Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 17, 1860 Page 2
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OBITUARY. Dikth o' tnc Kam a* K?H U4 Ui CtUknttil Duke Decaaen . of ?*e Old rrtuflt fcmplre. (tai tu' pe*n advlcos include Use report of the .'ettse at vwc 01 fce mcst di*t:ncT!>seed ?cc *' Sofiand &cd rmicr Tiie elaborate sew>.">.? wb'ch we supply Of tb? *M rvrn.r Ik the enreert of it, w C -M men ? annot re'.l * taiensi * Tory i?r*e cirtK.ti.c- ? TUeto names we io comrlrtely luter'.wlaed with u.t ?. i ry of their L n, eoaniriea thai tne interest of tt?u?auds will be %vainr(l on the renin! ot the elUf errata of tkelr re. Wrt>Mt atrfrr* HJO^aB, LOfcD SI : DO'. iLD. We *rfia tbe review of the renowned dead with v>o cl rtitBB* , Count rf CocBraae , otberwms too? ty MM (Mie of lord faodunan. n>? deceaaad ?y oo of I me marl celebrated acd ncomh' Mllor<? ikat ibe worl 1 n? raw. Be w?? liora on 'k? 14 ?" of ^ytenne ?. 1775, m denended fro? an cacient '*ro*.t>nb f&oft >^7 , tae ?rtao?r*) member of wbrah *u elevated to the rook of Imbi id i be year 1608. Cp to the yew 1931, the period at * blrf, tfe d?c< wed succeeded to the title of trt? Utb ? J m wbtet lux be bal already *v ?ed kll the estate I y ^nuioal erpenmentn, be to known by t Q ?Mae of U>rd 7 noma* Curkraao. Alter a B'rv.oe o( ?ve fears to tbe royal oavy , be refused to ee?*r the Brt M army, and shortly alter h? received an e ppotutra?nt aa caftan to tbe navy. Be therefore embarked on board wf aemrveSte, eomtaanded by b'S cnrl-, *" r Alt ju. ler OMbiane, whu afterwards was raised to toe rank of Ad al. U wm oot long befora tto youoc man gave ev!" A proof of bla Mgaclon and determined character. I ftnturesomo and ra taut conduct or the 17th of May, ? to evff'Df and defeating a Freacb squadron, ak for him the command of the frtjutc Tbetla. In U>? Mr 1800 acd iu tbe ?poce of tec nrentbl, oe captcred ? lets u.?d thirty three vcisels ?; war, carrying liiS as aod 633 ib?d, aad among tbe rest waa tbe apieadid aaisb >hi|> >1 kagn, ai art wiiiei led to hla promotion Uk rank of captca. tm the Da of July, 1800, after a ly aad dop. rate cot t.'ot, he f*!' Into the handa of Aa 1 loots ; bu I three day i afterward* Llno'.t, tbe French AdtotraJ, was tboronfhiy dtieaieO tn tbe bay of A'.getlraa ky lord haumarwc, of tbe Brletlab royal navy Lord therefore returned to Koj ard . where, for some ? after, be remained on the half pay I st. ?*m| Men ordered nio actire serr.oe In the yoar B, 1-ord Ucbrane took par*. In tbe blockade of Sou te, and afw r wards tn that of Ftrro'. Tbo war texter tton which England wafed a<ain?t Frao"?-?ome t'jnc r icond no more aetirc or more zi-a ous pirt san ike. Sot only d.d be lake from Spaiovihe ally Of r? an Id. moose uomber of pri^s. but, aa rxrmud at of the I'allas. be scoured the whole r ?at Jt Gv.!enne, ?Mked tolo <>ir? nde and destroyed all Its a it ie e<t p< ?ta, kM|UM, the stfrrhouaet, the batter .e< icd tbe leatiocr. 7h'? waa in loot- Two yeirs la 'or be re l tne aamu terrible ezptdltlon against lbs ?h)lo ex , of the coait oi iMgucdoe. In 1109 be threw 1.1m air aad bis followers into ooe of tbe f< rte of Kuare. a IHak>nia, aad al'led coesiderably !n dofoat.r.( a Fr nch lr|(ade that was laylDK sl<(0 to tbe |>U se. la the month of Apr:, m tbu rame year be coacaiTvd kk project of destroying tbe Imperial tett stationed at sfort. Baring received full powers from ih' Adml r, be eaosed to be eonstractevl an immense n>ia>bcr of i and empty oaaks in tbe rora of a rafi, each p eoe af tke construction being rcpitd and cb line t u the itber la all of ibtse empty veaaela be placed hi tbs aggregai* akoat Uteen bnndrel barrel* of gunpowder, several Bun *ad shells and obu.t two Utojsaad grenade* Sc resolute was the character of Ibis e*traor<iinary man, and sontter W iMrleas was be of danger or peril, that oa the night af Ike llth of April he actually bad the oo. rage to embark aa this volcanic contrivance, acoooipaoleJ by k heuKnant and four sa.lors? his intention being OS run down si d destroy the fr< > 'h heel. N'ot wekatai.dn, g toe heavy fire of the frtu ch on the d.scu vary of hit approach, ho boldly directed hi* infernal ?aakine to that part o: tbe flaot b? lore! Mat open to injury . W Uk bis own hands be lighted the ?Met, and without any delay leap-d Into a small boat prawided for b s escape, with his assistants. The exj ;<v Ma, which was prectpttaud by a very strong ? tad , MM place a little earlier thai, te had oalcuiated, an t tbo ?hoc* wt.lrh (OMeeded ree i led tn the death of i ben'.ei ti t Ti e fleet, how. ver. tnOarel the lata of i sklp^ of tbs line, I'or this daring an 1 truly u.ipa tattekrd aet be wat p. omoud to the (icailloa of a Knight tt Uu Order of the lUlli. Tbr seeianv?d I riicrj- *1. cb bp displayed at It a fea^M Roods, wLeo be ooatp'.etoly ' ihtlaUd the S a ?Wb Bert. la ?i>otlier of tb< ?e r'e?* ?'?' ,??l ' wftlcb ?n tnd ? iwraiiel Is the \i(? of toe Horo or th?. Iftla. Oa U>r<t Cochrane 'k return to hnt:.*! 1 be ewployni bit ttme la derotma to tbe tclencaa, to the arts, n y> > net, ?i t< e pros '-at loo Alter baring repreeealed Ux- bj n^t or Hoe i toe. be * u re eleited to Ftftum- at tor Vaaltoliitter la 1*07 Toe peot :? looked ui><n him as a bero, aid honored D'.iu itfo;-' ngly. H a appoaH on to ttie g< lern-ner.t at tbla time, ul ?tie ktioh r.rtron.slatxirt, was of tbe rnnit TWi'eat ?tod ,o 1M4 be waa acr>ou?ly oomprom.teJ .a Uie la ?oue au*-k)obt>'.ng affor of l!.?l day, and r.nrtn* oet-a X?HH before Ibo t xirt of t/irea'a Ml , be we? ojj Samnot U) be im; tmotw d . w jrar. to be brarlly gaod, ?1 to be pnblw-ly eipeeed Id tbe ptltarjr, l*t? latter part ef whirh * o letter , bo werrr, U?ey did vii r!*re to Carry aart He was, DotwHhataiiJmg, rxp.-Med fnun Par'.tamaot, m4 bir dibi' ?.a <*ra?''l from tbe I tl of 11. e Adtstrait , Willie be was also deprlred of tbe order of ID* H? ii Hj mc^i t) stood blm gixxl m bow Hie fit: :i arere iwU/H/y palJ by private a -ibecrtpMoa, and the borouch af Weeuttlaawr re eleoUd h.m tinanlBously 1 1 raprteeat Mm ega.n He ooule, bowerer. nerer si.jceed ia getting %ta eacrr rtmed or reooasMlerrd About tfc'.a I me tbe prop'e of CbUe, who hvl heard of hw est ?? rd ra-T ' trag? km tor . . - a an ! af Ukr.r naval forces, and in a very abort time airer a. a S5 aagftaare of ibe oomatAud he organUed a aowirfai lle*t. ?? bis rrry Cist attack be eapturod tbe port of faidiria, atwtinhvhe Ppaatardi were yet to ?neupat>n. fu!? was * the mrnth of Fabruxry, ltl? In the o?*t year, MM, after havtag landed Hit i ihiaaa ul pntrwta at Per*, taafcoardtd an J raptared toe sp\n*h frtgai? MmeraMa' to hu-< of tbe fort* of CaJIao There and othrr rapM aa* mm ee ac dw-ouraged Uie r'pialar ia that to a abort time Mlarvaro* they were forr :t>ly drlraa out of Ue Ooootry. k Uii U.rd 0?braae wont to BrviU, wb.cb waa torn aA war ?itb Porvo?al aad waa there ncUuated by the Mparor with the deftaer of the <?a aoaat. Ho >y na i m adaatral, toeo Harqata of Maraobao, aad aftarwarda greatly ga'rrd the ta>or of bla *a;<wt) by hla pn.?m;it W? 1 1 ? atoa of a rather alaronrr rertdoti<io In tbe de par taken I of Feraaaaboa*. la 1K3& be ret a roe I to bu> aa ?tra eonntry. aad waa eb<>rtly after ere I out with a r-et ta aid tbe tlreek lasurfeata Her#, bowerer, be v md ao ?Mir. oexmpattua, aad >!lb-"4b be waa promoted to Uie eaak o b.fb admiral, he had eeaj.rly aallora eoooub to fea af aar real aarrtoa to Uie oaaao He therefore mired , ta the Arahipe^afO. where be atadr mu aaoetida for b? I Hbart idiroeaa by papperta| the p'.ravaa la Utoae water* i RVtryUltat oooaiieeed, lb? return of Lard C>chraue to Miglaau waa a rtal u iiunpb. rbe people did not Uitak at Mi Cauite. b it of tha great aarrtcra ha had ao ofvra eait iid to tbe caoaa of Utwrty. U fact, they went ao Mr aa to regard btaa aa a ??!? to tha rwaoallttee aad Me of the W ry party. Aa eooa at the whig partv caaa Mo power so 1 WO, one Jf their drat arte waa to rt ea tab. tab Liord Oocbraoe in bit pane la tha Admiralty la IH1 be waa ereat.~d Vtor Adnvlral, aad Ooatmaadar of tha 0aa?d CraMla 1H7. U4* to 1U1 he ha^romtaaad af tbe aarai atatloa of Brittah North Aaaartca and Ma Wrat 'ad lea, wheaee be ratarned with the title of Mwtral of tbe White Mia time ?aa not loat daHag b.a peaarrce ,n tboae muit tatareaUag portloaa or the groat aaa^tre to which be balawgad tar bta letaara Wonaeoi ? ware deroted to the compilation of a oaeful book on tha MMttioa of tbe Br.uab Weet Ladta lataoJa It may a.-fl ha wvrntiooed that ha waa author of aaother work rati ttad, ""torrrattnaa <* Karal A*a|r?, ia wbleh he ra ?aaata the principal error* of hla llta aad the ta^uatioe be ??Meed at the haoda at hta aneaMa Lard IhutdoaaJd , like hla father was de*Wy eat aad * Ma atadr of tbe srieaee* ta 1113 ha tarented a prwjea Me an Jastrartlra la its character thai at ??ra?at mailt af i.eorge the Fourth, be proaiiaed oa his h to <e ?Sin to rrreal the "?> ret ef its now or. Dwrtag tha war hetweea Kogiaa i fraaoa aad farkey aa Ma eaa haa t aad tbe Northern Otant na the rui?r bard Paadoaald ma. It a propoeiltoa to tbe gor~^aMwt to dsaarej ia aa laeredlhir abort S|?cf ef tnr the trra>- ? tmm tort Meat Iobh of 9>>baato^ol aad Onostau This pro yaallm tad to laamaaer asoitetuent in tbe mllitar. and awral world A? ta moat oaata where wonderful to ag? are Brat prt paaaded aoeae peoele leatarad Uutt lb* t >4 atd Mr i waa mad; ulhOa kaowlag what a gi xloue eareer ha had paaaed through, warmly had ?segaucaily rep. _? t hta oaoae ?ot the goret i aaaot wouM sot I ten* tj h? avartarea. lard Ooobraae rery ably d?leaded hia:* -<u at Ma ttaae ib aarwral aeateiy arlttoa tatters, wb.ok ore andeaee ofsaytblag bwt aa aaaoaad wtad. AU be aa. d tar waa a nertain auaiber of Shiga aad aecm m?n?y aa ii aatmg to aboot m oris at dollar*, la order ta nni t* piaaa eepeeae ally. By tile e?ro sb? ? cr, wrr 0( hi. a motion waa ao great that there wa? ue tort Itrat >ew in the world? whether built af troa or st?a* - Mat Mold stand agtraat tbe thnrk be coatd brief I > hoar ?? * The r? .v-tioa of h j ptant by the era ta-'n af i >ia gteauy Or?8<i. nt aa ha waa of ruooe??, be ,^a denearad earl waa rary popular la Nor.b A?*r- ? a m* the ? ret ladiaa. Be paid ocoaatoaai rirtie to tbe wlacds. Ml waa rrrry wbrre reoe >ed with loeot aeewuaatioa HH op'aioa of tbe harbor f K ogatoa, atoa, war. that It ranked among the (oast ta toe wcrl l! Of r. rt Kofk '. tha great Feat lodta atrai atottoa, be bs I a rary rfMfreaait aptalaa, declaring. mr,ah to the dwgqat of Me paeple, toal it waa toe T tbleat towa la U>e world ?'* ?ret > a t to .'aaiama war du"'t?r the Vayora'tr o' the If'* fleeter t* utoe' ?a reatieaiaa <w;ad ib? ?r -m nt My or aad OaMMM tor eiri e^i aMh ?I ' ' fart, ts ag haeo MadM na (?? l/'eaL ale w>ttaM rtt * fci reee t, . w w " rt ' ? t It wax Ut nit d'ltka branch or the Britian M? l TO ./ IV l>ui3*oeald, after a life of trial and honor, oravery ki>i i b< ruilr i ;ng aud vtotory, bm at length oeen (mtn i d to h'< father* at the green old a?e of eighty tl?e y> are Ther* ur* lew moo now alive who have ae?<n and rijrrifV t4 ?<i ir.any fc?rd '..ugbt battle* U(l hairbreadth ? t?,?a ?fcy M,*vj and rteio." From hi* e<rli?et life be ??r 10 hi* duly , atid like the great** . na?al bero oi <;.u kh^iim), and tbouiuida uf b?r invincible warrtora iu ? W; j.i i hi ihe it m*> b? Mid l hal - lo honor'* oauic hit life ??* pa'tvHl, lit hot or a cauM b? fall* at l*/t, For Kuluid, home and duty t *he memory ol lUta (treat hero, who now quietly tloape Ha lilt amp, will long be embalmed In the memory of hi* i ?u cuutryn.en tint, and thin In thai of all true tn-'n ? ho kit* hew iu imiitir couragd, derottou and detcrmt bttn o, wbi u uiauifrawil Ui *ui.h a ruinarka'ite manner a* ib the > aa* ot Uu> lamented lead lArd t'-oebrnce l<ave See children, the eldeat ho ug Thuata* Uarute, u t/v.braue. The ttooenerr to the lamily tx-Lora, title* aud rattle* ww bora In the year ibll At the proper age be eet*re4 he army, la wnlcti be iteadily ad-acoed la 1MI ho obtained tb? rank < ^-ipta'a, Mu bi uojoya tb? reps.*. km of or leg a cool, determined 10 J "uuiageooa otiioer. ? be wiwr of VO i* akevoh had the plmnre of ?eeing " e rch'n Karl durlrg the period ot hia ooaaouuid el tho Brl i If b North American aqoadroo. He w%* then a balo aod i tarty old roan, with illTrred hair, tall ot atatnro and ow.maiid>&g in a jpearaoDe. Be bad a Brs *wp nrd a cVMbig Ik>L, aird. whoa l'oiiowna by a rapine orowd, Iwa? * to m<vl afcxtoaa ta get out'if pnHlw obeortatl iu. fc? ? Woei* and teamen wider hi* command al?r*ya ipwim fbiw with rr?ai reaped, and the period of hit eery toe n Use Wc?t lrdia *t?uon waa remarkable only for tho wet rtfotiratlen* whvfc be eadeavoro? to iairednn) iu he navy tor the health ar<d happtae** of the men jf the iiijmji tact act vice of which be waa to rare aa orna-neot W H? l-kfA.'ES, Kl K1N1HTHI OF THR lVI?aiOR A*D riU*ibKKT Of TU> CUCNOtL OV Lorw XVIII. Oar Jcrt tcrlcea ilio reveal the fact that another of the diM>o|uitbed pabllo men of the laat kai ceo lory baa gone lo bka k?c a:oouot ? Ute Duke Decaxee? one of Um moil active amona the aotive tadlviduala cf that ttormy period in tie b la lory of Fraaoe which we aaoeiale with lull yoca and aangulbary wa/* KJik*, Iijkr IVcaxei, waa bora September 28 1T80, at 8t Waitih de laje, near Libourne (t.iroide), where bia fttber v>ai I'.eatenact Vo the peeaidlal ci urt. Be waa de a '<ende i lioro an aaoient Gaaoon (amliy, etusbled by Henry IV. 1196, and commensed hia atudlea la tbe nil. tar) a. b joI ol ?. D ome la 1790, flolahlng lb?m at LI boaroe wh<re he Mtabliahed blmaolf aa an advoctte Under Um Cooaulate be oame to Paria to aeek a higher deit'ny. He waa employed In tbe Mlniatry of Jnatice whec.he mairicd the daughter of Oocnt Maralre, Crai rrrtidant or the Court of Cuaatioa. Thla marr'age open ed to Mai a 5*rcer In he magtatraoy. Appointed almoat ?.nr. mediate v to the rlbuna' o tho Seine, be became Co n t'llorto tie Imperii! Court In liCfl; bat the tame year he ? at called to Holland by the oocdJence ol, K bg Loo. a, that boocat aovereign, who preferred rather to abdl> ato a throne than to aacrlBce the lntetraata of hia i*t'pU> to the political vlowa of hi* brother. (1110.) U. I*o?xea, tla oonildentlal advlaer, auataloed him, it ia aa.d, in that reaolutkm, and arouaed on that aooount agalntl hlmaeil the dlaploaatire of the Eapercr. Alcr bavltg acoompaoied the ex-King te Bohemia and Auatria. b? waa atut^had, la 1811, to the aervioe of the Ktnpreaa moiber, Uadime Letitla, aa eouaatll or and aecretary. Ou tbi I ra Heetoratioti be raliied with enUiuiUam to tbe a-|'pori or ibe Doarbona and the ooaatitnt^onal oharter. He lemalbtd faithful to them during tbe Hundred D->t, an ), pittiaa blmtelf at the head or a company of the Na tional Guard, br ? fterad hia aervicra to tbe Klag, who aocn found himself once mere ?om railed to retire to exile. Y.. Beca/aa offered tbe addreaa which tbe royal { c- art, of which he waa a member, drew up In bonor of Napoleon, who but juet retarood from tbe inland ol alba. ] Sum of hia colli kg ue* lotiattcg that the rapid returu ! from Caonca to 1 arik of the Koipeior legitimated bta re 1 aremalcn to the throne, he replied witb tbat a*; i/tg which - baa ainee become celebrated ?Je nr mmw p <4 que la It gitfiiHtf f it It frix it I* CAiurt* ? "I did not koow tbat le | gltimaey wia the price of apeed." He paid for thla re I mark b) the loaa ol hia title of Gmnaeilor, and waa aga'n [ exiled from )'ar:a. M Pec?//a went lo Llbaarne t? wait I tho ifeocEd l>at iratlon. After the dlaaatrcut day of Waterloo be ha?tet>rJ lo r*rta, where tUe provlalooal I c mmlttf - bad tuat daaolred. Bore, by nla own au tborily, in the naico of the k:ag, he took tbe poat of pref<ct of police, and in iho abecoce of tbe troopa main | taloed the traonullltty of the city with the Na ; tlchal Guard ak>oe and Ave buiidred geiidartne*, I in the it. id st of tbe geaeral change of public 1 aimlntatratlm which thea reraltad. From that Iptriod Louta Will coacelvcd for hia young nr vati boundleaa aaUem anl oonfldooce; but on Ike part of uiapy < p(> <-rdlo the gor'-rnuoot be ?k< an ob ject of the gieaita; dlallke. the liberaliata aocoa'.ag htm of partie pattbg in meaaurt of vuileor*, while tbe royatlal* 1 rkargt I him u life plactngob taei. ? in the way of tbe gra I liOcatlon of tb< Ir i?enia ?nl Upon hi n wa rbarged tbe ' re j unlit I ly lb a great meaaure of the execntioo- or 1 Ney, JaVduyxre, klouton Duveroet, tbe bro.hora Fai 1 rhet atid Gtueral Jhari-rau ; of tnatltutlng tbe law i?'*inat I Kdltimi* cri't, !*?'? auapandlog Individual llbortlea ?od , liic l.sert'ueof ibe pre? the banlahtnont o' regie) tea, , tba i tab) hmtkt of provnet roorte and Ibe bloody lap I ul ihelrouhce at CkmIiIc u l L/ona. Frort | preftet be I'twame mn tutor iruonl of police, and on ire i U-Kh of He^tect'.xr, w.ih ha colli-ag-ie lbs Count of iUrlx- he waa denounced to li>? Kin g L>v ? o?aa , mlllceof tbe < iiimlur m having Inat the c >atldenoe of lb* ocjbI ry., euttalued by tbe aOo jiion o.' Isoult W II , lfc? aa Cu aioo waa withdrawn. Oo * ?!??? mb*r t, ISiti, to o; lltunre wu peei-t which sot oul> Uitaolvtil the Caanib?r, l>ut modlOed tbe ?lec i'>ral aynem, and took from '.hj Co amber tbe member* ' aboveforty reera of age. reduced the d<-ptii lee t> the ccr.etituticna] t.imber of two hundred an 1 S ly ate, among ? h m lb<i fiery artat">cr%ey of ibe emigration h id no loujrr a majorl'.j. M Dc-wsa, wb? waa obI y thirty at* yeare of age, fo?ad l m?. ona of Ut ftrat * ictima of thai re ft ra>, but tb? knut uoaiKorated h a by rata log him to j Ui'- i?*rai?. wrb the title ot Count V rem HIT to lilt ba waa engaged la the pwr'lameotary troubles whicb Triad I bat period ? "or of mm lava v bleb be waa tr?trum< o'-al In paaairg being that for the aboiitioc of the Have trade. lo IBM ho entered the Cabinet aa M Id later of tba Inte tenor, in the plate vacated ay the Duke dr Rirhii,?u. By bim ? >a re eeublabrd tba exhibition of I at tor. el led Jet ry. la IbSO, it* mic'atry having been dlaao'red lo r"naa Qurere of the exeitcBM-Dt cana?) by a Dew elect wal law, U P>?at<M forn.-l and prtaided over .a new mtnltlry, and waa charged w tb complicity ,n th<- aaaaamaat'oa of tba Puke de ft'rrl . February 13, ISJO Ore a feeling waa exalted, and M. de 8a.nt Aulaire. who had laltly te eotne bia father n law, waa ao aroueed that ba made an ' addreaa to the author of the ctarp. '.a which be aatl ? > "You wiuet either obttla the bead of Deraar- or your owa ; win forever bang o itramy " No direct ootnt<lt<-tir. . however. waa proved, though the crime wu charged to . hla tyiUm 01 rtrmua* taw. Taw ? rauiii/ waa grwefy moved by tbia evrnl, ar.d tba Co-.nt d Arto f thrrau-nod | lo i?are rvaa ar If the Klag abaadoacd bla farorite m.ata ter. The King, bowerer, onaaeoved to a taper at too, ?oll rlte d b / M Dham, aal I "bateau hrlanil dared to b-ar.l bia i?ej artora wllb tba rroel aaylag, wblrb bat tlnce i>rrB ao ofteo quoted ? ' H a f.> t alifa in bloid " The Kimg.bc eerrr, m reaogaitoo ?f hla aerrtcaa, aad aa a teavir.oey of hj peroral eatmm, raited bim to the rank at r-uie. aad appointed bin Ambaaaa lor to LoeJon He kept tbia poa'tx o twill tba Da I of tbe f>uke de Rlobc lira (Dewmber, 1821), hla aar>aat colleagtae aal aucoaa aor In the Cioacti. Oo the arewaaioa of tbe Uinta try of VtUele ,he Inat bta embaaay, aad, return, lug to fraoae, reaumed bta piece la the t1i?iat>?r ot Peera. He lot* part in the meet 1? portent dIeeuw.Mj, tea log aldea with the liberate la aeenrai atteeaurea, but did aet attach blaaaetf permaaaatly to that party Aosoag thee" were lav* hfalnat the pre* a, Ute rigbt of prtmofea'tare, aacrtiege, j^try law and the reforms i>eoa' Bllitory oode. In 1M0. being abeeat frota Patfa at tbe t me of tbe rerolctioa, be poMlcly deplored tho catlaairo ; '.'be which OTerlnrh tbe royal family, but afUrwatria at I tached h'.Banlf to the fortaaea of tbe new dyaaatr, which be eerred with great teal, though keeping aloaf fron the ; Blatetwr aJ iatr guee wMob eaaoed In 1C84 be waa caada the Craad Referendary of tb* ' Chaaiber of Peeta. To hla the Palane nf 1 aieaabourg 1 1 owta lie new pari aaaeatary chamber IM library, tie ea i i largeaaent; acd la Ue new aureery. the npleodid gathor I lag of nata and pUnle, anmag which are to be fuuol :he repeeaeatatiree M alaanet every etwitee la the world The lern'ettoa of Vwwaarv, 1*4*. reatnvml him ferwvee | feom pnbltc life. tVe men bare boee the tubjec. of tnjro aateaoe > m than tbe e?b>e>-t of tb J aketch The la -t that be waa at.aMed to ma'.aUia a pnetti <e la Uie political world h?a loag career, aad ear^r'aily d>.r leg the latt live y-wre of tb reign oi I/mta the h gbteictb, In ibe fbw ef the tararymg b vetlitty ar hie eaMBtxe, and oOea aa tbe e?)ect of the gnteet ahargaa, it w-liut he pi aaiai 1 a kauwlndfo of m?n thai peculiarly adapted hi* to tbe period and rwae la the a> >et ?f which be livwd.^aad Utia, eombtned with a aiippleieta of e nd. a ocrlala fecundity of rieoerrea aad latedicau a<r? nt ? aeat aj? tbe aaaae time. a Irno o I of rharanUr. aa amenity of aaaae?r aad a nharni n? na | re reel?, eapla na la a mprd the grea'. aeoiadearv bt j w?# r- aM?d t a^a otata >rar the mtao ef thai m->uarch ? ; "It (V?ain left the Miatatry a aimpte chertifr of ibe l-egioa of Hi'tvir. wax naae! three minlbt a vr war >) a, 0?r. ag hia "rnt aaay, aa off -?r la Utt er lee. aid , roai' *fr Utw.-aJMr ul tha Order of the got i u v*t Ml the oerael a of Uie birth of U?? P ike of Nurd *? i I H' re'ted In the rank of flrand Onaa by lo m ! Itailn* October H, 1SU. Oa mirrrlnr, In lt|?, ?hrfeaietaaUa de nkint Aalalre, f-aad laoghter na her e vhrr'a tld> rf tbe Ue( relgalog I , n.-? of N'aaaao s?r f iiruth. be thtained fr im tbe King of I>eam?r? (Pre-ler** VI ) urn title ef l??ke of ).;eokaber( la IH9 ibe the# tovereifn of that ocontry , 'hrtei an Tgl., to wl.oea rmrt b ? had been etiiruatad wNh a m jtioi, dac v rated bim ? tb the ardor at the ?phaat aad the aram of ?aaelirvg Aa ealifhteaed praaeetor of arrtrrtMore arte aad ?? Joeir* curing hie public rarear, be de?>>t?<| ti ih?-n t'ao I tbe K laere aThit pr rate ll*a. He waa the fo iader of oaa of (be prleeipa.' mrtfallargWl aaUbHahoaenU la Ireacw ?lid bia am I U Me <4 DenaieeUle, open for more thai thirty year# la I'Aveyroe, have termed, n aa ualahaint?1 . diatrtet, a rich t?m??3?'lf ef d.oto aaala, wairh alao bratt hie nam* He w?a membf-r an t boa :r? y rreel dent of tlie Imperial and Oanlral !%*tletf of n-wttenfarft He eavet three children H? eid^t aon. t>i? n,-jn ? Veai. a and Iftoke of Olookaberg, bora la Iflie, haa be^i in itler pier p'teottarv aad aorny eaUa'>r<lin*'y of rrance to th? emrle of dpata and I'ortugal bat, hk?h't ?aiber, waa itrivea 'a to private life by Iba ravo tug Han. WlltOna V. Halle. The tin* William r R? e I'ed ailvna lean a th? VV't e n! i.atui -.rf, V V , ?* Ibe Sl?t Of (>?' t i/W 1 Mlvaa" ' tge ef O ftf* H? wae btrr a 1! >1 . a *r t*. ? w?y? beei ar k> *t ?*e v.we . I ? n * r j i of h* death. At tbe an rty age at twenty he ?Uf? j u>e 1 American amy, aad held a ooeamtsatoa aa easir a. The war of 1813 waa then at tta height, and the nr oat of bta time waa spent with the army ot the fronts sty where he waa a spectator of and participator In owny a bard foogbt battle. In two or three eugagees enU be wa< aa verely wounded, particularly at the fftmous battle of Labdy'a lane, whuo he ruoeived a w )UU,i *iiicb nearly proved (alal. and the eOecia of whloh 0l, c*nM wiib biu> to the day of htl death. Kor his Ir ,?f0ry in wiloa, and distinguished conduct In oth?r rae'^cli he rapidly gaioad promotion . until at the about the oljee of tbe war be received tbe omnmiaetou of a v .plain in tbe Catted Btatea army. Alter tbe war, and upon U ,e redaction of the army to a peace eMabltahmoct, Capta n Halle, for bla bravery and 1 osefulneea, waa atiil retaur ed, and did active duty a*, aeve rai remo.e torta on the Or antler of tbe Indian 00 intry. alwaya oommaaded th* respect of bla superior oflofa, and hie strict mill ary discipline mide him an sala mander Aa hta char *nter for Justice and were well known, he waa frequently app led ,jdge Advocate at courit marital Hsvtog rematch in tbe army r gbt 5 rt after thn war waa 00001 jded, he restgneu uu .?aamission to de vole htoisi If to t'je dutlee of civil life. He eotenad icon be pr.dy of the law Id tbe oflloe of Wm S *etlanJ, Keq , o whom be we * related by marriage. After eoooludiug filsetudiea he commenced the praottoe of bla profraei m in eouuectluu wlib bla teacoer an) friend, and continued la 1 hat partnership for several yearn in thu upbore of hia life, aa In bla former, be gained the reputation of bono*, mX'grlty, sjund judgment and praotioal good erse. It Is a mark of tbe confidence that was eoterta'nel for bim, thu l be b*ld a numter of civil effloes both under tbe tau> sod general jro?eram"ot, of high re*po: atbility, all wmch be filled credit and honor He retired within lew years past, from the active dutlea of life with aa urstalr.ed rrpuwtton. la D'a private life, and aa a mwnher of society, he al wa.ii b. re ibe character of hospitality and a moat gene rova dta|K?ltli?, being alwaya rotd; to promote any good work. He waa a member of tbe Protestant Rptssoiial i-burch, aad bla fuaeral avrvtoee took plao? at Trinity church, In the village ol Tlattaberg, on the 24th instant Be waa interred a lib all the honora of tbe Waaonlo Fra ternity, and la sncb eeteeas waa ho bold by tbe villagers, that the atoree, In the streets through which the funeral proecaaloa passed, were cloeed. NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Teutonla at Plew York. Oor London, Parii, Berlin and Florenw Correipondearf, fcCe, I*h U The steamship Tentoola, from (Km burg let and South ampton 6th last, arrived at thie port last evening. Oar London Cerrsapeadsaca, lx?uos, Nov. 3, 1680. TV China War? A A'ew Trea'y of Amity and (Xmmerat? The AmUutaiort to Be Beceivei? Great Ba'Ut in Per no ? The Or >0.1 Cn-Uueri of tAe Age ? TKt War ma Con ferenct?Tk* London Tun tt' A'icJc of Us W'oodi? TV London Pren? Influence of YmJue Enterprise in L'ng land ? GraiUin Berkley'! Visit to America?Ike Oahoay SUtmUip Company ? Or cat Sale of BUtoi Oartti in 1 fc. Tbe ucit inter tatlDg news la from tbe flowery Ring dcm. The Brother of the Sun and Uncle of tho Moon baa seen bla ragged regimenta defeated at the Takuforf. and now the Ambaaaadora are In fall march to the capital, where the Emperor hat promised them an ??honorable reception " Considerable disappoint meet la felt here that the flenlpotentla'lee were going to Pekln without being accompanied by the belligerent and vlctorkiua arm lea. Saoh a display would have had a good cfiect on the Emperor aad hla dirty aad mouldy retlnoe of offlclal a Such another opportunity may never oocnr again daring tbe prenent generation. John China t man at home la peculiarly auaeepilbte under the force of bard knocks aad heavy military power?hat to nothing elae from without. One great oauao of embarraaament to the Western forcea la the revolution going on, aad at tended with more or lata success The revolutionary party, froaa the beat ltghta wa poaaeaa, la tbe old aad true Chtneae race, while the preaasit reigning dynasty are Tartar ua or pars. What ereatea atlll more aympathy tor the robe la la the fact that they are evidently tor saare susceptible of Christ !aa aad clvtlislag laflueaoee iban tbe retgelog Tartara. Let whichever of lbee> partita predominate, there moat aooa be an and of 1 Cfc.crse hcIosItmsss, and s mji* fro* IM uorsstrtoted itMrocarss wllb that extraordinary people. The ladling paper of London, the DaiLy TWrprsj*, In commenting on lbs Isle rosUlcl, glrrs tbe (round* ac wkloh a now treat/ abotild be baaed. >'oU compensation tor thj expenses of the war, fite mi gallon, sol or Uie I'elho only, but or tbe Vat* tss King also, with the right of rsatdsoos at the capital ; of trade With the Wasters prorlnoes, of a <t lpl.v iratte rmality with Rossis, aad security for missionaries, are lbs IndltpsnsaNeroodlllona tossy per stamen loom part with ttilsa. Lord Kig'n la rery freely censured to the English wtrrals tor allowing hlmtclf to be lei away to Pekin without hie army, there to maks a treaty probably aa thorn of results or prest r as wm Iht ont of Ma< arloey or Amberst. We moat wait for a letallel a c ifott of tbe military e recta before we o*s aae bow maeh baa b?n ?one, and with what effect. The sspasston of britirh commerce under their steam prasaro la so grtat that Both. eg will syfllos but to open the great continent uf At?? what they bare sot already? to tbelr train. There ha# josl a ssrors ooafllct aear tbe capital of Kht'iaaean, lltsbid, ta North wettern Persia, be twetn the nattoaa! forces cede a ivrs'aa prlnae, anJ a basil of taw let* Turkomans that wars committing de rredat.oas and robbing caravans with Impunity. Tbe ooaOtet was dreadful, aoaas thousands beisg killed on butbi'ldes. Considerable alga I Vases and Importan ? Is attach' I to thte cr<at strong tboec barbar '.at s of IbS Oat plan, oy i!m? taw im? k ?? auat direct high road overland from r.rope to the possessions la India Pvrstit and Turkey belag both on friendly tenet ?e.ti i.r<at Britain, Russia has dose ererjrthieg possible to tow rfi?s? nttoot among oar rsee and these Orientals, sod these Tart <mans are st.;pos!>J to be under nmt .cluenceor Co tin let a ace from PI. I'etersburg. Turkey and f'crtia both are certain to melt away befort tha rlf> roue elrll.. atlon of the West W'boerer manages to step in as tbe Sitae lotion approaches will get a (ootboii bctor* the former paesetsor has departed At a eery ea?ly day Jobs Bull w'.'l attend his "materia! aid" la tome form to aas'.st la making a railway from tbe Blaca <a to the Pertlan Unlf, and STSry foot of ths great highway thus farmed? that wl't srsalnaUy reach Dei til, Bombay aod CalcatW? will be aadsr Be I tub protection aid cootrol Travelers oau go by water from F.agland to the Bn^pkoraa aad i be b't'ns, and l bore step ea board ue train, aad be <lrsr*ed by the whistling eteam horse sway over the plains of Perns to tbe SIU* of the anoisnt N lae r?b . Rabflod aad Bagdad It la a s eguiar Dinar* of tbe ??reroluttna of tbe tlauss" that "make avxiatant lectl"- Shaktpirc's ows worts. acl eeom'ng to foretell the t'lumph of railway*? to ma koir tbe gronnd tha*. wa? theeradtsof tha human raoe. aad thai wltaeef -I the birth of ITiritlaalty aad it* aatbor the groan 1 mat is pot*r*i by the bistory of the nations wbese career* are rr curded tn Holy Writ, ? boa Id be among the eery ia?i. whes the aorM Is beisg pervaded I y Christian ciwill ration , to eoma under tta art ire loll irnoe. The tlda towards tbe Past that was set is motlos by Ale tan der tbe Ureal otly ooatreyed a military Id ratios , bat tha legti?n of ( ??ar took to tbe banks of the Thames tb ? germs of art, srletcs, mmnerw and race, that vers set oratiy destm<d to graft ibesMeirs* sa s that should aters period of searlt two tb aaasd ysars, hot orty take poe?r-?ioo of s 0 stlseat at the West thsa as Wt ? ft , hot la t ?>s 'f turn to th? y art aa<t ftosts, and orerraa ths rsrws wbs are too iadot*ai, t ?. barbarous, too weak sad too enpsrttltloas to Im44 Ututr ows a ? enwi|?tt?r and ac.l re are lnrkry hat .itt rpeosd ber ftrrt railroad, a I'ae me r-.r>; m1 -? in lorgth, low Sown on Iks Hasabs Uf BSSTSS Mr Pull fmsad the R)?tay aad bai t tb ' road the Mot ?c-aji n pobeclr.l luf riser, g?w-l >n won<ierm?nt at tb* tteam borse, has a ?! tap kulad at a tawtkeo to appoate the gods, aid make them propH'o is to tie f"%\ Inn.ira aa<J away . . w.ihc train la It of nnsskn trirs. asd pieachers and Bibles, a -Hi all thaU ftia true o?rW n-re are the ral eaa I, the sletster aad tha t*l v graph. After U.?ws oou>? ths aetip a(>er, a guod \>rm\ ' flics an Oiriniaa prsschlag. ae1 a free pwas aad a 1 ?h?ral foveramsnt matf follow, jtst s* rarely ss th- day CK4MSI With ths rlslag of the ana Oel aa aiiao*l anbrokrw Itnsof rt aa. oommaatoatioa from the Ptrt'ts ot Imrsr to Ohlsbrta. to Cooalaatiaopte, aod ss to Msg M|l '"a'eutia aad t'v tos, asd ?au Jsspottoms Assrlhtil Vfr aha I rM T>is ocnferencs at Warsaw, ss I p?sd toted wis s S/t'Sj ths reform is tasuia is s swialls; th'% rrr leaded frtra<!ebip of rmstla fir Kogtaad s ? mil." aid the tofrreotlm Waf.leoo a bora 1 1 dos t think lb* Koropess moaamhies bare aay rsssno lo brag ottr Ifcotber Jooathu is cuuseqossos of aay of their doing* this yi^r Jonathan baa bin ?ulel and p ? ? ful rsvslotioa at toe ballot bot. wblto balf of for?>" is ? c.rn oleed by tse ills of arm* ud rert laUooary <r?ri, 1 merely lo see wbettxr K<ng Work or Kmc l>rg shall -ear the erowa. Tbe people, a'.l tha tins, bars litUs or sn I rocs la U^r gorernment, till svsrythiug breaks d to I aad tuey appeal to srma Your reception of the Priaoe is "few Torfc was s br'l- i 'asi tflfair, aod murt bs eery grat fyiog to him at wsM IS to bis swth-r and the tUig'>eb ssttoo. Ard SO ya bsrs ta-l a t ?enm?<tl of ths enterpr so (') pf 'bs )? Jdos ?*?'? rh. r Vvk Of tl>? vr . IM 1 ,1 Ureiro t. h* t' .|. t ? not', n V >,ih *t??ttists, eko, |i? ms t- I In# b? rr?i r an of toretr ? '?>i r ?? *n<'? a.' I o-i 1 a? * I OTTf l Ui f of t '3 ir I : . r ^ A ralsprr thai to oarrted? but want Is with hi* flata, and hektd him to duutb the * MlMtl ' way Thl S0it>o of the quonflam leading journal used bis old t<x>la. u l by the tWe of Aoerim journals aad journalists Km bam be-iten on I of I Be ftuH A very natural ratal*, I don't *im to accise U>? fiunui of pristine very omnaooylaoe nan meats; tot the reaoera of thai paper are In every part of the world, aad tan a right to information on every subject; tut to tbote who reawle to Great B? I taw or oa Uu Uuatiuant of Eur< (?> it la certainly a work 01 supererogation to aaaert or to iiroxe tbat tbe Iiordon Timn is muc, behind tha , time# .tecidedly, aid no I wger looked en aa the vehicle of tbo la.eet or most reliable news. Hie active peony prtsa of U>t>doo hu cat off at leant half ita former ctrcu Mwe ara more than three fourthaof Ita Indueooa. The etiltivlaia ar* principally written by country elerfymea, IK revtewa by Grab ttreot baaks, Its money artiotaa ny >w (speculators, aud as a natural or reasonable reault the rtperty baa become ao moderate a coooern that tbe for proprietors have aold out the largest Interest In It to the I loose or RotbscbiJds, and they mn It principally as a titock jobblnr concern aad to H illf politicians aad tha powers that be, to obtain patronage, power and place la return. Ike London />a?ly U tyranh haa at least treble tbe circulation? 90 (Hi?? to the nans' leas than 30,000? sud far better and more r* liable foreign oorrespon Jt nre ? wbat ths tVmi wishes to be thought particularly "up" ib? aad a more able editorial staff. Tha SMr, aa the organ of Ue liberals, and tbe London aamdmri, oon a-.rvatlTC, are also papers of large circulation and la liuenoo. Ill of these are published at the sassa prion as i he Hkmalo? a penny awriing, or two cents. Tnere Is BOiiietliifcj; mortifying to the Koglish to see their own journals thrown so oomplately in tbe shad* by tbe YsLkcc jourta's. Were It not for American mechanical and neaspaper enterprise combined, every paper of large circulation In England would have to stop. Papers of large otroulation ib Amerloa stimulatod yonr Inventors and makers of printing maohluss, aad i he reault Is seen in yonr Hoe's printing iressea. At this time tbe London Doily TUttroph, the JUtutraUi London iYev-?. tbe Tim-a, Lioyd'l Weekly Ac**, tbe Manchester J&aauficr and rimer, the Msnehester Guardian, aad seve ral other English pspers, are worked on Hoe's great cylin der presses. In the ait of stereotyping the Americans ue far ahead of the English. Not a quarter of tha books pilnted here are stereotyped, while with you more than seven eighths are. 1 see now and then a mention of Mr. Grant ley Be i k ley and his tour la America. Ha belongs to the fussy old matdish school of Oo.kneys, who sxpcct a tiger bunt In India, a buffalo chase on tbe American Plains, and a grizzly bear encounter In the Sierra Ne vada, to be quit*' similar to tho Turkey oar pet and rose water play of chasing an English tame fox across a lawn, with fair ladles la poay c balsas, keeping nearly sp with the boonds. He thought a real buffalo bant la Kansas would be like Barnum's ohaae after two buflilo calves In the .Tertey meadows at Ber gen heights; and when he found a banting ground as large as all Europe, with yonr stal weriii backwoodsmen, op to any thing from rifle shooting to trading boratr, be wax simply out of his depth, and nonplussed. His little parlor lapdcg arrangements wera quite Inadequate to the business in baal, aad ntteriy broke down, and so be returns and vents hla HI humor, Mrs. Trollope fMlnon, and aplni long yarna and twaddle about some poor, ctiaaUng, underpaid servaat that he picked up tn Missouri . and that Is hu way of saalag and writing about America, tfucii tourists are simply cjo ten. pi ib le, snd their guardtais should look after thorn and rot let them go oat the Galway Mail Company bad a general and extraor dinary meeting appointed for tbe 1ft instant, but ad j-mriied to tbe 2il Tbe papers scarcely notioed It, and u.e public do no1, seem to take tbe siighteat interest In tbe company. Very general diftiust Is lelt regarding the sttamers ot the line since the long calalogoe of disasters ending wilh tbe loss of the Coanau^ht Mr. George t. IVatn has got his horse railways fairly Dtartrd, snd one is now building bere In London; ao, ere locg, tiie ooclu ej s can seethe ditlcrenco between a corn tollable oar to hold thirty, and dirty, uncomfortable < omntbures, unquestloaably the worst in Christendom. Notice Is given of a very important sale of horses the entire stud of tbe late Vlccroy of K{yp4? onmprtaing tb ii ty three stallinrs, one of which coat >90 000,187 ma/ea. Arabian and Sirian; flfty-ooe "entire" oolta, aad flfty nine flUlts, wltb tl'ty two stallion* o? Egyptian breeda and two mares? n all 831 animals. Tbla is probably to* most Irte-eetlBj; and Imjurtant sale of horses sver held In tbe Old World, as It is announced to take plaoe at Cairo, In Kgypt. on tbe I0tb of Dec imber (ass London Timet of November 8, page 10), jour dealers or bona fanciers will hardly bo able to be at tlie sale Oar Parti Correspoademca. Paws, Oct. 18, 1340. i'rru CoKip ? Popular PMofr*p\f ? Leottrd ? Tfce Jfetc <lrra Bouie ? TV OiM?TKr. Tdpit Franc? Tkt Two Aew Jhmtrrj ? The AciiJtnt at At Uippodrom4?f\Uitrt />' autitxit ? Artutic Clcl?WUkdra o?l of M. Hunrtt? TXratrical Affairt, rfc. 1 should suppose that oac of the most oertals means of attalalsg la notoriety In Paris, Just at praaent, would be not to be photographed. Every prtat tbop wlndovoa tha Boulevards aad tbe Roe 4a Rlrolt Is Oiled with the little full laagth portraits, la tbe form of o ark 4- tuiU, of all aorta of peopls? Victor Emanuel, the Pope, Gari baldi, tha Emperor aad Era press, gasea Vtotorla, Oonat Uavoor.Klgolboebe, and all the prom in en t actreesss of the tbsatrea, many or them la p>ct wtlch show t> the bsat advantage tbsir pretty limbs, are all haddlei together la moat Inappropriate proximity, and anybody can now bava a correct 1 keaeaa of almost every pretty woman and every great- man for the !aatgn!Q<-wt sun of thirty mm. One of tbs moat popular portrait* which bar* recently beun pabllahed, and of which, It li ntd, more Uu t?wt; thoueaod eoplr* have bf*g wtd, It thai of LtoUrd. Wo htyo Leotard la hit prrf wm'ng ooa tume, and Lwurd drreaed a a a gentleman, and w* have Leotard la a drtraa almoat aa primitive aa that which father Adam wore ta raradlae. frrhapa jou doa't know who leotard la Leotard la the maacullae Rlgolbaehe of rat if, and Uha attained, aa the haa, aa Immecae fame by hla gy mraatic fcata at the Cirrj .a de I'lmperalrlce, where lor aercral rootthi he haa sightly given a moat anrprta lag perfoniaace oo a aerlea or (rape**, apparently at U>a Imminent rtak of break to( Um a ret anu hia elegant leg* He la a model of maijy grace u 1 beauty ot form, and it la a algn of the profreaa of >? m tac .lar Chrlat anlty " that oa thia accuat he haa made hlmaelf neh aa lmm*M* favorite, and Utat hia portrait haa b**a ao much eocfhl after. It la aaid that ha reeeivea dally almoat at n?ary HWa dma aa Tommy did while he waa ?toppltf at the Metropolltaa, aad a few week* ago f\jaro tinted that he waa obliged to adopt the plan of the great phyalataaa hare with their paiieata, giviag aaoh owe ? cumber at the door and admitting them to hla prcaeac* la the ordtr la which theae were Imaad. Leo tard came from the aoath of Frasoe with hla Ihther, about a year ttnae, aod made a contract with the maaa gert of the clreut to exhibit hla remarkable performaocea ?here, tgrraiag, aa all the ether performer* did, to put oa the eoatnwtary livery and aaaiat la the general perform aoce* uf the nag. fm a Wag Ubm he did thlf , bal, with hla iccreeetag popularity, LtoUrd beaut* prowl, aad Orally rifoaed to doa the aaiform, which did not thaw ofl bit floe form ta the tame advantage which bit tightly ti ling dree* did, and lo addition to tbla perflated to taking hla teat ea two or three aocaaiooa among the audience, wbtch la erprraely forbidden to all.tbe porformera, evea thong h IT* y furchMe ttekoM tor the pur poee The re tult waa a ruptun '-atwaac Leotard aad tbe managen.nat, aod the latter brooght a ta't againti him l?r the fslU'meat o( hi* on* tract, aad th* tribunal mulcted bin ta tome three ihourar d franca uamagee, required him to pat o* the oriform during toe ena'da*i*nu* of hia one fact, aud forbad* him agala to take hla eaat lo tbe aoditory. All thia of eavrae baa tbe nkct to fc? gbtea public carl oaity oa tbe a^*ct o I leoaard, aad t* make hia phot/i graph at II a^^Boee rapid rat* thaa ?r~r. It haa aMeogth, after a good deal of dtanumwia aad ta* pWductioa of throe or tear brocli-ir** ((bote aafety vaivee of agltatnra la Kranoe). bM ?eteiralacd to *r**a th* new opera b?oa* la lb* Boulevard dta Obpaclaea. directly oppneite ta Um Roe de la Pali It la a floe aad coaveatent locative, bit tbe vaterprta* a HI involve th* orceaaily a( the daetraollea of bo l<aa than thirty alt haildtega to aaake room far the Optra bona* Iteeif, aad for the aiitinaary *treete aurreuad lag it. The aaih.wtitae hero, however, make ao aaraplea of tear Iff dowa a blank of aaildlaga wIm It la aeoeaeary fur th. omptettoa of any great publln wot* . atd k mr barrack. abkih late b*roaaU<teted 'or tbe (Urdtad* Farm, apohilc iledela riti, will la volte the de<truoiMa of ao Ira* thaa ana buadred aad HI balMiaga I am lac iaed lo believe thai th'a will he hot the '-tt?ria? wndga for the mmpMloa of a plaa wbi tbe I ap-r ir ha? loag had la vtew, of raatovuig from the <iir.(waljfa la tb?*pot na wb'rb I he trat ?< ukrornt of far a waa madt)al! th* old Hrtru nod buildlagt wblrh now c 'var It. leavtag mly ?l?'B th* ulaad th. Pklala do Joati.w, tbr birrack a*w t* b* eraatroeted and iha rbareb of Notre Dun*, the toe I ?. ?<;? of which la bow a'*-, wt aomptmely hidden frum 1 vie* hy a maaa of nd, totkriog hm ?.a After Jt* ra ?oval of tbe** buildtag* lb.' raei d the ItUud will he foa verted Into a ,-ardea The Tapia Franc, waere many o? tba aeii eipal anaeee la itoe'a "Mj ??or <?* jf Caria'' were irai-Ud. to latfte.V'-'a tbe Rue de r?iaadr*? a ati*et whMfi m aoon to be deamiiabel to iru< r ?*i fiw the Wrark Th* b <a*e, wu we rati till* 1? the Lapia ffaoe i* ?ttil k*vt a* t|r MWf aad U>* narme. oronkad aad high waited atrret in a Utah K la )<?>?a aa thxigri it m?it bare he a th* aneae of many dnap urate denda Th* 'ittl*. black, oarlgl tly laildlat ? *be Mar^o*? whloh Miw ttanda diri-niy oa tbe oorner ol the inay an I th* *14* aa<l Bualevard M> l>aato;>.il, wblah crnaan* ? he Itlaad, la lo h- removed, aa ft noght to he. and tber<< I* onoaleeTab'e diamtatoa aanag th* mcnlrlfml oonanil aa to tbe propriety of a>mli*hllHt th* pretoot ayav?nt 'if aipoaiog the unknown d*ad of boih ante* aod all agra t- the rtba^l and va gar gaaaof ivar y paa? -r by. Tbe two mm tbea?r?a? the [.yrii?? aa i the Clr^ae Im perial? wbteh are b*tag areeted aa 1 1* riana da limfiet ia raplar*in*iit *f Ibnae whloh are to he ! eteoyed aa lb* Dor'-vard da Teaiple, where no l"aa tti*a aev?a theatri* are to oom? dowa to ait* way for a oe* boolerard, are i rapidly prugrriwlar . and pr.<ni*e t , ?>, 0f a ator* ooava nleal and o<imlorta ile dntcrlptioo ibaa are m-wt of th* j tbeatret la Parte. Tbe Ttrun*. ah?li li treat *?tat> llel ment hr ape* tec*-*, aad p*r|lfliilarty Ui <ae af a mill tary daaeriplloo. la loooBtalh thr a tn i*?r t peoat*. acd ! tbe I.f rtque will boM abort ? ibv-t, hon trM. Voo have hear1 of the aoci'teat a ehort :,me tlaoe at th<* Rippndroate, Which r?wt the if- of an <>ld man and oe* of bM pot.*--, wh*. by the tw*ak mg of a rop*, war* rrec>|.iiatod into the te*at from an imm>ma* be gfct. Th* artmlalMratlon bar* bfn order?d to i>la.-? a rti under th* rope dorirg all mni [>t*rArmaiioaa baraaf irr, ai <i 'bay bare alao heea Idtbldreo In p*rmll any l?at*r tbe ^vwi tatie aarr. rn>*n,w t?r graewkawht-b arroaaale I a>* l>'T*d to tthiliii l iriar lkr r ??.''*H?t t'.ie? pi*eaotl'<o*. I ta*, ara drtlnirtiva to oaf b 'petof ?r'ii ir* ft' it M.rrdi* her?, aid w* >Kli r?r* tn g to Erglatid ? L?*a I a t rt*rwt ?**. ?- <*? did t. ???* u- rr*? ?k1*1 *bal m nrforioa*!* t? rg n '? w he '( obliged to iiva under a "deapottam," wbtn a ??? M aot allowed to endanger hla neck, tf be choooei to to an. An ailtela' Club on a grand eoale baa just been hratl here, and la to M publicly inaugurated on the 1st oT J Miliary by a (rand oonoert. The dab la aadar the Pro stoency oi|l*r:noe Poulato eakl, and la formed ol tbraa oouiiunlet'a ? ihuee of Literature, Painting and Mu lie. Tha literary Committee oontaioe among ita iwdImii M Kid tie Augter. Mario Lobar d. Proa per M< rimes, Octave Fcall ft, Prince Alpboaae de PMtgnsc, Prince Camilla de Pwllgnae and Tueopbile Sautter. IxHsturea are to be delivered and essays read before the club by many of tha moat distinguished men of Par la. The Musioal Committee baa lor lta Preeident M Auber, and among Ita BMfBberf are Haievy, Richard Wagner aod P rinse de Metternioh. The Committee oa Palming Intend to prepare a permanent exhibition of ancient pictures, and aJ*o a gallery of the modem school; and a aer lea of ooocsrts, la which the moat celebrated mnalcal performers of France *111 participate, are to be liven nnder the auaptcea of the Musical Committee. It nay be lntereeusg to your medical reader* to know tbat M. Rioord, tha oeleb rated surgeon, who ror twenty yean paat haa given lecvurea and held cllnlqcea at the Hoapital do Midi, haa retired from the imeiitoa wblcb he held there, having oompteted bla m tietb j ear, at which age hoapital surgeons may retire upon a pec linn. Rioord haa an Ibwhh private practice, amounting to betweea lure* and roar hundred thousand francs a year? a fact which certainly does not ipaak very well either for the moral condition or boosted aaedieai pr cautions intended for necurity from a certain cisas of dlaeaaea in Par la TvOftCo appeared at the French Opera on Sunday eight, on tAtttaaalon of a charitable benefit, aa Fldea in the '? Pic^hrte" It seemed to a>e that her voloe waa aa soft and fympatbetic aa It waa fifteen year* ago At the Italien* they are giving the " Ceaarentola," with Albool and Bad tell At ibe Odeon Kile Karolr ? a y?ong tcage dlenne, who hope* to take the place of Rachel ? Is perform ing. It la aald that Klaiort la ihortly v? appear at thta theatre, aod la to play ta French At the UaleU they are playing the " Bacamoteur," a five act drama, which, f"r Improbability and "(tunning effeota," knoaka " 1a Petite Pulofne", or, aa " ear Lava" has anglicised it, <? the Monkey Boy," aU to pieces. Fin*, Nov. 2, 1900. All Sainlt' Day in Petri*? Orani Mimic Battle in the Btit it Boulogne? Brilliant Military Ditp lay Httie te by Iht Mmfttur T%e Italia* Quettion? Sporting Intelligence, de. Yesterday being All Batata' Day, the Bourse and all the pnbile offices were dosed. The printing office* and bu reau of the sews reader* enjoyed a holiday, tor no Jour nals war* published. All Batata' Day Is, Indeed, one of the tow great religions festivals which no clrcumstanos la allowed to tatsrtors with, and the spectacle of so bar and genial repose it oflbrt to tha sy* of a Protestant makts him disposed to regret that his Puritan forefotberaoarrled tb?tr horror or Papacy so tor aa to leave so tow tracea of thta connection bstween relaxation and religion. There is a touching aentlmeat pervading this day which easts a slight shads over the enjoyment generally observ ed, bet which greatly adds to Its Interest. All who have lost those that are dear to them and who haa not? ? via it the tomba of tha departed, aad depo sit either wreaths of immorteU or frsah gathered flower* on the stous that tadlsatss lbs loved remains It Is a moving light to ^tness the thronging crowds that slowly wind their way op to Pars La Chatss, Montaoartre, Mont Parnnsss and tha other bsantlful en* terles of Paris, and there, amidst ths ej priss groves, per form their tender hat trtst office. The children acsom pany them, even ths baby It anvs, aad some of the soencs, where the tombs are fraehest, are aflbcttag to a degree. Ths after part of the day seems generally spest I Is pleaaut, though not tnrbalent, amusement. The hell day Is so general that, for the nonce, all the members of , the family are brought together, and for the most part 1 the pleasure of i be meetln g seems all lutllclent for Ibe oo oaslon. To ns Ssxons, who are wont to see drunkenness and debauchery the chief elements of popular relaxation, the Mgbl that such a capital as Paris presents on such an occasion Is very striking. To say there Is nothing of the kind would be going too tor, Indeed ; hut tha appearance of It is so exceptional as to sxolle a look or compassionate surprise la every one whenever the eye enoouater* ft. On Tuesday tha Kmperor Indulged his Iiegsa with some mimic fighting an the race ground Is the Bote de Bou logne, sad great waa the Inter eat therein. About 26 000 troopa of all arms assembled by eleven o'clock, pitched tbetr tents, piled their arsu, aad oooked their morning meal on ths (raasy plain, aa If alter a day's march. The precision with which all this was done, and the ad mirable order and celerity, gave one a high Idea of the praolloed efficiency of ths troop*. No confusion, no hsate, no not as; everything was taatantaaaoaaiy at hand, every article had lis proper place and use. Then the cruine I* conducted so limply, yet so sum amort. The fire* are it {hied and the kettle* bolting aa IT by enchantment, and the air la aoon redolent with perfume* more dell clous, at that hour aod uadar a fresh northwester, than the cbolotat franktooaue. The French aoidter, like he Freicb citisen, Is perfectly satisfied so long M be hat his j*4 au feu, which ooastsis of a ? Mil portion of leas beef, with a sufficiency of carrots, turnips, Iseks, ptnle; sod oslcry, 111 aa abundance of water. Wbsn ths Mat Is tolerably wall out of IU YlrtocS, the soup, with a portion of It. la poured into his bat la* , on thick slioea of bread, ? bicb, alter saturating a few minutes, Is duly aorrod to ?arb soldier. and b> judge from the gusto with which It ta eaten, aad tt>a frrth aad healthy look of tha recipient ao more welcome diet can be laaflned. One thing, bo* avrr.ta a Him gum mm in French gastronomy, fro* prince to peasant? tbe loed moat be bol U>rd tierby's tnagultl cent ecu rtalaaieci I of tea thousand odd plea to tha rolan teera of Iancsablra would hare been ao aatartatnaMnt at all to ths Kreach soldier. Tha officer* bad a table pre pared frr them m tte grand stand of tba race ooarae by the Kmperur. About oee o'clock the teat* were all street aad the troops were again under vaa in diner eat dotachsscait, coTcriag orer aboat a aqaara mils of ground. Abont two the caralry and ar met/ taok ap their rations pael lions. aad tba epeotator* were abta to form some ta dm tart Idea of tha nature of tha mesrorrsa. la the eaatre or i be larie plain wbloh coasiltows tha race course there la a small coppice, which waa to he the Sogaamoatof the day. It waa flrst belJ by a party uf la/actry, who kept up a brlak Ore aa tha assailants. tUI at laat rifled eaaeon w obliged to ha brought ap to dModge them Tb? Ittlla part< sloe was performed three or (oar tim-w. bu. which party vaaqalahad 1 am tumble to say, at alt Ifce troops wore the imperial llrert. ftat the priae'pa! object Mr teed to to to try with what facility the rl led can | Boaoculd a* trua|?rtod from point to point t.? a uf ' tbeae, coareyed by two artuiery riders aad foar bwarg. waa Imp ar ?? top M*ed Uie horer at full gallop, j "vrr vary rough gr-ttas and so slop'ng that frequently the < it wheels and bortes seemed ready to orer balance the fin. Not a dip or stumble, boweter, waa made, aad theeip ri tti'nt, abeterrr it was Bust hare an* wared comp ie-a'/. Tbe sp* ctalcn, who were assembled is toouaaeda, ware tf > lis hied beyead a ramus with all tha biasUe, aad when 1o? Fmperur, saoualed oa his farsrtts ah t stoat, am sur rounded by bia stall, caatwwd over tha Said, the rw caption glraa to him was ae salhaslastiL- as if be had jp?t wrn a real batl'e I thought aye* f tbai v? Choti looked wora, fatigued. Uaeeed, aad aat hlaorse asily tba day wound tip by the *f-p aran e of the little rtlace Imperial, besutdlag bis LiiipaUaa charger, with oocksd ha* and sward His little H%hosas rede aloae. managing his war hotae ttw> tied, aad attsadet oaly by eoe atde de-camp. The soUkra duly preaat,U-i arsi* to b'm, and be la return gars tha military ealcte wtth all the grant* and dlguity of a Ttteran soldier. Tbeae mimic scenes of itrlffe are to be repeated, It la sai l, frrm time to time dot . eg the w ater Tae tir nafMiwaitra Ux> plain of Yiooeancs, though from the Inclement state of tbe weather and general waot of maaageateat.hTery tame eflair, has at leeat resulted ta torowblag a tspK* of f teat latleaal latorest Ym bare alteady beard of tha mpertov saraHsnee of tbe Wbn wt rtb rifle, which has cow erery chance of being sscare.1 to the ?f ?rh eerrloe, laaamach as It waa f -wad to ooarey Its charge with eccarecy aad precision fail SM yards htyrad that of the rifle uand by tbe Cbsas?t>-a. tut Bat sarprwe wee ripteeaed that ih< wraiea brrugbl lo la hy the tarentor should so macb n ?i iboea whlrti bad prertoarly been pambaaad ta Kanlaad hy the f ree< h j:nTfrnm?nt for SSI rimaat Ooeif these waa ibowo to Mr Whltworth, who immediately Wed his an eiant to use It, eipreeslrg bis belief a the tame time that It woaid prod ere similar lesolls to thoae ariaited by his own; but oa tr<al this wsa aat ftmad to br tbe case Mr Whit worth then withdrew to oaa of tbe for gee la the forts, aol made nae alterations la the screws, *,? , and the result was wore faro-abie. U>o?gb the wea|?? was (till infer! ?r I., t br o?e bi"?:?lit I y hlmaeir. aed wh ^ h*.1 he, n m> lr ot| retely for the *tmble.loa anatest It Is ihue eiown tfeet all tha Whltwtrth r'.fl?s are not ahkr. aad that wish o;. l great ddiloary la the maaageireat thry atay ow-mn die-rd. red. It is also toaao thai a per tost si an of grease to n? r? SMt ? h?r i he hOI, which m the btat aad t .ra^il of actiea m-ght I e apt to meit. Mill a T*ri gerorai opmloa rreratla that the I reach, M eemiring the Wb'l worth patsal, b*?e deeper ly ttrlea a ma-rh oa tbe rtfls shooters oa the other tide the Marctie, aad that with a vary liiUe French lag' hulty applt?i in tbe shape nf Impmrwwirnt It pro s> tee io be the most afficttvo arm of preelsloa that had beea dttooeared I st s in ettrart frr-n the Oinrnmit it Osaka, la which Oea La nvw triers brtags a dein-iratr charge or breach of ?sith agatitt th? F-eneh gnreramrpt, In fcat H daMaesd by IU a(t st, tha iMke of Crammoat? that "tho Bmprror I aa wrtueii fT' uj MaraelUas to tha King of Atrdlala that i tt the Ptfdatoalefe troeps trter the roatlfloal territory he thail be obilfel k> oppnse them, orders being already rista lo embark tr. o?<s at Tnuiaa, which remawoeraeou al'l ?p??aily arrltc. th* Fmperor's gererament wlM not loleratf tk" palpable aggreesloa of the Awdlalsa gorero trust As Vice Onsul of Franca, yoa meat rrgolate year ?or if net aopordilg ? " lirasoaawat la, of coitrss, b-log rath' f rbere^ ar lucOM Joai oow hy ths dsrloal party. The Onrt!fn{i<mn<f, In Its attempt st dsfhao-, Ismnih is the position <* the drie?<'?Bl't srmaarl who bed ao rase, I aad was ibe-elore oailged to abuse the afciatlff ? attor > ney. It rail* at the omarte by wbora the Pops Is ssr rousded, aad their qethWes ahont aa eipr>?aioa wbt. h has crept i?to smne of ths e^jrtes of ths article, aam*ir "be (Ue ?mp?f r) will he oaliged to oppnae ttom (ihr ftardtaiSBB) bjflh>r?a ? rh-m thi truth is, that t>< or tws , wef'S are mere sernlutase aad add snibiag to the simple meentsg of the psttege. whtoh Is follow isj ?y ?n etpresa mtisMtwa that "orders bars hs<a already t rea to em hark ireopa," kc the public mind M |r?t now a little wiaty of the 'a?t aad leede game Itaitaa MttlN Tho grwti foaturw of 1 UM> iwoee I* stl I tar I bald I bot the pr<>r?rhiai <oreatit*(a ! w p-'B?r? * asHher 'harvierisi j, wheb is in^re titan , m'i'g la lb* ^ staaow. and it is amn? i( if ->ot sad I rlt I, I ? See -sw t^? svwtUitUg alt ?? ?* rtr ta I l?, t o Irtad flflflght. T*?? lastaat Uiort arr ?imp I VOM Of its brill ?? all op" with rruca II., nit " poa? Garibaldi," ?< tie good-natured moa," " mi elaHasMii " ' ul th* it ouu looks lmpastac, umo Garihaldl m forthwith the "nbuet baart in Italy," to! II La Uw oU Mary, and Beareo Mp Ua rtghisoos, if Bod and tbelrowa bearta are not enoufb fa* them. The la* caws la that Garibaldi ia bonbtrd ioa Qapaa, aad mftialaa o'l honors, alt wealth aad diati iotlga tor hinaacif, aad as ly stipulating ibai tbuae who have followed bin la lha best} and turmoil af tba darkeat tlmee should not be aer tented We hare bad a (rand trotting natch for ?300 a aide II waa between Polly, tba Omerloaa bay mm, wv owned by the Ifeke of Terranovn, aad aa fiwiu rnldlag tba property of tba Marquis da talon. U iTnquard, Um. Kmpcror'a pr irate Secretary; Pr Inoa Maaohutofl, whe came from Bade* Baden expreeely lor tba oseaatoa, mH others of tba mm clique, wara present. Tba Eagliatt geldtog waa at Drat tbe favorite, tbosgh tha betting m very aby. But tba (elding ?? broke" aooc altar starting ard tba mare went la by a long lead and waa easily by ?early a quarter of a mite. She will be wad knows at. New York aa tbe Barnham mare. Uu Bulla CorrM^eadtM*. Buu-iif , Oct. 17, 1MU Grand Literary I>tH cat at Strlin?Tks Berlin VMoem ty?U*oatu*i in Ixru4aU?Ai*qyity of Prvuiam I'm ? ranttin, Sc. , Sc. Tbe erect of tbe day, or, ratber, of tha weak (for tbe featlritiea bare extended over several daya, aad are ao& jet quite concluded), la the asmi-centeuary of tha Berlin l et rerilty, which baa excited aa much latereet aa tbe fthiller feattval did last year. In Act, the two ?aal var ear lee are of a aim liar character; they oombiae tbe ele ments of a political demonstration with those of a an lee tific Jubilee. Tbe Berlin University la oae of tba meat) fkmoua in Germany, but It does not owa ita renown to antiquity of origin, Or it la tbe youngest of all tbe blgft schools of aolenea In tha soon try, soma of which, asob as the unlrersitlee of Prague, Heidelberg) Lelpalc, wen founded aa early aa tba fourtaeatb oaatary ? a hundred years and more before tbe diaoovary off | America. Ita peculiar Importance la derived from ito beiag one of tbe first fruits of the political aad aoelal re forms inaugurated in Pruasla after the pease of TUait . when tbe rreetratloo of tba military power of tha issasr chy had exposed the hollowneaa of tbe system of abaoiot ism oc which it rested, aad revealed the aeoeasity of to rus lag a bow spirit into the government aad the people. Fortunately for Pruaila, she poaaaaaed In tbe person or Stein a statesman equal to the emergency. Tbe sword of the great Prederl ck had ahlveied in tbe feeble baa da a bis suoceaaor; tbe Pruasiaa army, oo extolled tor lis dis cipline and the tact lea of ita oommandera, bad beea dia peraad like a Bock of aheep, and the kingdom watr reduced to tba very deptha of degradation; tbe fabric of pbyaloal foroa was broken down, but a new moral power rose triumphant from Ita raiaa. it the soma time thai tba agricultural close were relieved from the yoke of feudal oppress loo under wbieh they hat, groaned for oenturiee; that the el '.lea were invented witb ' the right af aelf government, and that tbe army woo . transformed from a crew of meroasarlea to a nafwal ml I lit la, It waa resolved to erect to the capital of Pruasia ? nursery of liberal Ideas? on intellectual oeatre ? froee. i wblch the rays of totelllgesea might radiate over lbs es I tire kingdom. On tba 15th of October, lilt, juat tow ! years after the dlsaatroua battle of Jena, tba Dal , varsity of Berlin waa opened, under tbe anaptoe* ; of Bteto aad tbe Mutator of Public batrotioa i William Humboldt, the elder brother of the ve nerable philosopher whose koaa tbe whole etvUUec world have ao lately deplored. Among Ita drat ?eosbera were tbe ctlebraUd metaphysicians jrichts and Hegel the great Jurist Sbvlgoy, the profound MMMersaaeber Neander., author of the "Eccleelaatloal History," tbo geographer Hitter, anl Bocekb, the ttrst Ursak saholar of our age, and who baa bad the singular good fortune to survive aad to officiate as rector at this OfVlelh waiver sary of tbe loot I tut ion to which be haa devoted his locg. Ufa. Notwithstanding Its brief existence, tba University of Berlin baa experienced many violas tod as, which bavo occasionally Interrupted or impaired Ita oaafulseas. Ir 1113 the lecture rooms had to be cloned tor aome months, moat of tbe atud?Lta, and not a law of tbe profeaiera, having taksn up arses sgo.osi tbe French, and a: erwarda .It suffered at va rious periods from the reactionary teadeaaiea into which tbe lTuasion government relapsed, sepeciuty usdet" the reign of the present (or late) king out ita repotattnc for learning boa always boon honorably maintained, ana haa attracted pupils from ail porta of Europe and Amen ta, many of whom have, la their turn, become laminar let' or science. Among tb*m I will only m wtion Or. Berth . tbe explorer of Oentral Africa; Outxloff, the Chinese mis sionary , I.lechardt, who perished in toe wtldsot Austral* the Preach OrieiiaJist 0 >pert, the astronomer Madlar. or lmrpal, and loot, but not Waal, George Bancroft and f<d wsrd Everett. < >f late years the number af stud, nts n?s never been under 1,600, and often risen to 2,009, aad I fie mjnber of gradualee amounts to all to 6 417?, ua t: doc tors aad ltc?atlal?e af nivlnity, i:o doctors oi lawa,4.oM* of medlcitie, and t>04 of pb loeopby. Tbe roll o9 professors still exhibits soma of the uirrmnat a um n l?t rman literature and sclrnoe to ciaaelna! phllo'igy , Boeekb and Becker in tbe Oriental laoguiges, Rapp . ScLctt, Netermaa , Weber, to ethnology. Mrlrcat, Is or ch.rok>gy, l/prlnt; to divinity, Nitzscb and TmAtr ix> JurtiprndeBee, Befftcr ud Himeyer; la bitter/, Jtaomct* aid Keckt, la KaUematlce, Ktanfr ta aetrooon > . K . ic In j i.) ? .> uid t Wmuuy , Kareiberg, UHKnct lick, Rom, t'/wu Mil IX ve, In medicine. Langrrbec* Fr.'urbh. VlrrhfO, ka. The leetlylttr* commenced oo Saturday wllh a n'w Piofinor Botckh* Id honor of the deputation* (rom Her buo mlrer title*. tweoty three to number, u walla* froai t ?>?* learttd MMMM ol Vraooe, ?iwH/.erlaiHj. BaBaed . Norway aad Kn??'a, who arrirwd od mitt .one of eoa gralulaltoa. On Kuadar tbare waa a totema meetieg U i the Aula of tbe Uclreralty, la which tbeae depouuva > rreeeatad tbctr addrraaee and raoalrad lb* thaaka a' Mw< r ector. Tb* authorities of the city of Borim. repetamu**. . by tb?ehktf Bnrgonuater Bad iDe Che rmaa of V*oOD?*r>ut Oouactl, tnaocnced their latat.Uoa to larraaaa Vbt acts ? ber of atudeat* educated at (be eivrnce of Uv eiip I from twelve to tweoty , act 10 jfd'lJt four aonaal prl.?? or tvveaty Bra thaler I r?rt, tor tba eereral Cacalttca ol' i ttvlBlty.phtlceophy. lav aad medicine Tbe Mini'tar r>V I'n bile laatraotlce, II <le Bethaian ll'.lwn.and l?r r>. aad pcofeteur of tbo University, appeared aa Wir rept' teatattra of |>vern?eat. bat tbe grealeet Mare* '? wa* netted by tbe appearance of l)r. Maoot, aa old mar | of ninety odd, bat (till ha* and tigoroue, an delegate o* tbe clergy. If Bocabb, ?ho ta btmaelf ta bia 7?th year rip.led to every oca with Ibe tart aad happy turn of aio 1 q<>eaee tbat dtatlrrutab him, though It aanat have bee? I a hard 'lay'* work fur a man of hi* age, aad w-.tb twc nor* laborious day* before bin In the evealaf (I air afraid your reader* will b**boc?ad) s. h..ler * ' ar-ie <r M< ?t it a' ' was [orform'd at ibe Opera H >Mlou emii jw<-> : ompot'l entirety or mei<.bera of tbe rairwriity ati". > tbctr cweeia, with tbe female braaubed of their faeaii.a* . lowborn itrkata bad txaa Clair I bu Wed gralaltoaaly by order of lb? Pi inea Kegect Oa Monday rears .af, trx actual *nalrer*ary, to which the former proeeedrori' , errrtd a* prologue aa<l the *obwc<ioeot aa tpllofoe. *a a> i urate crowd aaaembled n front of ibe Dal vertlty ard la tbe Iborourbfarta Itiat tea: frrm It to tba tbnr<b of M WlahoUe, tbn > ah wb'ct a H>Bf iftt'teloe began to drill* at tea A. M. It wa*> beaded by tbe atudeata, ta tbalr qoaiat medtaTa) ooa tnaie, oarrytna alott tbe trt oalored flag of <i. rcaaay, aui 1 foll>wedby tbe pref.aanra, befor wnotw two i^uw were N -ae U *ymbu<*ortbr f| uaU ;artad>eMow |mt aeeted by 1b* Uetwattr. tbm ?me tbe dei qti?w of ib< ? *<?demlea aid foreign ut'rert ttea, tbe clergy aa4 at; j Itatea of Bi'rlla. the padnale* of tbe IVrcrell) , th. pj . rin of tbe rartnua acWle aad *?le*tt4e totlHaaoaa. .wc. . A r , e?Teral tbrmeard la e ' tuber, who coici letaty . ? ? ? ibe rborfih tod tae * pace ar on ad 11. Tbe l*rtac> Kagerr. aad totte were matrd o: a tribune rr*c> d fr: Me ova ti"B Alter aa antbeta aad a prayer by Dr. Htu**b, ?? raatata waa per 'awd by toe royat cburMer* . aad frotrraor BJarAb itwtDoed to oratwa, reaownai the "rtgta of tba I'aietralty aad tbe ehtaf pbaeaa o " tta biatoi y, aad dwellleg la ?ir? a? of intif eloqjeotw ow tfce a? rvioea readered by It to altrl'lrttioa, aad tne aa rae? of ftitara utility tbat awaui it A Latin cbor m w rmtnatet. tbr*irrV? alter wbtcb tbe prlnr p at gaeaterepa -ed tatU , h< t?l of N. de Btlbi ai , where a anmptotrt* baaq 't xtn prepwrrd lt>r tbem V??Urday lb?y agata aaeembled a> the uw cbarrb It bear ibenaaMi of tbe laditldaaia pr delated oa whom tbe honorary tcgrer of <loe!"r bad teete mafrrrrd oa tbi* rultao <?r.i*ma, aad amnof ?#?m " tr twe fir l'aTi<" Brt * at* r ; I *e Italian earaa* ?we\ t*H< > it orb rtewiKt. Cbe??>4il, Mil the pa'attrr, fTtifbieh m the atttlag there w*a a grwad *a,',-x r tad ball at K <?, r r?itK-n, wMob waa proinefd till a lata boar of tbe *>gh! . or ralber li t aa early bour la tb* oturalag T^daw there wt'l be d ou*r* giran Uy tbe rector an t U?e r?n?a* < t tbe foer fbeultk*, *wret '??d by a t^rabiigbt prria**^ ff tbe tlodcala, aad a ? o^tuBieroe'- or dr'.akwg baa: ? * tfce latter at tbe et]<eaae ef the nity of B-rl!a A* a *u?a up to the fr*t i vitie* tbera la to bt a moeetar ?<.?oert t< . ? orrnw en tbe Ppandaa Bery .aboal '.bene m <e Ir ma nrrfte with wh 'h, I preemor th rer?'ry w ton, ?ate It I* t*ty to be bopci that 'h,* , #.< ma> *M hara aa lejirtnua effoet npt o tar Ud d <-,i rn ?c.) rrofee?tii?. wb? are eedoaed by the r?n> ? ?t -of In jei.tb ?n taoulge la hilar to whi.j) *r? re - aetrwarenied, and whteb fr*mt a ttrik'.ng mo'.tt ? ,e .*? uniil *abor aad mnr't '? ? ?' ? ?it"*? ??{ ft l'p to the prttrat momt at erer/tbtig h*^ pr.r?f. i with aaemparr orderen Ideeoram The c. | w . ar* a l/w tl?e tppearaere, ead bur meta ? p.-t .illy < ?(* ?jed. the ntmoet (pa?l 'eel la r pre? aile, aad tbo pv,pi, omm te term net! that a 'ettlral !r-oteij t/> ???>,-> nr( dleti rhed by ar y r> ? i hu t ? ? r,#. ? , n,. *^r. T'> ?>a?"re t)? re are ( >ntj uri>-.| --o? ?i ? ? , thry do 0i?t make -e.< noe < .? jrt?. r ?? , ^ i r i< * aad ton (It e tht '? ?* ft 1 1 c^tr ' t pj tb'' f l?.r * IW"'1'" aad pre?o?t rf it, rr. .r,,,, llMff?r . with ttietr ? oTtawtnU. I VI y 5Mt Th' *rar?aie \*t*m fMwa tht terun r r Rvis** and JuKria^n^t nf t\U h O/iu^o M f? Inn*- A?f4f?rw'i raifaemi Ootr lb' ho/rime? T* ? fmmrobU t* />*! ? ? ittiWi tf t%t Q- a. V wrr Sr , Sr Ibe fir graph wilt hare ta formed yon ere tnt thai tte Wareaw nr* fretu-ea bar* nem* to aa aatineiy Td Ba<) tbat tbe bi?b and mlghtt p?r*<mage* aeaemkiad ?be-e bar* feparafd agala r ia/>*<a. T*ie |; r-~ rf i?r Dowager Caarlaa *reo>a almnat to bare (erred a# a ? ootne rreteit M> break lag np the merilef , ?. tar r?.e Ale-aai'tr e? evidently gtwd to *rra|e fr ?t t>* raeele. ar rather rmat h'* well Vtored c-illetri- >. Ute ^aipree- ct A> *lr a. *r d *?trted f?'m*irt*e ?Ni a tbat ftet-ored fle't* ae m-'R n' r .? tllal an.-rti-dt. Bed'd t?"t ??'? ,vr the l?f, r, et y ,, ??NHMi ??/*, b>.' .eh Ittg b gt tit; wtt,

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