Newspaper of True American, August 18, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 18, 1838 Page 4
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t td osiSlypi tP esl' LOtisiast 2date , OovrrttTON 7.a i ok. * RY KtroliLAND tospocflly a • ' eilkb s to her frienda and the pubtlic geoe preparem d to accommodatoe them a *, M sablidhment, and hopes frmn he, sto render visitors emrnwfrtable, tO recoivl ,- U igMas of foirmer favors. She fsele conof l 0 ithat peron visiting Coviigton during thi IUteI so.I athe, ealnot find better aconmmodation !SLb can afford them, on nmore liberal tenrms S'll pleasantly situated, and well suppliod i 'llevy ronvenience; the bar lo fursishaefwito 'lle tit cholce liquors, &c. in short, she promises N aFsthion shall b, wanting on her port to give sthe setisftactio to all wth) may patronitze th Ahlasstippi sild [Vtirtioae Hots). jls TDPUBLitC.-1'ie underoqigna. harvtn stdited under Dr. BSotmidt of Charleston, SCarolin, ansod for some years his atsistant it • tlels of mudisinoand onrgery, hasthe hono. Shis proesdional services in ths s'ity. t1i ladios nd gentlemen that the most Itleatttn will be paid to the calls which meadi and also oFers his services to the efsdlsies, being well acquainted with the onmmon to them, having attended tliens in house in Charleston. anthbitlion pills altr tr e omposition ! > ,,with direetions, can be had ,l1he eflbot which they have is tlie d otiler cities, has been attended igreateat occeet, to which the boet ot h*itketoe. Apply atNo. 166 Magp. x. _ YNO. M'LORINQ( -. rd. l~s E, &. S, ELL. WORKS COMPANY, No. au er BSkman street, New York, Spast s.eao, end ate constantly eI d sotensivee dditions to the stock eo goodst which now consistes of the hog sao*ment, suitahlo for the southern and . markets. Sl wnre f superior quality, consisting of s t !500 tons, viz, W f2 2r 11 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallon., ltesr, 15 sises, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Mattles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, kipam or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Ta Raettles, 6 do -t ,- . • 5 do PhoSpiders . 6 do sEoled Spiders, 2 do Or'idles . . 4 do ýI Dugs, . 6 de ..'Wgon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Gt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,01111 gross, iron and brass, from 3:8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superlor quslity and finish, a.d less than Jame:'s itmportnd Sad Iros., assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs flr .teailing. Tailor's and hatktr's Irons, assorted. 8ash weights, 10) tons, assorted from 1 4 4 to Bells for Plntations, steamboats, churehes, &c. maid to order, Also steamboats and other machineory made to order. The above assortment of ooud s i particularly v*omoemertlod to t!, atte'tlo; l of Suthert and W'estern merchants. and arc offernd fir sale at low prices, and upon the must lileral termst; it is be. "ieved to be the largest and hulst nsortmee:t ever offered for sale by any u:lo eotablishmunuot the Uniled Staten. I.Merchants, by forwarding : rnr:ret by mail, cowl bes a printed circular, with dtocripton, of g;uiod, pieasand tarms, from which no devlation is ever mide, fhrnished ly return of mail. All orders will receive icmmodinte attention. :iew York, 1838. j,3 ON 8tlJ ' Pb:'KLIo nd :ro onoels I, .1 mnon 0vr101p and Pickles, rn srletd 0ir.: - t, ll bhoes of Le iS & lluskoll'sPickle.; for a : . conmsigunmet,by J.tlVlsat 1lt:.> -, 3 (lotld forsale /y S.\ AC [llI)tI;~a i: :. r millt IAp| Il,'uzinr l .., t. - N' 1:tL dwelli.. h res*, II11 n Triton stieel, he V tween Ti soli Cil'rle nod t oroll.dnl, Ihe've. m10, .\ly to J OTT, HlE.lIIAtROtO , &c=- h Ieelburrows V dirt do. illn suto:eafn sol 1 CaUIIAr+'LIN & COOPER. m15 ul'u st lities, consisotig try per-ior iue laid, ble andwlhile rin* aII.l oi;': ud ruled r:ngh ed.e rcordII Caps ctlst,.ntlv .11 hlnd a.1ai Iol" rlIa'" I..llVID PILT & CO. N31 N ' Stwncimol' tlhl, a ( 'hnrrr.a et. 144 511 boxes f1" d:oz eacuh Jloolle VI ion , 511 til ofit do 0, do loot i 5110 ve of do l I' Port, 181f; 10 do oft'- do l Pbrow, Sherry,r 11t i 10 pil:we oxlnr \atcdira. Four.sntid h IIERbItO(iiE., BItlOWVN &(:, . ,t n C,,I ti rtreet. -LAINK ttOOK(S, af eterv vorirty of rulinm aol 'l., hihliug, ra,;oulynll on ba;,d: nod oPrinubil, I'utin sud l nIatly Cxecuter, nt lort naoice, by A AVItD FIT lto CO. emnl NY 1' ratiuner' Hall,2l CUhortres it. U i Ni i -40 Mbtt ftumrtlh paro:;f Ameoriuan Brandy , EI larding, for slelby ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. m^l 131 Mllagadine srert. NIEW two story Ibrick Iuoso, srituated 5 doorsm from the S tec :nal lunireinlit Itld, onl St Cha rive sheet. Rent very low, posseasioad given :mmediatelyv, Enquire at the pi'remniae. .on, L". rIiJa.,--tobbls e 1Flhour. for onlt hv mtO (+f I)O RIY. 44 Nrw I rvee. 6 S025 G1 I)Ot)ttt a'l . 41 New Iver. t. ) |t1eola Rope, landing from Amhasseadr,flirsale by LAYET & AMEI.UN(;. ml9 17 Conuenre st. a-1ilr .e te kv ,tlaggig, laud in U f (nno eanamr i" \VnVane. noed for sale by YORKE, BRO'TilUR., Je i.lS Camp .treet. NO MEROURY NOR CO VA 'ew Orle:,ns, I nv. 14,8:37. A TO.'Tsix month. ago I lhad the amisfortune to get AI n.crrt di ea,.+, Ibr hiih I havre applied to aere al dmtoru Idr a cure, nrd thee did ut tcrea me. cs now An the above date 1 put ryte'll under the cain of I)Doctor Meet,and I expert him ton care Ime. Sice that tine ahedi*lae glot worse, as as tt break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eight en ea h leg, and all over myfalea, amn sure throat, and not able to work at he preat tinl an account of the disease; large nicer the right aide of tlhethrat. I aslntI , ptting " no eoabdsntly .adcr the care of Dr. iluet, r' Paris, fah 14 ly han k i. Hunt; lad moreover I scenre that the nledi . lie I have taken nake.s, rnd dli Illy ealt at all; Iherefre [ advise nmy f llw c ut'ertrs tr o teano tlmie ald lapply to Dr A. ITe t, 15 It aurbnn st. They will find a true doctor for this comllia. JOttN DI)IAN. 0 c;;revir strrcr. I i-any one wanto to see ctc, call at N.. ili ti urvic teeet, and they will ie satilsfied. To he published at th.e opti-'n of UD:. TLI at. JitIIN DE N. N'ew Orleants. Fteb , 1118. fl.b 14 It oIutnd, is Ipct ucn in bottlel rt tle low price f 50l ..cetc eacth, celttaillillc thce oIf thre, Os.lll.'e. LcvetWOrt, he.i lra the,, irlcctcc Inc tn.c liOTr rltc cI and herbs known arrmnl the iluliansa as teiicacious in curing puhlmoarv cempainta . The ua,illrvaled success whic I las attended the .rse of this-laetllanlhle Rnlisn \hcrever il Iitn beetn iatro duced. haI obltned the coniilcl'ee e ad recomllntnda. tbOle frespectl.rle phvsietisi,l, flit lie care of clus, old-, taln ini the sci", want of re-t, .lilttil.c of blood, fi'.Y conplnicnt, &c, To whom it may c nteern. Thin is iun et,l'v that we octa Iontir brtretce frreqently preun rbc t trs n,,-] eg'C Itdiacn Blslarnncclcl,iverwor r i I- c,, a,,nmd wtic -i deided cgld effct: ,e can tlrcrfinr., - :ll the k1now Wl le of tim tin erinos ith inrc fn. n, ne 1 "cl on alnd experilcene, recolm |PlleI it a, is t srlpri+ pr, tura• lt or all those adlhction of the lut+:. 1'-r ,i!1i,1, it is re CALVIN ELII+'+ Al. , 11emehes of the BostLn Medical, .+-,] rl~l~lr. Boston, October '5. saleby J tVIs & .l.N e h.commended by rile Medical FI 1 V*LE'S fifervcrent ,lagnecan A -rient--F,.r Jr.ynppepeian or itc ligesti.n nervous n cbcit,,l- ellcd. S.t'echheadcoe,acdlcty of thlta tc*cnltch habitul nos 'dsea ,enstaanecnc ditearne, .,nt rrov-el, .e. and mnuch 'rtl 4 ase-a gentle, cooling illcurctive. ' 1eI'doalrhnil preparatiln hla rnceived the patron. ite.lee many emiment nlembers o" t e pnOflenioni, asnd 'fara'deliheerning cuhclie matay respectalle and uteali citled tt`haal of its elficamcy an a mendicine have heen elieited. Wit l r all the pler g qluualities of a glan of hISf.ct.', it postrecs tie nctie moedicinal prlnertisa ofthem eteappr ,e sali.,,ua purgatives; it in peeaMc t nt .b4t.llatenadt .ratultthtt tome eh. IM1PR TANT CAUTIOIN--'The inrreaing ropute. t devaand fir lutlae'a ,fforveerntt Mtgac S mt, as bee. ac indurselor t for otlean to of Icr. 'ri tcanofthiealuabhle aeclacine. Pulrchae, eftq n'Aly warmed of this eet tlhat they may he . tl·.ald nan procure an itspur aInrtt . i tlk are eealinly inf y r ed tlhat tbe buheri. Me aeonanotlv sapplied vl h tine original acd ge iiila papltrati,.e. aPur sale who tsale it. d retail. S1CKLES & CO. Agetn. i.1 ,4 Canal Street, N 0. .au Iti'* V)ge r.tb Hair 'Oi. ticr the roateation y d iwe of etlairiing he'lth And beaut , ud . mhtatiU Halr.Oil we olgcrel to the ulnhlic, it had i hsuandrn. d alcryee of Lbaldemu, rlhinnec, and atd- d iaane.ri ua. nelcry ..stance itl aalutnry _ br #Jt .gealited.a, It Imaantrfailed tropnrot. .Ica ,Imm+ if Frowth of hair oct heads lrceady aarwhre it hueec,,ea dy ead eeary )t grow `wgu apr i c . . n hbalth,; tid prednte.. reM dlNlt.¢e:lW pe of hlrr, withtut the leel g~a l i il piec fte agreeable eli lt, .ia Eltdo iany aller If ir it aOa ,. . at ger S fthe h.eair. The h ir %t ft%4dfll.r "r'y i For ale at 'L XMUUWt HARTT & CO, ar now receivin rmr !on-re i'd shtp Orleans. Eagle, Highllander, Poker s lairy An ,drew, star- n, and Germanntlay cards; Back n-. mmanter Reards; Chessmen, 2m-4 anel 23-8 inch Bil at nld Ralls; 8, 9, I0 and 12 inch blade Bbwir Knives; ear Iearler and 'ther traelling l)reaing C"ete; Blt, ivn Pocket Hoeenarrnn', and uehlling Pistols; deble eel ,g dliltle barrlled Gune; Game Rlig; Shot Belts; Powder end Phstel Flaskse Drani motrles and Drlaking Cnp ; 1na and N ail ap. ad tnp Ioldere; Cloth, Hair, Teoth; 'no and Nail Brshesa; Orrina nd Chlorine Tooth Wah as. Tlort Powder Teller and Sharing Siape, in greet tn ad rti; lena thair Blrids, Ringlets and Frizettes; Pearl ith and Toiler Powder Emery IaS"f Ivory Tub Cushions: ;s Patent Slirles ar Gartenra; Gl(m Elastic Stpenoderr re Powder pa.o and Boxes; Gilt Chains, Seals ned Kevsr; ha asr-dropel Weisn Barkloa: Braeclets; Beadl Necklaces and Chain ; Gilt and Slivered Beads Indian Boalnds, Rail and Plnmes: Shell Twist:, Side and Dressing ag Comhb;which,in addition to treirformer stack on hand, an, rakeskthe ir aormnrnt very comnplete, and will be sold in aw and on liberal terms, at the sign of the Goldee ear Combn-._ i5-tf 70 Chartres street. Vt. T Hr ...-cirT , Aenita frr the exeenaice hoce of st bW. & e3. Btchert Sheffield, Enelanl, have just h eoeired a very extenrve set of ts, ptta, hcnoistina of fi rNble, and eswr Knivea oft' -- dlescripti, Pa" he oeket, Dirk,l-and Spear point rlncvee; Ralan, Scis in o exhibit to tib trade iar orle. Ternts and conditiona will he made knbrwka athe time, a aIl6 J.) I.BEIN & A COIIEN.I0 Common st. ad NEW GOODS, we SIMMfNS.. HARTTA CO.-Are now reendrivn ed SMpe Nshit LUntw|ill . Eagle, Merry Andrew, Hig.h of sMr, French amnl German rtlonrle lers phleviner-ear: . lter, belt awol pcket pistols; plain, ribMbel and split simal etra; raa balders; aeiss'ar, R:lneors. ten. - vest (;illmt'saetammtrr stn l nother steelpen;: Via as; Violin seing t shell, ivon and orn oranhb; wafer; ik, heald and leather phrs-,e: hair b raids, front and o abk ringle.i mgro iatffs; Getoe:mrnd Frtneel cologne .. water, Roolanrls meaats.r oil, imitatirr do; amtiqlue dy car beara il; portable desks and dreslIng ceases: past ak blackilg; tatlinc nl toilet glsres; convex t.,.rmr; of. he a1i gl:asses nd views; rliadtI heed., bellesnel pidrme; ad -.erdorea; whit-twine; toilet and tricng soopa; toilet owder, claametie wash hblls; ce;ed satir elshimlrs; of peel staeds; acterw eatrliola; firtey he e chainc codl; hbilliardnl Ihalls; prrket tlraks torI wllerr.; German hones;r razor al,.r; fine nill eonieeon gem-. s, elestic ORs)endrle, a rersitln: Bells Incifre matchles; sil ear .r'eis; Cieynns, de. d&o. Thne ahec in addlitinn to our former stock of faney 'rtioles, makesonr ossrr-1rar-to vtery comprert. Par .le wholesale e" rctail; as the stign oibhe (nlden Comm, 70, Chorete atreet. r23. olr.'ICE--iT-le p'trcrrli i of all1o, Alucrr &L, I af New iOrlean-; tnItrrt, lterrio eC., of Nnelthez; nd tiarrir Kerllery &Co., of Rondr y, was lies drred ao he2let ofMay last, by the death of Samuel A Mason, tanr of the ptrtteers o the fir-s. The rndersigtredl .rviving partner., till he crhargel rwihthethsettli.gRand clonic rrit bhsinr e' dr follows: ir Levi C Harris ;ill attstd to the settlinre oa tle businessc ir a lson I arrise & Ceo. at Natchez; anil Hetrri I Kel I er &- a' l ',.r dvr; to;d lnrY elry ir lll eatte to h1:e sctllkf r f the basin:.,, of N, k, Rla-ol & Co,., at r Net )rienc. The tlr-t es oc Iof e ternrc firms wcll e ,ii rit nrioidatiortr oy. Those rtiritord to siidl fa-rr ' o r.r,,n'tll wqrrre1ted ttcas forward sell mak 1', . g c- lh o hlaving claimn. will p e lpr, ...t + "n1 whont deltv. New Orletno, co ee a7, 2 ai'"., J EAN ARl PF ll \ T -' ' ; ,. ' iT y recieved Itr er . : di sa,-_'h lheott!: IAlso Amertclk nnod ft,,-') , ,c.,,fr bulls, lk , r):.s : I el i, ,.,- im:ilk f :ls, ..,, ,",-' ' i I selek, kcphals, MW'ani'a 'err.:: th;,"' :.. r " ,1 n '"l.. cI'rlo"ok's shltpl Marle ile pt rlintr ' tn ,i I'e re id lini c r -l-se chlorlici . . r.:'i al..b r elntlc hair, t, ctl and fled- 'trahes; t,,..ft let- .ttells 2 u dllitirtttl sRpplyt of ffthionals hr. rr ,' ,nkie r ecmbrs and jrt elrrfeer sale low at rr olresle ,p r t ill by ".SIMMO.NS, IA1r1TT 1'f , J~n~Y f; 71i (ltrtres s-treet. -i, 6 )IcScSinmn;t lartr & err tee nw 'er Jle~rtoegrc;oeboerdctamlep loecot cod ecteo.A rt-; c clVlng from an heard slhilps Yazno, anl Sa'atog1ai ndlrbig Coneordli, from Now York, a n rtnl varietv of gIords in their lirne, which torerler -with their flotort it mclon I.nd, lllkes er it-src, r ltverve' Ite-e e Pilet ftlltwint g rtolposte a part, viz: lltwistrt ,, r;d trek tnd rtcomr , hornit (Honll descriio I in s ilia r lbb er, s i ,til, lln worsted elastie gurtess , cmin n in & Sfine elesti(, ecnSitndlers, loco Cico ntod Lut:lrfer atchlC rs, I reirllitz powrrer, postdtrtpn. nllr d oelt st toilet powder, pocket leooks atnd wallets, li'lte lnrks, errl-, - ivory sel Itlltreo c.dr! lrecs, head oelgm, tenr , pclain cr r hal ......n hklcns and oe-l'ces, head chai,,s, bend nrck!illtc, ,ctltecsctl pilerltt eedlilort- ittcr ilrt ta:dos IIIIdiYII l neilllrr lle utrl plumes;pistol nr d hirer w i c, rn sh, shotet , It- elt pIrket aini tier " I intp ricertlr; dcrr(lnletutdoincle her-relied eorns, Baer knives miad r~ibbons, waist lif[(1(1·lds1 cloth, hair, failII It, uilC:colbl "'r voli, shoeln, plate~, flo n o ntu buhs Clge I Florillar,lanrl r rom.s and bay wat er l. nlrrl'd essences, tanil extraect~ lcttse:lr holrcr , aoitt t iatd Wa rd's v r-eltble hair oit , rharinn nll i toilr " t orps rie allns cripti-s- , h alrl t t' and gtr e tltl riti trs' desk ; cn t tre tui Ilcaseil hlir rip,'tlets, rizettett a dtllt l Iri ptin fitCV aendie eluitalll wtork'boxr , plllain lnd E ilr, fitra',t', tri !11oa ovesit I retirs, pRd Ian ivory shilr' rtnl , hlirtst tridli toer and silver Henllri rases, too)htllick ille a tweezers plaIten nsd gilt tiockets, nminiature tosil ver, brass iltt sii ,iii nlde, tnok.tlk and eas hair pins, imirtatin fruit, bik mad redinkshi b tle tking violins a nd g t trt,rihernt altd plaii perctlte ion cats, liun ll so ttrltenreerd Psaeh ileI, gold stlek silver ehce slid rid iri, utterr paper, Vale Ital.a, ridling wrip, wahlking reao, playIpcarg eadse, feO gohld, tiered and eiltjbwIellr e. & - rlte erove togretetr with m a gret varietyi ofother arti lee are oL0irald at wlhnlcsale or retlil oil accomnuodatlitng Ierlus. t N B Shell comhs repairedl. W iIOLESALE Ai\ ND 1ftTll11)211 ANIYVrV RIEITY S'ORE-at tdhe sign of til godlecn eolth, lhlo 70Chartre steetr. 'rle skscrirbers have rc-. enived, itnraitiin to theirprevoune saotk on hand, a ftll and complete ast-ortment of articles in their line; r: ii conibs, perfttnncry, Jrwellrv, brshes locking glasses,e fenev articles, &e. ronlrsititg in part as follows: I COM li--Irtoire shell, wronglIt and plain tnck,trwit, p qiilled hack, long rond, drcossing, side pff, curl tld ne'k, Brezilian comba of every description amongst I which arIe seme Mexicn pattrrs, Ivory comnbs of every i dnecilprion, horn, dressing and packet, together with it general assortent eofFronah atndAmerican. t I'ERFIuu uRY-Colog.te, Lavender, Florid, honey, hy, rose, aned erangs flower wafers of every size and des cription, catilphorlteic d Cologne, extract of lBrgatet, ieaner arapa ofall kinds, shaving io in cakes and pots, ereamn soap -Io, Ward's vcgetehle Bair oil, Irars and nrt- li rielied. Pareston's asellilg salte, plain and peerfumed toilet powder, pearl powder, pollierpnfl and ces po- a ratut in pots and mlltorrte s nad chlorine tooth wash and cowdece, with a general ssortlent of a JEWELIRY--some ofthe latest tnd nmost fitahiona ile eits, consisting of white and red cormelihati, tope, iet earedrope, set in filagree, hreat pins of a grse.' -p ty of patterns, watch trimti-t., gilt and silre -cklca, sI siler thimbles, silvtrand gold pt itils and guard ehaini b BRUSIlES--Cloth, hair, duat. g, crnalnh,harth,flotri hat, flshl, tocth, plate, eontb, Neil, shaving, shoe alid whitewash thrushes.k LOOKING GLASSES-Germen statia and toileti glassr, mantifc lg andl French dressing glasses, rome. do, with a ea-rllyr- of otbcr kinde not enumerterd. rFANCY AND VAIIIETY ARTICLES-French ri and Alerilcan portable desks and dressing cases, some I rery rich andt finely nislted ladies work boxesandc dre igni asse, wil and witlhont nmusic, inseical boes, Ac ceclilao of varions kinds, violins altd gltitara, silver andk plated lpenacils adlcads,wood pencils for i arpaenteres tdI eryone,mantlecloces,gnsandl pistols with and withorlit t nasesa, poellsioan CapI. prcussaion cap' chargers, nipple screwdtrivers, shot beltt,garme hags, palste blacking, toy r tea setrta, lidlian bes otf every kind, Ilels and pll nes, tillocaend common knives, razors and scissorse itirblese, I' ceedlles, pin, ilver pltcled, sterel ornd eoren n actn- in eles, pocketlcrcocerl etein ort vurinu- kitrIs, voaiting it ctrdscneld cerlcrtnrd o ns ,lyinr cgerd of banceh,ttrotm c cner Arnreeriernrrne tancttrdlls, isrittoieten lrUittsio huxpl, prln~ts of· rationsl kinj~jds .and,.rJ' 1.)IU.I'S mer'v' lrneeraon's, Ilillmate'e and llawkitre hnottorrs etIt-asr tmd inetetlli honeedirks, fancy ben td int'k ct, do wrth ,-r drlre toywlttehet, i-arl btlttrlk rt,., ,i ,odr tntnske, en, end r plantseed beads, gilt end ril I .!.e. ·,,: ,gi:t. .c su l~en- l decr,cad garters, p allait ..." I .:,. :, ivkr 1il boarde, dice, optirlnvien,- !'. ,, rl r , te:., c /e lr as and tlritlkirog cup tl, r t rhr arri ..les, all Ofwhi(.h wil he.., r("l , , ,r;.a ol cec on 12nconthsceorit. .c! . t, hi ill etnor orlltid for sale at hcir I-r,~', r,' No. ,a Cimtres s.raut, ,\oo . i .. ;, , tie + ,, : v is teartiorl'desefey 6.r ,o, -, id enuo els, fnd is eallulut ed tfr 0per s*uln., a;,! ,,. t Lndies afl gentlEmeu are ytuvtd . . th e sy s te m for th e na .l ve." Lessons are given at s.lch houuses a , .. i, t,.. eonveieCce,opfall, and to claees lfibred l , p;tl L.a li wli prefer it can receive lessons at their ow, rei silenees. l'er;,as pa ing fir oe • , tree Ir les ,,s aore desired o atne:nd util tlley write s ,ell as thevy wish.. mll DUL JEA. & fIf(fttTR. DEAFNESS. . NEW nrtilur forpersonms trorbled with dea. ines, (called Ihe Ear '' has Jft been received l I thie ,. tit "hich, the OlighttaCt OtrtiOCCatCon of tle h . oi1n voiee is diPcietlV conveyedC to the Oar. Any oIme w el} tns eve n bees sl1igod n to otversa with , very due ple t orOt cnt l mhe oflly feaniile of the dIfficeltv uld m. harraslnmoat erxloritnrP l both bv themselves and the in dividuanls so , nfertutnueev By the use a f the pEar 'Irrampet, tli nhjr-tion is entirely obC"viated. The WIosl sepl~tlcal hiae D lru nvg a. nndl , tli.irdouhtf .ltel haviug u ~d tl 'rullpert. For sale t 'r (;UOcN', Fancy store. crnar orComoon andl t Charles streets e1de0 .iel En I.ut s Metal. ifi 13 SPERM O11.--15f00 galhmt pure winter 17 Spenn Oil, in casks and hills, lo sale by JAfIVIS & ANDfIE\VW , \Vholesale Drna ats, curter n anuon and FTelap hns sareen. tmr : 40 kegs, to ,, 201f do 25 Engliab do--25 1-4 bbls. 400 ' , ls0o Paint Uushesn various sizes; I enae Verailli a; 5 bls Copoal Varnish; 1 " Coach 20 packl hold leaf, 50 do. tilver ldo; 1011 ,do Dutch Metal. WVINDOW GLASS, Atteriion, Etrflst and Freanc fffffhbnxrn, varaohn silen and qualiritas. Bat-- n b un d z.-Sf b.ane, c..nnaifgt t, will be Also, a gernatl asortmaent of artist' oenlours and tools, for sale ay A W SeCAl Ed, Na l6 Canal street. nate w1U ft received at 10 par ent discount for godn, or in p lavaent a.debt.. ju I iw P'LOU1--0 O e anling from sleaner ladepeod "" e., lFe Ir N RSEY. alt 4A'n 1yrr r MR. WILLIAMS, OCULI..:, tr NOW AT rHE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STRET, lit 'othe Editor of ta LOtL tte .dJdorir: gI--t appears by the observation., of the Editort , of the Nashville Presbyterian, Union aml Tranne indcripit, 0a well as the editos of the iompis t Eqouirer, der that the "Old GCntlemao" is amoig the Doctors. "'Tiae p is prtnved by his kingly rage, knowing that Ilis time is Sbht short, and that thi indenendent Amenrian people re ahble to judge for therislvoe what are pufio and e impositions. The woorthy editors who are Doertor, ar the proprietorh, editors or tab-elitors of the above Snaaed journals, r ll every letter frm peraona I lave rrst orard to sight in the above plces, pufRas. 'i I. The fact isn t't 1 nver had such great success ., i within so limited a ieriod an ten or twelve days. One , rrwho was aed about to years, wo had onlyseen the e light from ris birth, Ierorn to see to follow his marter at to om hotel, indteod of being obliged to be letl by hin. ald Two'young ladies, who hod eaeh lost the ight of one len re, one for ton veers. and the other for tearev two' years, having both ot them tie other eye very wenk; ret ench of those vounei ladies nbelao tsee with both wes, Which benefit Itpledge mvwelfstill continues, ex t eptianeg they stee tnder the influence or doninai mn of the Medicol Doctors. Another is the daughter of a t respectable merchant, whose name I am honnd never to ntenion, (as he paid me my fees), who said she had od nst tle sight of one eve fror the age of 10 months, 0n bat that sile now begins to read large letters with the otlrer eve eompletel shut. This the dogtor editrs knrew, a' the gentleman told me himselhe hobad eon dueed his dauchter to the office of the medicanl editor. g that .they migr be inrmted tlof the fact. The abet I st aIall menotai is anyeldnrly gentleman bf tha nmoe of tat Youot, nearly hrse ty'vearsoaf ago, rhordeclalr pilb lit icy by letter, which h took to all the dilffarena ffiAee into. i Nashville but one, end hilrself told mwes- had toid o. for 'he insertion whatdver they " end'ed, w hi il.ctar ed iu that letter that ihe ha 'orllv dmr;vr d o , nd ths aight r f nle owe from f k I tier his birth, o which his mwthrrtntad toh i,, . tocasined byI the ne aerraPes or Rmall pox; that nr ta r euld nd t onlr y ee t the light of the sui, for the firt tirme that ha recolcts,it ha1 t the stare nldo, and ws h"ginninc to distinuish i many ohjeort; snd did, brerr I Itier that rty, give mno nlet proof that he nollnd ot to walk abshout the orerets ta with the other eye eaortr] '"r' clted. Ie said he had hea tna nemher ot the ',c,, t li; .r pioenpnl Chureh tar no.rl Ionrty -rtn al that his word wu never doubt- i tted etlut'orgha e a'eo furte ohis rlifa. 2. t eiropE : ' 'iId svIer creat reoo-ees that n :,t Nashville, aor. to medical and elerico doctors had nevortbej l ch reasonr t be lrsred. 'Phe yiou inlinrlignatr ert. clerical Dr Snlith provets,. wher, estad - . thntabhout six vears past, Iewt s I 0. converled froc L.t .ig a perfect infidel, to heliev in the doctrilo s of thitr ule, that lie must have Intnadt trifling error-that he must have meant tor'sa, th t before the end of ss years to come, hIre rh,,uld he cone'retd frror bfhin infidoltiv, as tilhe spirit of the trur 'iirl'ter of tih; peacefirl and htonign doetriner of the hl ristian rciitr in does nlttr br'ath, ct dei.rtetion. ragCe e, tr, ty nod i filosrhoa, to lease his lletdica fi'ir,,'td, a;iit' t t!ie s; man whaol he knew 1 lid dnle so Imaur.l Py,,,,+., e llll :i.l I' rccjurl to ntie kone. lt th ioth:tc tattct'tter'rrll. ,,tkt ifte erat owe t s, a, "-ept tire ,d;.~l+ ''ire-. fn t.elO of lh-nll. al- tadan inf;rml b. h''r lctoult of or the tort" perfitomed in his totally tlind eve. I iS. 'T'lte fin tG;o inh F. oftisc iown, pretrndsthat I have lnstrthe nerels I t aino in ithe Nortin, s'inc y d anrval in the S.utlhwtot. Thirs proves, horwevsr Ihad,' Snnd thallt I kept them untiil t arrived in this setion. If. V. I gained tl in the ort.h I ,lglht to have gained 1nn nt or in rho snrluth and snlthwent, and I still hope to wear them ro my very youthful brow ott ten dty I Iravc ir spit. of te" vituperation of the groeat Dr ;.,if Ic may' I judge fron the mnat I eve alraady benefitted in this oitv oithio thre. d rays. It 4. The oh}et of1 the present is to inform thle nldi ail Ooliahs Ilnd elitors o)f the Republican , r T'ra s h script, as wall as the clerical Dr ZS-m th of the C. IrTes ; hvte"inn and of tit. Unionl of .1'e,-llpiltp, as well its thle cditor actd tbt medical editori of the i teadluir of luirer as wall to Nr l'retlico, toe editor if the Loutsville Jourul, aund also the medical (aoli ediior of this i ctty, tle .rcat Dr S., that I shall brine actions agariost tthem all, Icr vittuperation, sltder tr ealumny, itui'ndi. ately after nmy arrival in New Yolk, as well as ogainst tleir amiable hre hrbeen the nterlical Golilahs ofthe north. I rlrw hind myrselflbv prtmise, nerver to quit thits haoy land of liberttv, until I lanve brouglt rho noes o .ll tmy .i...iclal Ctoliahos of ithe troth. a well no the southi and thi west, to tile grindstone! The afflicted, llecre fore, may calldat oni finading me during the weolo of of next yea in New York, . lhere leters, post paid, aidti no othelrs, will bie sre to roeach ine. " 5. 'o inform the publip that the lff so cth 'end, I Srwhich the Iev. clerically it'onverted infidel pretendtt wa - written for him, was written iiore thao it week iorin Scand intodeld for tle Renv. D. lowell who roatlc t fi , .isty perince without manifsting nany dio,opprobtc atiot , on the contrary took it to his stndy and umn lenell i in I, tie way he did, rwhich hie said ho thought woruld an wery my purnoe Irbetter; lie delvered tlhem botht mn i iiwilhout pretenmling that I wanted rlo bribe him froel h sdutry, os I naoer otult Iresume to offer that enitloemn t or any other, any moncy for rtristng ilett the Ron Doetor'srnwn oteteent is befor te ihe blic: Id he not examinedr all oydiplttooa &e. &e. ,with a gernreaon, '' -ittimote fiienod f Itis, as well as the whole of lly ' patients,, in eomlatnv with another clergy c n, a I foutd them all to he n lhrtttrio, and alllllry atiets tor iao more or leas bolefitrted, lie nevrer oulr have eell induced hy a total stranger to drsw up snet a aticle as Ite wrote himitelff.r pttliatoilo rnd lddrcssed it to AlIr Stringficeld, editor of the 3 W C Ardvcorte. I 6. No wonrderthe clearsighted totiecnl (ioliiah of I Nshvtellitook the alo. and therefore used their el- filrs to join with thletn th all-powerfiul, atlhici, pitt s iscl and intelleorctl fin'rc of the sacd to-hitrronverted clerical infidel. We read in the Bible thn! 'o tre ii known by its fruits." I dare say the coOlerted irfidei has preached froIn that pa-ane. 7. He evidently wantod to estabhlilsh his morel "h.r cster as a man, by srewing that h c was lhooe Iec g bribed. us see whether the umn of thirty pirces of silver will apoly to hinr 'is wall on it was well nppiied io anlrher convertedi ifirdel, who, in the days of tile in carnatiron of his Divine Master, absolutely molt himn Icr ttat number of piceso of silver My rlswe, is, tihat it was never inlendeo as a b; iie, norcould it bh consider ed so by any one, as it was not even requl to the lentl prt sof oil the regular pric'etr's foe, of $ per 0qu90re. Containing two or three columns of closely printed matter, which were to be repeated three or four tires in thie Presbyterian, Union.a rd ohnitorjornals, hacdl I ever intended to bribe him, I should Ihve offered him at least $300, his regular fee, instead of $ O, which, il all probability, he would have gladly received ano his fee, and not asa bribe. On the contrary,if I ad been ca Irlable ofoferinc a bribe, I should certainly have done t in a wrato have insured his ac,'eptanee. t 8i. Had the Rho . Doctor been reslly onoered to tihe heliefofrthe doctrines of the tiviour hIe wo'rld not have promised to conen and examine mw prtie.tnl itr - crt keeping his word, as I have always l ittd dotte minister of the gospel zealous to -Io. It. Had he been reaolly converted hew fib' i. t ;,uib have spokbo Igainat the rtceriano imri.iti,, , i wiich, it is well known, are more numerous, rod waolr. are.onptrior to many in some olrto of Europte. hir coodoct so, m hle disgusted some voung litrcnry r'm.rt il nteors, rs to he scareely restaobed'from lonI to tihe aot, by laying violent hands on him. 'ihe ev. geentleman, thouch a .eorchtnan, is withnut nexcrle, (unless he is 'a!ltmniated), althctgh he m o think he lran a richt tr aiior trie American intittutionst, because he is a ,'u.rr.r'tri itli,cl. I sloy he has oto--a all ought to spri', well if tte bridges he goes safly 0ver. I faney ithe e'li:r I(:aplain Grudv, and eevernl other amiable rou"',r' 'I'tlrooen of Nashile, rriect ie t well the condic t lf hi piious expoundoer of the Holy Serliptrces! 10. I nncorcow orcih ademo n inhlman shoyesc rthe Rev. Doctoro was rie day I cal e to reasonl with Irins, wiho hr menced my grey hair witdit nI uplifted gigol..o onto, no if be would have ieliod oret the rooocn,l,for dar'ing to draw a pious oinisor'o -w'to front i: (]tirto, by kiltb of 30 piece onfrilver! retrbicrbld firo than if the -,mad Gentleman" had t'p peered it hi0 otwrt nbnhpl! Il. I slemolv rdeclare before Gnoto,allll irr; ,ttrllrttl clrot tliltrrmt witness that i nevtr, inrll tthrl milta.t of .2 years iractir e a Us all o alist, inl (t Lat .rittI. I'r.ill ' l, iIsl nlla and \t rit c, it, a sine, l innt'ne .1 Ilradr oa bribe lllvo amo Unt fa, ihr rtrtu, r ... trrtlrtr cbit'i I lttcrtortnoirilredtrtellclttha IwolswItotAaiot ot+orr llilled t r'tc't,l'oLher tilorrot odd aryrtouey to tm printer's bill; wtoict is a suofieient proof titt I had it, no irtrnrtion to toibe, w ,,noro-lho Ilomphia Enoquieriertwo r tlree reccro eob r~oco a Itosre of tlogrant flsahcrrdr, whitb I tire itetoicl Inoiti editors loertet from their brethrert ' cfthr Al. Glolitta of rhe North, and 1 ohalltreait thet tUttirs"s itt is true walt I tt ee been inof rrttrn--"d ; ecg'r, and yot will catch a it- t " 't'hoeglt '.ot ' io,. fr oty advortscen.tos far two er r tree werksr ith ourtll otrle IicoC ito rtr lhls le,.r ill your rroot o - roersid trlttre t nrot &tt. tnioo.jnvill, J 17. the nglish Oculr. SCoiedtfreas the .S. W. C.. dAoten of tre 4tt .Jane, 1817 At the request of Dr. Wilil n e s, e w anI e tl 8lnw il, note finln the ley. Mr Haiow .II at Nanhvill, to th! clitora tiwt, aouth 1V'-stcrn ChristiOn Advocate, who, rt dapitp.arai hat amined ot!r,, ricmnaend othecr de , mI lan,e vit.cie afthe Docto r laims to pullic natloo ago In consqeat nce r f afn ecid entt Dr. hW s ill tJ. main in Nalivdlle a faw days longer than he at o )lst aintnlrrl--sn t y hae 't jl'. etR. 01r Stringfieit:-l-laving been aequested by ie)r. Williams, the oculist, now in thai city, to examino hit ntluerousa dipiamas Rnai other INoctets evT i oinv +.lsints to phIblit onfideat in his prothnsion,l hate, i in ominy with a valued friend,dona st with pleaure A Ano them I founod a Itt.r fr .Irf 1oaeot at 1,re setot Tmrge d'AffOirIA otheLKill of thle fench, at Washlgtont , addrtesed to Dr. \Viiians, tetilfving tie aaluainaets uot thr dpilmoo frot then Kings of France, lgitnll, l &e as well as tho', front the ,ll dial Socic lea ul Fnrane. Ho has lnmeroas vtal erts from men known to ae oflhigt repatltiullo in hia oeonitry, receivel since his arrival in tIli United State, dntailig instanll ce, f greatt sueo'rs in tie rcttornation of oight to tite J :ntta. 1 hare scta ntt.rlv all his poor Iatiants in i a.:.. ! knewltoa oftlenm previos to thei roining h+;.er his care; hbt all I have sen sany tieyore ua q:tnestionably blaotittwd. tUIS'T. B. C HOWELL, Nashville, June °I, 1837. P. S. Since witingthe anve, roneaof Dr. Williamsa' patients has malled upon ate, tad ays it had actuanll atd totallyioot the isightof one eye foroevenoty rears, hut now declares hitoCIf better tiat last nilht, liar the firt tije itn his life tlat Ite etn recellet,lea could die. tialltnsh, wih lh lbI eyelg somheofth prolinitentt tars. I learn that thi old gentlman flns lired antry yent in this rdgion,and says he has been a .lethodist during flrty years. Yours, truly, aug10 R. R. C. H. Neaw MAtP Or LOUISIANA, with its canals, roada and dlistances, frot place to lanee, along the stage dand steamboat rbe tea, by I!. S. Tanner. MITCHtLL'$ IMAP or THE UNITED STATE nlt,,wintg the principal 'Turnpike and commnn road, ot which are girven the diareanees in miles from one place to another, alan the counraa of the cannls anti rail roads throlngh out the counntr', ltrefnltl y etmnpiled from the beat nu htltritiea--puhlhitd by S. Aagtetant Mitehel. MI'TClILL.'a Tnao. ILER'n (UIDcl THnROaa tt le UINITYE TtEa; a manl f the amuds, dialtancen sarte boat andeaannl rutes, E. juat received nl for sale WM M'KEAN, CHECKS ON PHi..ADELPHIA-Fo sale Iy t YoRK t, .H . R)TJnERa, nr,1 u., C m. ¢'l`. t. Mr, ItotAN', I'A%'AUE'A. To, 1ORttheeureofrrheumotism,ser ltdaorkingssevil,gout, neiatien or hip gout, incipient eancers, salt rhetm, [ philitic nml merm'bial diseiaes, partictlarly uleers And ors p iifldlaffections ot'fhe bones, otlerotedtht ot .-t mro ns- tils, ulcers of every desertption fever sores, and internal ree, abshesa,, Stlas, pilks, seald head, suory, btles, chro ia tie oarm eyes, cryi;tuisblothes, andoevery varietyofen is taneonmus affection, chronie Catarrh, head ache pneceed pie ing from any teabrd humor, pain it thie rtomae. saml dti oId Ipepsittpotoroedihtgtfrom variation, ntfeoilbhsof te lioi'er, ar, chroni tnflamnitttt btlolf the kidneys, and general tlebli tee ty caused hya orlid action ofitlevesetlofthe'hk-in. It see is siog:-lnrlyefenaoious in reoovationg those eonstilntiOnl twhi&t hbave been broken down by isnjudicoas treatmert, rao juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is redom toe rmended In nl thmoseliteaSes whicharian from impnriti s the of the bloodtor initistio, of the humors, of wtoatever er onameor kindt. i0. Some of the above oomplaints may require some ti. oe Ringnsliintant asppieations, which heeireum.anry of the ' oeane will diot:-tbnut for a general remedy or Purifieter oh to remosve the eane, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will Sgenerslly be found slfficieet. as1. TO THE PUBLIC. -t How true it is, that modern Plhyicians, o their are I tiono tenstl theiir prou asont erplore the retields ad p feierlee hv the a'd o ,phemistry, and Beek out new rr. h mehd tae t ini.o, to arrive at n erfeition tn the The p! dbe 4 enlactity "atf elnei h id I M peerloek sand ,negleet, ns eleneaththerlounoe, the riet and boenteons ,- stores ofmenieoine, which the Almightly has ensed to .rps, ringoutoftheearth ineveryclime!o Aolhow mnh tI more trne isit that whilethe Ameriean Physicean looks of to fereign oenotries for many of his most eommon nod b- tneoesomry sartiles, perp Iatlly changing as they are at ea 'the dictten ofristia o orfnoly,he is aurrolhtlrt itn his ld owl euntrv with ar endletss profusion of medlint Ilnts., r-. i e miotl,ot to tttsweroadytldteotisn indaseooe or to cre S.nfloy ottthtla dlisrder;r andt et he in of their vnr. ilh turs, and tIher tore t fferedto 'wastethir htng o tih he d t Oelet air'n tee I he efteots of vegetible medietines uoon t'h ottrett aor it, rIt ro o-tihosetf, minerlsa tein -. Thl foot.lnlo:r ex oi v' their eflets a.Wlc ' piss off-the Irtt o.. n erce in tar t"- I iafeol-, ct ch.titotaltv ''poo tto solitlo detoeoamoog Its tei: bonesl and iltherni nlllhn i le lndll tittimnt 1 ua slw od .,nl sort,' destretion. 'r The mogetniality, effiuieney mod S.Ri"I'Y' ,fe tf rsa t- , Ithr remedies over minelal, tllao ie estilnal tet eotrastt tv-ttetanceien tpr-cttio wit tthe motet-o , o thtitg It *,t , oremlnmdiatetlo uoldler ott rnon lhstsrvotiol, li|, It'i. a .o tpacticr wnth that of the whiteso \VW , ill Anteremt, ot noi olt known ooe eard of e.rtotted inst:mcet wheein. s some deereoid, Iplleoreteudlitofeale loia, te ttenson te o' simnloie emdties alone hasn ffeted tthes' ott.,s hil an oo oaolo ollinbolig rllle, 'fttrlthte \I:tteilo tedfics oel tile Ttiromnl fpractiee ordilected il the most skilfull mtnlitee, So thileold And wio o tilts tlnt been solltoi wit hithei s,ln Io ' it wrtels ovfeiolifty ionitlwhileh thte ndian the. mo S 'otat manily disaset, and at the anist tlotea lltinhleIru of citn"i o diseaseamongtthemn lo. Who h:ol .to he-at i ills ian wilh a totnstitotion brtokao otn rt ll ' tol l hy *r'alllent? A:(d tI olea doultexist that this happy ex "., tih'atl t sa(l h e fial,n most at'the ills which thleu ia. '"el ' o man in oeir to, is chietfly owin to t,-r'e am'lioy 0f srhal sal t re medie sol which le empos 't'hi v ito iir tilg dt oiffe lenet ioll ' reos, il l thlrex'enl t illecltio, oi' te lt lillte snloltioltttto tlhetimple nod ste o t f means of core 1y twhtch (lthnt ltt'o.oo-I for the beneliot of his htiloren, over Iose, whcith "," ",:tie and lthe aott e no t I have ill If vented. i!- i rlom tt llog t'tl.·etoe :nontg oa otiotnm oflt entorgil, or 'ttinhnt'aotso tiotoamrIy tdiaoi inotimate ae it t t ln l' eo s wit ith ii,-thu.'sof l't'of soeme of tdei most Y .cceetfsliul to:ettollleI.. . the o .l'.rietr in d t l'hre Iian's vi Ira ti n =., ,Gltll 11 , ::. ·,s ;ti'gt , of some of the m0ost ,i- ' t' llhnil faaortitet la n nelies. F romn these Iheselee te ~"il it e t'e lo"ofot etc'eatClo s a i rlllT allp niate, oand after : t, 'hosexel n who tel t theirooninPildesanf strength, le I, .ombineld them in the furhe hIe.t, presented, as thLe tootl Ipt 'et amod to:,eclioil tan. tile tpurltote ot, whilch it e i reculmnnllelide in Te lrot eoitetor ofiers tis preplaration to,ttoe tttblic, o rithO the nooseiousloest that ho isluido lng wilhintheir leli Iio remedy- callable oflelievitg manyo of los aflietdt fel Tlow beillngs, who ale suflt'itg oulder tile various chtmoic Im. obotinatlooenaloaittoll i which it is alollieable. to nbch it will Srove of innlculable valboe, tl the moeons, anti in malty eases tile only means ofrelievingtbeilslut ftrtings and ristori og ltlem oonce ill0oe to heath at lap pines. 'I'sis iototolflted oo s a comlmtoon rloedy, that otnla Ito'erclane he etnoltly gool wtith many others nIow Sio use t tutas olloe w ilo iscapabhe of saeLig ltfe inmatl)o , i extrme eases htoict all tlhe tnt.stltoremediefsilt. This It d, has dole t'ple:atedly Sotoi thio is the tioths ob oi toineo wh lee.c it'las beetn iontrodbeoed. ,r, It is onl' abolt thrte yearls sine this preparation wasc t lresented Io the t lblic: hbut in that shlt .paoc of itte, i osment hunodrlo s o"f persons might te iouncdt, who wotlot i solemnlo y detehe thal they believed that their lives owee msedlbyit, nod in mytnsesaftecr taey hao tried many n i n rhaps all tbhe cotlttmon remedlies in vain. \Iter ever it is known it israptolv coenitg intoo use aid t tis afor.dsthe most snbstsaultalnl aeVllseiatig proof l' it merits. il'oe value ftlhe PanacPa i most coonsoocuouoo In those y Ilonoo staning it s) hitlitio aol seeoltoust t ofuotins iwhilt have defioet all ohber re.nedlcs, anl ( 'telil in nhose u., s where msremev Ises been no lariat y uscl as t( o calnU disteioessi r ains in tto' 1 oe 1 t, t et, l0ere SThease it acornpletl 'rectl'es, lt d iall c t ouso itentiote tl eldieatl es the diailesC.s oodt toffets oof lerem'. -ee; r ofte. ot er tlaitontinoo, :;lnod Iheohis tole patliel otlet jfned well. Inrh IOe umaeItih alld h ulcei't c eltie soe hro its I d Iha'IAte AReli.ct' ar is s allu h, 1l g .anll llllll-i 'Takeo ill o',o do.hloe'o. thelnldinl. Palitut' oIIp eate, t '000l aot '1'foratle.i dO tt t'.et0 o dltipli<o . tic, rI toct, aSill xl tives, m tin i-.l..anldi and :ullvlell - anI it In'n 't'oses a o osl olSh itolttla lt ll ,1t00i0 g c Ge - ' Sotalt' exps'tell, It ilt nONtAt- 1ttlte ecLregtaies atIt n e of teltienos, 'ivc oot 'ollo i tot u o t, lmun, 1 a, I xeles ateoof it0 the lrlin n tl s Till n io toeliu anl . F ro these I'itlli. pit s itlraoloe llttliis ilao y he lt rllllosto l. T'llisonttoo hio Ioo s hlet~ imlunf d higlhr-eo l l li noo t ntbigtlto.l diseases o m here o sllcfiloet , dlo i has >;, nscd with wondIee'fTi hllcle,.ss as a Sprilg iNal . IFat[ f',,. riliere h to oottt oe sublec tocohe lotaintootoftile cetlst, toid whose noslitulloo s reqltire new viRgo. SCot pt.o soils will to w.ll to tose " vo orth'ree btotils ioll m ldo seS. \VWhellever a diet t.'ik is eOlidotl.ed to-erostl.' this Panacea, taketn i a sma1l dose; wtll antsWer, all ito mrloes, in muoch ltess time, at less eolpense, and ill II tin more agreeable mantner thlt the ncommon liettt tlnk. Thle following ertificates, out of hutdrend slmae, which might be procnured, are given to show thr eol ,t ot the hldlan's Paoaeao in thevarious oomploaints, ~,';. Ioeltilltedt and alaoto exhibit ill the ilostl atli't:o tlo tmanner ittssittertiority ovorttoe syirootsitot,'to:,,,, CASES t)I ItIEUtM \I ISt'k C.Har.onoStIN NotI, 13. It i I trie- l -il ool r ll- t . .tote,'', Chot to. o . ffo- to otte itt it l''", ," , ~' o o- o I t oil t II l t: toite ol tfl -I e o tftltilll oty T ', tt otil i :' t .alt tntioll y t flttoted. 11ttt'. if'St+N I(00 tl ,, w e ';ve-- 'o n toioo t].., rh , 00 00 0, " 'Ot etootioo( t i totot toeill ' ,at .,"to to v~1o , o .f too. I t tolll ttot o o elllt l. t, to.i to. o I:IIt o htt-'oifc.i : -ot te , i t a t ai ent inl l nt t oot t oltl Il " t , lt ,lWal'tdsot Ifour monthtts, and nearly ithu tboit• tlit 0 " ti te. itill,- l tloltn'ehost t i a u t'oi toed afl t I o os+ rMtely f with ' little klnelt" I) the 1itb ~f _,rual o ootltl tgin n ay oleoklOlo floo, cldill rlie • 'l-loh I f betoame y.clr getirtlt l.oel ro, pas i ted lr h' a y,, h a ti la I, at e[ 1l elrng self .'rfl el.· w .el \%' 11. I'['U'it KF] {, 1,3 Mair'.el sf Nt lar VoRa, Stops I alll' S il tii certilfytatfit toeillHoti o k'25 I wos'st' zt ta softoiling'in my ' Cothofc llod o oitfowhirl tocorwat t tiei agid becaime large glattt ly ulcers io o y neleo tceIt'et'• ve.1 physicianIst ton i aethlago e I welo t t,'hiai.e llnt , and lotced tototetll n :l f tcolde tit c.r:ae, it, It it'h.,t :olr oo ot n otinneed nth e ro. i t C'. . llto.t... , l . . 0.000e0m 0'el ullot ooi iln lrtin ot deathf. f eaoiott Io o tklloot tl·('l" ·ill.. _I llttk l.Ibis la(:lrclulcil ll W1YhisV t i.ttt u s it c o.nldll·nis ioroot, oy ooio;·l:tt' lc.u fllott they Ito t kltlw I t waI aW'litted, fe,1r2.ooal~s with ll llcet lit the I.,, ot For saleoby ISEtLY UIIIONN AlB E drlogilo, aogee too e.00 tlo' oln'oopiertor, 'I'eohlnlohtnot o t act _et,. s_" 16 fT NEW ORLEANS A& NASHVILLE RAIL lOdA1) COIMPANY. ti'tlIE stockhhohor of this company are hIereby no J tiled thlt byo a resolution of te blioard of diree tan. tas:ed on the 19th inot. the call made t nl them on th 13th PFehbrary laot, ficr ho paylont of five dIllars It slate, was reoeindoed, and thesaid stockholdera are further notijdir that WII..IE:i\S, bI a resolutin of thislnard pnassed on tile. 19th inst. It cIll has been -nlade on the stockholders of thie New Orleans sad Naslthillo .ail Rood Comlpaty tor the following paymtolots on the the stock h:lld respec tively ly theto viz:-"two toilatrs tct share, iayable on the lrot dyv of Septettbcr next; two dollars per share parvale on the first day of December next; and ton llahtrttrer share I alttbhu oil the li ot dyv oIt Moarch exth. Noo w theno'ol' ho it resolvel, that tre stcrre ny of this eompauy shall notify the share holders therein, thf auI h the tblic pr nti of the i city,that in contoernity with the yiet section of the charter, theyare Iper tttrd rtday otlf larch o ex ay be ealoli one untill o ie 30o h .fol d niatytfor tile etmtfoitixty days, fronttt after the Extriny o ts o!f tih it iade poi bl of wi the board. t. dtion htteroee, lhat iflt reguloearly toild within th on whioh it should have eetso paid, thtrrlt tltthe ttOr on tt ich midn tytlnutashould have hxunm de, is and eras": !oreoitota to rheo nnopany, the ohthre on that the ad f ion ity days, ehirh te ar allws thtn,Tars eotified th-at the pay. .t oW to Il loe per share ea;lod feorddue Oo Itt first o e,.. ether nexat, mtaybe IottonIted tlter thtnoixth a lorilt of said charter, until Ittlat day of tOtolor nertl1o the payment of rto. tolltrs per share called lotr, nd due ottthe first dny of tlotther net roe, tttot'e Ito poned ulrtil the 30th day of Jaotory otnr; nod the par stent of tsto lollars Ipe sher eolled for and too .,It the ierstdoy of taorch oext, may be ptotltotted uttil the 3Wtll Edtract of tae minutes of the board. jtae2l A R AtoNtR,t . Sete' . rtlP I' STATE O' LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the Pariah and City of New Orleans. r IIE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To all whom rh~sa Prht entor shall tjdea Grettilp--Whprvea, Jsao Hanee havinR dpr rcheoe at 0 n ele reae by tilhe Sheriffof the parih of Oateans the propery hereisavter deseribed, las applied to the r olk of tilts eurt, in whosae officr the ded oi solo was recorded on the Id day of April, A. D. 1838, fsr ia monition ,sr ovner tieeneot in a onifrmity tten act of thle i.eiature of the Btooe of Loueisiana, entisled "An act for the farther anu ranee otioles to urserts a n t judic tiale aies;" approned the 10ch day ul rMarni, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, snd all persons interested eresin, ore herbey cited and admonished it the e me if the State of Leuisino, end of the Panrio1 Court, who can set ouip any ight, title or colai in and to thepropetty lereinafserdacoi~sd, ineonsaequenreof any iiolbrmlity in the rdoe ree or deree iudgsnt of the ourt under whioh the rale woia osade, or any irregularity str ilegality in the approiesteut and ndrertiaemsentsn, is intms, arenner reales or for any other efet whntsoe ever, to smhow cause, within thirty days from the hday this monition is first'inaerted in tlse public paperse, awhy the sale ko made should nout he cnoirmed nod honal iegttted. lPte a epre perpe w sold by the Sheriff of the par ih aforesasie on the 14to1 day of April,A. D. 8l'tlS, by virtue efa decree of this Court, rendered ln tile 51h dao ofFebuarv, A. I). l8t8,in a soit entitlod Alexauder Caldwell ro. Jatmes Honso, No 10,367 of the dchrket f thi, Court, at rthics ale the tts la las lonre hecase the prolhaaer for the piese of twentry ues thlusuand dollars. D)escriptioua of Properit oa given in the Jodicial Csn cysate, vio: A certaon lot of xrontd eito.sed in the sulisrh As. noncel'ion liass Lrosreer of this city its es ere ".o 5, ld ilot hs lng 'rene smeasuret tifon ftorutn nt hAu pttoilas .tr.t, O,6tt feint irtt, on ttrttttt',rtestret,and €'O frtt on I nloaode ds, tlle F ot1e,l it'l .sh ctn onoer thtit sas il coteound ia et feet ride trctn :ttte ide of sits tq sre to the ,ther, itsther ttlth a ts lwetlitg .le ruo Teot:ig oo l oluptouls sit st0, te ki.'tle'a ntc ,'i ptiodsncies, also the diatillet ,vit llrlihilt, nte erected thereon and other building" etat itttttorovtet~tetse, site muehinery, ntei~ails, imple,.en;· ,qnd1 ×itl ·p h 'li~inl o to said dtirsillery, iso d.prei, ttl e¢' nd It':. tenanera, an ile rigtancse ots, o tionsn privilwett t.,i+, Iteonsgiog or in llay wiae s peprto einit ,. Clerei' Odfll, New OsOr ,leon ray, 7 ": x 8. m14,24&j3 J. ttLI I]:. "'r CvlIerk ETA-IlIL)E LA I sI·l~AN' ,.--tt.'t ttr.lolsae poor s aproirse et t ill ds In N' ulsll Ol'lel.'ts. 'T F DIA I lE I. t IOUJISIANlI.--A tolls celt qllte I ee tttcsst, stes stctll, t slut: Attt.'ldttt quts Aslser Hllttor oIitolt,'heAi· istr t'Ys~tel'ite I"st l SBhrl'if Iloptsitoesi it'lh'tetslin tt' propiifti' .c-tlltir.. test'c'itt' saln (rutmsns all otrsifs de ctroe stOlttr oil B ,tlilt' VCettl ' tsre.i's Ite Is' 's'mt'jtlss dt .ilie tie! l'ttlte.8 30, poor ll., iltvi. Icli la'icnlraelt h lin Hlult. de ]a1 flgi~hyllli.. iI. l' ili' es i lt. ls I tsstCc ststlt ''Artsll !i ti s'tite t tf :t'steinu t' e It .\lt s Ic.ta -. IS 'il aOlti Olsttsl, s iturtteS tisl.:tltclie intlrssreersaoet tot' espresenset soonmsetr s O ,t ot e 1' I'tits tie lo Ltnoisiae et de Ia Cusr de IPeroissc, ties tottet'ieirt uvoisssr dr nitdlntronlpt ie i-aUnisr d·e~irltc en celiaC( Illl* ll~ jeen ttsilel it sie fer, e otlts Il1ol'rht, h~: dt'crtt oul le jllgeic~ltleiit ol snill. I'll Celial tlu< el hIl vents a i~t+ 17dte, ou die teatse ir l~'b'll. Im'ite ou illi:!4:dile dImls I'e~stimation,l'avi+ ouln trtnyl~ (+t ]e niodcl tie il velle Ol lltlr ti.'tsssl'e~ii'iistteseo sq fiece dtsPch ero I dis ll.+lte oures aA d Iets de Istlialiraio i te ' tote avis, pol'" lol"" in Velltu Ilill~i f~ite ne peraiit pits orl~firmt.nC et hoisolostet,, Ite proprit+ft( t ftit vendee par le sheril'stlltle iqtta torzi~l~l la olr d'.tvril de I'allO.=e 18:18, eli ert~ru l'uln tts~lcct tie cett acur it 3, tb iitvricr de l'annobe I lWtt, de tlls'allite d'Ahlxetnder ualdwcll, centre Jnirieo litlnse, N, 10,t1t,7d d o, 'iacket do eetls Coner, lutlttelie vellto le dit Jdllies Iltuse n 'cat rndu acquureur pour lo prix de $21rst0. Decccripltiont dela PsellriBt tini'sarsl letrttsferJtsiieintre, Savoir. UIne'teial l, t lie terre eitnut a fints hOlrtt trgie l'Annn siaioi alios i.rolrset , tie cette ville, dans I'ilit No 5, Is dit lt At tetrre nvast [mctero efr tIstine,] toixtnttc plods tie tiee "ttclklrue 'elloupitttulus, troicsett Ii,ids die nlce . lI rue ties • rneores, st e-st:ote piids tIe fnce lin faontide il rue siu MarlnetlAe esrte tnuc te dit lot tie terre a seixantr pilds 's l rect r dt ' o nroat ic I'ilet A I'nttrre: etsneblttttl otte ttnnietttt eltl itt|eae A Is ruec T'ehoiltinltllt l, In cti'lut et rets ('i Pi rct·or c sest rlue In distilierit cttnctruite tltt le tit Its e i'ut, r s bt - tisser et aw..'~liorations· lea mrichilles, ustc'esiles, in..tal stlons, de. nlsp:rternutt iA Ic rtlet diesiitlr'sits, e dlilPdtt cneeo , sppnrtle tretes st lca droits, ations rt ptrivilgers y aPp ,tt Iiout, Ilureae das gtree'r, Ntutt-l ltc ticeris, 1i 7 Iul1, 183L. .st__14. l&'j .. . J. Itlet', rat.I-ir'r ; Royal College of I'hy'sicaon, Lodoi.n rir Vl * iIE ortig]ol i egetablte Iitgeilet Uo t'-,sal lc't di St L nine, P wrepared by \V Mllskin, F. Eat.. ne ,ei' ti the IlRol Celleg'. of Suttlt'tens Licetitate of AiIche - cares C.ompnany, Felhow of Bholt CouIt Stiett, Srllgeolt is to the povadl Union Pension Astciation, Im.anser t PlaIe, <\V elloo I dgelri and Peri etual Puiil of Guy' lil StI. T'lli ts't lh,s i ital s, I.oio ln. " ise This valuable mtodiici , the Creslt of twentt l t'arls' ns expell rilce and au nar:llehlfed success in the extensis 'I anld highl y res , iletab l ie o r lh ( lo f o if proprie ty, tu t'1ii5 iIti i at l el l hIt ea'thy - re llltl t l l K e A i Iresi tn. Ittis i h ilil Ih o a th lll - i lr step, to chi ck Ihet lls i h a a t :il s c I aI t t, 1e fttg ta ,,I shellte tell' s00t, llllllert rmlll l t to( a,, ~ts roe lnw,,\ mI h II m.r, ,%c-1 prewd vtver :l ' l tlt ,11) 1/ Iilll II cslltcit'.isted ac i c je q lccc it hly c :tt Si ltet +et ' tlc mLec o, t wct taml atcrcslelclltti gtl'ttc . cita ltI i Iy tci m tedit siht"eltee it t oltect LI t titplle ttIt nttc. .iu, It t.c h l i tica''tcls c i' c d. " c h ts,. ri t mti d I l tI d a t ti , rI-_ 1 ll 1 ttot i t n lhlr naln er should he ke t i , T , c. H'x ofsddei illnes, ' b) ,heira ir o ., i it'ai , .t', h ,l a ,O. a, i, 1, cnd ot1h "rI alarm n 1 i olJ l , ll . v. dt t ll n o fl f o l tf ' I I , S e, I'lcl l oI l p trl ,ee l t ,tt ttnc ti c. t I, I ,a ' , S.l. I neitr e s e ihl tthle ,. ,lh ci tae .u,.ai , On t•a hor ata II'lll 50000tIho $Ie ald e 0',lllk (1 "[ l II 12e /lit" I 1.,' ti ntll s, l heoles eot I , n it eeln ihtr t' ;Irtl t drw itth s e I ili t of tll"it , l iit:t c c E , , i lac iltiig - ie t ksteln t l ltt t:Sirt tAtlei It iee i. t AIeit co,li sc. s en's Ilineael hIt M c ,t tetc, , a il er, se : it l lalt hillc.a O t s; h t ie I s llsc ,i. c i c 'litnI al Agelt b'wc hoa fd r n,1 ie isi ..I c .i Io:,tl e) it a l to wh iorce ti a 5 i ll. acnt itlt tit ,pL tttt Sael ri, lle til ee. I Scattlae ntlllAttntctcly . li'ly i ,lc ccll. att , ",egisa .l. , E t in,' ),~ t, m. ` I i tit e. . Ice a .aia, e , ti ' ' aee:t, .a i e, at'll , e lt. e d i te e , ' c .ct leUti I' llt t ,e cas t t'l t -, tiir ge wk e rett lreis n ,i ,.Teit hep , fiett c $ti'o e b llo llc lllttl t llI c : l lltt." t a , its mI r an o t sk teC ' gII L lC'o eI ' T.h o.tis t t. t , ' . ttctlol't qat itht'a l'tticia'. ,ip itelc iii ale . i I ttta Ih 'lelilltals" kfttll Rt. k ot t the itetic. e it te i, ie sh eam It tl i nllt ; I ii i aa1, .1ti e lesli V he m .t ,ioansee a nl s lack iit lilabe I. y liV icEAN , -lo i cuie l, e s aal t, p c.. . .,,,lltow l O xal t . ia ilos. ITiliE PUil tIhJffill. DI s¢.ll s l l/ -a, ll 'y0a n0l se'mM o alhhl'd, , b T he g. auto rl .oul" and a l s ofli ,'l til i.. naol lill i11.Il l I ll til X ' d ~ilell of w oens bmn and stout kip rvuse i i<,g p, w arlticl:,and o urge qn ality of ntli hnleriori tilitI r 'letl ceil an d ax broganl s. erlas t ad :trl oll l l " st .ut eosal l b ot 1' lll sLice 'all k inds alitl Illrlite 1 El. hith g:ui15; ,-liilh i.. .dld ftaoxed booteesa. V isse ttice.taeines l pi ' . ll 'l, f guls. Child ren'a colored lorvo e o llld b laing bl, a, ,ialind (Imot, A &e. ts *;entlWen n'sfine fashilaon lc blac kl Illl tfl,; t hlc'. iIdh al hearer tdo tof a al it ol. guri ilo:r e do r pnl :, , rt "l l o Brhoad ndlllt nlarro Le in m I ens ill bib ' i 1 shr'u't, ililt l '. t~ l assutn elnlo" bu)s' alld nel. I a ! c.p t s. S tits111 snrtwelb ',l tllll be y elljeiJ co lt the aolar lfte i,- ei, c u, al t ll y , r. a. l s b ohi il l o Itl ll Ro oto atii. It .iCna I. _ ýlill -- f I t@\ITf .; e.' hli.,lhedrepitntiollR ande uslal .tlyt elr ins ; . dcn lld o1r this el{, Itol 'io lllcd7' of 'f). t t all a li t ' til o i te th,+ I ll. indt ;Ie, sl b-car b hor ,t'.r it Io the Aime, a riu en pohits. Irraug Imcut ha been loltd,tto up et," e s I ill al tile plmr.l ial "ilia ill. reach ot thao e i itflo.iuu and I, h t. . 8 ,'r t il . Ins \Vhoel appli ed atcc ordhl to diree at, . .fyen on bot le, it 1 -, iivor tauiied to Aflhrd ionmudiate adi Inllit, re!i,,f. It Ills,, arrests Eh .dccav" rl d f iaet' r iiiedv are shl , hiiornut, ai not tnp leasat;li a nd I JUSTPUBLISHEDFROJI O tSfRlOT'PE PLTES, "Fe Pith .dlion, of ROWLETT'S TAtLES OF IN'igERET: O lhieh is now athted at Average "l'n0 CaI0la tor, or easy methods for finingt tthe average tile on storge, notes of hati or bills of goodtS, when put. tised t at tlet date;n n diiferotlt cr.lils, snd"c Fr varioutssmosttss hesitesa sctal ted ttss tloetelisnkistg "'i hce To ,it, the best list aes he ctllaricel. or thit fi guret tots strisuee withic the tmle soldtoes comle ass, tstl tite oeft) Is. A st:verstisement it the book is in nearl' the follow ig words: 'Tlhe high slistineton titis wosk has rPetiecti thb'cglt ths tec leIgaltsie acts pefixie sto he tilt .e, istae reos cnmmendatioe id itsitelf an tnce.mmo., and so - tire, ith seethingiE Iaee oosca.y moce tIs Iby wea of:les verfirensntlr,so give a eolslssdllse'i vs't' lf sasP ofit' ici. elheics n ferinrstance, sit [l tal , s ls iln eonll. lnd f'os.ld teln mstares o ih, whiat is e tsivalent tao eo . ex estoaof elsraltnslcincse', eseith-slissbitso-san t¢heridl s a e onseneae¢t cetiost> esxntl, the t in thw eIst ihnan ffire tisle t, s slllli I sellltl c il 'sll t yl l sle pla tesestel shiretqy-ono tihoses, isn t' lie it t llll hs iit i.vsssls even to tile s keptic (e ilpscia s tht, eI re rl s cnthe It. 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Residec~l asl test1~f andJI sln:I1.rd11 Ilit · h Ls ee,+ tll~+ aml n it bo ssi, i t ae gi tsioC , t'sty, nitrils he loHo!>as ittstd'ssts fttses'ee'setst'tt./ ottf Innt s li'.ts t i rtsfss'ss' sat's sssssss i ts ts . st i i sseol', tf islles t sl eall.tiooas ha~s e\cl.1; 1·1 1011h111m ! inl I+ 'i+ l, a ilnn .I co .inl silt' cl litl':gsI be tie s. iistlos' evasy Ist'se Il\,miumis, "liie il 1CtEX 't'rscl'.a osliptesl isy asl thetotetsr faw fi i, aes.l the astaoclset ts 'Or Cspa latloe ferss.taute istreost. " 's esis 'y Issw fes sask interest, aOcoltsilsttgt i ts . ileslte is ilsct, asllst tsttty It seet ill tel't, l))" .,i: trslnes ifsllsc sihsce'iih',,t al:sia few of she s~u~sequ tent tl'. h:se'rss, itiltt t ses i ti s l't i of slsle thok 5ain I5sessiHII cl'evslt ) s loss i of' ciizit's its everyT 'yttr t ofl tie oilloedo ialens. 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Ilt rilllllll I- ! Sl. fl*-. . t < I1 l sit{.p i'55( 5' l tsi s it tot It' .el ''a' 111s! t i Itlallol'5ssk'I hslst Ih'' lllsl':s lllils' li, illr('t'l.L( t,,hl++) Y Wt.(:I: illl+ I,,111..1! ill+ dldhu . ' 1,1.1 (-i~ltll h,+. SI'l~ld :Ill 'liHIt:ltll· ', ]1. h)( ell Lt)I·~ui~tll,~ll :Ir,. (,1lltll~l~lllltV bi;t'li1"1 th, ?(: I( iI Ijllp lilll Vl l~t qf} 1. .111 .h '1i~ jl l l r11li. n t . LI1 t'l-h,';+ ]od.l~ ilt" H.H't 1,(111·1, lhtl~l·) III:+. hthh, e x .I(+1n l s'++ll lll4, 111 I, I ['i'llll 1"7++19 f te l t5 .lt,,¢ Iii~tll· I tI. ll++i, l : ,.,ll ii il~ll~· 1 i, ll 76t. +,t,,,l .I.. ,rt! (llH. vh.lli r I 1',1 i·I lltsii lldl, + tl~lllr llll l t%·II :1·I. h ll~l ,. I1 I tII·1III 14) I·· ltl ill~.( II'( a eIh L st.v t ttst'l \ i ll ' lit lisllst Ii ll r 1lilt. tstio.tetttst'lOV tl~l 1i~lss ltsis .il ties'ssslssss111]{.f'oss set Il 'sit Its n't~'sIsles oL, +s; ',I.t+ ; ts ,<ll ll 11 Il~llr'F l. Il l +.; ''ste s ntt , ,l lssr ''s i hssi k ll +,liits. XtVIIt P\t'"lt II hN, DOCT1OR 1 JOHElNSOl S;: AY !a conmsuleld comlillltlv uat Iis bfice, 1-13 I' atom tl ouse st t rt, t i r Dauphine street, Oat the treatl tl of n ,:-c ill chlass of IIeit are dioiseases. trutlll rli. JohnsInIl , Axtcna .ire olll adlittVio d ill sa ,a 1 a devoted t Ite Ireatnolle n rl leri:.i and Syt ailieic . , rel a tain,: a,,i .1 ,) rllan r ii I n.d!D it' of five ynearrs I w Turk, dluring thlch tirhe l)r. Johnon t fet de Iri lraet ice solely in the treatmentc of thine uiseasl, with frile most tIn rlote llataI tucc tia: lie a tlen bleall ntlere ida trillt nt aIlmtirtint, t i tiellronlitia t ly ft lltn 13 .e or tlly iother .ee trri ctl y m ied taine. aihlon~riie, filet, Structure, Jstltisns MARRLnes, Aleitn n .1 {t"" We,]. tIkr, t~idney, I'Gollate (i inrl,aml any ofAthose pntico t rtld or llnl-treated l cases of Venerial. Scrofulous sores, ulceratreleg, andl l worms retnnovd by a alptei meal lid of treaitmle, without rnsetrinion in diet or interrull . lion froln Iusainesh. I'erelnsre·idia lni tle coutntry, atnd who feel deli. rote in c siting their family phiieian, by sendi g a t.rlllonltealtl of their eata by .ltter post paid witl, fetes renclosed) 'ta nlave lit. JohllltOll'l advice, for their own realt, ith tnedieie, ne ra.say to b. ui.ed, furwar. Selrtalte ofniees provided where patients can never comeu ll lontantt I ith eaclhl other. A\teltllttllte ratoln maorning ntir l night, at 1-l3 Culoalt hlllpst street. "' ttMta1' ttiultttit ns t stri:tl, ae ntlite lttt a in all asnes. ilbl tai'. A. i', Iatmsr, Sign, atd i )rnmmnt a S a:lint, s, lj.,) ta, (hRt,.lu 8at.eet, two a oottt s ttS i. Ot . : I , ton mt sterk an ner. I 'll a AllRBi t a aaI aRLEbS , td' , l Egyol titelietan black and gold, a laks (italia and Antitn, 0. 111"k d ilatt atIs e o lll itr, 1ltad , e\at l)eaIloodl Stone, Birds l" nte .i,, Di l' D re t s ,e c S;t.l I.tor sn"t, I al i.' \Vnnd l),,c e or fi lrdeln o, s 'c.n < r t"il, "Iot, e motf i:o n 1\bite, y It (lollllt ltl1 ot .lia tk i O t to. · tnld llrCtel t. llB i.' H all'e Ii o I ttlil,n (ate a Add, \V'Iiie htt)k, & .fc. ") I: 0 t.; al Iiou tI ti Si 'ciluatt'i tithe ti'1 o itl b a ilt att o). Ite la tttt . a .l glts ,tlu, .alnvisihter. O ilatnl, tat'l stale. L Illl illllmh, o, , wi i u-so te , it m i n lm, llt n:, atl arod iron na il ' ai partI c lou dh a, l attal;, , eal , 'la itt'l ta,'n slrlina satat t a na In ill tlw tAl, t an, d t rou ht nait s as d spt ke I t iSJ e, tlrrik te , mill ald g ndltli stottes, salt k l ers onx, I,t; a att, t ir tle th:lin s, cor at mills Anvils', icv, I(I.Itn crsnul d bellos s \\'ir, ahta e t,api atnd at r end stot et ,I II te till i ntll, a ait ltiCs Alt, s, aotm litnd's miat ther t ttade aml ahmeht Ilrerk ml plaste hingesa dteooral ainelow hookan I ',, ta t .t i baiit acatodttg 'i = j:,,l , a , m r Itolt all d Sllt, thin- cpttl'; -Naval store "t'L I'stittt, linseed mat statetai oil t" A lil .arllalllt iet ht adware d Irar hlandertiti henlerly, l w1a) s b handtI t arnd w hit, ,l e oei red " ,i tis le alt whola-l elt oti retatil, All thle most favorable rtill. I aaby m- I,1\.g'L'Teet t Co. 5 ' (li Ieve. ' .h s lihar i at eri (s ountai Allttf bitn a.t a "T'11REE 1.11'Si JOUILz'R ,:1 I" I" IV rit HE e proprtetr b is Iiti s estalia ihnlilte t has the tilea ia suregi annaa citgt tol Iris triandsltapa the public G it :ra't l, b at he will b Ie in readinea b- tie first talny of tiyv t.. teeneve vi-iters. Iln will nlo stalnt filr the' be aelit of'll'ae at a dit.taneo, that there ibeile been largR O illlllrn et l IlFl tle, olllt ll her. IpJw glill it, and I rapild ;.rognPss for r'iletill, aDI:h ill E cnable thSe I 'rVtufior, and lit thile salme time neh I tt i tr. .Farfilie can Io" airolmlmodaIted If tn goad rtooms. or those w hlarlrtacr trC have large c bin E btaeed froman har i" tihe character (f Ithsee waUers, f.. it is generally Il Aelived that thev are nrt inferior to nnv in the South- Ilr .rl Staten. All the amusemPents that are generally d found at Wntnrin_ Places, will be flund at tlna. Tghe best inusic that this part )f tih coullntrv nffiills, h- tad hben crg ged, nnd will be in const:,nt ntlaridance at the awl Sprit .. during the whol . s s '' t in llreihg his uinlia. ned thnnks fo-r t lierul ulplort given him lInat ssoen. and hoies mI thic coat- u (s .'11 per| llunl awirfm ,he face, neck and arie, with we'e is,. MAIL AiRA 2IiMI¢NvT Northern Mai, e Every Day af Cluaae .-,ry day t , Western Mail, SF n ysaas by way th( Frid loes every Te , oe'" by o ast, and{ St are . . ... Thel eMail evaey r a , an via u , b S , M: Closes every Mony, . tnesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL. DEPARTURE DISN 1E &c. of the Exprees Mail, beta,"nr,,tgai panr l Nid e York--leaving Mobile daih' ar 8 P.ift' New York daily at 5 P. M houthward. . Arrives ""e *,, Northward. Didetncer. 'lite. ilqti Montgonery .Aln. do. 198m,'k 23h 12i. Colonmht, G(a. 11r 81 9o 3.1rm Milledgeville. Go. '2 133 144 hp. at Conlotiat S. V. 7Teai. 1631 123 l3 Raleigh, N C. 51 215 r2 P2 Warretitont, Vs. I m. m55 fi Peterolurg, V.. 10 n)i. 83 10 Ri th,,lo, , V . It t . 21 3 FrederiokosIt, , 67 T - . in. 'oasliugtocity, 2lpm. 61 Boltimoie, 64 38 4 0a Philotdelphina, 06 aim. I(wo 1d . New Yolrk 2 pMn. 90 8t 1365 143 h. en Md 23 Northword. (otoi ine uthward, tihe timo is six hone leoo; blior,5 dr ayso an 17 hIours fANAWAY fr o 169 (:atnndelel osrner of Ijeois treoets, on be night of 30St of HAcahllo.aod was aseen he next mor1itg in 'tvydrs street, 'nero boy named (egIAl:l.ts, nlnr 17el'yoslor I, andt, fe or therrenbntm iitt t•:t, ot," bl ackand .inan ilied. i ient in his vortch, : ,I of hin legs is sor. e,'lasienet by arcenot httrl;t T. !r, tt wlt n he Want awneýnaor hits rottito e li'.u .thint nani while eotton dldaoii.a. Motwrt -f oreoil nsiod It.;m Itolts ae Eitti ohtel a roecei i tlrt.. I arhori,,g snid egro, o well;s anb ot.r Persoas, i the Iuatot oigoor of the law will Ib enforcod ogainst th., The ahov;rewsird llke pAli fordelive:ing h in at nay of ti Jlla of llhrtlofth" municipalities, o at 169 Carondeo, corner of pleiv N---Tt('E------ the telt...t.rlrs ti, herefe'n tiltn Sunier tae firm of ltlni do& arreotni,'htetlco ' dissolved. Thr suhorriher will lil uilato the fahirso the €ensr.e in this rcity, and requtires all prto0nain etlh. , to ke pymeit it hi noly, and all dnohshacvinor la to Iiu tt llo"tll t 1 rforsettloe oiit. ."g 11-7t H OARREgTI'Sd An. lI,-Cnmnal S.rsot A'n-tr Orleans jAS A iwni o;o ihoitd con tonntly l rectivingo IDr I lyin, Chemicols,aoid i'ttu:satnong Itielt or ollowoig: LRII UGS" DYES Antiotrty, crudle, Argoin, redtl Iln trogulos, Antntto, 8lpe"r Alteoie, crudole, Alum, do powderld, Blrtazillelte woos, 14all.tioenolin, Coelhitnesl, ltnt-.t, crulde, Cotoplrai, Amerielmr do rfineld, Cupheor, lBrimstone, crude, "ustie, Tampiio, io roll, do Cuba, do flower, do Maine, Birmuth, Frtecht LetTies, Castoroil, Indigo, BIngal, Cirlem t:,rar, do Manilla, t:alttharidcs, do 'hrraecas, ;inn aloes, do Inoltamela, do Abltie, Logwood, Campeaeohy ido aassafatilda, (lo St Domingo. do amoniac, do Jatttio. tin brenzoil, Camwood, do copalIl, rough, MlItfder, omhio, to dto sorntrl,, Nicauragoa, tolilolg, dot do S Ameria-, do Core, do oamohor, era le, do Mlaraeaib do do rrfit. do Illahe. do goiaeum, CIIEMICALS. ido klan, Arid, nitrous, tin mantio, do ul'iatiet, It opium, do soulltltrit, to shellac, ]ltto vitriol, I rt.. iSgal, ,'olnmol, pp, ndoSncllre . iorrsairve nblionati, , "4o titataeikott ,L'hloride tf lime, G;antoge, .piota llts, Juliper ketries, AnterictttiaLntlt cnaltie, lo do d norcigin, Ied ptlecipitaell i:ootnesiat Englist, Ilncltelle oalt •do Atnerictatt. Red ohromsto Itotals Sl:mna flake, So , carp So'.. .lo sorts, Snpt pone ,iitmtnice ball, Slygar leas. d i, IInt ulp q inlile. t, tritýramtn, ' t'al'tti emetic, it Il, m,)n, IAIN'I'7 1 loaoa, tiln )p ri ilt, Blue, Il t :,, l ; lr tint Cklrlllnie .ello , dl., ,Ito ;Inlo in o, d idape, d.,. greet dry, ti liq "tmip ., ( o dtt toil, to tinti:tn'bI, E l, tatilblai.b Ingllh, ti tlrt tir, I.htlirge, ,i ..teAlsh, doi toIn Ittitot I'tris stie iEnglid,, mIaIli de Aillelri. doIrnll, R lerd, Pfrller, 'aidel(h.a gu ino Atro.i i ft'ttttlllgter k, lgrottld ia iil tI" 'tt ,' ellllt . a rIt I lrd Et. olish h'), o ftie ,tndllt Io Anericnll, Nilto, csridude tl:,t lir, (Aiblerse. do do IItdo, ilo do redtord Sonp, Witndor, l:ttelIii, iti' raid, Iry Anmelr i dt do Ao tl ita ll, P.nglilih, dno Castiole, m ground ii icksiher, Ant warranted pitn. 120--6lmn CAPTIN 1AN tILnYATT'S NEW NOVELS. Ratilin the leefer, by the author of Peter Simpll., &a in '2ro . oe cunamints, or a Winter at Schlosa Hainfield in L.a, hStyria, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Nay, P. L S. in 1 vol. • Lord Roldan, a romance. bv Allan Cunningham, I , or veppard Iee, writtcf by liirnelf, in l evol. . 14 C~ompendisns tistory of tas, translated from lhe '- criginnl ItlHnh, by Nathanlel Greena, in vol1or •licong No 7!1 ,,f lnrler',e Enmily Library. Vol. 3 & 4 of ltbe n,.w eomllete and unitform ediri.a 0, of l'niiigloo Irvine's' Works. I Roger's Frt-eah and English Ditcionan.. i Il eto, "o " g'Naun'. Frthenen and IEogyLis Deliea-arg. ALos-A few more copionf Combe'a Pheaoalgy S"lieni." Large Surveyor' Compases ofuperiorequa ity, with chains, Billiardl Illllof 2.4 and td 1-2 in.h.. eGillott'siafproved uetolie l'ets,japared papers, weigh" Ine- &e. Inc.' Jlut received, and for sale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. er SPAIN REVISITED,&e. d& PAIN REV'ISITED,&6c, by the aluthorn of'Ayear w, in Sptai,' i o w ls. 7t-ils oefnJdia chnaraeler, as generally plabla ta, the Aloriginiei of North Americo, by G Tu .r, Eeaq 7The PoI'llical Grammar, of the United Stater, or a 'omlete ciew of Ntheo theory and practioe aIfhthe aera and satie gocvermneuts, witli the relations betwean themb -dedicated and adapted t lin yeoeung men onftalited, Staltes, by E I) Mansfield, Esq. A'imnrod' huntling Ters interspersed wif.pir t itete iatic anecdotes, sayitgs anl doings of sponrting 'na, I clading notices of the principal creack rlders ofEngland with analytical contents, and general index of namne,2 volunmes. FOR THiE CnRE OF Scrofula or Kiog's Evil, Chronic Rheumatiim Chnioie Cotnoeoun Dis- lPaoins in the Bones, by ftea eases, use of Mercury the bllod being in vitintrd state. This very concentratcd.d Syrup is prlarne.. h "tlb greatest plharmne.nut l ] ellre cod aicar acy, Orifle, e is the antiov Ipnciplt cif Soc.a....illa in the ioltionea... tnt'rll el t m1c Cobll-iinel wilh hther vegetable oubltanca of knwlnl efficacy. Thie iret cleridtmt cn with phosicians in bLdiig abl t) exhibit a large quntity of Saraol rila Jl11 L dSPC, 11,10 beOn nii)t lp it this prenl trti'n--.theybeHa Illy c.vlinctI-r of its Ioctit., Cnelliltotly udnminiter the (colr,,e of their )rati:ce. l'ri,n 41 'A11 lur bttltl. Sold only at SWALq I1lit0t'I'lliR'S dru store, N. I I lnal stret, wher t..Y Ine l,,l, frenln od .on.i.. , dicer nlrom h, pre,-n.rj tors, nwainl' Panneoa sad Vetnni"ige, Potter's Ct.ntob con, Carpenter's Prleparatrons, and a large and geinre nassortmentn of fresh drugs, m4 PIN.OCK'S ROME, de . TI)INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DRi .LL oldsiutiii'o Abridgment of tIhe Hlionurr qf R~m no nhich is poxeo ad nn )1o t 'ino to tnte.ds r a Rsotos Inironry, neiand c great orietyof rulunblJ'jgdo ntion!ll ded throslionn thoe orkh on tIr Manna. Institutions and Antiquities tof the Romamn;;elae t.oo.n. biogrphitl aotnd historical Notee;.-Mnia tioIlan for exaitnnation at the etd of each aeetiona. II. lustlated with Ithirty engravings on wood, by Alherta I'L.X'o 'RmprovdE* d Wdtion of Ur Goldniith'aiaar lof England tiom the Lnvtoion of JUaiua C tlgi the . death of George 2d, with a co.tinuatlo Ito la. t18l2. With gteititne toer exatinatln at the end a rech section. Besites a vcriety of vanlubla idforma tio adlded tlhrougltot Ilthe work. Coniating of taIbk o t' iOlteinlpltcaoy Sovereigtq and eminent pereall CIltioua exploniatory notes. Remarks on tJy pell ties, manners and literutt+. of the age. Auoutlinem the Costitution, Iec. &c. Illustrated by nimany egra lags. GUTs' NLEMEanrT oF Anrno.aotr, and an AoridgMlqI of Keith'l New T'reatise on tle Use of Globea. Nwer American edition, withl additions atd imlprovemeaai a ,,l It oplation of the astrantotical part ofthe 4 ricun Ahlanac. Jsbt recived and for sale by WMII M'KEANI nov O"; corlter of Camp and Cnommon na HALlPER' CLASSICAL LIBlRAey IROIIOtAGEdtrat•alated by Phillip Francis 1 D, wicI 111 ao appendix, couthing truealatin,. of c.r-io ncles tle. by tle. Jon uon L wleyr Mii~s .. ,,varoul nil-c .n. sn,g o .,, , wtn,0 ytraoaa Iolmc Addison, Swift h attertoui G Vakelln, Dghryd iiryii, In. tid a ot lwll in i ~blld ~ea rlday-m and tcln ofthe mntoreninent ti,et of tit i'll(l.Jnlhie, with the appendix ol "admne erwi! led by Christophort a ,tncti I ' cla fnriia tulPtaa I andl i.9 u"Hnlrper Classlical Library "L'he Expedition of IIU.PREVy CICNKER, bI' (nllent, il ), with i, menoir of tlay Author, b.a "hui lone "ooac. Inn, taw aditoit illtta 2 va. iby , P TtI,; ilp3Y; it Tale, b the atuthorr of aicnliy, Mary dll ourgandy,' Su.., tawedition, 2 eas ,o,, P PAUIL 'lIFFORtn by the nautner a +Plh. +l'th iLr, e, . ' &c e volume IV o It. i s ul aleYt` 1; " t . hahn Co tlt Irk• ark,, st received i. vale , . WM W eKIAat aale~WI WncKttAM J-ae-n-f-na-,nl - "ACON SIt)Ea-.- 6 easkH U1'!eo , hr, "% - .... kr-6h a

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