Newspaper of True American, 30 Ağustos 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 30 Ağustos 1838 Page 4
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e.,iI eTneII I.A t¶Y s t RW lt crlKLAN)D respeatftlly a, 4t. sr tlsIS to her frieaud and the public Iese a t sh'O is prop.r.:d to atcomlnmoldate them at Ss~" O , ,bv eta?'llishment, and hopes fBun her etnotona to rennglr n*oitore contfortahlo, to rcoeny ,o untlnuoaua of fRtnaer favors. She feels con. ,.niat that poraone visiting Covington during the Unllner monthP, cannot find bretter a.eommodations t(Iu +Ahe non ,b.I4I them, n morero liLbral terms. Her hoaee w pl.anatly situated, and well supplied wIth every ennvenienne; the hr is farnished with th6 ieot ahoneo liqur., &A. in oshort,she promisec "'at nouthipg shall b' wnoting on her part to give , tire e t11 ntion to all whv may patronize the ,.4Jalshipp$,and L,uiialae lintel. jo3 S.I.O TIfE PU-LIlC.--'Th underignedsd having SL studied under Dr. Sc).midt of Charleston. k eath lanolina, am for olme years hie assistant in the r..atine of medicine and surgery, has the honor fiaef r his professional sarvties in this city. 'no sinres the ladies and gentlemen that the moat patipt attention will be paid to the calls which may be mdde; and lte otlbre his services to the fioiers tolanhs, being well acquainted with the dtldletlidoommon to them, having attended them in the engar hoese in Charleston. '1 .LhBiaea aai.hbillaOs pills after theonmposition of l)trFtar'Smollette with direetions, can be had ofheuoderigned. The effect which they have roduoed is.this and other cities, has been attended wit l t ihe est M dem, to whichn to the best of ;COMPANY, No. mfl' ej.n ow, consists of the eer O, Ftab. tor the southern and elebnw ware of superior quality, consisting of aboun 1500 tons, vin, P.te o 9 difaereot sizes, from 9:8 to 50 gallons, ,lettles, 1.5 iaes, from 3:8 to30 gallons, Kttules, 15 aies, from 3.8 to 18 gallons, BTskeae or Ovlns, 7 difrent ines, Teautrns, do Skillets. 5 do Fiat'.tddor - . 6 Jo Covered 8pider, 9 do , Orddle, - - 4 do Fit Dogs, . 6 doe Wagon oes from 1 1-4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screw., 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from e- inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 94 of a superior quality and finih,, and lean than Jame's imported pritos. Sad Irons, assorted, in oasks of about 600 Ibi for retailing. ''.ilorPs and hbttor's Irons, nesorted. Bauh weights, 100 tons, asserted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboeats, churhes, &c. made to order, Also iteambeats and other moehinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is partioularly reeommeaded to the attoutsoIn of Southern aitd Wotern merchanok and are offered for sole at low 1 ieae sehd upon the moat liberal terms; it is be. tiered tube the largekt and best anortmelnt ever o'flsed for sale by any one establishment in the United States. , Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, ano have a printed circular, with dehoriptlon of good., prise and terms, from which no deviation is ever ,hade. fornished by return of mail. I All orders will roceivs immediate attention. New York, 1838. jr3 laoo io D aoped Piktiles, qmodI I nise alsoI , fit loare of I.e1w tlanhkell'n Picklen; for male to eltos a <'uniitgloitl, by JAILtVIS O ANDEI."'.t, sa oeo Ctby ono, and Tnehoipit'noie t .P--tli hall basea No Sonsi., brullnd ot Joune o tiould, for sbley ISAAC BKDlt:E & CO. tl)6 134 Magraine strnet. 't'U l.r '. NEsuat dweliling houne ,on Triton street, hbe tween Tivoli Sirele and i street. meis. Apply to J OTT, " il Im" FLIIA K( ltl1i r-, &c-25 l hielburroos, 25 Sdirt do. in oes.i. foir nole by CIIt.A!'LIN & CO()PtER, pia i m, ll 1 ;nId :rep and Leiter Plpor', tt'f ell ,lure 5 lities, onn.isntlio voery superior lsii lied, Ilue il ll w i, ,, l ml: d ruled rough edge rucoiid a'p, eCto,.tnltly in huild antd tir sale by I.L VID FFL'Il & CO. ill N V ittioei. ' lall, to ( hl'rtrte, lt. 11l0 5: I : b.. r . o xtl' n ,Jach AInoele \iho i, I2ie , NiI dtit f do I ini do 1821; toin oft do . l' Port, IP1fi; 311 do of2 S d 1. P brow+h, ry,,1 16, 10 B in i t extra A i sleh'.. For. ilo by III -Nfl aiie r1 Hnlilrim tatnnre tiHit. , litr rl :itirti A r,,t. IIERgOI Or Nel, lIDLIWN & Cit. w' LANK lOK+, o. f fevre vrni.ty nif ruling nld P hididi, ronte allytly on ssins i illveIotinJ+it.trip, ll ndil t l liit i oemtl~ extciiritt smtttittoritiaieP by it l t F: t F*. 'T ,. Intl. m:ly NY nlnintuinro' lhili,2l Chlarosl e1. jy3lZSItf iW tJVilll-4k fturh pruoof Aineidt Blllruidr, eIeadrig, tir . le by ISA.'C HBll)GiE f'It. InI 1l4 aglzaiie street. A NEW tostori y trick Ionne, siilntteI 5 doors ufrom tie SeemdI .tlnoieninlit H.llou St Stiorme stmeet. itont verry lw, pos..uo.niil give i:oiiediately LgquiR .ut ihe peemnior'. it, if. IIatlOUR--ti0 bbil, i f Fliur. for ele byIv If 'mlt (i LIr)ltSY. 44 New I rten. 5 9m IKMK .teO 1;h lir e w! by . +rm. I ll cls o, lliag from Ambaa..ndor,filrsale i' I.AYE'I' & AhE.lBIU.\G, mti9 1T7Commanee st. ýý leenneky I'n lni:, hd in _ froml lte.oaer Use 1,avae. u II u lir ;ale. y YlitKE, IiIWOTIEI't, •Jc6 65 Camp 'treet. NO MEIROtaUR NOR cOl PUV lew (rlor.llr Nov. 14, 8:17. A BOL'T eix months ago I had ithe misfortune to get `a screat diueas, for hiiclh I Ilhave applied to Oeve ruld.lct'anlir a eure, and thea did not cure mean now o, theabaeve date I pint tmyrelf und'er the enre of Doetol blunt; and I expect himd to elae nett. Since that time the dieroe got worse, e1 as to break out in large ulcers tu ise ntuhmbce of six or eight on ea h leg, anti all vert tny itmn, and amre throat, and nat able to work at he prerent.itie an. acnae nt of the lisenase; larige nleer tlhen riilht Sd of then threat. I nam nn, nFtting seo -..nllenlnty ulnnder aln re of Dr. Huet, if Paris, tol Ine-rfiwitlynanedl JOHN IDEAN. fe14 ly I DO CERTIFY that thive - nave mentioned disease laitne wall un.ed li m v own satitiaintnin for which I annic Ir. Plnet; anid itereover i asitre that the tendi ina I have tuken tte fat, antid did not injurn my Ienalth nt nil ;nerefnre I advise lnn f linn e 1rarntn imeeo dIthe tll ipnlyl to Dir A. Hter, 15 .lnur:,ln at. I lny' wili fintd at trnoy tlennr fior this compllaim. - JOHN ILAN.t fleecrvier street. I(Se , ttMe wanl to see tie, call ait No. 4I Gravint street, and 4uaty will It stistied. To ih published at the tolinni. of Dr. n Dit. I Ob1N DEAN. New Orleans. peh I.3, ratn i nV 111 i E--n.ine induce ti.innan nn .taerwaat nnamtiea I nhontlni intat p t in Ilttals at tlet low price "' 511 ,antn each, connitninng the atreaeth of three ouulnre o Lvnawonrt, hesi Ien the .iirtuLes o n many other roote and herbs known nmonnnu the Indiant a ra lnicucioua in curing nantannary aennidnainta. Tine u.rsnalied suensns whiich has attended the tse of i'his inestannable Btiellli wherever it his ben intien nt wed. has .in tidedlwe contl~ideace annd reeoaunl.nda tin.e of rne.pccttln nldi nilentti, nfor tc.n ulre of cou'ns, nnldr, inia Iin thn, want nf rest, elitting o' blooda, liei' eotnptitnc.dn. Tn. Wtn inits m nne ccarn. Thi is to earnticv that we hans a a ttr wactien e enle t.tly anaenrilhed Airs e ard. tier's Lnodhuen l iU M .nlvei',snn r i flonarboalrnd, withi a d.r:ided gond effect? e an therefore, fromn the know-n ledge fithes nlaterinals it is'mada fromn, nd , ksertnaitni and exlmrira, nea e rola.eont it as a uiperian preparation or all thnne atiecionn of the lune fir ninich it in re uinecnsa,.l AiBERt' IVWILIn Mi, M.D. CALVIN ELIIS i. I,). Membeneof the Boston Medical.\tsciatioen. aoston. October d.i. iste by J .IRVIS & ANDREWS, uil I !i *·w 1e t i , ' * vit, n 'n. Its teah,,mmnnhded by rte ;MeIcllnl Fenaly. '* LTLER' Efftervnh ent Mla¢nanian Aperiolt-Fin . a dvlepins neor in l.lgratien, nnrnnn nieh d lbi, li.irli. u.nse,head nhe,acidity of the st*aeeach, halitual cas. ulnaess,ettaneuinnlaennes, geut grael, 'e. aaJ mnch vataun U a gtntlel, ecrliai ttrgaliv,. 'rThi demnrahle prepnrntni has rheaived the patrrn age of many emainent m. emers of tie pi rfessinn, annd from a dineoming taulile monnv r'nltrtntllt, end unanli. caine tetnianialel diL ein i v n. a mrdiCina have btreen elicital. With all the plensung qualities Of ia egla of eoda water, it pseneen tit n actrve medicinal properties nlf the most al,p li neis urnatives; it Is plealsnt t ti he pnlate,nnd gratefult tin et t omech. tiMPKn'lrii' CtAu'rltO I'hlle innurrnaing rpalta. lion and great demand for inutilet Iflrrveea'ent MHgne. rine Apeient, has bemn an ielncrnleot fur ultei, to aof fnr anmnitation of this valuhble medieine. Pnrchaerwn ae pprtriiei hyn wnrted of thinles tact. th they maye he oan Iaenit eard, alnd not proear i htnr alunre artlc!e.' 'he imhhtni are rspectaullv i*afnr eal.e ht et| sun e.. ter. arte .itmetantly enrliln i; titsl a.d gE. Raine Ft r n ull wnin, rnule a d renil. 8ICKLhXS e (X). Agennti. ent15 40 Cnenl aetrRi, N O. "LV |)1':S Vegetible tiar Oil, f.r the aonorantin sn antd irowth of Hair, tiing heealth ind bauent),nd t revntiug Ihl.Je. efute this HFa Oil ( ei owflerd to the pabllr, it hlt noes trhe in hndreds of casneof baldeess0 thienes,, Noni 'ieliaelolfefthe thir, sea inevery irsta;tnrce il.n ellltar electn hive hben reniled. It Iln nrt'er failad to pr.nhiee a temnnd-atnaanti arowtli of hair oan bends elnrely mlaid. In eatee when it nneee ry antiry t ceases to gl ow thin nil watll prv lann nntnh ltrnlthvi annd prnloi.nn ra,,id ned hItlittlnI mrwi hnf hair, without the Ieant ttrv en Ine Ialld, Tl'hs Tel gires n. tigtereble fqt. grnnre eal preal'5lft inn ureath' r elto rI C far peni utiing, nnrtwt al, gaeseiag the hair. 'tie It r out bhn e . dta st-rrr.ia i Fin saler at .LS &. D'LA :OE. l*k NS s HARTT CV, are now re.. ivt glrO Mt oJ board ship Orleans, E~Egle, Highlander, Poker eery Andrew, Pinenh and German lae. cords; Beck gammon Boarda;`esnmen, 21-4 and 2 3.8 ilnch 3il i ne nlalls; 8,9, 10 and 12 lanch blade Bowie Knives; Leather and other travelling Dressning Cases; aeit, Pclklet, Htorman' and Duelling Pistols; double andti tingle barrelled cGnns; Game o ege; Shot Belta; Powder and Pistol Flaks; iam Bottles and Drinking Cap; p Pleraeion Cape and Cap Holdere; Clots, Hair, Tenooth; and Nail Besebe-. Orrne and Chlorine Tooth Wash: omth Powder, Toilet and Phaving Suaps, in great ra. rirtnr longHair Braid, Ringlet aend Frietes; Pearl and Trolet Powder, Emery Bags; Ivory Tub Cuonshi : o Patent S.. esd oer GKarters (It. Elati eSt.peadtn s; n Powder PaTis and Boxes; ilt Chain, Seals and Keys; Ear-rlromp; \Waist Buckle,: Bmrelete;k Bead Necklaces and Chaitm; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Be,ds, lials and Plumem: Shell Twist: Side end Drenaie Caomb; whieh,in addition totheirformer stack an hand. makes their asnstmont very complete, and will he sold ow and n liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden Combh. i25-tf 70 Chartrens street. TrliE ltSuherihers Agents for the extensive house ol IVW. & S. Butchers Sheffield Eneland,,enve juslt eneived sa var extnr ve set of n"' r,t.s, conreslting of Table 'aanl essert Knives of e- - deaeription, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear poInt.K nive; Ranors, Soe ste. Fdgr Tools,, &e. e. dee. which they are prepared I o exhibit to n trade or orders. Ternms nd sondilitoe will he mtds kenow at th, timr. am6 J.D).BEIN &A COHEN.90 eommen st. 1 rM!ONq, HARTT & C.--Are now reeriving .1_per hip l lunteville, Fage, Merw Andrew, High Mader, Freteh anl German douhle dntd slving cards: er, and ibrkel piolken idin t rieledm elnd split eobin capts; ap heldert; seiMrte, Ranors, ten. vest (;illtt'sanmmermill and other steel pets; Vio st; Violin strings; shell, ivory and horn canms; wafart o, h nd ead lther ahnseat hair healid, front and sak ringletl megrw ptns; German nd Freneh cologne nwaer, Rowlalns soms oil, imitation dot antilles md harsoilt Io table desk and deening eass: pet hllasekingt stis and toilet gllnre. contra mirrors; op sal glases and views; indian head, bellsmcl laumes eatoean; whlmittwinen toilet nd shaing snaps, toilet owder, merartie wash allt seottied satin eolhliont poen swnttdl screw ellhionst fancy ead his naand neckl.ace; billiard hell., dket bnooks atl wlletts German honesl ra. rne rep; fine ant eommon gum. olMasi openders, grter dot Bells lucifer marthes; ail ear pneail he Creymtes den. &e. Thae ahovreinddition to our former stank of fancy aethle., ma kesmotir s ent arv oamplemt. For saole hvolele ar retaill; as the ign of tihe Golden iomb, 70, L'htnne snret. msa. OTICE--The panorhehin of Kelley, Meson &Co of New Orlean ; Mlson, flrris de., f Natchea; nd Her, Kerlley &Co., of Rodney, w dissolved on helst o Ma last, by thne death of Samuel A Mason, tne of the pasraner ao the firm e. The undersigned, nueriving pnnnne, will be eharged withthe esetli(g and closing said business as folleows: Li C Harris will attend to the settling of the business of Mason,, Harris& Co., it Natchen; and Harris, Kel ey & Co.,at Radnse; and Henry Kelley will attend to he settling of the Iutilesa ofKelley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. The names of the several irma will be used in liquidation onlyv Those indebted to said firme are enestlyo reqetted a eene forward and make early settlements; and tho, having claimts ill please pwreh t them without delay. LEVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orflens, June '27, 1837. J EA' MAii i H7iRiAt'S COLOGNE WATER 2 cases mereof this superioa Cologne water, jusat receivend atnd for sale Iby the dozen or single bottle. Also kaerican and French toilet pndwders, powder puffs and hoxes, aaving and toilet onaps, cosmetic wash hells, milk of r(eat, eometic eohd cream, extr ae o musk, keplalta, Wardt e vegetable hair oil, potuantm, rrote de pero, s lidnlavendtr, rose and bay waters, rpreett's lts, Merieilln perfumerv in trn ane . regsta lie, ul liquid mate, (hlnrie atd Orris tlrth washv clotlthir, tooth, nnil aid ibol tbrakshes togelterr with an additional stpplv of falhionablie orn aod shell aomae ond jeaselry,or ane low at whorlaear .eip, grtaii by SIMMONS, HARTIi: , jtn!, 6 70 Charto streelr. jW CZMD1-Sitmons Hlart, &c ott ar nowre 1 e awring front on hk ard ships Yaznoo, an Saratoga andlbrig (; n.trdia, from New York, a great variety of goods itn their lime, whlich together with their fornms stock on htnd, ,aknes timir a aortn enSvervr, flets. The tolloie.l compaose part, via: t ellntwitet,.r.dle, Itlek and ldreiugettnsla, horn do ofali dbo.riptints, In dia rtbltbr, tilk aod worsted eldkltie ..l.tere, cotaon & ina elastic toptnders, loco foco and Lu:ifer matches, Seidlitz imwders, ttwder pucs and booqs, toilt mpowder, pocket ,ooks anld wallet, needle beks, shell, pearl, ivory ntd traeon cnrd cnes, hlead ornamente, plain eo ral beads, nsckuasva ant negligees, bead chains,head e.Pklren, ottt clonass nd plain,seed,silver and gilt behdls, Inian beadole, bello anti plumt s pistol and large ptw lee ltsak,lshot belts, horse, belt. pocket anti deilitg dletols; dlotbhlr and single larrelled gunas, Bowie knives, attd dirks. rtisaor, shears, pocket knives, gard chains, ,ltd rillhons, waist bucklhe, cloth, hair tooth, nail,conb, siru teh. site, tlate, flort nd dusting trushes, Cologne, ,Florin, Intvrndler, rose and hay waterassorted essencesa, and extraccts, lacoass.e, hear, antique, and Ward's vs retalile hair oils, shaving anti toilet soaps ofall dea criptient, ladite' and gentlemono' deeskh nd dmssing easee, hir rieglets, fricattes and braids, plain, faner ani mutcieal wock boxes, plain and gilt, figured, rmt anal rest btttnts,epearl ad iVotry shlirt do, shlirt studds, gold and silver Ioe:il cses, tootltpcks atrd tweezersr, plated and gilt Itkektm, iloiature do, silver, brass and steel 'bimlloes, hooks nnd eyes, hair pins, imitation frtit, hl1k and redink,ahoe bltcking, violins and gnitareri,hbbed anod 1lain prennecinu caps, linen twine, scented canh ,ons, gold and silver lace ad rinmge, latter paper, game bkgs, rilinc w'ilts, walking eanes,pluaypgeardos, lins gold, plated stti gilt jmwellry &e. IThe above, together with a great variety of other arti les are oflered at wolensale or retnil .on aecolntodatitg N H Shell e,..hs repaired. SRIETY SOR-at th sign of the golden comb, Mo70 Chartres steert. The nuboribers have re. ceived, in addition to theirprevinus stnck on hand, n fill and eomplete assortmoent of articles in their line; viz: combs, perfumery, Je.welly, brunhes, locking glasseos, fencv ortim-les, &e. rnani'ting in part as follows: Ci)MBA--tortoise shell, wriniht and plain tnck,twist, quilled back, long round, dressing, side puli, curl and neck, Brazilian combs of every description amongst which are asome Mexican patters, Ivory combs of every daecription, horn, dressing and packet, together with a geterol nasortment ofFrenah and American. I'ERFUMERY-Cologno, I.avendr, Florido, honey, ibn, rose, and nrnnce flower wafers of every size and des eriptinn callaphorated Cologne, extract ,f Bergamot, lane, sonps of all kinds, shaving do in cakes and pota, cream on sp do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bars andan tiquedo. Pronta' snmelling salts, plain and perflnumed indetpowder, pearl powdrr, pnw lerpufls and anxes po tntanl in pot and rolls, urns and chlorine toolt wauh and powde., with a general asoonrtent of JEWELLRY-asoe of the latest nd most f ashiona ble sotts, consisting of white and red cornelian, topaer " jet eardropn, set in filagree, bmreast pins ofa gree' ,Iet tv of patterns, watch trimmingsi, gilt and siloe .ackleo, filver thimbles, cilvera td gold pt loils andd guard chains BRUSIHES-Cloth, hair, dust. Ae,cromb,lhhearthktlor, hbt, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewash brushes. LOOKING GLASSES-Gorman statia and t'oilet glassn, magnifying and Frectb dressing glasues, homer 'Io, with n vaernet of otlther kinds not enainernted. ,FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLE$-French and American portable desks and dresing cases, sowe very rich and finely inished ladies work boxeoand dres itng cases, with and without music, musical boxes, Ac cordians of various kinds, violins and guitars, silver and plated pencils and leads,wood pencils for carpenters and crayons,mauatle clueoa,gunsalid pistols with und without eases, percassiott caps, peroiaiotn cap chargers, nopple crw drivers, shot belts, game bmgse paste blaeking, toy tea sett, lndian beoads of eveory kind, hells and piluanoes, hineand coummn knives, raare and scisoars, ttiimble, eedles, pits, silver plated, stIel and qounton specte dens pocket books and wallets of various kinds, visiting curdnand card cases, playing cards of French, Gortma and American manufacture, dolls, imitation fruit, sun hoxes, prntts if various kicrds, Sautdere' Potnerry's, Emnceren's, Hillmal's and Hawkin's ranr straps and tnetallkc hsaoea,dirk, fancy bead necklaes, do with ',o dreps,toy watches, pearl buttons powter lasks, eu. and plain seed beads, gilt and ailver ao, gum elastic neapon. dre,, and garters, plain and aword amcane, backgamnmo hoards, dice, optical vieane, jewalnarps, loeofoeo mantli esand drinking cups, with a great variety at other aril clen, all ofwm:ih will be sold for cash oor city aneeptat. eos an 12 months credit. B H SdlMlMOn.s , & co. d4 70 ihartmeas. TDOLeBEAR' Siiece ofPenmaaship received, and ort sale at their parmanent Wrinag Acad:mios No. 8 Chuatres snret, Now rOrleaou, 1 d Bltradway New York, ltauIhie st., .,Hobil,. It is pareutilarly designod lier private learnere, and mieoola, and is calculated tAr pIersoas uofll ages. Ladies and geotleuteiu are iuvlttd to call and examine the cystnl aLo tbeemeltves. Lessons are gcin at such housas as may stit the convenience o all, and to classes fined in any pant lt tind city. Ladies who prefer ithan receive letsons it their own ref sidennacse. i'orasu paying orone :, urse oflessonusare lesired o attend until they writle, well asthey wish. mt DtJLJEAR & BItOTHI..R. DEAFNEnS. A NEW artiole for persoans trobled with deafss, (called the Ear , rumpet,) has just been received. iv tie use ft which, the slightest arteulalti, of the ha. man voice is diameuy conveyed to tha car. Aiv oit who has oven r beo bllg5 d t- rcmlvene with t very den ,er.on, must in fually natille of the ditliultv and om burrasmnaeat rexperiaenced both by theumeelves and thb in dlividuals oo unfreturatel lamilicted. By the tas of tha lEls Trumpet, this objection is altiresly aiviateil. The Muat scoptecl lilve al.ra) d a. andned their doubts ater having ued te l'Trumpet. For sale l Tan' aGUION'S, Fancy store.corner of Crom n iad dlt Charles st trt riner he ,laCit .: lintel. feb 13 o PERM 01L--COd galmos pure winter a KS Saper Oil, in couks and bihs, Ior atle by JAiIVIn & f ANIEREWe, Wholesala Drnlgg ets, aorter C .tina u aid Terap Ins orreet. t I it1 keg., ll , Englisbh do-5 I-ti bbla. llO " 1110 lP'aint BruLacn, various sizes; tneaw VVertilliol; 5 bbll Copal Varnish; 2 ' Japan " 1 Conch 21 packU Gold Leaf; 511do t ilver do; 0In do lDutch Mtel. 9WINDIOV,, American, English and Frenoh --l10ulbkae, vaonar i:vne and qualinea. Blotou trowu do.--51O boxes, cnnsigniaet, will he Cold low. Also, ng asral usortment of artists' colours and tooln, iar alo by A W SC.l'I s.. Io ia tanal street. N I. Alabham naotes take, at p r, and Misnianipri notes will oe leceived at 10 per cent diouant for gods. or io paymeret ofdebts. jet I Iw "ILOUR-UO00 auding from stmaner Indopsed. ear., te G6 I)ORSf . m2t." -I1 New Lovee. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSOaN HOUE, JE.FER0O5 . sI0FT 1 LOUISVILL. b" the Editr of theLottvlle . deertier: SIt-t ppeas by the observatn of the l.ditors P of te Nashville Presbyterian, Unon and Trau b cript, as well as the edttor of the Memphis Enquirer, that the "Old Gentleman" is among the Doctors. This is proved by his kingly rages, knowing that his tinm is nt but short, and that the inetepeodent Amtericn people it are able to judge tor themselves what are puff's and p impositions. The worthy editors who are Doeors, the proprietors, editors or ub-editore of the above t named journals, call every letter from peras I have i restored to night in the above places, pflls. 1. The fact is, that 1 never had such great sueeres p within o limited a period as ten or twelve days. One who was aged ahout ten years, who had only seen the o light from his birth, began to see to follow his master to my hotel, instead of being obliged to he led by him. Two young tadies, who had each lost the sight of one eye, one for too years. and the other for dearly two years, hevingboth of them the etiler eye yerv weak; iet each of thoe young ladies began to oae with both pyes, which enefit I pledge mvyelfatill continuesa, ex eepting they are under the indfence or domination of the Medical Doctors. Another is the daughter of a retpectnble merehant, whoen name I am bound never to mention, (asn he paid me my fees), who said she had lain the sight of one eve from the age of 1 months, bet that she now begin to read large letters with the I other eye eompletel) shut. This the doctor editera knes, as the gentleman told me himself he had can. dloeted his daughter to the ofi.e of the medical editors. that they might he informed of the fact. The last I shell menion i an ,elderly gentleman by the namesf Yount, nearly seventy years of age, who declared pub licly by letter, which he tenk to allthe different offices t in N.Mhville but one, ahd himself told me he had paid for: he insertio whatever they io!eanded, who declar. t d hiu than letter that be hi aotaltv deprived of the might of one aye from fi be Lsher hish birh,t which his mntherstated to hiu, . oecasioned by the meaulos or small poxe that now he could not only me the light of the sun, for the first time that he recollets, but the stare also, and wen beginning to diatinguish mear ohbIeete and did before I left that ectv, give ma- I ny proofthat he could mee to walk ahboutthe satreets with the other ey completely closed. He said he had been a member ot the Methodist Episcopal ChsrEh for nerrly forty yesar. and that his word wa never doubt ed through the whtol course ofhis life. 1. 1 repeatthat. had never greater sueceas than at Nauhville, and thie the medical and clerical doctors had neverhefoe ans much reason te he enraged. The pious iadigusdlt osr .e Rer. clerical Dr Smith proves, whe, mis tatedto a that shout ixen past, e was converted from bke perfect ttfidel, to believe in the dootriane of she Bibt, thatu he:mosr hioe m.d.. trimling error-that he must have me.ant to cay, th t before the end ofsix years to come, he should be converted from his infidelity, as the spirit of the true minister of the peaceful and henign doctrines of the Christian religion dues cot breathe out destruction, rage, calumny and falsehood to please his medical friends, against the man whom he knew had done no much good, and no in. jury to any one. All the inhabitants of Nashville spoke of the great seccos I had, n-cept the mtedical doctors. Most of them also had been informed by Mr Yount of the cure performed on his totally blind eye. S. The famnous Goliah S. ofthis town, pretends that 1 have lostthe laurels I gained in the North, since my atial in the Scuttlwest. This proves, hswevar,I had, and that I hert-them until I arrived in thise mction. If I gained one in the north, I ought to have cainetd anoth er inrthe south and esuthwestand I still hope to wear them on my very yomthfui Draw on the day I leave, in spite of tile vituperation of the great Dr S., if I may judge from the many I ave already benefilted in ths e:ty sithin three ysr. a. The object of the present is to inform the medi cal Goliah uand editors of the Republican and Trats script, is well as the clerical Dr tmith of the C. Pres. Iyterian and of the Union, of Nashville, as well as the eniter aind sub medical editor of the Memphis Enquirer, a u wall es Mr Prentice, the editor of the Lottiville Jomtdol, and male the meiecal Goliab cdiior of this cty thle rnnt Dr Sn . ibtl I shall bring actions against them all, i'r vituperation, slndler or calumny, immedi. ately after my arrival in New York, ai well as against their amiable be hren the medical Goliahs of the north. he bind myself ht prcmiee, neverto mgait this lhopy Il of liberty, uontl I have hrought the noses of all m ntediral Golilhe of the nlorl, as well as the south slid the west, to the grindstone! Tihe afflicted, there. forl, may calculate on finding me during the wools of next year in New York, here lettero, post paid, and no others, will he sare to reach rte. 5. Tn inform te ptublie that the pifl, so called, which tie Rev. clerically converted infidel preteld was written fur him, was written nore than a week prior, ad inttnded for tile Rev. . Howaiell, who rnd it iu my presence without manifesting any disaptrobation; on lhecontrary, ttmk it to leis studly and i ocitln it in the way Ite did, which lie said he Ithoght wouhlt a rer ty purpose better; he delivered them both tot ai 1 without pretending that 1 wanted tot bribe him fromu hs duty, as I never eould presume to offer that entle taoua or acty otlher, aoly money ftr stating furs. iue Rev D)octor'e awn statement is before thie public: had le tot Sexmined all my diplomas, &c. &c. with n gelleolnan, an intimata friend of hio, as well as the whaole of my patirolet i lleoutpony with anotner clergytan, andl found them all to be ontthetotic, and all hy ltiets tnt he otore or les IeIefitCd, lre noever could hlave hbe.l induced by a total straoger to draw up such un a'ticle as oe wr pette hitnelf fur llthlictiol, l ntl addresro ed it to SMr Stringfield, editor of llte S W C Adviute. I . No wontler tile lenur siltted medical ti;liohs of I Nnltalle took tte oala .; and thelfiusre uold the iro t 1 funs to join witht to la tic lle-powerful, atlletirc, 16t1n ie i a td inllclel:tl force of the srli t o-be-duhvur'ted cleriral infidel. I\'e reoad i the Bible Ile , t e t' ne is t knuown tv its lruits." I dale say the couverted lofidel has prrewheCd fron Ihhat passn.e. 7. lie evidentlv wanted to.estalhlilh Ii moral the; aentr as a tahn, ly thlewing that lie was above t heinF riheli. Iot us see wbthlter thelrum tum of ttitt piece, of silver will a ply t hin e as ll ast it was .ell ai lied Stot nniter netnertel infitlel, who. in tie days of the ill aretration t f btIn l)ivine Mlster, ;Iroliu cly seold hi tior trait toulltoer of pieces of silvr My alswr is, 1It it waP .ever inleldei is at bt ihe, nor colul i, lio it.,,1 il,*m= ed so by itlv one,us it wita It ilt evon l to l ,o lhel' a . purt of tll tihe regullar Ilriotter's fer, of $i 00,r soqror.e Contanoting two or three colnmns of clousy prlntedt I natter, which were to hee repeated three or lllr liles in the Preshvteriau,'Union told Monitorjoomrnals, had I ever intenle lt o hribe toht, I a ehuld have olltred hin at leant $300, his regulnr foe, instead of $ I, lwhil, in all prolbalility, hle would have gladll receivedl as Iis fre, and ntot ash bribe. On the contrarv,if I all been ca t able fofulrin • brhibe, I slhould certainly hove done t it it a way to have itrtred his acceptance. 8. bir d the Rev. Doctor been really convertd to the Ieliefaf the doctrines of tlte iaviour, lie would Iot Ihave promlised to cante and exacntine mv patients ePith. out keepiug his worol, as I have always foumd every eitnisier of the gospel zealous to ,lo. P. Had llhe been really converted, lie would n, t pub - li, lv have spokbn against the tAmeriean itsiittituoou, d which, it is well know, atre moret nunterous, and which are unp-rilr to ntany in soote parts of Ellrope. Ilis h conduct ot mtutch digfntted oIme young literary har. acters, as to be scarcely restruinedfrulat Imuniehog him on the aoo, by laving violentt hands on him. Thie Re. gentlemat, though a cotchtman, in without excuse, (unlesa et is calumniated), slthough he may , think hr has a right to abouoe the American insitnutions, because he in a cotvertrd infidel. I say he Ihoas not--as all ought to speak well if thle hridges he goes safely d over. I fancy the gallant Capltaio Grutndv ad several other amiable yount gentletmen of Nashville, recollect it well the conduct of this pious expounder of the Holy Scriptures! O10. 1 never saw such a delnon in hluman shape as i the tIev. Doctor was the day I cal ed to reuson witht Shit, when he menaccd my grey hairs witlh an uplifted gigantic aerm, as if ie would have felled me to the ground, for daritng to draw a pious minister away fr.,m his duty, by a bribe af S0 pieces ofsilver! I really trembled more than if the "Old Gentleman" Ihud pu t Iueared it his own shape! II. Isolemtnly declare before God, anti m not afraid yto call Him to witness that I never, in the whole course a, of 42 years practice as an oculist, in Great Britain, Fror.nees leltgt samtud America, in at ingle iWatnnee of. o. fered as a hribe any amount to the editor of say juournj hut as ' .oll~nttoition fitr the space I oecupied and the u trouble whilt I occasitnad thtete; stud that I was always more inclined to reduce, rather then add any money to the printer's bill; wmiih is u sueoiieent proof thot I had noiottention to bribe. 12. Lustly.-The Mnmplmia Eoquirerforutoorthriree d meeks contuains a tissue of fiacrant faloehoods, whitci tue utedinal Gulial editurs louroted from their brethren of clu M. Goliabe of the North, and I shall treat thamn with siletoc castetpt until the proper time arrives:t Unless it is tone what I hane reen inurnrmd--u Sue a heggar, and you will catch a L--!" TltougtlI paid tios f ur my udwsrttsetonete for two or three weeks, he only inserted tienoner.ace You will please to itnsert this letter in your nast pa Sper, atd oblige yonre, &e. In huaste, JOHN WILLIAMS, the Eoglilt Oculist. Cepiedfrem th 8. W. C. Adeseeu sf me 41m Jsou, mos. At the retquet of Dr. Williaams, we inet the follnw ia.ungute from tie Ray. Mr iowoll, of Naeville, tu the edllorof the Snbth Western Christina Advocata, walo, it nlppeers has ezamined the diplomas and other doau mmtatt,envireive of the Doctor's clnintut to puttlic patran 1 intended-oay the lvt July. Williams, the oculiut, toa in this city. to examio his ] nutuerous dipiomso'ad other documents evinciwe of io cootpany with a valued friend,dune so with pleanure. Armmgthem I fonfd a letter frost MIr Pagsot,at pre. saett hargeu d'Afares of thi Kinit uf the Feemch, et Washiugtmtl, addresred to Dr. 7mVilliams, testifying the enaiostnes of the diplomao from the Kitngs of Frnec, ?ielginmta&c.a owella tmooe from the Medical Solic known to be tf high repntntion in this country, receiuved niuce hin arrival in the United otstes, detsioing instan. cet of great succes, in to.e rcttotratitna tuf sight it, thie mInd. I hare aeen norly all hi. potur ptaticntu in thiu moi:t. I tnew nana of thoet prvitousto their ceomina utoer his care; but oll1 Ilave s8et, say they are u. q aetimnably benafittud. RcOB'T. B. C IOWELL, Naluhville, June 2°1,1837. P. . rtesmewrilig mithe atnovre,ote oaftir. Willims,' ltttiento has calleol utin ut, and says he oed acttally stud totailv lost the sitht lof one eye tor seveuty yeac., bl usow mtrelaces himself btletr thart Ist uight, toe the firet minue it. his life titat he can racolleet, he could diu tinguish, wilh thit t sop, aotun tuftite pruminenteturs. 1 learn that this ltl1 grnteolon hao lived meny yran, in this rdgimn,eod says he haubeen ha Mtethodisttduring Yours, truly, auglo R. B. C. H0 A Naw Mar or LoUtstsnw, with its canale, roads and distaoee, fromu pine to place, along the stage and tean.hboat routes, by I. . 'Tanner. MITCHELL'S MAP Or THE UNITED STATE F h.,wing the principal Turnpike and comlnou roads, o which are giren the distsnces in miles horn one place to another; tie the coursee of the canals and rail roads througb aot tile country, carefully compilel from the best an theritie-puhlished by S. Auttgstu Mitchell. MITCHtELL ' TAIt ILE.R' (GUIDE THROUGH THE -TrITED STATAS; a nlap of the rauols, distance. s tene hoot and canal routes, S.w. just received and for ste WM M'KEA'n, C HE'-KS ON I'iILLAIFLPHIA-For male by YOIRKe. BROTHERS, 31 tiCoaCp eiretl. ttIS IIMAN'S i .A 4A1EA. r Rheoreofrher motimoer Ma inorkigaeviigot, a. l oMnr hip o ruto , i .n i Let m ialtb s aftme . pt thlu mliod umorinal diseases, patrtimularly uloem 'is piotnl tcilomm ofmthe boneb , emtedtine tw d todfo it ari altaar of evrydem hptih, feer msm,aned iotael ' wbmesorbdhtulo, ptloo, amid had, aooroy, bllo, ehro- h oh aeste ele ,oerynpetiblnEsn , and evry metyfceno taeffO ectioon, chrmnie Ctarrha, head ahe proceed' - ag froCm oy acrid humoer p in lthe atotamell m ddye ipet.i proe oding from mitio affectionCof the liver,. areonie ilt mdoitloe of the klldneys, and general ebil-r ty mumd by tatorpid at. ofthervsel of the ainu. It i is di.leImelyoff io u in rorvotio thoe eoa titationh whisi I blave been brke down by Injtoiioo treatmet, jovetile imire sluorite Inl gnealen termc it is ma toended m al th medimaei which gria from i mmrito l of the blood, or initioa of the humors, of i oenler kitad. Sone of the hove mIplaintmeay requiro ame trme - i fli.tealiconnt appllctions, bwiehtheciromomaEo of the ti cae sill dtlsaet bk r for anl medy orPl ifwiateao ito re retc heo aa, the-INk r PANACEA wll gemo Illy be hfae d ltffiert. tl 'ITl TIE, PURIIC. Hoa rtnac it is. thet moden PhystieiWo in their am itions o eate io their meofeion; eplore the a t ields it ofslctne by the aid ofeheoi ltry,od a eek olot enw re llediol age~to lesor to aoire at paerio l in theo praetioet by mens of at emlae,-ctirely orelook mnd =eg t, am hbenrthtlmrnoUrt ei.uhcrliloma boonteou I aove fnI ediiase , whleh the Alaiphii y bails auind to I sprh ofh oring afth e ineveryelime! Ad hew much more tree iaitthat whilethe dmerioan Pitysiatci looks I o. fnra i In oontrie efor mao of hia moat rsmmn lnd oeEmtar )y rtices, perpetaltly ohangleg m they are t the iia to te offohion, or folly, he it slreur led in his own col ntry with o'eadleipeamfoieo of medloel planta, sanlditnot: to answerany Bndicptiom in dilaem or to emre lly eurn hie diolrder; and yet he is igGrmnt of their vi't toe, aoti, they ore snIfemlto twnteoheirhelig an t deotci ait.' T'hee fleet of egetlhie medilanes pon the s'tem we temlr t: my-those of miemls iahlaing. The ormoar en eat teil effects lm d a off-lthe latter, mearo y in por tieuair, aot ehemically ItpoO the olids, deeompming the lo ats mind undermining the oreutitutio bye asloe otl stoe destruction. " lie. eoogeniolity, eielehey ln SAFETY of vreget ble r omednlaver mineml, nmay e emtiltedbyeoontsat ingtl anielent pmratoen with the modem; or, to bring 11 more immeditoely underaour owi oberation, the lndi an pnetie ewithth at othe whites Who, in Atesrio, a sotn it kworheard of repeated lnimtnoms wherein eome decrepid, hn oetendinggnfemeaeldiain, y meoniof her sit llde remeolietll lon ae, eeted the moat rnald Sad n iahll saes, after the Mo teirn Madiea of iS -ammoon prstiee. direetael in the moat kilfl mamnae, hu foilte l. Atl who hisict'been -n rlnd at a thee . partive ioam ad lfeility with whioho he ndi free him lelf from myi disetl, oad at the lmolt ttmo abatioenec ofchronh adiamase me.o them? Who has evera hard otn nlldae with eonsitutiotn heokai and oined by illitretmaet? Ad'ean iloubtecit that tllsmlplay ex emption oefthob m as vge from mi of the ilal whleh the flenh ofmi~ s hei to, is hieflyowingto more gie"; rand afe rmeathe which he nemploys. hi astonish. ing differesMe in eteu , isl tirexemulifiation ofthe fiteoentte meriority of the iimple and stafemeano of urve which God ha n reated for the beefit of hio children, Srthoa e whilh the mride rmel e artofn have in Svented. From o ilg residenee among I porllCon of theborigon m kinohitnttof thioeountry, a dlan intimto te aquoin t aneewiththe umotheds of aureof onei of their tmost suesestul prmtttitloners, the proprietor cif Tbe lndian's Ploaeea,' aosnirelt a knowledge of some of the moat powerful ave favorite remedies. From thea hthelteeted su h as were most efieaeioruolml approprittee, oind itter varirota experiments to tea their rlroniltlelsnd atregth, lie as eomboiued them in the form here presented, as the Sarlt pertf'.t utd bIenerfoial to the purllpoe for which it is recommended. The proprietor olferthia preparatont to the piblle, with the eonasiourmem that he is pelng withintheir ea, a re.oly eapable of relieving many of' hil mfluioetl tfl low heing, who are miffering under the various ehronie anl ohatinatecnompliont to whieh t its applieable. I'o Sauel it will prove of iincalculable vrlmve, al the meant' and in many eases, the only metolsof elievin their f-o h lering mnd restoring them olce more to health and hop pi lest. This is ltotofee. as aa ommon Ireedy, that If oay per lianre Ien emullIy goodm with many othler now it ittItmi, bhI as ore which is oaable of aoing life inmany extreme cses whioh all lthe unusuoal niemiemfail. thil it Iti donte repeatedly; ond this is the reputation it hsob-r ato ined wherever it hem been introduled. c, It Ia ontly bout three yCears liee thia prelmu tion wlas in to the public: hut iin tat short splre of tille, nI some hubilrelt of leroomsn might he tbundol, wio wold i solemnly dclre that they believetl tlhat thei lives were I veod by it, mitt in mnot'artesrlier they hoi tried many I iol plerhalonisl the coltmma renedies itn voin. Wler. eril is knrewn it irepillyeomitig into urie, r id this i ffinrtithemot rultauttilalsido ovinring proot' of it if Tile uvarleof lihe Ponel i most eonsieuoati in tilose r lomngo anldig aron al hilitic ondl cerofulhul aRuietooio. T whlicl h nave defnd til olher re.nediel, and lalevudl mly thil th e eases whel ore ercllly ha beent so l tvih y ulot as to ciuan tistressing plln in tile lonlts, nodes, nlenll im leci nler, delangtemelit of tihe mIlfostive ol'tllac o. t lhesr it onlpletiely'r riitc, ilt l ltrlln asIs ii lie ,y edlincte Ihle diseae w. e .I oudp.e ol'a airnlellll-ieuwio f voteshe tlconatitnti.tia in learoetlt m, otl taeioe on well. t Inl,< nlm.ln* antdl in olt,'aleI i" ' tl eo len[l, itl shapty elyfliots tooe noto le it a ttt greniOivi alultst timie hIi ,te'e dklof , Takeo inll n ',, loseasr, the hdlnih, P:eait i ,ltat rn' Rasl oix:uliv, ut not i-sl.annidie ald thnltloe; ntillg o o i lr e i th Blt ra Hlols, i ar t l a nlld ret dagl molllt. l ene 'a tlt'yxlt'prse', it linloteases all l' theI ltlath :it or If .etitsi, giocar nloo the stom allin, IonI oi +[ the gland+i myIli rel'.enfer. From pthse tinri l i .l .illNn Illt , , p in l t Sit to.', iol o to'l ismdiil't ,aIs, St if.t i(undte hi hlei ', I nIlill .lilt, l, tl l.ttki.r nt Ieit' tipC eiiieotli. ltt o llet lo l, i, Istlh with wllilni n l',y /:ne.k· I t a s ewhl rin we I:l Ft l 'rr1 I te,'t, it ttollt hoII trit tI l loea ponllatint ftlect, ,li rs, :l .i n an,.dI t u:,: ", .h. ir t peated all in t ,to thio l'ltee ta, a,,, rosonell ute.;rlli insu we. all ter arldtos, ino neth e is tlitle at lss exmpense, eand in a atl' Inli'e o agreeable Itollitone thi the eUmmor diet dlitk. ' ctiiCllllwilg ceitficates, notl of hIndredls inilar, Swhitl neiglet er pnitocrrel , are given to ihow Illn effeot ol Ike m edlali'i I)anaeah i rlie va'idOut e arinm.h o t inerloi ittettioetd;andi alottexhiltit in the iatsti mtiolhaotol, t pat' isllulpi.rit'iy oti' tllhe syruyPs iin e mrll use. GASES tF tlIIlEU.IA'Il'IS31. y COHoII.ITOa, Nor. 15, 11532.. Ulriln toi t.l twintletl ili ad s l'iog. I ws afflicted rwilt a vel'y vtol r lltllln h.o, iT.o cl iltotilm, ow oieatiltol 'y .llns.e in obr wo::ll:w.o I oinow iielteilrat leaisul iti ratllltig, that lSix CiLtLLbo l' hle llinien's i':.teoa, reaturrll is mt, il erfet Iheaili, o id C olfidenltly ronommelid it to l)JOIIN FERGUSON, King st. CIw ltl.rit oro, Marelh i27n . lt. it I woe: ejhied rltot ithree eir sillee, with btli wtr~eltg y r .m'beniitrnt dt, ' ttar I tahikgs severe cold, while undlr t, llindllrteolf tesrreu,, tld whieh tam 1Itiblord e It inrot, buoinea nearly ever tiiee. Iltuing tlhis thioal S orae ben poatielntll the MOiNre Holital, ill dtis eil ulwtorls ti four months, and rearly tlts slae gltenlh, t time i the lBalimorelHosmiti, cild tried lmoAIt ever y iemoetly, with littletlenetl On tohe 16th of F.ebnuirj iast, at thlt time meely able to move abolut oupon orutch e, I [commel.dl theuse of Inliull Paica.. In on. i mobth I fotuld myselflentirely- freoed from pan, mand ar i tlow happly to cate ilt I eonicder myself perfectly well. uc W A. TUCKER, 13 Market at. CAFES t)F SCRIOFULOUS ULCERS' SNeow YoarI, Sept. 10,1&10. Thlis may eetify that in the Ifil of I12S, 1 ws w ite d with a swellingin my Iek atid foee, Which' lterrsar olhlerateid boo eme e.a ghastly ulcers it my neeh. , Afterlryiiwg mesl wllyleminltono ndrontage, I wen' I. to Pliladetphm, andlidieed mylelf umler the eaeol j Im. Phne mond Benah, when, after repeated Iliutimoa to Ito effet, l was llreuoiieel utterly incureble. After. 'a wmrdt ltooktwenty bettlilofSwoim'asoroeeaoPune eighi to ittnea ofPotter'm Coltholiron, with n0 mcternil bhnerli ol Detpmlerlgoflie, wheltol hod now heerouat bhrthene me, I retumed to my arentl icn ew Yorh, in 1820, onr e govemytelfopto mlihogerieg death. Hearing of tho Ig t eteea sof The |limihtn'm Poitonai howeo" ir tm m imlitr to my owl m wso ilaroceI to'y it, mol bat a, mn . To my greatit trile ae well l - tim eiono, -oonlmfond myoloelfplly reenoerirjond uopon trkir ac bottleo the oleerme edood I became perfeltlb d well in dth oorneef wo munith, aml have remoined a 0 ever nee. Itmakethistamtemean nd wthitilbliahed for th beoefltof thoti whol e luffeieng undier similcr ooerfuloraoao'ldliliti mifol'tiomt , dot tLey mly kner wioatb euredone who hot mIfeowet every thing hiut tintli, cod who eloaidea'tmris lile raved hy 'ibooe, ev= t WM. HINIHA? SCoalr~er..r. Joly tO, t 031. 4 I wrot siiend, frerlyccrc wlibme elthn Iel the leg, em eatuionlly omoapaial withi eryalpntetaoo illbomathon Srlmn e'reeiae oillo io die bleg ainttnlm joint. Sevsrel eminent phyollmw eeteel l;helrmkilit ueop it, bht with ct pno aemitatben beefit, Iaim thoae Btehotile tnoditn's Palieomeelvde periaet cun. it MARGARELT' A WRIT,, ll Morket For aole by HENRY ROINNABEL. droggia, oi' tl proprieort, Teltpitouhat. aIr 1NEW ORLEANS A-C RA O VtLLE LAIL ROAD COMPANY. T HE stbbkholders of the companyare hereby no tified that by a reselntlte of the board of direc. tion passed on the 19th inat. thecall made on themn on the 13th February last, for the paymentof five dollars Sshtare, was rescinded, and thesaid stockholders are furthernotified that WH.I REAS, by a resolution of this board passed on the 19th inst . a call has been caede on the stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Company for the follwing payments on the the stock held resp.c tivel' hytham, va:--two doliars per share, payable an tite irst day of Seplember. next; two dollars per share payable on the firet day of December next; and two .lllars per shaoe payable on the fiet day of March next. Now therefore be it resolved, that the secretary of this company shall tmtifythe sehare holders therein, thrleua Ihte pulic prents of the city,thatinconformity with the sixti ecthio of the charter, theyare permitted to ploatpone any pay.ent called in an the stock of aid caolany for the term of sixty days, frotm atd after the day on which it is made payable, with the express con dation however, tlht if not regularly paid within the said proloneation of sixty days, from and afthr the day on which it should have heen paid, that then the ata: on which said payments should have been made, is and remas ' orfeited to the company, the charter on that point lTlg imperative. In eonlbomity therefore, to said enll, allstock o4,he stockholders in said company, as think proper to at off the paymenta on their stock to the nid of the da itinaul sixty days, which the charter allows them, are notified that the paytment of two dol laon per saare called for,and due on the first of Sel. lemlner neat, may hie potponned under the sixth sectiam of said charter, until the dlit day of October next, that the Iayment of two d,,llare per share called for, nod due on the first day oftlemember next, mnay be lset. poned until the 90th day of Jenlzary noxt;and the pnv ment of two dollars per ahare clled for and due othe firsiday of March next, may be postponed until the 30th day of April next. Extracts of the minute of the hoard. june21 A IR McNAIR. Sec'ry. W-s. HA'IrN, in caswe-2- doeg whilA Woa Y llteforsalu JOHN II (GRAIIAM. ap It. VATE Ot 4 sI rA-Perish Court for the J Paneh and City of New Orleans. r.iHR STATE OF LOUIJtANA, To all whom - thsee'rents shall comb, Greeting:--Whe5nO, ] Itmee Hitdne having purchased at a sale madle by the hseriffof the parich of Orlean the prope. •ereillfter deacribed,' no applied to the clerkS of bthI Ourl, in whose ofce the deed of Msle was recorded on/ the 2d dar of April, A. D. 188, fir monition oi adver- 1 tiseotnonti oenformity so a net of theL egilatme of lthe :satm of toiaiua,,eutileld.'An act for the fert~tea ueo ne? o ftitle to ptrehaser atjutdicialoala '" approedd the IOth day " March, 1834. / NOW, sherere,kaenw ye, and all pecrons innaested herein, are hereby cited and dmonishd id the ame ofi the State of laouisann, and of the Parish Court, who can set tip ay right title or claim in and to ths proprcty tetaifath"de.rihod, i eonaeetsdence of amy informplty in the orderdeccee or iudo.ttit bf the eonrt under which the pal e a nede, or any om etgolarity or illesailtv in the appratiementes ad'adaefi ments, in time, or manner ofate, or for any oi.Lr tfdehti' whtmi ever, to how cause, within thirty lhay from the day this, monition is frst inered o in the poblic papers, why the ale eo made should not be colirmed and home e id propery wa solid by the Sheriff of the per ish aforesaid on tthe lfl day of April A. D. 1838, by virtue of decree of tin Court, renderedl on the 5th day of Febtarv;jA. D. 1838, in a suit entitled Alenander Caldwell yi. James tIanse, No t0,l6?' of the decket of this Court, at which ale the said James Homse becane the pHurahesr for the pine of twenty oat theosand dollars. liesription, of Prolerty given in the Jodieial Con veyanee, via: A certain lot of iround situated. in ith nhmbub AD aunciution oad l aeouree of this city,ie square No 5, •,d lot having Fresoh meanre, 60 feed front on Tchou. pitoulas treest, :,0 feet ronst on Oragers street, and 60 feet on Lafagde du Mrehlb street, in such a maner that aid lot grmund'ii 60 feet wide from one side of the squae to he other, together with a dwelling house froeting on Tchbupitoana street, the kitchen anddte. peldencies, also the distillery establiehments erected thereon, and other haildings and improveeents, the machineoe, utensila, implenmets and firturee belonging to eaid distillery, its depeadenies and appurtenances, and the ights, actions, and privileges thereto eelongui. or in any wie appertaining. Clerk s Oce, New Orleans, May 7, 1838. tnl4,t8&j3 J. OLLI. D)eputy Clerk ETAT DE LA LUUd I ANie-- ou r tde trrolsee poou Itn Vroitm et villa de s Nouvelle Orleans. " 'ETA't DE LA LIUIStANK.-A tons eeux qee cs pr~saentes concernent, Saint: Atteendt qua James Hamne tymtnehet A one vente faite par eIs herlf dtelapmirolse d'orletm Ina prpibth ei-aprd deecrite, n'est adrae n an Orelfede etrte Cnour on In dite vente tut enregt.rt e lr ereeo jour de Ml doe l'mane 1838, poer an avis eotlememest d on e de tit LgisDatore de I' Etast de I L.onitime, ntitolft "Aote pour eonfirmer los titfres des nequerere oun veteajudioalree;s;" epprouva in t0 Mmr 1834. Qo'il saiteonet, et tostes personnel int6rsesetsent par cen presentes sommhes an nam de 1' Etat de Ia Loaniiane et de in Cour de Paroie, qui pourreient evoir droit A Ia proprihte eiisprd deoitet en consequence d'un dtffut de forme fans t'ordte,le Iderrr on leI jogement tIe In eour, en veet duquel l vonte a dte faite, on de toute irrgularitb on illhgnltt dlan, I'eatimafion,l'vis oatole temps ct le mode de Invents, on pour eneautre scausequeleemue; de faire voir, duns trente jours a doter deLu pitblieation decette avis, pourqoei la vents aiosi foit e me rait pas oonflrmhe et homologuhe, La propri6t6 rut veodue par le eherif sudit, le qua tornibme lour d'avril de I'annhe 1838, en vertu 'un decet tie cette our lI 5 de fIvrier de o'annhe 1838, dens I'afaire d'Alexnnder Caldwell, contre James Haose, No 10,367 do docket de eette Cour, I laquelle vents le dit James Honse s'est rendu aequbreur poor le prix de $21,000. Desriptioa deloa Propribtt d'aprie letransferJudiaiare, 8avoire Ut certin lot tde terre oituo au fenbntrg de I'Annon eation alias L.eouroe, de cette ville, done I'ilet No 5, Ie dtit lot do terr oayent [menrute fr noaioe,] soixant ptrds iee face t laI r.. T"ehoupitouoa, trotseent piedn de tace A la rue deo t.rancers, et moixcnte pied. tte face A lt fogode de Is rn'o dou Mreh, de eorte qooele dit lot de terra a sixante p:eds de largeor d'on ooni de I'ilet A l'autro ensemble anoe .saion feosant face A la rue Tehonpitoula. ,Ia cuisine st ee di pendanees.vinoi I qne In distllerie conetroite our le djt lot, ct sotres hA ttseeo et a .hliorationo; lea muchieea, u ternace, intot r ations, de. appr:enont A la ndie diltilleria,xe ifipoend t aoee, oppartenanees et es tlroits, actiono et prlvil.gve yapp,,tt nest. Bllreat du greffier,Nouvelle Orl(ans, lI 7 ali, 183.t. u1l4.24&j3 J. Ol.IE Dlputtt C.rder ioyal College of Phyicaons, London. I.IHER original Vegetable Hygeian Universal Medi Scinle, prelparedl by W iM skin, Esq. Member of .e Renal College of 5lar'1eons, Licentate of Apothe. c.rv's tompany, Fellow nl Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the oyval Union Pensioi Asociation, Lanacaser Place, Waltrloo Bridlge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' undi St. Thomas's lospitals, Lonlot. 'his valuable medicine, the retllt of twenty years' experincme andl nnl aallelvd success in tile extensive ntll highiv respectable peracice of lthe prpriety, pae-Io nised by the d eit y a - I adl obilit-, a clis now ilndtdcoed! o lthe iotice of the Amerietl .ublic, at the earnest so licitatioa f a ctinbucer ov.getolellen of long and high sitlding in lthe iprofessaaio t I is lhoped, as a prelimi nay. sle,. to check the evils and fatal coasequence arising lfrm tilhe sae of the numerous and deleterioll nosItrums loistd ultOnI the public bh tile id o'f fabriclted lirs olmitm-llnioul co:res, bnit llhere fraHmis, av y t o.l Inuviv "nIRl, mIcillcCted pc retenderls o trollye ittlltlotmmt ( tmdiieal scietell tham it imossile thie nmoastrlc dlulbli nl on lt ll cc , erTcl ge, dowic n c ir h the intrlli+nll eoh o ol'this m cint c 'i 'esc mills, mild and agrct hle In thei IImllltne, hlofuld be kept int every lhmily in c xes 'sldde:n illness, for, y their proll t c dlc n i oisuetHion, rO lxin't, n billlrdh t,.v ofty pllruILe I ait{] Irlv t he s ·dI " erv i , iot , e ýtrl . In to fu, nIl those whir valoegorl ý I., 1col lnel r he liltholt theml. lThe are O )n1' l~;i : 5 et: u~ cl nt;lud Itc eath, etvery aleswec . ' .. , 0 ccrm H, -, cccl Scc l . cocf cl e t dicine ice tit Sciietl genlleme,: bar -ates c Copner, J c:ae ks I.lhkll, ,. I)., W\. hack, Mi. 1)., S\ .cn ke) A c. I clccptoc, 1. ) , aol numenus clnhers'. The orligcalis icV le seen it pocssession of the teenn Id Agent, ley awhom tccliee lcitne is imported into is 'ths c, a cd to whop all applications t'oragencies .INtt. lidil EIN, 129 W:.eirliy Place, N. York, Sole tle.eral Agent for' the United States, Une. F .r sale kv alppointment of tlie originol preoprietnr, iy bSwnll heorntar, lIh'uggicts, No n I Canal street, Lonesl Agent llslo Stattheei of Lmuisiania. jul v8 1 .kIIY It LE. & co, No lMagauiae street, are nr.ew receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, rt.eckcl, Eagle, and. other late arrivals train :he ltern cites, a large andl new selented assortment Hisia, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, ansisting ofgendlenst's fine calf and Morocco boots do ld quality ; do buffd, and stout wax pegged boots o sariatsquahties; meot's fine calf seal and Morocca rham pimnps and brog as, buckskin shoes, brogans am Msppep s; men's fine calf and kipped pegged shoesand I rons; do otIds; do sanlt kip adi wax Iegged shoes sdiseg.n; gentlemen's besat quiality calf sewed shoes, Itagans aml Jack l)owningg; do calf and Morocco i tekle shones and brogans; do ell', seal anml Mameera I tdian shoes acnd slippers, do calf, buff' anl seat wngs, Snew article; to fine call;f, seod andi morocco quartes tots; boys', misses' and children's pegged and sawed Sogans, anti saes of every quality antl kind. Also a general assortment of men's stoaut wax and rno Iirogans anti shoes, together with 10,000 bmire agro num quality, russett brons, nailed in the Imks madle expresly for plantation use; a goodal as. Set.ns of men's fine and stout kip russet brogans, a Sw article, and a arge quantity of an inferior quality r sast aunt wax blrogans. Lmlies' fine calf, seal, moroco and grain welts, and pump sole shoes do fine French Mrocco aml kid run n.and llippers; dlo rnan shoes, with atid without heels. I. calf, seal and stout leather booteeus; do Prunella shoe. I"k sl kinel, sani qtaltsiees dit lastinig erogians; et gaiter oand ioxed bootees. Misses' lbsting spring shouesain as guns. Children's colored Marstoeo r au lasting bao. dl usaand boots, ke. ,entleimen'safisfashionahble blhck silk hats; Ido black n I drab beaver do of a superior quality; do imitatien it ram do; brad andi narrow brim men's fine drab and .t aok Rtussia short alpeld hats, a new article. Youths' :e :e size hats of different qualities; do children's. Al m's and bcy's black and drab wool hats of various, with general assortment of boys' and men's eat caps. 'Ilics assortment will be replenished by the arrival of te Ih plcketslrom, the aoove tamed cities, all of which aillbsoll on aceomnmodalating terms. ang I-tf MONTAGUE'S BALM FOR THE TEETH. T HEestlished reputation and constarntlyinreaai.n demand for this eff.ta~uul remedy of pait and pm servstive of the teeth, -has induced the subseriber ofar it to the American public. Arrangements hav been made to supply agents in all the pineipal aiie and towns in the United States., o as to place it ithi the reach at thoe sufferiag and likely to suffer this moa haraoaing of all ache, 'Tooth-lache. When applied according to diretlians given on battle, it ha never failed to afford immediate and manent relief. It also arrests the decay io defectiv" teeth, and relieves that soreness which so frequeatly readers a strong tooth useless The application ad remedy are simple, innocent, no not unpleasant; and the large number of peresta in diflrent sections of th eonnlryl that have already expertenoced such delightfu and slutary sffects from thi ume of ihe Balm, are ready to hear (for the public good) their testimony to its un rivalled qldlilts. It as an Indian remedy, blltiniecl eingnlarlv and unexpectedal, and mta Ie regarded by the eivilined world as tha ltnolt valuable discovery redman of the woods. Psica $1 per bottle. Soaid by JARVIS & ANDREWS, mr 5 Car Common and Tehapitoulaas ea, E\ BOOKS--Naval Sketch Book, ol, the ervice Attlout and ashore. With charactaristie reminiaceu nes, lfragmets and opinions. By the author of Tales os a Tar, de. second series, i 'l vols. lltolatet Reolletctious of thbs Holuse n Communa, hom the year 11130 to the rase of 1835, including persao nal sketches of the leading members-tby one of ic per y,jnest sneeived and for sale ky W MeKFAN, l..',TE PUIIIC'l'ATIONS. j I ROMWEI.L,an Historical Novel, by the author o " ''The iBrthers," &:. in 2 vols. Popular Medicice, or Family Adviser, counimting of Outlines of Anatomy, Physiology, and hygiene, with atuhe hints oal the practie of Physie, Ssrgery, and the cdiseasea of women and children, as may prove usefl in fumiiies when reguilar phyvieians eanOot hb procured: lton a oumpamiu aund guide for inalnligent principals ofv Illlllectorie, -::ntatious, aend boardig - sehaol, beml- od fcýci!ic'. n asters of veosnls, missiounsres, or ing tl', iela (cl' cI:citit - 'v'.Ileytell( Coastes s. 1). P'er '.r! cv, o 'lW r-al Icitrcy on tle bhoes of n(;leccdarhv, a Ic,.,e' ,- In failies, illustrated by maps Just rceieed cad for sale by W McKEAN, m9 ner "'crp snd Common Sts. . OTICE.-Thewnrof seeoreal packagsS merchas 1 dise marked Madame V. Artiqssncave. per ship Gaton, from Nw Yuork, is hereby notified tint they ha bhaern storned by STETSON, AVERY & C. s31 Catonsignees "*sss,, JUST PUBLI ES DFROM STERZOTME PI.iT E, lhe NIkL Fdiltion of ROWLETT's TABLEWOF INT.REST: N| TO which is now added an Average Time C~leola tor, oreasy methods for Snding the avvge time V i strage, ntean of had or bll of goals, wha air- .' deasd at dltta.wpt dates an diternmt eretlit, anl for varios amlnnotsi besidessuaeful and complete lanking Time Ta'le, tde he best i n be eenlrived. r that fi gure acn preluse within the rome eomlelend comnpaa, and sl eolf pe. An a:verlarement in thebook is in nearly the follow 9Te high distlnetion this woam has reeived throug the ten legislative aets prej ed to th tilts page, is a re omm.nlv ion in itself, so onenmmon,, and so eonlu slie, th tnalaing li nenesary more rhan by way of ld yetisement, to given condensed vlewof some of its pe alliritiee : as for insanee, the Intatrest has been oma Is. ed from, and eompared with, what is equivalntt td four teen eta fealnulallione, examiued in the presthirty five tinao, and printed mrom atera.tfle platel tested I thiryty-onn. times, from all which it mnst be evidet ' even to the skeptie (eepeeiatillaon thepe.annl of the ae- d tail f oin the prefane) thnt the work must be arith- I eti ely infallible, and in conirmation of this beliefs a peemitm of two hundred and fifty dollrs, is now offer ad for ?tC dete.tion eo an error ofa cent in the present I l'dr fifth edition, as epressed in tne preflc, emklng flve I lrgepremions offered for the ote meta siethhe first I publicadon inthe year ll.. One of the most conspicuous featoes of the tables iL nthe, arrm.ngenmnt of the Time anad Amounts, which I fr epediti ns, roferene ondperspieuity, with the hIelp I o the ide and index, pnlnot be excelled; and the usaly ty and ens with which the interest can be tbnd to the extent of general businoes, withont donbling on alm i ibelsdes a eonvanienae ao essential, that in the eatlma tinof some oi the most competent and praetseal busi- I I ne eand publit oflleers who have madegreotune iL of theworkl, it habea distin.uithed bytho haltotnle appelbaion efofai "master poiee". And eonsidering I the inllihility of the method originally nijpted in Scomlmniag the work, and the exteortiaeyunnhr and variety the examinations, and tests of every edition it hlspansedinthbepe, eotwithatatdlngthe whole iin i stereotype, onsiderng, in sh16rt. bhe positive asncy scred by the nnpreedonted mann employed, the vo-i lumehas heet heldup and emlamticallyasylet the moast wonderful booknn thewaLkt" most certainly no mancan names figre work of the mame extent which since the beginnlng of ertion, has had the same num Ier and variety of tests in the same number of edlitors; no, nor one llf the number, as is clearly shown in the preeee. Belides, astest and standtl l, ithen been tried and d in narly all the Ink anti puhlie oafice in the Unit u sates, snd by the public gon ally, during the Slon gperid of thirty-hfi rearn, yet noeeror of the cal sbtitonl has ever bean found in print, althongh oentiou i lyisallen efd bl the ofer of very large premiumsL a isfat exprely adopted by all the eorts l ofnlaw c leveral ofthe States an the " ate of ealculstlmn forstatute interest," a alsl by law for bank interest, aeohrdingas the book it used, and almay he seen in part, by niln names of the mubtcrihers, and a few of the ar mbsequent p.irolaser inthe list attheend ofthe book, sin ilann of every clots of eitinet in every quor to of the United Staten. SIt ismoreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has o often deteeted large aerrors, long after they were e made, even by the maost careful and maot competent nrithmetie'nao, tnt its uaefulnesa, and the nhaotate ia euimty for its uses hve been extensiyely insisted opon, Sso evident, inceoe, have heen its avantagels, andt its I, sIvings, that, severel yenrlnag, whilst the first edition n wassenare, and out of prinat,n great ,n.mber of second hand eopies were sought for, some to a gre.t distanoe. r and purerased at variaus prices, as they could oeantion ally he picked up at from $10 to $25 per copy, and some perons have reen.oy declnared, and instancea could be quoted that they would lay $50tt, tO0, and a$5,) Stfor a copy, tfnot to be hand for less, anil n individual in the latter instance partievlarly, having at the same Ie iine rxhibited satistactory proof, to several persons pr.. Is nt that to him it was rally woeth that money and more thmolgh the saving of his very valuable time, he it being a very rich man and in pnblie o.licq. I Itl likewise worthy of notice, and inleed proper to imprea, that such is the nature of figse work generally and aspecially when of the extent and importance of these to ls, that had this book or its like been preper. d- ed in the usual manner vlone, by the most competent calculator in the world, andl afterwards prietld most Scaationly undler his own correotion of proof sheets, it wCiald, almost to a eertainty, have been uanefe for re ferenee, nd dear at any price, as the prefaee deriicu - larlp explails, But so perfect and vaiualde have the stereotyle plate' of this worklheen maie, that to seoere them, iLththeir numarcus and extraordinarly eoxanla of tionls,against fire, for the gelleral benefit, they are (by - advertisement) eomlaitly kept in a ilaee of speeial tn iaafet), exceplt vwhlile a.ein plitlill,. or Ample lireetions to ind lboth banks and statute inator ' eat with uselil notes, follow the plrfaec, whlieh, in this fitth as i the two Ilrteedling editoans, coatain mullch iol fe' frmation conlerl.lllg the two lawful modes of olnput ve i fitnter ast, tee davs af glace, kr. 0- It reim:lat l lyl to roeIark that, lotwithastanditg this ulncuanmallylv cosly work, whlicl waspublisheal Ibelore e- inteltrst tables warointllatiinea d is dollars amll cents be l yen a'lllnllaaaane, hafs leen to etlelsively sad so liberolly L- pltrolaed, it lais not) t so ntlh as paidl with illteret. I tee heraty lass of aiaully foulal thlloand dollars, besideso at six eaers ad time flanm fl99Iao I tt18, sustainled thefirst el dition aof lalO alpics,aeaaisiai chitefly froma its publien ol ion l tll at time, at :ao pnide pic,i to snv nlthillg of at campensIltil o Illot fil almost a ifte-time of care, toil, ai and elrifae. %% herltlre, lte aittaaor still relies on the at ii arntnlt and gecnrosaity of the plalie fr a coni elaaill: ae oaae tli iaefe'ean. acd t.aImlll0ge. F.r salle lby the et I'aaaia ,aI lio,akteliers ian Lhe IltaL.,ld Stnlee. 1 l. l.ll1.'ai NIWV Wtll:!i,.fie-'Tia , A aaaaaiaaa I, A aglaaaill, by alt nautllarlt' " A Yoar it patllll," int ail Noble l)edsof Watlen, in 1 vot. The l Yonll Wtife'a llook, manual a manrd reli t sus mid lll aoreti: dsaties. Itt Jutot reraeiveta aaal foroale ly WM. I'KFAN, DOCTOR JOHNSSON qIIAY be consulted confildetly at his office, 143 LIL Custom Ioause alrert, near Dauphine streel, or the treatrnwn of u cErtainclasn of delicate diseases. From Dr. Johnson's extlaeive opportunity in .no.r of the most celebrated Hlscitnl, in KIrope, excluivre ly devoted to tile treatmenl of Vmenriul and S1philitic complnints;and ales Iroin o rer.rnien of five years in New York, during which timoe IDr. Johnson confinsed hiu practice solely to tihe treatment of those diseases, with Ithe most unprecedented suecress: he it enabled to to move any of the foilowing comlrlnints in from 5 to 20 days, witihout injuring tile constittion by mercury'e or any other deleterioas medicine. Ghonorihea, Gilet, Stiruetue, faoninal Weakneas, Aflections ~f thalllad der, Kidneys, Prostate Gland,aud any of those numer ous train of affectitns, which generally follw nsgs t ed or mal-treated eases of Venerial. Scrofulous orme, ulcerated legs, and woran, removed by a simple netb. od of treatment, without restriction in diet, or interrup. tinn from business. Persons residing in the country, and who foel deli. cute incoi sulting their family physician, by sending a statemet of their case by letter post paid witht fees enloased) can have iDr. J.ohnso's advice, for their own treatment, with medicine, necessary to he used, forwar. dad. Separate offices provided where patients can tnever rome in contact with each other. Attendance froam morning until night, at 143 Custom Holse street. IlU'Consultations strictly confidential in all oases. de 1l3 T]OYl.E k MAY, House, Sign, art Ormamrns j Painters, Ne 3 Caormdelo street, two dotras from Canal street. imitations of' the following woods and mnrbles, e eanted in a masterly manner. woaatl le mAnlxe. Mahoguny, gyptian black and gold, Oulk G-Lrals and Antic, Pollard d, entl or nerd antique, Curled do, jagre, Curled Maple, IlI al Stone, Birds Eye Io, herby Granite, Satiu Wood, Potomac, Hair Wood, )Dove or Bardello, Yew Tree, Italilan White. Coromendle or Black Sianna and Breetella, Rose Womi, Arsooieti Grey, Ash White Oak, kc. kr Hac. Curled Elm, Slpeimens to be seen at the diop. paints, ails, gla, sepal vedb, teo.e aon ban ndlor sale. ml TIWN,STEEL& H-EAVY OOD)-- Hat, square andal bundle iron, well assorted. l aool, scroll and rod iron, oail rods and plough moulds Cast, German, shear, blistered, sluing, sheet anl Crowley stetel Hollow ware, cut and wrmoht nailts and s ikes Zine, block tiln, mill anl graut starms, selt-kelles Clhain eables, anchors, hoer O, log andi truee chains, corn mills Anvils, vices, Hammermans bellows Wire, slhat, pig and lir lead; shot Coal, and cooking stoves Ame, Roowland's awl other paltes and shovels Honk and plate hinges, door anl window hooks Collins, Hunts, Sihras, anti other axes I'ar'd and Menills nordage, lines and twine Bilt and sheathing opper-, Naval stores Paintt, linseed and perm oil A lull assortment of hardware and sip ehandlery, aiways on hand, and whitls rs offered ftr sle at whale ale or retail, mi the most favorable terms, by m4 I.AY1TON Co. 53 Old eve. Mnrmgonltrey collntyAlntama. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEAN&. FHE prprrietor of Ihia establishment has the plea sure of announcing to his friends and the public is general,that he will ie in readines by the firt day of Mar to receive viaiters. He will also state for the be neft of those at a distancee, that there bave been large improvements nmade, and others now going on and m rapid progress for completion, which will enable the sublaerber to acommodaute a much larger number than heretofore, and at the same time much better. Familie can he accommnndated aith good rooms, or there who prefer can have large cabins tetached from the main bitilding. it is deemed annacesse.ry to sty snything in prtecu. lar of the character ol there waists, for it t gernerally believed that they are not inferior to any in the South r.i States. All the amusements that re genrally foundat Watering Plaees, will he fiend nt this. The best music that this part of ti countery affonrs, has been engaged, and will be in consetnt attendance at the Springs during the whole senson. 1 heu sbeaihre will avail himeelf of this eppnrtnity in returning his unteigned thanks for the vary liberal upport given him lat seeaeuen. ani hopes by te enr-. tions that have been made in improving and extendnag Ille a:ccommnodations, to merit a iberal patrunage the pesent season. JNO CRAM. m3 '"O 'THE LADIES. A TKINSON'S DEPILLATO(Y, for rtmoving u Sperfluoue hair from the fatce ne:k and nes, w equal esnfty and certainty, leaviag the skin finer and whiter than befiao the atplicausn. A freeh atpply unt received at (lU.ON'S, No I Echange Hotel, corner St Clharles and C~maneor, etre to. up t MIAIL ARRANGEMEIENT Nordler Mail, De Evry Da at 1i M Westrra Milr Due er r undy, Waduday an WVeorla Ml , Frlidaye byda anM eao Fn Claos every Monda, Wednesda Co ,sad Saturday, by 9 P. , kLa /eaIl Due every uttsy Thursday, an vm Closes every Monday, Wednesday SXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'TUR DISTANCE &e. of the Express Mail, betwn Manooila and New Yor--leavhn MIobild dail at 3 P. M. Noerbwer New York daily st 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive S Nrthward. Distance. Time. Retaen'g Montgomery. Ala. 2 pm. 198 m's 23 h 12 im. Columhue, Ga. 11 81 94 34.. Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 2 p.m Columbia, S.C. 74 am. 163 17+ 10 Raleigh, NC. 5 15 22 12 WaCreaton, Va. 12 . 52 'at 1a Pebersbura Va. 10 pm. 83 10 a. m Richmond, V. 1 am. 2 3 Frederioksbhrp, 6 7 lp an. Washington ietly, 24pm. 61 6 5 Baltimore, 0 38 4 04 Philodelphia, 64 am. 100 11 2 New York, 1 pm.; 90 l 1305 143 h. or 5d 23k Northward. Coming Southward,the time is six hours leso; being5 days andm] 17 hourn. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. ) ANAWAY froli 100 Ctirondelbt career of Heria 1i streets,on the night of 80th of August, and was seen the anexiat mrning in Popdra street, a negro boy named CHARLES, about 1Ipyear of age, tld 5 fee or thereabouts in height, vorv lack, and has an imped imnent in his speech, on of his i.g is sore, eoasioned by a recent hurt; he had on whean he weat away a white cotron -or linen shirr and white cotton pantaloons. SMatsers of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a t galant receiving or harboring said negro, anwell as all other pereoay as the atmnost rigour of the law will he enforced against them. The above reward will be pal fordeliveri him intoany of the jails of either of the manicipalites, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Hevia ateet. wept IOTICE-The copartnership hereltobfore existing u nder the firm ofDubois & Garreuon, has bhen dissolved. The subscriber will liquidate the afnairs o the concero in thin city, and requires all persons indeb. ed to make Payment to him only, and all those havinl claims, topresent ihem forsettlemAntt. tangi 8-7t H GARRETPON W. W. S WAlN. No. 11JCaen &Brest Ne, Orleans t AS always on hand eenatantly & receiving Dn. II wDyes, Chemicale,and Pamaa,among them ar. w 1RUGS. DYES) Antimony, enlue, Argols, red, do relalue, A natto, 8p.. . Arienio, emde, Alum, do powdered. Brmzillette woes, Balam eopavia, Coehineal, Berma,ernde, Coppera, American, do refined, Cnpbeoar Brimltone, ermle, Fsntic, Tampico, t de roll, do Cuba, do flower, do Maine, Birmuth, Fremnh herries, SCatoroil, Indigo, Bengal, Cream tartar, do Manilla, I Contharides, de flerraeca, aGum aloes, do aot.anmloa, do Atabi, Legwotd, Caml a.cby tdo smfmtia, tIO St Ionmtigo t do amonine, do Jamaica, [ do benzein, Camwood, do oeopal, rough, Madder, ombio, do do rapeitd, Nioauragua, Momnare, lo do S Aneeri-n, do Cu'r. d Io eamphor, erutle, do M.ranei Sdo do renifn do Ilaehe. dot uinamm, CHEMICALS. ndo kino, Aca,, nitro0 s y do mantic, de mmriatie, t do oapla m. do valphurie, do adtelk, Blus viriol, it .. anega Calnmoli, pp It do aamalnc. '.mooaive mbulimati it ~do trag.nnasth, ldorideof lime, Gamboge, lpsom ailts, - IJuniper berries, AmtoerlnaLnamr natin, r ,la do noreign, Riie teciiate, aMugneaia, Englisb, Rohelole sit, t do Anmeriea Redthromute potins y Manna flake, Sup earp So.*., I do sorts, Snlp potsn Liq.t.ieto Inal, Stagr le.a, Oil cloves, Sull zinc, dis cassis, Sulp qutiine. - to bergamnt, Tartar emenic, t- dulemon, I'AINTl-ltlea In peltrtnin.t, Blue, i lad undltian, Chromicyellow, Idry, e to peatar, hdo lo it oil lo ,tI; stp, do ireen, dot, ly do d itaawce, Iotn in d ilo d. o r hubart, E I, Iabloa.k Enghlt, as do , alde erm tow: a Io Sat't viii, .idttrge, nen;Ial, ado ao waatlaImdarAs, I .eritui of de do lTanpicoli, P':i white nIglis, it, illa nsi, dle Atewricat lie lo nrni, led leadl, Potter iu: ao endlna lltlln, bk (milal.,rionE. til eta'aam,|i,, Spnat harown, dr,, la.glbt. toL I'Ulirekll , do gIround in oil So flin, leolit, oa At; . r ni, Stllioal, S3;aai;ll, gloand . i. o Nitte, t tl,, 'V i n .illio , I'hhiei++ alo To lt aefat, 5;tal;0; Sotalu ,avet, Alta, In ' giood ;;;a Sti do to dia. i'o Ihi a lool'ta o:uIp, W1'iolasor, Ilagliuli, . hiel o, iIr Anc:, is d43 IO Atonrica, A. Eaiil1lh, aa Cui il am w lrtt l p ill Qaituaksilver, Atll wnoalta.l plare. &10--- Po CAPTAIN MAIR{AATT'S NEW NOVI:I.S. RelJin the Reefer, by the author of P'ter Simple, &a in 2 vole,, CLammings, or a Winter at Shlaoss Hainfrlel in Lewee Styra, by Capltain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, I. L S., in I vol. lord Roldan, a romance, b Allan Cunnlngham, l vo Sheppard Lee. written by Ihimself, in vole. d Cnmpendin nlIitaoofltaa.fg, translated from the original Italan, by Natniel a ('one, in 1 vol. ft ming No. 79 of Harper's gamily Library. Voln. 8 & 4 of tlmnew connlete atd enitfria edition tf Waldingtoa lreIln's Wreks. Roger's Freach and Eaglisk Diatioaw. Ih I rol, 3rvo Nagrn.t's reach nd FStlh Dietleeay.. ALsn-A few more eupte of Colbe'e Phreaolgy "Rioni." Large Surveyor's Cnmpamees ofsupertor qua ity, with chains, Billiad BIlallsof 21.4 and 2 1-2 inches, Gillott'n improved metalic Penae,japaned papers, weights Ae. c., Ae. Just received, and for sale by m31 IIBENJ. EI.VY. SIPAIN REVISITEI),&c. dc SPAIN REVISITED, &c, by the author of 'A year 3 in Spain,' in vols. Traie of ladaa charater,as generollv applicable ten the Aboriginies of North Amnerica, by Gr Turrr.Ee 2 vols. t a"r The Political Grammar, of the United States, or n complete view af the theory and practice of the georra ancd oate governments, with the relatisns betwean them -dedicated and adapted to the yeung men of the Umtedl States, by E DIManalfield, Eaq. nimrod's Hrei Tmear interspersed with character latic anecdotes, eanagsa and doings of enportiu men, i. eluding notices ef the principal crack rtleia tf England with analytical eontent, and general indeo af names,2 voltutee. non THn C.nA Oa Scrofula or King's Evil, Chronio Rheumatitn, Chronic Cutaneous Lia- Pains in the Boanes, by free easeN, une of Mercury the blod being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syru is prepared with the greatest pharmaeeuticul care and accuracy, and contain the active pnneiple of Sarsaparilla in the most concan trated degree, eombinrd with ether vegetable substance of known efficacy.. The.great desaderatemm with physicians in being abl to exhibit a large qantoity of Sarsaparoilla in a nma dose, has been obtained in this prepatraion--thy, beiott filly convinced ,f its merits, confidently administer the course of their practice. Pride $1 50 p1r bottle. Sold only at SWAIN BIROTH FR'8 drug store, No. I I Canal street, whe may be had, fresh and genuine, direc tfrem the pr Tri tort, Swaim's Pnacea and Vernmifuge Potter's Ct.aLolt con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera assrtm ent of fresha dr gs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, de. INNOCKS8 IMPROVED EDITION OF DR SGoldsmith's Abridgment of the History of Raom to which is prefixed an Introduction to the Study o Roman History and a great variety of valuabhle infoer mation added threoughont the wort, on tem Manners Inetitutiona and Anttquitlts of the Romans; with ntt merons biographicl61 and hiteorical Notes; and qtee tiont fitr examination at the end of each section. II lustroted with thirty enpavinga on wood, by Athorton, Ptlea'cat Improved Edition of Dr Goldsmith's History of Eegland, from the Invasion of Julius Clar to thei. death of George 2d, with a centinuatlon to the yea 1832. With questionas for exmniantion at tlhe end t neh section. Besides a variety of valuabla informs l;on added ttreughott the work. Consisting of table af contamperany Sovereigns and eminent persaona Copious explanatory notes. Remarks on tIte poll ties, manners end literatnure of the age An outline r the Conatitation, de. &c. llustrated by many seng GUYs' EL.nat,. Or A.vIteowo , and an Aoridgmen of Keith's New Treatine on the Ude of Globes. New American edition, with additions and improvement anM an explation nfthe astrmnolical part of the A. rioan Alhmnac. Just reeived and for nale by WIM M'KEAN nos e4 rner of Camp and Oommon ste HARPER'S CLA.SSICAL LIBRARY. Fl OlACE, tramnlated by Phillip Prtanci, D DI), with IR an appendix, eotaaining tranlanmta of variont les, d:. by Ben Jonson, Cowley, Milt*n, Drydon Pope Addisoen, Swift Chtteanrtoa, Gi Wakeield, Poran Bryan, de. and name of the more mnient poetsle of at dayy-and HgRUS, with lai appendie of 'ludius transla ted by Christopher Smart, ia J vole forming volneess 18 andl 12of"Harpnte Clauical Librarv The Eapeditam of UlfllPKtV CLINKER, hy Smollett, . D, with a memoir of the Author, by T'l'to ut Rscoae, Eaq., new edition, with illstrationas, by Ga THE .IPSY; a Tnle,by theauthor of a"Rheisn Mary alO urgundy," lt., owe editihtm, . vnle aepl PAUL eLIPFOIUCD;, by the anutlur at "Palhe The Diet trad" Ac, beiut volume IV allan new oea not"Li aensrCmepla I'abe. Ju treceiveda aes ty) WM McKEAN AjdAON SIUIS--36 taks Cinacinnei e--m Iric frotntcetc.atten eoa hclho, and e tar I w eOtdro & IIAWI'

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