Newspaper of True American, August 25, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 25, 1838 Page 2
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COMMEP AL, ;L, nte Dpeet. 22 Db...aonm.Ang ... 0 Waal2awto., Aug ......1 ,t2 Aug .."......A... 16 CinWlnnati, Aug.....-. 2I P208.2 6 do............1 loi22ile, Ag. . 19 fl212'u:.2A2 ") . ug .. . ....... 0 )13 als i An... AMR..... ..222I Limverpol, Auly . ....21 642i.2t2 ( Aug..... 22 Paris July .............. !L.U., Auf... ......... 14 ,od,. July ........ 2 N vilke Aug ........... 2 Harvre July....... 2 ...I L.,POK'I'( BOSTO--?er brig Berodioo..cargo: 429 hales cotton, 505 piea of lead. MARSEILLE---P2 brig Columbus..carlo: 196 hbdl tobacco, 196 bales cotto2. HAMBURG.-Per lk2r A.n Johanna..cargo: 106 hhd l nd1 135 tobaco, 6 bale cottun. CIIAIRLESTON-Per bag Charlestou..cargo: 66 bbls mo PHILADELPHIA--Per abr EliA Jane.;ear o: 121 haleo Cotto,2l 0 hides. I bae sheep skins, 3.00 bone do; 1O0 empty ce.k, 150 pigs lead. LIVERPOOL-Per hip (iobe..rargw I2t basIscot ton. ir barhoL2k L2r.a2e..2.2go; 1325 Mie. c2oto2. BALTIMORtE-Per bri Archi2ect..cargo 648 pigs lead, 110 bones tobacco; 1 do whips. IMPORTS. B03TO2-P2r 0224 Roadoet..cargo 2 bbl0 lim2e, to G IIAVANA-Per trig CthlMei0a..are2n : 518 bhoes, sugar s ear2, b2il. &2., to Slater & Trier; M Li.ardi A& co; Lbords, and Captaln. - - Psr r W M& Mary..cargo169 laboxes sugar and trait, to order, Per brig A E..Pcrgo: coffee and l222r, srg4n, e.. tooJ W Zha l ne & co J Mu.ina , Viguler. SRobert & 2o2 M Lopes; Guasetsi; Vigil, * d odgn. GALV4)ON.--Per ikr lily..30 b0,l2 2otto2, to H1ll " li2do; 4 8y.leat2er; J Potter, RECElP'T PRODUCE. N5l42002aRl ea-P-r it2 .bo2 t T20Lh..caro: 20 b.le2 cotton' 22l2hM, Maddox 4 IB do, LamlLth 22 Thompson; 2do. A I.edea..; 0do, C Taloduao; 5 do. Dn nd; 2 do. J B Plauche & co; and the U mail. aur--Per steamer L2evnt..ear2o: 6 bales cotton, to A L2do2 k c2;2 5 khdl woer, I Iml2 wool, 0 L-,t2pis; 132 tbb. pcheame order; ..sdrier, to J l.e); Mad A Dubucley ; J LIalaPde. Mr C DopleWis.K Padah2--Pr" ste2mer Augora..ergio: 200 bbl0l0or. to 1M haehn 247 oil2 rope, 216 p. b. ging, to Lambeth & Thonm 2n2 |. bketc 2 ottou. Amo.ur. Lke 40 WaIker, 8 hhd2 tobac co, R G2 .n8 d co; 3 do, Tote & Hopkins0 2) do. Prescott, Jo.e & kcl 00 acks corn, Griffilh & Baruen 333 do. 136 het· ou., Larbe Dear ." co- 10 bbla whca key, 5 do oppksl. ordai I ble m.ce, do; 49 bales cotton. Br2ader, n1o.uou. &, W 'rhI 3 do, do, to do; 49 do to owner aboard, 4 bao liquorm, Hyde " Conotlook. MEMORANDA. riE Ro12e 41t spoke on thb 2ith Aurust ship Paestrine in lat4 142o) gat hence for Liverpool. In let22 6 long 51 spoke br T hmatd, from Boeu, boued to NotraI o. dew York,]62 A.u..2-Arr. brig Androcogg4in, Decker, NOTICE. T HE opartners rip heredire e2x.tingl in tlhi city, Sh ween the eubsciber, underthe firm of Lane Van Wyck 4. Co., in New York, Laidlaw 4. Co., and in Nat1sbe, M8i2s., Van Wyck, Laidlaw 4. Co., is dis2el-, red by 2ntualconsent. John L.idlaw, Peter S. Van Wyok, and Thhomas W. Van WVyck are aulorized to ae t22 ,naoe of the22is, in liquidation only. JOHN LAIDLAW, ANIDREW LANE, S PET.;R S. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, .ew Orleans, aum. 1811,, 1838. CO-PAI.I'N.RSIIIP. 'he subSaribera have forlunl a copartnerrship in this city n 0der thefirm of Van Iycok 4 Co, and ire New York u2de, the firm of John Luidluw 4 (.iu. JOHN LAIDI.AW, PE.lER S. VAN WYCK, THOMAS 20'. VAN WVYCK, augle-- I[8. L IME-1500 Caoks lending hornom ship Chrle at Thamouton tier, below the )uil roud, for sale by S &J 1' WHI'I'NEY, augl8 8 Couti at NOTICE. W IL;,IAM I DOCKER 4. MICHAEL EGAN, if V at prrent in thecity, ere requested to call at the 0.fice of the2 Texiau Consulnto. NATH'L 'TOWNSEN'I, R ICE--? Tierces fresh ent ice, landing from U brig Charleston, and in loree, for 2lo 2v2 LAYET & AoIELiNO, ugi8 17 Commerce siredl. EOLASSES-50 2bls molasses in store, for'2ale by L LAYL:T & AIELIJNf, allgL8 17 Conmmrreo street. \(ON-10 Ilde Cociuo -ri l.ocnn!'id.r. in d2re .lfor sale by LAYET.. AMELUNG, augl8 17 Commerce street. D RAWINti Materials-On hand a superior assort ment of Rewes & Seon' suplerior water colers in hoxsof 1, 2, 3 & 4 rows; Whatomn'e superior drawing paper, of all sizes, from medium 18 and 23 in. chen, to antiquarian 31 and 52 inches; also, very supe rior lristol boanrds, Camul' hair and snble Brushes, India Ink, Indian rubber, Lead pencils. &e. For sale by D FELT & CO, eugl8 N I Stationer's Hall24 Chartres. INK STAD- i hand a superior lotof Inkstands confl-tin, of a sariety of plain nand cut glans, Log serheads, Sillinman's patent eounting house pewter Ink ch.sta; China, fancy of a nariety of patterns. Also, a splendid uasertmrent ofbronze Ink sanndishes, some ve ry elegnt; for sale by D FELT & C:O, nudl8 N Y Stationer's Hall, 24 Clartres. A)tlNTING PAItER-Just received 150 rinsen me Sdium priatig paper, some very low priced, and nome of fine quality, tor sale by D FELT & CO, lug18 N Y Stationter' Hlall, SI ('harir TO LET. A romfrtable small dwelling in liu street, between Gnraier and Comminon. Suioa S ajble for a small family; Enquire at 26 Tchoup itouas street. augl8 1LLINUIS &OH10 FUNDS, for sale hv NATH'L TOWNSEND, jell Exchange Hotel Graicr st. L IME--80 casks of TIomaston Lime anlont, and for sale by CHASE & DIXEY, jy24 6 Customhouse street. L ALAGA W INE Seet and Dry Malaga W1ie, _ in or casks and Indian bbls, entitled to drbenture, for sale by READ & BARSTOW, etnde 67 Graier street. M AIAL FAt'IUItED l'nbaceo-- 00U boxes, I s, 12 and outnd lumps, of various brands and quali ties, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. auill 134 Magazine street L IME-700 Barrels of Lmne;; 250 Bales Hay, land ing from brig Carolino, and for sale by LEVI H GAjLE, nunll 93 Common street. 4.. ACUKEKIL-5. hbbls. No. 3 lackerel, landing 1 traom ship Ohio, for sale by augLL STETSON VERY, S Gravier stree FIt10 LET until Ist November nexst the elegant l Dwelling Hose, No. 117 St. Joserh street. Apply at No. 74 I'oydrae street. jyl9 "kOMl STIC GOODS-Lawrence & Co 1-4 heavy SIrown shneetings. Jackson & Co 30 inch brown hkiriuge. Lowell No. 1 & 2 brow cotton. For sale ST''ETSON & AVERY, aug4 X8 Grazier stree EJAMES WEW--NUO L, &., T IE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of Rich' elieu' 'The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. Tan Ioava CuaPs, a Comedy, in five acts, by James Sheridan Knowler, author of 'Vtrginioa, 'Tte Daaghler,' &e. &c. lon, a Tragedy, in five clts, by Thomas Noon Talfobur; 4th edition. Socnnar an Manasaas r AMERICA ; by Harriet Martinoau. author of *Illustrations of Politicasl Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of BillUs of Exchange and Promissory Notes; togeth. or with a ariea of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will fall adue; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, and general infor. mation connected wilh busianess of the counting house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk's Guide,' &c. Tan Leraa S ornan Bon0; a course of very easy lessons in Landscapes, Figures, &c. by George Childs; 1st and 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM MeKEAN, j58 cur. of Camp and Comnmon eta. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe riments of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Means;" "Sequel to the Experimonts of Living;" ,'The Hurcourts;" ,The Saving's Bank," &o. COFFEE- 30 bego prime Havana coffee,just recei ve l nd orl sale by S & J P WIHITNFY' , augld4 Conli street. SRtY ;OODi-'L plackages, comprisiog nariety of seaonaeble articles, far ,ale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, augl4 134 Magaziue strees P ARAtOS .i tt t-Uebrellas-13 casee of asperior" quality, landing from brig Swan, for cale by ISAAC BRIDGE ' COi. siug 124 Magazine street. IA'TE Ialal,ces-Steve'i. pates t balancer; va tiot.s sizes, warranted corrert, for sale bh ISAAC BRII)GE f- CO, aug21 134 Magazine st. NK--Norcrea' ink in boxes o I aend 2 do bottles, S sle s ISAAC BRIDO E4fN0, fa' st. H1 AY-Y50 bo.dles of bay landing from ship Wm. Iadges, and for sale by LEVI H GALE, 93 Comnon at - R' M t 'andles-00 Boeqe New Bedford, Nan reeket, sperm enodlee. for sale by WHITBRI DGE 4r CO. aug2l 130 Magazi nast IOGCANS..4t Case Mens and Itovs fine and e erdt Bru.gws, Intdiag Iromm ebip Charleston lor ale by ISAAC BRIDGEl( & C. aubtl 134 Magazine tnret. DEH EY8S SERMONS. J iUST reebved a faw eie af Moral View of Cnm. mer'se ar'riaty and Pnoa lg twelra diceureet , by it' . Orvil Desav. FA DI bL T DI. .vD FELT l r Co, it Sltaliner' .Hall, 2 1 L..lrtre, nt. DE I.A Municipalite No. 2. MERCREDI, 15 aoot, 1833, Rdoolu qse cc conseil persiste, malgrE lee objed. - lions du maire, dane s rdsolution du 31juillet, au. torisant Hilaire Denis a signer los petits billets do cedte municipalit6 pour le comptroleur. Signre JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu que co conseil persiste, malgr6 lns ob. jections du maire, dans seo resolutions du 31 jail. let, autorisant l'mission do la balanco due pour pavage. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorde Rdsolu que toutes appropriations faites par ce conseil a Is Compagnie Hook and Ladd r No. 1, sent retirees, at lee mdmes soot et domeurent ru. trachl6es st retirdos. Signs, JOSHU A BALDWIN, Recorder. RIsolu quo ls proposition de Che. Dimond, E. E. Parker, Jodediah Ieeds, John Kellar, D. F. Bur the, J. Berry, J. H. Leverich et adtres, de garan. tir qua l marchb aux projetd I a jonction des rues Teheupitoulas at Annonciation sera loud $500 par an, eat etdemeure aceeptdo. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu que le voyer set et demoure requis do dresser on plan et une estimation dudit mstrch6 projete et do soumettro le tout It 'approbation de ea c¢nseil, at sa maace ptochaine. II eaten entre rdsolu quo le voyer eat et demeure autorie6 a donnor avis pour les propositions pour Is construction dudit marchd et la foumniture des colonnes en fer st autres ouvrages on for qui y fe. raient ndoessaires; Is tout faire confortndment aux s, cifications traedes par Is voyer. On recovra les 1 lee propostions jusqu'au ler mardi de Septembre prochain, oi elles seront prises an consideration par Ise conseil. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rtsolu que lo comptreleur est et demeure auto rised adjuger au plus haut enchdrisseur, sans Ii. mites, et cenformment oux ordonnonces existan p tlosole emplacemens oi sprbs nomm6s peur Ia d'ete does hitres. Un i la tale des rues suivantes, savoir : Canal, Gravier, Poydrae, Girod, Julie, Delor et Roffignaoc; un a l'encoignure do la place du march6 et de li o rue de la Nouvelle Levde; un aun prolengement de la rue des Nonnes et de nl Levdo. II eat en outro r6solu quil sera fait une condi tion de I'adjudication que toutes les cbquilles d'hui tres appurtenant aux preneurs deo emplacemens respectsfs serent venduos ano oyer de la Munici paht6 B.virigt cinq cents pr ar bard. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. RIsolu que la somme do deux mille piastres soit pany) aI John Kellar, a compte doe co onnesdeo for et outres fouro toures par lui faitcs pour le march6 t Poydras. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder ii Rsolh que In sommo de cinq cents plastres soit et avane a D. II. Twagood, a comptle du pavement en bois qu'il execute naintenant dues la nue Ca rondelot. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdasol que In somme de centvingt neuf piastres soit rendue t M. E. Yorks pour les cr6e leon does Y watchmen, qu'il aacheldes pour l'usage de la gardo do suit de cette ntunicipalit6. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ; Rdsolu que la r6solution du 10 juillet pour les po. rs saga du pavago on bloc do grar:it soit amend6o do or manibre h ce qu'on lie eon place de "lt rue Saint n- Charles, entre as rues Girod et Julia" rue Gravicr Ientre lee rues Tchoupitoulas et Maguains. Signd, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Is R6solu quo Mark Cox agissant maintenant comn. me commissaire do la Batturo on vertu de I nomi. nation toetporaire du voyer, et sanctionnd par lo e. comit6 dos ruos et des quail, eat confirmte par co conseil et que son salaire est fixd du jour do sa no. . mination, a $60 par mori. Signs, d JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu quoe o voyer est et demeuro autorieo it adjuger ou plus bas ct dernier ench6risseur, apr0s a dix joursde notice on frangals et on angrlio, dals - dero gazettes de cetto ville, Ia fourniture de tout le bois nd6cesaire pendant un an a partir du jour de I'adjudication, pour les ponts et autres travaux do la municipalitd, h I'exclusion souloement du bois pour la fourniture duquel on a ddja contract6 pour les wharfs. Ce bois devraotitr de cypro escid I bot. ne qualild, libre d'aubello et sans flacho d'aueune espbce, et it devra Btre ddlivrd cinq jours apras que d le voyer on son d6put6 on auront fait la demando, eten telle ou telles quantita queo ces officiers I'cxi. geront. En eas do ndgligencu ou do nion execution, le vover ou son d6pul6 so procureront Jo bois do. mtandd aux frets et risquos du contractour. Siene, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu quie la pnmpo offirte h ectto municipalitd I pr lao compagnie d'mcendies n. 2, soit; pourv0 que cret pompe ne cohte pas plus de $800, 0t quo lId ite pomp suoit tenue comme pompa do r6serve, et sera sous la charge du voyer et prdde par lui I telle des comnpagnies d'incendies de cotle municipalit don. Ia pompe no pourraiteorvir. Rdsolu que 260 plastres sent approprides pour l'achat d'un do suite pour Jo '-Protection Hose Car. riage." Signd, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE--SECOND .LIU- I N JCIP~4.lITY, NaW OiRLEAMS. AUI ooI 2r , 0 1838. AGREEAIBLY to a resolution of the 15th inst., 1 A will aljudicleute, o t , onda Iehe 3rd Sartermlr nsex, tit o'elmLk, 113., to Ihe lhgllest bidder, separate rf tie fAlai ig ltand111l lit IlII Ssale of Oysters from tile 151h i of lrltthr ;3, ,13, to ile 15th of April, 1839, viz: (lire at ihe fien of('anal street SOne " (irtvier " I, One 0 nylih s One " "Juli " One " Delordl One " RofIgniac " One at tih carner of l alrket square and New Levei. One at the extension of Nuns street and tile Levoe. Termlsi 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, and 7 ioeths creodit inl st f isfretorily endorsed notes. Ii is Iade a condit(ln of tihe adjudication, that all oster shells, belseogirn to the lessees of the respective salrdle, ire sold to Ihe surveyor of tle municipality, at twenty-five rents per Iarrel. d JOHN CALHIOUN, otg2c3 Compirrller. --Boru do Coir/rcteor--.roreiirr MunicipnIite, Nouvelle Or usti. 29 ntout 183il. ONFORIIMEMENT i une rtllolt:ioi ru ii du erourant, j'djlugerai A lot bureau, lulloi le :to de .eptembre.B DEUx heurea de l'upres mnidi, nu plus heal enchtrisseur, les baux slparos des emrplace ro rell suivaus pour la vele bds huitres, du 1 do sep temobre 1838 auno 15 d'Avril 1139. Ln au pied de la rue du Canal, Do. - --- Graier, Di. - - o-r drrs, Do -- Girod, Do - - Julie, Do - - Delord, e Do - -- Italigunre, Un e coin rldu marbhi et de In Nlile. Levre, lin ala cooinutiton drie hit rue des [teligieoses dela alevre. Conditions:--I, 2, 3,4, 5, 6 et 7 moi. de crdiit, n billets eidosses A satisloaeiot Le bail ortiend.du In condition quo toltesesIs lI aillies d'hlitres apparwe nant aux difbren emplarelr ens, d vront etre vondues ar vover de la municlpalit A 25 cents le blhril. S 21 souo JOlHN :AIIIOUN, Controleor PRIVATrE BOARI NGHOUSE, No 13, Touhlose sl,-iy Irsa Hotfmarot.. ITHIS house is spaciiousc ind convenientlv situated 1 for iren of business, near thile Levee ari Ihe New Exchangeu 'Ihe tedle will Ioi well supplied and attended to, and . the cllarge moderate. Boarders wisling to have lodging, eoll be or'omimo dated, at differiet prices, with ecommodrious fureishedt rooms. Boarders will have the outisfactioUi to rmeet there, persons speaking the Froench, English and Span ish languages. aeg23:33m PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Toulouese, n. 13, lerse parA lde Ve. Hufmann. CET 6tablissement er slracierux, et se trouve situa prep de la Lever et de la Nouvelle Bourse, ea'st A dire an centre des affaires. RLa table sera bien fournie, proprement Ienoe et a an prix mod6r. ouoxu qui prenant pension desireraient y loger au rent des app.rtemens de dilbrens prix, bhic garnis et commodes. Leo pensionnalires aront I'agrument d'y trouver des personnes parlant lee langues frtancise, a nlaise et espsgnole. 23au ARI)-1000 Kegs prime Lard in Iltre, fitr atle by LAYET 4 ASIELUN(r;, aug23 17 Comt.ereo street L ,Ak Purth-64K rels clear pork i- sire iind .Jfor sale by LAYET Sr AMELUNG, oug'3 17 ConUnerce strceet. TIlE 'fRUIE AMERICAN. EDIThl'ED 8Y JO5rr OllOfIQ.O . FAITI3FUL AND BOLD. - NL'V OR IEAN,: SATURI)A ) ....AUGUST 25, IHISa (fy h'l'ose indebted to us for subscriptions to, the American, or Reading Room, or for Advertising or Printing, would confer an especial favor, by pay ing their account's now, as we find it very difficult I to pay our current expens-es these horrid dull times. MILITARY. Those gentlemen who have enrolled themselves as mnembers of a componv of Mounted Chasseurs, to be attached to the 4th Regiment, Louianna Mi litia,are requested to mneet at the Exchange lHotel, St. Charles street, Saturday the 25th instant,at 12 o'clock, M. The attendance of every mtembor is ernestly requested, as business of importancei al be transnated. IMPORTANT FROM TEXAS. We learn from Capt.' Stockman of the steerer .'Teche"arrived yesterday from Natchitoches that hews had been received at that place from l'exnas announciing the conmmencement of hostilities with the Indians in that republic. President Hious. ton has issued his proclamastion calling out then militia: and Gen. Rusk had marched to the scene of action with all the force he could posaibly raise. We understend that we have mortally offended the "Natlehz" by our little pleasantry, upon the arrival of their great ship. We certainly intended no offence, nar upon a re-perusal of our remarks can we yet perceive any thing uncour teousor unkind. The folks of the Free Trader however, thunder out agaittst us, and we suppose if we should be tempted to visit the great commer. cial emporium on the hill top, we should run some risk of being Iauled up before judge Lynch. But in hitting at us the Free Trader preserves as usual politeness towards the mass on our vileagers of New Orleans. Just hoear him : "After she (the Natchez) shall have made her best bow t. Rolney, Grand Gulf, and Vicksburg, and after she shall have recatred the visits, and blesslngs,and prayers of every man, wmlan, and -chld, and slave of Natchez and Adams county, she will then sweep down the river, prepared and nithorized to act on the great Washilnvto an and Jeffersoilan laxilm:-"Friends in peace, enemies in war'! GOpt. Story will no doubt salute New Orleans, and more Iarticaliirly the editir of ile True American, as btcoltes a gentleman and a t Mississippian." r Now if Messrs. BIenncon & Halliday, are the 6 organs of the Mississippians, how very kind our neighbors show themselvesa to promise us of New . Orleans a sight of their great ship, after their slaves have visited it. Wonder Messrs. of the Free Tra t der, whether thae Mississippians,intend to send by the Natchez, a few hundred thousand dollars to our Merchants, on account of the debt they owe them. D)no't send any Brandon money however it is too valuable to be toown away upon such as we. Every place in the country except our own f.vor ed state, has been suffering long and severely from draughta. Navigation is stopped in the rivers, and even in tie canals. Vegetation is parched up,anrl tally of the woods have been burnt, or are now e burning from want of misture. A lPhiladelphia pa" - per recording the full of a single shower in the ' mtdstof thii arid time places a large captioni ,f "THE RAIN'over the unlooked for announeer ent, and hopes now to keep it standing as a daily heading. S.t';ttru ./nlerdole. A colored ti in Philad=l phia ab/tut years of nae was found drowned, tiand at the inquei t a sorrowing woman cl:imed the r,,. dy as that of herl sor and proceeded with mucnll illh frction to carry it homrt' but in her way met her own boy alive and well, whr' shlie instantly drop 1 ped the corpse, and Inaotchellt uI her livint chart. a hurried oft nmothering him with ;"tsies and jo, fol oears. The Lake Pra.rie The Locomotives witht a Pin of cars will start at ihe foot of Canal stret, on it Nashville Rail Road to-marrow, Sundarn, at 6 and 9 o'clock in the morning, at noon, and at 4 P. IM. This will he a berautiful trit, as the ears will run to the lake arrnss the great Pranrie, a distance of twelve miles, where sportsmen will find good fish ing, game and refreshments, fine bathing and pure air. Mr. Lewer, the publisher of the re-prinat of the European Magnzines in New York, died there suddenly on the 15th. Prentisr in .New York. The Masonie Hloll in New York was nrammed nearly to sufflcation aon rite 15th with an assemblage of the whig party anxinue to hear and greet the torntor of Missisnippi.' The meeting rias organized by placing the mayor in the hanir, &e., and the address of Mr. Prentiss was most eloquent and stirring. At its close five and twenty hery hearty ceers expressed in some measur the delight and concurrence of the crowded assenm blage. The Great W\estern cleared Irom New Yorr on tihe I ith illstant. The Picanune, or orne of his correspondents sun gnass the proprrety no raising a Marine Corps in this city. For the information ofat our little friend we will tell him that the thing wasatarted a long IImte ago, and that considerable progress was made in it last winter. Trris fall when a sufficient num ber of Captains are in port, the list will be again opened and the Marine Coriis fully organized. m)or city still remaiea quite healthy. A few sporadic cases of yellow lever, we believe, halva been detected in the Hospital, but this is an ncr:r fence of every summer, even Ihe nmost healthy. - The weatrher centinues coaol' and we are still visit ed by occasional showers. The lake is very high and the swamps consequently filled wiit. pure wea-. ter, whirh is favorable. We stlll have reason to hRpe that our cily will be free fIrom an epidemlic this season. The "News" of Cincinnati sayst--" Fiescahi af inferntl machine notoriety is at present saojourn ing in New York." This is newst ndeed. One would have thoanht the guillotine was an infar Cal machine enough to stop any Fieschi in tlre world from rambling in foreign climes. We Ive and learn. .^)'l -he beautiful fDtnnaet sent by Carl Kintr of N rwn York to the QIeean on Enllland, w.ts snar,tl r:etlved and gracotusly accepted by her ntajlt-y. In return Mr King received a eaonpliimentary Itt rer Iron the Queello,ith orders for bonnets of the amle style froml no less than three dirzen mI tile ladiesn to the Engilish nbility. So says the Nea York Herald. Thlis King has iven the Queen a bo nare and in return the Queen will make lan s Kig's fortune. There was nothing like a " run" upon the Banks in Philadelphia on the 13th when they re sutmed a'specie payments." Tihe greatest call for silver was at the United States Iank because the city certificates were redeemable there. The amount paid out the first day was twenty thious and. The only shin plasters now issued at the North, and no. redeemable where dated are the treasury notesC of thae general government. From the New York Whig we learn that there is now permanently estahlished a United States lRank of New York, capital $00,08.1- Ftrmtd 6h11 August, 1838, in coulormity with the law of the State p.rsed April 1838 George Grisawld tr and Richard Alsop are the only sessa iatee and asle owners of the capital: no othet person or bhdy erpyirate havl',i atnineterest directly or 1 directly in tie oassoiaio n: We ae authorized to announce Mr. Sami. s Locke, as a candidaie for .Alderman of the lst t Ward ist Municipality. Elke'ion.--An election for an Alderman to aup p'y the place of Dr. Picton, of the let Ward Ist Municipality will be held this day at the Mer chanis' Exchange. Mr. Samuel Locke, a gentle man long and favorably knowp as a citizen of New Orleans has consented to serveo iflected. The principles he profleses, will ensure has elec tion, from the old true blue first ward:' Do nor neglect to go to the polls frienda. Ii. The steam ship "Natchez,"' Captain Storey departs ftr New York at 6 o'clock to-morrow morning, precisely. She is now lying in the stream opposite the Upper Cotton Press. She is a noble looking vessel from the shore, for we could not conveniently get on board.Hler not coming up to any of our wharves, we must suppose is agreeable to orders, since the plea of avoiding quatrantine by not touciing at Orleans can scarcely hold, for the quarrantine, if any, attaches to all ports south of Charleston. So if Nathez be a port her vessels are as liable as ours. On the first arrival pf this steam boat Mr. Baldwin sent to'the Captain a written offer of the free usn of any wharf he pleased to take. To this no answer was returned at the time, but when Captain Storer laid it before the stock holders of the Natchez those gentlemen trans mitted the following letter and resolution. NarcnEz, Both August 1838. Joshua Baldwin. Esq, Recorder of the 2d Muni. cipnhly of New Orleans. Dear Sir.--Herewith I have the pleasure ofhand* ingyou the copy ofa resolution passed unanimous. Iv at a meeting of the Directors of the Natchez Steam Pacnet Compane, expresstive of their thanks for the kind greeting extended by you to the steam ship Natchez on her arrival at your port. S With an earnest wish that the prosecution of it theenterpriae in which we are engaged may do ot much toward effecting an union of feeling as in. timate as is tie connexion which nature has form f ed between the sister States of Louisiana and Mississippi. I remain, Youer Onbr. or, Roar. PATTE EP . Sec. N. . '. Co. d "Resolvrd thlt the rer,!ial thnnks of this board -be returned toJnehus Bildwin, Esq., Recorder of d the 2d .Muu cipality of New Orleans, fOnrtll free d use of any of the wharves of said muniiipality fur the steam ship Natchez. S"Resolved, That the SecreCory of this Company e be required to transmit a copy of the foregoing a resolutno to Joshua Bald -in, Esq ROil'. PATTERSON. Sec'y. Natchez Stealnt Packet Co." Mr. Alexander M ilne has made another donation of $1000 to the Catholic Iloys' Orphan Asylu n. The Advertiser, begs a like sum from the donor for the St. Patrick's Female Orphan Asylum. Tihe hon. Mr. Prentiss for want .of time was debarred the pleasure of necep ing n dinner offered him by his sative t n of Piortoni .) Prentice of Loutsville and Franking Tom Moore, have had another hIostile meeting at flarrodsraure. Moore mot Prentice intthe yard of the hotel and lired a pistol at Prentice, the latter retuined the complliment, both without eflret. Prentice drew a second pistol upon which the ex.ltnnister beg ,ed oIl; and lPreicco was fool enoughli to le him Excursion.-The MozeppnCs aptain Griffin snear this eveninu on the arrival of the 7 o'clock ears for lIay St. Louis and PaseChristinn. After land ilg her passengers to breakfast where "'the hIungry trnvrller" took his rsmll feer last Sunday, sute wni call c at the lay to take all who may wish In partake a fashile Itip to Car island and return Ill p lto ttttm e trinotugl io ti at It herl hotels. The Mooaz pla w ill :leavte as it-elI ttme inough to rechll the ril rioad hy rday he. 'o;. The iRprrt chat th, sn se rpolt Ih l he.n / illed oIlN'i N iatlluck , i1 n Irole lady, in s reiicvtol Io It oil a hoi.\. It roullld tk.ll ,ll or than a t in o lady tI kill the mnllrsir.--P. L,rtger. N lr if sle t,.re no old mat. ilniPe of that S ePllon loo tkillInr enough flr any thling s clllltlte. .1ew f ollott.--l'iThe ist ble ot ieW crop in . orgia reached Charleston on the 17lth. It is from the p!altation l of 'hlrllt'er Clanron, Iosq., Coluombl.a Clyf LGa. T'Iclve cents were oflbtred and refused. The iewm Crop anri tohe .Yitlteho.-The first of the new cotton crop, that wt Iln,'c heard of, is now on board the "Natchez," of whtch there are 3 bales These are, of course, on their w.ty to New York. The seteamer left Natchez on the i:i3d, t 0 a tm, with, 35 bales of cotton, inclusive of t:o abohve, and 12 passengers for New York, together with several others destined fir our city. Dr. Gwin and family, Mr. and Miss Sillers, Mr Lacoste, Captain Guion and Mr. Lampipr. T1,H1 l GIRAFFI. We were accidentally led into an error regarding the days of departure fir the noble steamer Giraffe, i.hich we hasten to correct lest it cause Captain Swiler any reproach or bore The Giraffe starts every Wednesday and Saturday mornings oni the arrival f the 7 o'clock cars, and visits all the witeriog places Jslog thie Lake frnm riay of S:. Louis to P seIaollol. Thie style of elegance and prluetsion in which io lptain Swiler provirr es for hi+ poassngens is unirrsally known and admired, end while clommanded by Ilin the iGirall' mlust be a decided favorite. liwo at titre.-It would appear fromt the Cin. illnatl papers that there are '' twio Thomases" inl the lield as candidates for i ongress: one bring E. 'S. Thomasr , taie editor of the Post, nd tile other his son, W. F. Thomas. Are there any tnmore of the family to provide for? All eeaphatll belmgillg Io a ienagerie being requited to cross rhe harbor of Ntrflk, Va.r int ipratively rlfused to trust hirs.l f on rth terry iouat, but lhavnlg received an invitation from lnts keepers to visit Portsmllouth til the opposite shore .he galiantly pluinied into the river at Town Point anid swanll over with ease a apparent eattsfae. lion. The shaml fight by the French ships of war was to take place in Newa' Yiork on Thursday the 16th inst., irlmedla, ly after which the (:reat Western wa:Is to ti.he her departuret--to colnvey to Europe the interesting intelligence of which was the vic tor. As the papers state that the harbour w'as to be "tlli rve" we presume the steamer will t ot be burthened with any list of "killed and wounded.' Corn was sold in Baltilore market on the 13th at one dollar per bushel hy the cargo. Prime White Virginia wheat at $1 GUOand primte red at $1 d(i per bushel. Flour tso being so.u. ,c.i extenively froam Michi' .lltrder ina ire .,.orlh. --U t ie 13th in Philadel phia a coloured ellow named John Moore bar barously lurrdered another couloured rman namced \ illiant Williams without any cause r U quarrea more thau anu tgod grudge." Brandon Bank.-lt is statid by the Louisville Joa rnal that the enlquiry into the tto cerns el thi institution bhas resultied In provnlll it in as g('odl condlrllU a any inl bitrseassippii. 'rhe Jostrnal fullher ruttsts that thlie nk will have tile i eans oi payingo sopee by tu Ist of Januaory. Important froent the I'ronlirr.- -\Ve lnOlS f'rln an auhentlc soruce that tile Cheroketes \VWet of he Slisnsiessiep , hive rIrvited all the br,tvr ,t of all ri tribes. except the Os e anesd Kansas, r.ialine near otar Western frmtier.Nnrlh of the Red liver, j to meet them in Council in the Cherokee conlTry Io thie llinois river, thoot ten or fislt, on miles a sive the carren fork. ol or aIoutl ,hbe 1lth ep hclber next. The ohlject of the sou ncil in, ex cluding the Oenpes and was net known. A runiner was senot by the Cherokees with the wampum and talk to the Senerne and iother smill tribes in thal vicinity, from ithere it was carried to the Shawanees, DelnwerPe nod KIIck .pllo near Fort Leavenworth. A Kicanoo runner then start, ed withl the wanlpunl, two strngse. the one black, the other w.hite, to the Sans, lowas, &c. Ntt doubt was entertained that the object was to rank e a si multaneonus attack not tile asettlements of Arkan oas and Missouri. We may expect prompt mea sures from the proper authorities to word off the intended blow.-Banner. Kenturky.--'rhe Louisville Journal says: "The parties in the Legislature, son foar as national poli tics areconcerned, will be about tie same as laset year-the Whigs having an overwhelming mOa j.rity in both branches 'I'he conventinn has been voted down by a larger majority than has ever ieen given against any question, that agitated the people of Kentucky." Balloonl Explosion--Sonf Descen.--We learn froml an extra of, the Easton Argus, that on Satur. day, thg Ilth instant, Mr Wise the Aeronaut, ascended from Easton, IPs., with a paraohute hal. loon, accompanied with two small parachutes and animals. Mr Wise says, in his account, that at the height of 2000 feet, a conical parachute, with its occupant, was detached and landed in afely. After ascending a few thousand feet more, he de tached hisoiled silk parachllute, which experiment wasto decide the certainty and safety of ie pars Schute balloon. It did not descend with the uniform velocity of the first, but Mr Wise concluded that the experiment could not be hoazrdous. When the altitude of 13,000 feet had been attained, the balloon became fearfully expanded, causing a loud hissing noise fromn the small tube at the bottom through which the valve rope passed, giving warn ing thlt unless the safety valve was opened, the balloon must rupture. The balloon at this time was sailing swiftly from the N W to S E, while a thunder guast was moving below it from S W to N E. Mr W. looked at his watch, and lound it to be 20 minutes past 2, and as he was returning it to bls pocket, the balloon exploded In the space of ten seconds, the gas rushed Irom the balloon with a noise resembling the approech of a hurri cane, and, as the wronaut tell, the air whistled through the net-work tt like a strong northwaester through the rigging of a ship." The balloon, Saccording to expectalion, asnsumed the form of a cncave hemisphere, falling rapidly without any vibratory motion, until it reached tie lower strata of the air, which was blowing a sharp gale raom hle south, when the parachute colnmenced its first vibrations, drifting northward, making a vibration about every ten seconds, which now made tile descent very unpleasant. The wind from thlle south drifted Mr W. about three miles before he ,appronched the earth, and made his landing much harder than it would hove bteen in a calm atmos if phere. As he neared tile earth, le threw over all his ballast, which put him off his guard, and y ,s his car strluck the earth obliquely, it bounced upl about ten feet, slightly bru.singt his shoulder. y Contrary to expectation, the balloon diid not col. Sloslpe, but fell along side of him. lie Ianded on a farm absout ten miles Irin t Easton. Mr Wise si.ys that he is so gratified at the result of this experi munt, that be intends so.n to repeat it, and make an ascension from this city, .hleh will ino doubt is be hightl gratifying to our citiztenv ', , . i i .. . . M-l1)i('t OF' N .tV it, li ll ., CIEARANCIES. Brig Borodio. Cooper, Bttstn. Stetbon & Avery Brig Charleston, Butssrnett, Chlrleeston, (G Bedfirdl tri t o Columbus, Pierone. l a rseiillto, I, Itod or Eliza Jane, Il.bell. P'lliladeltphion, J k , sihri.e Se.l~~ert eJ. ba eln; llen-t4.,,,, . I, I'rcigb co August ttth. Slip Globe, AlWes, I eiverlmol. , L II rGa., IBerk nLaures, Mlereilt, Liverpool, , II (iGle Brig Arn hbiaect, G, Bioltimre, B ltisrd AIRIVALS. Steam tmvlont Ilhldson, lllri, from L he Paslrs; hrmnlgh ii) barik IJ.,ion, brig Falconer, brig A i elr WII. s lmary,& Elnir . tisear towboat Porlihe. Clart. nro0 tile I'asesd, toned to se, ship Ii lltov lle; blouyhl up slip St alnry. Stean towboat Poe iloy, Mo risn, f, oa t the Passes; hrought upll bli a cary wad brig R dllo at. I'Ptket llll St Manry, Fosler, front New Y)rk, vil H1avana, to P I.aidlow. IBark ilt ioln , a Vhtito re, , . d5 ys i rylm Anitwerr, i alls t, to MIurter. lrig, At Driell, ro dl .s froam nlav t olllu, . teMs'r. ri tl, h,tharine , M ill, frou Iliva.,, 14th A llrlt, to Smith & Voo.rhPes srig l s o i . p ITURs, . wIII . ow o-h n, rw .ll o c lrd. t pi rle Fendtl, efto , from lrin e, III ryse to Cuculle , Shr r Emilgy, .daresy, fcom Gc eiv .tan. to MCAN Er. S, ,r \V l, , nhal, a 111' Il;i.~y I rost ihlalv lto I ,Iit 1 ll,5le. li l t rP nTl s rnr ,lleant I, lu itI Ii ll' l o + I so. I tami ,illf <ll ,, n folllr, Iiiill' lllhl'. S tU or V I ll ' FtIa C 'lklllfkNr. Alll t lmh.'b'. Nil! ICE. --. T QtenPa, 1n8l, Ndrucash, t'epe in i .e, S ,i, NMlre., bo td tt Niwl York, blying t 1 3l 7 bove the Uimner i 'spni P nens. r tdyllo lltr A:t- tndr hudon, iS led , fio ll Iw arrte r i ill Sla u isenalne sl.tnii tN, lllofrill m - P,,i . ll ll lnu e to u ron with ;co twil; rd tt -l too t u nini l lit n g I e n lll)s .stne h I m rll ,l i n'll sI pnne .t no..iso , sti .Wet nd dr, in quj rter r adiens, u1s t idinn ids 0. n Ius ,t Il n I'URNTUR r. ttis, dt tl!l Islnil, nt r iet Ire III trir l tir'sh iilsr to-di a In $ r ella P r bbl. a - erl online h lu. 'o raitl' h i tot ek bshall gie h ariht; rh, eVi.ligI+ wee+k, (frli l M.1 h , : 1h la just.,) :15 Olllurle oflra iou or ao hit. 'smllr lIt them ui ealitd pmour is rte Canulxi p antun a dprIRdu jurun de d dsit curttnr i ll to w eigh g.iti per sie tl, monll ia, 5 z inne l nt. 24aug. IOENOISP , hveor. Ang i af. esr Inig. slyl. 1818 NATICE i eeiyglu es .t I Sreile ownrs of e ro iert and orthe S'eod Muosi. li lity all tall ills fheo r 137ing reo ininre untpaldS will e plret d i the he's ol ana tt'orney, for collec Nhilll--1F,3C s SeptiiLUF:.'.iir 1, RENji at-nit ,lrettised anioic tninte bienial. in tiitlllr, res eei ltef.mde i fVIS- axn le 'ro ritanire do Sl eco, e r unicis linte -'rIos lo e biets dti.i n re e 1837, qr i CO, n tsp SnntIiier'n Halnt snnrkrnd st. paontife lny e sront i is dus ni.di josu do dal tlre ie niis d'un avena t e in e s po . rcollepio l 20 au I)OANE, t.Trlsorler. IF lNs'rnill-Jud t recistling an additinonatl s l. pl sin lomt Now Yornk and Ioston Peisns in irset ofnFURNITURaA, woten do well to call at 53 BIi.ivilh street befs ors rchasing t lsewltre. tiermn W. R CARNES. Pns tE Il, i sdesg- bbl ans I10 kgsr, 'Dnlo'luis Paste $laing000 in largo sd all boxes, land.b in fonbig ro. r.. P,,, f sale by Wlll. Li,'esn'--5s baIILer is i.rn.IC-fs1I.L rnes oletioo of the sg ooaeiollsn offnon nd n lunniei pa ity, passed at e etheir silting o Tm lesda, th 15h ofl t le present month, ( ugust c) will it noon olr te 5th Neptoge,,r Ct3, dji dnitn , nn i at. t n nl i to the lilyowst Alhlor, the ftrnis hing ol all iIber, reqired orlr onet yar romlll he taid 5th day" of Sepineier, for Blri, eells E isld nnieipal worksi Nxcl Veivr onl of tg. Aot er iln roni dveootrat e ne tioe fu1ni3hed forthe wharvest Al i nwood to eli cypress inf good qality, frefroliln sap i without law of)any kind. l ( SatiyfaNtory security in thi sum of $10110 will be reqIre : d.ia ifPen net lieit! JOS. P I Ikl uL_2.. Survlleyor. FN C Yrinit S on srtsitns n I li, i de la 2de nhlieipalitn passee dtohn heetiner te altnrdi 1th5 dn preseit taois, aoot, An s est donee que toercre deri5 gera nu rabaisIs foi rniturede tientort Iboin de charlente Islelt pourra avoir besoion Ilan uoiipolite ponr nustlo tlaux pIendnei.t ln ate artirdn jour de I'adjud cation;l lee bets dejt ,'olltrnees potl les wharfs excharto-les bois grount de spre sties aiu mO'lpin, de b.nae qun l oe sniis oaUfer lloch c ,ro i e ni pi iec. In t ,l t ion Isissa... dle $1r00 s bylerigetP n 24 soag EOS. PARIE Yover, SinELLg Liddss--S ales St etore, and etur sa.e I Y S'['E.7]'St)N &, A RYII I, [ AWEIENCEI Sleetiug s-5ien lnarg,, nale:s d-ni Liw L r enci nlicntiednll, store and fbr yale hy STYEETSON & AVCi:RY, ug25 84 Gr1' 'ier stt. i. "EL CLoLga,,-(o I0 balm 7--8 --4.1 o ,el1 SAlISglio LC'tnhs, in store, and fr sale by STETSONYE & CAV, jyaug25 88 GrvI'd ster t. )LULPItNAC! n fullr 183. just reneivd Iper illi r kansns, from New York. 21 graee American ted I every state i the Uniog ant contaiSnlg great jyN Y Statioer's Hall,24 Chartreest, • if Permanent litot and tLr,,n Ink for sale, Iy plhe dozen or singl bottle nnn. RV HO e OEAN, lst. Punctul atendance i requested. Monthll. jyl2 car (lllunlono streets. F I.OIUR--IfO bblre fr(ai ground flour, lndling fruom I f iat hoats, fir ta!e bV r LAYET & AMEI.IIUNG. anlly 17 Corn,'restrert. PllK-- 0 hhld. 1'es lr d Prime P'rk111, hlaehil froml flat biats, for saleA YT & augl6 17 C'oLmerce street. l M S and Shoulders- lbeIIlllr. Pickled hall] and Saoulders, laudinalg flrrrl tn oats, l b air y I.AY'EI' & AIEIUNG, nugl6 17 Coumterce street. OP--PEr1iLAS-2 bia oelopaer'asu in atore fir rall" by SG. IU)O. SIiY, angl6 44 New Ievee. 1J IHISKEY, Pork, Bracon Sides, Flour and Lard, V in store for sale by ORS G DORSEY, augl6 44 New Levee. W1 l'l'E IHaana Slgart--t0i' Bores landing Itron VT sehr Liberty,for sanle by aurgl6 A. FISK. S OtN.-400 bags ralite corn in good hippinug order in store, far J TIIAYER & CO, aug 16 74 l'nvdrrn srarnt U NDERWOOD, Pickles, hetchups and M.utalu, in store and for sale by J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Poyrrans sreet. EOSIN.-70 bbils Rosin in store and for ale by J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Povdrasstreet. ARD.-40 kegs very superior leaf ard for sale .by JOSEPH C)OCKAYNE, 23 Gravier street. aug 16 1EXA MONEY for sale by EXT R HYDE & BRO. rugl6 39 Common st., corner of Magazine. A 1HOUt) E, kitchen and shop frr nale, fronting on i Circus and Basin street. Privilege to be given in 15 days. JAMES LAMBERT. nugl4 FIFTEEN DO.LARS REWARD. ILL be paidlfor the apprehension and lodging in prison n either of th, mtnicipalities, WIL LIAM FEGNER, an indented pprealtice to tihe blacksmith trade; the said a prentice is ahout five feet four or five inches high; liht hair, blue ayes; a German by birth; spaks the Enaglish, French andl German lan guages. All persons are forewarned not to harbor or trast thesaid apprentice, under the severest penalty o t ile law. NICHOLAS MURRAY, eaugl4-tf Blacksmith, Triton iWalk. S'1'O LET. . A Two story private dwelling house, Ptlea a ss sntly situated on Triton street, near Tivuli I Circle.It Isn everyaconvenience to make it a desirable residence. Apply to alrli4 J OTT. Nt tTIIC". NEW ORLEANS &.NAaSHVII.JLE RAIL ROAD FFeIC, r.. EALEDl Prpnmaln will he received at this office until the Ilr of Septelmber, for furllrnishig 100,1106 Sfeet (lineal) of rypresu, or yellow line, 2 1l- iniales thiock, 1II2 ilhes widl . ndl in lellrtllb of 20 fre: or ip Swardl;to be delivered along the line of the road; on the shore ofeLake Ponehartrain. D. HlOAR D,) nugl4--t Chief tirg'r. & ien'l Srperd't. r LIVER T'WIS'i; rl thie Parish Iloy's Progress. cpart second, bh the ruthor ofi'Th IebPkwiak 1'r rersu' 'Sketeblrus of aery day life.' 'Ni:irholas Niiklreby' illustratedi nrlnernulls drsignsr ('ruikslrunk, 'Thre Life tuon adveetulrer 'i Nirhorlns Nickleivi con - tamiing a feirhful aecount of tile frrtunes, mInsfiorltllnes arprniinogs dowlllriliirgs, ardl (Olnlrrritrl career of tlhe Nicklelry falaily. Edited iy 'llo,' rwith illustrations by 1'Phiz.; No. 2. e Sketclhes of Yetrlll Ladies: il which these interest. t ing memblers of the anilal kingdom, are classified .c eldling to their several irntinels, habits, and geueral characteristire, v 'QriZ,' with sketches of Yolurl gern Irlrretn,by (briair.' Lilhts "andi Sholrws of Irish Life,hyv Mrs. S C Ilall. authorenss of 'the Blieneer ' Urinle (lir'ace,' &r. &c. ill two volr., jest rr'eiverd aldr sale hy N 4 ornr KEAN, _ atlln I ... . . CorJre ,,f ('a._ rur r1.C.,r , __ .N.i.. s , . I iO ii-KS.k 1)iARTIINi'T'ON'S C, eloylediaofi lioer lh vols. N oh. ",10 tArto anIld (, iellTlNg NN 2vols.-Shakespeare in :3 vois, a poek.t ',hrimn illus trated. Phillips.' tIeol,}y· . .lll orsonll'a \llPiollr loev. B ·rewste ' s "1'r , aftiee' ,Otat M netiRsnn. (;ray's. t:le illustrated. l yrNrs' ITnlyv :(nd P lrns, illnriate! d vol i. lhrdin 's i'lrN win liN ok ICr I,:3; . Phillips on w ter tcolrs. I[a-r IrN wi, g Bj I k, by C hiid. Strlllt's Sporti and Nlll s Time, JIust received and for isle 1 'Ik its v I i l ti ctre! t. hi -- 'll , IlN If lli II on I)lll : )tl ; . -"1'1E -- S li I, i m- Ill;k Th s, ,in blass s n , ;;11ln" lualitN, n Nla N Nill lir lN IN v 1 A1 & J "illE I' N , . T : lNe r N 1 (illli br .S 1 ,ld b yw , CS111?'I' 'N 111:1,1 '. 1, A(l 1 ,' --110; I,--dp t I rli' · I('I I s-. Ibug FI n an a hule "ll b . '' 1';1'~ll I N I S hy l. 1V N I Sil l;' \I "S -I I0,l101; i. tyll lllrl. for. elll , 1: Alaglazin el street . SkIl t I'I.INITiIS, I,I!N 1"'i " & : I',;S,! :I - 1 Ph soilh crolle, F tlill-r fNr ,d , sIhoP , I sr l ifpk '"il d mN(n NN row riNe ; Ihnnd [' r ,,; invhN, IN.rin ',d ,'iohoIs; bIt hh ll sw ,, l Iks I , nI'I h' d IIO iv%,' Jble!s hl,\, rimed !oidnat n' r , 1 I ash I,' ill Iall SAAC 11( itlk ` t jy 7 !1 : I'nrt, sin iet, NNALtNN N CI) '-N IlE-N,0NN NNN s iirinltN , in yoilr mN! lolN , st l e yli( N N l I n ,I d 'N Nl udr inty dal s dlbati , NallN. I Nsol gIN ai phr ISAAC 11II!tC8E .. Co, I n g7! I PI 3 MiagNll street. CvH mANs, Tl,,,..T, Slilp Irs--I)N c& .s - p pri shl i are i Iyt em of ((ra'cel oll BotltiYs tin kip, pegged -! lld IbnuseIt BroigNN ; MN ei iNiN IN NvsN ine ' ci drens anN d N nl& blNtNi i t, I NNNN iiid !N lk(,e Nlips (linl Jiug front shrecil io, and tr saleC by ISI!A INC i (III{ . & CNN. JL II'gT l r 134 nIi u o'nzlilg, Oistreet mnt.--E a, i-tIl ! cask- ( pl NreN,'('rn:li N uN .iNN, NNi'N sale by JALVA IS I A11)1l' & C, jy A8 E or Co:m1! onn & u Tss e houpitoll ro s ht JAYVi's & .&\tI)IUNS, ifl ,'FTlCn.i ZI or NI T n kI . a AI' T VIit.oI.I ATl , expense of widenoing Unitinc Ptreet, herween Nes Le FIeCe LNoA) CIIAnNd ll I INp I oon ira New York it(( ightN, or sixty uleuate ilnl e s te' , n sti l tl lo t pur chasers. J. AME,.S 11 .IIW. .,ELL, T AIE'I S a 1 1 tIT NW ' !' 1 .1 I ll , 111 Eolth, it ii ovst l,, ~ f l'li lls, r ii, Iririh in u"! I t. I 'Iti nllellSat - I Ht ' r II N rN N uthlr irhnntNilles of NP lith, r l e ti.l&c. \VM. H'IIFLE N, iiii d H ' J.orAler of P m&Ii Commi on s.ll li t t(l N NlN.N --lllN ilil of Co iliu l Ia, l E laeIe ani TenIS pI.'s . !N inN Bai. N i NN! INNNNtiN lN, i onen (Jiin t aIl leTThn tra lerRent edy, TaIurnNN' CornN 'irstelor, &eu ile sale by JAIRVIS & ANTI!!EIWS, jy2I Nl N NNor atnNNNNn i NN'lho N pitomm a N st _ geueraI assortment ane handr , fo sale lI, byr .TAHIN&JAV ,INICI)!\W jyi8-hnN is.e or NNNNNmNNon N ,N T'NINhNNNlNtNNNNNONN E undersigone'd !having be lien, duly cappoII le by HiNNNHonNNIN tO.'i, CfN'! .r, st J dicia l iINt NNCrict u ( expnnNN of'NNNNCNNNadNŽNNNIg widelnn g o I( y((nyostee, No"n In L ee street and 'v lutile river, de t their dot ils otlte al gde viesr with tch l c n tI plan, ai l ol the clerk of r aid And public noir, c i hereby gi'ecti en that sa i R esN t and assessnN N !t will be NNNesnNted No .,aid court iN r eoN - tr aviR Io, onlc slllllurdi the vent .ninih 1di1 t fI" SPen tes iers ones ald adl ilertsons l ile's proprie l ery s itl-cs uatedl rue tRolltf i c s let oor ih e llv'ciont p lhereof, il nhereby otiles d to NiN ke their oIbjet ions,Ils if any they thavelN said elunti lateN unt do taes, s oml avat le vinlle e ulnylie - Ni NOept mbr e p i r next. Novelle Orleans, Augut , 1838. G BUILRJLKE, I. l IEL IJAC, } Commissiure. HII.\'S, A, JACG:}BS,) O NISA-I. ,NA printing , ,'a.Nll1i llllllI (' Nrno t N oni I tr PhoNln eriahls ne r dnUss ry iir isa n ewit julloic ire, Con'NissaNres pour i itaher at taxer In dgN mN ag eN ies fisorm .e nnit of rsentnTch el ; se ver lt' i ulll Jn ro e TYPE;a llrve e .n t i le ril O r ns, c, nc, wiplelr be old tllep, and on al' 6 teliom Tt S llao i I0 ( t s nte dC!l neosn e (Ne vr ((ie N eop ies, NtNeN Nn pan, an hNrNN i uN u ' -reflieI ie hidie ,ierauspNN i 'Qoi lioi NNeNtiNu iNI NIllre, nsses. N l axiN public esN N N N lNOni Ni q lu le I nsdit N lblilelU seill dne n. p rlenp re shplold in;l 1Iet NrNON , p iirs ONN aint lllelen NeOi (Inbn Ne tatbiNleaNu ('1vuhldy NioN et Ide tN Ne, sav ir: tOu' danls itl l rue . ra olt In vaisiilge, sn pte le plr(-. senlit notifllle dr t It leur obj i e sl 'il1 111 ont, nudtll tab e pu i Nevnou O et de, tixNN c i ill -vent ] viigN ot Noavelle (Orlean, n,'aOtt 1832, G BURKE, S FIETII, CO isN, ' CIIATLEIS A JACOi'iS, ) PRLV7.l.NG Gd' VICE. Olt SALE,-A NiNnting office, NeulnNIN .l of all 'N the n lterials necesINry fONr it NeNN,-'N ItNNel'. ANN na korbN ent of . NrencNh uiNNeN NtN; Severn: CN'Nt1 i J Non TYPE; I hargeNexta'n imperial Nreig, 8i &e, will be voNid for one iNlenNdinNg NN establish it a onN tNy kie', ali vii lage Joh Oik ce. 'CNNe type 4,. nili h! so! d sI p valely froma the Ilo i n shnuld Nuch an r,.' l'NlN I~t NN 'i'-N date Nhe purchLser. Apply aN this N iN icN . l OilEI .-loll bids I ,Mes i0, O --'e ( N' ,N' , , liN usk iaN.N' ked, foir ,Ih la'y N. (tklN iEIV,' iy'..3 41 New I.,'v,,. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. '/V EIR. broughtto tthe Police Ponud of the 2nd " Municipality the tollowin. unni ed aninuls yiz:- One large Bey mare and Colt. Onesmall BIey Colt. The owners ifsaid animals are rcqulrted to call to the IPound, plrove Iroperty, and lake irtheml ae y. - I1 Si. IIAIPi'EI, augl Captain ofthe Watch. L t bii. amer, 6 n deip'r t dic lu 2de munircnilaTilt6,es animnux suivarn: Une graond juntent hoie avec son suivant-un poulnin hai. Les prrprietairesldesdits ani maux sontplr6s de venlr ao depot, prouver leer propri A.e, payer leo fries.ei ernliner leedits aniotu x, 1i aeut I! S IIARPER,Cupt de in Garde. IE-lS 5rcaeks row lending from Charleston, for It salehy S G ILACHIARD, jy 1 3 Gravier street. Tii oR RENTr--A-l-.o.nd air nmie wellulsituated, i nd in the most business part ofthecity. Terms. moderate. Apply to W. GREENE, at the Orleans Lithographicr Ofiee, 53 Magazine street. jy24 rO LET-The House situated on the corner or J Orange and Religious streets;aptly to J D BEIN & A COIEN, . jy24 90 Cnmmon street. A Card. ORLEAAS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH MEA T, 5:3 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE BANK'S ARCADE. W GREENE retlrne his sincere thanks to his friends and the public of New Orleans, for the patronage bestowed on him for the last two veers, and beotg ia en to assure than that all orders eoont:ited to hie charge shlall lie punctually attended to; he will as osual, keep the orfice open during tile summer, and shell be always really to strike off merehants circ lars, biuiness and address canrds, funeral noticls.maps, plans, and drawiugs,, of every description, at the lshortest notice, andti on tile most reasonable termns. Being casited by nrtieta supcerior to any other establish meit in the citv, and from lone experience it the lithogrrralhic line, lie feels confident of giving entire satiso.gllon. N I Aplothecaries anl druggists' lbhels executed in as good style as copperplate engraving, and at one. tlhird of thrn xpense, jyt4 _`OK SALE-'I'Ite spleodidrtean bent MERCHANT ' Oavig urderono a thorough repair, will be ra dy ir seaa in a few rlrys; this blot is rO Fee lastiened and coppered, wilh i coppuller birir aild aitalrenlid ca ginr: her Uceaulnroatletons Ieing very ,'atliive, and well found in every retpert: fir further particulors air tly at the lshi yyarl oft(Gregory lyrne, whlere. she now lis, or to MAUNSEL WVHITE A' CO, aur21--15t 96 Oravier street. +AL''-5io sacks fine saltin store and for sale by S & J P WHITNEY, aug23 Conti st. OAP nel T'Oallw Cardle s-ll0 boxnes Tallow Catl Sdies; 2hlr hloxel No. I nndl extra soap, brands of Jalnes Gould andll Jckson h T''rowbridgc; for sale by ISAAC B'tlllitdg & CO. aug23 131 llgazine st. OFFICiE NE;W OIRLEANS & NASIIVILLE RAIL R()AD COMPANY. RAFTS on New Yo k at sicht, 311 an 60O days eight, for s:le, in eutns to suit prelhuser.l AI eri, Cedar lrinher lire posts and sleepers, anl Philadel p rhlia llnber wheels lad erlrt raor tlien rinronabrhl terms. JAIIEil II CA.DWELI., aug23--6t Preslenot. rIEAKE Notice no hill aeainst hiFti leating Dry IlDock, sinedlu anr aproverl Iry Ian.ros Dck, will hlereafter rI paid biv thie owaers of rtl i"loating DIry I)ohk, t.lee ta e.laime I rit k hrvirg never been aIuthor i.und tio make lr ny contracts. AMoreover, nal hills from tlhis (itoe will rave to be ap proved aut signed by the agent of the Floating Dry ck. IIEIltU(tN IIE I)BROWN * CU, rllg23 9 Conii st. SUIVIl:hmit's O(11lICUE SECOND S iUNICIPAL ITY. OTICEl: is irely given tihat nry if tihe sectiono lfor filling orr embIlankin g Im I.tvoo anl wharvee, in front of this Mlunicisality, anjudi`eated by me oil the lltl dle oflire, preset month, (Atgi,,. ) will Ire reearjr dlcatediar l norlor of rill, :Il inst., if mrt prerioelty prt ceteded with i tilhe lspirit, rnd ln tillh tIirmts o tit ton tunrt~alnlspeeifienolri. 'khif tl j iarle lietiriwill I- at tilll-li.l Ic Io rrik Igllri. who becoml. clntrietnr aut.8 JOS. PIIIE, Sirvevor. J ilt 4111)ll VIIIN ItlRu, aiiR MUNICH IAlVi sa ro IIrm.r alx rlnaitiosi. d. adjdmit.tit qu i leCrt a it" l'ilith Il 1 I de re Iois (ool), quI jellli 2:311 eou rS l,a l i di,, a. rlio ur+'..+,.i ',ai j'. erai de nouveau ait rahai,, burs rki-'lt + e 14i Iii, Ia bq ruihlaia a ataios ~~~~tqu'ils Ia rnlidl ou i or dlit, es obliga liC, n; ilnl...6e:.I I~ra' de ol tltahlie arlidir ali. l'A't'l . I ( )1" 1 1I5i N i A, I'nri. i'urti, or Ih r-t IS " i 1 ( II tt rtl.+ ()rll:N(ltlire, h enl Ith ,, oh olnt dohh 'Il )r',"+ I Iitlhn , .lod ,.--"No; . 1 fi dT, , l +l e ot-k nla h, v l IIi tl. 1-l. t( Ii m lio i a1' t31. (1 Iaer at - loruuvl 'il, l 't-u om.llier. l ' I lhlachi·,;lvn ,.., wile of +i.brnhlm": ll ',, I I' T llr, ,,f l: erldit: + r s . ild illVo ]ellt alhl S,nl allv) llr _ ll_ l the ,l, rIr that J ,t~ ~111·IllllV tilhe vh' - r li,' Il i nn d h 1 cet ih r- or stil ill.. l ve n ile .t l trano.I I_ I i.aPa, , s ule If .. t 'l-" a: . I. . , rin hlr p - I it', ti l l i Ih 7t ha , r 1III .l, :Is fo mallyi o litit S-ýe . ,l b uel tl pIrdcvont I A It i,·lloered Iothe. ((u lit, VI tl 1 nlllit:h r mll r f, + tlh il l l I ý' a pi ritl l , ni . Iii 'lrIr \ ltra I' 1, ,lh i, f latti. ,' I,,,xj , r I a s i fi, t I e of II it ' I'e :l, (,4 + .€ IoI t I r lII, ,e d. ... there to irli t''I ir i',',l l.: i i. lra'rli, a oi llI, .,i oll- l',lr II. I aI t ratfl Itm du h,' ( il dil i'Ir, Ilar's intan . a. . l A t 1. Gl Y )I. -+ ''ItAY, ' I)i.- thk I l 1 :i i -i;ne ol r Ic W hiloto I ta . IIIr:r:' ''r utII, . ra Ia t o l t ie l, N it.. llr t ) t einr a. 'rr , ta" , I'II Ill t'e r a a, r th ho ii!, to li rlii i - .I I t. a'tl.: r . I pour i, a '(,,l,:'ier-.ur ,or tion de l ." at; ii est ih"cr('l rirt la eI o r I l e mtrte aaeat ,: tehl, rer eat hes alll.~u dmll Ilnscvabl- Extrait de+leina S .itat A Ai. t(1 rr., .-Orelie r. STI AV11--)I n th 10111 iast. a Siotlch White. Tl e rrier Slut, lni k ol tahe pnlut Jlthe nosie ihair u ittl ruh. Wivhattair hal theii aliell plCae to ratar her to thi offillre they will be alibrally re -ar'd, atag 2l A'IE t a1. Il -o.IIUIrSIANAd a i IFaaaaraJuatrc. I)DThrInT anameaar.s 1iA'l'lli:|l{ I), lll'tITY' rad JAMEIS PI . NIflriN, s, a 't'hair '(lhitOaS lari Iae Crdilitor of 1'. Ilol ty &. Cor., No. i lili5-l 'lile n'assion al lite Petitioaor'a ptrrlrty hiltvila been alcelitled by tilie Ciart, f lnrtho rbenefir of thlir t'reI iiors , it ia r ltore, that l teati g tf ihair sauid t'reailurs du itake place it tre oltiar of Ed wardliII ll IItt, q., Noraliry Pltlicr Olaa ursalda, tlh tl l af.r t o Inlhm r lnext at Ita o'el ek, A.Ii., Iar t flla r iar'e of dqlilerating on thr ais tirato sa iu rltitaoaer$, and ilat'a ath anltiae fall jatliaial practeinaagaaaainat ainltitl Ihu till tchdule, ari i ttayi ; alntiatad it ia irthir fla dered that .V\irttn a~sq be appoiated to represent tie uilsent creditors, in tiis case. \l'iteCE.s tile lion. A. l, Iluchanan , Judge f tlhe rsaid cola, this Ili day af\lAgrata, A. I). 183:18, 'l'TE1t2 LEWIVS, irau'7-3thnl eap'y. C'k. 'l I)l: 1 - - l. It I I is NP--Caar-da Praeamier )istriCt iljdi'iiaire-lPatrick DOIarty and James P Nolerl, illtatre a.s eriantier et le Iori'ranaiers tir P i)Dloertvy . Co. -No, I119. L ceession des propriE. t(,s dos" p'tlitionlaires avant i6t6 iet nita Ia ro l ar jaourl lebakiiie la leurt; II t.St dalcrbStS(, tane rarselll'li, drlesditis iinrneierrlaura lieu ea I letuda de IEdlartd Blarlet, Esaq. Not. PIublic, JLadi, a svei tarnlltre irochl ti, d A 0 Ilellresa l o tlirt , alt. de tllibh. cr i Ior Is llir tuire ledilts cpititilon irahi' , et ra - lldnt routes itars.ltersjuliclatirrs cotatraleurpert.son. nte ei l fer promvii(tl,8 Pont arretce,, (naol nxIII cr{an tiers nrlrtiiunis drnsle tablella ; et ii a a de plus diaa irhtr" qae Mlicot, Esq. sait iolra e pour repr('sller lIs cr(antCiers absenti, rntas earte lafltirs. Ipresent'l I'lton. A M llriha'l aaujag e de ladite cottr, Ic 4 all ut, d 18::33. TIIEO. LEWIS, aalllril Dlepalliate Clerk. SOIu' hl ps le.. olfhialta tald l5llcoils MIanilla rope S sorted sincsp, just received a dI fIor sale by S L i.t) l V & CO. aurl7 2 Old Lever. WIIOLI;S.\ IE 'I N \v' iNlt I AN U"A1TI'ORY at ' I.OKlE & CO., Na. 22 Old Levee, have in " star-r, .[l fheir Owll altnaltfaetnrc, a targe adlt ex. trItsive IIssortolt of till wOre, whlcItllhey invite mior ern i thtr, ra+itilth ratat Aoa i ti. tC ogarr haaet, skii-ners; 251 do. Sugar Laadles; 211 doz. Clipper allgar ulanlis; 7i Balth tabis assorted sizes; 30 gtross aissorted sied itat'fO Grnigl:s. N. Il-R-orf, t atluildings cvarirtd withll zina , cnpper 1t till. C Iopper and till glrtIers pnt ip on I&le ahortes p InRl-200 :,l4-imo 11 O tuft prime & shoulderb forsale by 6 IORiSEY, llg7 44 New Lveoa. 1' ANISII SiiGAl tt-l-5 hla l baxes srltia- lsegar. i saidl to be l'rinipic, jusl racrivedtl ad for sale by U I' LE.1E' & CO, angl4 I0 lIra r ior street--rp stair, ENI.LISII, EIA NCUl- ANI ) SPAN ~I Ti ACA EIMY. ShII wOIlESOIt emORin IIYasnsisledbi y gentlmen of ii .lrop 'r uatlmdicatitns and .rp. .ience, hals op ened at ACde iia th, rik btai ddig belOgi In Wan. lrload Esq., atldjoiltina the t eranla I St. Charles strieet, whelepI v,,t,~y'l rt1t , hlell diposed1r , will re ceive a good etllledltioll. Mr. M. signicit the co-olratin t of hii ftiensls and tlhoP ofedll:ta'd i lt 10 a elairh. lil hint to reidCr thi insti tarlioa s.l. and parmatentr . :aug23 .0rLEN liE i 1('11--211 kegs Irirae tiushea butl 1 r, laning a ran ir salk by I.AW tENUE " I.E(;ENI)RE, at'i3 8 l ' aL9 New Lrvee.. O1Rti SALI -rta It a 22 rwl. of scrap Zinc, y (IL \ ) CL.Alt, Pluatneras, ataga' 10Il2P,vdras alreet, PORTRAIT PAINTING. I.i. I'Alt.a , respeellnlly Irrnlara lirapulit that She wirll rlain atl shol tira ill New Orleans for The purpos0 of pnlitini lortraits. Romts corner o Ctal and St ciharles, in tlhelLouse aiai-'tirlll y I'nhal'lnly l.yoni, l)DOntita, whtraereaapeciuta If his painting c In re t'an. E.tllraaie in St Charle. RtreeP. nl'J 81 l lEI , Flrluit and Itlak, ia staraefor rale ay n2 ' (; It)ItltIS', 41 New Lveer . LE IE tttPK & I WA tE--,i satle hry .'.A'lTER & TRIER, " 40 Ir'idras rCret.

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