Newspaper of True American, September 22, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 22, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, iAfEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CIIE4PIY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .n1telrica , IT. CHARLES STRiRET, NEAR I'iofliRAS. m23 I011f181 \NA IFRNITURE WARER.OO'IS N . 53:, the vll, slrei t. W ILI 1AM II. CARNES, (fln, rli of th fir n of Flint & Glrnes,) wonthl risecl,ltlllly inuIrn his friends and the iublic, hat he in co srailltI? receiVillng frotl New York and Io2tltlila good cinirtmllt of Fur uiture, such as mahoIn gany ch'lirs, eOtIeI, I.1d-teals im pie aol painted chanirs, manpl and cihcerrv bIedtenld-, lahogany and cherry tilaeI of all description,, It" reans, toilets, secretarys, wrIin dilsks, wnrdo eil, of mahogany andl cherry, wasnh sn'ad, ulookiing glassen, featlhc"s, ceddiig, &c. &tc. Nit. Furaiturn packed fbr trannportntionl with great lRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Renmoed fron 17 Cuastontlo,tse St TO NEXT DOOR To Sr. CliARLE I T'IIEATRE, CORNER OF PvYDRAS & ST. CHARI.ES ISTREET. aug9--183B. MIA-YOR ALTY OF NEW ORlLEANS, Council if llunicilptlitq .,10. I, Sitting of August 30, 183N8. A N OPDINANCFE onilernin' t Burials in thei Ihr •in lg girund of Mnnuipatility No. 1,of thei city of NewO Orleanin. 'he Council of Municipality No. One, onrd in as fl Artw 1. From and aier the 1tith of Se,ptembr next, it shall be the duty of the guardion or guardiauns of1" eenateriien withilln i illlnicilpaility, to dllud, a cer tifiate signed iiv a licenaed phyiciilln, Olr tit( IIroIer, or twO respectii letii citizens, jonlllly wilt IlP ci lllis ry of the ward in which tle dealh imy occur, stating the date ou the tinitcu e, nane, age, pliec i birth, sex. eollor aiud cause of death df the body brougit to tihe oemetery for sepulhure. t.e . Ti ertifip c ate i a l cases, to be failnihed hIt the imrono pernInti hriigliici iii tu he i'illi iiIV bld tuely or dead bodie, eand in I n ease licill tln 1;,5p mr oF the cemeltery receive for ilitirnlt bloiet - withot havinc oibtained tile certiflli: icit e IIIt ationed. Art. 3. It shall lie the duty of the keeiper of the eemeltrv tn record ini a it k kept ti r i~lat pbrpoei .ali the partiicare o ltaineld by l erltfi lei im eluatllog to the diceio a hitvin ia reiicivcd pultice, huand al.ol Io Iflr binh mtontlly a report 1o the icayr (ii* th' oilcy, col ltining a copy of tile sieiii )iP , lihcrc Of big h. ctli aneof denth, dales ol dlPca.L. cx, Ielllr lcc 1ci itll alllts of the phyicianse or otllher cniins attlieOig tie sap tbe Art. 4. A flie of ten dollars shtall IWs ilit.ulsd upon the perelbn or persoII c iilici li II IIdI' ,bd i el llil - icc.'II. tur toi tThie nce teriei oF this mniciiltli;i ii , where the certificale hercinfurc ineiltioned, cihll cot have bhen furnished. Art. 6. The gulrdian of tile cemetery chall in such cases he, and he to hereby autburised, to take Iposses ntion oft le ire or hurses aunld ahicle cringing said bodies, and e lll kee e oesiin of said hiores and te icles auntil he fine ehall ave been paidl Art. . The mayor is hireby naithorised to publish the presoeit ordi.inneec in all the newspapecrs it t is cily, botnh in the French and English ihiingsig during ten aye. [Signed PAUl, IIERTUS, Recorder. Approved, September 3, 18:8. [Signed] C GENOIIS, Mnayor. A true copy. THEaRI), Jiun. Sec'y. SITTING OF SETI'I'EiER E . R, 18'1S. Resolved, Tait i e ond nieane eioniirncinlgii tie hiu v'ing groeunde passed on theic 3ith i a ., ie eni amended is In eulstltute the worads "lst of i(cttoier lext" h ie r the eurdslt'tll n of Seplte er tIlext," in tile first article of the ild ordinance. [Signedo] PAUl. BER'US,Recorder Appreumad, September 5, 1iltl3. [Signed] C. (IENOIS, Mayor. A true copy Tl n:ARU, Jun. Sic'Y. MAIRIE DE IA NELLE. ORILEANS. Coneil dela Premiere \ uicipalite.-n~t ' lanc extra ordilatirt du 30 a tout t:i8. Orldoinuuae coicuernnt eIi sepulIture donr let heill tiere n de u l ticiilal ilt No. 1, tie in ri le dei ll l'al s, Le n a n eil e ii eilii ' Noi. Iil, Id III Vill II la Nclle. Orliane, nrre c I q Oi suit: Art I, A dater du dix iieplelchi prt',hlr i1 seer du davoir dol garlien oi dtaes r nlld e l, 1, ciloelirna dnlls delnit l tai ncip ilhcc ,rx g e c "r llue ililt ciuiiiiil . tilia mederin lhceniic c le pr iii.crii Omidrl ir ux ii. i" - uea respectllel s IcriiJiitel~l l llorri II I Iolliia lt quart;i r dan , Ils liqu e It d ri amtd m iln ,I, lital I'ricl 6unt lni date d ou d n n(, Ie nL , i'iRT, il e li rde I r'u. aane, ple ecxon, Inclsieur, niT.i W J' 'n t n, duc Ileirel's, eailci porte ll' u i i ci'-r ii, lte i trii' y in [,.I.iii. Artc 2 Lcu dit ticertiliec t c ,,e dnns t£ Ice ano furtlle it'Lr la perioii , ol e r p Por ln+ I r c.lll t iillli nlqt I lie deicp i lc i ii oii du crps I l ll 1" ' iic II ide, r11 dens aucl n cac1c+it ic ieii, iiiill lllli i' lll lill c rllpls I.r ii v Crre uterre o Illoin" ,i'uvuin1 pr l llc'lll:ll lt ll D O (Ihn l c IV eertifica i ciders s ,e tiesi('. Art 3. 11 tra d d rdin dede tlt ei Iimtierc d'ilt ipec iie r ci plceciiir ll;I iiii rPli rl g ilt elll' t uUm ai allycn p eis c rlilintmn rce lnci ii It-iiii co'rps tiii l i Aruitti , n iin a ni uiic c; iiiII elni' ii ' ih rnih ('it ,i u, .m sa cn rap rt ii ' A n't iiieirittti ililiti 'rtnI dee iloni, t lleua n iln i 1 e aci i -, c ii le. i t i ,ii till detr. a iexcs ce i olhu.i tics crric:iii- iiinic h ilci lae d l , Innind I ellen cie (. tlci a itres +pe ii ' li t icg 1ic i iurn,lt sign(, ie. vert li..its. Art 4. Ip e a1, t iecc e di811 piastres sern ilillio.l* t louts pen3.rl~lSii npportnnt illiEpidusii',s orni -ne , I Fetiere pour y iitrie neiP.i': ci ti.llIrtll e o,- lclec Icer Stifical c deLU n eisl l t'ionl s t,1'aneic pointilliellr, Art 5,le ',inlt nrlin n i rti . tie re iil f, a llllisi Ian n Art6, Le dmoire st u stet lee m'ar+ ,ltilie A flru peibcir da pin foutes giueltes t. e et vll, i llgluis ct Stnfr nneais l i pr floste ome lll cin nct. i)enlllt I'.srllnCe de di i jouri, c igue, PAuL;. IIERtI'US, Recorder Approuvt In 3 epltemcbre 1838, Signb, C +EN')I3, inito, Poor copie conforome, T'I'IEAlID, J r--, eric taire aSeancedll sc,,pteLuhre 18t,. Resolu i ue I'ordonnalctE r'l'ltiv tlx ci'nl'er Vdoptees le21i uitt d;rairr n itnuie ndebi deliinalliPl .ubslilter dait'a't ller "s Icr, eilrbrtm io chllplnl" 10 septelnbre prlmih . Reseolu eItc I emitn salt fait a I'artiy ' de la susdite irdOllllne, 8igae. PAUL I!ERTUS, Recorder. Appritve le 5 stptetmhre 183 . Signe, (C C I:N)IS, maire. Pour enpie coitfori~e, TIEARI), Jr, secretaire au8:10 I and |01 grossl porterbrbellies, iilTr sihe II_ jyi2 Ilaok Alley. Jynne nai Aiey. PRIVATE BO RIING HOUSE, M. 13, 'Tolouae us,--lBy )Irs lonttllr.n. '|IHIS house i s en iol anlld conveniently situated Sfor men of business, near te eve Lev and tle New - xcllalnea T'heaile will be well suppliedad ad atotded to, and Abe charge moderate. Bocrderwiiiagnh to have iodgih:, cn Ihe e(:Olalllo dated, at dieiucet pricet, wilth ommilojius turniahe ooma., Boalders will Iive the iattic iu lion to meet there, peersian speaking the Irench, lEnglish nud C an PENSION BOUILR;.EOlSE, Reae Tbulouse. n. 13, iwnue par.lIde Vi. II Ifmlann SET i ttablisseme, tes ellaieuux, er se Irouve. Filtl pres d, la Levane t de la Nouvelle Bourse, e'est dine au centre ds utldires. Latublhe tir bien fournie, proprement tenue et a aua qui prenant pension d.sireraient y loger an sent den appartemens de dllirens prix, bieun garis et .otettcuds.. Lee pensionnairee auront I'at.ment d'y trouver des penrsunes prlanrt le leangues li'an ise nanulrise ont ecLyUqole.' 23:au -ALA. IA -W in-e, w -e nud dry, in quarter casks, LI Indian bble..forisale b i t RA 24 II.,RST'O1V, ang25 7 Biak Ilace. rt from, Nw Yoek anl Boston Pern in necant of' FURNITURE.. would do well to call t 53 . ienville street before purchasing elsewhere. Termns Cash, or good city acceptance. R CARNES a* 2 W R CARNES. aug2?3--2w M EDICINES, PAINTS I OtILSL-A large and general assortment on h nd, itr s',le low, by JARVI1 & ANI RE\S, or Coimmonl & Tichonp itnin la NOTIt'E. HE Copartnerhrn heretofore exiling in thi. city, T betw Ieen the subsetbeis, under the firln of Lana •chan i.yea dt Co., in New York, Inaidlhnw Cu., und in Natche n, Miss., Van Wyek, laidlawi A Co., isliol red by mntua lconsent. Juhn Laidlaw, Pette S. Van nr, and ' P.. Van IV vek nare authorized to uta the inamo of the fil in liquidfation anlh. / JOHN LAIDLAW, ANIiREW LANE, SPET. R S. VAN W\VYC, TIIHOMAS WV. VAN Ph YCK, g-w Orleans, aug. 18bh, 1838. (O-PAIR'I' EISIIipI. The subscribers hauye fir mied a copartnership in thl cinty tnder tine firmi of Van eeik o (Ci., and in New York under the finrm ofnJIin Iaidlaw 1 Ca. JIOIN I 11)1. \W, LPETE TR.. VAN \V1 CR, auglt8--l3l. THOMAS 5\. VAN VYCK, Slannel; Liverpool stripe,in [twiled- ndi whiei cut toon oits; hevyh bilie snriped ...tider oans, landig rom shil Conlclrllia, r salel Iby ISAAC liIltII'CE & CO s3p8l; ,:ie . --. VA NA COi 'HFE -In I- ) bags i tn alne, and lor SLATER & TRIER, cep8 d1 ',iiri, t ras tt P I.'VTIVG OI,''ILE. OR SqAI.E,--A printing ofiler, emnpne ,i of all ' the lat :riels necessary fir it n.lac nle.r An a.sonrtnent of {'renchn n'neet; neversi; |.clni iI Jim Tnje; a lareei ram i:upenial 're ', na, An, wilie sold . ehcap,anud on easy tlnls. Thii., eni excelln, ia l,nc for one intending tn eialiih a couatre inine, aud vil Ire Jnob Olfie. Tlen mip Fne. aill bh nal i nstearalnely tcom the pre.p shniuld nu.h all ar'ntgcmrn tt.,,nin- I date the pI chnnh n. Apply iat thtis olier. atlc28, Tor the Interior. For Springfietl, (Livingstron C, ) Paors Ji nchel:r ollolh |of Itse Anlllllte, T ' hihllrhto n ind ·rioehot(' llllld cgs J T1E well known aI d lidht ;i-rught S;-a .. mler, will leav ti li, end of tie R ull I lood ont '.' othloooosld l rlll il) ith Itit iot t., after the orrioal of the B o'chlok I I,. For fieolch ori 'Wssa,.c, atldt, t toK.ll. \Vt I'dr A, • . t. and11 f,. S. lied Offich, % ur the I.':x<+han~e Ilotel, St. Charles street, ,ew tlhb ons, seli 15 1Ot LOTIISVI.LI ,''INeINNAT'l. AND ALL IN I''. (i0 DI A'IE P'IRI'TS. . I--. The ul;tnntial isteno loot GOV. SllEI.IlY . J Kercheval, S t.".. illltt i il hourly er peted t arriv, and will have .lr linteh flhr the' llhote pol-s;. For .roiht olr oastae, htviog 2 per iorcomollattios, allply to IAWRENCE & IEGENIt)iE, sept P2 & 20 ! 'w I.Nt'e I'L'EASUII': EXCUIISIO.'V TC BAIY TIu. OUJS ANlD PA.s CHRIST IAN. are g$.5011!! Tlhe lit rllnllin. 'tranllot M 1 ZE.PiA. Cptai, (,ihiin, le.v..s the =° ý tlake cn d oo f th rail r'ad, at the llri vtl oft ite I u'cloe k ears, lni Satrurdy evetfl: ttht Ill th in-t. Io ev+',r esu ing Saturday. ItItuormo, wll rta II tie rail rolndhv it, o'lohcko oil \lnnlhy llotri g. Apply to GEO. IIIi'r x, N tw (OrlhaŽnx . Mobile til 1Tfier. dngl8 Uonder the i'.xchau'i Iliotel. r Charlea s1. EliS, P -i ' ithl It, BI ',\,SI lA fJUi.A, Twire a (reek. '1Ptl 1 rThe lille low Ilpres'u'e steaOmer '1 IIRAIFFE, Capt. Swilh , will leave '.1 " . fio r th e hth oe p l ae e s o n th e im o r ,i ,Us of 'IEDNESIIAYS & SA'rTRII)AiS, uoreditotlv li r tle oillivilt orfl(he 7 o'clock lr-,l andl eltnrlol It llrdny l n I tlo to thi e toi l oe on- 'I'h e P i tb li c ilu nridp p eid o p m g n a t ,,illc lll itv. . Aieg 14 Ii o p-ass. e apllplv to i'nitl in wiler. Fot :I'f -T h aond all nlnierntrdio tle oolotlog Te lOw InrcLSLle senai beot _ lC\RIllNRIt ,will leave \tew hloia( !.~frilble fo r Molllill er nIye Trhurisday ara Sthaly, fit 1l2 oiloIkM1M. toneitL I t Itoll too lie la i plot-tot it whihh piastetgtoro nato ,ish to lad. t or aur oher partlic lur,, atupl. It , WIIlTAIAN, Tv24 Exclxllnlo V loNtl, St. 'ItrlPa E I. I-or Mobllile aTl oil InlererrBdiolt L.Adiaa SI~'.l "a llrThe fast rtllitilllt- Into t lr!emllid stl0l ý.J_.'ltc goll. t \VW.A.. W\AI'ACi'., eiili~ely io; -. - O. i %j& rI .o..u, will twiv NLew (Il: . . .r Mohile, 1id1 1ln ionthermedillae wrltCheil bo ple- lvo, eTuerdy tu d l ulnirdal, ollo the a rrival ofl't l o'ckcd.r, carold GEIl). IV IlXIITMAN, jv24 xta lltng Ihltel. oStt.(hnleostr t. SA'I'LItl)Al' IVININi; \N.U) -iUlI) EXCURSION T.) MANI)VI.E & OV II NtTl "INVII.ll-. o "o Tiht m ate ner wtill r uI A IA r t\, .' . 1 . C a p tt . I . . T. KI lo t ll t , i l l Il . t . . l t o I ak r end ofmhe pllef a-rond li lr the labve W ne twx, ever l evenlir., ia the .rrival of the 2 o' locok eatr, and return tCilt tooe ig.t,--ant ettav, SuTt tluy morniog on the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars; return Isg leave Madlsonville at 4 o'clock, P. M. a"! 3taw 2ln OR ,IAU IS)NVII,IE. IOCg)UI-:lIWIlU, MIANLGE VILLE & uCOVINGTITN. o The filst runlig aou s plendidl team . boat SOUJTll ALAhA\IA, L. T. l-ev Knight master, will run ae a ltrnlail blot lor the above pllots on Mtonvdays, \Vllens doa s and Fridays, after the rrivtl of tIc Iltotouck cars, A i. Iteouroi It, leaves Covitinlto 'I'tlsdayi, Thrtr lays and Soturadas, at t8 o'clock, A t1. NI II. All bogcoge aid Mprcelo att the risk ofthet own .rs, ttnlessa bill of ladlng g s ignedt. New Orleaiost nd lMobil \lail I lfilce, o2 Exchane Ituildin.o, St (harles st. I- A RE IEL)tLCII)! S Thle steamboat o IIZEI'PA will oleave tloe I.ake Be dt of th Itit IIo td nn" i-Inn.oys oMo l, Vudneadavs and I·li olayo, tl Itoe ariival ofthe I! oo'clock cllrs, Oll'hilln lit ltty At Louis, Pass 0 hrisiial. Itiloxi, &e i oretnlTlriin_ ii leave [liasraglihu l fit dayt li'bhti , l nd arrive att Ott - lean Ot 3 o'cltok, I~. .M., tooliog iLLt atll the walering i olee , i ti hit" light. F0are 'lolno New I)rlreas to tloa St. loulloi $25 II 0 0" I'tus thrist ina t 511 " Itilnxi 4011 n2 lxchange,. I Io t'l, t ,t.(: horls .ttllrit. r IRAVEI.I.lRS going to . ileih, by the Mail Lit e oL II M nlldays, \Ved,'ll, y alllnd Ilridany, will reci, telr IIolr II+[llil'q :lt lhlq Ito , o i t ) a,- ts (' I I. srca ed i tille.atl. Iai utI l Ion thie bIll IIIIIII dln s, unleas their nnum . be placed . u lho way hill. ti lltllabove nlledt days. till IIITa \ g "II i Kt t It t I " ihII t(t. llEN lUFTElR, ll, J l oxe. llilt h tiiih 1 Io illoxes wiph , ell Iva,1111 10 hall hl ,leis ' llo a ket 5 bitit l'rl sr' ikeld t t-lingu ,i .a1il b x. n illber'' r hI I. enno eceiv e ietlub s iierdb tilie t trsal teji '(..l t ' tie ILLA" II). p e t; c aer ttla i it 1 itoit unai tlotllti'i wltlh kitchen, plsan try, as lt13 h n . pl t !siir e ile iy G l.,l".t, jv2e i i i .F E Levee . Lj Ii 'I '\ ' INe'i I -Ri uL rIi.. I', iit t.-t.e l pldy it wIfna lCu i tin subt Se ur, .itlaui e lete-r Ikouse 1aid 't~w :l 'rill)+, Ill ~I l e ( w l( t i ,hHu+d de. idrl lotu pnae t lec e dtlhu ; i ci.iatl sul etite l trs. A\lso, Cologlne \\, ltF, I thll 01 'l'luttl lii, ua .+re d ' flair u il, Flnlel+ lUi .xall u illl< o( i l-truL) L ,· d_.. .+:. ile ui'- t hehl e t pl e iGade n ui Ioiti ii1 ,., 's Ac N ew d i' ork Stnrd 'ltllel llci S -I X s'i jy 2t cZ r ' e ti' i i )it, uhts C.n till -reets. J shlplplllg order, a e all Irl r. it byo i aro I aInll . JI-i 4lti t ilew bi e. iT C'LIH Al'.-- ' R..-Just ch -iv e , b lun r the rand wiae h.,lis . case, upiine blyh leLt p uIlle., ,ARPE Tryea Lw priced; Flu: diaestr l oi tre hie lettl paper, d.; 2 cal s ioii piik e tter ,pape; I cases r upee till g pckI pst rg ize c e flutie.l jassUld t oll; 2 ie ls suei e t voi ' se rteli e yalor;y fr dle, whule and terail, by l) e'JT & C, jygl 4LAT! otl AlELUeNG inaue (e on the Bath Rail Road lear te L qa. hore. iltEsl two l'uttlll l in lLt lll, na r 4 th l l~,b 'U and.2 2 . aind 2le Ner, IeiHels he it Ar louseY Nol the ltl I ll dtsit. Cie u tle l -_ y it .... O 'hilit. )t'he I'E ll atjithltj s irA . ItAt nro 1 it igt., lbet le t i t . pe. JAMES II CALDItELL, jy neinet el, cu aeii u ll tid nllldy. ic.RejNdrte' II Fntlud Eletr to i, ' Setusap.' ie/ln - tiit' l a other Cn rpetel'i llie re" Ablet. ' Itto tlelta i, Litrelyxt l u iugra clil notice Iil itb aj hr.-ollee, Nos. 3& ' oel' be Lift end Adentrete-e ofelNitoles tit lt car nt, nlli ge. Ild ll llltliteti & lhez sll 'tiebru t ntly EditeUP Iy loxe i il du. each fornies aby leby niItn A i 1 Si Tthru, JAL iS ), Jrt 'I V1Al II lAN, e 'I eReJt'el 'iRti ttt - 41AN 1 .\8+11)L I Jl ietl l 1hhd1, tiece and bbl.. in aid for - any iftit atioln that e ay lead to alo diNcI-ver t ell i'l &. 1 iqurs--0 kt C a S N'\ih e (n8: grs br d.) d wine, (Lff.)ete uraIld;e I2 peras oadlea eir 2..d0 qr .3 at ultlelcc 4' co, 'SIETSON & AVERI:l, c a sk er i talern o a ld Lra wit I I1 srtle and ill r le by by i. 11 11.)tt i I lo1., nc7li 3 3 Irer iai a 1 ,A1 OlbAS ES t-70 HlI-. iln tort, f tr sale bt l S LAEVi'NCE i li,'.E ri.RE,. " laugl3 2i and 29l New Levee. VIl.l.lE ItA I . lO)AI). JAM ES 1I CALDWELL, 1, Wh;\ 1 , ,+ ...N~fl: cep... 1 ,.'f 1:---; a lm lr : 7, i,- -- - SHIPPING. ror Europe. FOIL MA RASEILiLE" 'The fast sailing bri, CAROINE, Cnpt. "Thnl - lonl vill have mne,iiate delratch for Si'the nbol e port. For freight o. Ilth Itiles rot oo, air asuger, uplly to hr LEVI II (ltIE, itOR 'Tflii 1-151.p The Cast sailin ITr:ELEN M1R, C apt. - havrne full cario meraged, wi~l ý, ." ...b'ae despatch; l fra s e lal;. to && J l' \iip l i "iER ,' all 8 (Conti st Coastwise. FIOR N WV YlORK. i. ,uisinao and New Yolk I.iine. Regular Packet of the 9rd instant. -- The e lar land int suilinlg tI'arket ship VlICK.S!ltl;ii, \\ard, nn tit' Inavitg ilt if ý -l__. hr cargo rngneed andIl gRiing i'on'rd will ponl ti.r' lril tniil rritltrai thile `211 io-t, Fn,. fur', giot of 350 holbs cotrtoll Ir the bulk Ihlrrof rn pan.aen tar . ine splendidr acro it ot ioni, ulaly balund opposite tiw Vt g t ible Alaikelt, or Irl .r I) EIN p \t: IIIEN, rid5 Jn f.tlllll iI 'nnrtr'et SUST'' ',rer ie, atil the I.ullisil.t. F.n- itui re W are l itor,i 5a3 Iliren illhe tIet,2i10 11Maple aild ' berry Ieted(Nte-; a firi rate artijle. Also, a gorlO a-sort ne ilt of lip. WhVilniti, and Paillted Chalr, whlich will ie sold tr tile lowest cashl ptices. IV It CA IINES. j:7 51 1;i inville street. VAIIII'TY STIORI, No. 18 Camnlstriee .-i der llishopi's Iotel-The astbcribers a.s a,,w ,pi:e'-a g lit lleilrlnew stand, allextensive .lssorltmellt l rttt a1 their linle, it Iprising every variet ofl Co.llrs, ttrjre P'rfmti ery, Iooking Slasses, Pia ing Cards ,an.l large ntmiber of Fancy articles. T'he followis at prrt a descript ion1: COM BtlS-'Tortoisea'tl Brazilian high topl tck, t al •n d earme.l d;I. do. twist, long, neck, pIfl, side, ipo.e ,al drtri'ig, ivory nl'd Ilot[n; fine 'o'th, rliesling ama ilrtkt conlllb; Ilolrn, redding artr nJrea lnlbs; woodle, dressing, fiai. tooth and pocket con... PEtIIRFUNIIitiY--A general asla.,ra..t of French anid American Perflminery, consistink . r, ii lge water ill bottles, ol all shaples and sizes; la, ..tler, Floridal, rose, orange, lemn II, jessamine, iberkgllea ,.rilerlnurte, etc.; lilcv SO ps ofl' e.ery lscrip.tion; miac~,s r, antiquel, alil veretahle hair oil na curIling tluid; chlorine iooth wash, carbonic ain chIor'inet k rlire; scented and plain toilel powdllel; Iromatut: Ipresto salts, r. IIiUSHES-Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, rnil, comlb, shaving, plate, hearlh, ine and plain dustitg, sweeping, crumlb t'lruitllre, arl white wash, horse, shoe naid t:nner's corlling, paitr ad vatliish brushes. dnti sas anil grain ng tools of all sizes. LOOKIN(; (;ILASSES-Co.rprising gillt frame. ot varliots sizes, 5, :, 2 alld I draw toilets; German statia, toiletl ril lakei glst, nalglifiying mg ors, etc. PI.AYIN(; CARlDS-- Eagle, tHurv Nth, Blroom, Highlander, Spiel Larten, Frecne anl dwhitu hack Pla. lag CrItas. FANCY AND VARIETY ARITICLES-A supe rior assortment of portablr desks, ladies' and gentle men's ressillg asers ad ladllie' work boxes; fancy box es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year and Christmas' gilts; pocket bhooks o all sorts; suspen ders, nlmusi-boxes, lead pencils, crayons, violins, bead dage and nurases, att assoarttent of fancy beads, superior quality billiard balls, paste blaekirg; bone, shirt, vest, fll and suspender buttont; pearl I uttons and shirt stllds, razor strollps; gas machines for creating light; Spanish and melee segartj illaccouba, Paris, 'ttppeer a Scotch snuffs;an assortment of plain and sword coees; back granmon boardsl; dice, flaney ereens, optics, Jews larps, harmonicas, luciter matches, inlls, needlles, per'eulson capls, drinking cups, hanting flasks and game bags; steel, silver antI plated spectacles; thimbles, twine, etc., a ilalrrsoe assortment of eagemeingsa ang a laltge valie ty of other articles, all of whicih will be sold i'r low prices, for cash or city acceptances. may 4 IREES kA D,LANGE 1000 BteitRELS I ,1 landing ifeoimn. brig Uncle jyl9 S & J P WHIITNEY ( Ul.INE, EPitOtI SAI'TS, ANI) CAL)S.Tei t 15t ouncesa 'rerch t .u liirnt 10 bilas EprsUm Walta t conks pearl Ashes, '4 caaes Calanel, Iaee c.. Jalo, Rthuaarh, &e. ...t..r landing froat brig Witliam, front Lostlaon, anldfor sale by JARVIS & ANtItEWS, Wholesale Druegists, jv7 car Comn lllllllbi i Tehouplitoulan street. SWI' I1 11ING SCIIHOOL AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, O pposile . landirile cir el, "lnrd .Ilrruci/eulit, Iwo sqarr-es brelow the hail Roard. EXERCISE, CI.LEANI.I.NES., PLEASURE AND IEII.\ ,'TII. 'ITHEl arrantetnI lir this e'tnbllishlnelntre now 1 :Opletdii '1 I e Prop)tIrators have prided ry ili.... hi) :a.y t. d to the ra. i . .f I'lrl l .r . 'l'The dr'.xr., m1an J are now prorid at with dunr. il uoder Ilol. ande kil, Iad hero .ml ru ler ,n .i " a1 i l" r n ofe . '.t flrlo t. u hall IIi It ltiiltrr suppl,' ,i l 1,;la dI.y I )ils i.t kpt I',or the lthlelPr.s. 'I'h+ whinel . thihl lt. ,ngs nertlvvr llb .balde oIvcr tihe IIIoti, id rmle th(e beyln ni) the. llm i lole tilOr eltlu ted land allows a free ri irculation ty -it n,25tk .aFin i fno, it ,hr $5 r ni hI' ,'s r1 l itI ri r e rllliirr r 5I E,' . re Iaillls are open iuro t 4 o'clo A. 11. ,util 10 1'. .11. TI e Iei thrs ail rrlre r tl a relntr Illt ol'wi mter nr3 to Suniet, rrud llllr , ail enr'hrsad't Irrill I it fr et Olloe y :h 1 lort [,l! Il'r'cttl d Ihe II railing '1+,, the str o e rIrr 'lit llof .tr I, in thine hler. " site l--Lit IIVII'i \E\V WI)Ii K t An. cIi. Iit Ku It[N'i'.Att\r-'St)r 'een,,.,in''i, ts hre .tllr llltlir i 'r 1tillri i III. , ItIirrirr tie, IrI' the Arlc (of trh I lolenll SYtome, t111d illurtrahwd tralin vearious ,ther I.alluree, lv iCari its n Irvine' iin havu Ca. e TttIt. \ICTI 'I)I N OF S(Oill"'l'Y--ily Ihe Countess of Ihresil net an, l o eall eh. JnIot rep -eilan fornllr sale kV . . . )(Y_ _ :+! : \ . rl(1 II,,T untirl lst Nocrrobor ext; the eletgant IDwelling House, No 117 St Joaegh street. r Appi, at No. 74 I'rovdras street. jyI9 1 likS'l'IC' (;IiO )S-l.awrence & Co 1-4 heavy lhrou an sheetings Jackson & Co (: inch browo ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. Comic Almo nacs for 1839 25do. Crockett's Almanac. for 1839. 25 o. People'+ Almnaacs for 1039. Conla. - ted flbeveIy stau in hle Union, and conta ining a great vriet of.,graoingos, or sle v io groace, do, euand single~by II'V:i) I-IT & CO. N Y Stationer's 11l11,24 Chartretsat. aon30 PP ,RAiS-20bls copperasn, in storr sa-leby nugllr 44 . ew Levee. ®yo7 I kKEY, P'orb1Rrc SidesFlotrand Lr Vin stor eIorhr~ h naeby ir i1 store, l'a salI J TIIAYER & CO, null 16 74 Poodrir street.I IjPt I RI-l0 bbls rehc grotud floorn landing fromI ilot boats, f lr salenby hLAYET & AMELIlING, ang6 17 Commerce srtreert. S Is AII fU oir sale b VIlE\CE .. I.EGENDRE, aug'3 td & : New Iever. OR SALE-From Ic i 2c ewl of. ncrap LN , Iby NCLAY fig CLARKI, Plumerna, PI)IK.- '00 bbl Uren., ii I), mri .e annn.Ilt. Priml Iout inspected, fire sale Iry G. DuLhItSEY, jyG6 44 1 New Levee. r500 AKo S .AL.T, lodrc from brig Sarae and John, hor gole by jerI S J P W14'IT.,FY. Ij A~laS nd Sroiulders--tu hlds. Pickled hm, ard. LI oulders, leeding fra ro n flat ots, fli sale by L.AYEr & AMEI.UNG, augl6 17 ConoLerre street. -=iXiUiti NGE on Louisville at sigltt hr ol . SiSLAIER & IRIEiR, Iling'0 40 Poydres at. .I-O'L.4A\NS-30 Cases Mer-n and jlloye f .i pegged irogans, for sale by ISAAC IIRIDGE & CO. eug3 _ 134 Magzirre street. ILLAS-- cases of Umbrella+ fr Wil 'TIIIIIIlEGE, & Ctl, aug28 130 Magazoine t. 1)IHlIlE Harns,, Scear-:Il boxes cWhitr Havana S ugar, ofi very slenerior quality, now lauding JOSCEI'H COCK AYNE, nug98 `'5 rir-rvierr l. IIi" I'Y linI,,L bl1r tl4l. Aliii. . ILL b paird by the, subscrbibrs J T for hre appyrelunci-m o Ie Ioc ANiRIEV, wlco aemo usinded or tc, 3rh inst. Sail b-y is about n lL vears of olae, 5 lee l ighr, black oface, and very egoed lIokic; hoi first spyokerlr , I,, speaks quick, and cttamulero a ittle-hiod on when he let, blue rcottonade pants, blue itried silirl and straw hat.I JlIN A II'URtEN, nat"3 1:3 IExclhige st. I Uli.Olircord i Paper-Jnust rceived ir t re,. a uilrduon'- relv fine blue record C.1,, both plaia a cd ruled, lor sale bri DIVII) FELT & CO, 000034 N Vr's Hall,24 Cloutres. A NIiREWS c ruthrs haveb removed their ( ount. r oeg House to No 50 Carop trreet. sep4 'GOJFb I, I I - oe ii i,,. 14 doa. Haenrr. For - Ralelby S'o1'SN A- AVEr'it I. E £bi 88Grnvoer tree r ll iN 1'S-57 kes Currans, superior article, - for - EN :E& Ll&.aiCn II 1RE ''Pl "11 ^-,'2-9 New Leovee. BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADI)EN, No. 14 (Ohnrir. street HAVE aconsttantepply , o erver arntile perral'tinz to gentlemen's (dress, of the Inatet styler, iat ew York prim a deer I) SILITCOl'S 11E"IrTLLIC TEETH. P. PECIIENS of loewse heIt ailfl leelh,anld the oan 1 no4 r of setting lhen, lltly ie a n at the ohlier of 3. B. Rosa SURGEON DENTIST, No 46l CnnsItreet. Thl'ese teeth oIver chaglle color. antd re hrv mlny, and ih any caset , prelb.raoe to the Inattlral teellh. [LT I)r. It. will wait upo : ladies at their re.idenIe, ragque sted_ u9 lif S -\ PE' I{(;ll-> l III;!. MERCHANT TAILOI7, t,7 tCommon: .niewt, _l3E(4 Iillt iiforln llh lnlhh(' th1t hnvino purclhase, hetir sto k,, otie till e ion t Ih h . itl t+l at their oll a sharl~e oflhlielr nro Ja7('. Ile Ile tolad, atrrttio.uem nt l t tas tti tlt ae tot,,t l' 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. I0 I'oydiras Ltset t Nlew trlealls, MANlFATU:ReIIs rF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of alltl de',riptii,, WARM, COLD, AND SIIO WER BA TIIS Fixed lon the mst nt.Iproved princtiples. MILL'D) LEID, IIPI'ES, & D Orders executed it tany part of the Southern States,. mr9 Dr. Roberl F. LIndoe. 4 FFIn :tF ExelonG IioTEr.s. imt t'LAY & I'I,tRK, Plumbers and'Lead Pipe Manufacturern, No. I112 Pvydras street, -K r,,.P on Ind , n ........supp,lv o1 lenall Pipe, fr O ilh diauleter dawn to 3.t ill. diameter, fir rcle. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIJ PRINTING EI.A'rALI ILIASL N I, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Ioanks' Areada. WILLIAM.! GB IEE, PROPRIETOR nrl J H. PARKER Comnisaion andi ForwardHing Merchant, t No. 6, FRO(NT LEVEE, vr STAIRS. New . lean, Feb.2 . JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESAI.E ANI) RET-II. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS. .,ND WINDOW GLASS, Corner of Common and Tchoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLIANS NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)REWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 63 WATER STREET. T HE undlerigned, having estohlished themaselna in Mobile fhr thle Ilareoe of tra..cactina tha Auction anil Comminssion business i iits various .lanches, hbeg leave to iltorm their frienlls and t te puolic, that they are now prepared to receive conselnments, and tIake lieral advances on the same, either fir private or public salet. SIiLOAIAN I. JONEIS, ISRAEL I. JON';S. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mollile, Feb 9,1838. feb 17 A CARD. SaMuEIt SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIEtt. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & eoitltn'ssionll oMerchalnts, No. 411 Poydrau Street, NEWV 1R1, EANS. They will devote thteir pticutitar ttention to the sale ofl Wetern Prodouce. Reference. Abijal Disk, E.q. ) S I ItIlhoalated, Hart .I Shillt; New ')leans. A tt o . Ca. Mlesro., lrII, Darl & Co. J1 & 11 \Villiants, ) t rigg, XVild I Co. Rloston, T'ltoo Voses-q. Rb. rs IlBrothers & Co., lert't&'I i New York Voe PuiIl 1, IotoitS. 'ol ) Stantitrd & Iavis ' St Louis Gluagow, Shaw &' atum.lll S Itidler & Co. ) il'nolt-v, lage & I)lunlapl . Alt .n. A It Skidmoret K.,q. G It olarelll &1 t o.--Louttille. EI.I STONE. B. . STONE. E&11.T. STONE. Forwarding and Colnmlitioin .lerchlnllt, FUtRNISIIEItS OF 5111' .NI) 110.T1' STORES, 1 No. 114 T'cIOUi rOULAS STREET. N. w tlrleane. Itetecrote : Messrs. tII.L., IlR R &. (. BO I :KIENEnt": o VUiK. ('oa A. I' MlEACH & Co. INe o Rt. PuTNaM, J. & P., Cincinnati, O. WVRIGHT SMITH D)AVIt STONE, Dayttn O II.COMSToCKs & Co. Ciulnlmotls . N. ALDsIotH, & Co.. Lolulsville, Ilv WILLIS, STEVENs & C'ChTIS. St Louis lM A. II. IRor, Altot, Ill. WM E. Wrrnaow, Rushville, Ill. J. & P. P. I AUrTWELL, Bayou Sara, La. SOLOMON HIGH. New Orlears. Jan 22 DO. LE & I AT, I)EALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGL[SII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONDELET STREET. Of FIl RE EN'S' INSUINN EJCOMPANY This Company arp now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Mlusson'' Building, Canal e uree',. EL TrLICY, New Orleans, May iS. 18tl. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Po warding Merchant, CINCINNATI, O0111). Refer to Iayet & Aelune, New Orleans. IROBERTI CI, \NN()N, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 ICamp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m30 Window and Picture Glrss, &o. e. .T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & COLUASELLOR .T L.AW NOW practising in the State and City Courts. Cli ents will find him at the Clerk's ollice, US Circuit Court, in the Custom Ilouse building. jo8 A CARD. T HE undersigned have openeld house in this city, for the purpose of transacting n G ENERAL CO .l.llISSiON I1USINESS. OrFICE, NO. 10 GRAVIER STREET, UP STAIRS. I P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above name. tleferenees. Godfrey, Lnrie & S,,, NI. Orleans. La. Peters & Millard, Se H B Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John MI Gilmore, Vicksburg, Mise. IarperCarpenter & Co Grand Gulf, Miss. Muir, Moore & Co, Sil ts I.illard. Natchez, liss. New Orleans, July I I, 1888. jyl2 A CARl). N ATHANIEL TOWNSENID having located him 11 sell'in New Orleans lorthe purpose of transactulg it General Ageney aid 'otniesolon ,useess, wold re spectfully solicit from the public a shuro of tlheir pa tronage. I laving a honse in 'Texue, he ill attendt I the trans aeing of ally business that IIay be des rid in Itht counatry, anl will guaranele prlollt and unremitted at iiti,-n, to all bl-inless enltrusted in his eharge, and a faithful olpplicantn (lin aor danrl with instructions) of ;eferences. Messrs llilver, Bush & Co. New York. Al ar.u, F sk, Natche n, Miss. I t M ri h rS. l.ur n, .il . John' T .,r y.Lo,,islvdle, Ky. Dr , t e lc , on, i stille, KF. .,8 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY iOF l- .W FIILK eN-, Office No. 24 Masson's DBuiding Jo? CANAL STREET. GIDSON'S GUIDE AND DIREC'ORT IuOR thie Snta oft Lsasmtna, and Cities el New Or Se:lan and Lafayette; tar sale by WM 1tthiF \N, m23 cor Camp and Colnmu t aet C AiH. Benl.Uo.ies,-just reroive (h ( L ~ I GROV 1330 . ir TRUE AMIERICAN OrFICE. In connectioll with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FORU 'flip 19111\ll, OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalognes Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circu:ara, And rvrry dscripten ofJob .Yorl, thusn nlly I t'reqtlird. iL - Thi'le Irol'l ietol r 1r`ntP Is'itlll y (All tl e ttll etrltin (of thle Ipubli(: io the iAbov'e ((. r-l, ,in I n .ures t rI l lll that all work i truste d to his call. shI ll be done tUe the l urt-i HnathUlie, io a style Unsurpsssced ill fin city, i ics at he Iesct rats'. GLIDE & DIRECTORY (IF Tlll, CITY OF .s'e:v Orleans Lafayette W, :S poblihedl ten ,Mom'av 21st May, nold is new ! . fior soile tLL th" e Cl ll l. r,)( I o"e A , Ilisit-, Exchange olutel, St ('lslrles street.,--nd at the tlk-. St-,re of tles-rc. E. Johns & Co.:orner St Cl.rhles and Conllellltreets. Ill P INAt. ulls, stell pe'-, ink, Alid, wafers enlineg 1 a , india rubb"er. black scad, pounce, and eer other article of stntiftnerv, of the very bes 1ualit'.cOn-t3 itaitly me hand ctd for saile byi IrtVID FFLT&CO. s19 '- Y tnrtihnre' tIlal,8 (:Ihaitres t t. II I"'E I-`i5c boxes lanidic g Slit, 40 IPydras at JOHN HOEY, Naddle, Jlnrleses and '5i' sk Alanufletusrer, and fur nishetr of Mtlitatry Equipm, tstee oJ'every dseeriptiacn. No Ill I'CHoaUI'tI ULAS STtEsT. I ldAVINGi in employ seteral sMilitary Werkmnn, I lie i* ready to execute work lin the above line s Illhe shortest nene, tntd on the nost reatIsnl s terl i lMercllentts and ('lltnre' T'ncksg'lrunks of evPry ire lcriptit n, con s antl v on ha, ,ld. a " ( '1ORN MI LLS-10 ctrn millis. iI .0lt',s ists-sst, J colnbineJ. Onlt mtan ca-s srin 2-t r se . lllshel t e ical ( per di elstu with thesIe ic a, Itll they call e It tched to tgrpi ctt ice, l53 lsare psartictularly caplculatedk Ar plhater's use. Apley tOL tKIEA & ('1tAPR-T , . . ..mtl l c JIlt , smeet , `O 1 tlRCfANTlS. ', IERs IANTS can have beautiful chcular stre.k off at two hours notiel,by alling at the Orleans Lithographi I fice, 53 S gaz e street, opposite anks gi ACKEREtL-35 half hbl , No 2 Maekerel, for sale by READ & IAIL-TOVW, m22 67 Gravier street. 43EAF LARD-)00 kegs in store, fi r sale by _I (0 DORSIY, jyl2 44 New AIle., K 4ENT1UCKY BAGGIN --[01 paefor sole by HOLMIES & MILLS, Jyl Blank Alley lXCHANGE )tS NEW YORK fr ler Ibv X IAWVIENCE & LE(GINIINEt , jy 12 28 & 29 New levee. r'lEAS, NU'I r(;S, &e-25i0 six andt th i pound caddies of unpowder andll iolperia 25 cases of canister impelrial antd glllpowder. 2 chests of poulthone te; one cask Io frlesih n and a general aso<ltmmts of eroeteries, fir stle low by I.A\IL'NCE & II.;GENDI)E, y28 & I New evee NEit Ist 111K.1 1E S llle'i at elmotrat. or hints on the social and civil reltios tof the UnLited States. ily J. Feni more Coopelr. Th Two FIlirts or, Advntlres ill t Coulntrt Ionett coltdl other t tl e, `l I lld tll t Cessin ,ton. E L Iltls er, 1 NortnB .t it rv Corinwall, Mrs Gore, Ctaltaii Medtwin, nod oth Sri, ill' l v e cei. T'I'lt liver ;tss ti I)iesert, hy Miss Pardoe, author of thle ('itt .,f the S lstan. 'The asket o' (iets, thl e Gilt it f an Uncle and .\unt with filu,'" rodl el itg J b l \ lnld ers l s. Jui It rceived a Il flur sIle IIV 131 McKIEAN, .el[i cop (:ralla p and 'mtalo ll) l stn. t)lý1N 1'.'e S--70 b. Is rosin dlros, landing and ]olbr satle bv J 'I'ILA\ EN & Co, jy 14 i74l 1ydtras treet. ( AVE & SCII.\A FER'S C ntpi. tu t F ',tid Ex C tract f Sarp I.sarill,,. soIr ithe cure of cistinal eruptions oi' the sktl; puples or pIstuets- of the tf,:1e; biles whi ; istr e r t tfrom an pIl tre sttit o the blood; .ly ter liltons; p el in the bones; chromie rh:IoII,'ItlIs ; ItI r; st crollan, orkinltg's evil; whit s,. Iilig; syphlille dise:ascs, a l nd all disorders arising htlra an impure state of the blood, bI a long inl a ho clutatte, or tihe injudicious use ofc mercly. Also,.-Cave & Schlff r's Worm Syrp, or In. fant Prsetrv'catlve: th, bSst prepalration now extant. Amonng which are tisll fillow 'g:-Indlian Dye, for col, ril,, the hair; Bear's Oil; RLssian Bear's S GrutasI; Polentultn; illtaw' Fre.t-le WVash: Sa. perior P'arl Pio'tdel; Lily White; Creame of Roceos; Vegetable Rlotge'; Ott, of Roset; Lip Salveo; Kre ocite foothl VWa; Crrllonic Dentretfie; Orangse Floer Wa cr; Ptowder Putlts an Boxes; Atstre. can Chlrcoal, neatly put tup in four ouncS vials; P cstan Silts; Cologne ; Kreosoto Tooth.ache Drops; Hair Brshels; Entglishi Dressing Co Ibts. In lat lair Oil;-with a variety of other Perfu mences, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C 'TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. JOURNA.. of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go.e ology, climate and productions. and the num at. Imanneurs and untoms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sam el Parker, A IM. he River and lte Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone andt the. Chartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author oflthe < ity of Si tan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Talo,, the author ol Richelieu, Tit, Gypsy, Aittla; in 2 I he Two Flirts; or Ad. ",ore in a Country [louse, and other Talcs, by Lady Blessington, E L Bulwher, Mrs Norton. Ircy (orawall, Mrs Goare, CapItain Mldwi, and others; in 2 vols. The Lino and Adventures of Nichols Nic', 'eby, edited by Boz, with Illustratiens by Phtz, No. 1. Just re, eived and fo ''alo by BENJAMIN LEVY. ORLEANS LITIHOGRAP1II OtFIOE .L1jTAB I.iSIIED for thie execution of n ps, Ipln anad dralwilng, ielllrclhtnlo' ncue lre,busiles, atid u',dle-s o a ird, ofever i descriptin, I'fulell l ciircuir oni deep llrlling paper, upoi Ulteiay antId tlintsto'l toel.; bk hebekis, drav receipts, &c.piiillnll alld exeel d ill aeheap o l od eupeditiuons t b', ie tile proprietr. Nit. Bank Notes ne.'lv executed. m24 NEi' 'IAt' 'I'lT)iRE. JUST received per late arrivanl from New Yeki, fresh all I litshtonaible atsso rnteur t o II I'S. The sols:iribir would partieiulrly rill thle nttetion of thle pulnlle to a suyle of a:ver rit,-i of I Itsperim ii hue textre,i senrric and h,.utile l Us re h to ille plhin ioussia hit oia sufipelior quarlii; alnd Ialso i sI radiod article of lsbiikult, tugetl er witt a general YC h nortment ilaouaeta ed by hinuell, explesly for this mlarket, wholesall a tlll t reliil J \W ,lsIORIN, 31 Camp stlreet. N.H BCity and country dealers are invited to call. PORTRAIT PAINTING. I R. PACt..t tepeet u, oas the public that he wvill relnaln I. short ti n in New Orleans for the Ilrplose t luninulnn prtraits. Rlools olllroI'r If Catialan St Chatro, in ,Ilerhollose occulpied y Il'rllll & I.von, Dentiits,owhetlespeeiltens ofI Ili paioiit.g canl be sercn. Entruance in St 'hirles street. 1n.o8 Itn Il ISEY, Flour nul Pori, in store for ale by . V nt n'? ' IIl ) l(S ¥Y , 4 , N e w L e v eer . SAL: itRiI':E & 'lW,\hl -tol sale I R SL.\TER I ia tret.R, ant I 40 Ptoli ne street. WlitiLhSAI,F; T'IN WAIR \11 NI'I \"'1'iUY' I Ot'KE & C)., No. '22 Old Lever, have in Sstor, , 1' their own m;ulll actu r, l I;rea anll x tensivl. ailortlcuit of iin wore, wiech tI"y invite deal. er in tIle tra''e to exrmne; nle I o0illll0 ).due Cupoetr holluse ski ,' ' iuL ll do S i g t l ,'R t 1II .;: 0 doe.. Copper ! sltmult In tllts; e Bath Itlll . sc:... Bill l ted size,; 311 gross ias ilted 1i/ed t'iol'rr Crilil-in. N. --lo-ui·ofbi Iof;ldinga overed with zine, covcer t tin. Cop "r and tin guvlers put up on ti e a hl r i . I TNI)ERI '1(V)D, Picklee, Ketchupls anld ,lurl, S in tore tIn., for sale byh J Tlt \tIIt & cO, ang 16 74 Pny "n -,ree. I'.\t;LISl, FRILNl Ti - L\Ui "P _I'd-oi -A .15. )RIFESS)'t \11tIO ll'.I nsier i hv rentleolen, ,f pirouper qouldloii'mi-nt Ild eti 'rl ',e. Ii t ir e 1 an Arlleuoln.,i' iiit. brilk bullhling hihlo oinr to \li. i(rand q i".. nloi in" tile it raiila St. Charles s:reet, who e v ne ,'antlemen, well diposed, will re leiv'o a good ell orotion. .lr. Mi. solicit. the co-operatinn of his friend, and those of education. to enatle hint to render this ilsti uotion uIful and permianent. Stin, I O, .,,in es ti'e plate, oatl I caska ; zinc, io 'toro, fr sale hy :S LOCKE r C' jl4 20 . ,l I ,-K.I - Il S btlAlt,. Ior ,ae Io y { tai;2l G itOiRSU', Ii Nn' Le-ce. I.)OA'S--40 'amss Men's and Boys' Kip and 1 l r .elt Bro.ann t .fotr Ian e by .i.AAtC i BaIr;fE & CO, jy9 134 lagnazian* ltreet. ' It. SAMUEl. SIIArITP!.:A.I:tE n·, ms y n.atlriznd SAgeplnt durintg ml ai ee fro " ite city. r"nn'in r m .'it t. DANA. .... : ... ;! , FI A I.INES.. A I A\ T TiF 1'1. fiend of'hnir is The, erntrpPt or*P, ' .n IPeI in' tIr ti e hli aad n flaai .'nn ow ntrenae I f.v i1t'1 on it lnn a aeo l eoalil'lntnae. e r lrt' r n in n i vcnr hl Irl - (n tli nporrsn r< p Fn d ne,, fhild.h e Ic Ss. - .v fo ra oll :t heitne- lh .vere, andl onaa linn a1. R evll to lllt.n. E"la,'t '. R 't'ai t a I.. Pb l anrll Po I.ner (if th,,ir e nrtt '.eh,.": the reariaa drt r o' t eir t li''ea nra ro sr, l,'n tly sli, iI. r.tia nlan. Tnl sIT rt. no r ea , i ta e Io . lf nI. pafi ri ail a' tia e ronaii thnl rpi ne ' o' , h witha Mettha h n nv tv si l N aln i i is de in ti-i laian of .a hfitr. 'rnaleraar l tAinn tlln' la nl t eir' n]stalnfnaa Olarhlrp ' Ralln of t',o r nh n 1 toe" the hanir fal, fi.Illana lfr,.n te Irt na plientinn nla d a nta v n natts ratnrr i t nf'fll. It likewise . ro llprn.a a e, oh-my= and whiskers; provents the ! ,it frona Il aranianr . a r. ei li. r tnSll.etri l uilit in anplnrt ofl the vintnl a ofnr Oldridg ai n tre hown Il t Tihe prI . priaetor, i titRenil tlre f anllwin . :- H 1i rro Wharton ,' l q. lcite' a.Itn r P hil Iell h Iine l er.rtifler' an - lh .ePo halo,,l v tha e hiaghcrarin terond .e Efo-Cin- al (eelllaien a a d istingu tnid, retird ud g her eh f t hat 'rem e hC odllr the bI.l,, of t i''iimha tinaI ' aeivere f t, 'V 'lrde a r.l h air feion a it highly rieer i . l l a. I)r. ntivec _ainst tile ialin Lff a "a n"r, but nlsoa cerInal restor WII.aI-Af 1 TaI"'.i TCIIaR, enior, le thodist bminiter in it (;ery e ra' a r e. Na '6 iNa''th ffift'h t. iJOlN P IN aifa I I aaa Ailuh trePit. i JO11 lan f Ir "'tinn AS. 1), 1i 3 R oanst JO(IIN t . F ai'lnE',ll as prifi I.P reel a [aiflda a a ('aIda n 'nnnohitaainl aw.'t. Ji fcd lnt e j ARIn ,Jrt o l Aont h r+ h in t. tln i k lnr, flint three o f tFhe ahOa, enets are V. or Stha r eI n ' r ep in Iof tmr ile oathers Iot iess than 0(i. t l(rrn tle Ma orto.]a Ci·v of I'hilahi . , i I, Roverit .hnrton, l ca.or ' rte of l'h I e . e i, do hei l cetf an if' thann t I nn waenlll tn hoe in with b 31emrr m J I' Inglii, JoitnS Folie,, n d IIu_ . 1 C(7rdy, mhose aunthre ir e nedu th e othert Nfie+lte, itlhl v arP .eltllla'a ' o' ch'ra etnrl n nmot l r,,dlhlahaiaas,an )l( a shlch full eredai'thou l he r iven to th` .said perl icnfte. In wie: t whaa ofa have t her'1,o -e. Illy hn anil r' 'tt l the feil ofthe oily to h e ' fixe t, his liSlh div o" s ecPivedlor, A r. [If.. .] " <RO sllli': i j' S .II 't'I'ON 1 vnr. T) :II I E thAt ea ch brolta l ofnthe n i lfuine i a nll I..' n jplendid PILrrnve wrapper, on whic is .e.p - fliterp the i oill 1 f N. i .i rn,n n Sol nl u L all ilnll retail ba the naloe lentm fr Anlt hela IPeasrl Sal.elR, m nnd g os dr istnan I ilolianl trP through I, ouillntry. JARVIc n & ANT hI'I1e.S PROS PEC.U1S. THlE .ubscriher proposes to ptbli.h. in the be. ginning of tho onn ung winller, it Condenmian < Io thetwenty volumes of tei Odl and New Series ot volntnos. Sto., according to the model of' Peter,' Condensed Reports. This work i. now in preparation ay J. Irirtf,ia Harrison, Enq.. of this city, ansaisted by Willay : F Brandl, asq. 'The Editor is aano permitte v it di.tingai.l'd retirnd Judgl e of thee Sfpaea" C(:art. and by one nIn tha sitta lt Juld.'afn ta ex pct aIrana their personal suprlrwsion all the ad talnfoee whieche + tnty natnrallf be r.~a)ed ' fro tlheir exlt-a.t' e .l Snuch a t.rk is bncoillng every dv malrr no cen .ry, as thle original an vnlaainrinoas . rxlirllav', and scarce. An incr;asinn curiosity toa Is lalai ti=t, in Ihne other Staltes o thie UIi aao ian tref-lt' nin to thaoafa.' l harlji ranltrudena a oa f I.On/sta ,; ani d a Il'a cirunlnatalne of tilhe nnI.IOI'O p~II illli S Jlt m ,I cidd infallnt adjustnl ant of tann3l' ia of maa.a illlkt( ea file Itnowhl'dg oforl' adjualan d e:nsaf ai f plte t'll lity 1 t thejuriaj s of tlhe wh h, f I nfa . . lrl. I rli . . the riting Itpuhlie of Texasm has n ttl1/h1d ,,nr Codes, allnd t r u tih re i lft grea t i itiallnlilfrilfuaa Luiaiuna a da cision lla ll'rln a 'le .ah qtnar ir. f t ('onven ient notes, iidmali.t:g tlin paranllhl eae. decidedl in Laui.iinaf , and oa'ena.iaaa ll tlf hoa'a iall thIfa inanr authoritalaava frumn a oaa the otfhe~r Saatts, will lie ad ehr). Ito nap 'h e 'l.,. nThe work wil ltoral four Vnl llna' . , rn val aaalaaa, anda l an l f d.allv, redl , la.'amai, a o .Ii hian'1l'rat itl (i :per wol.; In (:asls it, thouL l h lt- f d paael:eala'e l ,la oernl',. it nt t hr e vohullu. I t',, pri:u to sob snrifar' wn'l be ti'7 Inr wo. Suhlscrlapta.las rcnnivnd lay WM! I,'KEAN, ja5 our Caalanet aaalt ('llalaOa ll ss.t 'a ( i\ fi--lf .l+ - avela I m f al a' s' gh l'aaol ai ll- , ' , ý S 'fi ' 111atheaa ta tr -llan'. 'FItI a ' a'la ar,29 '9 (llan ,l, , st cornaer o a.,l fuzine t. in II I II ' a.('All lit f 1lllllll \ I illo l ltal la I a' brlht. aaa dl'aasolaand a ?.m ladagt a Irnaa ,a n fllaallaaud lIr salt by naJ I( 1.1' BRIDGE & CI t, 11l liahzai ine ai I ' {''('ftS'' Il' -ll, rm reth l 'a t ,l .li's I.(a f n. Il ludkans' i ai u.ll..'n ... laa na le 'a l' s, ti'll era.. 'n i ' el'aa "ve'iP'a t' ll l langa' in, B llt l anl of (l'olaaii aal ta ". iv e. i & l lnadiug ndl foar sale by I t la ,.An'l. ll+ - 2- a. r antlherz a nd 'a'chaaa ilul~l, st-. C"Z~L"' neneant I(·IchaIll'p Sinuisi II·L,)L II.--'110 11 bhIsupertine '1 -lur, lir •k h "' will 1 keep |h~rlu a(llrlllg ter sule lll l" chc,1 fi ll ute I Il (i. I).4 i. S vl" , Je°.2 4'1 Nvw" Levee. HAV.1NA i1F'FISE-251 LoK ,rccul an-,e pe SLA'T , " TI U ER, sern eo ru on a sulnuoll.ld indo jel4 -I1 Po) dl a= ,trt. N atom olrlti~r on~e by thle rllbburibsras 0 O d Pesche Brandy in hblli" American eIrua y" nd oina in du;; No') " Mackerd 1,0 hlf do; Table ultl i casesof i, oxes; Malnl;'ad ine, 'lelltd Il r, ,, a qr cuska and I dinn bbls, (entitled hudeihentnare,) I Ppanish Alining;; London Polter nod tir; le.mon Syv,'t+ i Philadelldl n W~hite Lend. No, 1""' !'odfish in boxes; Cuttn (; ms. R READ & II, rTo , | ml2 1i7 (;r kvir Ytreet IC (,SHIEN IIUTTIERt-6ll Inobos snteior Guo Ia lw lltl' r pit e i) expr r oly filr flu ily use, fur sale low, to close a eunsignlmenrhv I LAWVI 'lF I; &. LEGE'I)R,, I jyl7 _ 8 .nod "')1 New Levee. ACi)-N-115 bhd+l l-., t.1.) hd- m, idl.,'s C (m ninh als bucou it, plinu" oidle+, in .,ore, Ior salt. by' LA I EL.T & AlMI.LU.\l, j) 17 17 LCommerce sir et 11AM5--7t hhds, :t la'e "5 h're I kt reCnIe I11:i,3 insam 1ll hldu,,_ ..n , . ' 1IP 91Ilrl 1II fill this, ibI',EPd do, put ul Flet'tlHI l. ly se a ~uperi ., artich, ill strl, 'e, for rule bY " .1 l ".l '.T 0 . A3l P IU:\(;, jyl7 17 (.'o',tl:,ern siree 1t.MESll \\'FS'I '[{l1N 13;i;l.ID kegs received r ulo sitelamlboanf lqulin l fur ..ll tee LA''EI,; & T'RIER, jyl7 411 Po: dras street. S.L.ANK IHR)KS--Ju.. r+.evived hv reeent nrrival., -" . f, N -,w }o,k an Illlh i.ilSuml ..,= I ll el . 'o s el evr rv ' ou +i* 1vr 1' IRlnlinl and Ilmd. cl , thIlS. in.oll Ill !k Iho k, Sld Paper, q es.. , In call and exanile our ext, tl., -reek, ~b ik e oe ream by U.,\'lI I"1'I,1I' & co. New York "tatline,'s IIhl, jel7 -_4 ['harnreo street .j , LO U l -1Il10 bbl . (1II11 l-ndlll l ), ,ale ter J Til'1 E1li & l )(, jy6i 7 1I'o. ,, rs .street. lJ eanvassed haults, Ifor tile by - J TIIAYER & C), jy6 74 I' ,,deras -tree . Iogn, bbs he l• diI , r\ ,l',Ir al. car Natchez and Tel, 1hpiton: a a m. l oThe genuPlllllCPee I{ tie article is ued b) he tutoernl h oil tile nliullcll itur. r, Johillln .lari. F'ullha, SI ..1' ' l E 'I T SY'T'rIl,2 1. 1`111i" C'redlit Saslleul of Pl'aree l, G eat Fr;r uit n i ,1, ei~e .l dl St:l f'---I v II l't,", al ILi, ,. 'Peincilesld f ',hiral c'tol any,' &e. Jul reilchcJ aed lbr su e !, v. 1\1V. Bl'IKENN, nel I 1 Cnrnr" of t alp & l('anllon rt. [ý\t) t1 S 11 fill;.l l of C-1]( 1-11w, F. III1H(( I~nd 'I' Tetple'c .\|,xtnre, Itav's I.illnl ent, I +.e Oint cn{.n, fleatheh, ltmentp, Blrurh'strn p 'Itt+"1, &C. 1,.r sulebv 1 ,IVIS & AN)IEWS, jf o (u annimmon & T' I'. |pihloulan at, I)Kt 1I.t L .)11it-ýuat rece,,,, Ise . eim me r d .)ohline tiil paper, . 'ime v, ry low prced, uid ont, ieu qNali , lor . ,it by u UIT;H T & CO,. -finlll rlh l tl ,,, - .l 0 4.1 L, - uxT- ell )_/ N¢ýl o (' nittll , i l r. re ld for ie hi N'CI'E'I'SN & AVi RY. n S8 ,. . ravi-r at. 1]I1 t.-:,ttll risks k f s-'--l1h, n l~ime,,inn- , "o a d fur rste b, CtIASI,: &%+ DIXEI', j-I, 6i CPiitOullouse street, `ý+-. "-t\,>:. ; ý- -;:. Iii,. ...I. .,+ . In -7,g- T+,,ol, selh, 1 , u as. , I 0 dIit: ., iI slt r,, nid foir sale by LYElI' & A:ELUNt;, allR27 :7 (C,."'ton lstreet .-,.-.-l-A- I, K LINDEI-Noeoe l-dp S , ilut a workmllln. }V M[cKEAN, iv ear Cam") a a'monmu streeta iE)I)V h.Y' -- l boses ]lle onb i'yrp, laidlig Inln] llshi Co!um:urd, ntd for rnle by - THAYi it & C,. jy'11' ?7 Poydran ,tr. ~t 1'l'}--4T0U'0-Luths t'G o e, ,,il for sale by 11J Til\ER & Ct, jc'; 74 Pl.dr". rtrt l.'IA'E PIlauLCA'l'IONS. I(1 ESS MlDlE EASY; bneino a nw iatrod af+ia to the nntinletnr at that ceiaebnte out pgauL ' fante. By iUevrne gatalkeeqTe.achaeaf t'nao. lnae fllnru.ana navel' bnty ro C ItIt11 ai nat of 'klcseoef Itiali Chnaroctar,'t'he lueeansa, Asw, sa 1'pi -pit 'f thi sa'nnrl, illttrtrned ly enloarod to Suvnntatg. hln ti guthher nfl'he. Mtnal of Piat'o.. J.·dI CII s f art aInd tt 41 rh1hoe of oW leeat bi I Inrn'p (:eu!, ar the Trenar'-. ti the Par"ns) IA inn"et~t nnnn'mt cean'n'nned htou nt aala,by Jinma .At!d a~n a plth prt'"i," itluotart anon', by l,oi'aia An. 'I nin,la"', attnur I h.e It lat u, ofinn'aoe. Iarrý J; xun a:;ýlif l i·lll·t nnnl w ear! nts. 1JndIncnn i.nnsnnenei' PEnnaht Ili., far they "ilS3ft it .}nin' yIIt Alhunlta, Civtl Eh~atimer. Wnn ' ineLondi Gne n. aJalt aniamradlni'tny eamay, a~nJIt it it; utr dtn-nt copetne in 2dlab. atnrnn:i a oft('itlnt II. tc ithetreuty of pea., at Ureehtlr n(ll, Flf (Iueeon Alne. Anew ed~Wtu ithl tit'ia.enn- t nagrualncn nan.Iaten; oanla ite'l tlunntt Just n:leivrt an hf'r sale by V/M S1MKEANr, roll ear Cannap annl Conotan sit. I ini%, n .n ern't-n ,it rhthenet impnroved plan, and to an ni niv anaamst na"iatrnbie saiiation, is thetaauaitgr Fannltltn 1p1onthe a ailrotdl, done ile trio di alitain Ihe blild;ng i.'are and pneIta-t am n'iitosly di tded inta n neatr to. fnr k-.n'1iag separate difereul clnsmiN andi- (r'eeonlisenprr. Thle in' a ntinn iasupplied wilt ile meat okilqalxmld nirleinn-e Ianntle and fealnule aeae., and speaklg lbs Oh rinno rnersnanwnalatnn'ea. P riv ate rooa may he had by gentlemeRn at Aa AM Inns pltn Jay. includin~ attendance, &te. 'l'ends is the or intry wara.s tta dallars pa day. haaeo alsao tia dallara. Small Pas in shlac twata warms, flitP doll1 rs. All capdeital u pllreical o. tionsextra. 'the reideat phasieilat is Dr Wetliitean, to wheat appi naliat.ri r iv aaiintan mIatet ha made. ariao DC A I.otnlznnng, \e Ia Hllanpartiitreet. apl t-v [ý RAP L.AIt I-f'lO hega in alare, for sale by YA (, DO'IIEY, 44 Not, Levee,. NEW. WORKS. IIEN ATUnRALIST'S OWN ROO(K-ampriiuag A d-rinntinan noald nptahtni annadoen aof Qaadrup adi; st·ieanilicalln-areaa-ned a'eaudindiaeio ate taum a Cuanen Inv tla-i aaalanr a! the "Yaaag Maa'n Own Bett. EllEN S.hl'rltt, It l STORY OF INSECTB-I. tw-o vnhunj-aldol ,fnanliig noa. of the "famaaly I A dlieeetalthile toAw OF avaIDnncn rin CoIniWAL CnaE -lIty InnalReena, Esq. with ,notet aid rsefosace te Amne rcna dei-IaIt, aal ta the ERoalith emtaaenlanoaald Pe-ln'nintiiannrnnolrt by (ieorfe Sbanaw.asd. OI, lttan-nGoaia or l)UiaAaarla aflnaCHEAa-haoadap oil thae eontptjnio at f their pltrsieal onI gutnaral aipo, by ha V W Geelnhad, M Di. PRINtIPEira or PATHOt.uv, AND PRACTIaO "r `'0 aaac-lliy Jaha Slaa:ialltaah. Si D., (iofr dun odiutiann'aiah rates aad additiona, by lenSasm l G.n. II elngt,S It , in 2 aoi'a. 'lTH. A, alirCan tivdatenaai Ravine-Na 36 for IleCcnlnben 1:iim. Jutoreeeeed andllfar PUlehby a1 1. a, MaREn .onaaeafrom Cr oftast and Ca. s steamoat (ionnail Wavayne, for sale. h LAYELI & AM LUMP jyl 7 Czt oier " a(. 5i A(' mIll -l"'Slhdnltneaaninel d Itfrau ly" 17Canoae coeceo. F p 1 . l tlalin lne " itn Il"buseantao n, 46 Ibtb! sanl t fed latlntat; 7lnbl namesa ant 1biitnit Iasagn pts ti; a leds prie hee ; lb. rceaao of a fint boan a.(I IT & Adll.Lt' , 17 Ctmmneaen stnsa. At\:all1 I' lit }n1"-74 lnlnIneannaated tamnily Hnlve tithi Ineina (rnonntathamboa IIarna If, fun salt bn LAbIA 11' altIA, IEUNI . ye ii 1;Cnineta' meanet, tie.'.-7 bilaatr-a tRme)'. ltnt'nt nnitd linpae tab oni aitj tiner :} ala'. A i `.t; inS-r'U0tl f dilarlpnalinttid-S, SIS TER . 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