Newspaper of True American, October 6, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 6, 1838 Page 2
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Qmtg~nyltiaoo-Pnn alolon Itni. ynan··P ngnnnII Mo Hol' zad fatly, Mn flinoo ano lady; Itonl, Onohon,',, llohlo, Ilornalo Jnba Koup. cla~aan, Dontcaa'o. tIodnon. Ikhlnlnnt.. Gsoong uiah, Jaha Wao&z McKIanny. Cady, blnoann. HalI. l'unnoon ptugn.,~ Lant.Uono, Latoal, mwiat Kolon, Nub,. II W Ntt'n. Andnsa.a.Tnra~na. Itolnhono, Eoaajn. Iaaan.,Pan-nlrtp Paagaa..pae~annnoa H. Woodhony and Pattndbinht..Pen ntbt Chnntnn.yonnong,.as: Mn Angora & U, Whatany EI:IOILANDA. Kank Chanatatna, -a tlho 10th Soytondono npoohn in I., 34 7'l 105 790 1.11 Donao denmnnntd, nolylolied ha, auth ton.,nIxooon, n'awnaanom naonaoutou, oodllt NnonYoot. Alal,, thn not., 3.8mg. ln hottop1. ann lonoanan.c Akunnan Bonad. klot't Looja, 0110 ld; Ilof to pooo, hooad b Inwrlaw (inn O Dodgo, Oolan, nod OILtn Iaaano Vandntt ln 0.41 tlooin. lnoot1 S, in pool, ntnn,.onn. 9aI~ai.1Indinnn,ond toalo Bd. ol..y lmnfoonnoooerioo*Jjoysn Uta1a4ttpt had 101in top : 14o; th. anrt alonono Clydo at 01 Ed...awn; j~annnd fin Dodon .1do the oro; VYn..d DoII ·n Caltannialle notion t Ibo B.dnlyt.; InL I, mat IKon..o· .th. umn a dAnkenoan Ch~lli-nothn hotan Coloanlola; Allan. 17 nabto Ilhtnkaon; i d. Hoot Colooot~i Inolos Glood (ijolL aidnaa e an tlntothnn; 4l.0 0111 Jnoo Jny ololn* Rn~fns nn. I atal~ .b Al lnn o agoolod 48s haount· 3a1~ LOWIEL. Negro Clohe-b40 cases heavy rotons, n alse and for sale b,'ITRlDGE C VIIITRIDGE & CO, 76 Ma.aziie .t 1D1. h i's- -- me Sperm Candleae New ,iu. ford, Bristel and Naniencue , ande, for salh by VWHITRIDGE & (O, oct6 76 Magazine at i--100 gills Summear i, in i-tre and fi,rals by IWHL'BIDGEb & O, Se tt 761 Magazine at INTER CLOTHINNG-II eanes, coltalcing an aIm rtment of C8atiaet Rnudebouts and Panta loons heavr Methun e Def y pease, and Liverpool stri. pd twilled r. ime landling fromn hip Paigus, fir sale ISAAC BRID(,E & ClO, gectd 124 Magazine st etiWN Shirtiln r --3o bhale. heavy hroen shir-. iags, landing from ship Peegens, far sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, eeaS 131 Magazine as C~iON Weither's Book-JusatrneiveJ a-?ew lreea of tshe lontto Weigher's Book, a very fle. ettl lB gor sale by oh don or slaile, Iby di)AVID FELT CO; eats N "Y Statiolers Iall, 24 Cliatrc ast PRINTING INK. J' 8T received a few kegar alatler's ery eapl. tie' News Ink, for sale by DAVID FELT & CO, oeS N Y Stationers HIll,24 Chartres st BANK BOOKS. USTW received a few grace of ltlmy Bank Books; elsoe , a few Midim Bank IBooks. fur sale by the pa doense or sigle by DAVID FELT & CO, ca l N Y Sationers Hall,24.Chartras at M A ON LIME AFLOAT---500 owaske K stwt Lbme, in eel lent order, leading from IrqanChanticleer, No 7, Third Munieipality, foirsale l E & J P WHITNEY; estB 8 Conti st tLADI3 &. GENTI.EMEN TAKE NOTI-CE l asveaing, October the 6th, THE PA VII. 1 LION BALL ROOM, n the olher ide of the 1 will b r r Ne-np d .or the .leaan. I B pNoLadiadmittsed without being accompan Sle be "eautsutleoman. a L .insee Missouri manufactured Ta. aesd; low priced, will be sold a bargain to eosus ttf,& m by LAYET & AMELUNG, Dl17 Comnera ast Ni NBROKERSM $4MPLIN.tof variouas i ee, just received and far sale by WM. McKEAN, ate cote Camep & teommon st I L.andln maofetctueed by Wn. Evana, received .Ialy and for sole low, th ee tor it wn intended for slatigaeo teeforitat present. ApplyLto •CliH HBONNA EL, acts eaor Nastchez & Thopitsulas st T .)I6K--50 bbls Mese and Prime Pork, landing frotn Itats, ftale by LAYET & AMELUNG;, ets 17 Commeice street iD Ati~lNU . Rope, WO pit Begging and 5Oeoil. rap, ia seors and for sale by l.AYET-& AMELUNG; actR 17 Comneree ae - MAYORALTY OF NEWORLEAN S. Plprien of fresh lour In-day is$9 50 per barrel, 1 accorduing to the tariff; the bakers shalt give du elcgeprss *eeteek (from Mondy 7th Oct.)3l2 oun c beem br a bhlt. Bread of the scecond quality ig requied weigh 25 per emnt. nmre. vie: 40( ounces. esS C. GENOIS, Mayor. [OiALE, AP.AMSTRESS--T- ho-egre g1rl C 5INC, 3 years old, firstrate seamerste.and toellat ski1 lma, a good w:elher and ironer far sale niafdeazingtereaa. Apply to H BONNAIIEL. nesS ear Natechs & Tehopitoulas st 5X iEDai tierees, and lisa Seed Meal, of • cIhe .sqlilty, for wholhaala and retail H BONNAIFEI., atE eaor Natchez & Tehopitoulas st 44 New Levee Bor, Shisi sod lega--4can -7 ese Psiota Shden nn 1 lauding from nhips Chem. . end .alsey, compriaing a geod acert fer t h city e counaty trsd, and nili the meat accommodating terms. A F DUNBAR a CO, It Custom tones at. I c-t published he Mar ae 7 nd"A Shpe'siC Almanaec for 839; with er h Soeuth and BSouth Western Staten, ll4ins 1t Meeieeisspi and Alalama, fot to oma *0 ,0 a ,or bh .......... DAVIolD IELT 4 Clret i L NcYnsut. d, fnor em Newa 7r tabs Mint. Con 1 eeaeip ef thwl rend.. 6ee ye I 1GALEAreat, X jt^ A sNT & IL STORiE, a T lhoolrale ectree.. ae. , ANDREWS, at itrosCeer Comes on ebupiets TII TrkUI AMIIIORAN. AUlUS U T * : aI. SATUR I) m.....YA 6, 1838 t Q The Express Mail of yesterday brought nothing whatever from the North: we did not even learn where the stoppage took ples. T'hesoe frequent failures in the interior are extremely dis tressing at the present time when every one is it bhxoun. to giv,, an impetus to business, and on- at deanvr by an early season to retrieve in part the is losses of the past. The western slips arrived. a Ssipension Bridge eser fe .Ms 4.-In the Courier of Thursday is the following extract from a foregon journal. r "TRe BIatuE or CusSac.-A remarkable bridge r. is now considerably advanced in France, which will be oneol the most remarkable structures of the kind in the world. It is a suspension bridge, of five arches or spans, each of which is 300 feet in width. The foor will be 70 feet above the surface of the water. The suspension chains will be supported by eolumnsof east iron 90 feet in height, resling on pedestalsof masonry." From these facto, the Courier deduces the startling proposition of bridging the Miseiseippi, and that, ton, only in order to reduce the price of crossing from six and a quarter, to three Cents, and I gravely asserts that by so doing the property hbul ders in the three villages opposite the city, would have the cost returned to them ten fold, in the in creased value of their lots! By what logie this re. suit is come at, passes our conception. The width of the river opposite Canal street is, at high water, not lees than twelve hundred yards, instead of 800. The depth of the river, the nature of the soil beneath and the rapidity of its current, all ren der it impossible to raise any column in its muidst, and consequently, if made, the bridge stunt be of one entire span of i200yards. Ships of the lar. gest size constrntly sail past our city, but even one of 600 tons, has from the water to the truck of her sky.-sil mast a height of something over two hundred feet, which must consequently be the minimnm clevation of the loor of the prope, sed brisge. Now if an arch of 300 feet in width, and 70 in height, requires an iron column of 90 feet to support the chains, it is plain that ons of g 3600 feet, or 1200 yards would require each side the river, an erection of iron, or masonry, of at ' least from twelve to fourteen hundred feet in height. is An entire esqare would scarcely afford esuflcient C room for the base of such an elevated structure, and to make any thing like an accessible approach to the bridge the opening to it must be somewhere between Rampart Street, and the Metairie Ridge. I Time hearing or the shains must be at least fifteen, or eighteen, hundred feet from the elevated Scotloms, and could the flooring be by any pos. sibility constructed, the bridge in a high wind would have an oscillation like the pendulum ef a clock, of a descending parachute, ora boy's swing between two upright pines. Of the cost of such a ,giant structure we are not prepared to give an estimate, but of its practicability a child might sd judge. If its object be, as suggested by this esge projector of public improvements, to save thres rcents in crossing, we humbly opine that the labso of reaching the entrance and traversing the vast he extent of this mammoth bridge would cause an I extravagant waste of shoe leather, alone The only large suspension bridges known, are formed fromt one projected eminence to another, and yet withl all these natural advantages we he s, lieve there is not one that stretches an eighth of this vast projected span. The Sundqrland sun. t pension bridge is about a hundred yars in width, it. and will just admit vessels of 200 ntts to pass beneath. That of the Menai is of nesrly the tsame proportions; that of the Cubnae is muck by about the same, far though 1500 feet in width, it t has five iron columns to support it, so that the span n to nowhere greater than a hundred yards. t By whom could such a structure be ereeted? e not by the property holders on the right bank, for the millions it would cost is far beyond their means! Not by the city, since its professed object - I is to take sway its population. Not by the State, for who would propose toil so Utopian a scheme! sc and even were it built does the dreamer of the Courier think it would he free of toll! To bridge t the Lake from Pontschrtrain to Mandeville would he but a labor of love; but to arch the Mississippi t is fitted for a dream of ne of the seven sleepers. e. Georgia Eleceimns-The Southern Recorder gives as the result of the election in Baldwin,-Safte Tt Legisllture. Senate, O. HIansell, (State Rights) ; 358. Seevee,(Union)225. The frmeriselected. * Representaties. Hines, 340, Rockwell, 318, both seate rights, and both elected. Hammand, 27,, at and Rowell 219, union party. For Congress, the kmparties stand thus: Sitic Rights, Daws.n, 344, e Niebett, 337, King, 335, Colquett, 330, Haber et sham, 330, B'ack, 321, Alford, 320, Warren, 312, Cooper, 301. Union, Iversvn, 204, Pooler, 294, h Burney, 285, Patterson, 285, Campbell, 281, Nel. son,-273, Graves, 273, Hitlyer, 264, McWharts, 262. f"t T*'I-o orrow afternoon the boat clubs will I turn out en colume at Carrollton. There will be two, it not three hoats afloat, and their gaily dres. sed crews will give an enlivening aspect to the Ho. tel, where Mr. Moore has provided, as usual, an el-gnt dinner for visitors. To take an excellent repest at the Hotel, and a row on the river after will beremembered as among the most pleasant paeltinme of past limes. .lfagnijing Glasses. One ul yesterday's papers states that the British steamer President, new building, is to be one half larger than the glaet Western! pah! The Western is about 100 tones, aend this computation would make the President 2040tons, whereas sheai to be 1700. The same paper gravely asserts that heough many tales have been told about Madame Vestrie, nothing we the detriment of her morals has been made publie, -ergo, the etories are untrue, aed the Madame immaculate. Faith, is, no doubt a canonical viri tue, but he who would believe such tweddle' would leok at the moon and swear it ese cream cheese. The real genuine Bayaderee imported into France from Pondicherry are four sisters. Their nases are .Jelrny, Soundtrom, jydonle, and Ran. eon. It is rather ungallant to mention ladies ages, but as the transatlantic papere give them we re. peat that Amany is 18,Soundirom only 14. Little Perdon but 6, yet looks like a little devil,-so say the French, hot the age of Rangon seems to be yet unfixed. They are aeeeompanied by two he-erea, tare., said to be musicians. Their talents may be muestel, hbt to pronounce their names would give a week's employment to the dentist in estracting the broken teeth. Roming.-Two very elegant Custer Clubs are new established in our city: the one called the " Artrw,", we believe, foar oars. The other is the " Creole," meoaning te same numbher, -and there is mill another under way. These beats have lately had an elegant house built for their eecommodation at Cerrellton by the Railresd .com pany. Why do they not inettetre a race, or regatta! There are two or three elbheetoablished at Deyea Bare, end some we hear at a. Francisville, that would doubtless join were say pempoeitioa publish. ed. If three or ftr would ehbcndbe for a eep, or puree, there is little doubt that the Cerreliton Corm pony would add some fitting prise.-some silver tiller yoke, or ilve. ear, which wish the eubmerip. lion rea would frc the aemmeensebaoe of e eries of aequaie spment, cot Ises beelrhfel to the pertucipate'r, thAe agreeable to the spectetore. What say yoUr, genletmen of the Arrow, a4d C1reoe b 2.ip peeosemd.-The steamer Maseppa will be able to make her proopsed trip to Lakflrepe-. p,,, and its traiiu y iers, this eenl· . In order to pas thee elinetioi4 requited by the new lhw of soegrees. he i ohbliged to build . new 6irt II bed, which will prevent her departure. Next " Saturday, we understand, she will make the pre. posed excursion. " The speed of horses seem to increase much in the same proportion as the improved loco.motive engin*e. The spirit of the Times says-" there is an o dit that Edwin Ferreat in a trial performed a mile in two minutee, and eighteen seconds!"- r Trotting is feat treading on the heels of running, and running is barely eclipsed by flying. It appears that there has been nearly a dozen resignations among the members elect to the Mississippi legislatare;-for what reason we know not. fcouxtcuvTsxn. j "Coming ereule coot their ehodotebkjore." Mr Editor--Though ungifted with the "saeond eight" of the inspired Seermen may perceive, with only half an eye, that a potent attempt is about to be made to upset Aldermen Caldwel's arguments an quareo, tbloek, pavements. I think them ea substantial as the blocks themselves, but hare not the excessive pretension of she Voter of the Iat Ward to y-" soufficient it is fornmetoknow." When the Mountain has t nished its'labor, we can better judge the importanet of the morse. I did not intend to .y that " the Voter't. assertions were sMgee, hut anproved. It io onethtog to sey. and another to show r ad he who can vouch that a horse goes better over had road. than on p.lO onee, has, at least, somewhat pecudlar nolione. Saving in draving is, certainly, onee item in navnur of square blocks, but by nomeans thie only one ; but to say dreyages here are as low as in any other city, is another " peculiar notion." In new Yor., drayage for one entire mile, is two bite here, from one suburb to the other-a less disteai -it in six bits! But that is not the point, I take it. If Gotham were paved with equate blocks, instead of round stones, a proportionate reduction would take place there; and if the first ward Voter wishes a brief answer to his question, I say, no: not while the pavements are the same, North and South: but give u flat atones, and keep theirs round, and drayuce ma.y be done for less. To say that square ltone pavements will not Slesen the expenses, is, I think, nooher very ye euloar notion! He will live longer, work tmore, a.d grow fatter: he will require 3 aerts of shoes lese, annually, and be, measurably, exempt froet Ssprains, wiedgalls, spavins, ar, &c. The manlo rf city of our Council are certainly not oracles, not are their opinions, like the Pope'o, infallible. The people at large dilf.r with themn, and thtough a ' single operatin ouaee may make ats men commit n a mistake, it cannot. bias the judgment of ten thousand. Majoritine are not always right. The a greater nubpier In this state were recently demo, crlat,-were their polities necessarily correct, ason e, their adversaries wrong If sao, why Ia the present h changel.' It is one thing to take a contract, and another to fulfil it,--but by what species of intti, re ion, did the majority know the lower priced offer . could not he fulflled? There is no evidence that the party making it could not give as ample secat ' rity as the present contractor, for the saying oftlhe td First Ward Voter that, "W9 hesitate not to ns. s. sort," is by no means a proof,-it may be another of his peculiar notione!l td ANOTHER VOTER of the Sd Ward. A CARD. S Ws the undersighed, passengere on board the h steam boat William Wallace on her passage from , Mobile to New Orleans, deem it to be our duty to express our entire approbation of the course pur. t sued by Capt. J. W. Hffmman In consenting to re I ceive as as paslengerr notwithstanding the res. en poneibility with which he is menaced under the late act of congress respecting steamt boara. A reasonable interpretation of the law accord' 5 ing with the suirit of our institutions was doube, en Iass the design of that enlightened body, hut it nrver was intended by them to operate to the delrlt ment or inconvenience of the conlnlunity, by de priving them of the only means of transportation rr, they possess. e- It would be supereogatry to multiply examples, of Iut asumilo What nae actually occurred, that a number of passengers are detained against their . will and inclinations; while thetr necmessiies h, their affairs, or perhaps, even the call of humu., as nity invoke their presence elsewhere, it will ti heonce readily he conredea how unwtse such a m s. application of the Irgiplation of the country would it The generosity, firmnees and independence of n Capt. HPIfsnan under the circumstances in which he was placed, are deserving of tle highest eam mendation. d? It may he proper tn remark that the undersipnt for ed have every confidence in the security of the ir boat, and in the eskil, arefulness, and intelligence of the otficers, and that having met the requici ct tions of Congress by providing chain wheel roptes, te, fire enrine and hoae, and signal lanthorns, they consider her perfectly sefe. is (Signed) Rohb J Ker, Wm Culvrehnuse, John Dalton, Thus Shirre, James M Erwin, M Wilder., P* George Eldestrain, Sam McClelland, Charles Id Galagher, J Lapham, A T Cox, Sam. P Ruse, I) p D Pretorieh, Alex Legraee, A Rue, A Petihien, J Ker, H C Cammack, W Grandpre, James Fez Gerald, F Drain, W M B.tzor,h. N. Orleans, October 5. 1838. FATI or GuaNIU. Yesterday, an inquest was held at the BOg of Nals, New Cut, on the bhdy of OIwy Sqnills. As the deceased had long hean favorably known to the public by the number and success of hib dramatic writings. many members of the eock and buskin were in attendance, and the enqutry seemed to excite the greatest interest throeghonut the neighborhood. "Rebrees Motherly deposed that the deceased was her lodger. She had known him from his t'outh; he had been bred to the pin making. Sbuinelss but, to the annnyalne of his friends, had left a respectable trade for play writing; when in full work, eould earn a guinea a week. By a Juror-At pine or plays} Witness-.-t plvs Recollected the decealsed coming hore on Tue .dev night; shortly after Mr. Bubbleten called; Mt BSthbletnn lie the manager of a play house; heard high words between him and deceased; when Mr. Bumtbleron quitted the bouse, witness saw the deceased aive for the last time; he ep peared very melancholy, and naked witnes, whlt she thought he could earn by carrying out smanll parcels and beating carpets. Found him deed next morning. t'Giles Swaggerly Bubhletnn, examlined: Is proprietor of Bubbletni's Royal Death' Head and Cross-Bonle Theatte ; deceeled was in employ of witnese as stock author; had been very irregular in his habits of lale; nutwithtlanding, witness thought him a young man of considrable genius, and gave him a guinee per week to write as required; deceased was never callel upon to prsduce more than three pieces a week, and never nader swelve hours* notice. By a Juror: Were the dramas of decaseud played at any other plea Oh yea, all over the country. Was there nor al sot which made such perlurniance profitable to .he aulluer There was such an act ; it wses msll dmirabl e statute, end wal of grllea encturrageg. meet to authore; but in the ease of deceased was not productive. sa witneesehd by conracl t seclr ed euch revenue for himself What !fora gelne a week? By the Coroner: State whet pslled be tween ytou end deceased at your last meeting. Witnessne re stated that he called upon deceased for a new play,"h'be Golden FiLatl." which de ceased had re.written three timer to eslit the pe. culaler wishes .f Mr. Connaught, a star"e engag ed at "Death'e Head" at £50 a night; deceased had failed to plerae Mr Conought, aend had to write the drama a fourth time; had had the MS more than a day, and made little progress in it. Witness was irritated, and threatened to diecharge deceased; had, hawever, no such intention. Ott the contrary, witness would alwayl patronine ge niue when he could see his way. Dlcesed had written two nautical dremas: "Tl'he Interminable Pigtail,"and "Benbow's Baccn.Bos," for another '"sLar,' only a week ago. The Coroner" Yoe say you were never irritated with the deceased; setate the exact words you used on quitting him. Wit nem (aflter ome hesitation)-! said Ihad brought him before the town, had made his fortune for him, but that he was an ungrateful, idle, scoun. drel, said it the *tOGlden Potato" was not finished by the morning, I had done with him for ever. I said that in consequence of his neglect, it was imn possible for me to see my way. "Mr Cooke, surgeon, examined: He was called tosee deceased at eight in the merning; found him seated in a chair with paper before him, and a pln in his hand; the vital spark wae quite ex tince. He had not been Ioeg dead, for the last word tiexit" w a.carcely dry. All attempls at resuscitation proved fruitleset strer were not the slightest marks of violence on the body. "TI'he Coroner then addresseed thd j auy in e man. ly, sansible speech, in which he briefly touched upon the mischienous influence of the stage, at the same trine giring due praise at the latent humenity of Mr. Bubblsene, who had meai. ly sead a threat of dismisleene a gentle spuors the enforteaste yet anprinaipled deceased." "The Jury, without retiriag returned a vediste of--".sed by a Manager."-London pprer. Scluelrutc aseorronae or rae MoNoqtro. We copy tile followitlg queliona end answere in orni thology from the Citclneati Gauesle. The an. erare mem learned and lamiaous as the que~q tione are searehing and preentd. Irkeder-Jeohn, can yon tell me whet class and order of the le.est tribe ?g'jMeeqogio belongs set Boy-Del't know sir, -Jeehe, can yet tell? Bes-Yea air, ain't an tlect, he bllltteg to the bitd tvik and ion species Uo Owl, and aingalouder in proportion to its bulkh, and like the owl, cum. - mite his depredattone in the night. Father eaid that t',cther night he should think that about forty rotnted on his nose, nnd otl.*n. were ecatfered Pa hie cheeke end eye.browes. T~ Meequote cc not like the owl, omniverous, buhot ii, man.irertea, like the bedlug, and lilke lte hue tngb.ird it ia suok, nor the honey from the 11 were, hot Teaeher--'i hat will do, go aboue him. The hoys may go out. Earsetee Eueotreo .-The following totter to dated U. C. ship Viorennee. Sir. I have just theouht if m iig t ise a tloo to yfu to know somethiog definite about the eoploriug Expadiion, Our bthp, the Vineennes, is an Otelm sloop of war of 750 tons, eommanded by Charles Wilke Eat. She had a fight spar deeak put upopen her, which giren hbae the appetarae and sote oftho eodforts and eonoinencul'f a small trLgte. Her usual battery of se is reduced to eight and n or eespondhlI redtlctio nof her complement of upwards of 900 men to IS0 mn,inaludinl seietific lgentlementio, of whom we have Ithree, and one horticulturist. The Peacock, Wi. L. Hudaon Eq.. commander, isa econd clae sloop of war, of the sum eonatruetion, 600 ton hurthen--the bo me reduned battery, ia rew of 130 men. including three soieotntl gentle men.TTh store shbip Relief, A. It. Long Eeq., eommander, a 4350 tons burtheo has 6 guns and 75 men., nd the remaining twoofthoscieotii corpa . The brig Porpoise, Lieut. Cad. wallader Ringgold Eq.. eommander. is 900 t i a b, had 4 gn, aend 65 men and ofcers en all. There are alotwo pilot beat elah.ers, remoently purehased; late the New Jersey and tihe lsdependene, of your port.a The bet, now called the sa Gull, commaaned by ptaeed midskipman Juaesa ed. is il0 tone haurtlon, and ha 15 men. The second, new called the Flying Fish, eomminded by pa. Ind midshipman amuel Knott, is 90 tos, and bas It men all told. The sqdronleftA Hnmpto Rondathis aftenrnoon, tnd are now off the pitch of the Cape, and the pilot boat about to eane us and sever the last link that hitnds ns to home and na tive lad. The squadron make a blae, imptusing ppenaee. We. arve afioe broee,and are all as heerftul and happy a ould he expeted in thes ircumnstaenes. The otpedition is sow fiirly of, oandyou av tMnader our coontraymn our ail care naol hearty fhrewe'l and eontetulatlonoao the occaSion. n great baste. your obedientservant, JARED L. ELLIOTT. The MIaynille Whig aotice the naew aethod of tnvellio. now uati onthe Ohio, vil.: Iero and ecnon. That paper emaerksthateinuhber ofpersons have arrived at Mayevils frsm Pitteburg and Wheelneg in trat wey,.dAt sight they would stay in horse where they could he obteined and when ohoouslaswemeenneot, they encamped onthe hank. The day wase when such a plasg ason the Ohio was not roosid eted matte of wonader, butwith all oar impronments in steam Rod the modes of coaneyaue, it sounds rather siagalar at this day. THE FRIEND OF THE SETTLER. We have hoard a ienet deal seid ilrain s of the Adminl. itration for the pre-emption laws. and its divers manifsta tiona of inltenrst for the welfare nf th', settler on the public lande. This hiad feetling of the party in power for western peopleis. now manifesting itselfto the full extent. The alee. tions being over, and there eristino no daoner of it iving an improper lue to the minds of these upon whom the kiodnem fnlil.theedminiatretiee feis free to tny tt tint favorite maim. "Iet the government take dat of ietef, and the people of tuinetnse," regardles of the eooequeaoes. It would be extraordinary Ifa settler on the public lands. who had a p-nelmtio.n, and enpectod, under the terms of the tIot Iet of Congres, to have too yeare to make payment tine could see anything in the recent order of thes ldepartment. by which he ecomlpelled to pay for his lands in lee than three months from the passag of thesat, butthe grestest kiodnes. and friendly consideratilon of his welfare. The noternoetw knows better thell the people what is for their interest, and has kindly et.pcnd in. violated the provisions of the aet of Congress, defeated the jeust expectations of the settler. and thou saved him from the ho're of the two pearesredie which the pre-emption Iaw nave him. The prs-emptiouer who would complain now must eanmosttetasurahsl fellow. Theheaeuie of thi erate imentof the administration, to SInfest the pre.semption law, by compelling the pre-emptioner o pay for his Inds before the dy fired for the ale of the puablie I ads, inntead of giving hint the two years, allowed by thes set. was fully illltntrated at the relent ltad ties at Spring. Illinois. somee,we are told, lost their lands, whits! many were only able to uve them by moet enormouos saeril. sce. It was a glorious day fo, the moeay lender. The S prigfield Jourual thus lspeah of the dimt -itsy to gt money. 'Let the govrslme" t take care of itself, and the people of themselves.' The Public Land sale for this diatriet commenerl on Satur. day. MIany pereon arein attendance. Such istiln demand for land. (we suppose to secure inmprovements.) that money hoatben loaned for ityr per cent er nnutm, aond in some oues ate iax Par t per month. The sale ho been brought forward ett mast elf ,rtuat time for ourcitizens. But the r object ofthe Government is to raise money--and in this case it has fully carried out ints vowed prineiples of action., "Let the (nrveremnt taoe care of itself, and the people of them. selves.' THE ISnoseo.-A very intelligent nd obeenrvant gentleman e whohasjuat vi.ited several tribes of nldians, intorms os that ihe believess that Ge. Gains aod others have nilepprehended the intention of the Cherokees ia inviting the harious tribes to attendtheir grand council. Our informant staten that they ore by o means uneious to hners collison with the whites, end that be thinks their main object was to ilduce eli the i triheneoaror blorders to mene beyond the reaho of our peo pie. They re of opinio thet their proximity to the states has a m.t injurious effect upon them; tha t it breaks the Sirltof the warrior; briheus upon them inteamperance. and for I. tese rnesous they eresaid to have some ides of mreoing to npleoeyoed onur roach. They hare found out, Ihatthey .ao. eotcoetend gainto the Americaos, and they say if they ore to be encasgedl n ware, they would rvther contend againlst Smen whoeM custom and maonners are similar to their uwc. -If the Cherokeeh. resolve to remove. our informant thinks it is n posesible they will bojejud l y tile Kansas. and ,ther nations, who will make some league of mutulal protection eod defenao aginst any neow eemioethat they may encouter. If thoese , eally be theiroljects, no one would reoret it; a,,d the gouod a wishes ofll woeld atteud them in their jorueyinge to the tSouth West.--Seor Louie Bulletin. Fourth Regiment Loul.tana ,Aliliu. NOTICE T() ALL WHOrl IT MAY CONCERN. rrlHE Militia Law of the 12th February, 1813, de .1 lares that "every commissioned r lCer of itfan try, whose duty shall require him o serve on fool, shall be armed with a suitable awardi and every oficer whose duly requires him to be mounted on horseback, shall be are i with a sworand ud a pair ofiiatulsi every non eommissioned officer aud private uf the iltaltrv slall crnstantly keap liliaerlf tr*vided witll a good ua.ket or eca, a aulairient bayonet a d belt, a kual'iaek,two spare flints, a carrrige Ion or pouch, with a boxa thole in to contain not less than twenty-four cartri'era suited to tiae bhe if his tluaUel or gull; tr with a good ifes, knapsack, flits,. elot ploue , alpoder htre, itws ty tall suited to the bore ofhis rifle, and a quarler ofut pound tof powder--at d shall alppear so erlned aela accutaed aod provided whnever called out, except that wheai ever called out to eere'se only, he may appear without knapanek,er barltillIes loaded with balts: Providedl, that thme arli and aeoutremtete of'a Imilitia man shall Ie free from seizure, arrest, aed shall not be aliented in any manner whatever for debts or otlerwise: and pr*e idled, also, that whenever a militiamnn lall aklie it appear to the satisfaction ofthre regimental eourt of as nessmealt that It. has nut tie means ofproriding him selfin the manner aloresaid, and shall have ohtaied a certiicate ta that effect, signed by the presidelnt of aid court, lie shall be exempte.l from the fine and ritnd at the esponse of the State." 'he third section of the act of 1834, for the organiae. tiol atd disciplintg of the meilitia of the tate of Lou isiana, declares: "'That every person subject to militia duty, who shall refuse orneglect to atted any battalion, company or special muter, or who shall efube to oAle any order r orders given by any oSirsr, having the righlt to give such order o ouaeres; or whi shall rel.ue or neglect to comply wilth any part of thL militia laws now in force, such person or persns. for ach and every offLnsee, if resident of the parialh of New Orleans, shall be fined TEN dollars, and in default thereof, shall be imprison. ed 24 hours at the elxpense of the Stare; and if residing in any of the other psrfshes, uach person or personL shall be fined FIVE dollars, and in default there,,f, shall be imprisoned twelty-fiur hours." The militia law will he fully enforced in this instnee, and on all future oceasions of the kind. To avoid as much as possible unnecessary trouble and expense to all persons sultjsc to militia dity, whet r fused or neglecied to comply with the military laes ofthe state on the 26fit day oi Sept. Iarn, at the revnw and tspeetim bn fthe ith agiiment L. M, an Lalaytte Square, every delinuuent is renpectfullv requertec to call at my tffice within 10 davta from the date nl this notice, between the hours of 12 and 2 otclock, h M and settle his fine or his excuse. , Any me IDerofa fire or volunteer company, who may have been inadvertantly enrolled and notifieltod mihlia dute in the 4th Regitient on the 26th of last month will aonfr a particular favor and saveulmsolf front being troubled and perpleed, by informing me of the fact, within ten days, either verbally or addressing a note; and also any other persons who may have been enrolled and notified, and not being liable to militia do. ty. The object f this notiec is to give every delin quent the opportunity oattling his fine or making his excuses, or gtviog his reasons why ie should nsthe fin. edaecordint. o law, thereby avoiding the disanereable necessity of legal proceedings against him on the pert oftshe State. It is hoped thatevery person concerned will duly consider this tatter, and promptly comply with the a. hoes request. Respeltfully, JAS H IcAKIN, oetl--It Adj 4th Regiment, L. I. Ofice o1 the office of Dakin & Dukin, Architects, Merchant's xchanrae, Bank Place. 1 S, SOAP, a'o.-Wiitae bleclted S perm ili Fall bleached Sperm t ila pure arliele. N. and 2, Soaep of Valentine and other brasnd--Juddan Pe. tent Sperm Can lies, and a small lot of Spanish Prinei. pe Segar a supiori r qualily, in sie andfore sale A by G BLANCHARI), Oct2 33 Gravier st lNAC Yý.R" N107 els of a superior artl P le,eeived and fer sale by WINSTON & SHALl., saep25 7 Front Levee CLARET WINE-100 beoaxe Chateu La nFittli, WItNSTON&,HAr ALL, sept25 7 Front Levee L-AR- PORK--.fie iarrel, clear pork in satore and q-J for sale by LAYET i AMELUNG, apl 1 Commens:e street. SE PIND WHALE Oil., ,e.--5 barrels Neyi I edford refined Whale Oil of superior qnuht;te 12 casks New Bedford winter oil, warranted pure, not landing from barque Henrv, from Rnoston, for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, Oct2 e5 Grevier et W HISKEY-50 bhlts iu store, for sale by aug2t C. DORSEY, 44 New l-eee. 1OBACCO--200 lOxes manufaatured toahec,8se, I 42, and pound lutps, of various brands and qua. lilies, fur sale by sepl5 ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Mtaga ept B UTTER. 80 kegs Welteid-U rin ae,.i LAYET & ABIELUNO, sep20 17 Commerce al. U MBRELLAS-6 couet Manlua Umbrellas, laading fom aisip Miaiui pi.0 for sale byas IZAAC BRIDGE & CO, Oet2 134 Magazine at. Ct w. A FIRST rate Milch Cuw for a';s Apply to Capt Oardiaer on board ship Yaoo, o,ntpoeite Vegeta. Smaurket. FILOUR-.b00 bble lreeh Flour, f tale by O0 tGORiFY, nelt3 44 New icre NSEYS-.t, bales lowell Linsey, wore and plai ,p f ae orted colors both narrow and wide in tere,and for tle by STE rso 4t AVERY, ect4 83 Grsnier et 8ta Theatre. SIX NINIrl'OFTIIE SEASON. FIRST AP ARANtE OF MR. G. HOLLAND, Who is epniged for eight nights. This Bgeos ,g Oerober 6th, 1838, Will be performed the laughable aforce of the LOTTERY TICKET. Wormwood, Mr S Cowell, After which the petit comedy of the SECRET. Thomas, Mlt HOLLnSD. Mrs. Dupuis, Mrs. Plumer. Two Overtures, and the National Airs. The performance ,will conclude with the musical En tertainment called the .Tmrpilke Gate. Crack. Mr. S Cowell, fHenry Blunt, Plumer, Sir Edward Page, Peggy, Mrs. Cowall. GOLD LEAF. TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCHANTS. fT HE Subscriber takes this opportunity of inform ing his friends and customers, that he still con. tinues to manufacture the following nuamed articlers Gold and Silver Leaf, Gold and Tin Foil Bronzes, &c., and warrants them superior to any manufactured in the United States. WILLIAM BRADY, No. 10 South Fiftlh t., Philadelphia. 1[TAII orders thankfully received and punctually attended to. The 'Courier' Charleston, S C. 'The True Ameri can' New trleans,annd '.hig' Cincinnati, Ohio, will please insert the above 6 times, and send their hbills to the office of th ' National Union,' Philadelphia, with papers containing the advertisement. oct5-6t -I ODFISH-500 boxes white and; dry Codfish, for s cale by ISAAC IBRIDGE if CO, ect5 134 Magazine .l B ROWN SHEETINGS & Shirniiogne-ll all m Scomprising a general assortment of 3-4ths.7.8th and 44 Slirtings and Sheetio"e, in store and for saleb STETSON & AVERY, aug25 88 Graevier TO RENT. T HE four story fire proof brick store in Ctý I street, at present occupied by Messrs. 1J Wallace & Co. The three story brick storeat the corner of BasnAl' lev and Nathen street, at present occupied by there. Heath & Co.; the third st.ry being fitted for bed room. Also, the 3rd story of tthe brick store in Banllley, 4t1, dir from the last named--the 2nd and 3 tories being well fitted up. Possession to be given on the Ist Novemhern "' oct5--tf CHAS. A jlttBS. plOltK-2d00 blr mesea 25 bbls elor, i. r .a esoft Sclean; 80 bbls soft len5s; 10 abls shodets; 20 bble M O Pork in store, and for salebv LAYET & AMEING, cts 17 Onmtaerce st SLOUR--.50 bhlt superfine 20 babl flour new wheat in stome andt ,Le by h NG LAYET & AMLUNO , oct5 17 olnmerce m rt SARI)D-4r0 Kas Prine L.ecf Lart In re an L savle by LAYET aIELUNti. oet5 IuCmren, erveet TEN DOLLARS REW I). S Runaway from it Carollton Ma chine shop, • griffe no, namto d JOIHN IILLL, aged aboheut tirty years. Said slave is stout built 5feest I incheo in height, hts a nlightear upon his lefl cheek, speaks Etieh anut a little French. The above reward will a paid upon his de livery to the subscriber. G EORrE MERRICK. oet5-tf Chief EngineeN.O. & C. R. R. PERM CANDLES, Sugar &c-t00 boxes New t edford Sperm Catdles; 0 boxes white Heva na Sugar, 112 bass Havana vffie; 300 boxes No. I Buoton Soap, Jaekson's brqd; 20 Cook's Roolng Zieec; 350 sheets assorted lBreMrs Copper for sale ty ' JOPH COCKAYNE, sop29 25 Gravier ) IAZIER'S Copper & Zinc--350 sheets Bra L ier's Copper;9 Coler's RHefig Zieo, j st re. eeired per ship Eliza Anofro. nBoton. and for sale by pSEPrt C.tCKA YNE, sp29 '25 lGreier ot SrILEXAI MONkE --81'I Treasury tens for ale b1 'y l HYltIE & BtllI'IIF.R, m.r.y2 39 JCommon. er. larzerin et DEWE:V"S SiERMI0NS. TJUST receivednr fe eopes of Mloral Views of Corn Ieer.c Society ad Politics, in twelve discourser by It v. OrSili DcIe Fur sale by I)AVII)DFEI.T k. Cet, II N ' Stotioner'o Hall, 2 t iartree st. IMPEIIAL, 0.0200 foreale by S sap t3 sT'I'EKR &I IEt, 40 Poydras t. TABL.A .E E A|41: 30 Cases: 0 boees each: fne to.a . ble salt, fesale by READ READ I RAIS.OI')W, septll 7_, Bank Place. trTRAYEi--On the 10th last. a Scoia W\iVite T 'lerrier lut, block ln the point of the nose, hair a little rouug. Whoever has the sane will leeus to, return her a this oftice they will be liberally re ward d. aug 21 ROPE & OAKUM. 1'ORTIBales ofOakum and 150coils lanilla rope asesoed sizes,just received and lor sale by SLOCKE & CO. aug7 22Old Le HTIE HAVANA SUGAR-50 boxes of prime W uality, in store, Ibr ale b T SLATER 4. TRIER, utq. 40 Poydrae stree I1ji -E Notice no bill agaitst the Floatiog Dry jhock, sined anodl approved by James I)ick, will hereater be paid by tite owners of the FIenliog Dry Docl the saed James Di k having never been author Ised.o make tny eonatrbets. Moreover, all billt from this date will have to be ap reed ana signed by the agent of the Floatiog Dry Ihok. IIERtIIGINE BROWN * COt, aug23 9 Cotni It. PERM OIL, CANDLES, &c.-301 casks New BoH Y ford Winter Oil; 200 boes d do do Spera Candles 91 casks roofing Zne, llt boses Boston Mould Candles i00 sheets Braslers' Copper. In store, for sale by JOSEPH COCKA YNE, ap20 25 Gravier street. B READ- bble Pilot Irend in sro e, nr sale by BCHAMPLIN & COOPER, sep22 82 Julia at. L I.IE--15|0 Casks Thomaston Lima landing from brig Chieftain, and for ale by HTNEY S & J P WHITNEY" aug4 0 Conti street. `OAP-200 boxes Valentine's No 1 Soup, in store S and for sale b . LA WRENCE & L.EfiENDRE; sep0 28 & 29 New Levee. r IAR--80 bbls, in ane shipping order, in store, and S for sale bv LAWRENCE k LEGENDRE, saep20 28 d'29 New Levee. C RNI-1000 oushels white Corn in prime orde, CHAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia at. SIt M ROil-1000 gallon su nr eatrined sperm oil fir aeleby WIIITHID1;E&CO, sept 16 76 Magazine street. GIBSIOW'S UID AND D1130TORT F OR the State of Louisiana, and Cities of New Or leans and Lafayelltt; for sale be McY. 4N, t23 car Caomp and Commo aste. SASH.-B t ll oxea,-iust received by M OLASSES-31 hI s rnme arderfur sale bh i LAWRENCE & LEGICNDRE, sep 1. 2 and 29 New Levee. TtRE-700 Barrel- of Lume; 250 Bales Hay, land Ld ing fron brig Caroline, and for sale by LEVI H GALE, augll 93 Common street. tEWH aRD. R ANAWAY from the subscriber the yellow boy RICHARD, about 42 years o Id, 5 feet 10 inche igh, stout and well built, fat forehead, and when sp ken to rather down looking and slow oh f peeeh. Ten dollars shall be paid to an person returning him to thesubscriber,at2New le & W G BRYAN. sep20 ROGANS Shoes and lpp re-Ily2 eases, rom Sprising anassortment of Meas and Boy's Oine kip, pegged and Rusettt Brogasl; Men sed Bevs fine lf shoe; Men's and women pumps and slppers chilrdrens and infalnts beoots, shoes and ankle ties; land. ing from ship Ohio, and for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. augll 184 Magazine street. [ICE-21 tierces fresh iarlira, prime qsality, for sale by SLATER & TRIER, seep39 40 Poydras at [jUAVANA Green Coffee; White Sugar, and differ II eat qualities of aegarT, for sale by OLATER 4 TRIER, sep29 40 Poydras at B URGUNDY Wine in boxes, for Rale b l Si.ATER 6c TRIER, sep99 40 Poydras st EtiRO CLOTH S, LINS"-Y En Ko RSEYH S The subsaribaee offer for sale, landing from ship C acord, 2 balm plain tixed negro clat bale Cwilled mixed negro cloth; 18 bales ioaeys, assMred dtoilore; I bale white swan skims; I cuea prlnted kerearys; 2 bales beavy mixed Cordova kereeyar btaleunnstied eva ekenes. ISAAC BRIDGE k C, jyl2 134 Magasnis tree C ARPENTER'S Fluid Extract of 'arsaparilla uand LJ Rouand's Tonic Mixture, reoetved by 1H BO.NNABEL opI l'chopitoulas D BEANS-lob s fo eta 41 New Leves SEC CatPALiTY, ot A EE brV ht othe ud P1t tof the 2snd M uoni. 1 V j ty, inrciaitt atro e eetween levns de rod Gired. t r, on the b d ie 1n48, A large Bay d take Theowner is eete prove pperty and ae him away, or he witl he by P A (iuillt. Auction-t ear, on Seturday, the 13 H S HARPER oct5 Captain of Watch at - La "tho n ao po d ale Seode Municipa-t 1 1t,lIe26 2rt temrie n graindcheval .. .s pro. h prietair eat prit de vt prouver no rropribte er mt-n meor, autrent ile vendu A'an par PA Oudlote, m onteuruedi 1o 13 du content. auc l Hl Ha tnpER, Capt. Watch, 2de Mon. W ERE bruhne Itothe P uod of the Second Muni V ici-aitv' ,latotnie street. betwetec Hevia and Girod ste ,i tle l trd Oinranl, tea follonig animal, viza: AH lara e I s an. . n - r TAhe sare a p ueted to prove property and take h enawarv f 8tSaturdayt 6th Octoher,or he will he so'd byr I~ d. tlot.Ai MnceasTr. o by • H S HARPER, P19'3 Captain of Watch rit.ta tene uan dlhpot deala "de tMuoiciptahtl ru -olla et Hevia et itrod, le 23 une grease mole bale. eproprietaire eat requis do venir pros versua proae. et I'ommener eant nmedi, aocte ber, o .[ ..... i ...n m.te par PTA Guiltlotr...nt our, a360 I S HARPER, Cap W Latch, 2de NuI TAT. tIF LOUISIANA, PariahC art forths i Pa and t ity of New Orleans. Present the Honooo Charlecs Mlanrean, Judge. September 20th 18., . 11128. WVilliam Kenyon, vo, His Cred. iers; Lo reading and filing the petition and ached ule ntl c ase, it is neeiored by the Court that a meet ing ofe ieslvent et'ditora do take place in open coltn dtel Ilth dv Let Octoher neat, t 10 o'clock. A M;n and thaem to shle'w canse why tim said ameal. •ent·.uld not he ditehered ccotrding to law, and in the nan time all Peroceedi.c s against his peroan and prigly are stayed. ARMAND PITOT, Oep2.-t:a:c w Ilerk. TAT eE LA ,leTU lAN:COTur do PaTroE ponr lajaroisae et villade to i''-Orleat-.-No 11128 mesent Io11 t Charles Matn rian, Jdga-lNerp oe.eame e 1838-- William Kenyoen ecotra l e atnetn- aec lecture et enre8istroment de i p"itilt et du dbleau dda certa afiaire, II eat ditcrtt. ngeane aaesmhlbded 'inaolvable aura lteu ne pleasin ur; te Ile jotr d'otobre pirochain a 10 ,eurvoS do matsi pour dcdnirelat raisons pour leoquollesa lelt ieelva he ne serait pas llbre: en attendant toutes poare.tome judiciaires contra oa pertone on tea propnp;tSlasao arreSees. 2 2sp:3 ARMAND PITOT,Grenlter. MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! 1 AS. S. MASON, of Philadelphia, hbgs respectfully to apprioe the merclhants and public generally of ew Orleano and I.eoisiana, that te has appteintel istesrs. Rece & D)'l.ano, the sole agents for the sale of bin unequtaledt and inimitable CHA.LLENGE BOOT AND SHOE BLACKING n thlis section of country; nn article whlich tands pre minent forits leautifuIll.cttre, and unilormity ,f qual. ity Tie manufaclurer warrants the Challenge Black ing to retaino ts virtues in any climate, and preserve the leather to which it is applied. He offers 10lt pro nium to any person who will produce its superior. Certifieates can bhe een at the store of Mea.or. Reese and D'Laoge, fron merchants of the Ighest respecti hility, bearinr un tiniony to its heautyv snll snperorlty over every ither Illaokhig in the United Statss. All erders for this article in N. )rieoeas, or any tpal afthlis selction of thle Uion, must be forwardeId to the Sole Aeents as oabo e, ho will pay particular attention to tle same, and fill themn at tile imcanufactureCr's prices. JAI. S. MAson, Philadelphia, sept. 10,1838. 95 Callowhill at. REESE & D'LANOE, Coiih eact Fancy Store, 18 Camp street. sept22 IAV A..N C E--59 btigs eprilne green Hava" Iua Coffee, of the new crop, now landing Irolm hbrig Charles Carroll,for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, Oetl 25 Granier ot .T. IAGO COFFEiE-lOie eacks ot superior qecli. ty, for ale by SLATER & 'TRIER, Octl 4It Poydras street. Cee-I'ARTNI:.IEHIP NOTICE. llE Co-purconrshep heretofore eistitng under the frln f ato GLOYI)& McDONNEL.L, in the E change lHotel, tas been thin day dieslved by mutual consent. John MDl)onnell is charged with the srttle nent of the aoffirt ,f tie late copartterehip. and tile cinate of the firll will lie used onlly en Liquidation. . )etli8t8 IlIE irice ofCoke ftom and after tile ist dly of October, will iee fifty cents per barrelin the Gas Work's vyard, uadl if taketn in qiotitione of one het dred blarecl4, ill be dcilierdl free of dlrayago. TIe c iteinac thate this article ofl flel posesses .o ver the anthracCite andii hitoint;nleea conle, igeiting mote readily thcln tilt fecrleecr lted Ires from tle i n lesant oeeokei of ice lln ter, hellc I d ilcelc every tfollily to make of it. Ord . re rc ived at thie (ics OlliLe ill Beek Alley. E WV WELl. , cep2e sec'y. ap areIr and rlek ( aoishe now lies at the Coati street war. Tl'erme liberl: iiapply tI WINtSION & SHALI.. 9ept19 7 Front Levee to tilt'1brNwi-1 I tone, t..mphiioo nn nroatip Ch cr e) f i eai mnt hIi un d iii cc nl i tt l onond VeeeGO, L tllie Dorr' ato te(ottlle in pactalo ns; tleavy Livr e ioiel triiltd trilleI Idito cotton a!llcti; Whitbr Aigola Fientel jc lredhints, o l JioWiell ,tI toWiade &Frocks, kndiug fruom ship Elhcu st,. for tu eo by ISc g AC (ltRIDG)E L& CO, nm (ea1i7 131 Mntardineret leNt tlr) I1' .--e , i aoe* IlSllsb t h 4l4 i - hi en-lll bl eaclhldl ll,'tintie, aod 10 bktts L)nvis-. rills browe 5-1 ILone ('ltoth,, lauding" from aulap Chero kee and Seaman, and for sale hby L ISAAC BRIDGE&CO, scep7 134 lMagazine at TI'AI OF LOUISo AN.- j Pariah Corti for the atl City ufN. Orlee+,a. P'reuett the lion Charles Msurain, Judge. No. 11, 1123. Juln Wih t in actlal custody. us. his credit ore and the creditors of White & Foley. Saoteriber 13tit, 1838. UPON uenli g cad fihng the petition and schudule in this Ec.e, it is ordainel, I thve Court that a meet ngofithe ci eliteors ' Jhn White, andof White & Fo ley d,i ttake Ilaer ill OIlti Ciotrt on the 6Itt lay oi Oc" tol r next, the Indi there ti deliherate on the RFair, of John White in hie itlivdhlual eapaci y atid as a J menmber of tni firln of White eo lolev, and to eshw cao to who the said Johln White should not be di. ch:nrgedl according to I wd anl in the iteen time all tproeedings angain t hi prerso and lroperty are seavd. tOrder of the Court. Clerk's lfice, New Ottocn', September 13th, 131. Pep 5 Occwid J. t),lLIE,Clerk. LTAT DE L U L K)lIllIANE-CoUr tie Pniice Upour I paroiese et vitle ile IOde Nuellle l .e , present limo. Cihorles Moorico, jugse, epltlembre It. 1838--N' 1.133-Jolh White cittre sea cracoeit+ra et leo er8eoerie et los crBnaneiers de White & Foley- Sur lecture et e dnrgilsreseat d lal pclition et tableau dan cette affair ,it e t dccrte prl pr la our quiune as. semblea dee erhanciero de John White et de White & Fnley cit lieu en pleine cour i 6di'octnhre prochaii. ir y dl.libhhrr eor leos aftaires de John White dune so onae ith induviiluelle, ct commoe un men de dlaso 0te do WVilin & Foley, et pour faire savoir pourquoi lidit Jchne White ic sere pao dchhoeg relon la lIbi t I en attendant toute pursuiteo centre s personne et ses I reporihths sent arre.ih. Per ordre de lacour. NoY ell Orleans, sept. 1838. sepil5 J OLIE, Greffler FALL & WINTER CLOTRIING. J P. FR.kEEMAN i (0!.. No. 3 Magaine strreet, Sare recei ing their supplies of Fenl aod Winter Cluthing, and will rontinue to receive shipments regu larly throughoe the seeloot. Their assortment being large will enable them to supply merchants from the country, at the shortest noticer for sale wholesale and retail, on eccommodatiog terms. sep29 NOTICE TO WATER DEALERS. rIHE attentionr of persons who deal in water, ic called to an ordinance of the first Municipality, passed at their sitting of the 2011th of A ugust last,-the Comrereri Wat eer Works, having comopleted three Public Hydrants. will, ,n the 4th inst.. be ready to de. liver water to any peruon, as may desire the same; the tickets or hon for nter, can be had at the office of the Company, to. i0, Magazine street Office hours from 9 A M, to 31P M, and 5 unttl night. ELLIOTT, o ht--3t Sec'v. t.U.IPAGNIE D'AeoSULANCE hONTl`t' Le FEU--D)r In Nouverll Oleats. ES nEfetlnnniree de ieue compaznie eontnotifiee Lqoe te le 4e verscomett eat duet payable le 9d'octnbre prochlai n bn ureau de la oomgagnie. 8 eept E Il PftACY,cecrete re F IREiEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NtEW ORLEANS. SHE Stockholders of this nompany arem hereby no Stifed, ehat the fournth instalment on their ,t,.o is due, tnd paesblo on the ninth day of October neat, a the ofher, ofthe company. E S Tit aCY New Orleans, cepS. 8Sc'y. FIFTY DOLLARS REWALRD 'LILL be paid for the deteotion and eonvietion of S the ttiefor thieves who mettred my ,tore, No. 33Gravieretreet, ant tight, the 27th inst., and broke open and stole the contents of sevetal trunks, ontalin ing ready mads elothing of differentt description of summereand winter elothing, of different kindu and qual itics.-Tailorn, shop.eeoore end other peroas are re quested to be on the look out for negroers, or suspi cionu. perso.s, offering such articles tier sale, and the above etowrd will be paid on convition of thief. S G BLANCHARD, sepM-.-fit 33 Greeer st ACON nIDES-35 casks superior Cincinnaoti Scutrnd, In store and for sal. by ( DORSEY, ct3 44 New Levee. IACON SIDES--. Hihds Buacon Sides, in store t and for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, seph7 17 Commerce st SITESTERN BUI'TER-25 kegs superior quali S ty Westorn butter, received and or aale by STETSON & AVERY, cp27 38 Grnvier st ROWLAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, 0C ELEBRATEI) for the cure of Fever and Ague, and geneal debillit. 20 gro..ofthia invaluable medicine has been receive by the simeribera, direct from the mantufaectory, who are prepared to supply de dore and conetry merehants, on the moet reanuna. Sble ttrams. JARVIS 00 ANI)REWS, Whi:esale A. Retail Agents Io Loumisna, i s e-p ernier of Coilnmln.t&, '&Ihoitnrmlae I "UOHARLE8 THEATRI I dHIS magnificent leturetur has undero , durng Sthe recess, I entire new order oi e•belliuhioent; the whole of the interior lha been repaired: the (hAn delier bes been taken to pieces, and tt 13 cwt. of ot eaie beade andl drops leaerrd and polished; nothing lise been neglected, either in the building itenlf r in ongegement', which have been made with the fibrst dra. matic talent in the contry, to promote the high char. actor which the St. Cherlee has obtained bothat hors and abroad, for its being one of the frast dramatic Eu. tahmishmenot in the Wotld. The Oerheatra, heretofore acknowledged euperfn, hal been cone derably inereasid in number and talent, end former leficiencie. In particular mineluber of the PraOue Band, Daring the season the mast euceesful denmu of the day will be prodteed,and in o style which it i pre sumed will give general enstiafoction. The following tadios and Geetlemen are in traty with, and rOgC ed. JOHN H. BARTON, Stage Manager, EDWIN FORREST. JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, H. J. FINN, JOHN BARNES, S. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Messrs. Harrison MaesnW PVfutBefn pearson, agse, Farren, Porte.d Willimam, tglat, Cowel, .o.nes Debar, C r And others i ctreaty. CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHI14H CLFFoNf, IMrs. Btrner, Miu CWharlotte Burner. Mesdames Fa ren, Mead'llse. Sidney Cotl Cowel, Jonos. Debar, Chenter, Flumer, ScAtt, Harrison, C. Smlfoh F. Brown, Rktroet, Smith. R M. LEE, Prineipal .rliet. N. Lewis, Costumer, Weil, Toiler, S. Wollie, Properties tMaker. ORCHESTRAJ. Meters. Croce, Msersn. Hoeller (Inliensri, , yers, Jeobi, lStorm, Zitterbartr Loeiaei, pWe.orgen s harlt hart Carl, B. Hope.. Feyr EbethMrd4' Kruner. g ona, Holland, rtel T or, PFeser, Ci. C'odair, tatrella, 'aeemi, Cefpps, C Hops, Even Potterson. And other, in mrerly II. W. JI)NAS, tLeader R. W. Elliot, Head of Polie. sepn27 'URB & GItI'ER [t'ONES--1ffI)l rsnlg feet olf nb nef ge.ter stones of the followilng di mentions, 12 in;. 16 in., 18 in., Z0 in., 26 in.,and 1t in.. eo-rieted to arrive between the lIt ol Oerohelsbe and IJ1h Jnuar,r next, will be sold by the uubeorrsnea . viag, by the invoiee. Terms. Cdse on the delvery of the hl of lading. Personsapplyntg oball reeeire the sioneh a they - I rive, in the order of their aIppliotic. rETERS I MILLALD. sep 27-tf JEF'f.RSON AC;ADEMY. REPARA'oRY to Jeffenmo College and to qeh I ere conducted hy lt. Gmet, LL ,. Exehatge Alley, between ('ontihnd Blienaille. Til situation was the mosat eligible thot aould he f.ond. heing entirely free trer tihe roise a tim neten nod the rattling of drays mnd cnr. iges. Thie Jefferson Academy is divided into two dupe.nt eents. Th'le Juniornr elementary depnotret r th various branches of eommon edueation in Freaes, and tin Er.glibh--lhe Senior departrment for Latin, Greek, Mathematics, &e. Punctuality, order an dibcplint are strictly eijoined aid observed. 'T'erms. Jon.rt lltrportment,per month; " "..* Senior do tSpanish S lst. Books,, paper, &cr. charred separately;. t2nd. A ,mrntth once begun, to be paid in t'll; 3rd. N. dedretion hr absosee nor lor Iolidayn. 14th. l'Paymentsto be made regularly every month. . Sclol hours trem B 1-2 to 3 o'clock, encept Thor, edays. sdp2 ,NtY'S Culrired Mtaogrreeia rrt received per S ship Y'razoo, from New York, v few grace or Htenry'o genuiren lcinied Magresei, for sale by the rf doz. or groe by d. DAVW FELT & CO, cop7p N Y Startunero Hall, 24 Chorteat ---------- iu~iiC E.. Tt11E public in rerly nolifwd that on the first day Silrtorber nex' trIe City Hotel. kr,'wo as aBib rrr ,nn t"rirn ra ,eel twili beClrraed-preporUtry to 'e ro1blic sale of. tle furriture and rvrrebleslmlonrng Ito. Lite undersigrnl , who tellder tIril espectful aeknowl edgrr.e"ts Ir lthe liberrrl patroage which they haore re crirrde oprorr ittrr. ' I C WATEI3IAN & CO. S LtJltIlIANA iNS' l.UTE. rI HIS In.itution for tihe education ol' oung gentle Imen. will go into operaato on the lirrl day of ') tober, in the ba.t .nnt oetry of the Mlethdist Church. corlertot'Carodetlct nd I'oydras, ndler tile disectiom of the underaigoed wlt, halm occuplid tbe cloh,. of mrah' emelatics ill sovesd a llieges of the north, and who is a rmluate of onr of tle tuetm celebruted aniversitiseelf |turolpo The course of studiee tr he pursued in this tminae ry will be comprehelded in thy tlloewing ditviion, vis: 1. The Engllish department, emlbracing all the branchesofaa thoroughl and accon.plished English ed 2. The classical department, comprehending the Latin and Greek languuages. 3. The d.partnlelt of modern languages, in which will ha taught the Freuitt, Spanish and tierntac la guages. 4. The mathematical and philosophica. department comprehending A lgebra, Geometry, the two Trigonom treisa with their practical apldication to pnrveyia,. N vigat.un, Aetrtsomv ect. Natrul Philosophy and; Chenietry,illttstrated by appapriaste experiments. (Ehnvenmg Clarses in Ihe Mod rn Languages will be arened and cttoutdd to Iron the let .atoNer. CiJ HADRSRANN, A M. Rrrcnnecnst J GIBSON Esq, HaIy I'Easircn SIIANNON,Louiaiahn College Jack C A LUZENBERG, SI.C IDIIUNCAN Esg, J NICHOLSON E.q, New Orleans. serg5,1838. AO.P--200 boxesa al' approved tirnds for sale low to close. WIlNSTOUN & SHALL, sept 5 7 FrntlLevee C1 OtN FEK _l0.sttke Havana, and 400 sacks Rio. J i grass sacks, n aupeor article, in store and ter ealebv WINSTON & SIHALL, sep°5 7 Front Laeve men and Cherokee, for seh A BRIDGE & CO sep25 131 Magaiane 0t L-VOVL Co Iatiaa &e.-5 bales blui a ised .a4 L. Cottonades; 20 bahles heavcy 7.-8 and 4-.1 Lowell Cottons, anl 7 Iales plain and twilled Lowell L indse.s; landing from ship CheSohee, and for sale sep26 13 Magazine st G UNNY B \(i-1 ,ta)0 I,, and 4 bs sins in stole anti for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, sep25 134 Magazine as. FOR HtAVRE '[The fine fast sailing At ship ZOTOFFI Jacob Merrill, master, will have immediate despatch, and wants 80 bales cotton to cor* plaie her cargo; for freight or pa :sTe aHply tIt nct3 93 Commen at. FOR NEW YORK. ' he fast sailing brig tAROLINE. Thompsow master, having been detained For want of steam will leave the Leves to.morrow c. mag, at ci .'elock; lar freight o17,5 bates cottons r tilk thereof, apply on board opposite et. Joseph street, to PETER LAIDLAW, , 26 Bank Plage or, GEO H ABBOT'r & CO, oct5 29 Camp street The ship CHARLES, Capt. M'Lana. than, lhaving 3-4th of haer a ro engaed sad going on board will meet with immediate des. patch. '.,r freight of IU toae Lead and 120 bales cot toa, apply to LEVI H GALE, ep29 93 Common at FOR NEW YORK. To sail on the 6th October. Louisiana and New York Line. The splendid and fast sailing pasket slip 1 AZOO, Gardinsr, master, will have im me d esdapatch for the above port; t g 30 bales eottou or the bulk tereoft or pee: sage, hvi.g superier aceommodatlco. apply tohe Captain oa boaecrdpposite the Vegestablo marhe, or to J D REIN i A COHEN, sep29 . C90Commoo at FOR AI.EXANDRIA. R . aL The aeatuer DENMARK., will , run as na regular packet drhag low water, from mosth of Red River to Ahlea ra. or-. partinulacs apply to aepd2 JpNO H GRAHAM. FOR LOUSlVILLE, AND INTER.E.IATT LANDINGS. S The splendid steantmer DIANA. F. Carter, Master, will I ave forthe cabve portsanThursday, 4th ieot. ait 10ocls . M.;foer frei'h Cr Isas ge apply on board,or to LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, Oet2 28 and29 New Love. It bAV ANA(XWFFEE-IL bgs sauperiscqceltp 1 lading Afrom arhr iaden. frsale by STETSON & AVERY, S sep29 88 Grader at eAY--ft-I0 bandles Eastern Hay for sale JI. Rrp r b 8LEVI H GALE, 93 Comaseen t is lROGAihNS, 1OOTS, &e--60 sases, ceaoninh Meat's let &2nd gqality kip Brogaulg loya a u Youth'e hip pegged d; Meu'. pegg meoeo do; Men's erlf, seal and murocco, eewed and pegged booets, Slandicg ruta sitsI Seaman and Cherokee for sale by t p ISAAC BRIl.E 4 O. mP '/' I4 Magauine t i. AGGINd . ALE RWfE-iaiBt plee baging. 100 coils r a a, or sale by L AWRENCE 4. LEGENDftE, nrp238 or 'a.2 Non, Lv-ct

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