a la the aaeortwri.t at very -artel vend quality rrf er I that poo hooaefcvvpera nan dvair*. aad w.l p eitively heaoid M the high eat fciJ<>r. ab?m the trUcleaara " Carpet*. Br Mrla Co . tl? and man lei Ml-rora, elegant "' fami'.cra of ail blade, tpleodM aeven ucura ja and bmcefei erfcdow Cartalae mtatal OJocgj and mm eney andrtatoda <'?a.r*. uheerfwe wmiem ?MM Farrltnre, in nita voi e'bly car red rosewood and ma tups; bacrt. m faito b? r Jlaitreeees aod.B*'ding..heap op ?aratory tied-veada he. vu.a? Hat* aM httiheu Faro, lore, toeaiui "11m "nfi r;r Gila (aware aad ali'er Harrara. ?pai aa Fiorla. to, a'tngrther form lag aa eaenrtment which, hath la and cocdiuon. la wall worthy the attention of ' era. (V-airr: ?a -o ir t ,.ar of eal*. Honaa, alan u> 1*1 ? Err ember. Ret : Id tW. t .ft id fart and M faat Ifh.nlr* of aocuotaer. SS", a j. wi.Kt< tr.n, Avcnomn. A. Ext?R?ivr, hale or c nni niRa low ?a Eh. IClfc trd lib avail tan, lid Uth, ?lih lSlM. 121'. MM, I24ih IJdih and I lie: atrerta. at euetl >n A. J Bl.EBi'EER EiRA O wltl aril, oa Thursday, Oe Mhar It at 12 o ioch, at tha Mar-haute' Kfha?rr - Oc Uh it ?* iota on tha norlliaaatc >mfr ilia. at. Oa ?tt a* - 2 Ito w a, SO feat north 1 jdth at On lOth a*.?I iota or. the northeaet e rnar lllth at. On Mth sv ?I* '""a a r. be', ween ill" aad 123d ft J. On Uth at -1 Jot w. a <H t>\ aorth itid ??. Cm <ld tt.-1 iota a. a, 221 fact aad llih ?v On Mth to.?i loth a a. hatween bib and Uth ara. On h i *L?I lota a. a. ion feet ear Uth a*. ?a Mtat (t-t tola a ? . 100 teet eaet 11th ae. On UN at ?1 lore a and a a, between imh and llth am. Oa lMd at?* '.ntaa a, rtW feat eaet I lie a*. On ISM ah?1 At o a, 12& f eel naat ?:h ar. Oa urtb at-1 lota*, a, It- feet ewei -h ae. OalMthr ?4 iota En. 100 feet aaat Ch ar. On It! at at-6 Ititt. 100 feet eaet CI ae. tteUt'efnih* able# pro; erte ia Indnpmahla bar in* been t of the preaeni owner. Two th rda of the wamhaaa Mowey ttt rratui ut, boad aad mortgage. M??, An., at ho 7 street. A I. HIUTOB TATLOE A ' O., ACCTlOinCltRW. ACCTIOW. ACOTIOE. ACCTIOJI. mm Hat, turn out. Al M *? Eighteenth at reel, near Pith amende, if *WE Heuavhoid Furniture rare o!d OO Painting* Bruazea, Partem aad Figure* and Vaaaa, elerta'. aaeen octave f laaefnrt*. ' wtb a great var *ty of u'eful and nrnamenlal artlriea r found In a f.rat rlaai realdena*. Eal* toeommeec*at 10?o>lenh preeiaaly. PAB1/IEH CHiRTaIN ?aaaapaad ParVtr Knita. em-ered la aatut. bmratel and ra!eat yMAi rorewoml Efegerr?, Centre an ?Me Tahiee. with mar Ma top*, la re aad hrm-ele! Cnrtaltw with Preach tbaiaa an 1 Hah 0A niwaiee* relret and Brnaaela Carpetj and Enga. pier and amatal Mlrrora, Ar DtEIEU ROOM BAIKVRRT AEP HEP HtVBKRIt AM Ma ah he.' thrmghent with every arUrla. neeeaaary and ?MBMMlaL that can be deaired bv tha moet faatldinita. Pe MrtnOea ontalocuea at hrnae amrnlag of ntln Brer e artl sin MM evaaiaad be parttaa wtohier la bay prertoue to ?tle. and will nr maraniaad by th* anrrimaar m be aa uniaaantwd. ?Manila re-tetrad front all pnrnhaavra. <to?1a naa be paohad m Me pram tata. fey rea poaalhla partMa, for aWpplag. , HfTIOl* EOTTCE.-PKEEOIW A BOOT BKWOVIRfl, wM find It to their ad rentage u- rail on lb* rreal ?VMM i Erprewa, Pna Maad 1} Etna alrert aad l?l Varwki IM a anteh aad daatrehi* way for fatal baa to ha remi.rvd I trouble. Carl* at ail uanaa TBHMDOEA (1< iCl.PtHTTH, Prrprietor. A VCTIOH H'lTTCE?PtmHTTTEB AT PE1TAT* RALE A ? ar"' MffhladMr MA ? A aoiid rmeamod par! .r SaB, aatotaurr of two Tfii a Tetea, oaa arm, one raoaptim (hah aad four made HI -a bark < hare onrrred la Preaoh ton. aMA. vrti he aoM for $KO or* do rlgM ptoraE *ava-ad ta pea an arttoh. fo- *1NV one tingle rne?w?* parlor am Bm la rr*a*h broeatel, win he arM f.w (I id. a we of roaa MMd and nahopaav par w end hed-nnto Pajmhnee Apoiy MEtoatora 13 Urth avaane, an# dew below Warertev plane. AOCTIOE ROflt E?A PAMILT DHTMEIEO BOOM A h* epMg atJl clipoaerf. atrrlrat* rale, all ihvlr War w ChamlM a# t Pli.tng Bo m rural" a per'i maewrod Mlit Ig| - PI.iK.for1*, roal ?MH. to be wild for 31M tarlnd bgatoni and eorer. aleganl ParVir a tu coat ?*?', f?w ?'bi. am* at (IM. Rewft aee ftegrrea, Eirmra CMpei., Hnreane tlMltlt Ae will be w-M at a uenAee I* inn >t ft Meat Twrtdy e<vh atreet, far Ptrib nvveaa. I nth avenue ?are ami atagee rata near the aoaa*. B P AH riOBBEA. LABHC MALE HF CtRBItUBV. II4ENKWW AC. E7.EA LUDLOW ja . laWVral ann'oe ne ^atnnlay. Ori * at Itoelnrl at b a avian, Kn ?h ? rdar tlrret oj| oafto th# Knat a tor** rnailer of R.eaawaya. ui# BngMaa read Wag-eta Pba* Ma Ar A* alanator'e aad if aei* Harnai in great rane y tore aad Wit .ra hnyerew-.. .ad t to their advantage id UPTIOE roTlel .Midi AJfP FE?EwrrotT t*f fret viae* Mr>. vb> I *?> -e.t-rr. fV-peto. Fl> - av t ("ate-e Aa. W. nnt'tlBM. anettoaaar wlfi Mil. Fttoar lwcrnn, ? )?tt a rluM. at M Hmmn itrtot. _-_l"V Parlor HeMa tat ro^wo.?| aad mah'ga i "urered la pl*(h and hrpe*!.1. -lr -Trtealetan ja-faa. Parto* mid Arto daadre. marble tea ' ealre Tab'e?. r>ta.-od pad mab-g? ey Da. P> tar lea Hnntaaaea. F?t*a ~ ?Mnwt raf.laaaea la urge* An. a ml L3L ssa ? rifwaiam pqq nihn fc rtoa, Bnohaaaaa. RttenMw Pwim Table,, < to ralkSsrw^^lr-l-,-,,' **** A POTIOR WOTKJE ? BrRRHaW r fcaxitcre ex A. pita. and FereRarm Fa blag rwaMtahmeet. Ill and lit Warn Elvreath Mreet htowaea Ifib and Mtth areaul AhnaaAaM fentHarr "f every lewripikwr > read and aWppwt in aE paatoa' ih* ?mWt PUato rtaa Wtrrora PataUngn Ae . namEed aad moved tkrverad aragnwa far tha ream al af fur aWaeato the emtnlrv m.intg* for taraltar* A WTPill bale OV cTrFFEP RfBfw lXV PBLDaT. A JA MM A. M.. al K1 P niton at real, Rronairn. PR* ? g Bwl an.ill era* ra tnaprlmi * Wtrga nulbritna al aaMi* an* Ernah natorWaa (Ml arraaaad <m aprlga. la grnapn and ?ALU AT AltTIUM. Ah benedict a co? auciiorebem.- wheeeab . r. H. LaaraPe, now ta Matuniuie Cuba hastamrucied, m* :o dl.i iw of at public a in linn but entlte elegaat Hooee h?nd Vuru.vure auelaiuea tn tint residence to W?et 'oiliieeuth ?treet, b-twten hhbth and Ninih arenue* t tuve auihorl/sd the above well known iu.-liqperri to sell the earn* >n rbura day, OeL IS. ctmineucing at t-a ?'clock. at the a'ajvc re al.let.ce Ike whole beh,. of the heat manufacture, and but a abort ante Id nae. coca t>tine ef? I'arlort?t'uetalu superior vein.: iiaroats. three marnttU ent ao Id rreeamnd mlta, covered tn maroon, crimson and gol.1 ?atm ot the moat exoenelvc de-crptlon; Gothic and Turk.nh au?y I l.aira. tn moonel and aailo brocade; l? ilea' ail id rose* > id re ception and arm Chairs, covered lncrtmwia and mar *>u ratio; imewood secretary Bo o ms, It <aa w-th al k an I aaUnw ud, three aoli.l rcerwood Centre Tablet, a lib neb statuary mar-ile tope: expei lively carved ttateu d Pier Sofa an' Side Ta.lea with marble top*, three oustl. .nae v. nod Ktegerea. with tear ble ti i a, plate glass d.*irp. Ac imported exoreaal tor the owner; tadlaa rate wood W'irk Tab.ea. 21 day brums and or mnlu clock* elegant China Vac-a wnb the m at oh-?> ao-1 evprnaive landscape*. painted to -wder to Tra"oe. tnanuittcen; T rrn. h pi vie tier Glass sue 96..I6, w.ih rl -n in 1 be.vy g ill frame; tuantvl mirrors to match, h.-iivy eut'irui lered lace * Indole Curiam* and Cornices, '.arc and rvianalve variety of Clt ralniiiya by native aiu-is, aurh ** landsatpei eiriter acecen, marlte vtevra, hcrlpt iral piece* Ac , the wools form Into vety pleasing colloo .100; i ~r r e? rxt pianoforte, rite nude, full veven oc;*i>, solid pearl key*. elegant vane, in.ant plate and richly ?-t ?ih pearl, heiog a valuaule ami cosily inatrutr.-at, rosewood Ploeo -Stunl, con red in satin, w.tb an elegant call* embroidered -over D ntoc R.?im ?ht.-h eelvet t..p? v -y Carpet, In g'vid order; at It oak Iv'epai n Tahlr all pollab-d in the he-; tnvnn?r. marine top fancy Tal t, Mlrr r*. solid renew. .cd Suit In mo qnet seven pnor*. together u-.ihal the -r.atal c-.t H'aaia-are Vt inea i bWHUN I umbiera GoMat* and Pecaotere 10 match, rich china lea sens. me'Jy Silverware, Tia and Dinner fervlce, aaivera ' ake Itaakrta <'aster*. Online and Tea Ura* Spona. Forks, Liquor Stand, aoperli.r Ta !e Cutlery. in Ckambere-Conj - aoltt ruew.xv ao 1 mahogany Bads'.?*'?, marble to? Hares i? W.ithaitnde an t (sMitnnde* to statuary _ _ ma;. b; over twenty pure balr mattrraies from forty to sixty pound*. nu do to ?nd In ?*<?*:>? t condition; Cannier p.nnra. He.I pprearia. Ingram fa pals bedroom Mirror* 'locks Toilet S.-ls Oilcloth*. Staur ?arpet* and nndi. iu>h>g*ny (ttibl. r.rd i ha ra R .ckere. Sofas lynnpea tloneh it ids Ha. 81am, lea at d Dining T- hlea toge her elih a Urge ant de ?lrab> afaonrr.Mit of Basement Furml ire, Ac , Ac , with wb ch the sale * ill oo' meore The sale of the aho e funilt i e vrl'l po?ttive!y tike place whh'nit r? gard to w-eathe - a responsible pers n *-i' be u at tendance to park and vblp the art'eiea rolBR out of the elt? at a reasonable rhar*e lVpoitte aatlatactoey lo the ano lwer ?U1 he required from all purchasers F W DEL a KICK Bt OHPKB OF BKOKFR IS MERCH tNHWI ~K. R. TBt'MPSON, A nctlooeer. -TbU i? >rnnr, at I Or, o'cloe*. at 79 Kaaaaii atreet. eboics al.a-k of Qaiaoa 8e*:tra la lota to anil buytrr; air., lit) Oil Painting* gl.t frame*, farnilttra. splendid -collection of stalled Birds ASSK.RKE'8 SALE.-THE HOTEL KNOWS AS THE .lonea I ouae. No 7d4 and 726 Broadway, at private sale must bs eold at once, by order of D. IK A UaKKK, assignee, ..dl Broadway. E DWARD SCIUNCK, ATCTIONEER. MORTUAHE BALE OF PCPERB OIL PAI*TIR(IR. LATE Tni PROPEKTV OP Tl!? LAT8 MR. LOC18 TO BE HOl.f)'ATKAlt(WION BY E. A r II fefllKKOK AT THE OALI.BK11-18 OP THE RATIONAL AOADEMY OP I)K<I(1R, RO. ? TLMIJ HTilEKT, HErWEKR BROAUIVAT ARD THE POURIH AV1RU1 OR THE EYER1.VOSOF *..,M>AT aRD TOESDAT, OOTuBER 8 ARI> 9. Commanoing at 7 . o'el'vk each evening. v uanueuir.K si i , uci'vk escn rvening. The collection comprisrs e large altar piece palmed (1679) by Erasmus Qr,tilth us Two portrait* amtonbtedly by Itam'inanct, purchased at the late King of Hollaad'a aaleo. Laodacapsa and figures hy Berybem, Holy Family attributed to Ruben*, fiult by Van Be, Ac , Ae MODERN PAIRTIROK. By Henry F. hcbaetlr.Aln the style of Lonl* ETV. Cattle Flecea by HleUnan and Tvhaagerny Marine Vtewm by Mueln, He Braclelier, Ford. Landaoapes Tahleatu and iVure* by I.u.ntg Van ilong. lie heyaer. Nobeua, Istcimie, Mo rt-1, Kau.-, Haimea, Matleaoo, Otto, Meyer, Kelnbard. iterard Locihrra ?. d many other celrbn;?d maaten. The tboee valuable co..e, ibn i* now on eihlbition at the Oallcrlra of 'be Naiional Academy of Design, from 8 o'clock A. M. until II) o'clock f. M , every .'ay and evening untd uie a?ie, when mes w ul be positively eold without any reserve to the highest bid dir. N. B ?The abeve offer* an nppoitualty never before met with to pmehaeera to obtain really fine wirki of a . art, and the CttMIc are rrapect'ullly lav.ied lo examine them, a* they wtiJ * p.slt'vely told as aheve without reserve Edward avctioskks. KLV.iJ AN V H0DKKHOLD H IIRITI'RE, Fainting*, 8u<nary. Br, u*es, Antique Porcelain* A <1 other article* of Vetu P_ A r. II R, tlk.Nt'K will tell, U auction, on Tuesday, October 16 at 1 M A M , at the mmsion of Richard K. Ha ght. ?of Fifth i tincorner of Fifth amr ue and Fifteenth street, all the els ?tt t Furniture. Oil Painting*, Statuary, Urouae*. antique orcelalna and Cher ar'. lea of Yerta ciMtslund tacrs u Far her particulars jl the sale srlil be publish a. In a few -laya. Edwardethekct. auctioneer iMPORTI.R'E SAI.E OF Hl'PERB FRENCH AND ERliUNH FARCY OOODR. By K. A r. H. RCHKHCK tah day 'Fnday.i ftth met., al 10', o'clock at their aalesro>m. No. Ul Broadway, the Ural great aa'e of the nut annerb Fancy Hoed* thta aeaaon comprising a very larga aaa.rtmenl of *nlirely new patterns at it t!raiaaa .use m j'.rted. couauutng U FINE BKORZKE. 81 PKRB FAKIAN FIGDRK8, ELEOART BRONZE, ORMOLU *M) V ARB. K tikOCEl, eEVREv AND FRENCH CHINA VASE* DECORATED FRENCH china DINNERNETt, RDFKRH Cl'T AND BOHEMIAN IILASNWARK. ELEGANT IIRMOLC Ut'OLR. 8II.VER PLATED WARE, r.nd a large isiiwy 'f idher slegam fancy gie>la. i The tio.ida will be on eihoitam r?> Wedaeaday. at the aalea room LADlKNandtbe FLBLIC genemllr are lov.ved to ex- I an-ire thru Purrhvo-ra ean have their food* earcfu.iy r acked and shipped al a small owl E OVARII RCBUff*. AOCTfOEEER -Ki.EH tET HAO C)r llor?* -Hy E tr H.M'Htill't thlk dav Frid*r. Mb icttni t *1 me o'?bok,ll tbolr *ni**rOi>m, Eo. 1*1 llr avdnraT. ? apVndid ibeataut wrrcl Hw loo* luna eM t%i> anon tearaoid, fifteen and a half baud* ht*li. warranted perfaot.y kind nod Roa'.la la rr?ry way, aad aa ex.* Item aad l.e boa*. E :iward BrnKKrir. acctioeekh ?hp i* or Horace, Cerrwz* *n<t llnrnn#*,?Hy K A P H aCIIMECK, Jk^F Jiorw \ MU I !??*> Ell't UW| "I ?*, ? >* I -A, biadftr Frit's}. 6-h Irtai.t. U < ne o'i-to-k. al ibolr at *tr nm. Ill Broadway, a En. Ill Broadway, a ap ?n of rlegnm Boraat; on* ftbu-k ua other a I>?t; a'rtaan bar da high, am'- or Ma )"VI oil, perfect 1/ kind and genua In a I. her.-.raa. Alao, a ? .?rrlag* mvl- by J>.ha R l-awranea, asd double Banota. T < bo p iMUvaty sold, !>< i* the property of a gealteman tear lac fur Kir pe. H BERTH LEEDS, AroTIOEBER-H. H. I.KM A CO, will aril by aoattan, no naturiny, Ool li, at U o'teock la fmat of atoro Eo. ?1 Eeaaau atr**t. ? mrral bote* I " bar da high vary hftndaaoaa kind In all h?-n*aa an 1 a | cod ra.ldlr bora*, alao ? dark rhnalnul lima about It ban li high. a*T?a iwi old, bet,?ved to b* parfertly aouod; la a *p:?adid aaddte bone far a lady or geatleataai In b? aold wltho ,ii HENRY H 1FIDS. AOCTlORtKM. U li l.KRDa A CO. will Mil by a ool Inn, no Monday, < Ntnhm * at 11 o'clock. al the aalen-onqt. En El Retain MfM lord, a I orb Wli aa, Krnndie* ethtekejo. Kum, Ac . twnnr'* I 111 n*r# A large and yel'tabl* ?nnai*n?i?iii lorn an old Bo i WB bi i'*e of Ikr ahor* good*. lo ram* of tblrtr full ai/H hot- 1 t'eaiftch er*. nr -lamrno Imrk Brandy Load *i tb>ik Knia, | eery aopeiim l-V: Scotch Whiaber. Madeira, mhl per butt, Warra Bn ibrra' Port, pela liaaiei - a Hhariy. Keliewyd l? be I be <*ly kt of Ibta farorlte w'ne la iba fulled "tataa The good* are all la our ?U<re and Ike public ar* Irrited to rail and eyamme aawpte* pryilooa lo tk* Bate. Alan. aa tar Uaa f nm aa md rltr laaponmr la bMU*a eft*** raoka and denai }< bra part of lb* Sam now bte quality aad guaranteed a* aucb orte-aale Port wlara, bottled teOtorto Madatra. ?wl p et.n if or#r thirty year* nil. rary aurortor Man/tat) a pair Rk-rry genu n* i rwaat Btaarira. Old brotci and Irtak Wbak?r*. ... y0 ? * " ery ta'Idi Pouiboti ?nd Mnaon?*k?l? atnaloa Rum, iIIl, Ac '"ba?i arn'a, r arete Horka, Ac A an. Mklkker, R in Rraadte* ic , In raaka, lo ?? toll la Ike ortftoal p vkaje at by the drmlKln Ala.. 7 3V He* fapara. from Ike beat bnu**a In Htraav m In part at c Hrrraa. rtia' i, Prena?d.a. La ?toa. < .nek f-patoiA, Ktaprrtaa and Plmo lootlbl. Xariaelar ft Vlrtwia aad R> dole* far ateata. Ooneha (ad ctkar inpertrr kraada HIERT II I.IFOR. AT<TIORRIR-H H LBBUE A CO will a*ll fttanrtian. naTnradfty.ftk. Wedneaday I "lb. Tb?r?d*? lllfc ?ar Friday lfk Oo obey, al W, o'teork e*ch d*^ In Ik* lart* ralb-rr of tk# lrrta* lloiidtay* Eo* 504 and Fat krnaaaay, aeitdoar ahore tk* Metropoiitaa llotal?Fn prrb tote of Japan*** 'Mads lo Ik* trad* aad . I bar* orar J6.I pm-kacr* lb* i alb a impurtaltaa at katl-1 Wet to re. Orrdar - - U iil kda a ~ - ? - ("a The** brantifn! rood* wof #e!*c ad by ?*r or tk* partai ra la tk* abnr* bona* at MMro, wkara Ik* flneet warn are wade aad in ?tkar oiaa la Janan. ami of wbwkaiceet lb eieMrnr an|tklni erar Imported Inn lb a ao-tnlrr, fka i? laf ofi'aMarie aaroMteaal apcrtwaraa of Art. moat of tk-u fioda art In lead nib par* gold. alao par* allrar wouai'sl. plated, brrar*. At. M laid work. Waal Ha a*ao to b* ap^r< . Ifttr.l tVoanbow Baaaw lhe?? WWMMI f i'l ??U ?< tr?ia. platea. A* . aneb aa arw aed by ifc* Jaaaaaa* Frlnrea: tk*. are roe*.tin*" elftbormia fted rurtrma. *nJ mid# to rerraaant booae*. junk#. Ac lldbf ftod Uloi? Bote* are of tk* rtcbeai old U eg oar. aad rary kirki> onmwented, II latka war* anal aonfkt aflar and highly pr red. Sai'.k nr and lew HniW tbeaa are vary rick, tk* reoeoi**!** far I-* ' ? ?>* tn:ul ?u?#r, tkey are roe worn nawi la i btna. Marical *r??i, way ara ?ery tk* atraw* ?ra put ato a flaw of * iter when tkay f.paad law a ranen .J f??e fnl akftpen I'mri War*, a terr* ftad kaatUful aaamlwaat Ik* waraa panwd It bli a aad gold aurpnaa nay other *ktoa imported T ?eth*r k great yaw " nlth a great rarwly nf f iber artlrle* r.? rneOMrnlad. many of wkmk bay* aa**r before baoa aaaa la tale oonatry. Row oi ntebeWw TJKRRT 11 I.Kim, XI Baary H. Leeda, Uaary a Lead*. AootJooeer, Aoidbmeer. A ?a "Of Ed Oil fa* of Alt (li. Faullnga Mia at Ani Ut. Pahi.iniM Ciwlag P iWaria 17V a log I. laloew. ( :??tag ftaalaeaa. BrUr* Work of a r? *r. Entire fOorb a' a r?#\ #r. Eaur* block '>f ft fild Oil Pain'lor*. Old (HI FatattPf*. Old CHI Ptictlaga, Mod are Oil Faln'lage. Modere Oil Palalw gB. I OH r JprTnre. Mirror* At Brrndway, At ? rrad* ay. At TV Ei. ad way, VEfcnet WPkoel WPkoet Vkbont O# Tbnm'ky aad FH-'*y i On Ihnryrtay an I Frl>*n> < On 1 buraday aad Friday yyeamge. A|fH?M'V. Al fly * claML AlftJ orlnek. The large aa!? of Oil FateMag* aad Mlrmry will t>a atade | a ibor.l reeer e na Tbnaadty aad Friday ? ealaaa al 7^ ?IXIT H. LR1IM. Aid Hurry b hi*e jr. ArortcEEtM f hrria and Aaaifn** a Fa * OF A TALL A HI.B Work (I> eHQCmMTEB, It*IIA M, I i? a?, itofffer sricBe. ac i Oa Friday oewber ? at II n nlorh at tb* aura. FX Flaa i ?i-?*l. a.m or lain at ode* *kd i.ended f.-gaia, (N>vwr *?>> r king, w d Tnnrg Myaon Taaa Baracai vt Cog** Hpin*? rmb .# Frraerye* ri ??r|rr p., | R,epa. ga'aratua fal fad* I trip rf Tartar. < ears ate. CteOatKm > nrn Marrb. I'aorl . t arrk tdodiee, Fruaea klwntida, r*aiu* fonpa V A*. V Alan. P-aody la >? aud *aMa Wbiakey. Cnrdia a taeaty baak-'a I k*itip*g* aad MM Ha kna aed ..erwan ?*r?ra ??* I" itf rw ? a.* *k.: IrMi Sal*. Tarrni -msk la rurreal hi da. 1 h.a aate t* *r worthy tb* a tier taw <t rtty bad none Uya/Keik k. order id JoHJt kkLLt Bar I, MORTOAOB DAI.f OF HI*** VACIOE AF7> E4R neaa - < w*M *ell at an< p.a yn gntn-'ay 0?tT*y ? M 'b- aNMaa IE?C rrati# *l***t, M It A .*M on* aptenOJ are -al Ma r. II1 hand* blab, are*# tear# mi mind %?d hted r*a !-? I km Three Wtentea to wane Or# ?*? elilette Wngna; tntt by k'yari A aw lb AMa a new aet of ll*r?*r? mty ??la, (f am ant* prerkm- y al pylrae aate teagty ny tngauwr. Ta b* taaa al tba aknea place m. HiAMUn, Jr.. Attorney tar auiimi RRLJCB A* AUCTION. MOKTUAUK 0A E.-J. U. HURLEY. AUCTIONEER, will sell, this <1*V at 1 > 'eiors, at u i < anal street, a Wire assortment ? -f Faniitar*; authowan? and olhar Bedsteads, Bit rruiia. I bxtr* extension end ultr Tables W?rdrot>i-s Hint ea>ea VIrrorm. Pin- us. Brussels three ply sr.d Ingram '"arurui. Oilcloths hulas sola Beds, hair sod other K aurrasr-i, feather Beds. htegeres. t ouster* Huirea, t "tilery, He* ire, k.lcheu I ornlture Coaifurtars. Blanket*, so J ? MK8 KH RWHTRR, Att'y for Mar'xares. PEREMPTORY AUCTION RAMI OP OOIJD AMI) silver W alettes, rl a diamond and told Jswetry Afl ? A N OH IHI Al.AK. A net., .tear. 23 Bowery, will sell, his <t*? Oct. 6 a> lo;, o'olock, the mars stock of an importer aao center, com prising A large assortment of English fall jew ol.ed pslst I snd plsui Levers, suitable fee the South Amerioan aid IK vans markets. Alan, sold hunting 18 carat dou 4e time nickel movement lever*: oirkel moveiaenl Chronometers ani self Wit disc l.evers, iren th- oeleurated manufactories of Bril'rosu A Co, I.i?ado, Brtitlng, Frerea, Val-s, Beetley, R< hinsoD and others l adles' fold hunttn* distm ud and rnnD'eiled batch's silver plsrqoa Detached fevers, !?rge as sonniri t tit h'n.-Hsb silver hantlnc full .swelled Patent Leavers. Also, silver hiimio* and open fane duplex DetAohei severs and i yitpders, together with a rteh 'Ins of Diamond Ooods. cm tisliti* of r'nsier sn>l sing e stone diamond,pea. I and ruby Rolfs, p!is Kairtrgr Muds Hrts, Crosses, A? slat, 1.80U dnrt. of heavy tine gold tiuard <lbalt Also ?B dozen flne Hold Peue and Final! ( sera Terms tush Depoaitn re jufred from par chasers unknown to auctioneer. The trade are respectfully Invited Catalogues on morale* o'sale. Pt?NN ilKIH H RALS-H. LEVY AOO, AT TTON sets, n Catherine street, sill tell ib.s d,y. at 11)Hi o'clock. Men snd t sens ? lot bin g, Qui" a Blankets, (taltera. Car t > niw s T< o * tiaps Revo'*sts. "Man-has, Jewelry, Ac. By order of R let Kstt 27 North WUllant street. PAWNBROKER* HAl.K ?I WILL BELL, THIS DAY. rt to-, ? el. rk *t HELL A i NiJRA H AM R salesrooms '.'8 psw nwer*. tik lots vsBiaMe m- u snd women aClothing line Drews R? mains, "hate-It. QkPa Blwk?n, ihtepeotem' Tools Raphes ie?elry, Cutlery Bo,As, Fh.iea. Ac J BinitlStAM, Pawnbr ,krr. >4 Eighth a . spaa. RlCMAK.tR K1 Mi ISLAND. AUCTIONEER. HaHDWahR, CUlLBEY, Ac., At Anetlon. bICBABDS KINOhLAND A CO. WL11 sal), this i ay, Friday At ii't, t rloeh, A t their sa'esroom IMP.-oid war, IK) lot* Rnglbh tiermAn sat American Ha?dw*-e, oompf.e trg a general asetirUnant -if Heavy and Shed (1 sid-i. aLSO, A large assortment Pocket Knives, plate 1 Forts snd Br talis. Ac. t". order nt the 'ecetror I lt'ti d ,/sn Hand. Panel. Rl ?, We'-. ? But beri' and ether v'a?s. I uder the Inspection of th- Wardens o* the port, fo' a'douot of whom it rosy emn-ani ) One case, 170 gross, steel Knitting Pt?s, assorted nvtmbsra; damaged on the v ? a re r f Importation, It*) we Htiv Rum 28 H ues 'soi'ly Reap. An h TO. -e prime Ar?ow Ki.ot. Olives, Au-hovies, .Id An In nice Called Males Ms'lne Pnlforsm "omprlipng loth i'oa>, Pants and Hour '.aboaia, linen Pants, Caps. Meil ran "a dies. Ac. A I. BOO ART. AUCTIONEERS -SATURDAY, i". I -loHer 0. at lo , o'clock, at the anfltion roomi. N i 1 N..rih a I, lam sued, uxatmre svie Houakfcold Furslture, vnrsts'lng of . 'sewoo-l Parlor Salts, In erimsou plush, mnh-v ganr Hofss, Parlor hairs Bureaus, '"entre Tables. Wash elsnds, Brussels Csrr- ts. OltcVshs Tables, Chairs, Look.n* o'arses. Kltrhen and Bedroom Foeici-ira. c .? J. BOO A AT, aUCTIONKKHS-TMIR DAT. AT s". It ? o'eloek. at the nuction r ms No I North William ?L--et kiilllnerv SsRa c.-nslsiln* of Utiles' Hats, R ob ns. T' iivmlrxs, eirra' Clothing, KivA* tvnd Rhoes. Watches; also. 21 nes-s druggUta' Bottlee oee sorrel Horse, Mrocer s ?'*, . and Hsn.rss. one sertood hand '*oech Ac TllftNAR VEITCB. AJ7CTIOKICKR. OFKKH271 BROAD ws-. ?Public Administrator's sale <tf Clothln*. ForcUure, do.,-to Fridsv. tlet 8. 1"?0 st 10 A. M. at No Ht? Pearl afreet and ai 10;,' A M a large unanlily of Jewrirr, gild Wa'rhes. BresMpins, ttlnga Ac ; also a large tynani'ty of Olttswsre. Bohemian rieeaniers. Buttles. Chsmpsfoes, Co Ingne Bottles, Ac. H. P. RUhHEL. Public AdmicistrsLv. THDMAH YllTCn. AUCnOBBEB, OFFICEin BROATT ?st ? P-.itllt? AdmiDlsirsutr's stt'e, by orderof Hon. K. c. West. Hurrogste ?The coitli uU of Dtotn* snd Oyster Kslvm In V If hty in th street bets a Third at d fourth avenues ,>n f alurdar. t o 8,11(0. at 111 A M , eot.slsUng of Flxturea. Ts Liquors. Ac. S P. KURABL, Public Admliusfratcr. W?. WITTERS. AUCTION ERR, WILL SELL THIT day al2oclts-k at 1' I Canal slrett, a large and ins aasor n.eal of Household FnrnUnre,y Hoi an. 8 ifa Bed. reads entre end i.'ber Tables. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Paint it t s lace and daa-ask t'urtelns. about :i> Carpets, hall an-t basement C lclntha KLur Carpets and Rods, mahogany Fren -h and f-Ust-e Brdsleads, hatr spring and other Matteeaws; large Feather Kedaand Bene ins. dressing and plain Bureaus, WsrdroHes. Citerstoe a> d other Tables, China Ulass, Sterna. T.n Ware; log.nher wi lb every'.bin* -tsei'ul and necessary for hot a??k'< ping WHITR WINK VINROAR KSeENTlAL OILN, AO, AT aislldB?JOHN K Tab ANTWERP'S BON. Amston rtr, wl'l se 1 <<o Friday, Otlooer 5 at 12 o'clock at 7T William soret. 11 eaaka Bo deaux while wtue Viaegar .ahoKI oun:ea of Mailt ,-te and Nrrulv lAeential <Jllk, ?lao t'dl lbs esarntial nil of I?Tes.ler, all Ip tine condition, and direct fr?ut tae ee'ebrated perfumer. Claude Umirtebe, Uraase, Praooa. Termacash .a curret t money. M. WOLFF. AUCTIONEER, WrLL MELL, THH Frt'ay at K-, I'olnoS. the eatlre au.l F.ilu ?s of "he Fit ire known as IT Tbontaa street, consisting of gtaasCasea CiHsalere. (Ml. Moi tssee. box oeer Pump. Icaboi Scalex, Ac , also s good aasrifiment of (srocrrtgr. Let ours aad hegars w COPAHT^KftSHIP KOT1CKS. (AdPfPa l.l?rn.-PAKT? Km WANTED, WITH AHiin f I llO.iJW. In a ar r aotly ??'?, ylrarant mud atrlnily .**!'!? irai* b'i?iri?wn, whrrcln a tuH ins caa to osrtalaljr aWl 1? t? .. or tfure years BIUOR A "OCfllWI. K, S2 Kimu dtrsot. / 'GI' AM NRIlHMlP X<ltK&-4 PARTNER WANTKIf, \ ) with 12 UU) <-?*h Id a vary proAtsbls cull manufartarled buamrai Tod (nod b>inti?*a m?n, wl'h K.vjd r?farnn-B Don ?l.)ir( n hkiHMHtl thn hmli An . au oeinrtuuitjr l? of f*r*o w mckr m nr\ mr* and Iant- Km db lutdrrtaw addrn*a O. K.. boi MO llaraU offli-e. PARTNKR WANTIIV?IN THR MANlfFACTtfR* AND a* * of a i,?? ?rtM#?f dnhi or oil vrndi-to* D li?hi I nr lor 10 any Ihipp timr yrt iRircit to tbn pnbllr Bold far orih A rsri? cha'.an. wlib d ?mtll to maka % for tun* Aildrtor W T. bot llu Herald cfflca THR Bt'HsrNINKRR Ha*R THIH DAT PORVKD A 0O |.rriD*r?hl|i, for Ikn oari* an of tr*n**-i!n* a roara.' fbeliimar*. Printitw ?"d I Hbn-ranhme hti?ii?*a. at Jl Dun aln-et Tlin ?t>e of un Ira will la II K I'orllBa A ?acj 1 h? raid | sru? . abip u> nuio.-are on tkn lot da/ ?f (takOtoo lfdu, bad to riplro oa ike AAA d?r >( hnptBintor. If CI H KN J A If IN f. (' iKulRS. 1'HARI.tS A. MAi'f, Jt'N. Nrw Tou. Oct.-bar 1. IMa Tb K PARTNRRMHP HRRRTnPoRK RXIATIRd r.V An'! tb* 'r.DBio bud tlllB of Mai **U A I'rVb, i* thlt dbr dlBBoliBd '>? mutual Booari.t Wititam Vaiwnll will r? r< It? all dri-ia Cdb U>b lira ud pay do iUMUHb* ?II.I.UM MAXWRLta, Wllal'l ? M "HIOK, US l' w?rj IBd 2 Forr rib arsons. Kepi tj, IMO. rkltn AND Bl.tNn MAKRRH ? A IMRTSKk WART ?d. n uh a -Dpltbl of fm-s . dirt to (I I'd in a wall nett b|l?h.d bn'torea: ?molars twr!*a ir?n wiA h?r?r piear, and Ik b# la OS tlx' work now In ad ??nm. U>|DirS ta .ha priotfwp ? ???*. Ct Vnary (trapt N*w 1 or*. tr.nn -wahtkd. a man ah partner, who i? PillA". wtll'BD lotorotB ail or Bi?ki boons par d*r l. a lieh*, proftfabl* n*ah buWarwe. no kMutln par: "?'? aahoal rapin n'| rn>rrtjr rr.,utrsd. Apply to rURfKR A CO.. AM I.r a ? >> r m IT, 15 000 -Ptl'KNKR WANTRD I WfTH tt w am >?nt ta saab ibasymauU nian'a m Hop kMbsR D'to loa w.irbd bjr | atrnl an 1 rmry rrwin i? I 111 I Thn rapltal waatad to Incrnaaa lha Int. rasa. 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October 6 cm whl'h oeouslou ihere will be exhibited the cboleeet Hue of the above good* ever offered is Una city. and to which Ike ear .leal attention of led'rs of taale and retirement la called. Alan on hand an attractive anl varied stock of European and Aatenoau Fnuoy Goods. M HBi'HT. 341 iJumU nre?t. Between Greene and Wooster atresia. A T GAYNOR'S-CORSBTH AND BETRT8 BXCLUBIVB JX It. Lad lea can aal eat from the Urgent variety and moat ?Ulterior quality. Special atUiui m to the ahape of our own manufacture, ~ao as gracefully to ault every figure. French, English Corset*. A goal Cornet far fl nana at German aad' _ roally low pricea &4.1 Broadway, near Union eqaare; and 6 Broadway, between Fourth aud Amily atreeta. N B.?No branch on Broadway, abcve Fourteenth atreet, nor on any of the leaning 4 DVKRTISEKENT FOB THE SPECIAL NOTICE OF LADIES, WHO ARK IN WANT OF TUE FOLLOWING rESCRIBED MKRCJI IANPISE, AT THK FED. IS ! l'RICES I " PRICES I I'RIDES 1 looeTTthemi CORSETS, In every Mze. ft a pair?a prima article, w? HCOP SKIRTS, 30 aprtnga. 1112?a tint rate article. J OUO dot Ladles Parla Kid tilovei i none better) at 65c. a pair, CSccnia per p.vlf. 1.U00 doz. laf lea' l.inen Hemstitched Haodkerchles, St Ml per dozen. J. A. BLUAOMK. 1,117 Bioadway, earner of Twenty li'th atreet. cppoalve Madia in Park and the Worth Monument. Bargains in cloaks and shawls. K. S MILLS A CO. are now reedy to exhibit their new pattern* of ARAB. ZOUAVE, RH1JOCIN. paxntot, and other recent aly .ea of Cloaks, juat added to their R, LONG AND SQUARI RE VERS ABLE, and fancy wool Shawl* at great bargains at 342 AND 344 BROADWAY. CLOSING OCT BALE OF FALL IMPORTATIONS OF CURTAIN GOODS AT REDUCED PRICES. rKRUCRON PR' ?TIIKHK. 331 Brow! a -v. are now otfer log AT RETAIL their stock of bSoCATRLLES SATIN DELAINES, hJ " 'I iUHVP, t/V/l"4v 1 LA'IK OURTAlbtL NOTTINGHAM LaCR CURTAINS, REPS. WiNDOW SHADES. WINDOW HOLLANDS. Ac. ATA LARGK KEDUCtluN IN PRICES. FERGUSON BROTHERS. 351 Broadway. Great b unb in all wool moum de LAINKS. Jut received turn auction A large line of EXTRA QUALITY ALL WOOL MOUB DK LAINES, la all color*, at 25 oenta per yard. Suitable for cb I'.dreu. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO. Nil 6Ht Broadway, Opp telle the MetropoUtan Hotel. HOOP SKIRTS FOB SALE CHEAP?TO CLOSE A CON rem, about sixty dozen, mostly low numbers Apply im mediately at 111 Fultonatieel, top ltoor. N1 rw DRESS GOODS JAMES GRAY A OO. Will open, Ihla morning NEW 8n.K8. POPLINS AND VALENC1AS, PLAIN AND rANOT TaRI.ATa.NS, PLAIN SILKS IN AU. THE NEW COLORS. 72# BROADWAY, corner of Wiearlev plane N* W CLOAKS. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO. Will erhiblt on MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, A large assortment of NOV*!,TIES ARAB CTXIAKH 'aND MANTILLAS. plain, striped and plall RICH LYONS VELVET AND CLOTH CLOAKS. No. Ml Broad way. Opposite the Metropolitan Hotel Rh. macy ? 1* dow opening his fall Importation of LADIES' USE FRENCH KID GLOVES, all altee, all co-ora; beat qnallty 63 oenta a pair. Full Stock of fine Lace* and Embroideries Full *tM k of tlegent Rib' o * and Use French Flower*. Full stork of Fall llualery * 4 Uk>ve* Full stork of White Grodi. Flat nel* Ac. Full Hork of Unas aid Lines Cambrio Handkerchiefs Fell ? I*k of 1-a.iir* Under Clothiag. Full ibick of Yaakae Nolioaa. Ladles are always certxle Ui find with u* a foil aaairtmeu of lha ahove gooda at the lo eeei price* R H. Mary. MM aud 20f Sixth av , aecond entrance below Foarteeidh *4 OLOMON A HART. MS Intailmf, sra sow nd^rtpf si ratall thalr fall importations of ? I hi* IN BATRHfAUl AMI) PUKN1TI RKCOVRKINH aad would call tba pantenUr of ?uun (writ siting to tbalr ?i lrodid display of , HEW NTTI.KH 4?1> NKW IMPURr.fDINN BEOCATBUH BAT1NB aKDHATIN OBUAINRN TAPIKTRTA, TABU'RBTS. M-DHIIES BEPH. LAHTINao H ANDROMK STRTPKI> OOTION A.VD WORSTED DAWASKK PIANO AND TABI.K OOTRRR cornices, hand* and pits ? HA sn nnuoua.'j Urns stoab of LAI ? AND MIX.IN Cl'HTAlNR. vnrr.HCi ? lackn and mi nuns. AMD QOLD AMP (MINTED WINDOW kHaPKH. of tbt If ows msaofsctars M. A H srs praparad lo Simula, SI aitram*lr low ortr*a ?T?r. stylo of Curlala our*. I'ph dstortng sa l l>?i-ir?'iw in P.* alnaaol sad atyla for wbh-b Itor Srr oal- >r*l*l SMIKT AMP COM AM DEPOT, WO*. S7 AMD SB WIL IIAII) ?traol ona l.?T north of <*?i Isti Isn* RKW IMPORTATION PICK KIBaMI.K ADRIATIC. Mosfrsw and Magrsta *< *rfi 1 rrulag Rota* aaA naaoblog Js> ktla of tbe mmi spprorad Part?i?a ?() la* TravelMag ?haw Is M I arrUra Rnga ?( iba hnaal taature ImpnnX *\i *eea1y for Caatrsl Part urn O. M TRACT A OKAXNIH Aaaata S*1 i URTN TOW TDK ORAND RALL -TIIK LARD KM rartatr of all tba naw and faahmashln at> >? aKIaY NORN ??.1 Hrnadasv, aaar IsW.ii ?|asrr. sal M?i ?| ? ay. bt taaaa fimrtb sad Ab.ii> atraata. T*EION a p a Mia. L HOSIER, ULOVRR AND SHIRT MAKLK ?s; broadwat, Wli! oprn ihla mnrntag a nsaa of LADlEfc EMIT MRR7iF> UNDER MIRTH. A B?w artirla LA DIEM' AND M TAME' PNDKR VE*TR AND DRAWER* A .arga sad anpanor rarlsty OKXIi' IIKA A"T Nil K SHIETR AND PANti. Maanfstnrrd to ordar. frntn maaanro Arr?Bto? r*Ei? niiirt* t?? oedee. A parfoat At rnimntaad ? 1LLINKHT LABOR ASSORTMENT of KALL AND WINTER WILLINEET, At wboiaaaia saa ratal], .i tba lowawi aaab piaaa MR* W. NIMWONS. AT Hmodwar "ptrf Arnow dp heap mondk ??-i.apien. pi.eahe I* not for gat to rtait Nn Ml < snsl atroaA na Naturday (VVdwr I. and grara by roar pr***n"? tba ? ihlnHoo n' .Arw* Mr llaaiMmw* and OraaatSMi lb* pr'rlueutig nf tSngbin awl taate ot Burma and tb'*rnontrr M HK<'HT, Ml Csaal gtrrat. balwaaa Oraana sad Winstar. ADA ME A WOCEEIT RO ?H RLKB'KKR STREET naaat/nily inform* tba ladlaa nf Raw Tort ibal aba baa raralrad a largs atanrtmmt jf rtck F ?ara aad Bat* a tba AM alaaa bmwea la Parta. Miftar A ROt BEIT M Hlaartar Mr a?L Mwe. EWONIEE. RO. IB riPTII ATEHCE, ar aanaarr lo iba ladlaa of Maw Tort Ibal ?ba bta a rartalr of rwb Psraiaa Nrwnata nwdr for tbatr laaiiaonon On PrMay aad Hatardst law It Ult A r K . will *b iw by rv j%kMt?gaal VotArare aed Opera NoaaaAa WilUaara aot ad MHn.t.lRWWT -A LAW<?E ANNORTMENT OP PALL AND wtaiar Roan*ta bow c pan M Mrs NKuP'E IE) Hiitb a*a ana. AU daacripuona of Has ran tad Palu oa kaad MBBtONTPICVKT HP.ADDEKNNEN1 COIPPPBEN, hmr Crnamar ? and OarnMnraa In raarl. Valrat, ch- nDV. \ *i*Uan I ball. Hit *nd ? ihar alagnn- Baainrtal* will ba on arblNiiloa and aflar to morrow. ?SUo-dsv, Oct A, at No Ml caasl ?'raaf nprnwta f bsrrb** will ptanaa b* oa btad, SIC aisatlna tba aadiaa a<r laa of 'Ea ? Baan jd-arl* ' Ml Canal tlrrat. batwaan Oraan- and Wnoatar. Ah WBBtCAN, WTROPWAN AND WENT INDIAN EX ? praaa, Noa 4 tad A WroaA Mraai. Ona Now trm Wall rtrhaaaa aad Parrala of all lanartauoaa forwardad br arary ataamar to all parta rf Enropa tba Waal tndiaa Af>i*a. tnd br tba nrrrlaad tonka ko tba laat ladkaa. Ch;naai?d AoaArslla Patoplaa arornmd frnta Itmna tad raaaral aftaa/ budlnaaa r... 'arladoatbaaiaat?na4t?M?iaama WONrRrlOEM EDWAEDE A DO. / i* PICK OP THE AWFHT' AN EI ROTKAN fXPHEN* 1 I I imtanp. No. T1 Rr?ad?af. Naw To fc-E?a> labai IAAH ? Bbarraa rartala ??""*? ba*a raaatnlt' "T?a?A aa c?*a lo tbbi rltt for tba pnrp-aa of rarrttaa oa iba Intnoaan r?ifa?a bnaiMna. aad ar* mstioa noa of nama-rli iba atrt-lrsa Nnropbtn B?rra?a la * msonar nb?li mardaiHta our frlaadb aa b?* totrform ib? pu dl? ibst 'ba antA anranot t-sra ro trwatrlkn whatarar al'h iwtr b "??n aubar fji Na? 1 ofk Irndrn 1 D?ri>otI or Parta ACAtlN, RaI.DWIN A (<!> 71 Hroadwst tola Proprtal dr ta Nan Tort of tba Amort ran Kairraaa I iproaa CTKtWHHlf RTAR OP THE WENT -PAR BUR AND O fo Dpi f.w all ruta of tba W*tt India* aad "r?n *h Ma n WlDbn d'*p*tr?ad ntdar rb.rpa of s ?na 1*1 a?ant by tba abrt* tkrsmar* up In 12 M oo Mon-ar. *<b mat. ANRRIDAN PrROPKAN AND WENT INiHtN BXPRKSS, Noa t and 4 Nr md atr**; STEAMNfllP EDIKRCBD-PARCEIN AND PACKAOtN f.? all paitb of Knropa. at A par orartan I r mta to Ear ladlaa Cbiaa tad Aoaf alia will ba 4a*r?'-b*d andar tba r barr* nf a na dal at ant by iba a bo a daui?r* op ko P, A W nu'a sr-laj f blrft AMIRrcAN. ffNCPBAW *f D WW?T INDIAN EXPEtai Naa I aad I Broad ureal* apxcuii nonoDit 41*5?? r4?a uxs-? w JSfHSiJiKM? 7111 *???* ?'> I ha purnbata aud ??* $?*??? Tiwo on *** ""?????? *?? .?1^* ->'*?< v?? TorV *<**??? a.d riu'h h*,^? /. MLin ehoop l?oti from ?100 to ?l Olo njf:m^TTS4 1ouirom,d<w*?<2tffiE? AUur^?tto'fpi*?.T TO NKJOTIATK latot Lkerrtif bavin* beeif mITT^T i *3''** <*e ??V ??? ?t A s??*3? Sa"- - -i ' " ARIAS WtURTO.V Jk. Qta?. &I2^A!S>"U,0N ^i-kdoct. wash MQeorftrtoaV.^jrThoutimd ^'^Uo^Jd'b"" tb" *hirf draullo Cement, of three b"0"red S!f EfrSZh. '?/"" ? U' Jjrr*?? 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A larpa and elegant ?Vwk *<>w mi hand ERAmcu.Fi> m?NBKB?trmi or rv**rro*t, m all patera and at/laa. at wkolewale or ratal), AlfUand uc war da Alan B??r m i and Palltuaaa WABABW WARD T77 <'*??! at retd. four donra *ack of Broadway. PCRRITI BB AT FRIT AYR RAI.F-THB RffTIRt pork fif eak'tirt Fnmdura mainland la tka ato?r? 1IS Fal iraa'-ee! " II Nl arid at rat for a frw day#, iMilnpl am twa <?? parlor Rnlta n rep# aad bror* telle. rn#w.?.1 and n.*' Ida tkwki am a mat. a*my Bnfaa. < balra, Ton a tete* in* I nf a> J l"P * antra Tablaa. annate.,, dlulnt Table* .!In a. i beIra, <*re?e rg Bureau#, l>er*?,,da. Battmme*. % V Rn tiknrtn and dealora will Rnd a and oppewlaut'y ta par 'k*># rtfaH'ira title* Rrara few raak. UUIRRtTlTRB Rfll'flHT ?TUB HI'IHgRT rBIUtrnl! M in (Mb for all kind* ad bnnaeb/tld rnrattoe#. Oart -Vt Star* Ar fall al ?t| Tkt'd a**at?*,n* addreaa Furu < urn u a| It H A goad mntlawi ad annoad band Tun, nra aiwaya na kaad. K, B1UTVRR HO0BHT FOB RBAOT BORBV ?A F*fF rata* *l?rn >? readv ai mer fm Faintine*. fan.-aa R?*? Ae .at in Wt bona*, brlnaao Rimb aad Taatk?"*?? r>B AA1.B A F1 IRPTOR fatf?ct rbibftart k?i< ttaad >*nlM Mark walnut. ia perfaet ? rdnr. aad gn>1 ?. IWW: tH.1 ItaaaM al a Rw""?' frnwt mann'aH-,,,, piPta* Appij al dS *?*? *w?"M at- ?ail Hrrrt anrnar Mitl> **? >e WATC HER ABO JKWRIiHT. AT TI1R rBlR< ? OFW? II ll.L, OAUFOgRrt A dlam.Tide wfll biab a* ban lanatr *a rxal krH.laaie aa 1 d am mat nac dnurlk aa narb. Oa aaklbiuan an ' 1 or raie ?i VI. freed* ar, IU. AR ARlWBB TO TBB VBRTIOR wnit ABB (1AU fumda dlaaimtda Ftrroa id rriaullae I guae</ ?r.?g ^ ' * poiiabwd tot rraennnle r?* for nd rmty la fallfnmla, r*i and (v iabad to ie,e? i deatrre* wbl-b Ibre epal In brllli*?irr India*' FrvtibP* Barki fartTg* ? rewara Reeklaee* g. Oantlrnwm'a radit? I 'oatrr Fine Binra, Rkad*. Ae fan aad ataa'aa iktaa a' iS) Bread Way. ATWI RROATWAT?ItAPIFB' OOUrWATfOTCFR fia agbrr*nle.1 fnr g. id and time kee< |n?. al. k>' eeld and STrer Walrkra gnl! ?aa> anard and fnh C%> ? tlroa haadataar iw>'iw ? oi .lawtlrj. at Uapnrura |RMi 'in ay lo ana p.* 'keeera> at Ml. T SSI RBOAI WAT-dB.RPi-SITtOR ABO OOC.O JW S 1 ?l npc'Bl rrpi-sv/wr 'ni * r/rt in. A Ckaln*. warr*rtrd tot tutrd add aad a . I iHrraiak -k pgrmhw frnmkl ?Hto.?ll, Guard fkaln* frwi ?k? ?l I C? 1 and rpantlnr Ibrwi at J H OvttKH d .awrlrp at -ra A "?nadwap Rroadwap 01 __________ ? RBIVBO PBB BAR* TBI. V l!,', A for I rneirer.ileg tbe kalr. ? 'Ra^fa * " . **' .. tea fwria *f latttoi fir*** j*all at d etam u* ibaat V I 1 OltBW P m Broadway . I a PBOMF ARBORS BERT f A .'** ? 'r> ikraarr .aae a.f ? Ikrr konan *n ?t#w I.eV a ? n*l ?i erat re ?fime ?Rke*?k ?rlkt'#. ' aaj Idittt l Jobaaiag *!??*???. CrWABR. ___ nilCRLLAXCOri. * MARK ? Has. K A H! MIL* RK*Pfc t A H > JX il.e aged ,J?J .? dea^m , of entering lot I AH V ai r-r, ; i with a p..;t> .1 autt.t u.t a lo pp ?: hainla why wnu 1 1g* : i n.? He ? newish'. for thewarlre* Mm is ; erfe '.,y it.. pe'e:it ot mausrfi;* a b< ,ae, a* ah.* fAb had aoi,* rr-,r* *i, rupee tu h,>(i*?he( . ,. o ia? the liw uikirt. kt ' for Leraeif tmlerataiida nerfe u? he art of marketing Hie baa *4 n.if very good i .rallure urn eh ahr would uke to J rpive of on ?fry reasons! !? :e.rm* the heat of refartvn-a. givrr, at. J re iutred. I'latie ddrem for ? wo day? Mr*, a. U P Lennd oflica. Apples for ralk.-pku.hav farm x*wt; v* Pippin App'es warranted varied And rr, iv tor ?v nte U Apply to RM1KHT L. PELL, bop ia r ?t^.:t, ? I"c ? r county. New Torb BOILER WA.VTEII-A 'Ki'O.VD HaNO < Y'.IMV '. lbler, Ah .t 21 feat by 3d actor. Apply to saM^'LL (,'. WHNT. I4S front street. (1AMCI.KON H MR COLOK1R AND KESTf IR AT1VR J MaDVVBl A PLAC*. 916 Broadway h.?.'..r a*.* ao article for onloriog and rehtorlug lite b?'r hitherto unaurp J. It f> perfectly har nleaa and cannot (a)1 on proper Apr icaii u to produce ibedayired effect. Make but a trial and yc . w. l (led It to your entire satisfaction. If!AMPAONB MACHINB-PECONI) DAKD, flTARAN _J teed in perfect tint, fur ?kle cheap for cub or good rroi-ert*. ? d1re*? J H. R . ho* 1 f(H (few Sorb Pur. .Af e. c (1HILT0N ON TH1 CROTOW.?"TBC DUPflRAtill J Filter, menaiactured by Keaars. Mc.Kerne and O'Hara, 1? be kiM of p'ir ja Alter .) which I alluded lu tny recent report in the Frotra Board. 1 eoneMer the artlVial saiel ?toue which eoeatlttitea the ? : wring medium, to be an ei Tailed article f..r ihe purpuae. The instrument t* gui'a durat ie arct ???'* ?;,tulr*? 1. tie reveraad. oeoiaewia1!*, to insure Ita action. lAVKs R rnin N, II D.. Cbcutib' '' Vlait the an ir ?*? rf ?he t r< too r er. nod oheerre the dyeing eata )lidhmanl>, ?table vartfb and : her ca ? ? of impurity or read "Harper'* ' lor fA/cb. ou the Trhahluut? 0f tbn'Orr.irm. and other Hirer Water*. and *?. wIV. n v. drinh it unless fl'ieeel rt oland warranted ? y v g >/;k g y u <RA. Xi6 Fourth etreet. New Vrrg f II JKR AND '.TNF.aR asks OP ALL 87ZRR FCH M'calUVVi arren and 1 tl I'earl Hreet. New Yorb. EnWARO DCNTOAN It HRUTHKR ?TAMKS B. KTRKFR.?Old ebtatiltahed (lath,lie boobae era ur*1 pnhliebera, S'.'il Briadnay. up at, ra, flRAPIF-PROM UhOaatHLLs YlNFYAKItd CRO T ton P.rlnl. f r a?le -srae.r if Bruao.vay auu F a.ii alreeta. oyrr Knc. 'a bat a' ire, No 212 HENKY I.YO.VS 1.ATE OF TUB ASTOR HOPRB WINS re I tar* I |fo 71 Eae! *o iMeentb rtreei. near Aca'>u. v f Mttalc, dealer In clhs e Foreign and Boiaesuc Fruita, W.uea, Regara. Ac. HARPWARK-BKOHAKI'MJ TOOUI ANIt BClLDKhH Hardware In iota to enit. aslling leea than cat at jU Ma'h arenue, to cloee the bnainena More to let. w lh Fi> "a c( tnplete; iptii! t cm: g n ouotlnue ao old naiahjaheu tu JIPA.NESE HROOBs_ynj NKATRFT AMD Vopr aoitlceab1# br.wio. wade. An invoice ^ual received ot raet Foe mis by HEnR* m. i.kkdh a <?, 21 Ku>t.n )Fa. II STOJUfK WANTED-|1 A BtT"lf?L P\7D FOR them. I y .1. F. HR11*. 4tU Hro< me atreai : H T OHh' PAIKKT C'lNTCAI. BPRR STONK MILL i S ^^?nnlreraaily coaeeded to b? the beat In use. I: ?? leea ei peraice. re.nurea *ma..?r, aavea fitly per cent n oower, grtroa mere even, and produce* o .r of a be'tei ouanty thnn any other ti . It alngrtuda eotlee, cpl ea, pair's and drnre In a a .perior a ncer. <Jall and aee or amid for a r.retlar. RO>?, iiRI?KITil A < .> , Mitliufact rera. 84 Kovhman atree*, New Y .ra ro LAlHKS?DRE8H MARINA FASHION ABLY D< *t, I hotel worb done wlih drapat h. K nithern worb sold .? . Mr*. A. QUEST. 1-j Bur.d atreet near Hroadway. TRRMENDOCa lYCTflNEHT. (lrvat ?a.e of TBAF, WINKS. ORO'"FR!?S, rtCUH aid PFUVIRIONH. Family Flour, IA K. and MSO per barrel. New /note i' trranta, S c?wta per pound Chotie (Ireen uuo 1' aoa Tea*. Al u> ill cent* oer ronct. Fttgara ?I ieaa<e and retail, at rr.duera' prices. UoUa drib ered free. lli tMaHK. A AN EW. 2t70 Hreenwl. h and 89 M .rray atree a Cnll and tee for yotiraelrea. TO BPORTFVn* -QONR. RIFt.KN, RKYOLYIfRS Ffl< T Pom he 'And I>.\m Powde-F'lkaba, (lama Saga. Powder, hot, Ac , th? Uigeat >>e?iaod cbe.ipoal uanrtt -i.t in al,eruy at F. KEYNfT.DS', 4JS Chatham street Ail good* arairanud a* represented. 1]IK ORE'T ENOT.18H REVE >7 FOR GOUT A"?U 1 rhcimet --n ?A a .ffeear* from the abire to . ? -. either (f r? cei ur 1 ng ata.idlio;. are advte-'d to uwi ?f, A t R S (lout and Ktetma'ie The* can be relied upon as tbw nxw safe and et'e'ttial reno'dy aver offered the nub'.', aid h*ve b"en inltfran 'r uae I in Eor .p.' for m ?ny \-eara lor the above nami la'rts I'-nee Si and 7i cent a per bo*. Prepared by Pi ..nt A l'ar?ant. i'W Strand, Id d <n, England, an.) a ltd ' y their agent, Ml'.TO* If ARRANT, El U th?ed *?-??t and Broad way. aad It? F. C. WEl.lJf M HO , 115 Franhltn ffeet, S. y Iter *iij??'y a ''omml*lonera have authortre i tha name ac t addr-e* ol * Thorrav Pr it, 2-V Rtran.l Load n," tjhelin preaeel u) .in (be po.ern jaert nam pa ulliind to each her ot ue genuine inedic'ue. T) MANVEACTUR1R4 ANH "TriERB ? A PART* R' tmgtd in aid wl'b fazLi't** to %*rry on n | Ppin'ih ab *i an n o '.Mir*. ?ri>h^? i t p?ir"hH#? mh ran i ?* MPI " ? I *1 ? Ml 1 faraur?*r* M<* t lh--r ?rripUve nrr ;Ur< ta O, b * 2 9.T5 |?o?t pbfd. Mnf-'i* TO HUT T/JC K"t.? V*' I.i i, - f iiy 11 TT.\k? hmt p*Wnt B Wlni' ") n iliA Cbitcd *ot! i r Oirm i# %i??* tb?rro?i# I h:?c. I wV,' ?fir. w : 1 r f*4*b, r>T ? *n> uuU?. A&dr+*t i", W , I HtittM of/Ltf < r k' ir%r 1 Houm H onn A Till *\\*U BT AIT OW1 AT OCT. ?p L.iC" " ' v.r W(,ri Lri^ ?kmUmiilb Mil 1Vrf( I *>. > letter#. t^O A , '* b *riW Tf?iA % I , '.6 rh'#r|? r*?ici G? ie??? lor w?t. with % qOftfetity '*f Bint K dva.c i-M t'i r? K.l. t r IU4'. f . tr?, Cmpui, r u i*t ? f I' HruA Fru itr Mh. ?m Km -Mfa.rK i.tuf IT,? '?nr. t u1 tr >'i. f -n D#t*'?na Hxmnmr ?i?4 i arlth Kerf| ? f'T . h . gnb and ifrr^KnUI* Nbtnrii Inb; * 1 iipri wr;. !rrt^u^k?i.t ? r cut Jb* Tlencil fr***#?, fr.ishinjf r >t ?HbnvbVn ?i,1 ,n ?b??r , lb* ?h 1? of ? a*rr tnfooMe? , . a ? N 1% ? '* , ? t* r eij * r, marrai!?**?: , m*f+ ft ' r r* %i m y Imr frr* ' * i." * TK? * *? ;?? *"t, Fmlro t; tf t u.j * nri I 1* d li f tiir *?!?? kl'. ; ?'*? **d Tie AirTNM. ifWnrfc? *t Twmci4, ft*re it mek fuel! ? ' $#.'? ??? r rMuted "irMffh tu aiie enm j i rt??*e rf fl#r< <1 b? nn lb# Ar,?-? m ?{ ro'ie* * 4 r n Use .?*. ? , h % <*h?'e' ?? ?*v?*nry b r>* ? * ?-r #?;'! Fd,i i* f-i ? i irere '?! V'ivm pi*** kt.(\ I .-V i *?f* t??e A'dfH' A J * . r.H (|?>r 'ee and |iTt>vrte?' r H ?* ' ,'hi< '?* Kit'AAftK#, li. ?'..?4, ? 2 I Mrre.f **jr, * Vvfc r fei; eg .6, * I 3.0001s' ? lirM nippli ot ?t#t? d h*is I * ? -.r HRrreI?, v t ry p?e> 1 e ?bw * c t?! .u; ? v f ne?r B rr* I* i: | B*rrel? f???* nr. fcrr.V* ,s vt??** 4? , mtf* *rif ire f?r vleteryk* a. i HHi't.i.s, ?? Ru^tn* r AH P? BT lHTtfL! .dM jemti rn? r. .Hi we. i? feum ftbder Ui* ^irtrU.ia u' .u m*?'. H.. H%r?. '/ lufi'm ir ?i ene ? ?? * f:m* $100 000?^* t.l 1 trlwa. MfDICAU 4 Rt t.K EXPORT*' .TRK fAI ',ArTM~iK '"fyV ? tHl(U4 'l? ir> wtMifu 'rnivntC b\?, .i.? n? ritl d.atfttaft ? ? f n* 'in. b 111 ??> ? ?:;'? a I* f nap-it rf , >? ii i t.l i >.??-? nf iba?trvnttt i.?i?, ?nil Itfttmi ftntb a ?i it body* n"? ?r?|, ?nilmi.'ii. nr. t. IMRi.rft |'V b liftr. Pfti ft, \jmtom ? '* Hft* % t I.riftft t ? ?' I rt?f* r. irtftft, m ? . M??T *?i ? il fir ?! bpLAWRRECC f" 1 A' ?n?fa. ? We M?f? * jib ?! ? Khar r?i*rt n rar vtnaod I" I ?-mi t' ftri* t ? aork.' ? 'i 'iriar ?rt K.-a't -n l'i? befi'in, I'lftj ?lcb, >U'?/-?#' i-d. Natumftl i>?u. r? , I)' |H. HAT.Rh. AlTII'i* i f THE 'TEA 111 ftl. PA f ??la Traoti?a. Ar "ft n !? ? rotbi nr. at, t llootton linnrt, lu'., I j 2 tod ( till # iHnnnifii ainap*a 1b.*t ?tAftvf .T tti iftaanrii ilMMnr tkMft r I >a fttl'i.ftbri. ?i in nii ftftil dt> tnowtaaiar ? Ibarra ltb ibllll.lWIWf tk -a tnlf'r- t ?? n, ???? o??ft km ftunullftgnx. Ac . who can bat* our? i?:r Uai rlcw Dk coehtit :? mcarr ih oreice ra\f-r t n ocrt'iitad ftl J* ' rr.trr tira't, canr I.uaac. In m r A E . m tr ii nR. WARD. 4MJ BROtPWAT. Wfilial<*BARlilRu (J. i*rr?tr!> bia a ndarful ftklll ti.d pruai III .tr J. < r t ( <a rift I ft d'rt* ?t? a at'An it ft t ft/ft..#!. rxa. WAtsoR iRvrran tbi?r wrd ARBArrRtpn LJ ?lib ? rarutft forv nf r.iarua In tall ft'. Mft tlf Hm.aia mm, w "1 bkcft want nf nbar >? t.mrftftlrr. ? tarfrrt ear# ?l hnti! UMru-r ir 'tn m r r hftiga la ?r y fftt r' L I r. Witftfti ?nrl. " <*ka ('? )?)? v. | f'nra." (pft4?l.ll?j, dlaaaaa. ftr alA nnvaront b'tt r fttftft ad blftlaa. ami ba baft m H K I,at.? ?M Kruvlwut, rr.ra Tba b??t wiftE for Iba boo pr> fc?k?ftl raadar ? M?4j a. ?.?? tvw | ? I T\R. IVlOPRR, 14 DP A EE RTKHET. WAT Rl COB 1 " atiilad on all ditaaaat .,f ft eaiiftln ftalnra Pfnn ? i rimltalr df'i?4 I" ibiaa onaiplftlotft 'r.ftbla biai to w%rrv ft Ftlra In ftll r??#ft TbF rtrtlrr." nf ad^lftaaA rr nftitar.oa .n OiMlt ftl f ratal ?rft Fftu oftil. VIA ft Fftlifttftti nf Salojr rftdkAkp Farad. ?? im par DR R. (tllUPT HARRr.Rt.VRP PR I* Hlft O'.it rftbra. at If l.naaa rtriat, M bn praaaut rata r-arftr.fttt ??Hi.' i fl a? at ?' I>fttfaitraat, batvai a fbatabarftftl.ft Ra?va ?traatt bftila* ftfr na a?ti?ae M Ha ItRia Ha;i (.lftja, ftkara ba rtui baarmaaRal attft anr.iMaftae an ? Farult .'am nf iiaaatft' rlft?*?aft R R l?r I' la ft ti?mWr -d tl* ft w tit L'ftiaaav.r (Radkal (MMfH aaa Ma difkvw la tft tEift Da. jniiEROR, m MM "trekt, eat rioqe ftti tad a? ?r. I??ai <?f ft aartftln alaai TWrif faaat'?t ptrlatira ta nna ^>ari?.'iT a??( .a* baa bo jpiftraataa naadf rnraav ft'I aki avt irlftt ba rktrift Ma oraa >atf! f M olftbb h*JR TM rR??IRVATI tE Of fit*HIE I.TIE Pilaftta lor. it.ikft, iiOt'TDE li' RTRR v ur ' !ffj fault roafaad kit atianikftt if d'fttfta t nf t rant n e m. ? n ?but. ha btt Utftlad ro i?M ihftn i.'li tbo'.nr I -wo ? boil -ft (?????? of fftltftt*. fkft laatad ftftftr* in t tnd Ibaift t no tftlarraptl ? m u*iac or b-:i?? ' do-'. Tr ht'EilR Hit at ia?ai t.vnitftuna .from Tjn iba m-.-rtlr.* 'HI. lu m nifbi ftl bit ? Id r.fliaa En. I PttiftiiM ttraaC I barrtk lao'arftir ftnl ? nir# an*r?ftlaad ftaatrtv fa a. to ?kftl Ihr I.ttiait ?aat an ?ami lot lb* Unci- r bl-nft* f, Raft ft'/ I > f rttift MMIMR ARD HRAI.IR9 IRRTTTtTTR RT W BORD Vrftti--Dr Jt I1R Ati'TV vfll raawrta ator-rt <v ta ?rrftftf t lift.'ft a twit t? ft** of f*mdjft ?*.at ?tnl -t.a? ratft'.lrd ft* bor'Vv ?>? JR* vadh^l flken if r*i. '- ftftdil) ?nd f ri-attfiillt rorad fraftlvaftt by lattar, r'r'ti* i) mr"fc? ta.! Wunn of tk* a"J"R A?"*?ftk?o. dftf. .ft ft id tfkft nrraftl tba 'rilHal* dnrftip Iraftln ant R#. fara, rr. It Iba Mtot tlt.l???Vbad vaalft *1? bad lAbar tiyaa of tfr I a' tl Addrav ta aaftf *? Of Jofta batt. Ro. 4 Ik.fti, H art Rav T"?k. IJRoriO?' R RraTRI I- iw rHARRRER EVEEWT. OAE J b? a. ? nltad u otftftl or bp hMMr kft boi l.JM *r.1 r* rem I'fti a Plftftrp RT PR BARROW, m Rl EE' ERE .-rl ? r ' at V?rdr,.,p?! n*w T^rk. 1 r,-a * rar'? (ft' rrtr'ftt tatd'rftl vrt "Tt"?*? VrftlKt ' ?att fraa.t ? ftbrra Roiif ftlto Ha V r Wa t ft fvt. ill rrmak Iitta-.H R T , tod kl *4 Rnttna ttraat EranftTpa. SI'T V AR IARLT ORATI-RRAD THR PRrVATB bfdk tj T'taUta t.t Dr fftrd t raptilftrlj .dopttail tbp M ?r ? Wit dri'dad V r>ldB? d^rftfta* of b Nflkii "Itfta. ft'b bit ift?t rotwoii l?r W?rd apot n. dit'ftaaa at ? vRrb kit 11 ft lo>'l Hit raatadlat ?nd WftkMR-lkt aaak k. ts in*' in tba*-1 t ?rairri.*rat firm ft bfat'mft ?s?"d Iba r " ? " " -bar P \m+ 1 - ir? uiwr 'n? ???"? i tnmm\ K^wpi *l? *t.<\ ? ?n#? ?sUiMl*d (Ma ??/ wr ".Itst Pr Will) Akivi* mi mww# ftfl 7/1 I RM'Af.WAl.-pB I.AtWifti TITE WPhf. I 1/1 P fii Ii ii** ? / Wl r l?m ? f ?9#rfWit? ff* lid ^ 1*1' (W.? ?!?'?. If r MA, Itt

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