Newspaper of True American, August 25, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 25, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE I28 CENTS.-- - PC1E.E ORLEANS S~A'TURDAY HIORNING, AUGUST 25,I838. Termsa of /th Neiopaper Preoo of Noo Ortono I the ni VoA..-i'Ieo A 0 eodnooai-uty 07reed tooat an~~j tn'red ediag VII to _f~~ ~o d'u-e ~,iip~J;I, '1AI~T ' of 1t'L -'raqyrietoro, held ao mlI. 1:/iA elrm 1 S,, 2.4YEitna t IOeciredot their arr lin~dohe ý... toCA ..,,. un ý ý " _. +_... _. __6 1~,6 nF n~nr~ Pprnis of the Neronaspper Press of Ner Orleann ioani"asurtA a sreed to at ani orjhotarned mneetinr of 1.h P'roprielore, held on the 131h of Matrch 183 lu aclcatert ie.- Pwelve Ialllore fnr the daily pg par ter 'InuO:, l)i.y ble se-anniian lly il advnnee : te Jll r fr thie tri.oaeokly cpntrv paper, payable one vear in aolelIe, whviara refe'enne is given. No lbei.rilittioii will be discontiniod until arrearages are eattied. L as Cne of di continuaane, one week's" notice writing mst0 be invariably given, previous to the expirtalion of sunhbcription. Aovntr l tot .-,) dollar per Square for the first niortion, and halt that price fir eacli snbseqoent nnel f.;h ma.eerial altertioh froma the original advertisemlnt will hb elorgedant a new one. YnattLr Auve ntrlsRs.-Merchants and Traloers, arty dollars fit Engaieh alone, and sixty for both lan gote Ranks, Insurance Offices, and other eimnilr publi ietitutin, fifty dollara in English only, and ,ighty for both langonages; Ship and Steamboat Fae ,in or Commissioa mereehats sixty dollars in English no, and eighty Itr both languages. OIAnRsAnee, OanTennR NOTICES, and artielcs eall thes attention of the piblie to sales oa rhoperty, ardo of paseengera, benefits, &e. &c. will be ehnrgod ,ne dollar per equare filr the first insertion in each Inn CoinstescrtlOes, or Advertisements, of ony persuon l nature, when admissible, sllall be haorged dauble, and in advan.e A dedu et n of twentyfive percent. will be made to Auctioneers, . ean Re eietre if Wills, andt Marshals onsleso te, pulilied in both language and "8 per eoot, in Euglieh aloa: 1t0per cent. onsales :if other property. AuVlTarseaNtW ollt of the direct line of huoinnss of the advertiser, such as legal, auction ail planta Ion sales, runaway slaves, stray animalA, &Re. &dC. will be charged for epanotely, and at the ordinaty rates. ee not epeell ed us to ime, will lt ubleshed one tnturh, andrcharged eaordtlingy. No advertisements of bahnkruptcies will re publihecd o a y case, unless paid .fr previous lo insertion, or nayment goaranteed by a repouibhle person ia town. rheatres and other places of nnnsemenl, adver ising aily or thie seaeoe. to he charged $101) for English a laer, and $150 in botl Innguagnes. 41l aeoiaoncements of candidlatn for political nofiers be charged doubhl the price of other advertise. 5: j,.' to the immense loss sustained by newspaper opriettcla, thle have come tI the collleulsiOi that the onneaof personas wlhose accollnts hav not hben oaid within one monthr after preontltioon, shall be madt nowl (so far an practicablc) to each other-they obli oating tllhemselve not to nrvertise or print for such delinqeaote, unless in case oI adeanlee paymcnle . tbigned) J.C. tI) irr. liOMtES J. IrAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRENI)ERGIAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSI)EN. INekly Press.-X-Ve, the underasined, agree to haide by the above codlitions, as far as they are applicable to .eakle papers. (~digned) A. B. LAWRENCE, SNo subscriptions anre taken for lee thml 6 monthl. Lttere must, in il ccases, be post plid. I- -- .I :s ,paIN It h INITD, &c. PAIN RIVISIT'EII biy theI nuthoraf "A year in Spoin," in ' vol.- IHarry "deeri-?, r nnoel, by ntrslither of "Cecil Hyde," in 2 vols. The Actreee,. IIIlda, nid oilier talRe, by the aithor of "The'ir- Fa I ke,' ii 2 vole. Nilnrreiolnattouti'l'oors; interopersetl will, characterislti anleldotes, oeaings and doings of 'rtrting Mten. itcludini nitices IIoi ftlie Itrineil1al ('rolk lIre of England with lnol;t.ticol eontentle anoc rnl (x o lname, to otiwich lire added, Nimroed'o L.ttlreoan ring .lounds, it 2 vols. lIen thre.c, the last ol Ne;lllo'e Agoiltnations, by Copt.Chanier, It. N.,ollthor rl t le "l.ife ofa Sailor,"&.e ien 2 veol. ,Coiioonutourii, l, Eqiitl Jarioprlundetle, as administered n i'.i-l und America, bv Joseph Story I.. I.. I). Oviutl, no Ialedlli II)rytein, Po'ir, (ongrev, Alddison aund o.lte. invvohl furhniig No0 and ll21 of "ill relir'e Clasicl,rarv." lnfofivtry T'ctictr, or r cuthl fir III eIxerIisr foil i|nlileinviers oI tIe United States'uioiitrv+, ley Mijor delueroul Scott, U. S. Armyv, in 3 volt. Julst reewi-du ..aid tier sale qIY W I. M,'K...N, 7 corner Coutup r or lllll'ln st.i, [T riethe IHoir; is she net pu-iii- fair; (f!it itoie ' l le ' ; di ,tl ti u t II i )pI v .i L , C l. .I ,r I 1I e ' I tltvtlleui'uteiui l.otud; fell not at tit' I tr ,k,u lii,'' dir, ; tr i 1, I, l;(:tir ;tv iir i Il ai. e". lt;lllill o; . c of tili I ItItbh, i; I)tv L. c l, i i iji r th+ lIti h,.' :'h,! l IMowl en1 I ,r, ;,; y"li . llrii tiue l)II dI. noli t .0,v I,'n.tellot;Jeui cJuse+; 1'f ellu e . ,hi-l-' " "u t :oo it ' C io ' riil .V.i; Itjii i tc lV ii n t~v-i :- I'v, :haila w ,s ,v..r iii 0,l ;'it l; ( loc't i v l wtl l 'l are + + r nta ,tit fri', ,i,,rt h.'t Z tirt, v ld yIt F ll t' i to ie ,s lir ( tonu r ii levl.r.a,, hv V i 'rlltesrr u~ . a, air+ t I~m fllo; hll· I ooit luioci, arrl: " lure., ot C, uulith i oltg I I P. iii [:nVit lii, it I-r ,,I nlbc.) ul' l rl.. :1 ll, iV.l', '.r n. i =, tl , 1lh ,ie :\ 111,; Pieno Fre ill l j uun 91i t t, ltetmar+t Ph5ra'.r. 4 Collertion of Coall.unl 'hr le,a,verv tlli,- fie `1 ca.,nary tit oaintain convera(tlion, u rnlu;, on n t r ilereot heads, vith numerous remarks on the pen.liar prouilnciatieo and rse of various won.rt h.e' whco -o disposed as eoaitderablV to fl:ilil t the t :nl Imll h I" eorrect proettnciation of the French. Iv.t Ii ari new edition, revised and correct rI. A selection ttf the ihundred of i lrerriu'o ITa!v.% weo, panied with a key, containingi the tet, 1 It MeI n.ti tP e ,ranslntion arrangedl i suh a nanller a tto IIII 1 diticrenre between the F'rench tnd Iu.:.liat tlioe, ...v, a lgnredL pronacintion of the FEti're , acording to thle eal Frlench works extanton the sbject. TI'lro whie preede.l by a short treatise on the souds of Ithe lrench lanuge, compared with se of ti he Eo,lish. A 'ronuoncing French Primer, or the Scholar's (; ide to the aecurate pronunciation and rtllhgrnplhv of llse French, are, conntaining its eleentesc 1 ac:erdin, to the behost sage, ty Bernard 'Tronchi, itt .ld or sale Ly WVI ,MeKEAN, m7, CorCamp & Cme rss. -BUEStfLP1IUR SPRINGS. GREENRBILER COUNTY, VIRGINIA. *lHldfurworite watering place in the mountu s ir I Virginia, I" mileswes ol I aeirbtrg,uudnd Ifr c tile WhVite Sulphur, will be open inl due season for the reception of cotnpaoy. Many imlporutat improvetnt have heen .ie. sionce the lstsrenaon. A npucious ball room, andi number of single-bdmded rooms have been added atdi nav finiehing; affording uaecmtnodtione. by thla Iltol Jul, Ibr 250 viitorn. An e.,eullent tern Iike read hao beso eoestruteld passoliP by the sprink , and intersectinr the Kenawha turnpike near Lewis burg. Over this read, by dairticon of tile port offie oepartrene, Meselr. Beldln, Walker &a eo'. line of mail coaehes will ran. A post tllfe bteing established lotthe springs, visitors mai roceive news,and cores :aond daily, east andi wet. Of the medicinaul qoalties of th.ser wate, tRe rriNetors eeid n uedot speak. Tle't have been nloalysed by able and professed chemisits,a Rl ttad to hold io solntt n all the saleable ingredioentsel the tnest celebrated spricRs in Virginia. PTheotmbinotiol ' eootaiur much Solphurette Ily drogen, Slnl !ate nf M.lagersia, Sulllhtt of Litmo, CarI hoatu of lncne, Snlphate of Scds, Mctriate of Soda, and MtHriate of Magnesia,'" tle salutary eiets oC whichi are enhibited in ,'ircaRea incident to fetcalns;a nd chrun ic aiectrieoc of te stouanechl, liver, autd Ilowel; in ctlla neons afrectionsor diseases ofthe skin. no remedy moret potent oretfilcaeious can be found. b F.xtensive bathing establishments for both serxes uhave l~ren erected eoctigoous t the splringe Visitors can at all times enjoy the Ieculiar advantages of their le nign and rlhleone eeelsk . Major William Vase will continea tie superintlen. onec of the splring. Ever) exertio llon bis part, an on ite part of tihe Iroprietore, shall ie rendlered to iosore •or tile Blue Sulphur a liberal share of the publi tpat ".rtage. T'he proprietors of the Blun Sllplhur Slprigs wcitt lie ilmral in the receipt of notes of all S tthere and Ve-e' n Banks whiclh are considlered soler et,atpar. SWFPUI. direlosures of Maria Mull of the tintel DLieu Nunery of Montreal, c l., witllh an ap londir, containing,part 1, Receptioa It. t firstedition; upart d, Seqoel of her narrative; par.dld, Review oftl n case. Alsto eotupplement, giving more Iparticulars ore the Nunnery and grounds, illsettrated by a planlof the Nnunery, Ore. Muria lMonk and the Nunnery .f the Hotel Dien--be ing atl account ol a visit to the Cunvents of Montreal andI refutation of the "Awful lDisclosuresi" by Win. L: .S.tenus. Fourth experiment of Living. Living withlot means. 'rho Student's Instractor cn Drawing end working I UTlee Five orders of Architecture," fully explaining thie metholds for striking regcler and quirked noultlersl ier cdiminishine and glueing ofrolumnsannl capitals; tbr iacdint the trde ciameter ean order to any giiven height; far striking the lotie Volute, circular or eliptical: with finiclhd examples, on a large scale, of the orders, their t pIanularo, &c.; and someeueigos for door cases, alee turly engravecd on forty-one plates, with expilates-by rater Nicholson, architect, author of thle 'cCIehai e's C Culneaaiocl,'. tCarpenter's New Golide," "Carpentero's t and Joiner's Assistant,'" Oe. "A Praetical Treatise on th. Culture ofSilk," adopt ed to tih soil and elinate of the United States-by J. t G. Comstock, seretary of the Hartltfrd couoty Silk So. riety, and editor of the "Silk Culturiet." "The Silk Raiser's Manual, or the art of raii'l.g and feeding silk wnrms, and of c!'tivacing the M ibarry are--by M. Morit. The ,,lerk's Guide, or Commereial Cerrespon icnce; compfitinng letters of bustiesr , lorms of billa, invoices, aececoantalea , nd elUpkeepers, equation c.f payments, uommercial termn, Oc.-by B. F. Foster. "Historv of tile WVar in the Peainasdla and tihe Soutlh of Fra.tce, from theyear 1807 to the year 1814" by \V. F. P. Napier, C. B., vnl V.; to which are perixed au wer to senlRa attabks in Robinson's Life of Pieton and ie tlce (huarterl IRleview' with counter remarks to Mr.n I)tdley Hontagt Perciral'e remrksa upon some passa. I es in Clonnel Napier'e fotrth volume of'tle Peninsular War. Justrerived d fur ale hb `t PPEILAS21ii bble, in storre, r sale by G i)ORSE." jel_ 44 New Levee., SUGAR--50 hhlttl, prime artiele, for sale Icr jeog6 4t N,-" 'Icee )ORK- -t l bhl , e ., I'ri en ier tu i SFor sale by SN'TSt)N & :ateFIb'Y Jo. ni. Breower & 6Co. 'A l A usTEint reeivhed at their Furnishing War'e-hotse I o. 17 Camtp Sereet. hy recent arrivals fo0 .,q. i ropa, and the North, large adittictsa to their stosk of Suseful andlornaumetul hortsekerngm articles, which col ho lectialy (they beliene) form an asartmene mote gecer It ani complete than a to he fanal in any sicilar estab. Iltsfcrt knowc; sontssting of SILVE WARE:. Coffee and tea sets; pitchers, waclcier craars, ectcdlcr i stdiks. euas, tuml)era and gobletst; 4e al deid t Floks; table, desert etd tea spoons: mact'ose and gr.avg o' r.-s ct gnat arpoos; sugar tongs; avb oar, notice cl i latter, fruit, tldlis t fis kites c Iand tan crCkc' a s I t1~ a 0n il k vael l;pkle an, desert knives anti forks, nepkins, rin.d, &e ilor, anr fld l i - 'he tanlutaetorn of Mr It. (ardnlin, of t'e elYok, cr whose ollg establishect regutat;Nn for the nanmfaetllr. d of siler war is sufficient earrantee of its ulerio quality. SPLATED WsARIE OF UHEPFAn.lI AND lIrt. MINGHAMI. lTe and coffee urn, tea setts; castors, liqulr anl ecor dial sttcmls superb eanclebras, canl Etcergues with mir Sror plateaux, for centra of thle dicnner or ~.lper tale; waters round and oblong, from (to 1'2 illenes; beel steak ani vegeta;ce dishes; rich lias covres; cake anl bread Imaskets; ldecanter stanls; mantle ao d clhamber candllesticks; wie catralnerac coolers adl syjplhos; dcecn;. ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, tatle btll, te, ta-o a hle, ebg anl mustarld alonsc egg boilers aldatctldnds , toast races, &o. SILVEIl ON STEIEL WARE. Table and lesert knies, frlks and spoola; soup and sauen ladles; hutter ant fish knivea, cheese seoops, as patagus tongs, vegetble forks, cre. JAIeANNEIIRY. Free Cothic San ih nd ound t e witer etts alcl siagle, Ii ,m 8 'o 31 inches do ofp/apide mc/ r'ead a cheese, and kcife trays; large tlright Ilatle wtrctts; s ice, sugar and tIsh boses; tclresscing aes; f India Irtea at les in neses, caddlle Japlcs nst ads of rich d tortoise shell, etc. SeAMPS. An extensie assartmnt, among wot re Astral F lamps, all hronzed and gilt, ndf ofriclh cutglass: mantle p luacps do, do, each plain aod with glassr prismsa ; very slcendidc out glass do; broltzed and Japanael sidta or bLoket lamps. CI CHIANDhELIRbS ANDI IIAN(IzG LAMPs. Ecglish and Frenuc ct t tglas chandeliers or istcros nt iceciahIcn1 , 1, 31.,4 all . lights'; hll lbonzec anc ho- it t(rc11s, rich bronze bloo' or centre lamtpc for lrawicg roomr, fronm tio f liots, lamp shade, glasses at d wicks. ea MANTLR CLOCKS, CANDLEBRAS AND it VASES. Bronzed and marble; blrozed clad gilt, and all gilt, with fixtnes, etc eountilng hollse and lkitheo cloks;i bronzed inksacnds, cegar do; paper weights, tlerecome. erae, card racks, enlltteaticks etc., ChINA WAIE (IR PIIORCELAIN. I Ionglish cd Fen'eh clinaieg clesert, tea sad coffee setr- A vices oh pldn white, gold edge, andi verv rich :anct A stylus; splendidl toilet setts; water ccnc emilk Iitchers,t nlactle cavs; acte) earcll rocks and haso kts, EA t'I'HEN W\ A Itl. I)illing, dlersel, toa, ccctiie, tleakfot acid stltper setllts; tcitio' w.are; lithicers. Alnso, J;COntonll. lilllw ier ettls t 1 I tce t. J CCi' (LAIoS.S IDccvs pitcttrs;tlarcctcre tr a tccctll hookccecaatcao c owls, dishes, erlely vasst ,tit a cllS ctns, gcor bowls fn bcttccr ots, ticgerh bsea, tcnc btlcs' wine, cI ; eigee, cl'ri·t, c,)erilali, tlenlost cdin;' jerll gIlass;s lhtle ccc lon:t i Ihoskg:i,,sea. Ale,rar llncoc te mlcies. I'AlILF (CULE'Rt.rV. a. Flle co 'sll Itatccc e ctttccllc, erlf tii;; l icc ck I c'Icc ' l r lkites te, I ICo'los slit.anld53 chieecl, it e the Iicc li,, e 3c"+" ck; ' tic'' c /tc, t rct'k '';; a, .. .. i ;. IIt11ITTANIA AND 1;lctt(, 'tIN ci'.\ h" " ' mlitohle ftr h tccc I'ts cc0 I av ,,nIt a' ctc, .+vtt Sellmtll tdishesrfillth r0. era, al trl. pl.(l ,( ,lt(,ll·.+h I ,o" is , i I [' elvtt .S, ptcc lccctc c lc.t' ttile.'c -'.:e.e',; tce , , i c; , .Ih ;lItc l'.dhl', rc' g c' ilc cc . ncti I ', I"A\ ' it \Iii .,\xIt' . ''i I ,ltr l: u an ld w re l , + t lt '<:Id 1 :Ill h ,,: tlrlr ; , '..l . . - . ... I t' l t t' ,,'L . IS lllh. .1 t~ It l P i llc.; v" L, ; 1 .'! , rand ,, ,,t . ,, :ltat F I.i iPltl]. aI naI( ., h ehh i l 'lll I,". 1,,tl' : , : , I4, 1 ttl, .1 l11lb rrl hl'll l'+ + rie l l ,,1 c af ti\ 1114 n1tT 1 ý'" illlll: J[; l t I1' h;lll rt-. l, a++ , f ,.e l l t,,,;,10 ,t i ,ilt -.'" eel,,, i cK 'I' II t 'tcccI l I i I ct' t'l' --.c o ',.'.I ,: ,t,,i, , ; f LeasePI rb" i;', rO+ tti:l l( ,II : i ,L I i. , :, ;",d,+.l ,1ll it ll mcil Ihe t, 'n c its l . t:d l i v -, 'S1 .l ,lll .;,lll ,l( t.l d ~ ' . ,, u ai..1 :,,,d rI I, ,i,, 1:,s li cic oi' , c ; N ,' , ' , 'c, .f `';c ,c ' I 'e ' . I.Ic ;a [ ( . saw , ;0 ( & ' Fore sc.l'l0 4 eraws, wil.;ilei-edoi, h:c. ;t i S7 per it . I F do t: sas. i:a I'h-o.kre, & 10 a I1 ar tei.tO a tltl a. 110 lx l, . . .te. .h wher l de.siletd, 1fa' l..t CIters, .p. .lid .,i O cents e:wll; t le t lmobtIr ofttat1h bnina aibot t.turl o the numllur of x. ),,le set oft' lfleeders, it is can sidled lhowevler, will wto:e out two. I Ilhlue sets of sox s. Extal' saws Suypplied alt 8 O entas c'tanh. SThe (is (ordelred, will be delivered to Nhe tagents of Itrlaitthrs inll I ty of the si lort wns of the cittln a..ll I.n tinll States, aithe hltli e lse. s ll t ho. t p1 e11, p i f e freight oa the sameflromis New }'orlon ilul !ia: . il r. + I slpnsible t r thle amoult olf tih (;io. A to wr. I, willbe selt with lp Iil Io hr thtu a' here ue sire'd the CtI tlh e tlIr l ltiste e Vice, ill l ,e . 1 1 .s1 but moderate. Irtn, lunllllint gParuent lrsl he ordered wherelt.l ditd, o,l telasonalrle .tr.llms, Ibut will be char ll'. ! "tllr. II Ierse IpowIr, oflluny deli riptin ca'll he t'u1ished m. like terms. Saoll steam engines ocan also be orderled t deo 'firP.d. ltkisdtsirtlhl, when pltottlrs i.ive ord.ers fort lins thAs. rhostlt atreloomlany them with their views in regartl to the lrrall grnlll l t l sawllis, brets, brushles, &c. It ist fmlt.1hvtitlll orioiolo. Somte desttioe ait s i laIgtor tli:t. lllethr ht othtlrs. t'it e nlls. co hou, stot is 9 or t luches; ., some aisll theltl 1 ittiles. Soble wish 5 orn Ii rows lbruses on an axle, while oherl. do not ahllt mnore mos·aI . nlt. Smoeln wish sawes withl or,. tdellr to the inchd, while others walt i0 or II. \ l Itoo h y wrey ell'ate they s.totIltIdg to the time giving order, rni a st o f ttoheir wiNshes, ald Ihe lltlltl.lturel. can lllil thel il evel1 iAke thel onF Lthe most ANA.dir anid ai lovel an An desr eal beexeFted, o t thetile is received, ill the s tlace fiht ornine weeks, a d tei (;i is at ti e plaIcedish tile hands po fi It fact-.r To be in time Ibr the nlert crop, all lrdels ouplt to Ire inl Ite h s. o. tci tmanulatltrero h the first or middle flw M ay; tX udto e Iplt dantaonsf hero they ar late in e omlunicin to pick or gin cotton. - N.B. 'le Paitet light for any one oF e thie cettml I glrwit g States, will be sold oi reasouable terms. STATE OF Lt)UItSIA NA.--Ftirst Jo:icial iostr Jet Conrt T 11E STATE OF I.OIIlSIAN.,'To all whom OWilliatm ,tackey having purchased at a sole iltr le by the SShriff of thi parsis h f Orleuf s, the priiipert hereinfter described, has pplied to tr cilerk o l t ;is t ourt, in whose offih e thie deled of sile was recorded o.In the 5th itv of Mat, A. l. 133, or a montti.o t Ior ad vertoosmett in conur oily to an act ottf the Legslat ure. of the State ol iln, entitled "Ad act far tit lurtheor bssurance oftitles to pinrchmts r ad t jsudiciul saoos;" Ip proved the o10th day of Marceh, 1.34i. NOW, therefore, know ye, and ail persona interested h oreis, ore hereby cited n d admonisheli d int lei name ot thlo State of Louisiana and of the First J ulieial I)istrict Court, who cat set up any right, title or clA II. i and toI c thn property hereinufledserdeoribed , onsequc e oftany it informllitd in the olrder,decree orjdgnet of the eonlrt under w wehich sto ale its ode, or avirrerotlarity or t iltgaslts in tile bs praiae wnts and advertif l3nt, in r time, or realnner o sale, or fir nn, other delect w intso everi too sho Prse within thirty days fs< a tile dayC this 0nouitionis firs. in,,eried in Ila public pu{lrs,wh' v the sale so made should not be confirmed antd htioll)+ gated. The said property was sold by the S. eriff of thle par ish eitre taid on thoe V'I dsay of o ll-tpi t A. D. l1 - virls e op der.ree so tht sl tl;I, t.rende.redl it t ie 3d da of March, A. I). 13.,inin a slitntlenl t illiiinm Mackay a vs. lit-uel I- e , No. t.535 of the docket oft Ihs court, o at which sale said William Markey became ilha pur It chnser fIr tle pn ice of d3,300, ca oiN. Description of Prop"trty s gieo in 111te Judicial Con. ovnanc,,, vIz: A osrNain lot of ,srokd, to etheor with all tihe t ild. I ints and Sidrtnt s to'Olto tereo, it ated in tihe parish I of t)rle.1t, in the sqllare hounded by New Lese.e, Louisa, lPaul anld elord streets, desigutt edl by the No 9, on a plan drawnhyv C. F. Zimpel, I~eputv burvevor Generat. on the plthl I)er.smbers 1o31 sand lelolritge as plan No 10, In rhe book ofpldane ol Felix hios., notary 4luhlie. Said nit measure, ril) feet IL inches front en New Levee street, 75 feet i: depth on the. aide adjoinliug o lot Ne 8, and 30 fact 7 inches sad S lilies in deplth n Othe side ndjotming the property n,.w. or altely, Ielonl iNh1 te N siaadalo, aolts 19 lett ot toI-,' width ill ie. roar, J ttllerl it frltts.on tto alht ofl tihr.'' oPot Ilillte ito illr collllnu to lots tns , 71.1. Illd :'. the . iurouro-otretelr rro.soled oo nU 'lTorory Inrtr, nip rse toCincirnati, foronnr dayonly; I returnei rgain laro o1- iht.I loegin to feltlatc I h nou a very nlroiir ; i000 of Vid l, as this instant It! JoIor rllr n oft is ct ite vr . 'I tnl itoy horsr,' oot... o .. ..... .r.o ,','v ........ thiging dthor I had ortuallv run 01I0 tr .a s h ', ,ll0ll0..0 Sto encale tihe effects of' tile wrndrtl , . . I, r of tur n i , t lo k ni' r tg t lo oo r i e . . . . ." , ,r • ' retir,, ohw ver, roves thrat tri o'r," h'A v hoek Iwts r l uvr'roII w ,ntlroJ r :l :' .' ., __ ifhet. the a oi oolrrort't he heiro ''wr t r- eihl-r',sn p, 0r a liar fl'tqeq • i c-ud+ n tIt t. vwolfl rlr +' rI''. oqo o'I ' .''e:t I t . ro'" v t at Ias li ll Bo I ic ro ,ll ehii ' rrro r,, r th o o a "I lir oda not to be h'l ,ven evenll u ,'ll- h ke th t8trrllbh." er, filert i-, thllCIt ca es ntll It prodoUr ' i! tr e'thor t or i itewillroveof the ull-wdse writern ir. S;ip & ooi r' r Jlllrnol. I wot llurlda lviae r ro p nl tl ;rr ovlr hr thenl orethj with a '. nO.otrl eress, it ot.rOde o I- wonlert'uldenand nt orincrease ofhra Imparo r oa i'r weII known, thore are nmatnly who reek I.or uotlhing bt r fillteod,rrut of sheerr hre to rthe veInders of to rt i r-i. lrfBut lunfior olftutelfilr (ol oih Sn, of nedle ol Sthimble celebrhirv tie grent mass of h th. nil A mcrieanp eope "anr famIed, amt far "am.eI as lovers oI rrl truIt. 'Thereforethey will, (rasrfercts Ir rodled by) the r aunlst)naturally rsoy, I wtant to read a poaper, tat I ay. Orely o, therefore I will seek out sluh, nord t"otnooe a So.h..ibho o to the othier joo.roaos, wlroe .o.t..t.....ot. will notproot false. Iheir oI .tatelhellts are too pal oiabls to reqat, r,.rutalion; yet r will tlute: lst. I mot agatoln tooln hotl. d 2. That I ohullreoro., tot rilh 31ot Jul , 'rho Itr Snip & Co., have sent men a letter thoeutraino moy itre if I rem aine d after the2o)tlt. 3d. rtnht frrn tlhns,l .tall prooes I toCineionoii,fir fourteeon davs ontv, of whirtI wich l Suip & Co.o h inarultile athieicdin their own as iahe never failsto bring nie patients. 411t. That fromn incrnnnri I okoi proee 0 tho SFalls of the Ni.gara, to be at I ltfrtlr, tiflr Srip & Co. to not take nway tny lfe,i rrrt the tot o'Septemrherh an, a'New York on rhe Itt of Noveober, h ospend the whole ofthe nextsummor, in ersdeor Iro agh rt allrthho ho011 1 Philistines; tho. orndieol Golioha of lsoiton IPhilaoel. hlia, Mlemphis, Nashville aurl Louisville, who wie orobablr. (beitbe that time arrive00 oooors,Gnhah Itt, lope anir t ore Gnliloh 2,. Currier te. Groa r for ae0e0, mles,c. &o lit 4th. Corn cttor. nlir ah 50t, Pairts anorl ,rlognod pioklastore G(linti ntb tle nloltmagnificent of all, Ih' Snip ,ia ']1( & atelier to tie proprietors anr edtitolr of tle totorota . o Lastly. I woulld have tile noble Dr. ij & Cur l hnow, that longbefeethev were able to thsld arer it ere, or slread a Iloster , Irrad been tr0 .yenrta, in etin bt it of reororing sight to Ire bliorl, o or that too when o Ii was a eolin:to'r of his Majesty's cstoms t Grat il i nao. 1 wa e.lrlt thee no o rmployed. Il the thtoln ci sprnner; tile crrrier; thle hoaon os nr rke n for o s ;e. seni cutter; the loint an olrur storeO kheper aIolo tile nlmgnifticrnt dlrotor Snip,ever, r'vr' 'orere thrn dlream d itI oftbeioghbleoto dor the lihe? I wirih the Journal rro state, I sarll reeiove holdies alld 0ra germ fhorr 10 to I A .. and gentleloen fron 3 tOr 5 slor.e P M. rve t dny,totin nly ti yopiniorn withort fee, ao oIual "a Iu ll eall Ilhasti, t JOIIN WII.I.I 1 ,n forrito r .lefrorsnn Hlo se, lrrouisville, Jrly ol, rh:3i. 1'. S.--Sinme writinglnv Iat,Il I have I Pen infornlme a Journal, and hs o a mttee e n el ltegrl it tt~~,Prroo ~roaooftirror goto hoo rtrrrr malnrks, as tie lef r nw } [mlerfic the t r srr h o r l It n"iree. It is trl l rr I to ryrr I ro b ' ro erootell o oe oIrrrr lertrdr hlr ri r ar rl In I t rorlllp ler rlf orn t ,r,'ro optrrrso"rrr11 dn-it,,,td:;i2b hoty rr,ia mrito d deservingffonlhis pairt; as w," fInduy I .i " t h' n5' that mll r tire blrnt alive, others tlio:lo b0 r brllt;. I1 twhilr rrort wr re rr i trr too e em ro r s h 'S e "' be k ighl " vilr t r r ol ' iii. T I r o , ifh oe 1 1 tonaI 1 nut orl trrr 11eir'rr ii hr orrt 1" ew ld II i s ill le i rr o or't'.s l rro I ~ or ir t o r l f )l rtr 0 0 hc t 11 'l rrborrr.lrr lt l ' w!rrh t nirrrr iroryir nro'rot orltlV roo i rrrroorot e 'rrrrri I r lll r l l I j, ttoe irl 1 un w , relirPS ",,," '11111; nil tit w~11 wrl r it,:,s ·i Ie·)i(·illl* pmt ,u~11 tb fnlIt',' h I or ii 'r I e ' ' 'i, hs i 0 nr vi~ct li.hh ., rd a ' o i t~oi o oo "'v ,f ilr of llrorlr .o ro , r +o or t or :.oo, ori o 1rtl un+.fw , i t, h ,+ .:r rhe B, o " : it S i k ' il a Ile+" bll lore, 1 ( 1, " - a• a lsi " ' • " i'. t '1' g fo r'. r o + iroor' o0 ' it wu, t~ !e,.ove ,h",1 I l," ",.o"i hli- I1IIIII 1 Irlll 1, rll the dol li hs f he i t ,1". i n 1. !o " i) , v . <t.. ,t :e,' hnl l 'a ,IIra , c i , f t :t. wh 1. Ir ie I •,ives ' II , nI , I"", haoi t It It o Iolll l.rv ' ,"o " I h I' ofn h t :; ,.. ~ l, & ". oar eotl nmoIIIi~a" ý : ,+IOIh - . l 't h oi, , eo'I r edo Irr I o q.r t, o I h rr ro "'rI r' olrr' or Irrroo 1 ti : rrr.rlo I ro ' P; it,'lorrr '; 0' ! ,, ", . 1 ,, , ;t lt . , , .; . 'rl f , ., , ,~. , ; "l' l ,,,I, ororrrr iro, It-rt , , , ,r. 0 h .,, " , ,l ,,I :,t,,.,,,,, ,<, ., o l. lit ,,, t. ..... ... . ,, , , li . tl or ', II., rh. .", him-r, r11 , I i r ,oro lb, pf lida.. h' , " I '"_ ..I I r~ ,t l", , , 1. I II l * ' o . t ro ih ro rlo to ir it. t e r V, 1 /l~I . l l;,' . . ...: o r .. .. , .. ..... . . .. .. , j arl ,,- h . n< 0 P, rl' n, + I" , t' he. r "i .. .. . , , e+. , ; , h ., , fh , h+, :" ,": . , I, l'0" . ' +it," :s r +,r 'h, . lo t ,o et, ly. . r h i r, , . , .tt tr o. I, ' , .' a'000000, hoooootoord,"n 11e11 d " +v 1111 X l " 1)1 'r ' ,'" y *.i. l+ It ' t,, h 'i e. , n h, r £ , 1 11 • . . + + + - . . J 1 t 'll.) , V. It,-I hIoe j+ u t I rell rri vvd iu lath" ' , datd I'4" :.t1JU I, y , insi-,tit le re,, l ,1 l , ia m i i' :11. y t o the • ::sw it :lf this city. ,I writer , t., e ti . I ,Ii - l e i ,, ur , . site Screamers," ret e iu; .. . 4 ,+r.,ln the rlu e t,, i, he- it, y b ho ,t elur.- 'h , ,nla l cot ralss l re , . I i i , o W ev n s si . ...t [I y Gi li.ll. alS 1 t111 't111., dra1+ iL tsi in LonI t I l tsville; e.,, tf the ,ap tits a, v kth,21 , ,i r.l iu In ,,ut o Or, nourse wear it, thluhnuot nrtended by me. list J. W. Jeffe.rson House, SaHtur'day,22d July,1837. JEFvERSo ItOUaie, IOUIYSVlLLE To the Editor of the Clty (iGaette: t IR--llavingl listene. t tle entreaties of mty pets Spatients, I al reusolved, ift y health permits, to re main in this city till tile sed of July. 1. To try to ld them mare eod. . To eonvina tiel ilth bitauIts th t the vile apt thet the Mledical t;oliahs . &e, hatr appllied to hie. belong to thell, as th1.tir lawful right. 3. ' lrh ,rt I nub rady to depaosite tw hdrred llars, in otes or the U. . Bank, ill the Imndo of I hI llono the ayo rf dthieitv, fginilst asutilntr sue to e e posited by allthe gr at alld ui ghty l)oct lrs S. & Co i thut I restore tl ioeht more needi, ti ile- lged, young rseit munt chiledre,, whto ere to iainlly r part ill I lit n ti ia h t rey ali i 1 ra t l th t I uI ll t t I greater ntliheo eo silnrt, weak ur rit-ig.Yntd piersl, duting my ahl t viseit, thn tlue, dvi. 1y t e I 1allu t lll" in eahnltllniati r, to cull into their aid all tlIe etrt deaservedly cullbrted ptleotesarrs and lDoet ors ll tnte ellegeo, is well ae all the doctors ani iquckeh le ctor , be iound i private pratie, (wt l ire not i"ew inl the States of Kunt .,ek, Ohio, ldiuun aind iile in 'I ennessee; where there arwe indeed do)le we ti l. fatonolus doietir, whlose nlulues ollg t to be herded duwi as . flow a puisible to lilees i . Iosteitlv aIt i sl, utu le l tarle uaitCrstioe tilat aill te cures if alnyl oil buotllh aid.s, InIust be lIuvet hula Ihve Ieen Iterrtedll .ithnlta the aid oitny surgicaul n erati .n whaAtever. 5. Those iwho really merit the epitiehrs they have at liberally ap)plied to aine, chll tbrltit thle $iih2 l fur t ,t bcnelitolthealmshoses in ois city and tie itllr Ipa ty shall take hack hisa wn $20StO whnhver e r tli hgnv be. If even tile ilightv t,,liedl l tllhmbug-or St t '..:, p . l: Id 1n., eui;:,:ailtal w llltlitl t . II fulfil tie old proverb, Pnd give the K"old ge'ullenau" hit due! t;. At all events 1 would iadviso tlte ast ntmleld (ine litll S. n iotto allir that letter teiistane iilot, as it rntiC ftr "ail ,lcton" ts well as "sapient," both vestcrdpLLh ant tu.diln; but I uatdise hiitia tiiiiiito it its iegituulttn efompilaiinll A S placed bellLre it, in alIllluletIal uinle then the independent inhabuitlants of the city wauld al ways know tile writer by tie R ielodly of hi taice. JOIN \VILIIIADAI, Ocaliet. ea wan weak eoigh till red) tile laisi ol U lfalelhtode sigtneld .,wlhich deserve oiuthieg but lly silenlt con lelmpt. Ilad I known lst eveningf tile great i'nportane ol A S I Ishouldlave treated tie last lof iih tlhree smeti whait diflBIreiitly: hlt le thit.iiis. I will. hwever cominpliment hlisa ila.ter llf IIIh Journanl, for hia saga ity to emnplloy the frnner kniglht (not of the garter orsf lie hIlstle, but) ofthe tneedlei au tkiimbthi, in order tlit lie littl kill two birdns witll ollne atone, i.e. to pateh II holes tltnt ctav le i in his atural or apolitii.ul garment and, if 1 inay jttflgeliom flint t xcellent peIlr, the Ad vertiser, I)r. hiii'n ilnmstler is, polifieally, in cunstul need ofilhi servicts. Whenntv tireihtnilutneu erlne, whetllherdoilesticell , or politicully, which requlres a blislter, l.'hether oil hi iwn tose or al tile reluatilln oflll lltosl e wlho do lot uilli Nellto please lin, beilg nllike him il(wllich lll1t1t le gr'at misfifrtune!) lthn it it he tinga his un111.I., wnltie atterall is nothinig iim:e tihan if it was"s.uuliling Ie. or a tinklitng cvnhbal;" yiet, to view it thu--lir. IBll lboka well buti witho aat 3. 1)..1. 5. S. after it, alpieat Saegnifieent"' JOHN WILLIAMS t~culi.t. July 14. -TAVANA S\VEE'I':ILATI--In sitre. and ilrsale ...iiior (iitiuulll iud iJa n" e . TIIF. hunll.lime S''UOltI: and iack Kiit len oil the ilisen f-nt storyof the 'I're Alll. can OUlice, two dls,rs Irmla St. Chu, l es The. ire. A firtt rate stand fra Coffee -louse Apply tio 11118 JOHN GIBSOuN, Ed;tor Trlue Ameriean . --Ali"tI.N;t -IOITItPL-i-9 tiel Keauiuev LiIg Suilg; 8- coils do Re;I'i fior sale bi II I LEVY & CO. ibet lo li r sttr ,utrf , , l" (llll ut,n heiIt P -flt e l,-i 'iPi 1il1 ' 'COMPOUND) EI'XTACT OF Fbli- I'I0 TO. It1 A SUIBSTIT"UTE FIH CALUMEL. SI R' d".`..1...t a ..........iubla ....te nwth , .o much assurn.oe.e lr h t b mall ofth e n'ew et day, tha w one hriOe ,1:t'lv wtd Cur:E alll duse. s, s .n'i, mail[ never ceatl .e" d he soul, asIsort It, is either a lfll or so int I . , i llt i! Iv it !'.¢1 sh.h, tsehllll I by e I'e i.'11{'(· S....· . ii - tIznon, tiatt will t sn)tllliverelinY nbe , st; ta, a t il kll s "anontblyh, tnol in judiciousro n ' r' 'll t.eo .l , I lil~e cases t ol a, all dise:ase It ttttilete n"hni t :ad power, ,rt, ioine. tcs Fn 1 fle wnell ktb;n and established retutatlon of ' Co/ontoml, it has long bee. eotpnoyeol by the etloiri anttd naientific pItysician, cs ltllte of the Itost ItoWofal a gents lle the reo.valn of disease. By bhe fitrmer, al rutmst evertt Iand his beeni delged with nost1rus, that Stheir authorws cLlaimed as spt-{.ilics ia everyv I i. t in i Sdetl to thI huIInm Family. The filly of theme pr'eten i- siS lvedls no i e oollne t fonr aecuralt cthemiael iiveeli stt tl tRbntiiooo n thtoI the tose Of mccc otthte Pnotceaes, A- :tholicons, Ie. Which aton been trunptetted Ibe/io ~ f the commntity, with so much assursane, is Calumel, or ht mercuryt itn some form. Noa, if this iattent nrticlee I even in the hbarnts olthe most Cskilful physician, tieqtnlst. yie ly e tert:. influtene oil the iontott swystem, tintfethneoe r Io entirely beyond etiecltrol oefarl. undermi nirg th ns oslstittin, unlt ii nging on 'mconlure olnd age, discnls anId death, what resollt shuld be .eXmptetdl when t e sribed hby the ignoraut?' Coueil their tnany thousaud Svitims speak, a oine lo t ite a thmb would soon dicltel r he '.pecific' delusion that now sways the minds of the U olu.a nePhysiteiase deplore thlend evilt resalteng front the uerourial ,raetice, nud rill gladly hail t(le in tItoductio O f an totiole that c. cirflllte be ulnstitutedt fStr ettllllllt . it'eJ feelr, ond chat koeenl.. the nt e .aluiot y of its orimoe, opeleation; they eannel sy whether it ari te fitvoraile orl unltvorlable. They also no:ue, td oeel, it hat it its oue is ontioued for nsyv onsiderable tinme, n jltrious seonasarv co sawletlteenes Iust fllowe. lt Ithey must choose tre least of two evils: theyn knew no other t tticle Itht.wil uartiousne a to nili ver, Aremove ohstirte-. tion, arnd set in fieoe nation the whole gladul ar sstea,, atl itfing indlispent.tly neeoinnary to dt. t is, ther cottillue its use noiwitlaintttlig tit evil cao tntttcnr s whiehl fi.,ow. They have long desired and soglLt an ar.ile Sisal t wII potprIouee the goId eflhe of t is of it S g, Wnitht t Ittlyt uign the Imtiulnt to its d/leneot Iiteus ells. Suruh a ltesiit llln it is thellvned has at tlelit been obtsaie.' i tin hle r ileow preseited to the utrblie. 'ihe i proTietors of this oreninlt kceping in view the ftne, that t :vise sd beneuvolent lh'in, has Ipaced w tk inl the read1l < ot, remodiets o lanteti o tile tliduttaet i.a. cieltle ta, l t e dte in tte they iuabitI a know lie- it twise, vthat mot of the lisaseas of the Sontit and IVet1 ire aseJn oto gaiOr funcltional e ment l it the liver; directedl teir ttentiton to tllhose aticls e wit It tot nlore esi ceially oit the bilil\ orgalni IS. Alter long, labtrios, andl exlnltstv e researche lt ey ltue slucreedtd in extr:leotilg a slblltnce fbm tlte l.O- it ito 1A If, hiteh ttits peauliartttlitt upo tl e he a lie o bdita t u l thl laVe IetLItnlllttintlllaet o ic, fite t ''slls nt' (tllomtn , i i n tt :tcutt tt ll c t tirnoallil Iti ses, w-ilhoutt tte t oesitilit oeroducing ttile vIeriotte lttt 1t I tllclstcr sc tllolllltOll lo thott i. \\'3 l Sits ctiolllpilln le te nslltillioll is Ullion.sal en-o ot): 0o t~le s\slt:l cseapnillits itllttUillyCe. It is, tto obrt Ott I ul the otigaIns of eretion and CIretiotn, that its tgort )to l' t i in ltwtti l ntlh y• n tirlif t idthene it tt e It, ei clialrly aldloptled to Ifae ltrwelutl of bilious fe'veI. 1tt I thr t1iis tt.nt t ita whicha tt.tpidity tr elnt.,tio ofltc e e I t in : , lis ,,. ill Iin l lfSi S1 , w h e r e it is sre e e s v {in it clea se the ll. :lll "ch ltntttlll bt"lsi. . It tlllllt.e +Itlt; lln fno rII, ainld ecites , quick fh halth actliohil l O1hergl"ndular ile ra fit fll! Milk l 0. then dilt"sc n ou si b le in its , l'i n it ( l l ha s a t ir e c Irc l la t I n bv : t gentle Ipe. s.pir.wi, ht does nlot lxntlll like Bhas tlc Ipullgts; fllll, ils :n lidllr is mlore llllielr llll ll Imud 11,' oflell he' r si lteall 1 1 Iit lely with sahety h tl ll t ;; VheIls es hen fit T . .'c bectsilI iuissl sa,.Ih" ,.ees:irv in cas. ilt ll.., n aolntt lt III It henlllli ellete )mpm l . im i re, ,rria l 'llIll l ~ rllsll.: mrdieith , , · h l tin.," I' e ll t/dtor,'t,' ' sl.,l 'tsterrt¢In. 'l ttI0'h \ pilt t l wu'tt to ttttt el n:n[ i tl s1Iit ,.ht/tot.t th tent," ,ont It ,'" ,h. ` ',l'il :I :,. , i. Y;,+Ir,,+ ii. l n, hlr t HIII·.llllll. hl sI. Ielll i ;··, , +this .. i :L ild ] l i o tiit ,i.itloi; t tmoI . .. l' Ic . .. ; + I, '1 1 i + , l l·l ]: J , l l i a I+,, :, . .. : i], '. ; D 'i, +·l. 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" it Ilt~oe nI nttd~ bitt~l Lh; tlhi.,\to s tintftti t ronniih'tit i t,I nhtlt,'ttii otIn by' Sf · iI1 iti1 C.l N:I. u.1I.\ sl I1(1I1··, (il~~Tu·O t 1 no bl l-(' o f r h io iltn lllillilltal ]+<;cc~hg. .+i;~l~ls l lt ·lcel·l rlld lt. (. ' 111 k'sl'll C h, Iew Ol H+:int~ .11 i+ nII, 8: . jolt .I ...tot ItIT, irk -ts ll+ll ll.<+lP hl t, 'i t ,hI 'cr, i.p rl ol p AINTS,OILS, (.LASS, IRtUSIIES, &c.--.rst Ii a.11l0 t mrotlst, t:oot t loa purl, "iIr ite--viz: lo. ant0i.ttf.laps bust ltiuti", frcad 8) L X23$ i1)10 ke.r~ whit, ladl, l' ; :llr 1 d1 o t reln Ipa ltls inl 5 li. k1ibl. ke4s; hJ2 I"z ltoed ti riair si r , eniaii0ll lithragco e- doz tsy rrli OlO000 groond rusbe-; ala. ttll0iDO salA t lC di: .i inai trl l gnree'n il polwdoer; uaI 'rr artie, n ot lit, , cIaI.: Tllrn ai trtt ritt I ools tilt f tevery -ize .tud qaalitv; .+ lew chu Ibr art st; IP l n.lurkilr " thtrlr for la atL;. artist's c itors n oil re d ruc tiparetil thlxes, titled witlt all nccr..ary Ia r rotl ron t's tols, : , e h Il,. d ne m Id N,.sNoty wht; 60 neeks gold lefi; whIite and yellow warx n um arabie Will d large and 'hot o a. - stttrlinolt ofpait ts dry cotlo. oil, turpentine, varnisb, &t,., for sale, whuolesasle an retuil, at the lowest Price+, i by MONI)EI.LLI, i- 28 8Crmp t. tat kllcta at.'~. le :i .NEW E:DITIo.v OP 71IE CIVIL CODE. OR L. OISI.LV;:e.. re h o troeen fitr some titte reade known to te public tile that ha allr:rilrs are enr[agrd in prnlarillg for ee the pleas a lerw ediltloof the Louisiana Civil Code.- . 'hev wer, lrolm theit firt, aware no the greot dilbealtv n, iad "rnsptlsfriiltv attel liag the publiealirn of the work, h and it w.atsnIt without great heaitatio tlht tev e on. se tllted to tile uadertaking. lut the present edlitionh camountin to .,but tihree thoullrad caires, and wbhih hIladcostt tilhe Statr mre thalu thirty thItiallatdollart, l wa entirly outr of print. For more than two years tpast, the urna l price of the work has been from ihirv to fifty dollars. It is a system of written rules wnirh an itmmedinonl S operattes upon every individual of ate lat. interested r- either in ag-iculhar or 'oltmrce a.nd which caverns ,r the lispoaiion if a Inouchl property oiaillo to a fromr other states, that--u lke o l hr a l:, ota ertreatise uol)l I law--iia ras nch the text-haok and ,nntUal aftl e merClrant rand tile ll.nlter, as t is of the privale gentle lall andti t te Irofriessioual advoc tre. h The lawyers of thlte tljiiuti stiates, aand in fart of al those states uapao the Ohio tnlod lioi.sian ti rivers which - ind a tart for tlleir produce in .Loali:la. have a fre tttrt ntcesity rf referene to the code antd naks it ar indiclantoble rqu(isite to their LJl:arca; aslid ii the it of ,aw Orle,,ns the hook is its sure t LI Lobund in the mterchltnt's continr room, ita utioit rnht ask of tile d jaede, or tile tlien ol tlre attatrre. It is nat surpriig iig tierelrnlr than tile first elition tofihe work wa s sto q0ick-h ly disposed ofI alnd ahhlthoug t rl r reprpilll 1f. it would it some nmleasure ."upldy ihe public nt'tes-ir, yet it would be lulper:acL and Insatiuiaetet ry unvt's ~s l,) ad wrtilroetrnces ta the RIrports atil Statte-, in erder to etl'rtete tile tnum.nlrtc atlcndll t which ho.avr bean aade by tile ialaltorr, and tile impllrlant drcisions it ant col;structiol, wtlc ilIre breen given upoan loay oa its articlesa by ti P Sul rrne e Court.t 'l'he publlishersa ave seuredtt fr tile genenral supr intendener and editorial depnrtment of the work, the Sprofesslonul nevaicea of Viltrlock S Uptton, ECq. a ntecdierof the Now Orleans liar. T'lle hli. Jdge c IBullard, J.ludye Berindtt .. and Iio oe terge ttaatni, t Ihlare enac hindiv iro-iqedl ar Il'ptn with the vnaluble J notes whichb flu.; |nve ¢o1etele in the eonsr.. of their studies and )racitriceCod to ir N IR.t annincs, tht part tier lft31 r cptrln, whl is also eaaugrl in tile work, rea oit "trawblridle, E. bhan p)tre.ented tile grret meoss f t i- a. nrenar -lrtoiued it his t olite capVIof the ode, talnd (il which nac. bern Italltd by Iii during tie \v ht I etioa• ot hit diannguit ed ressionl t i laeibors. Thelp putlisth- A ers may tIrroelire well trnl that tile annaotltatitii fr the ai work i ill le nll thlltiiintlrv anolld labour ,o.ilend iby ltartrin, and, crn tponrlrt lit pttting fiorll thit s .roiapeeull ndoliitn er te Itnl bscribeon 's to thie h.rk, thit)ihli-irt talkt wide in i Sthf ttltrh titre L.egislh tri e of Ianttisiarni hai tautiborizt d he !over uor to -rd 'r one thou alnld opies· ,f it fir thet ,t 11 future lole ofthe tctate. 'llhe rialines; wih whlitchI t Vllst ol tmILr w aR . letii , by the A ssem l ylv c i n elt t l e -ir Jo t ý sense ti' i.e var l oil the wte rk;a: d thin thnlhrl lh exl hll- t e nit o I ti t i t i t I is l li ' i' i m n) t l yh ' ,n d s , r e , ] ,II The weirI trill h, printed tn l reacb e +" ,E s upon oil lnpiper adll withr tlear thox; nor Octill itl ,x peiase.r cre le spalred to make the hI oloe tnt:h.iial Ito -xec(utionll of it e(olrre lap hd w ith its great im mn r aiv sir Itwill pilahlt he ret forfirdelvery inuthe ntiitf tlIf S - , t nr e x l ; " n o d t h e . "p r i te w i l l l it , t o i l t o i r ern t tc t fi "een .laars--l ive dilllars to lie laid at thie tlle of tub- i terihltitig. silThe 1lo-rlitotiott int lop eili tcled, the atore price till bh twrenrty duhllr per oieni. 11.1 ap ti i JtiINS, & CO. atollithers. ti n _ _ _ _ _ rI 'li *+ p lip.. (altnlslmllr l a thi'. Linte will t il trlot w c uiln~ i 1rIii,11(. . I 1n1 IIY llO(ll ll)P l "1 e inlstre "the Ittica..t pl~ a rlrll t ty ill thet r time o a gailing, t e line. alm it. l I zot#, !'altlltlhl 'll,+to k to henlvI: cpll |ton ithtilt) I . Shi IGultieyle. Calptnin Eldlrifdger to leave oil the S)tllp l'kishturg, Captain \itoatlllhuse, to leave on the st. .1 Ian eer. hip .1lil;aisriapi, Captain Darit, to leave on the Iith t e li l' it i II )' T'e . e chips are ail tiew. of the first clots, e'l'-l ,eir',lhlnett t'()l r I)lellell , ll '[ Ilpw.llr rl. o '51tit toll es htllllllh. , I rlr ,if light IhIolllllght of Water, beCin gf built ill New 'l trk texprttt fibr r trade. '1Th. ptie iof iIp wtge is Iterd Ill one htlntdred dollars. TI heir llhbius tire I tited ,lll.Jlsn tile mo11 implll rovP d and 'onvenienill t plun,dlll ti i.lliil i netat t nditt eleti at atgle. AtoI U stre:a of tile btra qlalitv will be pr vidtd, ta e'ove reear I 1 Int 1 .omlrt tld el irtihi lll pa.elltera. whoi sill pln+.,e tixke ImOlice that lo betlllh llll Ir net urCd uIl|, tl paid lor at tile lltice of the consigi.els. 'l kll: ts are cotll ded bli Captaisll well ex p1rieneell in tile trade, who will give everv alwtentiotl ulnit exert therlaelves It accommodate. '1 her will l ll tiellP be towed llup ad down .Ihe M issiilpi b, tenlollllllllll . 1111 e strictest punctualllity obllVed it The ouwllers of thes~e hips will not be repon.liblt folr t :S.ey let er, parcel o.r p)UCuge sent by or put oil baisl o( t eIl m . l lu n le s s i r e g u la r b ill o f la d in ,.' b e ,sig ..n e d tl lur + ,tl l , 1 aIt tile en,.lting hllo of the agelnts or owners. IF'Lr urlh,.r pa.rtlculair, apply to NEW C ITY, PEN A COHENLA. ar_ L3 90 Comm.on mt. rf. yIA fotiaaeil ratli sr tt ilal i re u.. t c e v.tII V of Jami, ltrge h la (Engs bi t) np;Ier n fasltened, end lot been co p rwlr she, is _"'! feet lIon, ! aunl eightluiat brinttaiva; itoc ta.. a st ai) rigged, It theire me iroll .trtt'aLt flv Mal for riotins. Whovrti ret cxpnie.s ,aid laullch, will pIItaci all on t No M Ohd lver. a a la II i'ttiSYSICtt i.d tlANSION 1tOUtE NEIV CI'Y, PENSACOLA. iti E iballll erit a erhati n it lagt latel o etit ltiti oll a tlr a. utureof t hit well t llown .abli lls o ell, t iroilll it 'rylr, tile le pro Irietior will u . rea all reta ive vtl i. tier. ba the lstt ol t April n'tt. Nto utates o aud costly imrt, nve Pens. o will be finmd i. the, irrlllan ellelle te of thIle llll~illll lmlll+(·. 'stw o111d olire eOull O ltl ll t ltlill itu ieP will k titt b it, t a a wirlt it Ih will e pruovided at tlll hiulrs. A tal rill lie atll'ahed I'" tha hltle, w ll uil g d ei.tltl I iiml tirs re hores andit earriages. Flits) atibe halrs atnd carrlgls will also lite kepitfib m hire.dit euderatl irice.; IlIltl tulld wi t Io l ts, with erlolll to lltlll e helll latllv lallll at waterintl lla cet a ill Ioo.a fo tlli heir ITd .ut ctlluf 'd :s o iilt iltell're i i IIle Ecolllllrt aIlndl quiet of the blarders. 'rhewines .i I quors. will h i o , Ith M , quallilv t aid Ii ' ellnr, it Il t pl, E .i icl·, ix calrgo halreudy beau ordered, whit to will himrl t ibout tl ,t l t. AliA lrettdeihk Ilr, t rhe irnununrerly kep)t opop thr Shnta l at \t. i hiiarot e aI , i c c it el ti f t 1 t lr ieh l;r iarhot, itha Ilf taki, e Fliotidtla ltasllst,r Iat llIt.tttl s oll t ltr,i r ia ret tfat ia erii 't l a I at Itley will rt,:lvl, a'ver pitbiel eti o ; rid tllre.y exp.r+.'t to gle+e ,r"n.nrl ssitlactirin. kn l o f toll net I i). eed iletri'ti h-re. flit eliit. imll tisllulltlh i. he IllpI ett Isiri ll ttntion of the (;ov,'rlllllelll; lhe i elenUfII relldezvotuI I O'lh. (;illfs< |aad roea; the ++:Iu,,+riY ol ill ch rllle ret-.ielhed on ll dlll tillhe si nme r stout Ith bi thee Mole.t I reete."lout he hl(; ll; me b,.iity of the bay nld the ilelillgollrlllr Tlad nind iue-he buudce i dl v of t l .L wit-h llt'h tr r houn ; attnI h. xie ity to thle h,,,.t Soiutheri'ii lii)trlttt live I'e.,uvoill + the pro. frenre over all other pleets in thiese tilaitude.., tts i lulllly and1 dligMhtful SUIIGiter relnl. G"irt itlae heots .iill i t I'ellnllllul and M.o-n, Tile, ulld ,illall tilneru he Ne.l t n t ho tu thlrn h.eno"e"nr fo111 m . h e v Orl1eans ioatrs. N 11 ARNOLD. I]i? (h.ettletlee, wt'hnt.:+ to erto ,. r ll for their l11nullie-, caaiddress the tpruprnloor. at Pensacola. or 5ir Jewell TTliylor, lhe "urltll prolpi teor, al :iew OI. P _--A letter hoe, to receive lllnllnnleiei:l, for person it tIhe hove hotel, iv phwced at (;eo I\Vliittrlrll', Iofice, ,l St ChltlieU l', . eIilP. i.7 Tferait. lHers desirlous of takinlgthe Fll)lida trllte Ioat,, will colnlhn +I rtan tlht. lli. ,llohile t . Pensaola, I Ist of ,lIRk. t;tod e.ll .eei will lllunsv ' he b prtldtu or N It , Nt) ll). The atetlnl',ll C'hapll iohlli Ivlll'# Mobile flr Pe· colh twicre it neck .i.h :2;; h I I I!h'.I ,'III{' V'" , f-nes ,rIi" e 't.. . -..,e ov 1 o thllll I'(inri - in 5 i4 ltll.I IIt. I heI+Iy, 1). D)., 1'h e n.iihl lft' Allnther~ll I'oll.. ill 2 vol;. " t 'I I m' "n , in . ,.tert. ii 1 týIl hienly valn ln Ildl ein lure Hv b d who+ .i'LAl' ,n.I 'rtrl at New York prices, of i iE . It is COlridelltly I conlrnendaed for the tnll]rrwing die 1 asepe: l)ynlpePsi in all its ir, nm: bilious aI liver ar - : iflictlo , i every sbtag and dclare; t lnue .i ki as,. r I More prlltiaClrllr' tie In'asisl iclrelnt to ontrtl'er: flanL ilbunnl&*var rnr rlrntie, ihnr(. ,i'a Uttit Of dls Selinues, ehlrrtleroftle liver ir lugrir hea-R'P..rrhe or iddrl. nelo h f aprrettir', en'vno tr'morsn irae rittti,,n or dhllnunltrclneunn., s mooli+ atcelinaofu )fllklnd: rheu to Iwaisln, whtler chr ronic or inflnamlatoivy: iervous or lhillms lrer.s, of every vareietrry; .lrutlu, nHlt rheuan, , d all blrlhes, Ibad humors, 'nd inp .re r ,opecu inls ofi'lre sklnt r' -tlet luess an t night, ar.ntl ily irrltability aind nllairro rho'l ; tie tsummert complainr , ni d r holer amrbus or dinrl'hme a in grown pera lipe woralera naitlta -lncr, wiltr had broaati; chlorusis arl iralpitararuls of ihe !rlt lad hadl; chrtlgets aralear31P Collnltlr il'lr ati d fol mpaire, ani disnranlized constiauionsa in either sex; p wirich hare nnot beent pelanlllentv rrl eve r Iv n v other medicines A single trial ofl')r \V Evatr s ' lidt:inles inl any of theseenaes, will rodue nsch ell :lsI o, w I.u is diante their itnompraraUa., sp)lrior;tV , and indu'e such r at use of thlrn na will inaur, a speedy vtul unlltstiunu b- I cutrP. I)irectionan fir user anena.trlllllran thermr. Nu:r llern aeal-ticiateofriurnes will beianiwn, ans frtr L, the lendlit of tile rurllorle it is inlptrihlae to alae thtln pihlicity thrangh thea I.tadlinu ra newrnem.ri. I) l)r Evans' eltalogue thereurl upwardsof25,000! cases, b anld in this eity we tcan refer to many pers0o'l n she have be'n lelievel, 'and in sorlnr instnrar. entiralt l cured od lingetnalning diseases, by Dr iEvan' Calon il PIills. au-tl 111 C an nal. S'rT';-TI OF LiOUlI'lANA--lFirsteudidral r lllHlE STAT5'1 E OF .LOUIISIAA, To all whom i three P'lirenrt ,hall come, (ireertirng:-eWy''ra, tl lilt" bjll rifflof the I'Ia s f Of rleao the plOpe .ty.' hIo.: infter dt'sribhed, has applied to the clerk of this enurt, ill whvn e oliee tile derid of sale was i.eeordel tle i tl Yd day ofa A . il, A. I). 183ll, for at molntion or r hartise. mnent in :onfi'urmity to nrr act of the legisnlre of 1rer State of I.ouistianareatitled "An t r rc th'e .t t,.r eon,. runee of titles to ,nl'chaersat judiciael sies;" apilrotcd l)r tilth dlay of M.rch, I Si i. NOW, therefore, know r)e, and nll pt on, tutorested hI reinr, ti e hereby cited arit radmOtlnnill iil tle I rrrre 4l the Staterd Louisiana, mid of the First Jludiial i)istriet Cort,w"ho can set r rrrr right, title or 'lCnu ir nd to tile it'onirty heilrer teialarte lrrrroriierr ,l,.rlr.rir llrlrrer f'uir it ll|'. r lll nt r i lt e ori . trl .r n'e'r a jntlg rrt nlrtllt r l . : omder whitrh the sale was made, rt arr' irri arit or illeanlity il the aninpraisntmert and dta ertir , e:ets, in lime, or lanlt r of sale, or fa .any othl'r ' dea t a h;llml. ever; to bow cause, within tlilrty r lns from tilel d li motion is first insurted in tle l mblic pati'r ,r wrrl l ther sale so manl should ont be confirmed ar it onol(a.Ihellr d Trie sald proea"rty wars sLahd a,v tre heraIl" aof the lrrror'ri tue of a decrer of this crurt, rendiert l or n r lr e 2Otl, ,Iln of J:nrary. A. 1). 1838, in a suit retitrlld anir s I;:arts I)iggs vs. InfuisGreeett, No 15,191 il the dock, t of ttli. (Colrt, at bhieCl snale sid .amoes U:oteows D)i .,s hbe ,nlr the pu'reksler for the price of wnt-e twhnt-i : thusulal- al irescription of proIrc'l y as given ir the Ju'ditcirl co'.- i cyari nce, vIr:e rirrle gil r the nr rrrillr. l rri iLrre rtll'llllrltrir hrlerll I ll. rifblieirot:lon New Levte it, three r LIirdired ailn r ixt- It: 'r,:r feet six itcrhesar l di'uar-eightls ofttll inch 'rlhnt nr" in Ce'rleste t, toe hunirednda fili- g t tTiver ralaie hinchrs'tlrI sa i two-eighthfs ofaa inich on a line r loriarlag on (blt L. e L] slaret, r ntil it strikes the ba nl hnvY lin'e oI' r.:Irrlllt lil. I I:adon's aroIperty, it thie cornler lof () Lerre tlte Nu uLn Sillet: there a o'trming' d right r trl g-ac an' ,x'tn't . eigtler-fiire t'e :unt' three in.r'l'r' (Ir.r.I'i rrn'r ilrt' n LL'' line of said tlillndlln's property t larn l .to i(' elest r strit; tlhre tfnlllll l'g a oihtnglea m, atal lrrt mil4 , bi " Ikv |hree+' f|re·t ele,'ll inch s nlod three ht' l of aI h l o . l i 0.) Levee .troue;t ' 'e I g rlllit++T a:ontl,t·r right++llyIL, a Id exteodinlg ibrtly two liot seveln i|ches filln live eriths of an inch oil the 1 oulndary linell of id Dede's pro eprt parallel tn Ce'.ste stlle.t; there forming auothni, ri;,it angle, Rnrd rxterrlinrg nlre hundred I a twenty s.r'rn ti' c ten incheas arrt our eighths ol f r:rm ire ri oire bIo dan line l' said DIne's preopert.y Ip.r llth- In tile lle r I :J n arll Naw irn.e strel,e t,rnnn ii lllv six fiet Ibul inrhes le auld lirlleigitlllnr o' lilnll fiolln onr N nl's strert, err.erd.- l ing te planby J. 'ili", City '.nrtor, mnle ,.,;d Jan- I, vary,1 n R:iallllxed to all set pllssed beforle louis 1T h Cane, Notary Public, on tihe "th Jmmary, 18.. tli ritrers tha Il'n A. tIara JrImItia I.hge i f te c~l C('r aforr es I d,thi .ill fih Al ril, 1I8 ir. In' ap-3,m&3 Y1'. LIE BI.ANC. Ilp. Clerk. 00" SANCTIONEKD BY 'HINE FAtUL I k O 'l ME)D I1 N E. T IGOl¶t()IN'S CompoitId Extlter ofCop'illa alld Cur.a -p lills -A certain, lie, ad millst tlic.tusl reme I i) ever disovered ltl the ertre of tlliiorhenl, lftos, Stti'tures, Whites, Pains in the back wilhloins, senutal wea;lkniha atffetionls of the kidnik, grelt, scoi'blniu el'ttitt itfnts, Leei.h lt tthe iltrolcltltil ot anmedliine pt)ssssIil tile lusefl and lletive virte i tlle o lle now otllt d to the piublic, toe proprietor has I tIl to refer to tIle nlumcotiI, recoI i ieil:thiits received tlon tie most eminenti of the ue Idite fatculty in Elroip, believing thIt it tall he rtll, I appreciated w hell is ll rile are Inrve tullv klnowl. T'lhe IBalsnam of Cl;paiba, so extensively lsed, has Ist mueh of its credit frtom the dlislike which patietllis tormettt exlpess it egllling its dlihgleeable tstr e dii. stihit:iceutc prodleced in thle bowle sit d stnntull Ih, ill its h.tlel~t eti intltteil'nv hen usedo in the irifii intort f tioe. The plioprietoor lia made an anHIUlsis of the RtlhisIni, oicoletiv ig thatlthe more atptive.ttllic would thtrl'eh\ be ltllth tolre colncentrated and more uselfi tl lly tinilere thai ill tie prest t state. 'The hove mud lille il -redients waieh ate in tile highest repute niotu the Imost scientio ai d I leanted i llte prcllledss ioIn.i i:L I lrtig ill the ompllsition l" this preplurati. ieiilas tih elicev of thell other, producing tin operntion truly nlshing, and srlpasaiug the mosnut angulline exr.lte'nlts; possssingf t the ti me tilnet the adlvantage i o its biig, admlinilstteredl with perliet succssll in the dliflcetr sttage of tile above diseanw. lThe Umost elllinent phricians andl suronlis oft the prel't lay texpress their leciiied ri. pro tiOln inll f thoif of tiaspailla, whilst it lst ill th pripcipal hospitls antil public mellltd y inJtitutio3 s ' ISo I 'e II, lad still O flilnue NN, Iely extenIC sive. It A n Ia l ol lt Itre'medy with lhe celebrated 1)r Aerlethiy ill al velereall nflRctiolns, dll( in obstinat!e tCieoulS lrutintll arising i fonl it disorderled stalte ofll th digeslitrl i b e f lttI io Iaving beeu lubmittd to the test hid experience of the mloslt celebrallte anougthe tlult, thtey have expreu it their stattistnetionoft its extiordi;iliruy eftlrecy ill eri.t cate under their c hItrae, bt l l ado til t it b i their pubIn lic id priltepriactice. T'Theirt oh evattions ioll be ilerl el llereler. Il'p red by J IU Tholi, Clto list, I ollnl. iPrie $1 50 iper put. "'IFSTI MONI.I1.S. Fretm A II SlAnil, EIio F t , SI p ITo;on to tile ,iit ottihns fspitlA. a Lerurer Sn Antiimi The trial w hich I have ultde of cos+ ppa tiini its Il varietvy ofeases, both nuiideallto :ile, i i ait esIltb have li"~nedl so highly fllmllble, thaLt I da nl:t hesitate is pri.oioumiillg it otne ol the an'st %:llle usl 0eli tciul.s orenletlies ever dttred to tIi public ai, ao.e in f hihh, rot. xperi.'ece, I can plct evelry reii., whllilnt it Ioles nt produce the u lane i lt nh o sato t effc ts uaually ex perieclled ftlr eollpibhla. From G FH Haward, ili 11 CI S, PhYsii.'ir to e St Mu:ltyclleell I)ispelsart. I lake great p|leallsure illn ding llll n rstimllrny to ( ef vluale ipropertits of yor iprplratttin, oil ifg i the suetss iolt so fulll dsevl'e, is ltll t pll reward lthl tIle labor aiIll :Xteie illiltd ill blringing it to isuch i Ileto plerfeclftion . i'om V O Cooper, F I{ S, Surgleou lto Gu)'s HI r rtit oo po oy itI htli.i 1C o h t The uoifilcm si cess wf hich busett temned the ahdoii tile obove dilea)es, has fillto 0itiioet Ile that it hito litii to be known to be trdy ippre' tciltte d. ily the stlcetss you sl welll deserve, inmply .ll tspeedily tl'l.u you fo your salutble prepuation. Frlmin Sir A Coolper, F" I S I' IIC S, '&a. te. icaseol violei ft illt o to rrhi, wic hadi Inlll htic f:led every prescription admmliste"_rd by me, Ilaug Ilnral ultol ad ,speedy cures etTicted by it, in a ii 'w dilh s ieel toystilt ill duty bouid to sotle that I low in i il pIlru tiere toth tblie and private recommend icl lll tue n·o e othter. Froil G t Blair, I1 D, Piiysicin to Glut's Ros giTlle strict test whllib I hitP givein your mlnediireh lallo llllmy patiCelts, Aid its invar.i.ble siCCes, thus liter, wll iidhee ule to tlirseltitrt in its uiie, and I deemt it but lt :tel ofllstite andl of dih to tld i feeblt e ti, sti lOliil ill uomendation of itstvirtues. Froan I. C T'homptsoll, lM I F R I.. I return you te m" siil e t. h l t:s fll t valuile pre seat 1 ty our I":ottciat fo'm the .rue of Gmoulrhrea, Ste. I feel g 'ate til that oio ait t ias t blroilght ali nlcie into ute hich will pr.oev a tdeideitn lllo houiK t't iltlie il the mIedict.i woli--n .tm'., spleedly and ltif"tual cr ill I tilhe hbore cltas. Ih tlh,-ds le agral pllasut. i,, publishing to the w ofihl the s uluable qualities of l otll Exticlt. \er, it neessarvy, tie Ipropt it or could Ihere ftlamish iolil. ,more testilmodialtls ually as commendatotnv as the lio\.t: bltl 1t is that its grelat suecesshitherto--the carm & ,exlense tt which it hars Ibeen .lamred, will proveits gre..:Lest i-ecOllln odl ih noll n ll ti discernling publir. Oll rnlcommnlenlationl this p'repncsiin enjoys above :1ll othersls is its iert, plolra t" 1uisi--pa) t up inipots-thlw mldeh in which it may hc i.k-, nlesig both easy :cn plhes ant-itsl tastely iat;lllr, witlh no le.triction in, i" .r.... ninen11't Brol hol|ne.¢.. Trnlellers es:peci.ll} Illlil tinld this mldicin bi hihis ltl, and oulght nt-e to b." Uilno shdell with a lPiLiration posses'ing the adt . Leompinving the Medicine ib a lwimphlet u.Xplaii tll't ilf the allllelt stages of the dtsea, w.ithout au n. ll"-har e, coataming lull aid amlle directios.111 I moraleby SICKLES h Co). mi. 1I +aw. m "1 Canal talrrreet. t l A(' )\--.dihds .-., i-lihi Juland ulif hh-l ),tersh. (CIininattlrl cudt landang+flomeslteam er i|,,, ., and fhr sole hy ~T~1tSON & AVER , il , t st .'IE, , '"i")ljj)A M'A(Ib: COAtEId o TtOU"IlO I0II IVrE AN AM sAkd DA'n. Front Mobile f(tlabama) to Augusta (Use) ir .A t IS ,olieever er y oithe rm uimn.isety sflet I the "b'Val . tlle mhil frtom n .'e,, Orlerns, ,Ir the i seboat EssN t isL, to lilakely. .tloei to Psnlsseb. r teatlmots ('per l'cnnesl Ilay, St ova eoutd and Cie.' otaslmdkie )Wsee nd tap) to Cror llaC, lotohes theses l Me ia r s.ot, Clwtthouches, (lurnelrme Mount Ve'r 0ytn,,) Ii nlhtlge, Ptllerton; eawkihnvilh and Louis ru vlle, to Augustsa. A ptn.sageer bin, his set at Mo 0- bile is in to daeger of being thrown oat or losidn hit i .e:renee by ,lahr eonflicting inleests, or thie FIIIl. SHA LINE is blut 'enoncern, illla nldtr lln oootro Xithrone, tau, and ms~l YIIraTlTIU~f l l Ib il Y rely wiTs cstrrlsrnn owpo his srrivolat Aukgello ii tinme sroeeiird, d'lieigh tll weathA Iloda t P nd t sIV eoso,,, sdc.les onlle weit tator seeeaeelasi ophle stl+nj unter. Tie Grea NSw rleanul Mai I e isi n-cst by Ibis motte. The Agents lier aeosnsissss .eio, ltIeMs, l';ale, nold Drierts n it set sltOsed n tl" ctntYooalr wnoste, The setosbh, ha, lusit,! reote, hes mlre and Ilel resu.wrater naation, the lime and sesmlrnmlmaliou I. sIl int4 l ee.tern27, roNflt.. ee.or.l, sud a ptead tng variety; co ll et~el it wet wiltths t lail Ittcrd d" Chairhtu)to, S. L. and the sEteal~l aikesli o ..w YIrltl rav l:rlm. a:ln rIe'th New Yout l.nil c ',b Orlesan Llh* · rA..I IneeSW'-N'Jain inn cite 2n ig. -lFll, m lll Jhttll ni, clre, Flollld, te have I Ilrunlt I Jtcu QQ' llilli'V coed TsiNallsitne , IIstds tala, 4 hls ncIst ',,httegs, alenull ChicIe llorn, I2ir ltlaslvilIe a ilne tililledlglille, al lin .l ,, i .ht two Lori c, :o'hrs. S ilZl5 I OflS i & h,. A,:Ate.IT, e .l h Jolh. 1395. bIb, ieai btaoc,,cll es. Mo!,elt " istllu-. ', l. lrel. lsti 11 , .i 150e, I1 .it oloile to Agusta, 540 "0 Alclsta to (lharleslt,, 1S6, tlhots.on t0 New Yolk, I9-- ilt Tite, N\w t)lean to Mobile, 8 holtls Mohnle to Au.usa.e .2 , .t.llbelst to Chee.tnn, 1,: i ('glan'preitO ..l to Ne lYoab, er- '2.i M ',ld*g 14 v;los per day. or 7 aliles I°,L, hlo nr, inhli I.. I| bi h ]I) r t I ol ioh s I e Ilo ! cltek .11 oI 'c.plllqie es ll. tulell " bo ... 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Mho, el. fenders audirena, Drit 1ll0t Illd 0 ll ollslld a-la, bsrrl ak I bslll mks and pa. s Dl nil ,utel erne llow Amvle.ilce n h:th moulds wa,.e, ox ani In,,- chin. worldl lo.uls inna uutdlrlrblitar noon ,.I S Llrks, pick uses corn and Tressl soytjes, Collins Rin-, Rill :iubemns' chopping oe'., .neeught, bore ad rIo so nils, eolin andrwee i, r sl colle d 'ord nsilltplare,. ,nt I ,M, ~~ruoge, lue.,, ]d, i" lls, hooks and '1101 slh t, ll .... d li.. ll ebe flk per e tat st.I, ,re1, p til bell Iletla klcb , rllk 101 teeth ~ktdl ,bridle , , 'i A T l o u e ll Yti-i i .j i -t ,,, f a, L i. . 'FE ''rA'I' DF I.A I1oI'IYI7 l~ d t\1";- cl ;1 I: l j ' u ,. B rer l·s D S+i -J,UL . . ,ut.-Aitl iu que • llli illaill Ii u, u"olet ucllete a Ul a veitC hain: d. 's lelilrir d INr o Ie'1, u'l )1 |,+rus In lpOllriu uras d Tris-" re a' lincnii Wes a •i In Pia u it e • . r, If vi-n li-lin' e; • h me i,-8 p u tori- l n mini' il A lad in a I- o: hi .. egslr lFet e1 u j! u " Atri . , e 1' IL eg - SISM, pie t, e t. * t .i avi'd lt la not i ode i , IL gis iti ni t i l iqat Il-iS . ' rc.4l I•• t . J'gl .lii,+e lan 'I lIulk~ r ha i u 'E sti 0 I llt ie cmto piur t inrwu""ni vet~rtjjldiuiirr:R;" lnl1l'tlz e le 10.I'' 1a, S" Lt, luils it "a eun Uliii tctItI nrOI-U· , 1U~r *i-iwuii, ,i-a.dllei s is iol t da dnne, " "', de-'ul t be I. Lo is'-u.-t iusl I n l+.luz·t I t'rcler 1 ' l,1s" ' In Jiiiai -jniiril ir mrl d I.. . i b ., Snl' ! ti t19 1 11n lh~iai t~i - e.itcea i-a"dal II~te "I H\I tl'ImttUi i imI- pillnt-i l glI'mls e1,l itl In , ,r e dux, .lam{ U, lee a_.v.t . .llell L nd I Itii u I u l"ti l ii t'Oi t, lmIt- l e l i-s u It' lntu Id:e lalllt r, 1 1,su 'l dl 1 v" ,it Is (ems et ). `.iL~r, + -, ]e ;It ,: iji, , v le I~ ullru Ih;u. de l " I, qu bl.+r . +. Il. prrrlr Colt Ir l .u i 1u , `•le a :uuJlsi ,r I. la e tnts. ].|( IL11 |IIOI'C.;III (t. (lupp. h'¢b'U tdtte t tiese,!pse etnju|,l t +,silt d ( ) e's " "lUIpta .IIi.hai It IrIIIu In)] e i-y.iIC tiia-iroi~qii- (Il tolrl l illclot l.tlli tnw a' 6,•: "c ,(in ' s " I' ' d Oo lu lt s l.l,. I t e: UIs ll (merolpn hh .a i5,i 91i ld u s I-i-a-sr-n ut nix l iiii lltt re n l 1o ar i t IPre lr Prix og cu d. l e U a1""t ' i tn d er I ilre d ogreI s IC [rl· d e J,, u d ei - . 'Yc-, ln teaimt Uellgle t t , e elo us'e L t, i . Its u·i Ari tdr 's litII i-:,L--n Wctcmi dini ce'qi ir gii ll I 'Ol i iiigl U l , jliitn ilc Is (l i e oIu Iru lu rcertri inguulel six girds nt "r't- l in tl l t bt llle i lie t jil i llli ai, elmiIe Sl Pl I p t t li-f I U ai l I -i-mei ( llll, .In Iigrc L li h . • k s,- ii-dalAi ".'1. S. h i ,leni Iiclu licti..lar uu11 l. nI'ubli-ta oii dilailc a Iiii the cllrll ii- i -l - l l i ii -lIt-a ii'l e cllt ", ij'nr v. lI Li " f ' el I I1: i I I . 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