Newspaper of True American, August 30, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 30, 1838 Page 1
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.... .·I (Y( C..· rtd 1,,,CE-T_. '-** NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 30,183e. o...-VI o.4'. ibm J-- _ iii-i am --.......... ... ......... ...... ... .... ......L . .......... . ..... .... im'i""i-T ... ".liW~i a iHi i. • I TeL r . el 4;*. lupcr Peia of Now Orne,' ,4'0e1 ,gas _ ed nq s , l fl p na. raed l.. I n. of UwLq'4r score, held e' the 13. of March IN s vmrn.ilt teW.arve Dallars fio the daily pi pear poratlem payabloe mt-annually in advance : tea daNlrsa tat talae.teiweekly dountry paper. pa.ble one "r*hle adI*ete Where no city reference io give. No ".htiiiption 0 Ili dioetinned until arretages arP t to s ·4ntsql deataoontl lanleo, ode weakl notice a ndp, . sbat v ariabtly given, previous to the dirsat la enbseollar per sare bir tbhe lrt n ,ertll , , . t' hstatiml (Fr ecb eubseqUent one: ,qltatrtneratioa:'ron the eriginal advertisement ' nwilb he C a44 ,I ae ue. '. K ,ay , tea. i.--Mehants and Tnd"rd , I l' "rdo . s c, , aad sit foar both lan. I , ne c sd other imilar * ni, t o soa, ftey o t doliar i Eglih only, and ` ,eghtt te s gresar a Shi and rtemboat Fee. .n, a. T pme6pe haa ninty dollars in English i d o e l .foa sh 1 a eo ogee. jAgpMSeBi, atwav r,Nol cno cod a oiearle sail the ys attte of the publce to saies ni p.operty, anre of paseengers, beiits, sc. &.- wilt be sewerd one doular per qcarel for die Irt inertion in each an • (; rou i€toe, or Adveniae ntes.ofany_ pears taturs, when ndiissible, shall be charged auble, al iakn dva A d.d .cdt f bwityfve pehedt. will h.e ma to s ple lffr ctta. pualitkedM in both lu mgose , a rd e mn e nt. lcslis aeh alone: 10 per i ent.onsa A ft o t oel ap.n of the dirct tine of blsmion rIb o sue, -luic o legat, p acrtio , and ploiata tuuln a ul J ny , av y fima, drc. re. will eisWea gt arparteaen ly nsbd tlet ordo iay rtOan. Am , enit epeclided o u to Stie, mill he a Theatres and other places of amnsetmst, edvertliso sally arthe betoLeen. to be charged $100 for ngle a tsue, and p1l0 in both laguanges. All enousane eent of andidatee for political ollive be charged double the prics of other advertle. :.nt,, tothe lose setelnrd by newep per I. .prietoln, they have come to te onclrlonn that the e.sam of peneons ,whose accounts have not been paid within one mouth after pretcntation, shall ie madias known (no far asen practicable) to each other-.they obli gating themnselves not to advertise or print for such ielinquent, unleas in case o| adaI.ce P. cee. . 1ibgned) J.C. D. Sv. IOMES J. BAYON, P.P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSDEN. .erkly Pren.-We, the undersigned, ngree to hbide y the above conaditions, an far a they anre applicable to klv lypapers. i.~eI A A. B. LAWRENCE, A 4. enhecrlptiomn are taken for less than 6 months. Lners msnetin ll eases, be post paid. - wgIDE 'lt* STPAIN R VISITED &c. S PAIN iEVISITEII by the anthorol "A year in 3 lSlman.m" in S vole- Harry C deerlr, a novel, by nc author of "Ceeil Hyde," in S vole. The Aetrese of IPadn , and other tales, by the author nf "The Porsn 'ken," in S volra. Nimrmnl's Huntg Tours; interapersed with characteristic aneedotes, aying namnl doinges of 4mortinc Men, including notices eof the i principal erark Jere of England with analtyticl eintet and genneral des ofname, to which are added, Ninmmd's ILetter.s io "ing Hounds, in 2vols. Hen Brace. the last of Neleao,'e Agimemlnon, by Capt. thamnier, k. N.,autbor ut the "Life f a Sailor," bac. in 2 vole. Cnmientcrien .sn iEquity Jerieprldenei. as administered in E--land ,ind Americn, hy Joseph Stoy, L. L. I). Ovid, Itinated by lryden, Pp, Conorve, Alddison and other,. inoivol. forming NoU0 and 21 of "Harper's Clssicnl iras."' lefantry Tactic., or rules fir the. exercise naml in.seuvree of the United States' ofantrv, by Majoir ieoerel Scott, U. S. Army, in 3 vols. Just received mi~dforu.eai WMt. MhcKt..N, n for ally eomerCamp & llCommon ltr. NEW MUSIC. r iethe Holur Is she not passing fair; Oh thin is LLrce; Nothing: Happy Lo.u. My Swiltze Home; Italy; Ballteoue Lnad; Tell tot ia of broaen Viw; I lovens to ,Iwell in the biooini Cell; We haall imeetl n., Mlire; Cuno, t) Cou.e; naetinett ars gaily Sounding; .a-snsf Inia Ilnhber; Day in clotiag o ar itho ililow; The I.owe:md lrlite Myv lihllt Brigtine;, ()iit do not cur Farevell;Jenny JyIss;l'lt h u,inag %Vidu,; doiS 4sft ionii.hori WVil; Kalet.i my lore a Invhr Eve; hbllnl evner tin .e agail; Whoa' evleilng h011e are rni"i.miu i linlghin for thie iottle; A-ui Iron ih lLi ah,'; . ,at~a-iv,(air varieo,) by lit-i; Still oi (; a' tenling, orraellel hli C Cruic;v FI'ti ri.a or fr4 ,. tare La Zira,.'ir, i,, by,; iieu tio. af t nh ,le brahl tedopervi La N rtion, byv V Iltellia; Threc fatorilto ura flr n theo warrt l.i'rituvi, arrangid fovr h. l.e ite atsl Piano; Vivi Ti frii Ana liiletiiar r.,aged fVrl.d Fltn cand Priano; Li.vitniiou n In vyis by I: . d f u W 'aIli t o.4rve l Wi Vaia by I. \u.nio n au, I.sunf itlehtadnc Wakie. iby Stnri, Ktlhi, Waits; CIelJsis Fnrnuier .enune, A saw se o mi Cutuloilus, frnom thCuiprsda L, Manna. Forsalo at Plaons Ftie nd to re. as 911 I l iaii " trelCt. A Collection of Colloqsal Phrneev, on every t pic no F ee.,eauy ' nniotain .conversation, arranged snder i t'eret henads, vith numerouus remarks bn tile Islstlier prnunceiation and use ofwnuioe. words. Til whole soF dl,..ohed as eonsiderably* facilittls the eqnisitiont of a crmect prmnuneiation of the Freols. By A Bolmar, n sew eoditon, revised and correem'l A sele:tion of cne hundred if Pesria's Tnohles,aeeom panied with a key, containi the text, a literal and free ranslation, arnsged is suech a mtner an to point out 'rdiference between the French ad E snglish idiom, ., o figuared pronunciation of the Freacb, aecording to the best Fretmh works eataston the subjet. The whole ntreedel by a short treatise on the sounds oftis French language, eompared with these of the English. A Pronouncing French Primner,or the Sclolar's Guide I to the aecuratm pronunciattn and ,.thngraphy of the Freneh l.agl a;e, containing its elemets asccording to I the best usage, y Bernard Tronchin nst eaved and or sale ly M KEAN, mag _or CarCamp Com te. B .UPRt'LP H RQSPti RINGS. GREgNBRIEA COUNTY, VIRGINIA. P HId favorite wotering place in the mou.aains, I Virginia, i~ mileswess of Lewiebnrg,nnd 21 from ithe Wite Sulphur, will he open in due teasonfor the reception of company. Manv important improvements t hare been made siae the hat season. A spacious ball I room and a numher of singlea-bdded roomsa have been addos and now inishing, affording accommodationso. by tIe later July, for 250 visitor.. An eaeelleat turn-. pike read has been eonstrueted pannsing by the elwiane, and intersetigt the Kasaw ra turnpike eat I ewts qrg. .Over this read, by di~ction of the pest ofIee departisnt, Ment rs, Beldin, Walker & co's. line of mail noaelen will run. A post ne being estabhlished at the springs, visitors may receive aew,aed cornes ipond .ily, a st and west, Of the uedicinal qunlities of these watere,tee prolrietors need no: speak. 'thesy bare been analysed rb able and prmfeed cheiatts, and eUnd to hold in solautin all the valuable igtedienlts ol the nuetcelebrated springs in Virginia. Thocomtination n eouta ine nh Sulphrettel Hy drogen, diulprate of Magnesia, S.lphat of Lime, Car bhontae of Lsne, nlphate of .oud, Murinte of londa and Muiaten of Magnesia," the MlutUy effects ofwlwhich ae eahibited in diseases ineident to females;nd chron. ie antione of the etomneh liver, and bowels; ic usta teons affeetimnuer diseaose of the shin. no remedy more potent or efficaionu san be found. Itenseive bathig establishments for both sexes hvre bee erected coantigeou o the springs. Visitors can at all times enjoy the peculiar adantages of their be oign and whlesome ebects. Major William Vuas will eontiaen the superintend anee tsf the spring. Ever) exertion on his pun, and on the psart of the proprietot, shall be rendered to inanre for the Blue ulptiur a liberal har of the public pal. ronoge. Thoe pmrietor of the Blu BSulphur Springs n it be ihseraln the receipt of notes of all Se'thern and Wea n Bank which arecolsidered soles t,aipar. MARIA MONK, &e. P WFUL disclonre of Marl Man of the lionel Dieu Nunnery of Mlotreol, ests h. with an .p pendi, eontaining,paet I, Reception h.. t llrt edition; part 2d, deqoel of her n rrative, pandd, Review of lte eue. Alus, a supplsement, giving more partinulars os the Nunnery and grounds, illnrlted by a plantf the Nnunery,=ne. Maria oIk and dthe Nunnery .f the lotel )ieu-be ing us aecoust of a visit to the Convents of Montreal. and refutation of the "Awful Dieaiosnreo;" by Win. L. ialne. Fourth nxperiment of liring. Livin withoutmeans. The Stuidnt'a Instruetor in Drawing and working "The Five oirders of Arehitecture," fully expaining the aaetpd.s for striking regular and quirbed moulders; fur diinmshing and glluei g ofcolumnand eapitals; for findin tlhe true. diuasmeterofe ra d.r to any given heigt; for stiking the Ionic Volute, circular or elptical: with finished easinples, on a large scale, of the orders, their planlhers, &.c.: and slome designs for door cases, ole xnntly engraer] on f .rtysnn pates, with enplatos-b Peter Nieholbn, architect, author of the "Mechanics Caonpanio't. ";Ctarler's New Guide," "uCarpentsr'e and Joiner' Assisnttst," e. "A Pructicl Tratieos othe Culture of Btilk," adapt eal to the soil and elimate of the United States-by J. I,. Comtoek, secretary ofthe Hartford county Bilk 0o cietv, and editor of the "Silk Cultariet." "The Silk Raijir'i Munal, or the art of raisi'g unl feedinIilk worms, and of seultivasting the M Ierry The .lerk'dolutd, or Commerelal Corrmeponlenee; cnmprising ietters of busitta, farms of bills, invoices, eunt..sel}.s.sle spe.pkeparequation of payments, eommerwial teeins. &a.--by B. F. Foter. "listory of the War the Peninsula and the Soutlh of Fram:e, fro thte year 1807 to theyuear 1814" by W. F. P. Napier, C. B., vol V.; to whiebh are erfind an swors to niIe titstanI ia Ro5ineoa'5 Life of Piton. and Ia the quarterly KRvia with eoiter remarks to Mr. Dudley Monutag PearcIva's resruks usp.e some pass ee in ColonelNapie's fourth volume of the Peninsular nVar. Janst received andftc aleby m~o. " O .tPltAS-20- bbll, in steet, tie by SU tooRaEVY, je6 d44 Nrw Levee. jef6 41 N.w' Lvee P -ORK-t1l hbls Mose, Prime and otheriMeorit'ion' For sale ltev 5TTISON A AVFRIY 1ý'r B. Brlter &d C.. I 'AVE'j uC m,-, etr a t their hr raii hial W .ou se 1' No. 17 t emp. ., eek, b, reent amrvll rom Ea. rope, . d the North, lug a lion.i-to their m'ek of emuld asldow Mieuael hcvck artiale, whiehuel ...I.e k Ien LVE! WARno. . lle.s nod tui i~tlet *Iitehdne *sih'"At cu itcf, saminus. ticks, sps, tumbles and gobiaetst tablesad daam fe,a table, delt and tea spoonst maor sad Ivy, or ea be fdlM di ar t nee s mum" s le1 i e long establ hed reputlation dbr the mlnealet" of ad le·er wan is dllant gnMarantee its superior ELAT.D 'LARI OF SHEFFIELD AND BIR MINGHAM. ratr i yor st eune ef thtrae dineer or ipper table; waers romidul and spooing from te i2 olers ani bdee Teakbl and vegetable dishes; ric dis s ns; cake inod bread' baskets deemiese itadns mantle mii ebember .anu dkle winutte awd en;h kmlves, nemi oop msla. ter labels, sla reteto rk tiner, tole , te, . I, eg mid mustard Ipoons;l egg bol-er and stands' toart Il, Iet. Table r d detet kanre e, fe ro s and apoones lsiep md smnrl dlh i Arteniad elut knives. hneiers eopi ne. Plae tietbie Seudriidwlauad , m .raswIm, in , o, IS, 18, d 0 and a lit tof renh bronp , and gil Greaan lamse , d3, knife light; hall lamp and plate tenn.s, ric brone bact orn c entre l amps for drawis; ooms, from I to igts, lamp shadesin n, glddles anppsnd oril LAMPwikS. An e LOensive Uerttont, among LEn re AtND l ned mpand marle broroned ilt, d of andri ot gilt, and mantll e with fdtur do, et eing housed with glkitc phen clo vks pbraned ink glu do; bronzed and Jweightsed thermor CHiLNA WARS M HANi PORCELAMPS. English and French dining dsert teliers and cofee ser o , 0yle, I, s d tolet etlits; French broned ptchersnd gilt nreitle vaomp, 3, fancy lights; boll lamp and -ket terns, rich bronze beat or centre lampl for driwin Dining, droe to , oig, rakfamp ade., gpper etats wick,. MANTL CLOC. Also, CANto ehidinner AND VASES. ireneed and mherle t arond coland ilt, deeanll gtreilt with fiordies, etlery vCo ing shlt sands, kitchen bowls btter tbs, finger tands on, tumblpers, weiht, thrmomepain era, card rlks, lemde d jic lly et.olo CHINA WARtE OiR PORCELAIN. Engliah anl French dining delert, te .nd offee e Ficea oi iin whie, golde edge, ael vtip y rich hand Tylel; ependid toilet setts; water nll I and pitchers, mitable fo hotels and reamboats onl aket,. Dining, desert, ter, coffee, bree; lea ket slipper on tant toitet ware; gitnheri. Also, Canto. Chia dlinner Bets, CLU GLASS. Ieneand, pireh ders.. allsa lindoa eniote nhad atreal howls, l thes, celery valpe, unIt dhols, and r bowlkes belltr tubs, finger buons, tonblens, wine, ohamIiigne, claret, colrimll, lemon ade lnd jellty glllsse; fiae cllloel honkglasrte Alen for wntlnosl els. K T'FUlN CU''L stiiY. Fi,,e ivory lpper ance oden arle, el il a hee htioe o kiv brieflmoslk eof ry and cle w:iece, or by ele kclerle ivory handle knives only ifr oliver forki; guard oll gamecarveri lonellslces for rooludbeetl, noyser kniv',, nut vnmoks nnelpiteks; uer caner,, cork neob eaan lRITTALiA ANI) IILOCK TIN WAIOE. tre ieme noltce ersetannd urns, wihitandl 2 fioeeta, itabl e foud itell thir est.alblols; lt nOl a. ladles; veLen rade l uit coverm, areer orelafied lld reonli;shed neeve, pllte heate.l. cetdr glegl; lea ketltleso ni sonels withhleaters, eef eeilert,,etc. FANCY IIAIRItWAIRE. BIranuanel wire loader,. bhresac, llleetas; ciii, nel steer seoveels eil4oetgnm, etc; enpetelealledIc land Imulelih bet stlemty, gele tcitleaee lr nucrileeg iet e.iet inlbrieflaomost ivery aeliele w:aeled le '... ka keepers ctir be felineintieheir esaalill aIt i. j.uilleraelet e dtaled wat:l' eaeie·lai:dndieel olishrd new. Esiignseep:irieodecld auellleelneel ites . YF.VE 'P .q TENTJCOTQ'I'O.v GI "I fl" tihe I'ttetee, No. 5.i hMlapxloe tell.t, Kew i )llrat:m "l'OiE 3l.ANFAti ltl' t7fRr N Ot. Yotltlu I -' I. IUIJEIT 10' l . CU. sca r.E OP' P!tE:S-fDonhe Gin... It For a dlable Gin lle ,() 51ws or 11111ne ) ech:ll cylilder, making 16) saw ine the stand,4 i", with feedlkr , hands, &.. at $r tri sIaw, r $9130 (a) hi Feor a Itoub,.e Gin of 611 a vs n acyliider, d, ior 1l0 owa ill th l lsitVI, Per;, &c. a al $6 per Iaw, or 7.4) ill NI Forldo. otf awllon dn.or o I saws ina di lsand, at $6 . per saw, or 500 00 I l For do. of t) saws on do. or 40 saws in a s stand, al$6.50 per saw, or 860 00 SINGL.E GINS. t For single in ofS ws or more, with if one et offeelen, beads, &c. at $6 Ir a saw, $48000 t For do. of 60 aws, with feeders, &e at $6 50 lti row, 80 00 For da. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. $6 7- r ow. 30000 For do. of sws, with feeders, &I. at $7 50 per saw, 15000 Etateeth whre desired, fat feesders, sllpplied a to eents eash; the number otfteeth being ahoit equal o the numberofaws. One set of feeders, it is con sideedl however, will wear out two or three sets of a sws. Eatta nws applied at SO nects each. The Gins emderet, will te delivered to the agents of plcteor in any of the sea port towns of the cottoa plan tia Sltates, at the abte prices, theagents paying the freigt oan ti sme fro1mm New York, amlt becomingt re ptasuilefor the amount of the Gin. A lin wrig'ht willhe sent with the Gins to put them up where te siedl; the charges for whose services will be extra, bt moderate. Iren running geartan als he ordered where desired, on sounable termibu will be charted extra. lorse power, ofainy description, call he turnished on like I terms, Small steaa engiaes can also be ordered if de sirad. a It isldesirable, when planters give ordern t'Gino s they should aceompllay them with their views inmtegol I to tearrangementet saws, breasts, brushes, & It t is found they differ opinion. Some desire awe of Iager diameter l thlt others. The must commno sitze is 9 or to inehe; I, . some wish them 1. inches. Soue I wish S or 6 rows, brushes on an axle, while others do not want more tha. at most. Some wial saws with 8 or teeth to the inch, while others want l0 or I1. W , aehdilosrelpany we wlefer tlhey should, at the time of giving ordlers, fish a statement of their wishes, and the manufaeturers can flf61 them in every particular. Where it is left to our discretion, we shall make them on the moat modlern and aptmoved plan. A order an bhe exested, fret the time It is recelved, in the slpe ofeight or nitewneks, and the Gin iu that time placdithehaendsa thefaotor. To he in tame Ior the next camp, all orders ought to be in the halds of ithd manufacturershy the first or mniddle of May; exept for pantatiom wherethey atrelate in aommnening to pink or gin eottl. N. B. The Patent IRight, for any oe of the cetto grewag States, will be sold on reasoahle terms. ms3 lmos STATE OF LOUIdIANA.-First Juuicial DistrieC Court. ~lE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom L these Presents ahall come, Greeting:-Whertse aWilliam Mackey having purchased at a sale arile by the Sheriff oc the parish of Orleans, the prgeorty herinatler described, hus applied to the clerk of tos rourt, in whose office the ded of sale was recorded on the 5th day of Mai, A. D. 1838, fqr a monition or ad vertisement in tonlormity to an act of the Legislature of the State of Lositas, entitled *An act for the further sunracee of titles to purchseert atjudicial sales;" ap. prned the 10th day of Marsh, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all peraons interested herein. are hetebhy cited and admouasnhed in the name of the State of Louisiaa and of the First Judieial District Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to r the property hereinafterdesertbed, inuensequenceofany informality in the order,decree or judgment of thecourt SImnder which the sale was made, or any irregularity or ill-gality in the appraisement. and advertisements, in a time, or manner o sale, o r ro. other defect whatso ever, to show catse, within thirt daysa fom tim day this monition is Pret inserted in the public paders, why the salem so ade should eat be confirmed and hnbiolo. gated. The said property wa sold by the Sherit of the pa d ish aoreeid on the b231 day of April, A. D. 138, by y virtue ofdsree of this covet, rendered on the 3d day of March, A. 1). 1838,in a e.iit entitled William Macksy e vs. Samuel Bell, No. 15,535 of the docketof tlim court, s, at which sale said William Mackey became the pur s, ehsar forthe price of 3,300, cash. iDecription of Pelomrty as givn in tn Judicial Con i4 veyance, via: [. A certain lot aTf grund, togetlter with all the build u ings aul ielproaemats thereon, situated in the parish d o orleans, in the squnr beulndd by New L.eee, r. Louisa, Paul cad Delord streets, deaigexted bh the No a' on a plan drwnby C.F. Zimpel. teputy iurveyer t Gdeneral, on the 16th Dceember, t834. anod depoaited as plan No 10, in the book ofplans cSd Felix Grims, nltary Spublic. Said lot mmaures 90 f4et el inehes front en New laeve street,75 feet in depth on the side adjoinigu lot No 8, and 80 feet 7 inches and 4 lines in depth on the / aide adjoining the property now or lately, belongiag to ] N couds e, alnd 19 let il inches widthl in lte rear, . here it fronts on an alley tlahree feet nine inches it ci ctotno to lots Nom 4, 5, f, 7, 8 and 9. SClerk's Olffice, I I'1 May, 1338. i' 16 U " I E.\VIS Dsp 'leek. I" Nagara-thereforen resolved on Tuesday last, trip toCipclaomt, for.aoe daydnly, I retUrnemd again at ght. begin to fcltJ I am a very important idlb into r.y htaating, amnpt agrnet many oeT b thngthat Ihad actually ran secy trme Lomnevilb teeneapethe abcet of the w roddeftI nmageete ailed i of doctor bnip, the nlght of the thimble, alias, A rti, I My netrn, however, prves that the fable of the beo wolf, is applesabe. tethe Journal. The fable ie- I bA boy w e emploed tos wtph and gave the alert, Whenoihe wlf asp. he beisg eithera 'footman,' t tile. Ben'p uor alar,Ate-on:lried out 'the wolfin oming, to eatdismay of the citizens :Th :y at last found ot hs real baraiert: that he was a liar and not to he believedeven when he spoke the trutho. The fast is, that auses nust piodace their effese.. n e it will proe, of the all-wias wdhrn Dr. Sipd.c 1to., in he Journal. I would advie them o proide them. -elve with asteamengine preao, in order to meetthe wollderni demand and inresse of that paper, as it is well known, ther e many who seeh for nothing but falsehood,out of sheerlove totbe renders of that arti. le. But unfortunately for oliah Snip, of needle and thimble celebrity, the great mass of the millions f A. m-in a peopie, are famed anod far famed an loners al troth. Therefore they will, (as effects proded by the ° enusenel) naturally say, I want to read a paper that I nay rely on, therefore will eek out suech, and beeome Is a subscriher to the otherjournal, whose statetments a will notpro false. Their last statements are too pal pable to requite refutation; yet I will state:. Int. Iam agmata tote hotel, id. Thet hkallrematn nit the a1t .ul, 'tho e Snip & Co., have sentme a letter threatening my life, h if I remeineldaer thefSth. f 3d. that from tihy1; 1 shall p , d to Cineinnati, for -.,r-tesndiye dy, of, ehich I winsh DL Snip & Co.,to r thi rthe elleod,i their owe.iablth l never faile to bring se potiets. dth. That from Cincinnati I shell proceed to he Falls of the Nigara, to te at Blfalo, (if Dr Sip & Ceo. do not take away any li) on the i ot ot.eptember, ato stNew Yoeaon thoe itofNovember, roepend the whole of the net summer, in rder to lagh at al the whioll i Philistines; the mnedical Goliohs of Boston, Philadel.b hin, Memphis, Nashville aud Louiersville, who iei probablv, a(beore that time arrives ti ooer, tolah let Rope and thrn ai liahb 2d. Currier &e. Golta makeb' for saes, moles, ar. Goliah 4th. Corn cttter. (soll w h 5th, Paints and drug, and piakle store. Goliah 6th the moot magnifirent of all, Dlr. Snip, alieas Bell, e. w patcher to the propritors and editors of the Journal. Lastly. I would have the noble Dr. Snip & Co r o knos, that longbeforethey were able tothread aneer it de,or spread a blister, I had been for years, in the hobt itof restoring sight to the blind, nd that too when o f wa a collectorof his Majesty's ustomse Great Brit- it aln. Iraeeven then so smployed. Did the thmea a spinner, the currier; the harness iaker for noser; the ' orn cutter;, the pmnt and drug store keeper, and thse magnilteent doctor Snip,ever, even more than dream ao of being able to do the likel I wish the Journl nle a tate, I shall receive ladies and atra ger from 10 to I A M. and gentlemeno fren 3 to 5 o'cloek iP M. every Ia dy,to obtain y opinion without fee, as usual Ingreat haste,t JOHN WILLIA MO,Oeulfst Jeffcrosen House, Louisville, July 21,18t7. P. .--Since witingm lanest, I have een informen a that oneof the eaue, .hy the 'pont loncquey of the Jearnal, and his noble soiter, are no well pleased witt ma,is, for net rasoriatile trhem tiogetler, in al late oreo marks, as they so perferlyv r sentlie ach etlor:, they a fulil the adage, "llrds of a fenthr flock togeoother." 2. For not pyine the latter Mr.d Prentihe alias. knight of the rail," of the eoulv eof Canotedlury,Itan eeahuontte, the respect doe to such e digi d iedtemronr i ge. It istrne, he might l have ieen so elevated, a.e ornamented with tar, ond tire ildamge of aoother"coc n l istn Ies own dong-hill," witliut any moral merit, do ti leservingon his part; as wt find by ancient hietesrn thlt somewhre burnt alive, others lung by a halter whilst some were raised to be emnperor orelevatedl he knights of the ril. Though eane say they ought tn lante rather here the kniglhts f the Ilalter. But ot I worthy knihlt is vet not only olive, andl al c, from his ti proliliii birains, t'ojoin his brther, the knight if the 0 thimble, in illiminating thewoald, but is also still itt 1 eirfect healtb, and ias lloomitg is a thll Ilown rose-. etheo:iallT on thal projectil, we, tile vulgar, call a nose hlit if which, the grert Dr. Bell, oil e, S. kniglit ol g the thilmble, &c. willexpliin to me, in hilo lving lIreerht tihe tethmeol phmrolh'v if that rwhich gieitiieluasA p erives run e i lltfiil at tilthers ilts is delirious pitlr fule an eomesa from Ilh usi of eorlaii, leeksoo onoin. so much pl,ir ved of by tmne Indes. :iii. 'I'hii inoiirut nly, I iaail tle InelueulrntSpente es of s of ill Ilthl, aviijtsrtnoiiothiig albout p (oliuhe, olis, knighitt of the drig mid lall p is t I ck li sioree ,f Mlemphis. 'rlh,se great ito I reteroto N. l'nrd; hut t hel he ltrke of l11llli, i wirs uollor atul "i it w0s0 to prethat lii. ne hii nlhle iroitltro, thu iGo liehoif thehity,lil toitiallyv retored ", sight nmre Peerions thin I'lidii.aoce myer'rjil. rteiiriiiuithiiki Ito moieeill, I;brhlyii the klotht if lie llimnlle, &.o. harve galied tihe nge,l as I h eal ily reet orrd to siiht. n ,ie g n)tlemno 1111 i vasternlay wh,,a t(eIar, t u:.h, x r'otlt'rsingullihir, rd willpleaose the i(;xllhs. lie had o.arlyJoelthi, .o li. 'l'ae. Hlai.Lfo..N,,ii.r l entem, iherehetio Heell to m.ertme. I ildleflh. 1i the"l weet. He I'tllowit ini, naeilaeterlav Illeo'.lcirk letr hbc mnie my tllltlll. i ilililire bhour lie I:iohlI 'lear y ee o.hj'et which ware o~n virihle t himn hefire. '10 Tliy this reitllemln to i ollli" is t el rol ill sighlt, asot ti itiiinehl all who hiiir hlili. H-. ays his gratituja I has no hiunils, t:togh h." paid all the.iitlsv I demiin.i should nothlie I.,ssegretefu , hoth n Gilnd anti to nte. When asked if he teatprovedl the remedies with which I dressedl his eyes, saild hai wouldl rether pno $20, than loose a single drop. Ho came upwards ul' `2000 miles tome. lThe steel penr of the worthy knilihts of the rail nrtil the !hbnble, will sercely nmark legibly, nfter reading the ab vehasty letter. However a little onilyne. i, tie fornm of drink ortwo or thire will set all right and they will nodount ponrer something to suit the nmntal appetiteo of their readere, at breakfast on Met, day morning. Fortunately for tbem, thereis a whole Sabbath ilay,(to-morrow) it whbch they can do their dirty work. J WPILLIAMS, N. l.--I lhave jntt received a letter, tited 21stJu y insisting on my mnaking as apology to tit druggists lof this city. The writers style themselves 'Kentuo Screamera,'pretendiag that I alluded to them in my last letter. They may rest assuredl, I did not know or even nsuspect any Goliahs tnmong the druggists in Lon isville; yet,if the cap fits any gentleman he must o course wear it, though not intended by me. J. W. Jefferson tlouse, Saturday, 22d July, 1837. Jarransoc Houns, LOt~Itto.tL, July I3, 1837. .o Use Editor of th Clty Oaette.: IR--Having listeted to the entreaties of my poe lpatients, Il m resoleed, if my health permits, to re main in this city till the enti of July. 1. Toety to do them mere good. 2. To convince the inhabitants that the rile sp. thets the Medical Golixhs 8. &e, hare applied to tse, belonto thoem, aus thir lnwlul right. 3. (That Iam ready to depesite two hundred dollars, in notes of the U. h. Bonk, in the hands of Inis Honoe the Mayor of this city, against asimilar sum to he de posited by all the gr st nd m ghty l)otors .1. & Co. that I realore to sight more aged, mdddle-sged, young persons and children, who were lotally or partialiy blind, than dtly do; alnd that Iam enhliled to cure a centear numbs of short, wetk or dimi-ighted person during my short visit, thai they do. Yet I will alln my wis ealunmiatorn to call in to their aid all the ver deservedly celebrated Imoenbsero sad IDoctore of all tho medial oolleges, as well as all the doctors andl quaek docors oo be loutd its private prectice, (who sre unts fowl in the States of Kantesky0 Ohio, Indiana and eon in enneusee; where there tndord sine two irthro famous dectore, whose names tug t to beheanded dow as low as possible to latest posterity. 4. It most he clearly untdertood that all the cares if any, on both sids, must be proves shall have been periormed withonut the aid ol any surgioal o,sration whatever. 5. Those who really merit the epithets they hare rs liberally applied to me, shell forfeit the rho$1 for ti.1 benefit of the alms houses in tltis city, and the other par ty shall . abe ha_ k his own $201, _whiver he or othe may be. If even the mighty medical haombegger ct should prove one of the naceeelal candidates, I wilt fulfil the old pmverb, and give the "old gentleman" hin due! -. At nIl events 1 would advise the last named Gse liah 8, aotto sunfer that letter to stand clone, u it gone foe "simpleton" as wellas "sapient," both .yeatsordap ant;* but I atlise him to uod to it its legitimatst sompaoionn, A p plared before it, in alpthnhetical ordeo then the independent inthahitunte of the city would sl ways know tihe writer y the melody Lf his voite. JOHN WI..LIAM:S,Oculist. [ wa. weak enough to read the mass of Ialdehooda signed SL., which deserve nothing but my silent con tempt. Had I known tlut evening or the great inportance ol A S 8, [ should have treated the last of the titre some what differently: but let that pasu. I will. however compliment hit master of the Journal, for his aegaity to employ the former knight (not of the parter or of the thistle, but) ofthe needle ano thimble, on order that he may kill two birds with one stone, i.e. to patch the holes that may be in his natural or political garments and, if I may d from that excellent paper,the Ad vertis, Dr. nipa master is, politically, in constan need of his Wervicus. When any cinumanenWacttcunrs, whethesr domestically or politicaNly, which requras a blistr, whether on rha jwn nose or ol the reputation of those who do not hap en to please him, heng unlike him, (which most e ah great misfortoune!) the, it is he rings his BELL, whicm after all is nothing more than if it waks ounding brass or a tinkling cymbal;" yet, to view it thus--f. Bell lookt well; but with an . . A. . ter it, appears magnificent!! JOHN WILLIAMS, c ulist. Jsty 14. SAVANA SWEETMEATS--In store and for ale H by T IL HYIE & SO, eor Comnmon and Magazinse se. - TO KENT. . THE Ladssoun STORE atd backt Kithensn ii on tthea.ueentn story of the 'True Aenri eseOn fe, two doors Irom St. Charles The t flit rate strand for a Coffee Houre. Apply to minl JOHN GIBSOUN, Edlor True Aemrean. A G AO .N ROP --9O pieres entuc.y bag. giag; 85 coils do ole; four sale bt H P LEVY & (CO. jet No It Gravier stteesl, uprtatre. I tLS.-A pnimae aenotre4tat ef tt Nails Itsn Iito ab, for sleb y CHABE & DIXEY, ml Cusitom Hlonc stret. MILalh' COMPOUND 5X MavT or TOMATO. A s0TnaTr C A0s sL T L doctine -mulgated with s m.eeas .ane by many emplries ofthoe preut dael, rat me dieine will cure all diseuse tio omu ad m r n be trene; and he who nRsets it, is either a ool oran imt pashw. But it is a fa dnemonstrable by experidence, t-iestnaa idnisae of medicine may be formed fttn the wreraas aelumoos, that will et so anivermllay on the terom, when taken seonbly, sod in judidiot pro polifomn s to mileIn nine yles apt of teal an dhleaum within theraeeh ad power of mdisnce. From tme well knownrsd Imblished repmtation a Caoaol, it hao long bksa employsed by thempirie, and siientifie iataniei4n a oue of the maot powesul gents for the removal of disase. By the former, al snot every lidcl ba laes detlged with nontrnum, that their althors iiand a spenifise ia every dineo Ircl lent to the huamanc family. Tbhe folly of th praotest siots meeds no nomment, for aornatn elnemial tnvesti -ation hla shown, that the aoa of most of the Praneeas, Catholleone, le. which have been trumpetted befor lhe community, with so mauh asurntce, is Calomel, or aerary in some fora. Now, if this otrmni artedee even in the hands of the moat silful phydiea, fmreqsei ly eierts an inllfenene n the Imman sysema, unforetsee, and entirely beyon the oatrolt of rt; undermining tha onsttitution, and hringin oa preatw s old ge, diseas od death, what retolt hold be expectedat when pre ied bthe ignorentt Coild their many thousand vitima spa.k, a voice from e tomb would on dispetal hae iepulO' delausin that now sways the salade at the living. Homane Physielano deplore the ssd eile rssltang (rom the mar oial astiades, atd will l bo the a in end. ticlt atn .laten t haet s ae tet Nnrihe lntdat aloesl.The.furl anadacod sleeaip. the lto mety e fvoiathe or unfavorable. They also knoSo, and feel, that ii its ou is eontinoed for any considerable time, in. atrious saeondary onosequesoes must tllow. Burt hey mat choose the leat of two evilsa they know no ether nAticle that will carose a torpid liar, remove n bta-e ion, and set in free rtion the whole glndular system, anl it being indispelnsaly neteciary to do tois, they ntiuane its oe, aotwritlstanding the evil ouallwq toan which follow. They have long desired and saegllt ian rtilea thlat woud produce the gso effeots of re , this a uag, withat shbjcoston tole latient to its deieterei resolts. buth a tudteratum, it in believed, has it le gesh teen obtaie.a in the artiole now preatedl to the publie. Tte proparietors of this article keeping in view the fCet, that wise saeh ab eneolent l.dng, het plaeed with in the reach of all, remedies halthted to the discate in dlent to the climate they ianhabit; aad knowing, like wise, thlit most of the tineases of the mlnd Wiel re based poan orntie or fncticali derangelaett of tIm livert direotbd their attention to taoms articlel whidh -se more espoinlly oa the hiliary orgars. Altger stiag, laborioas, ad t expeaine research, they have mooeeded in extraotin g a aubstance from tie TO IATaO), whltie, from its peculitr elect upolt the hoea-. tie or biliary opao.s they have doenominated Irepattre. It isa ali medien that will tronoc all the heaefictia resalte of Caiomel, in hblh aoute andl chroaic diwseae without ttie Imaribility of produelog thoe leerioode tans sultarenet commona to that article. Its action poun the constitutio is uniersal, no part of tooe system ealcaping its ilflueneto. It is. however, Mpon the organs of seeretion and excretion, that its groti power isrpinetularly manilaeted t henoe it is pe coliarly aloaptetato toe ti e atauet of biliou fterse sinl other diseases in which a torptidiy r rn aagtailn of td e liver ald portal circle p levail. It is admissible in nil asase where it is neoetsatey to clseatne nto ltomch san a bowels. It removes whtrue ioat, and exeites a aquick alnd healthy actio of the liver atd other glandular viocen of the abdomel. Bein adif fuable i its operation, it produces a free eircuatotion in the veslls on the w sot'fe of tie body, ueoomlelnied Sgaentle llerspiration. It daoes iot exhaust like dleas ti still, its ctionu is more univerdal, tiled may oftem lot realteda , nlit ataely with Iofety but with grmte tat, fit. Tali beeonlt iodispemuabliy necessalr in ras. oflOsag staollig; fir icllaaothe illte temporary imlres ioas tinada by nstrong mdicine, seldom, if ever, do good; blt teale to ianjue tlte toeotaia ofthle :ansnittioa. It is clearnsig oarl pIrilig to the sistet , sets in perfoct itaniely wit tile klnowi, laws .ol f lile, alt s daluabtedlql oln ol thie al tst valuable articles evr offei ol flr1 qllle trial and itnlpeetiot. Foretoaleaieelo , alte nliciner is formed itao S grain ills. Tia wllite Iills are cathartic, alterative, diat jhoretic andl iartier. l yhui vllus pills atie totie, asto atnit and elitaphoretlic. TIe following extrect me the olhject is from the Citein IIlti J aaotal. 1hdlESe' "'oatA'ft M lEDlICINE. a'le vilrtcs of tb'i'oanlom , nto anty tn a deliciota s vegetable far the taule, but oln as ao e nleleit, have .r : tnalsiee:a:l tinea htot, attoactel tno lttle atnetioa. It eas Iben blirveal to Ioss e a.ti-bilious qolities whiach, it taty could e It ftatually uxllaoed, or seiuatoatlei Itl hoe s nleatltqoa matter, tnalal Ia vaUalabe. This Iate larll cataeterizod alo a lLilioua.a aUoailta. A laryl ptsrtioh t' tile dli eaos:e 'lar ton alo isrdlred iera,s, olt'iolln ale rttaalellents ia tale glllallatlo" aa atnt.s This in esaeciaoll lte cller in the west, ad sti l oaere atilo itie goItli. Ifs eloltl,, LtioI, safe, eIAlootl is itsi elwrtiOn, ant lear igll alae coaititladioll ,iinolaited, coiiuld bae illicV(anaral fol bilious alollotints, this would ltquastllolably be anOlltg the lllast weatlthly alilatles in the worel. Callootel ls bee a altalioells uhaiaerasl reandy for dlioctes of tlis cllarater. li at tl io reoaly whihob ilothliglabtaaeeslsiy lsoold iotlaue theate aued; It may Ie eouoilderel aI taptotacilI on the ota'vilice of allotihlr irofeosion tosp-al olat Iia, 2et we lay e perrnittedl to eXprlss onr strong eovietiloal that Calomel aaluot te oseal wtllout ilajortatas saI lastiag effects upjaon the syI teata, areater or less, aecording to tha qatltties taken, atd the firequncy of itsuse, snd the constitution oftbe patielat. A substitute ar datis, therefore, from than ve getlable kiaglom is delsidel ttoum it thlis oontarn'. We believe this tdesideratum has beea disamoered in he Tonato. Dr. Miles, ofthlis city, all htisasooiattes with itanct labor atal elpetlse, as I uendertatnd, have soc_.eeded it obtaittntg leh at eatract from this vnegen bie as, it is holed,, will be founad al effeotua|l tubstltat. We have wakes aome pains to etolire among mediel i te1l atal others iwho hve used thLa mediciae, as to its eaflfts, all we feel well atisfiedl that It will prove a anoat valuable renmeday in bilioas eomplaiats. So far as we lhave been able to learn, it Ias produced the desiredl eleat, outeratittgto jaoduoe a healtty action of the liner, penarasat biliotas diacharges when needed, andl in some raousatotac berakinop et feners, with event moat certainty anl itt a shorter timethad ealomelt For sick or bilioas headaehes, it has been Ifoud a good remedy. Thola who have used it my that it doesolt produce tle debtli. tarting effecta of most other kiwis of ptlugative medeicins that there is no increased danger from odds olte its tse, salu where large ioiseaof oeanual would be aeeded this operates without atly dalger ofthe distressingK nd iujurios effeots of ealotacel when produeing salivation As we have resenta to hope from our investigation, his eatract of the 'Tomnato will prove a sbshtatuate fo -lonrlill a geat variety ofaseoa, we call o ud it as a blessing to tbehlemall tau aily. teq terfecdthyooafe, aad tree Jrom all mineriie Sthat we tpels of it, and we trust lhat auroano fllly ealted by faltlilies. We have.every lual subs Ioanta. The above melicine can be obtained only of the Ge nee! Agel to,.d thoe retilblg ngento having a eom ln~iton signed by "A. Miles, Ptes't E. M. C." can countereigned by "E & BT Stoue, General Agents ior Louisiana," and bearing the Conmpany seal. Lirt of .eoenwere. E & BT Stone, General Agents for Louisiana, 114 Tlhnupitunlaas struel. , .ielr o CIo. O 33 I ld Levee street, opposite Veg tI ble Mnrket. Paul Martin, cor Old Levee and Hospital street. Wm Sherry, cur Camp and Juliantreetr. tr Mueller, cur l'choupitoulsa stret and St Mar's market J P Llarbat & Co, corner Tehoolltoeola and Ginrd street. J & P HPartwell, Bayon Snre, La. Dr Wm ntanstury, Nau:hithlats, La. Thomas J Stanohory, Hnuatna, Texas. Frederick Serda, corner PoydrSa ned Camp ets. (Idu. Jones, Tivoli Circle. Wm. Evans, No. 4 Building Co. Row. Application for ageniea, or me"dicines by wholesale must b nltde to the General Agents at New Orleans. All letters, post paid, will be promptly eantuded to. m28 ly BTATE tiO LOUISIANA. PARISH COUIRT. for the Pariah and City of New SOrleans. Present the Hon. Charles Mauria,, Judge. June 11th, 1838-No. 10,984.-Jaequea Putoller on. his creditora.--Upen reading anid filing the petition and sechedule in this easce, It is ordered by the Court that the creditors of the iamolvent dashow eaaae m open eourt on Satnrdao the 7th day of July, 1838, why he should not bedtocholged aceordmag to law; and in the meantime all proceedougs against his person and pro erty are stayed. Clerk'a Olfiee, New Orleans, June 11, 1838. rj14 taw ArMANI) FITOT0 Clerk. T1TAT DE LA LOUISIANt.--aour do Panleo, .dpour itt paroieae t is villa de In Noovelte Or Iean.--Prelmset I'h. Chbrlea Mnurin.juge, 1 juoin, 1838.-No. 10,984.-Jtcques Potier ce0tle net eran. ciers.-Sunr leture st tlregistremetnlt do Ia petition et la nehldule dam oette lffaite, l eat decreth par la sour que les or6anciers de I'insoulvhle fairesavoir lears rai. son en cour ourvet, Sa.edi 7 de juillet, 1838, pourquni il ne serait point deep crgt confurmement aloa tL, et en attendant tootes poursuttes contre sn parconno on sao proprieties aont lrrithe. Breamu de gredlior, Nnvella Orleans. II jin. 1838. jcel42aw AKMANDI PI''OT, Greffler. S INtEED OIL-O lble, lauding from stenmboat J Albany, for sale by G D .IlEY, jel3 44 New ILevee. SARL'SS JUPERIOK AS-Now landing frot steamboat Sultana, a spply of ties above, puat up a in hhds, tiorce and bhlr; for sale toy LAYET A AMELUNG, je2 17 Conunmeree earmet. 1 INSF.D 011-I2 bbls and 2 caska beet Linseed L Oil, now landing from ship Neyhville, end for ale by JARVIS & A...DOEWS, Whules.le Druggists, jel3 (aommon and Tehepitouls st. ( 'HA lea o notacrlusetl in Asses ma tForeels by jjOLM xI. & MILLS, el9'J Bank Alley p AINTrOlS GLASS BRUSHl S , eS.-ot r u Ia dia tlrom hlipCttonstiution, sod io 16.000 fnet o'gls, beet quality, from 8X19 tt 1X9 80 kegs white lend,i pure; 60 t gresan t, in atre i[br. lre; 24 dosen. edHns for rslgne;10t00h I ithyagn s0dos palendid 0100 gp nd br , alma of006o0 andI 000 doi, JcaMs seioam green in powdea; superior artilel dodo n eaen a large aseortnmat ofoe.k tolo ofevey ierand euaity;a rble pencilo for eartlie; fat makling. buhen mehaot muht it;; am's colos ia oil ready pr . pmsd,in boxes, fnld l. h with all meea ry brnntr I rtint's teeaot, e. Flakre ed, tenmni.e whit 68 me e hol e; whaite end yellow wa;gm arabia; and a large and anabe sn. sor nt ofgpaint, dt. eoot., l;tUrpessti, vnahelhI The., for palewhr okhs ad reil, au the loese prisao,r Sby n eIo hLIr, tA preW ~DiroOm.h OP THn CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIBJ.".. I T baa been ow some time made knows to Wa parole that the tauboribers arm engaged in p epai or the pre a nsew edition of the .o.iLasa Civil Cuoda. l'The wees, theo the sral sewaeme o the .bIscalleulty .emd ~moponility attending the pu hlicNtin of the woart ond it was ot without great hesltation that they Ge -ented to the undertaklng. But the prseant edition, rasuntng toa ibot three thousand c0piso, pad whikh had uot thae tate moa e than thirty thouaond dollars, sou entirely out of print. For more thle two years .eat, the usdat price of the wor has been from thihrty ofty dollars. It is a nsytem of written roles wanh so immeditdly opetrtes upon every Individual of the aote, inteareted tither in ·aginulture or eummeas ,and whblh governs tIe dlpotsition of eo muoh property mcting to at from other elaes, thet--nlike almm. my aoter trsatlse upon law-it is as muth the text-book ad auonul of the merthant anid the planter, as it ia of the private gentle man and the prifessional advetwoe. Sbhe lawyers of tieadoninial states, and in fant of al thoe states iopn the Ohio and Mieaiseippl rivers which find a mr for their produce in Louiiana, haves a fre quet neoresity of reference to the code, and make it an indispensable requisite to their libraries; and in the city of New Orlsens the iook is as sure to hW found in the merchant's counting rodtn, as upon the desk of thi judge, or the table of the attrney. It is not surprisino therefore that tie first edltiin of'the work was 0 quick ly disposed oa; and although a mere reprinlt of it would in some measure supply the poulic necessity, yet it would be imper:uct and unsntitfatiry unless anttnotated with rferences to the Reports and Statute, in order to emiraoe the numerous amendnmente which have bnon made by the L.tgislaure, and the important deeismona and eonsetructioa which have been given upot many o its articles by the Supreme Counrt. The puollihers have e.euret, itr tie general tuper. intendence and editorial department of the work, the professionul serviees of Wheeloek S Upton, Esq. a meolberof the New Orleans Bar. The Hon. Judge Bullard, Judge Bvrmudes, and Hon George Euatis, have each kindly assisted Mr Upton with the valualle notes which they have collected itl the ncorse or their studies and praetiee;and to Mr N R Jenning, the part. er of Mr Upton, who is also enraged in the work, Geo Stmrwbridge, EsRq. ht presented the great mass of refe re'e. roatnained in his office copy of the code, and vhioh oyve been inude by himt during the whole period oat hise driingaished proleaeioal Inborn. The publish. ere may therefior well trust that the annottlions of tle work aill be all thit industry and labour, asnisted by learning and expaerience, can perform. In putting forth this prospertus and soliciting gen'. tal subseribera to the work, mt, putlisbors take pride in the fact that the Legislature of Louisiana has authorized the liovernor to order one thousand copics of it for the future tse ofthe State. The readliness with which this numoer was tokhor by the Assembly, evinued their joest sense of tihe valos of the work;and they therey exten td ed that confideaeoa the ability of the publishera aud editors which it is bot ed is not whoilv undeserved. Tile work will he priltedrl in Fonch and Engl;sh, npon good paper and with clear type; nor will atny n. puse or care I, spared toi make the whole mechanical xecution, of it eorrespond with its great imolsrtnce. it will probably be ready for delivery in the month of September next; and the price will be, to subscribera, fifteen dlollars-five dollurs to be paid at the time of suit scribing. 'the roubarerilption lista once oioaed, the store price will be twenty dollars per copy. all E JOi NS & CO. Publishers. r't R NEW Y)IiK. [Louisman ad Nw York Line of Packets.] f|1 H I P; .trip comnposing thin sai t leansnd New York oat every other Monday clmnmencing on th'1 th nt,ovelmber, and to inrure the otrictost punctuality in the r time ot sailing, tim lita will Ilerenftcr eorist of five Slilps viri.r : Ship I'roto, Utnptin'trtsk to leve on thLe 211th nov. Ship Lauirriile, UCltrioi l'alher, to leave on the 4th Ship Hg, oi ke. Cnptin Eldridger to leave nm the Ship titilberg, Captain Woodhuse, to leave on the tat JanIcrv. Ship Misinsiapi, Captain IDavis, to leave on the 15th January. 7The above ships are all new, ofi the first class, eoppdred anid copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tore barthen, are of light drought of water, being Ibuilt in New York expressaly for the trade. The price of pun stage is fixed at eo .Iuedd dlbars. Their cahins are fitted u oom the must improved and cornvenient plan, and Ifilished in a neat anti elegant style. Amplo stores of the first quality will he provided, and every regard hat to the comfort and entire satislaetion of paessngero, who will please take notice that no ierth can be secured im I, paid for at thl offie of the eonoignees. Thesm packete are commanded by Ceptaina well en periesued in the trade, who will give every attention, and exert themosleas to acrommodate. I hey will at all times be towedr up aid down the Misaisaippi by atenmboats, and the striotest punctuality observed in the time of aailing. ThIe owners of these hips will not be reaponsihle for ney let er, parmel or package sent by or put on hoard of them, unlesa a regular bill of lading be sgnerd thereforu at the eotnting house of the agents or ou ers. Fcc urther partieulatr, apply to D BEIN & A COHEN; nov 1S 90 Common st. , -.AAS foutd fiafty milsf)in the Biliae,ittUm mtaleh V of J ulv, n larige launch, (Englieh built) copper fastened, and has heesn ooppered, she i 22 feet aing, and eight feet beant; and ha Leen slnoop rigged, as there are iron strops forward for rigging.. Whoever rn ogrniea said launch, will IIpas call at No 70 Old Levee. 0-a t PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE I NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T HE subscriber having purchaned the lese and for nitureof this well known astablinhment, from Mr T'ylor, the late pruprietor, will he ready to rereive via itere by the Ist of Aprnext. Nuoerloun and costly imiprovements will be found in the arrangements of the Mansion House. New andl more com odioous bathing will he built, and warm b the will be proviled at all hour. A stable will be attached to the house, with good accommoda tions for homes and carriages. First rate horses and carnages will also be kept for hire at moderata trieas; andnsail and row boats, with peroons to manage them for the use of vintters. Billiarda and ortbe amusements usually fouid at watering places, will also he uroished, and eo onducted ne not to inltefere with the comfort and qnietofthle boarders. The wines and liquors will be f the bes quality, and to ensure a all supply of ins, a cargo has already beau ordered, which will o ive about the lat ot May. Mr Frederick HBrnard, who formerly kept popular a hotel at Wauhington city, will condeor thli hi el for the proprietor, who, with nech aid,eonldentlv senaures the vieltoro oflast year, sid his friends g8asirlly, that they will ruesive avery pomrible attention; and thereby ealmets to give general natilaction. The local advantages of this house ere taee ll known to need a lengt, sened deseriptien hre. The het f that Pensacla is the largest naval station of the (Gosrntsent; the general rendezvousa of the (inGulf quad. ro; the saluLrity of ilt climate refreshed ontanmtly dou ting the summer months by the coolest I reoas from the Gulf; tim beunvtv of the bay and the mighbolring islands and rivere; the ahudamnce and delicacy of the foh with which the waters abound; and its proximity to the beet Siuutlern markets, give Penaecola the pro. ference over all other places in these latitudes, as a healthy aid delightful summerrotreet. First rate boats will ru between Pensaeola and Mo bile. and will at all times be able to take the pasengers from the New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. Penensola, Feb. hSth,lEt,. SIiYsaentlen wishsing to engage rmeres for their familieo, can address the prprietor, at Pensausl, or iMr Sewell ' T'aylor, the former pruopriator, at New Or leasa. Rolvtsrecee. T RSafinrd, .sq, Mr C Calluss, B MeAlpio, .lq., Lt. Kibbv, iu Mobile; S T Taylor, P P Rena, Esq, in Ne,. Orleian. P S--A letter bag, to receive eommunications for persoos at the. tove hotel, in placed at (ir Whitma'se t office, 51 Sn Charlee Eachu.nge. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. it I7" Travellers desirous ef taking the Florilda rouse, a via Peensaole,t the North, are lefironed that Eint rae aboats will emtanslv roun fron. Misils to Pesaeola, leaving Mobile and Penoataeverv tther day after the let of May. eisad stages will always be prvid.d uy the subeerberto be is readiness to tltea pmnengersl rom SMobile, in case of the failure of the boats. N I AtaNOlID. T'he stetmlat Champion laves Mobile fir Pesas. cola twice a week feb 28 ly lda, a piamue amsidn, fur sole by hi. D.RSEY, Ja 4m 4Ne !.Lever HUMil'HREY'8 FORIEIGN TOUR. &e. SGREAT BRlrPAIN, FRANCE and BEI.GIUM, a shortn ' T'r in I By5-B Hemna Humplhre.y, D. i)., Prosidnt oif Amherst College, in 2 veo,. TA IVorkes of Mrs. herrooml.--toin l the only complete and amaiGrm edition ever published in tihe tJanited Sttes, vol. 15. Jnst re.ets'n snd for sale bv WMM'E AN. e .n Coanel Calp it OlaCom.l atreeer. DR W. EVANS' CAMUOMIL PILt.. It ý ýe and retail. t New Yoo* pbeke, at R K d & D'LArl]P . 8 Camp etreet. Ist ncn d reenmeaded itor the follewilg d eea ila 1 Zits fa, Mlm ed IWe i. meicinoa i.e r ol t1e pitrid o ibnr s rb i in. a, los of A.ppD.8, fynor montio~ n imoarime« deloiaom t.tmeeopuieodle ial oall iod i; reb hllilmm f.etrs, of every voerlty3 enroktsta salt titors, he 01td, ethea m f Mrch 1 , mud nd all bithere . haoe, and nawnl eon s .le xiner udert whichhesuale sight, ad ranly irritbaity r Sal telo 'C the a utmrser enipllntl , and oi elme morbu,n. d oiarsa in grown penors ; wore!t and lhn tley, with had breeh; elorunia oand tlpiteat°a of thi heart and beadr changes of fetoale eottnto aand for hopalwl nnd dtflsrgu d eontitdoies is, tbher orn; havn ot been petaanitlv relieved by anor other mediceine 'A silatrial tofltr IEva l' rmets -.e is any of the emas e, will produce sro Pbet a u will Itt dicate their ieetpmrahl. oepanoritt, ced induer seno p u ano then nm w ill i.ure a peeedy l nd unustoliu blI care. Direct.ons for eye ompahying them. tNnbon u aerti*tee of cores wnrill choine w, ea boa the length of the caaltgues it i itnpoealble to give them puhleity through the mdivm dof a new, peii. O Dr 0van. ' catalogue tn reale upwards of X19 JJ n0eW, aad in this city we can refe to mavr'n persne weo have been relieyed, nd in omE itt entirely oted of long tndhtilg diuee.5, by Dr rvse' Caeron ile Pillk. a0 Mlm STATE ir p'lWUIIIAl A--ltne Jdklal. - im. ' T E STAT" OFP L.UISUiA, T.l iA . .n whom L tIke Presots d.ell come, Oreeteni---W'here tble Bs rillof i p n ti . be, inmFler descrihed, hacnplied to the €lelF off his l in whos oliae the dla/of al wls recorded on the et dy efApUl, A. D. 1831, foran moitiou or cldvertie meet in eonfomity to n set of the L.egiltttlre of the Sate of Loiultw aentitled .'An set or the further e-m. ranoe of titles to i1rehueno at jntiolnl mlee;" splnMoleod the 10th day of Mday , 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all premons Inttereted hI, rin, ae hereh. cited and nadmoithed in the monle the BStateot Lounons, mod of the Firlt Jdite l Dlstritt Cumntwbo een set up any rigllt, title or elnhn in led to nllfronllity in the orlr, tlreree trjldgmenttt ntlhroetur under wlidL the sle wasl made, or ry irregu. larty or illegality in the alppaimenetlls ald udvertisementl, in time, or manner ol sle, or lilt any other dertet whats, ever; to . w cause, wlthil tldhirty daps fron tile tly this motion is fRlint inmertell in the pubtlt tlaern, wiy the asle so olte lshould nlothe onfirml. ind tlolognted. The sid prol'perty w aold by the hlltrffof the arih eforetlidon he 30th dly oe Mnarh, A. D 1833, by vir toue of it decree of this eourt, redered on thilalth tim o Jonuory, A. D. 1838, itn a ut entitledl Jnmeso Rtare Iligg vs. ttfttsirGeene, No 15,191 ofthe doektt of this Co.s t whiceh aele iuid James Bernem Diggu hneone the pureoMrer fir the peinrof twenty-live thosand dol (ie lfraopetrty as givetn in the Judiniol .Co ve)no vlz: Aceteto s pent/ or e tt el oof gromud toglnther with all tltilditng. td il mnovetlicnt hereoi,, iltght 1nntlrleg, &sI. tteenttobtelotglng, or in an aieto otp petaltd.tllg, situate in f.ubwong Aoneciitionalttoe dhis sity t nnelmrnrg in lo ,lh meamnure, three huIlodedrl S1 'yliy-sx feet and fot'-eighths otan inch fb'ront Oi the pnhlirntdlon New Levee I, tide hondtid end uhtt ene feet six iheltesnd foar-eighdts of l in .ih fr on n Celeste e, two htundred and fi i ,. n' iinchrld 1 two.eiglhth of an inch on a IlRl onlll Old Le.e I otlirt, nlltil it strikes tIe bmndary line of Laet lil- i Inudon's plroterty, et theeoemer o Old Levee ald Nut.II street; there forttiog . right angle, end extestit.g eilgty-fivn feet atd three inches the dlongtghe bound.har lii. of mid Silludon's propery prnstlel to C'alete street; there form i.i a right angle, sd etending act,• three feet eleven ilhel and three tlghlh of o lu, thb so the boundryv line of Loads Dede's tr .)enrv , pralle Itl Old Levee lreet;there lornitng nolter riightaale, c;id etetotlitng fortv two even itlhe ant fiv e eighths al en inch on the loundalry line of oid Dede't 1troperlv ia'.tllel to Celeste street; there forming another rigt nnlle, anld xtenling ne hundtlred and twenty even teest ten iclhes ant four eighths of at n Ito hbountdry lilne n mid iledle's lwp.mty perllerl to the ptblie tnal end Nvw l1 vee stet, esd Iseenty ix nfeet four inche andloureigllth of anittlolh frott on Nlut' street, on'ltl intg tol plahby 3. Pilitl City Suveyor, manle iitl in. vuty, 1132, atIenexed to 0n st pesud before Louim T Cane, Notnry Public, on the 4th Jntnury, 1832. Wit.esu theb Hon At M. Bnhluson, .dtge of the Uourt afbretid,thlm 1ith Aepril, 2lB. np23,mt.n18 P. LE BLANC, Dep. Clurk. SANTIOUNED BY THE FACUL'I' UOF MIl) I CINE. JPp IgHORN'S Comiptond Entrsat efCooaba and Somu nrU - lnrilh -A cetaio, ate, ntld tost effotutal rome. an "e -lediseoered for the taro e oFtaot oat, fGBrnt. Striotures, Whites, Painls It the heak sll.iis, semimt , weakness, aTffetious of the kiddics, gravel, dsorbhtie de erptllons, Ett. di iI thl inltrodntim t anl medticlte pomemieg the useftl a an1 active virtue of the one now ibred to the pei, I tile prolriemor has but to refer to the muuerous reeom. 30 met.lations received from the most eminent of the me. tie disal faculty in Europe, believing that it will be duly dL, a~- oeiated when its merit m s re rm I ally own. The iNt Ilsanm of Copnihba. weltenstely used, Ma lost mueh s'e of its creIt from the dislike whicth patients torney p elresm t regurding Its ditgeeble tnate, dnttsturlbbce le prnodiaed i the bowels ant stowsasi, an its Irereoltre incffien,' when used ill the inflnmmtooLy stage.s The p roprieterla mto ae analysis of the I mtU, eoneoiv a ang thea the more sctivequelities would thereby be nmlhm pa more eoeertrntr d mad moms usefully admi.altnested .la e in the utesent sate. The above medirine combines - pIediets whith sae to the highest eplite amoen the d'i mos hesaistifs anod learned in the profemsion. stn I drug in the ompoeition ov thiespetlo t l llass the eficy of the other, producnmg an opterole trnuy tuar I nimhiog, sald srpa g the most saterte eixpqaetions; i pousing at tti tome tiont th advotage it being St adminitered with perfect suo er int the di tthlttt staehas1 of the bove diseaae. The most emunent ~ dycasiantsam rmeiesl of the preseot day e theeir deitied qa. i h pmoltion in favor of Swe paleis, wrhilst itas u iste i posnipuJ hotsnotals and. puis medical tlltciltutlloa h Lo. n, ant still eaotinues, very eetsive. It was a ty- at onts remsedy rith the eelebratel Dr Abersethy in sl ve nerel sieiotas, snl in obaiimtetautaaoweesttpt , t, risigfrom a isorleredl sate ofthedigesitverfatis. t Having been submitted to the test and eperienee of the h ot so.lebrted am gthe faulty, they hove expressed their iatinc of its eatraorhina.y effl.acy in ever, IsM. under their aharoe, by srlolithg it both in theeir jpblic wlotprimteprets e. Their oh e rvmtiotn o lle te utiOertedberel Pol.mleprd by J Ii Thorn, Cthemit, D Loudoa. Price $tl 0 per pot. v TESTIMONIALS. From A H SlmIon, Es, F R l, Bitegro to the j St Thenme Hospital, asd LAutrer -n Aatomoy. T The trial whioh I hen mtlo of your Its ratliee m ins I vri.y of dases, both male d.I feltde, is ints.lrlulta huve A proved so hlghly favoumbler that I do out hea a in pronOul ing It onof he imolt valthble sltd e.iateints rmedies ever oafered tothe pophlie, ol one in wltru, g hitl exlerient e, I eIn plie every reliant, wrnilst it drIs not prodre the Snill s pleault esei s mm allry e Ioreianoel from apuiha. From 0 H hayward, M hH l to the ~ i I Maryleaboe Dipe lnary. d I take great plearre i adding my toestimon to the ltabml e incurr in brinin ing it to sud h am - plots perfeatm.l.a From W O Cooper, F R S, Surgeon to Gu'si He ThPie unilt steaou c hieh huta aitendiet the ndmiuida teeing your mediioi arnao g my tisat s fli.ed witih the aove diseses, has fully stisfed me that it h ron dy to be keown to be teady rnmrealteLd. May the succes youo well deserve, impty od lapeedily repy you fora yourr vastbhe pepestnto. From Sir A Cooper, F R S P RC H, f, fa. Ie. Having been indaeed to try your Frxziat ai soesnl esue~of violent Gao vhm, whioh had hitnerto brlled erv itesciption tlrnminisltetl b nme, Imnvigtg ionl uend aeody eures eff~cted hy It, in a few lays-i Ievl myeelfin duty bound toise that now itl mt Ires - tea hoth 1oihlia and ie~inW eeommettl ohat ossea Froma OG W Blair, M D, Physiciss to Guy's lHa 'The strlat tat which I have given your medieih, r among my patients, ad its invariabloe uosee tius fth. sill idinse me to per.sevt in its ume, aend I deem it but atn mt of jintesa d osl of to adid my feeble tei nio.idl itntonaistntaion of its lvirtes Fn mLCThompoan, , M D FRS L. I reun, you my since, thinks for t a v lepi. tent of your Extract for ha os of Giormleham, ila I eel at'l th. you haysve at Ish brou. maOlioisw inlo Is whioh will pr[- ae steely andpnr l frl . in the medial world--- sut , ro.d s tt e is raernif the above clam. it slntrds me grnet ileansa in purnllding to the world the vluatble quaJell o'..y ErntreL Were it eaemrv, the proprietor cmaud here Inlads IULaIy mor testims.oals quely as eom.isdlory as se ibovet bu traustnthatL its grueet esshitherto-th.e ea. & exrpease at whs it bas benrelmevl, will pe.tels reteost reeomatn laion armong a disa.rm g puli Onle reeaenhltion tlsil preprion ei•jys aboaes. all others is its seat, polra c torm-pt p sup t-tie mele in shirh it uay be okea, eing both say al it.h opl'nt-iti tratlly nturel, with no reltrtlolin in dlil, or cfioeem st frmea buiae. Travellers earl ,ly w omuld findthis medqlre highly useful, anil onghtm vle to be unpevlrnhl swilft u preptcition 5mlmg lai a. eastgsl whieh the pr.rvot ne i onuttloe, Aoeompanying the Meditlnl is ie Immphlt eplam tmry of the differot tages of the disrease, tltrrt ay extr chrge, ~ tarnilng full and ample dirsoitls. Form rhe by SIICKL.ESI . or 143wSJm &1 Caltl srenet. Iv TAfiN'3alhds. alai:,hxTitt oasmoieoel1 ie Shtolder. Ctncin,ioti crd, lauding flromsrt.tam eer sBuckoy nd for mat EN & AVEY, te. Ii Jo ill (tiratier bet. ru VkJl.5WPM j M I L. K 'hit (1 t~i ~ l tow s mad uuh 'toc theal an r jw~riitii iir ipew11E or nditary itan ttisa A ! aia tvoph esioedoot r Tdale. Ti U k NaI tiny TeaAau radBwy aaw w nohicý "ter ý +r rlh lep ~ ivth, ltieede 'e t.hMe "l, &e mr ae, Timea eeoedi to h d .dii e w I j& uork eraedtu amvr tcO THAN CIt VactlW From wumeOlolc shoo Lieu vie QA" ud lee am -lill vsi. et o 1. Areatrns, Mdeb Jot. 3* 19i e,. tjfkwllor a ft Hoqg IYMobe tllet~ooo,lhow (rtercu to Mccii, thou. ithddie to Aquat, W411 Awed tob a* 11 e" U~hndeau ie 16 **-j MS. IN Time, N*V Otiemw to Mybliq, as hen Audeet t (Ohletbneg, 30: leoee to dot1Cherka toeNia l Mekitg Ito sleo per dey. u*7 Aio per ir, eele aicit ofllewlee ,W 0-s. I ber .Ian to In el the t oelte she votr ettoer (rthe Petmile t aop sene tdt'dmt ted thakol pla been otedritgl to smespema ln (tkt hedy rsiosih ltety. T he h if tere Greouio dvleonelh fem resmcrver.h 3 td C acs, drivers and Seth are d jHeet * ea water roue from 1'tniam,La toCede H , it I .dals tad by all whou have paused ~rosgeit tobe tha aaae in naoeltiea beamy seal safey. The D houghj Georgia have Ira barn repriced. 3 M C 8· WARDwa B. . NP.W-ORLRANS. J OSEPH KNErTLG Co -impnmn a1' nod Deai Huardwae, ar Ie:w- cope end the Adtltcie 0101, oblcast qae teethe rurce, an extonivce amavrtmlet of oueo, ead hardw vcomprisning evey udotiotr h U 1oa wkoe then rifr low. 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