Newspaper of True American, August 18, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 18, 1838 Page 1
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_ .IC. 1 g .ENTS. NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 18,1838 Vor.-VI No - Tes per Pre. oft New rleri , , eper Prers of Neat Orlern .: .r" , " to rat as aljoure.l rmeetl Ag t "+ ' .3e.htt .[th of March, 193 :;l - '.,Ive allar for tf h daily pg . , ' i-ll lmully iln advance: ten t r . try paper, payable one r i , t : . . .. r, rene is given. No -,:. * , v .. taoil nltil nrrsearu es re , it , tCe, onte week's sotice a y givln, previous to the bee€ r, q.'t, h Ilar per rsnuare for the first leMrtian, .i : i tie for each subsequent ono. t) 'oulr; l, , t, , I i t the original advertiseoment wie bel.hohe, I oi o Y..te.V bevc trlt,:an.-lterohrnts and Tenre .r arty dollaor ult feghoil alone, and sixty for both i.' igss lh, tsllrllnlle Offices, anid other !ilar alppa ac nstitationi, fifty dollars in English only, +od Mighty for hotl la.iougees; Ship and Steanmho,t ,'.l rn,or Ct orn it m .,:lmrollts sixty dollarn in I nlil, ne, ailtr e i tolr lthl Ilangagoes. AAItRA( aIIT .ny NOTICEs, and artiri: It tlte lt tf tile pthlic to sales , n ptr 'l·rtv 'ds of ', bwneftit o&oa,&.will Ic eli'., oe dellar are for the first inoertion in mob! ovatimtt a it o, or Adverti"ementso of cycc p , otnattre. whorl adiaiibleo, sheall be chr 1-l o , , and in adva A deduwtnc ef twenty-five percent. will he :ail :. auctioneers,H n esai, lttgistrs or Wills, oal ,larohal nt sales of real tats, pugtlished in botlt IneSut:ltg., antl'hU per cent. in E.gltoh alone: 10l percent. oil sadil f othrr proeNrty. A RTevIaTnnEreoa oalt of the direct line of hmine of ihe advertiser, sunoI as. legal, aulction, anll lanta loo sales, runaway slaves, stray anllilnl, tl,. &e. will be clharged ir sepa.ltely, ando t the ordinarv rates. Aovltrlt:meavr not sprlifiel a to tlmce, will be ulhlieltClle Moonth, allt e.!ugeoIl accr'llnl v. 'No advertiseolents of hankruplcile will hi. published Si y case, unlessa r ailli previous to insertio,l or sayment glltlranteed by a respolsible person in town. 'haatres and other places of alnesement, advertising otily or the season. to hbe charged $1011) for English o se, and $150 in botlh lanegougee. All annoncenoents of caer lldtts for polit;cal offices be charged double the price of otler advertise :t n.,. to the immense loss sustained hby newspaper preletom, they have crone to tite conclusion that the ,nah s of persons whose accotnts have not been paid witlin ons lnonth oafter olrelltcttion, shtll Ioe lads olhW.l (so dfor os tratieClbh i to eb:h other-they otli uatine themselves not to aolvertise or prillt for sulch delinquents, unless in case oI adacwce paynlenls. tsigned) J.C. I)t: SC. RO1 E J. tiAYON, I'. P. REA, J. C. PIllENI)ERGAST, JOIIN (1.!ON IMSI)EN. .Veekly Press.--We, the undersiigcl, agree to abide by the above conditions, as flr is they are applicable to .eekly pnpers. S (iSgned) A. B. LAWI{E\CE, Il N. subscriptions are taken for let lthn 6 lmonths. Letters must, to til caooeb Ic ieet paido PAIN ItltVISItt'!l) by Ithe ulhor of " year in Spapnie'," in2 eoe I-;rrc i"?,etrl, it lllnel hy ' u anthlor ot "Cecil clyde," inI2 lil. ' tte .,ltreses o' Padua, and other talsh, oo the authr ,f "'The For . ken," iln 2 vols. Nimrod'oc IIt.m. "to r t; nter;rsed with characteristic a (' '.,mt i I.l' ,:t l i tIIt a f Jers eofE ng'lanl wilh n:,"'!. n,,,=[ ., ,, .,{..: o:,l .'eivrl dex name, to which a ,, ,, hr ,i doi olinaets,l in too t' - m-.l+cl. oi the "Life 'a t ..:,l if :e o't: taro. oul iullitv Juri,. . .• i op lellco anod Aterice, o to,,t':, vl, .. ino.vulo. foinink N - Library." lufotlr I', , ,1,: ~,.uc,-, alnd nlatlleuvre o f. s the l',:i ,! by ' ld r ate ld Scott, I .. S. . ' o .1I -a l iV,'l tod tier ale qy I l"nr lllrc l t I. · '. .' ·I ' l ltl'tl ,u t . rf istl he Illmlr I. o , noI llt ivi+ i ; t' 1lhlh l i i.etvoi th;t: tiIII it, ,, li Itt i ry llytort IItoc toc I it to Slove tot Iovh1 in to , i io,"1 ] l.mrg; t t...... . .1 111 ' ; Ageofltoh l..J.; tea , siy l'nrreoll; JL',oaV I ' " i "'.; among of th a l' ialre VI:o . t •, , it , + .r il:v ,; Shall or tatit ", b t t n ":", ld arei ti (Ihinin;;ic; ht v o to, inom I tti .ahlce .oite an " " lt; Still fo htle lly r " fr i lt itc" oc F, ' latI t re i jian h t o , to a treeII , , V Pi je s tt'trte a ,l alt-in ,ore. jtan '.!1 19 'tulPl-treet.. SACollectio;n of <,i 'Id Phrase, on every tror p ne 'CeJearar) mainturI oenver.ation, arranged under lierent heads, vith tul.erous remarks on the peculiar pronunciatina and use of various words. Tihe whole so diaponeed a coneadaahily to facilitate the aequisitiona rf a correct pronenciation of the Freach. By A Ilolmhr, a new edition, revised aed correctd. A selection of .ne hundred of l'rrrin's ' :, panied with a key, containing the text, a literal and fitr traalltion, arranged in such a manner as to oint aut r udifferencer between tile Prenrh and I rnlish iin, .a a figured pronunciition of tihe Frernch, raceer.lire i .h.r hIet reach works extantrn the ruhject. >yBen w!ro!h Iprteedel by a short treatise on the sounds ofnr IrYnll< Iahnguage, rlepurr d with these ofl the Eaglishr A Pronuenclnmg riler,or ttIr chiur'oee ;lol .to thie aecutrtrr pronuciation oetl r .-tl.,rsphrv (r u ..l PneIt Lt.n ,', :ontainingie iat elm.ntr aecordma o, plik beet r ne.c ,y Bernard 'Tronchin, j'lst r+,rui':" i pod or tule Ly WtM ilcK l:.r It n ,, Cor Carap & 'rnr , ,i resi g SUiLPiHUR i PRiNN.eS l (i.RtElcNBRIEtt COUN'TY, VIlttriNi.\. lsHi favortie.te rtering place in the tmrnt-rrti U Virginia, 12 i iles coe of Lervitirhurttd 2l fir the White Sulphur, will be open in du reinason 'r the reception of empany. iM:lm v imlrrta, t i idrove Iot tavre been indtide s tile laet seaoen. A pIereme: : oell orolrt and i nuiber of cillgle-b-d.ied roos aVe 1ll1 added and rrrw filnihtigR; Iaerriirl.g ace nlIodOIIOIsl Eb ite v lastllr July, fer 5i Vihiloe'.. Anr ecllenl tura-r pike rend ha heen clltructeld passeing I, tile Irinra, a eal interseetilg the Kanarwha turnpike near Iewi, burg. Over this raad, ih direction of t pit o rifitee "delartmrnt, Messrs. ,ehlia, Walker & crr's. line of mail coheate will rant. A1 post nrfice bering etablished atrthe aprieg, visitors may r...eri.n n ·w. .a.r codrs 'nnd daily, eastrndr werr. tf thie ,dicinal qualities elt-thRee wUteritne prorrietr areedr not prreak. They bave been Nanlysed Iby able ad releniared chemits, and ound to hold in soanti an all tre vceiauahe irtgredicts of Stlre ieastcelebrated spriue's ill Virginia. r-Tho erlinatiol t rern:irratiu:ll rlphutaretted fly "rei.h, Sulnp rat ef Maguneia, Snulphmte of Lima, Car. tieate of l.mne, Snl roinc of iSlrd, Muriate of Sodla, and Muriatittof Magneia," tne falutary effects of wnieh Aer exhibited in diseaees incidentr tol'einnles;and ehron i' allectilon of tie strolnac, liver, rnd bowels; ineurle in oue affections orr drliseac Ifrthy ski nir resldy more potent or i nfticinaus ce I be lfrrld. Ettensive bathing estarimiiores for both sexesan have heen erected cestigns rinto the spriigs Visitors can at all timres enjo tile peruliar advantages of their be nigrn ad whrldeaonre effects. Majnr Willimn Vase will continuea tihe srarittenad once ,f tie slpring. Evenr exertitn on his part, aild on the part of the pmioprietr. halr lie rtenlored to illsurrt for the BIluet ulphur a liherl shlara of the publit pale renege. TIm proprieto rs of tie Ble, Sfdphutr lpringy wilt hr Iheral in tah reseipte f rn.e otefoilde ;tihern andl Wtes n lnlkas whire iarcelnsire raerld slver t,riprr. MIlARLA\ I)IINK. ,c. A"' WFUldi elonr lc res f .isic Moo a f the lintel tlDic Nnnearv or f .oentrrtl, t. r i,rI with an eRp. Seadi., acontaininea, prat I. Itee.lrtioa . firetedition; - purr.ri daeqel f her narrnriv; IIruril, Rteivew oftrlr a- d'se. "Altr, t 8n el)rirllr!rrt aivindr rllre parlielllara rr the Nutuer nd groands, illr.trratgdl by a planf tie 'i'Nnnery, &o. Maria Mlonk and the Nrnuerr .ci the lrotel liert--be ingn ltaaonut rle a viitr t, the ('orrentr rf rlmntretl and rafutrtiltr of tiht, " \wfl Ilhr.elonrlere;" by Win. I.. Stone. Fourrth nxlreriaentt of Livirng, .iving without means. S lreta Sltudrlt's lnstructor ilr re.tillg atnd working rThe Five orders of Arcritlecturar," fully explhirning the na.titri. Inr utriktrg rerehlar and quirked moulrersr; Sar dia niihrhian and gltlrinera ofecdllrme. l capitidl; Ibr fiadint he trnu dirnler rtetrrof erdler re any given height; fir atrikinrg the Ionierc Voluter eerler ir erlipticnli with '"$ ishti.' examples, on a large scale, of the orders, their plarellera, d.r.i and saue rdenrir s fei r door anr es, ale gttly engraedron airrat-ene pe Iitaswith exalateeFhC pter Nialolson, arrhiteri t, author of tile ".lMechunitaes aompaniol,'- "tCarrnater'a New (tLlile," t"Carpentor'a eal.ioair'uns Aaeietaut," &Jc. t 'r acticia'reatis on tit Caltlure ofSilk," adipt ' d-to theerril andclimato of th. United e tItesR-hy J. SG..I Crtiuaok, aecretary of the i ;lrtfl r i county Silt So ietv,and edt rlitor of ele "tdilk Celtarist.: eTh Swilk Raiser's Manud, or bthe art ofel raitt, and feeding silk worms, atd of ealtivating the lh Iberry tee--by M. Muoritn. STbtlerlk'a Guiide. or r'anmercial Cnrreeapn rencey comprising lettera of hlusittn, , ,or.ns ofltilla, intoiieeo, aerrunt-malee, and alopktR raper, equatiau of payaRnta, domrefeilrt terms, &e.--hv , p. Foster. "lllltary itn the War in the aPninatla and thiernmtih of Prturr, faro tihe year tI0Y74ttne yearlI181'r by V. F.1,,Napier, C. B., vrl V.; toecwhch ar ,eruaed an swere st somre nattka in Robinaon's Life f Pictoq. ald i. tle 'Qrlnrterly Reaview; witd counter artekarp to Mr. Dudley Manta'n Percival's remarks aport ame purt-. gli (Olanal Napier's niurthrvnl oer of the Petinsular WWir. "Jrht reaeetrd e, tar ale by 'm"I J J. - G tOgEY,. S( -A,-5l hit5prinera artiale, frr rei br je6 41 New Levee £ Pea alr se by f!FThf & * Nit, n. IT5 tp E ,, l lte N itibh, la.rge r tlitionl ihor their slnhk of tuselh: .*ndlrrimextnll ht-eekeeý,ing xly leq wliiu cal letrti'l? (tIat bcls.) !fiie'rn lasorntmeit more i rc ner kold yetlipll rba hi 1, to he tuned in artyvenuitar ell.nI_ li aneg f boiiei an± stttlar cn.. It .:o-ll nII.riii; nito: stiie, oii SSOILVEI E WARE: talHe aod tea jets; pitchers,, waiters' oait~'s, caille. stiels tsps, tumblers andobleots ltable andt desert Ibrks tablde, Ilesed atii tea spoomns; marrow and gray, or N goldt s, s;ugr tongls; star, im ese and nespll li aes; rotler, fi r.t Io6 iling anl fish knives; plckla and diewt ivt T l...l ineks, L,okins, rin.I, L&e. princidll I nea, iualnttctml of Mr B. Gard ilr, of New York, li.ti long established reu iati;on for the mnunfictult eirer vale is suffioient guarranteeof itsl superor ! Ii.Ar 1,ll "CARE' OF SDPPFIEL 1 AIND I.. MINGrHAM. '-,- nld e offee urn, tea ektas; castors, liiluor .Id e4. illilst:,ll; souperh oamllebras, anso Epergoes willth nite :i,: plateaux, for contra of the dinner or supper talile: rr:. rouoncs aind oblong, from 8 to d incotes beef hI·..' hskets; z decanter stands; mantle and chamert ".,Al0sticks; wine itrasers; cooleras aid syptoss; deeim. St- 'liels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, ta. Ille. egg ansil iltutard spoons; egg boilers aodn stndss mraces, Sc. SILVEI ON STEEL WARE. t'h.sanind desert kmves, forks and spoons; soulp od I nadles; tltter and fish kiives, cheese sioops, as .:at'gis ltongs, vegetahle foriks, dte. .IAI'ANNIRY. Fine Gotlic Sandwich an I noulnd corslnet tr(s. ill set r and sitile, from I 31tc ihrle; do ol'ac/picr nMac ". eilait, etee.e, and knife trays; large ilritght late x;ll'llerss; s8pce, utgar ld craash boxes; 'ressng coasl's; hIhia teu tables in ile.ts, caidiets lapllomnillll d of riob itortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An exteolsive nsonrhno:nt. atmong wot re Astra lamps, all bronzed and ilgilt, ad olf rcl cut glass; manie I amps du, ldo, eacih plain and witl glass prismis ; very s dielid out glass do i Lbrinlzel nw d . pnltie l side or bliankeilannips. CIIANI)I.LIEIRS ANI) HANGI'NG L.AMPS. English aind oreneh oet glass lanlelieras o lestres It 8, 10, 15, 18, .Utnl 24 lighits; Frnchle bronzel nml gill t Grecinnliamps, 3, 4 and 8 liglit; hall lamlis $ 1d I l tellls, rich bronze bo or centrle laospr for drawiig rooms, from L to 6 litls, Ianlil shles, glasses and wicks. MAN' LE CI.OCKi , ('ANI)IEIIIII.\S AND ironzced and marble; hl'mtei lot don gilt. ani lll gilt, wih i. 1sars, eth; el I i lIg lose aPt( it 1hlenV elO. i crnzdtihksia r ihr,; apr weights, o,,ie.i egs, casrll iteks, canhelsoitck etc. n eii INA WAReio i Oei t offe(t ,.. As biieib iuglsh amd French w ll w I uill o t l, tea atre rlls et-- o "ices of Glain whiee, .,l .ie d fi anll velry ritthe bins stoles; sblen"d f rth ,' m ,It',waram t Illilh k A ii c lwe i 100Ialre; t l' l. llr · k, (alllO S otonr ,., ,!, t-1" ,;.11, t,,wilt, i,, l ts the i ,: t , p,, t"uiw r ~ '.,ru ni I ," [c r so r e b e , ef" r " rs l r, t l (; II " 1 t rll.k , .", ..I i i li e i 1 tiii , * I t ,1 Ii I' JI. . /."b ( (c , i rii III c, lr lh I . , t, th otand, T d s.aI h lr,I w ,,i. -r ivelsaw, i or $ ili, tii ila. it tIul b , Il, , I t i .. , i aculititlcri I 1..21 accis iiia slhe. ..e. gi hdeir &c a I"rsdai tlfwc.: h c I sws ii it , Itotl :h r 2, pe r saws.w, nr rs n, I ; t i , i t : ii.,i occIi.i Soot ios ls i p siea tit' 2 o,1 in , r oe Gis INS. tl "w, 3.,, .la I',, ., of 40 oaws, with feeders, & w. $6 d F,' dl. of th) sawas, wtith feelder, &o. at $7 i.rii.teeth here desired, for felersa, sntuppliedil Sie , e ah; the iumber I ofteeth beii .aout et il a a wit,' nther of cows. One set of fleet erst it s con idereid huwever, will wear ut two ot three sets of sAs. Extra aaws soplied at 80 ocenits each. TIte Gins rdered, will be deliverel to the agents of Sie o inan t ers hy the isot o irt townsite ofcil c unit n .l States, wtheraove yruicese, the agents paying the hcght oN theie ane froiut New York, util bei.uhing re . .ible i.thels moutin oi the ain . A Iif n .riht will sie tit wilth the Bins to l t cthem up uie Iiers. sired; the charges t)il' w [|,ise serviiea will be extra, hat Iron runcni.g griuial alsoihe oeiler'e wherei deiredi. u.i reasolatule'terims, but will ie ehao .l exit. Iolrstii power, ofany deseruiptlii., can be uirnlished o likuet erins. S.tall steam engines cin1 also e ordered if de Itl ictesirablm , wliii iLimters give oiders for Ginsi tiiiyi shuhli acediplni them with their views in regcti' p ito lheirratngentrtna~two, heansts, hrnahe, &c. Ir ti is found t i it'y iifci opiinion. uSomet deaire sawo of larger diameier oh,. onthlsi. The cout eoln iion sideb is 9 or 10 inches; I, some wish thee 1t inchies. Some wish 5 lnlcr 6 rowill brshes o an axle, while oshers dc not wanll noe t.tli 4 at tc t . Sone wish saws with 8 nrl9 teethil to the inch, while others want t0 orir II V tie i soeropanlev, we prefer they shouldiu at the time of giving tcnaers' frirniin a stateiectt if their wishct, ail the anihocicturers not fulfil them in every altliciular. Where it is lelt to oicdisiretiiii, we shall imake thei on thle molt maocrlrcii apltoll ve plrnl . ilfi. A in ordler cia be excnotel, fro the t i me tic is eceived, in thle slcoe ofeight or nire weeks, and the in i thatni timheioiiutle hands of the factor. To he i0 tote ior the iirxt eri, alliordrcughl to le in the hniis oi the IIIHi|.l.cnl'~rsr bthe first or micdhie of Slay; exept ioe piUllliltl wheehy aritiC nclate hn collmlilenig lto Ipiek or ginl mutt. i . h1.e TCe IrIi.te iih, iCc nile chr1 ue of icth ortuO glimlilo Slait, wilcl le stjld oul s'cii s. rciion irien. STATE OF L.OUlS.AN..--First Ju.icial iDittricte ' IIE STATE O1' tLOUISIANA, T all whom Sthese Presents shall come, Greating:-Whereas Viulinle lackey hatvig Iepurchtlte t at a sale mate hy the Sheriff oa the ua rish Of trltale toie propetty hereinafter described, has aplhied to tlle clerk of t i'j eurt, ill whose office the deed of sale was recorded on the 5th day of ali, A. D. 18311, fr a moniectio or ad tertiPtoelt ih conformity to an it of thae LegiglUture of th '.e te Lou-i i.o, nlitled "AL'- nh t fi the further asursunce oftitlesr to purchouars rt judicial salest " ap. proved thie 10th day of al arh, 11834. NOW, therefore, know ye. aothl d erasona interestedt harei. arle here citedll and aduonished in the ,tare p, the State tof Loui:iaro't d of tht Firen Jt dieiU I l)istrlet Acu.rt, who can set p any right, title or eleill in and Ito thoIt poperty hereilo'ttterdeeribed, it, consequence f antv iuafnflitv in thle eorder, decree or judgmenat of the court untder which tre sale wtes atade. or any irregularity or ill gality in the atpraisettents anti adertlOecetetst, in timle, or tlanner ofi ale otr or an other efecit whotst ever, to Ishow ca'ra, withit thirtyi days fnot tlhe day this ouonititln is 'itst inserted in the public papersa,whv the sle'eso atade'should lta be tonfairmead a tad hmol gateld. The said iropOHy was sold by the Sleriff of tie par iah soresoid ton the 2' L due of April, A. D. 10.1d , by rirtll of . dec ree of ths eto t l, rtndeored tn'the 3d lay orf Mrch, A. I). 1838, in a c 4t entitled William e ahokeh vs. ttel Bell, N,. t15,515 of the docketof thi. ort,i at which sale sual Willilm Mackey becamne the pue chaser forthe price of $3,300, cash. Description of Peettrty as giveu in thi Judtcial Con vevyattce, Vlz: A ertain nlot of ground, together'welth all the build inls and iajtrovetnnts thereon, situated a the parish of (tlrlestn, in th amre' bolrld by Nisw Lever. Lonuis, Patul and Itelord slrsetr , designatled by the No 9, Ot a toa draenhev CF. Zilmpel, Deputy aurveyor (General, on the 16th I)e'aomber, 183..1 and deaositedas plam No 10, in the book ofplsantof Felix tGrima, notary pthblr. Said lot ceonures e20 Iet It inches front en New Levee strreet,75 feet it depth on the aide adjoinilng lot No 8, and 811 feet 7 inches and A lines n ldepth on the tide adj-t.aing the property nm, or lately, belonging to N Joodale, and 19 leet II inches width in the resar, s lem it front on an alley 'f three feet nine incites in common to lots Nos 4, 5,'6, 7, 8 and 9. Clthk' Offie, 1; ir May, 183,. ts - W I EWI8 Dsp (l.e. tIe ig nura-b tm.eftbr resolved on ''uaIedy Iet, trip to Cincinnati, t(aone day only; I returned again last night. Iio beginto t heall t I i a very importnat indi Svd.l, as this instant the Journal of tlia city was put into -y lande stating, amongst a great many othe, things, that I had actually rul aw'y from Lo'Rtaille to escapethe effiects of tile wnderful tmagnetic nee. le of doteqr i;ip, the knight of the thimble, a inp, A S S My roeturn,howver proves that the table of the ho anl wolf is applicable toathe Jurnl. The rale ie "A hov was erotioyed dt watlch and give tlt alarm, whenilhe waolf piheared; he being either a 'footmn;,' a tail", hrin or a liar, Oinquen:ly eried out 'the wolf in in*,'to the grolidmn y of the eitin Th y a last aund out hijs re.l aheracter: that he w a liar, afd nt to be bel.eved etel when h. spoke the truth." The fast i', that eauseas must produce their effects. So it will prove,nl the all-wise o writer, Dr. Snip & Co., in the Journal. I would advise them toprovide them elies with a steam engine pges, in order to meet the wondlerfl demland and increase of that paper, as it i well known, there are many who seek for nothing but lsehood,out of slteer lanve to the venders of that arti cle. But anticetunotely for Galiah Snal,, of needle and thihble celebrity, the great mass of the millions of A meltiran peopled ara famed and far famned as lovers ol truth. Th'erefore they will, (a effecto trpdueed by the cnsrts a naeoully say, I wat to red i pater, that 1 mey rely on, therefoe I will seek out such, and become j ahuboribe r to thfe dtler journalse whose strtem: ts will ctprotr false 't'heir Ioe. statements am too pal table to reyltre r,.futation; yet I will state: It. I nl, e agnhta itce hotel. '2d1. T':t I slo lrellncal, tl Ite 31et Jul , 'tho te Snip c (lo., h.. sent cr a lettera theatenia nly tifre if tl colr lretet ioter tlle 20th. 3d. 'hut ficuca th's,l shall proceOCedl to (Cilcihntti,for folrteen dao'vtlv, of which i wih Ul DSip &. Co te finru the ntlliiead,in their own auioild, nvlor fails to bring me pcatiernt. 4th. That from Ciuclannati oI o allprooeed l the Fall0 of the Niagara, to he at Iflfalo, (if Dr Snip & Co. dr aiot take away y life, on the l-it of uepltnlhdr, sa na NNw York on tie Ist o Noveinher, maperld tle whole of th next Sullnler, in arder 'U Iaugh ot all the .s lll Philistine.; the erdical G(oliahs of Ial on, Piil adel phin, Memphis, Nashville ancd Louisvillc, wha wiei probahlv. (bhefote that time arrives donrc, Gnliah lot, I(ope and tlre CI'diah, 2d. Currier &c. ohto moint fir assesa, mules, &c. (iolinh 4th1. Corn e ri. (oll 'h 5tch, Paints andl lrug, and picklh storec . Golioal 6th tir' mt nc ,ifr.,cent of dal, t1)1', ' li. pc c ias Blo ieI. pverher to the tproprietors eai edilcos of tih .Icurnal. I.astc I woul have thle oI lIe lr U. cil & Co hat,, It ingbeforetlcey wore able tlchread a rie lie,,r cpc'dca thlistar Idhad beenfr ve, rs in te haht ct of ': ,g ;Isight to the blic d, antd hat too whlen o a o'o tIoc. oeccfhloIter clyoi Macjs tcy's c nr ll e (:rlt it ln. I cv even tilen al acnployedl. )id he threco .inr; tilhe currier; the hbrnso Imcker fI'r asses; the cord ,'ufttr; thle paint and drug store iable ' andI tlhe Inagniiicent dloctor Snip, ever, eve orl tcll Iream t of c Iei ci. able cl to do, t I. like? i ws l e J,oural c, ater I shall receive ladies anl sruc liorc flcul i0 to I A M. ad gentlclne n froul :1 to 5 o'cloc. P I. ever, i, day, to ouhthii moy oliion, withllut ie, a, usual In gtreat hw-t(,, JOHN WI [,IIA fSculist .illersen lHousc, Itcciscille, Jol' :21,I!!37. 1'. S.--Sitl:ewritibgUl. et, I h:ve t'en inform r t thct tone ofa ' c ,y t il, ol'r iqcev of tl he Journal, and his 1)111'uastrr, ae r ,. I )w.I ple.setd wlt, ell,,i ll" lfln. 1). ,.sora, inj r th ql t,+ rtllt, i tll v late re ..... s, us th.... h" .. ... 1)b,.I ,, . j'.".-, ,,a .,I: tey fulfiltheadgtc e,"oc la r is c ofifl;l, r d, : In. eter" 2. For llll our ip:at , 1h' ! : " . ilia, ] o< ~f e 'tcil+ ' ":, ", . ne "nt .l m ' -, ' I' ; c, ,c,,, "-it, el ,c . ci..i cclt i cortirh cco.of tie' . , cit.' . Occa i c' , llct c t 'e cccri t ccc, ' c,, 0 1 icprt; 5 ,,, ... cci c 1,,,1 .ane , w tere buret icrci y i In ,"I' nt ot' .y m raised ht ', r c f ,c, + or d I, " I i or ttic rail. Tcicccccccccl c a~.. cli , ht t, c t.iler bef t the kni ht of theu nci, r a ut on, u ' ley kniht is yet not 1'olaive ad , e (rn his 1',1hill+ rIml,< to'join hiv hrollllre r h nigh f the O cicIb,,il ht, ii ill', cinui, fl worldh,,, but ivcc sc i t e ill I« c,,tr! , t' , I cic 'cit, c l. ol tlln cc Itn a 'lll Icc,, c tcc'l -o espt',i.&Y dint rll "' lj:tillcc we, t , c cc .c . e 1, l a e o s , h t of M ic, the '.'re t I )r. el, lli , n. it,'lto g tIe filca.lM c, 5 '. w ,ille,, li i to Il, i'icic d'vc ' ' IcC'pc c t, te''a i'hc , lii oIi c,, I,.loocc sumti , ,l ,icc , , . or.. t,,' ic. na I. s tc,', i ts ,, . , ,. "c c c l,, l c iptc onI = icc'Ie e ifroml ',hr 10 cci' ari c,,c I. k o,." o win ne el h ipp cdl o by cc, 'accId. I,,, d. ','hi, l In i t nlt tid, hcc ll,.ict 1',etic " .~[ h , I n t o m s o f' c l e p hic . c T -,, u t 1 r i.i c c I r ,ic e r ti N .coc fcord: but lellhca l ct' 'kc" 'tc, !lcI lc citct iotfrae i itast oveothutIhae a ode- nb bh c'o cr e ai 0 ilt=l o~f the ct cy, c ohc ,lll tlllcllV t Icri c'tc. e ' h o et tr, c, e cica cch cc, al, es ll 'r al.c Dcc ia eo ' • ll' thil J I lcol ll~co'F, lllclcgi i: lec. kcllt i« cte cldiecboe &e. hlve gI'te"hl, te ' 'e a- 1 ,d o1l" re-toed t 'sixth e i"in o ,lllli,tu llav1 , a i,iterra tlca, whoctIC , c lla. o ih, 1v :,tll gl l lr 1,1,1 vIll f p .a, tlbe, (h li sln its. le 1 0 arorld ot heo g1. ci.' in "Txx . Hl and t to Nw r I hshn ached if ire percd to dhe me I hadi.e itl whicle e owest. cllolwl drop. lIe, came upwaetrr l o'clock ist L'heea1e)l Ipcae of Wte aerthy h d oeht a d cleara y ° tle olbicclct.soilchcctce onc, h ilt legibiy afte rired i'm d' lllb venpylh lecceci llamer a Iit~le amiht di cheftnsb al who f lear hc lie syil s hetirai , .led; ned hmtthad ie. paid me a t iousand dclars, haba should not he 1 se grateful, hoth tofind to wund t. When at ked iPeil of h ppcd the roa medies witt whion I drtedah deye, (t-marw ihan wch rathey ptan do$11, thaneir dircy moth. bJ ILLIA theN. l v-I hasty letter hweved a lettlr, anted lyetJu i' yiaaiotih c of ay mocatg an apology to thw e druggia at eand thney wl renodoubt treat I allued ton them uit thmy menaile apptitefhe readers a, at brealfst on Mena d tl ornpcng. t onyrtuntely for to , t dlereis a whoeL coorbath day, i tough aol i whch the by can do theire. J.dirty work. .J WILLIAMS, N. el.-n hIveon aju, receivedy, ld e lyr, I37. ,iiti Jul o y 13, pogy o he dr i o the Edily. of wte siyle tfll e r Kentu Lcr-lmir,"pretendiclg that aled to theme entraiinef my po lt lettr. They may rest assured, I did not know orhct l to sville; yet, if thi ciap fits any getlema no must a Scour'e wear itc though not intended by me. ile apt icW.Jefferson lo lil, Sat rday, &2d July, 1837.i Icr Jcoa FEn rN HOUSE, LOUISVILLE rght. 3 JuI roly 13, 1837. doit two hodel llr, To the Editor of thi city, gaicet e a otoil e de Ipo-iolaving listened to the g are ntr atie of my p &Co. that Ieuts o re o esih molveaod, dmy helth peits, young re pmain in this city till the end of J touly or p.iol 1.blioi trn tcy odo them mtotre good.hied t c a hateros tohe Mediccl Goli mh ' S. &c have piglcied toesoo Sbelong to theni, as their ccwcul c allr d3. Te1tly e leto redy to de osit two hundre dot rsl th i ci.oes of the .U.S. Bank, in thile handcseto hicc lci the ic he , of this c 'ty, agaist a si ilac r ci to be deo , ,hct I restore to eiht more aged, mddle-aged youngc porsono and c'c wheildre oero w ere trtlly or pac'ti cllc bli4d, than tahey do; and that 1 al enicloed to cure grrater tnndhle, of short, weak ol r dinl-sighted tersor during my shIort visit, ctha they dclc . Yet I wc i silo[.L 1.,1p i clumniators to chall in to ther aid all the verioc dloseverily ceebrated professors and Doctors th al thi collegeso , on well as all thi e diccetyor an outcp doctors n h uipitefound in private pratice, (who are soft cliew tied State of Kentu'ckd Ohio old gecctllc ndca" Iv, 1n ' riin, nsee; where there are iuded s liee two ith,-. t Aton Il'crtwhose ncocRlnod1ia ti to lat ndocd dljw 4l. [t ,ul u s t h e b ] e,t el l v ller palt . th . . . .. ll th . . . . . . cif anyll, on both ids, mlcllcc flicrit,einv -hai ole Leen ptrrn the oc ccpedc th idlcic c any sur,'tic u c rat',cooldcl t calcl ako batc hie 1e,,",,C ,d w 'n -fiic i .oiCc . 'I waot weak enough to road dthe of klaehood igued S., which deserve no hig but my silent cou tempt. ilad Iknown last venilj of the greal it. rtar.e .' A S , I holuttld have treated the last oftlr tlhree on.e what diflirently: hilt let tht pass. I will however compliment his master of the Journal, for his saga ity to employ he th irmer knight (.ot ofathe garter orof th thistle, hut) ofthe needle an.t thimble, in order that he may kill two birds with one atone, i. e. to parch the holes Ihtt mvay be in his natural or pohliCulgarmento and, if many t nut e from that collelt tpap.r, the Ad verliser, IDr. Sailt master is, j lally, in cuntanl Iieell nfhia nrvic.s. When any cirtumotanc.toecucr, whether domesticall, or politically, which requires a hliatir, whher on hi' .own lor or ol thereputation of those who do not hap sen to please him, being unlike hita, (which tustl be great misfortnnel) then it is he rings his IEI.L, whica after all is nothing mo't than if it waisuounding bras, or a tinkling cyonhal" yet, to view it tlhus-r. IBeu looks well; hbot with an 31. D. A. .. S. after it, appcea. nmgnificent!!" JOHN WILLIAMS,0 rculi.t. July 1. iAVANA\ Sh EETMIEArS-In store and trtsale LIby T It ItYlE & BRO. je: ar roComflon and Magaeine ate. THE hanlome STORE and back Kitchens on the unlnement story of the True Amrri can (otice, two dooras rom St. Charles The tre. A first rat rtand ftora Coffe Houso. Apply to tIl JOHN (GIIISUN, Edtoro Ticu Amerian. BAg 0 is ROPE-90 pieces Kantl gain; a. rails do Rope; for sale by H P LEVY & CO. jel No I1 Grtier steet, p arsls. NJAt S-A twm saitrrtmeat of Cat Nil'st- IMILES' COMPOUND EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A 6UDBTITUTn ;OIl CALOMEL. T IE. docetlie prmmlogated with so much assurance by many cm iricsa of the preselnt day, that one me diine will cure all diseases, is not, anio never een bei true; and he who sserts i i s either a fool or an imn. poStor. But it is a haCt demonistrable by experience, tlhat combinations of medicine may Ih formed from the VUGOTA~HI. KINGDOM, that will act so tliverBsalaV Otn the system, wl~n taken seasotably, al in jutlicious pro portions ,is to cure, in nine casesoet of ten, all diseases within the reach and power of medicine. From tme well konow and established reputation of Calomel, it has long been eriployed by the empiric Sand scientific physiscin, as ote of the most pIowerfi agents for the removal of diease. By the former, al most every land has been deluged with nostrumls, that their authors claimed as spcifics is every disease inti dent to tile human fmily. The folly of these pretenu siolls neds no coronlent, for neoturte chemiocl investi gation has shown, that the base of ott Bf the Pannceas, ttholiconu, khu. which have been trompetted btofore the eommmhity, with'so not assurance, is Calomel, or meronry in some torn. Now, if this oltent articlee evn i the hands of the most skilful physicitll, Ftretoet ly eerts ohi oiyflnro e ol tle human system, untforeeen, and entirely beyond the control of art; undlermiing th, cOlstitutiolu, anll brining on pIrematn;et old age, disaseo and death, vwhat result shtluld be expected when pre aerohed by the ignorant Cmtoldl their maIny thousand victims splik, a voice from the tomb wMoid soon dispel ht 'specific' delusion that now swa s the mninds of tlhe living. tlumane Physicians deplore tlre sad evils resultlng from the moredrial tectict, and will gladly h:,il the in trOductilil of""ll ar itleilht call saai.c' be snltatill.dll fLr calomel. They feel, and that kee;lty, the uncertainty of its pritoar operation; thev anllnot say b hethlle it will be thvorohe ort n ela orable. - They also know, and fetel, that it its ust it coatinnedt for any %onsiterable time, in julions secondary mtst follow. But they "must choose the least of two evils: they know no other article that will artUts a torpid liver, remove obstrne tiot, and set in free action the whole glandular system, adll it being indlislgosably necessary- to do tatis, tleo otinlue its use, notwithstalding the eveil conseoquolle which follow. Tthey have long desired and sought an lrticle that would produce the :ood effects of this drug, without suttj eting tllo pijleht to its deleterious results. Su.t a Ilts;lrttaltlel, it is elheoretl, Itas at length been obttiel.' in the artic le lw pnt:esetltld tot tlhe nbhli. T'lIh ploltilrl of thlis articoe keo[lit tin view the tirct, that a te i,te wud brenevodtlt lteiugb hait placod witlh in the reach of all, remedies adapIlttl to the dlisoean s it. ildent t thle climate ther inhabit: ad knowing, like- i wise, that tmoot of te diseses of the Soouth andl Iest toe bast It utloll lli or functiolnl derangement lof ii the liver; directdl their attention to those articles which p set Iore t.spl cially on tile biliear, om'rs, n Alter long, laborious, and expensive research, they 1 have succeeded in extracting a ubstalnce from tile TO MATO, whichl, fiom its rpeculiar efrect ula ohe Ihet a n tic or biliary ogtans, they have dentoominatetl Repatlte. It is a mnedici.e that will prmource all th. Ilnefita n resultatf Calomel, itll ,att Icute and chronie di eases, S without thte poslsibilit olf producillg tile leerioustlde tcou sequences cutommnol to t thit art ieh. Its action tlpnll the cnstitltion is alive-sal, no part 01 of too ,)stem escaplingits intllletlOc. It is, however, el Oupn thle organs of secretion and excretion, that its gtett power is trllurticlarly mUnifestedl hen it is pe culiarly adapted tl o te treatmentl of biliou fePvers elIa other iilscases ill which a torpidity to congestion of the i liver and portal circle prail, I t it is admistible i al tsatres, where it is necessary to f cleaulee tle slotaoch and bWotl"i. It Irnoves obosttre tion, .d excites a i quick uld healthy Cotiont of the live. Rt alt otloergl.udular viotret of the aolrlnen. Beng lif ft.ahle inl is operation, it irodnes a tiree cirellltiol e ill the vnt.i' s ol tthe slortSlee of the body, aer nlpunied by a gentle perspirtioin. It does not xl'halst hlke dl a- 0 tic purges; still, its acion is morte universal, sld ay p olten he repeated, lnot tmerely with at'efty but with gret s a; t bIlo fit 'hits becomes irndiso nslisnhltla cessory in cs ol' lltt Stantliig; for in thel iitestt tempolnrary inll re sltuns mil.a by strong Itldicinleo, seldom, if ever; do l good; but tend to itjure thhe stotlmnaof lthe enstitut ion, Sc It is lettlllt i ll pl uritying to the vslellr. acts ill lerf.ct liarimony Wo ttihe klnowl lao ill life, and i ulldhbtdly one ol the ilmost rvalable articles eer offler el till public trial and ill.llel i For etnvenlience, thi merdicine is formed into 3 grtin pills. Tht l whlite pills ate catlurttic, altleatine, diti phoretic od dulhretic. The yllow pills ae lolic, sotl. uomt and diaphoretic. 'The following extraetotihe s!itjret isurom the Cincin anti Journal. MILES' T'OIMA'TiO MEDICINE. 'rThe virtues of tilhe Tlolato, lnolt only a a Idelicinus vegetable s d the table, but ald, as a me"licine, have fir *'toirl',itble timie ,pant, ttrat ed no little etlention. Is ha b, en believed to anti-biliou qullslisic wllich, it th yconld be effectually coirn:tried, or separated from the saupalluoneu tatter, wnould Ie invlluable. This has been c.aacte'rized se a bilious Ceunti,. A large p)ortion of' the diseusau:lise froml disordered livers, or fromn de rangetiets in tihe gldunlar no stelm. 'lhis is t epetially the case in the welt, and still more sona the south. If a remedl, easy, safe, elfectl:d i its ocltio, aslid leav ing the eosttitution unimpaired, could bhd iascoered for bilions compaillnts, this would ultqueionably be among the most healthy climates in tle world. Calomel has been the almost universal remedy for diseases of this character. But it is a remedy which nothing but necessity should induce the use of. It may be noeisdered as trespassing on tile proeince of another profession to sp ':k lt this, yet we may be permitted to express our st'ong conviction that Calomel cannot be used without injurlous and lasting n~Ltes upon the sys temn, .reater or les, according to the quantities taken, anad the frequency of its use, and the constitution of the patient. A substitute for this, therefore, from the ve getable kingdom is a desideratum in this country. We believe this desildertum has been diiseoverd in he Tomato. Dr. Miles, of this eity, and hiasoaocites with mush labor and lexpelse, as e understalnd, have succeeded in obtaililng such an extract timm this vegeta bie as, it is hopmed, will be fould an effectnual substitute. We have taken scome painl to erquire amOong medical men and others who have used this medicine, as to its effects, and we 'ecl well satisfied that it will prove a mo.t valuable remely in hilious complaints. So far as we have been able to leari, it has produced the desired effect, noclratiug to produceahbaltht, action of the liver, procurug bilinus disclhrges when ieceded, and into some instances breakiag up fovers, with even more certainty I and in a shorter time than calomel: For sick or bilious headaches, it ims been found a good remedy. Those who have used it say that it dotes not producethile deili tating effects of most othec kinls of puroetit e medicilnes that there in i nincreasei dloltgcr lrio colds after tas use, lad where large doses of calomel would be needed this otperates without any danger of the distressing and iojioeoas eff'ets of caloneol when producing altlation. As ewe have reason to hope frota our irvestigation, Iis extant of tihe Tomato will prove a subsobtitute ti nolll ilh a gcat vtiety ofl' cses, wo e eatoro and it as on hlessing to tile humsc flmily. tsqi perfectl!y sale, said free jrou all miner is e thatIe -'enek of it, nod me trnstthat itsumen filly tested by I Ftilniln. Vie hlave every noul stube o'l's ah-ve '..'d icie ran be obttin·d onel of the (;t. oeral Ago., Is, ilh 11t l, , u I'(11 t11 lt.:',", I i Lacing a , onr Jlt igolb ".A. Mi , PIet-' 1. At. ('." t euuIt rig!.ed by 'r ; L 'i' .t1e, general Agent, lhr c nl I 00 l lag In e Ii ' tuli'ly seai, E 11 'T Stene, (ieeral Ageti foir Louisiana,. 114 Iti'di ., Co. 1:I til;[ LI:'cte n'tret, oppuite i Ve ,t, tt ]t Mnrke'. I'ucl .lartin, cort l'h t~ e anildl Hoilnpiel tcen . V Mo Nlietn:ry, corClou ilnnl Julia setres,. n r..ueller, cur l'chontualntas ntrc, t all St 1May " nlslt krt. J I' I;urtbut & Co, coler 'clhou; itou. sliad (inr,,d J P P Ihlart nIlI. Iayn I Ingo,, !+n. 1'r Wi Stanu.-hlr., dotlh:oIt hs 8la. T athnoa, . tainbury, tiu. 'lton exi . F teheriý.k ord, 'antr e',ras l. 1l l..tCamp at,. (i tl'. Jites, 'tvuli t uaie.n Wmn. Evans No. t1 Ulding Co. oin. Appli.ation ftnerlncroen or midicrines pv wnvolesacl Imut b ltonic to the General Agents at New O()" lois. All t ltucr, lnot paid, willbe promplly atitdded to. S- - tPl 0tT ' LOUISIAA. 6 ).L.lRSI C'lUi )'i. for the Parih anrd ('itv of Ntow . ()rlteu. Present the HIonl Cihn:le Atltlurltn, Jllde. Jitue l11th, I.:t 3-No. ItII,J.t.--Jnequnos tolier vs. his credtiors.--Upon naling allll tiling the ipetoonu olnd .rbruIetle ill this caw+,, It is onltrtl bythe (o ourt shat tli ciectitolti of the illvcltont dt,,hoiw i'.oilo im llen euret aon atlurdu, thbe 7th de lof Jolt, t:ui, why he shlould not te:lcc eirie ai:ccerdIin1 to i:Iw; and iIn tho meartime all proceedglll against his persoe and pro erty lle stayed. Clerk's Oicthe, New Orleans, Jie t11, 1838. jell Soaw AILiANI) FITOT, lthrk. .TAT l) DE I.A LtOUJllAt\l i.-- oar te Pal,.... Splur hl plri-se tt la vip de Itt Nouvelle Or leans.-Presee r I'hon. Charles NMarian.jtge, 11ljoin, 1';38.--No. 10,93.--J: que Poller i e nts e l sci -. liol.-Slr tetnuren at 'in-gistrntielP1t d itelnitnihint lsntchddule dies eetsinffctic, II eos deceth par Itwetur tie tenethnnociet deo I'iotlvahlr fct irte aveir leuLe rti. sonsen colroutven t Sait ei 7 dot itilet, Ilt:18,poylrqunoi it noseruit ioint deeh lrgib onforemeoent d In loS, et ec nltendant routes poursallt. contre sa personne oo sea pioprihtie soent arrctihe. Bureau de grefiter, Nlvoulle Orleans. iI juio,18 8. jel4 eaw ARMANI) PI'TO't'I (;lethnr. SiNSEED OCL-10 hin teau inng It7 ,, vteauotoar Alhany, for sale by , G DOtiLEY, _jel:l _____ Nn oIevee. -.AIlt!Y'S SUPERIOR I i \ i i--Nit landing tiom 1 asttuem hollt .ultasT, a sonpnly of the above, put up in hlbdt, tieces and bble; for sale hy LAVET in AIEL.UNG, je1y 17 Commerce Oreet. LINNE :) OIl--I 1 bhis and 2 Jckh betrst Linseed lI Oil, enw laoding from ship NX;tille, and fur aIe by JAKV. & ?,..DIiW''i, jWhlnlecs- Driogg',s. jA13 (.emm.on and rehapltnnuols4 -ne. ,Xdata s ~ i(A~fs3 & 3511-pt~Ir, P lNTSOILS, CLASS, BILUSIIFES &c.-.rtlt 16.0(0 feet ofglase, best quality, from 8XI0 t 23X21:; 3011 kegs white lead, pure; 350 ido green point, in 2.r libr. kes. 24 doz Jupaned ins for sifgns-6laOIho.:lithrag 9a doe splendid 04(000 ground brushe-. also of0000 umf1 0900 do; '2 cUaes cronme green in powder, superior nrticle do do It tanit; a large assortment of sash tools of every size and quality; sable pencils for artits; flat markin-g brushes for merchants; artist's colors in oil rearylv re paref,io boxer, fitted "-r with all necessary brkohme; artist's trals, oe. S'Flake and, trmnity white- 60 arlks gold leaf; white ood yellow wax;gom arabic; and a large owl ahoicr as f trtnnent of plints, dry color oil, turpentine, vertish, aC., for sale, wholesale and retail, at thle lowest prices, by MONUIELLI, noB 58 Canp at. NEW EDITIO. OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUl.ISIda,. T has tbeen for some time made known to the public that the snbhcribers are ertogad ia preparinE lor the preos ,nuew edition of the Louois o Cinv1 Cuodle. They were. rom,n tue first, aware of the gre.t difficulty and relporuuliii. atlnllding the publication of the work, and wi ws not woithoUI reat hesittioo tlat theyrv on rseated t ttl unuldertaking. But tile present ediltion, anonntioe to bo atl ree thouaand copie, andl whiah ihad cost tilhe Stt moretne than tlhirty thulanoud dollars, was entirely out of print. For mlle than two vears past, tile .sual price of the work has beenl froml tirtyiu to fifty dollurs. It is a system of writtn rules wnich ln irmmlilatrly operates lupon every idlividual of the .tatae, iurtertl. either ill agicultul or cournnerce and which golBers the diopooaion of co Ialnhl properuty, c i t,0 t, rc other staten, that--uot,e uhk arl,; ato v n thr trrnemet t +,i law-it is as Iuleh thle text-book "untne nttut lt of the merchant nd Ilh id(allir, an it is of thIe private gentle man fill( tile prol...iooll udvo,· re. SIe lawyoers ofthe adjoinitg states, and in fact of al thnOesltate.iuu th.e (hio anad tliarirrilqi rice o whicb find t maut foe their prutlua, in louioicuin. hve a lr'e llttclt nuce:ity of refrereuce to the nod,, ua nd make itr itlisulrensu hln ruqtu`ite 1o their librarir's; it e itilt t New ODenl th .i loo ia a iuh iule ls l ta tallld id thllot teacllut's eoluatillg rtooma, s u 00 tiu hr ldek oIf th. judei,o r tle ta lel ofl,, tltr I rtte.o Itr S i J m l ."i-io therefore that the first editi,,n ofthe ,-ork was so Iuic -, ly disposed o,; 11uo although ,t mre rep l ot ,,f it would ill selo measure supply the public te Ilct-iota \y t it would be impeur'act urnd lnsatistiettrv ulo - "no olt.laled witll referelnces to tile Report, ae d Statall- ill ord r to clt racce the tllnllleruul aoltldldlolatll t wc'ch t I ci I todal by t legtiltillr le uold theu io.lp ortul t lrlil,,f, and tlmtrrlltios which hlov been givue iupen o illl, e its artiCle by fIlthe Suprenlme c (a)I l't, IThel pthlilth.o Iave secured, lr the 'ce,'tat smbr iltllrdelJre nlld Idllor iro dpparrlenI t of tlle orlr k to I profesrto ul se:rvices of W h+'erliok S' ll; n, r E'. It Ile lhbrOf thle New Orleans urtl. TJet loe. Jolcks [(nulard, Julsd Bermudes, and lion (;PeorRe Eustis. have ea h kiudlv assistedl r III Upton with thie tu a ble notes which thlu ;slave colletd inlo lte corsre o their tfulies mod prIatieu;t ld to ru lr N IR Jrclni tlrtile Ipart Stra ri'g., Erq. has epresenten tullp rr: ,atit-a o , clrl wnich nave been made by him dtIi.g the wile period of his ei=:raruished prolessional lbors. The pI bshl- I eren mllv thereifore well trust that t:, annlnllltlll' I"of Hi, v work will le all that industryt atd labour, uasi.otr d br y learltint and c experinre, a rIIr portfirlml In puettioS forlh this prrects tarls aulnlc sict h e. - ael subscribers to the work, fil, pFlidhern+ hnkd. ii'lc i n tiar' at that th ie Legir latnueto LnursiatUllll hllra0l a a -aOTlloriz thIt t;o:vertor to ortbr oir thouollsandt lll es of It f1 I Upo o good paper urtl eirlth rlrar rta ttl tcta or' fPtllere trelar ire Stord t te readiness it I wTlih this sltn!tr was tCItt l by tle t olr' a lt sl evt lted thle ir Jt I hsene of the v rtau flt the worku 't'hey tlat b eau tertd el that runfidean in t pe abfity 'a the Parh'l ,l s coa upru rood paper rmn with clear ti. e fa will ir t rot Ce pene nrcare t spared to mrt thte rhole terha r, icnal cxecution ru it correspotn r with its tretr iunortteo It will ptroultlyl he rtmly ltr delivery iln the ,a lt of ftt Sept lmb er ne ;axt ; arll ite plirl will Ie, ta, tlUth. rat . le1 llors--ire dullears to rJ paid at lthe Iil te t la stb-C cerihing. hI Vic.lab.rrcntir, liCts anoe loosed, the 'tlre pricO e will br twenty dollars per 'cop,.r.. op i6 JO fINS & C. Plublish1 . /toTe. hpoout' s hi.h, ure this Aeer r1 al uorm N,h O Icon,' clld New York old every otloi r bl, dr - 2,t nlupeoil rat the ee h Irovedandbr ".to insert pla ar" sticets l ptlnetnality in the r time of saililg, OIh lile i a ill hereafter consist of five Ships riz : Slui J iaou, ('aptaint 'Tlrak to louae on thlue St lor, hSlip Luiareillet Cajptain l'olaer, to leavey au trhe -It ' trecrlaer. SlIpl Il'raixilhe. Captain Elduriigr to leave o 'he r 18tol l),eentb 1. dhip Vicksburg, Captain Wodho ihus, to Ieave on tie o Jrtjan.ertv. S Sllhip Misespeiti, raptain D[lin, tr l eare the Ies i 5h Januarty. lia' 'ol'e abo ships are all now.e f the fiut lvste, coppo'rld andl copper fastened, anld upward lf 51ii ltloS I o hrrthen, are or light draught of wattr, beine bhilt ir na New York expressly for thie tradll. 'tepic ilat pos aC is fixed at one undred dotearae. Their cabinrs are fitted wUr)(n the masetimproved and convenient pln,an, d a ainighed n t a neat andi elegant style. Arple tores of r the firet qnality will be proridrd, and every rerard had to the omflbrt and entire tatisocatiot of paocoo.Terc wh rt will please take notica that no berth can be rectred un tl paid for at thle office o1 ths ronrignees. 'T'here packts are colmanded hy Captniea well ex perieueed in the trade, who will give every ateotr on, and exert themselves to aoomatodatr. 'lhey will at all times be towed aop and down the Mississippi ho teamhoato , and the strictett punctuality observed ta the lime. of sailing. 'The owuers of thcse hips will not be responihlal or lny let er, parcel or package leot by orrput ao rlbrd o d them, aolreo a regular hill ot lading be orgoeri tlldruabre rat the cs.nting hotos of the agents or awoers. Fcr ortbher particulars, apply th, P I) BEIN &A COF:11 nan 13 9f) Courlllon s1. ,j t k ind' fifty mieif'o rbn ther B'tlirein -c ! a 1' V of July,a largo laulnch, (English builtl ciop erI I' fastened, and hos been oppereod she i' f'et hlung, l: and eight feet heat; aald has bhen sloop riiare, a. L there ae iron straps tbrwarf far rigging. Whierr re- o cagnioas taid launch, will Il.ot. call attt N 7 (It)li a l.ovu,, s 'l PE.NSACOLA MANSION HOIUT.-; NEW CITY, PENSACO(LA. rltIHF esnberihearhavi pualcl.aed the lrate and flr Lnitureof this well kanuwcn nstaliblhaeat, fi.n itr T1'ylrr, tie late proprietor, will be ready to receive I i., iter bey t lst oi April next. Nuaeerots and costly ilrt,rovrmenta will it' fiti, iin the rr' ngl-e.wllnt of tlhew rl.tlliu, l Io1 ~. t't tI iuo:e collnodious bnathing houlet will ba blle, lln i warm b Ilt Ir will be provided at ll h:nrs. :A btl,' will ht attached to the hllorse, wil I gaor Iid:lrr Naona Cir horw, and carriages. Fit rnte it - 411h I;rrt ,i wiH also be ktept fr r hier t ml!,!,I, ui," I ail anid raw bIh(, willh Ilceun to iuurr t , thern Iý:" tth' n-,,: ot vl-l tcro. I,.1. u,1: 1l 11 nII,' I iJ.ll. ,l ,lu+ esullll' ul llliu ;:t latering l ace~s, will .lita I'c lu nl-hi ,i aild suo ~ ,'meluct,',l a: not to i!0,rferr with th, c. l:,ntrt and ll ot or thte boilrdur,. Th wrinre andlr liquolr tn ill oln l t the b-t qa ,lity, nol t, emure I ull supply if i , tls a c , lret d i lr'n u ed rl red,' whit w.I ill arrh e Sir IFre , ieork r,1 w h1,1 u~ a i ir'' o er , ll''lwrlari h b" !i, t % i ,lii' llc v nhll ;il ,, il li ci o nllllll. ,h' i' Ih , ,"I li r ,he apr, rt.: r . r\ It n t, Iith ,e, h! ·ill,, l lllllt: n".-Iu , Il "€..u . of bi t vvalrl , a ill i, fri, ulhl IeneraillsI 1hii they will r -Ire Ul-rT p ible ::mt, 1 it; nid i L. reby ar,~ t.l a , li 1 - ' ,n ra r 'lll , ll t 1 1 l. I hl horal .,luntag . !I Cli nI n d l let. redt dc, ,l:ie h rn TI tIral tib t Plerns.ic i ir iic [iar I - ..n.I a lt, -r of fhi i 'rl, il, l 1; the geCel ul re dem , - die i .ull'. I rra; h e :tie tluhi of its ca i1n te rhi, · bd c ~s nllt d - tling the elrirnr r molttlhs Ita tihecrlt - ,t Ireeu"- ftlrt rho i) llt, t he tit of thI Ir,ai and the nleilhboitrul. antd ivers; the abnudane iria mirliency of lr h ih withl which tIh water hbound: nail t, Itrtiity to Ilh htat loultherln l rkte. wivt eln-c(ao' the Fre feetwee over all other places in th-e latituder, A, h h Itlly and d lihtful s lllu i lnerretra lt. tiIh. rata tost ,will ru herit,- ee l'Penea,',,la ar i 31o bile, ad will at a ll tte .a to t pel -e: ,i lren the Ne.c Orleanr tlultt. N I A.irFIlD. liteenanola, Felt. 15ti, 18:al Li' G.'itlcen wthirng tto nt kue rr'ms flr theira falr iie,- carrt atd .'-. the jd , , . it !'+u- ,,r l, Mle Swcell t 'TIyl' l h', aaeatn rr peeirir'htr, at ,rtaa Or Rfe, ren.. T Sufird, FA, Mr CA lnn, It i tih.n, Eqre., I t. I hby,in Mob I; 9 ll T T lor, r P Krae, IEq, in N1 . ' S-A letter bag, to receive tcmmttlnirational ttr pe(ranns at the :,have hotel, IS placed at lieo Whitmn' Office, at St Chartlea Exch age. FI.t)RIr) ROIUTE WOR NWV YORK. IT T"ravellers desirous of taking Ithe Florida Cont, , via Pen.auclt,ta tlla North,ere ir.ft.tned that tir rt, learinc Mebhle alnd Ien..eclt eav,rv n'theer da a?'er the let of liay. Good tlages will alwnays he prctdelt ,,y the sehbscrher to be in readintes to take passengd r fron Mobile, in cace of the failure of the hrats. N It AnNS l.?f The steramboat Champion Iaves Mobile for PenIat cola twice a week fe 23 tle UI-AAt.--.a6 hnds, a prane artc, eor tale byt I,. -)11-E,'f, jati it Ne, !.ve. 11T I PHREY'S FIOREIGN I OUR. &c. G REAT BRITAIN, PRANCE and cIlIFtG1CIa G alr t'reenr in ic i.l--e Hettn t mphrey, 1.II.I., Preadent of Araherer (oll't.;, in 'e vole. - T ne Work, of Mrs. SIr$..,ced.-I"-al. the on \ complete and urf e m e ,detn a vmer ehhltrhed in the Ucerd States, tel l.1.. Just teceed an't feor rals by t . ",r,.t t'r ma &re ee "r e e e. st D W IW. VANS' CAMt.111Ill.i'; PIll- THIS tS," hig~hly ', duable. In*.h'in. ;uav be ha '" I " _1 ;l le ulnd r:getil at New York lrji:.s, uf ILELJ & D)'fAN(I;E. I. Camp street. It is confdlelv recomrnmnded for the ftillnwing dis ed ,t.: w lyssP p si in all its films; biliors andi liver af , lictlon, ils rvrry .stlge and dtgree; f',llale lickneoo, mv re partieulrl, rtile inausl ilcidyrnt to mother-; fluor Sulbus "(ver and d'ac e, ni ,dent eI' In++mtion,+ otr lde (.liues, wberbher of .ile liver or Itlltg, holaheh, or g iddi+ lItes", Ills- of apetier, nervous trellllrs, inebriation or deliriumll treme+las as',odnie afflrmon oflall kjlldln, rheu malisnm, whether chronic or ilannlllllltorv llrvouy or Iilious lIvers, of every lvariety; scrofilla, stvo rhellrl. and all hlItches, ball huonrs, and iomare oulplexions oftheskin: retleenueoseat night, and daily irritability Sand lelahncho'y; [hle sumlmer conmplaint, anld cholera 'llOlhbun o)r ditrrli u in grownl pere 1t"; worllls and llltu letlcv with1 had herath" eblorosis anild .plpitlltonsl ofl ft heart anld heaul' changees of felnale constitution: andt for impairei and tdisors.nized eonletltions in eiher Psex; which alvle/O not been pe manpitlv relieved by auv other medicineir ,h singl trial of l)r W Evaus' iuedicinus in lulvy of theca rlsen, will produce IrChll 'tects ni will in dicute their Im1o lle'nlr hle ,upetirltv Itud inducRe sucllhi ri use ofthelmlI n will insure a speedJ nodll unluestjlialln Sbl cure. )irrction for ul. necul.onmull in, tfill". Y Nu neron certlfcatee of cnrts will be shown, as from , the length oif the entaloun it is impoaoibhhe o give then plulicith thrOuLh the maedium of n newiiiller. tin r I, Evans' eatalogue h',m Ir r upwards of 2g130!0 cnases, 1 and ill thla city we calln refer to many olnl i-,II who lave Leetl tehev llr "11i ll mi I ,ama ilnnttll.L entirlIv Icured of loung aunding diseuae, byv Dr Evans' Caluttr'iie Pill,. uoi).@lo STATE OF I.(Ll ll.ANA-- .irst, ldicial. Colurt. r.1.TI T. i'i',\TE pOF LOUISIlNA, To Il whom throe re.seots t-h lll core, (Grretitog:--Vherll, I Janmes tllar elle i|.gg ha iong por1s Ied it a oII le nlale Ib the 8hierillff"i thl paiii-ii of OU,]enis the property herl inall r desclribed, Il:applied to the cletk ofthis eoumt, in whose , it deed of ae woll.s tll Illolld oil the 'l da of Al i, A. l ) 1 838i. for It tmonjitiOl or adelllin . nthIrt 1 i -4u1m ity to all llot olf l ilr I.egislatnl'e. of thell Sltate ill of . ui l tuiao ti+led ''.liK lA owt i til1 e fi h r niliel l.n rattre of titi s'o prt ch.ters atjudicial soles;" aplproved ihe hIdl t!a. ,f :d nlurch, 1 8 4. NOW ', therefotklowe, pr l , slllesnnl ilntetreldll h giill, i' e hereby cited atlnid dll in, i hed ill th le { 1 l tIle Snated Lo: i't idoa, and of the F'rst .ludII IL)iel'i't 1 ' llurl l ho cln1 set upl n right, title or clam: ill anl (I the prope rrv htercina ' .l lee d ibedjIn coiseq uenellll4 am if nlualitn in the orl':er,de ri e rt" jUsdgrlnct of th co't utoder wlhich the ide was Hude.r tnouy hrr guhlt ity or ill.",lity, in the appetnivemes. l and ather'iisemeontt, it time, or naii : of sale, or F1 ,v oth."i do ':'t e - (n i. ll. €,fll , w illll th ' i' , ut, I 'l-moo tthe do t thli, noiou On l iist I i-,+ý ited i ll lllt l. Ib llolc tmp " ll.. the salb no ari leo h on b.m1 hel.' t r. ntlrelldll:oo I ho h.olor, ated.I I Thea- hl rodii per l,' o.i-shll blthl Sheliliof theprllii.l 'foLes ihio n th 0 .00th Avd of March, A. 1) 14':i9 , by vir. tue 11'a do'el'! of this c.-urt,,! o1l ih' lt.0h :Ar (d ! lJan uary, A. I:.,. 1818, iri a slilt e-ititled blonm ltal i.r ( I)iggs "n. Roufu ll(ileer., No1 15,191 of the d.'ek t of thiti nCoJ rtI, al v.hh a llei s,, : I" l'lts Ilb re Riggs he.rlluie I the . urekh:mero tl' Chll pricel of tw'enty-file tlhoi.i.ulad do] - le.criptiiun of prp Fty ts giwen in the ,lud eial Con- l, Averto00 p ece of crp o l parwed of gram dt, :.the with lditith\1/ h x% .. it 11l i {'. , foh jll" 0:::, i "I 111' e,t 'ttle Iml't l'r'llhdt, 1jlht ''tl pi'ivle t. ,, U'"thcrno tbhelo ly, i. or in aso vi-e ap- 1 ,erta 17,g, sittre in th mhourg A ?i,,ocri tion,:ebonv 'thi it yit' t nd mlensulrns il h Engiish, menmore, tIhre hundled i' ld! fili m.-ix thevl rl f htI lli-tlht I of aIn inclh t:il'lnt o tle i public road on New ' L'tO e ,4 hull eil .lld and I ixti - it en. feel sit inoh.esaoi tlur-cighlhs ofan in hf'. o11 1t orn ! , ( l l e s, I: t hurllm ed anl d lifty-fe f 'et nile irnhrl'saed tiw -e'i;;+lu talu ioo h ,,l in, I , r ontblfing n Old l.t e e sh rt,- Ill 1! it h 'i' k e a th ,e b oul m d a r' lll e .ll f l aturl1 n t h11 - i I` U,+idem 2 to Ip.r, 1,, fl nte ll rtl'l, of 0, O Lewre Inlld Na lllo sn. l;.1: I: ll l'lr" 1'll iln n right niuegle, 1111:1 et nd.rlll ) eight)-f e t."<. i t L'ý heinche ' de'utloghe bhondi, lin.e " ,t . 1 1l 1, n i : o .i ' s proleq t :a hal0 l t 'n e . s t ',, r ; f,., ', , , a right s g e", : :u I exteto ig io t ,t - I tlh fe-et -.. 1 h nanl- d di thel'4' ti:hth. a l 1 f n i L in the hoo url l llv li,. of t is l0 e te's l ,rmtl'y, par alle l I , O L 1 L.e:ce .nlititheri formi a'mi u inot ler right Ir.;,-,Ii,,od iXtel~lia font t'wt Iw t 'ev'le ij.u t.s and flw eightha .,f an ihch ilo the I Oiid'tu) line of sAd Ikde" inpltvpe'ty, par,dlel to ('pleth str, i e; tlhoer fil , tb r uutlou r right gle, t ",lils .l lingn.hllioo t b le d iwel 1 c, 'eln i'ett le~l jmll m Ml ei 4 i',h hsof fl it ch on :he 0 ht00000da'\ - liont+ of "1:1 ifltde'" prrperlh pinilll I to the piublic - road J i unti Nl Levte -t'eet. l e ntylit lct itn, i chts a ,I I of'< l lth l amlti h I'r oiit on Nan's hu'r t, sec ,rl'l- d iig fet planub, J. Pilh', City Sul vr.or, tlad'. illd Jun1 vat'ry, 18:1'2 iunnst-d to no sett Iansed blefore Louis 'C I Calge, Nolar.' Puhlic, on t oh 0th Janmal y, 18 . I W1'iinss ihe thoi A. M. hBehanou, .lud. of the c (:Colllt aliln'eellludlhis ulth April, 1 8. a np.ii,rstall 1 P. LE BLS.ANG, Le p. Clerk. p rANC'ILONEID UY aTHlE FACUL iL OF .\1l1) CINE. T " IOk.N'S. (Comnoal 1 Exntreat of lCopiba and l rill --A Cestwliln .Dall,:aLlil ImIost elfectunl r.leme dv e.vr dliscov,.red folr the .Ute of ;onowhenIL'tI (;Glerls, I Silctltts, \Vhitcs, Pl.ins in the beck alttloile, iulal, I weekItCss, nflinctioS of thLe kidnic, gr¥el, serebtlele el'lltitltts, UEc. Ie tIhi ttiltll'llonl-l o t eetlicillte potseing tile ste.filt and active virtuce t llofh c t t the llone ol ofr to e pllie, tile tnleoicltrtltt billet I refer to tie Inullos Ite coll mltil ecied toll tie tlost elnillent tf tle ,lte-t clilel faoulh iln tlollel believing thllat it will be dul i appltcinten wahen itis ilerits are mlote fully kilo.ll, lThe llisuam ol Copaiba, soetenniecivi selisi, as lost musll of its credit iom the dislikelhich irpatients tornlerllv e I .'est d reeg-ntitg its tliingreeeble neete, ditnU.rh llett Iperodluceel iut tile boerla Ict stnmechi, slld its lheretlttti inrflicierct whiel inti d i ther infltanltotry stcYge. The poprietnr has Umde an nallYsis of t'le Unaislct, conceiv ulg that the more aelive qullitieswltid terhny Itle luul I nulre Icon.oltetlrtedl allld mrll.e usefully adlllini.streld than in the t l·tcrnt slate. t The hilt e t ldn;et i l colll ines ill gredicnllts wllcll lr ill tlte highelst retute atnut the nlost scielitlie ind letltried i te pietitioal. .:ell huI iln the com ,osiion o1 thit prrpetrtio iscceases tce. ellicley ol the bther, I.'tcllcinK cn oprrntion ttily c n0 nishling, arll sdlltuinsilll the ost Htnglilnt exeletittlllls piscrmicaite tile samte ctie the udtlctsge of it hbeing tldmiltistered wtih tteLrt ltCesas in tihe dlffltrect stacgt of tile lOe ltc eali e. Thn most enlinllet pllysiinltas ttp surgenllt l' the prenllt tity exIr ne their decied ap Ip': atiort iu lt or t M rulltr'ln , whila itc ltl in the prineittal hospitals id lulhlic tnedial institutions hit it n, anld slill clntillues, 'elr exteni\e. It wts a t t i.i olnlte rIeIItd¥Y Ulth tle celrlcted h1)"l Abernltth ilt t ' fillett,, bt'rlt iUteih ee t nid exltritl of ten i,. itiredl, anuo,.thle f'clctiy, they hkle€ in ****. tir s i huctiotn of its exia rl llhhll w lkat' il etl:r citle ellllll thte'il tllrh , t', by *lolll . it tbpth it tIttI walliIC fiia Iri¥a:te prlali ce. Their ill, Crva:tLllolns will Ibe ilsuriltld hIera'fterI', Pr'epCIared hb y I Thonll, Clhemtist, ilFcdt.i. Irice It1 50 per pit. TESTIMONIAI.S Fl',nl A II Silnron, Eq, F K a, S.urgeou '* tilh r:t + T o:uts. losital, adllll L ia'll r nI wlhlaslt ll\. '~l [it. iI i~·l· l llt IiI hl t., 1gtl If llr lir I· l~rl<U ill wllirl vaI,3\I CIl'ea-,'1·I . 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I retuln tou mY ltncere th',nk for tie vtlublh pre tttt cJflerlt 'nl tte cturt of tten ttrr , ki* I feel grtlb"d thct you hate at last bjoughit ia .ee fc ii use .hicl will poscvte a de sidentertlaeteeeahtic: iF the tcirl i wrt-iiagt curte, iahPie t ahd e|vi enite oaltees, t the a ibts cla... i be l elit glatli p]ekntre I g le chshte ee to t e w r d tice vaeuo itre quald t-eboi our \ \tt., ie nttetc , the pt-prietar ceuld hece nia s-ib manlyS ni-o'rle testimrlonials$ taJ|livas c! omm11erldtor.) "s th;. ahole; clt t-ists that its gtat iecces'ss hithtrtt .- t e I reli & expente at whilh it hli beten plee rei , t ll plrett itsi grcliett-t rea rec'ntiaon ,hanoltn a di..retirlng public. "'One recommelmiationl this preparationim enljoys abow all otler's is itis eat, portatl e form--rail ul ill iots-thie urnde in which nftatt h . ta.iken, Teeneig eteah ieelle I l.J an.t--its ins.elyl num~ti'with no re-.triciion in dies, or cothlniement flrom bustlines. TLevellers eqweialhs io t tint chis medigine highly useful, and oaght tever to li unprcietiled laith a ptlttrelnuatiott ec oitessing the ad taccagentnhioh tt. preet ert conbirnes Atcttanyiucing tenedie isi late ptihltt i eiptlcti-. toel. hr ltlle d tfeltnntt stage f of the dineecs-, r'eththstt etc extete cltar contltnitittg full and apir e wiocle snn. Fee cnle ity SICKIhtIE is i' etr 143,nniee Set tatreltreet I) c'loulder. icb ntcitnitii cured. lndagn tromise.teu ter itckeys. .an.t le bv ericArETeON & AI4R t. SGien'eaee 7 tipi: 1' a.'ºIl~l' Y) A tiLl'illiG4 _ I·] It N FIVEll AND A WAt, .01 From Mobiho (.ltAbllto ' o AutS " L- Lj AVPS obil1eeve 2 other llet, 1 y r the arrival ul'the rI niJ f 'ront Reew O pery steamboat EI".M'ld, to Aljirelr, [Iieeto( I tiwle Stuamltatl (per oeoa.c!uloj, $t t Cu. t Otahrhie ti,'er and Ilty)' to CGecýltC cen° p thes.e vi MoriannsC, ctljtt toouo yti oa tM Vow v non,) Ball!ttide, Purlerton; ootowkiutlefad Last vIost, to Aiuguste. A Ipoeengeertckitti ai t MIo bile is in no danger of behog tltrinw dt otOf ilng hi Srooroeroene It othert eoniotiog interesto, aWfLWII. SIA INE: is hot onre eoneern, and e ens.u "coetoe thoughout, antd nray tely WITH ebstunr spolu hl .rrVljolt Aus.oro it time s .tecified, lhrrogh at) wtst_ er ouId at ios 0l0"sls, UahleOasO oni moot 'lfo eotis. ophe s 'tid plcur. (Th' (ir ta ew. Ui".o Mi 'tier, '.etms, Co.olehZ a1n'lkirAsg tlo flr iwewllmesl + r· oshnl YellIlr}'. tl t el l er . t l y . . The stooth, hari,, ootnr l r.ids, dte Sfrosid Jotor Icfrord hnnl-terspeed eerti itl,e l.'Orctytnwis 1 tirl l"gR rrnity; olnectcr:0 a it wre atithIr te tiJl Road Clar ,st.o, S. C. andtrie steu uo, eket to Ntew Yerkl T t tt-.veto. crn loo'tn New York from Notew Ot'letus Ottoln~ itt ttrul t,1B01 jt t4'rio V j:cnt b-1sieftr, trio, o inico . from l;hattahllooc?,e ."FoImita, we have is Rrarr SLitn viia (l'iicy a1d "re:,,tinlntr, to St Mi'ky.4 tor eost eoltc!tla;,eo two lilmuehu roa.u tllwkteill 111 to illod,; .illd , an d ,lK to ,fmmc + lr'Ir.'t'two orll c:cx';:s. 7 - , . w. A i n eso t, 3 .)hl J al l. I183 5, 5 1 0tiftirO0, 1 r li tt s lltll lt "Jr0\ ils .0ttl, It ll~r to Otngrcrru, 0*0~ Nogelrro i..ltti~rlnsr oa $~i6"n ClJ hl, Ic, Q . lXt"' )lr'o.-, i hi hI,, M o"i, 19111)i1 ill)Iuh- to Aulgi IU Illrorn 00li tro \rrlork iS -t OIO , ioiit,'ioos tEpi ti . h rw 0001 to Nl10 ., l r t hIt , ",1'III of ;ttlgtrrot'rr1 to, I t. t is torfot te O lo)1$t.tft' tor craf. : h:,rh" ios brt n rnniS b , frtl 0 t 1 gun""ralgrn l tIr I "r t 11. 011)01 .lltLlliitS thi sfe at d tlrrl, ev, r iI r lllý eRll, ,- t r w flu, have , l,: ,,t f m " - . t i ttn t ter. s"s, drive""s ud. Orde,.s are of llhe tit o, ter; ld asto the , i'/ l '" 10 0 " i fro m ; 1 ( 000oo , to ( 1 t, t " It le t it I s n lm it trd Ibv ;dl v I1) |6yw. I,.saed il~rmgh.i it to hr e surpteic , e leri> ieR htoroloyt , t1 li.lty . l iret- i geolrh i'rott." (,_ !i ove i '*' ie oeloi'r' J. J '1 C iAtKERI 'N EII-ORI lE., ?:p -(?SFl'ti I'.NL'r'I'I I' Ct,-- i rf o • i 11,1 ,r10,:( C.Imntt eOfloo onrcjg - I It rr t l "t, tr .1 o biot fr m -Lo o. s w ! t . O.r .r. 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Ih,'u r rduk~p'er h w'or. ll,, lob n, 1)1 hod el lhIetu | kllonb lh'l 'it, trluk told poli urio k, blidlJi :UL'LASIA NIE --C.u d m P t hiIero Di+ S'I TAT I_ )I I.A LIl(UIlStAE-..&.aPItIX qUC ·Ill ,O~ H ·lcs Igl ts) Ira?,u i u lllu --teltd ci-tprm ,. . '• "D" Oirs c'()~ e" . : ' . ol·hi . • . qua .t lies ir ' if allts el c~e~eau l :+e rrl oltl la iyem r ., 5cgt +~eb .lui ,tr,, eta, tGe," Lt h. diii , a I,, a2o sme~t e Jam i.'Ar dLuaeier i l'alL ~t , . s' m I, Lau .l a,, e i al lla E (ll , re! vl, , lr li',lr8, IItt ..t(I lfI I tt al 1O)l'nieee Jl|lll(, Trail l lU. I% tjldiama I'"'11, d'IEt af irI a ult , e':Ue'" ,.. 'aidea, ell a i mn i i'. iI'cruiar J'a~ik'iirr ll'aej'I I aca'aul~r iuri d l'rra biei' ,, ,.. i chu L'nlU le .Olp eme leJgm~llsqe~rde )~lash'as oi ii .-f~l1 llnl l h i d I|| lllqtll. 1..i~ .I tnile dekl rrr III Il irl, lrvor.PcY~Tb I itrnlie Jodtl Il eirta lat r.guer r dat, a ne toailc thut cien c oolJearacr 'Imatret~c Ia 'leade t,. r rt q li8' ro , f'~. a 1*i f • u ' -- almarot"ha;$&al mail "alea ,eknrit em p11 riegejsla eta.. a 'i, 'ctclnt l'trl e YIith d;l- • It . 'Ia ratic Ca ur· ,lre l o Id a t v ta'up'dl.,ullccctl .e li' afi " ' Ju, m Urimc vs HLa meulm Nda l&o4lt,'du I'i'eaka h eu "i "" I I S.rada a.qudemae, alet Iccii Laa'imiuchla aa Deiio r Ppriy Ic niprx Ac (,ri eit Sr,, me In Paacii- d • jr, dic t . ralmllid titi r, ' br'ie. Ja i a U,, aritriln telrlcu Acd irlir.e , l ltin lel cati*mme rt ' onill' llal.< I.....j r'r flDO';nq I:ifni ..... I t i ly, ,ilr ti.geu t a.~ll<iatr< I'";ete il,h i ltdi'khr l ithti Sli ar au CIel mllhliqlcaue smae l rI cit di a t amllaal r , itac ed a iu n e tidumlaopuma i, q ri'hiati. avr lmr :."icrIra IJedaecr ,+ ,cal tfe, tIa" i lu cii a llcal 'i e a I ..t/ma nrdri., alll+i . "7lmm ilgar l:c·ir irurcte Iau In rilic· LeIhc, .Iaaru i*ciwh~~I liga +lia " ut.dc ttc, llti c i ate , rlcc tlli Mhlimadm, ~l'clll "'P.aex a Lr B AN Ck i;, 'll'Ai p at Ira j nO I A. \ - tu d S' I. 'T l'a' l.r I.A I o I, l tA ' l o ll eelta ul qae ,,rnl l ll ',iu'ktrv U|fata l " i c ni~t. , a tes f elteh Iroplir hl Irllia Iai , a A, Icn,,+t I tatm ,aa, I..: dme4 ran ti,f Laa#': ipc,, li ta... , C, ta~lacaci ci a a i/ 1i l~ .. l,,,.r 1 . 'Ic I priu mnde 'Irlh e !.ir faal I'l eat fl et li aln. , Ii, 1 1 I lt. l l d i le Lt , 1l''. a, a tI r L tt c r a In i I.ll (I~r~u Iarallllffaf at • ili 11 i l ln ldlE .'r l I n.t i 'll a'ii l fl~lll~ l lllull Ia l"i lllll laa , ' Tiumir llp ilrtli nr[lit lr t11 J I Li il lr dr NCl l LI~f ll I [of I I rt a p 17,1, lAc ikurn Lm (~il AI~l'~l.Y 'm ceng qu au'r 'lr. u+o 't ,- a/e 'X;e cudeloqn 11 a atl is~l.f 'a , ca Coau e ac lita wlll l· I" ' r e~: Ia Sta, Ic pamim ,t, , i:.a l l l -o,,ar A ll, ua' Ar, a i a 2i lea? h At- I , l'c tH, 'lllu At , ht-a .ei 1':a,+ 'at, Ir iIt Iut .nih l4 +la'hei,l altalapact/ I I Pr i dl 1iar tie Ia lr: aCiufli 'i 'ir· aqte~lol re dau l'l'l110CLII etirli..lll ll l .%(.jml RIX ll Tr l:Iell n.d~ ll''i·'' , lni,.!l'l·Cl de IO31r.ISI.(uil.nill ickt llUilliif daar.'r...a Ii +fit ihi .. n la vel~y , a,,' ... .u 'Ii, 'ia Ta litix dr" , o li e A di i la ,t-iliahfreaiun dela i''lmJclmtm dafrrt ]a t rnser d' bL: ,I! ,++,~ r +; pn,<,,,,:;1Il-t~ :, ,:,F .,,:. o d tul u',n·lir·:t pub le 'c~I` llmi !~ I·. l l-et~(lujj. d...F..IIO ( Id I" tlrl I.+' lu lline'l nh(Iep a: ...u. Io p,el uat Blot AIUYll~. • " • -"il· dlup, o poU,+p, f&' alt~ ld IM l aaaI. nlle . .,Iattixitn . bair , ll e agllei tI r lqla n i ti/ I~n~r ~ ~ll | lll rlll a Alraae e i aia, aae &u a atc.a ....... N lldllr ~ ....iir yd t \ i .....l kat.. .. ,' 1)II1I/ Ilr~iX d~il I .~i(! Oh) t.r oil l litfle ifrmll ""[cIa -dl~r~ I Tn- r iad pal l Na,lr Saaa''a A Ad I r rla , piedl i ltl, pIu a ' let l d i aallllIQ yt # Ic ,, An, , i A a e I ,Iu a Jjmd'l ila.cLaaI.t CI, areMN , tay PI anE Wten l ,lcamltoloaeCron, ·F~iaa4 rael Ir Ni, Ii·p*.rlh It'rlaiu" Vr3er (itfaCulgqj i Ca .temho. Itt1t3i, at th'rP aa Iread e 0AcA Ild 0 Gct Tpalllauraribor ae 'lea Pa o ,w r All let dI i.te c iacr i priade lelnth pea, n d Alett p tlttejlji - inaler ir Ithfl bestr Ety anc gl llatci eplt,,ru IŽt leiipraf uIOdcar Also, Au nurl.[lUkl lav Ston~fauel ci dtd niraj iea4i0c.n awa,-. ,, i+r~ P ...... II ..... di ~ oii.. lil 18e p.rt d-.illie' Ia,,,a a t t aR ai r a e ;PI~~cttl ""ZNEUPIP.CE Wataenma. AItrXulX di~ne eppacie the palteac. Theceaceilaura ace nay* rcrrucacu ffbltt&*isc. tleet i New uork. end will kmp -. a .lned a g AMecl auIeent.,rI a Xclwmk MIajlfrl ufp eutrear werkaiteallip. etA ml ibm Iutast Prlat ,aude, cC thu beet Eagppian, Ita~lau.~ Acjp. ql·' Amreau,, maclala. Alan, Munuameot~ Tq~iu4a Uctuc blanc,, eacuklaad and jijate airls ,eucl,Ie a cieiga. Ircr( [an add buneduIty mince. i a in;Hal, tugantluiaj Wi&~b aamagt baenuasctm',bI AnRWId )InM~ae~mji~k RaL Grate, ti hc u ew aaautu, Manna. pal JAMES XA'k.·r El4giko

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