Newspaper of True American, August 30, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 30, 1838 Page 3
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For the terior. PLEASURE EXOURIOIYO TO BAY ST. LOUIS AND PASS ClHRISTIAN. Fare S250!! The fste runtgifr teembant MA - ElPPA, Captain Grillfin, leaves the lake end i tile rail road, at the arri vale ol t o c earas,odSatftrd.eve: the IRthinst. atid every etluiag Saturdayl Returning, will reach the rail radby 6 o'clock ob Monday lnornilng Apply to OE.. WHITMAN, New Orle6tes Mobile Mail Ofice. augl8 Under the Exattnge Hotel. St Charles lf. jOR DAY SI. LOUIS, PAST C" LIBIAN, BI LOXI & PASCAGOUIA, Twice d treek. k The Itn low prenre cteSmei . GIRAFFE, Capt. Stwler, will leave S f p for the" places or tile ntotnings of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS1 immediately aotir the arrival of the 7 o'tlock reoel atld return on Thursdays and Motdayes to thI Rail Read The public may depend ulon great puncttialifv. Ag 1.4 For passage aepply to cOaptein Swiler. For Mobele, and all Inltermediate Landiogs. SThe low preaure siesta bhat CA ROLNRwwll leave New Orleans for Mobile, every Thursday and a at unlock, M. touching at all tihe watering places at which passengers thy wish to lend. For further particulaelrs, apply to GEO. WHitI'lIAN, jy24 Eschang IHotel, Sdl Charles at. Fbr Mobile and all Intermediate Landing*. S Thefs runninlg end splendid steam teast WM WALLACE entirely in state rooms, will leave New Orleans for oi t, an all intermediate w.tering places, every Turedny and alturday, after the arrival of th 12 o'clock ears. GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange lotel, St. Charles st. ATURI)DAY EVENING AND SUNDAY TO MANDEVIIl ." M AUItONVILI.E. The steamerSOUTL AL.ABAMA, SCaPt. L.T. Knight will leave the lake et. d ofllio rilreadfeortle albove pit we, every . t.. r a evening, an the arrival of the l a' clock ears, and return the samne ig h-and leave Sun day morineg on the arrival of the go'clok cure; return inlag leave Madisonville at 4 o'clock, I. AM. aS Ntaw m FUR MADIJONVILLE, LOUIcIIULG, MANE-. VILI.E & COVIND TUN. . F The fast ruting aid spllendid leteea hbot S eOUTII ALAlIAMAA, .. T. - Knigtt master, will run as a rega lmail tieboat tor the above ports on Mondays, Weduee ai s and Fridays, afe r the arrival of tle 8 o'clock ear, A hM. Returning, leaves Covington 'luesdays, Thurs days and Saturdays, at 8 o'clock, A M. N B. All bagogae and pareals at the risk of the own ere, unlessa bill at lading is igned. GEO WHITMAN, New Oranangend Mobile Mail Office, h an Exchange Building., St Charles st. FARE REDUCED I The stemnhnat MAZEPPA will leave the Lake end ofthe Rail Read on Mondays, Wednesdays andl Fil. ay, arrvl of the lto'cloek ears, touching at Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, liloxi, &c.; returing, will leave iPaocagoula at day light, and arrive at Or oi leans at 3 o'clock, P. M., touching at all the Watering places in day light. Fare from Nuw Otleans to Bay St. Louis 50 - Pass Clhristian /50 Biloxi 400 GEO. WHITMAN, at Exclange Hotel, St. Clharles street. T RAV1E.LERS going to Mobile by the Mail LIla ' on Mondays, Wednosdays and Fridays, will regis ter their names at this otliee as no seals can be secured in the tagF at Pascaeoula on trie above named days, unles their names be placed on the way hill, Those wno nave beavy baggage can have it taken diret to Mobiet by any boats dating the week, excel) on thelaboveonamtddays. GEO WIIITMAN, POIK-Prime and Mess Pork, full branded, P 0O andM O. Also 90 pieces Kentceky Bagging,8 R coils Rope; for aleby P I.tVY & (CO). jet t10 Graver sr. Up stairs. ) AtING--t I5 pisses of prii4e 4 Kectavky J Baggeing, tnadiag fre s. b. (Cortlhiiao, tir cale by LAWRENCE & L,.R(iENDI , jels 28 end 29 New Levee, SESTEKRN BUTTER-200 kgs ill stor, for sale by .LATER de '1'ItIFR, je2l1 40 Poydras street. NIIV DIRicTOiY. . PUBLISIIEI this day, tibson's Guidelland I)ree tory of New Orlesa and Ilatayltte; fIr sllh by IHAVII) FEI.'T & Ct. m22 NY Ntatioerc Hnll,24 Chartr,-e st, JIAGOING & BALE ILOPE-b00 pa Kentueky balgging; L"5 coils Id bIle roe, ill sore lold tilr sale by YURKR &E lI ltH'lLFs, jyl2 6i, LOlamlI street. .1F1'1t KEGUS Fthos)ll UUHIIEN HU'TTI'ER, 20 boxes cheese, 2.6 boxes bunch raisaias, 10ti boxes Imperial tea, 10 biarrel chlerry bounce, I laut11 barrels thl,ou ouuarket . barretlnl boked iouguIte, ItU lixes 'J . ellesa, l bos..t liilbe tll' a sla h, Received per shilp Iluoavillld , Ir l sale by lv:U ti'.' ltb & .1 MIL.I ARDIi. Il --Ui-o bbln ,l , I bils citiea.% jbst l eeivto , I tr sale iy G I .IL.L,, jr.t 4lt4 n* Levee. R ULED CAP & LETTERK I'APEI -On Iauodr, large assortment o llow priced ad very supell,,r Lltae and cVlitie, Wove atlld 1ll Laid chall ll Paper, for sale by UA tLID I'EL'IT & I.o, New ark LOtiouIers' 11all, Sjpy2i8 _ _ 24 t. Ilrstreftlrect rE AI LARD--IUI-la sega, iII tne llippiag urdcrut L ulonrior qual ty,ot the aadag, iror oale by G, UUIbihI, jy8l 41 New Levee. A UDIlTOta' DItAFT'.e--outhel'reasoryT ut'ltoas Spurchllased by tA''I'L '1'OWiar..N), t jytb E'achatge Hotel, tsravier ttiet L IMt.-2UU oanks ll guood order, oil boutI. . " tNeplle, laying at urntig asree wllorl, lor sale by CIANSE R. DIXh),, jy28 Cti ustoaboua, street. 1, AMlbFO)Ll LE'TbEci WKL'TiR-Just received, a 1 an elegant aeoortlllel of Manatold eotter Wre- i Sore, some halt' bound, for tile Caouotig lHouse, asld scme neatly done up in Morocco cases with backs IBr travelling, a very useful and cnveanict article, tor sale bIy 1) 'EI.l l tC;U., i New York and Stationers slall, Jy31 24 Libartrciore et. v H1bidoi-76 tible rectified whia.ey, landing a v t I latl lteamboot ltanlubal, lat do, ao store, tior :ale by LAbIET & AIMELUNt, t Jy2 17 Couluerce strce U'PIlAti I1NTKhLMEIN'I'A, ec.-A Supply of h C Cupping nstlralments, Patent Pump Synrlgeab, a.nd ltoach'b umps, Ial lt the i ost imllroved dec- s ,rispion, reeived by thle sulscrlbers. Alao, Cologne Water, Balm of Columbia, VWard's Hair u1t, Fia liunit, Nailand TIooth Brushes, n,.. arec. jyli 1ClI..lES & Co, 411 Canal street. v 11l0U RtNT- The loaee alld Garden adlJoiug hls rby'to SAcademy, at'l'Tvoli Circle containing six roll H with kitchen, pantry, and outhhouees, &e. Apply to it JARRVIt xi AANDRLKW jy 21 corner Tehoupitoulas & Conut,on streets. I EAP LARiD--2000 kes superior article, i, lie r LA shipping rdr, and or sale by G Oi dE, e jyil 44 d Asw Levee. E T'ER PA PEIL.Ju s rcceived from the Brandy d wine Millea,s oaea superline blue letter pIpel be some very low pricedl; 10 cues nupeerfie white Itel n paper, doi; 2canee thin pink letter paper;, 4 eases supet f titl packet post Ularge size; 2 caes eupertiane' a ttu anseortedcolors; 2ca.s superfine octavo asorted colors; all New .ork btatoners' Hlall, jy21 4 Cuiartres street. O K.EN'-- Pesaio given itmnedtly, t House on ke Bath Rail Road near Ike ak ns Miore. The two Pavilions in Both, near the Net.t a Orleans amd Nashville Rall Road. soveral Rooms in the Car HIouse ol th Bath Bail Road Cotnany. For ar tilm particulars apply to It BONNABEL, I Jvy21 c'trier Naltllel Tohoupitoulaas n.e '-CUTCII ALE-72 caskus ctch ale, (.larteud 1 ; pints) torsale by HOLMES & MILLsL, jy1 Bank ALley. ARPENTEhIR. Fluid RBaact of 8Rasaprilla J and all otaher Carpenter's Preparations, received lately by HB BONNABEL, Rh jysl car Tcboupitoulas & Natchez ses Be SEMON SYRUP in boxes of dos. each for L sale by REAL) & BARITOW, auo 7, Bauk Place. SUGAR House Maolasse--0 barreli for side b J THAYER & CO. 01 ang23 74 Poydras street IE-5 casks Rice, just received and fr by E]i I. u e J THA YER I eCO, eug26 74 Paydrne street. - ANVASED Ham-in hInds, tieres and bbls. in S17 omamerceetreet. and --.-.ton d a e om e, dr iy lrob tSHEtMUNE BROWN CO, I aug23 A Coati a t. ibn bquors-, asketi Champagne I ine (Congreu broaDd) U10 di I ,wine, (Lafayetts Iraod;) 10 pipes ladeir; 2.50 qr. l soaks imitatln Madeir wine, in store and resle by r u iHElMOU INE BROWN l4. C, B alg23 9 Conti at. I. ýýOL"ASeBEB-70 bbte. in stare, ar sale by It LAWRENICE LEGENS-RE, 1 igl3 28 asad 29Nes Levee. T .EASURY Noten-1001.dolls, forals by bra J THAYER &CO, he 411'23 74 Poydoolrnet. e 20 DOLLA.RS REHARD TILbe paid for thes apprehension althe VnyAN. D1 LnH ,whobabaolded from the soubscribMron Ile 5taitt. Maid bay is shuot 15 years ofas, abnut tre le gt .ti blek foce, sad raller gotl taking. lpeaol fast.a.d Uel stlmmcring . hmn hirt rpokenre bc-an wheo e lat Jal, euthoad J.sst triprld shirt and b puraw hat. J! E -fNt va SHIPPING. or Zurope. N. FOR LIVERPOOL. iThe A l and fast sailing shup STEIG I- . fTZ" Capt. Gibson, will eceive dspa:lh, he , ' having the greater port of her rlrgo eneaged . lorlreghto 110 bales cotton, or passage, having at. handsomno abtoemodations, apply to coh LEVI H GALE, aug23 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL ___ The A I fast sailing ship CAROLINE at Alt1TU..TA, Capt. Basset, Ihaving full cargo eneaged, will saI wil despatch, for passage modly,havin goal saoeommodations, apply lathe Cap,., on bord or to S & J p WIhI'TNEY, aeY afl8 8 Conti street. S- lOl LIVERPOOL. RE The A I and fast sailing ship IIODERT, Capt. Selden, will receive immediate dles Id patch for the above port. For freight of 950 bodlanilton or puseage, having handsome accomn m odations, apply to LEVI II GALE, aenl4 9E Common street. FUR LIVEIRPOOL. o The A I arnl fast sailing barque LAU hRENS, Capt. Merrill, will receive despatch. !for passage only having Ihaudsome anooma ig nmdtions, apply to tr LEVI H. GALE, nugig 93 Common street. t. FOR LIVERPOOL - The A I and fast sailinu ship GLOlIE, Capt. Olirer, will receire aimmediate des patch. For passage only Iaving handsome anomaccom modations. Apply to LEVI II GALE, aug9 93 Common street. Fltt LIVERPOOL. The cop red and copper fastened ship CUMlERLANI), Capt, Haustv, having mosat ol her eargu engaged, will have despatuh. freghtf Bales or passage having suplerior accommodations, apply to 3& JPW IIITNEY . ul31 I8 Conti street. FOR GIIIRALT'AR. ]The fine and superior brig HOMIEII, Capt. Knabb, will receive immediate des patch. For passage only, having handsoenr acucommudutions, apply to LEVI II GALE, oag9 93 Common street. FOR MARSEILLES. Tr Thie fin ast sailing barque NOBLE, Capt. Manson, will revceve despatch. For 0 paosage only apply to LEVI It GALE, aug21 93 Common street. FOR MARSELLES STi. he well kown and foast sailing packet brig COLUMBUS, Pisarce, mauster. wl le . calve immediate despatch for the above port. aeing thtr greater part of her cargo engaged. For freight :'250 bales catton, or passage, having handsome aeeomlrodations, apply to Cc A D GORE or LEVI H GALE, aug7 93 Common stre FOR MARSEILLES. S The fast sailing brig CAROLINE, Capt. Thompson, will Irve immrediate despatch for the above port. For freight of 150 bales col ton, or paesge, apply to LEVI H GALE, __oog23 93 Conuo:lr t. FOR TRIESTE. S The fast sclling ship HELEN MAR, C:pt. ----, having full cargo engaged wil brtollav despatch; for passage apply to Al S e J i' W CITNEY, au1123 Conti a o a C llts.twau . ..e. - gte- - _______________________ aired FOR UnOSt'I'N. The picket ship OHIO, Cutter, ater, ken is tow receiving frelght, andd having conider Sable cargo engaged, will meet withdespntch; elit reigtt ur passage,sllply on board or to STETSON 4. AVERY, - ani2l 88 (raoierstreet. SO FOR ItOS.'ON. Tite fite schr VINCENT, Capt. Sand fur born, aheing part o her cargo engaged will have ldespatcl--ur freighti of 110 balea, ai Itnsage; lapply to C8 & J P WIIITNEY, algue4 t Coulti street. FoR RtOSI>ON. e, P.a il on Saturdiy, the 18lth. , 'Ike fast sailing brig ClORA. Geo. J. ale L Curtis, will ail as nabovhe; filr deck frIiglltt t-eegor ensago htvinga food aecotlodatiea, ,I ily taitt, oe bohard, below tle Rail Itad, or t " CHASE & IDIXEY, c angl6 6 Custom HMase street. S Tile finebrig ItOI(()) lNr, CNooEler, l . uli es noaw readT toI receive feitght, and Itavitt. it llidorallle cargo engagedP will neel with S rdepatcl, fle freiglit ur IeaevMche aIly V te; eard or to .aNll 18r Gravier sereet. . hnk fefher cat go ell g e ld, will have vds&,p b, for lelance of l'leiel t or plstu lavinstg l good lllui ldriosll a s, pl rll to, re ICaptaoil o I ird, atet oat lie. iolrd slreet or tn CHIASE & DI.IEY, lll l ff 1 CllluIi Ihel. ha. - I . Ifrti tliciien tiigt ottle-s an A I l te. triar anilft stailhin ltrig, hlavin eitrt era i lr ttge engaogedo ho a ' meee llin will ieet wiith tinmediat. deetIrtl, Foii i eiieiat I t "lcliglct eapy a LEVI II (iALE, SnglJ 9:1 imehaa ete, street. r UdTe recPiell at the ILotllciata Furniitaee Ware SIousie ,n 5:l Ilitemlle s treetet,'0t liair nald ('thery Bedteatl; a first rate article. Alt, a grd adsort Ineet el' ilplei. WalIII, alld Poited Clhtrte, hich Stwill be sldor the lowest cash pricea. i A WA R CAIINES. jev7 53 BHiinville stweet. I ITHOLESAL.. AN PrIni u i tO t-IUAl N t b,"'t VAIIElTY S'OIE, No. Is Camp sth e ills Sder ilshols Hntel--The sanllrberis a.r cioll opeatg at their new stasd, an extensive tsslolen o rllia.ts ' their lille, comprising evere variety of Conhbs, tira'Ies, Perfiunery, laooking (lasset, I'lavilg Cerda a.d a h lrge ntlelr of lancy articles. T'e inllowin aI rreet t desEriltion: COMI S--e'otosrean Blranilian high top tuck, ielo snd carved; ile. dn. twist, long, neck, lpu.ff sidle, pnce i ald dreemig, ivory and holn; fine leth, treuing and an I ket nk mbat horn, redding anld haJet slala; woolen., d ih..ssing, fine tooch anol pocket r PE f'UA EII l eral arss,erlt of French and American Perfuimery, coy e sting eo aA gte wale? in bottles, of all thapes ndiI sizes; leo, 'sce, ilorilda, rose, orange, lenon, jelaatine, Ierganl, .allerlfeeul ete.; i fancy Imips of every icarplption; mealmar, antiiqa, sall vepetahle tai oil atil eurling fluid; cllorinle toot Swash, carbonlic andl eklorin detlnfeice; seentedl a plein latoi ledr; lmantlnl; preaten saltsl etc. BUilUSH.--Comprisinlg a great variety of cloth, fhalt-, hat, Ileah, teeth, nail, eemb, shavitg, plate, Ilearth, fine itid plain dusting, sweeping, crumb furniture, serubblh g and white wash, horse, shoe andl tnler"l eonrhilg, laint and varnish brushes.rand sash andi grain ,ig tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES--Coiprising gilt fremes ot varions sines, 5, :, anil I draw toiletst Germlul ultina toilet and pooket gglaz, monip.tling mirrors, etc. PI AliNG CARIS-E--).le, Hlm'r 8th, Broom, Highlinder, Spiel Caten, French antd white hank Play- I ieg Ceetla' FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A spte riolr assortment of portable dlesks, laidies' and gentle men's ri.lilng eases and lIlies' work boes fantcy box es of varilous descriptonle suitable for the new year anl Christmas' glt,; pocket boks ol all sortsi; mslen den, tusiae-baxes, lead peneils, craymnls, vilins kead v lgs lnidl eurses, an assnortment of faey beads, superiore qoailty billiard balls, paste hleacking; hone, sinrt, vest, fall .ild suspeler buttnns; pearl .lttmia and shirt studs, razor atraps; gas machies for creatig light; Stanild and melee eterts maneouba, Paris, rappee and Oetch inuffsian tssnrtmect of dplain and swor canes; back galnltan bkards; die, lney screens, optics, Jews hai, C Iaermolleas, lacier matches, liiln, ttqJICa, peen-E- o C caps, drinking cups, hunting flaslka ipd game bags; - steel, ailver aiind plated spectacles; thimbles, twille, etc.; a handsoine assortmeint of eogravings, and a large varie ty of othelr rticlles, all of which will be sold for low priens, for cash or city acceptances. may 4 HES & DI,,ANGE 1(11(IIARIREILS LI.IIf landing fr brigee n UU Slnll, for sale by jy19 S & J P WHITNEY in UIaINl.r, El OB6SWAIr.T, ATCALOM I,.: 150 ounces Fiench (nuiutine, 10 bbls Eptahom Slto 3 caeks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Calomel, Ipecc.. Julo P Rhobarb, &.e. &c.. landing froul brig William, freont Boston, andgfor sale by t JARVIS & ANDREWS, H Wholesale DrIggiste, 51 jy7 or Common k T'ehoupetoalas treet. Si SWIMMING SCHOOL _- AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Opposile .1landerille alreel, Third. launiripaly,l twole b at/nater habest the Lail Road. EXERCISE, CLEANLINESS, PLEASURE AND iHEALTH. en IlE errangemnaot for this tstablislhmett are nowe cOtipleted, The Proprietnors have provided very thing which miay tend to thetintfirt obfhathers. 'ite n dressing roonms are now provided with doors under lock coI and key; ladders and ropes are prepared lr ascendig Trom the bath; a cosatant supply nfleo dry nowel Ii is kept for the bathers. Tnhe awning which throws al agreeable shade ovr tihe beth, during the heat eoft he e daye is now more elevated and allows a free reulatian eec UYTheOIniibhaseplving between Canal slreet and tie lower eaottn press, pas every halfheur within fil-ty ateps of the bath s. , By subscriptions, 5 tickets for $5 On Price nf a bath with a towel, 25 A lC'The Baths are open fromn 4 o'elock A. SI. ntil l0P. MI. These baths effrd a graduanled Jepth of waner of3 to Tfeet, fanned by an enclosed basin 8( feet ong by 30t broad, protected by a railing fromn the strong carrent of the river, and yet snuffiiently open to allow a free pae age to the water. ang4-lm I I30iN Dress--1 bhi untio Iii se t snleh by JTHAIER 4'CO, aig l 74 Patdrat str-it. S Gee;; 411 bbl ometie ltBranly, in store, for oale by iTilA VER 4( CO, atgtl' 74 Podres astreet '7 N.iipll BUSINESS CARDS. _ PAS. O ADLE OLOTING TAYLOR & HADDEN, :h. IIAVE aconstantsupply of every aitcle pertatIina Iaged; to grtlenosa's dress, of the latest etyle, at iew York arxlno- Isrres " sbc 211 TEETH. SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. NE PECIMENS of these beautlful teeth, and the man rgo snor of setting them, may be slen at the oalice of SURGNO DENTIST, eet. No 46 Canal street. These teeth never change cRlor and ae by many, and in many cases, preferable to the RT, neral teeth. es- q Dr. R. will wait upon ladies at their residence, U requested. p 9 if :m- . A. PERIIOSSII., MiROCHA T TAILOR, t67 Common streel, .BGS to inform the public that having purchased U setn Messrs HOUGi, SKEU"GS &'CO. part of ith their stock, he will continua the business at t'lelr old eh. stand, oppesite Bishap's Hotel, 'lere he hopes to meri thon"hre oflteir pstmroage. He has code armngeaento at the Nonlt to be ssuplisd montsly withl te latest and most fashionablegods. or 14 CLAY & CLARK, IE, OUSE AD SS IP PPLUNIERS, ae No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURpRs O'F Lead Pipe, Water Closets, sad Pumps eet. Olall descriptioln. WARN, COLD, AND 81IOIVER BA TH8 s Fixed on the most approved principles. tah. MIILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c riotr 7'0rders executed it any part of the Southeln States. mr9 st. Dr. ReLberl . Lidoe. .II, EIClHANGE HOTEL. nlit ,. ,--E ,'LAnY & CieARsK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, or ORLEAS LITHIIOGRAP-O PRITI G ESTAIHLISIIM1.NTI', e No. 53, Magazine Street, let Opposite Banks' Areade. SWILLIOAI GREENE, PROPRIETOR et. eel 5 tg a. 8. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAInRS. New Ot:pesnrsel. ,. AA o. JARVIS & ANDREWS, t. WIIOLE.E AND RETAIL. DEAIETRS IN MEDICIE S PAITS OILS DYE STLUFFS N.ND WINDOW GLASS, J Corner of Common and Tehoupitoulan streets, I NE6 ORLEANS. R, NATHAN JARVIS.T SJOHN W. ANIDREWS. A large apply of Garden Seetis, warranted te growth of 1837. AT MOBILE Ala S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 asd 63 WATE'I TI'REET. i 1F HE nnderaigned, hating established themsehOs in J Mobile fsr tlhe pirpiee of traoseac ttt tio Atction adtl Commissio s buinar in its varit bractes, beg i I s leave to intrls their and the p 1t3lio, that they ase no, prepared to resesos svttesogsotlssaste and stabe A CARD. SAMnSL .SLrA'T. AnnHM TRIE ·Ra. SLATER & TRIER Psrwardine an coot smen thr anion Merehant, No, 40 Poydrna Street, e NEW (ORLEANS. che They will devote their psrti betsir attention to the sale ad of estn Produce. Iost 1 . ifi; Net, 5Islents. lenerI. lKohs. Ilrout & Co. I It & it IWillia s, I' . rigee, Wild & CoUn. li stone Ot KItl srt IlintlirtA & Co.. I L.Levet al'I IItss. News Yorek. Nt Ver alrsisll a Ole IIi II. r l II V i'llnl Wintr Il nil. . SSt tslrd& Invis. StILois. 3 Riller Ci.. IHowlaes., P gsl. & I...... . ) Alt -1o . ilIe A l Mid l isis ss q. usp il ti l ls ! in d &. Co. L iv stlle' L STONE. Be. T. I. lONE E &T t. I'. T NSTONE. Ferwardsa, and ot mte..ssio,. yaercrsato, FURNillEiS tOF ellP AND Isso STOKES , . Not. l4 r TseHOUVrPIO.U oLAS aTnHI. 1iI Nt w-Orlean* pr Rteterences: - - lMeneos. HALL. iAosn & Co. EAENEaEs. Vs.k kel et olte li A. & iP. IAo r. Ne, w I-l W &1'. wL.rlA, a Cin.en'i, U. I e DAvsD STONE, IDstsn 0 clsr li.VOoarTsK & Cs,. Coilussmn, s N. AtI.Uscs , & t:o..l.usslttssle, ag 12 WItLL.Es, SrsEe'I i l&C. L , i.. Loui laeio A. t. KFF, Aito, Ill. - WV EI. srranaw, Itu.s.illcj, II1. J. & I'O P. 5 AlaT5T LL, (.o. t rllsses a , s La OLot. rItants,. New 's, I a. . T jan 2 man 1) EAI.EIl IN AMERICAN & IiN ;LIS1 CROWN GL .ss, No. 3 Co ItEI.ErEr $fflItt. Of FI R I ,, IN'S INSURAI xNI,; COMPA1\y b Uk' N ',. I)IILbANN. This Company are now prepered to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 4 Musson's nuilding, Coanal street. E L TRACY, New Orleans, ,aney lb. 1838. __ acreary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and lPorwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Layer & Aeul New Orleuns. Joe. Loadis & Co. m24 tm ROltR'I' CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishee, Brushes, 1rn30 Window and Picture Glees, &A. &e. T. W. COLLINS A TTOR'NEY & COUNSELLOR AT LA WI. N OW pranetisin iln the State and City Court. Cli ents ill find it, m at tle Clerk's office, U tCircuit Court, in the Custom, Ilouse building. jeB A CARD. rltlIF undersigned have opened a house in this cit3, i fo tile purpose of transacting a GENERAL COIMILdSION IHUSINESS. UrFFIE, No. 10 GRAVIRt STREaT, UP STAIRS. 1I P I.EVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above name. References. Godfrey, Larie & l atlll NlNl Orleans. La Peters & .Milltard, a l L H B Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John M Gilmore, Vicksburg, Blias. Harper,Carpenter & Co. Irand Gulf, Mios. Mouir, Moore & Co,, Sil,. Lillard, NatcheZ, Mrss. New Orleans, July 12, 1888. jyl2 A CARD. NATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him i seltf in Now Orleans for the purpose of transactitg a General Agencyand ':omnJisaron Ibusiuess, would re-. spectfdlly solicit from the public a share of their pa tronage. Having a house in Texas, he will attend to te trans. acting of any business that may be desired in that country, and will guarnttee prompt and uuremlittod at. tettlion to all business entrusted to his charge. and a faithful application (in accordance with inatructions) of 0 alt lunds that may loae into his hands. Office in New Eacbange. on Gravier street, opposite to Rev Mr Claptp'n chtel a. d adjoining Orhen'a reading roomn.iga of theeo 5,lian Consulate. New OrleansNovember :2.5,1837. IReferenres. iMesras Hillyer, Bausl & Co. New York Blurr Wkeman. Yor Alvareaz Fk, Natchez, Miss. 1 M Struth r, St Lnou-, Mt. John T Ge y. Louisville, Ky. Dr Johln A Sbtee ae, Hpkinsville, Ky. minN 6m PIE3EMN'W IINSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Ocu* No. 24 Munano' Bullding, jai CANAL STREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY ai OR the State of Louisiana, and Cities af New Or- b n lans and Lafayette; for sale byy 1WM AleKF4N, a` m'3 car Camp and Common s.a. S-AH,e Bak" Bease,--t reeied by t "jy, 17B RO CtR & to, '17 Camp vclc1t. TRUE AMERICAN@ O@BBIOe. - 3OOK A 4t@2 PEmmR~ In conneelitn with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, 110K 000 PRINTING OF Papllete . Blank Checks Catalogues Bllsh0 of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auctio Biille, Bill Forms, Show uBis Steam Boat Bills Circular,, Amd every dnrription of Job OVork tht I may be required. lte The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the abl.ive Cuardl, ind a Ilsrs Ihenl tlat F all work intrusted to his car, shall be done attile short eat notice, in a style unsurpoased in this city, and a thie looest rates. l- - - , ,,_ .+ _ _ . - old SGUIDE & DIRECTORY OF' THE CITY OF Jrew Orleans and Lafayette 1 Wini' blishei obi oon *1lnaa,, tMay, and io now for solo at the eoolti lg rro t o l aIedluli m-' Exo PIlang ilotie,1 bt chorles --ali at tie .ic Jar n tore rif ters. E. Joihsi &Co.ornr yt Crlos ie ad Comlllon etmecto. o111.1 PHiramte Owmn Bookm. I 'ulll2 PIRAl'ES' OWj\ BO1)0, or 0naltitntis nor _ r0tive0 if tile livce, eaploit, end exncuOtio,ls , - the in ns celebrated Roblhero, withb isnorienal oketohbso of theb i'llaies p ellee,pah ron t Indin olalny anid Alger oe a irntes, in e ro., jest r eceivcd, nd for onale iv Wl. M'KISAN. - 6 eor Camp &C Cnnnmon streets. JOHN HOEY_ ...... m Xt OnflE evyiasre &nddle, IlrneCH ad cia'runv Mnajtfllorr, csrlrr. niohor of MilLor Equipments of eeerp desceipewn. iv No 18 IPCaOUcPrtveLtUa OTerT7. 31 HAVING in employ several Mlihitary WVorkmbno, lie ii ready to exencto work in the aimve line at tile orboiott notice, id on tio nlloot rcaotnile tOrlno ilechanriti' and lcellors' Paekigl'raeise of pvirv e ie InoLa hanlo no c. ai conlliunle., (aoe 11 a la l c rio nd 'o or 30 i elhish J of oeal Rerdiem with lese iill, nd they aRi be at. taf ldl t cotton lio, aud nare porieuolrly cealculated hw plan1ter's use. Npply o 1 IoHA'LNo & COOPEh, m115 I..i qet o I IERCL A 9N'--S. . . IrI ER CIIANItM. 0 ce an heautifil ciore luor .tb o I e oit two tourso notice, by iollicg at tile Orloans Lithograpohciiiiic, llae lagoote teint, olipoiter lnaok A rade. I12l flAU.EREL--35 halfbble Ned Alaickerel, fIoo ole Iii by READn &C I|AR+TlIW, n- 137 rOavier sorcet. l] ACOd--1li co adis, t'neiivoco etd B teauer Dlliel Webler, tor sale bytoo AWRI"NL'E & LEGEND)RE, jelt 21 &, 29 Non Lecee. NOTICE. 'el. IKsubesribnoerbshe thie day nasecioatol then. ..elves io holneso, under the lirol Oif Hooioy & Robert~so, oanl colicito toaninunnce oi the potoonaco eperienoedi by n i HRnnnV Whilecondoiciinio hiineoo in~ ris w.nate, as Geoinll Agent and Conoojoonjo 001 Moocaunt. IIROII lIT M HANNAS', SjJyl. ItOlgIER.' A RIIIIER'I'ON, L AP LAliIJ--liObogo in .tore, tic 'ole iy r1 001- 1 .EV, jtl2 44 New t.rve. HOLMES & i1llitil, jotit .l-nukbAlley 4110 13 IAloohos wide, for sale Ibc " Iio | Oi lE 8 & S Mli l.i.d , jyl Ilobnk Altov i.,X .A WKESC o r . --I"l:~·h l . ,.-+i, - _ix jy 12 JWtI8CA NNew I Cevee. r7EAc4,NU'l-'PfI(; i j.+---+ six 1 coIl reen Ii itrolade.,odilo of gonpoiwde anndi oi nriol teos1ii .P,7 °,,') °' ,', i,,,,.+ l .... )(\Y(P· ' i I"',v'"+ ++" h, c h) |1o11 7 o .,ll tell; ioin coo;k 1A foros llllllllego t'I· iIlld It genleral asstllrtullent oti 4nFrocra~, fin' s.le lowl by': lArIEAVsI+NCIE& 6 IiiE E ll"itl ." Ii _ _ l ll _ . .. & 29 N. ic on2c9 w eves 1,At Wittill ill C t.1'ri, rl+l tlii- looil NI,nnoInI-..-l 1 - 'o oRlell ti~o1. i',icir iltl Io'h o l+o~loioio lIl tfo oean ilf tllocii I dit ll So . IIlil soi i )··1~ 1) lii hl (ll lllSc ii; 1\ ·U r((h enltl~ lhe1('1 l| wmdde hatl~ l ,sf ,+ II , |lllP I:r(llWiJ A hlcth 1R lin'ti. rilo · \ i + Ii (ihilo. i. 'r, tloocolit 0 lltetit IJI.nTP i. hr vII , I , ,i ii , irii hiiiioi i h of 1 e ,ol"iihi'tci hior dh , and iio I ,I Illl h ,il i lf Illlo If Nut. liii , rlIe elihiiio~ollll i th)i s lII h i l lllli II i' the Sil~l IPt rlr.ilt r, llid ill tile. Ii)r~..(':iiii~ o 11 i + + ( l..s I iS i tlii lll l c i u it "r Ill . e(+. ] I'ir |r e e, I mt +1:llll+€K {+..lF, )lllill,,l, hc~l? so ioI ouh I IROrlr 1 11Ci l 11 Ileh ilhllt ' lriiih.r lioi 1110 f 'in r. ,.l i'r-i nlo is iltu t ii y t-- l i . . 111 t. 1.111 TAI"illl a DI+ \~ll.A EI ,.'+ I 'f. ?. b I--.-+. r ,i ',r, I·ar,, '1 } Ii l 'to s ell h l3 l n ,llr l t-tt.9le 1t, illt l Ilir M N M rt. e) l Ril~l t 'hI* :€. t ,11 ll re·1 1111 rs ,,r Ia, i• i ei 0rel ItI, r.'al1,l,, l Iii Ni lilo 0 )1. (. I- l,111rle.: l' s v It l le ic i ,oo1jii I 113 N t liio ici tIliil 111 lokel oir tl. oicl hs li-l ir'nlir S 'ton tio Jte¢ht. tlI:d -lrn. dth101 121r 1- nOl oji lilt holl, iiloridi l oII e . I t 0e l ii ollle o llrlhlioion rllithe Ple c li ly ii or lhires iic de io l olt i o 00ltlhes ilo et 'n nftl] 1Rn, tiiI r par o i rdo . de ] d1ilOlli d lii lture u deu i-;bllicro ollolct 'IF ()rillnoR, l0dOtiRo1 001 0 . . . . ......_ AI{1%ANI) PIiTOI,(rfir iI li: ,leries, D el,o.++t. or Rt an thenc ail nndt Sciil relations r , th. e Unied tales. Bly J. eltai more re Cr:er. Tei Two Flirts; or, ".dventurcom in t Crountrv iloaum; anti ollhtr tsle, ht? Lady Bleeliagton, IFg L II Iu.aer hlts Norloe, Barr' v'ornwall, flra Gore, Captair, tlnMlwin, and lthers, iu 2 vols. T'le fiver ant the Deisert, ry Miss Pardnu, author of the (tity rrf tile Sultn. 'le Cialet oftieras, the Gift of an Uncle ated Aunt with finse n l eartn ravin, by An tersrr . Just recivtd a itdftr ale ty WM Me KEyAN, jrel cr tnItllortl Ctlnnoor stn. r OHIN d Fte.IS-.-71 bills etlin drna, ula dlisg antd Il r sale by J TI-tAO El. & Cno, jy 14 74 l'yvdras street. AVE &o C IIAFFvEi'S Cuoolrausyrlun, .rIdx tract r, Sarsaparilla, for the epare of onratinate eruptions of the okin; pimples or pustulea of the t.aon; bile which arise trom an impure statn on the blood; scaly eruptions; p ins in the bones; chronic rheumatisn; teortr; serofula, orkiRu'sevil; wiit, urIlling; syphilitic diseases, aW d all disorders arising Iroe an impure sttn of tiRe blooi, by a long residetc in a hot climate, or tlie injudicious use of mercury. Also--Cave & Sehaff r's Worm Syrrp, or In. fant Preseaorvative: the bedt preparation new extant. Among wltiah aoe tie followtg:--Indion Dye, for colring the hair; Bear's Oil; Russian Bear's Grease; Pamatum; iehaw's Frecalo Washl: su. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Create of Roses; I Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Roue; Lip Salve; Kre. anite Tooth Washl; Carbonic DIentrfice; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs anti Boxes; Amern. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce viuls; Pneston Salle; Cologne; Kreoentoe 'ooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushes; English Dressing Comrbs. Intian Hair Oil;--with a variety of other Perfu. meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. JOURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyond tite P Rocky Mountains, under the diraetion of thite A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; contaiming a descrtption of the geography, go. ology, climate and producttons. and the numler, manners and cunstoms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. 'I he River and the Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and the Chartreuse; by Miss Pardue, author ofthe City of the So tan, &e. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, by the author ot Richelieu, I The Gypsy, Attila; in 2 vale. The Two Flirts; or Adventure in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E i Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. L E Lerd-2&00 kegs prte lea lard, it eto ar-nd for sale by LAYE1' 4- A dEItUNG, . . .. 17 CoeU llltr e ree t I OLLANIc (GIN-- pipea Ilolland git iittor far B ale by .ENCH BRANOY-7 halt pipes French Brandy, in store, for sale by f J TIIAYER & CO. auglh 74 Poydias street. O. ws LIWBoGB*Puzo. OP1pbC Nrt. 5l Mtagazitte nifrrl, rtirirartr, tttnallhrle, E STABLISHED for the execution of maps, plans . and drawings, merchants' circulars, busines anod aldrese cards of every decriplion, funaeral ciremulanrs on deep mournlng paper, apothecary and druggits'lalbels; bonk elmcka, drav receipta, &e. prianted and eaecor, d ir acheap and expeditious style, y rite rprietor.NE. NB. Rank Notes A executted. m'24 - y. _4 ba SLATER Re T er.R, 40 Poydeat ean e . LEMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. 10fl0 BOXES lemon Syrup; 145 boaxn assorted 10)11 Pickles, in quart, two quart and gallon but tler, from tlhe manufaectory ulof Wm Undelwoud, and l.ew, n Hlraskell, of Boston; landing from brig Talley. E, rad t dnlrp Charleston, for sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, mn cor Common and Tchapitoulan its. CILCOCOA-1000 ha l e ' bCFFI:-- 9 boas prine green Havana Colle J lnldiag from brig A E, end for ale hby J. D INIELL, jer20 59 Camp srreet. ) L-OGINC & ROPE-- 33 po Kentubck I Bapgin end ItI Coils Rope; also a small lot of Twia., in store nd for sale by J IANIELL, je'I 59 Camp street. ,irf ACCO--;' boxes and 4 kegs prine Chewing iI Tobacco, (Leather's brand,) innsore and for sale by J. DAN ELL., 1je020 59 Cjonp strreet. d ý10 ('OF'1Et.:-800 bal.r Iti Coffee, of good quality, landing frmn barque Henry, fr sale by je21 ST''ETSON & AVEIRY. A L:IANACKS for IM.- Jost Ierereve, an all lot of k Pe:,ple's Altanaekb and Crockett's.lthan nucks, for sale by DAVID FELT & CO., New York Statiuoer's Hall, jei0 24 Chartres street. I `l.XA1 FUNDED CERTIFICATES and Audi tor's Draft , on the Trenurv, wanted by NATII'L TOWNSEND), jel3 Exhnnge Hotel, Gravier st. 'VEXAS BOUNTY LAND wanted hr SNATII'L TOWNS.END, jell8 Excange Hotel,Gravier street. PIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. NTOTICE iN hereby given, that the books ofsnbhacrip 1 tion for tile rensainmg shares of the aopital stock of this Company, were reopened ton Monday, thb till inst. between tie hours of 1'. anl I o'clnck P It, and remain open the same hour ofreach day thereafter, until the whole eshall Ihave beeyn ubscrilred for. By order of the Ioard of Directors. E L TSACY, June 14, 11838. Secretary FPID. WILKI.NSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O FFERS his services to tihe public in the depart . meuts ol Surveying and Civil Engineering, both iu town and c runtry. Bmno e.midPrenble experience ir Il;. erufoveim, and by pruonpturrer and fidelir i t,Ire execution ol business entrusted to him, he holes to merit and receive a sharr of public patronage. He will also measure anrd calelllate thtecontrents of walls and eacavations. Oule No 8 C:hartres street, second story back. je7 -INSEED) 0I., in Casks and in bbls, warranted e pure article, fir sale, wholeale nmd retail, by J.IRVIS & ANDREW'S , Medicine, Paints & Oil Denlers, jell8 Corner of Comrtnon & Trholnpitoulnas sts. I)ROWN SIIETIN(PS--80,000 yards,- 4 Brown L Sheetiga. landing f-rultu ship Cherukee, eritable al for the lexicalu market or City trade, or male, iby 1 STETSON & AVERY, jel8 88 Gr.avier street. SPER v' CANI)DLES, 011, &e. 20f BOXES New Bedford Sperm Codlles; l J30 casks New Bledrfrd Winter Oil; 15i asks Rlling Zinc; Shboxea brown lavaran Sugar, 1(11 coils Bale Rope; 30 pieees Bagging; 6 rcaks Black iead Crucibles; 30 casks Papter Hantin'r; 50 baskets Chamupagne 1WineK For sale by JOSEPH C )CKAY:NE Jel 23 GrUvier slreet. l/ESTE IN IBUTT:Il-139 keer.s, received per • stenaer Vanalulia frolr Sprinrfiehl, Illinoisa, ao perior aerti Ite, for sule, by eILATER & t FtI, jel8 i40 Pol,.dPoa e.reet. ai ORK-Rump1tr, Sit o lfes end PtO, or sale by j, fi (; I)ORtEY, 44 New I.-rYee. P' IEM OIL, CANI)I. ES &c.--3 casks New PBL 1 ford Witer oil; 200 boxes dio do Srener Candlest 211 casks roofing Zinc, 1111 boxes lltanu MloUld Clandles 110 shleeta Bruaiers' Copper. I. store, frr sale by tO JOSEP'H COCKAYNE, vil aPll .i.. .. rie eratatv. N. SJ-A1' LAIL.-21., kegs it, attn`, Ibr slte by ele - GH It.S'EY 4 N. Lev., I, \'i' PUItLIýLCATINs IIESS M1A1): EASY; being a new itfroduction !. t the rudiln tls. of thiat Ilmt tl|e "fi ll opular _ mne. By George Walker,'Techeroft Chess. "II' .. ' - The lririt of the Vo tds, illu.trtlrel rv o ored en b gravings. ,' hw e .lthor of''lh'h Moral of F'lower,. I Uinden's Views of Ports and Clhbours of Great Bri 'lora's Gems, or the 'reasures of the Parterre; II I, I.tllqlltt.drtlit l elt colared trlll Ilature, hy Jamte ,ett.;news: aish p.e'tic.l illustrations, by l.ouasa .haa S'I"'sanley, tlllhllor l"I' The RlalllieC otf Nature. ., A l;I..lsary if "rPlra uteed in (Grecian. Rulte. IIt. wli a, iI (i.t.... Arelti..ttrt; tIe secoa.d aditioa, en ti ar d; exel ldiel bye 411h t wo.. cuts. af Aldoek's LEginele. ' Pl.cket Imk, fl r tIh ya t Ar 1838; 1wittl n. Alna.a;by Ia llerty Addlack, Civil Engineer. . Whorka of lord lactn, with an iurodu.tory essay, he "ied a lortrait; e lw edilo ll, Conplete in '2 Vius. , tlt-ho. l ulet'a Ilietlore at bi t. Tim e: ii r the reoratiatorn of tC 1arle II. h, tie treate or teace at r ,i t rrlil /g- - i .+l : L ge em nt five ol" a u: - (afQ , nanom. new e i on, with lli cairles r r.l" hionrC lC ll hsot; uoIcle in oxe. vollllH J uit r 0ceiv d fill I , r at le I i t _ea n tati.eal attlltp Km Co np 1 i. euorer Ca aamound Ctan, aat. FR I ell pRANeFK,-IN' ,A Y thi s i.i tI u i erectd tin the tltit improvet plan , an. iAn all cun ddUl ayn m d irbl1e saUeLi on) , in; the fa.bonl I 'ralkli, ultn tihe railrod, aue mtile ril; hae Missil bIiehtliltiae is; l.r.e tsld motaet;lOUodioteitlyliided ainto, aIptiatti.f fori kaelllg ,epIraete dilerall' classes, n iAd lte1at la disreass. - The iNtitulion is supplied with thk e mostf i ailfl by . llle In"de and femalh lllle aui andl speaking tlte a ritll t sill t trn lag eea. Private roals Ray hi had by gentlemen at fir dal ilra r dfir ioCll litlf tglellatt:ntac, Ar. 'l'erAm iA tie or;itry wards, tr holhlre per day. Slhves al. two docllars. Smanall Pox i. Ithe ordinaty a 1rde, five dol. tra. 8 Alln tl urgical operaions extra. T he r eesdent dl'lwicia't is D)r W edhiemn on, to whom t pplieatioa fior adlialsen must I tmade. or to I)r ( A I au erig, Nato 17 Rampart streeta ai srty LEAf' I tIt--00 kegs ina store, fit raie b G DORSEt, et,19 44 New l.rvee. SNEW t WOIRKIS. TrHE NA'TUIRA LIS'I" ON OOK--Comprising. Sdesc uptioun ansi autlhentic alaedtesa of Qutdrup. ads; acientiticully arraaged aecording to Ith asytant oa uauval Iy the autlhr tit te e"Young latn'e Os. laook! ITHE NA'l'UIAL HIl.S'OY OF" INSEC'I'TSl tlwoae sl tes ol 2,1fra ig u 4the aoFamily Li A ldigeatf the LAW OF EYI)NeCE IN CRIMINAL CASES --byllaory IRosceE IE1 wilth otes and refenatea to A dpericll decision, mlid t the English acolloa law csd ecclesiastical reports by G eorge Star -w o od. aN I)llihaaaaaI UF OeabtEra a ths CHis'r--baed alp an the atslalalriarn ; f their Id vatial nutd getti arl gae, ) a W W Gerhlard, M P.r PRI-NCIPI.E- oF PATHOLOGY, AND) PRACTICE OF a'H YSIC-ay John lalackituhk, M D., from tlhe last Ln. dol edilioa with autes and additiots, by Samuel GeOe. lorltunt, 31 il J vuel'a. tHe AttICaNatt (UdaRTEtLY REVIEW--No 36 fnr December l.L;, Just received and |or saleby 1'fl2_ Wel MIKEAN.ererta ofCan and Cai. as EAF L.ARID)--t de l ,, 4,1 ht steamboat Gteneral Wayne, for Bale, by LAYE'I ' & AIIMELUNG, 1y`." ._ _ ?7 Coaaaaercet etl. 1ACt.U SIDES--13 tIlasbaco sides, lal lieg tlea a boat Ut'eral Vayie', Inr sale by LAYETI' & .,JIELUN{ -aS 17 Commercestreet. " 1It l I f KUE B, 'HE u n":46 tblI rectified alishec; 7 bhils itesa and 15 hid5 - tar sla lt , luta, ta eaarl y I;AYET & AMELUNG, --i 17 Cotllercs street. AI'l.:..f ascea (GOI eboxs-ech) table s.-tefur -sh A b7 JREAD & L ARLSTo\* Jy6 7 Bank Place. It lidN ICE"11E\T-1 --- ixP j" IREAD & BARS'rOW, jy6 7 Rask Place. ''o )AGGilNG--500 psKentucky Ilaggiig, far sale by i -RE.I) & IARI'I'tiW, ha j. i 7 lonak Place. al IAMI II.Y AMS--74 bbl scanvased Family Hams M t sulperr qiality, bladiog Ian asltatibatb T Monarrlch, for ale by L..E'I' & AMIEI.UN(,, j jO 17 CloCalerrae strleet. O8.N--75 barrela, landing anil for sale y - It &l pJ i'1WHI''NEI, ('-o ti street SE(iAitS---- OA1O of-dtitre4t bra.l143; A in tAutoie or sale by SLATER & 'I RIER, aug14 40 Pay vdras araet auugt4 ABIJAII FISK, L BR1 Et: bale 4th. pItef Ai;;rrkai; bleady, far stale by lISAC BRl!kt l g Co& , tgl4 13I4 Malgazine lstreet. jA VNAS E(; -LRS--t;lUl oafgteen coe land fH ar g I nl scll"u Liberty, anld 2I) hats n stor rsagle by SLTI'EIR PRIER, -- g4 40 Poydras street. ýIT 111'1 HAVANNA Stl llR--so hases prints u laality, laadinlg frolll bhi pucher1 ftr uale by A LA'I'ER& I' RIER. nugil . . 40 Poydras street. Sfor acle by iy aug! READ & J ARST'OW, 7, flan Iplace. A LE - I cahk, IPhiladelplhia Ale, Abbot's rond SJuat received, nd I;e ala hb J i PEIN & .4 COIIEN, iy. :,U0 COmullteslreat, N EW 1 ,lUIC--She wore a wreatl of loser; llei Soi Treee; Leak forth my fuirest; Thediar Sprit, Comp thesingyour lessol,. The heath thas nghl; List thino lb ad the andolier t'~,' lady loaves the Isaret bail; e ey ptlon's midight ri. Just receerl sa re sol to B CAntlY'S, ap24 P'ianofurtand Ma ic ; IRVING'S NEW WORK &c. fHE ROCKY IOUNTAI.,-Or k osee., itoetr s and adventures i "the Fa Wenet," digestued ftolu r, he journtof C(rltat L ot ne e, r f the Alrtyo of the United State, saYd illustrated afi'r various other sources by Wansh t i' ,, Irving, in t vUt.. 'l'HL VC TIMS C 0' S.OiI"''Y--By the Countess of llessirtatisn 2 vlsl,. R Just re0tived dad for sale by W .l ,a rlt.EAN p-A-Etl, ouil, atell po.. itk, fluid. w..lrx .rl. lig wg a, ioa inruber, blek sead, poun c a.sdi every other article ot stationery, of the rery Itwt quality;.eun staily on bind aind nfor sale hy l DAVID FFIT& CO. mt9 N Y Stationers' Hall, 28 Clhartres at. ,y ý TI'h II 5VANA StoisRti ! anding V irolso sinr Texas. for sale by mN- 28 tIA'It'ER & THRIR, 401 Pesydra st th sEXAo rO¥NEY- a s f aury t\otes fur ale b T R IIYIDE &, BRI)TIIR, slay 28 39 Commotr. erro. Marszin, at U AUlt--30 dhds is e, Ia -.. n t 10 .O mlvlrer. DBrACON-4 ralks Cinteloati Cured, to etore, toe sale, by G. IlDR.tEY, je18 41 New i.eves, ZIUR --40 bbls, instrro s yfor ale by " jel8 ' G.t)ORSEV, A4 New Levee. - E-AIiF .A-tn-5u keegs, in fine shilping order, fur Sjsale by G. Dt riEY, jell 44 New Lvee. ACKEREl., .IME, &e. n274 bids. mackerel, nos. t, 2 an 50 hall oarrels marckeral, oe I anl 2 ' 11t29 r eSks oflile, 5000 feet lumber, Loalin frotl brig Rinaldo andi fir sole, bh J 17 S'T[ETSON AVERH & TIO. NEW HAT STOR t. r T J ST rereived per late arrlrals frrr New Yolrk, fresh ad [fashionable assaortmeat f HATrI. h The sulseriher would particularly call the stteotion aof the llllir t, a styvle If bavoe halt of n alelrill afinish, fil texture, rich and hbeautiful luslre: also to - tire plain Russia lat of asuperior qlality; anod ris a II llcnlid article of silk lart, togetl er ithl a generl a, d Soertnent rulatftclturd by hilmell, expreessy fur tris marketr, wholesale sra.ll rtail J W OSiBORN, 34 Canlp strelet. N. 8 City and country dealera are irnvited tr,,:all. RICHAIS, '- , 'obcM. and Snuf' tai, ac S turer, No. "277, Camp ":reet, New-Orleans, wishe to inform his friends anl the iublicL is genesel i, tliathe i s now preplared to furnish any thing, in th e rorve businless, aid has eolstantl) for ale thl toliortwtg articles: SNUFFS. Rose, German Rappltl. Maoelay, n Engliash Pri . legentt, Amrricall Rappee; Naechito-ites, Iinltated, Amerisatl gentlesumr's, Bergamtll, lilrket Itaplpe, trish IIlatikgard, St. Onrur, CUureou, Paris, PnreSlorish, Ialf coarsne Iraplre, Soetsh, anil geauine turoth powder. 'IoIIACCO. Fine cart chewing, sweet ented atr plain. Fine cut smoking, of various qualities. Rib-fh t Virginia. Slmnris, be. "l'lheabvenrties rue all warranteld as g d Ifrflnt su. ieeior to auy thing of tile kii imported, o. will he turntshellto dlealer ion tire molt liretlllternls. sany 4 of New rBedfolrI Sipes, Candtles, landing fern slhip Kestueky, andi fr sale bh LAWRIENCE'& LEGENDIIE, jeI l8 & 29 New l.evre Sweighing ten pounds erach,in atre andl fur sale by SAMUEl. LIOCKE& CO., 1tno8 Front Leree, between Custotm Ilousoe - Biiein slle stre bti. J"' e 24 New Orlents rand Carrelll.. Rail .I.nd Arrarllrgellets Ior ruuuing tire ars ftrom tills latr. a FRaoa FnolIo Nswr (IR.EANS. t Tie horsecarrot h o'cl 'kAl , tetr earat7A cI steam car 6 do do do do 8 do do IS do do il d II stelin Iur 2 to l'.1l tl tl 3d do lo 1 do do d. Ioe y d dt do 8 do dto 'ile Jalcklon etreet are endl I.savette, halr aef i ig o'snock, A M. Canal street nttli o'eloc:k A A an run- ti nin hoerlvy at 7 o'hlock. Triee carer will onutnlrelu M ounningever hail hour. tti l cotl nue througlrouS tlre v doe unltil 7 oclrk, p ., C Tl'hearranmea:elt for the Lu UCiorve street cars thir aame its tir Jacksrn streeta. l' JAliO Ci)FF'F It 1loor sI:. gIU, reeived' H i per hrig Star, in store, fir sale by di Sl.Ati'F R & TRIEII, a ai23 411 Ittydrla utrea. tl OL OIUNE WAT'El(-i-ireriy iimre i fron Co An he iagne, by Itl I4NNArI.L, .at an Nltrlechez and Tchapitounla sin. n , The genuineness of tile article is prosved by the ne a. .toirph o Ia tfoIlal . u... .rr, Maria Fari .. A GREAT' I"AO(hAIN W ILI. Ie ivenl is a hore Parcel tf* SUMMER -UCI.OrHlNU, cluaa a e glonmennt. Per Wntn wiiahig t purchrasre re nvitetn to cill and ex d mine lhe sUm,, at lheti e iof NAT'H'L TlOWN4END. i _21x F hxrhnge therl, (rnvier at. 1 by GU D)ILStI. , , `joi3 44 New Levee. 4 ---LiAL(.- WIN' aul nn Dry .linnnn Wia , in qr casks amt Jndi n lbis, enotitled to deloentulo I fur sale by READ I& IA lik $OW, 5 h.)m Ilrjlrial, gaoln,.der..V u .l hsou "nd n 059 C Su aeon i P'eaa.annd y Illl I,, la I t Ml nga Rasans. lO0half do d, n d. 1lo) logs prime creen Havana (Cotlen. ?2' hones iereh Hunanna Swtel et ens. A 310) boxen Yonng's nu arior Champangnne Cider 275 ?naes nnBoreuux Clarr. ) cases superior ti ld Port Wine. 15 do do Sierrv. pipes old L P Teneriffe. ,l kegs primne Goshen Hlltter, 50 coils aiunilla Cordage, assorted Soies 20 cis tarred din do do. I IIH) dozen superior Corn Briotoin. 50 keg aenorted Nuill, 50 kegs No 2, While lead, l acaska Winter Slraindl Sporen 11i. S IIl1 boxes New iledlird Sporn Candlleson 100 boxes Boston No I .anl. 311 boxes French lirancl Cfreles. S 21) haxes Urnderwta ia Pickles, asserted, Illl blds Anmerican (in. 15bblln Amlerican liraodv. 5 qr casks l.relnv's Pirt Wine. Sugar. IBuitter, W;tter nod todln Cranker, Pilot a ,. Nav llrcend, nlnlnflactulod by tlh e P.tent Sitsrn nake i cnanlotrtly on hand, tnogther wilh a general assurntenl of Groceries, wholesale and retail, by| ZAClIIARIE & llROTIlER, je 27 76 sld Levee street. IINStEE, I ) OIL--50I gallons est Entlish Iinserrdl I J oil,now landing froul bri Williarn. rrri Bnetln. 12:4) gallons Ioreign and northlern lanoLfactttled lititnel. oil, ill casks andi barres, in bnaldon e, for sule low br JARVIS & A INDREWSb , - \VholIsale L)tugglil., nJy e cr Conian & Tein"rhouptnnuln stelets. C OAP-3Sik a I Nx , , baneal u Jamej januj Slalnding frulol brVt Willial, fi r sale by ISA1AC HI;BI)(iE& C'o jy7 34 Magazine street. UALE RUi'E-1-t5t coils bats rnpu, ul ciupenur qtnlity, for le bi y ISAAC BRIDGE&Co, jy7 114 Maigaine street. I UoRxK33S [Ala Mes- lend Primne 31 O nod P O P Ifork, lfor sale low by LAWRENCE & I.Et;ENDRE, j16i 28 sod n 29 Newa Levee. ABLE SALT: 30 Casesn ti0 boen each: tineta b'e salt, for sale by I READ & HBARSTIIW. ndtlyl 7, Blrk Place. LOU-1ht5 bbl la dlo h onia r Lfrn talBialli- j Milli, ore sale by i DI)OIu EY, jyl7 44 New No evee. NU'4JT!I-ieujl havin p iillnna -h. i Stock atf leasrs. Irwin, Hatll i Waltor, Will i Iotinnlle til tIranta it Wholesnn i(iroccry and Coalt illlilnn Bnsineso. He hin on halld a gIrntnrl ause Inetl ofaTEAM BA l n SToan, which he afrtn tInm on modenrte tern, and nhc in, the IttntrwnV a -l fOnrlnd o rc Ibrmer oncern, and the puhlie in grane rrral. . jyl4-7t JOHN CHRISTIE, Lecklart' Ltte of Walter Sotton &ce. P ART 7th ani last, of Loeklnrt's Life of air Walter nLove, by the uthor of Flirtaion,The Divoreed, &te. r in 2 vole. 'Inl! Works of Vashtington Irving, new editieu, vols. i ,ll). It and 12. iThe Amnerican Joanal of the Medical Sciences, Noref 43, luar May, 1838. Jusnt received and for salor by WM McKEAN, er Ctamnp and Colnmon strertr. Alma, n ftehrr h suppl of Alie. or the Alrlerlctq a sequrel o Ernest MNltri4ers. j"jel L E;MON SY)INU--t i REjAD ,, tete I rui{nnOB nl 1 for hal by READ t BARNltui , I __a'_ 4 ("anvler rottert. 1,()OKi(--ItO t bis . -su-d r .). i lkbblh lprln _ inspected Purk, for .ile i,br LAWREt.CE & LEUENIIRE, 118 I28 cw OntLLetee. _ iTIjIISKEY--~9lb' erteliied landhtgfroomn tenam Sor Splendid, for salneby Ui D)RSEY, SItCh1-.0 trekS aatl3 51 c dk ln ati nfra iL by JTHAYER&Co, for iyl 4 74 Poydran street -CkIASE & BIXEY, jy 14 1 Cnostandtoaue street. Cl LART BOT' hampers in eturI. ad bum, J sale by T it HYDE & BROTHER, SjB no Conioeron & Ologa see.n iMd y 9Nr-Dect Iisn I 'ham Loon ien NEW PUBLICATIONS. ' me T h lnnn0r the Day and Night Aons a If lhpI.$er. iwt hanEEs and C- nInnneean Tpow, Ia- oomoahybhy Bob Lowie, Aar fOhniow, in i le rnmelnah f a op t . s itpee the hoar e owcolla, Pierce Ega&. n 2 oera. lVirte Greu0. Nanee hev fm)'enorlyri entsmpieoin aor. T Te Yon ntinrcD ie noel,a by the orlor of Viv. 010 Th£ oomiNr FTHl UtnIoi a PHoot EaorI . ilo erot io mvll. ther neJvv regaleda f slin ad the loss .r hi. Cam . 3er Comotno ofoei, bynt SI m N l OIh Ai ft F U in n ver to oernt Ar itOo pkint d, undm soetoeo .sli. it AoNaio. lIktIoioE pufToUce.Oed persr whisr" . rgetmat ar ta cr- Ooe 0..' iiCU' 0 'tilE UNITED oF fNE4 II ofr Pro ilnranceis.e rand inefato llvr rc fur sne y Lfn W .. rtmen. W (rtL nt . rte Roe WBR ANrton Els Men's ay o Ih na ePShi h |7 eRuslf. Broa t e.l. e o he a e ISAA C RIDGe & Co, n 1m34 lugonaiat rn. "t e? n eriMUEL dhby eetlAvi i nv btu uase A gnt durilvd ae eohkh rmoy ab preentcci DI1ANIEL IOANA, BALDNESIS. A F.ATIFUI.T head fnhairoA is TC , gSnaoeroo Iv the loot d it rhingsn the Garnnngoeeand prtms. ! |00 troi aroy h oein o ad toe jesAote andl spreeruno. thIir nequir.lkone: trheoemjR n o 0t 0 li0aare more 0 noqontly optot in retitotoeo. In hoort, not lOon the tnut ..f'proerrty of1, tiue eneroo thinking vith nwith tatt nenvvo inkin rlooim as doe the loPs of hi. Init. To noort all the" utdiro~onooirolomeanneoo, fifdrioig Balm of Colotbio flapr theo hair fonm filin ofiion tle It nepplieation, and artw ht Itme troetnrl it ..nlo. It preoioeoo e tieebro and tohikerson prot.rn the1 ooir m oniner gay, maket, it crl Ioeauoifullv, wand freeh it from nmdi. Nenhoofh o ce.if.inrto f the s rfott rInwctohilit- in slppoor of hoe hn'il0o of Oldridgah Balm, oare showan by the projitoior. ID Reod th11iloowing:- Robto Wharton, Eeq. lato Mayor of Piiiioolelph ao rentifiel' as mt hoe. pn helow, to the high chooa ter forhe11tttllmnjfleloleO . the B, o ltoftlumbia dinotereod O J. Oldeidge. and have fartnd it highl oeronboohio fst only ass preoontivt goio-s the fValing ehtof hair, hout limo.eNml roatur WllI AM t II ATCIIR, Senior, Methodi, t MiniolOr in it eorg h o rre ot l. SNo 86 North Fifth atr JOdl r P 1N geniq,3'j Atol r 000000. JOHN D THOMAS, MD, 1&13 Roonno JOHN B FUREYe u. 01pees aotreet. HUGH 2ihCUBI)V.943 Soutdh ei. It is koono that three of the alone pigita non mot than lo pcaro of oge, atd Iho others not lehs than I0, rPoom the Mlhnou.J I. RBobert Whoron, Maytor o n"aid cifr of Plode. t hll, do her0by certify tint ibm nell acqoojantol with tioonoo J P logliio, John S PShee, and Hugh M'Curdy, ohote noooes are olgood to ) the hlone ortificaongthat they are gonttlotot of cofhiootel aod reaottootality, and at atcbh fullordiit htold Itor givn io ilhe arid certificpt. In oitnrot wheroof I hone hoerotto pet toy hanod and caarotl the shal o f the city to be Maed, this 6th Jar ofiiocl ter, & . h i O itiotiE Il ttat got h wopttle oith t G pelt ooatr has the todllsotf oian~arao otoo,.,oood by motttst druggitteond po'orfuoao thttogh ht countrov. t0t Whoieooio Agentt, New o Crl one. sTHE aubscriber proposes to puhlish, lh the be. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation 'f nI thetwenty volumes of the Old and New Seties of no Martn's Louisiana Reports, to be enmprired in four le lumna, Bo., according to the model of Peters' Condensed Reports. he Thin work is now li pieparatioh by J. Burton Ilarnrison, Eeq., of thin city, assisted by William F, ed BIrand, E.q. 'The Editor is also petnitted by a distlingoiesied retired Judge of the Supreme Couirt, and by one of the sitting Jutdges, to eakipet front their personal supervision all the advnhtage which o may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no eenuary. as ahe ouiginal is volumismus, expensive, e ani seareo. An ilncteain enuriosiy too is mani. fist, in the other Statos of the Union, in reference to the peelharjurieprudonce of Louslana; and the Soioutmaance of tie nunero.. p1ie1iplh here dn. R -cidod in the djustlnent ofe conflicts enolam, moakes " tie knowledge of our adjldged ecses of prins utit "lity lo thejitrials of the whol, Union. Moroove, the rising republie of Ten hasn adopted our codes, . nl tihu there is a gret demand for the Louisiana Sdelcisions from frfresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating thl parallel casna decided in Louttisina, and ocensionally those in the , nire outhoritative forums of the other States, will r; i, added to each enose. 'The work will form futr v.ltmen, royal octavo, and will be delivered! bottnd, to saubhrila-es at gO ! per vol.) in case it shouldl be found practicable to ionll.ia it itto three volumes, the price to sub. =ceile:ra will be 67 pet vol. Subscriptions receivod by WM MoKIAN, jell cor Camp and Common sin. miles from the cityy, tor sale hy m29 39 t Coino,, Yt eorter ofMal ins t I. U oBRELLA:Sr& ARAASOLl6S ec.nns a tit, ing aou onnrlment at Muonus & tiuham Ukm Irelt, a ld Parasols, lading from Bacque Ellen Hand 'or salr by tmrJ ISAAC BRIDGE & C, 134 Magazine at Pit,' Pillr rnsdreik Pilte, Bae Linitoetti, - J udkine' ()lntdent, German female pill, Butler's Effervescent Algoenmt, Balm of Columbia, &n. dic, la.diag sad for le )by H IIONNAREL. mo er NNatchPe and Tehapiioaluls eti sil t LET''--A H-nauc ,n Canal S"treet~,vc J Mlarine cll l''c'tll fShteets, sultable for ° famnily. Apply to b8OYLE & MAY, jeo 3 Carondrlet street L nUl.ti 0l blnelise FInn,, fresk and bill a' keep tiunt saoring itbr s.e tiut, for sale by (. DORShy', - J" 44 NewLevere. i AViS Cio . hti Stebls Co , ,pe la nehr ll , roi Hansoni; for ale by ja4 StEAIER & TRIER, jl 40 Poydras street. sLtra O str nthe eb yrlheent 0 d Peach randy ih bbl AmOericaUn Braldvtnd in la dot No 2 Mackerel tIn half dlu 'laile Salt in. cases of0u boxes; ialaa W ine, Sweet ald I)ry, ih qt ctaks and 1 than hblh, entitled tudebetnhre;) Fpaniih Msting; lad inPoater Lsed Al..; Lamoen Syrp, Plhilnl lkhiu White Lead, No 1; ctmllieh In boxes; Cotton Gins. REAL, & BAR.erow, _ 1 6 GJ'qvir street " 7 USI EI--IUT ' --- 0 tube superior Go n batter put up eipres y for family ue, Ibr ale l ow , t o C o s e a co un tg i nl t'nis b y LAWRtENC!k do LEOENDRE, jyh17 8 amnd 9 New Lene., SU.n,6ti l , iles, dshot UE einuti baco in prime smlder, In toPe, for as. by LA ET & AMELUNG, Sjyt 7ItCnnuneocestreret. h , ' tiercead bls canvasse1 _,hams, 3i lhds asd 30 bbIn, hagged do, put up. lir hfaily use. a superop r article, in store, for sale by LA YL' A 'd.LUNG, _jyl7 IT Commaece areel trou l steamboat "acuih, for sles by jLA''EK & TRIER, Jyl 40 IPoydra selet. ILANK lBOOKS'--Jus. tceod iy recent ., rivls h-fie, New bo.k, sa a ldilo nalppl , at Bleak Booko, olr eere Csri,-tv of tuliog sad Btaljlg ilka ionc1lt litlank tIoas and Paper, ate rjquaed en call and examine our ekDnliiv, r k nto b.k, ae les e retail lby iDAVIDi FELT & CO. NCw Yetk ,5talitm-r's Hlall, jilt 't4 Chartses, anon-al (,LOUR--I140Ibbl flut, Inndii", sad f anchi " ra J TITIl.VER & CO, - 71 I'iydrsn l, : IAN AASSi -) -iAMn Ciucia " "p - sel. . anieassed hams, fur ".-le byWC ml J TIIAYIrI dt CJ, S " ....74 dre gro'Lt.. 5( 0) B hk W r CITNCRnraflor jvf J TIHAYER & sec Al :jam -sdike, steaaedri Asesi tier ant by G DORHEy 16 41 New L.vee. ýý :GIN,; & RPE--1 - p G ban'its , ._..,k-, Al ,b _ u m sale "Iv ` r---- & AV5Illr, s d a sp G n a m lsu o a etn LAWR.I I LElRND)Rt .,.n 9 an d v.9 New .e Li r ,: h y>º41aa.. aI .: 11t w e

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