Newspaper of True American, August 16, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 16, 1838 Page 2
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Teuasm , 14th Aug., 1838. ~te Council lest nuatrant to adjournment; pre. i Josua Baldwin, Reclor : Aldermen , Nixou, 8ewoll, and Yorke . .a #o qaorum the Uonooci adjourned to 'iiJ~naMXt. the 21st August, at 5 o'clock, P M. JOUN GIBSON, SSecretary. 4OMMERCAL r8le frtd e 6eils ioead avervday at 10 VN404l . A YM-v-. due vry dray at 12, M. 1| xpree" a e is clor.edJvery day at half.past 10 d-i d. o with the great Eastern Mail, (Via Covingtlon, La.) Is closed S" -day and Friday. at 6o'cloak, A tav. h o 'e esday, Thursday and Satur. LoeUia ..e or River JNail is closed every Metjaj, Wedneotay and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is se.*.d returned by eteamboata.-Arrives irrogu. s-thtai~times a week. . 3.'tee Ns or Coalt .Nail is closed every tl% a sd Friday, at 8, P M-Is sent and re. to tti eteamboat Brilliant. klr8 irfe or Red River .Mfail is sent irrrgu. basaiomboate, twice a week. . o nutsviille or River Mail. MWoldMa y, and Cloeas at 8 o'clock, P M. rIdaterday, Coast loail. T.ea. d and Clace at 8 o'clock, P M. S t' .eas, Chanmber of Commerce. S aoralCae FOe THE r eAR 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Queortier, lst Vice President, W. L. Hodge, 2d do. Or'AMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thomas Barrett, SJohn A Merle, II C Cammack, aoa H Leverich, Ahijah FiSk, GEO. W\V. WHITE, Sec'y. Loteee latoes. IJaletton LAu ........... 0 I tt.hinotnn. Aug ..... .eW Vork. A . g......... 8 8 notonnatt. Au g........ 9 Phttdetph . do......t..... R I.ot.ttvil, A.. ........ 10 Ie.ttomar Aug ............. 9 tAt. Louot, Ace ....., 0 Enesans. Ana ..... .. . Liverpoo, Jtly ......... 21 (ve.) Aug...... Pi Jy . 5 eaststu. .... ........ I td.o. J ........ 20 SAu............ ly.......... .j .XPOtl'I'S 0F0'ON--P er slip Ctohnmor...0rao: 200 bbtBoar; 505 batlh cotton, I bbt ,artr, do molateso, I do mdse, I trunk. IARCELONA-Per .ehr Independonte..tl1 hales cotton 400 sraves. IAVRU-Per ship Banon..t00 hales cotton. 03B hhd. & 2 ho,. todeto. 2 do tde. CHARLESTON--Per .lIt Mtnlltra onu..42 bbts meolt. 42 hhtl do. 110 half corks o uar. GALVESTON.'-Per ateamor Coubia.. a.orted oargo. IMPORTS. BATH--Per shlip rhe'leJ...argo 1.500I bb time. 20 tons hay, to l & J P W'hitney k ca. PORTSMOUTI-Per shlp Wm Badger..cnrgo: 500 bales of hay, to Metter. MATANZAS-Iser .hr Water Witb..eargo: 430 boxes sustr sld frlit., to Cpedevoille. it JOSEPHS--Par ebr Vesper..cargo: 8 bales ontton, to ordor. RECEIPTS PRODUCE. Donetd owoille-Per steamer WaVlington..crgo: 6 bb1t mlao., to order. Nptchlturbes-I'er ,tramer Teche..,rgo: 14 baes cotton, A Revaordon & o; 0do. C Toalolano. Ioouisille-Pesr steamer Hudont ..caro: 77 pR sagino. 77 CoWe rto.p, A Ladooa & co; 14 hboal coltns II White; 14hhd. tobt.-e, 25001ek. erot,. Gronfiog i c1:304 kegs lard. Cha.not. aoIr 4 Girsth 31:0 do do, 21 pcs bngpt.g, 5~ o,.ito rup., P am & Bro; 94 bIb' potatoes, Wells; I boa mdoda York & Br I do. T RI Hylsde ,Itro; I do ink, J Vairio & Co; Ibbl also tick water. IG uchanan. PASSENGERS. DoEnldrnnlth.-Per .tamnmer Wd shington.. 10r. Rapp .nid srrvnt.MrS Grotso. Mr Iooney. Rhop, Ht. lrnrco.a.m , maent. Chutalent D o''.ttlo, Brand. oMterneo . darry, J H Field, Robnson. Rctiro. Arroe. J Trieollo..40 on dock. Nrateldches--Per lsteamr M D tlugTho. Brool., J L Car). :tokes, Bloous, Dotidaon, '1T 'lark, Wiiliams. Ploquetinoe-Per Oteamer Mariner..H J Abel t dauchier. SC lr Rn, J R Smith, bernoudf, lady & daughtel; Devo*o u, Me Mleon, E:pcnran O ImPhi St Josrphs-Per .ehrl Vespur..Me.a n II Atkinson, Georg. ohmirtm. , Peter Cnaotle. A TiolemOn 33 in the stperreo Lonisville--Pnr te1mer If udoo. .Msoro. It Novena, Butter, J hllhert, Pikrlt. Glihll. D Ve.nurr, S t.oll, Babcock, M II DMvereau. Moreoleo. D F Taber. H Madd. t0 aduly, Tre0nor. Parett 'I h.aher, Keoln. Iourleons ; J Dafat, lady, ltter and prrtInt H P LoV,. T N SpeekaO, Gos;li;,;. Itiigg., aoyer, Weldr.S Barton, C F pnmr.te, Gunler, J Poo0ll. SESIO AN DA. Ship Charnl sp ,ke 29th Jouly. tit 2t long oll, Ruslt I brig fnam lt t.,re, bound to Ne Ylork. ekher Vohspo.pok.s otllhe lth in.tant. soclr Elio Rl,thmoo,i. from Jaminca. bound tu this pri, .hurt of proviaior.. tSoemrr Iudon reporosornl o0 nlly I io, tel. t'OItu r'nnd her. the.itelmro tHnuibo ler asat d r luoo,n o ithond. Tih, Ildaon towed lownu fit bouts h a ith shep. New York,t Bt. hguLo--Ar;. rig D·on, Sot, hence; afir;nd .hr Edward. Malcolm, do. I'ihtdrlphia, 8th Aoglst-Arr. brit Om r. Real. honre. R.tono, 4th Augnst-CI'd ship Pluto. Ihelllly, N. It. Norl--UnlteAd 8tItae suer onxr at PareIm, oil the ot Jot, tro, M.tllteln;o2"Ad April. U. O.thip North Uatalam. at Ctlloa , 3it Al'ril, from Volps. raio. The U N: hriS-of-war Fa mouth.had sailOed Tfrom the aftoe.mli0a, wdt hMr h, Iltson, hearer of the Treaty. IONEY MiARKE'T', ,e.,-NEW YORK. Augu0st Bl. ThIle Sto.k Market .oolinnco without any ,,hengef momlent in it, general appearance al tlhough the. atles ye.teordy, in do0, instOoetho , olw a trifling llllng offain prices. Slonitl;t It ail road Co,. hafurtther improved t per cent. hlning closed 'etn.r day at W. United 1tales Bank sold t 121 3 4a12. The busineos in foreign Eet Pl lg, tbo tthe p..ket Phi l. d 'Iodep deaeoc' stdl 'StUy.' niling yesterdan and to-dby, tor Liverpcvol and Ftlare, tine hoee limited, S0lalo the amount olfering. T'hile elosi prices wore: on London 8 per celat. prmilm; and on Farnce, t5f. 25 a f. 62 1.2. snles were also made on tlamhurg at 35 5-8 cents; ,n Holland at 36 7-ol40 cents, and on P oemen a 79 cents. At Montreal on the 4th instlnt the Baok. wcredrowing on london at It per cent. preminnt,and for saiis not less than £1,0ll0 tlhe lBalk of Briish North Ameltico drew at1 10 I.2 per ceot. Elnhnng, on Now York was aot 2 tper cett prtoil. o. We learn front Philadelphin, that in eonoeqncoe of tim Oppronolting olltomptiot of specie paylments, 0mv oral fthe hbnkaofthot oity had seou tihe necnoaoirvnof a speedv oeutraetiol. ando had coTnmltced a eurtailtnet o Itheir accomotrlntiona; nnid that money was for thise eae, hecoming sensitly sFarce, endfi t'e rate o discountt proportionably advancin. 'hin seareity ofmonev no doubt will cotlinle to inereate, an the Bunk tof' Philadelphls mu0t do alter the reo .,ttlption whlat the hanks of New York did lbefore they raoumed, vi0: cOlntract their motony accomo.daltions us much as postible; ithe incouveoil' e will no dtubtthe melolo ttempo-.ry, andllts been all along, foreseen. An ofticial alnlotnc lnent is publilbed of the ,tttll'On of tl it, ntks of Olit to resume specie pa.. ;l1 onl tlie 13th inst. Domestic exhangeos aro rothler w'orso. We giCe thM f0dlewing table Irom the best authority, of Ithi day'. Now Orlem'o i'Flteck, 5 , 1 2 S Bank niotes x I- 6 Nhdtile cheks, 10 101-2 S Bank ntel Il 1=-1 I Nelch' z Bank Holes I - Grand iGlf Bonk 14 - Michligan Clhartered Fnlds 15 110 All tlhi is notling more than thle r.-,lt oftlhe ordln sty exhohnges of a market uonnntrolled by thelt No. tlnnal Rank, whose behsieas wotld he to oquslize tihe flow ofm*mey tlhrnoughnut the contry. We shall find toomthat the ench'rgo morket will btoqi eP as irregll ar after the geaeel rr.ounption of asmeoi pavmsentnA. it wa hbefie. At least we have the exprerirne of tilet peltod thowIe nrofthe old It. $. Rank and previous to May, 1837 to lend us to this conclnoion, 1t is satoed thattheoCanton Blnk of Ohio a ill he a de to ecover and toon again. Bi knell's (Philadetrhi) lReporter of veoe.rltv says:--Mnlsv is alnndnnt in ihis rt.fe at modroate it teatrnt,td tihe prolpl et gettrnlly loiko wall. In foct tio tt'tninlte vofl hek, rlolllilnne n blondttv next, and tllrir know,,n ahilitv eoar to do. have proved the means of restnorin the monetary nd burioeia afairsi of the oiJy to a Itelthv Ctate. SWF¶NTY FIVE fL.LLARS REWARID. S. jHt,..bov cro rd will be paid for ppr hoenofion the Iht. ltIAI1LY, aged lbout ttrenty year, five Pot five orosol itlt'e higl:;gonod loking and lacok face; Joe somond-d h;ltaIlf yelterdtt fromt theo ,o lsclt,e J. 15., ouooloe atr, at. LICnptains of vnwcsl and nth rer forwornod not o reeei'e or hrbtor hit:, under thlostrictest ,enlatv of tlhe lw. 1.. It. GAIENNIE," al--ft ____________ PARTI nnrromt do ehoz le sonstigno, le naegre Harry, 5 pleds 5 on 6 prusce de hute ur, ig6 d'environ 20 ano. Ha, rv aplotrtcaitprottrnuit Iclcmioroomelt it M. tehteo t t enauite A M. Ls Birig'er; . Idite ratomlopna serv ptayse pour sou arremett taot lo loger dana oteuwm doe geolea. Lee dipitldnettol blloons va peur at store,. eont pri'n 0e nopoltl Is tceolir, nonla' peine ilnltOte parla lei aa0 lsea.s, a4.6 L It GAI N \'E. 6 to Snzotto TSATF OF LO;UISIANA. First Jdticiol DIetrict, Cettrl-Warta W. Stnewart, in a0ttil custody, ,c.hic reditMo. -T; creditora ofthel petitioner, \W.l iter W. Stewit, a m hereby unotifled to ht and appear in Oen neurt, o Monday the 110th A.gust next, at t t elo.., A. M. to lhew enu0e, if any thev hane, why slaid Warner i'. Stewart,,ld not hve tlhe benefit of the lawn mnde for the rlicfof Iunolhntt Debtors in By or ,f tlhie conrt, thi 30thJlyv, 18,3. P. LEBLANC, lI)' CI'k. a slyU-0-ttawP.i0d A.¶ T E LA I.OUIl NF'--(,,utr e do dit.i o irJ4oa lerDlotrit .ndicialre-Waster W Stewart; f l u0d.'ontr n oncr..ane,--.!.ea eroanciter do pti t-l ·ruerWIan' W. S4tewart.tso par to pr(.ment eotifib Mnyt11, 6 onm ptainsteour, lundile ts20 mnet proehina f1 IIousse do rati. Itour faire valoir leum raion., s. t uu pitgtqott leitt \(Vener a'uO n ttin le iIct. S. ý w veal. ira axat:ow doe d.bitoenr insal. S.tý a p. gr r orm do tIe laour a ;I0 juitlet 1848. S P. LEFI.ANC. DSp. GItfer. T,1. akagPe*~ st uLndsey,.h a ' a ý ,u.oa fii,"6 nm nn c s ±" nn DE LA Mlunicipalite No. S. MARDI. 18 Juillet 1838. Rdso'u qua ee conail, nononbetas lee objections di mainr, persiste dans ama rdsolutloss pusdee a s s6a ion do 10 jnil at dernier, amtortiant le paitment do deun oompte, i'on b John Gibson at Pantie aux propridtuireedu "Commercial Bulletin". a Signd, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Attendst qu'une action u·td Intentdn par l'ho norable Charles Genois, comma maire de la vills de la Nouvel.e Orldans, oentre Hoenri Lockett. Ia mu nielpatltd No. 9, at I. trdeoriar at comptrbleur de ladite municipclitd., t .t quo dans la pdtition prib re a id6 inadr6e, demandant que Indite mnnielpa- a lit6 soitcildc do r6pondre I ladile petition at qu'en vertu du 198e. article do Code de Pratique, service do pd itions contre lee corporations des vil lee devront dire faites ao maire do Ia vile. i II eat on consdquence r6do'u qua co consuil per alate dane ae rdsolution portent qua les petition at eitation dans l'affaire de Chi. Gduoia, maire vs. H. , Lookett, Ia municipalitd No. 2, at autree, oient ler. I vies au mair, at qu'il sait requis do faire ddleudre Ia maniuipalit. t at tres. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. i Rdsoou qu'il soit permnis a Bases Hawtthorn do menor leors chars our In wharf de catte municipa. litd, on face duquel ile reogivent une cargaison de glaco, afin a'y recevoil ladite glacn, pourve quo pendant qu'ila occuperost ce wharf, it Is le sent eouvrir do copeaux. afin do pidvenir taat d6gat, et pourvt qua eeci suit fait sons l survellance du whartinger. Sign(, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6soln qua a somma do soixante dix piastres soit payde an marshl do Ia citd pour montant d'un jugement at des frals dansa 'affaire de Gahuzo vs. la municipalit6 No. 2. Signd, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu qnu la somme de $2162 30 snit payde & Layton & Cie. poer momntan de lour compte jue. qu'au ler de ce mois. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdrmlu que la somme de $317 12 112 coit payee StBenjamin Levy pour montant de son complt jun. qu'au Ior de ce mosu. Signd. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rtaelu qu lto voyer not rt demeuroe atoris6 & adjuger na dernior encndrieseur, aprbs dix jours d'avie prdnlab e, danis deux journaux, en anglaai et on Irangais, I'ovoerture at lescura'e du canal Mel. pon~ ne, confu.rmement aux intentions d'une rdo. aution do co conaseil paerds le 2 auft 1836. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rclocln queln Compagnam d'Assuranco de I'Union eat autorisde a raparer la maisen situde rue Gravier eatre lea rues St. Char a et Carondelet, dlont Is toit a dermbrement 6di ddtruit par le fou; pourvI que Is nouveau toit soit convert on tuiles, ardoises on autrea alairianux iucomnbustibles oenformdmaant 0. I'ordonnance relative aux bhrinse on bcis., Sigra JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu que lo trasorier do cetto monicipalil6 eat at demcure nutorisd a payer a Johin fi.acarty dix piuntrce, montant d'une anmrnd poreue do lui par cotte munioipslild. Signo, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Attendh quo Ia vento du poisson depuis 4 ant a did monopoliod dane la vil e de In Nourvlle Orleans par un certain corps d'intdividus qui exigent un prix exhorbitant, et qui on mdme temps no sont point disposk fournir leas marchd de la seet nd it municipa. lied d'nn approvisionnemint rdguhier El attend.(quiu les ruvenus dtidits march6s a'augmenteruiont de beaucoup, si eo propridtaires d'lh0tei s ot de paniuons pouvnuent oi tout 6tre assu. r6o qu'i ts peuvent as procurer dans Ire inarchds de ao4te munieipalitd et t bas prix touts espfuc do peisson boh et frais; en consdquence II eat rdnolu qua M. D.C Hotchkiss set demou. re avoir le libre usage d'im tbe tab et d'un ital duns chacun des marchds de eette mulicipalit6, pondant I'erpuco do cinq ann, it partir du l:r Janvicr pro. chain, pour lat vento du poisson et du gihier. Pourru quo lelaits marchds esient on tout tems abondamment pourvus par ledit liotchkiss des or. ticleos ideosue mentionns,. eonfurntdment t P'in. tention et it Pntention ainchre do cette rdsolution. Rdsolu qua ce conseil posabdo on tout temps le droat do rdvoquer ea yrivi dge. toutra itis quo dons son opinion on no sera pas conlurtld aux rdquisi troln eidessus dnonedca, Sigtid. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Atlendu qua o tableau d'catimation, dommages et d'u.ssesoment pour diargir la rue Rollignue, conmno it a did fait par lea comlnissairea nulnlnms par Ia cour du premier district judiciaire n'n pas did6 confirmd par la coutr suprenbm. II eat en con.dquence rdsolu qua I'avocat do cetto nlunicipalitd frase immddiatemtnt it ladite cour do district la demande do rdfdrer do nouveau ledit ta. audits commiosaires pour to corriger et le reviser, aven injeontion de remplir le tableiu cor. rig6 et revui du.n I'eepace do trentt joure, confor. ,dutlnnth a troitibme section d'un acts intliul: "Acts pour rdgulariser I'ouverture, to plncoment et I'am6 toratiot des rutes at placrs pubhqubs dans Io villa de la Nouvello Orl6ans, &c." appiouvd le 3 aiut 1832. Signd. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ] AVANA SEGARS -uI bags of green coffee ltnd lr g from achr Liberty, atll 21111 hlan ill store for osle by SLLATER A TRIER, nugl4 40 Povdrae street. S1IIITE HAVANNA SUGAR-50 boxes prime quality, landing fromn bri Poacher, fr sale by SLATER & TRIER., augl4 40 Poydras street. Hi lA ANA SEGAl b-b00,0O00 of different brands, Sin stone, or sale by SLATER & 1I RIEII, astel 40 Poydras etreet. ?XCHANUE on Mdobile wanted by ABIJAH FISK, clug4 pRAN)I)--5u bole 4th proof Americ brondy, for sale by ISAAC BIRI!)DE & Co. augl4 134 Magazine street. IC'FFEE- 31 hTas prime Ilona it coffe,jusa ecri S & J P WAIITNEY, aoel4 8 Corti street. ioy (1 li)tDS-20 packagel i, comprising variety of seasonuble article-, for -hal hv ISAAC IRlltIfiE & CO, rsugl4 134 Mlito.lonertreet. brig Chrleaton, for ::le fv LAYET 2. AIEIIUNG, taugl4 17 Comnmrce sreOer, PRIVAteFiO-DIDN H0USE- Rrmored fromn 17 Curlomleuue St. TO NEXT DOOR TOST. CHIARLES THIEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAt & ST. (onRIta STREET. 1 the. ANDERSIIN tendet, ier cnmplio ent... th public tand iher friends, and ifirns themnl that sto has removed from her former atall to o more onveniernt, healthy and bruutifit one, on St. Charles street, next door to the Theatre of that ntame, slid near the corner of I'oydras street. where she will be happy to anectmmodatl all who may favor her with their pa tronage, which bhe will endeavor to merit by every at tention whilh ltay tend tti their comfort and happiness. suc9--1838. " MIAYOVRALTY tl}' N014 ORLEANS. f tHE pric of freAh flour to-day is $6 50 ter bhl. c Sording to the tariff, the baker, shall give daring rhte ltesuing week, (from hlotdmiv, 13ti inst.,) 41 ouieres ofbreld for a itt. Bread of thIo second quality is re quired to weigh 25 per cent n, vit: 51 I, tnoo. C. GENOIS, Mayor. 'II" . 13, I__8. SEAsR-~o boxes H-yan, Toa. 12 ora-ta . tt.g H l on Tea; and Il cases yc)ung HIyon T'ea in 21b. culi i le+, for sale ty ISAAC H.rIDGE& CO. atgl I 134 Magazine street. iAi4UFCA"I'UIRETI)Tobaco-0-.0i btoxes, 8 s,12 Sand ound lumps, of various brands and qusli ties, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. _auld I _ 134 Magazine street. S , -7i Brelo of Lime; 250 Bales Hay, land L ing from brig Larulioe, and for sale by LEVI Hf GALE, auelI 93 Comlnon street. I ACKKIEIL--1 bbls. No. 3 lackerel, landing 1 from ship I )hio, tor sale by augll STETSON & AVERY, 88 iravier street. 1I.LINOIS & OHI FUNDS, for sale by NATHI'L TOWNSEND, ij21 Exchange Hotel Gray et st. OLASSES-40 hblt molasseo in atom, for ale by vi LAYET & AMELUNGO, aug2 17 Commerce street. -IMbE---1 casks of Thomaston Limo afloat, and for ale by CHASE & DIXEY, jy24 6 Customhouse street. [i ALAGA WlNb--iweet and Dry Malaga Wies, b' in or craoks otl Indisn bbls,,eotitled todebetnture, for sale by READ & BAR, TOW, aug4 67 Gro-ier street. Tll'l rRUE AMERICAIN. l·ITreoD OBY JOrat gBMA.N . FAITHFUL AND BOLD. NE!¶W OR LEANl .s THURSDA Y.....AAUTGUT 16, 18I Were not the malignant ehesrterla f the admi- I nitration so well known, people would he likely I to doubt the information received from New York that the locution of a branch of the United States annk in that city under the general banking law has been stopped for the present by threats from head quarters to place on injunction on it the moment it shell commence operations. When the sovereign people of a free state pass a law intl. mately connected with their prosperity, is it not criminal in the ceneral government to interpose its fiendish malice to nullify the state law beeausse one whom it feats as much as it hates may gain dvantge from itr? When a eountry possesses l.oundless natural reseurces, needing nothing but money to bring them forward, should not a pater nal, or sensible governthent do all in its power to I induce the foreign capitalist to invest his funds to the evident behefit of the citizens? And it is not something worse than fllv--is it not almost trea. onnable to prevent the establishment of such insti. tutionns-already made legal by the legislature of the state-that would by its high character and credit bring heaps of almost idle wealth to our busy shores? Blow absolutely fiendish must that mnlics be which no regard for the nation's pros perity, nor ibedience and respect for the laws, can for a moment subdue. But it is evidently the convulsive effort, of the dying monster that still continues to wound wherever it can bite, although its own recovery be hopeless. Let that console us. ,A little more patience and its impo tent rage can harm he longer. 'entucky Elections.--The following is the result of the electien in Louiseille. Hccld, 147! BSraler, 1308: NCeholas, 064: Phipps, 2:32 6 For a cuoveon tion 281. In Jefferson. Pope, 1075: Merrewether, 1004: Bulluck, 999: White, 901. Fr convention 67. Indiana Electron.-In Floyd, Stewart, V. B. is elected over Thornton. In Clarke, the Whig candidates are reported to be elee rd. In Jeffers,.n, J. C. Marshnll is re-elected to the lower House, and Brlght, V. B pledged to vote for SU. S. Whig Senntor, is elected to the House In place of Gen. Staff, who declined running. The English Government is deriving important r advntages from the speedy passage of the "Great n Western." Important dispatches fir Canada were rr received by her, and forwarded " expr'es" to To. ronto and Quebec from whence answers would be a received in time for the steamers departure. Thua tt the government in St. James's may have all its enquiries answered from St. Lawrence and the r. Lakes in about eight-and-thirty days! ,t Important to our trade.-A new Ukase has been a promulgrated by the Russian Government, more t particularly applicable to vessels freighted with cotton, in whole, or in part. The substance of it is, that they must strictly obtain certificates from the Danish Quarantine Stations, of their health, a and special proofs of their perfect sanatory state, a sch as Custom lonuse clearances from non t suspected ports, or certificates from Ru.esian Cnn. ,els.--Ordinery receipts for the payment of Sound SDoes will nor answer. Vessels laden with cotton ma Ist be very pnrtrielnr 23 A female profesaer of the magnetism hum bILg in Enland ha las blhe.d. Bnee creature! Steh cruenl trerchery might draw terts frtm the heart of a Ston-."t Important from Europe.-The Duke of Leeds is a dead. Commodore Biddle is appoirted Governor of the e Naval Asylum, near Philadelphia. FaPt sailere-Princee Joinville in L'Hrreule reached Breer in 18 days from Newport, and the packet ships Ganrrick and England arrived at Liver Spool from New York in 19. Running hard on the st eam. l r Fanny Wright is lecturing in New York. Sir John Herechell was lately invited to meet at a alplendid festival, some four hundred of England's most distinguished sons in literature, and the arts. It mrsat have been, indeed, a brilliant sight. A liv. ing Orrery! the astronomer surruunded by the Rapid inforntution from India. News from Brit ish India has been received in New York in 77 days, by the way of England too. By the over land communication, by the way of Persia, and r the steam navigation of the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf, intelligence is rapidly conveyed to , England from her distant eastern possessions. By Y means of the "Grent Weetern,"' and the other Ssteam ships, the news travels here in less time than , by our direct trade, and far more frequently. Now that the ports of British India are open to our freighting vessels, the importance of early and coennetant intelligence is of the highest importance. The European powers have all the means of early , news from Egypt, for England, France, and Aus tria have regular steam boats plying between their ports and Alexandria, monthly, numbering in all no less than 18;- five years ago there was not one. From B,tmbav, May 19, we learn that transactiots in cotton had been limited: prices steady: akipping scarce. Opium was improving: prices during the last week as high as from 8 20 Sto 8 25 perchasi. Piece goods were inuore active: thie linr aorts more in request. alcuttan, 5th Maly. Indigo for the overland mail had rseen 4d to 6d. Tonnage scarce. The import idty of 10 percent on cloves has been rra cinded. Those spices stn now be imported Ifro their place of growth, free. .4 boumper. Wihen Sir John Herachell drank to tithe health of his late numetrous antd distinguished entertainers, we trust the butmper was quaflfd out of some body else's glass, for Herachell's own-his telescope-is forty feet dseep, from rim to bottom, and twelve feet six in circumference If the chairman compelled him to pledge the com. pany in his own glass, ha might well say with tsle philosophic Done "we'll teoch you to drink deep 'ere you depart." Such a 'bumper would soon makena lumbler of the drinker. The ndvices received of an advan.e of 15 to 20 percent. on Brandy in France would he had news tort r groggerioe, were they not kept by men toc' e patriotic to patronize the foreign article! Amer ican Cogniac is the article they deal in. Napoleon's Remains. It is said tire Marshall Soult has obtained permiission to remove the body of the late Emperor, which will he shortly placed under the column on the "Place Vendome." Hydrophobia is on the increase in New York. It is not to be wondered at that "cold water" should prove an bhject of terror to the quadrupeds, when it is such a constant cause of death to the bi" peds. The editor of the Newark Advertiser has receir ed a pair of Oysters, taken at Bergen Point, 12 in chs long and 5 1I- wide. Hie should send them to Plough. To keep such a present himself were as shellfidt as tire ,ysir are. The rioters in Baltrimnre have beeft malting it most outrageous o ttrck upon the venders of 'mel onspreaohee, and others of Pomona's lttIuries. They pelted them first, and robbed them afterwards. Thbis eseltinly a ihisresding of the text. "They asked for fruit, then gave them a stone." The steam boat "Herald" was burnt on the 7th inst1, nine miles below Cincinnati. No lives loist. Ten of the fifeen watches stolen from Mr. T - bias ofNew York, by a man calling himself C. W. Pageofthis city, have been f,,und in the plasess. sion ofa fellow calling himselfStetson, in Charlse. ton. A slave, named Eliae, about 14 years of age, he. longing to the Price estate, Adams Cv., Mi., was hanged at Natchez on Snaturdy last, for a diaboli cal attempt to kill her mistress. Hunting in risissnippi. Two parties in Lowndes county, started last week on a hunting excur sion, in the course of which they bagged 3925 sealps. L. H. Willeford's company, consisting of 11, counted 2404, and that of J. A. Snell 1521. Theoldest ofthe craft. The venerables Colone Andrew Marsehalt, a veteran of tha Revoltlion, died on the lOth instant at Washington, Adatms Cy., Mi. The deceased was the father of tile t pographicel art in Mississippi, having brought in. to the then territory in '97, na mall printing press, the first ever need there. The new theatre in Natchez is now hoildinve. all the econtracts having been nmade for its speedy completion. Fire in the ..orle. Fifty or sixty buildings were, horned at Ilodseo on the 71r instant. Tihe fire was caused by the sparks fromi the steamer Con grese. .41 Brooklyn, L. I., a destructive fire broke out tile samne day, at the carpenter's shop of flr. Glo. ver, corner of Henry and Clarke streets, which was entirely destroyeed, tegether with two others in the same trade. Tire loss is estimated at from 15 to $20,000. The worlkmen lust the greater part oel their tools. At HKboken, N.J, a fis redestroved the large He. teland stables of AMr. Van itsElert, besides several neighborinlg dwelvlhnls. 7 It is rumotred ie saome ul tle northern papers that Hallcck into be-whllt we sincerely hopep he tcilibs-one of the heirs of the rich John Jacobl As tor, now sick near unto death. Some of the wise men of the east, preferring the poet to the maten, speak of this anticipated event with regret be. cause, forsooth, when wealthy Ilallectt will no longer write. Very eomplhmentary, but no way friendly. We are not so selfish. Knowing hime well, we eareem him highly; and rather woeld we live to outproverb Methusalem on "Fannv'a·' asweet msenory, than buy another MJare Bosaris with the loss of his legacy. Astor could not en rich one more amiable, or more gifted. Rate of travelling in the next world--Newton has given us some elasberte computations on the distance of one planet from another, and each front our own busyv orh, but we never until yes terday heard any calculateon hew long et took to travel from titae to eternity. Theslave Elizn, executed at Natchez, declared on the scaffield tha' at five .'c'ack precisely site shuld be in her So Iviout's arms, which was allowing , xactly three hours and a half to get there. The "-Free Trader" u;:tjct to S. B Marsh, a candidate for U. S Senntcr for Mi.s;sailtppi ate-au '*his outward man is the ihoperslona ion ofl t iI d-I himsePlf." It is a new thatry with these or thodox demtcrats that none bul an fnillti ir.s hti. sit in the Srenate. Did the Free Trtder entertitta or promulgate the doctrine whtien oa!w it.ilg bh claites of Senattr Walker, who whatlver agllll, be the calibre of his Iatelleat was erenioly in giant in sta'ure. If he tr so arxiaus for persolt I beauty in his enedidnle It hitm trt about and s.opport nur friend Adam L Bingemananwho ii a good whig, a good fIiluwe ad a handsomie men. The draught is complained of sadly ot the N,tth. In New York state all thepepersare filled with accounts of the severe loss caused to the agricultural interesls by the long contitrued want of rain, of whilc we in Latoisana have been i lesas ed with such dally abhndrnce for manny weeks that the absence of it for these three da)s past hts been a thenme of genteral remark J. Q. ..dam and the Ladies.-The fair ,ones of the ex-Presidenrt' congressional district entertait. ed the old gentleman lately with a pie nic, and he in retaurn amused them with a lone speech. In winding up he observed ' "I have, in the course of my life, found that it was an easy matter to address tw hundred anslid fIrty nmen, bet it le aeen ti meatn I k ffiiently arduous to addressa sUccESSFULLY one Iomon.'l He is not the first octogenarian who hIas ound it rather a hard task after passing the *"term of three score years and ten,' to pay his adresses to the Ladies. Change of opinion -The lUoston Post in a re cent fit of morality, uttered an sphorism to the effect that "racing, while it improves the breed of horses, disgraces the breed of men," and it was therefore with no small surprise we oheerved quits a sporting account of trotting race at Cambridge in its columns of the 1st or 2d instant. The sncer against the morals of the turf was natural, for racing an Bisting "is not a fashionable vice," and the Post gives its disinterested support only to such as are. But how it ceane to admit the "ore. count of the tros" wt can hardly uerss:-unless indeed it be on necntot of itte weather, which hlas certainly been lhtr enough I.t melt even that icy substance called " prejudice ", Tle ue eount inl question is of a trt bettween thIrre hors, called Napoleon. Leentton,t and Buehkkin, for i ptrse of $100-rmle hents -b.ea 3 int 5. The purse was w)on by the "(ene.ral. ill 4 taets and in pretty fair time for a begitninet. 49-2 46-2.46 -2. 47 The articliei siganed " Amateur," hut is written with the spirit of a " professrr," only it proves the writer to be "gr Ceet" by stating whaet horse ha. the poles for thle aeeond heat, lafer ntming the winner of the first. One of the editors of the Louisville Journal is on his ravels ftor a ashort time. It is easy to useertnin which by reference to any ae a of the present numbers. DIED--On the 3 July, In his 29th year, in Caroline Co. Virginia. Mr. JOHN RICHARD.ON, after a lingering di.ease having been a resident of this city. for a number of yers. P- It EUIN' Ni< . uItIE . CI.F.AR ANCES. ;hip rtahmerse, Maseom. elao, thr In s tletdent. Mtrltiael. Dareslona Miranda ;hip Oana. Mieanilid. Hiare, ' . Roz.ers Ehr Mttliteaneat, Henry, Charlrsten. J A Parrslii.eo astalmer Columbia, Moore, Galesto. J Reasd co ARRIVALS. tsaaser Washioton, track, frainm Doaltssonvil,. United Stlaleltssoaer aealt. from Brittaia Ilanid; reports nae wear off Pa. alltata teodlng tn. nistmer Tehe,. Stoekmann, frmmNatchitnehes, Otesmwr Mariner, Nolan, from Plaquemine. Stram towbat P.orpoie, 'hous from ea;. hrvinL Ioweha to the bar bark Conittulon and Renown, and to sea brie Uncle BSle. arought uphips Charlet 4 Will Ister; aitrs \VWaIer .W sh aas.Lstler. L.ft the N E pals ith inst. lt noon; I reportl U 0 hit Eraeatandiat in flr lbse an Pass; one ship En th, stng, rapps ad itG a paNcket. -:hip Charl., Mchluathaa, 35 days from Batb, & J P Chip tVs Badier. Trips, 40 days from Portsmouth. iat Mobile. cehbr Wats Witch, Duprere, 9 days frorn iaNtas., nto C apadertl'e. B-hr Vesper, Ilotarm, 7 days from St Jsolhpbs., to Master. leasmer adatul Dustia, fPro Loaisillts. FiuiEd FI.r)U It-St0 bbls laldinag and for sale b - Jy G DORSETY, II Nei. free FILOUR-3t0 bbl. 'r`eh ground flour, landing from Sflat boats, for sale by a LAYET & AMELUNG, ugl16 17 Commerce street. P IK-50 bS Mde and Prime Pork. b ,n gmr druI flat boat, for adin oa le b LAYET & AMELUONG, augl16 17 Commerce street. rADi 3 tnd Shouldrs.-O ibbds. Pickled hkm- and E-. shoulders, lauding from flat boots, for sale by LAYEP & AMELU'G, aug16 17 Commerce street. OTPPERAS-20 bblscopperoas, i store for sale by %)G. DORSEY, ugf16 44 New Levee. tHISKEY, Pork, Bacon Sides, Flour and Lard, Vin store for sale by G DORSEY, ang16 44 New Ievee. 117[I TE OttoAnna fgar.-100 Botes Itndg taom 1 chr Liberty, for sale by nugl6 A. FISK. 5 OKN.-400 bags white corn in g o.shipping order J in store, for sale by J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Porlr "t.4.r. TNDER`VOOD, Pickles, iNetchulrs a.,d .ru.~s, in store and for sale by J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydras street. USIN -70 bbls Rosin in store and for aole by IJ THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydras street. t ARD-400 kegs very superior a sfLrd r sale by JOrEPH CICKAYNI, .3 Grovicr street. aug 16 T EX MONEY for sah e 1. T It'HVDE & BRO. ngtl6 39 Common st., corner of Magazine. SHOU4E, titchen and shop for .ale, fronting on -l Circus and Basin street. Privilege turb irven in 15dars. JIAMES LAMIOERT. augl4 FIFI'NEN DOI..ARS KE\VAtltD. TIL b ptaid for the apprehension and lodging in W prison in either of tima mnnicipalities, W[I. LIAV1 FERtGN'ER, an indented apprentice to the blackpmith trade; the said apprentiee is about five feet four or fire inches high; lieht ohair, blue ayes: a German bty Irth; speak, the English, French and German tan guages. All persons are forewarned not to harbor or r trust the said apprentice, Ntoler tim severut penalty o the lanw. NCIIOLA.S LMURRAY, nugl4-tf Blacksmith, Triton t'nlk. TO LET. A Teo storr priate d welling hosse, plea a santiy situated on Triton street, netrr t' IUI . Circle. It has every convenience teo make it a rleuirokteresidence. Apply to tunlc4 J OTT. ,Ittlttt ,.. NEWORLEANS ~ PNASHVILLE RAIL ROAD O.FFICIO. EALED Proposals will be raceived ot thie office . until the Ist of September, for furrishing 100,000 fet (lineal) .af rytress, or ellow pitne, 2 -.' inches thick, .2 inches wide, and in lengths of 20 fee: or rp ward; to be delivered along the line of the road; on the ahore of Lake Ponchartrain. D. H ARD. augl4-6t Chief Fng'r. & Gt.n'I rerd't. SI.LVERI TWIS't;or the Parish tSory p .ru.. Spart second, by the author of'Trhe Pickwick Pu per,' '.dketcbusol erery day Life,' 'Nicrholas Niokltly' dllu-trated numerous designa by C'rnikehank. The Life and adventures of Nicholas Nicklaby, con tamning a f.itlful account of the fortunes, misfirrtunes upraisings, downfallingt and complete career of the Nickleyr tamily. Edited by 'lio,' with illustrations by NobiY Sketches of Youne Ladies: in which these interest. ing members of the animal kingdom, are classified rc. eording to their several inttincts, abits, anti general charaoceristics, by 'Quiz,' with sketches of Yourt gen tlemen,by Quiz, ir.' Liehts arrt Shadows of Irish Life,hy Mrs. S C Hall. authoress of'the Buccneeer' Uonele Htorace,' &c. &c. in two vols., just received and ire sale h N WMl, M'tEAN, augl4 Corner of Camp & Common st. ENGLISH IUUt)Kti. 3ARTING'PTON'S Cyclnotedian of Binorapilv vols. do. do Arto and ,, ienes, 2 vols.-Shnkespeare in 3 vole, n pocket edition illus trated. Phillips' .eology. Jaoleron's linerology. Brewster s Treatise on Mlgntetiru. Gravy's Elegy, Ilusruated. Rtogers' rlty and Poems, illoutra.ed, 2 vole. Harding's Drawing Bork ftr 123.4. Phillips on water coltrs. Easy Drawing Book, by Chil e. Strutt'o Sports and Pass Tirles. Just received and for sale y. M'1K ang4 corner of Camn anrl r'o0mon t. BlORRISON'S fygeian Vegetable Universal Mled l irine, formerly sold by K 11 Svk 9, at 27 ( 'har tres street, has removed to the Book'tnre of DAVID FF.I.T I' Co. No4;l(artrres street, (directly opposite.) who is duty oppointed Soh Aent fa: Ithe sale f invslua' le Medilines. Sold in pockets of $1 $2,, $3 with amploe directions in Spanish, Frencl and El:nglioh. : fetweopio of tie Mnritnnin,or tmilt y Av'srr of the itleib t''olln e of Hiol t price $ 7:i. Also, the Praotical Ptnenfs, tilth editin,3:17 tos Tnke notice. the etmi e are nevor to, in Irin.;i Str, anld ca. ool be ta h id tintlhs city al :4 C artres \ fresh siply just rrceied al aug4--tf New York Sttinrrj t lt S & J P \'III I'vT.'t. SE1,1+'. SYIhPi--,r l btctt e IEn.-e syrp.tlatdit~ A tor role a y y d r & JP WHII'TNEY, a 8- Con:i street., iNtOTICE is herehy Giv,.n that no debts contracted frtl tllis date biy tIeolnt ers i lr cre t hI th le tleim Iost Mer' hat, will be paid by the, Suhbo'ibers, niless autllorised by tthemselves, andi tlte acounts counter 4 signed by Mr.Gregory Hyrne. iiAUNSEL WIIITE & CO. aug4--9 t ACIIN SIDES-75 Illhd's bacon sides. tI haids .13 Canvass Halla. 101111 homs in bars superior quality, in store,and for sa, l.y LAYET & \5111 UtC, aug4 17 Cottll'rce street. OALE ROPE-M-a0Coila Mlissoturi and Keintucky Ibale rope will he sold lIow by LATE'1[' & AM i2I.+NfI, augl i7 W'omtterco street. (OFI"EI--140 bags Rio. 1411 t,. Havana. PFor salre by STETSON e & AVEIIf aug4 88 Gravier street. AVANA SEiGARS-"O0O,O00 mledia,, quality fir H sale low, to close a consigmenrt, by SL TETSON O& AVEIRY, aT 88 G(tieer stet. INESo, --50 bales Lowell Litel ys for ale uy SoTEoTSON & AVERY, aug2 88 Gravier street. O."O.G bE-banilla and iTarred cordage, and spune yarn, assorted sizes, for -ale by STETTSON & AVERY. ao 88 (gravier street. ieRK-2-0i arrels ecler otess, soft lnes, and ether descriptionse for sale by STETSON & AVI'RY, UTTER--26 Kegs freed Neslers )Julter,ut h lUsome order, for osale byO N r AEY STETSON & AVERY, tao 88 Gratier st NEGRO CLOTHS, I.INSEYS & KEItSEYS- Thes subscribers offer for sale, lndlin , sOhi Concord, 2 bles plain mixed negro cl hu; I, ble Cwilled amixed n egro loth; 18 ibale lins, ., . tta'lt dttlora; l Iale white swan skins; I case pranted kerseys; 2 bales heavy mixed Cordova oerseys; 1 bale atttinisl;ed ISAAC BRII)E '. tCo, ACON SlDlES-IUInitttss, r Iu Ili, td ill s ore ad lr sale by ir, aug7 44 \rw l.'ee. r AVANA COPFEE--ai bags prim, on store Sand for osale by t.T R I SLATER ER & I'RIElt, taug7.. 1 ,l',din street. OA P--~5 boxes No.I . 1 slap, brd t J atnt lurid, Iladintg froul brig Btedtlor tor sale by ISnAAC BllliI L iC o, ang7 131 Mligazine street. I t(lSN, . e.t1 os and t"ltptolt|.rt-- l tti,,tt o SpEiaig Un I aSlulstme t oi Men's aind loy'e titn ki jt p'gged aad atu-telt llttt gant ; ,eln aud l'ays tIn calf istoes; 'ell's and wooen's primps lni sllopert, children attd inatuto boots, shoes and ankle tito ; nd insg rom shi, p Ohi, and tar sale riy IS.\AU Bi:(IlloGE CO. augll 13:4 MagAzine street. RLiu ')IL--8 coM s pure, rleuclfed n petnr (Il, Sl anding it as ship ohio, for sale by ISAAC BRIDt.E & CO. eegll clugazie ::ret. St OAP--14Lt boxes Extra No. I .oul, broadtl h Jt'Juk S3 Csot &rTrowbridge; landitg from shirp Ohio, ir aslo by ISAAC IItlDICDie & (( . augr I 1:14 agzione treet S°LOt;ANS--S22 Cases flhttt aud -,oi, fin? perred Brogans, landing tot brit R re al,,o. unn for aie by ISAAC BRI IGR &,CO. aa7 34 lMagazine t lotret. S...LASSE--32 bbhla. t,,l ...... lant, gitrt r. .r l oaalittei also : 0 dittio, tn Istore, ad fer sale ty LAYEI' & A rCl:,,;, anal 17 t;,.nl anu st s,,t U(iAI--3 Hhds. Sugar (or',liar) ludio! Gio+ sch Roslitsle; also 7 d,, in .tare t od sulte I LA EI' '. S I UNIt e 7aug7 17 oocet S<)ED FLUID--lust io r, taA It new article of Itt,, i I'lttd Ink, conaidered lqu I to ltI Fbrellt t'or mite,aidlat ote fuuJth the price. Asoo, t Ita don tiulyoI aitltila Ink. For 'ale lv IDAVID FE1I.T v CO. aug7 N Y elatioes' etll. I -FFICE NEWOIILLEANS& \ASIHVi.LE Alth F itj lt\l) Ctf MPANY--l)rafts on Rew York at sight, or sixty days dale, for sale. in stints t Sit p,.r chasers. JAMES H CALIt\\,I,1i., Ct\i."Y' CILEL I PeSYT.: t. . fslll' Credit Sysleln of Frallce, (treal Ilritt.iu a. d the L'nitcl'Sti.te--by II t' (t rey, alil r ,.I 'L'rinciples of Political Eslemt;y.' .te. Juts receivetd snd ftr sale by IVM. 'I.EAN, sarlt l ('trer of('atlt t ('otttt SECOND MUNICIPALITY. SV/ERE to the Pblice Pound of the 2nd V . inieipality ihe following named anuimals viz: One large lBay mlre and Calt. Uonee all lBI Call. The owners of aid animals are re quested to call to the Pound, prove property, and ke ink C a n .Iv. - hI ii. lAlll'i'CR. seatl Cnaptia of the al ti TI. a ntl atine 1 a d det dc Ia t'lde llmniciplitk, Ils SaninnalX suivans: Uoe grandt jnmelt heie ayer son suivit- nil poulnin bai. pronpricotniresidesdlits ani muux lontpr.s de venir an diepot, prunver leur propri ete, payer Ias fIais. et emamener lesdlts ainaaux, 11 tout It S HARPER, Capt tI. Ia Garde. W ERE. brouglt to the Police eI'rns of the 2nd ý1 Municipllity, the fidlowing named slaves, viz: HENRY, about 31 years of age: says he belongs to lMr. Collins. ANDEoIION. ulout 40 years of age; says he be longs to Olr. Edward Chitfie. CIARI A I, about 20 years olage; sys lie belongs to Mr. londelli. JACK, about 13 years of aue; says he belongs to Mr. Creggs. M ARIr A, about l or 17 veers of age; says she be long to Mrs. Gormly. I he owners of raid rlaves are equested to proe property, pay charges and take theln un , . .. . IIAK'PEII, jy3l Cntotuin of the Vateh. 'NT' 61ei`lmlle I I. aprislnl d. in Seoonde Siu O Nuicipll l,,s enelnves suivantp, savoir: IM.;NIti.agb6 d'environ 34 ine; se dit appnrtenir A 31. Collies; AND RStIN, ag d'environ40 anS; ditapparte nir A M. Edward Chifie. CHARI ES, it. d'environ 20 ans; se dli apportenir II iAl Mocdelli. JACK, agO d'environ 13 ans; se dit apparenair It 51. Creegs. MARIA, agB d'en, iron 16 a 17 ans; se dit appsrte air A I1. (Gormrley. Les propr blnireo deedits erclnves ra ot priBes do re elaomer leurs erclaveoas on pyaut les fraJs. lanit ir A. HARIPER, CaLpt. de Watch. I ICE--5it casks liw Innlling rotn Chnrlesnota,lbr l saleby S G ILA 'CIIAIID, jy Ivl 31 Gravier street. 7iO RENT-A large and iry oic. well situated, i and in the laosl bluiness pin rt of ithecity. Telms. moderate. Applv to 1W. GIIEEN:, at the Orleans I.Ilhlgrapllhic Of(lice, 53 Mlngs ins street. jy24 re(i LET-r-T Ilellose siteated en the corner of SOranlge nd Reliriuan s icnetl apply to J 1) IEIN & A CIlIEN, j.-4 90 Caommon street. A Card. ORLEA IS LIITHOGR.4PIIC EqT'ABLISII. AMEl T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE HANK'S ARCADE. W GREENE retrns Ii h namer ltanks to bin frienda andI tie public of New Orleans, for the atronane bestowed oil hill for the lustl to years, and iegs leave to anasre themb that all orders coin:;;iled to ins charge shalll Ibe punctually attended to; he will as tllanl, kee) thie alcr opaen dariul tile sIunimner, aud skhll he alwas rciirIv to strike off imerluant's circr lars, hui-inies and address cards, fitrall n.tices. maps, Iplan, awl drawings, of everv description, at the herltest notice, andi on the most reasnabhle terms. Being assisted hy artists superior to any other establilh ment in the city and from lone experience in the litlographie line, lie feels confident of giineg entire iatisraeliou. N Ii Apothecaries and drlgeirts' labels rexeuted in as rood etyle as copperplate engravig, andil at one tllird of thi expense. jh24 ALE 100( casks Philadelphia Ale, Abbot's brand, just received, and foir ele by J D BEIN & A COHEN, iy24 90 Common street. XCHANG tiN BOtO~tlN-Dralts, in sums to 1 suit purchnsers, for sale hby jy 4 STETSON & AVERY. E OILL-li casks winter strained sperm oil, warranted, for sule hc ISAAC B:IIDLG.E & Co, j124 134 .Maaziner street. St I .l. -1 acsessunmerclath"ng,cmpris-ing ' an assortment, flor sale bv" ISAAC BRIDGE, & Co, iv21 131 Magazine street R o'l A N (7lE1 EN'T--tirct itt Itarlaio fronti l-n. don, for sale by READ &I IAI:'TtW, Jy124 7 Bank Place. B)ALE IROPE & T'VWINE--tiar aDae by B) *-L 'II IR & TRIER, Jy24 40 Poydras street. Ssale Ir I ScPLAT IR & TRIER, .y24 "40 Poyvdroa stieet. c I I il NI I 'TOACo1-lith cale .by SLATEII & I'RIER, jy2l 411 pli'drao street. ad for sarrle by J I I\ A t'OI1iN, jy24 00 C I'I an n streetm. U chltn a st owRaot fIer Plcarate Etxrltioit-a, ,an benea o.- aledat tbe shortest naotI e, with a in, boast and rlirt ralt e a(collia l l t lla loto s 1"PDv tv GiEO. WIl TIfAN I u EtI Exrib tinge lltri, it. C.harles st T " R 11L.11i""y b(: -ltl by "fppying at- 2 _ :o I.i.__ c. . . . ." jyl i t 1- It) i FF'E--r,00 bas_. Rio otle 0lhl est qq uality SI'E i7SON & AVI.'Y. jyl2 8 G;rnvier st'rets. at b, . !-- Ia I ,- ,iNDElI -Non. need a-p WV MIcKEA N, jyl12 rar .v " on street . Oi1LE,.NS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE Snod dr , .ings.. met i nt't , I ..lrsbt.. I. t, Itt a Idle~r T ni f.ll 1.tI tel e exe(,ll o of 1 , limner Ivlo l lr I ni .at.,tIaa tla)l atat-ctt! drccli ) n ill i cll io4 IIlii 11) uiid , 1l'p mtorunte p,tr,, polat and 4 sls. ibls; PORTRAIT PAINTING. I R. P \i & l,.li it,+ r lly imllris t e ublic that I he will :'ln n a ill ort tirno in New rlteans for bhe purpose ill pinting portraits. li o iil. Plrner lof Canial and St Charles, in the Ihuisae ocl upierdl ly Ihtrmly & Lyvollol lreists, whe resplei men1 lof his plaiuti.g aul hbe seen. Entrance in St churles rtreet. ilh leINt GU\8 --A Itaw liae dSolulle barrel gaun in sttorn, for salue by S I.(CKI: r & o. jyl4 4 ' Old ILevec. .j 111 .EY, ilour onl Park, il staore, for sale by • 7 mi1"2 ( I(OILSEY, 41 New Levee. LENIIN RI IC'--t Itoear lemln syarup, landing . l-ifo shi0 Uonordt, ald Ifor sale by J 'I'IAYEIt & Co. jy26 74 Poydras sa,.,... .LL .. - b3atgs Aillapica it tar0, , oatfar gait uA J TIHAYER. & Co, y 74 Povdras street. mA'I" ll-4000 Laths in store, slid tar rale by I- J TIIAYEIR & Co, jy26 74 l'ovdras street Iu-tti .- 1 bbls letas II O, lriteand aoltt-. Primte Just inspected, for sale by G. DUtItSEY, jytt 44 New Levee, -- AVANNA CrIPPER. ,RIME--102 Ilns of prime green Ilavarna Coffee ft now lndilig from brig Tawen ILnrlue, per Ilavau na. for tale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, jy2i. 25 Grader street. PEIPI FS--51 baoxes, landing from shlip ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, jy24 I.(4 Magazine street. al-li \WRIl I\INl INKl-Jut recaivleda small lot i ") tfl Peraitacr t Ilite trlting Ilka, warrated a ttu parlor atticle; tar sahl by DAVI FI.TEl' & CO, .New York StttiOilers Ihlll JY26 21 Chalrtres street L AII)--8tt lleag Prime Leaf La d in stare, for L ao by LAYElT AM\EIUaiG, -t__ 717 Clomt.r-.-e .TATE It F Lt UIcSIANA, FIlaSTJUIItIaL DI)TRatCT Couir.5 P liCK l il IIElTI'iY atl1 JAMIIS I' NtIL EN, tvs. lT'heir Credttos adi tIe Credlitr il' It. olh ilta & . Ca. N. I8!,l'th Caessllini tlte Petitioner's Iroperty ilaving been acceepted by tle Conot, or the I benlleli u1' the Ir t'-edittort, it is olden-} l. I I. It muP ting al tie llal t rr llrs dt ink.t al-c. tlt til c.,ic.. O 1" .t ward allarttr, l:sq., Nolary Ptulbli, in Ttahursday, the hll of Selleellhtrber xt, t il o'cloc k, A. t., 'r tilhe pur)L-I pose of deliberating onI th aillirs of sai, petitloners, and in Ihe s il m . tit le all ju iicilt pro,' edt' . sn against (thlh person.+ and troperata, ca Ito t, redihoi' ien. tonetd in the sclacodala, arttay, (d, ad it ia ptinihere or dered that lieon E;aq. be ,ppoin:t d to repreasent the absentc rei' ur, il this case. Siltnet s the HoI. A. 11. lhlachanntJttdge of the said court, this .lth day of Auglaut, A. I. 1311i. TilLLI LEtVIS, atul7--3:ttl pn'y. Cl'k. DUI'IIN'IS PO)\ DI(ER. L COtNSTANT st oally i tfl)ulontl's F anod l'aglo I'owaect kept LtLu ald, tar d vy S & lC' . l at tal - ei; ORT'rY' l:,les ol'Olakuilt lanld Ii oils ;laillu ro, I i a.orted srizr,just receivedtatd tor ale by Lo. KE & t(:(. aua7 2 O;,i ' ere.. It .t..,a\l, ilN iWAt Ž L\UFAtTORY. I t)lE iE CO., Nio. 2 Old Levee, have in a st ,re , f their own in llluacture, a lMargo lnldl ~X tensive assort,l,entl tiln warre, wh.ct they invite deal ers in the trade to examine; also 2l(I Uo,tper, : ugar house ski omlers; 2.t1t do. Sugar Ladlle.; "2t do. (opper -Itgar Ihallis; 1, tubl . a-sortaedl sizes; 31t gross assorted sined i ollbe Graighs. N. l--Roatf of Ihldings acveretl with zinc, crp;er at tin. Col per and tin gttrers put a il on ta e o t olrt, lolnics. ao-7 O)RIE-iO blts ea nmalt ta t Itrimetat soluldert r ftr.alre by 4G UOlt-EY, aug7 44 hew Le.vee NI)IELItII.E INK--Just received, all additional t siplllv t ,rely superior itndelille ink for narkittlg tanl, tn., . Warlltd att irat ruleataiele, tiLr altte by tile coze aiatgle baa., by ItAVi It FI LT & t'a, J.8 NtNW Yorkliotarrs' H ,illra hI, .8 24 Charlrae st.eet P.1 \IS11I ?I.0i (RS--51 hit' bnoxe.. lpnn: segalirs aid to e l a it' li':, j'llt tand lur tile by ll ' i': . Ct i, nn, I (II " iric e t m tt- ulcp atair,. OP EVERY DOECRIoLC.N, CPEEDILY, IANDSOMEIY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE O.~FCE OF THE True ..slerican, ST. CIHAtRLES STI'EET, NEAR I'.oDRAS. me3 r IN E d 0 rtl'iEi1 l';I'ES-- 51 gres. wine Sand 100 gross portcr bttles, for aRole by llet.1tMtlS & MILLS, jyeank Alley. COTCII AIl.:-7e2 ensks Scotch ale, (qt-arItaaa Ieints) for snle bye llOt.lES & MILL.', jy21 hBank Alley. '1ARPNT .:': Fluidl Erelto of Saeanperilla Sand all other Car)lenter'n PIparnati·ns.e, .eeived nlatclr I IIO(NNABIEL, jyvl car Tcliupitoulas & Natchez ste. U FI~"e'i.PAitr.- Ju-t ceivt .fron tt.-l.e rn. Swine ills, 6 cates supemfine blue letter papal sane very low priced; Il cases superfine white lotte per, 2 case thin pink letter paper; 4 cases supes At! packet poet large toie; 2 cases ttperlfnel.ettr oassrted colors;'2 ens-,s soterfine octavo asonrted colaor; for sual, wholensale and [etailt by 1) FELT & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, jvo1 24 Clartrea nreet. .-i.O .EN'-l'-'oa eeaion given immendistely, the I olte on e Baoth Rail Road near the Lake Shore. The two L'uviheon in Boath, near the New Orleans and sa:hrille Ratl Rend. Severol Rooms in the Car House ol' the Both Rail Hand Company. For the particulars apply to H BONNA EL, jy21 corner Noathez to Tchonlttitoals Ase. 1 .O RENT--The Hnute anId Gardlen alnjoing Hrby's I Academty, on Tivoli Circle contolaing six 'ooms with kitchen, panetry, and out.louses, &c. Apply to JAI{VIS & ANI)IIREWS, jy 21 earner eTch,,epitottls & Ccotton streets. FORtY IDOLLAR IREWARD. I3 ANA WAY fram tte sebehriber, ilteen days ago, I the Negteo Girl.IiCY or LUCINDA. Ohs is strtng and well built, speaks Engliut and some broken Frenth; herskin ti not vcry dark. She was owned by Mr. Toogod, then by Mrs. Clark, int Poydtan street, who soldber to her present mnster. Sne has been sea live dtys ago, i7 the lower pert of Ilia city,nad Stuodav telone last she expended tie whoil dta, in brick yord, oear to tie race erotnd. II BA NNAU EL, jy21 corner Natchez n'd "l'thttllpitouln n ItS. i EAIt I.AlIl-2IIilI kes supierplor article, in fine r hilp, ing order, and for sale Ihy j DORSEY, jy21 I44 Nw Levee. SeIISKEY-75 hbl rettehi rIh isley lad-ing Sfrom steamboat Ilannibal, 12. do, in stare , for sale by l.AI E't' v & AMIELUNCa, jyI 17 Colamerce stre UPPINiG INS'rl'e.IN'|N wc.-A aslupply C Cupp ing Instruments, Paent Pimp Syrnyef, and lStomachPuspN, l all of tien mot inproved das cription, received by the subscribers. Also, Cologne Water, Btlot of Cnlumbia, Wrd's Hair Oil, Finle lf i, Nail and Toothl Brushes, &c. dr. alt9 SICKILES & Co, 40 Canal street. tO HlltR--A ulllhlttto Ou oSc, at firt wita ocskoer I. ironer, anel excellent cook, for a smaall family. Atpplv to RIEESE & DLANGE, ' - _ jyt19 18 Catnp street -, ATER COU)ldS-R-eeove & Son'o superior water colors in boxes, One, two, three and four rowse; warranted genuine; also, a fine assortment of ierrnen aed Tov pailn;s alsoe, Muddleton & Sewsall's Drawing Peecils; a few very ueaperior sable and camel'n Ilir Brushes for asale by DAVID FELT & CO., New Yrork and Stationer's HaII. i:ll 24 Charlre street. ANIFOLD LE,'"R'tT WRITELR-Just raeceived, l, elegant assortment of elaefold Letter Wai. ters, slmp half bountlt, tor the Counting Hfouse, and eRoie neatly done oil in Moreeo casees with backs for torveling, t very uneful ited cotvenie nt article, for Isle by I) FELT & CO., New York and Stationers illl, SJy31 21 Chartres street. TiEAF LAII-10tI Rerso, in one sliplping ardera isuperior qnulty,att tile landing, for sale by " G Ol;Sb.', jetll ..... 44 New Levee. LiillSIAN A FURNITURE WAREROOMN N-. 53, ie nvdile estreet. 1,7 ILI.IAT R. CA INES,(formerly of the firm ofat Y' Flint a& Cirnes,) would res1ecrfully inform hia FrieInI annd the pnthlib thatn o ins costantly receiving tl)lll Nnw York anlld Iliton n gaood asnornllent of Fur ntlr-lll unch aL mndahogally inhirs, Petite, I edtends, ma )is 3111pallllnted chairsT, mIpleb and eherrv rbeduteads, naellloannv and cherrn table, of all descriptions, bu retaul-, tilts, secletarys, wrilina (nd-ks, wn~olr.rle of nollllll;iny d hul rry, wsh 'i anlllds, looking glasses, i l fbtllo"I S, I'ed, h n x. i., , l I. n lituelt packed foir treansportation with greet c'; r,. jet i'111 I' *' n A, 1, --..1 , Ih"'l rnnaiin o|'Ten. I pl i'llt ·' by NA'I'II'I. 'rlt\ 'nl ND, .in' lw- in,i Hlotel. t;(irner rtreet IV..l-.lil ctan .. jn et. , ol l arolo Neptlune, laying it ttrana .lreet warf, for saleo by ;MA nE IIIXEY, jy? ii ( ullshitlboinee ahlret. S1 ill INin, PliNTS & Ili"-A largc and general ;iain:rtmilent I hind, nlr Fal' low, by J.\i~ tl & a.IlNtll.( l, ly" a I otnion &'L Tloialuoul - It. kilvlt4l ,-.E~.-li o tllallhmia, EaeaIe nad 'I sipe''o dlctnllrr , Iha' l. inell ntellt, RteOint Iellt, Ileatudcl w .ctllliell ? K lllll'a( In I'l Paster n,%da.i, saleby Jnl IS a8 ANI).EWS, .i' '' Comiano-(ni Ln 'Ie.rnopitonIIln et. - . mt'lI aKlll i ['l il 'p m ll C t: l i[J'(' 27.5 boxes cheeh rtie ; Ibrrrel l l- mkle d anintr , li boxe- P l t cht,'m:', ;, box t tiilhelll' smarllh, occived pi r ship lHuntlsville, or sale by Sj ..... I''I'RS& MILI.ARD. 1 Pj)tlt--l'l I',i. I i), nIJ hil acinan, jost enoeived, fr ,aheh(i [DORlSEY, jv " 44 New Leve. Pu.LE C('h' & I.i''PTFit I'AI'ER--On baindr, Slarge a.aortmnt of lo Iw iriced and ner snpet.or lie and hllll ite, Wove and ll ue Laid Ca, and er Paper, for sale by DA /ID FELT & Co, New York Stationers' Hll, Jill Pt4 Chaertea street. N,\'W OltIE S & NASHVILLE RAIl. ROAD iP anS F itEPIAI'iTUIRE tN nUNDAYn TO BATI. Fromnl I)l, o. From Heth. 6A.M. 7A.M. 9 do. Iii do. 1i2 .. 2P. M. S.. 61 P. M. The ret llf the week. Inrolna D)pot. From Bath i l. Ni. 1II P. 91. 12 M. 2 P. M. 4' P. ' 6P. M. N. li.-Persons wishing to go on the Prari ased so as faras tie road extends without any extra charge. JA.IES ii. CALDWELL, jy26--6t President, NEW iIIItHECTO RY. UBLI.iIED this day, Gibson's Guide and Dire. tory of ,New Orleain and Lafoayette; tar sale by DAVID FELT & CO. In22 N Y Stationera Hall,24 Chartres it. BAGGING & BALE ROPE-500 pa Kentucky bagging; 125 coils do bale rope, in storae and sale by YOIRKE & IIROTHERS,. Jyl2 65 Camp stneet. IHLEMORRHOIDS. H AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-Thij ex. traordinary chemical composition, the emit of science, and the invention ofa celebrated Medi. col mun, tile introduction of wbich to the pebie was inveoted with the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, iha saince gained a reputation unparalleled. fully sustaining tih correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " he dared not diu without giving to posterity the boueSt of his - knowledgo on thins uljeoat," and he therefore blqueathled to hie n ind iand attendant, Solomen Ilays, tile secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and tihe private practice iun our couentry, firet and most certainly fr the enture of the Piles, and so exten sively and effectually itas to bufile credulity, unless where its effects ela wittnesaed Externally in the fololwin comin )lplh For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption. at one". All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours. I-hemnatisim-.ciuto or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Throat--Dy Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Wlioloping Cougin-Extnrnally, and over the Chiro. All Brusiao, Sprains, and Baurns-Curing in a few hnmoe. Sores anid Uleers-- hetiier fraesh or long stamndtng, and faver solrs. Its operations upon adults and clhildren in reduc- inig nriiuratii, swellitngs, and loosening eoughsand tiglltlnens of the chestny oluxantion of the paris.. has beent surlrising beyond connception. The enualnin n remark iof tiiose who have used it in the Piles, is n It acts like a charm." TIlE 'll ES--The prie, l1 is rerundod to may person who will use it Ititle of Ilay'a Liniment for theo Pilus, and return the emopty bottle without being cered TI'lisse ari the positive orders of the opoprietor to the Agente; and uat of many thell sands sold, not Olne has been unslceellaful. WY- might insert certlilcatas to any length, but prefer that thlose who sell the article, sIhuld eo lnhlt the original to pnrchiasers CAUTION-- No i rt, ban he genuine without a aplelnlld elnngraved wrapper, on whichi is my nose. ulid aloa that of tlln Agents. FOLOMON HAYS;. Sold whnlnlenlo innd retail, by COMSTOCK &,. Co, Now York, and by ona Druggist in every" town ill tie Uiionll. Fo:a ral by tim WIIIholeale Agonts, corner of AIpnotlencaries generalli, j3O j--lla -ging, laniding freint . 1Corinthian , t olnt by" L.A\VIREN'CE & LEGCEN4OtE, Jcl " 28 and 29 New Levee. lIT ESTEINS UTTITEbilO00 kegs in atore, for sale, by SLA4'I'EIt , TRIER, jnid 4n '.a dues treit.

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