Newspaper of True American, August 21, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 21, 1838 Page 1
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PRM '121 C..,s . - NEW 01IEANS TUESDAY MORNING, AUGU'ST 21, 1838. ` _--o r.- j,.i . .' - T.cro4 of tie ,Neop,per Pere et of :j VeanrUen nteiaa t ewly .t,'ee d It ono .i jeon r/ A l meeting orf inh Pr '.eli'lnrs, hntalt , ht, [3h ot f .NerIe, I,1:1i SUBntUort. iS.--Ilven. ie l talr tilt titi! n . oily ). per dpora I Itn,,tylre .lni-t inellll y tin n an e: ten ,lnlsr f.r ftis trw,e t eo uotroy perl, I ,Vohle els 'vear in a letuee, where Ia, city rlefreal, ii gir,.n. No AIvl rpi p wil be dincout!ieenI nUti arrTernr anre l I h ahe of di dostin. nhoe, r heyopenk'e nIrtoce at tiln i;ntl b llnr int i y ,givLen p reviou s ieto tile oxpilation of seallnripto. Aovsarls n.0,-Joe dollar peer nocre feie the first ousoritin, , I oll'It (trico- r e h c or ,Cha oi.elot nl eill. ti n. interionl alteratio.n prom thIeh rininal hdvollisolnll will he clmrgeol os a n e:w one YisnLr .tuvscltns.-- lIeno.hents -antr Tralere, 'ar t dollurs ff E tglih aloneo., nd sixty tO r both 'oly d Bauks,o Iot'ircnce O olt,:ie, ,nd ,ther sinilar etii ttitutiton, fity d dlarr in Ein.linh only, snd Sghty for both nIognae; Shtinend a teRonio.t Pac cm, or Uomtissioninecclteuee dte x doneor-i in El nlisih o, atilI eighty for hbth lanit'onor. dIattRtAos, OBITIenIY NoeTCn,,e and e aertinle cil lbe attlntnioll of the pnitli to salee o' lropert6, ardsT of pq-sngoro, benoltsJ. doe. ce. will I- ,hurl A e 'te dollu pr per sq e for thie bers insertieion in ire tai COMMoICTIOnbds or Advelrtisements, If arny plarsl i n.tocrre, wiein adt issible, se is bei tharge;l di mIe, otid Ie'n ad. cei A ded.,nt oer twealtyfle e purentr will he mo.rot It SAuctionears, ,ffs, R;gisterrof Wills, end ltarohnll i1i elee of rooa tale, putolishodl in both Inugun.'rs, and ,i per tolst. in .ugl.hh ulnue: oin pnr cell. n11 n as fi other pcastty. A.YeRTISoMEEnT out 1of hlr direcDt lime rf lbusnerso of the advertiser, isuh a0 lenol, loction, nhi, plytoe on sales, ronawny slives, strny tanitci, IL do:. n, will be charged for epa.uately, uol In tlb ordinnroeeates. AoIVrasto.astrq no.t specified I to tlille., will Ie ubliehed one month, and cllnarged lecrdinuly. No .ldvertisemeoto of bankruptcies will be jenblisltcedl ma y ease, .nless pnid lihe previlous t insertion, or i.renat guaranteed by in rlc, onmih, person ie town. I'hn.tres aod other plutes Iiof onselnmont, Idvertising Daily ortnhe aeson. to he ehaorged $10t 1 for buglish n ane, and $t50 in bolh langnoces. AllI nnouncements of ULetdihti's for pelitical ioreCo be charged double the price of other advertise ar~ tn4. to tile inmense losus susitaibd by newspnpl r o.lrietot. theo have come to'ihi e eloailto l thltit1h ralea, ol n.P.oroons whose oe.l.ollota have'llot hemn aid wthin ';ne . llnoe.tb fer o pre +lntatiool shll ll he i ale ktno,rt (so flnr us prn:ticable) to naob.h ioli gating thimodolyes not to ivrtiest or prtit for such delidfqsaots, unless ul otne i o dernaae panynorlts. 1oigned) J.C. I)to tT. iOMEhS J. BAYON, It P. R'.s, J. C. PRKNiIEItIGAST, JOHN fiOte t 1oN, Neekly Press.--\Ve, tll nll.rinell, .rei , to nibide l tine ubuyo Cooditiose, s Illtr e thley sae applicable to .e klnv papers. (dignod) A. ii. IAWRNCE, A ftu sulbo riptions are takre fo r lss thah n i 6 he ohths. Letters eust,u nooiloe- be, Ill.lo1 .lU t SPAIIN RIVISI'I'!) Iibyi thie otthorr "A venr i S Spui" in 't vol- o IIerry J 'luer/ya no.e.l, by ot atnilor of "Cecil Ilylc," in i2 vel. The ,teiess o/ .I'.nlors, atn) other tiles, by the onleor of "thi I [ oen," in t volt. Nh ollrcdl's I[uile l 't'otto r;ol-t+r])vp.l' ,l ,it characteristic IoIn'doIIto M, l i.a l.< 11111 doolin..- of tporting Men, inctld,,illl' tit ~.4 11 l io, Illrhi lipll ra,'k ferk of I '.eloninll w .,oe al , ont ent o enod ,rnreril dt- of emoe ton whih re -ll:ied, NilllO,,d't li.ilterc an oitlg I"onunls, ill ': 111+ IInl lrn't', the [it-t of Neillli Agamlmllllnot, by ('s 11. ·hltufier, I l N.,tulthor of thl "Life ufaa $ allor," e. II, I v le.. li t.lln,,n-llrlt u11 Eqnnity Juriiprndtiuo elo a. ad inlrited' III O: -"land0 adl Amlerie, bly Josepih hore,. I. I. t .i Ovi, .l. anlej be lDrydeno, lope V _ar"nv,+, ,lid...,. aooilhr. in etn fnrmni No.. I and !1, of "Itlrer'+ ,IltI-s" t Libraro ." ln|'I ntro 'rei' ll t , i 0fi0 T II ' t I to L' T Ie indl naacouereeetti.Il'oel,- ,1:at,,l ' li trl, ,ot 1i\ r nenoeral Scott, , " r}, 1 1o-. Juoo t r0.e,!r,,d l soit fi sale iqy W\V. ,it.i. t.N, 7 onnrvw . ('It ri all V70niiil :t.. I tr s tho ir; l ot r ; t h ,, n o1t l ' I: r ,- ( rto 11ii till , ltoy .; N[t{nI g: ,l t'I, tL+1n n' onv I Ii I" ll , I luo e to. l l . 1' I ; II iA'," , 'I 01 ti hn l s, ., . . . . Pitl, .l ~rl >; io o , 'l 'll 'i, l i [l ii , l "oa r :,r .t o,.,lol 0-l , n I ' o I 11'. . .1 o, , ,nIo byo;t Vti r n levll into, l,':e', t h oas. f ito l Mono. ' \I o+l . . -.. j'in '20 -.i." A Collection of Collo qan, on rv ho~' n,' rcea-neealr)e maintaio convrauti, arn ;, tl, i.ferent heads, vith numlrius rei arks on tfie ,' llllal prditinelation and use of varilua word,. 'l'he wooll disposed as cousiderahly to lhf iliutt the slt, il tltal '.l eorie.t proanaalion ofl toe t 'rch. Ily A likninua new edition, revised aRld A eelection ofl.ean hulndred f leerrin's "'ables., necom. panied with a key, containing the text, 1 lileral t ad Iree rnanslation, arranged ill rlcal : lllller is It lllillt out 'editibremnce beteen tihn F'rewth and Intl1ish idlis, .. a figured pronuncilraln of Ilte FrtInch, ucrdiu,, Ill tIle eat French works extlta min iHle lsbjelct. 'Ihe whIh preede. by a short Treatise (oit thei sounds ofthe Ireneh lutaguage, compared with tihae tlhe Etngliash A Prnoancing French rl'i nmr, or ile Scholanr's I : Ilit. to the accerate prIounciallton I nd n.thogrnaphy of till Frenach .an tg, Aienntain ing its lelnti eluc;rlin to the bet usnage, ,y Bernardt Trlenhin, jart receivn.l anlld or ale Ly WM 3tIcKEtAN, my Cor Camp & tCel rn. IiBLUE iFI'LPIIlUIR SPRINGS. GPREEgNBRIERl COUNTY,'' VIIRGINIA. HILd nfavorite watering place inthe mountinr Virginiai, L: miles wes of Iewnisirg, and 21 froml the Whito Sitlphur, will he open in due senasl liy tile eception of comepany. Many ilplrtaant inanrovements have been madenince the tlatseason. A plllaious ball room, and a nulber of single.bedded romne have beI,: added and nIwv ltaishilg; aliardilg ancl:,llloll, atiott b the aite July, thr 25 visitorn. An exllnlt trlt pik reaod has bean ernstructetd pnisig bv the sprinn, nyd interseeting the Kaunawha turnpike near Lewis burg. Overthis raid, by direction of thie 1it ole, L.paitent, Measrs. Beldin, \VWlker t ctoa. lille of mail coaches will run. A paSt nl ice being estbahlihed atthe prings, visitors man. rcaive liew,and nd conIas poed daily, east and wa-t. )f the inedieinnl qualitien of these water, lnee prlprietorn lneed llt 'Ipealk. 't'hey hbosbeen analyased by able and prl.sned chemiatn, al~l boidd to hold in soluti n all thilrvaluable ingredients ao the mesatelebrated springs in Virginia. Thecomlbisutioil ' conltains IIIItuIh Sulphuretted llv drgit.d Sat1, iate af Magnaeila. Selllpttel of Limaa, Ciar bonnie of Lime, Snlphata of S l i, ,urlate of Soda, aid Muriateof Magnesia," the salutary effects ofwnaich are ebihibied in diseases incident to females;Ind chraon k affctione of the stomach, liver, and Iowels; incuta ieoup nlt'etionsor tisaear I if toIl) skin no remeady more loteat or attliacious an lie foulald. EIxteosive bathing establishml nts for hath sexes have been erected contigiuons uo the sprllgsa Visitora can htall timneaejoy the mculiar advantagos lf their hibe nigt andi whoseolne effects. Miajor Willi:Lam Vass will cntlinrle the supelrintend nate of the spring. vern exertioin on hia part sad ,i the tartii tie irii)rietaor., shat b)e redtered to ire for tie Blued Salpllur ai lihra lalrae at the phulil- pa roenge. THe proprietlrs oft the Blu, Sulpliu Srinrls wi!e hei Ihel ii thile raeaeip of note. of ill Si .thlne and sil - Ii ltiaukswhiihaie .lmiieieiuid elrol i tilpacr. MARIA tiMONK, &c. A WFUL dieclosure, of aria M ulo oft tile lLotel Died Nunnery of Mlltranl, , with nt .o p tndia, cdtnaining, aart 1, :eceptinl:l la first editill l. part id, Seqrlol f her narrativ-; par, I, Review oif ie ease. Alan, 11 si)ppiie eltllt i einill. mli'e particrl ali n l (lhe Nd:laerv and graiii,ls, illanletatd by a plaln ,f ithe Nntner'j, &c. MaLrina onk aid tile Nuuaer, - f lthe H1ote! tIleo-ble Ing td a.cout l ol a vilt to, the Corlvent.( of Mlontreal snd rhefutatio of thln "AwfuIl )isol tl rce;" by \Wiu. I.. Fourth experimlent i:f .iving. Lining withlou aenas. Thile Stndallt's Instrucior i lreaunilez alltd ilorkilng "The Five ordera of ArcihlcetrlrI," flilly expililinlg the imethihi ir strikiug regn ar and quirkedt oulerl; for ditinliahini. and glnitltle l:,hI-ii !Llul t rin' i tau l ie r fIlildin the true di:ileternf ate ile toii any given II ight; fiGt strikaing the lonic hllitr, circlllar r eliptical: with finihed examnples, nna large szclle, of the aer naie , Ithir planchera, &c.; and oame ldesigns lier door ca'ee, i-el gnttlly eungraved nil tortv-one plilth, wlt exlllare--b Peter Nicholsoun, arehiteit, aith lir of the" itlec'; Compnnior,'- " - nI t .arotr's New (Guilr," "I'arpe.tEr', andl Joiner's Aeistant," "e,. "A IPraectie: 'l'realti. oan ti Cultre ofSilk," adapt ed to the ait and lilnmate of th, Uited Statesn--by J. G. Conieto k, secretary oftlhe Il trtlihrd couanty il,<'S leta, aIld editor of the "Silk Culturirt.'" "The Silk ai.r's aManuall or cthe arT l ftifri'lg nndl ralitig silk wirtsla, and ot ...ltivatiitg iha 1 lblrr hee--by M. Morin. The Clerk's thalile, o ir c'numm trc Cncreai:n rl es eom1,risira letter, af lililaln ea, tirl,.; of bt hs, irlviee,. account-aales, and snlnukLep.r., ,qI ulaon of Imavu.nte1 eiomnarial terlns. JaC.-h- H. F. FPoater. "Iistoary of the War in iha eniiin atain tlte riutlh of Fran.ere, fle tiem ar 1pn )7 tt tae Var .114" In Al', F. .P Napier, C. Irnlt V.;to Iwhiiharel 1er axe - tiners ttaak in Rnhin o Pi a nd in the Qerteerle Review; wits clnlter remark; i I, I)Ddley lontr.nll ,'nt ciral', rot.trks ttnnnnI' ru)is+h a, ,. Rein Colonel Napier'e f nctrh oln:ne..l tin n'e nlnuln r War. Just receivcd uat fr alt by ,gu 7l`I1'. .'...t .,. th, ,a stnr.e, fhr shi, by .je.s 44 Ne l.wve. jU& R-. ?ihhda, p4e 'netich-, fir n e Fee a r log OIIIWON .t41 .riea ` r a-h lr 9 5 tnst 1+eiv..r dal Iheir ',lrr. islyio • .r -hoc S, 17, Cl .p rrrret; by resint aritilis ir o f ac i"1.l oelloe, rrrrIr rl ol: frrrriree rrlrC h ciD . .ly (try e belreve) irc cocosrr' rol compirlete than i. to ie fnucl in cry smenitatl ecabe n .l.rrr enit knrlwr ; col.sistir. of L , SILVE"LR WARR. G .cfre ml tea air s; pitcherls, waiters, asltors, ca dlr i iclets.,.p, it bl rs and ,rr olet:l cab i'srl dsrsertr lrurks .ry rit oal n s ; srrgrr tongs; so arrr, seror crrl sup l..ll . tiler' fruits'pudi ing lad fir Lknives( pickle rori n sIren krnirers and forks, .prkirs, rinrgs, &c. jinialnit. .'..r the rlcsrrirrrartrrrr of Mr Ii., 'aln r, ir i re Y rk re.hose cing established reeprltroitn for tile nall k+ct ,e d .ar iver taro Is sufficielnt guarrtantee d it sulcrir i1 IlOATEiil"FDx. AR+I OF' SRFFFIRILD AND ,lIit. 'lTea arid coiet e urn, ta s.erlls; ,ast,r,l liqluor aon ct Sdial stanlsl s tuperb candrlebrs,o anl Ilker:lres witrl iitr' rror' plireaux, fir ceont' of lile dirr' ri oi'rjreer fillre; Jirrers ro .rurd :,r,, rorii.g fror rr to 1, irn.s,; ,lct; ,,'rri rg r.tae rish , es; ci r ich di ..rver,; a .eirel Irreid baske.s; , stands; rmiUIItle rr.r. (ro,;i, eri ' crlllosticks; wine stralOers; ocoolers an syproltr; riee: rr. .rr li.le , rlretr corks, tea ... .ic itrsr, tuile clrol, rten, . Iu Irle, r;,r knd multt.rl spoons; egg hoiler.g ani rs' Stoast raes, kro. SILVrEI ON S1TEEL WAIKE. lTale and4leert klre'; forks an nspoons; soup and lsarce ladles; llrttelrr rrl nl1, kllilves chir se scc)r r r Ir paragus IloIngs, vegetahle filks, .IA PANNEI{AY. rine Grotllic San lwieh alrl onrd r nd c ornel wallrs, ilt swirts .d srille, cfon 8 to ,31 irnc las; in of k i-er nma.l+e bread, cheese, and knife trays; large ir igrht Iate w lmlers i spice, srugaralld cash ibxes; I rersirlg casese; ni a tea trblies in nlecslrrrlall es J iapt rI n rrrrillld of rich orroise lshell, etc. LAMls.Pt An extcensivel a osrnlrlort, rlrrsrg ll wc re Astr:rI lnrlols, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich out glassc m.ctle lan i o,l l do, ertlh oiain lrd with glass Ipr isms vsery LpIIidid oilt gliass do i brIIonzed and Japanned side or [ Il oalt c krt rIramlis. er Cl IANI),'IEIirS AND IiAN(l C.'" IAMS. EIglish anrl lrenech cuir glasrs ehirrreliers or lusrers o i 8, 15, 18, Wund 21 lights; French ironredl gr gilt (hrirr l'llrrrr r rs, 3. a iI 8 lilghtsli hall Ircrps aosl : It ' rlrs, rinl crrrze r oollit. or celrtl'e lalllo rus 'or rah.ig rmo i fron I to 6 ligllls, lrir l ls, sses lid k',ITNT CI O LiKS, (.ANI)LEIiiiS AI) iVAS MS. Blronzcd ani oiarl r lrc; I eerlrani gill. arri al gil , wiih iiaiun..s, etc; counltirg o Imr rr a dkrhelr rkit eI lc ks' irrnzee.l inkstands, cegar lo, HellOr 'r weight.I tr r 1ln. i eros, eard oacks, elnoll.rticks c tnc. CHINA \VARk:, Oit PtiltII.AIN tongliih a FrIench r dining dlesrt, . t.a anl .rice e - i s vices of plain white, gld e e, mlli vi t i htly if 'llt reras es alllncy celld mtiks snrl Irbaskets. 1 s Awsi . fe s &.\ lib;. 0 h)iii , l rl rere r srr, a e-, t:I orkl ;rIt il su r llll rlrlu letr l I to:lcet ewa' ; itcheis. Also, Crannot china ut unl alr st ,t CI'I' iI.l S.s ihn owes, pritchner " e rr 'r: 1rrI(r r ll bcI red i r b t ls, slra. -'r l e, s a,, s. n. t o.i l lanl e, , t,,, iow mit (i ts, hw vrwr r oou, tw e rorr rhrrtll.Irirri .clartl , Icrdli , I ln ...t.e 'o lt'l . . .rr.os .o ; fie co.n.. 'd .k gl1onl u .n gAI. \h, canAN llle; A h .e 'we Io'lllc ha r halale o , uiwilll v no lil , r od I tra. h.'a le r r,l oft .ns :u i I.. s iti 5l i si.ll l ,, ol It ... ' l, i ldh k eiitl', -, I " n, ' ,ii b- o i ..... J u~I- 1 It i irT hnr! l c terrs i." o er' 'r'i, orr: or i ril A. ", mm use sh . l d acc, imt tr, wIr.t ti,., vies i. ,' rit t t. "r t, ,an e to, e.1 s, c L ' e "i , I h... k " .. It P ril orr t i ol b S\ com wi;t c40.I 5, .'. ~ c. . rat ', I rillw IOri he.i: o I e, nI' r I P."la o i.tsr1 l, L IC,-,,I. ~... "n '-t Ir m, t. : h,, ,om i a.w. wi,.t- . Ie l' 'ti l :'. I't',l " l t1 1 ' ,l ,t s , , ,t , 11 +,, ,, , rri , 'r iler,,'eir i nc , l of t t& r ll ,i c ,i , el . , I a.II I' :, ' i. . (; ,1 I n . ,,!t . - . I r.u) . 1 ..+t lr .l. h,, ' :u, i: .ae ..... ": ~'.I' ... m ... o'rlr ' ,/orn itr l rI I , Uil Ii . tllt,,, ; ; i , -% -- llt- I. , 30cr 'lir i I rrb , n ecr op, s ac i ") 1o I r . F oi t l etrirerr lrhre iF ir frI ler Io ' )or .l `i o ,ir'r ;.Je r l "r(r .' o 1iir .c'. rrlrord,r . r irr is. ho orrrrmil rrercrrthlu r rillit'r-tl rl ol ic o re 'nrc-cc i els or Or r oliia u I, l uneio. l ., (flat oe sc , I ." r i 961r lin ,'rr . . , ,,II ,,I (. .... rit ld rlsi. . . . . : ,,, ati ,t lii "r ' u.' I.1i salt, in the ,I. anl,'i,1, :,, \ .. a ' $ rrf N ir' r rSs, . r7orelloerre Ici r lirrr stand,,I, l .,t f, p. e ,s r bow, or .5111) Ot L i , ordllre. lrs oirl d . riest, y lr) saws I n. I t I. ITe t i I;INy o te cto l h r iie ills Ic e r, wll be sldi r, &c. at 16 per s . i e ,l . Iti ,, l . ,att r lirr iirC Ilrl gfill cle r w rlit s cll ie rrrler, U llrl $ i ll rrr 5l)l itee 14a. w 00 tl S For re o. o4lrle r-r.w, irl willt ir lre'rs ,ric. ;Ir m d 75 oiel ' r W , ,S l 017i Fotr 'd . fol' lSaws, with irLedrlori, &e. nrr7 F ilcdlld owev rlir willi wear c ltw orier chr lhee rts o r sowr s. Extra saws supplied aol . l cen'its eachi. 'l ,o lins ol rdiered, wll rr bc lcellver ieleq tse ag rit c 0 Il 'rsr ll i r a iy of the w l rrllr rtt r o lr erho ct tl c t ireI lan tir Slatesre ir the ahie pricesr thrir ers rrr . i g the lis. lrlltlew s lllore lOlc Newr okr , allL r ecOrllllr o r-i rtilnribil irr the ami ount.rel tir e r o inlrAl o f h A ir ' rillrr sent wireirerl risy ir ro rl irt th rtir rrrrvtrre de Silrell i the chargeorNU i r haeha c or W rll ilie extra, I lit irLrrtrirnlling gearat ailso he or ered where 'orce e o, reasoutl ble terms, ut will lie harcred extal Hors ts piwer, ofI l y decri ption, alln be 'l ti uLto n iat like h terms. Smnall steai aengines can also be omxle"ld if de It isdtsh'abll, w.holen perllns give o'ders ftr Gins, ll not Want lltmue that., l atjl ost. SoIme wish saws with 8 Ill LTA'L, OF LOUUI5IINA.-F"irst Ju,.icial Iistrict` Court i: ,'.'AT'IE :OR I.UL IANA, To aI' who-/ I W ILthe-c ]''-uta shall co.ta, (G'oeting:--\\lertea \Villiutu !. teke, tl ..l tiu aIsrhaae at it sale male y t a t Sheriff I s tie pairiasll 1f' tleanos, tlhe Irlert' Itereilaiar lciahed asd iaI aiFlie to the calrk o t ist o'allrt, ill who; aslice tll d,.al o stale wa racunled on the 51i d.v af .Mati, A. I). 13r 1,r far a t tar itiaat ur ad ver;,sllll , illn aolllrliats tl acI t t o the Iegisialrtae of tn ae eS i al Loeat t i l, attlel "A' ac fa r tLaa'the atr 1uss-.ranc, , title; to ~Vlrc allas ra at jtdSici al.a.a ;j"' tIp. Io ed tt·i Itltr i l t ai t da l irch, t 1;3 . N1)O1\, thrrelne, knatv y,', and ll peraloan iterested ohat'chh, Are eh.b 1 atta, n a a i ntiitaled it, tilth uni e o the State uiala.ta 1a1d of la lath d la, t athi, ctrita a 'a'lt,riaat sart Up any riehta title yr belai,. t. d to thoe ip,oli'aty Iah-rnlaatiaeroelar riten, i teonit+queal ucaonv ilAn t lltait ill ilra order, adltca, rrjudgmet at the coul ulader whi, lba h ale walst atle, aor nv irre gularity tar ill Ktlltilt i thi aptltralisaateltaL anl l dv+rati a ul-t. La , in tunirtle ma"aitarlller .f i sae, r r all t tiler defect wh lts . ever tL sltrat,v caa, witit it thilt daa frlt id oine day i th ta sreait t t n atha ":d day tf Apil, A. I). l . t1,a I, vir't'eal1 aaaia.l e of thata caatat, ranhdrI an the 3d ati.t ot'.i ilr.h, A. It. 18td, ian a a .it e lite.l WiVilli.,i . balactk a•'s. -lltattlel iell, 'tait. l.-5'5 5 ta' ti th it a t t ti t a rt, at wht'ianith sa. sta tl llilaa MatIke. bycame the prt l cha st r t'i r the pri'e taf $:3,1il, eacht Dase, ipiata of sra p t ray at- in tte Jadliiat (t'oa iu+a ia ll i '+ll.ini l ýItay therleol, ,ill;tmat in the . I ri h 1tf rltrhits, in the squatre houndali b. New I.tle,e alui lt, I'a, r nlt a'lal ', altrtants, da otta led bV tht Nl a,. . i' 1 ip.1, ,h-t..wla (i. i. 1 i ipll, e ltsituata attPsvar at,e ten,, oil t tle l},t' ,lattlar, 1::;1 tn at itet nn pita No lb0, tlt ala lataotk alaitans, at l'slix t ;lilla nltrv Spialis. Saiti llt ,eat sura. s ( Il fetI t inrtithea rrolrt ta Netw .tve. aret75 , .7,t i! ieph i atiet the ile aaljtoiniag ilt S i, Ft la-l aip Itet f i llt ht at.d +a lianes i lll ,tlaa it a lith ;'"Is djalll he taiat rt ,Itala ,ta nat oa. ' at ltlIv,l Ita' nll, I,) +t here it flal.l~l~lll ,, ,. +, .*Iev tar,,,' fa'. t niae iurk' s ia a al llllll ll 1 . i t I. 7, 5, :: ald aa lCmL's tad',,, a t , 7, ^,.. uietw t: \*¢ l 6\"15 P'ep ('thwk. Ihei, ..r....e . ' t , ...e.r eeili,,l.e L'aLt.... ' i+ i, trip te (rncinnhni, fa'li h. dayorl: r run, eee "relrr last .II n+' migh. I been[ito feel [l tI ant a v ere hnnl r n inii if arhidol, it ithierit an rlt tho Jileaa atf a t ir i ci ty wr n rut I ltatin I glletar ig, trlUtOtli a great iitay ,iyriia. r tleths,i that i ri actu 'ally rua a'ay froin Loauvile'+ to ("',ca' tile .liecte of tile t,,nderful mirI ratiC nae Ie io od ctor .lp, tIh knighit of the Itilhte, alr ae 'Ai S 5, SIr retrrn, however, rproveselia tire hible of ile ho nad wolt, is applicbhlIr to the J rllral. 'lThe flilc i s "A heV wtas etpIoe d to wath i: and cive the alaarn, iLtwhen ho w aolf lppe 're; tie beit either a 'for tl .,' a tlilior' en p, or a lir; fic rllr l ycried oit 'tie wof in S tlnllline, trl the grrt'disln of th a otl ctet I T v lent foit lnj ot iia reirl that hee was n.lira, o Id hut to hlI br'l:oe evrIe whei t khai pke the truth.' |IiT irat i-, thit causes must roduce their effeats. So it will pibvre if th all-wisewriterse D". Snip & (o:;" n hr te Journel I wruld alvieoU thIumI to irovide truem selves witallristora eneioe pres, in order lo ti n tithe w n'lerfutldanidtwi atni inreean of tr' at Ihaler. a., it is iwell kltorvn, trlre te mrany wt' seek fi r t Ir' tlinia but 'l neh. i,, t of shrcrlire to tihe vettiera of thlut .ti. rlo. But a fi rtumateh for .;Goliab Sniji. t, f needle and * thinble celebrityr the r.cbt mussl" then millo a rf A Ilbri'rrn proJttr rieir frlreintdrr l flr tilrnel os livere of ttruth Tierefire they will, (an eretette pr(ltieldd Ib r tie 0.tsi0)) natrrlly saie I wiit tit reeierreii ee, thatl irtr'i rely t n ith ro I Ie will rr lkot ser hiai,,lart ri illaeo wila sutis(r er t tha olteri Ij oe a t e rr w tur er e It' s will noolrrrtr,, fatur . Their lid tlttttlt' S are tn peal ' pinle to r equltt, hitu tatio e; Vet I w ll rta etr: Irt:r I r ellleti In tli l ii ,iiiitile S4ti &('o:a fnvein et mtea lettilr tahratieg tlcy 1iis, ift'" rt at l thle ifler [ ta h-tl a ear. rahe wray m I feshill tre!ea t Cito Cinerhe,fiar Ifoue ruadaysalv-if whichf ielo l'iup 5t CUo.,to itonrel tle eatlil ated in their own tmli wl al ilt'ver fails to bring ul a a pati ae'nt lr. PIth. That fromr Cietnlrrari Il lI procele t ine hints of tie Ningoara,to beat Inl fLalo if',r Swjp & Co. di not n ke i ri y lIly life;'on th , I' of a r c t ber, non Nitvw Yorkaareilor iRe anot 4hr rerrpend he whole air1W nest ' Ir cnr, ir order '. p uh, at all the e whli ll Pllilistines; the ++ eldCi Galli t )s of MButon, pfhiadel" phir, Menmhip. Nashville urill Louisviille, who wiei Jrhaailer ( relfore Ihat ti rhe arrives doorserlinha Itst Rope andi t trre tirrlirh rd. (earttrr&eier olt annu rr ker. fir asseirr, mulei, c. Olliyh 4th. C rn cutter (li. all 5 Itr, Pain titad drugi , an pitkle store Goliah 6e h the nlos~t llullclliliell of all, 1)r, S , li as Bell, &c. patr relr to the troprieto r rrerl rlirtor"s onf r he JoTrnl tire ereaaSrtraIra [lterioresnthey | ae+ e rrrblraiar tDreh a"i r a atnrrll rrllrrr tie irnitl, i hltrellb" trer ve oer, in tile hirr b it olf rrsloriua rich) MIl the bliod, and duaI1 tl)Wlpl tonwhn w"lnt cui l(.''utorof ,his Ab Pjery' liv oe fI o b ~+lred, B,+..,,, ,,, 'h', o ,+ ;o + r it, attlre uI wa ll r enie .im at .rpl aye. e dPi Fltln. i r plneer; r ereITr ierr ; rr eu Ir rnare eirii m eitla , er nice : te ,1 1. and l '.'+nthnmof fron ' to 5 ''iled, c rl. to . Jl.ler'ean leoue, l uisvil)e, Julyt21, 1 l ' . P. S.--Shne, writingal hov' st 11 rive Ie r, nfa eor w thatl -a, of the- uewh ie o .o "u +a,hi 'tlS ,,;.' le *)o uev of te he rerual, Itt iv I talrir liftr r e ei l a ire r t 'it" t v~i+,' tilt lldt :)s:,)1.itl Ir ti:,te 1 tir etre ir rt l y ate re In, rlk i ao th ey so p, o f l: c l, y r e.. o e, a c,, h . ..r . th e, y l " , r. r ai e,i ar ul , u rertl. rt ge d rcr. si1r1nw"tt d ' ll." mope([ oe, to r l l'. . ) dI + lild arso ad oI 1 nl. Jl istrll,',,he alight ]h ve loell so' ev d, ac I~.,h' is wI , ,)!'l m an--l~l,"W wt,o t ttuv oral tam[t,,o a l"ii t. ~illoll h:. I tll", (· .w [:i :t + it ti e tare err a .t i htie part, teeer "' ith rh re l, atire r te ton.i.r' ne" at,,ni l~kIa toherule r lie v" r e , ft n'll It orr b? lit' "2 kiI~, (ft Ihhalterante BUt era I --Ilhy kcnisit is ii o , , f'L I rhlliirt bain.lra reo eit ., i r', . br trrra it lll!rel ii it l it rr(rlr( Irr Irrrtr i al llt s . Ilob!". a etie wold it rrr rr' lin i" pulrf;.l t h. ,hll ,],,d «. I oi,+-,I:,,]sti a, x full bl.o n i(,sr ý !Lot ,'it ., rr d ntr 1 nIt, i 'cil itit a h, hI to ' ,r.attrr wr ',tn IItit . ri s t ,, fr. _ 'tt ' i rt c i ,F' th d. i ". i 1i, ,I . ',!,! o ll" L Il s r , + the f v hm, II IIil 1111.l'el l f I .lI h 0L ,Iri·oA , . t ,i " : .h , ', «' ,l .. , i· t h I, l w n o ' ' - i h f , u ,r ii t tri. I..Io, Dole Ii " a· · of tsiii, I. t ,, ' ' '' t' L tr t , a iri i it · it , ,,+ . +,,1 .1'1, It' 1'-,1. I, .;1h ,I m III "".I I.- ,I, :l+ , f ~ , 1,, .I I ,,I . ni. ti re,, I tt· lIIKiii,. UTit, ll /1 lit t i t ir c l tIlt yl." :".i ilitre ! , 1 "11 1,, N ,I II,, - h. ,qh)) "r ,II I In ,-.l"l , il 'll:9 f III ,., the r~ ! "1, \\` I1I III:- ;P d i :- . I. . ' + ' J '+' f,ý " J I tIt'+ r , ~.IU. , ,It I') l, I ,it.r C , io I,, I. _ ,,, , ii,, le rtar. ulh I ,ii . in a (t t urn, a t i. Iltt tlIreV Iir-i t earl arl • r a itt llllll· I li 'ant eta 1e erark II II ..i. u. e u td ei a at I~,, '..i itt'I.I I " . trie iterue atrt I r rtly tteo.;reitt :, Ih' 11 1t ,_I.'. . n"l 1o"r,'h+' v ' t r;,Plbh . h,.l It t ho~ l e rirtI. ri ILL; itt, r . .trir !t v j ",, fai r orrr / e rrirr t r ,,I, rI . I (r , ,r cru t , in:rehreh . n ,n di r thei ,o r t ' 141 ~iLlAMa, N b. I ,. " I iaee jale neerir ed ait I rat, i 'Sr eJa hr ., ,',lr " my o =ll' ,L l,11'.. o, o r hi mr h, r t oi l d sl t et , ' ,' '. "g;=: +t.emlm t. s,, (ouch iml,mr , I.r in .iahru t ot hih'tcict her . ,.es e'riul"lr t lrthe ertV LNear'e t i" "':L .! 0., .I I+ ho p~il nJ ill' n I ) 'OlIll ,, b^ Ili nh £. o ,, 1.n t Ie I -es" n. lu' h ullboh to Ill,] lt .r i t t ,, i . 'Vhmrn ,.-kmre! if r ei nprti thrl raile el,,s vith whn ir r I r li.-oJ hlie . r ey-, aiyl errat w l e, er. pot0ktaw a t i,.il- ye .i.l drop. llhe cai . ru e rd.leau "ha 0'lO nal l Tea t r, c rl pe rl" thre v r 1vk k at ofhe ralan t Jehehiieaa, ll leaa le v k hataiaiy vr i rr 183 ng the , t ,h'st hrtn. "Iowever n lidte an y ., ie ti h w t, Inref I, dritkk-r two o)r tl.Iren wil set dllriht t I'ul( they welll no+de ut prore ii rw .t t+ to t Jait the I Jllrrttu IIj oi L f l h ,ir readet r , at rJ fe I t l M en an ,1I iyntmlllltt |i orlruttllal '"or them, lh,.rts n whol It -" ,'bath dot, (to-mlorrowJ"is vhuch they¢ c" o do) their g dirty wok.- J '1%Il.LIAMS, l1...-. I hare jast received a ltatr, ated 21s(Ju h Y, !ins irlng On my w tkint all ' {.ingy "vo lthe ' ruistcw I'l. ti s l chit:y. TrI w ruiter .sylae thlclt-I}...! ",drengtuc o. -i-r,,llnPe ', p e e 1lg" hat I allud ed to theml in lny lest letlor. They fual root assare.I, I Aid.not know or A evenl suspect anly G(o + hs tung fil go •cIsts i, t+u "rl savilhe yetifth" cu fIts an gentlema, .o t t coturse+ wear it, though ilat intended fly flle,. n Jeffrrst's [[ouse, Saturday, 22d July, 1837 JW. JE='ERoSno Ift l 19E, I.OUtSVII.LE. July 13, il27. ' Tof Ite ditor of the City (anrette: J LUieot', I[tl t resolved, if mV to ti ere is to re main in this city till the enl of July. 1. 'To try to do them more eno-d. 2. 'Io convince the,'ihltbitaots thlt the vile opt thta hli Meedical Goliahs S. &e, have applied to ue, belong to them, ua thb-ir lawful right. i. TIh am rmad toi depositel two hundred dlle rs, ill l .oes of the U. S . Itk, a.r the hand of lls oti . the oaytorof thise Cily, oageast asit ilar sam to het d oite ball tle r at ad m ghtty Doctors . & Co that I retore to sight more aged, tm ddle-aged, young ralro and ohhidren, whou wero totally or part wll tlidl, than they do; aod that I an eooatled to euri a eknohe of short, me ek or dim-sighted pri.. turh lvy shotrt vieit, thI a they d,. Yet Ifl alloo y isel calumniators to call in to their aid all the vern, deservedly eluhrited prtoeaers and Doctors of all the merti. collegr e s as well as fllOt a dctors ant quaek doctors be teolld i private practice, (wll, are not fox! it the Statesof hi.oot eky, Ohie, ltdiet anda idv. I illlenncsoee; nhele telwrte ar indied c , e e Itlw ils italuu t docttors, whoa netestog oft t ,e ho dod do d to Ilo ts possihlne o li tet postit , ty. I. It i.ot Ibe tiarl tUolda rotl that all the Lur, ,a if ally, on nloth slid,, mtao atI,, i it r Iall lotuei Iea Io'ttettl cithont lte aid ole anv urgicl o erati rhwvner. 5. l Hi.e ha li nrell Terit I itetl Ithey avc t, ]ib,'rnllv alpli ld to ae loI l IorftLt tlhe I11P his'o a I enoittt he al stl,ehes rs inthisctvy,u, t ie otherpar t1 shall take hack hoi Ion $d",hletr , Tr atr i r t ee s rlIIV ie. Ifett tlth IliPvtv Illditl ll huitiuaeg at - oa ;uhl prow o t, of cit. t s-tnlettl tlamlntes I ill til l ttine old Iloverbl, ll give tte"old geolleamt" ir. SAt all ovlot-s whle atvie the lust naltred (Got litlt t. otta tlo sitr that laetter to sttatd ton, as it Ktie tslr "'silllm i t.ol" a well as a'aatient btlo, vestordu, al, l..l t;t hbut I itdvi'e hint to ItI toit itc i fegi tilllllt cornalliltlts, A 8 plsccld hfi~ru it, ill ai et el urtnldea thonll lte illldepedtr l int h itants olf th eit wotuld al wayls koll. tihe whritr h, tml od n oehlf si +oice. JoIIS WILI.t,lst, Otculist. "I wais weak, rniu;hE to read iie mtsslt ol Itaellootae sitned S w.,htlth decrie notliog but ity ailent ecn ;lad I knowa last evtillg lof the Ftreat ittaortanc , At S, Iiotuld htvo,l tr,,t t ld toe ot, .t ( ti, athree tl. to tmlp~loly thle firr knighi (inot o ethe garer or Adf t thielle, Iut oftht ai t dldt iani, tkimbll ai order that lie IItut kill two h d ilrd thll one stn, It. t. tl11 patchll th h o le .s tih al iltY t li b it, hll o I lll l o r pil u lti,, 4l i tll lOm its wt I, i f e moy jaath I'roe that ,u:alleut lth.dr, tihe Atd \r'llrh nnn ci l'muutncit)pteunrs, wluwherdomeetieallt or p.litoallo, whlich requires a hll ter, helltier on hi ttI t1tU lt-e or 111 o, l llllip il o oflltos, w oi o h t lttl11t , gro'u iililt' i tth ) I'tteu it is tie iU It s tit,' Ii w ICh aiffrull i. Iiollthifis loli , t thanif it aý.v ts"suundinig bras, urna kinklih l cvndmld;"e veto ti sew it thus--1r. hIelI looke wll; Ibut ith atin i. D1. A. . S, aftr it, appearr JOttN Wt1I.LIAM1S, oeuli-t. July 1I. 1! j V 1A Si EhT tEIAT[S5-l.vter nro d tihavule I hv t' R fYtIE R. BR,) je" r"r Comnl',a and tloarine as,,. 'rt tti..\ I. S t'ttill hutl-ie S....t 'tn hlltehk KitCn.. , 11 l ''1 e o a ctat sttrt ,,f the o rte A ,,c 1 ý. Iý e atahti tir c,, Iw e dars I,, u$.Si. (t'Ihar, e'l'h,, . I vi.t Ott atole d fare (',ff, Ifttter A;tlpv tI l Al[{ N (IN IN. t N' Pd 't T lptlli/ll° II t' Li'T & ('i.e J,.I rl \in C mia er .,",a.t iipe 'rot Nnelt CWt&t Ho'ate- t. l MILES' CO IPIUND V'TIIRACT OF CA TnW11rITrciit ',LUiMELct.. a FIIE dectltuie pronmlgated weill so much assurance ! " by manyV emli'ies of the present day, th:at one me le dicine'will culre all tdieases, is not, antd never c:nt he J, and hie wh ooaisserts it, is citiler I lool or ain in Spoltor. BUt it is t faclt dnmostlrallhle hb exierielce, t-lat cot coombinaions of i u ediaie t ma e l Ioime from the in, VOuoerHL KtNGioeto, tic;t will cit c univetaallac y oni . the sy.:ian, whell tlkhel scasortbly, ashl injudiicious pIo o pOtionI ,a0 to ctiec itl illc casoi clnt ifLt, a l dislmses 'withid tile e.teh and pbc er of nledicilr. Fromn toe wellkr wat h sttablishel l reputotion of Calorel, it has Ioibg been eoa looed by lthe empIrlc anti scienti i c physiciatd, s one of the 'Iost loworful agents for tole re ioval of disease. By the former, al Stust every land has Iot delucged woth nostrums, that t . hl' authlrs elainde as strificr isa very dit se inci ildent toths hin lan family. 'he fillry of these tpclen irms noiels no aolomnt, ifr alnurate lchemic:d inseti 'tilill Iltsbcolon, lllt the baeeof moct of the PIatuscecI, i. thlieools, hac. whicth have been trnloMe41ed befor the eonlnlllit, t with much uiseluranre, is Cclomel, or irlle'elry, Ii some forml. No, if dlis .pteno artick-e ieven in lhglm nlts of the moat skilful physiieiau, tilquent tycy eelets :I,, icillel ol tile hIIUIccI s-Lc cteoj,e etoleobeo, o and natirlv ht..euld tile eonlltrol ofart; untiermilnllg th, eoostitutionut; andl bringing om lwetnature old age, diotaso anlld death, what resull sa.lldd Ice xpectedl whenr prne etebcld by t11 igctratt t'1-cld their many tioUnel ioictims slpack, aoiie frlom tile ltomb wouldi soon dilspel le 'spolitic' delusion that now sway s the minds of the living. liumane Physicrians deplore the sad ctils reul teng from the otercurial practiOc, a.d will gladly hktil the in trnetction of an arnicle that cal safely be substituted for acalomel. They feel, sid that keenly,, the ucertaicnt of its lrlimer. operation; they canot coy whohler it cill Ie f'avoatlchcor lcleavocable. Tl'le also evhooi, ccil reel, that ii its use is eooniined for any coneideroble time,ic jtrious secondary must follow. Bot ,hey mlut choose the least of two evils; they know il other ac'tiele that will aroue a toepid lver, remove obstrue tioe, and set ic tire action die whole glandular systec, and it being indispeusohbly neeessary to, do-.tis, thcy continte its use, cotwithltanding the evil ounsequences which follow. They hove long desirel and Rsought an article that wouol plrodace the good effects of this drug, without suhj.qitig the patient to its deleterious results. Such a destleratum, it is behleved, hat at len lt been olitaine, in tile article now proentedtd toll: tIc li. lIce iccopicecert c-f tile l liol- karjcicgi icc niewdr ice fet, ilCllot ccwse ancl dcconevccte Jdeiag,.lmo placelclwitlh itl cthe ceaclh of dl, oemrdies iacllcterl to the cLiseetes in icilccitc thoe linlate tey inhabit; ilc lc knoting, libe. wise, that Imlot of the diseases of thile South andI cet re bIH·,I Iupl )ganic or fietionail nderngemenit lof th live; dlirected teir attention to those articles whichd cit Ilcot e c ocialli on the biliyar oreans. Alter lcng, lahorioat, atoll expe.ive te arlc, the) have succeedled in extracting a ibstancee front the 10 M1ATO, whiclh, from its pecoliihc effret liun ti. lie na tie orat hiaiey organs, tlhe haveI drqcmioatte fleptineI.. It isa eaedcicei tIhat will piotIude alil tl1e lceneficiel reunlts oflt Calomel, ill both aeule and chllroi diases, wiithoccdthe puosibility l producing tilhe lriousdet cole sequenaos colnuo to atht article. Its actilln IIcc tiue col isittitution is universal, Io prllt of tiet ') stem escaping i iifuece. It i; howeaor, lIon the organs of secretion and excretion, that its great power Is Iparioularly rtlailfestrd : elle it is pe culiarly'adapted to lie tro Itnent of bilioua fe.cers old icthel ic.iraces ill whieh ta t.lidity oc congel.ntion of tlche li-ver ai poral cicrle ic edail, ei It is ailciscsilce ilc 'l.soaes, where it i necesl7 to fl 'l c-ll'se tle stla cl Iaod wels. It Irloreu scitlruc tione, ailteicitc a quick c lnd heIlthc actiol of die live anad othergladtular t icera of the adlumnen. Being di . f lclcuc ill its olllrtiln, it pcorlhces a ltre e rulaltion by :Pglletlipe rspiration It Ihce ina t ell c t like di-aS lic p 'ges; sctill, its accting is lmore unci.tei ld, nitll c y olen cle riepeated, lt .ot rey with tsalet bllt will grueas Iht a lit l'hib hecomes iudi.spelnslly necessory ia de. of lot g lal lig; tll ill the.m inilleIs ttupllOrly' isuprol ,.Uo m.. .is I, h ctrnlg lll.Idiicine, Iseldm, if ver, do iu go'la I uet le.d to i ljure the stLullli lil ll th eltltltio in a It is ceccing d ce- ri'tlgt tohe rmi stea tes iun cccl+It hc tcanc wih al, Ich- Lceccn ice tof lit', si ,,' undlultelh cuc ic he.1t cocci iiuc eli i - se , twi.'£" ei 'll.' Inlhl- p II' an ill iesodIsI c ci c-l. i ii I [,'tl r e, ,I,,,hiIII'e this ml *edilcne ia lfn'imcs int+ . g.,in pills. '1 I)4 w hlt' pills are t'.t /+rtie, toli.- l'¢, th-ll. Jet, c -tic rllod dcureic. I he vylu c ilsi are io,tic, stin ccccclt anci cbloretzc. The 'I oolsillwng rxt .oct ol subject is from the Chssin narl J surnss. Mlli Fs' TUN t MEDICINE. Ieg.h e - the trb!le, lbJut I .s ll t III a met eII ha11 te fu Il 'f :oss ite t te ti s i t, s tre t ted i o little atention. It Sh e htwenllkIliev-r to l0os. ati-biliousl .llirs.less tich, it tilry could lbe redotuslly 'tractted, ofr .spar.ted fronu tie sup s th:lllolem -1 attlr. , U iuold iso itsvluahble. his has ete ) ll ·c: ila'zrIt. as a btilinus col1u a . A luiar portion I ltll t M+ se '..l'l, o is'o rred l iits lu lIe 'ranuyemeot the ,hnldula ' st tote . 'lThist s leci:dly (l tih c.,e iu the weal, maml sti .oes n tre s the out. If a ltrulod, easy, saer, fetettual is ist soperlison, and leav ing the esustitution utnimptaired, could bei disetnrvd for bilious leompllinta, this wollsld uuettiorl nabilyt be among hr emost healshy elittateo ia the world. Calometl Ihs teenl do e alinost univeresal remedy for diseases of this character. Iut it is a remedy which nothung but necressity should induce the use of II may be costoidrledn s trespassing oil tile proine of ouuther Iprofessiull to slpak ot this, yet we tus bhe permitted to ex pt'as oulr tron' cou ,ic fioi that Calom tl canou t he usohd , ithuat ijurltm+es and istiuLg efict, upon the isys tIlly it.enter or less, according to the quantities taken, and the tfequsucy of its use, and the custitution of the patient. A substitute for this, therefore, lioom the ve getble kingdom is a d udessratum jn this ounorleI. \ e bliove tlts drsidslratlum hao heer dlttoetl'ad in he Tomato. Dr. Miles, of this city,sand his associates with touch lbor ator expense, as wse ondertstad, have succeeded in obtaining such ai extract thiu thi veghita Ine as, it is holitdo, will be foutd an leffectual .oubhtibte. WVe hae toksn soms pains to ellqtire alollg uledical men rid othcrs uito have uoscl this medicine, as to its I efliets, and we feel well patisfied that it will prove a me t valunlgje remedy iA bihous complaints. No tar as we ha,: been atli: to learn, it has producd the desired I etioet, oeeratittg to produce a healthy action of the liver, procuillUg biu.s discharges when needed, land in sonme instll.Celb rknllg uip 'Ittrs, with even more certainty altl ill a llhorter tilmne t For sick or bilious ' headaches, it has been faluod a good remedyo Thosse who tlae used itsay that It decs not proutcee the debili tlting efftlit of tnost other kiutls of purgatite omedicines that there is ill increased danger tins coti after :ts tie, Sand where large doses of nclomel would be needed ths operatres without any danger of the disctersing altt iUjsltsoas effcIot: of caloomel wht.n producing salt.attos As we have rasot to Iolte ftiosa our investigalion hIis extruet of thie 'LTomato will iprove a hubbtituta to alomnel u a grat variey of tcases, we rcatu o a:d it as a hlessing to tihe humao tamilv. Ilai Ierfeclriy aofe, and tree Jrom all suiner is o that we r teok of it, and e trust ht ittoreno ftlly teated by fumoiies. "te have every u;ul sube 'Thse above medicine can he ohtained only of the (ti leral Agernts and Iho.M, e, holgoolt S;eIt+ os-ro 1 r lsiocion oitued Iby "A. tlle, 't','t 1: i. i''" mi euonorsi-i-ord hr."f & If ' Sotwm t;eontol Attgut tor Loui.lllno, 'aulld hearing the CIUIIIII.III, izseal. ttlh ofj" ,Iu.ores. IT & If'T Stou,, eneral Agents for Louisiana, 114 Tcllulfrisss sls stret. ioltsidl st., o. 1;c J .ild Levee .lrept, uiportose egtua Pl tl M ti-n, cur Old Livee and isaosi:nl strret. hi ,t snel r, car Cur , uand .luilh isstrer+,. Ir Mtueller, c iur' 1 tool.toI.ul.s s.. t and St Mlarysl EJ i iDorboat &Co, cotuor "l'rhs' Irtoul+ anod tiii,, If" \W ln .'tutIhollrt, :\ull l:hlt<'hv* L.a. 'Thouulll,1 i unuhllry. Ilou-tonl, 'Texua. .'r eelrrtk ,.erde, Iornert l'rvdrat m,d C.amp e t. thl t-L Jllltt.11 vu{h CP l.e " Wm. vano s L o. 4 Eltldintr tCo. I1 tlr. A stolis.lliss for ss-'essrr or o'rdicltec hv whoieanlc mu' b' h ll.looo ttt the it-;neul Agents oat New t)lls-ta. All Ihttcrso, post paid, wailbe plsomptly attended to. - I' l' oP I.L'-OUtsj . --A. P IARISH COURT. luithe I'uarich and City of New I Orleano. l're-oul the Ifsn. Chlotsalea Multio, .ladle., June liss, Ilt 38-No. LIt,98H.--Jacqtes Pot ier vs. his ereditore.--Upon rotting cud filing ithe pieiti.a nod sihedoule io thi ic..t, It is oirtered byi till (Cllrt th it thi, crediltus s of the innoleet dsielltlsW sLnse o pen court oil atturdat the 7th day of July, 1215, woy he ,hl' not ber, eaed oac lerdmg to law; onud n the meuttltle all pr1.s.ro1tisaet ugtlllttt Isi peros. cud pro erlv nre atafpll. Clerk's ttihe, New Orleans, J.ane 11,.83a. jell slaw AItMAND) FITfOTI', rk. ij'T'ATtf I AInI 1, LUtsAiosoi-otto deloass .IA purl Isnproi.-+eet',oa ville de i Nouvelie Or leans.--IPreset i'hon. Charles Mauricn.jugs, l ljjin, ti3l.--No. It),984.--J:.eqier Potier ro'ltsr are cri,1n eiore.--S.etutrsoaIt etsoagintreeweot Io Icttio-, at ise l ir.sslol ills is retattfll. s I est tOrtt. ar In ollr que l. crllncieir tie I'insolvaillle ire sevotr leure rai on,:en ctur ouvtt, Sa- etdi 7 ide juillot, 1838, pourquai it Inserain point deh I 'tercnnftorl.ment o Is la o, et itn altelllhnl Iatlllell; llrautes enatre an perstllne on nso i rortlllirtit t tunt nrrAt.' ct. Itulnau o grSlieri, NOvnellei Orleans. I1 join, 18i8. jel4 2aw AiRMAND PITOT, (itralir. ItItE, )tiIsIlL-lt- hhlc, liod.n f 'mts ro'whoAi -Allbsny, for f ale by G I)tRtlsE;. jel:t 1( New Ie ver. - A it.e '.. ,IFlh.tPft;L IIA. 8 N5S -ows Ictolihg fro, i ahd, Irat nttan, If ilthe ablove, Pti up in hhde, tie rces, and bbl:-; fthr sale by " 'LAYETl AAI&ELUN.r, A Otil, now landr from ship \-..lvilre, and tr ule by JA R VIe f & .t I .s ,ta; \\LL je13 C ommnan ha.tto tiaect SJ.g"."1&11 .tl"vv OA.,'iL.,.trr, (,I.ASe, BRUSH'ES, &c.-.,Uet Ii. fiklfi it 'hFlit , best uatliv, fradl 8i)a tOsXaleI ;i.ltl egst w r ehte lend, puIre; 30 ',l green paint, ill < liber. k:s. ?1 doz Jytlllneir l r iggn';i011t0Ih litlimge; S"1i dloz s)Cl ewid 10000 grund fruesle-, also I 1'0 I 0" awl I 81 t d lot; -.eL-. eroere nreaill Iltwder superior artiele a t do ctrs; a largte assortmlent f sash too.s o.fevervy size millt ulit; r ntle opencilsfir e rtieto; lrrtorrkioy htU i ashets for tme'; rtist's aolors in l read, t tr tIpre:lit hxee, filtted '- , ith all nrecoaery irurere; o rtrlet' t tlR, n.c. bFlaik. 11a4 tmnroitehati" 60 (roka gold leaf; whlite rlyt V('lhtrw WUX;geto rgtlbiC; ane a largIe 1II Eh'Oieara.s nof cnttt t oflnxbltst dry colow oil, tIdrlntine, vur.nirh, &co., for ,ale,wholealna ad retail, t thn lowest prices, it by" MOND)ELLI, it- .428 58 (teorr. ,t I' lttJoi'hr, CLl. +NeTr7r EDITIO" o TO1E CIVIL CODE OF. s, LL'L'/ x,,1. SIT has bean fhr some tite mnde known toI tihe poile I- tlt the lub.r n-ra're ehetzod inpll pr.Ic rig for rLe theIt a ten.nw ditio f the Ltoluisiaua iva l rCode. 'P he wren,. eion ithe firstrew , m f 1aIke 'ret dllifaiult, ," an 'd respoultoll, itln attending thellict- ion of the wtoblt, and it was iI wlinthttr gntfrt, heit ation I et they lt roent tto, the undtert kig" But tile restnt edition, ameouutin to bout three thoua0tul eireo , and whrlth tl had rst tile Stl t, een trae thirty thitner u d dIllat's, wl 'aentirely out of print. er mtere ,tha trwo -;ern ain, tIle usual price ol the work as beena from. ibirt to fit' doIlldar'. It ir a .vrsterln of written rules wn'ih no itllmelithl. g operates uIon every inldividual of the ttia, uterestet either in aoiutlrture oir tnnnlerc+ .rnd whlih gtoerut r thedispositin of so itluch il)ropr t. r lillg to utstiot vother statesn, tha-unl:kr altotto ar: cethlr trealtiae llt"' law-it is as much the tent1I-look 'land iitlemu tf ile nerehintanld tilt pllntler, a it it oif tle triater getie allht lund thie trtrttrsional dlvocler. r'The lawver, of lhe ladji:g mtteah, and in fact lfal rho ek sttesn jp.ol tie Othi otl ltid tiASisi i river which find a terr ior their preoluae in Loueiianl. hove a ire quent tceitv tytof reference o the code, ad tnrke irt llte lteislttenaahin "r'eqrr 'te to their lh'reo'i.,o; re't! ir ite, titt oi Ne.w Orlho tile look ir as sne to I:.. tunt d ir illte I"rrthtlo cou, . ari rttltt,n thn itthr tel of th, jrcdgrl, otr tile tonhle o tl ca.ttrrne. It i, tat lanypeitit thereforar that the fieer edition eftlhe torak avoir quick ly liso v 11; ad althmlgfi it meritT rep~rin of it would~l wit ariu ts t t thee Reportr andS u, it order to ot ttrae terelrdtrrrermtta~nmiotewihht , rrreb ti lc imrrr,rrari the irrplrtartr &eir n andir'rdtstrrctrirrntwhirit lrirce teen giorrot leau errey itaterticlee ha tie lttlrt'ttet'tttrt. The Ilhlishers haelt eetured, lte tle gelteratl surtrt r intendllte anlld ediorial d artmelt ! ,of i ll e wok te °+. I I proressiotal servreeatt Wlhretloek rIS Uton, E",t i iher of the Ntew Olrlars lar. Tie Hn, ,l ude Ihdlh .In,Inld Ilermnd. and uni Hon Georg.e IEusti,1 hove euvh kielir assisted Mr Upton aith the vahuhle nottes whih tlht hrtve ott ed ilepl ieeo ur.. o thler atudies andtipratricer nd Io Mr N R Jenl i , thi e ,tartt.C tier of rIlll; tro, who is ralo enaged in tle twork, aet *'llv bridlz,, P. q har presrented thle ,riet tota<el t e 0-I rr'rell,."l tullid hint h lhcror oflit tre a tie rtil, e vttith ina- b.'on teldeih hint dtirrin g the wlrtf Iperiol ee his di eatuishid prolreerioel lalr Thir 'I'tt-. purlh Ierliln iny ther,. ,r- well trut t lt tin t lle Ir tinlt n of tIh werk will h le all that itdustlrer anil heeour, aitcd bl, I lerntinr and experience, .tan prporiftre. Ill puttintg frtillh tll prospctu r it ai olctt tr -etr-ci till strlortieter to the work, tite ,tlli-her' t rh.kep e i&n rtie art that the [egilttie tif Lolrl Itisiona e tluthorizeLt i tlle ieevrneor to ,rrder ane thonsand eeilli ef it fir I tle future Is.t of tle Stoe. The readiness aith whicth tias nulllorr wits take, Ihv tite Asetllblv, rvioed their Jlls I sellne of tb.hir uli'the woUrk;aRlnd tiieV tII.rr'el exteR i ell that totdehltate in rhe abilitv yf ihe publi. An edit's, whi~h i ii I, Io: el it n-t whllV utlser 11 1. 1 Thle elle tar ,ill It prilthd in PFrgeh atel Futchl; upona i.n leo,,r and with .lear t tytpe; ilur wll I'x-r utrsreattreltr-tl sred trrrlr t llntktle wtol e " e n .xeculitoll lof it correpnepo d with its eleltt ilrnll, l t.rii, · el It will lrohably ! e reedy l'.r~d,'livvrv in the mtooh;,l "e S e tebe tr n ext; tnd the price will he, to aihvrit ,-rr t i titlr.ll dlrllar'-liierl rllarl tl l t r Iaid at till' tth e eofs hul'- i serriing. 'The ttllarrirltirrn lists cie e rlod, the store pricer at i'ill ie rt'turv durilr. lr l opv tei ai' ti E J)ItfNe & CO. l',distwrs. ~._d [I;,itiainua al t New York Line of Pa'kels.] r p £It," sh;ips ) eompilln this Line w ll rll 1r,77M _ ) Ihu.. atn Ne.w York ell every othier Slomtdav- cmnenin oil thu Oth novembIer., notd Ito insrt th Irtijit pIbta tt'alitl i the.r ltime of saili r, thIe ine 'hip Yezoo, C'aptain T'.sk to leave, n the :otho nov. Whip laaiaeiide, Cajtain 'Panlmer, to leave on thie l I aenea jar. Siill Ihtnneille. Captain Eldridger to leave on the SShi V'icksnrig, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the iti atn .aeiGrv. Ship MAis.lsrppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th - ' i';t above ehips are all new, of the first class, o plared and cotpper etitened, and uPiwaids of 5t1) atns hrlihen, are if light drtlt t if waer, hbnme built in New lYork expresslyv fr the trade. lThe pric'e asl' - sa.e i- thied at one hundred dollars. Their aeniuas nre ilttd a lpion the isit hilltirved aind conveniellt ilau, nalld iuisiledon a ineat nnd elagant aklt. "Api)i .toires. oi the first quality will be provided, and every regard had to the i otitnort and entire nalatiolltol ci passeners, ilwho Illplease take notlie that no berth ean be secured un t iaidor at the office of the consigutoes. ' ee packets, are commanded by Captaino well ax perinlnced in the trade, who will give every attentioLd, and exert thermselve to accomlnudnate, l1ty nill at all tines he towen d up and down the Mississippi It steaaolans, nd tile strictest punctuality obaorved i' the tittl if sniline. ITho owners it these hips will not be responsible for a. let er, parcel Ir pa1"kage sent by or put ot hoa:rdl ot !etlll. unless a regular bill of ladingll he agled tlt.lrtlre at tile cn.nting house o tile agents or ownller. For urther particulars, apply to I) ItEIN & A COHFiN; nov 13 90 Coulinolt. " A found fit-y,,.;-f d- mileotro,, the Belice, inite ..... Ih o t If Julv~a la'rge launch. ( huilt! s:o r fatenllll, anid hs been ol oplered, ashe is '_ tfeit Iall', and eight f,1it biea; aind liaIs ln sloop rnlyla , ar there are iron atraps fIrwaltl for rieging. W\hover rl cognises saud launlch, will pil;an call at No 1t Old Levler, a I I PI'NSACOLA IMAN~SION IHOUSE' NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. 'rHE aubhriherhaeitigpu r.aeeathe lease e.d foer Slilllitooi' thin well hknUwn nntabllSahln,.nt, lfl llt ':,lur, the late prnprietoru will be ready to ret en viy iers h-v the ltt of Atril neat. Niulllrlus and costly itlrovementse will a, founnd in the arranlenllits oat the .iantint Ioaue. .New 'uol inore colnmtloions bttlhina hhl.te will be built, ani warln bths will he provleid at al holrls. iA stote "o iltI attached 'o thlle holle with good ao llllilo - t hane i u honres alnd earriagpea. FHist rate alrses ald catrrlwias will also ht kttpt Cit hire at Iniaer.itu titcer nd silt and row boats, wiiti erasons to mi nage thia tie i t use oof vstaere. hillir'lntds and oimos 1iimoean I'allllyl tuudl natering places,will nlhaise lrtishled Itttnl to tla, -ttelrl ii ttlit il iltl.rt'er mlih tile Caollt rt lhutal 9 la ol'the htta.iit-ad . I'ihi winesa anJ liqito i ill bh of the best qalllyV, adllll to PienIor a nil supply ofI ia'' ,t s a hraltta oeald'tlo'. ordelrtPdihitlla nialot ine tde'etvi It a thi . 'Mr Fredetrick t alllllnrd. thin formerly kipt ni ppilllllr i Iatlel at i- tstnbhlt'at Il,. It i c lidei t intI. he eal rn tie proprnieor, who, with oi h ,tt t t utith l ti v a-i iles the sitots oft last t, and his fIruids getner'aollvt, that they witll eiti e 'ter pu-ialo .litt:t a; d llat ere.v t' h local at.vant. Age iii tli's h.anse tr too " ell knlon to i:t it hiita l. 'ied tldel cnit iLbre. Tie fa.cts tiell 'lll I. a eint IItre ai,',r i station of lth Sictllill :; Ilhe letnlcal renidz er a of the itlf mttoad rlln;l e sdUlrivy of Itt ciInatlte retfreshed rointllytI du tn ihls siatner e Cnhs byt te ,tliet nI regilt frut lir. t ilw ;the ?nu.ltl of "the 1.y and the neighbhuring ild not riits; rthe aundla cli: il deliencv iof the fSAh with wchh tis waters ouantild; nJ its proximity to Ihe best iaoullern markets, gtoa Ptenic 'ola the pre ference over all other places in these latitudeC, as a heilllthy and d-lighttual ulun.rre trtat. First rat,. ltiue will rl , ihrlweir Pt.rgar a and Mo hile. ind will it tlli tunes ie alt il to take the ipaeneagne frgm the 'raw tileau. boans. N B ARNOLD. Pl.ttlrot!a, Feh. l lth,t:10. (.' ti;atletolln Wl.ti+g to reggage room for their fCalllo, Calle al.!reac the jpatrinttr, at IPensnolan, tr Mlr rikew.ll T Taylor, the tritrer r:tprietor,at INoer Or leanas. Ret erettes. T ianflron, 'ha1, Mr I ('tolltn, B Metlpin, Eeq. I.!. K in tiMob l-; S T'Fra, tatP I' M' n, Esq, in Nt.. Oil-a ii. i' i-A letter hr, Ito receive emminlitenation t for persons iat tho nIve hotel, is pllted at (ien Whitman's illica, l1 St ('ha lll E. e nrge. FIOILIDlA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. Ur 'I'ravellers dnieouas of taking Ih Florida rolte. via Pen ancuatt, the North, are ilortieed that rise rate boats wilt co'rantiit run fron ,Ihle t - Pensacola, lea, ilng Mluhit alId Ieinsacolievery other day afea the It l' May. G.od stlages will altvays be prnviderh ir the llliher;lrrru, bin i rerttitn.-o ti t ithe ltr ntadgr fCloa Itohdel i, cai of lt ilnre of toh' heor N it ranNOlt). The sltenmloat Champion lteave-Auhile for Penan cola twice a we.ek f' 2m t3 Iy AK.-ll- h-,.d, a priene aruejt l r-alaie y ' tl I.t ot..sY, j24 44. No ' 0v00 I! l'v PIlI E'S FPtREI! N TOUH. V, GfEAT RI2 PAIN, FIt4N'f ard II.GtT, i, anhrt Toll in IP35--By Hem:an Huphrev, It. 1 r Pr dre nt Io tAi ltiae ll ('Ii tlt .a in a .ol. .; Ior. -i I atra. 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St is conlidently .cotlncndeid Ir the l.llowinng dli Odcl.c: I s r ,ap l iu all it 1 t4; iiiltlua siJ Jiret t " e flirt onat. in c ry stlag, and detreei tenala sicknlites, clineh, tchbther of the livaror lun.., hlortdrhe or tiddi ci at'e, ca i of tulrttie, nirVulei treyt or, iutc brtihc ru o, 1Bt dllcriufm atolllrn .m +e iiln s oictfeinllfall killlt, rtlitI t m aaism,whthler chronic or inilumfontory:ner.on. or biluu ivrrrta every variety; alof uil, lnI tuit i Lll . imeand all Iditcahan, bad h olnrs, i i i.n. i ar clliplexrlse af the thkin; r tlesaueran at night, and linid" irrtahility a, nd teialciXfn'c tihe omlceri Cttl)l ki ,+I lt,lstd Ihiiitl nmrbaust or di.rh'ma in ullra ter n; r alnsr nnl nt lu S lnley wic h btl breath; chloruris and alpitntihlen oflme lurt and heird; bahctlllgelt) fitlc i liati tilocl astd for itnpairet ndil dii.ornniica clltiutiimis in iaither sea; )F. whicb have not Ine e tioe iuatle reltverd by nie odloe tloedlicin d sinele triil of Itr EW val' ,uedicinee it ac oftlieuC eCas, will prodlccr sch ,fl ltsrt nc will in Ite diicate their ctaLit'itrillc ULNArriinty', nd inid'.i o stuch fIa aw u OSTliTH at iii in uret a SleAdy Tnal nll welrnioun hbl cure, I)irrcticns hi ctar acnomrnlnninc thler,. 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SfORII(I\N'S ('orLni aln d Extraet ofCopaiba and SrNan i Imrill -A ca - nii,, safe, andll most tcfltetual reule do elve-r dli-ncild tuI ltle cure of lionorhlea, (;le.ta, Stli-tiitlls, ', lt'inas in the bck andiir)ltua, sual:ll Irunlkues, aliatlin uf L(L klieidniel, graIl scorbUl.ti cruptinans, ie. In th in, lluction tof maricine p-itsse.sing tile unHain l nlt lcltile \irllt of tihe" cie nO\w ottered to thlle plublic, the prolirietnu las hI llrtorferto tlk l numerousL rrC.ntl mentditlons IrtuI d fromt the most eminent of the n 11. - '1 tselly in Eminp, belimting thlat it wil hie duily appretiatd whten i'i unrite are toe-r fully known, hlie Ib.inlu of CopUi'ba, so e\tens.iit led, has list nmulch of its ea-lit roin the dislikie llthich patituts lornurly lia.'clnlt iin -ti bowehll ail .(atoIniti ll its, tiiirioiiic e ineltieies \ hen us'd in the intiumntitor' stage. The propr Jelr h.s mflad a, ullill1) ,ib of utie filallm, coneiv aii tliat the iaOi actilt \iltaes woin d t- liti.tien bte lmuchl motn roiclllrattei llsuI more ustlly aLhuiisterlld thlan in Ill. (iwt:..t sulte. ,The hine nd;1 cille combinesil ill tmot ielietific mUd Ilrlld. in ill proit ssi iO. i ,iEh dru in the t otupoutilptm ti this pr1Y i'alinoi itiiiniatls, tthe elicane qI the other, pitiuCinig an opaentio. trully all nishing, and atrpts 'tip the l ota tmtgumt i c'at-anpntoi-s; possesillngt ti, allle tillle the alldvlanltge ofI its htinM almtnistern d wilh perfei t .anman in lihe dill-renil 'tae, of' the labovle lisase. The Imost elmitll'nt plhysiinns and| Isurgeons o tIhe plresentIrt di exparess their d Ilrtied pI pro ation in thrne ntinesutilla, whilst its usi to tilt principal hospitals and public medcall istlintions ln, e' it, and still contultll, tert extensive. Itt twl int o aite r'ed ith tihe telebl-tedt. Ili' Aeia nlth in i I I vUenteral alle.n tnu, and i itiiabsti nac ti lane'u el a pt i m tis, arising liroma disatieretd state- oa tiltiigies-iie inUtions l in ti ll stellshlittlt d tl th tii l Itesit and expeICinlriie of the lostl cechhlteI amon thle ittlit, thy, t hu\eeipresteld their satisc tihin of its xraordt.utaiiii n-Icay in - eel cae under their hitartte, by adopting it imiih in thlt.s ptublic mil plriatr plr tie- . -tl'hir ob!, erv:itlin ill hie iIlntreid heret..lfter. .irctarel l b J B Thita, C(;hUint, Loudon. Prlice $1 i per pot. lESTIOl I- ALS Frnm A TI Salmnu, E.lI. F i R . ;, Sgenat to tahe St T'Phma Hospital, anl Le'e't r ni Alltomlltc. 'the t:iial n lu I haie maide of your t .tt:m'1-ion it variety oftt.-e. Iotih mle anmd fe,tlae, it. iisleeu Ima,, prove ii t Ightl l iavmnurnhle, that I do :nt heiitte inl plIrnnounien it ine of tile lmoi t uiatble .tl ltilcious mrmedit-t. eveir oflered to tit public, ael one in which, urmn elaperience, I can everly rrliantl. hilst It Jora8 U'prot iIe the saltle Upaliaullt usualla ex perientld fronm copiba. Flroi G ii Ilatwcamd, M RKC S, PIhsiintn to the St Murylebone l)ispensarl . I takei great ptleaSii in thliag nmy ter.iimonyl tio ite vtaluble to!enrtn, of your prlPe nllion, 'ilhng " o1 tht' su irms. i som fllti , ideserverm .n i amhpirrwan, Im the Ilhaors ad explelle nlliaurred i britinlg it to weii coim pitte perfeitin. FprmV 0O Coopler, F I , SuLrgeon to Gun's lin, jtitil The ttuiformi u.taeas which hals a tended mll a dmini terini your nedlnici nealinog nlti pmatints l.i.tltd withI the l).¢e dieanses, iias dlly Ealisfird Ie that it has tnly tol Ie knll.owu to be trly ;tappre'uttrl. .lat tlhe suceal you n ..Ill destiet, ait'ply anI d speedil\ rep~n )y u for your ealiable prellallamtin. Fromt Sir A Cool' r, I It , l I CI S, L'4. ki. tLaving beenl iilllcedt to itri tonllr .xtlnct i seralrnl oasesof vileut l;unrtiuma, whiinl had hi.ltherto baltid every presripltio aaiuiltisterelP h Illwl having (itinml sure and speendy curea effctied I+ it. it a few lants-I al mn self in dultl bound to alte thal I un.w inl ay prnaS tie Ioth lpublic and priate rectumtnmed and use tutn Fani (; W.Dluir, M D. Pby.iclan to Guy'a, Rles pitnl. The atric test which I hare gten votir mIRekin.e amol nlg) Jmy itielts, and its lurviiuia tsi.ces, li3Sa Ir, will ilttene t io l Ipersever iu Its u.i , andt I :e dm it t anI stat o jtstlle lu td f lnty to add cn tfeelrle lsti tuonlual iu collacialition l It ilsirtuesit Pirom- LC Thomtiam, M 1) F It S L. lIeturn yonu nat niuaier thlanks for tu I valnth pre aentt ofiyou Et.rat1 '.or the t eLa of tinmirrhie, te. I L.el gntulni thllt y oil havn Inls llt brmght a nledliint into elu which wall }aat. a IdesiileaItnuin !rg so'turgbt I in thue ntilitd am o tm-an sur- snewah and ctrusii ore i cases lI' thle class. It ntfordas rtngieIrt pla.'aure ii il.mlishitng to ntu aorld tihe v.luand qladlitia ofl 3ou Pxtraet. Were it necessary, lhe pm-prit tar naul.l here fintish lllan lllore luestilnnia ual ni qa ulat aaas anclaisy an the alm.h ; Imlt t1unt that it. ra sun .aeulithld'et-t-he acne An expase nat which it has been preparCedN, ill ptroe ita grlatest rerson Pieneti.n.l among a d na niu1 public. Olne rlecmmeal ntonl this tt'pasmlion lllany above all othaer is its ltit, p.ltti, e hlrtu-put upl is otei--ih n.tita in which it nmy in tbaken, heir both ..nv aIl ,lna :mtuis a apt.el natnIe, with no itetritacn in il.s, or Enflluermta t lrom bilaiitn. 'Ttallalets espeainlln intaitt louiatcii-iuiini highlt tseftl. wil ounght nianr to he unpnaide. a lith a nrleation ptosaeaing the al ul-.tlages hicth .i 1.4resa t net eloubilrs. Anaanltmp ing tcx Medlicine is aprnaph!ct etplana tmnv lf the diliTrmnt .agesa df dle dcimean, withen any extara cdae, coantaim, - ull anld nail dtlian(en. Forascl hy EHiKLF,- k Co . mr llinw.3m , 411 Cinl tnet. I h) Sileld~*wel in innai IcurId, ilinag fram team-i er Uliake.r aat a s.k Is t nSTFlT ON & AVERY, In 5t. hanterstreet ,,Tda; ic' flttl)A bLatoh;in;:t)Ao ·~ & ilrrMJ ..... - P ro s, 5l io b ut' ( A aI b am a ) to A ( O s.1I+ A la - 1k T°iOahIht ilnotosii 'lonto;(l~ toItW.r . t. ohti I$ i'es sod Iiay)td ( liur 141C last tia .3/oristns, Ch~A! s lsooss . 4_f q~~n Var ...y . 00 ) Boii,,it 0dce, Piode..i.l Spoils li e, tAu s i,, THR6VFGH in FIl~e AND f A to- h roint loboil.r (Albsma't.w. siiit ldit l"tIMotilfOrvert halI ets ,zu r J the hy" oili aer mlilo ti p~r LIdilldl rimalnfll,. - rl' r. r o It) U E htsiol sisl s sl; d tao; ila, 5tAugin0 . 5t. 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