Newspaper of True American, August 21, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 21, 1838 Page 3
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ioer the Interior. FOR LOUISVILLE. The sup,erior, light draught and fast running eteamboat CHILI COTHE, C(nptaln Carliale, will e 3r h a 've and intermediate landings, on adnesday the 21d inst. For freight or pan.age, having elegant state room anccomnuodatin*, upoly of board, eot of Poydras street, or to STETSON & AVERY, aug21 88 Gravier street. PLEA-5U$-1 XCULTSdOOV TO BAY ST. LOUIS AND PASS CIIRISTI IN. Fare $1.50!! The fast running eteamlbot MA ZEPPA,Captain Grilln, leaves the lake end of the rail road, at the arri al of clck caro,on Saturdayv eve: the 18th inst. and esary ensuing Saturday. Returning, will reach tlh rail road by 6 'cluock on Monday minorai ,g. Apply to GEO. WHITMIAN, New Orleans & Mobile Mail Oflicec augl8 tinder the Exchange Hotel. St Charles at. FOR PENSAGOLA. Tiho superior and low pressura eteamer CAROLINE, will leave the lake end ofthe rail road onier the arn viral a f 4 ock ars, ot Sunday evening, for Pe. tareol, touching at Mobile and all interadntiare rad angr returning, will lete iPensacola oat Wednlaesday nanrnina, the 22nd last, touching at Moblile, &c. Apply to GEO. WHIITMAN, saqgl Exchange Hotel, St. Charles at. FOR BAY SI'. I.UIS. , PAS'T C ,RIy IIAN, BI I.OXI & PASCAGOUI.A, Twia e a week.. The filre low pressure steamer GIORAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave ifor tie abovea pree on the morninge rf WEDNESDAYS & SATURIDAYS; immediately ater the aerival of the 7 o'clock eare;ond return ont Thursdays ande Mondays to the atil Road The public may depend upon great penctttalitv. Aug 14 For passeage apply to CatAin.Swiler. FOR PENSACOLA ,I Oii0,rr. .L. Tire low pressare steam beat CARtI.INsE, will leave tre lakb earl ntlire Rail Road on Thurtlaev eve. s gaa teat re rrival of the 4 o'clock carsar Pen eala, uerehlrtg at Mobile and all the intermediate Ilrndinga. Apply to kGEO. WHIi.MAN, ueg9 Exchange loterl, ,t. Charles st. Fer Moble, and all Inlerotedlate LordiL.s. The low pressrtre U teHnl boat SC..ROI,I NE,will leav New Otlcane nfir Mobile. every T'hursday and e , at ..clock, 111. touching a atill tile waoering plaaea at which paassengers may wish to land. For f'urther particular, apply to GEO. WIhIT.MAN, jy24 Exchange Hotel, St. Charles at. FIh Moblle and all Inaertnedilae Landiard. The fast running and spleldid ateamr boet WBI. WALLACE, entirely in ' i stare rooms, will leave New Orleans for , ,i a all intermediate watering pleere, aeerr Toaeday and Srrards y, after the arrival of tit 12 o' lock ears. GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange IHotel, St. Charles at. SATURI)AY EVENING AND SUNDAY TO MANDEVII.LE & sMAODISONV LI.E. The steamer SOUTII A IAAMA, S rCapt. L.T.Knight,will leave the lake eand ofthe rail-road for the above pi oea, every neatd al evening, on the arrival of the o' clock ears, and return the same night,-and leave Sun ay oinra on the arrival ofthe 8 o'clock ars; return leanve Madisonville at 4 o'cldck, P. M. a2 3taw 2m FOiJ MADISONVILIE, LOUIIISIBUK G, IANI)E VILLE & COVINGTON. Thie fast runring and splendid steam. heat SOUTH ALABAMA, I. T. S EKnight master, will run as a eregu tar mail ant or the above pvrts on Mondays, Wedaes data a and Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars, A'M. Returning, leaves Covitgton' l'uesdaye, Thurs .day and Saturdays, at 8 to'elock, A M. N II. All baggage and parcels at tle risk oftra own-. wer, unlesa bill of lading is signe l. GEO WIi['T'MAN, New Orlealo anl Mobile Mail Office, al2 Echange Buildingr, St Charles st. FARE REDUCED ! The steamboat M1AZEPPA will leave the Lake end of the Rail Road on Mondavo, Wedlesdlay and Fti y.e ont earreval ofhe 12 'cloek rar, tioulching at Bay Sr. aIuie, Pass Christian, Biloxi, &c ; retning, will leave Paecagoula at day ligllt, and arrive at (rr leans at 3 o'clocek, P. M., toucling at IlI the watering places in day light. Fare from New Orleans to Bay St. Louia $250 Pass Christian 250 a r Biloxi 4 00 GlEO. WVII'TMAN, at Earxchnnge Hotel, St.Charleo sareet. For Texas. Pbr Vetuco. Brasoria and .laurion The very superior new light draf schooner ALBERI ioTEIN, Captain -, having large portion of her car'go nganOd, will hovea qick despltch for lhe above ports; r lalanloce of treight or pasnoage, apply to WI IIBRYA.N, jy~l 56 Commolon st. FOR MArAGJRIIA. COX'S I'uIT' AND ARdNSAS BAY. The well known Schooner I.OUISIANA, Captaii Aid, halvinog j lare porti,n of her cargo engaged, will meet with derspatch FIor aoe of freight or passage, apply on board, opposite Jefferson street, or to W BRYAN, _ jy5 56 Common street. FOR VELAICCO, BRAZORIA, & IlAtItiN. The regular packet achr SOUTHERNER, Captain Gsaylord, ooster, wants 5 barlele to J ncomplete her cargo. Forbalancen of freight or p.ag8., apply on hoard opposite Jefferson street, qr to W BRYAN, jvl7 56 Commonn street. FOR PAICAGOULA. BII.OXI, And all Intermanlate Landings on the Coast. I The steamer GIRAFFE aptoin Swiler, will leave on Thursday m .m ,nllag, after the arrival of tile 6 o'clock lam jyl0 IFOR VELAS OOBRAZORIA & COLUMBIA. The well known, light draught achr DIE K4LB. Capet McLnarn, having the gteater pa rotolart of her crgo engaged, will nlet with de upatch. For balance of freight or passage, having su peror aecommrdationes, apply to the captain on board, appoaite toe S dt iPter street, or to WM BRVAN, Sjell 56 Clbmmon street. iFor lSale, FI'reight or Charter. FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER, STo load at Baton Roogol the intermedito landings, or at this port, the fine copper fastened and coppered sch6r SHYLOCrK, atat opkls, will load as aove if immediate appli. tatm bhe made to LEVI I GALE, jy13 93Common street. WANTED T'I'O CAR'I'EL, A Vessel for 6 months, to run between Mobile ad Tezasnot to exceed when loaded 8 feet, for terms apply to WM BRYAN, 56 Common street. WANTED TO CHAR'T'ER, S A Vessel to proceed to Mobile, and there load for Havata. For termo apply io j l 6' Comno', street. WANTED. A Brig or Schooner ecapable of carrying from 6tto llO,00 feet lumbar, toload at East Point, Mobile Bay andl proceed to llavana. o LEVI H. GALE, ju31 93 Common street WAN'ED. A vessel of the capacity of 100 to 150 lhhd. will receive despatoi for Charleston, if imme. dlate application be made to LEVI H GALE, jy24 93 Commono street. I-ALT-200 sacks Liverpool fiedalt onboaVdibrEq Ciienes and for sale; by A LEVI H. GALE, jetS 93 Commono street! R -Mu l Ptrma anti Rump, for male ib SU,--1t10 bblls New Orleans Rum, for sole by Io as 18 J THAYER & CO -'REEN HAVANA CIOFFIE--150 hoe, instiore, Sand lorsale by SLATIER & TRIER, jyl7 40 Poidrae street. SAVAN lt i it of superior quality, Sla ding from helr Townn Esritquet Ibor sale by SLATER,.6 TRIER, jyi6 40 Poydras strteet. I l 00o Cask Lime for sale by I& J p WHITNEY, jy 26 8, C.oari street. L Srhei HnOOKeI, Lines, abbhers and Reels, just r e cied saild fe asale by IB CASEY, O.iK-'imD 19'Carlp streetO l'iermsnast lIk, teo mtta'kng limn nen, Bilk . or cotton, ,itl a common pen without prepara tiotn, fi sale by B CASEV, jY.6 19 Camp stiret. .}LACK Writing Ink--Just received per ol Hulntsville lism New York, 28 dszea quart Black Writing Fluid, 24 de plnt do do ,4 do half pint do do or usle whouleal or retail by DAVID FELT " Cit. New York statiolnoers lall, jy26 24 Chartres street. NOTICE. Ir VR. VLLER going to Mobile by the Mail Line Son Mnltays. Wdlneedulays anid Fridays, will regis ter their elnes at this offilce, as no seats can be secllred i, tre tagi at Ipaeacaoula no the above tellld dlays, isnlevs iheitr slmon lie pnleedl tn tlhe way bill. Tloe. wio l ove Ileavy baggage can bave it token direct to Mobile bIy ntv boots during the week, ecep enitl.uhuvoe named diys. GEO WIII'rMAN, OlliK--lrimin aiid Me:ria Pork,fitll broolded, P t ond Itl i. \1; .4 p.el,. !(coltltv lBoggihg,t.noilo Rope; for ;.tdr by II P LVt1Y & C I, jelt 1 l1 itioe 8". ip ýgi. bHIPPING. For iurope. FOR LIVERPOOL The A I fant sailing ship LAROLINE AUGUS'TA, Capt HBnssat, baving Ill caren - naged, will sail with d-epatahtor passage Sit,,n llhagtarg lo aaccomtondations, apply to the Icap.,I on mrd, or to J P "VIIIAI'NEY, naugl 8 Contii street. itil1 LIVERPOOL. . . A-- ' Ri The A I and fist sailing ship ltI)/BERT, Capat. Saldtn,r will recewl rinnlediate des - pu- otIr tle above pmt. For freight of'450 bales nI cottna or pns.age, having handsome accna. madations, apply to LEVI H GALE, nual 9n Coommno street. FOlR .IVERPOILI,.. The A 1 and fast sailing bhirque LAU RIENS, Calt. Merrill, will mr..ite despatch. For pil esage only havisag haindome acnom s, apply to LEVI II. GALE, ang9 93 Common street. FOR LIVERkP'iL. The A 1 and last sailing ship ILOBE, Capt. Oliver, will eceive rm ediate des patch. For nassage o nly having handsome accommodations. Appay to LEVI H GALE, aug9 93 Common street. IF,1t LIV.KPeIIOL. The coppered and copper iatened ship , CUM BEKLAND , Capt. Hussv, Laving mo·t L t hqr cargo engaged, will have despatch. FIr freight af 30l Bales or passage having naperi3r deo plhmodatios, apply to S & J P WHITNEY. jue31 8 Co onti street. 1FOR LIVA.RPOEIL. S The.4 i and n fast sailing ship SITEIG LITZ, ('Capt. Gib,'on, will receiva despu:atch, having tle greater part of herCarga enanged; far reight of .50 hlds. tobacco, or passage, having handsomea accommodations, apply to LEVI H GAL:, jauglyl 9:1 Common tr.*rt. FORl LIVEIPottL. - The A I a ndaulerior ship IIHURON, Capt. Btoardmnd, will receive despatch. For freight of 61U Iatles'on deck, or passage, Ihaving hot 1. sol i accommodations fi,r 4 cabin passengers, apply to .iYt 93 Common street. l" Ot I it ILA LAItA. 'the fiue and iupetior ilig ItO311tIl, Capt. Knabb, will receive immidinte dei patch. For passage only, having handsan acctmatmodatiatn, apply to LEVI II GALE, aug9 93 Common street. FOR MlAI(RSEI,LES. iThe fine fast sailing barque NOBLE, Capt. Manson, will recetve despatch. For passage only apply to I.EVI Il GALE, anug2l 93 Comnmon street. FOR MARSEILLES. T'inhewell kown and last sailing packet brig Ct)LU.IBUS, Piarce, master, will re e.ane immediate despatch lr the above port. having lie .nater part of her cargo engaged. For freight of2.09 bales cotton, or passage, having handsome accommadations, apply to A D GORE or LEVI H GALE, aug7 93 Common stte Coastwiie. FOR NEW YORK.-Packet Line. On Saturday, the 18th inst.. S The A I coppered and copper lfastened ship SARACEN, captain ltaveraux. having principal art ufher cargo engageed, will have quiua despatch For freiglht ofatl) balbs or passage, hIvinga pnaket accommodations, applyon hboard appo siteothe vegetable market, or to 8 & J P WHITNEY, aug14 8 Centi treet, FtUR BOS'l't N. The packet ship OHIO,Cutter, manter, is now receivingfreight, and having consider, able cargo engaged, will meet withdespatch; fo Ireig tor pasageoapply on anrd or to SrE.TdON ," AVERY, aegi2 118 (irn ier street. FOR ilttT tN. The fine achr VIN(ENT, Capt. Sand here, having part of her eargo rlgagedt will have despatchab--for freight of 10U balos, or passage; apply to ge ly & J P WHITNEY, aug4 8 (Couti etreet. FOIR ltISTION. To sail on Saturday, the I lth. 'The frst sailing brig CO()tA, Geo. J. Curtis, will tail as above; for dock freight t- r passage Ihaving good neeonimodatio an-, - ply to the Captoin, on board, helow the Rail Rood, or to CHIASE & IDIXEY, augl6 6 ;:iostoll Ilouse street. The finebrig IOIODIIN', Cooptter, mea-. trr is now r audvy to receive feight, and having e coansim'ohale corlc enaaeedl, will laeek with ldea lattllt. Ior freight or pasoelge nlav uo I.ard, or to SE'bfht)N & AVEIRY, ngll t8 (;raietr street. FOR HAtLtVIJENIEU. The copper faotened r tsd acoppered brig SNEPTUNE, Cati. It. L.ei,,avitt, havintg o, ha fofter ca, go elgaged, will hove d-'acateh, ltar orahute If freight or I.atgu having good t ecogn mndatioup , apply to tile Captai:; ot beard, tiLt of lie. lord street. or to OIIASE & I)Xl'E9, tugill 6f Ctot ot lhl u'e. FOR CHAIRI.E ,AI'U. N, .: If t outfi'ieut freight offers an A I saupe ri ...a.. Fo-a . .ilitng Birig, Ilavil ef n .tt lgt engtge'd Itr abolve lnted tort will meet withl immediote despatlch. For Ibalance of freight Itppiy to lEVI Ii (GALE, angl4 93 Cotnmmerce street. UST recnited at the Louisianae Furnitur Ware t Rootms, 5:1 Bienville street, 200 aple and Cherry Bredsteds; a firt rate article. Also, a good a.sert ent o tf l, Walnut, and Painted Chairs, which will bre sgold for the lowest cash Wp rrices. WtR CARNES. Sj7 53 Bitnville street. W" TIOLVSALE AND RETAIL '):OR AND VARIETY STORE, No. 18 Camt streen.un der Bishop's Hotel--The subscribers ast ,rl open'tg at their new sland, ant extensive assortmenlt r arttales n their line, oomlrising every variety of Combs, flras', Perailmer, Looking Glasses, Playing Calia atnl a large number of Fanny articles. The lbllowina a prrt a descriptiona: COMUS-Tortoiase and Brazilian high top tuclk, sal and carved; tdo, do. twist, long, necr, puf., side, ports and dressing, ivory anti horn; fine atoh, dressing and peket combs; horn, redding and horea s'smbs; wooden, idressing, fine tooth anl pocketoomn. PEgROlUMERY--A general assuaslt of French and American Perfumery, eonaisting . ae l gnte water in bottles, of all shapes attd siznes las; a er, m'loritla, rose, orangelemrn, jessamine, bergamot, ,llerfleoe, etc.; fancy soaps of every ttaseription; maecassar, antiqua, anti vegetable hair oil and curling fluid; chlorine tooth wash, narbonie'anl cllorina denatrflce; scented anl plain toilet pIowder; pomatum; preston salts, rtc. BRUSES Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hot, flesh, tooeeth, nail, comb, shaving, ilate, hearth, fine anl plain dusting, sweeping, crumb furniture, scrubbing attd white wash, horse, shoe and tanner's nearing, paint nd varnish brushes, and ssh anti grain ng tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES--Co.tprisig igtlt frames ot various sizes, 5, , S and I draw toilets; Getman statia, toilet ant pooketglass, magnifying mitors, etc. PLAYING CARDS-- agle, Hairy 8th, Broom, Highlander, Spiel Carten, Fretnch and white back Play. iangCanrs FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A slpe nrio assortment of portable desks, ladies' ani gentle men's dressing eases and ladles' work boears fancy box es of various desriptiorisa suitable for the aew year and Christmas' gifts; pocket books ot all sorts; nespen. dera, muaic-hoeas, lead pencils, rayones, violins, bead bags and parses, an assectment of fancy heads, superior quality billiard balls, paste blaekin.r; bone, shirt, vest full and stspenlder buttons; pearl tsones anl dshirt studs, razor strolls; gn machines for creating light; ltanish etd melee segrcs; maccouba, Paris, ;riqpee sad '8coth muflf;n an nssortdtel of lai atd stort caanes; back tatntten boatrds; (fle, lfany screens, optics, Jews Itarp, haromsetias, luciter matches, pins, netles, petrusslton eaps, drinking cups, hlunting fasks antl game bags. steal, silver and platedl spectales; thimbles, twile, etc.; a hltnllaonte assornltmenit ofengravings, and a large vtrse. ty of other articles, all of which will he soldoi r low prices, ftlr cash or tity acceptances. may 4 REES & r), LANGE. . ii, trlihl' t.lleing frol, bri ndle Sjlr Same, lee tle by jyl9 S & J P WIIITNEY Q U IN IN E:, tP Tjjl 3t k. , A \ I) CA )r 1IS0 ,uetas Frenucl uitine, Ill thbls EAsom Salts 3 caclks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Colmnelt I pc a.. nsloo Rhubarlb, he, &(:.. landitng frontt brig \Villialt, frot Boston, andlobr sale by JARVIS & ANDREW Wholesale l)rhaists, j'7 Veer Ctmmon Ia Tahoolpttoulao 'tenet. SWIM.\lING sCHOOLr AND FLOATINII BATHS IN THE RIVER, Oppstte .'Llardterille ,rerl, ThItrd .unneil,alilq, Itwo squares Iielot the Rail Road. EXERCISE, CLEANI.LNESS, PLEASUCIP ANSI IIEALTII / sIIE arrattrretentl fur this estnhllishlment r nr w . coatdleledTt 'l'toprietort Iltaoltro.iett evrery thing which may tend Ita themrtfitrt el bnoters. 'rlta dreneoig rooato atr, now provided witllh doors under lock and key; ladders atnd ropes are peptrcd for aseatdiotr from tlie ttlh; a ealtetant ettrpty ,t' Ilty I( we. is kept for tle hathers. r 'The wtling lwhich lr, nal, agreeable eltade tver the bath, , iring the heat fiml day, is tnow Imore elevated ant allows it free circulation of air. [j'l'lhetltniateeses itlyine hstweeu Canal .hest sand thle lower ertltn press, piass every hllt hour withnll fifty stepvS of thIe ltls. uy nhtecripn loot. i5 tickets ftr AS 0O1 Prite of atboth witr a towel. 25 =rlhe luth,; are open fromt I tt'tlock A. 1t. uttil These aotlhs aftrd a gradunt.d leptlh of warter of3 t, 7tfet. forted hbe as enclosed basin 8Of feet mung hy 31 brosd, proteted by it railing frot the stront currenrt of the river, and yet -utficieintly pts to allow a free pas sage to the .ater. aug4-thi .f ll0t' :-l.t; bl, ' " 'tiiedl \\'halektv, tnr sale j1,; Battk alley. BUSINESS CARDS. PAsmoidAUZ L o O.. TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres Street IIA lI ao n ett mlplllt y r C every article pert joig toielltllneOn' dre.t , of tle il, iatl style, at .Ae Yes "i LICl )Il 1 ETALIC TlE'T' PEtII[R',N ni thene belullful tlethi, al til mInu inor of +ttiog theml,l my be e.+en at the oalier uf J3. B.Ros SURGEON DENTsT5, No 46 Canal itret. 'tlhese teeth never chanvIe relour. and are ty any, and in umity cases, preferable to tlhe natutral teeth. IrL Dr. it. will wait upon ladies at their residente, requeeled. up 9i S A. PERlloss l";, NERCHANT TAILOR, Sb7 Common street, BEGS to inlbrm the public that havint' rrehased from Meesrs HOUGH, SKEUI &C'CO. part of their stock, hre will continue the busloes it thear old stoand, oppeosite Bisltp'o Hotel, where he hopes to tterib a share oftheir patronage. le ha. made trroogeao.rts at tie North to he supplierd monhly with the latest and molat fashionable goods. mr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SIP PLUIMSRS,' No. 102I Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTUIERS OF Lead Pip.e, Water Clesets, and Pump Of all docrnption .. WARM, COLD, 4IND SHOWER BATHS. Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'b LEAD, PIPES, &c tPOrders executed iun hy part of thi Southrt n States. mr9 Dr. oehbert P. I.lhdoe. OFFICE ExCeHANs HoreT. m CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Poydrao street, EiP on hind a chnatant supply of Lead Pipe, 1.fromn 2 in. diameter down to 3- in. diameter, folr tale. ORLEANS LITIOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLLI.M GREEJNE, PROPRIETOR nr I I H. PARKER Commission and Fdrwarta)ng Metchanl, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O deans, Feb. 21. ,JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIHOLESALE AND RETAII.DEALERS IN mnaSmINEs PAINTS, on.S; DYE STUFFS .IAND WINDOW GL./SS, Comrner of Commonantl Tehoupitoulas aterets, tNtW ORLEANS, NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large upply of Garden eeals, warranted tihe growth of 1837. AT MOEE.B l S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Neos. 61 and.63 WATER STREET. TIHE ptareigned, having esttblished themwelcos in SMobile Gar fe p'Irpose of trarascting the Auction nd0 Commirsion buoicets in its variodt branches, beg leave to atrormr their Mrieaus and the public, that, they re now prepared to rereive colltnlr.ents, and mak liorl advances on the same, either for private or public sale. SOlIOMAN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JONIES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. hlobile, Feb ., tao. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SATraa. ABRAHAM TRItE. SLATER & TRIER Forwardilng & comm" l asiotI MleschaLtts. No. 41) Poydras Street, NEW ORLEANS.. They willdehaote their particuhlr atteanion to the sol, of Western Produce. Refereee. Alhijalt Fisk, Ealq. 5 ti ltlanehard, IHart M Shift, New Orleans. A MI Nathoe, nMessrs. Kh, Daron t " .o J & M W,,lliaos, C riggo, Wild & Co.. BaIion, ''h'lo0 Vove Euq. RIbirts rthr s & Co.. I Leveret dc&Tlmllni.. Nev York. V.n Pohl & Me tiill. Stanford &6 Ilais.i St Ltui. Glaogow, Shaw e& i tau. S ltider & C,. ) Htawlev, Page &l Dl nlap. Alt h. A It Skidnlre I vsq. ; It Marshal l ll (o.-.ll , i,,vili- . ELI STONE. I. T. STONE. & . T.. :T ' N . Forwardsng and Csomsainio ielnerchanges, FURINIHERS OF SIIP ANDI BOAT STORES, No. 114 'Tcouri rOULAS STREET. New.Orleans. RelereneEs : Messrs. BALL, BARER & CO. Boston EsENEZER VosE K Co A. B" M.EAc & Co. New York. R. PUTNAM, J & P, HOLLAND,I Cinionti, . WRIGHT SMITH D Cineinn+ti, O. DAVID STONE, Dayton O B. CoMsToct & Co. Columouk J. N. ALDRICH, & Co.. Louisville, Ky \VILIrS, TEVENS &. CUiTtS. St Loui MO A. I. Rorr, Alton, Ill. Wu E. WITHrow, Rushville, Ill. J. dB P. P. F'ARTWELL, Bayvo Sara, La. SOLOMON HIGH. New Orleans. jan 22 DOYTLU & MAi, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONoDLE'T STREET. O0 FIREM EN'S INSUIRo , 1F yRCLOMPANY This Company are now prepared to take RISES AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No. 24AMusson's'Building, Canal street. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15,1838.. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNA'TI, OHIO. Refer to Lyet & Ame New Orlans. Joe. Landis &. Co. N m24 Im ROBERT CLANNON, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m30 Window and Picture Glass, &a. &c. T. W. COLLINS ATTORPEY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW.I NOW practising isthe State and City Courts. Cli Snts will find him at the Clerk's office, U S Circuit Court, in the Custom House buildinlg, je8 A CARD. T HE underNigned have opened a house in this city, for the purpose of transacting a GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. OFFI'E, No. 10 GRAVIER STREET, UP STAIRs. IIP LEVY. T'le house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above name. LRferences. Godfrey, Lanric & Sanll, New Orleans La. I'ecttt f Stillhrd, S h It l Hill & Co, Louir.ille, Kv. John M Gilmore, Vicksburg, 3liss. Ilarper,Carpenter & Co Gra..d Gulf, Mis Muoir,Moore&Co, r tills Lillard, Natchez, Mls. New Orleans, July I., 188lt. jy1l A CARD. NTATIIANIEL TOWNSEND having located him., self in New Otleans Ior the purpioe of tradsacting a General Agency anti oomttistittl business, wtdld re Ispetfully Alieit froml tie public a share of their pa tronage. tlarin. a house i, Texas, he will attendot the truns. aeting ci any business that ncvy be desired ilt tiat eouutry, and will gosroatee prompt and uoreetitted at Itettila to all Ious neso entrusted to his charge, attd i faithful application (in accocdantt withi instruetiun) lof all lundo that may cone into it hands. Office in New "Exchange. 0o o ravier strnei, oplmsite to Rev Mir Clapp's churchl, and nljoioittg Gtksoo'c reuditg rmo.sigo of the 'Lxian Consulate; Inc HT.rleaas, oveabcr :25, 1137. 'Refrences. MOfea Hillero. 24 iso eildin York Bunr tl nASt. ST ET.Ow . Alvar cor Cik, Natc and , Mi: RMASH rt I .ranl L ..--, ,. v Johnyt il'r .t.t • t, .li A :. " t e, Il ,lkitn ill2, .'v. si t t8ts PIREMU'S INISV1ZANCN COMPANY O1) NE.W O)R LEANS, Otfice No. 24: .tsnsron's 3uilIin., GINSSON'S GU . . . . AND DIRECTORY , J1' te , +.atd Lafayette; tor sale bv m'23t,,; cor Camp and ComnOt.Ous. d"SASHt,or Bilk Bonec'--ustt received by . SI BIROt'EIt & CO, jySt 17 Cetsp trtrrrl. TRUE AMIERICAA O@INICE. III connection with this Ofice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASGORTMENT OF TYPE Pamph!cts Blanl Chechks datalogues Bills of Lading Labels. Dray Receipts, Legal Noticcs, Auction Bills, Sill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, Aod every description rfJob lVirih tihat t:ny be reqjnired. , the ,publir to the o tc(r' t. ( n r I , cu.crce them that all york in l-tr.; "t., hro rn, .h.Icl he lone'a tile short ,et ouri , , :-i inuru.-ad in tice city, aml at lthe i i l res t ra. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIlE CITY OF MAew Orleans anud Lafayette WVA$.publiohed on Man .is ; l2t May, end is now for sale qt the ntllttt rlnlum of be publidhe, lti;thaige jtel, St Charles sre t,-and at the KBok. 'ltore iof .Messrs.E. .Johnts & Co.comner St Cterles and Pirinteeic Own Book. T HIE PIRATES' OWN 1BOOK,or elthtnlic near I rtives of thle live, exploits,and rxteetilt, otl ie mnost calborated Sca Rbllhers, with historical sketchls.ef tho Caskoetme, Spancishi, Lolrcne, West India. Malay, and Alpertie 'irates, in I vol., just received, end for sale by WM. M'KEAAN. je;6 eur Camlp & Commnn street. JOIlN OE ~--,.--, nladdle, llarness an l T'ran Manufacturer, and cfr sisher of Militarn Equipments ofeerry descriptin. No 189 CCHOUrITOULAn STREIET. LI HAVING in employ several Milittary Workmlen, he is ready to execute work in tile aove line at the nhortast notice, and on the most reasonable terms IMerchentsI and Pedlars' PacthigTrunka of everylt. ctiption, constantly on hand. a ('aORN MILI.-I. torn mills, f Slalter'as itect, J comnbined. One'man can grind tl.i or 30 hbshes of meal per diem with these tills, and thbey can be at tached to n eotton gin, and are particularly calculated flr planter's use. Apply to (CHAMPLIN & COOPEL, m15 82 Julia street. , ro MERCHANTS. M EICHANTS can have a beautiful circular struck off at two hounr notice, by nalling at thie Orleans Lithographic {tlice,53 Magazine strcetropposite Banks ACKERE-I 35 half bblE A 2 lMackere, fir sale byE "y READ & BARNTtc)I, m'22 67 Gravier Atreet. ACON--O ecask prime rbacn sides, received per B steamer Daniel Webstir, for sale by LAWRENcUE & LEGE DRE, jel 2~l & 29 New Levee [HE subc'ribershae this day associated them. 1 selves ih busncscr, nder the firm of HammyaA" Rcobert.con, and solicit a ceinlinuance of the patrnnacae eCplerien:ed v R I'd Hamevy whileconducting business in Ilis in il . nae, as Geccra l tgent andi Commission Metchant. IlOl1IIIIt' A1 HANNAY' jyl2 IltOiERT' a RI IBERi' ON. LEAF L-ARD-:ItU kgX in. tore, l'or sale by J (I ilORSEc. JYI° *i4 New Levcc. EN iCKY BklGGING--1Hi ts fi ale j HOLME & OIL.,S, jyl IBank Alley. "l"Ues wide for sale bY1 jyl2 IlOLJIES & MILLS, XCHIANGE ONI URK IRK acnk. Allev L AWItENCE & LE(;ENIltE, J12 8 & '29 New Ievee t I' SAM, NUTM.Eii, c--LaT-0 six ncc I tllireltc. potld caddies of Rl, powter alld icmperioal t.e, c:t of ganister itn erial anld g.uttowdert . 2t bhaltl clc.c.t Itl optellholt tONI; Ole ccask c ,tf f lcsh ntlltllege. anil at generel aenctcllcn of c reeririei, fol' cle low by r 1A W1I.ti : t'cc 1.I'G:1 1i. lFl, ointr 'o8 ,r "9 New eve h -)AAllri fcOI LR'o i f Ir lthe I'arih flf New .ran. A PIr-ent the I lolor:Tle :'harlde l1auriwtn Judge, "1 f icnrtiuc ntld o c cc1. Thlile ccsion o" plopiety by the, tticticcct -Ihcehy Itce-pc. lt, tlic Cort Nr t e Mci tlec of their crcciccrc, snd , c iv odered thctl lc mtetiut of coinltcl to rcl.,e.ntel thl'bst ecie t llli erkyctc Extractl fo 'Ol ticc It I;, :.n.- Oie( t tr. .ltrcc i'd c. leTic), accdtl- 18111 .. ..c ETAT'l 'f;l LA 1,0iA)I 'a t.-four do P'nrnise pour la paroirde et Mill de' In Nouvelle OlBnns. P'rasent: 'lion Charles Mnsurin, Jnge W7M Marti et Richard S Yost centre afours e6nn V ciedret leg trhanciets de Mnrtin & Yost-No 11082-10 Anut 1838-La cession des propri6t6b faite par les ptitionnoires ayant 6e' accept6e par la coul, pour le hAnfibee de lers cehaneiers; il eat erdonn6 par Ia cour que lendita crbanciern ts'assemhlerett en l'6tude de J B Marks, Esq, not pub, mereredi, 12 sp. tombre proehaiq, Ipour prendre en considruation ler ll'aires desip6titionnaites et on attendant. toutes pour suites contr sto personoe et sen propri(,t6 annt et ie. menure ospendoe.l. Et d eat de plus erteti qoua Gee, K Regers, Esq. soit nomme pour repr6senter lee er8an. ciere absens. Par nrdre de Ia 'nut. Bureau tiu Grefiler, Nouvelle OrEfant, 10 aout 18.'8 ARMAND PITOf, Gretler. NEW BOoKS. T HE American Ienocrat. or hints on the soeial and Scivil relations of the United Statns. By J. Feni more Cooper. The Two Flirts; or, Adventtreti in a Country House; anod other tales, by Lady Blesielgtan, E L tuliwer, Mit Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mre Gore, Captain Medwin, and others, in 2 vols. The River and the Desett,by Miss Pardot, author of the City of the Sultan. Thie Casket of Gems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wood engraointg by Anderson. Just received and far sale hby WM McKEAN, jel6 cor tn amp and Coume on sti. R OSIN I)PO,4-70 bbls raosin dross, lantling and for sle by JTHA ER &Co, jy 14 74'Poydras street. AVE & SCHAFFER'S C.mpound Fenid Ex tract of Sarsaparilla, for the cure o oluatinate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the facei biles which arise from an impure state of the blood~ scaly eruttioan; p.lins in the bones; chronit rheumatismn; teitr; scrofula, or king's evil; whit., swelling; syphilitic diseases, and all disorders arising lrom an impure steae of the blooll by a long reaidence, in a hot elimate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrupi or In fant Preservative: the best preparation new extant. Among which are the fillhpwng:-Indian Dye. for collring tie hair; Bear's Oil; Rnssiuan Bear a Grease; Pomatum; ichaw's Freckle Waslh: su. rior Pearl Powder; Lily Whitel Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otte of Ruse; Lip Salve; Kre. onite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Deltrtrice; Orange Flower Water; Powdar Pufts and Boxes; Amer. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; Preston Salts; Cologne; Kreosote Tootho .ache Drops; Hair Brushes; English Dressing Co 'bh InItan Hair Oil;--with a variety of othetr Parf meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal aid Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MlOUN'I'AINS, &e. JOURNAL of an Exploring ,our beyotld the Rocky Mountain, under tits direction of the A B C F' M. perl'ormed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a deseription of the geography, ge. ology, climate and predhctions, and the num oer, manners and I intoalis of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A l. '1 he River and the Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and the Chartreuse; by Miss Pardne, author oi Lth t ily of the Si tal, &c. in 2 vols. 'ice Iobber, a Tale, by the author ot Richelie,, lI. Glypsy, At'tla; i;ll vols. 'I ho Two Flirts; or Adventure in a Countlr 'liouse, and othier Tales, by Lady Blessington. E IL Bila'er, MrsNorton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and otlhro; in 2 vols. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nie' ieby, edited by Boa, with Illnstratinns by Pint, No. 1. Just received and foer ale by BENJAMIN LEVY. AT'flNllX - btlet Spani ins Moattis fir uhleby :.'017 Gra'er s ,,,. \,, } i. i --`:,.lr k : l, l :: ¢ , l &, i l :_l"lll :'.'il.'g , A" l ,.' edidt lu l l 11R 'i tat !l\5 i ,Ie u * ir clt S II !- 17-I k,', l lent' Lart , f u rlii g n Iý,, i J Iai.:n, ir l.i , t ianhnat ,lto itch, t.r a .e by i.ALYLI' ,, .t\i2t.U'.G, t" ,." tuHed, at sails h.v WIYSTON & SIIAL3L, je2ll 7 Frmi Levee. i EtON SI' RIP ini I der. eacht for I aleby HEAl. llR kTroV', ill | 7, 11.o6k f 1 laS,. L'.MON SYRUP AND ITICKLES. 10I BOXES emnan Syrup; 145 bune ansorted .'loilPiklee, In quart, two quart dtlI qglalln but. ties, Irom thn mtnntfectory of Wm imbs tood. and Ira h H linkoll, of Boston; luiding froth b, ig Talley. rand and ship Charlesatn, for sale by JARVIS & A'NDIEWS, nll uEr CemnTnt and Tebapitoulans tr. t I,'A r.\1.U eL TOCOn --1800 bae I .l 'Itl.I-IY bags price gleren Htlvata Conaer, Idlg fNroT brig A NDE.a n fTr lle by J. i t .l ~ _ 1 _ATH'L_ )TOWN_ ( "amp a,Vtet. I.)ttilNr; ieb :itvPE-It3., ps Keluckvy luggnlg, .L_ and 11 CailF Hope; a.lso a umall lot of'I'w ina, in stole a, d for stale by J DANIIi.I., 1e)-rtht Cartpl stiret. ,'1 i.\iCIt-2", ltouer lad 4 ueg pllrgeit. Cv+mWg 'Iobacco, Le;tlher's brand,) in -tore and flr sale y J.DANIELI., - eI820 59 Camp streett. I1) OtO IlI-'i;iL-81-tl Inan Ili t8oPee, oa gooa -l. tall, radineg arnm barque Henry, in r ale by .jel " 'rrSt'tý,IN &% AVERY. A .MAINAC:KS tBr 1839.--Jnat rue iied a eelg, ot eul Pr, pie's Aloaanteks tr nd Ciek e lt' tla. o.acks, for aele by D,\vID FELT Ac L'U., Naw York .tationer'a Hall, iejO 24 Chartres -treel. ri ir.XAS FLNDLEI) CF, R1 FICA'htsI and Audi S tot's Draft , or the Treeurv, wanted by NATH'L T oiWN ISEnD, jelli EExaage Hotel; Gravier at. I.JEXAS Bu.-UN- i LAN wnt-ed .te - ATH'L TItWN4END1, jel erltchanger Itotal,Gravier ua-ret. FI0 ROEN'S I NSUI -O-OO O -ANT I lF NEW ORLEANS.r p.OTICE i4 berelv given, that ite bok oalrfuher:ip. IC tiitefr the rneaittlinug sharest f tle capital stork of thit Compenv, were reupend on .ilmndrly, ale 18th tlost.I, betwan the honrs of 1I end I o'clu P it, 'nld relrait oplen )e same hotter of each day lherefter, Until tlhe whole shall bhove renen slntecrilellfr. By order ofl te lBoa;n of Directors. E L TO ACY, Jun ll4tL, 188. Selrearv FREBD. 'WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, , FFPERS his ervnices tou th ptlirc i tale- deparl Snlnent ol Surrening und Civil Engineering, both in ton and eountry. Front clnsidersa e rxnirrntem ii hIris profrpnion. r tll prarolnptras and fidalitr it lie execlution ofl busneiness etruatceld to him. It, Ihlpes to merit and rceive a ashar ofptllie attroianee. I i e ll alon.m~easure and calculate thiet contn~ts o l" walLs+ and I exaevutiOus. Odice NO 8 Charres street, 8UCOhI ntlll" back. j . . NS.ED OIL, in Coaki aInd i, bll,. anri,nt, d l./ ptre article, for sale, whoele nb, at retail;by y JARVIS & ANDRE\VW, Medicine, Paints & Oil I-Dealr,, jell Corner of Comlnmna & I'cbotnitionlnt sie. --3 ROWN SIIEETINGS-.80,IIui yards 4-1 lBro.un SSheetings landing ooin ship Clherokee, snijtable for tne Dlexict mnarket or City trade, tar sale. l.y S'I'E'ION 6& AYERY, jell 88 Gratier streut. SPl, RI CANDLES, OIL, &Re. 2(ý BOXES New Bejaford Spertm Candlles . 30 casks New BIedbird Winter Oil; li'casaka Rooutnll Zinc; 6 boas brown lsaraua Sugar, 101 coils Bale Ruope; 30 pieces Bagging; 6 casks Black Lead Cratibles; 30 casks Paper Hangines; 50 baskets ChanmpaTne 1, inn. For sale by JOdbEPI C ICKAYNE Je8 25 Grittvier street. S' EST'FERN BUTTER-139 kern, ,rceived per 01 sttaqier Vaeldalin, Fro m SpririofielL Illiio, it, superior article, for gale, by SLATER & TRIER, jelg 40 Povdran strert. .ORiK--Romop, -loitesM rand P O, for side by jet 1G DORSEY, 44 New lcer. P VEKMI Oi., ICANUTLEB, 0c.30 caskas ew lA fýPrd Winter Oil; ;L11) boxen dr. do Sprce Candles '0 casks roofino Zinc, lil' boxes Borstn aloll Candles :300 sheets Braziera' Copper. In store, for sale by JUSEPII CUCKA'YNE, np20 25 Graevier areet. EAF I.A t.l--U10, iegs in .aire, for uant' by . Ii II,RSEY 44 'in' t.,I . ,. I,\'TIi i'itIC.A'I'UIONS. ' .- "!6,;3'l:AS¥Y: beino a new itroudl tu:rion gallne. I!, ( ,.re Walker,, Teachern of Chesr Uncle Ilrace, a novel, by Mdrs S C Hall, author of Ohketches of Iristh Character,'l'he Buccaneer, &c. nt 2 The '-pirit lof th Woods, illustrated by eo!n'ired en gravings, by the authorof'l'he Moral of Plowers. Finden's Views of Portsaand Iarbours of Great Bri thin. Flora's Coeme, or the Trenaures of the Parterre; I1 bnqouets,drawn eds coloured from nature, by James Andlrew: nith poetical illunotttatus, by l.ouisa Ann '~' onmlev, author of The Romance of Natnre. A ilossoary of Tenonrm used in Grecian. IRomon. Ita lin,, an( Gothic Architecture; the second edition, en Irgecd; eaempllified by. 510 wtred eaus. Adrloek's Englieer: Pocket Book, for the y, ar 1833; with an Almanac; by Henry Addock, Civil Engineer. Works of Lord Bacon, with al introdai.tory essay, rnd a portrait; new'edition, complete in 2 vols. Bi-hop Iuroet's Hisltry of his own Tone: fiom the rerlrationof Charles II. to the treaty of peace at Urechl, intnt e eC.n co Queen Anne. A new ediitiom, with hiLiloricalt n n,tea; omlete in lne volunte. Jult received and for sale l N WVA) MeKEAN, m.1 eur CaImpanilCoT.oaaooo e. Hi1EXA UNEY-- For sale byr J T R HYD," & BROTHER, jea27 eor Comnmon & MaP.azin. t + LOUR--I lfbbiaaeur17tnia Flout, inndiuc an fi L ale by S PE'I'SON & AVERT, je'7 83 (iravier treet I LOUIt 0 . b POIK.- -i00 hbll Flour, 5 0 h"u , -eclela LM oes M.O.. Prime P. O;, Rumpa It Ptouldera in store, and for sale by jell I.AYET & Al FIU.ING. HInSdIEY.--l300 bilo rectilied (Pollen's b foa sale by O. DORSEI', jel2 44 New Levee. ORK--500 bhls. of all qonlities. just inspected and will be told below tihe quotatione, ly Gn DORSEY, jest'2 '44 New tLevee. UTTER-30 kege fresh western tatter, for ia t. ap 18 J I'tIAYER &CO. FNRANKLI I t IR>YZART SHE pnhlic are r espectfully intitnr ed that t insci tution is erected on the ie tat inlproved pilha, and ia an airy and nmoa amirable mt1atioa, in the fouhonr3k Franklint upon the railroad, one mile froma lthp Mlisia The buildon in large. and mosteonmmodiously diviled into apartments, br keeping separate different claaoes, and dliferent diseases. The institutit n is supplied with the most skilful and attentive male and female nuases, and speaking tlte va rioas modern langunges. Private rounta may be had by gentlemen at five dol lrem per day, including attend:ace, &c. Terms Il the oralinary wards, two dollars per day. Slavee alsm two dollars. Small Pox in, the ordinhry warde,'five dollars. All capital urgical operatioans extra. The resideat phvsiolat is Dr Woeddetnan, to whom ap. ication fato nalmisios ust be Omade, or t IDr C A LlHe nberg, No 17 Rampart street. 0a121 IV LEAs LARD-6-00 kegnin store, f ur rale y Je9I 44 Nae ILevOe. UlR t)l .'a. [wIEGO IORPHY, Pofessnor of I.aganguel, is now r preparbd to receive gentlemNel, who iay be dib posed ta spenrd Rn art of thgit leisuao houDe dle ing the Aumnmer. in acquairing tie French, Spanish, or slaglish I.tatcllnna. brach gemnlemen will have a separale hlouuatfrtn 4 Lt 9 o'clock, P. M. N. B. 'retanlotinas oldls aits Usual. Office, 67 Char tree all 4 Bieavllle streets. je2.-Iw - - -NETT' EW 3W i ----K ... RHE NATURtALIT'eOWN1BO0OK-mppTrieing J deecriptioans aatautllentie anecdlotesof Quadrup eds; seientifically arranged nacconlian to the tlstmU ( do Cuonet by the atilnr of tile "Young lartsn Ow;n lock!h TH.E NATURAL HInTORY OF INSIECTS'-la two volulhe.-vol 2,forminal no. 74 of the "Famaily l.i branry". A digeet of the I.Aw of 0.ntEscc er c0cEs -byHanty rttecani Eene . id, taoteo alnd refennel s to Americin deciion eaind to the English eoniosa law and Declesiastical reports by George Sharswmdl. On DIA*NOSIS OF DisE.css of the CHEaST-kaoed l nu. ion the caneavisar . f their physical aad general aignaa, by W W Gerllard, aM I). PRINCIPLnES OF PATHaLGTY, AND PenCTICi OF PHrstaC-By. t Jl lllMackintakt, l It., froall tile laot L.tin don editila wilth niotes nd auddtiosna, y Saean' Uaeo. lMortcn, 1 1), it12 vol's. T'InoE AelRHICAi t. l..U1h ben icrEIW--NO 1 6 for Decemaber 11183. Just receivced awl fr sale hyi 1aai Wat MIcKEA'.cornurur ofCrana a.l Ca. s L.EA L.. l.l-- 4Of Ia- I.,o, ,ha.l, :aoa t a teamboat ,rane,'l Wayne, for sulekby 1y LAYEI & AI.I.tLUNJ , ]y^ i? ,;.:,olnerceat el, i t.s a Iauit ,j olbtnl Wdnvn'; fr ,-tlov i LA YE ' I & .alt I,:ll.( , ij". 17 o l ralnere street.a ' alaout 141t loags, lntitg at larr.lltlu. iaf rale b lT t )iE & I.)I'IHELI , j) c odr (ICautun & Mltnzie streets. OLUUtR, WHISKEY, PORK & Ii! TEF-118 thbla 16 slIrfinb a matiltl i.o tid ec , ; it hils e ,t .abn ... n46 blbll recltiied wllis;.e; 7 hbbl .e++e ,not I2) hlls Iarimie ipork; t'hllas prIun be'. ; tb' : -. -r-, of a ltal boat iur acle uiow,-t close, by LAY!fT 21 : .1':.115(9, _ jy i" , m:tnw+rcSatrelt. S.l' i-3' ttues (1U Ioxt+.eac'h) itahe alt, tri salee ? bly RIiAt1 & HAtSTOli', ,ti 7 Hauk Platce. i -,i. 1.\N CEMEN"rT-tor sale by iI RLAIU & IB.IT-''TrO1 '. jylt 7 nBak Place. AG. . tn-.510 ps Ientucky hatgigi, fir stle by L) READ & IBAlSI'IT'V, j ot 7 Beatuk Place. Sh1.Y 41AMS-74 bblscanvassead Family lan o' utericor qtulity, ltn lini fcatea aombloat Mionareh,for sale by LAIYET'I & AEI.l.UNt. j.26fi 17 Commere street. ) (O8tN-75B barels llicrint, htlding and far sale ')v ..a J I WHIT- at, NEW MUSIC-Fha Wore a wreath of oaeE; rllen d i Tree; Look forth np' fireat;Tshettar Spirit; Uome sag your lesaoni The fl2th that nigh; list thI lay ot t Ie Gnadoiie , The lady lebave the banquet hall; "a oeeaou'a midtgH.l review. Just receivedo ald flr tile at B CALSE1', ap24 Piditoforte and IRVING'O NEW WORK &he. r1I E ROCKY AOIUUCTAINS--Or . eear,, incidents Utod sdventtrea in "the For eal ,,"digestel fr on, be jorullof Cu.lluin It L I, Bonnevlle, of tlre Army o te n 1 Rtied S.-Ile, etll illustrated flon variola other ,lurcee by. Wmaklio oi Irvian, in 2 ol.. i 'i t V I'hIi lF' SOCIE'l'Y-tiy tle Cootntet lof Ittlersic lmton, , n2 4'in. Just received :aed . i"f dole by W .s ,.hIot-'l:AN . asx, tiu llrhber. HleaPe alt IsNdIlU(oue,. edt ever, other artihl of ltatioere, .r tIe reeP beat quulit, eon tanlty on hani and aorr ink byh )AVIISN ,FVLT & CO. mill N Y Strthwor'r H til1r 28 Chartr, or. f HI t E 1i .VAA Syl U(liA--, boat ullor Ooi [ ti'o o mehr Tecse. fior atle hy tna 21 sI.ATi'teR & 'I'RIeR,40 P+tclras zt "IEXlA n 1 IUNEY-$t18LI f'reneury .noteo ha-r o . bi T R II 'I E & BKII'HER, av'28 '3 9 Common. ear. Maroozin at UIAC-a hlR ds i e, filr sale hv am ( C)mt)RStY,44Newrl.rev. --40 taasks Cincinnati Cured, irn mirte, otr - csle,qty G. DOit Y, jet8 41 New levee,, . uIjURU-4m11, hlni sIorr,tfor sale h i . e .. jel8 .( In)ORoE, .4 New Love,-. .AFA I.AI)-sOlS kegs, in fine litiing rder for isahei by G. 1i tsiErm. jel8 44 New Levee. ,]rACKE1EEL, LI M E, &n. V ' 74 bl'. tmackerenl, nos. 1, 2 an 50 hallt brrelse meekeral, 0os I o nil2 112911 casks oflime, 211 hmlllet hoy, 51111I P feet hlotlr, lw.eine loto brig e inlaldo and frt ,nobr, s J 17 ,.I EbrTSON C VHIY'I& CiO. TIliSUT' receivedlorl Ilte arrivals from New YVok, sP h'e-h andl faionlahble esartmelutrf IiA'S. The subscrilH +r would partieularly cell tlhe ftilleti of the llic t, ttle of beaverlttsl oif tt u tpuri-,,l feoljh, Ii.,e tl ftler, tie , I1d beautiflol Ilos re; ull. to t lie pl:..1. 1,au i tlli nt ou'I stlllrioOr quality lalld a.. s r. solltet, . fatI oellll Ul ll. h lll f, h i . J 4V i101101 n\,.14 Conol,,etert. N. It Cit ... rn. ouy, letryo.fuir Ir. i o ,,nie,, ll. R-- l Il -l8, 'T'obacco, and . -. ,,f l' ,..,;,+,iu,7 Stuier, No. 277, Cau,: dc:,ct, Newoo-MIrl,,-, wisles to infm.or l;s triendtlad tlhe bllloic ill gelll:ll, th btei loo (oepcared to oldhni l" alo , tll, in I allos husin esS, mld oais co lStantly for afe tin lullouo ,'. . afllicles: SNUFF9S. Rnose, Cerman Roppe.a Molowdle, Eoglishl Pri : .ltegent A,,,.cicat. Rappee; Ntathito'.hes, Imitatedl , Ameicnl geullelt:m's, Bergonot, I hloatIt Rapjpee, trishl Ubmkgtlardt, t. baan , C tlcoa, Il'oia, - P'respaishl, half ourase lltalne, Scotch, anol genunle tooth powdler. T'OBAaCCb. Flnde cot bhewlng, Solted ao tlain. Iaine eut smoking, of variotu qualities; Riltlub-ut Vioginio, Spanishl, oe. 'i.e haloteuloliclesareall wm1t-ao.tedlasg d, If'otaso terior to a00 tiling of le klin, importeldl, oil ill w r furnisleo'dl to ele on thle most liljeralter'n,a. lt, of Nem Bedfod Sperm Cdlsa Inn, l tandig o ship Kentucky, ani for stoe Iv S LA1WIIENCUEio LGECEINDIt,, jet ".S v.9 New l.'v<, B ILAZIP'.t COt'PEIiK-100ilteetobrazicer co07n)1 weighinog ten pounds rlch, ii store nond lir alte I, SAM UiF:t1 I..OCKE& t&t.. to 8 Frollt Leve., between Custom House ao d i,,l in. e #ilP. streetsl. jule d New Orleann lnd UarrnlkNn ini Reed Arr augeul~ rilta for ru nninlg t hle orn f olm thii* lller Floo Cotooei.LTool FROM N'EW (IRLA.oE The horgcnr aide'ol'b AM Sirteam car at 7 A AI Mtenlocar o,6 do do do do an rr12 do do intnn:,Iý ateantolr 9 do P A1 do do5d do o 4 do do do 7 Ilo dit, i de do dIn do i 9 ddo d.. do 8 do do TIhe Jacksooorn strIernt C nd Ioodlor lb, half ioorl o'.lock, A 31. conal stilee at n o'cho:k A 1, aod ron jlllc tolorlY ot o'lok. 'lisoe coiowill Li oiii 'iIeIl runnillng ryhall hour, food clontinualhreooglou thie duo until7 o'cloh, P Mi. 'Ie oeariooit'iirot fur he Lo Clourse srreit core Io golor itr oeJacksoln street. I'.' eAlUif 17(lb'EE, og oco. hb.g-18I, rosioed I 1J er [prig Star·, inl stolre~frlr sale by· SLArI' & I'RIER, ofdS 44ll, yIeoydr o.n CCOLOGNhE VA'1'TR-llireetly iiele"rtrel lromi ( logoc, by H IIoNNA8,I I. cor Natehez anod 'oboplitonluo oais L0 1'The genuinoelos f thlle ilrtile ioplroel b the aotograjth of the loociooloerr,Jcbhacoftleio Ferio,. A 1166271T BARlGAIiN WI LL be given in00 choioe Paroel of 21o31312IIL ý' C1.6'riiiNG, toeloooo a coots:gooo.ot I'er sons sixbin" eto pcrolacr ore iited to call and ex" oline the rca-e, oo the office of NA'rll'L TOWNSENVI. jr21 Eihoeungo Hogell, 6.ovier at. `\) t311llbi ijl teloledine, per fit,o 0010aut jri3 44 New Levee. nn ALA~IIA WI.N27-Swoet ooo Ilyr. Mudlo'o ( Llin qr caoho cod lodi o hblls, eoit eodo debulolto furs.op by REAL) & BAIl (3(11O jr7 -67fir 50 CASES wri onoi, emgioocdor, 3ocog hlooo 0101 lfhneouc116 iroinoooio lntl limes M It Mllsagil Ruismns 110127,11f do do do. '1l1 lige primel g2een Halonoa Cofeoa. 241 poxes i erh tlav unta Sweet M eats. 301) boore Tolione', ouerior Choipcagoe Cider 2L75 aoeo IBeIoroon Clnrot. 311 eager rolorior Jld Port Wine. Li do do ' Sherr, '.pdipes old L P Tedorire. 311 khego pole (lorlhn Hotter. 511 eoils .oHillo.Cordoge, nsrorted slero. Olllsdotarred d, . do ilo. 114 dozentl suprieor Corn Brooms. 5d~begooroorted Noiln. 511 kets Nol2, White Lend. Ili etce Winter Sainol Sponr Oil. 1ti lionel Neow !Jrdlirr pero, Coodles. tufthornes Boston No rISoap. 311 hboes Freocrh lreindr CVIfiee. 21) hboxr UldOrwood' tPickrlo, coeolttd. Iii hla Armerb'h 15 bdilo Amicarlln Branody. 5 qeooobLt Ioeoboay'o Port Wice. Suone. Itottrr, Water oiid Soda Cmrberr. Iroioo Ito NorvoyBaH d odoloufeired by the Paltelt iltrlln IL,' iilioll uely olcod, togethor with a ogenlral uolUI~llo t of iieoermoo, wholesale aRn retoilit'b *ZACHAR[l & HiiOTIIEn jo 27 76 1143 Lover orret. N15207211D1 OIL-500 gallonrheor Cnrogiliah Iin'il L oiI,noo laoding froi brig Willin1m, frill,,~j~u 12001 gallonsorebiign and oltlhero Ipltolnriol rd :iul'iiI oil, in csks anld barrlr, in oiire, ollil fol oli lowut I,( JAItVISL t ANIIRE\ s, io7 o"r Conolilo &'l'coilltiill UAlJ I'-ddl0lblnco No Iriloli, birllilinoJooloo 1100,1 lau9bding from brig Willoinfre odle y ISAAC B1161111a 7 ,t jy7 1:i-I )n1 i logoia." *Irt. %L E h 2071' I 71 011 hoile b 0ttrop, of oji..ii qu3 90i11y7 foiroale b ISAAC BRlIDGE&Co jy7 131 1(1 a-' I)ORK-215 blilo o Mesri d /'ripie 11 0 11,d P U PoIrh, for oile lw Iby (16 LAWI612E & I.FlF.N DI'iE jr11i 28. and 21 ) ood I271 N P"I nALE AIorIi': 3y Cantes: u bi.oxe 0ch: f1111, - it -' ore e malt, fo~r sale byy READL & IIAISTIIW, ijlily 19 7, lliik Place. , .LOUl(1-:11:, bii. s, ib I hag fr.,ll e'raillin~n Jlibh Mi'511, bir 011l0 by . UlWl1112r1 jyl' 410No Levric jU lIlCE-'thiio~,r~e 01 in pi~on i'se (Ii stjck tooh (If lleooioI. lriil, flail & . & 110, will llltoullne to tr01100011 iVl.iele 10U1 oIr ail iil hmLl Hin-iln Bulnelsoc. Ile ha s III a aoiii gUnleta nIIIr oillr l otfdiroon b iOoTTIE~r ooricllb Ill lilrolii rrt iiI I OllullfllTlu tttbonl SiltllOiatsltlli iltlr l Rclorl ia ,ehi uilol"lo 11ormr to'lle',ll, cud the jihlio.iII g, to. 'Card; O011N CIlR'I'IEhIl.u hueoiilrd frin No, 1i Nloll Lever t, 7 CoiInouio ditrli 10471 Lv o L iourt'c Lie uto Waller Scoltt, &c. l R'r 7111 .ndl4oto, orLoukIrlti0 Life si ii 1'111 ' S1 LOtt. Love, by tho anthier of l'llrtiaioo 1110e Ili-urrcd, \r, in12 vioa. 'Ikhe.. Wirek of Wooliiot ,to Irvlig, new elifiun~ors; II.1 coid 1".. l'he Amerioin Jeornal of tho (rdtliiel Seiietrp, No 13, lio, Moy, 6163. Jiioi reeioidoodforool by WSI 11,-27..IN Also, a firiber sroplloif .(lice, or tIhe bile·r~irt ; It -go alto ere[ llnt~llri. LIt '1.bylUPjll b: 001* ) b 1 1 . ItA 1 l, ii? (denlire crcci. huell-ll~li Hr oeII li e O I~~k 3 111 1 li~ i itrpicteId lurk. for stil I wv .3 11 ,u 1c h' ll S!'il'Y-2(1i b1,Io" tlfli c Imlieil f06lhiugl tyt f 71 Poyilius (troet it 0 corho of lhomii to iot i1 ('1):i.-1: & IXU Jy I4 1i Clslooolhotisolrele C n. s by f R BR0''1ER irrl .l 3lxgax.", ".. C' 1 ii ill~l ololl oell r il~ ll je36~rg R;\II ri ieu )'uin&I. NEW PtJBLICATIONS T .tFE inLondon, or the Day enld NjJ e. e i . riy Hawthortb, .E and C,.nit ona, W ! ..o paled by Ilob I i, de, trhe' il fttbjr"ne m - hia'jnt rob gh n tigsb diV is, by Pie n rl.a i, in r ida . 1. Viwia.n (Grvey iu Mo, n hn'fA.aliý , vhi: Ju st rece ive tlfin 'le at ll t orlNi p int Ir s'ie ky ti by t 'in IfIn iladnei, hill l vt J'if ulnrn m t i f?! i s N I.. )ett Ii ;an It fbor Fai + & m nit! IdAAC JT jier aup I$t n ra/6 $rv Ir e f ' j4i dtr4,, i' e h ,,t ~ ] fr msna l o rebiy .t ehnlt Sio he m.t: i me ew to sho soev tn avrid the e .a h aer : o ,hf ir . urise innrl e t il relh r in hr ir I i're ' " I 1r h lllDt url v Ing t ie n etl r m on h.. t 'li~ l l . . .I lh Illa S hl o ........ ", n i it .. . t.. in n II.. i fru ilu. fI q'L i's nlrd' I |n ' il~llln l lill nii It ' In t ir ffiill.l 4ltiT i ti r i , Iir Ir ,llii llnni t n. ii c ullrl In"i'lll .lllv , nnit Ir cl" ha i ijipl i w ,.i< rn-l-l.pnil l.J/il Iiit /h Ib.l ,, ,f (', .......ibhl ll . .. "eI ba . thlIn54 y an ft~i.,. ' il,. lllnii i l, i,.( dsn.<.irait i' I i lt nl tre f i l' iueill . [IIln runt Iii' hli'; iv<i-.] nT Y1. ii i tt I "I' . I I'I'.i I u p rnu llnelt Cnl riiti .hiil,l !A#n; ,Ir. 17.'1 }Arh nrlr · iin .'"i i'll -l th I it i t f, ihe .l'hu vt:p .l. . l in ll- ari I en .ll lFoi lIf it r lhln lth llel(ll lilm le..f Dli ;l tunic h (·:l [lrr( n ln l h n nti le 'ni h ll ir. e. h , A il minim to reeeil nt belt.'. Ci nr. rii iii "'filAnth thii Ii I-li-u-lu'' ithe reiniiinuug'rti~lniniiiyl r l n ike ,+i:,h Ir:lvprod e reerii, a h ll vlI A N iItW'uh e wlh [I . l " a 1 " " lle t \lo 'l' I ,ig- ' - TII " alubserilbr llrip'htan to ibplish. i h e ri n lth e. gillmllr lIthone . .tder, a C(ond.n..i n a.' 11h twn'ty vollllaR. o netlt fld and NIt .s of Mlartla'a Louisiana RIports, to iao cnmprided i' four lvnolml. 1tIR.., according to the mnodel if Ptors' Cotndensed Reports. This w.ork .in now in, prep:ration hby .. urton I Iariro,n. Eaq., of" thlli city. aosistea by Witiam F. I Itrand, E.q. Tloe Editor is also 1(lrsa'tte.i h ah Ilis itignuithod retired Judge of the Sitprnem Court; and by onl of tilhe ittang Jiulge, to expect from their pIrano it uparvOision all the advantage which lay naturately Ir rratdi from their axperiane. Such a work i becomling evory day nimore no ressary. as the original is voluoinoua, ex1penaeNe, and careao. An inoereaing curionily ton an,.oni' tost, in the other Ptaton f tlhe Upion, ie reonono it tIh li'cnllar jurisprudence of aotneuno; a ia l I'e circumntenncll of the nulmerhnn pr,.eiplehs here do. eided in the adjustmont of a coflia n t la , l tjkits the knowledlg of our ndjauged e;ls of i tt lity to the jori-ta of tthe whole rtoiei i. at Yele. ItiI rising ri.piblie ,f Trexs tuh adnoltt d I*ar ndtae, anl 1 Ills ,re is a great deonnd flir the Loatialant doecisansa from a ftri.l quarter. lConventient nlotec, indicatilng the phr~all)ieaep' decided in Louiaiana, and oinaama.nally thoian ia.the iltorn atluthritaltivo forlirs oa Ithe othilr $teh' twil le adulc to each cane. 'I'h, work will olirm fotli olu'me,. royal oetlvn., and will lie de,livered, hiounnt, to sOlloneriloars, SI per vol.; inll :ae it s tmnltI Iha' fiound lifacti4l to omiaproos it into throau voluios. tl.d.ida .nb. acribhr. will te .$7 per vol. Subscriptionll received by WM McKJSN' je5 ' cor Cuatp and Guootryu it. y i rhi. lt i i ita ve, prm r on Plaia t g . Iniule, flolt thU ci.i lit ir et I bY T 'I' it 11bllt.& b Ri7THE ~~ m'9 . 19 C.lunim at nler .Mof zine r t. illitlELIAhs &. PAASOLS--5cllo eos.doe is I alg .gili.otal. aa i .of A-dl.ntta (.i.. a im rellaa t l'uiaroaola, land ag GaCtri ll uqlida El' ml'n e.t y, I .'1 \ t IHtmitI & CU, 1s1 ih ag-aibI 01 '1 'i lis' 1411-, tundrh Ii , P 3l TI N·r-e O t, Suldknms' inmenlltlel, tierllatn fendloe pliht, hlikr t K re- ,t 01 a n .,.-iu, Ihaun ofHCu l nihu a'" &r:e c .c: lal ila g l I Iort . le Iv H tIiiNtlA,.I SI Il c( :mI ':i l ' n';( .ql c r let:, il hbl 6 ic .',, : . If/l ylty. A l i i Ity Ih I " It.l & MAP - I o atI a i bllo- lel; II- . l . , I l' i . CI i a id It -rniia i ! 1. b. it ilr., f e., r tf, na; for -nle bys S ... ',I I',-n, a itnody mbb. 0 A m,.o d ,u i h ,.i i 'a ,d thin i. do:; S hit , tljll lit ni l d iif' , Iau; lw la t inr , 'w tei t I fr ltrv, in qry arks ati o ,i) ia ti blalI , ( i p dllre~ odenr , i "fitor ',Jor-< s b lIhL f & t Ulll - iiiit Nti, l U117gunu i'oiiinem rrt. Ijl7.lo, 17,11-111 .i i~llmoA ti ilSitrd c t eot _i. h'l ,iltl tlll h ltt tl ltt I bI n, l gera I di la a Str i, hau it boaeai ourIt rftiidl int oan, "'aorlo hf ri '1 trL -L 1i AlErf .1.t ll l ,f ' ily7 e11 tcrtiP9 . l ot.olN Nw si Illi 1 | o r.eta i JI barlll t! i , ill prll , pi nrder, in nll elell r all l by L A. -1'l d. <t E.UIW I 0f iE 17 'ioi Al ill rt ly a oa. ' 1 ,WnS-hi lhhJt --. linlen id b*leha+nl bumh , :Iieoir 'ihi ta Of Iblis, ll aal"r.el dlO ipt up Ior oI', 10 I ailt.£ a 11eiir artitlhe, in alirms rf'laei by r ea ll hir h t'ah i t IT. t E -i&iY klllelgr t. !ivI ' r a I i a sl i ti '1T1arg a ae I a i llt , '0 a al , i mi i Ut a, . I .ht, &lti . "ltIt t , It H iny? ' 1iP dItatA ract. 'all al euldllla our elxetiivt rtth, astlea or retail its. 1, AVID) I };L'' & U(o..,} 1peW York 7tultiuear'e tall . I LAtlti.-- 1.hablitatangloint-,nao MutrvsE.. J TIHAYIR di I .a l ier id nitras, i eat .ale by .Jy66 dropl'l L Y & Cur S"'li1J .t'tIt E alt&e a, ,ma _j y - 7 4 P o t S ' s tre e t - A' 1-. ,a-k: /-ta; ,.lia. front entaer f saltea Iti afr l lltof ¥, eIA ! -- -- . L i r, IE i t . c.oii ls ao p 't-a _ s1 l at hui ,Oan i tiaril' A tl ti T_>

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