Newspaper of True American, August 30, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 30, 1838 Page 2
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.-- -------- Turety, 28th Air., 1838. Thei Coenil met purnuant to adjournmont: pie. Q hon, Joshua Baldwin, Recorder; Aldermen w l.Leekett, Manx, Nixo, Peters & Newell. The Journal of the preceding meeting having ee eed ad pproved. A os.mmeslektion was reonived from the comp. bl, teuemitting a tateomat of notes of the WB in Pant, disounted. "IMS t! eg laid before the cnvU il a letter from priying the payment of p3 nets of the M=laiepl lty, whioh thile treasurer terefd to pa; re:Rr to fnance committee. The weekly attoments of the treamnrer for the Alst to 96th were submitted. The first sheowing the roeiopt of that week to hea. amounted to 41,68 .53 - e. o_ Municiplity notes $1,800, . ...t V ; a c; e last rep o rt ,S .rpeodd, $7,598 58,-notes cancelled, ..... hUI. 69th, oelawlng the receipts to hvre ted 0,00-hlaance this dite P87 tO f 7387 BXpeaded $16,619 f ore it- re lad. that ety he tre1ii, r the Mayor to _ s 0t$, toy oars h 94baerrse shells. r-. ,.; ulb1tii d t olAlowing letter: s g ot oad surprie. that ? r~fu,ý!,,T bwa omitted to a petition to put up S..... - g. patntet is Tehoepitoule street, a k Ul stai.i, , aaesbtestlol., . 1- request you , te ----- (ewaa.,o. it. ' t M 8 1d5l ooey L he. sist me to ems. his name V8ir toIe w Tlms g amn anosy reeponsibUtty ,, " : ! sk kL . 6..hol.S or to any' ether name ob. ' lf A odl als ad"8 ll they werell red (B) whene "ýº ; i .Your Obt. servot, .E. II. BARTON. i* *e` meeetoy we., tutheried to per. IMt Dr. gH loton to mubke'be his smn to mid 6 h,. . B tull ad nid otto allow any ernsure. °':Thili.' l o t al oation from the mualci l ai O. e rdered to he publishod nd re. ý ti.' nanee committoe. ýioottfeg~etahe and Membeers of the Council oftnloipstllty No 2: tetlsom , f a IG 1o exasdilned into the proeleding hod hy the stl Bea. and, igSinst this munieipality in re. to atr Ust la e of the lower prt of Poydrae ! st6 e so theo Gravier caenl. I hsve elso ezxaIjnyd with ears Uth title upon which the Bnk founds la i peanbides t e the owreip of that pro. l Gravis cani. was donated to the publir, r .sbeen wdth ase a public work upon every opln f then •yof New Orleans for upward. of n hity yeur pwSt, sad its dCenliotl, of public char aoe h ep tltere an act of the legialatre P peOridean go. din I'am cluiaul.of opinion that the rexclsive right 'f t". s in the pesoe of ground known a the Gravier her icling the Buain)t ina the mtblic, and the d Sh.~con d o ettrol therof ie the council oh runlrL~,, the rrpres.ealin of that pub. e it tht the Carrollton Bank, is without any s.thi. opinion I am fullysustained by decisions ftlthe Supreme Coert of this state, and the Su. • e Couort of the United States made in similar Takiog this view of the rights of the public, it y' will he at once peoeirsved that the municipalitye has a elam against the Carrollton Bank for a re. W turnsofouyam of money paid to it for any per. lion of the canal. if the opiinlnl I have expressed upon this sub. d jest he cor.eet-a.nd the council shlould resiove to fi aeamrt ond prsemcutes for a recoveary of the riglhts of P then puh li would respetfully request that Gee. Eusti. Ebq he associated with me, in defending Sthe uwt alredy Instituted by the Bank, and taking 0 toehother steps asu may be considered ncemasoryf to protest the interuests of the municipality iu the the premiase. I ant, reIpeOtfu ly. ut Your humble servant, of RICHARD M.CARTER, for Alty.' ,d Municipality. d U. Odleans Aug. 27,1838, Aettion fom James Priestly was referred to fr the Polse.emmiu,. wo " communication from tim rurvoyyr was read, e pon a part of whici Mr. Peters introduced the yar following, which the rules being dispensed with 0OU was adopted The remainder of the eommunlication pr was referred to thme committee on Stretla and Land. 00 Wohereas W. Doorman has refused to proceed re with hia contreact to complete the Poydras Mar- shal ket, be it, . Resolved thet tmhe Surveyor he and he is hereby 00 11 Authorised to contract with a responsible mechanic Oei to uompleto aid market in conlormity with tmhe original specifoiatlona--povided the price of collt traot be approved by the Finance committee. Be it further resolved that said Doorman elia I be held responsible for any damage resultihg from his non emanplsane with his contraeet. A petition of Owen Cooke was referred to thie Oommittee on streets and landings. AV A petition from Semnl. to tlhe police cor. mittee. A petition from the vender of Poydru Market to tme committee on etrents and ladings. Mrt R u chairman of tile oramittee on atreee and landingl introduced tihe following ren. liee, whiceh the rules being dispensed with were esw.elly taken up and adopted. eaolved, that the treasurer be, and he is hereby autheried to remit to Draper, Toppan, Longeore, a no, of Philadelphia, the m a of one thousand hine hundred and ixtyJ.four dollar and fifty cent., being the balance due them for printing Munici. palitt note, and remittance to be made in bank checks or bill of exchange, as the finance com. mitte. may decide. Res led, that the aumn ofone hundred thirty.aix dolls amnd fity cents be paid to Delerdernior and Nabtoit, for a buoy made by them for this muni. eipslty. enited, thnt the tesoruuer he and he ie hereby authorised toemploy an t ietasnt clerk ia his office at a salary of fifty dollars per month. Resolvcd, that the gum of one hundred and twenty dolelfr be paid to Victor Curvillier for three ont en ies in the treasurer'e offie, to the it Reolved, that the ara ofroae hundred and fifty. even dollare and fifty ents, be paid to J B Marks, ameary, being the amount of lin account to let instant. Mr Cpldwelol, .airmnan of the committee on streetw fnd .ending made the following report, aeoampenied by the aebjoined reselutionl, which the rulee being diepeeed with, were taken up nd r[ .ly adopted, with the exception of the r teing t ho e payment of $500 to Stites .Miller, which was ks de the order of the day for the next meeting. REPORT Of the Coemittee on Streets and Landings. or esa te, present the following letter fome D. f. Too~g . diaelauning any interest in the wooled paeoue t now being mode in Caron. veedo stbnt. Tqthse Htonorile the Council of rie oecond Mu. resipallty. Gnent lken;--. S The Ordinance you poan ed at your ut sitting, appropriatlng the sum of Five Hun. d~im Dollar to me ia part payment for wood pave. amet e Oeendelot street, ehould have been in farnr tfStitee Miller. I have no contract with yne, e.l hawe any betereet in the work, or the mo. mlei dna or to beconme doe on a..ount of it.-I lo Bowsed my amune to he'osed in oonnexion a wlicj ar. iller'u, only for the purpme of aiding his In ceemplhebmng the job, it being an experi. n1t whibch I felt ahiou olhudl he mode in our n city. Vtery rspeetfully, Your ohed't servant, D. H. TOOGOOD. New Orl ern, Aeg. I, 1818. Amtotnr leter mae. Miller, who. olaira the onroteR, To oi HInorable I Cs eua f the 8eeaed Me. ieipellty. a Gentleman;- o: The Ordlmuanace you passed at y eour c Iaestnitinlg, appropriLating the sumn of Five lIun. died Dolnlare to D. H. ToIgen, in part payment - for eeood Pavem t .. n eodelet etreet, .hold, have me in rier fwme. It wa my propositionoi thit wu accepted, and not Mr. Toglsed', hi be. n ingMy etsper yed More then mine. He bua no aiuteret in thejob, other than to aid me, in it cove.1 . Anad, GCeaiec, I he te pars. - aM--t eol ,.emplted, end repeetfmJy ask, that .on . ilw p ,e I sad ordineno, d pad o i -anor o am a of one thousad dollr on aBlrr. LLe-R Noe e, .un M, t Es. 8iieqr hd wao the work, and D. H. Toogeod onely appmaanee laving feaned ho oeme -ommittee renmeeasd the following remeutiun. a lesolsVd, That the resolutiou puared o thb e Jth Angust anthoriaian the Mayor tewr his waw in faver of D. -NH.o for e , be nd the E am* r o* n re l n rserdelir to fe Mayor the warrant obtained umade the eforanim "*_i le.awn ofthe 1th Aeg. leeel, a'l t the Mayor he ,d he hereby autberited to give his waurrt to Stites Miller for 500 on accoun of hexgnad blck pavement, beb be w.g lalid ie rodelt street. h Rselid, thottfhe wlarhser beandhe Iebereby + s c at e ors and chaine ibr each of the aforesaid buoys of the following weights and lengths and eost: anchorn 8 owt 8756 per ewt each; 22 3.4 fathoms chain for each boy, $8 per ewt. men Resolved, that the offer of P C:leary, in his letter ,n roll. e 6th July, 1838, for opening the streets and ei draiinig in the mrar of the Second Municipality be ring aeepted, vi: for draininlg and excavating M, S rear of the let and d wardsa, and for prolongin P" the streets agreeably to the plan and specifioations the of the surveyor, a cents per oubiouard. rom For tutting dor the tiabher, cording it, and f a placing it as dired hy the aerassid speeifiea. er ons at rt rd, The whble to be done to r the at . he surveyor, after said Cleary the shall avera onihed satisfactory security for the /performance of his contract. rng Resolved, that to insure a frequent supply of river snd. or earth, for the public works of thin , e MtnlolpeJty; and to eeieleitie the imnproasmonts,i lO the sarver and he is hereby authorized to on hlocate and eaue to be used as a depot of river rnd or earth, forl the .wLek ordered or to be ordered in e this Municiplity, requirin the same; a certain spans on the Levee, lying and being between the prolongation of the line of the ceaitr of Canal 6 street, and the prolongation o he north side of t Common street; and a oerinser space on the [a Wrea . insd hythe p egasps onthe north sida " o of se atreet the line of the east side of New Ii ta· rtreet and the limits which separates the said ot Ltme from the property now, or lately heloogign it to Mr Charles Byrne. p Resolved, that the surveyor be and he is hrebhy authorized to purchase abt 0 ton of slack or 'n looms lime for $40 [forty] and employ the same its e Jimproving the shell walks of Lafayette Square. S JAMES H CALDWELL, hEDW. W. SEWELIr 0Mr, Peters, one ofthe majority a of the norm.a a nmitt on treenate nd Landings introdoed the fol. loing ordinance, which the rules being dispensed with wa taken into consideration. Resmolsd. That the Mdyor he and he is herby anthoried to contract with Jno. Minturn, ho be. half efthis municipality for continuing the pcving of the streets on the follwing conditions. d Said inturn to agre to pave with round tonee of the most approved hind; the pavement made therewith to he fully equal to the best pavement made of similar materilr within this munieipality, and to the satisfaction of the nurveyor,-5from 20,000 to 50,000 square yards an the aounsil may from time to time determine; to commence with s i Magazine street at the paint where the pavement now terminates ancil to continue said street to the ' upper line of the mueicipality-a.nd then to pave S ch street or streets l a the council may deoagnste. Sarid worL torogres withoueet delay, as feat ,s. thmaterilo mon be procured. . 'I's ompensation to said John Minturn for maid pevament to be three dollars and fifty cents per a square yard, and to he paid in eah on the certifi. Cait o the rarveyor for sums not leU than ten thousand dollars, or in Bonds of the municipality, payable in twenty-fib e years, bearing six per caent. h per annum interest, at ninety dollars for one hon. Sdred, at the option ofthe council. Said Minturn further to agree, to pave 25,000 p t bsquare yards in such streots as the council ray i designate with square granite blocks, f the kind to be used in paving Gravierstreet, from Telpitou. h ha to Magazine street, for the price of e4,50 per f y squareyard, payable in cash or Bonds as aforesaid. Said Mintnrn to hsovd the urivilege of discontiou. c ing the square block pavement after laying 5000 sqonar yards. in case he cannot make it at the price agreed on, but to lay the remaining 20,000 square t yards, provided the council will agree to allow such di extra compensation a4 the cost of materials and T work may render necoesary. Mr. Caldwell moved the pestponement of the further consideration and that the same be publish. c ed; on this question the yeas and nays were called hI for by Mr Caldwell: Messrs. L ociet, Meux, Peters and Sewell toted in the l i Menrs Caldwell, and Nixon in the l r Nixon hi moved so to amend the nrdinal t all the pay. s, ing should be of square blocks of stone, and called for the yeas and nays, which resulted esahove, sn o the amendment was lost. Mr Caldwell nmoved to eli substitute one hundred instead ofninety as the price 00 of the lieands; the yas and nve behing again called for, Messrs Lockgtt, Meux, Petein and Sewell vot. 0 edin the and Messrs Caldwoll and be Nixon in the negative. Mr Caldwell proposed a further amendment to be inserted insteat of the i words from "said Minturn" to read as follows: hi It beingunderatood that after laying 5000 squnre it yards said Minturn shall satisfactorily prove to thisn council that he cannot continue the work at thlat t price, then mid Minturn shall he hound to centin. lea no said square stone pavemoent till the complotion day of said 25000 square yards, and said Minturn shall receive such additional remuneration therefor as C shall cover the cost. je, Mr. Caldwell having left the council, there wa hd so longer a quorum, so the council adjourned to Tuesday next the 4t11h September at 5 o'clock P M. ven JOHN GIBSON', Secretary. re| p field COMMERCIAL. LP3ORTIS the IIAVANA-Ier achr Ddde, .. aoap C hylll I a.l 471 keg. I Id. 91 hhli a, ion ..da hl,,.oha. ,, ll6hurdle. cor. papa,, 10 hiles oltlon, 9(1X hb31 fiam. 6 baa.s toy.. I dlill ll l10rss, aad 8lalonJand S c of dr gos.ikot P31ILADELPHIA3P, chip;37 a., PI*ePI-peo n. pC*'rin--enr~o: I. lhrn top 3m, lIham aI. .l. 47alh aldm m.Sm 3 fhea.nd an I bohaelahll*, 9o ,a, returnd ,,rchnndiae . 731 piabg. aled, 923 .00p coln., 15 sell ,,,, eee 33ARE.Per bork Jegnn Nclly..argao: 993 halaa aallaa, 15 cerooaaeorninaal, 3 bhI.jine ,adtongelsaaad eby MARSEILLgSiPe blark Camli.,...Imga: 393 pa timber, 70 Oa, da p15ak.6929.3,.al..,o aa. 00 and headind3 lots TAMPA BAY-pa, achr Mlola..ala;: 11L,. ricea, 7 bbl ma lic" ane, 4 do Ooar, 16 kegs nails, 30 boa.. auk wdow giant, 35 do medJicine, 4hbl. lucdrisl, hal Lapa p iap , am(ld Iron hardwdaa,, 4,., 40 am. '.0 ltiny. ST. MARKS-Pae lch, Jaalaa..caa,3a I bbl whiakay, 30 do ,sia doo,, 187do pora ; 2r do codafa 4hkda bhao,, 2l 2litle sugaa, I dado, to kslard. Id RECEIPTS PRODUCE. S VIo,hakarlPr...3ar~acra 33.131. .arpain 3 baa 'aamkardia,' ab I l ack; 9 blesno cotton, L Barth.; I bbl halndise iny Carutrhar is&a nL h quinc,., ica Padamkla~'araraalu cCa,,ari. uo~l~hh~laoar,Caaa 1yde8ryd to; 975 p. bep1.R78 oils r pee; Ogd n ouaOldaa b a t 190 bb1 foar, tarkey 4 Whitiaghama; 140 pa haoaina, 144 rnd oil rpeC.riaa ermDann I coa; 1)0 hblhhlaaar, P 9onnoo 4 r rue BrLaher 106S. n nyt a tLmriak; IOU do a Dorsey. le Laaoia.-Par seawar Wlalalaa..lo~eaa: 64 bale balalo valian hoafalaa3O tonges, J A Marln a9o; 945 piga lad., Von Wy,,& ; 415 do C DonaC 1a.c 94 do E A E ridld. 2201 do 1y. A H Wallace & ca; 587 pi. laad, 3392bil3 nae doar, II bbla b flat cuter oil, to order; 72 culls rope A Grant 4 co 13 hhds to tal bane, W & J Montgomery; 36 do Lambeth 4 Tompson; 13 do Bogart & H3awhorn. 100 bible fomr, J Doughertyr o; 2 Iabaalaad 2 bhaa maerchandise, J A arell &a ct;gabona on ma abadumaOodfrey, LaariAt co; I a pachag, PC lsargaa; 9 14a b ag.p nt . G(ia.da; 8 kaa batler gad asadry 2 poutry, DO Sulliral and order. ch,,, ValOCip.da..aargO: 5 bale.w up cottoa,toLamblhth a TLaaopan; 30 do do, A Lado,. 4 ro; y he t bent adu. 8 N I·aVillaeouvra; 17 hlidaa. to eana . R Bano &.,U se-Per steamer M~arior..nco egm3 hhda augar, es Foll.RcLnny&aMelea; S bhblmol.,,. PH(i~al.y; oA c5 'o dNR J Dikk m; 10do, R Bdrglj, I blhsaaanS.a, Capt Struck; I lot machiary, yJ f Poll,; 277 hidea, CDumoaa; I a rope, H At W Hopkina; 11 Mihls onaloaaad potates, uI PA49ENGEII. Ba~lIhag,....Pma alaaasr Maria,,. .Md Fcillaa 4· mrraa3; Or M.d Alla..aa. Wlar. Laaeel, ....aa .., Mai.a CI ; Cn a in Maa J I RonsLaa, 9loa RaoAal,RuPall & 3aaserata; lh , 8 Paget 4 aarvanl; Kimball. Jamiaoa. Danksa, Smith, La Rllaraall.Taaaa. arinaaa*33,,,g,,,,, Palaaa.Laelat,,Chap. pa *aaIlaaar, Gaiason, Rahlaal;. Gaalea, Caaual, Vitor, SAllaia, Rayp, W Aadnaden- 9 on deck. en Ir PORT OFk NEW ORLEANS. an" s" CLEARANCES. t Ship Gleorgian. Ehlrldga, Philadlalphia, JO Dmmaeg of h Be, Jo,," Nally, Laeavlga, lavre, Kahn, D.,mo & aa Loehr Diadem.l J .,~q a, Hl9Maea UMato a, Bark arnlillo,, Mw~hall Monde., n I Oad PlotP, MNall, Tampa Ray, 89& P hit F& S alb JunuisFlaadlaalur.,92j3,, JPMhrla,7 Fi, I A VALS. Babr Urchin, Bobl , fr. Oak.,,m Havan, lhh Aug., st Mattr- ho r retura arga o lla.all2AZ.lM.. hot Blatamr Ba'tic. Mathewa. Viphaaurg. ateamer Ve.laipapd, Claib.a,,. fram Alraaadria. he S3atama Wiilmilagt,, Gr*y, frOmStLouis hot 03.,,m., Caar, all, Pro.m P Lduc Lah ta., Iaobwmoat Lka0... Paaldiag.l from tha Paaaaa. al Staamer (saa Desdir Lockaood, from St Laaia, Bloomer Mariaer, Noiadtmr. BalaoI Rouge. Dllr1hip ALLIANCE, Cap3 Femnald, m New io. Yark, ia aaw discharging oppoaite the U S Mi. Co.;. Bignesa are paricalurly reoqaesad 3, attead 1i th a,. e celpt ufth.,r good.. pI h, & J P WHITNEY, Agens the ag49 18 Cnti at. ad i ship ANN, Capt. Peanallua LierpaT aNeil an Raw dishlarging beloaa tha Reil rudm C ' are partiaularly reqasted ,, tale out their pramiaael. d sad attend to Ili, receipts oa their m, app S do J P WHITNEYrA gan ug Conti al FRNEw~ YORE. The Norw packet ahip ST. NA RobY W. Footer, master,~ it Caw loIadil, an ilcy ledecpatlched "itbhol deli, For freigt or ps "aZap pt Clot Pool" on appos3ho 2h loersd ofthe vegetable maket, Or toy auger PETER LAIDLAW, to hi 24 Bm. t Plaece Ro For Akmraeaprj mad I/adckadr;da, Lea/at'i Iihe maunh lightdraught s eaam fasis bIIt DENMARK, Robert A Moora, hood a rumaer. will I,. a1th, wharlthia T day, ready to raaie fraihg. For whiab a, pasiage 03 havi5 Sagud wnealaautlanta·olaaplaa rdb , ,orto Thor O. H G AM. hi,, aag3D murd + . 1 b iLE o Louisville at a;ht, forsale b July. at30SLTER do TRIER, eyo E40 Xoyd ias at. y ---i--Wilk KLOGIAN9g-30 Cases Mena aad Maoys Oa Wa i I) pegged Hrogn, for .ale by i2h * ISAAC BRIDGE & Co. Riley 30 134 Magazine alne.. K IP BOGANS-49e ased, of varioua qualities, thcm, K tar weet ad boys, for gale b' ug SAC BUDGE COB IG o ,hug og3f 1334 sg.aziu, at. Ite BEDITED UV Jleaan 4.1.Ra .. horns FA,'.I AND BOLD. leter . jN IV OR LFANlt. rand et / THURSrA Y .....AUG1t ' 30, t188 gi MILITARY. Lions A new company, called the Louisiana Riflemen, and and to he attached to the 4th Regiment, was or ifeoa r. eisedon Taeda, eveninge,nd election of ouieere . to held. The proceedings ate publishe in our pa the re of this day. Thie company will be ready to. yare do in a short time. hof ,t fmns.ioR!! The members composing the conm Sto pany of Mounted Chasseurs, to he attached to t.he and 4th Regiment, will meet on Monday evening, the im3rd of September, at 7 o'clock, at the Exchange the Hotal, St. Charlea street. Pnetual attendance is anal requesred, sa the bye-laws are to be submitted, the and other matter of impartance acted upon. side Applicants for admission may leave their lett law With Joluhn Gibson. raid _ S Iting R g-Mnch excitement prevailed yesterda Oby regarding the action of the Council on the auhject or of paving, when the difference of opinion in the tn Committee on Streets and Landings, which had on Tuesday, given rise to a long and energetic de bate, became a matter of public discussion. The pm relative merits of the round and square atone old pavements have been often and earneastly debated, for our citizens are well aware how vast an outlay the decision involves: and it was a renewal of this ing theme that caused the discussion on Tueday night, together with itanunlooked for termination. It will hd be seen by our report of the proceedings that a ent large, onerous, and fresh contract with Mr. Min ty, turn for pavement was proposed. Mr. Caldwell, uay chairman of streets and landings committee, con. ith scientiuusly considering the enormous oulsnyin. rt ivalved in the proposal, requested a postponement ne for many cogent reasons besides the fact that bat to. six members of the council were present. Anxious .| that in a matter so vitally important, the citizens id should be more generally represented-particularly er as much difference of opinion wa knoown to exist n among them on the subject-he sought to defer y the consideration of the subject at a fuller meeting: at he proposed amendments, altered the matter, and used every fair parliamentary means to carry his m0 purpose, in vain, until finding all other measures t abortlve, and that in spite of his feeling of duty to u. his cnsttituents, he would else be irrevocahly de r faed, he used Iis last resource, and broke the u. existing quorum by leaving the council room. As a )0 a matter otI common practice we cannot approve " to of such a course: as an alternative of conscian. h duty we cannot withhold our decided approval. Id To prevent undue haste in so important on action Mr. Caldwell adopted all the expedients that were h 1. consistent with the usages of deliberative assem- E' d blies, and finding them vain while believing them tn 1 Snecessar, he quitted the council with whose acts a n he could not conscientiously ngree. Though Secretary of the Council, we yet conduct a public and indepnendent press, and without meaning the w a slightest disrepect to any, ws cannot hesitate to a support what we scrupulously believo correct. Our own preference is for pavement formed of wooden nl I hexagonal blocks: oursecond choice is far one of aquare, heavy asone; our third, any thing rather us than round stones, than which we almost think it were better to have none at all. Our reasons for it, .ttr preference, and objection, we will give at "t lenttlh in another paper, not having space in this ftf days paper.h Oilsne more olbservation before we quit the selb ject. It is knb'wn to all that Mr. Minturn has had many heavy, a.nd.valunble, contracne fr pa- yes vement from our cou.vnil. and his ability, and n I responsibility to perform sli be undertakes admil n of not a moment's doubllt butnwe would without I invidiusess enoqir-b-eing ourseel,'s nota tho, tes roughly intimate with the subject--whetl.e" if tlher crntraet were openly offered tnt the lowest biolu,lrr coil andlall the Odvantages given that Mr M;nturn has diti enjoyed, the cast of ptaeent could nt ie re. eer a douted? from twenty to twenty fee per rent. amp ise. The following letter wee handed us by a friend. NEw Yoax, 20th Aug., 173" . tn My dear Sir: ter 70 The Exchange Board has just got , IS00 upp Gsl hares to the extent of about 200-chat. me- god hands at the figures of 94 to 95. Private in d :is, formation, gottenjust now, tells me that it was in c.,40 consequence of an unlimited order being placed to do on the market on a day when there was a general b upward tendency; so that it canmbs seen how much better the security would bh, were the ldce. Board of the Institution to assist in bringing it into akbetter favor by declaring a dividend, and what is equally important, giving some assurances that otn I no further instalments would be called in for 18 srle months or two years to come. It is much in favor edx of the. ank that there is a feeling abroad as to its hbls being carefully managed. ta l0 os Wooden Pement-The pavement of hexago. a n; nal blocks of wood, done by Stites Miller, in Car - n ondelet street, was completed on Tuesday, and I con yesterday we rode over it with great satisfaction. Round stone paving must lie one month before it a a caan be travelled over, not so thIs square stone block t P or the wood;as soon as done they are ready to be d used; they cannot be broken up as soon as made. aos The experiment made by Mr. Miller has sue. try; needed beyond our espectationa, notwithstanding C ''u; the obstacles thrown in his way. It is the only P Spavement that should be laid; for it is safe,quiet, d easy on horse and earringe, requires no repair; is t clean, and can be laid with more facility than A any other pavement whatever. al (:-The "Prairie Chotage on the Lake Shore rae of the Nashville Rail road will be open fur e to and grin on Sunday morning. Our old friend Fred. Proctr lis to be "tmine host:"-he isof full of gKood spirits, and so are his demtijohns. A in year ago a mtan proclaiming he would open a to house on the Prairie would have caused a laugh- he will do so now, with this difference: he would have been laughed at then, he will be laughed st wiOth now. Heat intolerable, city healthy, to the ruin of ell doctors and apothecaries, but dull-oh how dull. CaMada Convicts. We are happy in learning from is the MontrelI Gazette that Earl Durham has deem- see e. ed it advisable to mitigate the severity of the late we 1, sentences passed on the fourteen persons convict. of ed of treason for the affair at the Short Hills. It our appears on the authority above that only two of sate at the convicted men, Chandler and Wait, will be executed, and even with them the barbarac butch- She cry of "drawing and quartering" will be forgone. fact ...... " thu ° The Lut confeossi, of all.--On the evening prior to his execution for the murder of Mr. Lytman at Rochester, the convict, Barron, made a fresh con. fession, in which he positively asserts the false hood of all his former confessions, implicating 7 Thomas Bennet and Leon Fltue, and declares like himself the sole author, and perpetrator, of tte shin murder for which he justly suffered on the 25th rival July. The extent of tbhis wretche's guilt goes far the beyond the indictment tan which he was hanged. real Without even a hope of escape, t.e made a fiend- W ish attempt to join two innocent s.en in igno. to mtiny and death with Ilimaself, but finding that his notic falsehood, tiough casting a fearful stain upon curb them, could not succeed in making victims of cros those his fiendish maltce so pursued, hemakes , Ian e bi, e e, itErb ,tip , doubly, dyed in crime gou to his last and fearful aconnt. Miarori.-The elections in this state have not resulted as favorably as was hoped : she is still, as she was before, bound to the car of our a2 malhadminiatration, but it is some counsolation to know that though still imprisoned her fetterare Omn, nearly worn through. Another struggle and she is free. Of the honorable tenure on which the geers agreat expunger" will hold office, the Republican thus expresses itself: - Even if Col. Benton is eueeeussfl, he will have dy to the poor satisfaction of knowing that his poiitid ecl throat was seaed from being cut by the for. tunrte distribution of three hundred and fifty toi. ratae and the Iack of industry on the part of his oppnepta in those counties. ,the . i draonalroom Conans.-Mr Brigge, long a Member of ongress, from MauMsachuaetts, has n addresed a etter to hit eoneritents, declining ce a r -election. The retirement of such a manat such ttdn a time is a national loss. He has done perhaps but little in the way of speech making, but throughout the whole of his long public career, he "a headeported himself as one deeply conscious of the high and momentous responsebilitiee resting on him. His letter containa many passages worthy rd* f ttention, but none more worthy than the Bee Q go know the origin, progress and fate of the the Sitb-Treasury Bill. The finances and cnrreney of ad the country were in a prosperous and sound eon ditlen. The government introduced a series of de. experimenrs. Thoseexperiments have ended tn a The general derangement of the buines of the coun trve and in a depreciated and ruined chrrency. one Out f that ruin and disorder the Sub-Treasury ed, project came forth. It just struggled through tlre tlay Senate; where thers was an administration majo-. ctmy of nearly two to one, with I votes in its favor; t ut with such an altered and matilated form, that ght, some of its earliest and beet friend disowned it. llth berem three limesdefealed in Ute Houe: end will thepopular voice, so far as it hs been expressed, i a is against it. 'rhe frienda of the nasur.e call it in- a indep en TreasuryBill. With a slight modi. fitio, this tile might be well enough. The !ell, public revenue II now brought into the treasury rone under the operation of permanent laws, which aesn inonly he altered, against the will of the President, Ib lva voite ohwu-thirdsof both houses of Congrees. ant Now, pass this law, which will put alnil the publis hat money whenit iacollected in his poasesion and under his control, etid it would be dificult to define pua or devise a more complete Independent .recutie ns Treasury than would then exist. It has been and is to be made the measure of the administration. ely Frii a decision of a majority of the represenota :iet tives of the people, three. ithes eliherately pro nounced against it,the adnmiiistration has appealed to the piple themnselves. in the approaching rg: autumnal elections is to be the war cry of 'the rd party who support it. A death etrtggle in to be made at the polls to suetait it. If i t fall, its Iis friends will fall under it, and be crushed by it. If It uceede and is fastened up-n the country, the government separated from the people, as well as 0 froth the banks, may eeist, a splendid pageant, In- with its Independent Treasuryt, aend its vulrs, andn Sthe pockets of its oflicers filled with the money of the people; blighting effects' will be witnmesed ho throughout the land, in the disordered business, ithe deranged exchanges, the unequalledl currency, and the brilted Io)rIpe of a misgoverned cumu- it na nity.-Louivrtlle Journul. n A Novrt.L Pscrrcto. The Richmond Whi sauy r II--"Tlhe fllowing circular frttnt Mr. Levi Wood e obury isa beautiflt co£arenteary upon what tke country haa heard so urlth of-ett Independent o Trensiry Tile 'tGoverttmenttt has gotten rid of the thraldomt of the hanks, and now, -througil its P -inable head of he Fiurnaces, prefers a most hutble - h petriitin to the Sub Treasurers nut to steal the pub lic money!t Lou. Jour., NEI\V TREASURY CIRCULAIR. i"To Collectors ntid Receivers of Public Money., fni TREAstIURY DPARTMENT July I14, 18381. "t Corngreu shrvinLr adjourned without rukin,, . "u Snaddlirionnl provision, for tile security or sale un keeping nfthe public money, it is ohvinous thait in of ithe present state of the Itwa of tile Balnks an n er usual responsibility devnlvces ipon thue who col. It ieet tile reventer of tie GonernI Governmenti Co The difficulty in obtaininai eitillt. delronrt,rnee far ýr it, af well as Irannlerrin_ or payin it o tc col t eitnly, without the. nid ofthae Ifurther lcirlnii,o t. the necesity onil chraenter .*f which hnrve h.n tnit fualv explained in publiE canmtrntpc-nions frira ccii hie l)relorirtrn, imposets n ti' Clhietore nilI Rcuerer tile duty al rextlrirdlnary vigilance ald err "The Presidlint eXP,.,a Ie l t wxur'io, f .. e. thonn in o , en %ill . ..... re, flli. he tire m o-e ri.v - .vr oiicer.,td n or rsii will ibe .ir tre it, hnorca hIiwt , is welln- tihe revil ittac antt sni Inairueitln.i nI 'Itt Trrreas l cty U rttoertr elrripn- It t' Inlllly ealllor·,". Au.llroniPy Il VIIlr Iii.eltllll tinl t ptunctllitlt i n rei triro-.-_,rttiie..lR ioii vlr Io , I-. tee tiea and paitn r ir, anlld etre Ir orbeatelle, to ilte any part oi the piielic none itor river teiroinae, n tll, it is rhrred, v trr1 iz wIho i nhlt . s io t), cillvritcoffnieeh hererirce. " In thre present cii. ditiri of thin n, i tny (epptnre iero such enuri s t tt enaoul itnfiartstrlo occur, t will ;e uicI re. gret.'d-n iotuhPwever IlprOllu the task, an e 0. emnplarº ,od severe notice of-to i reallarly will tet.onte net. 1oit3y, ill order to cecre tlt greni pib lie interestsi,!ilclved ini thesultijr.t 'ithar duy on the prt ofthte ublic oflicers In abstain fromn the employment of .,a publlic itu.v flr private advantage, is eo app'ren.; that no excues wtatev. cc for it can be deemed adm."auible. d R-suectfully, yyt'ur LEVI WOODilUnrY , Seeretary of th 't'e.....ry." - ,gor,AMe-A letter Fromn thie oit'e of aced the Banger Wtig, dated Sunday evening ii'th, thral states that a destructive fire brokeou uhere o.' t hat rorni w r le .,le amr n ihnch h . LoF, hioh ad consumed several build ow tnops, and cornsiderable quantily f valusable pro. the party. Tile fire originated in a building in Wall i streeto oupied by N. Johnson, eoppersmith, atid had gained so nmuch headway before being din. aia covered, and that the efflrta oif the fire department that to extinguish the flanie,e were for same time on. nvailing, the five iframe kses. adj.jioin in r (8 Wall street, three tenements in Main stret, ir known as the Arcade Buildings, and som two or tharea tUi une ho ne were conum od biefore te fire 'iedom of Faohion--. When the thermometer go- il at 9. oer gentlemen play lustily t "ten pins;" ar -then 40, at cheas, or dominoe : when the and glass is at its higheat the ladies, God bless them, on. wlizall night,and day toi, Sometimesa: when frost Sit appears they dress low in the neck, and thin at ,ek the feet. Who new wil; dare to dispute the wis be doin of loshion? .c Rain.-New Jersey has at length been visited g with rain, so that we may hope to hear of no more ily pine burninge there. With the rain came abun ae, dance of lightning, which proved severely destrue. i. tive to property,.and in several cases, to life itself. an A Mount Holly paper narrates five calamities from the electric fluid in one county only. ', Diference of opinion--A man in New York ig recently attempted to get rid of this uncomfortable _ ad life by hanging himself by the chin on the railings is of the Park. The man must surely have been A insane, for a reasonable being would surely come to the conclusion that however disagreeable life had become, such a mode of death must prove still more uncomfortable. he Imagination, After months of drought the cite of Gotham were favored with a shower on the i. 17th, when the unusual occurrence forthwith aset h the scribes in ecetacies. One of the brotherhood is so imaginative upon this theme that he not only o sees in this shower a foretaste of the Fall-of rain, tr Swe suppose--but ays "one could not only think of the fall of the year, but even of winter." That t our friends i'the north are highly imaginative this stretch of fancy places beyoad a doubt: , The "sun" no dubl, is the prevailing reason. Shakspeare thoqght differently of this identity of fact and fiction: he had no belief in the efficacy of t thus carrying matters to extremity. Ibr who can hold afire in his hand. By thinking of vhe froly Cauucaaa: - - Or, eele naMked'iln Deember's monow, By bare renembrance of the summer's heal. in was Exensive ffeetions.-The "Sun" of New York, like its eternal sponsor above, seems to delight in shining on all things alike, save duly and excerp L rivals, politics, iagnetism and Captain Hosken tf the Great Western. Judge of its philanthropy, real or fietitins, by the following summary: We would not willingly mais an apple woman j to whom we never spoke; nor can we without f noticing a lack of somethitg, pan the vacant spot where we have bean used to avctd I post. Every curb stone upon which one plants his foot as he crenes the gutter is an old friend; every steeoop is L a land markt and every croseiag place a familiar "bridge" ta whtoh one feels attached in pruper. - i me "eafeover." Many may perchance agree with Queen Ger trade, not " le doUth prmfers too much me thinks." Is 1 our LOUSIANA RIFLEMEN. Sto t a special meeting of the members of thi newly,formed corps, held at the Planersr' Hoel, sate ",tTuesdd y evening the 28th instant, A. T. she Piekrell was ealled o the chair, and James Shaeeh the aprldinted secretary. let. Resolved uttaninously that the sati dont n pany-'e digntto d by the name "Ltuiaiana Rifle men," tolbe atnaehed to the 4th Regiments La. ii . 2nad. Resolved, That n committee of five be ep fre pointed tn hallot for all new applicanta, in 'ac. cordaoce'witiiwhieh the follewing Were appnint dhi a e a:--G.fleDeane, George Willey, R. Joehnson, Thosee. . Dwyeir, Jas. H. Griffin. 3rd. Resolved, That a commnittee of seven he appointed to draft bye-laws qnd conritatiop; in S accordance with which the following .era ap. h pointed: Virgil oulimet, P W. [.aslieh, eas.NJ 'g "Markts, eorge Dae J. 8. Richar'oWni. An rh drron A. T. Pikrell. S 4th. Resolved, Tht a committeeof fivobea. pp.nted to kelelt • unijorm,.equimento, Jkc.: A.T., he Plkrell-James Sheehy, Virgil Btalioret George df Dhane C. W. Bradgury. After which in aecordance with specialorder from Head Quarteren an election for offirerewas held under the eupenntend nce of Lt. Col. Kqlly the end Adjutant J. H. Bakitn;- The following gens. of tlemen were duly elected: n- A. T. Pickrell, Captain, of George Duane, let Lieutenant, a William Anderenn, n nd Lieutenant in- George Willey, 3rd Lieutenant. y,. After which on tmotion, Resolved, That the tr thanks of the company be tendered to .Lt..Col. It. Kelly and Adjutant C. H. Dakin. for their ansi w- tance and gentlemanly deportment in pteiding ae; over the election of offlers. tat Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting be it. tendered to Mr. Armstrong for the use of the room. ad Resolvd,' That the meeting adjourn to Thurs. td, day evening30th inst. it Rsolved, That the proneedince be published. It. JAMES SIHEEHY, Sec'y. pro.iern. he A. T. PlCKTELftJ.M '. pr.t an " / *TTENTFON LOUISIANA RIFLEMEN. AN adjourned meeting of the above nompany will d be held at the Planter's Hotel, this eveanog, ,t he f paet o'clock. oByorder, fe JAMES jIEIFY d ug0 ecy pro. t SD RAFTS on Louisville O slor & b I- tERMOGINE BROWN & CO, - ag30 9 Conti st. Id WANTED TO RENT. RooA large, airy and convenient School ie Room. Apply to S aug0 J GIBSON Editor. Je J A Two stdrv private dwelling bouse, plea ts Tus nantly situated on Triton street near Tiroli , lCircle. It lieas eveyr convetnience to make it a dt-1I hde Cinainna ti baconlidns i tore for sle by LAYET & AMELUNG, d aeg8 17 Commerce street , E Cills and Ianem stlreet. elivilege t he ilven Sin lSildas. JAIMES. I.AMIIEK1'. ATTENTION RIFLE CORPS. FIIR E Mombers of thins coniany are reauested to ut ltnd a meeting 'I'hia veing, at the Pd m ter's llotel,Conal otreet,r 7 o'clock, as huoiness of the utmost inportanee will be lair) Ibfre the comlpny. A cenmmitte willb selected to lallot for ell' new pp Pointmeuts. aug28--1838. . CODA Ob' PR.4UTWE OF tOUlIyIifx tri tlle Sunlmiiber lha beel some time in Itrelaring. an d o n eowIery .n.rly ...Iplneti, i new e. ion of te (ode orraeice, upon o plait wli eln rit:llll i fil to beclome uiefil to thie profession, in whiclh Ii ih I assisted h a few of his friends, tile exlerieee in the it law lf sflmte of whom dlatis owm the e.n..liehmwet if ourj tiiiel i'rreod tun d ilnler wllose especial direction tile anoter has bee I eured. Since the L ailpenarere of tile specinen number all ih Ci"il COde, published iy Messra. E. Jtoiht & Ct.It it uhi r oghtii odble to pblish the Code if Pettier ill the sioie furot, thit lthoe who desire it, iay be enabledl to indl the two eCodes together. 'Il't.irrnitlltgfeie etowe-ver will llie diferpet. Afterr eollertiug tall the, dec i t e pred mn Court uec el lhe rtl o prectiee it icih apply Ito tIh ariEi cs O tnitied in filieCoalr,thi.clIt-ve teen Iligeoted atti e- ec c• ielnrioder 'cliprip.orlt'. article, i. the , dit .lif., tde iiiite; tiigethter ilitll retereineio nt te saile; cit hat lie et retder t lotrn....t ti...y irticle f lte C'ide' if ei Ii.r - e, w ill t I nle k I w t hle dei cis io t IIIItI it. h t e of P'rctic, it • el sle laws ema ti anI reg lntin the City ('mlts oif N'tw ()Ileous, tr"il t icoplete in. lx t thiew hole. , T'ole n..nve work t. ill mlalke PJ tl pearlnee as o lllln oas the fir..t iifltare nltex and boonoI in gloll iibetII i ltlaleli eioiiilotO low billdling, soll et sir iotlnas lce coty. nu.... m .... . . A rv at l Rt'. 1I\/ A'Vt.lrl-;t.l ni Ivterseer Pto to ke 'e, r o ".l'tgogi' V lelerrlucs fir moriliyv nid i llcleityv iil b - emeiirel. Alpplylc t t II INAIlEIL r iloi .Carllr ofNtli.h anol Ttlnpitip llltcIL· I"llS, PAIN-T+& Tll'l(PI:.N'1'\,E ...... 0 s Caks i r,itrn Ilio.eed fil ofi 15 hlrrels ipinat 'ipel entit'; .q 5 cosks Sperm ()il, 0iria 1510, No. I Als°, aoceneral o.ocrt,,et ofm lii,,es j ...... cod fromi the North, fitr snle Is0, hby lJARVIS 4. ANDREWs, till _ a ^".8 t "t....,.;..:,--... n_ dry." New Orlen, .5 Aug., C38. 1 e of I ' Bank i. checking on New York a h 'th, J- 2 ROBTI. J. PALFRtEy, S A N . ..Cashier. il d anod fr sale by pro.I SLATER & TRIER, Vi -au 2 40 Poydras street. otnd 1kIGALlrt1 ýS CAZ 11iRi~etSe ra-75,1n81of a superilr quality landing from brig Cot! arinea atfor salt 6 SLATER & TRIER, on. n. 4ExPoavlroaotret S E XCHAN1Eo oto-In s to suit eet, chaser., fr sale by r D or STETSON & AVERY, fire aug28 88 Gravier at. V HAMPAIGNE DKroady-lo pipes and half pipe, a very superior oid rticle in store and far sale by 'P R HYDE & BRO., augd8 39, corner Magazine at 1e;"uANK NOTE PAPE-J nodt received a fetw tboo. the uisand shoes of Bank Bill l-aper, of very superior quality, for sale by sm, DAVID '?ET & CO, aat aug23 NY Stationers Hall, 24 Chartres. it j c . epe J ac w te s Hudson's very fine blue record Cop, both plaia i- and ruled,for ale by DAVID FELT & G'O, augB3 N V Sttier's Hall,-24 Chiatres. led ptEFINE II Whole O1i-l-0l bbls.reotjfed w u le a or aut by WHITBRID)(E & CO I 01aug28 130 Mlagazine st. n- (1 ANDLEY- 250 u~ea .SCr. Candles for sale by If. UMBREL.AS6 ncases of Utmbrellas fo nale by S aug8 WHITBRIDGE & CO, 130 Magazine at. HITE Havana Sugar-50 ihite H Sur fro brig very uperior quality, now landing a from brig A. E., for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, fe Ishanu28 22 (buvier rt. FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. sab ,n A W IL. be paid by the subscribers S for the applreinsion o the bho in t ANDREEW who absconded on the 51hti inst. Said boy is about 15 rears o h age, 5 fet high, black face, and very good looking whenirst spoken to h pi speaks quick, and stammers a little-had on when lihe a bu ottad pants, blue aie hirt and straw auhg8 JOllN mMINTURN, plo u R6 R. h PA ITTIrn GAti R S1R. P ARiE l y nr e pblic that Ir L he will relmain a short time in New Orleans for sMe te poe po o painting prtraits. Rooms eorner of Canal and St Charles, in the house pre eupied y Parmly &t Lyon Dentists, whereapecilens bib V ofch.s paintingican be seen. Entrance in St Charles . . . ... n,8 lm li ldingKEY Flour aig PorCin atore, for sale bqa Ity ROPE & TWINE-for sale by - nU 2SLATER & ' TrIER, . 40 4 Poyde street. Co jy12 STETSON &o AVERY. Cot 1y ... _. 28 Gravier streets. Apt ANyE, A Bwll BI-DER-N.n ed p-pJ . W Me KEAN, wha au2 ar Canp, v Caniion streeta PROTEClTION HOSE COMPANY. IQ'Monthly meeting thin evening, Saturdaedyteth inst. Punctual attendanca is requested. Monthle j washing tomorrow mowting, I-2 past 8 o'clock. By order, R. l(. GARNIER, aug21 Secretary. store L EMaN .YRUP-100 boxes lenlon ayrul. landing frmn ship Concord, said fur sale by 'THAYER & Co. W Jjy2' 74 Poydraa street. I 0' Laths in store, andlor ale by I ,LAyo J THAYER & Co, jy26 74 PoydrasLtreet. a _ m ELL Cottone-180 bales 78 4-4 iLo'well BA - Negro Cottons, in store, andT for sale h og,. .88 Gravnier t. LIME-800 casks of Thomanston Lie atloae, and -.r sale by CHASE &r IIXEY, jy'4 6 Customhouse street. OF EVERY DL.aIPtlION, SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXBt:UTED AT TOt brrzom or aTHI True auiserfean, ST. CHAItLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA - PVBRNITVUR WAREROOMS a. No. 53, Bienville street. W ILLIAM R. CARNES, (frmerly of tile firm ol Fliut & Cmes,) would respectfully inform his P friead ands the public that he is constantly receiving C from New York and Boston a eod assortment of For tniurne, such an mahogany ch:ors, sofas, led.teeds, ma '0 ple and painted chairs, maple and cherry bedsteads, mahogany and cherry tables of all descriptions, bu e remau, toilets, secretarys, writing. desks, wanlrorbe of n mahogany and cherry, wash stands, looking glases, pa feathers, bedding, &c. &c. NB. Furniture peeked for transportation will, great care. je8 MRS. ANDERSON'S S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, S Removed from 17 Csltomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CHARLES THEATRE, Is CORNER OF POYDRAes r. ST CIARIES STRErT. Saug9--1838. t. TINE . PORTER BOy1'LES-.0 gross wine V and 100 gross porter bottles, for sale by NHOLMES & MILLS, jy21 Bank Alley. COi'TROLLRR'S OFFIC'E-sECOND.JUj. .NI'IPAILITY, a Ncw OuLaR o Anunst O2d, 1838. SGREABLY to a resolution of the 15th inst.,I S will adjudicate, at this office, on Monday the g lSeptember ax., at, o'clock, P. M., to the highest I r, separate leases of the followin stends for the slsi of Oystero from the 15th of Septenimer, 1838, to the 15th of prl, 1139, viz: One at the fontof Canl street; One - Gravier One Poydras Do Hired One 0 Jima0 One J ulia " One - Delord One Roffignac One at the coer ofMarkst square and New Levee. One at the extension of Nuns street nd the Levee. Ternms: 1, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 months credit in sot isfactorily entdored totes. It i mdee condition of the adjudication, that all oyster shells, belonging to the ieanee of the reapetive stands, be sold to theeurveyor ofthe municipality, at twenlty-fve centser barrel. SJOHN CALHOUN, eng23 Comptroller. J Bureau du Corerolur-.Seeoude Mnoieipalie, NotvelleOrleans, 22 oanu 1838. CiONFORIIEMENT A otne rdolution du 15 du Jcourant, j'adjngerai A mon bureau, lundi le 30 de Septembre, i acE ur heu n d 'onprea mlid, n plus hakt enchhrisseour, lee haux separhs des emplace ents suivuns poor la vents des huitres, du 15 de tsp- a tembre 1838 au 15 d'Avril 1839. Un an pied de In rue du Canal, Do. - Gravier, I)o. Poydrar, Do - Giremd, IDo - - Julie, Do ielord, hi IDo Rhlffi.'nc, D Un au coin din march et de l, Nile• Levee, Utn ala continuation de la rue des Religieuses de laLevse. Conditians:--l, 2,3,4,5,6 et7 moisde erddit, en billets rndoss(s A satislaction. Le bail contiendsa l - condition quo Souter Is e.a illes d'huitres apparle. nant oau dilihrens etplaeemens, dlevrutnt etre vendued an voyer dle to mulnictpnlitt 1125 cents Is boril. or 21 aont JOIN CAILHOUN, Controltlr o PRIVATE BOARDING HOUR liC No 13, Toulosoe st,-Ily Mrs Holfmalnonn. HlIIIS house is sanpioua aend convenientlv sitsated dr, Sfor imen of busiess, near the Levrc nod tile New Exchaongr, t T'he table wilt be well supplicd and lultenled to, ond lie th clharge nmodelate. 8 Boarders wishing to Iaye lodginr, can be nccommo. th ldated, at difflerent l.res, with commodious flrnished oS roone. IBoarders will IIhave the sticflction to0 leet dl there, peretins spe akig the Frenchll, Englishl and Span ish lianguges. .....ug23l3l, dirction 1'I'NSION BOUILGEOISE, eralnce Rue Tobdouse, n. 13, tenue par Jede Ve. oinfnann. ablithed tIET ('tnLldisselclolt et st ciex, rt se trolvo ihlab pnle to Vres de la L Ievcr etie a Nouaelle Bourse, c'est dll, thi dire all centre Ird allires. tle two I table eara bhiu fuourie, proprement tenue et A tll prix lmod6r. After 'rlO lui ,renalt llain dl.irernuiet y loeer alt rt p oi llut dcs .ppprtio ns rde d fnirens prix, bieu gonrei.. i ld pi . Lel peluionlliree uarnt I'agmn. t d'v trouver dse f a de rleraunes parnat lshl IUel franeie, u Ulise that le t eeCpagnolc. J'au fPr.e f -le AIIIt(10) Ke.s I'rim i rin re fr Code l 1 saleIhy LA YET t 'I EI.UNu:, 'Inting ang,3 17 Coma eire street n fire ale by ccitt( 5 It I >Kil 30. narcl l ar pork ain storeiiyl abslui LAYElT . tMEI.UN(, atuas nat| 17 C,alen:e streerrt. 1ýL, lieiall lbis~firmde , " 'i aug,,i 7 BaeIk I'! L .i . -il b MASl.tY1'Ito•T¥~ ~,-F NiEW t)RI.EAN>. i, I F AFrldceoflrcsflkrto-davis le lt i)ltarlbbT . I O nr t. i t I t I akera shall glue do rin lthe elallit wa, wk(fnrot l. II n hll•y,0I t i lea.i , nfllra,l fi)'r a Litt. llaa of tihe secotd qality is re quired to weigIh 5 per cenlt. won, v iz: 45 ou '(.Ir. Hug. 25, 1833. -NOTICE . . rece O the o wners oif lroper I the H ucol mici. t polity all ton kills for 1837 rrm.ini " unpaid, will oe pilaled in the an s of an attorney, for lco ec. n ooln, n ter dayse dfie date. u WR C ANE. au' I- iN838 i io.ieasa re. a it--e'Ita led billeth de laxe de 1d37, ui oea nt hiers. hie pav8s, scrnt ali1 dapdCix j.ers de date oetre ug.stor e t t Di ANE• Trsoriero i fhe secure, t o eeeitsll hc dditills suIII- I Ireet. I pofite New York an18d 3losn u ltlllard ull t wanl of UR NITUIRE, wuld to well to call t o 3 l ea.fienvilt street before p hrolling elsewhere. i Term qi ieCash, or good city aeceptancels. tr g urt. augd- oow W R CARNES•, n l ir- t fre Htu MORRHOIDs. t HI-AY'S LINIMENT.--No Fiction.--This e. et, trordinry chemical compsitio, the result e n, of science, and the invention o ipa celebrated u edia Ic s ale cal n, the introdution of which to the publie Sot bequest,lhas tinc ginore alreputatio n unparalleled, t i fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented ItI knowledge on this subject,, and he thmerfore b.queathedm to his friend and attendant, Solomon Hays, the secret of hie discovery. It is noew used in th priocipal hospitals, and the private practice in our coutry, first and most cep. certainly for the cure of the oPile, and so exten. steely a, effectually au to baffle credulity, unless where its effets are Awitnessed Externally in te et. on o g complaints: and b orhe For Dropsey-Crating extraordindteary bsorption at Once. ere a AI Swellings--Redueing them in a few h our d Rheuprvtiem-Acute or Chronic, giving quick . Sore Thon:at--By Cancers, Uhlcers or Colds. ag over the Chaet. Co All Bruise, SpOcnins, and Burns--Curing irn a .xd few hours. leac at. Sores and Ulcer--B Whether fresh or longe a tightness of the chest byelhion of the parts, of has been surprising beyond coteeption. The tuck Y common remark of those who have .' ned it in the utri Piles, is ' It acets like acharm.' bertl STHE PILES-Theprice, $1 isrerune:ad o hany person who willuw a bottle of Hay'e Liniment for tlhe Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. These are the poeitive orders 0t" the t proprietor to the Agents; and out of nmany tho.u r sands sold, not one has been unsuccessful. W't might insert certificates to any lengtlh, but V aprefer that those who sell the article, should r, hibit the eriginal to perchasere. ,coluh CAUTIO--None can be genuine without a delie splendid engraved wrapper, on which i, my name, d llel and also that of the Agents. de vr SOLOMON HAYS. d oldi Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Es Co., New York, and by one Druggist in every ptkoen town in the Union. de al For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of dane Commen & Tehoupitoulas street, and by the Apothecaries geneosrally, e j3 0 SPERM Whale Oil-1500 qiloo witer m oil tableau S 1000 gallons summer dll; 301) gallons refined n do e whale, for sale by WHITBrLIDE Eon CO. Nod tatgil 130 Magazine st. HISKE --00 blt rectified Whiskey, rur sale jby I OLMES & MILLS, Bank alley. NEW B rK ', TIN FLArE & ZINC-30pigs block SEA] tbin, 10' l.)xes tin Iplate, and 15 casks zine, in on tore,efor salte by S LOCKE & C feet (sin jyl4 220d t -. tick, I HISKE-0. bble in soatore, tIbea sale Iby ward; to eg2l . ORSEY, 44 Ne lwLsee. hore "'LOUR2WO bbbls in store, fur o ae yig -( s 1 D O R S ET , aug21 44 New Leves. ..ACOt SiDJLL--1OUcu." supe'rCitemanati cured I • J matore and for sale by G I)OR.;EY, IAM I aug21 44 New Levee. blacketo W OO CUTTER wanted ot the New Orea louorfli SndNashville rail road; apply to by Ilrth; H. BONNABEL, gnege. gh Comer of Natchez 4 Tchyitonlas stin treet' t augl ID ug to the Boug e P d of the 2nd S ic lty thCllfol namoed aonibmals One larg many and Ce t. noeltlI Bay Colt. The owners of ud , animnls ore requested to call to, the Pound, prove property,. andtae tthem away. u - H S. HARPER, augll Captainof the nVntelb., L a &6 -6 adporde la 2de muano;lTlT, le Lanimaux uirvane: ClOe grandljunun t hate nvoc son sauvant- un poulain bei. Les Proprlethirtelldjits nio. mtoux tontpr6s de venir au dpurtlprouver e ler properi sl 6Ah, payer len emmenertleaditn.auiinanm,. 11 nout H 2 HARPEIR Ceprdn.lhG.dc. ICE ooahscks now latidint fth Cherlestonoe , Jsale by 1 E IIAN H AIRD, J by0 90 omo\nIMr E street; S ENT-A rlarge d ry oR..i , moderate. to GREENE, at ren lthgrapc e, 53 Magazine street. jy24 .ET--The House ituated on the coret o. ' Jae nl O anad Religious trotr, apply to J U BEIN &dA COHEN, jyRA 90 Common ttl et. A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC RBTABLIBI. MEAT, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, m OPPOSITE OANKI' AICADEo W GREENE rtlmros his sincere thanks to his S friends and the publie of New Orleans, for the attronane bestowed oil him for the lust two years, and igs leave to assure them that all orders eomn:i;lrd to his eharge shall he punctually attended to; he will as usual, keep the office open Buring tile taenmmner, ant shall he alwavys ready to strike off merchant'sn cir. lare, business and address cards, funeral notices, taps, planes, and drawings, of every desoription, nt tihe ahortest notice, and on the most remaonble terms. Being nesnited by artist superior to any other eostahlh. mt In the city, nd from lhng experience in the ioraphie line,' Im n feels confidenet of giving entire N B Apothecaries and druggists' Iahels ereutoed in nas good style as copperplate engraving, and at one. third of the expense. 'v OUR SALE-The splendidsteeam beat lMgRHa having endergone a thorough repair, will be dy for sea in a few days; this h,,at is coper tonte"ed and coppered, with a colper botier and splenlid en gine: her acco titedationt being very exatensive, andl well found in every respect: for further particulare ap. lyatthe ship yurd ofregor Byron where site now lies, orto MAUNSL WHITE 4 ow aug2l--15tI 96 Gravier street.. SALT-.50 socks line saltoin tor ndforsale by ug J P WHITNEY, t SIOAP and Tallow undis1 noxes 'l'aiow Can Sdies; 2101 boxes Ne. I and extra soap, brandsn of James Gould and Jackson r Trowbridge for gsile by SISAAC uIRID]E & CO. aug23 i Mg . OFFICE NPW ORLEANS & NAS[IVILIE RAIL ROAD COMPANy DD RAFTS on New Yo k at sight 30 and 60 ldays . sight, fior sa in sUms to sul. a lrchasers. Al so, Cedar t er fpoosta ud sleepers, and Philadel phia lumber wloels aod eorts for sale on reou.onahlel terms. JAMES H CALDWEI.I., orooer, nl bills from thins dte will heave to e ap e Dockcu nnedand apprved byJsind Dickn e herunoer le pnid by tile owners of the Floating Dry proved ... signed, ,the agent of the Floating Dry k. HEN. UGI NE BROWN 4' CU, •-. - CSnt;a urse Q 'ATE OF lOUIiANA, Prih C:ourt, oftheor dues ' sh and City of New Orleans: Present the Hoa= orale ClhasrlesMourin Judge.--No. 11167, J It Put Ir isn', s. Ils Creditors. On mOtliUnI of M. Greiner, at torsey of Mistress Loojse Eugene lDessbhasse. sife of Abraot.a Mace, one Ifth sredstors of said insolvent anol uee shosing to the court tlat Jamoes M'Euery, the y ns asesi die spp~issiesl by th~e Creditors of mid jlusulseot, ottI N nsests • h .eor helure II lI es0 , o ,A lotsury i last tdliehn the 7th i of April, t838, hsanfourmaily drclsinul1 ad eeptine snild yndiecsip; It is ordered by Ihe court,. that another lomseetin of s aid creditors take lace on mo- atardny tie 8thday nfeptemhbr sest at the aice Ie f Ie B ~ elias Esq., oarv ili then and the o sees deliblerte o theels irs ofllth al s satid d en e an- Extrctlt fro lllrthe liute--Clerk's OOlee. sit (iOtt5O arek's Office. L aug -83 A 1 OIUYOL, uglR--1833 CIeirk: m. -TA'I' fF A l, ;1A N- l r trt | | ponr la Parisse et Vl I de lit Not ell eOrl6n a- 'stt Prshsest l'lshs. Chnriles Mhtssias, jsge-No t1t6f7 J st P stlstsri e seo erises ssier ssJe .r n.otionl dI tr h (prenier, orvlent deo umnaste L.olise EsIg, Je Dnl hnis oe5 Spisssts de Airsehas 'u.rse, un les crtnnociers dulit ~ illslVnllIe, prouvasnt s l sa Il o qtC James MlssF: eay ,l Sut syndie lttoenlstl par s els'aneiers ie Io 'in' lvasbl'a oe. SnsaStlss tiess parsonicst sH II CL"nes, not.plb. le 7 u'r avril 18:11, a faresclleoesnt refllhs d'uccepter le syndi sei eat; ilet e lderPis piar Ia eour qss'uoe ntre astsae sblie dls eernose;rs arsta lien samedl In 8 de Septecmhre nro C sllaln sl urranll H , tsostllisIIli.. hr ter st lea uililhrs dlit indolvable-G:xsibra t leaim h tss-Ittlsrass du tlrrefer, 17 out 1:8:I. "te 1(8rnt A M. UYO'OI., ItI tA'I'RAYEli.-Os the 111th istl i Scotch Whllil PTerrier luta, bllakoll i the pl5lln osf the osea, hair a little ru th. Whoever has the name will plenee to rt. return her to thin Of lUO tlery will b liberrtly re- Swnr,,l " ug 3l Sr uegstl 'I'AT'fe OF LtUI;SIANA, I,'T IoTJVIrtIL DISa1TRCT COultr.. PATitKlll IsFImt''ry and JAMES P. NOLEN, .. 'Is.Their Creditors ondl the C3editors of 1. Il.h cl ty & C.s. N1s.19W-'I'he Cessiso of tle Peliiooer s eerlsort yjvg b n a yopt s y the Court, for the ellefit of Iheir s:reslit, r s i d rdered that a mIlcting sof sihei said 1 redtlrs dou take plitan ,. tit otlice oh lu ward Iltarssiis, Esq., Nory ssy Ibli., T ray r dith of Selleisishrss xt, i stIll I5o's'llck, A. At., or the jsr pstoe uofshsliihcrastisg so Ibs etiftira of aid telhitisssers ansi ins Ih ssi"sssl"e otil l't l prss:...sslissge thir'lserstal nsld Ipr ierty, us tt Ite eredttsrs Ilesn d, tioesd in thIe sclsduleo, o stayed; sndi it is furhir Ir iheres tIhait lisoo Esll, be Ippointed to repre. llt ll absent ereslissrs, in tilsa ease. Witee-s thie Hsss. A 11. Iltschatsn, Ju lge of the saild" Scourt, this 'iti dlay of Augnst, A. Is. 1838. 'I'HEU LEIVIS, I!] T x---r---T I, L i A,. I.-- - --ni. asg7-.'itss lIep'y. Ci'k. E41T.1tT DE 1Lb l'55LISIANs-oo.Csstrojirjij trict Jdlitit ire-Plalrick lloheartv and James P Nllolee, onres one eranecier etles crlsncieri de P Itohertvy . C. -No, 1619. Lcessiott des proprit. tha dcs pfititionnires aysnl .6h nscept- par I -osure -r 3 a Is bIfssc',-s', I- lcss)u 3 o bncsfise de lelra cLthaciore; II eit derktt qu~luro ass.ellelee"e desdits c ,ollaeier .... lieu . . Ietude del ..ds...s le.nelt, Req. Not. Pidlle, Jet dl, 6 sep tembrse srsuirs , i 10rt ures it mansti, fi de a0Il6. rer sur I bs affairea de5sdita 5 tlionasire, et en atl telidonts toU tes P05555tsee jselieiriet contre leurperson. neossislents prorl t atessat nrrelees, fluuntoauerutn. rices meusltlionlti duns le tablest; et l eai de phlst di rsbt6 qu e Micos, Esq. soit nomlne por reporsenter Ics crbancier abaceas, ans eetrte affair ls Present I'lHon. A 3M ddeInditesour le 4 anut, AD 1838. eut2? THIEO. LEWIS, a ut- i _-- _ p Depute Clerk. IOl. & OAKUM-. ORTY Boles ofOakns ans d o tceoila lailsla role, d ie ssire,j|tot received and for sale by SS LOCKE & CO. iI7 202 a I.evee. PRTINVTL OFFICE. EOOl SALE,-.A printilg office, oumponed of all the mh'trialsa neceesary ftr a ewspapIer. An assorhllent of Freuch :secstes; several felss ol Joa TYP; a largerextra imperial press, dc, Aes, will be sold uleoap, oid ot ouay trltiSa. T'ri0 is an exellentehnneht for ella inrm ing to establish a cOuntry pallr, and vil lar Jellt)tihe. The type 1,'. will be sold separately fromn Ile iptrs should suehs an arrangemens aceompns . date Itapssrchaser. Apsply at this olfiee. ssss23 NOTICE. tcHonorable, the first Judieal District CourtD Commissioners to eastimate ad assess the damage and Sa expense of wideaing Roffin a street, betHeen New Le vee street and the river, have made their estimate and arsg essment, and hvre deposi'ed true copies theeef, to gether with the plan, in the oleiac of the clerk of said court for the ilspeclin of all whom it may concern. Unn And publac/ot'ile hereby gie eistitat said e.a.tase tad ond ssessmttent will lie coresenrd to said court foe ma tl, nirnlition, on Saturdat, the twenty-ninth day of Sep ho teabrr aert; and all percuno inueosted in property e.' ha uted on Roloinnec attet, or the vicinity thereof, are hereby notified to make their objeeioaon, if any they have, to snid estimate and osaesementaon or before the. w tntc-fir- t day ofeiptinbr neat. at New Orleans, AugaustL 22, 1838. 05G. BUiKE, be S. FIELD, ~ Commissaione . CHA'S. A. JACOBS, aug22-1838. Vit O LEAVI ieausign6S ayoat NF b dLEment Iommes S-pnr I'honornble teor do premier district judiciaire eomniairetnie pour cvaluer ae taxer le dommnage et lem rrais d' l'blargisement de nla rute Hofligunac, enitre tIors. a de I Nouvelle-Leve et It fleuve, o.t eomplet- leru b "l.eaa ":'b.aluaton st de toxe, dont ilse nt depose de vraieia coiee, avec un plan, bureaun do gr-lic de Indite c tau, neua I'itoieetioa den inthreases, Et avils ublic eat dotitib qua le musdintableau sera plbscnth h Indite cr'u' pour eonfirmatino, eamedi le 28 de Septiebre p"ochoin; t touts pereonnes inte'a*seew dons ]edit tableau d'bvaluntion it de tare, savoir: tou tea persannes aynnt interbt dan les proprictes situeea dana l rue'ltoffignae ou In voieinage aunt piar Is pr6. sent notifies di faire leur objections, s'ils an ante audit tableau d'evaluatio, t de tanxe, la on avant le vingt et un de septembre proehnin. Nouvell Orleans, 2laout 1830, G BURKE, S FIELD, Cnnom"mi s• CIIARLES A JACOBS, .Air'l';. NEEWORLEANS $r NASHVILLE RAILROAD OFFIC A. SEALED Pcnpoeale will be received at this office until the lat of eptemaber, foe furnialsing 100,800 fees (linanli of rypreon, or yellow piae, 2 1-2 inehea wardi tube delivered alop b thelittau flia road; oathe aliore of Lube Ponchartrasn. D. HOARD, auogl-6t Chief Eng'r. & Gan'I Superd't FIFMIFEN DOLLARSi REWARD ITILL he paid for the apliraehaasion and lodginagin LIAnM cemii NER, an indented appieonsce to the. blacke trade; thesmaid appceaticsne about lIce feet lour or live inches high; ig ht hair, blue aner. a German by lirth;i epeea the Englioh, Fratich anod dermns Isn Laster. All persons ace horewarned sot tn horlbe or trast the raid lippren tice, under this severest posalt0 o the law. NICHOLAS MURRAY uung 4-it Blagkhmith, Triton WVblk,

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