Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1861 Page 5
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?tttuttoM, and the tie? of friendship will bind ffcrn stronger to as than treaties. The remem brance of the generous hospitalities of wliioh l they ware the willing recipients at our % fcsnrln must erer exist in the minds of those personally concerned, and when they hare gone to that bourne whence no traveller returns, the good feeling will still be preserved among their descendants. Thus it is that in ^ ternational courtesies have their influence as ^Mnuoh upon succeeding generations as upon the that promoted them. The moral effeot of the PSnilt will also be widely telt throughout the f empire, apart from our own kind offices. The f Japanese have seen the benefits of free com merce and free institutions; and such exam plea?the proudest that the world affords, de spite the storm that is now sweeping over us? cannot fail to lessen the restrictive policy hith erto pursued by the government of the land of the Rising Sun. There are two hostile parties in Japan?for even that happy realm is not free from revolu tion?one of which is in favor of closing and the other of opening the ports to foreign com merce. Who can doubt, therefore, that the re ports of the Ambassadors and their phalanx of seventy will give a power to the liberals never before possessed by them, and that we shall in Bee the shipping of the great West crowd the harbors of the great East, to the advan of all nations? We prophesy much from friendly intercourse. Not only will it af it Japan, but, through Jap^n. China and the Other Eastern lands, and vice versa. The fame Of Embassy has spread over the wide area fOf the Orient, and no longer will the East dis trust, with Asiatic prejudice and exclusiveness. United States. There is no ?ther nation in the world that would have profited as much by this intercourse as the Japanese will. They hare observed everything, satisfied themselves about everything, and intend to print every thing; so that nothing has been lost upon them, and we may look for results both inte resting and profitable. In another column will be found our naval correspondence, giving the details of the voy age home; an accident to the frigate Niagara, Which might have ended in a wreck, within sight of Fnsi-Yama, the holy mountain of Ja pan, and the proceedings on the disembarka tion of the Embassy at the imperial city. We conclude with the hopeful reflection. Ab alio crpectes alteri quodfeceria. THE LINCOLN BEGHME. Vhe Hew Art ministration Still in Favor of Coercion. The Day Fixed for the Departure of the President Elect for Washington, fcC?) fcCi^ Our Springfield Correspondence. SrRiMuncu>, 01., Jan. 22,1861. Another Semi-Official Manifesto?Important Presidential Dicta?The Mission of Judge Kellogg?Telegraphic Ex hortation?Another Indiana Delegation?Penonal, Ac. The Daily State Jrumal of this morning contains a lengthy leader under the heading "The Right of ttoercion and Making War on a State,*' which not only hears exter nal evidence of being carefully prepared under the eyes of the President elect, but is so universally received by republican politicians as an authoritative exposition of Mr. ^Lincoln's views, that 1 feel fully Justified in subjoining its substance:? The article begins with a refutation of some of the points made in President Buchanan's last annual message and Attorney General Black's judicial opinion on the right to secede. The following propositions are then made:? 1. No State has the right to secede. 2. It is the duty of the President of the United States to enforce the laws thereof. 3. The llrit republican President will discharge that duty fearlessly and faithfully. 4. In Its discharge he will confine himself to enforcing Che laws in which the country at large is interested, vie: the collection of the revenue and tho protection of the federal property. Be will not invade a State to secure the repeal of unconstitutional enactments by Its legisla ture, but merely resist aggressive encroachments upon the federal authority. Tho article is not very luminous. The animus, how aver, is clear. It breath** the determination of the in coming administration to do its duty, and oppose the re sumption by the Southern States of the sovereign powers delegated to the federal government at all hazards, and assert Its authority with all means at its command. Several significant declaration* have been made by the President elect within tho last forty-eight hours. A pro minent republican took oocssiou to allude In his presence to the many rumors afloat as to his readiness to endorse the border States' propositions. His remarks elicited a ?vigorous reassertion of the strict adherence of the Presi dent elect to the Chicago platform; that the policy of the republican administration would be conducted on that basis, ana that the border States' propositions should be entertained by republicans both in and out of Congress only In case a constitutional prohibition of the acquisition Of any more territory without the consent of two thirds of the States could be simultaneously secured. The Importunities of the different cliques now engaged bore In pushing the clalmM of dtrers aspirants to Cabinet appointment* drew out another noteworthy dietum from Mr. Lincoln, who seemj to be grow ing justly Impatient with the solicitousnem of certain parties. He stated In as many words that Is tho selection of his constitutional advisers he had to ooosult the feelings aud wishes, not of a few friends, but of the people at large, that Messrs. Bates and Seward were the only members of the Cabinet definitely de termined upon, and that it wss highly probable that no other names would be officially announced until after his arrival in the federal capital. Judge Kellogg Is greatly mortified at the character of the reports circulated and credited so generally during the last three days as to the object of his visit to Spring field. Be has to-day authorissi a fiat and unequivocal contradiction of the rumor that he came out here to urge npoa Mr. Lincoln the propriety ef committing himself on Some of the compromise propositions, in order to secure their endorsement by the republican members of Con gress. He also denies the truthfulness of the statement that be came here to counteract the <4forts of the friends Of N. B. J add in connection with the Cabinet. He says that his back is as sound as ever, and seems to deem attempts on the part of any person to Influence lbs action of the President elect upon the Cabinet ques tion no lew than impertinent intermeddling. .Before this contradiction was given out a number of republican leaders had again telegraphed to Messrs. Jarn*worth, Washburn acd Iajvijoj, at Washington, to aound tbrir feelings on the compromise inane. 1 hey re piled lac* n cally, but unnilstakeabiy:?"Mak-no compro mises?pass no resolutions " This telegraphic exhorts tlon will doubtless put a stop, for the prsssat, to the osutempiated legislative action on tho subject of dis union. Another Indiana delegation made their appearance this morning, cons sting of a legislative committee, appoint- ! ed under a joint resolution, to invlts Mr. Lluoeln to pass ; through the cspltal of the Rooster Stats while on ' his way to Washington They were received by the President elect in the com of the forenoon. In re- I ply to their Invitation, lie stnte-l that circumstances had ns yet prevented him from definitely selecting any particular routs; that be had seriously thought of going via Indiaiiapolis, and would let them know his Una) de cision la the course of the next fortnight. A rich revelation has been made in regard to the com mutes In question. It seems that the Speaker of the lower bortfe of the Indiana It glslature had flatternd him self St one time with an Idea of gnimr into the Cabinet, and that It wss only wM a v|? w to obtain a general le gislative endorsiment th..t It* accepted bis prone*.t p*> S''lon. After b* ing elect.> bo , be foun.i thai th" friend* ? f Smith had votetf for him iasr?tf to g"t him out of their way In PprUigfle d Knowing that Conner and others were oat here )>e hbor ng the President eieot t> favor of Smith, he appointed, out of revenge, none but stroig mil! Smith men on the Committee of Invitation, in order to paralyse the exertions of the farmer. It is stated, indeed, that the member* improved their upper - tunlty, and entered an emphatic protest against Smith's appointment during their stay, and that apparently with good effect. One of them, at least, asserted moat strenu ously that Caleb would never enjoy the hoaora and emoluments of the Secretaryship of the Iaterior. W. T. Bascom, Chairmaa of the Ohio State Central Com mittee, is here operating for Schenk. IT. W. W. Gitt, a Virginia delegate ta the Chloage Convention, la here to demonstrate his own fitness for office under the oover of advocating the claims of Moat gomery Blair to the Cabinet. Frank P. Blair, Jr., has just arrived from St. Louis. SranGraon, Jan. 23,1M1. Seward and Oammm?A Lad Onslaught Upon "Old Abe"?Thurioui Weed to Bring Up the Ratrve?Oev. Chatc and the Cabinet?frank P. Hlair't Vint?LegiAa doe Spree, <fc., 6c. It Is now noarly a month since tip opening act of the Cameron melodrama was performed by tho old stager himself in this village. The newspaper reading public having been treated diurnally from that up to the preaeat date with accounts of the progress of the tragi comical play, a surfeit may be well presumed. It is true a con stant shifting of scenes and change of actors relieved the monotony of the performance to some extent. But la these piping times tho appetite of the public for novel excitements la so keen that such protracted ringing the changes on a single individual and a single subject can not but produce a sort ef Intellectual nausea. It has been your correspondent's devout prayer, indeed, for many a day already, that the curtain be drop ped In this all but farcical piece of poli tical chicanery. Yet It seems that there is to be no end of it. Instead of a denouement, a greater en tanglement Is inproepedu. The number of performers is to be increased, and the cabalistic knots double tied. Seward and Weed are now to be dragged upon the stage; at least, I learn to-day from a direct source that the Pre mier has been solicited by the President olect ta com ma nicatc his views as to the propriety of Cameron's appoint ment, and that his reply, strongly endorsing the Penn sylvania aspirant, has bean received within the last forty-eight hours. I am further informed that this favor able certificate of character is but a portion of a pro gramme agreed upon in Washington among Cameron's whippers-in to socure aa ultimate recognition of his claims. Sufficient time will be allowed for ita operation upon the Preildential mind, after the lapse of which a grand and last assault is to be made by the master tactl clan of the Evening Journal In case "Old Abe" should still be restive. A second visit of Thurlow Weed is, Indeed, expected to take place toward the latter part of this week (the Washingtoa correspondents are all mistaken as to tha time of his Intended arrival), when it is hoped the man that made Mr. Lincoln's frontier will find a place for tha dis consolate Simon. I trust that the great Albany lobbyist will settle this vexation in one way or another. There are many indi viduals to be found about here that think it might have been done much sooner, with credit to both Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Cameron, and that the variety of reports and rumors circulated these four weeks as to the nature of their relations did not by any means raise either in the opinion of the nation. The Chase question is almost ss badly mixed up as the Cameron complication. Every day brings a new version of what occurred between th? ex Governor and the Pre*: dent elect during the former's visit. To-day an other wise well Informed politician of this State told me an en tirely new one, insisting, of oourse, that it alone was en titled to credit. According to It, Mr. Chase avaiied him self of a standing invitation and came out here to re monstrate against the alleged fishing of Cameron for the object. The President elect, who is, and has always been, a warm admirer of the Ohio statesman, listened respectfully to the arguments of the free trader against the protectionist, but In his frank, blunt manner asked him the rather embarrassing ques tion, "How he himself would like to accept a seat in the Ctblnetr" The circumstances of the occasion rendered, of course, a declination of the proportion imperative, This, it Is said, was the very thing Abraham?whom this adroit movement stamps an intuitive was driving at. However thts may be, It is certain that Chase's report ed appointment is calling forth as many protesting de monstrattons aa that of Cameron. For the last week politicians from the southern part of Ohio have been be sieging the President elect with petitions against Chase and for some more conservative man. The Pennsylva ulans that visited Springfield also showed a great anxiety to pay him back for his opposition to Cameron by making vigorous remonstrances. They urged that the Preaiden tial battle hud been fought and won on the protective tariff issue, and that It would at once discredit the in coming administration In the eyes of the protectionists of their State. That Seward is also averse to the ooi leagueahip of Chase is well established by the fact that the representativea of the New York radicals?George Opdyko, Judge Hogeboom and Hiram Barney?visited Gov. Chase both before and after coming out hero, and pressed his cause with manifest enthusiasm. Frank P. Blair Is now paying a second visit to Mr. Lin coln. Frank Is down on all proposed concessions and compromises. He says feey cannot possibly stay the tide of secession, but only weaken and demoralise the North. He evidently thinks "fight we must, and tight we shall," and is ready to buckle on his armor and draw his sword. On the other hand, he does not seem to apprehend the en gulfing of his own State in the vortex of disunion. He believe* the Union sentiment strong enough to frown down all attempts at s :ch by <t? m Rogues a*.<l tra; tors like Green, Polk, Gov. Jackson an others. To-morrow both houses of the I, gmi iturn will make an excursion to the neighboring city of Hloomlngton, for the purpose of attending the opening of the State Normal School. A grand spree may ba oxpectod, as the city au thorities will foot the bills. MR. LINCOLN'S DEPARTURE FOR WASHING TON. Sewroni l.r>, .Tan. 27, 1881. Tt is now positively settled that Mr. lincoln will de part for Washington an the 11th of February. He will go hence vim Iafayette to Iodliaapolia, wh?re he will re ceive the hospitalities of the Indiana I sv: stature; thence he will proceed, probably, by way of Cincinnati to Co lumbia, Cleveland, Buffalo and Albany. From Albany he Intend* to make for Hu-risburg direct, thence to Balti more and the federal capital, but a tour to Now York and Philadelphia ianot impossible. Arrangements for special trains all the way through are making. No military escort will be accepted. The ent ire Journey Is expected to bo mado lusido of ten days. The Presidential family will start a few d-iys after Mr. Lincoln'* departure, under the protection of ?otiie friends, so aa to reach Washington simultaneously with him. Place stekerft will consult their own interest* by ab staining henceforth from both personal and epistolary applications for efflcec. The ProMdOLt eleot desires the utmost privacy during the remainder ol his stay. Important Assignment. St. I/Ocv, J.v . 27,1M1 A special despatch from Ind pendeoco to the ftrjmt (Man says for the week pist Messrs. 1\ ad'leil, Majors. Jonrs and others, representatives of their different firms, have been here making an adjustment <>t' their affairs, whK h haa resulted In the assignm.'t* to Messrs. Kinnis, Iwtng, Street and Allen, of St. I/wits, for the p irpose of securing home creditors and endorsers. A Mots available atid otherwise amount to $1.600,000; Hah Hit led "iknown Mr. Majors lias given up of on his household furniture. Departure of tile Canadian. PtiRTLAjro, -tan *J7, 1M1 The steamship Canadnn v.uied at ton oe!i>.< this morninr. being detained till that hour by the u- o ,?i rival ot the (Unit'In mails. Tile Weather at Boston. Ho. tow, Jan. 27, 1 Mil About four inches of at. w fell here |wt nu*ht, and the weatlier to-day haw been ek'Or au I mild, with-I igmg never tetter. Markets. Nkw OhiJi***, Juti 2?;, isfll Cotton steady sales to dny 6,800 bales .it 10'(c. a 11 v fnr middling. Png ir steady .?f 4<\ * Be. ft>r inr to fully fair. Molasses . 21' . a 2%. Klimr quiet at 40 for sup<iline Corn?Yellow, 60v. Mos? pork, mi 50. Kreights?Cott< n to Liverpool. |' d. Ktchangs on I/m don, 106.H t 10# Sight ? \i' on N"w York, >* ? X t<er cent discount, Chicaiio, Jan. 26. IHfll. Hour quiet. Wheat firm at We. a RO.'fc. for No. i; 74 '?e a7?H?. for No 2 Corn quiet sales *ush els at Vfl'.,c. for No 2 in "or or.t* quiet pu? J.W0 bfcls. flour; S.OOOb ifb Wheat ?s,WOO b . Hank rates advance^ to of r C'Sit premium. C| .?<?!> -, Jar 2H, mi 1 lour unehai ired an<i ti t mu '< <1 'ig Vliisney i4e Hoi * llrinei at |? 40 a #? 60 M Ivkln better .it* mend at 117 Hulk m it a" h. ' i.x t. u er, lard ?M il at P>kc Money marl t qo'et. 1-i"lit exUvia^o on Ntw York at X percent premium. NEW8 FROM THE STATE CAPITAL. Ik* bv Feature tf tke iiutwtal ^n> tl? Starti ea Weed* Stoto fireetoj MM liiih| Vp?<?Mral Nmtetlii to Break tke K^rmej Crnktry At Pwfcrth ***?? *f tke UgMtivt m tke Jkgtoto SeiietotleM W>i arc TilM ef tor MmMmmv Lleoela mitodtoPMi Tkreegk Rev Terk?Bib Iairt4*e?d?Ike Tito ef (up to SprMcM-Iki Am tu*r?i (MtrNfrKj (hut kefine* to CMprMbt-givard u4 We<4 ip PMtod to to tke leer ef M?trea?, Ai-?jurr,Jan 2?. 1M1. There :a a great deal of excitement upon the Senatorial question. The frienis of each candidate are as busy a< morUia wall can bo The announcement that Ktiu-U wa aot upoa Weed s slate, and the probabilities that Harris Cook or aome other person would soon be found there! ranted a perfect consternation amongst the friends of Evarte. This change in the programme of the Albany chief was brought about by the foam* that was got up ?gainst HvarU. and it is reported, upon reliable authori tr, that Weed wrote to Kvarta asking him to 1 decline. Instead, however, of declining, be sent ' etron* k>bb-'r ?P in his furor, who were to be found yesterday, in company with several members, who became alarmed at the enormous propor tions that the Greeley movement had aasumed, rolled up their sleeves and entered upon a vigorous canvass Tor Evarte. The result was that lsat evcumg no person but EvarU appeared to have any chance, and I hare the best of authority forsuting that he is now the candidate of the Albany Regency. This decision, in my opinion strengthen* Greeley, and will drive a number of the Wewiern members to the support of ihe Tribune philoeo pher They particularly object to the platform of Evarts as laid down in his Castle Garden speech, upon the Fugitive Slave law Preparation are being made to circulate this speech amongst the members It wiU make its appearance on the first of next week Evarts' friends have distributed last night and this morning two Important pamphlets, one containing Kvarts argument in the Ifmmon slave case, with a printed circu lar to thf clerks of?'both houses, with a request that they wil. circulate; the other is his speech delivered during the campaign of 1KM at the Broadway Tabernacle There is every symptom that Krafts' claims will be puAed with great energy from all sides to aa oxtent ael dom witnessed in any canvass. We shall have next week caucuses, sub-caucuses, private gatheritgs, street corner meetings and side door whisperings enough to satisfv the curiosity of any man. Greeley'a friends are aot going to let Krarts walk over the course a contest-thev will contest his claims at every point. DaWd Dudley t -eld and sereral other important workers are on hand spiking their guns and pointing^hem directly at Weed s slate bound to smash :t W possible No person can move about amongst the members without discovering the fact that there is an extensive movement to sm <sh things generally, more so than baa ever b.?n exhibited at the fc ,.Look ?ut- therefore, for the spiinters which may be seen flying in every direction. The Greeley caucus"on FrIday night at Conrrms Hall resulted in the withdrawal of ail the anti^fSTcsiidl, and concectrating their force upon <>reeley. j c Smith?who is really the choice of the radtc tls?seelnv that If he remained in the Held it would only d.vido the .orces against the slate, he therefore counselled h's friends, tf Mdeo auould not be a candidate, to go for Greeley At the tita. when Evai is' stock was down anc his chances suppose* to have been helpless it to aaiC that Judge rxddeo was waited uircn' by Weec and requested to see if his brother Henry B. Selden, would consent to become a candidate This requeat was complied with, but U(. to the hour or wrliing th-s, Mr Selden had not decided wh<!her lit would allow his name to be u*ed or not, and since Kvarts is on the slate, there is no necessity for hitn to come forward now unless it to as a compromise candidate, when (be battle between Kvarts and Greeley results in a draw. ?is chances all rest, as matters now sUnd, upr.n that one point or the failure of either Kvartt or Greeley to win a compromise falls on Salden, you need not be surprised to see that turn to the whole affair in the end Although both sides are extremely confident of success tntre will have to be a change In the feeling of members for either to succeed rhe members from the strong r? publican counties oppose Kvarts on account of his Caatl Garden speech; he to likewise a buter pill for a portion of the Sinate, who are usually counted sure for Weed on any Issue, on account of his participation In the dinner t-? Governor M >rgan for his vet*** last winter and it will takea large amount of work to whip thorn into the traces for Kvarts, notwithstanding they are particularly down on Greeley. There to a mixed combination look at It ai you will. ' Greeley's friends are growling about the course of Rlseley, the Clerk of the House, who. they claim ow?i hto tomiwtion to the fact of their supporting him. That he should now he found circulating documents fcr Evarts seems to be an enormous oSence In their eye* and they seem to have come to tne conclusion at last V',W.l"we man " mlKhty unsartam." Th<- ooming week will be one of the m<?t interesting of the seaaion There is a great deal of talk on the appointment of commiMloners to ro?et tbo^e from other Ht*te<< *t Wash ingion. fievaral or the member.} from the interior whe imagine their counties are the centre of tte universe and the hub around which revolves everrthiug material are opposing the appointment of the" commissioners' tut the more intelligent and influential members of the party are all udv icatiiig the appointment of these commissioners, and the indications to-day are that good men will be selected and sent there untram melted with any ultimatum in th. ol instruct .one but leave it entirely to their judgment npon bearing the aemanos of the commissioners Iron other Mute* Ibis to re*lly the only Mtislblr way to dispose of the subject and if the> select m. u who can comprehend th pros nt posit*? of our country, the} m > be able to accomplish something. [ hear mentioned ns commissioners fh a will P'OlMiWy be appoint.*?the names ol James O. Putnam 4r?r?*T' ? Wlry^ l,,v"' ""?"?/ El'Id and wm.Qrrta Noyes There bap been no definite arran/ement ma^e a* to the appointment ol iho bOoimiaaioaers, but they will rt vibtl' km be choser by Joint ballot, in the same form as the United States .-s nau.r A number of the o^puants fordceaids moniie will probablt be let down easy bya prsitlon on the comTuss'on 'Ihe Sis-aker ai)iKjinu*d as committee on the part of the House to art uput) th' Virginia r i-oiiilioi.^, .*ie??rn. Pierce, Bingham. Ktncb, Camp acd Var'.an?f< <ir repub lion* and one democrat. There I* a strong realms amongst the democracy in re ??rt 10UN speech of Senator M<-I<eod Murphy OB the Governor's message. Sov<Tal of ihem Insist upon re?.1 ing him out of th? party, hut he declare* that be will not go. Whilst he mien Lot wholly agree w ith hi* aseoetab-s In rtgarl to the present crisis, yet in all other questions he stands upon the nam" platform The speech wu a boM one for a democrat , and is taking a decided iasue with many of the members of his own party, and espe cially wan he severe upon ihoee who participated, the Km the in meetirg in New York a few days since, lie hail placed himself h gain it neceMion in an> shape. Mr. Birdsail introduced a bill this morning, to incorpo rate the New Ynrlc I'usseuger and Baggage l.ine Company, under the title of an act for the better protection of btrangera and cltmecw in the city ef New York. It con .lohn 8. Falrchild, Join r. fYmgi", Harvey 8hel doc, William P. sabry and Oeorge Whitehead a ho ly cor potate. it providue that they shall keep Vehicle* cjough standing at the railroad <le|N>M and steamboat lan tinga for the purpoee of carrying all paneeiigers and o.tggage to any put of ttm city,at rate* thu may be flxed by them Dot exceeding the followiiig rate*?For em h pameoger for any distance not e xceeding one mile, twenty avec.-nu, for ?wk additional mile or part of mile, fifteen o-nla. The ratee of fare to include the free delivery, by baggage wagon* or otherwt* , uf one orr'ir.ary travelling trunk or ha* It alro provide* that all llcenne* for earring'*, veblel?? and driver*, Khali expire on the drat of Jutyt next, and after that dat? every IkMBte snail state in number of carriage or vehicle for which It la grant*!. Mr. Fisher, of Brouklyn, Introduced a bill to provide for the appointment of four commissioners?two from the count) ef King* and two (ro?n lh> county of New 1 Y'rk?to be called Kerry CV?rnnii?*ioB*rs, ami ti have full charge of leasing the terrlea between Book I man J ' New York, lix the rate uf fare, ootnmuUllou, k'txlof j b-Mtf- to be utNid, au'i, is :aut, a genual supermirnueao . e? the whole. ' Mr. Hutching* Intro looed a bill lo incorporate the I/Oft and K?und Aseociailoo of New Y<>rk. It p ovlde* that the as?ociatl><i ah <U take poeeemloa of th? lo*t uig unclaimed ha^gage and parcel- is the h .ndn of ratiruad ' andexprea* aounaiilee, a? wetl a? everything t c!t'?l op i in the frtreets, wnirb sh.u. be kept at n pi*co of <.'in?rni- , ent acccaa, and if not claim*") w.thln a given vettod, shall be hoI'I, the m i-e In thereof to bo |Mid nvvi to the OommsiMicr* "I l'ubu (hwtlee an! O iiftf-B, to be applied to the support Of lb*? <eit>ioof poo< Mr tamp < fibred ihe folk wing reaotoMon. Invit ing the PreaMetkl elect to oom<> through Albany on h ft nay to W aching ton, which ?? adopted ? Whenim, It la known the President ulect will leave Springfield in a few days for Wi*iin,'t>n .and wherene. hi* jieirney to th* mM.nal cnpiij atvnild be marked by *u. h m utiioUitl o- o popuU> rmpec4 >ia are Utte aa well to him a* to th? nigli otiice be in .about as sume; and wlier ?*, th- loyal t? op|.? of the rtMte of N'i w Y ork will <ord"Uly vdIooim him ?t ev- ry point, and us sure hitr of tkiMr deToticQ to the e .'M?itut.i.>n and law* of the eewtri: IkMdMi Iti-eolvcd, if the Senate roi c irtt, "Itat hn rj*el>n< f the tioverner he re^ue.'Hed to re^pcotfu ly in' i'e Mr. I Mnuoln to |n'Mt tli-tmnh Htate f.? hn w?> to tho j fedctal capital. an>l t<> tender to h< a toe hospitalities of i the author itu.e /m l th'- people. Mr Hardy ofl. red a re'oiut'on Ir.ipiirlng m'o'he trans 1 aetiooe In regard to the d'^poeiU ef propirty by tho , maMMereef the imiMtm for th" Blind i? th 'city of New York. The resolution wm mid over nnder the nil * ! r*?v- raJ local hi m ? re lmrodn.:e<l, moetljr referring to e< ni'- l< i al t? wwbip tn >tt?r ntHotinedei''iti d i; the titmnitttfl* "f thi'Whelefor A long IMne the t i to pin d" foi th' >ti t'lete iinroll ment ?if th" Ihllitla o' li" Htnte, >nd In.tUy '.nd re- | P|Tt<Vl pi. (tr< ? The ant railroad pai t are pav mg th r wajr to 0'*>r i a rcaouitlon, e'hei on V :.,l?y t.<irb or Tv >d?y, to il? ? chftrgo U>e OcHIIm Df Cities ud Villages ft >IB the further c?nsM)erati<? of the bills to repeal tho oitr rail roads, passou laat winter, aad refer then at oaco *o tti? (Wumitu* of the Whole, where they hope to unit ? anil paaa th.m during the coming week whilst the Soastortal questtaa is aUractiai the atMUoa at all parties. The real meaning of the trip of Camp to Spring field is the wonder of all. U?ai eu|>poae that he visited there to obtain a carte bbmche from Honest Abe to uee promises for places under the new administration to suouro rotoa for geaator. Thia in oooei.iere.. the real meaning tt tba trip, froat tho (act that there are a number ot noBberi appUoaats for posi tions who were Induced to vote against Robinson for Sptaker, und< r the belief that Weed, aad not irootey, would have charge of Lincoln's kitchen at Washington. Oilieri- are of the opinion that he vlalto<l there for the purpose of t?klog a hand In the Cbaoe and Cameroa tight for a position in therhblnet By convincing l.inoolii tual Greeley was all power at Albaay, It is supposed that the word* of the Ji\bvnt philuoopher would have mora weight on his arrival then during the coming week. It Is said that Camp assured the President elect that Grwlej waa to be the successor of Seward, he having a division list with him showing that '.bey had upwards of fifty pledged to vote for him in the House, and from too to thirteen In the Senate A lew Interesting facta have come to my knowledge relating to the ooutrovercy now going oa be tween Cameron and Chase It appears that Cum nnng*. of the H'vrld, >was telegraphed to by Came ron a little l?sa than two woeks since, to come ot) to WactitiifH< ii no his presence was very much needed Just at that moment. (Vmmlags, true to hU old friendship, immediately wiled the national capital, aud wl list there joined tn a movement to secure a recommen datlon lor the anointment of Cameron from Seward, but in this it is waul they failed Cum ruing* then roturned and applied to Weed for aid and comfort In the hour of their trwl. His appeals were not In vain; the Albany chief consented to visit Springfield at once, and the ar raagemeeu were made to start at a given time, and tha' Weed t-hould meet Messrs. Cameron and Moorehead, member of Oonn' e** eloct fn>m Pennsylvania, at Crest line. Tho trio then to proceed direct to tho Mecca of the republican party. The several parties started at the time Axed upon, bu' upon different routes, but Messrs. Cuiamings aud Moorehead w ere unable to And Weed at <'re*tlin?, ami were compelled to continue their journey alone. Weed, in the meantime, .started from Albany in tho noon train of Thursduy, January 17, proceeded as far as Buffalo, when a new feature of the Senatorial oon troversy was made known to him, immediately retracted his steps and has been ever since occupied upon that all important question. Messrs. Moorehead and Cumuiings. iih it has already been announced by the Hjckaij/s Springfield correspondent, had an interview with the President elect, and it is reported that they found a strong feeling exiting in the mind of the rail splitter against that kind of timber for his Cabinet, look ing upon it u* a little cross grained and hard to work into Fhupe, beside* a strong pressure to place Chase in the Cabinet instead of Cameron. Determined to leave no stono unturned to secure Cameroi/s appointment, they undertook to eompromice the matter b> urging the ap poll anient of both Cameron and Chave, one as Postmaster General und the other Secretary of the Treasury; but it seems that to this Mr. Chase disseuted, he declaring that he wished to pick h.s coiii|MUiy. and positively refused to go into the Cabinet with Cameron. And there the n.sttor rests wi<h no decision. Ureeley will give it a Ftir on his arrival at Springfield in the next lew days Cameron is, therefore, really liaving a hard time of it, but f'om all accounts hib Scotch blood has commented boiling and the public need not be sur pri.-edlit astounding derelopoments la a?hort_tlme. It is generally conceded here that Cameron stood 'no chance ot an appointment, but thooe who assort this know but littlo of tho General's power to rally against his foes. If he does not conquer in tUis he will in tho future by making combinations in the Senate. I<et those who doubt It examine his course in the Senate when Polk was Presi dent. It is understood that Mr. Fork, an active New Kngland republican, has gathered together a pilo of documents in regard to Cameron's antecedents, which hi* has taken to Springfield with hltn to lay before the President elect, these papers are the result of a large amount of research ihe Court of Appeals will hold their March term in New York. The Judges have taken quarters at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The heavy fall of snow seriously retarded travel on several of the railroads leading from this city, but they are now nil in running order. The trains on all Ihe roads have ai ';veu on time to-day. Tim Kirkmks's Ball ?The tbirty seoond annual ball f the New York Fire Department takes place this evening at the Academy of Music. Tho proceeds, in tho usual philanthropic spirit of this association, are to be devot ed to the benefit of the widows and orphans of deceased firemen. There is no more noble aim within tho reach of any body of men than the relief of those who have such high claims u|>oo then, and we hope that the public of New York will aid those intrepid young men to fullil tiie'r duty to the fullest extent. The bal! will be a bril liant affair, as the firemen promise to make it equal to any that have preonded it. Poller Intelligence. Paring Robhkrt is Bmadwat.?About nine o'clock on Saturday night, its Casper C. Chllds was onteriog Wallack'8 theatre he was seized from behind by a bold highway man and robbed of| a pocketbook containing a check for fire hundred dollars and three dollars in change Policeman Punobue happened to be In the immediate neighborhood at the time, and hearing the cries of Mr Child? hsu-toned to the S|K>t and arrested a man named Michael Kelly on charge of beta? implicated iu the rob benr. The prisoner wan searched on the spot, but nothing could be found on his person which tended to criminate Lim. Kelly, who Is a tailor by trade, was taken be'ore Justice Quackenbush yesterday and commit ted for examination. All efforts to recover the stolen money hare thus far prored fruitless. Adkim: Inhtit to Ikjury.?An impudent burglar en tered the office of Mr. H. F. Clark, No. 61 Cortland Street, on Saturday night, and stole $40 In sliver. An attempt was made to blow rpen the safe with gunpowder, but it resulted in complete failure Before quitting the premises the burglar had the audacity to attach the fol lowing inscription to tbe sale:-?-Iieave a aafe key when I ci me again." No clue has been obtained to the where about* or the Imiiertinent scamp. Maikhial Ixivx?Harriet Kverson, an Irrepressible negrese, while confined in one of the cells of the Sixth precinct stat on house yesterday on charge of vagrancy, sit/ mptcd to kill her daughter, a child about five years old by strai.gling the little one with apiece of cord. Koitnuati ly the situation of the child was discovered In good ?i anon, otherwise tbe consequences would certainly have been fatal. Justice Kelly committed the uunatural weneh lor trial. A BtuuitJiit Kworrrri Down a Fuonr or Brim.?John IhgTion and John McPermoit, youths of sixteen and n me re* u yen s of age, were committed for trial by Justice Kellj , on Sunday last, on a charge of burglariously enter .jig the premises of Wm. 8. Nappler, fruit dealer, 247 Ft itrr rt-eet. They were caught in the store by officer Ri m tail of the Third ward, having effected an entrance bv pr> ing open the cellar door with a chisel. Dignon Hated to the magistrate that McPermott broke open tbe place and entered In search of plunder, leartug him (Pig i.on) ouiside to act aa sentry. After u soarch through the premises, McOermntt returned and slated that he could not Bud anything worth taking. IHguon then en tered. arid as be was returning up the cellar stairs, Me Iter rnott became alarmed by hearing some one approach, and slammed tbe cellar door violently on Diguon's lo-ad, Iciiocking him off tbe steps to tbe bottom of the cellar. At this siase of tbe proceeding* tbe offlror came up and arrested them. It Is thought thai the prisoners are con necied with a gang of burglars who have lately lnf> sted tbe Third ward. Dtawlngi of R. Franc* 4 Co.'a Dtla* war* LoUcnu ? hus**i t'otnrrr, Cliss JS, Jan. 2*. 1861 69, 62, 20, 31, 76, 10, 47, 9, 11, 53, 4, 6, 17. 28, 34. UstPD OosholidatkB LoTTBBi.* Kouu, Jan. 36, lML 23, 10, 6, 11. IS, 60, 63, i, 56. 7. 21, 76, 28, 46. Clrrulars sent free ot charge b^sodrrsjji}^ ^ ^ WUmiaftoa, Delaware, Drawing* of the Delaware Stats L*t> teries.?KifDT A CO., Managers of the ?slawab*. Murrvoa* *m> ? ?saeoai ittfi LSmaiu Dtuviu-liTU Class Jan. M, 1*1. 37, 43 , 27. 63, 15, 61, 9, 65, 26, 3.1, 68, 49. Dsl*wab?-ClassM. Jaa M, IM1. 67, 70, 61, 62, 57. 40, 23, 5, r,6, 39, 38, 78, ?9. Circulars sent free of ohms by addressing either to WOOD. KDDV 1 CO., Wilmington, Delaware, Or te WOOD KDDT * CO.. It Loula, Missouri SUlsnsy 4t Ban's Over Strang Grand and square Pianos are now oonsider?d the best mmaufaotured; are ? an anted lor tve years. Warerooma SI and W Walk** atiret Grower 4t Baker'* Celebrated Ilslsrl*** Se? tug, $40 sad upwards, 4M Broadway, N. 1. Wheeler A Wilson'* Prwtng Ma< hiiM ?, with important improrements, at reduoed pries*. t>0ice 80b Bn ad*ay Itiiw to Obtain Cheaply Fnll and An Untitle 1.1 ST rt OK NAMKH, flags'(led according to TRADBH, ?CHI.Vgf<HR8, PROfF*. MON8, Ae. (Including Farmers and 1'lanterah In their rw ?tifUTa li callili-s. ?mbrse.ins AMY and a LI. the Watk*, fowmnim and POST < (rriCK* thr"Ughnut the Kbdkral Union, Pt. risfi Kossmsiohs, Ao. Al.-o. much similar Information relative to CrSA, W nr Ismies. hoith Ammuca, 4c. Adapted lathe ADDKI.nSiMI HIT t IKIH'IjAKH, Ac AOdrnes, by letter, OKO. BOWhAY KM, tbe World office. A Redaction to f40e? Ksrrka Hewing Merhlnes. Agi nts wanted. Ofllce 483 Itroadway. Family ?ew Uig (tore. Ila.ry'* Trl< o|>hernns la the beat and che?j i- t article fof di> -sing, beautilrlng. curling, cleansing. pIVeervlM Mi.d reetortag the hair, I-adles, try It. Hold b/ all diugglHt*. Moldavia Ctram, for I*reservlnjg and be u'llyisp the ha'r field only ?t W A. PAT! if ELoR'S newly In v. nted ig Faetorj, 16 Bond street. Hatch* lor'* llalr Dy???Rt liable. Harm 'ess and instantaneous; blaik er hmwn. Pact*} <1 Harciay street sold and applied at BATCHKLOH'H W11 f'setnry, I? bond street Christ arlorn's (fair Dye?Wlg?sndT*n. pee ? rbe he?i In the w. rid W hoiessle and retail. The D|* prlvateiy applied. No ? Aster-House Trnsae*.?Msrah At Co."a Riidleal Cnre Truss. No. ? Vesey street (Astor 'lous ), opposite the church' Trnaaea, Klastlr Ntorklngs, Slioolder Braces Abdominal fl<irpnr?er?. At?l>n?. OIiOVRH A TnoKNE, ho. 4 Ann street, undtr Baraom * Museum ?uHtC Uort?McFamjji.?Ia Brooklyn, at the rttidenca Of the bride's father. oa Tuesday evening, Jauuary 23. by Mr Rev Henry BUaohard, Bihar ajjjw Dutt to Blub K, daughter of James MoFartan, iteq , all of that city. II i iiii?w?MUamu.?Oo Thursday evening, Jaauarj M, at the reeldeace of the bride's paronta, 1T1 West Tweotyftrstatreat, by the Kct Dr. Bur chard, Mr CBa*l?b Hi mi?oa. formerly of Kdinbarg, to Hiiutut Mao umi, of New York city, daughter of Allen Maekeuts, formerly of Kdinfcurg. Edinburg (Scotland) and Treaten (N. J.) papers please oopy DM. Bakbb.?Ob Sunday, January 27, aflw a lingering W nees, CkuaijB fimaun, youngest eon of Samuel a d Sophia Baker, in the 21st year of hia age. Hia funeral will take place from the residence of I an sister, Matilda Stoddart, 138th street. Wilton, Port Moaffc road, Third avenue, on Tuesday at twelve o'clock nooor Barnw.?On Saturday, January 26, Mixmk K. Barnmb, daughter of toward and Mary K. Barnes, Jr., aged 1 year and 2 months. The friends of the family are Invited to atteud the funeral, on Tueeday morning, at ten o'clock, from their residence, No. 18S Fort Green Place, Biooklyn, without further invitation. _ Brju?x>ri> ?On Sunday, January 27, Ion Baaj>roao, aged 76 years. Ibe relatives and friend* or the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock, from the rvsidencu of hor son, George P. Bradford, No. 38 West Thirty-tilth street, without further Invitation. Cohankh.?On Sunday morning, January 27, Catb.uu.nk Maria Coka.nsm, aged 73 yearn, 1 month and ft days. Her relatives and friend* are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her son, William H.Cobankx, No. 247 Ninth street. Cuuk.?At his residence on Staten bland, on W wines day, January 23, Jobn Ajj-howso Cook . formerly of Rhode Island. New Bedford paper? please copy. Cornell.?On Sunday morning, January 27, of consump tion. in the 36th year of his age, John C. Cotrnu., of the City of Cork, Ireland. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, from the residence of his mother.In law, 69 Bergen street, Brooklyn, this (Monday) after noon, at two o'clock. Dkckkb.?On Saturday night, January 26, Abraham J. Pickkk, in the 63d year of his age. His remains will be taken trom his late residence So. 71 West Twenty-ninth street, to New Springvlll.for inter ment, this (Monday) morning, at eight o'clock. Kick.?On Sunday, January 27, after a short Illness, WiujAM Kick, aged 47 years, 8 months and 20 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon. at one o'clock, from his late residence. No. VJSi Madison street, without further invitation. His ruinaib* will be taken to Cypress Hill for interment. 'Stockton, California, and Ifetrolt papers please copy. Galvw.?On Saturday, January 26, Catiockixx Galvlv, beloved wire of John Galvin, 63 years of age. The friends and acquaintances of the rainily are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 270 First avenue, this (Monday) afternoon, at hall |>ast one o'clock. IlRMrnfrY.? At liis reslderoe, on Saturday, January 26, the Kev. Patrick Hknnmhy, in the 61st year of his age. His friends and the reverend clergy are respectfully in vitedfto attendlthe funeral,this (Monday) morning, at tun o'clock, from the Mortuary chapel, in Calvary Cemetery. Htrvr.?Hakrt, Infant son of Geo. W. and Sarah Arnetta Hunt, aged six months. The friends of the family are Invited to attend the fu neral, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the re sidence of his pareuta, No. 283 South Second street, Jersey City. Hall.?On Sunday, January 27, William Moroak, son of Thos. J. and Josephine M. Hall, aged 1 yoar, 3 munths and 21 da> s. The funeral will take place from his parents' residence, No. 9 Boorman pltce, West Thirtv third street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Jackson.?On Saturday, January 26, Dt. Chakijh H. Jackson, aged 60 years. The officers and Patriarchs of Ijebauon Encampment are requested to meet at the Kncampment room,thi*( Monday) afternoon, at half-vast ona o'clock, to puy the last tribute ?f respect to our deceased brother. Kkarnky.?On Saturday, January 26, Edward A., son of Phillip R. Kearney, in the 20th year of his age. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at half-past three o'clock, at Calvary church, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty-first street, without further notice. Kvxoc*.?On Sunday, January 27, Want* Ktvhw, aged 28 years. Hia friends, and those of the family,are respectfully in vited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday nfternton, at one o'clock, from his late residence, No. 642 Sixth avenue. The remains will be taken to Greeuwood Oeinettry for In terment. BufflUo, N. Y., and FJgln, Morayshire, Scotland, papers pl< MS oopy. tacKY.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, January 26, Arthur Bvbtob, son of the late Captain Burtus and Margaret la cey, aged 3 years. 2 months and 6 days. the relatives and friends of the family are respectfully lDvited to attend the funeral, from the residence of hi* mother, 42 Claremont avenue, on Tuesday morning, at ten o'clock. The remains will be removed to Southport, Conn., for interment. Laoomh*.? In this city, on Sunday morning, January 27, Ku'/asvth Edith Ijtcomix. The relatives and friends of the family sre Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 81 Clinton place, on Wednesday morning, at ten o'clock, without lurther invitation Lawn.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday momlng. January 27, at twenty minutes past two o'clock, of scarlet lever, Jamim F., oldest son of James and Marlon Lewis, aged 10 years and 6 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at wo o'clock, from the residence of his parents, ou Dean street, near Clssson avenue, Bro<&lyn. Mayoock.?In this city, on Saturday, Januarv26, Knxu, widow of the lato Samuel May cock, In the Stfth year or her age. Her friends and those of the family are respectfully tavlted to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock, from her residence, No. 241 East Thirtieth street, near Seiood avenue, without further invitation Morton.?In this city, on Friday evening January 2.">, of quinsy sorethroat, Edward Mklvilo: Morton, youngest child of Robert Morton, aged 2 years. 11 months and 18 days. the relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited te attend the funeral, from the residence of bis father, 846 West Fifteenth strset, this (Monday) after noon, at half past one o'clock Mykr?In Athens, N. V., cn Saturday evening, January 26, at the residence of his father In law, Judge Nichols, of disease of the heart, I.tba.ndkr Mykr, lato of Kings ton, N. Y. Moran?In Jersey City, on Sunday, January 27, of scarlet fever. Frari is. second son of Samuel and Isabella Moran. aged 2 >ears and 10 mouths. Ihe funeral will take place this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the residence of his parents. No. 106 Mor gan street, lite remains will be taken to Greenwood fur interment. Mi nn.?On Saturday evening, January 26, at the resi dence of her fattier, tu Flushing, S. Katl, eldest daughter of Kdward T. and Ally M. Munn, aged 10 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at St. George a church, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock. McAliltkr.?la Brooklyn, on Sunday, January 27, Rokkrt .Iamkh, the youngest son of Alexander and Martha McAllister, aged 13 years, 6 months and 13 daya. The relatives and friends of the 'amily are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, from the resilience of bis father, No. 72 IXiOleld atreet.on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'cl-?k. without further invitation. Mohkmann?On Saturday, January 26, Jotrx Fi>w\rd Moiirmann, the only beloved chilu of Oiedrich aud Mi la Molirmann, aged 2 months and 7 days Ibe relatives and friends of the family are most re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at hair past one o'clock, from the residence of bis parents, No. 380 Washington street, corner of Beach Nolan?In this city, en Saturday, January 26,Jomji Nolan, of Car low, Ireland, aged 66 years. The Irienda of the tamily are requested to attend hia fi neral, from his late residence, No. 17 I.iapetiard street, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without fur ther invitation Raymond.?In West Farms, N. Y.. on Saturday, January 26, Mrs Akniail Kaymohi>, in the 81st year of her age 'Ihe Irii lids and relatives or the ramilv are Invited to attind her Mineral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her son in law, Mr. Samuel Valentine, West Farms. Ki< kstkin.?On Saturday, January 26, Capt. ncMTHRY Rickktson, In the 84th vear of his age The funeral service* th a (Monday) noon, at twelve o'clock, from Trinity church. His friends are invited to attend. RmiLvi?r.?At Frederlctoo, N. B., on Thursday, January 24. in the 3d year of her age, I .AntrimMr Mart. jourgeft da>.ghter of Henry Barclay Kobinson, Paq., of itiat place, and granddaughter of William Betta, Esq , of New Yuik. Fkvmak ?On Saturday, January 26, at Harlem, Mart Ami, wile of Christian H. Swinian an<t roundest daughter M the I*to Chr Jt.uii M Uartcie, Lu the '2AUi yi%r ol her H*e. The rolallTM and frienda of th* family are tnvtted to a' ten <1 tldMnli f?om her late reaideure, ViM -itreet, third house west of Third avenue, on Tuesday afternoon, at i wo o'clock mhikxav* ?Kjjjck R*iwun, the beloved wtft of I AW Pefrreave tn thi OOth year of her iige. May h<* aoul reel in peac<- Amen. The relatives and friend* nf the family are respect fully invtUd to attend her futiera', from her late reel dein e, 168 Kaat Thu tletb street, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock. t jimi. ?<?n Saturday, January 241. Is Brooklyn, of con aiiBiption, AuiintT P s*mi. eon of Mordc. ai 0. and IMlia Minlh. *gsd .11 y arn and 2V day*. The relative* and friend* of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, from hi* late re *i< ente. 101 Void atretit, Brooklyn, without further no tice, on T' ee^ay afternoon, at two o'clock. Tm a?In Brooklyn, on Sunday evening, January tT, K ATtt, '.autihtet ot Henry B and Josephine A. Tltua, aged I yi ar and 10 month*. Not re of tuuerai in to morrow '* paper*. 1<'**HCsn ?4Hi m May, January 27, after a *hort 111 r.e?s, 1m mas F Towwmtnp, aoo of Ralph and hlixabeth To*nM)nd, a#ed I y?ar ami Pdays. The relative* and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thi* (Monday) afternoon, at two o'click, from the re*i< euo of nia patents, No. 170 Attorney street. Baltimore paper* |4?"**eoopy. Wat* * ?tin Sunday, January 27, Maim J*mi, only rLlle of M ni. uiid I liotie Wauoo, aged 1 year, V months eu.fl 2ft day*. The relative* an-' friend* of the family are respectfully ir>vit??' to attend the funefal. from the residence of her parents, No. M llirntuond street, ih? (Mouday) after noon, at twe u'oiork, without further invitation ller rs maioa will !>? tskeu U> ttrevnwood Cemetery for Ustsr Befit *t< FaRi-a.v* ?<)n Suu'lajr ?vcnaif, January 87, o( ?on aumptloe, Jan Mrfuuvi ind 46 rMrt ud 2 Miltt The relatives and frlenda of the family m tovttat IB attend Um funeral aernoea, from his late reatoMOe, Mb 11T P?ttt atroet, tola (Monday) even lag, at hiff?tot aeree o'clock. The remain* WU1 be taken to llbletoi* for interment. 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CHaM BERLIN A CO.'8 (Boeton) ''Oouoear trated leaven " It ia a veiy healthy Ingti-dlent ^ ?or aato bv All the principal groceri ana dnifgiHti GEORGE H. BAT an, wholesale agent, l? Peart alreet, New York. CORNS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS. ENLAROS* Joints and all Dtacaaea of the Peet cured, without pa*a or Inconvenience to the patient, by Dr ZA0BAR1B, Surge* Chiropodist, 780 Broadway. Refers to physician* and mm gfoiiR of thte city. mArNEWi.^^ have been cured IN THE MOST obstinate CASKS OP DEAFNESS, By Dr. VON MOHCHZISKER, 107 Clinton plaoe, between Fifth and Slith BTMMi Everybody in want . . Of a Dinner Set will d? well to examine the lot I WE WILL OPEN On Monday, January 28, constating of twenty half price. W. J. P. DAILEY A CO., 631 Broadway. E L NOTICIOBO DE BUBVA YORK I BOOK AND JOB PRINTING OFPICB IS prepared to execute all kind of Printing that may be en quired tn the Spanish language, auch as Ciroulars, Books. Cards. Show and Hand Bills, Ac., 4c.. with promptaeae aa* at moderate ratea. Office, 34 Ann street, New Tort H OMES POR THE industrious IK THK GARDEN STATE OP THE WEST. The IlllnoU Centra! Railroad Company I1AVK TOR ?AU? l.JUO.OUO ACRES or RICH FARMING LANDS. IM Tirana of forty acres and upward, ON LONG CREDIT AND AT LOW PRICES MECHANICS, FARMERS AND WORKING MEN. The attention of the enterprising and industrious portua or the onmmuMt) Is directed to the following statements eat liberal inducements offered them by the _ _ a ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY, ? Which, aa they ?? ill peroelve, will enable them, by preMT energy, p-rsevi.rance and industry, to prorlie romfortaeto and permanent homes for themselves and families, Wtto, comparatively speaking, very Utile capttil ^ LAnDS OP ILLINOIS. No State In the valley of the Mlsxlaslerl offers no great aa Inducement to the settler aa the State or Illinois. There la ne portion of the world where all of the conditions of clraata and fcOll ho admirably combine to produce those two great ato tiles, corn and wheat, a* (be prairWaof Illinois. RICH ROLLING PRAIRIE LANDS. The deep rich loam of the prairie* Is cultivated with Baca wonderful facility that the farmers of the Eastern and Mid dle State* are moving to Illinois In great number*. The area of Illinois Is about equal to that of England, and the sow i< so rli h that It w 111 support twenty millions of people. EASTERN AND southern MARKETS. These lsnds are contiguous to a railroad seven htindrM miles In length, which connects with other roads and narlga ble lakes and rivers, thus affording an UI.broken communion lion with the Eastern and Southern markets. APPLICATION OF CAPITAL. Thus far capital and labor have been applied to dereloptoff the soil; the great resourrea of the Slate In coal and Iron era almost untouched. The invariable rule that the mechanic aria flourish beat where food and fuel are cheapest, will follow at an early day In llllnola, and In the rourae of the next tea ) i-ars the natural laws snd necessities of the eaee warrant the beliel lhat at least Ave hundred thousand people will be en gaged In the State of Illinois In. the various manufacturing employments. RAILROAD BVSTEM OF ILLINOIS. Over fioo.tir .1*10 of private capital have been eipaadeB am the railroad at stem of Illinois Inasmuch ss pari of the be come fiom several of tnese works, with a valuable pueue fund In lands, go to diminish the State expenses, the taw are light, and must, consequently, etery day decrease. THE STATE DEBT. The State debt la only $10,I06,38H 14 and. within the last three years, baa been reduced $2 (KW.746 HO; and we may rm Housbft exiiecl thai in ten years It will become extinct. PHESENT population. The Slate Is rapidly Oiling up with population; fien,0>? per sons having l?een added since IMO, making the preseat poft latlon I.7IV.4W?a ratio >f I0S per ? nt ia lee years. AGRICULTURAL products. The agricultural products of Illinois are greater than theae of any other State. 1 he producta *ent oul during the peA year exceeded I.OUO.UOH tone, the wheat crop of IMO ap proaches 36.1X1),000 bushels, while the corn crop yields aaA less than I4U,UUJ,UOO bushels FERTILITY OF SOIL. .. Nowhere can the Induatrloua farmer seeure anch Immediate resulta for bis labor as upon th> "e prairie soils, they be4ac conpoiHl of a deep, rich loam, the fertility of wliicn ill" pawtcd by any on tne glnbe. 1 1 TO aAual cultivatorm. _ Since 1854 the eompauy h.?ve sold 1,3Q0,M0s rre. They I only to actual cultivators, and every roe tract eonlaies agreement to cultivate. The road has been oomtruel through these lands at an etpense of 830.100,100. In IM# the population of the fofv nine oountles through which It paaaae was only 336,6Kt; since which 47?,2?t heve been I Had. making the w hole population 814,W?a ga?n of 143 per oaa4 EVIDEM EH OF PBOSPHHITY A i an evidence of the thrift of Ue people, it mar be state* that W0.U00 tone of freight. Including 8,600,000 boahela ad grain snd 2f4l,000 barrels of ttour, were forwarded over tee line last year. F.DCCATION Mechanics and worklngmen will Had the free school syetea escoQiagea by ihe State and endowed with a large revraae for the support of schools Their children can live ia sight m thn churrh and xchoolbouee. and grow up with the proaperU# of the leading Stale In tho Great U,stern Empire. _ PRICES AND TfRMH OF PAYMENT. The prlres nt tbeee Unds vary from 84 to 8* per acre, ac cording to location, quality, Ac Firet class farming laetm sell for about 81? ?r 8>> per acres; and the relatlvs sipeaee sulxluing prairie land, as compared w Ith wood land, la to the rail! of one to ten In favor ot the former. The lerme a* sale for the bulk of these land? will be ONE YEARS I NT? REST IN ADVANCE. at all per cent per annum, and alx Interest notea at dt p* cent |iaysbly resjsn tlvely ia oae. two, three, foer, Ivi aad six yeaia irtim dete of *ale; snd four notes for principal, psyable In four, Hve six and sevna years from date of sale: the contract stipulating lhat one-tenth of the tract purcaaaeA shall be fern ed and cultivated, each and every veer for 8?e yea s from the date of aale. ao that at the end of Ove yeaea uoe half ehall be fenod and under culm all n. TWENTY PER CENT WILL BE DnDUCTBD from the valnatlon for cash, except the same ahould be at ato dollars per a< re, when the cash price will b? fire dollars. Pamphlets descriptive of the landa, aoll. climate, pi ndae tloas, prices and tfarma of patment. can be had on applica tion to J. W. FOSTER. LANDBC< iMMISSIJNER, ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAlLitOAD. < hlcago, IUia?da^ For the names of the towna, villages an l cities sliuaiee ?n the llllnola Central Railroad, see pages 188, 1W, 1W on's Rails ay Guide. NOW EEADT. 1IIK MO1O8C0PE, * new article * Wb tui be at tached t<> *nj atereuecoi e, ami by II* aid the nbw reer ?eee ?*?? flguiea In Ibr picture tumMwo. The .-Owl la ninaculew* Of f doten Hterennc. pic View* harf fccen jiroduoed to ?rpt thla unuiini imei.Uoi. Price iif Motoarope 30 cent*; per mall. J*"'pa"l, 10 PrWw of View*. 91 SO per doren, ml free by mail. O APPknToS A CO, HX aud MA Broadway. A liberal dlaccnnt to dealer*. r) DRt (IOI8T8 1 CONTlVt P T< ? OFFER HIIfFIIor Indncementa to *n? other buu*e In Drum PaMat Medi cine*. Perfumery and all (F"-d? nauaNy aold b* wfcoi-wai* dinmiuta All *alea forca?h before aalDmant PrMMUlW Lowaai range lor prime gooda. P D. ORV1H, Caah Dm* House, Mo. 163 Broadway, Hew Turk. The character aed ikkluehcb or ABOU1 inRISM; A Hermon Delivered by the REV. HP.MRT J. VAEDTKE, In the Mm Preafeytertan Church. Brooklyn. _ . ? . . Price five centa Publtahed and for aala by .I AM. M ACOLiNN 6 CO., lot Wllli*ra atreet. r E IMPORTANT PACT !?? NOW M'lXr ROTARl.WI ? ed that l'r TOHIAH' Venetian I Iniuieut ta the beet ar ticle In the world for the cure of chronic ? hcnnwlaaL mmm throat*, pain* In the ilmhe. hack and rh?at; < urea tooth aa4 headache In H?e mlnut***, and cannot be heat for nllUalM^ chapped bainl*, Me. 0*4 by (il rtru?r1?i*, at ?and Moeaaa per bottle. Office NO.rtlandt ?treeC W^HENTCHEHTER ?OI NTT TAXK* -IJNIOW P<>?? Mixtnt Vernon. Wahefleld, Ollnvllle, Wa?hln?t.-n> Hie, PHh*m*llle, Fleetwood, Central and Weal Mount Verwe*. Ac , ttwean now due and may be paid throiurb the eitfc artlber at bta'/KoeJcorn*''of drand and hlltabetk atreeta m Monday Tu>'*d*? and Wedne*da?. Jannar? V Wand *?; *U? all t<ari teiea. which ahoold be paid, i>r the lota wtl be aii 'hi* year T RKI n'tl I'nlM*' EMPIRE NEW1KO MACHINE*. &* iHIt). The cbeape*' beeauae the he*t In market Salcaru^m N* m Bnwdwaf, Maw Tort.

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