Newspaper of True American, August 21, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 21, 1838 Page 2
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COMMERCIAL. I .180.0 y'ý- etla i ,rye S..IS ltabda..a1. AOu :....14 ........W C.a i.u.t1, S Lu laA...........15 silk,.a.......fa. Mo41 YR .10 ........ 13 laud.. July .. . 0 10 . . 1 a e .......... ...II Y!I (IihM)-Pwin et D.Iaaaual..aatpa r.adroy ha.. Nl p.lakd I. m, oaf..aamlat. A AS-h kll~l II..* ma.. and gor0aanwa 4%0~n~ H~ll~ Oftim psqIS, 14100P lae aa :tt m- aa.'4 plan. 1M Uw. 00arlama . ,utu [r. t10a.. .pr paab.. Sin aarlIcr W da1Mme aalaua. 10 ado. pia Ir.o. is I..a4a0'd 8050.1. d ato. O,_ 0040?~V r·;,r laew.a..w 15C alur.. alloa . ' = Sw~elb lLII' I us ubw n rr Rand., a c.u - . e..aaoga: 2Inaom iM I ..ahapig J.r Tt.. tO 1 .1 b Sh. a.21p W ltoa.A.. .1 ed saaa. . S. en8~O itad. inW sstasln al. A. nab pd M J·l puck.~ lM.P4Wl~Iat 13 1,5. yaa a. At m1l4.TDHall. i..cup: awkl awacheudist ,\ro " I--- llp*eCI ruu..17 bLd tobacco, L Y2a .WIlS a~ma nb ta h 1a; lltdaye buter. C Ha MUHIIOX AIOIIA. · I..... a m19 n oitf Asm 0.haaaa. llaal at Im I chlaG a 1. IW Twehelh .0Cp I'w.pae in Ga,. I70e.y H 1`~ISS mu Caotelia D OG 1 a' ". w.bat. Olifiisa Semhl, hois (itasir Ga gu bels.i Motfa, P0Hrllpes, 8pok Lls 267l, lonlg,,. lb~m W maled en the 12th io-lefataa I. - 'tM $ *.kyý c lan I. h river, to SOON aft I Lenin Agl..t ItU. at hest(-pa '12**nit 111 th New Orleu lose* in .nrl, laid no. water t r. eke. mar at 2 fO(W )th (·I· 121Core r ier~ t. me neema.l; m :Mat hod . win Ba fr. issouri bab It -P&at bov Columbine ISlb, mat Corvette MIelat, met aman ship N."teru ·8eve 10.0, e6 mer empl ., belo (stead Gait, Rieni at Ra %RitrrWt to Ld ,*171, t m elo Dim.ldroarill on arearntt of 111y the Jlrl at the tt at Pmaideul. t.. part l N a the Se lma, 8Lt Louis, Ywti... Alton. 131 ett, lY mfyn)( p..,,.., W L IHoheroa Alysrtia. rud ý TM'p m.{\'rel te willbe te outbut b g. w doo NOTICE. hIlt Ue.partuarhrp heretolhre existing in this city ..-Maaew t the resubeeihera,under Ite firm uit' Lnn, )welnyl r .Cao., in New York, Laidlaw Ig ou., add in A:IS&W.Ils. Van Wyck, Laidlaw Uo., is disaol ¶ _A.uJael emoauient. John Laidlaw, Peter S. Van W..andtlTb nuta W. Vann V Wyk are utheriGed to -islli Name nfitheatl in liquidation only. JOHN LAID)LAW, ANDREW LANE, PkTr.R 8. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN W bCK, RNw Odeans, aug. 18th, 1838. CO-PAlfhEnSHIP. 7k u'e hrlbpra hare formed a cup artnerehlip in tIn ndity uebla firm of Van Week 4 C,., aid in ae Crk rldr the Irmn of John Liidlew 4 t.o JOHN LAIDLAW, PET IK S. VAN .WYCK, S TOMAS WV. VAN WIlK, a-lu-I81M Casks au. in6 Goo abia Lharleý t' m11a. Thammnaete , belhowtajail nud, forale by a &J P WHITNElI'.Y, ang18 8 Coti at ''ILiJAM I DOCKER It MICHAEL REAN, if ~ aaj erleaet in he tity, are requested to call at tnb nie o Tetian Contsulatl. NATH'L TOWNSEND, oT DT. i.A tl ! IAN E-ninoe de Prine e ia Pnsionme et Villo de In Nuveelle OrlCans Pe4usu Plne. Cdharles Aurian, jugs.-No li62- S'unm cnta enet a r nciera-Suu wotlion de Mr ear, aveenat de adnam Louise EuEbnie Decdeai. e, 6pune da Abraham .\:a.e. an des creanciere dudit r"alrable, phouvatt a laour que Jueles McEnn,, er yagt eommiper lea cnnierrea I'in.mlvable airne acrildn11,. lieruellemrnt refuli d'accepter I ervadi. ati la derelt pa Ir tour qu'nne notre arserbhkle L ei aSSen elr la.n eamedi le tu de optembrle pero radini bureau d ' ICe(;n, inot l)ab, pour dl(hlk. err amu len afair ddil itnolvable-Extreit de amin-. ia.-Uunsn dou tirlefie, Is tent 1818. laen.t " A M. t.UYOL,Creflier. " Jl...-'7 Treena freh lenrt Rice, landling tf.o SbeltgChrlnoetun, and in euitr, lor e:hl Ibv LAYE'.T & AMeELIN(;, eagl 17 tComamerce ntreet. M Oll I .AS M bhls rilas.tes in torm, for sale by LAY.T '1 AMELUNI;, h 172p Cnllll .rCre treet. 11$--16 baeds Cinienreti begain aid,,, intIong Afkremalby LAYE''&A&IELLNG, ug18 I7 Coummercer streert. AIhUAL'I)Y OF TLW ORLIEANS. l n m ee of flah four to-day is $7 5 mr bbl. ee. t erg ig ttrteari.rlhe kers shall grve during Iaie a wel, (froma Mlonay, kth int.,) 37 ou.ces ltabitaiu. Bread of l. rereondq Olityiare. to weigh . par eai. namer, vems: 4 h anle. C. UENOI, Moyur. a og. III 1810. WING Uiih- iOn e ii h s a uper i rt mut of ReAm. & oela' reuperior water col..r IpCtMlo' 1, 2, 3 & 4 trow;r Whatman'e superior papPer, alf all ame, ena medium 18 and 23 in lk etigbar nlian d 50 inclhre.; also, very, tpe ' aihrdel, C 'l'. hirand Msable Brushebs, 1.0Ilac k.d lwnbhl,Lamd permilt. &e. sPera ib Jy D FELT & CO, l R IaI 8W ar'e Hall24hnartrne. I NK AN a upetrier ltit , kata s. ti orsoa tersey dfphlan and ct glaIe, Log Sl~elmn'a lpalnst uanlagI hrouse pewter Ink eari, my a aearly o pattera. Also, a aEaorteae of rana Ink aL.mdieale, lome ne rtylageru. letslale by D PELT & Co, 4 N Y $ "r'a Hall, 24 Chartres. Sd im pating paper, aome very low priced,and .mi x Alne qUality, lns.ale by : e D FBI.LT & CO. .,,s 5 N V .4aldear' Hall, 24 Charetr TOLET. A comfnurtable rall dwrelling in Borone bl wer n Gravie.radCommon. Suitr . sbe e a omall lemily; Enquire at 21 Tchunp L arLNls & OHIO maleUfr lIby Jl NIATH'L TTOWNSbEND, jesl Exchange Haotl Grav er at. . ftle by CIASK & DIXEY, .4 6s GCusearae street. Win n or caesksad Indian bller, I to debenture, N LPAC'IcA UIE'Ie 'Ibncuo--11qt bnse , a 2Is Il l paiud lumps, of'*Aioul bends rnd quasli teea lit Lra o by IIAAC BRIDGE & CO. a_ _ 1 t 1:14 Magazine street Ba Barrels oufLima; 25 A 1ee He y,land e d h rfm brig Caroline, mna far .ale Iby LEVI H GALE, natl a 93 Common street. ela. aa tb , .n. l bola. in. 3 Mackethl, landing lJ. Iriom s o)hipqtr iouererleby aigelt TTETsON ki AVERY, 988 lmadrier itree M LET until leat Norvmbr. nea t- the elegant )waliag arem, No. 17i tt. JalTh tlrets. * ia LN. ad4 Peyda satret. jyl9 OMn Cll tli': (a; d)l)s--lawme Cr I& - Eleav, ,bmrnlreetiuea. Jackson &'oaSt e idl brown, ah9alage. LoeaILOrNo. I&2 I w,,ii eaton. Fir-rl L'rtTEItN IS AVERY, n4- kt GnCreer nrcee OIMe IeOelER, a Tatle, by thie aahler of'Rich' Setlia,' 'Xhoe Gipaty,' Atila,' Le. is 2 elh. Tee Loc .o, a Cunedy, in li ante, by Sanree Sheridan Knowlen, author of 'Virginiua, "1. D1lihter;' ,o. &ca n o { lh.a..J, in fiLe aoct, by Tlteae Noon tElo mle 4 editioan. ematis Aalo Ma.anlt nl AunteCA; by.Harriet .Malima, aunthor of 'illutrationa of Pulitical .cnaas .i I2 vole.; 4th edition. Macaral yuamrry of hleu Law nd Ualge tof of and PromiBiory Noten togeth. d* pwSI a rdie ot tahblea, showing wheh hblla, tote aml Iqe. drawlne or accepted at any daLe will fall dil to she aen added, ratesn of comaiinn and .tyn, aquntite of ayments. and general itftr. alolup aeaknlkd.wa'.l Ineninea oft tiE cuunting 1aaaq y 9 F Foster, Aoeountant, author f 'A iia . Tg.alae of Book Kaeping, 'The Cloer'a Buavars n aa B a enmtre of very eaay insam . In Laedanpa, Figure. . Ic, by aor.e 43M1l44 1sat-ad 9d neries. Jue reealed and for nleby W31 MKEA.N, jy nort. of Camp and Common ae. ,-Ae addirimni ealppl, f "ThIar EapM ( Llrinlg.--llving within the Menea- -to U. . Meana,--latng beeJnd the a, " ai . nl tie LaParitnate rremwm ILLiapu aeuTbha 8lrieeYa lak,"t W Tinidela powdhrs; Raady va uap SJaby the genw elnee oý hbae DAVID FIT li fJ TIIiM rRUE AMERICAN. EDRITED BDY JAearo UIIRI N. PAZTM'UL AND BOLD. NI;A O1R LEAN%: TUEStAY ........AUGUST St. 18.8 To wash away the. doee, and care, of the last week, we took a trip serom the Lake not Btnrday evening in the Miseppn, arrived at the Peas by day break, bathed, and brihkfaefed,-fished and oeastrd, and having stopt ont the ball at the Bay reached home again yesterday morning, without losigg one business hour. The trip was dqlightfnis the urbaniry, kindness, and attqntion, of the owner, aend Captain of the boat, were marked and unremittrng,-.rtery wished for sccommodation were provided on board, anti not one of the pas. eangers, we firmly believe, had a dull hour, a want, or a complaint. Friends, if skillful egokery, and delicate viands can afibrd you pleasere, seek them at Snrlie's at Pass Christian! Tie feaeting there on Sunday was an be remembered. Never since s he daysu'f St. Peter werefidh foond in greater perfection: thne esrlbmitlon was an eabnl ite miracle,-oar lips smack with its delicate leavor yet, the fried cronkers would have defied com plaint, even irom live ero.kers, while the exquisite. flondlerq might have raised the envy of every gae in England. There win venison, toot-veneion that would have conetented Friar Tek even in "merry Sherwood." Wines, that.ienhomel him self would excuse thte drtnking of, andi peaches far too ripe, and fresh, to tre * foribidden fruit:" Nor was good company wanting to honor the good cheer, for the lash of wit, and its echning latughter, were an bright, and frequent ad the summer hast, and murmtring peal that mande the dark clouds our bright xamptle. At the Bay of S Louis the whole piece was alive with music and merritent, beauty, and a baell. As ithik ea srtars tan lighAteed, The nir ybers,-+ The eoura s l eyes tar barghtened 'TAid heaven of ocrs, A chosen band ol, beauties danced to the bean ties of a chosen hand, and many a form was there whoee " bright black eye," end graceful mtotion, more than rivalled,lihe sweet Gazelle's. Among this lovely gromae was one-na', two-who e t * . It was near midnight before the bell, of the boat disturbed the belies of the ball. Its sound was likean uttered spell-disaolving a fairy scene. The mo.y walls, the busy gallope, and the involved monurka, were chagned, ac with the bat of .harlequin, for olther and far diflrnt othings. With the rougher half, three pleasing trifles were subshituled by the hareh rattle of tile Malzeppa's engine, the groan, and blast of its imprisonen rseam,--while erths., floor, taldes, and boiler-deck were filled with silent, sleiping, sno--g, forms. The gentler portion, who hadgiven the scene the all of beaury it could btsnt, fled rrom the lighted hll to their dim, small enramberse to don night cape, count conqriutrl, and-ptnchancf--to dream. O Ot Wehpvo dlone withb heroics. Come,quiet prose. In fine, tle weekly trip of the Mazeppa, was every way delightful,--the feasting at Souliere unexceptionable-tl any doubt, let them try on Saturdy'next. As for the ball at thb Bay-but that's a dangerous theme. What's the -price of cotton ? .4 Hungry Travellerr A good appetite is a good. thing, yet it is sometimes plbtsanter to the guest than profitable to the host. A hungry man is an object of interear, but a "huge feeder" ia an anti dote to roamlnce. Such an one we saw oil Sunday. Thin visage, sharp featured, bll eyed, and quick of motion as such are ever, he anto at table more to eotqiumne. than feed. His very eyes seetned to devour: there was moatic'tion in his very lcok. The spread was ample for twenty, yet a tithe, such as he, had bred a famine. lie had indeed, like Captlet's tomb, "a mrnsat in-a:iate maw.t His bill of fare war one of many items. In primis, a bottle of Chamberlin. by way of morning bitters. Item. two and a half l0 inch floonders, and of fried I arch fire and a fraction! "Twio entall loaves and three small fishes" might have fed a multitu de in former days, but would hot have been p circum stance on Sunday. Item, 3 plates of v'elniann grillades. The first was eaten with a doubtful look: "what call you this, Mr. Hotl?" said the feeder. When told, he doubted the fact, and took the second by way of tmaking assurance doubly sure, and being satisfied-not with the fooed, for he aasered us he had scarces egun to break his dst- helped himself to the third with an approving "good." tenm, steak, half a pound; poached eggs 3, with ham to match, and an attempt on a broiled ahad. but it proved too salt. This formed the principal cargo: the dunnage being brand, a la dui. and a pile of-"'offllds" enough for a tea party of six, "down East." W ke no note of the two ctps of criffte and bottle of Sauterne with wiclh hle washed down this load of foed, btit'the 14 hard peaches with wwtrh he " topt off" wonld have spoiled the digestiun of a whiole board of .aldermen. "Is not he time opport*oe' for forning an Irish Volunteer compat ,? Irish is noame, but .4merican sit o muld neeueshily be in feeling 7" Thus spoke the Advertiser yesterday, and we now ditinectlq answer--No. It is not, and we trust never will be, opportune to dosany such thing; it will serve only to keep Trish adopted citizens apart from their Americas brethren: it can only tend to excite jealonausy, or continue feuds to insuli catethe very ohnoxiousa ddetrine that the ntatives of any one counltry, admitted to American citizen ship, should stillkeeptlenaselverssprtt, as a a ps. rate and distinct botyoSuch a principle is fraught with danger. It is inimical to the general good; it is directly at variance with -he very spirit of our inatitutions. Are not the Irish adopted citizens still Amerceans,-then why shIould they hbe indue ad ever to observe a separatedentity? Why are the mistaken friends of the Irish ever promoting objects that have for their end the keeping up of natiotnal ditincteons which should long ago have ceased? Irish adopted citizene become. Americnn, in law, and the duty of true patriots should he to endeavor by every means to toake Item telh itn fact. Nothing is so calculated to continue in force the foreign feelin es of adoptied citizens as this pernitios practice of embodlying them in separate nilitary, or other co npanite. It is a violation of the firat priociplera of republiuanism. It must ever, while it exists, keep dirve a feeling -if having on interest separate and apret from the cnmmunity with whttn they dwell anti form a ,omponent port. Wlatever may he urged in favor of tas vxitteoce elsewhere, there sahold bhe no diel in.iiooo of origin Into the eitizens of our nr uniciplit y, litre all who elaitn to be Amerians, native or adopted, should have bult that one churaooer. The oaturbltn.d c. tizen from any eounery should lie urged to, join in the general defeocq as Ameriotns, but to urge them to perpetante their nationality hbyit an ass oirtion professedlyv Irha, or English, or Scotch, can be productive otly of evil and ta pregnant with danger to our ftelrr peace. The scenes of nrioand alarm so recentlyoc currtng iu Boston might have suggested to the Advertiser the rask of such a measure. Ia the unfortuste fate of toie "Montglne ery Guards" so soon furgottotu and for what reaaote should we risk a repetition ofl suh acts here? Every adoit. ad citizenu-whatever be his origin-can be ert rullod in an American Volunteer company, in wwLch tnt invidlton titeisinctions will be made, nor dungerous prejudice exrcted, and it is the duty of all good citiaens to remoea as much as possible shose lines ol nsitonal drsinetion which serve only to keep anrur.hsed *arizens from mingling .eth and becomin; paes oI the glea' American people. If but a word is aid about "native ci tnzenr," a cry is frtlhwith raised againat the in justice, and dlegality of drawing a line betweel the native born and adopted citizen, yet here is a decided purpioue to mark out and perpetuate it. It it as futile to aue for argument the qoaliOsation 'hat military enmpanie, aso formed, though Irish in name and faet, would yet be American in feel. ing, as it would he impossible to eradicate at once the strong prejudice such a measure would at onoe attack, and rouse beyond all probable con vtol In a republican government all distrnctions of origin should cease. Uniq., and not eciisrm should be the Patriot's object. For public pur ptses, at least, all foreign nanmes hould he eue' folly avoided as likely to awaken jealousy, or continue ptejudicvs. ()flyFew corporanion's seam more induntrious in maaking themseleeaunpopular than the Pontchar. train* Rail Road Company. On every ecraeson when an opportunity occurs for showinge little attention' to the public ast large they take especiapl pains to let, it pata unnoticed. Nay, so marked is the want of courteey that it scarcely can he thought to be the result of'any thing but premi dttstiont. Yesterday morning over 100 passep ÷ers were literally ms'thb tharft and seen ad vancine when the erats started off, although i delay of three mintles onald have saved all these itiasns ale hour'a detention. It is frequently the same thing With the Mail. Often have the hags been throwqton the wharf before the engine had gin a hundred yards from it, yet would threetvrer aetommoadling people keep the whole city with out their letters n~d papers for an hour,ir an I our and. a half, rather than stop two, pinqtes. Yet Cnt fr,m any role of punecttllity is thla thingpdone, for on ecqasini the Mail halis been kept waiting "'uver in rotlr" onathe ba.gage car, while an, tun wieldly stick of timber was meananvred through ,the turn out. from which the Company mighlt de itv,ea dollar or two of freight. We trust however to asee these oft repeated complaints eshorary re, medted by the only means left-the establishment of a new rail road along the Bayou from tlre'lighl house to the old basi.- Thisie, fortunately it na. tivre hands already, and a few monthe more of patient sufferiing will enable ri the puhlic to give the Pontchartrain Colnpany ample opportunity of delaying, just as they please, free from the trou. ulesome obptruction of freight or passaynger. JiC.souri eleelimon.-Tht accounts received from St Louis are up to the 10th at which time the poaspects were moet' promising for the success of the whig ticket throughout the state. Allen, the whig candidate for congress wee far a-head of hiA opponent. The Republican gives his majority in 17 counties at 1118.. The same paper states that an far as heard fro,m the whigs have iq the Senate 13, in the house 34, and the Iloo foco'a f0 and 15. Senator Benton's doom is pronounced. In Illinois, tlhe election of Governor Edwards, the whip candidate, is certain. Items of vefis.-General Scott and Cherokee Roses lave been smoking a pipe or two together. The latter promises that he and his people will - move off right quickly to Arkanaas. Florida iL said to eontain a population of 39,000. Maekenzie saysa here will not be 4,001 regular troops in both Catdasa by tIe close of navigation. Fudge! The Aueuseta ConsuttuionDalist of the 15Ih, says: MD We are authorized to state, that the Bank of Abgusta,the Branch in this city of the Georeia Railroad endl Banking Company, and the Atigueta Ilastr ore and flankinp Ctmpanywill resume the payment of treir notes in appriseon the lst Sep tember. Cdlet .--This accomplished lady finished her Londoh engagement. on the Slat July, and pro aeeded immediately to Paris in fulfilment of a brief one at the Grand Oper:n On the 24th Sep. uember she will appear at the "National" in New Yo k, and about the S0th October in Philadelphin, trhnee southerly to fulfil lier engagements in this eity and opep at the St. Cherla* an the let March next. Independently of twelve new dramas, and ninny navel dances, Chleste brings with her a noble formed horse which she callas ladeline, and tiuses in everal of her characters.he has expended a very large sum in procuring novelties of every kind, and purposes after her arrival never to quit America again. Her anuccess cannot be doubted. Importation. Miaa Sheriff cad Mr. Wilson, two dilminguithed vocalists, came over with the other dramaticeiara in the "*Great Western." These artists have the reputation of being second to none hbt the Woods in England. There came with them alan a Mr. Grainger, said to be a capital pia nist and base singer, and Mr. Holten, a base also end a clever actor in the great Farren's line. These importations are made by Wallack for the National where a number of splendid operas arein preparation. We have not heard what these prom. ised compositions are, but of course these vocal. ieta will have "a voice" in their selection and pro duction. f 'yCorreetion.-It has been etated, in some of th. vpapers that the Bedoutn Arabs, at New York, hae India Robber beck bones-thie, upon exam inatio., is found toi be untrue, for there is no indi. cartion of any back bone at all. (f We lately stated that a child belonging to Mr. Terrill's servant, died from having tartar emetic administered in lieu of calomel. We learn front Mr. T., who was then habsent, that the error was not made by the drtggisr, hut from mistaking the label when the the nurse administered-.the dose. The child was a girl, nearly 3 years old. Letters fo Mexiee.--Any communications in tended for Maramorse, Tampico, or Vera Cruz, by being left at the Louisiana State Marine Company's Office, enr. Bienville and Royal, will be forwarded by the U. S. achr. Grampus, if sentt by5 o'clock this evening. ()- The Express Mail yesterday beyond Clharlestont failed: Ti. Clerk Care.--Chief Justice Taney granted nor fellow citizen, l N Hfnnen, two writse of aman. deams, on the Bil inst: one was addressed to the Districl Judge to restore to Mr. Hennern his office of clerk of that cturt, and the other for the clerk, bhip of the Circuit OCurt. Bith writs returnable in January. We have little faith in the reported armanent coming Irom France to invade Mexic o. Specie- $211,761 were received here on Saturday tront Tlnmpco. Great rejoicings fill the Nrtherti papers on account of the reported departure of the Expiltint. E.tpedition. Wait awhile,-remembher the " old slippers" in the Arabian story. The prefits of the " Grewt Western" are said to be $40,000 for the two vopagee. North Carolina i. n ow exporting cotton yartn to New York. This i a re-ection indeed. L-- .... .. ...;L-- _ OlrtT OF NlIV V -l EIdANS. CLEARANCES. Bria EmpronBrio. Laltaopl, Galvsto, B Barker, jr Bri Homer, N obe, Tampa Bay, Muter &khr Deleuacila , UaleI, el.(Spain. M Alust uuth. -hip Adtama. Berry. New York. tO omes c.e aanees BStackpole, New York, A Bridgend atr lotiy. Arand, Mohile Muter tkl Imerial, Putlow, Charlatan, J A Barrelht 4" o br Vimoas Jttaren, Bettm . ARRIVAIJ. Iteam tewboat Sudoa, Htourie, from the W Pas. mtoed as sea ahi CoLhmeen, ad ship auoa; bhleatt up achr oIIat.ernmt the n W Pau U . sep of waemto.ou. from Tspiau. Les.dhe at o'clotek M; k ellht up hSlJnO0 detla,, ia spessl. Seam aoeao.r Grmpas, Anrteabht from the Palse. towed nto se ship Jkhe Balg bark Joophine; bnlhr Jm l Barqa. asd ieklek. h tro.aubLt uyp ship Charleetao, ad brig 0 4 Bett t E w.a.+sthtb; reports aehinI a the --ia., anI I horI in the liver. Slfp Chrl.s.a, Dill 3tlaye from Besnea, to J A Montet drst gew eal, SO30 d.yl from Ptiltlselphil, stopped at ourtl iI'S aittatiOah echr Suolron ar. Goylon, from Velsoo. p. W Brynn, Pok et etwsmer Munutello. Jonrdeo, Dfoo Bayone8m. oe.wlmer Envoy. Murray, from Notarer, iaorallut. PteRma United tateo~ sEwtcholl. tB Louis. Augtt tlOth. tAam towboat ChBR kaus., Spenldinp from the Pbyest towed toa sa bark I Flpro; oebr Delancil, and BRattoe. Cuter Woodbhry. Brought up bri Mariet Teren. La. the N E Pos on the 1lth, at 4P M; reports nothinl in the olang, o in the rivr, al il the boat at nchor waitilu tows Brig Maria Terase, Go M lollay, from Genoa, (kiuglom Sardilia.) for Vera Coa,orterd off by the Frsoth btokstdlul squadron, to M Liaordi o a,. NOTICE. TO iee owners of p rtv is in the Seond Mulnici Spality all tax bills for 1837 rPtainoing unpaid, will be placed in the hands of an attorney, for collo-. tion, in ten days from date. J. DOANR. au..-t1 38 Trensnrer. S[ PER Coos tooREAl) & BARSTOW. S aoeg1l 7 Baok Prlee. TEACH BRANDY-Old and r uporSir, for oale by EN e IEI) &B ARSTOW, aug21 7 Bank Plase. 0ooD CUTTERSR wa.ted an the New Orl.ans d Ntebashillk rail road; apply to H. BONNA BEL, Corner of Natchez 4 Teleapitqnlps stribt. aug2l Afl-fTE HAVANA SG11ha -5U bhdoon ol prime V quality, in dtoe, for ale by *" 81ATJIL 4 'TRIER, agnuO2,1 40 Poydrle9 otreet. F.OR SALE-Tho splondid 0ream bept MEcHAnrT;' h. baying Undergone a thorough repair, will rea y for sea in afew days; this boat is qpper fas'tened nd coppred,,mwith a copper boiler and splendid en gioe: hir eceolmmndntjon being very etenonive, snd well found in every roqplret: for filrtltgr plticulas a0 ply at the hip lto nfotrepory liynm, where she now li-, or to McUNSEL \WHITE. h CO. anUC2lt-1t E 96 Gorarir ietret S.anu2f..h1t io in ator,b stole by u ' I DORSERY, eug21. 44 New Levee. . ACON SIDES--100 ca".*.e upe'r linein, licutd B in store and for ale by , G bORSEY, PI4 Whale Oil--1500 g'l one winter sperin oil: S 10410 tall noon umeer oil; 3018 gallonor renloed whle, for sale by WHITBR1D tF. & CO. aug211 o130 noiafzile t. ERI.I MCndlre-2l Boores New. Bedlord, ta.ut S tuckert,, rm candld., for sale by WHITBRIDGE'& CO. aug21 130 Maaaina ast. R-C.A-AHA 49 1 Cases Mons In ov, llne and I pe.ered Brogano, landig.ogmre ship Charleston for sale lo ISAAC3.HLIDGER &CO. an .21 134 Magazine street. PARASOLS n. U tmbfblls-13 eases of eperii~h Squalrty, landing from brig Swan, for seale by S.ISAAc BRIDE & CO. auLg1 134 Magazine street. DATENT a la.ern-Steveno'd patet oblaneuo; Va S. rion slize, warranted correct, for saoe b ISAAC BRIDGE 4. CO,. aug2l 134 Magaoino at. I NK-Norrost' ink, in bones t 1 and 2 doz bottles, * for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE 8 CO, ang2l 134 Magazinq st DALE ROPE- smiln, Of o__rior q1uality, for "l tSeale by ,ISAAC BRIDGE s. C r, aua21 134 Magazine st. TrAY-500 bundles of hay landing from ship Wm. SBadger. and for saler by LEVI GALE, aug21 . 93 Comoron 1l. " A'LA(lA Wine, sweet and dry, in quarter casks, 1i1 Indian bbls.i for sale by . i READ BARSTOW, qugl21 7 Bank Place. I. L DOLLAHS RE ARD h rTILL be paid fo the apprehension ol the boy AN VY DREW, who abseonded fromn the sobscriber on the 5th inst. Said bhay is abount 15 years of oge, about five feet high, black face, and rather good looking. spetklk fast and a little stdmmering when firot spoken to, hadoo when he left eottonade pants, striped shirt and otraw bat. JOHN MINTURN, aug21--5t 13 Eichnange Place.. S1i.XA.UF CTURED T'ob.coo-311 .loa.e Mi.souri manuflactured Tobacco, in stoloe, snd'for tale by LAYET 4- AMELUNG, aug21 17 Cormerce street. TEAF L-rd-I20 kegs prime Leaf lard, in etorend Sfor sale by LAYIT &4 AMELUNG, asugl 17 Commerce street. NVA-B. ED Harp--io hloit, tierees and bbln. in .store, andlor sale hbe LAYET A AMELU&G, ng2l 17 Conmorce street. IOSIN Dross--7 bbls tRosnin Dros, in store, Io I soleby iJ TtAYER 4, CO, aug21 7 Pa 7tPovdatr-et. DO ETIC4iu and lranely-1U bhbl .iBaitmore G Oio;l 4bbln Doonastic BrnIv, ia ntora, for osale by J 'I'hAYER 4 CO, " ogl 74 Poydrasstreet. H OLLANIO 6IN-3 pipe o Hlonld u;lin it ioteo,lUor I oale by - J ''trii EI ,tCO, a g' _____ 74 I'uydros otrelt. pRENCH BRANHY--7 htlps FreO:-Ih Brenly, in tore, for saloe by 3 TIIAYER & CO. arr2l 74 Poy drao street. e 'tI'RAYEl).-On tile I1lth il-t. a Scotcl Whie I TTerrier Slut, hlabk on the point of the none, hair a little rough. WI ever has the 0sate will pleano to return her to this office and they will be lihberally ro fwordod. - .g 21 A VS--Aan Proprit.airoe de nlo Sorol-de . a.':ipa litOb-'Touo lea ti.lets do taxe do 1837, qai n'ont pas fte pavye, seront mls dons dix juors de date entre los mains d'tn avoet pour collection. 20 aout ' DI)ANE. Trnsorier. iTATE OF LOUISIANA, Parish Court, o the par ish insdCity of NewOrleans: Present the Hon. orable Charles Mauian, Judge.--No. 10627, 3 R Put. nam, vs. His Creditors. On motion of M. Greiner, at torney of Mistress Louise Eugene Delachaine, wife of Abraham Mace, one ofthe creditors of said insolvent and on showing to the court that James M'Enery, the syn die appointed by the creditors of said insolvent, at a nmeetmgthrreof, belore H IB Cona Esq., notaery punb lic, all the 7th day of April, 1838, has formally declined accepting said syndicdhp; It is ordered by the court, that another meting of aid crieditors take plane on Saturday, the 8th day of September next, at the office of H B enasEsq., notry public, then and there to deliberate on the allnirs of the said insolvemt. Extract from the Minutes-Clerk's Office. AM GU'YOL augle-i 8 Clerk. ITY. NOTICE is hereby giren that any of the sections T for filling or'embankting the Levee and wharves, in front of this Munleipality, adjudicated by me on the I4th day of the presaent month (AunhSt,) will he readju diated at noonof the Td inst., ifnot pireviously pro eeaded with in the spirit, and on the terms of the con tractsand specification. This second adjudication will he at the enst and risk of these who become contractors on said 14th day of August. JOS. PILIE, r auglS Surveyor. BUREAU DU VOYER nos.Se MUNICPALITE A VIS est par le prhent donng A ceux des adjudiaa r taires nuremblai des wharfs qui ont out n6gligh de I rconformer aux conditions de I adjudication qut leer a 6ht fite le 14 de ce moi (loeut, qte jctdi 23 du cou a rant, a midi, a oon bureau.j'adjugerai de nouveau a0 rabqiai a leurs rinques et p.rils, ledit relhblai, moitts qu'ils na remplisent avent Is jour nusditles obliga ians impoees Isare de In nusdite adjedication. 21a " JOS PILIE, Voyer AVANA SGAiS-00,000of difrent brands, in stone, for sale by _ R SSLATER & 'I RIER, aug!4 40 Poydras street E XCHANGE on Mobile wanted by FISK, t   ABIJAII FISK, aug14 B KA.DY-50 bblo 4th proof Americas brandy, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, angl 1 134 Magazine street. I AVA N A S EGA ILS-308 bags ofgeen coffee land ia , lfrtnl schr Liberty, and ll1l) bliRs Rn stor for sale by SL.A'fE, 'j TRIER, aug14 40 Poydras streert. T IJI'E HAVANNA SUiGAIR-50 boxes prime I quolity, ll dig from brig Poacher, fr oale by SjLATEIR &, TRIER. anugll 40 Pn1 ldrao street. C ALI)EION, The Courtier; a Tale by the a'ithor of C 'Pelham "Alice,' 'wil,' &c. &c. BARTON, or the iegeo a ,lomance, by tie au tt hee offotlmhw~ast, nnd 'I.alfite,' in 2 vols. THE SQ IR.E; by tile anther of ''The Heiresal' 'Ages Scarle,' &e. in 2 rols. The ATHENIAN CAP l IVE, atragedy in eacts, i by Thiutoa Nomn Taleourd. autlhor ot"nloe,' Sc. ME IOIS of sler WIllianl Knighton, Bart. G. & H, Keeler of the privy pru' during the reign of ilis Injesaty kinl George the Fourthtl; icluding his corro r undence with many distinguished peraunages. By Lady Koightoed. The SACRED HISTORY of the World, attempt ed to be philorophically conseidertd, int a seriesf Let tars to a Soo. ly titaron Turner. F. .. A. & R. A. . L. &c. in 2 ol.-Vo!.:' being No. 81 t arpers' Family Librhry.' CAF SAR'S Cn mmentaries on the Gallic War ano the firae hrmkt of the Greek Paotpheiaes, with English Ioles, criticel and explun:,tor; planits if battlesr. iges, &c., and the historital, g,-ogrlphlitul and arcltaolo.i e.d indexet by Charles Anlitho, L.L. ID. A GiRAIMMAR atthIe ireqi laiguae ge, ftr Cite or Isf eo hools and colleges, bhv Charlee Attltn; t.. i.. D. SKETCIIES by BOZ, No. I, 2 and 3, witlh ilus. rationno Just received and for sale by W.I. BM'KEAN, a2 Creer of nCamp ard Commoa sts [EACH IRCNIDY. A feb ibls old peacnl tuneny forsaleby READ & BARSTOr W, an 7, Bank Ilace jiMlBKELLAS & PAIIASOLB-20 cases,conptla Ci tat on nsortment ofMalunta. fancy silk ,nad gii., ham Unmbrellas and Parasols. for bale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. jel2 134 Maganume street. 1O i('Tr --'j 1fN'T2 IK& Z C-3CO11ignak tin, 100 ,otXes tin pIste, and 15 casks zinc, in stor,for sale by S LOCKE & Cn _ _t4 2- O d ere 5 ' SA. %S SALI'. I ndiog from brig asmue' Lsl and Joe, fr ,le j-t6 ' JPW!l I'.'. [ F .L.OUR-- 0 bble fresh ground flour, landing from flat boats, for sale by LAYET & AMLIUING, augt6 17 Commerce street. TIORK,-,, h1 le. - ani Prime Pork, la ing frm Sfat beats, for sale . biAYLT LAYET & AMELUN(, S auglO 17 Commerce staret. H- AMlS and Shoulders-10 mbds. Pickled harm and E1 shuulders, lauding from fiat boarns, for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, aug16 17 Counnnere street. OPPERAS-20 bb. eco peran, in store for sale by G. DORSEY, augl6 41 New Levee. i.Ih.XfK-EY, Pork, Bacon Sides, Flour and Lar, store for sale by G DORSEY, anbr1 .n 44 New Levee. TE aven s Si okrb- - 0 B oxes lnading from ° chrLiberty,for aleby r augl6 A. FISK. N OiN.--400 bags whlee norn in good shipping order J hi,. store, fti' sleby J TIfAYER & CO, angl0 74 PoylIrao street. 7 NDERWOOI, Pickles, ketchiups and Miustard, in store and for sale by * J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydras street. R USIN.-70 bble Rosin in store and for sale by R J THAYERL& CO, aug 16 74 Povdraa street. AID.-4U00 ksegs very superior leaf Lard oale ` by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, 23 Gravier street. nugl6 rl xAS MON'Y' for sale uy X T fHVDE & BRO. .oegl6 39 Common st., corner of Magazine. POU.E, kitcheo n.ln shop for 'ale, fronting on i ~m oairls and B street. Privilege to be Liven. in lI days. JAMES LAMBERT. PIF'PEEN DOLLARS REWARD. W ILL he pail for tl! epprehen*;on and Ipdming it Sriann in either of tIe miunicipalities, WVIL LIAlM FERNER, an inderee pprentice to thel blacksmith trade; the said apprenticet about live feat lour or five inches high; libht hair, blueayes; a German by birth; speaks the English, French and German lan guages. All persons are forewarned not to harbor or. tralt tIke said apprentice, unler tibe anvrect penalty o the law. NICIIOLAS tU'RILAY, anug14-tf ' llaesmith, Triton \talk. TO LET. A 'T.o story private d.elling mon;e, le. W.H sanotly situated on Triton street, eer Tivali .IJJ ..Cirele. It ha every convenience to make it desirable residence. Apply to aued4 J OTT. NEW ORLEANS A& NASVILLE RAIL ROAD OFFICm. CEALED Proposals will he received at this office Suntil the li of Septomober, for fiarnishig 100,000 feet (lineal) of cypress, or mellow pine, 2 1-2 incthe thik, 12 inchbes etlde, and in lengtia of 20 fee eor up ward; to be delivered along the line of the road: on thl shore ofLakPon.phartrain. D. HOARD, aaglO-6t Chief Eng'r. &. Gen'l Superd't. -LIVER TWIST; or the Parith Boy's Pro r-s. , part second, fly the author NofThe Pickwilk Pa per,' 'Sktehebsof every day Life,' 'Nicholas Nitkleby' illtrated numerousa designs by Crulkshank. 'Phb Life and adventures of ~icholes Nicklhay, con taihina a faithful ancount of the fortunes, misfortunes nprainngs, downfallings, and complete career of the Nicklehy namily. Edited bly 'itbz,' with illustrations by 'Phiz,' No. 2. Sketches of Young Ladies: in which these idteresr. ingmember of the animal kingdom, are classified ne. cording to their several instinles, habits, and general characteristis,by 'Quiz,' with sketches of Young grn. tlcmen,by Quit, ir.' Lights and Shadows of Irish Life, by Mrs. S C Hall. authoress of'the Bcecaneer."Uncle lorace,' &c. &e. in two vole., just received and for sale by WM. M'I(EAN, augl4 Corner of Camp & Conmmon st. ENGLlSiH BOOKS. VARTINGTON'S Cyclepedia ofA iogrphy l vols. 1 do. do Arts and Sniencms, 2vols.-Shakespeare in 3 vole, a packet edition illus trated. Phillips' (ieology. Jameson's Mineralogy. Brewatere Treatise on Magetismn. GIrny's Elegy. illustrated. Rogerv' Italy and Poems, ilustratrd, 2 vols. Hcrdiag's Drawing Book for 1838. Phillips on water colors. Easy Drawing Book, by Childs. Strult's Sports and Pass Times. Just received and for sale by WA, M'KEAN, ang4 corner of Camp nand Common at. NOTICE. M ORRISON'S Hygeinan Vegetalo Universal Med. icine, formerly sold by R B Sykes, at 27 Chlar Ires street, has reioved to the Bookstore of DAVID FEI.T P Co. No 24CInrtres stroset, (directly opposite,) who is duly sppidnted Sub Agent for the sele of these invaluable Medicines. Sold in pockets of $1, $2, $3 with ample directions in Spanish, French rnd Eiglish. A fewcopih. of the Moricnia, or Familv Adviserao time British College of Iealmlh.l price $2 76. Also, the Pruatical P,nufe, 11, edition,37 ers. Take notice. the genmile are never sold in a I)rtg Store, and can only beI had in this city at 24 Chartres street A fresh supply jest received at augl--ift New York Stationers' loll. ii biig Chieftain, anld frr solc byH S & J IP W tIIITNE Y. lte4 8 Callti treet. L E MON SYRUP-II) boxes lemaon syrup landing fo4 Inr onle by" S & J P WHITrNEY, S 8 Conti street. NOTIC'E. NOTTCE is hereby given that an debts contracted from thil date by the oaiceer or crew of'the steam beat Merchant, will be paid by the subscribers, unless autlhorised by themselves, and the accounts counter signed by Mr.Oregry Bornle. MAU NSEL WHITE & CO. aug4-9 B ACON SIDES-75 hhda bacon aides. 50 hhds Canvass Hams. 1000 hams in bags superior quality, in store,and for sale by LAYET & AMEL.UNG, aug g 17 Commerce street. BALE ROPE-500 Coits Missouri and Kentucky bale rope will be sold low by LAYET & AMELUN1G, aug I 17 Commerce street. COFFEE-140 bag Riou. 140 do. Havana. For sale by STETSON & AVER " aug4 88 Gravier satret. H AVANA SEGARS-100,000 mediumn quality for I sale low, to clea a conaigmpent, by, STETSON & AVERY, an 88 GIovierstheet. 1 INSEYS-50 bales Lowell Linsys for sale by .L STETSON & AVERY, agug 88 Gravier street. C ORDAGEr--Manilla and Tarred cordage, and spun yarn, assorted sizes, for sale by STETSON & AVERY. af 88 Gravier street. DORK- 1i barrels clear mess, soft maes, and ether J descriptions, forsale by STETSON & AVERY, a'i 81 Gravier sreet NEGRO CLOTHS, LINSEYS & KERSEYS NL The Osuberibers offerlor sale, landing from ship Concord, 2 bales plain mixed negro clht bale Cwilled mieand ae ro cloth; 18 bales linseys, asserted dtolore; 1 bale white swan skini I case printed kerseys; 2 bales heavy mixed Cordova ikersneya 1 bale unfinished ISAAC BRIDGE EA co, j)l2 134" Magazine street HAVANA COFFEErs-250 baga prime, in storan and ale by SLATER & 'TRIER, augil. _ n140 Poydra astreet `OAP--l0boxes No. I soap,,brand ofJamesiYould, A7 landing from brig onmdino for sale by ISAAC BRIKI)(E & Co, aog7 134 Magazine street. ROGANS, Shoroa b id Slippner--tl canesn, caon prsaini an assortmeintof aMn,'s a'and foy's fine kin, pegged and Ru 1elt Brogano; Mln uid Boys ntoe eall'boes; en'a w and aorrn'o paio ail n 1 ppers; childrena and ianatai boots, shoeo andal nkle tien; land ing from ship Ohio, and for sale by ISAAC Bl:tI)tE & CO. augll 134 lMgatine street. - Pl iltl ill--8 caskn pure, bleacled Sperm Oil, a tnnding from ship, Ohio, for sale by ISAAC PBReItD i & CO. angllt 134 llocgazine. c'reet. ' TOAP-I40 boxes Extra No. I nlon, hrand of.intmk. m e lson 'ITrowbridie; landing fconm ship Ohio, for sale by ISAAC IHBIDGE & CO. alIS. I:OI"0 ' l s ilne sreet. Gre nt;sSESbla3;bls Sitlnaaoa Iaadiirg finiinschir ,Bllosaahtte; also :0 ditto, in sInn,l aid fir sale by L.AYRl' & An ,ELUNG. a7 . 17 Cnommon slasrt. R ED FLUII)--.Iust rceived..a new article of lied Fluid luk connsicdered equsl nto th French Car mtiir, and at one fourth the pirice. Also, a ta.w doz niiyol Carmine Ink. Fur nale by IAVIb F:.l'T & CO. aua N Y Stationera' lall. 1FFICE NEWV OKLEANS & .\AS-:VILLE RAIL RUAD COMPANYR ltafs on New York at sight, or sixty days data, for sale, in sams to suit pcr clhaers. JAME.S il CALI\VELL, iv6it 'resndcnt. C IIi. V'S CREDITI S' S'ITEit. r stai. Credit Svots m oi Franoce, cGreat ritini and . the United'Stote--by II C aCorey, author of 'PriueilpesofPolitical EconOmy,' nc. aJust received and ftr saie by W1. M'KEAN, anoe-l Crner of 'namp & Common st. 1"lt SAI.E--Blm of Colunibiai, Eustace and S Temple's MixturIe Hay'a Liniiieit, Rose Oint mrnt, leadaclmc Itemedy, IBirln's Corni iaster, &r. lot saler by JAIVIS .Y ANDREWS, jyi28 cor Commamon 1 'Iboupciiteclts at LINSEEII OIL. LINSEED OIL--3,000 gallons best IFnglict linseed J oi!; 3110 kea Robert's No. I whlite Itad; Chrome Green paint; black do, Spirits ofn'IrnncI in. 'aroisah cr; Brashra, lcc., for sale by S I.OCr. Cat., ua7 2 Old Le cm. ~,EDICINKO, AiAr'l'u i u0.l--A large and 3 general accortolinteoo heand, for sal, low, by J-ARVI & ANi.E. I tb iS, 1y^_81m~inc or tcieioic & TbhOUnitmcio cbl. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. 1 ERR broueght Lo the Police Plond of the 2nd lMnilpality the fIollowiang nlamed anilads One large Bay mare and Colt. oTae mall Boo Colt. The owners of aid animels are r sequreted to call to the Pound, prove property, and take them away. iH S. HAIIRPER agill Captain of the Vlteh. IL a 6t( ames 6 an d6pot de la 2de tunicipalit6, les -animaax asuvans: Une grands jument hale ave son0 stivant- tn poulain bat. Lea proprietairomsdesdit ani maux eont prbs de venir ao d6pot, prouver leur propri d.t, payer loa frais, et emmener letdits aoimaux, I aout H S HARPER, Cpt dr la Garde,. W ERK brought to the Police Prison of the 2nd SManicipolity,the following named slaves, viz: ANDERSON. about 40 years of age; says he be. longs to Mr. Edward Chitfie. JACK, about l3 years of age; says he belongs to Mr. Cregge. The owners of said rlaves are requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away. H. S. HARPER, jy31 Captain of the Watch. O NT 6t6 emmen6 A la prison de Is ecu~ p cipalte loea eslaves snivants, avolik ANDi RSUN, se Id'erntan4ib atbs;ditapparte sir A M. Edward ChIltie. JACK, ag6'd'environ 13 ans; se dit apparienir hk M. Creg;. .e propr 6taires desdits eselaves eont prices dle r6 clao.oer learv enrlaves en ttyaett lee fnras fl ou H r S. HARP.R, Capt. de Wastch. R ICE--0 casks now landing rom Chnrleeston, for raleby . S G BLA\CHARD, jylt. 33 Gravir street. SO RENT-A lrge d aidry- office.well situated5 e and in the most uninn par of hcity. Terms. Smoderate. Apply to W. GREENE, at the Orleans Lithographic Offce, 53 Magazine street. jy24 Fl O LET-The Hloue situated on the corner 'of I Orange ud Religious streets; apply to J.D BEIN'& A COllEft, Sjy,4 90 Conmmon street. A Card. ORLEA. S LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH. MlEAT, 53 MAGAZINE 5TREET, OrPosiTE BANK'S ARCADE. W GREENE returnso his sincere thanks to his friends and the puhlie of Net Orleans, for the patrongoe bestowed on hiu,, for the last two years, and begs leave to assure them that all orders coma:i;ed to his charge shall be puobtuallv attended to; he will as. usual, khep the office open dlarilng the summer, aod shall he alwys ready to rstrike off merchant's circ Iars, huninesa td addlress cards, funeral alrices. teap, plane, and drawings, of every de.cription, at tile shortest notice, and on the moat reasonable terms. Being assist6d by artistA aulerior to any other establish. meot in the cityv. and lfrom long experience in the lithographic line, he feels confident of giving entire Fatisaelton. N B Aplthecaries and druggists' labels executed in as good stayl as eopperplate engraving, and at one third ofthenexpense. jy24 ALE 100 casks Philadelphia Ale, Ale, Abbots brand, jqet received, end for 'ale hy J D BEIN & A COHEN, jy4 90 Cemhbon street. E XCHANGIE.ON BOSTON-Drats, in sums to E 4suit purchasers, for sale by jy.4 STETSON & AVERY. SPERMI OIL-lo casks winter strained sperm oil, warrantedl,forsale by ISAAC BlIDGE & Co, jy24 134 Magazine street. IILOTH NG-t10 cases summer clothing, comprising an assortment, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE, & Co, jy2l 131 Magazine street. R OMAN CESIENT-Direct importation from Lon 1Ldon, for sale by .READ & BARSTOW, . jy24 7 Bank Place. B ALKE ROPE & 'PWINE-fo- r sale by SLATER & TRIER, jy24 40 Poydras street. T REJ'ElRN BUTfEI--A superior article, for V saleh by SLATER & TRIER, jy24 40 Poydras street. (1 HEWING Tl'OBACCO-l-fr sale by SLATER & TRIER, jy24 40 Poydran street. H Y-35.hbleo of Hay, rereived per shipt Huuataiile 1 and for Ja BEIN & A COHEN, jy24 90 Common street. PLEASURE EXCURSIONS-Persons wishing to charter e Steam Boat for Pleasure Exenreiotq, can he accommodated at the shortest notice, with a finc bout and first rate accommodations. Aply to GEO. WHTTMAN, jy24 Exchange Hotel, St. Charles st. ; TeRAUiE may be had by applying at oI. 2 New Levee. jy12 1 O COFFEE-800 bags Rlio cofee of finest quality Ilanding from brig Champion, fr tale b~y ST'fTSONl & AVERY. jyl2 '28 Gravier streets. W VANTI'E-A 1Otl K BINDEK-None need ap ply but a workman. W McKEAN, jyl2 cor & I oammn streets. ORLEANS LITU OGRAPOC O PiPIC Ni. 5:1 ts.alzin atr etet, opp.tlJ l.anltks' Atcade, ESTAIII.ISHEDI for the execution of maps, plans it land drawings, m oerelthts' ciroulars business and address carts of ver v description, funeral cirelanro on deep tmotrnting paper, apothecary andl Idttugists'llhtel.; Itabnk theoe, draov receipts, &c.prittlotd .td enxot d in acheap and expeditions style, by tle proprietor. S Not ecte.IAM EENE. SNB. Baoik Notes or. tv executed. m24 PORTRA.I PAINTING. 1, R. I'A IK repectinlly mtmIrn the puhlic tlat I he will remoni a phort tlinie in New Orleans for the purpose en painting pertraits. Rooms eormr of Canal andt St Charles, in the house occupied by Parmly & Lyon, Dentists, where specimens uo his paiitit.g can be seen. Entrance in St Charles asreet. nm28 Inm L'INE GUNS--A few fine doable barrel guns in S tors, for sale by S LOCKE & io. jyl4 _ 2 Old Levee. WV HISKEY, Flour and Pork, in storelbr stle by m22 G I)ORSEY, 44 New Levee. LEMUN SYRUP--t0 boxes lelman syrup, landing from ship Concord, and for sale by 2 THAYEK & Co. jy26 74 Poydras street. LATHS-4000 Laths in stoare, and for sale by J TIHAYER & Co, jy26 74 Poydras street. UORK.--c0 bble Mess M O, prime and soalt. Prime justi nspeeted, for sale by G. DORSEY, jy26 44 New Levee. HAVANNA COFFEE. PRIME--102 Bags ofprime green Havanna Coffee now landing from brigTowea Earique,per elava na, for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, jy26 25 Granier street. LUE WRI'I ING INK-Just receiveda smal lot Sof Permanent Blue writing Ink, warranted a su perior article; fer sale by DAVID FELT & CO, New York Stationers Hall, jy26 24 Clharres street LARD-800 Kaes Primb Leaf La d in store, for saleby LAYET& AMELUNiG, augl 2 17 Comt,.ere ATaTE LUPiirfNKAfT FIsST JUDIcItL I)STRICt COURer. P ATRICK DOHERTY and JAMES P. NOLEN, vs. Their Creditors and the Creditors of P. Deh erty & Co., No.16459--''he Cessiont of the Petitioner's property having been accepted by the Court, for the benefit of their Creditors, it is ordered that q meeting of their said Creditors do take place at the oflice of Ed ward Barnett, Esq., Notary Publie, on Thursday, the 6th of September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the pur pose ofldeliberetiog on the n.lfirs of said pettitoners, and in the meantime all judicial proceedings against theirpersons antd property, as to the creditors men tioned in the schedule, are staoyed; slid it is furtiher or dered that Micon Esq. be appointed to retraeset the absent eredilors, in this case. Witness the Hon. A. Al. Buchanan, Judge'of the said court, this 4th day ofA ugust,. D. 1838. TlIEO LEWIS, aug7-3tbm IDep'y. Cl'k. DUPON'".S PO WDER. A ONSTANT supply of l)upot's F F and Eagle A Powder kept on head, for sale Iby S L.OCKE & CO. aug7 22 Old Levee. tUl'E & UAKUtl. F ORTY nle oft)aktum and 150coils Manilla rope assorted sizes,j:st received and for sale by S LOCKE & Co. aug7 '22 Old Lever. WlUOL,..SALf TIN Vi AtKE l oANUFCAL'I'ORY SI.)LOCKE & CO., No. 22 Old Levee, have in . sttre, ,f tteirnown. .tituticotte, large ani ex-i telsaive essortment of tin wore, which they invite deal ers in the trade to examnine; al,, 210 Ct;iptr, le.tger house skonmers; 2ESt do. Sugar Ladles; 20 doz. Ccpjper sugar lettls; l Hllttt tubs. nsaorted sizes; 31 grues assorted sized tounide ( raigsn. N. B-Roofs of buildings covered witll zinc, copler or tin. CoFper slid tilt gutters pilt up on tile thorrtea notice, a ue7 ORKe2 it bhides,t me N1 UU atis prie ahlders P far sale ty (G DORSEY, aug7 44 New Levee. INDEL[.IItI.E LNK--Just received, alu ndditionnl asupply ofvery soptriorinddlible ink for tiarkingi linten, &he., warrantled a firat late article, for sole by sits dozen or sitgle botx,hy IDAVl) FF.LT & Co, 1J New York Siatiltuers' Hall,, 2. 24 C:hartres street S I'ANIH SEGIARS--, halfboxes spanish segr, i aaid to be Printcipi, just received acd for saile by HP LENIY & CU, anga4 10 "rnnier street--up taiir M OLASSLoS-1,0 bb0. Inndiis, toe sale he j.L .AWRENLII. , I .E GENDRE,, api9 28 and n28 New Levee i I LOUR-I-Ml hbls, landing from tlamheannt E.n 1' press,for sale by lD )BRSEY, jael6 441 New lavee. C OI.IIAL.i--tdidal c l different kindin, Ior tale ey --- JARVIS & ANDREWS, jel2 cor Commsan at d Tthounlititlehlas COFFEE- 30 hags rhne lItin cu ffee,juetrecei. *S & J P WHITNEY, seugli4 8 4'ti street. j7' Ib S(SDi--uti pmackeges, itOtlttpnfig u aryety ofseeloinable articieshfr tile iby 16,AAC BRILt(iE & CO, eugli 1:14 ilagazite tir e oF EVERY DCORIPTlION, SPEEDILY, HANDOIOMELY AND CIIEAPLI EXIJtUTED AT THI or0r1O or Tih True JSlertense, ST. CHA'{LES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 Lll UISIANA FURNITURE WARnOdis: No. 63, thenvrtle street. 7 ILLIAM R. CARtNES, (( rmerl fof the Arm of SFlint & Carrce,) would reipso(lin nlfarml hts friendo and the phblie thlat he is eiostantly receiving from New York and Boston a good ssolrtaent of Fur nilure, such as mahogany chairs, aofa, ledtered, ma pie soand painted choira, maple and oherrtediteads, mahogany and cherry tables of all descrptioW , hb-. reauc, toilete, gcretarye writing desk., wptaglee ofP mahogany and cherry, wash seatas, looking glasses, feathers, bedding, &re. &e. NB. Forniture paeked fr transportation withgreat carN. j_ MRS. ANDERSOtN'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removedfrom 17 Coureom set Sl. TO NEXT DOOR To r. CHARLESTHEATRE, CORNER OF PovnDRA &. ST. CRAIna. S raaT. au:9--1838. I INE & )R'ER BO'l1"LE-SoV grien wine and 100 gross 1rtr attle,, far salt by HOLMES & Ml iLje Q COTCH AEi,-72 nohs Secotch a (qurts and J pintaI for sale by HULMES & MILLA,e 'IARPE.NTER'S PlaiFd ERz'tatof a r periar [ and all other Carpenter's PMparatioi, .civeied atelv by" H BONNASEI* jy cur Tchoupitoulas & Nhlk sn ate. T-I;TEWP. ' -. rece-l ed i JL wine Mills, 6 cases supmtfine blue lefiir.papes some very low priced; I0 eases superfine niddle site' paper, do; 2 eases thin pink letter paplyr c4 emes supe fine packet post large site; 2 eases auperline 0 ttor asorted colors; ealr snperfne octavo asoprted olors for sale w leanlTe and ,etail, by D FELT &r Co, New m 'ork ltationars' Hall, jyil 24 Chartres street. Fi O O EN'l'Unesion given immediately, the' t Hrrae on he Bolth Rail Road near di Labe ShTre. e'Iki two i'uviiot s in Buath, near the New Orleans aod Norhville lnad Road. Seversal Rooms In the Car House of tihe BRth Rail Road Company. For thre particulars apply tt II BONNABEL, jyI1 corner Natche k a'rchoupitoulaes sit -- RENrTThe Hnsed, and ardettn djohg Harby, . Academy, on Tivoli Circle contsnlng sfh rooms with kitchen, pantry, and nut-iheuse, &cr. Alnply to JA EVIS & AN.DREWS, jy 21 corner Tehoupitoalsa b Common'itesetre S FORTY Dt)OtLAOS REWARD). I)ANAWAY from the ubsctbhe, fifteen diay ago, 1 the Negro Girl lUCY or LUCINDA. She is Atrong and well built, speaks Engliah and some broken French; her akin is not very dark. She was owned by Mr. Twogood, then by Mrs. Clark, in Poydrs streetr who sold her to her prentat master. Sne has been seen ive days ago, it the lower pert of the city, and Snday before lst she expended the whole do, in brick yard, near to tihe race around. H BONNABEL, jy2l corner Natchez and Tehonpitoaulas lt. SEAF LARID- I00 begs superior article in fne 3.4s hipmping order, and for sale by u DOoSEY, jy31 44 New Levee. V E .,. . red ti d whinkey, landing b Nro steamboat Ilanihobal, 12. d, in store, for ale by I.AY E Tl & AMELUNG, jy2l 17 Commerce etrea SIUPPINe INS'TRUMENTS, Ae.-A nupIly of Cupping Instruments, Patent Pump Syrinese, and Stomach Pumps, all of the most improved des oription, received by the eobscribers. Also, Cologne Water, Balm of Columbia, Ward's Hair Oil, Fine Habi, Nail alnd Toth Brneesi, &c. &e. jy19 SICKLES & Co, 40 Canal street. O HiRK.-A Mnlatto Wotan, a firet rate washer, J. ironer, and excellent cook, bor a small family. Apply to REESE & D'LANUE, jyl9 18 Camp street ATER COLORS--Rceeo & lSon's saperior water colors inboxe,, nei tbhe and lur rowl; warranted genuine; alaso, a fne assortment of German and Tao paint; alaso, Muddeton & Sewall' Drawing Prtcil; a few very superior sable and camel's hair Bruhes Ifor sale ky DAVID FELT & CO., New Y,0rk and StIationer' Hull. i 31 2 4 Chartre Itreet, r A.'IFOLD LET'TER WRI'TIR--Just receivede . enelegaot assortmentl of Matnilbl Letter Wri ters, some haIf hound, for Ihe CUuntilng Ioune, snd some neatly done up it Mornocco cases with back fse travelling, a very useful n.d conenit, nt article, for sale by D FEiT & CO., New York ald Ststioeere Hell, Jvy3l 24 Chartres streert. FEAF I.ARI)--Iu0l, it hoe shipping rdr, of Jaoiupt r qunl ty,at thie landing, forsale by G I)ORSEY, . jv3l 41 New ,.rvee. A UliP' tl' , I)LLAFT,--. r the 'ireasur o'exaa purcln.d by NATH'L TOrWNNeND jvli Exchantg Hotel. rnter te L~thtiL -21ti cuaks t guod order, on b.erd '7 Ntptuue, laying ut Urange lltree..whar, tor sale by CHASE & I)IXEY, jyi' 6 Cuetomhouse sireet. lhiiFboaKEGShecse IiIJHEN IU1'Thls, 275 boxes bunch raisins, 101 boxes imperia ten, I0 barrels cherry bounce, 10 half barrels Fulton omarket 5 barrels smoked tongues, Il1 oxes P A cheese, 50 bhoas IGilbert's starch, Received per ship Huntsville, for sale by JY2t PETERS & MILLARO . asuR1K-80 bbls 10,15 bbIs chines, just received, Sfor sale by G LDORSEY, jv28 44 New Loves. R ULED CAP & LETTER PAPER-OD henr, large essortmenn of low priced and very suptieor Blue and White, Wove and Bluea Laid Cap and te Paper, for sale by I)AID FELT & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, jy2 04 Chartrees street NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD HOURS or DEPARTURE 'V SUNDAnYS TO BATY. From Depot. Fr,m Bath. 6A.M. 7A.dM. 9 do. i0 do. 12 M. 2P.M. 4| P. . MP.M. The rest of the week. From Depot. From Bath 8 A. M1. 10 P. MI. 12°M. 2P. M. 4 P. ,1" 6P. I11. N. B.--Persons wishing to go on the Prarie, can do so es raes le road arenes w ount an eotra charge. JAMES H. CALDW ELL, jyl26i-t President, NEWV DIRFACTORY. DUBLISHED this day, Gibson'e (iuidle and Dire f tory of New Orleans and Laflyettel for sale by m22 N Y Stationers all,24 Chatrtes at. cAGGING & BALE ROPEn-5I0, ps Kentucky bagging; 125 coils ine bale roeIt in store and for sale by 'UItKE & BRO''IIERS, jyin2 65 Camp street. HIEMORRHOIDS. HAY's LINIMENT.--No Fiotion.-This ex traordinary chemical composition, the d re lt of saience, and the invention ofta elebrated mdi. cal nlns, the introduction of which te the publie was invested with the solemnity al a deatbled bequest, has since gained a reputation unlr lle'ed. filly sustaining the correctneas of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that "he dared not die withotut giving to posterity the beneflt of his knowledge on this subject," and he therefore bhqueatled to his friend and attendant, Soliomn tlays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for the cure of the Piles, and or elstn. iely and etfectuanly as to base credulity, unless where its effects are witnersed Externally in the following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at Olne. All lSwellings -Rduoing thrn itn a few aourns. Rleoauotiai.-Aacute or Chrnome, giving quick Sore ThroUt-By Caneers, Uloers or Colds. Croup arid Whooping Coughl--Externally, and over tire Chest. All Brtises, Sprains, anl Burns--Curing in a few hours. Sores and Uleers-Whether fresi or long standmig, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redu-. ing rheumatic swullings, and loosening ouglhs and tightnsess of the chest uy telaxation of the pUrts, has been surprising beyond conception. The I common remark of tlose whoi have used it in the Ples, is " It acts like a charm." TIlE PILES-The prices, $1 is rerbaded to any person who will use a bottle of Ilay's Liniment for the.Pales, and return the empty bottle without being eured. ''Those are the positive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; and out of many thoe. sands sold, not one has been Uosnenealful. Wp might insert certifleat to any length, but prefor that those who sell the article, aheol.l - habit the oriinal to purchasers. CAUTION--Noe'n can he genuine withount a sphltiidl angrevad wraplpr, on which is my name, and also thaI of the Agents. SOLOMON HAYS: Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSI'OCK & Co., New York, and by one Druggist in every town in the Uioo. For sale by tie Wholesale Agents, corner of Cotmon &- 'oiouploule a rseet. enud by the Apothecerises eneralyv. ie3 vrlll i'-1.i pieceof ut pr 44 inch Kentuck Bagging, lauding lr o.t b. Cmiuthiat rsa le by LAWRENCE & LEGENi.ER, jeli 28l and NwL vee. . ELS'I' RN BUTTEIt-.O0 kegs aitr sor, (ur sale "l by SL..TEI TRIER, SI 40 '0; d'svctreet.

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