Newspaper of True American, July 2, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 2, 1838 Page 2
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fs;· U tlhe the n2IttO lit,. ""1l 11" p y ^" ........ 30 ýI t0*0 . d h .a100 0 §.-.. hols toffee 113b al..eeaee. S9lplad, ýý. Iý .mgee 104 bhda tobacto, achy . .eege4.teg lee Pw'tnbr eteep 19 .m . blles WB -D l.. lpletllih. feg *OII h T egvee 1910 pgp lced. 72 r1aeudm.b tdrugs, 32 kfoa.cargo: greceries, 0 eq d cares wne,bredy d Uu' t w alr braid? r;''4t r r, "oioko.Der ..l~ee~r N iheleret. 09deteeftpedraod sub, .14 i.o17 hlle bPite f, r! doA i aon sev, 76 bbheretoloW heeeW eur N gapm be'" notio J 7~ etei a w t F 1 A o ti. r Ad . , - 1.. aer.Pagm 77bltbalnnd t.ny. sk/ 84J cd& co; 70 do JA 375 Ip.e. load 11,1, Etd 8d t bes h Tetp. W &uop .i rtf `J t5a IsF i he e ba e .Oo i, d s,5 edeoer PRODUCE u Oco dua., oerl lbbqifg Inrot Nr L dq: ft ., dee Ge Wejn:.eeee. 2bla pes 4 d e oabmolderoltee and AIdee.T00 heds IN etet N ln. hc bert ' S le " dLavillsborra. Without Nhetoe Lyea b&tler. Is %obiae do,3 g._ 20Grooi glS Royw hr; 18 bbd. .; aetne peo et.. sen, Ale 8 co;t8Ee Lon +n H o W a..prga: 76 bolaort l t fce Juhodee;Se. 17deollnoch: nýNs trblkay tfdau 9 tn ,y. .le bey J to; 18 do Adam. k 0 rt S:i tcqh es I b8lSe. 68 n 3 I at codR e lu set sO hoad. - si t N kete . I uteer , Ceeje ldo , dI D et, et , o ka to arleo 0 eara e Ive. 110 kr, 195 sheen M Iinor: I bob butter to w .eSO.kae Lyon & Haniry ..eeristeasrr.lCnmo..Nrcn- sUe otton 13; do most, J Jourdan: 5 do Oollrdetn Barish; 9W.11 fro and ownefa an beard. .9eebute9feshee.ego. Iroaebbr Wellee,9 h og..Phaevls eeeoerlted n/ It SpWil,.J Hook,..,tColarttoic, Pftoe, We, e rob.~~ ~~ W Dee, Wlloe.Ltryf.a Oeeee Carilt. Mre D eg.d hildg gas W Wpehees, 'le.r·C C"ii, W II le B o6toe ..Flit Slowr Go;, Wayne..Maars Rea1Lg, . Np rin Ietbu. 3 Rryak 8l9Dkhat, W011.. ,. . A r umrtunlvtille..MennRWR Will". Cbdmlr. T Illi, P Robles , W Kig. Dun. ra.PDemrr. 10 Talbott. L Dreyfu" , L $ .rd, J 7NlletsoI Dr rtlnn,,, Jadg.Oldel W W 1yktInas I'helps. J Garber Mrs German sad te$thl. J bDaooelland oldy, IDo. Doer, Villtidred trtddpeohend esrot, Il Lndry dcotbhnr and eYfl B ý'v (moat and art, V Riau, nodolph,dtlbeec oeele..Per eteeseet Bloe.. 'ede P Had?. and M Retv. eer D. JDe rie.Folelte. F CortelE Ledendue, F Roers, Pouter., P Trepeegoic, P ei bhritg Pe..Mrn I Potehae hrgeaot, and S in t~a s rage. - RMEOI eDA. rt. hav~·k~ingall in rich achy Triumph (roar bawti to Ibis rack supplied her~rith eater.- Left, rik Haery torpte in feiede daryle i port. A~ieo POlictte . Loel. et led.yerhe Oth Ail Ole Of etf n r t.Ittl*Rw t 1 lteley' Iced A at outh Ohie. Pee., RedW cad Vcldoli. at New Odn r.. Money Market, daily by aonaeo& C ,.M'.1"stso Broken, ho. 45, C3mpA&o.W e lanal·d............... 18 Wr et. prewa . rN . .............. A.ib i 5 DSloans Nnosnhkn:lllbt.,ý So 1 parce. __ to I d. Thinadolpp io.ep 0 . . 6 to »"i es »..·.............. " w O~:;l~J;~ r··f to" : o I. nto....... Eto7 and Sty asoW. . 3to7 4 ».f to 5 d e ino7at..... J... . ...t t PORT OF NEW OFRLEANS. CLEAIrANCE. 4IotanoLivorpoot Annby Robinson s. IH.I Haore, ; LOG .! ?ord.Nnneoite-. J A Meorrei Wýt0 nob~onOd. Norfntd, J W Lohnin & to ,oae Gr firdford ' ' Torntn losnumb, Mtornde, r Clmbi nn li0i,'invennoa. JRnoI&~ so '.the penn.; towed.npein ship It , ndeohr tnnn1 tbroughthp n attle, is-tttlng nor ip:. tlo ot emrnon. tro'. the Phbeee towed to neotto and rnari4 Ansn boeght up tbnrnonmpt beontie in ishig at ntLror ttnsnti Bordn It. ewol,16 dSya from Va ri, to Andrw Guy1ai, has Vehaoo, 04b Jaurto Wi ; 6'o l llal~a·tha.iu Mllt~t. S ttylfren Vol.nt to WBryinW. ",A: Ass..omOCsdCalloa. .JcOyaiItonVBnon~nl fyao Wopyee. /!imos tOo Cinomnaati, SuWn liIte fitLOub. Ia y no. S' 3T*'l~iJHh13 VNFOR SALE. f offrsfr soltehi~f ay olihe WA TLE AVERTSER It sen uiierlptiton nod ndvertisint patronage in nd rntry; nsd is nltogether a deiroble ?' pare e' forO satnson who cal devotn bib hporoonl et to it woheh I cnnont. " ntni be mods Ilnoaonn npplication tony 40 t nojls.o nubt tit. Louion 0(1L SMIITH. ndypoblilonm wit plno o grie tin above no fnw ren. nodile favor till he nnriproeat.'4 J _ ii:. oaon -r Otooto % bt on !ii Northen Bank ,ofIieattolnp t .i onlevn4 at, 0 dinvo date, from Sd.Apply to H. Y. LEVY A CO., 10 (ravior rtrie t. t Ay jA5 X1-40 hogs hof lard, landing from , bnnatlfitOonent u1ow. mby LAY & ANEFvr.q,NU Cs _moron etneet. i ng from n p itaoutbAoat "tlpoeoa4 s~eas ~t'r On ,h LAYh;3.t onME tJtiG, 17 Comotto on strei. r..t,; sb - is 1 lu !t o s , ntpnrar aaii of MIS, bm M lps, f Urraitofr sae b r on ,sno do Ilaptnolon .1t.1. i ·rapts  Cý'ae iiric--1t 400152IN dohnoodr, 10t bble sootnon S wbiokpy; f bis mosand 1lbbln * rt~ brig tiocaroofinaf Sat boat -d% IOAYEV & A)IlLUIG, t' 1? C..rmoooro street. te nournond a onnexion, thoen tOig Cttmmionina jjoirl, in Ssi ISnto of Adam & Whitall. C ADAMS. Jr. JON.E WHI I'ALL. 4% vv A t 511-A rot Loulesm clan., sitbsr boy or girl, apply at this a&**a AdeSop, 7d, 4l03 po.n Plo.. 44faJo1 ottli. Ispeecon; ifo 3 ~~~44 o~ye Wi1O 0 1.1 TIN MANIUFACTORY. pý MI$LW AUUc1 CO.2lOld Leoee strent,have ism a letyn sad well eneoinod stoth of Til ,are . . eery b o node, and of st olo n sonommo. d~U40Iprn sat abqsnrticl wdld do elol to .v tot o ll e ) IAO.. 5 a.i` .ta ,or 0100, f by I TI91t "dc `Tki dij ' ,ý ;i· WHIG TICKET. For Governor, A. B. ROMAN. F'or Congress, EDWARD D. WHITE. For State Senator, D. F. B RTHE . For Legislature, W. C. C. CLAIBORNE, C. M. CONRAD, A. W. PICHOT, , W. DEBUYS, H. LOCKETT, L. U. GAIENNIE, G. K. ROGERS. CENTRAL WHIG COMMITTEE. The following named citizens have been ap poibted to attend at the respective polls during the dpys of the election; FIRsr MUNICIPALITY. Randall Hunt, C. Boudoueque, Edward Rowle, Felix D'Armes, Win. Debuys, F. Furst, J. W. Zacharie, Ed. Trieou, A. Mazareau, Conlon Jumonvile,. Thou. Curry, A. Fernandez, F. B. Conrad. SoCOND MUNICIPALITY. L. L. Ferrier, A. Baggett, Wm. Frtert, H. Renshaw, J. P. Frerot, * A. Vienne, J. W. Smith, R. B. Sykes, J. Gibson, John Brandt, P. Landreas, M. Robatnillr, C. Bullitt, L. A. Nadeud, J. H11. Caldwell, M. Grivot, J. A. Amelung. TmIRD MUNICItrALITY. B. Beauregnrd, J KIth',w, Jr. F. L. Morris, J. R Vienre, Wm. Turner, Albert Piernas, Wm. Salaman, . Peter Rapp, Francois Vari.'n, Rosemamd Ssyzhncyder, Carlos Moro, A. Rielfiol, Louis LeBlanr, B. Nautre, John Culbertson. WHIGS ATTENTION!!!' The Whig voters of the Second Municipall i wil meit this morning at half nats 8 o'cilock. at the Cotton Press of Messrs. Freret, corner of Per dido and Carondelet etreetm Punctuality is es pecially requested. Far sTrguarr.-.The Locons have printed tickets of all deebriptiono: they re fitke a hungry sack of welvese,ech'fighting for himself, and with no other hope of nsueoss than .etting.iw false votes, and deceiving the Whigs. Look to"your tickets, read every same carefully. Mr. BS.ta.LL has proved himself the friend of the Creoles. By his new system of vote making, he has forever destroyed their inffuenees they should vote for him to a man:. Slidell is like the chamelinn; the elbetion sem upon him as the sun upon the tizard, and makes him assume twenty hoes and' colors ina minute. HIe is all things to all kinds of people-he in al ways of the opinion of the present company. As Mr. SLIDELL has had hii name translated into the German language, for the purpose of ob taininir votes, and as moat of the modern Ian guagesare spoken by the voters of New Orleans, we take pleasure in announcingphis no. in, six different languages, to wit: John Slidell, an American. Jonhnnie Schlsidtel,dectdedly German. Jean Sliddlie, a Creole of the country. Juan Slidello, for Spanish votes. Giovanni Sliddelli, for Italian votes. Johannowiit Slideloffowitsky, for Russian votes. Lafayetie Gaa.te. To te Creole Whlig.-Permit us to make, one least appeal to you. No people, more than yourself have evinced a firmer adherence to Whig prin ciples, than you; whilst others have changed, you have remained firm to the good cruse. It is because you have properlyatudied and appreciated the principles of the former administration of the General Government, and have compered it with the present, which you have found to be licentious selfish, sad corrupt. You are fully aware of the difficulty of contending with the government with its legions of offiee holders and hangers on, and that to succeed in cleaning the Augean setble, unity of action and unanimity of feeling must pre. vail. Upon all occasions, the grestest deferenet has been paid by the Anglo-American populetari, to their brothers the Creoles; end upon this present occasion, to secure unanimity, personal prediles tiona were laid aside by a large portion of the party, who withdrew Mr. Johnson, that M r. Roman might be the only candidtre. This conduct upon the part of the Anglo-American Whigs, wascom mendable, nd has not only secured the eletison of Mr. Roman, but halsunited the partyand infu.s rf new vigor and spirit into our ranks. Sho .t ,no this cynduet beappreciared by the Cr* t l: 'I. they allow their private friendship . t.;i far to blind them to the conscientious discharge .,. their public duty. Mr. oan, as an individual is worthy, We know, of the respect and esteem of his eqpotrymen, but in a crisis like this should be be voted for, who bhe Unrice been the cause of the election of a Demeeratio Senator to Congress? who now openly votes for John Slidell to Congress ? If the Creoles should succeed in electing Mr. Hfloa the Whig party would not only not be truly repre seaned, but we very much fear, that it would cause a heart burning that would prove detrimental to our cause. The confidence if the Whig party would be shakenin their Creole friends. PRINCIPLES, OT MEN. .r tha Whit. this day, to.morrow and Wed amedide ol-lw tlht.reslve worythhe great cause they have esposned. The elections in Louittane will be heralded throughnat the whole Union, as a signal of the future victory or defeat of Whig principles. The influence the result of the Loui siena electiona will have on the other tates, will be immense. No doubt cae fore moment be enter tained that the numerical power is on the side of the Whins, and thus defeat can only be produced by inertness or dtvisioni Let then every Whig make it his own particular business, to see that not one vote is lost. No trVtetoN, no SPtr.rrrN orF TtCKETS. not rnsures, on substitution of one name for another!!! We hold that man to be no good Whig. unless he votes the whole ticket as nominated by the Central Committee. Our mnrln now is PrINCIerES not aEN, and we should vote the ticket althnugh our nPATnsa and BRoTEr.s were candidates on the other ticket. No personal qtsrrele, predileclions, or dislikes should prevent us voting the wanr. firketA: hr this election is no personal or private m its r: ; o ore contendinr for prineioles: we are a' rougli tg to tti s tntral t it. nclrtr n eiro t, tin. S,.i .ý' rI., f nl.totr lPorn Admin;s'i n r haue bronht ruin upon thbosonde, and reduceld lhe country from the moet flourishing condition, to bankruprey, digreace and rire. United we stand. ditided we fall; let the Whig' Iear this in mind, that ,re thread can eslily be dbroken, bhtrerany Cy unitenrd re;la .p.M immense wivight. .Remoaal of the Seat of Goeernmect!!! , When Mr. Prietr was lately in Lafourche, he wees wited upon by a commrittee of gentlemen, at the head of whom was Mr. Cottun, who rr qttired of him to state whether or no he was in favor of removing the seet of government from New Orleans to Doneldsonville. To which inter rogatory he gave a reply in the affirmative. MIr. Roman pasted through Lalourche some time subsequent to this, and was waited upon by the same gentlsmen. His reply was; gentlemen, the question you have put to me ie oneof importance) and my constant hanit is, not to make verbal an ewar to any snuch question; as I am a plain deal ing men, not willing to take advantage of others nor to be duped, pluaee put your interrogatories in writing, address a copy to mysel(and one to Mr. Priour, and permit us both to deposit our answers in the Bank of Louisiana, so that they may simnul" tsnsomly reach the committee and be opened and read at the same time; and if this fair course is adopted, I ant qrite willing to abide the result. It was agreed by the committee that the proposition of Mr. Roman wa ee ry lair-but the question has not been put. Front this little stery, we learn that Mr. Priour is in favor of removing the neat of government from the City of New Orlesr.. An experiment that has been tried, and after coating the state up. wards of one hundred thousand dollars, wasee aban doned sa impracticable. Who will amy note that Mr. Pricer is the friend of New Orleans. He would sacrtfire its best interests to elevate himnsel1 to office. (I- The following letters are from persons of the best intelligence, and may be confidently re lied on. Patslt WAsntnero., June 91 1.808. Gontlemen.-Your favor of thre 16th io·t. came to hand in due tirme, and would have been more promptly answered but for the cireulmstances of my desire in ecommunleare to you, not only pleas ing, but informetion in regard to the election, that you might rely on. Having now obtained through tihe very best source what will be the probable result in the of §t. Tammany, St. Helena, and this pariah; it affords me Ileslure to eaom municate the same to the fiends of Roman. St. T mmany will be alout equally divided.-S-t.He leas, a majority of 60to 60 in favoer of Roman. and in this parish Roman, will beat nearly two to one. This you may rely on Although unusual esor tions are making by Ptieur's frienos, and every elfinrt made to arouse party feeling; but it will nut do. I Roman has been t ed, and found equal to the perlormance of the tligh anti Reepolasihlr duties of Governor,t' say the people, and they will try him again. I write in heast; fourteen at iown to dinner t in e t,-dey,-a-ne only for Prieur, the balence I- tLuttuEmn., Prish of lbfervir , . irth June. S:r, - . y greeat desire is to aid in the elevation of our worthy fellow citizen, A. B. Roman, to the station which he has already filled with so momb honor to himself snd advnntage to his country. Mr. Roman will have, withowt the least doubt, a majority in this parish of 80 to 90 votes, admit ting that the osual number of votes, say 280 to 300, be pulled. A month ago Mr. Prieor had not twenty rotes here, but since then hie popularity hbaas increased some; several of his friends are here, neglecting nothing to insure his success. I ahf qrlto cerraln that we ehall sleet here ai our Whit eandidatee, without an exception. If any thing oetlre I will inform tno. t . Al41 n3 d eetatnd itn 4 .vofie. The ft.0le oIf 1erllte td a motolal r qe "d dW $t. any offeer of the Cultoms whlo ilrs~h-owte the Whig ticket. This is democracy, is it? Loce fMaoism? equal rightsT Shette upon tihe man, who hbas thus dered to infringe the rights of American citizens! How long will the people suffer themselves thus to be tyrannized oVert Is there an American, with a drop of blood in his veints who will not resent this daring attempt to prevent n citizen from the free exercise of his right of suffrage Let the balloet boxes answer during thie, lection. Eqaol nf ighae--Agreeably to the dictionary of the Democratic Mr. Breedlove, meanse, ote as I tell you, or you shell starve. Mr. Breedlove, the Collector of the Port of New Orlens has threatened to turn out .ny officer who should vote theWhig ticket; he has theus laid himself liable to the penalty of the penalty of the th section of an act of theLegislatore of Loutieiana, entitled an Act to support the privilege of free suffrage in elections, &ce, which provide- "If it can be made to appear to the satisfaction of the proper coon, that at any election held or to be holden under the laws of this state, any intlimi. datlioni, Tatr.t, or violence shall have been used or practised, with design to influence unduly, or to overawe such election, or to restrain the freedoen of aoice, .i. &c. on conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, and he imprisoned not exceeding three months. Now, Mr. Breedlove has been guilty of intimi. 4fe n q of dkreoolcna of Oritgof ,tidutanfh lee, soid'' that too as a salariel dfficer of the Unlted'Bttes and is therefore not only subject to the penalties .bve prescrihod, but ie moreover guilty towards the general government. ' At e-public meeting held at the Arcade on Be rerday night, an individual named Lsrue, did, as we are informed, recommend the people then as sembled to take roonseiron of the Poll.. He is consequently sIhjrec tr the mnme nenallies, rand t' o Att,,rnev General should pruoe, ute. We hase truly came to a pretty paes, when American eitiens are not permitted to exercise freely the inestimable right of euffrati. This is a now fangled democracy, that stinks most abo minably of tyranny. MoRE or tT.-Some days sinre, his hbn. the Mayo=, ordered the watch of the Second Munici pality, or a part of them, down to the new prison, or to some grog shop in the vicinity of it. Arrived g there, the watchmen, were introduced tos gentle man, they supposed to Ire Mr. Prieur. Tfrey drank with hint, and then entered unpon business. Gen - rlemen, says one of the hosts, I am Mayor of rhn if eiry, and have the right to dieolace you when I d think proner;--my friend Mr. Prieur isa candidate g to he Governor, and I want you to vote for him and all the democerati ticket. But, sir, says one; Intm not a citizen of the United States; hot sir, says.enother. I have not heen hereone year:;-ut air, sony a third, I pay no taxes. Never mind, come here on Monday next and all those objection sholl be removed, I will make erters of you nll. Be sure to come here, and vote the ticket I eshll give you. But air, we do not approve of that ticket, r nor of the principles that the gentlemen on your e ticket profet;--yes, but recollect sirs, that I have the power of turning you all out; and if I dt a whb re will you get employment this dull season Well eir, we nlust do the best we call. Does the Mayor wish a list of their names. Our randdnate f,;r State lSenaror, Mr. Burthe. e .uriy , i .in"rr. n .ih wi , .,"e ,ait nt rerrni', prt'revs whiUh hel.ona ., ai. sin:ere hut q,lre tending character. Affble and of easy approach by all, he presents a renmarkahle contraet to his distant, haughty opponent. A mnn of brlsinere rather than of die lay .f aoerfua !e0-r. . n tae a.: a. onftI'-ni 'hroup1m he long period in which he has served in the state leaislature he has been remarkable onr his never tiring assiduity: ever to be fbund at his post and unswerving in hie opinions, aehth beitng those of a man settled and well grounded in his npinione and rtesolvt , present an opposite and superonr usefulness to thuse of Mr. Hoa, which to judge by his acts are liable to he blown aside by every wind of doetrine. While the voteof Mr Burthe was ever found on the right aide on questions ol vital moment, and pnrticulalnrly when a Senator was to be sent to Congress, that of Mr. Ilon was invariably given in direct opposi. tion to Iisa prtessions While the former has consista ntly acted as he professed to be-a sts unch and undfnching Whbig, the latter whilse retending to be a Whig, and Ilolding his seat by Whig votes, has invariably acted with the rankest of t.e loco focos. The Patriot has a long article particularly ad dressed to Irishmen. Why is this. Are not na turalized Irishmen as goad Americans as adopted citizens from any othsraonatry? Certainly! they are among our most valuable ones, and there is a subtil, hat decided, insult intended to them in thus singling them out and appealing to their passions. It is, in other words, denying their right of incor poration in thie great American family: it is a re. fueal to acknowledge them as brethren, and ms king them stand apart as aliens to the repubhl e. Did the Patriot suppose it a compliment to Irish men to associate, it spirit, the present age witl the times of feudal tyranny, that it might thus ad drn.s them separately from their fellow ciiizEns, as though they were considered like the pr.ecrioed tribes, standing apart and unrecognized as an ii. tegral portion of the great mass? Such addr sat a are ineslts io the intelligence of Irishmen, being based on the belief that thleir passions are to be saced upon differently than those of others,-thst they are more easily letd away in a body than any of their fellow citizens, and that by merely kenp. ing up anl nvidious Iaisnctition-tnvidious in its im plie.,ion-whieal should not exist In any reput ie, they can warp thetr judgment, and mislead their senses. The object of the Patriot is like that of the bird-catcher-to charm its intended victims with a call that is justly dear to them all, only tadelude and ensnare them. .dctino t rords.-lt is the regul+r't'hoe and cry" of tile loco focus to arral their candidate as " the people's choicea"-" the friend of the perple'- "tthe enemy of monopoltee," &c. &c., yet when it cotlles to the point how different their acts from t teir words. Ten or twelve days ago, the itersons at the Upper Cotton Press, threw a barrier acrors Front street, and et:tirely stopped the thoruphlfare for their own ernveniencee, lr advantage. For ten days this obstruction remained. Notice was giv, n by the Commissary, asdthough the law eapliat ly makes it the duty of the lMayor to remove any such impediment to the free passage of the streets, no notice was taken of tee matter. Complaint was made to the Council, and that body natified the Mayor, with a requaet that he would enfores the law, yet still was tlhe matter treated with the most marked contempt. Witlh esuh prmofs of the little regard paid by the Prteur party to the interests of the peulle, what must they expect should it ever happen that their leader aise in the exeeutive chair. From the Baton Rouge Garetbe. Mn. Erroea,- I regret to see the t emper displayv .it on both ades in the en0ntest betweea Romnannti Prieur, by some of their friende. Mr. Roman was first assailed, and so najuaell and wantonly nseai! ad, as to go eIr to excuse any severity of reply ont the part of hi friends. Bat ae the election ap preaches, we should fix our eyes on the real ques. ite--iaho is best fitted ., tshe important eficte of Goyverutyf Louniiana. c . OM Ronman o we have had the fullest pulfr; afct man evealds firomnieislmtodeeat 2neini. h0 ftayaq4pvllaitiir vwvy NfteU . i eu_ r a qeUlitina isthi repepet . tinnt heetafld; itnd if Wi take him, wetinet take him y titht. At thit1 t inent, it is dqng.aromt to makvaperitentS; lrt us elect the man we.eknow,-et a 4i .s in publie affairs so momentous t a the present. Mr. Romon is open iv and decidedly in favoer nfa National Bank Mr. Pricur is oppetd' n one-we cnn i.everh WIpros. nerotm npain withont n Na. istl Nankt-we eannot obtain one. unleas the peopla deetark in favor of it. In voting hr Roman, We dee~nr e fortil, in voting ltar nriur, we declare mgainit it; and do the reulit.of this election dill in olter.ntalre he con. sidered as n test of public opinion here. Tiis is the case in all the states. Every friend to his country shoul.l then recolledt the importanec of this vote.--[lt tmport.antcd aoe far beyond the. mere queation of Prieur ir Romann it ie a question of bank or no bank; of renewed prosperity or of coan. tnued diisress Let us rouse up then, and cest aside all miner consideratioms; and let every man who is in favor of a National Bank rally to the standard of Roman. "tpRINfPLES NOT MnENt. Immorali.y -The Lesiagton Observer gives a detailed account of three great surgical operations performed by Professor Dudley. It is well for the worthy professor that Lexington is unblessed with o Physico Medico Society, or it would be forth with decreed by every gellipot Mides among them no gentleman-no surgeoni-altd an immoral man. fl- Cla)IU It to to lr.e tn nacent with his enlarged balloon, at Cinetmnati, uit the "glorious fourth." Mr. (Clyton will be acompnanied by fair rompanion in his anial vuset, yet this is no great novelty, for many ai excited youth has been lilfed into the clouds with pretty woman sitting beside him. fJ2 Yesterday, some thousands of our citizens, who did not know they were quoting from Shakspeare, were constantly repeating from Rtchqrd's speenht--t 411, tie lo-morroto proces a busy day ." We requesten rte sa;, that the departure of th stolendid esPamer Ambaissador, J. J. Jaimes, moater, for Lo.ievtlle,is postp.,ntd until Tuesday morning, the 3d int, at 10 o'clocu, A. M., in order to give hqr passetngers every opportunity of votting. tIED, On Frilay, 2d ult., afters lingering illness, Mr. ELItHA CROCKEI, a nltive of Baton. Mae.., aged about 29 years. Hia mmuiae were ilterred with military honosl by the Wash. Ington Guards and LouinSim Greys. 0 The Boaton papersaill pleas epy the above. I ECTIFIED WIIldKEY-50 bhls rectiled whiskey L landing fromm steanboat lumao, nr sa L Iby 20 bbls ,1I O Pork, in taore, fir sale hb LAYE'' & AIIELUNG, jeR9 17 Commerce striel I AVANA CFFfE--30 ags Havana Cofee, just landed, and for sale by JOSEPII'C )CKAYNE, je29 'l5 Gravier street. F LOUIli--.ll lblt Superfine, in store, for atsby U I)ORSY, je29 44 New lfver. IB AXOIN r Id)Ea--0 casks, sup riot c;i.eui ti Cared, for sale ) G D llu1.1, j029 44 New l.oree. P ORK-Mecrt M , Prime &r Sot Prime, for sale by I Dttit',E i, je29 44 O\w Iever. Taee AsErCAC, u Colored BIoy, who can reard anti wi:e a littC. One ct.eliomated,'wlo can re lainl permaeltly, wnuld be referredl. TTRAY 61Ul.Ed-Caa e iato the stablhe of tlo sub scrilber an Fricay evening lust ol Inr lrg Bay ntle, about 13 haild bIighe, ad a smalll I.ielt Hiny Mule, about I I haod, lush; urtl i leuchlra. If thev are not elaind sithia ltea dvi.s lit tou date ireitf,i e said muler will be Il Jd I'. A. ucilnllote, nationeer, aceerding to law, od r tlurci, the 7th Jly I lxt; at hie ucnuel tieand piheO. Jlit. E. HlOLLANtD, jeO26.-tpw-uitit 7 oar CircIs & Conerkon at. ETP'A - So r e veus.'curie lu seausignc, i Verdcl e!i soir un grdan Mulet I'avs, de 1:3 male dehIat, et Iu pectt 'lert blye chlir, h ,ut els 1i mains. . i it .aont puttf i e di'ct. ,'fix ourt ias eront rr,ldt- oar P \ Il ,lt pe pulleutl.ur, tlulnl'unucment Ili It I~ .e ulceui 7 luilet Irochai, uu "a eerEt li,, Inrdi JO IN E. HI.LLIND. 9fejuin eni'gmerre des r.e Cirq it '- Ctnllme. STA'I' OF L I.ISIA NA--urstui lurcil . tarict • P.trish td City of N9.wi ·a IeF . , A el t- ieC his rET vs.- hie rediterno and the e'et , of Bolllcel and Powers--.;o I0l,75. (itcttie!. 0 "oft"... Iyne, err. of c..I..... hi'l cceetitcg of hite taid nadon bol k at tipelacd ty the takleite, a esidgerting to the Ceurta, ohat Ino Inlvelint l a te meaime t the ticle fixed iby tltltcilt, it i ordered 1htl; a neertinef tIeo Credit. tor ola scid iuesolve i senl of tle Credilot.enf Binlle. rot . Powers, r held m Iercfiri '. II. Malks. cntiary cubict', oil a.elcr,y,,the 301b day of June, 1838. to appointr syndiadcu aepeit the surrender of the in. suolvent's property Extracts tramo. he minutes, Clerk's Office, New Orleans, one ' c2, e83. je26-3t-t tIt Lo D. OLDI,e. Clerk. ETAT DE LA LfUISl1ANE--tc ur de Paroisse pcur la aroisse 4. ille de na N ,icn'elle Oluans. rlrset: lion Charles Madriau, Slute nILTON Bh c LLaIMET centeh scr ranivera et e. les ereanuirs de Ioullenet & Poeree-No. 10u,715. Sur nloUt dv P Haynes, avoet des insolen blec, en lrsant sv r E Icour qu'ucune asseme le de craniere avail, ieut I'h lpoque ixb. ar c lan eour; il esl decretr a1 f nco ase bbe cre a .rier ddil inroatible et dell eraaeier r ,i Bulenet & Powers, iet lien eee tIi MJBrk, .tllailre putie, samcli 311 jaci 138, pant un Oi Syndli , e pour a:ccpter lI cession les p ritids do I'ii.olvalle. :Extruit du rOl: re, bureau d (lreelier, 2 joiuin 1838. 2tejin-a-3t D iLlIE. t;refller. STATE O' L ISIANA-Firet Judicial l)itrict Court. A F. BURT, his Creditors.-The efssinn of the Insolreat's ropert hbving" been anee:,ted by the Court, far th liefit of ties Creditors;it is orloreo that a melting of Iis aid Creditors do take plaes at the office of J. B. bl 's, esq., notary public, on Monday thie t ofluly t., at 10 o'clock. A M, for the pur pose of tnking tn considerat on, the orair of nsaid nsolvent, and in .o meantinle all judicial proreedin~a Ogainst los perb and property as to Itie Creditors imetioned in thei hedi0l le, are stayedl. Witiess, the ftiorable m. M. IBucanan, Judge of tile Colhrt red, thi d Jun, 1838. e26--:3t P LE BLANC, Dp. Clerk. SPAT DE LA 6 LOUISIANE-Ciu do IDiatrict du pArmie district juditiaire. A BURt I' e sea rernauciers. La eesion des propriut6Sble 'inoso.vable aya Atl atecepe par lae our ouri' sntgede sea er.miera; il eat dereb lb quilts e on bla e do soe erhatinitra aura lieu it greffe de J B s, otnir public, Lundi le 9Juiliet proehin, A 10 oesduinutin, ifin Ide d6libkrer sur reg af'ires de leevable, eten attendant tortes polr suites centre sen os iel ts pepriba csntioane Jdetl son ofd snt ulea.t "". Tbmoiu, I'lon M1 Buchanan, Juge de lI dirts cour lo23Juin 838. 26juin P IE RI.AN'. D.t, Gffirer. New Of ecun anal ard Banking Utn, irriy, en June 5,J 18.le 5 i THE, Perekt t anal Directors (,f this Institution, have r thinay declaed a divideod of fiur per cent an the cap al stock, wtci'h widl bhe ivahle to the Sto kbuldars, their legal rsFreseotniv'oe, on anl alter ilonytl 2.1 dy iof Jui y. 'T irasfer bcok will be elosltd tit ibat date. ly order jeo6-et 3EVr: I ' I E·i', r", ,,;, . 7IJEW \ RI.K Nd & oNAHiIVIct,+ ltilt. i it. I App iitis havingheenmdllre by na T.roueeen tlelnen, who wish to ciake tlt fisling IItrties` to kncw if tie cars mcll pot leave the depict earhy I lt le ,irel leg ic Sudadyi 4e public is iifu.eiol, tlea 'a ihcome live with a traothof cars till stert from lie finlt of Canal stroe, on .udav, 1st July, at 4, i eaid 8 o'clock A M,ani at hlalset .I ' and 4 o'clock, P l.1 Itetlnto ins fromn Bath ati 7 and 9 oecleek A awls at 2 and 6 o'rluek, P M. 1 Pasnengers vdl please supply themseles wlih ticketso, at the lce, ecrner or ('anal ilnd Basin streets je'26-5t ilEd II. CALDWEI.L, IPreilent. ºýABLE 1 I\.1 Ndtl I.i'ienPtocket llidi eI'ahefr Sa large na ttient, receive-d hy late arrivals di rect from the n.sufactories in Silesia. Prussia. Ala,, sheeting, shirtl., estcipilasc, rems, hretagsers &r. whicl are warreted to be all pure linen. 15S rolls FPolish Linen, snuble for cnnvassing hams andc haling tobacco. A qusýity et Secie aud Sewine Twine for sale by ' JOtN H McARRTINS'T'EIN, - - - I. , ;,- I,. 1 , .. 2... c.t,..A '. . i '14p: psi o fls diourtoalayis 16 175 pr bil: ae eordiag to a tariff, it hkerrea shall gpre during ithe ea ., i .tiL , (from dotdau),2d July,)7O ounces of bread for a liU Bread of the secondo quality is re qauir ed to wrigh5 per cenat. monre, vlz: s50 ounas. C. GENOIS, Mayor. June 29,18I8' I,-'AtON-I aucs, landing from steamer sGeorge . Washino n, for sale by G DIORSEY, je30 44 NewLevere. AN IVERSARY DINNER. eEL.EBr ION FIp THE C MING 4TH JULY. A PUBLI; INNER, in irlebration of the Anni. Independen ce, will he given at the aehington Hotel, it Mihlcomrg, at the Lite, at 4 o'cl k, ot the afternoon of the 4th July, ts all tose gen en who tay filrish lthemselves with Tickes, to o. efore Modaj, the 4d JIuly. T'icketo at each may be lhad tu Muoiidav eening, the 2d July, on plclicaths to thile ar of the City chbauoga, Lotia street; Exchngeg Hotel, Si. Charles st I'ity Iotel. Commln streetl; Taylor'a Mserchants' ehage, Royal stree; Ilenvleit's Arcadle Echange, -a Planter's lotetlCanal street.tad thb Washingtou otel, in Milnehure. GEORCE ARMSTI.ONG. "LOUR. 0 bb[s sauporfine Flour, fresak sd mill Fukaep f urieg for some time, for sale by C" . DORSEY, je22 44- New Ler e. PT ULISFHED THIS DAY. Adlaor sale at the Consoty Room of the Tree A:maer can, Exchange lotel, St. t.harloe street, UlsA.ERT, A Serm n delivered iu the First Veongrgetiesel ChIt inNew Orleans, April t5,1838t. y Rev. 'Ihred Clepp. Prie 51 tea. co s AIBSON'BW GUDM AND DIRCOTORT F OR the State of Louisnann, and Cities of New Or. leans and Lafayette; formsale by cKEaS. 0,23 epr Camp and Cc aunts at NEW DIII CTOY. PUBLISHED this day, Gihbson's Guide and Dires tory of New Orleanse and LafayeCtte for sale by DAVID PE, LT i CO. mtn22 NY Stationers Hall,24 Chartres st. LOUISIANA PURrITURE WAREROOIS, No. 53, Bienville street. W ILLIAM R. CARNES, (formrrly of tlhe firm of Flint & Garnes,) would respectully inf.,re hs friends and thapubtiothat' e is constantly receiving from New York and Boston a agood assortment Of Fur niture, such as mabogany chairs, sofas, Lied-tends, moa Ie andl painted chairs, maple and cherry bedsteads, mahogany and cherry tables of all desription.os, bu reaus, toilets, seeretarys, writing desks, wardrtees of mshogany and therry, wash stands, looking glasses, feathem, bedding, &e. &e. NB. Furmture packed for transportation with Breat care. rjet ORbL.ANS LuTiOGRAPHIO O1I'0, No. 53 Ma'gazine street, opposite Banks' Arcade, E STABLISHED for the execution of maps, planu JI and drawings, merchants' circulars, business and aldreso cards of everv description, funeral circulars on deep inournig paper, apothecary and drniggiste'ltbels; bank checks, drav receipts, &c. priutsd and execaut d it acheap and expeditiouas style by tproprietor.NE NB. Bank Notes neatly executed. m24 Uo.P petully tnoroe ite public that tl he will remain a short time in New Orleans for the purpose of painting portraits. , Rooms corner of Canal and St Charles, in the house occujied by Partly & Lypn, LDentists, where specimens of hs painting can he sen. Entrance in St Charles "treet. , .1h m8t I TO RENT, Possession given on the let of next month, the two Itory dwelling house adjoining the new Metl at Chureh on Poydras street; ac. copied at present ts4Dr Rlors. Iso, 3 small tenements on Girta street, a few doors fromBaronne st. Apply to IDtYL.E & MAY, jot14 3 Corondelet it. CAPTAIN CHAMIER'S NEW NOVEL. ALSINGIHAM.The Gamester. By Ctpt Fre W deric Chamir, i. N. author of Life of a Sailer Ben Brace, &e. in 2 vals. Diary of the Times of George the Fourth, interspersed " tris from the late Queen Carolin, atld from various other dtltnrtuishled perrso a, in 2 vols. Ethel Chlu,rill, or the Two Biridec. By Miss Lan. don, authlorf the Improvicatrice, Iretncereesn Carruet, Traits and Trials OF Early Life. &e. dSectnd elitio, itt 2 vols. ,lso,La[martine's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, new edition, in 1 vol. E lis' Medi,.l Formulary, 5th edition, with additions Gibson's Surgery, new edition, enlarged aid im proved. Just received ndfar sal KEANby WM McKEAN, asp90 cor Camp and Common sts. ijeOR SALE, to eclosae eonoegnmeoc, R'e 5511 acks, Iesrtbrall, .ert- Gull'Cotton Seed, 'i4 pieces Nortlhern ]lagging, 2,7 pieces Scotch naggiteg, 564 pietcs Kentucky tnaggting, 51 coils Loee, 61) boles lhaleing Twine, 2 halos Eoetlih Seine 'Twhie I ltuceh ocs of Bush lills Wltiskev, 4 punlhealts I)lav Mills Whihkev, by m IETNOLIS, BIIYNE & Cit., _ml_____ Nn. 89 Caeal street. PACKAGE HARDWARE &c. FOREIGN & 0O MRIETIC, LEVERETT i, 7THOMAS. Commiasion Merchante 13 IROAIl strIEETt, vEw-YORK, AVE on lhan'd andti are ellnstlnllv receivinz from Enlglld and ijermniy, a lit I siplet olfhardl ware goods which are oflfred by the plick ae at mnlu acturers prices. Their preetn stcock consists of 160 casks Carolina lues, asa'd. 220 do brigohttraces do 3: do log chaina do 122cases English ftovling guns 76 do Germll do do 12 do Cross cut saws 25 CiIks edge tools, ass d maeel rs 0 do ,omllsfilo , d o do 7 do p a, pocket, and dirk knives 11 do table cutlery 17 do brass kettles 0111 do brss elhaobh r oanldlcetieks 0III to otoooandltinge f ca er pistol , ass'd 50 l:ns i : lish t oiler iplues 710calk., sheet zine 4501) boxes tin piat, t asortIt sizes, withl alsoa gtood Ilsuly of Aeric anl hardware Or(lers wll receive propt ttenlllion, and execured at lowestprices. jo llU it-31:lW s .worttle . .t\)) t1 1.1..t 'loll) .i\I) SVAIII'I'TY S'I'OtE., iL. 1- C(aml;astee .I der Ililhop's Iltel--The Slltlcrithrs oaw ,Ioa o. le"li at their new stand, ao exltenise ssotnmeont 0 o crt nies 1 thleir line, colioprill sigerr) varietr-of tXeirs, ars i'es, Petimerlcr, LooIkin.g siaoes, I'ilrin,. Cordl' anI al large mbnlmer of Ftncy a'ticles. iTh followio iso IUrtL S description: C )ill IIt -Tortise and razilio:a high lopltuck, )aei l carvedl; ldn. do. twist, long, noCh , I.. lf, side, poseo. andl dressing, ivory and horn; liae tooth, dtresing an.t pocket combs; horn, redding linp narA scnmbs; wooden, dressing, fine tooth anld lpocket clih,,. PEIIFUMIERY-A general :tos,.,.asit of French andil American Perlnmery, consisting , a di igne wsler in bottles, of all slhales .ll cizues; la, .laer, Florilht, rose, oralllge, lenmon, jess.PLrne, bcltg ulllon, llet-llcentv, tc. fallocy sotps of every Ie.l'iillioni milcassar, ltihllnl. and veoetalble hair oil and curlilg fHuild; chloriictontlt wasl, Carbonic slll hlorine; scentell and llin toilet lowder; pomatum; preston salts, etc. lIBUSIES-Comtprisiig n gretat variety of clotlh, hoiht, hat, flesh, toth, nail, coli,, slhrlnieg, pltle, hearth, fine antI ilain dlosting, sweeclillg, crlutltb ftrniture, orulthing atll white wosh, korse, shoe and talnner' scouring, paint and varnilsh brushesl. anil ssI and gliain ing tooIls of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Co. prising gilt fmlmes of varions sizes, 5, 4, 2 and I draw toilets; German statia, toilet and pooketglass, magnitying minors, etc. PILAYING CARD1S-Eagle, Hary 8Bth, Broom, Highlander, Spiel Carten, French and white hack Play ieg Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY AIRTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portable desks, ladies' and gentle men's dressing cases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year and Christmas' gifts; pocket books of all sortsl suspen ders, music-boxes, lend pencils, eclyonas, violins, bhead bags and purses, an assortment of facy beads, superior tjlluality billiard halls, paste blaekion; one, llhirt, Veat, tall and suspender buttons; pearl Inttons and shirt stlds, razor strops; gas machines for creating light; Spanish andll melee segais; maceouba, Paris, sappee and Scotch snul's; an assortment of plaitn and swoood calles back goamlton boards; dine, fancy screens, optics, Jews haryps, harounitcas, lueiter matches, pins, needles, Ilerussion cals, drinking ctpa, hulting fltsks anl gamne bog; steel, silver and plated spieolctle; thlileslll , twitr, etc., a hlolllsome assortmert of enlgranvgs, Itlnl a large varie ty of other articles, all of which will bh sold ltIr low priees, for cash r oily accepltancAs. may4 IEIES & D'I.ANGE. I lIN'O DOOR-FURNITUltE--i sets ve. so. perior plated, uad2 sets brass -liding do or fu'i lre omnplete: justreceived per ship (ell oldgaula n lld cr salo i L LA TON . CO., aug 24 53 01d Levee. -OAP AND CHOCOLATE.-Landing froa, brig tc iaessingerand'Aquilla, and for sale by the sub. scriheraso-O boxes No. 1, and Imitation No. I toap, brands of Jackson and Trowbridge and Joames Gould; 24 ases sweet lSpanish Chowolale. aoi 1: tAC BRIliGE & CO. I All D--165 kere Letll Lurd,l .lldl.g tr,otstleaublut SW . Frenchll fr sole by . Jr.e2 :I..\'.ET ' ,& AMlILIUt;. SAt n-I, hoi,da oid. , landing flrcem, a eai.boat W Wtl. Icren:lh, for .aler by je22 LY Eit & A ELUN'. A GGIG 1 . p i l',.--et, p1 i aggsug, tu,.l code l Rope, in tire anod for sale bh je22 LAYVT & AMELUNG NHIV PUI LCATkINIs. JANE LOMIAX or a IMOTHYER'd CRlIME.--By the author of "lrambletye Ilous"e, Reuben.l peley, &c.,in 2ols. Gclaniangs in Europe, Italy-By an American, in 2 vol. The Life and Adoestures of ic~klby Ediled. ih' ii," with ;llu.t ..ions .y .t'h z.l' 1'o be continel l,-ntllhly, add o-oplated in o numllllers. Just received, and for .ale oy WV.i. .','lAN, CoS .orner of Canlp & Coonnmasllarets. P ACON SI ES-39 i hhdo CQttinlltta Bacon ides, Ii landing io ll tlatmn Lbat lTarquin, for sale by LAY'EI & ASIELUNUG, je22 17 Cnmmerrce street. I)ECTIFIED W11SKEF8-It L bacrrels Rtnfied -= Whiskey, landing liool stealblloat I'arquin, for aie by LAkEYT & ALELU. G, jao'2 17 Com t erce street. Ni9i'is &n,-4 cases, nountaiudn toe camlul ._ of French, Englih andl Furniture Pltints; printed mu I i, prilited jaroirts, oatlo stripes and dark ehiatr, no, i. astore, fur sate, by ISAAC B II)GE & CO, je22 134 Mlgazine street POt'rIEr-o40 casks Londan Drown tuuot, in atie Sand ftr sale by jr7 T R HYDE & BIto. --ORK FOR SALE Mes sud l'ritL, ltll branded 17 P O and I O,; also a few barrels assrteld. Apply to 1H P LEVY & CO. No 10 liravir stareet. Also, 90 pieces Kentucky Bargit.g; , coile Role. jelS NOTICE. EW ORLEANS & NARHVII.LE RAIL ROAD. I. A few caroses of Dry Pitch Pine Woed warted, delivered on the bank ol tho New Canal, at the flail Rood Bridge. Also, a few Carpenters, aadmen who are acquainted with Sawing can and colnstnlt emphloyIent and good wages. A pply at the tfmles of the Compl.ny, at the corner oflanal and Bami ir e lo trs.s. S,d. IIOARE, je C i; f Eogils nod Grn. nporipntead n; W AS r httoethe a Prison of the S*oodi l JV M idaltt., t owing,,amei.alarve, viz: f are r to prove, property, pay chargesaod take them ow, y 1H 1 IIAI.ER JeS9 Captain of the Niht Watel L a t6 'aeene a In prihnt de Is decipde ManIek I pelit6, lea eetlavs smvants: Un n ogre otint JOHN, es dit appartvnor & Mr A braise, 4A6vlPeosjree 8 ant. JO* H Apa s diapparteir S Mr Garcia, 8A6 .llea viron 30 ans. v.l propiCtaeirese de dite enscayeýt 6.ou prt s di prouver leur proprintba, payse lees fra.t s.lactre 30juoin. CUpitai dc Watci1j .%A.cAS brttnght tohe Pound ofte 2d 3uuicintely S)' slitutied in Baronue l.dt*een Hek rand a iovi atiets. the ibllow ig stray Horses: A'Ba'Colt, With white aod S tind.o l white. , The of vora of said stray horses aIr e qd·catbdtte prove pmrprty pay ehargees ad takhe them away, p or before alat uly, the 30th of June, 1830, or they will bhohld on that L ; at 12 o'cloek, by P A Gutllotto, auetioneer, + . 8. Hf.ARPER, ,jed8 Captain tl the Watch. I i 6tA emmean au td.pot de o e SeondeMuoicipali.t dana on a Sanurrunne 'oter'levia at Girod lea piy et suivuatet. Un poulah. baye, y at let front et le pled goauoehe 1p derriere bla ' C . . LeO proptietaires del a ellvs ta to Mlrit p . It ver e rpelelmp. payer it pas et led rehler, e i-h Samedi yoJuin, 18to ,ou o1 serlot Venduel l dittl OA Midi par P. A. Guillofte, oeeanaur. , H HARPER, je 19 , pitait de Wa .a. W AS bu6ght toI the Police Prisa of he s.d d S "unipalitnlrtoe sietuated in B~~noe between Her anod GrOlareets the folowinkamed S veol JOE WHITE, 1ny belongs to lr. C aged about 33yeay., TIpr ownern of t id slarves will pronero perty, p , chlrgeo, and take them away. r P 10 i aptanoftht Ie a a LAt emote e prion e a tel ll cipalite, use Barroom etter Hevia it ed, d'euAmn 33 ene. Le proprittiret dt d lates voudront li'en prae leIura proprieth, payer lea pale et lee retirer. O 8 H sHARPER,. SPEEDIILY, HANtbsOMELY AND CREAPLE'EXECUTJD AT Tin OPPRION O TIHE Truehee a am,9*U, ST. CHAttL.s STIREET, NEAR POYDRA8. m23 GUIDE. & DIRECTORY OF THR CITY OF .Aew Orleanat and Lafayette W rls published on Mhtlany, 21st ay aid he for sale at the o untiugroom ofheputblsla "t1ra.of eY .E.1jlli 3 C.o.corncr St Charter kt Common streetsa. m23 OR--)IAIS 1CodiaiJ of differen kinds, fo saloby -J JAkVIS & ANI)REWS, ell2 car Comatln and Tehbou;itoulus sat 'IMBRELLAS & PAItASOiS)i8-20 caes, ompls tl ag an aenortment of Mantnc. fancy sIlk, end gig g. arnt Umtbrellas edl Paralos, fn r tale 1y ISAAC BRIDGRE & (1O. jenb Ill 1 Malgasne street. Ii ESRII J UTl.R-12 kegsa ad tI; strer. nd L forsale by ESLATEl t TRIER, jell 411 Po)dra street. EtIAI ()ll.--1 0 tasks Wiiter ilepems Oil, bleach. id, fjrr sale by ISAAC URIOIIE &n CO. jell 134 Magazine street. H I-KEVY-:7 bble Whiskev,landing from the eteaoaboat illrriaeaokf br sale by jet2 L.AkET & AMEI,UNG. ..5A1t---lI kegs prime Lurd,is a re, for sle4 A je12 L.YET & AMEFIIUNO. SfI/ IlSKEY, Flour and Pork it starefor sale by .Varn2 O DOIO1EY,44 NewLevser. IATII PIIILIICATIONS. II t ntae Iri nlr,a Ta'le of the Freach Regenecy by i iry t. o t.t ibyle, in ` v sla. titrt,t tar Iuad , a I.nh aIn, on the pre-ervatioa Ialloaeaa a itt, as daa t, ' at. fro i la e b'ant ', )iiv.,r I walt, ,r the Plish lBoy's P'r. trr. By h lreles ltickeso, (lilaz,) author of the al'ickbiek Pa -i,!rs " ,.,c, P.i th tirsn!et lb twalvae illustatstioa e liteI I lhkmkr, Ib r the" Saayins tad Doings of Saa crIe l Slick. oflt lackaill,; on,, editiona Just received an cbrd -ale lhv WIM MIKEAKA , 11:tII alr Camp and C(olanan sui. Uti .:'l--~ 00 o if tae a Kentucky Baggingy,ia. Ftore and r ,rt sills bv LAWaIRENCE A LFGECNDRE, jel2l Il &~9 New trvee.. cisne by LAWRENCE & LEGENDI)IE, jai 2a1 & b9 New Leves.. PtIrl~ A N ILI--I-71, a axes New Bedford paermt S r Canudles, nserrtrd sizea, now landing f-etn brigMo taman ,fotretu e ,y JoSrIPil COCKAYNE, Jl_ 4 5 Gravier streret. NEW MUSIC. O0 SIIALIL we goat cailiag-lagat may te hboarie row--Ila , thet punt aorp soundsa--lha trystipg tree-- )hl aloe, yarr dayrs nalmr--The lying infant. The daty beasl is over the sea-The Niht--Here's ;a tIheer ae Scuttish lassie--The Cavalier ne on his cl black steed-lThe forsaken one-firneavjrve-O'er tlI lur blue tmottain-tiin living-worth could win a hl art-Nalal, Lon'* midarigit review-Girl olal the laug. ir.g ae, awake-Old coidny limas-Maid of tlhe dark eye, lare thee well--All is well--)uke of tReichtedt's waltz-lnvitation to waltz. GUITAR. Bird at sea-Genevieve-O'er the far blue mountain. -Tiou reignast in this bnaom--Ofti in the stilly night --Weber'a last waltz. For sale at B. CASTY'S je6 I$tlofd'orte and Mausc Store, 19 Camp tl. SACON-10 casks prime bacon sides, received per stesamter IDanial tVebster, Ior sale by LAWIIENUE & LEGENDRJ, jell 28 & 29 New Levee. LLINuLd & OHIO FUNDS, for sale by NATH'L TOWNSEND, jell Exchange Hotel Grares at.. i OAI-'250 boxes soap, various brands and difteent size boxes, for sale by wINSTON 1 SHTALLJ je22 7 Frnrj Levee. M ACKEIIEL.-- II0 kits 10U r bbls. &d egdfor Ir saleby WINSTON & SIlALL, je2. 7 Front L4vee. t,. brands, for sale by c INSTON & 8 ALL, je22 7 Frnme Levee. a+tl.0-bhls Mess, ;100 do Prime, 1411 h slf'"lbo. \ arerP 511 Lhbl t" "', 40 bl Jiumnaps, 40 bble. Shut.olert in store and for eeal by a jell _ ' I.. YE£& AMELUlG. U S. aiAl. T'0 AND F iOl MOBIIh D AILYc SOmrainrisig Iae followingboatsn, ria: FiA a N. U. Fm Mobile. iutdlay, Cnroline, R A Jeffrie, Swan. il.and,1 . hltza)lalta Saml,utalle, B Alabama T'ueldra, IsaIbella, M arru, - Carnoltne: \rVetlalsdaly Swrnt, 1i. as IV WWallace. flTuraiart Caroline, It A Jcifeva . Maneppa, I rida y, S Alabatatn,J 1 Crarasun Caroline. atnAtdav, W al\nliuce, J 1 K'aictrn Isabella. The arlOve boata will tleav tlhe aksend of the Rail Ittad dil: u t rrial o the ari tal t .; past 12 o'clock cor, A. M. alaves nustbe cleared at tie Cuastq Holse prior to. starting. An extra bout wilL always be at etei port in eas. acaidert Forlrieght or pa e e..npply._to. . • . Exchano e Bnaildi.s,N. O. r ll SAYIRE )C)NYEIR. CQ. Mobile. Strain . fcrsof the Naseilla Rail Road: (na . wall saays tha fat of ;jnal Street, fat l3 Ilt, at 8 atcloak A M1, aut P Ml of each lay, and retuer fromn Heall} 1i o'cloek. A 1, aud 6lt a. EXOEPT SUNDA' atlien ile ar will stuart lfrom toran ea at 9 o'clek A Al,nntd It and 4 P 1, anda return from Iiat at I t o'lk A Mt, aod2 and4 P 1i alt JAMES IH ALDWE Presideyt. ,1ij .lN'-ALot in Julia atreet, for the I well situated atr awned 'aL u ber u rd, terms. 19. apply at 9 l - " OA-i52 boxes lmitateu" No. Ieia , broad . Jcklmn , Trowridge, landi~ sti Grand Turk, kl sale by ISAA. Stl)Gl SCai. jef9 13,M- nlanine rest. -Aal UtL-A few bles tf wip C o Slandbg andtlr saiebye H BOl NA EL, m25 Eor Ngt.'bez and 'rachapit ac. P ATOES--2i0 Ihls eastern Potatoeas prlms a rder,just receised and for sale by u. ZACHARIE & BROT R, ja 761o4 LdYee at. TIN PLATES, COPPER, NAILS. 3(. ) BOXES Tin Plates; P.t 4011taeks Boston Cut Nails; ' 5 do Comr,ositson Nailr; I i501 erete B irsa' t:oPl pj sr 15 bales India Hugging; 511 coils Bale Rape; 50 baklets aCIhsatapar; 100 baoxes Claret. tor auk b ,atlw [ EtG 8.ta

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